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"after" Definitions
  1. following; later
"after" Synonyms
following subsequent to succeeding at the close of at the end of in the wake of later than in the aftermath of posterior to past next later gone behind trailing subsequent into beyond outside after the start of at the back of at the heels of at the rear of to the rear of in the rear of après close on on the trail of on the heels of on the scent of hard on the heels of in pursuit of next to in pursuit because of as a result of as a consequence of in view of due to owing to by virtue of on account of given on grounds of by dint of by reason of on the basis of on the grounds of with as per attributable to by despite in spite of regardless of even after notwithstanding in defiance of even with in the face of irrespective of heedless of undeterred by without being affected by for all in contempt of in the teeth of against amidst no matter for in someone's direction on the track of in the tracks of in someone's footsteps chasing on the hunt for on the tail of in search of in quest of on a quest for trying to find looking for on the lookout for fossicking for hunting for searching for seeking out beside besides near nearest to below under beneath close to down from immediately inferior to apart from barring excepting excluding in addition to other than about concerning regarding with regard to with respect to with reference to referring to as to in connection with in regard to in relation to on the subject of pertaining to relating to around dealing with in respect to in the matter of apropos relative to in honor of(US) in honour of(UK) as a tribute to as a mark of respect to in recognition of as a homage to immortalising(UK) immortalizing(US) in deference to in reverence of for the glorification of in admiration of in veneration of in the name of with the same name as on behalf of for the sake of on the authority of in the style of in the manner of in imitation of a la following the pattern of after the fashion of along the lines of on the lines of akin to comparable with influenced by in the vein of equivalent to in the character of similar to identical to like not unlike on the model of reminiscent of taking into consideration taking into account bearing in mind in light of considering in consideration of in the light of allowing for combining between including seeing now as over outwith without ayond ayont further on than further than outside of away from clear of farther than ahead of in excess of on the farther side of further away than on the far side of upon on across based on in the context of based on the idea of in the framework of making allowances for based around the idea of up against making allowance for from since spanning going back to over a span of through throughout all the way back to from the time of from … until now during all through all across right through in within in under in less than in no more than before a … is up as of beginning commencing on or after starting plus and alongside amid among amongst along with together with and also in conjunction with as well as coupled with above and beyond also with afterwards after that after this afterward subsequently ever since thenceforth ensuing following this consequently from that day forward from that day on from there on in time later on since then thereafter in the rear at the back in the wake at one's heels at the rear in the background off the pace at the end finally last lastly last of all bringing up the rear ultimately as a final point what thanks to with all the in behalf of as soon as once when the instant the moment the second the minute directly after immediately after immediately once right after instantly after immediately when instantly when instantly as immediately as just after just as just when at the same time that successive latter posterior pursuing subsequential sequential consecutive sequent coming consequent succedent postliminary consequential successional aft back hind hinder hindmost rear rearward rearmost final tail caudal end endmost abaft dorsal posticous aftermost nether lower bottom basal inferior underground bottommost low lower-level basement Stygian spoiling for craving desiring fancying eager for itching for raring for bent on crying out for desperate for dying for feeling in need of feeling like hankering after hankering for having a fancy for having a need for having an inclination for hoping for seeking chasing after questing after More

874 Sentences With "after"

How to use after in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "after" and check conjugation/comparative form for "after". Mastering all the usages of "after" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Country after country, state after state, city after city, county after county are concerned.
Everyone's got a favorite white t-shirt that they'll wear day after day… after day after day… after day after day.
On the right is you after the cabinet confirmations, after the "pee tape," after the North Korea tweets, after Trump went after Jemele Hill, after Harvey Weinstein and everyone else.
"I've heard stories of pro athletes just buying car, after car, after car, after car, after car, after car, after car, and they don't have the money," Mr. Gordon added.
The full list: Of Kings and Prophets (yanked from the network after 2 episodes back in March) The Family (after 1 season) Blood and Oil (after 1 season) The Muppets (after 1 season) Wicked City (after 1 season) The Whispers (after 1 season) Agent Carter (after 2 seasons) Galavant (after 2 seasons) Nashville (after 4 seasons) Castle (after 13 seasons) R.I.P. CSI franchise.
Business leaders survey Analog Devices (before the bell) Dish Network (before the bell) Zillow (after the bell) Cimarex Energy (after the bell) Boston Beer (after the bell) Kaiser Aluminum (after the bell) Williams (after the bell) Avis Budget (after the bell) Hyatt (after the bell) Pioneer Natural Resources (after the bell) Mosaic (after the bell)
Maybe you just feel stuck after doing the same thing day after day after week after year.
And he tells lie after lie after lie after lie.
It's one scandal after another, one embarrassing news story after another, one potential crime after another, one courtroom appearance after another, and one lie after another.
Philadelphia Fed Non-manufacturing Netflix (after the bell) IBM (after the bell) United Airlines (after the bell) Capital One (after the bell) TD Ameritrade (after the bell)
Hong Kong and Beijing enter 2019 after six hours, Moscow after 11, Paris after 13 and London after 14.
Year after year, census after census, generation after generation they disappear.
"It's just one after another after another, after another," says Camargo.
Year after year he wrote song after song, show after show.
Grandfathered (after 22 season) The Grinder (after 23 season) Bordertown (after 1 season) Minority Report (after 1 season) Second Chance (after 1 season) Knock Knock Live (after 1 season) Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (after 1 season) Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Hong Kong and Beijing will enter 2019 after six hours, Moscow after 11, Paris after 13 and London after 14.
They descended on New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; Houston after Harvey; North Carolina after Florence; Florida after Irma and Michael.
Day after day after month after month, nobody calls, nobody checks in.
Chile does it after five, Malawi after seven and Uruguay after eight.
He washed down one pill after another, pill after pill after pill.
It's one prediction after another; one talking head after another after another.
Day after day, after month after month, nobody calls, nobody checks in.
Heroes Reborn (after 1 season) The Player (after 1 season) You, Me, and the Apocalypse (after 1 season) Truth Be Told (after 1 season) Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (after 1 season) Mr. Robinson (after 1 season) Telenovela (after 1 season) Heartbeat (after 1 season) Crowded (after 1 season) Game of Silence (after 1 season) The Mysteries of Laura (after 2 seasons) Undateable (after 3 seasons) The X-Files (FOX) — though all parties are interested in doing more, according to Fox's bosses, there is no official new season ordered yet.
And soon, media sites lit up with take after take after take after take after take after take about if an Oprah run was a good or bad thing.
A typical grading schedule looks like this: After one year working for the company, you're entitled to 250%; after two years, 255%; after three years, 2100%; after four years, 20%; after five years, 2100%; and after six years, 1003%.
There's lots of indistinguishable scenery — just forest after cave after forest after cave.
The options are After One Day, After One Week, or After One Month.
One scandal after another, one mistake after another, one train wreck after another.
"After Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Pulse, I didn't get involved," Caria said.
If After succeeds, Langford's likely got at least four more films ahead of her — the After series is comprised of five books, with sequels titled After We Collided, After We Fell, After Ever After, and Before (a prequel with a few post-Ever After updates for #Hessa devotees).
He&aposs gone after our allies, he&aposs gone after our NFL payers, he&aposs gone after Justin Trudeau and he&aposs gone after-- INGRAHAM: He&aposs gone after Justin Trudeau?
You can be given poll after poll after poll, survey after survey after survey, challenging your view on something, and it doesn't matter.
" After receiving "rejection after rejection after rejection," Ms. Bleyl said, "I was very defeated.
" "If you want to go after Putin, go after his money and if you want to go after his money go after the oligarchs.
Initial claims Oracle (after the bell) Adobe (after the bell) Broadcom (after the bell) Costco (after the bell) —with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
Dallas Fed services Macy's (before the bell) Salesforce (after the bell) Virgin Galactic (after the bell) SmileDirectClub (after the bell) RealReal (after the bell)
He believed that after hearing story after story after story, any reasonable person would agree.
It was crushing to have one disappointment after another, month after month, year after year.
I will come after him and come after Republicans if they come after my community.
"The language police are out there day after day after day after day," he said.
Christie was last after the first lap, last after the second, last after the third.
"Week after week after week after week, there's this new controversy," he told the magazine.
Day after day during the recording sessions, he did take after take, hour after hour.
Most of the federal government is spread out across this country in office after office and region after region and state after state after state.
I mean, you can stay the course in it, but that's where I think the real weakness is coming next after housing and after autos and after chemicals, after papers, after semis: commercial real estate.
They say that after the party is the after-party, but what happens after the eclipse?
We can go after both, we can go after board sales, and then go after design.
She's tired of watching this pup struggle, second after second, sniff after sniff, paw after paw.
"You are just coming up with one lie after another, after another, after another," Grayson said.
Rather, sitting by the runways, hour after hour, day after day, city after city between Feb.
"It has just been one thing after another, after another, after another," Ms. Moore, 57, said.
Those returns one year out were 240% after 255, 245% after 2001 and 18% after 2008.
For most dogs, this happens in the morning, after exercising, after eating or after a nap.
Railway (after the bell) Chipotle Mexican Grill (after the bell) CoStar (after the bell) Discover Fincl.
"We can come to the game with question after question after question and type in some code and get answer after answer after answer," he said.
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we've seen killing after killing after killing after killing after killing of people of color by cops.
Bond market closed for Veteran's Day Tencent Music (after the bell) Liberty Broadband (after the bell) Noah Holdings (after the bell) Grocery Outlet (after the bell)
After telling us "just wait until Obama is elected" in 22019, after telling us "just wait until after the 2010 midterm elections," after telling us "just wait until Obama is reelected" in 2012, after telling us "just wait until after the 2014 midterm elections," we are now being told to just wait until after the November 2016 election.
GDP Prices (first reading) General Electric (before the bell) Yum Brands (before the bell) GlaxoSmithKline (before the bell) Simon Property Group (before the bell) Volkswagen (before the bell) Apple (after the bell) Facebook (after the bell) Starbucks (after the bell) Lyft (after the bell) AMD (after the bell) Etsy (after the bell) Twilio (after the bell)
Thor Industries (before the bell) Toll Brothers (after the bell) Vail Resorts (after the bell) Chewy (after the bell) MongoDB (after the bell) Stitch Fix (after the bell) — with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom and Yun Li.
Melania did a good job of presenting it, but when you go through line after line after line, phrase after phrase after phrase it makes you wonder.
Already this morning, our feeds are filled with thinkpiece after thinkpiece after thinkpiece after thinkpiece after thinkpiece about how the night was a huge win for Democrats.
A hell in which they were forced to overcome one hurdle after another, one let down after another, one disappointment after another, or one rejection after another.
STARZ: $8.99/month after trialShowtime: $153/month after trialCBS All Access: $5.99/month after trialCinemax: $9.99/month after trialHow expensive is it to use Prime Video Channels?
Because like McConnell, time after time after time after time after time, Cornyn has slammed Democrats for doing exactly what he is doing right with Vought's appointment.
They can offer community and counsel, but what happens afterafter diagnosis, after ACA's restructuring—remains unclear.
Pick a relevant USC target and you'll find story, after story, after story, after story mentioning Bush.
Maybe something as simple as a mild illness that never seems to go away but makes you fell sick day after day after day after day after day.
Study after study after study after study after study has failed to show any evidence that HBOT improves symptoms of PTSD or mild TBI more than sham treatments.
After all, what's more consistent, more unavoidable, and more notable — day after day, year after year — than death?
Two years after Collateral Beauty, she's still hustling, heading to audition after audition and memorizing lines after lines.
After declining 26.8% in trading today, after hours the stock is down around 24% in after-hours trading.
Celestial Rhythms Watching the stars, night after night, month after month, year after year, they become old friends.
The teams were tied 0-0 after one period, 133-1 after two and 2-2 after regulation.
It happened after the Sandy Hook shooting, after the San Bernardino shooting, and after the Orlando nightclub shooting.
She died months after Mr. Manchadiyil did, after eating a snack soon after her older brother's first communion.
"We have seen patients develop the disease after explantation, after implant exchange, and after total capsulectomy," he said.
Existing home sales Macy's (before the bell) Berry Global (before the bell) Nordstrom (after the bell) Gap (after the bell) Intuit (after the bell) Ross Stores (after the bell) Splunk (after the bell) — with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
You just keep on living the same day, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, like you were an inmate in Marvin Hagler's jail.
It's shocking that he's never won — not after "The Notebook," not after "Crazy Stupid Love," not after "La La Land," and not after the "Hey Girl" meme went viral.
WILLIAMS: -- goes after -- goes after the NFL players.
If I were giving you directions I'd tell you that it's the last stop after the last stop — it's the village after the highway ends, after the paved road ends, after the gravel road ends and after the desert track ends.
Banks will have to cover 25 percent of loans secured by less-safe movable collateral after three years they turn bad, 35 percent after four, 55 percent after five, 80 percent after six, before a full coverage after seven years.
The Wolves led by 100 points after the first quarter, 224 after the second and 23 after the third.
The material shed its urea load gradually: 7.820% after 1,000 seconds; 60% after 2,000 seconds; 80% after 3,820 seconds.
You know, after the reunion and after this season, and after casting, we'll see how they feel about it.
Instead, we had page after page after page after page of long messages offering condolences, peace, love and support.
Amazon shares traded above $950 in after-hours trading after the company reported an earnings beat after the bell.
Website after website after website after website has loudly explained to everyone that you shouldn't eat these cleaning products.
After that I became a freelance makeup artist and [soon] it was one shoot, after another shoot, after another!
As the after-party came to an end, a friend of his murmured something about an after-after-party.
The weekend after next was technically "next weekend," too, and the weekend after that, and the weekend after that.
After the war, after the death camps, after the bomb, dystopian fiction thrived, like a weed that favors shade.
Bush's voice, pretty but somehow beseeching, conjures sun after rain, light after dark, summer after a long, punishing winter.
Year after year, Ms. Reynolds sought an answer, visiting doctor after doctor, getting test after test, including gene sequencing.
Services PMI General Motors (before the bell) GlaxoSmithkline (before the bell) Merck (before the bell) Humana (before the bell) Spotify (before the bell) Boston Scientific (before the bell) Capri Holdings (before the bell) Peloton (before the bell) Qualcomm (after the bell) Fox (after the bell) Yum China (after the bell) FireEye (after the bell) GrubHub (after the bell) Zynga (after the bell) Twilio (after the bell)
We should stop for a moment and ask ourselves — at this point in our history, after Katrina, after Rita, after Ike, after Gustav, after the national recession, after the BP oil catastrophe and after the tornado — if presented with the opportunity to build monuments that told our story or to curate these particular spaces … would these monuments be what we want the world to see?
We should stop for a moment and ask ourselves — at this point in our history — after Katrina, after Rita, after Ike, after Gustav, after the national recession, after the BP oil catastrophe and after the tornado — if presented with the opportunity to build monuments that told our story or to curate these particular spaces... would these monuments be what we want the world to see?
Federal budget Tencent (before the bell) Luckin Coffee (before the bell) Beazer Homes (after the bell) Copa Holdings (after the bell) Change Healthcare (after the bell) Tetra Tech (after the bell) Cisco Systems (after the bell) — with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
"We don't know if it was sinister or not ... all we know is that there was a failure to disclose meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting," she said.
We've been really demanding of those things, and they've really responded day after day, week after week, month after month.
That'll be no surprise to anyone who has read our coverage of hottest month after month after month after month.
After the fundraiser, after the jovial conversation with the fan, after the cheeseburgers were finished and their wrappers crumpled up.
INGRAHAM: Sergeant Koconis -- unfortunately, it&aposs a horrific story after horrific story after heartbreak after parent losing a child. Peter.
Oklahoma City led after each quarter, 33-31 after one, 62-57 at halftime, and 89-80 after three quarters.
What is the mental health situation in America, where time after time, after time, after time, we're seeing indescribable horror.
Wisconsin's Republican legislators, after their victory in the census year of 2010, tried out map after map, tweak after tweak.
"Her and I can sit down for hours and just watch film after film after film after film," he said.
"He's been through tragedy after tragedy, wall after wall, wrong turn after wrong turn — and he stood strong," Ryan said.
They came back two years later, after lives were ruined, after people went bankrupt, after people lost all their money.
"There was tennis after Steffi Graf; there will be tennis after Serena, and after other big players," Lucic-Baroni said.
" He heard gunshots, "just one after another after another.
"Trump isn't after success — he's after failure," Snyder argued.
After meeting with troops in Bambari, Lute said that soldiers must "look after each others' behavior and look after each others' performance" the same way they look after their health and welfare.
It was the experience of the Egyptians after the invasion of the Sea Peoples and the Incas after Pizarro, the Mesopotamians after the Akkadian Empire, and the Chinese after the Tang Dynasty.
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One of the simplest joys of life is to watch the stars, night after night, month after month, year after year.
Some people have jobs that are pure drudgery, where they do the same thing day after day after day after day.
It was, after all, just three years after Macklemore publicly apologized to Kendrick Lamar after beating him for Best Rap Album.
Technically, there is access galore: before and after practice, before and after pregame warm-ups, before and after the game itself.
Shortly after the election, Trump started making comments that indicated he might not want to go after the DREAMers after all.
There is a wasp named after William Shakespeare, a horse fly named after Beyoncé and a lichen named after Dolly Parton.
What will you produce after five years, after 21970 years or, if you're like Ann Beattie, after more than 40 years?
Just minutes after stocks opened for the morning, trading was closed down after shares fell 7 percent, resuming after 15 minutes.
In February, Franz Welser-Möst comes back after 20; in March, Valery Gergiev, after 10; in May, John Adams, after 16.
After forms read in Spanish to the Mayan-speaking father, after a cookie but no water, after the wait for the lone bus to return for their turn, after boarding, after the little girl's temperature spiked, she suffered two heart attacks, vomited, and stopped breathing.
"After a long look, after a long investigation, after so many people have been so badly hurt, after not looking at the other side where a lot of bad things happened," he said.
NY Fed President John Williams speaks CVS Health (before the bell) Humana (before the bell) Roku (after the bell) Square (after the bell) Qualcomm (after the bell) Fitbit (after the bell) Fox Corp.
He sees in it the power of his spirit, the mojo that has driven him all the way, to point after point, contract after contract, team after team, playoff berth after playoff berth.
"I give Pierre credit for his energy because it's not easy to travel game after game after game and continue to have the passion and energy year after year after year," Davidson said.
Consumer Price Index PepsiCo (before the bell) Kraft Heinz (before the bell) Roku (after the bell) Mattel (after the bell) Nvidia (after the bell) Expedia (after the bell) — CNBC's Michael Bloom contributed reporting.
It has been going on decade after decade after decade.
It has been going on decade, after decade, after decade.
The Japanese fans cleaning up after themselves after the game.
Not so much banger after banger as epiphany after epiphany.
Well, it came into California storm after storm after storm.
I'm introduced to Angel after Angel; handed drink after drink.
We see this in city after city, state after state.
You have to deal with bug after bug after bug.
After a terrorist attack, numbers recover after just 13 months.
"We're not after quantity, we're after quality," Cue reportedly said.
The before: & after: commands return documents before & after a date.
Because it may just be disappointment after disappointment after disappointment.
And so the predictions came, quarter after quarter after quarter.
They were deployed shortly after, at 44 minutes after launch.
Study after study after study shows this to be true.
Year after year, decade after decade, the sorrowful scenario repeated.
After a brief spat, they eventually live happily ever after.
Shortly after, Cuomo cut short the interview after McEnany's assertion.
It's just one thing after the other after the other.
It's been improving year after year after the financial panic.
"We've been setting record after record after record," he said.
After that, there was these huge improvements week after week.
He played hit after hit after hit for two hours.
It was issued, after all, just a year after Roe.
After all, President Trump will say they're going after criminals.
He just intrinsically does that game after game after game.
After spending six hours in surgery, until after 3 a.m.
And so it goes, hole after hole, day after day.
After years spent scrolling through page after page of Yahoo!
Surely it would suck up win after win after win.
"They take in child after child after child," she added.
He shows up at event after event after event constantly.
Some are harvested after five years, others after many more.
Some gains were given back after peaking, after the report.
I did nothing but build cities after cities after cities.
Primary after primary, caucus after caucus, Trump just kept winning.
After painstaking reconstruction, it was published after her Adah novels.
The day after tomorrow, they could be coming after you.
He renamed January after himself, and April after his mother.
After treading carefully for a week after Virginia Lt. Gov.
Scenes will go on for page after page after page.
And she's going after fact after fact and lying again.
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Sterling steadied at $1.3116 after falling roughly 1 percent on Friday after surveys showed business activity had wilted after the Brexit vote.
The nausea and vomiting would revisit me again after weaning my son, six months after he was born, and again after that.
It can happen after one date, or after just a few texts, but it can also happen after several months of dating.
After that, it's an after-thought—the generations after don't put any emphasis on it because their OG's don't give a shit.
Definitely one wedding gown, but you need the after party dress, the pre-party, the after-after party, then my bachelorette party.
What we have been seeing in Syria day after day, week after week, month after month is a lot worse than flawed.
And we continue to go after ISIL leaders and commanders – taking them out, day in, day out, one after another after another.
"What is the mental health situation in America, where time after time, after time, after time, we're seeing indescribable horror?" he said.
"Fairview," very loosely, is about a family dinner that gets dysfunctional after one act, farcical after two and like Armageddon after three.
Remind children to wash hands with soap and water before and after recess, before and after meals, and after using the bathroom.
They didn't, they came back two years later after lives were ruined, after people went bankrupt, after people lost all their money.
"Day after day, meal after meal, phone call after phone call, people are forced to endure the indignity of not being free."
After a lengthy series of hospital stays -- after being hooked up to a ventilator, after the seizures, after developing a blood clot in her brain following a new treatment -- the Gavigans had an answer.
Eastcott Street, Yarloop, before and after the bushfires     Johnston Road, Yarloop, before and after the bushfires     Barrington Knight Road, Yarloop, before and after the bushfires     The town of Yarloop, before and after the bushfires    
This is because very few jobs are genuinely hard: They batter you with repetition, with the grind after grind after grind of making you wake up and commute in, day after day after day.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: After being halted, Weight Watchers shares cratered as much as 28 percent after hours Tuesday after posting dismal fourth-quarter earnings and weak full-year guidance.
He allegedly said he brought the teenager to the hospital after she fell unconscious after "rough make up sex" the couple had after getting into an argument after seeing her ex-boyfriend at the festival.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell Thursday: Tesla Motors shares slid after regulators announced an investigation after a fatal crash.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell on Wednesday: Intel dropped after hours after the company posted a slight revenue miss.
Rasaan Urquhart, 25, says he's back on his feet after losing sight in one eye after a fireworks injury after the Super Bowl.
The network is also promoting the show with an orginal live after-show, called "After Trek," which airs immediately after "Star Trek" streams.
There's all the themed events, but then there's all the after-parties, the unofficial after-after-parties, then just a ton of music.
He and Clinton became close friends after working together after the Asian tsunami disaster in 2004 and after Hurricane Katrina the following year.
But that account came two weeks after Khashoggi had first disappeared after entering the consulate and after conflicting accounts from the Saudi government.
After working the factory job, after working in a scrap metal yard, after laying bricks for a bit, I also worked at Costco.
The government has gone after large European banks, they went after the Swiss Banks in 2014, and they've also gone after tax inversion.
Your tree-huggers are after our jobs; Your "values" are after our families; Your diversity is after our God Threatening hard-working Americans.
For PREPA after Maria, about 5 percent of customers were restored after 85033 days, and only 10 percent of customers after 15 days.
Duration fees start at 224.3bp 22016 days after closing, rising to 232.9bp 220 days after closing and to 243bp 243 days after closing.
I turned 18 two days after the shooting, graduated a month after, and moved out of my parent's house two months after that.
Brit the night after night after night election nights, primary nights.
After college, after the 29 presidential elections, Islamophobia started ramping up.
Whatever you're after, this is the month to get after it.
After the show comes the after party — for the stars, anyway.
It looks exactly the same in city after city after city.
Or are you after one that'll stow away quickly after class?
After his birth, Garcia says that Amiir underwent procedure after procedure.
Trump claimed this after his election, and again after Inauguration Day.
He was the first Democrat after civil rights, and after Vietnam.
"She only apologized after we went after her advertisers," he said.
Often they file motion after motion, discovery request after discovery request.
After two weeks he was discharged after making a full recovery.
The response: Call after after call from people, promising they'd come.
After all, the dragon is named after Rhaegar, his real father.
Watch: AMD shares slide after hours after company projects lower revenue
After the inauguration, there was one alarming executive order after another.
Study after study after study has proven that homeopathy is garbage.
Which after party won the Golden Globes after party beauty pageant?
But after another day of polling taken immediately after the Oct.
After today, Fed officials can't give speeches until after the Sept.
After you finish it—after you feel the thrill of the
Found 'zombie-like' after manhunt The gunman disappeared after the attack.
I learned how to read from script after script after script.
Shortly afterafter about 53 minutes — deadmau5 went back to bed. 
Shortly afterafter about 53 minutes — deadmau5 went back to bed.
Night after night after night, with his name emblazoned on it.
Then after it did come out, few experimentalists went after it.
Probably the biggest breakthrough came after filming after about two years.
Many quit after just one scene or after a few months.
We want our franchise to win year after year after year.
I think that's been proven in case after case after case.
Files are automatically deleted after one download or after one day.
After all, many of them are optimistic after voting for Trump.
The stock traded about 3% in after-hours trading after earnings.
He renamed January after himself and renamed bread after his mother.
But Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle after battle.
But Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle after battle.
I met Masa an hour or two after after I landed.
They did this — squeeze after squeeze after squeeze — for 90 minutes.
Crude fell in after-hours trading after settling 1.5 percent higher.
Tesla's stock dropped 8% in after-hours trading after the call.
You pass factory after factory after factory that's empty and rusting.
After diplomatic talks, the Houthis released Mr. McAlister after 192 days.
"I went to interview after interview after interview," Albright, 39, said.
There are vacant homes, one after the other after the other.
The Panthers have been through shakeup after shakeup after shakeup lately.
Boy after boy after boy that was definitely gonna be there.
Russell got the best of Wilt, year after year after yeah.
They cascade down his homepage unbidden, row after row after row.
Mowgli even comes to Kaa's lair after chasing after some fruit.
How do we not stop this after Columbine, after Sandy Hook?
But you guys were making money year after year after year.
Scandal after scandal after scandal finally got to be too much.
How have we not stopped this after Columbine, after Sandy Hook?
After all that, the score was 72-72 after three quarters.
After all, penises leave more, uh, evidence behind after an orgasm.
Years later, after working in the Bush administration after the Sept.
After unofficial results came in shortly after noon on Saturday, Gov.
"It's been appointment after appointment after appointment," she said on Sunday.
Many panicked after seeing their engagement drop after that, she said.
After all, her thyroid hormone levels went down after her pregnancy.
After all, I still wanted to have friends after this election.
If governments don't go after climate, climate will go after them.
Q: After that ended — after that moment ended, what happened next?
It turns out that sex after 250 has value after all.
"Justice after the fact is only after the damage is done."
After all, navigating stress and family doesn't end after a wedding.
Oil prices have fallen slightly after skyrocketing after the attack. 2.
Factory orders Simon Property Group (before the bell) BP (before the bell) ConocoPhillips (before the bell) Cummins (before the bell) Sony (before the bell) Clorox (before the bell) Ralph Lauren (before the bell) Royal Caribbean (before the bell) Disney (after the bell) Ford (after the bell) Chipotle (after the bell) Snap (after the bell) Chubb (after the bell) Gilead Sciences (after the bell) Seagate Technology (after the bell) — with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
Richmond Fed Survey 3M (before the bell) Pfizer (before the bell) Lockheed Martin (before the bell) Xerox (before the bell) LVMH (before the bell) PulteGroup (before the bell) United Technologies (before the bell) Harley-Davidson (before the bell) Apple (after the bell) Starbucks (after the bell) eBay (after the bell) AMD (after the bell) Alaska Air Group (after the bell) Stryker (after the bell) Xilinx (after the bell) — with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
DirecTV Now costs $40 after a free trial (65+ channels) PlayStation Vue costs $45 after a free trial (49 channels) Hulu Live TV costs $40 after a free trial (60+ channels) YouTube TV costs $40 after a free trial (60+ channels) Fubo TV costs $40 after a free trial (85+ channels) AT&T WatchTV costs $15 after a trial (30+ channels)
Washing your hands before, during and after preparing food, before you eat, after you use a toilet, before and after caring for someone who's sick, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, and after touching animal waste or garbage -- all drastically reduce your risk of getting and spreading infection.
New York Fed President John Williams speaks Occidental Petroleum (before the bell) Ryanair (before the bell) Under Armour (before the bell) Uber (after the bell) Shake Shack (after the bell) Marriott (after the bell) Groupon (after the bell) RealReal (after the bell) —with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
Apple annual shareholder meeting Lowe's (before the bell) Papa John's (before the bell) TJX (before the bell) AMC Networks (before the bell) Moderna (before the bell) L Brands (after the bell) Square (after the bell) Booking Holdings (after the bell) Marriott (after the bell) Etsy (after the bell)
The order is as follows: After We Collided, After We Fell, After Ever Happy, and Before, a prologue told through Hardin's point of view.
Was it after this phone call video went viral, after Kardashian accused her of lying in GQ or right after West dropped the track?
I don't think that people really appreciate when you're able to perform at that level, that often, year after year after year after year.
And Reynolds' homer came after the Padres blew several opportunities to win the game after rallying from a 2-353 deficit after five innings.
Waiting for someone to look after the situation, when really, you've got to look after yourself, and then that helps someone look after you.
Democratic leaders in Washington, DC, unveiled their latest agenda proposal after watching teachers walk out of class month after month, in state after state.
"They came in waves, one after another after another and it was brutal," he said earlier this month after he won the Florida primary.
That came just one day after 7-month-old Zane Endress also died after after being left in a car, the Arizona Republic reports.
Reagan after the Challenger explosion; George W. Bush after 9/11; Clinton in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing and Obama after Charleston.
You try mask after mask, lipstick after lipstick, treatment after treatment — all in the name of finding the One Product to Rule Them All.
They are $2.7 million apart after the fourth quarter—compared with $3.5 million after the third quarter and $3.9 million after the second quarter.
Essay After almost 240 N.H.L. goals, after 29 All-Star stints, after six Most Valuable Player Awards, Gordie Howe left hockey a bit sad.
After first kissing outside a restaurant after a dinner, the two were seen laughing and embracing after another dinner date later in the week.
"This is the after-after- after-hours spot," said Lady Skollie, a local visual artist and DJ, who detected me sizing the place up.
They knew perfectly well how many before them — after Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Orlando — had been unable to turn outrage into lasting change.
That same day — "after hours" as the indictment notes, which strongly suggests this was after Trump's statement — the hackers go after Clinton's personal email.
Rans told police that she fed her child with formula after using meth, but soon after continued breastfeeding after using meth, the affidavit says.
The US conferred TPS on citizens of El Salvador after a 2000 earthquake, Hondurans after a 53 hurricane, and Haitians after a 25 earthquake.
In debate after debate, town hall after town hall, interview after interview, we see the democrats treating this contest like a normal primary election.
They'll go after Samantha Bee, they'll go after Roseanne Barr, they'll go after ... What I think is gonna happen is when they start going after — and they are starting to do this — companies and affecting, like, Disney.
Quite a few of those houses got facetime in Paris Is Burning: House of Corey after Dorian Corey, House of Xtravaganza after Angie Xtravaganza, House of Ninja after Willi Ninja, and House of Pendavis after Avis Pendavis.
Fed Vice Chairman Randal Quarles testifies to Senate Banking Committee Tiffany (before the bell) Dollar General (before the bell) Zoom Video (after the bell) CrowdStrike (after the bell) DocuSign (after the bell) Ulta Beauty (after the bell)
How does it happen that year after year after year, people on top do phenomenally well, year after year after year, working class and middle class of this country struggle and 40 million people live in poverty?
Apple down about 7.66 percent in after hours trading after posting results.
After a tumultuous first season, Jane deserves some relief after Perry's death.
It's just bombshell after bombshell after (trying to avoid yet another) bombshell.
But year after year, at school after school, his applications were rejected.
Shares rose more than 15% after hours, after the talks were reported.
Where, early on, I dumped photo after photo and post after post.
Don't worry, Will — the kids will rescue you ... after the after-parties.
But people still tweet at Dorsey hour after hour, day after day.
Alphabet stock was lower in after-hours trading after missing earnings estimates.
After mounting criticism, the bill managed to pass after last-minute negotiations.
Dallas led 1-0 after one period and 4-1 after two.
Then after receiving rejection after rejection the company's founders began to worry.
Also, these artificial rallies didn't stop after the election, continuing after 2016.
STOPPED after about 20 minutes and could not be fixed after trying.
After a year, 76% are still taking part; after 18 months, 2500%.
It's so much fun, especially after you've been dancing after six hours.
The president visited Texas after Hurricane Harvey and Florida after Hurricane Irma.
They finally consummate their relationship shortly after getting married (like, right after).
But after a while, it was just couple after couple having sex.
And that's only after substantial decreases in coverage levels year after year.
"David shot the dog after it came after Ensley," the source said.
This year is especially bittersweet after Robbie's death so soon after Natalie's.
Before and after image shows lymphoma regression after CAR T-cell therapy.
But after she dies, after he gets the tapes, Clay becomes caustic.
After stumbling on his way into the courthouse shortly after 9 a.m.
They spend more time going after conservatives than going after Hillary Clinton.
After all, Wall Street is busily scaling new peaks day after day.
EST (1444 GMT), after hitting $59.93 just after the data was released.
Chicago led 3-1 after one period and 5-323 after two.
The routine remained: McClain running after Melo running after a tennis ball.
Garcia said that after Amiir's delivery, the infant underwent procedure after procedure.
Even after public water crises like Flint—especially after public crises Flint.
After all the calls, year after year, Black finally had some success.
Make that bid after the bell, literally three minutes after the bell.
After all, scientists can name species after pretty much anything, even penises.
After all, aren't we all chasing that ideal fit, pair after pair?
The stock fell in after-hours trading after revenues came in light.
After all, this is now the second time he's gone after her.
Nasdaq 100 futures surged after hours Thursday after encouraging earnings from Amazon.
Temperature records are falling like dominoes, month after month, year after year.
We have seen this after the conventions and after the first debate.
The show comes after Freeform's launch of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?
After two busy weeks after the NLD-dominated parliament opened on Feb.
He joined Fox News as a contributor after shortly after leaving office.
And after she heard about Caffrey's pool mishap, she went after Josephs.
After all, there's always darkness after the dawn of a viral sensation.
We have E3 now, Gamescom after that, Tokyo Game Show after that.
But never come after his music, or he will come after you.
Titus, after talking with Lillian, realizes he needs to go after her.
But then things got physical after happy hour one night after work.
She was shot after a gunman opened fire after 10:21 a.m.
After all, he was going after an industry built on the stuff.
After promising years in L.A., Bynum's career petered out after the trade.
After that, you'll be on your way to living happily ever after.
But they eventually went after it, whereupon European producers went after them.
After another year it'll be worth $121; after a third year, $133.
He was released after nine months after being granted a conditional discharge.
Prost made his pit stop after 20 laps and Senna after 21.
After the war After the war, Holiday returned to the Navajo Reservation.
They just did it, take after take after take, for six months.
That's after a year after U.N. economic sanctions were lifted last year.
After waiting all morning, Spotify began trading just after 220:30 p.m.
"Lie after lie, broken promise after broken promise," Trump said of Obama.
He can hit a 2-3cm radius time after time after time.
Drake, after all, did start a mini revolution after shaving his beard.
After repeated attempts at resuscitation Munson was declared dead just after midnight.
And after not finding a buyer, the listing was removed shortly after.
After Collins's speech, and Manchin coming out after her, it was terrible.
They were going to have to file suit after suit after suit.
After all, three of her convictions didn't come until after the shooting.
At site after site, login page after login page, every attempt failed.
After one used his stun gun, Damon crashed, and died soon after.
Going after Mr. Biden was a substitute for going after Mr. Trump.
Dutifully, doggedly, Maurizio Sarri's players trailed after Manchester City, after the ball.
After two hours of pure gliding, everything after felt like a grind.
After all, economic data has been solid after last year's recession scare.
After setting up a GoFundMe page on Monday just after 5 p.m.
What comes after survival is, after all, the rest of your life.
Warren deliberately went after Bloomberg, and then she went after him again.
A: It was shortly after he got me, shortly after we stopped.
Eventually, after banging on door after door, one occupant phoned the police.
It's like playing free jazz after military marches, or Calvinball after chess.
Disney stock was down 2.5% in after-hours trading after the announcement.
"We have story after story after story of fake news," Bossie said.
"Storms will go well after dark, with tornadoes after dark," Hennen said.
Up all night, coffee, more coffee, night after night, year after year.
After the close, Amazon gained 7.543% after fourth-quarter revenue topped expectations.
The event was canceled after rioting occurred, not necessarily after students rioted.
I've had ruling after ruling after ruling that's been bad rulings, OK?
It was 6-0 after three innings, and 10-1 after four.
Thousands of people, after all, have been charged after insulting the president.
The Democrats are not after the truth, they are after the President.
It was his first public appearance after going dark after the election.
They have been getting tax break, after tax break, after tax break.
For you, was it after Oklahoma or after your NFL career ended?
After defeating the Commodores, Wichita State arrived in Providence after 228 a.m.
After Peart joined the band after Rush , it's been primarily his lyrics.
I'm not going to bore you with 0003 steps, but among others, after selecting the topic, after using a CAD program to lay out the text and frames, after re-reading it, after checking it for grammar, after asking my wife, who started life as a researcher for Time, Inc.
SomeBODY once told me that it's important to wash our hands before eating, after coughing or sneezing, after going to the bathroom, before and after taking care of a sick person or helping a child use the bathroom, after touching our cell phones and personal computers, and after using public transport.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Costco shares fell 3 percent after the market close after reporting disappointing quarterly earnings and revenue.
But in study after study, page after page, fact after fact, the evidence for anthropogenic climate change, long clear, is harder than ever to ignore.
Long stretches of dialogue patch together labor on an abstract alien environment, where Kat mines for ore, busting stone after stone after stone after stone.
With it, the Oppo F9's battery was charged to 9% after 93 minutes, 19% after 10 minutes, and a whopping 56% after 29 minutes.
Cameron, after all, resigned after losing the Brexit vote, just as Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond resigned in 2014 after losing the Scottish independence referendum.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Microsoft ticked up 295.6% in after-hours trading after the company's fourth-quarter earnings beat estimates.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell Monday: Alcoa shares jumped in after-hours trading Monday after the company reported mixed quarterly results.
After finishing tied for 48th after the first round, then tied for 19th after the second, he is tied for sixth going into the last.
People on this story day after day, month after month, year after year finally think they found the thing that will bring Donald Trump down.
After thriving for several years both before and after joining the euro in 21.8, Finland ran into trouble after the financial crisis of 23-24.
Gómez died weeks after Jakelin Caal Maquin, 85033, died from dehydration and shock after being detained with her father after they crossed the border illegally.
"Transparent" is ending after after five seasons following the loss of its star, Jeffrey Tambor, who was fired in February after allegations of sexual harassment.
Indeed, Jones saw big spikes in potassium iodide sales after the Fukushima Daichii disaster, after North Korea started launching missiles -- and after Trump was elected.
"After so many hours of walking, after days, nights, sun, cold, rain — I lost my baby," she said, crying alone the morning after her miscarriage.
Oliver Darcy emails with more: Trump tweeted Fox clip, after Fox clip, after Fox clip, after Fox clip, after Fox clip on Monday — and then he promoted Lou Dobbs' show by saying they had just chatted by phone.
Electric: $223 (after split with my fiancé)Water: $222 (after split with my fiancé)Internet: $2229 (after split with my fiancé)Cell Phone: $2229 (after split with my fiancé)Car Insurance: $23 Vision Insurance: $245 25(k): $230.
PGA Tour rookie Andrew Landry, the surprise first-round leader, was at three-under after 13 holes, with American Dustin Johnson, after 13, England's Lee Westwood, after 11003, and Spaniard Sergio Garcia, after 14, a further stroke back.
After "meeting after meeting, committee after committee, proposal after proposal, I got at last to the final step and someone came and said 'it doesn't work'," said Hariri, whose family has been part of the system for decades.
US new home sales 3M (before the bell) Comcast (before the bell) Dow (before the bell) American Airlines (before the bell) Hershey (before the bell) Southwest Air (before the bell) Tractor Supply (before the bell) Twitter (before the bell) Amazon (after the bell) Gilead Sciences (after the bell) Intel (after the bell) Visa (after the bell) Alaska Air (after the bell) Capital One (after the bell)
If "Love" is the before picture, the vastly improved second season of "Togetherness," which returns Sunday, is the after: after kids, after 10 years or so, after all the entanglements and investments that turn romantic comedy into romantic dramedy.
But that survey, conducted by Harris Poll, took place after many crucial points in the Watergate scandal, including after the Senate Watergate hearings, after the "Saturday Night Massacre" and after it became known that Nixon bugged the Oval Office.
Almost all territory once held by foreigners is now back in the fold: after Ports Arthur and Edward, after Manchuria, after Shandong and Hainan, after Hong Kong and Macau, all that remains outside is the great island of Taiwan.
After Trump leaves office, after the child internment centers are finally closed, after climate change rules are back in force, Iran will still have the bomb.
She says day after day after day after day she'd see the billboard and then one day decided to stop in and see what was what.
And for The City After Hours, shot in London, the Cloudbust sneakers are thrust into a darker mood (think: the after after party) through Nebeling's lens.
Netflix reported earnings after the bell on Monday, seeing its shares quickly tumble 298.81 percent in after-hours trading after missing the mark on subscriber growth.
Canada got the first goal after 16 seconds and then added another 10 minutes from time, even after having Shelina Zadorsky sent off after 18 minutes.
Robot Digital After Show), BBC America (After the Black for Orphan Black), and many more have produced their own after-shows to varying degrees of success.
Amazon reported first-quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday, sending shares up 465 percent in after-hours trading after its significantly better-than-expected report.
The attack came after the ship had battled through the cloak of night, but doubled back after refueling to defend ground forces after dawn had broke.
The patient reports that he was 85 percent back after the first procedure, 90 percent back after the second and 100 percent back after the third.
After the report dropped, Slack posted a temporary recovery, opening down a more modest 6% today after posting a 20% drop after its figures first dropped.
Season after season, scene after scene, line after line, the show's political worldview has been crystal clear: Policy and identity mean nothing, whether liberal or conservative.
After all that, after all the qualification and buildup, after six hard-fought matches and injuries and hand-wringing, it all came down to yellow cards.
WM: What it means to have him practicing standup comedy after leaving it for as long as he did after...Chappelle Show basically, after it ended.
" Watching him, day after day, week after week, month after month, the temptation would be to normalize his behavior, "to move Trump into the political mainstream.
We name our sports teams after them, Rogers points out, we name the subdivisions that displace or eradicate them after them, we name ourselves after them.
It is named after the town of Amherst, not after Lord Jeffery Amherst.
And that is likely to remain the case year after year after year.
GUTFELD: What happens after -- what happens after Vegas, they focused on the tool.
"We've tried to get (that) passed year after year after year," Reid said.
Soon after, Jenner was foiled on a breakaway after a Maple Leafs' turnover.
Markets opened sharply lower after Friday's rout, then stabilized before crumbling after midday.
One Hour After: After an hour, the swelling and redness should have subsided.
Shares of AMD surged more than 10 percent after hours after reporting earnings.
It&aposs 22018 years after World War II, 21776 years after its creation.
The point-after miss was from 38 yards after a 5-yard penalty.
After Intel's report, the ETF was down 5003 percent in after-hours trading.
After meeting face to face, Eric popped the question after just two days.
After all, who wouldn't want to be named after a fearless alien fighter?
"Her entire time in Chicago was trauma after trauma after trauma," she said.
"Year after year, post after post, George Bush stayed the course," McConnell said.
She led after the first day but dropped back after Saturday's long jump.
It's funny that that verse comes after such after such a judgy verse.
The U.S. dollar fell after Powell's comments and dropped further after Trump's tweets.
Xilinx shares fell 1% to $112 in after hours trading after the forecast.
Shares of eBay rose 128.23% after hours Tuesday after reporting first-quarter earnings.
Sanitation Workers hired after are eligible for pension after 22 years of service.
They can use the funds after May 2018, after the election is due.
MIWD00000PUS slipped 0.08 percent after the close after rising during the regular session.
And certainly we've seen versions of this scenario played out, decade after after.
Alcoa shares fell 2% after hours Wednesday after reporting disappointing first-quarter earnings.
Bands have of course been steadily releasing records year after year after year.
In Paris, 31% of streets are named after men, just 2.6% after women.
After Roosevelt, the Supreme Court's independence was affirmed; after Watergate, Americans embraced transparency.
In After Dinner, the two of them sit at a table after Christmas.
" She's basically saying "if you go after my daughter, I'm coming after you.
Shares of WebMD ticked up slightly in after-hours trading after the report.
After After Party will follow the format of a shortened late night show.
The Mr. Robot Digital After Show is returning after a brief holiday hiatus!
It's challenging having to deal with his frustration conversation after conversation after conversation.
British government bond yields recovered slightly after declining shortly after data was released.
President Trump going after Jeff Flake and Bob Corker who went after him.
After six months 21% had PTSD, which fell to 6% after four years.
We bussed school kids in after classes—some from after-school youth programs.
After catching Warren, officers took him into custody after finding a gun nearby.
" After: "For the first week after the treatment, the color was quite dark.
After some apprehension, he turned positive again on stocks after the February lows.
Never knew how to go after the Dems like they go after us.
Both crashes happened shortly after takeoff after pilots reportedly experienced issues controlling altitude.
After two days, I realized it was happening after I took my antidepressant.
After voting, Kyle overhears me talking about my choice and comes after me.
Mayweather won big after defeating McGregor by TKO after 10 rounds in August.
Brazil got the opener against China after a goalmouth scramble after 35 minutes.
But in politics, when people come after you, they really come after you.
Kelly was released after he cleared the debt after someone covered his tab.
Shares of Netflix rebounded into positive territory after hours after an initial slump.
After bursting higher after Trump's election, bank shares of late have been lackluster.
After the candidate seals the deal, shares can rise again after Super Tuesday.
This person works after hours frequently posts updates and messages after work hours.
Actors do interview after interview and journalists — myself included — ask question after question.
Almost immediately after, our Twitter feeds were awash with meme after hilarious meme.
"Point after point after point in that speech, I agreed with," King said.
"David shot the dog after it came after Ensley," a source tells PEOPLE.
Dos Santos plans to retire after 38 years in power after an Aug.
But why do fake posts get shared, time after time, disaster after disaster?
After Klum legally married Kaulitz just two months after getting engaged on Dec.
Torture after desertion Hours after Bergdahl deserted, he was captured by the Taliban.
Of all the people to go after, you go after the national treasure?
And we had video conference-- night after night after night for 18 months.
Saturday morning after a 24-year-old woman collapsed after reportedly taking MDMA.
After all, what happens to families after 6 or 12 weeks of leave?
Toronto, after scoring 38 points in the first half, managed 44 after halftime.
After their friend's suicide, three best friends are reunited after many years apart.
He was pleased after the semifinal Saturday, and was beaming after Sunday's final.
The Oxnard resident collapsed after the fight in Maryland, retiring after 11 rounds.
Study after study, and economist after economist, shows that our country needs immigrants.
Season after season, layer after layer, clay and sand and silt built up.
After being suspended after his indictment in May, Bowen pleaded guilty on Aug.
And, right after that, immediately the day after, you start the 2020 election.
Soon after that, his career was over, and soon after that his life.
Nvidia shares rose 2 percent shortly after Friday's market open after the report.
SolarCity shares rose 3 percent in after-hours trade after closing at $19.99.
After the fact: Farshchi says a CISO's role changes dramatically after a breach.
This kind of plasticity was decreased after sleep deprivation, compared to after sleep.
The portion after the jump was added after the initial article was published.
They took over after at their 45 after Darius Slade recovered a fumble.
After all, he points out, we've repeatedly seen markets rebound after recent scares.
The jump comes after the company reported results after the close on Tuesday.
A hundred years after the revolution, 25 years after the fall of Communism?
The day after he did the same, and the day after that also.
Aspens came in after the 2000 fire and resprouted after the 2016 fire.
It should have happened after Columbine, it should have happened after Sandy Hook.
Now imagine that scene repeating itself every day, year after year after year.
That followed after one of the guests died almost two weeks after disembarking.
He could have gone after the students themselves; instead, he went after Spock.
Why now — 11 years after the last execution, 24 years after the crime?
They came before or after work, between jobs, after school, on the weekends.
In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, I began documenting what remained after the floods.
Japan markets were an outlier, however, soaring after reopening after a public holiday.
The stock slipped slightly in after-hours trading after the filing was disclosed.
And with a little Clonehusking, year after year, championship after championship, it does.
After 1900 Vallotton seems to go into a decline that steepened after 1910.
He napped daily after lunch and dozed in a lounge chair after dinner.
It fell even more in after hours trading after its earnings missed expectations. .
This comes after a tumultuous week for department stores after their earnings reports.
Right after I came back from Cuba last year, after the family vacation.
Shares of Virgin rose 1% in after-hours trade after initially falling 5%.
Or saying there's two sides after Charlottesville, or going after immigrants or Muslims.
A few hours after the assault, she died in a hospital after surgery.
Night after night, city after city, you go to the field and play.
After not hearing from her after she landed, her family reported her missing.
After all — they're the ones who'll be making student loan payments after graduation.
There was nothing like that, it was just rock after rock after rock.
He was gone after four innings after surrendering four runs on five hits.
"You go after me professionally I'll come after you personally," he warns her.
His tweet came after NBC's Matt Lauer was fired after sexual misconduct allegations.
In 2012, after struggling in rehab after rehab, Sean went to New York.
After the earnings release, CBS shares were little changed in after-hours trading.
"Music written before 1750 or after 1950," Mr. Costanzo said after the performance.
After that, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and after that, Rick James a little bit.
GoPro's stock also rose after after forecasting rosy guidance for the third quarter.
And then, after five years, I think we'll see what happens after that.
This is, after all, what report after report in the media have suggested.
I don't know, after it's on Hulu, where does it go after that?
He figured it was hopeless after seeing man after man lose his case.
After such talk, after such bravado, he messed up on his first act.
After hours, the stock price stayed steady after the legal actions were announced.
This has been Trump time after time, day after day since taking office.
After its first earnings miss in two years, Amazon shares get walloped in after-hours trading Amazon shares fell by nearly 7% in after-hours trading on Thursday after the company reported its first earnings miss in two years. 5.
Housing vacancies General Motors (before the bell) Mastercard (before the bell) Kellogg (before the bell) Merck (before the bell) Pfizer (before the bell) Mattel (after the bell) Amgen (after the bell) Mondelez (after the bell) Electronic Arts (after the bell)
But Alvarez only brought the charges after the case grew into a national furor—400 days after McDonald was killed, months after the local mayoral election, and well after the city had quietly paid a hefty settlement to McDonald's family.
Me, though, I may cook a little, after the reading, after the sketching out of a menu for the holiday feast, after a long walk with the dog, after some contemplation of the ocean and its effect upon the spirit.
But after Sherrod Brown and Mitch Landrieu didn't run, after Michael Bloomberg entered the race late, after Cory Booker and Kamala Harris dropped out and after every other candidate failed to appeal to black voters, Biden was the one left standing.
Fed Vice Chairman Randal Quarles at House Financial Services Committee Campbell Soup (before the bell) Royal Bank of Canada (before the bell) Slack (after the bell) RH (after the bell) Five Below (after the bell) H&R Block (after the bell)
Federal budget CVS Health (before the bell) CME Group (before the bell) Softbank (before the bell) Teva Pharma (before the bell) Cisco Systems (after the bell) TripAdvisor (after the bell) MGM Resorts (after the bell) Applied Materials (after the bell)
After all, Kardashian — after allegedly flirting with the idea of voting for Trump after speaking with Caitlyn Jenner — came out in support of Hillary Clinton in September.
Tribune shares fell by more than 4 percent after closing at $11.02 and Gannett's stock dropped about 13 percent after closing at $16.27, in after-market trading.
The statement said a journalist's accreditation would be revoked for six months after a first violation, one year after a second violation and permanently after three violations.
Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell on Thursday: Starbucks shares popped more than 1 percent after it reported earnings after the bell Thursday.
In addition to an evening reception after their ceremony, Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank are also planning an enviably lavish after-party, held the day after the wedding.
After the stock of Lululemon jumped 15 percent in after-hours trading after the company reported a strong quarter, Jim Cramer did not know what to think.
The Jonas love comes after fans speculated that a Jonas Brothers reunion is imminent after their dedicated Instagram account was reactivated after almost five years of silence.
After the stock of Lululemon jumped 8003 percent in after-hours trading after the company reported a strong quarter, Jim Cramer did not know what to think.
The good news comes shortly after Rob's friend and former Rob & Big costar, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, passed away after in May after having a heart attack.
Martin Jones, pulled after allowing three goals on seven shots in Game 2, was yanked after the first period after giving up two goals on seven shots.
A projection behind them said "After after after hours," signaling to the crowd that this scene was happening at 3 PM in the midst of a bender.
After 120 minutes of impossible tension, after a journey of 6,000 miles, after a game that had lasted a month, there was one more run to make.
After the professional photographs were taken, after the unhappily ever after, the houses and careers went on to the pains and pleasures that "Clockwork" evokes so suggestively.
It was cliche after cliche after cliche followed by non-answer after non-answer ... even when it came to the pseudo-controversy over the #12 Bucs jersey.
This was after she'd seen me begin navigating a divorce, after we'd traveled together internationally for my job, and after I'd seen her slinging calls at hers.
Matt Albers (6-5) got just two outs in relief but picked up the victory after starter after Jordan Lyles was removed after 143 1/3 innings.
It was when the economy was still staggered after the Great Recession, just after the debt-ceiling crisis and well after the Democrats lost control of Congress.
Deficits ballooned after Reagan cut taxes; they shrank and eventually turned into surpluses after Bill Clinton raised taxes, then ballooned again after George W. Bush's tax cuts.
He was usually an early riser — up and dressed by 7:30 every morning, even after he retired, even after two strokes, even after a heart attack.
It checks blood glucose levels after fasting and then two hours after you consume a sweetened drink; levels of 140 to 199 after the drink indicate prediabetes.
At a position that almost demands a few momentary lapses due to sheer volume, Kershaw proved consistently unhittable, pitch after pitch, inning after inning, game after game.
Day after day, summer after summer, days were immeasurably longer then, And the one tin bathful of hot water did the several children one after the other.
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell briefing Post-market earnings: Boeing (before the bell) McDonald's (before the bell) General Electric (before the bell) Marathon Petroleum (before the bell) AT&T (before the bell) Mastercard (before the bell) Microsoft (after the bell) Facebook (after the bell) Tesla (after the bell) PayPal (after the bell) Mondelez (after the bell)
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Shares fall: Apple's stock tumbled once after-hours trading resumed after a brief halt.
After doing so, he asks after the other waitress who works at the diner.
Because everyday I was going to have to do take, after take, after take.
It didn't really change even after 15, after I had botched that hole up.
"I'm going after Russia in every way you can go after Russia," Graham said.
Waitressing after teaching all week is exhausting, so I immediately crash after getting home.
Killy Schultz died June 30 after exhibiting symptoms of meningitis hours after leaving daycare.
I will look after yours and you will look after and guide us all.
Doctor Who ceased broadcast soon after, in 1989, after a staggering 26-year run.
But the decades-long project has faced budgetary stall after community opposition after roadblock.
Likewise, after four years of neglect, the Mac mini is unofficially upgradeable after purchase.
Diaz and Madden married 7 months after meeting and three months after getting engaged.
Evidence also suggested babies did better after receiving skin-to-skin contact after birth.
Then after the next day, after I played Venus, everybody was screaming my name.
Decade after decade, nominee after nominee, the far left script hardly changes at all.
"You look after your mates, and your mates will look after you," McConnell said.
"Now our tradition is meeting after meeting after meeting" to discuss the community's problems.
This came after the stock soared more than 40 percent Thursday after its IPO.
The journalist's computer booted after 10 PM, only to shut down a minute after.
The ban was lifted after two weeks, after ByteDance successfully appealed the court ruling.
The day after that, it was down to 12 percent after just 18 hours.
In after-market trading, Qualcomm shares were up 6.8 percent after the earnings announcement.
Netflix fell about 1% after reporting its first-quarter earnings after the bell Tuesday.
Toronto led 3-218 after the first period and 250-23 after two periods.
Both instances happened just months after Charlie Rose was fired after sexual misconduct allegations.
But wait until after the water starts to recede, after the rivers crest. Please.
"We got after it tonight," Grizzlies coach David Fizdale told reporters after the win.
It's the second movie, after all, and the film is literally named after him.
But that defendant had pleaded guilty after plea negotiations, rather than after a trial.
After the announcement, Alcoa shares jumped more than 4 percent in after hours trading.
For others it was the unending booming reports - just one after another after another.
The firm is now down its CEO after he was ousted after the round.
Even after six years of one savage disappointment after another, fans still have hope.
Asia signed 1st affidavit after approached by Rabia Chaudry - days after #AdnanSyed conviction pic.twitter.
After all, the country deserves some fun after making it through recent devastating earthquakes.
After numerous appeals, she was cleared in 2015 after she had returned to America.
Fit mom Chontel Duncan is sharing her "after" photo – after the baby, that is.
Anderson noticed Morris after a game not long after he moved to St. John.
After all, an American residing in the United States in the years after Sept.
Both series feature betrayal after betrayal after betrayal, most of them punctuated with murder.
After a brief spike, volatility collapsed right after the Fed meeting on Sept. 21.
Shares of Mylan fell slightly after choppy trade Wednesday after the company reported earnings.
AMD's shares sank 3.183 percent after Nvidia posted results after the market closed Thursday.
After flattening out in the year after the recession, paychecks have begun rising again.
Two gunmen were killed after police entered a building hours after the shooting started.
Heading to drinks after work and wanna see where the night takes you after?
They were never going after the Russians Jesse, they were going after Donald Trump.
After initially dipping, shares are up more than 3 percent in after-hours trading.
Later, after escaping from jail, he went after Ms Ray's mother with a hammer.
Intel fell about 4 percent after-hours trading last Tuesday after it posted earnings.
Sadly, it died on Sunday after giving birth, three days after it was captured.
She was photographed congratulating Thompson after his win, smiling after giving him a hug.
K.J. Choi withdrew after an opening 71, as did Stuart Appleby after a 74.
RSA Insurance gained 3% after results, while Barclays added 2.5% after hiking its dividend.
Dropbox shares sank in after-hours trading after besting both top and bottom lines.
After all, what's so strange about lusting after a purple woman with big breasts?
" After all, "ShETHER" came out just a day after the release of "Make Love.
How in six months after separating, can you just feel nothing after 20 years?
I went to law school after working for a couple of years after college.
After the crash, she's okay physically after the crash, but mentally and emotionally damaged.
Yelp shares surged as much as 237 percent after hours after revenue topping estimates.
That shifted shortly after lawmakers returned to the Capitol after the July Fourth holiday.
Searches for kumquat spiked in 2006 after Nike named a sneaker after the fruit.
And all -- after trading -- they&aposre all moving pretty smartly in after- hours trading.
After beating expectations, the stock quickly went up 211.74% in initial after hours trading.
Imagine laying single bricks on top of one another — brick after brick after brick.
Last year, after-tax personal income rose by 3.5 percent, after adjusting for inflation.
The 31-year-old Hawaiian funk master rattles off hit after hit after hit.
My dog is just after having some pups so we're looking after them too.
He really got after it after a nine-inning outing the last time out.
"Do you see me?" his classmates intone, one after the next after the next.
I did free internship after free internship, low-paid job after low-paid job.
A second CVS shuttered after the unrest reopened in late February after a renovation.
But something happens after that, not long after you collect your second gym badge.
We'd talk about him over drinks after shift (there were always drinks after shift).
There's evidence after evidence after evidence about how it affects people who are ill.
Friday afternoon, one day after it was postponed after pressure from Trump and Israel.
Randy remains on a psychiatric hold after threatening to kill himself after Lana's death.
Cops arrested Brian almost immediately after the altercation after determining he started the fight.
Hugh Hefner's sons were solemn after chowing down ... understandably after losing their legendary father.
After a weeklong hospital stay, he was hastily cremated the day after he died.
And insinuate themselves into people's lives and go after women, and go after reporters.
After decades of waiting, Americans everywhere can finally head to the Max after school.
O shares rose 22.03 percent after the bell after better-than-expected quarterly profit.
Shares were up more than 290 percent during after hours trading after earnings posted.
But to let this devastation go on year after year after year is unacceptable.
After all, she was promoted after less than half a year on the job!
After the report, shares of AT&T slipped 1 percent in after-hours trade.
Pandora is down almost 3.43% in after-hours trading after mildly disappointing Q2 results.
Warm tears ran into the hair at my temple, one after another after another.
This was the night after Kunduz, or the night after our return to Kunduz.
Apple shares rose about 220% to $29 in after-hours trading after the results.
Apple shares rose about 22% to $220 in after-hours trading after the results.
Its shares fell 3653 percent to $42.27 in after-hours trading, after the announcement.
Fur, after Mr. Armani pledged to go 100 percent fur free after fall 2016.
Harvard University is facing a backlash online after after announcing that former Michigan Gov.
Who the building is currently named after: It's currently named after former Democratic Sen.
Lawmakers have heard story after story of patients becoming addicted to painkillers after surgery.
Projected resale value after 36 months: 65%Projected resale value after 60 months: 50%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 57.5%rojected resale value after 60 months: 50.6%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 59%Projected resale value after 60 months: 50.9%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 63.2%Projected resale value after 60 months: 51.3%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 59.8%Projected resale value after 60 months: 53.7%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 65.7%Projected resale value after 60 months: 56.3%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 62.2%Projected resale value after 60 months: 56.7%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 66.6%Projected resale value after 60 months: 56.9% 
Projected resale value after 36 months: 66.5%Projected resale value after 60 months: 58.3%
Projected resale value after 36 months: 69.4%Projected resale value after 60 months: 62.2%
After the march wrapped up, police reopened the highway shortly after 12:30 p.m.
Dillon Baldridge after Trump promised to do so "a few weeks" after Baldridge's death.
The move comes after the bill gained new momentum on Wednesday, after GOP Reps.
After deodorants and skin care, P&G is now coming after the menopause market.
Mixmag crafted this smart and satisfying playlist for the hours after the after-hours.
After using flatbreads to assemble more traditional-looking planes that crashed immediately after takeoff.
The tribute was made the day after ​he was killed, not after his funeral.
Trump faced backlash after taking a call from Taiwan's leader after his election victory.
The company's stock rose 0.4 percent shortly after Wednesday's market open after the report.
Skin elasticity improved by 13.17% after just four weeks and by 21.73% after 12.
Soon after, the LA-based musician went off the grid after a rough breakup.
"They answered the bell time after time after time," Indians Manager Terry Francona said.
"I wasn't going after a woman, I was going after a mystery," he said.
Toronto trailed 212-25 after the first quarter after a 15-2 Indiana run.
" Two days after the fight, and 580 days after her initial appearance on "Dr.
Nelson Mandela two days after his release after 29 years as a political prisoner.
Above, a 240-year-old after returning to his mother, after four months apart.
America, after all, has led the international effort in Afghanistan since just after Sept.
Dozens of other Chibok girls have been released after similar negotiations or after escaping.
After a week, and especially after the finale, I've decided it was a botch.
I planned to live to see, and share in, birthday after birthday after birthday.
After all, who needs a wild card onstage after the 2017 envelope mix-up?
As things stand, we suffer through hack after hack, security failure after security failure.
After graduating, Mr. Schroepfer stayed in Silicon Valley and went after thorny technical undertakings.
After "Goonies," he did the skater flick "Thrashin'" and after that, a million auditions.
In the first TV ad after Tuesday's primary, Tuberville went after Sessions over Trump.
The tax would be eliminated after the 2024 tax year, not after 10 years.
And class after class, week after week, those 45 minutes have become my own.
After 19 years of halting gains after the collapse of Taliban rule, a Feb.
After a week, 34 people joined her; after a month, 400 dancers were participating.
She saw men and women packed into cages — "cage after cage after cage," Sen.
"After seeing so many fashion shows, I get bored after fifty looks," Ruby said.
Ole Miss retained the 34-23 lead after Broussard missed the point after try.
She founded the organization after learning about naloxone only after her son had died.
"I couldn't feel anything after that," Lee said after a solid even-par 72.
And you were the guy that probably got the A, afterafter reading this.
After 43 years at Nassau Coliseum, the team left after the 2014-15 season.
After about an hour, I finally get to work after cleaning off the desk.
After a year, the customer owns the system; the energy is free after that.
After less than a year, he departed after a disagreement over the company's strategy.
The company's shares fell 5003 percent in after-hours trading after the financial report.
"It was parent after parent after parent saying 'this happened to us,'" she said.
After spiking, Teva was still up more than 6 percent in after-hours trading.
After Iniki, the mortality rate from diabetes went up significantly in the year after.
Nothing changes and incredible levels of waste persist year after year, decade after decade.
A few minutes later, after Alexander and Graham emerged and just after 10 p.m.
Teller and Sperry began dating in 2013 after meeting at a Grammys after-party.
Gap's stock fell nearly 7 percent in after hours trading after beating earnings expectations.
Then, after weeks of labor, the set was struck shortly after the last performance.
The original logo was scrapped after plagiarism accusations arose shortly after its July unveiling.
After six on-time payments, that increases to 1.25%, then 1.5% after 12 payments.
Now that the Bahraini authorities can't go after me, they're going after my family.
Allee died after on Christmas Eve in L.A. after reportedly going into cardiac arrest.
" "You thought you were backpedaling as you were firing shot after shot after shot?
After the bell, Amazon slumped 220 percent after its quarterly report let down investors.
I had left New York after 20 years in 2011 after my mother died.
After Real Housewives, she continued to work with Zolciak after those infamous episodes aired.
Trump previously went after the mayor after an attack in London earlier this year.
Doctors have seen patients with similar injuries after coughing heavily or after vomiting forcefully.
The nail salon, after all, had been Lorena's refuge before and after the trial.
There wasn't much offense after Arizona took a 4-3 lead after two innings.
Troy after Troy after Troy seemed strong to those living around and in them.
Not long after, I decided to try dating again after an 11-year break.
I use the Argan Oil Therapy after the shower or after I blow-dry.
Argentina fans after Messi bricked that huge shot ... then FREAKIN' RETIRED after the match.
And after Mr. Netanyahu dies, there will be many streets named after him, too.
DJI after 21 calendar days or a 25 percent decline after 21 calendar days.
Or... go after ISIS at the expense of not going after the Syrian government?
But then there are gains: after laughter comes tears, and after tears, laughter again.
Spacey "bought [her underage son] drink after drink after drink," then sexually assaulted him.
Dating again after a breakup, especially soon after a breakup, is not for everyone.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Nvidia shares plummeted as much as 1.373 percent during after-hours trading Thursday after the company missed on revenue.
So — after the celebration parties of the winners, after the balloons and bands, after the champagne and confetti — spare a thought for the losers in the coming election.
GoPro stock dipped 20 percent earlier this month after not meeting its third-quarter expectations, and after the recall announcement, it dropped 9 percent in after-hours trading.
In general, lung cancer risk drops 25% in the first five years after quitting, 50% after a decade, and 90% after 20+ years of not smoking, Jemal said.
After billions of dollars in research and hundreds of failed drugs, the race to come up with a treatment for Alzheimer's keeps hitting wall after wall after wall.
But after reading take after take after take on the latest round of our ongoing Twitter wars, I'm struck by how inexplicable both sides seem to the other.
"[The agent] said, 'Yeah, they want you to come back tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that,' " Valderrama remembered.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Cisco Systems shares jumped more than 4 percent after hours Wednesday after posting better-than-expected second-quarter earnings.
But year after year after year of injuries has to have some kind of cumulative effect, which means expecting him to bounce back gets harder after each one.
Some of the bottles are labeled "Sleepy Baby," and even a child as sick as Gypsy is wouldn't require row after row after row after row of pills.
The two years after a transplant are the riskiest time for a relapse; after two years that likelihood plummets, and after five years, a patient is considered cured.
Germany's Federal Employment Agency reckons that only 10% of the recent arrivals will be ready to work after one year, 50% after five years and 70% after 15.
After just a few minutes, the alarm was raised after a man failed to surface after diving to look for fish about 50 meters (160 feet) from shore.
Facebook removed the video almost immediately after the New Zealand police contacted them about it, roughly 29 minutes after the video's start and 85033 minutes after it ended.
Fusco, 3, died on Wednesday night after contracting the coronavirus — hours after her son died from the virus and five days after her daughter's death, a relative said.
Notes taken immediately after a conversation are generally viewed as more trustworthy in legal circles than after-the-fact testimony after a significant amount of time has passed.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: AK Steel plummeted more than 786.63 percent during after-hours trading on Monday, after missing second quarter earnings estimates.
They get two weeks after five years of employment and four weeks after 10 years (and every five years thereafter), not a four-week sabbatical after five years.
"After seeing how well this event went, it has encouraged us to go after these issues that we were told they were impossible to go after," said Hao.
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was named after his father, who was named after his grandfather, who was named after the Confederate president Jefferson Davis, his parents once said.
After more than a yearlong wait, and timeline after timeline after timeline of that wait, Frank Ocean's long-hyped sophomore album is reportedly just a few days away.
That's flipped in the playoffs, where they now rank sixth (out of 16 teams) after a defensive rebound, third after a turnover, and 12th after a made shot.
The bar for these types of games are raised year after year, game after game, sequel after sequel, requiring monstrous resources across art, programming, design, and other disciplines.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Share of Apple rose more than 2215% in after-hours trading after the tech giant reported higher-than-expected earnings for its June quarter, and its revenue returned to growth after two down quarters.
So it's lovely to use the song at bedtime as a going-to-bed routine, but it's important that the actual moment of going to sleep should be after the bottle (and ideally, after brushing teeth after the bottle) and after the song.
Which means that finally, at long last, after sticking with The Walking Dead through good times and bad, after complaining about it but continuing to watch, after occasionally loving it, after wishing it would be better, I have won victory over myself.
Karyn Rivers, 183, said she had used stays at the Gramercy Park center to transition home after various crises: after a stay in a substance abuse rehabilitation program, after an assault, and, this month, after being released from a long surgical hospitalization.
But after Congress did nothing in the wake of Newtown, after Las Vegas or after the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, it's unclear if there is any political will to take action after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Opioids are important for children after major surgery, trauma or burns, he said, and certainly for those in palliative care, Parents whose children will need pain control — after an injury, after an operation, after a dental extraction — should ask questions, Dr. Abzug said.
Productivity Twitter (before the bell) Yum Brands (before the bell) Estee Lauder (before the bell) Tapestry (before the bell) Bristol-Myers Squibb (before the bell) Fiat Chrysler (before the bell) Uber (after the bell) Pinterest (after the bell) Wynn Resorts (after the bell) Activision Blizzard (after the bell) Baidu (after the bell) — CNBC's Michael Bloom contributed reporting
Philly Fed President Patrick Harker speech Allergan (before the bell) CNA Financial (before the bell) Diamond Offshore (before the bell) Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (before the bell) Loews (before the bell) Restaurant Brands International (before the bell) Kemper (after the bell) Mesa Air (after the bell) Everest Re (after the bell) DaVita (after the bell) Molina Healthcare (after the bell)
St. Louise Fed President James Bullard Walmart (before the bell) Brookfield Asset Management (before the bell) Viacom (before the bell) Burberry (before the bell) International Game Technology (before the bell) Canopy Growth (after the bell) Aurora Cannabis (after the bell) Farfetch (after the bell) Nvidia (after the bell) Applied Materials (after the bell) —with reporting from CNBC's Michael Bloom.
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After the credits, we see what happened after Meadow (Leslie Grossman) was kidnapped from outside Ally's window just after she told her about the cult in last week's episode.
Prices rebounded after tumbling nearly 5% to their lowest since January on Wednesday after data showed an unexpected build in U.S. crude stockpiles after nearly two months of decline.
She shared three pictures of herself that were taken within a day: one in the morning after she worked out, one after a meal, and one the morning after.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Nike shares rose more than 7 percent during after hours trading after it exceeded analyst expectations in its quarterly results.
We're locked in the tomb of repetition, playing cycle after cycle, open world after open world, monetization strategy after monetization strategy, spiraling further down a drain of negotiated consumption.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell Monday: Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill dipped after the bell after it announced a new loyalty program for the summer.
"It's one thing to do the unexpected, it's another to do what you are expected to do year-after-year, game-after-game, quarter-after-quarter," said Maya Moore.
After she got fired and then she got a book contract, not until, but after she got a book contract, she decided he wasn&apost so cool after all.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell Wednesday: Valeant Pharmaceuticals continued to gain after the bell after closing up almost 19 percent in the regular trading session.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Switch shares surged as much as 8 percent after hours Tuesday after the telecommunications company reported mixed fourth-quarter earnings.
I don't really think Disney has culpability here, I think it's the woman that plunked her kid in front of the TV day after day after day after day.
About 30% of new diagnoses happened after a period of low stress, about 35% after years of moderate stress and almost 40% after a period of chronic high stress.
Indeed, despite denials during and after the campaign, the Clinton team only admitted to funding the dossier after the media stumbled onto the paper trail long after the election.
It happened after Trump defended white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, after he compared nonwhite countries to excrement, and after he bowed and scraped before Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.
After the finale, after the congratulatory hugs and kisses, after the journalists mostly clear out backstage, Luke and Lucie open a bottle of Champagne and share a contented smile.
These tensions came to head after Malcolm publicly broke with Elijah Muhammad after being suspended for 90 days following his comments after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Even after Brexit, the country remains important for upholding the postwar order in Europe, where it is the largest economy after Germany and the biggest military spender after Russia.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Sears Holdings stock rose more than 16 percent in after-hours trading after the company released its quarterly earnings report.
It was up 9.7 percent after the same interval following the 1987 stock market crash; 5.3 percent after the bombing of the USS Cole; 4.9 percent after the Sept.
The latest court battle comes after another undocumented immigrant, also identified as Jane Doe, was granted a sought-after abortion after a controversial legal fight with the Trump administration.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Oracle shares fell more than 3 percent in after-hours trading after the release of its first quarter earnings report.
Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell: Shares of Salesforce slid more than 1 percent in extended trading after the company released its after the bell.
"There were versions after versions after versions," says Rothy's creative director Erin Lowenberg, who joined the company in 423, after it had set up factory operations in Dongguan, China.
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell: Five Below shares jumped more than 25.07 percent in after-hours trading after the company reported strong second-quarter earnings.
After the poem - - after the poem students from Douglas Drama will perform a song called "Shine" that they wrote this week to honor their friends after the shooting. Max.
"And if you do, we'll come after you personally, we'll come after your government, we'll come after the very survivability of your community by cutting off resources to you."
This was the fate of Wilson's government after just six months, and Major's after five.
Streaming company Netflix Inc dipped in after-hours trading after it posted first quarter results.
After all, who can blame anyone for the aesthetic mistakes they made just after college?
I think I called in right after my knee replacement the day after the election.
This was, after all, merely hours after the death of George Michael had been confirmed.
Intel shares were down 0.6% to $46.42 in after-hours trading after AMD's customer announcements.
Applied Materials shares fell more than 8 percent in after-hours trading after reporting earnings.
After hitting Gonzalez, the driver only stopped after she crashed the car into a tree.
Two years after we met, three and a half years after they were kicked out.
Visa report after the bell Wednesday, and Intel is scheduled for after the bell Thursday.
Starbucks shares fell more than 3 percent after hours after announcing a new delivery service.
A New Jersey couple was killed Saturday after their home exploded shortly after 6 a.m.
Small Business Saturday is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the day after Black Friday.
And there were two more altercations, Sean, after that, after I thought they were gone.
If your request needs my attention after my return, please re-send after X date.
"I'm going after Russia in every way you can go after Russia," Graham told CNN.
Those plans were thwarted after Tunisian security services moved against the group after that attack.
After I fathered so many girls, I desperately wanted sons to look after my girls.
But you don't get it back until after the finale and After the Final Rose.
He was granted parole in July 2017 after nearly nine years after he was sentenced.
After landing, the traveler then checked his baggage, after the five-hour flight on Dec.
Often we will talk lunch after just having breakfast, and dinner after just having lunch.
After the various STD tests, the doctor said sympathetically, 'You gotta start looking after yourself.
After that, police began surveilling McArthur and furtively searched his home after obtaining a warrant.
The researchers gave everyone psychological and physiological tests before, immediately after, and eight months after.
"I'm good," Davis said after spending 231 minutes in the trainer's office after the game.
But the slow pace felt unbearable after SpaceX, and she resigned after a few months.
Imagine not knowing for sure what is going on, day after day, year after year.
"Lie after lie after lie," is how Smith put it in one especially aroused newscast.
It picked up after 1965, when American immigration rules were relaxed, and surged after 19913.
Weinstein was released after he posted a $1 million cash bail shortly after his arrest.
EBay shares ticked higher in after-hours trading after the company beat quarterly earnings estimates.
After all, we don't just float around in space after eating a fast food meal.
That behavior happens after Uber rides, sure, but also after DoorDash deliveries or TaskRabbit services.
Shares rose to $37.12 in after-hours trade, up 18.3 percent, after closing at $31.37.
Anecdotally, we hear story after story after story — racist initiation videos, Snapchats, and Blackface parties.
This comes two days after bitcoin hit $9k, and eight days after it crossed $8k.
Hernandez told reporters after the victory that he trusts himself after missing so much time.
After a trading halt, the stock reopened down about 30 percent in after-hours trading.
As we know now, it was not the Kremlin who was after Ivan after all.
Companies denying benefits after a stillbirth, demanding employees return to work one week after delivery.
Immediately after the Senate passed its bill to reopen the government just after 1 a.m.
Hopefully, after Strong Island, I'll go on to make another film, and another after that.
They kept him as their leader after the 2006 election, and after the 2008 election.

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