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"consummation" Definitions
  1. the act of making a marriage or relationship complete by having sex
  2. the fact of making something complete or perfect
"consummation" Antonyms
beginning opening start baseline dawn nascence nascency day one commencement failure imperfection unfulfillment inception birth outset genesis onset launch kickoff incipience naught nonfulfillment nought frustration loss disappointment dissatisfaction forfeit deactualization nonachievement nonperformance neglect nothing miss surrender nil need want failing underperformance underachievement ineffectualness defeat nonsuccess disregard imprisonment hold forgetting ignorance abandoning leaving retention drubbing annihilation vanquishment whitewash whitewashing debacle hammering pasting rout shellacking slaughter trouncing walloping washout beating extermination cessation idleness inaction inactivity inertia passivity repose rest stoppage passiveness middle aid base blessing boon bottom centre(UK) center(US) help inside interior minimum nadir peace prosperity success catastrophe disaster fail letdown fiasco bungle flop bomb wreck blunder bust dud calamity tragedy cause source basis origin foundation medium stimulus inspiration instigation instrument root reason driver incitement mainspring means pretext prime mover dereliction oversight inadequacy shortcoming negligence nonobservance nonfeasance remissness misprision non-observance deficiency non-performance capitulation misfortune downfall false step faux pas abortion botch checkmate crushing defeat gaff implosion displeasure discontent malcontent malcontentment dismay irritation unhappiness anger annoyance anxiety discomfort disgruntlement exasperation querulousness uneasiness vexation chagrin disaffection anticlimax comedown deflation ineffective conclusion damp squib

103 Sentences With "consummation"

How to use consummation in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "consummation" and check conjugation/comparative form for "consummation". Mastering all the usages of "consummation" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The formal deadline for consummation of the acquisition was midnight Eastern time.
They fall in love, and Prospero walks in on them halfway through consummation.
It reverses interpretative hierarchies, giving primacy to the hermeneutical process over its consummation.
The consummation of longing—you discussing how you felt about him before the scene.
The "meat" then becomes both a metaphor and a device for their consummation in Aamis.
The report, if issued, would mark the consummation of the July 14, 2015 nuclear agreement.
Yet, the couple's series premiere wedding and subsequent consummation is dripping with misogyny and sexual violence.
The consummation of their relationship always felt a little bit like jumping the shark to me.
Already, mere weeks after their consummation(ish), Romulus is proposing business marriage to his mother-figure love.
That blow has been long aimed at the institution, and was at the point of reaching its consummation.
When the rest of the story becomes aftermath to consummation, well, that's space for TV to play with.
In fact, their verbal courtship is far more romantic and satisfying to watch than the eventual physical consummation.
Not only was it super upsetting, but it delayed their matrimonial consummation another six weeks while he recovered.
Like them it connects love and death, flesh and spirit; it expresses desires for both consummation and transcendence.
In the consummation of eternity, there would be no question of what we should do with our lives.
The Company is currently working on several financing projects, the consummation of which is subject to certain uncertainties.
Impossibly officious, Ivan (Leopoldo Trieste) plans a timetable for their activities, which include the consummation of their marriage.
The work of other hands, in Serra's case, is dedicated to the consummation of a meticulously laid-out project.
Composing "When Breath Becomes Air" became his palliative therapy as well as the consummation of his love of literature.
In the final 10 minutes of Killing Eve's first season, we witness the consummation — for now — of an impractical relationship.
Especially because you were stealing focus from something truly momentous: the long-awaited consummation of The World's Most Glacial Courtship.
It sought clarity and certainty from a mind that, in literature and life, often "vacillated on the threshold of consummation".
He believed at the time that the likelihood of consummation of a transaction was about 50 percent, the complaint says.
The grins on their faces, the ciggy, and Amy's super cozy robe scream ... mission accomplished on the marriage consummation front!
I don't know what Aunt Anna got in place of consummation, but Hens got this dark, lovely, funny book. ♦
On both a narrative and sexual level, Jeffrey (and we) expect a kind of consummation: a fulfillment of our expectations.
After being forced to go through with the nuptials in the premiere, a new issue arises: the consummation of the marriage.
The man could complain that he had been cheated out of consummation, or Khmer Rouge spies might report back to local leaders.
It's hard to escape the impression that these images are not an appendix to Artaud's oeuvre so much as the consummation of it.
When Peipei refused to accept any solution but a consummation of her love, her grandfather had to summon Mr. Wu through a secretary.
DOJ permitted the consummation of hundreds of mergers in the health insurance market alone, leaving President Obama to negotiate a concentrated insurance market.
Mr. Drake played commandingly, including a piano solo depicting the consummation of this impulsive love — fitful music of hurtling chords and steely harmonies.
One of the sources said Flipkart may withhold $150 million of the deal price for 12-24 months after the consummation of a deal.
In the consummation of the marriage between sporting events and corporate sponsors, a host site sacrifices its freedom to maintain its discriminatory membership practices.
" After their vows, the couple momentarily disappeared, then reappeared to mock a post-consummation rite by holding up a sheet that said, "She's a virgin!
Mr. Obama's resounding endorsement of his one-time rival was the final consummation of a political alliance over a decade in the making, since Mrs.
Act II ends with his first consummation with his final mistress, Mary Vetsera, who at once shows she is on his skull-gun-sex wavelength.
The sexual abuse ranged from "leering looks or verbal abuse, to the forced consummation of pornography, unwanted sexual touching to forced sex," the report said.
Auctioneers Inc - gross proceeds from offering will be held in an escrow account pending consummation of ironplanet acquisition Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
It comes up about 50 minutes into the episode and the violence lasts just over seven minutes if you include Dany and Drogo's consummation rape.
The third painting, "The Consummation of Empire", shows the city as imposing and imperial, sowing the seeds of the downfall depicted in the next canvas, "Destruction".
At another point in the film, she and that pianist, Ryan Gosling, will literally be lifted up into sky as a sort of astral consummation of their relationship.
Of course, the situation was made relevant to the plot when the night of consummation is interrupted by Jesus, who tells Rick they need to have a chat.
During the pendency of the chapter 11 cases, the debtors' senior management jockeyed for positions at Contura and then assumed those positions immediately upon consummation of the plan.
RY's ratings are also sensitive to its ability to continue to integrate CNB into its operations consistent with the expectations it set-out at the consummation of the transaction.
In exchange for that, Romney suffered strategic damage as this foolish controversy which aborted the consummation of the marriage of Romney with conservatives thereby undermining his chances in November.
A downgrade could also result from the consummation of an acquisition of a size such that cash flows would not be sufficient to permit adequate and timely de-leveraging.
In the case of porn, it's a state of eternal longing that I am seeking—that moment just before consummation when the neurochemistry of romantic potentiality is running high.
And when the Woman remembers holding a rifle in her arms for the first time, the consummation that occurs, as Ms. Ireland registers it, feels rapturous and truly unholy.
Now, add six new directors with the consummation of the SoftBank deal, which has been reported to include a new chairman, two directors for SoftBank and three new independent directors.
The indictment also alleged that Goldman's "internal accounting controls could be easily circumvented" and that the culture in Southeast Asia "prioritized consummation of deals" ahead of complying with the law.
P​ says ‍following consummation of rice acquisition, EQT corporation should separate into EQT production and EQT midstream * D. E. Shaw & Co LP says ‍believe that EQT Corp is "substantially undervalued"​ * ‍D.
When the two strip away their corporate costumes and take each other to bed, the scene we don't get to see is framed as a consummation of mutual arousal and desire.
"Extremely disappointed by the absolute and relative trading performance of Ensco Rowan both before, and since, consummation of the Ensco-Rowan merger," Luminus said in a letter to Ensco Rowan's board.
But, here, even more damning, the debtors' senior management sat on both sides on these very issues and stood to benefit uniquely from consummation of the plan and the DEP settlement.
Such a consummation is devoutly wished for by those who think the global economy will never get back to health until short- and long-term interest rates return to more normal levels.
And yet that consummation suffuses much of the film—from the villa's shutters, beating in the wind like a headboard, to the roughness and care with which Oliver handles his breakfast eggs.
There is no such thing as the Friendship Plot, because while friendship, like marriage, is at least presumably a voluntary estate, it has no official consummation, no church- or state-sanctioned vows.
According to wedding garter company Bleu Garters, by the late Renaissance period, the garter toss was simply done to spread good luck and fertility vibes — no clothing-tearing or proof of consummation involved.
The second episode of Season 7, "Stormborn," took a quick break from war plotting to give the audience the long-awaited consummation (pun unintended, how dare you) of Grey Worm and Missandei's flirting.
But "The Negro in American Culture"—he'd signed a contract for it with Random House, in 1945—was to be the lordly consummation of a life spent in the service of black expression.
For three seasons, "Better Call Saul" has been an exercise in narrative delayed gratification: saving itself, postponing consummation, keeping its two story lines — fated to someday converge — apart for as long as possible.
To die, to doink, no more; and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural doinks that flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd.
Humbert imagines painting the scene of the consummation in ecstatic fragments, but the fragments resolve themself into a single and tragic image: "There would have been poplars, apples, a suburban Sunday," he says.
"The timing, size and profitability of these trades are highly suspicious," the SEC's court filing said, noting that information from Fortress indicated the deal's consummation was in "serious doubt" as late as February 12.
Tyrion dispenses with the Westerosi bedding ceremony, where both bride and groom are stripped naked and wedding guests witness their consummation, and threatens a very gung-ho King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) in the process.
Where the pickup artists promised to make guys better sexual salesmen (sexual consummation was called "full close," as in closing a deal), Peterson, more ambitious, promises to help them get married and stay married.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's ultimate authority, has ruled out further rapprochement with the United States since the consummation of a deal on Iran's disputed nuclear activity that ended years of political and economic isolation.
His was the loudest voice opposing the consummation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known colloquially as the Iran nuclear deal, and was the first to applaud Trump's withdrawal from that agreement.
It excludes a measure that had caused heartburn in the technology and investor sectors because it would have allowed CFIUS to review joint ventures that could potentially lead to technology transfer, delaying consummation of proposed transactions.
Still, the self-titled album was widely considered to be a breakthrough, a consummation of sensibility and talent, a fulfillment of the St. Vincent conceit—this somewhat severe performer who was both her and not her.
MNG said in the SEC filing that it is "evaluating the terms" of the New Media-Gannett merger and believes the consummation of the deal may "not be in the best interest" of New Media's shareholders.
To help ensure that, Tesla is prepared to make the consummation of a combination of our companies subject to the approval of a majority of disinterested stockholders of both SolarCity and Tesla voting on the transaction.
Upgrade on Successful Restructuring: On consummation of the restructuring, we are likely to upgrade GATE's IDRs to reflect the lower level of debt in the capital structure - debt will be USD665 million, rather than USD1.1 billion currently.
But after a fourth quarter marked by net outflows of $5.4 billion and a further withering of wealth management margins, the hopes of the bank's chief executive, Sergio Ermotti, for a pickup in activity need quick consummation.
To acquire world kitchen * Anticipated initial enterprise value is approximately $566 million * An affiliate of gp investments ltd will co-invest $50 million in form of new gpiac common stock at price of $10/share in cash * At consummation of transaction, gpiac will move its jurisdiction of incorporation from cayman islands to state of delaware * Deal will be funded through cash and issuance of about 6.5 million gpiac shares at $10/share to world kitchen's stockholders * At consummation of transaction, gpiac is expected to be renamed world kitchen group, inc.
Honeymooning by the sea, they take their first meal as husband and wife in their room—enduring the snickering of the bellhops, who know what their night has in store—and awkwardly await the consummation of their marriage.
But the conversation beforehand, in which June bluntly informs Nick that he'll have to sleep with his child bride, is great television — and the consummation itself, with that horrifying embroidered hole in the sheet, is icky and fascinating.
The establishment conservative view, sounded by figures like Andrew Sullivan, Jonathan Rauch, and Leon Wieseltier, is that Trump is the sick consummation of an individualistic, "hyper-democratic" culture that values emotional satisfaction and "authenticity" over facts and reason.
But after a fourth quarter marked by net outflows of 5.4 billion Swiss francs ($5.4 billion) and a further withering of wealth management margins, Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti's hopes for a pick-up in activity need quick consummation.
Midway through the wedding weekend, Shiv brokered a slimy deal between her right-wing father and the left-wing politician she hopes to make President, a consummation that's more real to her (and more exciting) than her own marriage.
From their first encounter when Garcia was only a 16-year-old belly dancer to the eventual consummation of their relationship three years later and then, the heartbreaking death of their only son, the now-43-year-old holds nothing back.
Trader Jim Lebenthal, whose "Halftime Report" model portfolio is up 26 percent this year, bought shares of Time Warner on Wednesday, saying AT&T's proposed $85 billion takeover has shown the stock is a value even without the consummation of the deal.
It was a consummation of the cynical alliance between hawkish Jews and Zionist evangelicals who believe that the return of Jews to Israel will usher in the apocalypse and the return of Christ, after which Jews who don't convert will burn forever.
The model stares coolly at us, her face proceeding through broad facets of light: shaded cheek, sunlit nose, deeply shadowed eye socket, barely illuminated far cheek — and it's difficult not to feel awed by such a powerful, yet strikingly naturalistic consummation of dissonant events.
Like Blue is the Warmest Color, The Handmaiden lets you get swept up in the romance between two women as they grow closer, until it's time for consummation, at which point it becomes painfully obvious that we are watching a film directed by a straight male.
As the seasons continued, she was revealed to be lazy, gratingly tactless and increasingly embittered, as her relationship with Mark rose and fell through the highs of consummation, a plateau of toleration born of mutual desperation and eventually to the post-divorce lows of recriminatory co-parenting.
Both of those children, Rhaenys and Aegon, were killed by Gregor "the Mountain" Clegane during Robert's Rebellion, so while they might have had legitimate claims to the throne even after the annulment (presuming it wasn't on the basis of non-consummation or unfaithfulness), they're no longer an issue.
For "View of Florence From San Miniato" (1837), Cole shifted his eye from close-up to a panorama of the Italian city, capturing the eclectic architectural forms — domes, spires, arches and steeple — that Cole was already using in works like "The Course of Empire: Consummation" (circa 1835-36).
The dedication of the Museum's memorial in 1936 and of the adjoining equestrian monument in 1939 was celebrated by its officials as a consummation of the theories of Henry Fairfield Osborn, who had presided over the institution's early growth at the same time as he championed eugenics within and without.
Instead of simply making the case that what Michelle did was "bad" and focusing on her search for redemption, the show does a novel thing and treats her crush and its consummation as symptomatic of her search for purpose, which she later finds in a professional role at the school.
The truncated version is that a Shakespearian story of Jacobs moving from unrequited love to obsession to disinterest and finally consummation, all paired with violence, betrayal, and manipulation became one of the pillars of ROH in the 00s..And all with Lacey as a cunningly, fully portrayed actor in the proceedings.
The book revolves around three dramas, all of which unfold at a leisurely pace: Charles's potential consummation with Catherine; the men's ability to navigate their mule business to an honest profit; and flashbacks to the late 1800s for Billy's back story, including the explanation of his close relationship with Charles.
Schwartz will also "report to the SEC at least monthly as to the status of our engagement, the consummation of any sale transactions, and the identification of any actual or potential violations of federal securities law, if any, which may come to our attention during the course of our oversight," according to the letter.
The conclusion thus seems almost inescapable that the debtors' senior mangement knew about but did not disclose those impending "unaccounted-for" expenditures to ensure consummation of the debtors' Contura sale and chapter 11 plan for their own benefit and to secure the releases of environmental liability from DEP (and other regulatory agencies) they so desired.
Even in the most savage moments — "Dreamforce [a marketing conference] turns out to be a four-day orgy worthy of Caligula, a triumph of vulgarity and wasteful spending, with free booze and endless shrimp cocktail and a rate of STD transmission that probably rivals Fleet Week" — we have only the consummation of the expected.
Consummation of the sale to Verizon would bring closure to a negotiation that has stretched on for nearly three years as Yahoo's board and its chief executive, Marissa Mayer, considered various plans to separate the company's fading internet businesses from its much more valuable investment stakes in Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce company, and Yahoo Japan, an affiliated company controlled by SoftBank Group.
" Mr. Trump will begin in Saudi Arabia, with which his administration is nearing consummation of a $100 billion arms deal; he'll meet with leaders of the Arab League — America's "partners," as General McMaster says — whom he'll encourage "to take bold, new steps to promote peace and to confront those, from ISIS to Al Qaeda to Iran to the Assad regime, who perpetuate chaos.
In order to pass, a film is awarded points: two points for a female director, one point for a female composer or director of photography, one point for three female producers or three female department heads, one point for a crew that's 50% women, two points if there's a female protagonist who determines story outcomes, two points if no female characters were victimized, stereotyped or sexualized, and one point if a sex scene shows foreplay before consummation, or if the female characters initiate or reciprocate sexual advances.
The film is a Joan of Arc pastiche, a musical, an exploitation picture, and a pornographic movie—but what it really is is an excuse for a breathtaking series of montages where a singing, dancing Black Death melts faces into skulls, kaleidoscopic specters of pop-art Americana signify the consummation of Jeanne's pact with the Evil One, and an assortment of infernal penises perform vicissitudes previously undreamt by any human penis, which is perhaps the greatest contribution an animation studio has made to creative physiology since Cab Calloway serenaded Betty Boop in Minnie the Moocher.
Breen , chair and chief executive officer of dupont, will become chief executive officer of dowdupont * Appointments will be effective upon completion of proposed merger transaction, which is expected to close in second half of 2016 * Howard ungerleider will become chief financial officer for dowdupont * Says in addition to other duties, liveris will have responsibility for material science business * Consummation of intended business separation transactions is not expected to exceed 18-24 months after merger close * Says breen will have responsibility for agriculture and specialty products businesses Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Bengaluru Newsroom +1-646-646-8780)

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