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"without" Definitions
  1. not having or showing something
"without" Synonyms
devoid of minus lacking sans needing requiring bereft of deprived of destitute of short of wanting for absent excluding wanting less in need of shorn of starved of with no in default of unaccompanied by unescorted by in the absence of beyond outside outside of ayond ayont clear of away from outwith past beyond the limits of further than out of farther than on the outside of over exterior to external to after behind on the far side of except excepting besides save barring bar saving but beside omitting forbye exempting except for apart from other than aside from externally out outdoors exteriorly outwardly out-of-doors on the outside out of doors out of the house alfresco in the open air in the open outward al fresco in the great outdoors under the sky under the blue sky into the open air poorly frugally meagerly meagrely paltrily stingily exiguously meanly insignificantly triflingly negligibly inadequately trivially piddlingly inconsiderably inconsequentially slightly pettily insufficiently deficiently abroad about circulating current away everywhere afoot around astir elsewhere at large all over here and there in circulation in the air prevailing widespread not destitute bare devoid bereft void bankrupt barren deprived drained depleted empty exhausted deficient denuded divested stripped deficient in free unencumbered by released from excused of exempt from relieved of unaffected by unburdened by exempted from rid of unburdened disencumbered from lacking in safe from necessitating needful calling for outer external exterior outermost surface superficial exposed alien exoteric extraneous extrinsic outmost peripheral apparent visible if not but for if lest unless nisi except if except for if excepting that nature countryside country backcountry wild wilderness open hills mountains trails woods open air outside in the open outside environment fresh air green earth bucolic surroundings More

943 Sentences With "without"

How to use without in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "without" and check conjugation/comparative form for "without". Mastering all the usages of "without" from sentence examples published by news publications.

If I imagine myself without dyslexia, without A.D.D., without depression, without gayness, without nearsightedness, without orthostatic hypotension, without Jewishness, without white privilege, without prosopagnosia, then there's very little of me left.
On-court coaching helps players, but I prefer without. Without. Without. Without.
He doesn't know how to do anything without copying, without imitating, without plagiarizing, without aping.
This should be said without excuses, without evasions, without caveats.
"In the history of CINEMA, masterpieces have existed without sound, without color, without a story, without actors and without music," Roma director Alfonso Cuarón said on Tuesday.
I can't imagine human existence without music, without art, without dance, without all these things that make us feel human.
China, Duterte said, had offered help "without boasting, without news, without publicity".
Without fear, without favoritism, and certainly without regard to any partisan influence.
We must pursue peace without fear, hope without despair, and security without apology.
He must take the fight to Trump without waffling, without hesitation, without fear.
They let us free without explanation, without instruction, without even looking at us.
Without rancor if we can, without delay regardless, and without party favor and without prejudice if we are true to our responsibilities.
Without Facebook, without Twitter, without email, without cellphones, without crowdfunding, the ability to organize such a march was a fair proxy for the strength and sophistication of the civil rights movement.
You led us into the land of Wakanda without ego, without pretense, without fear.
The effect — a miniature without center, without form, purposely without finesse — is almost nihilistic.
"Imagine yourself in their shoes, without a house, without clothes, without any sanitation," she says.
But he also has to keep on living, without Diane, without Todd, without Mr. Peanutbutter.
It will be a world without immigration, without universal values, without multiculturalism, and without a global elite—but with peaceful international relations and some trade.
Despite farms without fences, cars without drivers, newspapers without paper, and stores without storefronts — the American economy is still creating nearly 6900,2628 jobs per month.
" In his 1985 birthday speech for Stennis, Biden praised him as "an opponent without hate, a friend without treachery, a statesman without pretense, a victim without any murmuring, a public official without vice, a private citizen without wrong, a neighbor, as you all know, without hypocrisy, a man without guilt -- a senator whom future senators can study with profit for as long as there is an America.
"More than one million Puerto Ricans are without drinking water, without electricity, without food," he added.
But we could have had it without such large sacrificies, without such enormous violence, without represssions.
But justice without due process, without witnesses, without a fair trial, is not justice at all.
The thing is accomplished without trouble, without effort, without reaction,— following a natural and tranquil law.
A disaster without politics would be an event without a history, a catastrophe without a cause.
Louis grew up in a house without a phone, without doors, without lights in the bedrooms.
But say the "T" word and I'm out, without explanation, without exception, without the slightest deliberation.
Rossum solves these problems without complicated, clunky integrations; without teams of developers; and without high costs.
"There are Fijians out there who are without water, without a roof over their heads, without food and without essential services," Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said.
All of this was achieved without any violence, without a single shot, without anyone getting killed, and without the treasuries of the two countries being drained.
These tragedies call for a leader willing to lend a hand to his people without hesitating, without humiliating, without re-victimizing and without blaming the people.
"What we've got to do is we've got to very dispassionately allow the investigation to go forward without speculation, without rumor, without innuendo, without conspiracy," he continued.
"I have been held negligent, but without penalty, without sanction, without registration of the decision," she said.
Problems will reduce from regions without power to villages without power to an isolated home without power.
The result would be twitter the protocol without Twitter the company, facebook without Facebook, uber without Uber.
Jones: Sexual authenticity is a state of being—being you without social conditioning, without shame, without regret.
Hot water without swinging an ax, food without running through a forest, clean laundry without red knuckles.
This violence plagues the hungry without food, schools without books and homes without heat in the winter.
It's really rare to see final demand collapse without a reason for it, without some kind of overextension somewhere—without large numbers of people being fired, without incomes dropping rapidly, without some kind of shock that takes place.
The case ended without me knowing what was going on, without him being held responsible, without any explanation and without a chance for my voice to be heard.
Its economy would be medieval: tailors without electric sewing machines; metalworkers without power lathes; farmers without water pumps.
Our approach allows us to invest without taking equity, without taking board seats, and without requiring personal guarantees.
A world without technology — a world without the internet — in a world without complex political and economic structures.
"Two and a half months without being on a tennis court without competition, without much practice," he said.
Writing in a journal helped him reimagine the shooting, first without sound, then without smell, then without color.
What do an airplane without passengers, a hotel without guests, and a store without shoppers have in common?
"Haven't we had enough of bringing things to the floor without hearings, without amendments, without debate," McCain said.
"We believe that the world does not work without us, without our domestic and care work, without our purchases and without our labor," 8M Commission said in its manifesto.
All around me were noises that very nearly resembled the noises of human activity — chatter without words, chewing without food, drunkenness without the buzz, and music without the music.
"Our networks are open and will remain open for innovators to use without permission, and for consumers to access any place they want to go on the web, without permission, without blocking, without throttling, and without paid prioritization," Wheeler told reporters.
" Winkleman asked: "Why would you have that kind of danger without any warning, without any sign, without any notice?
We cannot solve the problem without talking about labor, without talking about jobs, without talking about health and equity.
Every Sunday, without Todd Gurley and without Odell Beckham Jr., without those players, those guys, there is no football.
It's charming without seeming naive, self-effacing without seeming disingenuous, and calming without sending the listener into a coma.
For the first time women are coming forward without being judged, without repercussions and without someone grading their hurt.
Being a manager without an office, acting without recognition, working without pay, missing out on the book of history.
CBS will likely be fine without him — just as Today moved on without Matt Lauer, comedy has survived without Louis C.K., and movies are still being made without Harvey Weinstein.
It will be a war without broad international support, without sufficient planning for post-conflict reconstruction and stability, without a definite exit time and strategy, and without a firm price tag.
When I was a teenager I was told I couldn't make and sell a skate video without a camera, without ever filming, without knowing how to edit and without any connections.
But what's it like to bring a baby into a world without such expertise at hand, without a sanitized hospital, without the right instruments, even without plentiful access to clean water?
What HTT has made, for now, is the naked body of a capsule; without motors, without magnets, and without seats.
You can watch movies without leaving home, buy groceries without leaving home, and, increasingly, get paid without leaving home, too.
"My client has been indicted without an autopsy report, without a ballistics report, without a finalized police report," Fuller said.
Trump acted without consulting Congress, without clear legal authority and without any coordinated military action by our partners and allies.
"This is a misguided mission without a mission, without a launch date, and without ties to exploration goals," concluded Rep.
They were more punk, but without the sex — like Ziggy Stardust without the glitter and Vivienne Westwood without the bustiers.
"We need elected officials without baggage, without regrets and without fake apologies," the progressive strategist Rebecca Katz said on Thursday.
I want to enjoy this without caveats, without all the talk of selflessness and without seeing this change my identity.
Without them — and without Corey — Cal is utterly alone.
Even without the David Letterman exposé, even without Sheryl Sandberg, and even without sort of this new chapter in your life.
Fire made it possible... there was no Bronze Age without fire, no Iron Age without fire, no Industrial Revolution without fire.
I'd rather be in the world we're in today than a world without computers, without cell phones, a world without elevators.
There was much hand-wringing of the what-is-Batman-without-Robin or Sherlock-without-Watson (or Angelina-without-Brad) kind.
And we were often left without time, without options, and without the feeling of "being our better selves" that we sought.
A book of criticism without an index is like a film without credits, or a lobster served without a seafood fork.
Fire made it possible, there was no Bronze Age without fire, no Iron Age without fire, no Industrial Revolution without fire.
They are both men utterly without shame, backed by parties utterly without spine, protected by big media outlets utterly without integrity.
Fire made it possible, there was no Bronze Age without fire, no Iron Age without fire, no industrial revolution without fire.
Without rancor if we can, without delay regardless, and without party favor or prejudice if we are true to our responsibilities.
"I'm genuinely struggling with the idea of a Congress without Jeff Flake, without Bob Corker, without John McCain," Coons told reporters.
I loved the movie — fully, earnestly, without irony, without reservations.
As we without them, so they will thrive without us.
This isn't just style without substance; it's style without style.
It's without any agenda, it's a love without any bounds.
People here can disappear without a trace, without any warning.
There's no Mulder without Scully, and no Scully without Mulder.
Imagine a hospital without surgical gloves, or promiscuity without condoms.
The Japanese hero fights without hope, and dies without regret.
What would America be like without Rush, without talk radio?
Without having to go through ... Without having to re-compete.
Speak without any notes, without any thoughts going into it.
Empty music without lyrics, without content, we have several already.
"Without a hearing, without giving any chance," he said helplessly.
We're seeing each other without make up, without nice clothes.
Populists attract voters by offering democracy without politics, without conflict.
"Without reason, without truce, there's no real democracy," he said.
It's curvy without being bloated, aggressive without being artificially edgy.
Citizenship without representation is like a promise without a guarantee.
Because she has friends without insurance who go without, completely.
She left without a pic, but also without getting arrested.
" Added Stallone, "without a doubt the only fight I've ever done in my entire career without choreography or without knowing what's coming !!
"In an area without telecommunications, without road access, without large-scale electrification, this is going to be an enormous challenge," he said.
"Trump leaves Mexico without apologizing, without promising respect to Mexicans and without changing in any way his anti-immigrant platform," Ramos added.
Wake up the next morning without a hangover, without a random person in your bed, without an overdraft on your checking account.
Deported without resources, without even an ID, and without the necessary cultural competency, deportees face repeat detention, violence, even torture or murder.
That includes about 71% without power on St. Thomas, 98.4% without power on St. Croix and 100% without power on St. John.
"I literally would not be an actor without that man, without that school, without public arts funding," the 22-year-old said.
All that was done without drama, without a lot of words and often without rush ("merkeln" has come to mean "to dither").
Browsing the internet without a VPN is like driving without a seatbelt, cycling without a helmet, and well, you get the picture.
You don't get a revolution without it, you don't get a Constitution without it, you don't get victory in war without it.
Every individual human experience will be extracted and used as raw material for datafication without the knowledge of that individual, clearly without consent, therefore, without any right of comeback, without the individual&aposs knowledge.
Most had never gone withoutwithout food, without security, without a steady supply of mail order fashion from J Crew, and LL Bean and everywhere else I was sure "rich kids" got regular delivery from.
I, like so many brave men and women with the means to do so, have gotten by for days at a time without any bread items, without any sweets, without any alcohol, without any meat.
There would be no Craigslist without email/SMTP, no eBay without the graphical browser and no Uber without location services and ubiquitous smartphones.
"Without a team, without a communications strategy and without a plan, I see a restructuring impossible," said Asdrubal Oliveros of Caracas-based Ecoanalitica.
Harvey Weinstein went to lunch in Arizona without a Trumpian wig, without orange makeup and without looking like one of the Blues Bros.
"There is a way to reduce insulin resistance without exercise, without dieting or without bariatric surgery, using the traditional ketosis," Inkinen told CNBC.
He's been "without country, without family, without community" these years abroad, he said, adding that he has not been able to "find peace".
I envision someone like Tim Kaine without the charisma; Gerald Ford without the malice; George H.W. Bush without the vicious hatred of broccoli.
"I'm genuinely struggling with the idea of a Congress without Jeff Flake, without Bob Corker, without John McCain," Coons told reporters this year.
"I want a moderate government, without extremists, without incitement and if possible without corruption," said Ms. Sherman, a resident of new Rosh Haayin.
They have now faced the Warriors without G Steph Curry, the Lakers without G Kobe Bryant and the Cavaliers without F LeBron James.
Sometimes, a face without makeup is just a face without makeup.
It leaves men without heroes and without a philosophy to follow.
And that she came without any hesitations and without any judgment.
It's full without feeling cluttered, expansive without feeling like a McMansion.
LG: But without the free month and without the airline benefits.
The emptiness I feel without her with me is without bottom.
Without any nucleation sites, liquids can be cooled without setting solid.
I want to live in a world without wars, without terrorism.
A day without something sweet is like a day without joy.
"Without your community, without your family, you couldn't survive," she says.
It's hard to imagine France without French, or England without English.
I don't exist without Coach, and Coach doesn't exist without me.
Emotion without purpose, without direction, immediately risks feeling mawkish and hollow.
Without that transparency, we're just left to trust Facebook, without evidence.
Is it telling you the full story without bias, without agenda?
The mood is busy without being rushed, convivial without being loud.
But he doesn't see a world without retail, or without brands.
We went without sufficient force, and we went without a plan.
It's supposed to be a voice that's without care, without worry.
It makes them comforting without being dull, safe without being stagnant.
A novel without them would be like a novel without chairs.
Still, a life without happiness is not a life without wonder.
There are no women without men and no men without women.
We like our villains without redemption and our heroes without blemish.
It's hard to imagine EO without them — or them without EO.
"Without pride, and without undue modesty," she added, laughing some more.
But progress hasn't been without a fight, without sweat and blood.
You have to follow their instructions without questions, without any doubt.
Some can live without light, and some can live without oxygen.
"Firstly, you blamed us, without thinking, without any proof," he said.
The four tigers have achieved prosperity without complacency, wealth without repose.
"She forced us to work without food, without water," he said.
Without the laws of war, we could face violence without end.
We are a country without a history – without a truthful history.
"Without asking first, without kissing me, without so much as looking me in the eyes – or even confirming if I was awake," she writes.
"The way he came in, and the way he's going out: without any mars to it, without any blemishes, without any scandal," Manchin said.
The president can use military force without Congress; she can damage or reconfigure alliances without Congress; she can condemn or sanction adversaries without Congress.
Seeing Gwen Stefani without her red lipstick, Zooey Deschanel without her bangs, or Cara Delevingne without her bold brows, can be a little disorienting.
If it's easier to vote — without taking time from work, without standing in line, without fear of manipulation — far more people will do it.
You can't board the subway without seeing one, go into a restaurant without admiring one, or even show up to work without encountering one.
When it comes to meals without gluten, the options are pretty much limited to burgers without buns and salads without croutons and meat patties.
Without a good salary, Mr Fawzy cannot buy a flat; without his own home he cannot marry; and without marriage, he cannot have sex.
Remember Mr. Trump, there would be no Google without Sergey Brin, no Telsa without Elon Musk and certainly no Fox News without Rupert Murdoch.
Without overdoing it, without believing ... again, without going the whole kind of dystopian hog and saying well, no one's going to have a job.
"Being a sports store without Nike is kind of like being a milk store without milk or a gas station without gas," he said.
He would often say that there could be no development without security, no security without development, and neither security nor development without human rights.
"We can live without electricity, we can live without gasoline, but no one can live without food," said Kelsey of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association.
Somehow both bombastic and impeccably subtle, Russel T. Davies' Years and Years does politics without preachiness, sci-fi without silliness, and drama without melodramatics.
Without blood flow of their own, they can't survive without careful monitoring.
Without the nudity you could argue it's like French fries without ketchup.
Trump also found he could drive coverage without rallies and without interviews.
Bad uncles are Archie Bunkers without laugh tracks, without jokes at all.
"THOUSANDS have lived without love; not one without water," observed W.H. Auden.
"Without a photographic memory, you can't speak without notes," Mr. Trump said.
None of them would exist without these guys, without the Guadalajara Cartel.
Would the first episode without Michael focus on Jane's life without him?
There is no internet without Poppy and there's no Poppy without Internet.
About 170,000 households were without power and 385,000 without water, Suga said.
It's Mad Max without the desert, or John Wick without the puppy.
Without certainty, insurers could exit marketplaces, leaving rural areas without any carriers.
Then she quotes Schulman's own garbled responses, without editing and without commentary.
Without them, they are a third-rate, impoverished nation without true allies.
He did it without congressional authorization and without a clear military mission.
Ultimately, there is no privacy without security, and no security without privacy.
"She told me there were files without vials and vials without files."
Without being seen, she cannot love; without love, there is no marriage.
"Others have already paraded hatred without knowing — without knowing me," she continued.
President Trump will have to resist tweeting without thought or without restraint.
Indeed, a Christmas without music is like John Grimes without Edward Grimes.
Without them, without fans, we are nothing and the sport is nothing.
Their style is straightforward without being lazy, and minimalist without being boring.
And I realize that without the stench, without mud, this isn't hell.
It managed to be intellectual without being arcane, contemporary without being gimmicky.
"Homeland" oscillates between a telenovela without intrigue and Dostoyevsky without moral inquiry.
They evoke the archaic without looking back, without being wistful or nostalgic.
They might have occurred without tourists, and maybe even without the road.
COOPER I can't cry without laughing, and I can't laugh without crying.
"A people without agriculture," he said, "are a people without food." video
It said that 40,000 people were without water, and 645 without electricity.
Basically, there is no Hinduism without yoga and no yoga without Hinduism.
Without those payments, insurers may exit the market, leaving consumers without options.
They seem to fit in without trying and, most irritatingly, without caring.
Without such buy-in, you end up as a general without soldiers.
Accommodations are sophisticated without being stuffy, and stylish without being overly trendy.
Without mediation, without apology, we read ourselves, and know what we know.
And I will serve without fear and without favor to any man.
These men and women are without conscience, and they operate without rules.
When that falters, people will be without insurance and without health care.
The former we could go without hearing; the latter goes without saying.
It is "A Day Without a Woman," not "A Day Without Women."
"With or without the automatic shutter?" he said without missing a beat.
It's familiar without feeling worn out and challenging without exhausting the listener.
"Those first days in that first hospital — the ones we spent without power, without doctors, without being able to do procedures — were crucial," she said.
The president wants to do things without working with his Congress, without working with the legislature, and without getting the consent of the American people.
His campaign has been run without writing code, without hiring engineers, and without Harris getting arrested on a picket line by the Menlo Park police.
But none of us rise without help, without cooperation, without goodwill, both from those who look and think like us and those who do not.
"From now on, the United States will not tolerate this longstanding pattern of aid without effect, assistance without accountability, and relief without reform," Bolton said.
They can help 'those poor people over there,' but it ends up showing up on the doorstep without training, without support, without any spare parts.
The Buckee team also said that households went, on average, 68 days without water, 84 days without electricity and 41 days without cell phone coverage.
When we act with intellect without empathy, innovation without self awareness, power without discernment or wisdom, then we let ourselves be slaves to our egos.
Ingvar Kamprad's image and Sweden's continue to reflect each other: without shadows, without disgrace, and without any ambition to come to terms with their past.
The switch to supermajority rule happened without a constitutional amendment, without a national debate, without its even becoming a major issue in a presidential campaign.
Hospitals cannot function without emergency and ancillary physicians, these physicians cannot function without hospitals, and insurers can't sell policies without being in-network with hospitals.
We will hug our little ones a little tighter, and we'll think about all those Gold Star families out there -- wives without husbands, husbands without wives, children without moms or dads and moms and dads without their children.
" She criticized the European Union, calling it "an ideology without land, without people, without roots, and without civilization," and warned that France was "passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam.
He has a go-to metaphor for illustrating the dynamic: "A container without content is meaningless, and content without container is useless," he said, like a cup without liquid, or, conversely, a liquid without a vessel to hold it.
"There has to be a full accounting for how young black men continue to be killed in this country without accountability, without justice, without these full investigations, without respecting their civil rights," O'Rourke said during a Friday campaign rally.
"We are of the opinion that you will fall into an uncontrollable adventure without a solid plan, without a vision and without support," the letter said.
SpaceX would not be here without NASA, without the incredible work that was done before SpaceX even started, and without the support after SpaceX did start.
Even though they have a populist government because the government still realizes without investment without foreign investment without being reasonable they won't solve their economic problems.
In those states, people can concealed carry without having a permit, without undergoing gun safety training, and in some circumstances, without ever passing a background check.
It is evolving without a strategic plan, without an identifiable leader and without bellicose tactics; it is occurring one father-grandfather-father figure at a time.
Without our love for others, without empathy, we are nothing but empty vessels, carcasses without souls, worthy of none of the things we cherish the most.
"This period of targeting black people without due process, without trial, without all these witnesses -- they executed them with vigilante justice, and that's horrific," he said.
"I would have never thought in a million years I'll be able to see my daughter without shackles, without a uniform, without these bars," Amanda says.
Ariana Grande without her ponytail is like Gwen Stefani without her red lipstick.
"They tossed us into the desert, without our telephones, without money," he said.
Repealing it without a replacement in place risks leaving millions without health insurance.
While the dog is now without an owner, the animal isn't without love.
Living without his televised presence would be something like living without television itself.
That's right, without him, we might be living in a world without Hollywood.
Chicago is 5-2 without Rose this season and 1-2 without Butler.
"The Netherlands without farmers would be like Amsterdam without whores," one banner proclaimed.
It certainly indicates that Dolores cannot survive without Bernard, nor he without her.
"I can go without food, but not without my smartphone," Ms Shi confesses.
Eight hours, without the usual preparations, without even making it home to bed.
A BlackBerry without a keyboard is like a ThinkPad without the pointing stick.
It connects instantly without Bluetooth pairing, and draws smoothly without lag or jitter.
Wouldn't have happened without the net and without a big, broad, powerful internet.
They can spend without first collecting taxes and borrow without fear of default.
These initiatives often show up unexpectedly, without being debated, without telling the public.
Again, it's authority without responsibility, while individuals are left with responsibility without authority.
Being without a phone means being without human contact, help lines, and entertainment.
It is, it seems, house without the soul, techno without the mechanistic rigor.
Without that and without an unequivocal line on Russia, the relationship will suffer.
Personality disorders can occur without addictions, and addictions can occur without personality disorders.
" She adds: "They tackled the disease head on, without fear, without self pity.
Body cameras without independent investigation, or without fair police union contracts, means little.
About 210,2347 households were without water and 21,000 without electricity, the government said.
Which means "The Judas Kiss" is without friction as well as without motion.
Without the mandate, millions of people are expected to go without health insurance.
How does she speak without a mouth,how does she dial without hands?
You're not a pop star without fans, nor are you one without haters.
Traumatized and without work authorization, she often went days without a full meal.
He was let go without being charged and without having to pay bail.
Similar to the UAM, this ventilator will work without electricity and without oxygen.
Our lives are as incomplete without Him as a sky without a sun.
The violence began without warning, and the soldiers raped and killed without mercy.
Houses could be without running water, or without water that's safe to drink.
Glenn Beck says he's a man without a party — and without a candidate.
A home without them, he added, "would be like a sentence without punctuation."
A rarebit without Worcestershire sauce is like bread without butter, it doesn't work.
About 23,22 households were without power and 21619,25 without water, an official said.
The solace they give comes without commands or obligations, without tightness or constriction.
Burke immediately and without hesitation denied the defense challenge for cause without comment.
My rights are to live without any limits or restrictions and without occupiers.
"I had to take a long break without tennis, without running," Cilic said.
Imagine Quebec City without the Chateau Frontenac hotel or Vancouver without Canada Place.
A presidential impeachment trial in the Senate without witnesses would be without precedent.
And remember: They do this all without a brain, without a single neuron.
Gomez had never seen a life without horse racing or without substance abuse.
I woke up—still utterly miserable—but without a headache and without sickness.
That why we want the FDA to adopt the definition proposed by the American Sustainable Business Council: food made without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides; without genetic engineering; without antibiotics or drugs of any kind; and without artificial or synthetic ingredients.
Prosecutors charged Premchai in April with hunting protected wildlife without permission, illegal possession of protected wildlife carcasses, concealing wildlife carcasses, collecting wildlife items from a national park without permission, colluding to hunt wildlife without permission and carrying firearms without permits.
They could then park without paying an attendant, walk in without having a ticket scanned and pay for merchandise and concessions without ever taking out their wallet.
"These are individuals who are in the system right now without hope, without opportunity, without a meaningful chance at transforming themselves," Jeffries said on the House floor.
The Washington Post reported Thursday that Cuomo accused the agency of storming private properties without warning, without identifying themselves and without a warrant to make any arrests.
"The Americans know well the important regional questions, that without Iranian presence, without the Iranian contribution, without Iranian opinion, these questions will not be resolved," Rouhani said.
" Pinkham has an eye for the elegiac, and captures the grim pall of the Ukrainian hinterlands: "There were balconies without railings, windows without glass, doorways without doors.
I came here today without a private driver, without an assistant, without a PR with three phones to tell you where to sit and where to pose.
"If they were to pass this bill without a [Congressional Budget Office] score, without committee hearings and without markups it would blow up the Senate," he said.
He could then park without paying an attendant, walk in without having a ticket scanned and pay for merchandise and concessions without ever taking out his wallet.
"Everyone understands without money supporting separatists, without [the] propaganda war, brainwashing, without weapons deliveries," this conflict would never happen, said Klitschko, referencing Russia's role in Ukraine's east.
"Without a check, without a test, we think we are doing well," she said.
"These are kids without a passport, or born without a birth certificate," she said.
It's so weird to be here without my boyfriend and especially without the dog.
" She concluded, "You were born without these shows and you will die without them.
"Without having much information, without knowing any details, Allison ... said, 'let's organize,' " Canning said.
Elephants Without Borders Elephants Without Borders aims to improve elephant conservation science in Africa.
She can talk tough without sounding forced, she can be forceful without seeming entitled.
Without Getty's money, there'd be no legend; without his cheapness, there'd be no show.
Would you engage in cross-border enforcement without the cooperation without the Mexican government?
There is no hope without forward motion and there is no change without freedom.
"We started Baked by Melissa without capital, without even a business plan," she says.
Just as we cannot have progress without order, we cannot have order without progress.
But I can say, without any doubts, that this column wouldn't exist without him.
He lived his whole life without children and he was very happy without children.
"He is without a doubt a sleazebag and a scoundrel without par," Trump wrote.
Reid, without proof, accused Romney of going a decade without paying federal income taxes.
I think we can disagree without impugning other people's motives or without being disagreeable.
"An Indian without territory is an Indian without life," says Governor Hubeimar López Payaguaje.
And without exception, without question, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography.
About 210,220 households were without water, and about 6.4,2230 without electricity, the government said.
We would get lost without Google maps or miss appointments without our Google calendar.
They said, 'Is there any way we can do something without you -- without termination?
They said, 'Is there any way we can do something without you -- without termination?
Without the buses, and without the vacation pay, working people would not show up.
They said, 'Is there any way we can do something without you—without termination?
"She lived without fear and without limits and was kind and generous," Blake says.
"We can be strong without being cruel; tough without being mean spirited," Schwarzenegger said.
A $349 sport watch without GPS was like an expensive sports car without turbo.
It is impossible to make beer without yeast; without it, the product is hopeless.
We've gone from taxation without representation 225+ years ago to taxation without performance today.
Surely, NATO will not collapse without Montenegro, but Montenegro might not survive without NATO.
Without infrastructure, we can do a lot, but without the techniques, you cannot win.
All this is unfolding in remote areas, without outside witnesses, without a global outcry.
Without life, there is no liberty; without life, there is no pursuit of happiness.
Without affectation, he created a presence that was wholly male without sacrificing feminine grace.
In theory, it should hold cryogenic propellant without leaking and without a sealing linker.
I don't see how you could progress without that influence, without people pushing you.
We can't go too terribly long without doing these exercises without having some impact.
We can't live without cosmos as much as we can't live without each other.
I could do life without her; I don't want to do life without her.
Without exaggeration, Senate Republicans have made up a distinction without a relevant constitutional difference.
We must join in common effort without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancor.
And it does so without cant, speeches, inflamed emotions and — most powerfully — without apology.
I cannot imagine an efficient international organization that works without India and without China.
About 422,000 households were without water, and about 100,203 without electricity, the government said.
It is noise without action; pontificating about politics without running for office or voting.
It is noise without action; pontificating about politics without running for office or voting.
"There are children now without fathers, without mothers," she said, choking on her words.
That cannot happen without agitation and resistance, without protest and uncomfortable moments of reckoning.
All this without fertilizer—my dad didn't believe this would be possible without fertilizer.
Peers without records — and some without publications — were getting jobs, or at least interviews.
I simply walked away, without giving them what they wanted and without the part.
Without hearings — and without a publicity campaign — Congress has not felt enough political heat.
The decision was taken without the approval of the administration and without informing it.
She also lived without a TV and went without health insurance for a while.
" She adds, "He was flourishing without us and we needed to flourish without him.
It's impossible to imagine the London art scene without Frieze, or Paris without FIAC.
It can happen almost without our being aware of it, almost without our consent.
Without fail, each juror told the judge they could weigh the case without bias.
"We don't want to do without Christmas markets, without nice outings together," she said.
It was a killing without a purpose, the Judge said, without mercy or remorse.
Maduro pushed through this vote without the people's approval and without any due process.
Without sellers and without builders, a lot of first-time buyers are locked out.
"They are criminalizing everyone without concrete evidence, without respect for due process," Ortiz said.
Without that basic agreement, without common arbiters, there can be no end to dispute.
"We support a fair and viable solution without guarantees, without occupation troops and without fear for the citizens of Cyprus," said Tsipras in his joint statements with Merkel.
"My client has been indicted without an autopsy report, without a ballistic report, without a finalized police report," he said at a news conference after the court hearings.
Spotting Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom without her signature red lip seems as unnatural as a 2001 Pepsi commercial without Britney Spears, or Anastasia Steele without her Ben Wa balls.
During another instance, she says Miller choked her during sex without her consent, anally penetrated her without consent, and penetrated her with a beer bottle without her consent.
It's difficult to toe the line of being funny without being disposable, political without being tedious, and educational without being boring, but Auerbach does all of the above.
If revenge was an option, I would wish nothing to those people, a life without ups and downs, a life without happiness or sadness, mediocre and without emotions.
All of these scandals were managed without the selection of a special prosecutor, without anyone being charged with wrongdoing and without any serious political consequences to President Obama.
Pelosi -- without raising her voice, without gesticulating wildly, without interrupting -- flipped the script on Trump, revealing his naivete on the subject matter and her new position of strength.
Half a year has gone by, yet hundreds of thousands are still without power, many without access to potable water and without the security of a decent home.
They are bold, broad agenda items that will help those struggling, but without bailouts, without questionable long-term social policy changes, and without a trillion-dollar price tag.
"We've been doing it for a long time, without all the acrimony, without all the attacks, without the president saying that Mexicans are terrible people," Mr. Guajardo said.
Without each other, the player without fan support and the fan without someone to root for and emulate, the game crumbles, even when there's no game to watch.
" Speaking to his party faithful on Thursday, Mr. Gantz called upon Mr. Netanyahu and his Likud to resume unity talks immediately, "without preconditions, without spin and without blocs.
"Without getting rid of Plahotniuc, without cleaning up the institutions, without releasing citizens from fear and oppression, Moldova has no chance to move toward the EU," said Sandu.
It is as if these petty tyrants live in a world without honest mirrors, without others, without gravity, and they are buffered from the consequences of their failures.
I couldn't watch the new Twin Peaks without subscribing to Showtime; I couldn't watch Game of Thrones without subscribing to HBO; I couldn't watch The Handmaid's Tale without subscribing to Hulu; I couldn't watch Orange Is the New Black without subscribing to Netflix; I couldn't watch the new Star Trek: Discovery without subscribing to CBS's abysmal All Access service.
"They are held in military barracks, separated from their parents, without medical follow-up, without psychological support, without education, under conditions and for durations that are unknown," Rose said.
Hot soup without a stove, coffee without a coffee maker, and whipped cream without a hand mixer are just a few of the tasks these multitasking appliances can tackle.
"We have 64 counties without a pediatrician, 79 without an OB-GYN, 66 without a surgeon, and 9 with no doctor at all," she told a crowd of supporters.
People were getting arrested for operating money transmission businesses without a license, so we couldn't actually launch the product without funding and we couldn't fund the product without launching.
"The problem is that too often politicians make decisions without asking any questions, or without asking good questions to those who know the answers, without learning first," Derieux said.
There are ways of bringing people into the complexity of these historical questions without creating stick figures, without creating caricature, without stereotypical takes on good guys and bad guys.
But even without these new restrictions—without Trump's "zero-tolerance" policies and without family separation—the U.S. immigration system would continue to see small children cycle through its courts.
Every child in America should be able to play outside without fear, walk home without danger, and attend a school without being worried about drugs or gangs or violence.
Hot soup without a hob, coffee without a coffee maker, and whipped cream without a hand mixer are just a few of the tasks these multitasking appliances can tackle.
"This has become a process without a clear objective and without a clear strategy and without a clear endpoint," said Craig Allen, president of the US-China Business Council.
And they are coming up with the legislation behind closed doors without holding hearings, without consulting lawmakers who disagree with them and without engaging in any meaningful public debate.
How [many] families and lives you're gonna change ... because there's still folks back home without constant water, without shoes, without clothes that this money is going to go towards.
The Americans with Disabilities Act would not become law until 218, so Jeff had to contend with buildings without ramps, subway stations without elevators and city buses without lifts.
The Americans with Disabilities Act would not become law until 218, so Jeff had to contend with buildings without ramps, subway stations without elevators and city buses without lifts.
Without humanitarian access there is no peace And without peace, humanitarian access will remain politicized.
If you can live without liquids over 100ml, you can live without your loaded firearm. 
Without that structure, there are no expectations, and without any expectations, there aren't any surprises.
You can't make aluminum without alumina and you can't make it without an anode either.
In California, as with many big projects, it's not been without controversy and without lawsuits.
He was suspended for two days without pay for working that second job without permission.
The Office oversees all minors who enter the country without their parents and without authorization.
Airbnb, on the other hand, remains without a CFO and without any immediate IPO ambitions.
Without being enhanced, without one taking any drugs—you can really change people's perception enormously.
The latter, a Category 4 storm, left the island without electricity and without running water.
Think about watching football without the projected first-down line or hockey without puck tracking.
For the record, the wall remains proposed but without funding and without any Mexican consent.
" She continued, "We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child.
Without their support, and without the company's moral bearings, how would Google survive in China?
"We fight without wanting vengeance and without wanting to create divisions in society," Salomon says.
I believe in few things that are Good without Badness or Bad without any Goodness.
These channels are available individually without the need for a bundle and without a contract.
Besides, deep fingering without clit-work is like nachos without toppings—passable, but never great.
But without insurance, I can't afford my meds and I will die without my medications.
He's demonstrated himself to be a man without a core, a man without a soul.
It goes without saying, but a finale without Winston's cat isn't a finale at all.
Do you want to be one of those German Expressionists painting without color, without light?
Simply put, it's deep frying without the oil — AKA deep frying without the unhealthy part.
But without a map, without precedent, an untested, unproven answer was the only answer possible.
Selling a computer without obscenity blockers is like selling a car without seatbelts, he said.
I couldn't get through a day without it, let alone writing a novel without it.
It is illegal to do so without entering through a port of entry without documentation.
Without access to that program, Bunde estimated, 36,000 women went without family planning last year.
He woke up paralyzed, unable to eat without a tube or move without intense effort.
Much of the US commonwealth is without power and many residents are without running water.
Yes, people could manage without these interventions, just like infertile people could manage without children.
Stutts strives to be ready for a world without power, and without power tools, either.
You can't get a job without experience, but you can't get experience without a job.
But for employees of three stores, being without work hasn't meant being without a paycheck.
Too often we eat meals without tasting them, look at something beautiful without seeing it.
"Without consumers, without tax breaks going to people as opposed to corporations, ultimately capitalism fails."
A good deal rarely comes without a downside, without something each team will sorely miss.
You don't go anywhere without giving a lei, without giving someone a part of you.
We will have done it without having to fight, without a single bullet being fired.
Curtis introduced his bill without consulting these five Native nations, without listening before he acted.
The administration has maintained that any parents deported without their children willingly left without them.
Without legal access to abortions, women are too often left without the option of safety.
Is that force without approval by Congress or just ongoing military actions without any checking?
I can't speculate for you what would happen without -- what would have happened without sanctions.
Pessimistic games let us feel bad without feeling weak; they engage defeat without demanding revenge.
Without trust, without respect for journalists or doctors or politicians, a society can't hang together.
Without these training partners, without being shown these new skills, I doubt it would've happened.
The music began without her swanning on solo — in fact, without any clapping at all.
Knowledge cannot develop without exchange of ideas, and ideas cannot be evaluated without full disclosure.
Several braking stages went off without a hitch, but then 1.24am passed without further news.
Without Thompson and Kevin Durant (strained right calf), he did that without getting much help.
"He can't win the election without [Latinos], without motivating each of those sectors," Valencia said.
After all, a plan without action is a lot like a plane without wings — worthless.
Without the frump and without Weegee's brilliant title, "The Critic," this wouldn't be a Weegee.
The entire island is still without power; much of it is without water or fuel.
We cannot be the Cobresal Miners without the spirit of the miners, without a mine.
Planes couldn't take off without flight attendants, and newspapers couldn't print without their female typesetters.
Without it, our country would almost undoubtedly be without the freedom we treasure so much.
Police may hold suspects for 23 days without charge and interrogate them without lawyers present.
The show would not be what it is without them, or without Mary's research skills.
A country without functioning S2 infrastructure, without a frontal cortex, ceases to be a nation.
They can get out of this without the IMF and without resort to capital controls.
C.I.A. operatives, without disclosing their ties, may participate in certain organizations without higher-level approval.
The Brotherhood Without Banners might be no more, but what about the Brotherhood Without Banjos?
Without a liquor license, they couldn't serve drinks; without drinks, they didn't have a bar.
I'm meeting people who, three months later, are living without roofs, or without solid ones.
A world without the Beatles is one thing, but how about Shakespeare without the poetry?
And all of this happens quickly, without draining your battery, and without complicated setup. Seriously.
Those without skills are relegated to low-paying positions without steady schedules, security and benefits.
If business -- you can't do it without business and business can't do it without government.
Of course, capitalism doesn't work without competition, but your portfolio can certainly live without it.
"Paris without its Chérets would be without one of its main characteristics," a historian wrote.
It does all that smoothly and naturally, without your even knowing, without asking your advice.
The kids at the school, they come to us without breakfast, without eating at all.
Who ever heard of a trial without witnesses, without a reasonable opportunity to present evidence?
What's a scarier fate in 2017, living without the internet, or without a cell phone?
Donald Trump's dress rehearsal for his inauguration went off without a hitch ... without Donald Trump.
Some were furloughed, others worked without pay, and all went without paychecks during this time.
But does that mean that el-Sisi's warmed-over Mubarakism — dictatorship without fanaticism; institutional corruption without outright plunder; a security state without mass murder; cooperation with the West in international affairs without the adoption of Western political values — is the best Egypt can hope for?
However, removing the law without a replacement plan could leave tens of millions of Americans without health insurance, risking blowback to Republicans if they repeal it without a viable alternative.
Just as a descriptive writer may "draw" a scene using words, Gladman's drawings seem to trace the contours of her thinking — notes without syntax, maps without scale, blueprints without measurement.
Meghan Markle has redefined the princess narrative, and she has done so without a fairy godmother, without the need for rescue, and, most importantly, without ever having to remake herself.
And absolutely nothing in life prepares you for the feeling of sleeping without snoring, walking up a flight of stairs without getting winded and exercising without feeling like you're dying.
On the dance stage, human beings place themselves before us much as, in old Italian frescoes, souls came before God: without words, without excuses, without much covering of any kind.
Without electricity, without heat, people do what they can to keep warm; one family was reportedly asphyxiated after a father brought a gas heater inside a tent, without proper ventilation.
The problem for us is that problem solving or business smartness without ethics, and without respect for human dignity, and without a sensibility toward social justice … is simply just business.
The emergency supplies were brought in by FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which smashed the island and left its residents without power, without roofs and without running water.
You can't do anything without the pitcher and at Bojangles, you can't do anything without biscuits.
Without good volunteer support, without the business community stepping up ... that work would not get done.
Without such an anchor to the real world and without moral guidance, immorality inevitably creeps in.
It's well-written, informative without being overly academic, fair to its subject without overstating the matter.
"In real life that method would have taken months, without heat, without water circulation," she says.
She saw the strength without, she saw the beauty in me without looking at my surface.
Without all this tar, and without their formidable ships, the Viking Age would've likely never happened.
She saw the strength without … she saw the beauty in me without looking at my surface.
Their only solution was to make their revolution their own way, without help and without precedent.
Humanity builds the spaceship (not without trials), and (not without trials) Arroway becomes the sole passenger.
"The tool can be designed without debt mutualization, and without permanent transfers between countries," he added.
Sterilizations of women were done without their consent and at times without their knowledge, she said.
Without leaving your house, you can start a lucrative side business, often without spending much upfront.
So without distribution, without getting it in front of people, it kind of doesn't matter. Yes.
I can live without Google Assistant and without Uber and Lyft being directly integrated into Maps.
I want to see a fat girl fall in love without any sabotage, without any tricks.
It's like a movie theater, only without the comfy chairs and definitely without the salty popcorn.
It's basically a big Surface Pro without a computer, or a tiny TV without a tuner.
As of last week, people there were still without electricity and many were without drinking water.
Without her — and arguably without The Velvet Rope — there might have been no room for Lemonade.
So Aniston affirms: We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child.
All my apps transferred without problem and now they all work without freezing up or buffering.
To have them successful without you, to have them successful without you because that's evolution, okay.
Alito denied the requests without comment Monday and without referring the requests to the full court.
AirBNB would have been difficult without social media to get background on people, or without geolocation.
But there I was, suddenly sober in the real world without my fix, without my starvation.
Is it riskier to stay in a Britain without the EU, or an EU without Britain?
This was not just a prime minister without authority but a prime minister without an audience.
You wouldn't wear sneakers without socks or leave your apartment without a coat in February, right?
"I was all alone without water, without food, in the countryside, for six days," he said.
Why they might not: Venom without Spider-Man is like a Lex Luthor movie without Superman.
I had to be able to sit beside that open question without feeling anxious, without rushing.
It's like being a leopard without the spots, or channeling Cardi B without a colorful wig.
I think that leads people to accept truly false news without examining it, without being analytical.
I know what Arsenal looks like without them, but what does Arsenal look like without Wenger?
"We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child," Aniston, 47, wrote.
Ideally, stools should be easy to pass without straining and without any intense sense of urgency.
The 23-year old former Heisman winner finds himself unemployed, without sponsorships, and maybe without representation.
But without any screeching of tires so I knew someone had just hit something without braking.
Fournier was arrested Friday without incident and is being held without bail on a murder charge.
I have often said that success without democracy is improbable, and democracy without women is impossible.
You can't really do that in the real without without spending tons of hours on it.
Erzen said prosecutors planned to seek life without parole for Urbanski, who remains jailed without bond.
Without allegiances and without agreements, there is nothing in the animal world other than bare life.
Malls, particularly American ones, depressed him: to shop without confrontation was to die without a battle.
But she says the government shutdown has left her without work and her family without food.
Without running water, he now had to bathe with baby wipes and shave without a mirror.
Without them, without Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs as we have known them do not exist.
You can have a witch hunt without witches, but you can't have a Spygate without spies.
Officials said 210,2000 customers were left without water and hundreds of thousands were left without power.
"Imagining an Arizona without John McCain is like picturing Arizona without the Grand Canyon," Ducey said.
Without such analysis, policymakers would be flying blind, acting without reliable knowledge of different policies' effects.
Simply put, this is deep frying without the oil — AKA deep frying without the unhealthy part.
Towns without stops will get the headaches of rail traffic rumbling through, without the economic benefits.
If talent without persistence is a tragedy, "Haters" believes that persistence without talent is a comedy.
The family has been without power since Saturday night and cannot draw well water without electricity.
They work overtime without getting paid, and they do a lot of stuff without getting paid.
I think that's going to make it possible to run without big donors, without the establishment.
What would Wallace be without his creepy eye drones, or K without his beat-up spinner?
For some people, without the right skills, without the right circumstances, yeah, robots are a threat.
Without extant scores, his works couldn't be performed; without commercial recordings, they could hardly be heard.
We were deprived of our loved ones without explanation, without even their bodies to cry over.
She has performed them all over the United States without a hitch, and without official permission.
We should address these matters without rancor or cruelty, but also without euphemism or undue reticence.
They couldn't have nailed it, I think, without the existence of social media, without those channels.
"We couldn't do it without those guys, and they couldn't do it without us," Jackson said.
"He lived his whole life without children, and he was very happy without children," she added.
Single filers without children making $99,000 and couples without children making $198,000 would receive no benefit.
Envisioning Breitbart without Mr. Bannon — or Mr. Bannon without Breitbart — was almost inconceivable a month ago.
Many, even most, would prefer to compete without doping, without the constant fear of getting caught.
Rarely did Stidham throw without first faking a handoff, or hand off without faking a throw.
Without question, my first year without dating apps was the happiest year of my adult life.
Dolphin conservation won't be a success without ecotourism, and ecotourism won't be a success without conservation.
Ask The Wirecutter We can't live without our cellphones and they can't live without battery power.
After all, what's Elphaba without her signature green pallor, or Pennywise without his creepy red eyeliner?
Just as a train can't run without tracks, IoT can't run without a modern digital infrastructure.
They so couldn't live without each other that they couldn't die without each other, either. video
"I wasn't going to let my child be without a diaper, without a bottle," she said.
One told me without guilt or pause that she would be just as happy without hers.
But as an American woman, I am free to travel without a man and without permission.
But Wenger is no less troubled by what the future looks like without Arsenal, without soccer.
Leaving them out would be like making Italian food without tomatoes or Japanese food without seaweed.
It&aposs gentle, fast-absorbing without leaving behind any residue, and intensely hydrating without clogging pores.
Teams survived for a century without such technology, and they can learn to live without it.
He talked about the myriad ways the occupation could be opposed without violence and without martyrdom.
Without needed federal dollars, many states closed their institutions without replacing them with community-based supports.
Without it, without your motivation to have sex, it's easy to get stuck in a rut.
People are lost in digital labyrinths that are distracting without being satisfying, stimulating without bringing contentment.
"Being a sports store without Nike is like being a gas station without gas," he said.
"We could see many children standing on the road, without shelter, without parents," Choodamani told Reuters.
Mr. Barrow promised to serve his country "without fear or favor," not "without fear or failure."
Bruxner presents us with a world that is without embarrassment, without shame, and full of fun.
Share of households without a computer: 16.3%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 23.7%
Share of households without a computer: 16.1%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 25.2%
Share of households without a computer: 17.8%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 23.8%
Share of households without a computer: 14.1%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 28.1%
Share of households without a computer: 16.8%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 26.2%
Share of households without a computer: 15.4%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 28.1%
Share of households without a computer: 12.7%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 30.8%
Share of households without a computer: 14.4%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 29.2%
Share of households without a computer: 18.0%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 25.8%
Share of households without a computer: 18.2%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 26.0%
Share of households without a computer: 15.7%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 30.2%
Share of households without a computer: 19.9%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 26.9%
Share of households without a computer: 16.0%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 31.1%
Share of households without a computer: 14.7%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 33.6%
Share of households without a computer: 12.5%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 36.3%
Share of households without a computer: 17.1%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 44.0%
Share of households without a computer: 22.1%Share of households without a broadband internet subscription: 45.1%
But it's hard to plan without a budget, and it's hard to budget without adequate funds.
I feel grateful every time I can go out dancing without having to pee every ten minutes, eat in a restaurant without every dish causing flares, or have sex without pain.
The universe of the film is hilarious but bleak: a world without patriotism, without friendship, without any genuine love, where deception and spying are commonplace because no one can be trusted.
"Without governance reforms, without checks and balances and without accountability for conduct of the trustees, serious erosion for you as members of your company is inexorable," Mistry said in his note.
It lets me turn the light to just the right level of brightness without waking anyone up, without looking for my phone and without wandering across the room in the dark.
Or to put it in the Taoist terms Le Guin prefers, he comes to realize that there is no life without death, no goodness without evil, no I without the other.
I so wish that those who oppose the Democratic nominee and the G.O.P. nominee would express their opposition without reprehensible racial slurs, without totally false statements and without extremely meanspirited condemnations.
The Buckee team also said that in the aftermath of the storm households went, on average, 68 days without water, 84 days without electricity and 41 days without cell phone coverage.
The recovery itself did not move particularly quickly, and on average, Puerto Ricans went 84 days without electricity, 68 days without water, and 41 days without cellphone coverage after the storm.
"HAMLET" without the prince—or perhaps, more aptly, a circus without its elephant, or a pantomime without its villain: without Donald Trump, the other Republican candidates essayed the odd internecine spat in their latest debate, in Des Moines, Iowa, but their hearts didn't really seem in it.
What's crazy is the decision to undertake such a huge endeavor without tightly defined goals, without allies to achieve those goals, without a strong and coherent national security team and without a plan on how to sync up all of President Trump's competing foreign policy objectives.
"I don't see how you can sell foldable smartphone outside of China without Google services — without a full version of Android, without the version of Android that supports folding phones," says Greengart.
But everyone deserves to have a laptop that they can use in a coffee house without shame, carry to classes without pain, or use to tweak a few photos on without frustration.
This choice—which I was able to make without threat of deportation, without anxiety, and without over-analysis of what the future might hold—has changed my life in innumerable, irreplaceable ways.
Compare this to the Affordable Care Act which was moved through Congress without the establishment of a common goal, without negotiations that recognized and engaged both sides, and without any bipartisan votes.
"They are coming up with the legislation behind closed doors without holding hearings, without consulting lawmakers who disagree with them and without engaging in any meaningful public debate," the editorial board wrote.
When you have a president without shame, backed by a party without a spine, amplified by a TV network without integrity, reason is not an option and hope is not a strategy.
It's much harder to point to cities that have gotten all of this right — the growth without the congestion, the tech jobs without the homeless crisis, the affordable housing without the sprawl.
A president who will repeal and replace ObamaCare without leaving our most vulnerable citizens without health care and who will do it without destroying Medicare for seniors, as Hillary Clinton has proposed.
Without Luca's true mastery and vision, and without Armie's trust and guidance, without the public arts funding that made my high school education at LaGuardia possible, I wouldn't be in this position.
We can be frank and outspoken without being reckless or abusive, polite without cringing, we can attack racialism and its evils without ourselves fostering feelings of hostility between different racial groups. Aug.
Without delay, without debate, without histrionics, we sent Hurricane Harvey relief out, we didn't close down the government, and we extended the debt ceiling of the United States on a bipartisan basis.
Only they didn't give Cat their keys, and then they missed their train back from Boston, so Cat was stranded without her gear, without her suitcase, and without a change of clothes.
It is rhythmically complex without much dance impulse and sounds vaguely late-Romantic without actually evoking romance.
Or they force us to have sex with them, without paying for it, and without using condoms.
Logically speaking, you can't have original expression without intent, and you can't have intent without self-awareness.
Without meaningful competition, Facebook has been able to cause harm without having to worry about losing profits.
I told them I don't need my son without my wife, or my wife without my son.
Curt Schilling stared down every challenge October could throw at him without blinking, and certainly without hesitation.
You also can't be sentenced to life without parole without a hearing to consider your maturity level.
They need to do this without compromising the freedom of the users and without resorting to inflation.
Issa is being held without bail and could face life in prison without the possibility of parole.
The interesting question is this: if Keynesianism can work well without liberalism, can liberalism prosper without Keynesianism?
Some of that increase would have occurred without accession to the WTO, and without an undervalued currency.
"Joke Twitter started without Favstar, so it will most likely continue just fine without it," said @fro_vo.
Waking up without her, going to bed without her … it feels like half of me is missing.
It seemed improbable, many suggested, that Epstein could kill himself without help, or without his guards noticing.
It is Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion, not Sports News Without Access, Fear or Favor.
If you're allergic to gluten, don't worry — every recipe is formulated without gluten (and without refined sugar).
Without those connections, they're likely to age out of the system without a supportive network in place.
But there are hundreds of other things she did or felt without my knowledge, without me seeing.
The decision to bring these private corporations was done without transparency and without consideration of other options.
Without insurance, anyone who regularly takes prescription medication—especially anything without a generic version—would be screwed.
The exhibit mostly resembles the mawkish sentiments of a Lifetime movie: melodrama without depth, expression without illumination.
RCS is SMS-compatible, so recipients without RCS receive simple text messages without the bells and whistles.
However, those without adequate insurance in the United States are left without many alternatives, especially in pharmacies.
You can't have real freedom without real competition, and you can't have real competition without real freedom.
You will learn how to master WordPress, without learning how to code and without any programming experience.
You wouldn't ride a bike without brakes and you wouldn't ride in a car without a seatbelt.
Bret wouldn't be Bret without the success, but he probably wouldn't be Bret without the hardship, too.
Springer had gone 11 contests without a homer and eight without an RBI prior to the series.
And the penis without blood has as much chance of getting up as a balloon without air.
Issa, who is being held without bail, faces life in prison without parole if he is convicted.
If morals are indeed a basic lubricant of society, then existing without religion isn't existing without morals.
The Supreme Court can work without a ninth justice, but the president cannot without a clear mandate.
Because the city had been so long without an orchestra, it was also without an orchestra hall.
And all of this happened without a dime of federal funding and without an act of Congress.
Her talent is to be clear without being clean, to study boundaries with care, without obeying them.
Nobody's seen that before, where they're saving the boosters, and they came back without wings, without anything.
Chasing rewards without a strategyAnother big mistake I see people make is pursuing rewards without a plan.
But "Hurricane PREPA", a man-made disaster, left 28503 million American citizens without power, and without hope.
Open carrying is allowed without a permit, although it's illegal to carry a concealed weapon without one.
Lawmakers cited offenses including extrajudicial killings, murders, confiscation of firearms without warrants and incarceration without due process.
"We have the real Amazon beside us without cities, without people — just us and nature," he said.
It's sex without love, acid without the high, age with wisdom, and experience only gained through regret.
Because without research tax credit, I think many companies would not have grown so much without it.
But we often forget that we can be sexy without showing anything, sometimes even without saying anything.
Others argue that, without a delay, Britain faces an economic shock if it leaves without a deal.
In short: it's the healthier version of MDMA without lasting as long and without the intense comedown.
But the only thing harder than living a life without love is living a life without pain.
Without nurses and without respiratory therapists to take care of these babies, these babies will not survive.
There is an issue with being able to describe women's bodies without euphemisms and without masking things.
" With Adam Sandler accompanying her on guitar, she sang, "No love without freedom, no freedom without love.
It seems unlikely that Apple would be where it is today without Microsoft, or Microsoft without Apple.
Without community rating, a customer with acne could be charged a much higher price than one without.
This process can be repeated, sometimes keeping suspects detained for months without formal charges and without bail.
A discussion of sneakers without Chuck Taylor is like a discussion of basketball without Springfield's Mr. Naismith.
" Officer Perez, in Ponce, said that people were in "inhumane conditions, almost without food, without drinking water.
You can't test certain treatments without humanized mice, and you can't get humanized mice without fetal tissue.
That it happened "without a meme, without a dance, it makes it that much weirder," he added.
"A museum without its works of art is like a vase without flowers," Mr. Maas said Friday.
" He added, "And now, we can do it without any constraints, without any of the negative dialogue.
Without those stricter guidelines, the government could -- and frequently did -- function without funds to pay their expenditures.
She's in none of the meetings and she just goes out without talking, without having the facts.
By his action, Trump crossed several critical red lines in the region, without notice and without backup.
Therefore, the parrots provided help without gaining any immediate benefits and seemingly without expecting reciprocation in return.
Without eliminating many prized deductions, it is impossible to lower tax rates substantially without adding to deficits.
"Let's do it for real, without exceptions and without hypocrisy," the pope tells his secretary of state.
Though the UCMJ bans taking nude photos without consent, it does not address sharing photos without consent.
Japan without the cherry blossom is like a person without a head: The image is wrong, inconceivable.
Mother Earth can live without us, but we can't live without her well-being, generosity and love.
Though you might not get fried food without the guilt, you do get it without the mess.
"He was all alone, without a girl, and I was all alone, without a guy," she remembered.
The 483st Academy Awards went off in Los Angeles without a host and largely without a hitch.
But the truth is that a world without a range of feelings is a world without depth.
You couldn't do a show about love without love poems, or without flowers—they are a given.
But even without the rule, family members like Davis can go months without being allowed to visit.
It was about making a line with one's body instead of anything else – without knowledge, without history.
What many people don't realize is that life without a partner doesn't mean a life without intimacy.
It is like a group of people leading without any rule, without any rights of the people.
Picturing the Raptors without Patterson, without one of their leaders and loudest voices, without one of the biggest advocates for the city (during a time it, like the Raptors, felt to be on the come-up), without a fixture of most of their best lineups, will be strange.
"Without asking first, without kissing me, without so much as looking me in the eyes – or even confirming if I was awake," she recalls of the moment he began having sex with her.
Even without access to these key components Huawei faces a challenge, but without ARM's architecture designs or instruction sets it faces a nearly impossible task of manufacturing a smartphone without US technology inside.
New York (CNN)It happened without warning, without time for passengers to realize they were hurtling headlong into a deadly tragedy, without time for commuters standing on the train station platform to flee.
This is a church without Putin, this is a church without Kirill, a church without prayers for the Russian state or Russian forces, because Russian [state] power and Russian troops are killing Ukrainians.
And you wouldn&apost have that cell phone without a corporation, you wouldn&apost have a car without a corporation, you wouldn&apost have the power on at your house without a corporation.
In addition to payments companies, web hosts GoDaddy, Joyent and Medium, also cut ties, leaving Gab without a domain, without a host, and without a way to process payments from dues-paying members.
He has this way — it's quite remarkable — of expressing outrage without being remotely disheveled by the emotion, of taking aim without seeming armed, of flagging grave danger without scaring the pants off you.
They will act on the imperative to protect human life without hesitation, without thought of self-preservation or financial cost, without any of the temptations and failures of will that haunt human beings.
They all sound good or even great, because comfort without performance is as useless as performance without comfort.
The captain now typically observes the anthem without singing along and without placing her hand on her heart.
This decision meant the town was left without a major industry, and 400 people were left without jobs.
U.N.-sponsored peace talks ended earlier this month without agreement, and without an agreement for a new round.
But there is nothing simple about the Trump administration — no message without backlash and no decision without controversy.
Without them, and without the members of Mr Lieberman's party, he is almost incapable of gaining a majority.
Without the flashbacks, we become stranded in Gilead without a real sense of the place emotionally or psychologically.
It's overwhelmingly positive when people can communicate without barriers, but the trade-off is you're communicating without barriers.
"No major urban area can survive that [amount of rain] without a problem, without some flooding," Bedient says.
Milwaukee isn't a competitive team without Giannis Antetokounmpo, and over half of Parker's minutes have been without Giannis.
Without this verification, attackers could therefore download, edit, then re-upload footage to cloud storage without a trace.
These exchanges took place without painting ever being articulated as a program, and without it becoming literary either.
HANNITY: -- that it is illegal for somebody, without any permission, to cross the border without America&aposs permission?
I can survive without it, and depending on your game preference, you might be okay without it, too.
New York F Brock Nelson has gone seven games without a point and nine without a goal. 53.
"There are thousands of children without classes and without food," Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong told reporters.
Four months later I was canned, without notice and without an offer of any sort of improvement plan.
Without resting, do 20 full sumo squats and again without rest go back into pulses for 15 reps.
"Thinking back on it, you know, you never saw Steve without Shirley or Shirley without Steve," he says.
I also kept the bot interactions as "dumb" as possible, without multiple conversation trees and without additional complexity.
"You can't think about Europe's future without remembering Viktor Orban, without remembering Hungary, Fidesz," he said on Friday.
Through the feed, we enter an intellectual stupor, downloading information to our brains without critical thought, without filters.
The inspector general found that the sex-crimes detectives worked without supervision and closed cases without any review.
Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been imprisoned for over six weeks now, without charge and without access to a lawyer.
We can't exist without the internet & (sadly) the internet can't exist seem to exists without vile cowardly dickheads.
She's the girl at every party who, without fail, looks totally chic and put together without being overdone.
In December, Netflix announced that it would resume filming, but without Spacey, and without his character Frank Underwood.
I was born without hate, was taught not to hate, and will die without hate in my heart.
The family can't understand why a judge would release him without conditions -- without an ankle monitor, for instance.
Without space for extra airlines, established carriers can raise their fares without fear of new competitors moving in.
It is tricky to make for individuals without a chemistry background and is difficult to perfect without experimentation.
One, they don't do another stupid deal without our say and without the shareholders getting to see it.
Without the same urgency and foresight displayed by FDR—without immediate executive action—we will lose this war.
It is a disease of cellular biology, a progressive one, that strikes without warning and seemingly without logic.
Flynn told her to hold off, without consulting anyone else on the transition team and without any explanation.
"The charges, brought by the same individual without any new basis, are without merit," said attorney Anthony Fuller.
That generation — you [couldn't] have a checking account without a man, you [couldn't] do anything without your man.
It was Ehlinger's fourth straight game without an interception and the Longhorns' third consecutive contest without a turnover.
Without it, their ambitious plan to reform the tax code without adding to the nation's debt is sunk.
"She needs to come across as optimistic without being too hawkish and cautious without being negative," said Masters.
We're in deep, deep trouble because nothing can happen in this country in consequence without consensus -- without consensus.
"The other part to that is a day without ink is like a day without sunshine," he said.
Most of this can be accomplished without any human intervention, and what's more, without reinforcement plates or scaffolding.
I feel like I can't live without him sometimes, and he feels like he can't live without me.
Without [Alfred] Hitchcock there is no [Brian] De Palma, and without De Palma, there is no Fede Alvarez.
The kingdom has recognized that a Middle East without a stable Syria is a Middle East without stability.
The grocery store closed in 2016, leaving many without jobs and even more without access to nutritious foods.
Whether it can continue to thrive without them, and without more far-reaching political reform, is a gamble.
Next, according to lead author Sara O'Donnell, college students would rather go without food than without their phones.
Without their records being expunged, and having served long sentences without parole, exonerees struggle to re-enter society.
Without data, and without publishing the algorithm, it's extremely difficult to understand how it is making a decision.
Without it, Mueller said he could not find work in good conscience without disclosing the accusations against him.
I've been eating the chicken salad from there without beans, without rice, hot salsa, guacamole so that's good.
Scheduling problems only increased as my appointments got cancelled without my knowledge and then rescheduled without my consent.
Imagining Britain without Twinings Tea is like imaging America without Coca-Cola: absent of its innermost consumer experience.
Without a cap on the current $85033 billion program, spending could go "through the roof" without any accountability.
We know you can't live without 'em, but maybe you could live without paying ridiculously high monthly fees?
"My dad always said that apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze," says Fuller.
So now Mr. Putin is left not only without political allies, but seemingly without a family as well.
Puerto Rico is without power, and many of the territory's 3.4 million inhabitants are without clean drinking water.
And much more without buying, in my view, without barring any more safety or soundness, just very cumbersome.
He's facing life as a man and as an actor without a lot of filters and without denial.
Try posting on the internet without buying a computer, or making fliers without paying for paper and ink.
Her Odette was doom-laden without melodrama, poignant without heaviness; her Odile, coolly joyous, had mystery and allure.
Without papers, without due process, they become victims again in the country they hoped would save their lives.
"In 1979, Iranians experienced a revolution without democracy; today they aspire for democracy without a revolution," Sadjadpour said.
I'm able to pay the bills each month without stress, and my kids have never been without utilities.
Otherwise, Mr. Rosi proceeds without voice-over or any other commentary, and also without music or narrative continuity.
Without talk radio for 20183 years and him leading that way and forging that path and without Fox.
To me, a Thanksgiving without the Rockettes would have been like a Thanksgiving without turkey — practically un-American!
Splashy paper titles frequently get covered without skepticism, and press releases might get shared without presenting study limitations.
Life without wages: Some federal employees around the country, especially lower wage workers, describe a precipice without paychecks.
People without jobs and without hope are angry, she said, and they are easy recruits for terrorist organizations.
Writing those books was a terrific experience and I look back fondly on it without shame, without apologies.
We know that he remains defiant because there are people who support him without hesitation and without question.
Planes couldn't take off without flight attendants, and newspapers couldn't print without the women who did the typesetting.
This could leave many small businesses without the ability to reach their customers and many customers without choices.
Close to 226 percent of the island was without running water and about a third without telecommunication services.
It's a house without walls, a frame without the drywall, but all made with standardized and familiar pieces.
And businesses across the economy are complaining that without immigration they will be left without a work force.
Born doesn't think you can really do social change without a methodology, without creating communitywide collective impact structures.
Trying to study Facebook without these tools is like trying to study the ocean without leaving the shore.
Witnesses in a court proceeding rarely just "appear" without exchanging documents in discovery, without depositions or private investigations.
Without Google services, smartphones are basically "useless" insists my colleague Stan Schroeder, who's reviewed Huawei phones without them.
The debate was poorer without their voices, and without Andrew Yang, who failed to qualify, in the mix.
Without slamming the door completely, the network said it was unlikely to do additional episodes without Lindelof's involvement.
Only the Toronto Argonauts, who went 30 years without a championship, had gone longer without winning the Cup.
Without compromise, without deliberately creating benefits to share, politics becomes by turns exploitive, incompetent, ineffective and sometimes lethal.
Economy without infrastructure cannot continue to thrive and infrastructure cannot be built without a sound and growing economy.
A Corvette without a V22020 would be like a baseball game without a hot dog and overpriced beer.
Without Irving, the Cavs should get better quality 163-point looks than the Rockets did without Chris Paul.
Colorado was already without three key forwards, and it played without second-leading scorer Andre Burakovsky (upper body).
Democrats immediately criticized McConnell for moving forward without them and without making any promise to hear from witnesses.
"I worked under the ontological premise of imagining a museum without divisions, without geopolitics, totally horizontal," he said.
Without that analysis, lawmakers could be voting on a bill without crucial details about how it would work.
Without the encrypted data, the FBI is able to search a user's iCloud without possession of the phone.
Jesus "shows us what love feels like without asking for a price… without discriminating," she said in Spanish.
Prince died without a will and, apparently, without any instructions for how his music empire should be managed.
Without individual privacy there is no meaning to an individual's life, and without privacy, democracy loses all meaning.
He has returned to the Knicks without any apparent issue after skipping Monday's game without notifying the team.
Voyeur 10 Photos View Slide Show ' A garden without its statue is like a sentence without its verb.
Without any percussion it doesn't have any rhythm and without a vocal melody it just sounds like noise.
The popular anti-bailout slogan "capitalism without failure is like religion without sin" has been credited to him.
The I.O.C. needs to be reminded the Olympics can survive without Russia, but not without the Olympic ideals.
Development in matters of this nature is inconceivable without serious introspection, without knowing yourself, your weaknesses and mistakes.
CW: They have to go to court not only without a lawyer, but even without a parent. Right.
Ultimately, the letter was sent without the lines — and without the signature of Mr. Moreno and his compatriots.
And making Phaedra model without really asking doesn't read much differently than making her work without really asking.
He was self-assured without being arrogant, and down-to-earth without being a caricature or a clown.
Without public engagement and pressure, an offshore prison housing individuals held without charge could become a permanent reality.
We're seeing two divergent Americas, one with money, and one without — and the one without is largely black.
Most people who are caught entering the US without papers can be deported quickly without a court hearing.
But without war taxes, the country is left with mounting debt — and left, too, with wars without accountability.
It's like we keep reaching these benchmarks and blowing them out of the water and continually proving that without the proper investment, without equal investment, without all of these things, we're still super profitable.
Over the next 12 months, brands are expected to announce partnerships with businesses that have figured out ways to make leather without cows, silk without worms, fur without animals and fabrics from recycled waste.
NATO frequently scrambles jets to intercept aircraft that fly in close proximity to NATO airspace without filing a flight plan, without having turned on their compulsory transponder or without communicating with air traffic control.
"I've been going through this alone 90% of the time, without the support of the person I love, without most of my 'friends,' without anything but my own strength and God," Maco wrote on Instagram.
The hurricane has stressed the area's poverty line even further, trapping low-income people in situations where they're without jobs, without rental units or affordable hotel rooms, and without adequate money to repair their homes.
We couldn't do it without their support, and without the support of so many organizations and donors, but most importantly, we couldn't do it without you, the women of America who are ready to run.
And women candidates have to strike an incredibly tricky balance in the public eye: being confident without being boastful, being stylish without being either too garish or too frumpy, and appearing strong without being overbearing.
" He specified that van Gogh suffered short psychotic episodes or intermittent psychosis, "because in psychosis, everyone thinks of schizophrenia, and schizophrenia is long-lasting, chronic disease without insight, without introspection, without the fear of relapse.
They can write about the controversial topic without doing the arithmetic of threats and fear, or at least without doing it as often and without such serious threats on the negative side of the equation.
But we can protect America without abandoning our principles and our moral obligation to help those fleeing war and terror, without tearing families apart, and without needlessly jeopardizing our military men and women fighting overseas.
That threat is from a president without any shame or respect for the impartiality of our core institutions, who is backed by a party without any spine and by a network, Fox, without any integrity.
Also, don't cut the video feed without explanation—it's like walking out of the room without excusing yourself. Rude!
"Trees can live without us, but we cannot live without them," Cook and Jenshel note in a book essay.
This is a world without day or night, a life without recourse to any kind of visual reference point.
We are Americans, we could disagree with each other, without coming to blows, without invading people&aposs personal space.
You had Trump who was ... I believe he would have won without all of the bigotry, without the nastiness.
And, now, without a wall, without border enforcement -- well, the problems that the wall will never go away, ever.
"Tonina has been dealing with her illness for all her life without giving up, without being sad," Rampazzo said.
It should go without saying: we are all better off when journalism operates freely, without interference from the state.
Using a toilet without understanding it is harmless, but changing the health-care system without understanding it is not.
"We grew up without a lot of antibiotics, without any Tylenol, pain meds, or anything like that," she said.
" The next day, without warning, and without reaching out to Woo first, DataCamp published a "note to our community.
You couldn't live without your limbic system and you couldn't reproduce without it and that's why it has evolved.
The result is a way to gather without moving, to simply be social online without the pressure to create.
And without them, they can easily fall of the face of the Earth without anyone knowing they ever existed.
This type of tracking was typically being performed without the consent of the recipient, and without their knowledge, either.
The hobby involves driving at slow, constant speeds without breaking or stopping, and, crucially, without running the air conditioning.
"They didn't even know how to type up a piece of paper without, without getting it wrong," Cruz said.
A century ago, we managed to solve women's suffrage without having a war, without a lot of people dying.
We got a $20 Freedom Mama Without the Drama of messing with the $10 Founding Father Without a Father.
Some dude started a GoFundMe without my permission and raising money off my son without reaching out to me.
You are you without an eating disorder, without the "in recovery" label, just going through the struggles of life.
He does this in the span of a couple hours, without being spotted, and without toppling off icy roofs.
It goes without saying that without app stores there would be none of those great apps we all love.
Being fearless is living life without doubt, going full steam ahead to pursue your dreams without worry of outcome.
Without preparation, these windows can pass without the soldier getting the chance to preserve his chance for natural conception.
Y., responded by saying Congress would have gone into next week without passing humanitarian aid without the group's effort.
Such rapid urbanisation has often happened without proper urban planning, allowing slums to expand without basic infrastructure and services.
At the Facebook launch, I expressed my disbelief that we could have intimacy without privacy and democracy without privacy.
He ended up moving in (without my permission) and started dealing out of our apaprtment (definitely without my permission).
How do you do this without resorting to all the well-known ways, without devolving into expressionism or sarcasm?
In Puerto Rico, 965,000 people are without power and at least 50,20173 people are without water, The Guardian reports.
It's the perfect fall outfit because it's confident without trying too hard and easy to wear without looking sloppy.
Don't take anybody's word for anything ever, basically, without being a cynic or without being some kind of paranoiac.
Mr. Trump won the Primary without the help of the insiders and he'll win the General without them, too.
Florentino Pérez cannot be understood without Spain, and the country itself cannot be understood without people like Florentino Pérez.
Even without Curry, the Warriors are a better team than the Clippers; without Paul, the Warriors are substantially better.
It should go without saying that it's possible to possess pornographic material without being connected to a prostitution ring.
This would be harder without the training we did at home, without the pharma regimen they have us on.
It should go without saying: We are all better off when journalism operates freely, without interference from the state.
It was not immediately clear what action Trump could take without authorization from Congress, or without risking legal action.
People trapped without food, water and electricity worried about being left without help as their phone batteries were dying.
Altaan gripes in his suit Juicy posted the pic on its Instagram page without his permission and without compensation.
" On Trump's use of Twitter: He can speak directly to the American people "without any filter, without any bias.
It's more transportive without one — and, though the project is inherently creepy, a little more tasteful without it, too.
He has been suffering degenerative brain damage since birth and cannot breathe without a ventilator or move without assistance.
Natural potholes would still fill without bighorn to lap them, and the grasses would grow without bison to graze.
Others had better accept it and learn to deal with it — without undue expectations, but also without inordinate fear.
Without a connection, those without cash can't buy fuel to flee, pay hotels for temporary shelter or purchase food.
The idea is to provide early detection of threats without false alarms, and without interrupting people's normal work flow.
You can survive for about two months without food, but you would die in about seven days without water.
The Oasis will cost $309.99 without offers, and $359.99 if you want to add 3G (with ads, $379 without).
Businesses opened up -- but without power -- and employees would do everything manually, without the use of computers or technology.
And at the moment, it can sell that data freely without your permission, and without respect for your privacy.
"She has a really uncanny ear for that age group, without condescension, without sending it up," Ms. Pfaelzer said.
Without allies and treaties, without universal values, American foreign policy largely depends on what goes on inside Trump's head.
Abbas has reached age eighty without any clear successor in place and without a legitimate process for selecting one.
Pouncey has been suspended without pay for three games while Ogunjobi has to sit out one game without pay.
The service offers plans to consumers almost instantly, without medical exams, and without pushy sales agents incentivized by commissions.
Without competition, they penguins, like other island-bound birds, could become huge and flightless without fear of becoming lunch.
She said Drummond would go "months or years" without seeing his son or without answering her calls and texts.
All of which means we may be at a crossroads: a future without neonics, or a future without bees.
" The inevitable reality, Osho said, is that "death cannot happen without sex, just as birth cannot happen without sex.
Essentially, you can have withdrawal without being addicted—and you can have addiction without obvious physical signs of withdrawal.
The same mechanisms that prohibit copying without a right to copy could prohibit transferring without a right to transfer.
Nothing in government happens without money; indeed, it's a federal offense to do something in government without an appropriation.
Now Tehran could become free to act without constraints and on its own timetable, without inspectors on the ground.
Bermas: All the young people in our program come from poverty -- without enough to eat, without electricity and plumbing.
You can have sleep apnea without being a loud snorer, just as you can snore without having sleep apnea.
"I was convinced that even without Dr. Phil, without anything, this girl would have done music," Ben-Horin says.
You can be socially isolated without reporting feelings of loneliness, and you can be lonely without being socially isolated.
You can be socially isolated without reporting feelings of loneliness, and you can be lonely without being socially isolated.
Without congregants, the donations collected during services have suddenly evaporated, leaving churches without a major source of financial support.
Without even a mourning period for the legislation, Trump called on Republicans to simply repeal Obamacare without a replacement.
"He would not be UEFA general secretary without me, and he wouldn't be FIFA president without me," Platini said.
I could still believe in God without the church, could celebrate Christmas without it, or go once a year.
But when Trump arrived here, basically without a team, without experience, people were convinced that they would manipulate him.
"It was just very out of the blue and without any warning, without anything," she said in the interview.
But by subtly tightening public spending without cutting official budgets, Mitsotakis should now hit the target without any drama.
The only investigation that found him guilty did so apparently without his knowledge and without his offering a defense.
He's tall — 6-foot-3 — without being gangly; youthfully impulsive without being immature; and lyrically supportive as a partner.
The men sang without accompaniment, without notes, their eyes focused on a space above a feast of Georgian dishes.
When her high school heartthrob asks someone else to prom, she will be — without fail and without exception — devastated.
The next day, the Blue Jays suspended Pillar for two games without pay, a penalty he accepted without protest.
But if progressives think they can win without the moderates — or the moderates without the progressives — they are crazy.
It's obvious that taking weeks off without pay and without job protection is not an option for most people.
They should be able to carry those guns in whatever public space they want without question and without hassle.
They worry that without the FDA involved, drug companies will be allowed to harm patients without any legal recourse.
Thousands of residents in Avdiivka are without power, and even more are without drinking water in rebel-held Donetsk.
Instead, my fear of a world without me was replaced with something darker — I feared a world without him.
Virginia had at least 301,671 customers without power, and the Washington, D.C., area counted over 154,215 people without power.
The Marshall Plan, as part of the Truman Doctrine, provided aid to Greece without memorandums and without usurious interest.
Without any skeptical voices present, such assertions were left to stand without the intrusion of annoying things like facts.
We need to be able to respond to them without losing momentum and without imposing draconian regulations or taxes.
The brothers seemed energized by working the way they once did, without permits and without much of a script.
"Candidly, Facebook has been in the dating space from day one, without the label, without the title," she said.
According to the Associated Press, the remains included three bodies, two heads without bodies, and two bodies without heads.
He does not want immigrants to win and so he pursues a system without lawyers, a system without checks.
Now, even without app blockers, I can stay away from mindless online haunts without worrying that I'm missing out.
On the one hand, endorsing Trump without any concessions makes him look weak and without influence in the party.
The allowance of the German is nearly double, and he gets his supply daily without effort and without worry.
" He added, "An objective account of a happening is meaningless without the third eye, without the fiction of art.
If you set out to acquire beliefs without learning, you are cheating: gaining epistemic ground without doing epistemic work.
Without knowing anybody, and without any introduction, I drove from Wisconsin to where I had heard Kenneth Noland lived.
Stuff happened, and we just want a report on it without any agenda, without any thumb on the scale.
But without the proper machinations, and without accidents of time or co-signs, so little cuts through the din.
He has been suffering degenerative brain damage since birth, and cannot breathe without a ventilator or move without assistance.
Indeed, Trump has made most of his climate, health, energy and economic decisions without consulting any scientists, without inviting into the White House a broad range of experts, without putting forth his own clear-cut alternatives to the systems he's unraveling, without having at the ready a team of aides or a political coalition able to implement any alternatives and without a strategic framework that connects all of his dots.
Without children or partner, without meaningful family or a home, a day can last an eternity: A life without those things is a life without a story, a life in which there is nothing—no narrative flights, no plot developments, no immersive human dramas—to alleviate the cruelly meticulous passing of time.
"If you live in this world without a nationality, you are without an identity, you are without documentation, without the rights and entitlements that we take for granted ... having a job, having education, knowing that your child belongs somewhere," Carol Batchelor, director of UNHCR's division of international protection, told a news briefing.
The lawsuit states he went without insulin for six days in February and 10 days this summer, without blood pressure medication for two weeks in the spring and without cholesterol medication for a week in July.
Your product is about to flounder on the market without users and you can't get any because, in perfect chicken-or-egg fashion, you can't get funding without users and you can't get users without funding.
There is space in the world, in sports, that allows us to be competitive without being an asshole; to be competitive without being dishonest; to be competitive without trying to conquer everything at any cost. No!
" Reichardt once described "River of Grass," which was met with positive if not career-catalyzing reviews, as "a road movie without the road, a love story without the love and a crime story without the crime.
"If you're selling for a lot of money, without critical acclaim, without peer recognition and without curatorial accompaniment, you're still successful because you're selling well," Rastorfer said, adding that the phenomenon was slowly beginning to correct.
Atlanta has gone 42 consecutive days without rain, which broke the record for the longest stretch of days without precipitation.
But every little kid wants to spend some time without their family, without discipline, doing whatever they want to do.
It's Harry Potter without the detailed world building, The Hunger Games without the social commentary or the charismatic lead character.
Try it without eye contact "Have a go at doing it without making eye contact," says Girl on the Net.
Even "shrimp on the barbie" doesn't make sense without Paul Hogan, and Paul Hogan doesn't make sense without Crocodile Dundee.
"Day Without a Woman" The national strike movement, a "Day Without a Woman," on Wednesday coincides with International Women's Day.
If it is, I can take out the target without the threat knowing I'm there and egress without being targeted.
Ever left a job without getting your last paycheck or moved without making sure all your local accounts were closed?

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