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"buys" Synonyms
purchases procures gets acquires secures scores obtains cops redeems picks up comes by gets hold of pays for shops for snaps up invests in makes a purchase of makes the purchase of puts money into contracts for corrupts bribes suborns fixes squares has lubricates nobbles lands ransoms buys off pays off gets at keeps someone sweet gives an inducement to gives someone a backhander gives someone a sweetener greases palm influences entices believes accepts trusts swallows credits takes subscribes falls for has faith in relies on takes as gospel places confidence in takes on presumes true subscribes to eats up has confidence in depends on counts on goes for treats gives provides stands indulges stakes buys for sets up springs for takes out foots the bill foots the bill for lays on pays the bill pays the bill for takes out for wines and dines plays host picks up the check shops hunts looks markets goes shopping buys things buys what one needs does the marketing does the shopping gets in supplies looks to buy stocks up window-shops intromits blesses concedes enters entertains grants harbors(US) harbours(UK) houses initiates introduces lets lodges okays permits receives shelters signs suffers rubber-stamps adopts approves endorses authorises(UK) authorizes(US) sanctions agrees to consents to accedes to buys into nods through takes on board ratifies OKs says yes to confirms handles sells stocks carries peddles purveys supplies flogs hawks offers pushes touts trades dispenses exports imports retails deals in trades in acquiesces allows complies concurs conforms accedes agrees assents consents tolerates respects brooks accommodates adapts adjusts bends endures countenances stomachs bears abides hacks bides puts up with admits of requisitions requests demands orders solicits claims exacts requires summons postulates asks for calls for applies for puts in for puts dibs on puts in a claim for books reserves engages enlists joins enrols(UK) enrolls(US) registers reads signs up signs on buys regularly pays a subscription reads regularly contracts to buy becomes a member puts your name down for patronises(UK) patronizes(US) frequents visits attends haunts buys from deals with shops at supports habituates trades with uses utilises(UK) utilizes(US) brings custom to brings trade to does business with holds considers thinks esteems reckons judges deems feels maintains views regards figures opines presumes adjudges assumes decides swears rigs hustles maneuvers(US) manipulates fiddles manoeuvres(UK) twists arranges fraudulently frames massages precontrives predesigns preorders buying purchasing procurement ordering procuring transaction acquiring shop spending shopping purchase acquisition errands getting obtaining securing browsing bargain hunting supermarket run weekly shop assets possession addition gain investments holdings closeouts acquirement goods steals property bargains deals accretions procurations order merchandise snips giveaways pennyworths value value for money great deal VFM discounts scraps bits modica crumbs jots mites particles tittles pump and dumps transactions sales commerce trade business dealings trading More

928 Sentences With "buys"

How to use buys in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "buys" and check conjugation/comparative form for "buys". Mastering all the usages of "buys" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It buys power and influence, it buys class and it buys permanence.
Apple buys TestFlightMicrosoft buys HockeyAppApple buys BuddybuildI'm never going to find a stable DevOps platform.
If Uber buys Bird, say, does that mean Lyft buys Lime?
"One person buys one hamburger, and another buys 1,000," she said.
The more China buys from America, the more America buys from China.
He buys me a beer and he buys himself a beer and a shot.
Like any story, time buys you trust, and trust buys you intimacy and access.
China buys about 24 million cars per year, while Europe buys around 15 million.
But a second passport buys more than a travel document — it also buys them status.
And not only doesn't sue them but buys YouTube, or any of the big media companies buys YouTube.
Despite being so fashion-oriented, Seamon rarely buys clothes, and usually buys vintage and secondhand clothing when she does.
It is indisputable, based now on decades of experience, that money buys access and, then, that access buys votes.
Most networks buy plenty of shows from their sister studios: ABC buys from ABC Television, NBC buys from NBCUniversal, etc.
"I think Bezos says, 'All right, you have a core constituency that buys stuff and buys stuff irrationally,'" Galloway said.
Each year, the United States buys $4 worth of Chinese goods for each $1 worth of American goods that China buys.
October 21986 - Porsche buys an 251 percent stake in Volkswagen AG. March 2000 - Ford buys Land Rover from BMW for $2.7 billion.
Adrienne now buys food in smaller quantities, always paying cash – and she no longer buys only high-quality, organic, grass-fed meat.
My husband buys himself two beers and a hot dog, and he buys me a bottle of water and a soft pretzel.
"Big net buys of US single stocks plus small inflows into ETFs led to total net buys of $3.0bn," the note said.
It also buys government debt to keep the 10-year bond yield near zero and buys exchange-traded funds to lower risk premiums.
Right now America buys everything China makes, and China buys the American debt incurred for all the spending sprees on stuff from Guangzhou.
January 2009: Valeant buys Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences Inc, a maker of topical dermatology products, for $285 million and buys Mexican generic drugmaker Tecnofarma.
Strickland's campaign is scrapping ad buys in Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown over the next two weeks, according to two sources tracking ad buys.
"The ideal outcome here is that Willie buys it and carves it up and O'Leary buys the short-haul business off them," he said.
According to one report, it makes three of every four ebook sales in the US. Not everyone who buys ebooks buys a Kindle, of course.
Essar Steel typically buys natural gas from Gail India in the domestic market and sometimes buys LNG in the spot market, a second source added.
The fight is on pace to attract 2.5 million pay-per-view buys, which would shatter the UFC record of 1.6 million buys, White said.
Lately, the line between beauty buys and Babeland buys couldn't be more blurred — thanks to some high-tech innovations from both sides of the spectrum.
"A guy who comes in and buys one suit, he gets treated the same as the guy comes in and buys 10 suits," Giovanni said.
In East Vancouver, that buys a modest two-floor home on a slab; in more exclusive West Vancouver, "that buys you nothing," Mr. Moore said.
So what clients are concerned about, when Unilever buys a Dollar Shave Club, or when Coca-Cola buys a Costa, or when Nestle buys the Starbucks (coffee products) franchise … what they are really doing is trying to exercise control on that relationship and that's the key.
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One New York single mom, Adrienne B., buys food in smaller quantities, always paying cash — and she no longer buys only high-quality, organic, grass-fed meat.
To simplify and exaggerate, your blogger buys more from Safeways than Safeways buys from him, and yet does not set terms and prices in that trading relationship.
Smaller buys could also let the ECB re-enter the market without having to modify its existing rules on bond buys, a controversial and legally contentious issue.
The guys buy us all drinks, T. buys them all drinks, K. buys us drinks, we dance more and before we know it, the bar is closing.
My dad buys a round of Long Trail Ales on tap for all of us, and then his friend buys me another that I split with my dad.
China, which buys 60 percent of global soybean exports, mainly buys GMO soy from Brazil and the United States, largely to feed the world's biggest herd of pigs.
A donation of $20133,500 buys school supplies for 500 students for a year, $350 buys a ton of rice, and $25 pays a teacher's salary for a month.
Ad Enforcement: Interviewees were concerned about how long it took Facebook to approve ad buys, which is problematic for time-sensitive ad buys like those in political campaigns.
My favorite one right now is called Le Havre and involves playing a businessman in a port city who buys and sells companies, buys and ships cargo, pays workers.
Today it cares about American policy in, say, Japan and South Korea, as well as Brazil, where it buys its food, and Saudi Arabia, where it buys its oil.
Reports initially stated that the Trump campaign was canceling their advertising buys, but Jason Miller, a campaign spokesman, said on Twitter that it was actually increasing its ad buys.
A mere $28503 buys an insecticide-treated bed net to protect a sleeping child from mosquitos carrying malaria; as little as $22019 buys lifesaving HIV treatment for a month.
Croda buys wool grease or lanolin - a wax used in topical creams - from China, but Chief Executive Officer Steve Foots said Croda also buys wool grease from other countries.
"Apple buys smaller companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purposes or plans," Apple said, repeating the statement it gives whenever it buys a company.
Check out a sampling of Bee & Willow buys, ahead.
MLB buys Rawlings , seeking more control over baseball production.
"Facebook buys tonnes of data — from everyone," he adds.
STOCK FOR SALE was all you heard … no buys.
More of Soukup's recommended buys include Simply Nature Organics ...
" He said, "We got you under three controlled buys.
Headlines - James Murdoch buys stake in Vice Media on.ft.
But not everyone buys into Lord & Taylor's homecoming narrative.
"It's nice to be the king of the castle, but it's nice to know that when the wife buys the feminist T-shirts, she also buys one for me too," Hanks said.
Saori Ito, a 34-year-old mother who works at a cosmetics company, said she buys a week's worth of groceries together over the weekend so she buys only what she needs.
Great America PAC "generally avoids inefficient, expensive national media buys in favor of direct buys, smaller providers, last minute and even pre-emptable media," the group's lawyer, Dan Backer, wrote in an email.
Some have called Facebook "brave" for disclosing the ad buys.
Inflation is when prices go up and money buys less.
Whelan says she buys men's razors and wholeheartedly recommends it.
Here's to giving, and receiving, the raddest beauty buys around...
Kanye never buys anything without his TAs touching it first.
But Indonesia also buys arms from U.S. rivals, including Russia.
Either someone buys it or it goes out of business.
Think: $70 candles, $48 styling cream, and more luxe buys.
It also buys government bonds and riskier assets, including ETFs.
I buy it while C. buys mango to snack on.
And if no one buys them, no one will complain.
Huawei itself buys components from major US firms, including Qualcomm.
At the theater, he buys popcorn for us to share.
All that sounds nice, but who actually buys these things?
Streamers benefit directly when someone buys whichever game they're streaming.
To compensate, we're on the lookout for cheap summer buys.
"NO ONE buys furniture in a crisis," laments Konstantinos Vourvoulakis.
The loser will undoubtedly be whoever buys the dwindling company.
It then inspects and buys the vehicle at that price.
These days it is France that buys drones from Israel.
But there is no sign of any big ad buys.
But it's not just weapons Saudi Arabia buys from America.
Last month, the CLF also canceled ad buys for Rep.
He buys, since I got food last time in Berlin.
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His current company, Buybak, buys and resells used consumer goods.
Plus: Trump buys more time in his China trade spat.
Apple buys modem chips from companies like Qualcomm and Intel.
Meaning we get a creative license back on our buys.
Mr Abadi might endorse a process that buys him time.
A car company that buys an investment bank is audacious.
Precisely how much influence this buys Google isn't always clear.
That will not generate much income, whatever security it buys.
Reliance currently buys around 220,13 bpd of oil from Aramco.
I buy the pizzas and my roommate buys the beer.
Anyone who buys a Fitbit device is our target market.
Boyfriend buys the tickets ($12) since I bought the pizza.
But it's arguably more in terms of what it buys.
Who is the kind of person who buys your candies?
There's no question whether or not you'll use these buys.
He often buys entire lots of costumes from these companies.
"Nobody buys," he said of the Clintons and their agents.
He buys moth balls, granola, dog treats, loofas, and cereal.
That kind of money buys a lot of TV ads.
Questioning the data But not everyone buys the team's hypothesis.
Or maybe someone's older brother buys his vape goods there.
"She's super supportive and even buys me figures!" he said.
Of course, we don't actually know anyone who buys couture.
Myanmar's military buys weapons from China and Russia, among others.
Headlines KKR buys majority stake in UK 'altnet' Hyperoptic on.ft.
Because money buys negative ads to influence an uninformed electorate.
The Hillary Clinton campaign buys the domain name Brilliant.
"Nobody buys beer at our events," Kanae admitted to me.
He said he typically buys in bulk, just for convenience.
We've rounded up the Angels' best beauty tips and buys.
Not everyone buys the idea that trigger warnings are innocuous.
He buys me dinner, so I have to blow him.
So, who buys drinks on the yacht ... Jimmy or LeBron?
It also is among the priciest ad buys in television.
But what does this mean for your favorite beauty buys?
Why do gender reveal cakes exist, and who buys them?
It also sells images it buys from an undisclosed partner.
Ahead, find some of our favorite summer buys from TJ's.
Almost everyone buys into some version of this caste system.
The largest portion of that spend was on media buys.
We broke down some amazing buys from each category, below.
In true gentlemanly fashion, M. buys me another dirty dog.
The -- we have been hearing a lot about AG buys.
Bermuda buys iced coffee, has acupuncture treatments, and wears Spanx.
In the end, he caves and buys a Samsung Galaxy.
The European market collectively buys nearly half of Britain's exports.
This year, a unit of the cryptocurrency buys just $3,560.
The couple buys a table at the gala every year.
Click ahead for the new Sephora buys we're already loving.
We know that money buys access and access is power.
Anbang also buys further protection from interference by Beijing authorities.
Buys assures me it will happen later in the night.
" Buys says she sometimes even gets gifts: "Lots of chocolates.
When possible, she buys what she can from online outlets.
His mother buys the groceries and cooks delicious breakfast pizza.
Researchers have found that increased exposure leads to impulse buys.
That doesn't change when an American studio buys the rights.
He buys ham and cheese sandwiches and coffee for breakfast.
That money buys them the luxury of calling the shots.
I'm the only person who buys speakers in the world.
Insley added that some international markets remain good buys too.
The Hispanic population buys 2100 percent of all film tickets.
In fact, Netflix almost never buys other people's companies, period.
What kinds of plans are offered, and who buys them?
He buys a Fitbit to keep an eye on himself.
K., you said you got me under three controlled buys.
But this "fence" is the guy who buys stolen property.
One of the company's suppliers buys raw steel from China.
She comes every payday and buys crystals by the handful.
KS: Yeah, that's the thing ... Facebook buys something, it dies.
She buys them breakfast the morning of the A.P. exam.
The issue of who buys our public debt is crucial.
The issue of who buys our public debt is crucial.
That's who buys and reads our books in mass numbers.
If that customer buys a new policy, Gabi gets paid.
Google now buys more renewable energy than many large utilities.
He buys two sodas to get him through the night.
N. buys tickets online, and I Venmo him my half.
T. buys a few things but nothing piques my interest.
Imagine someone buys Infinite Warfare specifically for Modern Warfare Remastered.
I don't know if Buffett buys BECKY QUICK: --$642.8 billion.
Each fund buys and maintains its own independent computer system.
Post Malone buys Bud Light Seltzer at a gas station.
But not yet on crude it buys, refines, and sells.
As ad buys go, StuyTown's special truck seems relatively inexpensive.
It's a story that's relevant to anyone who buys clothes.
The organization buys and forgives medical debt across the country.
" Everyone who buys Hermès is a big fan," she said.
Three thousand years of history buys a lot of character.
Because it buys you a screen that disappears on command.
Whoever buys this $45 million Montecito, California estate will be.
The United States buys 69 percent of Canada's lumber exports.
As of Monday, the New Zealand dollar buys 73 cents.
Ultimately, neither Elliot nor Price buys what Whiterose is selling.
This chef said he usually buys Frontera's Roasted Habanero Salsa.
Who buys the bonds will also be key for Greece.
It is difficult to prove that the Kremlin buys influence.
Someone buys me a beer, but I can't finish it.
This buys China clout, if not affection, other diplomats say.
In Cape Town, $1 million buys about 1,700 square feet.
At a local department store, she buys a new dress.
Blackstone buys $18.7 billion of US logistics assets from GLP
Another unthinkable prediction: What if Uber buys its competitor Lyft?
Wall Street considers both Kraft Heinz and Mondelez moderate buys.
It buys Berliner Bank and 98 retail branches from Norisbank.
Grandpa buys new locks — and a Ring security system too.
It just won't disclose where and how it buys hazelnuts.
There's some evidence the Trump administration buys this theory, too.
South Korea buys U.S. oil mostly on a spot basis.
Donald Trump is extremely concerned about the US's trade deficit, and characterizes it as "losing" whenever the US buys more of a country's goods (say, China) than that country buys in American-made products.
"What is most notable, from a global perspective, is what $5073 million buys in Panama compared to what $2507 million buys in the U.S. or in other corners of the globe," Mr. Rojas said.
The documents claimed that the Irishman was accountable for a total of 2.025 million buys over the calendar year, whereas Ronda Rousey took in 2.6 million buys over three events in the same year.
"We have this one person who only buys field watches; we have someone else who specifically buys Grand Seiko; vintage Rolex; Patek Philippe; only rose gold watches," he said, reeling off some of the specialties.
Instead, the ad buys by Bloomberg and Steyer could drown out last-ditch efforts by struggling candidates relying on more modest ad buys in an effort to stay in the race to Iowa and beyond.
Watch: Google buys data analytics platform Looker in $2.6 billion deal
Mr Sarandos buys quality as well as quantity with his billions.
"This has the added benefit of helping you avoid impulse buys."
Headlines Sports Direct buys Jack Wills for 12.75 mln stg on.ft.
Anyone who buys a token will be buying into the fund.
Home buys that combine fashion with function at an affordable price?
It's also an incredibly easy place to make total impulse buys.
He goes to California and buys a food truck, of course.
I pay for one, but an old classmate buys my second.
An education buys one an extra chance at income and wealth.
Get ready for some buys that'll give you next-level chill.
My co-founder buys some cute pineapple candy and rose tea.
If she buys a short-term plan, she'd pay approximately $120.
HERE'S THE RUNDOWNCardi B: Offset Buys Her a New Lambo Truck!
He said group-buys have been a major source of business.
She cares about clothes and buys a lot of hers vintage.
A man buys a newspaper outside of New York's Penn Station.
Home Depot: Save up to 40% off with appliance special buys.
Twenty dollars buys her drink and about 10 minutes of conversation.
NP: AT&T buys Time Warner, and it's Comcast, NBC massive.
He buys our tickets, which are included in the trip package.
Nevertheless, while option two provides benefits, it only buys Israel time.
She also buys off the rack, which makes her choices accessible.
Kenya Power buys and distributes energy produced by the KenGen facility.
The small-time dealers he buys from make it at home.
We get inside and a friend buys me an Orange Crush.
My team leader kindly buys me a large glass of wine.
Check out these quick buys from Target, Nordstrom and more below!
G. ends up meeting us there and buys me one more.
He buys me a La Croix, like the gentleman he is.
But then again, I don't know where she buys her pizzas!
Hubby buys mountain bike gear ($49.99) and bike chain cleaner ($23.80).
He said NVIDIA, Applied Materials and Lam Research are all buys.
T. buys three more books of stamps ($30) for home, too.
Want to get your hands on these pro-approved beauty buys?
She buys coffee for both of us and we catch up.
But not everyone buys that these robots are for the best.
The country routinely shares intelligence with America and buys American weapons.
But luckily, there's a silver lining: new fall beauty buys galore.
We order from a local place and my company buys — score!
Big Pharma now buys rather than builds much of its innovation.
A guy buys me a third one and leaves his number.
If Google buys, there's a perfect spot for Twitter within YouTube.
Now they're back, and all four of their stocks are buys.
Until this ad, his advertising buys had been limited to radio.
Then the income generated from the asset column buys their luxuries.
The store resells Supreme merchandise that the owner buys at Supreme.
GS: I guess it depends on where a company buys them.
Honestly, we don't think it buys us anything [to collect more].
The old man in the house next door, buys them all.
Apple buys memory chips from multiple vendors, including market leader Samsung.
This week, she buys peonies and pays for a yurt rental.
CRs make bulk buys and multiyear contracts more difficult to execute.
And I don't dictate who buys my clothing in a store.
Do you have any idea how many tacos $745 million buys?
Can I guarantee that nobody who buys from me 'misuses' them?
So anyone who buys them likely won't have perfect form, either.
The country also buys Brazilian soybeans, sugar, meat and other products.
The company tried to see who buys software in physical packaging.
When someone buys from you on Poshmark, they're validating your choice.
The guy buys us dinner and I pick up the drinks.
Rules buys into and therefore reinforces the corrosive lie that feminism
And since we're at the boyfriend's house, he buys the groceries.
Having a well-paying job or hustle buys you just that.
When he wants to see a ballet recital, he buys tickets.
Devumi buys bots wholesale from a global market and sells them
Kendall Jenner only buys five things when she goes grocery shopping.
He puts it in a week after he buys the stock?
Better yet, the best buys all come with free Prime shipping.
Florence is transparent about where he buys most of his products.
Not everybody buys the new analysis linking market power and inequality.
His mother buys concessions for the Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg.
Another benefit, according to Barclay, is that it buys Amazon time.
When it buys power, it pays a tax on the power.
The Wall Street Journal's editorial page buys into the McConnell strategy.
Let's take a quick look at what all that money buys.
It also only buys wool from farms that are RWS-certified.
He buys diapers for T-Will (Affion Crockett), a new father.
If you do, you won't spend unnecessarily on any impulse buys.
The plush JW Marriott Hotel in Bangkok buys shrimp from Surakit.
What happens to the $9 million if somebody buys the house?
Will China reduce the number of U.S. bonds that it buys?
The team looked at foot traffic, repeat buys and other variables.
Around 1 AM, a handsome-ish man walks up to Buys.
But now anyone can record themselves and no one "buys" music.
One contributor buys vibrators in an attempt to achieve self-love.
It often buys stocks when buying whole companies appear too costly.
What that buys you is guaranteed stem cells for your family.
This community is anyone who makes, buys, or otherwise enjoys slime.
He said he occasionally buys Tab online, although it is costly.
Among other things, Sherman Financial also buys and manages consumer debt.
The United States buys 500,000 barrels of Venezuelan crude per day.
Not everyone who buys it is necessarily a Le Pen voter.
Murray merchandise that June (Carmen M. Herlihy) buys for her son.
True, a record $330 million contract buys a lot of affection.
Keep track of political shoptalk, like consultant hires and ad buys.
Beijing buys Treasuries as a safe-haven for foreign exchange reserves.
A bride buys prospectively, anticipating the adult life she will lead.
There's the industrial-scale predator who buys indulgences from Planned Parenthood.
Even if nobody buys the books, at least they are there.
Gladys buys the Cooper family home, which is on Elm Street.
But nobody buys an Aston Martin for the voice recognition software.
In mainland China, one US dollar now buys about 23.1 yuan.
In mainland China, one US dollar now buys about 7.03 yuan.
One dollar now buys about 7.05 yuan in trading in China.
He buys a copy of Vibe magazine in the Dubai airport.
Walker Steel Group, which also owned Spacegrand Aviation, buys the airline.
Mr. Barta, 62, buys artworks from the 22008th to 2847st centuries.
Even if English loses, it buys the bureau's allies some time.
But Shapiro (channeling French) buys into this delusion without any qualms.
He buys some family members new shoes and clothing for school.
S. buys a sweatshirt from Homage and we browse West Elm.
Our moods are at 150% and R. immediately buys us beer.
T. gets another coffee and buys one for a classmate ($4).
T. is at the networking happy hour and buys two beers.
T. buys a bottle of water out on his run ($28).
He buys the animal and takes it on a road trip.
You're also saying that we should stay tuned for some buys?
The number of ads excluded local buys and Fox News promotions.
China also buys lots of American pork, sorghum and other products.
Flyhomes: The realtor that buys the homes and finds the mortgage
But the agreement signed on Wednesday buys time for all parties.
This trial is about how Russia moves money and buys influence.
Toyota buys parts and hires workers from across the European Union.
That's because the ornaments likely don't exist until someone buys one.
By example, Mr. Holmgren buys his clothes only at thrift stores.
Mr. Gandall, the Stanford fellow, often buys such fragments — benign ones.
In Kyrgyzstan, where he's studying, he buys his clothing in stores.
As part of the deal, Beijing would boost its agricultural buys.
The ad-buys eclipse that of all Democratic presidential primary candidates.
Any market segmentation study has zero value until your customer buys.
She buys me a latte and we chat for an hour.
Regulators are looking into bank loans used to finance the buys.
Honestly, I don't really care where Clinton buys her expensive pantsuits.
Zynga Buys A Bit Lucky To Break Into Mid-Core Gaming
This week, Bloomberg topped the $100 million mark in television buys.
It's amazing what $37 million in ad buys can get you.
That's right -- they think these 10 stocks are even better buys.
The Carlyle Group buys $300 million minority stake in Ithaca Holdings
Exclusions include clearance, special buys, and value of the day products.
Worthy, an online auction house, buys people's gems, jewelry and watches.
A six-figure price tag tends to deter digital impulse buys.
Such courtesy costs nothing, but buys an old horn dog everything.
Mexico buys more U.S. chicken than the next two markets combined.
Beijing buys Treasuries as a safe haven for foreign exchange reserves.
Those people bought the record as well and that's how a record becomes huge, not because everyone with a guitar buys it, but everyone with a guitar and a vacuum cleaner, and a rattle buys it.
Still, Mersch refrained from advocating an end to asset buys, a point repeatedly raised by top hawk Germany, arguing that subdued inflation will be persistent and the ECB has to keep its word about asset buys.
Surely the American people wanted all of this — except those bad Russians, with their $832 Facebook ad buys in Michigan and $300 Facebook ad buys in Pennsylvania that got dozens of clicks, completely changed the election results.
The BOJ buys long-term government debt to keep 10-year yields around zero and also buys ETFs, which are traded on the stock market, increasing its holdings by around 6 trillion yen ($53 billion) a year.
Japan imports the most meat, and India buys oil and sugar products.
Facebook also has a sales team that sometimes handles large ad buys.
Garrett buys in, but not before praising Justin's "sound and rational" argument.
Go deeper: Zynga buys Small Giant Games in its biggest acquisition yet
These beauty buys are so iconic that their shades are almost legendary.
Ahead, 29 unique buys that will make your holidays merry and bright.
A lot of the complexity buys us something, either directly or indirectly.
My boyfriend buys me a beer since I bought food on Tuesday.
Boyfriend buys himself a few things while I'm at the food counter.
January 1999 - Ford Motor Co. buys Sweden's Volvo cars for $6.45 billion.
January 1994 - BMW AG buys Britain's Rover Group for 800 million pounds.
You pays your money (or buys your bond) and takes your choice.
The stacked lineup includes must-have fashion to beauty and home buys.
Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Marge buys a Chanel dress?
At the market, the instructor buys us Thai sweets of our choosing.
Check out the music video, and everything Grande buys in it, ahead.
He buys the produce that he wants and cooks want he wants.
IDOMENI, Greece (Reuters) - Each day, Demetrios Zois buys two loaves of bread.
When markets are low, the money you regularly invest buys more shares.
But none of that matters if no one buys into the experience.
Automated ad buys are the bread and butter for Facebook and Google.
Buffett: I-- it absolutely baffles me who buys a 30 year bond.
Apparently Snapchat users are really into e-commerce and online impulse buys.
I will never understand the woman who buys fancy base and topcoats.
It typically owns the firms it buys for three to five years.
The biggest risk – shared by everyone - is making EVs that nobody buys.
In trading outside China, one US dollar now buys roughly 20.7 yuan.
He does just that — and buys heroin (or, increasingly likely, illicit fentanyl).
It buys cocoa through external schemes and its own "Cocoa Horizons" programme.
Many more go up against the stock that Amazon buys and resells.
Without oversight, there's no civically responsible way to allow digital ad buys.
It buys cocoa through external schemes and its own "Cocoa Horizons" program.
Alex Wilhelm:              And a division fund comes and buys all of it.
NYC's Sun 'n' Bronze powder was one of those buys for me.
Today's PFC buys about half of what it did 20 years ago.
China buys 60 percent of the world's soybeans to feed its livestock.
Questions are always raised when a billionaire buys a paper, he said.
She buys mangoes, chickpeas, cheese, spices, herbs, milk, salmon, and coconut water .
The network said the canceled ad buys were shifted to other programming.
Spending diets, no-buys and no-spends aren't on Pauline Yan's radar.
My boyfriend buys tickets online and I pay him back with cash.
Kroenke buys the Denver Broncos and makes the Rams somebody else's problem?
It turns out that Facebook also buys data about your offline purchases.
My manager buys a load of tokens, so I play skee-ball.
She buys us a charcuterie platter and we talk the night away.
These are the buys that don't change so much with each season.
We decide on a team name and B. buys us both beers.
I'm very grateful my family buys me groceries from time to time.
Clinton's largest expense category was more than $30 million in media buys.
By contrast, the EU buys U.S. prawns worth just 1 million euros.
This week, she buys a selfie stick to use with her dad.
Google now buys enough renewable energy to match its annual energy demand.
The website lists just the 15 most recent buys for each location.
D. buys the coconut milk ($1.89) and we finish up the curry.
Salesforce buys Demandware for $2.8B, taking a big step into e-commerce
My husband buys himself some flip-flops and a pair of pants.
The other scenario, of course, is that a larger company buys Patreon.
China only buys $130bn of American goods, limiting its scope for retaliation.
I salute you and hope someone buys you something from this list.
Another friend is feeling generous and buys me a gin and tonic.
Click ahead to check out the prettiest drugstore buys of the season.
She buys coverage through the DC Health Link, the local Obamacare marketplace.
Click ahead to see their dream buys from the next-gen
She buys groceries so we can make lunch, and insists on paying.
He eventually buys farms of his own, creating the Phenix Cheese Company.
Today's report buys the GOP another year to avoid dealing with it.
I don't eat, and our friend buys us a round of beers.
Whoever buys it now is going to want to break that contract.
Unimin buys equipment and parts from multiple vendors for the same reason.
I buy the snacks (pretzels and cookies) and he buys the tickets.
Nobody buys a minivan for themselves, they buy them for their kids.
John Leguizamo, one of the celebrities who allegedly buys social media followers.
China sells a lot more to the United States than it buys.
Treasury buys back the following bonds: 4.5% BTP nominal bonds due Feb.
China buys mainly fresh pork from abroad and processes it at home.
Scroll down to shop these last-chance buys while you still can!
Taylor buys Mafee a signed poster and he responds…a little weirdly.
Real estate mogul says this purchasing secret helps him find perfect buys
A Chinese shopper buys tomatoes at a supermarket in Qingdao city, Sept.
Examine who books your trips, arranges outings, organizes Christmas, buys birthday cards.
If Slovakia buys Gripens, they could also share maintenance and pilot training.
Keep clicking to discover some of the U.K.'s best beauty buys.
The distraction buys time to save the hostage or defuse the bomb.
He buys about three six-packs a week here in my store.
That's why they bombard us with endless new innovations and 'must-buys'.
The answer by putting an end to "spray and pray" media buys.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - The latest Brexit deal buys little more than time.
So, one guy buys a Valentino suit, and the next one does.
NSonyBoseSennheiser, and LifeStraw were also popular buys on Amazon Prime Day 2018.
After a company buys its stock back, the money does not vanish.
That's because many corporations use advertising agencies to place their ad buys.
The buys that you used to slap on that didn't mean anything?
I just-- he just buys-- BECKY QUICK: --about-- JOE KERNEN: --cool things.
One customer buys Nehi Grape with real sugar three times a year.
That, or the corporation just buys up the most popular craft breweries.
Mexico buys nearly $250 billion worth of stuff from the United States.
No matter how the courts ultimately decide, this stay buys us time.
Every Tuesday morning Harding buys the newest titles to stock the store.
All but one of the buys are aimed at protecting vulnerable incumbents.
This masks his feel of the game, buys him time and distance.
"That essentially buys you some time to give an antidote," Chai said.
It buys PERA some time, at least until the next cyclical recession.
He buys the gun, registers it and then sells it to you.
The company isn't known for keeping products alive once it buys them.
By bolstering the ventricle, the device buys ailing people time to recover.
Trader Joe's eliminates the middleman and buys its products directly from suppliers.
Like Mr. Harberts, Mr. Sukup buys his metal from American steel mills.
Everyone who buys Artifact becomes, like it or not, an entrepreneur too.
Prosecutors said Detective Franco fabricated tales of drug buys by innocent people.
Zerodium, another, longer-running exploit vendor, also buys attacks designed for routers.
My fiancé buys because idk... he's a gentleman or something like that.
Virtually no one buys anything with the Koch brand name on it.
In-store tech helps retailers engage customers and may spur impulse buys.
Xcel says the energy it buys from the plants is too expensive.
But with prices going up so quickly, it buys even less now.
In total, three swing-seat members have launched notable early ad buys.
"But it buys you only an extra day or two," he said.
It will stop to consolidate new buys after this year, OTP said.
In the most basic terms, China buys less from the United States.
Headlines General Dynamics buys cyber security specialist CSRA for $9.6 bln on.ft.
"Someone else will be enjoying it, whoever buys the home," Star said.
He buys corn-fed beef that he is dry-aging and broiling.
"He buys a spectator pass and goes into the tournaments," she said.
Around 2, O. buys a muffin for us to split (they're huge).
An additional $2,600 buys a more efficient and powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder.
However, if your family regularly buys gallons of milk — and many do!
We don't know exactly how DHS is using the data it buys.
Anyone who buys it is going to have to add more bathrooms.
He buys them by the bag and sneaks them throughout the proceedings.
At the mall, T. buys some of her face moisturizer and foundation.
These are the brilliant buys travel pros never leave the house without.
T. buys a Celtic cross for his mom's birthday in a week.
The mother buys raw milk from an Amish farmer to make yogurt.
As a result, a greenback buys 22% more euros than in 2014.
But I'm not sure Bannon buys into the free market capitalist model.
Here are three of the companies Jefferies sees as high-conviction buys.
For some, the money is a necessity, for others it buys luxuries.
The key was to target them with separate but identical ad buys.
Swedish PE firm EQT buys Nestlé's skin-health unit for $10 billion
Indonesia also buys water buffalo meat from India as substitute for beef.
One fun pro tip: Rachel Comey buys her plates at the museum.
Anyone who buys it in 2019 will get it for just $0.99.
Here's what that mountain of cash buys you in these exclusive hills.
From splurge-worthy to budget beauty buys, this list covers it all.
Puerto Rico's debt, however, is triple-exempt no matter who buys it.
But the company buys its rough diamonds from suppliers with various mines.
He buys himself a pizza and garlic knots for us to share.
But now the world buys 80 billion pieces of clothing a year.
Our goal is that one day, everyone who buys a product, buys a garment, and there's a label there – could be platinum, gold, silver, could be A, B, C, but it shows you the sustainable impact that garment has.
Once bond buys end, investor focus will turn to interest rates as the ECB has said they would stay unchanged 'well past' the bond buys end, an ill defined timeline that is seen by market as roughly six months.
"If nothing else — whether or not it passes the smell test — it buys them the time and buys them leverage," said Bradley Tusk, an early Uber investor and regulatory adviser who has worked with the company in the past.
But at this year's Sundance, Amazon didn't make big waves with its buys.
The $1,500 price tag buys your table and three tickets to the party.
Last year, China bought about 32 million tons, but now buys almost none.
He buys a coffee next-door to the rescue for $3.50+$1 tip.
My mom buys a Mac once every three years, and it just works.
He buys 100 percent of the yield from a nearby cranberry bog, too.
Her business finds, buys, sells, and leases land for gas and oil collection.
Since then, 5 percent have been sells and 50 percent have been buys.
Its government buys technologies to capture unprecedented amounts of information on its citizens.
Five hundred Argentine pesos, or $30, buys up to 20 doses of paco.
WARREN BUFFETT: I-- it absolutely baffles me who buys a 30 year bond.
That said, anyone who buys a Fire 2100 knows what they're getting into.
Strategic buys including Instagram and Whatsapp helped diversify Facebook's geographical and demographical bets.
Whatever company buys Resy is winning access to a newer generation of diners.
That&aposs a Chinese telecom company that buys products from America&aposs Qualcomm.
In a world where no one buys music, I'm trying to have longevity.
The ECB is due to decide on ending the bond buys on Dec.
One of my coworkers buys a round of fresh watermelon soju for everyone.
L. buys a can of wine on the way and we split it.
For the chosen few, ownership buys entry to an even more exclusive club.
Ahead, 15 genius, cheap kitchen buys that your kitchen will thank you for.
Those are significantly larger initial buys than what Trump spent in previous states.
He buys me a whiskey soda and 90 minutes later we take off.
Ahead are the classic pharmacy beauty buys everyone should have in their cabinet.
My friend buys popcorn and I sneak a few handfuls throughout the movie.
At current prices that is about $80,000, which buys a lot of electricity.
Husband buys deodorant and I get ear drops and a few other things.
Ahead, check out 19 incredible beauty buys that you can find on Amazon.
He buys my beer but I insist on leaving some cash for tip.
Singapore Airlines buys a 49 percent stake in Virgin Atlantic for $964 million.
Do you buy as much from your employer as he buys from you?
When we get there, she buys beers and we pay for the pizza.
By late last week, it was showing up at Best Buys in Ohio.
He buys a nice bottle of red for 3 euros (it is delicious).
My friend buys me a slice of pizza instead since she feels bad.
He buys drinks; I have white wine, and I think he has vodka.
That's because money buys you a lot more in some places than others.
Foot Locker, , and Under Armour have all been initiated as buys at Susquehanna.
Ballyvolane then buys in the whey ethanol from Carbery at 96 percent alcohol.
Mylan buys it from a wholly owned Pfizer subsidiary for $34.50 per pen.
We both agree to "just one more," and C. buys us another round.
The MacBook Air and Pro are the worst buys in laptops right now.
Head to Sprouts for a few other veggies, and my sister buys again.
A company buys energy for its operations as usual from a local utility.
" He added that ICE buys patents and intellectual property "at an alarming rate.
Christian goes to a dollar store and buys packs of thank you cards.
Netbricks buys its entire inventory from retailers (Walmart, Target, Toys-R-Us, etc.).
Watch the video above to find out what beauty buys Shaik swears by.
AT&T could throttle Netflix, for instance, unless Netflix buys Turner-produced content.
The company just provides the platform and buys the scooters in from Taiwan.
Others also pointed to expectations the BOJ would change which bonds it buys.
We don't have any control over who comes in and buys the buildings.
Every Friday a vendor buys our agency coffee from 9 to 10 a.m.
And he allegedly coordinated mass buys of his books to game the charts.
Consumers waiting on line to pay would look around and make impulse buys.
The central bank regularly buys JGBs as part of its extensive easing scheme.
Shift says any car it buys must pass a "rigorous" 150+ point inspection.
A bigger company buys a smaller company, promises to keep the product around.
Someone buys both my fiancé and I gin and tonics to say congrats.
C. buys a 230-pack of IPA and a six-pack of singles.
Some may call these bargain buys, others may call it a value trap.
Now, we know how markups go with these type of limited-edition buys.
When he buys companies, he makes sure to put in the work himself.
Combing through this index can turn up some good stock buys, say experts.
The BOJ currently buys bonds aggressively to cap long-term rates around zero.
While we wait in line, my boyfriend runs out and buys us coffee.
Dad buys billboard for son  after school doesn&apost recognize him as valedictorian.
Every suit that Khaled buys, Asahd gets a tailored version of his own.
Russia now buys just 5.8% of Finland's exports, down from 10% in 2012.
That pressure often leads to cynical buys of stock not based on fundamentals.
G. buys us all coffee and we all talk about life and work.
Shift says any car it buys must pass a "rigorous" 271+ point inspection.
Its most recent buys include Britain's Poundland and U.S. bed seller Mattress Firm.
We've rounded up 15 cute buys that will elevate this often-overlooked space.
The o2 Arena is sold out and the PPV buys will be huge.
Some European wines that aren't as popular can also be excellent value buys.
In Cape Town, $1 million buys 255 square meters, or 2,745 square feet.
And Land-of-Lakes buys its milk and produces all the dairy products.
This, however, is the first national push for ad buys on the app.
The audience for that content then buys "keys" (aka tokens) to the lock.
If nobody sees my film, nobody buys my art, I'll feel very successful.
WPP spent a little under $5 billion on Google media buys last year.
Mexico buys more steel and aluminum from the United States than it sells.
I guess that's one of the things my $30 a month buys me.
In Cape Town, $2105142 million buys 22016 square meters, or 2,745 square feet.
Twiga Foods generates revenues from margins on the products it buys and sells.
Trader Tim Seymour said that emerging markets and materials are good buys here.
Everyone panics, but Usher quickly buys off Walker with a fancy chancellorship gig.
God I hope tronc buys Gawker Is tronc pronounced like GIF or JIF?
Until the public buys into these policies, chances are other institutions won't either.
So each week, we're spotlighting the "no-brainer" buys that fulfill these cravings.
But if it buys less than expected, the rally could go into reverse.
My brother only buys from charity shops, and he has an incredible wardrobe.
So each week, we're spotlighting the "no-brainer" buys that fill these cravings.
He plays, uses and records with the equipment he buys before flipping it.
He never buys a car simply because he thinks it will appreciate, though.
WHO BUYS IN COLOGNE Cologne doesn't attract many international buyers, Mr. Schulze said.
Until now, advertisers had to vaguely correlate sales increases with local ad buys.
We've built our own checklist of must-have back-to-school beauty buys.
It buys pipeline gas from neighbouring countries and also produces its own gas.
It also stipulates that asset buys could be increased if the outlook worsens.
Through the fund, Railpen buys music copyrights and receives royalties collected by Kobalt.
GSO buys a CDS contract on a struggling company from another hedge fund.
Check out 34 of our favorite weird but great Amazon Prime buys below: 
Still, traditional retailers earn the bulk of their revenue from in-store buys.
An extra $2,000 buys adaptive cruise control and auto braking with pedestrian detection.
But sometimes she buys things just because there's a good deal on it.
Opendoor buys homes directly and resells it, powered by its own mortgage business.
Also on the site's list of great buys are salt and pepper cashews.
Conversely, the Fed increases the liquidity when it buys bonds and supplies cash.
Other successful contrarian buys by Schommer include Liberty Media Formula One and PagSeguro.
No one buys their outrage or believes that they are impartial actors here.
Initially, the private company buys enough shares to control a publicly traded company.
Read our pick of must-buys from Target's new fall collections, available here.
Whoever buys 20 percent and becomes the largest shareholder surely would influence it.
Despite trading at relatively extreme levels, some investors still see them as buys.
TIKEHAU CAPITAL SCA Tikehau Capital said it buys real estate portfolio in Brussels.
What happens if someone like Saipov buys a truck from a private individual?
But Buys returned, all too soon, and his focus drifted back toward her.
A huge vinyl collector, he only listens in the order he buys them.
Overnight the organization has lodged an onslaught of ad buys against Jonah's opponent.
Mr. Littledale said the restaurant buys the sauce from a company in Philadelphia.
In 1998 dollars, $10 buys a consumer two hand sanitizers of this size.
The second 20 minutes per day probably buys you about one more year.
With the Business Platinum card, you'll get more points for those big buys.
A business that markets a product that no one buys stops making it.
She said the Department of Health buys intranasal naloxone kits for $3603 each.
"Neither Venezuela nor the world buys it," said Gerardo Blyde, an opposition leader.
In other words, the collector buys four tables in order to get one.
Leydon buys those ads because he says he has to buy those ads.
He buys his wife vegetables to cook for their six children, not meat.
The company, whose books were sold to Amazon by distributors, did test buys.
In trading outside of China, one US dollar now buys about 20.8 yuan.
Like MyPatriotSupplies, TheEpicenter is a retailer that buys its food from a wholesaler.
In 1969, he buys The Sun newspaper, then mutates it for the masses.
The United States buys more from Mexican companies than it sells to them.
Or an airline or a hospitality group that buys 22018,224 cases per month.
When you sell a house, you generally don't care who buys the house.
Miuccia Prada, real-life executor of the jolie-laide look, buys the show.
A non-PC person — someone who doesn't use a personal computer — buys MACS.
He buys all the fabrics that he dyes; he does not make them.
A customer buys pork at a supermarket in Taiyuan, China, on March 10.
Not for programmatic or data-driven buys; they're dependent on companies like ours.
Zillow buys houses directly from homeowners, pays for minor repairs and resells them.
It examined who buys those services, and how that changes as income rises.
Canada buys more American agricultural exports than any other nation, $24 billion worth.
Slowing the highly contagious bug buys time to develop a vaccine or medicines.
I don't want that to be the reason that anybody buys the book.
Some factories she buys from are only now slowly getting back to work.
The median price is around $160,000, which buys an older three-bedroom ranch.
If a tourist buys a ticket for $35, the vendor might keep $17.
He buys us beers and we meet his friends on the dance floor.
"Whenever he buys something in town, everyone talks about it," the source explains.
After minutes of careful deliberation, a man buys a small tabletop-size tree.
It's an ingenious piece of counterintuitive action, and it buys him some time.
But in his view, that only buys time for vaccine and therapeutic development.
He buys most of his tickets at a liquor store in Van Nuys.
A trade deficit occurs when a country buys more products then it sells.
He showed me the elegant notebooks that he buys at Fabriano, in Rome.
I do not begrudge the wealthy their money and the lifestyle it buys.
Moonshot buys ads like any other company on Google, and pays per click.
Timmer buys a coffee for the woman and leaves another suit with her.
The transporter buys the item and receives the reimbursement and tip on delivery.
He buys the smallest shirt collar you can get, and it is loose.
He also said the agreement buys both sides time politically to keep talking.
She buys herself a flat white and I order a Grande Mocha $5.
Profit is the ultimate flexibility because it buys you the ultimate luxury: time.
In addition, the more renewable energy it buys, the cheaper those sources get.
Bill buys one-ways and then decides when he wants to go home.
Whether the person who buys the home agrees will be a different story.
But if money buys votes, the NRA should have no effect on politics.
Like ZTE, Huawei buys key parts for its telecom equipment from US companies.
The European Union buys about half of Brazil's soymeal, or 8 million tonnes.
Maven buys cars from GM and pays for the maintenance, repair and gas.
China, the world's largest rice producer, typically buys small amounts of U.S. rice.
Worse still, Europe beyond Britain's borders buys about a third of Welsh lamb.
And Trump, over the heads of senators and intelligence advisers, buys the narrative.
The European Union buys about half of Brazil's soymeal, or 8 million tonnes.
Maybe another seller buys the item and sends it to another prep center.
Leanne shows up and immediately buys into Dorothy's delusion without question or concern.
Bloomberg's 2020 rivals are, not surprisingly, frustrated with the billionaire's ad buys. Sens.
It typically buys products from manufacturers and stores them in its own warehouses.
Every year, my boss buys me the best, biggest box for Valentine's Day.
When she buys chips because she's "being bad," I say Pringles are delicious.
That same job today also buys a studio flat at the same multiple.
Lotos buys crude from Tatneft, according to a senior Lotos source and traders.
The carmaker currently buys batteries from South Korean company LG and China's CATL.
What's more, it can shift pay-per-view buys, no world title necessary.
Trump has insisted on many occasions that trade wars are "easy to win," especially when when the US buys more goods from another country than that country buys from the US — as is the case between the US and China.
In Playa del Carmen, for instance, Ms. Herrera said, $180,523 buys a 646-square-foot one-bedroom apartment seven blocks from the sea; in Tulum, the same distance from the water, it buys a 1,292-square-foot two-bedroom apartment.
The documents also outlined that McGregor's first bout with Diaz brought in a total of 1.3 million buys and that from between 2012 to 2015, McGregor and Rousey made up a comprised total of 56.1% of all pay-per-view buys.
One of the best-funded anti-Trump super-PACs, Club for Growth Action, has already spent $1.7 million attacking Trump in Indiana on both statewide television buys and digital buys through primary day, says the conservative group's spokesman, Doug Sachtleben.
But the Epson buys you that close-to-the-wall convenience for $3,0003 vs.
Check out the buys that will help you look, smell, and feel ridiculously good.
We even snuck in a few skin-care buys...we got you like that.
Ahead, our 29 favorite Target buys — which are also probably the reasons we're broke.
The main stock index rose 1.5% on the back of solid domestic investors buys.
Volkswagen buys a 49.9 percent stake in Porsche's sportscar business for 19913 billion euros.
My mom buys my sister a Lopapeysa (Icelandic wool sweater) as a gift ($180).
L. buys them ($36) and then we head home to play with the puppies.
She buys something new, and I'll see the bottom of it on the floor.
It includes a 2.4 percent pay raise for U.S. troops and buys new equipment.
Usually, the extortion takes the form of a monthly "tax" that buys them protection.
To get you started, we're sharing three splurge-worthy beauty buys we've been eyeing.
He's deaf, which he notes in his profile whenever he buys a plane ticket.
That buys a lot of credibility with Trump&aposs reality show host alter ego.
Zimbabwe typically buys electricity from South Africa's Eskom and Hydro Cahora Bassa of Mozambique.
This robot buys healing crystals even though it doesn't really believe in all that.
America buys 74% of Canada's exports of goods and provides 64% of its imports.
Whoever buys Gawker's assets would ostensibly own the rights to pursue litigation against Thiel.
Stepmom buys me some Marc Fisher polka dot mules and wooooo they are cute!
And China, which buys a quarter of Iran's crude, is happy to play spoiler.
These stocks would then be cheap buys in January thanks to the December selloff.
Aged 16, McDermott buys a local delicatessen, taking business from a nearby 7-Eleven.
The company also buys Facebook ads to promote a creator's channel as a whole.
It concluded that American aid "buys voting compliance" in the United Nations General Assembly.
Mr. Büsser buys 33 percent of the artists' pieces outright and then resells them.
Around that same time, Topix saw a similar issue with its Facebook ad buys.
" Leesa: "We do not currently have any media buys planned with Tucker Carlson Tonight.
The bank initiated two large cap stocks with buys, along with three smaller companies.
Shopping online saves me loads of time and pretty much eliminates any impulse buys.
After 3G applies the method at one company, it buys another and fuses them.
A company buys the thing and programs tasks in using Amazon's AWS IOT service.
Apple ideally needs three things from whichever company it either buys or works with.
Trouble in the tech space has created some timely buys, according to one expert.
Sofia at present buys almost all of its gas from Russia via one route.
Weetabix may be just one of the Bright Food buys that turns into mush.
His ad campaign began in mid-August with modest buys in only four states.
I fill up the gas tank while he also buys Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Zhao buys all of his household items, like paper towels and toothpaste, on Amazon.
Companies often offer discounts if a consumer buys more than one type of policy.
Home Depot: Save up to 40% off with appliance special buys through 9/13.
Under proposed legislation, retailers would keep records of everyone who buys a long gun.
The United States buys no oil from those three countries: Iran, Syria and Sudan.
It also buys government bonds and risky assets such as exchange-traded funds (ETF).
She's a jeans and a T-shirt girl but also she also buys couture.
One middle-aged woman buys a suit for her younger brother with her wages.
Apparently, he buys houses, furnishes them with furniture and fancy art, then flips them.
He buys pretty much the same, but they only accept cash so he pays.
Three, it buys the company time amid growing demands to hear from Zuckerberg himself.
Amazing designer collaborations, affordable and adorable home buys, deals and steals on great makeup.
And the closer to the election, the more race-related ad buys there were.
"Our team calls it 'the garage,' and everyone buys into what matters," says Stern.
Each year it buys billions of tonnes of crude oil, coal and iron ore.
Click through to see 30 of our favorite on-sale tech buys right now.
But, the average customer also buys around $20,000 per printer per year in materials.
At best, it buys a little time in which to get water policies right.
My roommate and I rotate every week who plans and buys our dinner groceries.
Dean buys raw milk, processes it, packages it, and then sells it to customers.
In fact, Germany buys more than 10 percent of everything those three states export.
Woman buys coffee for man short on cash, turns out to be Keith Urban .
In fact, every 0003 seconds, someone in the world buys a Beatrix Potter book.
He essentially buys out the internet's copies of this film to send to Trump.
Scooping up the latest buys from these increíble Latin brands often requires a passport.
It buys grain for farmers who raise hogs for the company under production contracts.
PDVSA now buys about half the gasoline Venezuela needs, according to internal company figures.
It buys the raw material mostly from Indian companies but imports sometimes as well.
"I agree that all three would make good buys into weakness here," Cramer said.
The PAC said that there will be additional ad buys in the upcoming months.
Cosmo declined to comment, but said it buys U.S. crude from time to time.
Trump's Facebook ad buys come from two groups: Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
He buys bottled water from the store to bathe his 5-month-old son.
Price: $18.95 You know that person who buys La Croix in bulk on Amazon?
China mostly buys the grade from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeastern Asian countries.
They were a steal under $100 and one of my favorite buys this year.
She accidentally buys Sleepytime Tea, which immediately knocks Lillian out and ends her filibuster.
That has put more scrutiny on pricey ad buys for big-time sporting events.
He buys a house for his family; his family thinks the house is garbage.
But a $2 ticket buys you a 1 in 24.87 chance of winning something.
TJX buys excess inventory of brand-name clothes and resells them at low prices.
"Do something special for Mom," compels a poster as Sam buys a morning tea.
Fonterra buys the raw milk for those products, making a profit on the margin.
We are always hunting for the best budget buys when it comes to groceries.
Today, in the United States, an average person buys about 68 garments per year.
Our media buys consistently change and reflect the diverse content and audiences we serve.
"Whoever buys it, I will paint two portraits for him and her," Hadid says.
The residual presence to protect the oil and fight ISIS buys us some time.
Walmart sale detailsWalmart's main Big Sale includes thousands of special buys and rollbacks online.
He buys anything he can put his hands on, causing shelves to be emptier.
The Fire Tablets are great buys, as their already low prices have been slashed.
It raises funds, targets districts, buys time for campaign ads, and develops the message.
Beyond Meat, maker of plant-based meat, buys its pea protein from a vendor.
However, not everyone buys into the theory that this discovery is a new one.
It also buys sunflower oil from Ukraine and Russia and canola oil from Canada.
Cheniere buys U.S. natural gas to use as feedstock for its two LNG plants.
Nationally, $1 million buys about 350 fewer square feet on average, according to Zillow.
O'Connell no longer buys in Red Hook because he can't afford the development cost.
C. leaves and I have one more drink with British boy, which he buys.
Fink added that he would make the ultimate decision on all future media buys.
"But I do still think there are still some really good buys within technology."
He is a man who likes fashion, wears it, buys some — and sells lots.
The Outside Game: Millions in TV, digital and print ad buys from outside groups.
Extending the New Start Treaty buys time for the administration to seek new agreements.
But if fewer impulse buys mean fuller wallets, do fuller wallets mean happier consumers?
So it buys contracts that essentially lock in today's exchange rate for the future.
He spends around 1,000 yuan per month and buys almost all new Xiaomi products.
Mike Dubke is a veteran political strategist familiar with media buys and issue advocacy.
California buys between 2,000 and 3,000 vehicles a year, The New York Times reported.
There are 0003 "strong buy" ratings on the stock, 26 "buys", and 2 "holds".
Blackstone buys London based cloud computing company Cloud reach for $100 million, reports Reuters.
In vertical mergers, a company buys a supplier; in horizontal mergers, direct competitors combine.
When America buys less foreign steel, foreigners have fewer dollars to buy our exports.
Breakingviews The Bank of Japan's latest policy overhaul buys it some time and friends.
It's the reason that everyone who buys one says they'll never buy anything else.
Disclosure: Peter Boockvar owns shares of Mosaic and Potash, and buys them for clients.
Japan exports more than twice as much to the United States as it buys.
He knows the street well; he buys his groceries here and eats here often.
For sure (the fact) we have secured the situation with Nico buys us time.
Ahead, find some of our favorite under-$3 buys from the popular grocery store.
My boyfriend buys the tickets, I buy the pop and popcorn with a coupon.
Plus, it's even home to some exclusive beauty buys we can't find anywhere else.
And because of the new VAT, everything she buys would cost 2000 percent more.
We already know what Kendall Jenner buys when she goes to the grocery store.
Apple's plans to build a car may be swiftly revived if it buys McLaren.
WHO BUYS IN AND AROUND SANTIAGO In Santiago, foreign buyers are rare, agents said.
He loves a good market-wide correction to get a better price on buys.
WHO BUYS IN WARSAW Foreigners who live in Warsaw for work tend to rent.
Z. buys a second round and shortly after we realize how tired we are.
The Value ETF, buys U.S. large- and mid-capitalization stocks with relatively lower valuations.
Things for my kids, snacks, coffee, impulse buys … my extra cash never lasts long.
If China buys more soybeans from North Dakota, it would buy fewer from Brazil.
But she still finds time for visiting health food stores to score beauty buys.
When it comes down to it, he said he usually buys the "cheaper" options.
The Equinoxe is Maxime Graillot's négociant line of wines, meaning he buys the grapes.
Haldia Petrochemicals buys naphtha from Kuwait Petroleum Corp (KPC) and Indian Oil Corp (IOC).
It's not as helpful as direct buys, or a gift card, but it helps.
But the acquisition buys it relationships with eight U.S. cities that could prove helpful.
LocationSmart buys access to the data from all the major American carriers, it says.
It buys land and leases it to farmers who want to grow crops organically.
Instead, Romeo Power buys them from other suppliers and packages them, according to CleanTechnica.
My husband buys two lattes because at this point we really need our coffee!
She is concerned for her restaurant and the producers from whom she buys wine.
When a business buys computer systems it knows what it wants it to do.
He buys media properties, or starts new ones, and turns them into conservative megaphones.
Perhaps a simple solution is to require campaigns to disclose their online advertising buys?
Bulk buys ensure success regardless of whether anyone is remotely interested in the book.
Or consider how bulk buys could be used to buy influence with prominent politicians.
"Trump likes to present that he buys low and sells high," Mr. Smith said.
Last year, CEO Tim Cook said Apple buys a company every 2-3 weeks.
She buys and renovates a spectacular downtown loft to escape her Park Avenue memories.
Niki Tak Azizi buys his clothing in flea markets on the streets of Kabul.
A buys a hostel T-shirt ($6) and we jump in the Uber ($23).
On our way back, E buys some babouches which are Moroccan slip-ons essentially.
The fee can be applied as a credit toward any items the customer buys.
We go into some shops and T. buys a plaque of his last name.
"Impulse buys of any category are almost always [going to be] regrets," she said.
Of course, if everyone buys index funds, what would it do to the market?
Innovation Interactive would get paid by the agencies to handle the buys for them.
In some places you'll be lucky if that buys you a fairly awful glass.
He called AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline, both of the U.K., and Novartis of Switzerland buys.
The school buys almost no outside curriculum guides, instead letting teachers write their own.
The campaign is making six-figure buys in Virginia, Colorado, Michigan and New Mexico.
He also needs to plan for increased living expenses after he buys a house.
When it buys U.S. bonds, it is effectively lending money to the United States.
WHO BUYS IN LOS CABOS Most buyers are from the United States and Canada.
"You've still got the core crocheter who buys acrylics in Walmart," Ms. Malcolm said.
Facebook also buys and incorporates outside data from credit bureaus and other data banks.
It seems that anybody who doesn't want an SUV buys Subie's now-legendary wagon.
BUDGET: It has enough donor commitments for at least $1 million in ad buys.
Money buys Don a chauffeur and, apparently, an education in black folkways and culture.
The money buys Don relative safety, friendship, transportation and a walking-talking black college.
I hope no one buys his book and no one goes to his rallies.
Inglis added that those issues won't be fixed unless the American public buys in.
"Money only buys you disinterest when the thing's not on the agenda," Teles says.
No word on the garage size ... y'know ... in case Kylie buys that new Bentley.
Medicare pays lower prices on virtually everything it buys than do private insurance plans.
This was only Golovkin's second contest broadcast on PPV, but the figure of 170,000 PPV buys is still a small increase on the 153,000 buys achieved in 2015 when the Kazakhstani boxer dominated Canadian David Lemieux in a world title unification bout.
The price was less important than the fact that "Jorge buys the lot," he said.
Ahead, we've rounded up 23 spring-worthy must-buys for you to snatch up now.
Norilsk has a fund which buys palladium from Russia's central bank reserves and other suppliers.
Additionally, it buys from small family-owned farms and sends some profits back to them.
These beauty buys aren't just beautiful and easy to use — they work on almost everyone.
Many of these affordable buys have even gained cult followings among pros and beauty bloggers.
If a customer buys every item in a box, they receive a 20 percent discount.
That downgrade pushed the number of sell ratings above the buys among Wall Street analysts.
Hydrostor buys off-peak electricity to compress air it stores underwater in balloon-type accumulators.
As for the verbal misstep nobody in America buys the would versus wouldn&apost thing.
He owed me a beer for walking his dog the other weekend, so he buys.
It buys up or bankrupts potential competitors to protect its monopoly, killing innovation and choice.
He still continues to buy Adidas sweatpants at Costco, but now buys up a size.
The traditional model for transportation is the public buys it, and the public owns it.
A smart value investor buys low, then patiently waits for the "herd" to catch up.
These buys won't cost you a fortune — and all of 'em are less than $50.
Unfortunately, many of the beauty buys we played with back then are now long gone.
Subramanian listed AT&T, BlackRock, 3M, Facebook, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs among the "buys."
We also think Jeff Bezos should buy a coffee shop before he buys anything else.
Higher corn prices could limit profits for Tyson, which buys the grain to feed chickens.
It buys you and then rents you out for a higher amount to its customers.
Reflecting the mood of those markets, the calls were a mix of buys and sells.
He buys us both our own bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle and a large drink.
"I am sure there will be some good buys," Rogers said in a telephone interview.
I now think it's a great use of money because it buys back my time.
Plus, it gets a payment from the companies generating power that it buys, Bhatraju said.
Besides, look at everything that nearly six-figure sum buys you: Life-like hippo skin!
We head to Trader Joe's for groceries and pay separately, but G. buys me flowers.
The company entered into a forbearance agreement that buys it time to negotiate a restructuring.
Boeing also buys some basic parts from Chinese firms, like the rudder for the 787.
Major munitions buys in the budget include:20,338 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) — $533 million.
Plus, shelves upon shelves of cute tableware mean your new buys won't go home alone.
Wang still buys her own clothes, because she wants to have control over her looks.
Zhang's family buys a stake in New York City's Park Avenue Plaza, worth $20163 million.
Every year while they're in season, her family buys a box of mangos to share.
Pascal Berenger, who runs the business, guffaws when asked if he buys raw materials locally.
If an oligarch buys a house, it drives up the prices of smaller properties nearby.
My mom buys my train ticket, and I pass out immediately upon taking a seat.
Boy, I got to tell you, that might actually be one of the great buys.
Facebook is also giving a $100 discount to anyone who buys two of the devices.
But he buys into the redemption narrative, which he expects the Pope's visit to confirm.
Her fellow player buys a mansion, while she must reveal her status to her employer.
When a driver buys fuel for his car, both he and the petrol station benefit.
She buys the size she thinks she needs and one size larger and one smaller.
It's certainly nice for anyone who buys their ebooks and audiobooks from Google's online store.
Home Depot: Savings across all departments, including up to 40% off with appliance special buys.
Now, if a company buys a new robot to replace its workers, that's an asset.
The Goldman note also listed McDonald's, Starbucks, Shake Shack and Wingstop as restaurant sector buys.
She buys the coconuts at $1.60 a pop from the supermarket, and I love it.
Samana listed tech, health care, consumer discretionary, industrial and financial stocks as his favorite buys.
Trump is running a heavy national blanket with small targeted buys in states like Florida.
Read on to shop Quressa's buys and hear more about her first foray into homeownership.
Such "daily deal" sites get a cut every time a customer buys a retailer's coupon.
It's actually close enough to the truth to be believable, so Fergus buys it immediately.
One: Larry Page likes you and buys your company — or gives you one to run.
Both talked about wanting a balanced trade relationship, in which China buys more from America.
"No serious trade lawyer buys into this," says David Kleimann, of ECIPE, a think-tank.
Rockstar says the online mode will be free for anyone who buys the base game.
Later, the new guy I'm seeing shows up and buys the remainder of our drinks.
Oracle buys enterprise cloud services company NetSuite for $9.3B That brings us to today's deal.
It buys 6% of all film tickets in America, according to Helios & Matheson's SEC filing.

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