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"transaction" Definitions
  1. [countable] transaction (between A and B) a piece of business that is done between people, especially an act of buying or selling synonym deal
  2. [uncountable] transaction of something (formal) the process of doing something
"transaction" Synonyms
agreement deal contract compact covenant pact treaty settlement arrangement bond convention negotiation trade business business matter business activity proceeding sale undertaking deed conduct conducting performance execution handling settling enactment management organisation(UK) organization(US) administration clinching conclusion operation prosecution accomplishment carrying out discharge affairs minutes proceedings records annals activities concerns dealings doings goings-on journal matters publication report account chronicle log document file documentation buying purchasing procurement ordering procuring acquiring buys shop spending shopping purchase acquisition errands getting obtaining securing browsing bargain hunting supermarket run weekly shop exchange trading commerce dealing network traffic barter trafficking transfer bartering commutation truck dicker shift buying and selling quid pro quo swap interchange process procedure action act move step exercise measure venture manoeuvre(UK) maneuver(US) course adventure initiative movement interplay interaction coaction networking meshing relationship teamwork interoperability chemistry mesh back-and-forth team play tit for tat collaboration interactivity interface synergy cooperation tradeoff adjustment balance compromise discussion debate arbitration bargaining consultation mediation conference dialog(US) dialogue(UK) discussions intercession talks consultations deliberation deliberations parleying conciliation dickering haggling affair activity concern problem matter responsibility worry headache interest lookout preserve province thing baby bailiwick occurrence happening incident event circumstance episode phenomenon contingency development experience fact hap occasion case investment capital funding backing investing contribution financing outlay endowment finance funds grant underwriting advance cash expenditure security loan money story article column composition review transcript bulletin essay exposition record thesis treatise commentary discourse dissertation editorial direction running control supervision guidance regulation leadership controlling managing care charge coordination governance government More

834 Sentences With "transaction"

How to use transaction in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "transaction" and check conjugation/comparative form for "transaction". Mastering all the usages of "transaction" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Domestic purchase transaction fees are zero; purchase transaction fee for countries inside the European Economic Area is a reasonable 250%, and the international purchase transaction fee is 2000% per transaction.
COM after the transaction * Says expected transaction date is Jan.
The secondary transaction and the primary transaction are a package deal.
Moreover, CFIUS's mandate is to vet acquisitions on a transaction-by-transaction basis.
Domestic fees per transaction are 2.49% (1.49% crypto conversion fee + 1% transaction fee).
The woman on the other end of the phone flagged transaction after transaction.
It was expressing its values in the transaction, in the absence of a transaction.
In future, he explained, the blockchain could become so vast that it could keep track of every Visa transaction, every stock-exchange transaction, every bank transaction and much more.
For each transaction they process, merchants will also receive a percentage of the transaction back.
In the broker dealer space, you get paid usually a commission on a transaction by transaction basis.
That transaction valued the Forbes company at $475 million, a source familiar with the transaction has said.
Bitcoin transaction fees are currently under a dollar per transaction, but peaked at $37 in late December.
When you ask for payment separate from the transaction itself, you lose visibility into the transaction cycle.
However, Sloan said the fees got too high, climbing from $2.50 per transaction to $4.50 per transaction.
In Fitch's view, the transaction is beneficial to Windstream's credit profile, as the transaction reduces Windstream's leverage modestly following the close of the transaction, with further potential improvements arising as synergies are realized.
As a result, our transaction should be reviewable by the DOJ in the same cycle as Disney's transaction.
Each transaction costs 2.49 percent in fees — 1.49 percent in conversion fee and 1 percent in transaction fee.
You can then view transaction information on your Ledger device and approve the transaction on the device itself.
Its transaction fee, at just "fractions of a penny", is also comparable to bitcoin's $30 per transaction fee.
Government agencies may be able to subscribe downstream and correlate tax transaction data to help identify transaction participants.
Fitch believes transaction trends and comps can improve as the company more effectively staffs around peak transaction times.
The transaction was announced on March 1 and MUFG said the transaction was expected to close after June.
It will eliminate the need for transaction reconciliation, because the transaction is stored as a single immutable record.
In Fitch's view, the transaction is beneficial to Windstream's credit profile, as the transaction will reduce the company's leverage modestly following the close of the transaction, with further potential improvements arising as synergies are realized.
In addition, this transaction features an amortising yield supplement overcollateralisation (YSOC), which is used to boost the transaction yield.
Each transaction is cryptographically connected to every previous transaction visibly recorded for every participant of the network to see.
Revolut generates $2 billion a month in transaction volume, while N26 has a monthly transaction volume of $1.17 billion.
Bitcoin as a technology is slow in terms of transaction speed, and it's expensive on a per-transaction basis.
We are also highly confident that our proposed transaction will obtain all necessary regulatory approvals in a timely manner and that our transaction is as or more likely to receive regulatory approval than the Disney transaction.
The exception is a type of transaction output called OP_RETURN, which is a type of transaction output that can be used to store data, but won't be able to spend the bitcoins associated with that transaction.
The average transaction size was $2016 in 2016, down from $84 in 2015, with the single largest transaction being $40,000.
The transaction is expected to close during the fourth quarter, it said, valuing the transaction at 24.72 euros a share.
Wall Street generally prefers high transaction costs for investors because the transaction costs investors pay create revenues for financial firms.
Backs financial transaction tax, stress tests Somewhat surprisingly, Bloomberg is backing a financial transaction tax on stock and bond trades.
Adyen has a similar transaction based model as Visa's with limited incremental cost per transaction, portfolio manager Christopher Weldon said.
If a contactless transaction is greater than £30 ($36.66), the customer's finger print can be used to verify the transaction.
The median transaction for Uber was $13.01 while the median transaction for Lyft was $10.89, suggesting that Lyft rides are cheaper.
If the transaction were not to occur, Fitch would reassess AF's credit profile in light of a second failed merger transaction.
Every transaction involving Monero obscures the digital addresses of the senders and receivers, as well as the value of the transaction.
Along with debt assumed in the transaction, including issued convertible debentures, the transaction has an enterprise value of approximately CAD4.8 billion.
"We fully expect the transaction to close as there are no national security issues for a transaction like this," he wrote.
You have a $3, $4, $5, $7, $10 transaction on one side versus a thousand dollar transaction on the other side.
In fact, miners already receive some transaction fees, for example, to prioritize authentication of a given transaction ahead of earlier ones.
Thyssenkrupp called off the transaction last week after it became apparent that the transaction would be blocked by the European Commission.
"The transaction is beneficial to Windstream's credit profile, as the transaction reduces Windstream's leverage modestly," Fitch analysts said in a research note.
The benefits of SegWit are clear: a higher transaction throughput without altering the block size, no transaction malleability and faster block validation.
Before the transaction, AT&T is not producing world-class content, and before the transaction, Time Warner is not selling mobile service.
After initiating a transaction from your computer, you'll have to confirm the transaction on the device itself and enter your PIN code.
Here's what it means: The platform's transaction volume growth is outpacing that of its transaction value, which indicates Zelle's engagement is rising.
"We believe this new transaction addresses competitive concerns previously raised with respect to the prior transaction," Pessina said in a statement Thursday.
The "hush" part of the transaction is assured by confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, sealing the lips of all parties to the transaction.
Additional cash from the Alignvest transaction will pay transaction fees and interest costs related to the senior secured notes (13.375% and proposed).
This may be innocent transaction activity, coin 'tumbling,' or an unknown actor paying transaction fees to load the bitcoin network with traffic.
A proposed transaction can generate much uncertainty in the capital markets and among the employee bases of both firms; not being able to predict how an agency might respond to a proposed transaction can be an unacceptable risk for any transaction.
The "EET" system requires outlets to report every transaction online and print out a receipt that can be matched against its transaction database.
The transaction will cause a spike in Sunac's leverage in 2017 and possibly subsequent years, depending on the final terms of the transaction.
Acquires farallone pacific insurance services, llc * Arthur j gallagher & co says terms of transaction were not disclosed * Terms of transaction were not disclosed.
A, Enrico Banci and Luigi Banci * Says transaction price of totally 2,462 million yen (including advisory cost) * Says transaction effective date of Nov.
The use of blockchain technology means transaction costs are around 1 percent, rather than typical junket transaction fees of around 5-7 percent.
"There can be no certainty that any transaction will occur, or as to the timing, structure or terms of any transaction," ABB said.
"There is no certainty that a transaction will materialize, nor as to the terms, timing or form of any possible transaction," Millicom said.
Sometimes there is a surcharge added to a transaction for the convenience of using credit, or a transaction will cost you in interest.
"It's a large transaction, it's a tech transaction, and it does involve American users transferring data to a Chinese firm," Mr. Scissors said.
He said that his analysis could be applied to "two-sided transaction platforms" that "facilitate a single, simultaneous transaction between participants," including Amex.
"  Toomey said the money will be "allocated probably transaction by transaction to the airlines and there will be some kind of equity stake.
It is the latest example of a company abandoning or reworking a transaction because of government concerns about Chinese involvement in the transaction.
Once a user's first transaction is completed, the rest is straightforward, but it's that first transaction that's going to be the hard part.
No assurances can be given regarding the likelihood, terms and details of any proposal or potential Going Private Transaction, that any proposal made by Mr. Musk regarding a potential Going Private Transaction will be accepted by the special committee, that definitive documentation relating to any such Going Private Transaction will be executed or that such a transaction will be completed.
PayPal saw some weakness in eBay transaction volumes, which made up 11 percent of total transaction volume, down from 13 percent a year ago.
Look for one with both a favorable exchange rate and no foreign transaction fees, which can add up to 4 percent to each transaction.
"There is no certainty that any transaction will be agreed, nor as to the terms, timing, or form of any transaction," Swiss Re added.
Some even won't charge foreign transaction fees, the 1- to 3-percent hit you may incur to place a transaction in a foreign currency.
No foreign transaction feesAlso note that both of these cards let you avoid foreign transaction fees, which some cards charge on purchases made abroad.
The average transaction for movie tickets remains between Rs 500-550 ($7.4-8.1), with users buying three tickets in a single transaction on average.
For $1.3 billion * Deal for $8.30 per share all-cash transaction * Lattice semiconductor corp - $8.30 per share all-cash transaction * Upon completion of transaction, lattice will be a standalone subsidiary of canyon bridge * Lattice semiconductor to be acquired by canyon bridge capital partners, inc.
But as soon as you want to process a transaction, you'll need to plug your Ledger wallet to confirm the transaction on the device itself.
Clearing houses stand between two sides of a stock, bond or derivatives transaction, ensuring its completion even if one side of the transaction goes bust.
PayPal will benefit from the additional transaction revenues, while Google will retain potential buyers who otherwise would abandon a transaction after learning PayPal isn't supported.
Today, we are glad that the CCCS has completed its investigations on the Grab-Uber transaction and did not require the transaction to be unwound.
No foreign transaction feesBoth cards waive foreign transaction fees, meaning you won't pay an additional fee to use your credit card for purchases made abroad.
Using the card outside the United States incurs a 3% foreign transaction fee — use a card with no foreign transaction fees instead when you travel.
Prior to the transaction closing, Fitch sought to receive a third-party assessment conducted on the portfolio information, but none was available for this transaction.
But industry-led reform collapsed when bank complained that a new transaction-based system would have an excessive impact on rate levels, volatility and transaction volumes.
Regulators imposed rules for overseas transaction using UnionPay cards in February, setting the limit at US$5,000 per transaction to purchase Hong Kong insurance products. 103.
He made the acknowledgment, in part, because the transaction had been scrutinized by watchdog groups that pointed out the transaction as a possible campaign finance violation.
He made the acknowledgment, in part, because the transaction had been scrutinized by watchdog groups that pointed out the transaction was a possible campaign finance violation.
It was a lot easier to tell what a wholesale transaction was and a retail transaction was, and where distribution facilities stopped and transmission facilities began.
So whether the president misspoke or misrepresented things on Air Force One when he referenced not knowing about the transaction, there was no transaction here ultimately.
Though Shkreli has thus far refused to share the transaction information, Bitcoin experts, the magazine suspects, should be able to verify track the transaction history down.
Update: According to a source close to the matter, there has been no such transaction with Robinhood, though it's unclear if any transaction has been discussed.
Whether that leads to an actual transaction or not is hard to say, because from that point the transaction moves offline and between agents and renters.
" Yet the companies cautioned that there could be "no assurance that this process will result in a transaction or on what terms any transaction may occur.
Instead of different parties in a transaction keeping their own records of that transaction — which could potentially differ and cause confusion — blockchain creates one "master" record.
No foreign transaction feesBoth cards also come with no foreign transaction fees, making them attractive cards if you travel often and like using credit cards overseas.
One of the transaction records exposing unencrypted credit card data (Image: TechCrunch) One of the transaction records exposing unencrypted credit card data (Image: TechCrunch) Several other records seen by TechCrunch contained banking information, including names, addresses, bank account and routing numbers, SWIFT codes and the transaction amount.
Some, like the Wired Plastic Prepaid Card, had nearly 20, including an activation fee, a monthly maintenance fee, a pin transaction fee (incurred whenever a customer uses their PIN to process a transaction), and even an in-network transaction fee for cash withdrawals from an ATM.
Once the block that includes the transaction is added to the blockchain and confirmed—a process that can take from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on network congestion—there was another tweet informing me that the transaction is permanent and another link to the transaction.
In the event of such a transaction, we will give you notice of the transaction and the opportunity for a period of 30 days to refuse disclosure or transfer of your (or your authorized child's) PII to the third party acquirer in connection with the transaction.
While the market for pop-up stores will probably never be as big as Airbnb's market, the average transaction is significantly higher than a typical Airbnb transaction.
Wu said that most potential buyers go to the house each of the seven days up to the transaction, and then seven days after the transaction happens.
The transaction was completed in September, but has weighed on profit so far, as the company took a 10 million franc hit from transaction costs and integration.
Rheinmetall will analyze and review the possibility of such transaction, the company said, adding that the transaction depends on a variety of political, economic and regulatory factors.
This way, even if your computer has been compromised, the transaction order won't go through on the device and you won't be able to confirm the transaction.
Instead of different parties involved in a transaction keeping their own records of that transaction — which could potentially differ and cause confusion — blockchain creates one "master" record.
Inhofe later claimed he wasn't aware of the transaction made by a "third-party adviser" and canceled the transaction when asked about it by the Daily Beast.
Requiring every BuzzwordCoin transaction to also depend on ETH for fees creates substantial risk, third party dependency, and artificial downwards pressure on the price of the underlying token (if one must sell BuzzwordCoin for ETH ahead of time to run a BuzzwordCoin transaction, then the sell-pressure will happen before the transaction requires it, and must be a larger sale than necessary to ensure sufficient funds to cover the transaction).
Jude medical shareholders will receive $46.75 in cash and 6463 shares of abbott common stock * Total transaction equity value of $25 billion * Says Abbott Intends To Fund Cash Portion Of This Transaction With Medium-And long-term debt * Transaction has been approved by boards of directors of st.
Back then, each bitcoin transaction represented roughly enough electricity to power 1.57 American households for a day— approximately 5,000 times more energy-intensive than a credit card transaction.
DATA ADEQUACY Prior to the transaction closing, Fitch sought to receive a third party assessment conducted on the asset portfolio information, but none was available for this transaction.
In my experience, issues that arise on the eve of a financing or other transaction can create risk in the transaction and can be expensive to address quickly.
Because there's less space in the blocks of transaction data, there's more competition to have your transaction included in the next block to speed up the confirmation process.
For AM1, Fitch's analysis indicates that the transaction has not been adversely affected by insufficient provisioning; however, Fitch understands that this transaction is under review by the servicer.
The jackpot transaction was included in block 2000 (bundles of transaction data called "blocks" are posted to the chain every few seconds) at 213:2800 AM on Wednesday.
It could help you avoid debit and credit card transaction feesSome service providers charge a small transaction fee whenever you pay online via debit card or credit card.
DATA ADEQUACY Prior to the transaction closing, Fitch sought to receive a third-party assessment conducted on the asset portfolio information, but none was available for this transaction.
Petrobras said the value of the transaction with Petronas will be paid in two installments: $258.7 million on Thursday and $1.03 billion at the close of the transaction.
In that case, Smithfield's only remedy if the transaction failed was to collect a termination fee of up to $275 million, about 5 percent of the transaction value.
"Speed of delivery of transaction banking services and accuracy of delivery are very critical for the digital technology companies," StanChart's global head of transaction banking, Lisa Robins, said.
Though the neighborhood saw only 26 transactions in Q3, transaction prices were substantially higher than those in neighborhoods that saw high transaction volumes but lower median sales prices.
Northrop Grumman neared an agreement to buy Orbital ATK in a transaction that could be announced as soon as Monday, according to a person familiar with the transaction.
The likelihood of the transaction occurring combined with the serious issues that it raises provide compelling reason for DOJ and the FCC to begin investigating the potential transaction.
"While National Amusements is not opposed to a transaction that would unlock value at Paramount, it firmly believes that any proposed transaction should be thoroughly vetted and approved by Viacom's full board, and the rationale for such a transaction should be clearly articulated to Viacom's stockholders in advance," National Amusements said.
Once your transaction has been settled, you get the cash back for each transaction right on your Apple Cash card, to be used as soon as you'd like to.
Yet while transaction levels have notably slowed, the Cushman & Wakefield research suggests that London office transaction prices have stayed comparatively buoyant, slipping only around 3 percent since the referendum.
From 2018 the Labour-led Welsh government will take full control of stamp duty (a property-transaction levy), which it is replacing with a near-identical "land-transaction tax".
Monero also "mixes" coins automatically—basically jumbling one transaction with other similarly-sized ones—adding another layer of confusion for anybody trying to trace a transaction through the blockchain.
The transaction structure replicates the previous Valiant transaction, which includes a revolving period of two years from closing that is contingent upon there being no stop origination events subsisting.
" In a blog post, Valve explained that bitcoin transaction fees have gone up to nearly $20 per transaction last week, "compared to roughly $0.20 when we initially enabled Bitcoin.
As a result, the agents argued, anyone conducting a virtual-currency transaction during that period could be reasonably suspected of tax fraud, and requested transaction records on that basis.
"There is no basis for the proposed general meeting in relation to the proposed transaction at this stage neither will the proposed transaction be supported by ATON," it said.
"All we can do now is cash or a debit transaction at the point of sale, which is basically an ATM transaction, those are the two options," Palacios said.
Here are the perks you can get with either card:No foreign transaction feesBoth cards let you avoid paying foreign transaction fees on purchases you make outside the United States.
Using transaction data made available through the public API, Do Thi Duc downloaded 207,984,218 Venmo transactions, all the public transaction made on the app in 2017, and analyzed them.
In Hashflare's defense, it's been incredibly expensive to do a Bitcoin transaction for months, and in December, one transaction cost an average of $28 to push through the network.
You have to look at 30 or 40 different variables on almost every transaction to be sure that the transaction is valid and it really is you who's coming in.
In contrast, Monero creates unique addresses for every transaction with a private "viewkey" that only lets the receiver, and whomever they give the viewkey to, access the full transaction information.
So, we have what are called confidentiality agreements and common interest agreements in place that is routine in every merger transaction where specific states have an interest in a transaction.
LOGICAL TRANSACTION WITH MODEST CHANGE IN STRATEGY The PPS acquisition is a logical strategic transaction that improves MAA's portfolio quality and should result in scale benefits from deeper market penetration.
Fitch believes the transaction will not change COGO's rating, as its rating is based on a top-down approach and this transaction continues to signify its strong linkage with COLI.
The ExamWorks transaction seems ripe for an appraisal action because the premium was only 4 percent over the closing price of the stock the day before the transaction was announced.
The sales are a key channel in driving transaction volumes, where consumers can get cut-price deals ahead of time, but the transaction only goes through on the day itself.
The tweet contained a link to a fake page offering free cryptocurrency, explaining that anyone who sends an "identifying transaction" will get 10 times that transaction sent back to them.
The popular mobile payments app is sharing users' personal data — including real names, comments sent with the payment, transaction dates, and recipients of the transaction — with the public by default.
While a transaction would be further subject to customary and usual closing conditions, we believe that Tesla is well positioned to negotiate and complete the transaction in an expedited manner.
CET A Binance spokesperson told me that the 3.5% fee is actually the total fee for the transaction, and is included in the cryptocurrency price shown to users before the transaction.
When it eventually creates a service to control the transaction, and if the commerce partners use it, it will likely to be able to increase its commission to transaction fees, too.
Through a new product called KYT — for Know Your Transaction — that Levin says provides real-time feedback on the underlying purpose of blockchain transactions and feeds into exchanges' transaction processing engines.
Cronos said no agreement had been reached with respect to any transaction, adding there could be no assurance such discussions would lead to an investment or other transaction involving the companies.
It is not anticipated that CFG will pursue a large bank M&A transaction, but any individual transaction would be evaluated for its impact on the company's capital, and risk profile.
To recover a tweet that has been stored in this way, first navigate to the transaction using a blockchain explorer and the transaction ID. We'll use Jason's tweet as an example.
JS: A subscription model is an obvious way for us to go at some point, but right now, because we're in the transaction flow, we're taking a percentage of each transaction.
A figure that's thrown around often is the energy cost of one Visa transaction (also a very rough estimate), which is orders of magnitude smaller than that of one Bitcoin transaction.
None of these conditions were present in this transaction, other than only a small relative valuation gap between Regency and Equity One and both boards voting in favor of the transaction.
Ltd, a product sale firm * Says transaction amount is 37.69 billion won * It will hold 100 percent stake(228.1 million shares) in target company after transaction Source text in Korean: goo.
"Even supposing the CMA approved the transaction, there could be delays to the transaction," Low said of the deal which is scheduled to close in the second half of the year.
Mortgage transaction volumes exceeded cash transactions for the first time since 2012, accounting for 50% of transaction values, but this is still below the post-crisis peak of 65% in 2011.
Before the financial crisis, provisions in private equity deals sometimes permitted an acquirer to terminate the transaction and pay a reverse termination fee of about 3 percent of the transaction value.
While a transaction could be announced sooner -- or later!
CM: Big transaction ... We'll see who you work for.
Any transaction – ecommerce, gaming, medical – is subject to fraud.
" He also called the deal a "$5 billion transaction.
These node-to-node (N2N) privacy coins encrypt transaction details so that only transacting parties can see them, using privacy features such as "homomorphic encryption," which allows for the data calculations needed to facilitate a transaction without the need to first decrypt the data; and "proof cryptography," which verifies the transaction without revealing the details.
Just as you can write anything you like on the back of a transaction receipt, blockchains allow you to write arbitrary data along with your transaction if you have the right software.
To use the Bitcoin network, you have to pay a fee for every transaction and the higher fee you pay the faster that transaction will get pushed through the network and confirmed.
Each transaction has to be verified by "miners" who need a lot of computing power to do so, and a lot of energy: 275kWh for every transaction, according to Digiconomist, a website.
"The main reason for the suspension was the fact that the three criteria defined for the transaction –- price, contractual conditions and transaction security -– were not all fulfilled," Alpiq said in a statement.
"Building on the previous transaction in 2015, this transaction further consolidates our debt at the EGA level, and strengthens our credit profile," Danny Dweik, EGA's chief financial officer, said in a statement.
The completion of the transaction was subject to regulatory and supervisory approvals, the bank said, while the conclusion of the transaction was expected to take place during the first quarter next year.
Owens Corning said the transaction would help grow its presence in the European insulation market and, excluding transaction and integration costs, is expected to immediately add to its 2018 earnings per share.
The last four digits of your card number for each transaction are also visible by tapping a transaction from the list and then pressing the arrow to reveal more information about it.
This has been born out by the data, which shows that the average in-person government transaction costs $16.90, while the average digital government transaction is $0.40, according to research from Deloitte.
One scenario under discussion is a cashless transaction in which Grow would receive shares in Peixe, three of the people said, declining to be identified as the transaction is not yet public.
One scenario under discussion is a cashless transaction in which Grow would receive shares in Peixe, three of the people said, declining to be identified as the transaction is not yet public.
"Elliott is supportive of the proposed Sempra transaction, which provides substantially greater recoveries to all creditors of Energy Future than the proposed Berkshire transaction," an Elliott spokesman said in an emailed statement.
Some blind Vanguard investors reported not being able to make an independent stock trade online and having to call customer service to complete the transaction, which typically carries a higher transaction fee.
Forward looking statements in this document include, but are not limited to, statements regarding the expected timing of the completion of the transaction, Danone's operation of WhiteWave's business following completion of the contemplated merger, the expected benefits of the transaction, the expected benefits of the transaction, and the future operation, direction and success of WhiteWave's businesses.
Eur 3.6 billion of client assets * Says subject to regulatory approval, the transaction is expected to be completed during the first half of 2017 * UBI's branches in Madrid and Munich are excluded from the transaction, as are its fiduciary and corporate banking activities * Financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed Further company coverage: (Reporting By Zurich newsroom)
At the time of this writing, a Bitcoin fee of 200 satoshis per byte will be enough for your transaction to go through in about 30 minutes (Bitcoin transaction fees are expressed in satoshis , which is one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin, per byte size of the transaction, which is typically a little over 200 bytes).
The Competition Commission of Singapore has commenced investigation into the transaction and proposed interim measures that will require Uber and Grab to maintain their pre-transaction independent pricing, it said in a statement.
Total revenue, excluding transaction-based expenses, fell nearly 1% to $1.30 billion, in line with analysts' expectations, as weak transaction and clearing business offset a rise in revenue at its data services unit.
That transaction will marked as "pending" in your Purchases section in the app until the hold clears (in "usually one to five business days"), after which point, the merchant will settle the transaction.
You can then send and receive money, pay anywhere around the world without any foreign transaction fee or markup, lock your card, set your own limits and get push notifications for each transaction.
He is accused of engineering a $500 million transaction to inflate AIG's reserves, and a $200 million transaction to hide underwriting losses from the auto-warranty program by converting them into investment losses.
If you wanted to have your transaction confirmed more quickly you were expected to pay a high "fee" (usually a few dollars) to incentivize someone to include your transaction in the next block.
"As long as all that's happening is it's shifting from one restaurant chain from a carry-out transaction to a delivery transaction ... I don't know that it really makes any difference," he said.
This way, your real credit card number is never even transmitted for the transaction, and a fraudster would need the one-time transaction code and your face or fingerprint to make unauthorized charges.
"First, reducing the length of time a transaction remains unsettled will reduce the amount of credit, market and liquidity risk faced by the counterparties to that transaction, including the central counterparties," he said.
After jumping to over $50 a transaction at one point, bitcoin fees now run almost $2 a transaction, which is still substantially higher than the pennies it cost to transfer bitcoin in 2016.
It is hard to imagine why more than two or three replications of transaction data by the computers processing those transactions on geographically dispersed ledgers is necessary to ensure 100 percent transaction accuracy.
Based on Wabtec's stock price on April 19, the last unaffected trading day prior to media speculation regarding a potential transaction, the value of the transaction is approximately $11.1 billion, the companies said.
Reactions to DirecTV Now's new streaming video service indicate it might be discussed at Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the AT&T-Time Warner transaction nearly as much as the transaction itself.
Greenberg, 91, is facing civil charges from the New York Attorney General's Office of orchestrating a $500 million transaction to inflate the insurer's reserves and a $4017203 million transaction to hide underwriting losses.
No transaction could ever redeem this, and to the extent that we remain wedded to the logic of sacrifice, we remain trapped in an endless cycle of waiting for a transaction that could.
If you have ever made a purchase or accepted a payment via PayPal, there is a record of the transaction, and there&aposs really nothing you can do to hide said transaction either.
This hashsum representing the file which contains the strain genotype is then tacked on to a Bitcoin transaction (the Bitcoin protocol allows for small amounts of information to be added to a transaction).
The Company funded the transaction using its internal cash reserves.
Ebix did not use any investment bankers for the transaction.
Mr. Chinn will become Sotheby's worldwide head of transaction support.
The transaction is supported by sound legal and financial structures.
The transaction has already closed, according to another source familiar.
HighTower Executive Vice President Matthias Kuhlmey led the WealthTrust transaction.
One of its benefits is removing people from transaction processing.
However, there's reportedly no evidence or proof of the transaction.
The transaction is expected to close in the coming months.
The terms of the Wow air transaction were not disclosed.
How could one bitcoin transaction possibly use this much electricity?
Fossil said the transaction is expected to close in January.
The transaction is still subject to antitrust clearance, Naspers says.
We are trying to close the transaction with SABIC soon.
The notes' coupons will double when the transaction enters amortisation.
The company did not disclose financial details of the transaction.
Investigators subpoenaed eBay, which provided Elshinawy's account and transaction information.
The effective date of this transaction was 1 January 2017.
The transaction is expected to close end of February 2016.
The transaction is expected to close by early April 2017.
Deutsche Bank was sole lead on the new 144a transaction.
Standard International will collect a booking fee for each transaction.
The team, however, has yet to make an official transaction.
It plans to use the transaction proceeds to cut debt.
The transaction was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.
Its transaction rate is capped at about 14 per second.
They want to know why it's not a direct transaction.
You have a transaction and it's functional and it works.
But where do you go where the transaction is uplifting?
We've got a very strong story without doing a transaction.
A spokesperson from Bytedance declines to comment on the transaction.
Excluding debt, the transaction is valued at about $2.54 billion.
It is unclear whether the transaction would get regulatory approval.
The price and structure of the transaction were not disclosed.
Capacity of Smart Beta Strategies from a Transaction Cost Perspective.
If it makes you sad, it's a low value transaction.
"We remain fully committed to completing this transaction," he added.
By spooking the market, bank transaction costs could easily rise.
We haven't had a transaction like that in modern history.
That transaction would value Adama's equity at approximately $3.5 billion.
This is an essential component of delivering the proposed transaction.
The transaction is expected to close during second quarter 2117.
A transaction tax, that's not something that's in my plan.
Bank of China is the sole lead on the transaction.
French authorities can't confirm the transaction due to tax secrecy.
Natixis acted as financial advisor to APM in the transaction.
Next, Yardbook will implement transaction fees and paid marketing services.
The two banks didn't disclose the amount of the transaction.
And the startup made the first live transaction on Thunder.
The transaction and should therefore not affect the bank's ratings.
Mr Son has clout on both sides of the transaction.
It closed the complete transaction at the end of 2014.
Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan advised Siemens on the transaction.
Moelis & Co and Goodwin Procter advised Confirm on the transaction.
The appointments take effect upon close of the Disney transaction.
The transaction was settled and closed on the signing date.
The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter.
To be clear, a transaction doesn't actually go through FlareAgent.
Societe Generale did not disclose the amount of the transaction.
Brazil's antitrust watchdog approved the transaction with Reckitt on Sept.
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley led the transaction.
In 2015 alone, Farfetch managed $500 million in transaction value.
Its complaint put the transaction price at about $190 million.
A similar transaction on TransferWise would give me 3,647.27 AUD.
Bresch stated that Mylan then gets $274 in the transaction.
To her, it was nothing more than a business transaction.
This transaction will help them turn paper riches into cash.
No timetable for the transaction was unveiled in the filing.
The first "real" transaction took place on May 22nd, 2010.
The company would not disclose the terms of the transaction.
All you pay is a transaction fee for each payment.
SECRETARY JACK LEW: Well, we've never targeted any individual transaction.
L, according to details of the transaction announced on Thursday.
The new transaction priced at 311.2bp over the German benchmark.
Goldman Sachs and Commerzbank declined to comment on the transaction.
Both vehicles saw transaction prices double in China in 2018.
Portman said his subcommittee began investigating the transaction last summer.
Disney has a stake in the outcome of that transaction.
To validate a transaction, all parties would submit their contracts.
The exchange will also raise intraday transaction fees from Aug.
The firm aims to complete the transaction by year end.
The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter.
Russia's VTB bank is acting as advisor on the transaction.
This gives the consumer power to deny the transaction immediately.
The company did not disclose the terms of the transaction.
Citibank said that, following the transaction, it owned the gold.
That would value the transaction at more than $66 billion.
A transaction could be announced as early as next month.
DevFlight takes a 25 percent transaction on the deals. Handle.
Neither transaction is viewed as material to AHS's credit profile.
Buffett said the transaction was sealed with a simple handshake.
J.P. Morgan is the sole placement agent in this transaction.
Equally important, this transaction offers immediate value to our shareholders.
The bulk of the current CIB consists of transaction banking.
The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter.
In Europe, fee per transaction is 0003% (0.20% + standard 2.49%).
It expects the transaction to close in the second quarter.
You talk about the way that we pay per transaction.
The filing did not disclose a timetable for the transaction.
Asia's largest economy boasts the world's highest mobile transaction volumes.
The airline's controlling shareholder families have agreed to the transaction.
ADM held about a 20 percent stake before the transaction.
The transaction is expected to be priced later on Thursday.
I think this transaction makes sense at any oil price.
Perella Weinberg Partners advised Majid Al Futtaim on the transaction.
The transaction is expected to close by the fourth quarter.
Guotai Junan Securities is the financial adviser for the transaction.
Abertis said Atlantia had expressed interest in a potential transaction.
European press call its financial transaction tax a zombie tax.
The filing did not disclose the schedule for the transaction.
Opaque charges such as transaction costs can be small individually.
It completed its first transaction using the technology in December.
Uniper has advertised in Finnish newspapers, arguing against the transaction.
Ultimately, her department and the Obama administration approved the transaction.
Upon completion of the transaction, Verifone will become privately held.
It was the only transaction above $5 billion in 2017.
The Takeda transaction offers three levers of the value creation.
It would be the biggest private equity transaction on record.
Use a debit or credit card without foreign transaction fees
The transaction is expected to be rated Caa3 by Moody's.
SA to advise them on the transaction, the sources said.
A transaction that could sometimes take weeks now takes minutes.
Blockchain is a digital ledger system that crowdsources transaction verifications.
The CNCF says it paid $25,000 to complete this transaction.
There is also no evidence that the transaction took place.
They make money by charging fees for facilitating the transaction.
"Am I worried?" said a banker close to the transaction.
Some retailers have already taken steps to reduce transaction times.
Steinhoff's statement did not provide a value for the transaction.
Eurobank expects the transaction to close by the fourth quarter.
The analysis assumed a transaction price of $22018,280 per car.
Transaction reporting provided by Acenden, as at 337127 December 33712016.
Lower legal fees tend to speed up a transaction dramatically.
The transaction valued the company at approximately 670 million euro.
It's the most expensive real estate transaction in the US.
Overall gross transaction volume grew 40 percent in the quarter.
A key differentiator between litecoin and bitcoin is transaction cost.
Thompson Creek shareholders will vote on the transaction in September.
In terms of transaction values, that's slightly more than half.
Earlier this year, Grab registered its one billionth ride transaction.
Transaction documentation provided by King & Wood Mallesons, the issuer's counsel.
This was no "simple private transaction," as the president asserted.
Nonetheless, the transaction reduced business diversification and heightens execution risk.
Investors have until March 25 to commit to the transaction.
Reports of the transaction initially kept the buyer's identity secret.
"In medicine, it's been transaction style over relationships," Schutzbank said.
This cannot be changed once a transaction has been recorded.
Later, the transaction will be finalized through normal ACH processing.
BBVA, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are running the transaction.
Transaction costs can erode the final yield that is earned.
I'm especially happy about the lack of international transaction fees. 
The transaction is expected to close in May, he said.
The transaction values Spectra's common stock at about $28 billion.
The transaction was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.
Sellers rate buyers on payment speed and overall transaction satisfaction.
Select the appropriate rating and add comments about your transaction.
Litecoin has also benefited due to bitcoin's slow transaction speed.
No details on the cost of the transaction were provided.
I know I have all the power in our transaction.
I mean, that's why we did a $100 billion transaction.
The judge ordered Apollo to try to close the transaction.
The transaction is scheduled to close in the second quarter.
But after botched beginnings, this transaction may just make history.
There is a bit of ''rent'' in nearly every transaction.
EQT's Bauer said the foundation still fully supported the transaction.
The transaction leaves SoftBank with a 26% stake in Alibaba.
The ceremony symbolizes the end of the transaction between families.
Other customary covenants consist of lien limitations and transaction restrictions.
The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter.
The entrepreneur took minimal liquidity as part of the transaction.
The transaction will be complete by the end of 2018.
Neither of the sources disclosed the price of the transaction.
There is no secondary transaction as part of this round.
The bottom line: Reuters initially reported this transaction last week.
On Tuesday, Schatz introduced legislation proposing a financial transaction tax.
But a buyer has a responsibility in the transaction, too.
So, how do you price that transaction is very important.
There's a $95 annual fee, and no foreign transaction fees.
"A transaction is always better than a lawsuit," he said.
It's the transaction equivalent of the famous Alonzo Mourning GIF.
In this room, sex is almost like a market transaction.
Back then, the company was doing one transaction a month.
The transaction is facing opposition from its top shareholder Freenet.
One, we haven't been presented with any transaction yet. Fair.
The brokerage firm declined to comment further on the transaction.
He also said he would favor a financial transaction tax.
You can receive notifications every time you make a transaction.
This transaction is about one thing: getting you more money.
They showed some skepticism about the structure of the transaction.
Usually paid intimacy concludes with some kind of definitive transaction.
Focus on telling a story and not driving a transaction.
It is also impossible for transaction details to be changed.
Ideally, bring a card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees.
United Technologies said it anticipated closing the transaction next fall.
The buyer in that transaction was the photographer Jay Maisel.
A month later, Anhui Xinke pulled out of the transaction.
In 2019 alone, Qonto managed €10 billion in transaction volume.
The unidentified American collector completed the transaction two days later.
The US prosecutors now believe the transaction was criminally fraudulent.
The transaction is planned for the week commencing November 6.
The transaction is expected to be completed by February 2020.
This new chain has a transaction limit of 8 megabytes.
It did not disclose financial details of the proposed transaction.
Morawiecki declined to comment on the details of the transaction.
The transaction valued Mead Johnson at $17.9 billion, including debt.
For Mr. Fertitta, the transaction comes at a hefty premium.
There's no annual credit card fee or foreign transaction fees.
There are no foreign transaction fees and no interest either.
A financial transaction tax would hurt everyday investors the most.
The transaction cost Kenexa $34 million, a press release said.
RBC Capital Markets advised Encana on the transaction, it said.
But that's usually not the full extent of the transaction.
After the transaction, ARC will hold 33.9% of Alexander Forbes.
It raised $1.8 billion in a similar transaction last year.
The market clearly understands the industrial logic of this transaction.
After the transaction closes, Krispy Kreme will be privately owned.
On the surface, the transaction also makes sense for Pfizer.
Bitcoin Cash will increase the transaction limit to 8 megabytes.
The seller used a limited liability company in the transaction.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch advised ArcLight on the transaction.
There was no breakup fee in the transaction, Heerasing said.
When I use cash, I get nothing: the transaction disappears.
The transaction is expected to be rated Caa23 by Moody's.
Sunrise plans to maintain its dividend policy after the transaction.
According to management, the transaction should be completed in 1H5003.
Propertylink and Centuria Group declined to comment on the transaction.
Handelsbanken, Nordea and SEB acted as bookrunners on the transaction.
"  "We're not entering into a transaction that's founded on trust.
A whole confirmed transaction can take up to an hour.
Once someone enters a transaction, it cannot easily be changed.
The transaction is expected to be completed in early 2020.
"The USMCA is a historic transaction!" he said on Twitter.
You can also set your transaction defaults from this page.
Now, Harvard is conducting an independent review of that transaction.
That transaction doubled Heineken's market share to nearly 2000 percent.
"Nothing has changed in terms of coin transaction," he added.
She specializes in health care mergers and acquisitions transaction services.
The value of the transaction was estimated at $900 million.
You had done the public offering of the ... the transaction.
The company did not disclose the value of the transaction.
Nor did they verify that anything came of the transaction.
They spend because the transaction, or life itself, feels meaningless.
You won't have the private key for that Bitcoin transaction.
But the transaction became mired in lawsuits and was blocked.
Well, we don't, because we're not collecting the initial transaction.
Falconer Pharmacy said in the complaint that it pays "at least 17 cents per routing transaction," but Surescripts has previously revealed that more competitive prices would be between one and three cents per transaction.
"Elliott is supportive of the proposed Sempra transaction, which provides substantially greater recoveries to all creditors of Energy Future than the proposed Berkshire transaction," a spokesman for Elliott said in an email to Reuters.
PayPal historically makes more money on a transaction when a user funds his or her PayPal wallet with a direct bank account hookup, since that method carries lower transaction fees than payment cards do.
Bayer currently has in place a fully underwritten bridge financing facility to backstop the transaction and has committed to pay Monsanto a $2 billion termination fee if the transaction fails to receive regulatory approvals.
We'd execute a secondary or follow-on transaction, pay a 1% transaction fee and price our shares at about a 4% discount to the closing price on the day we priced our secondary offering.
Mr. de Vries, who keeps track of the use on the site Digiconomist, estimated that each Bitcoin transaction currently required 80,000 times more electricity to process than each Visa credit card transaction, for example.
Also, the transaction is likely to be in dollars, which means passing through correspondent accounts in the United States, and U.S. banks could refuse to handle the transaction because the beneficiary is under sanctions.
The state said the system also did not allow users in some locations to enter North Korea as a country involved in the transaction, which meant the transaction wouldn't be flagged for closer scrutiny.
"The target company had this expertise available, which represented the fundamental value in the transaction," Ferenc Nagy, Transaction Advisory Services Manager said, adding that such deals were most common in IT services and manufacturing.
"The transaction gives rise to a limited number of horizontal overlaps for which the Commission found, following its market investigation, that sufficient competition will remain after the transaction," the Commission said in a statement.
The special committee has not yet received a formal proposal from Mr. Musk regarding any Going Private Transaction nor has it reached any conclusion as to the advisability or feasibility of such a transaction.
"Our rough ad efficiency analysis (ad spend/transaction) speaks to Amazon's ability to drive repeat/direct traffic…as its estimated $0.75 ad spend/transaction is a fraction of what Booking/Expedia spend," he wrote.
NEW YORK, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Northrop Grumman Corp neared an agreement to buy Orbital ATK Inc, in a transaction that could be announced as soon as Monday, according to a person familiar with the transaction.
SOURCES OF INFORMATION The information below was used in the analysis: - loan-by-loan data provided by MyState Bank Limited as at 13 October 2016 - transaction documentation provided by Westpac Banking Corporation, the transaction arranger.
"At this stage, there can be no certainty that these discussions will lead to a transaction, or as to the terms on which a transaction, if any, might be agreed," Euronext said in a statement.
They must provide an equity structure chart showing the ultimate controller of the transaction, as well as investment agreements, details of business operations and transaction background, financing plans, risk analysis and management, among other information.
Wallet 2 was a source of funds for a Bitcoin transaction… Records obtained from the Bitcoin Payment Processing Company revealed buyer information for that Bitcoin transaction as 'Martin Frost,' using the email address klaus-martin.
While the blockchain doesn't contain obvious identifying information about the person behind a transaction, once someone figures out a user is responsible for one transaction it can be possible to track their entire Bitcoin history.
Its transaction-tracing technology mines the public Bitcoin ledger to identify and flag up suspicious transaction patterns within the distributed digital currency — offering the promise of combating Bitcoin-powered money laundering and other criminal activity.
The Rating Watch Evolving status reflects uncertainty as to whether the proposed transaction will be approved, as well as uncertainties as to China Oceanwide's effect on GNW's financial and operating strategies should the transaction close.
"No possible valuation has been specified, nor has any transaction price or other condition been set," Aljaro said, adding Abertis was a "a passive subject" and did not know whether a transaction would be completed.
Publishers keep the cash and do the transaction: If a person subscribes, the transaction will take place on the publisher's website and the publisher will process the payment directly and keep 100% of the revenue.
Visa — The credit card issuer has unveiled "Visa Consumer Transaction Controls," a number of features which allow more easily set spending controls, transaction alerts, and the ability to suspend accounts with an on/off feature.
This differs from a "regular" blockchain where every transaction is sent to all the nodes on the network and all of those nodes record the rules and value of the transaction on a public ledger.
The U.S. has more transactions than any other Arctic nation, but each transaction is worth, on average $85033 million, whereas in Russia, the average transaction is valued at $790 million, and $568 million in Canada.
"Nothing about the transaction, Capital House, L.L.C. or the investment was unusual, inappropriate, illegal or otherwise objectionable to anyone involved on either side of the transaction," Mr. Jiles said, using another spelling for the company.
Thankfully, eBay offers a Money Back Guarantee on every transaction on the site, meaning you can and will be refunded when a transaction goes wrong in a way that&aposs entirely out of your control.
Deutsche Bank, where Mr. Epstein was a client from 2000 until June 2019, has been handing over transaction-by-transaction data to federal prosecutors and other authorities, according to two people familiar with the matter.
Deutsche Bank, where Mr. Epstein was a client from 2000 until June 2019, has been handing over transaction-by-transaction data to federal prosecutors and other authorities, according to two people familiar with the matter.
Neither the attorney general nor Mr. Najib have explained that transaction.
Among them: a financial transaction tax (FTT) on high-frequency trading.
But it's not, and Kono winds up holding the transaction records.
The transaction is subject to approval by Brazil's Cade antitrust regulator.
Both companies still expect the transaction to close in mid-2017.
A vertical transaction is when a company merges with a supplier.
"We have a positive margin on the transaction," Chen tells me.
Sources told CNBC the transaction would not involve Fertitta's Houston Rockets.
This estimate does not include any additional fees or transaction costs.
It wasn't immediately clear if the transaction was in Canadian dollars.
Neither Microsoft nor BlueTalon disclosed the financial details of the transaction.
The Commission said the proposed transaction would raise no competition concerns.
OfferUp is charging them 7.9 percent per transaction, including payment fees.
The transaction is expected to price as early as next Thursday.
Some businesses will offer to perform your transaction in U.S. dollars.
There are no membership fees, foreign transaction fees, or late fees.
Importantly, there are no transaction fees for both merchants and customers.
That transaction all but assures that LeBron will sign in Philadelphia.
It said the transaction included aircraft dating from 2013 and 2016.
The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2016.
Revenue generation remained under pressure as client transaction volumes remained low.
Trash it, and the costs of every global transaction will rise.
An alert should stop the transaction and alert the end user.
Read: The best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees 9.
The Chevron offer is a 75% stock and 25% cash transaction.
In addition, transaction fees for closing intraday positions will be lowered.
" He observed, "they are lowering the transaction cost for buying things.
The transaction was not helped by volatile market conditions this week.
Next, a pre-transaction phase takes place which includes verification checks.
Quite the opposite; it's painfully slow and transaction fees are horrible.
"This transaction had but two supporters—Sinclair and Tribune," Sohn said.
"Therefore, both parties jointly decided to terminate the transaction," she said.
Stalk away, but never like the transaction deep in somebody's feed.
A currency transaction tax could also in theory juice American exports.
Stubhub does not sell anything directly, but takes a transaction fee.
The transaction is expected to close in Q1 2020, Spotify said.
CBC may also announce a RegS transaction denominated in Peruvian soles.
" Sterling said it now "intends now to pursue a new transaction.
And you buy something else, you get a higher average transaction.
Additionally, there are no monthly fees, foreign transaction fees, or interest.
Thankfully, transaction taxes tend to bite hardest only for expensive homes.
First, the SegWit updates improves the transaction capacity of the blockchain.
It is expected to be the largest secondary transaction in history.
No annual fee, no late fees, no foreign transaction fees, nothing.
They then enter a six-digit code to complete the transaction.
What is noteworthy is how they have gone about this transaction.
The transaction increases Icahn's stake to 23.1 percent, from 20.8 percent.
Coach currently makes money by charging a transaction fee on payments.
This would cream 0.2% off every transaction executed by financial firms.
Please allow time for the repayment transaction to hit your account.
This is not Danal's first transaction with a carrier billing service.
The boards of directors of both companies have approved the transaction.
But who can say definitively how each such transaction was conducted?
You'll be able to pick a bank account for each transaction.
Not all were entirely negative about the transaction, however, albeit guardedly.
The £46bn ($17.54bn) transaction is Japan's biggest foreign takeover to date.
Amazon Pay charges 2.9 percent + $0.30 per transaction, also like PayPal.
This privacy makes transactions relatively instant and with cheaper transaction fees.
It would have been the largest such transaction of its kind.
Carey painted 21st Century Fox as a winner in the transaction.
Both parties agreed that the transaction price shall not be disclosed.
This is what you pull out to save the whole transaction?
Eager to offer brokers some protection, the SEC capped transaction fees.
Every person can download it and track each and every transaction.
He sold the company after reaching $1.5 billion in transaction volume.
Eventually, the company intends to take a cut of every transaction.
The company will take a 30 percent fee for each transaction.
The transaction creates the largest energy infrastructure company in North America.
But what the G7 is all for is lowering transaction costs.
The transaction should be effective during the second half of 2019
The transaction is expected to be completed end of June 2016.
The companies said the transaction is expected to close in 2017.
The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2016.
Closing of the transaction is not contingent on financing by AlphaCredit.
Electrolux and G.E. had agreed to the transaction in September 2014.
"But it's a business transaction, not a free giveaway," she continued.
Williams stockholders approved the merger transaction with ETE following the ruling.
The transaction is expected to close at 11:403 p.m. tonight.
The value of today's transaction is not being disclosed by Udacity.
The transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter.
Still, it grew the average transaction size there through higher prices.
Like Stripe, online checkout costs 2.9 percent + 30 cents per transaction.
Transaction fees aren't the only element of app subscriptions Google changed.
Including debt and transaction costs, the deal was for $6.7 billion.
Credit Suisse acted as GSG's sole financial adviser on the transaction.
I'm trying to make both sides better off in the transaction.
The parties can then either consummate the transaction or walk away.
French authorities can't confirm the transaction due to tax secrecy. 5.
The statement did not give a timetable for a potential transaction.
The point is the president wanted the transaction to be memorialized.
Only the transaction between the Chinese and North Korean was illegal.
Whenever possible, don't use your card's magstripe to perform the transaction.
But there are no additional ATM or transaction fees for users.
Naciri & Associés Allen & Overy and PwC advised DPI on the transaction.
Antares Capital led the transaction with joint lead arranger Golub Capital.
A GNP spokeswoman declined to comment on sales or the transaction.
They wait in line sometimes for hours to make that transaction.
The Verizon transaction, combined with other acquisitions in 2015, elevated leverage.
The Social Democrat also wants to introduce a financial transaction tax.
For those directly involved, there are no losers in this transaction.
There was no evidence the transaction took place, the website reported.
In a stock for stock transaction, nothing comes off the table.
She also brought out a block, representing the transaction being recorded.
And that's not even counting the acquisitions without reported transaction costs.
Reuters was unable to verify the likely value of the transaction.
The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2017.
ProSiebenSat1 said its dividend policy will remain unaffected by the transaction.
The transaction is expected to close before the end of April.
The startup takes a cut on every transaction from MasterCard's cut.
It was the fund's biggest transaction in more than three years.
The company plans to close the overall transaction in early 2018.
The firm identified three characteristics that make for a successful transaction.
I said, "Send," and then approved the transaction with my fingerprint.
They generate €22 billion in transaction volume every month ($226 billion).
Beijing has cut interest rates, downpayment requirements and property transaction taxes.
The latest transaction was brokered by ICAP and processed through MarkitServ.
Shares in both lenders rose slightly on news of the transaction.
Administrators can adjust card limits and share transaction information with accountants.
Petrobras will receive $1.1 billion in the transaction, the filing added.
It makes money by charging a small fee on each transaction.
Days later, Nakamoto sends bitcoins in its first ever transaction. Jan.
As you use the tiles, you give away the transaction cards.
But the transaction can also be interpreted in two other ways.
It then enables the transaction in exchange for a delivery fee.
The transaction often happens after a U.S. company has already inverted.
A successful transaction will be a significant positive sign for Myanmar.
The transaction was either respectfully nonverbal, Ida thought, or calmly hostile.
Every transaction is meant to involve a winner and a loser.
Total revenue, excluding transaction-based expenses, rose 4% to $1.29 billion.
Including net debt, the transaction is valued at about $3.57 billion.
He has called a Paramount transaction a logical step for Viacom.
She took my card and completed the transaction in total silence.
If not, would you do it if Apple facilitated the transaction?
The transaction needed the approval of two-thirds of Milestone unitholders.
All of this is just to say the transaction is sketchy.
The company expects the transaction to close by June 30, 2019.
The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals, according to the statement.
The health insurer did not disclose financial details of the transaction.
Betterment also does not charge ATM or foreign transaction fees worldwide.
People involved in the transaction spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Korean agency Kexim, meanwhile, announced a mandate for a new transaction.
You'll receive your voucher code via an email following your transaction.
A Star Is Born turns that transaction into a love story.
Netshoes' shareholders are scheduled to deliberate on the transaction on Friday.
Zijin expects the transaction to be completed no later than Feb.
She declined to provide any financial details of the planned transaction.
The transaction is expected to close during Adobe's fiscal third quarter.
Azerturk Bank was limiting customers to one transaction each per day.
The DaVita deal marks its fourth and largest transaction this year.
In a related transaction, TD Bank will combine with Scottrade Bank.
Tellingly, it was another private transaction, this time brokered by Sotheby's.
The two sides aim to complete the transaction in early 2018.
A business may only have a customer's name from a transaction.
This transaction took place on the eve of the 2016 election.
"It didn't intend to prohibit a private commercial transaction," Shumate said.
In other instances, government conditions have made a transaction economically unfeasible.
Still, Jimenez has not dismissed the notion of a larger transaction.
The transaction was blocked, but it was marked as abnormal activity.
The transaction was expected to be completed on or before Dec.
The fees on such a transaction whetted appetites around the globe.
Many splitting couples will sell their house, which spurs transaction costs.
The point is, am I getting the value for that transaction?
The biggest transaction cost is often the real estate agent commission.
Initially, the Sri Lankan transaction reached Pan Asia Banking Corp PABC.
Of course, she could unwind the transaction; it wouldn't be hard.
Read more: The best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees93.
But we're matching the security element of an NFC-type transaction.
Feedback must be left within 60 days of a completed transaction.
Harts said a financial transaction tax could hurt America's competitive advantage.
Delek expects to complete the Chevron transaction in the fourth quarter.
The transaction is supported by a sound legal and financial structure.
The transaction is subject to approval by competition authorities in Germany.
The companies closed the transaction and began collaborating earlier this year.
It's not a great transaction history for Patrick Roy's best buddy.
Revenue, excluding transaction-based expenses, rose 6 percent to $635 million.
The company did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction.
It will hold a 5% stake in Argan after the transaction.
The companies did not disclose the financial details of the transaction.
Healthcare is not a transaction business; it is a relationship business.
Right now, Waze is not taking a cut of that transaction.
The company generates revenue primarily on transaction facilitation for its clients.
First transaction was an hour ago while I was at lunch.
We believe this transaction significantly advances our strategic and financial goals.
He previously worked on the transaction advisory practice of Ernst & Young.
It typically doesn't weigh a transaction until a deal is reached.
The planned bond deal is Aramco's inaugural transaction in international markets.
Smart contracts, on the other hand, are self-executing transaction agreements.
The transaction is subject to approval by regulators of El Salvador.
Every transaction is there in the ledger for all to see.
Believe me, you haven't made a $500 profit on this transaction.
The companies expect the transaction to close by June 30, 2018.
XRP acts as a bridge between fiat currencies during a transaction.
The refiner expect Commission approval for the transaction by mid-2019.
In a stock purchase transaction * Ennis acquires independent printing company, inc.
Bitcoin transaction records helped investigators find the Russian agents under indictment.
Banks know your public identity, but they keep transaction specifics secret.
"This wasn't a transaction, this wasn't tax planning," Professor Spengel said.
"It was the smoothest transaction I've ever witnessed," Ms. Gladysz said.
Can your bank bail you out with transaction data years later?
But the profitability of these online home transaction models remains uncertain.
"I felt like I was doing a drug transaction," he says.
The delay will give the panel time to review the transaction.
We'll see what happens, if a transaction is presented before us.
"The defendants have mustered only one specific transaction," Judge Leon said.
"This is a very exciting transaction," he said in a statement.
Brex says Landria staff will help ensure transaction accuracy for customers.
Overall, transaction volumes rose in 2500, compared with the year before.
Citi led the new transaction, which opens at 100bp over Libor.
Everything is a transaction: What have you done for ME today?
Also in UPI land, you don't make money on each transaction.
The value of the transaction would not be disclosed, Adevinta said.
Neither Lanvin nor Fosun would disclose financial details for their transaction.
So a transaction for Hulu would have to be made independently.
Sting's transaction, at $50 million, was by far the most expensive.
The data also contained specific dates and times of the transaction.
But some brokers are more reliant upon transaction costs than others.
It was not certain whether a transaction will materialize, easyJet said.
As a result of the transaction, Millicom receives $24m in cash.
The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals.
Total revenue, excluding transaction-based expenses, rose 11.3% to $1.34 billion.
The transaction marks the most expensive land deal yet this year.
That's the transaction that allows me to keep doing this job.
On the processing, Podium sees the profit on the transaction cost.
When her transaction was finished, she and the child left quickly.
In the Wabtec transaction, G.E. will receive $2.9 billion in cash.
Lawless cited high transaction costs and dour consumer confidence among reasons.
There are no foreign transaction fees, maintenance fees or account minimum.
The transaction is expected to be tax-free to Brunswick shareholders.
The deal is an all-stock transaction, according to the Times.
When completed, that transaction would be the largest in aerospace history.
In my opinion, the small transaction fee isn't a deal-breaker.
I mean, there's a fee every time that there's a transaction.
That's fine as it goes, but is just a financial transaction.
Depop takes a cut of this, making 10% on each transaction.
Sweden imposed a financial transaction tax of 28503 percent in 22020.
In the United States, we imposed a transaction tax in 1914.
Citigroup and Goldman Sachs are joint global coordinators for the transaction.
Both men say that despite the transaction, they have never met.
Smooth transaction, power seller, would definitely do business again A++++🔥.
For sneakers, fees can total around 10% on the entire transaction.
Because the transaction involves email fraud, your bank won't reimburse you.
The terms of the transaction were not disclosed, Wells Fargo said.
Minhas estimated that ESO Fund made roughly $800,000 on the transaction.
But after the transaction was completed, he still had one left.
The transaction would value Sky over all at about $230 billion.
"A transaction that was offline is increasingly coming online," he said.
Zurich-based Adecco did not give financial terms of the transaction.
For all these reasons, Vara calls the loan a "fraudulent" transaction.
Supporters say a financial transaction tax (FTT) would deter market speculation.
A euro-denominated bond transaction may follow subject to market conditions.
There&aposs a $95 annual fee, and no foreign transaction fees.
A transaction can happen at astonishing speed — in a few seconds.
The CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum card also has no foreign transaction fees*.
Thermo Fisher said the transaction would immediately add to its earnings.
"Today's transaction is a pivotal milestone," Culp said in a statement.
Moody's estimated the size of the transaction would be $71 billion.
Financial institutions are required to file timely transaction reports on trades.
Cineworld expects to complete the transaction on or before March 2.
The cyber world has become a tool for promotion and transaction.
Once you do so, the transaction happens more or less automatically.
First it was a property; soon after that, a soccer transaction.
Bayer expects to close the transaction by the end of 2017.
In both cases, Gerwig is saying, marriage is a business transaction.
There is a 2.49% fee per transaction in the United Kingdom.
The transaction required no background check and took about 20 minutes.
She is moving fund-raising off GoFundMe, to avoid transaction fees.
Line said it expects the transaction to be completed around March.
Like an ATM, DailyPay charges a flat transaction fee of $2.99.
While this increases security/flexibility, it can limit transaction volume dramatically.
GTT expects the transaction to close in three to six months.
Some apps charge a few dollars per month or per transaction.
Instead, Alice's transaction is shared with everyone in the Bitcoin network.
It's the beginning, or rather, the continuation of one long transaction.
Its single-transaction limit is the same for residents and nonresidents.
The bank's reputational risk committee killed the transaction in March 2016.
Contacted by Reuters, Foresman and Warnig declined to discuss the transaction.
We similarly expect that our transaction should be reviewable by international regulators in as timely a manner as the Disney transaction, and should be as or more likely to receive international approvals, given our relatively small presence outside the U.S. Our Board of Directors has unanimously approved this proposal, and no Comcast shareholder vote will be required for this transaction.
Post-Acquisition Financial Profile: The resolution of the RWN will depend on whether this transaction is completed; and if it does, Sunac's financial profile in the 12 to 24 months following the completion of the transaction.
The value of Bitcoin is only guaranteed for a certain period of time so if the transaction doesn't complete within that window of time, then the amount of Bitcoin needed to cover the transaction can change.
Under plans drawn up by Scholz and sent to ministers from nine other European Union states, they would levy a financial transaction tax of 0.2% of the transaction value of purchases of shares in large companies.
"We continue to make good progress since we announced the transaction separating Yum and Yum China into two," a Yum Brands spokeswoman said, adding that the company would provide updates on the transaction at appropriate times.
Unless Jordan or I decide to broadcast our identities on the network, no one will know who executed that transaction—they'll just see that a transaction for X amount of money occurred at a given time.
"There can be no certainty that these approaches will lead to any transaction or any certainty as to the terms on which any such transaction might proceed," the company said in a news release on Tuesday.
Presumably, cryptocurrency fraud is prevented, or at least minimized, by multiple independent parties processing the same transaction in parallel; that is, by each party adding a new transaction to an existing set, or "block" of transactions.
"This transaction allows us to fully repay our outstanding debt, significantly lower our pension liabilities and have a substantial cash position following the close of the transaction," Tronc Chief Executive Justin Dearborn said in a statement.
"Since announcing the transaction the majority of our top 10 shareholders have chosen to increase their shareholding in Tesco and we hope to convince all our shareholders of the merits of the transaction," said a spokesman.
The bottom line: CBS shareholders will have 72% of Entercom, and to make the whole transaction tax-free they will be offered a Reverse Morris Trust transaction, which lets them exchange CBS shares with Entercom shares.
That means that if you meet your limit for the week, you'll have to wait until exactly one week after a transaction is posted for the amount of that transaction to stop counting against your limit.
"We believe this new transaction addresses competitive concerns previously raised with respect to the prior transaction and will streamline and simplify the transition for customers, team members and other stakeholders," Stefano Pessina, Walgreens' chief executive, said.
The likely reason is that the fee attached to the transaction in order to incentivize faster confirmation—50 cents, which is about as much of a premium as I'd pay for a $9 transaction—simply wasn't enough.
This, in turn, will make it less onerous to fill out details to complete the transaction — and therefore less likely for the sale to fall prey to the "shopping cart abandonment" that scuppers many an online transaction.
Tesla said in its statement on Tuesday the special committee had the authority to take any action on behalf of the board to evaluate and negotiate a potential transaction and alternatives to any transaction proposed by Musk.
And as the price of ether has skyrocketed — to more than $1,000 as I write this — transaction fees have done so as well, so that the average fee for an Ethereum transaction is now around US$2.50.
"Despite the substantial swell of support against this transaction, it is extremely difficult for shareholders to prevail without a supportive recommendation from ISS and Glass Lewis to vote against the transaction," Starboard said in a press release.
The Money Laundering Statutes Broadly speaking, under the criminal money laundering statutes, it is a crime for any person to engage knowingly in a financial transaction with knowledge that the transaction involves the proceeds of criminal activity.
The company said in the statement that the special committee has the authority to take any action on behalf of the board to evaluate and negotiate a potential transaction and alternatives to any transaction proposed by Musk.
You travel internationally every year and your credit card charges foreign transaction feesFinally, don't forget to pick up a credit card with no foreign transaction fees if a lot of your travel is outside the United States.
" Praxair also confirmed in a separate statement that it has been in discussions with Linde, noting that "there can be no assurance that they will result in a transaction, or on what terms the transaction may occur.
If the transaction, valued at up to $1.95 billion, is closed on Nov 1, 2019, the company expects transaction costs of about 200 million Danish crowns ($30 million) and integration and retention costs of 400-500 million.
If the transaction, valued at up to $1.95 billion, is closed on Nov 13, 2019, the company expects transaction costs of about 200 million Danish crowns ($30 million) and integration and retention costs of 400-500 million.
In his first public comments on the transaction since it was revealed by U.S. prosecutors this week, lawyer Ralph Isenegger said in an emailed statement to Reuters that the interest-bearing loan was a personal business transaction.
But I have no idea that this transaction was going to happen.
The transaction comprises a seasoned portfolio, with loans from 16 Indian states.
We have not been able to determine the price of the transaction.
It's this totally synthetic thing and he needs to do a transaction.
But Fairchild's transaction committee said an agreement would still be too risky.
PayPal and Square on the other hand own access to every transaction.
When a miner successfully validates a transaction, they are rewarded in cryptocurrency.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Mediobanca advised Eurobank on the transaction.
Buyers and sellers frequently used WhatsApp to complete the transaction, Tricorache said.
The SEC registered transaction is expected to be rated A3/BBB+/BBB+.
Total revenue, excluding transaction-based expenses, increased 4.7 percent to $1.2 billion.
The transaction requires regulatory approval both at the state and federal levels.
Low transaction costs are a very key focus of what we do.
Komarov says there is no evidence to tie them to the transaction.
The transaction gives WCI an enterprise value of $809 million, Lennar said.
The transaction is expected to close during the third quarter of 2018.
Hours later, much to Larson's shock, the transaction was a done deal.
The transaction is set to price after the market close on Friday.
The 13.8 billion yuan transaction is expected to be completed next year.
Once that transaction is approved, it will own a 53 percent stake.
The transaction is anticipated to close on or around July 2123, 2017.
LocalBitcoins collects a one percent fee in bitcoins for each completed transaction.
Repsol and Murphy declined to comment on any potential transaction or talks.
Credit Suisse analysts said the talks increase uncertainty around the Sky transaction.
As part of the transaction, she's resigning from the board, effective immediately.
The suspected transaction was first reported by the Asahi newspaper on Tuesday.
If the website wants to charge you again, the transaction will fail.
The app is hockey-sticking, with transaction volume doubling just since June.
The startup plans to take a small transaction fee for each conversation.
The same transaction would have taken two days through the traditional system.
That is more than sufficient to make up for any transaction costs.
This transaction is a great opportunity to build a global category leader.
Frontline's fleet will consist of 75 vessels after the transaction, including newbuilds.
NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERNS The transaction is expected to close the third quarter.
Adjusted operating revenue declined 4% yoy, driven by weak client transaction volumes.
The team works with rental shops and takes a 20% transaction fee.
Banks are reconfiguring their operations to serve such a transaction-heavy clientele.
However, after the transaction, the actual policy management is still highly competitive.
The transaction is expected to close before the end of April 2017.
This adjustment for $188 thousand reflects transaction costs incurred by the Company.
The transaction was funded with internal cash and bank financing, ThaiBev said.
You'll see a checkmark on the display when the transaction is complete.
The transaction is expected to close toward the end of the year.
This increases innovation and reduces the transaction costs associated with trading data.
It works by analyzing your transaction history to identify missed rewards opportunities.
The startup generates revenues by taking a 13% commission on each transaction.
The transaction will be priced later on Tuesday subject to market conditions.
The idea of a cashless transaction was paramount to Uber's business model.
The two sides are locked in a court dispute over the transaction.
The company has managed $2 billion in total transaction volume so far.
UTC said on Friday the transaction should close within three business days.
There is no assurance that any transaction will take place, it said.
But regulators blocked the deal in 2017, and they dropped the transaction.

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