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928 Sentences With "has"

How to use has in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "has" and check conjugation/comparative form for "has". Mastering all the usages of "has" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He has humor, he has sensitivity, he has grace, he has fire, he has such charm.
Apple has Siri, Facebook has M, Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa, and Google has, well, Google.
She has no -- she just has no ground, she has no soul, she has no heart.
It has a little bit of everything: it has hummus, it has rice, it has vegetables.
Every province in the country now has at least one confirmed or presumed COVID-19 case, according to Canada Public Health: British Columbia has 73, Alberta has 56, Saskatchewan has six, Manitoba has seven, Ontario has more than 170, Quebec has 73, New Brunswick has six, Nova Scotia has three, Prince Edward Island has one, and Newfoundland and Labrador have one.
So far, Texas has confirmed 85 cases, Nebraska has 18, Missouri has six, and Idaho has five.
The businessman now has 329 delegates, according to The Associated Press, while Cruz has 231, Rubio has 110, Kasich has 85033 and Carson has 8.
Every province now has at least one confirmed or presumed COVID-19 case, according to Canada Public Health: B.C. has more than 100; Alberta has 74 and Calgary announced a state of emergency; Saskatchewan has seven; Manitoba has eight, Ontario has 186; Quebec has 50, New Brunswick has seven, Nova Scotia has five, Prince Edward Island has one, and Newfoundland and Labrador have one.
Minnesota has three, Indiana has four and Ohio has nine.
It has sex, it has deceit, it has -- KURTZ: Tapes.
The group "still has leaders, still has fighters, it still has facilitators, it still has resources," he said.
As time has gone on, Hulu has changed leadership, has considered an IPO, and has considered a sale.
Never mind that the economy has improved, unemployment has plunged, household wealth has soared and the deficit has shrunk.
Google has the Googleplex, Facebook has MPK20, and Apple has... Park?
Google's convenient, Google has mail, Google has maps, Google has this.
It has country, it has funk, it has New Orleans jazz.
Leicester has 23 points, Tottenham has 21 and Arsenal has 52.
He has a home, he has a company, he has cars.
Europe has Brexit, China has Hong Kong, America has Mr. Trump.
Investment has stalled, productivity has declined and confidence has been eroded.
Overall, however, India has only $5 trillion in household wealth, while Africa has $2.5 trillion, the Asia-Pacific region has $55 trillion, China has $29 trillion, Europe has $80 trillion, and Latin America has $8 trillion.
Some fan-group monikers have become household names: Beyoncé has the Beyhive, Justin Bieber has Beliebers, Rihanna has a Navy, Selena Gomez has Selenators, Taylor Swift has Swifties.
By CNN's estimates, Trump now has 758 delegates, Cruz has 538, Marco Rubio has 173 and John Kasich has 145.
In Florida, where Bloomberg has spent $27 million, Sinclair has 13 stations, while Gray has five and Nexstar has three.
Overall, Trump has 79 delegates, Cruz has 16 and Rubio has 15.
When upward mobility has faltered, as it has recently, so has liberalism.
Verizon has NumberShare, AT&T has NumberSync, and T-Mobile has DIGITS.
Rubio has the leadership, he has the vision, he has the intelligence.
Earth has earthquakes, Mars has Marsquakes, and yes, the moon has moonquakes.
Nothing has been produced, nothing has been delivered, nothing has been shipped.
The American public has allowed that, has supported that, has encouraged that.
Linux has Linus, Facebook has Mark, Ethereum has Vitalik, Bitcoin had Satoshi.
He has been consistent, he has been convicted, he has been committed.
It has intrigued; it has disgusted; it has also remained largely hypothetical.
Biden has 10 delegates, while Warren has 8 and Klobuchar has 7.
Twitter has it, the iPhone has it, and even YouTube has it.
Retailing has faltered, housing has flatlined and the trade deficit has ballooned.
Evan Gattis has power, Jake Marisnick has speed, Marwin Gonzalez has versatility.
Spokane County has 123, Tacoma-Pierce County has 45, Grant County has nine, Snohomish County has four, Ferry County has three and Thurston and Yakima Counties each just one.
BMW has M Sport, Mercedes has AMG, Audi has RS, and Cadillac has V. Tesla has used "P" to showcase performance trim levels, but something flashier is in order.
Mindy of "The Mindy Project" has TV hair, Olivia Pope of "Scandal" has it, Jane the Virgin has it, Kimmy Schmidt has it, Jessica Jones has it, Cersei Lannister has a slightly longer fantasy-book version of it.
It has done good work, but has unusual powers, has at times been heavy handed and has become a political football.
No past president has revelled as Mr Bolsonaro has in the enemies he has made and the offence he has caused.
Mountain biking has suspension systems, rock climbing has sticky rubber (stay tuned), mountaineering has crampons, and downhill skiing has releasable bindings.
It has money, sex, drugs; it has Newport, New York and Europe; it has nobility; it has maids, butlers, a gardener.
CNN has tried to contact Nwankpa but has not yet reached him and has not determined whether he has legal representation.
The list can include actions he has taken, statements he has made, executive orders he has enacted, tweets he has tweeted.
Daredevil has Wilson Fisk, Jessica Jones has Killgrave, and Luke Cage has Cottonmouth.
Instagram has one, WhatsApp has one, Facebook has one, now you have one.
Apple has AirPods, Google has Pixel Buds and now Microsoft has, well, headphones.
Sanders has 3.8 million; Clinton has 3.2 million; and Cruz has 2.1 million.
Facebook has its own AR Studio, Google has ARCore, and Apple has ARKit.
German has three distinct angers, Mandarin has five and biblical Hebrew has seven.
Dollar Shave Club has Mel Magazine, Equinox has Furthermore and Airbnb has Airbnbmag.
Cruz has 22019 percent, Kasich has 21 percent and Rubio has 16 percent.
Manhattan has energy and money; Brooklyn has hipster cachet and old-world, brownstone beauty; the Bronx has pugnacity; Staten Island has apartness.
"Dre has Beats, Jay has Tidal, Kanye has himself and now the world has Snoopavision," Snoop Dogg said in a promotional video.
If you take "has drunk" versus "has drank," I call that Stage 2 — "has drank" is Stage 2 — and the ratio of "has drunk" to "has drank" is 12-to-1.
"She has a husband, she has children, she has a high education, she has a career, and she has this amazing title of having put a man in presidential office," Rion said.
He has a real grasp-- of-- I mean, he has-- he has a operational mind, and he has a money mind as well.
"The situation in the Russian economy has improved: inflation has fallen, the economic decline has slowed down, the rouble has strengthened," she said.
It has brotherhood, it has breakup to makeup, it has rags to riches, it has freedom of speech, police brutality, AIDS and HIV.
Trump has said he has made a decision on what to do about the agreement but has not said what he has decided.
But it only has four nominations total, where The Crown has 13, The Handmaid's Tale has 20, and Game of Thrones has 22.
He now has four offices in South Carolina, while Mr. Sanders still has nine, Ms. Warren has 11 and Mr. Biden has five.
I know Victor has written about this extensively as has Gordon, as has you.
Calculus has Isaac Newton, physics has Albert Einstein, and personal technology has Steve Jobs.
Prince George has seven godparents, Princess Charlotte has five and Prince Louis has six.
Monahan has four goals this season, Lindholm has three, and Gaudreau has six assists.
HBO has "True Detective," ABC has "American Crime" and Starz has "The Girlfriend Experience."
Austria has apple strudel, France has tarte tatin, and the Netherlands has apple crumble.
Petra has denied any wrongdoing and has said the consignment has not been released.
Time Warner has CNN, Comcast has MSNBC, and 21st Century Fox has Fox News.
He has said he has no recollection of Ford's claims and has denied Swetnick's.
The loan has now closed and has been allocated, and Analog has its money.
Mueller has said Kilimnik has links to Russian spy agencies, which Kilimnik has denied.
Growth has returned to the bloc, unemployment has fallen and business activity has expanded.
Air Canada has 24 MAX 8 planes, WestJet has 3503, and Sunwing has four.
Stitch Fix currently has five members, CarGurus has six and Blue Apron has eight.
A bun has zero holes, a bagel has one, and a pretzel has two.
A decathlon has 10 events, a heptathlon has seven and a triathlon has three.
So far, CVS has one test site, Walmart has two and Walgreens has one.
Apple has had high dividends, it has had good growth, and it has also had a great buyback program that has been buoying stocks.
Of candidates still in the race, Cruz has 17, Rubio has 16, Kasich has six and Carson has four, according to a CNN count.
But it has become increasingly important as fighting has raged, the economy has collapsed and Yemen has needed all the help it can get.
Neistat has 7.9 million subscribers, Kimmel has 10 million subscribers, and Corden has 12 million.
Twitter has trolled them, Merriam-Webster has trolled them, and now, so has Star Wars.
Accel has 15.2 percent, Pitango has 14 percent and Meritech Capital Partners has 13.4 percent.
Maeve has Lee Sizemore, Dolores has Major Craddock, and the Man In Black has Lawrence.
My digestive system has never really recovered, nor has my thyroid, nor has my metabolism.
Southwest has 34 of the jets; United Airlines has 14 and American Airlines has 24.
Brunson has denied the accusation - as has Gulen - and Washington has demanded his immediate release.
The nonprofit has a history of aggressive spending and has proven it has deep pockets.
Netflix has 125 million subscribers, Amazon Prime has 100 million and Hulu has 20 million.
Apparently the hangover has has lifted: Ridha has released a video featuring a new track.
It has been a decade, though, and as Cashman has been reminding, much has changed.
What Oregon has for pinot, it has for chardonnay; what Oregon notionally has is acidity.
Elise Stefanik: Every witness who has testified and has been asked this has answered, yes.
By comparison, Microsoft has 15.5%, Chinese cloud giant Alibaba has 7.7%, and Google has 4%.
Manafort, however, has pleaded not guilty, and has insisted that he has done nothing wrong.
He has denied the accusation - as has Gulen - and Washington has demanded his immediate release.
Now Instagram has 400 million daily Stories users, WhatsApp has 450 million and Facebook has 150 million, while Snapchat's whole app has just 191 million.
However, now that Lyft has expanded across the U.S. and Uber has reached the massive scale that it has, finding new drivers has become difficult.
Riggins has not has his arraignment yet and has not yet entered a plea, court officials say, adding that he has not retained an attorney.
Trump has expressed pleasure at how well the stock market has performed while Yellen has led the Fed and has been complimentary of her leadership.
Brennan now has this problem, Comey has this problem, McCabe has this problem, Clapper has this problem, and all of a sudden-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: Lynch.
But since 2013, Vonn has torn three knee ligaments, has endured two substantial knee reconstructions, has twice broken her tibia and has broken an ankle.
Juventus has matched Barcelona's tally of six, however, again, with little challenge, while Manchester City has five, Real Madrid has three, and Chelsea has two.
Warren has since lost 12 points and Biden has fallen by 6 points, while Buttigieg has gained 10 points and Sanders has gained 6 points.
As it has done so, it has has bolstered them with their own government-relations teams.
Total has a 49.99% stake in Culzean, while BP has 32% and JX Nippon has 18%.
Merkel has none of these excuses, yet her popularity has plummeted while Trump's has steadily risen.
Bobbitt has also said he fears D'Amico has a gambling problem, something that D'Amico has denied.
Najib has denied any wrongdoing, and has said he has taken no money for personal gain.
It has weapons, it has stealth mechanics, it has different enemy types who populate its world.
Just like YouTube has an opportunity, Amazon has an opportunity, that's why Hulu has an opportunity.
She has worked under the ministry, has domain knowledge, and has also worked in the sector.
The DJ-20 has fallen since crude oil has rallied, which has sent airline stocks tumbling.
Snow has made strong leadership choices in the past; he has failed and he has succeeded.
In Texas, where Bloomberg has spent $30 million, Nexstar has 27 stations and Sinclair has 16.
KakaoTalk has more than 50 million users, Kik has 175 million and LINE has 218 million.
Now Google obviously has its offerings, Microsoft has its, Apple has their Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana.
He has all of the passcodes, he has the passwords, he has all of the information.
He has disgraced himself, he has disgraced the Country, he has disgraced the entire Intelligence Community.
NYC has a penthouse problem, LA has a mansion problem, and Miami has a condo problem
So Iraq has blasted the referendum; so has Turkey, which also has a sizable Kurdish minority.
He has 50.3% of the vote, Abrams has 48.7% and Libertarian candidate Ted Metz has 0.9%.
The numbers: Biden has 200063 percent support, Sanders has 17 percent and Warren has 14 percent.
But while democratic progress has been made, Tunisia's economy has struggled and unemployment has remained high.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has finished, turkey has been consumed and football has been watched.
America's economy has kept growing because factory output has risen even as manufacturing employment has fallen.
Trump has to be the best, has to be admired, has to be the most successful.
Bird has its Charger program, Spin has its Squad program and Skip has street team chargers.
Trump has repeatedly denied any connections and has also said there has not been any obstruction.
This economic progress has been hard, but it has been steady and it has been real.
Saudi Arabia has been forced to be aggressive, and it has been Russia that has counterattacked.
She has very low name recognition and has consistently polled worse against Toomey than Sestak has.
The Bronx has the Yankees, Queens has the Mets and Staten Island has … the Pizza Rats.
Every red carpet appearance he has made, every acceptance speech he has given, has been killer.
UPS has fallen 8%, FedEx has declined 2%, and the S&P 500 has risen 2%.
It has to be joyful, it has to be funny, it has to make people happy.
Brain has interns; it has residents; it has "ninja" classes to train people in other departments.
Greenberg has said he has not seen the tape and has demanded that prosecutors share it.
Doc Rivers, his coach, has concluded that Paul has the best hands he has ever seen.
The European Union has inspectors, South Korea has inspectors, Japan has inspectors, Australia and so forth.
The media has changed, how voters consume information has changed, and the party electorate has changed.
Considered on a regional basis, North America has 48 universities in the top 100, Europe has 27, Asia has 23, and the Middle East has 2.
Pollsters also found that Biden has 28 percent support among registered voters, while Warren has 23 percent, Sanders has 17 percent and Buttigieg has 21625 percent.
He has four children with Wheeler and has fathered at least one other child but has always declined to comment on how many children he has.
What has happened in Syria since 2011 has affected what has happened elsewhere, a chain of events that has destabilized the Middle East and the world.
Life expectancy has risen, child mortality has dropped, more young Afghans are in schools and universities, and media freedom has significantly increased, as has women's representation.
In the big 6-inch range: Samsung has the Galaxy A9 Pro, Sony has the Xperia XA Ultra, Alcatel has the Pixi 24.7, Oppo has the R264 Plus and ZTE has the Grand X Max 2128.
Spain has paella, Turkey has pilaf, Italy has risotto, New Orleans has étouffée: Rice is one of the most versatile, and therefore ubiquitous, foods on the planet.
Who has the experience, who has the knowledge, who has the judgement, who has the clarity, and vision and strength of resolve to keep this country safe.
The unsweetened version of soy milk has roughly 70 calories per cup, flax milk has 25 to 60, coconut milk has 45, and pea milk has 503.
While Citi has struggled to satisfy investor questions about whether it has the right business mix, JPMorgan has been more successful and has continually posted record profits.
Sanders has built a bold movement around progressive ideas and has mastered digital fundraising, but he has yet to prove that he has a reliable voter base.
But Klopp also has maximized his resources: he has helped Alexander-Arnold develop; he has finessed Robertson; he has offered Origi, against all odds, a way back.
Mr. Trump has said the law should be repealed and replaced, and has suggested that he has a plan in hand, but has not offered any details.
The economy has grown and workers' productivity has increased, but their share of corporate profits has fallen.
It has continuous development, and then it has discontinuous jumps, when suddenly somebody has a new idea.
Jim Cramer has noticed that global growth has improved dramatically, yet people still think nothing has changed.
It has cheated the reader, it has cheated the writer and it has definitely cheated the artist.
Ariana Grande has her ponytail, Harry Styles has his Gucci suits, Taylor Swift has her red lipstick.
It has to be fashionable, it has to be artistic, and it has to include a fetish.
It has been a notion he has been unable to dispel and has grown weary of discussing.
Elon Musk has SpaceX, Richard Branson has Virgin Galactic and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has Stratolaunch.
While President Trump has expressed confidence in Acosta, he has has few allies inside the White House.
Justin Timberlake has Sauza 901, made with Casa Sauza; Diddy has DeLeón; AC/DC has Thunderstruck Tequila.
The team has struggled whenever he has sat out, losing seven straight games that he has missed.
Donald has never been public about his faith, and when he has tried, it has been futile.
El Salvador has 94 percent coverage, Honduras has 88 percent coverage, and Mexico has 98 percent coverage.
Ghosn, who has been detained since his arrest, has denied the allegations, public broadcaster NHK has reported.
His company's reputation has faltered; growth on the main platform has slowed, and employee morale has dropped.
The election of Trump has accomplished one thing: It has unified and mobilized those he has targeted.
Trump has criticized the intelligence agencies and has denied he has had anything to do with Russia.
Lady Gaga, who has spoken about being raped when younger, has also said nothing, as has Madonna.
The company has not finished its commercial product, has little revenue and has a history of losses.
New York City has Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman, Paris has Le Bon Marché, and London has Harrods.
As long as there has been wealth, there has been a fascination with who has the most.
Bachchan's character tells Kapoor, he has wealth, he has everything and asks him what he (Kapoor) has.
His mind has not changed, his heart has not opened, and his debt has not been paid.
What popular music has meant as it has interacted with socio-political history has evolved over time.
Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has argued that Mueller has overstepped his authority.
Trump has already gone places no candidate ever has, even telling us he has a big penis.
CBS News has reported six cases; ABC News has reported one; and NBC News has reported one.
Japan has said it has seen "inappropriate instances" of South Korea's export controls, but has not elaborated.
So the income gap has widened, economic success has become more cutthroat, and automation has reshaped employment.
Almost every woman I know has been sexually harassed or has a friend who has been assaulted.
The rain has stopped, the sun has come out again and the wind has died down considerably.
ANAIS has 70 total appearances, NIN has 172 and even the full name ANAIS NIN has seven.
SNAP participation has declined in recent years as the economy has improved, which has lowered overall costs.
Congress has done it twice, the Senate has passed it twice, the President has vetoed it twice.
With the Australian Open well underway, Federer has 20, Nadal has 19 and Novak Djokovic has 16.
It has been a mixed blessing: National and state news has improved, but local coverage has suffered.
Unemployment has continued to decline, the stock market has soared and overall economic growth has been robust.
Although Simhadri has been arrested, he has not been charged -- and no trial date has been set.
Blackman has not been to court yet and CNN has not determined if he has an attorney.
She's attractive and physically healthy, has an average I.Q. and has a sibling who has suffered greatly.
Someone who has dreams, who is ambitious, who is vulnerable, who is funny, who is smart, who has demons, who has darkness, who has love, who has light, who has all of these things, and is far from perfect, but also is an active participant in their life.
"He has stolen from us, he has corrupted the economy of South Africa, he has made this country a joke and after that, he has laughed at us."
If your startup has raised money from a VC fund, has been part of an accelerator, has received state funding or has the JEI status, then you're eligible.
Marriott has ended up with "something that is curated, which has service attributes to it, which has got design function to it, has got key delivery," Sorenson said.
Each has benefits and drawbacks — Amazon has cornered the home, Apple has done a good job in mobile and Google has straddled the two better than anyone else.
Rural America has gotten redder, suburban America has gotten blue, and urban America has gotten so blue that it has turned, in some places, another shade of red.
"These companies don't have the real estate groups like Lululemon has, Tesla has or Apple has, " he said.
The country's currency has been pushed to historic lows, inflation has soared, and foreign investment has dried up.
Irving has seen limited time this year, but when he has played, he has been a destructive force.
Washington has since said it has evidence that Syria has used chlorine gas in attacks in recent weeks.
Yet he has regularly shaken up campaign staff and has waffled on the few policies he has proposed.
Merck of America has pembrolizumab (Keytruda); Bristol-Myers Squibb has nivolumab (Opdivo); and Switzerland's Roche has atezolizumab (Tecentriq).
Star Trek has Starfleet, Star Wars has the Imperial Navy, and Halo has the United Nations Space Command.
While technological innovation has replaced jobs for decades, it has always created more jobs than it has destroyed.
As China's economy has ballooned, and its reliance on Hong Kong has diminished, Beijing has exerted greater influence.
Kavanaugh has vehemently denied Ford's charges, while Judge has said that he has no recollection of the incident.
Lula has had the best lawyers, has argued in front of all the courts and has always lost.
Crude has plunged about 30 percent since October as global supply has surged and demand growth has weakened.
EA has Origins, Ubisoft has Uplay (though it still releases games concurrently on Steam), Activision Blizzard has Battle.
While Boeing has tumbled 12 percent, United Technologies has added 1 percent and the has risen 1.5 percent.
He has intuition, he has judgment and he has a temperament in a way that I've never seen.
Russia has its GLONASS satellites, the EU has Galileo, and China has its BeiDou system of navigation satellites.
Paul Krugman has shown that the Fed's estimate of the NAIRU has trickled down as unemployment has fallen.
CNN has asked the USDA if Predators Unlimited has had any violations, but has not yet heard back.
Trump has faced criticism after reports that he has turned down some briefings and has received them infrequently.
In doing so, it has found the confidence to lead, and has shown that it has the capacity.
" Hillary Clinton has rightly concluded that "over the years, Guantánamo has inspired more terrorists than it has imprisoned.
He certainly has a structural advantage — having won, he just has to hold on to what he has.
The U.S. gas market has been tightening consistently since April as production has fallen and consumption has soared.
Canada has a migration policy, the U.S. has a migration policy, and the U.K. has a migration policy.
Her mother has shown no symptoms, Ms. Delosangeles has been told, but that has not eliminated her concern.
But as automation has increased inside factories and textile work has moved overseas, the local economy has sputtered.
As demand for Bitcoin has dwindled, Bitcoin's algorithm has adjusted and the coin has become easier to mine.
"ISIS has power, ISIS has sleeper cells and ISIS has been preparing for this for years," he added.
AT&T has saved $2.2 billion; Verizon has saved $1.75 billion and Apple has saved about $4.5 billion.
Brooklyn has the most number of cases, with 2,33; Queens has 2,254 cases; and Manhattan has 1,21 cases.
Brooklyn has the most number of cases, with 2,33; Queens has 2,254 cases; and Manhattan has 1,21 cases.
Ghosn has been unable to respond to the allegations, which public broadcaster NHK has said he has denied.
Additionally, Warren's favorability has gone up slightly since May, while Sanders has remained steady and Biden has slipped.
Steyer now has 214 staffers in the state while Sanders has 3003 — and Biden has 2300 and counting.
Spotify has said that it has 50 million global subscribers, and Apple Music has more than 20 million.
I mean, he has betrayed his office, he has betrayed the Constitution, and he has betrayed national security.
Cohen has adamantly denied the dossier's allegations and has specifically said that he has never been to Prague.
Dark chocolate has the highest amount of cocoa flavanols; milk chocolate has less, and white chocolate has none.
Qdoba has the Impossible taco, Subway has Beyond meatballs, and KFC has tried out Kentucky Fried Beyond Chicken.
Each of the states has two cases, except for Missouri, which has seven, and Minnesota, which has three.
"I'm the only one who has the record and has the background and has the support," Biden said.
Facebook has denied it has done anything wrong, saying there is no evidence the data has been misused.
So like his dad has a role, his mom has a role, his step-dad has a role, AAU has a role, he has a role, even high school for a certain amount of time has their role, and then no one steps on each other's toes but everyone is connected.
Facebook itself has 1.65 billion monthly active users, while Instagram now has 500 million monthly active users and its app has has 500 million monthly active users as well.
Ceasefires have come and gone, each side has gained and then lost territory, the violence has worsened and the only thing that has risen has been the death toll.
I think Russia has a great culture, has a privileged geographic position, has great economic potential, a skilled population, a lot of things that Russia has going for it.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Almost every high-end phone has some kind of night mode nowadays: Google has Night Sight, LG has Night View, and Samsung has Bright Night.
It has the records of anyone who has played major league baseball, but get this: It also has the records of anyone who has ever played minor league ball.
Coming forward has been a relief, said Mr. Woodward, who has been told he has post-traumatic stress disorder and who has tried to take his life several times.
In the last two years, India's consumer confidence has plummeted, construction has slowed, the fixed investment rate has fallen, many factories have shut down and unemployment has gone up.
Mr. Trump has repeatedly told associates that Mr. Pruitt has done what he has wanted in terms of cutting regulations, so he has been reluctant to let him go.
McGregor has rarely spoken to the news media since then, and when he has, he either has not been asked about the accusations or has addressed them only indirectly.
He has managed to do something no other populist has: Trump grafted the populism of popular culture (where it has been extremely popular) onto politics (where it has not).
Why don&apost they arrest Hillary as a coconspirator because she has allowed him -- she has been the person that has let him go and the enabler that has let him go and do what he has done to women.
But over more than three decades at Bentley, she has a winning percentage over 21 percent, has been to 2000 N.C.A.A. tournaments, has won 217 regional titles, has played in 210 semifinals and has had a dozen 278-win seasons.
He has a weak organization in Iowa and has tended to perform much worse there than he has nationally.
Kastroll has calculated that she has lost around $150,000 over the 12 years the policy has been in place.
This is a month she has had, a week she has had where her family has been viciously attacked.
It has grown mostly because respondents believe Yellen has become more dovish, while Fischer has remained about the same.
Mr Uribe has called for "correctives" to the peace agreement but has not specified what he has in mind.
She has all these objects and gear and then she has a cordoned off section, where she has rats.
Pence has said multiple times that nothing has been offered and nothing has been accepted," he told CNN. "Gov.
YouCaring also has never disclosed how much it has raised and has only ever disclosed one backer, Alpine Investors.
The Galaxy S8 has 83.5 percent, Pixel XL has 71.2 percent, and the iPhone 7 Plus has 67.7 percent.
Wicker has received $10,000 from Facebook since 2014, Tillis has received $7,500, and Sullivan has received a whopping $2,500.
Tullow, the operator of the Orinduik block, has a 60% stake, while Total has 25% and Eco has 15%.
Kellogg has returned 261 percent, General Mills has returned 331 percent and Hershey has returned 359 percent, it added.
The rapper has complained that he has been treated unfairly, and has called his conditions in the jail substandard.
Wheeler has one more year of arbitration remaining on his contract, while deGrom has two and Syndergaard has three.
Iran has denied ever seeking nuclear arms and Israel has never acknowledged that it has any of its own.
That's where my focus has to be, where your focus has to be, where his focus has to be.
Trump has expressed frustration in the past with Coats and has periodically considered replacing him, as CNN has reported.
The administration has rejected that and Duterte has previously said he has no need for anyone to defend him.
Virginia also needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage and who has a moral compass.
The Labor Department has alleged that Google has a gender gap in pay, a charge the company has denied.
Acoustictrench has over 325,000 followers and has inspired Maple's own account, where she already has more than 98,000 fans.
CNN, which has not independently obtained the statement, has reached out to Woods' representative but has not heard back.
"Today, Istanbul was hit; Paris has been hit, Tunisia has been hit, Ankara has been hit before," Merkel said.
It has many partners here, it has enormous amount of trade here, it has resources from Asia, energy particularly.
He said it has 1,000 apps and has the highest quality lenses that Oculus has built into any device.
Of the top 25, Fox has 15 shows in the category, while MSNBC has six and CNN has four.
Trump has sometimes called global warming a hoax but has also said he has an open mind about Paris.
Volatility, which has been elevated since early February, has collapsed, as the VIX has gone from 20 to 15.
Your party generally has what it needs, it has the food, it has a camping equipment, you can travel.
But cryptocurrency crime has ballooned as the market has slowed down, prices have plunged and business activity has stalled.
Gorka, who has has been outspoken about his love of firearms, has had issues with them in the past.
CDA 230, while it has its flaws, has played an important role in the how the Internet has developed.
The discussion that has taken place so far has mostly been about how poorly Trump has been treating children.
Prime Video has the biggest library of TV shows with 2,317, while Netflix has 1,966 and Hulu has 1,931.
O'Reilly has never mentioned Dhue, and any attention she has received has been the result of her own actions.
That arrangement has meant social and political change has been glacial although it has also kept the kingdom stable.
She has struggled, too; what she has faced as a woman has been tough enough but she's still here.
As he has turned to the theater, Laurie has taken up writing poetry, and Kyle, 25, has begun directing.
Cobalt One has surged 30 percent this year, First Cobalt has nearly doubled, and Ecobalt has jumped 13 percent.
But Stewart has long courted controversy and has some Virginia Republicans questioning whether he has any shot against Sen.
Its center-right rival, Fianna Fail, has 44 seats; left-leaning Sinn Fein has 23; and Labour has seven.
With the destruction that FOSTA has caused, it has affected me and it has affected the people I love.
Clariant has shown it has a proven strategy, but has to sharpen this in the months ahead, he said.
The excitement about the digital world has of course taken hold, and what has been possible has been spectacular.
Walmart, which has made online sales a priority, has acquired Jet and has devoted enormous resources to digital sales.
Qatar has denied the allegations and has claimed it has assisted the United States in its war on terrorism.
He has found communities that gave him that sensation and has encouraged millions to love what he has loved.
He has repeatedly said he has no plans to seek political office, but that has not stopped the murmurings.
Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) has endorsed Cisneros, for example, while Sanders has not, though he has not ruled it out.
In the Pensacola case, Apple has said it has given up all the data it has to the government.
Federer has 20; Nadal has 19 and Djokovic has 16 — even if he is playing down the title race.
And lots and lots of scales and technique so the voice has dexterity, has flexibility, has movement between registers.
Over time, automation has generally had a happy ending: As it has displaced jobs, it has created new ones.
The probe has dogged and frustrated Trump, and has also moved into whether the president has obstructed the investigation.
Details has shuttered, Maxim has cycled through editors, and Playboy has done away with its raison d'être, naked women.
But Wilder remains unbeaten, has rarely been troubled, and has put everyone he has ever faced on their back.
The overall reduction in mobility has come as convergence across locations has stalled and labor market dynamism has stagnated.
Bevin has defended the pardons CNN has sought comment from Bevin about the pardons but has not heard back.
In many cities where ride-hailing has taken off, congestion has worsened and use of public transport has dropped.
Sanders and Buttigieg have four offices across the district, Warren has three, Biden has two and Steyer has one.
Hubert has not been available for comment; Hyperallergic has reached out to the museum but has not heard back.
Obviously the ecosystem has changed a bit, but because Stripe has grown, my particular vantage point has also changed.
His output has been fantastic, he looks like he has his diet perfect and his timing has been incredible.
" "What has been somewhat surprising has been that the increasing volatility in politics has occurred despite a strong economy.
But the league has not achieved as much as it has expected, and its marketing has not been as strong as it could be, N.B.A. Commissioner Adam Silver has said.
According to an Associated Press tally, Trump has at least 446 delegates; Cruz has at least 347 delegates; Rubio has at least 151 delegates and Kasich has at least 54.
Private: Elon Musk has SpaceX, Richard Branson has Virgin Galactic, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has Stratolaunch and Jeff Bezos has Blue Origin, Axios' Dan Primack noted late last year.
Obama, who has also been repeatedly mocked by Trump, has criticized Trump as being ignorant or cavalier about world affairs and has said that Trump's rise has "rattled" foreign leaders.
China, which has the biggest trade deficit of any country, has been a particular target of Trump, who has argued that the U.S. has struck unfair trade deals with Beijing.
While he has been a bit wild, and has been frustrated by the strike zone, Lester has actually pitched pretty well and is losing simply because Kluber has been dominant.
And at this time there has been absolutely no indication, whatsoever, that the data has been disclosed, that it has been used or that it has been offered for sale.
As a result, South Bend's population has grown, its unemployment rate has fallen faster than the rest of the state, its downtown has revitalized, and its housing market has recovered.
He has handled its finances for decades, has been involved with the Trump Foundation, has managed the president's private trust and has at times reviewed the Trump presidential campaign's books.
As technology has shifted and the Bee has grown more prominent in recent decades — ESPN has aired it since 1994 — coaching has become a mainstay of the elite spelling circuit.
" • "As her political stature has grown — she has served in the cabinet twice and has been married to Mr. McConnell for 26 years — Beijing has sought to flatter her family.
The pound has slumped, inflation has shot upwards — hitting its highest level in over five years last month — while real wage growth has stagnated, and GDP growth has slowed significantly.
It has been no secret on Wall Street that Mr. Cohn has coveted the top position at Goldman and has grown impatient as Mr. Blankfein has remained in the job.
Harris, who has refused corporate and lobbyist money for her campaign, has raised only about $100,000, has spent just over $60,000 and has just over $50,000 in cash on hand.
As her political stature has grown — she has served in the cabinet twice and has been married to Mr. McConnell for 26 years — Beijing has sought to flatter her family.
The 23-year-old has six goals in 11 games and has been a force at even strength; Michael Grabner has six goals after scoring nine last season; Mika Zibanejad has nine points and Brandon Pirri has four goals and seven points.
Mr. Trump has repeatedly expressed doubt about Moscow's election meddling, has failed to order any defense against future election hacking, has suggested Crimea should be a part of Russia, has impugned NATO and has ingratiated himself with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.
Foxconn has pledged to create 13,000 jobs and build a $10 billion campus in Wisconsin, but has not met early hiring targets and has said it has been reconsidering its plans.
Foxconn has pledged to create 13,000 jobs and build a $10-billion campus in Wisconsin, but has not met early hiring targets and has said it has been reconsidering its plans.
The government has given Mr Puigdemont until October 16th formally to clarify whether he has declared independence or not; if he has, then he has until October 19th to revoke it.
Snapchat has 191 million daily users, but Facebook Stories has 150 million, Messenger Stories has 70 million, Instagram Stories has 400 million and WhatsApp Stories (called Status) leads with 450 million.
Nixon, who has never held office, has said Cuomo's experience has not translated to good governance, Cuomo has said she is inexperienced and naive about the practicalities of New York politics.
Trump has conflicting beliefs — he has said he is with the intelligence community on the matter, but he has also said he believes Putin when Putin says Russia has not meddled.
" She adds about his style: "For Britton, he has flavors of John Mellencamp, he has flavors of Bruce Springsteen, he has flavors of Elton John, he has flavors of Ed Sheeran.
Why is it that every emotional moment he has, has to be leaked, has to be a tick-tock, every second has to be transmitted to you guys in the press?
Italy, Europe's hardest hit country, now has more than 24,000 cases, Iran has almost 14,25, Spain has at least 229,223 and the United States has now reported more than 2300,260 cases.
It has been a nerve-racking process — so many ideas, so many possible answers — but she has been buoyed by the support she has had from everyone she has talked to.
Medicare spending has come in lower than expected: So has Medicaid spending: And so has private insurance: A bit of this has to do with lower-than-expected health insurance enrollment.
He has done extra work in the batting cages, he has studied video assiduously, he has been given time off, and he has been used on occasion as the designated hitter.
Mr. Caro Quintero, who has denied directing the murder of Mr. Camarena, has dismissed the claims that he has returned to drug trafficking and has asked to be left in peace.
Lately, she has taken to reflecting a bit on how the last year has shaped her as a candidate, acknowledging it has been "hard" at times but has made her better.
While this has lowered banks' borrowing costs, the pressure it has put on their lending rates has hurt profit margins.
He has already been indicted for under-reporting his income, but local media has said he has denied the allegation.
"LCS has been one thing that has been in his sights, and arguably there has been an effect," Cancian said.
The company has also said it has worked transparently for years on climate science and has properly disclosed business risks.
He has admitted that he has a back tattoo, but has not confirmed or denied that it fits the description.
He has said Hernandez has an IQ of 67, has taken anti-psychotic medication for years and allegedly experiences hallucinations.
Faraday argues that Evergrande has reneged on the agreement but Evergrande has countered that Faraday has not fulfilled the conditions.
PERINO: Well, and it has been, Jesse, the American-led global order that has been in place has been good.
"Virginia ... needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage and who has a moral compass," Northam said.
The bill has been postponed but Lam's position has become tenuous because of the embarrassment the shift has caused Beijing.
Time has passed, and yet the Simpson saga of murder, race, gender and justice has shown it has staying power.
"He's tall, he has the best body, he has two kids, he has like a 12 pack," Khloé tells her.
Snoop Dogg has his own cannabis company, Wiz Khalifa has has a strain and Willie Nelson recently launched his own.
Starboard has argued that Yahoo's financial performance has continued to slide, which the activist shareholder has attributed to poor management.
The me I am now has never been wino  has never had wine  does not want since never has had.
According to Cuban, Trump has inspired his supporters not with what he has said, but how he has said it.
Xiaomi has the Mi Mix 216, Honor has the Magic 16, and now Lenovo has the Z224 Pro (via Engadget).
While this has mostly paid off, the expansion in lending has softened, signaling that the bloc's growth cycle has peaked.
Pai has repeatedly denied he has taken actions aimed at benefiting a single company and Sinclair has denied improper conduct.
He has the enthusiasm, he has the merch, he has a video of himself totally smitten while watching Grande perform.
It has been brewing for a while — as its user growth has stalled, its ad sales growth has stalled, too.
But Alphabet has money, it has the flexibility, and now it has some cool-looking tech to go with it.
Everything has to be carefully prepared, it has to fresh, and everything has to be clean when you are cooking.
"There has never been a foreign-language Oscar hopeful that has had the support that this one has," Feinberg said.
Corker has not taken a position but has noted in the past that the embargo has not changed Cuban policy.
Now that some time has passed, Lucille has become a series staple and has witnessed her fair share of bloodshed.
She has led in polls and has higher name recognition, since that she has previously run for governor and Senate.
Facebook has flagged, labeled, and down-ranked misinformation; it has banned fake accounts; it has partnered with fact checking organizations.
Nashville has hot fried chicken, Austin has brisket, Los Angeles has taco trucks, and New England's got its fried clams.
The CW has given a pilot order to a reboot of Roswell that has an immigration twist, EW has learned.
While Jackson has been out, the bullpen has heated up and has a streak of 1933 2/3 scoreless innings.
Stan definitely has an upper hand, here; he has Gaad, and has been an FBI agent for a long time.
If the commitment to these difficult freedoms has sometimes flagged—and it has—it has just as often been renewed.
The Air Force has 156 F-35 aircraft in inventory, the Marine Corps has 61 and the Navy has 28.
He has simply said what he stands for, and has pointed to his record to show that he has delivered.
Collins has long said that Plawecki has the ability to hit at this level once he has a consistent chance.
P2 has often behaved as an activist shareholder and has even offered to buy companies in which it has invested.
While this has mostly paid off, the expansion in lending has softened, signalling that the bloc's growth cycle has peaked.
He has surrendered his comb-over to full-on baldness, and, as his torso has thickened, his neck has disappeared.
But now, Samsung has SmartThings software and devices, Apple has HomeKit software, and Amazon has the Echo voice command device.
It has a dynamic young principal, who has improved some test scores, but it still has lots of unused capacity.
He has had those few moments, to savor all he has done, to take in how far he has come.
Kelly has largely grieved privately and when he has spoken about military sacrifice, he has spoken broadly about shared experiences.
But since then, Mr. Carson has resigned, the process has stalled, and Mr. Carter has declined to release the report.
Mr. Ubben, who has a 4.4 percent stake and also has a seat on Valeant's board, has defended the company.
Every suppression apparatus the government has at its disposal has been used—even the National Guard has been called in.
Well, Gus has won one out of three, and has been competitive in losses, even when his team has struggled.
To date, Razer has disclosed around $125 million of investment, but it has publicly confirmed that it has raised more.
Mr. Trump, who has declined to make his tax returns public, has denied that he has business interests in Russia.
North Korea's government has even signed the deal, and Russia has too, although it has yet to formally ratify it.
Her communications team has proved hapless, and opacity has become a hallmark of her administration as she has shunned interviews.
Oil use has also risen as China has become the world's largest car market, and so has natural gas consumption.
Larry Walker has garnered 222 additional votes, Edgar Martinez has amassed an additional 22020 and Trevor Hoffman has added eight.
Ms. James has frequently said that she has worked for the powerless while Mr. Wofford has worked for the powerful.
Haley has little foreign policy experience, while Trump has expressed favorable views toward India, where he has real estate interests.
Her husband has died, her sister has gone missing, and a pregnant and undocumented teenager has appeared on her doorstep.
Brazil has the capacity, it has the intellectual firepower to do it, it has the financial means to do it.
Since Trump has taken office the stock market has reached record highs and unemployment has stayed at a historic low.
Despite those setbacks, Ginsburg has regularly bounced back and has said she has no intention of retiring any time soon.
No one's been arrested yet, but TMZ has learned Samantha has an obsessed fan who has bothered her for years.
Worldwide poverty has decreased; many diseases have been eradicated; the frequency of war has lessened, and its scale has shrunk.
Washington has declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus, as has California, which has recorded the other US death.
CNBC has learned Elliott has a more than $1 billion stake in Twitter and has nominated four new board members.
He has seen the game favor the slow and fetishize the fast; he has dropped back and he has pressed.
"Angel Has Fallen" stars Gerard Butler, who reprises his role from "London Has Fallen" (2016) and "Olympus Has Fallen" (2013).
Sanders has also repeatedly claimed that the President has addressed the controversy surrounding Daniels, which he has never done himself.
" Likewise, Trump's base, as the pollster Stanley Greenberg has written, believes that "politics has been corrupted and government has failed.
Powell has cut rates twice this year but Trump has said the bank has not moved quickly and aggressively enough.
Mr. Saggie has theories about the game's appeal, but isn't sure why it has sold as well as it has.
Though he has not garnered the national attention Mr. Allstadt has, Mr. Russell has attracted his share of local supporters.
"However, we also saw that obesity has increased, physical activity has decreased, and diet has worsened," Towfighi said by email.
The southern province of Guangdong has called upon 177,000, landlocked Sichuan has 308,000 and the megacity of Chongqing has 118,000.
The company's work typically has externalities that the CEO has not accounted for, or has begun to address only belatedly.
In the Democratic primaries, California has the most with 415 delegates, while New York has 274 and Texas has 228.
In turn, Trump has distanced himself from Cohen, who has told friends he has felt isolated, according to the friends.
Ms. Gerrity has warmth, delicacy, loveliness; Ms. Kikta has heroic amplitude and terrific impetus; Ms. Phelan has fantasy, poetry, liquidity.
Moore has denied all the allegations and has indicated he has no intention to step down ahead of the Dec.
Auriemma's team is not the greatest he has had, but it has answered all challenges it has faced so far.
Mayer has not publicly addressed the issue, though she has let it be known that she has raised concerns internally.
If the elderly population has substantially grown, while funding for it has substantially decreased, how has a cut not occurred?
Tollner has acknowledged he has received CNN's messages and would respond, but has not done so as of press time.
While New York has sheer numbers, Paris has high art and Milan has big business, London is known for ingenuity.
CNN has attempted to reach out to Becht but has not been able to determine if he has an attorney.
"The RSC has discussed his situation, has concerns and now has officially met with leadership over those concerns," Walker added.
The Air Force has 156 F-35 aircraft in inventory; the Marine Corps has 61 and the Navy has 28.
His home run total has been far eclipsed by Jay Bruce, who has 24, and Lucas Duda, who has 17.
Norway's DNO has 20%, state-owned Petoro has 20%, Sweden's Lundin Petroleum has 15% and ConocoPhillips holds the remaining 15%.
He has the personality, he has the skill, he has the knowledge, and he's using that to prey on people.
" But, she has stressed: "Life has to go on.
PERINO: She has -- she already has her talking points.
" "Everything that has been built up has been destroyed.
WILLIAMS: No, no, no, he has -- he has managed.
She has to go to jail — has to go!
Angie Everhart has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.
TV icon Alan Thicke has died ... TMZ has learned.
Well, it's gotten better since ... It has, it has.
Some time has passed now — has he corrected that?
She has not changed — the world around her has.
She has made similar comments before — and has backtracked.
Legendary actor Martin Landau has died ... TMZ has learned.
Evidence that the system has failed, he argues, is that, although GDP has tripled since 1975 and spending on lower-income families has quadrupled, poverty has risen and wages have been flat.
Sav has 5 million Instagram followers, her husband has 4 million, Everleigh, Sav's daughter from a previous relationship, has 4.3 million, and the couple's 3-month-old daughter, Posie, has 1.1 million.
Anybody who has control over your budget has control over your operations, and anybody who has control over who you staff up in the committee has control over how that committee goes.
For a body that has been engulfed by partisan rancor and has few legislative successes, Congress has more work to do in December than it has been able to finish in months.
Mr. Trump has made clear he has no interest in a Fed governor who wants to raise rates but, more recently, Mr. Cain has shown that he has evolved on the subject.
That background has, at times, been held against him: he has said that he has been witheringly referred to as "the employee" by some critics, simply because he has done another job.
The story is similar in Europe, where Air Liquide has 32 percent of the market, Linde has 30 percent, Air Products has 13 percent and Praxair has 7 percent, according to gasworld.
China has indeed instituted reforms in recent years as Chinese President Xi Jinping has made public commitments to strengthening intellectual property protection, but the U.S. has said implementation has not been sufficient.
While their work across the company has been important and necessary, it has meant that Vox has lost their dedicated focus.
Trump has repeatedly said he has doubts about the assertion, citing knowledge he has about the topic that he won't reveal.
To the extent that incarceration has reduced crime (as it surely has), it has done so inefficiently and with gratuitous harshness.
Canada had 22,873 skills as of the beginning of January 2019; Australia has 22,398; Japan has 2,364; and France has 981.
Iran has said it has the option of resuming industrial-scale enrichment now that the U.S. has withdrawn from the deal.
Trump has said he thinks he has the votes to pass the plan, although detailed legislation has yet to be unveiled.
State television has portrayed him as an irrelevant has-been and Putin's spokesman has said he was "quite an average citizen".
That's all to say that nothing has worked: the proverbial carrot has no apparent benefit, and the stick has limited use.
"It has to be a cooperative effort, it has to be funded, and it has to have a home," says Wells.
So has it raised capital that we haven't heard about, or has it simply not spent the capital it has raised?
He has since been passed by rookie OF Bradley Zimmer, who has taken over in center field, and has played well.
He has vowed to execute 100,000 criminals and dump them into Manila Bay and has suggested he has killed people before.
"I just … everything that our relationship has been, has been perfect and it has been easy," she tells her Ken doll.
Salah Abdeslam's lawyer has said his client has admitted being in Paris during the attacks but has given no further details.
"What has always pressured the profitability has been the aggressive spending that Bezos has done," said Edward Jones analyst Josh Olson.
Rick Hofstetter has been married and divorced three times, but he has one love that has outlasted them all: Story, Indiana.
It has to do with a Syrian population that has suffered too much and a country that has been torn apart.
The city has not issued a mandatory evacuation, but has warned residents of the incoming threats and has declared an emergency.
AWS has its Snowball (and Snowmobile truck), Google Cloud has its data transfer appliance and Microsoft has its Azure Data Box.
However, the government has said it wants to ensure everyone has access and has installed 237 Wi-Fi hotspots so far.
These characters are often male: James Bond has Q, Batman has Lucius Fox, and Tony Stark's Iron Man has, well, himself.
"She has not responded verbally to instructions, but she has been given instructions verbally and has followed those commands," she says.
The ACLU of New York has filed a separate lawsuit challenging this policy, which it says has has affected 747 children.
One also has an en-suite bathroom, while another has an expansive bay window and a third has a dressing room.
Mike Pence has insinuated that the campaign has "evidence" that the allegations are false, but has not yet released said evidence.
He has beaten the 28 other major-league teams he has faced (he has never played against the Boston Red Sox).
So far Fed Chair Janet Yellen has given few details on the plan, and has said nothing has been decided yet.
Cruz has at least six delegates running in the islands' caucus ballot while Trump has three and John Kasich has none.
It has not given any details about the "irregularities" it has identified and has sought to reassure investors about its liquidity.
Goldman said Marriott has already put in its period of outperformance, while Hilton has been lagging but has positive catalysts ahead.
The company's CEO has since resigned, and one doctor who oversaw the victim's care has been suspended while another has quit.
As Vox's German Lopez has written, America has more gun deaths than any other country — and it also has more guns.
A cup of broccoli cheddar soup has 230 calories, a bowl has 360 calories, and a bread bowl has 900 calories.
Pruitt's office has not told the group how many records it has identified for the other eight requests it has pending.
The country's credit rating has been raised, foreign cash has poured in and spending on infrastructure and social services has risen.
Rather, they've been marked by what he has not done, and what he has damaged, rather than what he has created.
While the approach has largely worked, it has also contributed to an oil glut that has kept prices low, analysts say.
It has a long history, but has gained popularity since the crisis and has even been endorsed by some FOMC members.
Mr. Deal has indicated that he has concerns about the bill but has not said definitively if he will veto it.
"Swedbank has made assurances that it has taken strong measures and has reported suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities," it said.
The Washington Post has reported that the candidate has exaggerated the amount he has donated to veterans groups over the years.
But it has held its shape because it has changed shape — and because the world has not run out of wars.
The violence has been so bad that it has rocked Michoacán's political establishment; the state has had four governors since 85033.
In the United States, Ford has 27203,603 hourly paid plant workers, GM has 260,22018 and FCA has 22018,600, the companies said.
Hossain has said the alliance has no links to the Jamaat, but Hasina has accused the alliance for fielding "war criminals".
It has applied for over 16,000 patents in the seven years it has been in existence and has been granted 4,000.
"Radio has been regulated, television has been regulated, the one area that has not been regulated is the internet," he said.
Putting these boundaries in place has helped me prioritize communication that matters — which has been essential as my company has grown. 
Since then, the IPO has been shelved, Neumann has been replaced as CEO, and SoftBank has taken control of the company.
Playboy has long been a shrewd business enterprise and has lasted as long as it has by making smart business decisions.
Amber Heard has dismissed her domestic violence restraining order petition against Johnny Depp, because TMZ has learned the case has settled.
Trump has vehemently denied all of the allegations and has threatened to sue his accusers, though he has not done so.
"Consumption has been very steady and that has been a huge benefit - it has been a very nice buffer," said Kuijs.
Rio has a 46.6 percent stake in the project; China's Chinalco has 41.3 percent and the Guinea government has 7.5 percent.
"Virginia also needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage, and who has a moral compass," he continued.
The Republican side has been leading consistently ever since, and the margin has increased as he has fed in new data.
The insurance company has grown quickly in recent years and has assets worth 1.65 trillion renminbi and has about 30,000 employees.
But his combative side has now emerged as the Democratic race has tightened and Hillary Clinton has sharpened her own rhetoric.
The ECB has maintained its policy has done more good than harm but it has acknowledged it comes with side effects.
The EPA has said it has granted more than two dozen waivers for 2017 but has declined to name the recipients.
The CEU has been under pressure from Hungary's nationalist government which has said it is has operated without full legal compliance.
Donald Trump has been President Trump for 500 days as of noon today, and everything has changed, and nothing has changed.
More recently, Trump has complained that the investigation—which by special counsel standards has barely begun—has gone on too long.
Jenner has been keeping a low profile and has not publicly discussed her pregnancy, nor has her rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott.
Qualcomm has said another major company, which it has not named, has stopped paying license fees of $1 billion a year.
While Reliance has long been involved in manufacturing and has billions of dollars in capital, it has no experience making jets.
Djokovic has also experienced off-court issues that he has not detailed publicly, and he has completely overhauled his coaching staff.
But by the time I'm finished, each one has a color, each one has an identity, each one has a purpose.
Kilimnik has strenuously denied that claim, but he has also gone quiet in recent months as the investigation has heated up.
Though the issue has ebbed as China's currency has strengthened in recent years, the trade war has given it new relevance.
While Trump has relied on US intelligence when it has served his purpose, he has dismissed it when it did not.
While the retailer has adjusted its 2,292 store's hours as the coronavirus has spread, it has not closed its locations entirely.
NBA 2K LeagueThe NBA 20203K League has announced that it has postponed the start of the 2020 season has been postponed.
Similarly, Mr. Bannon has told associates that he has been frustrated by recent setbacks and has resolved to dig in hard.
The university's pollsters found Biden has 28 percent support in the state, Sanders has 20 percent, and Steyer has 14 percent.
While that pitch has made her competitive in Iowa, she has been outspent and has polled below the four leading Democrats.
This has meant that, after two years, Fortnite has favored the veterans, which has left newcomers in a particularly difficult position.
But since then, Apple's business has rebounded, the global economy has remained largely stable, and the company's stock has roughly doubled.
One has died, and another, who has been in the hospital, has not been able to deal with the news completely.
Egypt, too, has turned inward, as its economy has worsened and a jihadist insurgency has taken root on the Sinai Peninsula.
He has been under virtual house arrest since polling day and has been detained each time he has attempted to leave.
The Reminders app has gotten an overhaul, as has the Notes app, which now has a gallery view and shared folders.
"Typically, the stock market has sold off and has created a flight to quality and has driven yields down," he added.
CNN has reached out to Maccarone for comment but has not yet been able to determine if she has legal representation.
A peacekeeping force has been in Congo since 1999, but it has little to show for the billions it has cost.
But Citgo has increased the volume of U.S. oil it refines, and has also has also expanded its crude import sources.
The president has repeatedly called it a "witch hunt," has denied any collusion with Moscow and has been critical of Mueller.
The country has been exporting more coal than it has imported for the past decade, not more than it has produced.
Rosen, who has relied more heavily on small-donor contributions, has raised $9.2 million and has about $3.8 million in cash.
Since June, Warren has gained 6900 points, while Biden has declined by 2628 percent and Sanders has dropped by 28503 percent.
In the 230 years that Patrick has been using drugs, he has lost track of how many times he has overdosed.
"Dovish" Draghi still has the moves, but it's obvious the game has passed him by and a new era has begun.
"He has realized what he has done to his victims and what a burden he has been to society," she said.
While Trump's health care agenda has foundered — as has much of the rest of his platform — his immigration agenda has not.
I'll be devastated, but I'm not someone who has a home here, who has a family here, who has stuff here.
He has been convicted at trial, he has pleaded guilty to additional crimes, he has broken his own cooperation agreement by lying federal prosecutors, and he has no chance at a 5K letter.
Hasbro, which has a market value of $14.7 billion, has gained 43% so far this year, while Mattel, which has a market value of $4 billion, has gained 15% during the same period.
Ampere Analysis verified that — excluding kids' content — BritBox has the largest collection of British boxsets of the streaming services: 27, while NOW TV has 233, Prime Video has 181, and Netflix has 163.
As she has watched her children grow up — they are 16, 19, 22 and 24 — she has been struck both by how much the culture has changed and how much it has retrenched.
Beyond all the points he has scored and the rebounds he has grabbed and the championships he has won, it is worth remembering just how much time he has spent plying his trade.
Germany has committed to returning items held in public museums, though it has faced criticism that it has acted too slowly, and the recovery of privately held works has been much more difficult.
Denmark has 12 rinks and has produced six or seven.
It has your favorite stage because it has every stage.
It has your favorite fighter because it has every fighter.
This morning truth has prevailed and he has been vindicated.
It has since been deactivated and the interference has stopped.
None of it has healed, none of it has ended.
How has your identity has shaped your understanding of neoliberalism?
Telenor has 12 million subscribers while Ooredoo has 5.8 million.
Corporate revenue has steadily improved as the economy has strengthened.
Billy Bush has been suspended from Today, PEOPLE has learned.
"I'm somebody who has hopes, who has dreams," Lachlainn said.
Turchak has never been questioned, and has denied the accusations.
He has denied ordering killings, but has not condemned them.
Grambling's music has more nuances, whereas Southern's has more power.
As Starbucks has continued to grow, so has Schultz's fortune.
Donald Trump has called it obsolete, says it has problems.
Your patience has been rewarded, and Malik has joined Snapchat.
Netflix has 100 million subscribers, Spotify has 50 million subscribers.
Because there has been significant progress that NATO has made.
She has the qualifying standard and has been tested regularly.
It has not disclosed how much funding it has received.
Trump has repeatedly denied the allegation as has the Kremlin.
Flows into riskier assets has ebbed, and momentum has waned.
Facebook now has three such services and Google has seven.
We have ours, South Korea has theirs, Japan has theirs.
As the scope has widened, so has the intended audience.
It has a great defense and it has Leonard Fournette.
Iran has repeatedly complained it has not received benefits promised.
The disease has gradually claimed almost every muscle she has.
Not only has Strudel lost weight, she has gained mobility.
Things that iMessage already has and has had for years.
This item has been so popular, it has sold out.
For years Wennmachers has quietly advanced a narrative that has
But she has her sword, and she has her skills.
He has not yet shown he has that in him.
The video has now resurfaced, and has gone more viral.
China has vowed to retaliate but has not given details.
FSG has not publicly stated it has operations in Iraq.
Support has dropped as the opposition campaign has ramped up.
She has said repeatedly that she has no such plans.
CNN has not determined if the suspect has a lawyer.
Even Reddit, where NSFW has flourished, has noticed the shift.
Giuliani has not been criminally charged and has denied wrongdoing.
But as it has expanded, so has its customer base.
Its availability has decreased as Mexico City's population has grown.
She does not remember what has or has not happened.
He has acknowledged that he has struggled with alcohol addiction.
It has also said Islamic State has used sulfur mustard.
Nothing has been offered and no decision has been made.
OkCupid has denied that there has been a security breach.
Has Farley buried his face because he has seen death?
This has been here all along and has been accepted.
But while the company has evolved, its policy has not.
He has suffered some, but he has also prospered greatly.
Since the wagon's velocity has increased, it has an acceleration.
Thunberg, who has Asperger's syndrome, has become a celebrity since.
" She added, "Everyone that has a life has a story.
Moore has denied the allegations, and Trump has defended him.
It has that feel that maybe it has grown out.
"It has humor, and it also has optimism," he says.
Amanda, who has two children, has requested sterilisation three times.
"The government has reached out, has made proposals," he said.
Freeport, which has a controversial history in Indonesia, has refused.
"He has his cage that he has to live in."
TD Ameritrade currently has 100 branches while Scottrade has 500.
He has to win, he has to punish and humiliate.
"He has told you what he has done," Steele said.
But Katie has a superpower: She has a special leg.
Where the United States has led, China has often followed.
The fear that globalisation has fallen flat has whipsawed markets.
CBS already has AllAccess and Disney has ESPN+ and Hulu.
As the industry has evolved, so its workforce has changed.
She has started sleeping through the night, which has helped.
The economy has become more unequal, but growth has slowed.
While Colorado has legalized weed, the federal government has not.
Almost nothing that has happened so far has been scary.
As Alibaba has found, however, America has become less hospitable.
CNN has not determined whether the boy has an attorney.
Beijing has denied that it has overreached in Hong Kong.
Ashley has said "media intrusion" has hurt the company's results.
North Carolina has 15 electoral votes and Arizona has 11.
Demand has been very strong and has largely outpaced production.
Violence has soared and health care has all but collapsed.
ForeScout has filed confidentially for an IPO, TechCrunch has confirmed.
Nothing has been toned down, nothing has been pulled back.
As he has said, he has "zero investments" in Russia.
As General Haftar's power has waxed, Mr Serraj's has waned.
But Germany has pushed back, as has the European Union.
Barr has said he has no issue with Mueller testifying.
CNN has not determined whether the teen has an attorney.
Workers' bargaining power has since grown, as joblessness has fallen.
As Deutsche has drifted, its shareholder register has become bizarre.
Rosselló has repeatedly said he has no plans to resign.
Microsoft has a share of 1.21.72%, while Google has 232.77%.
Heather Locklear's psychiatric hold has been extended, PEOPLE has confirmed.
As the cost of imports has risen, inflation has jumped.
She has a clothing line and has written several books.
But she has an older boyfriend who has a car.
She has been blind since childhood and has impaired hearing.
As Apple's business has grown, so too has its staff.
It has led there, as it has elsewhere to outrage.
Meghan has also proven she has a way with children.
Apple has not said how many subscribers the service has.
I think this has been tried and it has failed.
He has to put back what he has been given.
The judge has undergone sensitivity training and has apologized publicly.
She has driven this and has refused to give up.
And while the economy has steadied, Sisi's popularity has suffered.
Torn has been married three times and has six children.
But now, he's married, has a kid, has a house.
Teen Vogue has stepped up, as has a goddamn dictionary.
FYI -- Jon has never wavered, insisting he has never cheated.
The terrain has changed, so Cruz has changed with it.
Walgreens has 8,175 stores, and Rite Aid has about 0.43,600.
But no presidential hopeful has quite the record Biden has.
He has a family, and his family has been abused.
He has denied those allegations, public broadcaster NHK has reported.
Clinton has denied the accusation, which has never been proved.
The user has no idea the information has been gathered.
"China has vulnerabilities and the US has leverage," admitted Daly.
Mueller has -- he actually said Mueller has charged a conspiracy.
Vikander has a steely resolve and quiet calculation that has
He has seen everything that has happened or will happen.
Pixar has been lauded for so long that it has
Where the tech sector has boomed, affordable housing has suffered.
The White House has said no decision has been made.
America has about as many guns as it has Americans.
As democracy has flourished, the nature of protests has shifted.
He has been critical that it has lasted that long.
Microsoft has not talked about how many users Beam has.
MV: It bothers me that it has-, has an address.
Trump campaign has has turned into something new: a cult.
Consumer confidence also has risen and inflation has been firming.
Clinton has stronger Democratic support than Trump has Republican support.
But nothing has happened to indicate that it has. Nothing!
Tina Turner's oldest son has committed suicide ... TMZ has learned.
Job growth has been improving, but income growth has not.
Lamb has declared victory, but Saccone has yet to concede.
It has tested it four times and it has held.
Rihanna has just cancelled her Grammy performance ... TMZ has learned.
Geena Davis' husband has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.
Cuba has repeatedly denied it has troops in the country.
Lisa Marie Presley has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.
Cruz has gained two points and Rubio has gained five.
The Biebs has already proved he has both in spades.
As politics has polarized, this has become even more true.
Bellamy has died on the Lusitania, Mr. Bellamy has remarried,
But while Bernie has the trust, Hillary has the experience.
Billy Bush's wife has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.
Microsoft has a share of 232.77%, while Google has 9.9%.
He has pleaded not guilty and has denied any wrongdoing.
Johnson has 28500 percent support, and Stein has 6900 percent.
Starwood has four hotels in Brussels, while Marriott has five.
Chess has many possible outcomes, and Go has even more.
Half the country's population has been uprooted and has fled.
He has struck out 20 times and has seven walks.
Gillespie has basically ignored Stewart, and the strategy has worked.
Carolina has the best offense; Denver has the best defense.
Voters understand that what Clinton has endured has toughened her.
The touchscreen has become ubiquitous; the touchscreen has become blasé.
Markle has also proven she has a way with children.
Has it been -- has there been a lot of this?
Craft has gone by the wayside, but so has intention.
Johnson has 4 percent support, while Stein has 21625 percent.
McMaster has expressed concerns about Russian aggression, as has Mattis.
But if the meaning has evolved, the shape has not.
Yingluck has told reporters Monthathip has no interest in politics.
The AKP has 317 seats, while the MHP has 153.
Back home, Kobach's star has risen as Brownback's has faded.
He has appeared in 50 games and has 31 saves.
Whatever Matthew Weiner has planned, it definitely has our attention.
Parsley has to be picked, lamb has to be prepared.
He has never been popular, and has always had rivals.
Since he has been President, the same has held true.
Everyone who has ever menstruated has a first period story.
Dennis Rodman has been arrested for DUI ... TMZ has learned.
The Perez campaign has said it has 85033 firm supporters.
Our document tool has an inbox and it has notifications.
Kroff has become very warm, and has unzipped his parka.
The UN has suggested sending peacekeepers but has done nothing.
It believes it has answers, but it mostly has data.
The United States has previously acknowledged it has troops there.
But while demand for taro has increased, acreage has not.
However, she has never has taken medication for the condition.
Since then, China's yuan has fallen and capital has fled.
Clinton has every right to raise the questions she has.
But as it has grown, it has also become unaffordable.
Tillerson has underwhelmed in Washington just as he has abroad.
Porzingis, who has not been charged, has denied the allegation.
China's response has moved forward as the U.S. has retreated.
In contrast, Apple's business has been great, as has Microsoft.
It's incredible the way Africa has prospered and has progressed.
Her father has died, and she has brought his ashes.
McDonald's has outperformed generally but that that has compressed lately.
But as the economy has weakened, the priority has shifted.
He has proven he has very little ability to learn.
Trump has said he has no plans to remove Conway.
" Elizabeth Warren has said that China has "weaponized its economy.
"The dream has been short, but it has been beautiful."
The story has changed as the death toll has risen.
Nonetheless, the research that has been done has proved useful.
As hedge fund crowding has recently increased, so has leverage.
Kelly has repeatedly denied that he has threatened to quit.
Huffman has pleaded guilty while Loughlin has pleaded not guilty.
Foster has been married four times and has five children.
Trump has said he has no plans to remove Conway.
Musk has said that he has concerns about artificial intelligence.
But recently the family has frazzled and community has frayed.
That has changed because the international has become the domestic.
But Osaka has said defeat has not left her mad.
The company that has as much scale as Convoy has.
Motherboard has obtained the memo and has embedded it below.
Reno, of course, has Parkinson's disease, has a noticeable tremor.
Health and Human Services has 11 and Transportation has six.
He has insisted that he has never broken financial laws.
Nothing has been decided; no die has yet been cast.
Even as the Web has grown, however, it has narrowed.
Barr has said he has no objection to Mueller testifying.
Red Bull has had changes, Mercedes has had its changes.
In case nobody has mentioned it, Y has raped women.
Neither has substantial assets nor has had a stellar performance.
He has specific targets he has to hit every day.
Nothing that Stacey has done or said has implied duplicity.
HNA has denied those allegations and has sued for defamation.
As Wright has overcome his grief, so has the house.
But now it has, and so that ship has sailed.
And this has to be addressed, has to be addressed.
This presidency has politicized and the campaign has politicized everything.
As LendingClub has been recovering, competition has been heating up.
"It has more movement, it has more depth," Stroman says.
The [definition of] rape [has] definitely changed and has expanded.
The hurtful deed has been done, and someone has noticed.
Walmart Chile has offered 3 percent, the union has said.
It has been declared that Twitter has an abuse problem.
While the building has changed, the church's message has not.
The Impossible Whopper has 630 calories; the Whopper has 660.
Buhari has said he has the energy to do so.
As understanding of disabilities has changed, so has the ADA.
Including superdelegates, Clinton has 1,221 delegates, while Sanders has 571.
Portman has 46 percent support, and Strickland has 31 percent.
He has allegedly apologized and has taken the videos offline.
Beshear has declared victory, though Bevin has not yet conceded.
Their stock price has has collapsed lately, very intensive competition.
My game has just improved as time has gone on.
Just determining who has the virus has been a struggle.
She says while her daughter has recovered, she has not.
But if the world has changed, so has the chancellor.
Lionel Messi has done it, and so has Cristiano Ronaldo.
That has been something that has always been with me.
The pain has slowly receded as the nerve has healed.
Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus ... TMZ has confirmed.
"The turnover has happened, but nothing has changed," he said.
She has denied the allegations and has not been charged.
Huawei has repeatedly insisted Beijing has no influence over it.
Sterling has no doubt why such hostility has taken root.
Huawei has insisted Beijing has no influence over the company.
JD: Research Triangle Park has it, Austin, Texas has it.
The band's demographic has aged, and that has commercial consequences.
I think it has worked because Kobe has been fantastic.
A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same.
As that information has emerged, the story has shifted dramatically.
Impeachment, it has often been said, has a political component.
She has always supported my ideas, and not everyone has.
The rain has stopped and the wind has died down.
Biden has been boosted, while Sanders's strength has been sapped.
It has a lot, it has everything in there, yeah.
Murray, who has had recurring hip problems, has resumed practicing.
France has 2,284 confirmed cases and has reported 48 deaths.
It has infected millions but has killed relatively few people.
"It has serious flaws and always has," Dr. Fihn said.
However, as chief executive pay has risen, punishment has declined.
The moon has disappeared, and food has turned to salt.
Steyer has met the fundraising threshold while Gillibrand has not.
UPDATE: Air France has announced that the strike has ended.
So has the amount of premature death she has seen.
Ryu has six career L.P.G.A. wins, while Park has five.
She has to deny she has kids, which is false.
His ego has been satisfied, and so has his dad's.
Microsoft has proven that it has all three in abundance.
Houston has a population of 2100,22007,22017 and Waco has 138,000.
Bernie Sanders has built a movement and he has momentum.
The relationship has deepened even as Ms. Babitz has faded.
But the judge who has been sentencing them has disagreed.
All this has created an atmosphere that has helped Trump.
However, what has transpired since has achieved the exact opposite.
CNN has not yet determined whether Sun has a lawyer.
Mary has tried Western medicine, and it has failed her.
As that evidence has emerged, he has changed his tune.
Nonetheless, Kerns has her doubts the show has really changed.
Boeing has sold over 300 jets, though activity has slowed.
But production elsewhere has risen as OPEC has held back.
Has anyone in music — has anyone, ever — been so operatic?
Everyone has a story, and every family has a few.
So electric mobility has to happen, has to happen fast.
Sasse has said he believes Trump has no core principles.
She has no idea if the treatment has been discontinued.
Illegal trade, however, has flourished, as has poaching in Africa.
Recently, violence has escalated, but the world has hardly noticed.
A scan has shown Walters has recovered, the actress said.
Ms. Sandberg has two children, and Mr. Bernthal has three.
He has to realize that he has been fed misinformation.
Lamb has claimed victory -- but Saccone has refused to concede.
Iran has vowed retaliation, which Trump has forcefully warned against.
Paula's drug addiction has escalated and so has her anger.
Where education has succeeded, employment has failed them quite miserably.
Also Qatar has investments and has placements with these economies.
He has applied for permanent residency, as has his father.
Even as Masahiro Tanaka has struggled, Pineda has stepped up.
" The post has since been updated: "THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!
Wage growth has been slow, and life expectancy has stagnated.
As Reuters has reported, Sadr has given Allawi his support.
He has a sailboat and he has his T.G.I.F. movies.
Other recent research has found that gap has been growing.
Mr. Beristain has no criminal record, Mr. Ansari has said.
Heroin has been successfully displaced and has not come back.
Today, New York has 27 seats and Pennsylvania has 18.
Apple has maintained that it has cooperated with federal agents.
CNN has not yet determined whether Smalls has an attorney.
She has said she has no plans to step back.
Flynn has already demonstrated he has neither of those qualities.
As her fame has rippled outward, so has her influence.
But while 5G has helped sales, it has increased costs.
He has denied the allegations and has launched an appeal.
She has diabetes, which she has lived with for years.
"The climate crisis has already been solved," Thunberg has said.
Trump unleashes As Kavanaugh has held back, Trump has unleashed.
Evidence has suggested that thawing permafrost has its own consequences.
Cruz then has 28500 percent, and Kasich has 6900 percent.
Boshers has been effective wherever he has been this season.
Life expectancy has soared, and the neighbourhood has improved dramatically.
As the planet has heated, Arctic sea ice has declined.
NBC has 58 nominations, while Amazon Prime Video has 47.
The bill has bipartisan support but has yet to advance.
This perception has not vanished but has in fact metastasized.
What has caused the most concern though has been China.
Judge Joseph has pleaded not guilty, as has Mr. MacGregor.
He has squandered every advantage he has — except one. 22019.
Its growth has slumped and its stock price has stagnated.
He has such a library of what he has created.
Renewable energy has gotten cheaper and CO2 conversion has improved.
He has denied any wrongdoing and has pled not guilty.
CNN has not determined if he has a lawyer yet.
As investors' interest has spiked, the Street has taken note.
Judge has said he has no memory of the incident.
Apple has been a phenomenon, its growth has been epic.
Ford has about 20023,14 and Fiat Chrysler has about 2014,30.
Netanyahu has hinted that his plan has White House support.
Petersen has withdrawn his nomination and the President has accepted.
Massachusetts has taken that heritage and has run with it.
Every president has been criticized and has responded to attacks.
It has repeatedly said it has no exchange rate target.
"Everyone has a photographer and has photos taken," she said.
Since Trump has taken office, their public sparring has continued.
He has won honors at every club he has coached.
McDonald's has more than 37,000, and Starbucks has nearly 30,000.
Everywhere he has traveled, the demand has been the same.
Mr. Boath has previously denied wrongdoing, as has the bank.
"David has something he has to rise above," he said.
Honcharuk has previously denied a report that he has resigned.
Whatever awards and acclaim she has won, she has earned.
Has your writing changed as the political landscape has changed?
"As energy has improved, West Virginia has improved," Deskins said.

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