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889 Sentences With "obtaining"

How to use obtaining in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "obtaining" and check conjugation/comparative form for "obtaining". Mastering all the usages of "obtaining" from sentence examples published by news publications.

One key, then, to Europe obtaining "strategic autonomy" in international relations, is obtaining a capacity for independent financial transactions.
And women and LGBTQI individuals who are already stigmatized in obtaining access to health care will be further hindered in obtaining the lawful medical services they need.
"He was obtaining and abusing street drugs at the same time he was obtaining drugs and to a certain degree deceiving Dr. Snellgrove," Knizley told the Associated Press.
They do so to avoid obtaining a reputation for dishonesty, in part because they fear that obtaining a reputation for dishonesty would hurt their future efforts at communication.
It's a cheap — if risky — alternative to obtaining permits.
It has also tightened rules on obtaining evidence through torture.
More details on obtaining a credit freeze are available here.
Sharing the data or obtaining it without authorization is illegal.
But obtaining PrEP is much more difficult than birth control.
"Again, I don't know where Mr. Podesta is obtaining information."
Renesas said it was confident of obtaining the necessary approvals.
Subpoena issued Obtaining Yovanovitch's testimony wasn't easy for Democrats, however.
In addition, we proactively offered advice on obtaining additional information.
Obtaining title insurance is just part of the closing process.
He's also accused of fraudulently obtaining millions in bank loans.
Actually obtaining that money was even harder, until this week.
He agrees to meet in hopes of obtaining that information.
Flights were too expensive, and obtaining a visa sounded complicated.
Obtaining an indictment against Brett Kavanaugh would have been easy.
Schiff first mentioned his issues obtaining those documents earlier Wednesday.
The family has refused all offers of obtaining cannabis illegally.
Flashback: Jared and Ivanka's long road to obtaining a clearance.
How it works: Obtaining a clearance is an intrusive experience.
Additionally, many experts suggested obtaining some form of liability insurance.
Andrew Cuomo has appealed for federal help in obtaining them.
Blanchard, who is working on obtaining her GED, tells E!
Its first wave involved women obtaining property and voting rights.
Seeking to keep teens in immigration detention from obtaining abortions.
Cambridge Analytica has denied any wrongdoing in obtaining the data.
Obtaining a license involves police background checks and firearms safety.
Under most circumstances, obtaining a United States visa is arduous.
With others, like the AP, obtaining caches is still difficult.
Obtaining access to interview subjects proved difficult for the filmmakers.
But obtaining one of these special permits is famously difficult.
Obtaining the drugs in the United States, however, can be challenging.
But obtaining accurate data in this murky war is extremely difficult.
Obtaining all these images from photo libraries would have been hard.
But the hurdles to obtaining these drugs precede Arkansas's execution plans.
Actually obtaining a medication abortion, however, is a far trickier prospect.
"Obtaining such comparative data would difficult at a scale," admits Olejnik.
Obtaining construction materials has been difficult because of the fuel shortages.
Unfortunately, obtaining an answer to this conundrum is challenging at best.
There is also interest in obtaining email reports about the meeting.
Some study with the ambition of one day obtaining a degree.
In addition, North Korea has pursued other avenues for obtaining cryptocurrencies.
That flexibility can help with the cost of obtaining a doctorate.
"Demand for obtaining driving licenses is very high," said Maj. Gen.
Democrats view obtaining Trump's tax returns as a key oversight priority.
They were convicted of illegally obtaining private records of Chinese citizens.
That legislation would update the framework for obtaining evidence across borders.
Motherboard first reported the hack on Sunday, after obtaining the data.
My favorite part about obtaining this piece was bidding on it.
Obtaining this information was incredibly easy, even for a non-expert.
There were reportedly problems in obtaining Sabina's medical records from Sweden.
So just how are Diamandis and Hariri obtaining these human placentas?
He's somehow obtaining that by speaking it out into the world.
It was designed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb.
In the obtained emails, Cannon also suggested obtaining a second transformer.
Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican, said of the difficulty obtaining documents.
But the process of obtaining that tape was anything but typical.
Obtaining such support will require some compromise and, more importantly, time.
Obtaining financing for future development is expected to be a struggle.
But those programs also negotiate directly with manufacturers, obtaining additional discounts.
McLaren has been aggressive in obtaining partnerships over the past decade.
One of the sisters was also targeted for obtaining a passport.
Obtaining senior management buy-in early in the process is critical.
But researchers say obtaining information about outcomes is becoming increasingly difficult.
Today, obtaining such information can cost less than a Netflix subscription.
Furthermore, obtaining hard evidence is incredibly difficult and, often, resource intensive.
Obtaining "relief" from the budget caps will be a major theme.Sen.
It argues that proper procedures were followed in obtaining FISA warrants.
Obtaining the transcript of the Flynn interview was a journalistic ordeal.
Police could also avoid obtaining warrants in emergency situations, Roberts added.
Police confirmed the connection by obtaining "abandoned" DNA samples from DeAngelo.
The prohibition on Iran ever obtaining a nuclear weapon is permanent.
We all know the dangers of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.
When it comes to obtaining consent to share user data with third parties, the NCC deems Jawbone and Garmin "best in class" for having policies that state they will not do so without obtaining prior consent.
The S.E.C.'s willingness to follow a procedure similar to obtaining a warrant as a prerequisite to obtaining emails would make it more difficult to obtain evidence because issuing an administrative subpoena involves no judicial review.
These types of administrative barriers to patients obtaining contraception are not unique.
Originally under FISA, obtaining a warrant was something like the criminal process.
WATTERS: Was the dossier the primary element in obtaining the warrant, Juan?
So any flaw that makes obtaining access easier is a serious concern.
Like many Americans, Johnson had a dream of obtaining a college degree.
The same pattern has held for people obtaining degrees beyond high school.
The order also prevented Porter from obtaining an FBI clearance, Politico reports.
A. is not alone in experiencing these barriers to obtaining an abortion.
Unfortunately, obtaining eye protection in recent days has become a major pain.
For these cases, there is another avenue for obtaining justice: private arbitration.
Capital: Obtaining investment in this capital-intensive sector has been a challenge.
That means obtaining a copy early, if the course syllabus is available.
They have also attacked Mr Steele for obtaining information from Russian sources.
In Berman's view, more patients benefit by obtaining cutting-edge treatments faster.
Franey told the witness he was interested in obtaining an AK-47.
Obtaining cost information is also an area of struggle for most consumers.
Iran denies its nuclear program was aimed at obtaining an atomic bomb.
Police were able to install hidden cameras after obtaining a special warrant.
Iran denies its nuclear programme was aimed at obtaining an atomic bomb.
There's no charge for taking the test or obtaining the flyer ID.
Eric Alexander, accused of obtaining the customer's medical records, is gone too.
Estonia will permit family visits, but obtaining travel documents has proved difficult.
The primary mission of the church appears to be obtaining investor funds.
There are many other tradecraft techniques that allow for obtaining reliable intelligence.
Obtaining and responsibly using credit over time is what builds your score.
The chances of obtaining wall funding from Congress seem questionable at best.
Obtaining updated survey information using modern methods should be a top priority.
The process for obtaining a protective order varies state by state. WomensLaw.
You're talking about obtaining an immunity order that compels them to testify.
The publishers alleged Peloton had used music without obtaining the proper permissions.
Obtaining a permit usually takes less than two months, Mr. Wojciechowski said.
"That's huge," the Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton said of obtaining home-field advantage.
They can have trouble accessing health benefits, finding employment, or obtaining housing.
"However, he left the company before obtaining his certificate," Mr. Picard wrote.
Critical to a Saudi victory in Yemen is Riyadh obtaining U.S. weapons.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor said it was important to make obtaining coverage easy.
They have also added requirements for obtaining expedited citizenship through military service.
Every dime of that money would be invested in obtaining additional profit.
Mexican nationals, however, are not banned from obtaining asylum under that rule.
At times, obtaining tax returns can lead to evidence of tax offenses.
Even obtaining a passport was flagged, regardless of whether it was used.
It can include coaching programs, mastermind groups, conferences or obtaining needed certifications.
But the House still has options for obtaining evidence from uncooperative witnesses.
Christians and Hindus have difficulty obtaining construction permits for churches and temples.
Congress is a long way from obtaining the information it is seeking.
The deal was designed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Officials have raised questions about the commission's discretion obtaining the confidential documents.
Often these rules, including COPPA, require obtaining parents' permission before collecting data.
Americans are not only obtaining jobs, but they are finding better ones.
The pact was designed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb.
Myanmar charged two Reuters journalists detained last month with obtaining state secrets.
So where do campaigns and pollsters fail in obtaining this "complete picture"?
Obtaining photo identification or being considered for job opportunities were two examples.
Despite being proactive in obtaining his GED, Velasquez fell into old habits.
And obtaining one is usually free or, at the maximum, $12.50 in 2019.
Logan's is obtaining $25 million of financing to keep operating while in bankruptcy.
Chirinos and Rodriguez have fared better, both quickly obtaining work and legal papers.
Russia-backed hackers are suspected of illegally obtaining and handing over those emails.
A $433,000 salary bump for obtaining a master's degree was reduced to $1,000.
A more structured regulatory environment could boost companies' interest in obtaining cybersecurity insurance.
"The standard for obtaining a FISA warrant is not that high," Pearlstein said.
And obtaining residency and finding a decent job would take months, he said.
Burton accused Carrey of obtaining the prescription medication under the name Arthur King.
Otherwise they risk deportation and a long-term bar to obtaining another visa.
Then, the man read some disclosures related to obtaining a replacement ATM card.
This new rule blocks women from obtaining contraception coverage through a third party.
Beyond these steps, Najla was confronted with a final hurdle: obtaining a visa.
The GEO Group may have carried out its expansion without obtaining necessary licensing.
Long pharmacy lines and social media pleas for help obtaining pharmaceuticals are routine.
How the government will stop people from obtaining these printers isn't exactly obvious.
There are a number of factors that play into obtaining a perfect pelt.
The law requires obtaining consent before dropping and/or reading from a tracker.
But it wasn't easy to rescue the frightened monkey, even after obtaining permission.
In each instance the FDA moved expeditiously to assist in obtaining the drugs.
Obtaining an order to restore these rights can be time consuming and costly.
Turkish diplomacy towards the European Union is focused on obtaining visa-free travel.
Young people today, myself included, would never dream of obtaining information those ways.
This is not covered under the first amendment without first obtaining a permit.
The restrictions block Syrian nationals from obtaining student visas, with very limited exceptions.
Another is the difficulty of obtaining government benefits after crossing a state line.
He also claimed that it would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
But obtaining approval to use the drugs in experiments is still politically sensitive.
The couple also should have stopped Cruz from obtaining weapons, the complaint says.
Obama says the historic pact will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
And we need to simplify, rather than complicate, the process of obtaining them.
Potential employees can now meet that need earlier on by obtaining this master's.
ARIZONA: No one can feed garbage to pigs without first obtaining a permit.
This scenario would probably be followed by difficulties in obtaining competitively priced funding.
The elective mode of obtaining rulers is the characteristic policy of republican government.
Some intelligence officials believe that Russia played a role in obtaining those emails.
Obtaining this card requires an application, so it's not necessarily the easiest workaround.
Police vowed to continue their investigation to prevent others from wrongfully obtaining fentanyl.
But Justice Sonia Sotomayor said it was important to make obtaining coverage easy.
Chief Verderosa said the authorities were obtaining a warrant to search the car.
Alere contends Abbott stalled on obtaining crucial regulatory approvals to close the transaction.
Azar's remarks Saturday point to the challenge in obtaining this form of treatment.
It would have been a "corrupt" effort to prevent Mueller from obtaining evidence.
Historically, America's main interest in Greenland has been obtaining space for military bases.
Much of that, in turn, is about Obama obtaining definitive lame duck status.
A spokeswoman for the news organization said it was not obtaining any data.
But last month, he decided to open up about obtaining protection from Germany.
Obtaining the milk samples in the first place can also be a challenge.
Critics of the law argued that it would make obtaining abortions more difficult.
Most bullets are made of lead, and obtaining this metal isn't always easy.
He added the coalition takes seriously any claims of outside parties obtaining weapons.
"It's a tool for obtaining other scholarships and aid as well," Sun said.
Finding a good lawyer is considered a key factor in obtaining the visa.
The four-page memo accused the DOJ of obtaining surveillance warrants on Page.
In the Morales' case, the managers allegedly helped her in obtaining phony documents.
And McCarthy's recent track record in obtaining majorities has not been the greatest.
It also said it was having more success in obtaining payments from Egypt.
Colorado passed a law removing the automatic bar to obtaining an occupational license.
Obtaining a FISA warrant to surveil foreign diplomats, however, is much more common.
The legislation also could block undocumented immigrants from obtaining TPS in the future.
However, entry depended on adherence to a dress code or obtaining a permit.
He'll also need to immediately notify his supervising officer of obtaining any prescription drugs.
Firoozi is additionally charged with obtaining and abetting unauthorized access to a protected computer.
For Noble, obtaining such financing has become challenging due to its weak operating performance.
This raised concern about Bahrain's ability to continue obtaining external funding at affordable rates.
Prosecutors argued Lustgarten was obtaining the US dollars from drug traffickers and paramilitary groups.
Officers found another pound of marijuana after obtaining a warrant and searching his home.
After obtaining a warrant, police searched through Ackerman's home and storage unit in September.
He holds the key to reaching Jyn's father and obtaining the Death Star's schematics.
OCR said the filming was done without obtaining the prior consent of the individuals.
For the individual, this means obtaining training in gun safety and storing weapons securely.
Iraqi Fuad Sharef, his wife and three children spent two years obtaining U.S. visas.
It can easily afford pollution-control equipment that others have a harder time obtaining.
Akorn said it would continue to work toward obtaining regulatory clearance for the deal.
If passed, the bill would better prevent individuals convicted of crimes from obtaining weapons.
Each subsidiary is accountable for obtaining its own resources and comply with local regulations.
Obtaining a conviction in what's known as a "pure speech" case can be difficult.
At least two other candidates trail within reach of obtaining the coveted second spot.
The national average cost of obtaining a building permit is $1,036, according to HomeAdvisor.
Most people are barred from obtaining individual health plan coverage outside of open enrollment.
More specifically, the women shared similar details surrounding the struggle of obtaining the contraceptive.
But it's also a system for ditching or obtaining everything from diapers to trucks.
Zelda Maps' current claim to fame is obtaining the location of every single one.
Obtaining a license will also mean organisations are free to conduct cannabis-related research.
She relates the challenge of obtaining a residence permit and the injustice of arrest.
In practice, of course, obtaining pornography on the internet is easy at any age.
But all this would require international consensus, and obtaining that may be a fantasy.
Gomez needed a kidney transplant, but prospects of obtaining a new kidney looked grim.
Even to go about obtaining those permits is not something that is common knowledge.
That fifth vote was crucial in obtaining good decisions in vitally important cases like: ?
And in the past, its stance on obtaining user consent was, let's say, inattentive.
The 60-vote hurdle made participation by the minority central to obtaining Senate action.
Governing will be difficult; obtaining strong backing for tough choices will prove impossibly hard.
Uber was also found guilty of not properly reporting crimes and obtaining medical certificates.
Whatever people's reasons for obtaining these peculiar lunches, it's probably not for the taste.
Pelosi said last week that obtaining Trump's tax returns will be a top priority.
Obtaining such waivers, Rowland said, could make Medicaid expansion more palatable to conservative lawmakers.
As a result, obtaining a medical marijuana card from an actual obstetrician is rare.
In June, XpressWest said the Chinese consortium faced delays and issues in obtaining approvals.
The president did not disclose the specific sources or methods for obtaining the information.
Without missing a beat, she replied electricity and women obtaining the right to vote.
The government charges fees for hiring foreign workers and obtaining visas for their dependents.
He hoped that some equilibrium could be established from the process of obtaining facts.
Shortly after, they administered an alternative means of obtaining evidence, and it involved bananas.
But he's also gone to great lengths to prevent journalists from obtaining public information.
But many of them are undocumented themselves and fearful of ICE obtaining their information.
Critics argued the law disenfranchised poor and minority voters, who face difficulties obtaining IDs.
They were all red flags that could have barred him from obtaining a permit.
DAVID FABER: And how are you focused on creating and obtaining more of it?
After phoning the diner's bank and obtaining a confirmation code, the transaction was successful.
Issues in obtaining a U.S. visa kept her from defending her Washington DC title.
The analysis may also reflect the limits of self-reporting in obtaining definitive data.
The couple spent two years in prison for illegally obtaining government records on individuals.
But breaking the law is the most likely means of someone obtaining the returns.
The biggest access problem in the United States is the expense of obtaining care.
And when the deal's period runs out, there's no limitation on them obtaining weapons.
But obtaining those incriminating communications — which are clearly public records — was no easy task.
Automakers face challenges obtaining enough replacement parts and getting owners to repair their cars.
Firoozi also is charged with obtaining and abetting unauthorized access to a protected computer.
Obtaining a banking license and then launching an actual new retail bank requires capital.
As a result, obtaining a medical marijuana card from an actual obstetrician is rare.
In an unusual move, herOB/GYN even supported her in obtaining a cannabis card.
But the requirement for parental consent has become a significant barrier to obtaining it.
Therefore, it is in everyone's interest to provide a pathway for obtaining insurance. Yes.
Later, Trump himself admitted the meeting was aimed at obtaining dirt about his opponent.
Obtaining a Bulgarian passport opens the door for the holder to most EU countries.
"They are using pardons as a means of obtaining one's loyalty," Ms. James said.
But restrictions on obtaining the plant for research purposes continue to be a barrier.
Eventually, after obtaining a discarded DNA sample and confirming a match, detectives arrested him.
"They seem intelligent and quick to learn ways of obtaining food," Dr. Debus said.
Tawanna Hilliard is also charged with illegally obtaining information from a protected government computer.
A key to her scam was obtaining powers of attorney from her famous clients.
There is much less room for them to keep getting ahead by obtaining degrees.
She has also been dishonest about timelines and obtaining input from the right people.
She was only eight when her mother died of cancer without obtaining her citizenship.
Obtaining a subject's tax returns can be a useful tool in almost any investigation.
The FBI was interested in obtaining surveillance warrants for Papadopoulos, but ultimately did not.
For Berlusconi, soccer was always about power: not just obtaining it, but feeling it.
If you had the means, there were other, less strenuous methods of obtaining cadavers.
Multiple caucus chairs reported problems with not only obtaining the app, but logging in.
The difficulty of obtaining bank accounts is not limited to cannabis dispensaries or cultivators.
When this came to light, Ms. Maslenjak was charged with obtaining her citizenship illegally.
A court found her guilty of obtaining an abortion, a criminal offense in Mexico.
It's also unclear why those staffers faced a delay in obtaining permanent security clearances.
But women are still seriously outnumbered by men when it comes to obtaining patents.
A sperm bank likely can't prevent her from obtaining that medical information, he said.
Opposition parties rarely succeed in obtaining a cancellation of results from any voting districts.
Mr. Rose emphasizes cyberattacks and the risk of terrorists obtaining a nuclear dirty bomb.
That will not stop everyone from obtaining drugs, but it will deter some people.
And finally, there's "civil contempt," a rare but occasionally used technique for obtaining information.
We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability.
Q. You studied classical ballet before obtaining a degree in political science and international studies.
Last year saw a 28% fall in the number of Indians obtaining US student visas.
Arrested and charged with falsely obtaining property by false pretense, Denton posted her $2,500 bond.
The party obtaining the majority of seats in Punjab will likely form the next government.
The court found that the penalty for not obtaining insurance was a form of taxation.
But the Park Service has few realistic options for obtaining a sizeable stream of cash.
After that, police began surveilling McArthur and furtively searched his home after obtaining a warrant.
Now it requires a lengthy process, obtaining multiple sign-offs up the chain of command.
Rudemyer was ultimately unsuccessful in obtaining a gun on that occasion, according to the Packet.
Advisors recommend obtaining an in-force illustration from the insurer every year to three years.
Sunset Mesa also disposed of bodies before obtaining the necessary permits, the state order said.
It was a step toward obtaining a green card, but far from the last one.
Does law enforcement have methods of obtaining encrypted information without requiring assistance from the companies?
The regulations prohibit companies from tracking users and serving up ads without first obtaining consent.
The ease of obtaining visas is an especially big concern for the South Asian country.
It is also interested in possibly obtaining FDA approval as an obesity treatment by 2019.
In addition, Nebraska courthouses no longer require blood testing prior to obtaining a marriage license.
Mike now is up on charges of hacking, conspiracy, and obtaining money under false pretenses.
First of all, you need to wait 24 hours after obtaining them to get married.
Both suspects claimed that they couldn't remember their passcodes which prevented police from obtaining evidence.
Obtaining such a license requires a background check and at least 72 hours of training.
The threat of obtaining a nuclear weapon is useless if it does not seem credible.
One important theory to consider is that catch wrestling was focused on obtaining the pin.
The goal of obtaining it cannot and should not be just the absence of violence.
Netanyahu said on Wednesday Israel was determined to prevent its enemies from obtaining nuclear weapons.
Schiff said the two had discussed obtaining documents before deciding which witnesses to call in.
There are few penalties for breaking what rules do exist around obtaining warrants in China.
It has been plagued with other problems, including obtaining permits and arranging security and sanitation.
The miner said it was in the process of obtaining legal advice on AMCU's notice.
Nonprescription antibiotic use included obtaining, storing, taking or intending to take antibiotics without medical guidance.
Refusing to remove its scooters will disqualify a company from obtaining a permit, said SFMTA.
Shaheen's office said more than 10,000 applicants are still in the process of obtaining visas.
The average cost of obtaining a driver's license is the equivalent of more than $1,800.
Meanwhile, the list is dominated by companies obtaining most of their green power from RECs.
There's a House bill which would make the process for obtaining these visas more difficult.
We've joked about obtaining him a secondary partner—not for sex, but for slumbering spooning.
Branson's new agreement to become chairman was key to obtaining the financing, per a source.
"There were other methods, very sophisticated efforts, by criminals in obtaining the data," he said.
The move represents an escalation of congressional Democrats' longstanding interest in obtaining Trump's financial records.
He also said obtaining a search warrant for Facebook Thailand would be a possible step.
In it, he expressed some thoughts on the significance of Mueller obtaining a warrant here.
From a financial perspective, HBO continues to have problems with people illegally obtaining their content.
In today's fast-paced world, obtaining a little quiet time often takes a concerted effort.
And for reasons that should be obvious, obtaining alcohol is definitely not a problem, either.
Arya saw the wily schemer obtaining an old letter of some sort written by Sansa.
Law enforcement agencies have also increasingly looked toward diplomatic methods for obtaining data stored overseas.
Continuing to charge them dues, without obtaining their affirmative consent, violates Janus on its face.
Shortly after obtaining information about those internet searches, investigators decided they wanted to question Lazar.
In an unusual move, her OB/GYN even supported her in obtaining a cannabis card.
Preoccupied with obtaining food and medicine, most Venezuelans have limited energy or time to protest.
An Elabe exit poll showed the French greens obtaining 13 seats in the European Parliament.
Reprocessing involves obtaining plutonium from spent reactor fuel, the other main route to a bomb.
But if the doctors do not participate in Medicaid, they may have difficulty obtaining payments.
Even afterwards, physical removal from the U.S. requires obtaining travel documents from the receiving country.
The proposed legislation provides authorization for obtaining data from devices that have not been seized.
Prior to obtaining this access, both the employer and airport administrator obtain a background check.
That means some jurisdictions can now make changes without obtaining approval from the federal government.
Obtaining Trump's tax returns is one of the new House Democratic majority's top oversight priorities.
I had meticulously planned every step toward obtaining it, ever since I had been incarcerated.
For trans people, the process of obtaining government-issued identification can be even more daunting.
In Infinity War, the Avengers were tasked with preventing Thanos from obtaining the Infinity Stones.
Obtaining a sympathetic majority on the Supreme Court is, of course, easier said than done.
Last year, a Northern Irish woman was prosecuted for obtaining abortion medication for her daughter.
Bumble is taking Match Group to court for fraudulently obtaining trade secrets during acquisition talks.
Do you focus on the risk of someone obtaining a gun who shouldn't have one?
Charges included blasphemy, inciting violence, corrupting youth, and obtaining money through illegitimate means, Tasnim reported.
A group of music publishers alleged Peloton had used music without obtaining the proper permissions.
In 2014, though, Facebook began limiting third-party apps, like quizzes, from obtaining users' information.
He worked at McDonald's while obtaining a political science degree at Gakushuin University in Tokyo.
For most of America's history, obtaining such an injunction against someone has been intentionally difficult.
He studied at Columbia University, eventually obtaining a master's degree in government and Chinese studies.
This policy change is merely a bureaucratic obstacle to keep poor people from obtaining Medicaid.
Researchers assessed the ease of obtaining construction permits, connecting electricity, drafting contracts and other variables.
She only acknowledged obtaining "labor and services" from two anonymous women cited in the indictment.
Obtaining a visa to visit the United States can be a long and arduous process.
Republican and Democratic lawmakers focused on whether Google tracks a user's location without obtaining consent.
When it comes to obtaining building materials, real estate developers often buy globally, not locally.
On Twitter, Mayor de Blasio asked Elon Musk, C.E.O. of Tesla, for help obtaining ventilators.
The actions were taken for the purpose of obtaining a "personal profit," the document said.
The agency did reportedly hire Steele after obtaining the dossier to further probe its contents.
The court of appeals speculated that the ruling would delay obtaining evidence, not preclude it.
The cash title aside, obtaining the title of "most valuable company" remains elusive for Alphabet.
Obtaining the user ID will vary slightly depending on the kind of phone you have.
She hired a lawyer, and BuzzFeed settled the case by obtaining the copyright from her.
The Trump administration restricted organizations that resettle under 100 refugees annually from obtaining federal funding.
The rules follow a 2018 mandate designed to prevent these countries from obtaining the technology.
Police swore out the arrest warrant and assisted Garcia in obtaining an order of protection.
Such agreements, which restrict worker movement, have been criticized as preventing employees from obtaining raises.
Even for legal immigrants, the charges can lead to problems in obtaining full citizenship rights.
According to Roh, Mifsud had been in Zurich obtaining legal representation from Roh's law firm.
He had come under investigation on suspicion of obtaining unfair academic advantages for his daughter.
This means that victims of online child sex trafficking face enormous challenges in obtaining justice.
Minutes later, the Supreme Court blocked Democrats from obtaining the President's financial records for now.
The first step for obtaining any of these filters is going straight to the source.
It would prevent Profamilias, the Planned Parenthood chapter in Puerto Rico, from obtaining Zika funds.
The Schiff memo argues that in fact proper procedures were followed in obtaining FISA warrants.
Forced arbitration could prevent many, if not most, Wells Fargo customers from obtaining full compensation.
He says not being a member should not be an impediment to obtaining a handicap.
Qualcomm is still awaiting MOFCOM's decision after obtaining approval from all other international regulatory agencies.
Richard Neal (Massachusetts) has not yet set the wheels in motion on obtaining Trump's taxes.
The company also offers help with obtaining insurance and discounts on additional supplies and equipment.
The greater problem will be obtaining the evidence to show a criminal or impeachable offense.
Democratic leaders have said that obtaining Mr. Trump's long-sought tax returns is a priority.
Millions of people apply every year for the chance of obtaining one of 50,000 visas.
Analyzing and obtaining documents at this scale can take a solid chunk of time, however.
The deputy exceeded the warrant's scope by obtaining both blood and urine, the judge wrote.
The latter is in the process of obtaining a warrant to investigate Cambridge Analytica's headquarters.
It accused the firms of not obtaining licences that are required for broadcasting through the internet.
As with the original iPhone, merely obtaining one will be a feat in and of itself.
Collins admitted to obtaining the passwords of over 100 people through phishing techniques, The Guardian reports.
Conducting daily business—opening bank accounts, obtaining a mobile phone, renting an apartment—is a challenge.
Genetic alteration through CRISPR is just a faster, more directly way of obtaining the same outcome.
"Technology has removed traditional barriers to obtaining information," the IAA said in its February 2018 newsletter.
But opponents say this disenfranchises poor and minority voters, who face difficulties obtaining IDs and documents.
In the summer of 2015, he initiated the process of obtaining a death certificate for Chandrika.
Since the story went public, her employers have expressed concerns about the government obtaining her records.
This is the first known instance of the Trump administration obtaining the records of a journalist.
Dassey is also prohibited from possessing a firearm or any controlled substances, or obtaining a passport.
In obtaining users' information, organizing, and selling it, a duty of care arises, the case argues.
"The criminal is sitting on the other end obtaining that info in real time," Maor said.
The House Democrats have offered few details related to their plans for obtaining testimony from Taylor.
The trial-level judge decided Trump couldn't block the state prosecutor from obtaining his tax returns.
Investigators were in the process of securing his Maryland residence and obtaining search warrants, he said.
The team reassembled and retimed the film frame by frame, BFI says, after obtaining the footage.
Democrats have argued that the FBI acted appropriately in obtaining the warrant from the FISA court.
The government has charged Manafort with fraudulently obtaining bank loans by misrepresenting his income and debts.
Saipov entered the US in 2010 after obtaining legal residency through the diversity visa lottery program.
The next challenge will be obtaining wider agreement to a deal concocted by only four members.
Historically, Hispanics in particular have had difficulties obtaining college degrees for a wide variety of reasons.
No one accused Kogan of obtaining his data illegally, or even against Facebook's terms of service.
Blais said she did not begin the process of obtaining a work visa until August 2004.
He was elected after two rounds of voting, obtaining 345 votes in the 751-member assembly.
After obtaining evidence of a relationship between Tristan and Adams, investigators started looking for him themselves.
Still, in all states obtaining the permission to drive a car is a fairly straightforward process.
"Obtaining inputs and credit on the international market will be more difficult in 2019," Vidal said.
He ultimately succeeded (actually obtaining $3.5 million in total new commitments), but it was too late.
In deposition testimony, Mr. Cosby admits to obtaining quaaludes to give to young women for sex.
Flint residents face considerable hurdles to obtaining fair monetary compensation from the courts, according to experts.
However, some milestones look more feasible, such as a $1.25 billion payment for obtaining regulatory approval.
Obtaining a job in a Trump administration will be a major motivating factor for many Republicans.
Carpenter argues that the prosectors violated the Fourth Amendment by obtaining the records without a warrant.
Instead, Avenatti used illegal and extortionate threats for the purpose of obtaining in payments for himself.
I'm very happy about the nine stores that I will be obtaining in the Atlanta market.
Trump on Monday filed a lawsuit attempting to keep U.S. lawmakers from obtaining his financial records.
But Republicans say that obtaining Trump's returns would "weaponize" the confidential tax documents for political purposes.
Now a new group of citizens can have a chance at obtaining their own American dream.
Coach is obtaining a powerful brand at a reasonable price, Cowen & Co analyst Oliver Chen said.
Inmate-1 gave prosecutors information in the hope of obtaining leniency at sentencing, the papers showed.
Students in elite schools in countries such as South Korea focus on obtaining perfect SAT scores.
Obtaining an indictment in the four counties often takes up to a year, the statement said.
As it turns out, every state has its own nuanced laws for obtaining guns and voting.
His companies did construction without obtaining the proper permits at least 175 times, the lawsuit said.
The bill also requires women to undergo a three-day waiting period before obtaining an abortion.
The mounting difficulty in obtaining lethal drugs has already caused states to furtively scramble for supplies.
It does so without alerting the person whose face has been identified or obtaining their consent.
Nothing prevented these incarcerated felons from obtaining absentee ballots or having someone vote in their name.
Tomorrow, I will tell her, I'm going to look into the possibility of obtaining a weapon.
ORIX will assist Ormat in obtaining project financing from leading providers of renewable energy debt financing.
After all, parents generally support their children in obtaining post-secondary education, if they are able.
If it doesn't, it has little chance of obtaining the international and market acceptance it craves.
Numerous states actually spend less per pupil on education while obtaining academic results superior to Kansas.
I'm very much driven by obtaining these things C: Do people ever say no to you?
That meant Air Products needed to neutralize the pill by obtaining a majority of the board.
However, that doesn't mean that obtaining a degree in a creative space isn't a wise investment.
Mr. Heck voted against measures aimed at preventing those on terror watch lists from obtaining guns.
The consequences may range from vulnerability to traffickers to difficulties attending school and obtaining a passport.
Pyongyang is aware that obtaining a peace treaty and possessing nuclear weapons are mutually exclusive prospects.
According to the groups' complaint, Amazon's process of obtaining parental consent falls short of COPPA's requirements.
Almeida will be charged with illegally obtaining funds in violation of banking regulations, the statement said.
Add to that providing protective gear, obtaining insurance and finding a suitable spot for the business.
It can cost 30 points on your credit score and will make obtaining credit more difficult.
"It is for any businesses that require the obtaining of reliable, valid, credible information," she said.
Amazon Web Services has since committed to obtaining 1.13 percent of its power from renewable sources.
Such drones could photograph rogue fishing vessels, obtaining hard-to-gather evidence for any criminal proceedings.
Though I believe Congress would ultimately succeed in obtaining this information, this danger should never arise.
And an absence of legal services, as CRR notes, doesn't necessarily mean women aren't obtaining abortions.
Step 21: Delay parenthood by obtaining birth control through health insurance paid for by your parents.
Of course, this potential diagnosis can readily be confirmed or dispelled by obtaining several medical tests.
Before obtaining DACA in 2014, Reyes had to work under-the-table cleaning apartments, she said.
Somalia, for example, is an active war zone, where obtaining proper identification documents can be impossible.
A similar scenario in 13 led to Pakistan obtaining a $6.7 billion loan from the IMF.
Cambridge Analytica's chief executive Alexander Nix, and other officials, had denied obtaining or using Facebook data.
The company also expanded its service portfolio, including obtaining an IATA license for air freight services.
Yet was not, evidently, stopped from obtaining the know-how or materials to construct a bomb.
Porter, the director of Trapped, was meticulous in establishing trust and obtaining consent from her subjects.
But obtaining a command and control server, the core innards of a malware campaign, is telling.
Airbnb is obtaining the Tilt assets and will keep the app operational, at least for now.
Even if an outbreak of Zika occurs during the Games, obtaining payouts will not be easy.
Anyone else interested in obtaining the recording will be required to make a formal, written request.
"We don't want terrorists obtaining green cards and citizenship through marriage," she told a radio station.
Obtaining this land wasn't a problem, because in China all land is owned by the state.
Surrogacy is illegal in China, and the first obstacle for the families was obtaining the embryos.
Sunset Mesa also disposed of bodies before obtaining the required permits, according to the state order.
Trump, who became a citizen in 2006 after obtaining a green card, would have sponsored them.
Another Northern Irish woman is currently being prosecuted for obtaining abortion pills for her underage daughter.
The arrangement involved sharing user data with those parties that other companies were restricted from obtaining.
For example, obtaining information or evidence would not be possible without engaging in said illegal activity.
Obtaining a gun license for private use requires proof of a justified reason, according to Greiss.
They said most of the charges are related to obtaining the classified information, not publishing it.
"Ethiopian human rights abuser arrested for fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship," one such missive announced last week.
What discussions did you have with Reince Priebus in July 2017 about obtaining the Sessions resignation?
"Our lawyers are upbeat in obtaining justice at the Supreme Court," it said in another tweet.
I am currently in school obtaining a second degree and studying to become an intelligence analyst.
"I was explicitly asked by Administrator Pruitt to assist Marlyn with obtaining this employment," Dravis said.
Were usual procedures for obtaining and executing arrest and search warrants followed with regard to Stone?
Trump's personal lawyer reportedly attempted to silence Daniels by obtaining a temporary restraining order last week.
Hargan that the Trump administration could require her to find a sponsor before obtaining an abortion.
Indeed, not a single police department was ever prevented from obtaining equipment from the controlled list.
The complaint said, however, that obtaining financing was not a condition to closing the merger agreement.
Earlier attempts at obtaining their ancient DNA either failed or produced results contaminated by modern DNA.
Moreover, the dancers' opportunities to compete internationally are curbed by the difficulty of obtaining traveling visas.
Last year, Pacifica settled with the trust after obtaining a loan from FJC, a nonprofit lender.
The patent covers a particular method of obtaining psilocybin in order to treat drug-resistant depression.
While opening a bank account in Uruguay is easy for foreigners, obtaining a mortgage is not.
Mr. Dzhalilov had lived in St. Petersburg since 2011, after obtaining Russian citizenship through his father.
BuzzFeed News first reported the story after obtaining a draft of the open letter on Thursday.
Obtaining a new trial requires more than proving that expert testimony relied on faulty science, however.
Across America, more than 60 million adults struggle with obtaining credit and maintaining a good score.
Obtaining insurance, they say, reduced premature deaths by an amount that exceeded any of their expectations.
CBS News reported that the allegations against Porter prevented him from obtaining a full security clearance.
The FDA even issued draft guidance in an attempt to assist generic companies in obtaining samples.
Lieutenant Corina said that the police were obtaining a search warrant to look through the house.
The southern encirclement also involves obtaining access to oil and gas infrastructure off Europe's southern shores.
Obtaining enough highly enriched uranium or plutonium is the biggest hurdle to producing a nuclear weapon.
This is because trade relations are indispensable to obtaining political support in crises from other states.
The deal is accomplishing a critical national security priority — preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Democrats criticized Maguire for initially blocking Congress from obtaining the whistleblower's complaint to the inspector general.
Obtaining a loan "is very much like doing it in the continental U.S.," Mr. Parfitt said.
ACR 220: Requires patients under 21473 to notify a parent or guardian before obtaining an abortion.
Discrimination against homeless job applicants prevents them from breaking out of poverty and from obtaining housing.
He was elected after two rounds of voting, obtaining 345 votes in the 751-member assembly.
Driven by fun and enthusiasm for that discovery, I did my first tests, obtaining interesting results.
Patients have generally faced three big obstacles in obtaining IUDs and implants: cost, education, and access.
The court papers filed by Breilant's family "would support a reasonable inference that defendant engaged in contact with respect to taking or obtaining funds or assisting in taking or obtaining funds from the dependent adult with intent to defraud," Judge Matz wrote in this week's court order.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obtaining products from only informal sources was substantially more common for THC products than for just nicotine-containing products while obtaining products only from commercial sources was much more common for nicotine than for THC-containing products.
Kyaw Soe Oo, one of two Reuters journalists accused of obtaining state secrets, said the interrogators focused on a story the reporters had been working on about the murder by soldiers of 10 Rohingya Muslims, showing no interest in the documents they are accused of obtaining.
He confessed to illegally obtaining the private records of Chinese citizens and selling the information to clients.
Obtaining access to electronic files, especially emails and messages, can be crucial in white-collar crime cases.
Ivanka denied her father's involvement in the couple's obtaining their security clearances as recently as early February.
He served in the British Army for nearly 40 years, eventually obtaining the rank of Major General.
This will also be dependent on the plans obtaining the necessary approvals from the shareholders and SEC.
She is currently a graduate student obtaining her MSW in Indianapolis, where she lives with her husband.
Unless you live in Japan, you might have a hard time obtaining even the Cup Noodles set.
This proved far easier than obtaining a constitutional search warrant, which requires probable cause of a crime.
But as those contracts expire, service companies have been pressing for price increases, and increasingly obtaining them.
That required me to scour planetary surfaces for heridium, in addition to obtaining or crafting some antimatter.
Foreign drugmakers face growing difficulties obtaining approvals for medicines in China, the world's No. 2 drug market.
It is common for game developers to release test versions before obtaining licenses for a full launch.
He said Democrats should "look past those short-term consequences" and focus on obtaining documents and evidence.
That's where Theresa and her satellite-upload link come in; she's been obtaining the information for them.
We have enemies obtaining nuclear weapons they can explode in our exoatmosphere, and destroy our nuclear grid.
The US government also barred American companies from selling technology to Huawei without first obtaining a license.
Ohio implemented a moratorium in 2015 due to difficulty in obtaining drugs needed to perform lethal injections.
This month they were charged with obtaining secret state documents under the colonial-era Official Secrets Act.
He no longer meets Army fitness requirements, and is in the process of obtaining a medical discharge.
But they are not criminal offenses, so the process of obtaining justice must go through civil court.
U.S. officials say preventing ISIS from obtaining nuclear material remains a top priority heading into the gathering.
The Houston Chronicle first reported on the Texas state investigation after obtaining a series of internal reports.
Among the unforeseen costs of remaining are obtaining permitting, hiring contractors and meeting new fire-safety codes.
Voters who cite a "reasonable impediment" to obtaining such identification are allowed to cast a provisional ballot.
Obtaining private attorneys to assist in the interviews has caused some to rack up large legal bills.
CLS Bank, obtaining utility patent protection for software-related inventions has become more difficult and less predictable.
On March 18, MBS openly admitted on CBS's 60 Minutes that obtaining a nuke was a possibility.
He's also barred from obtaining a passport, or possessing guns, weapons of any kind or controlled substances.
Not yet obtaining a global standard also makes using mobile payment systems a hassle when traveling abroad.
Similarly, law enforcement has its ways of obtaining documents from companies, even in advance of an indictment.
Why rescue ancient machinery when obtaining the software to keep it running could get you in trouble?
The 18-count indictment charges Assange with several crimes, namely unlawfully obtaining and disclosing national defense information.
A federal judge in Milwaukee ruled August 12 that investigators used deceptive tactics in obtaining Dassey's confession.
L&M also said the companies are "fertiles grounds" for data that may be financially worthwhile obtaining.
About half of individuals obtaining insurance in the individual market do so via a high-deductible plan.
Once he managed the huge feat of obtaining his own freedom, Toussaint set about freeing his family.
It would cover subjects such as obtaining bail and what it is like to be in jail.
Going to a top college did not make much of difference in obtaining a job, they said.
Tusk has previously said the EU is ready to respond within 48 hours of obtaining the notification.
The lengthy process includes obtaining security clearances, performing background checks, and evaluating potential financial conflicts of interest.
Instead, Cramer has created five buckets of stocks that will shield a portfolio while obtaining maximum gain.
Women obtaining abortions are disproportionately young, minority, unmarried, and likely to already have at least one child.
A. (WIND, B+/Stable) and 220 Italia (H23530G) increases the chances of the merger obtaining regulatory approval.
Marginalized people already face daunting challenges in obtaining basic legal protections and safe working and living conditions.
Both companies are in the process of obtaining regulatory and competition approval from various authorities, ICAP said.
In the case of a gene drive, obtaining that consent might be very difficult — if not impossible.
El Mundo sees PP obtaining 20.1% of votes, gaining one percentage point since a February 24 poll.
Police last July asked prosecutors to charge Tian with contract fraud and fraudulently obtaining letters of credit.
In 2011 the capital introduced a lottery for obtaining new licence plates (six other cities do this).
I'd wager it depends on the Pokémon you're obtaining and sex you might be missing out on.
The state has postponed all executions until 2017 because it has had difficulty obtaining lethal injection drugs.
Farah, who embraced Christianity two years ago, said obtaining the certificate includes traditions that contradict her faith.
Obtaining legal counsel should never be seen as a sign of guilt or wrongdoing under any circumstances.
A contributing factor is the difficulty patients face in obtaining treatments tailored to their specific recovery needs.
According to them, their lawyer was told that the IRS intended to continue obtaining information from Goodwin.
In order to achieve this, we must increase our emphasis on obtaining full value from these investments.
Obtaining the pill will still require a prescription, though fewer visits to the doctor will be required.
The pact bans both countries from obtaining short- and intermediate-range land-based nuclear and conventional missiles.
"It is uncertain when the company will complete the process of obtaining the capacity," said Sangang Minguang.
It has blocked her from obtaining the abortion, saying it does not want to "facilitate" the procedure.
Second, obtaining financing assurances regarding Zimbabwe's ability to service its debt in a timely manner going forward.
You have to get creative when it comes to obtaining video evidence that you were sexually abused.
Windsor was barred from obtaining the exemption under DOMA, which defined "marriage" as excluding same-sex couples.
Liquidated damages are specified to address the longstanding challenge of obtaining a penalty for an information wrong.
Kelly reportedly knew for months that the allegations had prevented Porter from obtaining a full security clearance.
Obtaining a criminal conviction – convincing all 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt -- is difficult under most circumstances.
Difficulty in obtaining international licenses for music meant that Spotify couldn't launch in the U.S. until 2011.
" He said: "It is dangerous if someone goes for an election after obtaining power through unconstitutional means.
It's unclear whether the circumstances which led to them obtaining that strong IP is a repeatable process.
Such an engagement will significantly harm Iran and possibly even affect its timetable for obtaining nuclear status.
BOX Digital will contribute expertise and personnel toward obtaining regulatory approval and running the security token exchange.
"Get Busta Rhymes some of these ASAP," DJ Khaled said to a man responsible for obtaining sneakers.
When he returned to Chicago, he had trouble obtaining his transcript and never reënrolled in high school.
But South Korean laws block them from obtaining their full birth records without their birth parents' consent.
When traveling, obtaining as much certainty as you can works wonders for your mental and emotional psyche.
He has begun looking into the possibility of obtaining brain samples of shellshocked soldiers from that war.
Some officials reportedly knew weeks earlier about the emails, but delayed obtaining a warrant to investigate them.
We would not have done that without obtaining permission from the adults in charge of our group.
Because of these guidelines, and the crush of people seeking relief, obtaining a pardon is extraordinarily difficult.
Not awarding the contract, he writes, would have prevented thousands of hurricane victims from obtaining much needed….
In them, Mr. Cosby acknowledged obtaining quaaludes as part of his effort to have sex with women.
"At the time it was not true, I mean, she wasn't obtaining a security clearance," Spicer said.
Maryland goes further than barring people with felony and domestic violence conviction records from obtaining a permit.
United States, the court ruled that police must obtain a search warrant before obtaining cellphone location data.
It is unclear whether Bannon knew how Cambridge Analytica was obtaining the Facebook data, the Post reported.
The document charges the Swiss firm and Tian with fraudulently obtaining bank credit through fabricated oil deals.
The first step consists of obtaining raw skins, and on that front, the area is fully stocked.
Shareholders were asked to decide whether prior board experience should preclude women from obtaining future board seats.
He didn't live at the house, and officers gave the woman information about obtaining a restraining order.
Dubai identified 21 uses for blockchain, including charging electric vehicles, obtaining notary services and ensuring food safety.
If a state succeeds in obtaining the funding but doesn't have a functioning new system on Jan.
Other women were excluded from obtaining abortions because of an NHS requirement to attend multiple clinic appointments.
But Democrats secured important victories in the budget pact, obtaining big increases in funding for domestic programs.
The couple were arrested and charged with violating the rights of Chinese citizens by obtaining private information.
While adopting a war orphan in Europe was exceedingly difficult, obtaining a visa was almost unheard-of.
A cameraman was hired away from a San Antonio television station, in hopes of obtaining press access.
A Times investigation showed how difficult it is to prevent the North from obtaining oil, despite sanctions.
Trouble obtaining a visa meant he never made it to France for his trial in January 22.
Passing "red flag" laws to prevent those judged to be a danger to society from obtaining guns.
The company is not apparently obtaining the necessary licenses to reproduce the written versions of these works.
As we waited, Jacques Hinderer, an amiable geophysicist, explained some of the difficulties in obtaining precise data.
While the city makes exceptions for some publicly visible installations, the standard for obtaining them is murky.
It also elicited intense emotional engagement from 47% of Unruly's survey audience, obtaining a score of 5.7.  
If Mr. Vance ultimately prevails in obtaining the president's tax returns, they would not automatically become public.
" This, they said, was an attempt to prevent the plaintiffs "from obtaining relief for purposeful racial discrimination.
Evidence-based research has proven the effectiveness of work-study in advancing students towards obtaining bachelor's degrees.
First, it would be quick, whereas obtaining penalties for civil contempt charges can require lengthy court battles.
Citizens of all seven countries are barred from obtaining green cards and entering a visa lottery program.
Spanberger on Tuesday had accused the two groups of improperly obtaining the document, charges both organizations denied.
Given the level of secrecy at Theranos, obtaining footage from inside the company was no small feat.
The proposed legislation would have provided authorization for obtaining data from devices that had not been seized.
In theory, with the Senate now firmly in Mr Duterte's camp, obtaining an agreement should be easier.
Ukraine considers it illegal for any non-Ukrainian to enter Crimea without first obtaining permission from Kiev.
Obtaining all of them would most likely draw the attention of some high-ranking law enforcement officials.
"Federal law correctly bars contact lens consumers from obtaining their lenses without a prescription," the senators said.
Obtaining a four-year degree does not equalize the lifetime earnings of people from different economic backgrounds.
Patients will have to provide informed consent in writing before obtaining an unapproved drug under the bill.
Obtaining equivalence for the reinsurance sector does not require any surrender to rule-taking, Carnegie-Brown said.
Because of the difficulty of obtaining a mortgage, most foreign buyers pay cash, Ms. Marenbach-Fountoulaki said.
Obtaining publicity is a critical goal of terrorists who seek to highlight their political grievances and objectives.
After long negotiations and court hearings, we entered a tough plea agreement, obtaining the maximum sentence sustainable.
Walgreens included Rite Aid's profits in its full-year forecast, signaling its confidence in obtaining federal approval.
In both cases, the three men entered the law firm's servers after unlawfully obtaining an employee's credentials.
Compared with Gen Xers at their age, they are obtaining mortgages at a 47 percent lower rate.
Congressional aides told Reuters the committee was still negotiating in the hopes of obtaining the requested documents.
Tibetans and Uighurs have generally had difficulty obtaining passports, though there have been some periods of loosening.
The group said it's still fighting the government's policy of blocking unaccompanied children from obtaining an abortion.
States have demonstrated the benefits of increasing access to obtaining effective contraception, particularly LARC methods, to adolescents.
"The parties are working toward obtaining the requisite approvals to complete the transaction," Essar said on Friday.
Meanwhile, his attorneys accused Mueller of obtaining the emails illegally and demanded that they remain private.   Seriously?
CBS News reported Wednesday that the allegations against Porter prevented him from obtaining a full security clearance.
That offense prevented him from obtaining legal status, even though he was married to an American citizen.
Roberts said the ruling still allows police to avoid obtaining warrants for other types of business records.
And even in cases where obtaining an abortion is legal, many providers still refuse to perform them.
OBAMACARE MANDATE: Repeals a federal fine imposed on Americans under Obamacare for not obtaining health insurance coverage.
The Trump administration has also asserted executive privilege to prevent lawmakers from obtaining the unredacted Mueller report.
But that's precisely why it was so important that we prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
A senior administration official said the new triggers would be aimed at ensuring Iran's nuclear capabilities remain at more than one year from obtaining a nuclear weapon and prevent Iran from obtaining them beyond the 15-year time frame established under the nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA.
A person in their 60s or 70s will have a hard time obtaining coverage at a low cost.
Humphrey was arrested along with his wife and accused of illegally obtaining private information while consulting for GlaxoSmithKline.
Maddow saw a surge of viewers to her program, following teaser tweets about obtaining President Trump's tax returns.
Intent on obtaining a doctorate, Jones applied to Harvard and was voted in by the university's history department.
The state prosecutor last month charged Ling with taking bribes, illegally obtaining state secrets and abuse of power.
Amazon began obtaining pharmacy licenses last October, acquiring them in 12 states, including New Jersey, Connecticut, and Nevada.
Joseph Scarnati proposed selling the property and using the proceeds to assist military veterans in obtaining affordable housing.
In his requests, Neal appears to have satisfied the legislative and legal bases for obtaining tax return information.
The committee hasn't conducted additional interviews though as it has turned its attention to obtaining Mueller's counterintelligence information.
He said Tehran was interested in obtaining a loan from Russia for Iran's railways and nuclear power engineering.
The third challenge undocumented immigrants face in obtaining legal status is the 3-year and 10-year bans.
Instead, investigators are focused on the possibility that so-called "drug runners" were obtaining the medications for Prince.
Programs like this could really help millennials in obtaining a home and being able to make it affordable.
After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found shoes like the ones worn by the man in the video.
Experts warn the threat of ISIS obtaining radiological materials for a so-called "dirty bomb" is real, however.
There had been a three-year pause in executions because prison officials faced difficulties obtaining the needed drugs.
In separate actions in a county court, McKesson, a distributor, accused Arkansas of obtaining a drug through deception.
They are prohibited from from obtaining a passport or seeking higher education with the approval of a man.
So how much was obtaining one worth to Ellen DeGeneres, the watch-collecting chat show host and comedian?
Most reports now don't even mention the tweet as an instrumental element in obtaining and confirming the news.
Reprocessing involves extracting plutonium from spent reactor fuel, one route to obtaining bomb fuel other than uranium enrichment.
In the deposition, the entertainer acknowledged obtaining quaaludes as part of his efforts to have sex with women.
She was more than 22 weeks pregnant, close to the legal limit for obtaining abortions in many states.
After obtaining refuge at the American consulate, Mr Fu initially gave a flurry of media interviews by Skype.
India will use its latest satellites for better border surveillance and obtaining high resolution images of the earth.
One of the difficulties with the laboratory analysis of a painting is obtaining samples of a sufficient size.
Poole said Prevalla's business model focused on international students obtaining visas and providing training for commercial airline pilots.
Rand Paul of Kentucky, accused the administration of violating the War Powers Resolution by not obtaining congressional authorization.
They will also supply Opiant with clinical samples and registration batches for clinical studies and obtaining regulatory approvals.
Understanding these differences can be crucial to obtaining insurance coverage at the right time and avoiding lifetime penalties.
Shqaire was charged in September with illegally obtaining his citizenship by omitting those facts from US immigration officials.
"Thus, financial authorities are facing new challenges in terms of obtaining information and maintaining financial stability," he said.
One would think obtaining an NPI, with its stamp of legitimacy, would entail at least some basic vetting.
The Empire has a remarkably limited toolkit for obtaining compliance, one composed of many sticks and few carrots.
Mr. Keating had to wait about six months before obtaining the drug, during which time his cancer recurred.
Allen, 28, is facing charges of tampering with a consumer product and obtaining a controlled substance by deceit.
Starling was founded in 2250, before obtaining its banking license and launching full bank accounts in May 2000.
Frankel also paid out of pocket for the planes while obtaining donations from other celebs, including Andy Cohen.
With only seven days to investigate, what matters to Bellamy and his team is obtaining names, any names.
Buying a Powerball ticket isn't really about obtaining an infinitesimal chance to win a huge amount of money.
It is not known what role the male teacher may have played in the student obtaining Miranda's selfie.
But the process of obtaining it — and living with it — was not as glamorous as the style itself.
The 17 additional charges include "unlawfully obtaining" and disclosing classified information in violation of the federal Espionage Act.
The alleged traffickers are accused of sharing drug transportation routes and obtaining their drugs from Colombian drug organizations.
Liberty Global said it was in a constructive dialogue with the Commission and was confident of obtaining clearance.
They raised money through bake sales and obtaining grants, and their chapter now boasts more than 400 members.
It's no secret that attending a community college can be a stepping stone toward obtaining a bachelor's degree.
In addition, there will be challenges in obtaining sufficient capital to fund the network construction and handset subsidies.
The faulty chain of logic that somehow leads Joe to actually obtaining the idol is kind of miraculous.
Says Jas Mobile will forfeit 644 million baht for not obtaining the licence, which is no significant impact.
After obtaining an MA in photojournalism, he worked as a freelance photojournalist, following local news for Italian newspapers.
Even obtaining the right equipment can be hard, as there are no skateboard shops in the West Bank.
This included obtaining a full broker license from the FCA, rather than simply partnering with an established broker.
They did it again on Wednesday, obtaining Johnson from the Braves for the Class AA pitcher Akeel Morris.
He had a background check I believe, but nothing would have stopped him from legally obtaining a firearm.
In it, Cosby admitted to obtaining prescription Quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with.
Much of Java is open source, meaning anyone may use it, but some aspects require obtaining a license.
The situation points to perennial difficulties that academics from certain countries have obtaining travel visas to Western countries.
United States, which hinges on whether police can check a cell phone's whereabouts without first obtaining a warrant.
Federal law prohibits political candidates and their advisers from seeking or obtaining contributions from foreign individuals or entities.
Ownership of the regional sports networks would be more complicated than obtaining the rights to stream a sport.
The big picture: Obtaining Trump's tax returns is one of the new House Democratic majority's top oversight priorities.
For many young people, obtaining too much or too little education may be a fact of modern life.
This was at same time candidate Trump was publicly calling for Russia's help in obtaining Clinton's emails. pic.twitter.
Obtaining an MBA involves a considerable investment of time and money — but the payout can be worth it.
Iranian hardliners have also worked to block moderate candidates from obtaining ballot access for next month's parliamentary elections.
Why have domestic unions insisted on preventing Puerto Rico from obtaining an exemption from this job-killing law?
In the deposition, Mr. Cosby admitted obtaining quaaludes as part of his effort to have sex with women.
Many news organizations that Mr. Trump has blackballed said they had no difficulty obtaining credentials for the convention.
Some emails and other records described donors seeking and in some cases obtaining meetings with State Department officials.
The department said sheriff's detectives are currently in the process of obtaining a search warrant for his home.
He must develop, in conjunction with allies, options for obtaining control over territory — air, sea, land and cyber.
There are signs, though, that Latino politicians are consistently obtaining more positions of power in both major parties.
The letter said Menendez also assisted foreign nationals in obtaining visas to visit Melgen in the United States.
And so, when faced with any adversity to obtaining something it wants, the Internet always finds a way.
Knorr's 125 crowns per share offer was conditional upon Knorr-Bremse obtaining more than half of Haldex shares.
Government lawyers responded by accusing Delaware North of obtaining trademarks without the knowledge of the National Park Service.
Surveys show that most young adults believe that obtaining wealth and fame are keys to a happy life.
Any agreement must prevent Iran from Obtaining and employing weapons of mass destruction and subject to congressional scrutiny.
Soon, Chrome will prevent cross-site cookies from working across domains without obtaining explicit consent from the user.
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan reportedly received the search warrant after obtaining a referral from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Sweden made a formal request to the U.S. justice department for help in obtaining the footage from Facebook.
Big government is only interested in gaining power, and big business is only interested in obtaining government contracts.
The rover will roll around on six wheels, and is equipped with a drill for obtaining subsurface samples.
There's also a ballot initiative to reduce the penalty for obtaining, using, and possessing drugs to a misdemeanor.
Duke Alfonso I of Ferrara had hopes of obtaining works by these artists for his private art gallery.
She is now obtaining her own nonprofit status, to ensure her organization is not subject to federal taxes.
This method makes obtaining a representative sample difficult, as some groups are less likely to have internet access.
It was one of the first times a quiz app had been used for obtaining Facebook members' information.
BUYING BASICS Foreigners face no restrictions on buying property in Britain, though obtaining local financing can be challenging.
S.A. searches to routine administrative inspections, my colleagues preclude victims of T.S.A. abuses from obtaining any meaningful remedy.
A big question for us was how Samba TV was obtaining consumers' permission to track their viewing habits.
It has separately been charged with illegally obtaining confidential information from a mole working inside the justice ministry.
More than four out of five Americans support this measure, to prevent criminals or terrorists from obtaining guns.
The policy upshot of our research is clear: Obtaining an expungement should be made as simple as possible.
These steps have clearly not succeeded in guaranteeing total comfort for both participants or in obtaining continual consent.
He is supposed to report to prison in May after obtaining a 60-day delay earlier this month.
If that happened, Pakistan would face greater difficulties in obtaining the financial bailouts and loans it has sought.
One thing that may have attracted players to Puma is a higher chance of obtaining a signature shoe.
Obtaining the seed money has proved a challenge, but the players are determined to see the project through.
Those who have not filed tax returns recently will have a tougher time obtaining getting direct cash payments.
At least as it applies to primary care, the A.C.A. has opened doors to obtaining preventive medical treatment.
In 2008, the Energy Department began the process of obtaining a construction license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Russia in particular has a keen interest in obtaining internal documents and selectively leaking them for political advantage.
Adam Schiff of California, which argues that the FBI followed proper procedures in obtaining the FISA warrant. Sen.
Nikolas Cruz is expected to be in a criminal court for a hearing on obtaining evidence from him.
A California man spent months obtaining permits to erect the 30-foot chicken with an unmistakable golden coif.
It would reverse a Trump administration decision that bars people fleeing domestic or gang violence from obtaining asylum.
Mr. Correa was found to have operated a kickback scheme for obtaining public contracts during Spain's boom years.
The Tribune first reported the news after obtaining a pair of search warrants related to Smollett&aposs data.
It costs $21,20203 a year for civilians and $27,500 for cadets, with about 80 percent obtaining financial aid.
He said in 2012 that he had advised Obama "don't go" with the raid before obtaining more information.
The process for obtaining or extending a student visa, always cumbersome, is now unpredictable and fraught with risk.
That is because the arbitration clause would prevent consumers from obtaining a 'public injunction' to stop illegal conduct.
Are some regulations necessary in order to prevent criminals and murderers from obtaining stockpiles of deadly automatic weapons?
Every day, she thinks about the other women she knows who remain behind bars for allegedly obtaining abortions.
Sri Lankan law prevents police from asking Huawei to help without first obtaining explicit permission from a court.
Over the following week, however, I observed that this information had no influence on Hayley's coffee-obtaining habits.
Preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon "needs to be our No. 1 focus," he said on Monday.
The fund denied obtaining the photos, and both the WWF and DiCaprio have denied any transaction between them.
Obtaining both House and Senate supermajority support, followed by ratification from 38 state legislatures, would be nearly impossible.
Bumble then filed and later dropped its own $400 million suit over Match fraudulently obtaining Bumble's trade secrets.
In fact, there are still 72 countries where women are barred from opening bank accounts or obtaining credit.
Without obtaining explicit consent from users, Google Chrome will now prevent cross-site cookies from working across domains.
Companies had trouble obtaining credit, driving up the short-term cost of borrowing and compounding a deep recession.
Under official federal policy, VA health care providers may not recommend marijuana or assist veterans in obtaining it.
When asked, grieving families usually approve of donation, but organs are often lost to delays in obtaining consent.
This was Johnson's second attempt at obtaining a license for a medical marijuana business, according to the paper.
In an unprecedented step, Trump filed a lawsuit attempting to keep U.S. lawmakers from obtaining his financial records.
Obtaining a South African work permit for van Wiljnen is a process which could take weeks or months.
This proposed solution makes an obtuse attempt at suggesting the cost of obtaining a classroom education in aviation, combined with formal, in-flight training, should equal that of obtaining a classroom education at a community college; wholly ignoring the market and devaluing the public's perception of a career in aviation.
A short drive from Aurora in any direction, addicts could find "pain clinics" that made obtaining prescription drugs easy.
According to the agreement, Musk cannot tweet about some topics without obtaining pre-approval from an experienced securities attorney.
Travelers from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan will be barred from obtaining visas for at least 90 days.
A 2014 rule requires Freeport to invest further in domestic processing as a prerequisite for obtaining its export permits.
Obtaining this authorization was crucial not just for Project Maven, but for Google's future pursuit of other government contracts.
There are grief counselors, people working with them there in conjunction with the police obtaining statements about what transpired.
India improved on six of the 10 metrics tracked by the World Bank, including obtaining credit and construction permits.
Earlier this year, the company created a Global Copyright Protection Group, aimed at stopping people from obtaining content illegally.
Argus Research analyst Stephen Biggar blamed the drop to a decline in the number of screens obtaining the data.
In the 2014 breach, hackers forged cookies that enabled them to log into targeted accounts without obtaining the passwords.
Other internal emails have shown the Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) expressing interest in obtaining the technology.
The Attorney General advices obtaining as much information as possible in the form of estimates, invoices, receipts or bills.
She's currently pursuing a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a step towards her goal of obtaining a Psy.
In May, the US Commerce Department banned sales of American-made goods to Huawei without first obtaining a license.
When listed on a credit report, these pieces of public information can be a major obstacle to obtaining credit.
And homecoming has certainly not been without its challenges: obtaining legal identification, medical care, and employment, among other things.
Obtaining marijuana, she said, could jeopardize her husband's job and put her at risk of losing custody of Hestevan.
Starting in October 2013, Missouri began obtaining its drugs from an Oklahoma-based compounding pharmacy called the Apothecary Shoppe.
Once obtaining a sample, men have to drop some on a slide that slips into the connected camera device.
Another bipartisan bill, known as the Deter Act, would block individuals engaging in election interference from obtaining a visa.
The former secretary of state has insisted that she only used a non-government server after obtaining proper approval.
These delays brought the teenager's pregnancy close to the 20 week legal limit for obtaining an abortion in Texas.
Their legal limbo, however, has created trouble in obtaining permits to film in public spaces or to import equipment.
We're representing a survivor of domestic violence, which normally would have been a relatively smoother path to obtaining asylum.
The alleged traffickers are accused of sharing drug transportation routes and obtaining their drugs from various Colombian drug organizations.
"We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability," the NOA statement reads.
But such individuals are still considered lone wolves if they are not obtaining support (logistical, financial, etc.) from others.
The initiative is aimed at stopping people obtaining mobile phones by using fraudulent identification cards, according to press reports.
People can't fire their guns except for the specific reasons given for obtaining a firearm in the first place.
Facebook is now implementing platform changes to prevent other Facebook apps from improperly obtaining data again in the future.
But if you're interested in obtaining health coverage through Obamacare, we have all the information you need to know.
In the deposition, Mr. Cosby admitted to obtaining quaaludes as part of his effort to have sex with women.
Microsoft has been preventing PCs with Intel Atom Clover Trail processors from obtaining the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.
It declined to comment on whether the project was in the process of obtaining specific regulatory permission or status.
First, the GDPR sets a higher bar for obtaining personal data than we've ever seen on the internet before.
The parties will work towards obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals with a target to complete by the fourth quarter.
According to authorities, Correa admitted to obtaining the password of an employee who left to work for the Astros.
That decision, which was ultimately overturned, would have delayed a pregnant 17-year-old immigrant from obtaining an abortion.
Critics of the voter ID law say such requirements disenfranchise poor and minority voters, who face difficulties obtaining IDs.
In 2001, the letter states, she became a permanent resident of the United States by obtaining a green card.
The work of government is infinitely harder and more complicated than the act of obtaining the power to govern.
Oscar plans to work especially closely with doctors in these systems to eliminate the frequent hassles of obtaining care.
How can Mueller, Zebley and Quarles have been counsel to Manafort and Kushner without obtaining confidential information about them?
The House bill also includes an amendment that would bar Trump from attacking Iran without first obtaining Congress' approval.
A common example is obtaining a revolver or line of credit that can be set aside for emergency purposes.
The initiative aims to stop people obtaining mobile phones by using fraudulent identification cards, according to local press reports.
This policy also states that alcohol negates consent but cannot be used as an excuse for not obtaining consent.
Flynn, "by all appearances," violated federal law by accepting payments from foreign governments without obtaining prior approval, Chaffetz said.
Currently, the Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the U.S. without obtaining a visa.
If a woman answers yes, the doctor can't legally perform an abortion without obtaining the patient's full medical history.
The shrinking options for obtaining affordable legal representation have prompted more than a few schemes to fill the void.
It requires obtaining authorization because water has to be purified, you have to clear the beer from the system.
Peng's former French coach, Bertrand Perret, was suspended from obtaining tournament credentials for three months for the same offense.
Since that time I have been involved in obtaining experimental drugs for a number of other children with cancer.
After obtaining the documents, Budkie wrote the University of Michigan regents asking for an independent investigation into the incidents.
Let's just say your author isn't willing to publicly admit how much effort she put into obtaining said grapes.
The new report says that some equipment for this test was run numerous times without obtaining acceptable quality control.
They also had trouble obtaining a construction loan as lenders became wary of projects promising oversize prices and profits.
The church paid $110,000 in cash, she said, because racially discriminatory redlining by banks made obtaining a loan impossible.
As a result, obtaining the returns has become something of a holy grail for Democrats and liberal activists alike.
"Part of my methodology is to experience places fully, spending considerable time investigating, researching and obtaining stories," Fuller says.
Tips for obtaining your report, and maintaining a good score, are available on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website.
He also stated that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been busy in recent weeks obtaining a Brexit deal.
Their primary tactic: obtaining footage of training sessions to expose the barbarity of a practice that's cruel and unnecessary.
Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower from the firm, said that Kogan had worked with Cambridge Analytica in obtaining the data.
Protect yourself by obtaining a sworn construction statement from your builder, itemizing who worked on your property, said Miller.
His focus is on undermining the effective implementation of this agreement that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Somewhere out there, anyone who might have been responsible for Prince obtaining these pills has reason to be concerned.
IRAP represents former US military translators in obtaining the SIVs they were promised to come to the United States.
Vopper, where it eschewed liability of a media defendant for obtaining, analyzing, and broadcasting portions of a leaked conversation.
Diplomats say the process of obtaining or renewing licenses has become slower amid uncertainty over U.S. policy on Iran.
She supports a stricter process in obtaining firearms, including universal background checks and mandatory waiting periods for gun sales.
T-Series had both videos blocked in India eight days later, after obtaining an injunction from Delhi's High Court.
The Washington Post first reported the government's characterization of Schulte in May, after obtaining a transcript of the proceedings.
All the while they were soliciting and obtaining help on issues ranging from gambling to wages to tax policy.
Republicans said they intended to hold a vote this week on a measure to prevent terrorists from obtaining guns.
But the list was grossly inaccurate, as it included U.S. citizens who had naturalized after obtaining a driver's license.
Pacher noted that there would be protocols in place to "prevent the wrong people" from obtaining the Nazi memorabilia.
He was arraigned Thursday on 36 charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and obtaining money by false pretenses.
Currently, homeowners obtaining a federally-backed mortgage in certain flood zones are expected to be covered by the NFIP.
"We continue to work productively with regulators and look forward to obtaining approval soon," Charter spokesman Justin Venech said.
The ex-couple asked a judge in Manhattan to stop two media outlets from obtaining the records. http://bit.
Republicans maintain their supermajorities until next month, so they will have no trouble obtaining the vote for an override.
Lloyd subsequently sought to block migrant girls in HHS custody from obtaining abortions, leading to a series of lawsuits.
The sale comes as turmoil in the debt markets is preventing some private equity funds from obtaining bank financing.
But Justice Stephen G. Breyer said a cumbersome process involving two insurers would dissuade some women from obtaining contraception.
Knorr's 125 crown per share offer is still conditional upon the German company obtaining regulatory clearance on acceptable terms.
Obtaining community "buy in" is also key, by explaining the method to local leaders and health authorities, said Klaptocz.
After that, the second stage would require obtaining close to four million signatures, or 20 percent of the register.
It aims to force out trained, capable service members and prevent the military from obtaining the most qualified personnel.
However, obtaining a correct diagnosis can go a long way to helping them deal with it without undue suffering.
He urgently needs a Plan B to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but has yet to present one.
That suit had alleged that Uber terminated drivers from its platform after obtaining their consumer background reports without authorization.
Generally, safety-net "work requirements" allow recipients to participate in "community engagement activities" instead of obtaining a traditional job.
After obtaining a soap dish in which to ash his collection of chubby blunts, his eyes widened with focus.
The bank could also circumvent privacy concerns by obtaining disclosure consent from the president and his family, they said.
There is a chance of legal action against Best and White for obtaining and then publishing these TIME issues.
In spite of recently obtaining her bachelor's degree in sociology, Ms. Miller discovered that finding a job was difficult.
If the California bill passes, parents will have a much harder time obtaining a medical exemption for their child.
The Supreme Court concluded that obtaining these records without a warrant violated Mr. Carpenter's rights under the Fourth Amendment.
The trip to the hospital with his ailing father could take just minutes, but obtaining a permit takes weeks.

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