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"become" Definitions
  1. linking verb to start to be something
  2. [transitive, no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) become somebody (formal) to be suitable for somebody
  3. [transitive, no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) become somebody (formal) to look attractive on somebody synonym suit
"become" Synonyms
get grow turn go run come wax come to be get to be eventually be turn out start to feel emerge as turn out to be fall are run to tend to show a tendency to be made change into grow into transform into turn into be appointed as be assigned as be elected as be nominated mature into metamorphose into be converted into be reformed as be remodeled as be transformed into convert into develop into evolve into pass into suit flatter fit befit behoove(US) behove(UK) match agree with harmonize with accord with set off show to advantage be appropriate be fitting to belong to be suitable to do something for go together go well with go with eventuate result prove develop evolve happen transpire come out end up finish up pan out work out come about come to pass fall out be found to be shake out play out reach hit pass get to reach the age of get to the age of be equal total make number comprise represent yield amount to come to equate to be equal to be equivalent to count up to result in tot up to add up to be the same as come up to metamorphose transform convert transmute transfigure alter change transpose modify transmogrify mutate transubstantiate alchemize remodel reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) translate reconstruct restyle betide befall chance occur ensue supervene bechance hap take place arise cook do follow overtake take on assume exhibit adopt display feign imitate impersonate mimic mirror play simulate affect ape embody personate show lay on amount tally sum evaluate approximate approach correspond extend aggregate effect touch shape define form fashion influence mold(US) mould(UK) create determine frame guide produce adapt model build condition construct More

934 Sentences With "become"

How to use become in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "become" and check conjugation/comparative form for "become". Mastering all the usages of "become" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Hannah has become an author, become a teacher, become a parent.
But often, reading groups become research projects become initiatives become multimillion-dollar centers.
They become very irritable, have a short fuse, become depressed [or] become violent.
Gorditas become cheesy and crunchy, omelets become tacos, and Kit Kats become quesadillas.
Environments will become more expansive as plots become more riveting and characters become more vibrant.
This is where outside linebackers become defensive ends, cornerbacks become safeties, and safeties become interior linebackers.
Pipes become telephones, blankets become hot air balloons and people become kinder, happier versions of themselves.
And when does a highly dynamic story become a game, become an environment, become a virtual reality?
I believe our choices become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our character.
Teach me how I can become a millionaire, how can I become this, how can I become that.
And as it's become bigger, and the scene has become wider, in a way the definition has become tighter.
A 17053 becomes a 0; two 1s become a 1; a 1 and a 0 become a 0; a 1 and a 0 become a 1; two 0s become a 1.
Over the years, when you're fortunate enough to become successful, when you become successful you can become more financially independent.
Automakers have a choice: Become data companies or become irrelevant
So "shrug" can become ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and "glare" can become ಠ_ಠ.
Such mergers can become imperiled if the reviews become prolonged.
The touchscreen has become ubiquitous; the touchscreen has become blasé.
As cars become more sophisticated, these data should become richer.
Will Gboard become the next Gmail or become another Google+?
As oils have become more popular, sourcing has become contentious.
Most people, however, become parents long before they become caregivers.
But it's become soft and our country has become soft.
Adversaries become assets and weaknesses become unexpected sources of power.
The details become sketchy and speculative; the narratives become unreliable.
To become civil is hard; to become uncivil is easy.
If they become law, our national forests would become unrecognizable.
Power has become decentralized, just as communications have become decentralized.
They become informed about world events and become politically active.
Playoff teams become also-rans, also-rans become playoff teams, unheralded nobodies become superstars, and superstars find their powers have abandoned them.
But having moved once, additional moves become less stressful, new opportunities become available, and additional moves become more efficient and less costly.
But I guess for the sake of the imagery, I guess that's what it's become, it's become a cartoon, it's become WWE.
Workers often jump from one side of the fence to the other: Journalists become publicists, prosecutors become defense attorneys, bank regulators become bankers.
Focus on the core, become more efficient and become more relevant.
Not just become coders, but become Microsoft millionaires, in the '80s.
"He must become greater; I must become less" (John 3:30).
I would become a notary public, and, ideally, become insanely rich.
And because they become less attractive, other insectivores become more attractive.
But as discounts become more generous, false confessions become more common.
Sometimes those discussions become what's happening and become news as well.
I want to become an architect, and I will become one.
But once they become ours, they instantly become shinier and lovelier.
Your music has become become way more electronic over the years.
As cars become more technologically advanced, they also become more expensive.
If our emoji couldn't become us, we would become our emoji.
They would become more common should the Senate bill become law.
I have seen men become whole, and gang members become peacekeepers.
Naltrexone has become become an increasingly popular choice among drug courts.
So the smugglers become masters, the migrants and refugees become slaves.
"As things become connected, they become intelligent and powerful," he said.
And don't become a one-sided deal that can become exploitative.
One will become president; the other two will become vice presidents.
They have blackouts, they become cruel towards everyone, they become aggressive.
It's become a business phenomenon, it's become a lot of things.
Generous people could become ungenerous, and brave people could become frightened.
Angry people could become gentle, and controlling people could become Zen.
Sometimes, maybe, a show has to become "worse" to become great.
"When you become a mom, you become so protective," she said.
But Twitter's become such a sewer, basically become such a sewer.
That identity has become me, and I have become that identity.
Political movements can become more vicious as they become more threatened.
"As we've become safer, as we have become more educated, as we have become more prosperous, Prince William County has also become more diverse," Mr. Stewart said enthusiastically about this booming Northern Virginia jurisdiction he leads.
Under a poster of the motto, "Thoughts become actions become habits become... destiny" stood the remains of a holding cell, its door jangling open.
And as digital products become pervasive, global scale could become an advantage.
You become who you become because of the next move you make.
Become Offred — become a handmaid — and you're liberated, she seems to say.
The manufactured knockouts become obvious and the five second clips become worthless.
Once you become aware of this you then become aware of yourself .
"We become the IT staff; we become the data center," Hurd said.
But as more measures have become available, other investors have become interested.
The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.
It travels in milliseconds and reactions become real and fights become guns.
How will be become stronger & more importantly, how will we become better?
I think he has become what you would imagine him to become.
Feature generation has already become less important as models become more sophisticated.
Imports from China suddenly become cheaper and their exports become more expensive.
They're allowing themselves to not just become corroded, but to become hysterical.
The ethical dilemmas will become bigger the more sophisticated the microchips become.
To become unstuck, "no" must become more costly and "yes" more valuable.
So the companies become channel partners for the families who become consumers.
They have an innate ability to become whoever context dictates they become.
It's become so predominant that it's become a truth that never was.
Students of color have become targets and white students have become suspects.
A handful become useful major leaguers, and a tiny collection become superstars.
"Football has become soft, like our country has become soft," Trump said.
It has become detached from human eyes and has largely become invisible.
Prince fought to become a pop star, to become his own artist.
After 18 months, Tyco's George Oliver will become CEO and Molinaroli will become executive chair for one year, after which Oliver will become chairman and CEO.
By the numbers: 58% supported allowing DREAMers to become citizens while another 18% thought they should be allowed to become legal residents but not become citizens.
Christianity teaches that the way is to become subjective, to become a subject.
Become too brash, and a traumatic family death may become even more unbearable.
But it's going to become more mature and it's going to become cleaner.
As more jobs become dependent on technology, working remotely has become more common.
Jon Moxley probably doesn't become Dean Ambrose, Tyler Black doesn't become Seth Rollins.
We agreed that we wanted to become friends again and become close again.
The harsher Israel's security measures become the more tenuous his position will become.
Yes, as they become more commonplace and demand rises, gadgets become more affordable.
Over time, these actions become so habitual that you become unaware of them.
"Through different times, plants have become intoxicants or they've become hallowed," Chetiyawardana adds.
That's how you become consistent and that's how you become a playoff team.
As American politics has become increasingly polarized, redistribution has become a dirty word.
Some people become legends by winning, and some people become legends by quitting.
When you suddenly become so wealthy, protecting your assets will become a priority.
"People have become educated," Mr. Edhi said, "but have yet to become human."
Apple has become famous for its design, and Ive has become famous, too.
We don't want to become a shop, we want to become a service.
Happy people become happier and unhappy people become miserable when they get wealthy.
And people today can become whatever it is that they choose to become.
The old, Shakespeare says, can become, or assist us to become, God's spies.
In years to come, refugia may become rarer as fires become more intense.
But first, before they can become someone, they have to become no one.
To become her most profitable self, she must also become her worst self.
Microsoft has become a gentler giant, and Mr. Gates has become a philanthropist.
Ever more companies will become tech companies; the internet will become all-pervasive.
As these debt burdens become unbearable, paying the piper will become extremely painful.
The tech giants become monolithic and their employees become caricatures — often of villains.
And that's become even more true as the service has become more crowded.
My son need not become a writer, but he will become a storyteller.
I thought if I were to become an architect, I could become rich.
These dislocations might become more severe and frequent as computers become more powerful.
"I had a choice: to become better, or to become bitter," he says.
Dangerous situations become more volatile and the voices around them become increasingly voluble.
It's become conventional wisdom that Stephen Curry has become the NBA's relatable superstar.
But just as the Internet has made it easier to become a publisher, it has also become much easier for ordinary people to suddenly become public figures.
Tennessee is no exception, and as the state has become increasingly urban, Mr. Bredesen's own party has become more progressive — while the suburbs have become more conservative.
"As we've become more divided on the subject of immigration, racism and hate crimes have become normalized, and British society has become more closed-minded," he said.
As politicians have become hooked on this approach, the commitments have become more outlandish.
I think it has become ... I think it's become the Office of American Innovation.
"As markets become more challenging, our skills will become more in favor," Fitzpatrick said.
So, yes, exports have become somewhat weak and production has also become somewhat weak.
Perpetrators become less blameworthy and victims become more responsible for what happened to them.
After all, the more politically engaged people become, the more they become strong partisans.
CPEC causes the currency to become overvalued and Pakistan to become less competitive globally.
It also means that brands will become, and should become, transformational to our lives.
As social mobility has become more important it has become more difficult to promote.
Women who become surrogates generally take great satisfaction in helping someone become a parent.
Now, his words have become more than just "banter" — they have become possibly true.
I didn't become a politician, and I didn't become a CEO of a charity.
The lungs become inflamed, while our air sacs become flooded with fluid and pus.
As cars become driverless, streaming in-car entertainment is expected to become increasingly popular.
And now, for some reason, it's become less taboo, and it's become more accessible.
Fame has become a kind of catchall term, just like billion has become meaningless.
As the publishing industry has become more vulnerable, it has become more risk-averse.
As these policies have become more common, they've also become far harsher towards women.
Central banks would soon become involved: without a speedy intervention, banks could become insolvent.
Opinions like these will become increasingly relevant as self-driving cars become more mainstream.
"As political leaders become weaker, chief executives have to become stronger," says Mr Benioff.
As adolescents, fewer become delinquents, take up smoking and drinking or become teenage parents.
Yet Metro's service has become so poor as to become – quite literally – non-existent.
Liu noted that, as trends have become more outlandish, knockoffs have become more obvious.
They can be tightened to become more punitive or loosened to become more accommodating.
As AI systems become more powerful, this dynamic will become more and more destabilizing.
Video games have become a spectator sport, and Facebook is angling to become ESPN.
A handful of messaging apps have become so powerful that they've become a weakness.
The dollar amounts become high, word-of-mouth travels, and uncompetitive deals become competitive.
Relationships get very lopsided and the people who become the caregivers become very strained.
"Nowadays it's safer to become Baul because society has become less conservative," Khatu says.
But as families have become more organized, their plight has become harder to ignore.
It was "Become Desert," not an earlier work by John Luther Adams, "Become Ocean."
Not only do they become unreliable, but they become a liability to their employers.
It becomes the words, the words become sentences, and the sentences become the story.
"Some of these kids become the 'good child' — they become really compliant," she said.
Closings themselves may become limited, as people have become leery about sharing close quarters.
Together, This Little Planet could become something really special—it could become truly perfect.
As tours have become bigger and more professionalized, their logistics have become increasingly daunting.
Untreated, the weak become weaker, the sick become sicker, and a terminal spiral ensues.
Viruses, like coronavirus, have become globally dominant because they evolved to become master replicators.
She may become a more adroit writer, but she won't become a younger one.
You could have become good friends with strangers, or let good friends become strangers.
Each wave of outrage is a little easier than the last, as the pathways of hate in our brain become greased, become smoothed, become automatic like muscle memory.
Jay: Do not become who you think you need to become; become who you truly are and were before all these new ideas were put into your head.
"We're a young team that is trying to become a playoff team, and once you become a playoff team, you hope to become a championship team," Malone said.
" In compliance, Yosemite will rename many of its most famous hotels and campsites: "Yosemite Lodge at the Falls will become Yosemite Valley Lodge; The Ahwahnee Hotel will become the Majestic Yosemite Hotel; Curry Village will become Half Dome Village; Wawona Hotel will become Big Trees Lodge; and Badger Pass Ski Area will become Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area.
The hosts that audiences have become invested in now have the freedom to become whoever they want to be — and right now, they seem to want to become villains.
"They absolutely believed in helping me become whoever I was meant to become," he explained.
The trapped fish quickly become bait, attracting larger predators who in turn become entangled themselves.
It's when we become obsessed with that goal that we start to become less happy.
One bedroom apartments become two bedroom apartments, two bedrooms become three, and on and on.
As language has become central to the immigration debate, Merkel has increasingly become the exception.
You moderate your mannerisms so that they become unnoticeable, and you, in turn, become unnoticeable.
The key is that cities don't become competitive with solutions, they become competitive through systems.
It's a usually temporary paralysis that can become serious if people's breathing muscles become affected.
Episcopalians become evangelicals, Catholics leave their childhood faith and sometimes come back, Muslims become atheists.
As consumers become more comfortable with AR, its presence will become a more continuous expectation.
They also are likely going to become especially important as voice assistants become more prevalent.
She could become the first African-American woman to become governor of a U.S. state.
We have become friends with owner [and] his employees, and they have become extended family.
As hackers become increasingly adept at targeting smartphones, app security has become a pressing issue.
The cup has become a symbol for just how sloppy Game of Thrones has become.
Sadly, this is what happens when we let our political system become what it's become.
When economic underpinnings degrade, and citizens become apathetic, struggling democracies can quickly become failed states.
Grapes exposed to too much sun become sweeter and less acidic; eventually, they become raisins.
A common theme emerged, of partners who become dependents, adults who become like permanent toddlers.
You could become either of them, her cousin said, or you could become Average Mountain.
Therefore, Washington and Moscow will neither become close friends nor will they become confrontational adversaries.
Investor-friendly terms have become more common as financing has become more difficult to obtain.
Remote software updates will become particularly crucial as vehicles become more capable of driving themselves.
What's in your mind can become your reality; so become the architect of your life.
I didn't need to become a jingoistic American; I could become a wary, critical one.
As American society has become more unequal, it has become more polarized, and vice versa.
There's a speech required to become a candidate, and a speech required to become president.
He said having those opportunities cut off before they become profitable could become very risky.
The soldier will become the slowest element in an engagement, or will simply become irrelevant.
We've just become, the government has become an assistance center for the fossil fuel industry.
But as production chains become more diffuse, they also become more fragile and less transparent.
Since when have we become so heartless that the term has become a dirty word?
We not only have worked together, as it has become obvious, we have become friends.
To become less political, Mulvaney decided, the bureau would first have to become more political.
If the Greens have become more mainstream, then the mainstream has also become more green.
He had become a free man, taken a plot of land, and become a success.
"It has become more engaged, and its reviewers have become more interesting," Mitzi Angel said.
But that skill will become less relevant if, as expected, battery-powered cars become ubiquitous.
But following the IPO, investors have become more concerned that it might never become profitable.
The president's pronouncements rarely become plans, the plans rarely become policies, the policies rarely work.
But it's also because redistricting has become more targeted as voters have become more predictable.
Over the last few weeks, it's become clear that Bernie Sanders could actually become president.
Life will become more difficult for growing populations, who will become more susceptible to radicalization.
It&aposs never been easier to become a billionaire, or harder to become a millionaire.
But I think John Bolton's relevance to our decision has become, has become increasingly clear.
It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a millionaire.
"I had no idea it was going to become what it's become," the designer said.
"I had no idea it was going to become what it's become," Ms. Liang said.
But as streaming services become more dominant, the economics of entertainment have become more opaque.
If Mr Trump has become more willing to nominate people whose main qualification is that they agree with him, the Fed could become—or be seen to become—worryingly politicised.
Artists will surely become more like activists, and maybe the opposite will become true as well.
Ku predicts that as artificial intelligence become more prominent, memorization skills will become far less relevant.
Indeed, Germans themselves have become more reluctant to become entrepreneurs, especially with the unemployment rate low.
In many occupations it has become essential to acquire new skills as established ones become obsolete.
Smaller stars become neutron stars, which are super-dense spheres, while larger stars become black holes.
Toronto has become a model of how popular these games can become across a single city.
When did Crocs become the cat's pajamas and the cat's pajamas become this season's It look?
One-pieces have become the new norm and high-waisted numbers have become a fan favorite.
The situation has become convenient for Israelis and for too long, and people have become accustomed.
And if surveillance systems become even partially automated, will such errors become more or less common?
But without speaking for that truth, we become complacent as many Americans have become I believe.
Since they become sexually active at just six months, they become aggressive early in their lives.
Minecraft and other "make your own fun" laboratories become richer as their tools become more familiar.
Ultimately, Jaiden could "become entombed within himself," and become bedridden, according to his mother, Natalie Rogers.
Worse, as prices come down, write-offs become more numerous and the angels become more skittish.
And it's only become more popular in recent years — though it's also become harder to watch.
They have become the eccentric millionaires it never occurred to their adoring public they might become.
Since they last parted, Arya's become a shape-shifting sociopath, and Jon's become a queen's consort.
"Under such a system teachers become essentially therapists, and students become essentially patients," the authors wrote.
Eve's personal and professional relationships become strained as she and Villanelle become obsessed with each other.
Even more cancers will become controllable, meaning some cancers will become more like diabetes or HIV.
Peter Huntsman will become CEO of the combined company, called HuntsmanClariant, while Kottmann will become chairman.
People become body parts; they become things to be used rather than people to be loved.
So the more endangered things become, quite often in China the more sought after they become.
While we cannot expect Myanmar to become anti-China, we should help it become pro-U.
"Staph" skin infectionscan become serious and even life-threatening, as antibiotic-resistant strains become more prevalent.
But as our farming systems have expanded and become more industrialized, they've also become more uniform.
Still, as the work of dating has become increasingly flexible, it has also become increasingly precarious.
Did that influence your own desire not just to become a writer, but to become famous?
The more educated I become, the more I become a social-justice warrior about systemic racism.
But now many who become ineligible for Medicaid become eligible for marketplace subsidies, and vice versa.
Survivors of the brutal conflict either stay and become internally displaced or flee and become refugees.
In the US, if you want to become an American, it's possible to become an American.
"The Democrats have become too extreme and, frankly, they've become too dangerous to govern," he said.
We've become numb to just how obsessed our society has become with venting about, well, anything.
She said ecoterrorism could become an issue for pipeline security as cyberattack tools become increasingly available.
Or, perhaps, gay culture will become so normalized that drag itself will become irrelevant and vanish.
Typically when animals evolve to become smaller, their eyes become proportionally large and they lose teeth.
Betsy DeVos's nomination to become Education secretary has become a flashpoint among President Trump's Cabinet picks.
"We've become less tolerant of alternative viewpoints as media has become more polarized," Professor Skewes said.
It was as if New York City had suddenly become Houston or Houston had become Riyadh.
Perhaps it will become more popular over time, especially if Republicans become more unified behind it.
His next goal was to become become a Coast Guard officer, and eventually a US marshal.
His behavior at that time left no impression that he would become what he has become.
As information technology has become ubiquitous, privacy has become a real concern for the average American.
All of your good reviews will become perfectly average reviews, which will then become bad reviews.
It's a question that has become increasingly dire as wildfires become more frequent and more deadly.
As women become more powerful, perhaps stilettos will become symbols of real power, not sexual availability.
Today's market-rate apartments will gradually become more affordable, just as new cars become used cars.
Just over a year later, the_donald has become … well, it's hard to say what it's become.
The mystery was so simple but daunting: Why do boys become boys and girls become girls?
All this means that as p-values have become more popular, they've also become more meaningless.
Deserts will become forests, swamps will become gardens, war will become peace, and the youth of today will build a world they will be proud to pass on to their children.
And it comes just as billions of people who have become integrated into the global economy over the last three decades are starting to become rich enough to become valuable consumers.
Major shifts happen after philosophy catches hold in a critical mass of the right minds, become sketches of ideas, become the subject of panels and thought pieces and studies, become bills filed, and eventually, after years of tumbling through the D.C. sausage factory, may become law.
"When you become a husband and you become a father, you have to sort of grow up and you have to become the person you want to be," he told the Post.
"The greater the fantastical elements become, and the more epic it becomes with the fighting and everything, the greater the character-driven storylines become as well, and the more epic they become."
The more that people become aware that their environs are filling with guns, their perceptions of society could become colored by fear and anger, thus leading them to more readily become violent.
As fan-based rituals of online life and global protest culture become part of everyday experience, their digital features and practices become mainstream; they become entwined with our flesh and our identities.
"Those who have relative advantage have become consolidators and those who suffered have become targets," Macdonald added.
The bigger these data sets become, the more accurate and powerful the models and the predictors become.
The company argues that its solution will become especially useful once self-driving cars become the norm.
Buybacks could become an even bigger business, if the whole business of tax reductions become a reality.
His attacks have become so frequent, in fact, that George Bush has become the voice of reason.
I would put on outfits—not to become a woman but to become a persona, a character.
"I don't think that'll become the norm, but that's something that's available and may become more common."
As he has become more confident in his winemaking, his wines have become more precise and transparent.
As our computers, tablets, smartphones and IoT gadgets become more powerful, servers become the bottlenecks to performance.
As more and more things become connected to the internet, they all become more susceptible to hackers.
We all become hung over in very different ways, just as we become drunk in different ways.
Exposing children to germs means that many will become ill, and a few will become seriously so.
Once victims become mothers, their decisions about whether and how to leave China become even more difficult.
THE prediction that 2018 will become another "Year of the Woman" has become something of a cliché.
Sloan will become the CEO of the merged entity and TSYS CEO Troy Woods will become chairman.
America has become an angry place, a place where demonizing the other side has become the rule.
As our technology improves deliveries will become faster and our selection on offer will become more varied.
Moreover, that boundary frequently shifts over time, so pseudosciences can become sciences, and sciences can become pseudosciences.
Maize, rice, wheat will become about half as productive, and rice and wheat will become less nutritious.
Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people could become climate refugees, as their homelands become uninhabitable.
A lot of these guys become, you know, women too, become my friends because I like them.
Kaplan and Kavanaugh had become friends in the Bush White House, and their families had become intertwined.
Mark Getty will become chairman, while the interim Chief Financial Officer Rik Powell will become the CFO.
Intelligence and wisdom become less useful when you become convinced all you know is known and static.
As American families become more diverse, companies are learning their advertising also has to become more inclusive.
However, it has become clear that Twitter will never become the giant it was supposed to be.
No, he didn't become a knife craftsman or quit his job to become a sustainable trout farmer.
This tendency has become more pronounced in recent years as the parties have become more ideologically polarized.
That's not to say any of these ideas have become politically easier to pass and become law.
His point is that as countries open up they become more volatile before they become more stable.
In the last 15 years, as computers have become more ubiquitous, our data has become less centralized.
People become better athletes when they have babies because they become able to put things into context.
As campaigns have become increasingly expensive, being rich has practically become a prerequisite to run for Congress.
The most common gripes are that, as the population swells, cities become congested and homes become unaffordable.
How you become rich when you're young is the same way you become rich when you're older.
As cryptocurrencies become more popular, Yermack said, it will become riskier to avoid paying taxes on them.
I recommend waiting for Allo to become available on computers and for its A.I. to become smarter.
This will become more urgent as advanced systems become available in cars made for the mass market.
The media center will become dorms, and sections of the Olympic center could become a public park.
"As more new and unique flavors become available, consumers become desensitized to them more quickly," Technomic wrote.
And the relationship to, which people get to become victims and which people get to become heroes.
These days, it has become almost fashionable for people to telegraph just how aware they have become.
As algorithms become more prominent, there's a risk that they become black boxes that decide for you.
Public transport options will become less popular as self-driving vehicles become available at a moment's notice.
As I've become older, I've become a little more existential with what I want to listen to.
"In a way, the gestures become suspended in time, they become a spatial thought process," she explains.
"We're not trying to become a liberal state; we're trying to become a fair state," Head says.
As museums become sites for leisure and socialization, so retailers have become new temples to the arts.
As "ally" has become a widely used honorific, these kinds of significant fractures have become more common.
"Even if you're healthy you can still become disabled, you can still become chronically ill," she said.
End-to-end security solutions will become of the utmost importance as critical systems become increasingly connected.
By then the city's Soviet-dominated East had become safer, but it had not become more free.
The line has become repeated often enough to become something of a truism about the Democratic primary.
They don't become a different person, they just become a more fluent and flexible and versatile version.
Mr. Hayes would become chief executive of the new company, while Mr. Kennedy would become executive chairman.
"Darkness Odyssey" doesn't become boring, but it does become a willful exercise in preciosity, in artful effects.
Even if they aren't, work has become more competitive, and long hours have become a status symbol.
You've become an iconic thing, and therefore you become a cartoon of yourself probably in some way.
But that's how you become an artist, you become comfortable with your independent status as neither-nor.
I believe over the next decade computing will become even more ubiquitous and intelligence will become ambient.
Commercial banks might become superfluous and fail, leaving central banks to become, in effect, giant retail banks.
Dividend yields should become an increasingly important generator of market returns if things suddenly become more noisy.
It has become a tool of ideological obstruction and is likely to become extinct in short order.
Jobs in America have become more specialized and the country's demography has become more segmented, he says.
What was the T490 has become the T14 and T14s, and the T590 has become the T15.
Then it was like, I'm not going become a germaphobe but I'm going to become germaphobe-ish.
The bar has become so low that it may become necessary to dig a hole for it.
Your losing days become better and less common, and your winning days become bigger and more frequent.
It seems to every now and then let the leaders become laggards and the laggards become leaders.
As employees become more accustomed to the applications, he said they become much more enthusiastic about it.
Then it was like, I'm not going become a germaphobe but I'm going to become germaphobe-ish.
Prominent evangelical leaders, rather than challenging the president to become a man of integrity, have become courtiers.
Instead, people become passionate about jobs that they work hard at and become excellent at over time.
They can also entangle such that multiple qubits values' become more correlated than regular probability would allow, and interfere such that certain combinations of qubit values become more likely and others become forbidden.
I would want them to say that I did everything in my power to encourage them to become the people they wanted to become and not the people I wanted them to become.
"We are always happy when old enemies become friends, and when old friends become allies," the statement said.
You know, when body functions become, when bodily functions become the focus of art, we&aposre in trouble.
As we become more technology driven, it does become possible to do multiple things at the same time.
Though Corbyn isn't personally popular, he could become – on this showing will become – the next British prime minister.
"Whenever it's convenient, emerging economies become less favored and become victims of policymaking within advanced economies," he added.
As technology improves, nudging will become easier, because the benefits of the formal economy should become more apparent.
"Our justice system must become better than this, our educational system must become better than this," Speier said.
Hemedti has become a growing political force in Sudan and some analysts say he hopes to become president.
That information could become one of its most valuable assets as it seeks to become an advertising giant.
Alexa needs to become more conversational, make skills more discoverable, and generally just become less awkward to use.
I live in the main town and once you become famous there, you become famous all over Albania.
So look out, Ritual might become the next consumer products start-up to become a billion-dollar megabrand.
Mainline Protestants may become increasingly influential as they become the only "swing voters" in the American religious landscape.
We want to train them to become entrepreneurs, just like we trained to become academic or industry researchers.
The political costs quickly become apparent, whereas the gains may not become clear before the next polling day.
Blac Chyna, 27, has not only become Kardashian's bride-to-be but she's also become his personal trainer.
Sadly, music's ceaselessly cyclical nature means that genres become passe nearly as soon as they become en vogue.
At higher tones, they expand and become long and thin; at deeper ones, they become short and thicker.
The issue has suddenly become more urgent as more cars become connected, electric and employ autonomous driving features.
They have become the trophy, and the trophy has become them, and America is hosting the World Cup.
This space has become of increasing interest to tech companies in recent years as cars become more connected.
Antibiotic resistance has become increasingly common, and older drugs have become less effective, in part because of overuse.
That this should become another argument about race is a sign of how bitter the dispute has become.
"As these facilities become operational, Chinese warnings to both military and civilian aircraft will become routine," Storey said.
Assuming that trend continues, the path Gomez took to become her own boss could become more well-traveled.
But if it doesn't come, Son could become more than a kingmaker -- he may become Silicon Valley's king.
You must spend $450 a year to become a platinum member and $1,200 to become a diamond member. 
On Iran, those divisions have become sharper as the risks of escalation and conflict have become more acute.
"The game has become so fast, and become such a grind, that guys get worn down," he said.
That's become more true in the past decade, as attorneys general have become key players in national politics.
As conservatism has become a propagandistic, partisan movement it has become less vibrant, less creative and less effective.
In her vision of a better place for patients, cells would become wards, sleeping mats would become beds.
Patients become motivated to change the world around them as a solution to what had become internal stressors.
"Having become the epicenter of economies, these have in turn become monopolies in their own right," said Sjögren.
They are the government's nominees to become deputy BOJ governors when the posts become vacant on March 20.
I think those little things add up and you become a better teammate and become a better player.
If you want to become president, first become a CEO ― rather than first run for lower public office.
"This has become more than an immigration and economic issue, it's become a cultural issue," Mr. Madrid said.
The rumor is ... Harry will become the Duke of Sussex, and she would become the Duchess of Sussex.
"I told Giannis, 'You have become what you have become, because of where you come from,' " Velliniatis said.
The headphones become our voices, and soon they become louder than the inkling of conscience inside of us.
Most of these top risks from the beginning of the year have become exacerbated, have become more dangerous.
In these places if you become successful, it is expected that you will become active in town life.
The coronavirus pandemic has become a global crisis, and it soon may become a financial one for Americans.
As malls become less visited year after year, many outdated food stalls have become abandoned in "dead malls."
As piracy has become rampant over the past 10 years or so, that effect has become even worse.
Just as the pain had become a part of my husband, grief has become a part of me.
So, as poultry plants have become more efficient, they have also become safer for the individuals operating them.
Ensuring lenders become more resilient to cyber attacks has also become a priority for the Bank of England.
Rather than become shinier, or more expensive, these concerts have become gaseous, expanding to fill the volume provided.
And yet we cannot excuse our own role in allowing North Korea to become what it has become.
As direct listings become more popular in Silicon Valley, Bank of America has become a proponent of them.
Sadly, the dream of many American cannabis companies is to become big enough to become Canadian cannabis companies.
Cincinnati, Ohio will become the company's global and corporate headquarters and London, U.K. will become its international headquarters.
He could become more than a screen name; he could become the face of 2019's biggest meme.
You're a liberal and so you become a Democrat; you're a conservative and so you become a Republican.
I've shown above how much older the US population has become and will become in the years ahead.
The neoliberal museum has become normalized, he added, and the art world has become an engine of inequality.
The warmest days have become warmer since the early 1960s and extreme heat waves have become more frequent.
And I think that when people become mean, some people become mean drunks, that's a really negative indicator.
In the end, the destiny of the black man so far has been to become white, and that will only balance out when it's become the destiny of the white man to become black.
They include Avi Zimak, who will become the SVP of global advertising and partnerships; Daniel Hallac, who will become the SVP of consumer products; and Jackie Cinguina, who will become the SVP of marketing.
They become less interested in organized religion, they become more spiritual, they have less interest in monetary values, and become more sensitive to the ecological welfare of our planet, among many other psychospiritual outcomes.
"Heatwaves will become more intense, they will become more drawn out, they will become more extreme, they will start earlier and they will finish later," WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis told a briefing in Geneva.
He argued that the judicial branch has become more powerful as it has become more willing to review executive action and as judges have become more willing to use nationwide injunctions to override lawmakers.
A ZIP code might become a proxy for race; a choice of wording in a résumé might become a proxy for gender; a credit card purchase history can become a proxy for pregnancy status.
"The United States not only unilaterally attacked, but while we were discussing here and demanding the need for an independent investigation an impartial investigation, complete investigation into the attacks, the United States has become that investigator, has become the prosecutor, has become the judge, has become the jury," said Soliz.
Repeating what has become a theme of the Powell Fed, Quarles said he feels estimates of neutral become less useful as a guide to policy or a communications tool as economic conditions become more normal.
We believe that every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office.
At noon, Trump will become the President and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will become the sitting vice president.
But do members of hate groups become less extreme in their beliefs when they become more happy or centered?
Even the higher points on the mountain become too hot for the pika, so they become overheated and die.
I think the clock is ticking for him to become a real human being and become his true self.
European dairy foods have become a big bargain this year, and the US has become its number-one importer.
The chairs in When Attitudes Become Chairs reveal how a decidedly utilitarian object can become something inspirational and new.
As the web has become more encrypted, the need to optimize TLS and TCP together has become more important.
Their high-fashion professional clothes have become synonymous with authority and have become a fantasy wardrobe for female viewers.
As consumers become more responsible, and individual plans win share over group plans, online aggregators should become more compelling.
"I think this technology will become more widely used as people become more and more tech-savvy," says Prywata.
As Monsanto has become dominant, it has become increasingly difficult for farmers to avoid becoming reliant on the company.
Individual prices ranged from 603m togrog to become a clerk in a ministry to 1bn to become a minister.
Dorsey's long-held belief that Square can eventually become a two-sided payment company has yet to become reality.
It's an approach that could become more important amid market fears that dividend stock trades have become very crowded.
As AI systems become more advanced, their deepest data gains become more difficult to leverage into actionable business decisions.
I want that to become a warning sign for people to become aware of the world they live in.
The problems with a powerful president have become more and more evident as American politics has become more polarized.
If they never become citizens and are discharged, all the DACA holders would eventually lose protections and become deportable.
Pxvce: Using our skills and talents to become better people, and to encourage others to become better as well.
Being a "groupie," like these young women set out to become, has become overly sexualized and exaggerated in media.
In fact, some argue that as more jobs become automated, professionals with stronger social skills will become more valuable.
"We hope politics does not become judicialised and that the justice system does not become politicized," he told Reuters.
Michael Lynton: I think he has become what you would imagine him to become: A much more mature executive.
Prince William will become the Prince of Wales and Kate will become the Princess of Wales (Diana's former title).
Compassion helps your brain become more flexible to instinctively help you become more altruistic, or pro-social, toward others.
Warnings by the likes of Bank of England Governor Mark Carney that reserves could become "stranded" could become reality.
Market data charges have become more complex and fund industry representatives say prices have risen and become more opaque.
To become a company generating Nike-type revenue, it will have to become a brand that appeals to everybody.
Some Republicans fear that Mr. Trump has become so divisive he could become a "zombie candidate" — unelectable but unstoppable.
For this reason he laments, "It is impossible that those who become very rich also become good" (Laws, 220006e).
"When scientists become advocates, they become 'partisans' and are no longer neutral conveyors of scientific information," the paper stated.
The amount of training to become a vet is similar to what it takes to become a medical doctor.
As the androids become more humanlike, ownership over the story is bound to become a main point of conflict.
Finally, other sanctions programs, such as those against North Korea, will become trickier, if relations with China become tense.
Taylor's "nightmare" might have become a reality — if President Trump's pressure campaign hadn't become public thanks to a whistleblower.
Decide to become a person who prefers "smoked duck to processed cheese" and by increments you become that person.
""If you become a gardener," said the little bunny, "I will become a bird and fly away from you.
The more careful people become about what they put on their skin, the more popular natural makeup has become.
If you want to become a millionaire, you need to become the kind of person that can do that.
Much as Virginians and Pennsylvanians had become Americans, Germans and Frenchmen would become Europeans — if they could be persuaded.
And there are few assets that are so bad that they can't become cheap enough to become compellingly attractive?
"It must become clear to all that we have become a party intent on governing," Ms. Le Pen said.
The bad news, Ms. Whittaker said, is that as tech companies become more powerful, they also become less diverse.
As creature design has become easier and more elaborate, thanks to digital techniques, it has also become less imaginative.
If you give me $203 in cash, then I immediately become $50 richer, and you immediately become $50 poorer.
His role has become more important as Amazon has become a more active buyer and investor in recent years.
" — Lynnbraz, Pennsylvania "Paige will become a nun and make her way to India to become a Mother Teresa acolyte.
We cannot allow the acrimony and dissonance that have regrettably become commonplace in America to become an acceptable norm.
But as Lucca's story line has become defined by this romantic entanglement, she has become less and less interesting.
The dupe's removal caused CAIRO to become the obscure-ish BOITO and ARI to become the prefix-y OVI.
In fact, it's become so obvious to people across the company, that it's actually become an unwritten social code.
In the resulting days, our campus drama has become national news, and Mr. Murphy has become a conservative martyr.
If you become concerned about too many foreigners, you are very likely to become afraid of economic downturn, too.
Clues become vaguer and start to play with words; themes become trickier and take more work to suss out.
Courts cannot become fact-checkers and governments cannot be trusted to become arbiters of the truth through police powers.
"It's not difficult for an economic war to become a political war to become a real war," he said.
Increasingly, it has become a place where migrants attempt to enter Europe, as other routes have become more perilous.
As our lives become ever more digitized, the security of our data will become ever more important to protect.
The bottom line: Cyber threats are increasing as more vehicles become connected, and as connected vehicles become more sophisticated.
They can bend over and become wild, but when they are not moving they really become silent and still.
Since 1996, most poor people have become better off, but the poorest of the poor have become worse off.
And yet, I have seen over and over again, that sometimes it's when things have gone really wrong, that people become their most intelligent, and they become their most noble, and they become their most good.
That is really the fun of college, and unfortunately, the things that become well-known are the things that become sensational, and often, the things that become sensational are the most idealistic or the most impractical.
"To use rough estimates, about one out of four women using condoms become pregnant, about one in ten women using birth control pills become pregnant, and about two in 1000 become pregnant on Mirena," she said.
If the declining projections are realised, already costly stocks could become pricier and equity investors could become even more skittish.
And as our data sets become ever bigger, the analytical algorithms will become ever more sophisticated in revealing robust patterns.
We'll see what other additional management values become crucial if the economy hits a downturn and resources become more scarce.
It is imperative that while we make those demands we don't allow ourselves to become so angry we become numb.
Then again, the larger these connected systems become and the more autonomous the components become, the more sense wireless makes.
And then you become a food runner and you learn what the food is—and then you become a waiter.
Joe and Gordon become the establishment by the end of season one, and Cameron and Donna become the new upstarts.
"These things become economically obsolete before they become physically obsolete," said Victor Matheson, College of the Holy Cross economics professor.
If its new goal were to become Disney faster than Disney could become Netflix, then it would have already lost.
The term "disruption" has become so overused as a proxy for a "cool Silicon Valley idea" that it's become cliche.
United Technologies' chief executive Hayes would become CEO of the combined company, and Raytheon's CEO Thomas Kennedy would become chairman.
But now the whole country celebrates Nollaig na mBan; it's become a feminist thing, it's become a fundraiser for charities.
Take water: in a changing climate, wet bits of the world will probably become wetter while drier parts become drier.
You have no idea what you could become or who you could become until you stop playing follow the leader.
On top of her acting work, Garner also has found time to become to become a pro at social media.
An advantage is that you will automatically sell assets that have become dearer and buy assets that have become cheaper.
Bad fixed rules and norms morph into virtuous ones when they become useful, and vice versa when they become inconvenient.
Casting taxes in that light ensures that those proposing the taxes become villains, while those fighting against them become heroes.
Winter cycling has become popular enough that Svixay suggests snow-cleared bike paths might yet become part of city planning.
If he wants to become wildly successful, he needs to become a master at conducting interviews, Cohen explained to him.
As health apps become more popular, concerns about how patients' data are stored, used and shared will become more pointed.
As people have become more comfortable with patches, they have become better about installing them more quickly and more often.
Six years later, her journey, and her story, have become an inspiration and she has become a champion for change.
As blended families become the norm, "the issues of equitable distributions among family members become even more complex," Arth said.
As drones whirring overhead become mainstream, we will become more familiar and comfortable with them as tools, rather than threats.
A toad may become a prince, but a frog may become queen of the sprinkler, and that is true royalty.
If you want, you'll become a chaotic destroyer, though it's just as possible to become a ghost, mighty and unseen.
As genome engineering technologies become more powerful and ubiquitous, the tools necessary for making these modifications will become increasingly accessible.
While it has become a vehicle for making money, Litecoin's original objective was to become the silver to bitcoin's gold.
It's become easy to find guided meditations online for free, so Calm needs to become a holistic mental wellness hub.
Since 1989, households have become, on average, 3.4% smaller, as fertility has fallen and living alone has become more common.
And what is true one day, may become less true another day, and then will become so again after that.
It will soon become more and more important for the web to not find us and security will become paramount.
What caused the army and the intelligence agencies to become, relatively speaking, doves while the politicians have become the hawks?
Its title alone has become shorthand for an earworm propelled through social media to become 22000st-century digital folk culture.
" He added: "Growing old means that you physically become weak and your receptivity to new things may become weak, too.
But we can also help struggling children before they become set in this cognitive style and become violent, antisocial adults.
All that is supposedly new in historiographical fashion has become old and all that is old has become exciting again.
But Europe, projected to become the world's largest medical cannabis market by 2028, could become a key source of funding.
Within the last decade, China has become notorious for its stockpiling of grains in an effort to become self-sufficient.
Discouraging his early aspiration to become a D.J., his father, a local politician, urged him to become a lawyer instead.
VICE Sports: When did you become aware of what was happening in Flint and how serious the problem has become?
But for the time being, while those children become whatever they will become, LaVar is happy to dominate the spotlight.
The deficiencies of a two-party system become glaring when the parties become as diametrically opposed as they are now.
As personal preferences become paramount, companies will become obsessed with giving us exactly what we want, when we want it.
Read more: Samsung's Galaxy Fold is trying so hard to become a tablet that it forgot to become a phone
Although many Venezuelans, Colombians and Brazilians have escaped leftist politics at home, once they become Americans they typically become Democrats.
"The whole challenge is about containment of the number of people who become exposed and who become infected," Cuomo said.
As discussions over the fate of the border after Brexit have become mired, some have become disillusioned by the process.
I feel like the mental aspect of growing has become more complicated, while the basic, physical aspect has become easier.
A son might rise and become a father; a daughter might become a mother; an admirer of art, an artist.
Its conflicts have become part of our public discourse, and Westeros, its fictional kingdom, has become an allegory for America.
"Drugs eventually become a pain, they become boring, and they don't do what you want them to do," he said.
The virus can also occasionally become reactivated long after the illness has passed, and the person may become infectious again.
"These deals may become global and the spots on teams become auctioned in exchange for sponsorships," one union official said.
Gay fighters have quietly become contenders and at least one has become a champion without the promotion drawing unseemly attention.
Flesh would become stone and stone become flesh, and someday they would meet in the mouth of a bird. ♦
A 2016 analysis by National Public Radio found that as counties become more rural, they tend to become more Republican.
It is a huge piece, because housing has kind of become our pension program, kind of become our inheritance program.
As the genre has become smoother, more rigorously structured and more digital, he has become raspier, looser and more organic.
Still, online consumer reviews can become part of the effort, and the more we post, the more useful they'll become.
It's not that a politician's actual politics have become unimportant in these fandoms, but they have become sublimated into spectacle.
Biking has become part of New York's commuting culture as the city expands bike routes and Citi Bikes become ubiquitous.
As our population grows, natural resources become scarcer, communities become less resilient and wildlife are being crowded off the planet.
But when he tried to become a Marine, he says he was shocked to learn his goal couldn't become reality.
And because Facebook has become such an integral part of modern existence, its quirks become part of the social mores.
As Germany's automakers have become more deeply dependent on China, they also have become more beholden to the Chinese government.
When everybody else wanted to become a fireman or a baseball player, I already wanted to become a yakitori chef.
He had become a celebrity by being Josh Groban, the euphonious romantic; would he now be willing to become Pierre?
Travel to the United States had already become an odyssey; now even travel to old ally Canada has become difficult.
"Spot Basra crude volumes have become limited because SOMO has become stricter with term buyers on destination restrictions," Lin said.
A rookie wants to enter the group, and you become a bystander and watch others, and eventually become a perpetrator.
Celebrity chefs have transcended the foodie sphere and become general household names, while high-profile food activists have become celebrities.
" True, a "subject" can become a "target" and a "target" can then become a "defendant," but so can a "witness.
It will only become more disruptive and dangerous over time, as your frustrations mount and your lives become more complex.
"As conservatism has become a propagandistic, partisan movement it has become less vibrant, less creative and less effective," Brooks writes.
As we become more affluent and more educated, society has become less religious and less dependent upon a super being.
If we don't do something about this misogyny, we'll become The Handmaid's Tale; if we don't do something about this communism, we'll become 1984; if we don't do something about this anti-intellectualism, we'll become Fahrenheit 451.
A character doesn't have to be enacting a clearly delineated portion of their arc—here is where I become callous, here is where I become empowered, here is where I become myself—to be worthy of attention.
" Later, the congresswoman said, "I truly believe that the moral crisis is that the guns have become our God," adding, "Guns have become the means by which we solve all of our problems, have become our authority.
This is one reason why video game live-streaming through platforms like Twitch has become such a popular activity: As more games have become more cinematic, they've become more interesting to simply watch as someone else plays.
The Scottish pledge could become an oath about the union, the accession declaration could become a promise to parliament to uphold the laws and constitution, and the coronation oath could become a pledge of service to the people.
Stefan Povaly and Daniel Rudnicki will become co-heads of sponsor leveraged finance, Earl Dowling will become head of technology media and telecommunications (TMT), while Pierre Maman and Stefan Povaly will become co-heads of corporates excluding TMT.
As the social network has become more deeply embedded into our lives, this limitation has become more acute and more consequential.
Even if a ship does become canon, it might not become canon in a way that fans like — Buffy/Spike, anyone?
Trump thinks the way to fight monsters is to become a monster, the way to defeat ISIS is to become ISIS. 
"When you live in neighborhoods like ours, you don't become numb to situations like this, but they become norm," Ron says.
The candidate receiving the most votes would become president and the candidate receiving the next most votes would become vice-president.
There are young girls who are married off at terribly early ages, become child brides, and become pregnant at ridiculous ages.
Tesco said that from April 1 Tony Hoggett will become Tesco's CEO Asia and Matt Simister will become CEO Central Europe.
Rebalancing pays off because it cuts back on equities when they become dear and adds to them when they become cheap.
But as Airbnb and its ilk have become more popular, so they have become another obvious target in towns like Barcelona.
You just don't become violent because that gives an excuse to the dictatorial regime to become more brutal and suppress democracy.
"This will become even more relevant as more electrified models become available in the coming years," she wrote in an email.
Ms. Zentner said surveys suggested that some high-income consumers had already become more pessimistic as markets have become more volatile.
"This is not about dumbing things down," Manzari observes, noting that as devices become more professional, they often become more intimidating.
Do you worry that BoJack will become one of those antihero men that have become kind of a new TV cliché?
If more jobs become available in industry and construction, putting on a badge might become even less appealing to young workers.
"Sharon and I have become best friends and our families have become best friends because of Dawson and Hannah," explains Amy.
It's become plentiful in America over the past decade and is poised to become one of the world's dominant energy sources.
As insurance companies become better informed about the importance of various security technologies, the criteria for underwriting could become more relevant.
In the years since, the ranks of superdelegates have become 20% whiter even as the party's base has become increasingly diverse.
And if we become smaller or hemmed in and have to limit ourselves, it's actually going to become harder to compete.
If you suddenly become one of the One Percent, minimizing your tax burden will likely become one of your financial priorities.
Not surprisingly, as these assets have become increasingly prevalent and valuable, they have become more attractive targets to criminals as well.
When did the greatest threat to America become other Americans, and when did diversity become our weakness rather than our strength?
When did the political left become an enemy of the political left and the Democratic Party become a circular firing squad?
Our phones have become more important than we ever imagined, but they will soon become even more central to our lives.
Eating healthier has become trendier in recent years and as a result, the price of nutritious foods has become more expensive.
Cities that become too desirable become too expensive:The reason these tradeoffs exist is mostly, but not entirely, due to market forces.
Cybersecurity As vehicles become increasingly connected to the Internet, other vehicles and surrounding infrastructure, cybersecurity will become an increasingly prominent concern.
As the auto industry has become more competitive, the cabins of even some of the cheapest cars have become very attractive.
Discord has become the de facto voice chat app for PC gamers, just as Steam has become the de facto storefront.
Why it matters: Affiliate links have become increasingly important for some publishers as advertising has become a less reliable revenue model.
One of the main pillars of academic reputation is authorship, which has become increasingly problematic as science has become more collaborative.
Juul's nicotine pods and fruity flavors have become so wildly popular among teens, "Juuling" has become a verb synonymous with vaping.
As secular funerals and death rituals become the new standard, we may see some of these rituals become more group-centric.
The problem, of course, is that a payment type can become a wallet, and a wallet can become a payment type.
"Over time those divisions might become more and more apparent, and we'll see those class differences become more obvious," he predicted.
" For example, Ryan Reynolds would become "Blake Lively's husband," and Canadian figure skater Scott Moir would become "Definitely Tessa Virtue's lover.
It's the natural evolution of a technology startup that serves big business customers to become uninteresting while they become more profitable.
"The glute muscles become over-stretched and under-active, while the hip flexor muscles become overactive and really tight," she says.
It's the hardest because you don't want it to become too silly, but you don't want it to become too heavy.
Sushi has become such a food phenomena outside its home of Japan that its become interwoven with other styles of cuisine.
Until that happens, you can expect zero rating to become more common, although it won't become any better of an idea.
But they become owners; they become capitalists," said Robbins, who interviewed some of the biggest financial experts for his book "Unshakeable.
Gun violence has become so commonplace that even gestures like the one in Vegas by pro sports teams have become normal.
But ACA supporters shouldn't become complacent simply because a Republican health care bill is not going to become law anytime soon.
These days, it's easy to forget that such measures are still necessary, but when we become complacent, we also become vulnerable.
Violence & PolicingOf all the issues, the subject of police violence has become the become most associated with modern civil rights activism.
In many cases, people become homeless or incarcerated; our prison system has become the nation's largest caretaker of the mentally ill.
Bono will become an investor in Counter Brands, the parent company of Beautycounter, and Ms. Hewson will become a board member.
"For the most part, sodium has become good again, and I think certain fats have become good again, too," he said.
It's the math behind that price that indicates how difficult it has become for the average American to become a homeowner.
Investment fees have become a bigger issue as investors become more tuned in to how much expenses eat into their profits.
And the nation's power grid has become more reliable as it has become more diverse with more renewables and natural gas.
" Shetty also said to "not become who you think you need to become" and instead to "focus on your inner potential.
The city's working age adults had also become better skilled, while housing had become more affordable and carbon emissions had fallen.
They don't respect the culture they've created or some of the methods they choose to utilize to become what they've become.
They have more motivation to do the things they want to do, and to become the person they want to become. . . .
For example, it takes about a year to become a cosmetologist, while it can take just months to become an EMT.
But in practice, she said, as society has become coarser about sexual matters, it has become harder to offend a jury.
As travel reservations become more fragmented and cancellation restrictions and fees become more widespread, travelers like Ms. Turner are pushing back.
But we already know that trade policy must become more domestically oriented while domestic policy must become more international in vision.
Pinterest has largely become synonymous with visual search, which has become the company's specialty and point of differentiation against other networks.
"I think Warriors fans will become Rockets fans, and Rockets fans will become Warriors fans, depending on who wins," Cheng said.
Even when it isn't physical, our willingness to become the slaves to a white doctrine can become psychological and self-inflicting.
Depending on who is in power, some avenues of play become more costly and harder to execute while others become easier.
The internet has become the make-or-break factor for many luxury brands as growth has become more difficult to achieve.
In fact, when we acknowledge both, not only do our personal lives become happier but our professional lives become more successful.
The big picture: Autonomous vehicles can become an on-the-road reality only when they become a business with paying customers.
Women's representation has also become increasingly more diverse, with it expected to become even more so after this year's midterm elections.
They may become volatile during fermentation, or it may not be until much later, months or years, that they become evident.
Such confusions become trying in that Kiefer's writings usually overflow with logical contradictions and self-corrections that become difficult to reconcile.
And as women of color have become more prominent voices in mainstream Democratic politics, their policy demands have become more influential.
If we were to slow it down enough, the land could become more resilient and become a better reservoir of carbon.
Chowdhury wanted the gallery to become a new origin myth, with the large paintings forcing people to become part of it.
As Washington, DC, has become more polarized, it has become harder to make compromises that are necessary to govern the country.
Also, each administration has become, I think, harder to cover in some ways [as] each one has become probably less transparent.
The session offered a hint that when Democrats become the House majority in January, data privacy issues will become a priority.
On each album, her music has become harsher and more disjointed, as the songs gradually become less songlike and more fragmentary.
As vacant lots have become harder to find in desirable neighborhoods, he noted, these sorts of conversions have become more popular.
It's also fueled the debate over prescription drugs, which have become more expensive as patients become more exposed to their cost.
But McDonald&aposs has become more than just a fast-food chain: It&aposs become a building block of global capitalism.
Civilization, he argued, had become feminized and soft, but in this idealized new Rome, men could become fierce warriors once more.
After that act of kindness, the two men did not become friends, exactly, Mr. Echols said, but they did become close.
Before sushi could become a perfect American convenience food, it first had to become food and not just a cultural signifier.
That's true, but as the information economy has become more enveloping, cultural capital and economic capital have become ever more intertwined.
"Jason, in a way, allowed me to become a musician, to become a percussionist," Ms. Jonas said in a phone interview.
" The chapter headings are alluring: "How to Become Erotic While Remaining Chaste"; "How to Make Money"; "How to Become Paranoia-Critical.
So when you become an activist and you have that large position, unfortunately, you often become emotionally married to your choice.
But people have become so angry, so distrustful, that they have become unknowingly complicit in the spread of this dangerous lie.
To become a pet owner is to become one of those people who buys breed-specific housewares from the local Marshalls.
I had become curious — O.K., obsessively curious — about how a family with wealth and status had become lost in the forest.
Buzzard's point is that modern mathematics has become overdependent on the word of the elders because results have become so complex.
And the argument that the G.O.P. establishment itself has become a threat to economic/material welfare has started to become persuasive.
I was studying to become a veterinarian, but the plight of my people forced me and several friends to become activists.
I don't want to become another teenage girl on anti-depressants, but I also don't want to become a teen mum.
These types of collaborations will only continue to become more necessary as the questions scientists seek to answer become more complex.
It's become more common to live with a partner and have children without marriage; women have become increasingly financially independent; divorce has become easier and less stigmatized; and the price of weddings has skyrocketed while income inequality has increased.
Their eyes can become yellow, their bodies swollen and their muscles continuously cramping as their kidneys become irreversibly damaged -- until they die.
Such technology will become more sophisticated as China aims to become a global leader in both artificial intelligence and wider monitoring techniques.
"We've become really good friends, her, her husband Dan [Palladino] and my husband [Ted Griffin] have become really good friends," says Foster.
Once you become a believer in the concept of immutable servers, then speed of deployment and minimizing vulnerability surface area become objectives.
But as higher education has become more accessible to Americans, admission to the country's top 50 universities has become much more competitive.
He's definitely become a fan favorite on the show -- and he's become so popular, Gigi Hadid decided to follow him on Instagram.
"My dream is not to become a unicorn my dream is to become much bigger than that," Bloisi said in an interview.
" Still, Fox said that " (p)olicy has become more important in recent years and candidates have become increasingly specific on their policies.
While some of them are or want to become rich, others do not come from wealth or aspire to become upper-class.
And while Michael Bay hasn't become a better filmmaker, he has become more like himself: crude, loud, boorish and gifted with an
She would become Best Buy's fifth CEO after taking over from Hubert Joly, who steps aside in June to become executive chairman.
If they're woken, or the gauze becomes disturbed, the women become horrifyingly violent; the me who are left behind become primal beings.
If bump stocks do become regulated, it could have a huge impact on what has quickly become a multi-million-dollar industry.
"We've become so used to doing things on our own that asking for help has become misconstrued with being weak," she says.
I do think hope exists and it's important to not become bitter, and so blinded by our bitterness that we become stagnant.
To the extent the price of college has become an aspect of inequality, big-college football has become an enforcer of inequality.
As the Democrats have become more dependent on Hispanic voters, they have become much keener to discuss migrant rights than border enforcement.
Social groups have also become popular at Eimskip, although the company had initially worried the service would become more of a distraction.
Serena Joy is unable to become pregnant, and so has a Handmaid to conceive a baby so she can become a mother.
But even if the market does not become ever more concentrated, the process of coupling (or not) has unquestionably become more centralised.
"It's become this kabuki dance of surveillance," says Thomas Drake, a former NSA executive who has become one the agency's fiercest critics.
She documents how the pursuit of happiness has become synonymous with the pursuit of excess, and money has become inextricable from morality.
"But if Iran wants to become a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation, we'll call it, let's make Iran great again."
As artists have become more personally active on social media, some have become prone to using it to fight against bad press.
That can happen only if carriers offer one-millisecond latency, something that may become a lifesaver if autonomous cars become a reality.
So as China has become a major pole, it has become less globalized and arguably is contributing to the trend toward deglobalization.
Over time, you wear down and things become negative and all of a sudden you become roommates — he becomes like your brother.
The problem is this: Facebook has become a feedback loop which can and does, despite its best intentions, become a vicious spiral.
Having watched Russia become a growing problem for the West, they do not want it to become a headache for China, too.
Life led me in a way to become what I've become and to where I am because it was meant to be.
What I want to emphasize is China will become more and more open and our investment environment will become better and better.
The issue of distracted driving, in general, has become more of a safety concern in recent years as smartphones have become ubiquitous.
Along the way, MTCH has clearly become the category winner and has scaled to become a large cap company as a result.
As social networks have become stable tools used by billions, any combination or style of engagement with them has become inherently valid.
As more aspects of daily life become dependent on technology, particularly health care, senior adoption of new technologies will become increasingly important.
"The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us," Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told GQ in 2013.
The more congested cities become, and the further their inhabitants retreat into their bubbles, the more important these connective civic spaces become.
"As more graduates move to these cities they will become more expensive, and it's likely that new cities will become more attractive."
To basically become a fully licensed medical practice that can distribute its treatments, Curology had to become licensed in each individual state.
And when opinions have become polarized – and driven by ideology - it becomes incredibly hard for a compromise to become a rallying point.
In Josh's eyes, Quiet was an analogy for what the internet would become, the net a guide to what we will become.
While the market has become more internationalised, gas has also become increasingly important as the dominant source of electricity generation (
In fact, as the evidence mounts, his racism has become irrefutable and his willingness to insult his fellow Americans has become alarming.
As the political media environment has become faster-moving and more frenzied, the efforts to follow it have also become more robust.
What's more, the type of inflexible "baseload" power that HPC could provide may become an anachronism as the renewable alternatives become cheaper.
I especially love that, as I become more self-aware and less insecure, I become much more understanding of people around me.
If America is unlikely to become Denmark, it might nevertheless become Australia, with a 24% share of GDP taken in such taxes.
As ideology has become less important for recruitment, other incentives — money and jobs, access to loot and women — have become bigger draws.
There were three candidates: become the 51st state, become an independent nation, or remain a territory with no voting representation in Congress.
"The two go hand in hand: individuals who become afflicted with drug addiction obviously become entangled in the justice system," said Harris.
Very interestingly, the more technologically integrated we become, such as through internet use, the more tightly linked markets become, offering less diversification.
But if he and Vice President Cheney had become unable to serve in 2007 or 2008, Nancy Pelosi would have become President.
The MRA-to-white nationalist pipeline is well-documented—people who become intrigued by one ideology frequently become devotees of the other.
But Credit Karma says it does not want to become a lender itself, and has no aspirations to become a digital bank.
" Cocking an eyebrow, she added, "The possibility that this happened starts to become a probability—starts to become a likelihood —pretty quickly.
Sometimes, the dynamic even switches — down the road, your partner might become the spender, and you could very well become the saver.
It's also possible he'll become the next Lindsey Graham, a Never Trump senator who has become one of the presidents biggest boosters.
Health care has become a whirlwind of merger activity in recent years as both hospitals and health plans seek to become bigger.
DON'T DODGE THE 'D' WORDS Death in our culture has become so sanitized, we have become afraid to mention it by name.
This now promises to become the flash point in the divorce and it has the potential to become a fierce legal battle.
We help the people to become more influential, and once they become more influential, they have the ability to do business internet.
If it passes, ColoradoCare would become part of the state Constitution, and become virtually impossible to significantly alter without a statewide vote.
Open platforms, like Facebook, have simply become marketing channels, Lack says, while closed platforms, like Snapchat, have become valuable content distribution partners.
But now that screenings and imaging techniques have become both more frequent and more accurate, DCIS diagnoses have become much more common.
"If you become a good curator, you become a more culturally relevant artist," says another A&R, who asked to remain anonymous.
Hangouts was supposed to become the more business-centric chat app and Allo and Duo were supposed to become its consumer counterparts.
At times, the community members become the artists, the artists become part of the museum, and the museum part of the community.
SIEM tools help that to happen and will only become more necessary for Corporate America as cyberattacks become more and more frequent.
I expect it to become an increasingly important data source for journalists, especially as its data-analysis abilities become more widely understood.
Catholic bishops from the Amazon called Saturday for the church to let married men become priests and to let women become deacons.
It's like, you go this path, you're going to become this fantasy; you go this path, you're going to become that fantasy.
One such tracking app, Life360, has become so prevalent that it's become a meme in and of itself among teens on TikTok.
Biking has become increasingly popular, especially since other modes of transportation have become less pleasant, from the floundering subway to congested streets.
"Even though Cuomo hasn't become anti-Trump rhetorically, he has become the anti-Trump in capital letters by his conduct," Gyory said.
She excels at tracing the intimate monologue of the self, in which sensations become thoughts and thoughts become sensations, always vividly corporeal.
But feeling temporarily dumb is how we become smart, in the same way that feeling temporarily weak is how we become strong.
The way I knew how to survive that was to assimilate, it was to become what the Swedes wanted me to become.
Making "your movement" has become easier; making it stick, gaining public respect and effecting concrete change, has arguably become harder than ever.
But determined to become a judge, she would go on to attend Princeton University and become the Supreme Court's first Latina justice.
In Bullwinkel's creepy, deadpan debut, bodies become objects, objects become bodies, and bodies and objects fuse and part in fascinating, unsettling ways.
Klobuchar is the odds-on bet to become Joe Biden's veep choice, and he is the odds-on bet to become president.
She said that when the boys lose hope and become depressed, they often threaten to return to the border and become soldiers.
The research team developed a model to predict which islands would become vulnerable with warming, and which ones might become better habitats.
"As computational power continues to become more sophisticated, these types of methods will become increasingly accessible and feasible to do," Akey said.
And at 18, W.J. resolved two things about his life: He would not become a farmer, and he would become a millionaire.
In recent years, it has become widespread in Russia, and outbreaks have become increasingly frequent in other parts of Europe and Asia.
They actually become cannibalistic during swarms, and insects that don't move with the flow of the group become easy targets for killing.
That is, four-fifths of large metro areas have become more suburban since 2010, while only one-fifth have become more urban.
He's not very popular and the way to become more popular is to become less political and more involved in his agenda.
Reports of sexual assault and murders have since become a regular occurrence as ride-hailing has become a mainstay of urban transportation.
As our skies become more congested, it has become increasingly clear that there is a growing need to modernize our aviation infrastructure.
They lie, they cheat, they throw a glass of pinot grigio in your face — whatever it takes to become become the bachelorette.
Since 1997, China's economy has become less dependent on Hong Kong, while the territory's prosperity has become more entangled with the mainland.
But as his campaign has become an unexpected obstacle to the left's favored candidates, these deliberate paragraphs have become reliable rage objects.
That's to say that smartwatches have seemingly become so advanced that it's become more difficult to differentiate newer models from the last.
In other words, Lydia doesn't want to become a credit institution like a traditional bank, it wants to become a financial hub.
And the anti-environmental extremism of conservative politicians has, if anything, become even more intense as their position has become intellectually untenable.
It has ensnared not only Facebook but also Apple, and it promises to become more intense as more messaging services become encrypted.
The United States, she writes, has become a plutocracy, and its museums have effectively become pay-to-play country clubs for millionaires.
" She says that even vitriolic threats have become "almost run-of-the-mill," saying threats to kill her have become "normal now.
"As society continues to change, and as weddings continue to become more couple-centric, these events will become more popular," she said.
Over the past 20 years, Democrats have become more confident that humans are causing global warming, while Republicans have become more skeptical.
It's fast become become a favourite with the locals, as she is another chef helping to put Margate on the food map.
But as life in country has become more fraught, the national team has become less a national reflection than a needed tonic.
Here's a summary of the recent changes: Michael Lamb, president of commercial, will become president Ari Buchalter, president of technology, will become chief advisorErich Wasserman, cofounder and chief revenue officer, will become global head of key accountsGreg Williams, cofounder and SVP of open partnerships, will also work key accounts with Wasserman Will Schobeiri, SVP of technology, has become chief technology officerBob Scarperi, SVP of commercial strategy, has become global head of sales and accountsJenna Griffith, SVP of revenue operations, has become SVP of professional servicesDan Rosenberg, SVP of business and corporate development, has become chief strategy officerJacob Ross, general manager of audience, has become chief product officer Speaking to Business Insider, MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki said the moves are about setting the company up for the longer term.
Barry, who joined Best Buy in 1999 and went on to become its finance chief in 2016, will become the company's fifth CEO when she takes over from Hubert Joly, who will step aside to become executive chairman in June.
"We believe that every single home will become a smart home, every single office will become a smart office," reads the LifeSmart website.
They want us to become really afraid; they want us to become divided; they want us to join their "us and them" thing.
In the past year, terrorist attacks, political upheavals, and deaths have become routine, and that need for wisdom has become even more crucial.
So many voters feel alienated these days not because the parties have become more polarized but because the parties have become so homogenous.
Existing industries like healthcare and manufacturing will become much more efficient; new ones like augmented reality goggles and robot taxis will become possible.
Of course, as phones have become more powerful, they've also become better able to crunch the information coming in from two cameras simultaneously.
"We are always happy when old enemies become friends and when old friends become allies," the statement said, a possible reference to Russia.
That's in part because overall fuel economy in passenger cars is improving as engines become more efficient and electric cars become more popular.
They are -- terrorism -- one of the fundamental aspects of globalized terrorism today is that it can become globalized, and it has become globalized.
But as the nation's politics become more polarized and Kaepernick remains jobless, the league's biggest game has become a lightning rod for controversy.
She will become Best Buy's fifth CEO after taking over from Hubert Joly, who steps aside in June to become the executive chairman.
Keith Cozza, CEO of Icahn Enterprises, will become Xerox's chairman while John Visentin, who had previously led Novitex Enterprise Solutions, will become CEO.
The bottom line: "Other generation technologies have become cheaper in recent decades, while new nuclear plants have only become costlier," the report states.
Nothing — unless you fear that the internet is about to become (or are actively trying to make it become) more like cable television.
This can also become a wonderful meeting place for the people in your community to come together and become closer to each other.
Deposits have become more important for bank funding in recent years; governments have become increasingly fussy about how the money is lent out.
"Collecting is an innate human behavior, but as people become more urban, mobile and minimalist, physical keepsakes have become less appealing," Nelapati concludes.
"He could become the mainstay of the regime which has already become a de facto hereditary military regime," Lao Mong Hay told Reuters.
The GOP had already become the party of American authoritarianism — but it would be another 20 years before this phenomenon would become obvious.
As nuclear power has become less competitive with other energy sources, they are becoming less profitable as they become more expensive to maintain.
The secondary market has already become a new reality for entrepreneurs, and we believe it will become so for venture funds as well.
Negotiations between content distributors and programmers have become increasingly fraught as more viewers become 'cord cutters,' opting to watch their favorite shows online.
And as biometric security systems like facial recognition and iris scanners become more common, the debate is only going to become more complicated.
Special effects that were supposed to be impressive become cheesy and intimidating effects that were supposed to add to the plot become laughable.
Nevertheless, in recent decades Latin American societies have become a bit more secular, women have become less subordinated and homosexuality is more tolerated.
Everybody has a different set of cards and your job is to become as creative as possible to become as fast as possible.
Mr Groppi worries that if Libya were to become the next theatre of jihadist insurgency, Italy and the Vatican could become prime targets.
As cars become more connected, more technology-focused, and more autonomous, it was only a matter of time before they become more branded.
The what will become of Yahoo, which is essentially going to be a 15% holding of Alibaba and will become an investment company.
Global Payments Chief Executive Officer Jeff Sloan will become the CEO of the merged entity and TSYS CEO Troy Woods will become chairman.
But absurd turns that start as jokes can become serious plot points, and serious moments can become a comedic element by the end.
That's a critical necessity as TVs with lower resolutions become increasingly scarce, and PCs capable of 4K gaming become cheaper and more common.
In April 2016, she and Meehan—who would soon become her first employee—collaborated on what would become one of Ellis' breakthrough efforts.
You are fucked because even as those wages have dropped and the good jobs have become scarcer, the city has become more expensive.
Banks that you grew up with would become commoditized and replicable using open services; your telecom operator or Facebook could become your bank.
She's become an advocate for the deaf community "I want to see more deaf people have the opportunity to become actors," she says.
Under the terms outlined by Mr. Cuomo, Ms. Stewart-Cousins would become the sole Democratic leader, and Mr. Klein would become her deputy.
Payment systems such as contactless cards and mobile-phone digital wallets have become so prevalent the issue has become political in some countries.
Gabriel said he would shortly become German foreign minister, replacing Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who will become the country's president, a largely ceremonial post.
Over time, low-productivity sectors have become a larger share of the economy, while high-productivity goods production has become a smaller share.
There are fears that the group could become the next ISIS, as well as become the only rebel faction against al-Assad's rule.
If Warren thinks Democrats need to become what Trump merely claims to be, Booker believes they need to become what Trump clearly isn't.
The luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel will become the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, and Curry Village will become Half Dome Village, said park spokesman Scott Gediman.
Caught between the world of the West and the world of Islam, Ismaël cannot become an artist, cannot become a rock 'n roller.
By virtually any metric, Secretary Perez has become exactly the kind of activist regulator that many senators feared he would become in 2013.
It's not rocket science, but it will soon become a standard in digital marketing as customers become accustomed to enhanced levels of personalization.
Had Buttigieg won his bid to become chair of the Democratic National Committee in 2017, his war might have become our war again.
Even if he is ushered from the scene, the America we have become since he took office will not magically become lotus-land.
Since the end of the Second World War, recessions have generally become shorter and milder, while expansions have become longer and less frenzied.
It also announced that current CFO Michel Combes will become the company's CEO and current CEO Marcelo Claure will become Sprint's executive chairman.
Muammar el-Qaddafi, has become a preoccupation for Western countries worried that it could become a refuge for militants fleeing Iraq and Syria.
In this, West has become the latest in a long, unfortunate line of black people who have become mouthpieces for white supremacist ideas.
"It is crucial that e-cigarettes do not become an on-ramp for children to become addicted to nicotine," Azar and Gottlieb wrote.
But having witnessed my father's suffering close up -- how, when treatments become futile, disease can become too much -- I developed a different perspective.
Terms like sapiosexuality will only become more popularHammack said he's seen terms like sapiosexual become increasingly common sexual orientation descriptors over the years.
But the job of parenting has become more difficult as the concept of moving an entire family to Washington has become increasingly rare.
Patchett follows the two semi-connected families for the next 50 years, as the children become adults and the grown-ups become old.
The trend with banks and card issuers is to remove benefits and become less competitive rather than add them and become more so.
"People who are out of work for a long time become fearful, lose motivation and become less attractive in the workplace," he said.
While the researchers' conclusion was that the incidents have become more common, it's also possible they've become easier to publicize via the interet.
Having waited much too long for this day, I am proud to now become your husband and for you to become my wife.
"I fully expect smaller places to become more conservative and larger places to become more Democratic," says McGoldrick, a long-time Republican consultant.
It has also led to a situation where global credit markets have become highly distorted and global asset prices have become unduly inflated.
The saplings would take fifteen years to become sizable, she said, and only thirty per cent of them would manage to become trees.
A full 19 percent say they'll become a millionaire by age 503 and another 7 percent predict they'll become a millionaire by 30.
And as 2350G networks become deployed more widely in the coming years, 20203G will probably become the standard across most of Samsung's smartphones.
As global temperatures rise and drier weather and fewer cooling storms become the norm, the region has become particularly susceptible to devastating fires.
Teachers become students The impact of the raid rippled quickly through the community, where immigrants have become a growing part of the population.
The case has become an example of the strange and high stakes private legal battles that executives at public companies become involved in.
I also think that female friendship, when it's deep enough, can become this very multifaceted thing: You become the friend, platonic lover, mother.
We're asking that to lead us to become better people to become more knowledgeable people to enter the next stage of our development.
"As these problems become more extreme, we may become more dependent on cannabis because of its adaptability to these harsh conditions," said Wirtshafter.
Whereas other pharmacological depression treatments take many weeks to become effective—if they become effective at all—ketamine's effects are rapid and robust.
The idea of the wall has become so central to his campaign that "build that wall" has become his followers' preferred rallying cry.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, for example, warned that humans must merge with machines in order to become relevant when tasks become increasingly automated.
" He said the company was, instead, helping its users to become more confident and helping them to "become more beautiful in real life.
With most aircraft grounded, illicit drug flights that have become a mainstay of drug trafficking in the region may become easier to track.
Since then, the Republican Party has become even more radical and racialized, and, as Desai writes, Asian-Americans have become even more Democratic.
Plans would become slightly cheaper, and going uninsured would become slightly more expensive, pushing healthier people at the margin into joining the exchanges.
But other people have become drawn more deeply into Nxivm, giving up careers, friends and families to become devoted followers of Mr. Raniere.
But the wall has become the singular issue for Mr. Trump because he has become convinced that his presidency is on the line.
He was instrumental in the fight to allow South Asians to become naturalized citizens; Saund himself did not become a citizen until 1949.
It has become apparent that Trump and his staff view a pandemic as a messaging problem that threatens to become a liquidity crisis.
Abortifacient drugs have become so readily available in places like Chile and El Salvador that it has become impossible to enforce abortion bans.
They have become stand-ins for good design, as the styles they loosely describe have endured and only become more popular over time.
The author, Leila Slimani, had quickly become a celebrity in France, reportedly pursued by president Emmanuel Macron to become the minister of culture.
Mr. Kaludis will become co-head of Americas technology-investment banking at the Swiss firm, while Mr. Bittinger will become a managing director.
The infrastructure that China is building could someday become the avenues for billions of dollars in increased trade — or become debt-ridden sinkholes.
Should Mr. Merz really become Ms. Merkel's successor, we can expect a red scare to become ever more part of the centrist program.
They realize early that to become rich, they need to become the people who hire others into jobs, and not a job holder.
I wonder what they thought I would become, but I am absolutely certain that they did not expect me to become a writer.
But if the Trump administration's tax plan were to become law, in the future a whole lot of people may just become corporations.
As winters become milder, weather becomes drier and higher elevations become warmer, bark beetles are able to thrive and extend their ranges northward.
For studios, the Tomatometer has become a ubiquitous marketing tool, while news coverage of the scores has become its own odd internet subgenre.
Repeated exposure, if done in the "right way," can help the fear "become lower and lower and gradually become more manageable," said Seif.
That's a lot of money—enough to become a doctor, a lawyer, and more than enough to become a pilot or a chef.
Mnuchin vows debt limit won't become crisis: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday he won't let the debt ceiling become a political crisis.
And cyber risk has become one of the paramount threats to enterprises and citizens, as processes and products become globally interconnected through technology.
She uses a lot of visuals, writing and introspective measures to help clients progress and become the successful entrepreneurs they want to become.
They share a commitment to service and experience that will only become more essential as ecommerce and same-day delivery become even easier.
And as managerial relationships become more collaborative and workplaces become more focused on creating positive cultures, professional personalities are only growing more important.
I'm not going to be a part of this culture that can become very negative, can become very blaming, very much point fingers.
If I don't go to school, I will become nothing in the future; if I go to school, I will become a doctor.
In doing so, he had unwittingly become a small part of a larger scandal that had become a major embarrassment for the club.
To reach their full potential, they must be tossed in enough fat to become crisped, but not so much that they become greasy.
Would Durant have consented to become a Warrior if Golden State, to cap a 271-win season, had become back-to-back champions?
Plans would become slightly cheaper and going uninsured would become slightly more expensive, pushing healthier people at the margin into joining the exchanges.
Does all this mean that we have become impervious to critique, that we are now no longer able to mature and become wiser?
But by then, the idea that Labour had become a hotbed of anti-Semitism had become a major theme in the British press.
"Making the case for Future as a nihilist fueled by depression has become such a popular exercise for rap writers that we're almost tripping over ourselves after each successive release to tell you how miserable he's become," wrote Spin's Israel Daramola, and in fact, it has become a cliché to point out how pointing out Future's misery has become a cliché.
Bowery Valuation's automated-valuation software might not become the origin point of every commercial real estate transaction, but its software could become a part of the process for a company like VTS which may be able to become commercial real estate's largest platform.
The immediate pleasure of nailing a power slide around a long bend; the rush of whizzing past trucks and buses at completely illegal speeds, while Egyptian pyramids become snow-capped mountains become harbor cobblestones become tulips-carpeted fields of joy around you: unbeatable.
The Excel & Google Sheets Mastery Bundle (now only $19) can help you become proficient in both apps so you can become a spreadsheet overlord.
Since its launch one year ago, Facebook's On This Day feature has become popular in that world-conquering way only Facebook products become popular.
When asked if he thinks he'll become an officer, the 12-year-old player quickly replied, "Yup -- if I don't become a baseball player."
Dare to wear stylish "high heeled" shoes like women normally do, and presidential candidates become reduced to school children while others become playground bullies.
As more and more apps become available for smartphones and tablets, it will become harder and harder for a new app to stand out.
Parks have become an increasingly important investment focus for Hollywood studios — particularly as blockbuster season has become dominated by franchises and expanded universe films.
In the years since, Arnall has become an activist to #StopBlueMonday, and Blue Monday has become more of a gentle joke than anything else.
Over time, I hope that efforts like SSO become easier for legitimate social scientists to undertake, and that similar tools become available to journalists.
"The BOJ has become more realistic in its communication to become more credible," said Masayuki Kichikawa, chief macro strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management.
But it benefits the middle more, and this disparity has become sharper in recent decades as insurance has become more expensive (see chart 2).
As younger, modern aircraft offer airlines better fuel performance than those that are aging, the skies will become cleaner as newer aircraft become commonplace.
You believed that the crap things you've always wanted to see become good again (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for instance) would become great again.
What examples does the article give of the kinds of rights that might become more secure, and the kinds that might become less secure?
It has become commonplace since NAFTA went into effect in 1994 for parts to move back across what has become a largely invisible border.
She will become Best Buy's fifth CEO when she takes over from Hubert Joly, who steps aside to become the executive chairman in June.
In 2009, Rihanna could have easily become the face of victimhood, having become a survivor of domestic abuse at the hands of Chris Brown.
That agreement, which this week was ratified by enough countries to become international law, calls for the world to become carbon neutral this century.
It has become relevant, and it's become clear on a day-to-day basis how the divisions we create (then) create fear, create violence.
That's either very impressive or suggests that over time we've become worn down and will become friends with any old person on Facebook.[Facebook]
"Watching [women] become friends and then essentially become family, that's the kind of thing I root for when I watch a movie," she explains.
But consequential decisions related to third-party-owned smart infrastructure are only going to become more frequent as cities become increasingly digitized and connected.
Like Kubernetes, which has become the de facto standard for container orchestration tools, Spinnaker could become the same kind of standard for continuous delivery.
In the 21st century, information has become the lifeblood of business and of our economy; databases have become a critical asset class for commerce.
"We are looking to become an exclusive provider of rigs (for Schlumberger), we are looking to become a captive drilling contractor," Johnson told Reuters.
As these technologies become widespread, the need for people who understand how AI works and can customize solutions for different industries will become massive.
When Trowbridge observed that theme parks had become more like art museums, Krens argued that art museums needed to become more like theme parks.
It was also a microcosm of Yemen's complexity: Mr Saleh was killed by former foes who had become allies, only to become enemies again.
His death was emblematic of Yemen's complexity: Mr Saleh was killed by the Houthis, enemies who had become allies, only to become enemies again.
If you suddenly become one of the wealthiest people in the country, minimizing your tax burden will likely become one of your financial priorities.
Worse, when the contradictions become apparent, Mr Trump's economic nationalism may become fiercer, leading to backlashes in other countries—further stoking anger in America.
"Pension funds, even in these beautiful years of returns, 2009 to today, they have become less funded, they have become more underfunded," he said.
So that the rich could become even richer, the area then had to burn and eventually become the dumping ground for the city's garbage.
So-called laser attacks have become an increasing problem in the United States, in part because handheld lasers have become more common and affordable.
Swearing has become such a part of Democratic stump speeches that profane clips have become routine in Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez's speeches.
In Los Angeles, where food trucks have become a staple, the challenges of feeding people from tiny, travelling kitchens has become a health issue.
He has become the public face of the talks for the administration; he has become the private voice on Capitol Hill for the talks.
To join the Faceless Men, Arya must give up her identity to then become "no one" and have the ability to become different people.
Since then Facebook has only become more toxic, and the world has become more aware of the threats it poses to society and democracy.
When China's yuan falls against the U.S. dollar, Chinese products become cheaper in the U.S. market and American products become more costly in China.
"It has become increasingly clear that China intends to become a major force in world football," said London-based football finance specialist David Bick.
They have become used to calling out "Pause!" when examinations become uncomfortable, an assertiveness which they also transfer to their real-life patient experiences.
Chihiro's parents become pigs because they eat a large amount of food, but that she herself refuses and therefore does not become a pig.
The mainstream is so indefensible, so they either become liberal, and don't take everything chapter and verse, or they dig in and become extremists.
Video theft has become a rampant problem in the past couple years as Facebook has amped up its ambitions to become a video platform.

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