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"squabble" Definitions
  1. a noisy argument about something that is not very important

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How to use squabble in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "squabble" and check conjugation/comparative form for "squabble". Mastering all the usages of "squabble" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We had World Squabble I, World Squabble II." — STEPHEN COLBERT "[As Trump] I love squabble!
"We had World Squabble I, World Squabble II." What we're reading: This essay in The Atlantic.
It's more like the latest chapter in a long-simmering squabble between siblings — a squabble Trump has seized on because it fits his political narrative.
The two countries are having a diplomatic squabble -- over trash.
She also pointed to a public squabble with Ohio Gov.
Squabble number two: Chris versus Becca in a boring standoff.
Meanwhile, Wills (and John) quietly slip away from the squabble.
Then it wants everyone else to squabble over what's left.
Protests continue while Civic Platform and PiS continue to squabble.
The idea of a family squabble may be understating things.
So it is time to put aside this petty squabble.
Now the political squabble over broadband may hurt her livelihood.
So began a squabble over where Mugabe would be buried.
When I play squabble, I spell all the best words.
Mr. Grey countersued, and the squabble escalated, drawing national attention.
Are you close with them or do you often squabble?
While its leaders squabble, Lebanon is literally and figuratively underwater.
They squabble with one another over territory and nesting sites.
This essentially settles the appropriations squabble until after midterm elections.
In the Android subreddit, a veritable squabble has broken out.
The couple later got into a squabble back in their seats.
Meanwhile, there is a squabble at home over who is responsible.
This is not a squabble where it's just about two sides.
" On Pope Francis' squabble with Donald Trump: "I'm pro-Pope, okay?
Yes, the Trump and Bannon squabble is deserving of some coverage.
It's unfortunate that this strange squabble is overshadowing two pressing issues.
They both root for the Steelers and squabble about climate change.
Whether it's "fully" autonomous or not is a squabble over semantics.
We squabble for space in the overhead compartment and on the armrest.
This year yet another squabble is brewing among the latex and glitter.
As it was set down, the cubs began to snarl and squabble.
One rule she follows: Don't squabble about who will pay the check.
The squabble over Britain's withdrawal from the European Union intensified in Parliament.
Bethune-Hill, No. 18-281, featured an unusual squabble among state officials.
Bethune-Hill, No. 18-281, arose from a squabble among state officials.
Many siblings who share a room grow closer, even if they squabble.
The decision resulted in a public squabble between Cousy and Red Auerbach.
Make sure to avoid any discussion of her squabble with your mother.
Mr. Sanders's wife, Jane, called for unity as the Warren squabble persisted.
The politicians continue to squabble unhelpfully over how to pay for it.
Perkins, who has not endorsed Trump, downplayed the intraparty squabble on Monday.
"The Department of Justice suit in hindsight was corporate squabble," says Albanese.
Cross-border banks may prove harder to resolve if authorities squabble over losses.
The king had emerged as a dignified figure as parties squabble, Tajadura said.
The countries last week struck a 90-day truce in their trade squabble.
But a long-running squabble between Germany and the IMF has complicated matters.
That protection is gone now, while its inhabitants squabble over a stupid throne.
The squabble raged on between London's black-taxi drivers and app upstart Uber.
Nobody wants to squabble on a holiday, but some family feuds are inevitable.
Physicists hope that the science won't be lost in the political squabble, however.
My husband and I squabble about money and the division of household chores.
Now that you're down on Paul Ryan, we need somebody to squabble over.
Consumers probably don't care about the squabble, but they do worry about compatibility.
The parties may squabble over leadership and how to achieve their desired independence.
But he would not wade into the 241-year-old squabble over it.
Still, the squabble may reignite questions over age in the Democratic primary race.
"Station Squabble" beat out images of baby rhinos, jaguars, orangutans and arctic reindeer.
This is a lot bigger than a squabble between student protesters and scientists.
At its heart, this squabble about crowd size may not seem particularly consequential.
Along the way, they squabble over minor differences and pontificate philosophically in gravelly German.
It's unclear what exactly triggered the rant, other than some sort of brotherly squabble.
While the Russians deny all wrongdoing, interested parties on the Western side squabble furiously.
If that squabble sounds like a dick size contest, that's because it probably is.
The current squabble over the Thaad missile system, may, however, temporarily dampen this affection.
The engaged couple, who are expecting their first child together, squabble throughout the promo.
"You can squabble over the specifics but the memes reflect a general underlying anxiety."
As the investigation drags on and politicians squabble over reforms, cynicism is setting in.
But it still seems like Sanders's once-inspiring campaign has narrowed into a squabble.
Toni Instead of focusing on Clinton, he has been continuing to squabble with Republicans.
Dr Reddy's said it would launch its new drug regardless of the legal squabble.
After a messy succession squabble, Theresa May became a kind of accidental prime minister.
Cross-border banks may prove harder to resolve if the authorities squabble over losses.
For organizers in the affected cities, the bans are not merely a political squabble.
While we squabble over what is contentious, we fail to address what we agree about.
Make no mistake: Oracle's legal war with Google isn't rooted in some small patent squabble.
Putin himself is only too happy to see America's historic European allies squabble and weaken.
This idea that the trade dispute is a little squabble, that talks have not collapsed.
Much of its press coverage focuses on the interminable squabble over the line of succession.
As the liberal parties squabble, the largest opposition group remains Jobbik, an ultra-nationalist party.
Meanwhile, the CNN newsroom has been fixated on Acosta's squabble with Miller, network sources say.
The squabble, however, took a turn on Tuesday that hinted at more chapters to come.
As for who gets in on the inaugural squabble: Hildebrand and Harris draw first blood.
MADRID — After a tight vote, politicians often squabble over how to form a coalition government.
They squabble affectionately, for approximately the thousandth time, over whether she can be called Tiffany.
It's a brutal historical irony that another airliner has fallen amid a US-Iran squabble.
Then an email squabble with sports apparel giant Nike piqued his interest in viral media.
But I hope that Democrats won't needlessly squabble over whether to prioritize identity or justice.
But before it is establish how much lawyers might make, another public squabble must be settled.
The squabble brings the girls nose to nose and ends in a hard headbutt from Sylvia.
Peru and Chile squabble over trademark rights to pisco (a grappa named after a Peruvian seaport).
India and Pakistan, two nuclear-armed enemies, could turn a regional squabble into a nuclear confrontation.
The episode is at the center of a growing international squabble between Western countries and Russia.
It is a squabble over fees between the titans of Wall Street and the stock exchanges.
Mother and grandmother continue to squabble, but all three women entwine in the water like dolphins.
" After that squabble he retreats to his room and recalls thinking, "I get why dads leave.
The omission can now no longer be brought up 20 years later in an unrelated squabble.
Though an ideological squabble caused the Soviets to withdraw just after construction started, China plowed forward.
India and Pakistan, two nuclear-armed enemies, could rekindle their decades-long squabble at any time.
Dr Reddy's said on Friday it would launch its new drug regardless of the legal squabble.
"People squabble when they don't know what to do," said one lawyer close to the banks.
India and Pakistan, two nuclear-armed enemies, could restart their decades-long squabble at any time.
What this petty squabble shows is two amazing breakdowns in the way this White House runs.
Before the squabble, Seacrest inquired about the Oscars, he asked about the path to all the awards.
Folks, listen to him and come -- we&aposre in a family squabble with our allies in Europe.
Why it matters: The squabble reminds us that all these companies have become gatekeepers with enormous power.
Its first filing came in 1996, after a squabble with its Japanese owner, department store company Isetan.
In an interview with the Allegedly podcast released Friday, Rose explained why she jumped into the squabble.
In 2016's Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers squabble over whether to submit to government oversight.
The squabble risks destabilising a divided nation that is already buckling under the weight of Syrian refugees.
Stephen Colbert's latest monologue is — you guessed it — all about Trump's ongoing trade war/"squabble" with China.
We long for a disciplinarian, but meanwhile we squabble among ourselves, willingly pay bribes and flout rules.
As the politicians squabble incessantly, about the only consensus is that the country has entered uncharted waters.
Although the ladies sometimes squabble, all in all, they get along nicely, a few pecking battles notwithstanding.
The House failed to pass a farm bill last month, due to an immigration squabble amongst Republicans.
I wish someone would ask me to start their lanyard or to settle an in-cabin squabble.
Of course, Jane's dog-smacking incident and subsequent squabble with PETA probably didn't help alleviate Aaron's stress.
An inter-party squabble has seen Malcolm Turnbull forced out after three years as Australia's prime minister.
Some worry that the squabble at the International Criminal Court demeans an institution responsible for prosecuting atrocities.
In November, he had a well-publicized squabble with Durant that led to a one-game suspension.
A split decision would mean "No Mo" — no Democrat gaining momentum and an unending squabble for delegates.
While Democrats squabble over what to make for dinner, a hurricane is about to hit their house.
It also documents a squabble over the money between the State Department and the Department of Defense.
Prime Video's arrival on Apple TV signals the end of a years-long squabble between Apple and Amazon.
The squabble started on Tuesday after Khalifa criticized the title of West's new album Waves, originally named Swish.
Chalk it up to just a squabble with his bro that is, apparently, water under the bridge now.
S. conflict as "a little squabble" and said talks between the world's two largest economies had not collapsed.
Academics may squabble about the specific causes of past conflicts, and develop complex models to forecast future ones.
If so, we have just the one for you: a riveting squabble between Justin Bieber and JoJo Siwa.
Why give the vacillating Brits more time to squabble when they may still never come to an agreement?
Plans cooked up in Brussels, meanwhile, are too ambitious, leaving governments to squabble while the migrants pour in.
His latest target is NASA, in a squabble over data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer spacecraft.
Cashman, above all, was once ready to run off Derek Jeter in the middle of a contract squabble.
But a squabble over a bonus prompted him to quit the business, according to the Post and Courier.
While Democrats are only just beginning their primary squabble, Trump campaign aides say they're sitting on a juggernaut.
And once a political squabble like this boils over, it is awfully hard to turn down the temperature.
If so, it will elevate the debate on Kavanaugh from a Washington squabble to a national zeitgeist moment.
But a squabble over a bonus prompted him to quit the business, according to the Post and Courier.
Asked whether they would squabble over who got a bigger cut, Mr. Gordon, 50, shook his head and smiled.
So we squabble about the TV schedule, if only to remind ourselves that meaningful hockey will return some day.
Just as it is with people who squabble online, maintaining dominance is very important to elephant seals' social order.
Separating will be painful, doing so acrimoniously even costlier, with assets wasted in the squabble and the children embittered.
On Tuesday, Trump called the trade dispute with China "a little squabble" and expressed optimism about reaching a deal.
The feud saw diss tracks and snarky jabs, though Perry has since expressed her desire to end the squabble.
Photographer Sam Rowley staked out the London Underground station after dusk for about a week to capture the squabble.
Their inheritors have indulged in an unseemly family squabble, played out in social media, over the great man's will.
A squabble over how much was paid for a certain amount of hours a plane was in the air.
A squabble between two of America's tech giants was seen as a possible harbinger of bigger disputes to come.
Are you and your partner even meant to be together if you squabble over all kinds of little things?
Effectively, this pre-game squabble occured because Trump wants a deal before the deal itself is to be negotiated.
A squabble now playing out in the wealth management industry suggests that many of those splits could get messier.
The two switch to Italian, and begin what sounds like a squabble but could really be anything at all.
Now, they can squabble over whether or not this thing is impeachable, a process over which the founders fretted.
In the few seconds it took for the mice to squabble over the food scraps, Rowley got his shot.
As both sides squabble over who's responsible, those suffering the most are the local populations caught in the crossfire.
The Hanjin squabble is a reminder of how far they have to go to meet modern standards of corporate governance.
It sounds like the squabble is between Verizon and Amazon, which must be rather annoying on Samsung's side of things.
When politicians squabble it is often over how to share the spoils of power, not because they disagree on policy.
The pair were involved in a lengthy legal squabble that resulted in a lien being placed on his personal finances.
Punjab in the north and Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the south continue to squabble over the ownership of rivers.
The EU has been resistant to the idea of further extensions that only prolong the U.K.'s domestic political squabble.
Weber said the EU could not wait for British politicians to squabble over who would be the next prime minister.
Who this affects and how is not a clear-cut fact but something campaigns and pundits will squabble about endlessly.
She positions herself as the right person to be handling the series while her mentors get their squabble sorted out.
Some Beijing-controlled news outlets are pushing back, fanning nationalist anger by accusing the Americans of arrogance in the squabble.
But the brief squabble showcased how important superheroes are to studios in general, and Spider-Man in particular for Sony.
Patches of eternal sunshine on the moon could be limited, valuable resources that nations and companies will someday squabble over.
Though Republicans are dominant in Kansas politics, Democrats are energized and could benefit from the other side's prolonged primary squabble.
Afghan elites already squabble over control of ministries and lucrative patronage networks, and their infighting grows as those resources shrink.
The leaders' intervention comes as Merkel's Christian Democrats squabble over who should succeed the 65-year-old as party leader.
Old-fashioned because the dominant mode of stage realism today is argumentative: Characters squabble loudly over exactly what they want.
This infighting would only grow more contentious during the dry season, as the hippos squabble over less and less water.
As both countries continue to squabble about attacks, both will also probably continue to carry them out, cybersecurity experts say.
A 2019 squabble between Seoul and Tokyo led to a boycott of Lotte's products, given its corporate presence in Japan.
The two mice were fighting over scraps of food dropped by passengers, but their squabble only lasted a split second.
In ways that leave ordinary Muslim voters a bit baffled, they squabble among themselves, usually over events in distant lands.
He said he felt sorry that the squabble with Musk had detracted from the successful end to the rescue mission.
Meanwhile, Iraq's politicians squabble, largely confined to the Green Zone, the walled city within a city occupying the core of Baghdad.
Love suggested the reporter call Fudge to back her up in her squabble with McAdams over immigration, and the reporter obliged.
Meanwhile, on the Dems side, Hillz and Uncle Bernie continue to squabble over oil-and-gas money and holding another debate.
He was convicted of instigating the killing of an aunt during a family meeting intended to resolve a squabble over land.
Madonna and Guy Ritchie are still "Hung Up" in court in a transatlantic custody squabble over 15-year-old son Rocco.
In addition, though they squabble publicly, some among both major political parties have a vested interest in keeping the status quo.
Watching Roxie and Albie walk hand-in-hand (and occasionally squabble) was, as much as anything, what the trip was about.
Harry and Cam carry the second season's primary subplot, a lighthearted but bone-cracking account of a squabble among racetrack rivals.
Boyle looked to that splashy experiment as the subject of this novel, where eight so-called Terranauts squabble, fantasize and seethe.
BTW, we also asked Oakley about his recent squabble with Charles Barkley -- and he actually gives the guy a compliment. Sorta.
I would rather you save your energy for supporting your new cousin than squabble over the theory of a dumb party.
But the decision to not hold a climate debate isn't just another intraparty squabble, it's a matter of vital public importance.
A man's relationship with his father is forever altered by a squabble over £160 and the price of an airmail stamp.
Or would we prefer 'trade squabble,' 'trade tiff': China is firing back against U.S. tariffs with another round of retaliatory tariffs.
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna squabble, scream and yell at each other, and that's the core of their upcoming reality show.
"Shut Up, Kenny" is based on an actual marital squabble, interrupted by the car radio playing the couple's favorite Chesney love song.
Whether they squabble over a deeply unpopular new law — or Republicans' failure to pass one — will be decided in the coming days.
She had an empathetic response to the immigrant crisis, she stopped a generational squabble between two candidates, and she largely avoided attacks.
Investors took some comfort from Trump's calling the dispute with Beijing "a little squabble" on Tuesday and insisting talks had not collapsed.
If he'd stopped there, it might have remained a remote, laughable memory, a childhood squabble buried alongside dozens of other such moments.
It is simpler to squabble and delay than to break taboos, like writing down Greek debt or forging a unified asylum policy.
Jesse Quackenbush said that the other woman was her mother, who she had a "squabble with," and that the charges were dropped.
Swift has long kept mum about the rift, but that wasn't the first time Perry expressed her desire to end the squabble.
They're also anxious to avoid "no deal," but don't want to simply give the U.K. more time to continue the current squabble.
Down Below is another album on this list that defies many of the preset categories that metal fans love to squabble over.
North Carolina police are looking for the man they believe shot former NFL quarterback Anthony Wright after a domestic squabble on Monday.
Your customers are more likely to drop you because they're unhappy with your service rather than because of a squabble with China.
"The Democrats are having a loud squabble, but the party is broadly unified behind certain themes," said David Axelrod, the Democratic strategist.
Consultants from the two parties will sit across from one another on cable news shows and squabble about it, as nature intended.
Arya is no longer the rambunctious tomboy begging to squabble in the Winterfell courtyard anymore; she's now a young woman with needs.
Late-night comedy: Stephen Colbert mocked President Trump's claim that the U.S. was engaged in a "little squabble" with China over trade.
Trump on Tuesday described the conflict as "a little squabble" and said talks between the world's two largest economies had not collapsed.
Her current majority may squabble over economics, but it is unlikely to fight over social issues like immigration, gay rights or abortion.
We're referring to his new, squabble-inspired series, which will kick off with a dramatization of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis' infamous rivalry.
In December, she was removed from her job by the government following a squabble within the Sierra Leone Football Association, which she heads.
While we squabble over how to repeal, replace, or even just amend Obamacare, a pink elephant sits not so quietly in the room.
Swift has also long kept mum about the rift, but that wasn't the first time Perry expressed her desire to end the squabble.
The main four girls fall in love, squabble with fellow students, and get blamed for the death of a 98-year-old nun.
The currency has been hurt by the ANC's internal squabble over whether the central bank should do more to promote jobs and growth.
The squabble between Donald Trump and Fox News over the latest Republican presidential "debate" may seem as completely vapid as the debates themselves.
According to Vulture, Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, Rupert Friend, and Jason Isaacs all play Stalin's underlings who squabble for power after he's passed.
"Gonna stuff our faces with turkey and food, like we do every year, and try not to squabble as a family," she adds.
Qualcomm on Wednesday announced a fresh lawsuit in its legal squabble with Apple, this time targeting the contract manufacturers who make the iPhone.
If you've been keeping up with the Kardashians over the years, you've probably witnessed a squabble or two between Kendall and Kylie Jenner.
For his part, Putin is happy to have Trump and Erdogan squabble over this -- it allows his ally Assad to reap the rewards.
Oddly Herb had failed to mention a Talisman-related squabble he'd had with Dustin, or the hefty equine insurance policy he'd taken out.
That didn&apost mean he was going to address the specifics of the mega-squabble or even say Swift&aposs name out loud.
Swift has long kept mum about the rift, but this isn't the first time Perry has expressed her desire to end the squabble.
Russia and dark horses Slovakia will be hoping to take advantage of this intra-island squabble and beat them to the knockout rounds.
If you grow 5x or 0003x year-over-year, watch as dozens of venture firms squabble to get access to that cap table.
It's the type of inside Wall Street squabble that mom-and-pop investors would normally ignore, if they knew about it at all.
For lawmakers such as Mr. Grassley, who espouse the virtues of free trade, the stubbornness of the squabble has amounted to growing frustration.
At the time, the science wars struck most people outside the academy, if they noticed them at all, as an overheated scholastic squabble.
That makes the festering squabble in the Gulf a more urgent headache for him than the decades-old enmity between Israelis and Palestinians.
Barneys' first bankruptcy filing came more than two decades ago, in 1996, after a squabble with its Japanese owner, department store company Isetan.
The ruling will enable Mr. Kalanick to shield some, if not all, of the squabble — and any potentially damaging disclosures — behind closed doors.
The Broncos are dealing with an intrafamily squabble in the wake of Pat Bowlen's death, which could result in the team being sold.
For a couple who didn't squabble, religion proved to be a sensitive spot triggering conversations about faith and how they should raise us.
And, not to blow up their spot, but Jif (the peanut butter brand) loved the free attention that internet squabble wrought in 2013.
On Tuesday, Trump told reporters the trade war with China was a "little squabble" that could be resolved if China is willing to negotiate.
Investors had taken some comfort from Trump calling the trade dispute with Beijing "a little squabble" on Tuesday and insisting talks had not collapsed.
Investors remain largely convinced that the public squabble between the 2 countries is bluster, and that a deal is likely sooner rather than later.
Cops say the squabble started over the girlfriend wanting to cash a check, which he snatched out of her hands while leaving their apartment.
Specifically, Kelly said that her relationship with her husband, Douglas Brunt, strengthened throughout the yearlong squabble, and she got more in touch with herself.
The squabble follows reports that the Justice Department had begun an investigation into whether university affirmative action admission policies broadly discriminate against white applicants.
Salvini spoke a day after Italy and France tried to bury the hatchet following a diplomatic squabble over Rome's refusal to accept the Aquarius.
It also suggests that the DiMeos' history has given them a defiant team spirit: They'll squabble, but God help an outsider who crosses them.
But it is unfathomable that the world's largest economy might allow kids to be left without care, homes and food while its lawmakers squabble.
The conflict, triggered by a squabble between youth over the illicit trade in gasoline in the fall of 2014, quickly spiraled out of control.
Notably, TappCar recently expanded into Calgary, a major Canadian city that Uber pulled out of after a long and unproductive squabble over city bylaws.
The president was not alone in his desire to publicly squabble over partisan politics as the McCain family followed their patriarch into the cathedral.
The squabble inevitably brought up the question of whether Biden was going to try to challenge Trump in 2020, when he would be 77.
As much as the squabble is about oil production and prices, it is also about challenging the narrative of U.S. energy dominance, he added.
The contract dispute has left the N.F.L. with an intramural squabble at a critical time when the league appears to be slipping in popularity.
But the House budget squabble and hurdles facing healthcare legislation in the Senate have begun to worry business lobbyists about the prospects for success.
The squabble made it to the top of the bank — at which point Ackermann, the chief executive, said he didn't object to the loan.
What&aposs more, he says that if tensions continue to escalate, we could start to see other major countries getting sucked into the squabble.
Deb Fischer to jockeying between different factions of Trump supporters in Nevada to a squabble over a gay marriage plank in the Texas platform.
Still, it wouldn't be KUWTK without some bickering between the siblings — so if Kourtney is out, Kim better find another sister to squabble with.
In 2019 especially, we&aposve seen a number of stars squabble amongst themselves, and many of these conflicts have blown up to epic proportions.
But no squabble over aesthetics can compare with the battle being fought now between the school's leadership and a faction of its 3,945 voting members.
However the last of the Targaryens are going to have to get over that family squabble if they want to lead Westeros (and beat Cersei).
President Donald Trump softened his tone on his global trade war Tuesday, referring to it as a "little squabble" and insisting talks had not collapsed.
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the trade war with China "a little squabble" and insisted talks between the two countries had not collapsed.
While in Washington DC the crisis has rapidly turned into a partisan issue, as politicians squabble over whether state or federal officials are to blame.
The two have moved their squabble to social media, but not before The Shade Room posted a video of the drink-throwing incident on Instagram.
Bosses, workers and politicians are then tempted to squabble over the division of those rents, sometimes to the detriment of the sector as a whole.
He left his role in August 2015 after only a year and has been involved in a legal squabble with Grab over his stock options.
But the EU's negotiators say this is not a bilateral squabble between Britain and Ireland, but one between Britain and the EU's 27 remaining members.
U.S. President Donald Trump called the trade war with China "a little squabble" and said a deal would be finalised when the "time is right".
Maybe we should ask why, with so much enmity in this imperfect world, people saw fit to bring this squabble to a review aggregation site.
The women of Monterey are deeply involved in the lives of their children, perhaps too much: Madeline and Renata wage war over a child's squabble.
Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been "Hung Up" in and out of court in a transatlantic custody squabble over their 15-year-old son Rocco.
U.S. President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday that trade talks with China had not collapsed and called the U.S.-China trade war "a little squabble".
As Kiev and Moscow squabble, families continue to call for justice, and criticism that the US hasn't stood up to Russia over the incident remains.
This time, the wave of nostalgia washed over me: I was 12 again, sitting at the kitchen table, my family's mouths too preoccupied to squabble.
Perhaps I was too focused on the best strategy for resolving a workplace squabble, and not enough on a technological workaround for this particular situation.
Frankie Bell's troubles began last January in New Orleans, when she was charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse after getting into a squabble with her boyfriend.
The line "I'm not right, but that doesn't make me wrong" stands out during the extended squabble over how best to deal with the prisoners.
TMZ broke the story ... Stacy was busted last weekend in Florida for domestic violence after getting into a squabble with her new husband, Jeffrey Marty.
On Saturday, with Britain's Johanna Konta leading Sorana Cirstea by 6-19723, 1-2, Nastase became embroiled in a squabble about noise from the crowd.
As if Barclays did not have enough distractions, Mr. Staley has become involved in another embarrassing squabble involving a major client of the bank, KKR.
Anne (Amanda Drew) and Élise (Lisa O'Hare) squabble over who was loved best by which parent, but the evidence suggests they are fighting over scraps.
The new legislative session kicked off at the State Capitol at noon, still harboring the aftereffects of a holiday squabble between the Legislature and Gov.
The Night King existed mostly to unite the vast majority of the characters in a place where they could eventually squabble about letting Daenerys lead.
It's so loud that Colton has to cut his mini date with darkhorse contestant Katie Morton short because he can hear the squabble in the background.
And it amounted to the most intense partisan squabble on Capitol Hill since the general election, where Democrats struggled to win over white, working-class voters.
The camp has become a symbol of Europe's failure to respond to the migration crisis as member states squabble over who should take the migrants in.
President Donald Trump is brawling with Chinese President Xi Jinping over trade, and the latest victims in their tariff squabble are prospective Tesla owners in China.
In that squabble, I saw the other side of the double-edged sword—that stinging shame of failing to live up to fragile concepts of masculinity.
But the Vermont senator is not going quietly, and the left is now seemingly at odds with itself as Democrats squabble over the allocation of delegates.
The squabble has exposed deep divisions inside MORENA, a broad coalition initially forged around leftwing dissidents dedicated to supporting Lopez Obrador's third presidential bid last year.
And after watching two monkey siblings squabble in the film, he's grateful that his girls — Hazel, 3, and Violet, 10 months — have gotten along so far.
"We're having a little squabble with China because we've been treated very unfairly for many, many decades, " Trump told reporters Tuesday outside of the White House.
The family reunion comes less than a week after court documents showed Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie's international squabble over their teenage son had ended.
Kasich emerged from a squabble of center-right candidates to claim second place in New Hampshire, and consolidated the bracket of business-friendly candidates through attrition.
And then there's these great anecdotes throughout your book — again, the parts that I've read — where these guys continue to sort of like fight and squabble.
And as the current squabble between Republicans and President Obama over money for the Zika virus shows, there's no guarantee of significant or even timely relief.
But the generals' squabble with him is part of a broader tension, which has pitted a Bangkok-centred establishment against poorer Thais, many in the countryside.
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont continued his squabble with Hillary Clinton over her qualifications to be president on Sunday, saying "something is clearly lacking" in Mrs.
Under a centuries-old agreement, the church is shared by six Christian communities, but they squabble over every stone, sometimes coming to blows over perceived slights.
But this would have been a blip, a curiosity, merely an act in the media circus, if it had simply remained a squabble between television personalities.
Throughout the news conference, Trump continued to squabble with reporters and accuse the press of misleading coverage, charges that have become a hallmark of Trump's presidency.
Until Tuesday, Trump administration officials had largely played down their differences with Europe over the accord, describing the disagreement as little more than a family squabble.
Audrey and Morgan aren't the usual oil-and-water pair of natural antagonists thrown together by circumstance so they can squabble their way to mutual appreciation.
And while it might seem like a petty squabble between two rich Floridians, the exchange highlights a broader truism about Trump — he doesn't let things go.
A seemingly obscure intra-Catholic squabble had erupted into an unexpected shock to the church with ideological fault lines running to the top of the Vatican.
But if the very public ANC squabble pushed Moody's to relegate South African debt to "junk" status, billions of dollars could leave the economy, analysts say.
"A person in the residence reported a domestic squabble led to gunfire being exchanged," York County Sheriff William King said Wednesday, according to the Biddeford Journal Tribune .
" During a scrum with reporters Tuesday, President Donald Trump called the situation with China "a little squabble" and said his relationship with President Xi Jinping remains "extraordinary.
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the trade war with China "a little squabble" and insisted talks between the world's two largest economies had not collapsed.
Mr Hite, trapped in the middle of the squabble, says his role is "to ensure high-quality schools" and "not ask what kind of school it is".
Apple and Facebook put an end to a short-lived squabble on Thursday when the iPhone maker restored a key developer certificate for the social media company.
Matt and Shelby assume some local rednecks who wanted to buy the farmhouse out from under them are responsible and then squabble over whether to fight back.
Not so long ago, you could start a real family Fourth of July squabble by debating what should go into coleslaw or what makes a proper barbecue.
Spider-Man's movie rights, for instance, are owned by Sony, which renewed a deal with Disney this year after a brief squabble over the character's movie future.
Ramos baited the two candidates into a squabble over their respective votes on Senate immigration bills, which naturally devolved into Clinton accusing Sanders of abandoning Ted Kennedy.
Stealing his style from the Hydra of Greek mythology, he has three screeching heads, which occasionally squabble among themselves but, when on form, can trounce the competition.
Mr. Jeffries said the shock election of Mr. Trump was more important than any endorsements in sapping the energy for a major squabble between Democrats in 2017.
The Zetas have also hit some of the same problems as McDonald's, such as when their franchisees often squabble over territorial encroachment, just as McDonald's restauranteurs do.
"There are recent unfortunate events in my life that are closely tied to my failed first marriage," including "the very public squabble with my daughter," he said.
It's always possible that the president will confound the naysayers and emerge from what he has called his "little squabble with China" with some big-picture successes.
The move infuriated Mr. Vance, setting off a political squabble that ended, at least publicly, on Thursday when he vowed to support Ms. Singas in her investigation.
The change in the political landscape coincides with a squabble among lawmakers over an immunity request submitted by Netanyahu, who is under indictment in three criminal cases.
Facebook&aposs years-long squabble with the IRS over an alleged scheme to dodge taxes will come to a head in the US Tax Court this February.
So why, on the first day of Trump&aposs impeachment trial, would Clinton grab the spotlight and place it on a years-in-the-past intraparty squabble?
The rancor and the polarization of politics in Peru can seem, from this perspective, insular, a neighborhood squabble, even, no matter what the actual stakes might be.
Despite the large sums of money, the fight is a family squabble like any other, although one that played out in New York newspapers and trade publications.
Nine months ago, a proposed bid among Milan, Cortina and Turin, which hosted the 22026 Winter Olympics, fell apart in a political squabble among the cities' mayors.
Not willing to gamble on his inheritance, the squabble over Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho's legacy split his large family - four wives and seventeen children - into two factions.
Tensions Have Been Brewing Since The Cleganes Were Children The Mountain infamously set his little brother on fire over a squabble about a toy when they were children.
The Left and Right Door Knockers squabble like an old married couple, and everyone's inability to pronounce Hoggle's name correctly is a running joke that includes even Jareth.
And while the offsprings of various well-known fathers squabble over a chair, the Army of the Dead reaps the benefits of all the blood spilled over birthright.
Sanders and his supporters aren't likely to slink away quietly, though, setting up the possibility for a loud squabble over the party platform enshrined at the national convention.
She was convicted in 2010 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad after a squabble with her Muslim neighbours and fellow fruit-pickers over a shared bucket of drinking water.
There is no way the public sector workforce should be pawns in a political squabble that costs more in lost wages and revenue than the budget disagreement itself.
The economic situation in Greece is still tenuous as the country continues to squabble with other eurozone nations and its creditors about how to reduce its debt burden.
RYAN FITZPATRICK The 2100-year-old quarterback appears on this list only because he and the Jets remain in a contract squabble that appears to have no end.
The recent squabble over Poland's new law about history and the Holocaust is another example of the government's offending Western European sensibilities about free speech for domestic gain.
Op-Ed Contributor BEIRUT, Lebanon — In the beginning there was just an insult, sparked by a trivial squabble in a street of a working-class neighborhood of Beirut.
It was a tired fantasy with a tired story structure: All powerful enemy killing clans and making plans while other human(ish) heroes meanwhile squabble about the insignificant.
As international leaders squabble over whether to punish Myanmar for the military's methodical killing and uprooting of Rohingya civilians, the recent arrivals are living in abjectly desperate conditions.
If the squabble is only between Saudi and Russia on strategy, it could be shorter lived and a new deal could be worked out by Saudi-led OPEC.
And in the Balanchine world there is a particular problem nicknamed Versionitis: Balanchine made so many changes to his ballets that his alumni squabble over which is best.
Whether Canada and the United States can patch up their Trump-inspired squabble may be beside the point because FIFA has been clawing back control of the tournament.
Mr. Sanders's closest adviser, Jeff Weaver, described the two candidates as "senatorial friends, as that term is understood in Washington," and portrayed their recent squabble as a blip.
The exchange of barbs took place a day after Italy and France tried to bury the hatchet following a diplomatic squabble over Rome's refusal to accept the Aquarius.
BATON ROUGE, La. — It was a squabble over $22 million in property-tax breaks — small change for Exxon Mobil, a company that measures its earnings by the billions.
Lucas really did die because she lost a battle—one with a pointless squabble over $2,000 that ended up costing her insurance company millions before it killed her.
Still, there remains a genuine fear — perhaps slightly allayed now following Washington and Pyongyang's diplomatic thaw — that the leaders might escalate their public squabble into a nuclear conflict.
In the latest trade-related squabble, FedEx Corp apologized for mistakenly returning a Huawei phone to its sender, after misrouting packages from the Chinese tech firm last month.
Similarly, Jaws' rogue shark becomes the vastly more enthralling symbol of a drier battle between local officials who squabble over the relative value of public safety versus tourist dollars.
According to our guest, this sort of squabble isn't precisely rare, but to see so much aired in public by a company of Uber's scale is not daily fare.
He convened a meeting of what one attendee called a "diverse group" of Republican senators in his Capitol office Friday afternoon in an attempt to settle the internal squabble.
While this kind of hurtful squabble is pretty par for the course when it comes to these two, the next part of the argument highlights the pair's real issue.
It is not its job to get involved in things such as the squabble between academics and their employers, but that may be a hard message to get across.
Pakistan and India, in turn, squabble over the treaty they concluded in 1960 (to which the World Bank was also a signatory) on sharing the waters of the Indus.
The small hands squabble has also provided fodder for jokes by everybody from actual comedians to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who tweeted a picture of his hand on Tuesday.
In the end, after attempting to drag the crew of the Enterprise into their deadly squabble, the pair of warring aliens are doomed by their mutual, all-consuming hate.
A fresh diplomatic squabble also brewed, with U.S. officials warning that economic sanctions would be triggered if Ankara did not scrap its S-400 deal with NATO foe Russia.
The squabble revives old accusations that Qatar backs the Brotherhood, which is present across most of the Muslim world and whose political ideology challenges the principle of dynastic rule.
New York (CNN)What began as a Republican debate stage squabble -- and ended as a two-man comedy routine -- has taken on new life Friday as a fundraising tool.
There is no more difficult thing for deputies and officers than tell a parent that their child has died of a drug overdose or during a drug trafficker squabble.
The house at the center of the squabble The family patriarch, Lee Kuan Yew, is credited with turning Singapore from a colonial trading post into a thriving city-state.
Even after productivity-stifling infighting and a millennial squabble with file sharing upstart Napster threatened to dent their cred, they cemented their popularity and status in the subsequent decade.
The migration row is a legacy of the crisis of 2015-16, a squabble over a relatively small number of refugees that governments may yet be able to resolve.
Amazingly, it appears that China, despite an economy much less open than that of the United States, is primed to seize the moral high ground in this trade squabble.
TOKYO — The missile that North Korea test-fired from a submarine off its east coast on Wednesday momentarily brought together three nations that have recently had reasons to squabble.
When Voltaire and Diderot met at last, in Paris, in 1778, the long-awaited meeting of the two master minds of the Enlightenment, they had a squabble about Shakespeare.
This marked the second attempt by the House to pass the farm bill after it failed to approve the legislation last month, due to an immigration squabble among Republicans.
Sports fishermen, commercial interests, state lawmakers and environmental groups often squabble over fishing quotas, and the limits that result can be split-the-difference compromises that leave nobody happy.
Before boarding Marine One on Tuesday, the president described the economic battle with China as a "little squabble" and said that the United States would win in the end.
There, the district's deployment of the tech has ignited a squabble between parents, school board members, state education officials, and privacy advocates over facial recognition's risks and cost-effectiveness.
The bizarre sideshow encompassed climate denial, a spat about Adolf Hitler, one senator's meditation on Hollywood's molesting actors and a schoolroom-style squabble between a top Democrat and Mnuchin.
Paula Patton did not plan on engaging in the public spectacle her squabble with Robin Thicke over custody of 6-year-old son Julian has devolved into, an insider says.
"We're having a little squabble with China because we've been treated very unfairly for many, many decades," Trump said, referring to U.S. complaints about Chinese intellectual property and subsidy practices.
That process is hardly dignified: nothing can be farther from the grand world of European symbols and high-minded post-nationalism than the unseemly squabble over resources between member states.
The squabble marks a return to a focus on Puerto Rico's debt, after creditors stayed largely quiet for weeks following Maria, which killed at least 50 people on the island.
RELATED: Obama to meet Erdogan amid anti-ISIS squabble Obama isn't the first president to visit Midway; Richard Nixon held secret talks there with the South Vietnamese president in 1969.
President Trump dismissed the ongoing trade war, which kicked off in earnest this week, as "a little squabble with China" while speaking to reporters outside the White House on Tuesday.
Those days are now largely over, though Rivera notes that occasionally reporters will squabble on Twitter over which story deserved to be picked up by Techmeme, much to his delight.
Sampurno said the government wanted to avoid a repeat of a lengthy squabble over private investment in the state-sanctioned divestment of fellow copper miner Newmont Mining Inc's local unit.
Besides, if the 2016 Republican primary revealed anything, it's that a historically crowded field—and a massive intra-party squabble—doesn't prevent a party from winning back the White House.
However, you'd never know anything was wrong by the way Hayden reacts here ... insisting the two of 'em never even fought ... comparing it to a squabble with the family dog.
They appear to have had another squabble in January 2016, when Lindsay wrote "sometimes it sucks when your mom isn't there for you," in a since-deleted social media post.
President Obama, during his three-day visit here that ended on Sunday, was the focus of an extraordinary squabble that centered on his Kenyan father and attitudes toward British imperialism.
And whether you're a local or a tourist, pro-Diana or anti-Diana, the squabble certainly has not stopped patrons from enjoying one of Astoria's most cherished pastimes: Meat Bingo.
For one thing, it's got two bickering sisters and a bunch of kids who have an opportune sense of when, during a dinner-table squabble, to take out a smartphone.
But his remarks came in the middle of a poorly timed squabble between two of the alliance's fractious members — the United States and Turkey — with Russia as the potential beneficiary.
And they expressed hope that it would show the public that the fight over documents and witnesses is not just another partisan Washington squabble, but a showdown with historic implications.
Bernie Sanders has been in the middle of every spat and squabble in the past few weeks of the Democratic presidential primary — and it seems to be working for him.
And a squabble between Pelosi and Senate Republicans over impeachment procedure delayed Trump's trial long enough for the Senate to pass the USMCA just hours before beginning the impeachment hearings.
Often, the wrongfully convicted face lengthy battles over how they should be compensated for their imprisonment as localities blame previous administrations and squabble over what monetary sum amounts to atonement.
The House passed the sanctions package on Tuesday in an overwhelming 419-3 vote, and an intra-GOP squabble that threatened to delay its passage was quickly resolved Wednesday night.
The squabble is often painted as two-sided: In one camp, the medical establishment, backed by science, strongly promoting the vaccination of children against 14 childhood diseases by age 2.
Each of those stories serves to lift climate change out of the context of US politics, where it is seen as just another partisan squabble, and into a larger global context.
The state requires carmakers and others to apply for permits before they can test self driving vehicles on state roads—remember Uber's squabble with the DMV over permits late last year?
A meeting last July to introduce a hotline in Wuxi near Shanghai reportedly degenerated into a squabble between a deputy mayor and district councillors who argued that it would waste money.
In the open sea north-east of Tsushima, they squabble over a group of rocks (Dokdo to South Koreans and Takeshima to the Japanese), and bicker with each other about history.
The plan comes as the mayor and New York state's governor, Andrew Cuomo, squabble over who is responsible for the nation's largest subway system, which has suffered a surge in delays.
While the US and Russia squabble over that (with the Russians making the absurd claim the US hit Syrian troops to help ISIS), humanitarian aid is stuck on the Turkish border.
You know what, Larry Kudlow said this is a family squabble and we&aposre going to keep the lines of communication open and we&aposre going to see where this goes.
Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing on the rise of hate crimes and white nationalism devolved into a four-hour squabble over who's most hated, and who's doing the hating, in America.
U.S. President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday that trade talks with China had not collapsed and called the widening tariff war "a little squabble," even as his administration readied 25% duties.
Congress continues to squabble over how best to probe reports that Russian hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and other organizations were an attempt to meddle in the 2016 election.
In a squabble contrasting with an Olympics detente between old enemies North and South Korea, Russians and Americans at the sliding track on Tuesday were in no mood to make up.
That also creates a little too much opportunity for Aquaman and Mera to squabble and of course bond, while crisscrossing the globe in pursuit of a trident imbued with fantastic powers.
At the tail end of the Cleveland Browns' TNF grudge match against their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns defensive end and Steelers quarterback got into a squabble that escalated quickly.
"We're having a little squabble with China because we've been treated very unfairly for many, many decades," Trump told reporters, referring to U.S. complaints about Chinese intellectual property and subsidy practices.
In Alabama, top officials in the state's university system have also pushed back at the idea that the squabble with their wealthy donor had anything to do with the abortion law.
For "Charm" is one of those lifeboat stories, in which a handpicked cross-section of disparate characters, trapped together in a small space, squabble, reveal themselves and try not to drown.
Besides his three daughters, Joe leaves behind three siblings, two sisters-in-law, 14 nieces and nephews, and eight grandchildren, all to "squabble over his vast fortune," according to the obituary.
By Sunday, both governments were eager to put the best possible face on the squabble, insisting that a meeting was still possible and that relations had not suffered an irreparable blow.
Senate approves plan to end shutdown, reopen government Warner said the issue appeared to originate as an "internal squabble" in the House and there's a disagreement over "how problematic" it is.
Tom feeds the fish in his aquarium, and he and Joan take daily power walks and squabble about nutrition, but any cultural interests or political opinions they might have remain unspoken.
With the possibility of Trump winning reelection next year, and Macron in office until at least 2022, both have an interest in ensuring a squabble doesn't become a bitter break-up.
Axios reported Friday that Trump will host leaders from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in separate meetings in hopes of ending a squabble that has lasted for months.
It was the latest gambit in a high-profile squabble between the Trump organization and Orestes Fintiklis, a Miami-based investor who owns the majority of the units in the hotel.
It didn't take long ... Prince's sister Tyka went ballistic in the first meeting with the singer's siblings and marched out of the room ... and we're told it's already becoming a money squabble.
The slow-burning squabble illustrates the pitfalls firms can face from determined and increasingly sophisticated opponents, often a combination of environmental activists and local communities, according to company executives and sector analysts.
The report on the FCA letter comes days after a public squabble among members of Deutsche Bank's supervisory board and the ejection of the board's member tasked with clearing up past scandals.
The squabble on Thursday is a continuation of an ongoing conflict over proper process and the way Kavanaugh's confirmation has been conducted — with Democrats arguing that Republican efforts have shifted existing norms.
The two camps squabble about whether that was mainly the result of falling demand or of better anti-poaching measures, as African governments came under pressure to do more to protect them.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A request by a leading Democrat for records of Donald Trump's financial dealings before he became president set off a partisan squabble in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday.
In "The Subletter", an American columnist and her unwanted flatmate, "conflict junkies" both, squabble over Northern Ireland—the third part of the threesome, a contested territory to which neither may lay claim.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and SpaceX's Elon Musk have transformed the space race from a game of nations into a personal squabble between two billionaires, and science is the better for it.
Since 2013, the musician has been dogged by cheating rumors, which were only compounded by the news of his notorious 2014 #elevatorgate squabble with sister-in-law Solange after the Met Gala.
In Hollywood, trouble like "Ghostbusters" faced before its release can either prompt damaging studio infighting, as executives squabble over what to do, or it can galvanize a management team in new ways.
Beyond bonds of religion and the inter-marriage of their royal dynasties, the Arab states involved in the current squabble have been formally bound together since 1981 by the Gulf Cooperation Council.
"  According to the American Bar Association Journal, Judge Barbara Jaffe considered her ruling in "the spirit of the First Amendment" and considered Trump's statements "imprecise and hyperbolic political dispute cum schoolyard squabble.
That anxiety was immediately apparent in a squabble between Ms. Warren and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey over the merits of what is arguably her signature policy: a tax on wealth.
The FBI and the State Department have characterized the law enforcement agency's request for further personnel overseas as a separate matter from any inter-agency squabble about the retroactive classification of documents.
It's a cobbled-together solution that Democrats hope puts all of this back-and-forth behind them -- even while acknowledging that they lost a week of messaging to this intra-party squabble.
President Trump initially echoed this criticism, but since has shifted his stance, recognizing in essence that the problem is a squabble between countries that are all important allies of the United States.
There's a terrible webcomic made by an edgelord teenager, an annoying adware program called "Professor Helper," and a minor forum squabble that escalates into a surreal culture war over a cartoon fish.
The contentious auction has underscored how high the stakes are, as rival suitors, the Japanese government and Toshiba's creditor banks all squabble over the world's second biggest producer of NAND memory chips.
As teenage brothers, they might squabble and scrap, but as a band, The Lemon Twigs, they're a meticulous team, creating a beautifully baroque psych mélange of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.
Trump, they believed, could project an air of a commanding incumbent president, haggling deals and being feted on red carpets by foreign leaders as his potential Democratic rivals squabble among themselves back home.
Toting a trio of toddlers around Target as you squabble with another adult of the same sex over which brand of diapers to buy makes it pretty hard to pretend you're both nannies.
Nevertheless, many of the representatives-elect have made it clear they're ready to fulfill their promise to serve the people, regardless of the internal squabble that has characterized Congress for a long time.
"This is far beyond a situation about Rocco – it's about a situation between Madonna and Guy," a friend of the former couple tells PEOPLE of their squabble over their 15-year-old son.
Libyan officials squabble, residents protest as cash crisis hits homeWhen the doors of a Tripoli bank open, frantic customers surge forward, desperate for money they have been waiting weeks or months to withdraw.
As for the EU referendum, it is hard to imagine many countries where the Remain and Leave campaigns would, as in Britain, squabble over which outcome would do more to lower trade barriers.
These are the latest salvos in the running squabble between Ms. Swift and Mr. West, a gripping but unfortunate beef that puts two of the leading pop stars of the day at loggerheads.
Partly working on tips resulting from the sibling squabble, prosecutors raided Lotte offices in June to collect evidence of a slush fund the group was accused of creating through illegal deals among subsidiaries.
The agency could never squabble with the material purchased legally out of surplus stores, but it did file grievance with what it saw as former employees flipping government property to make a buck.
The opera offers a parade mixing fictional and historical characters, many of whom lived in different eras but come together here to mingle and squabble, to search for romance and campaign for justice.
The curious feature of this entire debate is that it is largely a praetorian squabble about who has the right to attend the nation's most elite colleges and to join the nation's elite.
And then, as he witnessed during the Thursday morning rush, there is the occasional spasm of violence, which can really snarl service, and in this case, set off a high-level governmental squabble.
As they squabble or reminisce, we see in them grotesque emblems of humanity in various states of decay, but still clinging to life, and to one another, because that is what humans do.
China's bitter squabble with the Philippines over the waters has subsided since Duterte's visit, which came shortly after a Netherlands-based arbitration court ruled in favor of the Philippines, undermining China's territorial claims.
Two days after getting into another legal squabble with his ex-wife Paula Patton in their ongoing custody battle, Robin Thicke took their 6-year-old son Julian on a sushi outing Thursday afternoon.
She remembers a squabble after she'd been president for about a year and a half, when, in the midst of a meeting, the vice president burst out and asked whose side she was on.
We don't want courts to stifle free speech, but libel laws seem rather antiquated if "Trump's schoolyard type squabble" (her words) means the most powerful person in the world can knowingly lie without consequences.
What transformed the case into something more than a nuanced squabble was Mr Lucia's claim that not only was the punishment unfair but so too was the forum in which the SEC delivered it.
The 10-minute film revolves around the conversations between Kaur and Tahir Raj Bhasin who play a young couple who squabble after their car breaks down while they are driving to a weekend getaway.
The resulting squabble — and eventual battle — over that treasure coats few of the characters in valor and results in Tolkien using the opportunity to moralize not too subtly over the corrosive nature of greed.
"Dear UCLA, you awarded me your George and Ira Gershwin life time achievement award and then took it back because you found out about my squabble with my ex wife," he began the note.
After opening up, stocks extended their earlier gains following comments from President Donald Trump, who called the trade tensions with China a "little squabble", and reassured reporters that a trade deal could still happen.
Then a preexisting squabble between two of those helpers breaks out into violence, and soon, everyone in the cast is hunkered down behind one crumbling support beam or another, wildly shooting at everyone else.
And in the past two years, Iran has developed its ballistic missile program, taken Qatar's side in its squabble with Saudi Arabia and, according to the Saudis, armed the Kingdom's Shia opponents in Yemen.
White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow on Friday attempted to calm fears of a trade war, saying retaliatory measures taken by U.S. allies aren't major and are more like a squabble among family members.
Richard Dabate told police that a masked intruder entered his family's home in Ellington, Connecticut, on December 23, 2015, and after a squabble, the intruder shot and killed his wife Connie, using Richard's gun.
In Rare Speech to Congress, NATO Leader Says Allies Must Deter Moscow: While NATO celebrates turning 70, a squabble between Washington and Ankara over fighter jets and missile systems threatens to spoil the party.
A squabble is breaking out over whether respirator mask manufacturers need more protection from legal liability as the Trump administration presses them to ramp up production amid a major shortage during the coronavirus crisis.
It was hard to see much beyond personal pique that led them (and their staffs) to squabble in December over the jurisdiction of a stray deer that turned up in a Harlem housing project.
Following the call, the meeting descended into a squabble between the Democrats and administration officials, including economic adviser Gary Cohn, with the two sides blaming each other for the broken nature of the Senate.
"Sorry, I'm on Air Force One, off to save the Free World!" he wrote -- a framing of his trip that aides have said is meant to project a presidential standing as his potential rivals squabble.
Sam Rowley staked out the London Underground station after dusk for about a week to capture the squabble, for which he was awarded the title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice Award.
BuzzFeed reporter McKay Coppins's "22016 Hours on the Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump" involves a trip to New Hampshire, an impromptu flight to Trump's Palm Beach resort, and a squabble over an airplane bill.
European and Japanese interests do not always make a comfortable fit; Europe covets Chinese investment, for example, while Mr Abe has been courting Vladimir Putin, despite a long-standing territorial squabble between Japan and Russia.
The squabble could disrupt the US-led campaign against ISIS, particularly since the main regional center for daily air missions and coordination of air operations is the US military's Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.
M.), the chair of the House Democrats' campaign arm, defended Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday amid an intraparty squabble about whether she should stay on as leader following multiple special election losses.
At Leicester Cathedral, the statue of Richard III — whose remains, found in a parking lot, were buried in the cathedral with great ceremony last year after a squabble with York — wore a Leicester City scarf.
In one instance, Mr. Trump sold the Miss Universe pageant amid a squabble with television partners over remarks about immigrants he made during the campaign, a sale that resulted in income of about $50 million.
Marital Mode: The Zombie's dual-zone climate controls will blow air from two entirely incompatible temperature-and-fan settings onto the front-seat passengers, inciting them to squabble and reach helplessly for the dashboard panel.
But the FBI subdivision that ultimately found a private sector solution — the Remote Operations Unit (ROU) — didn't even know about the iPhone woes until after the squabble between the FBI and Apple went to court.
Generations of high school textbooks have elided the scale, scope, and significance of slavery, recharacterizing the Civil War as an internecine squabble over "states' rights" rather than a war over the right to own slaves.
What the dress-or-don't-dress squabble is really about is whether or not it's "permissible" for a designer to give free clothing to a political figure in exchange for some very high gloss publicity.
As Washington and Brussels examine the power of Big Tech, Mr. Bezos, Mr. Cook and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook may take time to commiserate over the attention — or squabble over who should take the blame.
The median 'dot' in the quarterly 'dot plot' graphic of each official's estimate for year-end rates may not be a product of consensus, and investors may squabble over whether the Fed will reach it.
Trump's bold plans to rewrite the tax code and spur billions of dollars in infrastructure investment are stuck in limbo while lawmakers squabble over healthcare subsidies for low-income Americans and the future of Medicaid.
Faced with staggering costs, we squabble along partisan lines, pitting drivers against subway riders, suburbanites against city-dwellers, red versus blue — blocking change in the name of prudence, missing one after another opportunity for progress.
You can pick out any individual show or movie in this way, though it doesn't work quite as well for Netflix, and Amazon and Google are having a private squabble over YouTube, so that's out too.
He had an open squabble with the Catholic archdiocese of Indianopolis after he withdrew state support for efforts to host refugees; the archdiocese defied his policy by inviting a Syrian family to settle in the city.
Yet even as Britain is pressing its partners to move on from a sterile squabble over divorce terms to the more important issue of long-term trade talks, dreams and delusions about Brexit remain strangely prevalent.
According to CNN, the one-page document is the result of a squabble over the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) project, a $10 billion, 10-year Pentagon cloud computing initiative which has yet to be finalized.
The security forces have been buoyed by victories against the group in Falluja and Ramadi, but face an additional challenge as Iraqi officials squabble over the composition of the fighting force for Mosul, Iraqi officials said.
It was there that he stepped into the thick of an in-house squabble about the activities of Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney who had been conversing with Ukrainian leaders outside of traditional U.S. diplomatic circles.
Both he and Bruce Banner's Hulk were both just too powerful to include in the movie, Civil War's screenwriters said, a god and an unstoppable superweapon turning a familial squabble into a potentially world-ending event.
Yes, the president of the United States just started a squabble with a NATO ally over a half-serious plan to buy the territory of Greenland, which was never for sale for in the first place.
Neither the retirement issue nor the squabble over the deduction for state and local taxes was resolved on Thursday, but party leaders vowed to push ahead at an even faster pace than they had previously outlined.
The premise creates the excuse for the two to spend lots of time together -- Fred needs to know Charlotte, he says, to write in her voice -- as well as squabble a lot about political expediency versus idealism.
Trump on Tuesday called the trade war with China "a little squabble" and softened his tone in a series of remarks expressing optimism about reaching a trade deal with Beijing, which could help boost demand for metals.
Most prominent among these was the schism within the Democratic Party -- the radical progressives of Bernie Sanders and the left-of-center, big government establishment of Hillary Clinton was exposed as more than a harmless family squabble.
Dreading the fantastical prince Demogorgon, the four kids get into a terrible squabble about spells of protection versus throwing a fireball, and it's this outburst that gets them busted by a mom who closes down the game.
Italy's benchmark 10-year BTP bond yield spread over its German equivalent rose to a 5-1/2 year high of 13 basis points in October at the peak of a budget squabble between Rome and Brussels.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - All but six European Union states are bidding to host one or both the London-based EU agencies that will be relocated after Brexit, setting up a competition that could easily escalate into a squabble.
In it W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of INSEAD, a business school in France, argue that companies should trawl for profits in "blue oceans" that their rivals ignore rather than "red oceans" that they squabble over.
It's much more affordable to invite a panel of commentators to squabble on air than it is to send journalists around the country to dig up stories, report them out, and then edit that material for television.
Its adherents might squabble, but their differences lead them back, eventually, to a mutual inheritance: the words of Jesus in the Gospels, the lives of the saints, the rhythms of the liturgy, the catechism of the Church.
They accused Rainer Gärtner, the president and chief executive of Daimler Trucks and Buses (China), of insulting the Chinese people on Sunday during a squabble with a driver over a parking spot on the outskirts of Beijing.
My night began with "The Plot," written by a young Tisch graduate, Claire Zajdel, in which two siblings squabble over how to deal with their mother's disclosure that she has bought their burial plots, alongside her own.
Rose says the entire situation "just sucks" -- and basically spelled out why it's hard to watch a fighter she has so much respect for squabble with the company after losing 4 out of his last 5 fights.
" He called the trade dispute "a little squabble" and suggested he was in no rush to end his fight, though he held out the possibility an agreement could be reached, saying: "They want to make a deal.
With the clear military advantage, British Rear Admiral [Robert L.] Baynes was given the order to engage the Americans, but he refused, saying that "to engage two great nations in a squabble about a pig" was foolish.
The squabble could weaken the SNP's (increasingly death-like) grip on Scottish politics and prepare the way for significant advances for either the Tories or the Labour Party, with profound implications for the next general election down south.
While it is unclear how the mid-sea squabble started, footage obtained by Australian radio station 3AWRadio shows security personnel scrambling to break up a crowd of people who were throwing punches and tackling passengers to the ground.
Trump on Tuesday called the trade war with China "a little squabble" and insisted talks between the world's two largest economies had not collapsed, as investors remained on guard for a further escalation of tit-for-tat tariffs.
It's been called "Wall Street's best soap opera" and a "squabble over leadership," with workplace harassment at the highest levels and a backstory so fraught with family tension that the HBO show Succession is partially based on it.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cyprus expects initial natural gas production from the Aphrodite field will begin between 2024 and 2025, Cyprus' Minister of Energy Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said on Friday, after negotiations with operators and an ownership squabble delayed output.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission announced on Wednesday proposals for a new multi-year budget that is expected to see EU countries squabble among themselves over how to fill the funding gap left by Britain's exit next year.
If that competition didn't slake your need to see *Top Gear'*s former hosts squabble and scramble for first, and you can't wait until Friday evening to see the next episode of The Grand Tour, we've got you.
U.S. President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday that trade talks with China had not collapsed and called the widening U.S.-China tariff war "a little squabble," even as his administration readies 25% duties on all remaining Chinese imports.
On Friday, Puerto Rico's government said it would begin debt restructuring talks with the G.O. group, and would seek "prompt and expeditious resolution" of the G.O.-COFINA squabble, though it did not take a position in the case.
It's typical bulletproof Lucious villainy, but in fairness, Lucious and Jamal's peaceful competition for the ASA Awards was never going to last, and the song we got out of the squabble is the show's best in some time.
Because of McConnell's intransigence, the Obama administration decided not to go public with the information, fearing that it would just lead to a partisan squabble and accusations that it was trying to influence the election on Clinton's behalf.
Barr's appearance before the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee is likely to be less contentious than his scheduled testimony before the House panel Thursday, which remains uncertain as the Justice Department and House Democrats squabble over the terms.
Star football and basketball athletes have in turn accused Trump of racially charged threats to free speech – and the squabble playing out over Twitter and the news media is dwarfing his message on the rest of his agenda.
Warren, Biden and Buttigieg will squabble over the Booker voteInsider has been conducting recurring polling of the 2020 Democratic field to determine the overlapping constituencies and who among the Democrats is satisfactory to the highest number of people.
Yet the coalition talks dragged on; then the young German government was plunged into a squabble about immigration; then the anti-establishment gilets jaunes (yellow jackets) protesters took to French streets and mired Mr Macron in domestic matters.
That means sustained foreign aid — not something that Congress and the administration squabble over every year, but a multiyear commitment — so that programs, once selected and started, know they have resources locked so they can carry out their missions.
Dunn said he has seen lawsuits stemming from such situations, where winners squabble over what's a fair share for someone who jumped on the bandwagon in a later round, versus someone who contributed to all rounds of ticket purchases.
The kickoff rally followed months of work by the Trump campaign to get its operations up and running well ahead of the general election, reaping the benefits of incumbency while a crowded field of Democrats squabble for the nomination.
Lean hog futures bounced on Tuesday along with Wall Street after President Donald Trump downplayed the U.S.-China trade war as "a little squabble," a day after a spike in tensions between the world's two largest economies rattled markets.
It's not looking like the little squabble is slowing down anytime soon with Trump saying, at a press conference about North Korea, that Trudeau's comments pushing back on Trump's threatened tariffs will come to haunt the people of Canada.
Golden State was playing at home against an outmatched team, had a possible look-ahead to an attention-grabbing back-to-back at Memphis and Oklahoma City, and had endured a second Durant-Green squabble Sunday night in Sacramento.
Second, Trump would like you to know that despite what you read in the media about tariffs and counter-tariffs, what's going on with China is not a trade war, but rather "a little squabble," as he said Tuesday.
And while all of this may look like a seemingly banal procedural squabble in the longer Russia saga, the Nunes memo and the attendant fallout have ominous implications for Rosenstein, special counsel Robert Mueller, and the Trump presidency itself.
Smiling and calling each other "my friend", Macron and Italian premier Giuseppe Conte sought to bury the hatchet in Paris after a diplomatic squabble erupted this week over Rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship at its ports.
The title of "We Were Feminists Once" promises the sort of squabble over who precisely is the best feminist that gets the mainstream press excited, but if you come to this book looking for a catfight, you'll be disappointed.
The intraparty squabble comes as House Republican leadership is still scrambling to lock down the last-minute votes needed to avoid a government shutdown, which will happen Friday at midnight if Congress doesn't pass a short-term funding bill.
U.S. President Donald Trump has dismissed the ongoing trade war with China as a "little squabble," but there are clear signs of the conflict already having an impact on the economy, and the stock market has become jittery again.
Pakistan and India's most recent squabble began February 14 when an armed militant in the disputed territory of Kashmir (claimed by both countries) drove an explosive-laden vehicle into an Indian paramilitary convoy and killed at least 40 soldiers.
" On Monday, a more restrained Paolo resigned from his post in the city, citing "recent unfortunate events in my life that are closely tied to my failed first marriage," as well as "the very public squabble with my daughter.
That did not mean his playing days were quite done, however, thanks actually to the NHL, which is refusing to send players to the Olympics for the first time in 24 years after a squabble with the International Olympic Committee.
That may seem like a semantic squabble to you (who cares what you call the beast?), but it actually has big implications for the planned restoration of Lord Howe Island, and for the very idea of what a species even is.
Markets took a breather on Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump called the trade war with Beijing as "a little squabble" and said he would talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping at a G20 Summit in Japan late next month.
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese-ruled Hong Kong and Taiwan engaged in a rare squabble on Wednesday over a Hong Kong man accused of murder in Taiwan whose case was used by Hong Kong to promote a now-withdrawn extradition bill.
Here are four additional challenges: The White House still has not shared a draft plan with its Congressional allies (even informally), which is being viewed as evidence that the internal squabble over things like BAT have not yet been resolved.
Months after the elevator incident, a November 2014 video of Beyoncé swaying at an NBA game after an apparent squabble with Jay-Z gained currency, as did a candid photo of Beyoncé seemingly looking over Jay-Z's shoulder at his phone.
Experts told me that unless the US begins to consider the Kurds as much of a threat as Turkey does — or Turkey stops worrying about the Kurds, a very unlikely prospect — both countries will continue to squabble over this issue indefinitely.
The 38-year-old ex-husband of  Khloé Kardashian  and his pals were at an outdoor table of the Fresh Meadows Place eatery when members of his entourage got into a squabble with the other group at around 12:30 a.m.
The city-state squabble comes on the heels of the tug-of-war between Mr. Cuomo and Mr. de Blasio over who should pay for the city's ailing subway system, which is run by the state-controlled Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
In new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Baldwin's attorneys, Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro, say there's video surveillance footage proving he didn't punch or attempt to punch Wojciech Cieszkowski during their parking squabble in November ... squarely contradicting the man's story.
French officials celebrated the peaceful start to the attempt to dismantle the camp, which has become a symbol of Europe's failure to respond to the migration crisis as member states squabble over who should take in those fleeing war and poverty.
In that case, Zubik v Burwell, all eight justices washed their hands of the conflict—at least for a year or two—by asking the parties to forge a compromise and ordering the lower courts to give their squabble another look.
In recent months, Mr. Shin and his brother, Dong-joo, have accused each other of embezzlement and other crimes in a bitter public squabble over the control of the business empire built by their father, Shin Kyuk-ho, now 93.
Sitting through a forum at the impressive American University of Iraq, Sulaimaniya, and watching Iraqi leaders squabble and point fingers at one another did not leave me wanting to buy a lot of stocks on the ISX, the Iraq Stock Exchange.
Ray and his family squabble over the most mundane things, and even though you know they love each other deep down, the way those dumb arguments grow to encompass everybody onscreen feels a little like a magic trick every week.
In 2008, the Conservative government started to fund expeditions to find the two lost ships at the same time that Canada, Russia and other nations began to squabble over Arctic sovereignty, with Canada arguing its territories extend to the North Pole.
While Mr. Lord was often castigated by critics for his relentless lobbying on Mr. Trump's behalf — he was once rebuked on air by Anderson Cooper in particularly crude terms — it was a social media squabble that led to his ouster.
The families of those who died in this obscure war -- in which perhaps 100,000 perished -- will take cold comfort from knowing their loved ones were the victims of what may have been the most violent family squabble in Africa's history.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. and European stocks regained ground on Tuesday after President Donald Trump downplayed the U.S.-China trade war as "a little squabble" a day after a spike in tensions between the world's two largest economies rattled financial markets.
The love story between Dom and Letty, the sacrifices enemies-turned-brothers Brian and Dom made for each other, the way Roman and Tej squabble like siblings but back each other in a fight — these personal connections are the films' ultimate focus.
In another bitter squabble over inheritance, the eldest son to Taiwanese tycoon Wang Yung-Ching, pictured, filed a lawsuit in 2011 to recover his father's assets, which were inherited by his father's third family when Wang died in 2008 without writing a will.
The now-infamous battle of the Lukes kicked into high gear after Luke S. and Luke P. got into a squabble during a rugby game (yes, really) during which the former claims the latter lifted him off the ground and body-slammed him.
The dollar held firm in early Asian trading, having been supported on Tuesday by U.S. President Donald Trump downplaying the recent escalation in his trade war with China as "a little squabble" and insisting that talks between the two countries had not collapsed.
You see, during such dark political times, watching the polar opposites squabble over a ridiculous $195 T-shirt was, to me, like bingeing on a season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians; it was an entertaining nightmare, and I just couldn't get enough.
Mr. Carson's bootstrapping story and brief lead in the Iowa polls last year produced a squabble almost certainly unprecedented in modern politics: Mr. Trump insisting, through public re-enactment, that Mr. Carson could not possibly have stabbed a peer in his youth.
It is just the latest squabble in the growing list of spats between House Democrats and the Trump administration, which has rejected scores of requests for records that could lead to court battles testing the scope of Congress' oversight of the Executive Branch.
In Florida, Rubio, who ran to the right in the Republican presidential primary earlier in the year, presented himself as more of a centrist and earned points by siding with Democrats against Republicans in the squabble over money to fight the Zika virus.
Acting on a Russian request, a British court, for example, froze the worldwide assets of Sergei Pugachev, a former close friend of President Vladimir V. Putin's who fell out with the Kremlin in a squabble over property and fled to Britain, then France.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the trade war with China "a little squabble" and insisted talks between the world's two largest economies had not collapsed, as investors remained on guard for a further escalation of tit-for-tat tariffs.
Why it matters: Many observers took the FCC comment system's problems as a sign of the volume of popular support for net neutrality — so establishing the reasons behind those problems, both in 2014 and in 2017, has become a charged political squabble.
Several festivals and shows in Buenos Aires have already been cancelled or postponed, and a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the future of the Argentine capital's vibrant electronic music culture as local authorities squabble over how to better regulate its shadowy nightlife.
The "Cool For The Summer" singer shaded the vocalist for, well, not knowing J.Lo. Some background on the Carey/Lopez squabble: Mariah Carey has been pretending to not know Jennifer Lopez since the early 2000s, and the back and forth has only intensified.
This ensemble cast is where "Kitchen Confidential" really shines: John Cho, Nicholas Brendon, Jaime King, John Francis Daley and Bonnie Somerville have great chemistry and alternately squabble, flirt and get up to high jinks against the backdrop of the glitzy Manhattan restaurant scene.
The impulsive mood of recent politics seems to have found fertile terrain, putting Italy in the grip of some sort of health populism triggered by fear, alarm and hasty information, with fear turning into panic, and prudence into diffidence and political squabble.
But the messy aftermath of Mr. Trump's victory has raised questions about Mr. Obama's pre-election response to the hacking, ignited a nasty squabble between Mr. Trump and the nation's intelligence agencies, and left a residue of suspicion over the vote itself.
This is far more than a domestic political squabble; the issues at play strike at the very heart of democratic governance, foreign interference in one country's sovereignty and, underlying all the particulars, whether this administration and this president can ever be trusted.
She's likely loath to let the trial devolve into a squabble over unfounded conspiracies about who hacked the Democrats' emails and then released them in the thick of the 2016 White House race, or the Trump campaign's possible links to Russian intermediaries.
An online squabble between U.S. women's national team co-captain Megan Rapinoe and President Donald Trump will not distract the team from its preparation for Friday's match against co-favorite France in the quarterfinals of the Women's World Cup, coach Jill Ellis said.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged Iraqis on Monday to unite rather than squabble over a possible rerun of the election his bloc won last month, a message apparently meant to defuse political tension after a ballot box storage depot caught fire.
It doesn't really tell a story so much as chronicle a sequence of events, but it captures something ineffable about how going back home to squabble with relatives and eat lots of food can add a nostalgic glow to the chill of late November.
Justin and I had had a squabble, maybe about my prolific spending on shoes, or his pressing need to buy a new bike and ride it over the Brooklyn Bridge instead of having dinner with me, but we'd made up and were meeting for breakfast.
But in post-Brexit Britain, as political parties squabble and splinter, economic uncertainty looms and social divisions run deep, there is appeal in this portrait of a leader who is dignified and steadfast, a leader who puts the needs of her country above all else.
At the same time, it's likely that Mueller — a seasoned prosecutor who's no stranger to congressional hearings and who's made it pretty obvious he wants to stay above politics — is going to do everything he can to keep from being pulled into the squabble.
The EU would have been better off placing the fate of SCMs in the hands of the bloc's legislative arm, which writes other rules on money-market funds, rather than leaving national regulators to squabble over it, says Barry O'Connor of Matheson, a law firm.
Yet Ayotte is willing to vote for a candidate who has engaged in a needless public squabble with a Gold Star Family, a candidate who has no coherent foreign policy ideology, and has jokingly (Trump said retroactively) invited Russia to hack into American computer systems.
The latest chapter in the now year-old squabble began on October 28 when news broke that Cardi's sister, Hennessy Carolina, had accused Nicki of leaking Cardi's phone number to fan clubs devoted to Nicki, leading members of those fan clubs to harass Cardi.
On Tuesday, more than 125 years after the Scottish-American naturalist's advocacy helped inspire the creation of Yosemite National Park, some of its most hallowed sites are set to be stripped of their famous names as part of a bitter, $50 million legal squabble.
In Hawkins' case, the "amber" was a jar of red currant jelly; the DNA receptacle was of the decidedly more modern variety—a condom; and instead of resulting in a glitch-prone dinosaur amusement park, Hawkins' discovery led only to a low-level Facebook squabble.
The economy shrunk 3.2% in the first quarter, data showed last week, with those shock figures followed by a squabble between government officials and the ruling African National Congress over the mandate of the central bank, dragging the currency to a 1-year low.
As they squabble, the more responsible Vic (Erik Kochenberger) and the family's highest achiever, daughter Sylvia (Marlowe Holden), attending Georgetown Law School, mostly offer shrugs and smirks, although Vic, too, is a little bitter about the conversion since he was a more firm believer.
That, to the mind of Marc Goldewein of the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, makes this situation similar to the one Republicans found themsleves in over actually repealing Obamacare: what seemed like an easy fight on a unifying issue became an ugly squabble.
Still, Republicans are divided over whether the potential profit is enough to justify getting back into the business of private companies, they said And as lawmakers squabble over how, and whether, to help the countries' biggest industries, the crisis has already arrived on Main Street.
The president's response seemed certain to keep alive the extraordinary squabble, which erupted a week ago when Mr. Trump was asked about the deadly ambush in Niger and asserted wrongly that previous presidents had not called the families of American troops killed in action.
And hanging over that squabble are two other divisive issues with the potential to split Mr. Corbyn's Labour Party: its position on Brexit, Britain's planned withdrawal from the European Union, and possible changes in party rules that centrists fear could be used to purge them.
During my stay here, the latest trade squabble erupted between Canada and the United States when President Trump boasted that he had made up an assertion that the United States had a trade deficit with Canada during a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
At the Rusty Willow Boutique, an upscale women's clothing shop that was preparing for its grand opening, just the mention of Mr. Trump prompted a squabble between Sonya Pancione, 57, the shop's owner, and Denise Reynolds, 50, one of her best friends from church.
Real power lies with Logan, who has built his fortune on a bet: that by holding the average ATN viewer in marginally less contempt than he holds everyone else, he can dominate a market that his more cosmopolitan peers and heirs can only squabble over.
America needs less "ideological squabble" as Hochberg puts it, and more adaptable, bipartisan policies that will assist rural communities, younger people and adults without college degrees — all groups that will have fundamentally different needs in the economic upheaval that Hochberg argues is coming our way.
Former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenThe Hill's Morning Report - House prosecutes Trump as 'lawless,' 'corrupt' What to watch for on Day 28503 of Senate impeachment trial Sanders wants one-on-one fight with Biden MORE is an interested observer of the squabble between Sens.
Italy's benchmark 10-year bond was yielding 265 basis points more than its German equivalent on Tuesday, much less than the 5-1/2 year high of 340 basis points it hit in October at the peak of the budget squabble between Rome and Brussels.
Related: Video of Bulgarian Vigilantes Tying Up Migrants Highlights Political Xenophobia, Say Rights Groups While the authorities squabble over who is to blame, another El Salto shopkeeper called Adolfo says many residents have begun buying handguns because they often go days without even seeing a police officer.
If that's you and, heaven forbid, your crush is not a fan of watching people house hunt and squabble over paint colors and the need for a giant living room in which to entertain, drop them like you'd drop a termite-infested three-bedroom fixer upper.
The thing gets a little baroque and tests the boundaries of coherence, but we keep showing up because it can be pleasant, in a no-pressure, low-key kind of way, to hang out with these people as they banter and squabble and get the job done.
The two sides continue to squabble over boosting paid leave for sick workers and those caring for infected family members — a major issue for Democrats — as well as what kind of financial help the federal government can provide to distressed industries, such as the major U.S. airlines.
The institute was at the center of the squabble that erupted late last year, when the prefect in Algiers said he wanted to enlist the expertise of the agency and a famous French architect, Jean Nouvel, winner of architecture's top prize, the Pritzker, to revitalize the area.
What exactly has gone wrong with Warren's campaign is not crystal clear: Has she been hurt by controversy over her views on "Medicare for All," or by sexism, or by her squabble with Sanders over whether or not he told her that a woman could not be elected president?
It's a word that was meant to wound, but has now become For Us By Us. Today, it's mostly white people — in headlines and Slate pitches — who squabble over how to use it, when to use it, where to use it, who should and shouldn't be using it.
The GOP had to constantly scramble to respond to Trump's penchant for controversy, forced the NRSC to overhaul key spending decisions -- including to spend big bucks earlier to help shore up incumbents in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania in the aftermath of Trump's September squabble with a beauty queen.
Only when Henry started jinking and shimmying towards his pomp did I start paying close attention; it was impossible not to at school in North London, where the glory of Wenger's golden era was reflected in every spat, every squabble, every conversation with a mate's slightly overbearing dad.
Given MbS's apparent predilection for making poor policy decisions — the Yemen war, the rift with Qatar, the temporary kidnapping of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the August squabble with Canada over a tweet — it would nice, if not essential, if we could rein in some of his wilder moves.
Byford, who found himself in the middle of this squabble, was amazed by the fractiousness and the lack of transparency, or even basic information, at the top of the M.T.A. He suggested that a decision about the station enhancements be tabled for further study, and so it was.
" That was President Trump today, saying that the 210 percent tariffs he imposed on $153 billion worth of Chinese goods would hurt China, not the U.S. He also said he was considering additional levies on nearly every imported product and referred to the trade dispute as "a little squabble.
Why it matters: After Vindman said he discussed the call — as a part of his position on the National Security Council — with State Department official George Kent and an unnamed intelligence official, the questioning devolved into a squabble over the impeachment inquiry's rules protecting the identity of the whistleblower.
It's the latest turn in a squabble that has found the two most powerful and talented musicians in the world engaging in a back-and-forth via pretty much every form of digital and legacy media imaginable, including Twitter, Instagram, awards shows, reality shows, magazine profiles, and even snake emojis.
And yet the series finale we have — one that in the critic Alan Sepinwall's book The Revolution Was Televised, Milch retroactively tried to defend as a planned finale, since he knew a fourth season was unlikely due to the Paramount/HBO squabble — beautifully expresses the ideas at the show's center.
My son's Guyanese-Canadian teacher and the Muslim Milton scholar I went to high school with and the Sikh writer I squabble about Harold Innis with and my Ishmaeli accountant, we can all be good little Torontonians of the middle class, deflecting the differences we have been trained to respect.
The result was that rivals JAI and FAR pulled hundreds of soldiers away from the front lines and sent them instead to fight in their internal squabble, leaving civilians to fend for themselves as Assad's army attacked, an unnamed rebel commander was quoted by pro-opposition Orient News as saying.
President-elect Donald Trump seemed to be honing in on his choice for secretary of state on Monday, holding a meeting with former CIA chief David Petraeus and announcing a second sit down with Mitt Romney as top aides squabble over who should be nominated for the high-profile position.
Gray does not brook what he describes as their "tedious re-run of a Victorian squabble between science and religion," and, in contrast to Moore and Kramnick, who believe that new atheists like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have generated an "Atheist Awakening," Gray dismisses them in a single chapter.
They squabble with each other for control of capital, and, occasionally, their skilled workers can object to doing "the business of war," as Google employees did last summer, forcing the company to drop a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to develop AI applications with the Department of Defense.
Instead of showing any modicum of decency, he decided to pick a fight with three grieving black women, dragging his Chief of Staff John Kelly into a petty squabble that ended with the president effectively calling Johnson a liar and with Kelly making up a story that made Wilson look bad.
In a statement, The Brussels World Contest sought to distance itself from the squabble, saying that for 25 years it had been internationally recognized for its impartiality: "We are not willing to be used as a pretext to intensify nationalist controversies, nor enter into a debate that does not concern us".
ET, FSN Ohio (Columbus), FSN Carolina ABOUT THE BLUE JACKETS (1-1-0): There will be one change for certain in the lineup for Columbus with the recall of forward Josh Anderson, who missed the entire preseason due to a contract squabble and was sent to the AHL for a conditioning assignment.
MONTREAL — Discussions to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement moved from stalemate to actual negotiation during the sixth round of talks that concluded on Monday, but a deal was still far from guaranteed as Mexico, Canada and the United States continue to squabble over how to reshape the 24-year-old pact.
Rotten Tomatoes score: 90%Summary: In Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the William Shakespeare play, Don Pedro (Denzel Washington) returns home from battle relishing his victory in battle, only for his men — Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard) and Don John (Reeves)  — to squabble over their shared pursuit of the governor's daughter Hero (Kate Beckinsale).
Another guessing game surrounds the governor's plan for the homelessness crisis, which has emerged in recent weeks as another front in his long intraparty squabble with Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City, who will travel to Albany on Wednesday to hear the speech for himself, and meet with the governor and other leaders.
There would be a short squabble with the east Europeans over benefits for EU migrants to Britain, a quick battle with the French over protections for countries not in the euro and a brief row with Belgium over "ever closer union", all of them designed to show that the prime minister was "battling for Britain".
It does not mean the star defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson, who, ever mired in a contract squabble, did not report; or D'Brickashaw Ferguson, the stalwart left tackle who retired less than two weeks ago; or the free-agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who remains at an impasse with the Jets with no resolution in sight.
On a brighter note, once the Arctic is completely ice free in the summertime—a milestone we're expected to hit by 2050, if current carbon emissions trends continue—there'll be plenty of extra room for luxury cruise liners to tool around, and plenty of extra seafloor for oil-hungry nations to squabble over the drilling rights to.
By the end of 2012, Putin was back as the president for a third term; dozens of opposition activists were in prison; the protests had curdled into an impotent intramural squabble; my job, meanwhile, turned out to involve an endless string of lunches and launches that seemed increasingly obscene as the Third Rome burned around me.
Morrison became prime minister less than a year ago during an inner-party power squabble between leaders of the Liberal Party (roughly equivalent to the U.S. Republican Party), and the day before he became prime minister, on August 24, a Twitter user came forward with the story that Morrison had shit his pants at the Engadine McDonald's in 1997.
We all know, at the end of the day, China's still gonna be here, and the United States is still gonna be here, and they're either going to coexist, for the betterment of-, of-, of the planet, uh, or they're going to squabble, which would hurt everybody, or-, or worse, which, of course, would be a disaster.
Alex Beck (François Cluzet), a kindhearted Parisian pediatrician, is obsessed with a woman who may or may not be dead: his wife, Margot (Marie-Josée Croze), who disappeared into the woods after a minor squabble on their vacation, prompting him to run after her and end up in a coma, during which her body was identified.
The squabble dates back as far as 1980, when Congress partially deregulated the rail sector – allowing it greater freedom to set rates and run operations with minimal government interference – but now is contested in earnest at the Surface Transportation Board (STB), an independent agency of the federal government responsible for resolving railroad rate and service disputes and reviewing proposed railroad mergers.
But there are good reasons the Bernie Sanders insurgency has earned about a tenth of the media coverage of the Trumperdämmerung: No matter how high the Vermont senator rises in the polls, there's still a sense that he's in a friendly family squabble, not a bloody political street fight — and one that at some level, he appears to neither expect nor really want to win.
In addition to being a civil rights attorney, I am a minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and I can say with certainty that conflict between the Great Commission and the racism of MAGA is not some Sunday school squabble among a parochial few, but a decision with profound moral implications for an evangelical many -- and national implications for hate crimes, immigration, policing and voter suppression.
" In an interview with Irish broadcaster RTE on Sunday, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney downplayed the squabble, saying, "The reason why there has been a delay here and uncertainty is that the US are essentially working out the President's visit to the EU, what's going to be a private element of that visit and what part would be very public, and in that context they are looking at Ireland.
We're meant to understand the magnitude of what Katherine undertakes at work: We've just watched her endure a day of discrimination at NASA's Langley Research Center as the first black employee in her new division, and now she has to settle a squabble between her girls, listening to their gentle chiding about how little of her time they receive, assuaging their fears of a possible Soviet attack, and finally, tucking them into bed.
Far above the struggle and insecurity of everyday life, these brittle titans squabble and gossip and go through acrimonious and highly public divorces; for all the ways in which the toxic runoff of inequality can currently be felt in the culture, the fact that the cheesy churn of rich and petty men drifting into and pissily out of each other's good graces now so distorts our politics is among the most enervating.
Congress failed to avert a partial government shutdown on Friday and doesn't appear to have a clear path forward as lawmakers continue to squabble over funding for President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump pushes back on recent polling data, says internal numbers are 'strongest we've had so far' Illinois state lawmaker apologizes for photos depicting mock assassination of Trump Scaramucci assembling team of former Cabinet members to speak out against Trump MORE's border wall.
Bad-but-also-stupid EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers, who rose to fame by penning a craven and pathetic piece of populist-pop that slunk out like a bubble of flatulence​, are currently embroiled a childish, petty Twitter squabble with bona fide pop star Lady Gaga, an artist who you could literally say has more talent in her little finger than both of The Chainsmokers have in their fully-waxed, Axe body spray-reeking bodies.
Both countries have engaged in trade talks for months to end the squabble, but they stalled in May after Trump said China "broke" a deal they'd agreed to with the US. Concurrently, the US has led a global effort to stop allied nations from using technologies made by Huawei, arguing that the Chinese government — which exerts significant control over domestic companies — could use those technologies to spy on citizens of other countries.
Rating From Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy to Thor, the company has honed a rhythm and a pattern that encourage consistency; the result is that none of the studio's films, regardless of who's in the director's chair, will ever stray too far from the crisp, almost bookish Marvel formula (good guys don't know they're good guys; good guys squabble; jokes are made; bad guys acquire devastating weapon; more jokes are made; good guys come together to defeat the Big Bad, etc.).
That might seem like a subtle distinction, but it explains why, say, the show will butt up against what seems like a major conflict — we see Tom squabble with Laz (the woman funding the expedition, played by Natascha McElhone as a woman with immense money and power who never feels comfortable with herself) over which of two people to bring on the expedition to another planet — only to cut forward by a matter of weeks or months, the conflict long since resolved.
" -- "With Britain's exit from the European Union official, at long last, the two partners on Monday began to squabble over their future relationship, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson huffing that he would rather leave the economic bloc without a free-trade deal than see Britain shackled to fusty European rules," William Booth and Michael Birnbaum report: "At the same hour in Brussels, E.U. chief negotiator Michel Barnier outlined the bloc's demands, declaring that Europe will agree to free trade only if Britain submits to the continent's regulations.
The president's youngest children, Tiffany and Barron, are also on much different paths from Ivanka and Trump Jr.Read more: Ivanka Trump and her brother Don Jr. are staking opposite sides in the gun control debate — and the president calls Don Jr. his 'gun expert'Trump Jr. and Ivanka are now engaged in a "cold war" as they squabble for their father's approval, both "paranoid that the other's henchmen" have been "planting damaging stories about them in the press," according to The Atlantic, which cited interviews with White House advisers as well as Trump campaign aides and former employees.
Late in the debate, Buttigieg pivoted off of a Medicare for All squabble to accuse Warren of promoting "infinite partisan combat" and to criticize former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenTrump says he doesn't want NYT in the White House Warren to protest with striking Chicago teachers Schiff punches back after GOP censure resolution fails MORE for believing that Washington can return to normal after President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says he doesn't want NYT in the White House Veterans group backs lawsuits to halt Trump's use of military funding for border wall Schiff punches back after GOP censure resolution fails MORE leaves office.
Part two includes the leaked Saturday Night Live audio of West calling Swift "fake-ass"; his "Famous" video, in which wax figures of West and Swift lying naked together in bed; the GQ cover story on Kardashian West, in which she claims there's footage of Swift approving the tune (and which prompted another denial from Swift's camp); and last night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which the whole "Famous" squabble is addressed by the titular family (and which was preceded by Kardashian West tweeting out a slew of snake emojis, possibly in reference to another Swift feud, this one with former boyfriend Calvin Harris).

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