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"said" Definitions
  1. past tense, past participle of say
  2. adjective (also aforesaid, aforementioned) [only before noun] (formal or law) mentioned before, in an earlier sentence
"said" Synonyms
aforementioned abovementioned aforesaid mentioned abovelisted above-mentioned forenamed previously mentioned supposed above alleged assumed pronounced such above-named above-said above-written beforementioned beforesaid foregoing spoken oral verbal voiced uttered unwritten vocal expressed nuncupative articulated vocalised(UK) vocalized(US) articulate phonetic phonic sonant stated communicated enunciated ostensible apparent reputed presumed seeming purported putative claimed ostensive evident professed thought held believed rumored(US) conjectural rumoured(UK) reported disclosed revealed divulged broadcast announced proclaimed recorded narrated described noted recited recounted made known publicized(US) publicised(UK) exposed spoke declared exclaimed remarked put forth related responded added answered came out with commented cried flapped conveyed acknowledged imparted outlined aired clarified confessed explained told verbalized(US) admitted detailed discussed asserted affirmed maintained argued attested contended emphasized(US) insisted opined advanced asseverated averred avouched avowed cited emphasised(UK) repeated declaimed delivered quoted orated performed reeled off regurgitated rehearsed retold did soliloquized indicated showed displayed illustrated signaled(US) signalled(UK) specified broadcasted demonstrated denoted read symbolized(US) brandished designated evinced featured intimated made clear estimated considered dared say guessed hazarded a guess judged posited postulated predicted reckoned speculated surmised theorized(US) ventured conceived deduced figured gathered perceived alluded blurted pleaded howled pled bleated squealed wailed screeched shrieked yelped begged peeped rasped screamed shouted shrilled squawked yelled yipped yowled growled barked snarled taunted roared scowled sneered threatened yapped blustered scoffed swore stormed joked quipped jested chirped smiled smirked teased bantered gibed jeered snickered mumbled muttered murmured drawled whispered grumped mouthed advised pointed out explicated asked enquired(UK) inquired(US) demanded queried questioned observed replied retorted countered rejoined returned riposted flung back hurled back said in response given voice come out with given away gotten across shown spoken about taken given voice to which that the aforementioned the aforesaid the assumed the beforementioned the beforesaid the forenamed the mentioned the previously mentioned the pronounced More

982 Sentences With "said"

How to use said in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "said" and check conjugation/comparative form for "said". Mastering all the usages of "said" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's a he said/they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said situation.
It's a classic he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said.
"Just to correct you, I'm sorry -- it's a she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation," Tapper said.
" Tapper interrupted by saying, "Just to correct you, I'm sorry — it's a she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation.
It's more of a "he alleged-he said, he said, she said, he said, he said" sort of situation.
About 278% of respondents said pancreatic was the most concerning type, 633% said lung, 95% said breast, 21% said prostate, 2000% said colon, and 5% said skin.
And when he said/she said becomes he said/she said she said, suddenly we have a fighting chance. Stop. Kavanaugh.
" In the 16-minute video, Baio said, "The problem with almost all he said-she said cases is they're he said-she said.
Because when I called that person she said that said that, they said they never said that.
They say, 'He said,' 'She said,' and 'They said,' period.
"He said his piece; I said my piece," Anthony said.
They say he said, she said, and they said, period.
I just said what he has said, he has said.
Decades of "he said, she said" coverage of climate change is a good example of this false balance, even though it should have been presented as he said, he said, he said, he said.
"It's not just a 'he said, she said' case," Tacopina said.
I shouldn't have said what I said when I said it.
Zukher called it a "he said, she said," case, the report said.
Three said dove, two said hawk and four said he was neutral.
"And I said, 'What?' and he said, 'I love you,'" she said.
"He has not said when, but he said he will," Alexander said.
"They said, 'You look shaken,' and I said I was," he said.
"What I said on my tweet is what I said," McCullers said.
"He said those hateful things, and he said them repeatedly," Durbin said.
"They said, 'You said it's illegal on the VICE video,'" he said.
"I'm not going to go into whatever he said, when he said it or how he said it," Mr. Magidson said.
Asked who their second choice would be, 17 percent of respondents said Harris, 16 percent said Warren, 14 percent said Buttigieg, 11 percent said Biden, and 6 percent said Sanders.
"He said those hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly," Durbin said.
"Independents: 55% said "too slow"; 4% said "too fast"; 31% said "about right.
"Republicans: 16% said "too slow"; 3% said "too fast"; 75% said "about right.
"They said -- I kid you not -- they said, 'Sir, $21 billion,' " he said.
"I said, 'Who can afford that?' and he said, 'Santa can,'" Gates said.
"I was angry and said words that I shouldn't have said," Coleman said.
"She said she was pleased, and she said she'll come back," he said.
He said it and he said it again and he said it again.
"I don't know if that was said or not said," Chaffetz said. Sen.
"That's not what he said ... I know precisely what he said," Pompeo said.
"In the 'he said-she said,' the 'he' often won," Ms. Milgram said.
"In the 'he said-she said,' the 'he' often won," Ms. Milgram said.
If it were just a "he said/she said" (and "she said" and "she said" and so on), he would likely lose.
"They said they were too full, they said they weren't taking emergencies, or they just said no," said Millie Martínez, her daughter.
"It's easy for me to go around saying, 'Steve King said this, Steve King said this, Steve King said this,'" Scholten said.
"I said 'which breast is more sensitive,' she said 'my right breast' and I said 'I know,'" Robbins said, according to the transcript.
In sexual assault cases, their testimony can turn a "he said, she said" case into a more convincing "he said, they said" case.
"I never said LGBT...I said S-I-N," Burrell said in her apology.
"John Kelly never said that, he never said anything like that," the president said.
"The old me would have never said yes, but I said yes," she said.
The New York Times said it; the Guardian said it; even Vox said it.
"Fahrenkopf said no — verbally said no, that security would throw them out," Giuliani said.
ELIOT SPITZER She said/ he said/ they said: This is all kinds of confusing.
"Among Democrats: 73% said "too slow"; <1% said "too fast"; 24% said "about right.
"In the beginning she said 'he' and afterwards she said 'they,&apos" said Lewis.
"I said that my aunt Jane had said, 'When I'm gone,'" Ms. Lande said.
"Well, I said it, but you were blindsided, from what you said," said Ryan.
"What he has said he has said," Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce, said.
"Virtually every man said 70 percent and many said 90 or higher," Harrington said.
" The senator said the president said "hate-filled things" and "he said them repeatedly.
"I said hello to him first, and he finally said hello back," Warren said.
"Everything that could be said has been said," McConnell said of the impending trial.
" I said, "You know, they said what I said—that 'in perpetuity' means forever.
"And virtually everything said has been said incorrectly, and it's been said wrong, or it's been covered wrong by the press," Mr. Trump said.
" And they said, "Well Donald Trump said he would." and I said, "Well, he's lying.
Nationally, 10 said turnover would stay the same, six said fall and two said rise.
"I don't see anything different in what they said and what we said," said Groves.
" Corbitt said yes, and the clerk returned to the call and said, "well, it said.
"I don't know why she said the things she's said, I really don't," he said.
"It wasn't anything I said or what anyone else said," Bulls guard Jimmy Butler said.
"The President said 'thank you very much' and said no to answering questions," Sanders said.
"They said that what she said in her statement didn't match the footage," Truszkowski said.
"What I said is what Barack Obama said in terms of Cuba," Mr. Sanders said.
Kaine said Trump said women who get abortions should face punishment VERDICT: TRUE Kaine said Trump said that women who get abortions should face punishment.
"Virtually everything said has been said incorrectly, and it's been said wrong, or it's been covered wrong by the press," Mr. Trump said on Friday.
In the poll, 21% of respondents said very closely, 203% said somewhat closely, 220% said not too closely, and 220% said not closely at all.
"I said what I understood, and I said what I was able to say," Robson said.
And said, well, she said you were angry and I said to myself, huh, she's right.
" During a phone call with WWD's Bridget Foley, the designer said, "I said, 'I said that?
" He said "pink's a girl color" and I said who says that and he said "everybody.
"Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated, what she said was 100 percent correct," Johnson said.
"I said everything that I had not said before," Burruss said, recounting her chat with Parks.
We have said it on the air together and you've said it and I've said it.
I said what needed to be said, I continue to say what needs to be said.
" What Mr. Biden Said "I said back in 281.7, I said we have an existential threat.
"You said it on Sean Hannity's Fox News [show], you said that you might—" Alcindor said.
"Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated, what she said was 85033 percent correct," Johnson said.
Wagner said that "I shouldn't have said what I said" in the Facebook video livestreamed Friday.
"When I said 'who could I work with' (Carter) laughed and he said 'me,'" Khanna said.
"Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated, what she said was 22019 percent correct," Johnson said.
This is what person 1 said This is what person 2 said This is what person 3 said This is what person 4 said Fascinating stuff.
Twenty-seven of 81 respondents said it will roughly average 10-20173 percent, 44 said 15-20, eight said 20-25 and two said 25-30 percent.
About 13% said they get headaches; 63% said their headaches are triggered by stress, 54% said by not eating and 41% said by not getting enough sleep.
He said the President never told Comey: "'I need loyalty, I expect loyalty' he never said it in form, he never said it in substance," Kasowitz said.
"Before they took off I said, 'Brothers stick together' and [Caleb] said, 'I know, dad,' " Scott said.
Sessions doesn't remember what he said, when he said it, & where he was when he said it.
Legal experts said the trial fit the "he said, she said" arguments common in sexual offense cases.
"The majority of the questions had something to do with he said or she said," he said.
"My mother said at 4 years old, I said I wanted to leave this place," he said.
"He said he was sorry, and he said he and I had something in common," she said.
"But people said that in the '80s, everyone said it was better in the '70s," she said.
"I said, 'Did you say no?' and she said, no she couldn't say no," Ms. Adams said.
"I was amazed that he said what he said when he said it," he said of George H.W. Bush's recent remark that he has an "iron-ass" personality.
A 'he said-she said' case The case has little forensic evidence and has largely consisted of the "he said-she said" arguments common to sexual assault cases.
That being said, getting the food industry to do this is easier said than done, the experts said.
"Quite frankly, had you not had any video, it would have been he said, she said," Wubbels said.
Sessions said he wished to remain attorney general, but said it was up to Trump, the report said.
"If I said some of the things he said, I would've been run out of Ohio," Kasich said.
"Before they took off I said, 'Brothers stick together' and [Caleb] said, 'I know, dad,&apos" Scott said.
Legal experts said the trial fits the "he said-she said" arguments so common to sexual offense cases.
Legal experts said the trial fits the "he said, she said" arguments so common to sexual offense cases.
"But because my dad never said 'if' or 'possibly,' " – he said, 'This is gonna happen' – I said okay.
"The (police) said they didn't want us to go further, they said something about blocking traffic," King said.
Meanwhile, 1700% said it's saving for retirement, 15% said starting a family, and 4% said starting to invest.
"No one came and said hello, no one came and said welcome, nothing," Majed said, still looking wounded.
"We said to them—Trump said to them, 'We'll support you, but we want action, action,' " Bannon said.
Make UK said 35.6% of businesses said sentiment had worsened, while 61.5% said there had been no change.
"After he said what he said, I said the same thing back," Griffin told reporters after the game.
"I said, 'Whitney, are you pinching yourself?' and she said 'Yeah, Clive, I'm pinching myself,'" Mr. Davis said.
"The difference is, with Trump, it's incontrovertible that he has said the things he's said," Mr. Baldwin said.
Another 25% said it was climate change, 18% said it was income inequality and 9% said foreign policy.
"My heart said no, but my brain said yes," one person said in describing her decision to leave.
Runnels also said he would kill Wiley if Wiley said anything to him that morning, the records said.
Brown loved E.T., Schnapp said Goonies, McLaughlin said Stand By Me and Dyer said 16 Candles and Breakfast Club.
"And she said, 'Well, I want you to,&apos and I said, 'I won&apost win,&apos" Cobb said.
Both devout "born-again Christians," Conners said his wife said "she wanted to be with God" the application said.
"The nurses said it was dead, but they might've just said that so I wouldn't freak out," Torres said.
"The original investigation was basically a 'he said, she said' scenario, where they believed him over me," Thomson said.
"I don't know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about Megyn Kelly," she said.
Twenty-two percent said it was the climate, 17% said it was income inequality and 14% said foreign policy.
"My mom said to try my hardest, and to have fun, my grandma said the same thing," he said.
"So what Donald Trump said yesterday in that meeting ... varied little from what he has said publicly," Conway said.
Allen said he hadn't read the article, and then he said this: "I never read anything," he said again.
Freya woke up...Harry said he loved her, she said she loved him, then Dad said he loved him!
Fifty-four percent said Donald Trump; 14 percent said Hillary Clinton and only 4 percent said an IRS agent.
Legal experts said the trial fits the "he said, she said" arguments that are common in sexual offense cases.
"He said he's been feeling different stuff, but felt normal, and said he was bouncing back easily," Mattingly said.
"She said at one stage Mr Xu said to her that she could not refuse him," Judge Norman said.
"What Donald Trump said yesterday in that meeting differed very little from what he has said publicly," she said.
And someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, who has said— TRUMP: I never said that.
"I said, I want to apologize, because I said such good things about you," Mr. Trump said of Mrs.
"They said they think it's Russia; I have President Putin, he just said it's not Russia," Mr. Trump said.
It's a true "she said, he said" — or, rather, "they said," since two people deny this incident ever happened.
"The nurses said it was dead, but they might've just said that so I wouldn't freak out," she said.
"Meghan said he has and Harry said he definitely is, you can see it in his eyebrows," Angela said.
"One actor said 'I taste raspberries!' and another said 'I taste pears, peaches, cherries!' and so forth," he said.
Another 2405% said no one or none of the current candidates, 13% said anyone, and 21% said someone new.
Another White House official, he said, 'came up to me and said, 'Do you know you just said X?
One said it was unconstitutional, and the three others said it should be limited to Marawi, Mr. Te said.
The "Empire" actor said one of the attackers said, "This MAGA country, n****r," during the incident, police said.
I don't remember what he said to me, but then a nurse said, Wake up, and I said, No!
And someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, who has said — Trump: I never said that.
About 79% said lowering health care costs, 78% said improving the quality of health care, 72% said improving access to health care, and 63% said increasing funding for medical research.
Among GOP voters, 225 percent said they'd heard a lot about it, 213 percent said they'd heard some, 213 percent said not much, and 28 percent said nothing at all.
OK. If I say a -- I actually said, if I said, that I said, I&aposm kidding, I said bad idea, it&aposs not going to work out well for you.
Among married women the margin narrows significantly: 48 percent said they support Clinton, 40 percent said Trump, 8 percent said they support Johnson and only 22 percent said they support Stein.
Graffam said he didn't know what happened to the man, but said he wasn't as old as other witnesses said.
Only five said it would happen this year, 18 said it would happen next year and 11 said in 2020.
"They said, 'Would you like to come to this thing?' and I said, 'Sure, I would love to,' " she said.
Forty-three percent said impeach and remove, 49% said do not impeach or remove, and 8% said they weren't sure.
"I literally kind of knocked on the door and said, 'Can I come in?' and they said, 'Okay,'" he said.
Deakin said in 2015 that Bond said McCarthy threatened to kill her if she said anything about what had happened.
Trump said he would take care of this, he said he would fix it, he said it would be easy.
In a statement, Cardozo also said the allegations and said they differed from what Amaral said in his plea deal.
"Director Comey said my answers were truthful and consistent," with what she's said in the past, she said on Sunday.
"I asked Polisky and he said, 'We're not moving you,' and he said, 'because you don't look happy,'" Vassar said.
"My attorney said that the special counsel wasn't very pleased and they said, 'We'll take it from here,' " Corsi said.
"I shook his hand, hugged him and said, 'Be careful out there,' and he said, 'I will, coach,'" Beneitone said.
In his survey of advertisers, 43% said Stories performed worse, 38% said they performed the same, and 19% said better.
The election, it said, has taxed the limits of typical election comedy, of he-said, she-said poking at foibles.
I've never had somebody run out to the press and say: 'Trump said this, Trump said that, Trump said this.
By leaving them out, she said, he created a "he said, she said" situation that did not have to exist.
"At no time was she forced to have sex and when she said no, he said O.K.," Mr. McMonagle said.
"He said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly," said Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate.
"I said, 'I'd accept it if you said you were the best in Birmingham, but not America,'" her aunt said.
When Mark said to her, I was blindsided, Liz said, Yeah, maybe, and he said, What do you mean, maybe?
Graham later said he had "said my piece directly" to Trump, declining to explicitly confirm or deny what was said.
"He has never said no trade deals, he said no bad trades," Newman said, noting Trump's new language at Davos.
Recode broke it down, she said / he said style:
" That being said, the actress said she's still "grateful.
I said what I said & I speak my truth.
QUESTION: -- you said -- you said that you loved WikiLeaks.
" Later, Caudle said Champion said "Jalen, what about this.
" And he said, horrified, "No, I never said that.
"Nothing was said by these individuals," he previously said .
" And I said, "Because of what you just said.
I appreciate what you said & how you said it.
"They said, 'Fail fast and move on,' " he said.
And then Jaden and Will said — I said, 'Okay.
"They said, 'No, we have orders,' " Mr. Kandil said.
"He said, 'Mama, I want my face,' " she said.
" I said, "I'm wearing a jacket." you said, "Great.
" She said no, and he said, "Then I'm interested.
" He added, "When she said that, I said, 'O.
" Twelve percent said "rarely" and 3 percent said "never.
He said that —— Hawk: He said that's the guy.
"I basically said: 'The hell with it,' " Cooper said.
"Jim said, 'Let's have lunch tomorrow,' " Dr. Greengard said.
"I said, 'Get an office there — now,'" Gates said.
QUESTION: — you said — you said that you loved WikiLeaks.
"' And I said, 'Wait a minute, I said "strategery.
" Oz said, "You've said some unkind things about women.
" And he said, "Americans would have said, 'no way.
I mean, to be honest with you, if Donald Trump had said all of the things that you've said he said in the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that Hillary Clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables.
"I said 'ooh nice pair of shoes' and she said 'ooh I like your shoes,' and then she looked at me and said 'your shoes got me involved in politics,'"said May.
I would pick up on what Dana said, I think Nancy Pelosi said it, the Washington Post said it, David Axelrod who was Obama&aposs chief political strategist said the same thing.
For example, when asked how they had used weed, 91 percent said they smoked it, 28 percent said dabbing, another 28 percent said they ate it, and 21 percent said they vaped.
Trade: 31% said Trump's trade policies have hurt their area, 25% said they helped, and 36% said they had no impact.
Trudeau's office said he had not said anything in his closing G7 news conference he had not said to Trump before.
"She got upset and said, 'They don't match,' but her colleague said, 'Yes, they do, it's fine, go ahead'," she said.
I'm not the only one who's said that; their own regulators have said it, people on the street have said it.
"I've always said — it's long distance, it's this or that — I've always said, 'We don't need to be monogamous," she said.
Legal experts have said the trial will hinge on the "he said, she said" arguments so common to sexual offense cases.
"He said, 'You know, that's not very realistic,' and I said, 'Well, this is what I want to be,'" Bryant said.
"They said the same thing about the Brexit vote and they said the same thing about Trump getting elected," he said.
Among the independents surveyed, 16 percent said it was acceptable, 50 percent said unacceptable and 85033 percent said they were unsure.
"I said I liked them, and she said my shoes were the reason she became involved in politics," Ms. May said.
Twenty-nine percent said they'd be satisfied; 22019 percent said they'd be unhappy; and only 17 percent said they'd be proud.
"Today he clarified what he said and said he was talking about me when I was secretary of state," Clinton said.
"Some women who said no said the campus where the ultrasounds were done was too far away," Dr. Nielsen-Saines said.
"I was nervous about asking the person the question and I said I would understand if she said no," Velasco said.
" Said Kerr: "When I said what I said, I didn't mean for it to be that this could be the end.
Of those who said the media is partisan, 64 percent said that the media favors Democrats, and 22 percent said Republicans.
Mr. Rivera said she then grabbed her phone and said, "I'm gonna call the police," and he panicked, the affidavit said.
"He said it was a real easy recovery, a real easy rehab, and that's something the doctor said, too," Matz said.
"I said what I said and we responded well," said Gibson, who declined to specify exactly what he told his teammates.
Another said that he did not take sexual-abuse cases, and the third said that he was too busy, she said.
Other students "said I was disgusting, they said their families were disgusted by me and that I should move," Marilyn said.
When I said I didn't have any clothes with me, she said, 'You can wear mine,' and when I said I didn't have any underwear she said, 'You can borrow mine, it's clean!
" Asked about the matter on Friday, Trump said, without explicitly mentioning Giuliani, that "virtually everything said has been said incorrectly, and it's been said wrong, or it's been covered wrong by the press.
"Everything I said on Tuesday was correct," Mr. Sundstrom said.
"They said, 'Look, this is what we're doing,'" she said.
"Not too many nice words were said," McIlrath said later.
"My Irish (runner) friend said to be patient," Keflezighi said.
"They said I was breaking rules, telling lies," she said.
"They said they would get it right away," Giuliani said.
"A veterinarian said she has an unidentified disease," @Moflicious said.
"She just said a terrible thing," Trump said with mirth.
"I never said I was in Syria period," he said.
"Jamie said to send him the bill," a spy said.
I said to him, I said, do me a favor.
And then they called, they said, we never said that.
"I never said there shouldn't be an investigation," she said.
"I just said 'Don't worry about it'," Binsfield, 54, said.
"Some people said thank you to her," her husband said.
ZTE said Wednesday said it had brought on former Sen.
"What we have simply said are the facts," Obama said.
Metro said on Sunday said it still planned the sale.
Cause I just said it," Cramer said on "Squawk Box.
It needed to be said, and you said it beautifully.
"He said he hopes members understand that," the source said.
"The police chief said he will resign now," Sirisena said.
"I said, 'Please don't take me in now,' " Hernandez said.
The man "just shrugged off what I said," she said.
"They said they let people with children pass," Gonzalez said.
Mills said she said "thanks" and got out of there.
"I said that is what Comey is saying," Giuliani said.
"I can said bitcoin experience ruining me completely," he said.
"They said they were comfortable with the trial," Sateesh said.
"She said she wanted to see the data," he said.
"He stopped and said, 'Can I pet them,'" Hetzner said.
"Your mom said I had a bright light," Shannon said.
"They said 'no... oh yes, now we do,'" said Cassell.
"Joel Kramer did what Eliza said he did," she said.
"She said 'Beyoncé' for the first time," said Legend, 39.
"Nobody has said that he is permanently incompetent," Martinez said.
"I'd embarrass her if I said her name," he said.
"She said she needed to talk to me," he said.
"I would discount ... anybody who said [that number]," he said.
"They said, 'There was more to it,' " Mr. Barrow said.
Bondi, whom Johnson said was a witness, said the opposite.
"He never said about a fake birth certificate," Arpaio said.
"Warren never said 'we're gonna mentally abuse them,'" Leona said.
"Nobody said this was going to be easy," Hakstol said.
"Brandon, you actually said it in the package," said Bergeron.
"I didn't do what they said I did," Allen said.
He said the officer said he feared for his life.
" Bush wrote: "He said it… Of course he said it.
" I said, "people call Ubers, they call, I said, Tinder.
"I'd be lying if I said I didn't," he said.
"I've never said that I am quitting acting," Paltrow said.
"He always said big words and was different," she said.
That said, I like what you said about the yield.
The announcer then said the contest was over, Aronson said.
"I said I killed about three of them," he said.
"They are said to be motivated by greed," said Darbishire.
"I said there's an independent process out there," he said.
"When we talked, she said, 'I loved Bobby,'" Jill said.
They all just got ... Said similar things, said threatening things.
" That being said, D'Agostino said Mortimer, 41, "holds her own.
"She texted me and said [she was pregnant]," he said.
"He said the conditions inside are very dire," she said.
"Nothing I said was destructive to American policy," he said.
"That's very pathetic on multiple levels," someone else said said.
"I saw your face when I said it," Lebowitz said.
"I haven't even said a word to him," Wentland said.
"Many people have said you should fire him," he said.
Another 40% said they didn't need help, the report said.
"You've said obnoxious things about all of us," she said.
He said he did it for Islamic State, Gentili said.
When I said 'Janie's Got a Gun' and … said 'No.
Rocha said the money totaled $20 million, the complaint said.
"The president has just said it, that's great," Sanders said.
"I said yes immediately," Hough said of joining the ensemble.
"I regret a lot of what I've said," Kelly said.
And-- BECKY QUICK: Well, you said-- you said NetJet card.
"I should have never said that about him," Scaramucci said.
DEMOCRATIC DEBATE He said/she said: Well, that was ... different.
"Essentially, they said they made a bad call," he said.
"Then do you know what she fucking said," Antonella said.
"She said 'That's not fair," and I said, 'That's right.
"People have said he's a more transactional person," Cooper said.
"He said, 'Motherfucker, shut up your mouth motherfucker,'" Werdum said.
That's why I said the things I said about education.
"Here's what we've said, over and over again," he said.
"No, I never said he should be fired," Pelosi said.
"He said he was good," Rangers manager Jeff Banister said.
"He said he wanted to walk all day," Ustinov said.
Instead, it became a battle of he said, she said.
"She said very nicely, 'Please do not come,'" Gifford said.
"It all said everything," Cyrus said of the emoji exchange.
Of 15 respondents, 10 said no, 5 said yes. 4.
"I don't know if I said this stuff," she said.
"He said what he needed to say," said state Sen.
"I said to myself, 'I got a chance,' " Yan said.
"Joan said, 'He's going to pick you,'" Mr. Mondale said.
Like Helen of Troy, she said, and he said, Sure.
Like Shirley Temple, she said, and he said, All right.
After Hill said, "You're not," Sondland got "testy," she said.
"She said, 'I don't know anyone, either,'" Ms. Davis said.
"He just said continue to work on it," Rounds said.
"The doctor said she's going to be OK," Crump said.
"I'm going to tell him you said that," Eileen said.
"I've often said I accidentally got my Ph.D.," she said.
"He just said it's not Russia," Trump said of Putin.
" I said this and it said "OK, starting your workout.
What you should've said originally is what you said here.
"They said they need to talk with me," Pando said.
"He said 'more people should know your dad,'" Wang said.
"She said, 'I didn't want to disappoint you,'" he said.
"He said, 'Hey, let me talk to you,'" Knowles said.
"He already apologized and said he was wrong," said Lane.
"I never said take the Veterans Administration private," he said.
"I remember they said, 'You can't do this,'" Horvath said.
"Well, it's absolutely not what he said," Mr. Pence said.
"There ain't nothing said about that no more," he said.
"I quit because everything he said was toxic," Gilroy said.
"She said she was terrified of her mother," he said.
"We said our prayer to each other," Sergeant Armani said.
John Bowling said, "Someone knew something, and they said something."
"People said Rubio was right next to me," he said.
"That has certainly been said about me," Ms. Byrne said.
I said… and everybody said that it was my idea.
"She said she didn't need them anymore," the employee said.
"I've always said the United States isn't perfect," Haley said.
"I could have said more agreeable things," Mr. Fillon said.
"He said this should not have happened," Finch had said.
"I surprised myself the way I said it," he said.
"Nobody said it would be easy for us," he said.
I said, 'You know, I'm sorry that I said that.
He said his sign said, "Trump is bad for America."
"I briefly said out loud: 'Sorry about that,' " he said.
The spokesman said said: "The systems are not directly comparable."
"My mom said I was quiet and observant," she said.
PENCE: Most of the stuffy you've said, he's never said.
"He's always said, 'Let no negative go unanswered,'" Caputo said.
" Trump said she didn't "know that he said those comments.
"It's always the same as I've always said," Nunes said.
"He said he was OK the other day," Ausmus said.
"They said Trump is a second Hitler," Ms. Peterson said.
"He called and said, 'He has risen,' " Rick Kasich said.
"I said it in the heat of anger," he said.
"I said, 'Yeah, that happened to me,'" Ms. Knoll said.
"He just said, 'Don't worry; I've got it,' " Hall said.
Berg's ovarian cancer," Smith said, "and they said 'absolutely, yes.
You have said she said this in the car, correct?
"Only one customer said we ruined their appetite," he said.
" I said no, and they said, "Are you the driver?
"He has said he wouldn't change his answer," Davis said.
Hall said no victims have been found, the paper said.
Some people said no, but I said that was okay.
That said, the barrier is "leaky and unpredictable," Hardy said.
Can you imagine if I said the things she said?
"David said one word — 'watch' — nothing else," Mr. Berk said.
That said, paid transactions are 30 percent lower, executives said.
"We have not said we want a decrease," he said.
"He said the threat of deflation is dead," Cashin said.
He actually said he never said that, but he did.
"One of them said, 'Prepare to be booed,'" Kaitlin said.
"Hugo said not to cover Fox negatively," the person said.
"He's doing what he said he would," Mr. Spellman said.
"I said, 'Not for an hour, Doc,'" Mr. Hellickson said.
But we are still in the 'he said, she said.
"Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated," Ms. Johnson said.
"I think they said they spent about $160,000," Kushner said.
"But I wasn't surprised by what he said," she said.
"Trump said he's heard Putin's very clear statements," Lavrov said.
" And Dan said, "Chalfant said the same thing to me.
"My people said, 'You need to be back,'" he said.
"I said I could have done without it," he said.
"She said pull the trigger, so I did," he said.
"Law enforcement said that nothing could be done," she said.
"They price it because they can," said Ms. Williams said.
Which is why I said what I said this morning.
"That said, the bill is an important step," she said.
"'There is no one thing,'" Mr. Bledsoe said he said.
"The slaughterhouse said, 'No, this isn't our goat,'" she said.
"He said, 'There's really no age for dancing" she said.
"You said you'd always support my dreams," my child said.
"She said, 'I'm so proud of you,'" Ms. Harrison said.
"I don't even know what was said," Ms. Pelosi said.
The Kremlin said nine; the Tass news agency said 10.
Finally, someone said it (and it had to be said).
That said, Mr. Sweanor said he found Altria's investment dumbfounding.
"They said he was having existential depression," Ms. Moral said.
"Remember when he said that Sweden has terrorists?" she said.
"I said, 'This is a hugely flammable place,'" he said.
"I've said what I needed to say," Ms. Fardin said.
"She said you have to be tough," Mr. Putnam said.
"I said, 'I don't think we can,'" Mr. Lauder said.
"She said, 'Stop, I can't do it,'" Ms. Rehl said.
"They basically said, 'We need something now,'" the designer said.
"Earlier, they said, 'We want a trade deal,' " she said.
You said you started working in, what, you said software?
"It is often said that children are watching," he said.
"I said, 'Of course, I don't mind,'" Dr. Parker said.
"I said, 'Love, we are shutting this down,'" he said.
"I said it's going to happen one day," Halep said.
"He said, Day 9145, 'This isn't viable,'" Ms. Kriegsman said.
"When I saw him, I said, 'Thank God,'" M.G. said.
"I said it in a moment of frustration," he said.
"I stand by every word I said today," he said.
"They said, 'Kevin that looks exactly like you,'" Martin said.
"He said, 'I should shoot you, kill you,'" Kelly said.
"Consistently we have said there was no collusion," she said.
"I didn't say what that congresswoman said," the president said.
"They said, 'Hey, Loretta is speaking to us,'" she said.
"Everyone said, 'Of course, of course,'" Ms. Currey said now.
"I'd be lying if I said I didn't," Happ said.
"What he said didn't change anything, honestly," Ms. Hayes said.
"She said she was aware of it," Mr. Ropac said.
"I said, 'Jody?' and the cook said yes," she recalled.
"They said I'd betrayed them," Korbin said of his friends.
"Nick has never said anything of the sort," she said.
Mr. Li said he would not appeal, the statement said.
"I said, 'Oh, this ball doesn't move,'" Stefan Schauffele said.
The instructor should have said, "Don't jump," the court said.
"We said there's no chance that's happening," Mr. Silver said.
"People around the neighborhood said it's racist," Mr. Gray said.
The woman said she would take it, the complaint said.
"She said, 'Everything's going to be all right,'" he said.
He said, June, he said, do you have a second?
"What he said was, 'Be thoughtfully aggressive,'" Ms. Burwell said.
"We were the underdog, or so everybody said," Busch said.
"I stand by everything I said and did," King said.
"He hasn't said that directly to me," the adviser said.
"What I said about him is actually complimentary," he said.
"He said he felt good," Indians manager Terry Francona said.
"I said absolutely, let's cut it off," Mr. Anglim said.
"[Kelly] said, you know, these are just claims," Tester said.
"So, I believe he should have said nothing," Collins said.
"Ninety per cent of the surgeons said bullshit," he said.
Some said they came from the Caucasus, others said Afghanistan.
He said, 'They said you couldn't get your grandmother out.
"As I've said before, it's a political matter," Esper said.
" I said, "No," and he said, "That much is clear!
"Yeah, I've said there's examples on both sides," he said.
Just 613% said yes compared to 56% who said no.
"Frankly, I said this president isn't worth it," Pelosi said.
"I said, 'However long it takes, I'll wait,'" Thomas said.
"I'm so glad Scorsese said no," Elbaum, the producer, said.
"He said he needed timeout," Farrell said of the umpire.
Trump "said some things that are just outrageous," Bush said.
"She said it's my fault for translating badly," he said.
So far, he said, nobody has said anything about it.
"Kobe said, 'We'll get a better pic tomorrow,' " Smigiel said.
"She said, 'You would make a fantastic nurse,' " he said.
"He has said it publicly and privately," Mr. Unruh said.
"There's a lot of stuff said in arbitration," Girardi said.
"I always said own it, don't trade it," he said.
"I said, 'He was in a helicopter crash,'" she said.
"I said some things I probably shouldn't have," he said.
"I just said it was a nice save," he said.
Deborah Tuerkheimer: The world's biggest 'he said, she said' showdown.
Margiloff said the same could be said for any company.
"Everything they said, they followed through with," Ms. Williams said.
"I believe what Donald Trump said was disgusting," Bondi said.
He said those hateful things, and he said them repeatedly.
Ray has always said he is innocent, his attorney said.
"I should have never said that about him," he said.
"He said we have to represent the president," she said.
"I didn't stand up when he said that," Labrador said.
"I never said that, that's not my position," he said.
"Yeah, nobody questions anything," Mr. Thomas said, the complaint said.
"I never said I was returning to Breitbart," he said.
"He said it all felt like a dream," she said.
I said ten thousand crowns ($440) and he said 'OK'.
"He basically said, 'Take my word for it,'" Cramer said.
"They said you got to leave," the security guard said.
The judge said the sentences would run concurrently, Dolan said.
"He said, 'Well, I'm disheartened by it,'" Mr. Schumer said.
"He said, 'It's going to get interesting,'" Dr. Peterson said.
"They said: 'You go Bosnia, go, go,'" said Mr. Eboh.
"The expressions on their faces said it all," VanderWeit said.
That said, McConnell has a "very thick skin," she said.
"Now, we're under audit, despite what people said," Trump said.
"But I said, 'No, get off of me,'" she said.
"People have said we're going to 'Americanize' it," Carey said.
"It was not what government said it was," he said.
"I said the deal needs to be changed," he said.
" Some cooed and said "Ah"; others sneered and said "Ew.
"I said to myself, this is it," Mr. Lee said.
"They said 'convince me it's a fake,'" Dr. Fernandez said.
"She left that night and said nothing," the daughter said.
"He said, 'Momma, I'm going to do it,'" Linda said.
"And the papers said I invaded her space," he said.
"They should have said a nearly impossible hardship," he said.
Witnesses have said that Mulvaney is the one that said.
Instead, Graham said, "I said my piece directly" to Trump.
"And I said no," Mark Horan said with a shrug.
"He said, 'Now we're not going to struggle,'" she said.
"He said, it's O.K., but it's not beluga," she said.
"I said, 'Oh, tell me about last week,'" Allen said.
I said, 'I said, no, I'm not doing this anymore.
Only 18% said things for the country got better, 33% said things got worse, and 47% said it was unchanged from 2015.
"Mom liked her very much and said she had said how delighted she was to be involved with tonight's event," he said.
The President said—is rumored to have said-- or reported to have said that I'm stuck with-- stuck with you, Jay Powell.
"The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter, he said he was upset about the recent police shootings," Brown said.
I shouldn't have said that he was an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster," she said, adding "Shouldn't have said that.
"The suspect said something about suicide, and the officer said, 'Let me see some hands,' or something of that nature," Acevedo said.
"This is almost like Trump said, 'Hey somebody get me a budget' and Heritage said, 'We've got one right here,' " said Bell.
"I said I'd love to do a CGI thing, and he said sure," Hamill said of asking Johnson for a second role.
"He said these hate-filled things, and he said them repeatedly," said Senator Dick Durbin, who was in the room with Trump.
"The president said that they have dismantled the caliphate, and I think that's in fact what the witnesses said today," Burr said.
"We were close enough that I still said, 'I love you' when we said goodbye on the phone," Lambert said of Misner.
Almost half, 2900 percent, said they were unsure while 220006 percent said he was credible and 2202 percent said he was not.
"I couldn't hear properly when my gallery called, and when they said 'Kanye West,' I thought they said 'Condé Nast,'" he said.
"If he'd had another second to say what he said, he would probably would have said it a little differently," Furch said.
"This president has said the opposite of what his scientists, what the government scientists ... and public health experts have said," said Rep.
"Four or five years ago, if you said there was doping in trail running, I would have said, 'No way,'" said Sandes.
And I've said this directly to Prime Minister Netanyahu, I've said it inside of Israel, I've said it to Palestinians as well.
Seventeen percent said they trusted technology companies, 15 percent said they trusted the federal government and 20 percent said they trusted both.
Almost 22018 in 261 said the economy is getting worse, 270% said it's getting better and 213% said it's staying the same.
"He said to me back in May when he gave me the job, he said 'You focus on getting this ready for me' and he said 'and we'll talk on election night,'" Christie said.
Forty-two percent said they think adding a tariff will hurt the economy, 22018% said they believe it will help it, 18% said it will not have an impact and 13% said they're unsure.
On Wednesday, Mattis said the Vinson is doing exactly what officials said it would "The Vinson, as I said on the record, was operating up and down the western Pacific, and we were doing exactly what we said, and that is we are shifting her," he said.
Forty-nine percent of men who do not have children said they support Clinton; 33 percent said they support Trump, 13 percent of men without children said they support Johnson and 4 percent said Stein.
Forty-nine percent said they've heard a lot about it, while 32 percent said they've heard some, 15 percent said they've heard a little, and just 3 percent said they've heard nothing about the probe.
Warner said, a Democrat from Virginia said, often a Trump critic said, governors, senators, presidents have to be able to know they're having confidential conversations," Conway said, "and if not our national security is imperiled.
HANNITY: And then that goes to the heart of what Gregg has said and what you have said and what I have said.
Among those who said they watched at least portions of the debate, 53 percent said Clinton won while 32 percent said Trump won.
They said give us 700,000 DACA and said okay we&aposll comprise, we&aposll work with you half way and they said no.
That said -- and, yes, there is a "that said" here -- Clinton has said several things publicly of late that give me some pause.
"I said, 'Find me when you're older' and she said, 'I love you,&apos" Shaffer said while talking about one of the children.
But, she said in her NBC interview: "I am pretty certain that he's probably said some very derogatory things about me," she said.
"It was absolutely fearless to walk right into the lion's den and say what she said, the way she said it," he said.
Of the 99.93 women, 140 said they were Democrats, 70 said they were Republicans, a handful said they were with a third party.
" The co-founders have said many of their disagreements surfaced at private dinners and meetings, so here's some more "she said, she said.
Seventeen said they were more bearish, only five said they were more bullish, and the remaining six strategists said they were less bearish.
Beckham chalked up McAdoo's comments as "he said, she said" talk -- and said his focus was on facing the Vikings on Monday night.
"Meghan said he has and Harry said he definitely is, you can see it in his eyebrows," one fan said of the conversation.
"I realized I probably hadn't said anything that I hadn't said in public," Flake said in an interview on KFYI radio in Phoenix.
Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they were conservative in 2015, versus 21625 percent who said moderate and 2900 percent who said liberal.
"I told him one time, I said, 'Doctor you're much too hands on,' and he just said, 'Oh, I'm being thorough,' " Hellickson said.
MUNCHIES reached out to Chi, who said, "everything that needs to be said has already been said," and declined to provide further comment.
"I liked that he said we won't be Trump's servants, nobody has said it like that," Abelardo Ochoa, 32, said at the rally.
"I mean give me a break — he's already said he spoke to his son and now he said yesterday very firmly," Trump said.
Of those who weren't, 42 percent said they wanted children, 24 percent said they did not and 34 percent said they weren't sure.
"She said they were arguing before, he was drinking, then she said he stopped and everything was good between them," the neighbor said.
The president said that the officials said they needed to get back to him, but eventually said that "approximately 203" Iranians might die.
Or maybe the parrot said it would heal in three weeks — or maybe the vet said it and then the parrot said it?
She said he seemed to find her protests arousing: When she said stop, he said "that's so hot," according to her blog post.
Most said they had great experiences, and while some said that the tightly packed bunks unsettled them, many others said they felt fine.
"I had Nancy Pelosi sitting four seats away, and I said things that a lot of people wouldn't have said," Mr. Trump said.
"I said we're going to close it, he [Obama] said he's going to present a plan to Congress to do that," McDonough said.
Of those polled, 48.5% said wedding planners weren't worth the cost, followed by 36.7% who said videography and 393% who said wedding favors.
"I said the things he would have said — what he would want us to do and how we should go on," he said.
"I don't think they were afraid of that happening or they wouldn't have said what they said about the vice president," he said.
Strong said Melania Trump said little during a meal with cast members, but that the presidential candidate himself said she enjoyed the impression.
"That we basically don't stand for what our president has said, and the things he hasn't said at the right time," Curry said.
"She said she was being extorted," McGowan said about Argento, 42.
You actually said, 'Dorit said I had a problem with Xanax.
"[Eisenfrats] said he wants to be patient number one," she said.
He said he didn't intend to harm anyone, the FBI said.
"He should not have said that — he shouldn't have said it."
The student said he thought the video was funny, Cloney said.
Witnesses said they saw Hermond go under water, officials said Monday.
"Everything else Mr. Rosen said I did, I did," she said.
"The president said, 'I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,' " Comey said.
When Lang said yes, he became aggressive and threatening, she said.
I said well how about one week, he said no good.
"Haley said South Carolina doesn't want or need unions," said Shaiken.
"I certainly wish that he hadn't have said it," said Rep.
"Why I said what I did is a mystery," he said.
PENCE: He said -- he said -- he had his climate change plan.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell said no, but Trump said yes.
"I felt trapped, and then I said, 'F—- it,'" he said.
"[While we were driving,] we both said our prayers," Armani said.
"It sounds generic but he said, 'Stay in school,' " said McLaughlin.
And I have said this again -- I have said this before.
A US official then said he couldn't travel on, he said.
He said, she said always loses to what the tape shows.
And when he said it, everybody understood why he said it.
"I said I was a political guy from DC," O'Keefe said.
"She said she was finally going to become free," Brown said.
"I said, I have a message for your brother," Lee said.
"Believe me, the Tokyo 2020 adventure is still alive," Said said.
"Somebody said, 'This has to be a joke paper,'" he said.
They said -- they said to Louie Gohmert take your meds, right?
She said 'honey I already said everything I had to say.
Analysts said Trump had not said what constitutes a large business.
"They also said that there were bloggers in Moscow," Trump said.
"Have you said goodbye to him in your mind?" he said.
"He said he didn't comment on appointments," Representative Donna Shalala said.
People immediately said they just needed to know what he said.
" What Mr. Trump Said "They said they didn't add this word.
I said no to him, and he said I was arrogant.
"The US president said it was an incredible offer," he said.
But the things they are saying I said, I never said.
"He said to me no one will believe you," Denson said.
"In the beginning, most people said I was crazy," Norden said.
"I said, boy, wouldn't that make a great condo," Trump said.
Trump said he fired Bolton, while Bolton said he had resigned.
"He said he didn't want to worry us," said the stepdaughter.
What Reagan said in public is what he said in private.
Initially they said the raids, which the ministry said began Sept.
"He said he was tired and wanted to rest," Schroder said.
"[Chase] just said, 'Don't let that get to you,' " Phillips said.
"I said, 'Let's sit on it for an hour,'" Schwarzenegger said.
"Well I think what the President said is right," Kennedy said.
"[Facebook] said that they were watching the situation here," Spînu said.
"I never said you had a problem with Xanax," she said.
She said the government said one would be reunited sometime Wednesday.
Brown said the manager said the bakery associate did nothing wrong.
"They said, 'Sorry, you can't go because you're Cuban,' " Rodriguez said.
"Matthew said I told him five or six times," he said.
" He then said, "Bernie Sanders -- not me -- said she's not qualified.
I don't know who said that," she said on "New Day.
"I even said 'Hi' to him a few times," he said.
Pureval might have said the said the same not long ago.
"Draymond just said something that I don't agree with," James said.
"He replied to me and said everything is OK," Rakhmetov said.
I have never said anything that the heckler said to me.
I heard what she said and I heard what he said.
She said he was mentally ill and wasn't armed, Davis said.
"However, that is easier said than done," Bhatt said by email.
"I don't know what they said to him exactly," he said.
"Well, you said something legitimate there," he said with a nod.
Trump said he "never said" pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers.
"I might have photos from said maybe wedding," said Ventimiglia, 39.
Five said it had increased somewhat and none said increased significantly.
"He simply said, 'Take a hard look at it,'" Hayes said.
"Rabbi said, 'We are united,'" said Anvari, a refugee from Iran.
She said Pitt "told me exactly what he said" to Weinstein.
"There's a reason others have said no," he said on Twitter.
"I think they said they spent about $160,000," Kushner said Tuesday.
"They've said they will send agents to kill me," he said.
"He said he didn't meddle — I asked him again," he said.
Only 32% said "honest" describes her; 64% said it does not.
"I don't think any of us have said no," she said.
What he said in September was accurate when he said it.
"Connor said that's okay, just don't take my hands," he said.
"Last time, he said he didn't have a cold," Driver said.
"With that being said, I want to beat her," he said.
I said I love you and kissed them and said goodbye.
" And I said the same thing, I said, "I know, Sterling.
Two said to be staff members, two said to be children.
Greenblatt said: "David spoke elegantly and I support what he said."
"There's something to be said about this Banked Slalom," she said.
Because we said, we committed to all the things you said.
"As I've said, we couldn't," he said of filling the void.
He said he did not know specifically what Oddi had said.
"I thought that [Streep] said what she said beautifully," Streisand remarked.
"The President said, 'I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,' " Comey said.
"I liked what he said about putting parties aside," he said.
I said ten thousand crowns ($440 USD) and he said 'Okay.
"He deserted me like he never knew me," said Maliha said.
"I said very tough things to her," Trump said about O'Donnell.
"He said, 'I hope you'll both be happier now,'" said Levin.
" I said, "I don't think so, Ed." He said, "How's morale?
She said 'Hey, I have a song…' and we said 'Yep!
"I have to see what his veto message said," he said.
He said it was irrelevant, but the prominent clarification said otherwise.
"All he said was you have to have faith," Wes said.
"I wish it said a little bit more, personally," he said.
" That headline should have said, as the story said, "She Claims.
Everything her detractors could have said about her, but said first?
"[McConnell] said, throughout the meeting 'No witnesses, no documents,'" Schumer said.
Witnesses said the woman said "no," and they kept on arguing.
"I said, 'F--k you, I'll meet with him,'" Giuliani said.
"They said changes have to be much more drastic," she said.
If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times.
He said cigs and I said figs and that was it.
Then, he said, 'These are for you!' and I said, 'No!
" Said Williams, "I said I came to win … I can't lose.
"People are good and decent, as Anne Frank said," said Davis.
"I thought about it after I said it," Bush said regretfully.
"I really just surprised her when I said that," Trump said.
"They said just let the family have their peace," said Rep.
"The doctor said he's going to recover from it," Westfall said.
Trump also said he was considering reappointing Yellen, the source said.
Chinese officials have said repeatedly said debt risks are manageable overall.
I am so sorry he said what he said to you!!
That said, paid transactions are still 30 percent lower, executives said.
PA) said to be among the potential partners, Bloomberg said. (bloom.
"She said students would run away from her," her mom said.
Nick said, 'It's in rigor mortis' and Jessica said, 'Riga-what?
"And she said, 'Of course, of course you can,'" Genesis said.
"I pitched it to them and they said yes," VandenBerghe said.
"He just said, something is wrong with my fingers," Petrino said.
" Among Democrats: 210% said "not doing enough"; 27% said "doing enough.
"Something in me said that I needed to stop," Walton said.
I wonder what she would have said if I said no.
"Neither of them said anything to harm the market," Kinahan said.
"I can't imagine if they said 'double it' now," Fisher said.
"As I've said, we couldn't," Abrams said of filling the void.
"We looked at it and said, '(That's) pretty interesting,'" he said.
PA-08: In January, 40% said raise and 30% said lower.
CO-06: In January, 40% said raise and 31% said lower.
VA-02: In January, 37% said raise and 33% said lower.
"I have always said the trade deficit doesn't matter," Cohn said.
She said all this was bullshit, she said it's all untrue.
"She was lonely without him, and said as much," he said.
"They said it was a wastewater treatment plant," Ms. Wilson said.
I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said.
"Neither is the attorney general when he said that," Leahy said.
I said what you said is not going to be misconstrued.
"The boy said: only if you spread your legs," she said.
"You said it better than anybody could have said," Trump replied.
"I said, 'Just don't tell me what it costs,'" Immelt said.
What Sanders is saying Trump said is exactly what Trump said!
"I would call people up and everyone said, 'yes,'" she said.
"When we stopped caring about what everyone else said," Irving said.
In the poll, 85% said no, and only 15% said yes.
"...I said that, but not in relation to Obama," he said.
"I said, 'Obviously, I think we need to act,'" McCain said.
"Someone said 'You must feel great, you wrapped,'" Ms. Margulies said.
"I know what I said and I meant it," Cherry said.
"He said, 'We're doing it the right way,'" Lieutenant Stack said.
"I always said that I was only a character," he said.
"I think I said, 'I told you so,'" said McLaughlin, laughing.
"My friends said it was like dating your brother," she said.
"We said, 'Now we have to finish this,"' Mr. Rastorfer said.
But the hospital said it wasn't accepting any patients, Morales said.
"Well, you're the first person who ever said that," Tambor said.
Trump said he fired Bolton, while Bolton said he had resigned.
"They basically said, 'We've got too many people dying,'" he said.
"My wife has said on numerous occasions, 'Hell, no,'" he said.
"She sounded fantastic, and she said she'd do it," he said.
"We said, 'We're going to charge for content,'" Mr. Barber said.
On the plane, one display said 790ft, the other said 1,040ft.
"A lot of people said that we should leave," said Rep.
"They just said we absolutely cannot get it anymore," Kara said.
"We never said we lost because of the dress," she said.
To get past he said/she said, report on the documents.
" (January 2017)"I've said it very, I've said it very simply.
"We certainly said it has to have adequate enforcement," Schumer said.
"I looked at it and said, 'That's it,'" Mr. Ross said.
" He said Trump said: "''You've been a great voice for freedom.
"She said, 'You have to get him tested,'" Michael Salzer said.
"My rider said 10 speaker cases," he said, with mock disgust.
"You cannot contradict what has been said by science," she said.
"They said there's work here and you could come," she said.
"I have not said anything about that after that," he said.
"I said, 'I think we have something special here,' " Nickerson said.
"I've never said my hair is my strongest point," he said.
"It's just that what he said is not truthful," Carrillo said.
"She said yes," Rodriguez, known as A-Rod, said on Twitter.
" Asked why he said that, the officer said, "I knew him.
Chemours said it will cooperate with the EPA, a spokesman said.
" Brady said, "I said I don't want to get into it.
" Locke said one passenger said, "I guess this is Trump's America.
"He said they would love to help me out," Curry said.
"She said we needed to talk about something," Mr. Vereen said.
"I said 'my doctor says I'm being bullied, actually,'" Krantz said.
"We've always said that we'll do whatever is necessary," he said.
Except I said to him before I said that, No metaphors!
"What he was trying to say, he said wrong," Emmer said.
"This same could be said of Jimmy O'Neill," Mr. Wexler said.
Trump said he'd fired him, though Bolton said he had resigned.
"And she said Andrew's not coming," Linda said, making a face.
"He said that he is still thinking about it," she said.
It's sad she's come out and said the things she said.
"He said 'Man, just being a free thinker, man," T.I. said.
"They said the same thing I was thinking," Ms. Young said.
"I (said) to (Daniel) Nava, 'Look at these, bro,"' Santiago said.
She said" honey I already said everything I had to say".
" Said Collins: "I said 'I don't like the looks of this.
I meant what I said And I said what I meant.
"He called me and said, 'Mom, there are gunshots,' " she said.
"He said we shouldn't worry about rising sea levels," Eskridge said.
"Remember, the president said that this is his shutdown," Costello said.
"I said, 'Either we're dating or we're not dating,'" she said.
"Somebody said he's not, and I retweeted it," Mr. Trump said.
"She said 'no, we need yoga more than ever,'" Lohbeck said.
"She said she didn't want to burden him," the friend said.
"The villagers said they were tired of the work," he said.
"In England, women said their lives were changed forever," Showalter said.
"The first thing Ken said was, 'We're not AIG,'" Collins said.
He said, well, but we're going to — I said my call.
He said, 'Let's make a record!' and I said 'Heck yeah!
" I said, "I don't trust anyone," and he said, "Good kid.
Some said it has effects and other said it does not.
Oh, he's said "power," and Hitler said that once in 1939.
"He said not to worry about sea-level rise," Eskridge said.
I hate that I said what I said to the lady.
"I said to myself, I can't do it," Mr. Trump said.
" 33% of the 2016 electorate said "yes" while 29% said "no.
"They both said we're gonna get out," Pompeo said on Monday.
"He said, 'Absolutely not,' and I believed him," Mr. Baroni said.
"I said: 'Oh, no, not this, not happening now,'" she said.
He said she could not, and she said that she understood.
"I've said all I need or want to say," he said.
Second, not all "he said, she said" situations are created equal.
"They bought everything he said hook, line and sinker," she said.
"He always said, 'I'll get around to it,'" Ms. Kron said.
"I don't remember the actual things he said," Mr. Wilson said.
"And they said it was a good idea," Mr. Parsons said.
"God said I needed to open a grocery store," he said.
"He just said it's not Russia," he said of Putin's denials.
"He essentially said, 'Just make me look badass,'" Mr. Scizak said.
"I said: 'I'm not an artist; I'm a messenger,' " he said.
"Kim Hyon-hui said Yaeko is definitely alive," said Mr. Honma.
A girl said an ambulance driver had said hello to her.
"As I've said before, this has been a blessing," he said.
"The Sarayaku said the apologies have been forgotten," Mr. Vallejo said.
"The doctor said my arteries were basically crème fraîche," he said.
At Thursday's hearing, Stone said: "I abused the order," Stone said.
"I wouldn't change a single word that I said," she said.
Witnesses to the behavior said nothing or laughed along, women said.
"I said, 'Wow, I've never seen anything like this,'" he said.
"Everything you have said today is polarizing the people," he said.
"He never said exactly, 'I will kill you,'" Mr. Eismont said.
What you just said is exactly what is said, broadly speaking.
Ms. Wu said she clearly recalled what Ms. Irgit said next.
"Cher said, 'I'm too old to be this famous,'" he said.
"Diversity is easier said than done," said a senior Riyadh banker.
"We love to try new things," said Mr. Hutchinson, 63, said.
"I said 'No, Father, you have to fight,'" Father Dutan said.
"I said 'No, Father, you have to fight,'" Father Dutan said.
"He said, 'What the heck, let's just win now,'" Rivers said.
"What Senator Shelby said seriously helped Doug Jones," Mr. Edwards said.
"I wish I had said that myself, Justice Breyer," he said.
They said he had misconstrued and mischaracterized what Mr. Lowell said.
"It's basically what you'd get at McDonald's," said Dr. Bäckhed said.
"They said they had no cars to rescue us," he said.
"I said I imagined them as king and queen," she said.
McGahn recalled the President said, 'I never said to fire Mueller.
Every terrible, disqualifying thing he said was something he's said before.
" He said, "Oh, I thought you said we couldn't use PowerPoint.
"But everything else that Mr. Rosen said, I did," she said.
"I said before trust but verify," he said of Mr. McConnell.
"The other kids said she was on her phone," she said.
I finally said, I can't believe I said this on CNBC.
" • Mr. Son said of Vision Fund: "People said it's too much.
"She said it was a character-building experience," Ms. Oxenberg said.
I think that they haven't said yes; they haven't said no.
FIBA said it would consider adding a qualifying tournament, Debove said.
"I have never said the SHSAT doesn't predict," Mr. Taylor said.
"I've been thinking something has to be said," Father Ahlin said.
"We said, 'Hey, let's get together and fight back,' " Soufan said.
"'I'll text you about next time,'" Ms. Fowles said he said.
"I said, 'I will never do anything except paint,'" he said.
"It was just sort of said in jest," Mr. Trump said.
Even more important, he said, they "believed in me." he said.
"It was said to be a mutual admiration," Ms. Wright said.
"I've always said I have a chronic anxiety problem," he said.
"I said, 'Oh, Jav, we shouldn't go there,'" Ms. Nicholas said.
Five said it would be stimulative and none said very stimulative.
"He started by saying, 'A wise man once said…'" Jones said.
"I told Dave, who said he'd look into it," he said.
"I don't know what the scientists said to him," she said.
"Someone said it looks like a penis ... it did," Dickerson said.
The couple said the dispute never became physical, the documents said.
"He texted me and said, 'This is your dad,' " Clint said.
"He agreed with what I said — that was great," she said.
"She said, 'I went to the store by myself,' " Theron said.
"You said you have a 'responsibility to act,'" the letter said.
"He said I cooked like his grandmother and mother," she said.
"A lot of tenants said it smelled bad," Mr. Flomin said.
And so we're stuck where we were: he said/he said.
"They said it wasn't, but going forward, we'll see," Bowles said.
"And then Joe Biden said something really nice," Mr. O'Rourke said.
That said, what Sanders said shouldn't be viewed as wholly controversial.
"Please remember, all N.B.A. players, what you said before," he said.
"He said there was no quid pro quo whatsoever," said Rep.
"They said, 'We'll get back to you,'" Mr. Rendell said, chuckling.
"I got dead silence when I said that," Mr. Fortuño said.
"I've said all along we have two great goalies," Sullivan said.
But he said it was not for the reasons critics said.
"I said, 'You know, I was thinking the same,' " Alonso said.
"He said he thought Schiff did a bad job," said Sen.
"My daughter Adrienne said, 'It's a miracle, Mom,'" Ms. Campbell said.
"Coach [Frank] Vogel came in here and said congratulations," he said.
"She said the &aposvoice is talking to me,&apos" Jo said.
"He said, 'I want to make a change,'" Mr. Biondi said.
"Who said latkes have to be lots of trouble?" he said.
"Said simply, they believe this was the wrong decision," Perry said.
"I just said something to be smart about it," deGrom said.
"That being said, I don't argue with the conclusions," he said.
"My mom said I can't have a candy bar," he said.
"I said, 'You gotta put away the guns,'" Mr. Bryant said.
"He said, 'Absolutely,'" Aikman said in a telephone interview last week.
"She has said she wants to be involved," the official said.
They said, "I can see you are very happy," he said.
"I don't know exactly what I said to him," Sondland said.
"He said, 'There's one at the front desk,'" Ms. Verger said.
"He said, 'Africa has always been a mess,'" Mr. Gates said.
"She said, 'I know this is hard for you,'" Brice said.
"That's right, I said I made an error," Ms. Klobuchar said.
"I can tell you, I've said no a lot," he said.
"Everyone said it was a no-potential dead end," Collins said.
"He said he didn't meddle," Mr. Trump said in November 2017.
"He said he didn't meddle," Mr. Trump said in November 2017.
"He said thank you and that he loved it," Aleyna said.
"I said congratulations on the bump," Styles said, according to Hello!
"The Trump administration said they were open to amendments," said Rep.
"I noticed you said you were following your friend," he said.
McDougal said she was offered cash, which she said she refused.
"I've said all along I don't like special prosecutors," Paul said.
The women said that they were deeply sorry, the statement said.
He said, she said: Sanders issued an outright denial on stage.
"The president has said he did not know him," Grisham said.
"I said, 'I'm here to do whatever you want,'" Bryant said.
"I think she's said some really beautiful things," he said carefully.
"They said the tenor of the conversation had changed," she said.
" She said, "Well, I just said I'd let you see them.
"He said, 'Take your time, it's a journey,'" Corey Gauff said.
"He said, 'Take your time, it's a journey,'" Corey Gauff said.
"People said no, we didn't want to do that." he said.
Which patients said yes, which said no, and to what, exactly?
"I have always said that human life is sacred," he said.
"He said, 'Don't give my name to anybody,'" Mr. Janmohamed said.
"They said there is nothing we can do," Mr. Hernandez said.
"I said, 'I don't think I need it,'" Ms. Rosen said.
"He said there's a quid pro quo," Rooney said of Mulvaney.
"The president has said he wants to rebuild airports," DeFazio said.
"I said, 'Oh, my God, Nolan intercepted the ball,'" Raymond said.
Everything I said after I was arrested I said under pressure.
Brenda said you used to teach at Princeton," she said. "Ah.
"He stayed till the end and said his goodbyes," it said.
"Everything he's said he would do, he's done it," he said.
"We said 'Hey, hey, pump the brakes,'" the official said Wednesday.
I've said it publicly and I've said it to my board.
"Her father said they are scared of regime revenge," he said.
"She said she believes in us," Duggan, the team's captain, said.
He meant what he said, and he said what he meant.
Guyger said she performed first aid on Jean, an affidavit said.
"At halftime I told London, I said come on," Bennett said.
Daniel Goldman: Ambassador Taylor said that Mr. Morrison said something similar.
"They said they weren't prepared to let him go," Zúñiga said.
Some detainees also said they had been tortured, de Guia said.
"The weather service said that another storm was coming," Juarez said.
Mr. Hunt said nothing and walked away, the two women said.
He said what needed to be said, and it was heartfelt.
"The doctor said Sophia was not developing," Ms. da Silva said.
The firm said said it saw weakening earnings momentum for Whirlpool.
"The most outrageously false things were said about me," Clinton said.
" Dershowitz then said: "I understand that, and you should've said that.
Old city maps said nothing about underground beer vaults, she said.
"He said, 'I made my peace with death,'" Mr. Belafonte said.
"I said ...I think this is a terrible idea," Swenson said.
"I said 'If I get everything, I'll be supportive,' " Graves said.
"I think I agree with everything you said there," Pompeo said.
"There are risks the reforms are blocked," said the source, said.
"I said I didn't want to do a thing," he said.
"My instructor said ... 'I'll give you a practice exam,'" Ginsburg said.
"The Speaker said he's going to address this issue," Hoyer said.
Spicer said Manafort had a "very limited role" in said campaign.
"I've always said nothing beats the postseason," Webb said in October.
Everything I said in the phone call I've said publicly before.
"I think he said that about his taxes, too," Kimmel said.
" The source close to Cameron said: "Tyler said they've really connected.
"The two brothers have said that they attacked him," she said.
"My sister said, 'Stop this nonsense, stop this nonsense,'" she said.
"He said he wanted to die," said Ms. Ko, his caseworker.
"I said, 'We have to do something about this,'" she said.
"I said there's not a big public for this," he said.
"When she said that, it really touched me," Ms. Benassi said.