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"likewise" Definitions
  1. (formal) the same; in a similar way
  2. (formal) also
  3. (informal) used to show that you feel the same towards somebody or about something

924 Sentences With "likewise"

How to use likewise in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "likewise" and check conjugation/comparative form for "likewise". Mastering all the usages of "likewise" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" Plenty of people feel Porchlight has likewise "messed up.
Other nationwide surveys show a majority of Americans feeling likewise.
Likewise, Hoppus seem to be quite delighted with the news.
Likewise, men come to the park to exploit women's bodies.
Apple, Facebook, Google, and other top companies were likewise consulted.
Likewise, cool sells Beats headphones even though they're total garbage.
Likewise, two Obama administration Cabinet heads faced Hatch Act reprimands.
Likewise, booking separately can save you money on domestic flights.
Democrats have likewise rejected any proposal to fund the wall.
Likewise, once you put the headphones back on, playback resumes.
Likewise, Mathieu and Fisher will want new deals next summer.
Likewise, MongoDB and Elastic also saw AWS make competitive moves.
Dr Triantafyllou hopes to do likewise using artificial intelligence (AI).
UBS analyst Colin Langan is likewise wary of Tesla shares.
Likewise, cereal — though often eaten dry — categorically goes with milk.
Likewise, closing the app from this view is extremely frustrating.
In Gilroy, California, Christopher Ranch is likewise embracing new machinery.
The interest rates in other countries likewise are reflecting that.
Baumann likewise reflects on her goals for a customizable future.
Likewise, I'd rather feast on crumbs than have a cake.
Likewise, the contract to support the NGC ends this year.
Likewise, Cuomo isn't the only one demanding change from Niantic.
Shortwave, likewise, is easy to pick up from long distances.
Likewise, Killmonger is contrasted against both Ulysses Klaue and M'Baku.
Likewise, a big gap remains between richer and poorer households.
Linked modules can likewise be charged at the same time.
Likewise the world's first two futures contracts linked to bitcoin.
Likewise, campaigns must stop making statements at the same time.
Likewise, Everlaw is doing something similar for lawyers and litigation.
Likewise, efficient entrepreneurship has many benefits that shouldn't be underestimated.
Likewise, Garmin's aforementioned vivosmart 4 is also a solid alternative.
"Likewise the fertilization of the oceans using iron," says Gattuso.
Likewise launched October 3, with support and funding from Gates.
Armenians did likewise when the Turks cleansed Anatolia of Christians.
And likewise, spring so far is feeling more like summer.
Shah was likewise shoved by Heimbach and other audience members.
Likewise, know the strengths of your team and exhaust them.
Likewise, May Boeve, executive director of the environmental group 350.
Citigroup's CDS, likewise, is at the highest since June 2013.
Citigroup's CDS, likewise, is at the highest since June 2013.
Industries likewise didn't have to compete for geographically important locations.
Likewise positive metals prices also drove shares in British miners.
Likewise, Sidor, a Venezuela steelmaker company, was nationalized in 2008.
Likewise, Angie's List cancelled its expansion plans in the state.
" Likewise, the European Union limits what can be designated "Parmesan.
Likewise, I grew up with people who couldn't find jobs.
The growth of Airbnb — and likewise other platforms like Booking.
Likewise, some of the kids come out better than others.
Likewise squeeze the two parts together and the pen retracts.
Republicans likewise despise him for not indicting Clinton for anything.
Newly tightened European rules, however, prevent Italy from doing likewise.
Likewise, it's very hard to assess the impact of microtargeting.
In India, likewise, many doctors incorporate yoga, and Ayurveda medicine.
Likewise, President Donald Trump is currently looking to the stars.
The benefits, while arguably real, are small; likewise the harms.
Likewise, major congressional figures were also kept in the dark.
Likewise, while hiking, we relaxed and fell back into talking.
Likewise, Macy's terminated its agreements to sell his licensed products.
Likewise she should have had the authority to grant exceptions.
Likewise, different types of body tissue have different strain rates.
Likewise, the SBA provided 2628,28500 business loans totaling $6900 billion.
Kroger likewise has a business that far exceeds pharmacy sales.
The fruity aromas likewise came off as artificial to me.
Likewise, Miller argues for reciprocity with respect to cultural integration.
Likewise, fraud in the voting process will not be tolerated.
Likewise, his handling of the economy gets 28503 percent approval.
Likewise, Pence's evangelical Christian faith is central to his identity.
Likewise, his handling of the economy gets 6900 percent approval.
Likewise, doctors should not fear imprisonment for doing their job.
Likewise, Gingrich's proposal must be tossed out with the trash.
Likewise, aspirin is not recommended, unless prescribed by your doctor.
Trump's online media allies were likewise in the "boring" chorus.
Likewise, remember to design for yourself — not for anyone else.
His Republican rivals, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, did likewise.
For her, likewise, he appears to have lost his appetite.
Likewise, details about KS Global Group are not readily available.
Values in Melbourne likewise eased by a smaller 0.6 percent.
Norwegian Cruise Line likewise said it was monitoring the situation.
Likewise, DuPont's investment in nylon was threatened by hemp products.
Likewise, the phone could drive itself off a bedside table.
He hopes his posters can likewise inspire and teach today.
Johnson likewise faced attacks at Talking Stick Resort in Phoenix.
Likewise, that seemingly hopeless team could save his flagging career.
Likewise, reversing those incentives will help states reduce mass incarceration.
H.R. 28503 is likewise an important bill with enormous support.
The nation's geographic divides are likewise expected to become wider.
Likewise, bullishness among retail investors may not be done fading.
Other measures of the industrial sector likewise show continued growth.
Mike Pence, likewise, used the issue to woo evangelical voters.
Simple Truth has likewise benefited from a social media boost.
He bought fewer trees, and tree sellers nationwide did likewise.
Likewise, pairs of brightly patterned compression socks by Top & Derby.
Likewise, in states more prone to wind-related events — i.e.
Turnout likewise looked skimpy in Florida, according to anecdotal reports.
Likewise, consumer incomes will be pinched by elevated gasoline prices.
Likewise, I only had one option for YEAST (HAPPY EASTER).
Likewise, Ohtani is making concessions to join M.L.B. next season.
Likewise, in your opinion, what has made Amazon so successful?
Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, likewise dismissed Mr. Brennan.
Its army is likewise dependent on Western parts and support.
Likewise, schedules may change for parents as schools shut down.
Likewise, the Democrats had a House majority until those elections.
Likewise, algae is not a treatment for the new coronavirus.
Likewise, it seems, for the origin of these interstellar wanderers.
Yet in many ways, Ms. Bailey's tenure was likewise important.
Likewise, America cannot outsource our ability to supply our military.
It was likewise unclear how much the program would cost.
Fat cells likewise were transformed by exercise, another study found.
Likewise, just about everybody knows that things can be changed.
And then likewise with regard to trade, the trade tensions.
Likewise, Millennials can be tech luddites just like their grandparents.
And Buttigieg doing the same is likewise a big deal:
It likewise owned sizable slugs of Apple, Alphabet and Amazon.
Likewise, Ms. Palin's endorsements helped Republican women running for governor.
Westmoreland likewise adjusted his military efforts to the new strategy.
Likewise, Beatrice's sister Princess Eugenie has a passion for art.
Likewise, candidate Trump vowed to end the war in Afghanistan.
Likewise, Comic Sans may bring up memories from elementary school.
The ethanol industry said it would likewise consider legal action.
Key members of Putin's government likewise have been singled out.
Likewise, Bill Clinton has seen major movement in his ratings.
The role of women is likewise an important sticking point.
And likewise, get thrown that many times on the ground.
" Likewise, Putin said: "I am ready to go to Washington.
But we said likewise of Trump when he began running.
Mr. Rubio likewise embraced the idea of recognizing Mr. Guaidó.
Russia has likewise accused the U.S. of breaking the accord.
Why was everyone else not likewise crippled by this realization?
To prevail, a moderate Democrat will need to behave likewise.
Likewise, environmentally hazardous materials are resurrected in more practical ways.
Likewise, Labour's surges did not vary much with the Brexit vote.
Likewise. You could serve them with pork chops or turkey cutlets.
Likewise, the sixth amendment protects the right to a fair trial.
Styles bumped like crazy for Lesnar, and Lesnar frankly did likewise.
Trump, likewise, prefers bullet points to books and tweets to discussion.
Likewise, passive management can be done through passive ETFs, he said.
Consumers are likewise unaware that the counterfeit Apple products that Amazon.
Likewise, no particular agency has been publicly identified as the customer.
Verizon, likewise, exempts its Go90 service from its customers' data plans.
Likewise, he notes that the term can effectively erase other struggles.
Likewise, you can't take the 401(k) RMD from the IRA.
Other proven strategies could, likewise, be bundled into a funding package.
Likewise, no one who faces the death penalty will be extradited.
Likewise, Hillary Clinton has occupied every room in the American psyche.
Likewise, pensioner Edith Rena, 75, would seem an obvious target voter.
Likewise, it's clear in retrospect that the seemingly quixotic appeal of
Paramount has likewise canceled the show's premiere screening in New York.
Likewise, when business are more optimistic, they tend to invest more.
Likewise, Sanders is trying to push the Democrats to the left.
Moore likewise was facing pushback from multiple GOP senators this week.
Getty likewise has a photograph of the 2013 floor coverings archived.
Likewise, Swift is the preferred language for iOS development at Airbnb.
Likewise, Allen must protect the ball against a ferocious pass rush.
Likewise, the search for hotels in these areas has gone up.
Likewise, with Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who has had a blockbuster year.
Likewise, we are not going to return to antiquated lending models.
A likewise unnamed Roskomandzor employee confirmed the statistic to the newspaper.
The retailer was likewise initiated with a "buy" rating from Stifel.
And each of the GOP candidates is likewise seizing on impeachment.
Likewise, Messrs Hammond, Hunt and Javid share a view on immigration.
Likewise, Mueller's investigation is really about our journey as a country.
The chapel's advertised uses — weddings, memorial services, contemplation — are likewise commonplace.
Many other Obamacare plans will likewise have double-digit percentage increases.
Likewise, the people we admire online are not what they seem.
Its growing footprint of smaller stores is likewise benefiting the chain.
Likewise, Angelo Onello's brother, who sent the email, appreciated his humor.
Likewise, breading is usually done in two parts: wet and dry.
Likewise, the historical context of the Peace Cross counts, he said.
Tom Anderson, Larry Page, Evan Spiegel, and Peter Thiel likewise exist.
Likewise, anything near the sides of the frame is wildly distorted.
Likewise, radio and television were controlled by corporations or repressive states.
" Likewise Washington wrote on Twitter, "Dear Students, I stand with you.
The sunset clause likewise remained a sticking point, the source added.
She, likewise, is planning a more personal ritual of spiritual renewal.
Likewise, bots don't have to be perfect to earn our trust.
Likewise, treating everyone equally starts from the beginning: the candidate experience.
Some fiscal hawks in the Senate have likewise signaled concern. Sen.
" Trump added "Toyota is investing 13.5 $Billion in U.S., others likewise.
Likewise, unlimited "housekeeping" donations to political parties should also be banned.
He likewise did not respond to the Post's request for comment.
Likewise, GDP growth has been anemic for most of the recovery.
" Likewise, Cooper tweeted "Thanks to everyone asking about our brother @JoePerry.
Likewise, obviously, our customers live in a wide variety of buildings.
Likewise, Waltz isn't just an alternative to keys or access cards.
Likewise, the placebo effect is an intense area of study today.
And likewise, cultured meat is going to have an incredible challenge.
" The Intercept likewise described Trump's foreign policy as "know-nothing isolationism.
Likewise, Roethlisberger doesn't see his next deal as an urgent issue.
His Super Tuesday strategy likewise hinged on strong support in the
Likewise, users need to feel secure that their identity is protected.
Likewise, no one who faces the death penalty would be extradited.
Likewise, prosthetic limbs are being created to fit each patient exactly.
Gold likewise benefited from the turbulence, rising to one-week lows.
Likewise you shouldn't lose your initial margin because another counterparty defaults.
As a result of these trends, retailers are likewise being cautious.
The stress load, likewise, was frequently redistributed to different back muscles.
Likewise, nobody wants to experience the web at a snail's pace.
Likewise, none of his underachieving teammates are thought to be affected.
Flight cancellations and baggage mishaps have likewise been at their lowest.
Likewise, there was no suggestion that civilians nearby had been injured.
Irving, likewise, responded with arguably his best performance of the series.
Likewise, Netflix and other streaming services work hard to block VPNs.
The nation's budget process is likewise now headed for the Hudson.
Likewise with Content ID claims — YouTube creators can dispute those, too.
Likewise, they can set reserve prices on seats if they wish.
Likewise, city living has encouraged people to opt for littler dogs.
Likewise, if you studied abroad (and you have space), include that.
Likewise in the area of taste, we can only have opinions.
Aminta, likewise, is wonderfully diverse: hero and dreamboat, shepherd and lover.
Likewise, the gym itself also appeared to be constantly well trafficked.
He could likewise win the overwhelmingly nonwhite districts of New York.
A whole host of them objected likewise to women in uniform.
Her fight is likewise a daily one, which she is failing.
Likewise, 44 percent of Florida voters surveyed chose South Bend, Ind.
Koch family of energy moguls, has likewise aggressively promulgated a series
Likewise, not all workers are subject to the federal minimum wage.
Likewise, the forest in Steiermark, Austria, seems to go on forever.
Likewise, Costco offers a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro for $1,999.97.
Likewise for some of Mr. Saunders's efforts to reinvigorate his union.
Likewise Fisher suffered a scratched cornea two weeks before the finale.
Likewise, South Africans are killed by the police at higher rates.
Likewise, Warren's support remained static between the two at 17 percent.
Likewise, you want to make sure your cellphone service isn't interrupted.
And likewise, tales of flawed, unlikeable characters don't usually hold up
Likewise, most U.S. bills have trace amounts of cocaine on them.
Natural disasters, including climate change, likewise defy scientific or political control.
Similar protections likewise apply to public highways, canal systems, and railroads.
Likewise, decreasing enterprise assets actually connect to the enterprise network directly.
Likewise, hip-hop singer SahBabii uses Satanic symbols within his brand.
Likewise, those with social phobias took longer to join social interactions.
This is likewise the case for unhealthy foods (pizza, ice cream).
Likewise, the refrigerators in some tiny houses can be quite small.
Likewise, you'd never want to build your wealth around one endeavor.
Players, likewise, sought out Mejdal to dig deeper on their performance.
Likewise, the refugee crisis further bolstered his opinions — and his support.
Likewise, it's doubtful that she wore purple lipstick and black eyeliner.
Likewise, it also sells more affordable versions of its flagship phones.
Likewise, they avoid Prouvé chairs and parti-colored Max Lamb marble.
Likewise a platter of grilled green beans with garlic and herbs.
Steve Bannon, the U.S. president's campaign guru, has likewise advised Bolsonaro.
Likewise, an herb-flecked grain salad with mushrooms, hazelnuts and pears.
Saudi Arabia's recent interceptions of Houthi missiles are likewise under fire.
Likewise, whether they're worth it depends on how you use them.
Its impacts likewise would be felt on Boeing's global supply chain.
Likewise, Democrats tend to lose when voters of color stay home.
Running likewise was associated with an extra 3.2 years of life.
Likewise, we can correct TNG's approximation of the captain's geriatric destiny.
The question now is whether he will likewise win the race.
Likewise, investment banks warned Trump would be a disaster for stocks.
We've killed ISIS fighters by the thousands and likewise in Afghanistan.
Likewise Robert Farrar Capon's recipe sour-cream coffee cake, for breakfast.
The Najmans were likewise open-minded when they met Ms. Hindieh.
An outright ban on flavored vaping products likewise will not work.
Collins and McCain likewise have not said how they will vote.
It likewise delays US withdrawal from Afghanistan for the foreseeable future.
Likewise, military forces committed anywhere are always not doing something elsewhere.
Bryant was equally convinced that Gianna was likewise destined for greatness.
Croatia would have to follow a similar process to do likewise.
In Washington, frustration over the war likewise spurred talk of escalation.
Likewise, investors continue to monitor trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.
The Francophone media likewise pushed the story out on their platforms.
Rohrabacher, likewise, said he never spoke with the president about Assange.
As organs in the torso fail, the brain likewise shuts down.
Likewise, Thomson's book may help the outside world better understand Syrians.
Republican leaders likewise sounded confident they could avert a government shutdown.
Likewise, the average length of stay in custody is rapidly climbing.
Sherald, likewise, called the opportunity a defining milestone in her life.
Likewise, yields on government bonds remain low, despite the recent increase.
Death Stranding is likewise "appointment gaming," because… well, it's so weird.
Michelet was a master of moral condemnation, and C.L.R. James, likewise.
Janis likewise sees designating a red team as an invaluable function.
Likewise, a big purchase should have the input of both parties.
Likewise, Katyal relied on those earlier cases to argue his cause.
Likewise, banks have long both ignored and preyed upon poor populations.
Twitter has likewise deemed the ad in compliance, a spokesperson said.
Earnings, likewise, are expected before the bell from , , Scripps Networks and .
Likewise, Vanguard has a $4 billion asset FTSE Social Index fund.
Likewise, the stowaway stylus that charges when stored returns this year.
Wray likewise threw cold water on that idea on Monday night.
Likewise, I may update this piece as more information becomes available.
Other public and private entities have likewise taken up the cause.
Likewise, if someone's face is more angular, round frames look better.
Likewise, the center-right alliance could also renegotiate with other parties.
Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, likewise pressed for more cooperation.
Now Clinton's supporters are poised to do likewise if she's defeated.
Likewise Furman's arrival date is said to be April 13, 1942.
The Trump administration could do likewise in the grand jury case.
Likewise, Wittrock looks like a teen heartthrob — confident and crisply handsome.
Likewise, she holds neither herself nor the reader to unattainable standards.
Likewise, low financial literacy can contribute to insufficient or inefficient saving.
Likewise, earning money is an act to be valorized and celebrated.
Likewise our whole nation and indeed the whole world is devastated.
Likewise Offset appeared on the February issue with the rest of Migos.
Likewise, America's airlines have increased debt as their profits have shot up.
" "Mexico is likewise doing NOTHING, a very bad combination for our Country.
" The statement continued: "Likewise, tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border.
Taxi companies have likewise been hit harder by business travelers' changing habits.
They later found two other individuals nearby, likewise shot in the attack.
Likewise, eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder are not just women's issues.
At Duane Reade, the receipts are likewise more or less the same.
Likewise, the many potential candidates in attendance — including Warren, Merkley, Gillibrand, Sen.
Judges likewise should not make up the rules as they go along.
Page could likewise expect to face a grilling in her committee interview.
Likewise, passengers' weight could also be determined during a full body scan.
Likewise, Roger Goodell responded to criticism in his usually aloof way. OK!
Likewise, people don't want to hear people like Bradshaw talking about politics.
The future of the Renova Fort Ross Foundation is likewise in doubt.
Likewise, it would be wrong to dismiss the impact of social networks.
Three other families, totaling 13 people, likewise accepted the offer of help.
Likewise, they haven't verified which of the men live until the end.
Likewise, the world has a measure of human-caused chaos as well.
It's straightforward to use and likewise, produces an array of straightforward sounds.
Likewise, if demand cools, Schleck said he is prepared to reduce staff.
The Dow Jones industrial average, likewise, is up 15% for the year.
Google has likewise temporarily shuttered its China office due to the outbreak. 
Activists in St. Louis likewise share a desire to see O'Toole fired.
A similar ratio of Republicans, likewise, continue to think that he didn't.
Likewise, a serious ad does not have to mean it is depressing.
The White House, likewise, is waging its own battle with House Democrats.
Likewise, a good screenwriter could make more of the novel's philosophical dilemmas.
Likewise, Didi customers will have the option to book hotels through Booking.
Sellers, likewise, have no guarantee they will be paid in such circumstances.
This process has likewise affected our physical abilities, such as navigating space.
Likewise, Pattinson makes wet noodle Edward feel like a soul in torment.
Likewise, there are plenty of people with untreated mental and physical ailments.
His private adult life appears to have likewise been marked by turbulence.
Mr. Silver's coming recording is likewise not aimed at the club crowd.
This was in part a sardonic comment on British cartoonists doing likewise.
Likewise, the paperwork for the female head was unprofessionally prepared, she said.
Likewise, it didn't always work for Maki's employees who wanted more flexibility.
Likewise, the purple model is supposed to turn more silver in sunlight.
Likewise, price a route too high and the platform won't remain competitive.
The receiver likewise randomly chooses which kind of polarisation to check for.
Likewise, Sidewalk and Intersection employees will sit side by side, he added.
Likewise, her relationship with the remaining members of her family is strained.
Likewise, an autopsy will almost certainly result in a seriously compromised cryopreservation.
If fit-for-purpose ear protection existed, orchestra management could do likewise.
Likewise, anyone can become a follower, even while holding a leadership position.
Documents gathered in-person by contractors are likewise fed into its system.
Likewise, the new Google Assistant system-wide features are fast and responsive.
Likewise, until recently, there was very little that was cool about Toronto.
That's probably the direction that marijuana regulation will likewise go in California.
And now, O'Reilly is leaving with tens of millions after doing likewise.
" Likewise, Google's Queiroz told CNET, "We're definitely prototyping the technology [foldable screens].
Likewise, Russian online sellers will gain access to consumers in those markets.
There is likewise a 15 percent over-allotment for YY's stake sale.
Likewise, I've also reached out to Tesla, and haven't received a response.
Prodded by aid donors, Afghanistan and Sudan recently promised to do likewise.
Fellow rookie Katie Porter likewise built her campaign on bashing Wall Street.
Likewise, politicizing religious issues was a powerful tool for filling church pews.
But Judge Gorsuch is likewise innocent, and he too is well qualified.
Facebook has likewise fought the suit, aiming for dismissal under similar arguments.
Likewise, the company's spending on playing the Washington, DC, influence game—a.k.a.
Likewise, cloud-based service ZenPayroll helps you calculate income taxes every month.
Likewise, Andrew Carnegie was among the richest men of the 19th century.
Likewise, 78% of Trump's backers say they will definitely support him vs.
Likewise, it looks like iOS 11 will finally be ready for everyone.
American Eagle likewise boosted its fourth-quarter sales amid fewer aggressive promotions.
Likewise, the light arm slides back and forth on three large wheels.
Fellow freshman Katie Porter likewise built her campaign on bashing Wall Street.
It is likewise a mostly unresponsive state, albeit one in perpetual motion.
Likewise, U.S. consumers and voters deserve more regulatory transparency in the process.
Likewise, Haven Green Park by Ealing Broadway station has bunches of Pikachu.
Likewise, Alma's Mexican family move back and forth between English and Spanish.
Likewise, any new phones from Microsoft will not appear at this event.
Likewise, the fact you're not sore doesn't mean your muscles aren't growing.
Likewise, we have at times needed myths and legends about miraculous rejuvenation.
Likewise, celebrity is hierarchical and exploitative—not of artists, but of fans.
Likewise, Boris Johnson and other Leave campaigners have called off their events.
Likewise, Farage frequently rails against the evils of big business and bankers.
Likewise, the inland waterways fleet and shore infrastructure need to be recapitalized.
The way to stop war was, likewise, to remove its legal immunity.
Likewise, the 1944 deportation should be recognized as an act of genocide.
Likewise, when this grid was accepted, it was slated for a Wednesday.
Zuckerberg in April, which pushed Parkland from the front pages, likewise addressed
Likewise, the Justice Department did not respond to an email seeking comment.
Likewise, its operating income or loss will move to Google's balance sheet.
In many other countries, medical and dental care likewise are segregated systems.
Earlier Wednesday, Trump likewise praised the outcome of Kim and Moon's summit.
He likewise resists changes in gender relations, law enforcement, race and religion.
Likewise, the average governor's poll had an error rate of 22018 points.
Likewise, failing to reward him would suggest Trump had made a mistake.
Robert Bowers is likewise charged with capital crimes for the Pittsburgh shooting.
Likewise, Twitter announced Thursday that it's placing more regulations on election ads.
Scott Peters (D-Calif.) likewise said he would work on a solution.
Likewise, the old rules required written authorization from only the CIA director.
Likewise, exports of frozen potatoes into Mexico help meet their consumption demand.
Likewise, it has no authority to undermine the congressional privilege of inquiry.
Mark Zuckerberg likewise rejected a $1 billion offer for his fledgling Facebook.
Goldman likewise will not be able to access user data for marketing.
Likewise, representatives of Palantir did not respond to an email seeking comment.
Likewise, many Christians supporting Mr. Trump did so hiding behind terrible theology.
Likewise, plenty of students will never need to visit a safe space.
Facebook is likewise planning a massive new UK headquarters in Kings Cross.
Likewise in field hockey, the American men are not even in Rio.
He likewise urged Iraqi and Kurdish forces to stay focused on ISIS.
Protesters have likewise created their own institutions to defend their legal rights.
Likewise, Trump has a 55% to 16% edge on handling illegal immigration.
Soil microbes in the experimental plots have likewise increased their metabolic rate.
Likewise, Ms Lagarde, Mr Michel and Mr Borrell are all competent figures.
Likewise, a strong rise in gasoline prices could significantly constrain household budgets.
Likewise, both bills actually take away workers' freedom to negotiate a contract.
The head of New Zealand's government likewise has a floppy, casual charm.
Likewise, he needs someone who is earthy and sensual, but also fiery.
Likewise, power forwards rarely have to fight through ball screens and recover.
She likewise made animations composed of paintings on glass slides in sequence.
Manafort's deputy, Rick Gates, likewise appeared steadfast in his unwillingness to cooperate.
Likewise, amateur radio groups discourage hams from self-deploying to the Caribbean.
" Likewise, "look at the people that you can't stand to be around.
Likewise, when Americans and Mexicans trade with each other, both sides win.
John V. Lindsay, at 6-foot-4, likewise, did not slouch away.
"Likewise, our wearable is not intended to be worn persistently," Kisch explained.
Likewise, accent walls are a popular trend that designers can find alienating.
Likewise, YouTube plans to stop showing exact subscriber accounts for its channels.
And stronger companies had price-to-earnings ratios that were likewise astronomical.
Likewise, you could give Mark Bittman's recipe for Spanish tortilla a shot.
Likewise, phrases like the vague "industrialization had urbanized Glasgow" are simply filler.
Likewise, a lifetime ban on share buybacks would strike many as extreme.
Humans, likewise pressed by climate impacts, encroach more closely on animal habitats.
Likewise, they'll be focusing their energy on serious friendships over superficial ones.
Likewise, any people who've been pissing them off recently should watch out.
Likewise, "Voyelles" (2017) makes complex emotional connections between title, object, and concept.
Likewise, Kid Rock prompted people to throw water bottles at the stage.
The euro likewise eased back to $1.1371 from a top of $1.1412.
Likewise, Twitter is consistently profitable and growing its audience of daily users.
Likewise in the Men's at one venue I sometimes find a catheter.
Likewise, he implied that Congress could pursue impeachment without directly recommending it.
Likewise, XWord Info tracks only puzzles with the longest average word length.
Likewise for the S&P 500, which unofficially closed 1.16 percent lower.
Likewise, in Louisiana, students with disabilities were punished at disproportionately high rates.
Likewise, etching gas is hard to store in high volumes, he said.
Likewise, we must make it possible for more women to protect themselves.
Protestant priests, likewise, are not bound by priestly celibacy, and can marry.
Lojas Renner likewise stands to gain from a surge in consumer spending.
Likewise, ukiyo-e prints also ended up heavily influenced by European exchange.
Likewise, each map is a time capsule of that era's international issues.
The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, likewise welcomed Mr. Trump's comments.
Likewise, many hiring managers are increasingly looking for resiliency in job candidates.
Uber is likewise focusing on the most "in-need markets," she said.
The army, itself immersed in organized crime, has likewise hedged its bets.
Likewise, paper towels and cotton swabs are also formulated to stay intact.
Then he did likewise, a decision that seems positively exotic in retrospect.
Likewise, on Tuesday, Mr. de Blasio remained unaffected by would-be critics.
Likewise, actual scoops are rarely obtained in the White House briefing room.
The chairman of the SEC likewise declined to comment, citing agency policy.
Likewise, they might be thinking about family governance, but still need guidance.
If you stay away from the travel warning countries, international flight likewise.
Likewise, Democrats should be aggressive in blocking Trump nominees to lower courts.
Likewise in high finance, which could serve as a vehicle for sanctions.
Likewise, mortgage rates have already fallen on anticipation of a rate cut.
Or Lidey Heuck's red curry lentils with sweet potatoes and spinach. Likewise.
The new pediatric formulation will likewise be priced at $230 a day.
Schultz, likewise, has accused Democrats of lurching too far to the left.
Likewise, ABC is responsible for all advertisements run by its affiliate networks.
The DOJ is likewise "studying section 230 and its scope," Barr said.
Likewise, being gay was associated with having more sexual partners among men.
Southwest Airlines said Thursday that it would do likewise through Aug. 10.
Likewise, Instacart workers have been shown to make as little as $7.
Likewise, his first comeback rally, held in New York City with Rep.
Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) likewise applauded the provision as an important fix.
Experts said that what Mr. Trump described would likewise violate international law.
Cuban has criticized Trump over issues and Trump has blasted Cuban likewise.
The globular crystalline faucet handles (produced by Mr. Mercer) are likewise plastic.
JP Morgan's Ryan Brinkman likewise stuck by his underperform rating on Tesla.
A long tradition of meditation likewise uses controlled breathing to induce tranquillity.
The story's prose is likewise awkward, sometimes slipping into didacticism and repetition.
Likewise, if you have to choose, skip calculus and focus on statistics.
It likewise has advised those planning to study abroad to stay put.
The Turks likewise are more sympatico with the Russians than with us.
Likewise, the number of registered worker grew 1.2% during the same period.
Likewise miner Anglo American fell 0003 percent following its full year update.
Likewise, it reported 22 miles of running to a treadmill's 2003 miles.
Likewise, they shouldn't be stuffing the vegan agenda down other people's throats.
Likewise, key elements of obstruction are conspicuously absent on the current facts.
Likewise, not every player who doesn't leave with one is a loser.
That attack likewise targeted a Resolute Support convoy with a car bomb.
Likewise, for purposes of U.S. law, the Supreme Court in Schick v.
Likewise, when you get on set, every single morning, everything you planned?
"Beautiful Minds" will likewise end as the structure it builds is completed.
Shohei Ohtani followed with a two-run single before Simmons did likewise.
So recent "Stop Soros" laws are framed, likewise, as bulwarks against immigration.
Likewise Ms. Lane's noble prettiness has never looked subtler or more endearing.
" Coats said likewise that they had observed activity "inconsistent with full denuclearization.
Seattle, likewise, has struggled to make a dent in its homeless population.
Likewise, this unrest in Iran was not about the price of gas.
Likewise, CNN reported that Trump's advisors have dissuaded him from sacking Rosenstein.
Likewise. Definitely going to try to make chicken and shallots this week.
Likewise, that strikes me as being in the natural order of things.
The older Tonya makes an assertion, and the older Jeff does likewise.
Likewise, nothing is yet decided in the second-tier Championship's promotion race.
The euro likewise eased back to $1.13505 from a top of $1.1412.
Likewise, the upcoming referendum is a moment to mobilize around broad dissatisfaction.
Likewise, the privacy and broadband rate regulation proposals create new problems too.
Likewise, there was no California state law on the matter at all.
Likewise, SmileDirectClub&aposs primary draw is a more affordable approach to orthodontia.
And Midwestern hubs like St. Louis and Omaha likewise offer L.G.B.T. protections.
But to Seefried's great surprise, none of her state regulators did likewise.
Likewise, that ticket costs more than the average monthly income in Ecuador.
The preservation of these monuments has likewise reflected a clear political agenda.
The euro likewise eased back to $1.13615 from a top of $1.1412.
Felons with drug convictions are likewise banned unless states request a waiver.
The Black Lives Matter movement was likewise abused by Russian actors in 2016.
Likewise, Jack doesn't get super involved in the day-to-day product decisions.
Likewise, some Tumblr users have tried their own kind of native ads—posts
Hundreds of websites are likewise blocked in Pakistan, and the list goes on.
Likewise, companies across every industry have increasingly more value stored in digital assets.
And they will likewise punish those Democrats if they vote against Mr. Kavanaugh.
Likewise, there are a million different versions of this recap I could write.
I think, likewise, the First Amendment case on the pregnancy centers in California.
Likewise, selling results motivates you to constantly raise the caliber of your work.
Likewise, Trump's early trade agenda could hit a surprising number of American pocketbooks.
Likewise, bar membership will no longer be required to practice law, Anadolu said.
A staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee likewise voiced exasperation with the company.
Likewise, the upcoming Moana will not see its titular character fall in love.
Two other Fed picks by Trump, Nellie Liang and Marvin Goodfriend, likewise failed.
And, likewise, with my questions, have you been told my questions in advance?
Likewise, there is the unfortunate message Trump sends to US allies and partners.
Likewise, Macy's probably needs 500 of its roughly 800 existing stores, he said.
Local and federal authorities may track them differently, likewise activist and research groups.
Likewise, don't get mired in philosophical arguments about big government and crony capitalism.
Likewise, it's expect to impact different segments of the population in different ways.
Likewise, the country's cramped airports and potholed highways are a drain on productivity.
Sellers on Marketplace will likewise receive payments and arrange shipping directly within Facebook.
Likewise, about half of Republicans think Democrats are ignorant (49%) and spiteful (24%).
If Japanese women were to do likewise, they would be leaving much earlier.
Treating toleration itself as a patronising fraud likewise rests on a conceptual muddle.
Since Serbia is not in the EU, its workers cannot easily do likewise.
Revenue likewise fell essentially in line with Wall Street's forecast, at $26.47 billion.
Macy's will likewise invest more heavily in digital and mobile, the company said.
Likewise, liberal protesters have deployed satire as a defensive tactic across the globe.
Likewise, inspectors did not find any immediate damage to bridges or other infrastructure.
Likewise, to maintain simplicity, UBI would need to be paid at fixed rates.
Likewise, the volatility reflected in the VIX can have a variety of causes.
Likewise, the home should not be turned into a shrine where nothing changes.
Likewise, Flowers' contract means he would likely go unclaimed via waivers if released.
Likewise, a climate change catastrophe also seems unlikely within the next five years.
Likewise, two weeks ago there was lukewarm praise for the quarter Starbucks reported.
Gravity wakes, also called "straws, "are likewise very visible in the new photos.
Likewise, "True Blood" stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer married and had kids.
On the nation-state issue, likewise, the euro zone does not fail entirely.
Oversized shades have likewise been one of her fashion hallmarks since the '80s.
HTT likewise has not yet revealed the interior design of its Hyperloop capsules.
Likewise, Twilio announced a secondary offering after a huge run on better earnings.
Lean inventories likewise helped the company reduce the amount of markdowns it offered.
Investments in H&M's online operations have likewise weighed on the company's margins.
And the Asian-Americans who live there have likewise been reliable Republican voters.
Two security sources confirmed the incident, but likewise did not have further details.
Likewise, consumers increasingly see wellness as a moral necessity, not an aspirational luxury.
Likewise, arcane laws -- including one that prevents raiding private homes between 9 p.m.
Third, the strengthening dollar is likewise still not fully reflected in consumer prices.
Several Congressional committees are likewise investigating Trump's White House, campaign and transition team.
Likewise, no serious Democratic candidate should be able to support the death penalty.
" Likewise, Chelsey White of Chelsweets says, "I'm happy that people find it relaxing.
Likewise, electronics powerhouse Taiwan reported some improvement but again growth was only marginal.
Edward Beck likewise took to social media to counter the Trump campaign's arguments.
Likewise, private-sector employers would not be forced to participate in the program.
Other states with nuclear plants at risk of being closed should do likewise.
Likewise, Alyx remains one of the most plausible, endearing characters in video games.
Likewise, Verizon will see its tax rate drop from the current 35 percent.
Likewise, there is growing evidence that IVF in general is safe, Sauer said.
Likewise, if the federal government wants to enforce its immigration laws, it can.
Modi, likewise, heralded Trump for the "respect" they have shown him and India.
Likewise, Margana Wood, Miss Texas, took a jab at the Prez over Charlottesville.
Likewise, about 15 percent reported some other kind of addiction during that time.
The federal courts, supreme and otherwise, would likewise lay claim to broad powers.
Likewise, Kohl's plans to test five to 10 smaller-format stores this year.
Likewise, Fed fund futures are pricing in the shallowest of shallow tightening paths.
Will Conway likewise wants to shift the story from terrorism to Frank's crimes.
It likewise meant that those in the U.S. could never become U.S. citizens.
Likewise, a less risky customer could encounter fewer steps, helping to increase conversions.
Likewise, distance education and automated testing are already changing the landscape for education.
Law enforcement should likewise be willing to consider the idea, and respond appropriately.
It is likewise intelligence without context, which may be little better than noise.
The founders of WhatsApp likewise had disagreements with their Zuckerberg-helmed corporate overlord.
Only 35 percent of Republicans believe likewise, compared to 40 percent in 2017.
Academic studies likewise show that police shootings frequently do not result in death.
Likewise, some countries — like China — might be prime targets, while others are spared.
Likewise, the leaders of the state's Democratic and Republican parties oppose the system.
Everything in a printer, likewise, must slide quickly and smoothly over everything else.
Puerto Rico is facing acute problems and the president is, likewise, doing nothing.
The influence of district judges has likewise had an effect on national security.
Likewise, the Cubs led all of baseball in on-base percentage with a .
Likewise, any emotional arcs are so underplayed as to be hardly worth mentioning.
Likewise in Government lawyers and others are being delayed at a record pace!
Likewise, law enforcement benefits immensely from understanding and respecting every person they serve.
Likewise supermarket peers Tesco and Morrison advanced 1.7 percent and 0.7 percent respectively.
Likewise, construction and development loans were among the hardest hit in the crisis.
Likewise, see if there's any fat in your budget that you could trim.
Here in Mr. Ryan's hometown, a potential upset is likewise being viewed skeptically.
Likewise few are expecting much progress on tackling the problem of North Korea.
Likewise, when the Court upheld the due process rights of an expelled student
We bureaucrats followed the rules, so we wanted a president who did likewise.
Other accessories from the older system are likewise incompatible with the Xbox One.
Likewise, USAID is facing potentially dramatic cuts to development and economic aid programs.
American weaponry sold to Saudi Arabia has likewise been found in AQAP hands.
Seafaring peoples must stand on the principle that maritime freedom is likewise indivisible.
Likewise, Whitehouse cited "bonus decisions advancing far-right social agenda" like Burwell v.
I likewise hope these government unions will start making different choices as well.
Likewise, photographers of the 1960s also experimented with color, collage, and vernacular materials.
Likewise, the contract means Flowers likely would go unclaimed via waivers if released.
Likewise, as CNN has previously noted, Corker was opposed to the Iran Deal.
Likewise, an alarming 44 percent of seniors say they're living paycheck-to-paycheck.
Trump likewise struck a conciliatory tone, lauding both of them for their service.
Likewise, there's no immediate expansion plan, but he did suggest that the Kata.
The Sinai attack should likewise have little effect on longer-term direct investment.
Likewise, Cowen's analysis of the reemergence of segregation reveals little about national complacency.
Likewise, Clarice Starling is the true protagonist of The Silence of the Lambs.
Likewise, the Logan Act (which is often referenced) is a virtual dead letter.
Some adult doctors, reasoning that we are all children in illness, feel likewise.
Democrats take African-Americans for granted; Republicans do likewise with Midwestern white farmers.
Likewise, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was reported to be "disappointed" by the move.
South Florida has likewise failed to get federal help for more modest relocations.
Likewise, stores such as Sears and Macy's are closing at an alarming rate.
Likewise Lemonade's narrative deliberately blurs the lines between the personal and the political.
But making robots that are likewise soft and squishy is a deep challenge.
Likewise, Simeone is more than capable of spotting an unpolished gem up front.
Likewise, liberals in red Alabama districts might be able to elect a candidate.
Likewise, the booing from the stands seems to have died down a bit.
Their own fans can hardly bear to watch, the rest of us likewise.
Likewise, Phil clearly feels that Gary is the eponymous man in the arena.
The tragedy is that he has convinced so many Americans to do likewise.
Syria's future likewise will not fall into simplistic categories like "Islamist" or "secular".
I had no where to go, and likewise Mary had nowhere to go.
Spain and Portugal likewise require a legislative supermajority to approve constitutional court nominees.
Likewise, Dr. Crawford told me he'd stopped looking for answers in Brown's death.
Most Iraqi Shiites likewise don't want to see their country become Tehran's puppet.
It is likewise unknown how serious Mr. Trump is about taking the action.
Likewise, protective gear such as masks and gloves works only if used correctly.
Likewise, a buyback slowdown in April was accompanied by a tumble in stocks.
Culinary knowledge, passed down for generations as oral history, is likewise at risk.
Likewise, its after-effects can be major and long lasting—some even permanent.
Superheroes, from Superman to the Black Panther, are likewise fearless, intrepid and invulnerable.
Mr. Trump has likewise been said not to click personally with General McMaster.
Webb likewise was charged with one run in his 5 2/3 innings.
Ms. Mirren and her representatives are probably hoping the movie will do likewise.
Likewise Argentina's intelligence chief, Gustavo Arribas, who is close to President Mauricio Macri.
Likewise, Amblin and Universal confirmed that they would be looking into the incident.
It was likewise floral on the palate, yet strikingly saline, an unforgettable combination.
The third group likewise reduced calories but also began a weight-training program.
The summer heat in Prince Edward County is likewise moderated by the lake.
General Manager Jon Horst is likewise on an impressive run of roster moves.
Likewise, conservatives may be downplaying the power of the new United States approach.
Likewise, rapum is the partially translated Latin for a cluster of tuberlike roots.
Likewise, many of the children still cannot talk about their experiences in Cambodia.
Mr. Cartwright, running in northeastern Pennsylvania, was likewise committed to understanding conservative constituents.
Likewise, James Edward Rice is called "Jim," while James Alvin Palmer is not.
The letters to the companies on Friday likewise upped the pressure from Washington.
Likewise, there is little hard evidence that health apps by themselves reduce disease.
And should his rival respond likewise, Male A will tack on three chucks.
Likewise, learning where to work and what wages to expect comes from colleagues.
Likewise, Congress can extend FARA regulations to foreign propagandists using American media platforms.
Likewise, there is no appetite for a change of manager among the hierarchy.
The fifth also had multiple black jurors and likewise ended in a mistrial.
In "Red Utopia," the similarities and differences among parties are likewise illuminated visually.
Likewise, Mr. Trump is not scheduled to attend a meeting on climate change.
The euro likewise eased to 120.61 yen having hit a three-week low.
Likewise the ranch houses and condominium buildings in a subdivision northwest of downtown.
Likewise, the views of conservative thinkers haven't moved the needle and never will.
Breakfast for two, likewise, can be a benefit worth over $100 per day.
Likewise, one 27-year-old respondent said he doesn't want fragrance gift sets.
The Atlanta Braves, likewise, could be quite imposing in a year or two.
Likewise, receiving it as compensation or by other means will be ordinary income.
Trump's plans to curtail legalimmigration will, likewise, make native-born Americans less prosperous.
Likewise, Mr. Cutler points to related economic events before 1980 as contributing factors.
Likewise, no one forced Stone to commit witness tampering or obstruction of justice.
Likewise, Netflix has never won in the best comedy category in six tries.
He has likewise chided himself publicly about his penchant for arguing with referees.
But Judaism has likewise been influenced by every diaspora Jews have lived in.
Likewise, Trump's complaints about a rigged system are unlikely to be as effective.
The euro likewise eased to 120.55 yen having hit a three-week low.
The euro likewise eased to 120.61 yen having hit a three-week low.
Beto O'Rourke likewise called for an update in antitrust enforcement — without mentioning specifics.
Likewise, VSCO girl "transformations" are prevalent on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.
Likewise, other parts of the tech economy are leaning on abilities over degrees.
Likewise, the hotel is waterfront and faces the bay, but is not beachfront.
Likewise, Netflix has never won in the best comedy category in six tries.
Likewise, 11 songs from Three Houses are being added to Ultimate as well.
Likewise, dislike of Muslims is often strongest where immigrant populations are the smallest.
Denver (17-8) and Utah (15-11) have likewise fallen short of predictions.
Likewise, years of targeted assassinations against Hamas in Gaza haven't dismantled that organization.
Some Republicans likewise disagreed with the conclusions being drawn from that document. Rep.
Likewise, Pablo Carreno Busta, at 25 the youngest of Spain's top 100 brigade.
Likewise, sanctions are most effective when they are adopted by an international coalition.
Likewise, if I set a timer, it will only trigger on one speaker.
Photo: Victoria Song (Gizmodo)Likewise, the new Health app is a marked improvement.
The NRA likewise opts to scapegoat some "insane" bogeyman during times like these.
Likewise, we must communicate — in writing or in speech — with clarity and precision.
Likewise, it is not about one person, or even a group of people.
His lead counsel likewise condemned the move in a statement to the Times.
Likewise, we have seen airplanes and trucks used as instruments of mass killings.
Likewise, you do not want to use more than one target-date fund.
Likewise, the hospital's easiest course of action is to blame the health plan.
Likewise, the size of microplastics raises big questions for human health as well.
A totally blind trust, she said, would likewise be impossible under the circumstances.
Likewise, local jurisdictions are not required to actively assist ICE in making arrests.
Likewise, Americans estimate that 35 percent of the world's children have been vaccinated.
"Likewise, I don't run a commentary on his Twitter account," Ms. Bishop said.
Likewise, Martinez is the namesake for the award recognizing the best designated hitter.
Likewise, the University of California lists intellectual curiosity as a desirable applicant characteristic.
California and New York likewise announced that they will sue over what Gov.
There is no theological reason for the American bishops not to do likewise.
The United States has likewise eased rules on humanitarian aid to North Korea.
Likewise, traction is crucial for braking, which transfers weight onto the front tires.
The US's own polls have likewise been fairly accurate during the Trump era.
Mr. Cohen has likewise come to see Mr. Trump for his true nature.
Those who identify as spiritual but not religious are likewise on the rise.
Likewise, there's no reason corporations shouldn't make music — Jay-Z is a corporation.
Likewise, the accompanying essays are by curators and critics from across the globe.
Likewise, camp has no interest in traditional ideas of beauty or good taste.
Likewise, museums do not need to share this neutrality with prospective corporate donors.
Likewise, opposition to TPP fueled Bernie Sanders' insurgent campaign for the Democratic nomination.
The visitor center and gallery likewise has rotating exhibitions and a charming café.
The rest of the works in SEX likewise mix humor and thoughtful critique.
Likewise, tapping on laughter (AKA "haha") will bring forth the "tears of joy" everywhere.
Likewise, an herbal, peppery grüner veltliner, also from Austria, would be an excellent accompaniment.
Likewise, even for those not genetically gifted, hard work can go a long way.
" Likewise, Cameron said that at his old school, "we just read textbooks and stuff.
Likewise, on the issue of Wall Street reform, Clinton has said that she wants
Likewise, after four years of neglect, the Mac mini is unofficially upgradeable after purchase.
Likewise, pageant titleholders have to do their own hair and makeup during the competition.
The falling birth rate is likewise driven by food-related stress on adult females.
" Likewise, the preferred phrasing for "climate change adaption" is now "resilience to weather extremes.
Last week, Bunce likewise stepped down from his role as Artistic Director at Wavelength.
Likewise, if a device is cheap and works well, it will probably look horrible.
Likewise, network investments by smaller operators of cable or direct-broadcast satellite television spiked.
Likewise, Bailey spent 17 years with Burberry before announcing his departure in October 2017.
Cruz's supporters are likewise a hodgepodge of fundamentalists, economic nationalists, and small-government enthusiasts.
Trump's plans to curtail legal immigration will, likewise, make native-born Americans less prosperous.
Likewise, the U.S.' Ukraine-related economic sanctions on Russia are in place until March.
Credit card companies have been notified, and law enforcement is likewise investigating the incident.
Likewise, strategically placed welded seams around the abdomen encourage athletes to engage those muscles.
Likewise, strategically placed welded seams around the abdomen encourage athletes to engage those muscles.
Likewise, satisfaction with insurance coverage has dipped from 73% to 68% in that time.
MetLife, the insurance company, and First National Bank likewise discontinued their NRA discount programs.
Likewise, GoPro increased its social media views by 40 percent, netting 238 million views.
Japanese 10-year bond futures likewise started Wednesday at their highest since August 2016.
Likewise, Jain's past comparisons of lunar mining to ocean resource extraction poses similar problems.
Something that is important to you may not be important to them and likewise.
Likewise Iran, which has been closely aligned with Damascus since the 1979 Iranian revolution.
It will likewise lessen the need for long-term, costly repairs to aging infrastructure.
The government of Quebec likewise said they hoped California would remain in the program.
It would broadcast gravitational waves that would likewise be beamed in a lighthouse pattern.
Likewise, BMW has promised to unveil its own self-driving electric car in 2021.
Likewise, Iowa State made five of its first nine shots to begin the contest.
Likewise, BMW is reportedly about to launch a pilot subscription next week in Tennessee.
Likewise, greater energy efficiency could reduce emissions by even more than deploying renewables would.
Likewise also hopes to expand to new categories, including perhaps podcasts, electronics and recipes.
Likewise, EnVyUs may only wait a week to avenge the loss against Gale Force.
Likewise, Richerson says thousands of genes may contribute to complex characteristics like common sense.
Likewise, visible alliances from cis, straight people has the capacity to be life changing.
Likewise, learning objectives and training could be used through SharePoint in the virtual world.
Ryan, who has criticized Trump's anti-Muslim sentiments, likewise censured Nehlen for his views.
Likewise the subsection "Why I'm So Great" no longer appears in the finished product.
Likewise, he has opposed extending adoption rights to gay couples or recognising gay marriage.
Likewise, foreign diplomats will ask themselves how they can enrich Trump to gain influence.
Likewise, Democrats would gut Medicare with their planned government takeover of American health care.
Mr Cameron tried to make British territories with big offshore financial centres do likewise.
Likewise pest control company Rentokil Initial gained 4.3 percent after reporting half-year results.
Each film's tone is likewise established wordlessly through the broad expanse of Whale's frame.
Likewise, r/the_donald, r/hillaryforprison, and r/kotakuinaction all have well over that number.
Likewise, the experience of "In Search of the Miraculous" was known only to Ader.
Likewise, if you're on the oilier side, water-based foundations are your best bet.
Likewise, McDonald's has paired with both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company for previous promotions.
Likewise, and thanks largely to Apple, we prefer our mobile devices shiny and monochrome.
Likewise, Facebook Camera, is also getting a save feature independent of your phone storage.
Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham supported Obama's efforts, and likewise endorsed Trump's actions.
Likewise, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner scolded Twitter for perhaps taking the law too literally.
Likewise, it has a 4.5 rating in the Play Store from over 1,200 users.
Likewise, investors in Seedrs-funded companies will have the chance to increase their stake.
Likewise, the longer his streak continues, the more pressure he's under to keep winning.
Likewise, if you're sucking, that level will drop back down with a depressing thud.
Likewise, in love, Aquarians struggle with the face that no human being is perfect.
Likewise for DevOps or any other specific task that is core to your business.
Likewise, on Monday, it never traded below the highest level it hit on Friday.
Likewise, small modular reactors might ultimately prove cheaper, but that's speculation at this point.
The EU likewise ended all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions against the country.
Spacious keyboard Large, smooth trackpad Likewise, the trackpad is large, smooth and very responsive.
Likewise, Senators are accountable to the public for their consent or rejection of nominees.
Likewise, oil leases went from 40 in 2009 to more than 0003,500 in 2013.
The dollar likewise held at 114.18 yen and eyed the recent peak of 114.95.
Turkey likewise wants European governments to help track down Gulenists among their Turkish populations.
Revenue is a lagging indicator of sales success, so must likewise be prioritized accordingly.
The migrants Juan crosses, he tells us, likewise don't carry phones during the trip.
Likewise, Float revels in its splintered state more than any of her previous titles.
Likewise for production, which hit 22015,2500 vehicles in Q3, up from 18,345 in Q2.
Although that, likewise, will require technical advancements before it can be put to use.
Target likewise initially won't offer fresh groceries via Google Express, a representative told CNBC.
It was the other cask-strength malt, and likewise calls for a little water.
President Obama's relationship with the IC likewise was testy over Iraq, Iran and Russia.
Likewise, New Orleans executed two of Payton's short-yardage designs perfectly in critical moments.
Likewise, don't get something that's way too basic, because no learning will take place.
Likewise, the more expensive your area, the more you need to make to qualify.
Corporate windigos like the mining company are likewise creatures of unrestrained greed and excess.
Likewise, the same command can be represented in code in a number of ways.
Likewise, there may be fantastic reasons not to use collected fees during a shutdown.
Likewise, he won pretty much every voter who held a favorable view of him.
Likewise, "one size fits all" does not begin to describe their caretakers and families.
Likewise, the film's pulsing score sometimes imposes a convenient but unnecessary surge of emotion.
The skies oppress me, heaven, the world are a jail, and likewise my day.
They likewise hoped to see Delhi make greater contributions to security in East Asia.
Likewise, Democrats won't have the votes to pass a public or single-payer option.
Likewise, Mr. Trump's chances of winning the White House declined by five percentage points.
Likewise, firms that hire the Syrians shouldn't face any extra burdens, fees or taxes.
Syria, Iraq and Iran have all been suspected of having planned to do likewise.
O'Rourke likewise has faced criticism over reported politically motivated staff reassignments under his tenure.
The task force's discussion of how the USPS can raise revenue is likewise wrongheaded.
Likewise, only 37 percent backed the plan when told it would eliminate private insurance.
The Chicago Tribune's recent editorial, "Why Chicago Violent Crimes Go Unsolved," likewise did not.
Likewise, the committee's proposal must pass both houses and then be signed into law.
Likewise, with one single state supreme court ruling, Georgia's judiciary could do the same.
Likewise, Putin has insisted that the Russian government did not meddle in the election.
Likewise, Ryan's prospects for contending for the presidency in 85033 depend on this decision.
Likewise, tax reform is translating into increased capital investment and increased trend economic growth.
Likewise, Express Scripts list is now up to a total of 85 excluded medications.
Likewise, it has never justified its extraordinarily bloated corps of generals and flag officers.
Likewise, the Antiquities Act has saved some of the greatest places in our country.
Total victory is near The U.S.-led coalition likewise celebrated the victory in Rawa.
Snyder likewise predicted the Olympics are only a "temporary respite" from the nuclear crisis.
Mr. LeBlanc's "Plan" may likewise be successful, but you've seen this blueprint executed before.
Likewise, the aircraft has undergone updates allowing it to fly at least 8,000 hours.
Likewise, the iPhone XR is available in different colors but only comes in aluminum.
Likewise, Twitter also limits the total number of accounts you can follow to 5,000.
We likewise saw a significant uptick in attacks on reproductive rights post-Roe v.
Pollock is likewise entitled to reimagine Matisse in works that glow with frustrated vibrancy.
Likewise, people whose partners were more conscientious and less neurotic were happier as well.
Likewise, some STDs—like HPV—can cause devastating cancers of the throat and genitals.
Likewise, HoloLens has partnered with Case Western Reserve University to transform surgeons' anatomical training.
General Motors likewise committed to invest millions of dollars in its american manufacturing operation.
In less boutique markets, firearms like the Armatix iP1 likewise couldn't catch a break.
As department stores' troubles have grown, brands' urge to be independent has likewise fortified.
Likewise: Jeremy Lin is a good player, but we don't like being called that.
Likewise, not every janitorial and facilities employee got a contract job offer at all.
All of the Baltic nations — Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — are likewise building LNG facilities.
Leonard Green, likewise, has limits to the amount it is willing to put in.
As Steve Hayward of AEI outlines, the Hitler comparisons in 1980 were likewise pervasive.
Likewise, certain sources may be associated with greater or lesser degrees of factual veracity.
Their anguishes are likewise balanced, so you never know where to land your sympathy.
Likewise the crisis, such as it is, is resolved with a ludicrous technological trick.
Bach's music likewise employs the word "Beweis" in its conventional pre‑Enlightenment, nonscientific sense.
Numerous Twitter users likewise shared photos of themselves drinking from official Mug Club mugs.
Likewise, we encourage our managers to listen to their employees with compassion and empathy.
The Prà Otto was likewise lively, with aromas more floral than almond and citrus.
I would say that we work ... likewise, we have very close relationships with Microsoft.
Representatives for the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission likewise declined to comment.
Rachel and Sarah likewise have family secrets lined up on the runway for revelation.
Likewise, not all algorithms are equally well constructed, leaving plenty of room for improvement.
" Likewise, "a significant portion of the deposits continues to be derived from foreign entities.
Likewise, science is moving ever closer to eradicating HIV, which is already highly manageable.
Individual dance steps are likewise not copyrightable, according to the copyright office's rule book.
Lions, likewise, killed four people in Mozambique in 2016, not to mention 220 cows.
Likewise, when we talk about today's economy, we focus on smartphones, artificial intelligence, apps.
The S&P 500 fell 9.5% to 2,480.64, likewise the worst day since 1987.
His men's wear likewise will have a journey to make from innocence to experience.
Alexander Gauland, the leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany, is likewise skeptical.
Likewise Dr. Blasey, who has already passed a lie-detector test with flying colors.
Being able to talk to her likewise for him made the therapist largely unnecessary.
Likewise, some small villages in Westchester, including Pelham and Bronxville, prohibit For Sale signs.
Huawei would likewise be free to develop its technology in whatever direction it pleases.
Likewise, in solid Republican districts, Trump approval fell from 56 percent to 53 percent.
Likewise, a happy heart has also been shown to help heal an injured one.
Likewise, the WHO-China joint mission on COVID-603 is only 16 percent women.
Likewise, if Keuchel is not being aggressive enough, Verlander can remind him to adjust.
Likewise, the relationships between boxing opponents revealed visceral truths about human connections and psyches.
The United Nations likewise voiced concerns about the "potentially destabilizing effects" of the referendum.
Her lost partner, played by mezzo-soprano Rachael Wilson, likewise has a junior döppelganger.
The staging, working so hard to avoid all the furniture, is likewise too prosaic.
Likewise, last year GE sold its majority stake in Baker Hughes to the public.
Amy Klobuchar and businessman Tom Steyer likewise remain mired in the low single digits.
Likewise, rent prices for one-bedroom apartments dropped 13.5% in 2019 in Arlington, Texas.
Likewise, Tehran has signaled that its retaliation has "concluded," at least for the moment.
Other rights like freedom of speech and freedom of association are likewise not reinforced.
And likewise, the effects of climate change are coming for all of us equally.
Colon likewise left a 1-1 game, having allowed seven hits and one walk.
The overall idea of beatifying while beating up on Evita is likewise fatally compromised.
Likewise, the renter needs to know exactly under what circumstances an eviction could happen.
Mr. Trump's assertion likewise found little backing from his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill.
The National Basketball Players Association has likewise opted for silence since the controversy unspooled.
" He added, "Likewise their incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades are all talk, no action.
Likewise, Baptista recommends learning to program and trying to build web and mobile apps.
Likewise, energy, oil and gas companies are also a favorite target in these battles.
The menacing groundstrokes were back, likewise the breathy, rising shriek accompanying each monster return.
Embracing their client's always-confident style, the president's lawyers are likewise predicting total victory.
Does Thiebaud likewise feel that as an artist he continues to learn with age?
More recently, Ms. Harris has likewise found that the city's politics can be fickle.
Likewise with the Green New Deal, reparations and the whole progressive social justice agenda.
Likewise, Dimon made an emotional case for ending the forum, according to a source.
European shares, up 23 percent, are likewise having their best year in a decade.
Almost all of the other basic steps likewise involve the hips to some extent.
Likewise, the main issues at stake in 1170 were divided loyalty and institutional independence.
Likewise, some Pizza Hut and KFC stores have been temporarily shut down in Wuhan.
Buttigieg's campaign likewise spent $2628,28503 on carbon offsets, according to Federal Election Commission reports.
If the full House or Senate chamber votes likewise, the dispute moves into court.
He wasn't going to reduce US trade barriers unless our trading partners did likewise.
" Likewise, the letter calls reports of Pruitt sidelining employees concerned over ethics "extremely concerning.
Likewise, my husband is still adjusting to how sickly-sweet American desserts can be.
Likewise, Rodriguez's early support makes him a virtual lock for induction, and probably soon.
Likewise, an employer's use of social media as a screening tool can vary, too.
Likewise, Mr. Trump's newfound discretion on British politics will probably last only until Dec.
Likewise, the FDA has done little to expand or fund their own research program.
Likewise, Biden's 30% won't win him the nomination if he can't expand his support.
Likewise several others of his early notions: America is concerned about "radical Islamic terrorism"?
Likewise pest control company Rentokil Initial gained 5.7 percent after reporting half-year results.
Likewise, the Post wrote exclusively on the need and basis the prosecution of Gen.
Likewise, Windows 10 and its full desktop experience is better with keyboard and mouse.
It appears that Robert Mueller, likewise, is now digging into the Fusion GPS mess.
Likewise, the shuttles may be utilized to transport workers to and from the AFC.
Likewise, life coach Tony Robbins typically gets about three to five hours of sleep.
Likewise, ICE would have to vet more than 500,000 applicants to hire 85033,000 personnel.
Likewise, expanding shale gas development bolsters other industries, particularly those that are energy intensive.
And the use of the phrase "seemingly bland" likewise did not merit a correction.
Likewise, the new entrants are either agile, high-tech pioneers or reckless, cavalier upstarts.
Likewise, a wedding cake's context specifies its message: This couple has formed a marriage.
Likewise, Knicks president Steve Mills didn't mention Anthony in an essay published on MSG.
When Frog is scared, that's where he hides; Toad likewise jumps under the covers.
Likewise, the last three American presidential administrations have quietly delayed moving the embassy there.
Likewise, any effort to reverse the New York law also seemed assured to fail.
Likewise, past works in this BMA exhibition allow us to better understand future works.
Likewise, doctors have known that pain can be suppressed without any real medical intervention.
Likewise, artificial trees generally have skinny poles that will only fit in specific models.
Attendees at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops likewise slammed Trump's migrant policy.
Likewise, countering violent extremism initiatives have met with rising opposition in the United States.
Likewise, religious organizations often provide services for those who are poor and in need.
And as Guy crashes back into the underbrush, Mulder wryly smiles: "Likewise," he says.
Likewise, many coma patients wind up in long-term care facilities or nursing homes.

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