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How to use that said in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "that said" and check conjugation/comparative form for "that said". Mastering all the usages of "that said" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" "I hear those that said 'no' and those that said 'yes' and we all want peace.
That said, the GM luxury division remains "very much committed to sedans, to clear the air on that," said Carlisle.
The upper drawer had a blue label that said 'Boys,' and the bottom drawer was a pink label that said 'Girls.
Recently there's a report that said, I think out of Georgia Tech, that said the work that we did actually worked.
That said -- and, yes, there is a "that said" here -- Clinton has said several things publicly of late that give me some pause.
That said, Model Y could enjoy a smoother ramp due to its shared platform ... That said, Tesla does appear modestly better prepared this time around.
That said, if you go back-- if you stay, "Okay, fine, difficult by design," that said, we do business with a lot of Fintech firms.
"  Hayes called out a headline in The Connecticut Mirror that said "Hayes has 'heightened sense' about security concerns," and a Republican American headline that said "U.
There was also a $165 ivory crewneck that said "Holy Spirit," a $225 distressed "Holy Spirit" sweatshirt and $195 sweatpants that said "Sunday Service" down the leg.
And -- but -- but, that said, words do matter.
I could make a movie that said Hitler is Satan, and I could make another movie that said he is God, and I would use the same techniques in both movies.
But, that said, it is ... Finding it via how?
" That said, she felt the EEG results were "silly.
" He added, "With that said, let's sing some songs.
That said ... you can't deny he's got the look.
" She continued, "That said, Riley doesn't like mashed potatoes!
That said, the quirk hasn't gone unnoticed – or unpunished.
That said, one thing's undeniable ... she looks awfully hot.
That said ... he did much better than Scottie Pippen..
" She continues, "That said, Riley doesn't like mashed potatoes!
That said, the budget's highlights include: — Revenues are rising.
" All that said, Sarah still thinks sexting is "fine.
That said ... let's get into the numbers a bit.
"You don't think, 'I can't do that,' " said Wrzesniewski.
"I've seen a couple owners that said they would pay for the fine, so respect to those owners that said they would pay for our fines because they understand why we're kneeling."
That said, the decline also coincided with a broader crypto sell-off that followed a Wall Street Journal report that said U.S. regulators were investigating potential price manipulation at four major cryptocurrency exchanges.
That said, I'm still waiting for someone to make this:
That said, Romans is no great admirer of the establishment.
That said, who's winning depends entirely upon who you ask.
That said, there are some timing rules that remain true.
That said, Crowe also cares for other cranes besides Walnut.
With that said, I do understand the point of critics.
That said, the Brown adaptations are a proven success overseas.
That said, it sure doesn't get any easier does it?
That said, there are other ways of looking at data.
That said, you are getting a nearly fully open computer.
That said, spine tattoos aren't for the faint of heart.
That said, I'd be very curious to hear your opinions.
That said, I was so impressed with Andrea this episode.
That said, I'll do my best to simplify the particulars.
That said, don't expect changes to replay review anytime soon.
That said, the new CEO should not be Sheryl Sandberg.
"There was a lot of pushback from that," said Devine.
That said, there's certainly risks to the upside from here.
That said, they've got plenty of chances to change course.
You know, the guy that said Comey should be fired.
All that said, folks largely like Google more than Facebook.
That said, policy can certainly make a difference for growth.
That said, good company will be available later on today.
That said, some of Curtis's chosen subjects are unabashedly idiosyncratic.
That said, I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing Mamma Mia!
All that said, what has happened recently is altogether different.
That said, I don't think there's any magic about it.
That said, the company isn't offering up a reference design.
That said, others are less enthusiastic about the new finding.
That said, there are some key differences between the two.
That said, quantum supremacy probably won't be a single event.
That said, may the odds be ever in your favor.
"Working on Fast Track experience to change that," said DeShon.
"I don't really have an opinion on that," said Dakessian.
That said, he is watching one key level for DAL.
That said, Holloway is not without his strengths and advantages.
That said, I'm not a big fan of Asimov's laws.
That said, it also has a relatively short shelf life.
That said, Wonder Woman is the top superhero origin story.
That said, I don't think he's a good retail candidate.
That said, I have almost no control over my calendar.
That said, the show's central mysteries still haven't been solved.
That said, there continue to be vast areas of disagreementt.
That said, there was a lot of anger in him.
That said, the dual camera should mean crisper photos overall.
That said, geography doesn't hold you back from learning opportunities.
That said, it was both weird and a little awkward.
That said, the Air is still a very fast machine.
That said, it gained about 4 percent for the week.
That said, she says it's still optimal if you can.
That said, even the best writers and directors screw up.
That said, Donald Trump pinatas have proven very, very popular.
That said, Genea notes there's nothing funny about her predicament.
That said, business has also contributed to its own problems.
That said, India has two valuable things going for it.
That said, the phone still has BlackBerry's own software flourishes.
That said, I find my job to be an opportunity.
That said, the report may have only been a start.
That said, a test may be on the way soon.
That said, I can't imagine staying in that state forever.
With that said, no word yet on the phone's software.
That said, applying the old rules caused a political rumpus.
That said, ARCore is in a better position than Daydream.
That said, he doesn't think that we should ignore it.
That said, don't start collecting too many bottles at once.
That said, you're still getting a fairly decent gaming monitor.
That said, Cramer is worried about European and U.K. banks.
That said, they might pick a song by Ed Sheeran.
That said, editing photos on this computer was a joy.
That said, not every form of epistocracy involves excluding people.
That said, this particular scene is different than the others.
"Thats crazy to even think that," said Gex, the principal.
"We feel terrible about that," said Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle.
That said, the number of couture enthusiasts has rapidly declined.
That said, I enjoy watching movies with family and friends.
That said, Ovadya does admit to a bit of optimism.
That said, I think people are gonna look through it.
" Stucky presented Branson with a shirt that said "future astronaut.
That said, I've been following Game of Thrones very closely.
That said, the race's fluidity is not to be underestimated.
"That's crazy to even think that," said Gex, the principal.
That said, you do know something about being a fighter.
With that said, you can always make your own charger.
The LAPD confirmed that said woman was in stable condition.
That said, I do quite enjoy ruining someone else's mix.
That said, I really like roguelikes, especially when done well.
Harris also pointed to tweets Trump sent that said Rep.
That said, sure, we'd allow for that level of surveillance.
Angel gave him a look that said, I got this.
That said, there are some important limitations to the study.
That said, this wasn't a clean sweep of reimagined episodes.
That said, he has lost one of his old cards.
That said, investors see a December move in the cards.
That said, I'm not without fear going into the premiere.
That said, it is most certainly still a Marvel movie.
That said, the press release is light on details here.
That said, it was a pleasure meeting both of you.
That said, we do not operate in a cultural vacuum.
That said, there are signs of strain in the market.
That said, gravitational waves are way to small to see.
That said, China's dependability as a trading partner is waning.
That said, thinking of an opening line can be rough.
That said, this is a fun marketing stunt for PornHub.
That said, will the Martha Stewart name translate in China?
That said, some companies are offering up a retrofitting service.
That said, none of this is really EIM per se.
That said, we still have no idea what's happening here.
That said, some patients just don't take to getting jabbed.
That said, these gripes coming from the community are understandable.
That said, I like what you said about the yield.
All that said, the regular camera mode works great, too.
"They don't get any more crushing than that," said Kenseth.
That said, the most recent Bachelor is expecting a baby!
" That said, Packer strongly believes the film's audience is "everybody.
That said, I'm sure you have got something wrong here.
But with all that said, I'm a very neurotic person.
That said, Waymo is worth tens of billions of dollars.
That said, a court fight will be long and messy.
That said, Monday he could really get away with anything.
That said, "unicorn" seems like a bit of a misnomer.
That said, the vice president was realistic on other points.
With all that said, Gottlieb is not entirely against CBD.
That said, the cyclical peak in growth may be past.
With all of that said, there are some important caveats.
That said, you can find lots of free classes online.
That said, I'm not entirely sure that's the best idea.
That said, there are a few recommendations from our group.
That said, there are a few noteworthy aspects to this.
That said, no quality is objectively better than the other.
That said, there's still a lot of room for improvement.
That said, the new Kindle practically disappears into your palm.
That said, some unexpected emotional breakthroughs are likely to arrive.
That said, Barr has a difficult choice to make here.
That said, not everyone agrees with the Trasande team assessment.
All that said, no one ever answered for the lynchings.
That said, it does take a lot of hard work.
That said, the next Solicitor General is still a mystery.
That said, a nifty demonstration is different from actual deployment.
That said, these days Amazon's services are all around us.
That said, there are instances when certain supplements become necessary.
That said, I hope she didn't get her dad fired.
That said, an inspiring message may still come your way!
That said this is furniture and your experience may differ.
That said, Tartakovsky teases a lot to look forward to.
That said, you might not be in a celebratory mood.
That said, the laws in question are not quite equivalent.
That said, it feels like we're retreading old ground here.
"I couldn't sleep at night after seeing that," said Parker.
With that said, here are the labels you should bookmark.
That said, opting to wear blue light glasses won't hurt.
But, that said, that album did well in Europe especially.
That said, I still derive great joy from Black Twitter.
That said, video and pictures are two entirely different monsters.
That said, no place is safe from an enterprising criminal.
That said, all these companies' early days were pretty wild.
That said, a similar thing happened back in September 2018.
That, said Kiwoom Securities' Yoo, was largely attributable to China.
That said, I remain convinced I could do it better.
That said, I wore it to a screening of Shazam!
That said, DownDetector still shows service issues across the platform.
That said, there could also be a learning component here.
That said, if he cancels Lovebox I will kill myself.
That said, Barr undoubtedly did Trump a major political favor.
That said, for many listeners, it was also kinda boring.
That said, I have built a reputation of playing physical.
That said, I want to make a completely different movie.
That said, let's all give it up for Guy Inchair.
That said, the popular Mr Rohani is not yet finished.
All that said, I love the way these cosplayers look.
That said, there is a lot we still don't know.
That said, you still get a lot for your money.
That said, you can already start to try it out.
That said, something that's been missing may turn up now!
That said, there are clear parallels between their two campaigns.
That said, Trump did try one new song on Thursday.
That said, this could also play out as being romantic!
That said, it isn't easy to land on a ship.
That said, she clearly views it as a game changer.
That said, we still have a long way to go.
All that said, stocks have held their ground this week.
Supporters cite a court ruling that said he could run.
That said, production cuts should help stabilize prices in 2016.
That said, it may not necessarily be what consumers expect.
That said, what if half of their guesses are correct?
That said, the program isn't without its controversies (Palantir aside).
"It's important for me to teach him that," said Menzel.
That said, she thinks it's hurting him more than helping.
That said, in the long run, it obviously hasn't worked.
That said, I don't think vinyl nostalgia is going anywhere.
That said, the 'bots are designed to take a licking.
But with that said, did you like his traveling companions?
That said, Westworld can't function like either of those shows.
That said, it's also very reminiscent of 1960s style watches.
That said, Toscano doesn't believe banning the practice will work.
That said, it's possible (perhaps even probable) he was distracted.
That said, our appetite for processed cheese continues to decline.
That said, all three models are made of stainless steal.
That said, the film has yet to be officially greenlit.
That said, Red gets off to a very slow start.
" The musician clarified, "with that said, i'm not seeing anyone.
That said, around 7,0003 people still ride it most days.
"He's making quick progress toward that," said manager Craig Counsell.
That said, it is possible to drink too much water.
That said, consumer sentiment is changing, even if film isn't.
That said, there are some signs that inflation is rising.
Or, that said, get disqualified for "unsportsmanlike conduct" once again.
That said, everything is speculation until the movie comes out.
All that said, the Pixel 3a XL's display looks great.
That said, Fox has two major weaknesses working against him.
That said, many users and advertisers do still value Twitter.
That said, a powerful piece of information may also arrive!
That said, being honest isn't a license to be unkind.
That said, the churn shouldn't be because of your operations.
But that said, I found Doctor Strange impressive and surprising.
That said, there are no timelines yet for going public.
"We're a way off launching that," said the second banker.
That said, she doesn't take her large audience for granted.
That said, there's every reason to believe they will be.
That said, its political coverage remains its most visible product.
That said, I am not deluded about its myriad problems.
That said, once you've downloaded the app, pairing is painless.
"She played into that," said the official, who requested anonymity.
That said, you certainly did that with the Kardashian kids.
"I'm certainly not aware of anything like that," said Panetta.
"I don't know why they're talking about that," said Sen.
That said, Cohn's contributions to the Trump administration were significant.
That said, we have a calendar that is highly credible.
That said, it's not a great look for the retailer.
That said, Netflix's 2016 schedule is full of television goodness.
"I don't see an advantage to doing that," said Sen.
That said, Dishonored 2 was designed to be Emily's game.
With all that said, this makes so much sense now!
That said, that doesn't mean they're harmless in the water.
"I hope and pray that you rethink that," said Rep.
That said, if you're looking for, like, a weekend project?
That said, Friends is still a beloved series in 2019.
That said, Fitch's view of retail REITs remains largely neutral.
That said, stay tuned for reaction from civil liberties groups.
That said, Trump is clearly aware of the national mood.
That said, it's a worthwhile trek for any pizza lover.
With that said, it seems like a work in progress.
That said, there is no accounting for the erotic imagination.
That said, bad policy could easily mess this all up.
That said, there are a few other pros and cons.
That said, you can pack just about anything you'd like.
" Carrie Amabile carried a sign that said "Love thy neighbor.
That said, I do think he's a very interesting pick.
That said, these headphones do let some ambient sound in.
That said, I know what my heart wants: Popeyes forever.
That said, there are still costs associated with payments processing.
That said, there are some important moral questions to consider.
That said, the differences in image quality are very subtle.
That said, it has hardly been easy for Ms. Middleton.
That said, a lot of us will not be celebrating.
That said, I'd definitely consider taking advantage of this benefit.
That said, the cabin is arranged in a pleasing manner.
That said, the event has always had a rowdy streak.
But with that said, there's still a lot of darkness.
That said, the omissions do not hold for all crimes.
That said, Tramacere was pretty stoked about the whole thing.
"I don't think our caucus should support that," said Pelosi.
That said, most Americans like what they saw and heard.
That said, it's still a relatively gentle day for communication!
With that said, investors are right to have some reservations.
That said, the tone is initially hard to pin down.
That said, maybe I'm just not supposed to understand it.
That said, there are some exceptions to this general rule.
That said, there is occasionally the feeling of psychological closeness.
That said, until today, it was lacking a deathmatch mode.
Some carried a banner that said: "You'll never walk alone".
That said, there are always ways to improve the process.
It happens a lot more than that, said my girlfriend.
That said, I actually prefer the design on this one.
"Most people have the privilege of feeling that," said Davi.
That said, it's unlikely my opinion will change their minds.
And, finally, the tweet that said it simplest and best.
That said, we're confident that Europe has what it takes.
That said, Kelly has some unique circumstances working against him.
That said, we invest a lot in our daughters' education.
That said, the Vevo GIF creator isn't all that revolutionary.
That said, the Spurs turn caterpillars into butterflies every year.
That said, Coventry also have something priceless to their name.
Because there was a bar that said, 'I want Taybeh.
That said, I bet the milk and cookies are delicious.
That said, there may be no real consequences at all.
That said, Warren has never performed that well in Massachusetts.
That said, the barrier is "leaky and unpredictable," Hardy said.
That said, paid transactions are 30 percent lower, executives said.
That said, installers have come up with some innovative solutions.
That said, U.S. dominance in global IPOs isn't going away.
"He navigated some unique dynamics to do that," said O'Hara.
Who is the "they" that said Rubio couldn't finish third?
That said, Cleveland does have problems with depth and defense.
Maybe a necklace that said "The Thing Around Your Neck"?
The machine that said Barack Obama was a Kenyan socialist.
That said, it doesn't mean his businesses hasn't been impacted.
That said, stop trying to resolve this on your own.
That said, it's not futile to keep studying seasonality effects.
That said, high debt levels do represent some fundamental weaknesses.
That said, living in Hawaii comes at a high price.
That said this "entering" is very far from happening consciously.
That said, we remain confident in Vocera's future growth trajectory.
"That said, the bill is an important step," she said.
That said, this was probably my favorite Nick episode ... ever?
That said, I could NOT stop comparing this to Hellboy.
"I don't know anything about that," said Missouri GOP Sen.
That said, Mr. Sweanor said he found Altria's investment dumbfounding.
All that said, Wade is an upgrade for the Cavaliers.
That said, some of Enger's stylistic choices come with consequences.
That said, he does eventually show a little more nuance.
That said, it's a direct result of American migration policy.
But all that said, people transport plants around the country.
That said, I also don't believe in being a sucker.
That said, 'The Gatekeepers,' about White House chiefs of staff.
That said, "Devil's Day" is as spooky as it gets.
That said, racking up a balance can get expensive quickly.
That said, the RadWagon won't fit seamlessly into everyone's lives.
That said, there is a personal flair to Havenly, too.
That said, I'd suggest that this is a bit high.
It was an elegant genre piece that said something new.
That said, employees can be let go in restructurings too.
That said, I think there is a problem with capacity.
That said, we don't work on Douyin here at TikTok.
I had a pain in my hips that said so.
That said, if I'm being completely honest-- GLENN THRUSH: Yeah.
"I don't think there's any question about that," said Sen.
That said, heightened volatility could be trying for bullish investors.
That said, this is a story in its first stages.
"That said, I should not have yelled out," he continued.
That said, no one has ever smoked in my car.
That said, there are some small improvements you can make.
That said, the Guggenheim is a kind of city square.
That said, programs that shift overall fertility upward do exist.
"I don't know how you compete against that," said Winer.
Mike: That said, I see the logic in this deal.
That said, those butterflies are probably squashed at this point.
He saw a tag that said "$40,000," according to WDIV.
That said, it seems the singer was watching from home.
All that said, Tuesday night left me disappointed and dispirited.
That said, shopping at multiple spots can get time consuming.
That said, for other voters, his campaign rhetoric is resonating.
" Another email arrived that said: "I think you're my sister.
"We hate it when tourists do that," said Mr. Secchi.
That said, Citi is no less involved in financial markets.
"I appreciate that," said Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, in response.
That said, this would not necessarily be a bad outcome.
That said, the odds are still not in his favor.
Boy, I had no idea about that, said Jackson, 45.
"Boy, I had no idea about that," said Jackson, 45.
That said, you're very loyal, even when you seem aloof.
That said, "The Barrowfields" is a work of abundant talent.
That said, it's inexpensive, but there's just not enough storage.
That said, other economic authorities often point out contractions first.
That said, neither would confirm a business relationship to me.
That said, we don't have to wait for Emergent BioSolutions.
" That said, he believes Norwegian has "more upside from here.
That said, participants and organizers tell me they fear Trump.
That said, the model may not work for other industries.
That said, the Mexican economy has proven resilient thus far.
That said, there were many positive aspects to the meeting.
That said, none of it was 'too much' or garish.
That said, the production situation in Puerto Rico remains fragile.
That said, talking into your wrist is still incredibly dorky.
That said, we're nearly 11 years into the bitcoin era.
That said, it was bracing to see Crazy Morgan again.
Here is an online poll that said the same thing.
That said, with the right products, there's an easy fix.
That said, it's a possible way out that's being considered.
That said, my inaugural CBD bath was good as hell.
That said, we could still very well lose it all.
That said, there are some important differences between the two.
With that said, we do not comment on pending litigation.
That said, keep an eye on commodity prices in general.
"She never really recovered after that," said one Democratic strategist.
That said, McConnell has a "very thick skin," she said.
That said, eight states allow most government employees to strike.
"The market is not priced in for that," said Freedman.
" He had a sign that said "Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty.
That said, the faster bike was certainly louder in operation.
PG That said, would you book him on your show?
Witnesses have said that Mulvaney is the one that said.
And I wasn't entirely sure what that said about me.
That said, you might not want to take things there.
Ian: Nigel gave me a drawing that said eighteen inches.
That said, they do almost always have a sex scene!
That said, Dubuque is not the showrunner of the series.
That said, Ford's robot cars won't be on public roads.
That said, he looked better than ever against Mighty Mouse.
That said, there are also more serious problems behind withdrawals.
That said, here are the options: What do you get?
That said, you may feel a little lost around midday.
That said, I believe that administration is a creative tool.
That said, oceanic flights are still a relatively limited market.
All of that said, words are one thing, actions another.
But that said, it is a clear rejection of Korematsu.
That said, there's no guarantee that CareKit will get traction.
That said, I'll mention two promising examples in this area.
That said, did you know what you were getting into?
That said, Ripple will continue to operate Hoodline's local sites.
That said, they have racked up a lot of miles.
All of that said, you do not fuck with Oprah.
That said, many of us do have an extra duty.
That said, like in much of America, things still basically work.
"We are like family; he treats everyone like that," said Sandoval.
That said, no one tells a ghost story like Carrie Fisher.
"We have to do something about that," said the SEC's Clayton.
That said, one challenge with this vision is competition from China.
"It was a gesture that said I wasn't afraid," she says.
That said, you also don't want to book too early, either.
That said, the threat of litigation may be driving down costs.
That said, having smelly hair isn't a sign of poor hygiene.
That said, it's not like Jeremy Langford is a sure thing.
With that said, I think Angelina struggled in the final days.
"He got me pajamas that said 'Bride' on it," she says.
All that said, behaviors can't always be directly tied to intelligence.
That said, that's also not something to think about right now.
That said, there are ways to do this without official help.
That said, 8Bitdo's SN30 is a perfect recreation of Nintendo's controller.
That said, Maley would be a buyer on such a pullback.
That said, "femme" describes something beyond one's gender presentation or aesthetic.
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)That said, the Sport is pretty accurate.
That said, the business of on-demand delivery has its challenges.
"Free experience, if you want to call it that," said Larson.
That said, not everyone gets to walk away with a statue.
That said, many people claim I could use some finishing school.
What Really Happened: It was the photo that said it all.
" That said, the Democrat maintained that the election "isn't about Trump.
There was nothing that said impossible or anything close to it.
" That said, the senator added, "Ultimately it's up to the President.
That said, this particular urban myth plays heavy on my mind.
That said, female orgasm is unique to the female having them.
That said, water retention could reflect an underlying issue, he says.
"Personally I hate beeping and people who do that," said Frazzoli.
That said, boomers are still expected to outvote millennials this year.
That said, there were also some wonderful 1st audition & work experiences!
"Adidas?" he asked, in a voice that said, Are you sure?
That said, we explored some of the more prominent adherents, below.
That said, you totally don't want to leave the house today.
That said, they weren't going to voluntarily pay a higher rate.
That said, Siegel isn't anticipating a straight move higher from here.
That said, VIRP does let you wear a sweet VR helmet.
That said, there's no denying that the product is pretty impressive.
That said, while he's not buying now, he is fully invested.
The judge ruled that said MTN had responded in 19 days.
So with that said, I think she takes after me already.
That said, whether this suit will amount to anything remains unknown.
That said, there are a number of redeeming qualities to Californium.
That said, there are still some interesting trends to be found.
That said, there's something fascinating about it in all its messiness.
That said, here's nine packaging solutions that make it look easy.
That said, his technique and effort need a lot of work.
That said, I'm not sure I'd be as absolute as Josh.
That said, if you like feeling old, you'll love this megamix.
That said, SEIS should be able to detect tiny seismic ripples.
That said, they're terrible at numeracy, or: understanding numbers in context.
That said, specifics surrounding the Trump administration's tax plans remain unclear.
That said, the CRA effort still faces a steep uphill climb.
That said, I see why she'd be right to be concerned.
That said, the CareCoach system is already deploying some automated abilities.
That said, the political will sometimes find its way into class.
That said, I could generally say the same about monosexual people.
That said, VW sorely needs an eco-friendly win right now.
That said, it does appear that the duo are doing well.
That said, I don't care that much about perfection, even today.
That said, exciting developments are taking place in your public life.
"We never got back into a rally after that," said Oles.
That said, having different placements is not necessarily a bad thing.
All that said, Apple technically hasn't discontinued the old MacBook Air.
That said, it's clear how genuine his feelings for Rachel are.
All that said, the 'Ndrangheta often experiences violent inter-family conflict.
That said, it's just way too large for my current needs.
That said, civil liberties activists have raised concerns over racial profiling.
That said, things do turn creepy around midway through the movie.
That said, users can't actually cut music out of specific scenes.
That said, it's relatively easy to keep your smartphone conversations secret.
That said, it's impossible to explain these findings with absolute certainty.
That said, this isn't how globalization was supposed to play out.
That said it does pass the time in some interesting ways.
That said, the device is always listening for its trigger word.
That said, the benefits may likely outweigh these potential pain points.
That said, catching Mr Berlusconi's eye was worthwhile, in its way.
But all that said, your metabolic rate isn't something that's inalterable.
That said, the William reveal gutted the show for me, emotionally.
That said, no one should think there would be no changes.
That said, walking around the desert doesn't sound like much fun.
All that said, the Mi Band 4 is a solid device.
That said, if you'd rather use grated mozzarella, go right ahead.
That said, it could mean a low cost vacation for travelers.
That said, Fields' death "would not bring Heather back," she wrote.
That said, I'm not much of an Amazon Prime music user.
That said, there is consensus that these scandals aren't going anywhere.
That said, there's still going to be plenty of software firepower.
That said, I am totally with you on the bizarre planning.
That said, I don't think adult summer camp is for everyone.
That said, some exciting stuff came out of Bethesda's various studios.
That said, today's seed investors need to be smart and careful.
Although, with that said, New York City has lots of lights.
That said, there were some interesting notes and a few surprises.
That said, Facebook already plays an editorial role in user content.
That said, there are some ideas of what we can expect.
"I don't approve of them using it for that," said Lettunich.
" He was the father that said "Hey girl, it's your world.
All of that said, as an idea, Jumbo's time has come.
That said, she seems ready to settle into a Trump presidency.
That said, I also want to address the whole respect thing.
That said, I love riding it, and it was only $300.
That said, those who overate pasta did not fare so well.
That said, the product it hopes to sell is quite compelling.
All that said, Lava Jato has revealed and punished widespread wrongdoing.
That said, I get the impulse to stan Daddy and Daya.
That said, you might consider Bella Hadid one of the exceptions.
All that said, one should not exaggerate the impact of this.
That said, the cord for the controller is way too short.
All that said, as Rove demonstrates, candidates and campaigns do matter.
That said, the best love spells are more conceptual than specific.
That said, the written press is not a priority for now.
With that said, this is looking like a pretty cool machine.
That said, he's done some truly amazing things for the world.
That said, cannabis remains a high priced drug for many people.
With that said, these women have the attention of the world.
That said, the foundation the show laid is still rock-solid.
That said, I will be looking at the CPPA one closely.
That said, the product should look at home in most kitchens.
That said, the list is understandably pretty heavy on developer tools.
That said, the extended family could pull together in an emergency.
That said, I rarely found myself interacting directly with the app.
That said, as Sosa's offensive prowess increased, his other skills declined.
All that said now, we cannot allow this to happen again.
That said, the team became very well acquainted with outsiders' trash.
With that said, she's a huge fan of food in general.
That said, scraping and publicly shaming employees walks a thin line.
That said, there's nothing requiring you to use both actions consecutively.
That said, the rounded backing adds some bulk to the product.
That said, reducing excess overtime and improving safety are extremely important.
So that said, don't read into the easter egg too deeply.
That said, higher growth will be necessary to achieve this target.
That said, it remains below trading levels from just last fall.
" That said, there are some moments like, "This is my baby.
All that said, the work in the show is well curated.
That said, IBM shaved off about 26 points on the Dow.
But that said, I wouldn't give up this DWTS for anything.
That said, the nutritional value of nuts is hardly a secret.
That said, it will get you shots you wouldn't get otherwise.
That said, it is a great day to reflect on boundaries.
That said, your career probably isn't the focus of your life.
That said, the storytelling decision was informed by our own history.
That said, it's not entirely clear if this is all necessary.
Well, that said, would you ever write your own personal memoir?
All that said, some people still really, really like Microsoft Word.
That said, Otter was able to function in real-world environments.
That said, he probably could use a few other apps, though.
That said, fulfillment of disability desires has become a controversial issue.
That said, Faraday Future's debts have also ballooned in recent months.
"In Uzbekistan, it is not like that," said Mr. Bikov, 25.
That said, I thought she was way too sophisticated for me.
That said, the free tier has always limited users to shuffle.
That said, the company is offering a few details on specs.
That said, machine learning does have a place in network security.
That said, do you even want a pair of AR glasses?
That said, sometimes it's important for candidates to follow their instincts.
That said, I wouldn't want to go running with these things.
That said, there's value in both algorithmic and human-driven curation.
That said, it's crucial for us to keep our leaders accountable.
That said, one HMMWV can't be in three places at once.
All that said, we cannot entirely rule out a 50bp move.
That said: From an astrological perspective, the Moon symbolizes our emotions.
Now, being that said, I am not going to go micromanage.
That said, China continues to further tighten control over the cyberspace.
That said, I'm addicted to Twitter, to my wife's great complaint.
There were flags in the reception hall that said, "Trump 2020."
That said, it was slightly less durable than other medical glues.
All of that said, here's what we're expecting from version 1.1.
That said, this research could also be a boon to tourism.
All that said, it's not like you have to label yourself.
That said, the one thing Ionic's technology isn't, is commercially available.
That said, some state agencies have embraced the low-cost brands.
That said, its Apple Pay-centric features are the first hitch.
That said, Apple's language regarding interest rates, however, is somewhat misleading.
That said, she still doesn't quite get why she was fired.
That said, JAXA will have to make up its mind soon.
That said, coming from another angle, maybe it's the perfect time.
And with that said, many people&aposs memories are really short.
That said, we simply advise consumers to not use unauthorized devices.
All that said, it does seem like things are getting better.
That said, I've been pleasantly surprised with New York Chinese food.
That said, an ever flattening yield has potential negative market consequences.
That said, don't take this is an excuse to be bossy.
That said, Henri's true nature is a bit of a caprice.
That said, families of drugs cause specific symptoms during an overdose.
That said, the Echo has truly picked up steam with users.
That said, you'll want to avoid shootouts as much as possible.
With that said, I'm not always the best at remembering this.
That said, we felt like we'd really accomplished something that day.
That said, some suggestions on the three aspects he mentions follow.
All that said, Xi is a deeply flawed champion of globalisation.
That said, he doesn't see that happening in the short term.
That said, Mysterio is an unusual figure in Spider-Man lore.
With that said, he also heard about it from Jets fans.
That said, our fighting spirits won't be tucked too far away.
That said, if any point fails, it's not as easily repairable.
That said, Emma and Liam may want to watch their backs.
That said... There will come a time when no one cares.
That said, investors still have a few things to worry about.
That said, the teams do reflect the demographic of the institutions.
That said, if a FOMO-inducing event comes along, we're there.
That said, we must also be sensitive to our allies' wishes.
That said, there are legitimate cancer risks associated with CT imaging.
That said, paid transactions are still 30 percent lower, executives said.
That said, Pitbull's on it, so maybe I'm wrong after all.
Remember that said person most definitely did not consider Meryl Streep.
That said, the vetting process for MAVNI recruits was already stringent.
That said, he remains optimistic that Tesla will weather the storm.
All that said, Buffett's statements about his Google miss intrigued Cramer.
"It's tough, I can't say anything other than that," said Sommer.
That said, the EU measure is also facing some legitimate criticism.
That said, I have always found Jim Comey to be principled.
"I didn't want to see B look like that," said Goldberg.
That said, the cost is typically lower than a private apartment.
That said, even this basic implementation remains off in the future.
That said, Sanders initially was reluctant to spell out his proposal.
That said, there are ways to tiptoe into fulfilling this fantasy.
That said, the company will also explore the opportunities around UberEats.
That said, I'll admit that real "solutions" will not come easy,
With all of that said, there is reason to be optimistic.
That said, Fog of Love is a difficult game to master.
That said, there is still a pleasant energy in the atmosphere.
That said, the rotation of podcasts is personalized for regular listeners.
That said, most people would probably want to know, she adds.
That said, we differ on what it all means going forward.
That said, I've received a few homemade mixes over the years.
That said, the self-driving car promotion was kind of neat.
That said, insurance may be a safer bet than other sectors.
That said, it's costly and challenging to negotiate distribution and exhibition.
That said, I do think I am totally politically correct. Really?
That said, it hasn't been a straightforward process by any means.
That said, I would never argue that they were wholly original.
That said, you don't need to immediately discard eggs that float.
That said, Lanman stayed mum on any actual numbers around valuation.
That said, today will be a total pain in the ass.
That said, YouTube seems to have her well covered for now.
That said, other downsides of Brexit are routinely exaggerated by Remainers.
That said, Amazon has already embarked on drone deliveries in England.
"You don't merit that," said Mr. Bolsonaro, a former army parachutist.
That said, the Met's enthusiasm for Mr. Nézet-Séguin is understandable.
That said, building a company just to sell it can backfire.
That said, a tolerant cat is not necessarily a happy cat.
That said, you're in charge of your actions, not the stars.
That said, democracy in the Arab world faces two peculiar hurdles.
That said, traditionally presidents try to make it a nonpartisan appointment.
That said, the region does not lack a suburban middle class.
All that said, let's not overdo the moral message of Scripture.
"That said, you're not a 'girl from the Bronx,' " Cardillo added.
That said, Eddington noted Jones' contributions to government transparency were invaluable.
That said, this ambiguity could change sometime in the near future.
That said, there are no adverse affects to occasional 'nip-dosing.
That said, there are ways that the latest technology can help.
That said, how did we still not know it was there?
"You've got to stay patient with opportunities like that," said Pacioretty.
That said, I think The Times should use this term rarely.
All that said, sometimes showing your personality can work against you.
That said, there are signs of stress in China's zinc market.
That said, I am concerned about her physical and mental health.
That said, boring doesn't mean that there won't be meaningful changes.
That said, the acquisition could help Google in other ways, too.
That said, there is some data out there to work with.
That said, Fein wouldn't be surprised if Amazon made the leap.
That said, I am still incensed at Peter Fonda's awful tweet.
That said, using the MacBook has been a real learning experience.
That said, it's possible the team has finally found their stride.
"We're going to put forward some proposals on that," said Sen.
That said, there is some progress on both of those fronts.
That said, no one should shed a tear for the comedian.
That said, the longevity of the Sanchez government remains in question.
With that said, you can't go wrong with any of them.
That said, no single person bears full responsibility for this incident.
That said, here's how the veto and veto override process works.
That said, I am very excited for that day to come.
That said, there are Ulta shoppers who rave about the formula.
That said, the presidential race is built on momentum and timing.
"You were told not to ask about that," said one woman.
That said, the film tosses out some of the book's essence.
That said ... it looks like Rob's losing a bunch of weight.
That said, it's a totally different story for bare LCD screens.
That said, Gottlieb's FDA has earned its fair share of criticism.
That said, the interactions between conventional and indigenous drugs remain unpredictable.
"I'm cool with that," said Klinsmann, who emphasized his emotional balance.
Who would wear a T-shirt that said 'I Love Dick'?
That said, please refrain from posting comics spoilers in the comments.
That said, no other party came out with a clear majority.
"I'm looking for economic growth, whatever produces that," said Republican Sen.
That said, some programming languages see much more hate than others.
With all that said: damn, this thing looks cool in person.
That said, it turned out that Rosch was only half-right.
That said, there's a lot that's still unknown about this virus.
That said ... You're going to ask me lots of hard questions.
That said, straight-up negativity can lead us down rocky roads.
Then out of the blur came a voice that said, 'Well?
That said, I haven't heard anything new from them in ages.
That said, there are certain advantages to being an early bird.
That said, Penn appears to be taking the comeback very seriously.
All that said, fighting for free expression is a noble pursuit.
That said, there are cops almost everywhere—except for in Exarchia.
That said, I can't think of anyone else's work like his.
With that said, serious mental illness is a lifelong chronic illness.
That said, profits have been relatively stable, considering the difficult environment.
That said, regular exercise has also been shown to increase adiponectin.
That said, there do seem to be limits to animal empathy.
That said, would you rather have marijuana exist or emo music?
That said, it's not at all certain these cuts will materialize.
That said, it's safe to say he'd prefer a pizza joint.
That said, it has trailed Amazon and others in parental controls.
That said, VG isn't finished with its existing craft just yet.
That said, pay TV subscribers today still far outnumber cord cutters.
That said, Worobo doesn't think Steve is at much real risk.
That said, building a website isn't usually within that skill-set.
That said, it's somewhat easy for Warren to make this pledge.
That said, the two OSes are getting even more shared DNA.
That said, surely some things are better left in the past.
That said, Jacobs has a muddled relationship with his former employer.
That said, I have more ideas that I want to explore.
That said, maybe best to reconsider that position for piss-play.
That said, I also struggled with including it on this list.
That said, everyone is into these Peak design ones, as well.
That said, I was really excited to try Everlane's washable silk.
That said, the cheapest Fire TV Stick sells for only $39.99.
That said, you'll almost certainly have to cough up more cash.
That said, we are world class when it comes to bickering.
That said, there are standout moments audiences will appreciate receiving now.
That said, she added, she planned to stay late that night.
That said, economists are notoriously bad at forecasting long-term trends.
That said, we can witness events without announcing we are journalists.
" Some of those marching wore orange shirts that said "Free Hugs.
That said, there are plenty of exceptions to these general statements.
That said, all wax men know they are often easy scapegoats.
That said, Google's Digital Wellbeing initiative will expand in Android 10.
That said, the system does not prevent driving on local roads.
So all of that said... those two game were fun, right?
That said, Samantha's relationship with Maria is still an important one.
That said, the critics' disappointment stems from a profoundly decent instinct.
That said, the medium does efficiently reduce matters to their essence.
That said, Raftery dares to think bigger than the big screen.
That said, it's worth cautioning that recreational legalization is fairly young.
That said, several high-profile scientologists have spoken out against vaccines.
It doesn't help that said heartache is experienced by a cardiologist.
That said, I find her statements about primary care physicians offensive.
That said, camp is an awfully slippery concept to pin down.
That said, these are very dangerous times for all living things.
"We struggled with that," said Mr. Kitson, who retired in 2015.
That said, he's a step slower than most of his competitors.
That said, I'm a documentary filmmaker, trained to film whatever happens.
That said, in fact, the first few never, ever work out.
That said, the moon in Leo brings you a fun time!
That said, New York City is not Seattle or San Francisco.
"I would say that," said Mr. Sanchez, who is 93 now.
That said, for many Christians today, differences are cultural, not theological.
That said, we cannot be certain who was in those briefings.
That said, Democrats have major opportunities up and down the ballot.
That said, there are certain elements that make evangelical theology distinctive.
That said, I'm a big fan of Google's Advanced Protection program.
That said, today, it will pay a price for its troubles.
"I don't want to be a part of that," said Nunes.
That said, it's looking to raise during the Demo Day cycle.
That said, the production is clearly meant for adults as well.
"I think it's premature to be talking about that," said Sen.
That said, it would be difficult to avoid using commas entirely.
That said, this problem exists at train stations around the world.
That said, there could be tweaks to the IPO pecking order.
"We would be insane to do that," said one senior official.
That said, we were quite struck by Estonian rapper Tommy Cash.
That said, HP's 240Hz screen is probably overkill for most people.
That said, last year Siemian was much better than Paxton Lynch.
" The other unfurled a banner that said "no coup in Venezuela.
That said, we all need to be more vigilant than usual.
That said, the advantages of this approach have declined since 2016.
That said, we are continually working to expand our moderation capacity.
Some of the supervisors wore shirts that said SK Engineering & Construction.
That said, drug gangs and militias have different opponents as well.
That said, the goal appears to be giggles, rather than guffaws.
That said, a trip to South Carolina is probably in order.
That said, my ideal reader is a poor, weird brown kid.
That said, there is an expectation of elegant attire and sophistication.
That said, I wish it had also had double the cheese.
That said, we're told their friend group believes something's happening there.
That said, the essay falls short of addressing the entire problem.
That said, what Sanders said shouldn't be viewed as wholly controversial.
That said, they haven't coalesced around any more moderate Sanders alternative.
The hero: "You couldn't dream of something like that," said Kendrick.
That said, the sector has traditionally been a highly volatile one.
That said, not every high-flying suit is practical and stylish.
That said, they still have a relatively empty and artificial taste.
"I was living on credit card debt," Mr. Ton-That said.
Mr. Ton-That said the company never actually offered such services.
That said, it would require regulators to show actual economic harm.
"The president has nothing further to add on that," said Spicer.
That said, it is not the right treatment for all cavities.
That said, it sounds like the LACACC frowns on the practice.
"McCarthy couldn't deliver that," said the GOP lawmaker close to leadership.
That said, disruption from within and disruptive innovation could happen simultaneously.
That said, Mr. Wingard's eye for a stylish image hasn't dimmed.
That said, no decision is straightforwardly good or bad on Survivor.
With all that said, here's what we're expecting from tomorrow's meeting.
That said, there are a lot of options for savings accounts.
That said, can a different helmet design stop concussions from occurring?
That said, the politics of the vote were (and remain) tricky.
That said, here's one thing that the program's critics get right.
That said, check your local listings before heading to the theater.
Bret: That said, she hasn't built a movement and Sanders has.
That said, I didn't get to try their linguistic translation features.
That said, I won't be walking as part of the march.
"It's really fun to find unique things like that," said Monroe.
That said, he very strongly feels they're about to take this.
With that said, most people would be hard-pressed to notice.
That said, Gates' Porsche enthusiasm does indicate a failure of imagination.
That said, you know what, I'm telling you to buy it.
"An unauthorized proposal was sent to Mr. Nehlen," Ton-That said.
He even posted one congressman's impeachment ballot that said, 'Hell no.
That said, Biden still commands a strong lead in national polling.
That said, shares of Apple's suppliers remained fairly tepid on Monday.
That said, the North Korea nuclear threat is growing more serious.
That said, I think there were a few missed opportunities here.
That said, these headphones, soundbars, and speakers still managed to impress.
That said, the "Basquiat factor" was all too obvious this year.
That said, the negative NT industry data points are adding up.
That said, global energy markets still matter in two crucial ways.
That said, the climate is getting hotter due to human activities.
He turned out a stream of drawings that said as much.
All that said, this strategy report substantially improves on prior doctrine.
That said, every now and then, paying attention can be wonderful.
That said, we need independent media because they're an important check.
That said, I see the readers' point on that particular paragraph.
That said, the built-in smart assistant feature complicates the experience.
That said, yields are well below their highs of the year.
That said, I'm pretty committed to the Switch Lite these days.
"He was always like that," said Sabathia, the Yankees left-hander.
All that said, Detroit is a large city with limited resources.
That, said Ms. Cheng, is what got the restaurant roasting turkeys.
That said, Wall Street was upbeat about Lululemon's latest earnings results.
That said, some screw-ups are much, much bigger than others.
"No other site has a record quite like that," said DePalma.
His son Lyndon that said the cause was complications of sepsis.
That said, Dr. Kass is concerned their funding will dry up.
That said, maybe exclusive isn't the right way to describe it.
That said, it can&apost support both at the same time.
That said, not everyone needs the extra smart features it offers.
That, said the soy buyer, may already be starting to happen.
That said, we prefer to buy high-quality stocks into weakness.
That said, you won&apost be routinely tested for staph aureus.
And that, said Townsend, could give Trump an opening to exploit.
So with all that said, I made the decision I made.
"No, you don't want to do that," said Dave Belisle, laughing.
That said, Biden is no longer the clear frontrunner in Iowa.
That said, Oregon has seen two deadly outbreaks in recent history.
That said, it's more than possible to visit on a budget.
That, said Mr. Reiner, who created the series, was by design.
"I'm not a tariff person and he knows that," said Sen.
"Nothing has changed on that," said Giuliani's own attorney, Jon Sale.
They stood behind banners that said: "Trapped students" and "trapped citizens." 
That said, this would actually count as mild for the company.
That said, his show is hardly a venue for national reconciliation.
" A woman in her 20s wore one that said "Everything Better.
That said, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Flip over the Fold.
That said, a slow-walking of the lawsuit might be acceptable.
All that said, the joke here isn't on Mitchell — not exactly.
That said, China is big, and the government less than competent.
After that, said Professor Modestini, "the trail goes completely cold." video
That said, it's hard to deny their influence on the party.
All that said, what's the viability of a case like this?
That said, not every fight has to be a contender fight.
That said, what happened last September is nothing like Saturday's events.
All of that said, however, mostly our musical tastes don't converge.
That said, it does, definitely help prevent sunburn, which is unpleasant.
That said, without specifics on the criteria, it's difficult to judge.
With that said, we do have a Mercury retrograde this month.
That said, Howery is stuck doing most of the heavy lifting.
That said, expect your partners to be especially energetic this evening.
That said, sometimes you need a break, no matter the love.
That said, the success of the V20 is far from assured.
That said, Riyadh doesn't seem to want a war right now.
That said, Uber's self-driving tech has been slow to progress.
That said, I have found its internet connectivity a little flaky.
With that said, let's talk about the current boundaries of reconciliation.
That said, the bank did hint at looser monetary policy in August.
That said, it is unlikely that James will sign with another team.
That said, his lawyers expressed hopefulness that he might soon be free.
That said, there's one thing she's not a "huge fan of:" clams.
That said, I am impressed with the results I've seen so far.
That said, building a costume around crutches or a chair isn't easy.
That said, nobody was actually hurt and the footage is pretty tight.
That said, he can also see an argument for just moving on.
"We're kind of planning something like that," said Murgatroyd with a laugh.
That said, the rock-bottom unemployment rate of 3.1% blunts popular discontent.
"I hated shooting all of that," said Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl.
That said, tropical storm force winds are extending out for 230 miles.
That said, investors remained wary of pushing the dollar a lot higher.
All of the people that said stuff...I knew all of them.
That said, his focus on the macro over micro is nothing new.
" Supporters stood behind her in the church with signs that said, "#LetEdithStay.
That said, the judge in this case will have their hands full.
That said, I think that, again, a lot of this is atmospheric.
All that said, this story comes at a convenient time for Apple.
That said, we don't expect Google to get into the microwave business.
That said, the country still seems more interested in fighting Kurdish rebels.
That said, the plan faces extreme pushback from the Republican-led Congress.
That said, it's far from the first Ezekiel choke on his record.
That said, there's a little grumbling with a few of the women.
That said, I do think that this Trump situation is extremely dangerous.
That said, some members of the scientific community are begging to differ.
Oh, well, except for the fact that said friend was Taylor Swift.
That said, there are three situations in which you should not buy.
That said, the new Macbook Pro has been very successful for Apple.
That said, there were probably a few more... shall we say hiccups?
That said, some could argue that we are preprogrammed to self destruct.
That said, there are a few questions about the Night King's strategy.
There was one review that said he belonged on a psychologist's couch.
That said, Southeast Asia really is nothing like the U.S. for investors.
That said, Mueller, who led the probe, is a longtime Republican. 13.
That said, Intuit shares have gained 28 percent over the past year.
That said, many suicidal people aren't in contact with the medical system.
That said, I've seen singers crack jokes and the audience goes crazy.
That said, the 8K resolution should allow for even more vibrant HDR.
That said, I like to rotate carbohydrates and proteins with my patients.
That said, there's nothing more important to Herb than his project, man.
That said, I'm not committed to only doing the most correct things.
Hopkins didn't have a pedigree that said he was destined for greatness.
That said, let's focus on what you can do to facilitate understanding.
That said, having that much power at your disposal feels...really nice.
That said, I loved the look and will be trying it again.
"I thought it was great because Shonda really earned that," said Goldwyn.
That said, I do not feel a need to own that stock.
That said, these changes may not go far enough toward "fixing" Roadhog.
That said, there are some promotion stats that are good to know.
That said, she was proud of her work as a sales rep.
That said, "libraries typically don't get sued; it's bad PR," Butler says.
"It was really hard to see her go through that," said Kordei.
That said, even though I enjoyed Dark Souls 3, it felt tired.
But that said, the products like, say the Tide pods, is universal.
That said, even a case as sophisticated as this isn't entirely foolproof.
"There was zero, I repeat zero, conversation about that," said the aide.
That said, it's not as if YouTube is about to give MLB.
"That said, I do not know what is going on," Bishop continued.
That said, there's nothing stopping the president from ousting Horowitz as well.
With that said, Ada isn't claiming to replace your doctor anytime soon.
That said, these two companies really, really, really don't like each other.
That said, Tinder isn't sharing exact numbers on the price just yet.
That said, as always, you should use your best judgement when backing.
That said, "it's going to be a long, bumpy ride," he predicted.
All that said, action is the core reason to play this game.
That said, here's what we can confirm at this point in time.
That said how do justify his blaming Spacey's 14 year old victim?
That said, Tombot's potential benefits haven't been proven in any studies yet.
That said, camera bumps have become a standby of top smartphones lately.
That said, studies have shown that these programs usually don't work anyway.
That said, always use your own best judgement when deciding to back.
That said, watch out for tension in your relationships—and dishonesty, too.
That said, the gung-ho approach of Donald Trump left him cold.
That said, if romance doesn't interest you, focus on your artistic pursuits.
That said, scientists at the Observatory worry about what the future holds.
With that said, it's worth considering that Billy Mitchell's case is unique.
That said, both Brent and WTI were on track for weekly gains.
That said, U.S. crude gained more than 3 percent for the week.
She told the dispatcher that she saw freeway signs that said Mexico.
That said, not all sequels are a bad thing, even at Pixar.
That said, the true costs of the plan would be somewhat higher.
That said, I'm not attempting to characterize Berthot as a conceptual artist.
That said, there are other unicorns that should go public this year.
I had the sign that said 'Put the "panic" back in Hispanic.

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