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"such" Definitions
  1. used to emphasize the great degree of something
  2. of the type already mentioned
  3. of the type that you are just going to mention

823 Sentences With "such"

How to use such in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "such" and check conjugation/comparative form for "such". Mastering all the usages of "such" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Just 'oh, I lost my dead homie, and such and such, such and such.
There was such flaunting wealth and beauty, such exotic, improbable belief and such ostentatious performances of piety, such cruelty, such laying on of gold.
Such a genius, such a wonderful man, such an inspiration.
She wrapped her arms around me in such pride, such pleasure, such joy.
All her life, she had encountered and combatted sex discrimination; all her life, she had been hailed as the first woman to integrate such-and-such a venue, hold such-and-such a role, achieve such-and-such a distinction.
You have something to speak for: there's a deadline, you have to read such and such book and write such and such paper.
Then there's all this stuff about such-and-such celebrity is such a bitch.
What does it mean to say that the positions of the Earth and Sun are such-and-such at such-and-such a time?
Nobody has such said, such bad, and actually in many cases, such horrible and tough.
Nobody has such sad, such bad, and actually, in many cases, such horrible and tough.
Nobody has such sad, such bad … and actually in many cases, such horrible and tough.
I never dreamed that this record would be met with such love, such warmth, such positivity.
"I never dreamed that this record would be met with such love, such warmth, such positivity," Musgraves said.
Sometimes people say: such and such is the new such and such and I'm like no one ever is the next anyone because that's the indescribable anoymaly about supermodels.
Other related startups are reducing the costs associated with complying with corporate contracts (such as Ironclad), bankruptcy (such as UpSolve), zoning requirements generally (such as Envelope and Symbium) and for accessory dwelling units (such as Cover), permitting processes (such as Camino.
Previously, Chase customers such as Kiernan were exempt from such fees at stand-alone Chase ATMs in such locations.
Such reach, such dexterous mobility for someone who is 6-foot-5, such measured yet audacious power of improvisation.
Such environments are present in schools such as Match and North Star—and in areas such as Shanghai and Singapore.
" He adds: "Such a tragedy, such a great loss.
And it's such a — that's such a cheap shot.
But such a trip — such an escape — required money.
Among those serving in such an office might be distinguished former prosecutors such as Robert Morgenthau, professors of legal ethics such as Stephen Gillers, and renowned constitutional lawyers such as Floyd Abrams.
Natural cheeses can include unripened cheeses such as cottage cheese, soft cheese such as Camembert or hard cheeses such as Cheddar.
I think it's such an incredible thing for someone to go from such a low ebb to such titanic, gargantuan success.
Even though we grew up in such different places, such different worlds, and have such different interests, I understand her on such a deep level and that's really what connected me to film.
Otherwise, why cast such big names in such nothing roles?
He's such a gentleman, and he's such a sweet guy.
They are such a good band and such good people.
Such gripes have not stopped employers from embracing such schemes.
It's such a devastating disease — it's been such a nightmare.
As such, Fitch would likely view such an event negatively.
There is no such thing, there is no such woman.
Why would such "normal" people do such a wild thing?
There are such problems in the world and such anger.
She's just such a nurturer, and she's such a caretaker.
Telecommunications services provided by such entities or using such equipment.
As such, absent other improprieties, such mistakes are often overlooked.
DB Pins has no such fears and no such shame.
Private actors such as newspapers face no such legal constraints.
"Congratulation, Ellie, such love and such fun!" added Karlie Kloss.
It was such a surprise and such an incredible gift.
It's such a cool show with such a great look.
In such cases, would we tolerate such simplification and falsification?
Such change is luring urban entrepreneurs such as Zhou Jian.
How did such a giant become such a pathetic figure?
Would such sanctions actually prove effective at reducing such interference?
Such a great staff, such a great variety of books.
Such missteps are dramatically felt in such a trim production.
He's got such great vision, such a smart hockey player.
Could one man simultaneously embody such grace and such brutality?
How could anyone endure watching a sport with such a lack of obvious athleticism, such inscrutable gameplay, and such a lethargic pace?
The conditions attached to such support have caused relations between creditor countries such as Germany and debtors such as Greece to sour.
Never before have so many companies with such high revenues gone public at such lofty valuations, all while sustaining such massive losses.
Ari [Millen] brings such an intensity and such a cool tone to the show, and has such a great presence on screen.
"Never before had I savoured such convulsion, such hell, such paradise," she said of their three-year relationship (quoted in the catalogue).
We may disclose, distribute, transfer, and sell such messages and the data that we collect from or in connection with such messages; provided, however, if we do disclose such messages or data, all personal information contained in such messages will be removed prior to any such disclosure.
In most states, such laws only apply to transplant organs, such as hearts and kidneys, and to tissue, such as skin and bone.
Firms ranging from startups such as Feedzai (for payments) or Shift Technology (for insurance) to behemoths such as IBM are offering such services.
These include intermittent exercise such as football and racket sports, endurance exercise such as running and cycling, and resistance exercise such as weightlifting.
It's just such a personal thing, it's such a personal experience.
Such a tragedy to lose him at such a young age.
So how did such a shoddy idea gain such outsized influence?
PERINO: And Google is such -- it&aposs such a huge company.
Why has such a quixotic and demanding work achieved such success?
There is no such video, and no such thing ever happened.
"It's such a touchstone, it's such an anchor," said Larson, 71.
How does such a tiny animal make such a booming sound?
GUILFOYLE: I think it&aposs just such -- become such a distraction.
And you will get such low prices for such great care.
He was such an incredible man with such a huge heart.
Sometimes people do such terrible things and say such terrible things.
Such meetings usually have one hour assigned for such public comments.
Why does such a small animal need such a mighty grip?
" Such declarations are unencumbered by qualifiers such as "in my opinion.
Was such passive participation, such inaction, a form of silent approval?
Could Barr simply release such sections without such an official review?
So many millimeters of thickness from such and such a country.
Such changes could exclude certain communities, such as communities of color.
Such willing, such exuberance, is why Resident Evil 7 is funny.
It was such a happy sweater and such a happy collection.
He's had such a great season, such a great postseason run.
Facebook is not the only such technology company under such scrutiny.
How does Anselm Kiefer conjure such brutal beauty, such overwhelming gravity?
They produced such vivid stuff, and there's such skill in it.
Why persist in such a cruel pursuit with such bad odds?
But Twitter's become such a sewer, basically become such a sewer.
"They have taken his name and have conveniently used it as a springboard for such mediocrity, such tastelessness, such ugly ideas," Mr. Rucci wrote.
I wanted to think toward such a God, help women and men experience such a God, and serve such a God among the poor.
Public sentiment is such that such a target is not called for.
One such reason is the rise of "third places" such as Starbucks.
"Such weather modification does not 'produce' rain as such," Pasztor told Gizmodo.
It's such an amazing adventure to go on and such a miracle.
Just such a happy thing for Johnny in such a rough time.
Companies such as Magic Leap are attracting enormous investment on such promise.
Such paranoia reflects the importance attached by the party to such congresses.
Such talk at such a sensitive moment is at best wildly irresponsible.
Over time, such a list might serve to arrest such egregious practices.
China firmly opposes such acts and demands the US cease such activities.
"  "China firmly opposes such acts and demands the US cease such activities.
For such any business to have such blatant racial inequality is intolerable.
What such advances will not do, though, is make such treatments cheaper.
It's amazing such tiny things can make such big — and good — sound.
It's such a big company, and it has such a big responsibility.
Robertson sighs at having such a good feminist embrace such bad ideas.
I felt such an honor to be associated with such a player.
Who knew such shocking emotions, such twists and turns, could pop up!
Why did such a seemingly forgettable game prove to have such longevity?
I'm playing such a bitch; why is she being such a killjoy?
But only rarely do such projects reach such a pitch of perfection.
It was such an such a tricky little movie, actually. Yeah. Impression.
So that was such a special time and such a cool record.
To hear such praise from such a good goalkeeper, I had goosebumps.
Such constraints are very unusual, if not unprecedented for such an investigation.
The scalability of such activity is what makes such tactics especially fearsome.
A season of such joy was not supposed to lead such pain.
How could such a cruel and seemingly irrational view gain such purchase?
Taylor Swift carries no such burden; Bryce Harper curries no such expectation.
Or that such a delicate voice could quell such a motorized riot.
" We call one such unique variant of one such organism a "self.
Such a rich country, such poor people: That was the universal refrain.
How had such a fat little man got such a beautiful wife?
Companies such as Google and Tesla Motors have all gotten such permits.
It is possible to prosecute such failures but such prosecutions are rare.
Canada has no such legislation, and no such initiatives are taking place.
"We don't want to make such or such minister likable," he said.
The elder Suzuki said he was surprised at such rumors having never "uttered any such things," and that his son did not consider such prospect.
However, Shiels said, there were also increases due to natural or semisynthetic opioids (such as morphine and oxycodone), benzodiazepines (such as Valium and Xanax), synthetic opioids (such as fentanyl) and psychostimulants (such as methamphetamine) among blacks and Hispanics.
With such small populations, spread out over such vast land spaces, you need your neighbors, you tolerate abuse, and you don't speak out about such troubles.
There is, for instance, no such thing as 'Science' ... If the Leader says of such and such an event, 'It never happened'—well, it never happened.
Nowhere else, it seems, will you find such tightly controlled varieties of freedom, such militarized ordering of open-ended play, such centralized rules for creative anarchy.
However, the Trump Foundation was closed last year over such improprieties, and criminal cases remain rare for such violations after the forced disbanding of such organizations.
In many markets such as India, calls over internet began to gain traction four to five years ago after services such as WhatsApp enabled such functionality.
"Hackers and bots spread disinformation through social media platforms such as Facebook, microblogging services such as Weibo, and popular chat apps such as Line," he added.
The genius was such a special, such a singular, such a divine being, that he (and it was usually a he) transcended the moral world order.
Such outcomes may be an inevitable consequence of the proliferation of such theories.
It's always seemed like such an unfair prosecution—being such a benign drug.
It's funny that that verse comes after such after such a judgy verse.
Firms such as YouTube and Facebook have already invoked such a defence successfully.
Such keys are made with conventional manufacturing techniques, such as cutting and stamping.
It's such an amazing character and it's such an amazing performance by Frances.
What led such accomplished professionals to such different conclusions from the same data?
As such, the exhibition foregrounds two important questions: Are such dramatizations culturally insensitive?
Where such franchises work, governments offer incentives, such as vouchers for poor parents.
You'll be amazed at how such little effort will reap such noticeable results.
Why did we make such a mountain out of such a quotable molehill?
How did such a good cast get involved in such a bizarre movie?
The book poses such large questions, yet restricts itself to such small answers.
"Menashe" is such a film, and the Hasidic community is such a world.
"He is such an extraordinary man, such a sweet guy," she tells PEOPLE.
If I was such a fraud, it would be such an easy resolution.
Nobody could even say for certain that such a such a piece existed.
Israel is such a new country, but obviously with such old, rooted history.
Such regions are a key market for cheap devices such as the JioPhone.
"It's such a bold costume, it's making such a bold statement," she says.
"We had such a special relationship, such a bond," his dad Randy said.
I bleed myself dry for such a man, such a monster, more like!
Such trades would typically be based on financial benchmark rates such as Euribor.
Arthur Dong: His was such a dramatic journey, such an emotional human story.
No such development transpired, and no such development was ever likely to transpire.
Trump might go in such directions, but for now, such analogies are imperfect.
Most often such redactions occur to allow such investigations to continue in secrecy.
I was such a fan of Bertolucci, and it's such a free movie.
So how can millionaires have such different outlooks but such similar investment postures?
Some are mild, such as grumpiness, and others are powerful, such as wrath.
Such is the way of the world; such is the precedent of history.
"I never did any such thing — never did any such thing," he said.
"She's such a good kid and has such a good heart," he said.
There were 24 such Republicans in 2006, and 19943 such Democrats in 2010.
We're in a time when there is such fandom, such fervor over cooking.
JUDGE KAVANAUGH: I never did any such thing — never did any such thing.
But why did he create such breathtaking images from such a meteorological monster?
I had never performed for such large crowds or received such ecstatic applause.
Singing such moonlit, almost twee material amid such acrimony felt counterfeit to him.
Larger economies such as China, India, Japan, Brazil and Australia resisted such commitments.
" Ms. Newman said, "We are living in such bizarre times, such heavy times.
With such negative reviews, just how did keto capture such a faithful following?
"There is no such a fact, no such a plan," a spokesman said.
Half received amphetamines such as Adderall and half received methylphenidates such as Ritalin.
And why does such a miserable being have such an utterly nice dog?
After such talk, after such bravado, he messed up on his first act.
Well, unfortunately when you negotiate those big-ticket items, such as intellectual property rights, such as subsidies to state-owned enterprises, such as rents, such as you know, extortion of this or that, it's going to take a long time.
" But we're not getting any contextualizing information like we might in another show [for example]: "In 1969, such-and-such a bomb went off", or "This village was razed to the ground by American troops on such-and-such a date.
"The American people should know if the U.S. government accepted this 'bill'/ransom demand, agreed to make such a payment, did make such a payment, made possible such payment, or used the potential for such payment as negotiating leverage," she wrote.
" Although Americans struggle to explain to their children "how such evil can exist, how there can be such cruelty and such suffering," Trump said, America can't be defined "by the evil that threatens us or the violence that incites such terror.
Synthetic opioids are manmade drugs such as fentanyl, as opposed to semi-synthetic opioids such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, or natural opioids such as codeine and morphine.
Such a blunt tool for such a sheer and infinite range of human feeling.
Why has such a lost cause become such a powerful force in political life?
Offering such guarantees to Britain is sensitive in some eurozone nations, such as France.
As such, Comey is the central witness against Trump in any such obstruction investigation.
And she's such a great personality, such a fun person, great character, huge smile.
How could Apple release such a hideous accessory with such a distinct battery "hump"?
And he was such a great man, and he was such a great soul.
Rarely do these kinds of deals get such attention or have such enjoyable storylines.
Such policies, however, still require users to moderate each other and report such transgressions.
One such specific was how much, in the end, such a scheme might cost.
It was disorientating to witness such tawdry politics at such a potentially momentous moment.
"You were such a good person with such a positive aura," the friend expressed.
"Ed Herrmann was such a giant and was such a wonderful person," she said.
Recreating such a small part of such a historic moment (Beychella) makes Rousteing emotional.
As such, the chances of certain candidates, such as Kristalina Georgieva, become much smaller.
It's such a good question, because in some ways, it's such a different journey.
Fermented Foods: There's such a focus on and such a hype around probiotic supplements.
Such claims have been repeatedly debunked by fact checkers such as Snopes and Politifact.
Such problems loom even in countries ageing more slowly than China—such as Britain.
Psychologists say such deep faith can help families deal with such a ghastly event.
Now, North Carolina legislators can make such voting changes with no such federal vetting.
It was heartbreaking to witness such an old man in such a helpless state.
I am an Englishman and as such should never do such a thing ii.
He's such a gem and such a catch and we'll see where it goes.
Somebody who has such a great family life, such a great relationship with herself.
Fairholme, overseen by Bruce Berkowitz, said such profit belonged to stockholders such as itself.
Such sophistication allows regulators to demand clever remedies, such as the disposal of subsidiaries.
Why such a tiny contest has such a massive effect on the presidential race.
There's a price for telling such a pointed story, with such sharply-drawn characters.
Countries such as Italy and Spain got rid of such set-ups years ago.
" As such, he said, abuse in such rarefied settings "may take decades to overcome.
Advocates such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have long raised such concerns.
Could such sediments have protected organic molecules for such a vast expanse of time?
Such taxes would relieve the income tax system from having to service such payments.
Such cuts, he added, would endanger programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
How does such a radical law get passed in such a politically competitive state?
Perhaps no other nation has such a mestizo culture, such ingrained habits of mingling.
My name bounced into agents' offices, as the one who'd salvaged such-and-such.
Why did the Founders take such a cautious approach to such a serious crime?
Private citizens as such cannot be impeached, nor can members of Congress as such.
You have never experienced such clarity of mind, such perfect comprehension of the cosmos.
He photographed such national champions such as Saenchai Pksaenchaimuaythaigym, Singdam Kiatmoo9 and Buakaw Banchamek.
He just took his delusions to such a great level, to such great heights.
It's awful that such a thing had to happen to such intelligent young girls.
The other promises to pay such-and-such more than the rate of inflation.
We are such a deeply divided culture these days, such a deeply divided country.
Did the aforementioned books, dealing with such frivolous subject matter, really merit such prominence?
Even open-border advocates such as Alex Nowrasteh support temporary restrictions for such reasons.
Only in England could such an expensive resource be put to such occasional use.
Though none has amassed such a big following, nor indeed with such viral speed.
How could a place with such outrageously satisfying burgers make such outrageously disappointing fries?
You couldn't launch such an awkward object at such an unreasonable target without it.
Such injury can cause symptoms such as memory problems, headaches, and sensitivity to light.
The business includes imaging sensors supplied to such smartphone customers such as Apple Inc.
"Insects die at such high rates, and have such short generation times," he said.
In the ancient Chinese art of face reading, the philtrum represented such-and-such.
It was such a distinct pleasure to be involved in such an illustrious event.
I am proud to be in such a class and with such a teacher.
There was such reckless joy in our time together, such fearlessness in our hearts.
Such is the depth of his obsession; such is the poetry of his preoccupation.
And it's frightening to see such large policies being contemplated on such flimsy data.
Perhaps only such a large quarrying operation could have removed so much earth across such a wide space and to such a depth, thereby exposing the prehistoric timbers.
But the building embodied such a different aesthetic, such a contrary world view, that some wondered whether a society that produced such opposites in quick succession could survive.
His outspokenness on such issues have won him fans such as Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Political Action Conference as well as critics such as rapper Talib Kweli.
His outspokenness on such issues has won him fans such as Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Political Action Conference as well as critics such as rapper Talib Kweli.
Because he was such an exceptional worker, he is awarded, instead of a watch, a new car, to be delivered on such and such date, 250 years later.
No such rationality exists in the Trump White House, no such cost-benefit analyses are conducted, no such vision for what the president wants as his legacy exists.
But Ethan's looks are so classically handsome, it seems impossible that he walks around with such a face and such a strong jawline and such a finely shaped head.
They all have such a clear vision of what they want to do, there's such a love of the 'creation,' and they have such a strong sense of humor!
As such, a city such as Austin can't impose its own local taxes, licensing requirements, rates, or any sort of operational requirement on companies such as Uber or Lyft.
I mean, to do that with such a brand with such a history and such a heritage and to have this chance to create this new story around it.
Richard Donner had done such a great Americana, Aaron Copland-esque take on Superman with Christopher Reeves, which was such a sensation and such an epic in many ways.
The toxic metal was most commonly found in fruit juices such as grape and apple, root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots, and cookies such as teething biscuits.
That could be a specific sleep disorder (such as narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia), a medical condition (such as sleep apnea), or a medication (such as antihistamines or beta-blockers).
The effectiveness of such tools, the use of such filters and the impact of such sites depends on people making the effort to seek them out and use them.
" When I asked Shambaugh about this anecdote, he responded, by email, "I said no such thing, would never say such a thing, and do not believe such a thing.
They "depended on them to vet lesser well-known state offices such as the commissioner of agriculture, such as the state treasurer, such as the state auditor," she said.
How such a small number of assailants could inflict such staggering carnage — and in such a highly secure area — only compounded the trauma and anxiety over what could come.
It is not surprising that the American public is responding to an attack as hateful and barbaric as the Orlando mass shooting with such compassion, such strength, such resolve.
He's such a big part of my life and such a good judge of character.
Such different paths, but such remarkable similarity in the ability to absolutely own one's moment.
It's possible Waymo will never find such killer evidence, and that such evidence doesn't exist.
You're such a fake" and added, "You are such a fake, don't even go there.
"We never thought such incident would happen in such a peace loving country," he said.
It was suspicious, officials reported, that such large sums flowed through such a nondescript location.
And we noticed that the carbon content of your electricity system is such and such.
I've never seen the extravaganza of clothing and such fabrications with such strong African heritage.
Companies such as Vanguard, Fidelity and others offer very simple, easy access to such funds.
"Pause my email for such-and-such hours" is more reliable and stable to use.
I wanted to see how and what bonded such unique people with such strong beliefs.
"He was such a massive figure and represented himself as such an angel," Robson said.
It favours hard sciences such as economics over soft ones such as sociology and history.
Such institutions are less likely to offer demanding courses such as physics or advanced algebra.
"She is such a strong swimmer and such a dominant swimmer," Phelps told USA Today.
It's because the barn owl has such giant wings attached to such a small body.
Such measures include widespread adoption of renewable energies such as solar power, the study said.
Such trains primarily carry consumer goods such as appliances, clothes, electronics and food, he said.
But you know, this is such a different kind of administration, such a different president.
Why was such a quaint piece of Americana being displayed in such a trendy hotel?
"Someone wrote a headline about 'huge' Blac Chyna does such and such,'" Ms. Canada said.
"He plays with such force and such passion," Oklahoma City coach Billy Donovan told reporters.
In such a model, it becomes "impractical" to include tiny islands such as Easter Island.
Such intense use on such a massive scale inevitably reveals the creator's mistakes and miscalculations.
He's been such a phenomenal ambassador for the sport, such a hero and a legend.
Still, it's inspiring to see such a respectful little kid with such poor reality testing.
Energy has been such a big laggard after such a good fourth quarter in 2016.
I think that if such a need arises the central bank will take such actions.
I think that's why horror is such a popular genre and such a commercial genre.
Washington should recognize such progress because, without the tariffs, such newfound prosperity could easily disappear.
Such grassroots approaches, developed collaboratively by groups such as Creative Interventions, Critical Resistance, and Incite!
As such, any law enforcement agency should be very cautious about using such a system.
Google and Facebook both have such structures, as do companies such as Roku and Lyft.
" J.M. Smucker: "It's such a good company but that's such a tough business right now.
How is it possible for such a little girl to have two such big suitcases?
And so it follows that there will be fewer such reports and fewer such articles.
And it really, really unfortunate…about such an important story at such an important moment.
"I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job," Trump said.
If we don't have such a system, it is still difficult to avoid such cases.
I took the obvious position: Well, how can you deny me such adventures, such freedom?
"It's amazing that they created such a phenomenon under such difficult circumstances," Ms. Lü said.
It was the first such station in New York City, not the first such station.
Today, such popular online platforms such as Blackboard or Moodle allow for much improved discourse.
Such fabrics — such garments, as Lil Uzi Vert might say — were in short supply, though.
Don't bother with the "but where's such-and-such-a-game" in the comments, though.
And of course, John has been such a godly example and such a loving husband!
Current laws require such equipment, and companies have to request exemptions to launch such vehicles.
How can the same man have presided over such a decline and then such improvement?
Those are two such limiting categories, and there is such variation in each of them.
Rarely have I read a piece featuring such empathy coupled with such tough-minded analysis.
Such a facility would allow Elliott to call on such funds when investment opportunities arise.
President Trump's executive order is one such tool, and as such it should be celebrated.
Such a perspective, he writes, inevitably prioritizes reeducating such workers over attempting to organize them.
As such, they struggle to access social services such as public schools in urban areas.
But while on base, no such licenses are honored and no such weapons are allowed.
That's the key to what makes copying such a spectacle such a positive for Trump.
Such a facility would allow Elliott to call on such funds when investment opportunities arise.
Such citizens cannot, in many cases, get services such as health care, welfare and education.
As such, there is almost no way the Kingdom can completely defend against such attacks.
And over time, such a tax would make it less likely that such fortunes develop.
Why has this week been such a powerful, emotional experience — in such an unexpected way?
Artists such as Lyon remain powerful and important instigators in bringing such oppression to light.
Such questions, such answers, I realized meant more to him than I had originally imagined.
But now, as soon as I submit a request to the ministry and say I need 60 million or 40 million Egyptian pounds to buy such and such raw materials to manufacture such and such, the following day Major General Assar approves the request.
The first is interaction with the natural world, such as gardening; the second is construction using toys such as Lego; and the third is through virtual tools, such as Minecraft.
"It was such a disjointed first half and we were in such foul trouble," Capel said.
Such workers miss out on perks enjoyed by employees, such as sick pay and parental leave.
No.' But that becomes such a beautiful friendship and such a heartwarming aspect of the story.
Such developments also significantly complement the important work of groups such as W.A.G.E., BFAMFAPhD, and Debtfair.
Such software is built by technology experts who may be unqualified on issues such as terrorism.
"She's such a professional, and she's such a talented actress," he told Refinery29's Ariana Romero.
Other states such as Utah passed such laws, only to be blocked by a federal judge.
Those who endorse such existing and discriminatory stereotypes will be eager to read it as such.
"It's such a commonsense thing to do, and such an urgent thing to do," Halderman said.
" Trump added that he had "never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job.
Such backdrops pay homage to African masters of photography such as Seydou Keita and Malick Sidibe.
Such an amazing experience to be apart of this project with such great creators and cast!
The high likelihood that Uber would settle such a case would make such a lawsuit tempting.
Someone like Milo is such a charismatic figure and such a well-spoken and entertaining figure.
But Trump's election has galvanized Democrats in such a way that many are ignoring such considerations.
They just cannot accept the fact that Hillary was such an unpopular, such a divisive candidate.
"Officer Hendren has not requested such coverage nor has such coverage been approved," the statement said.
Our family never imagined that such a horrible thing could happen to such a nice girl.
However, such zones do have to comply with EU rules on areas such as state aid.
How did such a small country become such a big player in the world hacking stage?
Networks such as HBO have further pushed the boundaries with projects such as Game of Thrones.
Only 30 percent of people without such experience favor such a liberalized policy for those medications.
Such callous episodes, and better-known calamities such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, dominate the nuclear debate.
How could such a small dose of training have such a large impact on the brain?
Such data are often presented in a well-structured, but static, format such, as CSV files.
While Earth's magnetic field helps protect us from such radiation, Mars doesn't have such a field.
Campaigners such as Barker say men face their own pressures, such as being the sole breadwinner.
Sectors such as defence, energy, and railways can benefit from such investments in the long run.
For firms with free products, such as Facebook and Google, such qualitative regulation could prove problematic.
She says she did not expect it to gather such momentum in such a short time.
Some fans claim that such an important, beloved hero didn't deserve such a callously presented death.
But we could have had it without such large sacrificies, without such enormous violence, without represssions.
Large arbitration groups, such as the AAA, do have codes of conduct that prohibit such partiality.
Some, such as Litecoin, are designed to tackle some of bitcoin's weaknesses, such as slow transactions.
So we may wonder why it's such a big debate when it's such a small policy.
"They were such a huge part of my life for such a long time," she says.
But if you put kawaii nuance on such products, maybe such items can be more approachable.
"I'm seriously offended that there is such a thing such as this movement," the user wrote.
But even if lawmakers don't champion such a rule, citizens and shareholders can demand such disclosures.
Such a regime would cover public exchanges and private venues, such as those operated by banks.
"It seems like such a small thing because [bees] are such a small creature," she said.
Such a clever joke, such an awful role model when it comes to dealing with criticism.
But how long must we exercise such restraint or live in such a potentially unstable universe?
It doesn't have to be such a grand goal for you, or such a large amount.
BMW is investing in new materials such as carbon fibre and enhancements such as parking assistance.
"I'm such a talker, and I feel like I'm such an open book," Khloé, 31, explained.
Such robots are controlled remotely, and used for tasks such as surveillance and investigating suspect bombs.
Beijing could force Lam to enact such legislation, and last week hinted at such a move.
"She looked at me with such loathing—such pride and resentment and hatred," Cerreti has said.
Blocking such non-military attacks requires civilian means, such as political outreach, policing and cyber-security.
Lee Jean, Ed Sheeran's "Make It Rain" Such a big guitar for such a small boy!
With such resources, tax revenue on such earnings would ordinarily return significant resources to the state.
Advances in technology such as the introduction of internet-connected devices have afforded us such luxuries.
It's why it's such an important topic, but it's also why it's such a political challenge.
To give in to such an impulse, in such a context, would be very, very inappropriate.
To the extent that such information was shared with Congress, such a waiver may have occurred.
"Why do they do such a thing in such bad taste?" one commenter wrote on Facebook.
However, the woman was grateful to have such loyal work friends on such a hard day.
Was it a challenge to squeeze such an extraordinary life story into such a small space?
Challenging such demands is difficult and often requires deep pockets, attorneys familiar with such orders said.
Yahoo could wish for such control over its fortunes, or such a near-certain profit outlook.
While a handful of Democrats have said they support such a move, leaders, such as Rep.
Was there a kick in that for you, to play such a villain, such a pragmatist?
The actual war on drugs is such a stupid thing; it's such a stupid American thing.
The decision made such research illegal without a permit requiring that any such experiments benefit chimpanzees.
The WTA has had such a rule for years, while the ATP has no such protection.
I mean, they just were such a big player in this and such a vocal player.
He was such a tremendous talent and such a good actor, so committed, passionate and kind.
Enter startups such as the large venture-backed Katerra and recently public companies such as Procore.
Brokerages such as Charles Schwab have also recently debuted "free" services such as commission-free trading.
It is surprising, then, to see Goldin's analog methods have such an impact against such obstacles.
No other power takes on such far-reaching security guarantees and offers such comprehensive political resources.
The Soviets had no such restraints and quickly understood the propaganda value of such a launch.
In fact, Clinton never uttered such words, nor does Morris's screed even make such a claim.
Such allegations have prompted a widespread push to crackdown on such conduct, particularly in the workplace.
It's such a formidable and massive enterprise, it's hard to take measure of such an objective.
There was such a different nervousness, such a different placement of your feet and your stance.
Never have I heard someone speak with such force, such rage, as Greta Thunberg on Monday.
All of this was done at such a velocity and with such intensity that by Feb.
"When such actions, such operations, take place, we see that escalation is underway," de Montchalin added.
Never have I heard someone speak with such force, such rage, as Greta Thunberg on Monday.
Two such as you with such a master speed Cannot be parted nor be swept away.
Such an incident could be accidental or motivated by ill will, such as a terrorist attack.
Such a step would signal to Moscow that the West is serious about confronting such actions.
Rehnquist left questions related to witnesses, such as Monica Lewinsky, and motions, such as Democratic Sen.
"I saw what he could do, such violence, such an explosion of rage," Mr. Dazio said.
For players such as Australia midfielder Jackson Irvine, such considerations are well above their pay grade.
For some species, such as mussels, lab experiments have shown adverse health effects such as inflammation.
Such stories helped set the preconditions for the Holocaust and the rise of Nazism, which also used emerging communication technology such as radio and cinema to spread such paranoia and hatred.
It would not have worked if millennials didn't have such an interest in experiences, such a shortage of cash, such a habit of living together before marriage and not needing stuff.
Such a deal could include agreements on "easy items" such as China buying more U.S. agriculture products, but leaving out major sticking points such as intellectual property protection, according to James.
And when I started doing Daring Fireball in 2002, it was such a smaller company and it was such, it was such a smaller audience of people who cared deeply about this.
In truth, Mr. Cohen had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any such person or incident, and does not even believe that any such person exists, or that such incident ever occurred.
Social networks such as Facebook are concerned that if they actively search for illegal content such as child pornography or incitement to terrorism, they could be deemed legally liable for such content.
Low desire can have many causes, whether biological influences such as the side effects of medication, psychological factors such as body image or relational triggers such as being angry with your partner.
The list includes established names, such as Netflix, and looming entrants, such as Disney, to the space.
Such a move requires an act of will upon the part of the person, such as treason.
That's why I'm beyond shocked to read such a wrong message shared by such an important newspaper.
The fact that all such games have such equilibria, as Nash proved, is important for several reasons.
If taken seriously, few activities may fill your life with such highs, and such lows, as dating.
These contaminants include chemicals such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium and radioactive elements such as uranium and radium.
Such a machine could move around and perform simple tasks, such as holding tissue or taking video.
"It's such a short time in your life and it's such a special bonding time," she says.
Such displaced people typically lose their assets such as their savings, land, cattle or tools, advocates say.
Plenty cheered such harassment of Nielsen and Miller, such was their anger over the family-separation policy.
Such practices have inspired television shows such as the British and U.S. versions of House of Cards.
Alas, platforms involve no such physical product, and leave no such physical trace for us to investigate.
And it&aposs unfortunate, because Canada has been such a great ally for such a long time.
There's such a beautiful message behind this collection and the money is used for such incredible things.
Why is religion such a focus for these movies, but in such an unfocused and generalized way?
Such funds are used for entitlements such as Medicaid and Medicare, veterans' services and foster care programmes.
Under Monday's ruling, should contracts at such companies include mandatory arbitration clauses, such cases wouldn't be possible.
"We must accept that in such circumstances there is no such thing as zero risk," he said.
Phone companies such as AT&T even created concept videos that attempted to predict such a future.
In addition to property, such families dominate industries with limited competition such as ports, utilities and supermarkets.
Evidence now suggests, however, that many such patients probably never should have been taking such high doses.
Companies such as iForce now run specialist returns services for retailers such as Tesco and B&Q.
Do your research — using resources such as Robert Half's salary guide, sites such as Payscale or Salary.
I had such a great experience on This American Life and it was such a pure experience.
As such, it has looked at boosting advertising on other products such as Instagram and now Messenger.
That is such a source of strength, such a magnet for the best talent in the world.
Customers include smaller restaurant chains, such as Ping Pong and Franco Manca, and merchants such as Arco.
Such enablers can serve in a broad variety of roles, such as engineers or electronic warfare specialists.
More broadly, such steps are taken based on concrete evidence such as financial links, recruitment efforts etc.
It is not wrong to feel unsettled face by a crisis of such complexity and such magnitude.
It also encompassed such bellwethers of high-tech trade such as South Korea and Taiwan in Asia.
Such movement is at the lowest level since 1948, when the government began to track such figures.
"I was really lucky to have such freedom with such a beautiful and noble name," continues Dossena.
Outlining risks to financial stability, the central bank said cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, could pose such threats.
Such self-denial is rare, and the wider effects of such massive sums are already being felt.
Country music is such a community, such a family — Thomas Rhett, Russell Dickerson, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen.
In such a case, we lack the protections enjoyed by other nations, such as the United Kingdom.
It is not the role of respected global publishing houses such as CUP to hinder such access.
But such a court battle would risk sensitive Facebook documents such as the aforementioned email going public.
Honestly, I was taken aback by how such a little change can much such a big difference.
It's such an easy thing to do and makes such a difference to those who need it.
Kristin seems like such an awesome mom, and I think Audrina will be such a great mom.
Being aware of it in everyday life puts you at such a … you're at such an advantage.
Comer, said U.S. states must sometimes provide such aid even if their constitutions explicitly ban such funding.
" And the "no such link was established" sort of sounds like "no such link was established, yet.
I guess we never imagined it would be such a hit and such an interest to others.
So thankful to have been able to tell such a special story with such a special girl.
We hope the US side will stop such surveillance activities to avoid such incidents from happening again.
I believe that such theories can be related metaphorically, today, to many different contexts, such as music.
Such measures include efficiency efforts and investment in technologies such as desalination and water recycling, it said.
Their scale is what allows them to offer such comprehensive services at such low cost to consumers.
Operators must also inform platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and messaging apps, to block such content.
There's no such thing as safe drug use, but there's such a thing as safer drug use.
Consequently, I often ask myself what would be the best format to express such or such subject.
Many are drawn into risky behaviors such as unsafe sex or substance abuse due to such stigma.
Roughly the same proportion worry that such an outcome will have negative consequences, such as worsening inequality.
While he cited published reports of such allegations, Mr. Smikle did not know of such an effort.
The service will expand to cover new topics (such as IoT) and industries (such as transportation).3.
A number of major oil companies that could be affected, such as such as Exxon Mobil Corp.
However, destinations such as Spain, Portugal, and less popular ones such as Ireland and Scandinavia saw increases.
Moving a rig or other equipment between such parcels would become more laborious in such a scenario.
And Sally and Michael Shannon are such intuitive actors, and they have such a precise rhythmic timing.
Such a draconian measure would need an equally immense justification, such as the end of mass murder.
Show us something we haven't seen before, or lately, or in such depth, or with such clarity.
Nevertheless, such a penalty could create job instability for anyone related such as tour operators, he said.
Beyond the suburbs, traditional shamanic uses of hallucinogens, such as ayahuasca, are said to facilitate such metamorphoses.
Yet, he acknowledges that it's uncommon to see such consistency in this instance of such overbought readings.
Such interns may cost their employers nothing, but some economists worry such programs do carry a cost.
We have seen such conspiracy theories spread on-line, such as in 2016 during the Zika emergency.
Fubo has no such page, and as far as I can tell, no such deals on offer.
It's like, OK, you earn such and such amount of money and fame, and then you're successful.
They were horrified such a gentle and hardworking man died in such a violent and painful way.
Such a policy requires the use of involuntarily collected taxpayer money to devise and manage such nudges.
" That jurisdiction, however, is subject to "such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.
The export controls against ZTE are unusual because such actions are rarely taken against such large companies.
" Of another, "Such eyes, however, and such a nose promise great services in the cause of humanity.
I was so depressed and in such a dark place and was such a burden to everybody.
Apple, in particular, lacks such features while Google's Android relies on third party tools for such features.
I met and befriended such a wide variety of girls, each with such different skills and talents.
There's been such a sustained interest despite the fact that everything happened such a long time ago.
Such a great writer and such a writer of historical importance —an American and Jewish transformative artist.
The Obama administration never approved such requirements, but Trump administration officials have made such requirements a priority.
"The prospect of such pain and disruption lowers the probability of such an event occurring," it added.
But in a city such as New York, "there's no such thing as social distancing," Cuomo said.
In such a society, with such an unbalanced and capricious king, could not another Haman easily arise?
His work always fascinated me because he's such a lousy painter technically and such a great artist.
You would think that the Senate would heavily discuss such the consequences of such an historic decision.
Such calls imply that, absent such a specified month, we would somehow have a state of equality.
It's such a different product than you can get today, with such different capabilities, it's almost eerie.
"But today, after such a tragic incident, I am extremely saddened and feel such pain," she said.
Scarcely can a 21-year-old have looked quite so at ease in such surroundings, such circumstances.
My interest and enjoyment of such art forms comes as a result of my exposure to such.
Physicists, astronomers and influencers such as science fiction authors could lend their voices to such an effort.
It's a wonder how a place that makes such incredible burgers can make such infamously bad fries.
"It's a lot, especially when you're dealing with such strong scenes and such strong emotions," she reveals.
Known for such truisms such as, when asked about global warming, says, oh, it never gets cold.
It made for a somewhat jarring juxtaposition, seeing men of such apparent decorum pass such harsh images.
It would, therefore, make it possible for them to invest in developing such drugs and such methods.
Other relatively new members of the European Union, such as Croatia, are not submitted to such oversight.
"I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job," Trump told the media.
"The U.S. has been such a good country with such good policies," said Mr. Singh, a brewer.
Certainly for Native American bodies we would not tolerate such cavalier treatment of ethics, or such sensationalism.
"Julia Raeside from The Guardian wrote, "Never has such a no-brainer been such a non-starter.
"There is such a disproportion between a researcher and a mighty company such as Huawei," she said.
Toy companies such as Hasbro and Mattel have already begun preparing contingency plans for such an event.
Other ultra-low-cost airlines, such as Allegiant and Spirit, have opted for such seats as well.
There were 85 such deals in 2016, according to the Altman Weil MergerLine, which tracks such deals.
Clinton said such a proposal proved it was a good thing he would never have such authority.
I think I am underqualified to comment on such a public forum with such a wide audience.
Forgiveness is complicated, especially when it comes to such profound, harrowing events with such clear racist motivations.
Mr. Slosiarik said that he had never witnessed such a drastic drop in such a short time.
It's that kind of thing that has earned Coons such widespread respect even in such divisive times.
And ask her to stop making such a big deal out of such a small, commonplace occurrence.
This is a Johnson operating in a challenging political environment populated by southern Democrats such as Richard Russell, Republicans such as Everett Dirksen, liberals such as James Coleman of California, grassroots activists such as Stokely Carmichael, and malicious forces inside the government like FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.
Cameron's backing for EU membership has the support of some of the world's most powerful companies such as Microsoft and GE, banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, world leaders such as Obama and even traditional domestic foes such as the Labour Party, trade unions and Scottish nationalists.
Apple devices such as the iPhone or Apple Watch collect detailed data about users, such as whom they email, call or text message and even biometric data such as heart rates and fingerprints.
Mr. Romney came close, running up his white vote totals in Southern states such as Mississippi (89 percent), Western states such as Arizona (66 percent) and Plains states such as Kansas (64 percent).
"At no other time in GoFundMe's ten year history have we seen such an urgent need or such an incredible outpouring of support in such a short time," says Cadogan in the letter.
Such a valuation would have been roughly in line with that of banks such as BNP, Santander and Credit Suisse, but a premium to lenders such as Barclays , Societe Generale or Deutsche Bank.
Agricultural behemoths such as Monsanto have been heavily criticized for such patents, but smaller outfits do it too.
"I experienced such graciousness, such generosity from women I worked with when I started in television," she says.
"I'm wondering why such an import brilliant man would take in such a shitty handmaid," Emily eventually asks.
Such models are used in existing insurance facilities such as African Risk Capacity and make payments more effective.
Platforms such as Facebook or Twitter face fines of up to SG$1 million ($740,000) in such situations.
As Ferris Bueller would have you think, in that time, the expression "such-and-such rules" was popular.
Once again, Fermi was correct in his guess using such a mundane test for such a complex problem.
Utility companies such as Thames Water, which runs the offending pipes in London, are notorious for such gushers.
There is something truly beautiful — poetic, even — about such a large truck fitting into such a tiny garage.
" The statement continued: "In a situation such as this, there is no such thing as closure or justice.
With a CET, however, such monitoring is no longer necessary (because the possibility of such arbitrage is eliminated).
By comparison with such past such epochal transformations, this one is happening at lightning speed, we were told.
In some states, such as Georgia, some carriers such as Humana are seeking a 65 percent rate increase.
If he were to make such a move, he would not be the first to implement such changes.
With such small magnitudes and such depths, you wouldn't be able to feel the earthquakes on the surface.
Such an invisible infrastructure coupled with intelligent software agents imbedded in the internet will seamlessly deliver such services.
How does just such a small, vibrant nation on the fringe of Europe survive in such an atmosphere?
It also promised better infrastructure (such as piped water) and better services (such as schools and youth centres).
Such locations are heavily polluted industrial areas, often contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals such at PCBs or DDT.
But how could such a demonstrably shoddy and undocumented analysis persist for so long, under such close scrutiny?
Mr. Nunn usually starts his rehearsal processes with such a workshop, though typically not such a long one.
Never before had an erection been presented as a work of art with such clarity, with such observation.
It's such a pain to deal with this, and such a bummer it happened to my new car.
When I visit other cities, I get such an appreciation for Chicago having such a dope transportation system.
Volcanic ash is the reason the area has such rich soil for crops, such as coffee, Akamu said.
Some, such as a series conducted in 2000 and 22018 at Louisiana State University, found no such link.
"Kylo Ren is such an iconic character and such a badass in the Star Wars universe," Tucker says.
It just became such a love of mine in such another way that I could connect with people.
"Such a law can have a negative impact on the credit supply in such a country," Nowotny said.
"Such agreements did not result from any disagreement between Tesla and any of such directors," the company said.
Such functions are increasingly used in manufacturing and areas such as logistics, digital farming, drones or 3D printing.
To avert such criticism, the EU wants the U.N. agencies for refugees and migration to run such sites.
He could think of no other substance that produced such a powerful effect from such a tiny dose.
But an economy growing at such a healthy clip seems, at face value, unlikely to need such support.
Emerging world companies such as Huawei are moving up the value chain and challenging companies such as Ericsson.
Nergal: Because probably you got some insight into that: Was Varg really such a fuckin'… such a fucker?
As did series such featuring diverse characters such as The Slap, Love Child, The Principal and Black Comedy.
It had such a huge impact on making me feel like the world is such a small place.
There aren't many labels that spring to mind with such a varied output, but such a clear vision.
With such dire problems, and such incredible power, Dishonored 2, like the Outsider, mostly approaches you with curiosity.
Merkel has warned that such a move could shift the burden onto countries such as Italy and Greece.
"Timurlengia is small and doesn't have such a big or robust skull, or such thick teeth," Brusatte explained.
I think it's such a powerful song with such a great message to the people that wronged her.
But Congress never established such rules, effectively prohibiting mining in indigenous areas until such a law is passed.
Such pollutants are the result of burning fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, to generate energy.
Amazon is such an amazingly tough competitor because Jeff [Bezos] is such a long-term thinker and planner.
Such a levy would drive the total tax paid for import-heavy companies, such as retailers, considerably higher.
Some, such as ice-cream will be adjusted upwards, while others, such as yogurt, will be adjusted downwards.
Where else has there been such bipartisan agreement across a range of issues, and yet such legislative paralysis?
When asked about such reports at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin rejected such allegations as "hysteria."
Walmart is such an important buyer that consumer-goods companies such as Procter & Gamble have offices near Bentonville.
What's it like to watch your partner do such challenging stunts, such as tightrope-walking across the Falls?
Such simplistic, bootstrapping remedies ignore the fact that many lonely people often don't have such robust social networks.
They are not physically intimidating and not associated with such a deeply corrupt racket such as college sports.
Potential threats include everything from rare events, such as earthquakes, to more frequent concerns, such as cyber attacks.
The commentators didn't pretend such magic, such perfect control over our circumstances, was a possibility, or even desirable.
Remain had its early strongholds, such as Orkney and Clackmannanshire in Scotland, but turnout in such places underperformed.
But a movie with such bad reviews and such a middling box office just doesn't win Best Picture.
There are 200 other such zones across Europe and several in Asian cities such as Singapore and Tokyo.
Stalwarts, such as Audi, rapidly are improving already superior products, such as the 25 SQ22018 25 T Quattro.
Children can simulate procedures such as liposuction, nose jobs, lip fillers and double-eyelid surgery using such apps.
It's a lot to ask even the best-trained troops in such short notice, under such chaotic conditions.
The joke is that such passionate animosity could be felt toward such trivial, rarely encountered or imaginary things.
"There is no such thing — no such thing — as consensual rape," she said, generating applause from the chamber.
Big private universities such as Harvard and Yale have robust endowments and reputations to help weather such disruptions.
Most involved prescription opioids such as OxyContin or Vicodin or related illicit drugs such as heroin and fentanyl.
Could two brains be connected in such a way as to coördinate some joint activity, such as dancing?
"The government cannot tax such transactions nor check any crimes related to such unregistered payment systems," Niroula said.
"I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job," Trump told the media Tuesday.
Such a slide would normally spark a stampede into safe havens such as U.S. government debt or gold.
I am grateful to Adam for writing such rich material and for creating such a wonderful work environment.
As such, I wish it came with accessories that you'd need for commuting, such as racks and fenders.
This president daily abuses it, but never have we seen such flouting, such willingness to abuse the Constitution.
"Esme has such a big personality for having such a little body," Esme's mom, Gabi Cope, tells PEOPLE.
" Trump has denied that such a recording exists, and that such as word is even "in my vocabulary.
The budget resolution called for $302 billion in such cuts, among the highest such request in two decades.
If platforms also risk penalties when hosting such opinions, some will steer clear of allowing such speech altogether.
I loved the experience of working with such a diverse group of photographers within such a short period.
And over the past decade, such libraries and archives have begun to treasure, rather than trivialize, such materials.
My husband is in such and such facility, and I'm here to spend a few days with him.
In such a scenario, Britain would face barriers on services, particularly in highly regulated sectors such as finance.
With such huge acquisitions, companies like Comcast and AT&T are gunning to be the next such platforms.
They did ask me if I had ever done business with a company called Such-and-Such Enterprises.
Maersk said its new vessel won't use such fuel, although such a ban is not yet in effect.
Such apps are replacing antiquated solutions and technologies, such as pen and paper and simple spreadsheets, Subotovsky said.
The president has repeatedly denied such claims and urged voters not to be taken in by such falsehoods.
Nonetheless, issuance of such debt is unlikely for now given that depressed prices make selling such bonds unpalatable.
The world is too unstable for such consistency and CE so far seems too adventurous for such straightening.
You're dealing with such ego, such high left-side brain development without the commensurate right-side brain development.
She plays this music with such poise, with such glow, but never stints on its dark, psychological side.
Why should he expect Claire to forgive him for such a deliberate lie and such a cavalier response?
These clubs can all afford to indulge such whims, such is the money swilling around the Premier League.
Such items may have pure symbolic value, too, representing themes such as renewal or the instability of life.
As such, she said, it is likely that domestic operators will continue to use tools such as Power10. 
Others such as Singapore chose stricter social distancing measures such as shutting entertainment outlets, but kept schools open.
Such a deal is only feasible when they have the capacity to take up such a large market.
But because many states have such loose rules, it's impossible to know whether such conflicts are more widespread.
It's frustrating to see such a sophisticated cinematic apparatus used in the service of such muddled half-ideas.
By writing such large checks to companies with such short track records, Softbank created an aura of kingmaker.
Lyrics such as "Childhood is such a strong memory/That we hope to flee it with integrity" resonated.
They include low-lying atolls, such as the Marshall Islands, and economies dominated by agriculture, such as Kenya.
They want a modernized trade pact to fix such abuses, such as Mexico's "dumping" of certain specialty crops.
Such companies connect consumers with goods or services, such as car rides, room rentals and help with chores.
" She recommended saying something like: "I hereby resign, effective such-and-such date and I wish everyone well.
Graham upbraids himself for being such a good boy, and for never daring to write such sentences himself.
Never before had she been in such a strange building, with such a tangled branching-out of corridors.
Anyone who saw them live will recall the frisson produced by such young women in such sophisticated designs.
Macron says Russia is not such a big threat; Trump says Russia is not such a big threat.
I would never have expected such a beautiful, enchanting book to cause such an altercation in my home.
Such populism could reverse important recent accomplishments such as the badly-needed partial privatization of Mexico's oil sector.
"A confidential informant came, to say drugs are very prevalent in such-and-such area," he told me.
"It's tragic to watch such an iconic American company make such a terribly short-sighted decision," Roskam said.
In the end, a key part of the appeal of such such events is, of course, human interaction.
Indeed, while senators demanded to see such policies in writing, it is well known that such policies exist.
"It is such a shame that we have to be wasting resources on such a group," he said.
To curb such behavior, Mr. Trump said, he plans to impose a "substantial" border tax on such firms.
Officials say such restrictions are needed to ensure security in the face of rising threats, such as terrorism.
But lawmakers said they were unaware of such an effort, and no such bill ever came to fruition.
But such extreme flexibility could wreck many interior walls and could permanently damage such things as elevator systems.
Candidates such as former Vice President Joe Biden are defending the current system, while progressives such as Sens.
Can you tell me how you came to be living in such a place, with such a provenance?
However, we do not condone such illegal activities or endorse the use of our products for such purposes.
It was such a, as I said, east coast, it was such a refreshing perspective on our business.
"Images have such as such a huge impact on people, both consciously and on the unconscious," she said.
Gulf states such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia take in millions of remittance workers from lower-middle-income countries such as India, but hardly any from really poor ones such as Chad and Malawi.
In some especially technologically ambitious cases — such as Ethereum — a new appcoin / blockchain may be called for … but absent such ambition, such an approach often smacks painfully of a solution searching for a problem.
While Hearst is best known for its media holdings such as its stake in ESPN and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, it also owns properties that serve corporate customers such as global ratings agency Fitch.
Companies such as Amazon and Apple built on consumer-first retail DNA, while other leaders such as Walmart and Target have acquired that DNA through aggressive acquisitions of next-generation brands such as Jet.
Those deaths include alcohol-related cancer and cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, intentional injury such as violence and self-harm, and traffic accidents and other unintentional injuries such as drowning and fires.
With Trump, long-standing alliances such as NATO, established trade deals such as NAFTA, and international cooperation through institutions such as the United Nations became vulnerable — open season was declared on any and all.
Options can be vegan or vegetarian and have a mixture of proteins, nuts, vegetables (such as kale or spinach), fruits (such as frozen raspberries or peaches) and other additives, such as spices or ginger.
A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday suggests that the link is strongest for certain classes of anticholinergic drugs -- particularly antidepressants such as paroxetine or amitriptyline, bladder antimuscarinics such as oxybutynin or tolterodine, antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine or olanzapine and antiepileptic drugs such as oxcarbazepine or carbamazepine.
These threats include natural hazards such as earthquakes; predation hazards such as animal attacks; social hazards such as encountering a member of the opposite team that denies the beliefs of your own team; and contagion hazards such as when a player that doesn't belong to their team has an infectious disease.
Commodities — such as precious metals, including gold and silver; industrial materials, such as iron ore and copper; and agricultural products, such as wheat and pork bellies — can offer strong diversification benefits to an investment portfolio.
One rationale for such cosying up is that it denies the populists exclusive ownership of sensitive issues such as identity, thus allowing reasonable voters to whom such issues matter an alternative not tinged with extremism.
Efforts such as Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED), a British government-funded initiative operating in countries such as Niger and Mali, are exploring what works in such situations, she said.
"We have an enormous number of well-equipped states such as France and Great Britain, to those who are weaker such as Germany, to those who are completely overwhelmed such as Belgium," Mr. Steinberg said.
Similar estimates do not yet exist for other crops, but experts such as Luby are confident that big commodity crops such as corn are even more heavily impacted than crops such as lettuce and carrots.
Such equivalency makes no sense: Facebook provides something of apparent great value for subscriber abandonment of privacy, while a carrier, such as Verizon, can require such abandonment for the privilege of becoming a paying customer.
Such finds are not unusual, but rarely are the unexploded bombs so large and in such a sensitive position.
Ride-hailing services such as Uber have been pouring money into autonomy, as have tech companies such as Google.
"These news channels were reporting in such a callous, irresponsible way about such a heinous, terrible thing," she says.
In Nietzsche's words, there has never been such a new dawn and clear horizon, and such an open sea.
One reason the site is able to offer such low prices is because it has such a wide reach.
It's such a luxury living so close to such a pretty wilderness area while still being in the city.
Charging coils can be made to fit on small devices such as Bluetooth earbuds, but such coils are uncommon.
What value does entertainment have in a country, a world, with such huge problems and such deep societal scarring?
In this series we have ranged from libertarians such as Robert Nozick to interventionists such as John Maynard Keynes.
This early scene encapsulates the dichotomy constantly at play in Trust: such enormous wealth, contrasted with such astounding miserliness.
"It will not be the responsibility of NATO to take specific measures to protect such or such national assets."
" Aziz added, "At such a young age she would say such huge things, that sometimes I couldn't believe it.
In the absence of cost-cutting solutions such as driverless cars, attributes such as "company culture" come into play.
Such statements reflect Xplore's current views with respect to future events and are subject to such risks and uncertainties.
China Biologic makes and sells plasma products, such as human immunoglobin, to prevent diseases such as measles and hepatitis.
The coal plant builders include utilities such as Tokyo Electric Power Co and trading houses such as Marubeni Corp.
Stating the purpose in such a way as to make it open to such measurement, though, would prove hard.
"Such an evening and such a night is difficult to bear," Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the Munich shooting.
But upscaling isn't worth such a pricey investment when there's still such a question mark around native 8K content.
Elite liberalism is the liberalism of management consultancies such as McKinsey's, rather than great philosophers such as J.S. Mill.
Finally, customers have been asking for integrations with CRM, such as Salesforce, and customer support services, such as Zendesk.
But controlling such intense heat is difficult, because such high energies causes great instabilities that are hard to confine.
" He also credited her as his muse for such other songs as "Such a Woman" and "Once an Angel.
But despite the tiny impact of such programmes, for the individuals involved, such policy decisions are utterly life changing.
There's no such thing as a perfect life, just like there's no such thing as a perfect improv scene.
Is there a reason why such an affable filmmaker was able to conjure up such a distressing cinematic ride?
Granting the Saudis such a deal could prompt other countries, such as the UAE, to ask for similar terms.
I am grateful to Adam (McKay) for writing such rich material and for creating such a wonderful work environment.
SK-II is such an iconic skincare brand, and for me being part of it is such an honor.
" Some artists such as Lady Gaga have recorded the song but removed lyrics such as "what's in this drink.
Such voters are abundant in cities such as Chelmsford, which voted only narrowly to leave the EU in 2016.
They both did such a great job learning the lyrics and concept in such a short amount of time.
And we had no idea it would be embraced to such a beautiful extent and such a cultural extent.
Vegan jerkyThere is no such thing as a vegan barbecue, and there is no such thing as vegan jerky.
Sikh Americans had lobbied for years for such documentation, arguing it was a key step in combating such crimes.
What my problem is, you know, anybody can say, you know, I&aposm just like such and such candidate.
Other theories include diseases such as avian cholera, or the arrival of invasive species such as rats or mice.
The first completely hands-free, direct interface for such and such oh duh you're a dum-dum that's why.
Yet such is the profound shallowness and corruption of US politics today that we are on such a path.
But Tokyo has been wary as such an agreement would boost pressure to open sensitive markets such as agriculture.
Under such a framework, ceding responsibility to Russia in addressing critical global issues such as terrorism makes complete sense.
"The measures as such are not such a big surprise but the timing of the announcement is," Brzeski added.
Such a catchy tune that conveyed such a simple feeling somehow managed to touch people all over the globe.
Packer has denied making such a proposal and on Thursday Crown said it had not received any such approach.
It's hard to imagine such a hyper-polished AAA game and developer would make such an oddly specific mistake.
New iPhones are now introduced with such fanfare, such ridiculous levels of expectation, that anything less seems, well, less.
Bankers and analysts say such firms are now considering options such as preferred shares, convertible bonds and bank loans.
He'd rather give them the beat than sell it to such-and-such because they gon' snap on it.
To date, he's crafted around 100 such puzzles including many of his own design, such as his Golden Cube.
India can grant such licenses under certain conditions, such as public health emergencies, to ensure access to affordable medicines.
Some, such as morphine, are made from the opium poppy; others, such as oxycodone, are semi-synthetic or synthetic.
How many such accidents can you bear and how many such accidents can people in the country (Yemen) bear?
I always feel very fortunate because my community has been such a strong community and such a decent community.
Since then, ten major provinces and cities such as Zhejiang and Chongqing have been approved to establish such zones.
If single payer were such a good idea and such a bargain, proponents would be upfront about its costs.
Large institutional names such as PIMCO have been offering such funds for several years - and are showing good returns.
Serverless functions such as Amazon's Lambda service or Google Functions leverage cloud infrastructure and containerized systems such as Docker.
If they were so smart, why did they end up with such boring lives, married to such shitty men?
Such a summit would be the third such meeting of Trump and Putin since Trump took office last year.
Such experts were not permitted until 2012 in Pennsylvania, which was the last U.S. state to allow such testimony.
Yet for Seattle's scientists and innovators, such as Ojo, such concerns are no obstacle to their hunt for solutions.
But any such effort could face strong arguments against such inquiries or impeachment from none other than Democrats themselves.
She has such a mastery of her artistry and her voice, and she has such high standards of excellence.
Players talk of features such as "eyes" and "ladders", and of concepts such as "threat" and "life-and-death".
Such funds could logically be distributed, however, by the Department of Education, where expertise in such matters logically resides.
Hylton's description of an artist of such stature, with such physical disabilities, was as spellbinding as the artist himself.
After all, such advocacy is framed in terms of conditions in El Salvador and is limited by such framing.
"I cannot believe to be honest, to win such a big title against such a great player," Vesnina said.
Trump scoffed at the idea that such a puny figure, a party guy, would ever try such a thing.
While such contests have proved a headache for others in the past, Mr. Connelly hoped to avoid such pitfalls.
They should spend their time processing such a difficult diagnosis, grieving with family and healing from such a loss.
Other capabilities such as private banking will also be enhanced in other cities, such as Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris.
KBB used criteria such as exterior styling and tech features such as Apple CarPlay in determining the "coolness" factor.
There's no guarantee funds generated through such general sites such as GoFundMe will be used for the intended purpose.
And same with "A Nightmare on Elm Street," which is such a brilliant movie and such a brilliant concept.
Spayd: Has The Times ever used such vulgar language in such a prominent position before, or in any manner?
As such, female victims of such abuse must be accorded the same protections as political refugees under the law.
The attorney general told committee members he did not have any such private meeting nor recall any such conversation.
We have designed 21Password in such a way that we do not receive any such information about your usage.
Many are filed by companies such as Adidas against companies such as Skechers whose products sell for lower prices.
How could such a critical witness involving such a heinous alleged crime against America not be questioned under oath?
Western states, including marijuana-friendly locales such as Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington State, logged very few such calls.
But issues such as land acquisition, resettlement and environmental clearances could make such an aggressive timetable untenable, Madhavan said.
How are we going to defend ourselves against cyber powers such as China with such a limited attack capability?
It says such deals "must be beneficial to the community represented by such council", but does not require consultation.
There is debate whether the creators and users of such algorithms can even be held responsible for such collusion.
I think it links to other things, such as classism, this idea of black people being "ghetto" and such.
Such individuals have no problem using the fruits of science and technology such as cell phones, medicines and computers.
Such sentiments are often expressed the loudest in states with the lowest representation of immigrants – such as in Iowa.
Such a lack of self-control, or such open and radical partisanship, ought to be unacceptable in a judge.
Why do we have so few options for good medical treatment, such limited education resources, such narrow career paths?
I can't be such a loudmouth and such a critic of this existing system without giving people an alternative.
And though such statements, made in such moments, usually reek of hyperbole, they often contain a kernel of truth.
Back when such images were made, itinerant monks and nuns used them to promote travel to such holy places.
James is such a nimble and fluent writer that such references never threaten to devolve into pretentious postmodern exercises.
It felt almost radical to have such a stereotypical straight white man like Gabe — In such a queer show?
She's been doing this for such a long time and she's done such a variety of comedies and dramas.
It was only the fourth such deal to be blocked in the nearly three decades since such reviews began.
Few who are not abused can believe that such "nice" people can possibly be guilty of such heinous behaviors.
And if not ours, how would we come to know let alone seek such a view, such an emptiness?
The hurricane has left some in such a big mess that they're closed indefinitely, such as the Naples Zoo.
He and his wife couldn't leave her home alone in such a tremulous state, at such a terrifying juncture.
"In Nietzsche's words, there has never been such a new dawn and clear horizon, and such an open sea."
That I heard [former National Security Council senior director for Europe and Russia Fiona Hill] say such and such?
As though the world were such a place, and Amini such a person as to live in it. ♦
So why is there such resistance to the similar scientific consensus about other foretold events — such as climate change?
"These people are not paid, but they do it with such dedication and such pride," Mr. Lugo, 22, said.
The emotional cost alone of bringing up such memories publicly or coming forward with such recollections is pure bankruptcy.
"Language is such a crucial skill, such a central part of cognition," she says, and "being fit may help."/•/
She sat in the boat watching us as if she was Queen Victoria, with such dignity and such poise.
Such "virus NCDs" carry lower interest rates than normal NCDs, which could help lower funding costs for such companies.
Such "virus NCDs" carry lower interest rates than normal NCDs, which could help lower funding costs for such companies.
Bannon supports some initiatives, such as a major infrastructure program, that are anathema to libertarians such as Robert Mercer.
France already has national legislation in place to block such deals in certain sectors, such as energy and telecoms.
France already has national legislation in place to block such deals in certain sectors such as energy and telecoms.
After producing hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, there are changes throughout the body, such as increased heart rate.
For sure, Rafa deserves pretty much all the credit right now since he's such a fighter, such a competitor.
India can grant such licences under certain conditions, such as public health emergencies, to ensure access to affordable medicines.
Is it safer to go for centrists such as Amy Klobuchar or long-tenured politicians such as Joe Biden?
Exports rose across the board in August, from raw materials such as soybeans to manufactured goods such as automobiles.
"The simplicity and the beauty of myth (is it) has such a hold on us; such power," Gray says.
China Biologic makes and sells plasma products such as human immunoglobin to prevent diseases such as measles and hepatitis.
Maybe because she had grown up in a country with no such protections, she couldn't imagine such a thing.
"That 10 percent of those interviewed mentioned such children highlights just how common such stories really are," they wrote.
" It's, "Hey, can you see that by doing such and such, here's how you're getting in your own way.
I feel like we've got such great actors and such great representation, as Gretchen was saying, on both sides.
If such-and-such artist was raised by salamanders, you've got a compelling story outside of the music itself.
This perception of Westerners and nonbelievers justifies acts of extreme violence such as beheading foreign hostages such as Japan's Kenji Goto, persecuting of Coptic Christians and burning alive prisoners such as Jordanian pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh.
That industry is incredibly varied, with companies selling everything from broad internet surveillance systems to hardware such as IMSI catchers, which can collect information such as text messages, or malware from companies such as Hacking Team.
Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals evidence of possible abuse or criminal activity, system personnel may provide the results of such monitoring to appropriate officials.
Advertising giants are facing competition for clients from consulting companies such as Deloitte and Accenture, while independent agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy New York have beaten out legacy advertising companies for major accounts such as McDonald's.
That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programmes such as the UN Population Fund.
That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund.
Renewable energy such as solar and wind are important and growing sources of future energy, but growing economies still need base energy from sources such as natural gas — such as the gas produced at Vaca Muerta.
There would have to be a titanic shift to support such a change in views, such as withdrawal of Chinese support for the regime, though there is no evidence that such a change has taken place.
That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund.
Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has said it needs such access to guard against security threats such as terrorist attacks.
It's such a tight ... I want you to say this because it's such a ridiculously tight social and weird connection.
It's...such a major part of the episode even tough it is such a minuscule event compared to True's birth.
Such pronouncements have been met with suspicion due to delays and the timing of such hikes a year before reelection.
Because many genetic illnesses are caused by such single-base mutations, such technology could be particularly useful down the road.

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