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"spat" Definitions
  1. (informal) a short argument about something unimportant
  2. [usually plural] a piece of cloth that covers the ankle, worn in the past by men over the shoe and fastened with buttons at the side
"spat" Synonyms
controversy dispute quarrel squabble altercation tiff argle-bargle argument argy-bargy bicker brawl contention contretemps disagreement donnybrook falling-out fight hassle imbroglio kickup fender skirt tussle scuffle struggle scrap fray fracas scrimmage skirmish scrum set-to battle conflict contest free-for-all punch-up scramble fisticuffs argue wrangle row altercate quibble argufy controvert jar brabble fall out disagree expelled spewed spewn ejected discharged spattered splattered spritzed spurted popped coughed up threw out thrown out issued let off cast out spit out emitted spouted shed expectorated gobbed hoicked flobbed hawked spluttered coughed spitted crackled sizzled hissed sputtered fizzed frizzled sibilated sizzed whizzed swished fizzled whished buzzed wheezed whirred cracked whistled rasped crepitated whispered skewered impaled speared pierced spiked gored harpooned lanced stabbed sticked stuck transpierced jabbed pinked punctured transfixed pecked picked ran through run through rained showered drizzled mizzled sprinkled spotted rained lightly sprayed dropped misted felled hailed stormed pattered sleeted rained down come down in buckets poured down splashed snapped snapt barked scowled sneered growled retorted shouted snarled uttered vented expressed grunted muttered snorted yelled fumed seethed sod sodden raged boiled bristled rankled steamed exploded raved foamed burned burnt ranted smouldered(UK) blustered chafed bridled flared objected recoiled resented resent ruffled swelled swoll swollen saw red seen red rapped chatted talked conversed babbled chattered jabbered palavered blabbed cackled chaffered chinned confabulated discoursed gabbed gabbled gassed jawed kibbitzed salivated dribbled driveled(US) drivelled(UK) drooled slavered slobbered frothed oozed ran run slabbered watered watered at the mouth licked one's chops dripped frothed at the mouth dripped saliva More

975 Sentences With "spat"

How to use spat in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "spat" and check conjugation/comparative form for "spat". Mastering all the usages of "spat" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The most notable pending legal spat is with Apple .
That spat was capped by the surprise announcement that Gov.
A spat campaign, on the other hand, could produce sympathy.
Nobody should ask us to lick up what we spat.
David has everything you need to know about the spat.
However, it's not clear who fired first in this spat.
Housing fallout hinges on equity market and trade spat duration.
Plus: Trump buys more time in his China trade spat.
"Boy, you all want power," he spat at the Democrats.
For now, this particular spat shows few signs of escalation.
Chief among them is the spat between Turkey and Iraq.
The trade spat with America has plunged firms into uncertainty.
If the spat continues, it will not just disrupt holidays.
Meanwhile, a spat between the Netherlands and Turkey dragged on.
"Fussin'" is about a couple going through a little spat.
That created a Twitter spat that dragged into Tuesday afternoon.
The spat culminated in an exchange following the Iowa debate.
He made no mention of Beijing's trade spat with Washington.
The ongoing spat, however, did not hit IndiGo's quarterly performance.
Company officials privately linked the action to the missile spat.
Turkey's recent political spat with Russia has made things worse.
But her spat with the first lady's staff over Mrs.
And even his spat with Corker could turn out badly.
After a brief spat, they eventually live happily ever after.
S. tariff spat stoked an investor exodus from riskier assets.
S. trade spat was turning into a technology cold war.
You might have heard about a spat over breakfast tacos.
It also behooves both leaders to end the spat soon.
Reds worldwide spat venom as replacement Dejan Lovren got stripped.
What's your view on the whole Selena Vs. Bieber spat?
S. trade spat led investors to trim their equity exposure.
With a hisssssss, he spat black fire down at her.
A Twitter spat between Chuck D and Flavor Flav ensued.
I've been bitten; I've been spat on; I've been kicked!
""In some sense," he added, "it is his family spat.
"You're a moral vacuum," a member of Parliament spat back.
Some said they had been mocked, spat on and punched.
"I've been spat on, on the street," a man adds.
The incident involving Fields spiraled into a spat among journalists.
A Twitter spat isn't going to lose Trump the election.
Last July, during a verbal spat with the late Rep.
"The process that Secretary of State Kerry has been working very hard to put together was poised for failure before this Gulf spat, it is poised for failure after this Gulf spat," Weinberg said.
Sanders says Clinton owes him apology over fossil fuel spat Sen.
When he did, the computer spat out his score: a pass.
First, there&aposs the trade spat that he has with Canada.
A bitter public spat has since ensued between the two sides.
Chrome's spat with Symantec stretches back over more than a year.
Members' latest spat is over the date of their next meeting.
The Boeing-Bombardier spat has snowballed into a bigger trade battle.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Wednesday had a spat with Sen.
The legal spat comes as the Ukrainian economy is looking stronger.
The president grunted a bit and spat frequently on the floor.
The answer BigQuery spat back out was a sizable 17.24 percent.
The spat is a consequence of flaws in the audit market.
Elsewhere, the spat between Italian broadcaster Mediaset and France's Vivendi continued.
The Chinese-Canadian diplomatic spat has not reached that point yet.
This has gone from a spat to an all out war.
Luckily, for all parties involved, the spat never resulted in violence.
The chain's spat with Schnatter continues to weigh on the business.
S. trade spat as the "most stupid thing in the world".
I hope no one spat in our food on that trip.
To think, this all started over a spat over backup dancers.
Richardson also alleged he spat on her face and choked her.
So who are the main players in this regional diplomatic spat?
At last he spat something into the phone and hung up.
A tide of nationalism swept them up, then spat them out.
I've been hugged and hi-fived, rained, spilled, and spat on.
Given their current spat, a Bannon/Trump reunion might seem unlikely.
Trump critics portray the trade spat with China as lose-lose.
He stepped near the grave, leaned over and spat on it.
In the end, the consumer kind of loses in this spat.
"I spat, I swore, I nearly smashed the computer," he said.
The issue also became a topic of U.S.-Swedish diplomatic spat.
The spat with the DCCC began after the group's chairman, Rep.
Moon has heavily evoked Japan's colonial past during this trade spat.
Europe's difficulty is deciding what to do if the spat escalates.
The first time, discomfited by my actions, she whispered and spat.
S. trade spat has prompted clients to cut back on advertising.
The boy's mother says he's been spat upon and called names.
Pescatelli said she regrets ever getting involved in the Twitter spat.
Therefore, this is not purely a spat between Boeing and Bombardier.
The trade spat has hurt American farmers more than anyone else.
This was also clear in his much-noted spat with Castro.
The smell of a trade spat is back in the air.
The public spat has put a political cloud over the deal.
And how the trade spat could start an economic cold war.
So what if he spat in baseball's face, again and again?
Elizabeth Warren side-stepped an obvious trap to spat with Sen.
Critics said the spat risks slowing a faltering foreign investment drive.
The trade spat between the world's two largest economies is growing.
When he spat a freestyle, I was convinced he was the shit.
"You're even f***ing uglier than I am now," The Hound spat.
Dow tumbles 328 points as U.S.-China tariff spat heats up again.
Hong Kong (CNN)It's a rare public spat between two Communist neighbors.
But in public, the spat over Russia has revealed a deep divide.
A SPAT between the leaders of America and Turkey escalated this week.
"I don't date other Asians," he spat out, as though unspooling venom.
So Mr. Trump's war on Fox News isn't just a media spat.
In Jurassic Park, slime is the mucus spat defensively by a dilophosaurus.
"Just my luck to get stuck with an incurable romantic," she spat.
The prolonged trade spat has sparked worries about growth in oil demand.
Others see a minor spat over language, which will quickly be forgotten.
Even for little Norway, the economic impact of the spat was limited.
But the spat could indicate amnesty-related fund flows weren't meeting expectations.
If the weevil was a two-month-old, it got spat out.
The second spat is much less interesting, if only because it's sad.
Yet Japan's concerns run deeper than fretting about an intra-European spat.
Go deeper: In AT&T and Viacom spat, cable customers lose out
There's been a spat of advertising promoting the advantages of the lifestyle.
The trade spat is just the most visible of the economic spillovers.
That, and she's going to get into a spat with Reese Witherspoon.
I'm not even American, but I just spat out a turkey dinner.
It's small-fry versus the U.S.-China spat, but unhelpful for sentiment.
S. trade spat, while OPEC-led crude output cuts also provided support.
His imprisonment sparked a political spat with the United States in 2015.
The experience shattered my teenage hubris and spat it back at me.
New Delhi has so far refused to comment on the trade spat.
The on-going trade spat with the United States was another factor.
It was updated on November 20th to incorporate the Trump/Ball spat.
In other words ... this was just a nasty spat in the family.
The move was part of an ongoing spat between the two countries.
Mrs Merkel will need all her diplomatic skill to contain this spat.
Morocco's ongoing spat with Algeria, which continues to harbour Polisario, increases uncertainty.
He took another swig from his plastic 2-liter, coughed and spat.
The suspicion is that the spat is less about trade than politics.
Washington (CNN)After another public spat with President Donald Trump, Republican Sen.
The garages along the road spat their stew of bachata and country.
He also tried to turn the tables during a spat on Cuba.
Tezos was struck by internal financial shenanigans and an embarrassing public spat.
At some of his early shows, guys in chinos spat on him.
When Bolsonaro cast his vote during Rousseff's impeachment, Wyllys spat at him.
It's after a spat with Gauguin that van Gogh slices his ear.
The tape deck spat out songs in a language we didn't know.
But the spat underscored Trump world's obsession with top aide's political ambitions.
DAVID, HE OF the spat with Goliath, is an overused corporate analogy.
The spat helped lead to the fall of the government last week.
In 2009, Dwyer grew, and the Marines started a spat of offensives.
"Why would the Americans ask China for a rocket?" he practically spat.
But the trade spat between the two countries is far from resolved.
Mr. Shinwari says he has been spat upon and suffered racist slurs.
Above, a farm in Australia hoping to capitalize on the trade spat.
S. trade spat and a slump in the Chinese yuan dented sentiment.
The more recent spat with Sanders has not helped her chances either.
FOOTBALL SPAT LED TO KILLING, POLICE SAY The authorities in Austin, Tex.
The car spat is expected to dominate the Trump-Juncker agenda Wednesday.
Emerging from a subway spat unscathed (emotionally and physically) can be tricky.
He added he had previously been "spat at" during a Trump rally.
The move comes amid a spat between the committee, headed by Rep.
Shumlin is referring to the weeklong spat between the two progressive candidates.
The designer reportedly even spat on their shoes, Cantrell recalled for Wired.
To hear Grayson discuss his spat with Reid, watch the video above.
The spat is the latest sign of tension between retailers and suppliers.
The latest spat has even turned tech leaders against their own employees.
More broadly, the US-China spat has rattled the entire global economy.
After all, they would be boxed in: force athletes not to spat, and they would be essentially admitting those athletes are employees with contractual commercial obligations; allow athletes to spat, and they would lose a whole lot of money.
Bill Richardson quits Myanmar's Rohingya crisis panel after spat with Aung San Suu Kyi Bill Richardson quits Myanmar's Rohingya crisis panel after spat with Aung San Suu Kyi As one of America's most experienced diplomats, former New Mexico Gov.
And Mnuchin was involved in a bad-tempered spat with California Democratic Rep.
Rachel Bloom is opening up about her Twitter spat with Neil Patrick Harris.
Their spat came after a magician suffered a technical malfunction during his performance.
She has been spat upon, jeered at, made into an object of fun.
The iPhone maker's products have so far been spared in the tariff spat.
After that spat, the two agreed to get together to further discuss matters.
A diplomatic spat between North Korea and Malaysia over the body has escalated.
It is becoming increasingly hard to unpick legitimate complaints from the widening spat.
Ms Swift, for her part, capitalised on the public's interest in the spat.
Their spat isn't over, though, when Matt hears gunshots coming from the penthouse.
Canada agreed to take it back last month after a protracted diplomatic spat.
La Barbara, enraged and swollen with power, spat guttural barks at the audience.
He was heckled in the Knesset, Israel's Parliament, and spat at in public.
The U.S.-China trade spat may spare a few chipmakers, says one analyst.
VANCOUVER AIRPORT is an unlikely venue for the genesis of a global spat.
Many experts considered the immigration spat with O'Rourke as Castro's signature moment Wednesday.
Sound issues on NBC's end, and a fiery spat between Texas contenders Rep.
Market focus early Wednesday was largely attuned to the U.S.-China trade spat.
Instead you learn about the spat Mr Gettleman was having with his wife.
S. trade spat which could weigh on the short-term trend, Yan added.
But the spat over sports was ... a move straight from Trump's political playbook.
Nikki Haley endorsed Rubio and before Trump's high-profile spat with Pope Francis.
The spat stems from a rejected App Store update to the Spotify app.
West and Rose's other ex, Wiz Khalifa, had a Twitter spat last week.
The spat is uncomfortable for the junta, but perhaps it can be managed.
Emadi did discuss his impressions of how the diplomatic spat reached this point.
The ZTE episode risks escalating the trade spat between the U.S. and China.
The spat stoked speculation that Trump might abandon the Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.
It fed on itself, and spat out words for me to obsess over.
Overlooked in this spat is that Harriet Tubman was selected by public acclaim.
The countries have been trying to negotiate a deal to end the spat.
There are signs that the spat could get worse before it gets better.
Mira Ricardel got into a spat recently with the East Wing, I'm told.
In the Balkans, Serbia and Macedonia are engaged in a worsening diplomatic spat.
The President's latest spat with an admired military figure is with retired Adm.
Go deeper: What they're saying: The fallout from the Trump-Trudeau G7 spat.
"Shit," one woman spat as the snake was carried out of the room.
Could this latest spat over the flag result in a major international incident?
The Twitter spat on Saturday marked the president's first engagement with the show.
Increased borrowing costs as well as the U.S.-China trade spat spooked investors.
The Bull hurled the coat off his terrace in a ludicrous domestic spat.
But we are not just watching another celebrity spat following an acrimonious breakup.
This spat was followed by a disagreement over dividends on Orcel's deferred shares.
It's likely this academic spat over popular culture won't be resolved anytime soon.
"With great force he spat into my face" is the start of it.
Saturday's spat is just the latest in what has been a toxic relationship.
Shortly after the attack, he said, he was spat on by another person.
There are few signs that the spat between Warren and Buttigieg is abating.
She fed in the bills, and the machine spat out a yellow ticket.
Hate mail poured in, death threats, and the executive director was spat on.
"He's very childish," Eaton said of Frazier during their latest spat in May.
There was also a wet bar and a dolphin sculpture that spat water.
Beijing and Washington are in the middle of a drawn-out trade spat.
The disclosure comes as Buttigieg finds himself in an ongoing spat with Sen.
The spat comes as Russian facilities in Syria have come under multiple attacks.
The move is the culmination of a public spat between the two men.
He left his post after a public spat with the International Monetary Fund.
Most recently, a diplomatic spat with the U.S. has exacerbated Ankara's financial turmoil.
Women wearing head scarfs were spat upon, pushed and kicked in public places.
On Mr. Izzadeen's Wikipedia page, a spat ensued among the site's volunteer moderators.
The man spat words back at him from beneath a layer of bandages.
In 231, people got into a spat over when the new millennium began.
Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne got into a Twitter spat earlier this year.
For more of CNBC's coverage of the U.S.-China trade spat, click here.
SANARY-SUR-MER, France — The National Front's leafleteers are no longer spat upon.
Traders were also largely focused on news around the U.S.-China trade spat.
In June, this all seemed like a minor spat between two Arab kingdoms.
It's the street equivalent of a Twitter spat that ends in the morgue.
Combining these facts, the researchers realized that if a moving atom spat out a forward-moving photon, an observer would see the atom losing more momentum than if it spat out a backward-moving photon, thanks to the Doppler effect.
Might Qatar's escalating spat with its bigger brothers have a silver lining for Oman?
Qualcomm, meanwhile, is embroiled with its own issues in an ongoing spat with Apple.
The spat threatens already delicate talks to keep the government open past a Dec.
"Those fuckers," spat Dimitri, a foreign law enforcement officer working for a conservation NGO.
The victim said Felder spat a piece of his nose out onto the floor.
It followed a budget spat between President Bill Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
The US-China spat will likely negatively affect global markets for a long time.
It might be under your name, but I don't know that you actually spat.
The statement is the latest in a highly public spat between the two companies.
U.S. manufacturers have felt the pinch of the spat between the world's biggest economies.
Mendes could have spat back, engaging in an angry debate à la Donald Trump.
This isn't the first time Lovato and Griffin had a spat on social media.
He gets into a spat with Christian, a guy who left on night one.
Instead of the $10 bill he was expecting, the ATM spat out a $100.
Cardi B isn't "over" and it seems neither is her spat with Nicki Minaj.
But the spat continues to make both top-selling recording artists even more famous.
A recent internal spat involving the LDP's third-largest faction could thus spell trouble.
It prompted a spat between state film distributors that took on a nationalist edge.
The two countries are currently in the midst of a trade spat over canola.
The Apple row is the latest spat between Brussels and Washington over company regulation.
When you compare this argument to the usual Pump Rules spat, it feels different.
The HTC U11 spat out the most vibrant image with a beautiful blue sky.
One member spat out a KitKat when she remembered they were made by Nestlé.
The sides held talks in Washington this week but failed to resolve the spat.
Also, it happens to be the latest pawn in Wayne's spat with Cash Money.
The Harding-Kerrigan spat will be featured in the upcoming Harding biopic, I Tonya.
The two bodies traded furious letters throughout January and February; the spat is unprecedented.
Saudi Arabia and Jordan have closed down Al Jazeera offices amid the regional spat.
Worries over the escalation of the trade spat with China just aren't going away.
Lengthy procedures mean the spat could drag on until European Parliament elections in May.
A widening trade spat sent the lira currency to a record low on Monday.
LeBron bit the head off a live bat and spat it at Kevin Love!
S. trade spat and the two countries' trade negotiations could last for several years.
S. trade spat, Beijing's regulatory crackdown on riskier lending practices and tighter global liquidity.
She says he'd spat on her, pushed her and prevented her from closing doors.
But on Tuesday you spat out rhymes with a vulgar and sometimes elegant rage.
Did a public spat with Donald Trump play a role in Prince Alwaleed's arrest?
Monica burst into tears as Mark spat foul epithets in her mascara-stained face.
The Center for Liquefied Natural Gas pushed Trump and China to resolve the spat.
When Mr. Bannon attempted to leave in his car, Ms. Piccard spat at him.
Israeli Jews chose Netanyahu in a spat with Barack Obama, and the majority of
He fouled off two pitches and spat on a close one for a ball.
Wednesday's run-in is just the latest spat between the U.S. government and Europe.
The worsening spat between Washington and Beijing, though, has caught FedEx in a vise.
Along the way, each person swished and spat out a given solution eight times.
The spat quickly got messy after the court documents circulated by the Hollywood Reporter.
"Lemme tell you about the kind of people you got working here," I spat.
The accusations have set off a diplomatic spat between Turkey and the United States.
A local news report showed Tlaib breaking up a spat between protesters and onlookers.
That followed a spat between Moscow and Riyadh at an OPEC meeting on Friday.
To say that the Saudi-Russia spat was a surprise would be an understatement.
On both sides, the spat is vintage Trump: tawdry, cruel, vindictive and highly personal.
"They hugged him, they chewed him up, and they spat him out," he said.
Instead of pulling it out with his fingers, he spat it to the floor.
She repeatedly swore at the man and woman and twice spat in their direction.
So in this diplomatic spat they might just replace U.S. crude with Iranian oil.
It risks deepening a spat that could undermine the fight against the Islamic State.
At the precinct, he spat on the floor toward a sergeant, the police said.
Although the missile spat did not help AmorePacific, its other problems are self-inflicted.
He said thanks, when it was over, as Ana discreetly spat into the grass.
Waves leapt, crashed and spat foam maybe 50 feet high against the Rockhouse cliffs.
Other kids in the streets would call me a prostitute and spat at me.
He then took to Twitter to mock Alexander Zverev, continuing their off-court spat.
Musk reached a deal with the SEC earlier this year to settle the spat.
S. trade spat has risen since Trump's appointment of hardliners to lead trade policy.
The spat between Amazon and FedEx has heated up significantly in the past year.
Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has asked parliament to sack Danylyuk following a public spat.
Even without the latest spat, there had been little hope of an immediate breakthrough.
Wiz appears to be completely over the spat, and liked the "Yikes" line too.
The spat pushed Hong Kong's benchmark index to a nine-month low last week.
S. trade, with a protracted spat between the two countries keeping market optimism under wraps.
China and the U.S. have been in a trade spat for most of the year.
Karz didn't like chocolate cake so between takes, he spat mouthfuls out into a bucket.
The spat came after Sir Kim's confidential cables to London were leaked to a newspaper.
In mid-January, Herd was allowed back into school, but the spat wasn't exactly over.
Furthermore, Wang added, the ongoing U.S.-China trade spat could have an impact on Apple.
It was the most explicit threat yet from the country in an escalating trade spat.
On the eve of the G7 summit, President Trump and foreign leaders having a spat.
And there's nothing like a petty Twitter spat to divert attention from what matters most.
For Machin, these disputes — but in particular the U.S.-China trade spat — are not helpful.
The online spectacle surrounding YouTube celebrity James Charles started out as a spat between friends.
While pausing to watch a clip of Wine Country, Fey and Fallon continue their spat.
In the most recent spat, Mr Romer questioned the excessive use of the word "and".
One boy spat in the face of the other, who in turn threw a punch.
This led financial markets to price in a resolution of the U.S.-China trade spat.
Beyond a rivalry in China, Ucommune and WeWork have also engaged in a legal spat.
Whatever the outcome, giving the new truck some distance from the spat probably can't hurt.
Indeed, construction of a road by China led to the recent Indo-Sino border spat.
But this is why markets have, on the whole, shrugged off the current trade spat.
And this trade spat with the US is exacerbating a brewing financial crisis in Turkey.
"Ich will nicht zu spat kommen," he says, before pausing as if to correct himself.
Investors worried that the U.S.-China trade spat could intensify and further undermine global growth.
Lotte's loss-making venture in the People's Republic has already sparked a founder-family spat.
If it can out-live #lipstickgate, it can certainly stand up against this #circusnecklace spat.
Kaylee spat on the woman, who reacted by slapping her in the face, he said.
The spat comes amid a growing controversy between Democrats and Republicans about inflammatory rhetoric. Rep.
You don't survive being 'softer,' if you will—you'll get chewed up and spat out.
Then there was the continued fallout over West's latest spat with pop star Taylor Swift.
OPINION: Singapore's Lee family spat is ugly, but unlikely to impact PM's grip on power
That knowledge, spat out from a little silver box, could one day save my life.
Unfortunately, on Friday, the animal spat up five plastic bags and then died shortly after.
The United States has been in a trade spat with Canada over exports of softwood.
A diplomatic rift Zaghari-Ratcliffe's imprisonment has sparked a diplomatic spat between Britain and Iran.
"You know, I did not start this fight," he said of the spat with Washington.
Jaishankar, a former Indian ambassador to the United States, played down the spat on Wednesday.
In the meantime, economists say the tariff spat is exacerbating the sharp slowdown in China.
There's also been a diplomatic spat and suspension of visa services to each other's citizens.
Starting in 1902, coin-operated vending machines spat out hot, fresh, and affordable cafeteria food.
India, for example, would likely benefit from the spat — in the area of cotton exports.
That was partly due to a key design flaw: The engine spat out radioactive exhaust.
The incident occurred after a spat between the driver and the passengers on Wednesday evening.
But considering how important Tinder is to Match Group's business, it's a spat worth following.
HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - In a Japanese ad-land spat, Bain Capital has the advantage.
S. trade spat, and major trading partners of the two protagonists, like Australia, could suffer.
Cloud shadows passed over cliffside hamlets glimmering in the evening light as chimneys spat smoke.
Turkey's spat with the U.S. is just one reason the lira is in free-fall.
S. trade spat remains unresolved, said Cho Byung-hyun, an analyst from Yuanta Securities Korea.
In the U.S.-China trade spat, soybean purchases are one obvious tool to appease Washington.
"Oh my God, the universe is collapsing!" he said so passionately that he nearly spat.
"Oh my God, the universe is collapsing!" he said so passionately that he nearly spat.
The spat is the latest twist in a legal battle that started early in 2017.
Far from resolving the political spat, the vote has plunged the country deeper into crisis.
Japan (the world's No. 3 economy) last week escalated its trade spat with South Korea.
She was the subject of a "Who Knows Her Better?" spat between Sansa and Littlefinger.
He got so fed up with that, and he spat on this guy one night.
Were you spat at in public because of your gender, the color of your skin?
The spat risks distracting the bidders' attention from their main priority: wooing Just Eat investors.
They both received death threats and calls to quit, and some people spat at LeVias.
I started to eat it, took the money from him and spat out the dirt.
A trade spat between the two countries escalated into a military dispute over the summer.
On Politics With Lisa Lerer The Sanders-Warren spat looked as if it'd blow over.
He handed off his phone, squatted beside the dying man, and spat in his face.
White House sources say the spat has only worsened as impeachment has taken its course.
The changes prompted another spat between the leaders of the intelligence panel, with Democratic Rep.
Where there's never a workplace spat and "disrupt" is a slogan rather than a verb.
Finch was not involved in the argument, but his address was posted during the spat.
" When Rumsfeld and Rice have a spat, he angrily asks: "What would you call that?
The trade spat is escalating as the two countries make tit-for-tat tariff threats.
I have been followed, harassed, grabbed, spat on, threatened and mugged by groups of men.
Mr. Rubio, seeing an opening to position himself above the spat, eventually interjected, mocking his rivals.
Fashion has a growing penchant for theatrics, and it's not another public spat or hissy fit.
He spat on her face in one scene and choked her with a chain for another.
Jews were spat upon in the streets and routinely excluded from polite society. Unhire-able. Undesirable.
Earnings season to be a buzzkill The US-China trade spat isn't entirely resolved yet, though.
Negotiations between the two countries have stalled recently, increasing fears that this spat will be prolonged.
Somewhere in between, there are fireworks, a boat, and one very silly spat about a rose.
So far no end to the US-China trade spat appears to be on the horizon.
They have tasted the poisonous liquor of potential relegation, and spat it back out in disgust.
But the strategy also hands Beijing another weapon in its arsenal if the spat deteriorates further.
"It's the reason why an album isn't being spat out like it used to," she explained.
A U.S.-Europe FX spat was a trigger of the 1987 stock market crash they said.
HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - An intensifying trade spat is one more headache for Foxconn's next boss.
The Malaysian contingent had been stranded in North Korea amid a protracted spat following the Feb.
But he said any escalation in the trade spat would affect confidence in the world economy.
Then he spat on my shoes three times and nobody in the station moved a finger.
That brief spat with Taylor Swift notwithstanding, Apple Music has made much of the same play.
In 1986, the U.S. ignored the International Court of Justice's ruling regarding a spat with Nicaragua.
Charles recently found himself in a very public spat with Tati Westbrook, another YouTube beauty vlogger.
Canada has been caught in the middle of the spat between the U.S., China and Huawei.
The ban is likely to prove more of a long-term headache than the trade spat.
They were detained separately in December amid a high-profile diplomatic spat between China and Canada.
His computer spat it out automatically after being force fed old music videos of Ms Hardy.
The threatened plant closure made Heinz ketchup a target of consumers even before the trade spat.
The prolonged trade spat has sparked fears of lower corporate earnings and slower global economic growth.
So it's imperative that both sides end their trade spat, but that's easier said than done.
A recent political spat has led Turkey to end diplomatic relations with its longstanding NATO ally.
GCHQ will not force a company to break other countries' laws (risking an embarrassing public spat).
Turkey's currency also swooned recently following a diplomatic spat with the United States over security concerns.
Boucher then spat at the man whose children he had called "disposable vermin," the video shows.
The man Boucher spat at in the video helped detain him until police arrived, authorities said.
Nevertheless, the short spat between the central African nation and its former colonial ruler was revealing.
The implications of this latest coalition spat could go further than a morning of traffic jams.
Bill Richardson quits Myanmar's Rohingya crisis panel after spat with Aung San Suu Kyi/ Greg Walters.
Saudi Arabia cut off diplomatic ties with Iran, which is dominated by Shiites, over the spat.
Some speculate this could be because of the recent spat between Trump and Tennessee Republican Sen.
The inmate testified that he was punched, kicked and stomped, and spat up blood for months.
But as Trump's lunch meeting with Senate Republicans broke up, senators said the spat with Sen.
Middle Eastern countries in the middle of a diplomatic spat are hiring more K Street firms.
The occasional spat or tiff has arisen, but nothing constituting anything close to a trade war.
" Despite her spat with Kudlow, Haley on Wednesday said that her relationship with Trump was "perfect.
The spat with Mercosur illustrates how the country's political instability is causing isolation from its neighbors.
In one case, an Englishman protected a Polish woman from being spat on in the street.
The president was asked repeatedly on Friday whether his spat with Pelosi had gotten too personal.
But Barr changed his tune after Ocasio-Cortez was involved in a Twitter spat with Rep.
Qatar denies supporting terrorism and there has been no sign of a resolution to the spat.
The bonus payouts have sparked public outrage in Germany and a spat within Volkswagen's supervisory board.
The trade spat is the latest in a series of disputes between Japan and South Korea.
Trump's public spat with Obama is not his first with an American president since his election.
But ultimately, it's not clear whether the heated spat was for real, or just for show.
This spat reflects some deep tensions, because money can be a huge problem within a relationship.
A police officer tried to get Sammie Dean to stop yelling and she spat on him.
"He ripped off his numbers, threw them at me, and spat in my face," Michaud said.
The international spat comes just as Obama is set to visit Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. Rep.
Clinton into an unwelcome spat, another Clinton adviser, Neera Tanden, wrote to Mr. Podesta to grouse.
After a Twitter spat with Chick-fil-A went viral, Popeyes&apos sandwich exploded in popularity.
A border spat between the two countries blew up into an all-out war that summer.
If we rarely see a spat, we learn to shy away from the threat of conflict.
This left a trail of cigarette papers and tobacco that he duly spat along the footpath.
Musk and fellow business mogul Arianna Huffington got into a public spat over his sleep habits.
A second moment is when Martin Luther King and J. Edgar Hoover have a public spat.
The trade spat between President Donald Trump and China is heating up, with tariff threats escalating.
In the days that followed, she strangely claimed his death was part of a lovers' spat.
The stench, the taste [...] I spat the food into a napkin and immediately I was sick.
And I might have spat on the officer because he was very rude—and that's assault.
But—like the soggy mess that it spat out into the Oval Office—Facebook is stupid.
And just weeks ago, the director of INPE was fired after a spat with the president.
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are trying to patch things up after a yearslong public spat.
She also said she had been spat upon at her school because of her political views. 
Stock and commodity prices climbed on Friday as investors anticipated a resolution to the trade spat.
Consuming what appeared to be alcohol, he reportedly spat on patrons as they left the theater.
But following a "phase one" deal with Beijing, the spat with India may get renewed attention.
A lot of people feel that the spat between Speaker Pelosi and President Trump is irredeemable.
L chewed (and spat out) chunks of The Journal with the help of milk and ketchup.
Matt Gaetz of Florida engaged in a Twitter spat over the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
But the spat caught the attention of South Korean prosecutors, and allegations of corruption soon emerged.
Across the line of metal barricades, a police officer spat sunflower seed shells onto Constitution Avenue.
The spat has delighted Mr. Sanders's advisers, who have long harbored a distaste for Mr. Buttigieg.
Facebook spat: WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has harshly criticized Facebook over its approach to privacy.
Patients called her "torture bitch," spat at her co-workers and shouted death threats, she said.
But Trump's critics say incidents such as the Qatar spat are emblematic of a larger problem.
My childcare plus counseling formula spat out a figure that was actually lower than I expected.
After the San Jose rally in early June, protesters bullied and spat on straggling Trump supporters.
Last night we got into another spat, and he snuck out this morning without saying goodbye.
When she emerged from anonymity a decade later, strangers shrieked "baby killer" and spat at her.
It's also a different direction for Mobileye, which had a public spat with Tesla last year.
What began as a public spat on Twitter transformed into a much larger problem for Musk.
But egging on Ford in a Twitter spat does more than provide Tesla with free publicity.
Kipling interpreted the diplomatic spat as a personal affront, and felt betrayed by his adopted home.
A recent spat between famous cryptographers and a digital currency called IOTA was one such beef.
The military spat and election accusation have worsened a relationship already poisoned by the Sino-U.
"He kicked us in the shins and even spat at us," a former classmate told her.
During our conversation, another man did notice the ad and, without breaking stride, spat on it.
According to Lil B' the brief spat was the result of Abel unfollowing him on Twitter.
Some are even worried they may lose their farms if the international spat continues much longer.
He spearheaded the country's two-year war with Yemen, and its recent diplomatic spat with Qatar.
Washington and Beijing were planning another round of talks on ways to end the trade spat.
Meanwhile, the diplomatic spat has transformed into a late but key issue in Wednesday's general election.
John Cornyn, a Texas Republican when asked if the spat should disrupt bipartisan work on the Hill.
Long before the latest spat on aluminum, Chinese steel makers have been losing ground in export markets.
Diplomatic spat No members of Kim Jong Nam's immediate family have come forward to claim his body.
The town of Fuenteovejuna—its women violated, its honor spat upon—rises up and kills the commander.
The power struggle over border wall funding widened into the spat over the State of the Union.
He then got into a verbal spat with a reporter from CNN, which had published the report.
This guy walked past us twice, came up closer from the side, and spat on our cart.
Here's another image that was spat out after Google gave its AI an image of random noise.
One other thing to keep in mind about Trump's latest spat: The Federal Reserve is meeting Wednesday.
Graphic: Popular Science MonthlyWhen you see light, you're looking at photons spat out by an excited atom.
She roved the stage and spat her lyrics out as though she was performing a dramatic monologue.
The unexpected move drove Moroccan fans to join their Egyptian peers in the spat with the Saudis.
The greenback has advanced against most currencies amid a trade spat between the United States and China.
An escalation of the trade spat with China is a red flag for all trade-related issues.
The Chinese markets, closely watched worldwide amid Beijing's trade spat with Washington, were higher on the day.
Google fed its AI network an image of random noise, and this is what it spat out.
The change follows their legal spat with Tinder, claiming the app's original name infringed on Tinder's copyrights.
The most recent attack on Eichenwald followed a spat between his employer, Vanity Fair, and President Trump.
I've actually been spat at and abused, called horrible things and I haven't even looked at them.
The media loves a good public spat, whether they're in the U.S. or UK, Mexico or Germany.
The White woman spat, cursed the Black man and woman, and the Black woman say she sorry.
S. trade war has morphed from a tariff spat into a battle over who controls global tech.
Because on the one occasion they bought locally he instantly spat the stuff out, explains his wife.
That's the moral of the Sessions spat, and it's the larger moral of the Trump/Russia scandal.
He at times received apparently favorable coverage but had a public spat with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly.
The cliques quickly turn to violence after a petty spat, or to assert status on the street.
Where is the support for those who are chewed up and spat out by the music business?
Kamala Harris, whose debate-night spat with Biden was followed by significant polling shifts in her favor.
Trump refuses to believe this, igniting a public spat between the president-elect and the intelligence community.
Before he left Washington, Trump said he has no regrets about his ongoing spat with the four.
The EFF even got into a public Twitter spat with T-Mobile CEO John Legere in January.
Solange Knowles and Jay Z would probably like to leave their infamous little spat in the past.
The spat has badly hurt American farmers, increased costs for US businesses and slowed the global economy.
Uncertainty about trade is weighing on companies' investments, and that won't change unless the spat is resolved.
Lanthanum is just another material from a list of potential superconductive hydrides that theorists' programs spat out.
Among other things, it has hastened South Korea's rapprochement with Japan after a protracted spat over history.
If you read some of this conversation out loud, it sounds like a textbook mother-daughter spat.
Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke to her Filipino counterpart, Teodoro Locsin, about the garbage spat last week.
China's Unipec has suspended U.S. oil imports due to a growing trade spat between Washington and Beijing.
His tweets that morning kicked off a spat between the President of the US and London's mayor.
Neither the President nor Pope Francis seem eager to replay their brief spat over Trump's border wall.
The move could mean a previously reported spat between Gangwal and co-founder Rahul Bhatia was escalating.
The spat adds to other lingering doubts about whether the agreement will be enough to support prices.
Adding to the controversy was a public spat that erupted between WADA and the IOC last week.
The timing of the spat is notable in light of upcoming elections in both America and Russia.
Trump responded by attacking Kelly's credibility as a journalist, sparking a months-long spat between the pair.
JALSH was 0.29% lower, dragged down by global recession fears linked to the U.S.-China trade spat.
CNBC reported that CBS and National Amusements are working on a settlement to end the legal spat.
Perhaps it's difficult to maintain such a frenzied celebrity friendship or the dapper stars had a spat.
Softness in the dollar was also likely due to a spat between President Donald Trump and Sen.
Four women, including two longtime partners, told the magazine that Schneiderman slapped, spat on, or punched them.
The spat was the latest example of tension between the U.S. and U.K. since Trump took office.
His professional spat with PIMCO was echoed by a messy divorce that played out in the press.
The newfound focus on geopolitics took the focus off a trade spat between the U.S. and China.
Lacy Clay of Missouri told The Hill newspaper of Ocasio-Cortez's ongoing spat with Crowley over Twitter.
A 2017 diplomatic spat between China and South Korea battered both Hyundai Motor and conglomerate Lotte Group.
The spat grabbed major headlines for days afterward, with the extra publicity fueling the Pirro book's rise.
As they sped toward a reef, grabbing at sails, an uncharacteristically rattled Mr. Kleeman even spat expletives.
Al Baker last month denied the Gulf spat would interfere with Qatar Airways' growth or aircraft deliveries.
Economists and analysts have been left wondering what the Merkel-Seehofer spat means for Germany's political outlook.
Natt is seen on surveillance video being physically assaulted and spat on before the assailants run off.
But the biggest roadblock is the ongoing spat with Western Digital, Toshiba's partner in the semiconductor business.
"Have a nice day, commie," the Subbro spat as he whirled around and waltzed onto the SubTrain.
The incident sparked a spat at Breitbart, with journalists accusing management of kowtowing to the Trump campaign.
Over the past few days, Trump waded into the spat between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Reps.
Historians claim the Spite Tower in Adamsville, Rhode Island, was built in response to a neighborly spat.
S. trade spat as the world's second largest economy is a major buyer of Australia's commodities exports.
The noise crackled and spat, expanding as it echoed around the stadium, growing more and more intense.
A spat at Perella Weinberg Partners highlights the problems that arise when deal makers leave mid-deal.
Some people spat on it; others posed proudly beside the statue of the Turkish leader, taking selfies.
Rousseau took a dim view of luxury and spat on the high society in which Casanova reveled.
The big picture: The spat is part of a larger existential crisis facing the traditional TV industry.
Officers describe walking the cellblocks fearful that they could be spat on, splashed with urine or stabbed.
Fowler refused to leave the Capitol and in frustration spat on the officer who dragged her out.
The trade spat between Washington and Beijing compounded the problem, as did concerns about China's economic growth.
Matt Gaetz of Florida engaged in a public spat on Twitter over President Donald Trump&aposs impeachment.
The deleted tweet was part of a larger Twitter spat between the two that began on Tuesday.
South African business leaders urged Zuma to urgently deal with the public spat between Gordhan and Moyane.
President Donald Trump's trade spat with China is sparking Republican backlash in states with major farming industries.
Over lunch, a Swiss writer, Jonas Lüscher, described a spat with his fellow Swiss novelist Peter Stamm.
These storylines are often covered independently, as if each spat stands alone, best understood on its own.
The company has been hit hardest by the lengthy trade spat between the United States and China.
The rise in costs comes as the Trump administration engages key economic partners in a trade spat.
Some spat at the business leader and called him a "son of a bitch," mimicking Rivas' words.
Eyes flashing, she roughly shoved Otello and all but spat her protestations of innocence in his face.
Political interference allegations The diplomatic spat comes as Tsai is facing a tough reelection battle in January.
He became verbally abusive towards the officers and threatened and spat on one of them, police said.
It is an unusually public spat for the two technology CEOs, neither of which have competing businesses.
In one play, Eddy is beaten up, spat upon, tormented with homophobic slurs by schoolmates and family.
Colombians spat on him and others in the street, saying Venezuelans were stealing their jobs, he said.
When they spat the gum out, the same antiseptic properties helped preserve the DNA in their saliva.
The spat has split the Gulf Co-operation Council, hitherto a force for stability in an unstable region.
The meeting between the two leaders comes as the two largest economies engage in a heated trade spat.
Richard told local media that as security was taking her away, Trump supporters spat on her and yelled.
That prompted a diplomatic spat with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, which saw him recall his ambassador to Ottawa.
Since the election, Trump has repeatedly spat in the faces of those that cast their ballots for him.
Their spat erupts at the final cocktail party, when Demi interrupts Tracy's time with Colton for a massage.
Once again, a spat over President Donald Trump's immigration plans has derailed talks to keep the government open.
There's a lot you can learn from Johnny Depp's legal spat with the firm that managed his money.
This public spat is particularly challenging for the Australian government, as domestic sensitivities about refugees are running high.
Nicole Curtis is in another legal spat with her ex over custody of their 3-year-old son.
The spat was fueled when a letter to Wayfair leaders from employees about the sale spread on Twitter.
Both countries have been engaged in a trade spat for months that has sent ripples through global markets.
The mainland Chinese markets, closely watched in relation with Beijing's trade spat with Washington, slipped on the day.
Those questions have gotten lost as the debate has devolved into a spat over budget tables and footnotes.
The 60-year-old said he nearly "spat my Corn Flakes out" when he first saw the interview.
We ran it the through Google Translate, but it spat out some English that didn't quite make sense.
No country, including the U.S., spoke out publicly in support of Canada in that spat with the Saudis.
A diplomatic spat The investigation into Kim's death has sparked a diplomatic row between Malaysia and North Korea.
"Your husband still wants you to take care of him," Khloé Kardashian said in voiceover over the spat.
The goats spat out seeds from each species, and did so more frequently when the seeds were larger.
What may be more important about the spat, therefore, is the way it illuminates divisions among the Democrats.
Now, Pink, a mom of two, has said she regrets almost getting "caught up" in the singers' spat.
Social media posts in 2018 suggested an end to their spat, which had played out in their songs.
Trump's call came as manufacturing activity around the world is deteriorating, exacerbated by the U.S.-China trade spat.
Mr. Trump's opponents hoped that the spat over Iraq, in particular, might sap his strength in South Carolina.
The spat called into question the stability of the US' relationship with one of its strongest regional allies.
The Twitter spat between Lady Gaga and The Chainsmokers just involved another singer in an ugly, ugly way.
The latest spat is more vocal and reflects deeper concern about its progress after two decades of reinvention.
The latest move by WPP deepens an acrimonious spat over the deal between the long-time alliance partners.
Late last month, the two countries agreed to restart trade negotiations in an effort to end the spat.
From a trade spat to backlash against Chinese immigration, tensions between the two countries have increased this year.
China's spat with the airlines coincides with its stepped-up efforts to put pressure on the island itself.
A spokesman for Weber Automotive said the family would have no additional comment on their spat with Ardian.
C. and T. get in a spat about seeing other people, which is an ongoing fight for them.
The party faces a much tougher task in taking control of the House, even with the GOP spat.
Worries about a growing U.S.-China trade spat also sparked a selloff in stock markets around the world.
Nurmagomedov was the intended target of McGregor&aposs wrath after a previous spat between the fighters&apos camps.
But is it just a territorial spat, a turf war over who gets to oversee the fintech industry?
I can't walk down the street holding hands with my boyfriend without being spat at or side-eyed.
" Kazan herself has faced this harassment, remembering that a producer once asked her if she "spat or swallowed.
While bilateral trade issues were discussed, it appears the recent spat over Canadian dairy products didn't come up.
The situation spilled onto the sidewalk, where Boucher spat on a man, 30, and woman, 34, police said.
The dollar has been the preferred refuge from the U.S.-China trade spat for investors since last year.
And with the exception of a spat over what constituted "New York values," Cruz prevailed in most exchanges.
China's financial and corporate regulators have yet to comment directly on the growing spat between the two firms.
A recent border spat between the two at the nearby Torkham crossing left four dead and thousands stranded.
They had a bizarre sub-spat over whether Mr Cruz can speak Spanish; he duly did, a bit.
Google just smoothed over one spat with the LGBT community, but it's already well into the next one.
The spat was distressing, a former attorney-general of India, Soli Sorabjee, told the India Today news channel.
It's still not clear what the long-term impact of a protracted trade spat with China will be.
Regardless, there has already been a pullback of Chinese investors that's not tied to the current trade spat.
Everyday for a week, as children tried to get into the pool, they were spat on and threatened.
On the evening before his departure, he engaged in a Twitter spat with his French and Canadian counterparts.
Trump loses here because he has already allowed himself to be drawn into another ill-advised public spat.
" Asked if his spat with Corker would affect the tax effort, Trump said: "I don't think so, no.
When they found him, Taliban soldiers ripped out his beard and hair and kicked and spat on him.
Frederica Wilson, with whom Kelly engaged in a spat following the deaths of US service members in Niger.
Experts fear the spat could set a new tone for discussions about human rights among the international community.
At the ref's decision, Big Chet rummaged in his mouth and spat out his mouthpiece in two pieces.
The cheetah hissed and lunged back; it was able to flee a few minutes after the spat began.
It appears Trump did not follow through on his promise to Trudeau -- and the spat continues to escalate.
New York (CNN Business)China's stock market is suffering because of a trade spat with the United States.
The spat is the latest in Silicon Valley in which competitive tensions stood in the way of customers.
Another U.S. export hurdle could be China slapping tariffs on American energy imports amid the ongoing trade spat.
That's when Ronda -- the former UFC women's champ -- grabbed the mic and spat out some homicidal trash talk.
However, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu sought to play down the spat over Bashiqa in comments later on Thursday.
China is strongly against the deployment but has denied its actions are directly linked to the political spat.
The legal spat was seen as a test case of the giant retailer's operating strategy in the country.
The City Council vote is just the latest in an ongoing spat between New York City and Airbnb.
I took a long pull of the sake he left and spat half of it on the grass.
Soybeans are central to the spat with Beijing, because China relies on America for much of its supply.
This sparked a spat between the two of them on Twitter, ably chronicled by my colleague Aja Romano.
Paola said the other girl spat on her, and Paola tried to throw a punch that didn't land.
He writes that he received death threats and was spat upon, and that his family, too, was harassed.
She leaned over the table toward the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and spat out her disdain for him.
The Brazilian and French leaders have since been embroiled in a spat that was sparked by Macron's calls.
Trump this week rekindled a spat with Puerto Rican leaders over the response to Hurricane Maria in 2017.
We're told there was a verbal spat between Aaron and Melanie and at some point it got physical.
Under normal circumstances, he might have turned his head and spat off to the side of the track.
Nothing would ever make Marcel, who is gay, return to the country that spat him out half dead.
Ramos left the pitch exchanging words with Pique, adding to the ongoing spat between the veteran Spain defenders.
"The State Senate spat in the face of survivors," said the sponsor of the bill, Senator Brad Hoylman.
As word of the spat spread through the office, unfounded rumors swirled that the altercation had been physical.
Half-moons of hardened saliva spat onto the walls of seaside caves by tiny swiftlets in Southeast Asia.
A car screeched to a stop in front of us, two lads shouted "Pakis!" and spat on us.
In Palm Beach, word spread that there was a new chapter in the spat between Trump and Greene.
" Another noted that, "Outside of that public spat over San Bernardino, Apple gets along with the federal government.
As our oversize vehicles stalled traffic and disrupted local business, men cursed us and spat on the ground.
Here's what readers had to say about the last edition: The spat between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
But this was soon swamped by a media frenzy over a different spat — that between Sanders and Warren.
That threw into public view the spat between the reticent Mr. Rokos and the publicity-shy Mr. Howard.
The spat came one day after a tweet from Olbermann in response to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.
Tensions have increased further due to a recent spat between U.S.-based Boeing and the Canadian company Bombardier.
He was chewing gum, which he spat out, with great precision, right onto a bearded and bespectacled dog.
Even an individual spat with a neighbor like Turkey would likely be contained mostly between the two states.
Kalen of SocGen said the diplomatic spat could in the longer-term "weigh on the narrative" for Russia.
But a spat on trade and steel production underscored the differences in a sometimes difficult EU-China relationship.
New data from the National Retail Federation show that the prolonged spat threatens nearly 28503 million U.S. jobs.
The resolution of that spat would results in billions of dollars more being added to the company's coffers.
The trade spat with China has resulted in retaliatory tariffs on a wide range of U.S. farm products.
The spat initially halted much traffic to its Hamad Port and raised fears of food and other shortages.
A group of high school students visiting from Pennsylvania gathered on a corner and spat at the building.
He indulged in a public spat with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over his State of the Union address.
" Asked if his spat with Corker would affect the tax effort, Trump said: "I don't think so, no.
Watch for whether tonight is the first time he and Warren have a real spat over health care.
China is not signing any long-term deals with U.S. projects until the spat is resolved, they said.
When African-Americans left the South en masse, they spat on the memory of life-stealing cotton fields.
NTSB's investigation into the Tesla crash has also led to a public spat between the agency and the automaker.
In the old days, the seal meat was masticated by one's spouse before being spat into the cooking pot.
It's what the spat tells us about the core divides within the conservative movement in the age of Trump.
Demi conversation would be a classic Bachelor spat, were it not for the strange age conversation embedded in it.
China and the U.S. agreed over the weekend to a 90-day cease-fire to their ongoing trade spat.
The mainland Chinese markets, watched in relation to the trade spat between Beijing and Washington, slipped on the day.
After all, it was only last month that US markets plunged as Trump escalated his trade spat with China.
The spat has also had an outsized impact on emerging markets as tighter trade conditions hurt export-driven economies.
On the contrary, if the trade spat intensifies, the stage will be set for further decline in gold prices.
The lone spat occurred on the Boston bench as Smart strongly argued with assistant coaches during the fourth quarter.
Things got worse this week, after the U.S. Treasury Department escalated the spat by labelling China a currency manipulator.
President Trump has given markets mixed signals over where he currently stands in Washington's ongoing trade spat with Beijing.
If you want to strangle, you know, Putin&aposs Russia, a public spat isn&apost going to do it.
"It's the reason why an album isn't being spat out like it used to," she explained in the interview.
Decked out in a purple shirt and a plethora of literally shimmering jewelry, The Ruler spat while Bey shimmied.
The higher U.S. tariff "marks a sharp escalation in the trade spat, but it's not gone nuclear yet," Markets.
Schneck allegedly complied, but then took a swig from a plastic bottle and immediately spat a clear liquid out.
Meanwhile, Musk got into a high profile spat with Fortune Magazine about a fatality involving one of its cars.
The new spat between Apple and Samsung raises the spectre that their could be another upswing in such cases.
The awkward public spat played out as Grande's image was still used on billboards and ads for the Grammys.
The American officers spat at me, called me a bitch, and accused me of bringing violence to their country.
However, the origins of the tomato spat predate the New York real estate magnate's time in the White House.
That's a powerful trump card in a spat about the future of a notoriously conservative industry with declining profits.
The saga of President Trump's spat with the NFL continued last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
This is also a diplomatic spat that the UK and the US would probably like to avoid right now.
There she claimed she was "spat on, choked, thrown out of a room, and called a 'n—–'" by Crowe.
The inimitable reality star tells Billboard that she's "so over" talking about her and Taylor Swift's very public spat.
In April America identified $234bn-worth of European goods that could be hit with tariffs over the WTO spat.
In June, Tillerson defended US ally Qatar during its diplomatic spat with Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.
A spat within the coalition will be worth it if the extra pressure drives Mr Maduro out of office.
Or, at least, it looks so much better than the utter crap computers spat out back in the '90s.
That triggered a public spat between the two sides and tension in the run-up to Monday's board meet.
The spat is re-opening the conversation about the safety of Tesla vehicles and its Autopilot driver-assistance mode.
In 2010, Azuaje was briefly put under house arrest for assaulting a policewoman in a spat over a vehicle.
But Beijing has been involved in a diplomatic spat with Washington over ship and aircraft patrols in the region.
It added that the spat will ultimately be settled by an arbitration panel under the International Chamber of Commerce.
"I love being spat on during sex," says Zoe, a 28-year-old graduate student I'm sipping espressos with.
The diplomatic spat has also cast a pall over Turkey's tourism sector as Russians cut back on trips there.
Perhaps her most public spat involved her sister, Mary Cheney, who blasted Liz Cheney's opposition to same-sex marriage.
These parties all share a common interest in resolving the intra-GCC spat, and in keeping the gas flowing.
The threats had piled pressure on investors already rattled by a trade spat between the United States and China.
The spat has also highlighted a simmering dispute about whether the FBI dropped the ball in investigating the breach.
Under U.S. President Donald Trump, the rhetoric about the spat initially focused on the American trade deficit with China.
The vigil experienced a rare spat of ugliness when two protesters showed up with a sign blaring homophobic slurs.
A group of women dressed as air stewardesses swallowed me whole and then spat me out, smeared in lipstick.
The tariff spat is expected to hit the U.S. economy which is seeing the impact of fiscal stimulus fade.
Since then the two stars, who seemed to be good friends, have subtly spat through subtweets and perfume names.
C Karl-Anthony Towns was the focus after a spat late in the game with Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau.
Yet another public spat between President Donald Trump and Corker, the Senate foreign relations committee chairman, dominated the morning.
The inmate testified that he had been punched, kicked and stomped, and that he spat up blood for months.
Geopolitical tensions, including around a U.S.-China trade spat, have also subsided in recent weeks to support the dollar.
The software spat out false positives—claiming a signal where there was none—up to 70% of the time.
Notice Democrats' recent spat over whether taking a pro-life stance is an acceptable position for a Democratic candidate.
Like the broader Saudi spat with Canada, it is about the Saudis sending strong signals to the international community.
Kumail Nanjiani is waving the white flag after a Twitter spat with Meghan McCain, telling the daughter of Sen.
The computer spat out a spectra for an event that peaked at 570 billion times brighter than our Sun.
"I don't want to see credit rating agencies downgrade Eskom because of a spat in the media," she said.
"Postal service should be allowed to charge more for packages, review following Trump spat with Amazon finds," CNBC reported.
Farm country is worried about reports that China has curbed buying U.S. soybeans due to the ongoing trade spat.
But the recent Apple-FBI spat has led to renewed calls for the pair to move on the bill.
Neither Warsaw nor Brussels announced any details about the talks that were largely aimed at calming the escalating spat.
Very fun, but awkward at the same time—until he spat beer on the head of someone passing by.
The College Board attempts to tackle inequality in admissions; the Philippines and Canada are in a spat over trash.
A few spat, but otherwise, the only sound Samira could hear was the breathing of the commuters around her.
A Muslim woman and her daughter called "ISIS" and spat on in Chicago as they walked to their vehicle.
And that's is why we need to review the form, with the force of a bar spat over 140BPM.
A grimey marriage of crunchy, relentless beats and intense lyrical content spat out in Tricky's distinctive West Country drawl.
After this apparent spat, neither player did particularly well at Wimbledon — both lost earlier than they were expected to.
Justice Democrats' spat with the Black Caucus comes amid high racial tensions in the 85033-member House Democratic Caucus.
But there still are risks to the growth outlook from other issues such as the U.S.-EU trade spat.
There's been a trade spat with the U.S. and Canada over everything from dairy and aerospace to softwood lumber.
The sky-blue machine then spat out elongated and chunky charcoal briquettes that look a bit like burned sausages.
Solving the public spat would be critical for Najib and FGV's controlling shareholder Felda, or Federal Land Development Authority.
In 2015, Legere got into a Twitter spat with Donald Trump where they exchanged jabs at each other's businesses.
The spat between Trump and Bannon slashes an alliance that helped galvanize the president's Republican base during his election.
Here&aposs how a spat between two fast-food chains devolved into a civil war among sandwich-crazed customers.
Mr. Fox had to wait a half-hour before the printer spat out the ticket he was waiting for.
The U.S. Commerce Department blocked Huawei from buying U.S. goods last week amid its escalating trade spat with China.
"I was giving chest compressions and continued to do CPR until eventually I spat out [Mosher's] blood," says Soules.
As if a further reminders were needed, a diplomatic spat this week between Italy and France proved the point.
Mr. McCain was stripped to his skivvies, kicked and spat upon, then bayoneted in the left ankle and groin.
And that may become a headache for the Trump administration, already frustrated by the Saudi-UAE spat with Qatar.
Stocks rallied in response, retracing some of the losses they had incurred on Friday, when the trade spat escalated.
Some spat liquid into the audience or encouraged spectators to slap the exposed chests of their chicken-winged opponents.
The spat marked yet another spike in tensions between Iran and the U.S. after a year marked by them.
He slapped me in the face, strangled me until I choked, spat on me, and called me a slut.
"You men, you're all so weak," she spat at some Dutch representatives after an episode of failed European negotiation.
Then there are doubts over Zuma's backing for Gordhan after a public spat with revenue service chief Tom Moyane.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got into a notable spat with Trump about whether Canada is a security risk.
Tuesday's probe comes amid a public spat between the president and Bivar, with Bolsonaro threatening to leave the party.
A shock reaction to the trade spat is a clear change in what had been a developing upside breakaway.
Adding to geopolitical concerns, the United States on Thursday told Russia to close a consulate, worsening a diplomatic spat.
He then took to Twitter to mock Alexander Zverev for his own failed attempt, continuing their off-court spat.
It's hard to see Trump and Macron's officials amicably hashing out the details while engaged in a trade spat.
Police say the officer performed an emergency takedown after the man spat in the officer's face and threatened him.
With no end to the spat in sight, this strain could continue or at least prevent a full recovery.
There has been increased demand from China for Brazilian soybeans due to the trade spat between Beijing and Washington.
Li also said that China will not resort to competitive devaluation of the yuan amid the ongoing trade spat.
Asia markets were broadly negative on Tuesday, amid concerns over the ongoing trade spat between the U.S. and China.
The flag disagreement comes amid an ongoing trade spat between the two countries, which has been raging since July.
When officers arrived, they made contact with Powers and discovered she and her boyfriend just finished a vicious spat.
Before Mr. Lilienthal's spat with the Christian Social Union, the theater's audience attendance had been hovering around 60 percent.
Ms. Mark-Viverito and Mr. Williams got into a spat about identity politics during their forum with Ms. Glazer.
More important to scientists is that when they spat the gum out, the DNA in their saliva was preserved.
That means this latest fight isn't simply a spat over religious identity, as vital an issue as that is.
Hoettges had previously said such a deal would be "unacceptable", triggering a public spat with Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao.
He knows his Mississippi ancestors were spat on, slapped, threatened or worse for merely trying to register to vote.
A trade spat between the world's two largest economies has dragged on for over a year and roiled financial markets.
Republicans have put his face in their campaign commercials and spat his name as an insult on the debate stage.
PA and pledged to stand firm as a spat intensified over plans to create the world's third-largest aerospace supplier.
When asked if she had a comment about the ongoing spat on issues of race and busing between California Sen.
We've rounded up some of the best and worst of this tweet spat, with a little help from Us Weekly.
The spat has raised Italy's cost of borrowing, leading to fears that Italian banks could see their financial position suffer.
At the heart of the spat was the detention in Turkey of a U.S. pastor, who has now been released.
Top defense contractor Lockheed, which now owns the helicopter maker Sikorsky, probably looked at the recent spat with some interest.
At home, Turnbull is a deeply unpopular leader and his response to the current spat could determine his political future.
The ongoing spat has sent ripples across financial markets as investors assess its impact on corporate earnings and the economy.
"The issue is presented to the West as a diplomatic spat ... the reality is far worse," a Qatari diplomat said.
But the spat will be seen by other foreign leaders as a lesson in the difficulty of dealing with Trump.
It's possible that the term "frack" — that harsh, spat-out syllable — has shaped public perceptions here in some small way.
The beef was long in the making, and a Twitter spat is rarely flattering to any of the parties involved.
Because that neural network is trained to look for buildings in an image, it spat back a squat, green building.
So he and his colleagues designed a neural network that spat out Yelp-style blurbs of about five sentences each.
Ronni Magro broke up with his girlfriend Jen Harley this week after a public spat on their respective Instagram stories.
This is just the latest spat between Nigeria and South Africa as they spar for economic supremacy in the continent.
A PUBLIC spat between two warring and wildly popular Chinese apps has had the feel of a teenage dance-off.
Whether this spat leads to the two countries moving away or to a temporary truce is yet to be seen.
She caused jaws to drop when she performed with Nicki Minaj, with whom she had a spat just weeks earlier.
Aqqaluk Lynge, a veteran leftist, said the spat with Mr Trump might make Danes and Greenlanders appreciate one another more.
House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan urged reporters to ignore the Trump-Corker spat and concentrate on the tax plan.
Canada's agriculture sector already faces other trade disputes, including an ongoing spat with China over Canadian canola, pork and beef.
Ankara and Washington have been embroiled in a diplomatic spat over the trial in Turkey of U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson.
The spat has remained in a stalemate despite intermittent attempts by the U.S. to mediate or to hasten a resolution.
Oil prices were also under pressure, having fallen more than one percent the previous day on the trade spat concerns.
When Mia spat the seeds from the front passenger seat, they traveled back into the car through Ella's open window.
The ICBC arrests ignited a behind-the-scenes diplomatic spat in the spring of 2016, according to senior Spanish officials.
Diplomats have given up hope of resolving the spat, so Ms Freeland was there to welcome Ms Muhammad to Toronto.
Update 11/14/16 5:32pm EST: A reader brought our attention to a Twitter spat between Trump and Skittles.
Frederica Wilson had a spat with Kelly regarding a phone call Trump had made to the widow of Army Sgt.
It is Qatar's first foray into the international bond markets since a spat with its Gulf neighbours erupted last year.
HSBC analysts said a trade spat could reduce China's incentive to defend the currency and let the renminbi weaken substantially.
Four Fed officials on Thursday said the protracted trade spat is creating uncertainties for businesses and could threaten economic growth.
"Uh, well… It's the Black Lives Matter movement," he spat out like one big word, then took his seat defiantly.
Investors have, since last year, preferred the safety of the dollar due to the United States' trade spat with China.
Last month PiS offered some concessions in the spat with the EU, but the Supreme Court called the changes "illusory".
The spat over the study caused talks between prosecutors and the company to break down earlier this week, Heikvam said.
She claims he also choked her, spat on her and used the n-word while 86ing her from the party.
The spat threatens the survival of the uneasy center-left coalition that has governed the Czech Republic since last year.
"The U.S.-China trade spat seems to be hotting up again after yesterday's announcement from the White House," Hansen said.
As has been the case through the trade spat, shares of trade-sensitive companies were the first to be hit.
Barnes, after taking his boys bowling, addressed his and Chyna's spat on his Instagram Story without mentioning her by name.
The longtime couple made headlines at Wimbledon when TV cameras caught them having what appeared to be a lovers' spat.
Electricity was cut recently because of a financial spat between local officials and the contractor hired to manage the stadium.
The White House had questioned OGE's authority to request the waivers, but ultimately said the spat had been a misunderstanding.
We're told the ladies had a little spat this weekend -- unrelated to Amber's new bf -- but they've already squashed it.
Sources told Reuters that relations between the airline and Boeing had worsened in a spat over responsibility for the crash.
Back in 2015, Cyrus and Minaj got into a spat after Cyrus criticized how the rapper talked about Taylor Swift.
The two Facebook board members' previously unreported spat shows just how isolated Thiel's politics have made him in Silicon Valley.
S. trade spat, while most major Asian economies are further bruised by cooling demand from key regional trade partner China.
To name a few: there was the spat with Canada, which saw the Saudis recall all of its diplomatic staff.
The tariff spat is one element of a wide-ranging trade dispute between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping's government.
Electoral deadlines were missed after a spat over appointments and the establishment of the commission to investigate the first round.
His first caucus lunch in 2628 went off the rails after he got into a heated spat with GOP Sen.
"In the 1960s, liberals called our soldiers coming back from Vietnam baby killers, they spat in their face," said Green.
For Adam Justice, a vice president of Grid Connect, the ConnectSense outlet made by the company ended a perpetual spat.
Following the viral spat, Popeyes locations across the US saw a massive uptick in customer visits and chicken-sandwich orders.
Homebuilder confidence fell in June behind spiking lumber prices because of an ongoing spat between the United States and Canada.
But Qualcomm and Apple are also in the middle of a legal spat over the way Qualcomm distributes its technology.
The spat between Trudeau and the White House has underscored a growing rift between the two allies over trade policy.
Unlike a recent spat over the fund's intended disposal of oil and gas stocks, these good intentions should make headway.
The United States and Kuwait have both offered their support as moderators in the diplomatic spat, but talks quickly froze.
Inside that rage I felt very small; I thought constantly of how casually he'd spat out that word, that look.
You wouldn't be blamed for seeing her performance alter ego as something spat out by an internet culture buzzword generator.
At Oxford's next home match he was booed and even spat at, though this did nothing to put him off.
Nevertheless, the spat shows the EU executive is willing to contradict its long-term objectives to pursue a political goal.
In response to the Times story, Trump the junior spat out a bunch of different excuses to explain his behavior.
It did some Minority Report biometric shit and spat out some graphs with all the answers I was looking for.
At the end, the leader delivered a stern message: do not indulge in a public spat with the central bank.
There are also a handful of more aggressive incidents: people being pushed, spat at, and targeted with objects like bottles.
So when they have this public spat, the F.B.I. reaches out to Michaux and, again, he obliges and helps them.
I was 15 when a friend, a Cree hockey player, said a white man spat on him during a game.
His highlight reel includes a spat with a congresswoman whom Bolsonaro said was not attractive enough for him to rape.
The spat came a day after the Spanish government announced a $475 million order for emergency medical equipment from China.
Cormac McCarthy won't win because Darkness implacable would beat down on the man as he spat violently onto the dirt.
The spat among traditionally stalwart allies revealed the rocky road Trump's White House will face in winning support from Europe.
No end in sight to US-China trade spat Conditions could get a lot worse before they get any better.
The immediate cause of their spat was a Black Crowes T-shirt, but the kerfuffle was years in the making.
Kim Darroch stepped down on Wednesday after a leak of his emails set off a diplomatic spat with President Trump.
Other plans include making a case against Schultz's defense of same-sex marriage and highlighting Iger's public spat with Sen.
A few years ago, such a move would have been considered unthinkable as American and Qatar engaged in their spat.
Then, two weeks from his release date, he got in a fight and spat in the face of an officer.
So before agreeing this spat is a horrible situation for Fox News, come back outside the bubble where lucidity exists.
Today, they headed to the beach for a group mindfulness activity that reportedly instigated a playful spat between the couple.
The announcement came a day after the two countries appeared to strike a temporary truce in a trans-Atlantic spat.
The move set off a tense trade spat with Washington, with President Donald Trump's administration threatening to impose retaliatory tariffs.
STEADY WAGE GAINS The U.S.-China trade spat has bruised business confidence and undercut capital expenditure, tipping manufacturing into recession.
Publicly, senators have largely confined themselves to expressing a desire for the spat between the two men to end. Sen.
The tariff spat marks a rare public break between Trump and Republican leaders in Congress, who traditionally support free trade.
The news fueled hopes that the trade spat between the world's two largest economies may finally come to an end.
The $100 billion conglomerate ousted Mistry as chairman in October, sparking a bitter public spat, but he remains a director.
The back-and-forth between Corker and Trump was only the latest in a spat that erupted in recent weeks.
While they were touring the show, Bill Hader once took a huge bite and spat it into Mr. Kroll's mouth.
The earnings report showed that sales at locations open for at least a year were already suffering before the spat.
Archaeologists said they were made by men who ate charcoal, chewed it up and spat it back onto the walls.
However, this diplomatic spat seems to be more than just an example of Saudi Arabia's pot calling Qatar's kettle black.
"Kids back then were astute to spot a phony," Mr. Kerr, 57, said of websites that spat back form letters.
In commodities, soybeans sank as the U.S.-China trade spat threatened shipments to the world's biggest buyer of the oilseed.
The Trump-NFL spat was an example of soldiers being reduced to political props, and that really pisses me off.
This particular spat began on Tuesday, when Trump gave a speech to South Korea's National Assembly during his Asia trip.
Although admirable and correct, it seemed inadequate to deal with the deep-seated anger that was being spat our way.
The most recent spat was over maritime borders and air space between Singapore and Malaysia's southern-most state of Johor.
The spat should be about the way we set up trade with the Mexicans," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street.
As recent U.S.-China negotiations show, the Shenzhen-based telecommunication and smartphone giant has become deeply entangled in the trade spat.
My manager and I, both female, turned our backs to them and spat in the pints they'd just demanded from us.
So if shipping is threatened, they have to see the US-Iranian spat as something bigger that they need to consider.
The House minority leader riled up Democrats with a televised Oval Office spat with President Donald Trump over government funding Tuesday.
Even if no deal is reached immediately, their meeting could set the tone for the next phase of the trade spat.
If you've ever suffered a spat of turbulence and wondered how you'd do at the controls of an airliner—who hasn't?
The currency has recovered recently from a sell-off driven by concerns over central bank independence and a U.S.-Turkish spat.
Now, during a recent and unrelated public spat between Rodriguez and another YouTuber named Kalvin Garrah, Garrah's fans uncovered this tweet.
Cops say the spat culminated with Scott setting fire to a broom with the intention of lighting up the whole house.
But company officials privately linked the action to an economic spat between Seoul and Beijing sparked by the U.S. missile row.
That was despite Mr Trump getting into a spat with Pope Francis, who suggested his promised border wall was "not Christian".
Retailers pressurise suppliers not to raise prices, as demonstrated by a recent spat over the price of Marmite, a yeasty spread.
Two years ago, Swift settled a controversial spat with Nicki Minaj with a surprise collaborative performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.
Some dismal bond auctions recently have raised the question whether China is paring Treasury purchases -- due to the escalating trade spat.
But while the spat appears to be limited to India, it's actually a proxy for a much bigger fight to come.
The spat also serves a domestic purpose for the Saudi crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, who wants to refashion Saudi society.
The latest spat concerns a House of Lords vote to insist the Commons gets a meaningful vote on the final deal.
The spat ended with Trump threatening a partial government shutdown right before the holidays if he doesn't get his border wall.
BP's chief executive Bob Dudley said he did not believe the trade spat could tilt the global economy into a recession.
WASHINGTON – Amazon and Joe Biden are in a Twitter spat, and it perfectly captures the controversy over America's new tax code.
So it has been highly unusual to see a spat between the central bank and finance ministry spill into the open.
More than that, Netanyahu's response to this diplomatic spat in recent days can be summed up in two words: damage control.
Perhaps this immigration spat is part of why Huntington Beach is being "singled out" now, muses Michael Gates, the city attorney.
Stephen and William "Billy" Baldwin got into a Twitter spat earlier this month over (you guessed it) the 2016 presidential election.
The March spat came after a Facebook advertisement targeted to Mormons showed an old photo of Trump's wife, Melania, posing nude.
Worries of the prolonged U.S.-China trade spat, however, still hovered over markets - with no sign of a truce in sight.
Typically RBI board meetings are staid affairs, but markets were closely focused on Monday's meeting in light of the public spat.
He had previously stirred criticism for engaging in a spat with the parents of a Muslim U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.
We were quickly ushered out through the "Infinite Light" tunnel to be spat back out into The Bad Place: real life.
To judge who "won" Nicki and Cardi's latest spat is to look at who's dominated the conversation that has surrounded it.
But a spat between Europe's two main political families may in fact give anti-system and anti-EU groups a boost.
Here's how it went down:Andreessen bumped on this old tweet of his Saturday morning:I spat out this (not so) spicy take.
Also weighing on the won is its diplomatic spat with Japan, which tightened controls in July on exports to South Korea.
The comedian had a brief Twitter spat with Alba and her all-natural baby product company when her order was delayed.
"Losing 14 minutes of audiotape in comparison to this is a little spat in the sandbox in the kindergarten," Gorka said.
Chinese firms stopped importing U.S. crude oil around August and September due to a growing trade spat between Washington and Beijing.
The persistent demands from the government led to a public spat between New Delhi and Mumbai-based RBI since late October.
Hopes for a resolution in the prolonged trade spat helped extend a week-long rally in world stock markets on Wednesday.
The spat between Kanye and Khalifa started last Tuesday, when Khalifa took issue with West's new album Waves, originally named Swish.
More recently, he has been involved in an online spat with Isabelle, his 15-year-old daughter from his first wife.
David Ottaway, Middle East fellow at the Wilson Center, also questioned how Central Command can effectively fight terrorism amid the spat.
"The trade spat is driving the market crazy," said Jigar Trivedi, commodities analyst at Mumbai-based Anand Rathi Shares & Stock Brokers.
S. trade spat sent most regional currencies lower while tensions in the disputed region of Kashmir also weighed on investor sentiment.
West is married to Rob's sister Kim, and Rose and another Kardashian sister, Khloe, had a bitter Twitter spat last year.
The comedian, 34, found herself in a humorous twitter spat with Steve Martin after he questioned her scientific knowledge on Sunday.
Other employees suggested that the two had been involved in previous disagreements, but "the nature of the spat" was not known.
Some dismal bond auctions recently have raised the question whether China is paring Treasury purchases — due to the escalating trade spat.
Christie, not one to shy away from a spat, engaged right back with "Mike from Montclair" after the insults started flying.
All of the creators involved in the spat took a short break from social media, but resumed posting again within weeks.
The latest spat between Turkey and Europe comes just days before the Netherlands holds its general election on Wednesday, March 15.
If Trump were to, say, introduce the first, today's Irish spat over Apple could end up looking like yesterday's tax war.
Needless to say, I spat in the dressing for her hot wings and she ate every last bit of it. 10.
The transition to RTT became more pressing last year as American mobile carriers engaged in a public spat over the issue.
The White House had questioned the OGE's authority to request the waivers, but ultimately said the spat had been a misunderstanding.
Froome had urine thrown at him and was spat at during the 14th stage as fans got nasty following the allegations.
The spat embarrassed the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI), which fulfils a similar role to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.
When the spat first arose, pundits declared that Bill would crush Trump in a fight—even crush him with a smile.
I'd imagine being kept in boxes and spat on by huge men, who'd become physically bored whilst having sex with me.
The United States on Tuesday urged the two governments to resolve the spat, which could affect the planned U.S.-backed assault.
The Stefanik letter is the latest twist in an ongoing spat with Emmer, the new NRCC chairman for the 2020 cycle.
Things apparently got so bad between the two that Leakes nearly spat on Moore in one scene, she alleged on Wendy.
MI), which is controlled by the Berlusconi family and is mired in a legal spat with French media group Vivendi (VIV.
The couple was spotted shouting at each other in public, according to reports, and one reported spat resulted in Depp's arrest.
For the second week in a row, the internet has been gripped by an online spat between two well-known figures.
Some sat off by themselves, lecturing invisible audiences, and Poke gave them one last glance before he spat between Rod's eyes.
Perhaps the most surprising part about the spat to many Canadians is that they pride themselves in their reputation for friendliness.
"Trump's reaction was way disproportionate," said the source close to McConnell, who requested anonymity to discuss the spat with Trump frankly.
His daughter Lisa remembers that, one day, he spat out a mouthful of soup after he learned that it contained butter.
Clinton will be placating the Sanders bloc and avoiding an unsightly spat, without committing to changes that undermine her own agenda.
The Marine bowed his head and spat the booze on the exposed space between the woman's T-shirt and cutoff shorts.
That's when Ness can be seen on the stage motioning toward Hildebrand, who claims the singer also spat in his face.
The autocatalyst metal tumbled as an intensifying U.S.-European Union trade spat pressured precious metals, and political risk in Germany weighed.
The spat about it in volatile but strategically located Somalia illustrated how far the political ripples from Qatar's dispute have spread.
The spat is the latest in recent months between Trump and hosts on Fox News, where he expects universally favorable coverage.
" U.S. bank Morgan Stanley said in a note to clients that the trade spat meant that economic "downside risks have risen.
I grew up not so long ago in a Britain that spat at nonwhites, beat us and daubed swastikas on walls.
The spat coincided with the deepening of a slump in Brazil's demand for cars and home appliances made with Usiminas steel.
In some of the trials, the volunteers chewed the food until it was ready to swallow and then spat it out.
The spat began after an anti-Trump "super PAC" produced an ad geared at Utah voters featuring an image of Mrs.
The backdrop: This poll was conducted days after a high-profile spat between Haley and the White House on Russia sanctions.
The big picture: In a trade spat, it usually makes sense to put tariffs on the final product, not on parts.
Even a 2017 departure for Tata would not have drawn a line under the spat and questions over the group's structure.
Last year, grown-up rock band The National got in a little online spat with with possible demonic apparition Karl Rove.
Danylyuk made the statement after Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman asked parliament to sack Danylyuk following a public spat between the two.
I once spat an unpalatable candied substance back into the box and tried to cover it up before my parents realised.
However, Merkel blocked the proposal last week, starting a spat with her interior minister and chairman of the CSU, Horst Seehofer.
Analysts attributed the calmer state of markets overnight to the lack of substantial new developments on the U.S.-China trade spat.
While most Trump supporters were friendly, one spat in his face and another harassed him and urged him to hang himself.
Amber drops casually that she nearly divorced him over some unspecified spat, but Barnett says they're just having so much fun.
The Seattle City Council and the head tax Toward the beginning of the year was Amazon's spat with Seattle's city council.
Thursday's production report comes as Canadian farmers grapple with a series of trade disputes - including an ongoing diplomatic spat with China.
Maybe that's out of concern not only for the Frenchwoman Cheever describes but also for the person who spat on her.
B. had a minor Twitter spat with televised astro-bore Neil deGrasse Tyson over the question of the flat earth: B.o.
Firms already established in Mexico are worried but say it is too early to gauge the impact of the new spat.
Between the lines: Although Harris saw a bump in polling after her spat with Biden, his team believes that was temporary.
India is also caught up in its own trade spat with America and is feeling the impact of the global slowdown.
In a classic spat between two powerful industries, drug companies say insurers should pay more so drug makers can pay less.
TO RAISE AN OYSTER, you merely need to spread spat (baby oysters, essentially) in water with a suitable bottom and wait.
Eventually, I emerged at the edge of an arid wasteland, spat out the other end of the wrinkled, sky-reaching mesas.
The spat has been a public sensation in Italy, combining the particular mix of respect and hatred that Mr. Saviano engenders.
Buttigieg told billionaires to donate to his campaign following a spat with Sanders over the former South Bend mayor's campaign contributions.

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