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How to use ees in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "ees" and check conjugation/comparative form for "ees". Mastering all the usages of "ees" from sentence examples published by news publications.

When Tottenham's star striker, Harry Kane, scores, we join in a guttural chant: Ees-un-of-er-own, ees-un-of-er-own, ay-ree-kane, ees-un-of-er-own.
Following these accusations, EES and MOTB opened their investigation into the matter.
"The Board of Trustees of the MOTB has accepted the EES claim to ownership of the thirteen pieces identified to date, and is arranging to return them to the EES," the Egypt Exploration Society said in the statement.
MOTB has been cooperating with the EES and is returning the stolen texts.
ULA Emergency Egress System (EES) Demonstration from the Crew Access Tower at Pad 41.
The EES was able to identify the stolen fragments, all unpublished, through its records.
Obbink, a celebrated classics professors and a MacArthur "genius grant" recipient, has had issues with EES before.
Terra-Nova founder Eric Cylvick, whose ZipRider and ZipRescue safety products are the base of the EES.
The museum added that it had alerted EES of its suspicions against Obbink in June of this year.
She qualified for subsidized child care through EES, a Child Care and Development Block Grant-funded care center.
Last month, the EES posted a note about a recently published Oxyrhynchus papyrus, confirming that this was in fact the rumored First Century Mark — except that it dated to the late second or early third century, and was owned not by the Museum of the Bible but by the EES.
And though the spas' float-ees might not know it, these underwater concerts are, literally, happening inside their skulls.
However, most of the papyri from the site are still owned by the EES and housed at the University of Oxford.
The EES is a key component of the UlA and Boeing's plans to operate a regular commercial shuttle service for original operations.
Ees Wyke has 12 bedrooms, including a self-contained basement flat, and uninterrupted views across open farmland and the nearest lake, Esthwaite Water.
Development in the region is strictly controlled and visitors to Ees Wyke will find that the scene is little changed from Potter's time.
Obbink, according to EES, was immediately banned access to the organization's collection for failing to provide satisfactory clarification of his dealings with Hobby Lobby.
These "detail-ees" should be people with sufficient experience to know how to really make things happen back in their home agency or department.
Plus, using off-the-shelf designs helps control costs, though Wentz couldn't cost on the total price tag of the EES' development for ULA.
Oxford University is currently investigating the removal of the professor from University premises and alleged sale of EES texts, the university confirmed to the Washington Post.
Even in reality TV, men can't take watching ladies cry, just take a look at Juan "Ees Okay" Pablo's uncomfortable reactions to his sobbing Bachelor contestants.
New research published this week in Nature Geoscience suggests Europa's surface is covered with tall, sharp-edged icy blades known as penitentes (pronounced PEN-E-TENT-EES).
Mr. Mesches (pronounced MESH-ees) was a scenic artist in Hollywood when his work for the Communist Party came to the attention of the F.B.I. in 25.
She grew up a daughter of fundamentalist Christians, married young, divorced, moved to Bali, converted to Islam, met her husband, married and had Roes (pronounced Row-ees).
The ancient findings were under Obbink's care as a member of EES when he sold them to Hobby Lobby in 2010, the Daily Beast first reported in June.
"The [museum] has informed the EES that 11 of these pieces came into its care after being sold to Hobby Lobby Stores by Professor Obbink," the nonprofit said.
Tourists often choose to stay at Ees Wyke Country House, a nearby hotel that was once a holiday home for Potter and her family for their summer vacations.
There are many milestones yet to go, and the EES still has to be finalized and approved, and meet NASA's requirement of providing full egress capability within 90 seconds.
MOTB's board of trustees has accepted the EES claim to ownership of the 13 pieces, and is currently arranging to return them to the organization, the museum said a statement on Monday.
An astronaut in the seat simply reaches above and pulls down to release the brake, with the EES operating at maximum speed when the bar is pulled down fully towards the astronaut.
The EES reaching this stage is a milestone for Boeing and ULA, who are still targeting late 2018 as the date for their first crewed test launch of the CST-100 Starliner.
Nearly three-quarters of Thai respond ees believe that climate change will have a great deal of impact on their lives, and 18% believe it's too late to avoid the worst of climate change.
His signature move is cuddling his face close enough to the hug-ees so that they can feel his breath escape his mammoth body, his heart beating hard against theirs (and also harder than theirs).
Although the correct pronunciation of the candy is "Rees-IS," Cupp tells PEOPLE that she has always pronounced it "Rees-EES," which is a common inflection of the popular chocolate brand, thus the addition of her daugter's middle initial.
If something were to go wrong on the launch pad, when future astronaut crews are preparing to blast off on a rocket, this EES, the Emergency Egress System, at Cape Canaveral, Florida, could help them get away in a fun way.
He is the world's most calm, kind and put-together man, and it's his job to help the Heroes (the name of the Queer Eye makeover-ees) overcome the boundaries that are stopping them from being who they want to be.
Ees Wyke's garden, which used to be much larger, is now about 3,000 square meters, or three-quarters of an acre, with traditional stone walls and a quaint summer house at one corner, also built in stone with a slate roof.
"We have collaborated with EES in the investigation, have shared all relevant documentation with them, and will continue to assist them in recovering other items that may have been removed without authorization from their holdings," said Dr. Jeffrey Kloha, MOTB's chief curatorial officer.
On Monday, October 20173, the Egypt Exploration Society (EES), a London-based nonprofit, released a statement accusing professor Dirk Obbink, an Oxford University papyrologist, of allegedly swindling 13 biblical texts on papyrus and parchment from its holdings and selling them to Hobby Lobby in 2010.
It's not socially acceptable, and I think we need to train a new generation of ghostbusters, ghost-ees who are willing to haunt the person who has ghosted us and make it clear we deserve to be treated like a real fucking human being.
The EES can reach a top speed of 40 mph In only 30 seconds, and there's also a backup 30-foot spring system at the base of the line to soften the landing of any rider that forgets to, or is unable to brake.
Some of the small fill in this puzzle was harder than usual to me — I'm thinking of DAM (turns out my moat knowledge is full of holes, har har), AARE (Yser made more sense), EES (for Electrical Engineers, O.K., fine), ETRE and certainly PAR.
"The items referenced were acquired by Hobby Lobby Stores in good faith between 2010 and 2013, but sold by a known expert from Oxford University, which is currently investigating 'the removal from University premises and alleged sale of EES texts,'" the museum said in a statement.
Reports second quarter 2016 results * EES segment continues to experience weakness related to industrial and manufacturing end market exposure * Weaker industrial economy,lower commodity prices on y-o-y basis continue to be headwinds for industrial portion of ups segment Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Sweating and blinking, the disgraced runners would drag themselves numbly into a seat, to be greeted by a round of we're-in-this-together applause from their fellow shag-ees and by a participation medal from Wendy Midnight, the very psyched volunteer assigned to the bus.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads On October 22015, the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) announced that 13 texts (12 papyri and one parchment text) had gone missing from its collection housed at the University of Oxford, and ended up in the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) collection.
Behind a double gatefold printed the color of raspberry sherbet was a list of 308 apparel makers and their ad agencies, including Her Majesty Underwear Company, His Nibs Shirt Corporation, Rite-Form Corset Company, Slack-Ees Corporation, Snag-Pruf Zipper Corporation, Surprise Brassiere Company and Tish-U-Knit.
It's actually amazing how similar the EES is to the Terra-Nova ZipRider zipline system used at Royal Gorge to quickly ferry tourists from one side of the deep crevasse to the other, which I rode to see what the experience might be like for an astronaut or launch crew.
It is unclear how many separate documents these estimated half a million fragments make up — some documents published from the site were assembled from multiple excavated fragments — but as of 2019 the EES has published 84 volumes of papyri (over the last 120 years) with a total of about 5476 documents.
In August 2016, the organization discharged him from his position as a general editor of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri for "unsatisfactory discharge of his editorial duties" and for "concerns, which he did not allay, about his alleged involvement in the marketing of ancient texts, especially the Sappho text," EES wrote in its statement.
The space companies wanted to give a true demonstration of their progress, so they invited us to check out their Emergency Egress System (EES) in action – not on a space center pad on a working rocket, where it'll eventually provide crew an abort option prior to launch, but on a zipline spanning Colorado's Royal Gorge.
Most of the papyri were found in excavations at the site in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, conducted on behalf of the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) in the U.K. The Museum of the Bible purchased several Oxyrhynchus papyri that had been gifted to American institutions in the early 20th century and later deaccessioned.
The results of the three-month investigation were released Monday and found Obbink allegedly sold at least 11 ancient Bible fragments to the Green family, the owners of Hobby Lobby and part of a group of founders behind the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. The Egypt Exploration Society (EES), a nonprofit that oversees the Papyri Project's collection, detailed the findings of the investigation in a statement posted to its website.
EEs/MT is sold in tablet form, with either 1.25 mg EEs/2.5 mg MT or 0.625 mg EEs/1.25 mg MT available.
Ethinylestradiol (EE), the active form of EES. EES is an estrogen ester and long-acting prodrug of ethinylestradiol (EE) which is taken orally. The molecular weight of EES is about 136% of that of EE due to the presence of its C3 isopropylsulfonate ester, and hence EES contains about 74% of the amount of EE of an equal dose of EE. EES is more lipophilic than EE, and this results in a depot effect in which EES is taken up into fat and then slowly released from it. Following its release from fat, EES is hydrolyzed into EE. As a result of this depot effect, EES has a very long elimination half-life of about 6 days.
EES (also: eesy-ees/EeS/EeS, "Easy Eric Sell""Ich gehe nicht mehr auf Zebrajagd", Die Welt, 13 August 2012) is the stage name of Eric Sell a German Namibian Kwaito artist and rapper. Sell was born in Windhoek on 5 October 1983. He lives both in Windhoek, Namibia's capital, and Cologne, Germany. His texts are written in a mixture of Afrikaans and English.
Finally, the third phase of the EES began with the five year review in 2003 where the EES was repoliticised, due to the growing dominance of right wing governments in the EU. Nowadays the EES is a political compromise aimed to exclude both pure neo- liberal and social democratic approaches.
The European Economic Senate (EES) is a neutral and independent body of enterprises and individuals that represent European business interests. The EES with its national sections in six EU-countries was founded in 2003. EES- President is the former Vice-President of the European Parliament, German conservative politician Dr. Ingo Friedrich.
As such, EES is a powerful functional antiandrogen, which makes it useful for treating prostate cancer. The biological half-life of EES in blood has been reported to be 3 hours.
EEs are available in the form of 0.3 mg, 0.625 mg, 1.25 mg, and 2.5 mg oral tablets. Estratest is a combination formulation of 1.25 mg EEs with 2.5 mg methyltestosterone.
EES also includes parametric tables that allow the user to compare a number of variables at a time. Parametric tables can also be used to generate plots. EES can also integrate, both as a command in code and in tables. EES also provides optimization tools that minimize or maximize a chosen variable by varying a number of other variables.
The EES represents the interests of its members in Europe. "We have the courage, the obligation and the confidence to create a ‘culture of responsibility and trust’. Our dialogues with the politicians and society are less emotional. We campaign against the organised lack of responsibility in almost all areas, and to work with our partners in assuming responsibilities for the economic and social interests of the businesses we represent", states the Secretary-General Wolfgang Franken regarding the EES-guidelines.Secretary- General Wolfgang Franken about the EES-guidelines The EES deals with current issues such as the German nuclear pullout,EES President Ingo Friedrich about the German nuclear pullout, 26 April 2011 the Euro-crisis„Europe’s strength must be used“ by EES Secretary General Wolfgang Franken, 20 March 2010 and the debt crisis in Greece.
EES owns three professional eSports teams – G-REX (PUBG), G-REX Infinite (PUBG) and G-REX (LOL). Hong Kong's first professional, world champion League of Legends player Toyz, joined EES as Chief Team Manager.
154 It is still used locally in Greater Manchester to indicate former water meadows and flood basins adjoining the River Mersey: Chorlton Ees, Sale Ees and Stretford Ees. The term is also modified to "eye" and "eea" in the name of Park Eye (or Park Eea).Lloyd, John M. (1972) The Township of Chorlton-cum- Hardy. Manchester: E. J. Morten ; pp.
Cooperating with the Environment Effects Act 1978, the PoMC released its Environmental Effects Statement (EES), a report on the environmental, economic and social impacts of the channel deepening project, on 5 July 2004. The EES was available for public viewing until 16 August 2004 and an independent panel sat from 21 September to 17 December 2004 to hear submissions and consider the environmental effects and issues raised in the EES. In February 2005, the independent panel released their report on the EES, presenting 137 key aspects of the EES which needed building on. These included further examination of channel deepening designs; investigation of dredging technology; investigation of best methods of sediment disposal, and examination of turbidity.
EES, also known as ethinylestradiol 3-isopropylsulfonate or ethinylestradiol 3-(2-propanesulfonate), is a synthetic estrane steroid and a derivative of estradiol. Specifically, it is the C3 isopropylsulfonate ester of ethinylestradiol (17α-ethynylestradiol). EES is similar to quinestrol (EE 3-cyclopentyl ether), which is a C3 ether of EE and is a long-lasting oral depot estrogen similarly. Analogues of EES include ethinylestradiol N,N-diethylsulfamate (J271) and ethinylestradiol pyrrolidinosulfamate (J272).
Work on the EES started in March 2007 at a cost of $5 million.
EES left their native Japan in 1999 to see what they could make of America and they have been on a near constant world tour ever since. EES paid their way by selling merchandise and their self recorded album Slayers Bay Blues at their gigs. Headlining a stage at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark was a key early event for the band. By 2004 EES had toured 27 countries around the world.
This allows it to be taken once per week. Both EES and the related medication quinestrol have been described as depot oral estrogens. EES is a powerful antigonadotropin, and is capable of suppressing circulating total testosterone levels in men to concentrations comparable to those seen with castration (less than 1 to 3% of initial values). In addition, EES can strongly increase sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels, thereby additionally decreasing free testosterone levels.
Jefferson offers more than 5 options in academic and technical programs.JCTC ACADEMIC PROGRAMS and Educational Enrichment Services (EES).
Side effects of EES in men include breast tenderness, gynecomastia, feminization, sexual dysfunction, shortness of breath (6.8%), increased prolactin levels, and cardiovascular toxicity. The cardiovascular complications of EES in men with prostate cancer specifically include edema (4.5 to 26%), blood clots like deep vein thrombosis (4.1 to 15%) and pulmonary embolism, heart attack (2.3 to 18%), stroke (2.3 to 3.0%), and coronary artery disease (3.3%). EES has been described as having good tolerability compared to EE in the treatment of prostate cancer, a property that has been described as "remarkable". The unique C3 sulfonate ester of EES seems to reduce its hepatic estrogenicity, which in turn reduces its adverse effects on liver protein synthesis.
EES was available alone for the treatment of prostate cancer in men in the form of 1 mg oral tablets and in combination with norethisterone acetate in the form of oral tablets containing 1 mg EES and 5 mg norethisterone acetate for use as a birth control pill for women.
Glen P. Robinson and six other Georgia Tech researchers (including Robinson's former professor and future EES director Jim Boyd and EES director Gerald Rosselot) each contributed $100 (equivalent to $ in ) and founded Scientific Associates (later known as Scientific Atlanta) on October 31, 1951 with the initial goal of marketing antenna structures being developed by the radar branch of the EES. Robinson worked as the general manager without pay for the first year; after the fledgling company's first contract resulted in a $4,000 loss, Robinson (upon request) refunded five of the six other initial investors. From 1950 to 1952, there were a series of disputes between EES director Rosselot and Georgia Tech vice president Cherry Emerson over the station's finances and Rosselot's hand in founding Scientific Associates.McMath, p.
Ees is a town in the Dutch province of Drenthe. It is a part of the municipality of Borger-Odoorn, and lies about 17 km north of Emmen. The statistical area "Ees", which can also include the surrounding countryside, has a population of around 380.Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Statline: Kerncijfers wijken en buurten 2003-2005 .
It is an estrogen, or an agonist of the estrogen receptors, the biological target of estrogens like estradiol. EEs are a prodrug mainly of estradiol and to a lesser extent of equilin. EEs were introduced for medical use by 1970. They are available in only a few countries, such as Chile and the United States.
Side effects of EES in men include breast tenderness, gynecomastia, feminization, sexual dysfunction, and cardiovascular complications, among others. EES is a synthetic estrogen and hence is an agonist of the estrogen receptor, the biological target of estrogens like estradiol. It is an estrogen ester and a long-lasting prodrug of ethinylestradiol in the body. EES is rapidly taken up into fat and slowly released from it, resulting in a biological half-life of about 6 days with the oral route and allowing the medication to be taken only once per week.
Ethinylestradiol sulfonate/norethisterone acetate (EES/NETA), sold under the brand name Deposiston, is a combination medication of ethinylestradiol sulfonate (EES), an estrogen, and norethisterone acetate (NETA), a progestin, which was used as a combined birth control pill for women. It was formulated as oral tablets and contained 1 mg EES and 5 mg NETA per tablet. The medication had a long-lasting depot effect and was taken only once per week, for a total of four tablets per cycle. It was developed and marketed by Jenapharm and was previously available in Germany.
Deerfoot-Bad Meat or Api-kai-eeS meaning "scabby dried meat" or "bad meat" (born in 1864 on the Blackfoot Indian Reserve, Alberta, Canada. Died in 1897 Calgary, Alberta, Canada). He was a famous Siksika runner from Western Canada whose most noted achievement was winning the 1886 Calgary Star-Rink Endurance Race. Deerfoot - Bad Meat (Appi-Ka-ees) c.
EEs/MT is used to treat menopausal women who suffer from hot flashes, but do not get relief from estrogen-only therapy.
Robinson and six other Georgia Tech researchers (including Robinson's former professor James E. Boyd and EES director Gerald Rosselot) each contributed $100 (for a total of $700) and founded Scientific Associates on October 31, 1951, with the initial goal of marketing antenna structures being developed by the radar branch of the EES to the U.S. military. Robinson worked as the unpaid general manager for the first year. The relations between Scientific Associates and the EES were initially strained due to an unrelated dispute over station finances between EES director Gerald Rosselot and Georgia Tech vice president Cherry Emerson. Specifically, Emerson believed that surplus funds realized through research contracts should be returned to Georgia Tech, while the Georgia Tech Research Corporation and Rosselot felt they should be retained to foster additional research.
EES has been used in combination with norethisterone acetate as a once-a-week birth control pill and by itself as a form of high-dose estrogen therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer. It has also been assessed in the treatment of breast cancer. The medication is used at a dosage of 1 mg once per week in birth control pills and 1 to 2 mg once per week in the treatment of prostate cancer. The 1 week and 2 mg/week dosages of EES are equivalent to daily doses of 0.143 mg and 0.285 mg EES, respectively.
These analogues are rapidly taken up by erythrocytes in the blood of the hepatic portal vein during the first pass with oral administration, and have been found to be much stronger oral estrogens than EE or EES. EE and EES themselves do not have affinity for erythrocytes. EES and related C3 sulfur-containing esters of EE led to the development of estrogen sulfamates like estradiol 3-sulfamate (J995), estriol 3-sulfamate (J1034), and estradiol 17β-(1-(4-(aminosulfonyl)benzoyl)-L-proline) (EC508), which are highly potent oral estradiol prodrugs that bind to erythrocytes similarly and are under investigation for potential clinical use.
Engineering Equation Solver (EES) is a commercial software package used for solution of systems of simultaneous non-linear equations. It provides many useful specialized functions and equations for the solution of thermodynamics and heat transfer problems, making it a useful and widely used program for mechanical engineers working in these fields. EES stores thermodynamic properties, which eliminates iterative problem solving by hand through the use of code that calls properties at the specified thermodynamic properties. EES performs the iterative solving, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming task of acquiring thermodynamic properties with its built-in functions.
Electric Eel Shock (EES) are a three-piece garage rock band, formed in Tokyo in 1994. They first toured the United States in 1999.
EEs 1920, 109 y 1924, 133. NEtx Nola 11. (Como primer miembro de comp.). Lendakari-aulki atzean lau ate-morroi, soin-ertzak urrez aski- apaindurik.
The move paid off, and the fiscal year 1970–1971 saw EES win new contracts and grants, totaling a record $5.2 million (equivalent to $ million in ).
EEs are used in hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, female hypogonadism, ovariectomy, and primary ovarian failure and in the treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
He is also an advisor for EES Ventures, a seed fund focused on energy innovation, and is on the board of directors of the Common Crawl Foundation.
Madden had viewed the EPA reports in September 2010, but ruled that an Environment Effects Statement (EES) was not required for Section-1 of the RRL project.
E or e is the fifth letter and the second vowel letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its name in English is e (pronounced ), plural ees."E" a letter Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged (1993). Ees is the plural of the name of the letter; the plural of the letter itself is rendered E's, Es, e's, or es.
Ethinylestradiol sulfonate (EES), sold under the brand names Deposiston and Turisteron among others, is an estrogen medication which has been used in birth control pills for women and in the treatment of prostate cancer in men. It has also been investigated in the treatment of breast cancer in women. The medication was combined with norethisterone acetate in birth control pills. EES is taken by mouth once per week.
His children were raised by his wife's unmarried sister Johana (Johanna) Wilhelmine Alexsandra Peedi. Konstantin Päts also had at least one godson.Saare, Herold. "Seaduse täitmisel ja ees peavad ...".
The logo of the Egypt Exploration Society The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) is a British non-profit organization. The society was founded in 1882 by Amelia Edwards and Reginald Stuart Poole in order to examine and excavate in the areas of Egypt and Sudan. The intent was to study and analyze the results of the excavations and publish the information for the scholarly world. The EES have worked at many major Egyptian excavation and sites.
The 1997 Treaty of Amsterdam introduced the concept of a European Employment Strategy (EES), following on from the integrated strategy for employment launched at the Essen European Council in December 1994.
Esterified estrogens (EEs), sold under the brand names Estratab and Menest among others, is an estrogen medication which is used hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms and low sex hormone levels in women, to treat breast cancer in both women and men, and to treat prostate cancer in men. It is formulated alone or in combination with methyltestosterone. It is taken by mouth. Side effects of EEs include nausea, breast tension, edema, and breakthrough bleeding among others.
From 2008 to 2010See Daniel Pohl: Lithium iron phosphate: With the genes of a marathon runner. In: ees International. The Electrical Energy Storage Magazine, 1/2014, p. 33–37, here p. 36.
Retrieved 21 February 2017.Endla Teater Testamenditäitjad July 2004. Retrieved 21 February 2017.Postimees Leila Säälik: «Kõik ilus on seljataga ja kõik huvitav on ees.» 25 January 2006. Retrieved 21 February 2017.
EEs/MT was first marketed in the United States in 1965 by Reid-Provident Laboratories, which as 100% of Reid- Rowell, Inc. stock was acquired by the Belgian pharmaceutical company Solvay in 1986. There has been some controversy surrounding the drug in recent years as to its status with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Solvay sponsored a clinical trial of EEs/MT in the United States to determine whether the product is superior to treatment with esterified estrogens tablets.
EMU and in particular the Stability and Growth Pact as well as the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines (which were introduced as an instrument to realise the goals set down in the Lisbon Agenda) can be considered a sort of “proto-OMC” with comparatively hard sanctioning mechanisms. As a reaction to the economic integration of Europe, the European Employment strategy (EES) evolved in the 1990s with the rationale of rebalancing monetary and economic integration. The original EES thus consisted in more or less replicating the EMU process with mid-term objectives, indicators and pressure for convergence. Legitimised through the Amsterdam treaty, the EES then became a process in its own right. As mentioned above, its principles were generalized and christened “Open Method of Coordination” at the Lisbon Summit (2000).
Raul Sepper recorded a cover of "Funk It Up" in Estonian, titled "Sein On Ees", in 1979. The German power metal act Gamma Ray covered "Lost Angels" on their 2013 Master of Confusion EP.
A Concorde is on display near Manchester Airport. Manchester has six designated local nature reserves: Chorlton Water Park, Blackley Forest, Clayton Vale and Chorlton Ees, Ivy Green, Boggart Hole Clough and Highfield Country Park.
Namibian stars such as Stefan Ludik, The Dogg, Gazza, Gal Level, EES, Lady May, Sunny Boy and Big Ben have become continental celebrities as well as Placa Gang a group of hard working dream chasers.
Currently, 162 companies and economic leaders form the EES. Among these so-called Senators are the CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG, Rüdiger Grube, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the Euro Group, Jean-Claude Juncker, and Roland Koch, former German head of government of Hesse and former CEO of Bilfinger Berger. National sections have been founded in middle and eastern European countries: in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia. With 49 Senators, Germany represents the biggest national EES- section.
He served as the associate chair of the Engineering-Economic Systems & Operations Research Department (EES & OR) after the merger of the two departments. In 2000, EES & OR merged again, this time with the Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management Department to form Management Science and Engineering (MS&E;). During his sabbatical year at Harvard and MIT (1970-1971), he wrote “Manifestations of the Schur Complement’’, one of his most cited papers. In 1974, he started working on “The Linear Complementarity Problem,” one his most noted publications.
It is currently held at the Museum of the Bible and in the Stimer Collection in California. In October 2019 the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) claimed that the fragment held at the Museum of the Bible was removed without authorization from its collection by its general editor, Professor Dirk Obbink. The Museum of the Bible acknowledges the Egyptian Exploration Society's claim of ownership and is working to restore the items to its collection. The EES has commended the Museum of the Bible for its cooperation.
Users can also specify guess values and variable limits to aid the iterative solving process and help EES quickly and successfully find a solution. The program is developed by F-Chart Software, a commercial spin-off of Prof Sanford A Klein from Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison. EES is included as attached software for a number of undergraduate thermodynamics, heat-transfer and fluid mechanics textbooks from McGraw-Hill. It integrates closely with the dynamic system simulation package TRNSYS, by some of the same authors.
EES has been marketed in combination with norethisterone acetate under the brand name Deposiston for use as a birth control pill in women and under the brand name Turisteron for use in prostate cancer in men.
EES will be operated by the EU's IT agency eu-LISA. The system launch was originally scheduled for 2020. However, according to the Swiss Federal Customs Administration, the launch has reportedly been delayed to sometime in the third quarter of 2021.EU Smart Borders European Agency for the Operational Management of large-scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice As of April 2020, the planned date for the entry into operation of EES is the first quarter of 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Through community efforts and due to the sensitivity of this critical wetland, the government announced that AGL have been required to undertake an Environment Effects Statement (EES). AGL Energy has not yet made a financial decision on the import gas proposal for Crib Point. Shortly after AGL submitted their EES to the State Government for adequacy, CEO Brett Redman urged the government to fast-track the approvals process to push their project forward during Covid-19 restrictions. This is despite Mr Redman declaring that achieving social licence is one of his three top strategic priorities.
Electric Eel Shock joined Sellaband on 2 May 2008"EES Sellaband Artist page" to raise the funds to record their next album. On 25 June 2008 after 55 days the band successfully raised $50,000."Sellaband Tribune Edition 88" The press release describes Sugoi Indeed as an album full of classic rock hand-crafted in Japan. Attie Bauw, (Judas Priest, Scorpions) who produced the last two EES albums, was at the controls again, only this time he engineered the basic tracks and Electric Eel Shock took the production reins on the album themselves.
Chorlton Brook Chorlton Brook is a stream in Greater Manchester, England. It heads westward through Chorlton-cum-Hardy, having been formed at the confluence of Platt Brook and Shaw Brook (or Red Lion Brook), and after passing north of Chorltonville it flows through Chorlton Ees into the River Mersey upstream of Sale Water Park. The Chorlton Brook separated the settlements of Hardy (to the south) and Chorlton (to the north). Chorlton Ees is an area of floodplain on the right bank of the Mersey once used as water meadow and pasture.
The Dole was drained, all of the surface soil was removed and the area treated with herbicide before being allowed to return to marshland. As well as providing a habitat for wild birds the Dole also contains an orchid meadow in which heath spotted-orchids have established themselves, and there are breeding colonies of smooth and great crested newts. The etymology of the name Broad Ees Dole perhaps provides a clue to one of the past uses of this area. Ees describes a wetland, and Dole describes a plot of land allocated to the poor.
Consequently, the Industrial Development Council (IDC) was formed. The IDC was created as a non-profit contract organization for the EES, which allowed the EES to receive federal contracts while still retaining its relationship with Georgia Tech and the State of Georgia. It was created by the Chancellor of the University System and the president of Georgia Power Company, and the Engineering Experiment Station's director was a member of the council. The IDC later became the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, which currently serves as the sole contract organization for all Georgia Tech faculty and departments.
The model of Class 6600 locomotives is EMD GT42ACL. These are equipped with the EM2000 microprocessor control and AC traction motors. The prime mover is 12N-710G3B-EES and wheel arrangement Co-Co. The power is 3,250 hp.
EES was first synthesized in 1967, was first introduced as a birth control pill in 1978, and was introduced for the treatment of prostate cancer in 1980. It has been marketed in Germany, but may no longer be available.
EEs/MT was supplied by Solvay. In March 2009 Solvay announced that, based on a variety of business factors, it would discontinue supplying Estratest and Estratest HS tablets, and would stop accepting orders for the product on March 31, 2009.
Image from the Wellcome Library. Sir Francis Galton, circa 1890s. Honorary President of the Eugenics Education Society (1907–1911). Image from the Wellcome Library. The Eugenics Education Society (EES) was founded in 1907 at the impetus of 21-year-old Sybil Gotto, a widowed social reformer. Inspired by Francis Galton's work on eugenics, Gotto began looking for supporters to start an organization aimed at educating the public about the benefits of eugenics. She was introduced to the lawyer Montague Crackanthorpe, who would become the second president of the EES, by James Slaughter, the Secretary of the Sociological Society.
The EES did not exist in isolation, but was rather a part of a large network of Victorian reform groups that existed in Britain at the turn of the twentieth century. Members of the Society were also involved in the National Association for the Care and Protection of the Feeble-minded, the Society for Inebrity, the Charity Organisation Society, and the Moral Education League. The British eugenics movement was a predominantly middle class and professional class phenomenon. Most members of the EES were educated and prominent in their fields – at one point all members were listed in professional directories.
Robinson was also a member of Georgia Tech's prestigious secret society, ANAK. Robinson had been a ham radio operator enthusiast since the age of 14, and started a radio repair service to provide additional income while he was a student at Georgia Tech. One of Robinson's professors, James E. Boyd, convinced him to give up the radio repair business and work as a research assistant at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (then known as the Engineering Experiment Station, or EES). One of his ham radio friends was actually his boss's boss and EES director, Gerald Rosselot.
The members of the EES encompass many sections of society, including educationists, agriculturists, industrialists, doctors, and social workers. They are highly respected personalities of the city and known for their generosity in social activities. The main objective of the EES is to develop KITS Warangal into a major technical institution imparting a quality education to the students of the Telangana region. The institution started functioning in 1980 with two B.Tech programs (Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) in a sprawling lush green campus of 65 acres, in an area well connected by rail ( Kazipet and Warangal ) and road.
In 1912, President Leonard Darwin assembled a Research Committee to standardize the format and symbols used in pedigree studies. The members of the Committee were Edgar Schuster, Alexander M. Carr-Saunders, E. J. Lidbetter, Major Greenwood, Sybil Gotto, and A. F. Tredgold. The standardized pedigree they produced was published in the Eugenics Review and later adopted by Charles Davenport's Eugenics Record Office at Cold Spring Harbor in the United States. In 1912, a group of physicians from the EES met unsuccessfully with the President of the Local Government Board to advocate for the institutionalization of those infected with venereal disease. The Society’s interest in venereal disease continued during WWI, when the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases was formed with the inclusion of members of the EES. In 1916, EES President Leonard Darwin, son of Charles Darwin, published a pamphlet entitled “Quality not Quantity,” encouraging members of the professional class to have more children.
The European School of Strasbourg (), or EES, is a public Accredited European School in Strasbourg, France. Founded in 2008, it is an all-through school, which offers a multicultural and multilingual education leading to the European Baccalaureate as its secondary leaving qualification.
EES has been used in combination with antiandrogens such as flutamide, bicalutamide, and cyproterone acetate as a form of combined androgen blockade and as an alternative to the combination of an antiandrogen and surgical or medical castration in the treatment of prostate cancer.
The Gegenees (gee-GEH-neh-ees, from Gr. Γηγενεῖς Gêgeneês; sing. Γηγενής Gêgenês - meaning "earth-born") were a race of six-armed giants who inhabited the same island as the Doliones in the ancient Greek epic Argonautica. Their alternate name is Gegeines.
"Noored, raputage endilt hirm tehnika ees!" Postimees, 14 June 2001. Regarding the 1934 constitution as too authoritarian, Päts organised the passing of a new constitution through a referendum and a constituent assembly. The corporate chambers were to be the basis of forming the assembly.
Ethinylestradiol sulfonate is the generic name of the drug, but it is also commonly known by its brand names Deposiston and Turisteron. It does not appear to have an or other such designations. EES has also been known by its former developmental code name J96.
Other than the abovementioned Adelaide express train with its EES vans, the ESBV cars were usually utilised on services to Albury, Adelaide (on a regular passenger service), Bacchus Marsh-Ballarat-Stawell, Bendigo, Cobram, Melbourne-Geelong-Ballarat, Port Albert, Port Fairy and Sale-Maffra-Bairnsdale.
In particular, EES is said to have considerably reduced cardiovascular side effects relative to EE when used as a form of high-dose estrogen therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer. This may in part be related to the greatly reduced oral dosing frequency of EES relative to EE, as parenteral EE, which bypasses the first pass through the liver that occurs with oral EE, has been found to have a 5-fold lower impact on liver protein synthesis by weight than oral EE. Conversely however, studies with EE- containing contraceptive vaginal rings and contraceptive patches have shown similar metabolic effects and VTE risk as combined birth control pills containing EE.
The artificial mud flats Broad Ees Dole, in the northeast of Sale Water Park, is an important wildlife refuge. Major work was carried out in the 1980s to develop Broad Ees Dole into a wetland area that could be managed to improve the wildlife value of the park, in particular for wild birds, the main lake being too deep to provide food for many bird species. It was officially opened in 1987. The amount of water entering and leaving the Dole is managed, maintaining its mud flats to make sure they are available for birds like snipe and little ringed plovers throughout the year.
Blunt C.E. Jr. (1969) "The jack mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus) resource of the eastern North Pacific" Calif. Alar. Ees. Comm., 13 : 16-52. In the past, mackerel consumption was considered a sign of low income. In the segregated American South, it was often associated with African Americans.
The EES and the SEES culminated in the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), a report prepared by the PoMC consisting of "regulatory controls, environmental controls, project delivery standards and environmental monitoring" for the channel deepening project. On 5 February 2008, Environment Minister Peter Garret approved of the EMP.
Tõotan pühalikult püüda teha parimat, et austada Jumalat, täita kohust Eesti, mu isamaa ees, aidata kaasinimest ja järgida skaudiseadusi. I pledge solemnly to do the best, to honour the God, to fulfill my duty for Estonia, for my fatherland, to help others and pursue the Scout laws.
EES Lens – Also known as "Arisian Lens". A colored lens attached to a chapekku's forehead. It functions as a communication device, allowing chapekku to communicate and quickly exchange information without having to talk. It can also be used to verify a decided course of action with Administrator HAL.
The office was responsible for all medical records, which were transferred from the RAF Records Office. It was moved to another building in November but was relocated to RAF Innsworth on 16 May 1952. The station cinema screen room The station was passed to the US Air Force Third Air Force on 1 December 1955, to enable the consolidation of facilities at several sites in the country into a single location. On 1 October 1962, the American 7500th Air Base Group was relocated to RAF West Ruislip from RAF South Ruislip. The base became a center of operations for the A&AFES; and EES and was used as a wharehousing facility with bldg 6 the office area for EES.
As of 1 January 2005. Situated close to the town of Borger, Ees retains a provincial charm that is characterised by pleasant homes and a large expanse of woodland to the South East. A network of bike paths and horse trails (ruiterpads) throughout the woods provides for some peaceful treks.
Shortly after returning to Japan, EES sold their property and left their homes. They returned to the US and toured almost constantly for the next two years. All the while, the band survived on the sale of CDs, t-shirts, and help from friends. They then recorded the EP Go America.
The EES concluded that it met those objectives, diverting 8000 trucks a day from the bridge, providing direct freeway access to the port, removing a net 9300 trucks a day from local roads in the inner west and reducing peak period travel times across the city's primary western road corridor.
He is founder and director of the Center for Global Politics which unites four graduate study programs: the M.A. programs East European Studies Online (EES Online) and International Relations Online (IR Online), the Global Politics Seasonal Schools, and German Studies Russia, in cooperation with the Moscow Institute for International Relations, Moscow.
Quinestrol, also known as ethinylestradiol 3-cyclopentyl ether (EE2CPE), is a synthetic estrane steroid and a derivative of estradiol. It is an estrogen ether, specifically the C3 cyclopentyl ether of ethinylestradiol (17α-ethynylestradiol). Closely related estrogens include mestranol (ethinylestradiol 3-methyl ether) and ethinylestradiol sulfonate (EES; Turisteron; ethinylestradiol 3-isopropylsulfonate).
The main activities the Eugenics Education Society engaged in were research, propaganda, and legislative lobbying. Many campaigns were joint efforts with other social reform groups. The EES met with 59 other organizations between 1907 and 1935. Shortly after the Society was founded, members protested the closing of London institutions housing alcoholic women.
Working after hours at EES, Robinson built a television set in the lab, which he and others claim was the first to be built in the state of Georgia. In 1950, Robinson went to Tennessee to work in nuclear engineering for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, servicing radiology-related equipment at local hospitals.
A certificate authority (CA), issuing the legal certificates, acts as the server in a PKI using CMP. One of the clients, obtaining their digital certificates by means of this protocol is called end entity (EE). None or any number of registration authorities (RA), can be used to mediate between the EEs and the CA.
Chris Harris of Evo UK had called LFA as the "best car I have ever driven around Nurburgring. No other car inspires more confidence than the LFA". Autoweek Netherlands professional driver Sandor Van Ees stated "Lexus LFA - that sound, that experience. I place Lexus LFA in the top 5 best cars I have ever driven".
Everolimus is used in drug-eluting coronary stents as an immunosuppressant to prevent restenosis. Abbott Vascular produce an everolimus-eluting stent (EES) called Xience Alpine. It utilizes the Multi-Link Vision cobalt chromium stent platform and Novartis' everolimus. The product is widely available globally including the US, the European Union, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries.
As of March 2020, EES is expected to enter into operation in the first quarter of 2022. The EU also plans to establish a Registered Traveller Programme that would allow pre-screened travellers easier access.Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Registered Traveller Programme, European Commission, 2013.
The Battle of Kilkis was an armed conflict between communist resistance organisation ELAS and a coalition of collaborationist Security Battalions, nationalist resistance organisations EDES and the National Greek Army (EES). On 4 November 1944, ELAS captured Kilkis after nine hours of fighting. The nationalists suffered many casualties during the battle and in prisoner killings afterwards.
Hamish finds a cover-up, a lie, a half-/third-/quarter-truth, a scam, a cyber-troll, a bad apple/orange/pear, a misconception, etc., and "blows it wide open". Famously, Hamish will procrastinate by adding to the list of things he blows wide open. Andy claims this is because all of the "blow-wide-open-ees" are insignificant.
Sometimes called EEs, extrachromosomal elements, have been associated with genomic instability in eukaryotes. Small polydispersed DNAs (spcDNAs), a type of eccDNA, are commonly found in conjunction with genome instability. SpcDNAs are derived from repetitive sequences such as satellite DNA, retrovirus-like DNA elements, and transposable elements in the genome. They are thought to be the products of gene rearrangements.
In 2008, SMA was awarded the German Fairness Award. Moreover, SMA Solar Factory 1 because of its CO2 neutral-production was awarded the Energy Efficiency Award of 2010 from the German Energy Agency and was chosen for the 2011 Germany - Land of Ideas award. SMA products have also been awarded the Intersolar Award, ees Award and Smarter E Award.
EES was first synthesized in 1967 at Jenapharm. It was first introduced for use in combination with norethisterone acetate under the brand name Deposiston as a once-a-week birth control pill for women in 1978. The medication was subsequently introduced by itself under the brand name Turisteron for the treatment of prostate cancer in men in 1980.
Edwards English School, Jamtara (informally EES) is an English medium high school affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi. It is situated in Budhudih village of Jamtara District, Jharkhand, and is the only ICSE school in Jamtara. It was established in 1995 by A. D. Shenoy and George Kurien. Anthony Reis is its principal.
Open procedure patients showed a higher rate of post operative seizures as well. Both of these studies still suggest that despite the CSF leaks, that the endoscopic technique is still an appropriate and suitable surgical option. Otologic surgery, which is traditionally performed via an open approach using a microscope, may also be performed endoscopically, and is called Endoscopic Ear Surgery or EES.
In 2006, the company acquired Applied Films, a glass coating and web coating business. Also in 2006, Applied announced it was entering the solar manufacturing equipment business. The solar, glass and web businesses were organized into the company's Energy and Environmental Solutions (EES) sector. In 2007, Applied announced the Applied SunFab thin film photovoltaic module production line, with single or tandem junction capability.
EES-President Dr. Ingo Friedrich was a long-time Member of the European Parliament (1979-2009). From July 2004 to January 2007, he was one of the 14 Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament. In 2007, he was elected one of its 6 Quaestors. Secretary-General of the European Economic Senate is Wolfgang Franken, Michael Jäger is Chief Executive Officer.
Demonstrators at the Russian Embassy in Tallinn call on Russia to respect human rights and international law. Foto: Ave Maria Mõistlik, 23 August 2014 A demonstration in support of Ukraine is a demonstration held weekly since 2014Indrek Kuus, Vene saatkonna ees on pikette Krimmi toetuseks peetud juba viis aastat, ERR, October 2, 2019 in front of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn.
Traffic projections in the EES for the tunnel and road link revised patronage levels from those contained in the business case, with a significant increase in truck estimates. Total daily vehicle projections were now 55,000 to 67,000, which included between 13,200 and 16,200 trucks (up from 9000 to 11,000). The project's effect on West Gate Bridge truck traffic also underwent revision: its claim that 8000 trucks a day would be taken off the bridge was as much as double the 4000-6000 estimate in the business case. Although the EES cited a net reduction of 9300 trucks daily on several major roads in the inner west, it also revealed they would "increase significantly" on two key inner west residential routes—truck numbers would double on Williamstown Road, while on Millers Road they would more than triple to almost 15,000 a day.
In the 1920s and 1930s, members of the Eugenics Society advocated for graded Family Allowances in which wealthier families would be given more funds for having more children, thus incentivizing fertility in the middle and upper classes. Statistician and EES member R. A. Fisher argued in 1932 that existing Family Allowances that only funded the poor were dysgenic, as they did not reward the breeding of individuals the EES viewed as eugenically desirable. In 1930, the Eugenics Society formed a Committee for Legalising Sterilisation, producing propaganda pamphlets touting sterilisation as there solution for eliminating heritable feeblemindedness. During this time period members of the Society such as Julian Huxley expressed support for eutelegenesis, a eugenic proposal to artificially inseminate women with the sperm of men deemed mentally and physically superior in an effort to better the race.
Electronic Products was founded in 1957. The magazine was owned and published by Hearst Business Media until February 2015 when Arrow Electronics acquired the magazine and publishes it under AspenCore Media. Reaching over 120,000 electronic engineers (EEs) and others in the trade across the United States—in print and over twice that number online worldwide. Electronic Products is considered a leader in its category.
EES and their UK based manager Bob Slayer became consultants on first SellaBand and later PledgeMusic. Having played an important role in establishing the viability and model for Crowd Funding in music they have now launched their own crowd funding site Launched in June 2012 Fan-Bo is a place where fans of Japanese pop culture can support independent bands, artists, writers and other creatives.
The Committee suggested that paupers be detained in workhouses, under the authority of the Poor Law Guardians, to prevent their breeding. The same year, E. J. Lidbetter, EES member and former employee of the Poor Law Authority in London, attempted to prove the hereditary nature of poverty by compiling and studying the pedigrees of impoverished families. A Eugenics Society poster (1930s). Image from the Wellcome Library.
The second batch of E cars consisted of twenty-four vehicles; six AVE and BVE cars, four Sleeping cars and DVE vans, and two EEB and EES vans. The SAR built 9 of the cars plus one underframe at Islington Workshops to cover 40% of the construction cost (as agreed between the SAR and VR commissioners), though the body of this tenth car was constructed at Newport.
Nouns can be marked with one of two diminutive endings, -ees (-ees) or -emes (-âmees) , with the latter form chosen for more extreme examples or euphony. These endings indicate that the noun is smaller, littler or younger. For example, nonkomp (nôkôp) , 'boy,' nonkomp _ees_ (nôkôp _ees_ ) , 'young boy' and nonkomp _amees_ (nôkôp _âmees_ ) , a 'very young boy.' Although rare in the written language, which may have thus protected against its complete intrusion in the spoken language, late-stage speakers along the western and northern transitional dialects permitted syncope and the diminutive ending is often truncated, as seen in the surname of Crispus Attucks, Attuck[ee]s (Ahtuq[ee]s), 'Little Deer,' and wachu[ee]s (wachu[w][ee]s), 'small mountain' or 'hill' as in the example of Mount Wachusett, a Native toponym from the closely related Nipmuc-speaking peoples where syncope was generally permitted.
That does not fit into our > constitution, or our socialist national and state consciousness.Ulbricht > embattled In 1970, inner-party and Politburo criticism of EES gradually increased. On 14th SED plenum on December 1970 Ulbricht's economic policy was sharply criticized by those who opposed ESS for political reasons and those who opposed it for the disruptions it caused to the economy. His main opponents were Erich Honecker, Willi Stoph and Alfred Neumann.
Ees (plural of ee) is an archaic English term for a piece of land liable to flood, or water meadow. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon ¯eg (or ¯ieg) meaning "'island', also used of a piece of firm land in a fen and of land situated on a stream or between streams".Ekwall, Eilert (1940) The Concise Dictionary of English Place-names; 2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press; p.
The task of EES is to collect data of border-crossing of third-country nationals at the external border of the EU and to abolish passport stamps. Collected data will include the name and date of birth of the traveller, as well as dates of entry and exit into/from the Schengen Area. Beside these alphanumeric data points, it is planned to store biometric data like pictures and fingerprints.
Pai joined Enron in 1987, when it was just a regional energy supplier. He became one of (eventual) CEO Jeffrey Skilling's top lieutenants, primarily tasked with detailing and implementing Skilling's vision of transforming Enron into a de facto energy commodities-trading firm. During his Enron career, Skilling put Pai in charge of multiple Enron subsidiaries. Pai was CEO of the EES (Enron Energy Services) subsidiary from March 1997 until May 2001.
Burton, 138-40; EES letter to WTS, January 29, 1862, Sherman Family Papers, Notre Dame Archives. Like her mother, Ellen was a devout Catholic and often at odds with her husband over religious topics. Ellen raised her eight children in that faith. In 1864, Ellen took up temporary residence in South Bend, Indiana, to have her young family educated at the University of Notre Dame and St. Mary's College.
The EES Lens can also be used as a scanning device, allowing chapekku to see and analyze objects and machines that are not directly in front of them. Drexler – A term for nanomachines that course throughout the ship. They can be used for numerous things, including stabilizing atmospheric conditions and limited maintenance of life forms (trees and flowers). Drexler Operator – A chapekku in charge of a network of nanomachines.
Neergard was a professor at universities in Beirut (Lebanon) and Mysore (Karnataka, India). and was a member of several national academies and international societies. Paul Neergard was an active promoter of the international language Esperanto.Biography by Marjorie Boulton in Esperantologio / Esperanto Studies (EES) 1999, 1 He was a member of the Academy of Esperanto and published several books in that languageBooks by and about Paul Neergaard about science and linguistics.
Number 5 Coke Battery located there, once an integral part of the mill, is independently owned and operated by EES Coke LLC, a DTE Energy company. Delray Connecting Railroad, a U.S. Steel company, also operates some rail facilities on the island. A "2-way" vehicle/rail bridge is the main access to the island. Secondary vehicle and rail bridges (the "Swing Bridge") at the southwestern corner of the island also allow mainland access.
Doratomyces (Dor-ah-toe-mice’-ees) is a genus of the fungi imperfecti, closely related to Scopulariopsis. Their conidiophores gather together to form a stalk-like inflorescence known as a synnema or coremia; Scopulariopsis being distinguished in their lack of such a structure. Usually associated with decay, they are usually found in association with dead wood, rotting plants, and in soil or dung. Economically, they can cause rot in potatoes, oats and corn.
Goetze's Candy Company, Inc. (pronounced gets) is an American confectionery company based in Baltimore, Maryland specializing in caramel-based candies. Goetze's was established in 1895, as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company by August Goetze and his son, William. In 1917, the family developed a soft, caramel candy (known as "Chu-ees") which ultimately evolved into their signature candy, Caramel Creams (also known as Bull's Eyes), a soft chewy caramel with cream filling in the center.
In 1919, at the end of the First World War, the Egypt Excavation Fund changed its name to the Egypt Exploration Society. Today, the EES continues to publish its annual organ, the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, which details the society's findings, for all of its members to read. They also publish a newsletter bi-annually called Egyptian Archaeology. The Egypt Exploration Society has been based in Doughty Mews, London WC1N since 1969.
In 1953 Joseph Oduho led a protest against the lack of representation of southern Sudanese non-Arab people in the negotiations over Sudan's independence. He was arrested in Maridi after the 1955 mutiny in Torit, (his home town, now capital of EES), accused of conspiracy and sentenced to death. He was released in the general amnesty after independence on 1 January 1956. Oduho was elected to the first post-independence parliament in 1957.
Built in Adelaide in 1887, it became DS 3 in 1910. In 1923 it was converted to a Way and Works car, WW 4. The car had been scrapped by 1941.) In the 1910 recoding the EES cars became DS 1 and 2 (not to be confused with the DS van of the Spirit of Progress). In March 1928 they were converted to standard baggage cars and renumbered to D 3 and 4.
Pressure-Volume loops showing end-systolic pressure volume relationship End- systolic pressure volume relationship (ESPVR) describes the maximal pressure that can be developed by the ventricle at any given LV volume. This implies that the PV loop cannot cross over the line defining ESPVR for any given contractile state. The slope of ESPVR (Ees) represents the end-systolic elastance, which provides an index of myocardial contractility. The ESPVR is relatively insensitive to changes in preload, afterload, and heart rate.
In 2017, the EU adopted a regulation to establish an Entry/Exit System (EES) to record electronically the entry and exit of third- country nationals to and from the Schengen Area in a central database, replacing the manual stamping of passports. The goals are to increase automation of border control and to identify overstayers.Regulation (EU) 2017/2226 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 30 November 2017, EUR-Lex.Enhanced Security with the Entry/Exit System, EU-LISA.
EES performing kwaito The kwaito genre is the most popular and successful music genre in Namibia. It's believed to be the biggest industry in Namibia's music and the only that is heavily supported by the youth. This is so because of socio-economic issues, as many artists enter the music industry with hopes of strengthening self-employment and making a living out of it. Namibian kwaito has been strengthened and directly influenced by the South African kwaito style.
First EES (later known as GTRI) director, W. Harry Vaughan (left), visiting GTRI Director Don Grace in 1984. Vaughan returned to Georgia Tech and became an assistant professor of ceramic engineering, the second faculty member in that department (the first bring Professor Arthur V. Henry). The Ceramic Engineering Department is a distant predecessor to Georgia Tech's modern School of Materials Science and Engineering in the Georgia Tech College of Engineering. In Spring 1935, Vaughan was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa.
Besides stabilizing the East German regime by improving the living situation of its citizens, Ulbricht was still dreaming about uniting both Germanies under SED leadership. He wanted NES and EES to succeed, to overtake West Germany economically and then to achieve unification. To achieve this dream the GDR had to first demonstrate the superiority of its economic system. Other leaders, especially Erich Honecker, thought that the GDR could not win economically and that comparisons with the capitalist West had to stop.
For now, kwaito's appeal remains largely a South African phenomenon, and it has not yet generated the kind of interest that other South African musicians have created for the country's music in the rest of the world. However, Kwaito has expanded to the neighboring country of Namibia, with artists like The Dogg, Gazza, Matongo Family, EeS, Sunny Boy, and Qonja experimenting with it. Namibian kwaito artists are determined to take kwaito to a new level. However, Namibia lacks major distribution and publishing companies.
Woolston Eyes is a Site of Special Scientific Interest located in the town of Warrington, England, alongside the Manchester Ship Canal. The eyes themselves are used for the deposition of dredgings from the Ship Canal under a Waste Management Licence issued by the Environment Agency. The Woolston Eyes Conservation Group manages the site as a nature reserve with access by permit only. The rather strange name for the site is from Anglo-Saxon, ees meaning the land near a loop in a river.
The school received its initial status as an Accredited European School from the Board of Governors of the European Schools in November 2009, and received accreditation to offer the European Baccalaureate programme in May 2013. EES is recognized as public school under French law, with an agreement with the European Union obliging it to prioritise, for enrolment purposes, the children of EU staff, in return for the receipt of funds proportional to the number of children of EU staff enrolled in the school.
In 2009 it was announced that the river is "cleaner than at any time since the industrial revolution" and is "now considered one of the cleanest in the UK". The Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service manages local nature reserves such as Chorlton Ees and Sale Water Park. The river gave its name to Merseybeat, developed by bands from Liverpool, notably the Beatles. In 1965 it was the subject of the top-ten hit single "Ferry Cross the Mersey" by Gerry and the Pacemakers.
More recently it has been converted in parts to a nature reserve, Chorlton Ees and Ivy Green Nature Reserve. Chorltonville recreation area became a private football ground, currently owned by West Didsbury & Chorlton Football Club. In 2009 a proposed development of football pitches and a clubhouse, to provide facilities for local youth, particularly from the social housing estates, became the subject of some local opposition. The development is proposed by the club and has aroused opposition from some local residents.
Natural selection acting on variant genotypes is suggested to have "locked in" these bodyplans. Together with Eva Jablonka, Kevin Laland,Kevin Laland Alex Mesoudi,Alex Mesoudi Stuart Newman, Massimo Pigliucci, Kim Sterelny, John Odling-Smee, Tobias Uller,Tobias Uller as well as Denis Noble and others,The Third Way Gerd Müller is an advocate of an alternative evolutionary framework, one version of which has been termed the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES).Massimo Pigliucci and Gerd B. Müller (eds.). Evolution – The Extended Synthesis.
The Executive Education Seminars (EES) re half-day seminars which help senior-level state and local officials identify and plan for their locale's specific homeland security threats. Customized and conducted at the locality by Mobile Education Teams (MET), these seminars enhance leadership development, communication, and knowledge at all levels of local, state, and federal governments and agencies. Strategic planning, policy development, and organizational design are discussed. Multimedia briefings and news stories create the context for these facilitated, non-attributive roundtable discussions.
The early work of the station was conducted in the basement of the Old Shop Building next to Tech Tower, and Vaughan's office was in the Aeronautical Engineering Building.McMath, p.187 The station's name was technically the State Engineering Experiment Station, but it was generally referred to as the Engineering Experiment Station (EES) or simply "the research station". By 1938, the Engineering Experiment Station was producing useful technology, and the station needed a method to conduct contract work outside the state budget.
Most of these bands faded or became one and a group of young Namibian reggae musicians came up later. Most of the Mighty Dread band members left and formed Formular band or engage into solo careers. Dancehall, Ragga and Dub was gaining popularity and singers like Ngatu (from the Mighty Dread), Doren, Iron Roots, Ras Kasera and Ten-Dreadz came up with a new blend of Ragga Dancehall. EES is also respected in the R&B;, hip hop and kwaito genres of Namibia.
She has featured in Eesti Laul, Estonia's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest four times, missing out on the final twice and qualifying twice. Her best entry, Made Up My Mind, came 5th out of 10 in 2012. She has released successful songs of which many have over 100k views on streaming service YouTube. Her most popular song on the site "Sinu Ees" ("In Front Of You" in English) had 2.1 million views as of 2017 which is double the population of her home country, Estonia.
Fetterman and Wandersman responded by attempting to enhance conceptual clarity, provide greater methodological specificity and highlight EEs commitment to accountability and outcomes. They acknowledged and applauded Miller and Campbell's systematic review of EE projects, while noting neglected or omitted case examples and questioning some of their methodology. They claimed that the 10 principles contributed to conceptual clarity and that people empower themselves. They asserted that evaluations are inherently subjective and are shaped by culture and political context, and that EE is committed to honesty and rigor.
The copyist and artist Norman de Garis Davies published drawn and photographic descriptions of private tombs and boundary stelae from Amarna from 1903 to 1908. These books were republished by the EES in 2006. In the early years of the 20th century (1907 to 1914) the Deutsche Orientgesellschaft expedition, led by Ludwig Borchardt, excavated extensively throughout the North and South suburbs of the city. The famous bust of Nefertiti, now in Berlin's Ägyptisches Museum, was discovered amongst other sculptural artefacts in the workshop of the sculptor Thutmose.
Ferrera and Sacchi (2004) analyse the impact of the EES and the Social Inclusion OMC in Italy. They conclude that the autonomous impact of the OMC has been relatively significant in the case of employment and relatively insignificant in the case of social inclusion. One key difference was the treaty status of the employment OMC which forced the Italian authorities to comply - this component was lacking for social inclusion. Furthermore, the issue of unemployment and labour market reform was simply more salient than social inclusion.
Both countries are full members of the European Union and NATO. The Romanian Embassy in Hague is also the Permanent Representative of Romania at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as well as the Romanian Authority providing direct contact with any other international institutions and organizations based in The Netherlands. Brânduşa Predescu has been appointed Ambassador of Romania to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in August 2016 and Roelof van Ees was appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Romania in 2019.
The mean temperature is slightly above average for the United Kingdom. Annual rainfall and average amount of sunshine are both slightly below the average for the UK. Between Chorlton Brook and the river, Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve occupies the site of Withington sewage works which closed in 1972. The derelict site was restored and has a network of trails through its grassland and woodland. In the 1970s, gravel was extracted from the Mersey floodplain at Barlow Hall Farm and used in the construction of the M60 motorway.
Two-thirds of the members were scientists, and the 1914 Council of the EES was dominated by professors and physicians. Women constituted a significant portion of the Society’s members, exceeding 50% in 1913 and 40% in 1937. While the majority of members came from the professional class, there were also a few members from the clergy and aristocracy, such as Reverend William Inge, the Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Earl and Countess of Limerick. The Society underwent considerable growth in its early years.
A resolution was drafted proposing that alcoholics be segregated to prevent their reproduction, as the EES held the eugenic belief that alcoholism was heritable. This resolution proved unsuccessful in Parliament in 1913. In 1910, the Society's Committee on Poor Law Reform refuted both the Majority and Minority Reports of the Royal Commission on the Poor Law, declaring their belief that poverty was rooted in the genetic deficiencies of the working class. This view was published in a special Poor Law issue of the Eugenics Review.
Mekinges Elizabeth Conner was born in what is now the city of Anderson in Madison County, Indiana, in 1785. Her Indian name was "Ma cun chis" (me king ees), meaning "last born". Her name was also spelled Mckinges; there is a street in Carmel, Indiana that bears her name: Mckinges Circle. Conner was the daughter of the Lenape chief William "Kik tha we nund", also known as Chief William Anderson (1740–1831),The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis by David J. Bodenhamer and Robert G. Barrows.
Raikes grew up in Ashland, Nebraska, graduating from Ashland-Greenwood High School in 1976. Raikes prepared to work for the US Department of Agriculture on agricultural policy while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering-Economics Systems (EES) from Stanford University. It was while at Stanford that Raikes had his first exposure to computing, learning Pascal on a DEC System 20. The first computer he bought was an Apple II, which he used to help his brother, Ron Raikes, manage the family farm.
In 1883, in one of his first professional races, Deerfoot-Bad Meat defeated professional runner James Green and Blackfoot runner Little Plume in a four-day endurance race. In 16 hours, he completed 84 miles and 6 laps. Following this, Api-kai-ees was officially given the professional name Deerfoot, after the original Seneca runner Deerfoot-Red Jacket. Deerfoot-Bad Meat continued to run successfully in many more local races in the Calgary area and beyond, defeating challengers from as far away as Europe.
J. C. Hayward is also known for being involved in a scandal with Options Charter School. In 2013, Hayward was named in a lawsuit as one of five people who helped create for-profit companies that were tied with Options Public Charter School. Hayward, being a chairwoman for Options, was paid $8,500 for attending board meetings where she signed contracts to provide funds for Exceptional Education Services, (EES). In 2015, Hayward was dismissed from the charges but she paid the $8,500 that she had received back to the school.
Dion Auala was born in Luanda, Angola, in 1986, and Christian "Kamtonyo" Andreas was born in 1987, in Oshakati. All the group members schooled at Oshakati Senior Secondary School and that is where they all got to know each other. All the three members were popular Kwaito and Pantsula dancers in their hometown Oshakati before they became friends and started to write and sing songs as a group in 1998. The group has featured on local songs like: The Dogg's "Live Life" with Tate Buti, Ees' "U My Lady".
The album comprises 20 songs. The trio has been active in the Namibian entertainment scene and have collaborated with some of the country's biggest names in the music industry, these include Kwaito star and Channel O award winner The Dogg, kwaito star Ees and one of Namibia's highest selling artists Tate Buti, as well as a handful of local Namibian artists. They have also worked with Zambian artist Shyman and Maky2. They have also shared a stage with international artist such as Flavor, EVE, Oliver Mtukudzi, Freshly Ground and Ringo.
German director Detlef Sierck fled the Nazis in 1937. He went first to Italy, then France, and shot this film in Holland just before leaving for America with his wife in 1939. Sierck left before editing was completed, without seeing the finished film, and went to work in Hollywood under the anglicized name of Douglas Sirk. The lead role of Jan Grovers, a 12-year-old boy, is played by a 46-year-old woman, Annie van Ees, who had played the same role on the stage more than 1500 times, beginning in 1923.
Wanting the meteorite for his soon-to-be-opened museum, Lloyd hires Masangkay's former partner, Sam McFarlane, to confirm the meteorite's existence and assist in its recovery. He also hires Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc., a high-priced "problem solving" firm, to design a plan for the unprecedented task of recovering and transporting what has been confirmed by McFarlane to be the largest meteorite ever discovered. Eli Glinn, the president of EES, puts together a comprehensive plan to effect the recovery, accounting for literally every complication he deems possible.
Slayers Bay Blues is the third album of Japanese band Electric Eel Shock and was released in 1999. In 1999, Electric Eel Shock (EES) recorded Slayers Bay Blues on a multitrack recording, and pressed enough copies to take to the road for their first gigs abroad. They had lined up a handful of dates in and around New York City, including CBGB, with their friends Peelander-Z who had relocated there some time earlier. The gigs were a big success, and the handful of dates that were planned turned into an East Coast tour.
El Malpais translates to "the badlands" in Spanish and is pronounced Mal-(rhymes with wall)-pie-ees. The El Malpais National Conservation Area was established to protect nationally significant geological, archaeological, ecological, cultural, scenic, scientific, and wilderness resources surrounding the Grants Lava Flows. In addition to the two wilderness areas, the NCA includes dramatic sandstone cliffs, canyons, La Ventana Natural Arch, the Chain of Craters Back Country Byway and the Narrows Picnic Area. There are many opportunities for photography, hiking, camping and wildlife viewing within this unique NCA.
He first appears in series three, after Sandy leaves the company to become a nurse (although due to her fiddling with the accounts, she still gets paid). Another regular character is Maurice, the waiter at McCabe's club. Each time he serves McCabe's claret, he corrects the English pronunciation of Maurice (Morris) to the French (Maur-ees), and each time Prentiss puts him down with a verse like "One man by circumstance is in splendour set; whilst another irons pants in a laundrette. Go and iron my pants, Morris".
Equilin is a naturally occurring estrogen sex hormone found in horses as well as a medication. It is one of the estrogens present in the estrogen mixtures known as conjugated estrogens (CEEs; brand name Premarin) and esterified estrogens (EEs; Estratab, Menest). CEEs is the most commonly used form of estrogen in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal symptoms in the United States. Estrone sulfate is the major estrogen in CEEs (about 50%) while equilin sulfate is the second major estrogen in the formulation, present as about 25% of the total.
German, Afrikaans and several indigenous languages became "national languages" by law, identifying them as cultural heritages of the nation and ensuring the state to acknowledge and support their presence in the country. Today, German is used in a wide variety of spheres, especially business and tourism, as well as churches (most notably the German-speaking Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (GELK)), schools (e.g. the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek), literature (German-Namibian authors include Giselher W. Hoffmann), radio (the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation produces radio programs in German), and music (e.g. artist EES).
MIT Press 2010Kevin N. Laland, Tobias Uller, Marcus W. Feldman, Kim Sterelny, Gerd B. Müller, Armin Moczek, Eva Jablonka, John Odling-Smee. The extended evolutionary synthesis: its structure, assumptions and predictions. The Royal Society Publishing. Proceedings B. Published 5 August 2015 In contrast to the Modern Synthesis, the population dynamical model of evolution established in the early twentieth century that had concentrated on the processes of variation and adaptation, the focus of the EES is on the generative properties of evolution, integrating conceptual developments from evolutionary developmental biology, genomics, ecology, and other fields.
Joseph Oduho was born into the Otuho tribe community of Lobira situated in what is now Ikotos County, Eastern Equatoria State, EES, in the Republic of South Sudan on 15 December 1927. He was educated at Isoke Catholic Missionary Elementary School and Okaru Catholic Intermediate School, and became one of the first students at Rumbek Secondary School. He studied in Nyapeya in Uganda, then in Bakht Al Ruda Teacher's Institute, earning a Diploma in teaching in 1950. Following this he was a headmaster in intermediate schools in Maridi, Okaru and P'Lotaha.
It is alleged that he once said "Had I discovered Go sooner, I would probably have never become world chess champion".Forster, Richard; Negele, Michael; Tischbierek, Raj (eds.): Emanuel Lasker: volume II, choices and chances, chess and other games of the mind - Berlin, Excelsior Verlag, 2020, , Chapter 4, pages 165-213: Lasker and Go, Theo van Ees and Hans-Christian Wolfarth. At the age of 42, in July 1911, Lasker married Martha Cohn (née Bamberger), a rich widow who was a year older than Lasker and already a grandmother. They lived in Berlin.
Dennis Embleton had a keen interest in languages, and also in the local Geordie dialect. He wrote a document on the peculiarities of the local dialect in 1887, followed by a “canny little poem” called “The Ahd Pitman's Po'try tiv ees Marrah”. This poem appeared in the Newcastle Courant around 1890 with no indication of authorship, but Thomas Allan in his Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs attributed it to Embleton. This was later shown to be correct when details of his works were produced and printed with his bibliographical details in his official obituary.
The Government of Andhra Pradesh realized in the late 1970s the popular demand for enhancement of facilities for technical education. It decided to adopt a progressive policy of encouraging philanthropic organizations to establish and manage technical institutions. The elite philanthropists of Warangal City, with the sole aim of imparting quality technical education, established Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal (KITSW) in 1980 under the aegis of the Ekasila Education Society (EES). The former Prime Minister of India, the late P.V. Narasimha Rao Garu, laid the foundation stone for the institute.
An iris and three roses in an earthenware pot Jacob Foppens van Es, Jacob Fopsen van Es or Jacob van EsMany more name variations including: Jacob Fossens van Essen (I), Jacob Fossen van Essen, Jacob Fobsen (van Essen), Jaques Foppsen, Iaces van Ees, Jacob Fobsen van Es (c. 1596 Antwerp - 1666 Antwerp) was a Flemish Baroque painter who was known for his still lifes mainly of food and occasionally flower paintings. He collaborated with other artists on garland paintings. Together with Osias Beert and Clara Peeters, he was one of the leading representatives of the first generation in Flemish still-life painting.
This was the climate into which Boyd entered as interim institute president after Hansen had announced, on April 27, 1971, that he would be departing Georgia Tech to become president of Purdue University on July 1 of that year. Boyd stopped the plan for absolute absorption of the station, but did allow plans for closer control and more aggressive contract solicitation to proceed. Among these measures were increased resource-sharing, including increased sharing of physical assets and research staff. The latter was evidenced by the increase in joint faculty appointments between the EES and Georgia Tech.
Exploration of the city continues to the present, currently under the direction of Barry Kemp (Emeritus Professor in Egyptology, University of Cambridge, England) (until 2006, under the auspices of the Egypt Exploration Society and now with the ). In 1980 a separate expedition led by Geoffrey Martin described and copied the reliefs from the Royal Tomb, later publishing its findings together with objects thought to have come from the tomb. This work was published in 2 volumes by the EES. From 2005 to 2013, the Amarna Project excavated at a cemetery of private individuals, close to the southern tombs of the Nobles.
When comparing the EES and social inclusion OMC, Pochet (2005: 43) notes that the first seems to go more in a direction of centralization, naming and shaming without any broad discussion about the content on the European level (top- down). The second process goes more towards an experimental dynamic with the involvement of local and regional actors (bottom-up). However, the author also notes that this is probably an over-generalization with tensions between centralization and decentralization being present in both forms. Due to their different nature the impact of those two OMCs can be quite diverse as well.
The Victorian Government announced in May 2018 that a Corridor Study Group would investigate safety and other issues in and near Millers Road and Williamstown Road in line with recommendations from the EES process. The group met several times from September 2018 but was criticised by the Save Willy Road residents' action group as a "sham," with claims it had been "hijacked" by VicRoads to make it easier for freight trucks to use Williamstown Road, while failing to address concerns about safety and amenity. The Corridor Study Group was terminated in January 2020 without producing any recommendations on mitigation strategies.
Kevin Neville Laland (born 5 October 1962) is an English evolutionary biologist who is Professor of Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Educated at the University of Southampton and University College London, he was a Human Frontier Science Program fellow at the University of California, Berkeley before joining the University of St Andrews in 2002. He is one of the co-founders of niche construction theory and a prominent advocate of the extended evolutionary synthesis (EES). He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Society of Biology.
The Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service manages local nature reserves such as Chorlton Ees and Sale Water Park recreational sites and provides an educational service along the Mersey from Manchester to the Manchester Ship Canal. It is possible to canoe on parts of the river between Stockport and Carrington. Liverpool Sailing Club located at Garston Coastal Park on the north bank of the estuary has a 1000 feet slipway giving access to river for water sports. The wooded suburban stretch of the river from above Howley Weir to Woolston is also used for recreational and competitive rowing, operated from the Warrington Rowing Club.
On November 30, 1953, Cudd resigned as director of the EES to become Vice President and Manager of Research and Development of the American Viscose Corporation, which has since been acquired by FMC Corporation. In 1960, Cudd became the head of the polypropylene manufacturer AviSun Corporation, which was jointly owned by the American Viscose Corporation and Sun Oil Company. From 1963 to 1974, Cudd was the President of Amoco Chemical Corporation (also known as Standard Oil of Indiana), a subsidiary of Standard Oil; during this time, he was also director of Standard Oil. In 1968, Amoco acquired Cudd's previous company, AviSun Corporation.
Other popular songs from his repertoire include "Korraks vaid", "Kamina ees", "Vana klaver", "Oled teinud mind õnnelikuks", "Suudlused soolaste huultega", "Sinilind", and "Päiksepoolsel tänaval". Throughout his career, he has performed with and recorded music with a number of prominent musicians and singers, including Voldemar Kuslap, Ivo Linna, Jaak Joala, Kalmer Tennosaar, Vally Ojavere, and Heli Lääts. In addition to his native Estonian, Loop has also performed and recorded music in the Russian language. During his solo career and work with various ensembles, Loop has released dozens of albums, with numerous greatest hits albums being released throughout the 1990s and into the 2010s.
EES Researcher Jim Hubbard with the EM200 alt=A black-and-white photograph of a young man examining a large microscope. The man has short, dark hair, is wearing a white shirt and a white lab coat and is holding a smoking pipe in his mouth. The microscope has a black conical base with three trapezoidal windows and a silver cylindrical body. The number and value of contracts coming to the station significantly increased during World War II; the 1943–1944 budget was the first in which industry and government contracts exceeded the station's other income, most notably, its state appropriation.
The Namibian reggae platform has produced artist such as Ras Sheehama, Petu, Ngatu, who has been performing since 1994, Mighty Dreeds and EES. In the early eighties a band called We Culture was formed in Katutura and this turned to be Namibia's first reggae band. Another band followed called Roots rebels also based in the Katutura location. The Namibian independence came and most of the Namibian population that was in exile came back to Namibian and bands like Young Dreads later renamed as Mighty Dreads, Ras Sheehama, Los Amadeus, Omidi d Afrique, Shem Yetu, Organised Crime and 40Thieves.
Lookup tables can be created to store information that can be accessed by a call in the code. EES code allows the user to input equations in any order and obtain a solution, but also can contain if-then statements, which can also be nested within each other to create if-then-else statements. Users can write functions for use in their code, and also procedures, which are functions with multiple outputs. Adjusting the preferences allows the user choose a unit system, specify stop criteria, including the number of iterations, and also enable/disable unit checking and recommending units, among other options.
The panel's recommendations led to the Trial Dredge Program (TDP) that took place from 6 August 2005. Consequently, on 31 March 2005, the then Minister for Planning Rob Hulls announced that the PoMC would be required to carry out a Supplementary Environmental Effects Statement (SEES) to further investigate the environmental impact of the dredging project and address its shortcomings. Hulls said the SEES would "build upon the EES process to date" and would be "based upon the key areas outlined by the panel and allow for further expert analysis". On 21 March 2007 the PoMC released its Supplementary Environment Effects Statement (SEES) for public viewing until 7 May.
This included EES excavated material from Amarna and other sites, botanical remains from Kahun and the private collection of Sir Henry Rider Haggard. In 1973 the collection was increased further by the acquisition of part of the Sir Henry Wellcome Collection, and by the bequest of Colonel J. R. Danson in 1976, which included more material from Amarna and from Garstang’s excavations at Abydos. A handy lavishly illustrated guide to the collection is available: Gifts of the Nile (London: HMSO, 1995). Following a successful application to the Museums & Galleries Improvement Fund of the DCMS and the Wolfson Foundation the museum will be opening a new Egypt gallery in August 2008.
The first human settlements in the area, albeit seasonal, are thought to have been as far back as 6,000BC during the Mesolithic period. Archaeological excavations in 1949 at Radcliffe Ees (a level plain along the north bank of the Irwell, formed by retreating glacial deposits during the previous ice age) found evidence of pre-historic activity, suggesting a lake village site, but dating techniques of the time were unreliable. Further investigations in 1961 revealed rows of sharpened posts and worked timbers, but no further dating evidence was collected. In 1911, while repairs to the bridge at Radcliffe Bridge were underway, a stone axe-hammer was found in the river bed.
The route linked the Roman forts of Mamucium (Manchester) and Bremetennacum (Ribchester). The approximate route was through Higher Lane in nearby Whitefield, through Dales Lane and across the Irwell over Radcliffe Ees through the site of the former East Lancashire Paper Mill. The route passes up Croft Lane, over Cross Lane and over the route of the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal under the 10¾ milestone. It then crosses Bury and Bolton Road, and heads through Higher Spen Moor. Radcliffe Tower in the early 19th century with the manor house on the right before its demolition Other than placenames, little information about the area survives from the Dark Ages.
The aim was to catch all the energy and character of an Electric Eel Shock performance with a production that would sit alongside the early Black Sabbath albums that had inspired their creation. Assisting Attie in the studio was the band's live engineer, Tim Bray, who had become a fixture on tour with the band. The band finished recording Beat Me at the end of December 2004, and returned to Japan for the first time in a long time, to do a few gigs. Throughout 2005 EES shows have become larger; touring in the US and Europe with the Bloodhound Gang, headlining festivals, and playing with the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra.
Melbourne City Council lodged a formal request with the Inquiry and Advisory Committee that it direct the Western Distributor Authority to produce the peer review by John Allard of the Veitch Lister Consulting Zenith traffic modelling in order to assess its reliability. The IAC accepted the relevance of the VLC Zenith modelling to the project but accepted submissions from the WDA that they fell into the category of Cabinet documents and their disclosure would therefore be contrary to the public interest. See IAC ruling, 7 September 2017. The Maribyrnong Truck Action Group said the EES failed to acknowledge the serious health impacts of diesel particulates.
Meanwhile, Jacques Delors, who was President of the European Commission at the time, did not like the idea of the EEC enlarging with more member states, as he feared that it would impede the ability of the Community to complete internal market reform and establish monetary union. He proposed a European Economic Space (EES) in January 1989, which was later renamed the European Economic Area, as it is known today. By the time the EEA was established in 1994, however, several developments hampered its credibility. First of all, Switzerland rejected the EEA agreement in a national referendum on 6 December 1992, obstructing full EU-EFTA integration within the EEA.
There are no footpaths through the Dole, but the wildlife can be viewed from the paths around its perimeter. In 2003 Broad Ees Dole became the first site in Trafford to be recognised by English Nature as a Local Nature Reserve, primarily because of its importance to migratory birds and the diversity of its plant life. Area around the mud flats From around 2000, the Dole started to become infested by the alien plant Crassula helmsii, also known as Australian Swamp Stonecrop. The plant began to significantly reduce the value of the nature reserve to wading birds, so in 2005 major work was undertaken to remove it.
Tõnismäele maetu ära Estonian government has refuted the claims, based on the dig's final report concluding there were no more burials in this area, and instead proposed that captain Sysoyev was mistakenly added to the 13-member list in the postwar confusion. The Nashi movement had planned pickets in Estonia on September 22, 2007, to commemorate "liberation of Tallinn from fascism". After the Estonian embassy in Moscow refused to issue visas for such purpose, pickets were instead held in front of the embassy.Postimees 22 September 2007: Našistid piketeerisid Eesti saatkonna ees , edited by Oliver Tiks In December 2007, Estonia became a party to the Schengen treaty.
Between 1925 and 1929 Frankfort was the director of the excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) of London at El-Amarna, Abydos and Armant. In 1929 he was invited by Henry Breasted to become field director of the Oriental Institute (OI) of Chicago expedition to Iraq. In 1931 he became correspondent of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, he resigned in late 1944. He became foreign member in 1950. In 1937 Frankfort and Emil Kraeling identified a woman on the Burney Relief (c 1700BCE) as Lilith of later Jewish mythology,H. Frankfort: “The Burney Relief” in AfO, Berlin, 1937/39, Vol.
Rosselot's administration included the 1946 establishment of the Industrial Development Council, renamed to the Georgia Tech Research Institute in 1948 and its present name, the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, in 1984.Wallace, p. 239 The Georgia Board of Regents had ruled that all money received in a year had to be spent that year, which was problematic because most government contracts the EES had received spanned multiple years. Georgia Tech president Blake Van Leer and vice president Cherry Emerson solution was to create the Industrial Development Council, a non-profit corporation that would manage contracts for research services and subsequently hire the Engineering Experiment Station to perform the research.
262 When it was founded in October 1951, Rosselot was president and CEO of Scientific Associates; at issue was the potential conflict of interest with his role at Georgia Tech, and what, if any, role Georgia Tech should have in technology transfer to the marketplace.McMath, p. 263 Emerson later instituted a policy requiring EES employees wishing to work with Scientific Associates to make a written request to the president of Georgia Tech. However, Rosselot's participation in Scientific Associates' founding and early operations ensured the eventual success of Scientific Atlanta and facilitated subsequent technology transfer by Georgia Tech's VentureLab and the Advanced Technology Development Center.
186 One of the monthly subjects, proposed by ceramic engineering professor W. Harry Vaughan, was a collection of issues related to Tech, such as library development, and the development of a state engineering station. Such a station would theoretically assist local businesses with engineering problems via Georgia Tech's established faculty and resources. This group investigated the forty existing engineering experiments at universities around the country, and the report was compiled by Harold Bunger, Knight, and Vaughan in December 1929. The station was created as the Engineering Experiment Station (EES) in 1934 under Vaughan, and changed names in 1984 to the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
Living Roof like the one pictured here at the California Academy of the Sciences As a recently created program, environmental engineering science has not yet been incorporated into the terminology found among environmentally focused professionals. In the few engineering colleges that offer this major, the curriculum shares more classes in common with environmental engineering than it does with environmental science. Typically, EES students follow a similar course curriculum with environmental engineers until their fields diverge during the last year of college. The majority of the environmental engineering students must take classes designed to connect their knowledge of the environment to modern building materials and construction methods.
Their repertoire also included new foreign pieces, such as Zaken zijn zaken by Octave Mirbeau Liebelei by Arthur Schnitzler and Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen. The troupe was considered to have a very high quality of productions. According to one 1925 obituary for one of its former actors, no matter which of the successive directors was running it during its prime, it had a recognizable style that was on part with any theatre in the country or even the world. During its period of operation, actors associated with the Rotterdamsch Tooneel included Dick van Veen, Frits Tartaud, Piet Bron, Jan van Ees, Richard Flink, Cor van der Lugt Melsert, Else Mauhs, Alida Tartaud-Klein, and Jules Verstraete.
SIS does not record travellers' entries and exits from the Schengen Area.Commission staff working document: impact assessment report on the establishment of an EU entry exit system Eulex 6 April 2016 p 11 Accessed 19 April 2017Proposal for a regulation of the European parliament and of the council establishing an entry/exit system (EES) to register entry and exit data of third country nationals crossing the external borders of the member states of the European Union Europa p 2. Accessed 12 October 2013.Council of the European Union: questionnaire on the possible creation of a system of electronic recording of entries and exits of third country nationals in the Schengen area (reply from Greece) Statewatch 2013.
All-Solid-State Battery with the solid-state electrolyte A solid-state electrolyte (SSE) is a solid ionic conductor electrolyte and it is the characteristic component of the solid-state battery. It is useful for applications in electrical energy storage (EES) in substitution of the liquid electrolytes found in particular in lithium-ion battery. The main advantages are the increased safety, no issues of leakages of toxic organic liquids, low flammability, non-volatility, mechanical and thermal stability, easy processability, low self-discharge, higher achievable power density and cyclability. This makes it possible, for example, the use of a lithium metal anode in a practical device, without the intrinsic limitations of a liquid electrolyte.
Vaughan was selected as the acting director of the Engineering Experiment Station in April 1934, and hired 13 part-time faculty and a few graduate assistants. Vaughan was instrumental in securing GTRI's first permanent building, known then as the Research Building but later expanded and renamed the Thomas Hinman Research Building. Also in 1939, Vaughan became the director of the School of Ceramic Engineering, which raised his salary to $4,200 (equivalent to $ in ). He was the director of the station until 1940, when he accepted a higher- paying job as head of the Regional Products Research Division of the Tennessee Valley Authority and was replaced at EES by Harold Bunger (the first chairman of Georgia Tech's chemical engineering department).
The Lion's Gate project was an open air retail shopping complex that was announced in the spring of 2007. When completed, it was expected to encompass of retail space on in the southwest corner of the WCC.Conte, Christian: “World Commerce Center mall planned” Jacksonville Business Journal, April 13, 2007 After the initial announcement, market conditions deteriorated, the company never purchased the land and the project died.Conte, Christian: “Projects on hold waiting for better market” Jacksonville Business Journal, February 12, 2010 Buc-ees a Texas based chain is constructing a 53,000 sq ft convenience store with 104 gas pumps in the northeast corner of the WCC at the I95 and International Golf Parkway interchange.
Chubb has been described as an "accidental archaeologist". She took as job at the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) to fund her study of sculpture at the Central School of Art in London, and not because she had an interest in archaeology or Egyptology. After a year as the under-secretary at the EES's London base, doing odd jobs as the secretary refused to pass any real work onto her, she felt like quitting. Having been sent into the basement to look for a drawing that was to be included in one of the Society's publications, she found an object that would trigger her interest in archaeology, something that the previous twelve months of work had not.
In May 2017 the state government released the project's Environment Effects Statement (EES), which assessed its environmental, social and health impacts. The community was given 30 business days to review the 10,000 page document and hearings began on 14 August 2017. The report found that with port freight volumes almost doubling between 2012 and 2031, truck numbers on the West Gate Freeway, West Gate Bridge and several inner west roads would grow markedly. It said the project's objectives were to improve transport performance in the M1 corridor, reduce reliance on the West Gate Bridge, improve freight access to the Port of Melbourne and greater Melbourne, and improve community amenity on local streets in the inner west.
There was a bowling alley on the base and a baseball ground, with after the forced closure of South Ruislip by Kodak the owners of South Ruislip, a small BX was opened. A&AFES; and EES continued at West Ruislip for several years after the USAF moved to Mildenhall / Lakenheath. After the US Air Force decided to close RAF South Ruislip and move their headquarters to RAF Mildenhall in 1972, 77 civilian members of staff at West Ruislip were made redundant.Francis 2007, pp.27—28 Between 1958 and 1960, the station's chapel was built by Brandt O'Dell. The building incorporated a nave with seating space for 350 people, and connecting wings to the hall and narthex.Francis 2007, p.
Manchester lies at the centre of a green belt region extending into the wider surrounding counties. This reduces urban sprawl, prevents towns in the conurbation from further convergence, protects the identity of outlying communities, and preserves nearby countryside. It is achieved by restricting inappropriate development within the designated areas and imposing stricter conditions on permitted building. Due to being already highly urban, the city contains limited portions of protected green-belt area within greenfield throughout the borough, with minimal development opportunities, at Clayton Vale, Heaton Park, Chorlton Water Park along with the Chorlton Ees & Ivy Green nature reserve and the floodplain surrounding the River Mersey, as well as the southern area around Manchester Airport.
Students in Environmental Engineering Science typically combine scientific studies of the biosphere with mathematical, analytical and design tools found in the engineering fields Environmental engineering science (EES) is a multidisciplinary field of engineering science that combines the biological, chemical and physical sciences with the field of engineering. This major traditionally requires the student to take basic engineering classes in fields such as thermodynamics, advanced math, computer modeling and simulation and technical classes in subjects such as statics, mechanics, hydrology, and fluid dynamics. As the student progresses, the upper division elective classes define a specific field of study for the student with a choice in a range of science, technology and engineering related classes.
He was born on July 6, 1954, Ruchky Village, Hadiach Raion, Poltava Oblast, USSR). From 1973 to 1975 — was serving in the Soviet Army. In 1987 — graduated from Law Enforcement Academy MIA USSR. From 1977 to 2002 — an inspector, a deputy manager of the Head of Criminal Investigation Department of District Executive Committee (Chernivtsi); The first Deputy Head of Department, a director of the Organized Crime Unit; The first Deputy Head of Department, a director of criminal police of Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Chernivtsi Oblast. From 2002 to 2003 — a director's deputy manager of “Highrock Holding Limited” (Kyiv) firm representation. From 2005 to 2007 — a vice-president on general questions LLC with Foreign Investments of airline company «EES-Avia» (Kyiv).
To effect this plan he composes a team to augment Lloyd's personnel, notably including Rachel Amira, EES's brilliant yet grating mathematics expert, and Sally Britton, an out-of-work supertanker captain whose last ship crashed while she was drunk and on duty. Despite Britton's public image as a dangerous alcoholic, analysis by EES has led Glinn to peg her as professional, talented, and motivated never to fail again. After meeting her in person, Glinn finds himself becoming attracted to her. Glinn's expedition sets off for Cape Horn in a brand new oil supertanker, the Rolvaag, retrofitted with various high tech equipment but disguised to appear as worn down, barely functional ship, traveling under the guise of a failing mining company searching for iron ore.
It claimed the EES contained inaccurate and misleading air quality and modelling and out-of- date background modelling and criticised the absence of an air filtration system for the project's tunnel. MTAG found "alarming" negative community impacts resulting from increased heavy vehicle traffic on Williamstown Road, Millers Road, Blackshaws Road and the West Gate Freeway. It called for truck bans on Williamstown Road, which would experience an increase of 1500 trucks a day between Geelong Road and Somerville Road, with a resultant rise in air pollution. It also called for truck bans on Millers Road north of the freeway, where truck traffic would increase by 7000 trucks a day, as well as Hudsons Road, Spotswood west of the railway line.
It said Millers Road would suffer increasing impacts over time but that the physical and environmental capacity limits on that road had not been explored in the EES. The report said the increased truck traffic would cause "high" or "major" residual social impacts for residential communities on both roads. It recommended a corridor study be carried out on Millers Road to determine traffic management works, considering the safety, accessibility and amenity of the abutting local residential communities; it also recommended an air quality mitigation response be developed for both Millers Road and Williamstown Road. The IAC urged more work to be done to develop a solution to manage growth in truck traffic between the Brooklyn/Tottenham industrial area and the port.
The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit applied research arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. GTRI employs around 2,400 people, and is involved in approximately $600 million in research annually for more than 200 clients in industry and government. Initially known as the Engineering Experiment Station, (EES) the organization was proposed in 1929 by W. Harry Vaughan as an analog to the agricultural experiment stations; the Georgia General Assembly passed a law that year creating the organization on paper but did not allocate funds to start it. To boost the state's struggling economy in the midst of the Great Depression, funds were found, and the station was finally established with US$5,000 (equivalent to $ in ) in April 1934.
A strict conflict of interest policy was enacted, and researchers were forced to choose between the two entities; the initial investors had all kept their faculty jobs, and most returned to them. After the fledgling company's first contract resulted in a $4,000 loss, Robinson bought out all but one of the original investors and paid them each back their original $100. Robinson left EES and became president and CEO of the new company, which was renamed Scientific Atlanta. Boyd stayed on as a member of the board of directors; Robinson's friend Larry Clayton, previously involved in Robinson's radio business and now having graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in physics, became the head of the new company's research and development.
After the end of the United States occupation of Germany in 1949, Katterbach Kaserne became a NATO facility, becoming the home of EES (European Exchange System) until the 60's when the first Army Aviation unit arrived, A Company 504th Aviation Battalion, 4th Armored Division APO NY 09177. The Facility became the home of the US Army 1st Armored Division in 1971. Numerous 1st AD units have used Katterbach over the past 60 years, the facility becoming a combat helicopter airfield in 1977, and remaining so, although after 1993, the number of personnel and helicopters has been reduced as a result of the USAREUR restructuring after the end of the Cold War. Across the street is Bismarck Kaserne that was occupied by 1-37 Armor from 1970 - 1988.
The presence of contaminated soil from past industrial use in the project area and its impact was raised during the EES hearings and final Inquiry and Advisory Committee report. In mid-2019 the joint venture responsible for building the project—CPB Contractors and John Holland—reportedly sent Transurban a letter of intent, claiming they were confronted with a force majeure event, an unforseeable circumstance that made it impossible to fulfil the terms of their contract, because of difficulties in disposing of soil contaminated with PFAS. They claimed the volume of contaminated soil was greater than expected, and that the rules of how to dispose of it had become stricter since work had begun. They demanded Transurban cover the additional costs of dealing with it—a figure reported to be between $500 million and $1 billion.
Crackanthorpe introduced Gotto to Galton, the statistician who coined the term "eugenics." Galton would go on to be Honorary President of the Society from 1907 to 1911. Gotto and Crackanthorpe presented their vision before a committee of the Moral Education League, requesting that the League change its name to the Eugenic and Moral Education League, but the committee decided that a new organization should be formed exclusively devoted to eugenics. The EES was located in Eccleston Square, London. The goals of Eugenics Education Society, as stated in first issue of the Eugenics Review were: # “Persistently to set forth the National Importance of Eugenics in order to modify public opinion, and create a sense of responsibility in the respect of bringing all matters pertaining to human parenthood under the domination of Eugenic ideals.
In contrast to oral synthetic estrogens like EE and diethylstilbestrol, high-dosage polyestradiol phosphate and transdermal estradiol have not been found to increase the risk of cardiovascular mortality or thromboembolism in men with prostate cancer. However, significantly increased cardiovascular morbidity has been observed with high-dosage polyestradiol phosphate. In any case, these estrogens are considered to be much safer than oral synthetic estrogens like EE and diethylstilbestrol. In addition, ethinylestradiol sulfonate (EES), an oral but parenteral-like long- lasting prodrug of EE, is used in the treatment of prostate cancer, and is said to have a considerably better profile of cardiovascular safety than EE. Because of its disproportionate effects on liver protein synthesis and associated cardiovascular risks, synthetic estrogens like EE and diethylstilbestrol are no longer used in menopausal hormone therapy.
After provision of carriages for the Adelaide and Albury services, Victoria chose to continue construction of the E fleet in order to replace older carriages on some of its principal intrastate routes. For this purpose, a further 28 AVE/AE, 14 ABVE/ABE, 29 BVE/BE, 3 Dining, 19 DVE/CE and 10 ESBV/BDSE cars were constructed. By the end of the 1912/13 financial year, these cars in conjunction with the W cars were being used on trains to and through Ararat, Ballarat, Bendigo, Cobram, Geelong, Maryborough, Port Albert and Wangaratta among others. The ESBV and EES cars were used for sorting of mail en route, so as to reduce the load on smaller post offices which would not have had the staff required for such a task.
ELAS justified its action by accusing right-wing groups of collaboration with the German occupation authorities, a charge in which, according to SOE officer Chris Woodhouse, "there was some justice [...] because Greek nationalists, like Mihailović in Yugoslavia, regarded the Germans as a less serious enemy than the Bulgarians or the Communists". EAM- ELAS constantly viewed any group not belonging to itself with distrust and accused them as "collaborators" but in many cases this backfired and became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the remnants of the right-wing groups joined the Germans against ELAS. During the closing stages of the Axis occupation, Axis troops withdrew from northern Greece. Fearing reprisals from ELAS, members of the collaborationist Security Battalions, right wing resistance groups (EDES and National Greek Army (EES) and their civilian supporters congregated at Kilkis.
399 Thomas E. Stelson, Dean of the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech, was named to "reorganize" the station. Publicly, Stelson's task was simply to recommend a plan for reorganization, but the administration clearly intended for Georgia Tech and the Engineering Experiment Station to be closely integrated. Maurice W. Long, who was director of the station at the time, viewed the move as a violation of the EES's charter as legislatively established by the Georgia General Assembly in 1919, and asserted that Georgia Tech did not have the authority to merge the two institutions. EES employees and business executives involved with the station appealed to the Georgia Board of Regents and to Governor of Georgia (and future United States President) Jimmy Carter (himself a Georgia Tech alumnus); the controversy received coverage in both The Technique and the Atlanta Constitution.
The first E type carriages ran in late 1906 on the Melbourne- Albury run, but by 1908 enough had been constructed to boost, and later replace, the entire Joint Stock fleet then running between Melbourne and Adelaide. By 1910, 24 cars had been delivered into Joint Stock service - six each 1st (AE) and 2nd (BE) class sitting cars four Sleeping cars named Melbourne, Ballaarat, Wolseley and Adelaide (later renamed), four CE guard vans, and two each mail storage (EEB) and mail sorting (EES) vans. The SAR built 9 of the cars plus one underframe at Islington Workshops to cover 40% of the construction cost (as agreed between the SAR and VR commissioners), though the body of this tenth car was constructed at Newport. Details of further deliveries of E type carriages can be found on that page.
Glantz was the first of two children born in Cleveland, Ohio to Louis Glantz, an insurance salesman, and Frieda, a real estate broker. As a youth, Glantz took a great interest in the Soviet Union's Sputnik 1 satellite. () He was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, where he achieved the top rank of Eagle Scout, and earned a Bronze Palm for further achievements. Glantz obtained a B.Sc. in aerospace engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 1969, an M.Sc. in applied mechanics from Stanford University in 1970, and in 1973, a Ph.D. from Stanford in applied mechanics (concentrating on the mechanics of the human heart) and engineering-economic systems (EES is a Stanford department created in the late 1960s, integrating computers and engineering in "methods of systems and economic analysis to engineering problems involving policy and decision making, both in government and industry").

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