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920 Sentences With "lives as"

How to use lives as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "lives as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "lives as". Mastering all the usages of "lives as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It&aposs not just about our lives as workers or employees; it&aposs about our lives as citizens, as parents of children.
We questioned about what responsibility we should have both for our lives as individuals and for our lives as members of a collective group.
Faraway, intangible forces shape our lives as workers and consumers.
Why rush that next part of our lives as well?
Many wrote that the Instagram evoked their lives as mothers.
Just let people live their lives as they see fit.
While the asylum process continues, Yolanda lives as a refugee.
" That, he said, "translates into their work lives as well.
The people in Madagascar they have busy lives as well.
Half of them go about their daily lives as before.
Stars, once they're reached the end of their lives as bright, nuclear-fusion powerhouses, might not just wallow as dim stellar corpses—they could enjoy rich, dynamic second lives as merging and growing black holes.
Go deeper: Florence's floods claim more lives, as pollution concerns mount.
It's to find the humanity in lives as hard as Meseret's.
Everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would.
The people standing on the surface conducted their lives as usual.
Have they failed to "lead good lives," as Alabama Republican Rep.
If we experience our lives as free, they are acceptably so.
This situation had them living their lives as 20th-century slaves.
Bergljot's trauma lives as a secret that she keeps from herself.
She just wants to show them living their lives as bats.
Impersonal power structures have reduced our lives as citizens to passive spectatorship.
"Nobody cares about men's personal lives as much as women," she said.
We were just trying to save as many lives as we could.
It's just that devices have infiltrated kids' lives, as they have ours.
Today, photography is a means of recording our lives as they're lived.
We are seriously in fear for our lives as women in Alabama.
The Krassensteins came to #Resistance Twitter from their lives as internet guys.
Division I athletes do not lead the same lives as their classmates.
I often do, but I draw on other people's lives as well.
Exercise is necessary in our lives, as we all know by now.
CLINTON: We have to save as many lives as we possibly can.
Fies described "inhaling other people's lives" as he trudged through the smoke.
The pair's paths could have crossed in their former lives as amateurs.
Conway was the author of two memoirs about their lives as homesteaders.
It posits all of our contemporary lives as inheritors of this theft.
But twins often experience parts of their lives as tragedies of nature.
Broadway people spend most of their lives as people not on Broadway.
You mentioned "Outlaws", which throws back to your guys' lives as teens.
MACCALLUM: So that everybody can go about their lives as much as possible.
We will remember her for the rest of everyone's lives as an icon.
The hunted run for their lives as the hunters kill them for sport.
"Our kids have very normal lives, as much as that's possible," Lively said.
I'm blessed to be as involved in my boys' lives as I am.
It seemed like Ken Bone left our lives as quickly as her entered.
Most went on to live their lives as men, although many were infertile.
A sense of performance seemed to govern the artists' personal lives as well.
The vast majority of Americans move ahead with their daily lives as normal.
Young people aren't buying homes as early in their lives as previous generations.
There are people that have spent most of their lives as Gabo experts.
Mr. Gard knew what to do and he saved lives as a result.
Many people are spreading it while going about their daily lives as usual.
It's going to change the way everybody lives as far as commuting goes.
The two scholars have sought to learn about the brothers' lives as Muscovites.
"Everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would," she said.
In May 2006, however, their lives as a couple began to change dramatically.
Do your lives as actors and as citizens feel different since the election?
Tastebuds lives as a navigation option alongside your Library and Home/Browse sections.
California's state-run exchange covered only 35,000 lives as of a September report.
And so we think of them as not tragic lives, as small lives.
It interweaves her professional and personal lives as she becomes closer to Jill.
When we start to avoid our own lives as a result of it.
"He thought maybe he would reenter their lives as a female relative," Thompson writes.
But I'm praying he lives as much as I hope that he forgives me.
They were devout Christians who planned to dedicate their lives as missionaries in Japan.
Tesfom paid $6,000 to send her to Ethiopia, where she lives as a refugee.
I have four adopted children from Africa and it affects their lives as well.
I was so excited for the start of our lives as a cohabitating couple.
Six months later, she and I were back in each other's lives as well.
The conservatives can't, for some reason, acknowledge trans lives as genuine and real lives.
Hezbollah Two US citizens are accused of living double lives as Hezbollah sleeper agents.
In the months following their split, the exes returned to their lives as normal.
Why aren't people leaving to find work, or better lives, as they used to?
"My actions impact their lives as well," he said, promising to set a good
Ether: I like to look at the way we live our lives as art.
We are all just people living our lives as best we can, aren't we?
They have dedicated themselves to lives as taco vendors, and not just basket tacos.
People were running for their lives as propane tanks exploded all around my car.
Kate is persecuted and oppressed in horrible ways, but she lives as she is.
Other research shows that rejected participants also rate their own lives as less meaningful.
Just 13 weeks into their new lives as parents, their firstborn son Jericho died. 
We all went back to living our lives, as best we could, in secrecy.
The episodes explore the players' lives as they juggle academics, athletics and military service.
Some young women in Gaza speak of struggles in their personal lives, as well.
Ultimately, the company's platform lives as an SDK behind the mobile apps of its partners.
Half of the school's children lost their lives, as well as five of their teachers.
George Clooney and Jodie Foster were at very different places in their lives as teenagers.
The ideology of white supremacy ends lives, as the evidence of hundreds of years attests.
Staying with their families, I documented their daily lives as they prepared for international competition.
Now, suddenly we have this technology that allows us to life our lives as art.
But I did it because it's important to guys' lives as much as to girls'.
No, because these five powerful women are finally living their best lives, as they deserve.
The prequel takes us back to 1967 and their lives as frauds and psychic scammers.
Villagómez appeared in their lives as a friend and counselor who would gain their trust.
They share a "generational" bond and faced similar decisions about their professional lives as women.
It's this idea that tech companies have even greater visibility into your lives as well.
Many described their lives as visibly Muslim women in France and Belgium as a struggle.
Isn't it worth stopping as many as possible, saving as many lives as we can?
In addition to financial burdens, diabetes takes its toll on sufferers' personal lives as well.
Some families have spent two generations — and some young people their entire livesas refugees.
I think of our lives as they will be from now on, tranquil and measured.
Well Spaced was about a certain time in history and of our lives as well.
It's a way of poking fun at the rich and labeling their lives as disposable.
Bears often play during the first year and a half of their lives as cubs.
"It's as integral to their daily lives as a morning cup of coffee," he said.
What kind of society would evolve from creatures who lived their entire lives as prey?
We make lives as men and women, as blacks and whites, as teachers and musicians.
These three focused on something enormous, fashioning lives as eventful as their fathers' were abbreviated.
We are all facing enormous disruptions to our lives as well as to our livelihoods.
RS: Yes, we set those goals—the 22 million livesas a 2100-year goal.
According to Mr. Pierson, few people take their digital lives as seriously as they should.
They risked their lives as the eyes and ears of the American military in Iraq.
She also wanted to get her kids' lives as back to normal as was possible.
The less religious participants were, we found, the less they perceived their lives as meaningful.
But remember, "even partial solutions can save whole lives," as psychologist Paul Slovic has said.
The Libyans saw the threatened intervention not as a noble act to save lives, as Mrs.
Those simple actions might have saved lives as the tornado wiped out the hospital's second floor.
People don't magically appear in our lives as freshly-hatched adults with no prior human contact.
Kylie Jenner, Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West are getting candid about their lives as moms.
It will follow the characters to explore how the case affects their personal lives as well.
Specifically, giving firefighters hands-free thermal vision could save lives, as well as making Hollywood jealous.
Celebs are as deeply woven into our lives as those we can reach out and touch.
It is Black girls themselves who label their looks, their behaviors, and their lives as magic.
"We made their lives as miserable as possible," one GOP strategist involved in the operation recalled.
" She describes Americans "living through a lens" and curating their lives as if they were "ornaments.
Instead, she lives as a squatter in an abandoned apartment with paint peeling from the walls.
The survivors also focused on rebuilding their lives, as well as the Jewish state in Israel.
Celebs are as deeply woven into our lives as those we can reach out and touch.
Ikea furnishings are part of our everyday lives, as ubiquitous as air, and just as invisible.
At first, they were modest homes, but most families saw their new suburban lives as luxurious. 
We are just blessed to have him in our lives as long as we had him.
For the most part, we just live our lives as best as society allows us to.
Diary days move quickly with details of her overlapping lives as journalist, wife, mother and careerist.
They're eager to speak honestly about their lives, as long as they are treated with dignity.
What's most important is putting forth good legislation to save as many lives as we can.
Starting in April, the couple will begin the next chapter of their lives as private citizens.
Through vintage photographs and eloquent narrative fragments Shah recreates their journey and lives as displaced persons.
Powerful in their day to day life at work, terrified in their lives as sexual predators.
A lot of the most popular titles aim to establish themselves in our lives as hobbies.
We must start to live our lives as if this is an emergency, because it is.
The tribe lives as it has for centuries – with no income and little division of labor.
I remembered the elaborate fantasies my friends and I would create about our future lives as Mrs.
It's as central to our lives as chip shops and slow busses, tabloid puns and seaside promenades.
Think of the friction in the world and our personal lives as the churning of the seas.
For instance, "Hypermalthusian" looks at the effects of the increase of many individual lives as a whole.
I am aware of all these things because the Kardashians live their lives as constant performance art.
Opinion polling by Hong Kong University showed twice as many people satisfied with their lives as not.
Suicide used to end nearly twice as many lives as drug overdoses; overdoses now end far more.
However, the outbreak that had claimed 427 lives as of Tuesday can already teach three basic lessons.
The show documents the (unfortunate) events of their lives as they're passed around from guardian to guardian.
"But for the most part, it's not as pervasive in our lives as people think," he said.
Shaun T said that advice from friends and family helped them through their new lives as parents.
" Woolhandler noted that "poor men are living 15 years shorter lives [as a group] than rich men.
They are part of each other's lives as family and as partners, and care for one another.
I wanted Draco to make their lives as miserable as I felt reading about their virtuous behaviour.
So, I will be sharing advice on how to make all your lives as beautiful as mine.
He lives as a virtual prisoner, leery of paparazzi and the unfair way he believes he's treated.
This again put Caelan and I directly back in each other's lives as our social circle overlaps.
What struck me about both sets was their desire to live their lives as a competitive sport.
We, as a nation, are risking the right to live our own lives as we see fit.
Or, it might give them a more objective perspective on their lives, as it did with me.
It's like we're all leading double lives as graffiti artists [who also have] jobs and normal lives.
According to the EPA, none of its regulations saves as many lives as the Clean Air Act.
Buddhist Thai men spend some period of their lives as monks, traditionally when they reach age 20.
They were still finding their voices, not only in their work but in their lives as well.
They are trying to build stability in their lives as they go through the turbulent teenage years.
But that doesn't mean he is one of those designers who lives as lavishly as their clients.
Crushes, concerts, detention, gossip, and cliques dominate its characters' livesas is the norm for many teens.
Retired dogs typically go home with their handlers and spend the rest of their lives as pets.
" If, Thompson continued, "they were casualties of history, they remain, condemned in their own lives, as casualties.
I don't think it's anything rare, or special; it's just what happens in our lives as actors.
We would save almost as many lives as are now lost to guns and car accidents combined.
City residents fearing for their lives as a new virus kills the frail and infirm among them.
We all want to make our lives as easy as possible, but it's rarely a simple process.
Facebook Watch is Facebook's new TV platform, which lives as a tab on its main Facebook app.
And, what role should asking questions and seeking answers play in our lives as we get older?
He does not so much write lives as haunt them; he seems to invade his subject's dreams.
Communications are key to saving victim lives and first responder lives as they head into harm's way.
Then have a blast, cannonball as many lives as possible on your way down the trash chute.
"I'm observing how my dad lives, as he's 92 and has no plans to slow down," Rains said.
Scholars have been writing about various potential participatory models for our digital lives as well, including civic trusts.
Fewer still leave as big a mark on linguistic lives as Zhou Youguang, who died on January 14th.
But this also means helping people connect with businesses, governments and other organizations in their lives as well.
The group said that the donor whose face was grafted onto Chelsea's saved three other lives as well.
Economists should treat threats to future lives as just as morally reprehensible as present threats to our own.
Sixteen active wildfires are currently raging across California — threatening homes and lives as firefighters race to contain them.
The proud parents couldn't wait to leave the hospital and start their lives as a family of seven.
Depict their lives as a string of endless indignities, and you will be accused of exploiting their suffering.
The kitten may have used one of its nine lives as LiMarzi said it was lucky to survive.
It's time for the entire country to value those lives as much as the ones lost to terrorism.
Trapped by the whims of her bitter sister, Blanche lives as a recluse on the mansion's second floor.
It is bizarre how they live their social lives as people who aren't married and don't have kids.
Experts say Ethiopians are likely to keep risking their lives as migrants because they lack opportunities at home.
Behind happy couple door number two, Caroline and Laird are forging ahead in their new lives as parents.
Screen time has become a part of not only your daily life, and your children's lives as well.
These women, who often go by alter egos, create "double lives" as rockers, according to photographer Paul Shiakallis.
But even now when I see a sealskin coat, I remember this epoch in our lives as refugees.
About 70,000 other primates are still living their lives as research subjects in labs across the United States.
Do you feel like you're all part of one another's lives as a result of making this movie?
We try to rebuild our lives as best as we can, but we'll never be able to forget.
And again, this is assuming that universal background checks would save as many lives as the Connecticut law.
The goal, as the title suggests, is simply to present lives as they're lived from moment to moment.
Gustavo Dudamel, famous, handsome and rich, lives as if he wants to disprove Rousseau's famous maxim on happiness.
Could agricultural chemicals be poisoning aquatic organisms, including plankton and insects that begin their lives as aquatic larvae?
Ms. Barua said students and faculty were "running for their lives" as the attackers chased people into dormitories.
Failing to support CDC by addressing these three issues would cost American lives as well as taxpayer dollars.
We can say good riddance to coal by around 2030, saving millions of lives as air quality improves.
The military brass is right to want to win its wars, losing as few American lives as possible.
"This will be very attractive to people who perceive their own lives as without control," Professor Fritsche said.
Drug therapy alone may save lives as effectively as bypass or stenting procedures, a large federal study showed.
From resources to emissions, biodiversity to waste and well-being, fashion destroys lives as well as creating livelihoods.
Ultimately, one is left with the feeling that their livesas messy as they are — are too tidy.
We will continue to honour her by being Wildlife Warriors and saving as many lives as we can.
For people with disabilities, such a step back threatens livesas well as the most basic of freedoms.
But he acknowledges that the sharing economy hasn't reached as deeply into consumers' lives as early enthusiasts predicted.
She explains that sexism, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, impacts other parts of our lives as well.
In the other, a Michael Jackson impersonator (Diego Luna) meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (Samantha Morton) who tells him of a commune where people like them — including her husband (Denis Lavant), who lives as Charlie Chaplin, and her daughter (Esme Creed-Miles), who lives as Shirley Temple — can exist without shame.
Come spring, the baby bugs tunnel their way out of the "crypt," beginning their lives as mature gall wasps.
Even in the early years of their careers, Drake and Swift recognized the parallels of their lives as performers.
"Where someone livesas in, their local municipality — will dictate what can be recycled in their area," says Herrera.
The edit includes just enough images to give context to their lives as workers without being heavy handed. —K.
Guilt and resentment curdle their lives as Makiko ponders the move she thinks will restart her life: breast implants.
"People are in great fear of their lives as the quakes are continuing ever since it started," he said.
For now, cobalt in our smart devices looks to stay as central to our lives as vibranium in Wakanda.
Their research has saved lives, as chronic stomach ulcer sufferers are at a greater risk of developing stomach cancer.
"I wanna do everything I can to make their lives as magical growing up as I can," Jay says.
Advancements in medical science save women's lives, as do public policies that ensure abortion is legal, accessible, and affordable.
Sometimes, we can point to our jobs or issues in our personal lives as the inspiration of our dreams.
Save the Children says the drought represents as big a threat to children's lives as the war in Syria.
Game of Thrones is a show about who lives as much as it is a show about who dies.
"Everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would," Prime Minister May told reporters in a statement.
About two weeks after hatching the chicks fledge, leaving the nest to begin their lives as adult mourning doves.
"We look at our role in our users' lives as the center of an ever-growing ecosystem," he said.
Now is the time to act to fight the epidemic itself and to save as many lives as possible.
Do you think there is any way the plant research might be useful to our daily lives as humans?
The frogs resume their lives as the local pools thaw in March, not just uninjured, but eager to mate.
America is sitting there, rapt, watching a battle between two people whose lives as they knew them seemed over.
Bernie and JC are both old (democratic) socialists who've spent their lives as political outsiders inside the political system.
Getting over them in one piece would be the first real test of our lives as fully employed adults.
The measure most robustly linked to income asks people how satisfied they are with their lives as a whole.
In order to keep existential anxiety at bay, we must find and maintain perceptions of our lives as meaningful.
Silicon Valley holds extraordinary power over our present lives as well as whatever utopia (or nightmare) might come next.
What is the movie that just came out that was a great book where everyone lives as an avatar?
What I'm most proud of: To be able to save lives as a nurse, as well as my family.
They feature children who live their short lives as organ farms, or an elderly couple wandering through Arthurian England.
I always want to meet the people of an area and experience their daily lives as closely as possible.
A separate Trump campaign statement warned that Sanders "can't be trusted to defend American lives" as commander in chief.
Above all, they reminisce, drifting back through their vivid lives as partners in crime, intimate friends and treacherous rivals.
We also share a passion for the arts, and their importance in our lives, as well as humanitarian concerns.
He has also told border officials that it is his goal to make migrants' lives as difficult as possible.
I think it forces us to look at our lives as a snapshot and equate our worth to likes.
The guests tell her what is going on in their lives as she sits in Wooden's old captain's chair.
In their past lives as slaves, both Missandei and Grey Worm were unable to express themselves or their desires.
It should come as no surprise that it can create major problems for us in our financial lives as well.
Trump's border policies are destroying lives, as the haunting photo shows, but they are also causing grievous harm to America.
Having invaded their lives as minutely as possible, he would dismiss them without a second thought or a second read.
Unsurprisingly, this new tool is all about fixing the issues these two have seen in their daily lives as developers.
Exile, homesickness, lust, love: Homer's preoccupations are the central themes of many, perhaps most lives as they are lived now.
Please message me on Instagram so that we can get into what is going on in your lives, as well.
Yak Face was impossible to get as a kid and we carried that with us through our lives as collectors.
But what mostly emerges from the film is a sense of their intricately intertwined lives as both collaborators and cohabitors.
We are driven to force as much leisure into our lives as possible—it's what the rich do, after all.
But the last thing Daniels expected was that he would save numerous lives as he tried to save his own.
In this instance, I was interested in talking about how their emotional lives as boys affected the men they became.
They were asked about their civilian lives as well, including their previous occupation, family background, regional identity, religion, and education.
Senator Gillibrand's recent legislation will help ensure that survivors like Macy can lead lives as legally whole and independent adults.
The documentary weaves such an effective story here, it's impossible not to invest in these individuals' lives as you're watching.
My only hope is to save as many lives as I can, and to die risking my life for another.
A contestant who lives as a woman, Dutzer said, recently competed, though they hadn't taken hormones or had feminizing surgery.
Here and elsewhere, Trump's agenda depends on policies that render working-class lives—including white working-class livesas expendable.
The work highlights the fact that technology is becoming nearly as esential to our lives as our organs and senses.
We're looking forward to re-centering that movement aspect; not just social justice, but our internal spiritual lives as well.
So when players protest societal discrimination against African-American men, this is a protest that concerns their lives as employees.
In the pages of wimmelbooks, everyone lives as if they've never left, nor for that matter are they recently arrived.
But lives as well as livelihoods are possibly at stake in what's being said, and everyday conversation becomes a minefield.
The party no longer seeks to control every aspect of people's personal lives as it did decades ago, she says.
"In some ways we've been preparing for this all our lives as organizers and as small-scale farmers," she said.
It has also had a huge impact on people's lives as the closure of business has pushed up local unemployment.
Then they randomly assigned the volunteers to start exercising, meditating or continue with their normal lives as a control group.
The series lifts their accusations from the tabloid gutter and repositions them in the context of their lives as women.
They are living their lives as usual and passing it to people who are getting very ill, and some dying.
The public is highly motivated to protect American lives, as are members of Congress who are responsive to the public.
By the time we meet them, the Tyrones, gutted by the past, are living compromised lives, as we all do.
It obviously didn't come from our lives as hunters and gatherers, who were content to work as little as possible.
It will put workers' lives as well as ecologically rich and economically important waters and coastlines at needless additional risk.
In one, a control, men lived their lives as they always did and did not meet with the study's investigators.
However, along the way, we often neglect the significance of others in our lives as we focus only on ourselves.
According to the National Hurricane Center, at least 173 people lost their lives as a direct result of the storm.
On the other hand, men are way, way, way behind women in their thinking about their lives as gendered beings.
Almost all oysters start out their lives as male, but as they grow larger, many of them will switch genders.
But I don't think people realize how exposed and vulnerable they are in their everyday lives as we become more connected.
"There's so many things that come up about choice and the way we approach our lives as women, particularly," she explained.
"Both Obama and Modi have spent most of their lives as outsiders," said Vickery, a global fellow at the Wilson Center.
While some editors continued to live their lives as they did before the photographers invaded, others took advantage of the situation.
We can all be grateful that it did, because he was able to touch so many more lives as a result.
Passengers carrying luggage ran for their lives as the fire spread, and several people were running covered in flames, witnesses said.
The alternative, of course, is that they were just letting others in on their lives as usual, without Kim in mind.
Kha and Hasan do not so much present their subject's intimate lives as address how they, and we, access that intimacy.
"There's so many things that come up about choice and the way we approach our lives as women, particularly," she explained.
But truthfully, I think that may just be the case with all our social lives as we get older and busier.
The researchers found that the pre-schooled kids—and in particular the boys—have had considerably different lives as a result.
For many users, social media is the focal point of their social lives as well as their main source of news.
"They are delighted that the beautiful grounds of Windsor Castle will be where they begin their lives as a married couple."
Being able to treat and advise patients according to individual biological predispositions saves time and therefore lives, as well as money.
Enter the Bachelor, the seasonal show of romance that's just as much a fixture in our lives as the night sky.
An amateur video aired by Globo TV showed children screaming, running and begging for their lives as loud shots were heard.
The couple recently welcomed baby Shai to their family, and they've been having the time of their lives as new parents.
"We are working around the clock to save as many lives as we can as fast as we can," Fontaine said.
All around are ordinary Palestinians who suffer under the detested occupation but go about their daily lives as best they can.
Fifty-eight people lost their lives as gunman Stephen Paddock fired round after round into the panic-stricken mass of people.
An estimated three-quarters of the dogs on Earth are not pets, instead living their lives as semi- or undomesticated scavengers.
When people do not get paid, it has a huge impact on their lives, as we saw in the federal shutdown.
The good news is, working together, there are ways to address these issues and save as many lives as we can.
They'll say anything, they'll make any accusation, they will destroy as many lives as they can to maintain their own power.
What have you learned as investors that you might not have guessed would be true in your earlier lives as founders?
If he told Americans to start living their lives as normal, it is likely that at least some Republicans would comply.
And the C.D.C. isn't some marginal agency: It's as crucial to safeguarding American lives as, say, the Department of Homeland Security.
Then some of the volunteers randomly were assigned to continue with their normal lives as a control or to start exercising.
Your niece (and brother-in-law) will be well served by having as many loving adults in their lives as possible.
The laws also give the state a tool to interfere in people's intimate lives as a means of leverage and intimidation.
But it was a time before social media, and stars didn't share as much about their lives as they do now.
Reconsidering heart surgery: Drug therapy alone may save lives as effectively as bypass or stenting procedures, a large federal study showed.
Victorians, especially, were concerned with thinking of children as pure, pre-sexed beings for as much of their lives as possible.
INDOORS This building had a few lives as a tavern and was also a 6103th-century apothecary with a surgeon's office.
Abraha knows little of Southeast Washington, just as he knows little about his customers' lives as they unfold outside Holiday Market.
His IMDb page claims he once appeared on a 2003 episode of Days of Our Lives as a young Roman Brady.
Many Americans have been protesting the cuts by pointing out the many ways that art enriches our livesas they should.
It wasn't just Democratic lawmakers who made reference to #MeToo moments in their own lives as the confirmation fight played out.
Many colorful and stunning prints focus on wakashu alone, going about their daily lives as merchants, musicians, fishermen, and even samurai.
Now I'm a post-menopausal woman, it's more about where we've got to, where we are in our lives as women.
Most of the more than 7,000 rebels who have surrendered their weapons have started new lives as farmers, community leaders and journalists.
We're all aware that bodies change drastically throughout our livesas we go through puberty, have babies, get older, what have you.
His grandfather Fulton — which was how he was known — seems to have lived two distinct lives, as a disbeliever and a believer.
The platform may reward authenticity and encourage gurus like Charles to open up about their personal lives as well as their work.
We're told it follows 4 up and coming comedians in their daily lives, as they hustle for their big break in Hollywood.
We've all felt a bit off at least once in our lives, as if we're looking at the world through frosted glass.
I think that there's a sense within the community that your case will touch the rest of our lives [as trans people].
The real treat may be seeing both actors as cute boys having the time of their lives as they perform the number.
"Very massive stars, greater than about 8 times the mass of our sun, end their lives as these titanic explosions," Summers said.
They do nothing to address real health concerns or discrimination, or to provide resources to help them lead independent lives as adults.
"They are trying to position Intel as enabling technology that can help transform individual lives, as well as enterprise technologies," said Ing.
The impact of hacked personal medical devices, though, could be far graver— endangering patient's lives as well as exposing private medical data.
And there is this: Delle Donne spends her off-seasons in her home state of Delaware, where her family lives as well.
We keep our lives as private as possible — the exception of breast cancer and that is only to save other peoples lives!
Poore treats readers to flashes of his other lives as he goes through the last couple of chances that he has left.
Billie Lee wanted to show that transgender women are fun, and normal, and have the same kind of lives as everyone else.
Several Pepperdine men's basketball players tell TMZ Sports they feared for their lives as the wildfires raged near their campus this weekend.
The victims, as always, are the Syrian people, who are giving their lives as world powers and terrorist chieftains decide their fates.
" Bezos and MacKenzie announced in a statement on the billionaire's Twitter that they had decided to continue their "shared lives as friends.
The role textiles play in our daily lives as garments is a concept explored by some of the works in the exhibition.
In June 2017, they starred in a video where they reflected on how "Nanny" Connie Simpson had enhanced their lives as parents.
In interviews, they described their lives as split in two: the women they were before the episode, and who they became after.
PG: Was the tenuousness of your lives as girls, whether material or emotional, what sent you into the world with such gusto?
Many wore shirts that read "You Can't Play With Black Lives" as they blocked off the railway, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.
It's no exaggeration to say that millions of Americans will live longer and healthier lives as a result of this visionary legislation.
Four in 10 Democratic men said they felt less tolerant of sexism in their own lives as a result of the hearings.
That means students are likely interacting with statistics and visualized data, not just in school, but in their everyday lives as well.
"Parents should be able to assist their daughters wherever possible and have them live lives as comfortable as their sons," Mitei said.
What I wish the Republican nominee understood is that our daily lives as black T-shirt-wearing techno snobs is challenging enough.
Franco-Pineda refers to herself as a "mamarazzi": a mother who records as much of her three other children's lives as possible.
The official said there is a fear in Israel that Trump's slip could damage the country's intelligence and put lives as risk.
The idea is that AR can reach widespread adoption in our everyday lives, as it does with the new Google Maps feature.
Witnesses described people screaming and running for their lives as the van driver wove back and forth just after 5:30 p.m.
But despite these road bumps, Alexa is quickly becoming as much a part of our lives as the TV set and telephone.
To be sure, research shows that older people tend to look back at their livesas it happens, through rose-colored glasses.
In order to save as many lives as possible, Gates and Gawande say they focus their efforts on children and older adults.
That's worth an A. Trading just wrapped, so how have our companies performed thus far in their nascent lives as public companies?
Lives As the judicial secretary in a court devoted to domestic-violence cases in Nicaragua, I transcribe everything said in our hearings.
The trainers are also friendly and motivating, offering technical tips, encouraging words, and even snippets about their personal lives as you ride.
The patriarchy makes women treat their entire lives as beauty pageants, the framing says, striving for male approval in order to survive.
Children need consistency; I didn't want to insert myself into their lives as a temporary fixture because I didn't want to disappoint them.
They see their lives as being one where you work in one country, you live in another, you end up in a third.
Because of their tireless efforts, JPD thought it was best to let both dogs live the rest of their lives as "regular" dogs.
Some are old, some are strays, and some have saved the humans in their lives as much as the humans have saved them.
It's especially useful when you make a dumb mistake or just ran out of lives, as you can immediately skip back in time.
This allows people to then go about their lives as normal, without facing as much of a desire to use potentially dangerous drugs.
"Our kids have very normal lives, as much as that's possible, so she didn't even get a title on the album," Lively said.
As for Hilton Rothschild, she and husband James Rothschild are still busy settling into their lives as parents to two girls under 2.
Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Kate (Chrissy Metz) navigate pivotal moments in their lives as only the Pearson family can.
Bieber, who burst into our lives as a tiny Canadian songbird with bangs, is halfway back to the signature swoop on his forehead.
And at CLF [the Clara Lionel Foundation], our mission is to impact as many lives as possible, but it starts with just one.
Meanwhile, Americans of all stripes could pay a serious price in their daily lives as businesses find new ways to screw them over.
Can't wait for the Downton Abbey spinoff "Branson & Talbot" where Tom and Henry get to finally explore their lives as secret gay lovers.
Plus: him and Renton are (literal) blood brothers and the love of each other's lives, as another character points out in the film.
They were trying to keep the flames from devouring neighborhoods and taking lives, as gigantic fires still burning in Northern California have done.
Super Drags: NETFLIX ORIGINAL Three gay friends, working by day at a department store, lead double lives as crime-fighting superhero drag queens.
Rob and Chyna's recent separation makes it impossible for the show to go on, since it centers on their lives as a unit.
We love to hear about their lives as parents when the cameras aren't rolling, especially when the dads have adorable things to say.
" Bezos and MacKenzie announced in a statement on the billionaire's Twitter account that they had decided to continue their "shared lives as friends.
They broke through a barricade near the 16th century fortress where the governor lives as cops fired tear gas to disperse the crowds.
She describes her family as "coping and getting on with our lives" as the fifth anniversary of the tragedy approaches on Dec. 7.
We're trying to hold onto as many lives as possible, even as we watch the bridges to a better future for us burn.
A cholera outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has claimed 528 lives as of September 22, according to the World Health Organization.
What we don't see are the tens of thousands of people who took their own lives, as suicides hit an all-time high.
Face it: no matter how we try, Tomi Lahren is going to be part of our lives as long as the internet exists.
For a member of the royal family, whose members guard their private lives as closely as their crown jewels, such openness was extraordinary.
What about those who can't afford to take the risk of stepping away from their lives, as much as they may want to?
"I get to wear people's lives [as an actor], so I got to wear Muhammad Ali's greatness," Smith, 47, said in his speech.
How to integrate them into our lives as a useful tool, rather than a compulsive habit, is a question that needs an answer.
HBO's Chernobyl miniseries is infused with this profound sense of sorrow, which infiltrated people's lives as insidiously as radioactive particles penetrated their bodies.
Eyewitnesses described fleeing for their lives as beachfront hotels and homes were swept away by a towering wall of water on Saturday evening.
Yes, he professionally plays Prince Charmings, but he also leads alternative artistic lives: as a pop singer, JbDubs, and drag queen, Uhu Betch.
While the players are the central subjects, the movie doesn't dig as deeply into their lives as "Hoops Dreams" does with its subjects.
We're all performing for this crowd that doesn't really exist and it makes us see our own lives as a kind of performance.
Marina Korneeva, a pharmacist, on her daily commute from her job in Marinka to Kurakhovo, where she lives as an internally displaced person.
"We're trying to unite people in the common good of saving kids' lives, as opposed to saying we should ban guns," he said.
Liquor has remained a significant influence in Americans' lives, as this compact account of the nation's often tumultuous relationship with the bottle reveals.
Unlike previous generations that viewed their personal, professional and philanthropic lives as separate, millennials tend to integrate all the elements of their lives.
In "The Songs That Shook America," a choir member says that they were singing for their lives as they originally performed the song.
Bernie Sanders are proposing a major expansion of government involvement in Americans' lives as a way to boost the middle and working classes.
And fitness brands are becoming increasingly entrenched in every aspect of their customers&apos lives, as Business Insider&aposs Bethany Biron recently reported.
" Abbott said the top goal of officials is to save as many lives as possible, adding that it is an "all-out effort.
But on the flip side, it's an area where we can have huge impact on, obviously, people's lives as well as on the economy.
China wants its population to spend more of their money in China, bettering themselves and their lives, as part of its future growth path.
And as for his relationship with Perry, Groban said it didn't last long, but that they have remained in one another's lives as friends.
We&aposre at a point now where we can - we are a free people and can pursue our lives as we would like to.
We know it because we see the contributions of refugees and immigrants in our everyday lives as our neighbors, teachers, doctors, and police officers.
Donald Trump has charted his path to the White House by identifying the movement for black lives as that which America's greatness stands against.
Amazon has become an increasingly ubiquitous part of our lives, as more and more people receive weekly — and even daily — packages from the company.
The spokesperson stated that the campaign draws on "funny anecdotal experiences" of their own lives as "strong independent business leaders, wives, partners and girlfriends".
It's a biting commentary on deepening inequality and other problems that have many young and poor people describing their lives as a hellish nightmare.
Sitting presidents tend to select remote "getaway" locations that are easier to secure specifically to create as little disruption to civilian lives as feasible.
Because it's a bunch of white guys designing for themselves, so they're trying to make their lives as simple as possible, like as convenient.
The 19-year-old star, who entered our lives as a young kid, now constantly infiltrates our Instagram "saved" section for new hairstyle inspiration.
After all, if you acknowledge that Naloxone "extends" lives (as LePage does), then making the drug harder to access will cut some lives short.
People around the world are taking a hard look at the role that social media plays in our lives as white supremacist fascism spreads.
When the world becomes so violent that they're no longer able to live their lives as before, they default to just trying to survive.
It's up to every single man or strong person in that tribe that that's how we need to live our lives as we preach.
Providing support for those who have been rescued is vital as they seek to build their lives as free men and women, he says.
That's not so unusual where she lives, as the region is home to a plethora of ophidians, from harmless corn snakes to venomous rattlers.
In theory that could mean that Trump and his aides could find their past lives, as well as their present arrangements, open to investigation.
Northern Nomad's final resting place underscores the inequality generated by a lack of efficiency in how we plan our daily lives as North Americans.
"We are excited to share this new journey in our lives as the babies are now 'on the move,' " the Waldrops tell PEOPLE exclusively.
Only this way can companies with the best business models and most innovative ideas can improve consumer lives, as is the example with Zvooq.
Russian interference in our election didn't cost lives as 9-85033 did, but it was a serious assault upon to our basic democratic institutions.
In the same interview Tuesday, he told CNN that the current president puts the value of guns above students' lives, as did past administrations.
Americans with disabilities want the things that all other Americans want: homes, families and the freedom to do with their lives as they wish.
Today, the grid no longer divides neatly into consumers and producers, and it lives as much on the internet as on poles and wires.
FaZe Adapt and FaZe Banks each have more than 5 million YouTube subscribers who follow their lives as part of the notable gaming crew.
Civilians are brutalized and  killed by police all too often, but cops risk their lives as they make arrests, go undercover or search residences.
Her sons left home for work four years ago, and the couple has been trying to manage their lives as best as they can.
We talk about how to center pleasure in our lives as a way to resist the things Black people have been told about themselves.
The Democratic platform offers millennials more of the same, but abortion has not served millennials or improved their lives, as countless personal stories attest.
Still, every minute counts, and bystanders can play a critical role in saving lives, as shown in the aftermath to the shooting on Oct.
The recommendations he offered were the most substantive to date on how he would advise Americans carry out their lives as the virus spreads.
Previously remote controversies now feel so much a part of our lives as to demand that we do something, now, about all of them.
She was 22 years old, and is one of at least 33 people who have lost their lives as a result of the blaze.
And then you see the group en masse as it casually, thoughtlessly, and inevitably ruins multiple lives, as though it can't quite help itself.
They then divided the men and women randomly into three groups, one of which was asked to continue their normal lives as a control.
Most people live their lives as though it will go on forever, which is to say we take so much of it for granted.
Murdoch troubles this false separation and helps us understand Yellow Bird and Clarke, and by extension Native and non-Native lives, as deeply intertwined.
Eight years and counting of bloodshed have condemned a generation of Syrian men to their deaths, to prison or to precarious lives as refugees.
The families of Tony and Megan ask for privacy during this difficult time in our lives as we mourn the loss of our families.
I think it's a really healthy thing for the kids to see their dad very involved in their lives, as well as their mom.
But Doshi treats this everydayness like the beach on which Grace lives: as a back-and-forth proposition, constantly in motion, always shifting slightly.
I always think about what happens to regular people who go through tragic circumstances as children and how it affects their lives as adults.
With Paul (Hawkins), the only other remaining survivor, the duo must fight for their lives as they brave the wilderness and battle brutal conditions.
Many of the gunmen have taken their own lives, as the one did in the Pearl Harbor shipyard attack and as Specialist Lopez did.
The movie turns its heroines' journeys -- their inner lives as well as their professional ones -- into elaborate epics that defy easy classification or summary.
In recent months, Instagram has been testing hiding likes in several countries, including Ireland, where McAllister lives, as well as Australia and New Zealand.
Humanity is great, he argues, and we should make sure there are as many human beings living good lives as there possibly can be.
"Irwin added she and her family have continued to honor their grandmother "by being Wildlife Warriors and saving as many lives as we can.
Two dozen priests and seminarians from 13 states shared details of their lives as gay men within the church with The New York Times.
It's not your job to be criticizing or correcting what people do in their lives, as long as it's not causing harm to anyone.
The Wipro workers said they gain a window into lives as they view a vacation photo or a post memorializing a deceased family member.
The undead sitcom is back for Season 3 with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant once again returning to their lives as Sheila and Joel Hammond.
Episode 2, "Our Town" The kids try to go back to their normal lives as best as possible, but it's harder on some than others.
With her gone, I was the oldest in the house—that included my mother, who was as absent from our lives as Dad and Susan.
His squishy, day-glo designs start their lives as iPad sketches, which then travel through Photoshop, printers, and acrylic to eventually exit as tangible canvases.
Dan and Axios transportation reporter Joann Muller discuss the future of self-driving cars, and if they'll really save as many lives as advocates claim.
The only difference between Howell and any other formerly dumb teenager is that the rest of us weren't forced to live our lives as TaurusStarGazer95.
But anyone who lives as an Aries 24/7 knows that their experiences, behavior, and personality can't be encapsulated in a fire-engine-red gloss.
The rare outing comes two years after the Olsen twins opened up to Net-a-Porter's The Edit about their current lives as fashion moguls.
While most of us prefer to live our live our lives as digitally as possible, occasionally we'll make a foray into the world of physical.
It has been two years since her family fled from the Iraqi city fearing for their lives, as ISIS ushered in a reign of terror.
Bunker staff lived secret lives as hotel workers, and the shelter was upgraded every few years with new furniture and up-to-date medical equipment.
The threat of violence is now a daily part of our lives as Sikh Americans, just as it is for our Muslim brothers and sisters.
No one could understand that more and speak to the mass consumption of [famous] people's lives as commodities and how silly that is than me.
View more of Peters' work with burneshas, people who are born female but live their lives as male "sworn virgins" in parts of Albania, here.
The Junkie Whore is a bogeyman used to scare marginalized women straight, yet she has little to do with our lives as we live them.
The show catches you up on our lives as the first season was shot at Biola University while we were still going to school there.
It would have allowed most rank-and-file fighters to start lives as normal citizens, and rebel leaders to receive reduced sentences for war crimes.
"Few industries touch Americans' daily lives as much as the wireless market," Senator Mike Lee, a Republican who chairs the subcommittee said in a statement.
Um, OK, now let's go back to our lives as usual,'" Obama said Monday in London at an event to promote her new memoir "Becoming.
The redesign must keep real people and real lives as the top priority to ensure the U.S. appropriately adopts the range of proven best practices.
Blacks and Hispanic Americans, both those who had attained a college degree and those who hadn't, continued to live longer lives as mortality rates fell.
His past lives as a truck driver, singer, and pig castrator makes for no shortage of tipsy conversation when he works the bar at Grumpy's.
Younger people act super confident with these platforms, but actually, they're just as stressed about how to integrate it into their lives as everyone else.
Trump isn't the first showman known nearly as much for his marital lives as for his tendency toward oratorical extremes about refugees and "criminal" immigrants.
Beyond that, these questions don't take into account that many women are single by choice and are perfectly happy with their lives as they are.
Why this matters: What researchers learn about the fire's extreme behavior could save lives, as climate change makes fire conditions more volatile across the West.
I was just feeling like, this stuff is my life, and part of all our lives as non-white people in a white-dominated society.
More retirees, for instance, are choosing to keep their mortgages for much longer into their lives as new "aging in place" services become more popular.
Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government officials said they were focusing on saving lives as they anticipated several more days of flooding and destruction.
For them and other members of junior hockey teams across the country, buses become almost as much a part of their lives as ice rinks.
When I spoke with the women in the film, they articulated the joys of their lives as well as the struggles, both systemic and individual.
There are expenses they prioritize that are specific to their lives as people of color that might otherwise be considered expendable by FIRE die-hards.
In a war zone, bad calls can endanger lives, as troops are either needlessly airlifted or kept in the field when they cannot think straight.
Falling labor force participation, sluggish wage growth, and associated dysfunctional marriage and child-rearing patterns have undermined the meaning of working people's lives as well.
After the 1967 war they move to Kuwait, where they have upper-middle-class lives as doctors and professors in big houses tended by servants.
"Circumstances push (Taliban widows) into a precarious position and compel them to continue their lives as sex slaves in the hands of Taliban," she said.
It's becoming more important to be aware of how our phones affect our lives as they take over more and more aspects of our days.
The former gives the family the financial independence that they have expressed they want to obtain as they begin their new lives as private citizens.
Totally. An important question for me is how do we put the phone down and participate in our real lives as movers, as embodied people?
Neither of those things happened, though the couple's site presents several details about their new lives, as if they have been settled with the family.
It's as if the playwright is saying, if you're not interested in these women's lives as they experience them, then I have nothing for you.
Perhaps, somewhere in the territory of the self, a border marks the place where our lives as citizens end and our sovereignty as individuals begins.
They didn't want to find ways to make their work more exhilarating; they wanted to find ways to accommodate it to their lives as parents.
Perhaps as a vestige of their former lives as market editors, Fiffer and Sperling aim to unearth, promote and collaborate with local talent through Botanica.
"After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the couple write.
The plot is about a deadly game show where contestants are convicted criminals who must run for their lives as they're hunted by professional killers.
It's as if the playwright is saying, if you're not interested in these women's lives as they experience them, then I have nothing for you.
Young adults from the top socioeconomic quartile report nearly double the number of nonfamilial adults in their lives as their peers from the bottom quartile.
Up Next Name Dylan Geick Age 19 Hometown Chicago Now Lives As a freshman at Columbia University, Mr. Geick lives in an on-campus dormitory.
"After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the statement read.
The destructive wildfires in California have resulted in the tragic loss of dozens of lives, as well as the widespread destruction of communities across the state.
Going forward, it asks what kind of choices they get to make — whether anyone will let them live their lives as the new people they've become.
Facebook advises its marketers to take advantage of the moments after a breakup, sliding into their newly-single lives as "part of the journey" to recovery.
In a statement, the Orlando Police Department said its officers and other law enforcement officers did everything they could to save as many lives as possible.
Children of successful celebrities typically don't live traditional lives as their childhoods and upbringings can often cause them to take things for granted or become troubled.
Seneca, the ancient Roman writer, said we should live each day of our lives as if it may be the last -- because it indeed may be.
"Although some intersex people identify as non-binary, gender queer, or something else altogether, many intersex people live their lives as women or men," Davis says.
Since then, she&aposs performed at a benefit concert in Charlottesville, N.C., aligned herself with the March for Our Lives as well as Black Lives Matter.
Why should young women map out their lives as though husbands and babies aren't going to come along and happily put a wrench in those plans?
The Trump administration also has argued that by lowering the cost of vehicles, it will save lives as more people will sell older, less safe models.
Him living out entire lives as other people across time is harder to swallow, even for those (like us) who are all about tinfoil hat theories!
The former Pizza Hut structures that these two intrepid photojournalists uncover now have second lives as grocery stores, pawnshops, gospel churches, liquor stores, and funeral homes.
Founder of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching Lisa Marie Bobby says most people don't actually think of their everyday lives as a true reflection of themselves.
"Parents said, 'He dresses as a girl, he lives as a girl, he plays with girls,' " recalled Mr. Heinert, a Democrat who voted against the bill.
Two Americans who were trapped in the British Virgin Islands, fearing for their lives, as Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean are on their way home.
Is there a way to reconcile the knowledge that so many women have been victimized with our insistence that victimhood doesn't define our lives as women?
You know how contestants on The Bachelor leave the show and inevitably start their new lives as Instagram influencers for Sugar Bear Hair gummies and such?
Smithee credited a heavy police presence for saving lives as chaos descended on the festival in Gilroy, a city about 30 miles south of San Jose.
FOSTA and SESTA began their respective lives as two different bills created in an effort to curb sex trafficking on online personals sites — in particular,
We know that whatever we do, when people are ready to kill themselves and blindly destroy as many lives as possible, we cannot have perfect security.
Even with an estimated 1 million to 2 million covered lives as negotiating leverage, they still employ a tiny fraction of the employer health insurance market.
Recently, the company added freeze-framed images from those webcams, making browsing through people's public and private lives as easy as clicking through a Netflix catalog.
Jennifer, Charisse, Buttercup, Latricia, Samira, Gertrude, Emma, Genesis and Gracie have spent their lives as scientific research subjects at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana.
"We think our students will be comforted by keeping as much stability in their lives as possible, even during a difficult period of mourning," Battles said.
At town hall meetings, protests, and on calls with Congressional staff, we relive the worst days of our lives as we mercifully beg for basic healthcare.
Addicts rarely receive effective drug treatment behind bars, and when they are released they have a diminished opportunity to build lives as productive members of society.
Another danger — one less obvious but more primal — also exists: our need to live our lives as we have always lived them regardless of changed circumstances.
The consultancy highlighted the Lion Air crash off Indonesia in October -- in which 189 people lost their lives -- as the deadliest single incident for the year.
And for now these communities quietly get on with their lives as they wait for the army, not the "old man," to decide what happens next.
Both "Union Street" and "Blow Your House Down" — pounding accounts of women's physical experience, of their lives as bodies — should be better known than they are.
Many educators in district schools felt as if they were fighting for their professional lives as charters took more and more students — and public funding — away.
Who knows, though: Maybe the games I never got back had as profound an influence on their new owners' lives as this one did on mine.
"It's the life-saving mode: Trying to save as many lives as possible," said Larry Larson, senior policy adviser at the Association of State Floodplain Managers.
Donald Trump is another savvy politician who well understands the visceral importance of sport in our lives, as evidenced by his intrusion into NFL protests debate.
As the #MeToo movement continues to grow, more individuals are speaking out against sexual harassment not only at work but in their personal lives as well.
They have exchanged their routine lives as lawyers, engineering majors, radio broadcasters and merchants for one of ever-changing safe houses, encrypted messaging apps and pseudonyms.
They're afraid that the technology will take jobs away from taxi and truck drivers, and they're skeptical that the technology will save lives as supporters claim.
First, by what the drugs and the job losses had done to their parents, and the options that they saw for their lives as a result.
Williams and Bonacorsi have had to map out schedules down to every detail, and reach compromises to ensure a balance in their lives as working parents.
It can speak to women having autonomy over their lives (as it does in another context: reproductive rights), or to limiting government overreach into people's lives.
But whichever side they are on, all Yemeni women grieve and try to make sense of their lives as they stand in the midst of chaos.
Two out of every five 12th-graders said they had tried vaping at some point in their young lives, as had one in five 8th-graders.
By then, however, tens of thousands of troops fighting for America and its allies, had lost their lives, as well as at least 180,000 Iraqi civilians.
More than 20 people and about half a billion animals, by one estimate, have lost their lives as the fires have burned through millions of acres.
This means the couple will be able to focus on their new lives as not-so-senior royals and on becoming financially independent from the Queen.
With the "Following" tab gone HPs (Horny People) will now be able to live their horny lives as they choose, without showcasing their horniness on main.
Yet Mr. Santos also faced a challenge in renegotiating new terms with the rebels, who had been promised new lives as civilians and a clean slate.
Part 1, "Islands," has an amazing moment in which newly hatched marine iguanas run for their lives as racer snakes, dozens of them, slither after them.
These "jökulhlaups", a type of glacial outburst flood, alter landscapes, devastate vegetation and threaten lives as well as infrastructure, including hydroelectric plants along glacier-fed rivers.
We know that when women have access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, their lives as well as the lives of their families and communities are greatly improved.
Capturing over 600 hours of vérité footage, the directors Suzannah Herbert and Lauren Belfer observe the young men's chaotic personal lives as closely as their wrestling.
"We need to stop and think about what this means for children's lives now and how it may impact their future lives as adults," Longfield writes.
But simple cooling vests, tweaked for use in the region by a University of Toronto student, could help save lives as climate change brings increasing summer heat.
Gerwig wrote the screenplay from Louisa May Alcott's classic novel, and apparently it will focus more on the March sisters' lives as young adults than previous adaptations.
Getting hospitals up and running will certainly save lives, as will delivering food to the neediest communities and getting communications and power infrastructure back up and running.
The image feels like a looming threat that we must change our lives, as an archaic sculpture told Rainer Maria Rilke in his famous poem — or else.
She began playing cute, twentysomething ingenue roles, but even then, she had hidden depths, giving small characters full lives as she alternated between sadness and rage onscreen.
The AU has 20,000 men in Somalia, but many of them are reluctant to risk their lives as they count the days until they can go home.
"We need to stop and think about what this means for children's lives now and how it may impact on their future lives as adults," warns Longfield.
And they're not giving up until we have a Congress that sees your lives as more important than a campaign check from the you've got to vote.
But this has serious consequences: If people are pushed back into the closet, they're obviously much less likely to be open about their lives as LGBTQ people.
There, the family, soldiers and journalists spent one of the most terrifying nights of our lives as explosions rocked the building and a deadly firefight raged outside.
Advances in treatment and prevention have made AIDS a chronic disease, with which patients live full and productive lives, as if they did not have the virus.
At an early morning media conference in Brussels, May offered reassurance to Europeans: "They will be able to go on living their lives as before," she said.
If people must retrain throughout their lives, as well as save more for retirement, a costly, one-shot education at the start might become an unmanageable burden.
The title of another FBI informant's memoir—I Led Three Lives (as Communist, informer, and "citizen")—was more apt, suggesting the multiple identities the collaborator regularly assumes.
For $300, Mr. Winn got the seats from an abandoned movie theater in Austin that has had other lives as a Mexican wrestling venue and a bazaar.
As production wraps on the final season of Girls, it seems the stars of the show are entering the next chapters in their real lives as well.
I just hope that other students can look at my story and maybe learn from it and make their lives as college students a little bit easier.
"You're also the most recent to have lost two airplanes and 346 lives as a result of a problem with your quality and your airplane," Garamendi retorted.
I have endless admiration for Warren Buffett, but arguing that people should hold stocks for their entire lives -- as he did this morning -- is just not realistic.
" Oddly enough, he didn't attack the white Prime Minister for echoing Khan's sentiments, when she said, "Everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would.
More than a third of women said they are feeling less tolerant of sexism in their own lives as a result of Trump's victory, the polling said.
In fact, most of us walk across that stage to accept a diploma just as clueless about what to do with our lives as when we began.
TV's Krystal Ball earlier this month, referencing movements such as the Women's March and March for Our Lives, as well as health-care and tax law protests.
"Youth who have been homeless have often had a lot of negative, highly stressful things happen in their lives as they've grown up," Barnes said by email.
And those a few years removed from their time running cities -- like Booker and Castro -- are reintroducing voters to those chapters of their lives as 19703 looms.
Beyond denouncing the election results, let's ask why this massive market of voters supported Trump's candidacy and find opportunities for technology to improve their lives, as well.
"The discipline that they had in their lives as young people, men and women, to get to that point, indicated an extra set of discipline, " says Schmidt.
"It is key to help children continue their lives as normally as possible, but at the same time be aware of what is happening," Dr. Raccanello said.
In this episode, they find themselves alongside Marie Curie on the French battlefront during World War I, as she attempts to save as many lives as possible.
The settlers have hailed that man as a hero, saying he fired into the air to save the children's lives as Palestinian youths pelted them with stones.
We often talk about investing in markets that in success will really change our lives, as opposed to kind of being spread too thin on the toast.
The men and women there are taught to see their lives as a hero's journey with three stages: from Separation through Initiation and then back to Return.
Because of the relatively low risk for most people, Fradin said families should continue living their lives as they've been, assuming their community hasn't been instructed otherwise.
Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have renounced British taxpayer money as they embark on their new lives as non-royals and part-time residents of Canada.
Every day, as soon as the manager, Troy Chatterton, opens the door, customers rush into Three Lives as if for a fix of a singularly restorative oxygen.
I knew multiple journalists who, for the first times in their careers, legitimately feared not just for their lives but for their family members' lives as well.
"African-Americans have always viewed the protection of black lives as a civil rights issue, whether the threat comes from police officers or street criminals," he writes.
The decline of coal could be saving thousands of lives as power plants reduce air pollution by switching to natural gas, according to a study published Monday.
Pompeo and others have described the threat to U.S. lives as imminent while acknowledging that the timing and place of the planned attack were not fully known.
More than 22015 Nigerians landed in Lagos on a flight from Johannesburg late Wednesday because their old livesas immigrants living in South Africa — had become untenable.
More than 22015 Nigerians landed in Lagos on a flight from Johannesburg late Wednesday because their old livesas immigrants living in South Africa — had become untenable.
The coronavirus epidemic that originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has already infected an estimated 7,800 people and claimed 170 lives as of Thursday morning.
Every day, as soon as the manager, Troy Chatterton, opens the door, customers rush into Three Lives as if for a fix of a singularly restorative oxygen.
Despite these differences, Yeager says there are aspects of Katie and Dalton's lives, as well as the lives of other people with cystic fibrosis, in the movie.
Many recognize how decisions made in Congress greatly impact and have long-lasting effects on their lives as well as the lives of their family and friends.
It was also to celebrate the love and support of those who helped us get to this point in our lives, as a couple and as individuals.
Elections are often still held, as they have been in Venezuela, the news media retains nominal freedom and most citizens can go about their lives as normal.
But we'll also zero in on how these changes could play out in people's lives, as Sarah did in her recent reporting about Obamacare enrollees in Kentucky.
She's found a great platform on which she can share exciting peeks into her professional and personal lives, as well as advocate for the causes she holds dear.
"We think our students will be comforted by keeping as much stability in their lives as possible, even during a difficult period of mourning," Battles said, per CNN.
Scream is unique in that it mostly plays by these rules, in a world where the characters constantly refer to their own lives as a living horror movie.
Despite being a Seventh Day Adventist, Desmond (Andrew Garfield) enlists in the army, determined to help the cause without violating his principles by saving lives as a medic.
The video was supposed to be a light-hearted "update" of our lives as we moved out of our college house where we'd made countless, Prosecco-infused memories.
Many of my patients also have strong faith, and I hope that they can find the same comfort, acceptance, and understanding in their own lives as I have.
"The FAA's 'wait-and-see' attitude risks lives as well as the safety reputation of the US aviation industry," Paul Hudson, the organization's president, said in a statement.
This has transformed lives as sea cucumber farmers can earn $124 a month, triple the average income in the area, said Liz Day, a manager with Blue Ventures.
It was about convincing them to show up and fight for the rights of people of color even when their lives as white women weren't directly impacted — yet.
Apple's push (one of a number of additions that have made the Health app more useful in recent years) should certainly help save more people's lives, as well.
This includes smart scheduling software that ensures work is as local to where a caregiver lives as possible and that each client visit is close to the next.
The Bachelor's season 20 star and the winner, Lauren Bushnell, will document their lives as a couple and their wedding planning experiences in a new reality television show.
Many studies and observers cite the rise of mobile devices and their growing role in our lives as a possible cause behind the recent spike in traffic fatalities.
News outlets are having the time of their lives as people are flocking in to subscribe, but what if you want to read more than one news outlet?
The assault is the latest in a surge in militant violence in the South Asian nation of 160 million that threatens lives as well as its economic wellbeing.
Today, despite gender bias and its fallout, women have more space and freedom than ever before to shape our lives as we see fit — not just our waists.
The show, which was the first spin-off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, followed Kourtney and Khloé's daily lives as they opened a DASH boutique in Miami.
"Our crew did everything to save as many lives as possible, but unfortunately, we have up to 30 casualties," Neugebauer told Reuters after a Sea-Watch news conference.
Despite stereotypes to the contrary, the program made it crystal clear that goal was to save as many lives as possible in the case of a nuclear attack.
He sees the media — part of whose job is to scrutinize politicians who wield enormous power over our livesas an enemy to be tamed, cajoled or intimidated.
"What kind of country would treat children's health and lives as a joke?" a user identified as SoftLipa_cen wrote on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service similar to Twitter.
The intervention that made the big difference in the children's lives, as it turned out, wasn't the added nutrition; it was the encouragement to the parents to play.
Perhaps in some small way, I and the thousands of other U.S. citizens who have traveled to, visited and worked in Russia have affected their lives, as well.
By turns talking to the camera and on the move, these five speak about their lives as Mr. Echeverria tracks each from home to street, work and church.
"After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the couple said in the statement.
From there, the fighters — an estimated 7,000 in all — would have had six months to hand over their weapons to United Nations inspectors and begin lives as civilians.
And yet, although our lives, as well as the lives of other travellers, depended on this point, it appeared to my mind merely a matter of fact-checking.
When the Battle of Mosul was underway, Americans went about their lives as usual, maybe catching an update here and there on CNN or in their local paper.
The modish opening sequence features paper cut-outs of the women as they intertwine and weave in out and of each other's lives as Mad Men-esque silhouettes.
She was very sensitive to being parentless, and considered being very involved in her children's lives as a gift she could give us that she had lost herself.
Between the 17th and 19th centuries, during the humid heights of summer, yellow fever epidemics claimed thousands of lives as the city's wealthy absconded to more hospitable climates.
Our lives as we know them have been upended: the comforts of routine squarely thrown out of the window and replaced with a combination of anxiety and dread.
Up Next Amanda Gorman Age 19 Hometown Los Angeles Now Lives As a sophomore at Harvard University, she lives in campus housing with two of her best friends.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Aperture Magazine's first issue dedicated to African American lives as represented by the medium of photography, "Vision & Justice," was published last month.
These experiences led directly to finding value in their own lives, as well as call for the lives of their community as a whole to have value, too.
Abubakar said at the time he moved from his community, residents were oblivious to the rules of social distancing as they went about their daily lives as normal.
There was something incredibly appealing about people who loved God so much that they believed it would solve every other problem in their lives, as these boys did.
In the novel, Lucy and her mother gossiped about those characters, swapping stories about their lives as tokens for the feelings they were too reserved to state directly.
And, as Google's researchers point out, such forecasting techniques are only going to become more important in our daily lives as we feel the effects of climate change.
The first show the couple announced is an original show following the Gaines' friends and favorite band, Johnnyswim, as they live their lives as musicians on the road.
Cussy lives as the town outcast with her coal-mining father and works as a packhorse librarian in Appalachia, delivering books on horseback to folks in the area.
" He continued, "If the viewers can relate to the pain and perhaps the experience, then it could save lives, as we will focus on prevention and positive outcomes.
Firefighters from the Sydney suburb of Inglewood ran for their lives as the fire burned out of control in Orangeville, around 45 miles (75 kilometers) southwest of Sydney.
He is omnipresent on social media but lives as a political phantom under police protection, rarely campaigning in person and reportedly sleeping in a different location every night.
The sisters become estranged, their lives as different as can be, until Edith's granddaughter develops her own unwavering fixation on beer and opens a brewery to rival Helen's.
Last month, two teenage Parkland survivors psychically scarred by their ordeal took their own lives, as did the father of a Sandy Hook first-grader who was killed.
I have a heart, I care about my family, I care about other people's lives as well, and that's crazy for me to have lost so many lives.
Dating coach and founder of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching Lisa Marie Bobby says most people don't think of their everyday lives as a true reflection of themselves.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Trained as an anthropologist, Erica Baum views the mundane objects integrated into our daily lives as artifacts that can reveal larger meanings.
"I don't believe the majority of our society has seen trans lives as human up until recently," user experience designer and founder of MyTransHealth Robyn Kanner told VICE.
Risking their own lives as well as their loved ones, the film is a brutally intimate look at the power of humanity in the face of the inhumane.
The "transition to illegality" usually doesn't lead to people trying to leave the US — it just leads to them seeing their own lives as more like their parents'.
Kayleigh is a stand-in of sorts for the nation's children, says Matt McPartlin of the PR firm Precision Strategies, which counts March For Our Lives as a client.
He would always be so generous and I hope that we can remember that about Charles as well, to try to live his -- live our lives as he did.
We don't want to be offering the termination of lives as a way to rectify the position women are put in, which is real and extremely unequal and unjust.
In so much of the literary canon, what happens to women who pursue lives as more than mothers and wives, who seek autonomy or even just full romantic partnerships?
The show was inspired by the experiences Jill and their sister Faith went through when the person they'd known their whole lives as their father suddenly became their mother.
"It is quite rare to find people whose principles and conviction are as closely aligned in their personal and professional lives as they were with Mr. Bogle," Bathon said.
MLG was acquired for $46 million by Activision Blizzard in 2016, but still lives as an esports content hub for Activision Blizzard titles like Call of Duty and Overwatch.
If they do not, their lives as garbage-disposal operatives are likely to be short—and, even if they do, they will need other nutrients to thrive and grow.
For some, the choir fulfilled a void in their lives, as they came from church choir backgrounds but, due to their sexuality, were no longer welcome in that world.
It also holds the seeds of compelling interpersonal drama, like Doc's constantly deferred promises to operate on Billy's foot, or Doc and Molly's double lives as official hospital staff.
Perhaps the lesson here is the reminder to live our lives as full and as present as we possibly can, because we just never know what's around the corner.
Ms Fernandez suggests that the experimental money will not so much transform new mothers' lives, as make it possible for them to take advantage of what they already have.
When the Ebola crisis broke out in West Africa in 2014, estimates in The Lancet suggested that malaria could claim as many lives as Ebola did in affected countries.
Facebook may have been looking for a way to get people to share more personal content from their lives, as it's reportedly seen a drop in this "original sharing".
Not only is it a history lesson for everyone watching, but it's also a look behind the curtain into their personal lives as major events in history were occurring.
They are, of course, real people with the same complex inner lives as anyone else, with weird tics and funny-sounding laughs and family dynamics that nobody else understands.
Freeform announced that the new series, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After will premiere this October and document their lives as a couple, along with their wedding planning adventures.
All we care about is seeing the upstairs and downstairs of Downton – the wealthy Grantham family and their loyal help – go about their lives as "modern folk" in 1927.
Ask yourself: Do you believe politicians and businesses will act as urgently as they need to if we keep living our lives as though climate change were not happening?
Unlike in Iraq's Anbar province, where civilians were kept out of territories liberated from ISIS for months, ordinary people are returning to their lives as soon as they can.
But I also found many people who didn't have any hint of racism or racial resentment whatsoever, and were simply trying to live their lives as best they could.
The 4-year-old mastiff/yellow mouth cur mix has saved hundreds of lives as a blood donor, according to Oklahoma City's KOCO News, who first reported the story.
Afterward, the patients sit around, sipping coffee and munching on muffins, catching up on each others' lives as a brown and white dog named Sage sniffs at their feet.
They are living healthier and happier lives as a result of their receiving coverage, and for them to lose that at this point would be very hurtful for them.
By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) - In general, childhood cancer survivors are just as satisfied with their sex lives as people who didn't have cancer, a recent study suggests.
Wednesday — a white sedan headed to a dealership in Florida — leaving thousands of workers to start building new lives as retirees or in new jobs, many in new cities.
A study published in June 2016 found that the two black holes which gave rise to the gravitational waves actually began their lives as massive stars orbiting one another.
That first mission won't have too many passengers, however, "because if something goes wrong, we want to risk the fewest number of lives as possible," Musk told the Post.
Though she renders the village in which Agnes lives as a sparse, post-apocalyptic zone of alienation with more livestock than people, those people interact with subdued everyday courtesy.
TB is playing the long game, happy to lie in wait in the background of our lives as other diseases, like Ebola, flare up and then burn themselves out.
"One thing that's clear, to begin with, is that we cannot see online and offline lives as two separate things—these things are now mashed," Dr. Helsper tells me.
The animals don't know that they are being occupied by humans because, as Detective Pikachu establishes, the animals would experience amnesia and not remember their past lives as humans.
The animals will remain in human care for the rest of their lives, as only one of the aquarium's eight Atlantic bottlenose dolphins has ever lived in the ocean.
Any qualms about the novel's strange premise are swept away by Gowdy's finely balanced prose; we are as entrenched in the characters' lives as Rose is in Harriet's body.
"Humans and captive animals will keep losing their lives as long as unaccredited roadside zoos like the so-called 'Conservators Center' keep imprisoning dangerous animals for entertainment," Peet said.
Over the course of the nail appointment, Seamon and the PR reps chatted mostly about their personal lives, as well as upcoming ad campaigns Seamon would fit well into.
I think most American Jews have an incredibly narrow idea of what being Jewish is, and it actually ties to my own life and my kids' lives as exiles.
Games in this genre can generally only conceive of nations or countries, those giant systems of governance that dominate our lives, as structures that produce bad byproducts at best.
When the Cultural Revolution breaks, the center of the young musicians' lives, as well as that of the country, collapses into moral abandon and an irrevocable sense of loss.
As recently as a week ago, public officials in New York were telling us not to be afraid of taking public transit or otherwise living our lives as normal.
The changes have impacted the brothers' professional lives as well: both Branden and Casey have traveled all over the country to give presentations about the night of the shooting.
But police department policy can go above and beyond what the law says — to encourage officers to protect and save as many lives as possible, not just their own.
We all saw our lives as single-handedly within our control, but one of my friends was more eager than the rest of us to make a total transformation.
None of these ideas would have improved as many millions of lives as a more extensive subway system, but they would have made the city a little more stylish.
Between the sonic experience and the visuals, the idea was to try to tell as many things about these people's lives as possible without actually having them say words.
As obstructive as it is that we might need to do some social distancing for months, that really might be what's necessary to save as many lives as possible.
But having grown as accustomed to the crushing presence of images as we have to the presence of earth's gravity, we live our lives as if nothing has changed.
This week, we interview the artist Linda Stark, whose paintings explore the female gaze and body, the roles of animals in human lives, as well as dreams and mythology.
But I think next year is going to be the year that we start to question social media's role in our lives as a public or semi-public presence.
The black peppercorns many of us use every day begin their lives as green peppercorns, fresh and bright and sold on the branch in outdoor markets throughout Southeast Asia.
Black women who have worked their whole lives as maids might care more about the minimum wage or police brutality than about seeing a woman in the White House.
She lives as this cipher and this mirror to show you all the ways that it could have gone for you had you been way luckier than you are.
It's hulking, stadium-sized, colossal music for people who are still able to see their lives as blockbusters rather than as kitchen-sink cinema or post-modern micro-drama.
With something as key to our day-to-day lives as a smartphone — and one from a brand new company, no less — that's just enough time to scratch the surface.
Alex Vavilov (right), now 23, and brother Tim seek the right to reside permanently in Canada, the country where their parents once lived clandestine lives as deeply embedded Russian spies.
When it first aired, it was confusing to many—offensive to people with sticks up their butts, and loved by the few who lived their lives as outcasts in society.
Less attention has been paid to the plight of blue collar workers and to those who face gender discrimination and harassment in aspects of their lives as fundamental as housing.
" Draper, one of Kamoinge's founders, said of the collective: "Cognizant of the forces for change revolving around Kamoinge, we dedicated ourselves to speak of our lives as only we can.
I argue that governments that operate under the rule of law should, with a warrant, be granted the same access to our electronic lives as they are our physical lives.
Overall, the harm can be very real: If people can be conned into jeopardizing our children's lives, as they do when they opt out of immunizations, why not our democracy?
"The book is an apology to all the men and women who lived their lives as poskem in a 200-year-old tradition that has been rarely questioned," he said.
The authors examined diaries, letters, and memoirs of a broad cross-section of Americans from the 193th and 20th centuries, trying to capture their inner lives as closely as possible.
Launched earlier this month, the controversial mission has sparked criticism from human-rights groups for endangering migrants' lives as well as from Libyan factions opposed to the UN-backed government.
The game is obviously designed as an accompaniment to our day-to-day lives, as we wander around our city checking emails, look at Facebook or snap photos on Instagram.
What's more, local elections can have a bigger direct impact on people's lives, as Voter CEO Hunter Scarborough, who recently joined another voter-focused app, Brigade, told Axios in January.
The fact that social media and smartphones have been baked into their lives as a given, and not a disruption, might allow for a more nuanced relationship with the platforms.
We made out in the bushes until the early morning and told each other everything and anything, sharing as much of our lives as we could in those brief hours.
They helped me fall in love with the game, but the impact they have on personal lives as well, I think they may not even know how deep that goes.
So did teens' self-esteem and their satisfaction with their lives, especially their satisfaction with their friends, the amount of fun they were having, and their lives as a whole.
"I think they deserted the city after hearing about an imminent military operation, so they decided to leave to save their lives, as they did in Hadramout," Colonel Dahbool said.
The first trailer for Netflix's sixth season of "BoJack Horseman" is here, teasing the title character's time in rehab while his friends try to sort out their lives as well.
Polls today show minorities believe their children will have better lives than they do, while whites tend to worry their children will not have lives as good as their own.
"Texans should go about their daily lives as usual, but remain vigilant over the next several days and report any suspicious activity to state or local law enforcement," he said.
Kimmy convinces Titus that he should put on a one-man show, which he decides will tell the story of one of his past lives as Murasaki, a Japanese woman.
But there would be some world or some boat floating out in the vast ocean where we would be confined for the rest of our lives, as a public service!
Lima said she started boxing when she was 19, and works out in Miami, where she now lives, as well as New York and wherever else her work takes her.
When the medications take full effect people sometimes emerge from a psychotic episode only to realize that they have alienated loved ones or damaged their lives as they knew them.
Tugging at the root of how we live and interact with the objects in our lives, as opposed to just decorating their surfaces, is an act of radical design, indeed.
Written language will be only more important in our children's lives as the world becomes more and more networked, in the largest written-word-based community that has ever existed.
The shadow of war hangs over the whole gathering, but the attendees are mostly smiling, grooving en masse, feeling, for once in their lives, as if they're among kindred spirits.
Flashbacks and memories are rendered in puppetry and stop-motion, a visual break that creates the impression of the characters standing outside their own lives, as if observing other people.
But few, if any, successful political leaders of the last half century have embraced expansion of government or of its role in our lives as the primary agent for change.
Facebook has sought to find ways into as many aspects of people's lives as possible, becoming the recipient of a glut of data and the implicit trust of its users.
This multimedia essay uses a combination of Reuters graphics, pictures and video to show how the crisis unfolded, the exodus of the Rohingya and their lives as refugees in Bangladesh.
"Even though I could not save my boyfriend's life," she wrote on Facebook, "I want to put myself out there to try to save as many other lives as possible."
The series has followed Bojack, an anthropomorphic horse voiced by Will Arnett, as he navigates a fictional version of Hollywood, where he lives as a has-been 1990s sitcom star.
Believe it or not—we don't blame you for thinking the buttons in this cockpit couldn't belong to a droid—they've been retooled and given (short) new lives as drones.
But in the interviews, adroitly braided with solo performances, the men don't speak of their lives, as in "No Maps," but about their approaches and the broader aesthetics of tap.
Hartman looks at women who have been narrated in terms of deviance and deprivation, and asks us to see their lives as experiments in new kinds of freedom and loving.
On a show as confection-sweet as Maisel, the series may never force audiences to reckon with the ways comedy can ruin lives as much as it can make them.
Wren and Glaisher end up ascending so high in the sky that eventually, the dangerous altitude threatens their lives as the balloon struggles to stay afloat in violent, freezing temperatures.
No similar mercy, so far, for Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor who leaked top-secret information about vast government surveillance programs and now lives as a fugitive in Russia.
These people likely require a little bit of hand-holding in their personal lives as well, and adjusting habits takes time and effort from both you and your direct reports.
As I traveled through the south of the city, up to Chelsea and later over to King's Cross, Londoners really were going about their lives as on any other day.
A decades-long armed struggle for independence followed, and tens of thousands of men and women, including my uncle, lost their lives as resistance fighters to win back Eritrea's sovereignty.
Both feature brainy female academics (Lux studied literature before she had to drop out of college) or would-be academics whose lives, as yet, have not worked out as planned.
They petitioned for "freedom dues," they sued the estates of former masters for their unrequited toil, and they asked for land to restart their lives as free men and women.
Then there are tasks we do as part of the simulation, to make our lives as realistic as possible given they're trying to study what life would be like on Mars.
" As Stryker says, "So many people I know can barely talk to their parents about sex, or their queer identity, or their multiple partners, never mind their lives as sex workers.
The final push As it became clear that Trump would become the nominee and as the election turned from a primary to the general, our daily lives as embeds also changed.
Every character, from political icon Leslie Knope to eternally put-upon Jerry, got their rightful happy ending, proven by glimpses at their lives as far into the future as the 2070s.
The 21-year-old is being credited for potentially saving lives as he ran down the hallway screaming "gun, gun, gun," and "everybody get out," the councilman said in an interview.
Adel, Georgia (CNN)They crowded in closets and piled in bathtubs, bracing for their lives as a tornado leveled a southern Georgia mobile home park, killing at least seven people there.
Some Asian countries have succeeded in putting in place mass warning and evacuation systems that are saving lives, as happened earlier this month when Cyclone Fani smashed into India and Bangladesh.
Stefan Henze, the Olympic coach who died after suffering injuries from a car crash in Rio last week, has now saved four lives as an organ donor, according to several reports.
They asked the caregivers to evaluate their adolescents' levels of "psychosocial functioning"—how well the adolescents are able to internalize or externalize problems in their lives as evidenced by their behavior.
Yet for vast swathes of China's population, the appeal of the Tour de France remains as far-removed from their everyday lives as car ownership was only a few decades ago.
As influencers saw that they could live their lives as content — streamed on Snapchat or Instagram stories, a reality show in the palm of your hand — the business opportunities became endless.
The viral outbreak emanating from China, which had claimed more than 212.8 lives as of Thursday, could shave 240 percentage points off Australia's economic output in the current quarter, RBA said.
While this is great news for Netflix, it's potentially terrible for our social lives as we'll undoubtedly spend the remainder of 2018 kicking back in loungewear and trying to keep up.
The Church has repeatedly stated that those who feel same-sex attraction and yet choose to live the commandments of God can live fulfilling lives as worthy members of the Church.
She's worried about potentially making a scene regardless of which bath she goes to, as she is still legally male and hasn't gotten gender-affirming surgery, but lives as a woman.
"We invite storytellers of all kinds to join us by posting their own personal stories about a moment, person, or event that has impacted their lives as women," the company shared.
The action by the officers, whose identity a court has ordered not to be revealed pending the trial, helped save lives, as the gunman was planning more attacks in the city.
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Wednesday doubled down on Tillerson's remarks, accusing Moscow of not caring about the loss of innocent lives as a result of the attacks.
But if self-driving technology saves as many lives as its supporters hope, we could eventually have a different debate: whether to allow people to drive their own cars at all.
Annihilus is from a race of aliens that begin their lives as spores, and thanks to some tried-and-true mutations he became an incredibly powerful leader of his insectoid people.
"We value what we've created over time and the opportunity that it offers for undergrads to develop as undergrads and, over the course of their lives, as people," Mr. Porteus said.
I thought of the community thing again when hearing these four records on shuffle for the last few weeks, with a city and its musicians' daily working lives as the link.
But even an unreal world needs characters who make sense, particularly in a series that is as gooily devoted to exploring those characters' inner lives as "Maniac" turns out to be.
Not even a controversial bathroom in the Washington Heights Corner Project could possibly do that, but in the meantime, Mata and others will work on saving as many lives as possible.
So much of contemporary design for innovation involves adding friction to people's work lives, as unexpected encounters (with people, with different spaces, with art) are supposed to lead to unexpected ideas.
This doesn't mean you can't be a boss-babe, but you also need to be able to be in charge of that part of your lives as a family unit.7.
This is when the reservoir of trust saves livesas it did three weeks ago, after a Los Angeles police officer killed a young man who was shooting at the police.
Thomas is a gifted storyteller, and the changing circumstances of these women's lives as their cases drag on, along with the unpredictability of the courts, give her plenty to work with.
Go deeper: California wildfires claim more lives as flames rage on Wildfires are burning longer and hotter each year (Chart) How the Carr fire morphed into a towering, deadly "fire tornado"
The performance also came with the announcement, via Fallon, that their upcoming fourth album will now be called The Best Years of Our Lives, as opposed to PUPPY, as originally announced.
While talking about investments is important, how much a couple spends, donates or leaves to their children is going to have a greater impact on their financial lives as they age.
Q. "Transfers" takes issue with the idea that poor students should be forced to produce reductive narratives of their challenging lives as a kind of poverty porn, for college admissions offices.
Manning is looking to represent the mostly black, mostly lower-income ward because he actually lives there, while Mulligan's family lives as close to the limits as possible in a mansion.
If nothing else, New York's health workers' dedication to the work they're doing — saving as many lives as they physically can — is clear in their remarkable reports from the front lines.
Many of them dislike his confrontational style, opposed his effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and think the economy has not improved their lives as much as they had hoped.
When those eating practices are linked, however inconclusively, to health scares—as they are currently—those beliefs become loud rationalizations for dehumanizing Chinese people and treating their lives as less worthy.
"For the People" focuses on lawyers in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, charting their intersecting lives as they practice opposing sides of the law.
It was a failure, a mistake that revealed in retrospect the deepest lesson that animals have taught me: how easily and unconsciously we see other lives as mirrors of our own.
The societal limitations placed on men can have a negative effect on their lives as well, prohibiting them from feeling like they are able to show any true emotion or empathy.
They face a choice: either uphold the dignity of all human beings, including pre-born babies, or embrace a terrible calculus that ranks certain human lives as less valuable than others.
There is as much to learn in these writers' private lives as in their published work — especially since there have been precious few models of women writers we can look to.
Picture Prompts Thursday, April 25, is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a day meant to help young people imagine their future adult lives as full of professional possibility.
During the RNC last week, Donald Trump and other convention speakers mischaracterized the movement for black lives as anti-cop, and, by extension, an example of what America's greatness stands against.
Kristen Wiig plays a hot dog bun, Bill Hader plays a bottle of liquor and Michael Cera and Jonah Hill take on the roles of their lives as Rogen's fellow sausage comrades.
Paslay, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 10, shared his experience with the disease and listened as they told them about their lives as teens with type 1 diabetes.
The works I gravitate toward began their lives as prints, made with oil-based etching inks, and then (after some rumination) Sabharwal subjected them to transparent washes of watercolor and opaque pastels.
Rachel Cusk—who like Mr Knausgaard is a practitioner of "autofiction", in which writers take their own lives as subject matter—dubbed it "perhaps the most significant literary enterprise of our times".
He doesn't really do it for the fame; though he gets a certain thrill from discovering that he's "big", he lives as far away from the literary limelight as he can get.
"On the morning of June 12, 2016, federal, state and local law enforcement officers and first responders put themselves in harm's way to save as many lives as possible," the statement says.
That was definitely something I was glad to include because he was really wonderful and really kind, and I'm glad he had the opportunity to touch as many lives as he did.
Trump is the very definition of a humiliated man, and now he's consistently on the brink of ruining thousands, if not millions, of strangers' lives as a salve for his bruised ego.
Humor can perhaps convey a more effective sense of the distance between our ant-like human lives and the larger climatic forces threatening the viability of those lives as we've known them.
"As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the pair wrote.
Moreover, the cuts would increase the likelihood of a global pandemic capable of claiming twice as many American lives as the total number of US battlefield fatalities since 1776 - over 2 million.
Horrific attacks in Paris and Nice over the past 12 months that claimed hundreds of innocent lives, as well as several other well-publicised atrocities, have made Asians, in particular, think again.
In a tweet on Wednesday morning, the 54-year-old founder and CEO of Amazon, wrote a statement explaining the divorce, saying they've decided to continue their "shared lives as friends." pic.twitter.
Given that one in three young women feel a pressure to portray their lives as "perfect" on social media, according to recent research by Girl Guiding, this book couldn't be more needed.
"Ever since that time it has been with us, and we've lived with this souvenir ... all our lives as soldiers, as retired soldiers, and as veterans of the Korean War," he said.
But it also needs the skills of Aleppo craftsmen, many of whom left the city during the war, some killed, others departing with the rebels or starting new lives as refugees abroad.
Nomi was forced to confront her own biases with bisexual men, while the Fosters unveiled a new facet of their lives as struggling student athletes: an obsession with stockpiling various fried foods.
"They already have the customer base and the distribution and the marketing muscle and it's a way to advance our vision to positively impact as many lives as possible," Perkash told TechCrunch.
She comes into our lives as a farm girl with big Hollywood dreams, and by the time Jason Segel reboots the franchise in 2011 she is the plus-sized editor of Vogue.
Participants in the gratitude group reported higher satisfaction with their lives as a whole and were more optimistic about the upcoming week than participants in the other two groups, the researchers found.
Booker's 2018 donations, if he had given to the most cost-effective, high-impact charities, could at most have saved several lives; as a senator, he affects hundreds of millions of them.
Clay Adler, who first came into our lives as a popular high school student on an MTV reality series, died of suicide on March 26 after a self-inflicted gun shot wound.
Some of Hinton's featured vocalists are content with their lives as students and employees, and others have seen their dormant interest in a career in music revived by their experience with Potential.
He described how through his travels around the country, people have told him they're trying to fill a void in their lives as jobs and community become less important in modern society.
Not only is the group now dancing to their own tunes, they're also singing about the heartbreak and strained relationships in their own lives, as well as the people closest to them.
"Colton Haynes has inspired countless LGBTQ young people across the country and around the world to live their lives as their authentic selves," said HRC President Chad Griffin in a press release.
It may even be necessary to help many of the innocent people in the Gulen community to know what they are really involved in — and to begin new lives as free individuals.
Over half of Taiwanese respondents believe there will be a fair impact on their lives as a result of climate change, compared to 38% who believe there will be a great impact.
Between the lines: The next wave of startups are probably going to be focused on improving our lives as citizens (rather than consumers), which means having to operate in complex, regulated markets.
The killer nevertheless took as many innocent lives as he could, spraying the congregation from quick-replacement 30-round rifle clips before the familiar ending came to his life in a chase.
Nonetheless, the decision is a radical first step in creating a necessary boundary between themselves and the public, one that will allow the couple to live their lives as they see fit.
" Andy Slavitt, former CMS administrator for President Obama: "This group 'Partnership for America's Health Care Future' represents what people hate the most about Washington, politics and using people's lives as political footballs.
Her research shows that grown children benefit from parental involvement and help in their lives, as long as their parents are responsive rather than intrusive and don't feel helping is a burden.
"There could have been no Harvey Weinstein without the complicity of Bob Weinstein, who for years put profits ahead of people's lives as Harvey terrorized women throughout the industry," the statement read.
They're unafraid to be unabashedly themselves as they navigate their unconventional lives as international stars, as well as share their diverse passions, which help distinguish each of them within the large group.
She is Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick, and she was a 216-year-old woman when "Graduation" hit the airwaves, having already lived multiple lives as a movie star, NYU student, and grunge rocker.
My 40 cousins and I all went to college and on to productive lives, as did our children, delivering a small army of doctors, lawyers, writers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and a judge.
The storm has continued to dump rain that has nowhere to go except to swell rivers, flood highways and homes, and threaten more lives as it heads toward Virginia and New England.
His novels are populated with characters in the throes of introspective turmoil, consumed with the probability that they are living out their lives as lies, as if dressed in a stranger's clothes.
" He has also not missed an occasion to call the 2015 nuclear agreement — which many average Iranians see as their main lifeline to relatively normal livesas a "really, really bad deal.
And instead of recognizing those concerns, Trump has mischaracterized the movement for black lives as anti-cop — cop killers, who, by extension, are an example of what America's long lost "greatness" stands against.
The most talented professionals are increasingly used to being able to call the shots and shape their lives as they want to live them rather than as traditional 9-to-5 work requires.
In April, the Hitch actress spoke about their lives as parents to Women's Health, saying they were "just starting to get out of survival mode" when it came to parenting their young kids.
Christina on the Coast premiered last month on HGTV and follows the real estate investor and her new husband, Ant, in their personal and professional lives as they flip houses in Southern California.
All of this has led to exciting research about how this information can enrich our lives, as well as privacy concerns about how accurate such insights are and how they will be used.
"We need to make it easier for transgender and gender non-conforming people to live their lives as who they are, not who society says they're supposed to be," said her coauthor Sen.
Prosecutors said the driver in the 2003 case heard the immigrants begging and screaming for their lives as they were succumbing to the stifling heat inside his truck but refused to free them.
"After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the statement read, printed in the Kindle-friendly Bookerly typeface. pic.twitter.
An exhibition at the University of Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum is approaching sewing samplers as documents of these overlooked lives, as the objects are sometimes the sole trace of a woman's name, or existence.
The relentless judgement of women grows tenfold when they become mothers, with everyone offering unsolicited advice and opinion on their lives, as if they lose autonomy the moment the baby enters the picture.
We're all excited to resume our lives as go-getters, but, on the flip side, it's important to remember not to overextend ourselves (especially while we're still in Mercury's post-retrograde shadow period).
Upon entering Carville's iron gates, patients reported to their modestly furnished dormitory rooms, received their government-issued clothing, and, for the most part, surrendered their autonomy and their lives as they knew them.
"Thousands of children, parents and entire families will suffer the rest of their lives as a result of this administration's intentionally cruel family separations," said Michelle Lapointe, senior supervising attorney at the SPLC.
The drama, such as it is, centers on the collision between Carey's personal and professional lives, as she prepares for a European concert tour while planning her wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer.
But I believe that, even if you look at this from the perspective of a Russian citizen, it will directly affect our lives as well, and the lives of everybody in this world.
The bros announced their reunion Thursday and released a new single and music video at midnight, a loins-tingling track called "Sucker" ... which happens to feature the ladies in their lives as well.
Starbucks posters promised that it's "only available if you believe" so let's all mutually agree to forget this dark period of our lives as soon as the clock ticks over to April 24.
Andre Iguodala doesn't need any specifics about where his 6-year-old daughter lives -- as long as she stays in the nice, safe, white neighborhood she's in now ... this according to Andre himself.
Following Hurricane Irma's rampage toward the U.S. island, the city's residents will gain back their famous "Welcome to Key West" sign, which was as much a part of their lives as the ocean.
The Fellowship believed that humans spend their lives as if hypnotized, lulled into a trance by mental, physical, and emotional habits; in contrast, members of the Fellowship sought at all moments to awaken.
Surat Thani, Thailand (CNN)Tropical Storm Pabuk has been downgraded to a depression and is moving into the Andaman Sea after claiming three lives as it swept across Thailand, Thai authorities said Saturday.
A lack of formal property ownership, however, did not hinder about 4,000 inhabitants of the bustling settlement from improving their lives as Brazil's economy boomed in the first decade of the 21st century.
For those of us who aren't full-time activists, or employed by nonprofits, we soon turn back to our daily lives, as we must, and wait for the next crisis to unveil itself.
While I was making the film, many women were afraid to share their stories for fear of backlash from the male relatives who oversee all aspects of their lives as so-called guardians.
That said, Plex still has a loyal user base of 10 million, and is working to better integrate itself into cord cutters' lives, as with this week's acquisition of streaming news service Watchup.
And while some were critical of the government at times, there was a deep pride in being Saudi, as well as frustrations over misconceptions about their lives as perpetrated by foreign news media.
Davis went on to win the Oscar for Supporting Actress, and in her acceptance speech, she called for the industry to start "exhuming and exalting" ordinary lives, as Fences playwright August Wilson did.
Others think Americans should, for the most part, go about their daily lives as usual, and be mindful of getting a flu shot, washing their hands frequently, and staying home if they're sick.
In other words, they are men who see their own lives as wasted, and who then set out to lay waste to the lives of others around them in a self-destructive conflagration.
There's an argument to be made against such softening, though, as Lewis's work suggests, there's something necessary about the fantasies we make of our lives as we spin beauty and hope from despair.
What the secular culture might fashion a defeat — impractical millennial and her vision-impaired spouse boomerang home to recuperate rent-free — Lockwood lives as a retreat, and really makes the most of it.
The violence seeks to secure the class of women as killable, dispensable; it is an attempt to define the very existence of women's lives as something decided by men, as a masculine prerogative.
The violence seeks to secure the class of women as killable, dispensable; it is an attempt to define the very existence of women's lives as something decided by men, as a masculine prerogative.
Studying those bacteria could help reveal details of how this species lives, as well as provide new leads for substances that are useful to people, like digestive enzymes that could help make biofuels.
Temeraire gets a key moment to doubt the promises of the two white people who have bought him, and by episode's end he gets to choose how he lives as a free man.
Sure, Ronald Reagan and Jesse Ventura provided blueprints for how entertainers can have second lives as politicians, while Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have used the power of celebrity to harness political influence.
It changed the way I thought about LGBTQ time, bodies, and lives, as well as breaking new imaginative ground in what an exhibition's content could be, especially as it related to LGBTQ people.
Although some research suggests people can identify as trans as children, it can take years of pain and social stigma for people to begin living their lives as the gender they identify with.
Hurricane Irma claimed at least 19 lives as it barreled across the Caribbean toward Florida Friday, leaving a trail of catastrophic devastation that has affected more than a million people in the region.
Hurricane Irma claimed at least 33 lives as it barreled across the Caribbean toward Florida Friday, leaving a trail of catastrophic devastation that has affected more than a million people in the region.
Tabagotchi is like a Tamagotchi, one that lives as an adorable pixelated avatar in Google Chrome through an extension designed to help you cut down on how many tabs you have open (via Gizmodo).
So it's fun for the parent, it gives them something that bridges their lives pre-parent and their lives as a parent, and they can share their love of music with their little ones.
In the past, both Pratt, 38, and Faris, 40, have often spoken their love for Jack and their lives as parents – and candid about his scary arrival long ahead of the actress' due date.
Right now about six times as many people in the United States die by taking their own lives as do from HIV/AIDS or heart disease, but the money to study suicide is lacking.
That universe is, it's understood, not just a cleaner one, but a happier one, which is why Kondo gets cast as not just a tidier of homes, but a tidier of lives as well.
Slowly, our discussion became less about money and more about how we wanted to use the money we had for this entirely new stage in our lives as a couple, as parents, as Californians.
And yet, these accounts, while surely sincere, are also so simplistically heartwarming that they're misleading -- bowing to America's impulse to see certain black lives as a balm for the bruises of the political moment.
"I think, as parents, it's our job to support those things and try and encourage them in those areas," Lachey says of the role he is playing in his kids' lives as they grow.
Berry Jenkins' coming-of-age drama follows Chiron — played by  Alex R. Hibbard, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes at different points in the character's livesas he navigates the drug-plagued streets of Miami.
That kind of subtle ignorance is something we've faced all our lives as gay men, but as fathers I no longer know how to deal with the stares and stereotypes that now plague us.
In her graphic memoir Passing for Human, Liana Finck (literally) illustrates the struggle of understanding our lives as a narrative, exploring her and her family's history in a series of false starts and interruptions.
Six months after the Battle for Raqqa left most of the former ISIS capital destroyed, civilians are trying to reclaim their livesas well as the landmarks where the Islamic State's horrors took place.
It gathers people together and enacts a story, giving a heightened experience of reality that can change minds and lives, as people who have seen "The Great Immensity" have told me it changed theirs.
Following her youth spent in the Ecuadorian jungle, Guevera brought her fascination with flora and fauna to New York City where she lives as a painter, though her work still lives in her childhood.
This gap in physical activity results in fewer opportunities for girls to develop critical teamwork, confidence, and leadership skills that will help them thrive throughout their livesas well as to be physically healthy.
Doctors have long advised patients with heart disease and diabetes to try to reduce major sources of stress in their lives as one way to help minimize their risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Yet all the while we go on experiencing space like a map we can walk on, time like a conveyor belt we travel on, ourselves as brimming with agency, our lives as mattering urgently.
Hearing the sound of call to prayer multiple times a day became a familiar backdrop to our daily lives (as opposed to an evocative signal of danger as in shows like "24" and "Homeland").
"Google has an intimate understanding of personal lives as they watch their user's seek the support of reproductive health services, engage in civic activities, or attend places of religious worship," Markey and Blumenthal write.
Hotel Cubo Built in 1932 as a private residence, this statuesque Art Deco building had many livesas a ballet school, a magazine headquarters, a government office — before its 2011 reincarnation as a hotel.
It's strongly in the interest of Europe and the United States to compensate Lebanon richly for its service to the refugees, and to help Syrians there live lives as close as possible to normal.
One of its first actions was to designate Tallahassee, where Sandy lives, as the first Dementia Caring Community in Florida, pledging money and services to help those living with cognitive impairment and their caregivers.
Leading the charge is head coach Buddy Stephens, a hard-swearing mountain of a man, who's as sincerely invested in helping these young people improve their lives as he is in winning football games.
When she first read about a dwindling group of people in a remote part of the world who live their lives as "sworn virgins," she pretty much knew where her next trip would be.
"Our ultimate goal is to have women not only survive violence and then continue their lives as individuals, but have them mobilized in this driving force to really address violence against women," said Masri.
Grace and Frankie is rarely as interested in their lives as it is in the lives of its four main characters, but every time it drops in on them, they bring their best stuff.
"If a company is not compliant and self-disciplined, and takes its passengers' lives as a game, the public will vote with their feet and the government will not just stand by," it said.
The implication is, now that the family of the week has tidied their home, they have tidied their lives as well, and at last they have the chance to become as joyful as Kondo.
Headquarters: Mountain View, California Place on last poll: 11 Why it's hot: From its reliable apps to video content on YouTube, there is perhaps no other brand as omnipresent in consumers' lives as Google.
One would think that people would have the self-awareness necessary to understand these types of things in their own lives as they are occurring, but in my case this was certainly not true.
The team played the Ron Burgundy Podcast across its radio stations, for example, bridging the connection between the conventional idea of a podcast, which typically lives as an RSS feed, and traditional terrestrial radio.
I think if there was ever a time that we as Americans can find the power in each other, the need to see our issues in our lives as interconnected, that time is now.
Structures like Smolna 8, Piatek told me, may have begun their lives as hopeful symbols of openness and regeneration, but it wasn't long before they became seen as symbols of the Socialist state's failures.

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