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444 Sentences With "exists as"

How to use exists as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "exists as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "exists as". Mastering all the usages of "exists as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The book exists as a traditional photobook, with sequenced images on each spread, but it also exists as a diptych.
I don't know that that distinction exists as much now.
He exists as a dark force of influence over Montgomery.
This means Dany primarily exists as a sort of attitude.
"This movie exists as a beacon of inclusivity," Jenkins said.
The Black person exists as a vehicle for white redemption.
Her grave exists as something of a folk monument today.
We expect that direct and express evidence exists as well.
That's where life exists as we know it in abundance.
That mural now exists as the location of his pokéstop.
In its place, Drain's collection exists as a fitting monument.
Money exists as a very succinct ledger of your mistakes.
TC: Is there no global database that exists as of today?
It was reopened in 1969 and currently exists as a museum.
They can buy a tweet that exists as an island, basically.
So effectively, the 64GB version only exists as a psychological anchor.
But it now exists as its own separate entity once again.
Lonzo Ball currently exists as the most intriguing Eye Test vs.
LITTLE doubt exists as to where The Economist stands on assisted dying.
It currently exists as a checkerboard of federally protected and unprotected lands.
In reality, it exists as a trio of solid, non-electronic mockups.
Cannibalism exists as a niche curiosity where I have lived, nothing more.
Look, the New York Times exists as a kind of public service.
That's when she realized that Eady exists as "an aspirational hope" for McCauley.
Carbon dioxide exists as a gas at room temperature, saving you that trouble.
That the ability for abuse exists as does the incentive, of that there
To me, the duo with Mizutani exists as a very special musical experience.
"This movie exists as a beacon of inclusivity," writer-director Barry Jenkins said.
A cute little mini tank now exists as a locomotive homemade sound system.
The Escape key also exists as a virtual button on the Touch Bar.
The limited audience of the slacktivist exists as one of their major downfalls.
Black History Month exists as a yearly reminder to everyone else that we're lit.
Perhaps that's because Badmotorfinger now exists as an example of the band's creative purity.
Instead, truth exists as a setting through which a single fictional thread can run.
Indeed, it's important that Wakanda exists as a representation of black resilience and success.
"The Chinese internet" exists as its own pocket for infrastructural, political, and cultural reasons.
It typically exists as a preinstalled app on some streaming hardware and smart TVs.
Screen grab of the Inova MediMap webpage, which no longer exists as of today.
Magical Properties literally exists as a stepping stone to get people to other things.
America, Liu argues, exists as a constant tension between the values of equality vs.
There's a tension that exists as an artist that doesn't exist as a business.
More than anything, Less Talk exists as a fork in the road for Propagandhi.
Still, the Mega Sg exists as an impressive, sleek console with tons of customization options.
Alexa internet still exists as a company that was to try to catalog the web.
As of today, the OnePlus 3 still only exists as a big pile of rumors.
Goodness exists as a transcendent moral category, a shining polestar pulling characters toward the light.
We're working together to cooperate at the same time acknowledging that competition exists as well.
Each organism exists as uniquely adapted to the current environment; NOT optimally adapted, uniquely adapted.
But the idea is actually fairly similar to one that exists as part of Obamacare.
"Telegram exists as a forwarding network — that's the main way the information flows," she said.
No data exists as to how much upselling actually occurs (FFA companies hide that information).
"It's clear that it is designed, and still exists, as a tourist trap," she said.
But your freedom to demand straight answers and plain English exists, as it always has.
Politics is the planners, and exists as an afterthought to the natural order of cities.
"No evidence of corruption exists as the procurement followed a full process," Sputnik Ratau said.
TripAdvisor exists as an informational review platform for travelers to post their experiences, good or bad.
FM exists as a digital oasis away from the day-to-day clutter of being online.
It's about counting minutes, and making marks, and making an object that exists as an object.
In their fictionalized world, a new modern slavery still exists as a modern and legalized institution.
"Emergency funding exists as a mechanism for a reason," said Pellegrini, of the March of Dimes.
The backstop thus exists as a logical consequence of Britain's own negotiating objectives, not European caprice.
The popular Facebook group is named after Genovese's hacking group, which still exists as a website.
Gray talked about the movie he was writing, which currently exists as a twenty-page outline.
Instead, our bail system exists as a way to perpetuate our nation's war on poor people.
Order exists as seen in the colored bar legend — four months is less than eight months.
It now exists as a depository of 20 million photos and images on the Time website.
This December night in Nagoya exists as a bizarro alternate future of the Bronx circa 1977.
Like Fausto-Sterling, Strangio has argued against the idea that biological sex exists as an objective binary.
Dubbed N1584T, it exists as the presence of the amino acid threonine where asparagine should normally be.
In his films, Kubrick exists as a kind of deep state, while his fans are conspiracy theorists.
The pass only exists as a memory in the minds of the people in that arena, now.
"The alt-right, as it exists, as it's defined, I do not support, never have," he says.
However, even these explanations do not fully answer why the female orgasm exists as it does today.
It exists as a near ecclesiastical devotion in a space where passionate faith surmounts accuracy and science.
That effort now exists as an expansive repository, part of which has been translated into 25 languages.
The painting exists as a reminder of the violence against women that often goes unaddressed, the piece contends.
I have even seen the forthcoming "Mastaba" in Abu Dhabi, because it exists as proposal drawings and maquettes.
Given the evidence Trump has supplied, we rate his claim that large scale voter fraud exists as FALSE.
Now The Hamilton Mixtape exists as a treasure trove of covers and reimagined variations on Hamilton the musical.
Zoe Kravitz's Lies character Bonnie Carlson exists as a cypher for Witherspoon's Madeline Martha Mackenzie to rage against.
So, it is not easy to define a time when the QGP first exists as a thermalized object.
Infrared radiation exists as longer wavelengths along the spectrum, ranging from around 800 nanometers to a full millimeter.
And that is precisely why Hamilton exists as a text: to elevate and celebrate the dismissed and devalued.
Her legacy continues today because the nonprofit she founded still exists as Hillcrest Children and Family and Center.
If anything, TUBBE exists as a wildcard example of funny dudes making something for shits and guaranteed giggles.
It simply exists as a slice of everyday life, offering subdued pleasures in the ordinary and the recognizable.
And to then play a game like The Outer Worlds, where stealth exists as a boring option, right?
The proposed ETF already exists as a mutual fund, which charges $5 a year for every $10,000 managed.
That now exists as a real thing that hundreds of thousands of British youngsters are doing every year.
But since the mandate is in some sense still on the books, it now exists as an unconstitutional regulation.
As time continues to blaze past us like a runaway train, poetry exists as a space of necessary stillness.
Gap spent $35 million buying Gymboree's more upscale Janie and Jack brand, which still exists as an online store.
It currently exists as a website but the startup wants to develop native iOS and Android apps, Erickson said.
" Such a purpose exists as long as the investigation touches upon a matter "on which legislation could be had.
She claims that she exists as the result of a love affair between a slave owner and a slave.
The mode is called Blackout, and it exists as a free element of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
Nuanced perspectives are limited, but rather the world exists as those with good intentions, and those with devious desires.
Muy's concept also exists as 20 physical dining locations offering what it says are quick, fresh and personalized dishes.
And, evidently, plenty of people don't even think the $2 bill exists as an official form of US currency.
Some tracks exists as strange alien beings in isolation, their origins as mysterious as the intentions of their creators.
But Alien: Covenant exists as an excuse to justify more films until audiences move on to the next franchise.
The World Science Fiction Convention, which began in 1939, in conjunction with the World's Fair, still exists, as WorldCon.
It's not shocking, in other words, that Raya exists as an elite response to the homogenization of digital culture.
This would map the moon, study its activity and help determine if a subsurface ocean exists, as scientists believe.
The not-yet-amended bill now exists as a wish sandwich for House Republicans who are sitting on the fence.
The Standard Model explains why each kind of fundamental particle exists, as well as how they interact with one another.
Yet Songs For Our Mothers isn't without its faults, and make no mistake, it exists as a piece of art.
Pete's Hot Sausage still exists as a butcher shop and a brand that sells its sausage to supermarkets and restaurants.
The world's largest maker of cellphones now exists as a Nokia logo sold for use on HMD Global Oy phones.
"He exists as the real personification of everything that America thinks it is, not necessarily what we are," Weldon said.
Officially launched in March 2017, Matic exists as an API that's integrated into lender's systems and third-party mortgage platforms.
It exists as a reality for so many that I think it would be a shame not to address it.
The situation underlines how Obamacare exists as a partnership with private companies, whose participation is vital to the entire enterprise.
" He ruled that "a triable issue of fact exists as to whether Jahi currently satisfies the statutory definition of 'dead.
Each painting exists as an experience to be had in itself — an exploration, both cerebral and corporeal, of the everyday.
The fact that Merrick Garland still exists as an option right now is a gift that should not be squandered.
Technology, as lyrical fixation and musical substance, exists as a distancing device, but the focus is on his burning heart.
It's main — and indeed, only — product today is a "person" that exists as an email address for Amy or Andrew.
Paper essentially exists as a document that's supposed to naturally evolve with a few core types of embeds over time.
It's possible that the story is true, even more likely that it exists as great (and richly metaphorical) fan fiction.
Each boss exists as a way of measuring how much time you've put into killing enemies and upgrading your equipment.
That app still exists as a standalone product, but some of the features were brought into the main Facebook app.
Punishment in prisons exists as negative reinforcement for avoiding crime, however as research shows it does not work well enough.
They always assume some bias exists, as it frequently does, and then weigh the information in light of that assumption.
And that town really exists as a weird fantasy of what it was like to be part of the Confederacy.
Democracy on the other hand only exists as well as, and as long as we, practice it and protect it.
CNN reported in March that it exists as a workplace guideline and violations of it do not constitute a crime.
Drexciya exists as a sonic third space characterised by embedded myths, the construction of culture and the invention of tradition.
The statue in recent years has become a flashpoint for white supremacy, and exists as a holdover from the "other" Charlottesville.
But it paid off, and now the Hubble Legacy Field image exists as a testament to over a decade of work.
Described by the brand as an "everyday mascara," Lash Slick exists as the most low-key product Glossier has ever launched.
As her mother, her pageant sisters, and her classmates try to grapple with her size, Will exists as a full person.
Jitkoff doesn't quite know what people will do with his creation yet, which exists as an open source project on Github.
This Biennial aims to investigate how museum as an institution exists as, and within, a social, cultural, economic and political ecosystem.
Originally created as an add-on for the now obsolete Google Glass, the ThirdEye of today exists as a mobile app.
It exists, as a result, in the formulas that determine where highway funds are spent or who gets Homeland Security dollars.
Samsung's hot new TV is a 75-inch MicroLED display that exists as a proof of concept that proves a concept.
"Our commitment is to cover any gap that exists as a result and to relieve them of that burden," Rudd said.
There are lots of details still missing from the Cassidy-Collins plan, which only exists as a one-page background document.
"A conflict of interests exists as children might one day resent the disclosures made years earlier by their parents," she noted.
Barnard, a handlebar-mustachioed Briton, worked for Harper's Weekly Gazette, a drinks trade magazine that still exists as Harpers Wine & Spirit.
HBO Now exists as its own dedicated app and does not require any kind of additional subscription or service to work.
But while the Genesis still exists as a budget German clone for now, the LS has truly come into its own.
That's ironic, given that their industry exists as such only because of a sequence of supportive actions taken by the government.
Thankfully, genetic information taken from both pieces still exists, as do photographs of the missing tip, allowing for a virtual reconstruction.
We do not know for sure if the audio recording of the killing actually exists, as we have not heard it.
The fund will operate independently from the main corporation, even as the energy giant exists as its sole limited partner (LP).
This field attracts zealots as well as debunkers, and many Americans remain deeply skeptical that the phenomenon exists as popularly portrayed.
Nothing concrete exists, as a product, or as a plan to keep the service's potential sequel from succumbing to the same fate.
Its political message was swaddled in parody; its goofy animation exists as a time capsule that encompasses the web at that age.
This would seem to confirm both that the device exists as well as the fact that it'll be offered on AT&T.
Unlike Stewart, who essentially exists as her own position, peak Plum comes with the ball in her hands as a point guard.
Ilet La Biche, the biennale's eponymous venue, technically has no ground above water, although it exists as a landmass on Google Maps.
Astronomers think that a good portion of all the luminous matter in the Universe exists as plasma in the space between galaxies.
BY-PRODUCT DEPENDENCY Cobalt is rarely found on its own but rather exists as a by-product in copper or nickel deposits.
In any particular play, an actor exists as that character for a few short hours, until the run of the play ends.
It has been amended dozens of times subsequently, and currently exists as a 600-page behemoth with lots of very specific rules.
La lista, as it is known, exists as a handwritten ledger and is passed to new caretakers as the older ones depart.
Secrecy is one of the hallmarks of an eating disorder, meaning social media sometimes exists as a sufferer's only form of support.
It exists as an identity by way of drawing boundaries around racial and ethnic groups, asserting who belongs, and who does not.
The project was later abandoned, although the interview footage still exists, as do copies, according to three people familiar with the effort.
Basically, the tech exists as a shared database filled with entries that must be confirmed by peer-to-peer networks and encrypted.
The commission effectively exists as an extension of the Republican and Democratic parties, operating with little to no public oversight or input.
The false move — or false desire, would be more apt — is to think that "it," that "self," exists as a totality somewhere.
By 2003 the entire Zip line was discontinued, and today Iomega exists as LenovoEMC, a joint venture that still produces external storage products.
I don't think it exists as a cohesive force in the way certainly I felt it to under the Bush or Obama presidencies.
Still, it exists as a pioneering piece of cinema and a highly influential progenitor for onscreen special effects and ambitious sci-fi narratives.
Encryption exists as a means of protection, but the trick is getting people to forget their fear of math and embrace preventative steps.
The volcano likely exists as the result of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates interacting nearby, according to a paper published in Nature.
And finally, there's the trouble of finding and containing every single sample of a virus that exists, as failed to happen in 1979.
Essentially, Now Apocalypse exists as a lengthy immersion in TV deja vu — now with more sex and shirtlessness than Disney would ever allow.
They reject the idea that marketable R & B only exists as a hybrid of pop or hip-hop, like much of Rihanna's catalogue.
Everything you see on the Internet—emails, tweets, search results, funny videos, this article—physically exists as electrons humming inside a computer server.
In doing so, this lawsuit exposes a fatal flaw in that the individual mandate currently exists as an unconstitutional exertion of federal power.
The reality is, the reason the center exists as it is today is because there are people who have supported the center financially.
Men like him are why the Electoral College exists as a Constitutional check and balance against popular, but unqualified, leadership for our country.
Even if you miss the greeting, you can visit the Weather section in the app, where it exists as a new menu item.
"New York City exists as this kind of global hub for creative industries and globally important activities mainly because of density," Cervero said.
Dodge is eventually brought back to life, or a kind of virtual afterlife, in the "Bitworld" where he exists as ones and zeros.
Marine life can only handle the coldest temperature at which water exists as a liquid, 32 Fahrenheit for freshwater and 28 Fahrenheit for seawater.
The series is far from the heightened noir of Riverdale, but instead exists as a grounded drama about a woman pursuing truth and justice.
That's why the disciplinary process exists as a separate track from the criminal justice system, to provide different measures of justice for different purposes.
It's fair enough: sometimes music exists as a statement of intent, as something to be intellectualized; other times it's there to escape exactly that.
The feature is powered by Amazon's Rekognition platform, which is a developer toolkit that exists as part of the company's AWS cloud computing service.
Unfortunately, no such reality exists (as far as we know), and pregnant women end up posing their queries to bumps that can't answer back.
But that also means it exists as a testament for all the hurdles consumer VR needs to clear to be adopted by mainstream consumers.
As such, no good idea exists as to what these potentially snow-damaged fields may yield, and this likely drove the overall estimate higher.
While the hardware exists as a nostalgia play, it does come with a few modern upgrades in addition to 1080p video output via HDMI.
It's been mushed up and merged a couple of times (including, at one point, with SyQuest) and now exists as a subsidiary of Lenovo.
In computing terms, this means that a qubit, rather than being a certain 1 or a certain 0, exists as a mixture of both.
He is a lonely iconoclast, haunted by his greatest creation until his death, and even afterward, when he only exists as a digital self.
Cheek, which no longer exists as a company, denied the competition was a scam and even thanked Buzzfeed News for "looking into" the problem.
Leaving that thorny issue of creators' rights aside, Watchmen exists as its own cultural entity, claiming attention for itself with some provocative subject matter.
The open web exists as a public and largely protected space, but it lacks the convenience or centralization of Twitter or other social networks.
Meanwhile, New Jersey police have allegedly sometimes used the bell law — which many residents don't realize existsas an excuse to stop black bicyclists.
The "Islamization" of the country thus became a means of justifying his dictatorship and exists as a parallel legal system even to this day.
Steam has committed to the idea that it exists as an open platform without politics or ideals other than the continual pursuit of profit.
Hubii already exists as a news aggregator, and the idea behind creating tokens is for people to use them to pay for content online.
"Poetry exists as a unique tool that can interrogate and communicate issues of inequality and injustice in a manner that is inherently rebellious," Gorman said.
The console exists as a single device rather than two separate systems that have to be interlinked, making it both less expensive and less complex.
And many physicists think that most of the universe's mass exists as a strange, yet-to-be-discovered particle called dark matter—though others don't.
This form of silicon dioxide was only discovered in 1976, and it exists as crystal-like structures within the cracks and fracture fillings of rocks.
The result is a black-and-white cinematic omnibus entitled America, which currently exists as both a 2500-minute short and a multi-channel installation.
I used the Android browser to test a limited version of shopping site Wayfair's furniture preview tool, which exists as a dedicated app for Tango.
With the data and training model used to create Dio's form now turned to literal dust, the sculpture exists as a unique and unrepeatable artifact.
The popular Netflix show exists as a video game adaptations with other developers, but Telltale's game wasn't the only project that died with the studio.
The political drama of the show exists as a vehicle for us to learn how these personal connections formed and to see them develop further.
Currently, the experience only exists as an internal prototype, but the team said they are looking at various options to release it to VR audiences.
He exists, as the Man in Black pointed out in the premiere, to be the loser when a guest decides to slide into Dolores' DMs.
The latter work primarily exists as a single black-and-white photograph, reproduced for one of Art & Project gallery's renowned (and now highly coveted) bulletins.
She exists as the mouthpiece of a movement, and the film is less interested in her humanity than in her ability to change Ellis's mind.
It exists as a News+ tab within Apple's current News app and will serve up a variety of magazine, newspaper, and digital-first news content.
There, InfoChammel exists as a 2.5-hour "movie," a mish-mashy Frankenstein's monster of mostly the same videos you can find on the YouTube channel.
The project's name is Fuchsia, and it currently exists as a growing pile of code on the search giant's code depository and on GitHub, too.
But Cheek, which no longer exists as a company, denied that it was a scam, and even thanked Buzzfeed News for "looking into" the problem.
The "after" picture exists as a thank you, or perhaps a thank god, that the acne and bad jeans of the past don't exist anymore.
The Green New Deal — which currently exists as a visionary framework in Congress, known as a resolution — is way to kickstart the nation's decarbonization process.
Today, Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor physics exists as a living relic from a time gone by, and Hepburn says it should stay that way.
China says the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is behind the unrest, though many experts have questioned whether ETIM exists as a cohesive militant group.
For whether there ever will be an actual wall or not, it already exists as an idea, a piece of political theater, as a metaphor.
A small racial discrepancy exists as well, with more white respondents reporting that they have tried a plant-based substitute as opposed to nonwhite respondents.
The progressive Democrats, a wholly public-sector party, have disconnected from the realities of the private economy, which exists as a mysterious revenue-producing abstraction.
Regardless of whether evidence exists as to actual, corporate bias influencing products, the companies are neither the government nor acting on behalf of the government.
In addition to the documentary, One Day at Disney also exists as a coffee table book — a perfect holiday gift for your Disney-obsessed friend.
I believe that The New York Times Crossword exists as a reflection of the English language — of how people speak in this day and age.
It exists as a ripple of pixels on the surface of a photo, and can be applied to an image as easily as an Instagram filter.
In fact, that's part of the reason why Reco exists as its own, standalone mobile app (on iOS currently, with an Android launch targeted for fall).
I don't know if it exists as starkly in other cultures as it does in American culture, but it's nice to see that wall breaking down.
Rights groups say the unrest there is more a reaction to repressive government policies, and experts have questioned whether ETIM exists as a cohesive militant group.
The site isn't actually hosted anywhere — the entirety of the webpage exists as a URL compressed using what's known as the Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads For many artists, representation at the Venice Biennale signals the pinnacle of one's career and exists as the ultimate accolade.
Oyoty exists as an app for iOS and Android that's downloaded onto a child's device and linked to their social accounts at set up (via Oauth).
Rather, it exists as a blameless reality of an unsolvable problem of the digital age — presenting unknowing consumers as clear-cut victims of Big Bad Tech.
The less the ISIS "caliphate" exists as a physical entity, the less the group can claim it is the "Islamic State" that it purports to be.
Rights groups say the unrest is more a reaction to repressive government policies, and experts have questioned whether the ETIM exists as a cohesive militant group.
Violence in games exists as a kind of amorphous concept that we, creators and critics alike, too often fail to inspect as closely as it warrants.
Fortis, once one of Europe's largest banks, now only exists as a pared-down insurer, Ageas, after its banking operations were sold to France's BNP Paribas.
The Surface is a PC, and exists as a form-factor option for those who know how to use and drive a PC like a pro.
Here is the difference a color makes: "blue lives matter" expresses a fact in our society; "black lives matter" exists as a reminder, or an aspiration.
Moreover, it continues to blur the line between WWE as a real-life, publicly traded corporation and the WWE that exists as it appears on television.
It seems in the contemporary moment that the vision of an idealized world that so many are hoping for perhaps only exists as an unrealistic, romantic endeavor.
The ballerina, once stripped of her tulle and hairspray, exists as a tool for expression, of whom the choreographer, her partner, and the audience have certain expectations.
For one, Microsoft might have trouble convincing gamers to use an Xbox running Windows so long as Steam exists as the primary distribution platform for PC titles.
But now that Here and Now exists as a bunch of compelling supporting ideas with no center, it turns out I'll take that earlier show any day.
Rights groups say the unrest in Xinjiang is more a reaction to repressive government policies, and experts have questioned whether ETIM exists as a cohesive militant group.
Erring on the side of viciously terrifying, Scáthach decides the fates of many and exists as a haunting presence capable of serious destruction and soul collection.
The kids are projected so large that their appearance exists as texture, their monochromatic bodies becoming a part of the salt-stained concrete on which they move.
The retail business Amazon has built now exists as a walled 'obey-to-play' garden, where people are encouraged to shop for everything, and have it delivered.
In the age of streaming playlists and lifestyle brands, so much music exists as something to be consumed briefly before it is traded in for an update.
After seven years in development and almost $200 million in crowdfunding raised by fans, Star Citizen only exists as a loose collection of modules, alphas, and trailers.
On Blonde, nothing needs to exist in isolation; what could end up being a throwaway line for some listeners simultaneously exists as an anchor for Ocean himself.
He switches out on the perimeter and perpetually exists as a help-side safety net—flying around, putting out fires that are nowhere near his original assignment.
"For me, minerality exists as both flavor and texture, sometimes contributing a cool sleekness, or a saline/umami impression, or even a palpable tanginess/sharpness," he wrote.
"Many believe the event, which exists as a remembrance of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, has become less about protests than about parties,"she wrote for Vox.
Currently the product exists as a dedicated tab in the Twitter app, but feels buried compared to the more necessary Home feed, notifications, messages, and profile tabs.
Though government censorship of South Korean music has relaxed over time, it still exists, as does industry self-censorship in response to a range of controversial topics.
Highly secretive about its inner workings, it exists as something of a paradox: both steeped in the world literary community and strangely apart from and above it.
The Royal Mail did not commission the stamps, so the piece exists as a cabinet-like installation, with drawers that pull out to reveal sheets of stamps.
If the matter and antimatter neutrinos oscillate differently, that will likely be a huge clue toward answering the question of why the universe exists as it does.
But pivoting is proving critical for many larger houses, given that haute joaillerie exists as a kind of counterweight to their heavy dependence on entry level sales.
The restaurant at Millbrook exists as a marketing arm for the winery, drawing people to the property and raising the profile of the business as a whole.
It's these unknown unknowns that have caused so much doubt over whether, as asked at the beginning, quantum computing really exists as anything more than a parlor trick.
It's also not Netflix's fault the limit exists, as it doesn't own the vast majority of the content it offers, and so, it is beholden to rights holders.
As long as entertainment exists as a business, there's always going to be tension between the desire to create things and the need to make those creations profitable.
Interviewed in his studio, surrounded by cassette tapes, his archive exists as his own mountain range, a site where history is stored and available, but risks being forgotten.
But corruption exists as part of a vast patronage system which ties together the royal family, the state bureaucracy and large parts of society in patron-client networks.
He's interested in unique spaces in the outer boroughs of New York, like Socrates Sculpture Park, which exists as both an art center and a community green space.
Certain organizations profess that voter fraud is trivial or non existent but evidence exists, as presented by Fund, that voter fraud is more common than the media reports.
As the video insinuates, the Marrot exists as a cheeky response to the rising popularity of meatless "burgers," like Impossible Foods' Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger.
At the moment, it might be said that the Republican party no longer really exists as its chosen candidate might most closely be described as an anarcho-capitalist.
Basically, here's the gist: the AMT exists as an alternative tax system designed to kick in if a corporation's regular tax bill, with tax breaks is too low.
The decision exists as both symbol and substance: powerful as a symbol of the pro-gun movement's victory, but considerably cloudier and more limited as a judicial precedent.
Ever since, fans have been calling for the release of Snyder's version of the film, which allegedly exists, as if it's the original cut of the Zapruder film.
In the absence of a more traditional narrative, the show largely exists as possibility space, as a canvas the viewer is invited to sketch their own thoughts onto.
But in the 1930s, one osteopathist turned his attention to the anatomy of plants and used his X-ray machine as what it fundamentally exists as: a camera.
The gallery, located in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, exists as a platform for artists to realize personal, large-scale, interdisciplinary work that would not otherwise fit within commercial galleries.
So for the companies that know how to manage their cash reserves, quite a bit of opportunity exists as the market gets rid of their less-capable competition. 
"As long as homophobia exists, as long as gay people suffer from homophobic acts, the word will remain crucial to our humanity," he wrote in The Huffington Post.
A recent episode, "Original Cast Album: Co-Op," parodied Original Cast Album: Company, which is out of circulation and mainly exists as an inside joke for theater people.
Although the group has gone through a few different lineups over the years, Color Me Badd currently exists as a trio made up of Abrams, Calderon and Adam Emil.
The drawings may be, as Roseman says, about "counting minutes, and making marks, and making an object that exists as an object," but there is nothing dry about them.
As more and more momentum aligns behind standalone systems, the Supermedium browser exists as a bespoke solution for VR devices that is structured around VR controls in VR environments.
Might the feed one day swap places in the app with Stories, which now exists as a row of circular, side-scrolling icons on top of users' permanent posts?
The trouble is that no beefy general-purpose quantum computer exists as yet, so no one knows whether a given algorithm run on one would beat its classical counterpart.
As the only nation in the Americas founded by former slaves who successfully fought for their freedom and overthrew their captors, Haiti exists as a counterpoint to colonial power.
The show, which consists of photography culled from the Addison's collection, demonstrates that the gun exists as an ideal, a prop for power, a tool, and as a metaphor.
The story of Gordon Freeman now exists, as it always did, in superposition, as a set of possible implications of the scraps we have left: ghostly, like a memory.
"Assuming market demand exists as we anticipate, we would look to continue to offer similar products in the future and will continue to listen to customer feedback," said Lawson.
The documentary also exists as a metacommentary on its own morality as the filmmakers grapple with the possibility that their presence could be a deadly distraction during Honnold's climb.
Rarely do they ask about why the admissions process exists as it does, the ideals and values that shape these processes and why they might be worthy of contemplation.
The locality is certainly incredibly densely populated, but it is not void of commercial activity and exists as a community full of potential for further economic and cultural development.
"We understand that a lot of confusion and frustration exists as a result of this week's suspension of 10 Gopher football players from all team activities," the statement said.
Our members are taking meetings with men all the time, but yes, it began as and really exists as a space and a community that was designed for women.
"Our commitment is to cover any gap that exists as a result and to relieve them of that burden," Rudd, who will sign the deal in a few weeks, said.
A solar system's snow line, for example, marks the boundary between the hot inner disk, where water exists as vapor, and the outer disk, where water freezes into solid grains.
With Ghost, it often feels like the theater of what they do exists as a toothless way to feed their own publicity, and that it all comes before the music.
And if it gets stuck in traffic, assuming traffic still exists as a problem in world of driverless cars, the truck will text to say it's going to be late.
He exists as a steroid era sideshow these days, a periodically entertaining stream-of-consciousness Twitter presence (and former VICE columnist) rife with semi-ironic malapropisms and comical self-regard.
Windows Defender currently exists as a classic win32 desktop app in Windows 10, but Microsoft's video appears to show a Defender app that looks a lot like a universal app.
But Thunberg's comments also fuel a lingering debate about whether Asperger's even exists as a distinct condition—and if it doesn't, why people are still so attached to the designation.
Newspapers play no role in Libya and independent national media based inside the country scarcely exists as journalists often face threats from armed groups or officials unhappy with critical coverage.
But the randomized controlled trial showed that no such causal link exists, as 12 percent of the control group exited the job, compared with 10.8 percent of the intervention group.
The site still exists as a raw-looking time capsule of the film industry of the '90s, albeit with reports filed by contributors over the years since she stepped away.
"If this sort of dysfunction exists as part of the everyday operations — then, yes, during a true crisis the problems are magnified and exacerbated," said a former Trump HHS official.
Those who wanted to dismiss Mr. Lagerfeld referred to him as a "styliste": a designer who creates his looks by repurposing what already exists, as opposed to inventing anything new.
Shariatmadari also introduces Noam Chomsky's point that most human speech is internal and exists as thought, but doesn't wrestle with what we know (what we can know) about its evolution.
And as a reminder, Philips just exists as a licensed brand at this point as the US label for Funai's panels, so it's quite literally a Philips TV in name only.
If you're trying to show a loved one that really weird porn of something exists, as Eichenwald claimed, searching for the exact words you're looking for might be a good start.
But she goes beyond the sound bite to talk about why that gap exists: As researchers have noted, gender is no longer a factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy — motherhood is.
The 43-year-old mother of four exists as a figure outside of her romantic partnerships and assured that her name, her brands, and her money, were always a top priority.
That was the first big confirmation that water exists as a liquid on Mars, which is remarkable when you consider that the planet has an average temperature of -80 degrees Fahrenheit.
It has a small muscle belly behind the knee, but for the most part, this muscle exists as a tiny tendon sandwiched between the much larger calf muscles—gastrocnemius and soleus.
"In 2019, the federal grand jury exists as a mockery of the institution that once stood against the whims of monarchs," Manning wrote in a letter to Judge Trenga on Wednesday.
The recent investigation by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes on the opioid epidemic has shone a light on a murky world that exists as our nation struggles with this crisis.
Turkish identity generally exists as a dehyphenated monolith — aside from the case of the Kurds, who both inside and outside of Turkey have long struggled to express a separate ethnic identity.
In the film, blonde hair does not exist just to satisfy the proverbial conservative viewer; it exists as part of Ailes' reported vision for Fox's female on-air talent: sex appeal.
The National AIDS Memorial, which currently exists as a landscaped grove in Golden Gate Park, aims to incorporate the quilt in the physical Center for Social Conscience it plans to build.
Unlike in earlier 20th century moments, lynching is illegal and perhaps also unnecessary; a rabid and vast virtual audience exists as a stand-in for the race-baited crowds of old.
When "building" exists as a charged project in our war of walls, mass military, and surveillance, Land Art is no longer a romantic and heroic gesture in the vastness of nature.
But even after hopeful signs in the midterms, an undercurrent of distrust still exists, as evidenced by Blexit, a black conservative group that uses frustration with Democrats as a rallying cry.
Moderate renewal risk also exists, as 27% of the company's lease contracts, based on leased area, will expire in 2017, although this is mitigated by TREIT's high retention rate and location scarcity.
The risk exists as we do not think officials have decisively addressed issues of economic weakness nor of troublesome debt and we'd advise watching capital outflows more carefully in the coming months.
Currently, Bixby exists as a piece of software on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus that provides at-a-glance information at news, trending topics on Twitter, upcoming events and more.
In contrast, Grab's platform already exists as a form of infrastructure for the region's customers — one that's considerably cheaper to operate than a wide-spanning brick-and-mortar footprint for the firm.
So all credit to this show's creative team, overseen by the director Pam MacKinnon, for giving coherent life to a tale that exists as much in Amélie's imagination as in anywhere else.
Thus, regardless of the fierce opposition to TrumpCare that we know exists, as we have seen with the actions by the Senate, Republicans are willing to do anything to get a win.
In satisfying fashion, "Slut in a Good Way" recognizes the potential for cruelty that exists as teenagers experiment and learn through sex, but its portrait of adolescence never feels less than loving.
The website for Giuliani Security and Safety exists as a branch of the site for Giuliani Partners, but it doesn't describe the company or its dealings in anything more than generic business jargon.
A ballerina who was kidnapped and brainwashed into being a sleeper cell assassin of her husband (a notable officer in Overwatch), Widowmaker now exists as a unfeeling sniper who somehow needs spike heels.
She said treaties should also envision the creation of truth and reconciliation commissions in order to end the impunity that often exists, as well as provide mental health support for survivors of violence.
With the curatorial concept and the participating projects responding to it, this biennial aims to investigate how the museum as an institution exists as, and within, a social, cultural, economic and political ecosystem.
Queer writers have tackled the commodification of Pride for years; many believe the event, which exists as a remembrance of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, has become less about protests than about parties.
Currently, two drugs are predominantly used to treat opioid addiction - methadone, which is dispensed only in government-endorsed clinics, and the less-addictive buprenorphine, which exists as a pill or strip of film.
He insisted that the emasculation of Black men and lower marriage rates could be traced backed to slavery, while altogether ignoring the systemic racism that still exists as a result of said institution.
The exhibition, which consists of photography culled from the Addison Gallery of American Arts's collection, demonstrates that the gun exists as an ideal, a prop for power, a tool, and as a metaphor.
The sky's the limit really, as workers are stripped of more rights every day, and the working class exists as an army of cheap labor just waiting to get replaced by automated solutions.
The fact that the game exists as a final coda is not all that curious—after all, most professional sports have some mechanism for determining their champions at the end of a season.
The announcement that went out today reads: I've taken several Udacity courses, and have fallen into a pattern of mirroring my college coursework with equivalent Udacity work, where it exists, as a complement.
Because the U.K. exists as part of the EU customs system, goods and services transfer back and forth, making it hard to determine where the end users of American products are actually located.
Chris Edelson, an assistant professor of government at American University, said it's likely officials are making the public argument that a national emergency exists as a way to boost their prospects in court.
How can an increasingly spread-out school that has no real campus but exists, as Dr. Hamilton puts it, "in and of the city," provide a sense of cohesion and identity for students?
Currently, two drugs are predominantly used to treat opioid addiction — methadone, which is dispensed only in government-endorsed clinics, and the less-addictive buprenorphine, which exists as a pill or strip of film.
The fact that a national strategy existsas well as an advertising program promoting H.I.V. tests backed by Svetlana Medvedeva, the wife of the prime minister — at least implies some high-level interest.
Even though the selfie is a singular image object, it exists as a continual piece of content when posted to the network because of the people on the network who interact with it.
She has yet to settle on a name for this type of 3D self-portraiture, but the project currently exists as a collection or archive people can explore and experience in several ways.
The company, which stands for Republic of Gamers and exists as a gaming-specific sub-brand of PC maker Asus, has a new product it's announcing today at CES plainly called Bezel-free Kit.
Villamayor del Rio wants a pharmacy, Orihuela del Tremedal needs faster internet, Aranda del Duero demands better infrastructure, "Almanza resists", while "Fuentes de Béjar exists" as do Arévalo de la Sierra and El Royo.
PayPal exists as one of the options for getting your cash back — others include your bank account and donating to charity — but Wuerch says that PayPal is solely a financial investor in the startup.
The hashtag exists as a reminder to the popular vote majority in the U.S. that it's important for us to push back against toxic policies and unethical behavior at the highest levels of government.
But mostly, this squalid pile exists as a place for an enthusiastic tribe of young theater folk — members of the Bats, the Flea's resident acting company — to get dirty, histrionic and, on occasion, naked.
It just exists as a weird little bubble that maybe the software developer never go around to implementing or is maybe an artifact from some earlier version of the software that's no longer needed.
Dragic, as the singular locomotive who could ostensibly replace Irving's gravity and flair, while Winslow exists as the blue-chip wing prospect who makes downgrading from Irving to Dragic (who's 893 years old) worthwhile.
Because it is a search engine, I have assumed that Google knows everything because Google exists as something which collates knowledge and spews it all over a clean white page for our viewing pleasure.
But on Painted Ruins, there's a divine clarity to the architecture; you can see how Taylor exists as a problem solver, untying Gordian knots, figuring out how to let the songs breathe without wandering.
Accordingly, the racially mixed urban space, a version of which I have referred to elsewhere as "the cosmopolitan canopy," exists as a diverse island of civility located in a virtual sea of racial segregation.
As Ukrainians prepare to celebrate a quarter-century of independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, Moscow is making it clear that their sovereignty only exists as long as Russia chooses to allow it.
Their antiferromagnets were so-called two-dimensional materials: While each crystal exists as a 3-D chunk, those chunks are built out of stacked two-dimensional layers of atoms that act more or less independently.
When I worked in architecture, I learnt that most buildings that get designed never get built, so I wondered: what if you took the stage where the building only exists as a rendering completely seriously?
Rights groups and many foreign experts though say China has never presented any convincing evidence to prove ETIM exists as a cohesive, well-organized group capable of the kinds of attacks China blames it for.
If I'm working with capturing something full color in three dimensions that I can print, than it already exists as a file on the computer and can be easily experienced in the virtual reality headsets.
Everyone knows transcendent household names like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, but, in an open race, Vucevic currently exists as a respectable choice for the league's most discerning fans, those who also enjoy being different.
Ross, the butt of several jokes in the movie (Shuri taunts him as a "colonizer"), exists as a kind of corrective to the "white savior" characters that are standard in earlier Western films about Africans.
CBGB, which helped launch the careers of iconoclasts like the Ramones and the Talking Heads, now only exists as a brand for bigger brands to exploit for profit—and as a stall at Newark Airport.
Fountain's novel, at its core, exists as a satirical swipe at a country that would send so many young people into combat, then lose interest when the war proved more difficult than it had seemed.
Much like his "Chain World" (2011), which exists as a single copy of a game passed from person to person, "A Game for Someone" can only be completed, as it were, through a collaboration between players.
Of course, because this video of David Cameron exists as a meme, it's now entered the league of the ultra-meme wherein it's been reshaped and reshifted like putty by the willing hands of the Internet.
SaviryAnother deal-finding engine that exists as a website, Android app and iOS app, Saviry doesn't have the cleanest interface around but ticks all the right boxes in terms of pointing you towards the biggest savings.
The optimism exists As the President heads to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet with Senate Republicans, it's worth pointing out that both aides and lawmakers in both chambers are becoming cautiously optimistic something can happen.
Such a plan — which currently only exists as a visionary framework in U.S. Congress — is a government-driven plan to radically transform the nation's energy system with the specific aim of slashing its ample carbon emissions.
Of course, as we showed in All the World's Money and Markets, this is just a fraction of the total money that exists as a whole, which includes digital deposits and liquidity added by central banks.
"Since its foundation, Santa has been known as the time do povo ("the team of the people"), so the ideal of social inclusion exists as an ideology within the club," president Alirio Moraes told VICE Sports.
"Don't ask, don't tell" no longer exists as policy, for instance, and the idea of two men having a long-lasting relationship with each other is no longer seen as a curiosity in the public eye.
"There has been a relatively solid English state for the last thousand years, even if its territory has changed significantly over time," Blattman and Farrell write, which explains why Hogwarts exists as a specifically English school.
We will not always agree on everything, and that's O.K. Wordplay exists as a water cooler discussion, where aspects of this two-dimensional puzzle can leap off the page and help us connect to one another.
Though age discrimination still existsas do stereotypes that young people adapt better in a tech company — advocates for older workers say having one work with Gen Z or millennial employees will lead to better mentorship. 
The system that powers Snapchat, for instance, sits on top of App Engine, a service owned by Google; to the extent that Snapchat even exists as a service, it is as a stack of different elements.
First, alleviate the costs to state and local governments, who are on the front lines managing the problem of 12 million undocumented as it actually existsas it has been bequeathed to them by Congress' inaction.
Two kilometers south of Sivo's farm, in the Land of the Free, no such requirement exists; as long as the age is indicated on the bottle (but it's only considered a "straight whiskey" after two years).
Sometimes it's just fine that something exists, as itself, as a quiet conversation between two periods of history or as an easy nod from a fan who just enjoys the Wu. Follow Kyle Kramer on Twitter.
If you contrast the needle maker or the boatman with the Bodhisattva who exists as both the x and the not x of the "everything" of the poem, you get closer to what Vilgrain's poems are doing.
And, as the report makes clear, that market exists as a largely unnoticed sector of the tech and marketing economies as companies fail to disclose what they're doing with the data or how often it is collected.
Though there is some diversity in terms of LGBTQ representation and a range of careers, the Mommy and Me group exists as a feeder system for one of the best preschools in Toronto, which automatically screams privilege.
Across the solar system, at least, more water probably exists as superionic ice—filling the interiors of Uranus and Neptune—than in any other phase, including the liquid form sloshing in oceans on Earth, Europa and Enceladus.
The app is designed to allow users to interact with their "Closest Friends" list that currently exists as an option on Instagram, and it will let them share more detailed information like location, speed, and battery life.
He is a mix of studio artist, intellectual, spiritual guru agnostic, New Jersey Catholic queen, and the grown-up version of the experimental child he exists as in the years covered by his coming-to-enlightenment memoir.
Pepe is a regular fixture at the #antiELAB pro-democracy protests and in graffiti around the city, which exists as a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China with its own governing and economic systems.
If a mink coat or fox stole already exists as a hand-me-down from your grandmother or is for sale at your local vintage haunt, wouldn't wearing these be better than buying new or buying faux?
Throughout the South, the urban-rural divide still exists as one of the most dominant talking points in the region's political sphere, conservatives in particular often dividing the region into "real Southern" voters and elite city transplants.
The potential for such a coalition exists, as the millions who protested on Friday showed; whether that potential can be realized is an open question, one that most bosses and politicians are working very hard to suppress.
" In a 1974 interview with Paul Karlstrom, Conner personalized the dangerous fate of art objects that enter museums: "If it [the object] becomes historical it exists as a weapon to me as a person, as an artist.
Prior to his just deserts, Shkreli made a habit of flaunting his ill-gotten wealth through the acquisition of, among other things, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin"—a record which only exists as a single vinyl record.
Russia is working hard to gain influence is such regions as the Balkans, and political parties in these regions may turn increasingly to Putin's Russia as an alternative if no other conservative policy position exists as a counter.
Currently, the VA does not provide due process, and no clear standard exists as the agency basically declares a veteran guilty until proven innocent of a condition that has not been verified by appropriate entities (doctor and judge).
It exists as a more progressive foil to the white male coming-of-age genre (inasmuch as the pedestaling of stock character white womanhood is intended to be some kind of relief to the ubiquity of white manhood).
The VA does not provide due process and no clear standard exists as the agency basically declares a veteran guilty until proven innocent of a condition that has not been verified by an appropriate entity (doctor and judge).
The policy, known in the many European countries where it already exists as a "child allowance," does not have the official support of the new Democratic majority in the House, which backs a still good but more limited bill.
For his part, Levie says that his company will pursue whatever course seems to make the most sense, developing in-house when needed and partnering when a viable solution already exists, as it did with Google's computer vision technology.
"Until we read the report, it is only speculation as to why certain people were not indicted and what evidence exists as to the interference, or lack of interference, by the Russian government," Weinstein told CNBC in an email.
It's a monstrous contract that exists as a compromise, both exceeding what Love would likely make as a free agent next summer while also coming in about $20 million less than another team would be allowed to offer him.
"The Franco-German couple no longer exists as far as I'm concerned, not because of who is in power, but because we no longer have any credibility with the Germans," said former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon on Sunday.
The two drugs predominantly used to treat opioid addiction are methadone, which is dispensed only in government-endorsed clinics, and the less-addictive buprenorphine, which exists as a pill, a strip of film, or as part of an implant.
The project RUKA (to braid/to knit/ to weave) explores the history of black hairstyles, the way the beauty salon exists as a form of home, and the politics of identity and beauty that are signified by black hair.
"Making politically unpopular decisions for the long-run benefit of the country is the reason the Fed exists as a politically independent central bank," Ben S. Bernanke, who was the Fed chair at the time, wrote in his memoir.
It's less a simulation of playing football and more a simulation of watching football on TV. Which means it exists as kind of a bizarre, alternate universe version of the NFL with its own in-game ads and sponsorships.
Aside from an office maintained for legal reasons (and as a home base for student interns), the museum exists as an assemblage of 90 commissioned works, across a 19653-square-mile area, linked only by tours that it organizes.
Click here to view original GIFGIF: YouTubeOne of the most memorable music videos of the 1980s is A-ha's "Take On Me" featuring a young woman who's pulled into a world that looks like it only exists as crude pencil sketches.
Westside by W.M. Akers In an alternate 1921 New York City, Manhattan has been split into two sides: the prosperous East Side, and the West Side, which has shunned modern technology and exists as a slum from which few can escape.
Lately, the idea that technology exists as a force for good — to connect people, to save the planet — has been looking rather threadbare, especially in light of recent revelations around the role social media companies played in the presidential election.
Bolton wrote in the exhibition catalogue that it was "not about China per se but about a China that exists as a collective fantasy" (China Through the Looking Glass: Fashion, Film, Art, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015).
Melanie Nezer, the senior vice president of public affairs at the refugee resettlement group HIAS, said refugees were already subject to an intense screening process, and the new red tape only exists as a backdoor way to stop people from coming.
Their fifth album, 250's Depression Cherry, presented a heavier yet regal, dignified tone, while its follow-up, Thank Your Lucky Stars, released a few months later, exists as its weird cigarette-smoking little sister who ballroom dances at moonlight.
Compared to last year, he's up 11 percent at the rim, 10 percent from the mid-range, and 6 percent from deep (he made 43.1 percent of his threes in 2018, so, yeah, this dude currently exists as an inferno).
The Rockets taught us that even/especially the best teams have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, that nothing is more powerful or relevant in today's league than the variability of summer, which often exists as a ruthless reset button.
Until affirmative action is described and understood as one mechanism by which to make amends for historical wrongdoing against members of marginalized communities, it will fail to meaningfully address the inequality that exists as a direct result of federal policy.
It is remarkable that this law still exists, as it continues to outrage many of Northern Ireland's inhabitants; last year, a poll indicated that 68% of people supported the legalization of abortion following a sex crime or fatal fetal abnormality.
It's not that they're not punk, it's that they're a different kind—a new kind—of punk band, one that primarily exists as much to entertain as indict, as much to have fun as to shake up the foundations of society.
There are more people wearing suits than at probably any Kid Rock concert ever, but Kid Rock exists as identity politics for Republicans seeking to slum it—the ideal performer for an audience that nominated a would-be blue-collar billionaire.
Once past those asides, the whole exercise exists as a cheeky throwback to '70s-style dystopian free-for-alls -- think "Death Race 2000" -- with a knowing wink to current headlines and better special effects when it comes to blood-splatter techniques.
QE exists as an alternative means of impacting long-term rates without trying to make short-term rates go below zero (which runs the risk that people will resort to storing physical cash in vaults rather than suffering negative rates).
This is complicated because "Gone With the Wind" exists as one of the main pillars of the odious Lost Cause narrative, but it's also one of the pivotal books I read in childhood that helped shape me as a writer.
And here is where Rahman, Wallach, and I are all just making variations on the same timeless argument that Madison made in the Federalist Papers, which is that our republican form of democracy exists as a tension between competing interests.
This new publication, Hostetler writes, exists as "a virtual time capsule of the photography community in the 1970s," including photographers who were then starting to make a name for themselves in the contemporary art scene, such as Eggleston and Stephen Shore.
Compared to last year, he's up 2100 percent at the rim, 219 percent from the mid-range, and 203 percent from deep (he made 220 percent of his threes in 245, so, yeah, this dude currently exists as an inferno).
Everything that makes the site useful essentially exists as a pretext to keep users offering up more and more of their personal information to Facebook, which currently controls somewhere around one out of every five digital ad dollars spent in the country.
"I have met numerous conservationists who never question any human rights abuses, strong-arm tactics by authorities, or the power structures in which conservation exists, as long as there is a semblance of animal protection," said Kenyan journalist Gitau Mbaria in an interview.
But a greater irony still exists: As an increasing number of NFL owners weigh in to defend their players' right to protest, Colin Kaepernick — who made headlines in 2016 when he kicked off this wave of protests — still doesn't have a job.
Its significance as a gathering of celebrities, executives, and industry experts has waned since the days when it helped kickstart Twitter; now, it mostly exists as a place for brands to self-promote and employees to party every night and gorge on tacos.
In the face of slumping hardware sales, Apple clearly showed the risk that comes with focusing on a business beyond simply hardware, and that for growth it's important to have a revenue base that exists as a collection of software and hardware.
Image: AP Photo/Richard DrewUpcoming film The Circle appears to be about a bearded white guy who runs a technology company that (I guess, based on the trailers) preaches connectivity and positive disruption but exists as a front to mine personal data.
The situation the FSB first observed in the complex infrastructure of finance, where thousands of multiple identity codes of the same entities exists, as demonstrated by the GLEIF/Data Foundation report, is also prevalent among all types of regulatory bodies and businesses.
Known as the "counter-jihad movement," it exists as a spectrum across Europe and America of "street-fighting forces at one end and cultural conservatives and neoconservative writers at the other," according to Liz Fekete, the director of the Institute of Race Relations.
When we think of X-rays, we generally think of the human body's skeletal structure, but in the 1930s, one osteopathist turned his attention to the anatomy of plants and used his X-ray machine as what it fundamentally exists as: a camera.
It publishes information but eludes the definition of a publisher, claims to be a technology company but acts more like an advertising firm, exists as a sort of digital town square but is not subject to the rules of a common carrier.
Maia — and by extension, mxmtoon — exists as a kind of poster child for an extremely online youth who is not a shallow zombie, but rather, has brought a broad-tent sense of empathy to her creative endeavors and attracted others like her.
The team, which has been around for a little longer than a month, exists as its own desk in the newsroom (just like, say, the national desk or the sports desk) and consists of editors and reporters in New York and Washington.
" When his nomination to the National Council on the Humanities was briefly jeopardized in the Senate because of his controversial remarks, Professor Hart insisted that "no evidence exists as regards my academic record that I harbor any prejudice against minorities or women.
It may be too early to grasp the impact of Standing Rock — especially as resistance against other pipelines such as Line 3 in Minnesota continue — but Denomie's work exists as a witness to the racialized violence that evokes atrocities in America's past, and continues today.
American recognition of Jerusalem will not ripen diplomatic prospects; to the contrary, it is likely to diminish what little opportunity for progress exists, as this unilateral U.S. action demands nothing of the Israeli government and gives nothing to the Palestinians in Jerusalem or anywhere else.
That's the case not just in emerging markets — but, as it turns out, in developed markets, where a feature phone either exists as a "back up" for a smartphone owner, or as a pared-down and smaller device that is simply easier to use.
For those that don't know: IMG Academy is a high school-cum-sports training center that began as a tennis academy—Andre Agassi famously trained there, as did Monica Seles and Serena Williams—and now exists as launching pad for future college and professional athletes.
But the primary aim of the legislation would be to address the basic needs that trans Colombians have as a community, such as the ability to change their name and gender on government documents—which currently exists as a decree, but not in law.
If, however, a national emergency really exists, as the President insists, then he should take his case directly to the American people and look to other ways to pay for a wall -- ways that do not require the use of pre-existing taxpayer dollars.
Romance exists as a real possibility in "The Lottery of Love," the 1730 Marivaux play that opened Monday night at the Orange Tree Theater in West London, in a previously unproduced English-language version by the novelist John Fowles, of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" renown.

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