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How to use iz in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "iz" and check conjugation/comparative form for "iz". Mastering all the usages of "iz" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Maybe it's that one of the best-known and beloved Hawaiians of recent decades was the musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, known as Iz. A mountainous man, was Iz. He suffered greatly, and died young.
I know "Kung Fu." IZ: Yeah, it was exactly that!
IZ: Yeah, we've hired a lot of really amazing people.
The floor of the studio shifted as Iz stepped on it.
Ischemia (pronounced iz-kemia) can be treated with medications, surgery or both.
In fact, Iz hardly ever played that song in his live shows.
IZ: We were adult roommates at 103, 24, you know, that age.
IZ: Tom was a product manager who was building, like, workflow technology.
IZ: Yeah, and we are working with a lot of those platforms.
IZ: Annotation is basically the courage to say it to your face.
Someone had spray-painted "Miles Iz Ded" on the side of the building.
Iz sadly a fact that woman can't do without ze manly helper's help.
IZ: We're good for a while, and we're also focusing on making money.
IZ: It's just content, it's just knowledge brought to you by a brand.
"life iz short, go pink," she wrote on Instagram Wednesday, adding a watermelon emoji.
" IZ: And it just walked me through the song, and it was like, "Oh!
IZ: A lot of it was getting people to work on it with us.
IZ: I don't want to speak too soon, there haven't been such major surprises.
Much like Iz once said that Hawaiians live in two worlds, so did Facing Future.
IZ: I don't think Snapchat ... Especially with their new thing they just released, their advertising API.
"Stay strong, my brother," adds DJ Iz. "You'll rip 'em next time," adds Sol, always the optimist.
IZ: Yeah, we met in college and we just built some stuff together as we were roommates.
So there's a way I can do that if I'm a hardcore ... IZ: You just type genius.
IZ: Except that one kid from middle school who's on Infowars and is hitting you up. Exactly.
IZ: We've always been kicking around ideas, and talking to be in the world and the marketplace.
The album was done, and then you recorded "Miles Iz Ded" and rushed to have it added, correct?
IZ: I don't want to be the bro who protests too much, but we're the least bro-y.
TL: That's going to be difficult, but also very important IZ: I think also just, the music industry.
Teachers would put the spotlight on me and have me explain "Iz-lamb" to my entire third grade class.
But that didn't stop Iz and Colleen from finding another way to bring some cats to their nuptial celebrations.
Even though Iz and Colleen did take any home, all six of the kittens have been since been adopted.
But when he came to Melbourne to do Wozard of Iz, it turned into a fucking really fun night.
The most popular of these shows is undoubtedly Produce 101, which so far formed I.O.I, Wanna One, and IZ*ONE.
As Iz wrote in her tweet, this poster really should exist everywhere — and not just for women, but for everyone.
"This is the beginning of the war between the Kurds and Baghdad," Goran Iz Al-Din, a Peshmerga commander, told CNN.
IZ: It was sort of the internet's a thing, and it's sort of slow and weird, and people make weird design choices.
IZ: Yeah, I just think the early public image of Rap Genius had a ton of different, a lot of negative stuff.
IZ: Yeah, like how does an agency plan a budget for a brand's advertising spend, and what does that spreadsheet look like?
In the world of early 1980s subway graffiti few names matched Iz the Wiz, the nom de plume for the late Michael Martin.
YouTuber i iz cat has noticed that every time he asks his cat Minnie if she is hungry, she responds quickly and excitedly.
The film stars Miles Teller as David, a twenty-something living in Miami in 2005 with his beautiful girlfriend Iz (Ana de Armas).
We were her personal jukebox, flipping from Bill Withers to Cat Stevens, Itzhak Perlman to Carole King, Stevie Wonder to Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole.
But while he was often labeled an activist and the face of the sovereignty movement, it's unclear how comfortable with this responsibility Iz actually was.
Prior to their big day, Iz and Colleen made a donation to the shelter and asked their guests to do the same as their wedding present.
Iz Mazer had not seen him again until a few weeks ago, when he turned up at Bookbinder's, having dinner with some touts and cheap gamblers.
The songs would sit there in a drawer until 1993 when Iz was pursuing a solo career, after having parted ways with the Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau.
It has also held a series of auditions in Myanmar and hosted a reality TV show to create a half Japanese, half Korean band called Iz One.
IZ: We built a small sales team, and we're developing a bunch of products and media that we're going to market with, and it's going really well.
Either dramatically upzone and pair the upzoning with IZ mandates, or else simply upzone and use the resulting tax windfall to finance the construction of social housing.
Iz and Colleen, who are self-declared "crazy, head-over-heels cat people," knew when they tied the knot, they wanted to include their favorite house pets somehow.
Iz, who weighed around 500 pounds, was winded just from the burden of standing to wait for the chair, and his heavy breathing picked up on the microphone.
After they wrapped up after 4 AM, Bertosa gave Iz a tape of the recording and stuck another copy in his desk where it remained for five years.
Through this reiterative method, "Greys Abstract" (217) and the closely related "IZ Abstract" (1994) represent collages made of squares of various values of gray in strict but imperfect grids.
When Iz crossed over to the other world at 12:18 AM at the Queen's Medical Center, it was like the people of Hawai'i all lost a family member.
Thumbing through the titles, I pick up Suzan-Lori Parks's Venus and read a line from the play: "Exposure iz what killed her," she writes in the first scene.
"I said iz does not end here in my mind," Mr. Nelson wrote in a statement to the police, titled "My story," which was full of grammatical and spelling errors.
During the 60-minute period — while Iz and Colleen took photos with their family — party-goers were treated to snuggles, purrs, and loving from six of Seattle Animal Shelter's kittens.
Another beloved figure was the musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, known as Iz. He died in 1997, before his cover of "Over the Rainbow" became a worldwide hit and a Hawaiian standard.
Stylish adaptive design, which caters to the unique, practical needs of differently-abled individuals, has been advanced in the last few years by labels like IZ Collection, Care and Wear, and MagnaReady.
And picture books — especially really thoughtful, beautiful ones like Aaron Becker's "Journey" trilogy, Carson Ellis's "Du Iz Tak?" and everything by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen — are a balm for the soul.
") Honorable mentions go to X1's "Move" and IZ*ONE's "Violeta" (though the groups are riddled with controversy and scandal, a bop is a bop), LOONA's "Butterfly," and Taeyeon's heartbreaking ballad "Blue.
IZ: Yeah, there is a tension of how do you expose your content on other publishers, and how do you distribute, and everyone's doing that via Facebook and Twitter and whatever else.
Iz grew up kolohe—a trouble-making punk teenager who dropped out of high school and spent late nights in seedy parts of town where he developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol.
Iz's wife Marlene and daughter Ceslieanne were seated beside the casket which sat below a 50-foot Hawaiian flag and a giant portrait of Iz having his hair brushed by Marlene for a photoshoot.
They made a tradition of returning to the spot every year on June 26, bearing leis and flowers, and swimming with Bruddah Iz, an aloha to the beloved giant who became one with Hawai'i.
A few days later, after Iz had been cremated, his ashes were loaded onto a voyaging canoe to sail to Makua Beach on the west side of O'ahu where he had lived for many years.
In 2004 and 2005, DJ Drama and Young Jeezy released "Tha Streets Iz Watchin" and "Trap or Die," a pair of mixtapes that were really unofficial albums, full of tracks you couldn't get anywhere else.
Last summer, she wrote a column for Vos Iz Neias, an online Orthodox news source, about Malky Klein, a Hasidic girl who had been expelled from her yeshiva and died of a heroin overdose in June.
IZ: It was sort of an emerging phenomena, and definitely there are people, if you've met many people, you've been in Silicon Valley, or any context, New York, San Francisco, whatever, who take themselves too seriously.
After just a few weeks of working together, the guys are driving matching Porsches and moving into apartments in the same ritzy building — David with pregnant girlfriend Iz (Ana de Armas, looking like a Cuban Kelly Kapowski) in tow.
IZ: Tom had a really funny blog which was Seamless Web Sucks, where he shat on Seamless' UI. When you were writing blogs about how much Seamless sucks, and you weren't the only one to think that ... TL: It's a great service, though.
As he explains in a self-consciously blasé voiceover, David works as a massage therapist for rich clients, dreaming of a better life for Iz and the baby that's on the way, when he reunites with Efraim (Jonah Hill), a childhood friend back in town.
His most recent work -- "The Wizard of Iz" -- is modeled after L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz" and substitutes former President Bill Clinton for the not-so-wonderful Wizard of Oz and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for the Wicked Witch of the West.
Doctor Woo, a celebrity favorite for his thin, dainty designs, reports that jewelry-inspired wrist ink is trending, while famed Shamrock Social Club's East Iz (the most delicate-minded artist from the trend-incubating shop) has been turning out single-needle flowers and delicate cursive names.
I didn't like the first album, and Dare Iz a Darkside, my friend Ken had it and we'd listen to it all the time—or he'd listen to it all the time, so I was like, 'Maybe this guy is a little bit good,' and then I saw that video and was sold.
K-Pop raises questions about appreciation and appropriation As Quartz noted in March, there are now dozens of successful non-Korean performers in the Korean music ecosystem, including Blackpink's Lisa, who's from Thailand; half the members of the 2018 Gaon Chart Music Award Female Group of the Year co-winner (G)I-dle and a third of the members of co-winner IZ-ONE; and all of the members of the recently unveiled pop groups Z-Girls and Z-Boys, both of which were purpose-built by their label to be pan-Asian, with performers from seven non-Korean countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, India and Vietnam.
Vos iz flinker fun a moyz? Vos iz tifer fun a kval? Vos iz biter, biterer vi gal? ((chorus)) A koymen iz hekher fun a hoyz.
In: Miloš Miličković (22.god.) dolazi iz FK Hajduk iz Kule. Igrao u Dunavu Banovcima, Cementu iz Beočina i Novom Sadu at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 Nemanja Božović (24.god.) iz Niša.
Barry initially marketed RADAR under the Otari brand, and later under his own brand, iZ (iZ Technology Corporation). RADAR is now used world-wide by bands such as U2, and Neil Young, as well in large commercial facilities such as Disney, CBC, IMAX, and NBC.The first model, the Creation RADAR I, was released in 1993. RADAR I was manufactured in North Vancouver BC by Creation Technologies(iZ Technology Corporation), but marketed and distributed in 1994 by Otari under an exclusive license. Creation/iZ also produced the RADAR II. iZ Technology terminated Otari's RADAR distribution agreement in 2000. In October 2000, iZ Technology released RADAR 24 under the iZ brand, History of iZ Technology and RADAR.
Iz Dubrovačkog arhiva. In M. J. Dinić, Iz Dubrovačkog arhiva (fq. 44). Beograd : Naučno delo. In the Ottoman Defter of 1455, Branka and Radonja Berisha from Gjelekar are found.Oblast Brankovića – Opširni katastarski popis iz 1455. godine fq 5.
Each ear corresponds to one audio track, the belly controls the drum track and tempo, and the flicker can be hit for iZ to generate sound effects. iZ randomly adds his own flavour to the track by overlaying witty comments or radio noise. When in DJ mode iZ evolves the track himself by changing one feature of the track at a time. If the user doesn't like the current music iZ outputs, the belly can be pressed to force iZ to instantly make a change.
Retrieved on 2009-05-24. which was based on BeOS 5. In 2005, iZ released RADAR V. iZ press release on the first RADAR V install. Retrieved on 2009-05-24.
He started to write IZ first with VINNY and in 1976 when the movie the Wiz cane out, the advertising posters on the subway stations stateD the Wiz is a Wow. So IZ thought if the wiz is a wow why can’t IZ be THE WIZ. So was born the name IZ THE WIZ. On September 29, 1990, Martin married Katherine M. Lucev, also from the Rockaways, in St. Rose of Lima Church in Rockaway Beach, New York.
When another audio device is connected to the iZ it acts as a speaker but also overlays some of its own sound effects on top of the sound from the audio device. When overlaying its own sound effects it also moves its eyes and lights up its nose. By pressing the left side of iZ belly the sound effects will be turned off and iZ will only act as a regular speaker. When no other audio device is connected iZ has three modes of operation; Play, DJ and WZIZ FM. In Play mode, which is the startup mode, iZ lets you compose your own music by manipulating his inputs.
Graffiti by Iz the Wiz Michael "Iz the Wiz" Martin (November 8, 1958 – June 17, 2009) was one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the New York graffiti movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Mirdita, Zef (1969). "Iliri i etnogeneza Albanaca". Iz istorije Albanaca. Zbornik predavanja.
Martin was from the New York City borough of Queens, a Rockaway Beach native. Beginning in 1972, he became a long reigning All-City king of New York, known primarily for his quick, simple two letter tag, 'IZ'. IZ represented a new breed of fame-obsessed writers concerned with finding the perfect balance between quantity and quality. He also wrote "CI" (for Crazy IZ), and "Ike", (short for Mike).
In some incarnations of the show they are known as Iz, Biz and Diz.
Zizzle and DIC Entertainment created a direct-to-video iZ cartoon, iZ and the Zizzles in 2007. The trailer could be viewed on the Zizzle website. 2 episodes were made, being the pilot and a second episode, "Will the Zizzles Sizzle or Fizzle?".
" 2013. RTV SLO, 26 October. Bartolj, Jože, & Jože Dežman. 2013. "Začetek prekopa žrtev iz Mačkovca.
Bogišić, Valtazar. Narodne pjesme iz starijih, najčešće primorskih zapisa I, Beograd: Srpsko učeno društvo, 1878.
The album features the singles "Word Iz Life" b/w "Dreadful Day" and "Conscious Style".
Mihajlo Vidojević. Još jedan odlazak iz Vojvodine. 1 June 2016. Accessed 1 August 2017.
He also wrote a critical work -- Ogledi iz estetike / Aesthetic Outlook, published in Belgrade in 1920.
A lilac Peterbald female The Peterbald breed was born during the latter half of 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the result of an experimental mating of a Don Hairless (also known as Don Sphynx, Donskoy or Donsky) male named Afinogen Myth and an Oriental Shorthair female World Champion named Radma von Jagerhov, by Russian felinologist Olga S. Mironova. The first two litters produced four Peterbald kittens: Mandarin iz Murino, Muscat iz Murino, Nezhenka iz Murino and Nocturne iz Murino. These four Peterbalds were the founders of the breed. In 1996, the breed was adopted in the Russian Selectional Feline Federation (SFF) and given a standard and an abbreviation (PBD).
IZ-ON Media (pronounced "Eyes on Media") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratacache. It programs, broadcasts and sells advertising on video screens, health kiosks and television displays inside retail locations. IZ-ON Media changed its name from Premier Retail Networks or "PRN" on October 1, 2012.
Jovan Matić donated land with a house for the school that served at that period. (data from 1921). Podaci su uzeti iz: „Naselja“ knj.26. dr. B. M. Drobnjaković Kosmaj ) i iz „Letopisa“ drulupske opštine Br. 269. Literatura „Letopis Podunavskih mesta“(Beč 1998) period 1812 – 1935 g.
The Otari RADAR II, released in 1997, was capable of recording and playing back twenty-four tracks of 24 bit, 48k audio on a single hard drive, editing and multiple-machine linking for up to 192 tracks. Until April 2000, the RADAR II was branded as the "Otari RADAR II." After April 2000, it was sold by iZ Technology as the "iZ RADAR II." iZ Product Museum with details and history of the RADAR I, II and 24. Retrieved on 2010-08-03.
Iz, John and Elvis use bootleg DryCo time travel technology to travel back to London in the alternate world's forties and Elvis loses himself amidst the debris of St Paul's Cathedral. However, Elvis is relatively psychologically healthy and morally sane compared to the intense anti-human pathology of DryCo's world; in the end he risks everything to escape it. DryCo's plan has failed. Although John and Iz are sacked from DryCo Central, DryCo Europe offers Iz a position within their local hierarchy.
Srebro iz modre špilje is a novel by Slovenian author Slavko Pregl. It was first published in 2003.
Stanonik, Marija. 2001. Bela Ljubljana: zgodbe iz slovenske prestolnice. Ljubljana: Kmečki glas, p. 47. TenenteKobilica, Katarina & Andrej Studen. 1999.
XIV Prospective – Yugoslav Art Gallery, Belgrade 1986 Colours of Boka – Vincent iz Kastva gallery, Istrian National Theater, Pula 2002.
MEŠ LUGAL EN-lí-ia :-(9)--su-hi-iz-ti LÚ.MEŠ-ia :-(10)--GIŠMÁ.MEŠ ana pānu :-(11)--(ÉRIN)ERIM.
RADAR 24, released in 2000, was the first new model branded by iZ Technology, and brought many hardware improvements including: sample rates up to 192k, networking, a faster processor, and ADAT I/O. Differences between the RADAR II and RADAR 24, by Barry Henderson, President of iZ. Retrieved on 2009-05-28.
On January 14, 2014, Kid Ink performed "Iz U Down", along with special guest Tyga, on DJ Skee's SKEE Live.
After Smak disbanded, Ristovski took part in the recording of Smak former vocalist Boris Aranđelović's solo album Iz profila (1982).
"Iz kočevske zgodovine / Aus Gottschees Geschichte." 1929. Ilustrirani Slovenec 5(19) (12 May): 147–152, p. 148.Matijevič, Meta. 1998.
Bosnia,"Tri Sultanije i Sultan". In: Buturovic, Djenana i Lada. Antologija usmene price iz BiH/ novi izbor. SA: Svjetlost, 1997.
Igrao u OFK Beogradu i FK Napredak iz Kruševca, a zatim u Slovačkoj odakle je i došao u Vranje at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 @stefanpicici (26.god), golman. Dolazi iz Budve. Devet godina branio na golu Petrovca at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 Milan Ilić (19.
Igrao u beogradskom Basku, Rakovici, Sinđeliću at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 Filip Stamenković(1998.) Igrao u Beogradu 8. godina. Ponikao iz škole FK Rad, igrao u Radu i Voždovcu at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 Filip Bajić (25.god.) dolazi iz Bečeja. Igrao u FK Napredak iz Kruševca, Bačkoj, Inđiji i Novom Sadu at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 Dragoslav Sremčević (24.god), Obrenovac at FK Dinamo Vranje official instagram profile, 15-7-2019 Stefan Đokić (18.
The green/orange iZ The Zizzle iZ is an electronic musical toy released in September 2005 from Zizzle. Taking the shape of an abstract tripod figure, the iZ allows users to interactively manipulate music by twisting particular parts of the figure's body as well as add sound effects to prerecorded sound from a connected audio device. The toy also acts as a dancing speaker. Since its release it has been available in 5 color schemes, green/orange, dark blue/light blue, red/yellow, purple/green, and chrome/orange.
Besides, density bonuses given to property developers for the provision of IZ units have intensified the concentration of affordable units in poor neighborhood (Ryan & Enderle as cited in Mukhija, Das, Regus et al., 2012). This shows that IZ policies may fail to disperse the low-income distributions when it is carried out without taking regional coordination into account. Moreover, with density bonuses allocated to property developers for the provision of IZ units, it implies the community would be bearing the cost of increasing population density and sharing existing infrastructure.
According to AGB Nielsen Philippines' Mega Manila household television ratings, the pilot episode of Diz Iz It! earned a 13.6% rating.
Your humain world iz about to end! Only one version of Harle, the "Alternate World" Harle, is present in the game.
In: Radulović iz OFK Petrovac u FK Sarajevo at, 8-6-2013 Gojko Cimirot novi igrač Sarajeva! at, 12.6.2013.
Nikola Tominac. «Brusilovljeva ofenziva i velika stradanja ličke 79. Pješačke pukovnije iz Otočca». // VP: Magazin za vojnu povijest, Vecernji list D.o.
Cali Iz Active debuted at number 28 on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling over 30,000 copies in its first week.
Hitler from Our Street (Hitler iz našeg sokaka) is a Yugoslav film directed by Vladimir Tadej. It was released in 1975.
The last single from the album, again the double A-side, "Iz Rite" / "Soul Love" was released on 25 November 2013.
Rapper Yo-Yo's "Iz It Still All Good" sampled D-Train's "Something's on Your Mind," which featured Gerald LeVert, in 1998.
Karel Štrekelj: iz vrelcev besedne ustvarjalnosti. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC, p. 133. Šentjošt nad VrhnikoVrišer, Sergej. 1976. Baročno kiparstvo v osrednji Sloveniji.
View of the Sanctuary of Arantzazu The name of the sanctuary, the place, and the Virgin are all related to the legend of her appearance. The word arantzazu itself is made up of "arantza" which means "thorn"1 iz. thorn; spine; prickle 2 iz. (hed.) pain; suffering and the suffix "zu" indicating "abundance",-zu: atz sufijo abundancial.
Izadshahr (); formerly, Iz Deh (Persian: ایز ده), also Romanized as ‘Īz Deh, Īzdeh, Izedeh, and Iz-e-Deh; also known as Īzdeh-e Bāzārsar) is a city in the Central District of Nur County, located on the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran Province of northern Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 6,882, in 1,923 families.
The spider genus Polenecia is named after Polenec.Web Biographical Lexicon of Famous People from Upper Carniola Apart from scientific contributions he also wrote numerous popular science books for young readers and won the Levstik Award twice, in 1950 for his book Iz življenja žuželk (The Lives of Insects) and in 1952 for Iz življenja pajkov (The Life of Spiders).
Retrieved 18 October 2013. then to Croatia."Fakultet iz Maribora predstavio program online-obrazovanja", Večernji list, 15 May 2012. Retrieved 18 October 2013.
Jure Karas and Igor Bračič are also known as iGor and iVan. They play "White iPhone Song" and "Like it iz" in commercials.
The phrase Greitist Iz (), which has no meaning, has been chosen as it sounds like Greatest hits if read as it were Italian.
As a writer, he is best known for employing his skill in holding up to ridicule the peculiar foibles of the Dalmatian folk. His main collections of short stories are: Iz Crne Gore i Primorja (From Montenegro and the Seacoast, 1888, 1889), Iz beogradskog života (From Life in Belgrade, 1891), and Iz raznijeh krajeva (From Various Cantons, 1893). His best short stories are Pilipenda and Povareta, depicting the moral strength of common village folk as they struggle through life's vicissitudes. His most acclaimed work, Bakonja Fra Brne (1892) depicts in a humorous, satirical tone the life in a Catholic cloister.
In: Фудбал, ванредни број 22/18 at Football Association of Serbia, 31-8-2018 TSC počeo pripreme / A TSC megkezdte a felkészülést at TSC Bačka Topola official youtube account, 14-1-2019 Dejan Stojaković je naš novi / stari igrač, igra na poziciji levog beka, stigao je iz FK Cement iz Beočina. Dejane, dobrodošao nazad u TSC! at TSC Bačka Topola official Facebook page, 25-1-2019 Out: TSC Četiri Odlaska at TSC Bačka Topola official Facebook page, 18-1-2019 Lazar Čordašić pojačao Radnički 1912 iz Sombora at, 15-1-2019 Srđan Bečelić potpisao za FK Radnik Bijeljina at sportsport.
Rekanci are already largely studied. It remains an open question, how they formed and why they speak a mixed Albanian and Serbo-Croatian language.]"; p. 74. "Poreklo stanovništva. Prema izvršenim ispitivanjima u pomenutam mom radu 1914-1920 godine, ovako stoji sa poreklom stanovništva u Gornjoj Reci: Starinaca je bilo 274 domova, pridošlih iz Arbanije 107, domova, pridošlih iz drugih predela 9 domova.
She also joined GMA's Diz Iz It segment Diz Iz Kantahan: Challenge the Champion in 2010. She failed to win during her first try, but she was given the chance to become a wildcard finalist. She won the wildcard edition that gave her way to the Battle of the Champions. She then dubbed by the show as the Rising Star.
She also wrote Pisma iz Indije/Letters from India in 1928, Pisma iz Misira/Letters from Egypt in 1929, and Novi svet ili u Americi godinu dana/The New World, alias: In America for a Year in 1934. Along with Isidora Sekulić, Dimitrijević is one of the first feminist authors in Serbia. She died in Belgrade on 10 April 1945, aged 83.
IZ Aquarii is a red giant star in the constellation Aquarius. It is a slow irregular variable that varies between magnitudes 6.23 and 6.47.
Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari () is the third studio album by Yugoslav band Zabranjeno Pušenje released in 1987. It's released through Diskoton in SFR Yugoslavia.
Godfrey Abela (born 24 December 1965 in Iz-Zejtun) is a Maltese professional darts player who currently played in the British Darts Organisation events.
In 2005, David Packouz is a massage therapist living in Miami, Florida with his girlfriend Iz. David spends his life savings on high-quality bedsheets to resell to retirement homes, but the venture fails. David runs into his old friend Efraim Diveroli, who has formed his own company, AEY, selling arms to the US government for the ongoing war in Iraq. Iz informs David she is pregnant, and Efraim offers him a job at AEY; although David and Iz vehemently oppose the war, David joins AEY and lies to Iz. Efraim explains that military equipment orders are posted on a public website, and their job is to bid for small orders ignored by larger contractors but still worth millions. Local businessman Ralph Slutzky provides them funding, under the false belief that AEY only sells arms to protect Israel.
"Izgubljene vodne površine v Ljubljani". In: Mišičev vodarski dan: zbornik referatov 13–20, p. 14.Stanonik, Marija (ed). 2001. Bela Ljubljana: zgodbe iz slovenske prestolnice.
November 4, 2013 He was elevated to First Deputy Commissioner in 2010."NYPD Taps First Hispanic To Highest Rankings." Vos Iz Neias?. January 27, 2010.
Kaplan, Alice. French Lessons: A Memoir, p. 5 (University of Chicago Press 1994). The fuller lament may also be spelled as Oy vey iz mir.
XVI, pp.117-138. 1858 – Rasskazy iz Krestyanskogo Byta Malorossiian (Stories from the Peasant Life of Little Russians). 1857 – Bratiya Bliznetsy (Twin Brothers; historical novel).
"Preminuo poslanik PUPS-a iz Niša Miroljub Stanković", Južne vesti, 22 July 2017, accessed 1 August 2018.MIROLJUB STANKOVIĆ, Otvoreni Parlament, accessed 1 August 2018.
"Don't Cry / I Love to Party" is a double A-sided single released by Belgian singer/songwriter Kaye Styles and Australian born Irish singer/songwriter Johnny Logan. The songs are re-working of Logan's two winning Eurovision Song Contest songs, "Hold Me Now" and "What's Another Year". The single was released in July 2006 and included on Styles' album It Iz What It Iz.
The novel was also made into a 1997 Russian film adaptation, titled Vino iz oduvanchikov.Vino iz oduvanchikov (Dandelion Wine). The film was based on an unauthorized Russian translation of the novel; Article V of the Universal Copyright Convention, to which Russia belongs, allows unauthorized translations of foreign language works for which there is no authorized translation. Currently, there is no English film adaptation available for the book.
Apart from the Immobilien Zeitung, the publishing house publishes books and magazines concerning the real estate industry. It also runs the online market place, where specialist literature for the real estate industry is sold. The Immobilien Zeitung highly supports the job market of the real estate industry by conducting a job offensive as well as an annual job market survey. IZ-Jobs.
Since the iZ is such an abstract kind of toy the easiest way to understand it is by learning what you can do with it. The iZ has a few methods for input. First, as mentioned, it has an audio jack to connect other audio devices. It has two ears that are twistable and a touch-sensitive tentacle, called a flicker, on its head.
Leipziger Internet Zeitung (also: l-iz or Lizzy) is a daily online newspaper in the greater Leipzig region of Germany.Kietzblogs, L-iz major independent source for the Leipzig area, 21. Juli 2012 The newspaper reports on events in various areas, such as politics, economics, culture, education, and sports. In addition, it has built up a large archive on local news in the past years (30.000 articles, 2011).
Everyday Process are two Christian hip hop artists, who come together to create a duo, from Chester, Pennsylvania. They are Iz-Real and Mac the Doulos.
PRVI ODLAZAK IZ PARTIZANA: Sporazumni raskid ugovora najbolje rešenje (FOTO),, 30 May 2019 On 15 August 2020, FC Pyunik announced the signing of Salou from Slutsk.
IZ (Hangul: 아이즈 pronounced "eyes") is a South Korean band formed by Music K Entertainment in 2017. They debuted on August 31, 2017, with All You Want.
The subsequent soundtrack was then recorded by Motown Records artist Edwin Starr. Later, Brown recorded "Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)", a reworking of "The Payback", in 1980.
Grbaljski knez i knjeginja, iz 1804. godine (po ilustracijama iz putopisne knjige Wiliama Millera) The Serbian Orthodox Podlastva Monastery lies in Grbalj. People from Grbalj are known by the demonym Grbljani and are often perceived as a clan. Overall, in Montenegro, the Nemanjić cult was more widespread than that of Prince Lazar's, though in Grbalj, the latter cult became particularly popular, with the locals claiming Lazar as a native.
The elections were held under the police supervision and slogan "Keeping Order and Peace" which added to the atmosphere of constant pressure, while the authorities did not hesitate to use force so that even murders were happening.F. Potočnjak, 1904, Iz zemlje bespravlja i demoralizacije; Jedna borba dr. Potočnjak – grof Khuen Hedervary 1887-1904., Rijeka, 1904F. Potočnjak, 1902, Iz zemlje bespravlja i demoralizacije ili kraljev namjesnik – prosta varalica, Ljubljana, 1902M.
"The Dibidus - Dijagnoza i terapija", On their live performances, The Dibidus perform Familija songs, and their 2013 live album Uživo iz kluba "Fest" (Live from the Club Fest) featured five songs originally recorded by Familija."The Dibidus - Uživo iz kluba "Fest"", In 2006, Vasiljević and Lukić rejoined the rest of the original U Škripcu members at the Delča & Sklekovi concert held at Dom Omladine in Belgrade.
Jazz-Iz-Christ is the debut studio album by Jazz-iz Christ, a group fronted by Armenian-American singer Serj Tankian. The album was released on July 23, 2013, by Serjical Strike Records. The album has essential participation of the renowned pianist Tigran Hamasyan, flautist Valeri Tolstov, and trumpet player Tom Duprey. It also features additional performances from Stewart Copeland and actor/musician David Alpay and Vincent Pedulla.
The book was released as a book in 1875 under the title Goriachee vremia: Roman iz poslednego pol'skogo vosstaniia ('Seething Times: The Novel of the Last Polish Uprising').
I. Bobryshev, 'K perevooruzheniiu na odnom iz boevykh uchastkov', and Yaroslavsky, 'Nauchites pravil'no vladet' oruzhiem marxizma' — both in Antireligioznik, no. 9 (Sept. 1929), pp. 57 and 65 resp.
OT is a Serbian band founded in Belgrade in 2009. It was formed by four contestants of Operacija trijumf, the Balkan version of Endemol's Fame Academy.B92: Rokeri iz OT zajedno na "Beoviziji" B92: Sajko, Vukašin, Paunović i Đorđe osnovali band The contestants Vukašin Brajić, Đorđe Gogov, Nikola Paunović and Nikola Sarić are commonly known as the OT Rockers, due to their affirmation to the rock music.B92: Rokeri iz OT zajedno na "Beoviziji" B92: Milica dobija album na poklon The band took part in the Beovizija 2009, Serbia's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, with a song "Blagoslov za kraj", written and produced by Universal Music,B92: „Universal“ daje pesmu rokerima iz OT and won 2nd place.
The show, translated into Serbian, was directed by female producer-director Mira Trailović at the Atelje 212 theatre.Nježić, T. "Autorima 'Kose' najviše se dopala beogradska verzija iz 1969" , blic.
Zrinjski treći put uzastopno prvak BiH, Čelik ispao iz Premijer lige, 5 May 2018 On 20 June 2019, Bekrić left Zrinjski after his contract with the club expired.
The album was supported by four singles: "Confetti", "Keep the Devil Off", "Aux Cord" and "1999". On July 12, 2019, K.R.I.T. released his fourth studio album, K.R.I.T. Iz Here.
It contained the remains of 10 victims liquidated during or after the war."Na letališču v Cerkljah naleteli na človeška okostja, verjetno iz časa 2. svetovne vojne." 2013. Dnevnik.
The Statute of Korčula was first drafted in 1214.Korčulanski Statut: Statut Grada i Otoka Korčule iz 1214 Godine. English chapter-page 195Korčula Statute ,; accessed 4 December 2015.
In 1999, she received a PhD from University of Zagreb in philology; her dissertation was titled Augustina-Tina Ujevića prijevodi iz anglo-američke književnosti: komparativno/kontrastivna lingvo-stilistička analiza.
In late February 2012, Simović traveled to Israel to trial with Ukrainian team Dynamo Kyiv. Dejan Perić. Vijesti: Janko Simović na probi u Dinamu iz Kijeva . 26 February 2012.
Current singles from the album include "Iz U Wit It" "S.P.P. (Sweet Potato Pie)" and "Paradise". Upon its release, Doing The Most earned regional success within the United States.
In 2012, iZ released RADAR 6 at the October 2012 AES show in San Francisco. In 2015, iZ released RADAR studio, the world's first DAW/Dedicated Recorder in a single box. In 2017, Barry sold the business to focus on other interests. At the 2019 NAMM show, Barry was awarded the 2019 TECnology Hall of Fame award for the development of RADAR I, the world's first 24 track digital audio hard disk recorder.
Wilson appeared in four films, including as DJ Iz in 8 Mile (2002) and as Jesse Age 19 in the Antwone Fisher (2002). He also appeared in two television productions.
New York: Pathfinder Press, 1981. 61\. Trotsky's Notebooks, 1933-1935: Writings on Lenin, Dialectics, and Evolutionism. New York: Columbia University Press, 1986. 62\. Arkhiv Trotskogo: Iz Arkhivov revoliutsii, 1927-28.
The album also has a notably more aggressive and edgy tone compared to their first effort. The album features three singles: "Crewz Pop", "Iz U Wit Me" and "Wild Child".
"Dubrovnik viđen iz Downing Streeta",, 25 September 2006. Harris became interested in 1991 with the Yugoslav wars. He believes Operation Storm was a legitimate operation to free Croatian territory.
She was co-author with Arnaldo Xavier and Cuti (Luiz Silva) of a play Terramara (1988). Along with other books like Brasilafro Autorrevelado (2010) and Mulher Mat(r)iz in 2011.
Filip Ožbolt. SANJKAŠICA IZ SPLITA DANAS ISPISUJE POVIJEST NA ZIMSKIM OLIMPIJSKIM IGRAMA Nakon osam operacija i svega što sam prošla, jedva čekam ući u cilj! Sportske novosti. Published 12 February 2018.
He held an important place in the historiography of Croatian literature, as he explicitly declared the language of his works under its Croatian name, "iz veće tuđijeh jezika u hrvacki izložene".
Sfondrati's ancestors came from Cremona (modern-day Italy) to Ragusa several generations before Bartol was born.: "...Bartol Sfondrati, rodom iz Cremone." It is assumed that his year of birth is 1541.
Solar wells (Soňačni krynyci, 1977) Anthology of poetry of the Ukraine writers in Slovakia From forge of time (Iz kuzni času, 2007) Anthology of contemporary Slovak poetry (Z vyhne času, 2007).
In addition, valuable contributions were also given by Lovre KatićKatić, Lovre: Prijepisi dviju najstarijih povelja iz hrvatske povijesti, Vjesnik za arh. i hist. Dalm. LI, p. 101-124 and Marko Kostrenčić.
The official release of the song featured the following lyrics: "Plamene zore bude me iz sna; Fabrička jutra, dim iz dimnjaka" ("Dawns on fire, wake me from my dream; Factory mornings, smoke from the chimney"). However, the original unreleased version of the lyrics was: "Kakane zore, bude me iz sna; Kakana jutra, kakan sam i ja" ("Shitty dawns, wake me from my dream; Shitty mornings, I am also shitty"). But when the band entered the studio with the producer Goran Bregović, the record label Jugoton did not want to release the song with these lyrics, so they were changed. The song also included ethnic Russian music elements and some nonsensical Russian language lyrics that nobody from the band could understand.
He rolled with few crews, the most notable being TMB (The Master Blasters), RTW (Rolling Thunder Writers), and TPA (The Public Animals). He wrote graffiti on every train line in New York City. IZ was also prominently featured in the 1983 documentary Style Wars. IZ THE WIZ started writing with Evil 13 FI 1 and after going through a variety of names BENZ CLICK2 SCAT he wrote his name Mike then dropped The M and chose IKE327.
Since April 2012 the Center establishes award "Twinkler from Trogir" ̶ "Trepetalo iz Trogira – Regional award for the media Ranko Munitić"."Twinkler from Trogir" ("Trepetalo iz Trogira"), Centar za medije "Ranko Munitić", Beograd, zvanična prezentacija Since then it was awarded to Nedeljko Dragić, Puriša Đorđević, Dušan Makavejev, Lordan Zafranović and Karpo Aćimović Godina. Within the Center, since December 2012, a quarterly multilingual regional magazine for media and culture Mediantrop, targeting the South European region, is being published.Jevremović, Zorica.
A new embassy was opened on 1 July 2009. It was inaugurated on 24 February 2010 by Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari and ambassador Niclas Trouvé before a crowd of 150 specially invited guests. The new embassy complex comprises three buildings and an extensive security area around. In addition to the new embassy and residence outside the International Zone (IZ), a small Swedish embassy offices opened up inside the IZ during construction.
The official remix to What Yo Name Iz? features Wale, Big Sean, and Bun B. The remix was released on , before the original version. Maxrank also made a remix for this song.
Whilst RAF Krendi's concrete runways have long gone, the outline of the airfield is obvious from the air. The runway is commonly used by vehicles heading towards Wied-iz-Zurrieq (Blue Grotto).
Ja sam iz Krajine, zemlje kestena () is a 2013 Bosnian film directed by Jasmin Duraković. The script for the film is based on screenwriter Mirsad Ćatić's unpublished novel Krvavi zalogaj (Bloody Bite).
All words and music by Graham Coxon. "All I Wanna Do Iz Listen to Yuz" was later released in the UK as a B-side to "Bittersweet Bundle of Misery" in 2004.
Blic: Šampioni iz blata: Ovde treniraju naši atletičari 19 September 2013 In spite of financial hardship, the club has frequently produced great athletes, many of which have represented Serbia in international competition.
It was built between 392 and 395. Nicetas is well known by his achievements throughout the Roman Empire, where he was an active missionary and writer.Ž. Jocić, Niketa iz Rameziane, Language: Serbian, p.
Kako spavaju tramvaji, Milovan Danojlić, (2010), Mala biblioteka. Rodna godina, Milovan Danojlić, (2010), Mala biblioteka. Još nam samo ale fale, Ljubivoje Ršumović, (2010), Mala biblioteka. Vesti iz nesvesti, Ljubivoje Ršumović, (2010), Mala biblioteka.
Stern was close friend of Croatian writer Milan Begović. Usp. podatke iz radova N. Vončine, nav. u bilj. 13. Usp. Ivan Mužić: Masonstvo u Hrvata (masoni i Jugoslavija), str. 272, Split, 2/1983.
The second single was "Baja iz Svilaja" (Monster from Svilaj), which was released on 10 February 2013. The rest of the songs were leaked on YouTube about two weeks before the official release.
His father Frano Tomasic Dezevic (1854–1926) was the first teacher in Smokvica."Prvijenci Smokvice", by Dr. Goran Kalogjera, In Bastina iz Bascine Izresla, ed. by Mara Margaritoni, Smokvica, 2004, pages 34-35.
He was re-signed by Hajduk in the summer of 2014 Sandro Gotal: Ja sam Dalmatinac, mama iz Zadra, tata iz Slavonije at Slobodna Dalmacija and he made his Prva HNL debut on 24 August 2014, in a 0-2 loss against NK Osijek, after the coach Igor Tudor decided to rest several first- team players.Hajduk s rezervama u Osijeku doživio drugi prvenstveni poraz at On 22 June 2018 Josip Vuković signed a three year professional contract with Marítimo.
This section is known as the minus different zone (IZ-). Here, if each direction is broken into components in the theta (horizontal) and z (vertical) directions, the sum of these components oppose each other in the z direction, and similarly diverges in theta direction. The other indifferent zone has the upwardly angled chloroplast movement on top and is known as the positive indifferent zone (IZ+). Thus, while the z directional components oppose each other again, the theta components now converge.
The USSR News Brief: Human Rights ("Вести из СССР – права человека")"Vesti iz SSSR", November 1978 to December 1988. issued fortnightly in Munich (in Russian), developed out of the samizdat tradition represented by the Chronicle but adopted a different model. It was there, moreover, to continue recording human rights violations after the Chronicle was forced to cease activities in 1983. In the editor's address to readers of the new publication in November 1978,"Vesti iz SSSR", 30 November 1978, Issue 1.
On December 16, 2013, the King Los-featuring "No Option" was released as the album's first promotional single. Then the following day, "Iz U Down" featuring Tyga was released as the album's second official single and "No Miracles" featuring Elle Varner and Machine Gun Kelly was released as the album's second promotional single. On December 23, 2013, Kid Ink and Tyga filmed the music video for "Iz U Down". On January 7, 2014, Rolling Stone premiered the music video for "No Miracles".
"The fate of the brothers Podrabinek", Vesti iz SSSR, 1979, 1-8, 15 January 1979 (in Russian).) After the English edition of Punitive Medicine appeared, Podrabinek was again charged with political offences — he was by then exiled to Yakutia in the Soviet Far East — and at his trial in Ust-Nera on 6 January 1981, he was sentenced to three years in a local corrective-labour camp."The trial of Alexander Podrabinek", Vesti iz SSSR, 15 January 1981 (in Russian).
John commits suicide in the bath, and is persuaded by Iz (frightened for her own life, and that of her fetus) that she intends to join him moments later; she does not. Dying, John becomes aware that she deceived him and intends to remain behind and continue living during his last cognizant moment. He communicates non-verbally that he understands, although whether he believes in the end that the child is his own is unclear. Iz has survived, but at great personal cost.
After The Western Conference in 2005 the two of them agreed to revitalize the DPGC by working together once again on an album with Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, Warren G, RBX, Lady of Rage and Lil' ½ Dead with Snoop taking over the producing and distributing tasks for it. Tha Dogg Pound then released a joint venture reunion comeback project the next year in 2006 called Cali Iz Active under the aegis of Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle Records with the main single "Cali Iz Active" featuring Snoop Dogg and a wide range of new producers throughout the album. The album wasn't received with much acclaim and the various producers did not seem to fit the Daz and Kurupt style leaving fans reminiscent of the G-funk sound that Cali Iz Active lacked.
It is suggested that IZ policies may not effectively disperse low-income units throughout the region, which actually contradicts the aim of the policy itself. For instances in Suffolk County, it is found that there is a spatial concentration of IZ units in poor neighbourhood coupled with higher proportions of Black and Hispanic, which are considered the minorities. Furthermore, 97.7% of the IZ units were built in only 10% of the census tract from 1980 to 2000, which is area with the lowest- income neighbourhood coupled with clustering of minorities. It is indispensable to notice that housing policies is controlled by local government rather than regional government in Suffolk County, therefore without regional coordinations of housing policy, it fails to consider the inter-municipality distribution of low-income household within the county.
Bartolj, Jože, & Jože Dežman. 2013. "Začetek prekopa žrtev iz Mačkovca." Radio Ognjišče, 26 October. The Italian Soldiers Mass Grave () is located in the woods south of Bukovec, below the north slope of Mačkovec Hill.
Rat su dočekali u Vinkovcima. Godine 1941. fra Hijacint Bošković, jedan od cijenjenih dubrovačkih i hrvatskih dominikanaca, izvanredno se angažirao u pokušaju da ih spasi. S tom je svrhom putovao iz Dubrovnika u Vinkovce.
In 2008 DJ Pimp and DJ R appeared in a hip hop documentary titled Hip Hop Priča iz Hrvatske. They talked about the group and about the beginning of the Croatian hip hop scene.
Vesti iz SSSR, 30 November 1983, 22-1, "The arrest of Yury Shikhanovich" (in Russian). As compiling editor he had played an essential role in preparing six of the last issues of the Chronicle.
Rukometni klub Danilovgrad je rukometna ekipa iz istoimenog grada. Klub posjeduje veliku rukometnu tradiciju. Danas se klub takmiči u Drugoj ligi Crne Gore i jedan je od glavnih favorita za plasman u Prvu Ligu.
Anar Jamal oghly Mammadkhanov (, 20 July 1970, Baku, Azerbaijan – 23 April 2011, Baku, Azerbaijan) was a Member of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, social activist and the captain of Parni iz Baku KVN team.
At this time iZ also improved their AD/DA converter cards and consolidated to two card choices instead of three. "New Generation of Analog I/O cards Now Available". Retrieved on 2013-01-27.
Servantes iz Malog Mista is a Croatian film directed by Daniel Marušić and written by Miljenko Smoje, starring Ivica Vidović, Boris Dvornik, Karlo Bulić, Asja Kisić and Zvonko Lepetić. It was released in 1982.
"Rock 'n' Roll za kućni savet" is a single from influential Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Riblja Čorba from their 1979 album Kost u grlu. B-side features the song "Valentino iz restorana".
He eventually settled in Prague and died there in 1937. Miakotin wrote many works on Russian and Ukrainian history, including Istoriia na Rossiia (1936), Na zarie russkoǐ obshchestvennosti (1905) and Iz istorii russkago obshchestva (1902).
On 31 May 2012, he debuted for Serbia in a friendly match against France at the age of 18.Blic Sport Live Blog (Serbian) - Iz minuta u minut: Francuska - Srbija 2:0 31 May 2012.
The stradioti were recruited in Albania, Greece, Dalmatia, Serbia and later Cyprus.Nicolle, 1989.B. N. Floria, "Vykhodtsy iz Balkanakh stran na russkoi sluzhbe," Balkanskia issledovaniia. 3. Osloboditel'nye dvizheniia na Balkanakh (Moscow, 1978), pp. 57-63.
Pjesme iz Bosne (Songs from Bosnia) is the debut release by Bosnian folk singer Zehra Deović. It was released 11 December 1962 and re-released with an alternate cover in 1964 through the label Jugoton.
Jovan Hajduković (8 January 1943 – 7 November 2013Kako je iz Crne Gore lansirana sovjetska raketa ka Engleskoj at Vijesti online, 22-3-2015, retrieved 8-6-2016 ) is a Hungarian-born Montenegrin former football goalkeeper.
Also they were published on internet sites such as, Kırkikindi,, Hikayeler arşivi, Edebiyat Ufku, iz edebiyat, Sanat Alemi. His first article "İki Eylül " was published in the local newspaper of Eskisehir in 1990.
"Varnice između DS-a i SNS-a u Zrenjaninu", Radio Television of Serbia, 23 December 2012, accessed 22 January 2019."Zrenjanin: Novi pomoćnik predsednika Skupštine iz SVM", Blic, 15 March 2013, accessed 22 January 2019.
IZ was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1996 after years of using toxic aerosol products without any type of protective mask. In early 2000, in an interview for Style Wars revisited, he commented that he would give up all his past fame for full health. In August 2003 he self-curated a solo gallery exhibition in New York City showcasing his legal artwork. IZ also had his art appear in video games such as Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure and The Warriors.
RADAR V, released in 2005, added many capabilities to the RADAR 24 including the ability to record on all 24 tracks at high sample rates of 96k and 192k; direct recording to industry-standard Broadcast WAV files; Dual Disk and Span modes for recording to multiple drives; File Flattening options to consolidate audio for handoff; and Gigabit Ethernet file transfer. iZ press release on the RADAR V. Retrieved on 2009-05-24. Field Test: iZ Technology RADAR V Hard Disk Recorder. Retrieved on 2013-01-27.
According to the band's lore, Tha Grimm Teachaz was signed to Jive Records in the early 1990s. However, the trio got shelved shortly after an encounter with Shaq Fu at the Jive showcase in 1993, leaving Da End Iz Near unreleased. In 2010, Kenny Dennis' little brother Tanya rediscovered two albums, There's a Situation on the Homefront and Da End Iz Near, while cleaning out his garage. There's a Situation on the Homefront, an album recorded in 1993, was released on Breakfast Records in 2010.
Najstarejši morski konjiček - Tunjiško gričevje. Gore-ljude. Other finds in the hills include a caudal vertebra from what is believed to have been a toothed whale.Mikuž, Vasja, & Davorin Preisinger. 2012. Vretence iz miocenskih plasti Tunjiškega gričevja.
His stage name is a play on late singer Kurt Cobain's name. Bangz released his first official single titled "What Yo Name Iz?" on February 7, 2011. His first major hit actually began as a freestyle.
Most of Pačić's books and others were illustrated by the author himself, like the cover of Serb clothes in Bačka, a watercolor painting, part of his art book entitled Nošnje iz Bačke (National Costumes of Bačka).
Hala Pionir Beograd is a concert album by the Bosnian folk singer Halid Bešlić. It was released in 1988. A remastered version, named Iz sve snage (With All the Strength), was released in 1998 by Naraton.
The Devils Heaven (The Summer of White Roses) won an award at the film festival in Tokyo in 1989 and was selected the same year to represent Yugoslavia at film festivals in Montpellier (France), Pula (Croatia), San Sebastián (Spain), and Los Angeles and San Francisco (USA). As a part-time commentator at the BBC World Service in London, (1986–1991) Pekić read his ‘Letters from London’ every week; these were subsequently printed in Yugoslavia as Pisma iz tuđine, Nova pisma iz tuđine, and Poslednja pisma iz tuđine (Letters From Abroad, 1, 2 &3, 1987-1991). Each book was made up of 50 letters with witty and inventive observations about England and the English people. The letters were also broadcast for listeners in Serbia, for whom Pekić particularly enjoyed making numerous humorous comparisons between the English and his fatherland’s governments, country and people.
The two sides clashed in the short-lived Christmas Uprising (1919). One of the leaders of Whites was Ljubomir Vuksanović.: „Bjelaše” je vodio advokat Ljubomir Vuksanović, iz Andrijevice. To je bio čovek džinovskog rasta, snažan kao konj.
RS: Imam ponudu da se vratim u Napredak, ali čekam prvo odgovore iz inostranstva at, 13-7-2014 Στον ΛΕΒΑΔΕΙΑΚΟ ο Josip Projić at Levadiakos F.C. official website, 17-7-2014 «Κερκυραίος» ο Obradovic! at kerkyra.
Iza Valentine was also the dam of Iz A Saros and Carsonality. In November 2004, she retired to Our Mims Retirement Haven, Kentucky, where she lived until failing health led to her euthanasia on August 6, 2009.
Prozna ljudska besedila z Vipavskega, Goriškega, s Krasa in Tolminskega iz 19. stoletja. Edited by Franc Černigoj. 2007. nr. 15Talban, Monika Kropej. Ustino Izročilo Ob Severni Slovensko-Italijanski Meji (Oral Tradition on the Northern Slovenian-Italian Border).
Merhav works in her sculpture studio in Kibbutz Nir Ezion and lives in Ein Hod. Most (Bilten Udruženja useljenika iz bivše Jugoslavije u Izraelu); Predstavljamo…Dina Merhav skulptor; stranica 12; broj 3, Godina 58, Maj-Juni 2010.
Vos Iz Neias? (Yiddish: "What's New?") is an online news site that caters to the Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic communities in the United States. Its coverage is primarily focused on the New York metropolitan area and Israel.
Nihad Hasanović is a Bosnian writer and translator born in Bihać (Yugoslavia, now northwestern Bosnia-Herzegovina) in 1974.An Interview with Nihad HasanovićOn the novel Concerning the Barbecue and Sundry Disruptions His published works include the plays Podigni visoko baklju (Raise high your torch, 1996) and Zaista? (Really?, 2001), the collection of prose Kad su narodi nestali (When people disappear, 2003) and the novels O roštilju i raznim smetnjama (Concerning the barbecue and sundry disruptions, 2008.) and Čovjek iz podruma (The basement man, 2013.)Čovjek iz podruma (The basement man, 2013.).
Josip Vuković went through the ranks of HNK Hajduk Split, establishing himself, as well, as a regular for the Croatia U19 team in the 2010/2011 season.Josip Vuković at He was released, however, by Hajduk, in the summer of 2011, and he joined the Druga HNL side NK Dugopolje.Sandro Gotal: Ja sam Dalmatinac, mama iz Zadra, tata iz Slavonije at Slobodna Dalmacija Soon after, however, this was followed by injury, forcing Vuković to miss the following 1.5 seasons, returning only in the late stages of the 2012/2013 season.
Berriz belongs to a series of Basque toponyms with an -iz ending. Julio Caro Baroja defended that most of these toponyms came from an original Basque toponym plus the Latin suffix -icus. Caro Baroja considered that on toponymy, the suffixes -oz, -ez and -iz used to be combined with the name of the owner of the lands, with its origin being in some place between the Middle Ages and the Roman Empire. In the case of Berriz, Caro Baroja suggested that the name might come from Verrius, the documented Latin name.
The committee ruled that Nogo had brought the movement into disrepute and that he had acted contrary to the party's mandate and decisions. Nogo has described his expulsion as illegal and has said that he still considers himself a member of the party."Obradović: Neprihvatljivo nošenje vešala na protest, Nogo će snositi posledice", N1, 13 February 2019, accessed 19 February 2019."Disciplinska komisija isključila Srđana Noga iz Dveri", N1, 19 February 2019, accessed 19 February 2019."Srđan Nogo isključen iz pokreta Dveri", Danas, 19 February 2019, accessed 19 February 2019.
Vos Iz Neias and its competitors, Matzav, and Yeshiva World News, are sources of online news for American Orthodox Jews. Vos Iz Neias is run by Sandy Eller and is owned by four anonymous Orthodox Jewish investors. The site has become a source for the mainstream media as well, and has been quoted in the New York Times, Daily News and the New York Post. There are advertisers and writers, but since all business is conducted through the internet and through PayPal, the anonymity of the investors are maintained.
All We Got Iz Us is the second album by American hip hop group Onyx, released on October 24, 1995 by JMJ Records and Rush Associated Labels. The album was produced by Onyx. The album features guest appearances from rap group All City and rapper from Queens, Panama P.I. All We Got Iz Us debuted at number 22 on the US Billboard 200, and number 2 on the Top R&B;/Hip Hop Albums chart. The album has sold over 500.000 copies, but it never came anywhere near the success of the first album.
All We Got Iz Us this name was chosen because it is much more grimy than Bacdafucup. It is widely considered to be a great follow up to their debut Bacdafucup with many fans actually citing it as Onyx's best album. Turning away from the more humorous approach of their debut, All We Got Iz Us had an overall darker and more serious tone, dealing with subjects such as suicide, heavy substance abuse and racism. For example, the intro/opening track features a split-personality monologue: Sticky Fingaz threatening himself at gunpoint, eventually committing suicide.
For the cover of the album All We Got Iz Us, Sticky and Fredro just wanted to paint a cracked mad face. Probably, it was a bad idea, because it was the beginning, when the sales of Onyx albums started to "crack". The cover for All We Got Iz Us was a 6-inch metal plate, and the photographer just took a picture of this plate, and the mad face that you see on the back cover of the album Shut 'Em Down was a real lump of metal.
However, this material differed from the original specimens because it lacked slit-like antorbital openings accompanying the antorbital fossa.Kalandadze, N. N., and Sennikov, A. G. (1985). Novyye reptilii iz Srednego triasia Yuzhnogo Priural'ya. Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal 1985:77–84.
Kamakawiwoʻole was known for promoting Hawaiian rights and Hawaiian independence, both through his lyrics, which often stated the case for independence directly, and through his own actions.Carroll, Rick. Iz: Voice of the People. Honolulu, Hawai'i: Bess, 2006. Print.
The Japanese version of the album includes a second CD with the PV for "Tsurezure Naru Hibi Naredo" and a tour documentary covering the US and South American circuit of the "This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour 2008".
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Cik Puan Sofie Louise Johansson (born 6 June 1986) is a Swedish-born woman who is the royal consort of Dr. Tengku Muhammad Fa-iz Petra ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail Petra, the Crown Prince of Malaysian State of Kelantan.
Author of the book Sound Industrial Policy, or How can we manage to overcome the crisis? /"Razumnaya promyshlennaya politika, ili Kak nam vyyti iz krizisa"/ (Moscow: 2008. — ), which has survived several editions2008 edition. Site of the Russian State Library.
" (Final Fantasy VIII) he also helps to prevent it from reaching Tears' Point and initiating a Lunar Cry.Doc Odine: "It will not attack us. This city iz not ze target." / Doctor's Assistant: "I hope so... I hope you're right.
Founded in 1992, the company has serviced many venues, including, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, SUPERVALU, Sears, Fry’s Marketplace, ShopRite, Pathmark, and all locations serviced by Indoor Direct. On June 30, 2015, Stratacache acquired IZ-ON Media from Technicolor SA.
Painting from a well-known princely collection, Germany.Sotheby’s (Firm). Important Russian works from the Schreiber collection = Vazhnye raboty russkogo izobrazitelʹnogo iskusstva iz kollekt︠s︡ii Shreĭber : Russian evening sale, London, 26 November ... Russian day sale, London, 27 November 2007. — p.50.
Hosted by Bayani Agbayani, Ehra Madrigal, Grace Lee and Sam Y.G. (a.k.a. Shivaker), Diz Iz It! comprises five contestants who compete for 50,000 PHP daily cash prize by displaying their entertaining production numbers. The contestants are subjected into a dance competition.
Karlo Štajner, Ruka iz groba (A Hand from the Grave). Zagreb: Globus, 1985; pg. 40. The Soviet government posthumously rehabilitated Mavrak in 1963, thereby essentially admitting that the charges made against him during the terror of 1937-38 were without basis.
He also wrote the theme song for Diz Iz It!. In 2011, he played as Pablo Apostol, the rock-star father of George Apostol/DJ Heidee played by Sarah Geronimo in the romantic-comedy film Won't Last a Day Without You.
The Rooster Bridge was named for a nearby inn (at 10 Gradaščica Street), known as Pri petelinu 'At the Rooster'. The alternate name Tenente is derived from the former Lieutenant's Inn ().Stanonik, Marija. 2001. Bela Ljubljana: zgodbe iz slovenske prestolnice.
"What Yo Name Iz?" is the debut single by American rapper Kirko Bangz. The Sound M.O.B. produced song was featured on his mixtape Procrastination Kills 3 (2011). It's also Kirko Bangz's first song to chart on the US Billboard charts.
Stevan Račić (; born on 17 January 1984) is a Serbian professional footballer who plays as a forward for the club where he started his career, Hercegovac iz Gajdobre. He has played with several Eastern European and Asian clubs during his career.
The Enfield No.2 Mk I was designed for use with the Cartridge S.A. Ball Revolver .380 inch Mk. I and Mk. Iz, a deviation of the .38 Smith & Wesson cartridge, also known as the .38/200. It had a .
A lithograph of Theodoros Kasapis Theodoros Kasapis (, ) (1835–1897)İz, Fahīr, Teodor Ḳaṣāb, in: Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition, Edited by: P. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel, W.P. Heinrichs. was an Ottoman Greek newspaper editor and educator.
Carson Friedman Ellis (born October 5, 1975) is a Canadian-born American children's book illustrator and artist. She received a Caldecott Honor for her children's book Du Iz Tak? (2016). Her work is inspired by folk art, art history, and mysticism.
In: Srđan Savić novo pojačanje Zrinjskog at, 10-6-2013 Zoran Brković dvije godine u Zrinjskom at, 10-6-2013 Ratko Dujković novi golman Zrinjskog at, 16-6-2013 Damir Rašić iz Splita pojačava Zrinjski at sportsport.
"Rock Panorama 2" festival was held in 1989, which was larger than its predecessor. About 30 bands took part including Qrimsiz (Makeupless), Faust, Neysan, İz (Trail), Terminal, Reportaj, Charley ATL, Minaret, etc. Soft rock band Günel was renamed into Aksiya (Action).
Branković, M. Branković) - 5:01 #"Igra" (S. Branković, M. Branković) - 3:32 #"Astralni horizonti" (M. Branković) - 0:52 #"Sećanje na slike iz sna" (Pretty Maids, M. Branković) - 3:40 #"Iznad vremena" (S. Branković, M. Branković) - 3:39 #"Uvertira Solemnis" (S.
The lowest-energy superposition of these is the , which is its own antiparticle. Together, the pions form a triplet of isospin. Each pion has isospin (I = 1) and third-component isospin equal to its charge (Iz = +1, 0 or −1).
The music video for "Iz U Down" was released on January 23, 2014. The other Chris Brown collaboration "Main Chick" was serviced to rhythmic contemporary radio in the United States on March 11, 2014 as the album's third official single.
Podobe iz življenja Slovencev v drugi svetovni vojni. Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga, p. 393. The settlement's anti-communist orientation resulted in a number of Partisan reprisals. On 24 July 1942 the village was attacked by Partisan forces numbering as many as 400.
On December 17, 2013, Kid Ink released "Iz U Down" featuring rapper Tyga as the second official single from his second studio album My Own Lane. It was then made available with the pre- order for My Own Lane on iTunes, along with the promotional singles "No Option" featuring King Los and "No Miracles" featuring Elle Varner and Machine Gun Kelly. "Iz U Down" is a club-oriented track that details Ink and Tyga in the club flirting with attractive women that catch their eyes. Their goal for the night is to end up having a threesome with two women.
Italian units left Drvar area in the beginning of June. After the NDH consolidated its rule in Drvar at the end of May 1941, Ustaše imprisoned many Serbian men from Drvar and began with preparation to imprison and indiscriminately kill all Serbs from Drvar.:"Posle odvođenja Srba muškaraca iz Drvara u toku juna i jula 1941 god počele su ustaške vlasti vršiti pripreme za odvođenje i ubistvo svih Srba iz Drvara bez razlike u pogledu pola i starosti: bilo je predviđeno da se imaju pobiti i sve žene i sva deca." Through June, communists across Bosanska Krajina continued to prepare for an uprising.
After the end of the Operacija trijumf, the Emotion Production formed a band named "OT Band", consisting of four participants – Vukašin Brajić, Đorđe Gogov, Nikola Paunović and Nikola Sarić. The band took part in the Beovizija 2009, the Serbian national election for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.B92: Rokeri iz OT zajedno na „Beoviziji“ Their song, named "Blagoslov za kraj", was written by E. Owen, S. Vukomanović and E. Botric, and was produced at the Universal Music Group.Blic: „Universal“ daje pesmu rokerima iz OTKurir: OT Bend pred prvim iskušenjem The band placed the 2nd, behind Marko Kon and his song "Cipela".
After the end of the Operacija trijumf, the Emotion Production formed a band named "OT Band", consisting of four participants – Vukašin Brajić, Đorđe Gogov, Nikola Paunović and Nikola Sarić. The band took part in the Beovizija 2009, the Serbian national election for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.B92: Rokeri iz OT zajedno na „Beoviziji“ Their song, named "Blagoslov za kraj", was written by E. Owen, S. Vukomanović and E. Botric, and was produced at the Universal Music Group.Blic: „Universal“ daje pesmu rokerima iz OT Kurir: OT Bend pred prvim iskušenjem The band placed the 2nd, behind Marko Kon and his song "Cipela".
In 1977 Hiscott was awarded a composition prize by the Canadian Federation of University Women. That same year he became a music producer for CBC Radio in Toronto, later working in the same capacity for CBC Radio in Edmonton (1979) and Winnipeg (1980–1991). In 1981 he co-founded both the contemporary music society IZ Music and the Manitoba Composers Association, notably serving as the latter organizations first president. Several of his compositions have been given their world premieres in IZ Music concerts, including Red Dawn (1977), Spirit Reel (1982), and Variations on a Theme of Giuseppe Verdi (1983, rev 1985).
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Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (Hawaiian: ), Hawaiian of the fearless eye, the bold face; May 20, 1959June 26, 1997), also called Bruddah Iz or IZ, was an American singer-lyricist, musician, and Hawaiian sovereignty activist. He achieved commercial success outside Hawaii when his album Facing Future was released in 1993. His medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" was released on his albums Ka ʻAnoʻi and Facing Future, and was subsequently featured in several films, television programs, and television commercials. Along with his ukulele playing and incorporation of other genres, such as jazz and reggae, Kamakawiwoʻole remains influential in Hawaiian music.
These will do nothing but hold (very-) bounded numbers e.g. a lone bit with value { 0, 1 }. Likewise we shrink the accumulator to a single bit. We restrict any arithmetic to the registers { A, N }, use indirect operations to pull the contents of registers into the accumulator and write 0 or 1 from the accumulator to a register: :{ LDA (i, N), STA (i, N), CLR (A/N), INC (A/N), DEC(N), JZ (A/N, Iz), JZ (Iz), H } We push further and eliminate A altogether by the use of two "constant" registers called "ERASE" and "PRINT": [ERASE]=0, [PRINT]=1.
No interaction is allowed in this mode, so when the user tries any input which will change the track a simple sound is played to indicate that it registered the input but won't react to it. As stated in iZ's manual "Although he is not a radio, he thinks he is". In WZIZ FM mode, iZ creates a completely new track every time it makes a change and inserts a noise to simulate the tuning of radio stations between the tracks. If you adjust the ears, which are supposed to be the antenna, you make iZ create a new random track instantly.
Gordan Golik (born 4 March 1985 in Varaždin) is a Croatian football midfielder currently playing for NK Tehničar 1974.Gordan Golik iz NK Varaždina otišao u Tehničar iz Cvetkovca‚, 8 August 2017 Golik signed for the Polish side in December 2008 from his hometown club Varteks where he played from 1997 to 2008 and captained the team in all youth levels before finally joining the senior squad and making his top-flight debut in 2003. He also has 4 caps for the Croatia U19 team, which he earned in 2003, all of them in the friendly matches.
In this novel, DryCo is facing problems from a mass religious movement centered on the premise that Elvis Presley was a semi divine figure, who performed miracles for believers in his sect. It decides to resolve this problem by retrieving a younger alternate history Elvis, and bringing him to present day New New York to discredit the posthumous reputation and mythology that now surrounds Elvis. The retrieval team are a married couple, Iz and John. Iz is actually an African American, although cosmetic surgery has led to an uncomfortable masquerade as a "Caucasian" woman in the chosen alternate history.
Diz Iz It! is a 2010 Philippine television variety show broadcast by GMA Network. Originally named as Todo Bigay, it premiered on February 8, 2010 replacing Kapuso Movie Festival. The show concluded on July 24, 2010 with a total of 127 episodes.
Domagoj Abramović (; born 1 April 1981) is a Croatian footballer who plays for NK Nur Zagreb.Abramović iz Dubrave prešao u NK Nur‚, 5 September 2017 He was part of the Croatian squad at the 2004 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship.
Tomislav Bralić (born 10 December 1968) is a Croatian singer of klapa music. He sings in the group, Klapa Intrade, and they are best known for their hit Croatio, iz duše te ljubim. They were on Dora 2009 and won the second place.
He is the stage actor of Croat Theatre of Pécs. He also performed in Croatia, in Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, and Theatre Joza Ivakić in Gostovanje Hrvatskog kazališta iz Pečuha, January 9, 2004 and in Hungary, in Operette Theatre in Budapest.
American Journal of Psychology, 126, 179–195.Grubor, N. (Ed.). (2018). Priroda vrhunskih estetskih doživljaja – i drugi ogledi iz psihološko-filozofske estetike Vladimira J. Konečnog. [The nature of peak aesthetic experiences – and other essays in psychological- philosophical aesthetics by Vladimir J. Konečni].
"Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)" is a song performed by James Brown. It is a disco reworking of his 1974 song "The Payback". Released as a two-part single on TK Records in 1980, it charted #46 R&B.;White, Cliff (1991). "Discography".
Godine 1941. fra Hijacint Bošković, jedan od cijenjenih dubrovačkih i hrvatskih dominikanaca, izvanredno se angažirao u pokušaju da ih spasi. S tom je svrhom putovao iz Dubrovnika u Vinkovce. Sa sobom je imao posebnu dozvolu da moga djeda i baku povede u Dubrovnik.
2014 The Belgrade media have written about the damage and repayment of it since the machinery and equipment were not ensured against flooding.B92. RB Kolubara: Netačne izjave iz EPS. Retrieved 6. 6. 2014 Damage is estimated to be at least 100 million Euros.RTV.
Songs that did not make the album or underwent rewriting include "Morning Glory" and "Winding Road". The title of "Azn Pride" was later used for his greatest hits compilation for Korea and Taiwan, titled Azn Pride -This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock-.
In: ŠESTOMESEČNA SARADNJA: Nemanja Vidić potpisao za Novi Pazar at Kurir, 22-1-2016 Pazarci dobili veliko pojačanje iz Zvezde! I to nije sve, dovode i fudbalera Vojvodine! at, 25-1-2016 Mehmedović: Novi Pazar nikada nije imao bolji sastav at radiostoplus.
Gajeva "Još Horvatska ni propala" iz 1832–33: ideologija Ljudovita Gaja u pripremnom razdoblju hrvatskog narodnog preporoda. Globus, 1989. She served as his muse, and he wrote and dedicated many poems and works to her. Stanko Vraz died in Zagreb in 1851.
Everyday Process is a Christian hip hop duo from Chester, Pennsylvania. The members are Iz-Real and Mac the Doulos. In 2007, Cross Movement Records released the duo's first album Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination. This charted on two Billboard charts.
V. Premec, 'Iz poetike Ljubice Ostojić', in Novi Izraz: Journal for Literature and Art (Sarajevo) 45-46 (July–December 2009), pp. 204–210. M. Salihbeg Bosnawi, 'Ova se, poezija / iznutra, prstenuje', Esej u povodu', in "Skupa", Eseji, Sarajevo 2009, pp. 90–110.
HAI 1.0 CAN HAS STDIO? I HAS A VAR IM IN YR LOOP UP VAR!!1 VISIBLE VAR IZ VAR BIGGER THAN 10? KTHX IM OUTTA YR LOOP KTHXBYE This simple program displays the numbers 1–11 and terminates (as of specification 1.0).
NAVIBAND recorded their eponymous fifth album in Kyiv, Ukraine with the help of crowdfunding. NaviBand was released on 5 December 2019. From the album, two singles were released: "Galileo (Dva cheloveka)" and "Odin iz nas". In June 2020, the group released "Inshymi".
After graduating from Baku State University in 1991, he became the captain of Parni iz Baku KVN team. He served as an MP from Surakhani constituency from 1995 to 2005. He was widely praised for creating, which was Azerbaijan's first news portal.
The International Symposium on Wearable Computers or ISWC (pronounced "iz- wic") is one of the most prominent academic conferences on wearable computing and ubiquitous computing. Tier A+. Rank 6. Rank 5. Its first edition was held in 1997 in Cambridge, MA, USA.
Record companies such as Elkar, IZ and Soñua opened recording studios and the first sound technicians, such as Jean Phocas, César Ibarretxe, Kaki Arkarazo and Angel Katarain, were trained there. The movement even created its own rock management agencies such as Matxitxa.
According to Pavao Anđelić and othersMilko BRKOVIĆ, Diplomatičko-paleografska analiza bolinopoilske isprave iz 1203. godine. Prilozi: Institut za istoriju u Sarajevu, 32. (2003.) 49.-74. Petar RUNJE, Pokornički pokret i franjevci trećoredci glagoljaši (13.-16. st.). “Provincijalat franjevaca trećoredaca” - “Kršćanska sadašnjost”, Zagreb, 2001.
In August 2009, Shivaker and Tony Toni appeared as contestants in the Eat Bulaga! segment, "Pinoy Henyo". The studio audience were so fascinated with Shivaker that he was invited to be a host of Eat Bulaga!; he also became a host of Diz Iz It!.
In 2018, Hadžikadić declared his candidacy for presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 2018 election, stating "I will be a candidate for a member of the BiH Presidency from the Bosniak people" (translated from "Hoću, biću kandidat za člana Predsjedništva BIH iz bošnjačkog naroda").
Laser devices of the institute are used in medicine. The scientific organization collaborates with the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and National medical research center for Circulation Pathology named after academician E. N. Meshalkin.Alexander Mayorov about lasers in medicine. Nauka iz Pervykh Ruk.
1580, it is entitled "A LETTER: whearin, part of the entertainment vntoo the Queenz Maiesty, at Killinwoorth Castl, in warwik Sheer, in this soomerz Progress. 1575. iz signified." Langham's account pays more attention to the popular, local entertainments on display during the queen's visit.
He self- released a CD with all recordings made by Zlatni Dečaci in a limited number of copies. He wrote the book Album sa sličicama iz mog života (Album with Pictures from My Life), originally published in Washington, D.C. (1985), and later in Belgrade (2000).
13th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geoconference (SGEM 2013), volume I. Google Maps: "Koda River, Russia". Accessed on 2019-03-27. The region has yielded prehistoric remains.N. I. Drozdov (1974) "Kodinskoe pogrebenie s antropomorfnymi figurkami iz bivnia mamonta" ("Kodinsk Burial with Anthropomorphic Figures of Mammoth Tusk").
The band appeared on the compilation with a cover version of the Robna Kuća track "Devojka iz drugog sveta" ("A Girl from Another World"),Korak napred 2 koraka nazad at Discogs originally released in 1990, featuring the sampled tracks of the original vocalist Darko Matković.
In: Leotar angažovao šest novih igrača at, 25-2-2014 Goran Čokorilo at Srbijafudbal Out: Đerić i Andrić odlaze iz Leotara at, 23-1-2014 Од Леотара сви дигли руке at, 30-1-2014 Leotar bez pola tima at rs-sport.
His research was covered in the Serbian media and published in book form in 1997. When American researchers published similar findings in 2005, some suggested the possibility of a direct influence.D. STOJIĆ, "Ubica kancera krenuo iz Kraljeva", Novosti, 6 March 2005, accessed 21 August 2017.
A common form of giš, is, iz, iṣ, and sumerogram GIŠ, etc. (A typical Amarna letter.) Amarna letter EA 365-(Reverse), by Biridiya of Magiddo, title: "Furnishing Corvee Workers";Moran, William L. 1987, 1992. The Amarna Letters. EA 365, Furnishing Corvee Workers, p. 362.
He finished the secondary school at Talas American College in Talas, Kayseri and the high school at Tarsus American College in Tarsus, Mersin.Author biography at İz publications Çandar graduated from Ankara University in 1970 with a Bachelor's degree in political science and international relations.
Sporazumno se razišli Zahirović i RNK Split at He signed for FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj in June 2017. On 28 June 2018, Zahirović left Mladost after one year, 15 league games and 1 league goal.Zahirović napustio Mladost iz Doboja kod Kaknja at sportsport.
"Iz České. Češko-Slovaška in Rumunija", in Slovenec, November 26, 1918, p. 3 A while after, the Council dissolved itself, and its members had placed themselves at the disposal of a similarly-named committee in Czernowitz, which openly campaigned for union with Romania.Bălan, pp.
The following year, Maksimović published Letopis Perunovih potomaka (A Chronicle of Perun's Descendants), a poetry collection dealing with medieval Balkan history. She travelled widely in the 1970s and 1980s, visiting many European nations, including the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, but also Australia, Canada, the United States, and China. Her visits to Norway and Switzerland inspired the poetry collection Pesme iz Norveške (Poems from Norway; 1976) and a travel book titled Snimci iz Švajcarske (Snapshots from Switzerland; 1978). In 1982, Maksimović became one of the founding members of the Committee for the Protection of Artistic Freedom, which sought an end to government censorship.
Eventually, the group made King James promise that the events would never be recounted in the future and, turning down an offer to follow King James home to London, Ryan left in the TARDIS. Team TARDIS next arrived at a pizza parlour in New Port City, where they discovered the body of Iz. Ryan and Yaz investigated Iz's home together. They discovered that the deceased Gornt was a brilliant artist, and found teleportation coordinates to a party Iz had attended outside the Grey Zone. Ryan and Yaz teleported to the party's location, but were instead kidnapped by Ronan Sumners, who planned to harvest their sperantium to power the city's teleportation system.
The theme of the first week of performances is "Pop", in the sense of popular, mainstream music. Below are the Top 12 and their respective performances in order of appearance: #Ab: Naluri Lelaki (Samsons) #Tiara: How to Touch a Girl (JoJo) #Sarah: Listen (Beyoncé) #Joni: Tattoo (Jordin Sparks) #Rony: Aku Mau (Once) #Iz: Wait for You (Elliott Yamin) #Intan: Sampai Menutup Mata (Acha Septriasa) #Ayu: Samudera (Nora) #Mark: No Promises (Shayne Ward) #Rina: Hurt (Christina Aguilera) #Shila: Too Little Too Late (JoJo) #Shone: Itu Kamu (Estranged) The finalists heard mostly undesirable comments from the two judges, with Sarah, Iz and Shone given the most favourable.
On these concerts, Cvetković also sang in the covers of foreign hits. On March 19, 1979, Riblja Čorba released their second single with the songs "Rock 'n' Roll za kućni savet" ("Rock 'n' Roll for Residents' Committee") and "Valentino iz restorana" ("Restaurant Valentino"). The lyrics for "Valentino iz restorana", with which the band appeared at the Opatija Festival, were co-written by Đorđević and Marina Tucaković, which was the only time in the history of the band that the author of the lyrics was someone outside the band. Riblja Čorba spent the summer in Makarska, where they practiced for the upcoming promotion of their debut album.
His books in literary criticism are still being reprinted, Iz novije srpske lirike (1893), Noviji srpski pisci (1901), and Kritičke studije (1910). As an academic critic educated abroad, Ljubomir Nedić and Bogdan Popović are responsible for the development of Serbian Modernism in prose, verse and art.
Marijan Prosen - Majo (born 13 March 1937) is a Slovene astronomer, author of numerous scientific and popular science books and articles on astronomy.Web Biographical Lexicon of Famous People from Upper Carniola In 1980 he won the Levstik Award for his book Utrinki iz astronomije (Flashes from Astronomy).
The incident remains a source of division in Sandžak politics and has never been fully investigated. In 2015, Imamović accused local authorities of witness intimidation and other abuses of power pertaining to the matter."Imamović: Zastrašivanje svedoka o incidentu iz 2009" Blic (source: Tanjug), 12 June 2015.
Dare Iz a Darkside is the second studio album by American rapper Redman. It was released on November 22, 1994, by Def Jam Recordings. The album debuted at 13 on the US Billboard 200. The album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
Alex Henderson, "N.W.A: N.W.A and the Posse",, Netaktion LLC, visited 26 Apr 2020. Macola omitted the N.W.A EP's track "A Bitch iz a Bitch" to favor party, electro sounds, like the "Panic Zone" track, that led the Los Angeles rap scene until N.W.A's Straight album hit.
2, p.348; Witakowski p.293, n.53 His great grandfather was a merchant from Tikrit in Iraq who settled in Egypt.Seleznyov, Nikolai N., "Koptskij istorik" - potomok vyhodtsa iz Tikrita: al-Makin ibn al- ʿAmid i ego “Istorija”, in: Tochki/Punkta 1-2/10 (2011): 45-53.
He acted in: Iz Zhizni Nachalnika Ugolovnogo Rozyska (1983); Auktsion (1983); Postoronnim Vkhod Razreshyon (1986); Khorosho Sidim! (1986). He was also in the movie New Year's Abduction which featured the song Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl, publicised by his namesake and friend the bass singer Leonid Kharitonov.
Tokom maja 2012. bio je gostujući professor na .Sarađivao u raznim znanstvenim časopisima u Bosni i Hercegovini i inozemstvu te brojnim dnevnim, sedmičnim i mjesečnim novinama u Bosni i Hercegovini. Dosad je objavio 9 knjiga i blizu 100 naučnih radova iz historije Bosne i Hercegovine 19.
The album peaked at #63 on the Billboard 200 and at #10 on Top R&B;/Hip-Hop Albums in the United States. Its lead single, "This Iz Real", peaked at #84 on the Hot R&B;/Hip-Hop Songs and #26 on the Hot Rap Songs.
In 2009, Krajišnik was transferred to the UK under the UK's enforcement agreements with the ICTY to serve his sentence at HM Prison Belmarsh. In 2010, after a single year in prison, he filed a request for early release,"Krajisnik_trazi_prevremeno_pustanje_iz_zatvora.html Krajišnik traži prevremeno puštanje iz zatvora?", Mondo.
Sharov, A. G. 1966 Unique finds of reptiles from Mesozoic of Central Asia. Byull. Mosc. Obshch. Ispyit. Prirod., Otd. Geol. Sharov, A. G. 1970 Unusual reptile from the Lower Triassic of Fergana. Pal. Zh. Sharov, A. G. 1971 Novyiye lyetayushchiye reptili iz myezozoya Kazakhstana i Kirgizii.
In: Wagner mora na operaciju, stiže novi Brazilac at, 7-1-2014 Mate Pehar drugo pojačanje Širokog Brijega at, 17-1-2014 Out: Sporazumno se razišli Vedran Ješe i Široki Brijeg at, 11-1-2014 Zvonimir Kožulj iz Viteza prešao u Branitelj at sportsport.
Greitist Iz is the debut studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Gabbani. It was released in Italy through DIY Italia on the 27 May 2014. The album reached number 59 on the Italian Albums Chart. The album includes the single "I dischi non si suonano".
Drop the microphone. Drop your principals. Who needs morals when you're living in hell already?" Max of Hip Hop Isn't Dead said "...Most critics agreed that All We Got Iz Us was a worthy addition to not only Onyx's catalog, but to hip hop as a whole.
Arhitekta sa stilom (in Serbian). Politika. Dana Stanković; 13-06-2010Ostao sam ovde iz inata (in Serbian). Blic. Žiža Antonijević; 23-03-2008 His parents were friends of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. He later studied architecture and actually worked as an architect until 1994.
Jugoslevenski Sportski Journal. July 1971. His son, Simon Mrsic, born 1991, is also a footballer, and has played with San Jose Earthquakes reserve team and of NK Osijek, FK Rudar Prijedor and FK Bačka Bačka Palanka.Simon Mršić: Mi smo momci iz Palanke, ostaćemo u eliti at vesti.meridianbet.
In: Pocinjemo sa pojacanjima: Dosao je Marko Lazarevic-golman at FK Bežanija official facebook page, 9-6-2016 Pojacavamo napad. Vratio nam se Marko Mitrusic! at FK Bežanija official facebook page, 15-6-2016 Ne stajemo sa pojacanjima. Dosao nam je Drasko Djordjevic iz Donjeg Srema.
For the story Vita Đanina i Druge Pripovetke iz Bunjevačkog Života she was awarded the SANU award at the Cvijete Zuzorić competition in 1928, and received the Order of St. Sava V level, White Eagle V level, the Russian Red Cross and Cross of Russian War Veterans.
Another transcription system frequently cited in academic contexts was devised and presented (in German) by Solomon Birnbaum in Birnbaum 1918 and was used in his later German works, as well as his English publication Birnbaum 1979. This was intended to provide extreme flexibility in the representation of differences between dialects but failed to gain further practical acceptance due to its intricacy and idiosyncratic appearance (illustrated by Birnbaum's own transcription of a passage from Sholem Aleichem's, Shprintse: "Vaaihii haaiym, tréft zex a maasy, éiryv śvjjys iz dus gyvéin, kjm ex cj fuurn mit a bisl milexiks cj ainy fjn maany koinytys, a ijngy almuuny jn a raaxy fjn iékaterinoslav, vus is gykjmyn cj fuurn mit ir ziindl, aronćik haist er, kain boiberik ifn zjmer", which in YIVO transliteration is, "Vayehi hayoym, treft zikh a mayse, erev-shvues iz dos geven, kum ikh tsu forn mit a bisel milkhigs tsu eyner fun mayne kundes, a yunge almone un a raykhe fun katerineslav, vos iz gekumen tsu forn mit ihr zundl, arontshik heyst er, keyn boyberik oyfn zumer").
Uhapšen potpukovnik Mile Novaković This man was released after the mistaken identity was discovered.Mile Novaković pušten iz pritvora; accessed 3 October 2015. The real Novaković remained at large in Serbia. In 2010, Novaković testified at the trial of Momčilo Perišić at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
After graduating from Wentworth with an associate degree in 1985, he took a job building lasers, and continued to drum in local bands such as Iz Wizard and Riff Raff. A number of different genres of music have influenced him, including bands Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, and Devo.
Sofie Louise Johansson married Crown Prince Dr. Tengku Muhammad Fa-iz Petra on 19 April 2019 at Istana Balai Besar, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. As the consort of Kelantanese male royalty, she is awarded title of "Cik Puan" (equivalent to "Lady") which styled as The Felicitous (Malay: Yang Berbahagia).
In: Predrag Luka u Temniću at, 4-7-2017 Темнић довео тренера, најзвучније име у тиму бивши играч Партизана Лука at Sportski žurnal, 5-7-2017 Temnić na Kopaoniku at, 10-7-2017 PLS: Kinez iz Varvarina, derbi u Užicu, šta će biti u Kragujevcu? at mozzartsport.
They had forty years together before Kovner died in 1987. Kempner died in her home in Israel in 2012. Kempner is remembered in the song Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt by Hirsh Glick, which celebrates her heroic attack on a German convoy in the Vilnius sector in 1942.
The song received mixed reviews, being called brilliant by some, but childish by others. Nevertheless, the song got great response with the audience.Kolege iz OT čestitale Cukrovu Alongside her Operacija trijumf colleague Danijel Pavlović, Bebić appeared in one episode of television show Leteći start, which is produced by Emotion.
In 2008, the band released their first full album entitled Silence iz Mine. In the same year, they performed for the first time in Kyoto. In 2009, WAY left the band then SiN and GODRi joined the band. SiN picking up bass while GODRi took way's place on drums.
Hajduk Kula's organized supporters was known as Zulu iz Kulu. This group was founded in the end of the 1980s, but in the spring of 1998, the group broke up. In the spring of 2005, new generation of Hajduk fans tried to renew the group, but without any success.
Maksimović was an assistant coach for the Crvena zvezda, NIS Vojvodina, Radnički Belgrade, Hemofarm and Radnički Kragujevac.Profile, He was long-term assistant coach of Miroslav NikolićSK i Branko Maksimović: Ko se iz FMP-a nametnuo za CZ? (Crvena zvezda, NIS Vojvodina, Hemofarm, Serbia U20 & U19, Radnički Kragujevac).
Following the election, he was chosen as deputy president (i.e., deputy speaker) of the assembly.D. Marić, "SMEDEREVSKA PALANKA NAPOKON DOBILA PREDSEDNIKA OPŠTINE: Izabran Nikola Vučen iz SNS", Srbija Danas, 18 May 2018, accessed 12 August 2020. In November 2018, he was appointed as administrative head of the Podunavlje District.
The first mention of the toponym Radišići dates back to 1585. Paponja, Ante (2007): Ubikacija toponima naselja Ljubuške Nahije prema osmanskom popisu iz 1585. godine, Hercegovina 21: 145–189. Radišići is among the biggest villages in Western Herzegowina, located between Ljubuški and Proboj, as a part of Zabiokovlje.
The usage numbers for giš in the Epic of Gilgamesh are as follows:Parpola, 197l. The Standard Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, Sign List, pp. 155-165, Sign No. 296, giš, p. 159. eṣ-(2) times, ez, (3), giš, (1), is, (46), iṣ, (77), iz, (17), and GIŠ (355) times.
An arşın (Ottoman Turkish آرشين or آرشونDiran Kélékian, Dictionnaire Turc- Français, Constantinople: Imprimerie Mihran, 1911) is an old Turkish unit of length, about 27 inches long.A.D. Alderson and Fahir İz, The Concise Oxford Turkish Dictionary, 1959. The word means 'arm' and thus the measure corresponds to a yard.
His many functions and memberships of various boards and committees included the chairmanship of Novi Sad's Matica srpska, from 1953 to 1956, followed by his election as the institution's lifelong president. He was a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and president of Srpska knjizevna zadruga in Belgrade. From 1944 until his retirement in 1962, he was the director of the National Museum of Serbia. His collection of short stories are: Varljivo proleće (Changing Spring, 1921); Bunja i drugi iz Ravangrada (Bunja and Others from Ravangrad, 1921); Pomerene savest (Demented Consciences, 1922); Iskusenja (Temptations, 1924); Izdanci iz zapaljena grma (Shoots from a Burning Stump, 1932); and Prepelica u ruci (A Quail in the Hand, 1948).
His self-produced debut album, This Iz How I Know, was released in 1997; it was followed by Square Won in 2001. Over the course of his career, he has beatboxed with Jurassic 5 and Styles of Beyond, and has appeared as a beatboxer in the film "She's All That", and also appears on the deleted scenes of "Malibu's Most Wanted". His most notable credit is recording beatbox overdubs for the now Hip Hop classic film "8 Mile". Jurassic 5 rapper Akil appears on "Jaw Jabbin'" and "This Iz How I Know" along with Click's high school friend D Strong, who was a member of the first crew Click was ever a part of (The Devastatin' Dose).
During his second term as prime minister, which lasted only one year, Janez Janša responded to the weakening of Slovenian economy during the global economic crisis and European sovereign-debt crisis with opening up old ideological fronts against liberal media, and against public sector – especially educational and cultural sectors, accusing them of being under influence of members of old regime (called Udbomafia and "Uncles from Behind the Scenes" (In Slovene: "strici iz ozadja")Uncles from Behind the Scenes (In Slovene: "Strici iz ozadja"), Dnevnik, 10. November 2012) and against everyone who doubted that austerity measures forced upon Slovenia are right ones.IMF calls time on austerity – but can Greece survive?, BBC News, 11 October 2012A Symposium of Law Experts.
Government under the right-wing leader Janez Janša responded to the weakening of Slovenian economy during the global economic crisis and European sovereign- debt crisis with opening up old ideological fronts against liberal media, and against public sector - especially educational and cultural sectors, accusing them of being under influence of members of old regime (called Udbomafia and "Uncles from Behind the Scenes" (In Slovene: "strici iz ozadja")Uncles from Behind the Scenes (In Slovene: "Strici iz ozadja"), Dnevnik, 10. November 2012) and against everyone who doubted that austerity measures forced upon Slovenia are right ones.IMF calls time on austerity - but can Greece survive?, BBC News, 11 October 2012A Symposium of Law Experts.
In January 2009, the group was officially formed.B92: Rokeri iz OT zajedno na "Beoviziji" B92: Sajko, Vukašin, Paunović i Đorđe osnovali band In the band's interview for Blic magazine (published on February 17, 2009), Gogov said that, in the beginning, only Paunović was for the band, but that the rest of them soon changed their minds.Blic: San — pobeda u Moskvi Their song, "Blagoslov za kraj",Blic: San — pobeda u Moskvi was written and produced by Universal Music.B92: „Universal“ daje pesmu rokerima iz OT The band said, in their interview for Blic magazine (February 17, 2009, issue), that they have become great friends and they are happy to be together in a band.
The original CLEO detector used three separate tracking chambers. The innermost chamber (IZ) was a three layer proportional wire chamber that occupied the region between a radius of 9 cm and 17 cm. Each layer had 240 anode wires to measure track azimuth and 144 cathode strip hoops 5 mm wide inside and outside the anode wires (864 cathode strips total) to measure track z.CLEO I NIM p. 53 The CLEO I drift chamber (DR) was immediately outside the IZ and occupied the region between a radius of 17.3 cm and 95 cm. It consisted of seventeen layers of 11.3 mm × 10.0 mm cells with 42.5 mm between the layers, for a total of 5304 cells.
Thereafter, Romance first names were imposed, while surnames went on to express place descriptions (e.g. "Luzuriaga", 'place of white earth') and parental origin (e.g. "Marinelarena", 'the sailor's son') for the most part. The patronymics are derived from the father through the suffix -ez, -oz, -iz or -az which means 'of'.
At Prairie View he was able to focus on his music, and in 2009 he released his first mixtape Procrastination Kills. He got the attention of a fellow student and now manager D Will.Rapper Kirko Bangz aka Mr. What Yo Name Iz? . (October 17, 2010). Retrieved August 31, 2012.
"What Yo Name Iz?" was the first song by Kirko Bangz to chart on the billboard charts. It debuted at number 97 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B;/Hip-Hop Songs on the week of October 23, 2010. It spent 27 weeks on the chart and peaked at number 41.
The split verdict in Leona Beldini's case was hailed as a victory by both sides and may have cast doubt on the government's use of Solomon Dwek as an informant.Split Verdict in Dwek Corruption Trial Has Both Sides Claiming a Measure of Victory. Vos Iz Neias? Retrieved 2010-05-06.
Lalatović was immediately expelled from the MOC on the grounds of spreading unrest and immorality in the church, the MOC officially dismissing its connections with the formation of the COC.Vesti Online, Crnogorski raspop vraća delo Pavelića, 14. 03. 2010.Vesti Online, Jelisej isključen iz CPC zbog nemorala, 15. 03. 2010.
Sordes was a small pterosaur from the late Jurassic (Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian) Karabastau Svita of Kazakhstan. This genus was named in 1971 by Aleksandr Grigorevich Sharov.Sharov, A. G. 1971 Novyiye lyetayushchiye reptili iz myezozoya Kazakhstana i Kirgizii [New flying reptiles from the Mesozoic of Kazakhstan and Kirghizia]. Trudy paleont. Inst. Moscow.
Craig Boogie as well as Kid Capri (who was often referred to as an honorary member of D.I.T.C.) also helped with the production of the album. The album also features guest appearances from a young Cam'ron (credited as Killa Cam on "8 Iz Enuff") and Jay-Z (on "Da Graveyard").
Milan Obradović trener Kopra,, 22 March 2016 On 22 March 2016, he then became the manager of Slovenian club FC Koper.Novi trener Obradovič bo iz nogometašev skušal izvleči največ,, 22 March 2016 The club decided to change manage on 26 September 2016 which meant, that Obradović left the club.
Murad Dadashov (21 December 1978, Baku, Azerbaijan USSR) is an Azerbaijani actor, producer, TV host, member of Parni iz Baku KVN team and head of M Group Production. In 2014, Murad Dadashov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic.27.05.2018 He tittled People Artist of Azerbaijan.
Solovey iz sela Marshyntsi (, Соловейко з Буковини) is a 1966 short film. It was the first studio filmed movie starring Sofia Rotaru. Rotaru was 19 when she starred in the film as a performer of Ukrainian and Moldavian folk songs. The setting is the premises of the Chernivsti Philharmonic Society.
The album spawned additional remixes. Along with "Buck Em Down" and "I Got Cha Opin", the tracks "Ack like U Want It", "Son Get Wrec", "Shit Iz Real", "How Many MC's..." and "U da Man" all featured remixes, which were later included on Black Moon's Diggin' in dah Vaults compilation.
Spring Heeled Jack (1904), who inspired Wilce's Bouncing Boy Terror Author Spotlight: Ysabeau S. Wilce, 2014 Ysabeau S. Wilce (pronounced Iz-a-bow Wils) is an American author of young adult fantasy novels. Her novels feature the rebellious young heroine Flora Fyrdraaca and her adventures in the fictional land of Califa.
On January 11, 2017 DMX released a new song produced by Swizz Beats entitled "Bain Iz Back". On September 20, 2019, it was officially announced that DMX had signed a new record deal with Def Jam, reuniting with the label for the first time since his 2003 album Grand Champ.
Ubbi dubbi is a language game spoken with the English language. It was popularized by the 1972-1978 PBS children's show Zoom. When Zoom was revived in 1999 on PBS, Ubbi dubbi was again a feature of the show. Variations to Ubbi Dubbi include Obbish, Ob, Ib, Arpy Darpy, and Iz.
Ašok Murti (Ashok Murty), stilista - Ostao sam ovde iz inata (in Serbian). eKapija. After serving in the Yugoslav army he came to the capital city Belgrade, without an idea that he would stay to live there. Murti's mother is Serbian, while his father comes from India. He identifies as Yugoslav.
The Zizzle company was founded in 2005 by Roger Shiffman, co-founder of Tiger Electronics, along with the marketing guru behind Furby, Marc Rosenberg. Shiffman credits his wife for the name of the company. The first toy released by the company was called "iZ", and received comparisons to the Furby.Cole, Wendy.
On May 26, 2013, International Academy of Public Recognition presented Ruslan Alekhno with the Award "For contribution to the development of Russian culture." In 2014, Alekhno released his new single "Serdtse Iz Stekla" feat. Russian superstar singer Valeriya. A new music video was expected to be released in spring 2014.
In: Stefan Vukmirović ponovo u Slobodi at, 23-8-2016 Out: Birkirkara approaching Euro test in good heart at, 14-7-2016 U FAP-u iz Priboja nisu oduševljeni žrebom za novo prvenstvo at, 4-8-2016 FK SLOBODA: Počele pripreme, sutra odluka o rangu takmičenja at infoera.
Harakiri is the third studio album by Armenian-American singer Serj Tankian. The album was released on July 10, 2012, as a follow-up to his 2010 album Imperfect Harmonies. The album also constitutes the first of four planned albums, the other three being Orca, Jazz-Iz-Christ, and Fuktronic.
In: Mačva dovela četvorku at, 23-1-2017 Pojačanje u redovima crveno crnih at, 2-2-2017 FK "Mačva" predstavio pojačanja at FK Mačva Šabac official website, 6-2-2017 Pojačanje Mačve - Ognjan Damnjanović iz Izraela ponovo u Šapcu at, 13-2-2017 Deni Pavlović novo pojačanje Mačve at srbijasport.
The Seljuk princes struggled incessantly for the throne of the Sultanate of Rum. Despised by Izz-ad-Din, Rukn ad-Din Kilij Arslan IV came to Mongolia. Güyük ordered Rukn ad-Din enthroned in Iz-ad-Din Kaykaus II's place. A darughachi with 2,000 Mongol troops was sent to enforce this decision.
He was loaned to newly promoted Ligue 1 side Troyes in August 2015. In August 2017, Veškovac returned to his homeland and joined his parent club Napredak Kruševac on a free transfer. He retired at the end of 2019.Srpska pijaca: Bogosavac ide iz Čuke, Veškovac završio karijeru, „Runi“ stigao u Proleter, mozzartsport.
"Bjesovi najavili novi album i koncert u Beogradu", On June 30, the band performed on the last evening of the first Belgrade Calling festival."BELGRADE CALLING - ČETVRTI DAN: Odvedi me iz ovog grada", In 2013, the band was joined by the second drummer, Ramon Hamel, a Gornji Milanovac-based Dutch.
A singer, musician and live performer Afdlin, together with his band Acid Iz, presents a flavour of R&B;, acid jazz and funk. His debut album FUUYO! was released in late 2003. In 1992, he performed for an audience of 50,000 in the 'Ikhlas Concert' alongside Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid among others.
The Second Ninth Circuit Appeal on the issue of sovereign immunity of the Vatican Bank was heard on December 10, 2009, in San Francisco.Oral argument The case was dismissed on December 28, 2009.Sud odbio tužbu preživjelih iz holokausta u NDH protiv Vatikanske banke , Slobodna Dalmacija Plaintiffs have indicated they may appeal further.
He left DJB in early November 2018. Although Jankov initially planned to join a new parliamentary group with other former DJB members, he instead resigned from the assembly on 13 November 2018."DJB ostao bez poslaničkog kluba", Danas, 5 November 2018, accessed 9 January 2019."Otišli iz DJB - vraćaju poslanički mandat", Mondo.
Norac served his sentence in Glina, where he was allowed, on at least one occasion, to go home for a weekend to visit family in Sinj. He was released on probation in November 2011, after serving no more than eight years.Norac, Petrač i Sulić izašli iz zatvora,; accessed 13 July 2015.
In addition to carny jargon, some carnival workers used a special infix ("earz" or "eez" or "iz") to render regular language unintelligible to outsiders. This style eventually migrated into wrestling, hip hop, and other parts of modern culture.The Secret History of Carnival Talk. The British form of fairground cant is called "Parlyaree".
SiM (Silence iz Mine) are a Japanese alternative metal band from the Kanagawa Prefecture formed in 2004. The band currently consists of MAH (vocals), SHOW- HATE (guitar), SiN (bass), and GODRi (drums). Their musical style mixes heavy metal, alternative, hip hop, ska, reggae, dub and punk with rebellious lyrics and songs with attitude.
In: Ljubo Kovacevic presao iz Borce u ekipu Donji Srem at, 30-1-2013 Zakotrljala se lopta i u Pećincima at, 9-1-2013 Završen zimski odmor za Pećinčane at, 9-1-2013 Out: Donji Srem dao voljno devetorici at, 4-12-2012 Zečevića zamenio Mišić at srpskifudbal.
She initially planned to join a new parliamentary group with other former DJB members, but she ultimately resigned from the assembly on 13 November 2018."DJB ostao bez poslaničkog kluba", Danas, 5 November 2018, accessed 9 January 2019."Otišli iz DJB - vraćaju poslanički mandat",, 11 November 2018, accessed 9 January 2019.
Glinka's Kamarinskaya is based on two themes, a slow bridal song, "Iz-za gor" (From beyond the mountains), and the title song, a naigrïsh. This second song is actually an instrumental dance played to an ostinato melody. This melody is repeated for as long as the dancers can move to it.Maes, 28.
Koseze stands on clay soil beyond the gravelly terrace of the Sava River. Koseze Pond in the village is a former clay pit that supplied the brickworks operated by Gustav Tönnies (1814–1886) and was later flooded by the Agrostroj company to test irrigation pumps.Gričnik, Anton. 1997. Bela Ljubljana: zgodbe iz slovenske prestolnice.
In 1862 he arranged for printing the book Pojavi iz prirode za pouku prostoga naroda from the works of an Italian author. He wrote popular articles in his field in the magazine Književnik. He collaborated with Bogoslav Šulek on Riječnik znanstvenog nazivlja (Dictionary of Scientific Terms). Bakotić also published the book Vinarstvo (1867).
In 1999, Ivanushki International released compilation Фрагменты жизни ("Fragmenti iz zhizni", "Fragments of Life"), which contained his best songs with Ivanushki, songs he had written prior to joining Ivanushki, his vocal poems, and a song dedicated to him, "Я тебя никогда не забуду" ("Ya tebya nikogda ne zabudu", "I Will Never Forget You").
Lee also hosted Diz Iz It! that aired 6 days a week on GMA. She was also a guest segment anchor both for Balitanghali on GMA News TV during weekdays (2011–present), and 24 Oras Weekend Edition during Saturdays on GMA. In August 2012, Lee left GMA Network and moved to TV5.
King Vladislaus II granted Ban Ladislav the town of Steničnjak in Kordun as a reward for the victory and the 120 Ottoman captives sent to the king.Hrvoje Kekez: Bernardin Frankapan i Krbavska bitka: je li spasio sebe i malobrojne ili je pobjegao iz boja?, Modruški zbornik, Vol.3 No.3, 2009, p.
A second book, Tri Ogalala, is supposedly in the works Possible Prequel The title suggests that it deals with the downfall of the United States and the rise of the Yukon Confederacy (a footnote in Fitzpatrick's War refers to the fictitious Diary of Tri Ogalala as a book that discusses Bartholemew Iz).
Thus, all Onyx records were lost. In 1993, Onyx released their debut album entitled "Bacdafucup". It proved to be a commercial success and eventually went multi- platinum, largely due to the well known single "Slam". Then Onyx released on JMJ Records another two albums: All We Got Iz Us and Shut 'Em Down.
The same account also claims that after the lecture, Herodotus spoke with the youth and his father, stating: Oloros your son yearns for knowledge. In all essence, the episode is most likely from a later Greek or Roman account of his life. Herodot iz Halikarnasa. Zgodbe. Ljubljana: Slovenska Matica v Ljubljani (2003).
In December 2013, an unknown person throw from a car a bomb which detonated in front of Zejnilović's house in Sarajevo with no consequences besides material damage.BOMBA BAČENA IZ VOZILA U POKRETU? at, 5-12-2013, retrieved 12-3-2017 Zejnilović died just four months later on 22 March 2014 in Sarajevo.
Born in Belgrade,Osnovan fudbalski klub Rudar iz Kaknja ("Rudar from Kakanj is formed") at he played with SK Jugoslavija and FK BASK in the Yugoslav Championship.Đorđe Detlinger at He continues playing with BASK in the 1939–40 Serbian League and 1940–41 Serbian League, scoring a goal in each season.
Bojan Udovič (22 July 1957 - 11 July 2015) was a Slovene cyclist. He competed in the individual road race and team time trial events at the 1980 Summer Olympics, where three of the four members of the Yugoslav cycling team were Slovenes.Olimpijka iz goriških Brd. 1980. Novi list 30(1281) (3 July): 5.
Radnička Partija: Za prava običnog čovjeka, Portal Analitika (March 2015) In March 2019, the Workers' Party left the coalition with Democratic Front.Radnička partija istupila iz DF-a: Ne pristajemo da budemo marginalizovani CdM (March 2019) After his death in October 2019, his son Maksim, succeeded him as the president of the party.
Government under the right-wing leader Janez Janša responded to the weakening of the Slovenian economy during the global economic crisis and European sovereign-debt crisis with opening up old ideological fronts against the liberal media and the public sector, especially the educational and cultural sectors, accusing them of being under the influence of members of the old regime called Udbomafia and "Uncles from Behind the Scenes" (In Slovene: "strici iz ozadja")Uncles from Behind the Scenes (In Slovene: "Strici iz ozadja"), Dnevnik, 10. november 2012 and against anyone who doubted that the austerity measures that have been forced upon Slovenia are the right ones.IMF calls time on austerity - but can Greece survive?, BBC News, 11 October 2012A Symposium of Law Experts.
Fruiz is one of the place names of the Basque Country finished in -iz. Julio Caro Baroja defended that the names came from a proper name + the Latin suffix ``-icus`` In the Basque area called vasconavarra Caro Baroja considered that -oz,-ez and-iz suffixes applied to the place names in antiquity indicated that the site had been owned by the person whose name was attached to one of those suffixes, being able to trace their origin from the Middle Ages until the time of the Roman Empire. In the case of Frúniz, Julio Caro Baroja proposed that the name could come from a hypothetical Furius - a Latin word. If it is added the -icus suffix to the Latin word we get the word Furicus.
Congregation was released by Sub Pop on January 31, 1992, and distributed by Caroline Records, on both LP and CD formats. To promote the record, "Turn On the Water" was released in January as a 7-inch single, with "Miles Iz Ded" on its B-side; as a CD single coupled with the tracks "Chalk Outline" and "Miles Iz Ded"; and on February 25 as a cassette single. "Conjure Me" was released in May as a 7-inch single backed with the Afghan Whigs' cover of the 1965 Supremes song "My World Is Empty Without You". A music video for the single was filmed—featuring a topless woman caressing Dulli as he lip syncs the song—and received rotation on MTV.
The music from the album, recorded at the O studio, was officially released as Muzika iz filma 'Do koske' (Music from the film 'To the Bone' ), released by Monte Royal Pictures and produced by Oliver Jovanović.Muzika iz filma 'Do koske' at Discogs The song "Kokain" ("Cocaine"), which appeared on the soundtrack, featuring the rapper Bane Brujović Grumbowski, appeared on the single "Kokane" by Brujović's band Sunshine, released by Metropolis Records in 1997. The song also appeared on the various artists compilation Fight The Devil, released by Multimedia Records in 2007.Fight The Devil at Discogs From January until March 1997, they had been recording the new studio album at the O studio, eventually released by PGP-RTS and DE Production in 1997.
In its 1954, the alternate Elvis turns out to be a sexual predator who has already murdered Gladys Presley when John and Iz encounter him for the first time. He then tries to rape Iz, much to John's anger, and displays symptoms of psychosis and latent schizophrenia. His poor mental health is not assisted by his strong religious beliefs and an unexpectedly early divergence point in this world's past, where Valentinian gnosticism survived and became the dominant belief system in this alternate Southern United States instead of evangelical Christianity. This was noted in passing in Terraplane, with mention of an Albigensian Bible and a Valentinian House of God as background detail, alerting aware readers to the survival of Gnosticism in this timeline.
In 1994, he graduated from Azerbaijan State University with a degree in filmmaking. Worked three years in a psychological hospital. From 1992 to 2001 was a member of the Parni iz Baku team of the Russian TV show KVN. Бахрам Багирзаде уходит из КВНа He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 7, 2020.
Kotor or Kotorgrad (Kotor town) was a medieval fortress above the present settlement of Kotor in Kotor Varoš, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, municipality of Kotor Varoš. It was in Donji Kraji, parish Vrbanja.Kreševljaković H. (1953): Stari bosanski gradovi. Naše starine, I: 7-44.Pelidija E. (2002): Banjalučki boj iz 1737 - Uzroci i posljedice.
Showtime debuted on its pre-noontime slot on October 24, 2009, with a 14.0% national TV rating based on Kantar Media Philippines. Its immense popularity ended the dominance of talk show SiS on its timeslot. GMA Network replaced SiS with Diz Iz It!, a competition similar to Showtime, but it was cancelled after five months.
Vanessa Glođo (born 8 June 1974), often credited as Vanessa Glodjo, is a Bosnian actress. She is best known for her roles in In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011) and Ja sam iz Krajine, zemlje kestena (2013). Glođo was born in Sarajevo. During the Bosnian War, Glođo's leg was wounded by sniper-fire.
Furtado has recorded a live acoustic version of "Night Is Young" for Walmart Soundcheck, and a video was recorded and released."Nelly Furtado strips down 'Night Is Young' for Soundcheck" Retrieved March 17,2 011. A remix was released, which has been played on BBC Radio 1Xtra, and was produced by Sketch iz Dead.
The Cartridge S.A. Ball 9 m/m Mark Iz (9 m/m BALL MK 1z) was the standard Imperial 9mm Parabellum round in World War II and was produced from December 1941 to 1944. It was meant for use in semiautomatic pistols like the Inglis Browning Hi-Power. Bullet weight was . Velocity was at .
The book has been criticized for the manner in which it glosses over colonization and the stereotyping of various ethnicities. Ellis' second solo children's book, Du Iz Tak?, published in 2016, is written entirely in an invented "bug language." The book received a Caldecott Honor Award (2017) and an E.B. White Read Aloud Award (2017).
In 2013, 60 years after the accident, an underwater search operation was undertaken in the Gulf of Fethiye, which led to finding of an aircraft engine, but not the airliner itself. A documentary film about this search was aired by İZ TV. The wreckage of the aircraft was discovered by the Turkish Navy in 2018.
Svi su se doselili iz tri sela s područja Skadarskog jezera - Briske, Šestana i Livara. Bježeći od Turaka, kuge i ostalih nevolja, generalni providur Nicola Erizzo II dozvolio im je da se nasele u područje današnjih Arbanasa i Zemunika. Jedan dio stanovništva u Zemuniku se asimilirao s ondašnjim stanovništvom zaboravivši svoj jezik. To su npr.
In September 2011, he was released due to health problems. After that Tawiah played in Bulgarian clubs PFC Lyubimets and PFC Haskovo. In 29 January 2015, Tawiah signed with Serbian Superliga club Borac Čačak.Pojačanje iz inostranstva at FK Borac Čačak official website, 29 January 2015 On 30 January 2017, Tawiah was released by Pomorie.
Cossack with rifle, sometimes as Knight with rifle or Cossack with musket (, Lytsar iz samopalom) is a former national emblem of the Cossack Hetmanate (Zaporizhian Host). Savchuk, Yu. Coat of Arms of the Malorussian Nation (ГЕРБ МАЛОРОСІЙСЬКОЇ НАЦІЇ). Encyclopedia of History of Ukraine. In 20th century it was the official national emblem of Ukrainian State.
Mladen Matković potpisao za Zadar at Zadarski List Following two seasons at NK Zadar, the club was relegated as well, and he rejoined HNK Cibalia, "Zbjeg" na Stanovima: Mladen Matković iz Zadra u NK Cibalia at Narodni List with which he achieved promotion back to Prva HNL at the end of the 2015/16 season.
Lim played and recorded his cover of "Canon Rock" by JerryC in 2005. He uploaded his video to the popular South Korean music website A YouTube user named "guitar90" uploaded the Mule video to YouTube under the title guitar, with the introductory comment "this guy iz great!!!" The identity of guitar90 is unknown.
Korsakov port is one of the largest ports in the Far Eastern basin, navigation in which continues throughout the year. V 1949 godu na Sakhalin s materika v osnovnom postupali khlebnyye i prodovol'stvennyye tovary, stroitel'nyye materialy, metall i oborudovaniye, otpravlyali iz Sakhalinskoy oblasti, v osnovnom, bumagu, les i ryad drugikh tovarov, proizvodimykh na Sakhaline.
Zizzle is a company based in Bannockburn, Illinois, United States that makes many types of electronics and toys based on original concepts as well as movie licenses.Marriott, Michel. (2007-02-12) "Powered by Toys: The Story Continues" The New York Times Accessed on 2009-12-04. They are best known for a toy called "iZ".
Vicky D's recordings can be found on various compilation albums such as 80s Groove, Vol. II (Ministry of Sound), 100 Hits: 80s Dance (Demon Music Group) and Boogie's Gonna Getcha: '80s New York Boogie (BackBeat). Snoop Dogg sampled "This Beat Is Mine" for a song on his 2011 Doggumentary album, called "This Weed Iz Mine".
After graduation from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Puustusmaa worked as a film director in Russia for Mosfilm and Lenfilm. Some Russian-language features directed by Puustusmaa include: 1814 (2007), Krasnyy zhemchug lyubvi (2008), Volshebnik (2008), My iz budushchego 2 (2010), and Belyy pesok (2010).Eesti Ekspress Eesti režissöör Vene kinokunsti Olümposel. 1 February 2007.
Ehrmann right to a pension was not recognized, and his wealth and properties were not returned to him. He lived, with his wife, modestly until his death on April 13, 1965, in Zagreb. He was buried in the family grave at Mirogoj Cemetery arcades. Općina Medvešćak (Zagreb), Izvadak iz matične knjige umrlih, br. 215/65.
Roma family in Serbia, 1905 Romani, or "gypsies", arrived in Serbia in several waves. The first reference to gypsies in Serbia is found in a 1348 document, by which Serbian emperor Stefan Dušan donated some gypsy slaves to a monastery in Prizren (now in Kosovo).Djordjević , T.R. (1924). Iz Srbije Kneza Milosa. Stanovnistvo—naselja.
"Iz U Down" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Kid Ink, released on December 17, 2013 as the second official single from his second studio album, My Own Lane. The song, produced by Mike DZL, features a guest appearance by American rapper Tyga. The song peaked at number 91 on the German Singles Chart.
In his essay "Short Report from a City Long Besieged" (Kratko poročilo iz dolgo obleganega mesta), he reflected on the war in Yugoslavia and the more general question of the ambiguous role of intellectuals in ethnic, national and political conflicts. Throughout the 1990s, he engaged in polemics with the Austrian writer Peter Handke regarding the dissolution of Yugoslavia.
In October 2011, Obreht was a special guest at a charity lunch organized by Lifeline Humanitarian Organization in New York under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Katherine Karađorđević, to aid orphaned children in Serbia. Obreht participated by auctioning off a private lecture by her at a book club.October 2011. Izvodi iz štampe / Press Clipping.
Ovi i ovakvi ljudi prinudili su dalmatinske episkope Rajačića, Živkovića i Mutibarića da bježe iz Dalmacije u druge eparhije. ... Ali najteže je dalmatinskom episkopu sa Vladom, ako hoće da bude pravi pravoslavni episkop i čuvar vjere i crkve svoje. U Austriji od 1868. vlada zakon da pravoslavlje uživa jednaka prava kao i sve ostale priznate državne konfesije.
In 2009, Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office issued warrants for Zdravko Mustač, Ivan Cetinić, Ivan Lasić and Boris Brnelić for involvement in the murder as members of the UDBA.Tjeralica iz Njemačke za udbašima ,; accessed 20 January 2016. In October 2009, German police arrested Luka Sekula, a Croat with Swedish citizenship, for participation in the murder.
Its major export partners include Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary. Montenegro's imports in the first half of 2012, mostly food, oil, and electrical energy, were worth €864.9 million, which was 2.6% more than the same period in 2011. Its major import partners include Serbia, Greece, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.B92, Crna Gora najviše uvozi iz Srbije, 26.07.
Egon Berger. Sentia Publishing, 2016 The movie Dara iz Jasenovca (Dara in Jasenovac) is an upcoming historical drama, directed by Predrag Antonijevic, with a 2020 release date coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the camp's liberation. The first modern Holocaust-film about Jasenovac, it stars Marko Janketic as commandant Luburić and Vuk Kostić as Filipović 'Majstorović'.
ICL Manresa signs Milos Milisavljevic After appearing in only four games, he got injured and missed the rest of the season.Teža povreda za Srbina iz Manrese (Serbian) In June 2016, Milisavljević returned to Serbia and signed with Mega Leks.Mega signed two more players - Milisavljević and Glogovac! On 5 January 2017, he left Mega and signed with Dynamic.
Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha is the second studio album by American rapper Kurupt. It was released on November 16, 1999 through Antra Records with distribution from Artemis Records. Kurupt lost distribution from A&M; Records due to the corporate merger between PolyGram and Universal Music Group in early 1999. The album features the single "Who Ride Wit Us".
Shahmar Alakbarov was born in Ganja, Azerbaijan, to Zulfugar Alakbarov who was from Cəbrayil and Izulat khanum who was from Tbilisi. He is known for Qatir Mammad (1974), Bakida külaklar asir (1974) and Alava iz (1981).Shahmar Alakbarov Biography at Shahmar Alakbarov has begun his career by performing in Lupe de Vega and William Shakespeare in theater.
In 2007 Srbljanović joined the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), with an additional role as a member of the party's political council.B92 - Vesti - Lečić napustio predsedništvo LDP-a - Internet, Radio i TV stanica; najnovije vesti iz Srbije Srbljanović was LDP's candidate for mayor of Belgrade in the 2008 Serbian local elections. She has distanced herself from the party afterwards.
The song "Pora domoj" () from this album became a hit. In the summer of 1998, Klinskikh and Aleksey Bryantsev (DJ Krot) arranged some Sektor Gaza songs as techno remixes, which were released on the album Extasy in 1999. In November 1998, Sektor Gaza toured Russia. In October 2000, the group released a new album, Vosstavshij iz ada ().
Among his works are Verenica Crnogorka (The Montenegrin Bride, 1863), the historical drama Branivoj knez Zahumski (Prince Branivoj of Zahumlje, 1868), the travelogue Putne uspomene (Travels Souvenirs), books of memories like Kako sam svoj vek proveo (How I passed through my century), Uspomene iz 1848–1849 (Memories of 1848–1849), Pokojnici (The Deceased) and four books entitled Besede (Words).
According to some contemporary Croatian reports, in period 1–24 November 1941 about 240 Chetniks were killed during their attacks on Axis controlled Olovo.: "...borbama pri napadima na Olovo i okolini imali око 240 mrtvih i ranjenih cetnika i da se nisu nadali iz Olova takvog odpora." On 17 November in 7 a.m. insurgents attacked Olovo garrison.
Vladimir Đukanović (; born 2 March 1979) is a politician in Serbia. He has served in the National Assembly of Serbia since 2014 as a member of the Serbian Progressive Party. He is on the right wing of the party and has sometimes clashed with the party's leadership.Đukanović: Idem iz politike ove godine, Blic, 3 January 2016.
Aleksey Kuznetsov Aleksey Kuznetsov (6 September 1941, Chelyabinsk) is a Russian guitarist, composer, and guitar pedagogue. Mainly known as a jazz guitarist on the international stage, he has also worked as a classical musician. He is the author of Iz praktiki dzhazovogo gitarista (From the practice of a jazz guitarist; 1993), an instructional book for aspiring jazz guitarists.
Archaeological finds from the Urnfield culture and Roman coins have been found in the Zaka Valley, and there is a prehistoric Celtic burial site between Upper and Lower Ak. During the Second World War, members of the Carinthian People's League () renovated two ski jumps in the Zaka Valley."Iz domovine." 1941. Karawanken-Bote 1(35): 4.
The new manager managed a streak of good results.Novi sponzor, ime i predsjednik prvoligaša iz Pule In the second half of the season Bračun resigned from the managerial position and was succeeded by Krunoslav Jurčić. The club finished in the season in 7th place. During the summer manager Juić was fired, and replaced by Stjepan Deverić.
The singles that are considered classics to the house heads are "Soothe" and "Want Me Like Water" as Furry Phreaks with Charles Webster (Presence and Love From San Francisco) "Fresh Start" (DJ Iz remix ) and "Inside" from Pulled Apart (Om album) also attracted global attention, were licensed for a few ads, and made joining BMI worthwhile.
Terra Deva has worked with Shakedown, Erick Morillo, Charles Webster (Furry Phreaks, Love From San Francisco, Presence), LCD Soundsystem, Tim Deluxe, Who Da Funk, Satoshi Tomeii, J Majik, Pete Moss, Jimmy Van M (Vantage Point), Junior Jack, Harry Choo Choo Romero, AK 1200, Scott Hardkiss, Dave Biegel (Bugs, Puracane, Skyjuice), Josh Michaels (DJ Iz) and many more.
In the mid-1980s Gajić worked on two more album. The second studio album Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom (English: While you're awaiting dawn with the devil) is released through Jugoton on June 11, 1985 and the third Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari () is released through his hometown based record label Diskoton in 1987. He left the band in 1987.
She holds an MA on the Contemporary Nigerian Novel and has also translated Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's novel Half of a Yellow Sun into Slovene (Slovene title: Polovica rumenega sonca).Banipal literary magazine site. Her first novel Koža iz bombaža won the Best First Book Award at the Slovenian Book Fair in 2007.Sanje Publishing House site .
The last issue to appear (No 64, June 1982) was not put into circulation until the very end of August the following year.CCE 64, Contents, see note at foot of the page from "Vesti iz SSSR", 31 August 1983, item 16.31. Material was gathered and checked up to 31 December 1982 but issue No. 65 never went into circulation.
The Union of Rusyn-Ukrain writers of Slovak republic honored the 40 Anniversary of his work and publishments by bibliography Crane birds calling (Zhuravlinnyij klič, 1998). He continued to publish with his poem collections as: Restlessness paves the way (Trivohami doroha stelitjsia, 2001), Forgotten notebooks verses (Virshi iz zabutikh zoshitiv, 2006) and Autumn reflections (Osinni refleksii, 2011).
Gojković: Raskinuo sam ugovor s Partizanijem, želim u klub gdje ću više igrati at,17 December 2018 On 9 January 2019, he came back to Bosnia and Herzegovina and signed a one and a half year contract with Bosnian Premier League club Zrinjski Mostar.Dan iz snova za navijače Zrinjskog nastavljen: Stiglo i četvrto pojačanje mostarskog tima at sport1.
Reaching a peak position of number thirteen on the Hot Rap Songs, the album's third single, "Music Man" (b/w "Ace Iz Wild"), remained on the chart for a total of nine weeks. "Movin' On" (b/w "Go Where I Send Thee") was released on March 6, 1991 as the final single from Take a Look Around.
Oblomov (, translit. Neskolko dney iz zhizni I. I. Oblomov) is a Soviet comedy/drama film directed by Nikita Mikhalkov. It was released by Mosfilm in 1980. The film's plot is based on the novel Oblomov (), written by Ivan Goncharov, which tells the story of Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, a middle-aged nobleman living in 19th century Saint Petersburg.
There is a wire tape recorder Malysh-B (main designer Babich A.I.) with automatic start from the thing, and the possibility of blocking control. It was developed for the monthly program - a spacesuit krechet-94. Such a tape recorder and its modifications Malysh-BM was used later in the flights of astronaut Beregovoi. File:Luna magnitofon iz skafandra.
Bajagić has released two solo albums, both featuring soundtracks written by Bajagić: Ni na nebu ni na zemlji (for the film of the same name) and Profesionalac – Muzika iz filma (for the film The Professional). Bajagić recorded the latter with pop rock/folk rock band Apsolutno Romantično. He also composed the music for TV series Otvorena Vrata.
One of his ancestors was Ivan Kashko. He taught this craft to two sons, and then a few more residents of the village began to engage in it. They sold their wares at the market in Khust and other cities. In the years 1909 - 1910 many of the landless and landless residents of Iz were busy with basket weaving.
In 1925, Maretskaya made her film debut in Zakroyshchik iz Torzhka. She played roles in fifteen silent films. In 1937 Maretskaya suffered from political execution of her two brothers, journalists Dmitri and Gregori, who were the followers of opposition politician Nikolai Bukharin.Миф о счастливой судьбe Maretskaya appealed to the Soviet government, but her appeal was ignored.
Trojica se vraćaju s pozajmica, četvorica stižu iz škole at, 23-5-2016 Aleksandar Katai, calidad y gol para redondear el ataque albiazul at Deportivo Alavés official website, 31-8-2016 Mičel potpisao za Zvezdu, došao bez obeštećenja, uskoro dobija hrvatski pasoš at Sportski žurnal, 25-5-2016 Adam Mičel na dvojnoj registraciji u OFK Beogradu at mozzartsport.
Hoxha has published his wartime diary Kur pranvera vonohet [When Spring is Late] (Prishtina: Rilindja, 1980) and a three-volume collection of speeches and articles in Jemi në shtëpinë tonë [This is our Home] (Prishtina: Rilindja, 1986), both published in Serbian (Kad proleće kasni : iz partizanske beležnice)Kad proleće kasni : iz partizanske beležnice / Fadilj Hodža ; [preveo sa albanskog Esad Mekuli. Author: Hoxha, Fadil Publisher: Beograd : Četvrti jul, 1979 234 pages, 21 cm, Note: Translation of work Kur pranvera vonohet. Language: Serbian and Turkish editions in addition to the original Albanian. In 2010, an autobiography based on interviews with Fadil Hoxha by Veton Surroi and his father Rexhai Surroi was published under the title "Fadil Hoxha në vetën e parë" [Fadil Hoxha, in the first person] (Prishtina: Koha, 2010).
In March 1994, when Fredro Starr was on the set of Dangerous Minds, Lyor Cohen came to him and offered him a million dollars for recording a new album, All We Got Iz Us. Big DS left the group at the same time to start a solo career. Onyx recorded 25 songs for this album, but only 15 of them were included on the album by Jam Master Jay's decision. In the same year members of Onyx have formed a label, Armee Records, and have signed production and distribution deals with Capitol Records and Mercury Records. Onyx signed contracts with the artists All City (Greg Valentine and J. Mega) and Panama P.I., who featured on Onyx's sophomore set, "All We Got Iz Us", Gang Green and singer Choclatt (Jared Crawford).
Baška tablet, which is the oldest evidence of the glagolitic script, mentions king Zvonimir. He was succeeded by Dmitar Zvonimir, who was of the Svetoslavić branch of the House of Trpimirović, and a Ban of Slavonia (1064–1075). He was crowned on 8 October 1076Dominik Mandić, Rasprave i prilozi iz stare hrvatske povijesti, Institute of Croatian history, Rome, 1963., page 315.
The club sat well in domestic league, but fared poorly in EuroLeague 1999–2000 season. Antonić was a head coach of KK Igokea for 2000–01 season where he won Basketball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, he coached Spartak Subotica,JOVICA ANTONIC JE NOVI TRENER SPARTAKA IZ SUBOTICE OKK Beograd,Jovica Antonić na klupi OKK Beograda Lavovi 063 and Konstantin.
Burilović-Crnov, S., 2019: Smiljana Rendić. Katolička novinarka i pratiteljica Drugoga vatikanskog sabora [Smiljana Rendić: Catholic journalist and reporter from the Second Vatican Council] Doctoral dissertation. Review of the dissertation: Matković-Vlašić, Lj., 2019: Ime koje valja pamtiti – Silvana BURILOVIĆ CRNOV, Smiljana Rendić. Katolička novinarka i pratiteljica Drugoga vatikanskog sabora, Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Doktorska disertacija iz fundamentalne teologije, Split, 2019, 550 str.
In 1980, Ostojić and his friend Dado Džihan formed a rock band with a spiritual touch called Nirvana, later changed to Cyclone. A few years later, both of them joined garage rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje. Ostojić joined Zabranjeno Pušenje in 1987. He performed on their two studio albums in the 1980s; Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari (1987) and Male priče o velikoj ljubavi (1989).
In March of the same year, Šarlo Akrobata participated the Pozdrav iz Beograda (Greetings from Belgrade) concert organized in Zagreb as a promotion of the Belgrade new wave scene, and a live promotion of Paket aranžman, on which the band also promoted their debut single "Mali čovek", with "Ona se budi" as the single B-side, released prior to the event.
In: Ajazdin Nuhi prvo pojačanje BSK-a at news portal, 9-7-2012 BSK čeka pojačanja iz Partizana at, 18-7-2012 Ivica Milutinović sa Kipra u Borču at, 29-8-2012 Borčani očekuju neizvestan meč protiv Rada at, 14-9-2012 Park pojačao BSK at, 25-11-2012 Out: Dugić i Stokić u Borcu at glassrpske.
His mother Klementina was from Opatija. In 1918 during the Italian annexation of Istria, he moved with his family to Bakar. In 1922 he graduated from high school in Sušak and attended Zagreb Law School. During his studies he started to collaborate with the Triestine magazine Naš Glas, in which his first two poems, Iz Improvizacija and Mi, were published.
An acoustic version of the song was also released. Yuju recorded "Billy & The Brave Guys", for the soundtrack of the animated movie Chicken Hero, which was released on February 18, 2016. In March 2016, she collaborated with Sunyoul of UP10TION for a song called "Cherish". In October 2017, she collaborated with Jihoo of IZ for a song titled "Heart Signal".
Schematic of the Radial Unit Hypothesis as related to the Protomap Hypothesis (colored regions) of cortical development and evolution. Adapted from Rakic, 1995, 2009. VZ, ventricular zone; SVZ, subventricular zone; IZ, intermediate zone; SP, subplate; CP, cortical plate; MZ, marginal zone; RG, radial glia; MN, migrating neuron; TR, thalamic radiation; CC, cortico-cortical axons. E## represents post-conceptional age of macaque monkey.
Narman and Can wrote 10 of the album's 14 new songs. Sezen Aksu worked with the two on writing the song "Armağan". Altan Çetin wrote and composed the songs "Acele Etme" and "Kırmızı", while Mete Özgencil prepared "Bir İz Gerek" and "Hoşgeldiniz". The songs were arranged by Altan Çetin, Ayhan Sayıner, Volga Tamöz, Devrim Karaoğlu, Ozan Çolakoğlu, Erdem Kınay and Mustafa Ceceli.
Jandrić, Berislav: Kontroverze iz suvremene hrvatske povijesti: osobe i događaji koji su obilježili hrvatsku povijest nakon Drugoga svjetskog rata. Zagreb, Srednja Europa, 2006. He offered that he sign a plea for amnesty to Yugoslavia's leader Josip Broz, who would, in turn, allow Stepinac to leave the country. Instead, Stepinac gave Bakarić a request to Broz that he be retried by a neutral court.
She has also hosted Exkluziv s Tatjanom Jurić (Exclusive with Tatjana Jurić), and has hosted radio programs. In 2011, she appeared as a contestant of Season 6 of Ples sa zvijezdama (the Croatian Dancing with the Stars).(13 July 2012). Tatjana Jurić: Iz iskustva znam da s bivšima ne možeš biti prijatelj, Večernji list She studied political science at the University of Zagreb.
2015 and is expected to be launched and commissioned in the beginning of 2017."OOB u izgradnji: pogled iz Brodosplita",, 06/08/2016 In a TV interview in October 2016, Croatian Navy commander, rear-admiral Stipanović, stated that Croatian Coast Guard would eventually need additional 10 inshore patrol vessels (on top of five planned and ordered) to be fully operational.Tabak, Igor.
Included in Beady Eye's set were covers of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" and Oasis' "Live Forever" and "Columbia." Their new double A-side "Iz Rite" / "Soul Love" was released on 25 November 2013. The band were set to play at Coachella Festival 2014 before canceling their appearance. The band toured with the Australian Big Day Out festival in January 2014.
Du Iz Tak is a 2016 picture book by Carson Ellis. The story, told in gibberish, is about some bugs who discover a plant shoot emerging from the ground. The book was a recipient of a 2017 Caldecott Honor for its illustrations. In 2018, a short animated film version was released by Weston Woods Studios, adapted, directed, and animated by Galen Fott.
Many of the characters he created were based on the real persons from his home region, on the slopes of the Grmeč mountain. Ćopić himself considered that his life works are three novels: The Marshmallow Color Garden, The Adventures of Nikoletina Bursać and The Eighth Offensive. Film director Puriša Đorđević made a documentary on Ćopić in 2016, titled Moja Mala iz Bosanske Krupe.
"Rockafella" is the first single found on Redman's second album, Dare Iz a Darkside. It is produced by Redman and contains samples from "I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You" by Leon Haywood and "Flashlight" by Parliament. It can be found on the compilation, Hip Hop Factory: The Bomb Hip Hop, Vol. 1. The song is dedicated to the memory of rapper Rockafella.
Redman goes on to talk about guns and other illegal things. A remix can be found on Redman's second album, Dare Iz a Darkside. It is a popular song within hip hop and was name-dropped on Common's song "Sum Shit I Wrote". Common also sampled some of its lyrics for the chorus of "Soul by the Pound" (Thump Mix).
In that game, Adin Mulaosmanović and Ismet Štilić were caretaker managers.Široki Brijeg iz sumnjivog penala pobijedio Željezničar na Grbavici at, 2 December 2018 On 31 December 2018, Amar Osim for a second time in his career came back to Željezničar and signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with the club.Amar Osim zvanično imenovan za novog trenera Željezničara at klix.
Mark Abramovich Kirnarsky (June 8, 1893 in Pogar - 1941 in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg) was a Soviet cover artist of Jewish descent. He belonged to the so-called Petrograd school, distinguished by consistent and scrupulous style. He scored particularly for Akhmatova's From Six Books (Iz shesti knig) and the publishing house Academia. Since 1922 Kirnarsky lived in Leningrad and died during its siege.
While the latter consisted of footage from the band's Japanese tour. Both videos appeared on A-1 Channel, the first federal alternative music TV channel in Russia. The band's 2004 LP, Rakety Iz Rossii became the ideological successor of Ulitsa Svobody. The band again entered Russia's charts in the top 3 with its single, "Tishina Eto Smert" ("Silence is Death").
" Alles oder Nix II is, according to Lukas Rauer, "trendier and more modern...breaking with the familiar AON-Kopfnicker sound". Although "strong lead tracks like 'Iz Da' or 'Original' are missing", Xatar shows his "reflective side" in the honest song Schwesterherz." Xatar's 2015 autobiography received mixed reviews. Tobias Rapp of Spiegel praised Alles oder Nix: Bei uns sagt man, die Welt gehört dir.
The Man, The Myth, The Legacy is the second album from rapper Lord Infamous, released on October 23, 2007. It was his first solo album in over a decade. Where Iz Da Love was widely thought to be a diss to Three 6 Mafia and more specifically DJ Paul but in an interview with Lord said he was talking about himself.
Milan Borjan with the Canadian national team. In November 2010, after strong performances with Rad in the Serbian SuperLiga, Borjan accepted the call from Canadian FA to debut for their main national team.Srbin iz Superlige na golu Kanade!;, 23 November 2010 On 3 February 2011, he was called up to the Canadian senior team for their friendly against Greece on 9 February.
Priče o vremenu (trans. Tales of Time) is the first studio album by Serbian heavy metal band Alogia, released in 2002. The song "Zar sunce već zalazi" is a Serbian language cover of Conception song "Roll the Fire", and the song "Sećanje na slike iz sna" is a cover of Pretty Maids song "A Place in the Night".Album review on Serbian-metal.
He watched the awards ceremony from a hospital room. Alone in Iz World (2001) debuted at No. 1 on Billboard World Chart and No. 135 on Billboard Top 200, No. 13 on the Top Independent Albums Chart, and No. 15 on the Top Internet Album Sales charts. Kamakawiwo'ole's Facing Future has become the best-selling Hawaiian album of all time.
Sartid iz pepela at Glas javnosti. He still played with Hapoel Tzafririm Holon F.C. in the Israeli Premier League during the first half of 2011, before returning to Russia in summer 2001 to play one season with FC Lokomotiv Nizhny Novgorod in the Russian First League. Afterwards he played with second league clubs FC BSK Spirovo and FC Volga Tver.
On 21 October 2013, the Ponikve Airport greeted the first international civil flight - on the runway landed Cessna Citation CJ3 with two crew members and five- member delegation of businessmen from Brussels.Prvim međunarodnim letom na Ponikvama stigli privrednici iz BriselaPonikve, prvi međunarodni let (Video)I međunarodni letovi na Ponikvama Same day in the afternoon hours, Business jet went to Thessaloniki.
In 2013, Seki took part at the television song contest Veliaht, at which popular singers such as Nükhet Duru, Hande Yener, Cengiz Kurtoğlu, Musa Eroğlu, Niran Ünsal, Emre Altuğ, Kutsi, Rafet El Roman and Kubat sought their heirs in music. Seki continued her career with the albums Aşk Denizi (2005), Sahici (2008), Sözyaşlarım (2011), İz (2014), and Uzun Hikaye (2018).
"Tonight" depicts a peaceful night as the backdrop for the narrator's corrupt one-track mind: "Follow me down to the bushes, dear / No one will know, we'll disappear / I'll hold your hand, we'll never tell / Our private little trip to hell". The album's hidden track "Miles Iz Ded" is about seduction and alcohol, evoking a last call and sense of a despair.
Filipović's date of birth was 5 June 1915, but little else about his early years has been recorded. In 1938 he joined the Franciscan Order at Petrićevac monastery, Banja Luka, and took "Tomislav" as his religious name.Darko Stuparić, Tko je tko u NDH: Hrvatska 1941-1945, Minerva, Zagreb: 1997, pg. 114 Zahtjev je usvojen te je Filipović isključen iz franjevačkog reda 10. VII.
Artemije Radosavljević (Serbian Cyrillic: Артемије Радосављевић; born 15 January 1935) is a former Serbian Orthodox bishop who served as the head of the Eparchy of Raška and Prizren from 1991 until 2010.Večernje novosti (29 May 2015). "Artemije o isključenju iz Crkve: Nisam iznenađen odlukom Sabora" . He was forced to retire from his position due to alleged embezzlement of funds.
RADAR 6 was released in October 2012, with an entirely new, smaller, lighter and quieter form factor. The new model had a touch- screen interface and tactile transport keys on the front of the unit, and offered new storage options such as solid state drives, USB 3.0 drives and SD cards. "iZ Technology Corporation Launches RADAR 6". Retrieved on 2013-01-27.
There are theories that claim this would explain the origin of the name of today's Sajan. Another theory claim that name Sajan is of Slavic origin, since the Slavic village with similar name Zajan was recorded in Vesprimiensis county in 1398. It is assumed that name came from the Slavic name Svojan (Jovan M. Pejin, Iz prošlosti Kikinde, Kikinda, 2000).
Before working in television, Shuvo worked in television commercials. He made his acting debut in 2007, with appearance in Mostofa Sarwar Farooki's television series Ha/Na in 2007, where he had a recurring role. He also had a recurring role in the show Iz Equal Two in 2008. He then starred in the television series Serious Ekta Kotha Ache alongside Mosharraf Karim.
Arapović joined a Sarajevo- based rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje in 1986, after their drummer Predrag Rakić left. As a drummer, he performed on their two studio albums: Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari (1987) and Male priče o velikoj ljubavi (1989). In early 1990, he left the band with some other members. In 1990, Arapović founded Sarajevo-based alternative rock band Sikter.
Parkhomenko V. Nachalo khristianstva na Rusi: Ocherki iz istorii Rusi IX-X vekov. Poltava, 1913. Page 162. Following this line of thought, Alexander Nazarenko suggests that Yaropolk went through some preliminary rites of baptism, but was murdered by his pagan half-brother (whose own rights to the throne were questionable) before he could be formally received in the Christian faith.
Bobić started his guitarist career in the late 1970s. His first band was Epitaf. During 1980s he performed with many local- known bands, such as Jesen, Band, No.1 and Brod and Animatori. In late 1980s he made a collaboration with Sarajevo-based rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje and appeared as guest bassist on their 1987 album Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari.
Many recipes combined them with other giblets, such as the Mexican pollo en menudenciasKennedy, Diana (2013) My Mexico: A Culinary Odyssey with Recipes, University of Texas Press. p. 100. . and the Russian ragu iz kurinyikh potrokhov.Sacharow, Alla (1993) Classic Russian Cuisine: A Magnificent Selection of More Than 400 Traditional Recipes. The hearts of beef, pork, and mutton can generally be interchanged in recipes.
Frane was born in Split but he lived in Knin near Šibenik, playing for youth team of Dinara Knin. He moved to Šibenik and was a constant member of Croatian youth teams.Mladi Frane Bitunjac (16) iz treće hrvatske lige do potpisa za Fiorentinu! On 31 January 2014 it was announced that Frane will join Fiorentina in summer of 2014 for an undisclosed fee.
Talentovani Kenan Muslimović prešao iz Mladosti u Teleoptik at, 20-6-2016, retrieved 19-2-2017 However, instead, he ended up joining top-league side FK Novi Pazar. He failed to debut in the SuperLiga during the first half of the 2016–17 season. In December 2016 and January 2017, he was on trials at German giants Hertha BSC.
On 10 May, ISIS took complete control of western Reef Deir Iz Zor. From 30 April until 10 May, 230 fighters and several civilians were killed in the clashes between the Al-Nusra Front and ISIS in the governorate of Deir ez-Zor according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights; 146 of the dead combatants were those who fought against ISIS.
"Vidi se iz aviona" was released as the second single, later becoming her first song to chart on the Croatian Singles Chart. On 17 January 2019, Žuvela was announced as one of the 16 participants in Dora 2019, the national contest in Croatia to select the country's Eurovision Song Contest entry, with the song "Indigo." She performed tenth and finished 13th.
On 21 July 2018, Mulalić was named the manager of another Montenegrin First League club Rudar Prijedor.Edis Mulalić novi trener Rudara iz Pljevalja at, 21 July 2018 On 24 December 2018, Mulalić, alongside some of the players left the club due to financial problems that it had over the past months. Both sides said that they were on good terms.
Ehrmann was born in Podbuż (Pidbuzh) in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria to a wealthy Jewish Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Zavod za hrvatsku povijest); Ivo Goldstein; Solidarnost i pomoć Židovima u Hrvatskoj; stranica 211; srpanj 2004. family of Ignac and Adela (née Liebermann) Ehrmann. He had three brothers, Leon, Oskar and Leopold. Općina Medveščak (Zagreb), Izvadak iz matične knjige umrlih, br.
U čast pisaca iz rasejanja (in Serbian). Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia. 2005. pp. 47–48. . Vujcic is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Serbian Literary Guild, the Association of Writers of Republika Srpska and the US-based International Association of Writers.Borba (9 April 2005).
The convoy consisted of ten serials, totaling over 300 vehicles representing six of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 1st Cavalry Division task forces. Upon arrival in its area of responsibility (AOR), the Karradah District of Baghdad, TF 1–153rd was charged with securing zones 10, 13, 14W and operating Checkpoint 11, a major point of entry into the International Zone (IZ). On 6 May 2004 a vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) attached Checkpoint 11, resulting in one soldier killed in action (KIA) and two soldiers wounded in action (WIA). The TF 1–153rd soldiers manning the checkpoint were successful in containing the attack and prevented entry into the IZ. TF 1–153rd conducted over seventy raids, 8,280 patrols and 1,440 traffic control points during its deployment, resulting in 120 insurgents captured and numerous rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), explosives, and weapons captured.
A tourist boat on its way to the Blue Grotto. Water in the Blue Grotto Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in the grotto The Blue Grotto () refers to a number of sea caverns on the south east coast of Malta, a short distance off the fishermen's harbour of Wied iż-Żurrieq limits of Qrendi, Malta Wied iz- Zurrieq, the blue grotto and neighboring caves, are all located within the Qrendi village confines, as per Local Council Act 1993 and a 1910 legal dispute between the villages of Qrendi and Zurrieq over their jurisdiction, ruled in favour of Qrendi. Both the Wied iz-Zurrieq harbor and Blue Grotto sea caves are located on the coastline right opposite to the small uninhabited islet of Filfla.The Official Tourism Site for Malta, Gozo and Comino 30 Aug, 2009 The island now serves as a bird sanctuary.
The Billboard sales charts of 1950 also showed significant sales on versions by Dennis Day, Victor Young (vocal by Don Cherry), Art Lund, Ralph Flanagan (vocal by Harry Prime), Charlie Spivak and Harry James (vocal by Dick Williams). Hit versions for Moon Mullican #4 (Country) and Jimmy Wakely #10 (Country) were also featured in 1950. Various artists, including Jim Reeves, Elvis Presley 1959 (home recording), Shakin' Stevens 1981, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, the Neville Brothers 1981, and Nat King Cole's daughter Natalie Cole 1992, have released cover versions of this song. Bruddah Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) also covered the song on the album Alone in IZ World. Bing Crosby recorded the song for his album Songs I Wish I Had Sung the First Time Around in 1956. Harry Connick, Jr. included the song on his 2009 album, Your Songs.
Her travels from Oslo through Bergen to Finnmark resulted in Pisma iz Norveške / Letters from Norway meditative travelogue in 1914. Her collection of short stories, Saputnici, are unusually detailed and penetrating accomplishment in self-analysis and a brave stylistic experiment. She also spoke several classical as well as nine modern languages. Sekulić's lyrical, meditative, introspective and analytical writings come at the dawn of Serbian prose writing.
Serb soldier in Syrmia in 1742 According to the census from 1857, 59.4% of population of the part of Syrmia under civil administration and 63.2% of population of the part of Syrmia under military administration (Petrovaradin regiment) were ethnic Serbs. The second largest ethnic group were Croats, while other ethnic groups were Germans, Hungarians, etc.Vasilije Đ. Krestić, Iz prošlosti Srema, Bačke i Banata, Beograd, 2003.
In 2008, Grbić joined FK Mogren from Budva. At the time of Grbić's arrival, Mogren was an ambitious team with coach Branislav "Brano" Milačić and memorable generation of players from the Montenegrin national team involving the likes of Radoslav Batak, Ivan Janjušević, Janko Simović, Marko Ćetković, and Draško Božović. Vijesti: Ko ostane posljednji, neka ugasi svjetlo: Mogren isključen iz Južne regije . March 24, 2017.
As a bishop he wrote and printed many pastoral-catechist works. In Filip Lastrić's work Od’ uzame (Mleci, 1796) he published 14 of its speeches aimed at Bosnian common people: Kratko nadometnuće u’ knjižice Od’ uzame O. fra Filipa iz Oćevje. Tojest XIV. razlikî, ravnî, i kratkî, govorenjah za pùk priprostiti bosanski, a u Cvitu razlika mirisa duhovnoga (Mleci 1802); T. Babića svoja Četeri govorenja ćudoredna.
Du Iz Tak? (2018), Fott's adaptation of Carson Ellis' Caldecott-honored book, has screened in many international film festivals, including in France, Amsterdam, Italy, Portugal, and Berlin. Astaire Unwound, Fott's deconstruction of Fred Astaire's ceiling dance from the movie Royal Wedding, was featured as part of the Comédies Musicales exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris. Fott has also created animated scenic projections for live theatre productions.
"Otišli iz DJB - vraćaju poslanički mandat",, 11 November 2018, accessed 9 January 2019. Mihajlović later said that the members who had resigned did so to prevent the DJB leadership from launching serious personal attacks against them; he added that he did not begrudge them their decisions.Mirjana R. Milenković, "Mihajlović: Troje poslanika vraća mandate da izbegne blaćenje", Danas, 13 November 2018, accessed 9 January 2019.
Keep It Hood is an extended play by American rapper MC Eiht of Compton's Most Wanted. It was released on January 4, 2013 via Blue Stamp Music Group, and served as prelude to Which Way Iz West. The production of the entire EP was handled by Austrian record producer Brenk Sinatra with executive producer 808. It features scratches from DJ Premier, who mixed and mastered the album.
People's Artist of Azerbaijan Amina Dilbazi dances in Gulnaz's preparation ceremony scene. The film premiered on January 27, 1958 in Moscow. It was screened at the International Film Festival of Asian and African Countries in Tashkent, in 1958. In 2004, a cinema film Mashadi Ibad 94, starring Aygun Kazimova, was shot by Planeta Parni iz Baku studio based on motifs of the operetta, but set in 1994.
The regiment began to form at Bolshoye Savino Airport near Perm. Personnel for staffing numbers have grown from parts of the country's air defense fighter aircraft. Regimentation began under Colonel IZ Galiushin. The formation continued under Colonel AE Grebennikov, who assumed command of the regiment. Regimentation was completed November 7, 1952, and the unit became part of the 87th Fighter Aviation Division PVO in the Ural region.
The news show Haberci ("The Reporter"), he produces and directs, is broadcast in Turkish and also in international television channels. He is co-founder and the director general of Turkey's first documentary and travel channel İZ TV. Aral continues to film documentaries around the world. Aral exhibited his photos and collected some of them in books published internationally. Çoşkun Aral is married to Müge Aral.
In 2010, he released his second mutual album with Kolera, Bendeki Sen, from which the songs "Bir Dizi İz" and "Merhametine Dön" were turned into music videos. Bendeki Sen was nominated for the Best Album award at the TRT Music Awards, which was based on people's votes. In 2010, he also produced Kafile 2. On 4 February 2010, he released the single "Ardından Bakarım".
The river Visera is attested in Carolingian monastic medieval manuscripts in 889. It should not be confused in the Dordogne with the Upper Vézère, or Auvézère, a tributary of the L'Isle, 10 kilometers east of Périgueux. The name Vézère comes, according to some scholars, from the ancient hydronym Vizara or Izara, formed by two contiguous Ligurian roots. The first, viz or iz, and the second ara.
Zabranjeno Pušenje track "Probušeni dolar" off their 1987 album Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari features a reference to Đulijano Pike, a fictional character from Sarajevo reportedly inspired by Mujkić. In the context of the song, Đulijano Pike is a local Don Juan womanizer who seduces young girls in Sarajevo's Veliki Park, sleeps with them, and then publicly brags about his sexual conquests thereby tarnishing the girls' reputations.
It still retains much of its historic character. One of the oldest surviving churches in Slovenia, the Church of St. Thomas, is located in the village. The Rateče (or Klagenfurt) Manuscript, one of the earliest surviving Slovene texts, is thought to have been compiled in the Rateče area (possibly at St. Thomas') during the second half of the 14th century.Celovški rokopis iz Rateč Pogačnik, Jože. 1990.
In 2013, he plans to release a collaboration album with DJ Premier. In the summer of 2014 MC Eiht released a single with The Outlawz, Tupac Shakur's old group, titled "Shut Em Down" which makes references to old Outlawz members Tupac and Kadafi.The song is a part of Eiht's upcoming "Which Way Iz West LP" and is MC Eiht's first LP in eight years.
He made a total of 32 official appearances for NK Osijek. He moved to FK Jagodina in summer 2014 but was not registered for the Serbian SuperLiga for the Autumn half season, because of their financial situation. Jagodina odustala od El Munira, dovodi Aleksića iz Osijeka at Sportski žurnal, 16-1-2015 In January 2015, Aleksić left Serbia to play for NK Inter Zaprešić.
Due to its importance it exchanged hands numerous times between the Arabs and Byzantines, who regained it in 999. In 1025 the Banu Munqid tribe were given an allocation of land beside Shaizar by the ruler of Hama, Saleh al-Murdase. Over time they expanded their lands building fortifications and castles until Usamas grandfather Iz Al-Dawlah Al-Murhif Nasr retook it in 1080.
Based on the data until 1959 in Banja of Peja were many sources of thermo mineral waters on the temperature of 23–48 degrees Celsius that formed calcareous flows up to 1 kilometer.Protic D,1995:Mineralne I termalne vode. Posebna izdanja Geoinstituta iz Beograda, kjn.17 The amount of water and chemicals can be concluded to be split in three flows for carrying thermo mineral waters.
In: TSC startovao sa deset novajlija at, 4-7-2017 Курћубић склапа мозаик, стигло 11 играча, и Свитић потписао за ТСЦ at Sportski žurnal, 12-7-2017 TSC odmah napada Superligu? Stiglo 12 pojačanja - dvojica bivših partizanovaca, nekadašnji mladi reprezentativac, napadač iz Zimbabvea... at, 21-7-2017 Out: Pripreme za novu sezonu at TSC Bačka Topola official website, 3-7-2017 SENIORI PRVENSTVENA UTAKMICA - 30 .
SiM was founded by MAH in November 2004 in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The band consisted of MAH on vocals and guitar, KAH on bass guitar, and way on drums. At the beginning of the formation, they called the three piece band as "Silence iz Mine" (the current band's name is an abbreviation for it). In 2006, SHOW-HATE joined and picking up guitar.
The company provides mobile marketing solutions, consulting services and application development for companies and public sector across its business unit Zed Business Solutions. In 2009, Zed started the Zed TV business unit. On the D2C segment, Zed owns a catalog of games for mobile phones and Internet. in 2010 the company started a division named iZ, to apply the company's experience in videogames development to Social media.
One targeted the Rasheed Hotel, blowing out windows and door frames. Several mortars fell inside the Green Zone's perimeter, one near the UN compound, where aid workers were meeting to discuss the "growing danger" facing aid groups. the mortars were not confirmed by C-RAM IZ or any other US military. In total, the attacks killed upwards of 90 people and injured upwards of 500.
Mihailo Dinić discovered in Ragusan archives that Micalović signed two contracts in his attempt to publish Cyrillic script books for Ragusan Catholics.Anica Nazor: Hrvatski ćirilički molitvenik iz 1512. godine, FILOLOGIJA 62(2014), 17—31 Micalović and Šušić signed the first contract with Girolamo Soncino in Pesaro on 28 September 1510. It was agreed that Girolamo would print in his printing house several prayer books on Cyrillic script.
Iz ada v ray i obratno: yevreyskiy vopros po Leninu, Stalinu i Solzhenitsynu. Moscow: Olimp. pp. 344–346. . During the night of 12–13 August 1952, remembered as the "Night of the Murdered Poets" (Ночь казнённых поэтов), thirteen of the most prominent Yiddish writers of the Soviet Union were executed on the orders of Stalin. Among the victims were Peretz Markish, David Bergelson and Itzik Fefer.
Because the tool scans the entire source-code, it can cover 100% of it, while dynamic application security testing covers its execution possibly missing part of the application, or unsecured configuration in configuration files. SAST tools can offer extended functionalities such as quality and architectural testing. There is a direct correlation between the quality and the security. Bad quality software iz also poorly secured software.
The Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal holds the V.S. Balikhin Archive which includes photographs of models and plans of projects by Balikhin, Balikhin's collection of photographs of cities, towns, and projects designed by various architects from 1923 through 1935, as well as an inscribed copy of Balikhin's 1936 article "Iz materialov obsledovaniia arkhitektury zhilykh kompleksov" (From Materials of a Survey of Architecture of Housing Complexes).
Naša vojska iz viharja prišla še brez slave ni: vse za dom in za cesarja, za cesarja blago, kri! Meč vojščaka naj varuje, kar si pridnost zadobi; bistri duh pa premaguje z umetnijo, znanostmi! Slava naj deželi klije, blagor bod' pri nas doma: vsa, kar solnce se obsije, cveti mirna Avstrija! Trdno dajmo se skleniti: sloga pravo moč rodi; vse lahko nam bo storiti, ako združimo moči.
The slow-burning ballad "Let Me Lie to You" incorporates soul and grunge musical styles. Dulli wrote the song in an attempt to deviate from the aesthetic of Sub Pop, who he felt discouraged its acts from recording slow songs. He cites writing the song as the moment he began having faith in himself as a songwriter. Songs such as "Miles Iz Ded",Joe Gross et al.
In 2008, Simović joined FK Mogren from Budva. At the time of Simović's arrival, Mogren was an ambitious team with coach Branislav "Brano" Milačić and memorable generation of players from the Montenegrin national team involving the likes of Radoslav Batak, Ivan Janjušević, Petar Grbić, Marko Ćetković, and Draško Božović. Vijesti: Ko ostane posljednji, neka ugasi svjetlo: Mogren isključen iz Južne regije . 24 March 2017.
Parni iz Baku (, , ) is a KVN team from Baku, Azerbaijan that was active during the late 1980s and the early 1990s. They were Major League Champions in 1992, Finalists in 1993, and Champions of the "Tournament of Ten" in 2000. They also won the Summer Cup in 1995 that was played in their home Кто играл в КВН (Высшая лига), начиная с 1986г.
Evan Rytlewski of Pitchfork described Big K.R.I.T. as "almost incapable of making a song that's anything less than perfectly fine", continuing: "K.R.I.T. Iz Here might have been better off if K.R.I.T. had availed himself of a few swings and misses". Writing on HipHopDX, Daniel Spielberger labelled the album as "neither a career-defining album nor a complete flop", also commenting "K.R.I.T. is on auto-pilot".
Kud puklo da puklo (Whichever Way the Ball Bounces) (2014) is a Croatian comedy telenovela produced by Nova TV. It is an original story starring Mirna Medaković, Momčilo Otašević, and Ivan Herceg.Dobrodošli u Oštrovac, likovi iz serije Kud puklo da puklo, 24 It is also broadcast in Bosnia- Herzegovina, Serbia, and Slovenia. The first season was aired from September 15, 2014 to June 7, 2015.
Reshad also completed two feature films in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crossroads with acclaimed Turkish indie director Faysal Soysal and the Bosnian film Ja sam iz Krajine, zemlje kestena, which was released in 2013. In 2013, he met with Turkish producers. Not knowing a word of Turkish, Reshad was invited to Turkey's booming Cinema and TV industry. Seizing this opportunity, Reshad took intensive language classes.
Basil allied with the Holy Roman Emperor Louis II against the Arabs, and his fleet cleared the Adriatic Sea of their raids.Rački, Odlomci iz državnoga práva hrvatskoga za narodne dynastie:, p. 15 With Byzantine help, Louis II captured Bari from the Arabs in 871. The city became Byzantine territory in 876. The Byzantine position on Sicily deteriorated, and Syracuse fell to the Emirate of Sicily in 878.
Igre bez pravila is the band's second album recorded with bass guitarist Vladimir Rajčić, who also appeared on the band's first album, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll. The single "Pandora", along with the music video, was released in 2009, as the announcement for the new album. The album features a re-recorded version of song "Dama iz kraljevskog apartmana", originally released in 2002 on the album Rocker.
They began in Belgium with a stop in Bielefeld. On the concerts from this tour they sang songs from the album Iz On, which was released in 2009. The Concerts were fully sold out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since the 10 March 2007 they gave one more time 6 concerts under the title Zwischenräume – Zweiklang im Einklang together with the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra.
Back at home in New Rochelle, Mother discovers a Black newborn partly buried alive in her garden. The police arrive with Sarah, the baby's mother. Pitying her, Mother takes responsibility for Sarah and her child. Surprised at herself, she remarks that her husband would never have allowed her to make such a decision (“What Kind of Woman”). At Ellis Island, the immigrants arrive (“A Shtetl Iz Amereke”).
This was to serve as a fulcrum during construction and then used as a branch of the embassy to enable it to operate outside as well as inside the IZ when required. The embassy was moderately damaged in the August 2009 Baghdad bombings. The embassy is located about 500 meters from where one of the attacks took place. No member of the embassy staff were injured.
Sandra Oh's performance in the episode was well received The episode received positive reviews from television critics. Prior to broadcast, E! Online Jennifer Godwin expressed her fear: "[I'm] a little afraid that Iz[zie] is just stopping by to break Alex's heart before vanishing again." After the episode aired, TV Fanatic Steve Marsi noted that the argument between Shepherd and Meredith "didn't work", calling him "aggressive".
57 though he also contributed poetry."Cigansko Ljudstvo je iz dobe faraonov", in Glas Naroda, Issue 158/1936, p. 3 Lăzurică wrote in Romanian, but expressed his pride at having Romani heritage, and some time after 1930 changed his name to the hyphenated form, with Lăzurică sounding more like his Romani vernacular. Lăzurică's life and career coincided with the earliest attempts to create a Romani political caucus.
"Ben Okri's novel The Famished Road is based upon an abiku. Debo Kotun's novel Abiku, a political satire of the Nigerian military oligarchy, is based upon an abiku. Gerald Brom's illustrated novel, The Plucker, depicts a child's toys fighting against an abiku," as described by Pulse. An Abiku Child's return also occurs in the writing of Slovenian Novelist Gabriela Babnik, in her novel Koža iz bombaža.
He was also featured on the cover of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia book called U čast pisaca iz rasejanja / In honour of writers in the diaspora in which literary critics Miodrag Perišić and Čedomir Mirković said that "Vujcic is one of the most significant living Serbian poets and dissidents." He is the founder of the Urban Book Circle, based in Canada.
A native of Runovići, he started training at the age of 7,Splitov Jaki iz Runovića: Volim Kaku, beskrajno vjerujem treneru Sabliću at DalmacijaNews at the local NK Mračaj.Splitov Jaki iz Runovića: Volim Kaku, beskrajno vjerujem treneru Sabliću at DalmacijaNews Subsequently, he moved to the nearby, bigger NK Imotski, where he would spend four seasons,NK Kamen Ivanbegovina: Klub na kojem favoriti "lome zube" at Imotske Novine qualifying for the Croatian Academy Football League in 2013.Sjajna generacija kadeta NK Imotski – najbolji već prodani u Hajduk i Split at Radio Imotski He moved, however, to the RNK Split academy that summer. In 2015, he debuted for the Croatia U19 team,Kristijan Jakić at Croatian Football Federation official page and the following and in December of the same year, for the RNK Split senior team, in a 1-1 home draw with NK Osijek, coming in the 66th minute for Miloš Vidović.
Srdić's first collection of essays entitled Notes from Reading was published in 2014.Srđan Srdić, Zapisi iz čitanja Kulturni centar Novog Sada, 2014 In the afterword to this book, Srdić's editor Ivan Radosavljević states that the seven collected essays "will, on one hand, attract those readers who are interested in the topics Srdić deals with here and, on the other hand, it will attract those readers who are interested in this author as a story-teller and novelist, given that this book offers particular insights into his intellectual and artistic habitus."Ivan Radosavljević, Odškrinuta vrata ateljea Kulturni centar Novog Sada, 2014 Notes from Reading has had excellent reception.Branko Ćurčić, Pozdravi iz podzemlja Avangrad, broj 19, 2014 In an extremely positive review of the book, Dragan Babić states that Srdić is "more than an admirer" of the authors he writes about, and that he is their "excellent interpreter".
In 1982, Momčilo Bajagić "Bajaga", at the time Riblja Čorba guitarist, later the leader of Bajaga i Instruktori, named (at the time still unreleased) Dijagnoza one of his ten most favourite albums. The song "Ima dana kada mene moja duša boli" was covered by Bilja Krstić on her solo album Iz unutrašnjeg džepa, released by PGP-RTB in 1985.Iz unutrašnjeg džepa at Discogs The garage rock band Kazna Za Uši on one of their first recordings paid a tribute to the band with the lines "Devojčice tvoja majka stvarno nije imala sreće..." ("Little girl, your mother was really out of luck..."), taken from the song of the same name. The lyrics of 4 songs by the band were featured in Petar Janjatović's book Pesme bratstva, detinjstva & potomstva: Antologija ex YU rok poezije 1967 - 2007 (Songs of Brotherhood, Childhood & Offspring: Anthology of Ex YU Rock Poetry 1967 – 2007).
For Nove Dimitrijevic won the prestigious Matica Srpska prize for literature in 1912. She also wrote lyric poetry as well as novels, but is possibly most famous for her Pisma iz Nisa o Haremima, a semi-fictionalised, semi- historical, anthropological narrative containing portraits of life in the Turkish harems 50 years before her birth when the south-Serbian city of Niš was still a part of the Ottoman Empire, and Pisma iz Soluna/Letters from Salonica, a genuine travelogue from the Ottoman Empire during the Young Turk Revolution in 1908, of which Salonica was the centre. The Letters were published first in Srpski književni glasnik (Serbian Literary Review) in 1908-09, and then as a separate book in 1918 in Sarajevo. By the beginning of the 20th Century she and her husband were living in Belgrade and she was a member of the Serbian Writers’ Society.
Category:Populated places in Pirot District Posle nestanka sela (ne zna se pravi razlog) Sredorek ljudi su pobegli dalje od Carigradskog Puta(Via Militaris) i dalje od turaka koji su se naseljavali uglavnom blize putu i u ravnici. Jedna skupina se naselila pored Rasnicke Reke (danasnje Seliste) ,a druga blizu izvora Ropatske Reke(Ropatovo). Kada su prilike dozvolile porodice su pocele da se spustaju blize gradu(prvo selo iz Selista a posle i iz Ropatova) i poceli da se naseljavaju pored izvora i u blizini vec postojece crkve i tom novom selu su dali ime Rasnica. Seliste i Ropatovo su bila naselja sa kucama udaljenim jednih od drugih dok je Rasnica selo s kucama blizu i zgusnutim a jedinstveno je po tome sto kroz selo prolazi kruzni put a kuce su sa obe strane. U sredinu sela se nalazi fudbalsko igraliste (Selsce Gradine) na kome igra seoski klub “Sloboda”.
03/06, Zenica, 2006, 11-20. # O historiografiji iz Prokrustove postelje (Kako se i zašto kali(o) bogumilski mit), Status 10, Mostar, 2006, 256-286. # Bošnjačka recepcija bosanskog srednjovjekovlja, Zeničke sveske – Časopis za društvenu fenomenologiju i kulturnu dijalogiku, br. 02/05, Zenica, decembar 2005, 241-290. # Modeli ideološkog isključivanja: Ugarska i Bosna kao ideološki protivnici na osnovu različitih konfesija kršćanstva, Prilozi Instituta za istoriju 33, Sarajevo, 2004, 9-57.
On January 9, 2013, Kecojević signed for FC Zürich, after which club chairman Ancillo Canepa told journalists that "In Ivan we got an excellent, experienced player, focused one hundred percent on football." Mozzart Sport: Nekadašnji štoper OFK Beograda Ivan Kecojević preselio se iz turskog Gacijantepa u Cirih. 9 January 2013 He won the 2013–14 Swiss Cup and 2015–16 Swiss Cup with Zürich. In June 2017 his contract expired.
Hip Hop lyrics have also been known for containing swear words. In particular, the word "bitch" is seen in countless songs, from NWA's "A Bitch Iz a bitch" to Missy Elliot's "She is a Bitch." It is often used in the negative connotation of a woman who is a shallow "money grubber". Some female artists have tried to reclaim the word and use it as a term of empowerment.
He remained a loaned player for Vojvodina until the club president Ratko Butorović died unexpectedly on 8 June 2013, which led to a period of instability in the club during which Katai left. Novosti: Katai prvi otišao iz Vojvodine 11 June 2013 He subsequently was loaned to Platanias, for whom he scored a total of eight goals and six assists, until his loan there expired in the summer of 2014.
Albanians belong to three religions, but most of them belong to the Muslim one, after Orthodoxy and then a minority belongs to the Catholic confession. [13] Oblast Brankovića, Opširni katastarski popis iz 1455 godine, përgatitur nga M. Handžic, H. Hadžibegić i E. Kovačević, Sarajevo, 1972: 216. [14] Skënder Rizaj, T,K "Perparimi" i vitit XIX, Prishtinë 1973: 57. [15] Jovan M. Tomić, O Arnautima u Srbiji, Beograd, 1913: 13.
During these tours she had the chance to perform alongside the famous folk singers of the time, such as Vuka Šeherović. In 1960, she moved back to Sarajevo for schooling and auditioned for Radio Sarajevo with the folk song "Dvije su se vode zavadile". She passed and was given a recording contract with the Zagreb- based label Jugoton. Deović released her debut studio album Pjesme iz Bosne on 11 December 1962.
Mihajlović initially sought to remain as DJB leader after leaving its assembly group, but he was dismissed by a vote of its main board."Branka Stamenković na čelu DJB, Mihajlović razrešen", Danas, 8 November 2018, accessed 9 January 2019. On 25 March 2019, he joined the Independent MPs Club parliamentary group.Mirjana Čekerevac, "Iz Kluba samostalnih poslanika „izbrisani” Živković i Čabraja", Politika, 25 March 2019, accessed 23 April 2019.
Lee asked for the sequence to show two black characters in a ghetto environment dressed in gangster attire. He also gave the artists mockups of two scenarios that ended in homicide—one being a robbery at an ATM, and the other a drive-by shooting. House of Pain spent 10 days working on "Gangstas iz Genocide". Alba digitally photographed images of buildings near the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, New York.
Dark Iz a Darkside debuted at number 13 on the US Billboard 200 chart, and number one on the US Top R&B;/Hip-Hop Albums, becoming his first number one on the chart. On January 27, 1995, the album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of over 500,000 copies. As of October 2009, the album has 587,000 copies in the United States.
He went to Oxford where he became the Elton exhibitioner, and was elected Fellow of Balliol College in 1936. Daiches is the father of Jenni Calder, also a Scottish literary historian. His brother was the prominent Edinburgh QC Lionel Henry Daiches. Although Lionel retained the older, traditional pronunciation of their surname as 'dyke-iz' /ˈdaɪ χ (or k) ɪz/, David returned from the USA with the Americanized 'day-ches', /ˈdeɪ tʃɪz/.
King Demetrius Zvonimir was crowned on 8 October 1076Dominik Mandić, Rasprave i prilozi iz stare hrvatske povijesti, Institute of Croatian history, Rome, 1963, pp. 315, 438. at Solin in the Basilica of Saint Peter and Moses (known today as the Hollow Church) by Gebizon, a representative of Pope Gregory VII.Demetrius, Duke of Croatia and Dalmatia He was granted the royal title by Gregory after pledging "Peter's Pence" to the Pope.
Dežulović is also a writer. In 2003 he published Christkind, a science fiction novel about time travel which explores ethical dilemmas surrounding the possibility of killing baby Hitler. His second novel was published in 2005, titled Jebo sad hiljadu dinara (lit. Who gives a fuck about a thousand dinars now), a satirical novel about the war in Bosnia, and a book of poetry titled Pjesme iz Lore (Poems from Lora).
Location of Robert Island in the South Shetland Islands. Topographic map of Livingston Island, Greenwich, Robert, Snow and Smith Islands. Izgrev Passage (, ‘Protok Izgrev’ \'pro-tok 'iz-grev\\) is the 2.3 km wide passage separating Rogozen Island, Heywood Island and Pordim Islands from Cornwall Island, Onogur Islands and the northwest coast of Robert Island in the South Shetland Islands. The area was visited by early 19th century sealers.
Spot has produced the score for a platinum DVD series (The Infamous Times) and a syndicated television show (Hip Hop Hold 'Em) and contributed music to both MTV, BET and VH1 (various programming). SPOT is managed by Grand Hustle/Rubicon Brand Management (Grand Hustle Records) and released a Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama titled The Price Iz Right. Spot was named one of AOL Music's 10 Rising Rappers.
"The Inquiry" (, romanised as Doznaniye) is a short story by Alexander Kuprin first published in Russkoye Bogatstvos August 1894, issue, under the title "From the Distant Past" (Iz otdalyonnovo proshlovo, Из отдалённого прошлого). The story's original title, "Corporal Punishment" (Экзекуция) has been dropped by the magazine's editor Nikolai Mikhaylovsky so as to avoid possible problems with censorship. Its final title was chosen in the early 1900s.Rothstein, E. Notes and commentaries.
MPO proposal was also supported by the chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Fascell. In November 1992, the MPO asked Macedonian Americans to call the White House Hotline directly to ask President Bush to immediately recognize the Republic of North Macedonia."Delovanje makedonskih izseljencev iz ZDA in Kanade za neodvisnost in mednarodno priznanje Makedonije" by Matjaz Klemenčič. Studia Historica Slovenica 5(1–2–3): 585–605.
Beogradski književni časopis,Vojislav V. Jovanović: Raša Livada i jebeni kamen poezije, Beogradski književni časopis, No. 9, 2007. Gradina, Gradac (translation),Vojislav V. Jovanović, Milena M. Jovanović: Spis o snovima - Sinesije iz Kirene (translation from Hellenic with commentary), Gradac, No. 162/163, Čačak 2007. Poezija, Letopis Matice srpske, Raška, Slava and others. Vojislav V. Jovanović was a member of the editorial board of Književne novine from 1984 to 2000.
Brestovački was born in Erdevik, a village in the municipality of Šid, in what was then the Socialist Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in the Socialist Republic of Serbia, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.ŽELJKO BRESTOVAČKI, Otvoreni Parlament, accessed 25 October 2018."Sedam poslanika iz Srema", Politika, 12 June 2008, accessed 25 October 2018. He is a mechanic in private life and has served on the managing board of the agricultural enterprise Erdevik.
Croatian Orthography (Hrvatski pravopis), 1911 edition In 1885 in Matica hrvatska he was appointed the editor of Hrvatske narodne pjesme (Croatian folk songs). In his Crtice iz hrvatske književnosti (two volumes) he gave an extensive overview of the oldest Croatian literary monuments. He authored a study on the Croatian imperative and numerous puristic articles (Filologičke sitnice). In 1889 he was appointed to make a normative guide for Croatian.
After a quick SOS signal, other vessels came to the aid of the Bratstvo. The Bulgarian transport ship Pyatiero iz PMS arrived first. Her crew lowered their ship's motor-boat into the water, and its engine stalled; the captain did not take the Soviet seamen aboard until the engine could be started and the Soviet crew was towed to the Bulgarian ship. The Bulgarian crew welcomed each bratooshka.
In the ninth century, Sipontum was for a time in the power of the Saracens; in 1042 the Normans made it the seat of one of their twelve counties. The latter won a decisive victory there over the Byzantine general Argyrus in 1052. Michael of Zahumlje on 10 July 926 sacked Siponto, which was a Byzantine town in Apulia.Rački, Odlomci iz državnoga práva hrvatskoga za narodne dynastie:, p.
Link: "IZ-ud-DIN Husain, the founder of the Ghori dynaasty, was a native of Afghansitan. The origin of the house of Ghor has, however, been much discussed, – the prevailing opinion being that both they and their subjects were an Afghan race. " p.392 but this is generally rejected by modern scholarship and, as explained by Morgenstierne in the Encyclopaedia of Islam, is for "various reasons very improbable".
He lectured widely on this topic, in the US, UK, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Malta, South Korea and France, and attended numerous international conferences and seminars on the history of intelligence. He published two books; From the Intelligence Archives (, Iz arkhiva razvedchika) and Intelligence: People and Personalities (, Razvedka: litsa i lichnosti), and numerous articles and essays on intelligence matters. He was an honorary professor of the Academy of Foreign Intelligence.
K.R.I.T. iz Here is the fourth studio album by American rapper Big K.R.I.T., released on July 12, 2019, by BMG Rights Management and Multi Alumni. It follows the release of his 2017 album 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time, and is a sequel to his 2010 mixtape K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. It featured guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Saweetie, Rico Love, Yella Beezy, J. Cole and Baby Rose, among others.
He appeared as an actor in theatrical plays and in about ten films. By his own script, he directed two films of silent burlesque: "Disordered thoughts" ("Rastrojene misli") (1971) and "Humorists from Novi Sad" ("Komičari iz Novog Sada") (1973). He also worked on poetry and has published seven collections of poems. His social drama "Confession" ("Ispovest") (1972) and experimental comedy "Philosophy" ("Filozofija") (1976) were performed on professional and amateur scenes.
The present chapel was built on the site of the old chapel in 1682 and the church was used as a burial ground for infants. It was restored in the 19th century. Many of the artwork and artifacts of the old church were transferred to the crypt of the Parish church were they still remain till this day. "BELTNA: Il-Knisja ta’ Santa Marija tal-Ħlas" Wirt iz-Zejtin.
Come to Daddy has been described as featuring drum and bass beats throughout. Not all the tracks featured on this album are the industrial style of the first track. "IZ-US" features mellow synth tones with drum and bass style drums. Each mix of "Come to Daddy" is completely different, with the "Little Lord Faulteroy" and "Mummy" mixes bearing no noticeable resemblance whatsoever to the original "Pappy" mix.
The studio album Iz On appeared on 10 July 2009. It was planned for 2008, but they shifted it to 2009 to release a recording for MTV Unplugged, which was released in September as Dubble-CD and in October as Dubble-DVD. The fourth studio album was released on 13 May 2011 Barrikaden von Eden. iTunes classified it in the Pop genre but it also has techno-songs and ballads.
That was featured in the racing video game Need for Speed: Nitro, which was also released that year. Their debut album, Tons of Friends, was released in 2010. Their collaboration with Kid Cudi in "Day 'N' Nite" entered the UK Singles Chart at number 2 and is featured on the game Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Crookers work with producer/remixer Sketch Iz Dead on many of their tracks.
The word comes from the Turkish pekmez, which usually refers to grape syrup, but is also used to refer to mulberry and other fruit syrups.Dictionary of the Türk Dil KurumuA.D. Alderson and Fahir İz, The Concise Oxford Turkish Dictionary Vincotto (not to be confused with vino cotto) is the southern Italian term for grape syrup. It is made only from cooked wine grape must (mosto cotto), with no fermentation involved.
Which Way Iz West is the thirteenth studio album by American rapper MC Eiht. It was released on June 30, 2017 through Year Round Records and Blue Stamp Music. The album features guest appearances from WC, B-Real, The Lady of Rage, Bumpy Knuckles, Kurupt, Xzibit, Outlawz and his group Compton's Most Wanted, among others. The album is executively produced by DJ Premier, and features production from Austrian producer Brenk Sinatra.
The pistol's original cordite cartridge left a lot of residue in the barrel causing frequent jamming. This was resolved in 1914 with nitrocellulose instead of cordite in the .455 cartridge. This new cartridge for the Mk.1 was called the Mark Iz. Had Webley invested in more research and development of its pistol and ammunition and new technologies, the result would have been a better firearm produced more quickly.
After Ustaše imprisoned all Serb men from Drvar during June and July 1941, they began with preparation to imprison and kill all Serbs from Drvar, regardless of their age and sex, including all women and children.:"Posle odvođenja Srba muškaraca iz Drvara u toku juna i jula 1941 god počele su ustaške vlasti vršiti pripreme za odvođenje i ubistvo svih Srba iz Drvara bez razlike u pogledu pola i starosti: bilo je predviđeno da se imaju pobiti i sve žene i sva deca." The genocidal activities of the Ustaše forced targeted Serb population to organize an uprising known as Drvar uprising. The rebels were organized into Kamenički, Javorje, Crljivičko-zaglavički, Boboljusko- cvjetnički, Trubarski, Mokronog and Tičevski, and Grahovo area Grahovsko- resanovski guerrilla detachments. In more recent history, Drvar is perhaps most famous as the location of a daring airdrop raid on Drvar, codenamed "Operation Rösselsprung", on May 25, 1944, by Nazi German invaders, in an attempt to assassinate Tito.
First rap CD published by Rap Cartel was a compilation "Rap Cartel-Pablo je pao vol.1" Main rap singers known and published by Rap Cartel label are :SHA, Bata Barata ex Shorty, Monogamija, Bitcharke na travi, Bvana iz lagune, Hartmann, J COOK, M.A.X., Prti Beegee, Day Who, De Niro, VOX and many less known artists. This label also published first licence album from America, CD HAVIKK-Rhymme son(South Central cartel).
In: Vratio nam se Nikola Lekic! at FK Bežanija official Facebook page, 1-2-2017 Jaci smo u napadu sa Markom Jeremicem! at FK Bežanija official Facebook page, 1-2-2017 Dosao nam je i Stefan Filipovic. Igra na mestu stopera. at FK Bežanija official Facebook page, 1-2-2017 Out: Igor Zonjić potpisao do kraja sezone at FK Sutjeska Nikšić official website, 1-2-2017 Jovanović iz Bežanije u Jajce at fudbal.
Kovačević joined a Sarajevo-based rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje in 1986, after their lead guitarist Mustafa Čengić left. As a lead guitarist, he performed on their two studio albums: Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari (1987) and Male priče o velikoj ljubavi (1989). In early 1990, he left the band with some other members. In 2018 and 2019, Kovačević had some guest appearances at live concerts of Nele Karajlić, former lead vocalist of Zabranjeno Pušenje.
Iz ruki ruki is among the best recognized media brands in Russia, while is the leading online classifieds company. Vuslat Doğan Sabancı ensured Hürriyet's position as a major player within the emerging new media in Turkey through investing in digital publishing and services. The return on such investments manifested itself in the form of launching news portal Hürriyet and raising it to the level of those sites across Europe generating highest levels of traffic.
Isidore (; IZ-ə-dawr), also spelled Isador, Isadore and Isidor) is an English and French masculine given name. The name is derived from the Greek name Isídōros (Ἰσίδωρος) and can literally be translated to "gift of Isis." The name has survived in various forms throughout the centuries. Although it has never been a common name, it has historically been popular due to its association with Catholic figures and among the Jewish diaspora.
The band was formed in 1980 by former Pop Mašina members Robert Nemeček (vocals and bass guitar) and brothers Zoran and Vidoja Božinović (guitars). Soon afterwards, a former member of the band Pop Šou, Vladan Dokić (drums) joined the band. The band had its first live appearance in 1980 in Zagreb, as a part of the event named Pozdrav iz Beograda (Greetings from Belgrade). Soon afterwards the band released the album Rok Mašina through Jugodisk.
The album's lead single, "Nobody Move", received little radio airplay. After a three-year hiatus, PRT returned as a group in 1996 with its fourth album, The New World Order. Released in a new Hip Hop era, the album received little attention, failing to reach the Billboard 200 album chart. The album's lead single, "Word Iz Life", was barely able to reach the Hot Rap Singles chart, peaking at the chart's lowest position, #50.
Dragutin Mate (born 2 May 1963) is a Slovenian diplomat and politician of Croat origins. He was a member of the Slovenian Democratic Party (2008-2016).RTV SLO - Dragutin Mate zaradi "pešanja notranje demokracije v SDS-u" izstopil iz stranke Between 2004 and 2008 he served as Minister of Interior in the centre-right government led by Janez Janša and between 2011 and 2014, he was a deputy in the National Assembly.
Even though at a relatively young age he was invariably the producer and planner of those programmes which from once weekly soon developed into a daily production. He soon became known as Uncle Frans (Iz-Ziju Frans). In conjunction with these programmes, he wrote many original works in Maltese, and carried out translations of a number of classical works. With his translations the children of Malta were introduced to many of the great classics.
McQueen (age 29) in The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959) In 1952, with financial assistance provided by the G.I. Bill, McQueen began studying acting in New York at Sanford Meisner's Neighborhood Playhouse and at HB Studio under Uta Hagen. Reportedly, he delivered his first dialogue on a theatre stage in a 1952 play produced by Yiddish theatre star Molly Picon. McQueen's character spoke one brief line: "Alts iz farloyrn." ("All is lost.").
After retirement, he and his wife traveled the world, going to India, Egypt, and Japan. He also took up literary work, writing several plays—Iz novenkikh (Brand New) and Lozhny vzglyad (False View)—which performed well at the Russian Dramatic Theatre in Moscow. Lodyzhensky’s main interest, however, was in mysticism and esotericism, especially Theosophy. He was a member and secretary of the Russian Theosophical Society, and friends with the esotericist P.D. Ouspensky.
In 1440, it belonged to the Serbian despot Đurađ Branković. In 1519, there were, according to a 1925 article by ethnographer Borivoje Drobnjaković twelve Serbian households. By 1580, the number had decreased to four. After the Ottoman forces left, Bačko Gradište became part of Tisa military border district. According to Habsburg census from 1720, this village was populated exclusively by Serbs,Ivan Jakšić, Iz popisa stanovništva Ugarske početkom XVIII veka, Novi Sad, 1966, page 365.
In 2003 Iz held his first solo artist showcase on Long Island at Concrete Vibes. In 2005 Phetus relocated his studio and worked with graffiti artist Richie SEEN. He set up shop in the back of "Tattoo SEEN" in the Throgs Neck section in the Bronx. While working alongside SEEN, Phnetus designed the packaging for Planet6, SEEN's designer toy brand, along with the character development for the Phony Baloney designer toy line.
Let's Ryde 2Night EP is an EP by rap group Tha Dogg Pound. It was released online as an iTunes exclusive after Tha Dogg Pound's deal with Cash Money Records was postponed. The featured single Ch-Ching was intended for their 100 Wayz album, but was released on Let's Ryde 2Night along with several other new songs as well a few unreleased Dogg Pound tracks that were originally recorded for Cali Iz Active.
Dana Stinson (born February 2, 1971), better known by his stage name Rockwilder, is an American hip hop record producer and rapper. A long term friend of Def Jam rapper Redman, Rockwilder got his start producing for East Coast hip hop artists in the mid-1990s. In 1999 Rockwilder produced Method Man & Redman's hit single "Da Rockwilder". He has produced at least one track on every Redman album since 1994's Dare Iz a Darkside.
Ieronim Ponyatskiy (1749 – 4 (16) July 1802) was a Russian clergyman and monastic, an archimandrite and igumen of several Russian monasteries. Ieronim came from a family of clergymen. He was educated at the Smolensk Spiritual Seminary, he then (according to some sources) graduated from the Slavic Greek Latin Academy,Simankov, V. I.: Iz razyskanii o zhurnale “Pribavlenie k Moskovskim Vedomostjam…”, Harkov, 2010 (134 pages). and began service as a hieromonk in the navy.
Puškadija-Ribkin, Tatjana (2006). Emigranti iz Rusije u znanstvenom i kulturnom životu Zagreba (in Croatian). Zagreb: Prosvjeta. . p. 96. During the German-Soviet War (June 1941–May 1945), the 369th Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment (a unit of Germany′s 100th Jäger Division of the German Army, under Croatian officers Viktor Pavičić and later Marko Mesić) distinguished itself in the Battle of Stalingrad, but surrendered along with the German 6th Army in early February 1943.
"Slam" was certified Platinum by the RIAA on August 10, 1993. In 1994, Big DS left the group to start a solo career, producing music under his own record label called Illyotic Music. In 1995 Onyx released its second album, All We Got Iz Us, and founded its own record label, Armee Records, distributed through MCA Records. Through its record label, the band produced music by Gang Green, All City, Panama P.I., and Choclatt.
Mario Musa at HNS-CFF In January 2015, he returned for good to Dinamo Zagreb, but suffered an injury during training. He would go on to feature 17 times for the first team, scorin one goal, before being loaned on again, this time abroad, to Maccabi Haifa.Musa iz Dinama u Izrael at He did not remain in Israel, however, but moved to Sweden, again on loan, in early 2017, signing for Hammarby Fotboll.
This committee analyses the German real estate market on a regular basis and publishes spring reports. Since 2003, the publishing house is partner of the MIPIM Awards, the most renowned international award of the real estate industry. Since 2007, the media group Deutscher Fachverlag (dfv, Frankfurt) holds a share of 55% in the IZ Immobilien Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft. The Immobilien Zeitung holds a share of 66% in the seminar and congress organizer Heuer Dialog.
Glinka begins with "Iz-za gor," then introduces Kamarinskaya as a contrasting theme. He uses a transition to return to the bridal song and show the contrast between the two themes. Another transition, this time using motifs from the bridal song, leads to the dance theme and the piece ends with the Kamarinskaya dance. As in traditional nagriish songs, Glinka uses three-bar phrase lengths throughout the fast sections of his composition.
De Battista took part in the Malta Independence Song Festival 2008, singing "Tond jibqa' Tond", and placed third in the Festival in 2009 as both a composer and lyricist of a song sung by newcoming twins Lara and Marie-Elena – "Tar iz- Zmien". He took part in a trio group in IndiFest (2012) with the song "Mhux l-ewwel darba". He wrote many songs, both lyrics and music, to local and foreign artists.
Beside the album being available on CD, released by the Cinema City record label, an mp3 version of the album, available for free digital download was released by the Exit Music label."Intervju s Majom Cvetković iz benda E-Play", In December 2013, the band released their fourth studio album entitled Obični ljudi (Ordinary People). The album was announced by the singles "Ljubica", released in June 2012,"Video: E Play - Ljubica", popboks.
A Bad Azz DVD followed where the rapper explained the death of his father due to drugs and his fight against diabetes. In early December 2006, the mixtape "Streetz Iz Mine" was released by Lil Boosie and DJ Drama (Gangsta Grillz), featuring a guest appearance by Webbie. In 2007, Lil Boosie released Bad Azz Mixtapes Vol. 2 while together with Webbie he featured on the remix of "Wipe Me Down" by rapper Foxx.
"Povratak iz istorije Pekinške patke", A few days before the upcoming concert in Belgrade, the first lineup guitarist, and the co- founding member of the band, Sreten Kovačević, announced suing the band over the usage of the name Pekinška Patka as well as the performance of the songs from the Plitka poezija album for which he is credited as author in SOKOJ (The Serbian Copyright Protection Organization)."Čija je Patka?", Popboks.
The aim of the study was to state that humans are not black or white, but are different shades of orange - from very dark orange to very light orange.Hadden, Gerry "Color-Blind Artist Neil Harbisson Uses Webcam-Like Eyeborg to ‘Hear’ Color", The World, Public Radio International, 28 February 2012. Under the title Capital Colours,Marković, Stjepan. "Kiborg iz Engleske u Zagrebu 'slusao' boje" 24 sata Promotivni Primjerak Front Page, 17 December 2007Marković, Stjepan.
Two of Vodičevo villagers, Jovan Gligić and Simo Kolundžija, were killed by Turks and a great number of Serbs from Vodičevo and other villages escaped to Austria- HungaryGrađa, Volumes 6-10, Akademija nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine. Odjeljenje istorijsko-filoloških nauka 1960 - Bosnia and Hercegovina p. 192-193 Zovem se Trifun Mačak, iz Prusaca, kod Novoga, Kostajničkog kajmakamata, 55 godina star, grč. izt. vjere, oženit, otac 7 djece, poljodjelac, turski podanik, bjegunac.
"Šošana" at Discogs The song "Šošana" was recorded by Manojlović with Dragan Mihajlović, bassist Zdenko Pomper and drummer Stevan Milutinović (a former Dogovor iz 1804 and Moira member). In 1975 the band moved to Belgium, where they performed under the name Land. The Belgian lineup of the band featured, alongside Manojlović and Bogdanović, Zlatko Manojlović's brother Goran (keyboard), Tommy Spalteholtz (bass guitar) and Willy Pultz (guitar). This lineup released "Šošana" as a single.
They appeared on numerous mixtapes, and released the street single "Boyz Iz Back".YouTube - Broadcast Yourself They have 2 new mixtapes, one released and the other under Big Mike & DJ Thoro, the first, Larsiny Put Ya L's In The Sky released on January 4, 2008, and the second, 100 Bars Mixtape (a.k.a. North Philly of Death) released on April 19, along with AR-AB's solo tapes Welcome To Trap Street and I See Dead People.
P. sneeubergensis is known by its knobby skull, which is a shared synapomorphy with B. mirabilis and P. viatkensisTatarinov, L. P. 1968. Novye teriodonty iz verknei Permi SSSR (New theriodonts from the Upper Permian of the USSR); pp. 32–46 in Verkhnepaleozoiskie i Mezsozoiskie zemnovodyne i presmykayushchiesya SSSR (Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic Amphibians and Reptiles of the USSR), Nauka, Moscow. [Russian] They are synapsids, from which, their clade of therapsids is derived from.
Forsten died in Jorois, Finland, on 21 July (3 Aug.) 1910. His work was discussed by V. V. Pokhlebkinin in his article "G. V. Forsten—odin iz osnovopolozhnikov izucheniia istorii Skandinavii v Rossii" in Skandinavskii sbornik (Vol. 2, 1957) and in 1979 he was the subject of a biography by Aleksandr Sergeevič Kan titled Историк Г. В. Форстен и наука его времени (Istorik G.V. Forsten i nauka ego vremeni) that was published in Moscow.
Jovanović rejected these claims and said that Ilić was actually concerned that he could pose a successful challenge for the leadership of the party.Mirjana R. Milenković, "Dragan Jovanović isključen iz Nove Srbije", Danas, 26 January 2017, accessed 11 August 2017.M. R. Milenković, "Moguć novi Pokret Nova Srbija", Danas, 27 January 2017, accessed 11 August 2017.Mirjana Čekerevac, "Velja rastura stranku zbog lične sujete", Politika, 28 January 2017, accessed 11 August 2017.
CELEBRITY - EMOTIVNA ZAHVALA Domaćem glumcu supruga je najveća podrškaTAKO RAZLIČITI, A TAKO SLIČNI Zajedno su na pozornici od malena, ponekad se žestoko posvađaju, ali uvijek si drže leđa: 'On je talentiraniji od mene, ali je ljeniji pa ga oduvijek vučem' Ugrina has starred in plays in various theatres in Zagreb, Split, Požega, Varaždin and Virovitica. He has starred in plays including Vjenčani list, Radio Tesla, Brak iz računa and Sve o muškarcima.
Iz zagrebačkog Dinama u Superligu Srbije at, 25-1-2017, retrieved 12-3-2017 He made his debut in the 2016–17 Serbian SuperLiga in the 26th round played on March 12, 2017, in an away game against FK Rad, a 3–0 defeat.Rad vs Spartak ŽK match report at At the beginning of 2018, Abaz mutually terminated the contract with Spartak, and left the club as a free agent.
2000 Apr;93(2):234-9. It is banned in some countries due to its negative environmental impacts, being especially toxic to aquatic organisms as well as non-target insects, though is of low toxicity to humans and other mammals.Qureshi IZ, Bibi A, Shahid S, Ghazanfar M. Exposure to sub-acute doses of fipronil and buprofezin in combination or alone induces biochemical, hematological, histopathological and genotoxic damage in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). Aquat Toxicol.
A typical zakuska in Russia and Ukraine is known as baklažannaja ikra (, "aubergine caviar"). Some versions add chopped tomatoes to the basic recipe.Russian Cooking (Foods of the World) - Time-Life Books (1969) Another eggplant salad popular in Russia is called he iz baklažanov (Russian: хе из баклажанов), and it is probably influenced by Korean cuisine. Eggplant he is based on julienned (instead of mashed) cooked aubergines and other vegetables, prepared with concentrated vinegar.
Doing The Most is the independent debut studio album by American singer- songwriter Kirby Maurier, released on July 31, 2015 by Valholla Entertainment. Doing The Most features production entirely by Haitian-American producer- songwriter Vegas Fontaine. All of the songs were written by Maurier with the exception of "Iz U Wit It" which was co-written by Fontaine. Valholla Entertainment Chairman and CEO Vince Valholla serves as the album's executive producer alongside Maurier and Fontaine.
L. R. Lewitter, "The Polish Cause as seen in Great Britain, 1830–1863." Oxford Slavonic Papers (1995): 35-61.K. W. B. Middleton, Britain and Russia (1947) pp 47–91. Online London hosted the first Russian- language censorship-free periodicals — , Golosa iz Rossii, and Kolokol (″The Bell″) — were published by Alexander Herzen and Nikolai Ogaryov in 1855–1865, which were of exceptional influence on Russian liberal intellectuals in the first several years of publication.
The album featured ballad "Dama iz kraljevskog apartmana" which became their stamp for the future, "Ranjena zver" (for which the band recorded a promotional video), glam metal-oriented "Vino, viski i Rock 'n' Roll" and "Za ljubav ne treba da moliš" which became classics and considered unskipable on live appearances. The track "Niemansland" was written in German language and Zdravković provided the vocals. This is the first Kraljevski Apartman track on foreign language and not sung by Lalović.
He made his Serbian SuperLiga debut for FK Čukarički on 31 March 2017 in a game against Metalac. On 17 January 2020, Šarić joined Serbian First League club FK Radnički Pirot on loan for the rest of the season.Marko Šarić i Bojica Nikčević iz Čukaričkog na pozajmici u pirotskom Radničkom,, 17 January 2020 He made seven appearances for the club and scored one goal, before returning to FK Čukarički where he was handed shirt number 11.
In July 1993, another Croat family from Kukujevci, consisting of Nikola and Agica Oksomić and 87-year-old Marija Tomić, Agica's mother, were murdered by two local Serb volunteers fighting for Croatian Serb forces in Croatia. According to different sources, between 20,000 and 25,000 Croats left Vojvodina in the 1990s. Some sources even place the number at up to 50,000. Sedamnaest godina od proterivanja Hrvata iz Hrtkovaca, Zoran Glavonjić Another 6,000 left Kosovo and 5,000 Serbia Proper, including Belgrade.
Azn Pride -This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock- is a greatest hits album released by Miyavi on 27 June 2008 for Taiwan and Korea and in Japan on 27 August 2008. The album covers Miyavi's career following his first major label single, "Rock no Gyakushuu/21sekikei Koushinkyoku". The album contains two original tracks, "As U R -Kimi wa Kimi no Mama de-" and "Wake Up Honey". It ranked 44th on Oricon and 54th on Billboard Japan.
Dondi had no children but left behind hundreds of paintings and drawings, the ownership of which is still being disputed. Zephyr, IZ the Wiz, Doc and Keo painted tribute murals between 1998-2000. The glass-pipe artist Marbleslinger features a Dondi stencil on a series of pieces from 2008. Even though the Dondi Estate almost always refuses any brand collaborations; Dondi was featured on a Converse shoe as part of the Product Red project (2007)Sneakerfreaker.
Odjila was founded in October 1983 by Igor Dunjić-Zveržhanovski and Slobodan Simonović, who first performed as a duet. They were almost immediately joined by Davorka Bosnić and Sanja Uzelac, and subsequently by Boris Nikolić in 1986, Andrej Stefanović in 1988 and Nikola Diklić in 1989. The group published five albums. Their third album, called "Odjila − muzika iz filmova" (Odjila - Film Music), featured the music from the films in which they participated − either as musicians or actors.
Her photo-book was also awarded by JR Kyushu for promoting tourism within Kyushu. Nagahama was also given the title "tourism ambassador" by Nagasaki. Nagahama has appeared in all singles up until Kuroi Hitsuji, and was also included in crossover groups such as Sakamichi AKB (with Nogizaka46 and AKB48) and IZ4648 (with Nogizaka46, AKB48, and Iz One). After the release of Kuroi Hitsuji in March 2019, Nagahama announced her resignation from the group, citing personal reasons.
Ustaoğlu was born in Kars, Sarıkamış and grew up in Trabzon on the Black Sea. After studying architecture at Karadeniz Technical University she moved to Istanbul, attended master's programme in Yıldız Technical University, she worked as an architect, then as a journalist and a film critic. Before she made her feature film debut The Trace (İz) in 1994, she had made several award-winning short films. The Trace was entered into the 19th Moscow International Film Festival.
Onyx released 3 videos from the first version of "Black Rock" album: "Neva Goin' Bac" (2008), "Black Rock (U Know Wht It Iz)" (2009), "The Real Black Rock" (2009). Another video for the song "Blinded By The Light" is still unreleased. The video was shot by Preston Whitmore in the Mojave Desert, California on April 26, 2009. At that time, the song had another producer, Desmond "DSP" Powell, which is credited as co-producer on this album.
His sister, Genie Rodriguez-Lopez, began recording rap music herself to carry on his legacy as MC Gee Gee. Fellow musicians Corey Red and Precise dedicated the song "Martyr's Anthem" to him. It is found on the 2004 album, Resistance Iz Futile. On April 28, 2006, his mother was in attendance as a concert in West Oak Cliff was held to mark the release of a Christian rap CD entitled The Fallen Soldier Compilation : A Tribute To D-Boy.
The two new teams are HK Stari Grad and HK Alfa who were founded in 2002 and 2003 respectively. Each played ten games before the top two teams enter the three game playoffs. The three teams were given nicknames to play under for the season. HK Bosna plays under the name Lisice sa Općine Centar, HK Alfa plays under the name Medvjedi iz Novog Sarajeva, and HK Stari Grad plays under the name Vukovi sa Starog Grada.
In January 2009, Detachment 2 was formed and deployed to join the PTT efforts in Iraq. They were based initially at FOB Mahmudiyah in the middle of the "Triangle of Death." Det 1, 4, and 5 were tasked with Law & Order missions on their respective FOBs at Speicher, the IZ, and Adder/Tallil. Det 6 was a Police Transition Team located at COB Speicher attached to the 97 MP Company part of the 25th ID, 89th Brigade.
In 2002 Phetus opened up Concrete Vibes in Long Island. Following the path of stores in New York like The Scrapyard, the store was the first on Long Island to sell graffiti supplies like aerosol paint and markers, independent designer clothing, designer toys and other lifestyle products. Monthly art shows were also held at the store, and the store held a book signing for Cope2. Concrete Vibes was the host to graffiti artist Iz the Wiz.
Only a few educated people were either exiled, liquidated or taken up into the pyramid. I have written a lot about influencing the suppression of our language, the decay of the family as the foundation of good education and spirituality, but what good is it if there's a well-established technique of silence.Svetozar Vlajković official websiteBiography in: Ko je ko u Srbiji, Bibliofon, Belgrade 1996 (WBIS).Kod nas je pojam „čast“ izbačen iz upotrebe, Pečat, retrieved 2019-11-06.
Viz or Iz means a "hollow Valley", and ara means a "watercourse", the word Vézère means "streams in the hollow valley". It could also be a Celtic word Isara, meaning a "fast and impetuous flow (in case of flood)" to indicate to the travellers the dangers of a river during periods of intense rains or snow melt. The simple Latin variation is visara in the Gallo-Roman world which explains the logical phonetic evolution into Old French and Occitan.
"Kur flet mbi fshatin Ivankullë cekë se banorët shqiptarë ndodheshin aty prej Betejës së Kosovës 1389. Banorët e Ivankullës në krye me Ivan Begun jetojnë aty prej shek. XIV dhe janë me origjinë shqiptare. Shqiptarët u takojnë të tri konfesioneve, por shumica e tyre i takojnë atij musliman, mandej ortodoks dhe një pakicë i përket konfesionit katolik." [13] Oblast Brankovića, Opširni katastarski popis iz 1455 godine, përgatitur nga M. Handžic, H. Hadžibegić i E. Kovačević, Sarajevo, 1972: 216.
The core of Żejtun is located on a hill, rising above sea level. The promontory is marked to the north by Wied iz-Ziju, which separates Żejtun from Tarxien and the outlying high ground. Another valley, Wied iż-Żring, is partly obscured by the Bulebel industrial zone, and an old road which links Tarxien to Żejtun, as well as by the widened arterial road of Tal-Barrani. The valley meanders until it reaches the harbour of Marsascala.
Eva Leonidovna Polna (; born 19 May 1975 in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg) is a Russian singer, composer and songwriter. Polna was a member of the former Russian musical band Gosti iz budushchego between 1996 and 2009. In 2013, Eva Polna was most rotated musical artist from Russia and CIS.Общий исполнительский чарт по ротациям на радиостанциях России и стран СНГ за 2013 год Also in 2013, Polna participated in the first season of Russian TV show Odin v odin!.
Diz Iz It! was the last GMA show that used the Westside Studios of Broadway Centrum in 2010. In the same year, the Westside Studios of Broadway Centrum did not have its tenants anymore for GMA Network because some of the network's shows migrated to their very own GMA Network Studios, while TV5 (now 5) leased and revived the Westside Studios with a new and bigger format. The site was owned by GMA Network and also shared with TV5.
On 15 September 2012 Goblini performed at the Warrior's Dance festival, organized by British group The Prodigy and Exit festival, on Belgrade's Kalemegdan. In November 2013, the band released their comeback album, entitled Roba s greškom (Faulty Merchandise), through Long Play. The album was previously announced by the single "Deca iz komšiluka" ("Neighborhood Kids"). On 8 March 2014 the band held a concert in Belgrade's Hala sportova, as a part of Roba s greškom promotional tour.
In: Počele pripreme za novu sezonu at FK Spartak Subotica official website, 8 June 2015 Pre osam godina strelac gola kola u Nemačkoj, danas u Subotici at, 18 August 2015 Nova glava u subotičkom gangu – Bogunović potpisao za Spartak at, 25 August 2015 Spartak doveo pojačanje iz Viljareala, vratio se i Tumbasević at, 31 August 2015 Osam novih igrača at FK Spartak Subotica official website, 3 September 2015 Out: Duško Dukić at srbijafudbal.
In: ашић јача одбрану Јагодинаца за Европу at, 29-6-2014 Jovančić pojačava napad Jagodine at FK Jagodina official website, 5-7-2014 Милановић: Фреди Аду је енормно популаран, пре свега у „Менаџеру” at, 25-7-2014 Миле Савковић појачао напад Јагодине at, 26-7-2014 Cvetković iz BSK-a u Jagodinu at, 30-7-2014 MIĆO KUZMANOVIĆ U JAGODINI at FK Jagodina official website, retrieved 21-8-2014 Јагодина довела Немању Арсенијевића at zurnal.
Jedan od onih života... (trans. One of Those Lives...) is the eighth studio album released by Serbian and former Yugoslav musician Đorđe Balašević. The album cover also features the line "Muzika iz istoimenog romana" (Music from the novel of the same name), referring to Balašević's previously released novel Jedan od onih života. The album's main hits were the optimistic song "Ja luzer?" and songs inspired by war tragedies: "Čovek sa mesecom u očima" and "Krivi smo mi".
Cankar was also famous for his essays, most of which were published between 1907 and 1913, where he showed stylistic mastery and great irony. His last collection of short stories, entitled Podobe iz sanj (Images from Dreams), which were published posthumously in 1920, is a magically realistic and allegorical depiction of the horrors of World War I. It shows a clear move from symbolism to expressionism and it has been regarded as the finest example of Cankar's poetic prose.
Supetar cartulary or Sumpetar cartulary () is a 12th-century cartulary which contains charters from the years 1080 to 1187.Zelić-Bučan, Benedikta, Članci i rasprave iz starije hrvatske povijesti, str. 186 Although the cartulary itself just lists the possessions of the monastery of St. Peter in Poljice, Croatia and the ways through which they were acquired˙(such as purchase or grants), it also contains a few important historical notes. It is preserved in its original form.
Keith, Bishop of Lichfield, who have passed away. More recently V. Polukhina has completed The Anthology of Poems Dedicated to Joseph Brodsky, under the title “Iz nezabyvshikh menia” (“By those who remember me”) which include sixteen British and two Irish poets. In 2014 she was awarded the A. C. Benson Medal by the Royal Society of Literature and 2018 Medal of Pushkin for the service to Russian and British culture and for the study and preservation of cultural heritage.
Ajangiz is one of the Basque toponyms with an -iz suffix. Julio Caro Baroja argued that most of these toponyms come from the Latin suffix -icus. According to Baroja, Ajangiz might come from a patronymic form of Allianus, a documented Latin name, which would become Allianicus with the -icus suffix and Allianici when referring to the descendants of Allianus. The oldest reference to the town is Axanguiz, which might have evolved from Allianici; Allianici → Axianici → Axanguici → Axanguiz.
This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock is the sixth studio album by Miyavi. It was released on March 19, 2008. A limited edition was released on SHM-CD, a supposedly high-quality CD format developed by Universal, and includes a DVD featuring music videos and documentary footage. The album is advertised as the "final stage" of Miyavi's recent "Neo Visualizm" theme, and features the artist's performance troupe, the Kavki Boiz, including an MC, various instrumentalists, and other artists.
The English club was formed on 4 July 1845 by a group of Old Harrovians at a dinner party and thus is one of the oldest cricket clubs still in existence. The English team still plays around 20 matches each year. Also known as IZ, I Zingari is a wandering (or nomadic) club, having no home ground. Uniquely for an amateur club, Wisden reported all of its matches since 1867, but ceased to do so in 2005.
Vidović started his career with FK Šumadija 1903 in his native Kragujevac, playing a season for the senior side before moving on to Olimpic Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Miloš Vidović: Iz Kragujevca preko Sarajeva do Splita at Kragujevački Sport He played for the club between 2009 and 2014, making 104 appearances and scoring 10 times. In January 2014, he was transferred to Croatian club RNK Split for three years. On 27 June 2019, Vidović signed for FC Shakhter Karagandy.
G.M. Gak, Samoe vazhnoe iz vsekh isskustv: Lenin o kino (The Most Important of All Arts: Lenin on Film). Moscow: 1973; pg. 52. Cited in Taylor, "The Birth of Soviet Cinema," pg. 196. As with the agit- trains, the Red Star included among its most active participants leaders from the highest levels of the Russian Communist Party, including V. M. Molotov as its political commisar and Lenin's wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya, a top official in the People's Commissariat of Enlightenment.
The Wozard of Iz is an album of electronic music composed and realized by Mort Garson and conceived and written by Jacques Wilson. It parodies the movie The Wizard of Oz (1939), setting the characters in the 1960s with a hippie mindset. Throughout the story the main character, Dorothy, seeks out "where it's at". The album was released the year following another collaboration between Garson and Wilson, The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds, a concept album issued by Elektra Records.
The band decided to continue without Pokrovac. They recruited new guitarist Ivan Dujmić, and in 1990, they released their first studio album, "Razum I Bezumlje", on the independent label Search & Enjoy. The album displayed a raw and aggressive punk-influenced garage rock style, and featured several live staples such as "Iz Sve Snage", "Zbunjen I Ošamućen", "Lutak Iskrivljenog Lica", "Nikada Te Neću Zaboraviti" and "Putujem". Bare wrote the lyrics, while Duspara wrote all of the music on the album.
Pekinška Patka: Stari pankeri bez sakoa, Popboks, July 14, 2008 Pekinška Patka played a 40-minute set consisting of old favorites. In the interviews immediately after the reunion performance, Čonkić left the door open for a full comeback.„Sex Pistols“ iz temelja drmali Tvrđavu, Blic, July 14, 2008 After pulling out of a Novi Sad performance for New Year's 2010, the band decided to reconvene again for a show on 21 May 2010 at Belgrade's SKC„Pekinška patka“ 21.
Rekanci su mešovita etnička grupa, postala od doseljenih Srba iz okoline Peći u kraj, koji je bio naseljen od Mijaka, pa napušten. U osnovi srpska, ova je etnička grupa dobila obeležje arbanaško po jeziku, a zatim i primesu turskog jezika. Srbi su se izmešali sa Arbanasima, možda i Turcima i Vlasima. [Conclusion. Rekanci are a mixed ethnic group, originating from settled Serbs from the surroundings of Peć into an area which had once been inhabited by Miyaks, but abandoned.
Hrvatski golgeter Pavličić pojačao Radnički iz Niša at Sportski žurnal, 8-8-2012 He then returned to Croatia and played for lower-league clubs sich as NK Grafičar VodovodNogometaši Grafičar Vodovoda podbacili u jesenskom dijelu at, 19-11-2013 and also with Borac Kneževi Vinogradi, Tomislav Livana and Vihor Jelisavac, before moving to Gdermany and joining SV Hajduk Wiesbaden. As a child he spent two years growing up in West Ham and played for their Junior side.
Returning to Miami, David quits AEY and demands the money he is owed, but Efraim refuses. David returns to working as a massage therapist and convinces Iz to move back in with him, telling her the truth about AEY. Weeks later, Efraim and Ralph offer David a paltry severance package, and David threatens Efraim with evidence of his falsified company documents. Shortly after, David and Efraim are arrested by the FBI, who had been contacted by the disgruntled Enver.
Hrvoje Slovenc (born 1976, Zagreb, Croatia) is a Croatian/American fine art photographer based in New York City. He holds MS in Biochemistry from University of Zagreb and MFA in Photography from Yale University School of Art. His photographs have been exhibited in dozens of shows nationally and internationally including Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Museum of New Art in Detroit, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, \--via Hrvoje Slovenc. Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb,"Iz Programa".
IZ-ON Media programs and operates three different retail media networks; the HDTV Network, the Health and Wellness Network and the Checkout TV® Network. Each Digital Place-based Media Network plays a looping video program that combines entertainment content, retailer programming and advertising. The Checkout TV® Network plays on screens located over the checkout stands in Walmart stores. Intended for viewing by customers in line for checkout, the network plays short-form programming and commercials.
Milica Kacin Wohinz, Marta Verginella, Primorski upor fašizmu (Ljubljana, 2008). It also planned a popular uprising against the Fascist regime, which was however never carried out.Borut Rutar, Iz primorske epopeje: Mirko Brovč in narodna vstaja organizacije TIGR, 1938-1941 (Klagenfurt: Mohorjeva družba, 2004) Because of these actions, it was treated as a terrorist organization by the Italian state. The organization was dismantled by the Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Anti-Fascism in 1940 and 1941.
In 2011, Rage was part of the group N'Matez, along with Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, and RBX. They released the track "Trajical". Rage signed on to play herself in the upcoming film, Dogg Pound 4 Life, a biographical film focusing on the rise of the 1990s rap group, Tha Dogg Pound and was pictured in an Instagram post with Daz Dillinger. Rage also made an appearance on MC Eihts album Which Way Iz West (2017) on the track "Heart Cold".
The characteristic equation of this element can be given as: #Vp=Vn=0, #Iz=Ip-In, #Vw=Vz. Here, current through z-terminal follows the difference of the currents through p-terminal and n-terminal. Input terminals p and n are internally grounded. The difference of the input currents are converted into the output voltage Vw, therefore CDBA element can be considered as a special type of current feedback amplifier with differential current input and grounded y input.
Modern Uyghur religious literature includes the Taẕkirah, biographies of Islamic religious figures and saints. The Turki language Tadhkirah i Khwajagan was written by M. Sadiq Kashghari. Between the 1600s and 1900s many Turki-language tazkirah manuscripts devoted to stories of local sultans, martyrs and saints were written. Perhaps the most famous and best-loved pieces of modern Uyghur literature are Abdurehim Ötkür's Iz, Oyghanghan Zimin, Zordun Sabir's Anayurt and Ziya Samedi's novels Mayimkhan and Mystery of the years.
A native of Vinkovci, he pursued acting and music in his youth. He was the first vocalist of the Županja-based rock band Opća Opasnost.Mnogi ne znaju da je glumac iz svima omiljene hit serije bio prvi pjevač Opće opasnosti After he moved to Zagreb, Vulić was replaced by current frontman Pero Galić. In 1997, he graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, where he returned later in his career as a guest professor.
Nogometni klub Inter Zaprešić is a professional Croatian football club based in Zaprešić, a town northwest of the capital Zagreb. They play in the Druga HNL after they were relegated from the Prva HNL at the end of the 2019–20 season. The team are nicknamed Keramičari (The ceramics makers), because they were sponsored by a ceramics factory through much of their history) or Div iz predgrađa (The giant from the suburb). The team's colours are yellow and blue.
Directly after the IZ is the Transition Zone (TZ), where macropores begin to form and align with one another. The pores in this region may appear randomly oriented. The third zone is called the Steady-State Zone (SSZ), macropores in this region are aligned with one another and grow in a regular fashion. Within the SSZ, the structure is defined by a value λ that is the average thickness of a ceramic wall and its adjacent macropore.
DR2 was also designed to make dE/dx measurements in addition to tracking measurements. The IZ chamber was replaced with a ten-layer drift chamber (VD) in 1984. When the beampipe radius was reduced from 7.5 to 5.0 cm in 1986, a three-layer straw chamber (IV) was built to occupy the newly available space. The IV was replaced during the CLEO II upgrade with a five-layer straw tube with a 3.5 cm inner radius.
His songwriting style is centered on the folk music genre, performs on guitar, ukulele, and harmonica. His eclectic style incorporates Folk, Hawaiian, Soul and Rock. Many of his original compositions have an island flavor inspired by nature. Some of Sam's musical influences include Brett Dennen, Ray LaMontagne, Van Morrison, David Grey, Jim Croce, Pearl Jam, Tracy Chapman, IZ, Willie Nelson, Nick Drake, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and Jack Johnson.
From 1920 - 1933 Ktorov was a permanent member of the troupe at Korsh Theatre in Moscow. There he played leading roles in classic dramas and comedies, as well as in contemporary plays, with Vera Popova as his permanent stage partner. In 1925 Ktorov shot to fame with the leading role in the silent movie Zakroyshchik iz Torzhka (The Tailor from Torzhok) by director Yakov Protazanov. He also gave an impressive performance in Protazanov's Prazdnik svyatogo Yorgena (St.
Mnogi ne znaju da je glumac iz svima omiljene hit serije bio prvi pjevač Opće opasnosti After he entered the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Vulić was replaced by Pero Galić, who remains the frontman to this day. Galić is known for his wide vocal range and emotional delivery.O NJIMA SU PRIČE PRIČALI: OPĆA OPASNOST 'U našem rokenrolu nema se para za drogu kad platiš režije i opremu. Groupie cure su nas voljele, ali to je prošlost.
The newspaper Danas reported that she was once again ready to serve with the DJB group in the assembly despite her past disagreements with the organization.Miloš D. Miljković, "Kostić: Spremna sam da budem poslanica DJB-a", Danas, 17 March 2018, accessed 6 April 2018.Mirjana R. Milenković, "Iz parlamenta gotovo nestao Saša Radulović", Danas, 4 April 2018, accessed 6 April 2018. This notwithstanding, she choose to sit as an independent member after receiving a mandate on April 17.
The Cazimeros' album Some Call It Aloha...Don't Tell was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Hawaiian Music Album in 2005. In 2006, they were inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame. In 1991, Roland joined Henry Kapono Kaʻaihue, Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole and Cyril Pahinui in recording "Broken Promise", a Hawaiian mele ku'e (song of protest) written by Kaaihue. The project won two Hōkū Awards -- "Song of the Year" and "Single of the Year"—in 1992.
Inclusionary zoning (IZ), also known as inclusionary housing, refers to municipal and county planning ordinances that require a given share of new construction to be affordable by people with low to moderate incomes. The term inclusionary zoning indicates that these ordinances seek to counter exclusionary zoning practices, which aim to exclude low-cost housing from a municipality through the zoning code. There are variations among different inclusionary zoning programs. Firstly, they can be mandatory or voluntary.
During his time with Balašević, he also played in a jazz rock group called California. In a 2017 interview, he identified Jaco Pastorious and Pat Metheny as his favourite musicians. Kravić has also written music (one of his songs was performed by Arsen Dedić) and sang vocals on his composition "Plavo nebo, zlatno žito" at the 2012 Zlatna tamburica festival.Stevan Gojkov, "Aleksandar Caki Kravić: Novosadske priče iz vremena 'kad je muzika bila važna'", Moj Novi Sad, 8 December 2017.
Many Russian viewers remember Kononov as the sly and crafty space pirate Krys in the legendary children's sci-fi miniseries Gostya iz budushchego (Guest from the Future) (1985).Последнее интервью актёра журналистам «Комсомольской правды» Kononov considered himself a tragicomic actor. In the last years of his life Mikhail Kononov rejected most of the roles offered to him due to his dislike of modern Russian cinema. Two weeks before his death, he went to hospital with pneumonia.
Local gangsters and criminals were suddenly a regular sight at the iconic restaurant. Warlord and crime boss Željko "Arkan" Ražnatović often dined here with his turbofolk star wife Ceca. In the early morning hours of 15 February 1997, another well-known career gangster 46-year-old Rade "Ćenta" Ćaldović was murdered in his Renault Espace parked in front of Klub književnika along with his 24-year-old girlfriend Maja Pavić, presenter on TV Pink and Ceca's maid-of-honour at hers and Arkan's wedding.Rafal iz mraka pokosio čoveka iz senke;Svedok, 1997 Several hours earlier the couple enjoyed a dinner at Klub književnika to celebrate the Valentine's Day before continuing on to nightclub F6 down the street.Masakr u noći Sv. Valentina;Naša borba, 11 July 1998 In early summer 2008 Buda Blagojević decided to sell Klub književnika's ownership rights to Zoran "Brija" Lazarević (well known Belgrade restaurateur and owner of Madera and Kalmegdanska terasa)Buda još nije rekao "fajront";Večernje novosti, 4 August 2008 after managing the club in various capacities for over 50 years.
Dolček started playing football at the local club in Podravske Sesvete, where he comes from.'Hrvatskog Riberyja' žele talijanski velikani i naša dva najveća kluba: 'San mi je zaigrati za Barcelonu, ali ne žuri mi se iz HNL-a' at 100posto At the age of 9IVAN DOLČEK Tata ga je tri godine svaki dan vozio na Dinamove treninge udaljene 250 kilometara, a talentiranog Slavenaša sada žele mnogi: Sve što napravim to je za mog oca i djeda at epodravina he moved on to Graničar Đurđevac where he was noticed by GNK Dinamo Zagreb scouts, and he moved to their academy at the age of 11.'Hrvatskog Riberyja' žele talijanski velikani i naša dva najveća kluba: 'San mi je zaigrati za Barcelonu, ali ne žuri mi se iz HNL-a' at 100posto He went on to stay for four years at the club, spending his last 6 months at the club on loan at HNK Šibenik. At the age of 15, he moved to Slaven Belupo's academy, where he would play for the U-17 and U-19 teams.
After the Second World War, some prisoners wrote books about their experiences at the Botn camp. In 1959, Ostoja Kovačević wrote En times frihet (One Hour of Freedom) with a foreword by Sigurd Evensmo. Later, in 1984, Cveja Jovanović wrote the book Bekstva u slobodu: iz nacističkih logora smrti u Norveškoj (Escape to Freedom: From Nazi Death Camps in Norway). In it he describes several camps in Norway during the Second World War, as well as escape attempts that were made.
Sonja's first solo performance after Operacija Trijumf was on the stage of Sava Centar in Belgrade, where she took part in Beovizija 2009, the national preselection for Serbia's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.B92: Rokeri iz OT zajedno na „Beoviziji“ She performed Ništa Novo, written by Mirko and Snežana Vukomanović. However, her song received in final 0 points from the jury, and only one point from the audience, and Sonja placed last. The song became her first single.
Singer developed the milling industry in Bjelovar, but was also active in the development of coal mining, gravel extraction from the river Drava and its shipment to the big cities, and has also extracted gold from Drava. Singer was one of the leading financiers and representative of concessionaires that built the railway Bjelovar-Garešnica/Grubišno Polje. He was one of the most important and wealthiest townsman of Bjelovar. Mira Kolar-Dimitrijević: Pretvaranje Bjelovara iz vojničkoga u privredno središte od 1871.
Over the years, many churches similar to the medieval church have been demolished and rebuilt in the area. According to some sources, the first Christian church was built in 394.Ž. Jocić, Niketa iz Rameziane, Language: Serbian, Niš, 1998, page 190, 194-198 This church was built on the foundation of a pagan temple dedicated to the sun god Mitras. The place was long considered sacred; thus, when Christianity became the religion of the former state, the monastery complex was built here.
The editions included the notable authors and creators for children and young people, such as: Milovan Danojlić: Kako spavaju tramvaji i Rodna godina (collection of poems for children and adults, read by the author). Ljubivoje Ršumović: Još nam samo ale fale, Vesti iz nesvesti, Ma šta mi reče (collections of poetry for children, read by the author). Mošo Odalović: Mama je glagol od glagola raditi, Šta tražiš u vasioni. Mirjana Bulatović: Sanjao sam da mi gori škola (read by the author).
On 31 July 2015, Memović was presented as a new signing for Gandzasar Kapan in the Armenian Premier League. After signing with Zvijezda 09 in September 2018, he left the club again at the end of the year, where his contract expired.Damir Memović napušta Zvijezdu 09: Imam nekoliko ponuda iz Premijer lige i inostranstva,, 10 December 2018 In 2019, he moved to Vietnam to play for Song Lam Nghe An and later joined Hoang Anh Gia Lai FC.
In: Košičania zaberajú vo Windischgarstene aj so Žilinčanom Chupáčom 21 June 2012 Potvrdené: MFK má v kádri aj druhého Diabyho – Oumara! 16 October 2012 Out: Hráči sa po dvojtýždňovej dovolenke budú hlásiť 4. júna 24 May 2012 Z MFK Košice odchádzajú Djokovič a López 23 May 2012Đoković pojačao Novi Pazar at, 3-7-2012 Košičan Pačinda do francúzskeho tímu FC Tours 21 June 2012 V Košiciach zatiaľ riedia cudzineckú légiu 29 May 2012 BSK čeka pojačanja iz Partizana at novosti.
The Wounded Mass Grave () is located near the vacation house at Iška no. 21. A cross stands north of the grave, below a slope, and is visible from the road. The grave contains the remains of wounded Home Guard members murdered here after the war. Both of the wooden crosses at the sites bear the carved inscriptions Bog bo obrisal vse solze iz naših oči – tudi ne bo več žalovanja, ne vpitja, ne bolečin, zakaj kar je bilo prej je minilo.
HK Bosna plays under the name Lisice sa Općine Centar, HK Alfa plays under the name Medvjedi iz Novog Sarajeva, and HK Stari Grad plays under the name Vukovi sa Starog Grada. HK Ilidža 2010 will play under their original name. During the 2010–11 season the teams will also compete in the Jaroslav Jandourek Cup, the national cup which is named after the former coach of HK Bosna coach Jaroslav Jandourek. Three games will be held from March 16 to March 23.
He graduated from the gymnasium in Belgrade and enrolled at the Lyceum. In the period between 1844 and 1848 he studied at universities in Prague, Berlin and Heidelberg. After he returned to Serbia in 1848 he became professor at Lyceum. During this period he befriended Petar II Petrović-Njegoš and years later wrote in his Pisma iz Italije (Letter from Italy) the experience of traveling with Njegoš in Italy and observing him as a ruler at the court in Cetinje.
The album was a huge success and the band toured Brazil, Russia, France, Italy and Greece. The following year Dejan Cukić recorded a soundtrack for the Divlji med play which is actually a cover album of Bob Dylan's songs with lyrics in Serbian language. In 2001 with Ivica Stojanović, a friend from the First Belgrade Singers Company, Isaković started a project TeodulIja which was a combination of ethnic music and Christian Orthodox spiritual music. They released the Priče iz davnina CD in 2002.
Nikola Milinković (, born 19 March 1968) is a Serbian former footballer who played as a midfielder. Born in Sanski Most, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, back then within Yugoslavia, started playing with local side Radnički Zdena.SERGEJ I HARIS: Zemljaci iz Podgrmeča rivali u Kalinjingradu at Sportski žurnal, 20-6-2018 Just before the Bosnian War started Milinković moved to Serbia and played with FK Bečej, Spanish Lleida, Almería and Ourense, Portuguese Chaves and Alverca and Austrian Grazer AK and ASK Schwadorf.Nikola Milinković at ForadeJogo.
Branka Sovrlić Ne izlazim iz mode, by Vesna Tasić, Balkan Media (2007) She also performed at the Belgrade International Music Fair in 1990 (with Lagao si, "You lied"), and in 1996 (with Volim te, "I love you"). As well as her singing, she was known for her long blonde hair and provocative dress style. In October 2011, she performed at the "Volim devedesete" (I love the Nineties) concert at the Štark Arena. Sovrlić is also a skilled interpreter of sevdalinka.
Federal State Institution IZ-77/1 of the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the City of Moscow is a prison located in the Sokolniki District of Moscow, Russia. The facility is commonly known as Matrosskaya Tishina (, lit. "Seaman's Silence"), after the name of the street on which it is located in north-eastern Moscow. Matrosskaya Tishina is operated by the Federal Penitentiary Service, famously holding Mikhail Khodorkovsky and some plotters of the 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt.
Bernard Fein (November 13, 1926, New York City – September 10, 1980, Los Angeles, California) was an American actor, television producer, screenwriter and film director. He is best known for co-creating and associate producing the 1960s American television sitcom, Hogan's Heroes; a show which he also occasionally wrote for, including the pilot episode. He directed only one film, the 1974 Swedish movie Pogled iz potkrovlija. As an actor Fein's first big break came in 1955 when he landed the recurring role of Pvt.
In: Исмаел Беко Фофана се враћа у Хумску! at Sportski žurnal, 3-11-2015 Partizan potpisao Šaranova i Jovanovića at FK Partizan official website, 23-12-2015 Михајловић и званично прекомандован у први тим Партизана at Sportski žurnal, 28-12-2015 Trener Partizana, Ivan Tomić, prekomandovao četiri talentovana igrača at Brazilski vezista Everton Luiz potpisao za Partizan! at FK Partizan official website, 6-1-2016 Partizan doveo štopera iz Finske at B92, 16-1-2015 Tomićev valcer za jednu stolicu at sport.
Tik skrytuļam ruodīs: iz vītys jis grīžās, A brauciejam breinums, kai tuoli ceļš aizvess, Tai vuorpsteite cīši pret sprāduoju paušās, Jei naatteik – vacei gi dzejis gols zvaigznēs. Pruots naguorbej ramu, juos lepneibu grūžoj, Vys jamās pa sovam ļauds pasauli puormeit, Bet nak jau sevkuram vīns kuorsynoj myužu I ramaņu jumtus līk īguodu kuormim. Na vysim tai sadar kai kuošam ar speini, Sirds narymst i nabeidz par sātmalim tēmēt, A pruots rauga skaitejs pa rokstaudža zeimem, Kai riedeits, kod saulei vēļ vaiņuku jēme.
FK Željezničar main supporter group are called Manijaci (The Maniacs). There is also subgroups like Blue Tigers, Joint Union, Urban Corps, Stari Grad and Vendetta. In popular culture, Stole Anđelović (Stole iz Bora) – a passionate club supporter from Bor, is known decades (over 40 years) for traveling 450 km to attend most FK Željezničar Sarajevo home games, and was a long time supporter of Yugoslav national team as well as fan of Ivica Osim. A passionate group of fans from 1921.
Evan "Michael" Pearce Hardy (13 November 1927 – 13 January 1994) was an English rugby union player who represented the England national rugby union team. He also played for the Combined Services, the Army and Yorkshire County. He also played a first-class cricket match with the Combined Services and was a member of the MCC and I Zingari (IZ) clubs. Playing as a fly half, India born Hardy was capped three times for England, all in the 1951 Five Nations Championship.
Soon after, the Venus dies while in mid-conversation with the Negro Resurrectionist– five years after she first set foot in Paris. the Baron Docteur was able to complete his full anatomy on the Hottentot Venus, and her body parts and skeleton were eventually displayed in the Musée de l'Homme. Venus concludes in the same way it began, with the Negro Resurrectionist announcing to the audience, "I regret to inform you that thuh Venus Hottentot iz dead. [...] There wont b inny show tuhnite.".
The Baron Docteur and the Negro Resurrectionist each offer their own speculations for the Venus' death, only to be reminded by Venus herself that, "Thuh Venus Hottentot iz dead. There wont b inny show tuhnite.". The Grade-School Chum joins in with breaking the upsetting news to the audience (perhaps both the audience of Venus characters and the audience of Venus spectators). Venus nears the finale with a short summary of the Venus' encounter with, and embodiment of Love and Death.
Saša Tuksar (born 12 May 1983 in Čakovec) is a former professional tennis player from 2005 9 9 "Hravtski tenisači Roko Karanušić i Saša Tuksar su se zbog ekspresnog ispadanja iz Challenger turnira u ukrajinskom Donjecku našli pod sumnjom u kladioničarske namještaljke." Tuksar made the second round of the Croatia Open in 2003, beating Albert Montañés, who retired hurt after losing the first set.ATP World Tour Profile It would be the only match he won on the ATP Tour.
Cali Iz Active is the fourth studio album by rap group Tha Dogg Pound and is also the name of the album's title track and lead single. It was released through Koch and Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle Records on June 27, 2006. Besides Daz and Kurupt, the album also features Tha Dogg Pound family (Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, RBX, and Lady of Rage). Also appearing are David Banner, Ice Cube, Paul Wall and producers Battlecat, Fredwreck, Swizz Beatz and Jazze Pha.
David and Efraim land a contract to provide several thousand Beretta pistols to the Iraqi Police in Baghdad, but an Italian embargo blocks the shipment, which is waylaid in Jordan. Failing to deliver the cargo as promised would mean that AEY would be blacklisted from any future contracts. Meanwhile, Iz overhears the true nature of David's business. David and Efraim fly to Jordan, bribing locals to release the shipment, and are provided with a driver to transport them and the shipment into Iraq.
Needing to dispose of these arsenals—including over 100 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition—in accordance with NATO treaties, and unable to deal directly with the US, Girard offers to make the deal through AEY. Efraim agrees, despite David's discomfort at working with a man on a terrorist watchlist. The two go to Albania to test the ammunition and win the contract, though Efraim learns they severely underbid their competitors. Iz, frustrated with David's lies, leaves to live with her mother.
Faithless performing at the 2007 Yue Festival, Shanghai The Yue Festival is a live music festival featuring Chinese and international performers, in Shanghai, China. The first annual Yue Festival took place on October 5, 2007, outdoors in Zhongshan Park. Talents included Faithless, Talib Kweli, Ozomatli, Yacht, Banana Monkey, SuperVC, Hedgehog, IZ, Bananas Soundsystem, Dragontongue, Uprooted, and Redstar. A mini-Yue Festival took place at the Star Live in Beijing on October 2 and 3, 2007, with Faithless, Talib Kweli, and Ozomatli.
Povodom knjige "Antikvarnica snova"...desetominutni insert iz emisije "U programu ste" emitovane na BHT1 Retrieved 8 February 2018.Želimir Altarac-Čičak u komentaru društvenih mreža Retrieved 8 February 2018.Izvan vremena za sva vremena Retrieved 8 February 2018.Želimir Altarac Čičak: Glavna sovražnika nacionalizma sta rockovska bratstvo in enotnost - Želimir Altarac Čičak je legendarno ime jugoslovanske rockovske zgodovine, eden najpomembnejših in najvplivnejših oblikovalcev sarajevskega glasbenega področja, pionir vrtenja glasbe, urednik in voditelj številnih priljubljenih radijskih in televizijskih oddaj Retrieved 8 February 2018.
The Classical Gymnasium () was a gymnasium high school (similar to a grammar school in England and Wales) situated in Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. It was founded by the Austrian Empire and its Imperial Royal General Government in Dalmatia in 1817.Facsimile of the Announcement in: Josip Posedel, Iz povijesti Klasične gimnazije, Spomenica 150-godišnjice Klasične gimnazije u Splitu, Split, 1967, p. 10 Dalmatian Government, in fact, seceded the public part of the Archidiocesan Classical Gymnasium, founded by archbishop Stefano Cosmi in 1700.
On top of this it also has five buttons placed on different places on its colorful belly. All the input methods except the audio jack are colored in a secondary color to raise its affordance. The iZ's three legs are also adjustable, but these do not generate any input. For output the iZ has a built in speaker, a nose that lights up in different colors and two eyes driven by small motors making them able to move up and down.
"Anything" is the major label debut single from British boy band Damage, released on 8 July 1996. It is the band's second single overall, having released "What U C Iz What U Get" in 1995 before they signed a major record deal. "Anything" was released as the lead single from their debut studio album, Forever, reaching #68 on the UK Singles Chart. The song features an uncredited appearance from rapper Lil' Cease who performs a rap before the final chorus.
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich () is a novel by the Russian writer and Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, first published in November 1962 in the Soviet literary magazine Novy Mir (New World).One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, or "Odin den iz zhizni Ivana Denisovicha" (novel by Solzhenitsyn). Britannica Online Encyclopedia. The story is set in a Soviet labor camp in the 1950s and describes a single day in the life of ordinary prisoner, Ivan Denisovich Shukhov.
On December 5, 1941 German forces arrested 42 families and sent 23 families (81 people of a total population of 352) into forced labor in Germany; December 5 is the local memorial holiday. In the cemetery there is a monument to 18 residents that died as Partisans or were shot in retribution by the Germans during the Second World War. The central figure of the resistance in Dobrava was the teacher Stane Žagar.Ivan Križnar: Dobravci doma in v izgnanstvu: Utrinki iz Dobravske kronike.
Ita Rina in 1928 or 1929 Rina arrived in Berlin in 1927.Politika: Ita Rina, diva iz ukrštenih reči (10 July 2007) Shortly after she had her first audition, following which she had classes in acting, diction, dancing, driving and riding. She made her debut in the 1927 film What Do Children Hide from Their Parents, directed by Franz Osten. After several small film roles in 1927 and 1928, the critics finally noticed her in the 1928 film The Last Supper.
In February 2015, Rotković signed a one-year contract with FC Okzhetpes of the Kazakhstan Premier League, with the option of an additional second year. On 3 March 2016, Rotković signed a one- year deal with Dinamo Minsk.Luka Rotković u Dinamu iz Minska In January 2017, Rotković signed a three-year contract with a newly formed K League 2 side Ansan Greeners. In October 2019, he joined the Bangladesh Premier League side Chittagong Abahani for the 2019 Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup.
Physochlaina species have yielded a variety of tropane alkaloids, including not only the hyoscyamine and scopolamine present also in better-known Solanaceous genera such as Atropa, Hyoscyamus and Scopolia, but also the new (eponymous) base physochlaine, first isolated from the aerial parts of the Central Asian species Physochlaina alaica Korotkova ex Kovalevsk.Mirzamatov R., Luftullin K., Mallikov V. and Yunusov, S. (1974a) Physochlaine – novi alkaloid iz Physochlaina alaica. Khim Prir Soedin 3 : pps. 415-6. Other tropanes present include apoatropine, aposcopolamine and 6-hydroxyatropine.
The main altar dates from 1667, and the three altars in the nave from 1859. The chancel was painted in 1908 by the Celje painter Albin Paradiž (?–1910). The glass chandelier dates to 1850. The largest of the church's bells was cast in Celje in 1756 by Gašper Schneider (1726–1774); its tone was considered so strikingly gentle that the composer Gustav Ipavec composed the song "Iz stolpa sem mi zvon doni" (The Bell Rings to Me from the Tower) in its honor.
Both Danny Brown's and Biz Markie's vocals on "Frankie Sinatra" and "The Noisey Eater" respectively were done remotely. For Brown's vocals on "The Wozard of Iz", he visited Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne and had an all-night recording session with the group. Chater was a fan of MF Doom, specifically the album Madvillainy (2004) he made with Madlib. He sent him a track and received a reply 18 months later from Doom stating he loved the track and wanted to provide vocals.
Digiturk, owned by the Çukurova Group, was launched in 1999. Digiturk has the rights of airing the main sports live coverage in Turkey with its channel Lig TV. Digiturk is transmitted to the air via the Eutelsat 7 East satellite with the usage of the Türksat 42 East satellite. Digiturk recently launched HD channels of itself such as Lig TV HD, MovieMax HD, EuroSport HD, National Geographic HD, SporMax HD and İZ HD. Digiturk was acquired by the beIN MEDIA GROUP in September 2016.
Gonaway began playing drums at ten years old. His parents relocated from Arizona to the San Francisco Bay Area in California where he attended a Catholic high school, Saint Mary's College High School where he learned to read, write, and arrange music under the guidance of Bob Barrett and played in the school's jazz band. Gonaway's first band was called Sapphire and they played the nightclub scene in Oakland. Later he formed the jazz fusion band, Iz Kidz who performed regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.
The 'Huguenot city' of Neu-Isenburg is a town in Germany, located in the Offenbach district of Hesse. It is part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area and has a population of 35,472 (2007). The town is known nowadays mainly for its regionally used shopping centre, the Isenburg-Zentrum (IZ), the Hugenottenhalle, the Hotel Kempinski Frankfurt, the Autokino Gravenbruch (the oldest drive-in cinema in Europe), the Sportpark, the Waldschwimmbad (swimming pool) and not least of all its central location near Frankfurt Airport.
Popović was given the fifth position on the Serbian Progressive Party's Aleksandar Vučić — For Our Children electoral list in the 2020 Serbian parliamentary election."KANDIDAT ZA POSLANIKA IVANA POPOVIĆ IZ KRUPNJA", Srpska Naprenda Stranka (Krupanj), accessed 27 June 2020. This was tantamount to election, and she was indeed elected to the assembly when the list won a landslide victory with 188 mandates. She has said that her priorities will be small entrepreneurs, youth issues, and ensuring youth have a reason to remain in Serbia.
"Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt" (Quiet, the Night is Full of Stars) or "Partisaner lid" (Partisan Song) is a Yiddish song written in summer 1942 by Hirsh Glick, a young Jewish inmate of the Vilna Ghetto. It is set to a Russian folk melody. It is a love song that starts with conventional lyrics about a quiet night and sky full of stars, but quickly turns to the realities of war. The song is addressed to a beautiful woman who succeeded in ambushing a Nazi convoy.
Standl is also the author of the first known photograph of Baška tablet, dating from 1869. In 1869, Standl announced his intention to create a series of photographs of natural and cultural heritage of Croatia. He started with the execution of his plan in March of the same year, publishing one volume per month, each containing two photographs. All 24 photographs were published in August 1870 as a book titled Fotografijske slike iz Dalmacije, Hrvatske i Slavonije ("Photographic images from Dalmatia, Croatia and Slavonia").
During the summer of 1987, the band released the album Ljubav (Love), co-produced by the band with the Australian musician Theodore Yanni. It displayed a more guitar-oriented sound, along with stylized sleeve done by Margita and artist Vuk Vidor. Prominent tracks from the album include "Zemlja" ("Earth"), "7 Dana" ("7 Days"), "Pored mene" ("Beside Me"), "Ljudi iz gradova" ("People From The Cities"), and "Ljubav" ("Love"). It had also shown the first signs of Milan's depressive lyrics, as exemplified by song "Tonemo" ("We Are Sinking").
Starting out in FK Novi Grad Sarajevo and FK Olimpik in his native Sarajevo, Merajić, a youth international, moved in February 2012 to GNK Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia.Merajić iz Olimpica prešao u Dinamo Zagreb at He returned to Olimpik that same summer, debuting for the first team in 2013 and becoming a first-team regular in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In May 2015, Merajić was part of the Olimpik team that won the club's first historic Bosnian Cup in the 2014–15 season.
Ristovski wrote music for the films Lazar (1984), Zaboravljeni (1988), Hajde da se volimo 2 (1989), Violinski ključ (1990), Pokojnik (1990), A Holy Place (1990), Hajde da se volimo 3 (1990), Velika frka (1992), Mrav pešadinac (1993), Napadač (1993), Osmeh Margaret Jursenar (1993), Obračun u kazino kabareu (1993), Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996), and Impure Blood (1997). The music from Impure Blood was released on the album Muzika iz filma Nečista krv (1997). He was one of Goran Bregović's closest associates on Bregović's early movie soundtrack projects.
Ulrich was occupied with the feud waged against him by Frederick, as well as with the succession struggle in Hungary, where he had taken side with his cousin, queen dowager Elizabeth of Luxembourg and her infant son Ladislaus against the reigning monarch Vladislav I, leaving Thomas ample space of maneuver.France Dolinar & al, Slovenski zgodovinski atlas,(Ljubljana: 2011), pp. 90-91Peter Štih & Igor Grdina, Spomini Helene Kottanner: ženski glas iz srednjega veka (Ljubljana: 1999), pp. 9-45Vjekoslav Klaić, Povijest Hrvata, od najstarijih vremena do svršetka XIX.
PSD was close friends with Mac Dre; they formed a rap group called the Cutthoat Committee which also includes rapper Dubee. The group went on to record two albums ‘Turf Buccaneers’ and ‘Money Iz Motive’. The group disbanded due to the untimely death of Mac Dre. His latest mixtape, entitled ‘The Risk and the Reward II’ features late rapper and friend, The Jacka, in ‘Know No Better’ and ‘Who Are You?’. PSD tha Drivah has worked with many other artists throughout the Bay Area.
When speaking about the village Ivankula, its residents state that Albanians were there from the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. Residents of Ivankula headed by Ivan Beg are living there since the XIV century and they are of Albanian origin. Albanians belong to three religions, but most of them belong to the Muslim one, after Orthodoxy and then a minority belongs to the Catholic confession. [13] Oblast Brankovića, Opširni katastarski popis iz 1455 godine, përgatitur nga M. Handžic, H. Hadžibegić i E. Kovačević, Sarajevo, 1972: 216.
"R&B; Junkie" was recorded in 2003, at Flyte Tyme Studios West at The Village, in Los Angeles, California. It was written by Janet Jackson, James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Tony "Prof T" Tolbert, Michael Jones and Nicholas Trevisick, while it was produced by Jackson, Jam and Lewis. The latter one also played the keyboards. The song had its drums and percussion played by IZ. Serban Ghenea did the mixing of "R&B; Junkie" at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, with Tim Roberts being his assistant.
In 1997, Kurupt left Death Row but remained in Tha Dogg Pound. Kurupt released two solo albums in 1998 (Kuruption!) and 1999 (Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha) that had Daz Dillinger and the rest of DPG on them. However, in 1998 Daz was making noise of his own over at Death Row and released his only Death Row album (Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back) which went gold. Afterward, he made his own label called Mobstyle Muzik, in which he had his first taste of the independent scene.
The discography of Eazy-E, an American rapper from Compton, California, consists of two studio albums, three extended plays, two compilation albums, and ten singles. Eazy was also featured on the single "Game Wreck-Oniz-Iz Game" by Above the Law and "Foe tha Love of $" by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. His music has been released through record labels Ruthless Records, Priority Records, Relativity Records, and Epic Records. Five of his albums have been awarded a certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
The trio placed the eight with 39 points.Official Website of Sunčane Skale In September 2009, it was announced Bebić and Majstorović would make cameo appearances in television series Žene sa Dedinja.Milica i Ana iz OTa glume u novoj seriji Bebić joined Croatian singer Severina Vučković on the stage during her tour performance in Belgrade, performing Vučković's song "Prijateljice" with Severina herself and Nataša Bekvalac.Severina oduševila publiku u Areni She has performed several times in many of Emotions TV programs such as "Sve za ljubav" and "Veliki Brat".
Immediately following the Russian release, An'na Nadel Records put it out in Europe. The split-album contains six original songs, replayed by the other, and one jointly composed song, a cover of Sham 69's "If The Kids are United". Tarakany!'s 2006 studio album release, Vlasteliny Vselennoy, saw the band deviate from its traditional sound in favor a something more punk'n'roll. Four of these new songs entered the Russian radio rock charts: "Kto-To Iz Nas Dvoikh", "10 Millionov", "Pozvol Mne Pobyt' Odnomu", and "Vlasteliny Vselennoy".
Shebalin composed in many musical genres. Among his creations are operas, symphonies, string quartets, trios and sonatas, choral music, romances, songs, music to dramas, radio plays, and film scores. One of the most interesting works of Shebalin is his opera The Taming of the Shrew (Укрощение строптивой, Ukroshcheniye stroptivoy) after William Shakespeare) (1957). He wrote another opera The Sun above the Steppe (Солнце над степью, Solntse nad stepyu) (1958), and also the music comedy The Bridegroom from the Embassy (Жених из посольства, Zhenikh iz posolstva) (1942).
After the disbandment, Dukić became a studio musician, while Ćućuz worked as a sound engineer for hard rock bands Kerber and Divlje Jagode."Tako - Treba raditi iskreno i iz srca", Ilijin dedicated himself to music education and archaeology, but he also produced albums by several bands. In 1983, he released the solo album Zabranjeno prisluškivanje (Eavesdropping Forbidden) on which he sang and played all the instruments except drums (which were played by Vladimir "Furda" Furduj, a former Elipse, Siluete and Korni Grupa member).
In 1984, the book under its original title was first published in Russian which the book had originally been written in. In 1983, Yuri Vetokhin published his memoirs Sklonen k Pobegu translated into English under the title Inclined to Escape in 1986. In 1987, Robert van Voren published his book Koryagin: A man Struggling for Human Dignity telling about psychiatrist Anatoly Koryagin who resisted political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. In 1988, Reportazh iz Niotkuda (Reportage from Nowhere) by Viktor Rafalsky was published.
With the aid of a hand-operated printing press, they published a journal of the same name out of the 104th St. apartment. Frayhayt was distributed in secret, because it had been outlawed by the federal government for its opposition to the American war effort. The masthead read "The only just war is social revolution." The motto was a Henry David Thoreau quote: "That government is best which governs not at all" (in Yiddish: "Yene regirung iz di beste, velke regirt in gantsn nit").
Congenital disorder of glycosylation, Type Iz is a rare disease caused by mutations in the CAD gene. This disease causes epileptic encephalopathy, normocytic anemia, anisopoikilocytosis, and a delay in childhood development. The disease is hereditary and autosomal recessive, and can be fatal in the early years of life. There is also potential use for CAD protein as a target for treating certain tumors, as its role in pyrimidine synthesis can be manipulated to destroy cancer cells that are always growing and in need of new nucleotides.
Suvin was born in Zagreb, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, on July 19, 1930 to a Croatian Jewish family of Miroslav and Truda (née Weiser) Šlesinger. In Zagreb he attended the Jewish elementary school in Palmotićeva street. In 1939 his family changed the surname from Šlesinger to Suvin due to political situation and antisemitism caused by Nazi propaganda. Gordogan - kulturni magazin; Darko Suvin; Slatki dani, strašni dani (iz Memoara jednog skojevca, dio 1); stranica 25; broj 15-18, godina VI/VII, zima-jesen 2008 / zima-jesen 2009.
Andrić's literary-historical and linguistic works are generally considered much more valuable than his fictional works. His book Pod apsolutizmom ("Under absolutism"; 1906) is a synthesis of Croatian literary production during the period of Bach's absolutism (1851–1860), and the study Izvori starih kajkavskih drama ("The sources of old Kajkavian dramas"; Rad JAZU, 146, 1901) he investigates the lesser-known, mostly German templates for the 18th century Kajkavian dramas. In 1902 he published a book about the making of secular literature in Slavonia, Iz ratničke književnosti hrvatske.
The CDTA element with its schematic symbol in Fig 1 has a pair of low-impedance current inputs and p, n and an auxiliary terminal z, whose outgoing current is the difference of input currents. Here, output terminal currents are equal in magnitude, but flow in opposite directions, and the product of transconductance (gm\,) and the voltage at the z terminal gives their magnitudes. Therefore, this active element can be characterized with the following equations: #Vp=Vn=0\,, #Iz=Ip-In\,, #Ix+=gm.Vz\,, #Ix-=-gm.Vz\,.
Paak (credited as A.P.) as well as Bobby & IZ Avila, Andre Desantana, and Tru James. Having performed beyond expectation, this would go on to serve as an introductory hallmark in Raiford's career. 2014 was business as usual, seeing an increase in show bookings and a refining of Raiford's presence as he shifted attention towards his official album The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD. At this time, he joined the terrestrial radio show The Clean Up Crew, hosted by Nick Norris on KWSS 93.9 KWSS 93.9FM in Phoenix, Arizona.
Note that it has nothing to do with the physical space, except similar mathematical formalism. Isospin is described by two quantum numbers: , the total isospin, and 3, an eigenvalue of the Iz projection for which flavor states are eigenstates, not an arbitrary projection as in the case of spin. In other words, each 3 state specifies certain flavor state of a multiplet. The third coordinate (), to which the "3" subscript refers, is chosen due to notational conventions which relate bases in 2 and 3 representation spaces.
In 1977, a Soviet-Mongolian expedition discovered the skeleton of an unknown ankylosaurian at the Chamrin-Us site in Dornogovi Province. This was the first discovery of an ankylosaur in the Lower Cretaceous of Mongolia.T.A. Tumanova, 1983, "Pervyy ankilozavr iz nizhnego mela Mongolii", In: L.P. Tatarinov, R. Barsbold, E. Vorobyeva, B. Luvsandanzan, B.A. Trofimov, Yu. A. Reshetov, & M.A. Shishkin (eds.), Iskopayemyye reptilii mongolii. Trudy Sovmestnaya Sovetsko-Mongol'skaya Paleontologicheskaya Ekspeditsiya 24: 110-118 In 1983, Tatyana Tumanova named and described the type species Shamosaurus scutatus.
"Hot in Herre" won the Grammy Award for Best Male Rap Solo Performance in 2003. In 2003, Nelly released Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention, which featured the hit single "Iz U" from the soundtrack to Walt Disney's The Haunted Mansion. The music video of a Tip Drill Remix became a source of controversy due to perceptions of misogynistic depictions of women. The controversy forced Nelly to cancel an appearance at a bone marrow drive at Spelman College, a historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia.
"Second Bite of the Apple" charted at number 112 in the UK. It was also performed live on BBC talent show The Voice UK semi-final on Saturday 15 June 2013. The double A-side "Shine a Light" / "The World's Not Set in Stone" was released on 19 August. Their new double A-side "Iz Rite" / "Soul Love" was released on 25 November. The album (and subsequent single) artwork was designed by Trevor Jackson and features photographs by Harry Peccinotti, originally shot for NOVA Magazine.
Shoppers browsing these televisions see HD content from media partners, like VH1, as well as paid commercial spots that advertise products sold inside the store or club. The HDTV Network inside BJ's Wholesale Club stores include BJ’s Radio, which plays music, announcements, and advertising in-club. The Health and Wellness Network began in April 2013 when IZ-ON Media became the ad sales representative for the Stayhealthy network. Stayhealthy was a national network of connected health kiosks (located near the pharmacy department) in grocery and drug stores.
On 17 June 1941 during the battle in village Pržine during June 1941 uprising in eastern Herzegovina between 600 Ustaše and rebels lasted for two hours. Ustaše retreated toward Gacko and Avtovac burning village of Zborna Gomila, after leaving four dead on the battlefield including Zvonimir Pospišil.:"Poslije odbijanja ustaša iz dokumenata ubijenog utvrdilo se da je to ustaša emigrant Zvonko Pospišil." During the Uprising in Herzegovina the other two assassins of King Aleksandar, Mijo Babić and Antun Pogorelac, were also killed during their attacks on rebels.
He attended high school in Knin and Split. He graduated from the Yugoslav languages and literature and Comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Until October 1991 he lived in Split, Croatia, and since then lives in Belgrade, Serbia.Zdravko Krstanović (a member's biography), Serbian literary society (Serbian) He was an editor at the "Logos" publishing house in Split, had a column "Records from Insomnia /Zapisi iz nesanice/" and regular book reviews in Split newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, as well as in the Zagreb magazine Oko.
"Knjiga Miše Aleksića iz "Riblje Čorbe"", In January 1982, with a concert in Čačak, Riblja Čorba started their Yugoslav tour. The tour's slogan was "Ko preživi – pričaće" ("Those Who Survive Will Tell the Tale"), which would prove to be a very unfortunate title. For the band's concert in Zagreb Ice Hall, held on February 8, an initial number of 10,500 tickets was sold out, and the organizers decided to put an additional number of 4,500 tickets to sale, thus making the hall overcrowded.
Bill Belichick Djed iz Draganića uvijek mi je pričao o Hrvatskoj, Jutarnji list, February 2, 2007 He was raised in Annapolis, Maryland,New England Patriots: Bill Belichick where his father was an assistant football coach at the United States Naval Academy. Belichick has cited his father as one of his most important football mentors, and Belichick often studied football with him. Bill reportedly learned to break down game films at a young age by watching his father and the Navy staff do their jobs.Halberstam, David.
Actors started to notice him and brought him to New York where he became a professional lyricist. The Yehudah Katzenelenbogen Company (later absorbed into the Hebrew Publishing Company) and other music publishers paid him to write Yiddish parodies of currently popular American songs of Tin Pan Alley. Two of his early successes were Got un zayn mishpet iz gerekht and Kum, Yisrolikl, aheym. He wrote the libretto to the operetta Dos pintele yud (The essential Jew) (New York, 1909), and for The Golden Bride in 1923.
Produced by 8-Off Assassin and Onyx, Last Dayz making it to number 89 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Instrumental of this song was used in the film 8 Mile for the rap battle between Lotto and B-Rabbit. In 2013, the song was re-recorded by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz, and released on a compilation album Songs of the 90's. Music videos were released for the tracks "Last Dayz", "All We Got Iz Us", "Walk In New York" and "Live Niguz".
In 1993, Onyx released their debut album entitled Bacdafucup. It proved to be a commercial success and eventually went multi- platinum, largely due to the well known single "Slam". Then Onyx released on JMJ Records another two albums: All We Got Iz Us and Shut 'Em Down. JMJ Records as well as Onyx was officially removed from Def Jam on "Black Thursday" – January 21, 1999 – because the label PolyGram, who in 1994 purchased 50% of Sony's Def Jam, was sold to Seagram on December 10, 1998.
Mladen Vulić (born 1 September 1969) is a Croatian actor. An acclaimed actor of the stage and screen,Mnogi ne znaju da je glumac iz svima omiljene hit serije bio prvi pjevač Opće opasnostiNIŽE PROJEKT ZA PROJEKTOM - Mladen Vulić, legenda hrvatskog glumišta Vulić is known for his devoted approach to his roles and hard-working style of method acting.O NJIMA SU PRIČE PRIČALI: OPĆA OPASNOST 'U našem rokenrolu nema se para za drogu kad platiš režije i opremu. Groupie cure su nas voljele, ali to je prošlost.
Born in Zagreb, Jelić Balta is a native of BjelovarBJELOVARSKI NOGOMETAŠ U UKRAJINI Ivan Borna Jelić Balta u Arsenalu iz Kijeva at where he went through the school of the local NK Bjelovar, joining the ranks of the third-tier first team in 2010. After two seasons, he joined local rivals NK Mladost Ždralovi in the same tier, which ended up winning the 2012/13 season of Treća HNL North. After that, he played in the Germany lower leagues clubs, until his return to Croatia.
V. I. Koretskii, "Iz istorii zakreposhcheniia krestian v Rossii v kontse XVI – nachale XVII v. (k probleme "zapovednykh let" i otmeny Iureva dnia)", Istoriia SSSR (1957), No. 1. Due to the hardships brought about by Ivan IV's Livonian War (1558-1582), the excesses of the Oprichnina (1565-1572), Tatar raids (such as the one on Moscow in 1571) and a series of crop failures and other natural disasters, the Tsar temporarily suspended this right of movement or transfer in an ukaz (decree) issued in 1581.
The unrevised version of "Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp" was anthologized in Canary in a Cat House (1961). The final work in the collection, "Coda to My Career as a Writer for Periodicals", is an essay in which Vonnegut reflects on the writing of the stories in this collection, and the person he was at the time. The title story, "Bagombo Snuff Box", was adapted into a short film by Igor Stanojević. The film, called Čovek iz Bagomba or The Man from Bagombo, stars Dragan Jovanović and Gala Videnović; it premiered in 2010.
After rediscovering his original artistic roots, Andrej was also preparing a rock album, Libero, in cooperation with Drago Mlinarec, Ciril Sem on percussion instruments, Matjaž Krivec on contra bass, Dejan Berden on piano and harmonica, and Peter Jan on solo guitar. Andrej is also a composer of music and creator of shows for children. The puppet show, "Jezernik, povodni mož iz Črnega jezera" (Lakey, the aqua man from the Black Lake) is the latest of his creations for children. It is presented in partnership with the storyteller, Jasna Branka Staman.
While performing in the jazz fusion band, Iz Kidz in Oakland, California, Gonaway was introduced to Narada Michael Walden who took an interest in his drumming skills and shortly afterwards Walden hired him at his recording studio. Walden would later open Tarpan studio in San Rafael, California. Part of Gonaway's job was running errands and providing transportation to recording artists to and from the recording studio. Before long Walden was teaching him how to create beats on the drum machine and letting him play drum tracks on albums with Aretha Franklin and George Benson.
The Committee for the Marking and Maintenance of Graves from World War II and the Post-war (Croatian: Povjerenstvo za obilježavanje i uređivanje grobišta iz Drugog svjetskog rata i poraća) are municipal committees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of September 2010, these committees are present in three municipalities. They are tasked with marking mass graves from World War II, maintaining the graves and exhuming them if possible. Local municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have thus far had to deal with graves from the Second World War on their own.
"Live Niguz", also known by its censored title "Live!!!" is a song by American hip hop group Onyx. It was released on July 18, 1995 by Def Jam, Rush Associated Labels and JMJ Records as a single from Def Jam's The Show: The Soundtrack and as the first single from Onyx's second album, All We Got Iz Us. Produced by all three members of Onyx, "Live!!!" only found minor success on the R&B; and rap charts, becoming the group's first single not to reach the Billboard Hot 100.
Coming from the village of Brezje, near Čakovec, in the region of Međimurje,Dejan Mezga iz Brezja potpisao za splitski Hajduk at Mezga went through the ranks of several lower-tier local clubs, debuting at the age of 15 for the seniors of NK Sloga Čakovec,Biografija at before joining the U17 team of NK Varteks Varaždin. In his last season of eligibility for the U19 team, he left the club, however, and joined the Druga HNL side NK Čakovec, where he became a fixture for the following several seasons.
JHETT had worked predominately in the underground hip hop scene, mainly with the group AQUARIUS. While having only released two singles, Just Go and the previous single Get Ready -Nite 2 Remember-, JHETT would go on to release three albums under the Avex label: JHETT, My Hood Iz... and Jhett Black Edition, all of which were released throughout 2005. The single contained two coupling tracks. It held the COLDFEET remix of "Just Go" and the song "Leave It To Fate ~ubiquitous~", which featured sample vocals from American funk and soul artist Roy Ayers.
In 1150, Serbian Grand Prince Uroš II, a Hungarian ally, summoned an army led by Grdeša, the župan (count) of Travunia, and Vučina, against the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines won the battle, capturing both Grdeša and Vučina. Uroš II was removed from the throne, and replaced by his brother Desa, who had up until then served as the Prince of Zahumlje. It is assumed that the prisoners were taken to Sredets (modern Sofia), but were released by 1151,Vizantološki institut SANU, „Vizantijski izvori za istoriju naroda Jugoslavije IV“ (fototipsko izdanje originala iz 1971), Beograd, 2007.
Among supporters, it is customary to include an inscription of their city of origin onto the Croatian flag to indicate where they are from. They are also notable for their vocal support and orchestrated chants during matches. One section may shout "U boj, u boj" (To Battle, to Battle), with another responding "Za narod svoj" (For Our People), which is a Croatian patriotic song. When the team wins, supporters might chant "Bježite ljudi, bježite iz grada" (Run Away People, Run Away From the City), which is a song praising the presence of euphoric Croatian fans.
Kusturica performing with The No Smoking Orchestra in March 2009. In mid-1986, Kusturica started playing bass guitar in Zabranjeno Pušenje, a Sarajevan punk rock outfit and part of the New Primitivism movement. Kusturica was added just after Zabranjeno Pušenje frontman Nele Karajlić had caused a media scandal that hurt the band's commercial prospects; three of the six members left the group. Kusturica played bass on three track from the band's third studio album Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari and composed one of the songs, and directed a video.
This was followed by the addition to the domestic and international performances in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France ... 1997th The maxi single issue in which Lesi there were songs of Model iz sna, which was premiered at the Budva festival, then the model of sleep made for PI-'97 model and you Možda ti se vrati kao Lesi, in addition to the normal version was released instrumental and unpluged version. That song was marked by a provocative video. She came and in 1998, they released their 3.album which took the name game.
And according to a declaration of intention Max made in 1919, he was born on June 6, 1884, and had arrived to the United States on September 1, 1905 on the Pretoria. He was a contemporary of other Romanian-born klezmer bandleaders in the New York City area that included Abe Schwartz, Abe Katzman, and Milu Lemisch. He is listed as composer of some Yiddish songs recorded in the early twentieth century, such as Der yold is mich mekone ("The fool envies me.") and Es iz shoin farfallen.
When the music video was uploaded to JYP Entertainment's YouTube channel on February 11, 2019, it became the most viewed debut video by a K-pop group with 17.1 million views in 24 hours, beating the record set by "La Vie en Rose" by Iz One. "Dalla Dalla" also holds the record for the fastest K-pop debut music video to reach 100 million views. The music video was directed by the Naive Creative Production. It was ranked second place on 2019 YouTube's Most Popular Music Video in South Korea.
In 1974 he became a full professor. In 1990 he wrote his beautiful and famous book about fundamental particles physics entitled Iz take so snovi kot sanje (We are such stuff as dreams are made of). With his short and long articles he had deepened the knowledge about Stefan's scientific work. His thick booklet in the series of monographs, Zbirka Sigma (the Sigma Collection), entitled Kvantna fizika (Quantum Physics), (DZS, Ljubljana 1974) contains an almost 'perfect' definition and introduction to the understanding of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle for the graduate beginner.
In 2004, on behalf of One Records, he provided vocals for the 43zla album Sve same barabe on twelve different tracks. He has also been featured on the Bvana album Fujznem Džigili in 2009, and on the Mononukleozni rodjaci album Priče iz hibernacije in 2011. In 2010, Aksentijević was a featured artist on the Gru track I dalje me žele. The song achieved numerous accolades, including "The Number One Best Rap Song of 2010" by Kurir and the "Number One Best Hip-Hop Songs of the Last Decade" by Blic.
Franc Malavašič's Erazem iz Jame (1845), and Valentin Mandelc's Jela (1859) share the first place on the chronological list of texts. Several Walter-Scott-like historical novels were composed by the »Slovene Walter Scott« Josip Jurčič who continuously produced this genre, beginning 1864 with Jurij Kozjak, slovenski janičar, the story about Turkish invasions awarded at Mohorjeva publishing house. He is also the author of the first explicit Slovene historical novel Ivan Erazem Tattenbach: Historičen roman (1873). The Walter-Scottian demand to give stories local color resulted in easily identifiable domestic geographical location.
Other works of the author on the theme of war were the stories "Malchik iz Stalingrada" (Boy from Stalingrad) and "Don — reka partizanskaya" (Don is a partisan river). In the work of Fyodor Ivanovich, essays also used the predominant direction. One of the works in this genre, entitled "Krov'yu serdtsa" (By the blood of the heart), was published in the collection of works by Soviet Kyrgyz writers "Geroyi surovykh let" (Heroes of the harsh years). The book also includes the works of Aaly Tokombayev, Chingiz Aitmatov, Sooronbai Zhusuev and other writers.
The excerpt from this remix was on the second album of Onyx, All We Got Iz Us. Then the group made a video for the song, which was in rotation on local TV channels, including the Video Music Box. Then followed interviews and concerts, including the Apollo Theater and the nightclub The Tunnel. Over time, the group gained more knowledge, connections and experience in the music industry. X1 and Still Livin' together took part in the video for the Onyx's song "React", where the new rapper 50 Cent also took part.
A native of Kragujevac, Đorđević started out at the local Fitnes football school before moving to Radnički Kragujevac's academy in 2005. In November 2008 he made his first team debut for the third-tier club in the match against FK Inon Požarevac, coming in the 88th minute for Dragan Ristić.Rutinska pobeda at FK Radnički 1923 official site Pojačanje za Radnički iz PSV-a at Mozzartsport That would remain his only cap in the following two seasons. In April 2010 he went on trial at PSV EindhovenDjordjevic op proef bij PSV at psv.netwerk.
The fourth lasted six months during 1896. During the journey through Congo in 1882, he discovered huge waterfalls on the Kouilou River, (or Kwil), and named them the Zrinski chutes to honor the national family of rulers (Nikola Zrinski and Petar Zrinski of Međimurje) from his native country. His diary was transferred into two books. The first, published in 1891 under the title Dnevnik iz Afrike (Diary from Africa), was written and printed by his friend from Požega, Julije Kempf, whom Lerman informed about the course of the exploration.
The second one was published in 1894 with the title Novi dnevnik iz Afrike (New diary from Africa). Lerman provided inspiration for two additional explorers (Mirko and Stjepan Seljan) who were mapping Africa and South America at the turn of the 20th century. A big part of the collection that Lerman brought home from the Congo, 493 artifacts, was donated to the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb and has been part of the permanent exhibition ever since. His original diary is in the archives of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Read It and Weep is a 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie which premiered on July 21, 2006. It is based on the novel How My Private, Personal Journal Became A Bestseller by Julia DeVillers. Sisters Kay and Danielle Panabaker star as Jamie Bartlett and her alter ego Isabella (Iz or Is), respectively. Both sisters have starred in previous Disney Channel films: Kay in Life Is Ruff (2005), and Danielle in Stuck in the Suburbs (2004), like Read It and Weep, those films also premiered in July in their respective years.
Martin Nedić Martin Nedić (Tolisa 1 April 1810 – 26 April 1895) was a Bosnian poet. He wrote mostly under the pseudonym "Stari Ilir iz Bosne" (Old Illyrian from Bosnia) and "fra Martin Nedić Bošnjačanin" (Martin Nedić the Bosniak) Nedić attended school in Tolisa under fra Bono Benić junior. He went on to gymnasium in Kraljeva Sutjeska and studied philosophy and theology in Subotica, Szolnok, Agrija, Gyöngyös and Vác. As a student he was drawn to the ideas of the Illyrian Movement which he soon adopted and incorporated into his own writing.
The CD included the Rick Rock-produced smash "It's Ah Slumper" and one of the final guest appearances of Mac Dre. In 2005 Turf Talk released Turf Talk Brings The Hood: Colabilation part album, part compilation of tracks recorded with both long- time and up-and-coming Sick Wid It Records collaborators. The CD included the popular local hit "Turf Talk Iz Back". In the early hours of July 14, 2005, Turf Talk suffered several shots to the face from a small caliber pellet shotgun, after being apparently targeted leaving a recording studio in Vallejo.
Duff returned to first- class cricket in 1964 with his only game for Free Foresters, against his former university. After that he was to play only three more first-class matches, all for MCC against Ireland: one later in 1964, one in 1966 and one in 1968. He also played a considerable amount of club cricket, and accompanied MCC on many minor tours. As a club cricketer he was a member of and played for the Free Foresters, IZ, Arabs, Cryptics, Gentlemen of Worcestershire, Sussex Martlets and Radley Rangers.
The third Pozdrav iz zemlje Safari () and the fourth studio album Male priče o velikoj ljubavi () are released through his hometown based record label Diskoton in 1987 and 1989, respectively. In 1990, Sejo Sexon together with Darko Ostojić (a.k.a. Minka) and Faris Arapović left Zabranjeno pušenje due to different views on political differences in Yugoslav leadership in late 1980s and the band vision as well. In that time, Sejo Sexon and Ostojić worked on their solo record for Diskoton, but that studio album went unreleased due to the start of the Bosnian War.
He also demanded from Macedonian Americans to enhance their propaganda activities towards getting the then Republic of Macedonia internationally recognized as soon as possible. Macedonian Americans responded to his call with a mass campaign of writing numerous articles in American newspapers and making phone calls to US Senators."Delovanje makedonskih izseljencev iz ZDA in Kanade za neodvisnost in mednarodno priznanje Makedonije" by Matjaz Klemenčič. Studia Historica Slovenica 5(1–2–3): 585–605. Ljubljana, 2005. [Page 599–600] MPO also used its influence in the US Senate to assist North Macedonia's stabilization efforts.
Ivana Brlić- Mažuranić achieved success as a writer of Croatian fairytales ("Priče iz davnine", Fairytales, 1916) which interweave fantasy with real characters. The journalist Marija Jurić Zagorka wrote historical novels that achieved great popularity. A. G. Matoš in this period published critical reviews "Naši ljudi i krajevi" (Our People and Regions, 1910) and "Pečalba" (Profit, 1913), and wrote serials and poems. The political events of the early 20th century and the movement for a united south Slavic state (Yugoslavia) were compelling topics in the literature of the time.
The court is named after St James's Palace, hence the s at the end of the name. This is because St James's Palace is the most senior royal palace and has remained the official residence of the British Monarchy despite the nearby Buckingham Palace having been the main London residence of all the UK's sovereigns since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. When the court's name is spoken, it is sometimes incorrectly identified as the Court of St James, without a separate "iz" pronunciation for the possessive "s" suffix.
Zeba se vratio iz mirovine, po treći put obukao dres Olimpika at, 20 December 2018 He scored his first goal after coming back to Olimpik on 9 March 2019, in a 1–0 away win against Igman Konjic. On 26 May 2020, the 2019–20 First League of FBiH season ended abruptly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, by default, Zeba with Olimpik were crowned league champions and got promoted back to the Bosnian Premier League. He terminated his contract with the club on 22 September 2020.
Popović is a product of the FMP's youth system. After spending four years as a professional at the club from Belgrade's suburb of Železnik, winning one Serbian Cup and Adriatic League trophy, he signed a contract with Russian PBL team Dynamo Moscow.Bojan Popović u Dinamu iz Moskve His good performances led the team to the Euroleague quarterfinals, where they lost to Panathinaikos, which eventually won the cup. Next season Bojan signed with ACB and Euroleague team Unicaja Malaga and a season later he stayed in Spain, playing for San Sebastian Bruesa.
They produced the bonus track "Real Live", which featured rappers Gator Mane and GLC. In early 2010, Sound MOB's got recognition with the song, "What Yo Name Iz?" by Kirko Bangz. With the success of the song, Bangz got signed to Warner Bros. Records. The song peaked at number 41 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B;/Hip-Hop Songs chart, which led to a remix being released featuring Big Sean, Wale, and Bun B. On September 16, 2011, Kirko Bangz' released the second Sound M.O.B. produced single, "Drank In My Cup".
Professor Stanko Korać considers Crvene magle one of the thirty Yugoslav novels most representative of the interwar period. Vasić focused on writing over the next five years, between 1922 and 1927, and published several articles about classical Russian literature. In 1924, he published a book titled Vitlo i druge priče ("Winch" and Other Stories) and in 1926 he published a novel titled Bakić Ulija. Upon returning from the Soviet Union in 1927, he wrote a book titled Utisci iz Rusije (Impressions From Russia), which was published the following the year.
Kolexxxion, is a collaborative studio album by DJ/producer DJ Premier and rapper Bumpy Knuckles (a.k.a. Freddie Foxxx). Most of the beats on the album (all produced by DJ Premier except "Word Iz Bond") are beats that were rejected by other artists, such as "B.A.P. (Bumpy And Premier)" (This beat was intended for Jay-Z's 2009 album The Blueprint 3, but by the time DJ Premier had sent it to him, it was too late for the beat to make the cut for the album),Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Premier – BAP Nah Right.
They filled the church with hay and straw on 3 May and burned it down on 4 May. Dean Karel Gnidovec (1877–1962) managed to save some of the church's statures and paintings by transporting them to a barn at Cvibelj pri Žužemberku, but this was later hit during a bombing raid and the artworks were destroyed. The day after the church was burned, the Partisans dynamited the walls of the church and the parsonage, and burned the roof of the castle in Žužemberk.Družina: Vstal iz pepela revolucije, 17 Aug.
He was also a member of many local and international archeological organizations. Bulić published many articles and books, the most notable of which are: Hrvatski spomenici u kninskoj okolici uz ostale suvremene dalmatinske iz doba narodne hrvatske dinastije (Croatian monuments in the Knin area and Dalmatia from the age of Croatian national dynasties), Palača cara Dioklecijana u Splitu (Palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split), Stopama hrvatskih narodnih vladara (The steps of the Croatian national rulers). Bulić died in 1934 in Zagreb. His funeral was conducted by bishops Kvirin Klement Bonefačić and Aloysius Stepinac.
Mademoiselle Fifi (Мадмуазель Фифи in Cyrillic; Madmuazel' Fifi in transliteration) is an opera in one act, composed by César Cui during 1902-1903. The libretto was adapted by the composer from the short story Mademoiselle Fifi (1882) by Guy de Maupassant and the dramatized version Mlle Fifi (1896) by Oscar Méténier. The opera was premiered on 4 November 1903 (Old Style) at the Hermitage Theatre by the Moscow Private Opera. During its performing history it was also known under the title Женщина из Руана [Ženščina iz Ruana) = The Woman from Rouen].
D Train's first three albums were re-released on CD in the 1990s when Unidisc Music acquired Prelude Records and several other New York dance-music labels. In 1997, The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Sky's the Limit" sampled part of D Train's song "Keep On". Rapper Yo-Yo's "Iz It Still All Good" sampled D-Train's "Something's on Your Mind," which featured Gerald LeVert, in 1998. "You're the One for Me" has been remixed by Larry Levan and Shep Pettibone and most recently was sampled by DJ Kue in his 2006 hit "I Got Love".
Be-Be at Discogs Soon after the album release, Jović left the band. The new lineup, beside Pejović, Petrov and Milić, featured former Prljavi Inspektor Blaža i Kljunovi and Alisa memberDejan Resanović at Discogs Dejan Resanović (bass guitar), former Karizma and Vampiri memberDejan Tomović at Discogs Dejan Tomović "Tomke" (keyboard) and Nenad Đorđević (drums)."The Dibidus - Dijagnoza i terapija", After only several promotional performances, Milić left the band, and the rest of the lineup, in December 2011 in Belgrade club Fest, recorded the live album Uživo iz kluba "Fest" (Live from the Club Fest).
On 22 July 2011 the president of Montenegro claims that we should soon expect the reactivation of the Berane airport. On 16 May 2013 an article appeared, claiming that the Turkish investor deemed the Berane airport as not profitable for business. In 2014, a performance called „Čekajući avion iz Njujorka koji neće stići“ takes place at the disused passenger airport in Berane. In the picture that appeared in the local newspaper, we may see local people with passports, "tickets" and suitcases "waiting" for an alleged plane at the Berane airport.
Following her third album Iz inata (Out Of Spite), released in 2000, Nikolić left Serbia and moved to the United States where she performed in Harry's Velvet Room club in downtown Chicago, Illinois. She was also the opening act at Diana Ross charity concert for disabled children in China Club in New York City. From there, she went to Los Angeles, California, where she graduated in jazz singing from the Stella Adler Academy. Nikolić performed "Something To Talk About" from the 2002 movie About A Boy at the 7th Golden Satellite Awards.
That Extraordinary Day ( / ) is a science fiction novel written by Predrag Vukadinović.“Pogled iz svemirskog broda”, Radio Beograd 202, Radio televizija Srbije, April 28, 2013 (audio) The novel connects the theme of time travel with the Second Coming of Christ, using cosmological and religious concepts. It was published as the 65th book in the Western Balkans science fiction and fantasy imprint "Znak Sagite"Entry: "Yugoslavia", New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, by Peter Nicholls (Editor), John Clute (Editor), 1993, pp. 1361–1362. in 2012. It is Vukadinovic’s debut novel.
Customers can track their blood pressure, weight and body fat as well as conduct vision tests. Advertising is sold for and displayed on a larger "attract screen" that faces the store as well as on the personal screen while a person waits for his/her test results. IZ-ON Media’s Health and Wellness Network tripled in size when Stayhealthy merged with higi, another national health kiosk chain, in August 2014. The combined higi network can be found in grocery and drug store chains such as Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, Ahold and Rite Aid.
Following the results of national standardized tests taken by high school students in Croatia in 2006, 2007 and 2008 as a part of a transition towards the introduction of a nationwide exit exam (Matura), Antun Vrančić high school was ranked 24th out of 190 Croatian high schools on an unofficial list.Ivana Kalogjera-Brkić: "Na listi 25 najboljih srednjih škola nema nijedne iz Osijeka", Jutarnji list, 24.06.2009. School's students also participated in International Mathematical Olympiad twice - in 2001 in Washington, DC and in 2002 in Glasgow, where they won a bronze medal."o Školi", gav.
Prior to 1180 (the reign of Ban Kulin) parts of Bosnia were briefly found in Serb or Croat units. Anto Babić notes that "Bosnia is mentioned on several occasions as a land of equal importance and on the same footing as all other [South Slavic] lands of this area."Anto Babić, Iz istorije srednjovjekovne Bosne, (Sarajevo:Svjetlost,1972), p. 64. After frequent change of rule over the area between regional powers, a de facto independent Bosnian state known as the Banate of Bosnia arose in the 12th century, though nominally under Hungarian sway.
Stojan Matavulj (born 24 February 1961) is a Croatian actor and comedian. Matavulj is perhaps best known for his lead role as foul-mouthed inspector Zdravko Maček in the controversial comedy series Zakon! (2009).STOJAN MATAVULJ IZAŠAO IZ ZATVORA Zbog uzornog ponašanja na slobodu pustili glumca koji je skrivio nesreću u kojoj je poginula Dolores Lambaša (in Croatian) He has appeared in critical and box-office hits, including The Seventh Chronicle (1996), What Is a Man Without a Moustache? (2005), Play Me a Love Song (2007), The Priest's Children (2013) and Lavina (2017).
Aleksa Šantić – poznati bosanski pjesnik.; retrieved 29 July 2014. During his life he wrote six volumes of poetry (1891, 1895, 1900, 1908, 1911, 1913), as well as some dramatizations in verse, the best of which are Pod maglom (In the Fog; 1907) and Hasan-Aginica (1911). He also translated Heine's Lyrisches Intermezzo (1897–1898), prepared an anthology of translated German poets, Iz nemacke lirike (From German Lyrics; 1910), made Bosnian renderings of Schiller's Wilhelm Tell (1922) and translated Pjesme roba (Poems of a Slave; 1919) from the Czech writer Svatopluk Čech.
Then there's "All We Got", a song that discusses the streets and isn't all bad, again, until the cheesy chorus. It may be a case where the quality of the other songs brings these down. In any event, they definitely stand out as weaker representations of the group's efforts." Q gave the album three stars out of five, saying "...The lyrics are quickfire and the sound is dense..." Bonz Malone of Vibe said "...Now, after a two-year hiatus, they're back with All We Got Iz Us, and the shit is hardcore.
St. John's Fortress St. John's Fortress (also known as Tanaja; Croatian: Tvrđava sv. Ivana) is an early modern fortress in Šibenik, Croatia, situated atop a hill north of the city's historical center. Named after a medieval church dedicated to St. John the Baptist that had stood there from at least 1444,Fran Gundrum Latinski rukopis svećenika Dalmatinca iz petnaestog stoljeća,“ Vjesnik Arheološkog muzeja u Zagrebu, 6(1), 210-214. the fortress, together with the adjacent Barone Fortress, was built during the Cretan War and successfully repelled consecutive Ottoman attacks in 1646 and 1647.
Sonja Savić (; 15 September 1961 – 23 September 2008) was a Serbian actress, famous for her husky voice and series of impressive roles in some of the more memorable 1980s Yugoslav films. Sonja appeared in Miroslav Ilić video Voleo sam devojku iz grada. In later years she became an outspoken critic of the direction the country was taking, in terms of cultural and political values. She was born in Čačak, SFR Yugoslavia and died in Belgrade, Serbia; the cause of death was initially reported to be a drug overdose.
Kid Ink collaborated with various artists on the album including Chris Brown, Tyga, French Montana, ASAP Ferg, Pusha T, Elle Varner, Machine Gun Kelly, King Los, Meek Mill, Wale, and August Alsina, among others. The album was supported by the singles, "Show Me" featuring Chris Brown, "Iz U Down" featuring Tyga, and "Main Chick" also featuring Chris Brown. Following its release, the album was met with generally positive reviews from music critics. It also debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, selling 50,000 copies in the United States during its first week.
Balaban grew up with BC Sport Key from Novi Sad where he played from 2003 to 2007 when he goes to Partizan. In 2010 he goes to Crvena zvezda where he stayed one season.MONDO: Balaban iz Partizana u Zvezdu For the 2011–12 season he signed with KK Smederevo where he had great season and was named the MVP of the Basketball League of Serbia.DARKO BALABAN MVP OF SERBIAN LEAGUE In March 2012 he signed with BKK Radnički for Serbian Super League but played only nine games and then left the team.
Brian Todd Collins (born April 1, 1986), known professionally as Kid Ink, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Los Angeles, California. Collins released his debut independent album Up & Away in 2012, following an EP titled Almost Home, and his first major studio album, My Own Lane in 2014. The latter spawned the singles "Show Me", "Iz U Down", and "Main Chick" (featuring Chris Brown). On February 3, 2015, he released his third studio album Full Speed, which spawned the singles "Body Language", "Hotel", and "Be Real" (featuring Dej Loaf).
Nullarbor targets academia, government and industry to promote game development and democulture in order to legitimize the scene. As a result, some of the demo entries diverge from the standard demoscene expectations, for example "Landscape Visualization", which placed 2nd in the demo competition, which were poorley received by the European demoscene which still retains a hacker culture. Nullarbor is sometimes also referred to as "notrees", which is a play on the name 'Nullarbor'. In 2007, the event was retitled to "Interzone nullarbor 2007", or iz null in a shortened form.
Janez Matjašič (14 May 1921 – 9 August 1996) was a Slovene zoologist.Obituary in Kamniški Občan, No.16 Year XXXV Kamnik, 19 September 1996 Matjašič was an associate member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts from 1974 and a full member from 1989.Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts site, deceased members Apart from scientific contributions he also wrote two popular science books Nevidno življenje (Invisible Life) and Iz življenja najmanjših (From the Lives of the Smallest). For the latter he won the Levstik Award in 1956.
In: Илић и Перовић у Новом Пазару, стиже и Кецап at Sportski žurnal, 22-1-2017 Бивши играч Партизана Срђа Кнежевић у Новом Пазару at Sportski žurnal, 25-1-2017 Sedmorica zadužila dres Novog Pazara at, 27-1-2017 Нови Пазар јачи за Крстића, Марковића, Поповића и Милојевића at Sportski žurnal, 31-1-2017 Aleksandar Ignjatovic bivsi stoper FEJNORDA je veceras potpisao za FK NOVI PAZAR at FK Novi Pazar official Facebook page, 3-2-2017 Budaković i Arifović ponovo u Novom Pazaru, dolaze Savić i Babić at, 17-2-2017 Out: Midfielder Serb ma’ Balzan at, 4-1-2017 Lepović iz N.Pazara na Maltu at, 6-1-2017 Micevski iz Pazara potpisao za Minsk at mozzartsport, 3-3-2017 Осипа се Нови Пазар: Отишао и Македонац Мицевски at Sportski žurnal, 14-1-2017 Анес Рушевич — футболист БАТЭ at FC BATE Borisov official website, 20-1-2017 O Μίλαν Σβόγιτς στην ομάδα μας! at AEL Kalloni F.C. official website, 1-2-2017 Vezni fudbaler Nikola Dimitrijević novo pojačanje građevinara at, 9-2-2017 Станоевич билан шартнома имзоланди at Navbahor Namangan official website, 19-2-2017 Тинтор отишао из Новог Пазара at Sportski žurnal, 30-1-2017 Oliy liga. 2-tur. "Nasaf"dan g'alaba, "Olmaliq" - "Bunyodkor" 0:0 at championat.
In 1969, The Little Ghost was released as a two-part puppet movie, in the television. Rudolf Fischer and Albrecht Roser, who also directed the movie, were among others the The Soviet sowjetische television released the real movie “Ghost from Eulenburg” (Russian language: Привидение из города Ойленберга, Transliteration: Privideniye iz goroda Oylenberga), which is based on Preußler's book. Anatoly Ravikovitch directed the movie and acted as The Little Ghost in the – Geist von Eulenberg (russisch) In 1992, the cartoonist Curt Linda produced the cartoon “The Little Ghost” with the voice from Elfriede Kuzmany, speaking The Little Ghost.
Based on the questionnaires, he published a Collection of legal customs of the south Slavs (Zbornik sadašnjih pravnih običaja u južnih Slovena I, Građa u odgovorima iz različnih krajeva slovneskoga juga), in 1874. Bogišić was not satisfied with the questionnaires because they only had around 300 questions about public and private law including matters of international public law. For the purpose of writing a civil code, he prepared a new questionnaire, which had 2000 questions, all of which were from the domain of private law. He was assisted by Gavro Vuković, one of the few trained jurists in Montenegro at the time.
Studenti iz Srbije na Kembridžu More pupils from MG were accepted to Cambridge, but there were no more full scholarships. Other students received scholarships from MIT and other UK and USA faculties and universities.Naši učenici dobili 7 stipendija u ponom iznosu od Univerziteta Kembdridž Država ostaje bez najboljih đaka Scientific Dream Team – Video This trend of enrolment of MG students at Cambridge continued in the following years, with MG graduates Ognjen Marković and Luka Ribar gaining full scholarships in 2011, and Nevena Nikolić, Igor Spasojević, Dušan Šobot, Tamara Šumarac and Petar Veličković in 2012. Some students win more than one full scholarship.
Visitor from the Future (, Gostya iz budushchego lit Guest from the future) is a five-part Soviet children's science fiction television miniseries, made at Gorky Film Studio, first aired in 1985. It is based on the 1978 novel One Hundred Years Ahead (, Sto let tomu vperod) by Kir Bulychov. The series starred Natalya Guseva as Alisa Selezneva, a girl from the future that travels to the present and Aleksei Fomkin as Kolya Gerasimov, a boy, who lives in the year 1984 and travels to the future in the year 2084. The series was highly popular in the Soviet Union.
Ten$Ion included three more singles following "Fok Julle Naaiers": "I Fink U Freeky", "Baby's on Fire", and "Fatty Boom Boom". The singles included on Ten$Ion began to bring Die Antwoord more into the global spotlight as they were invited to perform on American talk shows and featured in an Alexander Wang advertisement. However, the album was met with average to poor reviews by many critics. Ten$Ion was followed up with a non-album single, "XP€N$IV $H1T", as well as a remix of Mims' song This Is Why I'm Hot, "Diz Iz Why I'm Hot".
"Last Dayz" is a song by American hip hop group Onyx. It was released on October 3, 1995 by JMJ Records and Rush Associated Labels as the second single from Onyx's second album, All We Got Iz Us. Produced by Fredro Starr, "Last Dayz" making it to number 89 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Instrumental of this song was used in the film 8 Mile for the rap battle between Lotto and B-Rabbit. The song was sampled by more than 10 rap artists including Jus Allah, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, and Vinnie Paz.
In: Promovisani Lepović i Stojanović at, 17-7-2012 Brazilac potpisao za Jagodinu at Sportski žurnal, 28-7-2012 Milanović: Jagodina ponovo želi Evropu at Sportski žurnal, 7-8-2012 Ivan Cvetković pojačao Jagodinu at Sportski žurnal, 22-8-2012 Jagodina dovela Valentićem at, 31-8-2012 Ivan Dragičević at Srbijafudbal Petar Jokić at Srbijafudbal Out: Два сербских игрока переходят в "Шериф" at fc-, 15-6-2012 Croatian Marko Simic joins Sanat Naft at Tehran Times, 13-6-2012 Krstić napustio Jagodinu i otišao u Švajcarsku at, 29-6-2012 Esmir Ahmetović iz Jagodine u Slobodu at SportSport.
The party was established in 3 March 2015 by Janko Vučinić, former union leader. Since its foundation until 2019, RP was a constituent member of the opposition populist Democratic Front (DF) alliance. In March 2019, the Workers' Party left the coalition with Democratic Front.Radnička partija istupila iz DF-a: Ne pristajemo da budemo marginalizovani CdM (March 2019) On 1 May 2019, the Workers' Party decided to sign an agreement with Socialist People's Party (SNP), United Montenegro (UCG) and Independent parliamentary group to form a big tent political alliance under the name For the Benefit of All (DSI).
Patronymics are names derived from the father's given name that, many centuries ago, began to be used as surnames. They are a common form of surnames in the lands where Portuguese is spoken and also have developed in many other languages. In Portuguese, patronymics are surnames such as Henriques, Pires, Rodrigues, Lopes, Nunes, Mendes, Fernandes, Gonçalves, Arantes, Esteves and Álvares, where the ending -es- means (son of). Some surnames that originated in this way do not end in es; instead they end in iz, like Muniz (son of Monio) and Ruiz, (son of Ruy), or ins, like Martins (son of Martim).
39/1 (December 2011), p. 93"Awards and recognitions."Trill No. 2 (March 2010), p. 17 “Nagrade i priznanja.“ Treptaj No. 7 (February 2012), p. 20 Živomir Milenković, “Priznanje stiglo iz Kalifornije” Prosvetni pregled (June 14–21, 2012), p. 11The winners of the Association of Musical Artists of Serbia's awards, Retrieved on September 8, 2012Milenko Stefanović, “Interview,” interview by Maja Čolović Vasić (Belgrade, 2012), Bulletin No. 3 of the XLII International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade, edited by Maja Čolović Vasić (Belgrade: Jeunesses Musicales of Belgrade, 2012).Andrija Blagojevic, “Jeunesses Musicales International Competition in Belgrade, Serbia,“ The Clarinet, Vol.
In 1940, Bessarabia, along with northern Bukovina, was incorporated into the USSR following an ultimatum sent to the Romanian government. The Soviet authorities took several steps to emphasize the distinction between the Moldovans and the Romanians, at times using the physical elimination of pan-Romanian supporters, deemed as "enemies of the people".Bugai, Nikolai F.: Deportatsiya narodov iz Ukainyi, Belorussii i Moldavii – Deportation of the peoples from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Druzhba Narodov, Moscow 1998, Dittmar Dahlmann & Gerhard Hirschfeld. – Essen 1999, pp. 567–581 They were repressed by the NKVD and KGB for their "bourgeois nationalism".
Gržan okrunio bolji prvi dio Zadra, Lokomotiva poražena na Stanovima at ZNet In the 2013–14 winter transfer period Gržan and teammate Begonja moved together to Lokomotiva.Luka Begonja i Šime Gržan prelaze iz Zadra u Lokomotivu at Slobodna Dalmacija web page Two years later, Gržan moved on to NK Istra 1961.Šime Gržan odlazi u Istru 1961 at NK Lokomotiva official site After almost of two years playing at Istra, Gržan left the club and signed for Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina club HŠK Zrinjski Mostar on 29 December 2017. He won the league title with Zrinjski in the 2017–18 season.
HK Alfa was founded in 2003 however did not enter an active league until 2009 when they joined the Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League which had returned after a six year hiatus. HK Alfa finished the 2009–10 regular season in last place winning only three of their ten games. During the season the team played under the name of Medvjedi iz Novog Sarajeva. The following season HK Alfa improved their performance after finishing second in the 2010–11 regular season and qualified for the best of three playoff with HK Bosna who finished in first place.
He would go on to co-host a show on Atlanta's WHTA and became a music director for the show Streets Iz Watchin on the Sirius XM Radio station, Shade 45. Good Day Atlanta, the morning show on Atlanta's Fox affiliate, also named him "Atlanta's Best DJ." In September 2006, the Aphilliates Music Group entered into a strategic partnership with Asylum Records. In January 2007, however, Aphilliates' Atlanta offices were raided by local police at the behest of the RIAA, and Cannon and DJ Drama were arrested on RICO charges. Authorities seized 81,000 mixtapes and various pieces of recording equipment in the raid.
FAM (Berlin), Garage (Stralsund), Loop Festival (Berlin), Interzone Festival (Berlin), Ludwig’s Lust (Hamburg), Postfuhramt (Berlin), Gaudeamus Festival (Amsterdam), IZ(Z)VEN (Maribor-SLO), Rumor Festival (Utrecht), Musique Action Festival (Nancy), Int. Night of Noise (New York City), Aural Anatomy (Pittsburgh), Foton Factory (Bruxelles), Kryptonale (Berlin), Hoerkunstfestival (Erlangen), Fotones (Bruxelles), Fruits de Mheres (F), Stare Ueber Berlin (D), perlonex.tensions Berlin (D), Kill Your Timid Notion (Dundee, UK), SKIFF St.Petersburg (RUS), Stare Uber Berlin, perlonex.tensions Berlin, Fete De La Musique (Geneva), Jeunesse (Vienna), Open Music (Graz), Fete De La Musique (Luxembourg), Time Shifts (Berlin), Maerzmusik (Berlin), Angelica (Bologna),...
A logarithmic transformation (of order m with center p) of an elliptic surface or fibration turns a fiber of multiplicity 1 over a point p of the base space into a fiber of multiplicity m. It can be reversed, so fibers of high multiplicity can all be turned into fibers of multiplicity 1, and this can be used to eliminate all multiple fibers. Logarithmic transformations can be quite violent: they can change the Kodaira dimension, and can turn algebraic surfaces into non-algebraic surfaces. Example: Let L be the lattice Z+iZ of C, and let E be the elliptic curve C/L.
The Izod Corporation (officially stylized as IZOD) is an American mid-range clothing company that produces dressy-casual clothing, sportswear for men, as well as footwear and accessories. It is part of PVH, forming part of its Heritage Brands division along with Van Heusen, Arrow, Warner's, Olga, True & Co., and Geoffrey Beene. It is perhaps best known for its short-sleeved piqué polo shirt, formerly produced by Lacoste and featuring the Lacoste crocodile on the left breast, now replaced with an embroidered (or screen-printed on some golfwear) crest. One variation is the "IZ" patch instead of crest.
Born in Biljača, part of Bujanovac Municipality, located within Preševo Valley, a region in Serbia with Albanian majority. Xhemaili started playing in the youth team of FK Veliki Trnovac from where he moved to Germany in summer 2016 to play in the youth side of TSV Schott Mainz in the season 2016–17.FUDBALSKI TRANSFERI Faton DžEMAILjI prešao iz Velikog Trnovca u nemački MAJNC at, 19-9-2016, retrieved 21-7-2019 Faton Xhemaili at, retrieved 19-7-2019 In summer 2017 he returned to Serbian and joined the youth team of FK Radnik Surdulica.
From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan: Letters to the Homeland (Pre-reform Russian: «Изъ пеще́ръ и де́брей Индоста́на: пи́сьма на ро́дину»; tr. Iz peshcher i debrei Indostana: pis'ma na rodinu) is a literary work by the founder of the Theosophical Society Helena Blavatsky. She published it under the pen name Radda Bai in serial installments (letters) from 1879 to 1886 in Moscow in the periodicals Moskovskiya Vedomosti and Russkiy Vestnik, edited by Mikhail Katkov. The first part of these letters was published in a single volume in 1883 as an appendix to the journal Russkiy Vestnik.
The Askeri İnzibat military police is a small force that is under military command that handles cases directly relevant to military security and military crimes. Their area of jurisdiction is generally limited to military bases. But they also track down military criminals (draft dodgers and deserters). Some of the other duties they perform are, protection and VIP detail provided to important bases or commanders, control of traffic inside the bases and providing security in military courts. They can be identified using the very obvious “AS. İZ.”, printed in large letters across the front of their helmets.
After the terror group National Socialist Underground was uncovered in 2011, the city of Nuremberg refused number plates beginning with N-SU and even abolished the respective plates on their own vehicles of the sewage and environmental department Stadtentwässerung und Umweltanalytik. The combinations STA-SI, HEI-L, IZ-AN and WAF-FE are also avoided, to avoid association with Stasi, the Nazi salute, NAZI backwards and the German word for weapon respectively. Example of banned combination (NS) which was issued accidentally. Banned combinations also include the Nazi abbreviations HJ (, Hitler Youth), NS (, National Socialism), SA (), SS (), KZ (, concentration camp) and often SD ().
Peasants Reading the Emancipation Manifesto, an 1873 painting by Grigory Myasoyedov The legal basis of the reform was the Tsar's Emancipation Manifesto of , accompanied by the set of legislative acts under the general name Regulations Concerning Peasants Leaving Serf Dependence ( Polozheniya o krestyanakh, vykhodyashchikh iz krepostnoi zavisimosti). This Manifesto proclaimed the emancipation of the serfs on private estates and of the domestic (household) serfs. Serfs were granted the full rights of free citizens, gaining the rights to marry without having to gain consent, to own property and to own a business. The Manifesto also permitted peasants to buy the land from the landlords.
Treći srpski ustanak (trans. The Third Serbian Uprising) is a compilation album from Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Riblja Čorba, released in 1997. The album features a choice of Riblja Čorba songs with political-related lyrics recorded and released between 1981 and 1996. Album also features the tracks "Snage opozicije", (recorded in 1985 for the album Istina, but unreleased), "Pacovi iz podruma" (recorded in 1986, previously unreleased), "Crni mercedes" (from the band's frontman Bora Đorđević's solo album Bora priča gluposti), "Seljačine" and "Baba Jula" (from Đorđević's solo album Njihovi dani) and the new song "Volim i ja vas" (recorded in 1997).
Collection of manuscripts and documentary materials: The oldest manuscripts, mainly written by former rulers and prominent persons in Montenegro, date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This collection also holds some personal documents, reports, verdicts. Some of the most valuable manuscripts are: Pismo Ugnjanima written by Bishop Sava in 1774; Pismo Vladike Petra I Petrovića Njegoša Bjelici iz Majina from 1794; Crnogorcima na brodu Porto Roze 1817; and poems of Petar II Petrović Njegoš. The Old and Rare Books Collection contains about 10,000 library items, including incunabula, postincunabula, old books (Cyrillic books printed before 1868, and Latin to 1800), rare editions and miniatures.
In: Представљени Ивковић и Радивојевић at FK Vozdovac official website, 12-1-2015 Представњени Анеј Ловречич и Марко Милошевић at FK Vozdovac official website, 19-1-2015 SRPSKA PIJACA: Voždovac pojačao špic Sikimićem, Nigerijac Nmani tri godine u Jagodini, Đilas u Ergotelisu!, 26-1-2015, Out: Никола Бељић из Вождовца отишао у Шкоду Ксанти at Sportski žurnal, 16-12-2014 ВОЖДОВАЦ: Михајлов у Казахстану, Партизан послао понуду за Бaбовића at Sportski žurnal, 4-1-2015 FK Sloga - Za opstanak novac i pojačanja at, 4-1-2015 Iz Zvezde u Voždovac at, 15-1-2015 ПФК «Жетысу» заключил трудовые договора.
FK Alen Stevanović u Partizanu! 31 August 2015 Two days later he was officially presented at the Partizan Stadium. FK Alen Stevanović sleteo iz Torina 2 September 2015 On 12 September 2015, Stevanović made his official debut for the club in an Eternal derby against Red Star Belgrade and scored the equalizer for Partizan. On 1 October 2015, Stevanović played his first match for Partizan in UEFA competitions in UEFA Europa League group stage in 1–3 away victory over Augsburg. He scored the leading goal for Partizan against Radnik Surdulica in 2–2 away draw on 14 October 2015.
The names of Nizami, Khakani, Fizuli of Baghdad compete > in popularity with famous Persian poets Saadi and Hafiz. Both Nizami, > Khakani and Fizuli were passionate patriots of their nation, while they > served the foreign newcomer only because they were forced to yield to their > power.Искусство азербайджанского народа. — Правда. 05.04.1938. // > Tamazishvili, A.O. (2004), "Iz istorii izučenija v SSSR tvorčestva Nizami > Gjandževi: vokrug jubileja — E. È. Bertels, I. V. Stalin i drugie", ed. by > Vitaly Naumkin, N. G. Romanova, I. M. Smiljanskaja (eds.), Neizvestnye > stranicy otečestvennogo vostokovedenija: [sbornik], Oriental Studies > Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg: 173-99.
Born in Owerri,Emeka Emerun at he begin playing football inspired by his mother, who was a football player. He started playing in a local football academy. When he was 16 he went to Denmark and played one tournament where he scored 5 goals in 6 games and thus earned attention from German giants FC Bayern Munich who brought him to their youth team.Nigerijac iz Bajerna igra u Užicu: Fudbal sam naučio od majke at Blic, 24-9-2015, retrieved 9-4-2016 He played with Bayern Munich Junior Team in the 2011–12 Under 19 Bundesliga.
34, ANU BiH, Sarajevo, 2007, 243-261. # ‘Borba’ za istinsku recenziju (O životu i djelu Marka Vega), Bosna franciscana XVI/29, Sarajevo 2008, 91-115. # Јелена Хранић у банкарским пословањима у Дубровнику и Котору, Зборник за историју Босне и Херцеговине 5, Београд 2008, 89-113. # Iz historije vlaha Pliščića, Godišnjak ANU BiH XXXVII, Centar za balkanološka ispitivanja 35, Sarajevo 2008, 219-244. # Дубравчићи, власи Угарци са подручја Љубомира, Историјски часопис LVII, Београд 2008, 107-122. # Smail Balić kao interpretator predosmanske bosanske historije, „Smail Balić. Vordenker eines europäischen Islam – Mislilac evropskog islama“, facultas.wuv, Wien 2009, 37-43.
Her book Croatian Tales of Long Ago (Priče iz davnine), published in 1916, is among the most popular today in large part because of its adaptation into a computerized interactive fiction product by Helena Bulaja in 2003/2006.Worldwide Fairytale Adventure Croatian Tales of Long Ago In the book Mažuranić created a series of new fairy-tales, but using names and motifs from the Slavic mythology of Croats. It was this that earned her comparisons to Hans Christian Andersen and Tolkien who also wrote completely new stories but based in some elements of real mythology.Edward Picot.
In the 1990s, the Croatia Film company adapted Brlić-Mažuranić's work The Marvellous Adventures and Misadventures of Hlapić the Apprentice as a children's animated feature, Lapitch the Little Shoemaker. Vjesnik Scenarij za seriju o našem šegrtu Hlapiću rade Britanci, a crtaju ga Korejanci!, 5 December 1999 Originally released in 1997, it became Croatia's most successful theatrical release, and was its official submission to the 70th Academy Awards (in the Best Foreign Language Film category). Milan Blažeković, the director of Lapitch, has been developing another animated adaptation of her works since 2000, Tales of Long Ago (Priče iz davnine).
At the German ECHO 2011 music awards on 25 March 2011, Boss and Jon de Mello received the Hit of the Year ECHO for Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. The Hawaiian singer, often known simply as IZ, recorded the song three years before his death in 1997. Boss bought the rights to release the single in Europe in 2010. Over the Rainbow topped the German charts for four months in late 2010 and early 2011, selling over 800,000 copies, which made it the top-selling single of 2010 and the most downloaded song of all time in Germany at that time.
Gorjanović-Kramberger's research helped prove the theory of evolution of human species, and his theories have influenced the social view of the world. He started the study of skeletons relating to modern humans and developed a technique that analyzes the fluorine in bones to calculate their age. In 1895 he used newly discovered X-rays to analyze inner bone structure. Results of his research related to the finds at Krapina could be found in the monograph "O diluvijalnom čovjeku iz Krapine", (Der Diluviale Mensch von Krapina in German; "On the diluvial man of Krapina"), which was published in Wiesbaden in 1906.
It was not a small pistol, rugged and accurate at short range, but also heavy with an awkward grip angle. It was prone to jamming throughout most of its service career, owing largely to its cordite ammunition, which left residue that fouled the close tolerances of its diagonally locking breech. The problem was officially resolved in 1941 with the introduction of the Mark Iz (nitrocellulose) cartridge. The first examples of the pistol had the safety on left side of the hammer, but later models moved the safety to the left side of the frame, where it could also lock the slide.
Other commands include `I HAS A variable` for declaring variables, `variable R value` ("variable [is/are/being] value") for assigning them, sending error messages to the front end via `INVISIBLE` instead of `VISIBLE`, and `BTW` ("by the way") to denote a comment, making the parser ignore the rest of the line. Loops are created with (inspired by the "Im in ur noun, verbing yr related noun" LOLcat meme), and ended with . Loops can be broken with the keyword `ENUF` ("enough"), or in older versions, `GTFO`. Loops can also be ended with the conditional `IZ` command, as demonstrated in the next example.
On October 17, 1999, while on parole, a bodyguard and two rap artists were shot near the gates of Echo Sounds music studio in Atwater Village after concluding a recording session. The crew had gathered on the studio's patio at 11:40 PM when at least two gunmen confronted them and began shooting without warning. Bodyguard Dwayne "Draws" Dupree (23) was killed, pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. Dupree was guarding rapper Ricardo "Kurupt" Brown, future executive vice president of Death Row Records, who was finishing his album Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha with Antra Records.
Scuba diving on the Um El Faroud scuttled wreck with the locality, and snorkeling on the coastline walls, together with rock climbing, are the most popular activities practiced here. Wied iz-Zurrieq also offers some typical local restaurants serving menus and fish cuisine, backed by stunning views of the surrounding sea and landscape. The location has been used many times by filmmakers in big screen and TV productions, namely Hell Boats, Troy, twenty-fifth season of The Amazing Race, "Cadbury Milk Tray" chocolate adverts, and the Rai 2 travel programme Sereno Variabile, amongst other smaller commissions and photoshoots.
Their song, "Mona Lisa, Pt.2", interpolates the Tom Tom Club song, 'Genius of Love', and was sanctioned by the original writers, Tina Weymouth and Chris Franz of Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads. Bedtime for Toys are currently working on material for a new EP, entitled "BFT iz Punk n' B", which will feature cover songs of R&B; artists Bobby Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sheila E., and Chaka Khan. The band is recording at their home studio, Fresh Labs, and well as at Hangar 1018, an art gallery and warehouse, in the Downtown Los Angeles Toy District.
In: БОРАЦ ПРЕДСТАВИО ТРИ НОВА ИГРАЧА at FK Borac official website, 30-1-2014 ЂЕЛМИЋ НАПУСТИО КЛУБ, ПОЛАЗАК НА ПРИПРЕМЕ ПОМЈЕРЕН at FK Borac official website, 1-2-2014 КУНИЋ СТИГАО У БОРАЦ at FK Borac official website, 3-2-2014 ПРЕДСТАВЉЕНА НОВА ПОЈАЧАЊА at FK Borac official website, 13-2-2014 Фудбалском клубу Борац стигли Томовић и Драгичевић at, 14-2-2014 Handžić: Svojim igrama ću opravdati ukazano povjerenje at, 18-2-2014 Out: Mnogi najavljuju odlazak iz banjalučkog Borca at, 5-1-2014 Joco Stokić naredne dvije godine u Jeju Unitedu at sportsport.
His story "Travel Impressions, and, among Other Things, a Pot of Geraniums" (1840) "contains some fascinating details about travel by coach as well as what may be the first description in Russian literature of travel by railroad".James J. Gebhard in Veltman, Selected Stories, p. 8. In the late 1840s, Veltman began a new series of novels to which he dedicated the rest of his life. The overall title was Priklyucheniya, pocherpnutye iz morya zhiteiskogo (Adventures drawn from the sea of life), and it consisted of four novels published from 1848 to 1862, plus a fifth that survives in manuscript form.
His other main works are: short story collections, Iz starog jevandjelja (From an Old Gospel, 1899), Stari dani (The Old Days, 1902), and Božji ljudi (God's Children, 1902); and a play Tašana (1910). Literary critic Jovan Skerlić in his 1914 literary history of Serbia (Istorija nove srpske književnosti) wrote the following about him: > Borisav Stanković takes the first place among the modern Serbian writers. > ... Before Borisav Stanković Serbian literature was limited to the northern > and western Serbian regions. Stanković first introduced in the literature > the southeastern Serbian lands, that part of Old Serbia which Serbia > liberated in 1877–1878.
The Democratic Party experienced a significant split after the 2012 election, with several members including Konstantinović joining the breakaway New Democratic Party under Boris Tadić's leadership."Konstantinović istupio iz DS", Blic (Source: Tanjug), 6 February 2014, accessed 30 September 2017. This party contested the 2014 Serbian parliamentary election as a fusion party with the Greens of Serbia and in alliance with the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, and other parties. Konstantinović received the twenty-eighth position on the alliance's list; the list won eighteen seats, and Konstantinović was not returned to the assembly.Избори за народне посланике Народне скупштине одржани 16.
Alexander Ivanovich Odoevsky (, November 26 (December 8), 1802, Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire - October 10 (22) or August 15 (27), 1839, Psezuape, now Lazarevskoe, Sochi, Russia) was a Russian poet and playwright, one of the leading figures of the 1825 Decembrist revolt. One of Odoevsky's lines, "Iz iskry vozgoritsa plamya" (Из искры возгорится пламя, One spark will start a flame), has come down in history as a long-lasting slogan of the Russian revolutionary movement. It was chosen as a motto (signed as: the "Decembrists' reply to Pushkin") for the Lenin-founded newspaper Iskra, also giving the magazine its title, which means "spark".
Problem: u(x,y) and v(x,y) are known; what is f(z)? Answer: f(z)=u(z,0)+iv(z,0) In words: the holomorphic function f(z) can be obtained by putting x = z and y = 0 in u(x,y)+iv(x,y) . Example 1: with u(x,y)=x^4-6x^2y^2+y^4 and v(x,y)=4x^3y-4xy^3 we obtain f(z)=z^4. Example 2: with u(x,y)=\cos(x)\exp(-y) and v(x,y)=\sin(x)\exp(-y) we obtain f(z)=\cos(z)+i\sin(z)=\exp(iz).
Nonetheless, the Yukons developed a high degree of competence in biological and genetic sciences. At the same time the Timermen, their hidden technological elite, began developing means of rendering their enemies' electronic technology unusable through development of portable electromagnetic pulse generation technology. In the 2070s and 2080s, a gang known as the Yellowjackets, under the control of a lawyer named Bartholemew Iz, seized control of the United States and launched a campaign of biological warfare the goals of which are left unclear but which killed hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In 2081 war broke out between the Yellowjackets and the Yukons.
The Caracu is considered the most suitable Taurine breed for the tropical conditions found in Brazil. Since 1980 the Caracu has been upgraded via the most modern selection techniques for genetic improvement, led by the Brazilian Association of Caracu Breeders (ABCC). Major industry initiatives such as the Animal Science Institute of Sertaozinho (IZ), Embrapa - Beef Cattle (Campo Grande / MS) and the Agronomic Institute of Paraná (IAPAR), carry out studies and research related to the breed. In less than 30 years Caracu presented an accelerated evolution of performance in many ways, always keeping intact its rustic features.
In 2011, Serbian alternative rock band Block Out released a cover of "Beograd spava" as a single. In 2012, Croatian singer Massimo Savić covered the song "Siđi do reke", as a tribute to Delčić, during his performance at the Belgrade Sava Centar venue. In 2012, Serbian band Vampiri covered the song "Koliko imaš godina" on their concert in Sava Centar, as a tribute to Delčić. In 2014, Croatian singer-songwriter Damir Urban covered the band's song "Ne brini" ("Don't Worry"), for the film Dječaci Iz Ulice Marksa i Engelsa (The Boys from the Marx and Engels Street).
Two singles were released from this album: "Live Niguz" and "Last Dayz". The first single, "Live Niguz", also known by its censored title "Live!!!", was released on July 18, 1995 as a single from Def Jam's The Show: The Soundtrack and as the first single from Onyx's second album, All We Got Iz Us. Produced by 8-Off Assassin and all three members of Onyx, "Live!!!" only found minor success on the R&B; and rap charts, becoming the group's first single not to reach the Billboard Hot 100. The second single, "Last Dayz" was released on October 3, 1995.
Assuming, however, that we are operating at speeds below vc and above those which produce a planar front, we will achieve some cellular structure with both ice-crystals and walls composed of packed ceramic particles. The morphology of this structure is tied to some variables, but the most influential is the temperature gradient as a function of time and distance along the freezing direction. Freeze-cast structures have at least three apparent morphological regions., Morphological instability in freezing colloidal suspensions At the side where freezing initiates is a nearly isotropic region with no visible macropores dubbed the Initial Zone (IZ).
Baron Edmund Gutmann von Gelse und Belišće (March 3, 1841 – January 17, 1918) was Croatian nobleman, industrialist and together with his family (father and brothers) founder of the settlement which became Belišće, Croatia. Baron Gutmann was born to a Jewish family of Salamon Heinrich and Nanette Gutmann, Grad Belišće - gradski bilten; Belišće posjetio Gutmanov praunuk - Posjet predstavnika Židovske općine iz Osijeka; stranica 2; broj 25; 15.11.2007. as oldest of nine children. He had four brothers and four sisters: Isidor (born 1845), Vilim (born 1846), Ladislav (born 1855), Alfred (born 1857), Hedwig, Emma (born 1848), Berta and Ida.
The ERS10 Index is a share index of the 10 companies from the power utility sector which are listed on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange (BLSE), established on 29 December 2005. ERS10 stands for Indeks preduzeća iz sistema Elektroprivrede Republike Srpske, which is Serbian for The Index of the Power Utility Companies of Republika Srpska. The highest value of the index to 7 September 2006, was on that day, at 2642.95. Other indices on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange are the BIRS (an index of 12 leading shares) and FIRS (an index of 13 privatisation-investment funds).
Izolda Barudžija's career faded away after two additional attempts at the Eurovision Song Contest (in 1983 and 1984). Suzana Perović switched to more commercial folk music and released a few semi-successful albums before she vanished from the music scene. The albums featured hits "Pobediće ljubav", "Dežurna pesma" and "Istanbul". However, her most remembered songs were "Princ iz bajke" and "Zašto ljubomoran nisi", recorded in 1987 for the follow-up to the ground- breaking Serbian comedy "Tesna koža" (which helped launch the career of the folk icon of the 1980s, Lepa Brena), and in which Perović appeared as a singer named Suzi.
He received the eighty-fourth position on the Progressive Party's Aleksandar Vučić — For Our Children coalition list in the 2020 Serbian parliamentary election"Ko je sve na listi SNS za republičke poslanike?", Danas, 6 March 2020, accessed 30 June 2020. and was elected to a third term when the list won a landslide majority with 188 mandates. Despite some disagreements between the United Peasant Party and the Progressives at the local level,Aleksandar Kostić, "Miletić iz Seljačke stranke na izborima u Svrljigu pod Vučićevim imenom na listi", Južne vesti, 3 March 2020, accessed 26 July 2020.
The movie should have been recorded in cooperation between Samardžić and Balašević, however, the cooperation was not agreed. Balašević released the songs that should have been the soundtrack for the film on the album Rani mraz. The album's subtitle was Priča o Vasi Ladačkom.../Muzika iz nesnimljenog filma (Story of Vasa Ladački.../Music from the Film that was not Filmed). The album featured folk rock sound similar to the one on Na posletku.... The album featured rerecorded "Priča o Vasi Ladačkom" and the instrumental track based on it, "Pričica o Vasi L." ("Short Story about Vasa L.").
Bykov, L.P. Vladimir Maximov's Kontinent (PDF) Континент Владимира Максимова. Вестник Уральского отделения РАН 2008, номер=4 (26), страницы=165—169 He was also the head of the executive committee of the international anti-communist organization Resistance International.Галина Аккерман. Владимир Максимов — судьбы скрещенья Among Maksimov's best-known works written in France were the novels Kovcheg dlya nezvanykh (The Arc for the Uninvited, 1976), telling the story of the Soviet development of the Kuril Islands after the World War II, an autobiographical dilogy Proshchanye iz niotkuda (Farewell from Nowhere, 1974—1982), and Zaglyanut v bezdnu (To Look Into the Abyss, 1986), the latter having as its theme Alexander Kolchak's romantic life.
Dramatic: Mali prodajalci (ballet), 1957; Baletska jednočinka (ballet), 1957; Humoreske (opera, R. Dorgeles), 1958; Spoštovanja vredna vlačuga (opera), 1960; Gluha okna (television ballet), 1967; Jago (happening, W. Heinrich, after Shakespeare), 8 performers, tape, 1967-8; Ares-Eros (musical drama, Božič), 1970; Lizistrata (opera, after Aristophanes), 1975 Orchestral: Pf Conc., 1956; A Sax Conc., 1958; Humoreska, hn, orch, 1959; Trombone Conc., 1960; Tpt Conc., 1961; Improvizacije, 6 groups, 1963; Sym., 1964-5; Audiografika, cl, trombones, pf, perc, str, 1970; Audiospectrum, 1972; Audiostructurae, pf, orch, 1973 Vocal: Ciganske pesme [Gipsy songs], cantata, reciter, solo vv, chorus, ens, 1962; Sedmina, 4 reciters, orch, 1966; Šesta pesma iz ciklusa Blaznost [Madness] (G.
He was an associate member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts since 1975, extraordinary member since 1983, and a full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 1991. He was actively engaged in field research of the medieval cultural and historical monuments, especially murals and Glagolitic epigraphy in Istria, northern Croatian Littoral and Kvarner islands. He discovered and analyzed medieval frescoes in sixty locales in Istria (Istarske freske, 1963; Vincent iz Kastva, 1992). He led archaeological excavations of the Church of St. Lucy, Jurandvor on the island of Krk, as well as the conservation effort of the complex St. Mary's in Osor.
Jakovljević, 2003, p. 83-84 During 1982, Mihajlović released a single "Mantilja" (Mantilla), with "Specijalka" (A Special) as the B-side, and with Andrejić and Moss who often performed live with him, he recorded maxi single "Marš na Drinu" ("March on the River Drina"), a cover of the World War I song. He had also opened a school for guitar players in Kragujevac and Belgrade, through which an abundance of students had passed over the years. During 1982, with his former Smak bandmates, Boris Aranđelović recorded his debut solo album Iz profila (Profile View), after which he moved to London where he minimized his musical career.
The Langham letter, published by 1580, is a significant source for the entertainments of the Elizabethan period in England. Dated from Worcester on 20 August 1575, and titled A letter: whearin, part of the entertainment vntoo the Queenz Maiesty, at Killingwoorth Castl, in Warwik Sheer in this soomerz progress 1575. iz signified: from a freend officer attendant in the coourt, vntoo hiz freend a citizen, and merchaunt of London, it describes the summer 1575 entertainment of Elizabeth I of England by Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester at Kenilworth Castle. It is addressed to Humfrey Martyn, the son of Sir Roger Martyn, a master of the Mercers' Company.
It was mediated by Demirel. The agreement specifically stated that Croatia requested urgent military aid, especially for the Bihać area, and that the parties to the agreement intended to coordinate their military activities. The full title of the Split Agreement, or Split Declaration, is Declaration on implementation of the Washington Agreement, joint defence against Serb aggression and achievement of a political solution in accordance with the efforts of the international community (Deklaracija o oživotvorenju Sporazuma iz Washingtona, zajedničkoj obrani od srpske agresije i postizanju političkog rješenja sukladno naporima međunarodne zajednice). The US Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, and a German ambassador, representing the European Union, were present at the signing ceremony.
Two of them wrote all the songs for the new album except for one cover. The guests on the album were Aleksandra Kovač on the song "Santa Fe", actor Sergej Trifunović on the cover of Film's "Odvedi me iz ovog grada" and Tina Milivojević as a backing vocalist on "Mala prodavnica užasa" and "Ja to radim samo kad sam sam". In the early June 1997, the single "Lavirint" was released accompanied by the two different music videos, directed by Aca Ilić, announcing the new album Heart Core. The album contained twelve songs of modern pop music, and is considered by Vasović to be the best album of the band's career.
Diamond was born in Ungheni, Iaşi County, Bessarabia, Romania, present day Moldova, was referred to as "Iz" in Hollywood, and was known to quip that his initials stood for "Interscholastic Algebra League", a prize he had won while attending Boys' High School in Brooklyn. Diamond emigrated with his mother and sister, following his father to the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn in the United States at the age of 9. There he studied at the Boy's High School, showing ability in mathematics, competing in the state Mathematics Olympiads in 1936–37 and winning several medals therein. Diamond completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia in 1941.
In the 1086 Domesday Book its hundred was named Gren[u/v]iz (Greenwich), which by the 1166 was renamed Blachehedfeld (Blackheath) because it had become the location of the annual or more frequent hundred gathering. By the 1880s the lathes and hundreds of Kent had become obsolete, with the civil parishes and other districts assuming modern governmental functions. Eltham was a civil parish of Kent until 1889 when it became part of the County of London and from 1900 formed part of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich. The metropolitan borough was abolished in 1965 and Eltham then became part of the then London Borough of Greenwich.
The state funeral procession occurred on December 27, and was attended by thousands of natives, foreign residents and visitors including the royal family and members of the government.; ; Russian traveler Aleksei Vysheslavtsev, who arrived in Honolulu days before, latter wrote down a detail account of the events in Ocherki perom i karandashom, iz krugosvetnogo plavaniya (Sketches in Pen and Pencil from a Voyage around the World). A contradictory report by Scottish traveling performer John Henry Anderson described an earlier funeral service for the prince which was held at Kawaiahaʻo Church on Sunday, November 6. The funeral was estimated to have cost at least $10,000.
211x211px Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Allen was a pupil of Boyd McDonald and Robert Turner at the University of Manitoba where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in 1975. Between 1976-1977 he pursued graduate studies at McGill University where his teachers included Bengt Hambraeus, Alcides Lanza, and Bruce Mather. During the 1970s he was a founding member of the contemporary concert series IZ Music,Peter Allen at the Canadian Music Centre website along with three other Manitoba composers; Bruce Carlson, William Pura and James Hiscott. Their concerts were regularly recorded by the CBC and broadcast on Two New Hours, CBC Radio Toronto.
Born in Sarajevo, Govedarica started playing with local club Slavija before signing with Serbian side Donji Srem and playing with them in the 2013–14 Serbian SuperLiga. After one season in Serbia, he returned to Slavija in the summer of 2014. In 2015, he left Slavija for Sloboda Tuzla. After Sloboda, Govedarica also played for Olimpik, Slavija again and Zvijezda 09, who he joined in January 2018.TIM IZ ETNO SELA STANIŠIĆI POČEO PRIPREME ZA PROLJEĆNI DIO SEZONE‚, 15 January 2018 Govedarica won the First League of RS in the 2017–18 season and got promoted to the Bosnian Premier League with Zvijezda 09.
Hypercharge is one of two quantum numbers of the SU(3) model of hadrons, alongside isospin I3. The isospin alone is sufficient for two quark flavours—namely, and —whereas presently six flavours of quarks are known. SU(3) weight diagrams (see below) are 2-dimensional with the coordinates referring to two quantum numbers, I3 (also known as Iz), which is the z-component of isospin and Y, which is the hypercharge (the sum of strangeness S, charm C, bottomness B′, topness T, and baryon number B). Mathematically, hypercharge is :Y = S+C+B^\prime+T+B. Strong interactions conserve hypercharge, but weak interactions do not.
Grujić opposed this decision, announced that he would continue to support Vučić, and left New Serbia. Fellow parliamentarians Dubravka Filipovski and Dragan Jovanović also left the party in the same period for the same reason.Mirjana R. Milenković, "Dragan Jovanović isključen iz Nove Srbije", Danas, 26 January 2017, 22 May 2017. All three continue to support Vučić's administration. During the 2016–20 parliament, Grujić served on the European Integration Committee, was a deputy member of the foreign affairs committee and the European Union–Serbia stabilization and association committee, a member of Serbia's delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly, and a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Bulgaria and Iran.
In 1995, she created a new concert program called "Ya ne nravlus' sebye" (I don't like myself) and toured in Baku, Almaty, Kiev, Yerevan, Minsk, Riga, Kishinev, and Jerusalem, as well as a number of cities in Europe and the United States. In 1996, she won the "Ovation" award again, this time in the "best female pop singer" category. Dolina appeared as an actress in the films "Barkhatniy sezon" (Velvet season), "My iz dzhaza" (We are from the jazz), "Ostrov pogibshih korabley" (Island of sunken ships), and "Suvenir dlia prokurora" (A souvenir for the prosecutor). Her songs have been featured in more than 70 live action and animated films.
Croats in Serbia which is not in war with Croatia, With head stuck into sand According to other estimations, the number of Croats which have left Serbia under political pressure of Milošević's regime might be between 20,000 and 40,000.Hrvatska nacionalna manjina u Srbiji According to Petar Kuntić of Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina, 50,000 Croats were pressured to move out from Serbia during the Yugoslav wars. Sedamnaest godina od proterivanja Hrvata iz Hrtkovaca, Zoran Glavonjić Under the rule of Serbian president Slobodan Milošević, a series of protests against Vojvodina's party leadership took place during the summer and autumn of 1988, which forced it to resign.
Later they were discovered by then-popular hardcore rap group Onyx, who signed them to their new label, Armee Records, which was distributed by Mercury Records. In 1995, All City released their debut single, "Who Dat"/"Metro Theme", through Armee Records. In the same year, the group took part in the recording of the second Onyx's album, All We Got Iz Us, in the songs "Purse Snatchaz" and "Getto Mentalitee". Three years later, the duo reappeared on the third Onyx's album, Shut 'Em Down, in the songs "Fuck Dat", "Overshine", and also on the track "Wilin' Wilin'" which was not included on the album.
Byzantine-style coinage struck in Alexandria imitating Khosrow II. Egypt was conquered in 618 by the prominent Sasanian military leader Shahrbaraz, who governed the province briefly until he appointed Shahralanyozan as the new governor. Sahralanyozan held the title of karframan- idar ("steward of the court") and was the most powerful Iranian in Egypt. Besides being governor of Egypt, he was also the tax-collector of the province, and most likely resided in Faiyum. In Middle Persian texts, the country is known as Agiptus and is depicted as the following; agiptus būm kē misr-iz xwānēnd ("the land of Agiptus which is also called Misr").
The Askeri İnzibat or AS.İZ, is the Military Police of the Turkish Armed Forces and constitute a very small dedicated force which handles military security and military crimes. Their area of jurisdiction is generally limited to military bases. Their competence to identify and arrest military criminals in civilian areas (draft dodgers and deserters) has been transferred to Gendarmerie and police units. Some of the other duties they perform are, protection and VIP detail provided to important bases or commanders, control of traffic inside the bases and providing security in military courts. They can be identified using the very obvious “AS. İZ.”, printed in large letters across the front of their helmets.
After being named Interior Minister on 3 March 2004, several newspapers reported that as a 21-year-old Jočić was directly involved in a 1981 kiosk robbery for which he was convicted to a 6-month conditional jail sentence. He confirmed the stories when asked about them.B92 - Vesti - Jočić potvrdio da je bio osuđen na uslovnu kaznu - Internet, Radio i TV stanica; najnovije vesti iz Srbije He later stated that this was his "only mischief as a youth" and that "everybody knows that Dragan Jočić is a good man". Both claims became a popular catchphrase among those unsympathetic towards his and his party's policies.
"Can't Wait" is the second single released from Redman's second album, Dare Iz a Darkside. It is produced by Erick Sermon and Redman, and contains samples from "All Night Long" by Mary Jane Girls, "Caribbean Nights" by Bob James and "Just Rhymin' With Biz" by Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie. The song reached number five on Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales charts, number eleven on the Hot Rap Singles chart, number sixty one on the Hot R&B;/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart and number ninety-four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It is the first of four Redman songs to reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The period from April 1985 to December 1991 witnessed dramatic change in the USSR. In February 1987 KGB Chairman Victor Chebrikov reported to Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev that 288 people were serving sentences for offenses committed under Articles 70, 190-1 and 142 of the RSFSR Criminal Code; a third of those convicted were being held in psychiatric hospitals.Bukovsky Archive, KGB report to Gorbachev, 1 February 1987 (183-Ch). Most were released during the course of the year, spurred on by the death in prison of veteran dissident Anatoly Marchenko in December 1986."Release of a large group of political prisoners", Vesti iz SSSR, 1987 (15 February, 3.1) in Russian.
198 After 13 years, on June 25, 1966, SFR Yugoslavia and the Holy See signed the Protocol by which the two states established very limited relations on the level of government delegates to the Holy See and an Apostolic delegate with the function of envoy to Yugoslavia. This Protocol did not made it possible to sign a concordat or any other legal document that would regulate relations between church and state. It, among other things, stated that "the Catholic Church, in its religious framework, cannot misuse its religious and church functions in order for it to have a political character."Pregovori Svete Stolice i Jugoslavije i potpisivanje protokola iz 1966.
Yoav Ben-Tzur: Public Activities Knesset website He later worked as director-general of Shas' Ma'ayan HaChinuch HaTorani school system from 2007 until 2013.Jerusalem - New Shas MK Sworn In To Replace Attias Vos Iz Neias, 23 June 2014 A member of Shas, Ben-Tzur was placed twelfth on the Shas list for the 2013 Knesset elections,Shas Central Elections Committee but failed to win a seat, as Shas won eleven seats. However, he entered the Knesset on 22 June 2014 as a replacement for Ariel Atias,Replacements Knesset website who resigned in order to take a break from politics. He was re-elected in 2015, April 2019, 2019 and 2020.
He embraced universal and cosmic themes, which made the young Kranjčević stand out among his contemporaries, such as August Harambašić, whose main themes were patriotism or romantic love. Josip Draženović's "Crtice iz primorskoga malogradskoga života" (Sketches from a Coastal Small Town Life, 1893) focused on people and their relationships on the Croatian coast at the end of the 19th century. At the threshold of the modernist era, the poet, playwright and novelist Ante Tresić Pavičić brought classical and Italian poetry forms into his work. The collections "Valovi misli i čuvstava" (Waves of Thought and Emotion, 1903), and "Sutonski soneti" (Twilight Sonnets, 1904) were to influence some of his younger contemporaries.
The song contains a sample from "Light My Fire" as performed by Brian Auger's Oblivion Express. It also contains vocal samples of Raekwon from the track "Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)" by Mobb Deep, and "Suspended in Time" by Group Home, as well as a scratched vocal sample from the song "A Bitch Iz A Bitch", by N.W.A. The end of the song incorporates a scratched vocal sample from the movie "The Five Heartbeats." The opening of the song is taken from the film "The Education of Sonny Carson" scene where a leader of The Hawks Gang proclaims their superiority over the rival Lords.
During his years in Paris (1893–1900) Gavrilović prepared a huge volume of French documents concerning the First Serbian Uprising, under Karađorđe (1804–1813), that was published in the French language in a single volume in 1904 (Ispisi iz pariskih arhiva. Građa za istoriju srpskog ustanka), in Belgrade by the Serbian Royal Academy. After returning to Serbia from Paris, Gavrilović was appointed Director of the Archives of Serbia (1900–1903) and contributed greatly to its organization as a modern archival institution. Using Austrian and Russian sources as well, Gavrilović, renowned for his methodical analysis and wider perspective on general historical developments, was considered the leading Serbian expert for diplomatic history.
In: Tandem iz Užica u Lučanima at, 6-1-2015 Početak priprema za prolećnu polusezonu at FK Mladost Lučani website, 9-1-2015 POJAČANJE NA ŠTOPERSKOJ POZICIJI at FK Mladost Lučani website, 13-1-2015 MILOVANOVIĆ ZADOVOLJAN PRELAZNIM ROKOM at FK Mladost Lučani official website, 26-1-2015 DEVET PRIDOŠLICA ZA MIRNO PROLEĆE at FK Mladost Lučani official website, 27-1-2015 Out: Miloje Preković at Serbian First League Fudbal: Grujičić pojačao Šumadiju 1903 at, 19-1-2015 Rade Pejić at Serbian First League PROZIVKA U SLOBODI Sa početkom priprema došla i plata at, 22-1-2015 Igor Petrović novo pojačanje Moravca ORION at sportskastranajuga.
Memorial plaque in Voronezh Troepolsky was born in Tambov Governorate, the son of a Russian Orthodox priest. He graduated from an agricultural school in 1924 and worked as an agronomist on kolkhozes until 1954, when he became a full-time writer, all his books dealing with nature and people who work the land. His first short story appeared in 1937. His first book, the collection Iz zapisok agronoma [Diaries of an Agronomist], was published in 1953 by Novy Mir; in it he "ridiculed district party secretaries, kolkhoz chairmen, village demagogues and thieves"Yitzhak M. Brudny, Reinventing Russia: Russian Nationalism and the Soviet State, 1953–1991 (Harvard University Press, 2000: ), p. 48.
The group had previously participated on Russia's Eurovision song selection in 2010 with the song "Dlinnaja-dlinnaja beresta i kak sdelat' iz nee ajšon" ("Very long birch bark and how to turn it into a turban"), where they finished third. They made another attempt to represent Russia by participating on Russia's Eurovision song selection in 2012 with the song "Party for Everybody" which was sung partially in English. The group eventually won, receiving 38.51 points ahead of Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan who also entered the contest with T.A.T.u. member Yulia Volkova with the song "Back To Her Future" which finished second, receiving 29.25 points.
Tako was formed in 1974 by Dušan "Dule" Ćućuz (bass guitar), Đorđe Ilijin (keyboards), Sava Bojić (guitar, vocals) and Milan "Mića Žorž" Lolić (drums). Previously, Dušan Ćućuz was a member of Džentlmeni and Plameni 6, he was one of the original Opus members, and in the first half of the 1970s he worked as YU grupa's sound engineer, Sava Bojić was one of the original Pop Mašina members, and Đorđe Ilijin worked as a music teacher and often appeared as a guest musician on other bands' album recordings. Initially, beside their own songs, the band performed Jimi Hendrix Experience and Santana covers."Tako - Treba raditi iskreno i iz srca", aleksandararezina.blogspot.
The legal and financial entity behind the paper, Daily Press d.o.o. company, was founded on November 25, 1996 and registered on December 16, 1996. The company's founding capital of $5,000 was provided by three entities: Miodrag Perović's company Montenegropublic, journalist Milka Tadić, and Slavica Popović acting on the behalf of Podgorica Tobacco Factory director Dragoljub "Mićo" Dautović.Srđan Kusovac: Krajem 1995 započeli su realizaciju projekta “dnevni list” nakon što su dobili mig iz samog vrha vlasti; Pobjeda, 25 March 2010 The paper was started on September 1, 1997 as only the second daily newspaper in Montenegro at that point with the long running state-owned Pobjeda being their only competition.
Glick involved himself in the ghetto's artistic community while simultaneously participating in the underground and took part in the 1942 ghetto uprising. In 1943 he wrote his most famous work, the song Zog nit keynmol, az du geyst dem letstn veg (זאג ניט קיינמאל, אז דו גייסט דעם לעצטן וועג) to the music of the soviet composer Dmitry Pokrass (1899-1978), which became the anthem of the Jewish partisan movement, and Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt. He was inspired to write this work by news that arrived of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Glick managed to flee when the ghetto was being liquidated in October 1943, but was re-captured.
Razin throws his Persian lover overboard. A 1681 illustration to Jean Struys' book The main tune is taken from a Russian song about the Cossack ataman Stepan (also known as Stenka) Razin known as "Iz-za ostrova na strezhen" or "Volga, Volga mat' rodnaya" which became popular in Russia as early as the 1890s. There is a resemblance in the tune, tempo and emotional appeal to the iconic Welsh song Myfanwy, by Joseph Parry, written earlier, though the Russian folklore possibly predates them both. The original lyrics of the song, written in 1883 by the poet and Povolzhye region ethnographer Dmitry Sadovnikov to a folk melody,Rozanov, Ivan.
During the early 18th century two schools are opened in the city. One school was operated by Catholic Missionary Church of “St. Antun Padovinski”, while the second schools was run as a Serbian Public School. Kostajnica is known for its natural springs such as; Varoški Bunar, Mrzlenac, Tekija, Pekinac, Paunovac, Angelovac, and Tutulovac. The most popular spring Tekija has engraved sign (drink brother, potion was given to you by the god's mercy) “Pi brate iz Božje milosti dat ti je napitak.” In the late 19th and early 20th century, Kostajnica was a district capital in the Zagreb County of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.
The punctuation marks used to indicate sentence structure — the comma, period, colon, and semicolon — are the same in Yiddish as they are in English. The punctuation used for the abbreviation, contraction, and concatenation of words — the apostrophe and hyphen — are conceptually similar but typographically distinct in a manner that, yet again, can cause confusion when represented digitally. This can be illustrated with the contraction for (es iz = "it is"), which is (s'iz = "it's"). Although the Yiddish punctuation mark is termed an (apostrof) the character used to represent it is the Hebrew geresh, which differs both in its graphic appearance and, more importantly, in its digital representation.
M.C. Kids is a 1992 platform video game developed and published by Virgin Interactive. It was initially released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in February 1992 in North America, and by Ocean Software in May 1993 in Europe. As a licensed product for the McDonald's fast food restaurant chain, the game stars two children named Mack and Mick who venture into the fantasy world of McDonaldland in order to return Ronald McDonald's magical bag which has been stolen by the Hamburglar. The game was created by four people in eight months: Darren Bartlett (art and level design) Gregg Iz-Tavares and Dan Chang (programming) and Charles Deenen (audio).
The House of the Dead (, Zapiski iz Myortvovo doma) is a semi-autobiographical novel published in 1860–2The first part was published in 1860 and the second one in 1862. The novel's first complete appearance was in book form in 1862. in the journal VremyaJoseph Frank, Introduction to The House of the Dead and Poor Folk, Barnes and Noble, 2004 by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky, which portrays the life of convicts in a Siberian prison camp. The novel has also been published under the titles Memoirs from the House of The Dead, Notes from the Dead House (or Notes from a Dead House), and Notes from the House of the Dead.
Around 1034 (according to John Skylitzes), the Dukljans renounced Byzantine rule. Stefan Vojislav, cousin of the murdered Jovan Vladimir, organized a rebellion taking advantage of the death of the emperor Romanos III Argyros. He was defeated and imprisoned in Constantinople in 1035/1036Vizantološki institut SANU, „Vizantijski izvori za istoriju naroda Jugoslavije (III tom)“ (fototipsko izdanje originala iz 1967), Beograd 2007 while his realm was put under the control of the strategos Theophilos Erotikos. In late 1037 or early 1038, he managed to break out of the prison and returned to Duklja, where he organized a new rebellion, also targeting the Serb allies of the Emperor in the neighbouring regions.
Toni Szabó played with Vasas SC along Ferenc Plattkó and received a call for the Hungarian national team in 1917 for a game against Austria (Hungary won 4–1, Szabó didn't debut)."Prvaci druge lige bićemo mi!" izjavio je Toni Sabo trener "Jugoslavije" iz Jabuke ("We will win the second league!" words of Toni Szabó coach of Jugoslavija Jabuka) at Vreme, page 10, from 2-3-1939 Then he played with Budapesti AK in the 1920–21 Hungarian championship.Szabó Antal at It was the post-World War I period and Szabó decided to leave Hungary and moved to Yugoslavia where he joined Serbian side BSK Belgrade.
GMA Network Center in 2015 In 2010, for the first and second quarters, GMA Network released new soaps and shows like The Last Prince, Panday Kids, First Time, Laff En Roll, Diva, Zooperstars, Claudine, Wipeout, Pepito Manaloto, Wachamakulit, Sunnyville, Comedy Bar, Love Bug, Langit sa Piling Mo, Pilyang Kerubin, Endless Love, Danz Showdown, as well as Diz Iz It! which replaced the longest morning talk show SiS along Party Pilipinas which replaced SOP. In 2011, GMA Network offered an afternoon line-up which continued the success of Koreana, Trudis Liit, Basahang Ginto and Bantatay. It includes Nita Negrita, Magic Palayok, Alakdana, Sisid and My Lover, My Wife.
Kilibarda joined politics very early on, climbing into several ranks of the League of Communists of Montenegro, including the position of MP in the Parliament of the Socialist Republic of Montenegro. After writing the foreword to the book Anegdote i priče iz Crne Gore ("Anegdotes and Stories from Montenegro") by Obrad Višnjić, which included a song glorifying Krsto Zrnov Popović, he was expelled from all positions in the League of Communists and in the state apparatus in 1971. He was also replaced from the position of Director of the Pedagogical Academy. High-ranking official Veljko Milatović was against firing him from the position of professor altogether and prevented it from happening.
Although umlaut was not a grammatical process, umlauted vowels often serve to distinguish grammatical forms (and thus show similarities to ablaut when viewed synchronically), as can be seen in the English word man. In ancient Germanic, it and some other words had the plural suffix -iz, with the same vowel as the singular. As it contained an i, this suffix caused fronting of the vowel, and when the suffix later disappeared, the mutated vowel remained as the only plural marker: men. In English, such plurals are rare: man, woman, tooth, goose, foot, mouse, louse, brother (archaic or specialized plural in brethren), and cow (poetic and dialectal plural in kine).
The same year Lepa Brena and Slatki Greh appeared in the first part of Yugoslav classic comedy film A Tight Spot with popular comedian Nikola Simić and actress Ružica Sokić, which raised their status and brought them almost instant fame. They would again team up with songwriter Milutin Popović-Zahar for their second studio album Mile voli disko (Mile Loves Disco), released 18 November 1982. In addition to the title song, the album had a couple of other hit songs: "Duge noge" (Long Legs) and "Dama iz Londona" (London Lady). In 1983, Lepa Brena and Slatki Greh ended their collaboration with Milutin Popović-Zahar and Vladimir Cvetković.
Extra! Since yesterday only on film and now in your head), featuring the new drummer Ivan Stančić "Piko", a former Grupa 220, Time and Parni Valjak member, who came as a replacement for Hromatko who had gone to serve the Yugoslav People's Army. The album, produced by Buldožer member Boris Bele, featuring a series of urban ska sound with a clear message: "Neprilagođen" ("Misfit"), "Zamisli" ("Imagine"), "Moderna djevojka" ("Modern girl"), "Radio ljubav" ("Radio love") and "Odvedi me iz ovog grada" ("Take me out of this town"). Stublić was signed as the author of the complete material, being inspired by the life in and around Zagreb.
There were several collaborations on the Animal album, including The Stereotypes, Lil Rob, Baby Bash, Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, Bionik, 24/8, IZ, DB Tonik, and Jah Free. Their songs from the Animal album were featured in major film and television on multiple occasions. FM's single "Girls on the Dance Floor" has been played on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew on the Season 4 Finale during a performance with Artistry In Motion, Vogue Evolution and We Are Heroes. It was also featured on Get Him to the Greek, FOX's So You Think You Can Dance and on the 7th episode of CSI: Miami Season 8.
Hamas also lost a very large amount of weaponry and equipment; key storage facilities were discovered under mosques and public buildings. A former Shin Bet deputy director who co-authored a report on the war noted, "Hamas had planned to stand and fight, but the Iz al- Qassam Brigades proved unequal to the task ... and consequently they failed to match the public image Hamas has tried so hard to present of stalwart, proficient Islamic warriors." In addition, the Israeli operation greatly curtailed years of Hamas rocket fire, returning a sense of normalcy to Southern Israel.Bronner, Painful Mideast Truth: Force Trumps Diplomacy 20 October 2009.
Milorad Ulemek was arrested on May 1 2004. for the assassination of Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Đinđić. Before Ulemek was transferred to a state prison, he had an unofficial meeting with several political opponents of Zoran Đinđić, including Aleksandar Tijanić.Uništena evidencija MUP-a iz noći Legijine predaje; Politika, 04 April 2007Izjava ministra Policije Dragana Jočića posle predaje Milorada Ulemeka (3. maj 2004); B92, 31 March 2006 In March 2005, an entire 200 plus page pamphlet- type book named Slučaj službenika Tijanića solely devoted to denouncing Tijanić as a person and a professional was published in Belgrade by non- governmental organization Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM).
In Dalmatia, the Venetian branch of the Calogerà family amassed considerable wealth as goldsmiths on the island of Korčula, becoming one of its most prominent families soon after arriving in the mid-18th century. This cadet branch descends cognatically from the Cortino goldsmithing family of Hvar. In the early 18th century, Don Francesco Calogerà, warden of the Venetian state hospital in Hvar, married the daughter of goldsmith Steffano Cortino, and their son, Steffano Calogerà, became the progenitor of the Kalogjera family of Korčula and the first to adopt the double-barreled nickname of Kalogjera Zlatar, meaning goldsmith.See Lupis, "Zlatarska bilježnica obitelji Kalogjera iz Blata na otoku Korčuli" in Peristil.
Talking to the press afterwards, prime minister Dačić jokingly described the circumstances of Danilović's stabbing as "traditional Serbian quarrel between friends".Dačić: Danilović je povređen u tradicionalnoj srpskoj svađi među prijateljima;Blic, 18 May 2013 On 20 May 2013, Serbian police issued an arrest warrant for Branko Filipović after unsuccessfully trying to summon him for questioning.Poternica za prijateljem Danilovića;B92, 20 May 2013 Danilović got out of the hospital on 26 May 2013Predrag Danilović izašao iz bolnice, a Fidi još uvek u bekstvu;Blic, 26 May 2013 and was seen in public at the Belgrade Airport awaiting the arrival of Jovica Stanišić and Franko Simatović, who were acquitted at the Hague Tribunal.
Following the banning of Rassvet and Zion, he began to contribute under a pseudonym to a number of liberal Russian newspapers in St. Petersburg and Vilna, including the Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti. In a series of articles, Levanda argued that the acquisition of civil rights hinged on the assimilation of the Jewish masses into Russian culture. In the 1870s and 1880s, he contributed to the Russian Jewish journals ' (Еврейская библиотека, 'Jewish Library'), ' ('Russian Jew'), and Voskhod ('Sunrise'). In 1876 he published a collection of sketches under the title "Ocherki Proshlavo," followed later by a number of stories, such as "Chetyre Guvernera," "Lyubitelski Spektakl," and "Iz Dobravo Staravo Vryemeni," in Russkii evrei, Yevreiskoe Obozrenie, and Voskhod.
The song ultimately featured DTR co-founder Robert "Speed" Hill as well as Jason "Furious" Floyd; Iz-Real, The Joker, Quest One, and Kid Logik. In the interest of cohesion, the artists involved decided to credit themselves collectively for the song, and eventually they settled on "Deep Thinkaz". Shortly after the release of the mixtape, Caferro and Hill decided to form an indie label based on the positive experience of working together, and the exuberant support and response to the song, and "Deep Thinkaz" became Deep Thinka Records. The label was originally formed as a personal partnership in 1997; and in 2001, was legally formed as a Limited Liability Company in the State of New York.
Born into a family of musicians in Pula (then SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia), Cetinski began singing when he was 15 years old with various local groups. He moved from Rovinj to Zagreb in 1991 to start his career, and quickly became one of Croatia's leading pop stars. In 1994 he represented Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Nek' ti bude ljubav sva". In 2003 Tony released his eighth studio album "A sada" with 14 tracks: "Blago onom tko te ima", "Moje sve", "Ostani zauvijek", "Sve bih opet", "Rijeka ljubavi", "Daj mi sve", "Zauvijek", "Nebo iznad nas", "Zvijezda", "Sve svoje snove", "Iz dana u dan", "Ti", "Reci da li znaš" and "O sole mio".
Born in the Greek capital Athens, Vlachomitros came from the youth ranks of AEK Athens where he scored over 60 goals in four years.Vlaxomitros iz grčkog AEKa na pozajmici u Javor Matisu at FK Javor Ivanjica official website, 7-7-2016 He made his debut for the main team of AEK against Pannaxiakos on the last match day of 2013–14 Football League 2 season, scoring the final 3–1 score with a header. Vlachomitros made his professional debut against Panionios at a UEFA playoff match on the last game of 2015–16 season.Andreas Vlachomitros at Soccerway On July 7, 2016, Vlachomitros signed a one-year loan deal with Serbian SuperLiga side FK Javor Ivanjica.
He also wrote a biographical novel about Simon Jenko titled Simon iz Praš (Simon from Praše). Other works by Pregelj include his poetry collection Romantika (Romance, 1910) and the folk tale Mlada Breda (Young Breda, 1913) about a wicked stepmother named Katra and a good bride named Anica, in which he realistically portrays a struggle over a farm in the Tolmin area. The novel Tlačani (Serfs, published in Dom in svet, 1915–1916) is Pregel's most extensive work, published in book form under the title Tolminci (The People from Tolmin, 1927). He retitled his serialized story Zadnji upornik (The Last Rebel, Dom in svet, 1918–1919) as Štefan Golja in njegovi (Štefan Golja and Friends, 1928).
In Grabovc (Vushtrri) and Bród (Ferizaj) from the Berisha tribe : Vladislav and Stepan, sons of Berisha and other members of their kin are mentioned.Oblast Brankovića – Opširni katastarski popis iz 1455. godine fq 33,38 In 1467, the Berisha Tribe (Berixasthorum) signed a contract with the Republic of Venice, where the representative of the tribe Helias Bossi was granted the flag of Saint Mark ((Vadit pars quod sub nostra obedient ia accipiantur et mittatur eis Insigne sancti Marci in .....) as well as a Pellanda (Item Illustrissimis Helyas Induatur una veste veluti more suo).Schmitt, O. J. (2014). Arberia Venedike (1392-1479,fq. 461). Marin Barleti in his book published in 1508, mentions two Berisha brothers as notable commanders of Skanderbeg.
Even in the midst of the storm of the war, at the second session of the AVNOJ in Jajce, November 1943, a decision was made for a special task force to be formed to investigate the crimes committed by fascists at the territory of Yugoslavia during the war. It was named "Federal Commission for determination of the crimes conducted by the Occupators and their helpers during World War 2" (in Serbian: Državna komisija za utvrđivanje zločina okupatora i njihovih pomagača iz Drugog svetskog rata), and it immediately started its work. In following five years broad investigation was conducted nationwide. It is said that until 1948, this official body collected over a million cases of war crime, documented and reported.
He played with April 25 Sports Club in North Korea before moving abroad in 2017 to play in Bosnia and Herzegovina first with HŠK Zrinjski Mostar and then on loan at NK GOŠK Gabela, both playing in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.So Hyon-uk profile at Soccerway After one year in Bosnia he left with technical staff of both clubs indicating that despite his great performances, his spell in Bosnia was not more successful because of communication difficulties since he did not speak any English. However, his performances did not passed unnoticed in neighbouring Serbia with a top-league club, FK Zemun, signing him that summer.Hyon Uk So nakon odlaska iz Zrinjskog nije otišao daleko at sportsport.
According to Marica Karakaš Obradov, it is estimated that number of surviving Jews from the NDH was in range of 9,000 to 12,000 persons while according to Slavko Goldstein that number is 11,589 Jews.Marica Karakaš Obradov; (2013) Iseljavanje Židova iz Hrvatske nakon Drugoga svjetskog rata(in Croatian) p. 393-394; Historijski zbornik, Vol. 66 No. 2, Zagreb; Some 5,000 NDH Jews managed to escape the Ustaše-Nazi portion of the NDH, to Italian-held NDH territory, from where the Italians had expelled the Ustaše, after the Ustaše mass-murder of 24,000, mostly Serbs, but also 2,500 Jews in the Jadovno - Pag Island system of concentration camps, in July-August of 1941, because this Ustaše slaughter fueled Partisan resistance.
Stepan Pasicznyk (, ; born 1963) is a British-born musician, songwriter and translator of Ukrainian/Irish descent from Luton, Bedfordshire. He was accordionist and co-songwriter for the albums Vorony and Kultura and accordionist and co-translator for the "Pisni iz The Smiths" cover, all by the original early-1990s lineup of British band The Ukrainians. Stepan Pasicznyk performs traditional Ukrainian music, English translations, Irish traditional music, and originals. Session musician work includes Rev Hammer's "Bishop of Buffalo" produced by Justin Sullivan of New Model Army, Cage by the Bridewells produced by Phil Manzanera, guitarist of Roxy Music, and "Swill" Odgers of The Men They Couldn't Hang's release "Elvis Lives Here" with his "Swagger Band".
A native of Split, Croatia, from the central Veli Varoš quarter, Stipica passed HNK Hajduk Split's academy, gaining his first senior appearances on loan at Hajduk's third-tier feeder team at the time, GOŠK Kaštel Gomilica, aged 17–18. He made his Prva HNL debut a few weeks before his 19th birthday, in the 5.5.2010 5-2 away win against NK Croatia Sesvete.Dante Stipica: Ja sam dite iz Velog Varoša koje sanja europski Hajduk at HNK Hajduk Split official site With the likes of Danijel Subašić, Vjekoslav Tomić, Goran Blažević and Lovre Kalinić in front of him, however, he spent the following few seasons either as third-choice goalkeeper or on loan in various second- and third-tier teams.
In Germany the publishing house holds 100% of the shares of the publishing companies and cooperations Online GmbH, Deutsche Fachmedien GmbH, IBP- International Business Press Publishers GmbH, Verlag für Wirtschaftspraxis GmbH (head offices all in Frankfurt) and Matthaes Verlag GmbH based in Stuttgart. dfv is a majority shareholder of IZ Immobilien Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH in Wiesbaden, The Business Target Group GmbH based in Scheeßel near Hamburg and The Conference Group GmbH based at the head office in Frankfurt.Publishers Information Further shares are held from the Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH in Berlin, the XAD Service GmbH in Munich and the dfv association services gmbh based in Frankfurt. International subsidiaries are Edizioni Ecomarket S.p.
Gençlerbirliği squad in 1924. Gençlerbirliği were founded in a slightly different way compared to many other football clubs, having been established by students from a high school, Ankara Erkek Lisesi (Sultani Mektebi). The students in question (Ramiz Eren, Mennan İz, Mazhar Atacanlı, Sait, Kenan, Nuri, Namık Katoğlu, Namık Ambarcıoğlu, Rıdvan Kırmacı, Hafi Araç, Ruhi, Sarı Ziya and Hakkı) had failed to be selected for their own school team, and asked one of their student friends, Asim, to talk with his father about setting up a football team for them to show how well they could play. On 14 March 1923, Asim's father, the member of parliament from Muş Province, established the team for his son and his friends.
Soviet 1936 propaganda film The Sailors of Kronstadt started