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149 Sentences With "typifies"

How to use typifies in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "typifies" and check conjugation/comparative form for "typifies". Mastering all the usages of "typifies" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It typifies some of Sisi's efforts to drive social change.
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" typifies the wacky spectacle.
And I said, 'Okay, see, this really typifies what's going on.
Luckin Coffee typifies the optimism evident in China's start-up scene.
But both are about the America that Trump's ascent now typifies.
The Bush administration's reaction to the Danish cartoons crisis typifies this attitude.
Rotenberg typifies the close links between sports and the government in Russia.
Her latest mixtape, without ever peaking that high, typifies her obscene shtick.
The case typifies tensions between religious and secular authority in the Muslim world.
That reaction typifies the double-edged sword that Pelosi has become for Democrats.
Last year's Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament album typifies his new artistic era.
"Erase Your Social," which saturated hip-hop radio last winter, typifies his style.
It typifies the formal strategy of an album whose quiet gestures feel loud indeed.
The company's tale in many ways typifies the ailments of American bricks-and-mortar retailing.
On Sunday evening I had a conversation that I suspect typifies how undecided voters feel.
That these leaders were overseeing such small-bore operations typifies the pettiness of gang business.
In both its boldness and its cautiousness, it typifies Mancusi-Ungaro's voice as a conservator.
At present his career typifies how the incessant demand for new material compromises quality control.
One thing that typifies a fair negotiation is when there are contributions made from both sides.
And it typifies his ability to be both a competent war fighter and a compassionate peacemaker.
This compilation, associated with no particular festival but recommended for generic events, typifies the genre's ghastlier tendencies.
The cosmetology industry actually "typifies" what the Obama administration's regulations are supposed to root out, Miller said.
He also typifies the "ugly American" trope and dresses like a hipster trying to mock frat bros.
Duvall, 29, is having a season that typifies his career — good power numbers and a low batting average.
The headliner, which sees heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum defend his title to the surging Stipe Miocic, typifies that.
Gatti, the darling welterweight whose life ended amid questionable circumstances in 2009, typifies the ideal of a Montreal boxer.
Here's a case that typifies this problem and illustrates how beneficial it can be when critical findings get published.
So while the EU treats Puglia as an exception, a place to be quarantined, the region typifies wider trends.
If a Christian student like Ms. Blom represented one vector of her outreach, then Mohamud Mohamed typifies the other.
In another, "T4T" (2016), a pink silicon dumbbell lies limply, defying the "masculine" rigidity and strength that typifies weightlifting.
All it had taken was four months and a meticulously plotted campaign that typifies music's new social-first promotion game.
The top-performing fake news story in the analysis typifies the kind of hoax that succeeded on Facebook in 2017.
That, to me, says there's something literally deadly about social isolation, the kind of individualism that typifies our modern society.
And yet, even if formalism has been a recurring feature of Korman's work, no single group of paintings typifies it.
Joe Deal, who was included in New Topographics, typifies this new interest in everyday architecture and landscapes in "Colton, California" (1973).
A moderate in Bavaria's conservative Christian Social Union who has nonetheless championed Mr Orban, he typifies this stodgy, machine-political Europe.
In the many movements since, the African mask has appeared widely in Western art as a fragment that typifies ceremonial masquerade.
To some, it typifies the excesses of the market, which they say feeds on speculative demand in an already oversupplied sector.
But it also typifies what this sitcom is about: powerful people thinking only about themselves and not caring who they hurt.
All of this is evidence of what psychologist Pamela Paresky calls the "apocalyptic" approach to politics that increasingly typifies today's progressivism.
Alex Cox, a native-born guide, typifies the push and pull of one earning his keep in a place so sensitive.
Macron's book project is a curio, but it typifies his intellectual décor, his taste for the solitary authorship of immodest fates.
Through the disjunction between smoothly functional music and a dorky singer, "You're All I've Got Tonight" typifies a classic new wave dynamic.
Who knows how many other wrestlers and staff have skipped out on WWE over the years because of the culture JBL typifies.
Mr Przybylowski typifies the attitude of the 211,2450 Polish entrepreneurs and self-employed who make up a growing share of Britain's economy.
So too have supporters and opponents of Israel, in a row that typifies how protecting one group's rights can allegedly impinge on another's.
One reason is that its founder, Maurice Bessinger, popularized the yellow, mustard-based sauce that typifies the barbecue of South Carolina's Midlands area.
Twitter's inability to deal with local language abuse in India typifies how American tech companies with global ambitions often stumble in unfamiliar international territories.
The project typifies the Roosegaarde gestalt: technology and social relevance, connectivity and poetry joined together to create a way of experiencing the urban landscape.
Can you cite an example of a platform or a candidate or a political strategy on the left that typifies what you're talking about?
Ms. Adams, a 53-year-old educator, typifies the newly engaged Californian Democrats: She watched elections from the sidelines all her life, she said.
The high-profile kidnapping in 1994 of Alfredo Harp Helú, a Mexican entrepreneur whose family paid $953 million for his release, typifies this trend.
Third, because the Berkshire situation typifies the fact that when it comes to 53(k) plans, your employer's interests may be different from yours.
Redstone also typifies the dealmaking ethos that pervades the Valley, as well as the highhandedness often seen among startups, if a bit less colorful.
But it also typifies the wide variety of experiments with bottom-up organizing happening spontaneously across the country, often under the radar of the media.
Bogost argues that when players experience games such as "The Torture Game 2," they are often repulsed by the gruesome violence that typifies human torture.
Many nations around the world find themselves in a delicate balancing act between U.S. and Chinese interests, but one island nation perhaps typifies that struggle.
It typifies the iconography indulged in by the Rajapaksa government to glory in its victory and to remind the Tamils of the cost of resistance.
While they behave like pirate stations in the way I just mentioned, what usually typifies pirate stations is that they are quite haphazard, quite basic.
Her slippery identity typifies the aim of Cross-Dressing and Drag on Screen: to close the gender gap with layer after layer of mercurial androgyny.
Its architecture typifies some newly developed parts of Istanbul and Ankara, where enormous and metallic-accented apartment complexes seem more like spaceships than human dwellings.
While his campaign has raised some money outside of Trump's own pockets, it has not engaged in the coordinated fundraising effort that typifies modern presidential camapigns.
Sounding like a cross between a Cold War-era numbers station and the haunted tape from The Ring, "Seven Days" typifies the "hellish audio captcha" genre.
Agung, a young barman from Sulawesi, typifies a millennial attitude when he says he cannot see the point of voting because politicians are all the same.
Nothing typifies this more than the evolution of climbing gyms, which once functioned as places to train for the outdoors but have since become destinations themselves.
Yet the demonstration lacked the urgency that typifies politics in Mexico, where, last winter, rioters protesting gas prices set tires ablaze and sacked hundreds of shops.
The new Chinese weapon typifies a strategy known as "remote warfare," said John Arquilla, a military strategist at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, Calif.
DR LUKE ALLEN GP Academic Clinical FellowUniversity of Oxford Banyan typifies what social commentary has devolved to in the social-media age ("Them v everyone", June 29th).
Mr Altmaier, a clubbable, multilingual problem-solver whose dinner parties are the stuff of Berlin political legend, typifies this Saarländisch mix of conviviality and down-to-earthness.
The Leica Q2 typifies the type of camera I'd like to own: no real accessories, nothing to swap in or out, great image quality and straightforward operation.
In his book about JA2, writer, developer, and super-fan Darius Kazemi gets into the strange combination of gun fetishism and goofy comedy the typifies the game.
While Angawi is definitely one of the most exciting conceptual Saudi artists, it is another another artist who typifies the duality of being creative in Saudi Arabia.
There's an odd Melville thing going on here: In a Bond-esque battle in Russia that typifies the franchise's expanded reach, a submarine breaches like Moby-Dick.
Aref, 28, who was expelled from university for backing the Green Movement then, typifies a disillusionment with mass action among those Iranians who cling to hope for change.
The app typifies a new approach to mobile health (also known as m-health): it is intelligent, personalised and gets cleverer as it gleans data from its users.
The public's picture of Kate could easily be described as a woman who smiles, laughs, and beams light — and it's something that typifies her approach to beauty, too.
ZHENGZHOU, China (Reuters) - Considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, the central province of Henan and its 100 million-strong population typifies China's transformative yet often tumultuous economic ascent.
Mr. Macron's political opponents are having a field day with the affair, saying it typifies an opaque, unresponsive and insular presidency populated by a tight band of ultraloyalists.
"The Rob Porter story typifies everything wrong with Mormon men not believing abused Mormon women," wrote civil rights lawyer Carolyn Homer on the Mormon website By Common Consent.
The turnaround from complacency to nationwide mobilization typifies how China can respond to unexpected crisis like a lumbering giant, reluctant to stir, but then capable of shattering urgency.
If there is any state that typifies prototypical "'Murica" where the trucks and the guns are big and the social safety net is oh so small, it's Texas.
Now he has given us a nominee to the highest court in the land who typifies the culture he railed against when he claimed he&aposd drain the swamp.
There is also a hacking jacket and jodhpurs made by Bernard Weatherill in the 1980s that typifies the style of clothing worn by The Queen when riding at Windsor.
It comes down to the same kind of detective work that typifies a crime scene investigation, only here we are dealing with a case that encompasses the whole world.
He typifies the problem we create when we give a maverick CEO the nod to be visionary and break the rules but neglect to add sufficient governance and support.
With its minimalistic lines, horizontal articulation and large picture windows, the house typifies the residential architecture of Mr. Revell, who is known internationally for designing Toronto's New City Hall.
Ten and a Half Kilometers Camp, a collection of concrete bungalows surrounded by a fence just off the Cairo-to-Alexandria highway, typifies the prisons of the Sisi era.
The type of domicile that typifies the American dream — the backyard, the two-car garage, the quiet cul-de-sac — has enabled the nation's egregious consumption of fossil fuels.
If you have made a Wehrmacht character that typifies badass skill and a cool, heroic aesthetic, then you have also created a character that would fit neatly into Nazi propaganda.
No single player typifies California's roller-coaster season more than junior guard Jabari Bird, who has the Bears trending upward with the Pac-12 tournament less than three weeks away.
ZHENGZHOU, China, May 17 (Reuters) - Considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, the central province of Henan and its 100 million-strong population typifies China's transformative yet often tumultuous economic ascent.
Federer's typifies the opposite: a casual interest in a succession of sports — skiing, basketball, soccer — with an eventual focus on tennis that left him starting well behind his teenage peers.
I think that Matthew Geller's video of The Cardboard Air Band, that aired on Potato Wolf, captured the "live" act and The Thermidor track on Tellus #3 typifies the sound.
The planes, for which there is little demand, remain with their Asian owner but the suspected approach typifies a shadowy trade in airplanes and parts that spanned the globe for decades.
Today they cannot stand each other, and, with the passion that typifies intellectual fights in a country where nothing short of war is more serious, they contemptuously dismiss each other's views.
The Illinois-born actress started out at Steppenwolf, in Chicago, and she typifies the company's earthbound, self-excavating style: you can see her sweat, because acting, like life, is hard work.
In the strange tug of war that typifies today's Iraq, the country's military — trained and supported by the United States — operates literally side by side with Shiite militias backed by Iran.
For this resident of Beira, in central Mozambique, the condition of Amilcar Cabral School, which doubled as a polling station during local elections on October 22014th, typifies the state of the country.
To liberal court watchers, the case, the first in a trio of arbitration suits set for argument this term, typifies the potential damage that a conservative court could do to American workers.
The case typifies the region's struggle to resolve the migrant crisis and the public disagreement over how to handle it; drawing hundreds of demonstrators sympathetic to his cause to the court steps.
Larry Weinberg, 22006, typifies the Great Courses' core customer: A voracious learner, he got hooked on the Great Courses video and audio classes shortly after he retired from Boeing a decade ago.
Mr. Trump's speech on Tuesday was delivered in Monessen, Pa., the sort of place that typifies the overlooked Democratic resilience among white working-class voters, and that Mr. Trump needs in November.
The proposal typifies efforts underway since the November election, when the Republican Party, more conservative than the Democratic Party, took control of most state legislatures across the country, abortion rights advocates say.
This past summer she was honored at the opening of a newly renovated radiology unit at NYC Health & Hospitals/Gotham Health in the Morrisania section of the Bronx that typifies her impact.
Eris typifies this dangerous cycle, never stopping to take stock of her own well being as she continues to help the player with their mission while the Pyramid ship continues to haunt her.
The overwhelming Republican response — or rather, lack thereof — to this whole saga typifies how the GOP has treated the racist and xenophobic rhetoric and policies that Trump has espoused since his 2016 campaign.
Norwegians have a saying that "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing," which typifies their ingrained belief that being active is part of a happy life—and, especially, a happy winter.
If the noble heroes of "The Hate U Give" and "Monsters and Men" represent one such amendment, this summer's "Blindspotting," directed by Carlos López Estrada using a script by its lead actors, typifies another.
"A Pearl" typifies how Mitski's refusal of instant gratification, evident in her reluctance to repeat hooks and choruses, disguises quieter, sneakier pleasures — the fascination of staring at musical puzzles and seeing your own discontent reflected.
Ng'ok typifies what the entire Aperture issue wants to do: concentrate our attention and say there is cause for international consideration of this particular part of the geography because of the work being developed here.
Like the diptych — which, she has said, as an art form, offers no beginning or end, but rather a ceaseless exchange of ideas — the video of O'Grady's hair rustling in the wind, typifies this exchange.
Nordic typifies the kind of borrowers that have turned to private funds: neither "normal" enough to meet standard banking requirements, nor big enough to merit attention, they can find themselves shut out of the banking system.
I mean, you don't have to believe in "the body" in that art-historical-discourse sense that makes it (irony of ironies) a theoretical object that typifies the shift to a postmodern sensibility in art making.
That particular style of proselytizing typifies the work of Antioch Community Church, whose 5,000-plus-person congregation includes the Gaines family as well as a far-reaching constellation of Magnolia employees, Fixer Upper alumni, and local leaders.
"It's fitting that the Texas immigration case, which typifies this administration's relentless overreach, met its end in a wordless denial by the Supreme Court," said Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network.
This show pulled me in because it typifies the hyperbolized, idealized images our popular culture projects through the mediums of showrooms, televisions, magazine covers, and the like, while providing aspirational templates for what a home should be.
While Mr. Manafort crossed lines (he has confessed to making false statements and material omissions) and now faces legal consequences, his long career typifies the amorality, opulence and lack of accountability that successive American governments have enabled.
Given the he-said/she-said nature that typifies rape, the only details that could have possibly made Broaddrick's case more compelling are a police report (complete with rape kit administration) or perhaps a stained blue dress.
The record typifies a musical mode that rap — a verbal genre in theory — paradoxically does like no other: a pure, luxurious, overwhelmingly sensuous physical experience, unencumbered by words or worries or context to disrupt the mindless bodily stimulation.
Parts of Some Sextets typifies the tenets of the Judson Dance Theater, the avant-garde dance collective that Rainer co-founded in the 1960s: it challenges dance's traditional techniques and affect by embracing everyday movements and rejecting spectacle.
CFIUS' members and authorities have shifted and expanded over time, but the notable expansion—and use—of its powers during the Trump administration typifies the growing scrutiny applied to overseas money seen around the globe, specifically in tech.
Johnson's campaign material, which both whitewashes the reality of Brexit and confirms the capacity of "Love Actually" to toxify everything it goes near, typifies an election characterized by false promises, misinformation and poorly-curated grandstanding from all sides.
The fact that, at 33, Mandzukic was still alert enough to react fastest to the loose ball to score typifies the determination of the Juventus striker, who also ranks fourth in the list of Croatians for tackles won.
"Artists Only," whose shiny organ whoosh adorns a set of slinky action-movie basslines that eventually take over the song in a turbulent breakdown, typifies More Songs About Buildings and Food's basic musical strategy: it's simultaneously abrasive and immersive.
No player typifies the success of Detroit in Minnesota more than catcher James McCann, who clubbed a three-run homer in Tuesday's 8-73 drubbing as the Tigers closed within 1 1/2 games of the second wild card.
Regular menus are thrown out and replaced with a slew of wings, hot dogs, burgers, and nachos (after all, that's a menu which typifies modern America, right?), country music plays, and you can order a Bud without being roasted mercilessly.
Indeed, Jeff Spector, who co-founded the company with Mo Bhende, described one of the company's leading interviewers, which he said typifies the kind of contractor — they are all contractors, not full-time employees — who provides interviewing services to Karat.
Ticketmaster typifies a growing set of older companies who have discovered that their futures depend on extending their reach into adjacent market segments, and that the best way to do that is by reaching out to third-parties and their developers.
With their bright illustrations and breezy language — "Sal is ready for an adventure!" pretty much typifies the tone of "On the Road" — the books almost seem like parodies, or the perfect gag gift for the hipster parent who has everything.
Perhaps because of the demands of that schedule, or perhaps because this is Discovery rather than HBO or Netflix, "Killing Fields" relies on the kind of obviously staged or at least partly artificial action that typifies the reality-TV end of true crime.
Ms. Carroll typifies the top-flight circus artists working on this project — she is a former Cirque trapeze artist who left to found a highly regarded contemporary acrobatics company, Les 7 Doigts de la Main, and is now working with both firms.
I Know What Love Isn't from 2012, his last studio album and one of the rare entertaining breakup albums, typifies the elation he finds in misery; the contrast between his romantic melancholy and the music's perky, slightly silly richness produces bittersweet ache.
Ellison was also endorsed by Chuck Schumer, a Clinton endorser who frequently typifies the kind of close ties to Wall Street that Sanders criticizes, but who is trying to wield together a unified Democratic Senate caucus to do battle with Donald Trump.
If the goal of these companies is to eventually have voice assistants that we can have natural-sounding conversations with -— rather than the kind of stilted back-and-forth that typifies these interactions today -— we will always need some manual review, Schaub said.
His description of himself as a young reader typifies an adoration of American mythology that overlooks precisely the American heritage that Wounded Knee represents: the massacre of Lakota men, women, and children by the U.S. Army's 7th Cavalry Regiment, on December 29, 1890.
It works now, and while that's mostly the important thing, there are a lot of ways in which the Xbox One X is a revelation and a few in which it is the kind of expensive marginal progress that typifies our technological moment in games.
That sensual film, which shows couples making love outdoors among cattle, typifies the work of this documentarian turned feature film director, who is having a retrospective, "Gabriel Mascaro: Ebbs and Flows," at the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center, from April 15 through 19.
"Fake Love" Love Yourself: Tear's lead single, typifies their approach, stacking plucked guitar chords, crinkly electronic bass, and multiple layers of synth flutter into a glistening motion machine, set to a melody that builds like a rock anthem with the streamlined grace of a dancefloor banger.
"FSOC typifies not only the shadow regulatory system but also the unfair Washington system that Americans have come to fear and loathe: powerful government administrators, secretive government meetings, arbitrary rules, and unchecked power to punish or reward," committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) said after the vote.
A story like Mr. Cappiello's typifies the career trajectory of the modern sommelier, who, after a decade or so of the intense, adrenaline-fueled restaurant life, capitalizes on reputation and a network of connections to find a possibly less demanding, more fulfilling niche in the wine business.
I loved the Commander snipping at Serena that even if they hang, he'll be forced to be right next to her, the sort of darkly exasperated lashing out that typifies a fight between a married couple who's just had it with trying to be nice and thoughtful.
She was prolific on paper as well as out loud, writing a great deal of poetry like this: I am clothed with wisdom's mantle ... I am strong beyond my years; My hand typifies strength, And although untrained in cunning Its movements mark the quaking Of the enemies of my country.
"FSOC typifies not only the shadow regulatory system but also the unfair Washington system that Americans have come to fear and loathe: powerful government administrators, secretive government meetings, arbitrary rules, and unchecked power to punish or reward," committee Chairman Jeb HensarlingThomas (Jeb) Jeb HensarlingHas Congress lost the ability or the will to pass a unanimous bipartisan small business bill?
"The Financial Stability Oversight Council typifies the unfair Washington insider system that Americans have come to fear and loathe: powerful government bureaucrats, secretive government meetings, arbitrary and capricious rules and the power to pick winners and losers – and taxpayers always end up being the losers," Representative Jeb Hensarling of Texas, the Republican chairman of the committee, said in a statement on Wednesday.
Intensely felt throughout, the album peaks with the two full-on disco exercises, as is only appropriate: "Sorry," a torrential spout of synthesized strings and polished venom, and "Long As I Live," in which her vocals and the rest of the track are subsumed by a melody, appearing in both keyboard hook and chorus, that typifies her sense of poised pain.
Kelly AyotteKelly Ann AyotteTrump makes rare trip to Clinton state, hoping to win back New Hampshire Key endorsements: A who's who in early states Sinema, Gallagher fastest lawmakers in charity race MORE's recent waffling over whether Donald Trump is a role model in a tactic that typifies the party's recent strategy as it looks to flip the Senate by tying vulnerable Republicans to Trump.
"A Dream of Peace" (60 by 78 inches, oil and mixed media on canvas; all paintings 2017 unless noted) typifies the collage-like method and appearance of the new work, in which broad areas of a single hue, outlined in (mostly) white piping are punctuated here and there by patch pockets, wide belt loops, big buttons, and puffy seams — indicators of sweat paints, pajamas and the like.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTop Sanders adviser: Warren isn't competing for 'same pool of voters' Anti-Trump vets join Steyer group in pressing Democrats to impeach Trump Republicans plot comeback in New Jersey MORE would have won the area encompassed by the new district boundaries by 1 point in 2016 First, though, Democratic candidates must get through a tough primary that typifies the ongoing fight within the party.
Theo Kindynis, a PhD candidate at the University of Greenwich who has studied the media depiction of urbex, typifies the video in a 2015 article: Such representations typically depicted the protagonists (and they are very much protagonists, taking center-stage and casting themselves as fearless adventurer-heroes) scaling an under-construction skyscraper or construction crane before inevitably dangling their legs, or even singlehandedly hanging their entire body, without any safety equipment, from some concrete or steel precipice.

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