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  1. be

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How to use was in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "was" and check conjugation/comparative form for "was". Mastering all the usages of "was" from sentence examples published by news publications.

She was, and she was, and she was, and she was, and she was.
He was shot down, he was crippled, he was beaten, he was tortured, he was starved, and he was humiliated.
He was shot down, he was crippled, he was beaten, he was starved, he was tortured and he was humiliated.
He was evil, he was sympathetic, he was frustrating, he was selfless – he was perfect.
It was personal, it was sexual, it was cultural, it was musical, and it was political.
He was a sailor, he was an aviator, he was a husband, he was a warrior, he was a prisoner, he was a hero, he was a congressman, he was a senator, he was nominee for president of the United States.
One was digging, one was pacing, one was howling, one was eating, one was grooming itself, one was sleeping, one was hiding, one was hanging out in its den, one was digging on top of its den and one was intently and seemingly menacingly staring at us.
It was gorgeous, it was a whole affair, it was happy, it was joyous, it was uplifting.
Sex was freedom, sex was adventure, sex was a good time, sex was pain, sex was life.
It was love, it was romantic, it was—it was fun.
I was worried this was coming I was worried this was coming.
It was magical, it was fun, it was crazy—it was cool.
It was like I was being told that was all I was.
I was told I was bipolar, I was told I was depressed.
It was purpose, it was heaven, it was hell, it was God.
Karl was brilliant, he was wicked, he was funny, he was generous beyond measure, and he was deeply kind.
Tomlin was good, Miller was great, Shaw was fantastic and Allen was superb.
"The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong and the way it was tried was wrong as well," Menendez said.
"The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong and the way it was tried was wrong as well," he said.
His question was: Was there interbreeding or was there not, and if there was interbreeding, how much interbreeding was there?
She was smart and she was quick and she was clever and she was kind and she was considerate — everything.
It was, for generations, where the revolution was, where the freedom was, where the hope was, where the music was.
That dwarfed comparable developed nations: Switzerland's rate was 2.8, Canada's was 2.1, Australia's was 1, Germany's was 20173, the United Kingdom's was 0.3, and Japan's was 0.2.
China was or was not in a slowdown, the U.S. stock market was or was not in a bubble and the EU was or was not collapsing.
That dwarfed comparable developed nations: Switzerland's rate was 2.8, Canada's was 2.1, Australia's was 53, Germany's was 0.9, the United Kingdom's was 0.3, and Japan's was 0.2.
She was out there pitching as was Bob, as was Mike, as was Orrin.
The car was fine; it was what was under it that was the issue.
It was like, listen ... Who was I was trying to think he was like?
It was late, it was snowing, everyone was tired and the bus was crowded.
Samuel Alito was No. 26, John Roberts was 2, Clarence Thomas was 5, Anthony Kennedy was 6, and Scalia was 9.
"This was not something that was done casually, this was not something that was done by chance, this was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily," he said.
I grew up -- when I was -- it was -- when I was in college, it was Bork and that was the big thing.
And when I was little and I was bullied, and I was told I was wrong my whole life, I was alone.
Yeah, moments was not ... it was ... Yeah, but it was right directionally, it was correct.
Whether it was good or bad was incidental — what mattered was that it was there.
I was a shy kid—I was weird, I was introverted and I was bullied.
There was massive humanity, there was love, there was celebration, there was sex positivity. Absolutely.
It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers and liars.
It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers and liars.
"This was a parish that was growing, that was harmonious, that was vibrant," Benz said.
The bombing that Varnell believed he was planning was entirely fake, concocted by the FBI to entrap him: What he thought was a bomb was not, what he thought was a stolen cargo van was not, what he thought was a detonator was not.
"The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong and the way it was tried was wrong as well," Menendez told reporters outside the courthouse.
"It was a tragedy, it was terrible, it was bad, it was unpleasant, it was painful," Legkov said of his medals being stripped.
Barack Obama was deliberative where Bush was reactive, cerebral where Bush was not, dovish where Bush was hawkish, liberal where Bush was conservative.
He was there, he was around, it wasn&apost like he was in there making larger decisions, but he was -- he was watching.
It was the best of years, it was the worst of years, it was the wokest of years, it was the most problematic of years, it was the year of AI, it was the year of scooters, it was the year of Big Tech triumph, it was the year of Big Tech scandals, it was the year of Musk's disgrace, it was the year of Tesla's redemption, it was the year of shitcoin justice, it was definitely not the year of AR or VR, it was the dumbest timeline, it was the spring of stanning, it was the winter of wtf.
There was drama, there was longing, there was naked Jamie, and there was definitely some weirdness.
It was awesome, it was adventurous, it was lustful, but it was also kind of sad.
As for me, I was shocked, I was scared, I was worried, and I was mad.
"It wasn't because she was trans that she was shot, it was because she was beautiful."
It was the media; it was NBC; it was 'Access Hollywood'; it was left-wing media.
That was what I was taught: assume everything was my fault because I was born wrong.
Google's latest raw favorability was 78%, Amazon's was 75%, Apple's was 61% and Twitter's was 31%.
That was an extension of what I was hoping I was doing when I was traveling.
There was this feeling that change was coming and money was coming and investment was coming.
This class was beyond difficult — it was poorly taught, it was confusing, and it was frustrating.
It was what I was meant to wear; it was what I was supposed to wear.
"It was beautiful; it was astonishing, yet all it was was dropping eggs," Mr. Paxton recalled.
Was he in pain, was he cold, was he thirsty, was he calling out for me?
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness…" How to tell what of this was necessary, and what was extraneous?
And it was, but it was ... Everyone was human.
I was told the only reason for my "behavior" (really all I was doing was questioning and crying) was because I was in shock.
Monica was funny/bratty, Joey was funny/dopey, Ross was funny/nerdy, Phoebe was funny/floopy, and Rachel was...not really that funny actually.
In Girls, Jessa was the free spirit; Marnie was the control freak; Shoshanna was the comic relief; and Hannah was—well, Hannah was Hannah.
"Donald Trump was humiliated, he was weak, he was battered, he was confused, you could see him up there — he was baffled," he said.
That was me when I was 5, when I was 6, when I was 7, and I was still learning the language as well.
"I was bed-ridden, I was huge, I was unhappy, I was hungover," Mitchell, 36, tells PEOPLE.
I was really surprised and my first thought was that what she was doing was incredibly interesting.
House was a feeling, and the feeling was love, and love was God and God was love.
What was happening was certainly reality, and it was certainly outrageous, but it was actually real life.
He was big, and his horse was big, and I was small, and my horse was tiny.
It was like he was convinced of it, how great he was, how good-looking he was.
I was busy; I was raising children; I was multitasking; I was doing what working women do.
I was writing about how ... it was before ISIS, but it was exactly what ISIS was doing.
There was bubbly, there was confetti, there was pizza — and there was Val:   Tip of the iceberg!
I was so angry I was shaking, she was so upset she was having trouble gathering herself.
Graffiti was found, a speech was given, and when the perpetrator was discovered it was reported. Gen.
And she was charming, and she was smart, and she was much better prepared than he was.
And unfortunately, it was dynamic, there was a lot of movement, there was smoke, it was dark.
It was opulent, it was ridiculous, it was pure pageantry — and it was well worth the memory.
My doctor was psyched, and so was I. If this was a numbers game, I was winning.
The sound was terrible, it was as if the ground was shaking or there was an earthquake.
Wilson's flaw was not that he was too bold; it was that he was not democratic enough.
While that was far from a surprise, what was pretty shocking was how great Trevorrow's take was.
"It was a time that was pre-technology, it was a time that was magical," he said.
I was worried about where he was, who was caring for him, how he was being treated.
The deer was condemned to die, then he was not, then he was, then he was not.
TB was rife, HIV was through the roof, sexual assault was commonplace, and the overcrowding was horrendous.
Ellen was there with her co-host Ian Daniel, Thomas Morton was there, Action Bronson was there, Eddie Huang was there, Krishna Andavolu was there.
There was a time when the great American male novelists took delight in writing about sex... Sex was freedom, sex was adventure, sex was a good time, sex was pain, sex was life.
Twitter was happening, LinkedIn was happening, Facebook was happening, and it was kind of clear that — Yelp was happening, TripAdvisor — that if it could be reviewed, it was probably going to be reviewed.
It was sophisticated, it was chic, it was grown up.
And so, I was -- I was stuck, I was helpless.
A week was a year was a month was day.
That was something that was extraordinary, that was probably China.
It was delicious, it was stuffed, and it was real.
"It was like Bullet was asking if it was OK."
It was peculiar, it was patronizing, and it was perplexing.
It was ugly, it was clunky, and it was fat.
He was more chill than I was, which was weird.
Was this because he was more experienced than she was?
She was the best, she was glorious, she was amazing.
Scraper was 29, Lyakh was 30, and Gamble was 30.
I was disappointed, I was frustrated, I was pissed off.
There was Russia, there was China, there was North Korea.
That was something that was extraordinary that was probably China.
But it was - it was literally - it was through her.
What I thought was really interesting was, when was this?
Anne was 21, Andrew was 11, and Edward was 7.
I was ... KS: It was really ... It was very popular.
Pizza was made, wine was poured, and weed was drizzled.
It was sexual, it was perverse, and it was ugly.
Was he aware that what he was doing was illegitimate?
It was passionate, it was raw, and it was moving.
He was broken, love was broken, the world was broken.
It was not contrived; it was the way he was.
That curveball was working, it was nasty, he was confident.
The message was simple: Russia was aggressive; Communism was awful.
There was anger, there was shock, and there was embarrassment.
This was always how it was, and how he was.
Cancellier: Nothing was defined, nothing was planned, nothing was forced.
This was cowardly, this was lazy and this was disrespectful.
It was fine, it was innocuous and it was tasteful.
There was drama, there was conflict, and there was mystery.
What was being missed was how supremely confident he was.
This was sophisticated food, I was taught; this was cuisine.
There was healthcare, there was financial services, there was industry.
But yesterday was awesome, it was amazing, it was packed.
And it was refreshing and it was who I was.
Voronenkov was never arrested, was never interrogated, was never called.
It was not what I was imagining was going on.
He was tough, he was aggressive, but he was respectful.
It was bright, it was colorful, and it was vibrant.
He was fun, he was boisterous, he was slightly pompous.
This was 2004 ... This was when not everyone was blogging.
"She was happy I was OK. Once she saw what was around, it was a blessing," Richardson said.
HUCKABEE: That was when I think she was -- MACCALLUM: That was when she was on the right track.
There was Netscape, there was Yahoo, there was the beginnings of eBay, which was started by Pierre Omidyar.
"I was 23, she was 35 / I was spiralin' out and she was so alive," the lyrics read.
There was no internet, there was no social media, there was no cell phones — it was analog photography.
There was so much security and it was all dark and it was quiet, it was so quiet.
I was frustrated, the audience was frustrated, he was frustrated, the people he was talking to were frustrated.
"He was always there earlier than I was and was always there later than I was," she said.
Brando was 20133 when the film was made, Bertolucci was in his early thirties, and Schneider was 19.
"I was told my mom was no good, I was told my dad was no good," Phillips says.
Even if "I was raped" was flippant, it was probably true, and he admits that he was terrified.
The oldest was taken when he was 21905, and the last was taken as he was being cremated.
First it was a few, then it was more, then it was hundreds, and then it was thousands.
It was Justice [Louis] Brandeis, when he was appointed he was the same age as I was, 60.
Now I don't know was that Schwarzkopf, was that, was that — SANGER: It was George W. Bush himself.
But it was also kinda confusing; until WiLD was announced, it was assumed Ancel was still at Ubisoft.
I was hiding, I was drinking, I was at the gym; I was running around with other women.
I was just in France, I was recently in Argentina, I was in Israel, I was in Ireland.
It was probably November, it was one in the morning, we were outside, I was covered in this jelly stuff, I was freezing, it was awful.
He was a poor village boy, she was an upper-class Egyptian; his father was a grocer, hers a diplomat; she was petite, he was big.
There was probably a point when I was less conscious about what I was doing and my addictive nature was informing the choices I was making.
I explained to them who Jon Snow was, who Sansa Stark was, who Theon Greyjoy was, who the men attacking them were, who Ramsay Bolton was, who Brienne of Tarth was, and who Podrick was.
The most widely held U.S. company was Microsoft, U.K. company was Diageo, German company was SAP, Japanese company was Sony and in emerging markets was Taiwan Semiconductor.
There was the tone, was all there was—the tone and, somewhere beyond the tone, the faint pop of rifles like I was underwater, I was underground.
"I did ask if it was possible he was attacked by rocks and I was told there was no evidence he was attacked by rocks," Ochoa said.
But it was always fascinating: If there was political activism on the net in '203 it was all about Harry Brown, that was who the nominee was.
It was scary, it was sad, it was eye opening but above all it was made easy for me.
I was frightened, I was cold, and I was shivering, and I now realize that was the shock response.
One was experiential, one was a store that was absolutely delightful to shop in because it was beautifully merchandised.
It was a house where everyone was welcome, my family was always cooking and entertaining, nothing was too precious.
But what was truly interesting was that while everybody was a "threat," nobody (except Ciera) was actually targeting threats.
I was tired, the light was strange, silhouettes are a graceless medium, it was a hat, it was hair.
I was drunk, I was not tipsy, I was drunk, but I was not beyond the point of recollection.
"The sky was blue, the sun was setting, a breeze was blowing and it was so romantic," recalls Grammer.
Another woman, who was reportedly pregnant, was not shot but was hurt when she was pushed during the incident.
I was taking down my opponent who was doing nothing, and (Rogan) was talking about how tired I was.
That she was so young was only part of it: that she was so pervasive was the other part.
He was getting more airtime, but he was also the only one who was as available as he was.
This was about ... It was pretty ... It was ... It was 100% of the Democrats voting for it ... Right. Exactly.
It was my dad who was dying of brain cancer, but it was my mom who was now dead.
I was struck that there was no mention of #MeToo, which was very fresh when the special was filmed.
I mean, there was a deal that — it was something that was — it was a devastating — potentially devastating problem.
It was as if all of that noise was filtered out, and what was left was just pure hope.
And Alto was -- he was so happy that she was able to get coached by someone that was elite.
So one of mine, it was early, it was horrible, it was disastrous, I thought, and I was right.
Axl was there, Liv Tyler was there, Jim Jarmusch was there.
"It was ecstatic, it was bliss, it was euphoric," he said.
Nick was crying, Kristina was crying — it was all very unpleasant.
"It was lust, it was stupid, it was selfish," Fabian explains.
I was elegance, I was grace, I was poetry in motion.
I was 18, and I was scared, and I was pissed.
But he was wrong: I was the one who was afraid.
" She added, "She was loving, she was dependable, she was kind.
It was something I was dreading because I was so afraid.
Phelps was what he was, but he was a valuable player.
It was monitoring where he was and when he was online.
Yeah there was haptic, there was wind, there was some water.
She was feisty; she was pretty; she was an excellent writer.
I was this way because this was the way I was.
"He was huge, he was impressive, he was quiet," she said.
I was afraid he was going to say Connor was dead.
"I was devastated, I was crushed, I was heartbroken," she said.
Chism was 14 when Ritzer was killed and he was arrested.
It was beautiful and it was emotional and it was everything.
It was the content, it was the intention — it was malicious.
But I was telling him he was balking, he was balking.
The stock was below where it was when oil was $26.
Still, his lesson was clear: cash was good, debt was bad.
I was sitting and he was painting, and that was it.
I was like, I was going to vomit, I was lightheaded.
Before there was Instacart, before there was Postmates, there was delivery.
But what was the fine, it was ... It was a lot.
SANGER: So was it Eisenhower, was it Truman, was it F.D.R.?
What was important was that was what many cops they believed.
The LA Times was ... It was awesome because that was local.
The sun was shining, beer was flowing, and metal was blasting.
After all, Yahoo was hacked, as was LinkedIn, as was Equifax.
So if she was asking, it was because she was worried.
You know, I was abused, I was neglected, I was abandoned.
I was 9 when he was killed and he was 20.
It was rock and roll, it was cowboy, it was exciting.
She was doing everything I was doing but it was tough.
"There was Stockhausen, there was Nono, there was Boulez," he said.
I was frightened, I was stupid, and I was so wrong.
Bigger was better, louder was louder, and more was certainly more.
The deal was terrible, the way it was structured was terrible.
Science was beautiful and it was wild and it was unknowable.
He was who he was and he was proud of it.
It was fast, it was good looking, and it was fun.
I was angry she was raped, yes that was one thing.
What was notable was what wasn't missing: his penis was uncircumcised.
The thing that was heartbreaking was that it was in Czech.
No, it was famous because it was where Jesus was born.
There was Stephenson and there was Gibson and there was Vinge.
That relationship was cute, it was realistically ambiguous, it was heartfelt.
I was crying, I was screaming, I was asking for help.
What was the ... The reason was a better life was here.
Star Wars Battlefront II for $24 (Was $60) Assassin's Creed Origins for $36 (Was $60) Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for $8 (Was $30) Tekken 203 for $30 (Was $60) Deux Ex: Mankind Divided for $8 (Was $30) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for $30 (Was $60) For Honor for $20 (Was $60) Doom for $20 (Was $30) Fallout 4 for $20 (Was $30)
"My earliest food memory was when I was about six years old and I was wearing just underwear and the whole street was eating and gathering and I was running around and everyone was handing me meat and I was chewing on it," Beaver recalls.
The first was in a novel my father gave me, the book was from the Fifties, and the protagonist was such a good boy — he was fatherless, and his mother was ill, I guess she was dying, so he was taking care of her.
The thing was, the first show I did was "Flower Drum Song," and my "mother" was Hispanic, my "father" was black, my "aunt" was white, my "girlfriend" was Asian, but it all seemed normal to me.
There was everything that was in the ... There was Baidu, that was like a Google, and various things like that, and many people had felt that that was the way it was gonna be for China.
I was worried I was doing everything wrong, I was worried people were looking at me, and I was worried I was spending too much energy being worried.
At Fox, in that window of time, it was Fox Sports One, it was the broadcast network, it was FX, it was National Geographic, it was Fox News.
In 2013, the figure was 20103 percent, '14 it was 89 percent, '15 it was 86 percent, '16 it was 84 percent and '17 it was 81 percent.
"The whole time he was with us he was very calm, he was making jokes, even though there was so much pain he was probably in," she says.
She was doing her spin thing, and she was doing what she was supposed to do, and my face was not doing what it was supposed to do.
And that was my outlook, was to try to keep working and keep proving myself, that I was capable and that the work I was doing was good.
Dubstep was utterly embedded in the musical history of the UK. It was garage, it was jungle, it was grime, it was dub, working together in perfect harmony.
She was not the problem, the message was not the problem, the strategy was not the problem, it was someone, somebody, or something else that was to blame.
And there was at least one case where familial searching was used and an innocent man was told he was a murder suspect, before he was eventually cleared.
I was nervous still about being found out, I was really excited that I was actually inside, and I was shocked at how much material I was getting.
If Gowdy is saying there was this informant, which there was, what he was examining was not targeting the president.
What was notable was the dress was not specially made for the occasion, nor was it customized in any way.
I just was trying to figure out who I was, what was success, why was I put on the planet?
She was so hot when she was young,' or 'She was gorgeous when she was young and now she's not.
"She was beautiful, she was fun, she had a lot of energy, she was loving, she was supportive," Crowe said.
Also what was going through my mind was that Dave [Mackay] was flying perfectly straight, which was noticeable to me.
I was just with my baby, and I was three days postpartum, so it still was like [I was] pregnant.
"I couldn't believe what was happening, that what she was saying was a lie, maybe I was dreaming," he said.
But actually what was implemented was a very small subset of what was being proposed and it was very targeted.
I kept it just like it was, he was my boss and that was how it was going to be.
They said it was because Obama was from Chicago, and it was, but it also was because Trump is Trump.
When I was without alcohol, I was irritable, snappy, an arsehole—I was worse sober than when I was drunk.
When you started entertainment, it was pretty set: There was Hollywood, there was ... Yes, it was very inaccessible to me.
She didn't know who I was or who she was, let alone where she was or why she was there.
My dad was in the drug dealing scene and my mom was also was affiliated—she was a dancehall queen.
The life that he was building was small, but he was doing it on his own, and that was something.
They started dating, and she was crazy about him: he was charming, he was handsome, he was funny and sweet.
Although, obviously, it really was because he was an activist and that was the real behavior they thought was unbecoming.
The beauty of this diet was that it was more about when I was eating than what I was eating.
I was surprised what a joy that was and how giving he was, and I was really moved by it.
But he was also a TV star, he was a thinker, he was a philosopher, he was a political activist.
Monk was a fitting choice, since he knew that what was not said was just as important as what was.
The bedspread was blue satin as well and there was a chandelier, which was never lit when Proust was working.
The economy was sinking, crime was spiking, nuclear war was plausible, divorce rates were soaring and helicopter parenting was anomalous.
For him it was a sign that Miami was home, this was where he was going to sink his roots.
But this was not the presidency that was promised; it was not the upending of American politics that was expected.
Half the sample was told A was the Democratic plan and B was the Republican plan, while the other half of our national sample was told A was the Republican plan and B was the Democrats' approach.
"It was windy, it was humid, it was warm," Djokovic told reporters.
Our honeymoon was fun, it was enjoyable, it was a REAL honeymoon!
"It was thin, it was cool, it was beautifully designed," Wood said.
He was never complacent, and was always thinking about what was next.
When I was a teenager that was what I was obsessed with.
I was really surprised how calm she was; she was a natural.
Finally, she was told that she was underperforming and was laid off.
It was an attitude, it was a behavior, it was physical comedy.
It was about angst, it was about will, it was about determination.
The floor was dirty, but it was cool, and it was outside.
And he was sputtering, he was stammering, he was being un-Howardlike.
It was mean and it was anti-gay and it was trollish.
Kunis was only 14 when she was cast, while Kutcher was 19.
"He was doing it because he was mad, and he was hurt."
Christopher's was terminal but Peggy's was caught early on and was treatable.
That was 1993 and MacKenzie was only 23, while Jeff was 29.
It was gallant, it was gentile and it was full of grace.
Kalanick's suit was immaculate, his face was impassive, his voice was modulated.
He was articulate, he was handsome, he was a law school student.
And it was racist, even as it was inclusive, it was racist.
When he was a teenager, he was pretty sure he was 227Pac.
I was unaware that he was - the foreign minister was in town.
It was originally ruled Ellison was down but was overturned by replay.
It was smart, it was brave, it was direct, it wasn't coy.
The idea was that this was a different ... How was it different?
Kobe still was out there he still was hoopin', he was balling.
It was loud, it was outside and that was pretty much it.
It was my battle — it was my mother, it was my father.
There was Gudda Gudda, there was Jae Millz, there was Lil Twist.
There was a time I was unsure if life was worth it.
I was texting my husband that I was certain I was dying.
But what was perhaps most striking was how little substance there was.
The town I was in was restored completely while I was there.
As unrefined as he was, there was something there that was uncommon.
That was me, that was what I did and who I was.
Countryman asked who his replacement was; he was told there was none.
It was sweet; it was strong; and it was a bit confusing.
What was unusual about the obituary, however, was how belated it was.
She said she was unaware that what she was doing was illegal.
What was different about "Westron Wynde" was how exceedingly secular it was.
The tire grip was huge, steering was heavy and braking was muscular.
There was ice that was very thick and it was very extensive.
Hewlett Packard was $22 when it was removed, and Kraft was $39.
What was really nice about this kit was that everything was preportioned.
There was no new material, but what was there was flawlessly presented.
Kinlaw said she was unaware that what she was doing was illegal.
But after she was arrested and before she was tried, she was
The broccoli was good, the rice was nice, the chicken was edible.
Four person, it was from a ... it was you, who was it?
I was doing illustration, I was writing, I was getting into literature.
"What was painful about it was how much was wrong," Clark says.
It was overcast sky, it was raining, the grass was torn up.
Because I was born this way, it was just who I was.
I don't think I was like this was when I was little.
I was groomed into thinking what was happening to me was normal.
I knew what he was saying was real and it was important.
The lettuce was crisp, the chicken was tender, and everything was flavorful ...
How it was told was often as useful as what was said.
"It was sexual, it was perverse, and it was ugly," she writes.
So: McCarthy was flying, she was way up high, she was soaring.
He told her she was great, she was smart, she was attractive.
He was certain it was breast-feeding related, which was a misdiagnosis.
But the reality was, I was just as lonely as he was.
It was the wall I was always afraid I was headed toward.
The pronouncement that was important was that I was marrying someone wonderful.
It was colorful, it was direct, it was very slow at points.
I was sweaty and my breath was ragged; my heart was pounding.
It was fun, it was bloody, and it was a smash hit.
Henry, as he was called since he was a boy, was 14.
Kobe was beyond great, he was legend, he was a generational leader.
It was flannel, it was loose and it was very, very comfortable.
I was outside, the sun was blazing and, frankly, I was baking.
I was female, I was a mother, I was living through this.
When it was discovered that he was underage, he was sent home.
There was a sense of what was acceptable and what was not.
First there was sixdegrees; then there was Friendster; then there was MySpace.
I was studying, I was working, I was learning, growing my business.
It was a language that was understood, and he was using it.
It was my idea, it was my execution, it was my blunder.
I was angry, but then, I was also relieved he was going.
He was handsome and he was her teacher, and she was flattered.
Before dinner was over, it was clear that was not the case.
"There was concern that was she was a lesbian," Ms. Koay said.
The problem was that Mr. Pryce was white; his character was Eurasian.
He was from Greece; he was from Turkey; he was from Mongolia.
"It was solid, it was comfortable, it was futuristic," Mr. Richner said.
What was missing was a mathematical framework to explain what was happening.
"What came out was alarming, was troublesome, was not acceptable," he said.
Amin, as heinous as he was, was one person, as was Vergès.
What was Canadian, however, was what was embedded between these shows: commercials.
I was convinced I was sick, that something was wrong with me.
There was one guy actually who was murdered and that was awful.
What he was saying was horrific, and he was being a troll.
I was Eve the Nobody before I was Eve the Sex Writer before I was Eve the Comedian before I was Eve the Depressed Girl before I was Eve the Drunk before I was Eve the Feminist before I was Eve the Tech Blogger before I was Eve the Democratic Socialist before I was Eve the Hater before I was Eve the Teetotaler before I was Eve the Professional Politics Writer before I was Eve the Sword Girl before I became whichever iteration of myself I am today.
A North Carolina woman was filming what she was thought was a dark cloud on Sunday when she realized it was a tornado that was heading in her direction.
Rivero: [When] that was all happening, I was extremely stressed; my anxiety was through the roof and I was probably pretty depressed because my situation was looking very bleak.
It was scary but it was essential to the script, the script was brilliant, and there was no way I was getting that part if I didn't do it.
That down was up, up was down, the sky was green, the world was flat, and "Australia" was a British hoax to justify a genocide of their criminal population.
" Asked if a suicide note was found, Rowland said there was "some information that was left that was very brief and vague that indicate it was a murder suicide.
The price was twelve million dollars, and the seller was Vento, L.L.C., which was owned by a company that was owned by a company that was owned by a company that was owned by the Silk Road Group.
And I thought it was ... I was blown away by how much Hollywood was sort of ... how bad it was. Right.
"It was the LBGTQ and Hispanic community that was targeted, and it was hateful and it was public," she told CNN.
On February 2800, he was pulled over after the car he was driving was identified as stolen, and Bundy was arrested.
She was about three when their youngest was born and she was so excited that she was getting a little sister.
After watching, one group was told the child's name was Samuel, and the other was told the child's name was Samantha.
But what was important to me, and what was priority to me was to make sure that it was also tough.
The man who was fatally shot was 50 and the man who was killed in the collision was 70, it said.
I was entertained the entire time and was so bummed when it was over until I was reunited with this beauty.
But I was at peace, not knowing where I was or what was happening or if I was awake or dreaming.
Hailey was relatively unknown then — it was just before she was with IMG — and she was pretty green to the world.
The one thing he was known for was that he was an evangelical Christian who was uncomfortable about homosexuality and abortion.
When you started in entertainment, it was pretty set: There was Hollywood, there was ... Yes, it was very inaccessible to me.
As my Spanish improved, I could suddenly tell who was witty, who was raunchy, who was rude and who was sweet.
" "Our first date was actually on television, meeting our parents was on television, our proposal was on television – everything was televised.
What I did was bold, I was damn good at it, and I was successful but none of it was important.
She told me she was glad I was all right and I told her I was glad she was all right.
When I was born, it was clear that something was wrong with me: I was bright red and covered in sores.
He was more of the example of what the problem was, than someone who was pointing out what the problem was.
" Ncube added that there was already was a "groundswell and this was just one of the issues that was added on.
Don Cheadle: It was music that was played in my home that I was hearing before I realized what it was.
As I was writing the record, I don't think I was initially aware that I was writing about what was happening.
I was sitting in a theater, not knowing where [each movie] was from, what genre it was, who was in it.
"It was like a purge, it was like a confession, it was like she was alive in it," Law said, laughing.
I was raised — and when I was, you know, I lived with my mother, my mother was was the custodial parent.
He was using my products and he was using my serums, because that was the only thing that was really helping.
I knew it was a thing, but I was not aware of how big it was or even what it was.
For me it was Texas, for him it was New Orleans; for me it was wrestling, for him it was music.
Likewise, it was so obvious from the beginning that Amma was the killer that I was dubious she was the killer.
It was 1971, and she was running this company, and he was never nervous about it because she was a woman.
I thought I was figuring out I was pansexual or polyamorous and genderfluid, and it was in that time that I was expressing myself and finding out who I was.
I remember I was sitting with Milton Glaser, who was a great graphic designer, and it was back in late '90s, it was just when the Internet was coming off.
He was the child of a mixed marriage: his mother was Ana Serafina Castilla, whose legacy was Spanish and African, and his father was Enrique Yam-Lam, who was Cantonese.
Economic growth was down, unemployment was up, General Motors was on the brink of crumbling, the stock market was in meltdown, and the global financial system was near total collapse.
I don't know what Brett was doing in the melee, but there was blood, there was glass, there was beer and there was some shouting, and the police showed up.
I don't know what Brett was doing in the melee, but there was blood, there was glass, there was beer and there was some shouting, and the police showed up.
"They said the branch of the military was wrong, and the date was wrong, and the act he was awarded for was wrong, and the medal was wrong," Colbert said.
The play was reviewed because Ryan Kesler was in the crease, but the goal stood as it was ruled Darnell Nurse was holding him there and there was no interference.
He was out, and the faculty uproared, and it was just an important story, and it was one that was interesting beyond Harvard, which was sort of exciting to me.
If it was a publisher, I was a writer; if it was in a production company, I was in a band; if it was a record company, I was in a band—you know, whatever it had to be.
The US's rate of gun deaths of 214.5 per 20163,22016 people in 2130 dwarfed comparable developed countries: Switzerland's rate was 210, Canada's was 2.1, Australia's was 1, Germany's was 0.9, the United Kingdom's was 0.3, and Japan's was 0.2.
And what was interesting for us was something that was loaded with ambiguity.
But it was clear: there was a before, and there was an after.
There was Zelda, there was Mario, there was even a hint of Metroid!
He was my best friend, he was my pal, he was my buddy.
It was taken for what it was, which was a really interesting film.
It was OK. The weird thing was I was stationed in Augusta, Georgia.
When I was 14 years old, I was singing like I was 50.
"I was depressed, I was down, I was insecure about myself," he recalled.
I remember when JFK was assassinated, King was assassinated, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.
One nigga was PNG, one nigga was Dropbox, and I was just JPEG.
When I was - when I was five, I was in the first grade.
" And she was like, "It was last minute, and it was very secretive.
The mood worsened: There was the land, there was Europe, there was Malta.
It was not a revolutionary split, it was a pivot that was evolutionary.
I was seventeen, my chest was bigger, junior year was taking it's toll.
Like the pot was boiling over, and rice was spilling; it was everywhere.
So it was not against ISIS, it was against — it was against Assad.
Whether it was on TV, wherever it was, I thought that was important.
The man she was told was her father was barely in her life.
It was hard work, it was engagement in your community, it was fairness.
She thought this was it — this was how she was going to die.
The year was 1972, Nixon was president, and he was running for reelection.
Like, what if there was one that was that was called Everybody Bleeds?
It was sickening, it was disappointing, it was a great sense of betrayal.
When I was initially diagnosed, it was the secondary [cancer] that was found.
The box was huge, it was heavy, and it was breaking my spirit.
He was a predator, I was a child, and this was sexual harassment.
While Cristy was the photographer, it was Raven who was calling the shots.
A lot of what I was doing was machinery repairs, which was gruesome.
When Neil was leaving and I was staying, I was kind of upset.
That was...while I was playing I was like 'damn I'm checking LeBron.
"It was how big it was and how visual it was," Mulligan said.
It was determined David was comatose and he was placed on life support.
It was glossy and it was everything my hair was never gonna be.
I was down there and that was an interesting -- that was high turnout.
What was crazy about that shit was that it was like second-nature.
Summer was arriving, and so although it was lunchtime, the restaurant was empty.
It was not a miss, it was not clean, it was not perfect.
Shortly after Lesli was born, she was told that her baby was perfect.
That his DNA was on everything was hardly remarkable; it was his house.
I was Snapchatting that I was home and that everyone was going out.
There was no ambiguity there; Snuka was the face because racism was bad.
That was not right, it was not just, and it was not proper.
MDMA (shockingly) was usually MDMA, LSD usually was LSD, and DMT was DMT.
I was her Google, I was her Craigslist, I was everything to her.
One was for banging, one was for fishing, and one was for sleeping.
It was fun, it was wonderful, it was all too pure to last.
Theories flew — he was being held hostage, he was sick, he was transitioning.
It was natural chemistry and it was this, it was an improvisational conversation.
He was theatrical, he was flamboyant, he was without parallel in his showmanship.
When I was that age, I was just emulating what I was seeing.
NASCAR was really different for me and it was fun, it was great.
I was surprised at how suspenseful it was, even knowing what was coming.
"It was crude, it was odious" — but, he said, it was not criminal.
I think it was the father who was with her — he was crying.
I was told it was approved by MetLife and that it was guaranteed.
Navigation was accurate, Bluetooth pairing was a snap, and USB connectivity was fine.
Even if it was modest, it was good to know it was there.
That was what I was passionate about, was them finding their way somehow.
He was doing great, I was doing great and our family was complete.
McDermitt said he was wondering where she was when everyone else was backstage.
"There was no interaction, there was no community, there was no progress reporting." 
Sometimes I was absent when I was home because I was an addict.
"It was sad, but it was a life that was lived," he said.
"I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified," Paltrow said.
It was 221, so Leslie was eleven months old and Camron was two.
"He was unsophisticated, he was naive, and he was a fool," Breen said.
I was surprised at how obvious it was—that it was so blatant.
My family unit was my mom, who was 19 when I was born.
I was the candidate, I was the person who was on the ballot.
And that was because the judge was unfair, and the woman was unfair.
He was clear that this was for me, and he was supporting me.
It was political, it was angry, it was in reaction to serious oppression.
My relationship was one I was in when I was 16 or 17.
He was glad she was there, obviously (though glad was not the word).
It was The Temptations; it was The Dramatics; it was The Four Tops.
In Chicago, it was raining and I was losing traction—it was exhausting.
It was hard to tell who he was or where he was from.
I was God, I was a queen, and everything after was a letdown.
"It was brazen, it was sophisticated, it was outrageous," Kaplan said in court.
It was ruled that the well was empty, and it was boarded up.
I was was wearing my seatbelt but the strap was under my armpit.
Considering it was snowing, I was surprised that the restaurant was fairly busy.
"My Reddit was telling me everything I was doing was wrong," he said.
Delta was down 2.5%, American was off 3.3% and Southwest was down 1.9%.
One section was eight handwritten pages; one was six; and one was 10.
The illusion was gone; all that was left was Clark and the void.
JF: There was no allegations, there was no proof, there was no nothing.
He was out to people when he was — how old was he, 17?
But I was thinking of who my mentor was, and it was Brooklyn.
What was fantastic was that it was not only gargantuan but totally functional.
It was ridiculous, it was unhealthy, but above all, it was teenage boys.
I was relieved that it was over and that the baby was healthy.
I was 18, he was 17, and I was trying to roller skate.
It was exciting; there was spontaneity, but most of all it was normal.
Our coach Krusher was great and it was almost was like, 'Yes, coach!
What I had wanted was vengeance; what the shooter was getting was justice.
He was away, and he was on the water, and he was relaxed.
"She was my ear, she was my rock, she was everything," Wilson said.
But what was really interesting was what there was not: athleisure or streetwear.
Callimachi: He was a person who was —— Hawk: Because he was an employee.
"I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified," she said.
The one time that my mother was happy was when she was sewing.
It was the holidays, I was drunk on eggnog, I was watching 'Cheer.
The creepy thing was that the machine was more thoughtful than I was.
I was struggling socially because everyone was jealous of how smart I was.
It was said that he was a spy, that I was a spy.
That was that, that was his goal, was to make that character black.
Whatever it was, it was clear that Pacquiao's illustrious career was winding down.
But when he was wrong, as he often was, he was poisonously wrong.
He was accused of spying and was imprisoned but was released in 1942.
The woman I was with was just run over — it was a stampede.
"Carrie" was Brian De Palma; "Christine" was John Carpenter; "The Shining" was Kubrick.
She was not interested in Hollywood; New York was where the luster was.
The first was that Lawrence was a moralist and Miller was an anarchist.
"It was intentional, it was deliberate, and this location was targeted," Hall explained.
What was left unsaid was that authorization was passed during the Bush administration.
The House process "was rushed, it was partisan and it was sloppy," Sen.
And it was raining and it was wet, and the grass was wet.
BH: That was the only thing that was left after he was divorced.
Trump was already saying the call was "perfect" before the transcript was released.
While he was religious and she was not, it was not an issue.
GT was just a hobby, but it was one he was good at.
There was just no doubt about whether what I was doing was right.
His wife—she was good, she was a better person than he was.
That harm was serious, and it was important that Nixon was held accountable.
Biden's average score was 7.3, while Warren's was 7.1 and Sanders was 7.0.
I immediately was escorted out, but it was nice while I was there.
This was when I was 3, before my stutter was stigmatized as shameful.
There was a genuine confusion between what was real and what was posturing.
So I mean it was shocking that he was shocked it was leaked.
This was a fight Smith said was as mental as it was physical.
I was just 20, out of university, I was really ... It was exciting.
There was some flooding in Hanalei, where I was, but it was beautiful.
It was someone I loved telling me what I was doing was stupid.
His tie was white, his skin was black — and he was being celebrated.
Sunday's show was thrilling because it was anarchic, not because it was redemptive.
Her prediction was that Joe was gonna go to prison, Teresa was gonna get strong and independent, and then was gonna divorce.
The reason I was fired was because I was investigating a company that Joe Biden's son was serving on the board of.
Getting to work on Reigns: Game of Thrones was so cool, but what was amazing was that the team was so small.
I was convinced she was starving, and I truly felt that my body was not working how it was supposed to be.
There was no UFC card, there was no Bellator card, there was no WSOF card, and there was no One Championship card.
It was literally because she was a massive tomboy and she did kicks and stuff and that was totally who I was.
I was topping him, and I honestly believed that because I was the top, there was no way I was at risk.
I was able to recognize the level of vulnerability that I was in when I was 12 and I was being assaulted.
I was the runaway, I was the f— up, I was the one that had the mouth, I was always in trouble.
I was like: 'Oh, it's great, I can stay here all night… it was great… he was there… and it was fun.
Kayiatos: There was also FTMTransition, which was just a guy who I believe was my age who was based out of Boston.
That's how I became who I was when I was writing my bars: nobody was telling if it was good or not.
I was the runaway, I was the f—up, I was the one that had the mouth, I was always in trouble.
It's not just Shakespeare that was hibernating, it was Zeffirelli as well, and it was Baz Luhrmann, and it was Leo DiCaprio.
My sense was that the legislation was anticipatory as much as it was geared to cracking down on what was actually happening.
Mr Jagger was "Byron"; Mr Richards was "Shelley", Bill Wyman (the band's bassist until 1993) was "Yeats" and Mr Watts was "Grey".
The drone was comfortable to maneuver, the app was easy to use, and the video that the drone was recording was sharp.
I was curious to see where it was going because stuff that was big back then was nowhere near what is today.
Atwood's daughter was nine when it was published; by the time she was in high school, it was required reading for graduation.
They met when she was 214 and he was 210; by the time she was 30, she was the mother of five.
She was a teenager, but she was really like a mother to me, and she was telling me that everything was alright.
Zoey was eating chips in her audition and it was so clear that she was who was going to play this part.
"As I was working on the piece, Mike Brown was killed, and I was following what was happening in Ferguson," she said.
But I was lucky in that Washington was the center, was Mae East, it was one of the hubs of the internet.
There was no salary, so it was tip-based—and I was her kid, so I was never actually helping the business.
"I was the kid in my neighborhood who was drawing, who was designing quilts for people, who was making stuff," he said.
Charlee was already too ill to travel, and it was obvious that, though he was gracious and kind, his heart was elsewhere.
Isaac: Our first proper gig was at this local music festival, when I was eleven, Taylor was nine, and Zac was six.
What was exciting about writing a book was that I was not in the inner circle, so that was kind of liberating.
The deal was not only accomplishing the critical mission it was designed for -- it was creating an environment where diplomacy was possible.
The hardware was lackluster, the software was bad; the only thing it was really good at was selling customers stuff on Amazon.
Prahlad was saved by Vishnu and it was Holika who died as she was only immune to fire if she was alone.
For coins, it was pennies; for toys, it was marbles; for jewelry, it was earrings; and for batteries, it was button batteries.
"There was an assumption that Georgia was a lost cause, Georgia was conservative and it was not going to change," she said.
But it was not until she was 19/20 that it was apparent she was suffering from a full blown mental illness.
Tonko said he was told the bill was not in the room, but was not given any information on where it was.
If Deepak Chopra was a fraud, then so was I. As I was beginning to glean, playing pundit was a hypocrite's game.
But when I was seven I was having fun, I was pretending to be Baby Spice, I was obsessed with Britney Spears.
It was great fun, and I love her [Meryl], so it was perfect," she said, adding, "It was great, and she was hiding watching me sing, and I was so excited.
MURDOCH: One of the things I was really offended by with the mainstream coverage was that like, Roseanne was -- she was the voice of the red state, no, her character was.
" She was allegedly stopped by hospital personnel several times, but claimed she was "a doctor, was going to see a patient, was with the phlebotomy lab, and was with another clinic.
"It was fear, and it was quick, and you know, it was tragedy," said Ifrah Mubarak, who was at the courthouse and said she was a friend of the Noor family.
And what happened was that the process went completely off track, it was not managed well, there was no transparency; there was no clarity as to what information was being shared.
Calderon, who was brought to the United States when she was 3 years old in 1991, was detained for about a month and was only released after the lawsuit was filed.
It was spring, it was rainy, it was the early nineties, meaning that "Seinfeld" was all the rage, and so was Michael Jordan, and so was crack cocaine, the latter of which, at this point, I had no firsthand knowledge.
The US had a rate of 2130 gun deaths per 210,000 people in 2016, which dwarfed comparable developed countries: Switzerland's rate was 2.8, Canada's was 2.1, Australia's was 1, Germany's was 0.9, the United Kingdom's was 1303, and Japan's was 0.2.
I was a big Obama supporter, but I just couldn't, nobody was talking about his weight, nobody was talking about what he wore, nobody was talking about his hair— CLAYTON: I was!
Before there was Duterte, there was Ferdinand Marcos; before there was Sisi, there was Hosni Mubarak; before Mohammed bin Salman there were his uncles; and before Haftar there was Muammar al-Qaddafi.
Even worse, when the system was unclear on whether an object was a bicycle (as it was with Herzberg), it was unable to retain any information about how the object was moving.
Dominican investigators say that Mr. Ortiz was not the gunman's intended target, and was mistakenly shot because he was dressed similarly and was seated next to the man the gunman was after.
As much as everyone was trying to get this album out, everybody was trying to make sure he was OK. Was there anything he was unhappy with once you submitted the album?
It would be about ... My dad was curious about the campaign, it was the campaign he was working on was ... Back then in Florida every statewide cabinet post was an elected post.
"It was the LBGTQ and Hispanic community that was targeted, and it was hateful and it was public," organizer Kermit Silva told CNN.
One of the first things that Doria said was that graffiti was honest, that it was art, and that pixo was a crime.
Greg really was a large part of the reason why Goat was created, but this was his first de novo deal, was Ring.
It was me and my brother and we'd relentlessly watch them—Luke was the hero, it was a fucking story, it was great.
Nadja Spiegelman: I was in Paris, which was hard — I mean everything was hard, but it was hard to be so far away.
That was his biggest concern, he said later, and he was gratified that no American was injured, though a military dog was wounded.
He was alone in the complex when he was found, which Olson said was not unusual given that Prince was a private person.
"He was passionate, he was amazing, he was great — he was everything a mother could ask for in a kid," Ms. Griffin said.
I could tell he was surprised, and there was a moment there when I was worried that he was about to shut down.
And yeah, I was beautiful, but so was everyone else, and our beauty depended on who was looking and what was in style.
"I was very embarrassed and I was humiliated and I was embarrassed for David and what he was going to think," Grammer said.
I was shocked his dad was actually there when he went to find him, but I was not surprised there was no money.
I knew I was destroying my body with my eating disorder, but the message I was getting was that I was doing great.
So I was doing that until I was about 12, and then I was karate world champion when I was 12 as well.
He was telling us again and again, it was never Russia, it was never a state, that it was never a state party.
"My first feeling was when I was free and reunited with my family was just, I was so filled with joy," Stan stays.
"It was really very sexist — it was homophobic, yes, but it was also more just about that it was women," she told HuffPost.
Only a single camera was used, which was trained on the judge and the broadcast was cut immediately after the sentence was delivered.
He was black, and she was white, and their 1957 union was prohibited by law in North Carolina, where my father was raised.
The body of a 30-year-old woman was found Saturday afternoon after the vehicle she was was riding in was swept away.
It was the casting couch, and I didn't understand quite what was going on, what was happening — I thought it was my fault.
But one of the things that I think was interesting was the way he was saying, Mr. Cohen was saying, no, no, no.
I don't know if it was because it was shiny, or if it was because there was something within it that I loved.
That was back when John Sculley was running Apple, Ronald Reagan was running the U.S. and Paul Volcker was running the Federal Reserve.
Even though it was black car, so there was a risk that it was a rich-people's product, it was a magical experience.
It was obvious, he was struggling to make sense of the deaths, saying it was "impossible to know what" Chester was going through.
And then there was a part of me that was so surprised at how profound an experience this was, this theater experience was.
He didn't mention the person was transgender CNN was unaware Clarke was transgender on Friday when another article was published about the killing.
It was these two French-Canadian guys, and all it was, was a loft in SoHo where a guy was playing the piano.
"At that point it was shock, it was disbelief, it was fear, but it was urgency," said Ms. Summers, a ballroom dance instructor.
It was rumored that the main reason the sport was dropped from the Olympics was because the U.S. team was too dominant. 8.
He was, like, 'Getting to play yourself is really—' you know, how lovely it was, how great it was and challenging it was.
The man who was attacked was driven to the hospital but was not treated for his injuries as he was combative with staff.
It was frightening because it was unclear what was going on, she said, adding that she was anxiously waiting for the next aftershock.
"We just realized it was all a complete cluster and nothing was ready, there was no organization, there was no leadership," Finley said.
I was convinced I was no longer good at it, or maybe that I never was; that this life was not for me.
After it was broadcast, Mr. Wright lost his job and was beaten; his own restaurant was burned down; and he was later murdered.
He was in the forest, I was in the river, and I was looking at the jaguar and he was looking at me.
Regardless of whatever time zone Sean was in, it was clear his sleeping schedule was skewed and he was sorta losing his mind.
I was pretty sure I was having an affair, and I was pretty sure it was outside the rules of our open relationship.
"There was a demographic that everyone was speaking to that was old and tired, it was these stereotypes and clichés," Mr. Weiner said.
When the case was argued in February, a lawyer for the state was peppered with questions about what was and was not allowed.
It was clear that every medical issue was rigorously attended to, but it was also clear that she was abundantly steeped in love.
When the segment was broadcast, the offending word was bleeped out, but it was left uncensored on the clip that was posted online.
He was the early bird and I was the night owl, I was fire and he was ice, and vice versa at times.
Soto was right, NYC's short-term rental market was booming—but what he failed to mention was that it was also largely illegal.
All was fog, all was mist, all was boast, all was fiction,As he hid his true airs with bad diet and diction.
The reason she was put into the hospital in the first place was because she was running a high fever and was symptomatic.
Because Soleimani's plane was arriving in Baghdad, it was important to have eyes on the ground confirming it was he who was deplaning.
But now that there was no script left to follow, now that the body was gone, meaning was all there was to ponder.
It was clear to McMaster that he was being fired, but less clear that the President was certain Bolton was the right replacement.
I mean it was horrible, and this guy was sweating all over me, like his sweat was like it was raining basically everywhere.
Once again, the classified status does not determine if this was a leak (it was) or if it was government information (it was).
There was also the argument that there was nothing wrong because the aid was ultimately delivered, and no investigation of Biden was launched.
After waiting briefly in the lobby, she was taken upstairs to what she was told was the prince's suite, where he was waiting.
When I said I was a boy, or presented myself as one, I was told I was lying, that I was a girl.
There was one that was freshly broken and one that was already properly trained and then one that was about to be broken.
Well, there was a year when he was only eating what he was killing.
These weren't what was precious while he was alive – they're what was left behind.
It was not clear whether the friend was aware that a massacre was ongoing.
And I was on pointe, and I was dancing the role — it was crazy.
Once it was synced, that was it, there was no persistent internet connection required.
I was a bit concerned when his voice was raised and he was swearing.
Though her audition was perfect, she was once again told she was too large.
"She was happy, she was in love, she was a good journalist," she says.
The only difference between them was that Ashton was fascinated and Kramer was enraged.
I was never told what was right and what was wrong about the situation.
While I was horrified, I was appreciative that he was saying it out loud.
My mom was very happy that was the only bar I was dancing on.
It was so stressful, and everyone was worried that it was going to explode.
It's not even broken, never was right, it just was ... It was never right.
The weather was great, the energy was high, and the music was really good.
In the 1990s the research was scarce, and assuming it was hereditary was common.
That was quite, it was kind of a Jerry Maguire letter, it was great.
But whatever it was that was happening, it was happening in a big way.
It was gravely, it was thick, it was not phlegmy — but it had texture.
It was long-wearing, utilitarian, and it was the look she was going for.
Because it was Comey and it was McCabe, but it was also probably Obama.
Maybe the situation that Jane was in was OK, because there was overt consent.
Trump was heavily criticized but there was no vote and no ban was imposed.
That world was very Jewish; it was very Yiddish; it was very entertainment-centric.
It was a success, it was a failure, and it was absolutely worth it.
He was not penalized, and when the set was over, the lineswoman was replaced.
It was a perfect opening weekend: The weather was sunny and business was sizzling.
"My impression was that he was telling me how desirable he was," she testified.
I was sorry that I was being someone who was frustrating to be around.
The commission was a mess, it was sued several times, and it was disbanded.
I was never told that anything I was involved in was against the law.
"Every location was real, every set was there, every prop was functional," Gosling said.
It imprinted in me, I was flying, it was like I was being carried.
"She was never going to quit; that was her thing, that was her life."
Vici's absence, which was expected, was confirmed when the invites list was published Friday.
That was fine, because it was the Reagan era and it was the '20083s.
It was like as his time with Rolling Stone was deteriorating, he was deteriorating.
I knew who he was but I was surprised that he was contacting me.
DK: I was not very political when I was 13 but my sister was.
It was what we wanted, it was we needed, it was the right choice.
My chest was pounding, and I was convinced I was having a heart attack.
It was unclear what Granda, who was not a Liberty student, was doing there.
And when Wachovia needed saving it was it was great that Wells was there.
So it was not as though he was ignorant of what he was doing.
So the thesis was exactly ... It was great, I think it was right on.
Stiller was told that the disease was detected early and was treatable, he wrote.
A sobbing mother recounting how the daughter she was breastfeeding was was taken away.
I mean that was -- that was so bad, that was so bad, what happened.
Another idea was that there was somehow invisible matter that was generating more gravity.
She was pumped with so many fluids she was swollen; she was really puffy.
It was essentially move-in ready, which was exactly what I was looking for.
I was singled out, I was disrespected, and he was trying to intimidate me.
"I was slapped and I was choked and I was spit on," she says.
"What was very important was how her date was responding to it," she said.
She was in her element here; everyone was moving as quickly as she was.
And only after was it was revealed that Martha Wash was actually the singer.
Curtis: Yeah, it was was pirated stuff that he did that was really raw.
Sure. But it was all was the same feeling, except it was definitively 2018.
And yet, that was not all that was going on back then, was it?
The pay was poor, the food was often bad and the housing was substandard.
Because what was happening was that everybody was asking, 'When does it hit Hulu?
It was in a great location, was new and clean, and was super cheap.
I was Pam, I was talking with my mother, and my heart was breaking.
I was where I was allowed to be, I was not breaking any rules.
I remember there was one guy who was very active who was more genderqueer.
" The comedian was initially wary: "Everything was clear," Grillo wrote, "he was a madman.
The fastball was outstanding, the curveball was outstanding ... The offense was a little quiet.
When there wasn't fashion I was there, when there was fashion I was there.
I was not sure how much of what he was telling me was true.
Blackstone was $26 billion, Carlyle was around $10 billion and Apollo was $5.6 billion.
He was athletic and was especially into soccer, but his real passion was music.
She was jibbering that her house was in Spain and that she was Spanish.
"I was a cheater, I was a liar, I was a stealer," Taylor says.
I was Sandy in Grease, I was Maureen in Rent, and Dan was Mark!
But what was most remarkable about Teilhard was that he was a Jesuit priest.
"She was really funny and she was fierce and she was happy," she says.
There was no way the Steven Mitchell was the person she thought he was.
Progress was slow, but progress was occurring, and none of it was actually difficult.
Lexy's first daughter was born when she was 31 and the flexibility was invaluable.
While I was there, there was an Arab who was being detained from Yemen.
Anyway, Pornhub was one of the last places the song was still streaming. Was.
Piano was all right, but it was singing that I was absolutely terrified of.
And if Insta­gram was growing quickly, maybe it was because the product was good?
Yeah. Was I mad about how it was handled and how I was treated?
In 2013, it was tokenization, 2014 was Apple Pay, and 15 was MCX (R.I.P.).
It was very real with him, because he was somebody who was very present.
Which was fine, but it was very clear that I was the only girl.
It was 15 degrees out, and everybody was freezing, and the wind was howling.
What WikiLeaks was doing was changing the landscape, and I was interested in that.
"I was shocked, I was shaken, and I was mad," Maw told the affiliate.
I felt I was doing something very unnatural was when I was prepping it.
Was the umbrella appealing because it was brightly colored, or was it completely random?
Rudoph Valentino, for example, was Italian; Charlie Chaplin was British; Greta Garbo was Swedish.
I was trying to provoke, so that was, that was kind of the idea.
The system was slow, the tablet hardware was laughable, and the platform was archaic.
"She was glowing and it was unbelievable how beautiful she was," Dixon, 24, recalled.
This was the change, and this was who she was going to be forever.
There was Rome, there was Greece, there was this, and this will eventually pass.
He was proud of that, he was proud of the work he was doing.
The message was clear: I was a bit too thick, and that was bad.
When I was ambassador, it was frustrating how poorly informed the Russian government was.
This was in August, 1977, and the place was steaming, it was so intense.
Michael was innocent, and that was what the interview was about with the police.
"What I was doing was saving money, which I thought was genius," she says.
When my first puzzle was accepted, she was almost as thrilled as I was.
How much of Sakuraba's game was legitimate and how much was showmanship was blurry.
If he was going to go, that was how it was going to happen.
Eric was an only child until he was eleven, when his sister was born.
When I was studying and he was working, he was paying more for rent.
That was in 1975, when he was 17 and it was a Dairy Queen.
Number one was reg reform, number two was taxes and number three was infrastructure.
He was a Communist, but he was a Communist because he was a nationalist.
The game was somewhat overlooked when it was released, but was generally well reviewed.
He was a young boy who was just playing, and his life was struck.
It was -- it was literally just a wasted 20 minutes, which was a shame.
He was very much aware of where he was and what he was doing.
There was no due process, there was no trial, there was no diligence afterwards.
I was told he was hurt, he was in pain, his decision wasn't rational.
The actor was 23 when the first movie was released while Blanchett was 30.
CHARLIE MUNGER: But it was-- but that was a-- that was a high moment.
I was very humble and I was very thankful, and that was my objective.
"He was a joint — he was U.S. and he was Canada," Mr. Trump continued.
All that was happening when I was going to the clubs, which was great. . . .
It was like I was withdrawing from a drug, and the drug was carbohydrates.
Dougal was killed and his girlfriend was critically injured, as was a homeless bystander.
I was, and everyone told me that I was crazy, but I was concerned.
I was told how relaxed she was at Windsor, and it was really true.
It was as fun as it was sexy — and it was very, very sexy.
And you know—the producer was naked, the engineer was naked, it was ridiculous.
The party was good, the party was loud, the party was, well, a party.
When I was there, Chelsea [Handler] was on and Joan [Rivers] was on. E!
When Hanindyojati was a child, he was sure Gotham City was a real place.
No information was received that was meaningful or helpful, and no action was taken.
When Young and Thuggin' was coming out, basically Juvenile was leaving, B.G. was leaving.
I was getting my special initiation, and what I was told was a tattoo.
But this was the only chance, this was the moment the world was watching.
The woman was so clearly unwell that when she was apprehended she was incoherent.
It was, I was there ... almost my entire tenure there was before it launched.
I was in D.C. I was in LA. I was all over, New York.
It was schedules, it was results, as technology allowed it was an occasional highlight.
And it was really, it was something so obvious, I was sort of surprised.
Its architecture was considered old-fashioned, it was largely neglected, and it was vandalized.
Our whole school was put on lockdown, no one was sure what was happening.
When I was really little, He-Man was cool, but that was way early.
I was sleeping well, I was spiritually sound, I was good hanging with me.
What was happening was that I was walking through halls hearing German on loudspeakers.
Nick, that was our editor in chief, Nick Johnson who was, honestly, was joking.
No matter where I was, what I was doing, or how important it was.
Who was right and who was wrong was left to jurors to sort out.
What was fascinating was just how much extra space there was and how ... Right.
It was night time, there was a smoke machine, and he was wearing sunglasses.
He was hardly the towering figure Reagan was, but neither was he as remote.
That was odd enough, but stranger still was that Mr. Chaya was watching him.
When I was not doing that, I was wondering what was wrong with me.
It was not clear if this was a bug or I was being punished.
I was the kid who was scared of taking risks, and here I was.
She was in her element here; everyone was moving as quickly as she was.
When the Post was doing what it was doing, that was the right role.
The only movie I was ever obsessed with was "Heathers," when I was 14.
I was broke and I was a new rapper whose career was spiraling downward.
Her name was Irina, she was 35, and she was from the former Yugoslavia.
Stuff like, 148 was for cigarettes, 192 was tax evasion, 166 was drug dealing.
I mean that was — that was so bad, that was so bad what happened.
Because she was pregnant, it was the only thing she was allowed to take.
"I was fairly certain that the feeling I was having was mutual," he said.
" Huffman also said, "I was frightened, I was stupid and I was so wrong.
But it was it was clear that Stephens was suffering more under the conditions.
One person was paleo, one was allergic to garlic, and one was gluten-free.
It was so dark, it was almost impossible to see what was going on.
There was no sci-fi, there was no CGI, there was no huge automation.
"The thinking was that Warren was a dry hole," he was quoted as saying.
Eureka's rap was fun, Kameron's lyrics were sweet, it was great, everyone was great.
The development was halted, the river was protected, and the surf break was preserved.
It was very close to where I was living when I was a kid.
It was at Gordonstoun School when I was 14 and the prince was 18.
But as liberating as the boat was, I was very glad Pietro was along.
And it was not the -- it was not what was said in the conversation.
Hal was fantastic at seeing there was something that was wrong with a piece.
It was his house that was on fire, and his daughter who was inside.
I think probably how athletic it was — what she was doing was not easy.
It was unclear if the person who was killed was working on that project.
It was epic, it was dramatic, it was salacious, and honestly, a bit skeezy.
It was as if I was in a kaleidoscope that someone was shaking rapidly.
But some of the aggressive culture that made Uber was it was, was weaponized.
"It was not suicide, it was not natural causes, it was murder," he said.
I was always fucking exhausted when I was writing it, but it was real.
He was moving well, was reading plays well, he was outstanding out there. Outstanding.
My concern was making sure she was comfortable in the underwear she was wearing.
I was just pro what he was selling more than what she was selling.
He was shot down, he was crippled, he was beaten, starved, tortured and humiliated.
He was calm there, and so was I. The film was almost an afterthought.
"I was arrogant when I was playing, without knowing who I was," he said.
"I was in shock, I was disgusted, I was angry and hurt," Bull said.
The first factor was that Mark Ruffalo was the lead, and he was young.
But that was the situation Marvel was in back then, and it was dire.
She kept insisting it was O.K.: The girl was 18, and it was consensual.
Or rather, I was sure I knew what Gibraltar was, but I was wrong.
When I was riding I was thinking negatively and that was effecting my training.
There was a McDonald's that was closer, but Checkers, he says, was more affordable.
But that was given out, and it was also, I guess it was read.
His name was Sameer Tiger, and there was no doubt he was a killer.
But there he was, controlling it, while denying that was what he was doing.
There was a time when I was 24, when it was a lot harder.
"I was worried my outfit was too boring, but I was wrong," he said.
Because he was blind, Mr. Agha was released; his other friend was also freed.
"He was caring, he was honest, he was a loving person," his brother said.
His first question was if I was a drug dealer—I was like, really?

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