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How to use were in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "were" and check conjugation/comparative form for "were". Mastering all the usages of "were" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Some 587 were Asian, 194 were white, 45 were unspecified, 33 were Latino, 20 were multiracial, and nine were Native American.
They were Christians, they were Jews, they were atheists, they were Hindus, and they were Buddhists.
You were white, you were brown, you were red, you were dust.
"The managers were prepared, they were thoughtful, they were factual, they were logical, they were dignified," Conway said Wednesday.
Students were there, lawyers were there, doctors were there, the unemployed were there.
They were old, they were young, they were white, they were black, they were really indicative of all different parts.
Within this group, 221.5,220.9 were white, 219.6 were Chinese, 23,22 were black, 23,22017 were Hispanic and 803 were South Asian.
Overall, 66.7% were white, 23.6% were black, 9.7% were Latinx and 49.8% were women.
"There were people who were perfectly good, there were people who were perfectly tolerant, and there were people who weren't," Sarah said.
There were tenants and sharecroppers who were organizing, there were unemployed individuals who were organizing.
There were children, there were dogs there, there were families there, there were strollers, there were wheelchairs, there were so many people and there was no one leading our march.
Basements were cleaned out, digital photos were organized, hardwood floors were scrubbed until they were gleaming.
" Trump's comments "were toxic and they were inappropriate and they were offensive and they were wrong.
There were -- there were -- there were some FISA applications.
"There were some that were [for] Pauly, there were some that were [for] Vinny and there were some we called 'swing states,' " Guadagnino joked.
The parts that were so celebrated were great, but they were the only parts that were notable.
Some were given false feedback, and were told they were less well read than they really were.
Cabinets were disassembled, walls were demolished, dinner parties were deferred.
Some were dark, some were copper skin, some were fair.
They were worried because they were thought we were PETA.
Limbs were flying, hips were shaking, and legs were lunged.
Drinks were had, bullshit stories were told, virginities were lost.
They were famous, they were successful, and they were archrivals.
There were things that were, there were tensions within her.
They were black, they were brown, they were in hijab.
Speeches were given, petitions were signed, and hands were clapped.
You were unbelievable, you were tough, and you were something.
Some were swift, some were armed and all were brazen.
Some were afraid they were dying, others were already gone.
The silhouettes were blocky, the color choices were bold, the fabric weights were substantial, the logos were supersized.
Like all of us, they had different identities: they were black, they were women, they were scientists, they were mothers, they were all these different things.
A quarter of the people who were uninsured at the time the CDC interviewed them were Hispanic; 14% were black, 9% were Asian and 7% were white.
"Buildings were destroyed, roofs were torn off, trees were felled, streets and homes were flooded, and cars, boats, and debris were strewn everywhere," AIR Worldwide's report said.
Police said the two students who were shot were not targeted and were hit because they were behind Smith.
IBM was here, some were in Boston, some were in Kentucky, some were, they were all over the place.
Of that group, 255 were Gen Z, 2000 were millennials, 337 were Gen X, and 217 were baby boomers.
While there were a bunch that were mediocre and some that were bad, luckily, some of them were great.
"There were people who were loud drunks, who were sloppy drunks, who were belligerent drunks," Roche said on CNN.
Of that group, 32 were Gen Z, 343 were millennials, 337 were Gen X, and 217 were baby boomers.
At that time they were pretty open, they were, what's it, they were better than open, they were exuberant.
Residents who were able to transmit messages said stores were closed, streets were empty and curfew passes were required.
Our people were killed, our children were thrown into fire, our women were raped, our houses were burnt down.
Residents who were able to transmit messages said stores were closed, streets were empty and curfew passes were required.
Jokes were made, eyes were rolled and astrological signs were debated.
We were drunk, we were full, and, again, we were happy.
Where you were, what you were doing, who you were with.
Some were clothed, several were naked, most of them were stolen.
There were no women, there were no men; there were comrades.
Where were you, how old were you, who were you with?
All were working class, all were male and seven were black.
Very few were pitying themselves; some were angry, most were not.
Some were heartbreaking, some were hilarious, some were just fucking disgusting.
Cock cages were locked, subs were punished, and butts were sniffed.
Storefronts were shuttered, businesses were left reeling and workers were furloughed.
We were surprised that they were as fast as they were.
Photographers were there; the parents were there; community members were there.
Bombs were placed, rockets were shot, guns were shot at Israelis.
They were young, and they were mad, and they were undaunted.
Bridges were blocked, ports were stalled, and railroad tracks were blockaded.
They were fighting and they were drinking and they were eating.
You were there when they were small and they were startups.
Some were good, some were great, and some were plain forgettable.
The 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board were dead: 193 were from the Netherlands, 43 were from Malaysia, 27 were from Australia, 12 were from Indonesia, 10 were British, and the rest were from Germany, Belgium, the Philippines, Canada, and New Zealand.
Three of the individuals were juveniles, while the others were likely adults, and they were able to identify that nine were possibly male and six were possibly female.
Of the alleged perpetrators, 32% were religious brothers, 30% were priests, 29% were lay people and 5% were religious sisters.
Yet when they were found they were calm, several were laughing, and they assured rescuers they were in good health.
The movement became broader; there were fiscal conservatives, there were social conservatives, there were foreign policy conservatives, there were neocons.
The pieces were not only watched over, they were restored, and the ones that were beyond repair were faithfully replicated.
Facebook was Facebook, texts were texts, emails were emails, chats were chats, webcamming was webcamming, phone calls were phone calls.
Aviation priorities were changing: manned missions were out of fashion, drones were the rage, and national-security budgets were tight.
People were getting drunk and they were high, but they were upright regardless of whether or not they were imbibing.
Almost half of them were white, although 30 percent were black, 23 percent were Hispanic and 6 percent were Asian.
"The women were impoverished, they were black, they were women," Presocd says.
A couple were convicted, a few were acquitted, and scores were indicted.
Fans were heartbroken, hashtag groups were created (#justindeactivatedparty), and haters were happy.
Some of us were single, some were coupled, some were in-between.
There were four Afghans that were wounded that were evacuated as well.
We were surprised and we were disappointed and we were really angry.
The men, whose ages were not released, were both were military veterans.
Prices were high, lines were long and flights were often hours late.
They were strays, and once the studies were over, they were euthanized.
Those were not contacts, those were effects that were done in post.
Synagogues were desecrated, shops were looted, and homes were destroyed or damaged.
They were doctors, they were laborers that were offensive to the Nazis.
Letters were written, phone calls were made, emails and tweets were drafted.
Some were with the opposition, some were not, and there were arguments.
Some of them were great; some were fine; some were not either.
Some were explosive; others were quietly effective, and still others were duds.
You were so conscious about it: you were curating, you were writing.
Curses were thrown, accusations of racism were made, and birds were flipped.
Most were natural deaths, but many were suicides and 13 were homicides.
They were a bit more leery of elections nationwide: 245% were very confident, 245% were somewhat confident, 21% were not too confident and 6% were not at all confident.
Three percent of respondents were under 22020, 14 percent were under 40, 20 percent were under 54, 21 percent were under 64, and 85033 percent were 65 or older.
"They were watching parents who were watching them, and the parents were experiencing more stress than they were," Khairy tells Tonic.
When accounts were hacked, profile pictures and names were changed, and friends were removed and others were added, the FBI said.
We were told we were "rock stars" who were "inspiring people" and "changing the world," but in truth we were disposable.
Windows were exploding, walls were collapsing, roofs were carried away into the sky, enormous trees were being wrenched from the ground.
We all assumed they were cheating, but even if they were, they were great, whether they were true amateurs or not.
Ten of those applications were granted in full, three were granted in part, three were withdrawn, and only seven were denied.
Drinks were watered, prices were steep, police raids were scheduled (with forewarnings), payoffs were routine and liquor licenses, if they existed at all, were rarely challenged by the liquor authority.
"These attacks were relentless, they were systematic, and they were widespread," Lynch said.
Some were servants, some were skilled professionals — and none of them were slaves.
"There were definitely things that were said, but they were words," D'Ambrosio said.
" And Inaba agreed: "You were power, you were money, you were on it!
Of them, 34.6% were registered Democrats, 25% were Republicans, and 40.4% were unaffiliated.
Of the respondents, 261 were Republicans, 261 were independent and 218 were Democrats.
More shows were added, more celebrities were chased, and more advertisements were secured.
We were visible, we were together, we were strong, we made ourselves heard.
Reactions to the outage were mixed; some were indifferent, others were freaking out.
New Japan wrestlers were known here—they were known before they were needed.
People were beside them, ... we were trying to tell (police) they were hurt.
The findings were striking: 79 percent were men and 85 percent were white.
But, much as they were when the locks were removed, opinions were divided.
We were skating well, we were making good decisions and we were intense.
Windows were smashed, tires were burned, hundreds were injured, and one was killed.
"Positions were squared, some buyers were drawn in, shorts were covered," Hellwig said.
Some were numb, some were panicky, some were just totally despondent and sobbing.
Some were small children when the bombs were dropped, others were young adults.
Tables were smashed, spinal columns were shifted, and crowd-pleasing anecdotes were created.
Thirty of the students were white, two were black, and two were Hispanic.
Callimachi: They were a cook, they were a driver, they were a translator.
No charges were brought, but the products that were seized were never returned.
Most were between 22019 and 22, 57% were female and 74% were white.
Cross-border phone calls were banned, embassies were closed and flights were canceled.
Its methods were secret; its targets were largely secret; its results were opaque.
They were Iranian-backed — some were from Iraq — but they were Iranian-backed.
Some reunifications were scheduled with little notice, were suddenly canceled, or were delayed.
"There were some maneuvers that were done that were incredible maneuvers," Beck said.
Those were the kinds of things that were needed then, were done then.
Some of those things were ugly, some were self-destructive, some were tragic.
As deputies were responding, they were unclear if there were multiple people involved.
Tops were architectural: sculpted with pleats; jackets and tops were asymmetric; skirts were paneled and big shawls were draped to form cascades.
Among infants whose treatment was examined in the study, 36,359 were black, 53,895 were white, 21,808 were Hispanic and 5,920 were Asian.
When he concluded his speech, many in the audience were clapping, some were standing, others were shaking their heads — all were smiling.
For a while, all of those prototypical products that were at trade shows were like this, were gadgets, they were not connected.
Those were three issues that were very important to women, and we were losing them because we were not addressing those issues.
They were directed by commanders who were not guided by Islam and who were not even pretending they were guided by Islam.
Most of those stopped (55 percent) were black (a large portion were also Hispanic), most were young and almost all were male.
For the first time, it was strong women who were visible, who were vibrant, who were sexual, and they were great artists.
Some people were hiding in the hills, some were in the ponds, some were in the bushes, some were in the toilets.
There were middle-class white people who were gay, but there were no middle-class white people who were black, or poor.
In 2017, there were 47,506 opioid-related deaths, excluding homicides: 43,036 were unintentional, 1,884 were suicides and 2,586 were of undetermined intent.
"They were all saying the same thing: They were in solidarity, they were proud of me, and were encouraging me," she said.
People were out and about in the city, trains were running, and store shelves left bare when people were stockpiling were replenished.
When they were first discovered, quasars were an enigma: they were first found as radio sources in the cosmos so intense, researchers were convinced the radio sources were extraterrestrial in origin.
They came from several countries: In addition to Estonia's Piirimets, four were British, four were Spanish, three were French, three were Russian, two were Italian and one was from Sri Lanka.
Among the total employed at top Silicon Valley tech companies, 47 percent were white, 30 percent were women, 41 percent were Asian American, 3 percent were black and 6 percent were Hispanic.
Eventually, though, scientific research was utilized: facts were collected, our collective understanding was expanded, response plans were developed, interventions were studied, attitudes shifted, public policies were well-informed, and regulations were established.
Some of them were great, some were decent, some were awkward, and some were like diving straight into the ninth circle of hell.
There were eight tax cuts that were greater, and even if you adjust for inflation, there were four that were much more significant.
They were seen as potential enemies and were held in internment camps because they were from enemy states, not because they were Jewish.
In 2016, 48 percent of public school students were white, 26 percent were Latino, 15 percent were black and 203 percent were Asian.
But yeah, when we were filming, we were going between who they were as broadcasters and who they were in their real life.
"The systems that were most helpful were systems that were used every day and were robust enough to be scaled up," Frieden said.
The Germans were pragmatic, and the British were measured, and the French were disdainful.
These guys were serious deadbeats; they were lowlifes; they were unrepentant no-good punks.
Just 43% of those characters were white; 28.5% were black and 28.5% were Latinx.
Who were the people you were admiring artistically when you were learning to draw?
Right, and you were saying you were an internet troll when you were younger.
Nine homes were destroyed, dozens more were damaged, while more than 500 were flooded.
" "Listen Bethenny," Frankel told herself, "you were abrasive, you were aggressive, you were judgmental.
BROADLY: How old were you when you were attacked, and where were you living?
The canyons were impassable, the freeways were closed, and the refuges were filling up.
Both passengers were asked if they were 'okay,' and both confirmed that they were.
About 20% were premenopausal, 35% were early or late menopausal and 46% were postmenopausal.
They were ubiquitous and they were plastic and those, of course, were the problems.
There were 19 devices in all that were found, some that were not finished.
PERINO: -- obviously, there were -- there was violence, there were deaths, there were many injuries.
There were 150 people in my classroom, five were killed, and 21 were injured.
Republican voters were intimidated, ballots were destroyed, and dozens of Republican politicians were assassinated.
We worried layoffs were coming and they were—250 people were cut this month.
" For the 2016 presidential election, "'The Apprentice' ratings were -- were not what they were.
Their minds were set; their hearts were set; they were happy all the time.
But from when we were 2 until we were 5, we were constantly together.
"Fifteen were confirmed killed, 10 were injured and two others were captured," he said.
Some, like her, were former students; some were professionals; some were wives and mothers.
There were videos that were seized but they were conventional adult sexually graphic material.
The sets were cheap, the kids were scrappy, and the results were always amazing.
Grand's nails were painted with iridescent white polish — some were pinkier, some were sheer.
They were always letting users know when features were coming, and what they were.
Their musical comedies were musical, but they were also comedies, meaning they were plays.
Checks were bouncing, bills were unpaid, they were in danger of losing their apartment.
Up to 220 people were killed, 24,229 were injured, and 240,248 were left homeless.
Passports were duly shown, VKs were duly purchased, imitation Jager bombs were duly downed.
That's why people were so polite here; we were unsure of who we were.
Rallies were held, T-shirts were made, and mocking Mardi Gras floats were paraded.
Over that time period, 22006,230 kidneys were donated; 2114,102 were transplanted; 27,987 were discarded.
GRAYS, England — Who were they, where were they going, and where were they from.
GRAYS, England — Who were they, where were they going, and where were they from.
Across the table dreams were born, tears were shed, irreverent talk shows were imagined.
There were also takes that were very short because they were little stitching pieces.
And I don't know how they were the way they were, but they were.
We were ringing bells, we were driving carriages, we were crying as town criers.
There were handicapped people; there were children; there were babies crawling on the piers.
Other workers were reportedly evicted after landlords were told they were "problematic" by officials.
Ten Afghan forces were killed, eight were wounded and five others were taken prisoner.
They were crisis actors; they were coached, left-wing puppets; they were just kids.
The tenements that were on that land before were shacks, they were like shantytowns.
Just 12.1 percent of the 4,454 speaking characters in 2017 films were black, 6.2 percent were Hispanic, 43 percent were Asian, 3.9 percent were mixed-race, 1.7 percent were Middle Eastern, and less than 1 percent were Native American or Native Hawaiian.
Gay men and lesbians were more likely to think Democrats were better — 251% of them — while bisexuals were more mixed, with only 26% saying Democrats were better and 83% saying they were unsure.
"It's not like there were certain artists who were 'New ​Gen', it's just that there were some whose mentalities' we aligned with and they were the people who were around us," Caroline says.
Our stages were a 10-minute bike ride away, we were working with each other, and the writing we were given, especially the parts we were given, were kind of manna from heaven.
"The ideas we were talking about were not extreme, were not radical, but were precisely what the American people wanted to see," Sanders said.
They were all very nervous and upset about what you were doing and they were really worried you were going to find something terrible.
We were max-pro — when they were rushing four and we were blocking with seven — and they were getting some unnecessary hits on Chugs.
They found that, among the deaths, 22007% were homicides, 22014% were suicides, 219% were unintentional, and 216% were related to law enforcement or undetermined.
Among the injuries, 223% were assault, 20103% were unintentional, 22010% were related to law enforcement or undetermined, and about 235% were from self-harm.
In Room 207, five of 20133 were killed and six were wounded, while in 204, two of 19 were killed and three were wounded.
You can see who you were spending time with, what you were reading, how you were feeling, what problem(s) you were struggling with.
Before mechanical pin setters were invented in 1936, boys were hired to set bowling pins after they were knocked down — they were called pinsetters.
When you were making the album, were there any kind of active influences that you were drawing on, or processes you were thinking about?
Some of the stems were round and some of them were flat and some were almost serrated, and there were no leaves at all.
In the past, you were studying, then you were working, and then you were retiring.
However, we were in good spirits and were excited about the data we were collecting.
They were aware that we were ensuring we were discussing obligations with our legal advisers.
They were members of the football team, they were big sisters, they were exchange students.
Flights off the island were infrequent, communications were spotty and roads were clogged with debris.
In 1987, there were 30 airline accidents; 211 were fatalities and 230 were definitely passengers.
There were no titles provided here and none were needed — the words were intelligible throughout.
There were many things that the national conservatives were against, many things they were not.
Approximately 52 percent were white, 16 percent were black and 15 percent were Native American.
They were premium, but they were still accessible compared to what they were competing against.
There were overdoses and an overdose ... Which were directly linked to ... Which were directly linked.
Arcs were team driven, narratives were steady, and personalities were afforded equal servings of attention.
Men were more likely to report bad experiences, as were people who were less religious.
Their debates were often verbal knife fights that were as heated as they were illuminating.
There were hackers that were unhappy on Reddit that we were blocking their hacking attempts.
Prisons were ransacked, officers were killed, and staff were bullied into making concessions for inmates.
Because they were real, they were honest, and they were a total collaboration between us.
Five police officers were killed, four security forces were wounded and two were taken prisoner.
Over 5,000 black residents were arrested, approximately 300 were killed, and even more were injured.
Of those, 188 were black, 124 were Hispanic and the races of 60 were unknown.
At least seven people were killed, hundreds were wounded, and over 1,000 people were arrested.
They were taking other deductions that they thought they were eligible for but were not.
Records were airbrushed; de-Nazification procedures were bypassed (they were considered "demoralizing"); immigration was expedited.
In Bladen, 42% were registered Democrats, 39% were registered unaffiliated and 19% were registered Republicans.
Of those characters, nine were trans women, four were trans men and four were nonbinary.
We were in Australia, we were in the U.K., we were in Italy, Greece, Morocco.
The creations were bigger, they were flashier and most of all, they were more fun.
Some people were thrilled, some people were devastated, a few people were full of hatred.
They were advertised in newspapers, and postcards were sold, souvenirs were made from victims' remains.
They were advertised in newspapers, and postcards were sold, souvenirs were made from victims' remains.
Reinforcements were sent, but they were ambushed by the Taliban and five Humvees were destroyed.
None of them were an ambassador, none were CIA agents, none were killed by terrorists.
"Some were off-duty, some were unarmed, and many were killed after capture," he said.
"They (Police) were dragging people, they were beating people, they were undressing people," Byarugaba said.
As crematories were demolished, there were whispers within the camp that the Soviets were advancing.
We were making shots, we were getting in a rhythm, we were getting good looks.
Five were crew members and four were passengers who were military maintenance and operations personnel.
They were imprisoned; some of them claimed they were tortured while they were in prison.
Those who were female and those who were insured were more likely to get treatment.
If you were God and you were starting over and you were designing how venture capital and how companies were funded to make sure that underrepresented groups were represented, what would it look like?
Three of these allegations were substantiated, seven were unsubstantiated, three were unable to be proven, six were still under investigation, two were referred to religious orders, two involved unknown clerics, and three were incidents of boundary violations but not sexual abuse, according to the report.
"We were filming in Hawaii, and there were sacred rocks — I dunno, they were ancestors, who knows — they were sacred," she said on the show.
Only a few dozen were ever made, and — because they were functional outerwear more than they were movie memorabilia — efforts to preserve them were minimal.
Russia's energy ministry says the turbines were not from Siemens, but were modernized turbines that were the work of Russian specialists and were Russian equipment.
The pollution levels were off the charts: people were told to stay indoors, roads were closed, and hundreds of people were hospitalized with respiratory issues.
Of the 1,213 warships involved, 200 were American and 63 were British; of the 4,126 landing craft involved, 805 were American and 2120,219 were British.
In 23, 10% of Medicare and Medicaid outlays, equal to $96bn, were spent on services that were not delivered, were unnecessary or were otherwise erroneous.
Some of the participants were told that some or all of the profiles were AI generated, while others were told that none of them were.
When we were doing Déjà Vu, we were in one studio, the Jefferson Airplane were in another studio, and the Dead were in another studio.
More than 28,000 people were convicted based on flawed tests, and other drivers who were likely guilty were let off because their tests were inadmissible.
Shows were canceled, producers were fired, a handful of network executives were toppled, limits on winnings were temporarily imposed, and rigging results was made illegal.
Forty-one percent said they were "not confident at all," 14 percent were "not too confident," 17 percent were "somewhat confident," 22 percent were "very confident" and 6 percent were uncertain or had no opinion.
Cars were abandoned; people were out of the cars pushing others that were slipping back; and those that were on the other side of these cars were in jeopardy of being hit by sliding vehicles.
In the end, 63 people were killed while thousands were injured and even more were arrested.
While these were both powerful women, they were still members of what were probably patriarchal societies.
Of these, 693 were breast cancers, 291 were prostate cancer cases and 166 were colorectal cancers.
They just keep saying, the crowds were bigger, the crowds were bigger, the crowds were bigger.
Investigators, however, were looking into whether their deaths were by suicide or if they were murdered.
Public broadcaster NHK said 38 people were dead, four were injured seriously and 47 were missing.
Viewers who were not watching in real time were disappointed when their recordings were cut off.
Describe who you were with, what you were thinking, the atmosphere and how you were feeling.
"People were crying for water, people were crying for food and they were helpless," he says.
Do you yearn to discover how empires were built, millions were made, and industries were changed?
The patterns were a mishmash of unrelated structures that were as misleading as they were illuminating.
Either way, many brands were deceived into thinking their ads were working better than they were.
High profile performances on stage were similar: though security staff were present, there were no barricades.
They were hospitalized but their conditions were not known, although Ciaccia said there were no fatalities.
Many of the fighters were women, many of them were young, and daily routines were regimented.
He asked if there were objections and there were none, so the Kennedy votes were counted.
Some women were very aware that they were not navigating it as they were doing it.
FROM COINAGE: See Where 5 Stars Were Before They Were Famous The babies were born Dec.
And there was no holding back — freckles were drawn, wigs were laid, and crowns were worn.
So what happened when the mats were spread out, benches were chosen, and eyes were closed?
We were welcomed inside a photo studio where lights were set up and cameras were flashing.
Train services were curtailed and some highways were closed, as icy roads were causing traffic accidents.
All 9 recipients were white, 7 were from the U.S., and all of them were men.
And when we were doing that and when we were executing, we were getting great shots.
The bodies were found Thursday afternoon, and authorities on Friday were investigating how they were slain.
Among those stopped, 22007 percent were black, 17 percent were Hispanic, and 9 percent were white.
But they were supposed to be our enemy because they were capitalists, and we were communists.
Hendricks said multiple shots were fired, and casings that were found indicated two firearms were used.
Protests were banned shortly after the two pro-Mursi camps were dispersed and scores were arrested.
Sure, my breasts were sewn together, and they were red and inflamed, but they were mine.
This meant that computer systems were saying flights were on time, when they were actually delayed.
They were upright and their offspring were "red," but even so they were treated like that.
Forty-eight percent said they were Democrats, 27 percent were Independents and 25 percent were Republicans.
Discussions were had, crude drawings were pored over, and arrangements were made for the following Sunday.
Over two-thirds were 216 years old, but 211 were 218, and ten were just 12.
"The police were wonderful, they responded, they were just as outraged as we were," she said.
The demos were always great, and the prototypes were always as ugly as they were expensive.
Many of them were rusty, some were bent, certainly used, but there were enough good ones.
Of the total, 23,21 were Model S, 2500,33 were Model X, and 23 were Model 235.
They were our sidekicks, they were our partners, they were confidants who always had our back.
There were no blonde people in Japan—if you were blonde you were in X Japan!
You were convinced you'd find food on the premises, but were told the stands were empty.
There were a couple who I noticed right away were not well, they were not comfortable.
Because those were the aspects of Ukrainian culture that were Sovietized and Russified, were forcibly changed.
Other works, which were more complex, were called visual poetry, and they were shown in museums.
We were really just trying to learn what we were doing as we were doing it.
Those solutions, they were not serious, they were not solving problems, but they were good optics.
The classes that were temporarily suspended were those that were in the earlier phases of training.
Customers were nervous to spend because times were so tight, and because so many were unemployed.
Approximately 350 dogs were killed in action, many more were wounded, and 350 handlers were killed.
Either they were not prepared academically, were too immature or were simply not suited for it.
The fires were started with gasoline, and the churches were empty when they were set aflame.
People were passed out outside of clubs, ambulances were coming, people were actually shitting their pants.
Debit cards were used when credit card rewards were lackluster, and many paychecks were still physical.
Some were still in uniform, several were in nondescript roles, two were leading a non-N.
Sixteen of them were considered "excellent," as they were funded the first time they were submitted.
They were like puppets who were always hyperaware of what the puppeteers were doing with them.
Liquids, gums and lozenges were excluded, as were pills that were crushed to mix with food.
Some errors were minor — like portions of directions that were missing — but others were more significant.
Sometimes these were functional, more often they were just decorative, but almost always they were grotesque.
Of the 12 jurors, five were black, five were Hispanic or Asian, and two were white.
At least 28 people were killed, and 116 people were wounded, 51 of whom were children.
Over 5,000 black residents were arrested, hundreds were killed, and even more were admitted to hospitals.
We were not personal friends and were never peers (I'm much older) -- yet we were connected.
Tonight we were moving our feet, we were playing smart and we were finding the pockets.
The police were confronted by citizens who were not just voicing their opinions, but were armed .
On the other hand, the hats that were handbags that were sand buckets were pretty cute.
There were some painful moments, some that were clear sailing and some that were just uncomfortable.
Some bills were poorly conceived; some were cruel and unjust; some were sold on false pretenses.
End results were much better when managers were allowed to contribute than when they were not.
When respondents were asked what would happen if Obamacare were repealed, even more people were stumped.
There were a few offers, but the offers that were offered were minor movies with gangs.
Some were holding back gentle sobs; some were texting or calling loved ones; most were confused.
" "Some of the exact words were that were used ... were abusive toward staff, very explosive personality.
There were a couple kids who were emotional, the coaches were right there to console kids.
Both of them were treated like they were animals that were to be put in cages.
They had three things in common: They were black, they were killed, and they were disabled.
"There were some maneuvers that were done that were incredible maneuvers with the aircraft," Beck said.
Some were straight-up advertisements, others were meant to show off design, while still others were behind-the-scene looks at how these devices were made.
All four brothers were where they said they were — their cellphones had been examined; they were nowhere near Meadow Run Drive — and none were under suspicion.
Little cuts were made in the knees, the doctors talked as if it were being done, sounds were produced as if the operation were being done.
And there were people who were starting to show me that no matter what color they were, they were going through the same things as me.
" Wolkoff cited "many line items that were not reflected, rentals that were not sourced, budgets that were not accurate and décor elements that were not feasible.
"Honestly, if you were at the stadium and you were in the moment, there were just as many cheers as there were boos," Mr. Levine suggested.
For the class of 2021 (admitted last year), 22.2% were Asian-American, 14.6% were African-American, 11.6% were Hispanic or Latino and 2% were Native American.
In many cases, no explanations were given as to why they were being separated, and no answers were provided as to where the children were taken.
Theatres were closed because female actors were observing the day, schools closed because teachers were striking, flights were cancelled because flight attendants were absent and male bank executives assumed the role of tellers for the day.
The 35% of women who were not using contraception when they were interviewed were either not sexually active (17%), were pregnant, were postpartum or were looking to get pregnant (7.5%), nonusers of contraception who'd been sexually active (7.9%) or nonusers for other reasons, like nonsurgical sterility (2.7%).
But scientists were archiving data, they were worried that data was going to be disappeared, they were worried that there were going to be these litmus tests for which federal scientists were going to keep their jobs.
Drones were prohibited from flying overhead, devotees were discouraged from wearing backpacks while their personal belongings were searched, and cell phone signals along the route were jammed.
The teens, who believed their tickets were round-trip, were described as "shocked" when they were told by deputies that their flights were, in fact, one-way.
"These were networks of accounts that were misleading people about who they were and what they were doing," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a call with reporters.
Most of these new parishes are either the churches which were destroyed and were built again, or these are churches which were in ruins and were restored.
Of those 104, five were US citizens, three were immigrants who were lawfully present in the US and 96 were in the US illegally, according to ICE.
" Glassman: "I grew up in somewhat poor areas and people were being beaten up because they were black, they were being beaten up because they were Jewish.
"People were screaming and rushing to come out ... as they were coming, they were panicking, I saw some people had blood, some people were limping," he said.
Women in technical jobs were almost nonexistent, and when they were there, they were constantly being tested to see if they really knew what they were doing.
The last time Enrique and Emma were at the Rafael Hernández Airport, the lights were out, A.T.M.s were down and stragglers were trying to escape the island.
All kinds of construction were taking place around him: Walls were being built, scripts were being written and newly hired performers were figuring out their onscreen personas.
The baby boomers were retiring, the markets were gyrating, companies were trying to get out of the pension business, and state and local pension plans were struggling.
And we paid them more than they were worth when they were young, and then we paid them less than they were worth when they were older.
The grades the athletes were given were always high enough to ensure they were eligible to play.
Because the characters were contemporaries when they were younger, to me that was all we were doing.
The 12 who were killed were named Saturday morning Eleven of the 12 killed were city employees.
You were dead, you were sleeping the big sleep, you were not bothered by things like that.
"The students were being rowdy, they were being disruptive, they were being teenagers pretty much," Deminds said.
Video gamers were skeptical, publishers were even more skeptical, and millions of casual Wii owners were ambivalent.
Yet they were adamant about their allegations: They were drugged, they were assaulted, and Cosby did it.
The restraints were off, and we were all on board with what we knew we were making.
At least 180 children, 80% of whom were not vaccinated, were killed and there were 900,000 hospitalizations.
I heard that bisexual girls were crazy, they were greedy, they were selfish and they caused drama.
And I think there were times when we were worried if we were going to get there.
At some point, people who were staying were yelling back at the people who were loudly leaving.
As expected, a lot turned up — some were bad, some were good, and most were downright ridiculous.
Also, because my friends were also watching the videos, they were too were exposed to those ideas.
Yet all were adamant about their allegations: They were drugged, they were assaulted, and Cosby did it.
In shootings were there were victims, 20123 of the victims were male, compared to 157 female victims.
"There were so many films out that were announcing what dire straits we were in," he says.
The checks, which were for nearly identical amounts, were all cashed as soon as they were received.
"  "Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually coworkers.
People were getting rowdy in the streets, and people were killing Makouts—but those soldiers were helpless.
There were jobs, there were picnics, parties, and kids were getting instruments and DJ equipment as gifts.
Autopsies were being performed, including on the driver, to see if drugs were alcohol were a factor.
Churches were bombed, Christians were kidnapped, killed and many followers living within the city were made homeless.
"There were people in Google who were completely allergic to what we were doing," Tunstall-­Pedoe says.
Whatever they were reading in the study, and however they were doing it, their brains were changing.
During the shutdown, businesses were forced to close, events were canceled, and families were unable to communicate.
"We were being brutalized, we were being murdered, we were being ostracized in a sense," she said.
NBC station KJRH reported that trees were downed, some structures were damaged and several roads were closed.
Doctors were taught that these medications were not addictive if patients were in "legitimate pain," he said.
I thought they were heavy on us, I thought we were good defensively, but they were heavy.
During the week, there were two police officers that were stationed there, so they were always there.
Singapore, Sweden and Britain were the countries where people were most confident that these services were available.
Greg's parents were still living nearby, and all around were people they'd known since they were kids.
A majority of these officers were not indicted, however; of those that were, three were found guilty.
Those who were left without homes or work, those who were stranded and trapped, were not abandoned.
They pointed to numerous flaws: kits were not tested, suspects were not interviewed, witnesses were not pursued.
Many of their bodies were not found, and those that were recovered were often impossible to identify.
These submarines, which were designed and built in Britain, "were successful and they were reliable," said McCartney.
Nearly all were recaptured, but the Bialowitz brothers were among the 50 or so who were not.
BARCELONA — Imagine if streets were for strolling, intersections were for playing and cars were almost never allowed.
A total of 38% of the complications were serious, 7.4% were life-threatening, and 2.1% were fatal.
In Tu Fazo, there were no arguments or rivals; half were Rayados and the rest were Tigres.
Some 35% were German buyers, 22% were from Britain and the rest were mainly in continental Europe.
At first they were visitors, and then they were kind of guests, and then they were family.
Many queer folks were closeted, and of the few who were out, most of them were white.
Cats were as much friends as they were artists and we were all there for each other.
They were on call day and night, their wages were manipulated, and their identity documents were confiscated.
After each major divergent event, genes were deleted, chromosomes were rearranged and new genetic patterns were created.
There were multiple individuals who were taunting students on this chat, and all were anonymized by pseudonyms.
I and others were told we were exaggerating, hysterical, that we were nowhere near such a possibility.
Hundreds of thousands were displaced, thousands were killed, and hundreds of villages were burned to the ground.
Afghan officials claimed five members of the Taliban were also were killed and five were wounded. Jan.
These amounts were embarrassingly low, but they were in line with what other "elite" publications were paying.
Eight of the reviews were critically low quality, two were low quality, and two were moderate quality.
The tables were heavily lacquered, the menus were laminated and there were a few discreetly placed TVs.
These were women who were persecuted and murdered because they were poor, old, strong-willed and rebellious.
Dozens of colleges and schools were closed, events were canceled and thousands of people were under quarantine.
When you were utterly quiet and still you were likeliest to hear accurately what others were saying. . . .
Several drilling rigs were destroyed and underwater pipelines were damaged, but it appears that leaks were limited.
By the end of the service, people were weeping, people were joyous, people were hugging each other.
But technology was more advanced in that war: bombs were stronger, planes were faster, guns were deadlier.
The doll heads were attention-getting — they were an Instagram moment — but they were also a distraction.
The results were striking -- 97% of the hearts were missing a phrase and 65% were completely blank.
Some were simply scrawled marker on brown cardboard, others were political, and a decent amount were memes.
Roughly 57% of the respondents were Democrats, 13% were Republicans and 27% were independents (20143% selected "Other").
Their bodies, which were probably painted with ochre, were covered in animal skins, which were painted, too.
Several children were at the home but were indoors when the shooting began and were not hurt.
Most of our teachers were never formally trained and some were community members who were between jobs.
The oldest victims were in their early 40s when they were attacked; the two youngest were 14.
There were mistakes, there were penalties, there were upsets, and there was a whole lot of fun.
So, were you bootstrapped intentionally, or was it that you were pitching and people were saying no?
These women were compared to those who were under the limit, and were able to get abortions.
Women were excluded, people of color were excluded, people of other countries were excluded, and so on.
Because they wrote columns, there were the big columns, there were those who were huffing and puffing.
By then, indications of a neurological component were accumulating: there were many families in which some children were afflicted and others were not, and there was no evidence that parents of autistic kids were colder than anyone else.
"There were so many young children who were born with abnormalities—harelips, club feet, heart valves—that were... they were going to die within a year," says Ron.
They were trivial and predictable, there were fart and flashlight apps, and they were basically translations of the older paradigm, which was the web, and people were disappointed.
Okayama prefecture said three people had died, six others were missing and seven were injured, one of them seriously Six homes were destroyed, while nearly 500 were flooded.
Last year, 62 percent of the LGBTQ homicide victims it tracked were people of color — 50 percent were black, 13 percent were Latino, and 9 percent were white.
The Hillary Clinton campaign told Fusion that of the 4,766 DNC delegates, 20603,182 delegates were black, 747 were Latino, 292 were Asian American, and 147 were Native American.
If you were playing Reading Festival you were underground, or if you were in the NME you were still underground, because you weren't represented by anyone, or sponsored.
For instance, inpatient costs were $3,600 versus $1,900, outpatient costs were $163,400 versus $2,900, prescription costs were $3,500 versus $1,500 and home health costs were $470 versus $140.
You had people who were HIV+ but who said they were bug chasers; you had people who said they were gift givers, but they were full-time bottoms.
During the interviews, there were almost 22018,245 children in shelters; nearly 85% were 13-17 in age, 13% were 6-12 and 20183% were infants to age 5.
Among the 2017-18 student body, 64 percent were Hispanic or Latino, 25 percent were white, 4 percent were black or African-American and 3 percent were Asian.
When Warren was criticized as loud or angry, they were reminded of the times they were told they were being too loud, or angry, because they were women.
He added the fish were purchased at a local fish market, and were dead before they were frozen.
Viewers who were not watching in real time were even more disappointed when their recordings were cut off.
The migrants were evacuated to a parking lot for trucks near Cesme were medical teams were on standby.
While they were were speaking, counter-protesters were trying to drown them out using bullhorns and noise makers.
Which was very unusual as why [were] they were ready to charge him if they were still investigating?
While everyone else moved on,you were firmly plantedand you were growinginto the oneyou were meant to be.
These were women, children, older people; they were not combatants and they were just dead where they fell.
Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually co-workers.
More than 600 were thrown from their horses, 169 were injured and two were killed, the figures show.
Fishman's embryos were tested for the BRCA1 gene, and only those that were negative were used for implantation.
HHS maintained that the trips were for business purposes and were because cheaper, commercial options were not available.
In addition, there were 14 products — all vegetarian — that were missing ingredients that were listed on the label.
Of the respondents, 13 percent were millennials, 24 percent were Gen Xers, and 42 percent were baby boomers.
Planes that were already in the air were, thankfully, unaffected, but many scheduled Delta flights were grounded worldwide.
Two people from the vehicle were injured and were stable when they were transported to a nearby hospital.
Of those who were not members of a union, 33 percent were Republicans and 29 percent were Democrats.
Overall, monthly prices were up in 12 metropolitan areas surveyed, while three were down and 12 were unchanged.
Decisions were no longer discussed in general channels, and explanations, when they were given, were relegated to DMs.
Some were big, some were small, some had meaning, some were for fun, and some are already gone.
More than two-thirds of them were 17, but 985 were only 14 and ten were just 12.
We realized that there were people into what we were doing, we were just in the wrong neighborhood!
The Will Ferrell years were amazing, as were the Bill Murray years, as were the Chris Farley years.
It was a huge risk we were taking, but we were very committed to what we were doing.
Some said they were surprised by the pleas; others, that they were scared they were doing something wrong.
Some were told it was all in their kids' heads or they were lethargic because they were sick.
Until they were found, resupply helicopters were limited, and flights were abandoned when they came under direct fire.
All 17 children who were stabbed were girls, most of whom were lower elementary students, according to Saito.
Were you writing during this time, were you being creative, were you taking notes about all these things?
The two were last seen in Oklahoma, although further details, including whether they were armed, were not provided.
If she were also watching TV, and were to catch what we'd put on, we were potentially fucked.
My parents were forced to stay away from each other, curfews were installed and their movements were scrutinized.
The children were crying, parents were upset, Santas were bored and the elves had zero customer service abilities.
We were the headliners because we were the kids in LA that were flown out there to play.
There were boxes on the ground; there were boxes in the van; there were boxes in the unit.
There were other companies that were hitting this niche, like Tiger Electronics, but they were focused on games.
As far as I know, they were all cis, they were all lesbians, and they were all adventurers.
We knew we were shooting in Vancouver, so we were scouting locations as the pages were coming in.
They took a harsh view of crime: thieves' limbs were amputated, adulterers were stoned, and murderers were executed.
Two of the women were stabbed and were taken to a hospital, where they were in moderate condition.
Inbound flights that were already airborne were forced to divert to other airports, while other flights were delayed.
If there were drugs to be sold, they were the ones who were going to be selling them.
Some 0003 witnesses were interviewed, more than 2,800 subpoenas were issued, and nearly 500 search warrants were executed.
Some 22016 witnesses were interviewed, more than 230,193 subpoenas were issued, and nearly 219 search warrants were executed.
TC: As you were on your road show, what were some of the big questions investors were asking?
Their bones show evidence of dietary stress: they were shorter, they were sicker, their mortality rates were higher.
There were families that didn't care they were gay or didn't care they were in a gay club.
They were taken to a nearby forest where the women were raped and the men were beaten up.
The vast majority of presidents were parents when they were sworn into office, but far less were grandparents.
Two students were killed, and three were injured — all five were between the ages of 14 and 16.
You fought so hard and you were so tough and you were so smart, you were so smart.
Hundreds were packed in to watch the action, safely encamped behind what we were reassured were "bulletproof" screens.
The individuals being investigated were not necessarily aware that they were flagged because Ottawa thought they were gay.
Five legislators in all were detained, two say they were badly beaten and all say they were mistreated.
Fatal overdoses were surging, as were drug-related crimes and homelessness; HIV and Hepatitis C outbreaks were constant.
The trainers we met were not military; they were contractors, most if not all of whom were veterans.
"All the systems were on, all the lights were green, we were waiting for the order," Rear Adm.
The first wave of people who were blocked were all people who were regularly quoted outside of Twitter.
Buildings were leveled, once lush and verdant hillsides were reduced to barren stumps and roads were washed away.
Ceilings were lowered, floors were redone to include lines of inlay, tiles were commissioned to trim the fireplace.
There were firefighters that were fighting fires while they knew their own homes were burning to the ground.
They were at the circus, they were enjoying the circus, but they were not part of the circus.
There were also Facebook posts claiming survivors were so-called crisis actors, which were shared thousands of times.
I think that my parents were ordinary, but they were also special, and their lives were really special.
The police were called after the February incident, but no arrests were made and no charges were filed.
Three of the sailors were wounded but were not in a serious condition and were recovering in hospital.
Food prices were soaring and bank notes were in such short supply that cash machines were usually empty.
Six soldiers were killed and four others were wounded during the clashes, but insurgent were eventually pushed back.
The listings from sellers who were not approved were removed and customers who purchased from them were notified.
When they were in elementary school, when they were in middle school, when they were in high school.
There were six holding pens—four were filled with individuals and the two largest ones were left open.
Just 20193 percent of guests were people of color, 27 percent were women, and 22 percent were scientists.
Resources were being redirected, evening plans were being canceled, editors and reporters were entering their emergency mind-sets.
Across southeastern Texas, highways were shut down, routines were disrupted and people were struggling to get to work.
"Guns were pulled, shots were fired, people were running and the subjects fled from each other," she said.
The end results were much better when the managers were allowed to contribute than when they were not.
By the time the Shabab were done, portions of the airfield were burning and three Americans were dead.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs were vanishing, housing prices were plunging, paychecks were shrinking and credit was tight.
"Some of the exact words were that were used ... were abusive toward staff, very explosive personality," he said.
Of them, 40% were women, 17% were under 50, and only a third were active or retired CEOs.
Yet, there were others when I could not work out why objects were arranged the way they were.
About half of those were citizens, nearly a quarter were undocumented and the remaining quarter were legal residents.
"There were several changes that were made, including how we were going to handle that message," Cohen said.
The soldiers were patrolling the area on a motorcycle when they were targeted, and their weapons were seized.
Transit directions were incomplete, landmarks were mislabeled, and the app's "Flyover" feature displayed images that were highly distorted.
Homes were flattened, roads and bridges were destroyed, the entire island lost electrical power, hospitals were shut down.
"The factories were leaving, the jobs were leaving, people were being fired," Trump said, describing the old agreement.
There were few women consultants, there were few women candidates, there were certainly few women congressmen and officeholders.
A lot of the restaurants and shops were closed, and the ones that were open were mostly empty.
Two local police officers were killed, three others were wounded and four officers were taken prisoner by insurgents.
Their hands were empty and their hearts were full and they were champions of the world — fan division.
Four men were arrested but were freed shortly after they swore on the Quran that they were innocent.
Some Jews were okay with this; after all, the Greeks were cultured, and they were running the place.
Following this, 21.7 percent were strangled, 14.8 percent were stabbed, and 9.2 percent were bludgeoned with blunt objects.
Less commonly, 145 victims were axed to death, 94 were drowned by force, and 63 were burned alive.
We are who we are: where we were born, who we were born as, how we were raised.
Of those respondents in particular, 25 percent were black, 10 percent were Hispanic, and 3 percent were white.
They put out that African Americans were uppity, that they were claiming rights that they shouldn't have, that they were moving too quickly, that they were riddled with communists, and that they were trying to undermine the American system.
But my intellect and experience were wrong, and Trump's Napoleonic intuitions were correct: The Republicans were all low-energy men underneath, and the liberal elites were as vulnerable to him as the Cameron Tories and Blairites were to Brexit.
People reported that their eyes were burning, their noses were irritated, they were having trouble breathing, and they were throwing up — all after splashing around at that water park.
"They were moving furniture, they were pulling chairs — chairs that were bolted to the floor — they were pulling them up to try to get the child out," he explained.
When men did not know the contributors to a project—where they were "outsiders"—the women whose contributions were accepted most often were those whose profiles were gender-neutral.
"We were cutting every day, we were refining, we were figuring out what we were going to reshoot, figuring out what we had to finish," Ford told Business Insider.
SH: What was the vibe, were people receptive, were they stunned, were they quiet, were they just waiting for the police to grab the protesters and toss them out.
Police officers have testified in court, however, that they were arrested after they were stopped and searched at a traffic checkpoint by officers who were unaware they were journalists.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if someday we got to the point where there were robots everyplace, they were running farms, they were running Apple, they were running Berkshire Hathaway.
Four teens, who were attending a slumber party, were killed and four others were injured when an SUV plowed into them while they were pushing a woman's stalled car.
In China, all food preparers at fast food were wearing masks, were wearing gloves, they were taking their temperature on the streets, they were taking your temperature in restaurants.
It would be nice for consumers if all whiskeys were a little more transparent about where they were distilled, where they were bottled and how long they were aged.
The youth were slightly less corrupt; cell phones were still bricks; pants were larger; and celebrity murders and sex scandals were big news, instead of terror and trash politics.
"I'm here today because of the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, who were discriminated against, who were suppressed, who were repressed and oppressed, for the right for the equality at the polls," Winfrey said.
"There were moments that we were 'not together' as they say, but we were never really apart," Peruyera said.
Of those that were submitted, 14 were denied while only four were denied during the previous year, he said.
In 2017, hundreds of thousands were displaced, thousands were killed, and hundreds of villages were burned to the ground.
Forty-five percent of the injuries were fractures, while 11.6 percent were bruises and 9.0 percent were ligament sprains.
People who were counting on reason to win out were left depressed and confused after the votes were tallied.
Clues were there from the very beginning: Most of the bones were hollow and the skull segments were distinctive.
The yellow t-shirts were free, as were the large yellow "K" placards; the few thousand tickets were discounted.
Judging by contemporary accounts, conditions were grim: There were no sources of fresh water, and the captives were trapped.
Study participants were 68 years old on average, most were male, and most were hospitalized for a heart attack.
While plans were made for subjects to replace Elizabeth, those were unclear as parts of the files were redacted.
Four died, 40 were released, 12 were in critical condition and eight were in surgery, spokeswoman Danita Cohen said.
Euro Stoxx 6.961.74 futures were up 26.9624%, German DAX futures were up 2109.83%, and FTSE futures were up 20.9755%.
But these were not the gifts of a father to his heirs — they were transactions, because we were renters.
Who you were in second grade was who you were in fourth grade and who you were in sixth.
The other shootings: 14% (55) were Hispanic; 8% (33) were white; and 0.25% were Asian, according to the report.
New entrants were emerging, and funds were searching ever wider for targets and were willing to take riskier bets.
The halls were all decked, the stockings were hung,And for all that we know, even carols were sung.
While there were those who disapproved of Pattinson as Batman, there were others who were all for the decision.
BACKERS of Marine Le Pen were shy, supporters of Emmanuel Macron voters were soft, and timid pollsters were herding.
Nouns were often agreeable people, but Verbs were so damned bossy, no matter how common or dull they were.
Some were inside their vehicles, some were resting in the shadows of the walls, some were chewing their sandwiches.
"People were sharing their stories, they were going out on a limb, they were saying a lot," she said.
Women who were listless or insubordinate were medicated with antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, as were men and children.
Jason Blossom's murder, manors were burned to a crisp, drug empires were uncovered, and people were tossed in jail.
Of those women, 36 were white, 4 were Black, 2 were Asian-American, and only one was Hispanic/Latina.
The attacks were not damaging in terms of monetary losses, which were nearly zero, but were incredibly high-profile.
We were sharing a tent, and there was a moment where we were spooning and then we were kissing.
This time they were nervous, but they were confident in what they were doing and gave it their all.
Mass spectrometry and gas chromatography were then used to identify whether there were volatiles present and what they were.
Of those who perished, 343 were firefighters, 23 were police officers and 37 were officers with the Port Authority.
They were flipping, they were taking Polaroid photos, and I thought they were just taking Polaroids like a tourist.
Of the total, roughly 7,000 apprehensions were of unaccompanied minors, 52,000 were family units and 28,000 were single adults.
But these were real people and they were really dying, and they were actually having their legs sawed off.
Glasses were tilted, nostrils were flared, and remarks were exchanged in a mix of Arabic, French, Dutch, and English.
The state broadcaster said two people were killed, while 16 were slightly wounded and two were in serious condition.
Eighty percent of donors were heterosexual, 11 percent were gay and 9 percent were bisexual, according to self-report.
" Trump added that the 1940s and '50s were okay because "we were not pushed around" and "we were pretty
MACCALLUM: You were so young and you were -- you were -- I&aposm sure told that this was a treatment.
And while no prison guards were among the victims, two were taken hostage by prisoners and were eventually released.
Participants were told that the interviewers were students enrolled in pre-medicine who were interested in gaining clinical experience.
Were you happy because you were hearing that from Juvenile, or because you were hearing that from your dad?
So when we reached out to them about if they were interested, and they were, we were super-excited.
Buttons were extra-large and round, fabrics were quilted and polka dotted, and zip-ups and blazers were cropped.
Karen's father and my father were in prison together, and they were really close while they were in prison.
Of the 21625 men put to death this year, 2900 were white, two were black and two were Latino.
Some of the pairings were spot on, some were hilarious, and some were more than a little bit racist.
So when you were doing, when you got together, you were not competing even though people think you were.
Some of those things were funny, some of the things were cruel, and some were downright gross and sexist.
Next, participants were told what their genetic risks were—but only some of the people were told accurate information.
Others were endearingly incompetent, but crowds were merciful: the hapless Chagossians were cheered off the field after every loss.
It was unclear how many people were in the convoy, what their nationalities were or how many were missing.
It was unclear how many people were in the convoy, what their nationalities were or how many were missing.
As far as I was aware, they were staff, they were people that were working for him, doing things.
Countless lives were lost, communities were upended, and billions of dollars in damages were left in the storm's wake.

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