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"became" Definitions
  1. past tense of become

526 Sentences With "became"

How to use became in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "became" and check conjugation/comparative form for "became". Mastering all the usages of "became" from sentence examples published by news publications.

But as time passed, "Nick" became "Nicholas" which became "Nicklis" which became "Chicklis" which became "Michael Chiklis" which became "Michael" which became "Mike". Confused?
Granted, 208 became 225, became 244, became 272, and then became 296.5.
Imajin became Mario, Mama became Luigi, Lina became Princess Peach, and Papa became Toad.
The drummers became a flag; the seats became a face; doors became a window which became a portal.
I became a secretary, I became a housekeeper, I became a salesgirl.
The starry sky became the ocean became the starry sky became the ocean.
When we became one, I became the neck and he became the head.
Zero 7 became Caribou, Carluccio's became Meat Mission and Jude Law became Bon Iver.
Over time, medicine became more sophisticated, abortion became safe, and, in 253, it became legal.
Some became Perot and Nader followers, and some became Democrats and a few became Greens.
We became friends, he and I; our daughters became friends; Susan and Hillary became friends.
Moore retrenched: Captain Atom became Doctor Manhattan, the Question became Rorschach, and the book became Watchmen.
At school, teachers assigned the Sasaki children new names, so Yemi became Mary Catherine; Yoshiko became Teresa; Hiroshi became Hiro, and Takashi became Henry, nicknamed Hank.
At independence, French Guinea became Guinea, Spanish Guinea became Equatorial Guinea, and Portuguese Guinea became Guinea-Bissau.
After all, Amethyst Kelly became Iggy Azalea; Reginald Dwight became Elton John; and Peter Hernandez became Bruno Mars.
Gold devoré headwraps became gold devoré peasant blouses became gold embroidered peasant dresses became gold leopard disco glam.
Her experiences became the foundation of her latest book, How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything.
She became sick, she became convinced by faith healers that she was well, and she finally became dead in Mexico.
He became — most importantly, he became a great president.
" I became a widow, and Wes became a "was.
Arctic Monkeys became Arcade Fire who became Grizzly Bear, and eventually hard rock became hard house and the transition was complete.
It became so obvious, and it became so blatant, and it became so obviously a crime that it helped to reframe.
"Five minutes became 10 minutes, became 20 minutes, became one hour, became one hour and 50 minutes," said Tang, who was in pain and urgently hoping the subway would quickly reach her destination.
As emoji became more popular, they also became more plentiful.
I became frustrated at myself, and my marriage became strained.
Stadiums became local restaurants, and television appearances became piano bars.
I became an independent record producer, and Huey became Huey.
Twitter became my soapbox, and tweets became screams for attention.
Months became years became decades -- four decades to be exact.
So when I became older, I became a trekking guide.
Koskinen became the IRS commissioner after the controversy became public.
But as her world became smaller, her words became smaller.
Because it became so popular that it became a cliché.
Comedy rooms became karaoke dens; karaoke dens became dance parties.
In May's three years in office, her Conservative party became more extreme, her parliament became more polarized, and her people became more divided.
Manhattan hotel rooms became Boston hotel rooms became Connecticut hotel rooms became seaside resorts and other locations I have worked diligently to forget.
But police became a distraction and became violators of the Constitution.
When Washington reformers became ''liberals,'' ''progressives'' in turn became more radical.
Games became more fluid, and designers became more responsive to feedback.
"They became their machines and they became their information," Pillis says.
"They became such massive heroes, that women became sidelined," she adds.
Tower blocks became sink estates and tenants became lazy, rude mooches.
The more famous Baloch became, the more political her message became.
But then spectacle became sport and the UFC became the NBA.
And that really became something I became very deeply immersed in.
As acid house became mainstream, smiley became ubiquitous on consumer products.
Another 83% became severely ill, and 5% percent became critically ill.
But as my mother's world became smaller, her words became smaller.
So the community became all, and clubgoers became friends and collaborators.
He became her manager, and Mr. Geffen became her booking agent.
Art became an investment; art became a hedge instead of art.
What became a matter of concern immediately became a mass emergency.
When medications became widely used, the situation became even more complex.
It automatically became cool when knowing what you eat became cool.
The music became more secular, and the genre became big business.
Whitman became CEO of HPE, and became chairman of the other.
Crooked Trump is known for selecting nicknames for his opponents -- Cruz became "Lyin' Ted," Sanders became "Crazy Bernie," Rubio became "little Marco" and Sen.
He became a hate symbol, became national news, became an archetype of how memes are now un-ignorable, potentially propagandistic bits of public art.
I knew him before he became president but obviously once he became president he became far too important to speak to people like myself.
As the regime became more repressive, its art became more rigidly homogenous.
Video became popular in the era of social media, photos became popular.
It became a quickly became a meme and a pop culture phenomenon.
Once Meyers became Reinmuth's stepfather, "Attica became this family project," Reinmuth said.
I mean, the UFC became the UFC became of that reality show.
A book called Parenting Hacks became recently became top-rated on Amazon.
Telling the story of why that day became the day it became.
Once the machines came in, things became standardized, and they became different.
Within a matter of months, acquaintances became friends and friends became family.
Soon, he testified, the one man became two, the two became three.
"He never became bitter, and he never became cynical," the star added.
As her music became less chaotic, however, it also became more experimental.
With their guidance, projects became reliable starters, and reliable starters became aces.
This became a nightly topic of conversation, until it became an argument.
But as the government became more restrictive, his works became more critical.
Within hours, however, Mr. Verzilov became disoriented and his speech became slurred.
She became homeless at 15 when living with her family became impossible.
Once she became a judge, she said, the work became more isolating.
The dish became an instant classic, and duck breast became wildly popular.
But this decay became "dramatically worse" when Trump became president, Diamond said.
As they became wealthy, the couple became known in Canada for philanthropy.
Carter became known for his cardigan couture soon after he became president.
When Mr. Roh became president, Mr. Moon became his chief of staff.
The song became Ms. Masuka's calling card, and Nontsokolo became her nickname.
The Texans became the Chiefs, and the Chiefs became Super Bowl champions.
Do you believe since I became famous the wine suddenly became good?
" On his family's history: "My mother's family came from a shtetl in a part of Russia that became Poland, that became Russia, that became Poland.
Dozens of outraged voices became hundreds of websites, which became thousands of mobilized activists, which became the largest show of force in the Internet's young history.
Coins became the printed page, which became the political advertisement, which became the cable "news" segment, the blog post, the Twitter message and the Facebook post.
Whether or not I really became an actor became less of a concern.
But her circumstances became dire, she said, after her child's father became abusive.
At one time, most people who became addicted to opioids became medically addicted.
At first Protestants became more literate than Catholics; ultimately all Germans became bookish.
And when his addiction became public, then it became a social media thing.
Mayer became CEO of Yahoo in 2012 and Webb became chairman in 2013.
At some point, Facebook became so big that Zuckerberg's personal challenges became news.
If anything, The Fall's music became more challenging as they became more accessible.
I became extremely hypersexual, and that probably became one of the worst symptoms.
He became CEO in early 2013 and became chairman position later that year.
He also became determined to have a transplant if it ever became possible.
In 2018, more states (12) became more inclusive than became less inclusive (11).
He became an American citizen when Florida became a US territory in 1822.
How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything: Tales from the Pentagon.
He became an aspiring fighter almost as quickly as he became a fan.
We held each other and, in that moment, four became three became one.
She became bedridden and my father became her caregiver, shackled by her needs.
A lot of these kids became men in adult movies; they became superheroes.
With a jeweler's magic the earrings became cuff links — and they became mine.
My sister became an actress; I became a broadcast journalist at WABC radio.
When I became pregnant in 1996, this research became suddenly real for me.
That's when Bayworld became Ziggy's temporary home, and he became the team's sweetheart.
At that point, Abraham became Allan, while his parents became Morton and Paula.
Isolation became resentment, which became hostility which exploded in the spring of 85033.
Contouring became more complicated in 2015 when strobing and baking became additional steps.
"What's showing is how America became great — why America became great," he said.
" But, Guggenheim said of his father, "as the system changed, and as it became very quickly a system where it became 30-second ads, he became disenchanted.
I don't believe that any of us can definitively pinpoint the moment we became who we are, when Ross Douthat became Ross Douthat and I became me.
As the rebellion swelled and bystanders became combatants, the endgame became ever more murky.
He a liberal who became a conservative, I a conservative who became a libertarian.
As sensors became cheaper, these internet-connected devices became more affordable for more consumers.
In the US [nuclear energy] became very bad, it became focused on nuclear disasters.
My local bakery became a frozen yogurt place, then became a bubble tea restaurant.
Labour became more specialised, and more people became self-employed or worked for wages.
But look when it became more popular again: right after Donald Trump became president.
Then we all faced brickbats, because social media became important and trolls became relevant.
Somehow, they became permanent; they became "home" for those who had nowhere to go.
They became close friends, and Mr. Johnson became a sounding board for Mr. Schultz.
The Gold Coast became Ghana; northern and southern Rhodesia became Zambia and Zimbabwe respectively.
It became more than that; it became part of me not to be afraid.
The Engadget team became The Verge team, the Joystick team became the Polygon team.
" Kind of like the way "global warming" became "climate change," and "war" became "conflict.
Then it became a YouTube company, and then it became a news app company.
When Gallagher became the publisher of RNS, he also became the CEO of RNF.
It went perfect: They became multimillionaires, and the company became a $0003 billion company.
Lowell became president in 1967; Dwayne became chief executive in 1970 and then chairman.
Eventually that hack became a recipe, and eventually that recipe became something else again.
He became one of Alaska's inaugural senators when it became a state in 1959.
Twenty people a day became 100 per day, which became selling out in advance.
Trap music became numbing and it seemed everyone around me became very zombie-like.
I rebuilt my life and it became wonderful, but I became complacent and forgot.
And then when it became novelistic, seasonal arcs with Amazon, it just became undeniable.
Then that became 15, then that became 20, then that become half an hour.
Over time, the novel became more than a coping mechanism; it became a guide.
As businesses became more sophisticated in the 20th century, organisations became much more elaborate.
And he became a companion of the painter Bernard Buffet, who became a mentor.
They became her first client, and their house became the bedrock of our sustenance.
"From the day Murtaza became famous, life became difficult for our family," says Shafiqa.
He became premier of the province in 2009 just as Mr. Zuma became president.
These five-dollar payments became a base unit: when doubled, they became ten dollars.
Discrete shakes of the head became eye rolls, which in turn became voluble despair.
As the unicorn became a firm thing of myth, narwhal tusks became the focus.
As the whisky took effect, masters' comments became digressive, and the poets became funnier.
My parents' generation—my mom and her mom and her family were born in Kashmir, lived in Kashmir, were Kashmiri, were British colonial subjects, then became Indian, then became Pakistani, then became British again when they lived in England, and then became American.
As the technology spread and more countries became nuclear powers, the weapons became a deterrent.
He became fascinated with what we became: a skull devoid of flesh, a lifeless thing.
"She told detectives that they became friends and eventually became sexually involved," the statement alleges.
It wasn't like I became huge, but opportunities happened and then it became a career.
But as Matt's digital presence became familiar to me, it became familiar to Ian, too.
Each year, Guards became Prisoners, Prisoners became Guards, and peacemakers were few and far between.
In that moment, the dealer became the user, and rap became that much more accessible.
"I became a product of my environment — drug infestation — and I became that," she said.
I wanted to know how they became what they became (not in prison, but before).
Downturns became less frequent and less severe; inflation was low and stable; expansions became longer.
And then it became diet policy, and once it became policy, it just took off.
While the Society became more violent throughout the 0003s, it also became more business savvy.
Congress became a rubber stamp, and the courts became another agency of the executive branch.
Burger became the first, only weeks after writing Blackmun — who, in 1970, became the second.
Noah became a loyal client of ours and the two of us became good friends.
It was a place where I found community—friends became family and family became friends.
Don't worry about it,' became the frontrunner and became the President of the United States.
So then Afghanis (strains) became indicas, North Asians (strains), Nepalese (strains), that all became indica.
But during our period, all the indicators became positive and with this government became negative.
When certain areas became deemed off-limits to certain local hunters, suddenly they became poachers.
"Casual listeners became monthly listeners, and the monthly listeners became weekly listeners," Mr. Lopez said.
It became nationally available in Japan in the spring of 2016 and quickly became popular.
The problem in the past has been that the ANC became arrogant; it became complacent.
Kaasjager became famous as Vo13, received invitations for tournaments, and eventually became the world champion.
Pence became more of a Reagan culture warrior, whereas Kaine became a social justice caretaker.
Mukasonga later became a social worker and settled in France; her brother became a doctor.
You became CEO, and then you became subject to a series of eviscerating attacks online.
Conspicuous consumption became more acceptable, and businesses became more comfortable making distinctions between their customers.
She met the man who became her partner at a ceremony and soon became pregnant.
"Hispanic became the imperfect compromise," and eventually became a census category in 1980, Mora said.
"Hispanic became the imperfect compromise," and eventually became a census category in 1980, Mora said.
As security became heightened and space became crammed, they decided on their spots for midnight.
Rehearsals became a space for healing, which, in turn, became part of the artistic process.
It became an instant classic of sports photography, and it became an incredibly victorious meme.
The Hyundai Genesis became the Genesis G80, and the Hyundai Equus became this, the G90.
But as debit card and A.T.M. transactions became the norm, overdraft fees became more common.
She became addicted to cocaine, she said, and became homeless and was incarcerated for burglary.
As global granite became more easily shippable, it became more affordable for builders and consumers.
Both became part of Jackson's life, and he quickly became part of their families' lives.
Some were just fucks, some became friends, and one of them, Tony, became my boyfriend.
Judi Dench first became an OBE in 1970 and then became a dame in 1988.
Chuck gradually became the show's central character, and his chilly cynicism became its animating perspective.
Junkanoo characters are sometimes associated with Ashanti warriors: the swordsman became "Horned-Headed Man"; the commander became "Pitchy- Patchy"; Canoe himself became "House Head," incarnated here by Lyn-Kee-Chow.
Former SNL writer and performer Al Franken became a senator, former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota, and Arnold Schwarzenegger somehow became governor of California (for two terms!).
The show became a must-binge show after viewers became invested in its subject: Steven Avery.
After Bill Clinton became president, Rodham became a consultant and a deal broker, the outlet reports.
As Trump became a more serious contender for the Republican nomination, his statements became more newsworthy.
She became the subject of a court-issued removal order that became final in July 2013.
"We moved in, and we became neighbors, and then we became more than neighbors," Roose remembers.
" But Black said they became anxious when Malek declined the video so they became "really apologetic.
Mr Museveni became president, which he still is; Mr Kagame became his head of military intelligence.
You start to realize the little decisions became big decisions, the big decisions became massive decisions.
And then I just became toxic and everybody became scared of me and stuff like that.
Color doesn't matter to spouses who became widows or children who became orphans in an instant.
The joke became reality last summer, when a vacant space became available in the Mission District.
I became friends with some of my subjects, and they became a part of my life.
As chronic psychosis became part of my life, living in rural Maine became a major disadvantage.
It was at the top of the ladder that function became complex and form became weird.
As if it were even possible, when you became a mother, you became even more beautiful.
And the Beethoven: When the inevitable became obvious or, should we say, the obvious became inevitable.
I was a drama-besotted adolescent who became a college actress who became a theater critic.
Over the years, resources in Aleppo became increasingly scarce, while resources on Sonnenallee became increasingly abundant.
The messier the women's lives became, the more addicted I became to watching Big Little Lies.
When recording technology became widely adopted in the late nineteenth century, music became a replicable experience.
But then about nine months after I became vegan, he became [vegan], and he liked it.
Grace Robbin became director of product development, and Margie Clark became director of sales and marketing.
Our curiosity became our attention, our attention became our submission, and suddenly pumpkin spice owned us.
Family notwithstanding, his life had been lonely, and became lonelier; his work dark, and became darker.
Mr. Leakey argued that we became human when we became bipedal, and his argument was convincing.
For a century, nearly all Mormon boys became scouts, and the church became scouting's largest sponsor.
Stevens's method became the Federalist method for treating yellow fever and Rush's became the Republican method.
When well-paying jobs became scarce for less educated men, they became less likely to marry.
As a result, the regime became increasingly insecure, while we became more liberated and self-assured.
It wasn't until the 1950s that the name became official, and the area became a city.
"Queer" became associated primarily with homosexual men between the 1910s and 1920s, and became a slur.
While I became increasingly comfortable in my body, so many people became increasingly uncomfortable with me.
When and how he became he became radicalized is now the main focus of the investigation.
Liberace became a musical sensation in the '50s after his variety show became a national hit.
They became more common after the emergency contraceptive pill became widely available in the mid-2000s.
Grey's omnipotence became her downfall, and a story of hope and power quickly became a tragedy.
Once I became aware of that, it became really important to me to switch that up.
"Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning September 11, at 12:32 am," Richmond posted on Facebook.
After the Gear VR accessory became available on Thanksgiving, it quickly became a best seller on Amazon.
God became man, and Jesus, for those who follow him, became the Messiah, the Prince of Peace.
Only half that number of Republicans have become Democrats (though more independents became Democrats than became Republicans).
Those we had not previously payed attention to became alluring; those who were already hot became hotter.
The Wilpon family became co-owners of the Mets in 1986, and became controlling owners in 2002.
But as the toys became simplified and more streamlined, the game itself became bigger and more ambitious.
Follow up "Telo" then became an anthem at Boxed and Gage became a (sort of) household name.
It became a main component in their marketing play as they moved forward; whenever they became stuck.
Suddenly that dream of owning every video game became a reality, and that reality became a nightmare.
"Is it true that you became a lawyer — and you became gay — because of Will?" she asked.
While New Balance became a signal for "white power," wearing a safety pin became a symbol inclusivity.
The restaurant quickly became the most profitable in the Hyatt chain, and fajitas became a nationwide phenomenon.
During that time, Mr. Doubek's mother became ill with breast cancer, and he became her primary caretaker.
Her skin became more elastic, her limbs and face became less swollen, and her blood pressure steadied.
"As the tremor became more pronounced, the questions about the cause became more frequent," he told me.
He first became president in 1999 and served until 2008, when he became the country's prime minister.
But when the currents became too strong, Whitson, his girlfriend, and 13-year-old son became stranded.
Full-time parenting became even more unmanageable after my baby started dropping naps and became more mobile.
Bella became a nurse and a mother to three children, who became doctors and nurses in turn.
Burning CD mixes became a thing of the past as digital and streaming formats became the norm.
Once the egg became fertilized, the hormones may have helped ensure it became implanted in the uterus.
Almost immediately, she, too, became infected with the madness, and was ashamed of the nerd she became.
Then he came back, became friends with my friends, and hey presto, we became best buddies instead.
She really became a mother figure and he really became a son-slash-confidant-slash-good friend.
"I started thinking everything black became white, yellow became purple and everything was the opposite," she said.
Long before it became a running gag on "The Good Place," Americans became obsessed with frozen yogurt.
In 1995 it became the nation's largest home builder; in 1999 it became a Fortune 500 company.
"After Ian became ill and had complications, he became a pioneer, a rallying point," Dr. Oneill said.
They got Tumblr through Yahoo, which then merged with AOL, became Oath, got bought, became Verizon Media.
As the Walkman quickly became ubiquitous, deadly conflict between isolated individuals and the outside world became inevitable.
Socialist Realism became the official style and the avant-gardists either adjusted or became persona non grata.
When he became CEO, I called him, and as Lloyd did to me when I became CEO.
Eisman's story became the basis of Michael Lewis' book, "The Big Short," which also became a movie.
His story became the basis of Michael Lewis' book, "The Big Short," which also became a movie.
These immediately became redundant when I became a resident, and more so when I joined a practice.
Paper cups and straws soon became plastic ones, and the idea of "produce, use, discard" became normal.
He added that as journalists became more educated, they also became less connected to the broader community.
So she stayed home, and her home became her playground, and her mother became her best friend.
But as streaming services became the new cable, the appetite for new, addicting shows became almost insatiable.
When HEW became the Department of Health and Human Services in 1980, Harris became its first secretary.
Some predators became better suited for crushing shellfish, while some smaller fish became faster and more agile.
In 1982, when Opus Dei became a personal prelature of the pope's, he became its vicar general.
Ghaani became the deputy commander of the Quds Force in 1997 when Soleimani became its chief commander.
In 230 he became president, and in 22017, when Arthur Hays Sulzberger retired, Mr. Dryfoos became publisher.
As the Democratic Party became more unified in the 1980s and early 1990s, the tent became smaller.
"We became — and I especially, in the first couple of days — became like trauma keepers," she said.
When Trump became the Republican nominee, and subsequently president, Republican partisan identity became more about backing Trump.
Then we got to know you, and then you became our brother, and then that became really awkward.
Mary B. became involved in the women's suffrage movement after her parents divorced and her mother became homeless.
Upstairs in the pub became downstairs in the pub, and downstairs in the pub became a nearby theater.
The film chronicled the relationship between Nugent and Tiede, who became companions shortly after Nugent became a widow.
Once it became tied to politics is when things got scary, and when it actually became a movement.
"The pressure not to fail became bigger the more successful I became," he said, according to Der Spiegel.
"I became very unsettled and the situation became very sketchy," passenger Christopher Guiffre wrote in his police statement.
" He says, "When I became a dad — when I became a father with responsibilities to support our family.
"When Whitney became who she became, a superstar and an icon, Whitney wanted her family there," Houston said.
As location-tracking mobile phones became the standard, on-demand delivery became the hot new Silicon Valley trend.
Those to the north became the modern chimps, Pan troglodytes, those to the south became Pan paniscus, bonobos.
Because she was just 17 when they became orphans, grandmother Lourdes Navarro, 76, became the siblings' legal guardians.
Hayward became CEO while another BP veteran, Rodney Chase, formerly deputy CEO of the British giant, became chairman.
"The pressure not to fail became bigger the more successful I became," he said, according to Der Spiegel.
Some teams became more important while others became irrelevant — the "New Country Team" isn't useful anymore for instance.
He pushed a stranger on me, and that stranger became my child, and that child became my life.
America became a highly industrialized country following World War II, and we also became a highly medicalized country.
In the new foreign policy, old enemies became hidden enemies and regime change became imperative to restoring liberty.
When I became a parent of young children I also became a purposeful and relentless opportunist of sleep.
As days became weeks became months, a grim realization stole over Rajko: Analyzing the packets simply wasn't working.
As it was built, citizens became curious, and for some the construction site became part of evening stroll.
Fred Wolf became a writer at "SNL" in 1991 and eventually became a co-head writer in 1995.
My parents became the first and second in their families to graduate from college, and both became educators.
I gradually kept moving up—I became a systems analyst and then I [became part of the administration].
The game first became popular in Hawaii in 1991, and from there it became a full-blown phenomenon.
The roads became passable into town on Thursday, and it became evident that few communities had suffered more.
After it became clear that the cadavers were not contagious, AIDS bodies became part of the mass burials.
When film was invented, it was an experiment that then became mass media — that then became a product.
As fans became antsy and players became increasingly confused, forward Janine Weber entertained both audiences by juggling oranges.
Compared with a 2008-10 base period, 58 countries became significantly happier, and 59 became significantly less happy.
We read to find out how Tracker became the Red Wolf and how the Leopard became the Leopard.
It just became a series of ensemble cast shows that we were all watching, and it became entertainment.
But once she became aware of that, focusing on women became central to her work and her politics.
Clare Francis, a young Briton, became the first female skipper in 1978 and later became a successful novelist.
The thrum of anxiety about money became an alarm in 2014 when Mendoza unexpectedly became pregnant at 43.
MAZZETTI: So then what became, ultimately, became of your efforts to secure a meeting between Trump and Putin?
Fried tarantula became popular with Cambodians when food became scarce under the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s.
During the Bloomberg mayoral years, Mr. Trump became more socially conservative, as Mr. Bloomberg became more socially liberal.
Nataly Ledesma, 17, became pregnant when she was 13, and her sister Linda, 18, became pregnant soon after.
He joined Apple in 1992 and became Senior VP of Design after Steve Jobs became CEO in 1997.
It was that Donald Trump became the Republican nominee and his dark fearfulness became the party's dark fearfulness.
Once the child's medical issues appeared to be more serious than initially reported, the family became became concerned.
Lutsenko again became one of the primary organizers in the movement, which became known as the Orange Revolution.
Kitchens, for example, became more user-friendly as the advent of gas ranges became commonplace in the household. 
Within months the bureau became the Office of Child Development, and Dr. Zigler became its first permanent director.
When Mr. Dagan became head of the Mossad, in 2002, Harpoon became an operational unit inside Israeli intelligence.
The difference became even more stark when we saw what a cold man he became after losing everything.
I became a UFC fighter, I became a challenger and I became a champion and I keep on defending my title and it is going to happen on November 12 at Madison Square Garden.
But as days became weeks and weeks became months, and the amount of time people spent in Destiny 2 ballooned from a dozen hours to more than 100, it became clear that something was missing.
Favoring anything less than open borders became invariably xenophobic, caring about the ethnic and cultural character of one's own nation became invariably racist and fearing outsiders who wish to do it harm became invariably fascist.
In 1968, he became chief conductor for the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra, and became quite a celebrity in Britain.
So I put it off, and the next day became the next week, and the next week became never.
The Albuquerque Isotopes became the Mariachis de Nuevo Mexico and the Round Rock Express became the Round Rock Chupacabras.
Preschoolers became makers; grandmas became makers; and people who were already making things suddenly realized they were, yes, makers.
When June became a handmaid, her ear was affixed with a tracker — with that, June became another person's property.
But after Pakistan became an independent country in 1947 the laws were hardened and became focused on protecting Islam.
But it became evident that they were going to have me on the show and it became really exciting.
As the search became more extensive, the Minneapolis office — far from where Cunanan was, at that point — became strained.
While it's unclear how Pi Day's recognition became a congressional issue, House Resolution 224 became quite the hot topic.
Mr Tokayev, 66, is a Soviet-era apparatchik who became foreign minister and prime minister after Kazakhstan became independent.
Officers became flustered and rough, and when one struck a female patron with a baton the throng became agitated.
Later, as e-commerce became more sophisticated, these became digital identifiers, with the corresponding data residing on a server.
He became so fed up with the outrageous bullying from liberals that he switched parties and became a Republican.
As Japan's growth prospects became more and more dire, Japan's central bank became mired in a no-win situation.
They became friends and they started hanging out when Nick moved out to L.A. and they became fast friends.
Majority-Hindu India and majority-Muslim Pakistan became two different countries in 1947 when they became independent of Britain.
But we just met, and the vibe was so strong, and we became friends before we even became collaborators.
We became extremely popular and we became more, perhaps, of a center for women than I had ever expected.
"What I built became so big and I became so overwhelmed and lost control," he later said in court.
A judicial strategy became social conservatives' primary tool in fighting abortion, and Supreme Court nomination battles became increasingly contentious.
And dusty, poky Truevine was so isolated that nobody ever heard what became of them, though they became famous.
Standard Oil became a private governing force in the oil industry, and Rockefeller became a billionaire by the 1890s.
Coca-Cola quickly became associated with the ideal American life and became known internationally as a patriotic American icon.
Trump, 49, became a permanent U.S. resident in 2001 and became a citizen after marrying the president in 2005.
For Mark, Tiny became a 30-year focus of turmoil and intrigue that became integral to her artistic practice.
Together we became a crew of loyal sisters—which my father would eventually tear apart once we became adults.
You know, when penicillin became available during the Second World War, syphilis suddenly became much less of a problem.
" Other times, it seems like someone was just typing carelessly, like when president became "predisent" or energy became "enety.
When my body became too habituated to feel the rush, I became addicted to the fear of overdose instead.
But as industrialization became the norm, time became a mechanized system that no longer served those who'd invented it.
As he became more enshrined in the art world's upper echelons, such provocations became much harder to pull off.
The two became fast friends, and Mr. Allen hired Mr. Porowski as a personal assistant and became his mentor.
In 2015, Mr. Burke became the Vatican's deputy spokesman and in 2016 he became the face of the Vatican.
While Charles Darwin became a fervent abolitionist, his half cousin, the brilliant and arrogant Francis Galton, became something else.
Propaganda became easier with the printing press; influence became a bona fide business with the rise of behavioral marketing.
It quickly became more like suffocation and all because he became involved with a woman who lived close by.
And so, in 1964, when Kenya became a republic, Jomo Kenyatta became its president, and Jaramogi Odinga vice-president.
Later, when I became an advocate for tax reform — closing loopholes and lowering rates — Jeff became a real ally.
It became harder and harder to make plans, I no longer was a "priority"; the relationship became one sided.
Ms. Alonso soon became the virtual empress of Cuban dance, and the company became Cuba's most important cultural export.
The harder I tried, and the tighter the furrows on my little forehead became, the more useless I became.
Finally, Jefferson won and became the 3rd president on the 36th vote, and Aaron Burr became the vice president.
Martinez said he and Guzman became close, and that in 1989, Guzman became the godfather to Martinez's newborn son.
Page became CEO of the parent firm while Brin became president, and Pichai was put in charge at Google.
After he won the election, the question became, was he going to keep this up once he became president?
Later, in the 1800s, canine neckwear became more ornate as more dogs moved indoors and became companions and pets.
After six months, we became a fighting unit ready for war, but more important, we became brothers for life.
As Harry Potter became an unexpected crossover success, middle-grade and YA novels became conflated in the cultural conversation.
Once he became president and his behavior became a matter of national security, the discussion got considerably more heated.
One says that the Dutch artist's paintings became more abstract as he became more mentally unstable, edging toward suicide.
In all likelihood, it means that over the last two decades, as the Chinese middle class grew and became richer, and as western standards for factory labor became more strict, Chinese goods slowly became more expensive.
"Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning September 11, at 12:32 am," Richmond Arquette wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.
But as the incident became a national punchline and the man in the middle – Shipman's new boyfriend, astronaut Bill Oefelein – became the subject of public ridicule, it became increasingly difficult for Shipman to sit idly by.
I was a cook, then I became a chef, then I had an investment partner, then I became an owner.
Sonic's smooth blue fur became a darker shade of blue, and his eyes became green to contrast with his skin.
Adams' parents separated when she was 11; her father became a professional singer, and her mother became a professional bodybuilder.
At this point, my priorities were forced to shift: my personal safety became more important – it genuinely became about survival.
She said Ramos became "fixated" on her to the point where she became frightened enough to move out of state.
She traces these trends to social media, noting that after Pinterest became popular around 2010, sharing aspirational photos became easy.
While gold became a sort of "risk play" leading up to the election, it then became unwound after Election Day.
Finally, in April, the DNC IT department became convinced that there was a problem, and top Democratic officials became worried.
In 1973, the state became the first to decriminalize weed, and in 2014, it became the third to legalize it.
She became the club's first female boating member when she joined four years ago, and then became the financial secretary.
A match named Joseph seemed like he had some became a good candidate and almost became the lamp's new owner.
As tuberculosis waned in its positive associations, it became more connected to poorer classes; health became a marker of privilege.
" Jovovich added, "[Rodriguez] got all of my big action scenes and she became like Alice," while "Alice became this tagalong.
The more I read, the more confident and centered I became, even as I became stressed about making my goal.
Low-paid workers at the University of California became more likely to seek new jobs after salary data became public.
But you do understand him, and his truth, and what happened to him, and why he became what he became.
He is the author of The Business of America is Lobbying: How Corporations Became Politicized and Politics Became Corporate (2015).
"It's a bit like a detective and working out how she became the person she became," the Oscar nominee said.
Crosby's body became covered with burns from his blowtorch used to prepare freebase, and drug-related seizures became alarmingly regular.
The days became weeks and the weeks became months, with little information about when or where they might be going.
When the main challenge of a campaign became getting on TV, the main task of the candidate became raising money.
Pruitt became attorney general and Coffee became secretary of state that year, and they remained close, according to StateImpact Oklahoma.
During the drought Californians became especially reliant on groundwater and supplies — which had been dwindling before the drought — became depleted.
The ex-Congressman became a marijuana champion during his tenure in D.C. and recently became a board member for BudTrader.
Peixoto became so good at handball so quickly, and at such a young age, his sense of self became warped.
David Stern became the 303th employee of the National Basketball Association in 1978, and his primary concern soon became survival.
"We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies," Saldana said, according to an Agence France-Presse report.
Writing about points and miles cards became second to breathing, and telling stories about my travels became a fundamental joy.
Its site became so successful over the years, that it became impossible for it to police all the uploads manually.
The tiny Mediterranean country of Malta first became independent in 1964, but officially became a republic on December 13, 1974.
Months later, when the press found out, Radley and Ashcroft became tabloid fodder and their lives became a soap opera.
" The Red Commando used revolutionary terms to describe its activities: Robberies became "expropriations," and a gang became a "liberation group.
He told Forbes how he quickly became a salesman, outsold everybody else, and became the factory's general manager by 19.
The small Facebook group became a bigger one on Twitter, which then became an even bigger movement across multiple channels.
The story illustrates two themes in an interesting and worrying book, "How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything".
Part of the convoy became separated when at least one of the Land Cruisers became stuck in the mud. Sgt.
Only George and Jeb went into politics; Neil and Marvin became businessmen, and Dorothy Bush Koch became a philanthropist. Mrs.
The movie became a hit, and King Kong — an 18-inch model of a giant gorilla — became a movie star.
In 1996, Jason Gillespie became the first, but the general public only became aware of Gillespie's heritage several years later.
Ms. Cole played Sadie Delany, who became a high school teacher; Brenda Pressley played Bessie Delany, who became a dentist.
So as I became an adult and got interested in that, it just became an important value to remember that.
So I became more interested, became an activist in 2007 and kind of have never really left, with rare exceptions.
Soon this Thursday crowd became a kind of family, and the attendance-taking grandmother became a grandmother, also, to us.
This Rockwell setting became an icon, and with his rendering the tableau became as American as, well, a turkey dinner.
Some of his young parishioners became "guerrilleros," and the island became a central military training ground for the Sandinista movement.
Indeed, he became famous for using "novelistic techniques in his nonfiction," a hybrid that became known as the New Journalism.
As silent motion pictures became a worldwide attraction, Dawson City became the end of the line for film distribution routes.
A woman who became — we have a couple women that became stars, you two, and I like the name Lesko.
Surrounding areas became a densely populated expanse for which the sea became a distant backdrop, rather than a defining feature.
He became a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, where he became the youngest member of the Black Caucus.
His mother became a book editor; with some guidance from his father's friends, Dennett became the man of the house.
They met through their kids, became good friends and then stepsisters (more on that later), and finally became empty nesters.
From there, she became indispensable to Mr. Trump, and once he became president, he brought her into the West Wing.
However, the argument became emotional and became a campaign promise in Mayor Bill De Blasio's identity politics-laden mayoral bid.
It was a successful slogan that rapidly spread among his base and became an actual policy when Trump became president.
But as the show's ratings increased and its digital footprint became nearly unavoidable, it also became a much stupider show.
Thinking became action, and action became hacking the popular SNES emulator, SNES9X, to pull off what McClure had been contemplating.
But we'll never know what might have gone differently — Hollywood became "Hollywood," and Jacksonville became a story in the archives.
At age 26, Gates became a millionaire and in 1987, just months before his 31st birthday, he became a billionaire.
However once Christianity became the predominant religion in the fourth century CE, the fasces became a symbol of ecclesiastical authority.
The border became heavily fortified with watchtowers and checkpoints and armed officers — and that became a target for the IRA.
The older I became and the more my physicality became a point of fascination and contention (because of my height and shape, and because little girls face constant scrutiny), the more gymnastics became my outlet for self-mastery.
New blood is coming in: Yannick Nézet-Séguin, 43, became music director of the Met; Jaap van Zweden, 5.13, became music director of the Philharmonic; and Damian Woetzel, 51, a former City Ballet star, became president of Juilliard.
After a reshuffle last year he became CP's senior chairman; his eldest son became chairman and his youngest the chief executive.
So, Apple's police officerðŸ'® and construction ðŸ'· worker became men and characters having ðŸ'‡ haircuts and ðŸ'† massages became women.
"It was one of those things, what became kind of funny, actually became a very serious moment," Johnson told Fox Sports.
Yeager became the fastest man on earth, and the aircraft became the first of a long line of experimental X-Planes.
The rain soon became intense, and it became obvious that nobody was going to run so fast for the first half.
Her family became worried when on phone calls with Valenti, she became confused and rambling on the drive to the airport.
Then in high school I just became a lot more confident, and became attracted to things that no one else had.
After the '80s-set show became a phenomenon, the child stars became viral sensations overnight, and in some cases, movie headliners.
But the account became active again midday Friday, posting a message declaring "victory," and the video in question became visible again.
Mr. Rubera suddenly became a single man, and his legally recognized husband in Canada became his single male roommate in Italy.
Sales staff at Ty, the company that made the toys, became millionaires, and Ty Warner, the company founder, became a billionaire.
As Europe became more secular, its economies prospered and Muslim rivals like the Ottomans slumped, studying Islam properly became less urgent.
I spectated as classmates became celebrities, as their names became synonymous with the term "Parkland survivor," and their tweets went viral.
When this became known, he became a lightening rod for the Left party, which is strong in the formerly communist east.
Memes evolve on a daily basis, reaction GIFs became a form of communication, and Advice Animals became tired, and almost juvenile.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month became nationally recognized in 2001, and Obama became the first president to declare it official in 2009.
And this year, she became became the Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, traveling to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign.
But as the pursuit of Azaria became more frustrating, it became the through-line the movie needed to propel it along.
Over the years, as these plazas became world famous for skating, Bacon and Kling, in their old age, became pro-skating.
Dr. Myers became a teacher before Kenya declared independence from England in 1963, and in time he became a wildlife photographer.
One theory proposes that a back leg became part of the body and then moved up and became an insect wing.
After the French Revolution, Sparta became stigmatized as the favorite city of illiberals, and Athens became the ancient republic par excellence.
Consumers only became aware of the breach when it became public on Thursday, more than a month after the initial detection.
There, Kate became a de facto apprentice — clipping big sheets of paper and fabric samples until the new skills became habit.
So the arena became Ms. Streisand's living room, her audience became guests, and stage patter sometimes took cozy TED Talk turns.
Irving posted one of the best seasons of his career, Love comfortably became the third option, and James became more efficient.
Founded in 2014 by two beauty editors as a blog, "The Gloss" eventually became "Glossier" and beauty advice became beauty products.
Donald and Eric became trustees of the Trump Organization and took control of the company together when their father became president.
When Frances Morris became the director of the Tate Modern in April, she became the first woman to join the club.
Pishevar became enchanted with the idea of search and created a web-based operating system, or WebOS, which later became HyperOffice.
Boot times were quick on simple machines in the 80s, but as Windows became more complicated, start up times became slower.
Somewhere along the line, it became about, I don't know what it became about, but it isn't about martial arts anymore.
Punk music changed forever when it hit LA. Tempos became faster, bands became meaner, violence began to spiral out of control.
We became very close friends, I became really interested in his curiosity and his intellectual drive, even into his later years.
The enumeration had become more difficult as Americans spoke more languages and became more mobile and their households became more unconventional.
At 14, she became an actress in the Georgian Youth Theatre, but had to stop at 24 when she became ill.
By 1973, DJs' influence as musical tastemakers became apparent when songs they were introducing to the public became pop crossover hits.
I found that they became aware of the camera in a very similar way that they became aware of another person.
Sebastian Gorka became a senior White House adviser, and Katharine Gorka became a senior adviser to the Department of Homeland Security.
In the later decades of her life, Williams became a devout Catholic, and Our Lady of Lourdes became a second home.
Some of them became regulations and law; others became history, nothing more than roadkill on the rocky road to regulatory reform.
While he became a mogul, she became an actress, appearing in televisions shows — including "Danger Bay" and "MacGyver" — in the 1980s.
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York became the latest on Wednesday, shortly after it became apparent she would not qualify.
Last week, as New York became the epicenter of the outbreak, Cat Cohen became one of the first to switch venues.
Despite huge interest, many Chinese became consternated when it became apparent there was no obvious live video of the event online.
The studio became the place to let some steam off, away from everyday life as a mother — that became my hobby.
Around the same time, her mother became sick, her grandmother became sick and a close friend began showing symptoms of schizophrenia.
Around the same time, her mother became sick, her grandmother became sick and a close friend began showing symptoms of schizophrenia.
The publication became the first graffiti magazine with any significant distribution, for which Phase 2 became an art director and writer.
" He added that "thanks to libraries and librarians like you, storytelling not only became my passion – it also became my profession.
A decade later, Ailes became unhappy when, due to some corporate restructuring, Lachlan and James became his bosses instead of Rupert.
However, once his business acumen became one of the pillars of his presidential campaign, it became fair game for intense examination.
Even as it became more diverse, it became more diverse within certain very limited paradigms, chief among them fame and money.
Also, our economies became so intertwined and our border so porous that the idea of conflict between us became self-defeating.
What makes Undressed so unique is how it explores the trajectory of the undergarment industry; how it eventually infiltrated not just nightgowns and pajamas, but also couture, when petticoats became skirts, corsets became tops, and slips became slip dresses.
CBS became America's most-watched network under his oversight (and he became one of the highest-paid CEOs of a public company).
Marina Joyce is a British YouTube star, who became the center of an internet rally when people became concerned for her wellbeing.
When New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution in 210, the historic document became the law of the land.
Charlie soon developed political aspirations and became a big-time Democratic donor and benefactor of then-mayor Jim McGreevey, who became governor.
As the minutes became days, became weeks, all of which felt like months, and years, and decades, it wasn't just the grief.
He became a local star because of his excellence on the field, but his performance became increasingly negatively affected by substance abuse.
As the decade went on and higher resolution cameras became more and more accessible, this aestheticization of lives became a starker issue.
The truth is that she only became an ally of LGBT Americans once it became politically advantageous for her to be one.
While her sister became the gilded legend, she became the myth, the witch in the mirror, her arms forever outstretched and empty.
When he became president in 1801, Jefferson served these dishes in the White House – his import eventually became a classic American desert.
It became not about me bringing my show to Puerto Rico, it became about, 'What good can we do while we're there?
Beyond 95, though, the practical point of extending the table became less and less obvious as elements became less and less stable.
Kathrine Switzer became a running icon in the 1967 Boston Marathon when she became the first woman to officially run the race.
Bamboo walking sticks became gold-tipped arrows that became a Godfather-esque scepter adorned with a white cat and a brass knuckles.
They became the sketch show Jeffery and Cole Casserole, which became a cult classic for its wacky and unapologetically queer comedic sensibilities.
As these blunders by the House became more and more obvious, all the efforts to excuse them became more and more absurd.
"I Never Loved a Man" was always a great song, but it moved through all the ideas and became whatever it became.
I remember very distinctly the moment when I became afraid of spiders and also the moment when I became unafraid of spiders.
When I got into the music industry, it became a lot more about business, and I guess that my release became alcohol.
Ronald Reagan signed the assault rifle ban, and suddenly the NRA became a huge lobbying force, and guns became an untouchable issue.
His mother Jacklyn, who became became pregnant with Bezos at 16, remembers his fascination with discovering the way machines and toys worked.

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