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"since" Definitions
  1. from a time in the past until a later past time, or until now
  2. at a time after a particular time in the past

759 Sentences With "since"

How to use since in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "since" and check conjugation/comparative form for "since". Mastering all the usages of "since" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The fear I'd always had, since childhood, since Rodney King, since Sean Bell, since Trayvon Martin, since Sandra Bland, since Nia Wilson, since always, since on the shores of our own home, since cotton choked us silent, since 1963 and church was bloody, since Emmett Till was a sweet black boy whose eyes were beaten out and smile scratched off, since prison stole us, since Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan locked us away, since Emantic Bradford Jr. was killed in the Riverchase Galleria in my hometown, since since since always, rose just a little higher in my throat.
It's been six days since Thousand Oaks, a year since Las Vegas, two years since Orlando, six years since Newtown and Aurora, nearly eight years since Tucson, and almost two decades since Columbine.
It's been in place in Belgium since 1893, Australia since 1925, Brazil since 19222, and Turkey since 20.96.
Russia hasn't tested since 280, the United States since 2002, China and France since 1996, India and Pakistan since 1998.
Their ranks include IBM, Microsoft, Kohl's, Target, and Boeing: Wal-Mart (since 211.0) 211.3 percent ExxonMobil (since 153) 215 percent IBM (since 22016) 220 percent Kohl's (since 2006) 50 percent Target (since 2004) 40 percent Boeing (since 1999) 39 percent What does it mean?
Waylon had been with the park since 2017, Beltre since this week, and Quinn since June.
Cartier, for example, has been on the internet since 2008, Montblanc since 2011 and Jaeger-LeCoultre since 2012.
Shanghai: down 23.8 percent, worst since January 22016 Hang Seng : down 25 percent, worst since January 28 Japan: down 23 percent, worst since June 22 Korea: down 267 percent, worst since June 21.8 India: down 5 percent, worst since Feb.
The campaign against Guinea worm has been going since 27; polio, since 214; river blindness, in the Americas, since 20303.
The president has not appeared on CBS since May 1, ABC since January, and CNN and CNBC since August 2016.
The company's stock rose 2,400% since Dow 10,000 — second best since then — and also added 74 Dow points since 19,000.
The record is eight, held by Mattingly himself, since 1987; Dale Long, since 1956; and Ken Griffey Jr., since 1993.
Warren could limit her range of emotion and come off as cold, calculating or inauthentic, or she could show that anger — the anger felt by so many women since the Access Hollywood tape, since November 2016, since the Women's March, since the #MeToo movement, since Brett Kavanaugh, since Harvey Weinstein — and pay the price.
Outside Harlan, in western Iowa, the Rosmann family has been farming since the 1870s, without pesticides since 1983, organically since '94.
Midlife mortality rates have escalated for whites since 2010, Hispanics since 2011 and African Americans since 2014, according to the study.
Since Trump, since Weinstein, since Kavanaugh, and more, women are taking to social media and the streets and saying: No more.
Since, apparently, it hasn't been there since Nancy Reagan's era.
Since falling to their lowest levels since January on Aug.
Musk has been chairman since 2004 and CEO since 2008.
How has it changed since 2007 — let alone since 20183?
Since 2009, he has farmed organically, and since 2011, biodynamically.
It has since shifted to its steepest since October 2018.
The Indians have not won since 21954; the Orioles, the Mets and the Dodgers since the 4.373s; the Blue Jays since 24.37.
The neurotoxic heavy metal has been banned in paint since the 1970s, in plumbing since the 1980s, and gasoline since the 1990s.
It's been 18 years since 9/11, 16 since the invasion of Iraq, and 12 since the release of 2007's Modern Warfare.
Puerto Rico has been a territory since 2628, its residents have been U.S. citizens since 28503, and it has governed itself since 22019.
Mr. Cho had been president of Korean Air since 1992, chairman since 1999 and chairman of the overarching entity, Hanjin Group, since 2003.
Since graduating from college, since getting engaged and then married, since moving to this new, worse city, Karen had mourned her growing isolation.
Since learning martial arts I've never been in a fight since.
Trump has tweeted about Bergdahl 15 times since since May 2014.
They've done such a good job, since his — since his death.
She has been chair since 2000, and Germany's leader since 2005.
GM has been a union shop since 1937; Ford, since 1941.
It had been since high school, since I read the book.
The Cubs have not won since 1908, the Indians since 1948.
XRP prices have since dropped by roughly 50 percent since then.
You're around these guys every day, since elementary, since grade school.
Data collected on a monthly basis since 1986, quarterly since 1973.
It has brought 40 such cases since 2011, not since 2007.
Since becoming director, he's advised every American president since Ronald Reagan.
Its shares have traded since June at their lowest since 1.61.69.
We've been in Afghanistan since 2001 and in Iraq since 2003.
Since partners could do it since 2010, why were creators exempt?
Since these events, and since I gave my testimony on Oct.
AIDS deaths have plummeted since 2004, and malaria deaths since 2005.
Impossible Foods has been around since 2011, Beyond Meat since 2009.
"I've known Abdullah since 1995 and Ghani since 2002," Thier said.
Campus carry has been allowed since 2900 at Colorado State's two campuses, since 220006 on 2202 campuses in Utah, since 2628 at 28500 community colleges with 6900 different campuses in Colorado, since 2628 on 28503 public college campuses in Mississippi, since 22019 on the remaining 21 public college campuses in Colorado, and since 2014 on 30 public college campuses in Idaho.
They&aposve been out to destroy him since day one, and since they left, since before he got elected, and after he got elected.
Since the developer's conference is rarely the place for major product launches, and since we haven't heard any rumors since, consider this one benched.
And when we say "since" ... we mean since Phil Jackson was hired.
Ever since I was a teenager… Since BEFORE I was a teenager!
Patrick has been missing since last Wednesday and the others since Friday.
As for Cris ... he's long since moved on since their 2002 divorce.
Emily is an exception since she was an advisor since the beginning.
FaceTime, for instance, has been encrypted since 2010, and iMessages since 2011.
Ireland has had such a competition since 183 and Afghanistan since 2014.
Many of them have since been honored since the film was shown.
Mr Bouteflika had been in power since 1999; Mr Bashir, since 1989.
Since the shooting, Shelby has since been placed on paid administrative leave.
Since Monday, 37 have been arrested, adding up to 624 since August.
Not since I've been doing it, not since he's been doing it.
That stock has soared since the election, rising 63 percent since Nov.
The bank's shares have since eased back since to trade marginally lower.
Pennsylvania had not gone red since 1988, and Wisconsin not since 1984.
Especially, since Disick and Kardashian have reportedly been officially "off" since 2015.
McCain has been in Congress since 1982 and a senator since 1986.
Smosh has been active since 2002, and has grown tremendously since then.
The Dow hasn't done that since 1954, the S&P since 1971.
That divide has been growing since the late 1990s, especially since 2008.
Since then, Meghan has since stepped up her denim game big time.
Probably not, since no N.L. team has won that many games since.
I've known some of these people since middle school, since elementary school.
He's been thinking about a presidential primary run since since mid-July.
That's the fewest companies since 2009 and the least raised since 2011.
And since we have quizzes that cover every important event since Jan.
But much has changed since the 2012 election and even since 2016.
It has since steepened out to its highest levels since October 2018.
Since Barack Obama ran in 2012, since Hillary Clinton ran in 2016.
It has been the capital since the 1920s, not since the 1880s.
Monday was Shanghai's worst day since 2015, and Shenzhen's worst since 2007.
Republicans have controlled the House since 2010 and the Senate since 2014.
And that's been the case not just since Trump but since Obama.
The trip was his first since the inauguration, not since the election.
Republicans have held the House since 2011 and the Senate since 2015.
The benchmark hit its lowest point since lowest point since May 6.
Jackson becomes the Browns' eighth coach since 1999 and sixth since 2008.
It has built 100 community gardens since 1975, including 43 since 2013.
Hyundai has been producing vehicles in Alabama since 2005; Honda, since 2001.
December's reading was the second-lowest since 2012, and the manufacturing PMI had been below 1.13 since May, the longest such unbroken run since 2009.
Finland and Denmark have had a carbon tax since the early 229s; British Columbia, a Canadian province, since 22017; and Chile and Mexico since 4003.
The Detroit Free Press identified four possible victims as 13-year-old Cynthia Coon, missing since 1970; Nadine O'Dell, 16, missing since 1974; Kim Larrow, 15, missing since 1981; and 17-year-old Kellie Brownlee, missing since 1982.
Median household income: $64,563 Living wage: $12.44 VC deals since 2016: 73 Median household income: $93,012 Living wage: $11.71 VC deals since 2016: 164 Median household income: $59,883 Living wage: $12.34 VC deals since 2016: 146 Median household income: $43,585 Living wage: $10.93 VC deals since 2016: 73 Median household income: $54,0713 Living wage: $12.15 VC deals since 2016: 159 Median household income: $254,2372 Living wage: $211.29 VC deals since 22016: 256 Median household income: $288,11.903 Living wage: $211.90 VC deals since 22016: 2122 Median household income: $85,527 Living wage: $11.90 VC deals since 2016: 122 Median household income: $72,20163 Living wage: $11.32 VC deals since 2016: 27 Median household income: $54,372 Living wage: $11.29 VC deals since 2016: 56 Median household income: $88,071 Living wage: $11.90 VC deals since 2016: 122
Of those 41 missing persons, nine are girls of color under the age of 18: Mayeli Fuentes-Pineda, 14, who has been missing since March 903; Osharna Pittman, 13, who has been missing since March 27; Leonna Lewis, 15, who has been missing since March 2597; Shaniah Boyd, 2131, who has been missing since March 22000; Chantese Zimmerman, 22008, who has been missing since February 216; Faith Nelson, 22015, who has been missing since January 20113; Ana Funes, 22011, who has been missing since November 22012, 2008; Derriana Hansford, 16, who has been missing since December 24, 2016; and Relisha Rudd, 8, who has been missing since April 8, 2014.
The ratio of business inventories to monthly sales has declined steadily since March 23, after rising since March 22017 and strongly since August 2014 (
Colorado has collected $862 million in cannabis taxes since 2014; Washington state has raised $686 in excise taxes since 2014, and Oregon, $173 million since 2016.
Since the election, Malaysia's ringgit also fell to its lowest against the dollar since January, near levels not seen since the Asian Financial Crisis in 2.53.
The Index is up 11 percent since the election and 5 since the inauguration, the third best performance under a new administration since World War 2.
At least three other Americans have been imprisoned by Iran — Siamak Namazi, since October 2015; Baquer Namazi, since February 2016; and Xiyue Wang, since August 2016.
Merkel has been chairwoman of her party since 2000 and chancellor since 2005.
Attacks specifically on Mueller have blossomed in conservative media since since Friday night.
The rate has almost doubled since 2010, and more than tripled since 2000.
Since their revenues have grown substantially since then, their valuation is clearly lower.
We've been cryopreserving sperm since the 1950s and human embryos since the 1980s.
The choir has featured in weekly broadcasts since 1929, almost since broadcasting began.
Ford has been hospitalized since Sunday and his health has declined ever since.
WTI has gained 45 percent since January for its best year since 2009.
The cut was the first since October and the fifth since last February.
Wiese has been chairman since last year and a board member since 13.
Edwards hasn't coached football since 2008 and hasn't coached college football since 1989.
Sanders has been steady since the debates, but saw some movement since June.
He's been on Capitol Hill since 85033 and in Burr's office since 2015.
This is ironic, since he had been groomed for the office since childhood.
Since the 235 percent advance on the S&P 2100 since the Nov.
It has lost seven since members since June, including PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.
Researchers have known about Zika since the 2000s and Ebola since the 224s.
That's not surprising, since several important events have happened since Musk's original presentation.
Karl Lagerfeld has been at Chanel since 1983 and at Fendi since 1967.
Peter has since spoken out about the experience since the news first broke.
Esbriet has been available in Japan since 2008 and in Europe since 2011.
Uber has struggled since its public debut with shares down roughly 35% since.
What have we done with Nature since this country's inception, since the Enlightenment?
But much has changed in the decade since Copenhagen, and indeed since Paris.
That's a 23.7% increase since 270 and the highest number reported since 1991.
Since this run was recorded on Monday, I've since fallen back to 33,950.
No Democrat had won the former since 1976 or the latter since 1964.
Since the first day I played it, I've been obsessed ever since then.
It has been with me since the inception, literally, since I was born.
Money from labor to Democrats is down significantly since 22012 (and since 2008).
It's been almost 20 years since the first book in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events; 13 years since the meandering movie adaptation, 12 since the books ended, and just over a year since the series premiered on Netflix.
Other countries whose capital relocations can trip up even the biggest geography buffs include Brazil (Brasília, not Rio de Janeiro, since 1960), Kazakhstan (Astana, not Almaty, since 1997), Nigeria (Abuja, not Lagos, since 1991) and Turkey (Ankara, not Istanbul, since 1923).
Spain was down 5.9 percent, it's worst month since January 2016, as well, and Italy was down 673 percent, its worst month since June 2016 Germany down 5.7 percent, worst since January 2016 Spain down 5.9 percent, worst since Jan.
The Fed has raised interest rates eights times since 85033, six times since Trump took office and three times since Powell took over as chairman in February.
Republicans have not won a statewide race since 2009, but they have held on to both the Senate since 2014 and House since 1999 by slim margins.
That makes it the hottest year since the NOAA began keeping records since 22016.
Burr's been in the Senate since 2005, and served in the House since 1995.
And since it's been the secure option since 2004, WPA2 networks are absolutely everywhere.
That price was the highest since January 2014 and the gain since the Jan.
There hasn't been one since ... There hasn't been one since, really, I think ... Ever.
The growth rate since 1871 has been 2.05%; since 1970, it has been 3.44%.
Chris Manno has been an airline pilot since 1985, and a captain since 1991.
That number has since grown since it launched live video later in that year.
My dad has been here since the 80s and my mom since the 90s.
In California non-whites have outnumbered whites since 2000, and in Texas since 2005.
Ethan Couch has been in the custody of police in Texas since since Jan.
The Safety Center has been around since 2010 and the Bullying Hub since 2013.
Since its debut, Instagram users like Cuoco have since been celebrating with endless photos.
Five years since Iti was sent to prison, and four since he was released.
The share price has since recovered and is up 24 percent since Nov. 18.
This year marked 35 years since his birth and 22 years since his death.
Indiana had not beaten a Big Ten opponent since Purdue since the 2016 final.
I have been very, very clear about that since literally since the very beginning.
Since he's felt people's sensations since he was young, he takes it in stride.
TechCrunch has since confirmed Ammi has not had access to Uber's app since March.
Since then, Uber has since threatened to leave Houston and Chicago for similar reasons.
That was the first decline since February 21.9 and largest decrease since August 21.8.
Our military also has been in Iraq since 2003 and in Afghanistan since 2001.
I've been reading about astrology since 2009 or 2010 and taking classes since 2016.
Martelli has worked with Tillmans on travelling exhibitions since 2006 and Echeverri since 2012.
It has held American Express shares since the 103s, and US Bancorp since 2006.
The first has been working for him since February, the second one since April.
But ever since, polarization has been going up—quite rapidly, especially since the 80s.
I've been out since about a year and a half ago, since last spring.
Puzder has been with CKE since 1997, and has run the show since 2001.
Look at the astonishing improvements in China since 1978 and in India since 1991.
It's been at least since 1996 or '97 since I've been in a class.
She has been practicing yoga since the late 1980s and teaching it since 1994.
Syria, since 1974, and Iran, since 1984, are the other countries on the list.
The Eagles haven't won a playoff game since 2008, the Rams not since 2004.
Mr. Lagerfeld has been designing for Chanel since 1983 and for Fendi since 1965.
Gran Paradiso has since recovered, and there have been no CDD defaults since 2016.
Mr. Key had been prime minister since 2008 and the party's leader since 2006.
Since then, my relationship with fashion since has been beset with ups and downs.
Hennessy has been on the board since 2004 and Lead Independent Director since 2007.
Since the 2014 midterm elections — the first since the Supreme Court's Shelby County v.
Since joining the PGA Tour in 2011, he has two victories, both since 2016.
Toronto has not visited St. Louis since 2011 and hasn't lost there since 2003.
He's been snowboarding since he turned two and featured in magazines since age 10.
This is the 15th No.10 signal since 1946 and the first since 2012.
Pelosi has led House Democrats since 2003, the longest stretch since the legendary Rep.
That's troubling since their model has exceeded 30 percent before every recession since 1960.
Since then, Wyclef's learned the power of publishing and has since reaped the benefits.
Stash has had them since 2015, and Betterment has actually offered this since 2010.
Ever since then, since he got laughed out of court, it's been radio silence.
It's been 15 years since "Friday After Next" ... and a lot's changed since then.
Since revolutionary times we've had spies, since George Washington, spies have been everywhere. Right.
I've owned an iPad since the very first model, used every iteration since, including the more powerful iPad Pros, and run every iOS on them since iOS 113.
It's been 18 months since all of the presidential candidates first launched their campaigns, more than one year since the first debate and 10 months since the first primary.
"The people of Kashmir have lived in conflict since I was a child, since my mother and father were children, since my grandparents were young," she said on Twitter.
That was the biggest monthly net selling since September 2014 and the second-highest on record since data began in the current format since 2003, according to Daiwa Securities.
Since he did not have the authorization of the Degas family to produce originals, he had made reproductions, since it has been more than 70 years since Degas's death.
He has a point there: Despite testing weapons at breakneck speed since 2013, Pyongyang hasn't detonated a nuclear device since September 2017 or tested a missile since that November.
It was the first decline in activity since 24 and the sharpest drop since 2651.
Over a $100,000 has since been raised through Facebook for the children since the accident.
The LeT has been banned in Pakistan since 2002 and the charities since last year.
He hasn't played on Tour since February, but a lot has happened since then. Feb.
But the peso has since reversed those losses, gaining more than 12% since inauguration day.
Norway has been putting out records since 1814; in Sweden, they've been public since 1903.
That was the first decline since February 21.3 and the largest decrease since August 20.4.
The Flash Player plug-in hasn't been on iOS since 2010, or Android since 2012.
LME copper stocks are the highest since February, up by half since early June alone.
The company's 30 percent slide since the election continues its downward trajectory since September 3.53.
Those were the lowest settles for Brent since April 4 and WTI since March 29.
Property prices have come down since, posting their worst performance since the global financial crisis.
Thus, the family has ruled the country since then, not since Qatar's "founding in 1850."
Crude has risen significantly since January lows, hovering near the $50 mark since mid-May.
So there are more activists than there have been since 1990, or definitely since 1969.
Mr Abubakar has been in every election since 1999; Mr Buhari every one since 2003.
ProPublica records seven separate deletions since the beginning of May, and eighteen since the inauguration.
GM has not turned a profit in Europe since 21.2, losing some $20.4bn since 22015.
But it has since floundered, its shares falling more than 2130 percent since September 23.89.
Prime minister since 2003 and president since 2014, he has won 12 elections and referendums.
Bloomberg's endorsement was a surprise to many, since he hasn't been a Democrat since 2000.
The Dow is having its best June since 0003; the S&P 2000 since 2400.
This was the SPDR ETF's first gain since July and the biggest inflow since March.
That was the lowest reading since February and the sharpest monthly fall since spring 2012.
Manafort's and Gates' activities carry outsized importance, since they have steered Trump's campaign since April.
It's been two years since Malibu, and the singer has been working steadily ever since.
Deby has faced several rebellions since then but there has been relative calm since 2009.
She has been a member of the congregation since 1990 and on staff since 2002.
And since I've been running this league since 1993, I take full responsibility for that.
I've known him since 2010, and I've been kissing him off and on since 2011.
The GOP has controlled the House of Representatives since 2010 and the Senate since 2014.
"I ain't played since," he claimed in the tweet (that has since gone hugely viral).
It was the lowest figure since October 2016 and the steepest drop since September 2015.
This is the first increase since June and the largest percentage rise since February 2015.
I'm super happy for her since it's been five years since Warrior has come out.
Boston Harbor saw its highest tide Thursday at least since 1978 — and likely since 1921.
We've made immense strides since the '70s – since even several months ago, Dern points out.
You know, my family has been texted me since like since probably 6 this morning.
That was the first decline since February 2016 and the biggest drop since January 849.13.
And U.S. stocks hit record highs last month but have since failed to advance since .
The performance since April is also sterling's second-worst quarter since the 2008 financial crisis.
Disney has raised prices at least once a year since, well, since it opened basically.
A Clockwork Orgy hasn't been rented since 2014, Deep Throat since a year before that.
Bouteflika, in office since 1999, has made few public appearances since a stroke in 2013.
It was the first contraction since July 2016 and the weakest reading since February 2016.
It's Pruitt's first appropriations hearing since June 2017, and his first Senate appearance since January.
China has had drones capable of utilizing missiles since at least 2012; Iran since 2010.
The Corps had not suffered such a loss since in one day since Iwo Jima.
Those were the lowest closes for Brent since March 12 and WTI since March 8.
Banks, since August, have had to meet a buffer rate of 0.5 percent since August.
It has ruled Tanzanian uninterrupted since 1977, and its predecessor parties ruled Tanganyika since 1961.
He has been president of OCA since 1991 and on the FIFA council since 2015.
It's been three years since Cut Yourself Free and four since Under the Pale Moon.
He has been CEO of JPMorgan since 2005, and chairman of the board since 2006.
The Dow is tracking for its worst month since 1931, the S&P since 1940.
The Dow is up 42% since the 2016 presidential election and 31% since his inauguration.
The Dow is up 42% since the 2016 presidential election and 31% since his inauguration.
Noem has served in Congress since 2011, and Jackley has been in office since 2009.
That's 219 new since yesterday and 219 new even since this morning at 264 a.m.
Since the 210s, each successive decade has been warmer than the preceding decade since 27.
The Cardinals have gone 23-19 since July 12 and 25-9 since Aug. 7.
Several investigations since have looked into the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.
The Cardinals have gone 212-29 since July 22.45 and 123-212 since Aug. 220.
This was their lowest level since March, and they have declined over 20.9% since August.
That was the first increase since last March and the largest gain since November 2018.
"It's a problem, since we haven't negotiated at an international level since 1973," he said.
The Dow is having its best January since 1989, the S&P 500 since 613.
The unemployment rate hasn't budged since October, but remains at its lowest level since 2000.
Expectations reached their highest since February 2018, and current conditions their highest since last June.
Things that didn't happen since 1904, since Teddy Roosevelt was president of the United States.
NSW has declared its third state of emergency since fires began — the seventh since 2006.
This was their lowest level since March, and they have declined over 20.3% since August.
This was their lowest level since March, and they have declined over 21% since August.
It marked the first decline since October and was the weakest reading since January 2015.
Expectations have remained largely stable since April, though they have drifted higher since last year.
And the dollar's rise has accelerated since the election, up 3.5 percent since Nov. 7.
However, the stock has since recovered and is up more than a percent since Monday.
This economy has been in expansion mode since 2010, and in bubble mode since 2017.
I've been playing this since I got it, and since the day it came out.
More than half of the shootings have occurred since 230 and 22015 percent since 20103.
Since March, the outbreak grew into the largest multi-state E. coli scare since 20003.
It was his first loss since April 20 and his first decision since April 27.
It was also the most since they surrendered since 564 in 2008 against the Broncos.
The Shanghai Composite is now down 2513% since Monday morning and 49% since last June.
IT IS less than two years since Britain's last general election, ten months since the Brexit referendum and nine months since Theresa May entered 10 Downing Street, replacing David Cameron.
But since then, it has persistently declined, especially since the middle of last week, and now is at its narrowest since July 2007, on the eve of a steep recession.
Shares of Tesla are down 22% since the beginning of the year, but they have been rebounding since early June, after hitting their lowest close since early 2016 at $178.97.
Trump definitely has a point: Despite testing weapons at breakneck speed since 2013, North Korea hasn't detonated a nuclear device since September 2017 or tested a missile since that November.
Boeheim has never done it, and the team's video coordinator, Todd Blumen, has been there since 1986; the trainer, Brad Pike, since 2000; the strength coach, Ryan Cabiles, since 2007.
Since first premiering in January of this year, it has since created a wide-spread obsession.
Periscope has not shared any user numbers since August 2015 or usage data since March 2016.
"I've [been a musician] since I was little – since I was 12 I've played," he said.
Tuesday's match was del Potro's first since March 2015 and only his fifth since April 63.
Jenner's team had the same idea since posting the tweets — both have since been taken down.
We've decided to get an automatic since it's been a while since M. drove stick shift.
I was always influenced by New York hip-hop, since forever, since I was a kid.
Rakuten has been offering drone delivery in Japan since 2016 and unmanned vehicle trials since 2018.
I haven't seen my aunts since last Hanukka and I haven't seen my grandma since May!
The stock is down 30 percent since June and hovers at its lowest level since 2009.
Bieber hasn't released a new album since 2015's Purpose, but he's been busy since then.
Eli Lilly has taken off since December, up 14 percent since the beginning of the year.
Such outcomes seem unlikely since so much time has passed since the memo was first distributed.
Senser and Cavanaugh have been trustees since 103, while Nevels has been a trustee since 2007.
Two years since the last Hero camera, just over a year since the smaller Session camera.
That marks a 3 percent rise since 2014, and an astounding 404 percent rise since 2000.
And he hasn't backed off his since promise since Sessions declared open season on legal weed.
"I've been writing since the age of ten, a poet since I was 14," he says.
These are welcome developments, since Beyoncé hasn't released solo music since her 2016 visual album Lemonade.
They have risen every month since February, the longest stretch since the series started in 1992.
Since joining the Iron Chef franchise, Flay has appeared and competed on and off since 2000.
I've suffered with depression since I was 28860 and I've had anxiety since I was 14.
This was the worst day since since March 15, 2011 when the Nikkei lost 10.55 percent.
The spread has been narrowing since July 21.5 and is now the tightest since November 3.73.
It has struggled since it came public in 2014, but Cramer noted an improvement since February.
Crowley, who has been in Congress since 1999, hadn't even faced a primary challenger since 2004.
He has been in Congress since 1999 and hadn't even faced a primary challenger since 2004.
"Surprising since I've never heard from him, Pence, or his staff since Carmen's murder," Schentrup wrote.
It's been 14 years since an original episode aired, almost 23 years since the show began.
But it soon broke below the IPO price, briefly rebounded, and has since sunk consistently since.
It has risen almost 7 percent since on May 2, touching $2,241, the lowest since August.
Brent has fallen about 6 percent since hitting $203 on May 17, its highest since 2014.
No Democrat has held statewide office since 713, or been elected to the Senate since 1990.
The market has risen by 25% since his election, but is up by 20053% since 2009.
Since inception, more than 1.13 billion Aadhaar numbers have since been assigned, according to UIDAI data.
That was its weakest since weakest since at least January 53, during the global financial crisis.
Senser and Cavanaugh had been trustees since 2001, while Nevels has been a trustee since 2007.
Both families have controlled communist dictatorships for decades (the Kims since 1948, the Castros since 1959).
SX7P also rallied, up 2.3 percent since hitting their lowest point since August 2016 on Thursday.
It's been five years since Justin left the workforce and two years since Kaisorn followed suit.
I understand your campaigned -- the campaign says you've raised at least $3 million since -- since Iowa.
The six worst fire seasons since 1960 have all occurred since 2000, according to the report.
Key had been in power since 2008, and leader of the ruling National Party since 2006.
The draw was the largest since July 2018 and brought stockpiles to their lowest since January.
Yet LME copper stocks are the highest since February, up by half since early June alone.
Gasoline exports were the lowest since January 2016, and diesel sales were the smallest since May.
It's gaslighting at its most diabolical, especially since Alison has since shed her mean girl skin.
It was gold's best quarter since 2016 and the S&P 500's worst since 2011.
That's a dramatic turn since January, which marked the worst month for the Nasdaq since 2010.
Since that skid spanned the All-Star break, it marked Detroit's first victory since Feb. 256.
Shares jumped 5.1 percent to their highest since March, and sealed their best day since July.
It's been seven years since they last spoke, and almost as long since he's seen her.
The House seems unlikely to formally weigh in since Mr. Hastert has been gone since 2007.
Xi Jinping has been president of China since 2013, while Putin has led Russia since 1999.
Since January, he has only initiated two real quorum calls, and since February he's initiated none.
The president has not appeared on CNN since August and MSNBC since May of last year.
In fact, McDonald's suffered its worst month since 2009 and Hasbro's had its worst since 2001.
The company has struggled almost continually since then, and has not reported a profit since 2010.
Japan has added about $21 billion since May, making its holdings the largest since October, 2016.
Since then, the market has continued to fluctuate wildly since as investors fear possible trade wars.
The report, required since the 2015 accounting scandal, must also address internal control lapses since then.
It hasn't had a profitable year since 2010, and it has lost $12 billion since then.
I've been going to her at least since I moved back to Paris, so since 2008.
Since then, our nation has effectively opened our borders, and no comprehensive attempt has worked since.
The euro is also down about 1.2 percent since May 22, and 3 percent since January.
I've worked in media — starting off in newspapers and since then switching to digital — since then.
His approval rating dropped by 1 point since Tuesday, continuing a downward trend since taking office.
Fighting has periodically erupted since but a ceasefire has been in place since earlier this year.
BritBox has been available in the U.S. since March 25, and in Canada since Feb. 43.
In the men's game, it's only happened once since 22016, and not at all since 20153.
As I write this Ethereum's value has halved since June but is still 20x since January.
It's been 13 years since Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, and ten since their soundtrack for Idlewild.
It's jumped from $84 since the start of the month to its highest level since 2015.
I've worked at The Times since 1999 and have been an Op-Ed columnist since 2016.
Richter has been a police officer since 2010 and Spradlin since 2001, according to Austin police.
The pair have been married since September, 2013 and it's apparently been pretty wonderful since then.
There's little hope of improvement without further action, since the figures have scarcely changed since 1980.
Since I've raised that criticism, NATO has since announced a new initiative focused on just that.
Johnson had not appeared in an N.F.L. game since 2013 or thrown a pass since 193.
Jeremy had been sluggish since February, and had hibernated in the fridge, on and off since.
Look, I've been a Republican since I was first registered to vote, since I was 18.
Last week, gold notched its best week since 2016 and hit its highest levels since 2013.
O'Neill had worked in No. 7 since 1996; Martin has been in No. 6 since 1994.
It has since since expanded beyond its $2,000 bicycles into and treadmills that sell for $3,995.
This is ninth round of launches since May after a long break of tests since 2017.
The streaming giant's stock has broken down since July, tumbling to its lowest levels since January.
The equity benchmark nosedived 6.3% since Monday, suffering its biggest two-day drop since August 2015.
Since then, AMD has fallen 4% and is on pace for its worst week since August.
Services employment dropped to the weakest since February 2014 and the second-lowest since July 2012.
And maybe that's true, since he's been an absolutist on political speech since he started Facebook.
That is the industry's highest sales figure since 226 and its best percentage gain since 1998.
Fox has held Sunday NFC games since 1994 and CBS has owned AFC rights since 1998.
He had not seen his mother since he was 211; his father, since he was 212.
The five hottest years since record-taking began in 1880 have all taken place since 2015.
" Photographer who has collaborated with Kawakubo since 1983 "I've been working with her since the beginning.
The stock has since grown nearly 720% since then, closing Wednesday's session at $82.82 a share.
Uber has since gone public in a disastrously bad IPO and its stock has underperformed since.
The unemployment rate has been at 4.1 percent since October, its lowest reading since December 2000.
It was the largest weekly increase since October 2015 and the index's highest level since July.
The store has been in her family since 1951, and she's been running it since 2200.
Since November, both companies stock prices have gone up more than 100 percent since Election Day.
It would be Barclays' first U.S.-based SPAC IPO since 2007 and JPMorgan's first since 2008.
The ring leader had been in Hungary since 2013 and had smuggled migrants since February 2015.
NCSD hasn't won against TSD since 2006 and is 3-22 against the team since 2001.
Murren, who has been at MGM since 1998, has served as chairman and CEO since 2008.
Murren, who has been at MGM since 1998, has served as chairman and CEO since 2008.
Murren has been CEO since 2008, and he has been with the casino operator since 1998.
They have not won a playoff series since and have not reached the postseason since 2011.
No Democrat has won a Senate race there since 20143 or a governor's race since 1999.
It's been more than seven months since Zuckerberg's announcement and Facebook hasn't mentioned Clear History since.
Creative director at Chanel since 1983 and Fendi since 1965, he also had his own line.
Birdwell Beach Britches have been around since 1961, and have remained a staple among surfers since.
I'm from Miami, so I've lived here since the early 70s, since I was an infant.
Local police have been investigating Orchids of Asia since October, although it's been open since 2012.
The irony is I've never seen most of them since I've been totally blind since 2000.
This is the first thing I've done since "Make Happy," since the last special I've done.
Improvements in banks' underwriting standards since mid-2015 should also provide a cushion, especially since the sharp increase in property prices since then has boosted the equity of earlier home buyers.
Bank stocks have been laggards since the 2008 financial crisis but have been on a tear since the election, with the KBW Nasdaq Bank index surging 14 percent since polls closed.
The Dow, which had been up 285 points Wednesday, is coming off its lowest close since May 33; the S&P 500 since May 29; and the Nasdaq since May 31.
It has been 71 years since the end of World War II; 71 years since the last concentration camp prisons were liberated; 71 years since the end of humanity's darkest period.
A look at the trend since the financial crisis shows that after a sharp climb, incentive pay has been declining since 2014 — or in the case of hedge funds, since 2013.
Though wheelchair tennis in both singles and doubles has been held at the United States Open since 1991, the Australian Open since 2002 and the French Open since 2007, Wimbledon had been reluctant to include singles competition in its wheelchair program, opting only for doubles since 2006.
They have since shifted to their largest net long position in corn since last August and the largest net long soybean position since September 2012, according to Commodity Futures Trading Commission data.
SPSY surged 3363 percent to its highest since the 2008 financial crisis, bringing its gain since Trump's surprise victory in Tuesday's election to 7.9 percent, its biggest two-day gain since 2011.
Both had been with the Fusion since 2018 — Kabaji since March of that year, emongg since May — when the team reached the playoff finals of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.
I've been working on boats since I was a kid, probably since I was four years old.
Mr Johnston had not painted since leaving high school, and has had no formal art training since.
It's also on track for its worst month since January 2016 and its worst year since 2008.
But broader equity markets have rallied strongly, not just since Trump's election, but since mid-February 21.
Since you brought up Charlie Sheen, what's been going on in Richards' private life since the divorce?
Since cannibals are human beings, and since we call them inhuman, we're repressing this part of humanity.
Pyongyang hasn't tested a nuclear weapon since September 2017, or a missile since November of that year.
Yet, Lululemon managed to report a stellar quarter since then, and the stock has risen ever since.
I've been a fan since I was seven years old and it's evolved a lot since then.
Details: Reported emissions from large power plants have dropped 4.5% since 2016 and nearly 20% since 2011.
The country had been suffering through the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession since December, 2007.
I was 14 but my innocence had long since been stolen every night since I was 3.
This is the first iMac to have a modular CPU since 2012 and expandable memory since 2013.
The six worst fire seasons since 1960 have all occurred since 2000, according to the U.S. report.
Georgia's governor has been a Republican since 2003, and it's gone red in presidential elections since 1992.
Virginia hasn't lost to Clemson since 2013 and hasn't lost to the Tigers at home since 2008.
They are 16-2 for the first time since 1984, and 5-0 at home since 1982.
Tim Hortons has operated in the United States since 1.83 and the United Arab Emirates since 21.8.
That is the first year-on-year drop since last December and the largest since June 2014.
Star says he's been "waiting for this moment," since it's been about two weeks since the burglary.
The posted its worst day since February and clinched its first five-day losing streak since 2016.
Oil prices have fallen 70 percent since mid 2014, reaching their lowest since late 2003 last month.
This extra charge has since jumped up to 0.25% since the June 13 attacks, the report added.
Phypers and Richards, 47, have been dating since at least December 2017 and have been inseparable since.
This was the biggest monthly increase since June 2014 and the highest level recorded since November 2014.
The Dodge Challenger, for example, hasn't been fully redesigned since 2008 and the Chrysler 300 since 2011.
Since the case is six years old, it's likely Facebook has since made changes to this feature.
Archie, after all, has been around since 1941, and people have been following his adventures ever since.
I've practiced law since 1996, and I have maintained my certification as a peace officer since 1989.
Rahm Emanuel as we know has been in office since 21992 and since 22016 he has failed.
I'm self-taught and have been painting, since I was sixteen, a full-time artist ever since.
It was the embattled sports legend's first major victory since 2008, and first Master's win since 2005.
Since 1985, the courts have declared more than 100,000 people foreigners, with a steep uptick since 2016.
The yen also reached its highest against the euro since mid-November and against sterling since January.
So it has this trail—it's been in our music since Gil Scott Heron, since Marvin Gaye.
Teen birth rates hit a new low in 2863, dropping 211% since 258 and 67% since 1991.
"I feel the best I've felt since I've been here, since I've been a rookie," he said.
Its FCF margin has remained consistently positive since 2009 at 1.5%-13% despite increasing dividends since 2011.
Since the recession ended in 2009, wage gains for American workers have lagged every recovery since 1960.
The Cheebab has been around since May of 2018 and we've been overrun with requests ever since.
I'd been friends with Andrew since I was 11 and friends with Shirley since I was 15.
It had been four weeks since the positive pregnancy test, and two since the first midwife appointment.
That was the lowest close for both futures since May 4 and the second lowest since Nov.
Three have been halted for extended maintenance since the spring, while two have been out since August.
Since then, there has not been talks of this since although it managed to raise some cash.
Audrina and Corey have been divorced since 2017, and they've had many, many custody issues since then.
Since the euro has weakened against the dollar, exchange rates have moved dramatically since the 2014 sale.
Batey has been in his current role since 2014, and has also led Global Chevrolet since 2013.
Gasoline consumption has been rising strongly since 2013, and especially 2014, reversing the previous downtrend since 2007.
I've known them since I started my Instagram account, and we've become good friends since working together.
Judge: It's exactly two years since we won the award and since then, we've been pretty busy.
Greene's career since then has since been riddled with controversy, but still, pretty awesome way to quit.
Since July 19, WTI prices have since fallen further, and are now less than $43 per barrel.
Penn had participated in all 160 regular season games since 2007 and started every game since 2008.
The latest confidence reading was strongest since 124.9 in March which was the highest since December 2000.
Baseball has been played in Japan since the 1870s, and in the Dominican Republic since the 1880s.
But since it's founding in 2006, SappyFest has since grown to be Canada's best kept artistic secret.
Deutsche's revenues have dived since the crisis; last year it reported its first annual loss since 2008.
However, since taking office the president has since said he will work to renegotiate the trade deal.
It has had its own constitution since 1947 and has functioned as an autonomous state since 1950.
He has worked for Marathon since the mid-31.203s and has been at the helm since 2011.
It would be the third rate hike since December, and its fourth since the 2008 financial crisis.
Car production recorded its biggest quarterly fall since 2011 and construction declined by the most since 2012.
They have not updated their YouTube channel since June 25 or their Instagram page since June 26.
It's the first major action against GM since 2007 and the first big US strike since 1982.
Before that, the dollar had strengthened by 5.4 percent since mid-February, its biggest gain since 2015.
The loonie was on pace for its best week since January 2016, up 2.5 percent since Friday.
The August reading was the highest since February and marked the strongest monthly improvement since December 2014.
They had been considered endangered since 2004, but their population numbers have since returned to normal levels.
Household net worth has been rising strongly since the crisis and is up 73 percent since 2009.
Importantly, there have been 210 plots foiled since 22016, six since March -- one a month, on average.
It has been 16 years since the group released Since I Left You, their critically-acclaimed debut.
OPEC supply had been climbing since the 2014 policy shift, reaching its highest since 2008 in April.
" Her: "Appears you do, since you've been bringing it up over and over since I got home.
The market has cooled off since the September peak, but it has seen modest growth since April.
It's the first GM strike since 2007 and the first major action against an automaker since 1982.
The S&P 234 is up 8.1 percent since August and nearly 4 percent since mid-November.
Incredibly, since then, it just keeps climbing; it's now surged 64 percent since the end of May.
Brent prices have fallen by about 28% since Thursday, and 48% since a peak in early January.
On-demand fitness spend has spiked 58.7% since 2018 and nearly 130% since 2017, according to Cardlytics.
They had since after World War II, but especially since Ho beat the French Army in 1954.
The pair have been dating since 2017 and have kept their romance relatively under wraps ever since.
It hit the highest since March 2108.1300 and marked the biggest one-day gain since May 21.
The following month inflation peaked at 217.5%, its highest since 224, and has been trending lower since.
Ms. Solberg has led the Conservative Party since 2004 and represented it in Storting (Parliament) since 1989.
Our troops have been in Iraq since 2003, and in Syria since 2015, and many other places.
Since he was traveling by gigantic boat and not by car, he'd been en route since Monday.
I had a proposal out for projects with them since January, but nothing really happened since then.
Fans accounts, especially since some have taken a hit financially since the coronavirus pandemic hit the states.
Piccioli has been Valentino's sole creative director since 2016 but has been with the label since 1999.
Australia, which broadcast the competition without taking part since the 1980s, has been sending contestants since 2015.
The midcaps look set for their best month since January and their best yearly performance since 2013.
Boston College has not made the men's basketball tournament since 2009 and the women's tournament since 2006.
Texas has not supported a Democrat for president since 1976 or for any statewide office since 1994.
Catch up fast: The strike is the first at GM since 2007, and the longest since 1998.
Scoot has operated its traditional electric mopeds in San Francisco since 2012 and Barcelona since May 2018.
Soybean futures peaked at their highest level since July 26, wheat hit its highest price since Aug.
This is our home, and it's been almost a year since the sheriff's sale, since the foreclosure.
It was the first time since June that import prices rose and the largest increase since May.
No Democrat has won the governorship since Ann Richards in 1990, or any statewide office since 1994.
Mr. Wirth, 56, has been with Chevron since 1982, and has served as vice chairman since February.
This has been on the decline since 2004, and has been especially low since the financial crisis.
Ms. Waters had been a senator for the Greens since 73 and a deputy leader since 2015.
Soybean futures peaked at their highest since July 24.94 while corn hit its highest since Aug. 23.
Deutsche Glasfaser, controlled by KKR since 2015, says it has been the German market leader since 2018.
Doley, pictured below, has owned the station since 1997, although RS Automotives has been around since 1958.
Zueitina had been shut since early November 9003, and Ras Lanuf and Es Sider since December 2014.
It was the Dow's best January since 2013 and the S&P 500's best since 1997.
That was the biggest deficit since July, and the second widest in nominal terms since January 2015.
Ferrari won six, their biggest tally since 2008, while Red Bull's four was their most since 2013.
Exports of refined products since the beginning of the year are up 30 percent since last year.
I started watching "Buffy" last May, which sounds ridiculous, since I've become such a big fan since.
Treasury yields have been in a summer lull since hitting their highest level since 2011 in May.
Wisconsin hasn't been in the Rose Bowl since 2013 and hasn't won the Rose Bowl since 2000.
The 2.3 percent decrease since 2014 in the number of prisoners represented the largest decline since 1978.
Since hitting its highest levels since 2000 in November, its shares have pulled back roughly 14 percent.
For GSK, it is a challenge since Advair has sold more than $1 billion annually since 2001.
Ms. Waters had been a senator for the Greens since 2011 and a deputy leader since 2015.
But since then, many have since criticized the party's characterization of events and its immediate finger-pointing.
Cleveland has not had a winning record since 2007, and has not made the playoffs since 2002.
Rosengren has dissented 4 times since joining the Fed in 2007, and 3 have come since 2013.
The Leafs haven't won the Stanley Cup since 22016 and haven't won a playoff series since 217.
Danielle Hill has owned Shell World since the 1980s, but the business has been around since 1972.
And since the election, there's been a wave of activism and protest unlike anything since the 1960s.
Hackett is replacing Mark Fields, who'd been at Ford since 1989 and was the CEO since 2012.
Since the UN has been making population projections since 1950, and since it publishes revisions and corrections to those projections over time, we can compare its initial estimates to the revisions and corrections.
The yen hit its highest value against the dollar since March on Thursday — but has since reversed course.
Worst recession since the 1930s For months, Brazil has been struggling with its worst recession since the 1930s.
Inflation-adjusted Mexican incomes have more than doubled since the middle of the 22015s, and quadrupled since 221.2.
"I've been smoking since I was eleven / I've been popping pills since I was seven," raps Lil Pump.
Bahrain has stripped hundreds of people of nationality since a 2011 uprising although many have since regained citizenship.
The spike is the largest annual increase in carbon emissions since 2010, and the second largest since 1996.
The rise in heart disease deaths is a surprising change, since they had been declining rapidly since 1969.
The stock market, meanwhile has raced back to life since suffering its worst December since the Great Depression.
It's been three years since Kraft Heinz merged and nearly two years since Unilever rebuffed its acquisition approach.
The Seminoles haven't missed out on a bowl game since 133 or had a losing season since 1976.
That will be the biggest time lapse since July 222, when the wage hadn't risen since September 22013.
That's good news, since so many people have cats and since so many become infected with T. gondii.
Since then, she has jumped back into acting with both feet — she has already filmed five movies since.
PG&E's stock is down 37 percent since Monday, on pace for its worst week since April 2001.
So its 8.6% gain since Election Day shows how broad the stock rally has been since Trump's win.
It's been over a year since Taylor Swift released Reputation, but even longer since she's given an interview.
He's been on the job since 2005 and he's the youngest chief justice since John Marshall in 1801.
I like the options since I'm a little tanner than usual since returning home from a beach vacation.
While it's backed off a bit since then, the Dow has gained up 8.5 percent since Election Day.
Medical marijuana has been legal there since 2001, with growing and selling outsourced to licensed firms since 2013.
It's been a month since the big Mobile World Congress trade show and two days since Samsung Unpacked.
Through September, just 24,000 manufacturing jobs had been added since January -- and none had been added since July.
Since 2014 he lead Ford's Lincoln division while also serving as Ford's chief marketing officer since last year.
CNN has since retracted the story and it said the journalists who worked on it have since resigned.
The current participation rate is 62.6 percent, the lowest since December and near the worst since late-1977.
Since his footage falls into categories YouTube has since banned, those videos were removed despite their educational context.
Fowler's story went viral, and since then other engineers have since corroborated her description of Uber's toxic workplace.
In fact, the museum's core exhibitions have since been reconfigured since they were announced over a year ago.
It's been more than 40 years since I graduated high school — and a lot has changed since then.
It has since been updated to include the number of women who have committed mass shootings since 1966.
Board and strategy games grew 29 percent since last year, and sessions are up 80 percent since 2014.
But since then, since the third quarter last year, from our perspective, the dollar has been relatively stable.
Unemployment has dropped to 4.3 percent, its lowest level since this May—and before that since May 2001.
Since Thursday, the S&P 500 has surged 4.56 percent, its strongest four-session performance since mid-2016.
The company has been test launching its orbital Electron rocket since 2017, and serving customers commercially since 2018.
Tian had been an executive vice president since 2005 and Qiu since 2007, according to ZTE annual reports.
Imports hit their highest level since September 2015 while exports were the highest since July of last year.
Its shares have been performing poorly since it revealed its first annual loss since 2008 earlier this year.
I've been writing about Survivor since season 1 and recapping it since season 4, so why stop now?
The index fell to 6,683.11, its lowest level since March for its largest daily loss since August 2015.
Soybean prices on Tuesday fell to their lowest since July, when farmers saw the lowest prices since 2008.
Nine of the 10 warmest years on record since reliable data began in 3.43 have occurred since 2005.
The index also posted its biggest single day fall since June 24 and its worst week since January.
Imports hit their highest level since September 2015, while exports were the highest since July of last year.
It's first major Caribbean hurricane since Sandy, and the strongest to develop in this particular region since 2008.
Richard Plepler, who's been at HBO since 1992 and served as CEO since 2013, is leaving the network.
Since opening in 1971, the park has only been closed three times since, all in anticipation of hurricanes.
While it has dropped significantly since taking office, Trump's been relatively stable in Florida since June of 2017.
This is a 20.2-person increase since 219, and the highest number since comparable statistics began in 1993.
The energy ETF (XLE) just posted its biggest monthly gain since 2015, buoyed by oil's bestJanuary since 1983.
It's now been a month since I picked up the Librem, and I haven't used it since then.
Monthly active users are up 17 percent since Q1 2016, which is faster than it's grown since 2013.
Since then, stories of locker room strife have trickled out, and since the Jets stunk, the chatter lingered.
They've been playing since they were three; Melo has been playing in organized leagues since he was five.
The Indians haven't won this thing since '48, but the Cubbies haven't been World Series champs since '08.
In production since 22018, the car saw sales climb until 216, and have held relatively flat since then.
Nintendo's shares are up by 230% since that announcement and by 173% since the start of the year.
Prices have gained over 30 percent since falling to $27.10, the lowest since November 2003, on January 20th.
The contracts have lost around 20173 percent since the previous quarter, the largest quarterly losses since late 22017.
Since the start of the year, oil has rallied around a quarter since the start of the year.
The contracts have lost about 7 percent since the previous quarter, the worst quarterly losses since late 2015.
Since the start of October, bitcoin has more than tripled in price - its strongest quarterly performance since 2013.
Since reaching $170 in June, the stock tanked to $86 in December and has since rebounded to $110.
Lehtoranta is already familiar with Caverion's operations, having been a board member since 2013 and chairman since 2015.
Bobnar, 49, has been working for the police since 1993 and has been deputy general director since 2009.
Brent has gained about 25 percent since the start of the year due to supply cuts since Jan.
The sector, the top performer since the November election, suffered its worst daily drop since June on Tuesday.
This is the largest annual increase since January 2015 and the first annual increase in February since 2011.
Och-Ziff has been managing money for the state since 2011 and has returned 6.73 percent since then.
Since the start of 2015 consumer confidence has, on average, been higher than in any year since 2004.
U.S. crude slumped nearly 0003 percent since Tuesday's close, the biggest three-day decline since February of 2000.
Inflation-adjusted Medicaid spending per enrollee has been flat since 220006, and similarly flat for Medicare since 2202.
The drop in producer prices, meanwhile, was the first decline since March and the largest since September 2015.
Both Brent and WTI have almost doubled in value since winter, when they hit their lowest since 2003.
The Republican Party has held control of the House since the 2010 election and the Senate since 2014.
All that zinc has since been canceled and has been trickling back out of the system ever since.
It's Saturday, nearly two weeks since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, even longer since it felt Irma's wrath.
He has cared for persons with HIV infection since 1982 and conducted research on the disease since 1984.
This has been true since Trump first announced his candidacy, but it has escalated gruesomely since his election.
Nine of the 10 warmest years on record since reliable data began in 1880 have occurred since 2005.
During the session, WTI hit the highest since June 2015 while Brent touched its peak since May 20163.
Long-term averages have declined 19 percent since 1970, but that has accelerated to 25 percent since 1996.
Macy's fell to its lowest level since February 2010, while Nordstrom's low was its worst since July 2009.
Healthcare's underperformance in 2016 was its worst since 1999, and its worst in an election year since 1992.
TripAdvisor shares have been on a steady slide since late last year, approaching lows not seen since 2012.
The president has not appeared on cable news rivals CNN since August 2016 and MSNBC since May 2016.
Brent's price is down nearly 20183 percent since last week when it hit its highest since mid-2015.
In the days since, however, it has surged to 21.87 percent, a level not seen since May 20.44.
CURRENT JOBS Music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra since 2012 and of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra since 2008.
The Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908, and the Indians haven't won the championship since 1948.
Interest rates have lingered at historic lows since the recession and have only been hiked twice since 85033.
Since my parents are so cool, I entertained more than I have before (or since) in my life.
The northernmost of these states have already voted Democratic in recent elections — Maryland since 20123; Virginia since 2008.
No Republican has won Pennsylvania or Michigan since 1988, nor has the GOP candidate carried Wisconsin since 1984.
The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908, nor have they qualified for one since 1945.
Suicide has become the second leading cause of death for boys since 2008, and since 2013 for girls.
The vehicle has been owned by Ferrari collector, Pierre Bardinon, since 1970 and has been infrequently sighted since.
Verrett is making his fourth start since rejoining the rotation and seeking his first win since April 26.
"I have been performing since the age of 3 and releasing music since I was 13," she says.
Since then, she's returned to the city multiple times — especially since she launched her eponymous label last year.
Mickey has been teaching at the International Center of Photography since 2001 and at Cooper Union since 2004.
Interglobe shares hit their lowest since March and were on course for their worst day since January 2016.
It almost ended his own career, but he's since managed to return to fighting and hasn't lost since.
INVENTORIES: "Copper inventories have been falling since March, zinc since June...," Standard Chartered bank said in a note.
It's been two years since we last sat down with Rose and a lot has changed since then.
Sharara had been closed since November 2014 and El Feel since April 2015 because of the pipeline blockade.
The Dow and S&P 500 currently have their best May gains since 2009, the Nasdaq since 2005.
Roku has spiked more than 70 percent since market open Thursday as investors jumped on the company's since .
However, it's been since January to July 2012 since the index has seen higher highs and lower lows.
Bullion has been on a downtrend since touching $1,365.23 on April 11, then the strongest since Jan. 0433.
Since the pandemic and lockdown, Chang has decided to recirculate a survey she's been working on since 2019.
Peacocks have lived on the cathedral grounds since the 1980s, ever since the Bronx Zoo donated some chicks.
American Marines have been stationed in the city since 2012, and their numbers have steadily grown since then.
It has now been five months since that visa interview, and over a year since the initial application.
The Model S has been around since 2012; since the introduction the cheaper Model 3, sales have dipped.
But prices have since crept higher, with rapid gains since late August taking the metal to near $13,000.
Judge has been sidelined since April 20, and Stanton has not played for the Yankees since March 31.
Mandatory minimums have been around since the 1980s and America's drug problem has only gotten worse since then.
We've gone up trillions and trillions of dollars since the election; they've gone way down since my election.
It's been months since I wrote a letter and more than a year since I've written an article.
There've been rumblings about it since early December, but… well, things have been a little bananas since then.
The Mystics, who have been in the league since 1998, had not won a playoff series since 2002.
But analysts have since slashed their forecasts to levels not seen since the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976.
Former champions Williams, who have not won a race since 2012, have used Mercedes power units since 2014.
Authorities with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office have been looking for her since since last month, police said.
Since Connecticut passed its law, the state has seen 1,519 cases, about two-thirds of them since 2012.
But analysts have since slashed their forecasts to levels not seen since the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976.
Both had been smokers since their teens, and both have since quit; Mr. Monsees regularly uses a Juul.
The S&P 500 is down more than 12% since Monday, its largest weekly decline since October 2008.
It has been 10 years since I set foot in this country and four since I requested refuge.
Idaho has not had a Democratic governor since, and its Legislature has long since become dominated by Republicans.
No Yankees manager has won the award since Joe Torre in 1998, despite 12 division titles since then.
Ad sales have grown 36% since 2018 and 86% since 2017, my CNN Business colleague Clare Duffy reports.
Refugee admissions have dropped sharply since Mr. Trump took office; only about 200 have come in since then.
But the company hasn't found anything new since since then, according to a person familiar with the matter.
We've got a lot to cover this morning since a bunch of plot lines have collided since Friday.
While Djokovic's form since the French Open has fallen away, Murray's run since Roland Garros has been epic.
The Jets have not reached the playoffs since 2010, and the Bills have not done it since 1999.
At least three other firms mentioned in that report have also since been terminated by Amazon since publication.
It was his first hit since April 2868 and first extra-base hit since April 2235 at Texas.
Violence, chaos since 85033: Libya has been embroiled in violence since the 2011 uprising that overthrew Moammar Gadhafi.
Saleh and Albaher have been friends since childhood, and have been recording videos on YouTube together since 2012.
Coupe has been at Sainsbury's, Britain's No. 2 supermarket chain, since 2004 and group CEO since July 2014.
Addendum … Pelosi hits highest favorability rating since 2007, jumping 8 points since December in CNN poll (The Hill).
The central bank has raised rates five times since Trump took office, twice since Powell became Fed chairman.
Auto sales: The picture here has not changed much since the summer — or since 2016, for that matter.
The S&P 500, up 24% since January, is on track to clinch its best year since 2013.
Noel had been a correctional officer in the Manhattan jail since 2016, and Thomas since 2007, prosecutors said.
Murray has been with the $160 billion hedge fund since 2008, and has been co-CEO since 2013.
Manafort's health is declining, especially since he's suffered from gout in his right foot since he's been jailed.
All that zinc has since been cancelled and has been trickling back out of the system ever since.
Trump's first since Saturday and only the fifth since her official White House account was created last month.
The had its best week since January 2013, while the Nasdaq had its best week since December 2011.
Lebanon, gripped by its most severe economic crisis since the 1975-90 civil war following protests since Oct.
Lebanon, gripped by its most severe economic crisis since the 1975-90 civil war following protests since Oct.
Carter was briefly hospitalized and has since been recovering at home since fracturing his pelvis on Oct. 21.
Since the 1950s, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic have been produced, about half of it since 2004.
Federal data shows that Michigan manufacturing jobs increased annually since the recession through 2018, but have since dipped.
"I had had this idea building up since January, since the Women's March" last year, Ms. Margolin said.
Forty-two Australians have been killed in Afghanistan since 1113, and three have died in Iraq since 2003.
He served as creative director at Chanel since 503 and Fendi since 1965, and had his own line.
It is 15 years since José Mourinho first signed him for Chelsea; 12 since he joined Real Madrid.
Electronic voting machines were introduced in all state elections since 20103 and since 2004 in the parliamentary elections.
The White Sox have gone 27-41 since their May 9th peak, and 21-24 since the trade.
Before the 90s, the Tribe hadn't reached the World Series since 1954, and hasn't won it since '48.
He's the first judge successfully recalled in California since 1932 and the first in the US since 19993.
Meanwhile, 18 journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2008, and 36 priests have been assassinated since 2005.
Noble, who has been a non-executive director at British Empire Trust since March 2012, will succeed Strone Macpherson, who has been chairman since December 2007 and a non-executive director since December 2002.
Since the dawn of time, or since 2002, or since 2011, or 2015 — Presidents have come and gone, MySpace fell, iPods were literally invented, but Spider-Man and the Spider-Men remain our constants.
Yields on two-year Treasury notes rose to their highest since August 2009, while three-year yields hit their highest since May 2010 and five-year yields rose to their highest since May 2011.
Yields on two-year Treasury notes rose to their highest since August 2009, while three-year yields hit their highest since May 1.943 and five-year yields rose to their highest since May 2011.
Yields on two-year Treasury notes rose to their highest since August 20.5, while three-year yields hit their highest since May 21 and five-year yields rose to their highest since May 2011.
More recently, the VIX is down more than 36 percent since the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, 25 percent since the U.S. elections and 28 percent since the start of the year.
Real output per person as a share of that in America has fallen since 2011 in the Middle East and north Africa, since 2013 in Latin America, and since 2014 in sub-Saharan Africa.
Yields on two-year Treasury notes rose to their highest level since August 2009, while three-year yields hit their highest since May 2010 and five-year yields rose to their highest since May 2011.
Index is still down more 1.2 pct since Trump won the election Alphabet gained 0.77 percent, reducing its loss since the election to 3.8 percent Facebook remains down 5.5 pct since the election and Amazon.
Yields on two-year Treasury notes rose to their highest level since August 210, while three-year yields hit their highest since May 2.4993 and five-year yields rose to their highest since May 22.499.
Earlier on Friday, private-sector economic surveys showed the weakest consumer sentiment since 2013, and the lowest business morale since 2016's Brexit referendum, as well as the biggest drop in car production since 2009.
He has been head of model risk and development since 2012 and head of operational risk since September 2013.
The Nasdaq's 6 percent gain since Monday has set it on course for its strongest week since December 2011.
That would be its first monthly fall since June and its worst month since a global shakedown in January.
That was the first contraction since early 2011 and only the fourth since the country's last recession in 1991.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have been divorced since 2005 and have married (and divorced) other people since then.
The reading was the lowest since July 2014 and the second lowest since data collection began in late 2005.
It has had negative cash flow since 2014 and has posted a quarterly profit only twice since going public.
Last year's IPO market brought in the lowest proceeds since 23 and the fewest number of deals since 2009.
And in the year and a half since President Trump has been in office, it has doubled since 2014.
The baseball team hasn't won a World Series title since 1908 and hasn't advanced to the Series since 1945.
The financial sector has posted a sharp rally since Donald Trump's U.S. election victory, rising 17.9 percent since Nov.
The company's shares are down more than 22 percent since November and more than 25 percent since last May.
Since this has been big fuel for the market, stocks and particularly banks have been struggling since the open.
The VIX has spiked since the beginning of October, rising by 76 percent to levels not seen since April.
But the discord has since escalated and Brown has yet to meet with team officials since the season ended.
Prices have recovered more than 25 percent since falling to $27.10, the lowest since November 2003, on Jan. 20.
Tahoe Resources' shares have fallen by more than half since last year, with losses deepening since the September ruling.
He's now been in positive territory since February -- the longest period since shortly after his re-election in 20093.
But those fears have eased since then, and the S&P 500 index has risen sharply since late December.
The big picture: Merkel has served as chancellor of Germany since 2005 and head of the CDU since 2000.
Stories since the beginning of time, since people sat around a campfire and told stories, they cut their story.
Other teams have waited for a return to the tournament for years: Columbia since 103, and Rice since 1970.
The stock is down about 22000% since listing in May, while Lyft has dropped by 25% since its IPO.
ET, and they come in a week where oil crossed $51 for the first time since since July 2015.
Last year was the hottest since records began, and 1503 of the 17 warmest years have occurred since 2001.
The 10-year yield has fallen 44 basis points since Thursday, its biggest two-day fall since March 2009.
The race has presented Crowley, who has represented the district since 1999, with his first primary challenge since 2004.
He has been to every Republican convention since 1964, and he's worked the floor at every convention since 1972.
The currency, which has fallen 2.3% since the start of the year, touched its weakest intraday level since Dec.
Raikkonen started on pole for the first time since June 210 and anchored Ferrari's first one-two since 211.
Arsenault has lasted a lot longer: He's been at Microsoft since 1990 and held the CISO role since 2009.
It's been a year since stocks last made and all-time high, the first time that's happened since 2012.
The streaming service has picked up 10 million subscribers since December, and 3 million since WWDC back in June.
The line has been around since 1981 after all, and has helped almost 50 million cooks since its creation.
But if it's true, this could be the best news we've heard since...well, since they first got together.
Since then Adyen has grown from a startup into a global operation, averaging double-digit annual growth since 2007.
His 160 hits were his most since 2012 and his 71 RBIs were his most since 2012 as well.
More have filed for bankruptcy protection since last autumn than at any time since the financial crisis in 2008.

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