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"affable" Definitions
  1. pleasant, friendly and easy to talk to

500 Sentences With "affable"

How to use affable in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "affable" and check conjugation/comparative form for "affable". Mastering all the usages of "affable" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Walter Beasley is an American saxophonist, a professor of music at the Berklee College of Music, and founder of Affable Publishing and Affable Records.
Watts too was framed as an affable and devoted father.
Equal parts kind and affable while maintaining a provocative allure.
Even Hallie's dog, an affable golden retriever, didn't like her.
It's exciting to see and adds to the affable personality.
So I would try to be affable and just wanted.
Adriana seems affable enough, yet her inquiries are like slaps.
Professionally comfortable with improvising, the D.J.s make for affable company.
It was the affable Sagan's third win of this Tour.
Pompeo appeared affable while meeting the crown prince in Riyadh.
Mr. Santos, generally quiet and affable toward neighbors, was withdrawn.
What had happened to the affable, moderate guy I interviewed?
One American who met with him described him as affable.
In those ads, they were affable counterparts in the computing spectrum.
In our short time watching, she was affable and at ease.
GR: I knew he was an affable person, which he was.
Someone with experience playing that special blend of affable, egotistical goofball.
They provide a sort of begrudging amusement in their affable uselessness.
Mr. Pratt's affable, teddy-bear machismo grows staler with each movie.
For decades, Jeffrey Slonim was an affable presence on the scene.
Born and raised in New York, Alvarez is affable and blunt.
He's always very affable when I insult him and his friends.
Schieffer's moderation, which was perceived as confident but affable, received praise.
He's always so affable and friendly, and he's got this great energy.
Jekyll Bruno is the nauseatingly affable young man who gave us "Grenade".
With an easy, affable charm and flawless delivery, he told their story.
Friends and former colleagues described him as affable and a fastidious banker.
He's very good at working the room and is an affable character.
Those duties are taken care of by an affable Australian (Stephen Peacocke).
Ms. Headland is far more affable and socially adept than her characters.
Where others seethe, Meyers delivers his biting punchlines with an affable grin.
He remembers Mr. Gabow as generous, affable and respected by his colleagues.
First of all, he is extremely affable and easy to talk to.
His neighbor, Robert Sapia, told CNN that Zobayan was affable and exacting.
He seems affable enough, and he's always been such a good friend.
John Gallagher Jr. is an affable everyman; Sofia Boutella is his date.
Two weeks later, the affable pup ended up at Memphis Animal Services.
Those close to Hook attribute that to his outwardly warm, affable demeanor.
Review follows the always affable Forrest MacNeil (played by the always affable Andy Daly) as he sets out to review life experiences for his show within the show, often to the detriment of his personal life and wellbeing.
AFFABLE and portly, Sergey Kislyak seems nevertheless to be an eminently forgettable man.
Far Cry 5 You'll find far more affable canines in Far Cry 5.
The biographer and historian has found a wonderful subject in the affable Edward.
Is it this generation's This Is Spinal Tap, or just an affable comedy?
He came off, by turns, as affable, prickly, charming, abrasive, and borderline abusive.
Now 40, Joe is affable, with dark features that confirm his Sicilian heritage.
Brooke, an affable, bearded new father, is quick with a joke and laugh.
The former mayor of London, who campaigned for Brexit, is affable and intelligent.
O'Brien, unlike Bolton, has a reputation for being affable and a team player.
It will be trouble for Trump if he appears too affable with Putin.
With these constraints, we can eventually deduce that the split is AMIABLE/AFFABLE.
"It's not that I feel unhittable," the affable 26-year-old Panamanian said.
To an extent this owed to Mr. Snyder's affable and unassuming Midwestern persona.
The stoutly affable, engagingly mellow men of Bear's Den shudder at such bumptiousness.
But over the years I have found him (usually) affable and often very funny.
You know things are really serious when even the normally affable Jughead is angsty.
Moreover, he is universally considered decent and able, pragmatic and principled, affable but steely.
He is affable and effusive, which also makes him a very good interview subject.
Incredibly affable and warm, Bridwell's also self-deprecating, apparently devoid of ego or pretension.
A Hollywood Chris, member of the most wholesome, affable, universally loved tribe in Hollywood!
" Noting his passing, Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson remarked on his "affable demeanor.
Worth noting: Oliver also got more personal in his attacks on the affable Pai.
But his affable persona belies another, more crude reputation, according to dozens of interviews.
Assemblyman Daniel J. O'Donnell, a Manhattan Democrat, remembers Mr. Molinaro as an affable colleague.
An engaging, affable manager, Gareth Southgate, presides over a group of gifted, charismatic players.
My teacher was the very affable and knowledgeable Georgia-based folk artist Mark Hendry.
ALAN BATES: THE AFFABLE ANGRY YOUNG MAN at the Quad Cinema (Feb. 219-21943).
Friends called him an affable "nerd," and said he loved swing and ballroom dancing.
State Senator Martin Golden, a Republican former police officer, is a classic, affable politician.
Tully is the kind of affable yutz that Mr. Garcia, in particular, writes best.
Richardson, an affable, quick-witted Londoner, is not like most people in the business.
The president was much more affable in smaller venues, but he still sounded … wrong.
Sloan, a plainspoken and affable executive, was never great casting as a change agent.
The similarly affable Hinch tried to do the same at his session on Tuesday.
Bounding into the evaluation room, Bacon seemed like an affable goofball, ready for adoption.
He is constantly affable, the archetypal stoner buddy, always laughing in his distinctive way.
His chuckle was as affable and reassuring as the skirr of a buzz-saw.
Aides on both sides characterize the affable spirit as a necessity to an effective transition.
Lucile Evans, an affable 81-year-old Black woman, said she grew up pulling cotton.
And not even an affable and adorable-looking pope with progressive tendencies can fix that.
The video for "HEAT" has the same affable, boisterous spirit as a One Direction clip.
To his American friends and contacts, Stephen Su was an affable businessman and gregarious guy.
The release of 'Trumped Up Cards' ... marked a new turn for the affable, pensive Hoffman.
This month's meeting, with the affable Mr Trudeau presiding, will see a return to bonhomie.
No realm of entertainment is littered with more outsiders made quickly into affable cash cows.
Even Box and its affable founder-CEO Aaron Levie are under siege by activist investors.
And yet Carmichael remains supremely affable, speaking in a slow, honeyed voice and smiling throughout.
It is a tireless and affable diplomat, beloved abroad no matter the conditions back home.
But as it turned out, he's quite an affable bloke, in his own special way.
Carsten treats the affable, sloppy Niko — whose shiftlessness annoys his pregnant girlfriend — with consistent condescension.
Tom Hanks brings his usual affable charm, as the voice and face of multiple characters.
"She was universally well-liked — always cheerful, affable, funny, and super smart," Ms. Guerry said.
He is an affable, low-key diplomat who colleagues said was unlikely to go rogue.
Mr. Cumberbatch's affable screen presence works up a strong, steady counterbeat to his character's narcissism.
In that context, Macklemore isn't an intruder — he's an affable buddy, a flush older brother.
Amid the pressures of major-college sports, Bump Elliott was a low-key, affable figure.
And Smudge, Mr. Irons's affable Jack Russell/bichon frisé, who goes wherever Mr. Irons goes.
Mr. Starr, the affable president who reveled in that glory, was demoted; he later resigned.
My generally affable 4-year-old cries foul if anyone else wins in a game.
Late in the evening Adam Weinberg, the affable Whitney director, hustled along with Ms. DeWoody.
Dr. Tam said that one reason might be because T.J. is affable and well behaved.
Law enforcement proved an excellent fit for an athletic and affable man interested in psychology.
It soon becomes quite clear that there's something a little off about this seemingly affable lady.
He seems affable but shy — there's a slightly anxious undercurrent to his speech — and unmistakably sharp.
Either way, this affable Midwesterner is a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.
Mr Puigdemont, an affable former journalist and mayor of Girona, blamed the government's refusal to talk.
He lets more affable executives on his board do the bulk of media interviews these days.
Attractive, affable and conventionally amusing, these four men have come to symbolize all that is good.
Mr. Glickman, affable but low key, scored victories, including securing $400 million in government production incentives.
The sudden departure meant she had to cancel her drink with the affable agent Bertie Pelham.
Affable and articulate, he was eager to delve into and at least partly decrypt his work.
They had a remarkably close and symbiotic relationship, Meyer warm and affable, Ovitz cerebral and tough.
Varun Anand, an affable young campaign aide assigned to "wrangle" the traveling press corps, looked stricken.
The camaraderie between her and the group — cool, good-humored, no-nonsense — left an affable impression.
Over the phone, he's thoughtful, affable, caffeinated, and excited that Dreamland will soon have a farm.
Emails, tweets, Slack messages — you name it — being affable and amenable is kind of my thing.
It is usually an occasion for affable one-liners from politicians or, in election years, candidates.
The adaptation by the film's writer-director, Amy Heckerling, is "affable but limp," our critic writes.
That episode, from August 2015, captured Hickenlooper at his best: upbeat, affable and allergic to drama.
Whitmer, who won the governor's mansion in 2018, delivered her remarks with an affable Midwestern folksiness.
The affable Ayres sat for an interview at the N.H.L. offices in New York on Monday.
His friend noticed Draper had lost weight, but remained the affable Mormon kid from back home.
In the building's lobby, our uncertainty about the apartment number briefly flummoxed the affable young doorman.
But he possesses a serene courage that is easy to underestimate because it is so affable.
Those affable interludes make having to play the same mission over and over again far more enjoyable.
As Washington DC's archbishop, he is remembered as a familiar, affable figure in the corridors of power.
Unlike the sonically affable "GUMMY," the intro for SATURATION is the most menacing song in their catalog.
It hurt him with moderates and blacks, and provided an opening for the more affable Mr. Chiles.
This is a relaxed, affable sound signature that takes the fun parts of music and amplifies them.
There is affable talk of pets, gym regimens and work reassignments, all grounded in tedious, quotidian detail.
This doesn't make Don a monster — he's an affable guy who seems to genuinely love his wife.
His thick Louisiana accent made him sound like an affable father figure with a perpetually stuffed nose.
He won plaudits from diplomats for his affable style and cultivated important friendships in Russia and China.
That disappointed many who saw him as an affable younger version of 76-year-old Mr Biden.
Next door lives the affable Jewish dentist Mr Held, with his wife Anna and dreamy daughter Henriette.
In Netflix's quietly affable reality program Terrace House, the setup is familiar, but the result is different.
IN FOOTBALLING terms, Claudio Ranieri, an affable Italian, has found a way to turn water into wine.
Hall recalled Davender as an assertive but affable person who made a lot of friends in Lexington.
Crowley, a Queens powerbroker and affable House Democratic Caucus chairman, had been considered a possible future Speaker.
To Rachel, her boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) is an affable, intelligent, and ridiculously cute econ professor.
But if you're leaning toward Trump, by all means make the switch to the affable Gary Johnson.
Ed Vaizey is the former culture secretary and maintains an affable presence on the UK's tech scene.
The popular journalist and affable raconteur Jamal Khashoggi had been killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.
The heart of the group is Nandor (Kayvan Novak), a once-fearsome Turk turned affable den mother.
Hutchison's family—including his lovely, affable brother Grant, Frightened Rabbit's drummer—went through hell starting May 9.
Murphy is not one of those genial lawmakers whose affable demeanor makes him popular with his peers.
"Meet Your Black Girlfriend" showcases Hughes' characteristic style: Using affable humor to unpack a potentially sensitive topic.
Barr may be a three-time incumbent, but the affable, sixth-generation Kentuckian clearly enjoys the campaign.
Early in the night, I asked Todd Stevens, an affable, longhaired information-technology director from York, Penn.
Bill Gates, the tech pioneer turned international do-gooder, and general affable guy, reminds of Ned Stark.
Certainly, Biden's name recognition and reputation are much higher after eight years serving as Obama's affable vice president.
With his easy smile and affable personality, he later became an on-air media figure and movie star.
Someone in the lake does a handstand, while an affable shirtless dude wades in with a fishing rod.
The mood is affable and meandering, and, like a too-leniently edited home movie, can test one's patience.
Wood is white-haired, white-bearded, and affable, with circular black glasses and the hint of an underbite.
He had become a regular in the press as an affable pitchman for his lineup of quirky inventions.
Almost overnight, LaBeouf went from basic to scumbag — from affable leading(ish) man to wild, unpredictable bad boy.
In the segment, even the affable Ellen DeGeneres could not resist a nostalgic trip to the Tanner house.
Voices filtered to him from the galley: Amos' affable rumble and the thinner, reedy sound of Clarissa's voice.
The fact that the affable, sinewy McKagan we see onstage is still living and breathing is a miracle.
Bruno Mars Mars cemented his reputation as the world's hardest-working contemporary pop star with an affable appearance.
But that strategy -- plus his affable debate-stage demeanor -- have allowed him to avoid other Republicans' targets, too.
Some who have worked or met with Hu say he has a relatively relaxed and affable leadership style.
Both men are affable and personally likable politicians authentically comfortable bucking their party and working across the aisle.
Lou Young is a rugged, affable man of 290, with a bald head and a well-behaved beard.
The affable, conservative lawmaker joined the Armed Services Committee last year, so he is a relatively new member.
Adrien Brody has always been a pretty affable character in Hollywood — a talented actor and seemingly decent guy.
In 2016, these voters aren't looking for another naively affable Bible-thumper—they want someone who can win.
The high-school comedy bits of "Far From Home," while not especially original, have a sweet, affable charm.
Word of the Day : diffusing warmth and friendliness _________ The word affable has appeared in 165 articles on nytimes.
This eagerly affable woman seems to crawl through life in a defensive slump, glancing anxiously over her shoulder.
That wolf, Eyulf, is appealingly affable, but Varya's a surprising pleasure for a reader to spend time with.
All the while, the affable, smooth-talking Mr. Hall gave no hint of where the treasure might lie.
The only other character that doesn't elicit a cringe is Cathy's crush, the affable gentleman Michael (Peter Mullan).
He's an affable if mordant raconteur, and his concerts can feel like a kind of seminar in themselves.
I remembered a story that Hussein, a shy and affable man in his early twenties, had told me.
There always comes a time when the most affable host begins to brood about being taken advantage of.
KORAT, Thailand — Fellow soldiers described him as quiet and affable, a skilled marksman who liked to play soccer.
The proprietor, a scruffy but affable fellow, stands at the table and tells you what he has available.
But, it's pretty easy to build good relations in Congress if you're reasonably affable and not Ted Cruz.
For Hickenlooper, an affable politician with a reputation for friendliness and warmth, the ailment has done the opposite.
It seems unlikely Marvel will kill off the affable vegetarian, especially given the "Us" star's ever-rising profile.
Raveesh was an affable extrovert, always buying rounds; the unofficial mayor of that part of town, Lunsford called him.
It was a go-to place where one could be assured of quality, affable staff and meticulously made cocktails.
He's an affable and confident young man who'd been a swim instructor, a lifeguard, and an excellent hockey player.
During his two decades in Congress, the affable Walden developed a reputation for civility and working across the aisle.
But if any secular politician can make inroads in the Kurdish south-east, it is the affable Mr Ince.
Is there a reason why such an affable filmmaker was able to conjure up such a distressing cinematic ride?
And Ms Lesko, an affable and locally-popular mother of three, was a pretty strong candidate for the eighth.
" Favreau noted in his column that the Obama campaign also "underestimated how affable, confident, and charming (Romney) would seem.
With breathless energy and a bright-red mohawk, he comes across as the world's most affable Fury Road character.
Let's say for the sake of argument this is all just Devon's affable personality, rather than self-aware gamesmanship.
Brown cultivated an affable, bipartisan image, but he wasn't willing to buck conservative party leaders in the US Senate.
The affable CEO has handled this pressure with calm grace — as Page and Brin stayed out of the spotlight.
I did know that he was a very affable bearded man, and we both lived in the Bay Area.
How to accomplish that without risking his generally affable, optimistic brand will be a challenge -- and remains a mystery.
They also review Keanu, an affable action-comedy from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central fame.
On Sunday's premiere episode, the affable survivalist learns what happens when a yellowjacket stings a man in the genitals.
Mr. Katumbi, an affable, loquacious and very rich former governor, declared last week that he was running for president.
Sinosphere BEIJING — Canadians, apart perhaps from hockey players, seem to pride themselves on being affable people averse to confrontation.
He is undecided on his political leanings (for now), inoffensive, instantly recognizable, and affable on TV and social media.
High standards, high ratesChu, who likes wearing bow-ties, is affable to many and known for having ultrahigh standards.
The toothy smile could be straight from the affable Australian shark Bruce in 2003's Finding Nemo. JAW-SOME!
They look and sound like a bunch of affable graduate students who share the same dry sense of humor.
Watching Clery's videos really is like sitting across from an affable grandfather figure, talking gently about nothing of importance.
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee stars as the affable father of a Korean-Canadian family that runs a convenience store.
Judge Kavanaugh, who finally had the microphone hours later, portrayed himself as an impartial jurist and affable family man.
In that same decade, Ellen DeGeneres would become famous, partly by being all-American affable, never an erotic threat.
Affable security guard, stationed to the painting's left, makes the first of several requests for spectators to stand back.
Solomon, an affable kid with an easy smile, bonded with one classmate over their common affection for rap music.
It's all very nice, and the agile, ever-affable Parsons dancers perform it as if in a warm bath.
COMEDY Mr. Attell — the affable grouch from Comedy Central's "Insomniac," who performs Friday and Saturday at 221:227 p.m.
Documentary portraits of this type often incorporate testimonials from affable, encouraging experts who smilingly help burnish the subject's reputation.
Monte was scouted by a group of Hollywood animal trainers, she said, one of whom adopted the affable canine.
Well-dressed, affable and tan year-round, he was always available in an emergency, and even made house calls.
Brawny, cocky, and thrilling, he's in every way opposite to Lucy's affable, supportive, and devout husband Drew (Dan Stevens).
He was affable from the podium on Friday and did a mostly smooth job on the Sunday news shows.
And for those uneasy with going to a store for a fitting, the affable Sid Mashburn has a solution.
Affable and charismatic, Mr. Fleming seemed to have as much passion for coaching as he once did for running.
"I like Trump, he's a brilliant man," Bill Graham, the affable eight-term Republican mayor of Scottsburg, told me.
From the beginning, investors loved Weprin's affable personality and knack for delivering returns on projects other groups passed by.
"The Nutcracker," with its multiple national dances, has always been socially inclusive; this production's cultural pluralism was particularly affable.
Many Democratic voters clearly prefer Biden's affable conventionality, and many others share Sanders's tear-the-whole-thing-down instincts.
Ros is an affable prostitute who used to see Theon in Winterfell, before making her way to King's Landing.
Another thing that will weigh heavily against O'Leary is his opponent, the attractive and affable scion of the Trudeau dynasty.
But the meme swamps the Yang Gang calls home harbor all sorts of life — some of it far less affable.
Peter Rawlinson, Lucid Motors' affable chief technology officer, was on hand to show off some of the car's cooler features.
Though residents described Finlay as affable, he's apologized to them for being bound to negotiation-limiting aspects of the deal.
In Andrzej Duda it found a young, affable presidential contender who outmanoeuvred Bronislaw Komorowski, the PO's respectable but dull incumbent.
In person, she's affable and matter-of-fact, though traces of Satan are noticeable in her tattoos and leather jacket.
Mr. Wright is, in fact, Mr. Rangel's chosen successor, an affable pol deeply rooted in Harlem's political and business establishment.
Despite her 215st placement in the women's world golf rankings, Gulbis remains among the sport's most popular and affable players.
While Keef played the enigmatic auteur, a distant center of gravity unto himself, Fredo was more of an affable networker.
"It's just accepted," says Jim Beicker, the affable sheriff of Fremont County, whose wife recently retired from a prison job.
He is elliptical at times and, at others, direct: alternately distant and affable, somber and playful, rash and profoundly considered.
Unassuming and affable — until his Twitter account exploded with Hillary Clinton attacks this week — Mr. Pence knows how Washington works.
But that poll was taken before Biden's latest stumble, when he talked about his affable relationship with the late Sen.
"It's not going to be Donald Trump," snapped the usually affable Mr. Gardner, who is trying to elevate Mr. Rubio.
The bro was affable — if a little knee-jerk anti-woman — and the bro wanted to have a good time.
Professionally comfortable with improvising, the D.J.s make for affable company, and it's amusing to watch radio from behind the scenes.
For the first time in its brilliant run, we see the affable but flawed Rob thrust into the emotional spotlight.
She is clearly being very affable, and you can see how enthusiastic people are to get a glimpse of her.
He would always say that he was fine, and family and friends considered him affable and easygoing, to the end.
"Lodge 49," an affable, idiosyncratic comic drama starting Monday on AMC, is by this standard low-stakes, and blissfully so.
As sexual assault accusers go, one would have been hard pressed to find one more able and affable than Ford.
Carlo Campana, the librarian on duty in the Marciana manuscript room when we arrived, was typical in his affable erudition.
But the more he sees, the more the normally affable Will suffers inside, his civility giving way to confused rage.
"It's a top 10 at a slam so it's right up there," the affable 28-year-old American told reporters.
Chris Klein plays affable, dim jock Paul Metzler, whom McAllister encourages to enter the race for class president against Flick.
Many black voters fell in love with Biden after watching him play the affable, dependable VP to President Barack Obama.
For Ms. Klobuchar, there is the added complication of tending to a campaign image premised on affable Midwestern common sense.
"The old police mantra was make it home safely," said Tyrrell Bagby, 67, an affable second-generation Camden police officer.
I remember him as an affable old man with a gracious wife who made a modest living selling antique lace.
He was 34, affable, chatty and remarkably descriptive about his drug use, which had been going on for two decades.
Played with affable gruffness by Richard Coyle, Lamb is the anti-Murdoch, a comradely (if tough) captain to Murdoch's maladroit monarch.
He is an affable raconteur, with a droll sense of humor and a clear-eyed view of himself and his town.
"I stopped using marijuana when I was 27606," Rohrabacher, a perennially smiley man who radiates an infectiously affable energy, tells me.
James Corden: you know him as the popular host of "The Late Late Show," beloved "Carpool Karaoke"-er, affable British comedian.
I am slightly embarrassed to approach him with such an eccentric-seeming inquiry, but Dr. Ruths's reply is affable and serious.
As Brown described his affable neighbor, he began to cry on the witness stand, wiping tears away with his T-shirt.
Hariri, an affable and earnest CEO who started Vero with two childhood friends, says the app's best days are still ahead.
And pretty quickly you realize that it's true: Brookstone stores are closing, but its spirit lives on in these affable oddities.
He's affable, often grins when he speaks, and has an inviting, slightly Midwestern lilt, despite being a lifelong resident of Virginia.
But the no-nonsense, affable Klobuchar could also plausibly appeal to Rust Belt voters whom her party needs to win over.
Not even the affable David Rosen has been able to escape the burn of a deceitful lover thanks to Elizabeth North.
There's no disputing that the older, intelligent and affable Lindsay doesn't deserve to deal with childlike antics and neither do we.
In 1989's Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, an affable ant saves a gang of miniature children from a scorpion's sting.
By sitting out the 2016 primary, Biden's record largely remained unexamined, thereby preserving his image as an affable, everyman vice president.
Everyone knew that he was C.I.A., and that he combined an affable and artless personality with a talent for dirty tricks.
The other striking aspect of these rallies is how affable the crowd is — until the Trump campaign cranks up the intolerance.
I still remember how Mike Arrington used to rail about Valleywag as if affable Owen Thomas were some kind of barbarian.
During that extremely active decade, Terry Jones became well known as an affable, white-haired gentleman with a delightfully thick accent.
Anders can be thoughtless and casually cruel (after sex with Barbara, for example), and he can also be affable and honest.
Friendly and palpably affable, Péron's choice to wear his own band's shirt under a paisley-patterned blazer can certainly be forgiven.
Mr. Barrett, who was born in Ireland and still speaks with a strong accent, is known for being affable and chatty.
Each man was affable, direct and seemed happy to talk, but, then, they have been in the business a long time.
They were go-down-easy events for the affable Mr. Barr, Republican of Kentucky, filled with ready smiles and glad hands.
Evren Butik is a slightly more manageable shopping environment — a cozy vintage store run by the friendly and affable Algodan Kemaloglu.
Not that there was anything off about Rich, an intelligent, affable guy who simply wasn't as exciting as his Bumble persona.
Baffert, 66, with his five Kentucky Derby winners and two Triple Crown champions, assumed a role as the sport's affable statesman.
So Mr. Miller, the affable senior statesman of the handful of remaining seltzer deliverymen in New York City, used hand trucks.
And Ned Nickerson (Tunji Kasim), Nancy's affable boyfriend in the books, may be hiding a dark secret in The CW show.
We sat in a screening room accompanied by two affable white P.R. people and a black security guard who said nothing.
One of the earliest players in the game, Filmspotting has been producing weekly installments of affable, insightful film analysis since 2005.
When it comes to the obvious qualifiers, Jordan checks all the boxes: good seniority, affable personality, well-liked by his colleagues.
Perhaps no biography should be written: perhaps this magus should be allowed to vanish from the scene—affable, implacable, unknowable. ♦
"If they break the rules, I'll beat them," she said as the men, gathered around her in an affable group, laughed.
Sabina, her mother and her grandmother are fortunately up to the challenge, revealing a darker side to their otherwise affable personalities.
He might be affable, but he is a loner, aloof from the tearooms and quiet drinking holes that make up Westminster life.
At the house, the landlord, an affable 79-year-old man named Abdur-Rahim Dib Dudar, gave her a hurried walk-through.
As Richard, Claflin embraces his goofiest Brit-self, bringing a portrayal that is both affable and charming, but allows Woodley to shine.
Affable and quick to laugh, he had no idea what was going on with Foxconn, and he was extremely relaxed about it.
"Pyjama paralysis" is the bane of hospital wards, says Brian Dolan, an affable academic and a registered nurse who started the campaign.
Lawrence creates affable comedies filled with lovable people that nevertheless probe darker territory about death and broken human spirits and the like.
Cruise is a remarkable talk-show guest—maybe the best there is in 2018: Affable, genuinely funny, and seemingly down for anything.
A friendly, affable character as showcased in his pre-fight interview, Karaoglu looked visibly uncomfortable as he walked towards the KSW cage.
Zidane never really fit the mold of the 21st-century soccer idol—he wasn't the smiling, affable guy brands can count on.
Boehner is an affable guy, and less ideologically stringent than Ryan, which lends him afterglow in this particularly cruel and chaotic moment.
Peek behind Pullman's affable smile and you sense a rocklike prejudice that will be no easier to break than a champion's serve.
He has an overbite and big cheeks, which add an affable and perhaps misdirecting ingenuousness to his presence, in person and onstage.
Affable and a long-serving cadre, Mkhize is touted as a compromise candidate who could soothe tensions between the party's primary factions.
In fact, Mr. Kleeman, an affable Midwesterner from suburban Chicago, was known to his many friends as a man who never swore.
High Maintenance is ostensibly a show about an affable weed-delivery guy schlepping his buds, baggies, and edibles through the five boroughs.
Five days a week for the last 23 years, the affable Ms. Bartlett, 60, and her team have followed an immutable ritual.
Mr. Wolfe relished the clandestine nature of his work — using "jimwolfe007" as his personal email address — and he projected an affable charm.
That's the crux of Miles Malleson's 1925 "Conflict," an affable relic excavated by the Mint Theater Company and directed by Jenn Thompson.
ALEX GARLAND: Nick's character, Forest, is in some ways genial and affable, but in other ways there's something really dark inside him.
He was 26, an affable prince who had studied history at Oxford and happened to be second in line to the throne.
The Hurricanes' affable approach toward their fans has been reciprocated during these playoffs in which they have gone 5-0 at home.
Presenting Graham as a forerunner to feminist theorists diminishes her, though the lecture-demonstration enlivens when the dancers assault the affable docent.
Hill, Tucker's wonky but affable opponent who has represented the district since 2015, has a similarly complicated relationship with President Donald Trump.
Sagan, 27, is one of the biggest stars in cycling right now because he's incredibly talented, not to mention affable and fun.
In person, he is warm and affable, his facial expressions a far cry from the severe grimace in his Twitter profile pic.
Over time, he develops into an affable, radiant character; the dynamic between the two is among Season 2's most compelling aspects.
But it was at Zuccotti Park where he rose to prominence, as an affable but firm intermediary between protesters and police officials.
Shota and the father, Osamu (a great Lily Franky, by turns affable and unsavory), first see the girl shivering outside her home.
Moloney dated several actresses including Jennifer Grey, Sherilyn Fenn, and Gina Gershon. Moloney was described by many as handsome, charming, and affable.
The question pops up frequently when we're visiting friends of my mother's over the holidays or talking to affable cashiers at the supermarket.
SHR over-delivered with Knost, who has a doctorate in mechanical engineering but was far less patient or personable as the affable Gibson.
In place of a provincial toughie known as "The Demolition Man", Italy has acquired an affable Roman aristocrat with a preference for compromise.
She usually ends up sounding like an unusually affable supervillain, which is still far more compelling than the sneering, stereotypically arrogant Templar leaders.
"THE CONDITIONS here are not the worst part," says Zabiullah, an affable middle-aged Afghan, sipping sweet tea in a rat-infested tent.
Trump has defended his previously affable relationship with the Clintons as just one of the many he maintained to benefit his business interests.
Paul's movies, combined with his affable demeanor, made him a hit on Vine, a social media platform known for looping six-second video.
Both actresses play the character as an affable everywoman who cares about her friends and family, and has a general zest for life.
Residents avoid the area for fear that it is unsafe, says Boyd Cox, an affable veteran who owns a large antique shop downtown.
In the past, he's been captured inspecting everything from hosiery to apples in an orchard, always looking affable and happy to be there.
For example, you'd think from the film that the largely affable John Reid (played by Aiden Gillan, aka Littlefinger) was Queen's first manager.
Penetrating the school's network proved simple, he says, and thanks to Desautels' affable arrogance, talking his way out of trouble was easier still.
When the curator—the affable and fascinating Omar Kholeif—arrives to begin our tour, one of the pieces begins to talk over him.
Hussein Kanji and Rob Kniaz are the affable, plugged-in investors behind Hoxton Ventures, the early-stage European investment fund headquartered in London.
He's 39 and 6-foot-2, an imposing 10-year veteran of the force on patrol with an affable rookie named Nathan Smalkoski.
When Anna summons the police, she is visited by Conrad Little, an affable and loquacious detective, and engages him in TV-style repartee.
He seems utterly affable, and just self-aware enough to understand that his house is made of cards, but still, what a house.
His affable but rigorous social-media presence and tantalizing website are credited with making the old-fashioned tool not just literary but lit.
"Smugness is lethal," said the affable Mr. Solondz (who, in the show, makes the entitled parents the targets of his most pointed satire).
He presented a specific combination of Russian masculinity — he could be gruff and haughty but also earnest and affable, depending on the setting.
The affable 29-year-old seated before me with the dripping wrist need not reiterate that he's stacked his paper and leveled up.
He ran the campaign based on Harding's affable personality and fairly neutral political stance, advocating a return to "normalcy" after World War I.
A 1950 newspaper portrait of him shows him as an affable man in his mid-thirties dressed in a white darkroom smock coat.
Petersen is a young party activist with a sizable following online, and Feldman is an affable figure many convention goers, including Johnson, have praised.
The hope cultivated by "Bridge of Spies" is that Rudolf Abel, the affable Soviet agent, will not be executed after he is sent home.
You don't get to constantly lie on behalf of the worst president in modern history and get to reinvent yourself as the affable goof.
That said, they would be free to contact Urmson, whose departure caused much consternation internally, due to his well-regarded reputation and affable personality.
Once they're at Randall's house though, Olivia thinks Kevin is trying to turn her into something she's incapable of being: a warm, affable person.
The face of the multimillion-dollar campaign in Massachusetts is Ian, an affable 15-year-old transgender boy with a swoop of blonde hair.
His outspokenness dovetails strangely with his seemingly bland, affable persona, but doesn't seem to attract any lasting hostility from more moderate or conservative voices.
The human champ, the affable Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, threw in the towel after being killed three times, saying he couldn't beat the unstoppable bot.
He is said to be an affable and unerringly polite person, but one with a steel spine who brooks no rivals within the party.
He's a much less abrasive presence on the show and in public, coming off as unassuming and affable, if not overly warm and friendly.
And with all due respect to Gary Johnson, an affable libertarian, and Jill Stein, an environmentalist, there are only two candidates who can win.
Bush, Sr. was reportedly affable and diplomatic; he certainly did not use dehumanizing language in 280 characters to disparage his enemies while in office.
Open-air cars should seem affable and approachable, and the gruffness of a muscle car makes a strange pairing, like a four-wheeled mullet.
In 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland, an affable centrist judge on the D.C. Circuit, to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.
Afterward, we had dessert crepes next door at Happy Pancake Workshop, a ramshackle operation that was manned by three affable young actors from Sofia.
The affable weather is a drawcard but more than anything, this place is a fraction of the price of treatment in our home countries.
Araoz said she was a baby-faced 14-year-old when an affable brunette woman approached her outside her Manhattan high school in 2001.
He screws around with an affable American model at a press junket in Qatar, but he likes her and ends up seeing her again.
Colleagues described him as affable and said he quickly ingratiated himself with the staff in Mr. Sessions's office and those elsewhere in the building.
The affable and very funny Kenan Thompson of "Saturday Night Live" will host the shows, in which he'll appear along with the regular cast.
Archibald, an affable Canadian in his mid-fifties, greeted us at the door of his Spanish-style duplex home, where he lives and teaches.
His affable detachment, which has made him a reliable, if not always memorable, performer, slowly gives way to something darker, stranger and more interesting.
The human embodiment of a chill night in, Niall projects affable, regular-guy energy, but in a more palatable way than, say, Ed Sheeran.
Forty-six, handsome, fiercely affable, he was wearing jeans and sneakers and a V-necked sweater the day I went to watch a taping.
Larocca, stocky and affable, with close-cropped hair, is Brazilian; his country's flag, in yellow, green, and blue, is tacked above his lab bench.
The European Commission designated an affable Frenchman, Michel Barnier, as its chief negotiator and gave him a team of 60, drawn from 19 nationalities.
Affable and calm, his voice radiates a matter-of-fact confidence that could only come from someone who knowing that they've created something special.
When she finally found out, Ms. Dussourd directed her anger at herself, blaming herself for having welcomed the affable Father Geoghan into her home.
You can talk about a particular policy because that's serious and substance, but when you talk about culture it feels so amorphous and affable.
There's an affable air to Randy that makes it seem as though he was relaxed, that whatever happened happened...but underneath he was quite ambitious.
Leifheit, Dust, and Stein were all on hand throughout, happily manning the bar when called upon to do so, and were consistently affable and gracious.
Williams told investigators the ageless, affable game show host told him to "Do it," which Pierce says his client interpreted as a command to kill.
On the show, "Uncle Fluffy" is how the characters refer to President Bartlet's chronic and cloying desire to be liked and appear affable in public.
" Clapper said Trump was "very affable and solicitous" in the call and characterized the discussion as a "success," noting that it was a "constructive engagement.
He was generally an affable type whose demeanor soured only with excessive drinking or drug use, but on this day he was disheveled and nervous.
There Joe McBeth, an affable slacker known to everyone as Mac (Ryan McCartan), is wading into his 30s content to work the Fry-O-Lator.
They are underdogs, their roster is stocked with likable and socially conscious players, and they're coached by an affable man who looks like Tank McNamara.
Even the affable Carson has prompted a few smirks with the oversize entourage that buffers him as he moves from one event to the next.
You know, like the spring break beaches of today, down to the random naked dude, here filled by affable best friend Rudi Malzig (Johann Jürgens).
Affable executives dodge almost every attempt to wheedle out useful ways of comparing the firm with its listed peers (it has no peers, they dissemble).
The night of the event Black was an affable host, keeping his friends entertained, and letting them know about my week living as Joe Rogan.
Palmer's affable demeanor, telegenic looks and success on the course all helped boost television ratings for golf, making it a staple of weekend TV sports.
It currently boasts a liberal government led by an affable young prime minister who is keen on protecting the environment and taking in Syrian refugees.
Like him, his memoir has an affable, indolent, Whiggish air, which might have made him an adequate if forgettable prime minister in the eighteenth century.
We quickly learn Robbie Gibbons, an affable Alabama man battling weight issues, is a central character and the series' very own Hurley Reyes (Jorge Garcia).
The Washington Post recently reported O'Brien is perceived as "a team player" with "affable demeanor," a stark contrast with Bolton's hard-edged and confrontational approach.
Russell charms with his earnest portrayal of Dud, a happy-go-lucky and affable performance that draws comparisons to "the Dude" in The Big Lebowski.
Rose would initially respond with polite incredulity, but by the third or so call this seemingly affable man sounded frustrated enough to eat his microphone.
Kyle Schwarber, the affable young left fielder, beamed in the Wrigley Field clubhouse later, saying the whole night had been fun, not stressful at all.
Boothman, unlike Rowley's affable real-life demeanor, is a monotone conductor of urgent-feeling rhythms, a dark element on top of an already moody album.
An affable former Marine who focused on labor rights and economic fairness, Mr. Lamb took care not to alienate Trump voters by antagonizing the president.
Breezy flirtation from affable male acts is the reigning norm in the country mainstream, and the Annies' style of songwriting couldn't be further from it.
Blunt yet affable, Mr. Schäuble had a talent for brinkmanship that often helped Germany's point of view to prevail, to the frustration of his critics.
Dr. Brand has tried to run a tighter ship than his predecessor, Edmund Capon, an affable, energetic Englishman who led the museum for 33 years.
That friend, Keith, is played by the real-life R&B star John Legend, whose affable participation presents an interesting challenge to Seb's dogmatic traditionalism.
Stengel was the affable Midwesterner — Casey, as in K.C., his hometown — who charmed fans with his meandering speech (affectionately known as "Stengelese") and absurd antics.
Hood is known for his affable personality and a brand he's cultivated as a moderate Democrat who opposes abortion and favors more expansive gun rights.
When we arrive, Giertz introduces me to her main collaborator on the Truckla, Marcos Ramirez, an affable, bearded guy in a turquoise cap and overalls.
Playing the affable host as if he were at home, Rubinstein started at 6:45 one summer evening and, pleased with the results, kept going.
So it's a pleasant surprise to discover that she is affable, disarmingly straightforward and prone to exploding into laughter at her own stories and jokes.
The long-hitting, affable Finau, who is of Polynesian descent, will make his Presidents Cup debut against the International Team at Royal Melbourne from Dec.
"Consummately Skilled and Affable Handyman," reads my imagined Craigslist ad, which you will send to all your previous clients to forward to their wealthy friends.
But Trump struck a more affable tone after a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, saying the French leader was helping work out trade issues.
But he was more affable after meeting Macron and Trudeau, swapping jokes with the latter before the media though neither budged on their trade positions.
In his portrait for The New Yorker, published shortly after Boulez's death under the title The Magus, Alex Ross described him as "affable, implacable, unknowable".
He's affable and verbose on the phone, but sometimes it seems like it's only because that's the most polite way to avoid giving definitive answers.
It's one of the themes of his upcoming album, Thirst 483 Part 2, and it's also a reflection of his generally affable but reserved demeanor.
Although Lorcan O'Neill is now one of the most international and important galleries in Rome — if not in Italy — the affable dealer keeps a low profile.
He's affable and polite, with a winning smile, and we never see him be anything other than kindly toward human or animal unless they deserve it.
Speaking Simulator, by developer Affable Games, puts the player in the head of a robot that has to puzzle out, syllable by syllable, how to talk.
In last night's episode, we only saw a few short scenes with Rick, who is traveling with the underused and affable Aaron on a supply mission.
Known for his affable nature, Harry does his own grocery shopping -- and even took part in a pub quiz during his 2015 trip to New Zealand.
And in true form, some of Strahan's closeness to his colleagues results from his affable personality and dedication to putting in the time outside of work.
His daughter, Katherine (Leila George), has befriended an affable young historian named Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan), who has a fondness for artifacts from the ancient world.
On Monday, Clinton was holding one final practice session with "affable Trump" (played by her former Senate and State Department communications adviser), according to NBC News.
Not all analysts trust that the affable Mr Ekholm, who says such things as "I'm a big believer in evolution," is tough enough to transform Ericsson.
ANTONIO COSTA, Portugal's affable prime minister, greets your columnist with a broad grin as he settles his hefty frame into a sofa in his official residence.
An affable Army vet with gray hair, a goatee, and wire-frame glasses, Paul worked as a concierge at a rustic event space called the Barn.
He's failed to live up to the buzz of that deep clean, but once you get over the hype, it's a pretty earnest, affable Instagram feed.
Anyone with ears knows Lil B and iLoveMakonnen have fathered a whole generation of young rap weirdos with their affable personas and light-hearted based freestyles.
"Promoting a low cost, index fund solution to investing, he guides his readers as if he's your affable neighbour, explaining the process over coffee," Hallam writes.
What might he give away to a well-briefed, affable and articulate Kim Jong Un, who would know just how to stroke President Trump's ravenous ego?
"Random Acts of Flyness" begins with the show's host, Terence Nance, an affable goofball with a blown-dandelion Afro and a tooth gap, biking through Brooklyn.
The Washington Post recently reported O'Brien is perceived as "a team player" with "affable demeanor," a stark contrast with Bolton's ideological and hard-edged management approach.
Stephen Malkmus talks the way his music sounds—arch and affable, with an elliptical, stream-of-consciousness candor cut with bits of wisdom and incisive observations.
Whereas his mentor, Gregg Popovich, is rather icy with the media, often wearing his contempt on his sleeve through press conferences, Keer is affable and game.
An affable man, seemingly indifferent to appearances, he wore a worn orange dhoti and white shirt with a blue ink stain billowing out beneath the pocket.
The German auteur — a wildly prolific wunderkind whose sardonic melodramas served to re-establish German cinema on the international stage — appeared at once affable and menacing.
Once again that same problem rears its head: How do we separate the affable New Mexico artist/rancher from the nasty chaos he chooses to produce?
Unlike Mr. Brooks, State Senator Martin Golden, a Republican former police officer who has represented the area for nearly 16 years, is a classic, affable politician.
An affable entertainer, he's best when he applies the brakes and motions to the audience, modulating his tone and showcasing his lively impressions and hammy expressions.
"I'm partial to jazz with a little bit of grease in it," Mr. McBride told the audience in his affable baritone, as the applause died down.
"This bizarre ritual, to those who witnessed it, was an insight into the torrent of focus and drive that lies beneath Boris's affable exterior," Purnell writes.
Warren, who was best known as a candid, meticulous and affable head of the Pentagon's press operations is seen as a natural fit for cable news.
She is an affable, uninhibited performer, whether as narrator or as the mysterious stranger, peddling the fable to us via enchanting lyrics and flourishes of humor.
Many of the Sandburg poems included here — either read or sung over Mr. Wilson's originals, played by a flexible small ensemble — are both affable and irreverent.
And though it is nominally a box, it is hardly square in the figurative sense, which cannot be said of this affable show as a whole.
Steve Daines, an affable Republican from Montana, was presiding over the chamber and issued a warning when Warren quoted a 28503 statement from the late Sen.
When Bower, played by the eternally affable Topher Grace, appears as a character, he's found meditating alone at an unplugged retreat in the middle of the desert.
Home Alone's massive success was a big break for Heard, whose affable, overworked McAllister dad — the perfect comedic counterpoint to McAllister mom, Catherine O'Hara — struck a chord.
When you think of Animal House, you remember John Belushi as "Bluto" Blutarsky — but the story really centers on affable Tom Hulce's initiation into roaring college life.
Bernard was throwing a party also attended by the dashing Nick (Golding), the affable Colin (Chris Pang), the pushy Eddie (Ronny Chieng), the ditzy Alistair (Remy Hii).
" The 210-year-old animal rights activist is the sort of affable man forever doomed to be described by everyone he meets as a "really nice bloke.
In that conversation, the affable late-night personality appeared to treat the presidential candidate — who was known for expressing xenophobic and misogynistic views — as just another guest.
Still, no other club lays claim to the striking architecture of Craven Cottage, to football on the river, and to a fanbase quite as affable as theirs.
The affable young man, nicknamed El Gordo, or the Fat Man, had turned 18 and was starting to feel anxious, with a constant sense of being pursued.
Not surprisingly, Mr. Meyers asked most of the questions, and Mr. Cavett, extremely affable through the sarcasm, responded with the precision and glee of a seasoned storyteller.
Michael Trent, who has known Gorsuch since they were 14, remembers his close friend as studious but affable, equally at home in the library stacks and outdoors.
At first, Scott's affable charm makes Mr. Rooks easy to believe and root for, while Meester's brittle mean girl iciness makes her seem like a clear liar.
The affable young fighter from Boucherville, Quebec has a rather quirky sense of humor, which stands out in a culture that often leans toward the overly earnest.
It just feels like the kind of day to go out, take your pet ball for a walk, greet your neighbors, be affable, and score a goal.
On a recent afternoon at Riverside Park in Manhattan, I met Dr. Horowitz and Finn (short for Finnegan), her affable, glossy black 9-year-old mixed breed.
" Of Jerrauld Jones, one of the second pair of black boys to go to V.E.S., a Stouffer report said that he is "an affable, intelligent young boy.
But black voters know Joe Biden, and they love him largely because of the goodwill he amassed as the affable wing man to our first black President.
I'm wholly different and original and also affable and friendly when I'm with genuine unpretentious folk such as the old guys I play golf with every week.
His effervescent personality has doubtlessly helped to distract people from the team's failings, with less affable managers afforded significantly less goodwill from commentators, columnists and fans alike.
Faulkes is an affable guy with a ponytail, telltale tattoos half-hidden under his T-shirt sleeve, and a couple of silver goth rings on his fingers.
Gregarious and affable, Spavor is a fixture in the small community of North Korea watchers, with analysts and journalists often seeking his rare insight into the country.
He was considered hardworking and affable, the kind of man who coached his kids' sports teams and helped out his elderly neighbors and others who needed him.
A counter that seats 19 surrounds the central open kitchen, where affable chefs trim, skewer, grill and season pieces of drumstick, gizzards, chicken breast and the like.
Way before he was Neo, John Wick or even Hamlet, Keanu Reeves was Ted, an affable high school slacker with a best friend named Bill (Alex Winter).
Yang, an affable 44-year-old who eschews neckties and traditional rhetoric, trails front-running candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders by a wide margin.
In other words, a fully realized human, and in many ways the opposite of the affable, jaunty portrayal by Gwyneth Paltrow in the still-charming 1996 adaptation.
There Andrew and I met a young Frenchwoman studying food cultures at N.Y.U. and an affable tech professional who brought his sister who was visiting from India.
Mr. Steyer was affable and loquacious; he spoke to me for nearly an hour about his interest in economic justice and his belief in grass-roots organizing.
Desmond has been praised by modern historians as a versatile and attractive figure. He was handsome, affable, hospitable and learned: "a Renaissance magnate with an Irish tinge".
Călinescu, p.66 These include afabil ("affable"), adorabil ("adorable"), ("colossal"), implacabil ("implacable"), inefabil ("ineffable"), inert ("inert"), mistic ("mystical"), pervers ("perverse" or "pervert"), suav ("suave"), and venerabil ("venerable").
It's as if a chap who spent his early career as an honorary extraterrestrial has subsequently applied himself—with cub scout seriousness—to the role of affable earthling.
Merely tolerated by his daughter, she drags him around various networking opportunities, not realizing her irreverent and affable father is more engaging to her clients than she is.
Consider the case of 31-year-old Warda, an affable chef and divorced mother of three stuck living with her abusive and very conservative family in Gaza City.
It is hard to reconcile the soft-spoken, affable father at ease in his living room, with the awkward, almost robotic campaigner Canadians have seen during this campaign.
I'm covering a motivational class this week and it's a decent group; despite none of the prisoners having actually signed up for the course, they're mostly pretty affable.
At 13, James Ragan was an affable, lanky, top-ranked junior tennis player in Texas, competing in Europe for the summer and dreaming of life as a pro.
Credit for the team's glory goes to Glenn Lee, an affable electrical engineer who originally took a teaching job as a way to support himself through business school.
MORE than seven months after the affable leader of Canada's Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, became prime minister, there is no sign of an end to his political honeymoon.
Mike's a stand-up guy, whose focus on safety and doing the right thing is only matched by his boss, Mr. Jimmy (Kurt Russell at his most affable).
His affable, game-show-host looks and just-folks manner have been insidiously successful in blunting the impact of a past pocked with racism, Jew-hating and revisionisms.
The Escape Campervans office, hidden in a fountain courtyard, was a closet-size room stacked with camping gear and staffed by an affable South African expat named Leon.
He was affable and constantly conversing with anyone who happened by, from the club owners and star players to the workers sweeping up stray balls on the floor.
Affable, jokey, and armed with numbers and statistics, Yang has managed to make all four Democratic debates, a feat that plenty of established candidates have failed to accomplish.
Stuck in the middle is Mr. Byford, an affable Brit who is widely respected among rail experts and won praise in his previous job running Toronto's transit network.
In a style reminiscent of Orwell, E. B. White and David Sedaris, an affable hero gamely bumbles through adventures rich with moments of fleeting profundity and moral reckoning.
These are pleasurable, well-wrought essays, though they sometimes feel like a throwback to a time when we were more easily charmed by the affable straight white man.
His mother's affable boyfriend (David Alan Grier) tells him about an opportunity to drive for a wealthy white man, Henry Dalton (Bill Camp), and he gets the job.
Kraft can be an affable but cunning negotiator, and both his business and people skills were hard to miss in 2011 during negotiations over the collective bargaining agreement.
A critical plank of this project has been a revival of the country's youth corps, headed by Mr. Hun Sen's youngest and most affable son, Mr. Hun Many.
Eastwood's affable performance and unfussy, minimalist approach make the story motor along nice and easy, especially since no one seems concerned with the misery Earl blithely helps spread.
Letitia Wright, so frisky and engaging in "Black Panther," likewise doesn't get much to do, but the chillingly affable Anozie makes the most of his minimal screen time.
According to the owner of the academy, Buford Tune, who is also an instructor, Mr. Samson received his license and was affable and polite during his time there.
Finish it off by entertaining the fantasy that the impossibly affable, sincerely compassionate former wrestler and voice behind your children's favorite animated movie might one day be president.
"It's so beautiful there, and his mother is a very maternal person, and his father is so affable," said Mr. Shackett, who grew up in Windsor Locks, Conn.
I had many interviews with the affable and sincere young Peter Tork (five years my senior), who was the bass player for the TV pop group, The Monkees.
"No, they're quail," the affable waiter corrects, as he finishes stoking the bee smoker, which, he says, adds "a nice aromatherapy" to the radishes lit by fairy lights.
Rob Reiner, trim and affable in charcoal-gray leisurewear that set off his more-salt-than-pepper beard, eyed the menu's caloric delights before ordering oatmeal and berries.
Edwards remained affable and self-deprecating throughout his news conference, becoming emotional only when a reporter asked about his "Midwestern values" and his status as a role model.
Brady, the affable former Ways and Means Committee chairman who is now ranking member, said he wasn't aware of Trump's idea to extend term limits for committee leaders.
The fight to save Earth is fought instead by an ensemble, including an affable Russian cosmonaut who explains why his country prohibited alcohol in space, at least officially.
She fights with her mother and her older brother, Miguel (Jordan Rodrigues), and leans on her father, Larry (Tracy Letts), an affable fellow with troubles of his own.
Costache, a 34-year-old Romanian with a dimpled, affable face, previously worked at Google, where he helped build Gmail's multiple-inbox capability and various features of Google Maps.
Despite Vance's mixed record on the job and the powerful public outrage sparked by October's revelations, the affable Ivy League Democrat remains relatively unencumbered in his path to reelection.
Pearce plays a similar silent concerto when Cromwell's initially affable, suddenly villainous captain delivers the message: He registers a moment of confusion, then pushes it off and goes along.

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