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"malicious" Definitions
  1. having or showing a desire to harm somebody or hurt their feelings, caused by a feeling of hate synonym malevolent, spiteful
  2. (computing) (of software or computer code) intended to damage somebody's computer or data files
"malicious" Synonyms
malevolent malignant spiteful vicious hateful pernicious rancorous vengeful resentful baleful cruel hostile injurious mean nasty vindictive virulent vitriolic bad-natured evil offensive derogatory insulting abusive disparaging rude scurrilous slighting contemptuous hurtful objectionable degrading disrespectful obnoxious insolent vulgar scandalous unpleasant discourteous brutal savage inhuman barbaric barbarous brutish bloodthirsty murderous homicidal cut-throat ferocious fierce wicked fiendish devilish diabolical heinous bad wrong wrongful immoral sinful ungodly unholy foul vile base ignoble dishonorable(US) dishonourable(UK) corrupt iniquitous depraved degenerate villainous cutting scathing sharp sarcastic biting mordant acerbic caustic sardonic bitter barbed acid trenchant acrimonious corrosive pungent venomous severe envious covetous jealous green-eyed jaundiced grudging begrudging desirous green invidious emulous appetent aspiring coveting craving desiring distrustful slanderous libellous(UK) defamatory calumnious damaging denigratory false lying misrepresentative pejorative untrue calumniatory dirty libelous(US) coarse filthy crude lewd gross obscene improper impure indecorous disgusting salacious smutty crass tasteless captious bewildering confusing devious disingenuous entrapping misleading subtle crafty cunning shady shifty shrewd sly artful calculating conniving beguiling canny deceptive foxy guileful scheming sneaky wily dodgy difficult disobedient defiant dysfunctional rebellious delinquent badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous naughty undisciplined unruly wayward badly-behaved impudent misbehaving petulant problematic traducement defamation slander vilification calumny denigration obloquy calumniation vituperation aspersion detraction smear scandal character assassination libel disparagement smearing libeling(US) maligning More
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He is charged with malicious harassment, hate crime and malicious mischief, according to NBC.
It involves simply taking strings from a non-malicious file and appending them to a malicious one, tricking the system into thinking the malicious file is benign.
Malicious political ads paid for by Kremlin-backed entities didn't always look like malicious political ads.
Malicious Insiders Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are synonymous with the damage caused by malicious insiders.
"The reports provide validated malicious domains associated with command and control functions of customized malicious software or that have been identified hosting malicious files," reads the DSS alert, also obtained by Motherboard.
Millions of malicious apps get booted from Google Play…and malicious apps spotted on the App Store, too Malicious apps were found on both Google Play and the App Store this week.
Instead, the recipients could be tricked into clicking links to malicious Web sites or opening attachments containing malicious software.
The five additional charges include two more counts of malicious wounding and three counts of aggravated malicious wounding, police said.
Thunderstrike allows a malicious Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter plugged into a Mac computer to write malicious code to the EFI.
Crucially, all the attacks require users to either install a malicious app from the SmartThings store or click a malicious link.
"The most affected category of malicious apps we saw was productivity tools, representing 31% of all malicious Android apps detected," he said.
There's another group of swatters who may not be quite as malicious in their intent, even though the effect is very malicious.
As malicious hacking has shown us, creating screens sometimes also creates a way for malicious people to figure out loopholes for bypassing them.
Zopittybop-bop-bop was eventually arrested and charged with first-degree assault (two counts), third-degree assault, third-degree malicious mischief and malicious harassment.
The Reuters report says a Trump staffer installed malware from a malicious email in 2015, which then sent similar malicious emails to other staffers.
The firm found that cyber actors are increasingly turning to malicious document attachments rather than malicious URLs to target would-be victims via email.
This means that a malicious actor would be able to spoof a software update in order to install malicious code on a user's device.
But worse, a hacker could send malicious PowerShell commands, an in-built app often used by attackers to download additional malicious components and install ransomware.
Yet the search and mobile giant continues to battle rogue and malicious apps, pulling at least 13 malicious apps in a sweep in November alone.
Porter was arrested and in custody on Sunday and is being held on suspicion of malicious assault, malicious attempted assault and felony destruction of property.
In addition to murder, Fields was convicted of five counts of aggravated malicious wounding, three counts of malicious wounding and a hit-and-run offense.
The jury also found him guilty of five counts of aggravated malicious wounding, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run.
" The image, he said, "was not at all malicious.
" The letter calls the statements "outrageous and malicious lies.
The types of threats the platform is trained to look out for include malicious message content, inappropriate images, malicious links, account takeover attempts and brand impersonation.
Millions of suspicious files found on machines worldwide will be run on the cloud, building a giant centralized database of malicious files, but also malicious behavior.
"Once detected, any malicious processes are killed instantly, malicious files are quarantined, and endpoints are removed from the network to prevent any further spread," Shamir says.
"Getting compromised is still as simple as clicking through the wrong prompt, following a malicious link, or even just receiving a malicious text message," says Craig Young.
He also faces five counts of malicious wounding, three counts of aggravated malicious wounding and one count of failing to stop at an accident involving a death.
A malicious website hiding an embedded web page could silently trigger the same request as a link in a malicious email to steal a user's account token.
Malicious software makes your device and data vulnerable to hackers.
He is charged with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding.
Devices are typically infected through transmission of a malicious link.
The subcontractor's network was subsequently compromised by a malicious cyberattack.
But the agency made no mention of any malicious activity.
Sometimes Scan22017You's tools were even built directly into malicious software.
Add malicious pandas to the menu — virtual ones, at least.
He said "false and malicious" reports had impacted the business.
Please remember: whether malicious or unintentional, leaks damage our culture.
These days, malicious programs are spreading even faster than before.
Those people should be ashamed of their malicious, subhuman behavior.
And malicious hackers might use the same vulnerabilities against you.
The AV Club notes that, thankfully, the site wasn't malicious.
These, however, were malicious emails designed to hijack their accounts.
It's not something the manufacturers do out of malicious intent.
Saying the meeting was hidden is "false, malicious and absurd."
But on Twitter, Schulman clarified that her intentions weren't malicious.
It didn't convince the grievance committee of possible malicious interference.
Once that's installed, the malicious code is downloaded over Tor.
Is it rendered malicious by its connection to the market?
And such malicious acts could be happening everyday, without notice.
Never in a way that was harmful or malicious. pic.twitter.
"When someone hits a honeypot it's malicious activity," Kolton said.
The malicious code was present on the website from Oct.
However, this time around his problem may not be malicious.
The phone is also loaded with backdoors and malicious apps.
In November last year, someone deployed malicious Javascript from Giftbox.
" Munger quotes Einstein: "The Lord is subtle, but not malicious.
Even better, there's no boring infighting, and no malicious behavior.
LeAnn Wilcox, Weddings editor: There truly was no malicious intent.
Ryan laid into Avenatti, calling his conduct malicious and unprecedented.
The company has taken action against malicious accounts spreading disinformation.
How to distinguish fiction from malicious and destructive fake news?
That's why this malicious torrent of questions is so damaging.
They were meant to differentiate acceptable espionage from malicious actions.
"These are not evil companies or malicious executives," he continued.
To be clear, Facebook and Google are not being malicious.
Karake was charged in a Virginia court with malicious wounding.
The Microsoft Word document was tainted with a malicious macro.
"It's not just about finding the malicious insider," he said.
It was a manufactured crime for their malicious political purpose.
Iran has a long history of malicious activity in cyberspace.
He's also suing the state of Florida for malicious prosecution.
This malicious software was sophisticated, built in a "modular" format.
There followed a brief, bitter explanation for the malicious edit.
First came the malicious rumour spread by a jealous ex.
That makes malicious code hiding in it hard to spot.
The Jordan Peele–produced series examines the uproar surrounding the incident itself, the trials of John (for "malicious sexual assault") and Lorena (for "malicious wounding"), and their aftermath.
Fields is also facing five additional counts of aggravated malicious wounding and three counts of malicious wounding related to some of the 35 people injured during the crash.
Deflect Labs traces much of the malicious traffic back to botnets and malicious scripts run by the Ghost Squad hacking collective, who very publicly denounced Black Lives Matter.
There are three types of risky insider behavior, each requiring a different approach: Malicious: Malicious insider behavior combines a motive to harm with a decision to act inappropriately.
These attacks allow a malicious app to completely control the UI feedback loop and take over the device — without giving the user a chance to notice the malicious activity.
For now, most antivirus programs don't seem to detect this app as malicious, according to Virus Total, an online malware repository that tests malicious files with several antivirus engines.
Google used to have a major problem with malicious Chrome extensions.
It's not a particularly malicious trick, but damn is it annoying.
More malicious hackers can also use BlueBorne to spy on you.
The Washington Post first reported the existence of the malicious software.
At the time of writing, no malicious activity had been detected.
Among the sites was a malicious seed-generator running on Iotaseed.
GJ: It can mitigate malicious drones, but it's a surgical solution.
But those documents turned out to be more malicious than enticing.
But for really scary/malicious sites, BitDefender will block them entirely.
There's been a lot of malicious Iranian activity in recent years.
But that wouldn't necessarily stop malicious hackers from hijacking the system.
Forensic tests revealed previous malicious activity on the network as well.
What can you doData collection at its core is not malicious.
Or at least, I'd like to hope it's not purposefully malicious.
The hackers used malicious software sent via email to SEC employees.
After browsing through though, none of the messages were that malicious.
This claim is supposedly satire, but it might actually be malicious.
"The original malicious documents were hosted in the U.S.," Samani said.
Coates said he was disappointed by a "malicious" campaign against him.
The Indiana University researchers received $30,000 for their malicious SDK finding.
Stalkerware is malicious software that is installed on phones or computers.
"I didn't feel it was dirty, it wasn't malicious," Gorges said.
Malicious paid-for ads are just the tip of the iceberg.
Non-malware attacks gain control of computers without downloading malicious software.
It is heartening to see platforms scrubbing themselves of malicious content.
Data matching and analysis has long been used for malicious purposes.
Moreover they can be adapted by hobbyists both benign and malicious.
This malicious worm is dependent on two species for its lifecycle.
Other rights groups have also found an uptick in malicious activity.
By default, most people use ones that don't filter malicious sites.
There's a decent chance it's not only mysterious but also malicious.
"Apple has never found malicious chips in our servers," Apple said.
Thankfully, the Keen Security Lab researchers aren't malicious in their intent.
Hackers and other malicious entities are getting away with almost anything.
Attackers simply sent users a text message with a malicious link.
Google also looks at account activity for signs of malicious behavior.
They arrested Palmer and charged him with malicious damage to property.
Jason Stockley&aposs lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges defamation and malicious prosecution.
Darktrace's system is designed to identify malicious activity in a network.
The bank has backed Kochhar, calling the rumors "malicious and unfounded".
Some porn sites do fall victim to more malicious hackers, though.
It was the content, it was the intention — it was malicious.
Arthur was arrested Thursday for charges of malicious destruction of property.
CyFIR turned up three malicious computer processes masquerading as antivirus programs.
After all this — potentially malicious code — handles all our decrypted messages.
The maximum sentence for malicious wounding is 20 years in prison.
"I don't think they meant to be malicious," he said recently.
Fields has pleaded not guilty to murder and malicious wounding charges.
CNN said it does not believe there was malicious intent involved.
Reboots can wipe malicious code from the memories of connected devices.
CNN said it does not believe there was malicious intent involved.
"I don't think it was malicious intent, but nevertheless," he said.
The servers hosting the malicious Flash updates have been taken offline.
The fifth, Leah Northcraft, was charged with harassment and malicious harassment.
They only promised structures with built-in disincentives to malicious behavior.
" He called the allegations "false and malicious attacks on my character.
There's no evidence that it was used for any malicious purpose.
Each story confirmed how vulnerable the network is to malicious manipulation.
It's never through lack of trying, or anything evil or malicious.
There is no evidence that malicious actors accessed the information, however.
First, either Kaspersky Lab's products are malicious or they are not.
The jury, however, did not find Huawei's misappropriation "wilful and malicious".
"The app is not a malicious Trojan or spyware," he said.
I view him as someone who would never do anything malicious.
But at the same time, anyone can be irresponsible and malicious.
She entered Resorts hearing spitting and snorts,From mocking, malicious machines.
Paul Lazar seems born to play the malicious, mentally stunted Lloyd.
This means IoT devices are low hanging fruit for malicious actors.
By July, they began testing new malicious code for that purpose.
The Facebook Help Center has instructions for dealing with malicious software.
"I don't think he's got anything malicious toward it," Shildt said.
First, the network injection attacks came following the malicious SMS attacks.
It's difficult to say each of these instances has been malicious.
He credited "new techniques" to better identify spammy and malicious accounts.
And the possible malicious uses don't end at the voting booth.
The spyware was transmitted through malicious links to documents and videos.
Emails also distributed malicious software across the globe, particularly affecting Japan.
Walker is charged with murder, malicious wounding and robbery, police said.
The new rules also define penalties for false or malicious reporting.
It was a mistake and nothing that is malicious at all.
Fosun called the speculation "malicious rumors," saying that everything was normal.
Trey was arrested for resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property.
But if the president spreads malicious lies, those lies have consequences.
Facebook said it works proactively to remove malicious election-related content.
In addition to first-degree murder, he was convicted Friday of five counts of aggravated malicious wounding, three counts of malicious wounding, and one count of a hit-and-run.
"They can cause your phone to open a website, a malicious website that has some malicious software on there that runs on your phone, takes over your phone," Sherr said.
But they expressed concern that the communication between the app and the known-to-be-malicious server could open up the app — and the device — to malicious commands down the line.
According to RiskIQ's recent report, 5.5% out of the 4,324 Black Friday-related apps on global app stores are deemed malicious and unsafe, and 4.6% of Cyber Monday apps are malicious.
"Unfortunately, this is an extremely risky practice and can easily lead users to installing malicious apps on their own mobile devices," Proofpoint wrote in a blog reporting the malicious Pokemon app.
Google quickly removed those malicious apps from Play, but soon found that the same malicious code had been added two months earlier to a version of a Ukrainian mail app Ukr.
In addition to the murder charges, Fields is also facing three counts of malicious wounding, three counts of aggravated malicious wounding, two counts of felonious assault, and one hit and run.
Signal Sciences looks at behavior and tries to determine if it's malicious.
We've seen the rise recently of some particularly malicious ag-gag laws.
If the computer was vulnerable, it would then install the malicious software.
Malicious developers have already been targeting Android users looking to download Fortnite.
Our commenters would complain that we were biased or ignorant or malicious.
But the Zuckerberg deepfake is not part of a malicious misinformation campaign.
Mr Deripaska has denounced that report as a "malicious assertion and lie".
Of the rest, all but one tacitly or explicitly encouraged malicious tracking.
Not every publisher was changing the text or image with malicious intent.
Malicious software ("malware", for short) is designed to infect and damage computers.
The emails bounced and did not contain any malicious links or attachments.
It was originally related to a malicious app from 2015 named SnapPea.
Criminals could use the same tactic to send victims to malicious websites.
But the connection to a known malicious server isn't a good look.
Three of the malicious ads that tricked users into downloading Kovter malware.
" Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, called the actions "malicious" and "deeply hurtful.
Daniels filed a counterclaim in December, calling the accusations "fake and malicious."
This competition is about creating and defending against such malicious image manipulation.
It was a dumb prank, but I don't think it was malicious.
The malicious code was written by a hacking crew calling themselves Pegglecrew.
Mr Sokaluk emerges as both vulnerable and an odd, sometimes malicious, pest.
Known as "brainjacking," it would involve the malicious manipulation of brain implants.
None of those servers have ever been found to hold malicious chips.
Another day, another celebrity defending themselves from the malicious Hollywood rumor mill.
Google is making it even harder to accidentally install a malicious plugin.
" He said the allegations were "false and malicious attacks on my character.
Hmmmmmmmmm. If you didn't know, malware is just short for malicious software.
Crafting malicious music that can surreptitiously affect Fitbits and other electronic devices.
Perhaps they aren't all malicious, but if nothing else, they're very disconcerting.
One of the top methods includes the delayed execution of malicious code.
My boss—greedy and technically inept, though hardly malicious—saw an opportunity.
Hackers embedded malicious code onto that Polish website, according to BAE Systems.
"There was no malicious intent of the device," Glassburn told the Times.
The malware relies on someone in the company opening a malicious email.
The hacker appears to have only posted two malicious memes — on Oct.
That let any malicious site using BandsInTown learn the identity of visitors.
" However, it wasn't meant to be malicious - police called it "apparently unintentional.
Nobody wants to fall victim to data harvesters, hackers, and malicious websites.
I don't think it's as intentional and malicious as it's being described.
"It's actually protection against malicious attacks," Rico wrote me in an email.
This impulse doesn't come from any particular malicious facet of Donnelly's personality.
According to GreyNoise, much of this hum is going to be malicious.
Lawmakers argue that their proposals are only intended to target malicious hackers.
The malicious code had spread through the network, encrypting files and databases.
The game is constantly tricking you, but never in a malicious way.
Malicious users can also hijack your account and transfer all your tokens.
This allows the malicious attacker to intercept and potentially alter their communication.
BASH: What -- CRUZ: It was not -- it wasn't malicious, it wasn't deliberate.
And when she takes, she does so with an almost malicious abandon.
These fake domains are also often associated with malicious activity, like phishing.
But in fact they are just stupid, malicious and obsessed with money.
ESD tests carriers' networks to determine the extent of malicious SS6900 tracking.
Sure, this could just be a non-malicious accident of some sort.
Tauli-Corpuz denounced the government, calling the complaint "baseless, malicious and irresponsible".
They couldn't figure out any malicious intent, so they let me through.
"This was by no means malicious," a White House official told CNN.
The business model isn't necessarily malicious, but it is manipulative and dishonest.
By turning the dossier into hard news, that leak weaponized malicious gossip.
This equipment can be infected and transfer malicious software onto operational systems.
Ryan, in court on Wednesday, called Avenatti's conduct reckless, intentional and malicious.
But overall, the 2018 tournament has witnessed more histrionics than malicious intent.
Large U.S. businesses are probed by malicious actors all of the time.
Race also figures in cases on redistricting, fair housing and malicious prosecution.
Some of that malicious code is turning up in hair-raising places.
And then the third thing we looked at is, is it malicious?
But what about consumers, and the people who downloaded the malicious apps?
People aren't being malicious, they just don't get it and I'm exasperated.
Conversely, abuse, malicious automation, and manipulation detract from the health of Twitter.
Malware is the blanket term for any kind of bad (malicious) code.
Is Trump foolish enough to click on a malicious link in DM?
"Every non-malicious breach is something hackers could have found," said Vickery.
Croatia's Security and Intelligence Agency dismissed the allegations as "false and malicious".
His tone was moderate, and he never said anything malicious about blacks.
The emails carried malicious code aimed at breaking into someone's computing device.
I mean, his solution, more or less, is a destructive, malicious solution.
Demin said other companies could face malicious software aimed at mining cryptocurrency.
The United States is under siege from foreign governments and malicious hackers.
I couldn't cite anything he ever did that was malicious to anybody.
NutriBullet fought back each time by removing the malicious code each time.
Some public DNS services, such as Quad9, block access to malicious websites.
I can guarantee there are real malicious phishing versions already out there.
Alex Michael Ramos, 33, was charged with malicious wounding in the Aug.
At the time, no anti-virus companies marked the app as malicious.
It is the most virulent strain of malicious software (malware) called ransomware.
But they can also be misled by ambition, or even malicious motives.
Or it may be that those people are both myopic and malicious.
A preliminary investigation found malicious malware on the thumb drive, prosecutors say.
" One foster mother described her as "a very cunning, sadistic, malicious child.
Examples of the malicious software were only found in Russia, Kaspersky said.
Their charges range from felonious assault to malicious wounding, the Post reported.
However, Elliott said that the drones do not appear to be malicious.
The lawsuit alleges malicious prosecution, abuse of process, civil conspiracy and defamation.
It first found malicious code stored on a company server in 210.
As a rollout strategy, it was some mix of incompetent and malicious.
A jury found him guilty of first-degree murder on Friday, as well as five counts of aggravated malicious wounding, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run.
"The group's leader, Maksim Yakubets, also provides direct assistance to the Russian government's malicious cyber efforts, highlighting the Russian government's enlistment of cybercriminals for its own malicious purposes," the department's statement said.
"When we see malicious cyber activity, whether it be from the Kremlin or other malicious nation-state actors, we are going to push back," said Rob Joyce, the White House cyber security coordinator.
I can't believe your [sic] still pursuing this after the malicious BuzzFeed blowup.
The proper purpose of defamation laws is to deter and punish malicious lies.
That move was meant to address concerns that users were downloading malicious software.
Here, a malicious customer of any CDN can create forwarding loops inside CDNs.
"It's not a malicious thing, but he's definitely being very misguided," Tellier says.
The federal government refers to the Russian malicious cyber activity as Grizzly Steppe.
Just because authorities and the press didn't notice doesn't mean malicious actors didn't.
This isn't a racial slur that people are doing and being malicious with.
One student injected some malicious code into the workshop server, breaking the demo.
The testing showed the boards did not have malicious hardware added, he said.
I would never do anything malicious like that–to her, or to anyone.
Recently there have been several reports of malicious programs disguised as popular apps.
The malicious code is designed to target communications databases housed on the devices.
The malicious advertising campaign used two different Twitter accounts to purchase promoted tweets.
"From a security standpoint, porn sites are lousy with malicious code," Blitz says.
They are wide open to malicious hackers who might wish to misuse them.
It's harder to think of a more malicious way of ruining someone's life.
But we have to say that after reading this, we're leaning toward malicious.
"She had no malicious intent and was not targeting anyone," her friend insisted.
I would never do anything malicious like that—to her, or to anyone.
Endgame compiled a list of 319 malicious web addresses that specifically use the .
Endgame notes many malicious sites are now toned down to just host advertising.
That does not just screen out malicious bots, but also helps digitise books.
He was detained under the UK's Communications Act, which combats malicious messaging online.
They sent 15 email accounts connected to Clinton's campaign malicious links, Mueller says.
"China is the dominant malicious actor in the Information Domain," the presentation stated.
Fields, 21, faces 10 criminal counts, including first-degree murder and malicious assault.
We've found no evidence to support claims of malicious chips or hardware modifications.
The bolded sentence in the Defamatory Statement is false, malicious and highly defamatory.
But the decision to publish over 250,000 diplomatic cables in 2010 was malicious.
Poison Tap targets the victim's browser cache and injects the malicious code there.
But for malicious hackers and legitimate security professionals, it's no trouble at all.
"We take seriously the potential malicious applications of our technology," Sotelo told Gizmodo.
Mental IntegrityThe right to mental integrity would shield people from malicious brain-hacking.
All hardware and software have security vulnerabilities, so that doesn't seem particularly malicious.
"The subcontractor's network was subsequently compromised by a malicious cyber-attack," it said.
We don't know if Russian spies did anything malicious once they gained access.
It's possible that most of the officials avoided clicking on the malicious links.
We will stop short of calling it malicious and settle for monumentally stupid.
The wealth manager denied any malicious intention and said the causes were administrative.
In some cases it's even possible to inject malicious data into the traffic.
His malicious test code could simply click through prompts as easily as human.
Thankfully, a major malicious cyberattack on a vehicle has yet to take place.
A computer was found to be infected with "malicious code," the BBC reported.
Kagoike said he's now the victim of a "malicious and libelous" smear campaign.
Of course, for the most part, these comments aren't meant to be malicious.
ICBC said it always respected the law, and threatened to sue "malicious slanderers".
In September of last year, Pornhub ended up serving malicious ads to visitors.
It wasn't malicious, it was just 'hey, you're new, we don't know you'.
The very few malicious users can be cut off, to prevent future breaches.
In many cases, this also triggers notifications automatically, further legitimizing the malicious events.
"I want to resolutely deny this malicious assertion and lie," the ad said.
Algorithmic negligence of worst-case scenarios for malicious usage of Facebook products is.
I understand the reasons for this imbalance, and they're not malicious at all.
Like Wood, he set up no rules, allowing the possibility of malicious behavior.
The internet is full of scam artists and malicious actors searching for targets.
Then, it asks you to for permission to remove the suspected malicious file.
The real danger, he said, was the Shias, "the crafty and malicious scorpion".
Seven Russian intelligence officers were indicted in October for the malicious cyber acts.
The malware automatically replaces installed apps with "malicious" versions without the user's knowledge.
"The overall mood in Russia can be described as malicious joy," he said.
In total, the 29 malicious apps were downloaded more than 4 million times.
These fires don't need to be started with malicious intent, such as arson.
Inadequate Remedies When a malicious deepfake is detected, remediation should also be implemented.
The federal government is not the only target of malicious state-sponsored activity.
So while CNBC's cool tool is not necessarily malicious, it's more just sloppy.
"The government has gone rogue, corrupt, malicious and ugly," one Tea Partier complains.
Edwards fired back in his counterclaim that Epstein was pursuing a malicious prosecution.
"The concerns are very valid about the very malicious behavior online," Tarai said.
In fact, he just filed a countersuit against the city claiming malicious prosecution.
Lauren's malicious behavior, unsurprisingly, is motivated by her dissatisfaction with her own life.
With the number of malicious attacks increasing, organizations can't afford a resource slowdown.
" The lawsuit alleges that the singer's actions were "willful, wanton, malicious and oppressive.
The connection between geopolitics and heightened malicious cyber activity is a global phenomenon.
"We have no evidence of malicious inside activity," an Equifax spokeswoman told CNBC.
Mac users have historically enjoyed more security from malicious applications, Mr. Olson said.
Malicious use of technology often can't be avoided, but it can be countered.
More than 33 million customers received that malicious update before it was discovered.
The malicious file pushed to customer machines through the tool was called setup.
Luckily, the ringleader of this particular circus said he doesn't have malicious intentions.
The figures move robotically while smiling diabolically, looking like caricatures of malicious intent.
Today, Nardello concluded that there's no evidence of malicious hardware on the motherboards.
There they are, in their garages, writing malicious diatribes to Andy Murray's grandparents.
Barton is not a bad player and nothing about his intentions are malicious.
The case made her the subject of tabloid fodder and malicious online messages.
Spectre allows malicious code to trick access random portions of the protected memory.
And it is the president's fault if that administration is malicious or incompetent.
But more important, this is no isolated injustice from an unusually malicious prosecutor.
Cybersecurity researchers study the concepts behind new malicious programs, or sophisticated infection schemes.
But it also said malicious cyber activity is not limited to foreign actors.
People simply don't get indicted for accidental, non-malicious mishandling of classified material.
In other hands, Dr. Green's plight might well make for a malicious anecdote.
"There was no malicious intent of the device," he said in a statement.
But the United States has plenty of domestic trolls and malicious hackers, too.
"Malicious incidents in kindergartens that harm infants will all be uncovered and punished."
Malicious websites were used to secretly hack into iPhones for years, says Google
The company has even enlisted outside help in the war on malicious apps.
Visiting a web page rigged with malicious code can also infect a computer.
Thallium was also using malicious software to compromise systems and steal sensitive data.
Any description of the situation as "Turks against Kurds" is malicious and false.
He is charged with willful and malicious destruction of property, the police said.
Mr. Fields was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and malicious wounding.
Women have long seen the brandishing of malicious gossip to derail their careers.
This high-level security requirement is primarily designed to protect against malicious phishing.
Prosecutors said Zhang entered the club with a thumb drive containing malicious software.
Others reach for the obvious, like the mortgage fraud investigation named Malicious Mortgage.
Together, they attempt to overthrow a malicious overlord who banished them as outcasts.
It was an open source program, easily found online, called Malicious Macro Generator.
This was probably a bug on Apple's part rather than a malicious change.
Beijing, which has called the bill a malicious attack, has threatened to retaliate.
The couple must now pay Polito $1.08 million in damages for malicious defamation.
He is a business tycoon prone to obscene conduct, malicious speech and eccentricity.
"Malicious insults" were already prohibited under YouTube's anti-hate and anti-harassment policies.
If I go through life with no malicious intent … hurt people hurt people.
And once Bryan prevails, he will pursue his own claims for malicious prosecution.
I would be angry about it if I thought people were being malicious.
But sometimes it's not malicious — it's just promising science that doesn't pan out.
But that's because — for whatever reason — James's "captors" didn't have particularly malicious intent.
By extrapolation, the Pentagon is not really worried about malicious actors per se.
It repeatedly paints a picture of Clinton as largely oblivious, rather than malicious.
"As we have stated repeatedly since these allegations were reported, no government agency has ever informed us that it has found malicious hardware on our products; no customer has ever informed us that it found malicious hardware on our products; and we have never seen any evidence of malicious hardware on our products," he wrote.
Oftentimes, we may also have known examples of malicious behavior, in which case I create supervised learning models where I use these examples as training data to identify similar malicious entities among the rest.
It's also untrue that AWS knew about servers containing malicious chips or modifications in data centers based in China, or that AWS worked with the FBI to investigate or provide data about malicious hardware.
The first infection method Check Point came across was a "drive-by-download," whereby Yingmob's malware targets a victim when they visit a malicious website, then proceeds to download malicious apps onto their device.
" In addition, DHS said that it shared technical information to help states and local governments identify and stop malicious cyber activity, which included reports "on malicious activity by Russian civilian and military intelligence services.
Once the malicious calls were delivered to the target's phone, they "injected the malicious code into the memory of the target device — even when the target did not answer the call," the complaint read.
"As we have stated repeatedly since these allegations were reported, no government agency has ever informed us that it has found malicious hardware on our products; no customer has ever informed us that it found malicious hardware on our products; and we have never seen any evidence of malicious hardware on our products," Supermicro executives wrote in the letter.
The company said its Kmart store payment data systems were infected with a form of malicious code that was undetectable by its current antivirus systems, adding it was later able to remove the malicious code.
Google pulled more than 700,000 malicious apps from its app store last year alone, and has tried to improve its back-end to prevent malicious apps from getting into the store in the first place.
Why it matters: While companies like Google and Facebook have the in-house expertise to uncover some malicious activity, third-parties like FireEye are sometimes better equipped to spot malicious activity through their own monitoring.
An attacker could use the flaw to remotely run malicious code on an affected computer, such as tricking a user into opening a malicious website from a search query or a link sent by email.
On December 8, Fields was found guilty on five counts of malicious wounding, three counts of aggravated malicious wounding, and one count of failing to stop at the scene of an accident involving a death.
Well, as W points out, the pony purchase may have been a bit malicious.
There are, of course, still plenty of reasons to be concerned about malicious software.
BGP relies on trust between network operators to not send incorrect or malicious data.
Both Mozilla and Google do attempt to detect malicious extensions on their respective stores.
My opinion is that you've done some pretty nasty and malicious things to me.
Last year, a vulnerability in Yahoo Mail gave hackers the opportunity to embed malicious .
Transmission responded by removing the malicious version of its software from its website,
The 17 intelligence agencies have come forward with unanimous assessment about Russia's malicious cyberactivity.
The update, Chrome 64 beta, also prevents malicious redirects, and a whole lot more.
Then one day, someone hacks that chip, sending malicious commands to the robotic arm.
This makes it possible to hijack TCP streams and inject malicious data into them.
More than a million emails were sent per week with malicious attachments or links.
"I don't believe any of this is malicious on his end," another post reads.
Not that anyone was overly malicious, they just actually said that stuff out loud.
He quickly told police that he had "no malicious intent" to kill the toddler.
He declined to identify the malicious actors, or to share any details about them.
In response, the tycoon alleged malicious prosecution and sued him for millions of dollars.
Data-dealers hawk "exploits": flaws in code that allow malicious attackers to subvert systems.
When this occurs, bad actors can exploit the memory corruption to execute malicious code.
The unpatched Windows 7 vulnerability lets hackers escalate local privileges to execute malicious code.
The malicious code made it into the apps by posing as legitimate advertising software.
This allows users to tell potentially malicious drones apart from those welcome to fly.
"I'd rather be accused of being dumb than having malicious intent," Shine told me.
It also reminded Malawians that spreading such "baseless, malicious and sickening" rumours was criminal.
It's not a piece of malicious Russian propaganda or the work of 4chan trolls.
The spam raises questions about the social network's ability to police malicious content online.
"This application was as malicious as they come," Check Point writes of the malware.
Several tech giants and social media platforms have faced their own malicious employee issues.
Ransomware attacks computer systems through malicious links or websites and then encrypts their files.
Angler is a type of exploit toolkit that installs malicious files on your computer.
That is welcome if those data are useful, but not if they are malicious.
She was originally charged with domestic assault and malicious punishment, according to court records.
Gurkin and Marek each face one felony count of malicious use of an explosive.
The wider problem with malicious disinformation is it pervades all content on these platforms.
The referee dished out eight yellow cards, invariably for mistimed, rather than malicious, infringements.
Predictably, this already questionable approach to monetization has already been repurposed by malicious actors.
Demisto: automatically alerts users if a malicious URL or file is shared in Slack.
One group developed specialized malware — malicious software used, in this case, to monitor communications.
Furthermore, since they are affordable and ubiquitous, they could be used for malicious purposes.
Malicious spam can also often result in ransomware, a Symantec spokesperson told Fox News.
Sarah was originally charged with domestic assault and malicious punishment, according to court records.
This helps keeps your messages safe from hackers, mass surveillance, and other malicious actors.
Another online petition , which defends Patterson against the "malicious attacks," has nearly 600 signatures.
The malware appears to be spread using Microsoft Office files that contain malicious macros.
The malicious card skimming code was removed from the site after it was discovered.
Could other medical devices, like infusion pumps and pacemakers, vulnerable to a malicious hacker?
However, it's not just a malicious hacker that can do damage to medical devices.
" He also admits the video -- which has been deleted -- was "false, defamatory and malicious.
Zipes told investigators that he had no malicious intent behind the February 16 incident.
President Obama has created a mechanism for imposing economic sanctions on malicious cyber actors.
The number of malicious crimes such as murders, kidnappings and extortions have come down.
The code responsible for dropping and running the malicious payload is astonishingly the same.
Hacking forums, of course, are home to a lot of malicious data and software.
" Bungie claims "there was no degree of malicious intent from anyone on our team.
Choosing not to do so will leave your phone wide open to malicious hackers.
It's impossible to tell whether some malicious hackers will finally exploit BlueKeep at scale.
The Conjuring is set in 1971 and introduced the doll and her malicious machinations.
"I do not believe they're malicious," he said of the group advocating for inclusion.
"Malicious attacks on Mr. Cohen must be stopped in its tracks," argues Cohen's lawyer.
In the past, network slowdowns were the work of hackers or other malicious actors.
The dam attackers appeared to use off-the-shelf malicious software tools, officials say.
It doesn't infect the target with a virus nor attempts any other malicious attack.
In 2015 alone, nearly 200 million users lost their account credentials to malicious hackers.
In addition to murder, she is also charged with unlawful malicious tampering of food.
That feature blocks known malicious software from being installed on the tech giant's computers.
"  "Today our engineers added detection and protection against new malicious software known as Ransom:Win32.
The malicious edit was made by a source that attempted several other hateful edits.
Security experts are working to determine the exact origin of this malicious hate speech.
Fields has been charged with second-degree murder and malicious wounding for the attack.
Those are ways that malicious or incautious use of zero rating can be anticompetitive.
Ransomware is a type of malware – or malicious software – that has become increasingly common.
However, the BBC has found a more inconspicuous and malicious culprit damaging dance music.
We quickly learned that anonymity emboldened people to share their more malicious opinions shamelessly.
But it rejected the statement about civilian casualties, accusing the government of "malicious propaganda".
After all, malicious developers will only get more inventive if the problem isn't fixed. 
Apple has already started to take some action to detect potentially malicious EFI modifications.
"You can update a Tizen system with any malicious code you want," he says.
Gillespie's initial tweet — although obviously misjudged — didn't appear to be malicious in its nature.
Namely rooting out bot armies before their malicious propaganda can pollute the public sphere.
Anonymous lies, spam and malicious phishing are not necessary evils inherent in the internet.
The malicious magic is often used as a weapon in business or family disputes.
There are an estimated one million "malicious" attempts to access I.R.S. databases every day.
The maze was chock full of malicious creatures that were waiting around every bend.
"Luckily I'm not a malicious person but that's a huge security issue," she said.
Aalto said the disruption was not the result of any malicious activity or hack.
The deal aims to end "malicious cyber activities in peacetime" by establishing international norms.
"It was months ago & his intention wasn't/ is never malicious but it was unfortunate."
As its name suggests, the hack contains malicious code hijacks a user's SIM card.
There is no evidence the crash was caused by "malicious activity," the statement said.
The King wasn't so developed in the original, but he's downright malicious in "Maleficent."
For right or for wrong, right now, malicious is a high bar for us.
Q: Meanwhile, in the penultimate episode, Lady Mary revealed a malicious side of herself.
No malicious actor will even attempt to mark their work as an "official" fake.
They stressed that reports of malicious torture (sexual and otherwise) were almost all false.
Labour said the accusations were "deliberate and malicious misrepresentations designed to mislead the public".
Cox had been targeted with "malicious communications" from a different constituent earlier this spring.
The FCC has also created rules that allow phone carriers to block malicious robocalls.

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