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605 Sentences With "buy things"

How to use buy things in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "buy things" and check conjugation/comparative form for "buy things". Mastering all the usages of "buy things" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They're there to buy things, see friends, and geek out.
We can buy things from places we have never been.
She notes that many shopaholics buy things for irrational reasons.
Does that mean you can buy things directly through the fridge?
There's more to do than just earn money and buy things.
We buy things from that country, instead of making them ourselves.
I think not letting them buy things would be good. Right.
What you aren't doing is using your Bitcoin to buy things.
The cards are intended to help the VA buy things faster.
We know they use it to target us to buy things.
You and I read the news, and we buy things online.
We live in a country that really likes to buy things.
"It's 2019, people just want to buy things online," he said.
"That being said, I still buy things I think are very cheap."
Omg guys please continue to buy things, THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY.
"You can't buy things like that anywhere in Estonia," one investigator said.
You work to buy things to expand your influence in the world.
You want to control prices, don't buy things that get more expensive.
People buy things because it's sustainable, because they think about the environment.
We didn't have the resources for me to just go buy things.
They're the feelings you get when you can afford to buy things.
You can also buy things from Amazon with a simple voice command.
In other words: you'll be able to buy things with your eyes.
"You can't just go down to the shop and buy things," Mrs.
Mr. Bezos saw that quick delivery could change how people buy things.
Does this knowledge influence what you buy and how you buy things?
I buy things, too, but I haven't bought anything from a gallery.
Historically, cities have evolved with stores, where individuals congregated to buy things.
"Not to sound selfish, I do want to buy things," she said.
The trick of no shopping isn't just that you don't buy things.
And so I think the question is, how do we buy things?
You can buy things with cash, a credit card, your phone, or even your watch, but the latest initiatives from Visa and MasterCard is to let you buy things with everything else you might carry around on you.
Image: Ty Koznak/FlickrScientists are just like us: They buy things on Amazon.
As you buy things, by syncing Scrip with NFC-enabled "cash register" machines.
But I have to negotiate, meaning the United States has to buy things.
Of that, Ms Grauer reckons, only a fraction was used to buy things.
You buy things for pennies and then have Amazon sell them for dollars.
"People buy things from places they want to be associated with," he said.
We need more disposable income for people to be able to buy things.
Thieves can easily turn those account numbers into real dollars to buy things.
There were shops where you could buy things from all over the world.
Honest truth is I love food and so I buy things in bulk.
I don't usually need to buy things right out of the gate, anyway.
"People buy things exactly because they're of no use," Mr. Nakano tells Hitomi.
Our children are much more inclined to buy things online than we are.
"Some men disappeared when they went to buy things there," one woman said.
Seriously, there's an endless economy in making women hate themselves and therefore buy things.
But they've also used their money in a more traditional way: to buy things.
And almost three-quarters of people in the U.S. already buy things online, regularly.
Many people still needed to buy things for their kids, who just started school.
I feel secluded and isolated so I go to the mall to buy things.
It then makes wristband holders wait in yet another line to actually buy things.
I don't buy things, I don't buy clothes, any beauty products or new TVs.
It allowed people to buy things online with a little less hassle than before.
People in cities, I assume, could buy things at department stores or other businesses.
I try to wait to buy things to make sure I really want them.
"Buy things from people that don&apost want to sell you stuff," he said.
You buy things like a railroad or large, visible positions in the airline sector.
They can buy things that hold up better in tough times, such as gold.
An influencer is just someone who is good at making other people buy things.
Teens will now be able to buy things using those accounts in the Amazon app.
When people are sparked to buy things they saw on social media, it's generally spontaneous.
Meaning the United States has to buy things and does that make it less competitive?
And because I don't have a car I don't really go anywhere to buy things.
He was in awe about how cool it was to buy things with one click.
Brown says that may work if you're trying to get people to simply buy things.
Having a well-stocked pantry is important, so you're not always having to buy things.
Johnson had donated his own money to buy things for the school district, he said.
And more and more shoppers are turning to the internet to buy things like apparel.
Are you working just to buy things (and then working more to buy more things)?
WARREN BUFFETT: Well, I look at prices and I-- find it hard to buy things.
In a slightly less awful possibility, your credit card could be used to buy things.
Many of us use Apple products and Amazon has changed the way we buy things.
Spring's commerce bot annoyingly pushed users to buy things higher than their stated price limit.
In the consumer cycle, workers earn a salary and use this money to buy things.
We use encryption to buy things online, manage our finances, and communicate personally and professionally.
Instead of giving him more cash, they said, they tried to buy things for him.
That's a loss for China, but it's also a tax on Americans who buy things.
And online shopping makes it easier than ever to buy things you can't really afford.
"It's hard to buy things after eight years of a credit cycle," Mr. Landmann said.
"It's not a shop — you can buy things online," Behling said about the design concept.
My recommendation is to buy things offline sometimes, which is something I tend to forget.
Consumers have proven they are willing to buy things that do not directly replace anything.
But the fear of missing out can push you to buy things you end up regretting.
With Pleo, it's now easy to buy things for work and seamlessly manage and control expenses.
We try to buy things on sale and/or choose the cheaper brands/generics whenever possible.
I cant call my relatives to wish them Eid, we cant go out to buy things.
The concept of a store used to be simple: it was a place to buy things.
I committed crimes so I had extra money to buy things I saw other people had.
Don't feel like you have to buy things because they're in and because everyone's wearing it.
I can't call my relatives to wish them Eid, we can't go out to buy things.
"I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard to not buy things," Tim wrote.
The answer is that Dan buys things with money, but I can buy things with hyperlinks.
The proceeds were used to buy things like a John Deere loader and a Ford truck.
These days, though, "There's a tendency for men to queue up to buy things," she said.
Given that there are a few companies out there which buy things, it's a big market.
I will attend the wedding, but I don't believe people should buy things they can't afford.
I've still had periods of wanting to buy things, but not nearly to the same extent.
Paga has created a multi-channel network to transfer money, pay-bills, and buy things digitally.
When any of us look to buy things, we would probably prefer more choices to less.
The problem is that people also buy things, which is illegal because they don't pay taxes.
People, on the other hand, became less asset-heavy because they couldn't afford to buy things.
Now, I know what you are thinking: I have to buy things and install a landline?
"It's always good for people to not to just buy things for the hype," he said.
Towards the end, selling merch, people would be hesitant to touch the iPad or buy things.
I wanted to buy things in the moment and not think too much about the future.
Ultimately, their mission revolves around getting people to buy things too, but they don't actually sell anything.
Clearly, I'm allowing myself plenty of leeway to buy things I want: About $660 worth each month.
Anytime we make a donation or buy things to help people, it comes out of that account.
That's certainly one approach to private equity, is you just buy things and you shut them down.
McDonald's would ideally use the technology to get customers to buy things they didn't know they wanted.
They are starting to buy things that are going to be riskier assets and there's greater monetization.
Americans have long been taught to buy things, countless things, as a means to satisfaction and happiness.
And according to marketing experts, that very much shapes how they buy things, even in real life.
It makes sense to buy things like candy, holiday decorations, and cleaning products at the dollar store.
It's only become financially feasible, he added, because Amazon now lets people buy things through Alexa skills.
The feature, called "Shoppable AR," allows users to buy things directly from a movable augmented reality image.
No other human has, at this moment, the kind of currency that will buy things from her.
One of the ways people were using it was to buy things as a group, group purchases.
His presence always made the shop more than just a place to buy things, Ms. Banner said.
"At first I was like, 'I'm only going to buy things from people I know,'" she said.
"Normally you buy things from the conventional supply chain," said Linda Kent, a spokeswoman for the DES.
"My daughter is getting married, so I'm using TripBucks to buy things for her wedding," he said.
One possibility is that foreigners use it to buy things we produce, and we have balanced trade.
"I always recommend that people buy things that they can re-use year after year," she said.
More than half of Black Friday shoppers will buy things online and in brick-and-mortar stores.
We still have the option to buy things like apparel and kitchen tools online, but should we?
The way we think about how we buy things has to fundamentally change in terms of wealth.
Until the last few years, there hasn't been a physical way to go and buy things from Amazon.
I've become such a loyal shopper that I barely know where else to go online to buy things.
Like other currencies, you can use it to buy things from merchants that accept it, such as Overstock.
We've never been told how to learn, how to communicate, how to buy things, or what to do.
"If you offer a heavy promotion, the shopper will be trained to buy things on sale," Young says.
In the end, Amazon just wants to make it easier for people to buy things from Amazon stores.
You buy things, you grow the world of your sims, and then they pass away into the nothing.
Instagram is making it a lot simpler for people to buy things they come across in their feed.
How can you be in this market, and live in this world, and not want to buy things?
Increasingly, the answer seemed to be banks for financial services, not normal folks using it to buy things.
I would get angry, too – I'd say, 'Why should we have to buy things on the black market?
Today, Hartford budgets carefully, and he and wife only buy things that will have a return on investment.
These tags, previously available only to brands, allow followers to buy things from influencers without leaving the app.
That data is then sold to other malicious actors, or used by the scammer to buy things online.
I don't like anything that looks vulgar or plastic, so I buy things that are pretty and unique.
Ms. Kang said she is now less likely to buy things on Pinduoduo solely because they are cheap.
If people do, and they buy things now before prices rise, then perhaps prices won't rise as much.
Brands spend millions on influencer advertising and multiple millions of people follow them and buy things they recommend.
" Daniela: "We both contribute to our joint bank account, which we use to buy things for the house.
"If you buy things that are too complicated, it's just more opportunity for something to fail," he said.
Is it easier for you to go buy things in the stores than it was four years ago?
I am hungry and buy things we don't need, as well as the standard fruits, veggies, bread, etc.
People can buy things like meat and fish from them, as well as slightly more random food products.
I rarely buy things using the Buy It Now button (which means there's a fixed price, no bidding).
That's good news for clothing retailers: People are more likely to buy things like sweaters and warm coats.
I know there is a vast difference between not buying things and not being able to buy things.
In developed worlds we work hard to make money so we can buy things, live lifestyles or have experiences.
You can also buy things from Amazon too using your voice, just as you can with an Echo device.
"We buy things that are easy to cook: head cheese, ham, pulled pork, tortillas, and that's it," he says.
While he splurges on the occasional video game, he mostly chooses to buy things only when he needs them.
"The other card is the one you use when you actually buy things that are not online," he adds.
With voice assistants, shoppers can buy things without even using their hands, and speaking is much faster than typing. 
This latest system will allow you to buy things — both inside apps and on websites — using your Google account.
Amazon has a unique advantage, because consumers who are using the site usually intend to buy things right away.
The new review similarly found many ads that play automatically, or prompt kids to buy things without parental permission.
I like to go out and be social, but I hate feeling the pressure of having to buy things.
Bots should not be prompting users to click on things and buy things unless explicitly asked to do so.
To get over this, I'm really trying to only buy things I love and can't stop thinking about buying.
When I went to Manila, I would buy things from there then sell them to my neighbors at home.
His plan, to transform Messenger into a platform where people can communicate with businesses and buy things, sounds familiar.
Eliza is a reporter at our sister publication Racked, where she writes about how and why people buy things.
If you got it for free, but need to buy things to make it work, it's not worth keeping.
Otherwise, only buy things with plastic that you can afford to pay off at the end of the month.
To ourselves, we are special people, documented in wonderful photos, and it also happens that we sometimes buy things.
I prefer to buy things online for cheaper prices on Cyber Monday, or whatever day it is this year.
Don't feel compelled to keep up with the Kardashians or buy things just because other people have them, Leo.
People also buy things at eye level in grocery stores more often than things that are harder to see.
Ask this question and you'll unearth some interesting observations on why people buy things  —  and what they find unsatisfactory.
I refused to even buy things I knew would make me happy, like a gym membership or art classes.
The purpose of this group, I soon realized, isn't to just motivate people to buy things; it justified them.
People do not want to be made to buy things they can't afford, and nearly everyone wants health insurance.
This is the first Home capability allowing users to buy things using the piece of hardware that runs Google Assistant.
They say they don't buy things, they pay for things to give them more time, because they don't have time.
Sam's Club and Nordstrom are the two latest shopping partners where users can buy things from after Bixby's identified items.
As Makalintal pointed out, "the problem with Big Cheese Pull is that it's just bait to make you buy things."
The intrinsic value of bitcoin is through the economic activity of users using it to buy things from each other.
They may not shop at malls but they do buy things like washing powder, processed food and mobile-phone credit.
Facebook is pushing Messenger and WhatsApp, to become services through which people can buy things and privately communicate with businesses.
These sales are "exports" in the sense that money comes into America from overseas and is used to buy things.
Even for businesses that aren't Disney, there's an important takeaway here: people don't buy things just because they need them.
And they certainly don't buy things they can't afford on a high-interest credit card like many of us do.
In the Taobao app, Alibaba shoppers can buy things in virtual reality (wearing a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear headset).
These app have the most need to convert users to both stay on their sites longer and hopefully buy things.
More recently, after 9/11, they were asked to go out and buy things to prop up a flailing economy.
And yet she's still having to go elsewhere to buy things like socks and undergarments and bralettes and whatever else.
"We would save it and save it until there was enough to buy things for the community," Mr. Waru said.
Yet, based on the historical record, far more effort goes into persuading Americans to buy things than to elect politicians.
One easy way to do that was for Trump to have the company he controlled buy things he owned personally.
Most importantly, people get the cash they need to feel safe and continue to buy things and stabilize the economy.
The train also had a bar/snack stand, where you could buy things like bottled water for about 40 cents.
Which is to say, yeah, people need to get to websites, buy stuff, buy games, buy things that they want.
JL: E-commerce and m-commerce continue to be the gift that keeps on giving as more people buy things online.
"I'm going to make it kind of like a pawnshop, where you'd buy things like mixtapes and gold chains," she says.
Amazon is where you buy things, and you can do so with your voice (with the added benefit of asking questions).
Yeah. So now everybody thinks, rightly, that they can buy things 903/290, either on the Internet or in a store.
But, I'd also buy things myself that my mom wouldn't want to buy, and have to change in secret to wear.
The shoppers are voting with their wallets, whether they come to that particular shop to buy things, so rent is secondary.
The options are a bit limited, but I've been able to buy things from [non-maternity] labels, for the most part.
And if suddenly it becomes super quick to buy things through Facebook using Libra, businesses will boost their ad spend there.
"I'm a value investor, so I buy things when they go on sale," retail analyst John Buckingham told CNBC on Wednesday.
Coupons and discounts exist because they create a sense of urgency that causes many people to buy things they normally wouldn't.
My friends have asked me to buy things for them—cigarettes, nail files, tangerines, ingredients to make a cake for Abel.
Verizon customers are now able to earn up to 2GB of free data just for using Android Pay to buy things.
"There's this age-old lore that millennials don't want to buy things," Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow Group Chief Marketing Officer, tells Refinery29.
"When you're in your 20s, you're still finding your style, so don't buy things just because they're on trend," Moore added.
But it brings up a good point: people don't always buy things based on what they need, or what they think. 
Subscription services seem to find a way onto consumers' social media feeds, prompting them to buy things they might not otherwise.
But be careful: Even at a discount, there's no need to buy things that won't last, or that you won't wear.
"Technically, Iran can export to China and use renminbi, and Iran can use renminbi to buy things from China," Morse said.
"We consider ourselves more than just a place to buy things," Jill Soltau, CEO of privately held Joann Stores, told CNBC.
Here's how to let the rider take charge and buy things that will truly make you happy this Amazon Prime Day.
You can send and receive money with your German IBAN, and buy things with your card without any foreign transaction fee.
The move means that users can take money from their Square Cash account to buy things anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.
"A lot of people come to Marrakesh and buy things to sell at a huge markup back in France," she says.
"I still don't know where to buy things once we've finished eating what we have at home," Pan Hongsheng told AFP.
She said during the holiday season, people buy things secondhand that they can't find elsewhere, such as vintage and designer items.
Fair Game Are people better off when they buy things from companies that don't have public shareholders they need to please?
If investors are looking for stocks in retail, trader David Seaburg said consumers will always want to buy things at a discount.
Our business didn't really take off until the success of broadband during the 2000s, where the masses could buy things successfully online.
More than half of millennials are more likely to buy things they see on social media during the holidays, the survey found.
"The psychology of mobile shopping is basically that you buy things based on what mood pattern you're in right now," said Lindstrom.
"I try not to buy things that I don't know if he'll like because it's just, it's a waste," one parent explained.
So, you have all this push behind it-- we like to buy things where nobody's making a dime selling them to us.
"There are obviously people that love to buy things, squirrel them away, and then sell them later as an investment," he says.
It does mean, he says, that people will, increasingly, want to avoid stocks that require consumers to go out and buy things.
We can now book flights from apps, pay for taxis with our phones and buy things in-store from shop-hosted tablets.
Strawberry tells kids to buy things to keep the puppy happy — the implication is if you don't pay, you're making puppies sad.
Its current revenue source is through app purchases, where users can buy things like emojis and digital gifts to share with others.
People buy things they don't actually want off of infomercials because if they "ACT NOW!" they'll get a discount before it disappears.
We live in a consumerist society where the ability to buy things both denotes status and operates as a stress release mechanism.
I use it all the time to unlock my phone in a split second and to quickly buy things with Apple Pay.
Apple Pay has been around since 2015, and it allows you to buy things by tapping your iPhone at a checkout terminal.
The company hasn't been immune to the trend of more shoppers turning directly to their favorite brands to buy things, bypassing retailers.
"It's not worth it to buy things that don't matter, that aren't made by someone, that aren't rare or unique," he says.
" — Apurva Kalidendi, a homemaker in Bangalore "We cannot buy things from nearby shops anymore because they don't have bills of higher denomination.
It appears that Bitcoin's main accomplishment is that it allows people to buy things clandestinely, only in an absurdly inefficient way. Correct.
It could be a business opportunity for Amazon to encourage people to use Prime Now delivery and buy things when they're feeling emotional.
FLASHBACK: Brad and Angelina at the 2012 Golden Globes It appears Jolie was at the store to buy things for her six children.
If, on the other hand, families in Mexico use their remittances to buy things made in the United States, then American exports increase.
On the few occasions that we buy things for ourselves that cost upward of $1,000, it's usually an item of luxury or technology.
"I would actually go to three separate grocery stores to buy things and it would save a few bucks a week," she said.
After purging so many items, you may be tempted to go right back out and buy things to fill up your home again.
Technical faff, and the volatility that makes it attractive to speculators, means that it is hard to use bitcoin to actually buy things.
"I don't want to say that the stores are making a buy things that we don't want, that we don't need," he explains.
The game will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases, as you can buy things like orbs to summon specific characters.
Basically, he feeds the capitalist machine by convincing people to buy things they don't need while kids are starving in his own country.
And depreciation of the yuan, along with signalling economic weakness, makes it more expensive for those in China to buy things from abroad.
The Echo also lets you set alarms, timers, catch up on the news, and yes, buy things from Amazon with simple voice commands.
"I would actually go to three separate grocery stores to buy things and it would save a few bucks a week," she says.
"We're living in an economy where people don't have a lot of savings and are dependent on credit to buy things," Rheingold said.
If the Oracle of Omaha serves as any example, the discipline to buy things only when you really, really like them pays off.
In addition to using Android Pay to purchase things in real life, users will be able to use it buy things within apps.
"My issue is that I'd love to see real detail on what these talks are, before I rush to buy things," Rooney added.
I tend to buy things I want whenever they're on sale throughout the year, so I'm usually not too tempted on Black Friday.
"I don't want to say that the stores are making us buy things that we don't want, that we don't need," Meyvis says.
But Mr. Normandin said his customers, who are mainly young women, were tired of digital marketing that constantly pushed them to buy things.
It's supposed to greet you and it's supposed to help you buy things once you're in the store, but it just looks adorable.
Further, if men can buy "things" on sites like Amazon, why bother venturing into a sporting goods store to buy a baseball bat?
"I like to think this place is more than just a bodega — people don't come here just to buy things," Mr. Almuntaser said.
Some 68% expect to shop online and in stores this holiday season, Coresight found, with only 4.7% expecting to only buy things online.
"Really what it comes down to is is the court going to recognize how people buy things in the modern world?" he said.
Tencent is a major investor in Meituan-Dianping, a services app that allows people to order food and buy things like movie tickets.
My guess is there's a whole lot of people trying to buy things for whiskey people going, 'Oh, whiskey stones—that sounds cool.
Bringing the customers to our shores makes them easier to reach, and massively increasing their incomes massively increases their ability to buy things.
One big concern for mobile ads is that they don't convert as well, since people don't like to buy things on their smartphones.
" Orman learned that it's never worth the cost to buy things in order to prove your worth to people you "don't know or like.
Now Facebook has another new plan: Marketplace, a Craigslist-style product that lets people buy things from, or sell things to, other Facebook users.
But when you really need cash to buy things like drugs or sex or illegal firearms, Chase will soon make it much more convenient.
Better to take the risk and use hard-earned money to buy things more valuable than high-priced insurance products offering poor medical care.
Generally, if you buy things to keep up with your friends, budget based on your pretax salary, or aren't saving anything, you're probably overspending.
You'll also be given the option to buy things you tried on, so you can load up your cart if you have the cash.
"We have to have access to the hundreds of millions of people in the world today who can afford to buy things," he said.
Aside from my own preferences (and gag reflex), the problem with Big Cheese Pull is that it's just bait to make you buy things.
Mary: If there's someone there to advise you are more likely to buy things cause you can get a bit of an expert opinion.
It was an era of clean, well-lit marketplaces where people could buy things to listen to, without worrying about buffering or corrupted files.
You can go to town, move into neighborhoods, buy things, you can open a business downtown Chicago... and I can't, but you from England!
We're all likely to buy things on Amazon, and Katie Notopoulos does an amusing job of deconstructing how its website sometimes lets us down.
Mann was also no stranger to sport-shopping, and she also hated the sites where she was forced to buy things for her sons.
Here's what to do with your cash: Make sure to take your cash and buy things with it that will make you more cash!
Facebook has introduced Facebook Pay, a system that allows users across its platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram, to buy things without leaving the app.
Consumerism and distractions require vigilance The pull of distractions and urges to buy things (to solve problems or give us pleasure) is incredibly strong.
Amazon is already in a battle with Walmart as the place to buy things cheaply and quickly — and Walmart has long served low-income customers.   
Having that digital helps break down the barrier to getting people to buy things online, a behavior that isn't widely adopted in Indonesia, Kwik said.
I've found that through limiting myself, I only end up making justifications to buy things, making up reasons to get a new pair of shoes.
It is an infrastructure, a platform, where you buy things, communicate with friends, joke with people online, and [where] most of the players are kids.
But ahead of that, the company has introduced a more personalized version of its Apple Store app – yes, the one you use to buy things.
And it's clear that whatever the struggles of some major big-box retail chains lately, people do in fact continue to buy things in stores.
Facebook has finally revealed the details of its cryptocurrency, Libra, which will let you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees.
"It's not the not selling that makes these so good, it's that discipline to buy things only when he really, really likes them," Lowenstein says.
Is there enough of a critical mass of people who want to use Facebook to buy things in addition to posting their personal status updates?
A trip to Target can always be an adventure, even if you are attempting to be a responsible adult and buy things you actually need.
SAN FRANCISCO — Pinterest announced on Tuesday new shopping-focused features that will make it easier for users to buy things they find on the site.
Starting Tuesday, users won't have to go to a third-party website to buy things like clothes or beauty products they see in their feed.
According to the Post, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) prohibits a charity's officers from using the group's money to buy things for their own benefit.
Hileman says that surveys show most users buying and selling bitcoin for speculative purposes rather than to buy things or send cash to other people.
But the number of people using Bitcoin to buy things was always small compared with the number of speculators buying it because of its scarcity.
The idea is that customers won't need an Apple Store to actually buy things, but that they'll use the space to socialize, according to Behling.
Vanessa: I haven't made the comparison of how much disposable income or purchasing power I have now to buy things like shoes and bags vs.
Bitcoin evangelists swear that more consumers will use it and other forms of digital currencies such as litecoin, ethereum and XRP/ripple to buy things.
Maezawa's business started with his music collection, and he says he tends to "buy things on impulse" based on what he's passionate about, like music.
In 2014, the show outfitted a 13-year-old boy with a hidden camera and had him try to buy things he wasn't allowed to.
That is taking into account not just emissions generated in Copenhagen but those produced when residents buy things made or grown elsewhere, from clothing to food.
"Barin would take girls to the markets and buy things for them and their children," her 55-year-old mother, Zahra, recalled through her soft sobs.
As more consumers turn to their laptops and smartphones to buy things online, some people have started to write off stores in malls and shopping centers.
The devices are all part of Amazon's ambitions to integrate Alexa everywhere so users can ask questions and buy things with their voices, at any time.
Consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow will talk about the psychology behind what makes you buy things, and Thomas Ordahl, chief strategy officer at Landor, will discuss branding.
And many items will sell out within minutes, creating a sort of Black Friday scramble where people are trying to buy things as quickly as possible.
Its Prime annual subscription ($99 in America) initially just made it easier to buy things online and covered shipping, but now includes audio and video streaming.
If users feel guilty about logging on to Facebook and don't have a positive experience, they might be less likely to buy things advertised on it.
They are, he says, simply a currency – a store of value or medium of exchange used to buy things – and explicitly exempt from the securities laws.
Plus, it's fun to buy things that have a story so that you can say this is a vintage Halston, a piece that has been around.
"They want to get things at a really good deal, or they want to buy things that are going to last a long time," Dorsey said.
"More and more people are waiting 'til the last minute to buy things," said Julie Barber, vice president and divisional merchandise manager of snacks at Walmart.
Amazon's patent for one-click shopping, which lets customers buy things without entering and re-entering their billing, payment or shipping information, was issued in 1999.
I think it's the leading consumer payments ... So you can use your bitcoin to buy things on the internet and it's part of the checkout process.
As you buy things, by syncing Scrip with NFC-enabled "cash register" machines, the texture of the gadget's surface changes, and those light-up numbers tick downwards.
This all makes sense, because browsing the actual Amazon website to buy things is indisputably a better way to comparison shop than having options conveyed via speech.
The currency also would allow Facebook's 2 billion users to exchange money as well as buy things on Facebook's other platforms like Instagram, the Financial Times said.
I'd buy things that would fail and be failures and I'd turn them around and get them for the right price, turn around and make them successful.
Sometimes a person or a well-known company or institution wants to buy things or own assets in a way that obscures who the real buyer is.
So, hypothetically speaking, an Amazon-branded wearable on your body that could help you buy things would have to work differently, at least in the short term.
Google also showed how it uses its audience data to target ads to groups of people such as those who are in the market to buy things.
You might even be tempted to get an Apple Watch (if you don't already have one) because you can use it to buy things with Apple Pay.
Imagine a vast online network in the future where we all hang out, chat and buy things, but that's not owned by Facebook or Google or Amazon.
Even the way people purchase changes because they think more about what they are buying so they buy things they really want, which creates a faithful clientele.
But it did make me wonder about a question many brands would like a clear answer to: Will people buy things just because celebrities tell them to?
When I do buy things, I always pay with a rewards card or travel credit card so I can rack up cash back or flexible travel points.
JC: Yeah, I think there's always going to be that group of people that just buy things because it reminds them of the past and nostalgia tech.
Angolans made rich by a boom in oil production flooded in to buy things like stereos and S.U.V.s, paying with United States dollars or, at times, diamonds.
Facebook accounts are compromised in such ways for the usual reasons — to send spam, to facilitate identity theft or to buy things through a connected credit card.
Customers now seem to come in to buy things like bleach, disinfectant and hand sanitizer as frequently as they do to fill their prescriptions, Ms. Tang said.
Saks isn&apost somewhere I would otherwise shop, so it feels like I&aposm going out of my way to buy things just to use the credits.
That is what's so complicated about these shopping groups: They encourage members to buy things they don't really need, under the pretense of scoring a good deal.
The trend has accelerated as more shoppers are turning to the internet to buy things, and companies realize they don't need so much space to showcase inventory.
There's also now a "Fitbit Wallet" on this watch, which lets you buy things using the watch's NFC chip, rivaling the capabilities of Apple Pay and Android Pay.
I mean in terms of - the fans love them, they want their autograph, they buy things with their numbers and their names on it, and yet they protest.
But I like to buy things that catch my eye, and then I'll put it in the design closet because I can't find the proper home for it.
The company also said that it will start using machine learning to more precisely track whether its ads lead people to buy things in brick-and-mortar stores.
It's not real—it's a design concept from New Deal Design—but if it were, you would use it to buy things you'd normally pay for with cash.
My dad's shopping high made him generous, and he let us buy things my mother never would have, like giant stuffed bears and massive boxes of fruit gushers.
If families in Mexico use those dollars to buy things made in Mexico or elsewhere, then America has essentially gotten immigrants' services without paying anything tangible in return.
It would be great if you can go to your corner store and buy things that can help with the setup, like pre-cut onions, carrots, and celery.
"Seeing how much I was paid for things [I sold] and how much they depreciated deterred me from wanting to buy things," Bernadette told Grow earlier this year.
Amazon, for a long time, has only allowed users of its iOS shopping app to buy things like books, music, movies and TV shows via the web browser.
"I'm a big fan of being able to buy things that are 'the basics' that you can then adapt and change to make them your own," Berk explains.
"I'm actually not that person; I don't buy things and adapt them," she said of her idea to waterproof a surface that was not designed to get wet.
Johnson said he does not currently use his own crypto holdings to buy things, just like he doesn't cash in a tech stock he owns to buy pizza.
By making it possible to buy things through AR, the tool can now be used closer to the bottom of the funnel, all people to actually buy products.
She sat down with 25 topic-matter experts to dig into the trends shaping how we buy things and how these trends will impact consumers, businesses, and workers.
Just because as soon as you have an incentive to make people buy things through ads, you have an incentive to make them spend more time on it.
Ms. Freeman, who works at a medical billing firm, said she has always been able to buy things at Sears that she cannot find at other large retailers.
There's also an in-game shop where you can buy things like new characters with in-game currency, but everything in the game is unlocked entirely through gameplay.
"I mostly buy things on credit from local shopkeepers," said Ghulam Jeelani, a hotel manager in Srinagar, who feared being laid off with no online bookings or transactions.
Bird users can now use the app to buy things from participating merchants, which will have a Bird Pay sign with the Bird logo and a QR code.
Target's business is booming thanks to the retailer's investments to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to buy things online and get them that same day.
Mindy: Once I kind of got over opening gifts for Hanukkah, and it was more just "I buy things throughout the year, happy Hanukkah!" we started going together.
But Nimses also has some more unusual features: each minute spent in the app grants users a digital currency called Nim, which can supposedly be used to buy things.
The frame's design makes Delaktig endlessly configurable—so long as you have stuff to reconfigure it with, which you will, if you buy things from Ikea and Tom Dixon.
Amazon's efforts point to the ongoing battle to get people to buy things through a screen, which has been going for as long as there's been a consumer internet.
Most people in China buy things on their phones, he noted, while about 87 percent of U.S. sales are done in-store with a credit card or with cash.
His attorney said Sanchez "made choices that sabotaged everything good in his life" and stole money he didn&apost really need to buy things he didn&apost really want.
While CEO Marc Benioff likes to buy things, according to sources at Salesforce, these rumors about his interest in Twitter are just that, and such a purchase is unlikely.
Android Wear has lagged behind both Apple and Samsung in providing a way to buy things with your watch, but Wear 2.0 rectifies this with support for Android Pay.
Ads are made to get us to buy things or use things or otherwise intrude on our lives so that other people, who are not us, can get rich.
These are the people that value things, buy things from you, mediate information, hire you, furnish you with capital it's not everything but it's how it works in America.
Cocaine, MDMA, and lower potency stimulants such as dexamphetamine, could also be available at licensed premises like pubs or coffee shops, where members buy things to consume on site.
At the same time, he noted, "they would have nannies and buy things at Gucci and Hermes at South Coast Plaza," a high-end mall in Costa Mesa, Calif.
Dropee: Dropee helps independent retailers in Southeast Asia buy things in bulk from large brands, charging said brands $2003 per store for insight on what is or isn't selling.
Its challenges have mounted as shoppers have navigated to Amazon and other online retailers to buy things like dishes, wall art and the small furniture that Pier 1 sells.
Those who are financially secure "usually don't spend money that they haven't earned, to buy things that they don't need, to impress people that they don't like," he said.
The company's latest push also taps into social shopping, a concept where consumers are influenced to buy things based on friends, family and celebrities they follow on social media.
Its challenges have mounted as shoppers have navigated to Amazon and other online retailers to buy things like dishes, wall art and the small furniture that Pier 1 sells.
Macy's has struggled to find ways to grow sales, with more shoppers turning to the internet or going directly to brands to buy things, bypassing trips to traditional malls.
Rather than entering Amazon's market directly, Facebook has been building the scaffolding around its e-commerce business, and doing everything but actually introducing ways to buy things across Facebook.
On making her hobby a side hustle: I started selling via Instagram DM, maybe a year after my first class, because people started asking if they could buy things.
In a difficult moment when you're feeling tempted and your natural inclination is to buy things to self-soothe, it's important to have a healthy coping mechanism to turn to.
Once the level is finished, each player will get a score, and the winner earns currency that can be used to buy things to build up a Mario-themed kingdom.
What's new: Instagram will now let users buy things with Instagram "Stories," or vertical strings of video and text that are becoming one of the most successful social media formats.
Financial guru Dave Ramsey suggests using a clear jar as a cash-saving stash, and then explaining to your children that they have to take money out to buy things.
You must compulsively go back and forth to Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and various other indoor retail hellscapes, to buy things you don't really need and then return them.
Turns out that when you give campus athletes more money, they use it the same way everyone else does: to buy things and do stuff, much of it pretty ordinary.
I told her I still wanted to know what Amazon learns about people's use of the card, particularly when they use it to buy things from places other than Amazon.
The store may be great at selling books at cutthroat prices, but it's been famously not so great at getting people to buy things they weren't already inclined to buy.
When the economy is flying high with the lowest unemployment rate in 2628 years and wage gains for workers, families and consumers are flush with cash and they buy things.
"We lost many of our budget, almost every budget that we have, in giving all the efforts to buy things for food, water," said Mayita Melendez, the mayor of Ponce.
"I would get sent to Whole Foods and buy things if we really needed an ingredient and we didn't have it in the building," a former team lead told BuzzFeed.
My preschooler who can't yet ride a bike or read a book had also quickly mastered that she could buy things with the bot's help, or at least try to.
When you think about the idea of what a retail store then looks like, or where people buy things, or how people find out about things, paint that for me.
Can you buy things from local businesses, restaurants, and artists now (or buy a gift card!) so that things might be less lean for them in the months to come?
If Snapchat can become where its users coordinate plans and buy things, it will become the hub for billions of dollars in transactions—and Snapchat will inevitably take a cut.
Nearly all of the revenue that Epic Games makes from "Fortnite" comes from in-game purchases by players who buy things like new costumes and tools for their virtual avatars.
U.S. mall owners have been struggling to find new ways to lure shoppers, with traffic dipping as it becomes more convenient to buy things online and store closures piling up.
Amazon is using machine learning technology to address one of the perpetual criticisms of the site — that it's a great place to buy things but a lousy place to browse.
There is no need to teach children how to shop and buy things, as it is the one skill set we all pick up as naturally as we pick up breathing.
Vision, meanwhile, is the most promising piece of the offering, adding a shopping feature along the lines of Amazon Flow, which lets users buy things by scanning a label or barcode.
Essentially, the court ruled the buttons illegal, as they broke consumer protection laws by making it too easy for consumers to buy things without being informed as to actual price.[BBC]
Because some companies have so much excess cash, they — like a rich individual — may buy things just because they can, without enough discretion and due diligence as to whether they should.
The feelings it generates — and thus the work it's doing — bear no relation to the business the company is actually in: Surveillance and people tracking to persuade you to buy things.
Trump putting tariffs on foreign metal is bad for foreign metal-makers, but it's also bad for Americans who buy things made out of metal — which is basically all of us.
By making it possible to buy things through AR, the technology can now be used closer to the "bottom of the funnel," meaning it can push people to actually buy products.
He said it shows companies are still confident and willing to spend on new equipment and are not just rushing to buy things before possible tariffs on Chinese imports kick in.
The startup has created a multi-channel network for over 14 million customers in Nigeria to transfer money, pay-bills and buy things digitally through its mobile-app or 24,840 agents.
Amazon's tablet strategy is pretty simple: It sells the tablets at low prices and then makes money when consumers use them to buy things like digital movies and items on
Those people then buy things like food abroad using those government-subsidized dollars and sell them domestically to people who buy them with the bolivar — and the sellers pocket the difference.
"For the first time, these unbanked and under-banked users will be able to use virtual and physical cards to buy things online," Reuben Lai, senior managing director, Grab Financial, told Reuters.
As if it's not hard enough just to have a body, now you have to buy things to put on it in order to take it out with you into the world.
I'm wearing a Weirdo Rippers-era No Age shirt under an American Apparel sweatshirt, thanks to a friend who worked at the store and let me buy things with a heavy discount.
"We can buy things 50% cheaper here than at home," says Juan Carlos Andrade, who on a recent weekend drove for four hours from Coca in Ecuador to Putumayo with his family.
It can be smart to use debt as leverage when you buy things that can help you earn more money over time, such as a house, business investment, or education, Modly said.
Instead of being used to actually buy things, bitcoin has turned into the digital equivalent of gold—a way to get rich by simply buying and selling when the price is right.
And smaller start-ups such as Operator, an e-commerce app, have integrated bots into their service to make it easier for people to buy things by describing the items using chat.
Bumstead says that Amazon Marketplace is by far the best platform for his business because Amazon has become so pervasive and is the first place that consumers think to buy things online.
And if I'm Amazon, I'm mostly thinking about sticking to my business, and my business is selling things online, or getting people to spend their time on Amazon to buy things online.
I remember that was the age when I started to identify raw ingredients, because she would send me to the market to buy things like cilantro, chiles, and whatever else she needed.
Such is Kiev's love for its subway system that the city even has a museum for the metro, where you can buy things like sweaters that say "Do not lean" in Ukrainian.
Fewer than one in five Australians who regularly buy things online used a ride-hailing service in the past year, according to June survey data analyzed by eMarketer, an American research firm.
Mobile payments, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, or apps like Venmo and Square where you're able to use your phone to buy things, are growing in popularity at home and abroad.
The difference between their bank accounts and yours — yes, you, the person reading this — is that they can spend the monthly interest on their holdings and buy things like airplanes and islands.
"It was a low bar to be a decent guy, but as a distressed investor, you buy things that are not doing well," said Mr. Raynor, who now runs a consulting business.
Where does it come from, this compulsion to buy things we know we will never use, the things that, when we are sane, we can instantly spot as tomorrow's thrift shop contributions?
The company, which also owns buybuy Baby and World Market, has more than 1,500 stores across the U.S., at a time when more consumers are turning to the internet to buy things.
"Research shows, however, that women are much more likely than men to buy things that set their families on a pathway out of poverty, like nutritious food, healthcare, and education," Gates said.
It's also fundamentally unimportant, as your ability to buy things for others is in no way a measure of your actual worth as a person, no matter how much you're told otherwise.
Most notably, Facebook has opened up Messenger as a bot platform, where dozens of third party developers are creating conversational, AI-based assistants to help users buy things, get information and transfer money.
The internet has saved us from actually having to go outside and speak to real people in order to buy things—but that doesn't mean that all online shopping sites are created equally.
Maybe you're still using FM radio, maybe you prefer SiriusXM, maybe you're a Spotify adherent, maybe you buy things through the iTunes store, or maybe you're a hipster who only listens to records.
And, it is helpful that you can then use it to buy things via Apple Pay, pay back friends via Messages, pay off your balance, or just transfer it to your bank account.
Madison Avenue; they get people to buy things that are bad for them every day...That's what we wanted to do, use subversion to sell people things that they don't know they want.
But the very fact that interest rates are that low makes it hard for us to buy other things because other people buy things with borrowed money, and borrowed money is so cheap.
If Pyongyang were able to cash out into physical currency, it would be relatively easy for them to move that currency back into North Korea and to buy things with the physical currency.
Google then rolled out a large body of research around micro-moments, or times when consumers use their mobile devices to decide on things to buy, things to do and places to go.
Unsurprisingly, this means increased costs as hard-working people are forced into an unnecessary visit to their doctor just to be able to use their own money to buy things like cold medication.
"Because Ted did not like to carry a lot of luggage on his jet — it was too burdensome — I would have to buy things in bulk" for their travels to his many properties.
Only 7.5% of Gen Z participants said they&aposd be looking to buy things for their significant other, another clear sign that much of the generation hasn&apost reached that life stage yet.
Cass sees universal basic income as the end-stage scenario of every other redistribution program, whose justification is that the poor will be fine without work as long as they can buy things.
Although Instagram's revenues are still largely generated by advertising, the company wants to create new revenue streams, and has recently introduced a tool that allows users to buy things without leaving the app.
Most likely, your runner was given a shirt for running the race, but you can also buy things like mugs, hoodies, tights, and pom-pom hats as other commemorative reminders of the day.
When I buy things I need that they will most likely never use, I try to tuck them into some out of the way place, and they try not to roll their eyes.
"I buy things because they strike an emotional bell, they appeal to my curiosity, to the thrill of discovery of the extraordinary in the ordinary," Mr. Cotsen told The Denver Post in 1998.
If you tell your children they have to work hard, save their cash and buy things only when they both need to and can afford to, you have to model that behavior, too.
Now, a younger generation of Ghermezians are looking to rewrite the playbook of what an American mall can be, at a time when more people are turning to the internet to buy things.
I was trying to figure out how much it was going to cost me to buy things not in packaging because sometimes there are things you can buy more economically that are packaged.
But it was potentially a great way for Estée Lauder to get people back into department stores to buy things, and a great way for Expedia to get people on its mailing lists.
"When you go to the supermarket hungry, you buy things that you crave ... and those are typically not good choices, like ice cream, doughnuts and cookies, as opposed to buying more vegetables," Civille said.
Two years later this week, the company announced that Apple Pay will soon be coming to Japan, New Zealand, and Russia in Apple's latest move to make it the dominant way we buy things.
If you use a credit card to buy things and then only make the minimum payment, you end up wasting your money on interest payments that actually make the item more expensive over time.
She is accused of stealing applicants' identities and using them to open new financial accounts, as well as adding herself to victims' existing accounts and using those to buy things for herself, prosecutors say.
"You know every year Christmas is going to happen and that you're going to buy things for people," said Pamela J. Horack, a certified financial planner at Pathfinder Planning in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.
The Amazon Go store, which has no cashiers and allows shoppers to buy things with the help of a smartphone app, is widely seen as a concept that can alter brick-and-mortar retail.
"The nation has been in deflation for such a long time with everyone of the mind that they want to buy things just that little bit cheaper," wrote a manager at a machinery maker.
What's new: Previously, Google could track in-store visits from some of its properties, but now updates to its deep learning models will let advertisers track which ads led people to buy things offline.
Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know Facebook has finally revealed the details of its cryptocurrency Libra, which will let you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees.
Anne-Marie Bonneau, who started her blog Zero-Waste Chef in 2014, rarely recycles, she says, because she doesn't buy things that need to be or that come in packaging that needs to be.
Without an easy way to load up a car in a parking lot, parents have to be strategic about what and where they buy things in order to make it home on the subway.
This is how they'll use some of the things they've learned, like comparison shopping and how to buy things on sale, and it's how you'll really be able to tell if they've been listening.
If you already buy things like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and toothpaste, you can stock up on these and other nonperishables you use around the house today and use them up later.
In part, this may be because companies believe consumers are more likely to buy things from beautiful employees, which is perhaps why retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch use looks as criteria in their hiring process.
Specifically, Democratic lawmakers in the state have proposed a bill to include tampons and other menstrual products in Tennessee's yearly sales tax holiday, a three-day weekend when residents can buy things tax-free.
Because Zoe doesn't trust me to buy things like vegetables, she will take the other boy and race around the store to get what we need before I hit the front of the line.
Like Bitcoin, the new cryptocurrencies would make it easier to move money between countries, particularly in the developing world where it is hard for ordinary people to open bank accounts and buy things online.
Fly swatting may not be your thing but I hope this lesson is clear: You don't have to spend a ton of money to buy things that will truly bring joy to your life.
Given that we live in a consumer culture where you can get anything — a T-shirt, fancy whiskey, blood pressure medication — delivered to your door within hours, it is surprisingly difficult to buy things.
I'm sure plenty of British versions of the hapless Mr Draper have written articles marvelling at the fact that you can buy things other than McDonalds in America's big cities if you try really hard.
TechCrunch's Josh Constine wrote 4,000 words to help you understand the ins and outs of the new cryptocurrency, called Libra, which will let you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees.
I've tried to make a sincere effort during my focus groups, but when asked exactly how often and why I buy things like frozen dinners or junk food, there's always a strong temptation to lie.
This is part of the reason why Amazon is so effective: it provides a very seamless and quick way for people to browse and buy things, even more so if you are a Prime subscriber.
So no matter whether it's prohibited or you don't have money to buy things, if you're a metalhead, you can find a way to access the music because it's something that comes from the heart.
"You want to have rich friends, if you are poor, but you want to have their money," she writes, while complaining that Andy Warhol didn't buy things for her when they went to flea markets.
Although it is often cheaper to buy things like foil or parchment paper in bulk, those with limited storage space or who don't use these items often might want to head to the dollar store.
"Sometimes I buy things I don't need because it's about $2 or $3 and I'm getting free shipping anyways," said Adelle Vasquez, a senior buyer in Melbourne, Florida who's a member of several shopping groups.
It's now easier than ever to buy things with the click of a few buttons, share information quickly and safely, and give people who previously did not have a voice platforms to express their opinions.
Brightly colored, enormous three-dimensional images of women and koi fish fill the space between buildings, giving an illusion of beauty with the ultimate goal of making people buy things and distracting them from reality.
"You buy things that are cheap, that have good income, you sit there and collect your dividend checks and kind of wait it out," said Stephen Massocca, senior vice president at Wedbush Securities in San Francisco.
"The first couple of applications have been to efficiently buy things and we have gotten great results, but we see it as a platform to efficiently service and inform about a number of things," he said.
Instagram. The social media platform is reshaping the ways we buy things: our clothes, our food, our products — and, via geotags, it's also playing a huge role in helping people decide where they want to travel.
Two notable trends are that many consumers have switched off their TVs and moved away from shopping in physical stores, turning their attention online (and to their mobile screens) to be entertained and to buy things.
That has also seen the rise of commerce APIs to buy things instantly, not to mention the emergence of a wide range of commerce applications that let people easily buy goods and services on the spot.
Amazon trained users to buy things online, forcing retailers to shift their strategies, just as Postmates and DoorDash have trained users to order food delivery through apps and immediately have access to a ton of options.
If you are a part of this majority, then you probably think of work as a transaction — you sell your time and your talent to your employer, and they pay you so you can buy things.
It turns out that among those buyers, social media — and specifically WeChat — is one of the most important routes to reach customers and for those customers to subsequently buy things, including directly in those social channels.
Consultants like Tselebidis, though, frequently recommend clients buy things at places like the Container Store to better organize their cabinets and closets; observers have noticed that the Container Store has been packed since the show debuted.
"We want to create more channels and more ways for our collectors to be able to engage in and buy things that they love," said David Goodman, Sotheby's executive vice president for digital development and marketing.
Buy-now-pay-later firms have gained traction, mainly with millennials, by giving an option to buy things through interest-free instalments and helping them sidestep tougher rules related to taking a credit card or loan.
As a result, there are few things more important to Google's executives than protecting the firm's search dominance, particularly among the most profitable kinds of queries, such as those of users looking to buy things online.
If I was to win the lottery I wouldn't think about it being that I have millions dollars to spend but being able to buy things that would be beneficial to me in the long run.
I stock up on food to make lunch and dinner and pretend to buy things for breakfast even though I know I won't eat breakfast at home and I'll just eat it as snacks on weekends.
LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin BTC=BTSP has failed as a currency measured by standard benchmarks, and is neither a store of value nor a useful way to buy things, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Monday.
By 2020, Asia will represent more than 50% of global gross domestic product in purchasing power parity terms (the most appropriate measure for a world in which Asians pay Asian prices to buy things from each other).
"(People) are changing their mind and choosing to visit Britain, because with the depreciation of the pound it's cheaper for them to go there to buy things," said a senior executive at Beijing Utour International Travel Service.
Aside from slight convenience, it's not clear why anyone would want to buy things with their bag or clothing or some other wearable aside from a watch, but that isn't stopping the credit card companies from trying.
Frustrated with how many shows were being run like giant merchandise expos, Austin said he started Prepper Camp in Saluda six years ago because he felt that "people want to learn stuff," and not only buy things
Sears' extraordinary history: A timeline Rick Smith said the catalog gave his family the opportunity to buy things that were hard to get in Paris, Kentucky, a town of about 8,000 people about 20 miles from Lexington.
Women are less likely than men to say they would use more disposable income to buy things, and more likely to pay down debt instead, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey conducted in January.
That little speaker sitting in the corner is listening to you, and sending at least some of that data back to Google, which is now using that info to make it easier to buy things with your voice.
They can bookmark looks, shop them directly within the app, and generally use Instagram not only as a place for inspiration but also as a virtual mall where they can buy things to live out their consumer dreams.
LONDON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Bitcoin has failed as a currency measured by the traditional benchmarks, and is neither a store of value nor a useful way to buy things, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Monday.
I think it's really sad how, right on the heels — and we do this with all our major holidays — but we have this day about being thankful, and then right against that is the buy-things-a-thon.
Shopping As shoppers, we want to be very individualized in our choices, from apparel to eyeglasses to automobiles; but we also want to buy things that others like us, or those we want to be like, find appealing.
The Diderot Effect is a social phenomenon where people buy things that are complementary and, when they buy something that isn't complementary, they feel a need to buy more things to make the whole universe of possessions complimentary.
Will (Ben Foster) and Tom (breakout star Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie) have lived in Portland's public parks for years, and they're quite self-sufficient — only going into town to collect disability checks and buy things they can't grow themselves.
Instead, they're Trojan horses — their software makes it easy to buy things from Amazon's online store and use first-party services like Alexa and Prime Video, so Amazon wants to get them onto as many couches as possible.
Facebook's plan is to build a range of financial services for people to use Calibra to pay out and receive Libra — for example, to send money to contacts, pay bills, top up their phones, buy things and more.
While the United States might restrict Americans' ability to buy things from foreign countries by raising tariffs on imports, what it cannot do is force people in other countries to buy American goods that are not priced competitively.
Odds are that Bitcoin may never function well as a general medium of exchange (something you can buy things with) because of its wild fluctuations, but might work fine as a store of value that you can sell.
They're the sort of people who, instead of stopping in at Williams Sonoma or Target, buy things off Instagram ads — and who responded to the products that Pattern, in its previous life as Gin Lane, specialized in making appealing.
According to Venmo, any cash back will be deposited straight into your Venmo account, and from there, the money can be used to pay friends in the app, buy things using the card, or pay merchants that take Venmo.
We talked a little bit about buying new colors, which is actually relatively new, where you can then go back and see all the products that you've bought in the past that was recommended from us and buy things.
Amazon With Amazon making it easier and easier to buy things (you can now buy stuff with the push of a button, after all), it's easy to forget that the digital commerce site also lets you sell things too.
It has built-in GPS, it can stream music from Spotify and other platforms (you can also download music so you can leave your phone behind), and it has Garmin Pay, so you can buy things on the go.
In fact, that's why Jay Leno and Mark Cuban suggest steering clear of credit cards entirely, since they make it easy to buy things you can't actually afford, and that can end up costing you a lot over time.
They understand that it allows people who are in detention to buy things they need and keep in touch with their families by phone, which becomes even more urgent as the number of families torn apart by detention increases.
That's certainly the main way I've been thinking about preparing, in part because it's the most straightforward — and, as Americans, we've been trained that the best way to make ourselves feel better about vague fear is to buy things.
Anything is possible when you defer your student loans and opt out of your 401(k) — you want to buy things you can actually see or experience, not mess around with accounts that feel completely severed from your everyday life.
Photography collectors may make a nice profit if they hold a work for a few years and sell at the right moment, but mostly they tend to buy things they find beautiful or interesting, simply to keep and look at them.
"This is the kind of place where investors like to buy things, where you know that the user metrics are moving in the right direction, and there's this kind of open-ended opportunity of ways they can make money," Munster said.
"I always just assumed that credit cards were there to buy things you wanted and then you figure out how to pay for them later," she tells CNBC Make It. But in 2018, she began to feel trapped by her debt.
Cowen in a survey of U.S. consumers during the fourth quarter found the overlap of shoppers who buy things on both Amazon and Walmart to be declining (for the third straight quarter), as satisfaction scores are trending higher for Walmart.
Speaking as someone who grew up in a family too poor to give me an allowance, I cannot tell you how many times I was embarrassed to be unable to buy things like snacks and such when out with my friends.
The game could even go from augmented reality to the real thing: Just as the Pokémon game lets you spend money to buy things like extra balls, incense and potions, my game would let you use actual dollars to buy shares.
The A10 processor is still capable (even though it's not the iPhone 11's A13 chip), the battery life should be great, and you can even buy things on both iPads with Apple Pay, thanks to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
People who write online reviews are more likely to buy things in unusual sizes, make returns, be married, have more children, be younger and less wealthy, and have graduate degrees than the average consumer, according to Dr. Simester's 2014 study.
The Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney meanwhile on Monday said that bitcoin has "pretty much failed" as a currency measured by standard benchmarks, and is neither a store of value nor a useful way to buy things.
Suddenly, I could see a whole world of financial freedom — one in which I could buy things that I value without going into debt, invest in opportunities for my future, and even save for retirement — come into focus on the horizon.
Built-in NFC means you can buy things with Android Pay without pulling your phone out (welcome back Google hands-free), by holding the watch up to a compatible store machine — similar to what's offered on the Apple Watch and Samsung's latest offering.
It was a very unsatisfying hunt for an answer, but there's a clear takeaway: If you have the Amazon Prime Chase card and you're worried about Amazon getting more data about you, only use it to buy things from Amazon and Whole Foods.
And that security flaw, he says, allows him or anyone else capable of generating a simple QR code to both access exclusive airport lounges and buy things at duty free shops that require proof of international travel, all without even buying a ticket.
Prime Pantry is the company's strategy for getting you to buy things like paper towels and peanut butter online, while its Dash buttons help customers with one-click ordering of products like laundry detergent without ever needing to pull out their phone.
"If we had done the same construct as we did our domestic economy, there'd be a lot more manufacturing jobs in our count, because in part we'd be exporting to those countries that could afford to buy things," Brown told reporters Tuesday.
A year ago, Amazon, which is perpetually inventing new ways to buy things while using the fewest calories possible, introduced the Dash Button with a single purpose: to let customers order mundane products like garbage bags and toothpaste by pushing a button.
The world is awash with bots these days — applications the run either partly or entirely using natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision and other artificial intelligence technologies to help consumers ask and answer questions, buy things and get other stuff done.
And when we recall examples of actual events that left us with less money — think home fires, job losses, business downturns, divorces, serious illnesses and the like — in almost every case, it really was more difficult for us to buy things we wanted.
In order to get an above-average return in the long run, you have to buy things for less than they're worth, which is to say that the other people out there have to be selling that thing for less than its worth.
Instead of those companies' sending funds to Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates to go buy things, the companies did the buying on their behalf — all kinds of luxury consumer goods and, even better, in Mr. Manafort's case, millions of dollars of real estate.
Where technology and economics collide Google suffered a major blow on Tuesday as European competition regulators announced a massive €2.42 billion ($2.7 billion) fine against the company for abusing its "dominance" in the search engine business when consumers are looking to buy things.
KS: I think cash ... LG: I would love to be a fly on the wall, by the way, in a meeting room when Amazon meets with the government after it develops its decentralized cryptocurrency and starts having people buy things with it.
In general, it's a bad idea to buy things at the Indian store that you can get at a regular grocery store, because it's undoubtedly more expensive than it is at the grocery store, but peas are delicious and I can afford an extra dollar.
In addition to the Genius assistants who help with technical problems and sales assistants who help you buy things, you can now also visit with creative pros in the store, who answer questions on Apple's software and services like Apple TV and Apple Music.
Goldberg said you can also teach your child to fight the urge to buy things they don't need by telling them that if they still feel like they need it in two or three days, they can purchase it online or return to the store.
Pier 1 closed 30 stores in 2018, leaving it with about 1,000 locations in total across the U.S. Many shoppers have navigated to Amazon and other online retailers to buy things like dishes, wall art and the small furniture accessories that Pier 1 sells.
At the least, the film may give you pause about your Facebook account and digital footprint, and it's a sobering reminder that in the digital future, the internet isn't just where you buy things; it's where you and everything about you are for sale.
A few pointed out that double taxation occurs on a daily basis in the form of sales taxes (people buy things with taxed income), or that it is what the person leaves behind, rather than the person, which is subject to the estate tax.
And ultimately we are all compelled to participate in this system, however unwillingly, out of the same fear: if we don't sell our labour for a wage, if we don't buy things on the capitalist marketplace, we will starve to death, cold and alone.
Then, we turned to Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra, which will let you buy things or send money to people with nearly zero fees using interoperable third-party wallet apps or Facebook's own Calibra wallet that will be built into WhatsApp, Messenger and its own app.
The screen is sharp, the A10 processor is very capable (even though it's not the iPhone 11's A13 chip), the battery life should be great, and you can even buy things on it with Apple Pay, thanks to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
As the outsized, dominant social player in many parts of the world, its main portal and three messaging services Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp collectively touch billions of consumers and businesses, who use these to connect with each other, share information, buy things and more.
According to Mr. Daklo, the social worker, the government doesn't see albinism as a disability, and many people who have the condition do not receive the resources they need, including educational support in school, periodic skin screenings and money to buy things like sunscreen.
New York University told us several times that Bed Bath & Beyond was a good place to buy things for the dorm — and to prove it, the store hosts an annual all-night shopping party open only to N.Y.U. students and their credit-card-wielding parents.
The trouble with stablecoins for payments, at least at the moment, is that businesses don't accept them, so you have to convert them into fiat currency, like dollars or euros or cedis or what-have-you, in order to actually buy things like groceries or rides.
At this point, I'd developed a mentality that everything I'd worked towards had frittered away so I'd adopted a careless approach to spending, dipping into my savings account to buy things I would have avoided before, such as a holiday to Hong Kong, perfumes, and beauty products.
Her column came a few years before EFT was live and on a national scale, but she noted that tests of the program were going on and that it would make it possible for people to buy things and have the amounts pulled from your account automagically.
Libra and taxes Matt Levine ponders the tax implications of Libra, which are still up in the air: Sure sure sure if you pay taxes in Europe or the U.S. or wherever, the fluctuating value of Libra will make it an extraordinarily inconvenient way to buy things.
Just seven weeks in the making, yet kicking off with a catalog of 2,000 items — all of IKEA's sofas, armchairs, footstools, coffee tables and many storage solutions — IKEA Place presents a picture, literally and figuratively, of how mobile phones are changing the way we buy things.
"I definitely bought more luxury items at home than in the past since last year - a lot more - because it's convenient to buy things here," she said, standing with a friend as she compared a $5,700 purse she had bought with one in the shop window.
How it works: When brands buy an AR "lens" or animated image/video that pertains that can be overlaid on any picture or video taken by a Snapchatter, they can now also add a button that allows users to buy things directly from the moveable image.
Aside from chuckling at the angry posts from reviewers who felt slighted, it was a clear insight into how Apple believes people buy things these days, and how the older model of going to a select few reviewers perhaps isn't the only way to drive purchasing decisions.
Paperny said it&aposs important to go into prison with knowledge of how the facility works — incoming inmates should learn when meals take place, how inmates interact with one another, what is and what&aposs not a disciplinary infraction, and how to buy things in the commissary.
"I'm hugely cynical about branded opportunities to buy things and romantic love as sold to us by movies and magazines, yet my husband and I celebrate this manufactured consumer holiday every year with a bottle of delicious wine, a cheese plate and sparkling conversation," she writes.
No news yet if you'll be able to buy things off Amazon with just the right combination of words as you go down the road, but knowing Amazon, it would be overjoyed if you bought two seasons of Life on Mars on the way home from work.
The checkout-free system which is already operational in certain Amazon Go stores, allows shoppers to buy things with the help of a smartphone app by tracking what they pick up from the shelves and what they put back, billing their credit cards after they leave.
"In the comments, when people said something like, 'Man, this really made a difference in my life,' or where people were really transparent because I decided to be transparent about something that happened in my life as well, that is what makes people buy things," she said.
To ensure he doesn't tie too much information to the corporation, he makes most purchases, especially when buying something online, with prepaid debit cards that don't list his name or his L.L.C. The most anonymous way to buy things, of course, is to simply use cash.
They can be redeemed for statement credits and used to buy things like gift cards, but you're going to want to focus on one of two things to get the best bang for your point: booking travel through their portal or transferring points to partnered flight and hotel programs.
Customers will theoretically then use that returned cash to buy things using their new Dash Wand, picking up paper towels, soap, and other household essentials by asking the device to order each one, rather than needing a more expensive Echo or an individual Dash button for each product.
And I know, I know, people love to buy things—but there is also the option to just like, allow Bowie's legacy to live on through his life's work rather than continuing to use his image to hawk products that have literally nothing to do with that work?
That means toy brands will have the option to pay to showcase their products in an interactive way at Toys "R" Us. Those brands can then manage their in-store experiences and give customers the options to buy things in the store, or direct them to buy online.
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Photo: Bill Sikes (AP)If there are those among you who have thought to yourselves, "Boy—the number of corporate faux-holidays devoted entirely to trying to get me to buy things is one too few," then congratulations: Target is launching its own damn version of Prime Day.
But offering them in the first place introduces Echo users to the idea of shopping with their voice, and if we can learn anything from Amazon's hardware history, it's that the company is always thinking up new ways for us to buy things — ideally with minimal effort (and thought).
I finally swing by determined to buy things on my list: acne cream (I never had acne in my entire life, but around age 30, I started breaking out occasionally and it's the worst), dry shampoo (I've been using baby powder, which is ... not working out well), and hair ties ($45.33).
"Stories definitely help if you're trying to explain to an incredulous person why X wine they think should cost Y instead costs so many more dollars than Y."While descriptions are great for getting people to buy things, they can be frustrating for people who've dedicated their lives to crafting wine.
At the least, it feels a little contradictory to buy things from Kondo, a de-cluttering expert, author, and Netflix (NFLX) series star who has spent years using her KonMari method to teach us to better organize our homes and to dump items that don't "spark joy" in our lives.
This can either be to bring in more eyeballs and visitors (in the case of a company that, say, offers 'free' services and makes money on advertising), or more straight sales by way of offering discounts, insights on offers for things you might want or other incentives to buy things.
Jackson spoke with me (who, as a white woman and an editor of stories about how and why people buy things, can always benefit from insight on the topic) about how appropriation plays out in terms of what we're buying, who's allowed to profit from it, and why it all matters.
More than fleeting images, I wanted to see visual works that begin to get at how we've come to such an easy acceptance of the notion of a break from a signal that won't let up — how we got to the place where the need to constantly buy things became naturalized.
"The uncertainty around the timing of negotiations to leave the EU means that not only do investors become more defensive and buy things like gold and the dollar, but it also keeps sterling under pressure and translates into a permanent loss of economic activity at domestic level," ETF Securities analyst Martin Arnold said.
The Siris and Alexas who help us Google stuff and buy things; the C.G.I. Instagram models and robotic YouTube stars who ply us with entertainment; and the real women like Kylie Jenner, who are starting to look more and more like cyborgs as they meld with the platforms we watch them on.
But if instead some time of year rolls around and now you have to buy things for 10 people — some of whom you might not know well — that's a pretty tall order, at least from a resource allocation standpoint, in terms of spending money in ways that get people things they actually want.
For those not up to speed on Square's prepaid card, it's a new card that gives users of Square's peer-to-peer payments app — which, like Venmo, lets people pay each other directly from their smartphones — the option to carry around a physical Visa card and buy things with a good old-fashioned swipe.
Most companies have opted for the second route, and when they do, they need to find a way to hook into a bank's financial system and the payment technologies that form the backbone of transaction processing through the debit and credit cards that a huge portion of the world relies on to buy things.
Self-care can include, but is not limited to: saying no; buying things; refusing to buy things; taking a long walk; helping others; exercising; crafting; stockpiling and organizing things like coins and arranging them meticulously into Ziploc bags; stretching; listening to disco; spending time alone; singing karaoke (sometimes, alone); intending to one day start meditating.
But the underlying issue remains: Department store operators haven't figured out how to bring customers into stores, when more and more customers are opting to buy things online from places such as Amazon, Rent the Runway and Stitch Fix or are heading directly to brands such as Nike and Kate Spade, skipping a trip to the mall.
Pros: Strong speaker, you can buy things on Amazon, best smart home support, cool design, good voice recognition, huge support network, 100,000 skills and countingCons: Some limits with searchBuy Echo compatible products on Amazon (price varies based on the product)Sign up for Amazon Prime now for $99 a yearRead more about Echo skills on Insider Picks
"As teachers scramble to buy things for their classrooms and schools juggle to prioritize their needs because there is not enough money to get what is needed, it seems obscene to use money meant to be used for education to buy guns," Robin Farber, Latin teacher and student government advisor at a public high school in North Carolina, told Refinery29.
Snapchat is letting users buy products through a new advertisers' augmented reality feature in its app called "Shoppable AR." Why it matters: It's one of the most sophisticated uses of augmented reality for marketing that's been rolled out to date — and now that people can buy things directly using the tool, it's likely to spur more investment in the technology.
The initial hype around bots — applications that run partly or entirely using natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision and other AI tech to help consumers ask and answer questions, buy things and get other stuff done — may have waned a bit, but a startup building the equivalent for the enterprise world, in a fast-growing field called robotic process automation, is seeing its star rise.
Going forward, the idea will be to continue to expand its business along the same lines by building more technology into the platform to make the offers you are getting more targeted to what you might be most likely to buy, and to use the same tech to increase rewards to entice you to buy things that you may be less likely to naturally buy.
Chatbots are vying to become one of the cornerstones of the messaging world: using AI tools like natural language and machine learning, developers are hoping to tap into the popularity of chat apps as a medium of communication to explore new ways to help you get information, buy things, plan your life and more by letting you converse with intelligent computers instead of humans.
"I realized that people were always looking to buy things in Manhattan, so I would collect things from the refuse rooms, take pictures, post them online, and invariably someone would call and say, 'I've just moved to the city, I need a ton of stuff and I've got a van,'" said Ms. Wolfe, who at one point had six desks on display in her apartment.
The way he talked about it at least in his primary campaign, he wasn't taking donations from anyone — he was self-funding, or at least he said he was self-funding — because he knew that people gave donations to politicians as a way to buy things, and he knew that because he'd done it himself, donated to politicians to get them to do what he wanted.
"Right now, people are doing incredibly silly things," Regina Phelps, a pandemic planner and crisis management expert, tells CNBC Make It.  That's understandable — in her two decades as a pandemic planner, Phelps has learned that when people or companies don't develop a plan about what they actually need in advance, the "natural kind of response" is to buy things they don't need and will end up never using.
Like PayTM and rival services from e-commerce giants like FlipKart and Snapdeal as well as other big global players like PayPal, all of these companies are tapping into the fact that there is low credit card and bank account penetration in the country, and yet the appetite to buy things online and in person is growing, thanks to an expanding middle class and the growth of smartphone penetration to make transactions.
Perhaps EDC's beginnings as a place for off-duty cops and other first responders to post about their gear gives us some insight into the aesthetic current EDCers are trying to emulate; it may be trying to sell the concept of authenticity, this time with the added component of gadget fixation, to convince guys to buy things they might not need so they can feel like they, too, are prepared for the end of the world (or just a sticky situation).
Today at I/O, Google took the wraps off its latest foray into the world of communications: the company announced Allo, a smart messaging app supercharged with machine learning and Google's new Google Assistant service (its answer to Amazon's Alexa), giving users the ability not just to chat to each other with animated graphics and enlarging/shrinking text, but to call in Google (and later other third-party apps) to share media, plan events, buy things, and even think of what to say to each other.

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