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"would" Definitions
  1. would you…? used in polite offers or invitations
  2. used to say what you like, love, hate, etc.
  3. would do something used as the past form of will when reporting what somebody has said or thought
  4. would do something used for talking about the result of an event that you imagine
  5. would have done something used for describing a possible action or event that did not in fact happen, because something else did not happen first
  6. used for saying why somebody does something
  7. wish (that) somebody/something would do something used for saying what you want to happen
  8. would not do something used to show that somebody/something was not willing or refused to do something
  9. would you…? used to ask somebody politely to do something
  10. would imagine, say, think, etc. (that)… used to give opinions that you are not certain about
  11. I would… used to give advice
  12. would do something used for talking about things that often happened in the past synonym used to
  13. (usually disapproving) used for talking about behaviour that you think is typical
  14. would that… (literary) used to express a strong wish

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957 Sentences With "would"

How to use would in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "would" and check conjugation/comparative form for "would". Mastering all the usages of "would" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Predictably we would kiss, I would blow, he would plow, and he would come.
She would leave, he would apologize, they would make up and she would return.
The first would pay nothing, the fifth would pay $1, the sixth would pay $3, the seventh would pay $7, the eighth would pay $210, and the ninth would pay $249, and the richest would pay $259.
Whether either one would accept Adams's card, would call him, would enter treatment, would achieve recovery, would some day relapse, Adams couldn't predict.
Then we would, I would think … I would imagine that then we would roll into that.
What would -- what would or how would your side react?
Sometimes I would dictate, or he would translate, or I would write and he would fix my German.
I would bet that he would not do that and he would announce that the embassy would be moving.
He would -- his face would get red, and his lips would get white, and he would yell and scream.
Eventually they would tire, filibusters would end, and votes would commence.
So, I would-- I would-- I would expect that things change.
Exports would rise, imports would fall, and the gold would return.
If the world were 113 people: 25 people would be age 0-14 60 would be from Asia 16 would be from Africa 5 would be from North America 31 would be Christian 23 would be Muslim 12 would speak Chinese 6 would speak Spanish Just 5 would speak English 11 would live on less than $1.90 USD per day Think about if only five people lived on this entire continent.
Medicaid would remain, but its enrollment would freeze, its spending would be capped, and the federal contribution would be cut.
But whether they would or would not, many would argue that Democrats would still have a constitutional responsibility to exercise.
It would be supersized, it would be intense, it would be sexy.
I would imagine those would be characteristics that would serve him well.
Ali: How it would work is Vanessa would find something and she would email me and I would look at it, but I would always run it by Kevin.
We would get drunk together, we would have fun together, we would party—we would go to parties, these Hollywood parties.
I would then show them to Bryan who would learn parts of them and we would see what Larry would say.
"People would be coughing, people would be screaming, people would barf," Schmierer says.
One candidate would win, the other would lose, and that would be that.
People would die, news would get back home, and people would stop crossing.
That would be -- that would be very -- that would be a big disaster.
How would it feel, how would it move, and how would it look?
Well, that would be good, that would be good, that would be good.
Facebook would try something sneaky, users would object and Facebook would back off.
Voters would protest, the council would deny the project, the developer would sue.
But she would not say outright that taxes would or would not increase.
Clocks would roll back, banks would lose people's money, the electric grid would fail and planes would drop out of the sky.
I would forget my home, I would forget the place where I lived, I would forget my friends - I would forget everything.
"Their general notion was that people would fly to pieces, that people would panic, they would fight, they would loot," says Knowles.
I would not buy clothes, I would not make dinner, I would not keep schedules, I would not make playdates, never ever.
It would impact growth; it would impact companies and supply chains; it would impact workers; it would impact voters in Trump states.
"I never would have said it would be me, I never thought I would get it, when I would get it, if I would get it," Morricone said about his Oscar nomination.
They would go up, they would go down, they would go up, they would go down, and frankly the numbers were somewhat dramatic.
The Trump administration would attempt to enact legislation, people would protest, a judge would strike the policy down, and Trump would tweet angrily.
Where would I be and where would she be — what would life be like?
"She would be the last one you would think would survive," he explained later.
He said the pound would fall, inflation would rise, and GDP growth would slow.
Spurs would score, extra time would ensue, and the young would vanquish the old.
People would eat healthier, more people would telecommute, DC's SoulCycle businesses would love it.
TRUMP: You would... You would, well for that— for that, I would circle it.
There would come like these, I would hear something someone would say about me.
That would be the right thing to do for the future but would release pent-up perils now; defaults would climb, banks would rack up losses and many shadow lenders would go bust.
I was very afraid that women would die, that my mother would die, that my grandmother would die, that my aunts would die, that I would wake up, and they wouldn't be there.
Lenders would not lend, developers would not build, projects would collapse, the city's control over its own housing agenda would be thrown into turmoil.
You would think the last thing the aging, anti-social feline would be interested in would be energetic kittens, but you would be wrong.
" When it would go down, because sometimes it would go down, people would write to us and they would say, "Hey, Pinterest is down.
I would have thought, if you would have asked me then I would have thought it would have been out of business by 2017.
He would be somebody that you would most respect, he would certainly be a hero.
Trump's policies would drive growth, which would push inflation higher, which would kill bonds. Right?
It would make it worse, it would be so inflamed and sore I would cry.
Like, would you steal a page from Trump or would you -- what would you do?
We pull out boxes, anything that would store—that would keep paperwork, would keep valuables.
It would be great and it would be cheap, but it would be cray weed.
It also probably would mean that Denmark would advance, although Australia would still be alive.
I would say, in terms of the opening act, I would say, would be her.
Time would press on, we would all — hopefully — age, and Ronen would be forever 44.
And when we would be doing research we would find we would hear about it.
They would either acquire you, they would take you over, or they would destroy you.
He would get too big, and he would be banned; he would get too weird or grandiose, and he would stop being worthy of attention.
Planes would be grounded, ports would be clogged, food would rot, and garbage would pile up, and those are just some of the possible scenarios.
By energizing and incubating local, micro-economies, towns would become reinvigorated, schools would benefit, the broader community would feel renewed and dignity would be restored.
I would ask the questions, he would answer them, I would transcribe the conversations, and finally we would sit down together and edit the material.
You would see somebody who was visibly gay, there would be a sort of smile that you would share, and you would greet each other.
Casey Newton: I mean, people say that, and here's what would happen: He would post somewhere else and someone would write a bot that would screenshot it and that would immediately get posted to Twitter.
She would keep the art, the art would get sold and he would pay the taxes.
How many organs would be available, and how much would they cost, and who would pay?
"We would love it if California would say 'hey we would like some feedback," Jorgensen said.
I would worry that somehow college would find out and that would just mess up everything.
The things that would tick off Arnie would be the things that would tick off Bert.
A deal would be easy to secure because Berlin would make sure that it would happen.
And it wasn't just poetry, people would rap, people would sing, people would dance, play instruments.
It would be a shame if the collections would disappear and the academic bubble would pop.
Would you spill your life story, would you simply say, "no", or would you punch them?
I wasn't sure how I would do, if I would like it, if I would fail.
Since other states would know that any attack would be suicidal, they would assuredly be deterred.
"The moment we would stand up, we would get nauseated, our heads would spin," he recalled.
He would get down, and I would be the one that would bring him up again.
" He claimed that "Bill Clinton would" take suspect cash, "and Hillary Clinton would, and Chelsea would.
I knew we would suffer a profit hit but I knew we would we would survive.
The sun would rise, the sun would set, Representative Louie Gohmert, Republican of Texas, would yell.
We just knew nobody would pick it up, or how [we would find someone who would].
I would make it a priority — I would look at my budgets and I would plan.
Norris would not provide further details as to what operations the 250 soldiers would undertake, where they would be sent, or if they would be armed.
I would record it, and then we would come back and the language would have changed a little or we would tweak it a little bit.
"You would have to pass a law that he would want to sign into law and that, that would be what it would take," Ryan said.
And there are more who would consider a Nikki Haley candidacy than would rule it out (4503% would ever consider it, 21% would never support it).
"People would hear us, would see us and understand our difficulty, would sympathize with our plight and would grant us our new school building," she wrote.
Many more people would become infected, hospitals would be strained past the breaking point, the death toll would skyrocket — and the economic damage would only worsen.
And then I would go with Alaska [Air], and then I would go with Delta, and then I would go with American, and then I would go with United, and then I would go with JetBlue.
Germany - Would not qualify Tiago Ilori, Portugal - Would not qualify Divock Origi, Belgium - Yes Adam Bogdan, Hungary - Would not qualify Martin Skrtel, Slovakia - Yes Mario Balotelli, Italy - Would not qualify Lazar Markovic, Serbia - Would not qualify.
Households making less than $21,2000 per year would pay $22016; those making less than $103,210 would pay $22000; those making less than $25,000 would pay $98; those making less than $75,000 would pay $164; those making less than $100,20003 would pay $270; those making less than $200,000 would pay $485; and those making more than $200,000 would pay $1,000.
I made the most deliberate choices I could about who I would associate with, what books I would read, how I would exercise, what sport teams I would play on, and what educational programs I would take.
His longtime adviser, John Brabender, would say only that Mr. Santorum would make the announcements on Fox News, but he would not detail what he would say.
"His idea of efficiency is I would send him emails, his assistant would print it, he would write on it, and he would scan it," Cuban said.
If he would send them back that would be the start of something — I think it would be just something very special if they would do that.
That would mean one side would be warmer, but an atmosphere would distribute heat, and the scientists said that would not be an insurmountable obstacle for life.
When thoughts of sin would overpower me, I would think upon the name of the lord and he would come into me, and I would be saved.
Tax rates for those earning more than $21974,2100 would be 21%, $50,000-$99,999 would be 19%, $25,1003-$49,000 would be 13.56%, and $10,000-$14,999 would be 4%.
BAKER: What would cause you — what would be the line beyond which if Mueller went, you would say, "That's too far, we would need to dismiss him"?
It would mean senators would vote without an independent, nonpartisan estimate on how much the bill would cost and how many people would lose or gain insurance.
You would think pube-grooming would be an easy, breezy situation, but you would be absolutely wrong.
I would be more social, more relaxed, my love life would blossom, and my career would flourish.
If I would go outside, it would be on my patio and I would just sit there.
"I would see if Britney Spears would want to come because that would be fun," says Zerdin.
What would society be like, how would education be different, what would our priorities be in society?
Drop a few bombs, and citizens would panic and riot, governments would fall, and economies would collapse.
Everyone is always like, 'who would you marry, who would you f, and who would you kill?
What form any instrument would take would be crucial as it would determine its impact, said Rehn.
Sure, relations would improve but public safety would suffer as traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities would rise.
Two of us would go, and we would clean houses for hours, and we would get talking.
The brakes would work better, the steering would be stronger, the engine would purr instead of lope.
But it would be humane, it would adhere to the rule of law, and it would work.
It cited expectations that Brexit fears would subside, global growth would stabilize and consumer demand would grow.
I would drift through the front doors, and the girls would stare and the boys would wonder.
I would get my story, and then when I would get off, I would be so sick.
The nation's attention would be riveted and, as Trump would understand, the ratings would be sky-high.
" Somebody would send me something and I would be like "Why would you send that to me?
It would technically mean a default would follow but it would be a default in name only.
That would mean that any stay on legal proceedings would be lifted and court dates would continue.
I kept hoping the guy would take the hint, would get the message, would abandon his quest.
They would be told the police would be notified and they would be thrown out the venue.
I mean, I would not think that that would be the beat that everybody would want now.
"When we would go to a McDonald's or a fast-food place on the campaign trail, he would know what it would cost because he would take out the cash and he would pay for," Mr. Lewandowski said.
People would remember, they'd have a certain number of blogs that they would remember, they would go and surf the web and they would go to the blogs.
I asked him what he thought the wall would be like, where it would go, what it would be made of, and who exactly would pay for it.
My mom would sometimes ask if I was gay, but when I would imagine anything romantic, it would be a heterosexual fantasy and I would be the girl.
Corporate competitiveness would evaporate, unemployment would skyrocket, people would freeze and there could be mass starvation, and the U.S. economy would collapse faster than you can say Armageddon.
He described the results of a Trump recession: we would lose three and a half million jobs, incomes would stagnate, debt would explode, and stock prices would plummet.
Trump's plan would initially increase incentives to save and invest but would increase deficits, while Clinton's plan would decrease incentives to save and invest but would reduce deficits.
I would not wear a T-shirt, I would not wear Levi's, I would not wear shorts, and I would not wear sandals, like all the girls do.
Trump would refrain from raising tariffs, the Chinese would buy more from American farmers, and talks would resume.
"Would I be safe, would my artwork be safe, would my community and culture be safe?" he asked.
Where would I go, who would I talk to, where would I get my pads or tampons, underwear.
Box would not be Box; Gmail would not be Gmail; WhatsApp would not be WhatsApp; and so on.
So because we would do that, they would get really excited when a new book would come out.
Boy sometimes I would pray that either we would get killed or they would but it never happened.
"I would come home from school and they would be online and I would be online," he said.
It would be fantastic and it would be ironic as shit and it would be internet as shit.
I would have to craft a list that would appease everyone, with books that every reader would enjoy!
The requests would come less frequently, his schedule would ease, and they would have more quiet time together.
"I would imagine it would be the thing I would be remembered for," Van Dyke says of Poppins.
This would be with Kim Jong Un, something where he would there, he would be in his country.
There would be these chunks, and then there would be music, and then there would be another chunk.
But I would be there, I would show up and I would talk about what I care about.
"I would imagine it would be the thing I would be remembered for," Van Dyke says of Poppins.
They also said he would hire private security guards who would "virtually guarantee" that he would not flee.
No money would need spending, no procedures would need establishing, and no worst-case scenarios would need preparations.
You would think in this day and age, you would think we would be voting through our phones.
Then we would send them to Ghostface, he would send back verses, we would change the beats, etc.
So if sports would move people to Amazon Prime, I would assume they would try to do it.
He promised them the moon: mines would reopen, their jobs would come back, and their communities would thrive.
They assured him that eventually they would reach a settlement, revenues would normalize and Qualcomm stock would respond.
We would be hanging by the pool, and she would read her books and I would read comics.
You don't know you would split up and everything would be different, and the whole world would change.
Unemployment would soar, inflation would rise and Britain would fall into a serious recession, the central bank said.
So while various stretching poses would be allowed, "namaste" would remain verboten, as would using chants or mantras.
She said that the kids would crash, and that a time would come when they would feel alone.
The two would switch off who would be Cameron and who would be Tyler from scene to scene.
So, your lens around an issue would be different — and how you would approach it would be different.
"No one would ever in their wildest dream would believe a storm would come like that," he said.
It would, he said, be based on equivalence and this would be something the EU would assess alone.
We would throw these drugs that would kill everything and hope patients would recover with normal bone marrow.
The caribou would be wiped out, the tundra would be ruined and their culture would cease to exist.
Clients would apply from public library computers, caregivers with vacancies would respond, government agencies would administer the contract.
The television ads would come down, staffers would be fired and the campaign would come to an end.
They certainly would know that I would be one of many who would address it if they did.
That would mean that Mylan would get to pocket almost 10% more, in total, than it otherwise would.
We would do a rehearsal with a stand-in, and I would watch the action, and I would go ahead and do it, and we would watch the playback together, and the [producers] would give me notes if necessary.
Four times each year, new trees and floral displays would be trucked in; the waiters would get new uniforms; the menus would get a makeover; the ribbons in the typewriters would be changed; and the banquettes would be reupholstered.
" Bill Foster added that his "suspicion is that when you would actually score something like that, you would look at the drop in trading volume that would happen and you would find that the revenue raised would be small.
I was sitting there — literally, this is how bored I was — I was trying to figure out what would be the cost to me for doing that, what would happen, and what would Walt do, what would [Tim] do, what would the crowd do, would I have to leave journalism?
"The result of a decision the president would make is so grotesquely horrible -- it would change the face of the earth, it would change humanity, it would change mankind."
Choking the smartphone complex would be madness: consumers would be upset, millions of jobs would be at risk in Asia, and stockmarkets in America and East Asia would suffer.
I never would have guessed that Martha would survive, that Philip's son would be turned back without ever meeting him, that Stan would still — three episodes from the end!
When reparations are discussed, the biggest questions raised revolve around what a reparations program would look like, who would benefit, who would pay, and how it would be funded.
It's amazing how prescient Nintendo's level designers were, predicting exactly how players would move, how they would look around, what they would see and how they would pursue it.
Particularly in southern Europe, indebted governments would have to redouble austerity measures, households would curtail spending, firms would defer hiring and troubled banks would be pressed by rising costs.
Soon the National Guard would arrive, military-run tent cities would rise, people would guard their houses with shotguns, and an army of roofers and insurance adjusters would arrive.
This would be a tremendous achievement that would make the world safer, but verification would be a huge challenge and would require short-notice inspection visits to military sites.
Asked who would do better against Marco Rubio, 221 percent said Clinton would, 236 percent said they would have an equal shot and just 230 percent said Sanders would.
Would you— you going to stick with bilateral or would you ever go back in the multi—would TPP, would that ever be possible to look at that again?
He said the deal he was looking at would protect Kim - "he would be there, he would be running his country, his country would be very rich," Trump said.
The Goldman Sachs analysis anticipated that casinos would lose 95 percent of revenue, sports and entertainment would lose 80 percent, hotel revenue would drop 75 percent, public transport would plummet 85033 percent and restaurants would see their income drop 65 percent.
And yet he would -- with that alone, you would think he would be up to 55, 60 percent approval.
Or there would be some little micro-closure of something, and they would get to it before I would.
People would like the lower prices and the increased demand they would stimulate would justify opening up more locations.
A morality would seem to be offered, a plan would seem to be offered, some sense would be there.
Would would be if we simply wore our rover out, and the other would be if Mars killed it.
About half of the people who would lose coverage would be white, and 40 percent would be young adults.
When you touched the screen, it would track your finger perfectly, you would pull down, it would pull down.
Fewer battles would occur over food and other resources (because we would not need them) and inequalities would evaporate.
People would sometimes stop on the road and I would sell them work, and then they would keep going.
Public housing would be funded, but only for tiny flats; reservoirs would be built, but users would be charged.
"That would mean we would be in a situation where there would be blackouts and major conservation," Donahue said.
Workers would end up working off the wrong drawings, information would get lost and expensive mistakes would be made.
"It would be normal, normal, normal and something would come up and would grab everybody's attention again," she says.
Archie would take his shirt off, Cheryl would look the most glam, and everyone in attendance would lose control.
It would always just be a cycle of, if I would run out of underwear, I would go home.
If companies knew business would be bad next year, they would stop investing, and business would be bad today.
But senators warn the tactics would backfire because it would result in blocking judges that Democrats would otherwise support.
All illegal immigrants would be repatriated, boat migrants would be blocked from arriving and rules on asylum would change.
If I'd known what would happen, I would have stayed, but then maybe I too would not have survived.
"The places where there would be cooperation would be places we would rather not have move forward," he added.
The site said that would mean wholesale pricing would be around $10-12 and retail registrations would be $20.
An app would keep track of everyone's points, and local communities would decide how these points would be rewarded.
It would make sense that the IRGC would want a cleric that would be fully supportive of its interests.
I would hope that we would hold our president to the same standard that we would high school students.
He would give me something to do, and I would go do it, and I would do it well.
But it would mean that some proportion of them would have symptoms, and around 1% to 2% would die.
But it would mean that some proportion of them would have symptoms, and about 1 to 2% would die.
They would have jaunty expressions, radiating confidence, but then a phone would ring and faces would abruptly turn dour.
Average premiums would go down largely because the insurance they would pay for would become thinner and less valuable.
You would think this would be a nonpartisan issue and, given prior statements by Democrats, something they would favor.
He knew Karen would be upset and he feared she would judge him, as he trusted I would not.
The first resolution would establish the trial process, while the second would determine what, if any, witnesses would testify.
Then they would rehearse what they would say at each negotiating session, and even decide who would say it.
Some visiting literary celebrity would show up, Partisan Review would make a party or I would make a party.
"Every time somebody would meet Zelensky, they would, like, agree and then they would walk it back," Parnas said.
In meetings, she would tell the staff that they would cover this president just as they would any other.
I would borrow his favorites, he would borrow mine, and we would — for the most part — play nicely together.
Sometimes Fisher would remove the tray, and sometimes Schwartz would, and sometimes they would leave it on the table.
There would be times where we would just hear gunshots and we would have to get on the floor.
So the fact that the wages would be fairer would be something that I would look forward to seeing.
"I would go, and he would meet me in front of the building, and I would cry," she said.
" Later, Obama claimed a Republican president would "lead to lower wages, it would eliminate worker protections, it would cut investments in things like education, it would weaken the safety net, it would kick people off health insurance, it would let China write the rules for the global economy, it would let big oil write the rules that protect our air and water, it would let big banks weaken rules that protect families from getting cheated, it would cut taxes for wealthy Americans to historic lows.
In the weeks leading up to it, friends kept joking that nobody would survive this because it would be too peak, there would be stampedes, surely, the UK would implode.
Premiums would have been lower, which would have meant federal subsidy outlays would have been lower, which would have made it affordable for Congress to make the subsidies more generous.
What would be the principles, how would we structure it, how big would it be, how would we think about people who come into it and progress to different levels.
"No-deal Brexit would be off the table, business investment would recover a bit, the economy would continue to grow steadily and the jobless rate would probably fall," he added.
Some of them would click their fingers up, and l would get really annoyed, Beryl would have to roll up a tea towel, and l would bite down on it.
Just a few moments later, Sandy fired back with her own zinger: "If you would answer your phone you would know." if you would answer your phone you would know.
Cuba's shoddy infrastructure would continue to deteriorate, foreign investors would recoil, already marginal communities would become even poorer and the exodus of desperate Cubans to the United States would accelerate.
Apart from the group who would put the money toward unrelated debt, 243% would save the money, 2393% would use it pay off outstanding bills, and 24% would invest it.
Domestic programs prized by Democrats would be cut, the diplomatic corps would be decimated, spending on the military would balloon and a wall would be funded on the southern border.
Mr. Kim "would be there, he would be running his country, his country would be very rich, his country would be very industrious," Mr. Trump said in remarks to reporters.
As a result, breaking up or degrading Nafta would have the same disruptive effects that came from Nafta's creation: Plants would close, jobs would disappear, communities would lose their livelihoods.
This would mean that most of our infrastructure would continue to crumble, while those projects that did get done would cost more because they would include a profit for investors.
Whenever someone would want to date me, I would go on one date, I would see if I liked them enough and trusted them, and then I would tell them.
On every version of Android to date, Google would make a version; then it would need to be made to work with processors; then an OEM would customize it; then everybody listed would certify it worked; and lastly, carriers would certify it.
It was never a consideration or a possibility that what happened would actually happen — that any of them would like me and that I would like them, that we would actually get along, that somebody would use the word "friend" for me.
"If the government resigns, the procedure for revoking the concession would be interrupted, and since it would be unlikely that 5-Star would participate in a new executive, it would be very plausible that this procedure would not be reopened," Opipari said.
"Brandon would be working on production and then one of us would hop in and write with him, and then Edwin would be writing something and another of us would hop in — all of us would chip in," the singer, 21, says.
Sometimes [the researcher] would give me a list of 12 and 11 wouldn't work or they would have passed away, but then I would call the one and leave a message and they would call me back -- or they would answer the phone.
"We would go into separate rooms and she would work on a song and I would work on a scene and then we would have snacks and a drink and those sessions would go until 2 in the morning," Ms. Kaczmarek said.
Even as I began to feel intimately familiar with these characters, I never knew what turn the story would take next, how the past would reassert itself, what alliances and rifts would form, where love would fail and where it would unexpectedly appear.
The uncertainty over how many investors could hold private shares, and would want to, would be a challenge for Musk because the final tally would dictate how much capital he would need to raise to buy out those who would sell the stock.
They would also enjoy a special, one-time opportunity to bring home cash that they are parking overseas, though administration officials would not say how low that rate would be or how they would ensure that the money would be invested productively.
I saw my mom work at the post office and then she would come home, drive me to school, then she would go to classes, then my grandma would pick me up and I would come home and she would be there.
What would actually happen is that gasoline would become much more expensive, consumers would need to cut back spending on non-gasoline items, businesses would face a higher cost structure, and the overall economy would slow down with inflation-adjusted incomes falling.
You would read the text and then you would respond to the text and the receipt would be useless anyway because your response would signal that you had read the text.
"The result of a decision the president would make is so grotesquely horrible -- it would change the face of the earth, it would change humanity, it would change mankind," he said.
The yield curve would steepen (long-dated bond yields would rise), and equities would do well (particularly cyclical stocks on the grounds that the effect would be to stimulate the economy.
I didn't know at the beginning if this would be a show that no one would watch or if it would be a show that a lot of people would watch.
"By keeping the prices low, I was hoping that would mean more people would buy and then more people would get diapers and then we would help more people," she says.
The YouGov poll showed 48 percent would vote to remain, 38 percent would vote to leave, 6 percent would not vote and 7 percent did not know how they would vote.
Many were afraid that carving out a safe space for illegal immigrants would mean that more would come, and that public-school classes would swell and teachers would be spread thin.
He said he would not overcharge defendants, would not ask for cash bail or bond, would turn over evidence earlier to defense attorneys and would establish a wrongful conviction integrity unit.
Sensors would pick up people or vehicles crossing this invisible line; algorithms would calculate their position; and then those coordinates would be sent to pilots who would bomb the estimated location.
Yes, I don't think we would have expected that Edith would be the one whose role would alter as much.
But fiscal conservatives would hate the spending that would entail, and that Republican opposition would keep it off the floor.
Who would have thought that, in the end, it would be the humble voicemail that would do us all in?
They would give him a nickel, and then he would give it to his parents, so they would fight less.
It would be something I would love to explore, but it would have to be done in the right way.
From the outside looking in, you would think the adults would be the ones who would see through his act.
So, I would give that -- go out and give talks and people would be talking and I would say, oh.
Often, large groups of extended families would make the trip, religious ceremonies would take place and food would be served.
"They would call us stupid, they would call us lame, they would call us all kinds of stuff," said Parson.
If the decision is overturned, state laws would determine where abortion would remain legal and where it would be banned.
I would be there with Frank and we would be walking in and the Jackson Five would be walking out.
That money would move around and would clearly increase the tax base, and it would generate a lot of revenue.
Zach would write a rough draft and I would go through and interviews and then Zach would put jokes in.
You would think Lawrence, who looks like someone Botticelli would gladly pose on a half-shell, would be muse enough.
But Huawei believed this would be the year it would turn all that around — and CES would be the show.
So I assumed this would come to some conclusion, either I would do the podcast or he would calm down.
It would adapt to the new situation but there would be some disruption and it's not something we would welcome.
The decor would be next-level, the guest list would be lit, and even the party favors would be luxurious.
While spending would still rise under Trump's plan, it would not climb as much as it would under current law.
This would be significant if and when the apartment is sold, as it would determine who would get the proceeds.
Trump said he would take care of this, he said he would fix it, he said it would be easy.
"This kind of s— would come up all the time, and I would go and I would complain," Crawford said.
That would also mean they would be placed on social probation, which would bar them from purchasing tickets to prom.
The groups argued that such a proposal would not be effective, would cost too much and would impinge on privacy.
A COB score would illustrate how many people the bill would cover and how much it would cost the nation.
They would fly in their lawyers, and the government would change the goalposts, and there would be a collective groan.
"Frank would look at you, and he would say this before he would even say much of anything," Sandee recalled.
"When I would go on tour, I would be great, and then I would come home ...," he said, trailing off.
"I doubt the mayor would have said that in public and neither would I and neither would you," Flake said.
"I would hope (Trump) would pick someone who would be by the book and not by the politics," Feinstein said.
You would go to the Walgreens website, you would order your Tylenol, and Roxo would deliver it to you locally.
I would hope that if their kids had a negative interaction, they would come forward and we would address it.
Then real talks would commence, a majority would be cobbled together, and the real deal or final proposal would pass.
He said he would do research on the "groups" in question and would then decide if he would condemn them.
With it, the European dream would die: borders would go up; the current -- albeit imperfect -- European economic order would evaporate.
Who would have thought the Patriots would be struggling with a 1-2 record and the Dolphins would be undefeated?
Where would the film be set, whose stories would it capture, and what would make it resonate with today's Australians?
It would have forced plants to make efficiency improvements, which would have triggered NSR, which would have triggered tighter standards.
She would not say which locations would sell alcohol and did not specify what kinds of alcohol would be sold.
Colt would have 50 stations but we never would get to that point where we would get the whole panel.
It would lead to "death panels"; it would lead to "rate shock"; it would cause the budget deficit to balloon.
I would totally understand why someone would do that, and I can understand why someone would want that so much.
That would mean for every 200 people who reduced their meat consumption, one would see a benefit; 199 would not.
I wasn't sure how well things would line up — where Mr. Comey would be, or what would be behind him.
You waited for it: The Jenningses would be caught, or maybe only Paige would, and bloody hell would break lose.
If I were smaller, I would be better — though I would settle for numb — and I would love myself more.
The seafood trade deficit would decrease, Arkansans would eat less Alaskan salmon and Alaskans would earn less for their catch.
Our service would be so incredible our clients would never even think of leaving us — it would be too painful.
During sign up, users would select which neighborhood would host their site according to what their site would be about.
There would be no sense that once again, a meeting between Liverpool and Chelsea would decide something, would decide everything.
Under his plan, the vice president would resign, Wilson would appoint Hughes secretary of state, and then Wilson would resign.
Half would be absorbed by Israel while the other half would be moved to Western countries that would accept them.
Industrial managers would input data which would then be centrally analysed; instructions for any necessary changes would be sent back.
I never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious.
Regardless, old people would die, babies would be born prematurely and at reduced birth weight, and economic output would stumble.
We would go through the Gay Games and that would be the end, which still would have been two years.
A reader, you would take RSS feeds and you'd mash them together and that would be what you would see.
Because Sheryl would be secretary of treasury, Bezos would be secretary of commerce, Michelle Obama would be the attorney general.
I -- RILEY: I would -- I would agree with that.
Would I — would I have necessarily played that part?
" He added: "Ministers would come, army generals would come.
I would keep them – I would keep everybody laughing.
It would be fun to ... What would you do?
Readers would not believe it — it would never fly.
So that would — John would certainly fit into that.
So but you would think ... You would do those.
That seems like it would be a highly unstable equilibrium: Either Trump's numbers would hold up, he would look like the best and only chance to beat Hillary, and Romney's Republican support would bleed Trump's way, or else the Donald would gradually deflate and lots of his more opportunistic supporters would gravitate toward Romney.
Formal statements usually say whether the president "would sign" or "would veto" a bill, or slightly less definitively whether his advisors "would recommend he sign" or "would recommend he veto" the measure.
He would do something that would blow it up, and he would blow it up at late hours, and we would have to rush in and make the show all over again.
My impressions would change only me… then I would sometimes see the world differently…then I would revert back to some old worries… The change would be there but ….. only in me.
The country would fragment and, in the scramble for its riches, Iran would extend its power, jihadists would gain a new lease of life and foreign powers would feel compelled to intervene.
Formal statements usually say whether the president would sign or would veto a bill, or slightly less definitively whether his advisors would recommend he sign or would recommend he veto the measure.
While users would be able to switch cards, the change would happen within Curve's platform, so merchants would only see the original transaction and would not be charged card processing fees twice.
It would cost roughly $170 million, and while the couple would contribute most of the funds, the project would cost taxpayers $40 million, and in the end Diller would control the park.
Some would be turnkey projects, in which contractors would hand over facilities to Iraq, while others would be build-operate-transfer deals in which private firms would receive concessions to operate facilities.
It would have the same value as the financial help uninsured people would get — meaning the federal government would cover the cost of the premium, so enrollees would get coverage for free.
"We would write the story, it would go through one of the editors, the editors would edit it and approve it for placement, and it would get placed," explained one former staffer.
When I was reading the script, I thought that would be the conflict – that they would get married, he would oppose her move and there would be a crack in the relationship.
At conferences, "it would be forums where nobody [would] be there, and even the people that would show up, [it] would be to just explain all the things" that failed, Asorey said.
And what would happen a lot of times is people would show up, people would get the message and show up.
Both bills would preclude states from passing any laws that would or would attempt to regulate how self-driving cars perform.
People would tell me I would never look good in a wedding dress and my kids would be embarrassed by me.
Every time I would walk down the stairs, I would think about what would happened if I were to accidentally fall.
Such a file would be effectively unusable: either employees would not use those systems or would find ways around the safeguards.
Would he be scared or would he think, like so many families do, that it would never happen at his school?
I would have anticipated that the misinformation would have some influence — but not that it would cancel out the facts completely.
My hands would be trembling, my heart would be pounding a mile a minute, and my face would be sweating bullets.
Cities would be paralysed without electricity—the lights would go out, but that would be far from the most serious consequence.
That would mean the state would no longer have direct control over the firm, although it would retain a blocking stake.
I would try it one way, I would try it another way, and then I would combine the two of them.
"He would be there, he would be running his country, his country would be very rich," Trump said at the time.
A vow to continue cooperation would support oil markets because it would reassure traders the OPEC+ backstop would remain in place.
It would be a story, he would speak in a very rhythmic tone, and he would have music loops under it.
They would literally have to, or everyone would assume that yes, it was Russia, and then serious consequences would probably follow.
I would hang up and I would cry my eyes out, because I would have killed for any of those things.
This would all be done automatically and would not be up for dispute since it would be recorded in the blockchain.
James would find people who would pay for verification, and his friend on the inside of Instagram would make it happen.
It would present facts to Loh, who would make recommendations to the university system regents, who would make the final decision.
" While politicians, being human, would always seek greater power, the separation of powers would help ensure that "ambition" would "counteract ambition.
So I would hope that I don't fall onto that track — but I would think that I would be pretty cool.
I would bring CDs of music, and they would go into the [Guantánamo] library and he would get them that way.
It would be bad for Britain and bad for Europe, because investors would have doubts and this would affect capital flows.
Although a carbon tax would mainly affect consumption, not investment, it would still lower GDP from what it otherwise would be.
She would have pain in childbirth, he said, and she would desire her husband, but he would rule over her, always.
He worried that they would be shot, that Adula's mother would collapse, that her sister-in-law would give birth prematurely.
The situation would get so grim that the unimaginable would happen: People would come to long for the days of Qaddafi.
Thereafter, an integration plan would be drawn up, and only then would details would be made available to employees and markets.
State insurance would replace private insurance, and consumers would no longer have premiums or deductibles, though they would make co-payments.
The rules committee would scramble to determine who would be eligible to be nominated and how such a nomination would proceed.
The effort would be modest, regulators would monitor it closely, and mom-and-pop investors would be kept out, they said.
He thought whenever I would be in a setting that I would bring people together, and they would listen to me.
Would be considered bottom-of-the-barrel trashy and would put people off massively to the point that they would leave.
It would ruin it if I systematically thought about what would make a good pairing; what would go well with it.
Sure, Google would be ... Apple and Google would be the purchasers, it's just like, would you take that on right now?
At this point they would be the one bloodied, and they would meet a stranger who would ask them several questions.
A pattern had also emerged that would carry on throughout Clinton's public life: Her protectors would overprotect; her attackers would overattack.
Emily would see this as offensive, and Lorelai would see it as true, and then their fight would have higher stakes.
I would hang up and hope that this overturned tile in her brain would reveal itself and our game would resume.
Her eyes would water, her nose would run and then she would get this intense pressure behind her cheekbones and eyes.
Single Americans would receive $1,200, married couples would get $2,400, and parents would see $500 for each child under age 17.
Essentially, longer trains would mean not every car would open at every station, so passengers would have to be more attentive.
I created a village where I would live, populated with characters I would befriend and a main character I would marry.
But that would be a terrible idea, one that would expose you to far more harm than it would protect against.
We would make signs, and I would give a speech stating our dissatisfaction, and we would march out of the school.
"grown-ish" would be different, but also the same; it would take some getting used to, but everything would be fine.
Many families would receive a tax cut, but the benefits would be mixed, and some would probably end up paying more.
The virus would be contained, factories would revive, and products not made on schedule would be produced at some later point.
Critics say the euro would slump in value, money would flow out of France and financial and economic chaos would ensue.
And they would skirt the rules because the worst that would happen is the company would end up paying a fine.
That would mean Salzburg, as the Austrian champion, would be in and Leipzig, the runner-up in Germany, would be out.
However, that person would qualify for federal subsidies that would cut the amount they would personally pay by half to $142.
Doctors would be overloaded, because many would become sick, and because people who have not been infected would still seek help.
This would mean customs checks would take place but these would be away from the border, according to the U.K. government.
He would write a scene, the actors would play it, that would tell him where the next scene needed to go.
"If you would ask me seven years ago whether I would ever own a house, I would say no," Greenwell said.
He wondered how much notice he would get, and what his severance would be, and how he would tell his wife.
But it would be a titanic fight, some Republican senators would defect on principle, and Mr. Trump would almost certainly lose.
Both colours would be dynamic; new red links would form and old ones perish; some green blobs would grow, others shrivel.
If the Cotton-Perdue bill became law, the working-age population would shrink, the nation would age and America would decline.
MICK MULVANEY: I'm-- I-- you know, I-- would-- again, would it be what I would do if I was the president?
WAPNER: Theoretically they would be aware, and understanding of some of the issues that you would— CHANOS: You would think so.
"We would hope there would be a fair process just as we would hope that they'd honor the Constitution," she said.
But that in turn would mean Americans would supply fewer dollars in foreign-exchange markets, and foreigners would demand more dollars.
The result would be regressive: Wealthy people would get more help buying insurance, while poor people would likely get less assistance.
A Brexit without a deal would certainly be bad for the EU. But it would be much worse for Britain: goods would back up with no customs agreement, air travel would stop without an aviation deal, tariffs and non-tariff barriers would appear overnight.
Thus in contrast with rivals offering fantasy tax-cutting plans which would instantly trigger economic booms, Mr Kasich would explain that as president he would try to balance the federal budget, but that this would take some time and would involve hard trade-offs.
McRaven were drafted to run for governor of Texas, the political world will be astonished and amazed by the excitement he would generate, the enthusiasm he would inspire, the workers he would motivate, the donations he would attract and the support he would receive.
The CMS study found that by 2026, Alaska would lose 38 percent of its federal funding for insurance subsidies and Medicaid; Arizona would lose 9 percent; Maine would gain 44 percent; Ohio would lose 18 percent; and West Virginia would lose 23 percent, Axios reported.
" He continued: "Then I would get my heart broken and then my friend would be there, and I would fall in love with my friend, and then I would get my heart broken.
He said hot-testing would start in December 2017, nuclear fuel would be loaded in August 2018, first grid connection would be in December 2018 and the commercial start would be May 2019.
He suggested the right time would be in two-to-three years, when he forecast the bank would be more profitable, the Russian economy would be growing again and sanctions would be removed.
Kyle would play something through the effects chain, and then it would get fucked up and the timing would change through the hologram pedal, and then it would go through this huge reverb.
I would try my best not to have a gig on a biking day so I would ride and then I would rest and then the next day I would do the show.
They thought the global economy would continue to struggle, inflation would stage a comeback, right-wing nationalism would prevent economic revival in Europe and laggards like Japan, Russia and Brazil would remain weak.
Effectively, imports would be taxed, and exports would be subsidised.
But I would net their shareholders would like the shift.
GIGOT: I would assume that would include plutonium as well?
"Elton thinks Diana would be proud and would love Meghan."
People would see him, and that's how it would grow.
I would wake up and the sky would be orange.
You say you would never, but we know you would.
It would be fun, but what would it be about?
" She added, "In time you would think you would change.
At that point, supply would rise and prices would fall.
What would be the thing that would have to happen?
Bannon's position would not require Senate confirmation while Sessions' would.
" They would always do this ... They would go, "Monkey Business!
I would go to Toronto, and I would always marvel.
I would think a garbage dump would be better, right?
Brace yourself: Tequila would get pricier, as would Mexican beer.
Of course, she would never wish anyone would be hurt.
" Concurs Clarke: "Yeah [I would say], 'Would you just stop?
She would take that extra minute; she would remember them.
I would think that it would be hard not to.
Clinton would have 296 superdelegates, and Sanders would have 265.
English would be an official language (though so would French).
That would be something I would find to be inappropriate.
The prosecutors would ask the questions, and Blazer would answer.
Their marriage would mean that Staub would become a duchess.
Some time would pass, and then another tone would play.
We would hope they would come back to the table.
So I would — I would be willing to do that.
While the president would be emboldened, Democrats would emerge despondent.
It would matter more somehow; it would feel more real.
Perhaps the train would cool off, and things would improve.
He would not say whether he would leave for good.
You would think that I would vote for Hillary, right?
You would think that voters would get it by now.
He would just point and you would get it down.
I think whatever I would pitch would be very weird.
I would think she would want to resolve family problems.
Which would you revisit and which would you rather forget?
"Hypothetically," he acknowledged, "you would think" Jaime would be upset.
That would be bad, but it would hardly be fatal.
How do you think a President Trump would would govern?
If you would have said 1081 you would be correct!
However, that would be as close as Oakland would get.
That would be as close as Golden State would get.
Sometimes the signal would vanish; sometimes the tiger would appear.
It would be presumptuous to assume anyone would care, yeah?
Then it would be tainted, and would not be good.
That would would be the Instagram account, Mattresses of Melbourne.
He would go back tomorrow if they would let him.
However, that would be as close the Oakland would get.
Pain would yield to will, and that would be that.
"I would signal them and nothing would happen," he said.
If the police would give information, [refugees] would never go.
Doing so would be logistically daunting, but it would not
And that would be a question that I would have.
Wall Street would freak out; his board would freak out.
Premiums would rise, as each member would require significant spending.
I would think that would be a little bit unsettling.
I would expect that he would remember that this happened.
Court would quickly produce outcomes that would hurtle American constitutionalism
Presumably, Texas would vote Republican and California would vote Democrat.
" Handler answered, "I would just, I would just look up.
The two reacted exactly how you would expect they would.
I would think wall money would be part of that.
You would think dealing with this would be my job.
That would be insane, and we would need $1 billion.
I would be hot, uncomfortable and my back would ache.
You would think they would be dismissive but they're not.
Who would stick with me and who would simply disappear?
It would just get too cold and everything would die.
That would come up and someone would sarcastically reference Harambe.
When she would hear a plane she would be terrified.
Never would we have thought this would happen to us.
Would that be something that you would think is important?
Remain campaigners would like it to, as would the government.
Our results would suggest that that would also blunt helping.
What materials would you use, how would you build it?
And you would hope that would lead to improved performance.
When I would cry, Diana would be off camera, crying.
Who would have thought a Weiner would be HRC's undoing?
Democrats would be outraged, and I would agree with them.
Most committee activity would be suspended, as would Capitol tours.
Would you rock these or would you save yourself $200?
But that would be totally against what Tom would say.
So the issue would become: what assurances would China need?
Mild depreciation would be welcome; a rapid plunge would not.
Would the audience be scared or would they be underwhelmed?
Intuitively, one would think Gazans would have caved long ago.
What would "What Would Diplo Do?" do in this situation?
You would think oblivion would be welcome at that point.
"I would think they would be pretty vigilant," she said.
If you would have told me that we would be .
Those families that would still owe tax would pay less.
That would be completely unreasonable, and people would only complain.
Property values would surge, schools would be flush with cash.
I would like to think you would, but no way.
We would rightly be concerned that something would be missed.
They would tell each other that they would remain friends.
You would think the answer to that would be no.
"I would think prison would be a deterrent," Garcia said.
If women would still get their coverage, probably it would.
The defense minister would not say when it would begin.
It would not only be immoral, it would be suicidal.
It would represent a break, a rupture, and would likely
"Well, sure it would — of course it would," he said.
No hospital would touch her, no hospital would screen her.
That not only would be tragic, it would be unmanageable.
That would be as close as the Bearkats would get.
Why would she think killing herself would save her son?
They would feel lovable and would be able to love.
KS: No, no, really you would, your business would plummet.
Who would believe that a white man would rape you?
They would insist all staff hiring would happen through them.
I would hope that people would revel in the track!
I would say far more productive than you would understand.
But what would that entail and what would it achieve?
It would take time, he said, but she would recover.
No one would sue them, no one would challenge them.
And who would have thought Mark Trumbo would have hit .
We would show emotion, and they would show emotion back.
Under the new legislation, it would appear it would be.
He would paint verbal pictures that would suck people in.
"I would think the candidates would think, Terrific," she said.
One caller would say hoods, the next would say chains.
Would there be power sharing, and how would it work?
You would think we would get numb at some point.
Not really, but it would be nice if they would.
My dad would play guitar, or mom would play piano.
He would not speak and I would not touch him.
As a result, premiums would spike and enrollment would suffer.
Scared Democrats would stay home and, voila, Trump would win.
No one would believe us and we would lose credibility.
We would write it up and we would script it.
And I would expect that other districts would take note.
Few would have guessed McDonald's would come to the rescue.
I would have never thought I would be doing this.
It would stand to reason that a studio would, too.
They would drop to the floor, and everyone would laugh.
I would say Tyson would probably do it in time.
Only then would senators hash out whether witnesses would testify.
She would laugh, but she didn't doubt it would happen.
Rules that would repeal existing regulations would also be exempt.
I would answer and Andrei would translate back into Russian.
"I think it would be exhilarating, it would be exciting."
Continental said it would it would not comment on speculation.
Diets would work, but then the weight would come back.
Few today would argue that, say, flogging would be constitutional.
It would start something that would last days or weeks.
That would be the last time I would see her.
A decision would be made, and joy would be realized.
Everything would fall into place; the wrongs would be righted.
Farmers would follow, planting the fields that would feed them.
We would hope the Senate would do that as well.
So would I, if I thought those cuts would last.
"I would hope that he would join us," Hoyer said.
Canada's GDP would drop 0.23% while Japan's would fall 0.1%.
I would get so faint that I would see stars.
You would think she would be all Over this. #WhatHappened?
"I would expect it would not include defense," Blunt said.
Fianos from Campania would be delicious, as would good Soaves.
We would want a definition that would be broadly applicable.
Presumably, they would think it would not suppress voter turnout.
My work would no doubt suffer, as would my health.
You would think every instinct would be to lay off.
Three Republicans opposing the bill would mean it would fail.
I would say far more productive than you would understand.
We would appreciate if these people would leave us alone.
Then someone would say "AOC" and the crowd would boo.
The company said such a move would would be ineffective.
The DOJ would determine whether the officers would face charges.
It would have been, people would say, worse than Watergate.
What would be unacceptable would be the prohibition on ... exercises.
They would come here and you would not be home.
Dolcetto would also be lovely, as would a dry Lambrusco.
Investor confidence would evaporate and markets would tend to collapse.
To say- So that, what would, how would that look?
The producers would not say how the show would open.
I would say it would impress any foreign intelligence service.
No, but I would listen to anything he would do.
Another game would come along, and Vampyr would be forgotten.
I think it's something voters would assume Republicans would do.
But others would, I was thinking, of course people would.
I would love it if you would come by. Deal.
The national team is not a top 50 team) Eunan O'Kane - Ireland - Would not qualify Emerson Hyndman - U.S. and Portuguese citizenship - Would not qualify Arsenal (11) Per Mertesacker, Germany (retired from international football in 2014) - Would not qualify Laurent Koscielny, France - Yes Mesut Ozil, Germany - Yes Olivier Giroud, France - Yes Nacho Monreal, Spain - Would not qualify Santi Cazorla, Spain - Yes Hector Bellerin, Spain - Would not qualify Serge Gnabry, Germany - Would not qualify Granit Xhaka, Switzerland - Yes Petr Cech, Czech Republic - Yes Francis Coquelin, France - Would not qualify Burnley (4) Rouwen Hennings - Germany - Would not qualify Fredrik Ulvestad - Norway - Would not qualify Stephen Ward - Ireland - Would not qualify.
He would come up and he would do it with music or he would just go and talk and he'd do poetry.
The market had long been comfortable with the view that Clinton would win, Republicans would hold Congress and there would be gridlock.
That said, one would think there would be at least a few former players who would be interested in becoming matchday officials.
The song would be among the last the band would issue in Mercury's lifetime, and the video would be his final bow.
I would think he would think some of this was just too maudlin and he would want to be ironic about it.
It would have been like one of those, once I get into it, they would have been like everyone would have left.
When I married my wife, I promised her that I would love her, I would cherish her, and I would protect her.
" Their diffusion would mean it would no longer be "easy" to capture the electors, "dispersed as they would be over thirteen states.
STEVE LIESMAN: Whereas before you would reverse policy and cut, is the bar substantially higher now than it would otherwise would be?
Out of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Gigi Hadid, who would he marry, who would he shag, and who would he kill?
And if we had to pick someone he would be the last person we would ever think would do something like this.
"Every morning I would have a coffee and I would sit down and I would read a letter," she recalls to PEOPLE.
Frequently a song would end and there would just be silence, and I had to mash buttons until another song would start.
When she was healing from her burns and scabs would appear, they would yank them off so that they would bleed again.
I would read to him and he would start to close his eyes, because normally I would read to him after lunch.
"We would get into it and Tom would hear me, and we would futz with it and figure it out," she said.
"We would stand out by the parent drop and as parents would drive by they would empty out their change," said Smokovitz.
But his death would not be the first, nor would it be the last casualty that the town of Riverdale would suffer.
Ivanka would run the hotels, Donald Jr. would run the golf properties and Eric would run the winery and new development projects.
Trump said his court would prioritize the right to bear arms and said he would appoint judges who would reverse Roe v.
If it has, that would possibly mean the tightening cycle would last longer, and rates would move higher, than is currently expected.
Such a strike would risk starting a nuclear war that would kill millions, and a conventional one that would devastate South Korea.
Hard to imagine how it would work, but it would be really cool if it did - Yeah, it would be really cool.
"It would be inflationary, and it would be the type of argument that would argue for higher rates from the Federal Reserve."
I think it would take some time and we would need to do much more before we would ever, ever get there.
I would meet my husband, and we would immediately like each other and it would be the happiest day of my life.
This would mean that financial services would likely lose their "passporting" rights, as the cabinet would make immigration control its main priority.
Mr Hernández would remain president; the Alliance would refuse to recognise his government but would not call its supporters onto the streets.
Whenever I would feel one, I would stop wherever I was and I would go to a mirror and pull them out.
"I would never call motherwort feminine, but I would call motherwort a goddess, and I would call motherwort a woman," she affirmed.
That would mean Sanders would need to win around 70 percent of the remaining delegates and Clinton would need just 30 percent.
The hardest thing for me, especially early on, would be when he would come over and my roommates would be home, smoking.
There would be a real break between the two, which would affect freedom of movement of staff, trade — we would be impacted.
Like I would drop a little drop of it on my wound and it would go "whoosh" and it would magically heal.
Mnuchin would not answer if the plan would be "revenue neutral," meaning whether it would result in a larger U.S. budget deficit.
Before, I would sometimes leave my apartment at 8:15 ... sometimes it would be 8:25 ... sometimes it would be 8:50.
I would be concerned that he would appoint a director who would perpetuate these programs and perpetuate harm and violence against prisoners.
My next experience after pressing the button would be—well, it would be no experience at all, as I would be dead.
At times we worried it would be insurmountable, or would rip us apart, or even worse- that no one would like it.
I'm confident that if and when we would go to market we would present something that would make a lot of sense.
And I said, what would be a really earth-shattering thing that would be revolutionary and that people would refuse to ignore?
Rahm Emanuel chose people who would not defund the war, would not stand up to Bush, and would work with corporate lobbyists.
If Buffett's recommendation were implemented, the U.S. economy would decline, capital would move abroad and the costs would be borne by workers.
Allowing aging plants to close would likely mean that natural gas, a fossil fuel, would fill the void and emissions would rise.
I thought we would hit an action and something would be there and they would cover it up with some help defense.
He did not explain precisely how they would be returned or what would happen if their home countries would not accept them.
"It used to be that manufacturers would produce something, grocery stores would carry it, and the consumer would buy it," Goldman said.
The inevitable outcome would be that higher discounts for larger insurers would be impossible, and everyone would pay the same — higher — price.
"There would just be little things that he would throw out that would become big, massive parts of the book," he said.
"I would always have to take them out because they would dry up my eye and they would feel uncomfortable," said Feller.
"I'm not saying you would destroy their economies, but you would make it so they would go into a recession," Cramer said.
That would mean the cheapest, 103GB Pixel 210 would cost just $210, while the 2200GB Pixel 4 XL would start at $699.
She would go to a hospital in a nearby city, the organ would be removed and she would get 110,000 rupees ($0003,000).
He said future deals would be "fair" without saying anything about what they would look like or how they would be achieved.
But Maduro didn't flesh out how the currency would work, how its value would be calculated, or when it would be launched.
I would assume the President would like see positive and preferential treatment from those outlets and that would help the operation overall.
Ford said the moves would support a total of 650 jobs but would not say how many new ones would be created.
And, also, authentically, she would have had hairy legs, and she would have had hairy armpits, and she would have had pubes.
Nobody imagined that my show would be so influential, that the stakes would be that high, or that the risks would change.
Sometimes it would be song lyrics that had been abandoned; sometimes there would be subjects I would get him to record on.
He would scream, stiffen for about five seconds, it would lessen, and then he would do it again another 15 seconds later.
So it would stand to reason that any desk that would comparatively be considered "tiny" would need to measure under 30 inches.
There would be a prime minister, but the real power would be in some politburo above him and the economy would suffer.
The band would have sustained the party, and the party would have sustained the band, and no energy would have been lost.
Had I known it would be the last time I would see Jamal, I would have rather entered the Saudi consulate myself.
Few of us would complain because the chords would do just as much talking about his emotions as he would, maybe more.
Soon this heroic band of brothers and sisters would scatter, Dany would find new torment and Tyrion would make more faulty plans.
The crowd would surge forward, then the police would throw tear gas and counterattack, and the crowds would retreat in a panic.
Fans would proudly wear team jerseys and caps, bars would overflow with viewing parties, and the team would dominate water-cooler talk.
Beck RT from Massachusetts would strive for simplicity: I would like to believe that my last words would be empowering and emotive.
" She would put him in his room, "and then he would come out, he would tell me he was mad and sad.
JIM CRAMER: Would a -- would the number three item, social distancing, would that benefit from a national lockdown or national travel ban?
I would hear some things that the prosecutor would say and some things my attorney would say, but I didn't hear everything.
"I never knew it would be this bad, that it would be this vile, that it would be this vicious," Trump said.
When this happened, Kirsten would freeze, and Lucy would call out sharply, "There are people in here," and a retreat would occur.
The answers to those questions — which would have to be negotiated with Democratic senators — would affect how long a trial would last.
But I was continuously terrified that someone would find out and I would get fired or no one would ever love me.
I remember everyone was walking into those debates unsure of what would happen, who would do well, what the dynamics would be.
In their absence, representation would be lost, diversity would be minimal, and more than anything, minority issues would take a back seat.
I would would like to congratulate the people of Vietnam, I would like to congratulate you, Mr. President, on an outstanding job.
Players would play; the horse would get tired; the player would get down and have someone help him get on another horse.
If America were as simple as a lake, builders would just raise wages, incomes would rise and the problem would be over.
Ranked-choice would avert that outcome: Candidate C would be eliminated, and their supporters would be redistributed to their next-ranked pick.
At times we worried it would be insurmountable, or would rip us apart, or even worse -- that no one would like it.
Would they get a windfall, or would the rules of distribution mean that the UBI would barely make a difference for them?
But if there would be scenario where (they) would actually need this kind of assistance, I think Germany would give assistance, definitely.
There would effectively be no private health insurance, because the new system would cover everyone and everything; duplicative coverage would be banned.
Unai Emery, the Arsenal manager, would have known that is what Guardiola would try to do, what City would try to do.
If I would get in the shower, I would be worried that something happened while I was ... That you would miss it.
"I would ask them to think about what kind of president I would make, and how I would serve them," Buttigieg said.
VA hospitals would remain open and veterans' benefits would continue, but education assistance and case appeals would be delayed, the department said.
Even though a softer ball would reduce his power output, it would probably make him a more valuable player, since he would lose a far smaller share of his homers than his opponents would.
Tesla would end our dependence on fossil fuels; Boring Company would end traffic jams; Solar City would bring cheap and clean electricity to all; and SpaceX would turn our species into a multiplanetary civilization.
"There would be circumstances in which it would be appropriate for us to go past neutral, and there would be circumstances in which it would be wholly inappropriate to do so," Powell told reporters.
He added: "This would have significant implications if it became public knowledge, and it would be perceived as a partisan play that would undermine our Ukraine policy, and it would undermine our national security."
But there would be a part of you that would want to stay with me, and a part of me that would want to stay with you, and we would leave the encounter devastated.
Donald Trump is an abnormal political candidate; we have no idea which democratic boundaries he would respect, which conspiracy theories he would believe, which political enemies he would punish, which treaties he would honor.
I would go out to bars with her, and we would kiss, and I would smell the alcohol on her breath, and it would really stress me out because of my prior drinking problem.
However, the judge says he would rather not declare a mistrial because it would likely mean the case would restart in the middle of the NBA season -- which would force Rose to miss games.
Dropping the so-called individual mandate would produce savings that would help pay for the tax cuts, since people would forgo health insurance and therefore the government would spend less on subsidized health coverage.
CASTRO: On day one I would sign an executive order that would address metering and the in would follow that up in my first 100 days with immigration reform that would honor asylum claims.
We sat down and figured out how would it go, how would a meeting, how would a buy like this go, what would happen if you stiff this kind of person on a deal?
Basically, it would be apocalyptic: Hundreds of thousands would lose health insurance; medical debt and untreated conditions would surge; and there would be an explosion in extreme poverty, including a lot of outright hunger.
They would get a deck with graphic for $19883, and they would sell it to a distributor for $21988, the distributor would sell to retail for $220–2000, and it would sell for $50.
For example, his extreme vetting policy lacks important details such as which countries would be impacted; who would have to take the test; what questions would be on the test; who would administer the test; and ultimately, who would determine whether an individual passed the test.
That would keep the United Kingdom in a customs union with the European Union, which critics say would mean that Britain would be neither fully in the European Union nor out, and that it would have no say in making rules that it would be bound by.
Then, he would point at the bass player, and the bass player would have something on his mind too— toong toong tah doom—and then the keyboardist would go, and then the guitar would play.
Several of his friends and colleagues would end up being pulled into the vortex of trouble he'd helped create; one would become an informant, one would become a fugitive, and one would end up dead.
As a result, equity crowdfunding would not be possible without three things happening: Congress would need to pass a bill; the president would need to sign it; and the SEC would need to implement it.
I thought there would be more Jeff Flakes, more John McCains, more Bob Corkers—people who would defend our system of checks and balances, would speak out for decency, who would defend the First Amendment.
Abby's face would soon be largely covered up, and would remain that way for the next week: plaster would be put over her nose, and her forehead and jaw would be wrapped in compression bandages.
Sanders would raise marginal rates on income over $250,000, he would raise the tax rate on capital gains and dividend income, he would hike the estate tax, and he would close sundry deductions and loopholes.
We would get in this back-and-forth about it, I would try to make excuses, and at a certain point I would give in, like he would agree to just masturbate while holding me.
Drivers would not be able to choose to sign off whenever they wanted to because there would be a set time that they would have to work, they would not be able to do that.
"He would ask a lot of very to-the-point questions, he would put people on the spot, he would get information about contestants that would make the other ones mad at them," recalled DeMatteo.
Ms. Carter said that "100 percent" of the organization's health centers would provide what would be considered an initial prenatal visit, which would include a referral for further prenatal services that would be available elsewhere.
The buy-in programs would generally cover between 60 and 80 percent of people's medical costs and would require much less federal spending because enrollees would still pay premiums and not everyone would be eligible.
"[I] feel like it would be really awkward and [I] would have left the room because I would not tolerate that," said Quinn.
Now I would go in and I would structure a much different deal with them, and it would be a much better deal.
In case of such an escalation, oil would rally further, the yen would spike and Japan's domestic defensive stocks would outperform international stocks.
He had the easel and he would do drawing jokes and he would do guitar jokes—he would add so many different elements.
To be sure, if the economy entered a recession, defaults would rise, corporate credit spreads would widen, and capital spending would decline substantially.
Tensions would rise, but a military confrontation would not be inevitable and would depend on the pace and direction of Iran's nuclear program.
Such a change would require legal changes that would take at least 90 days and would need to be ratified by Mexico's Congress.
Would they be genuinely worried that what I was proposing would hamper their efforts, or would they explode in laughter at my naiveté?
On a revote, a David would go home; the Goliath advantage would be preserved; and all the cross-tribal bonds would be broken.
Every time it looked like the merger would go through smoothly it would rally, and whenever it hit a roadblock it would plunge.
While it would be a drastic change to the immigration system, Congress would not be involved because the underlying law would remain unchanged.
Imagine the danger that that would pose, how quickly those lies would metastasize, and the extraordinary threat that would pose to the world.
Ted Cruz, would mean healthy people would buy the skimpy plans and sick people would buy plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act.
"They would say things and call me names, but nothing would hurt as much as when my father would tease me," she says.
So, APDIF would search for a URL, mp3toyz would create it, and APDIF would then auto-send a take down notice to Google.
And I'm guessing that the answer to the question, "What would Jesus wear?" would be that Jesus would wear Keens... or maybe Tom's.
They have not yet made clear which drugs would be covered, how much the benefit would cost or who would pay for it.
The South would rise up in support of him; the Americans would not commit troops; it would all be over in three days.
"When I would get off set, I would meet up with my friends or I would go cuddle with my animals," she says.
But if some workers were fired, productivity would improve, but lines would be long and social welfare would take a hit, he said.
We cannot be detoured by those who would play to the worst of our feelings, who would divide us, who would scapegoat up.
But now anything you would see on the market any time soon would not be something any of us would be satisfied with.
AREU: You would let that person know what gender you would want to be called and then you would have to respect that.
You would take the money that would go to the parents of newborn children from Social Security payments they would get later on.
If the court splits 4-4, the 11th Circuit ruling would stand and Miami would prevail, but no national precedent would be set.
It would always irritate me, because with previous games, I would show it to somebody abroad and they would say, 'Oh, that's fantastic!
That would mean the vacancy would remain at least until early 2017 and the new justice would miss most of the term's cases.
The gain is based on expectations that interest rates would be moving up, loan growth would improve, and credit risks would remain low.
In my head, Noah would meet me at Hanno's flat, we would spend the night fucking, and then he would leave, nothing more.
Without closing loopholes, the government would collect less money, federal budget deficits would get bigger and the national debt would continue to rise.
Markets would be relatively stable, but in some places, no insurers would participate in the individual market, or would charge very high premiums.
"All this would do would be to raise prices on the poor," as it would directly increase the prices of goods, Winer wrote.
That would be a disaster, but it would also create a political crisis for the GOP, which would naturally be blamed for it.
Even if someone had told her that it would happen, Letty would never have guessed that it would feel so natural, so right.
If you would have told us that 25 years later we would still be making music together, we would have never believed you.
McCain said that he would file amendments that would address concerns of leaders from his state about how the bill would affect Medicaid.
Turnbull would not say how many refugees would be resettled in the United States, but that women, children and families would be prioritized.
If passive investors took over the market entirely, unexploited opportunities would abound, active strategies would thrive and the passive-fund march would stall.
One would require women to register, one would abolish the draft and one would specify that only Congress could change the draft's rules.
I never waited … I couldn't even expect anything, or I would not—I would not—I don't think I would be here today.
The conservative member would write the majority opinion, while the liberals would rarely file a concurring opinion that would create friction with it.
I would play upwards of 14 hours a day and at night my eyes would be so dry it would hurt to blink.
Prompted on whether that means individuals would see their taxes raised while corporations would not, Corker responded that "both" would have an increase.
There would be strict conditions for any extension, and it would have to have a clear purpose that would resolve the current impasse.
A new dish would come to the table, and I'd get into it, and then it would end and something new would start.
Some federal employees would be deemed essential and would continue to work, but their pay would be withheld until the shutdown is over.
Her evening would be ruined, Donald's churlish mood would darken her dinner, and he would probably leave after the main course, without apology.
Italy would have no where to turn, and its currency would become useless because it would be based on its own economic growth.
You never knew what the candidate would say, what boundary he would push, what standard of political discourse or behavior he would shatter.
Also, we would have the snow machines going so we would have little snow paper particles that would get stuck in the grease.
But Sanders aides argue that the tax increase people would face would be outweighed by the savings they would get under the system.
"If I would have known he would be elected president, I would have saved the check," Katz told the radio station regarding Trump.
Aixtron has previously said that scrapping the proposed deal would mean it would have to cut costs and jobs would be at risk.
MACCALLUM: No company in America would tell you that it would tell you that it would take 21968 days to get something done.
Someday, I figured, the sun would come out, the land would dry, and the farmers would be back to re-stake their claims.
"Massive demonstrations" would be organized, Michael Moore would make a negative documentary and "a team of trackers" would stake out targets at events.
And the silence we would hear right now from the Google chair would be reminiscent of the silence that that witness would provide.
Sometimes they would reciprocate, but often they would simply cuddle him and—as Miller understood the situation—Alex would go back to sleep.
I would drone with La Monte's wife, Marian Zazeela, and people would be assigned to drone, and they would just come and go.
But while all banks would benefit from this, as would all other profitable companies, few would gain as much as Bank of America.
Teeth would be sent flying, their noses would be broken, and multiple fractures would probably occur from the impact and the resulting fall.
I would think about how incredible would it be to have a conversation with them, or that they would know who I was!
The company did not say how long it would take before the spray would be commercially available, or how much it would cost.
She pointed out concerns of many law scholars that Brett Kavanaugh would not be unbiased, would not be impartial and would be vindictive.
No, but I know what I would have done differently and who I would have chosen differently, people I would have chosen differently.
But she did know that there would be stairs, lots of stairs, and that her legs would burn more than her lungs would.
Ending illegal immigration could mean that companies would close, American workers would lose their jobs and the economy would contract, experts told us.
Every Tuesday, for months, Kaleb and his mother would visit KJ. The boys would play a wrestling video game and would also paint.
The sky would just sunsetting and the beach would have nice clean waves that would remind me of causal ocean city expect cleaner.
Countries would submit a plan of action outlining their military goals, which would be monitored, and national assets would remain under national control.
The idea was that the two would split, but then there there would be a reunion episode where they would come together again.
But it would ensure that investments would be shouldered by clients so that its own balance sheet would not be hurt, he added.
She would repeat words in an endless loop, or she would experience drop attacks, when she would lose all muscle tone and fall.
"I would do it...The girls would do it, and the boys would do it, I'm sure," Aniston told Ellen DeGeneres last year.
What the Choice Act would require is bad, both in how it would roll back the law and in what it would keep.
He also would not say exactly how he would obtain the documents, or whether he would support a subpoena to obtain the documents.
And what we would do is we would tell the black community when the hearings were, and they would all come to Washington.
"The last person I would think that would bring somebody uninvited would be Kameron because she's so big on etiquette," she told cameras.
But I would stop, I would make eye contact, and I would listen and then just respond to the best of my ability.
My anxiety would just — I would go in so hot, and talk so much, which would create such a false sense of intimacy.
But subsequent breaches, whenever they would have occurred, would have been old news, and any additional damage would have been marginal at best.
Diversity would increase, actual costs would be easily understood the first time, and institutions would bring in the same amount of tuition revenue.
VA hospitals would remain open and veterans' benefits would continue, but education assistance and case appeals would be delayed, the department has said.
I went home convinced that I would collect real data, that I would write about it, that I would do it all myself.
The students would assemble, tying kerchiefs around their mouths; the police would pounce; and the tear gas would eventually drive the protesters back.
It would be separate from News Feed which would remain unchanged, meaning users would still be able to share and find news there.
But whether five days or five years, it would have been inconvenient and there would have been those who would have missed it.
This would mean that Italy would not disrespect European rules and the reduction in government debt would continue, though at a slower pace.
House did not reveal when the PlayStation Neo would be revealed, what it would cost and when it would be available for purchase.
If Rosenstein refuses, as he surely would, Trump would have to fire Rosenstein and replace him with someone who would then fire Mueller.
"He would give me a text, like a script, and I would review it for mistakes, and then we would record," he said.
One month, a location would look a certain way, and we would come back the next month, and the roads would be paved.
"It would be bumpy, it would be difficult, but we would find a way to survive and prosper as a country," he said.
Whether nuclear proliferation would result, or whether America's non-nuclear allies would seek nuclear protection elsewhere, Asia's geostrategic balance would undergo tremendous change.
The cost-sharing payments would be guaranteed, and plans would know that tens of millions of dollars would be spent on Obamacare outreach.
Catalonia would remain in Spain, but would be autonomous and European.
If not, would-be bombers' immediate fury would pass without incident.
If they would give 12 months off, that would be fantastic.
No longer would nobles rule; no longer would capitalists exploit workers.
Who would have guessed that these would rack up 240,000 pins?
Whenever we argue, I would be like, I would freak out.
There would be major pushback, and the nomination would be scuttled.
Why that would be something people would give me s— about?
She would have frequent seizures and would always need a diaper.
I have no doubt that California would litigate, would sue EPA.
And that would be exactly the place where that would happen.
There would be such an uproar and it would never happen.
I would be bored, and life would be infinitely less interesting.
It would probably be hard, and it would definitely be weird.
Would this be the moment Jackson Maine would make a return?
I would say the weirdest thing I would -- RIVERA: With ganja.
The human experience would change, but would it be a plus?
But, occasionally, something would come through that would be mind-blowing.
Would you do anything differently in the ... Something you would correct.
Sick people would buy coverage, but many healthy people would not.
I don't know if anyone would listen, but I would listen.
Our homes would feel empty, and so would the whole internet.
He would call up for scoops, things that would benefited him.
Confidence that all would be well – that they would be well.
I made sure it would be something that I would wear.
My eyes would well up, and I would burst into tears.
China would often take its cue from how Russia would vote.
On paper, one would assume that such coordination would make sense.
Taylor would cease the rivalry entirely if their enemies would, too.
They did what you would wish someone would do for you.
There was no way would anyone would pay for this stuff.
Trump would make comedy better or Trump would make comedy worse.
So it would make sense that he would be reacting unhappily.
I honestly would have that hair and I would walk straighter.
Then Roman would disappear, and Chapman would continue about her day.
What would come next would revolutionize the world of hip-hop.
You would think after being buried alive, Ali would know better.
"I would assume China would have an influence campaign," Brennan says.
Where I would not compromise, however, would be the water views.
They would — they would accept the responsibilities of full U.S. citizenship.
Ads would be hopelessly expensive so driving demand would be impossible.
"(But) I would ask what would be the alternative," Ambrosi said.
I would love that, I think we would all love that.
And so, they would add layers, which would make things pop.
Would the courts intervene and what would they have to say?
It would be unsatisfying; it would be depressing; it wouldn't sell.
You would think they would have some sort of initiative, pledges.
They would hand everyone champagne, and I would fake drink mine.
House prices would rise, the transport network would have to grow.
Any new world he would usher in would be a nightmare.
"I would literally say I would bleach my skin," Javonda says.
"I would say by 2022 we would be underway," he says.
It would last a week before it would get sorted out.
He would not say whether he would start against Fenerbahce though.
For one thing, I would think that it would be bad.
I would try my hardest in PE. I would start running.
Why would that be, and what would you do about it?
I guess I would ask you, how would you define that?
Pierson: Keith would play instrumentation and Fred would do a poem.
This would mean we would become less dependent on imported water.
If she would have been present, she would have screamed crazily.
No record would be made; nobody would have access to it.
That would be a sin, and it would attract bad karma.
People would catch on, and inflation rather than growth would result.
Because the exchange would contain mostly sickly people, premiums would rocket.
A kitten would kill you, a kitten would blow you up.
It would be immoral, but it would also just be dumb.
He would have had a headache, he would have become dehydrated.
You would think the Grey family would have Beyoncé-level security.
They would not be legal tender—that would break EU law.
That would really add some like hydration, it would smell amazing.
I would assume that, a woman led company would probably help.
The earliest affected employees would be paid would be around Jan.
So I think we would have to see what would happen.
Otherwise it would be good news because it would kill him!
My sister would write them and I would be in them.
What would you rule in, and what would you rule out?
She would comb my hair and I would scream and shout.
Whether they would have tested, maybe only North Korea would have.
So things that you would say would never happen, may happen.
I would suspect United would rather just pay a license fee.
The government would not specify how much longer it would take.
I would presume that people would spend more and more time.
"And I would imagine that would be an underestimate," Howell said.
I think that would increase inflation expectations, and that would help.
Stuff like that, I would think would ... Is that a factor?
If anyone would be lost to empathy, it would be him.
There would be operations ... everything would be done to save them.
This would be a mistake, but it would certainly be understandable.
"Anything that I would say would be pure speculation," he said.
Her face would light up, and her eyes would go wide.
Investment would drop, and so would the number of new jobs.
Everyone would follow it, so it would generate the average return.
We would go on walks, and no one would bother us.
You would think that she would be nice — she's an immigrant!
The president would say something and Morgan would fawn after him.
Conservatives would lose their minds, and Twitter would probably reverse it.
And who would suffer would be the people who want information.
One would think that interpretation would work the other way around.
You would think a month would always be enough, but no.
I would be careful there and I would take some profits.
That would be what would happen in the real world, anyway.
I would suggest that maybe he would try to do that.
"I thought I would have an aneurysm," he would later remark.
WF: How hard would it be, how bad would it be?
But that would mean the US would be breaking international law.
Video would be blocked, as would distracting graphics and scrolling text.
I would think you would want as many referenda as possible.
That would not only be immoral; it would also be dangerous.
I would sit down to work and nothing would come out.
" He added, "You would hope it would be a reciprocal relationship.
Each time they would cry, we would have to shush them.
You would think that they would be confident in their victory.
The sides would then open up, and the wings would extend.
You would be like me, and you would also be wrong.
More people would demand care and would expect to get it.
Egypt said it would lead the investigation and France would participate.
And-- it would be-- it just-- it would be very tough.
How much would it cost and who would pay for it?
I would assume that he would do so in this case.
"If anything, I would hope that [Trump] would solidify women's resolve."
"I would think that would get a good reception," Senecal said.
Stedman would never so cavalierly say absolutely she would do it.
The world would be outraged, and conspirators would go to jail.
And it would be on TV and it would be fantastic!
They would offer me some and I would have to decline.
That would be a complex undertaking that would require deft diplomacy.
I would eat better also in hopes you would go away.
And I would wonder if you would like to join me.
Migrants would be better treated, though inevitably fewer would be hired.
They would be really tired, and would admit they needed sleep.
Business people would eat their lunch there, and they would leave.
You would think this technological convenience would have advanced over time.
Sometimes they would say 'yes' and sometimes they would say 'no.
It would have a cushion that would make collapse less likely.
We humans would be gone but the world would come back.
"  "I would think that would be very damaging to his health.
And they would be political dynamite that would destroy Trump's presidency.
And greater teamwork would help keep tabs on would-be criminals.
They would suddenly appear and everyone would try running and hiding.
Lake Mead would be deeper, and its evaporative losses would increase.
Toni I would think Clinton would do better with Jewish voters.
This would not just be crazy, but it would be dangerous.

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