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"where" Definitions
  1. in or to what place or situation
  2. used after words or phrases that refer to a place or situation to mean ‘at, in or to which’
  3. the place or situation in which

976 Sentences With "where"

How to use where in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "where" and check conjugation/comparative form for "where". Mastering all the usages of "where" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Where do you imagine where we are and where it goes?
It is where Bach was born, where Goethe wrote Faust, where
It was, for generations, where the revolution was, where the freedom was, where the hope was, where the music was.
It explores where we've been, where we are, or where we're going.
Is it where you've been, where you are, or where you're going?
Where you live, where you work, where you travel, and where you attend clubs, there is always a question of safety.
It symbolizes where I come from, where I am, and where I'm going.
That's where the action is, where the money is, where the power is.
Talk about where we are and where it's going, where screens are going.
Where I was born, where I grew up, where my parents live, where I lived for the longest period, where landmarks trigger the oldest memories: phrases that refer to the same place.
Barack Obama was deliberative where Bush was reactive, cerebral where Bush was not, dovish where Bush was hawkish, liberal where Bush was conservative.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope.
And where — as in, where is this from and where can we get one?
That's where we fight, that's where we argue, that's where we curse each other.
To some, it's where people care, where the warm fireplace is, where freedom is.
It shows us where we've been, and where we are, and where we're going.
"I had to understand where the family, where the community, where the church members were, and where we still are," Manning told VICE News.
Where they lived, where they worked, who their friends were, where they spent their evenings.
BECKY QUICK: Where-- where-- where are you not right now that you'd like to be?
Where the idiots are; where the hicks are too stupid to know where problems blossom.
Make the information readily available to service members where they study, where they apply for other VA benefits, where they work, and where they gather.
When patients enroll, they tell the investigators where they were treated, where they had biopsies, where they had scans, and where they had medical procedures.
YouTube is still where the audience is, where other creators are, and where the drama is.
They want you to explain where we've been, where we are, and where we can go.
"That's where you live, that's where you get your clothes, that's where you eat," she continued.
You want to find out where they're going, where they're having issues, where they see opportunity.
It's where I derive pleasure, it's where I derive reward, it's where ... I feel emotionally alive.
In the comments, fans debate the meaning of photos where she appears with her children, where she smokes, where she seems happy, where she looks sad.
This is the place where she was born, where she is surrounded by her adoring family, where she fell in love, where she became a mom.
"'Home' for this lot is many things: where their parents are from; where they go for vacation; where they went to school; where they see old friends; where they live (or live this year)," Selasi wrote.
Where he wants the training camp to go, with intensities, and listening to him – where he has days where he has days where he wants to push hard and days where he wants to slow down.
To understand where we are (and where we're going), you have to understand where all this started -- or at least where this curve in the road began.
They know where I live, they know where I work, they know where I go to school.
Rating: Where are his spiky shoes where is his harness where is his CLIF bar endorsement deal?
Where people are biking, where they start, when they start, where they finish and when they're finished.
Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun?
You have a situation where it's a challenge, where there are other voices, where ... There are disagreements.
The spot where they're eating is where prisoners were tattooed and disinfected, where their heads were shaved.
It's where public officials make statements, where activists pressure politicians and where reporters announce their latest scoops.
That's where Felzenberg's story ends, but it's where conservatism's travails begin — or rather, it's where they resurface.
This is where annoying requests are cursed at, where slow workers get called names, where dick and tit jokes are made, and where the occasional bump is done.
Remember, airlines know where you have been, where you are right now, and where you are going next.
Here's a look at where digital travel has been, where it is and where it might be going.
A world where conflict occurs, where violence occurs, and where difficult decisions must be taken all the time.
What is your outlook on where we are now, where banking is, and where Bank of America is?
This is a place where greatness is born, where destinies are forged, and where legends come to life.
Because we go also where the competencies are, where the skills are, not only where the markets are, but also where the people who can develop, and help us.
KNOW WHERE YOU'LL GO – AND WHERE YOU WON'T: Chinese negotiators come to these discussions immensely well-prepped, with clear knowledge of where they might give and where they won't.
That means the where question—where the electric vehicle owners will live, where they'll drive, and most of all, where they'll charge—is about to become much more important.
This is where Morgan sleeps, where she tinkers with machines, where she's set to executing her life's work, where she has gone to therapy and had her medical appointments.
Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.393% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.25% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.05% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.13% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 1.51% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.12% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 1.53% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.02% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.93% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 1.56% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.16% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.03% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 0.39% Where to find it: Share of companies nationwide offering: 5.58% Where to find it:
It could know exactly where you are going, where you have been and where you were yesterday as well.
That's where my focus has to be, where your focus has to be, where his focus has to be.
They will go where they are sent, fight where they go, and do everything to win where they fight.
The presidency is where rhetoric becomes legislation, where dumb comments become international crises, where campaigning gives way to consequences.
So as long as I'm in a situation where I'm learning, where I experience growth, where I experience evolution.
You just don't know where it hit you or where it affected you or where it had its point.
In those races, Linden knows where the tough parts are, where the pack will surge, where she will hurt.
You'll have stores where you work, Walmart should have stores near where you work, they should have stores near where you live, they should have stores near where you play.
They're not going through our points, they're not going through areas where we have security, where we have guards, where we have gates, where we have all sorts of equipment.
Where I take my Uber, what I buy, where I shop, where I sleep, who I talk to or text.
That's where they can harvest technology, it's where they can harvest education, it's where they can build their technological advantages.
But where it really kicks off with that looks at where is the fascism today, where&aposs the racism today?
"Our ... posture remains, where our troops are, where our police are, they will remain to be where they are," Col.
It's not so much about where you are now, but the difference between where you've been and where you're heading.
They occur where bigotry is allowed to fester, where minorities are vilified and where people are scapegoated for political gain.
This is where we create our lives, this is where we find meaning, this is where our purpose becomes clear.
Home is where we come to get relief from that, where we don't have to perform and where we relax.
It tracks our location continuously, so it knows where we live, where we work, and where we spend our time.
We live online these days — it's where we shop, where we work, and where we connect with family and friends.
It didn't just look at where we have been, or even where we are, but where this all might lead.
That's where the hashtags happen … where the excitement is.
You transform your schools into places where everyone belongs, where everyone is free to learn, and where everyone can feel loved.
We tend to give where we're personally involved, where we admire the people and where we're directly engaged in the work.
It does seem to be where the action is, as opposed to where you get to where the action should be.
Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individual and nations are free.
Faeries are thought to live in the in-between: where shore meets water, where field meets forest, where night meets day.
Friction creates space in the system where judgment can intercede, where second thoughts can be had, where decisions can be made.
The idea was to isolate where I was overspending, where I could be more flexible, and where I could save more.
"Where I am with stuff with Craig is a totally different place than where I think where Craig is," she says.
It is impossible to figure out quite where exactly it began, and when, and where it went, and where after that.
That is where the center of action is, that is where the resources are and where the main debates are happening.
The moments where McBride shows any real emotion are far and few, but it's where where Pitt's performance really stands out.
They're places where communities form, where social conversations happen and where, increasingly, people are spending the bulk of their time online.
She discovered a place where many lots are vacant, where open-air drug markets flourish and where residents constantly hear gunfire.
He has good survival skills, knows where he's allowed to be and where he's not, knows where the bus routes go.
Where do we need fences, where do we need sensors, where do we simply need surveillance to get a secure border?
Go deeper: Reparations: Where the 2020 candidates stand Court packing: Where the 2020 candidates stand Abortion: Where the 2020 candidates stand
Oglethorpe dreamed of a place where poverty could be overcome, where religious tolerance was the norm and where slavery was prohibited.
This is where models and Madonna often flock, where mobsters ran megaclubs, and where most visitors spend most of their time.
There are ones where you can't get any food, there's ones where there's no bathrooms, there's ones where it's a cluster.
This is the ornate house where Elizabeth Short and Janet Brewster were likely murdered; where her mother was abused; where strange orgies with the intelligentsia took place; where illegal abortions were carried out.
"I had to watch the video where they had my son tied up, where they had tape across his mouth, where they have him blindfolded and where they are hitting him," Ceballos said.
Teenagers know where they are allowed and where they are not, though sometimes they get a pass to move through rival turf where a grandmother might live, or where they might play basketball.
Here's where they get greedy — and where the trouble starts.
Where did it come from and where did it go?
But where do you go where the transaction is uplifting?
Well, obviously, that's where we started and where we ended.
Where suspicions exist, they will be fanned; where not, ignited.
Almost to the point where you forget where you are.
Where does the binary end, and where do we begin?
So, where does it start and where does it stop?
Where have they come from and where are they going?
Where are we winning, where are we playing to win?
It's where we see where they are personally and privately.
Where are the girls and where are the young toddlers?
I look at where things accumulate, where people leave things.
So, focus on where you're going, not where you started.
Where is Donna, where is Sophie's husband, Jay (Dominic Cooper)?
After all, where you stand depends on where you sit.
It begs the question, where, oh where, are the sellers?
It's where I met Michelle, it's where she grew up.
Where does fake news begin and where does it end?
Do you know where those 4,000 people … where they're captured?
Where does it work and where does it not work?
JACK LEW: I'm not saying who's where or what's where.
Where, WHERE, are the women you have championed and empowered?
It towers where we cower, and thunders where we fumble.
Deciding where their parents (are), where the kids should go.
Where is the other woman's mouth, where are her fingers?
Where does humanity come from, and where are we headed?
Life is about where you are and where you're going.
Where the urban meets the rural, that's where art happens.
"Where is the shame, where is the introspection," Conway said.
Where is the "blackout period" where share purchases went away?
Here's where Gopher has been, along with where it's going.
We don't know where we end and where others begin.
Where trust is assumed and where it must be obtained.
Where they are an asset, and where are they not?
How we travel, where we learn, where we live, etc.
They know exactly where we work and where we live.
Where did you start and where did you end up?
If they can't win where Hillary won, where can they?
Where does it work really well and where doesn't it?
That's, I think, where Reddit got where it is today.
It's where the day begins and often where it ends.
Mills: And where, where exactly is that that we're at?
Callimachi: Where the friendly forces are, and where ISIS is.
"Well, where, oh where can my baby be?" it starts.
This is where I am, where we are, in America.
Where are my pills, where did I leave my pills ?
Where are my tablets, where did I leave my tablets ?
Where is Marie Yovanovitch from where you're standing right now?
"Where that work is is where I'll be," he says.
Where did they originate, and where will they end up?
That is where things pile up — where the leverage is.
It's unclear where they went or where they are now.
They acknowledge they're not where where they need to be.
Where are the House Republicans, and where is Speaker Ryan?
And that's where it starts, and that's where it ends.
You know where you're eating; you know where you're sleeping.
Also where government leaders rank, and also where CEOs rank.
That was where we all were, where it all happened.
But that is where it begins, not where it ends.
"That's where we are, that's where we want to be."
Obviously that is where we started and where we ended.
I don't know where they are or where they went.
Sometimes where you end up is exactly where you belong.
It's where I grew up and where I still live.
It was a place where immigrants could find advocates, where residents could take GED classes, and where community organizers held public events.
They are the so-called third place where you can meet your friends, where you can have debates, where you can work.
Do you talk about where you were born, where you've lived the longest, or where you feel like you belong the most?
It is global where the EU is regional, networked where the EU is bureaucratic, bottom-up where the EU is top-down.
CBP1 asked us our citizenship, where we had been, what we were doing there, where we were going, where we lived, etc.
And it is often a place where societal discomforts are confronted, where disenfranchised voices are heard, where freedoms are expressed and protected.
Where you live impacts where you work, where your children can attend school, and the type of community that surrounds your family.
It was the city where my parents had grown up, where they had met; it was the city where I was born.
This is where models and Madonna often flock, where mobsters ran mega clubs, and where most visitors spend most of their time.
Give yourself credit, M. Where you are right now might not be where you want to be or where you'll be tomorrow.
We need to be in there, where people are experiencing struggle, where people are experiencing conflict, and where people are experiencing politics.
Shukhuti is a village where everyone knows everyone else, where cows stroll unchaperoned along the dirt roads, where traditions dictate daily life.
But all of them are, broadly speaking, places where — without any unsustainable burden on the national economy — the cost of health care per capita is far lower than it is here and yet coverage is universal, where life spans are longer, where working people are not made destitute by serious illnesses, where a choice between food or pharmaceuticals need never be made, where the poor cannot be denied treatments by insurance adjusters, where pre-existing health conditions could never be denied coverage, where most people have far more savings and much lower levels of debt than is the case here, where very few families live only a paycheck away from total poverty, where wages generally keep pace with inflation, where every worker has decent vacation time each year, where suicide and opioid addiction are not the default lifestyle of the working poor, where homelessness is exceedingly rare, where retirement care is humane and comprehensive and where the schools are immeasurably better than ours are.
It is also a nation where young girls are becoming midwives and saving other women's lives, where college-educated students open libraries, where entrepreneurs are starting companies, and where a vibrant media has grown.
Look, I think it comes down to people want to be a position where they can succeed, where they can win, where we can invest, where we can be on offense, we can acquire.
In that version, America is a place where terrorists are always at the doorstep, where you'll never find a job, where immigrants pose a threat to public safety, where the whole world is the enemy.
We have to be in markets where we can build up a competitive advantage, where we can operate safely, where we can operate profitably, and where we can operate within the values of our culture.
So we wrote something where you understand where this character Van comes [from], but you also understand where her bougie friend comes from.
I've bounced from one platform to another saying I will go where the love is, where the community is, where the attention is.
It's where misinformation spreads, where combative arguments with old acquaintances are sparked, and where publishers big and small compete to game the network.
The UK is where our advertising clients are, where more than 10m daily Snapchatters are, and where we've already begun to hire talent.
As a city manager, you could know where your citizens are going, where your tourists come from (and where you should advertize), etc.
Where Rick winds up is completely different from where he started out in [episode] one and where he started out in [episode] nine.
In other words, it's not so much about where you are now, but the difference between where you've been and where you're heading.
We will give them the data: Where people are biking, where they start, when they start, where they finish and when they finish.
Not to mention that now I know where Mary works, where her kids go to school, where they vacation…I could go on.
To see where we are and where we must go, let's first remind ourselves where we have been and how we got here.
Which is all to say home can be where you actually are, where you're trying to get to, or where you'll never be.
Lynch knows where the F key is, where the J key is and he knows where your hands should rest on the keyboard.
I flew from London, where I live and work for Business Insider, to Ireland, where I am from and where my parents live.
We must recommit to being a country where everyone is valued, where people with disabilities can fully contribute and where all can thrive.
That is where the damage is done, where the problems lie, where the final to end all finals became the final without end.
So, understanding where your head is at right now, where the market is at and where this is all headed is very important.
Where was it shot and where did the concept come from?
But where were you looking at or where would you go?
And where it was going was where we are right now.
Where to watch: On YouTube, if you know where to look.
They know where the puck is going, not where it's been.
This is where decisions get made; it's where business gets done.
Where do you and where do Nike stand on that debate?
They know where I live, they know where my family lives.
The game begins where you end, and ends where you began.
Where in the World and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
Learn where HRI stands today and where it will lead tomorrow.
So don't look where their puck is; look where it's going.
You find them where they are recruited, where they are radicalized.
On Earth, we know where is up and where is down.
Where was Cohen's money coming from—and where was it going?
So that's where the inspiration for where the song came from.
They also mapped where men lived and where they received care.
Where it began, where a lot of these dating apps started.
It is where they want to be, & where they should be.
Where is it, what is it, where do you find it?
"Where is the Haitian government, where are they?" one woman yelled.
Torn between where we are from and where we are at.
Where I'm not sympathetic is where they lost sight of capitalism.
Shift to Google where I spoke that same week, where the .
It's where I spent my summers and where I was married.
That's where I come from; that's where our party comes from.
We know where Mike has been, but where is he headed?
That is where Dechen's parents live and where she grew up.
Where would a violent man go, where would a monster go.
Go where the jobs are — where the new industries are emerging.
It's a moment where you feel completely happy where you are.
I know where they are, I've always known where they are.
I don't know where it came from or where it originated.
Lay out where the "play spaces" are, and where they're not.
I'm pretty comfortable with where I'm at and where I've been.
This is where the wealth is, this is where it is.
Bends occurred where populations overlapped: where FIFA gamers met soccer fans.
Is the street where you shot really where it all began?
So where are we and where do we go from here?
"Where do you start and where do you end?" he asked.
That is where I live and where I love to be.
Where it started is likely where it has burned the longest.
I know where they stand, and they know where I stand.
Not just where you're welcome, but where we're holding you up.
About where we're from, where we're going, what gives us comfort.
"Where the sun is, that's where your ego shines," Stardust says.
You start losing where you came from and where you've been.
You eat where your hosts eat and shower where they shower.
"That's where my family is, that's where I'll go back to."
This is where being open to where you're traveling pays off.
Where of where did Trump get that 123% approval number, then?
That's where the potential is; it's where the growth can be.
It is where he feels safe, where he can be himself.
To determine where time is binding and where it is boundless.
Where is silence resistance and protest, and where is it oppression?
Because it's where their family lives, it's where their job is.
So there's this problem where we don't know where everything is.
Where exactly we each draw that line where things get fuzzy.
No matter where I call you, no matter where you are.
Are we somewhere where we don't know where we are anymore?
This is where I learned how to tie my shoes, where I had my first crush on a boy, where I began to understand what pain is, where I learned how to play a game that would change my life, and where I would learn to protect myself.
To read their results, we are a country where money purchases policy, where biased districts distort the public's will, where foreign governments toy with our elections, where voting is often a privilege rather than a right.
What does your routine in your life look like, where you're paying attention, where you're signing the petitions, where you're marching, where you're standing up and really using the tools to create a space for solutions.
It's where they catch up with family and friends, it's where they get their news, and it's where they watch a ton of videos.
Then imagine what we can do in the places where it's not as resistant, where it's not as vocal, where it's not as taboo.
That's where the Royal Theatre was, where Billie Holiday's monument is, and where a lot of iconic black artists came to play in Baltimore.
Where to draw the line preempting existing carbon regulations: where ExxonMobil draws that line is vastly different from where any environmental group ever would.
That's where I felt normal—not at school, where I was so regularly made to feel alien—so that's where I wanted to be.
But it says a lot about where I am, where I am with my wife and family, and where we are as a nation.
But where there is pita and shawarma,Where eggplants and chickpeas abound,Where kibbe, kabobs meet with karma,Life sometimes works out all around.
"There must be a place where you can be, where you can write, where you can think, without a façade at all," he said.
That's where everyone goes to hang out, where the rappers play their new records, where all the hottest DJs in hip-hop have residencies.
But we're at the point where we're only listing districts where Democrats can win, not where they will win or are favored to win.
It's awkward at first, to see where your body is and where the hair you want to cut is and where the scissors are.
But there are places where both Swifts are present—where she negotiates the tension between them—and it's in these spots where she shines.
They tell you where the person invests their money, where their bank accounts are, where they have debts and who they've given money to.
We have maps showing migration routes of where they came from and where they're at in Oklahoma or where their actual homelands are now.
"There are sometimes people looking for the places where those people lived or where they were arrested, where they were in hiding," he said.
They are where the homeless camp and where residents recently installed boulders to block them and where start-ups dropped hundreds of scooters overnight.
Better than any data set I can think of, it tells us where we've been, where we are, and maybe even where we're going.
This is not a situation where evidence is compromised or insufficient, where the defendant has serious developmental disabilities, where defense counsel was ineffective, or where an overzealous prosecutor tends to push death for black defendants in particular.
"It's pretty easy now to ask directly, where is the sun, where is the moon, where is the Earth, where are they lined up, and you can make a computer do that millions of time," Wright explains.
They know where they eat and live, where they go to school.
Where they -- where they learn things, there&aposs a schoolhouse on site.
The multiverse where I don't moisturize (top), versus where I do (bottom).
That's where I'm at and that's where every solid patriotic American is.
We ask him where he's from and where he's got to go.
Are there spaces where they won't be allowed versus where they will?
Where can I buy a cigar — and where can I smoke it?
Yes… the dogs where loved and treated like the professionals they where.
That's where we come in and where YouTube comes in for video.
Like, I know where you're at and I know where you've been.
They don't know where they are, but they know where they aren't.
This is where we lived, and he won't know where we are.
We can tell stories where no one kills the daughter, where son
She didn't know where to situate her anger, where to store it.
I mean where they ride, where they actually get to ride, too.
It's where all your consumer goods are, where all the consumption happens.
After 20 games, you'll know where everybody stand and where they going.
By where your parents are from, or by where you live now?
But no matter where she goes, we know where she came from.
Where did that aesthetic ... Can you point to where that came from?
Tell me where this -- where in history this will stack up to.
Capital is flowing where it is easy, not where it is needed.
No one is sure where he comes from, or where he lives.
Rather than represent where women are going, she represents where women stalled.
Where we're going now, is a place where they can't do this.
That's where there's a disruption happening and where the transformation is happening.
Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
So, where is the bridge—the place where they control the spacecraft?
"Where will we go, where do we file our complaint?" he said.
This person knows where I sleep, knows where I get my mail.
It's where I was born, and it's where my roots run deep.
My name was on that site, where I live, where I work.
Where are these millionaire immigrants coming from and where they are going?
Let's break down where the girls started — and where they are now.
They didn't know where it was or where it had come from.
Where people are, where people are consuming information, NASA should be there.
Not so much about where we are today, but where we're going.
But no matter where he goes, he knows where he came from.
Just look into where it came from and where it originated from.
You kind of never know where what is going to go where.
I like jobs where facts matter, I like jobs where fairness matters.
They know where to schedule us and tells us where we're going.
So that's where I lived, and that's where my hat shop was.
So where he is now isn't where he's ultimately going to be.
There became a time where we did start asking where Caylee was.
That was where it all happened, where your family lived and died.
Where did the bottom even begin, and where could it possibly end?
"Z" is where "Z" has always been, she knows where "Z" is.
He asked me where I work I told him where I worked.
Is there a point where it's too far, where offense eclipses intent?
It's a place where sinners seek redemption and where misfits find kin.
They just went to ... where the bank is, where the money is.
What's also shifted is where countries are and where they see themselves.
I know where all my belongings are and where to find them.
So where humanity starts and ends, and where robotics starts and ends.
Where I live, the studio time, that's where I put my money.
It's where his parents were married and where he attended elementary school.
Business is where Islam works; writing is where she dreams and roams.
There's questions of where opportunity comes from, where does prosperity come from?
Where is that — oh, I think I know where the chicken is!
It's where he's met his friends and where he spends his days.
Where did that outbreak occur and where was it predicted to happen?
They know where his heart is, they know where his mind is.
Where you don't know where you're headed: That's the fun of it.
We say 'where are you, Hosni (Mubarak), and where are your days?
Before you do, consider where you live and where you'll be traveling.
"Where they know there are people, that's where they go," he said.
Where Thatcher craved decision, Howe preferred deferment; where Thatcher disrupted, he convened.
He liked looking at her, from where he was, where she was.
Any tips on where to put them and where to point them?
They can control where they organize and where they send the candidates.
It's where Walter always felt his best, and it's where he died.
Where had she come from tonight, and where was she returning to?
Screenshot: GizmodoSo that's where we're up to (and where I'm up to).
Do you know where relationships are good and where they are bad?
Where do you imagine ... where are we thinking about cities right now?
Because they create this environment where you're silenced, where you're shamed if you talk, where you have to sign nondisclosure agreements, and non-disparagement agreements.
I asked my colleagues at R29 where they go to recharge, whether where they live or where they kinda have to go to visit family.
IR works well indoors or places where there is low light, where there's lots of movement, or where you don't get a good GPS signal.
Our kitchen is where the fun happens, where we all share the end of the day and where they start to feel like grown-ups.
We've worked to put guidance in place both where we think where we're going to be and where we think others should focus their attention.
It was where I came out to my dad, where I first kissed a woman, and where I first told a woman I loved her.
Aleppo is one more place where man's inhumanity to man won, one more place where the best of our instincts lost, where the world failed.
A country where women are not killed by their partners, where there is equal pay, and where violence is no longer tolerated by the system.
"Cities are the places where we live where we work where we play," says Nikki Fortunato Bas, executive director of the Partnership for Working Families.
It's where they explore and get into trouble, where they find out what they like and don't like, where they grow from children into men.
These were the 39th (where Ed Royce is retiring), 48th (where Dana Rohrabacher is running for re-election) and 49th (where Darrell Issa is retiring).
What I am looking at is how we make the transition from where we are today to where are today to where we must be.
The way he treats others, that is separate from weird psycho-analysis element where we interface with Angels, where we don't know where we're at.
"Of course he got in, and that's where he went, and that's where found his partner Bobby, and that's where they founded Snapchat," he says.
The ONT makes decisions on where organs should go based on where they are needed most and where they can be reliably transported in time.
Currently, fires are largely burning across the states of Victoria, where Melbourne is; New South Wales, where Sydney is; and South Australia, where Adelaide is.
States where the fewest abortions were performed tended to be states where abortion laws are the most restrictive, and where the population is generally older.
The company says that 3 distinct factors contribute to the network gap: where you grew up, where you went to school, and where you work.
Dirty soda shops are where you take the kids after soccer practice, where you go on a first date, where you stop in the morning, and where you go after work to treat yourself after your long day.
There will be sections where the player cannot make it far enough on the initial jump, which means you need to be thinking about where to land, where to recover, and where to link actions together to progress.
But where your OKRs are visible to every member of the team, where the work that's contributing to them is shared and transparent, and where you can go find out for yourself, where are we on that action?
So, for the rest of the industry or multiple industries that are looking to understand where people move around, where they live, where they work, where they shop, where they dine and how they commute, they need to get access to this data from another party in a structured and suitable manner.
It's where Steve Jobs sparred with Bill Gates, where a young Mark Zuckerberg got a little sweaty on stage, where a not-yet-known startup called Sonos launched, and where Elon Musk elaborated on his vision for the hyperloop.
It's where Google's self-driving car concept was developed, where giant internet access balloons were conceived, where glucose-monitoring contact lenses were first experimented with, and where burrito-delivering drones are part of a beta test for bigger things.
But Hollywood is also a place where you are safe, where the possibilities are endless, and where you will always be free to follow your dreams.
This is a Christmas where Christian families reenact the birth of Christ, where Santa plays pool in a bar and where more is more is more.
They need common spaces where culture can thrive — and where new ideas can be shared in the very places where cars previously stood parked and empty.
"Where they're looking is still the area where everyone agrees that's where the plane is," aviation expert Thomas said, adding there were slight disagreements in opinion.
"Our intuition for this was that dogs are really good at finding where to walk — where they're allowed to go and where they're not," says Ehsani.
Take, for example, the frequent difference between where firms put their legal headquarters, where they put their de facto headquarters and where their decision-makers reside.
Because again, it's the one where you have the most power over where you take off, and when you get to where you want to go.
It's definitely a place where people collaborate, where they put Facebook first, where they jump right in to do things across the organization that they're needed.
Where "First Man" scores, of course, is where "The Right Stuff" could not boldly go—where Armstrong, that is, plants his boot on the gray stuff.
Manafort wants to travel in Florida, where he primarily lives; Virginia, where he has a condo; and New York, where he does business and has homes.
Churches are places where the spirit of God is felt, where the presence of God is very real, where manners are expected and vulgarity is shunned.
Where I think I've been most excited professionally is where I felt really highly challenged, and where the work has felt like it's had outsized impact.
On reading the book, I asked myself where I might get that hometown-gym feeling, where I have natural roots, where I can imagine being buried.
It's where you ponder life, where you hang out when you want to aimlessly scroll on your phone, and where you do your most important business.
"You want to be sure you understand where a person is coming from, and where they were before and where they are now," Ms. Nixon said.
"Where is the outrage, where is the action, where are the politicians, clamoring to fix it?" the governor said during an event at The Daily News.
People are going to go find the environment where they are feeling encouraged, where they are being supported and where they're being helped along the way.
They draw diagrams and show you where the death chamber is, where the defendant is going to be, where the defendant's family is going to be.
This was her sanctum: a place where she had spent countless hours cocooned, where she had contemplated suicide, where she had made love with her husband.
It has thousands of stores in states where open carry is legal and where some customers may not support restrictions on where open carry is allowed.
"I've said it for years: There needed to be somewhere where the girls can go, where the guys can go, where it's all contained," she said.
I never knew where I was headed or where the plot was going.
She heard where I was coming from but it's unclear where she landed.
It's not that he's where the boys are; he's where the mothers aren't.
Here, a breakdown of where HomePod wins, and where it falls disappointingly short.
I can influence where we allocate our capital, where we put our people.
Because that's where ... that's where that was happening, the internet was happening. Exactly.
Where are the fantastic beasts in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?
I've used real names only where I have permission, and pseudonyms where indicated.
We&aposve seen where there&aposs protests where someone ends up getting killed.
Where do you stop—where is your spade turned, as Wittgenstein would say?
My general attitude is, cooperate where you can, but confront where you must.
That's based on where JPMorgan stock was compared with where it is now.
" : "We don't care where a stock came from, we care where it's going.
I think that's where you start, because that's where the most risk is.
Look at where this has taken us, 18 months, where&aposs the evidence?
Where the only polls that count are the ones where he's doing great.
Especially, where I was at -- it was my neighborhood where I grew up.
Snitches get stitches where I&aposm from and where I did my time.
You post on your Instagram where you're going, where you're making appearances at.
A place where you can say things, where we can do things together.
Where these feelings have pushed me, and now where do I fit in.
Nobody cares about where you're going tomorrow or where you were last week.
Meet users where they are, but pull them back to where you live.
Where we back up our allies, where we don't send signals of weakness.
I love where I'm at, but the $21120,2159 mark is where I'll plateau.
I'm in danger, but that's where my family is, where my friends are.
"It doesn't matter where I am or where my clients are," Bera said.
"It's crazy where I am now to where I started," she tells PEOPLE.
In the little town where it takes place, you know where everything is.
"That's where the concern is and that's where the objection is," she said.
We were not sure where to go or where he was coming from.
If they don't appreciate where they're at … what got them where they're at?
That's where it gets very gray and murky, and where things went wrong.
So, there were takes where I'm sobbing and takes where it's more stoic.
Capital goes where it is welcome, and stays where it is well treated.
Consider Foursquare, where users reveal to their friends where they're shopping and dining.
This is actually where I belong, and that's where I found my voice.
That's where the innovation is going to happen, and that's where we're focused.
"Where the trucks are, where the businesses are," she says, ICE was there.
Where the robots are is also where American's and their communities are hurting.
And I think we've reached a moment where we know where we're at.
GIULIANI: Where&aposs the collusion, where&aposs the obstruction, except in their head.
Tell me where is our lies and I'll tell you where are yours.
It did not disclose where Xiao was, nor where he was receiving treatment.
It takes stock of where these people have been and where they're going.
That's where you buy the car and that's where you get it serviced.
That's where our strength is and that's where we are trying to go.
There's concerts where artists say their opinions, events where celebrities talk about politics.
Where it goes after making landfall is where the path becomes uncertain again.
There was the question of: 'Where is the city—where is the material?
It's where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself.
Where do you look at where Silicon Valley is as an analog place?
Where my roots were placed, where my mother raised me and my family.
The rule for where the comma goes, however, depends on where attribution comes.
So where they've started and where they are now has grown so much.
"'I skate to where the puck will be, not where the puck is.'"
The places where anxiety is highest are not where I would have expected.
And that's where the civil rights movement, where Dr. King, becomes more relevant.
A place where things stay frozen and a place where they are sweet.
Family is where we first experience love and where we first give it.
We can't choose where we are born or really where we grow up.
"This updated design reflects where we've been and where we're headed," Uber explained.
Look back through where he's trying to go and where it ends up.
Or where you ... That's where I do try to focus, yeah. Mm-hmm.
"We don't know where they are or where they were taken," she said.
So, where the heck did they come from, and where did they go?
This is not an area where we are yet where we wanna be.
I want to know where we are from, and where we are going.
It says a lot about where we are, and where we come from.
Where the pool ends and the ocean view begins, that's where you are.
I'd say it's a mix of where I'm going and where I've been.
It shows not just where rents go up but also where they decline.
It doesn't matter where a stock has been but where it is going.
That open space is where innovation can occur, where people can think creatively.
There are some decades where nothing happens, and some weeks where decades happen.
Where it gets interesting is where you are willing to draw the line.
That's where the hurt is, and that's where the healing needs to be.
Things where people could collaborate together, where I guess it'd be very unstructured.
He tells you where to stand, when to move, where the laughs are.
It creates environments where people can walk and where children can find playgrounds.
Richmond has battlefields where the South prevailed and battlefields where the North did.
"Where New York is today may be where Miami is tomorrow," Suarez said.
Where giant otters and jaguars once roamed, there were fields where cattle grazed.
And that is where my memory goes black, where the reel cuts off.
Yet where that work ends is, in a sense, where the program begins.
The idea is to find where you align and where there are differences.
I knew where I was going wasn't where I was supposed to be.
It don't matter where they rank us, where they tell us to go.
That's where my heart is turning ever; That's where the old folks stay.
Reading was where we nestled, where we sank in deep, side by side.
You hand over control of where you are and where you go next.
That's where the boundary is, and that's where my life has become manageable.
That means strengthening the teacher corps where possible and replacing it where necessary.
Where is our government, and — more to the point — where is American counterintelligence?
"Where people get into trouble is where they misrepresent the facts," Asaro said.
You don't know where you are, you don't know where you are going.
Ask yourself where you are now, and where you want to be instead.
Where are the areas where she gains consensus within the realities of politics?
We have to reduce where we are, where we could have this miscalculation.
This is where we've descended to, but not where we have to stay.
Well, where am I most happy and where do I feel fully utilized?
WM: I'm not where Kara is, but I'm not where you are either.
So let's talk about where the company is and where the area is.
" Celmins elaborates, "Where my dog is, that's where home is — that's not bad.
"As people think about where they want to live, where they want to locate, where they want to do business, where they want to have their conventions, you know, they look at Cleveland now, because of a successful event," Jackson said.
And the idea is that it learns about where you live and where you work and the types of places you go to and what your habits are and where you like to eat and where you like to drink.
If you think about where the yield curve peaked, where the breakevens [peaked], where oil [peaked], where the relative performance of the Russell 2000 peaked, that was already three months ago," Sluymer said Monday in an interview on CNBC's "Trading Nation.
Claire McCaskill in Missouri (where Trump won by 19 points), Joe Donnelly in Indiana (where Trump won by 19), Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota (where Trump won by 36 points), and Jon Tester in Montana (where Trump won by 21 points).
When I asked some acquaintances where I could find live cumbia, most of them directed me here, to the area where mythic Chacmool statues can be found, where informal commerce dominates, and where you'll find sweet shops and tacos or gorditas.
Philip L. Gregory, another lawyer in the case, described the deposition setup, jumping up and taking positions where the young people would be seated, where their attorney would be, where the questioning attorney would be and where the videographer would be.
Songwriters say it's where the neon lights are bright, where you can come on along and listen to its lullaby, where you can blame it all on its nights and where, of course, you must not forget to give your regards.
A kingdom where any act can be criminalized according to a judge's personal interpretation of Sharia law, where women are not allowed out without male guardians, where protest is banned, and where teenagers are executed, their decapitated bodies publicly displayed.
The uncertainty that is part and parcel of a real estate agent's life (where, oh where, is that next commission coming from?) is familiar to actors who routinely deal with similar anxiety (where, oh where, is the next role coming from?).
That's where all our relationships came and went, that's where thoughts were spoken to each other, and new music and books were exchanged, that's where you developed.
And at some point we got to say where are -- where is this evidence as well because we want to know who knew what when and where.
And streets where mothers are safe from fear—schools where children learn in peace—and jobs where Americans prosper and grow—are not too much to ask.
"But we wanted a neighborhood where there's pedestrian traffic, where people are speaking Spanish, where people gravitate towards their front yards instead of their backyards," he said.
Businesses want to go where they feel safe, where they don't see massive controversy, and "where they can be confident transactions will operate normally," the President said.
And streets where mothers are safe from fear -- schools where children learn in peace -- and jobs where Americans prosper and grow -- are not too much to ask.
The eternal city, where Fiats speed past ancient ruins, where hordes of tourists gaze up at Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, where delicious food is a fact of life.
Go to where unloved tower-blocks loom over empty streets, where the roar of motorways echoes in patches of woodland, where the somewheres mingle with the anywheres.
With LOSE we were sort of figuring out where we were headed, where I think we knew a lot more where we wanted to go with this.
"We grew up in a society where human rights were respected, where the rule of law was a given, and where religious freedom was practiced," he intoned.
I do want people to have a closer look into our lives and be able to understand where I've been, where we're at and where we're going.
They are often the researchers in the R&D lab of human experience, understanding where we're going, where our psyches are going, and where desires are going.
We're policing a community in survival mode, where adults lack jobs and children lack opportunities, where drugs and guns are plentiful, where the abnormal has become normal.
I want story events where civilians reject prosthetic limbs, where they break and malfunction, where their experiences with illness and disability are as disparate as our own.
I wanted to give them a place where they could shine, where they could be themselves, where they could be appreciated for their own beauty and uniqueness.
This is where she had raised her only son, where her husband and mother spent their final days, where she had planned to spend her remaining days.
Listings also often include where a vendor will ship from, and where to, meaning researchers can see which destinations are more popular, or where items are sourced.
The edge is where Mormon moms fight for their LGBTQ kids, where nature crusaders clash with politicians anxious to grab public lands, where artists stoke creative fires.
A place where you could make a connection, no matter how fleeting, a place where you found humanity, a place where you could connect with another person.
You might highlight three categories — places where she's writing chiefly about "22018"; places where she's writing chiefly about our world today; and places where the two merge.
And streets where mothers are safe from fear — schools where children learn in peace, and jobs where Americans prosper and grow — are not too much to ask.
Americans want to live in states where schools are serious about educating all children equitably, where healthcare is accessible and affordable, and where their rights are protected.
We have a health care system where access to coverage depends on where you live, where you work, how old you are, and how much you earn.
And streets where mothers are safe from fear — schools where children learn in peace — and jobs where Americans prosper and grow — are not too much to ask.
If you start at East 15th Street in Lower Manhattan and walk two miles south, you will have walked by where my great-grandfather had his butcher shop, where my maternal grandfather practiced law, where my father lived during high school, where I went to elementary school and where my youngest son now attends college.
You go to where the people are, not where you want them to be.
Where would I be and where would she be — what would life be like?
Assess where you are on the scale, and pinpoint where you'd like to be.
That's where crime is happening, in cities where they don't enforce the immigration law.
"That's where my love is and where my heart is," Feldman says of Zen.
Where the wall meets the floor, where the lighting is situated in the space.
But that's not exactly where you started and certainly isn't where your roots are.
We also see where Clinton lived up to expectations and where she fell short.
It isn't where I'll live "until I meet someone," it's just where I live.
Make the question directly: 'Where does my work end, and where do I begin?
But where exactly to look will depend on where you are in the world.
CAVUTO: So, that&aposs where you see -- that&aposs where we are right now?
Specifically, we now know where the eruptible magma comes from and where it collects.
Where in the world can you go where your identity is really a problem?
That says something significant about where we are, about where they think they are.
So that's where we targeted, where we thought someone would've contacted the long johns.
It was a place where people knew them, a place where they felt comfortable.
"It has been coming from places where I live, where I want to protect."
The cloud is where all the smartness lies and where the work is done.
In this episode, we examine where venture capital comes from and where it goes.
It is where he was reborn, and where he will probably face his downfall.
The spread between where they borrow and where they lend is getting closer together.
Where things get really interesting, though, is where the newly enhanced nemesis is involved.
We want to be smart where we go, where we spend, how we spend.
Ahead, a look at where the Fitbit Versa wins, and where it falls short.
I&aposve been where the tunnels where they use Israeli cement and electricity, Joe.
I've heard a lot of Twitter chatter where people have said, 'Where are you?
"It's not where you've been, it's where you are going," Scaramucci captioned the shot.
"I&aposm finding where I can score, where I can be effective," Simmons said.
Where do these come into your practice and where do they take your work?
Where it stands: This chart shows where the greatest emissions reductions can come from.
And where the vote totals end up could tell us where the base is.
Now we're understanding where our spots are and where we can shoot the ball.
That's why this conference isn't just about where we've been, but where we're going.
" Adding, "It's where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself.
She always said she knew where our story began and knew where it ended.
The arid regions where water is scarce are often where response times are longest.
Where do we come from, what's out there, where do we go from here.
Click through to see where the Pixel exceeded expectations and where it fell short.
There should be no confusion between where Ivanka stands and where her father stands.
That's where our excitement is, that's where we're putting our focus and our investment.
Where they're going to take your farms and factories away and where they're not.
We know where most of that is but not where all of that is.
He's flamboyant where Tillerson is guarded, sharp and sometimes snarky where Tillerson is reticent.
I start to panic and thought 'Where is my husband, where is my husband?
Donna, where do you keep your Oscar, and Glenn, where are your zillion Emmys?
It's nice seeing him grow from where he started to where he is now.
It is impacting the stores where we shop and the restaurants where we eat.
With the trial, where this character's giving speeches, that's where Trump comes in most.
Where he called taxi ... No, where he said that ... Some dude in a car.
It's graceful where these papers are thoughtless and beautiful where all this is ugly.
It's amazing where-- Apple's and-- or-- well, where-- yeah, Apple's ended up with consumers.
Holmes: He inherently knows where he has room to maneuver and where he doesn't.
So what we say is where is where are the cracks in the system?
"That's where I saw all my friends, where I talked to them," he said.
Where was this energy from you when 17 people where killed at my school?
Emotion is where learning begins, or, as is often the case, where it ends.
Where Trump is under water Trump is under 50% approval in Texas, where Sen.
But where did all this oxygen come from, and where did it all go?
Where do you live now, and where would the company be based after YC?
Many of the states where Mr. Obama was competitive in 2008 but where Mrs.
Ask where things are difficult to understand, or where the format can be improved.
It's where I spend the majority of my time, and where I'm most productive.
That's where this elevates us, where earned media is much more connected to sales.
The only place where you'll truly shine is one where you can be yourself.
Notice the contrast between where you are right now and where you could be.
You can't get to where you're going if you don't know where that is.
I tried to find out where she had come from, where she was going.
I like to see [where] it can't go as much as where it can.
That's where the beauty starts and that's where it'll shine from... It's a process.
But there's a clear trajectory from where I started and where I've ended up.
So meet them where they are, where you think you can help the most.
You get days where you get zero, you get days where you get five.
So, this is where I'm supposed to be and where I'm supposed to grow.
Naturally, there are years where hurricane activity is intense and years where it remits.
Is home where you are or where you are from, when you move around?
"I'm finding where I can score, where I can be effective," Simmons told reporters.
Right. Well, that's where the people are and that's where higher divorce rates are.
"Where balance sheet is provided, that is where we're going for trades," he said.
Then there is 23, where there is beauty, and 25, where there is press.
And where to begin in a city where the night life is never-ending?
Please be sure to tell us where you're from and where you are now.
It's the course where I learned to be brave and where I learned resilience.
You don't know where ... You never know where anyone is going to end up.
"We made a point of going places where no other people where going," Mrs.
"I don't know where the brake is and where the gas is," she said.
We could see a scenario where it's bundled with the course, where it's feedback.
That's where we start to find new revenues — but it's not where we stop.
It's ultimately liberating to acknowledge where we were and where we want to go.
Where Brody differs, and where Baywatch fails, is in the film's deeply unfunny script.
And, it knows where you are, that's the astonishing... It knows where you are.
He has mapped where farmers can grow coffee next: basically upcountry, where it's cooler.
He was asked about his background, where he lived, where he went to school.
It's where the "conventional wisdom" forms and where our national political narrative is created.
But where I'm from, where the primary is really won — your phone doesn't work.
Home might be where the heart is ... but Miami's definitely where the money is.
Obviously Google Maps gives us particulars about where we are and where we're going.
It's where George W. Bush goes to church and where Dick Cheney once lived.
This is where that bittersweet nostalgia gets me, and where the game succeeds most.
"Where Cambodia sits now is where China was 25 years ago," one manufacturer said.
You have to smell the tide of where things are and where it's going.
But where you end up may not be where you thought this was going.
Have a place in your house where you work, and another where you relax.
And only the region where the two interfere is where you get the signal.
"There are moments where they're talking; there are moments where they're touching," Abrams said.
GRAYS, England — Who were they, where were they going, and where were they from.
GRAYS, England — Who were they, where were they going, and where were they from.
Where there is still no peace, and where everything seems to be going backward.
I asked them where I should go — back to Texas (where I grew up)?
" : "It doesn't matter where a stock came from, it matters where it's going to.
Intentionally or not, you were where you sat or where you were seen sitting.
"I want an America where everyone has a place, where everyone's included," she said.
That's where the chopping block is; that's where the blood and the axe are.
Still, in life and in government, where you stand depends on where you sit.
It's not about where the puck is — it's about where the puck is going.
Where we are: There's a point where a strategy starts to hit diminishing returns.
"Where is Area 51" also appeared at number 3 in the "Where is" category.
There's no indication of where Curry's soldiers are coming from, or where they're going.
Often in politics, where you end up is a function of where you start.
"Where are they gonna go?" she said, referring to where they might find parking.
Ngaire, 26, is based in Baltimore, where Wynn lives and where Reeves was killed.
That's where the problem is, and that's where the federal judicial ruling is applicable.
For some perks, where you work may be as important as where you live.
I wanted something that represented where I was and where I wanted to be.
"That's where this year starts and ultimately where it ends for Disney," Miller said.
It's not only where I work, it's where I get creative energy and recharge.
This is true in Britain, where I live, and in America, where you live.
Strong enough to where I thought about where my heart was at that point.
"Where you stand has a lot to do with where you sit," Tusk said.
They know where many of those incredible people are and where they are buried.
I think this is where we were founded and this is where they are.
I know where he came from in England, I know where he lived here.
They are inaccessible places, where supposedly primitive, backward people live, and where enemies lurk.
Just looking millimeter by millimeter where oxygen was used and where oxygen wasn't used.
And that is by going not just where it's comfortable, but where it's uncomfortable.
"Where this began and where its ended you are two different places," Friedman says, "and where it is is certainly in the best interest of this young lady."
" He concluded the post: "And I really don't know where I'll end up tonight but I do know where I wind up is where I'm meant to be.
Maybe there's a world just a song away from here where he didn't win the election, where innocent people weren't shot, where people you cared about didn't die.
They should receive media attention and condemnation where their actions are newsworthy — where they are public figures, for example, or where they are in positions of significant power.
"🎶They're my boobies, and I'll feed where I want to- feed where I want to – feeeeed where I want to…🎶 #worldbreastfeedingweek," Ferrera wrote in the caption.
They included pairs of images where both faces were wearing glasses, images where neither person wore glasses, and images where only one image showed the person wearing glasses.
"We've had other cases where the child goes to ORR and they do not know where parent is, and the parent doesn't know where child is," Frydman said.
I teach Asian American Studies at the University of Houston, where many students commute, where most students work and are goal-oriented, and where it is very diverse.
Above all else, remember that your profile should tell the story of where you've been, where you are now and where you want to be in the future.
It walks us around the room where the clips are kept, where Jeff Roth can barely remember where everything is (although his dedication and knowledge are clearly enormous).
From where this thumb-sized man battles dragons and ghosts to a small farm in Campania where a tiny nonna weeps and wonders where her boys have gone.
But extremism will find new breeding grounds in countries where sectarian loyalties dominate, where there is no work, where distrust is endemic and the "middle ground" doesn't exist.
Those are years where you can point to cultural, historical, or societal watermarks, years where eras amass into a totality, where narratives are fleshed-out and rounded-off.
So it's that fine line of where to tweak reality, where to use poetic license and where not to, and using all of that to create a harmony.
And, conversely, in a world where our movements are tracked, where our web searches leave cookie crumbs, and where privacy is increasingly compromised, omniscient narrators resonate with readers.
When you live in New York, you often hit only a few select neighborhoods on a regular basis: where you work, where you eat, and where you sleep.
Here, where Andrew Wyeth painted Christina Olson, where Bernard Langlais created his large-scale sculptures, where Lois Dodd and Alan Magee practice their formidable realism, she treads carefully.
It's an area on the Chinese border where smuggling is rampant, where people know a bit about the outside world and where disaffection, consequently, is greater than average.
Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, he declined to say where he grew up, where he lived, what kind of car he drove or where he used to work.
The Belmont section of the Bronx, where Lesandro was killed, is within the 48th Precinct, where gang activity has been a persistent problem and where homicides are up.
Eliminating gossip and building an authentic loyalist team brings forward light where there was none, where bad behavior can't hide, and where abuse and harassment have no place.
And we believe if people know it, they know where I stand on immigration, they know where I stand to the level where the president will endorse me.
"It's dangerous when a culture has no social contact rituals where groups mix, where extended families are in contact, where groups meet and do things together," Hamilton says.
Having a teammate like Michael as we are coming to a track where he has raced on the carousel before, so he kind of knows where the passing zone is, where you can be aggressive and where you need to be conservative at.
The typical Facebook hire "thrives in an environment where they are problem-solving, where they are working on things, where they are building things, where they are challenging the way we have done things either in our process or our product," explains Gale.
This majority, they hope, would promote a worldview where fewer people have rights, where women do not have reproductive choices, where lawmakers can make it harder for minorities to vote, where religious people are free to disregard laws protecting people they don't like.
And I think in terms of putting people in a space, trying to get information from where she is physically to where they are physically—or from where she is mentally to where they are mentally—if that's actually a thing that's working.
The adobe home where Mr. Hernandez grew up, the filled-in well where he died, the church where his funeral was held, the cemetery where he is buried — the landmarks of Mr. Hernandez's whole life and death fit neatly in Redford, population 90.
These are tales where society itself is predatory, where all sex is desultory and transactional, where memorials to victims of terrorism have drugs pumped into the air so visitors know what they're supposed to feel, where there's no worse dystopia than the heart.
It is occurring in a country where where defamation law favors plaintiffs, where criminal law protects defendants more than it does in many other countries, and where a number of legal standards restrict reporters' ability to publish information related to criminal cases.
We would literally walk these trenches in-field with stakes, and we would measure, 'This is where we see the bombed out trees,' and 'This is where we meet this guy; this is where we do this; this is where we do that.
"Just really reflect on the last two weeks, reflect where my life has gone to, where I'm at, where I am in this stage at 26, who I am as a person, who I want to continue trying to be, where I want to go in the sport, where I want to go as a man," he said.
And I feel bad for you, because now you're like, in this f—ing limbo period where you're like, 'Where the f— is our relationship, where is my baby?
These floor plan maps are used to show where the robot has actually cleaned during a run, where it hasn't, and where it ran into obstacles that prevented access.
You have to think about the fact that you're part of a big company where your actions could impact where you get taxed and where you don't get taxed.
Maas say this means working with Washington where possible, filling voids in areas where the U.S. is withdrawing and pushing back where America is seen as crossing red lines.
Where should market forces play the biggest role, where are existing policy frameworks adaptable for new technologies, and where might new approaches (within this country or internationally) make sense?
Many were placed in District 3, where the Navajo candidate is running unopposed, instead of District 803, where they actually live, and where Grayeyes is running a contested race.
It suggests that I will be a participant in a rapidly approaching future where gender transcended binary, where action supersedes rote consumption, and where I am my best self.
Geico's "now at the point where it's turning the corner, where its profitability is finally kind of at the area where they need it to be," the analyst added.
People also move to places they've always aspired to live, where their dream industry is, where their current industry takes them, or where the cost of living is affordable.
The foreign secretary is everything that she is not: outgoing where she is inward-looking, clever with words where she is pedestrian and gung-ho where she is dithering.
The result is one where sound design and soundtrack walk the same line, where experimental is favored over convention and where the stratified sounds accentuate the tension on screen.
We live in a life where the law of consent is still far away, where we are objectified and where sexual abuse and harassment are more common than [not].
I think where it is painful is where other businesses, potential customers, where it makes it harder for them to make decisions that makes it more challenging for us.
In the winter, Ruddy said Trump prefers to be in Florida, where it is warm, where he has plenty of friends and where he can play golf to unwind.
It's wacky where other artillery games are grim, hilarious where others are serious and full of customization where so many of the artillery shooters are stripped down and simple.
He said Italy had requested all records from the area where Regeni lived, where he disappeared and where he was found, which could amount to nearly a million calls.
But I pared my itinerary down to Dublin, where the Joyce family house-hopped to avoid creditors; London, where he married; and Paris, where he joined fellow literary lions.
"We're now measuring where a person was enslaved, as opposed to where they were interviewed or where we discovered their slavery," Walk Free Foundation founder Andrew Forrest told CNN.
That's where New Hampshire comes in — New Hampshire, where a measly 11 percent of voters say immigration is their top issue, and where Trump's Mexican theatrics have little purchase.
"If you think back to where we were January of last year to where we are now, I think we're light years ahead of where we were," he said.
It is in the broad, fertile basis of the market where innovation and experiment happen, where young artistic talent gets discovered and where new adventurous gallerists can be nurtured.
The gun, for me, here's where I got the most use out of it: to see where I was with my fastball and where I was with my changeup.
He is running to bring America to a place where we care for one another, where everyone is seen and included & where government has your back when you stumble.
CreditCreditMaxim Babenko for The New York Times MIRNY, Russia — Shoppers want to know where their coffee is grown, where their clothes are made and where their iPhones are assembled.
" After saying that I was born in Chicago, the interrogation continues with "Where are you really from?" or "Where are your parents from?" or "Where are your grandparents from?
"There are some cases where you might need lightweight crypto, but where it could get confusing is where people aren't sure what level of security they need," Vennard says.
By tracking your movements, it's easy for someone to determine not only your regular commute, but where you work, where you like to shop, and even where you live.
I had [returned] to my roots where skill always involved faith, where looking back was a sin, where the next image was all that mattered in anything you did.
The idea of an America where there were no cell phones, where there were no computers, where people drove 1980s cars and had just recovered from the gas shortages.
He felt at home only in the places where he'd spent his childhood: in bars where he didn't know anybody, and at the track where he was a somebody.
Now he is primed to pick up where Thibodeaux left off, a throwback to an era where the best talent in the inner city played where they came from.
We're starting where it's easier, such as in my function, where there are more women.
So, really, okay, where was that place where you could just snap a quick picture?
I don't know where this guy can go where he's not going to be booed.
Where in the world will she be at the time, and where is the wedding?
And you know, that's where markets probably are impatient and where they want results today.
And I understand where President Trump comes from and where the Democratic nominee came from.
So, where was Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi, the liberal media, where was the outrage then?
"It's this exact confluence of forces with where they're coming from and where we are."
"You don't know where you've gone if you don't know where you were," says Magley.
It's where protestors convene, and where tourists travel to see part of the city's history.
That's where Bachman comes in, and more specifically where his particular con man philosophy shines.
In a world where people stop posting to the News Feed, where will they go?
Wind turbines must be built where there is wind, solar panels where there is sun.
You have to figure out where your customers are and where they're spending their time.
" Swift added, "That's where the boundary is, and that's where my life has become manageable.
That's where crime is happening in these cities where they don't enforce the immigration laws.
This is where the relationship is at its most vulnerable and where Netflix cheating begins.
If you think about where inflation is and where the current Federal funds rate is.
"There are areas where Joe really excels and other where I really excel," Nick said.
Where have they gone where they're defending these two people over the state of Israel.
In the US, where uCampaign is based, or in the UK where potential voters live?
Where have they gone where they're defending these two people over the state of Israel?
By moving service from where you buy to where you use, you change the game.
" They like to hang out "where the bad things live; where the bad things fight.
Home might be where the heart is — but sometimes, it's also where the job is.
That gives me the ideology to know where I come from and where I'm going.
Alto Peru, where the shooting took place, is also where the two boys' mothers lived.
A world where we need less parking — where streets can be narrowed and sidewalks widened.
Where you stand in life and politics has everything to do with where you sit.
Your memory is where your wife was, where it was made before these horrific events.
Where are we going to put the audio compound where we build all the speakers?
Noah, let me start with you, where we&aposre going and where the conversation goes.
Choose a spot where it shows to best advantage and where surrounding plants enhance it.
That was true where I grew up, but it's true where I live now too.
"It's where my great-grandparents were born, it's where my grandpa was born," she explains.
"This is where the research is going and where it needs to go," she says.
Egyptian politics is where it has always been and where it is likely going: authoritarianism.
First, "get armed with where you are and where you need to be," said Henske.
It's impossible to figure out where characters are, where they're going, what their objective is.
Unsure of where she was, or where the strange dream was taking her, she walked.
I don't think that where we are now is a sign of where we're going.
"This is a case where there is emotion, where there is possible prejudice," Liguori said.
But where this guy can get to is much higher than where he is now.
Few know yet where they're going, and no one knows where this is all heading.
One where we can break through and create an economy where one job is enough.
"You never know where ears are and you never know where eyes are," says Farley.
And that's not where they spend their money, it's not where they spend their time.
And then another one was where deforestation actually happened versus where they thought it happened.
They want to know where to spend money on infrastructure and where they can skimp.
Where things went wrong Clinton's friends and allies are pondering where her campaign went wrong.
"We'll figure out where you need help and where we can provide it," he said.
I don't know what it's like where you are, but it's quiet where I am.
Twitter became the place where news broke, and the place where that news was discussed.
She made me realize that sometimes it's not where you are, it's where you aren't.
If you've shared where you're from originally, ask the other person where they grew up.
You cannot gauge where you are, or where you are headed, without knowing your numbers.
The drill area where he was found was about five kilometres from where he disappeared.
Generally, in the public school system, where you live decides where you go to school.
Location data reveals where we live, where we work, and how we spend our time.
There's days where I'm Lil' Kim and there's days where I wanna be Queen Latifah.
Where outsourcing and insourcing are similar is in regards to where your engineering teams work.
But today's presentation was less about where we are, and more about where we're going.
Where did this chart come from and where did the data behind it come from?
"Where was #cher s nipple I don't freaking understand where it went," wrote a viewer.
That's where "zero trust" comes into play — where you don't trust, but you certainly verify.
I left the entire state, where I was born and where all my family were.
The club is talking about where he can go play, and that's where we are.
They get advice on where to stay for less and where to find good deals.
If you want to improve the local community where you live, where do you begin?
"This is where companies are innovating and where there is demand," an economics professor says.
And that's where Lumpy and friends — that's where they really have found the president lacking.
"No matter where you go, please let us know where you end up," she said.
"I'm happy where I am and the president is happy where I am," said Perry.
What to watch: Here's where Generation Alpha is coming from and where they're likely going.
"This is an issue [where] the American people should know where everyone stands," Schumer said.
But [also] stay present in where you're from or where you think your roots are.
Where fists are raised, blood is shed and where heroes are made, we are there.
Where are you now and where would you like to be in the US market?
Ultimately I will write about where they get in and where they decide to go.
It's unclear exactly where Sanders first saw the video or where she got it from.
My segment was in Philadelphia—where I'm registered to vote and where I grew up.
The media spending more time wondering where Melania is and not wondering where ISIS is.
Where you bought the ticket determines your options for remaining anonymous, not where you live.
Going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.
And now it's sort in this place where, well okay, where do we put that?
It's still not clear where "Cruise" stands, or where we stand in relation to it.
"Where, oh where, have the smart people gone?" she sings, mimicking the old nursery rhyme.
Outing yourself is only the beginning: That's where the work starts, not where it ends.
That's where they're spending all their time, that's where a lot of their stress is.
Where things get much trickier is where a more fundamental issue like abortion is concerned.
There was a period where I did that, where I was with the traveling press.
That's where ... That's both the bottleneck, but it's also just literally where the work is.
We know what he's said, we know where he's flip-flopped, where he's made mistakes.
Where those colors begin to blend, we can see where investors overlap with one another.
So, we may as well ask: Where, oh where, would one wear these OOO outfits?
They asked me where I was staying, so I reciprocated and asked where they lived.
"People in this city understand where we are and where we are going," he said.
It shows where new immigrant groups are moving and where poverty is declining and rising.
Or it could help someone decide where to live or where to start a business.
We are where we are now, where technology, trust in technology is at a low.
Dexter Thomas spoke with Walker about where the movement currently stands and where it's headed.
" THE SUGARS RECOMMEND "Stitches," by Antonya Nelson "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?
It's gotten to the point where they know where each other are gonna be at.
Where he was chairman of a golf club or where his next wife was living.
Yet that's also where Dashboard Confessional came in and where HomePod's biggest shortcomings became apparent.
That answer really tracks both where I agree with you and where I really disagree.
The intense argument over where he belongs tells us a lot about where we're headed.
"We're back to where we first started, where we're yelling and screaming," Ms. Mays said.
And here, Mr. Mueller, is where you come in — where you need to come in.
A world where we need less parking — where streets can be narrowed and sidewalks widened.
The one place where he finds rest is the local pool where he swims alone.
You hear from people where the clash was too much, where it didn't work out.
Most stories mention Michigan, where Clinton didn't campaign, rather than Pennsylvania, where she campaigned intensely.
In many white-collar criminal investigations, where prosecutors start is not always where they end.
Many people go into gardens where they can find order and where things make sense.
There are some policy debates where it's difficult to figure out where different candidates stand.
"There are areas where we are superior, others where they are," he said of Mercedes.
It's a painting where somebody's fumbling, where he's coming out of Cubism, which is profound.
What to watch: Here's where Generation Alpha is coming from and where they're likely going.
I'll just stay home, in the quiet, where I know exactly where the bathroom is.
Where have they gone where they're defending these two people over the State of Israel?
Essentially, it taxes goods based on where they end up, not where they are produced.
Ky., in both economy, where it's available for purchase, and business class, where it's free.
You are not where you are supposed to be, but you are where you are.
"We are not where we'd like to be, or where we should be," he said.
"Everything should be where it's supposed to be," he writes, "which is where it was."
I come from Europe, where dance is mostly something where you create illusions or representations.
We have a map showing where they've been removed, and where there are plans to.
Where passengers will be quarantined may vary broadly depending on where they land, Messonnier added.
And I've done it by going not just where it's comfortable, but where it's uncomfortable.
That's where the story springs from, and that's where the billing springs from as well.
Where we agree, we agree; where we disagree, we disagree and we draw the line.
We are left to imagine where Malcolm was going and to appreciate where he was.
But Brexit was where Mr. Johnson's speech began and where its most serious promises lay.
Check in with your body to feel where it is tight, where you can release.
Another tent, where beer flowed, was strategically placed where players entered and left the ice.
It is not immediately clear where Izarra was arrested or where the others currently reside.
A Purple mattress is soft where you want it, but firm where you need support.
You have to understand where the ball is and where you want it to go.
Who is Bill Messer, where is he originally from, and where does he live now?
For finding their footing while having to bridge where they're from with where they are.
"Congress is where it ends, not where it begins," said Watts of Moms Demand Action.
A: This is where things get interesting and where party politics really come into play.
Looking at where we started and where we ended up, we feed off one other.
And it's such a X ray of where he is, of where his psyche is.
Some of them are not certain where this place is—where they have been brought.
"I feel really good about where our campaign is," she said, "and where it's going."
And I do it by going not just where it's comfortable, but where it's uncomfortable.
This requires understanding not merely where people are but where they are capable of going.
Creating clear separation between where I worked and where I "played" was also really important.
They also like to know who has it, where it is, where it's going. Okay?
It was just where I wanted to stay away from is where it ended up.
We have 4,800 companies where we had to change -- where we voted against board people.
The mountains give way to fertile valleys where cows roam -- and where pharmaceuticals are manufactured.
It will also allow knowledge of where the shipment and what it is and where.
"[Los Angeles] is where Howard Hughes started, and it's where Walt Disney started," he says.
Where you come from doesn't have anything to do with where you're capable of going.
They knew where to go, the portion of the orchard where they couldn't be seen.
At best, they move jobs from where consumers want them to where politicians want them.
Whether that's where you put library product – exclusive, non-exclusive – where you put new production.
And, and he knows where to push knows where there&aposs optimization that&aposs possible.
The middle is where national elections are won and the middle is where governance begins.
At Facebook, we think about meeting people where they are and anticipating where they're going.
Part of it is where people live and where we put these sources of pollution.
Take Iowa, where we live, and where Republicans control both branches of the state legislature.
" He added: "I don't know where I'm going, but I know where I come from.
""That&aposs where the boundary is, and that&aposs where my life has become manageable.
But in many of these areas, where you live determines where you go to school.
Berman has recused himself where that is appropriate and pushed ahead where that is appropriate.
Here's a look at where they made those changes happen, and where they were disappointed.
You have to pay attention to where there is humor and where there is music.
Momo meets kids where they are — or at least where their parents think they are.
Not fiction where somebody wants fame or where they come out of their crooked campaign.
That's where you just let the facts lead you to where you want to go.
I think where we've seen it start to be successful is where it's the combination.
But also, where do you imagine you'll be, where Hollywood will be, in 10 [years]?
That's where he likes to have lunch and that's where ... I think it's completely changed.
These writers describe a world where the visual has triumphed over the literary, where fragmented sound bites have replaced linear thinking, where nostalgia ("Make America Great Again") has replaced historical consciousness or felt experiences of the past, where simulacra is indistinguishable from reality, where an aesthetic of pastiche and kitsch (Trump Tower) replaces modernism's striving for purity and elitism, and where a shared plebeian culture of vulgarity papers over intensifying class disparities.
Banks could be required, for example, to run through a list of questions to establish where a client's personal and economic links are strongest: where he spends most of his time, where his children go to school, where his doctor is and so forth.
After all, he sees a future where electric bikes need smart range projections, where bike-share fleets need to be managed, where social training programs like Strava can pull data from the bike itself and where any bicycle should come with theft and crash alerts.
Their home is supposed to be the one place where they can be safe, where they don't have to try to come up with inane small talk, where they can be away from anyone who disrupts their regimented existence where everything is in its place.
"They asked me if I packed my own bag, where I packed it from, where I came from, they looked at my itinerary, verify where I was, who I was, from where I came from," said Fran Young, who was travelling to Los Angeles.
Take this time to lean into this moment with curiosity, not fear, seeing it as an opportunity to discover where there are soft spots in your business, where employee engagement is lacking, where values and mission are misunderstood, and where leaders aren't actually effective managers.
It's very hard for me to look at this problem not through where I was — I just drove out of Newark — but where I go home to, where I can tell you, if we walked my block in my neighborhood, where people were shot.
And here on Betsy DeVos's anniversary, this is the first time that I have ever been to this building where we were not let in — where the educators, where the students, where the parents of America were locked out of the federal Department of Education.
"You go where the hot spots are, you go where the training is, you go where people are looking to do harm and bring death and destruction on civilized people."
That's the one where, in the red/green ball case, there are actually two universes, one where I saw the red ball and one where I saw the green ball.
These are people that grew up in a different time where the social signaling of where they went to school mattered enough where they could get these prestigious, "prestigious," jobs.
"It's the church where I was baptized, where I was educated, where I was taught the faith," said Bahnam Shamanny, the editor of Bartelli al-Syriann, a monthly local newspaper.
"On the campaign side, I just sent out … a list of where you can volunteer, where you can donate, where you can make your voice heard, like rallies," Swalwell side.
There is a there around here in Philadelphia, where women and men go away, where their adulthoods disappear: Graterford, Camp Hill, SCI Houtzdale, where my older brother is doing life.
I didn't think this was going to be where I was going to beI didn't know where I was going to be, but I'm glad this is where I am.
Another, as poor Jeb Bush (!) has discovered, is being born — one where words mean everything and the contrary of everything, where sentences have lost their weight, where volume drowns truth.
It is a place where political connections are more important than efficiency, where local governments have wasted vast quantities of money and where investment-led growth has encouraged local protectionism.
Haverford was in his blood: it was where his father taught mathematics, where Morley received his undergraduate degree, and where Morley and his two brothers were born, right on campus.
My preference was a tidy, predictable, safe life where no one got hurt, where my kids remained in one piece, where there was no pain for anyone ever again, amen.
Where the interfaces are darkest, Neitz says, are where neurons are talking to each other—literally where the neurotransmitter glutamate is flowing from one neuron across a synapse to another.
And you know there are cases where, if you look at Photos, where we did a really bold rethink of where Photos needed to go, and how to transition it.
So, in your mind, or in my mind, I've played out the whole thing: Where I'm going to walk, where I'm going to stand, where the microphone's going to be.
There are several parts of the run where ParisianPlayer doesn't exactly know where he is or where he's supposed to go, but he always manages to get back on track.
The studio is where Michael Jackson would audition dancers for his videos and tours, where Dr. Dre rehearsed for the MTV Awards, and where Britney Spears trained for her comeback.
So following The One Where Vader Didn't Kick Ass and The One Where Jyn and Cassian Survive in an Escape Pod, here comes The One Where Vader Killed Orson Krennic.
" He said Ms. de la Huerta was able "to articulate each and every movement of the crime: where she was, where they met, where this happened and what he did.
A room where employees would announce their arrivals, daily, with morning emojis; rooms where everyone read but few posted; rooms where everyone posted but few were expected to fully read.
Right-wing reformers are rising where left-wingers ruled, progressives are rising where conservatives held power, and unconventional populists are gaining in countries where the traditional parties are especially weak.
But what use is symbolism in an administration where norms have been shaken from their foundations, where political mores have been trashed and where seemingly naked power rules the day?
She's at the age where every word in a conversation is analyzed, where awkward photos are inevitable, where one must steer clear of saying "nuts" or "balls" at all costs.
"This is all I'm trying to tell them: These are the sites where we prayed, where we buried our dead, where we made pottery a long time ago," he said.
It's become the place where Trump feels most productive, where he avoids meddling by his staff and where he speed-dials his network of confidants, GOP lawmakers and TV pundits.
This one spread out over three floors: the wine cellar, where the ceremony was held; the main floor, where the reception took place; and the loft, where dinner was served.
Donald Trump is Obama's temperamental opposite — reckless where Obama is restrained, intuitive where Obama is technocratic, insulting where Obama is respectful, and scandal-ridden even before he assumes the presidency.
He was right about where the virus had been, but not about where it was now.
Consumers are caring where their eggs come from and now where their apparel materials come from.
Being with people, having fun, all about connecting with folks where they are, where they live.
So there's some crimes of rape where there's no statute and some where it's five years.
There is an old adage in politics that where you stand depends on where you sit.
It's unclear yet where it will be, but it won't be located where alcohol is sold.
Look at where the coast was in 2004 -- and where it's expected to be in 2053.
Where that demands cooperation, governments must do so; where it requires consent, that must be built.
It's where I learned how to play the game; it's where I learned how to compete.
Nathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Day, 49 Where they're from: Maryland When and where they died.
They saw me come off of a show where I wasn't sure really where to go.
Where do we think states belong, and where do we think the private bears more responsibility?
That's where I want to be—and where most of the country's eclipse nerds will, too.
Europe where a deal is a deal, where the rule of law and democracy is upheld.
We do have a barn where he should be staying where it is nice and cozy.
PERINO: Where he was last night and where he was today, he certainly knows his audience.
But then there's one about domestic, and where is the law, and where should it go?
It allows oil and gas companies to learn more about where and where not to drill.
He told them where to walk, across the land where North Dakota and Minnesota meet Manitoba.
I know who I am where I'm from and where I'm going and that bothers you.
There were four races where Democrats led in the polls and four where Republicans were ahead.
" One text message read: "We know where you live... where your kids go to school/grandkids.
This is a space where intentions don't matter, where one person's bad joke is another's propaganda.
I treated makeup like a stain; you didn't see where things started or where they stopped.
There's an oversimplification in cinema where you're either objective or subjective, and where objectification is bad.
India, where Uber battles domestic rival Ola, is the most obvious market where that could happen.
Where there's no moral value assigned to amounts of flesh, where thinness isn't always a virtue.
The place where these two spaces, psychological and geographical, meet is where this project is birthed.

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