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"we" Definitions
  1. I and another person or other people; I and you
  2. people in general

971 Sentences With "we"

How to use we in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "we" and check conjugation/comparative form for "we". Mastering all the usages of "we" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We change, we desire, we dream, we fight, we survive.
We know what we think, we know what we want, we know how we feel.
We edit, we distort, we censor; we select, we discard, we reshape, until memory becomes myth.
What we see we long for; what we hear we interpret; what we touch we are.
We sunbathe, we play lawn games, we laugh, we grill, we eat, and, of course, we drink.
We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries.
We did everything together...we fought, we played, we laughed and we cried.
We need toughness, folks, we need strength, we need smarts, we need warmth, we need compassion, we need everything.
We're all one community—we bleed the same, we love the same, we hate, we work, we pay, we need.
We find 'em, we vet 'em, we underwrite 'em, we close 'em, we manage 'em, and then we rehab 'em.
We try to find work we like, entertainment we like, people we like, shoes we like, political candidates we like.
We prevent what we can, we adjust to what we can't prevent, and we suffer what we can't adjust to.
The documents are stuffed with "We affirm … We reaffirm … We call for … We also call on … We welcome … we underline … We note the importance of … We also recognize … We will explore … We strive to … We will prioritize … we will promote…" All these formulations are found in the G-7 communique the U.S. did not sign.
We go in, we have wars, we lose lives, we lose money, and we leave.
We turn to each other, and we scream, we jump, we hug, we sing along.
We love what we feel we are before we start to appreciate who we are.
Where we agree, we agree; where we disagree, we disagree and we draw the line.
As we grow older, we change how we dress, what we eat, where we live and who we become friends with.
We do journalism, we do straight interviews, we do investigative reporting, we do commentary, we do opinion, we do it all.
"We identify early, we treat, we [do prophylaxis], we refer, we follow up, we do all of those things," he said.
We talk about the algorithms we use and why we use the algorithms we use, and why we change it we talk about when we change it.
We march because we can, we have, and we will.
We lose we shouldn't change, we win, we shouldn't change.
We do business, we dream, we create things, we fight.
We import, we make, we grow, and we source locally.
When we come together, we the people, we the people, we the people, we the people.
We have employees, we have guests, we have hosts and we have communities we live in.
We are still chilly, but we do the jigsaw puzzles, we play the games, we eat, we open the gifts, we laugh.
"Everyday we go to work and we know what we are doing, we are mainstreaming marijuana — we get everything we want if we can mainstream marijuana," Bierman said.
This be hope, this be home,we are hope, we are home, we be vigilant, we be united, we be good, we do good, we are good,as we shouldin the place where a millennium stood for what we understoodwas right.
We decapitate him, we stab him, we ritually shoot him, we burn him up, we blow him up, we&aposve exhausted suing under the Electoral College, we want to abandon it, we&aposve looked at the emoluments clause, we looked at the 25th Amendment, we boycotted the inauguration, we introduced articles of impeachment.
We drank, we danced, we swam, we kissed, we had sexy time, we shared, we became a couple … and at this point, I have high hopes for my marriage.
What we read and watch, what we buy, where we stay, what we do while we stay, how we manage our homes, and with Whole Foods, what we eat.
So, we knew we had some obstacles to overcome, but we thought we had — we thought we were heading in the right direction.
We wish we could get gifts for everyone we know; we feel like shit because we can't.
We post what we see and we see what we post.
We engage when we agree and we engage when we disagree.
We retweet whatever we agree with; we block whoever we don't.
So, we-, when we started, we actually add that element in to our decision-making process, so when we-, when we actually are heading in-, when we are actually driving to a crossroads, we-, we do-, we do this judgment better than Waymo.
We don't live behind secrets, we don't live lies, we are who we are, and we are pretty happy to be who we are.
To say how we experience shame, how we love and how we rage, how we fail, how we retreat, persevere and how we overcome.
We knew we would still go; we knew we would show up, whether or not we were recognized.
"We were blessed that we have the insurance we do, but we know we are lucky," she said.
We thought we were pretty good when we started but we never tried to be something we weren't.
So we own IGN, we own Mashable, we own PC mag, we own Speedtest, we own Everyday Health.
"We have defense, we have tech, we have entertainment, we have finance and we have industrial," Cramer said.
We are who we are: where we were born, who we were born as, how we were raised.
We say we hate overworking -- but could we stop if we tried?
We never bend, we never cower, we never yield and we endure.
"We break, we hurt, we wound, we lament," the school's chaplain began.
We surf it, we breathe it, we dive in, maybe we drown.
And so we kissed, we hugged, we shook hands, we high-fived.
We are black; we are indigenous; we are Spanish; we are European.
"We march, we run, we vote, we win," Pelosi said, to applause.
And we engage when we agree and we engage when we disagree.
And my idea was we go a week, we help, we bring some money, we cook, we make some meals, we help some friends ... Right.
No matter our demographic, we watch what we want, when we want; we eat what we want, when we want — our lives operate on demand.
We had H1N1, we had the swine flu, we had the avian flu, we went through Ebola, we went through MERS, we went through SARS.
No matter who we are, where we come from, what we believe, who we vote for, how we worship, we live in this world together.
"We have governed exactly as we said we would and we are exactly who we said we would be," Mr. Murphy said in an interview.
We know what we think we know, but we also we surely know by now how little that's worth.
We bantered, we joked, we lit one another's cigarettes, we pretended we were not consumed with insecurity and competitiveness.
And then if we lose, we learn from our mistakes, we do some reflection, we lick our wounds, we brush ourselves off, we get back in the arena, we go at it.
Wewe do have energy, we have medical devices, we have financial services, we have I.T., we just got Amazon — their Cloud computing in the Midwest.
But in this industry, we have to… the things that we hold and we love and we treasure, that we respect, we have to get involved.
Moments where we look real good, moments where we look real bad, moments we defend, moments we don't defend, moments we talk, moments we don't talk.
We don't watch them because we don't think we need to, and we don't think we need to because — for some reason — we assume they're harmless.
We talk, we argue, sometimes we march, and most of all, we vote.
We were visible, we were together, we were strong, we made ourselves heard.
We are pure, we are strong, we are brave and we will fight.
"We knew we could fail, we just didn't think we would," Knight said.
If we weren't who we thought we were, well, then, who were we?
We have to prove that we are here, we support what we want.
We knew what we could do, and we knew we were beating ourselves.
We felt we came back to where we were when we made Frost.
If we need 'em, we need 'em; and if we don't, we don't.
We are women, we are angry, we are loud and we are here.
We lose it, we waste it, we maximize it, we travel through it.
We found we had extra room, we had a kitchen, we had privacy.
We ate together, we laughed together, we cried together and we worshiped together.
"We cried and we screamed and we questioned and we talked," Wall says.
We shop, we eat, and we live in our communities that we represent.
We think we know what we are invested in when we actually don't.
We know where we came from, and we know that we are blessed.
We talk, we argue, sometimes we march, and most of all we vote.
We decide how we want to look, we decide when we feel sexy.
And if we can do this, and if we believe we can do this, we should believe we can do other things, we can solve the other problems we have in our country.
We laughed, we cried, we vacationed in Europe, we threw some shade — and we grew a little on the way.
We meet with legislators, we write policy, we try to work with administrations, and when we are ignored we demonstrate.
When we go to school, when we get a job we think we need to "win" at everything we do.
We ran the numbers obsessively before we moved to be sure we were getting the deal we thought we were.
"We brought rice, we brought black beans, we brought tortillas, we brought sugar, we brought fruit drinks, cupcakes," he said.
What we choose to wear is who we think we are, or who we think we would like to be.
Jean Lemierre: But no we have an organic growth, we recruit, we grow, we develop, we invest in many countries.
We-- we-- we just deal with what we have to deal with, and this-- we are not a political organization.
WENDY WHELAN We get in the studio, we do our things, we play our music, we move around, we laugh.
"We travel together, we eat together, we talk together, we watch movies together, we do mostly everything together," said Harris.
We get up in the morning and we tell ourselves we are worthy, we won't be decimated: we will live.
"It's important for us to remember who we are, and when we look into the eyes of those like us, we remember who we are, we get renewed, we get inspired, we get rejuvenated, we get revived," Gurira told BuzzFeed News.
We care about human rights, we care about women's rights, we care about LGBT rights, we care about health care as a human right, we care about our environment and how we leave the planet for our grandchildren, we care about Social Security, we care about justice for all, we care about black lives, we care about immigrants, we care about refugees.
We go to an election, we organize, and we vote out the party we don&apost like, and we vote for the people that we do like.
We remember the price we reached or some agreement we reached, but we also remember how we reached that outcome, and we form perceptions of our counterparts.
We were upset we lost 2016 and we said we deserve to be able to have the whole tournament and we would wait, we would be patient.
Love recognizes that we need each other, that we as a nation are better together, that when we are divided we are weak, we decline, yet when we are united we are strong – invincible!
We lead solid, honest lives, we work hard, we play hard, we pray hard … we love where we are from, and we feel a duty to make sure that it is here for generations.
We thought we knew what we had, but as it turned out, we didn't.
We cannot control the hazards we face, we can only control how we respond.
If we made a noise, if we fussed, we were told we were overreacting.
"If we stay together, we stay together, if we don't, we don't," Joe said.
So, we get the politicians we deserve, we also get the shareholders we deserve.
We want to be smart where we go, where we spend, how we spend.
We feel it when we travel, we feel it when we stay at home.
We don't just wish we were friends with her, we wish we were her.
We know we can't shut this out entirely, but we do what we can.
"We don't know why we do this, but we just know we have to."
We inherit money, we lose a job, we buy a house, we have kids.
We want jobs, we want education, we want choices, we want our children back.
Do we simply see what we believe, or do we believe what we see?
We think we have a great product, we think we serve our customers well.
We use it for everything—we have steaks, we have ribs, we have hamburger.
"We live, we laugh, we argue, and most of all we LOVE," he wrote.
If we get that far, we will be better off than we are, but we can't be where we are today.
We are more courageous than we think, because we have the audacity to live our lives how we feel we should.
"We are wives, we are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters, and we bring those experiences with us," Sellers said.
"We need trucks, we need poles, we need crews, we need lines, we need more people," said a local utility employee.
We know that we come from these mountains and we are strong and we have pride and we love this state.
We walked through, we mystery shopped,' ... Well you know we probably don't do that enough, so you know we feel like we know our service, but do we?
We thought we would be gone for one night and that we were being dramatic by leaving; instead we are so grateful that we left when we did.
And then if we lose, we learn from our mistakes, we do some reflection, we lick our wounds, we brush ourselves off, we get back in the arena.
"This is a place where we come, we smile, we laugh, we eat, we do just great things, we ride the rides, we do all the things that people do at a fair," Kasich said.
We also have direct hospital contracts where we get paid for every test we run, and we distribute tests internationally, where we get paid for every test we run.
We are born into it, we sleep in it, we eat on it, we define ourselves by it, we shield ourselves with it, and, eventually, we die in it.
We picked vegetables, we came home, we cooked them, we meditated, and then from there we went and did a yoga class.
" Obama continued, "If we lose — we learn from our mistakes, we do some reflection, we lick our wounds, we brush ourselves off.
We all wish we had one, and we tell ourselves that if only we made a bit more money we definitely would.
We know our bodies, yet when we seek help, we are ignored — both because we are black and because we are women.
We will protest, we will write and we will show up to polls because we know that we deserve to be heard.
We more readily bond with someone who we find we have things we dislike in common than things we like in common.
We call back subjects; we confirm the spelling of names; we make sure we aren't saying cement when we should say concrete.
Quite the contrary — we drink more, we smoke more, we sleep less, we travel all the time, we don't see our families.
We felt so empowered, like we wondered what more could we do: If we kept living this way, could we retire young?
Before we are left, before we are right, before we are anything, we are Americans.
We move; we observe our actions; we tell ourselves stories about why we do things.
We have marched, we have organized, we have run for office and we have won.
We tweeted, we snapped, we Facebook-ed, and we have the instas to prove it!
We just bought it thinking that we would get what we wanted, but we didn't.
We are unlikely to be robots, but neither are we what we think we are.
"We are only human... We admit we make mistakes, we are not perfect," he said.
"We are only human...We admit we make mistakes, we are not perfect," he said.
But sometimes, we discover a thing we never knew we needed until we taste it.
What we mean is that we are sympathetic, that we are supportive, that we care.
"We need water, we need toiletries, we need nonperishable foodstuff, we need candles," he said.
We have to present the case we have, not the case we wish we had.
We used to just think that we could, but now we know that we can.
We are so scared to do what we love because we think we will fail.
I mean, we-- we make-- if we buy a business, we buy it to keep.
We knew the last game we struggled and we knew we had to bounce back.
We knew we had a chance, especially if we got to overtime, and we did.
We are doing everything we can with what we have, and we have a lot.
The person we wish we could be, and the person we deny that we are.
We had Versus, we had Horde, and we had Chaos and we had the campaign.
"We are who we are, we are the way we were made, and that's life."
"We make sure that we test, we test, we test and test again," Vongerichten said.
Well, we did, but we wanted to buy rum, so we just said we didn't.
We live here, we sleep here, we eat here and we buy our clothes here.
We subsidized wind energy, we subsidize ethanol, we subsidize solar, we subsidize oil and gas.
We were arguing and we had sex that we both agree we shouldn't have had.
BARTIROMO: We -- we -- we will leave it there.
We are all one from the clouds We are not our genders We are not our religions We are not our races We are not our opinions We are not our doubts, insecurities or fears... We are not one voice, we are a roaring crowd.
We knew that there was more we could be and we had a responsibility to create the type of content we wish we had access to when we were younger.
Now, if we were able to biointegrate everything that we make, we do, we build, we operate and we use with the natural environment, there won't be any environmental problems.
We look at Soundcloud, we look at Shazam figures, we look at Wikipedia, we look at YouTube, we look at every possible thing so that we really get the information.
" Adds the wife of John Legend, "We have nutritionists, we have dietitians, we have trainers, we have our own schedules, we have nannies.
After all, we, too, are products of families we didn't choose, genes we didn't select, histories we don't know, circumstances we can't control.
"If we don't ask for what we want we think on some level that we can't fail; we can't get rejected," Kerpen says.
We started looking into the controls we have in place, what we can improve and where we have weaknesses, where we have gaps.
Just to go down the list, we defend Japan, we defend Germany, we defend South Korea, we defend Saudi Arabia, we defend countries.
So, we use philanthropy, we use policy, because we have great policy people in DC. We use arts, we use investing in companies.
"If we had a case that we felt we could prosecute — that my experts felt we could prosecute — we would have," he said.
We learn to walk and talk, we learn our morals and values, and we learn who we are, and who we are not.
But we, we beloved friends, we patriots, we will close this open tap, and we will win back our Germany, piece by piece.
We know as African Americans that we get up, we work harder, we&aposre a lot smarter, we do things a lot better.
We do things in public; we have an address; we have a phone number; we are open to criticism; and we welcome discussion.
I believe we both work from where we stand, and we do stand for what we work for and what we work on.
And we were right when we showed this nation true leadership and passed marriage equality; and we were right when we stood up for the women of this state and we passed the Women's Equality Act; and we were right when we passed the most aggressive law stopping sexual violence on college campuses in the nation; and we were right when we stopped fingerprinting for food; and we were right when we led the way on climate change; and we were right when we stopped discrimination based on sexual identity; and we were right when we passed common-sense gun safety laws.
We governed, we came together, we refused to be intimidated, we refused to be shouted down.
We are excited, we are full of life and we love what we do, most importantly.
Without verification, we can't always trust what we see — or rather, what we think we see.
It changed where we live, what we buy, how we work, and who we call friends.
Who we are, what we are, depends fundamentally on who and what we believe we are.
We don't follow trends because we have to — we follow fashion trends because we like to.
For we have only what we know we must lose, what we are willing to lose ….
We all know the way we think and view, or we think we view these ideas.
"We defend Japan, we defend Germany, we defend South Korea, we defend Saudi Arabia," he said.
We go slower as we age, but we also age when we start to go slower.
We always have and we always will, and we are so sorry we couldn't save you.
"We know we have a good offense — we know we have it in us," Cron said.
We were able to confirm what we thought we already knew—that we had our man.
We didn't know exactly how long we would have, but we knew we had to hustle.
"We didn't like what we saw, but we knew we couldn't believe the police," he says.
It's what we do [at] work, how we play, how we educate, how we interact socially.
We are evolving, and we can progress from where we were to where we are now.
We are fine, we continue our lives, we know that we don't live in extreme poverty.
Now, "When we win, we win together, and when we lose, we lose together," he continued.
"We like technology, we like industrials, we like financials and we like consumer discretionary," he said.
We can scenario, we can contingently plan, but we can't then react because we don't know.
"We don't care how many we win by, we only care that we win," he said.
We have to deal with the reality we have, not the reality we wish we had.
We don't remember what we heard or smelled, and we certainly don't remember what we saw.
So we blame Wall Street, we blame Obama, we blame Trump, now we blame Silicon Valley.
Nowadays we know what kind of music we like, therefore we know what gear we need.
We can answer, we can talk, we can think, we can do everything, just not see.
We have housing issues, we have healthcare issues, we have childcare issues, we have education issues.
We have Lake Merritt, we have Piedmont, Montclair, we have Upper Broadway, we have the estuary.
"We need gowns, we need gloves we need masks we need more vents (ventilators)," Mollette said.
We had to remember what we needed, because we couldn't just call home if we forgot.
As we age, we recognize we know less than we imagined about our world, and ourselves.
When we want to hang out, we do; and when we need space, we take it.
We like each other, we respect each other and we will see if we go somewhere.
We remind each other of who we are, what we want, where we want to go.
"So we engaged and we listened, and we kept working until we built consensus," he said.
"We fight with the army we have, not the army we wish we had," he said.
When we complain, we experience something that we don't like and we say something about it.
We ate, we stewed, we drank tea, and we dreamed of cut glass bottles of booze.
We only know where we are if we know how we got here, and that's history.
What we have is a dream that we could beat the market by optimizing bitcoin price (and we saw that we could) and that we could beat major players using this technique (again, we saw that we could).
Turns out, we can't always get what we need (birth control coverage and stricter gun laws, please!), but if we try sometimes, we just might find we get what we want.
We started watching the footage when we got back, and we liked what we saw, and we thought everything was working, so we kind of abandoned the idea of watching them.
We can start right here with me understanding you and you understanding me, then we can get miles away from where we thought we were or where we think we are.
Of course, there is also the question about 2%-, JR: But, for example, our country, my country, Estonia, we-, we-, we promised what we-, we-, we said, uh, more than ten years ago, and last four, five years, we-, we are investing more-, JR: Than 2%.
We designed a system that we thought with the kind of GPUs that at the time we thought we needed, and that we thought we could well serve with a two GPU architecture… that that was the thermal limit we needed, or the thermal capacity we needed.
"When we say we that we don't have truck drivers, we mean that we have not been able to contact them," Rosselló told CNN.
We want to reset our relationship and we want to make sure that we are learning, we are listening and that we are rebooting.
We seek out fun in the places we know we can have it, with the few people we know we can have it with.
We spoke on our own behalf, we wrote our own ads, we had our own websites, we decided who we were going to see.
But we said when we bought this business that we weren't buying it because we loved the satellite business, we loved the customer base.
But we are what we do when we're alone in a room; we are what we do when we can get away with something.
We are here because we want to be here, we love what we do, we provide a service that is therapeutic on both ends.
We can never quite see where we are going: we just know that we are, and there is nothing we can do about it.
It's now where we find our dates, it's where we find our friends, it's how we communicate, how we learn, how we do commerce.
More importantly, Silicon Valley is controlling what we see, what we read, how we shop, how we communicate, how we relate to each other.
What we really want to unleash -- that's what we produce here is ideas, we produce plans, we produce policies and then we implement them.
We can never escape who we are and where we come from; we will never be culture-free, but we can be culture-specific.
"We were going the right direction, we had stability, we had a strategy, we had a team, and we had results," Mr. Jones said.
"They said we — and me — we didn't have a chance, but we knew we were going to win, and we won," the president said.
So, we do this, and we-, we-, we have-, we've already increased the number of scenarios that we have, we've actually tripled the number of scenarios, when we're comparing to what we do-, what we have done in California.
We now punish the behavior we say we want more of by taxing it, and we reward the behavior that we say we want less of, so if you make a good investment, we punish you with a tax.
"For 215 years, we sat across the desk from each other, we sketched, we drew, we talked, we argued, we worked," Mr. Siegel said last week inside his Battery Park City apartment.
"We decided we could have some fun with it and show people that we are real human beings, we are goofy guys, we like to have fun — and we do," Brault said.
It's when we play defensively the way we need to, when we communicate and get into people, when we box out, when we help each other out ... then we can beat anybody.
It's clear that if we want to change where we are able to win, we need to change who we are running, how we are running and what we are running on.
If we engage with it and send nudes, we lose, if we don't, then we still lose.
When we draw up a communique, we generally read it, we negotiate, and then we support it.
"Once we know what exactly we can and we can't do, we will act accordingly," he said.
We show that when we choose what unites us we not only win but we change history!
We are old, we are young, we are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, we are men, women, transgender.
We realized who we were, what we valued and what we would give our lives to defend.
We define ourselves through community—who we are, what we believe in, our values, who we cherish.
We need it, we want it, we embrace it and we don't make a decision without it.
TIM COOK: And by the way, we did also – we did what we said we would do.
We genuinely, when we get towards the end, we think, 'Are we going to the next one?
We didn't go low end because we wanted to, we went low end because we had to . . .
We wear what we like, wear our hair how we like, do our makeup how we like.
We got to the point where we felt we had done everything that we could do there.
We will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred, we will bear witness and we will act.
"We can practice kindness, we can pay it forward, we can volunteer, we can serve," Obama said.
Twitter's algorithm watches what we click on, who we follow, what we reply to, who we block.
We always say that we work for today, we invest for tomorrow and we incubate for future.
We always have and we always will and we are so sorry that we couldn't save you.
The reality is we live, we love, we continue, we contribute, and that's the role of women.
That we could be angry, we could swear, we could look ugly, we could wear flat shoes.
We read her poetry, we sang her songs and we told her how much we loved her.
We defended better, we got out in transition, we still played our (isolations) when we had them.
We don't exclude it, we don't deport it, we don't ban it, we don't wall it off.
We don't need coal; we need customer service, we need solar energy, we need self-driving cars.
When we realized that that's what we were doing, we thought, We can go anywhere with this.
We know what we had; we were young, and we grew together in a lot of ways.
We realized who we were, what we valued, and what we would give our lives to defend.
When we say we have reconciled, we mean we have chosen a path of forgiveness and love.
So we do speech pathology, we do physical therapy, we do occupational therapy, we do social work.
We need food; we need protein, we need carbohydrates and fats, and we need to have fun.
We wonder how we can go on, if we can go on, why we should go on.
"We will investigate, we will investigate, we will investigate until we can bring these individuals to justice."
We lose things because we are flawed; because we are human; because we have things to lose.
We observed the formalities; we laughed, we cried, we got soaking wet (it was a rainy commencement).
We felt like we were kind of where we were, and we never really got going again.
We don't deliver it, we don't give it, we used to buy it, we don't do it.
"(Here) we have depression, we are tired, we don't know how we can stay here," she said.
We tried coat hangers, we tried our fingers, we tried wedging it, we tried picking it up.
But we kind of can't, so we have to do what we can do where we are.
But it's just, if we are who we say we are, we have done ourselves a disservice.
We realized who we were, what we valued and what we would give our lives to defend.
We were going into -- we had higher interest rates, we went into recession, we had terrible inflation.
What we need is we need the wall, we need security, we need security at the border.
We had no job, we had no health insurance, and we felt like we had no choice.
We didn't know we needed her, we didn't know what we were missing in the bass world.
We think we can handle it, because in that moment we feel that we can handle anything.
"We pump our water, we have a windmill and a solar pump, we grow as much as we can of our own food, we compost our own wastes, we educate our own children, we build our own houses," Johnny says.
We can be entrepreneurs, we can be governments, we can be academy, we can be researchers, we can be innovators, but if we don't have a spirit of compassion, that compassion and leadership to share with others, we won't make it.
It defines almost everything we do: how we eat, how we spend, how we medicate, how we game, how we consume the news and especially how we devour TV. Lately, I've felt especially vulnerable to the fangs of marathon viewing.
"We kiss, we hug, we dance and fight/We laugh, make up, then we go all night," he sings, before diving headfirst into the hook.
We started at 10, we reduced it ... We definitely tightened up the metered model, but then we thought, what do we really want to do?
We had to learn how to ... We kind of weren't ... We didn't treat each other great because we were hurting, so that we hurt sometimes.
Because, of course, there's the way we say we are, and the way we think we are — and then there's the way we actually vote.
We&aposre pleased with what we&aposve rolled out, and this is what we said we would do when we ran for office in 2016.
TIBBETTS: You know, we have a tough family, and we&aposre fighting, and we&aposre just -- we wake up, and we go back at it.
We need people in power, we need politicians, we need senators, we need people who can really see the diversity of the challenges we face.
We got to the point where we tried to do the best we could with where we were, and we couldn't get out of it.
We all think we'd be happy if we got X and we find out someone we know has double X and we get really frustrated.
We didn't like each other at first, but we realized we worked really well together and we always knew that we would start something together.
"We love living a healthy lifestyle," Rodriguez posted, "We ride bikes in the city, we run in Central Park, we do yoga, we do Pilates."
We must ask ourselves: When we look back at our work during the peak of this epidemic, will we say we did everything we could?
"We do more analysis than we need, we take more time than we need and we slow down important work to protect communities," Christiansen said.
If we want change we have to do what we have always done we have to go out ourselves and we have to seize it.
We knew if we were going to make a public stand, we might be alienating people, and we decided that we don't give a shit.
As we join in joyful protest to the beat of bongo drums, we chant, we sing, we dance, and we look fabulous the entire time.
Then we look back and realize just how young we were and didn't experience things we wanted to do because we felt we were old.
"We remember our yesterdays/All we have is today/We don't know if we have a tomorrow/All we have is today," the chorus goes.
"No matter where we go, where we are, what we do, we could be in danger simply because of who we are," Helms tells Vox.
You have 250,000 employees, and we want to make sure that when we say things, we walk the talk, and we do what we say.
"  "We won the evangelicals, we won with the young, we won with the old, we won with highly educated, we won with the poorly education.
When we say we are away on vacation, we actually mean we are on vacation from people who need us more than we need them.
What we do, what we say, how we do it, who we say it to and who we do it to, is very, very important.
MA: Well, as a-, a very important player in the oil market, we don't speculate on price, we don't talk about what we expect, and what we budgeted for, but we are very comfortable, we-, we consult our house expert, the Minister of Energy, before we decide on the budget, and we are very comfortable, actually, with our forecasts.
We would do little weekend trips away, we did karaoke, we had this bowling place that we loved, and we would play board games in our hotel rooms, and we got extremely close.
"We had to be careful that we were not duplicating what we already had, that we were filling in weaknesses and that we were adding depth where we were already strong," he says.
"We have increased inventory (so we have enough stock for) six weeks — we believe it is sufficient for the time being, we believe we are as ready as we can be," he said.
We love cops, we have people in our family who are cops, we support cops ... we both think we can love cops but still address a broken system, and that's what we did.
"We have our differences, but we know we are the best alliance, we are the most powerful in this world, we have only to win if we continue to work together," she said.
We check off boxes, we behave in the right ways, we work and work and work so that we look good — even if we don't feel good, even if, fundamentally, we aren't good.
And if we find out we can't, we make adjustments.
Every time we get together we laugh, we have fun.
But we bounced back, we played aggressive, we stayed together.
ALEX GORSKY: We-- we-- we tried to engage in this.
We grow, we evolve, we move on, and guess what?
We play rock & roll, but we swing when we play.
We dip in, we pull back, we test the waters.
We don't pretend like we know everything, because we don't.
" Paige: "We knew we could fight back, and we did.
We are homeless, we are starving, we need medical aid.
We are not as separate as we think we are.
We respect it, we celebrate it, and we embrace it.
But we learn, we move ahead, and ultimately we succeed.
We love hard, we fight hard, and we go hard.
We knew we had something that we wanted to give.
We laughed together, we cried together, and we healed together.
We should worry when we notice we are losing ours.
We all do things we wish we hadnt after growth.
We talk about it, we open dialogue, we solve it.
We dig in, we don't listen and we don't talk.
Now we have video, we have social, we have mobile.
We did what we were supposed to, we played hard.
With what we had today we did everything we could.
We present what we want people to think we are.
We love what we do, so we fight through it.
We did it because we were hungry, we were weak.
We cringe as we watch, yet we cannot look away.
So we-- we were-- we were ready to buy that.
When we smelled the campfire, we knew we were close.
We love together, we laugh together, and we hurt together.
We do know that if we don't sleep, we die.
That's the way we are: We say what we think.
We will persist until we achieve the peace we deserve.
" And we become more ethical when we ask "Should we?
We exist, and we should be represented wherever we go.
We played games, we played inanimate objects, we played adults.
We are capable, we are willing, and we are family.
We said, 'No, ma'am, we know what happened: We won.
We felt like we had to take what we could.
Everywhere we can we have to share what we know.
But we feel that we did the best we could.
We knew if we moved, we would feel the loss.
We use the radio, we use billboards, we use art.
" We counted and we were like, "I guess we do.
We price it, we match it, we find a driver.
Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are accomplices.
We reckon that we know these lovers, but we don't.
We often overthink how we look and how we dress.
" He added: "We thought we were handier than we are.
Everything we touch, everything we use, we wipe it down.
As we say sorry, we also say we believe you.
We want what we want and we want it now.
We're generation Z. We believe we can, so we will.
How we travel, where we learn, where we live, etc.
For now we continue, we demand change and we persevere.
We brought in Ticketmaster, we bought Expedia, we bought Hotels.
"We hugged, we cried, we did tequila shots," Bray said.
"We cope better than we think we will," he said.
"We are not what we think we are," he writes.
We confront them; we get closure; we talk about them.
" We make bad decisions when we fear immigrants we "otherize.
We bought Pet Partners, we bought BluePearl, we bought VCA.
We must do what we can; where we are at.
We travel abroad, we have Netflix, we FaceTime each other.
"We do the best we can with what we have."
We are vulnerable, we are mortal, we will all die.
We didn't look tired; we looked like we had legs.
We learned who we could tell and who we couldn't.
We fret, we helicopter, we listen to the wrong people.
We ate, we slept well, we had date nights still.
We did our best and we succeeded and we failed.
We can do better and, because we can, we must.
So we need structure, we need institutions, we need elites.
We didn't know we wanted it until we had it.
We can't-, we can't put at risk what we reached.
We get lashes, we get fined, we go to prison.
We're in the world and its chaos: we can change the way we think about things we can imagine we can find new ways of doing and being we can see other perspectives we can consider we can think and make and discuss critically we can question we can fail and fail better we can privilege ideas we can dream we can succeed Art is subversive because it changes what and how we think and act; because doing what you want and what's important to you is resistance; because showing up is the best we can do.
We didn't have a manager, we didn't have a label, we didn't have money, we didn't have anything.
We talk, and we share, and we point out what is fake, we point out what is true.
We thought we were standing in a better position, and we need to recognize that we are not.
We talk about books; we talk about our families; we talk about the people we've thought we loved.
We all choose foods based on what we like, what we can access and what we can afford.
We are forced to realize that we are not, in fact, watching the story we thought we were.
Mariana: When we decided we wanted to get married, we obviously thought about where we would do it.
"Every minute we spend on those efforts we know that we are doing everything we can for her."            
"We ate together, we played together, we worked in the field together, we sang together," says Mrs Borgognoni.
He's my little teddy bear… At night we sing, we said our ABCs, we prayed, we read together.
We still keep values we have at the club, of course, and we pay what we can afford.
We talked about Israel, we talked about insecurity for Israel, we talked about Syria, we talked about Ukraine.
On Tuesday, we can vote for whomever we want, but we don't get to pick where we vote.
"We expose ourselves to the sun, we don't exercise, we eat things we shouldn't be eating," he said.
Whether that's how we talk about something, what we build, how fast we build, how fast we monetize.
Once we got pretty light we were like, 'Well, should we keep going or should we stop here?
"We understand we have challenges ahead, but we feel we are already working to address them," he said.
The things we say we make from scratch, we do and that is most of what we serve.
We rallied, we made calls, we knocked on doors, we opened ourselves up and told our personal stories.
Without the Paradise Garage, we think, we feel, we believe, club culture as we know it wouldn't exist.
Wewe pundits, commentators, insiders — think we get them, know their collective mind, believe we speak for them.
We should seek to understand those we disagree with, even those we hate — perhaps especially those we hate.
"We felt scared, we asked people about what we should do, who we should talk to," Salimullah says.
Now, we recoup and we escalate and see what we get at the next time we sit down.
And then we started to gain confidence once we realized: When we play that way, we play better.
We know we live in a glass house, we hope the folks we cover are as self aware.
When we eat well and we're around the table, we communicate, we learn, and we make it better.
"We agree we are behind, but we also think we are going to win this game," he said.
We delivered what we said we were going to deliver, but we didn't continue the work past that.
Now we can live our lives—we can sleep, we can have weekends, we can have friends over.
We knew when we sold everything we had in Venezuela that we were coming to America to work.
"We looked down the ridge, we looked in the valleys, we looked everywhere, we triple checked," he said.
We started the independent game, we started the hustle shit, we started the swag, we started the slanguage.
Not only can we control how we think about anxiety, we can actually change how we experience it.
So we could record whatever we wanted, with whomever we wanted, and we could always move things around.
"We can party like we used to, but we can't recover like we used to," Ms. Polizzi said.
We know what we want, we know how to get it and we are not waiting any more.
We needed to show them that we are here with pride and we know what we are doing.
We think it's really important that we have this and we debate it and we think about it.
It's ok to show emotion for in doing so, we show that we care, we grieve, we love.
We would tap in when we started the show and we would tap out when we ended it.
Depending on how we play, how we feel we need to do that, he's an option we have.
We talk to our friends, we talk to our devices, we pet our dogs, we caress our lovers.
"We knew we could fail, we just didn't think we would," Knight told CNBC's Jim Cramer in 2016.
Ultimately, of course, wewe the voters, we the viewers, We the People — are doing it to ourselves.
"We live, we laugh, we argue, and most of all we LOVE ❤️," the model captioned the post.
Kong is the beast we know, the beast we deny, the beast we fear, the beast we kill.
We weren't nervous because we felt the same way we felt every time we put a record out.
We stage it the way we plan, and we have a space for everybody, and we understand everything.
We found the venue first, and then we got a wedding planner because we figured we needed one since we didn't know the island that well.
We said, if we don&apost negotiate something fair, then we have tremendous retribution, which we don&apost want to use, but we have tremendous powers.
We need more boots on the ground, we need -- we need a fence in places, we need border technology, we need to end the diversity lottery.
We didn't know if we could get 10 customers, but we knew we could get five, which is all we needed to take the next step.
We needed to be -- we needed to have the capacity to invest in all the new areas that we see where we could we could invest.
We saw movies, we went to restaurants and bars, we went to museums and the theater, we hiked, we saw friends, and so many other things.
JK: I think we got about every one we wanted to in, then we got a lot more in that we didn't know we could tell.
We look ridiculous, we know, but we are also impressed by how good we sound together; how good this primal song we have accidentally written is.
We believe if we using the data technology we have, using the infrastructure we have, we can make hundreds of companies, millions of companies be innovative.
We have fun and we laugh and we support one another and we know each other's kids names and we know when someone's having a colonoscopy.
"So when we debate, when we advance, we are able to grow the club, we are able to convince, we are able to progress," Macron said.
We grow our own food, we have goats we milk and make cheese, we have chickens that give us eggs, we trade for fish or apples.
We will need to ensure we are even more innovative in the way we recruit, and that we look and feel like the Londoners we serve.
We were talking about how as artists we want to just keep working, and how if we loved everything that we did, we wouldn't keep working.
"We're partners in everything we do, we're inseparable, we're business partners, we live together, we share a dog, we share family, we share a life together."
"We never talked about money before that, we never budgeted and we didn't do anything smart with our money — we spent everything we had," said Scott.
" So after we recorded the album, we got in touch with Jessi again and we were like, "We don't know if we can tour that much.
We have a proposal which we can justify, we can show why we think it's fair, why we think it's good for the sustainability of F1.
We are the epitome of "opposites attract" — clashing in how we communicate, how we express ourselves, the hobbies we enjoy, and how we see the world.
We looked like we weren't moving the ball like we used to or having fun like we used to and then we got down pretty quick.
If we just be ourselves and trust in each other, we will go down there, we can put points up, we can do what we do.
When we see a mugshot we know that we are no longer looking at a person, we are looking at someone we should consider 'less than'.
We rally around causes, and we protest and we march, but we don't ever take time to just sit and focus on what we personally need.
"We can't fix problems that we pretend don't exist; we can't improve the lot of parents at work if we pretend we aren't parents," she wrote.
Together, we reached a point where we were confident we had enough accurate information to write an article, and we published as soon as we could.
We have never stated that we are a political band, but we have also never said that we don't care and we are an apolitical band.
"For Steve and I, we also recognize that we are different when we say we have different styles, but we have one vision," Conway told reporters.
Even people without allergies have these same protective reactions: when we inhale dust particles we sneeze or cough; when we ingest spoiled food, we vomit; when we come into contact with irritants, we itch.
After Timmy and I found out we were pregnant (yes, we are those annoying people who say "we"), we discussed who we were going to tell and who we wanted to wait to tell.
So when we launched Glassdoor, we started collecting these reviews, and we read them before we published them, mostly 'cause we wanted to see what's going to come in, and we weren't sure yet.
" "We tried for a while but on our move out to Tennessee we decided that we were happy with where we were and enjoying married life, and the second we said we didn't want to try anymore we got pregnant, figures right?
We are ruthless prioritizers of opportunity; we don't get distracted; we know what our business is; we find the best talent, and we make sure that we keep our talent focused and not distracted; and we really do a great job of prioritization.
"One thing that we always do before we start, we [get] every film operator, sound, grip, lighting, dancer, every single person involved, and we say, 'We love you all, we appreciate every one of you, we value every single person,&apos" Derek said.
"We know what we have to do and we know we have to keep our numbers up and we know we have to keep ourselves safe and we need to put out great quality and that's what we come out here to do," said Tim Hofer, a 3M machine production operator.
We can change the way we do things very easily: we can launch menswear, we can launch different collections, we can work on different product categories, and we can do shows in a different way.
For instance, as Americans, we can buy and consume as much alcohol as we want, we can smoke as many cigarettes as we want, and we can eat as much fast food as we want.
And every time we use a mask for the day we spray that one and then the next day when we get another we save that one because we know we might run out altogether.
"We knew we had the team and we knew we had the chance and that there was a lot of work that needed to be done and we did it and we won," Henrik said.
We can move over to the left side if we feel like it today, and we can — we can pass on the berm if we want to.
Naturally we wanted to play well, we wanted to do the best we could for sure, but we also recognized we were playing against an Olympic team.
We had four or five moments where we would go, "Let's see what happens when we shoot this," and then we reorient ourselves after we got it.
Now we don't do it just by the way we dress and the makeup we use, we also do it by how we portray our image online.
But he believes that we will require a system in place to ensure we are authentically who we say we are as we move beyond private networks.
"Where we have made a mistake, where we have got things wrong, we listen and we learn and that is precisely what we have done," Osborne said.
We do this a lot when we see other people on social media, where we all choose what we post and what we give others access to.
Sometimes we applied the things we learned directly, sometimes we adjusted to our culture and other times what we read simply reinforced what we were already doing.
Ugh, HBO, this is so not what we meant when we said we wanted them to all reunite — we meant we wanted to see them together ALIVE.
We fall ill; we fall in love with someone we shouldn't have; we live in countries that, for reasons we don't quite comprehend, start to fall apart.
We certainly realized if they are the best in the business, and we are more aggressive at what we do, we believe we can compete and succeed.
So we hide from it, we busy ourselves to avoid it, we laugh to avoid it, we hurt others, we keep people at a safe distance, etc.
So we started looking into the controls that we have in place and what we could improve, and where we have weaknesses, and where we have gaps.
We humans are what we conceive ourselves to be, by which I mean two things: what we will ourselves to be and what we say we are.
If we can't even grasp how it is that we got here, how can we know with any certainty where, if anywhere, we go when we die?
We play the same as everyone else: We do not want to lose, we run, we fight for the ball, and we give everything on the field.
We knew we didn't play well all game, but we knew we had to get stops and keep playing to the end, and that's what we did.
"We are angry, we are disappointed, we know what to do and we want to do it," said Kiska.
If we build a law, we pass some legislation, we close some loopholes, we will face these terrible choices.
We get in a room, we talk, and we work things out or we try to work things out.
"We laughed, we cried, we broke bread, we bonded," says Anderson, who brought his then-16-year-old daughter.
This is how real government leaders work -- we meet, we talk, we plan and then, we take action, together.
Music is what we cry to, what we march to, what we rock to, what we make love to.
We debate, we argue and then we vote, that&aposs what we do bit don&apost shut down speech.
"We are going to continue investigating and as we find more, we will share what we know," Rosen said.
We decided we wanted to do something on the 19th, and we wanted to show that we stand together.
"We camera tested red, we camera tested black, we camera tested yellow, and we camera tested gold," said Benach.
Now, we are all aware of where we actually are as an industry, versus where we thought we were.
So hopefully no matter what we do, we are bringing that wherever we go because of who we are.
By the time we found the puppy we wanted, we were a bit nervous, but we were definitely ready.
We just made things that we are interested in, that we think are funny, and that we care about.
We fight like other couples, we disagree about things, we have days where we don't really like each other.
We took brooms, we took dustpans, we took trash bags, and we helped clean up the QuikTrip parking lot.
We are prepared, we are coordinated, and we are centering local leadership as we assemble our methods of response.
We are hoping that we stay more or less on the path that we hoped we would be on.
"We love what we get to do, and more than anything, we love that we get to celebrate life."
We used to do Nirvana covers when we were younger, so we decided we wanted to do something similar.
We know that if we use again we won't live long and she's one of us, so we listen.
We decided then that we were gonna play what we felt like and how we felt like playing it.
We said we wanted to stop that, and we are continuing to look at what tools do we have.
We implemented everything we've ever done: We weight trained, we did plyometric work, and we boxed a lot more.
We know what's coming, and they know we know, and we know they know we know, and so forth.
And if we aim to lose weight ourselves, we feel proud when we succeed (and demoralized when we don't).
We didn't know whether or not we were going to succeed but we knew ... we were going to try.
"We know when we play like we are capable of playing, we will be hard to beat," said Ramsey.
We have to figure out if we can fix it — and we don't know if we can fix it.
If we don't spend our money on what we say we value, how much do we really value it?
We like, as you've seen in everything we own, mostly everything we do, we like to invest with partners.
And we always say we don&apost know what we don&apost know, but we are covering both sides.
"We agree we are behind, but we also think we are going to win this game," Mr. Devine said.
We don't want to feel the way we do or take the things we do, but we do anyway.
If we look back we only think with our hearts, but when we look forward we use our heads.
First, we must acknowledge the way we wield those words, how we treat the bodies we assign to them.
We [looked] in and we couldn't see anything, so we reached in to see if we could feel anything.
We must choose whether we will squander our inheritance — or whether we will proudly declare that we are Americans.
We looked at why we spent money, we started communicating about everything, and we came up with our goals.
Though we don't know the outcome / We have faith/We don't got the answers / But we still got hope.
We obviously decided that was God telling us that we should go with what we had, so we did.
We know bad behavior when we see it; we know right from wrong, we know creeps from nice guys.
We know what we don't want it to be like — we know we don't want to become like China.
Yes we know things, but we don't know everything, and we don't want people to think we know everything.
While political seasons come and go, we will remember who we are, why we exist, and who we serve.
If we stay at the center we are at risk, and if we leave, we will be in danger.
We don't need to worry about what country are we in; we can do whatever we bloody well like.
And as Black people within the scene, we bring heart, we bring pain, we bring joy, we bring culture.
We look at Rupert Murdoch and we think we know him but we forget that he's a human being.
We were just writing what we knew, and interpreting these people we had come across when we were younger.
We realized it might take time, but we were willing to wait until we found something we really loved.
We sort of concluded that we didn't understand it, and since we didn't understand it, we stayed away fortunately.
"We know that we cannot make everybody happy, but we believe that we can keep everyone alive," he said.
We are in a world where we don't fit in, so we need to create one where we do.
We were going to ask if we could do it if we were paired together, but we never were.
We must choose whether we will squander our inheritance -- or whether we will proudly declare that we are Americans.
We are moms — we are active with our children, we are wives, we are trying to live our lives.
"When we disagree… we can say to each other we disagree and why we disagree," May told the broadcaster.
We didn't finish, we didn't capitalize, but if we keep playing like that then we will get good results.
We see the synergies that we expected to see, and we see the future that we had hoped for.
We understand we are sitting on water, we deal with money, we deal with immigration on a daily basis.
We create and foster our identities by the clothing we wear, the phones we own, the music we download.
We have the life we always wanted, where we can grow grey and old together: we finally found home.
What we do is, we drive around in a car and then when we see a dog we park.
We went to work together, we left to work together, we went to sleep together, we woke up together.
We got YouTube, we got Apple, we got Amazon, we got all of the big ones in this space.
We assume we know more about women's work than they do; we interrupt them more than we interrupt men.
We are listening, we are learning and we are making progress.
We are a community, we are strong, we are Hope Valley.
We got there and we had an hour before we played.
Of course, we-, we-, we are building our portfolio in renewables.
We can't explain it but we feel lucky that we have.
We mature, we get in positions where we want to stop.
We had some times where we could've shot and we passed.
And, as we knew we eventually would be, here we are.
We laughed, we cried, we learned about climate change from Leo.
But when we came back we realized: we can't ship this.
We give them what we want and we live in peace.
We thought we had stability - now we have instability writ large.
We can see him, we can watch him, we can remember.
We didn't know it as well as we thought we did.
We are the court, we are Sony, we are Dr. Luke.
We thought we were successful because others thought we were successful.
We respect you, we support you, we are here for you.
We are learning, we are improving, we are continuing the tests.
We can't circulate freely, we can't go where we want to.
And by "we won't be surprised," we mean we hope. Amen.
We were drunk, we were full, and, again, we were happy.
We competed — we competed like heck and we deserved to win.
We embrace them, we enjoy all of the feedback we receive.
When we drove up we knew we hit the real deal.
We see London, we see France, we see Kourtney Kardashian's underpants!
We knew we were cowards but we didn't dare look back.
We searched until we found him, and we brought him home.
We celebrate him, we honor him and we will miss him.
We are not sexy, we are not unique—we are plebeian.
We laughed, we cried, we shook our fists at the sky.
"We know we haven't played the way we should," he said.
But when we thought about it, we didn't think we did.
We had fun, we learned and we grew as a team.
But when we do, when we wake up, we make up.
As soon as we left, we knew we had to return.
Had we ever stayed quiet when we wished we had spoken?
"We came, we triggered, we left," he declared in the video.
LASZLO BIRINYI: Again, we-- we just-- we don't really look back.
We can't escape it, not that we really thought we could.
We live today because we know that we will live tomorrow.
We construct families, we build life but we cannot be divided.
We haven't changed what we do or how we do it.
"We came, we triggered, we left," he shared with his followers.
Before we leave Whole Foods, we both decide we are hungry.
We get along, we like each other, we understand each other.
We we were hoping, wishing that we would be right here.
We need smart, we need tough, we need the whole package.
We see what we want to see because we lack imagination.
We were like, we have to make sure we screenshot everything.
We were like, 'We work out so we can eat this!
And of course, we wait and we wait and we wait.
We know what we want, we just have to get busy.
We don't know how we -- where we can get the money.
We thought we were so cool then because we were different.
We don't even know what we want, but we love it.
We miss, and we make mistakes; we fail and fail again.
We had a trophy, we had champagne and we had goggles.
We climb, we grow, and we laugh at all of it.
We knew what we had, then we heard '30 seconds left.
We are bold, we are united, and we aren't going anywhere.
We battle and we fight, and if we survive, we're victorious.
And if we don't, well, we can't say we weren't warned.
Did we live up to our values we say we believed?
We can do whatever we want, choose whatever fabric we want.
We had posters, we had booths, we had debates and meetings.
And we determine what we see based on how we click.
We never walked - we never - all we do is keep giving.
"We lost tobacco, we lost manufacturing, we lost coal," Marion says.
We finish what we start and we build Uber to last.
"We climb, we grow, and we laugh at all of it."
But we are America, we never bow, we never ever break.
We should remember what we learned when we were very young.
But we actually -- if we win tomorrow, we go 53-47.
We knew what we had, then we heard 30 seconds left.
We will get everything we want, but we need more Republicans.
No. We just do what we do because we like it.
While we often choose silence, we know we are not alone.
We are younger and we know that we can do it.
We battled, but we just weren't where we needed to be.
We all know when we are struggling, and we aren't happy.
Instead, we scream and we scream and we scream some more.
We never walked — we never — all we do is keep giving.
We know that if we stand together we cannot be defeated.
We saw Troy; we saw Nestor's palace; we saw Calypso's cave.
Today we protest, tomorrow we prevail, because we are the majority.
We can give people whatever advantages we can, and we should.
We will use what we got to make what we want.
We gather, we hang out, we take pictures, and so on.
We had this sense that we could do anything we wanted.
We promise that we are slightly more coordinated than we look.
We have issues here but we are doing whatever we can.
We rented a garage, where we keep things that we own.
When we figure out what we like, we stick with it.
We don't want anyone else, we want the person we lost.
That's not necessarily who we are, we know who we are.
We diet, we exercise, we get plumped and lifted and tucked.
We have the tools that we have, and we use them.
LARRY KUDLOW: Wewe have – we have reopened our energy industry.
We had no idea what we were doing when we started.
"We fought, we fought, we fought," Nuggets coach Michael Malone said.
"We flew off the hinges, we cursed, we cried," said Johnson.
Yeah. We cover Nike, we cover Target, we cover H&M.
We don't know exactly why we see the patterns we do.
We make progress, then we regress, then we make progress again.
We bought what we liked from artists we knew and respected.
"We asked everyone we knew, and we Googled," Ms. Gerard said.
"We get calls, we get letters, we get emails," said Antico.
"We love each other, we can fix this," we told ourselves.
We knew we couldn't do it, but we were trying to.
We get dialogue, we get cooperation, we don't have it solved.
We fight, we overcome, we have passion, optimism, a generous spirit.
"We few, we happy few, we band of Brazenhead," he said.
We had nationalism, we had populism, we had a resurgence authoritarianism.
But when should we trust the facts we think we know?
We can march, we can rally, we can put signs up.
We were ghouls; we were hippies; we got mugged a lot.
We did everything we could and we had plenty of chances.
We all succeed together, and when we fall, we fall together.
Let's get Brexit done — we can, we must and we will.
We know the same people, we share friends, we hang out.
Few, but we know that if we lose, we lose everything.
Let's get Brexit done — we can, we must, and we will.
Let's get Brexit done - we can, we must and we will.
We don't know, we don't know, and we don't know, respectively.
We bought cable TV; we bought TV stations; we bought networks.
Things we bought, bills we paid late, decisions we didn't research.
Uighurs, we dance, we sing and we wear beautiful, colorful dresses.
We are doing the best we can with what we have.
We are very lucky we get to do what we do.
We weren't thieves, and yet we lived as if we were.
We are a house united, we stand, and we stand tall.
We are where we started, but we know a little more.
If we don't tell those stories, we lose who we are.
"We say that we speak as we think," he told Ebony.
Build we must, build we should, and hopefully build we will.
"We executed, we got the stops we needed to," DeRozan said.
We circle around it, we dip toward it, we run away.
When we got back to class, we quickly realized we weren't.
No, we do not care that we look ridiculous, do we?
Are we somewhere where we don't know where we are anymore?
When we filed the lawsuit, we had to cover the food chain of everybody who might be involved in our case, some of whom we knew and some of whom we weren't sure; but before we filed the lawsuit, we actually sent a draft of our complaint to the government and we asked them, we said if this is -- if we are barking up the wrong tree, we want to know.
We work really hard; we spend a lot of time away from our families and we've put a lot into this thing because we love it, we love our fans and we love our music — we love this life that we get to live.
We let ourselves be charged high fees that we do not understand, we accept poor returns quarter after quarter, we never sue to enforce our rights, we never vote as shareholders and we never tell our investment managers how we think they ought to vote.
But I do know that it's all connected: how we see women; how we treat women; how we promote women; and whether or not we see them as people we respect or people we lunge for.
And we didn't know, we didn't have the tools, we didn't have any mountaineering experience, we hadn't been in the snow before, we didn't know what to do to survive, we were not prepared for it.
Only time will tell, but we can expect shifts in how we spend money, our understanding of ownership, how we eat and what we consume, how we relax, and how we react to boredom and stimuli.
"Our idea was instead of the scenario where we make cuts where we are losing money, we make the most of the planes, we improve productivity, we take additional cargo, we change the planes," she said.
We now care for them, we have high standards, we give the meals, we give the medication, we give the medical care, there is videos, there is T.V.s.
When we opened Flying Fish, we wanted to have the feeling that we got when we went to dinner there, so we sort of started in that realm.
"We will stand against misogyny, we will stand against hate, we will stand against vice, we will stand and be strong, and we will stand together," he vowed.
We do, we make the playoffs, and still with that mindset if we do, if we get in the playoffs we can easily get swept in four games.
When we name the tools we use, we assert control over them; we do that because we want to be the ones having the interaction, doing the job.
"We said if we don't negotiate something fair, then we have tremendous retribution, which we don't want to use, but we have tremendous powers," Trump said on Wednesday.
"We knew that we were kind of desperate and we wanted to win, we wanted to get back the losses that we kind of let go," Gibbs said.
We get there, we get set up, we find our spots, we try to finagle our way into better spots if we don't like the one we're in.
From getting a license to paying taxes, we routinely give cities granular data on who we are, where we live, what we do and how much we earn.
But we do try to ‑‑ as we do with every threat we face, we try to adapt and we try to work within the parameters of those threats.
Puerto Ricans waiting for aid "When we say we that we don't have truck drivers, we mean that we have not been able to contact them," Rosselló said.
Whatever journey we are on, there are periods when we have no idea where we are going, what we are about, or what we are supposed to do.
We want to serve as her partner as we all work together to protect the land we live on, the air we breathe and the water we drink.
So, in American dining, we often hold cutlery like this, and we cut, cut, cut, and we rest our knives, and then we switch, and then we eat.
We love them when we need them -- when we are threatened, when we are afraid, when we want them to potentially sacrifice life and limb for our country.
We live our lives in our families: the families we are born into, the families we create, the families we make through the people we choose as friends.
"We still have some things we know we can be better at and we still have some goals we can achieve this year," the senior Rasheed Sulaimon said.
We are artists not just by the objects we make, but by the communities we build, the work we advocate for, and the activism in which we participate.
We managed to save by cutting corners: We don't have cable or gym memberships; we rarely eat out; and we really think about every single purchase we make.
"We have many things happening that we hope, we hope -- in fact, I'll go a step further -- we hope to God we never have to use," Trump said.
We don't get to choose anything, he'd say then, we think we do but it's an illusion, we're insects, we get stepped on or we don't, that's all.
Most of what we do — the websites we visit, the places we go, the TV shows we watch, the products we buy — has become fair game for advertisers.
When we focus less on fixing what we consider to be inadequacies and more on reinforcing our strengths, we can realize potential we didn't even know we had.
We assign value to things by allotting our hours and minutes: the videos we watch, the people we notice, the tabs we open and the ones we close.
We depend on it for the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the natural resources it provides and the places where we live.
We say we don't mind at all and she speaks Spanish which we both took in high school and college so we figure we can make it work.
We shouldn't accept such concessions to the bland in how we look or dress, or what we eat — and nor should we accept it in how we live.
"When we were starting, we only had a tiny, little still and we didn't really know what we were doing and we wanted to learn," Mr. Lark said.
We can celebrate, we can complain, we can worry -- and then we roll our sleeves up and make this work.
"We always knew what we were capable of, what quality we had but we struggled to finish games," said Petrovic.
"We did everything—we designed it, we developed it, and we can maintain it using open-source systems," he said.
We weren't being recognized in the street, we didn't know what we were doing, we were having a great time.
We travel the love of the world, we build families, we construct stories, we build life that cannot be divided.
The more we think about Jordan Peele's Us, the more we question what we thought we knew about the movie.
Our differences include how we look, how we dress, the music we listen to, the books and blogs we read.
We don't deserve a chance, we aren't good enough, and we should be happy for any attention that we get.
"When we eat this bread, when we drink this cup, we proclaim your death, until you come again," we sang.
We know the stories of the people that we serve, we know the worry, we know that families are struggling.
But we don't care because we know that if we wanted to, we could do something explosive all the time.
We hope we don't have to use them, but we could shut down the Turkish economy if we need to.
We can not allow refugees to enter this country unless we can adequately vet them and we know we can't.
We party together, we go on vacation together, we do things together, and that's why we have this common language.
As much as we wish we could take what we find on the internet at face value, we just can't.
Plus, we know we save so much that even if we divorce, we'll both end up richer than we started.
" "As we have shown, we will intervene where we see harms and we remain vigilant in this and other sectors.
We want to make sure if we get a power play and we don't score a goal, we build momentum.
We don't want anyone to know what we bought but we want the advertiser to know we already bought that.
We have livestock, we have bison, we have other wildlife species, and we don't want to hurt the range's resources.
"We told them we want education, we don't want to get married when we are 11 years old," she said.
We are organizing, lobbying, mobilizing, and we are not going to stop until we get what we need and deserve.
" Boseman added, "We knew we could create a world that exemplified a world that we knew we wanted to see.
We laugh at how old and tired we are and how different we are now that we have a kid.
We had business managers who told us to stop spending but we acted like we knew what we were doing.
We want to understand what we are seeing, and we want those seeing it to understand what we are saying.
"Our product — we price it, we issue it, we bill, we manage claims, but we're not taking risk," Attia said.
"We need policies for the labour force we have, not the highly skilled one we wished we had," she says.
"Everywhere we go in the solar system, every mission we do, we discover things that we never expected," she added.
We can, however, decide which stories we listen to, and how we listen to them, and how we process them.
Rather, we can just think about where we want to go and what we want to do we get there.
So, I think, we can&apost -- we&aposre hypocrites if we go after him for doing exactly what we do.
It requires that we change how we think about antibiotics—not as products we purchase but as infrastructure we share.
"In these boys, we see teammates, we see classmates, we see friends, we see brothers, sons and grandsons," he said.
If wherever we work, we just tell each other how much we get paid, we can find out what's unjust.
We were surrounded, we have nowhere to go and we have nothing -- no water, power, nothing, how can we live?
We showed up every night, and we danced and we partied, and we held vigils for the ones who died.
We were exhausted but couldn't sleep and when we thought we had no tears left we cried and cried again.
Funnily, every time we think we have found a place, we realize we are trespassing and in someone's makeshift home.
"We stuck to the things we knew well, and we were comfortable with that we wanted to do," he said.
Can we grab dinner?' to like, 'We miss you, we miss each other, when are we getting back to work?
We knew we were doing it for one night and psychologically we knew we weren't in any danger at all.
We just sort of got to that point where we didn't know where we wanted to go, we were confused.
We don't eat pasta, but we are big guys — we are both 6-foot-5 — so we eat a lot.
"And it is truth that says to our adversaries, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say."
That oh we we can work we can have a beer summit with the Republicans; we can work with them.
We had a night and it was beautiful, and we cried and we ate amazing food and we drank wine.
So we&aposre millennial, you know, we were kids we get participation trophies and we didn&apost knew -- do well.
We are tired, we cannot go on like this, we are finished, and then somehow we take the next step.
As long as we keep doing that, we think we have a great team and we should keep on winning.
We felt we were going to be able to once we got it to one ... but we weren't able to.
We know what we're actively fighting against and what we don't want, but we don't know what we do want.
As we discover, we remember; remembering, we discover; and most intensely do we experience this when our separate journeys converge.
We buy a lot of stuff, and things we don't feel we have a market for locally, we sell online.
We don't think we need a Band-Aid, and we don't think we need to smile and take a picture.
Perhaps we avoid sifting through all those papers because we fear what we will find if we look too closely.
We have been lamenting the divisive times we live in and now we all have something we can agree on.
As we stood on stage, we both realized, as we remarked later, that we were a long way from Detroit.
It already influences whom we socialize with on Facebook, whom we marry, what news we read and where we live.
We got started in the US, we grew city by city, we started expanding internationally, we were doing quite well.
We control the budget, we control the tax policy, we control the health policy and we control use of force.
Who have we been and what have we accomplished and what have we meant and to whom have we mattered?
" He added, "We got opportunities and we capitalized on them, and we got a big save when we needed it.
"We both care deeply about where we come from, about how strongly we defend who we are," Ms. Tlaib said.
That we can be bold, that we can be unrestrained, that we can be innovative, that we can be unencumbered.
" Mosby has also relied on the texting support group: "We laugh, we cry, we vent, and we support one another.
"We would always have to be careful what we said and what we did and what we read," she said.
We tried to do inventory of what we have left, and that's when we found out that we have nothing.
We are doing that final hit list before we say to the contractor, 'We are good, we can move in.
As the saying goes, we are more vulnerable than we ever thought, but we are stronger than we ever imagined.
"We got all excited, and we didn't know exactly what we were doing, but we removed the tumor," Peterson says.
"We pride ourselves on how modern we are, but we had better local transportation than we do now," he said.
We live online these days — it's where we shop, where we work, and where we connect with family and friends.
"We wanted to be certain of what we had, and today we know that we have 11 positives," he said.
We win when we talk to our voters, when we talk to all Georgians, and we give them a choice.
I think we did what we should do — that was, we found the facts and we were transparent about them.
Some of that advice we followed (we dressed modestly), and some we didn't (we braved the markets on our own).
We do calisthenics, we do steps, we do a lot of planks, and we do a lot of football drills.
We have no idea what direction to swim, but we know that the moment we stop swimming, we will drown.
We were 15 and 16 and we were babies thinking we knew what love was when we had no clue.
"We did what we felt we needed to do and it led us to where we are today," Forsyth said.
Why can't we make her do what we want her to like we make other girls do as we say?
We can't work with them, we want to annihilate them, we want to eviscerate them, we want to gut them.
We know what silence is when we cover our ears, we know what darkness is when we shut our eyes.
We knew we would do everything we could to care for my mother and, eventually, we would watch her die.
We keep watching the commercials because we always have, and we keep acting like they matter because we always have.
We didn't really limit ourselves; we just partied when we wanted to party and ate where we wanted to eat.
We are raised to feel like Americans, and when we go back we&aposre told we don&apost belong there.
"We stuck to our guns, we talked to our customers, we did our research, and we kept going," he said.
We will reduce your taxes, we will cut your regulations, we will support our police, we will defend our flag.
"This label wanna do this—" I was just making music, we are who we are, we doing whatever we doing.
Don't let anybody tell you we can't make things this America anymore because we can, we are and we will.
You even admit that we can't be sure we won't mess this up, so why we should we persist anyway?
We censor words and we censor explicit sex, but we don't censor sexual content and we absolutely don't censor violence.
We get The Force Awakens, we get Rogue One, we get Forces of Destiny, we get all these great things.
When we start dividing ­people into the ones we ac­cept and the ones we reject—the ones we embrace and the ones we demonize—we jeopardize the social compact at the very heart of the American experiment.
"We implemented some price increases, as we said we would, and, frankly, we didn't see any difference in the momentum before we did that and the momentum we saw after that in the quarter," Robbins told Cramer.
We regularly share things that we think define us — from a cause we're volunteering for to a joke we find funny to a political argument we agree with to a picture we think we look attractive in.
"We implemented some price increases, as we said we would, and frankly, we didn't see any difference in the momentum before we did that and the momentum we saw after that in the quarter," Robbins told CNBC.
After a couple of really good chats, we decided that we didn't want to break up but that we really needed to alter the way we were working so we agreed that we wouldn't play any shows.
"We had to survive, we had to make it happen, we had to find food, water, where we were aid couldn't get to us, we had to find what we could from the damaged stores," Newton said.
"We had to survive, we had to make it happen, we had to find food, water, where we were aid couldn't get to us, we had to find what we could from the damaged stores," Newton said.
"But we should hear him now in the quiet times at night and in the morning when we need courage, when we get discouraged and we don't know if we can believe anymore, we should hear him."
Our jobs, what we think, what we like, and what we buy.
We are all workers in a way — we love what we do.
We take a great risk when we change our narrative, when we
We are listening, and we are learning, and we are making progress.
We feel betrayed, we feel like we can no longer defend this.
We were exhausted, we smelled, and we had no place to go.
"We go to the gym, we watch what we eat," he says.
We began to name the violence we experienced that we hadn't before.
We will be heard, we will be out, we will be seen.
We hunted, we fished, but most importantly, we all laughed with 'Lieky'.
"We lived up to what we hoped we would do," Skarlatos said.
"We did what we said we were going to do," Wiener said.
We were like, 'We shouldn't play this show, we should protest it.
And we started in 22016, we thought we were late to this.
We went to England, we went to Wales, we went to Paris.
"We really do things that we feel we can dominate," she said.
"We think we are justified in the decision we made," Staff said.
We knew we had our challenge, but we rose to the occasion.
"We don't know, we don't think we have the phone," he said.
We trained together, we fought together, and most importantly, we laughed together.
Ten years ago, when we started, we knew we must get transparency.
We empathize with them, we support them, and we advocate for them.
"We feel like we are home, that's how we feel," Hossain says.
We love, we pray, and we try to inspire and serve others.
We hope to be transparent in what we learn as we go.
If we find that we have made errors, we will correct them.
"We thought we were unhappy because we were poor," says one interviewee.
We are worthy, we are enough, because we have been given life.
We revisit them to remember who we were and who we became.
We are not in pain, we tell ourselves, and we are wrong.
"We serve artists, we serve politicians, we serve professionals," La Guera says.
We want to tell the people we love that we love them.
We are gay and we are straight but we are one state.
We are black and we are brown but we are one state.
We are more resilient than we know, and stronger than we think.
We try for 30 minutes until we realize we are failing miserably.
We have no lawyers, we can't question, we can't do a thing.
We might-- we might feel we have a little selling to do.
We knew if we transformed the space, we could make it iconic.
We have a plan, we will watch them, we will be vigilant.
"We come here, we work, we die," Janine says in the trailer.
We are happy that we have him the time we have do.
We wrote, we recorded, we talked about life, religion, politics, dude stuff.
If we don't understand, we don't have to think that we understand.
We scored when we needed to and we put the game away.
We knew what we were getting into when we voted for him.
We have Steve Young, we have Joe Montana, we have Ronnie Lott.
We never said that we weren't, we just wouldn't answer the question.
We give them weapons, we give them ammunition, we give them everything.
Those are lessons we didn't realize we were applying, but we did.
If we get a diplomatic solution we are pursuing we are there.
We knew that coming here and then we did what we expected.
We don't see color, we don't see religion, we don't see height.
We go on holiday; we go on trips; we go out together.
We had the company on, we decided we liked it after listening.
"We knew we had to tell him we were gay," Wilhelm says.
What should we do, what should we do, what should we do?
"We know we can hit here, we can hit anywhere," Ray said.
We believe that we will have leverage when we went in November.
We want -- we were allowed to choose what we wanted to wear.
We had investors, we had a crew, we were making a movie.
When we interact with algorithms, we know we are dealing with machines.
If we can't hire who we want to, we head for Berlin.
We are hopeful that we get some documents that we identified today.
Because we remember what we want to, and how we want to.
We&aposll squeeze it in, if we can, when we come back.
We all sound different, we all are different, we all look different.
We hate to say we told you so, but we totally did.
Well we could eat, but we couldn't chew, and we couldn't suck.
We are neighbors, we are friends and we are family, tightly knit.
We do something because we realize we have a story to tell.
We do what we love, and we get to do it together.
We got Spotify, we got Apple, we got all the other stuff.
When we got back, we knew we wanted to make a film.
We were surprised and we were disappointed and we were really angry.
We wish we could, though, because we wish it wasn't real. Bye!
We were complete nihilists, but we didn't care because we had money.
So we take the things we have and we survive with them.
If we don't, we all lose whether we realize it or not.
When we got the puck deep we showed what we could do.
If we are wrong, we need to hear that we are wrong.
But we keep growing and we keep planting and we keep moving.
We had solar power, we had hydropower, we had geothermal, and biomass.
"We all vote for the gridlock we say we hate," Clinton said.
We take your blood, we take it back and we process it.
"We live here, we pass by, we saw the helicopters," Mangano said.
We get back up, we make the next bet, and we go!
We are not made of how we look, but what we do.
We knew what we could do and what we were capable of.
We thought we were growing; we thought the people were with us.
We all feel weird, we all feel ugly, we all feel judged.
Can we define what we talk about when we talk about drugs?
We hurt together, we struggle together and believe me, we endure together.
We talk to them, we do our research, we vet our research.
We are where we are—let's figure out how we move forward.
We chatted about work, then we talked about where we grew up.
We are human, we are women and we can support each other.
We had no water, we had no food, we had no maps.
We never expected that we would be accepted because we were outcasts.
If we don't get the deal we want, we will walk away.
We were disciplined, we didn't chase and we kept making him work.
"If we think we need to do that, we will," Davis said.
Whenever we do something, we want to ensure we do it well.
"We do everything we can and we do it constantly," she said.
We climb the ladder, we don't ask why, we ask how high.
We stay together, we keep our spirits up, and we move forward.
"We believed we were formalizing simply what we had inherited," he explained.

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