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"water" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] a liquid without colour, smell or taste that falls as rain, is in lakes, rivers and seas, and is used for drinking, washing, etc. Water is the name given to the chemical compound of oxygen and hydrogen with the chemical symbol H₂O.
  2. [uncountable] an area of water, especially a lake, river, sea or ocean
  3. [uncountable] the surface of a mass of water
  4. waters [plural] the water in a particular lake, river, sea or ocean
  5. waters [plural] an area of sea or ocean belonging to a particular country
  6. waters [plural] murky, uncharted, stormy, dangerous, etc. waters used to describe a situation, usually one that is difficult, dangerous or not familiar

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"water" Synonyms
aqua H20 H2O liquid rain rainwater saliva seawater tears aqua pura bath water drink mineral water tap water Adam's ale wai Adam's wine sea ocean lake loch depths pond pool reservoir river briny main waves deep blue brine briny deep seven seas Davy Jones's locker Neptune juice sap fluid secretion solution broth moisture goo goop extract liquor nectar elixir slop swill aqueous material melted material latex damp humidity dampness dew perspiration sweat dankness wateriness wetness condensation steam clamminess drizzle moistness mugginess precipitation vapour(UK) mere tarn lagoon lough bayou swim basin lochan waterhole millpond pothole moana creek sagar natural resource mineral raw material reserve resource timber mineral deposit natural deposit dihydrogen monoxide tide flood tidewater current ebb movement stream surge eddy sluice tidal flow tide race tideway torrent undertow vortex whirlpool ebb and flow pull undercurrent amniotic fluid Camerons fluid liquor amnii waters canal channel waterway watercourse conduit aqueduct course flume racecourse raceway duct passage bottleneck cove ditch estuary firth seaway trench inland waterway drench soak sprinkle dampen douse souse spray wet hose moisten sodden waterlog irrigate saturate bathe bedraggle dowse drown dilute thin weaken adulterate cut doctor mix taint make thin make thinner make weak make weaker thin out water down add water to attenuate rarefy degrade extend cry weep leak run salivate well get wet pour exude water fill up become wet fill with tears dribble drivel drool slaver slobber froth ooze slabber spit water at the mouth lick one's chops drip drip saliva froth at the mouth overflow gush spill spurt issue spout cascade jet squirt drain rush shed irrupt discharge pour forth tamper interfere meddle tinker fiddle alter change dabble damage monkey around toy trifle adjust deface harm vandalise(UK) vandalize(US) fiddle about fiddle around aquatic marine oceanic maritime underwater abyssal freshwater nautical ocean-going pelagic seafaring seagoing thalassic coastal saltwater of the sea submerged flowing melted liquefied molten watery running aqueous runny uncongealed fluent fluxional juicy serous unsolidified fluidic fluidical fluxive able to flow easily More

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How to use water in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "water" and check conjugation/comparative form for "water". Mastering all the usages of "water" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Water, water, water, water: Why can't I be like you?
Water water water,...cranberry cranberry and pee &more water after sex. Sex. Really?
Water, water, water, water: Ever-flowing, Never slowing, Always changing, Condensing, evaporating, precipitating.
This includes purified water, mineral water, carbonated or sparkling water, and electrolyte-enhanced water.
Alkaline water, gluten-free water, Smartwater, GMO-free water, bottled rainwater, crystal-infused water, reverse-osmosis water, water from mountain glaciers, water in 24-karat solid gold bottles—you can get any type of water you like these days, as long as it's overpriced.
Second, you get the water destroying the water lens because we get our water from underground water.
FEMA is also sending water, water filters, water filter cartridges, and water test kits, NBC News reports.
Food and water If your water supply is unsafe, boil water before using it, or use bottled water.
The water-based exercises included water walking or running, water cycling and various types of water-based fitness classes.
Here are our top picks for the best kids' water bottles for school:The best kids' water bottle for preschool: CamelBak Eddy Kids Water BottleBest kids' water bottle for elementary school: Thermos FUNtainer Bottle Best kids' water bottle for middle school: Pogo Tritan Water BottleBest water bottle for high school: Simple Modern Wave Water BottleBest water bottle for sports: Gatorade Squeeze Sports BottleBest water bottle for college: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth
The Flint Water Treatment Plant did not treat the water adequately, so contaminated water ran through the water system for months.
We went five days with no water — no water to drink, no water to clean, no water to flush the toilet.
This is our drinking water, our tea-making water, the water we use for cooking, the water we make ice with.
The Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) said Anglian Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water are asking for significantly more money than they currently spend for wholesale water and wastewater services.
Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level than tap water.
And that's primarily agriculture (which uses the most water in the world)—but it's also industry: the energy sector uses water, households use water, and water utilities companies also use water.
Water management can be improved with consumer water conservation, improved water distribution systems, wastewater recycling, wetlands revitalization, and growing less water-intensive crops.
It provides transportation, water testing, water pumps and other water infrastructure products and services.
Vessi sneakers are designed to keep water out, while water shoes typically welcome water.
"We will protect water and water-related ecosystems by encouraging water-friendly, sustainable agricultural practices and technologies that enhance the water quality and resilience of water bodies," the G20 statement on Sunday said.
Many have no running water or water tanks and instead store water in plastic bottles.
As a result, the water was eroding the iron water mains, turning the water brown.
Either you're carting the water, or you're picking the water up, or you're opening water.
There is an electric water pump and a grey water system that repurposes used water.
One time the cyclists got flat water, another time carbonated water, yet another sugar water, and during a final trial everyone drank carbonated sugar water.
This can result from diving into the water or entering the water from a water slide.
Providing clean water and sanitation Organizations like Water Mission provide clean water solutions to Haitian people.
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $17.47LifeStraws are portable, personal water filters that make non-potable water drinkable.
This caused the water to erode the iron water mains, which turned the water color brown.
Anytime you drill into the surface for water, you will hit fresh water before salt water.
Here, in New York City, the water is gray, but it's there — water above, water below.
The Flint water crisis happenedIn 2014, the small Michigan city of Flint transitioned their water source from the Detroit Water Authority to the Flint Water System.
The story about drinking water 💦 • our body consists mainly from water • to hydrate our cells we need water Drinking water is essential for us, yes.
Around the same time, water neutrality and the Water Footprint headlined at international businesses conferences; JPMorgan featured the Water Footprint in a 2008 report on corporate water risk; and companies began to commission Water Footprint Assessments.
Developed by the NIOT, it utilizes the temperature difference between sea-surface water and deep-sea water to evaporate the warmer water at low pressure and condense the vapor with the colder water to obtain fresh water.
The Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) said Anglian Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water had asked to be allowed to spend "significantly" more than they do currently on basic expenditure for wholesale water and/or wastewater services.
Chris Kelenske said in a statement that the state would provide bottled water, water filters, replacement cartridges and water-testing kits until Flint's water meets quality standards.
To tackle water contamination, 20 water advocacy groups formed the South African Water Caucus in 2002 - a collection of charities to monitor water management in the country.
Avoid water-related activities in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperature and low water levels.
And to pay for water systems' rising fixed costs, water utilities inevitably have to raise water rates.
When we talk about the water footprint, it's really about "virtual water" use versus "direct water" use.
These efforts include rerouting the water supply, replacing corroded water pipes and distributing bottled water and filters.
There's a water heater, a 20-gallon fresh water tank, and a 22-gallon grey water tank.
Forty out of 2202 state water managers expect water shortages this decade as America nears "peak water".
To start, I bought nine stalks of chrysanthemums from a grocery store and put each stalk in a clean glass bottle with about 12 ounces of warm water and the following common treatments: • Water alone • Water and putting flowers in a refrigerator every night • Sprite (¼ cup) and water • Vinegar (1 tbsp.), sugar (1 tbsp.) and water • Vodka (⅛ tsp.), sugar (1 tsp.) and water • Aspirin (1 crushed) and water • Penny, sugar (1 tsp.) and water • Bleach (2 drops), sugar (1 tsp.) and water • Flower food (½ packet) and water There's some science behind these methods.
Here are the best water bottles you can buy:Best water bottle overall: Hydro Flask Wide MouthBest plastic water bottle: Camelbak ChuteBest glass water bottle: Lifefactory GlassBest water bottle for design lovers: S'well Stainless SteelBest compact water bottle: Vapur ElementBest rugged water bottle for adventures: Bear Grylls Triple Wall Vacuum InsulatedBest collapsible water bottle for travel: Hydaway collapsibleUpdated on 10/24/2019 by Remi Rosmarin: Updated prices, links, and formatting.
For UN Water, we wrote the technical paper and suggested what the targets could be: You need access to drinking water and sanitation, but you also need to look at water scarcity, water quality, and water resources management.
Another tip is to have a running water source or water pump that keeps water from getting stagnant, which significantly delays or even prevents the freezing of water.
Water and waste: Approximately 56.8% of Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) customers have potable water, and additional water is being provided by bottled and bulk water.
Water and waste: Approximately 63% of Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) customers have potable water, and additional water is being provided by bottled and bulk water.
S. Water Services Inc -acquisition of Tonka Water will allow U.S. Water to expand its integrated water treatment equipment offerings, applications​ Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
They also have limited water conservation infrastructure -- rainwater harvesting systems, water reuse and recycling, and waste water treatment.
"Living water" essentially means the water you get in water-rich foods such as cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries.
Pallets of bottled water serve as the emergency water supply for Flint residents affected by lead-contaminated water.
Based in Rosemont, Illinois, Culligan offers water softeners, filtration systems, industrial water treatment solutions and drinking water systems.
They are drinking heavily chlorinated water even though there was running water and bottled water in the facility.
If you get tired of water, King recommends carbonated water or adding fruit to water for flavor. 4.
A city founded on water Water activists said the water shortages are ironic given Cape Town's own history.
MONOPILE TRIPOD TENSION LEG PLATFORM Shallow water depth Transitional water depth Deep water 0 – 100 FT. 100 – 200 FT. 200 – 3,000 FT. SEA LEVEL ANCHOR LINES MONOPILE TRIPOD TENSION LEG PLATFORM Shallow water depth Transitional water depth Deep water 423 – 100 FT. 100 – 200 FT. 260 – 2000,2500 FT. +280 ft.
Compare microwaving to cooking broccoli in a pot of boiling water: The water turns green when water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C leach from the broccoli into the water.
The demand for bottled water has caused us, as a culture, to shift toward showing disdain for tap water and fearing locally produced drinking water, while drastically reducing the number of public water fountains and freely accessible water to the public.
Installing a water treatment system, such as a Culligan Water Softener, can remove damaging minerals in your tap water.
Water Is Life The nonprofit Water is Life makes and distributes portable water filters that look like big straws.
Officials at Kyrgyzstan's Department for Water Resources, Water Use and Interstate Water Sharing declined to comment on Moldobekov's charge.
The Obama administration argued that the water rule was essential to protecting drinking water and other important water uses.
Desolenator is a 100% solar-powered technology which transforms sea water and contaminated water into low cost drinking water.
These include the environmental costs of shipping water, the effects of removing water from communities and water bottle waste.
It includes $85033 billion in water infrastructure projects, and another $4.9 billion for drinking water and clean water infrastructure.
To finance storm water and waste water management improvements, DC Water issued $350 million in taxable, green century bonds.
You can remove the water restrictor ring for more water flow, too (at the risk of higher water bills).
The water from that river contained heavy chemicals, corroding the city's water pipes and leaching lead into the water.
It's Water Week in Washington, shining a spotlight on all things water — including the national movement toward water reuse.
The emergency assistance, which was requested by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, will provide water, water filters, water filter cartridges, water test kits, and "other necessary related items" for three months.
Despite the progress made in repairing water mains, our North Portland neighborhood is still carrying jugs to get water from community water storage tanks run by the local Water Bureau.
Thames Water, Northumbrian Water and Yorkshire Water are among England and Wales' privatised water companies deciding this week whether they will appeal to the competition regulator over their financial settlements.
Photo: MakarovBonus: Whirlpool water gunsStainless steel water guns provided both hot and cold water aboard several US spacecraft, allowing astronauts to drink clean water and to prepare their dehydrated food.
And there are efforts to distribute water-purification tablets and to tell locals who can't find bottled water either to boil the water or add bleach or water-purification tablets.
That, in fact, is what other large water bottling companies do in Florida — purchase water directly from municipal water sources — but Nestlé, the largest bottled water company in the world with 2000 brands in its portfolio, typically takes water directly from the source.
That, in fact, is what other large water bottling companies do in Florida — purchase water directly from municipal water sources — but Nestlé, the largest bottled water company in the world with 2000 brands in its portfolio, typically takes water directly from the source.
Life, biologists also discovered, perseveres in other environments once thought sterile — highly acidic water, highly alkaline water, highly salty water, boiling water around volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean.
The Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet has good water pressure and uses warm water to cleanThough cold water can feel refreshing, many people might prefer bidets with warm, but not hot, water.
Or rather with the touch of a couple of buttons, while you figure out whether you want water-water, or flavored water, or functional water, or a combination of all three.
In total, over 2170 water systems carry contaminated water into homes and schools, according to California's Water Resources Control Board.
"We don't cook with the water, we don't bathe with the water, we don't brush with the water," Brown said.
To fuel and hydrate on cellular level you should drink coconut water, birch water, fresh juices and high-water fruits.
"We used to share dirty water with livestock in water pans – if there was water at all," said Omar Ali.
Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink because it's really scary water that can slice through your bones.
The blue water footprint is the amount of water that's extracted from reservoirs, surface water and groundwater to irrigate fields.
There was no electricity, bottled water was limited and damage to a water treatment plant halted distribution of drinkable water.
Now, due to technological gains in water desalination, water use and reuse, water negotiations are no longer binary trade-offs.
"Energy needs water and water needs energy," Kala Vairavamoorthy, executive director of the International Water Association, told CNBC's "Sustainable Energy".
In the case of regulating drinking water, the regulations generally apply to suppliers of water, like your town water plant.
Plumbing is supplied by the electric water pump and a grey water system, which allows the water to be recycled.
Water discharges from paper bag manufacturing must meet stringent standards of the Clean Water Act and state water quality standards.
And water safety experts, who mostly love the water, want to see children in the water, but they do worry.
To date, charity: water has funded global water projects which have given clean water to more than 8 million people.
Woo the water Carry a water bottle with you or have a pitcher of ice cold water near your desk.
But not just a little water — lots of water.
The fresh water supply would come from vapor distillation technology, atmospheric water generators and rain harvesting systems, according to Chen, and a closed-loop integrated water reuse systems would eliminate water waste.
"I grapple with things like, do I want to invest or have a portfolio where I'm thinking about water futures, investing in where water comes from, water utilities, water providers?" she says.
The problem isn't the source of the water; it's the pipes, which contaminate the water after it leaves the city's water system and enters the home water system's aging, flaking, peeling pipes.
These systems divert water from streams, serve as water sources for wildlife, and can connect to larger bodies of water elsewhere.
It could be subsurface water that seeps out as water vapor and that water is then trapped by the hydrated salts.
We talked to a water sommelier about the taste of tap water—and also got a recipe for a water cocktail.
The polluted river water corroded old pipes and leached lead into tap water, according to a Virginia Tech water quality study.
There is no electricity, bottled water is limited and damage at a water treatment plant has halted distribution of drinkable water.
Unlike people with well water access, people under public distribution water systems have little control over the quality of their water.
If you don't happen to have oil, water or a mix of water and alcohol or water and peroxide also work.
In the most water-stressed regions, increased tension due to growing water scarcity has led to accusations, threats and water shortages.
"Energy is required to extract water, it's required to lift, to move water, and it's required to treat water," he said.
The heat is transferred to the water, and voila—computer-heated water suitable for anything you'd normally use hot water for.
"Out of bounds left off the tee, water left, water right, water short, bunkers straight in front of you," Harrington said.
So it addresses both the water quality issue and, to a large extent, water scarcity, because you're keeping your water resources.
As any good water sommelier might tell you, the mineral content of water affects taste, balance, and the character of water.
Water utilities that serve poor, rural areas fall far short of federal standards for drinking water, compared with urban water systems.
Investing in water recycling, desalinization, storage, and other water infrastructure can generate jobs and help us meet our future water challenges.
And I'm just this empty seed pouring the water and the water is the same water that's flowing inside my body.
This includes a flexible metal cold water hose, T-adapters for the cold and hot water connections, a plastic hot water hose, and optional parts like Teflon tape to prevent leakage and a hot water inlet cap if you only plan on using cold water.
Each month, residents receive bottled water from the water delivery service Sparkletts to make up for the dirty water flowing through their pipes — dirty water for which they still receive a utility bill.
Instead of action to strengthen protections for clean water, the federal government has reduced water-related spending in recent decades and rolled back Clean Water Act protections for many vital bodies of water.
"We are disappointed that revised proposals from Anglian Water, SES Water, Thames Water, and Yorkshire Water have not yet risen to the challenge we have set them," Ofwat Senior Director David Black said.
"She took out a water credit loan and has a pump and water tank to store water in now, and she took that opportunity and starting selling water to her neighbors," explains White.
Water: Drinking water is another possible source of lead contamination.
"Laboraid" — 3 cups coconut water, 1 cup water, 2 Tbsp.
MURDOCH: Water polo, water polo would be fun for you?
Some folks got cool water, some people got warm water.
That's right, Fiji Water is countersuing the Fiji Water woman.
Water Mission provides safe water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene.
Now let's look at another popular "enhanced" water: Hydrogen water.
If water is good for you, is hydrogen water better?
Bugs don't use much water (there's a global water crisis).
If you want water, you saw me grab the water.
She used tap water filtered though a Brita water purifier.
No water pumps, no gas, no medicine, no drinking water.
Water works Want to get water out of the moon?
Bottled water and a portable water bowl are also necessary.
Electronics and water go together like, well, electronics and water.
Micellar water is, essentially, soft water with micelles in it.
Bottled and filtered water Why not just use bottled water?
Alternative sources of water, such as bottled water, are available.
We have to drink that water; bathe using that water.
This number excludes fatalities at water parks or water slides.
Soft water doesn't contain many minerals, whereas hard water does.
Is coconut water ever a better option than plain water?
Water. So a reusable water bottle is a perfect present.
The water fountains provide further incentive to BYO water bottle.
Drain the soapy water and add fresh water to rinse.
I tried using both tap water and distilled spring water.
To protect yourself, use water filters instead of bottled water 
The levees, which keep water out, also keep water in.
A water bottle that easily turns into a water bowl
To be clear, Flint's water crisis isn't just about water.
Remove from boiling water and place directly into ice water.
Water Balls, meanwhile, can be used to walk on water.
It was filled with holy water — blessed Toronto tap water.
A central water bottle sleeve can handle most water bottles.
Water, water everywhere, yet they know exactly where to go.
"I enjoy smelling the water, hearing the water," he said.
Algae occurs naturally in water, both fresh and marine water.
Warm water holds less of the gas than cold water.
Water: Another thing to think about is proximity to water.
Warmer water also takes up more space than cooler water.
I'm in the water and it's clean water, you know?
Icelandic water is neutral while the Faroese water is spicier.
Water Filter Water filter technology is improving and getting cheaper.
Drink bottled water only, and opt out of ice made from tap water, especially in developing countries where water safety is trickier.
When you need to refill the vacuum itself, the water tank easily comes apart and keeps clean water and dirty water separate.
Without a reliable water source, oxygen levels drop, water temperatures rise, algae grows and eventually the water becomes unable to sustain life.
By using controlled amounts of water and eliminating waste water, GroBox One uses two-thirds less water than the traditional gardening process.
You should avoid swimming or jumping into bodies of fresh water when the water is warm and the water levels are low.
Valor Water Backed by Y Combinator, Valor Water helps utilities understand who is wasting and who is conserving water among their customers.
Flint switched its water supply back to Detroit's water system in October, but lead from the pipes continued to poison the water.
And, we suppose in case she gets really thirsty, Hadid has sparkling water in two flavors, coconut water, and regular bottled water.
With taps full of undrinkable water, she would carry water on her back from a clean water source for use at home.
Pollution from the highly corrosive river water then ate into the city's water system, causing lead to leach into the water supply.
Britain's main water utilities, which also include Thames Water and Yorkshire Water, are owned by a combination of pension and investment funds.
Bottled water also isn't any better than tap water anywhere with effective government-run water treatment facilities; historically, it's been much worse.
America's Water Infrastructure Act will increase water storage in the West, protect communities from dangerous floods, and upgrade old drinking water systems.
Sparkling water is the umbrella term for carbonated water, including naturally carbonated sparkling mineral water and artificially carbonated seltzer and club soda.
Next, you'll attach the toilet water supply valve, and for hot water, connect the plastic hose to your sink's hot water connection.
British forces are also distributing water from supplies aboard the ship, which has a system to turn sea water into drinking water.
Watch an ice cube melt in a glass of water — the water level won't rise because ice is less dense than water.
The grey water tank holds used water from sinks and showers, while the black water tank contains human waste from the toilet.
Private water companies offer a vast national network of experienced water utility water management professionals with extensive knowledge in solving infrastructure challenges.
Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser Clean, healthy gums are just a blast of water away with this Aqua Flosser Rechargeable Water Flosser.
And now she's working with a water-filtration company to bring water filters to communities that don't have access to drinkable water.
In 2015, the Clean Water Rule clarified the streams and rivers protected by the Clean Water Act, our bedrock clean water legislation.
The corrosive river water caused more lead to leach from Flint pipes than Detroit water did, increasing contaminants in the tap water.
In 2015, Obama announced the Clean Water Rule, which sought to clarify which bodies of water fall under the Clean Water Act.
Water, water, water, water: You see the bright flame, And head towards it with no abandon, Reckless with your life, So that at least it was worth living, Why can't I be like you?
So far, Northumbrian Water, Yorkshire Water and Anglian Water have sought a review of Ofwat's proposals, while listed companies such as United Utilities, Severn Trent and South West Water owner Pennon have accepted them.
So, months before, he had supported Carlyle's purchase of the regional water company (Park Water) that owned Missoula's local system (Mountain Water), believing that Carlyle would then sell Mountain Water back to his town.
Water creates its own local field, which is measured by moving the TestDrop through it, and it turns out that clean water emits a slightly different field than water with lead or chlorine in it, water with E. coli, water with dissolved animal matter and so on.
Encouraging residents to reduce water usage by replacing water-thirsty lawns, installing "gray water" capture systems, or purchasing new water-efficient appliances all provide significant water yield benefits, protect public health, the environment, and local economies, and they provide a net benefit to the public and utilities.
But critics say the firms' use of rural water is depriving people in those areas of sufficient water - and that fast-depleting water supplies mean it's time to rethink how water is managed in Chennai.
The untreated waste ends up in bodies of water like the Yamuna river, which supplies the city with 330 million gallons of water per day, according to the Delhi water board, contaminating the water supply.
Even islanders who do have access to running water are being warned by the territory's water utility to boil the water or use chlorine tablets first, since many water treatment plants are out of commission.
If utilities don't carefully balance water chemistry and treatment methods, tainted water can enter a community water system — like what happened in Flint.
Additionally, her plan would fund access to clean water, increase and enforce water quality standards, and invest in the US's public water systems.
City employees were involved in treating water at the Flint Water Treatment Plant as well as in testing residents' water for the state.
Oak Island Water Rescue volunteers quickly jumped into the water and rescued the boy, Oak Island Water Rescue Chief Tony Young told WWAY.
A startup disrupting the … bottled water business: FloWater has raised $15 million for its reusable water bottle refilling stations to produce purified water.
New York City currently relies on two water tunnels, the imaginatively named Water Tunnels 1 and 2, to supply water to the city.
Its namesake product, the Water Pik Water Flosser, cleans teeth by using a pump to send a water jet through a plastic tip.
We have one of the safest water systems in the world with 286 million Americans getting drinking water from a community water system.
"This produces a water which has very few minerals in it; it's very pure water, which means it's very soft water," said Gadsden.
The clean water rule, implemented in 123, aims to protect the nation's small water bodies that provide 117 million Americans with drinking water.
Filtered tap water, as Siegel recently wrote in Time, can be safer than bottled water — largely because bottled water is so lightly regulated.
Additionally, self-propelled water barges on loaded water from a contaminated reservoir and furnished this water to ships at anchor in Da Nang.
Organizers in Michigan marched through downtown Detroit to the city's water and sewage department to protest water shutoffs and demand clean, affordable water.
The two global water operators are both trying to reduce their dependence on municipal water clients by diversifying into the industrial water market.
The researchers said the patient used tap water filtered through a store-bought water filter, instead of the recommended boiled or saline water.
The color of the water, the feel of the water, the temperature of the water — it was so unlike anything I've ever experienced.
Grab a hot water bottle (the silicone kind that you'd normally fill with hot water) and fill it with cold water and ice.
Its requirements include that water utilities put anti-corrosion additives into water and set a nonenforceable goal of zero lead in drinking water.
Humans have a water problem Though the earth is covered with plenty of water, the amount of usable water is finite and tiny.
EPA's plan to apply the Clean Water Act to the streams, wetlands and other water bodies was designed to prevent drinking water contamination.
WateReuse represents a coalition of utilities that recycle water, businesses that support the development of recycled water projects, and consumers of recycled water.
It's the world's water tower, providing up to 50 percent of the planet's fresh water supply and drinking water for two billion people.
The IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment makes hot water red, cold water blue, and regular water green, which is perfect for any chef.
WM: Kara, if we're talking about water, which is what they were talking about ... I'm just talking here about water ... [laughter] KS: Water.
Flint currently relies on water from Detroit's Great Lakes Water Authority.
Water freezes and the air can't hold as much water vapor.
The corrosive river water leached lead from the city's water pipes.
Turkey and Water: Take one turkey and one pan of water.
Tornadoes have traveled from land to water and water to land.
Some participants got room temperature water and some got cold water.
Bottled water dominates the market, but sparkling water is growing faster.
It's also water resistant for the shower and shallow water swimming.
Technically, he's not pushing the water itself, but Brita water filters.
There is no water, so they're having to truck water in.
Washing clothing, especially in hot water, is water- and energy-intensive.
State says don't drink the water Is the water safe now?
Rinse with cold water, then press out all of the water.
Water meters broke, and bottled water in supermarkets quickly sold out.
There are two kinds of water sources: groundwater and surface water.
As the temperature of the ocean's water increases, water literally expands.
Bring a refillable water bottle to the hike, filled with water.
"We live by water; our cattle live by water," she said.
To stop flooding, we cannot ask water to stop being water.
Utah, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy, $64.3 million of water revenue bonds.
Water Defense had found high levels of chloroform in her water.
Naegleria fowleri lives in fresh water, but not in salt water.
The water appeared greener and kinder than the water in Manhattan.
Bring your own water — WOW charges for bottled water on board.
A water bottle that lets them naturally infuse water with fruit
Ocean vodka is 60-percent water, so water is extremely important.
Portable water filtration systems are used to fill personal water bottles.
You can fish in fresh water, salt water, on and offshore.
Warmer water can't hold as much dissolved oxygen as cold water.
And, of course, the water pressure, water resistance and mud tests.
"This is not drinking water," he said of their tap water.
"Too little water, too much water," he said, shaking his head.
Before that, bottled water was sold as a tap water replacement.
It can clean contaminated water, including ocean water, within two hours.
Latest tests show water is in compliance with drinking water standards.
The shallow water and the deeper water aren't mixing as much.
The alliance's water calculator can help you evaluate your water use.
Frigid water holds more gasses, including oxygen, than warmer water does.
The water from Detroit is no safer than water from Flint.
Through comprehensive, aggregated data, The Water Quality Portal provides a county by county breakdown of water quality in the US. You can also check out the EPA's Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS), which specifically tracks public water systems and any violations of the EPA's drinking water regulations.
"The UV water purification method within the water filtration systems will disinfect all lead and bacteria coming from the water pipes to allow students to drink from and fill up water bottles from school water fountains," the city of Flint said in a press release on October 5.
But when the state switched the city's water supply to the Flint River, it did not properly treat the water, and the water corroded the pipes, leaching lead and heavy metal into the drinking water supply.
Known to use water as the canvas for their projections, ECA2 incorporates what they call "wave water screens": jets shoot columns of water into the air creating a wall of water to project the animations onto.
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Forget spending unnecessary money on bottled water — LifeStraw is a personal water filtering tool that gives the comfort of safe, drinkable water, even if the only source around is a cloudy stream.
"We have industrial grade sensors closely and accurately monitoring every aspect of the grow: air temp, air humidity, plant height, water TDS, water pH, water temp, water level," founder and LEAF CEO Yoni Ofir tells Mashable.
When we're talking about raising livestock, a key concept to understand is that the water footprint is actually made of three parts: there's the green water footprint, the blue water footprint and the grey water footprint.
Most of the purported benefits of alkaline water can be obtained elsewhereThe promising research on alkaline water comes with caveats One 2016 research article suggested alkaline water could be more hydrating than regular water after exercise.
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It's bottled directly from natural water sources, which raw water adopters say gives the water a better "mouth feel," makes it (inexplicably) more hydrating, and allows the quote-unquote natural probiotics found in water to flourish.
"We are disappointed that revised proposals from Anglian Water, SES Water, Thames Water, and Yorkshire Water have not yet risen to the challenge we have set them," Ofwat Senior Director David Black said in a statement.
National Guard troops could begin arriving in the city today to distribute water filters and bottled water to residents with lead-tainted drinking water.
Flint water crisis Two ex-emergency managers and two water plant officials were the latest people to be charged in the city's water woes.
The senator says she would refurbish old water infrastructure, support ongoing water treatment operations and prioritize communities most heavily impacted by inadequate water infrastructure.
I, II, and III; The True Power of Water; The Secret Life of Water; and like eight more books with "water" in the title.
Now, when that air includes droplets of water, the water also tries to go around, meaning that a lot of the water is lost.
If BZ contains water, for example, researchers can compare it with Earth&aposs water and, perhaps, better understand how water originated here at home.
The Safe Drinking Water Act, which was passed in 1974, orders US water utilities to rigorously test and treat their drinking water for contaminants.
But water from the polluted river ended up corroding old pipes, leaching lead into tap water, according to a Virginia Tech water quality study.
If you go into a fast-food restaurant and ask for a water cup, that cup is meant for water and water alone. Soda?
The school district in Newark, N.J., recently replaced water fountains with bottled water after finding unacceptably high levels of lead in the tap water.
In many poor communities, he said, water fees aren't actually used to improve the local water system by investing in water infrastructure and technology.
WATER Labour has proposed renationalising water companies, which have been criticized for prioritizing dividends and executive pay over preventing leaks and improving water quality.
Municipal water systems routinely check for contaminants, but homes and businesses that use private drinking water wells are responsible for monitoring their own water.
Dr. Nimmo and his colleagues argue that water from an underground ocean welled upward, adding mass, because liquid water is denser than frozen water.
The PFAS problem is just one of many facing our water systems that the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act will address.
By assessing your unique water footprint, You can assess your unique water footprint to scale your water usage and determine where to make cuts.
"Raw" water proponents say it contains healthy and natural minerals that get stripped out when tap water or bottled water is filtered and treated.
Abroad The Water Project is fighting water scarcity across the African continent by investing in established, local NGOs focused on water purification and accessibility.
A gathering of recent agitprop about water, the Queens Museum's Commonwealth: Water for All spotlights water's political dimensions more directly than DNA of Water.
WATER Labour has proposed renationalising water companies, which have been criticised for prioritising dividends and executive pay over preventing leaks and improving water quality.
Over 22019 percent of Americans get most of their drinking water from Public Water Systems regulated by EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Skywater machines, housed in big metal boxes, are atmospheric water generators that condense water vapor from the atmosphere and turn it into drinking water.
While the water from public water systems is federally regulated, water from private wells doesn't have the same safety nets to protect against contamination.
Some colonies will be bathed in warm water, others in water that's been acidified, and still others in water that's both warm and acidified.
The military currently relies on deliveries of bottled water or the purification of fresh and salt water sources for drinking water in these locations.
We also use tons of water to irrigate grass — outside water makes up to three-quarters of residential water use, according to the study.
Clean water is one of Myanmar's biggest problems — in a country where it is unsafe to drink tap water, many still draw water from unprotected wells as they cannot afford or have no access to bottled water.
The city's drinking water issues reportedly began that same month when Flint switched from using Detroit's water system – which pumps water out of Lake Huron – to its own treatment plant, which drew water from the Flint River.
"Water is being extracted only from regions within the district where there is sufficient water," said Mageswari Ravikumar, Thiruvallur's top administrative official, adding that the district administration had stopped some water tankers that were extracting water illegally.
It takes one gallon of water to produce a single almond; almond cultivation requires water year-round in a state where residential water usage has been restricted and some rural communities don't have clean water at all.
Taste the water to make sure it's as salty as sea water.
But that water isn't for drinking -- there's imported bottled water for that.
Recycled water accounts for just 7 percent of the city's water supply.
Untreated water (such as lakes) and drinking water caused 22 more cases.
Douse the fire with water, stir the coals, douse with water again.
It also cracked roads and broke water pipes, leaving homes without water.
There is very little water left and people are drinking contaminated water.
Bottled water and filters [were] distributed, so people could have safe water.
" American Water Works: "We've got to be careful of American Water Works.
" American Water Works: "We've got to be careful of American Water Works.
It turned the water into dark sludge and threatened drinking water supplies.
WATCH: Water rescues taking place on Cold Water Drive north of Walker.
Some participants were given cold water, while others received room-temperature water.
Price: $18.95–$103 Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle Find water completely boring?
Prepare the water: Place the water and salt in a large saucepan.
Seltzer water is just pure water that's been pumped full of bubbles.
Fiji Water is also returning as the official water for the event.
We save water in the wet processing and treat the waste water.
Chennai's water problem is the latest reminder of India's impending water crisis.
I water the plants with the water used in cleaning the vegetables.
You may then conclude that heating water results only in hotter water.
Water gushed from zigzagged cracks in the pavement from busted water lines.
Bombings have also destroyed water infrastructure, depriving many Syrians of clean water.
They drink bottled water because the river water will give them cancer.
That's why it says water, because human beings can't live without water.
Almost nine in 10 Americans drink water from publicly owned water systems.
The researchers assert that water and water data are extremely under undervalued.
The ship can produce fresh water and has water delivery vehicles aboard.
Empty the water and repeat process until the water remains clear. 2.
They should keep drinking bottled water and use water filters, Snyder said.
When carbon dioxide interacts with sea water, the water becomes more acidic.
During droughts, water levels decrease and when droughts weaken, water levels increase.
Studies indicate that crops would utilize water more efficiently, requiring less water.
There may be impacts on local water and waste water treatment facilities.
But rice fields require standing water, and standing water fosters malaria mosquitoes.
No, it's not special water; it's mineral tablets you add to water.
Water pipes that leak 6 billion gallons of clean drinking water daily.
EPA: FLINT WATER SAFE, IF FILTERED: The tap water in Flint, Mich.
Water: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing new drinking water guidelines.
Texas Water Development Board, $575 million of state water implementation revenue bonds.
A new solar-powered device turns salt water into fresh drinking water.
People were bathing in muddy river water or under burst water pipes.
Weaponizing water against people who are trying to protect water is horrifying.
Buy Now Oak Smoked Water, $2391 Has plain old water become tiresome?
And for that, I would need water, a big body of water.
Water was flowing out of water mains and sheared-off fire hydrants.
The IPX21080 water-resistance rating means it'll withstand sweat and water splashes.
Central Utah Water Conservancy District, $185.4 million of water revenue refinancing bonds.
A partial solve is in carbonated mineral water, sparkling water and seltzer.
Something labeled "ham and water product" can have any amount of water.
Fill a water bottle with ice water and take it to bed.
All of the island's waste water and water treatment plants lack electricity.
The Clean Water Act now regulates pollutant discharge into bodies of water.
Join a water-loving Labrador on a pelt for the water. Splash!
The water is one thing, making this bridgeBuilt over the water another.
There is both a fresh water and grey water tank and system.
Every cup of water -- in fact, anything using the water -- became suspect.
People are made of water, but they need much more than water.
I drink more water because my life is drinking water right now.
With no running water, they rely on water collected from deep wells.
The sound was huge... a water pipe broke, and water poured in.
Major business figures also continue to pour water cold water on cryptocurrencies.
We have so much water they could actually water some of it.
Many parks have water rides, and water is not your smartphone's friend.
Fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water.
Without electricity, water distribution sites can't filter and pump water into homes.
The water: Although Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's office said the water now meets the standards under the Lead and Copper Rule and Safe Drinking Water Act, residents don't trust the government or their pipes to serve up safe drinking water, and many don't want to pay for the tainted water.
Watch as these three snowboarders shred an empty water park and snowboard through water slides, skid down stairs, skip lines, and basically break every rule a water park could possibly have, all while looking like they're having the most fun you could possibly have at a water park without any water.
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"Such water transfers can indisputably add pollutants to the receiving water body — for example, by moving salt water into a freshwater stream, conveying water contaminated with fecal coliform into a pristine lake, or pumping invasive species into uninfected water bodies," the states, led by New York, told the court last year.

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