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"usually" Definitions
  1. in the way that is usual or normal; most often

613 Sentences With "usually"

How to use usually in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "usually" and check conjugation/comparative form for "usually". Mastering all the usages of "usually" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The Wild are usually good, usually make the playoffs, and usually exit pretty quickly.
She usually just backs away, usually she's in the tank.
They usually do pick up and they usually do answer.
He told me usually he doesn't usually notice BART advertisements.
The questions are usually longer, the answers are usually longer.
I'm usually the weaker fighter, but I'm also usually the most determined.
However, that's usually as far as sex dreams usually go in waking life.
And usually — usually — the biggest thing that goes wrong is not that big.
MDMA (shockingly) was usually MDMA, LSD usually was LSD, and DMT was DMT.
Symptoms usually start in early childhood, usually between 27 and 276.2 years old.
Symptoms usually start in early childhood, usually between 3 and 5 years old.
That's what usually comes out, and usually, most people agree on those things.
Symptoms usually start in early childhood, usually between 3- and 5-years old.
Huawei Honor 10 starting at $259.99 (usually $305.87) Asus Zenfone 5Z starting at $475.23 (usually $776.053) Meizu M6 with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM for $79.99 (usually $99.99) Xiaomi Gaming Headphones with LED and noise cancellation for $49.23 (usually $80.70) Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 starting at $125.77 (usually $13) Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera bundle with film, bag, filters, and frames for $103.27 (usually $161.36) Anker Bluetooth Soundcore Spirit X Earphones for $29.62 (usually $40 elsewhere) Anker Bluetooth Soundcore Spirit Earphones for $25.71 (usually $40 elsewhere) Anker Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $49.71 (usually $85.70) Anker SoundCore 0593 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for $34.67 (usually $67.98) 10,2689.81mAh Xiaomi Power Bank for $220 (usually $28 elsewhere) Xiaomi Smart LED Lightbulb (Color) for $2128 (usually $2776.05) Samsung microSD Card 21GB to 113GB starting from $211 to $24 (usually $200 to $80) Lenovo 7000 2018 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, 43GB RAM, 256GB SSD, AMD Radeon 535 for $632.17 (usually $689.81) Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD for $776.05 (usually $1,059) Update November 11st, 4:00PM ET: This article has been updated to ensure the latest deals are displayed.
I usually reply with 'I just told you, NYC.' that usually ends the conversation.
She's 21999 or 22008, usually white, usually brunette, and pretty in an awkward way.
"I don't usually go for this, I usually go for letterbox red," she sighed.
People usually look at the three month average as it's usually a better gauge.
"I don't usually celebrate too much; usually just hands in the air," Perlini said.
I'm usually traveling with my kid and we usually have a ton of stuff.
With bridge construction costly, river crossings usually involve ferries — and ferries usually involve waiting.
The video quality is usually low; light is usually supplied only by the fire itself.
Usually they're going through an exchange where usually as part of the process they're KYC'd.
I usually take a couple holidays, usually one in summer and one in the winter.
I usually travel by plane, an environment where people are usually slightly harried and irritated.
We usually get a Fest offer, and we're usually busy and we can't do it.
But, it usually does not happen in a public setting anymore, it is usually online.
You have to be responsive, usually within 24 hours, and usually much faster than that.
Usually, the doll needs a thorough cleaning and her limbs usually need to be adjusted.
Vendors are usually considered unsecured creditors and usually get pennies on the dollar in bankruptcy court.
"Usually, those are people who have a specific disease, and usually, they're very enthused," she said.
Vendors are usually considered unsecured creditors and usually get pennies on the dollar in bankruptcy court.
Bites usually occur when brown recluse spiders are disturbed, usually in an attic or dusty place.
The reason, obviously, is that gun owners are usually Republicans while college students are usually Democrats.
Kidnapping, usually for ransom, is common in parts of Nigeria, though abductors usually target other Nigerians.
And it's usually a structured thing, usually the principals involved in the story help tell it.
The unlabeled kind is usually a medium grind, and that's one I usually end up with.
Each candidate usually gets a bump after his or her respective convention concludes, but when the dust settles, one candidate usually emerges on top — and that person usually ends up winning.
Somewhere in the first few minutes of "Janet(s)," it becomes clear that The Good Place isn't just going to have Carden play Eleanor (usually Kristen Bell), Chidi (usually William Jackson Harper), Tahani (usually Jameela Jamil), and Jason (usually Manny Jacinto) as a fun little trick.
You don't usually see Mexican children, as they're usually returned back to Mexico, unlike Central American children.
Utilities characterize this as a subsidy from non-solar (usually poorer) households to solar (usually wealthier) ones.
And, as such, he usually talks about his plan with the caution of a seasoned researcher. Usually.
Symptoms of illness usually last around 4 to 7 days and most people usually recover without treatment.
Single trackers are at $20 (usually $35), or you can buy a multipack for $40 (usually $60).
These are usually the tactics he uses to attempt to control any abuse, and usually it works.
Those counterfeit drugs are sold on the street, and usually dangerously usually labeled as something less potent.
Here in the city, an outdoor meal at a sidewalk table is usually worth the wait. Usually.
"There usually is a sense of pride, there is usually a sense of social cohesion," he acknowledged.
Because water utilities are usually state systems, the federal government has not usually been involved in them.
Routines usually end up being a bunch of insults hurled at different people, usually celebrities and politicians.
Three-month gift memberships are temporarily $35 (usually $39), and 12-month memberships are $107 (usually $119).
The question with cooperators is not whether they are likable (usually not) or good people (usually not).
Walmart is usually the best place to score a crazy-good TV deal on Black Friday. Usually.
Fighting is usually reserved for later — the OSCE ceasefire monitors usually clock off by five or six.
Valve's annual Autumn Steam sale is underway, slashing prices on a bunch of top notch games — like Grand Theft Auto 5 for $15 (usually $53), Portal 2 for a buck, The Witness for $20 (usually $40), Return of Obra Dinn for $16 (usually $20), Soul Calibur 6 for $18 (usually $60), or the just released (and absurdly fun) Jackbox Party Pack 6 for $23 (usually $30). Oh!
The result of that is customers usually pay less, and service providers usually keep more of the profits.
I am usually the breakfast cook and he is usually the dinner cook, so this is a treat.
"Usually when I get chiropractic adjustments, that usually really helps me out with these neck spasms," he said.
In the wild, gentoos usually only have the resources to raise one chick, and the second usually dies.
Admission usually ranges from $2500 to $2135 per person, with escape rooms in bigger cities usually charging more.
The pain with moisturizing usually is rubbing in the lotion, because it usually feels stick and this doesn't.
" On the photographers' favorite attendee to photograph..."I'd say it's usually Beyoncé or Rihanna, who usually come last.
A good rule of thumb is that "affect" is usually a verb and "effect" is usually a noun.
"Victor barreled the ball down the line and it's usually a base hit, usually a double," Fulmer said.
"In Afghanistan we don't usually give names to things — Afghans don't usually even name their pets," she said.
Why it matters: With mergers of this size usually comes cost-cutting "synergies," which usually translate to layoffs.
Usually, within a few weeks to a month after the deposition, I'm usually notified that they've passed away.
I'll usually ask them about the scene, and they'll usually describe the same thing, which is completely fictitious.
The spinner arm was usually a paper clip, which was technically minor contraband, but usually not worth confiscation.
North Korea usually perceives these exercises as preparation for an invasion, and usually responds pretty harshly every time.
I don't usually fry stuff, so I will usually boil the dumplings, unless I feel like indulging them.
RM: We usually don't, we usually invest in the number one company, we invested in Uber, not Lyft.
Indian workers don't usually eat lunch out: It's expensive, and office cafeteria food is usually of poor quality.
It usually must be morally sound and healing; doing the work that is usually reserved for Gospel music.
Fire Tablet (Wi-Fi, 8 GB), £39.99 (usually £49.99), available at Amazon UKFire HD 10 Tablet (Wi-Fi, 16 GB), £139.99 (usually 169.99), available at Amazon UK Fire TV Stick, £29.99 (usually £34.99), available at Amazon UK Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD, £64.99 (usually £79.99), available at Amazon UK
Chimps, for example, usually have their first child at 14, and by six, that child can usually live independently.
Her opinions are usually right, she has a take-no-shit attitude, and her performances are usually top notch.
Go-go dancers and strip club strippers usually dance to longer sets of music, usually of the DJ's choosing.
Fire TV Stick 4K is $24.99 (usually $49.99) Fire TV Stick is $14.99 (usually $39.99) Verge Deals on Twitter
I keep finding myself in places where it's warm when it's usually cool, and cool when it's usually warm.
I usually have 10 to 12 teams show up, which means I usually need 10 to 12 different scenarios.
For hardware, there's the Kindle Paperwhite for $89.99 (usually $119.99) or the base model Kindle for $49.99 (usually $79.99).
Delaware's US Senate primary usually has a predictable outcome, with a longtime Democratic incumbent usually coasting to a win.
It's usually just a guy I find attractive, and he's usually wearing a suit and looks very high-powered.
" And, Kaling said, "Don't usually drink margaritas on a week night but then again they're usually not Oprah-ritas.
Cash looks better than it usually does, but when in uncharted waters it is usually best to proceed slowly.
Winning franchises usually cultivate greater fandom, just as new presidents usually see their approval ratings climb after Election Day.
Usually, midterms only merit an hour of coverage on the Big Three broadcast stations, usually starting at 10 p.m.
"At our organizational level that usually involves doing face-to-face meetings with planners, usually several months in advance."
"Creatine usually works, it works better than most sports supplements, because it's something your body usually has," says Patel.
Endometriosis is usually extra tissue on the outside of the uterusWomen are usually diagnosed in their 30s and 40s.
Amazon is offering them at discounted introductory prices: the Echo will be priced at C$99.99 (usually C$129.99), Echo Dot at C$49.99 (usually C$69.99), and Echo Plus at C$169.99 (usually C$199.99).
The last step is usually emergency food distribution — but by the time this step is triggered, it's usually too late.
Tchotchke A small decorative item (often breakable; usually dust-collecting) Extra credit: In Yiddish, tchotchke usually refers to a doll.
Brown recluses are usually active between April and October, so people in North America are usually bitten in that window.
The Echo smart speaker is down to $69.99 (usually $99.99), while the smart display is down to $179.99 (usually $229.99).
"The symptoms of aortic stenosis are usually shortness of breath, chest discomfort, so usually that goes away afterwards," Haythe added.
"I think I'm great and I think I can do anything," that's what I usually hear and it's usually inaccurate.
Amazon Echo is on sale for $84.99 (usually $99.99) and the smaller Echo Dot is down to $39.99 (usually $49.99).
"The symptoms of aortic stenosis are usually shortness of breath, chest discomfort, so usually that goes away afterwards," she says.
The Council of State decision usually comes two to three weeks following the preliminary report and usually follows its recommendations.
While Instagram Stories are usually less filtered and posed than regular Instagram, they're usually not as casual as Snapchat Stories.
Well-off students usually score in the top half of results; students from poor homes usually score in the bottom.
He missed a floater late, a pull-up jumper he usually makes and a wide-open three he usually makes.
Usually this mass of cold polar air remains, well, over the North Pole — because it's usually strong, centered, and compact.
A pas de deux — a dance for two — is usually about love and usually between a man and a woman.
Sexual interactions between women usually showed up only as side plots, scandals or spectacles, usually for the benefit of men.
"We know from history now that first-quarter (GDP) is usually a little fuzzy, it's usually off and it usually gets upside revised," said Randy Frederick, vice president of trading and derivatives for Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas.
Usually those are people who have a specific disease, and they're usually very enthused, but again, it's up to the individual.
Indeed, blockbusters typically receive only one nod for one actor, usually in a supporting category, and usually a prior Oscar favorite.
"I usually retweet Trump when he tweets, which means daily — usually early in the morning or late at night," Barry said.
Usually when I get a client to the point of running for 15 minutes, they can usually jog the whole way.
Once infected, targets usually have a matter of days to transmit the reward (usually bitcoin) in exchange for their decrypted files.
I usually don't bother the President but when I do he usually does pick up the phone and talk to me.
At the other end of the wage spectrum, janitors (usually men) earn 21980 percent more than maids and housecleaners (usually women).
The demo is impressive, but as is usually the case, only renders the straight hair we usually associate with white people.
He is usually driven around by vetted drivers or fellow doctors, usually without any headlights on, to stay under the radar.
"Usually if we get anything (on) the deadline, we usually get it at the very end of the day," Cummings said.
I don't usually write about Choose Your Own Adventure [laughs]—what I usually write about is the history of economic thought.
About that: Giantess content mainly serves the macrophilia fetish, in which folks (usually men) get off to, well, (usually female) giants.
Traditional services that are usually found in stores usually charge a monthly rental for readers, and often require longer-term contracts.
Even though they usually appear at the bottom of my story, these paragraphs are usually the first ones that I write.
And these days, usually when there's a movie about the Soviet Union it's usually the 70s or 80s and the fall.
Facebook executives don't usually say much publicly, and when they do, it's usually measured and approved by the company's public relations team.
"I was able to get on the mound the way I usually do and pitch the way I usually do," Maeda said.
Bithell Games' upcoming John Wick Hex costs $7.99 (usually $19.99), Hades costs $103 (usually $19.99), and Satisfactory costs $19.95 (instead of $29.95).
Such threats usually come through a private message, and he has a ready reply: "I usually snap a photo of my gun."
Usually with friends, but if the bike ride is too long, I usually go to de Rozengracht [a street in central Amsterdam].
These cheaper options, which usually include unlimited data plus video streaming in DVD quality, are usually available for $160 for four lines.
That's an anomaly at Stratford, whose focus is usually less on machinery than on performance and whose ethos is usually more earnest.
But the amounts are usually manageable, because most students attend public colleges and those who attend private colleges usually receive financial aid.
This tablet usually costs $429, but you can get it today for $330 (the price that the 32GB version usually sells for).
Menorahs usually get a pass because they are small, frequently relegated to a corner and usually enjoy a glaringly brief display season.
"Usually when you encounter someone with that deep well of emotional understanding, they're usually not a fun, easygoing person," Mr. Reitman said.
That's because president's executive orders aren't usually challenged legally, and when they are, courts will usually try to avoid ruling on them.
In the case of a major rule, the notice of proposed rulemaking is usually 50-150 pages long, the comments are usually hundreds of thousands of pages long, and the statement of basis and purpose is usually hundreds of pages long.
Court fines (usually financial penalties assessed as part of the punishment for a crime) and restitution (usually a payment a defendant is ordered to give the victim of their crime) are usually handed down as part of a person's sentence.
Without Justice Scalia, the Supreme Court is evenly split 4-4 between justices who are usually conservative and those who are usually liberal.
But usually, political messaging featuring Real People — framed in ways to emphasize how much they are not politicians — usually feels strained or hackneyed.
The curators usually only look at the obvious and are usually behind the times, only selecting "new" trends when they are practically over.
The Kindle e-reader is on sale for $49.99 (usually $149.993), while the higher-resolution Kindle Paperwhite is down to $79.99 (usually $119.99).
Party chair races usually aren't undecided when the actual voting starts, because a leading candidate usually emerges to make the ballots a formality.
Thus, the process of getting a venture capital job usually isn't an easy one, and it usually doesn't have a traditional application process.
The court usually backs the Commission, but lawyers say it sometimes disagrees in state aid cases where it usually comes up against countries.
The rains in north India usually last from early June to October, with the worst of the flooding usually later in the season.
Usually, excessive vomiting is treated on an outpatient basis, where the mom-to-be is given anti-nausea medication, usually in pill form.
They always wear dresses and lots of makeup, they usually date men, they're usually white, and they're rarely portrayed by actual trans women.
Any sponsor -- usually a parent, relative or family friend -- must go through a fingerprint and background check, a process that usually takes weeks.
Usually, 16 dozen are rubbed up for games at Citi Field — that's more than at most parks and usually ample by a lot.
Christmas is usually seen as a holiday full of treats, good tidings, and cheer, and the movies about the event usually reflect that.
But usually I'm so wired to see and react and talk that I can usually come up with something if I have to.
There's none of the hustle and bustle of making plans with friends — usually requiring a device — that Friday night and Saturday usually bring.
SR: The correlation between IQ and happiness is usually positive, but also usually smaller than one might expect (and sometimes not statistically significant).
Usually as a story unfolds—and with Chris [Nolan] it's usually face-to-face—but as the story unfolds, I start getting ideas.
"The correlation between IQ and happiness is usually positive, but also usually smaller than one might expect (and sometimes not statistically significant)," Ritchie says.
Cardboard usually is; most of the other goods the firm sends for recycling, including glass, plastic and other types of paper, usually are not.
In the post-'90s world of fandom, shippers usually label their favorite hypothetical relationships with a unique name, usually a portmanteau of some sort.
"Usually when the decision-makers are acting on an unlawful discriminatory purpose, they don't usually articulate that so frequently and so publicly," she said.
He always played a paladin character—the holy soldier—and I played a druid, usually half elf—biracial, like me—and usually a woman.
Action stories are disproportionately built around (white, usually straight, usually wealthy) male characters, so their pain is disproportionately privileged over that of other characters.
Taylor's morning routine is usually interrupted by the sight of a sailor furiously masturbating, usually as she is on her way to the shower.
I usually don't have problems meeting new people, but I'm not usually one to announce my arrival or make myself known to the room.
Since the sim cards in use at the time were usually pre-paid cards, and the mobile phones usually cloned, criminal investigation was difficult.
Where the spiritual worldview blurs into secularism, it's usually claiming scientific bona fides; where it blurs into traditional religion it's usually talking about Jesus.
"Usually, if a police officer comes up, I usually ask him what he thinks of my work, and that starts a conversation," he said.
Until midlife, men usually harbor a greater percentage of visceral fat than women do, but the pattern usually reverses as women pass through menopause.
I usually shower at night, but felt ambitious about "going for a run" this morning (despite half an intention, this doesn't usually pan out).
Our Black Friday shifts usually run about seven to nine hours, and, during the year, sales associates usually average four- to five-hour shifts.
In tests in Cincinnati and Fresno, California, the item usually attracted different customers than those who usually included steak in their burritos and tacos.
He believes his "gut" is usually right and is usually able to find some fringe voice ("people say") to support his most outlandish claims.
The lines and scale are usually about the same, but the M3 usually earns a more aggressive appearance and is crammed with performance modifications.
After the customer, who usually provides the shoes, explains what he or she is looking for, Danklefs says his creative juices usually take over.
From there we take the mold, usually an epoxy resin or gypsum, from which we obtain the positive in platinum silicone reinforced usually with fiberglass.
So usually for me, my days consist of errands, answering emails, talking on the phone — it usually has to do with Skai and her career.
The ROAV Eyewear sunglasses are usually $145, but you can usually get them on sale for $99.99 in the Mashable shop, which is 31% off.
But sometimes they're just stories about men (usually) who killed women (usually), and there's a very fine line between retelling their stories and glamorizing them.
Wednesday ET. The cheapest model, the Echo Dot, is only $22 (it's usually $50), while the full-sized model is only $50 (it's usually $100).
It necessitates thinking before you act, when Mario games are usually constructed so that the correct action is usually the first one you think of.
It could have been worse for Barca as Gonzalo Higuain, usually Juve's most dangerous marksman, missed two chances that he would usually have snapped up.
Black women, and men for that matter, aren't usually categorized as "values voters" in the media, which usually reserve that term for conservative white Christians.
LIGHTS OUT I'm usually in bed by 10:30 to get a good night's sleep for the week, which usually involves a much faster pace.
When your parents are immigrants, they're usually out of the house, so it's the non-English-speaking grandmother that usually takes care of the kids.
All the reviews that are negative, I usually wear like a badge of honor, because they usually say the exact opposite of what I'm intending.
Cue the increased popularity of "flipping"—taking two or more substances (one usually a hallucinogen, one usually MDMA) at timed intervals to synergies their effects.
In an uncertain world, the one thing we really know is the home team usually wins the game and the incumbent politician usually gets reelected.
"Usually you don't see rapid intensification in just one day, usually that happens to weaker storms because they have more room to grow," he says.
Obviously, it has no vocals... An orchestral introduction is usually very nice for me; I get some meaty tastes in there, but it's usually sweet.
The short version of the jacket (usually $170) is currently on sale for $77.97 and the long one (usually $200) is on sale for $89.97.
Throughout the 20th century, not only was control of Congress usually stable and continuing, but one party usually dominated both chambers at the same time.
"Usually they [big companies] love to design regulatory schemes themselves, and they usually design them so that only they can comply with them," Hawley said.
NSA and police officials alike (usually male) have abused sensitive government databases to acquire information about people (usually female) whom they are romantically interested in.
I usually spend about $1,300 on a new computer, and I usually expect it to stay in good shape for about four years — if not more.
Yes, they work hard, but their work usually involves multiple projects and the amount of time they devote to any one effort is usually pretty small.
Considering HVN usually makes dainty, vintage-inspired dresses covered in floral patterns, while Champion, well, usually makes sweatsuits, this certainly wasn't a partnership we were expecting.
Such interstellar objects are thought to pass through our Solar System pretty frequently, but they're usually moving too fast, and they're usually too faint to see.
You'll be able to buy the likes of Burnout Paradise Remastered for $14.99 (usually $29.99,) Madden 19, or God of War for $39.99 (usually $59.99 each).
Ramsey's videos are usually under five minutes, highly structured and plotted out, and usually a thoughtful exploration of things like race and gender and power structures.
I usually write lyrics first, and then when I get home or close to any kind of instrument I usually make a melody for those lyrics.
It usually begins with a whimper — some static here, weird fadeouts there — and I can usually fix it with a few delicate twists of the jack.
Black women usually don't get that opportunity, just as they usually don't get the opportunity to even be depressed, as Margo Jefferson has so brilliantly argued.
Previous strikes usually targeted individual leaders and were carried out using precision, drone-launched missiles, usually resulting in fewer than 10 killed in a single strike.
Allegedly a co-production of the Illuminati and infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, Project Monarch brainwashes people (usually celebrities, usually women) into being super-soldier prostitutes.
The #MeToo movement has forced people to consider the idea that beloved public figures (usually men) have routinely behaved horribly toward people (usually women) in private.
Each begins with a cat, usually but (interestingly) not always female, getting a stripe of white paint on its back, usually (but not always) by accident.
I usually just watch everything as soon as it comes out, and Bethany's very picky and doesn't usually make it all the way through a movie.
"If you look at the world and look at the problems it's usually old people — usually old men — not getting out of the way," he said.
Some people still hold the view that a prenup is only for wealthy people (usually men) protecting themselves from a gold-digging spouse (usually a woman).
"He likes it with way more [black] pepper than I would usually put in but I love him so much that I usually surrender," she says.
Desk lunches usually cover the spectrum between 'sort of depressing' and 'seasoned with despair,' and—even worse—we're usually eating the same thing every damn day.
"If you look at the world and look at the problems, it's usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way," he said.
"They're usually coming because they have business in the city and usually for a specific period," Ms. Cazarin said, noting that expatriates often choose to rent.
But in Hong Kong, it&aposs usually cooked over a charcoal fire, and you&aposll sit at a crowded table with usually other people with you.
I usually do four sets with ten descending repetitions, so it'll go 10, 8, 6, 4, and I usually try to go as heavy as I can.
"Usually the children come in because they have malaria or a cough," Dr. Vily said, and it's usually through those treatments that she notices they are malnourished.
"We usually try to find an opportunity for the two leaders to try to spend some time together, usually to focus on Syria and Ukraine," Rhodes said.
Gina Haspel: Senator, I'm usually there with Senator Coats, a brilliant analyst who delivers the actual analytic briefing, and usually the national security adviser, the vice president.
And of course, after a long day, I'd usually get a middle-of-the-night call, which was usually just a chance for my boss to vent.
They may have kitchens and rooms where people can eat and sleep and are usually seen as nuisances by local administrations, which usually try to evict them.
"Usually when you have a bill, in any state but especially in Louisiana, that impacts [law enforcement's] ability to do anything, there's usually some response," Morrell said.
But to the extent kung fu usually provides thrills, and musicals usually tell stories through song, the new genre is a misnomer if not an outright lie.
"It's usually a part of the season I really look forward to, one I really play well, usually," Wozniacki said of the late-summer hard court season.
Because red blood cells are usually destroyed at a consistent rate — as they reach the end of their useful lives — the level of haptoglobin is usually stable.
Since 1988, nine states have oscillated between the parties, are usually decided by under five percentage points, and are bellwethers that usually swing with the national result.
The solidarity of sisterhood means a group of elephants can usually deter attacks by its mere existence, and if deterrence does not work, then collective defence usually does.
Leos are usually party animals, but since serious Saturn has been in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, you haven't been in as celebratory a mood as you usually are.
Every programming language has frameworks, usually a much smaller set of them that come and go usually much more slowly, but, it can seem like JavaScript is frameworks.
"My workout clothes I usually buy cheaper quality, just because I usually save my Lululemon leggings for school and when I'm going out and doing things," she says.
I'd usually be in by now, but I forgot the keys to my office, and the guy who can let me in doesn't usually get in until 9.
This usually involves cameras, which is fine for detecting large movements, but the resolution is usually too low to work with finer detail like the movement of fingers.
But during vertical sex, I'm much more active, and usually have to engage my muscles (especially my pelvic floor) in ways that in-bed sex doesn't usually require.
A dock usually isn't usually necessary when using a Chromebook but would be fantastic if said Chromebook ran Android apps in the future, as rumored earlier this week.
"Usually, kids get into things that become more available, and usually, that happens when it's a household product, like those laundry detergent pods, which were attractive," Wang said.
"The guys who usually say that are usually the ugliest sons of bi— guns in the room," he added, to laughter and applause from the crowd, Biden continued.
The illnesses from this strain, a type usually found in cattle, are more severe than expected for salmonella, which usually has a 20% hospitalization rate, the agency said.
Apart from the occasional required travel jab, the decision to vaccinate is usually made by parents for their own children, and they are usually given to healthy individuals.
The Hawaiians are usually given credit for having invented surfing, and yet until recently, surfwear — neon-splashed board shorts; baggy, logo-printed T-shirts — was usually made elsewhere.
Loud but odorless episodes are usually a result of the former, says Dr. Raymond, while those emissions with an, um, stronger smell are usually byproducts of the latter.
Usually the setting is over a century ago, and usually in Europe — but some are set in various American cities at different points over the last 250 years.
Successful Type-A people are usually very persuasive, and can usually persuade themselves that, say, very high salaries do not provide an adequate reward for their exceptional contributions.
"It usually makes the parents go crazy because they feel bad for their baby, but the babies usually don&apost get bothered by it at all," Posner says.
What&aposs usually happening is that the muscles of your uterus contract to shed its lining, "usually in response to a hormone-like substance called prostaglandins," says Sridhar.
With company-provided health insurance, the employer contributes a percentage of the premium (usually most of it) and employees pay the remaining amount, usually through a payroll deduction.
The sealants, which are usually one-time use devices, have a finite shelf life — usually from four to eight years, AAA said — and cost about $40 to replace.
Like many outside the graffiti subculture, I've conflated graffiti — usually lettering, always illegal — with street art, usually figurative and these days often sanctioned by an owner or community.
And while the chaperones—like Jim Brown, who was once the chief test pilot for the F-22 program—usually have military aviation training, these trainees usually do not.
According to Mashable, sausage sandwiches are usually served at festivals, elections, and fundraisers, and they usually consist of white bread, barbecued sausage, caramelized onions, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and mustard.
While public libraries do often get state and federal funding or grants, they are usually funded out of local taxes, of which the biggest slice is usually property taxes.
Maya described her routine in a 21964 interview: I usually get up at about 215:22019, and I'm ready to have coffee by 6:00, usually with my husband.
Here's what that term means: When the short-term moving average (usually 50-day) of an index or security crosses above a long-term moving average (usually 200-day).
Sony 65-inch 4K HDR TV (model XBR14.993X850F) is $849 (usually $1,095) Toshiba 50-inch 4K HDR TV with Dolby Vision and Fire TV software is $279.99 (usually $379.99).
This inability of rich, usually white, usually straight men to see that there are stories beyond their own has been at the center of the #MeToo movement more broadly.
Usually, your doctor will test your stool for infection, and if it comes back positive, they'll prescribe antibiotics (a combination of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole is usually recommended) to treat it.
This isn't how outreach for government programs usually work — but then again, having an administration actively try to repeal a program it manages isn't how things usually work, either.
" He continues, "Usually, the skin will be a little red and dry for a day or so, but it usually looks its best a few days after the treatment.
But presidential efforts at self-explanation, especially at critical moments, usually involve briefers, speechwriters, editors and the president himself is usually accustomed to thinking in sentences, if not paragraphs.
Kroger, owner of the Ralphs, Smith's and Food 4 Less grocery chains, usually benefits from high snowfall and snowstorms as people usually stock up on consumables during such weather.
One side (usually Republicans) insists that in exchange for continuing to keep the government funded, the other side (usually a Democrat in the White House) agree to some concessions.
"Most of the conversations we have around gender-based violence are usually linked to sexual violence and usually that's how we understand violence against women," Kishi told the Guardian.
"Americans aged 30 to 64 who usually get five hours of sleep have significantly lower well-being than those who usually get six hours of sleep," Gallup researchers write.
Usually you find out you have a brain aneurysm, you go to the emergency room with a massive headache, a massive bleed, and usually die a short while later.
When we usually think of "cool stuff" happening on a web page, we're usually thinking of stuff happening on the client side in terms of some real-time interaction.
While it's a fun plane, and usually a comfortable one, Comfort Plus on it usually involves a few compromises — ones that aren't worth the extra two inches of legroom.
If pressed, the button was usually ignored; when answered, it was usually to inform the inmate that he would be written a disciplinary ticket if he pressed it again.
Important decision-making power usually comes with leadership positions — in my experience, usually director level and above — but most black and Latino employees are entry level to mid-management.
Only the share usually involves the next user adding new personal imprints to the original footage, usually either new music to existing footage or new footage to existing music.
These temporary, usually part-time jobs allow independent contractors to pick their own work schedules and conditions while being matched with consumers, usually via an app or web service.
"If you look at the world and look at the problems it's usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way," the former president went on.
The tracks where the accident happened are not often active passenger rails and are usually only used for freight trains, which travel much more slowly, usually around 30 mph.
"I noticed that whenever I ordered a drink at a restaurant, it would usually come with a straw in it, and I don't usually need a straw," he said.
Veterinarian Jo Woodnut told Insider that, as one of the smallest terrier breeds, these dogs are usually comfortable in tighter spaces, especially since they usually weigh under 10 pounds.
For larger animals, stunning before slaughter usually means using a "captive bolt" device that fires a metal rod into the brain; for poultry it usually means an electric shock.
The DVD version is $10 (it's usually $19.98) and the Blu-ray version is just $11.98 (usually $22.98.) Paying 10 bucks for an Oscar winner on DVD is pretty insane.
It would then have just four possible sources of capital: its owner, usually an exchange; its members, usually investment banks; its customers, mostly investment funds—or, in extremis, the taxpayer.
"The area where tissue samples are usually listed – usually with client, sample description, sample ID, type of preservation, and the date and time of preservation – is all blank," she said.
The function keys are also larger than what you usually find on a laptop, and Lenovo has managed to squeeze on keys usually only reserved for giant 17-inch laptops.
So while buprenorphine only requires a partial detoxification process (usually 12 hours to two days), naltrexone requires full detoxification to use (usually three to 10 days of no opioid use).
First, the campus usually uses software that is supposed to work with thousands of different types of printers — and this quest for compatibility usually results in very high error percentages.
"Usually heating breaks 19 to 24 hours before [homeowners] call us — usually because they're at work, busy, don't notice it," says Kassir Hussain, director of British Gas' Connected Homes division.
While "mental health" is usually mentioned in these situations — usually vaguely, and as an alternative to gun control — Congress has rarely gone on to actually improve the mental health system.
Watching a foreign show on Netflix is not ekphrasis as it's usually defined; people usually use "ekphrasis" to talk about vivid descriptions of music or photography or painting in literature.
The GOP nominee is likely to win in both Arizona and Texas, but by smaller margins than are usually enjoyed by Republicans in states that are usually strongholds for them.
He says the appeal of being a stalker clown is simple: Being "creepy" – dressing as a scary clown in public, but not usually doing anything else – is usually not illegal.
They also tend to have a borrowing period (usually 10 years) and a repayment period (usually 20 years), and you can only take money out during the initial borrowing period.
"I usually work through 'blood memory;' my work is usually based on random references I have encountered in my life, and these things all bleed into my work," Abbensetts explains.
Figures Barto shared with VICE show that standard travel insurance usually runs between 7–10 percent of the total trip cost, and adding CFAR is usually about 40 percent more.
At Priscilla and Eru's store, prices range from 10 pesos (about $0.53) for the cheapest items, usually baby clothing, to 100 pesos (about $5), for the most expensive, usually men's.
Meyers is an alchemist, combining low-stakes conflict (usually romantic, usually resolved) with plush aesthetics to create films that warm the soul and make you forget your nagging, ugly problems.
" Joe added that the former President went on to suggest that the cause of the world's problems were "usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way.
I am very excited I get some extra time with him because we don't usually see each other for very long and usually I have to work while he's here.
But "puka shell" has come to be nearly meaningless, a general term for shell necklace (usually white, usually hitting the collar bone or above) from Hawaii (or ... an island somewhere).
Most YouTubers are desperate for attention, so they'll usually ... I mean, they want to grow their audience, and they want to reach new people, and they usually know that ... yeah.
The challenging game is usually some new release or something I'm just getting around to, and the comforting game is usually either something easy or something that I'm just comfortable with.
TL;DR: Sling TV is offering its base-tier Orange and Blue packages for $323 for the first month (usually $30) or both for $20 for the first month (usually $45).
That's usually why many of us tend to stick to the same one for long periods of time, because once you find that one good concealer, it's usually a done deal.
The formula was usually the same: two unlikely friends are driven apart by some trouble — usually related to women chasing Martin's character — only to have each other's backs in the end.
"Dennis usually scores a lot of goals, he's usually scoring from the red line," said Boychuk, whom the Bruins traded to the Islanders on the eve of the 2014-15 season.
The producer's usually known for defying time with his extended tracks and heroically long DJ sets, so this would seem to be a more bite-sized portion than he usually offers.
They can be hard to find, they usually have a minimum rental term of a year or more, and you usually have to deal with filling out paperwork and buying furniture.
Here's how meet and greets usually work: The average package for a well-established artist usually starts around $10003 to $400, although The Boy's were a cool thousand this time around.
Meanwhile, growers and extractors usually operated in a relatively blissful gray zone, receiving untraceable cash from dispensaries while simultaneously marketing their wares to black market buyers who usually paid higher prices.
But it also requires full detoxification to use (usually three to 10 days of no opioid use), while buprenorphine only requires a partial detoxification process (usually 12 hours to two days).
I know that usually—surprisingly I haven't as much this year—but I usually get the winter cabin fever blues around this time, like in February when you've just had enough.
Tony Lyons declined to say how long production usually takes at Skyhorse, but commented, "Needless to say, it usually takes much, much longer" than the planned timeline for the Mueller report.
Added to that, the combined value of two units is usually greater than what each unit would fetch separately, since larger apartments usually sell for a higher price per square foot.
One of the charming things about holiday fare is that usually there's not much actual P.D.A. Chaste kisses are about all you get and they usually come at the very end.
SIM swapping attackers usually trick wireless providers into giving them control of a target's phone number by impersonating the victim with a company's customer support representatives—usually on a phone call.
Preliminary budget outlines are usually little-noticed administrative exercises, the first step in negotiations between the White House and federal agencies that usually shave the sharpest edges off the initial request.
The music-related equipment he likes is usually out of my budget ($250 to $100), and we usually settle on a new pair of jeans and a flannel shirt for him.
The Alexa- and Google Assistant-equipped Sonos One is down to $27 (usually $229.99), while the One SL (which doesn't include the smart assistant features) is down to $249.99 (usually $25).
"What I usually do is get everything blocked in and mostly finished, mixing the color for each brush stroke as I go, usually using one largish brush for everything," he says.
" Dr. Hunter says, "Usually it just doesn't go away.
All Other Monthly ExpensesCredit Card: Usually around $2129,000 - $1,100.
"Usually I'll have a shake" — so far, so good!
" Lee usually ended his column with the exhortation "Excelsior!
Puppies usually sell themselves -- who doesn't love a puppy?
" She added, "If I deserve it, I usually ask.
Sometimes you don't need any ... but usually you do.
But let's face it, Jon's instincts are usually right ...
Herders travel by foot with their animals - usually cows.
Sometimes pranking is involved — okay, pranking is usually involved.
Sometimes they do … usually when they take a backseat.
Attenborough — usually stoic — beams an incredibly wide, uncontrolled grin.
The usually taciturn Mr. Netanyahu seemed surprised — and touched.
We all know each other — usually an awesome thing.
But easy doesn't usually make that list — until now.
" Hughes usually visited weekly, like an "apocalyptic Santa Claus.
Instead, the Jaguars — that's right, the usually hapless Jaguars!
" Jarrett Dougherty, drummer "We usually call it the Van.
"Never say, 'I usually get x, but … '" she advised.
I don't usually cry while reading The New Yorker .
However, we usually think of people brawling — not mice.
" "You're just reading into it like you usually do.
They both attended Mass daily — usually separately, but daily.
Then again ... a sudden face tat is usually startling.
I usually am with a friend or ... Sports bar.
Dosages of LSD are quite small, usually no more than 100 micrograms, and its effects linger long after the drug has been flushed away from the bloodstream (usually after about two hours).
Over and over again for the past 25 years, he's been accused of finding a target — a woman or girl, usually very young, usually black — and grooming her with attention and praise.
Unlike sarin, which is usually deployed as a gas, VX is very slow to evaporate and is therefore usually found as a viscous liquid, similar in texture to motor oil or honey.
My wife is usually out running, and since my daughters are often gone — one has moved out, and the other is away at college — there's usually no one home to bug me.
An ADIZ is usually an area where countries may unilaterally demand that foreign aircraft take special steps to identify themselves, unlike a nation's airspace, which usually means the space above its territory.
Speeches by the runners-up are usually a prime-time draw at any convention, and usually a foregone conclusion for an event that is supposed to convey party unity and good will.
Whenever a creative type (usually a man) is accused of mistreating people (usually women), a call arises to prevent those pesky biographical details from sneaking into our assessments of the artist's work.
Physical violence is usually the last kind of abuse exhibited by perpetrators; victims have usually been abused emotionally and psychologically for some time before their partner ever lays a hand on them.
During his lunch break, Reichardt usually has a portion of pasta at his desk, which he's brought from home, namely as he usually doesn't have time to sit in the school cafeteria.
Nowadays, with domestic demand reduced, virtually all purchases of more than 10,000 pounds, or about $13,200, are made by foreign buyers, usually for chandeliers and usually via the internet, Mr. Fileman said.
It is usually something local, like Jamaican ackee, which is a fruit, but it's cooked as a vegetable with salted cod fish, and we usually eat it with dumplings or roasted breadfruit.
That is, the market usually rises when the strategists underweight stocks, and when they shift their portfolios to overweight them at 61% or higher, the market is usually lower 12 months later.
But being a child care provider usually requires no college degree, while being a preschool teacher might require an associate's degree and being a teacher usually requires at least a college degree.
So he wakes up, you know, we know from his tweets, but he wakes up in the 5 am hour, usually, and his first meeting of the day is usually 1003:00.
Display technology and home entertainment products are usually a big focus at CES, with companies like LG, Samsung, Sony, and TCL among others usually unveiling new TVs and concepts at the show.
Keep in mind that your credit card may have different types of APR, like a:purchase APR (usually applied to the overall purchases you make with a card),balance transfer APR (usually applied to any balances transferred from another credit card)introductory APR (usually applied to purchases made during the promotional period after opening a new credit card)200038.
A food truck The advantage of a food truck is that they are usually found in parks and the atmosphere around it is fleeting and casual, and again, you usually pay here immediately.
You're usually not able to layer the discount with insurance unless you have a High Deductible Health Plan, but the amount you pay with the coupons is usually lower than a copay, anyway.
The Scotts say the bedroom is usually the simplest place to begin because you don't usually have expensive fixtures or plumbing, where the hourly cost of repairs can range from $45 to $150.
Merchants usually request to see the reviewer's Amazon profile to make sure it appears legitimate, which usually means a profile picture and experience writing reviews spread out over a long span of time.
The detainees are usually released within months or, like Mr. Khalil, charged with a crime — usually membership in the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the accusation Mr. Sisi's government lays against many of its opponents.
Yeah, my lunch meal usually happens between 2 AM and 3 AM. I usually eat dinner with my wife around 6:30 PM, and by the time I'm on the road, it's midnight.
We have published several articles explaining that close encounters between jets and lightning occur every now and then around the globe, usually causing little to no damage at all to the planes. Usually.
These posts are usually in the form of a short quote and image encouraging people to push themselves as hard as possible during exercise, in order to attain their (usually aesthetic) fitness goals.
"When we usually consider something as clinched and air tight, it usually has odds with a much lower probability of failure than what they have," says Sara Seager, a planetary scientist at MIT.
I would say that if your hair can or cannot usually hold a curl, or usually does or does not respond to hair straightening, the Dyson will probably work in the same way.
"The service provider usually controls the identity system and so really decides who's who and which devices are involved — they're usually involved in introducing the parties to a chat or call," they said.
The weights that the machine assigned me were similar to what I would usually use at the gym, except for maybe the deadlift — I'll usually go a bit heavier there than 7 lbs.
Disney's usually stable parks business is most exposed to coronavirusDisney's usually stable parks business, which contributed roughly $6.8 billion in operating income in 2019, is its most exposed to the threat of coronavirus.
Others said they usually got their cuddling fix from casual dates they matched with on dating apps, but they wanted to try the cuddling aspect without the disappointing sex that usually preceded it.
Surprisingly, most people in general either: Founders who are scaling their companies usually have a lot on their minds, and tax savings and personal finance usually falls to the bottom of the list.
Even when things go wrong (and you usually know immediately, so a reload point probably isn't far away), it's usually portrayed as a painful-but-meaningful sacrifice for Shepard and the Normandy crew.
Since it's usually priced at $149.99, you'll be saving $80.99.
The "action" part of the equation usually breaks the suspense.
Flamingos usually walk on softer ground out in the wild.
Our first ideas, after all, are usually our most conventional.
Those infected with Zika usually experience mild or no symptoms.
The photo is usually displayed at Charles' country home Highgrove.
Luckily, there's usually some sort of new member promo code.
PERSONALITIES USUALLY matter more in Brazilian politics than parties do.
Existing investors usually buy bonds and hold them to maturity.
Reporters who cross her can usually expect a volcanic response.
Moving off the headset, though, is usually the easiest choice.
My appearance usually has an impact on my mood, too.
The ballets of Justin Peck usually grow on renewed acquaintance.
It is usually done in a flirtatious or shady manner.
I usually agree with how people feel about our records.
"Is that usually a place you search?!?!" the person said.
I usually throw it on while I'm whipping up something.
The thinner a television gets, usually, the worse it sounds.
Sales usually fall about 10 percent from August to September.
Instead, electors gather in each state -- usually in the Capitol.
What does matter is how Republican the district is usually.
This is usually listed at £39.99, saving you 50 percent.
Usually, you're up tall … pointe shoes were designed for ballet.
You know, in the spot you'd usually place a headband.
Usually, being sent home by the boss doesn't bode well.
This is unusual, as it's usually me that gets sick.
Even some commentators who usually know better, like  retired Gen.
You usually find the best help those kind of circles.
I usually wear a simple, yet full face of makeup.
Usually, they're chasing an escape from bankruptcy or bad marriages.
But you don't usually get far asking people to affirmatively
Yes, I plan a lot and usually in table form.
IS activity is usually concentrated in western and northern Iraq.
The images usually aren't really 'threatening' but just silly entertainment.
Those who don't know Amash usually misunderstand and underestimate him.
Strle, usually rendered in the uncapitalized and unpunctuated casualness of
Plus, they usually have swinging doors that can injure you.
B. is still asleep and usually sleeps in until 11.
Also, I'm usually really clumsy, so it feels extra good.
But sometimes (usually) the scariest things are the most familiar.
I usually I make my own, but this is delicious.
The curve usually makes reflections more visible from overhead lights.
That's why we usually remove signals that have that pattern.
It's usually priced at $1,999, so you'll be saving 30%.
Private label is usually way less expensive than incumbent brands.
I usually fill up my gas tank once a week.
Recruiting in a mall is usually difficult, says Noro Tshongoyi.
While a shooter is armed, potential victims usually are not.
"And if Pippi barks once, that's usually a good sign."
Those times usually correspond with Kyle Lowry on the bench.
For women, that usually means that only one breast develops.
Splitting the baby to please everyone usually pleases no one.
Because business travelers usually need the highest degree of flexibility.
I usually don't take them so you don't see them.
And usually you want the President to draw the line.
Usually, they hang on until the marshals take them away.
That's not a combination you usually find in one car.
A minute is usually long enough to complete the process.
Here's the problem with macaroni salad: it's usually not good.
Usually, midterms are low turnout traditionally, and that favors Republicans.
Late night pros usually don't leave much room for mistakes.
Usually, there is only one startup that is the winner.
The Internet of Things is usually the third biggest. Meaning?
"Usually everyone fast is young," said the 29.7 Olympic champion.
Unlike their wild ancestors, they don't gnaw on us (usually).
But people usually increase the amount they use over time.
Usually you're loud as hell, but today you're pretty quiet.
That ended up being what the crowds usually voted for.
As you'd imagine, this is usually where DirtySix comes in.
They can express themselves in ways modern society usually stigmatizes.
People usually say WTF gratuitously ... but in this case, WTF!!!
It's usually only the mother or grandmother making the decision.
It's funny because you usually hear about this in reverse.
Usually each generation is limited to one kind of microarchitecture.
Extremely powerful, the serpent is usually considered deadly but peaceful.
Usually $169.97, these headphones can be yours for only $27.33.
"Nilsa, usually, could probably get whatever she wants," he speculates.
That's why he missed because he usually makes those shots.
You'll usually have to pay several hundred dollars to escape.
BAKER: They usually sent us to bed before that happened.
I usually have three to four paintings going at once.
Lenovo usually has really, really good keyboards on its laptops.
She's usually home by the time the march got underway.
It's a school night and bedtime is usually 8 p.m.
Kids usually have lofty dreams for when they grow up.
Usually I won't even know where it all came from.
The analogy that is usually used is the figure skater.
Unlike Trumps' red hats, the pink hats are usually handmade.
By day two or three it's usually a slimy mess.
Usually there are a bunch of winners in our competitions.
Wearables usually stick to traditional sports, not things like boxing.
Usually, though, good economic times bring rises to both measures.
They usually happen twice a year starting at age 12.
Predicting changes over time usually requires developing new mathematical equations.
Caruso Jr. is usually just dragged along in the tide.
That's usually a sign that we're due for a bounce.
It's work that I usually have enough energy to do.
It's heavy, and its acoustic properties are usually pretty terrible.
There's not usually a huge intersection of those two things.
" She says conversations about disability usually consist of "white faces.
But then, after hours of work, it usually comes together.
This usually means that any antitrust enforcers' concerns are resolved.
It usually works by just being close to the car.
Music usually plays as a camera pans over the group.
"Higher yields usually mean large caps do better," it said.
Unfortunately, those solutions are usually complicated and often quite pricey.
Hence, they don't usually overclean or entirely miss certain areas.
Shortly thereafter, people (usually male) adapt it for sexual purposes.
Usually budget covers have solid backgrounds in blue or green.
We usually don't eat out on weeknights, but he agrees.
Usually, demolition permits take weeks, if not months, for approval.
Red carpets are usually characterized by their lack of food.
Usually, Nabagesera will only answer if she knows the number.
The National People's Congress usually lasts a week or two.
The Empress is usually symbolic of material and sensory abundance.
"These things usually go down to the wire," Roach said.
But thyroid cancer is usually more subtle, says Dr. Gharib.
Picking a flavor is usually a difficult decision for them.
Usually, the cheap version is good enough for most people.
It usually has Reese's, Butterfinger, and Heath bits in it.
Symptoms of the disease usually die down within a week.
We usually point to Another World as a visual reference.
Since it's usually priced at $79.99, you'll be saving 30%.
That's not usually what I talk about with TV vendors.
The headset usually comes bundled with a couple of games.
The individual amounts are usually small, but they add up.
But this was usually only when I forgot to downshift.
Outside of that promotion, the Select tier is usually $15.99.
You wait for job openings but it's usually in vain.
Usually, this hard top is what keeps it very moist.
These are usually $29.99, but get them for just $19.99.
They are usually killed by means of electrocution or hanging.
This is standard practice worldwide and usually makes perfect sense.
You know, usually it's a different kind of thing. Yeah.
LG: What failed in that case is what usually fails.
It's not usually talked about much, unlike AI and biotech.
That photo above is what Amiyah Evans usually looks like.
"Usually you were doing them a favor," Mr. Hecht said.
But usually the horizon is off in one, consistent way.
Usually the media can't provide such images for obvious reasons.
Usually on any unjustly deep pullback, we say buy more.
She's usually in a veil and a sweeping, white gown.
It usually takes people time to invest in the film.
Motorola usually holds an annual smartphone launch event around August.
Even the most seemingly omnipresent of icons usually become obsolete.
We just usually gloss over that [earnings per share] number.
The baby is usually fussy and Avery is getting hungry.
Well, it's usually not a feature that begins that conversation.
I usually do the cooking but he's in charge tonight.
Family visits usually make for a mixed bag of emotions.
ITALIAN constitutional law does not usually hold much popular appeal.
Usually, the Instagram Official photo post comes after the DTR.
The best team usually wins, and most games aren't close.
The survey is usually a thousand people, ten thousand people.
And so my process usually tends to be very quick.
The modesty usually expected in an autobiography often proves elusive.
These policies are limited and usually max out at $350,000.
Preinstalled cameras are usually made to blend in with surroundings.
Associates describe Fertitta as jovial, versatile, inquisitive — and usually outspoken.
GERMANS are usually proud of their exports, including their words.
The consumer products are usually sold by big box retailers.
It's "usually plainly obvious what those rules are," Woodburn said.
A brain swelling triggered by the worm is usually fatal.
When New York City icons change, people usually take notice.
I usually say that Apple's keynotes aren't just product announcements.
Today, browsers are usually considered part of an operating system.
Usually $30, you can snag it on sale for $23.99.
I usually use my Twitter feed to talk about ISIS.
" And it's usually just because, "Well, we can't do that.
WHERE there is money in football, there is usually corruption.
I usually just try to reinvest it back into itself.
I usually have three cups spread out over the morning.
It promises the kind of reality TV Trump usually loves.
Isn't Batgirl usually a part of the Birds of Prey?
Usually the president prefers top lines and the big picture.
When you zoom in, streets usually appear grey and white.
Mr Adamson was usually ahead of things in that way.
And shares usually vest after a certain amount of time.
Families are usually allowed to remain together during civil proceedings.
Damage from flooding isn't usually covered by most homeowner policies.
I usually have chicken noodle soup or a chopped salad.
When she does tour, it's usually very little and select.
That's usually, like, the last pee time in the movie.
"We usually call fire ants flood water species," she says.
Usually, these works are about a particular moment, a feeling.
A CALM USUALLY descends on America's farm belt in November.
Usually, opinions are divided; always, they are very strongly held.
And when she acts in this manner, I usually freeze.
Usually, services check every minute if everything is running smoothly.
Unfortunately, families don't usually feel much relief from these reductions.
It is usually more violent, sometimes involving sticks or rifles.
POLLS usually narrow during election campaigns, and they still might.
Logitech's G603 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse is $42.99 (usually $69.99).
But usually we let them go; it's not a problem.
Usually, when women reach for each other, they're separated immediately.
BOOZE and drugs usually belong together like Fred and Ginger.
This is usually the first step towards a firm contract.
For breakfast, I'll usually get a veggie omelette with toast.
Do people usually receive kidneys from friends and family members?
Usually, the surgery and intensive care units are powered first.
That's where I find holiness is — usually in the mistakes.
Usually a pressurised fuselage is round to avoid stress points.
But usually, frequent peeing isn't a major cause for alarm.
That isn't usually the way people talk about achieving success.
The rich were not usually united, and elections were competitive.
Rubber that's usually dumped while making tires will be reused.
The workers usually live within the compound they are constructing.
Following others usually means you're not following your own path.
Reality, as is usually the case, fell somewhere in between.
Why it matters: Candidates who outspend their opponents usually win.
A child's lead levels usually drop quickly after exposure ends.
Xiaomi's flagship Mi series of smartphones is usually relatively unremarkable.
This is usually done over phone, email, or text message.
And she would usually be crying as DQ described it.
For dinner I usually had eggs or more trash meat.
Outdoors during the dry season, usually from May to October.
I don't usually try to write my way to solutions.
That usually turns to frustration once ticket sales actually open.
My anxiety usually gets the best of me after vacations.
"I usually pack too much in her lunch," he says.
Oh wow, I don't think most people usually know this.
Those things were said and people usually felt those things.
Usually, there is no need to have a video record.
Except it's shoplifting that you usually can't get away with.
The ground floor of airports is where travel usually begins.
Usually, going one or two days without them is okay.
And the chair, usually in unpainted metal, completed that look.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Activist investors are usually pretty hard-headed.
But it wasn't political in the way Sanders usually is.
Usually waking up from nap time is a terrible feeling.
Usually there's a slew that come in over the weekend.
As dermatologists, we usually don't do these types of extractions.
Black is always in fashion, so usually black doesn't run.
Usually, it's the doctors who are often out of network.
Grassroots shitposting efforts usually cost nothing but time and dignity.
"I usually go platinum with no features," Mayer told E!
His videos usually end with him savouring his own creations.
Renters usually need a boating licence, or must hire skippers.
Usually, clouds look like fluffy puffs or big, mean anvils.
So when things go wrong, your privacy is usually involved.
I usually feel like a plebeian at festivals, you know?
The electric bill for the lights usually costs about $3,000.
Discussions of the crisis of liberalism usually emphasise practical things.
Single studies usually have dozens to a few hundred patients.
With early stage outcomes usually taking years to play out.

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