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"until" Definitions
  1. up to the point in time or the event mentioned

574 Sentences With "until"

How to use until in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "until" and check conjugation/comparative form for "until". Mastering all the usages of "until" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"It's only temporary until November and until January and until 2020."
Until, Until, Until… and Yishai Jusidman: Prussian Blue continue at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (701 Mission Street, San Francisco) until March 25.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS:There are 73 days until the Iowa caucuses, 81 days until the New Hampshire primary, 92 days until the Nevada caucuses, 99 days until the South Carolina primary and 102 days until Super Tuesday.
Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, Delta Airlines (until April 30), American Airlines (until March 27), Air France (until Feb.
One more day until the South Carolina primary … four more days until Super Tuesday … 2023 days until Election Day!
Three more days until the South Carolina primary … six more days until Super Tuesday … 9003 days until Election Day!
Four more days until the South Carolina primary … seven more days until Super Tuesday … 252 days until Election Day!
Five more days until the South Carolina primary … eight more days until Super Tuesday … 252 days until Election Day!
Two more days until the South Carolina primary … five more days until Super Tuesday … 250 days until Election Day!
Until, Until, Until… is a play and video installation about an infamous 1981 performance by the actor Ben Vereen.
Like "Until, Until, Until…," Arceneaux's other works on display interrogate social and cultural narratives, particularly those concerning black public figures.
Until LGBTQ are safe & healthy, until PoC are safe.
There are 12 days until the Nevada caucuses, 19 days until the South Carolina primary and 85033 days until Super Tuesday.
There are 11 days until the Nevada caucuses, 18 days until the South Carolina primary and 85033 days until Super Tuesday.
Refrigerate until set, then purée in a blender until smooth.
Stir until melted, then stir in the water until smooth.
Blend until smooth and refrigerate until ready to use. 2.
So, dead she feigned until he stopped, until the crowd dispersed, until all she could hear was the thrum of her heart.
I drank his blood, I drank it all, until the flow eased, until my stomach was full, until I had almost enough.
He served until 1995, and then was Mount Vernon's commissioner of public safety until 1998 and Westchester County's inspector general until 1999.
We're 6 days until the next round of primaries, 139 days until the 2018 midterm elections and 867 days until the 2020 elections.
She waited not until all my groceries were loaded, or until my cart was put away, or until I got into my car.
Until that moment, I had expected to maintain my virginity until I was married, or at least until I fell deeply in love.
She's who she is until or until she don't choose different.
Twitter didn't exist until 29, and smartphones didn't exist until 2000.
But until then, we don't stop until we find that place.
I had no idea until what was going on until May.
They waited until someone laid on the horn until they moved.
One more day until Super Tuesday … 246 days until Election Day!
Some nights I worked until 7pm and other nights until 10pm.
Beat until incorporated, then mix in the remaining flour until smooth.
He slept until afternoon and did not eat until almost evening.
It's two days until Hanukkah, three days until Christmas and 10 days until the dumpster fire that is 2016 is O-V-E-R.
However it wasn't until July 245 until the pair were officially engaged.
So let's remain European until we do, or until better options emerge.
Until the government opens up again, don't expect these websites until then.
It is a lifetime until SuperDuper Tuesday, then another until Super Tuesday.
It may not be until 2018 until we see some real takeoff.
That lasted until 1991 and then continued on and off until 2005.
Both works — Edgar Arceneaux's Until, Until, Until… and Yishai Jusidman's Prussian Blue — have considerable emotional weight, but only the former succeeds as an artistic project.
Cigarettes, lottery tickets, you can't vote until you're 18, you can't drink until you're 21, you can't drive until you're 16, but you can get married?
In the capital dogs were banned until 1994 and strictly licensed until 33.
He waited until the next day until he came home to tell us.
Markets, however, are not pricing for a BoE hike until well until 2020.
Petrol prices were regulated until 2012, while diesel prices remained so until 2014.
And I hadn't connected ÌFÉ to that, until… well, until last night actually.
That power lasts until 2018, and can be extended by Congress until 2021.
She served as president until 1982 and remained in the Parliament until 1993.
You're saying you were calling up Jonah until ... Yeah, until the last minute.
He held that post until 1995 and was a professor emeritus until 2008.
School until the afternoon, then another training session until the sun goes down.
I only want to work until 11.543 but end up working until 2.
The house will stand until next year Until spooky season instills our fear.
"Until I see its tombstone ... it's never dead until it's dead," he said.
Until continues at MASS MoCA (87 Marshall St, North Adams) until September 2017.
That is, until he recently learned that the theater didn't exist until 1925.
Until this biological confusion, until my pregnancy, until this great uncertainty that life itself has suddenly become, I've hidden the fact that I even opened the letter.
"We shouldn't leave town until this is complete, until this bill is on my desk and until we all go over to the Oval Office," Trump said.
Annistown Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 2628:28503pmAnderson-Livsey Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 22019:30pmHarbins Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 7:14pm FULTON COUNTY POLL EXTENSIONS.
NFL Game Pass will be free in the US until May 31 and internationally until July 31, while NBA League Pass will be free until April 22.
But this only increases polarization, which increases nationalization, and so on, untilUntil what?
No woman won the award until 1983, and no African American won until 1996.
Flood risks until Monday The region is at risk of further flooding until Monday.
It's only good until all units are sold, or until Prime Day is over.
This temporary appointment would last until a justice is confirmed or until December 2017.
Other people's suffering is an abstraction until you see it, until you hear it.
"We were due to stay until Friday and we'll stay until Friday," Stocks said.
Incarnate Word didn't hit double figures until there was 8:37 remaining until halftime.
I'm reserving my judgment until the end and until all the evidence is in.
That means I'm not in bed until 5 and don't get up until noon.
St Mark's cinema runs until June 5 (and is open until June 30), architecturediary.
The Roastery is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and until 11 p.m.
Blend until smooth, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until ready to use. 5.
He remained a director until Theranos could find a replacement, which took until February.
And I've always, until this last year, until the Kavanaugh mess came up, I
"Why wait until 30, when you've been excellent up until this point?" says Fox.
Veil was president of the Parliament until 1982 and remained a member until 1993.
Tuesday I don't clock in until 10 today, then I work until 4:45pm.
The lights will be on until sometime in mid-January, not until Jan. 2698.
Mr. Servitje was president of Grupo Bimbo until 1981 and board chairman until 1994.
The country had no paved roads until 1962, no television or internet until 1999.
After telling us "just wait until Obama is elected" in 22019, after telling us "just wait until after the 2010 midterm elections," after telling us "just wait until Obama is reelected" in 2012, after telling us "just wait until after the 2014 midterm elections," we are now being told to just wait until after the November 2016 election.
Medojevic is "to remain in prison ... until testifying or until ... questioning becomes unnecessary or until the end of court proceedings, but no more than two months," the court said.
Until last month it held out hopes that it would deliver the first 777X in 2020 until it finally conceded the engine problem would push back delivery until 2021.
The offer is valid until August 15 and covers players until the end of 2016.
People of color were banned from the dinner until the 1950s, and women until 1962.
I cried until I didn't have any more tears—until I had run completely dry.
"Oh until it's all been said, it's not over until your dying breath," Tomlinson sang.
Until Thursday, investors were just counting down the days until the company finally keeled over.
The LISA didn't come out until 1983, and the Macintosh didn't come out until 1984.
Murthy led the company until 2002 and continued as chairman and "chief mentor" until 2011.
Everything was being fine-tuned up until the literal last seconds until they're yelling action.
That is why the principle is innocent until "proven" guilty, not innocent until "accused" guilty.
Indeed, she wasn't able to sit up until age 3 or crawl until age 5.
Mr. Edwards stayed with the Ventures until 1968, returned in 1972 and stayed until 1984.
She worked until she was 89 years old, up until four months before her death.
We're 12 days until the first debate, and 103 days until Election Day (who's counting?).
"It's a job until I graduate or until I'm back on my feet," he said.
He held that position until until he became the CEO of JC Penney in 2015.
Hamilton won't hit theaters until October 15th, 2021, and likely won't hit Disney+ until 2022.
There are 8 days until the South Carolina primary and 11 days until Super Tuesday.
"Usually they wait until April or May, and it continues until October," Mr. Almosrti said.
But not until recently—ok, not until Instagram—maybe not until Paris Hilton's Instagram—have we been asked in earnest if human pain runs up against the limits of emojis.
"Nothing is going to change until we put a face on it, until we drive the public discourse, until we restart the moral narrative," Dr. Barber said in an interview.
Many older Millennials didn't have internet at home until high school, didn't join social networking sites until college, and didn't get an iPhone until they had already begun their careers.
Late last year, Arceneaux directed "Until, Until, Until…," a reenactment of Vereen's tribute that brought together live performance (with Frank Lawson as Ben Vereen) and footage of the original broadcast.
He lifts until he's heaving, and an hour later, I'm in a gym, until I'm wheezing.
He won't publicly endorse anyone until after the caucuses, and he might wait until after that.
Nreal Light won't be shipping until Q2 this year and mass production won't arrive until Q3.
Helen Greiner cofounded iRobot in 93 and served as president until 2004 and chairman until 2008.
Doing your tasks meant working until everything's completed — not until you've got a dinner to attend.
I chill out until he comes home and we watch Netflix until bed around 10 p.m.
I end up texting my friend until 10:30 and don't fall asleep until 11 p.m.
Flip bird over, and press down on breastbone until cracked; continue to press until flattened. 25.
The first phase won't be implemented until 2018, and full implementation won't be completed until 2022.
Macy's deal takes it down even further to $89.99 until 12/24 or until supplies last.
It will not prescribe cross-sex hormones until age 16, or offer surgery until age 18.
However the law was not changed in Scotland until 1980 and in Northern Ireland until 1982.
We won't know for certain until a poll that isolates the subjects, or until Election Day.
" He added: "Your job doesn't stop until you are voted out or until your term expires.
These messages last at least until they're viewed, and will remain visible until the conversation stops.
It was until he was 2 years old, not until he was in his early 20s.
Rodriguez wasn't activated until July 17 and didn't get his first hit with Atlanta until Saturday.
The census count doesn't begin until next April, and new maps won't be drawn until 2021.
And transgender recruits won't be able to until enlist until the end of the yearlong period.
Evelyn worked at L'oreal until 2010 and continued in marketing until Christopher was born in 2012.
He held that position until 1987 and remained a professor there until he retired in 1993.
"[Funding] didn't return until the levels of pre-2008 until about a year ago," Galperin said.
Maya Moore looks slow until she's by you, and harmless until she's dropped in another jumper.
I bawled until blood vessels burst around my eyes and screamed until my throat was raw.
It. Pick one thing, and do it until you die (or at least until you retire).
Up until the 1970s, many state courts routinely did that, until rising costs became a concern.
We stayed up until 1 in the morning, and no one left until it was done.
I think they will probably wait until A-shares are doing better until they launch this.
Until 2006, so did Uruguay, and until 1994, so did France, according to Human Rights Watch.
Workers are being told they can work until July, receiving benefits until then, the publication said.
Congress initially gave the states until 1979 to do so, then bumped the deadline until 1982.
The court gave lawmakers until Friday to submit a map to Wolf, who has until Feb.
Economists now forecast the BoE will not act until August and may even wait until 22018.
But the border problem will not ease until Central America stabilizes, until violence and corruption subside.
"They waited until I had a family, and they waited until I had children," he said.
Guaidó said protests would continue until "until Venezuela is liberated" and fair elections could be held.
Sexual harassment is a vicious cycle that will not be stopped until sexual harassers have been truly condemned, until there is no longer pity for them, until there are no more justifications or excuses for them, until there are no more fingers pointing at the victims.
At current rates, Namibians would have to wait until 2246 for everyone to have clean water, while all Eritreans would not get it until 2507 and Nicaraguans not until 2180, WaterAid said.
It was four weeks until the Big East tournament final in New York and seven weeks until the Final Four in Houston, and there is plenty of work to do until then.
Garth Brooks extends his tours until demand is sated, adding extra dates until shows stop selling out.
Homosexuality was a criminal offence in Russia until 1993 and classed as a mental illness until 1999.
"We're not giving up until they put us under, until that final buzzer goes off," Casey said.
And so everyone is... But you weren't able to tell them that until Wednesday, right, until today?
"Lead-tin yellow was used extensively until around 1750 and was not rediscovered until 1941," cites Khandekar.
Until recently, I held these best practices to be fact — until a few hairstylists told me otherwise.
For a moment, long ago, Holmes was the model millennial, until she wasn't, until she really wasn't.
The researchers followed patients until they developed cardiovascular disease, died, or until 2012, when the study ended.
Kevin and I would travel until we found a new place, or until it stopped being fun.
But you have to fight for your kids until you leave [this earth], not until they do.
Saturn will be in Capricorn until 2020 and we'll all feel that influence very clearly until then.
The Singapore Cocktail Festival runs until Tuesday, with the free-to-enter festival village open until Sunday.
Until recently, many flew into Ecuador, which didn't require a visa for Cubans until several months ago.
We will walk until we are free, until we can walk to any school and take our
His opponents say the process should last until July at the earliest, and ideally until the autumn.
Black women have to work until July 31 and Hispanic women until November 2 to catch up.
We're not going to stop until until it's possible to travel anywhere in the world emissions free.
Bake the kale until crispy, 12 minutes, and the vegetables until golden and cooked through, 35 minutes.
You can turn it on for an hour, until the evening, or until you leave a location.
"I'm gay and I didn't come out until 2000, until after going to Storm games," Davidson says.
Until then or until Congress develops ways to monitor the planes' use, it should block the sale.
After all, divorce was not legal in Ireland until 1996, and gay sex was illegal until 1993.
Scotland did not repeal its laws against gay sex until 1980, and Northern Ireland waited until 1982.
Light shows at each crossing will take place from dusk until dawn, not from dawn until dusk.
Snickers is giving away a million fun-size candy bars until October 31 or until supplies last.
Until last winter, teams could not trade a player until a year had passed since drafting him.
The labeling implementation won't start until 2020, and compliance won't be mandatory until 2022, the AP wrote.
Public sector groups have until March 30, while charities and private sector groups have until April 4.
Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.
Stir in the egg yolks until smooth, then slowly add the flour until a soft dough forms.
The first betting licence was not granted until 2013 and the market remained mostly empty until 2016.
It was on our list until it became clear the museum won't open until at least 2020.
Hinge will keep sending out gift cards until March 8, or until it has run through $25,000.
But the health care law didn't pass until 2010, and its insurance expansion didn't start until 2014.
And he kept fighting until the US withdrew and then until the North Vietnamese overran the country.
He was an employee of Credit Suisse until 2012, and at Julius Baer from 2012 until 2015.
Tap "Manually Enable Until Tomorrow" to toggle the blue light filter to on until sunrise tomorrow morning.
The show runs in Athens until July 16 and in Kassel from June 10 until Sept. 17.
The hoax wasn't entirely unmasked until 22001, but until then many people — millions, perhaps — had been hoodwinked.
I don't think I understood my insecurities or what I experienced until much later, until after school.
Mexico remained highly protectionist until the late 1980s and did not open up substantially until after NAFTA.
My whole life I've heard you're innocent until proven guilty, but now you're guilty until proven innocent.
The public was able to make submissions until February 7, while foreign governments have until February 21.
The pre-order for these pendants will run until October 18th, or until crafting capacity is reached.
Do we wait until harm reaches our own circles, or until it infringes on our own freedoms?
The researchers calculated what the couple's retirement income would look like under five different scenarios: retiring completely at 62, working part-time until 66 (their Social Security full retirement age), working full-time until 803, working part-time until age 70 and working full-time until age 70.
The Surface Book discount runs until July 15th, the Xbox One S deal until August 30th, the Groove membership offer through September 15th, and the Surface Pro 4 deal runs until September 19th.
" He added: "She fought until the end, I think what she did on the court — with courage and determination — is what she did with the illness until the end, until the last days.
D primary wasn't called until 22018AM (Sanders+270)Gov '203 wasn't called until 220AM (D+20) If you (like us!) are staying up until the ballots are counted, check back here for updates.
"It's a great irony that the history of the United States has shown that until bullets start flying, until people die, until people are gassed, that the nation doesn't pay attention," Mas said.
She did that until she was about 25, got married and had five kids, and gave it up until she was in her 50s, and then started practicing again until she was 83.
The service and device won't start shipping until November, although the scooper is included with membership until then.
Her caretakers didn't think until anything of it, until Shinda gave birth to a baby Saturday afternoon. Whoops.
While the rule wasn't effective until January 18, compliance was not required until later this year -- in December.
These reserves will remain until the bonds are sold or until the runoff/maturities cease to be reinvested.
"I'm going to work on this until the last possible day, until the September 23 deadline," added Sanchez.
Cook steak along with the rosemary and thyme until cooked to desired doneness and cook scallions until charred.
It became less about waiting until my parents were ready and more about waiting until I was ready.
It must run primary surpluses of 3.5% of GDP until 2022, and an average of 2.2% until 2060.
Catholics and Nonconformists in England did not gain equal rights as citizens until 1829, Jews not until 1858.
He does not face re-election until October 2019 and has until now enjoyed relatively good approval ratings.
Sodomy was a felony in every state until 1962, and it remained illegal in 13 states until 2003.
Georgia's counties have until Tuesday to certify the results, but Abrams hopes to extend the deadline until Wednesday.
We won't know for sure until June 9, but this trailer should help hold you over until then.
Me not coming home again until I am in my 50s, until members of my family have died.
Add the noodles and cook, stirring occasionally, until until just tender, but firm to bite, about 10 minutes.
The bid's acceptance period currently runs until September 26 with Knorr seeking a further extension until February 2018.
Many young people now study until their mid-20s and put off having children until their late 30s.
The judge said she will remain jailed until she testifies or until the grand jury concludes its work.
It wasn't until season four that Wong was promoted to a series regular and stayed on until 2015.
Homosexuality was deemed a criminal offence in Russia until 1993 and classed as a mental illness until 1999.
Until they're revived, the body will remain in a preserved state of unconsciousness — until it's really, really not.
Krems said there were "huge discussions internally," right up until the right up until the design was finalized.
Until then, go ahead and enjoy playing the actual game until Pikachu is inevitably ruined for you forever.
Williams, who maintained his innocence until Thursday's hearing, will remain in custody until his sentencing on Oct. 24.
Friendster, the often-mocked social network, didn't exist until 22000, and Facebook wouldn't appear until two years later.
Homosexuality was deemed a criminal offence in Russia until 19983 and classed as a mental illness until 1999.
A moment you'll later relive time and time again in your mind until... Until one day it passes.
Not until 1918 did all adult British men win suffrage, and not until 1928 did women join them.
The idea of the president-elect waiting until Monday until he starts issuing orders got attention on Twitter.
Cespedes, who played center field until his quadriceps injury, will remain in left field until his leg improves.
Delaying it until next year would mean that Mr. Maduro's vice president would serve as president until 2019.
As I write this, the house is fully booked until July, and is receiving bookings up until October.
Not until Taylor and not until I first went on Twitter and found out what a stan was.
The Church of England did not allow women to become priests until 1992, and bishops not until 2014.
China didn't ban smoking onboard airplanes until 2017, with an exception for pilots remaining in effect until 2019.
"I'm probably going to ride it out here until Saturday or Sunday, until things calm down," he said.
Until it does, until he is, it's all wishful thinking, like a reimagined version of the 2003 draft.
Quotas remained until the 1960s, and the United States did not return to 1921 immigrant levels until 1989.
He would lie on his bunk until breakfast, then eat and get back on the bunk until lunch.
"We will be open until midnight and banks will offer services until 9 pm today," Dwijugiasteadi told reporters.
Puccini continued revising until 1907, when a standard version was published, though he tweaked the work until 1920.
Trump has until April 11 to announce a decision on steel imports and until April 19 for aluminum.
Asparagus does not start appearing until mid-May; strawberries don't come until late May or even early June.
Walmart plans to keep selling e-cigarettes until it exhausts its current inventory, which could last until January.
Students in other districts are often not tested until at least kindergarten, and sometimes not until third grade.
All primary and secondary schools will be closed until further notice, and all banks are closed until Monday.
Because of his late start, he is not eligible for arbitration until 2020 or free agency until 2022.
Now child victims have until age 50 to seek prosecution, and until age 30 to file civil suits.
He was chief executive until 19663, shared the title until 21966, and had been executive chairman since then.
"Until Syria is safe, until there is a lasting peace, people should not be going back to Syria."
So I'll keep emulating her spirit until it feels real to me, until I've made it my own.
But detailed scenes that share a story and therianthropes didn't appear until 20,000 years ago -- until this discovery.
If you spend over $5o you have until December 19, and over $100, you have until December 21.
The Supreme Court hearings will run until Thursday, with the verdict not expected until Friday at the earliest.
Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.
Current owners and lease-holders have until February 2021 to submit a claim, and until May 2021 to complete the repair and receive compensation, while former owners have until August to submit a claim.
Current owners and lease-holders have until February 663 to submit a claim, and until May 2021 to complete the repair and receive compensation, while former owners have until August to submit a claim.
When you pick Do Not Disturb mode, you can choose how long you want it to last: until you cancel, for just an hour, until the evening, or until you leave your current location.
Her daughter is white until more months of summer sun than she will see on land, until someone sees her with her mother, until someone asks the right question and she forgets to lie.
You can now use 3D Touch to turn on Do Not Disturb for an hour, until this evening (or the next morning), until the end of an event or until you leave a location.
I bombed the ditch until the mud puddles in the soybean field steamed, until the soybean shoots themselves melted, until it seemed as though I were standing in the ditch and bombing the field.
As with the semi-enclosed stage of "Until, Until, Until…," this spiral-shaped dwelling both confines the viewer and exposes her to other visitors who peer through cracks in the exterior of the shack.
Until the public gets tired of voting and lets him win, or until he is defeated in a way that enables his rivals to form a coalition, or until a final judgment that could take years, or until there's crisis severe enough to make his indictment seem small in comparison.
"I think that we won't actually remove this president until Sean Hannity calls for us to remove this president or until Laura Ingraham [does] — until we drive home our message, change public opinion," said Rep.
While Tesla's actual electric pickup isn't expected until to be available until next year, fans of the polarizing, and very angular, truck will only need to wait until December for these miniature versions, Mattel said.
Women weren't allowed to become pilots until the 1970s and weren't able to join combat roles until this year.
Led Zeppelin waited until 2013 to allow their catalog to be streamed, and the Beatles held off until 2015.
I've picked, peeled, scratched, and popped, until I bled or until someone knocked on the door, whichever came first.
Until we hear more from HTC, though, we'll have to stay tuned until March 20th to know for sure.
By starting now rather than waiting until the end of the year or, even worse, procrastinating until next spring.
Monday on the East Coast — they must wait until the fall, and their health coverage won't start until 2017.
Players are not eligible for salary arbitration generally until after their third season and free agency until after six.
It's suspected that the Apple Car won't be until 2019 or 2020 until we finally see the thing, though.
She is wedded to Grey's Anatomy until ABC decides to cancel it, which won't happen until Pompeo allows it.
Today's decision extends that temporary ruling, meaning both companies can indefinitely operate in NYC until the appeal until decided.
Normally $199, you'll be able to snag one for $89.99 either until December 24th or until it sells out.
"It wasn't until I was about 17 until… there was somebody I had a small relationship with," he says.
Randolph stuck around until 2003, a year after the company went public, and stayed on the board until 2004.
Bake the dough until golden and crispy, about 25 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy, then cool completely.
One of these, Asse II, was filled with nuclear waste until 1995, and then filled with salt until 2004.
News of the DNC hack wouldn't become public until June, and the Podesta email hack wouldn't leak until October.
The initial comment period will last until July 16 and a second commenting period will last until August 16.
"Until we diagnose it and see, I'm not a doctor, I've learned to wait until they say," Fisher said.
It expects all stores to remain open until at least the end of March and the majority until May.
Until then, Hendry had been planning a piece on gun violence, but imagined it wouldn't take place until 2017.
These guidelines weren't developed until the late 1990s, and network hardware didn't support them until well into the 2000s.
In the end, people found ways to skate it until it was completely finished—until it was literally dirt.
"You don't want to wait until people have lost their homes, until they flee and become refugees," he said.
Until now, ECB President Mario Draghi always reiterated that the QE would last until September this year, at least.
Rescue efforts at Ground Zero continued until October 9, and the flames from the collapse burned until December 20.
"Justice League" also faces little competition until until "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi" premiers in mid-December.
There may be long-term effects that may not be seen until years later or until the next pregnancy.
He was 1-for-13 until a sacrifice fly mixed in until the first of his two base hits.
He did not know that he would live there until his death in 2002, and my mother until 2005.
But any measure will have to wait until after Congress's July Fourth holiday recess, which extends until July 10.
Both had already served time in Pagan Altar: Harper from 2007 until 2010, and Andy from 2008 until 2009.
Roa said he'll repeat this until he gets an awesome photo, or until it's time to go to bed.
You don't find out the location until the day before and don't know the artists until you show up.
The order went into effect March 25 and remains until April 103 or until a superseding order is issued.
There, she was chief of the psychiatry service until 1996 and chairwoman of the department of psychiatry until 2003.
The Archives will be closed until May 2023, while the Library of Congress will be shuttered until April 1.
The firm's offices are only closed until Monday for a deep cleaning, with employees working from home until then.
Rain will linger in the Northeast until midday as well, while holding on to the Southeast until overnight Thursday.
"I have a feeling you could go clear until noon until your podcast starts," co-host Steve Doocy said.
We can't know for certain until we examine the matter at hand—until we evaluate the arguments in themselves.
Amazon, founded in 1994, didn&apost make a profit until 2001, and was relatively light on profits until recently.
The Senate is expected to be in session until August 28503, when members will leave town until early September.
Originally, Ukraine had until March 19 to file its defence although it was granted an extension until April 16.
And until this changes, until we take a definitive turn toward meaningful engagement, The Discourse will keep going strong.
The Senate is expected to be in session until August 11, when members will leave town until early September.
I chose a 30-year term, lasting until I&aposm 73, with the option to renew until age 95.
Together they shook it until the handle broke, then rocked it from side to side until it fell over.
Arizona's primary is the last major contest until April 5, and the last winner-take-all until late April.
The government will remain partly shuttered until at least Tuesday, because both chambers of Congress are adjourned until then.
"We're going to wait until the new senator arrives until we do anything more on health care," Reid said.
You can defer taxes on the orginal capital gains you invested until you sell your holding or until Dec.
Life, best known for its photo essays, was published weekly until 1972 and then monthly from 1978 until 2000.
Up until now, experts figured it would take until at least 2020 for North Korea to accomplish that feat.
Up until the Depression, up until that healed itself, the world would reset every 10, 15, 20 years maximum.
Until today, a driver didn't know how long a trip would take until after he or she accepted it.
You will be able to choose one of four specific DND modes: "For one hour"; "until this evening"; "until I leave this location"; and "until the end of this event" (for any meetings on your calendar).
Those who waited until Tuesday to schedule payments may need to wait until Wednesday for those transfers to go through.
New Zealand, Australian and United States authorities continued searching until February 3, while local Kiribati authorities continued until February 8.
He also advocated anonymity for suspects until they are arrested, and usually until they are charged, enforced with criminal sanctions.
" Rodgers says with a laugh, "Until we blink and there's two months until the wedding and we're like, oh crap.
Adam Mosseri, who had it until last May, now runs Instagram; Cathcart, who had it until today, now runs WhatsApp.
S. trade talks should wait until after German vote BERLIN - The European Union would best wait until after a Sept.
He said that until now, such calculations were not known until the 14th century by scholars in England and France.
This whole shindig doesn't go down until May 19, but there's still plenty of details yet to emerge until then.
"I'd rather wait until [President Trump] is out of office or being impeached until I apply for citizenship," she said.
Until then, she'll be getting some much-needed rest until she's ready to slay her way out of the silence.
You held onto your Xbox until the Xbox 2320 was available, or your Gamecube until the Wii dropped in stores.
But the swordsman was delayed, until at last the queen was told she would not die until the next day.
In Delaware you only have until the 13th — but you can register online, by mail, or in person until then.
One week until Ariana Grande drops Sweetener, and an unknown amount of weeks until Pete Davidson gets back on Instagram.
And until we do that, and until there is an independent investigation, we can't be sure this won't happen again.
Don't change your password until you have to Until recently, consumers were advised to change their passwords every three months.
Razer isn't planning to IPO until around October, so we likely won't see this device until 2018 at the earliest.
It definitely won't be airing over in the U.S. until sometime in 2019, so until then, what should we watch?
But the clock is ticking: Beauty Insiders only have until December 12 and VIB/Rouge members have until December 13.
My job doesn't start until the fall, so we get $10,2 in advance to help with living expenses until then.
"It will just cause them to put it aside until they have more time," or worse, until it it's forgotten.
Depression is crying until there's no more tears, just dry heaving and sobbing until you're gasping for your next breath.
Add in the milk, vanilla, and the egg until combined, then slowly add in the flour until a dough forms.
Three weeks remain until Election Day, and even fewer days until the start of this year's open enrollment for ObamaCare.
Mr. Grove served as chief executive of Intel until 1998 and then served as Chairman of the Board until 2005.
I watched until it felt like I was punishing myself, the way I now sometimes eat until I feel sick.
In 1849 people were living until they were 40, in 2017 people are living until they were 90 or 100.
There's a reason it took Fitbit until 2018 to introduce period tracking, and Garmin until just a few weeks ago.
We're all going down with this sinking ship, so let's play out until the last note, until the last breath.
Wait until there's a sale, or until Microsoft wises up and includes a pen and keyboard with a $2,200 tablet.
The next presidential, general, and local votes are not due until 2019, so Erdogan is safe as president until then.
Before the legislation, people had only until their 23rd birthday to pursue criminal charges; now, they'll have until their 28th.
Ryan plans to stay on as Speaker until January, and Brooks won't be stepping down from AEI until next summer.
Mr. Grove served as chief executive of Intel until 1998 and then served as chairman of the board until 2005.
In the era of #MeToo, a man is no longer innocent until proven guilty; he is guilty until proven innocent.
A few of the remainders: Wollman Rink in Central Park (open until April 3) and Rockefeller Center (until April 10).
But I've also realized that it will always be a cycle until it's not—until someone makes sure it's not.
I'd repeat this until I found objectively the worst bar or until I could no longer stand, whichever came first.
But that is not likely to unfold until after 2025 and perhaps not until 2030, executives and researchers told Reuters.
But still you slog on until there's nothing left to slog, until one of you finally admits that it's over.
He served as its music director from 1958 until 2011 and held the title of life president until his death.
She made guest appearances on the show until an official return in 1992 ... and remained in the cast until 2004.
Her parents were also members of the New York Times staff — her mother until 2016 and her father until 2011.
For this most recent recovery, he did not start throwing again until August, and hitting did not start until December.
I'm counting down the days until we get a female president … or until I can go outside, whichever comes first.
Continue until all the butter has been added, whisking to combine until the consistency is that of golden syrup. 5.
Syrian government forces were here until mid-2012, when rebels of the Free Syrian Army replaced them, until early 2014.
"We are therefore closing our London offices until Monday for deep cleaning and employees are working from home until then."
Neither party can see the other's review until both have submitted, or until the 14-day review period has ended.
That is changing this month with New York gallery shows at Galerie Perrotin (until Saturday) and Nara Roesler (until Dec.
But he did not play football until his senior year, because the school did not have a team until then.
So I think I started racing in '76, and it wasn't until '83 until I won my first Cup race.
While it could take until 2019 until association plans are for sale, the short-term plan extension may come sooner.
Until the 1970s, female employees hadn't entered the business, with the first female broker not coming into Lloyd's until 1973.
We were in that house until, um, my son, I, uh, until we...we...Could I please have some tissues?
Do you miss going to the bar until 4am trying to hook up with Shrek until you piss your pants?
The fight over money for the wall was delayed until after the elections by including only temporary funding until Dec.
Cook until wilted, about 1 to 2 minutes, then drain and transfer the spinach to an ice bath until cold.
We're told season 5 won't officially hit the tube until 2018 ... so parents, get ready for some reruns until then.
You can pick up a RoboVac 11 for £156.99 until April 1, a RoboVac 11S for £157.49 with the code EUFYSP08 until March 27, and a RoboVac 30C for £202.49 with the code EUFYSP18 until April 7.
Because no story truly ends until every person inside of it is dead, until every light has gone out, until it is left, finally, to the people who were not there and cannot remember it to remember.
They now have until March 21094 to distribute the 21095-C forms to workers, and until May 21095 to mail in their 21040-C forms to the IRS, or until June 21040 if they file them electronically.
History seems to be a pointless parade of insignificant events until we shape it into something that has significance for us, until we build myths out of it, until we begin using it to make up stories.
You can now use 3D Touch in Control Center to turn on Do Not Disturb for an hour, until this evening (or the next morning), until the end of an event or until you leave a location.
For women of color, that timeline is even longer; the IWPR found that for pay equity, white women will have to wait until 2056, Hispanic women would have to wait until 61 and black women until 2124.
How the thinking changed In 250, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended delaying the introduction of cow's milk until children were 24 year old, egg until 26 years and peanuts, tree nuts and fish until 3 years.
Tesla should disable Autopilot until it finds the problem, until it fixes the problem, until it can assure consumers who don't own that vehicle that they are safe on the roads or sidewalks from an accident occurring.
But until women of all ages can tell their stories and be heard, until we get it all out, until there are changes in every human resources department, until Congress doesn't get to use taxpayer money to pay off women who stand up for themselves, until thoughtful men like Mr. Stephens and Mr. Damon understand all of the above, then no, we cannot and must not differentiate between rape and pinching a woman's behind.
"I've come really close a number of times and it's blown up at the end, so I'm not celebrating until the vote takes place and until it passes, and if it passes, until it becomes law," said Rep.
The problem, of course, is that we may not know what the Trump administration is covering up until it is too late -- until this administration is long gone, or until it is too late to fix the damage.
Under the mayor's plan, construction would not begin until 2019, and the line would not be in service until about 2024.
Until now, the Republican senator had said he intended to remain in Congress until the end of his term in 2020.
Unfortunately, the new bath bombs don't launch until later this month, but feel free to browse the website until they do.
" Watson wrote that he wouldn't stop until the murderer was caught — "until every lead has been investigated and every possibility exhausted.
I was born in Rochester, lived in Sacramento until junior high, then I moved to Ukiah, California until I was 17.
Sing won't hit theaters until Christmas, but the new trailer provides enough reason to count down the days until its release.
But it can't do that until it knows what it's called, and it won't know that until late February at best.
Until now, airlines generally weren&apost required to provide the cargo information until a few hours before the plane&aposs arrival.
"Until now, it was one man, one vote, from now on it is: vote until the governing party wins," he said.
The federal government didn't grant Native Americans citizenship until 1924, and many states didn't allow indigenous people to vote until 1957.
If he serves until he is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's age, he will be on the nation's highest court until 2050.
These excellent noise-canceling headphones cost $289.95 at Rakuten with offer code PRO50 until February 3rd, or until stock sells out.
While you'll need to wait until sites integrate the API, it shouldn't be long until other big names jump on board.
RUSADA now has until December 31st to reveal its database, and until June 30th next year to provide samples for retesting.
Age: 26Occupation: Advertising Account Executive up until this trip — now on a month long break until beginning law school this fall.
But a manual recount could take until September and a re-run might not be held until local elections in December.
But the ACA wasn't passed until 2010 and really didn't start having an impact on the market until the following year.
So until then, we'll just be here refreshing the page until we can get our hands on a pretty pink slice.
Political parties that wish to run on a common platform have until Tuesday to register any potential coalition and until Nov.
I was there until after midnight on the 4th of July and didn't learn of these events until after they happened!
Russia is conservative when it comes to homosexuality, which was banned until 1993 and listed as a psychiatric disorder until 1999.
Tuesday, the school will be open for kindergarten to second grade until noon and third to fifth grade until 2 p.m.
Until then, this posturing will go on, because that is what it is all about: distracting the public until election day.
Previously, Wheway was a member of insurer Aviva's board until December 2016, and the chairman of Aviva Insurance until September 2017.
If Koskinen is honest and candid, "likely we won't approach this until after the elections, until the lame-duck," Fleming said.
It concluded that Iran had a parallel clandestine weapons programme until 2003 and that some aspects of it continued until 2009.
A popular figure with investors, Gordhan served as Minister of Finance from 2009 until 2014 and again from 2015 until 2017.
We can't wait until the next episode, but until then, let's all try to remember how to breathe, blink, and speak.
Cuomo had until October 29th to sign the bill, but until today the governor's office had been mum on the legislation.
We project the super senior revolving credit facility (RCF) of EUR30 million committed until April 13, will remain undrawn until maturity.
Yilmaz said he and his colleagues stayed in the office until 2am on Friday until they were forced out by police.
I was there until after midnight on the 4th of July and didn't learn of these events until after they happened.
Malaysian authorities used that name until they definitively confirmed Kim Jong Nam's identity, which didn't happen until about a month later.
The PGA of America barred African Americans from becoming members until 1961, and did not allow women to join until 1977.
We'll wait until the noise is gone and until it's quiet enough for us to come out and it'll be ok.
As a result, most everyone has presumed, until recently, that Washington would punt on the issue until after November's midterm elections.
It may not have been formally opened on paper as "Crossfire Hurricane" until months later — until late July or early August.
Until they use their voice, until they truly fight back, they're all nothing more than playthings acting out A.D.'s storylines.
It did not educate women until the founding of Radcliffe in 1879, which did not merge with Harvard itself until 1977.
The hearing in the country's top court is due to last until Thursday but the verdict is not expected until January.
The New York Democrat can't run for president until 2024 because she won't turn 2023 until the fall of that year.
The latter, though, won't deliver a cent of stimulus until mid-2019, with most of it not due until 2024/25.
I didn't think about the impact I had on the fan base until years later, until I got to meet them.
It can't be switched on until all equipment is repaired, and employees can't begin assessments until the wind has died down.
Victims of child sexual abuse currently can bring criminal allegations until the age of 21625 and file lawsuits until age 2900.
And until this year, the Committee did not hold a hearing on a nominee until the ABA had finished its review.
Until now it had been British policy not to make an official royal visit until the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved.
Go north until you find a strange tree; head east until you lose the will to live; that kind of thing.
"Many millennials will not enter their prime earning and spending years until 2020, and most not until 2030," Mr. Hubbell said.
I can't necessarily say until it's actually out,until we have the hindsight of a few months or a few years.
I can't necessarily say until it's actually out, until we have the hindsight of a few months or a few years.
Affection runs at the Glory in London until September 24, and at Stan's Café, Birmingham from September 30 until October 1.
"It's like, 'Hey man, until next time, it's all good until we're set to go,'" Diaz said at the press scrum.
I always kind of wanted to do drag, but was never comfortable enough until—honestly, until I met Ryan and Philip.
It can take up to eight hours until the tattoo is done and you need to stay focused until the end.
Bahrain (BAH) Reduced from triple-daily to daily until 31 March; increasing to twice daily from 1 April until 303 April.
Furthermore, analyst consensus estimates predict the e-retailer won't be cash-flow positive until 2800 and profitable until 2743, Cramer noted.
Although the next debate isn't until the second week of September, candidates have only until August 28 to qualify for it.
The pandemic won't really end until most of the population has developed immunity to the disease or until there's a vaccine.
It wasn't a priority for the government until there was a problem, until suddenly you had narco-tours led by Popeye.
Mr. Lighthizer was not confirmed until May 2017, and three of his top deputies were not confirmed until the next March.
While the cancellations on the Bahrain route are only in effect until February 27, the Tehran cancellations are until further notice. 
Scholz has called for moves to ensure stable pensions until 2040, far beyond the current plan to do so until 2025.
That temporary copy only exists until another song is loaded up and writes over it, or until the user logs out.
Nine economists saw rates unchanged until the end of the third quarter 2020 and seven until the end of that year.
Under the new law, prosecutors could bring criminal charges until a victim turned 28, and victims could sue until age 55.
Whip the cream until soft peaks form, then fold into the chocolate mixture 1/3 at a time until incorporated. 10.
Stir in the butter until melted, then, using a hand blender or stand blender, purée until slightly smooth but still chunky.
That is, until the following September and every September after that, until you find someone decent or grow up or die.
"Larry Bell, Venice Fog: Recent Investigations" is showing at Hauser & Wirth, Zurich, until March 3rd; "Robert Irwin" is at Sprüth Magers Los Angeles until April 21st and "Crossroads: Kauffman, Judd and Morris" at Sprüth Magers London until March 31st
Pittman Park Rec Center NOW OPEN UNTIL 9 PM(Forbes Arena) Morehouse College NOW OPEN UNTIL 10 PMBooker T Washington High School NOW OPEN UNTIL 10 PM Polls in the county were originally scheduled to close at 85033 p.m.
And we cannot stop until these children are reunited with their families, until indefinite detention is off the table and until we ask more questions of the people who walk away from immigrants than the immigrants who walk here.
"We can't speak to whether or not we'd be interested in it until there have been studies done on it, until it's been tested, and until it's been vetted through the court system for obvious legal reasons," Senties said.
"Some locations won't see rivers crest until this weekend and flooding won't subside until next week," he said in a Twitter post.
"I'll still be 55 until October of 2017, until my 7.573th birthday, so there's still time for me," he told the BBC.
Until now I didn't know half my friend's religion until a a few years ago because we didn't used to discuss that.
Those prices will only be available until midnight PT on Saturday, and the gamer badges are only available until they sell out.
Native American women (59 cents) have to wait until September 14, and Latina women (51 cents) all the way until November 1.
Some girls manage to camouflage symptoms until school pressures to fit in become overwhelming, delaying diagnosis until around age 8 or 9.
He carefully slowed until the Passat hit his rear bumper and continued to brake until he brought both cars to a stop.
But Blodgett encourages patients to delay braces until their teeth, gums and mouths have fully developed—sometimes not until the mid-twenties.
I dream about the days when I could sleep until noon or sneak into work late because I slept until 10:26.
I wait until they set and then swirl them around with a spatula until they have clumped together — then season and serve.
Finnair has canceled all its flights to mainland China until the end of February and on some Chinese routes until March 29.
Customers will be able to load their cards until June 27 and have until July 27 to draw down prepaid card balances.
"Some locations won't see rivers crest until this weekend and flooding won't subside until next week," he said in another twitter post.
Trump has until April 11 to announce his decision on steel import curbs and until April 20 to decide on aluminum restrictions.
Finnair has canceled all its flights to mainland China until the end of February and on some Chinese routes until March 29.
It cut them last year after the shock Brexit vote and until recently most economists had not expected a hike until 2019.
Fed funds futures contracts don't fully price in a hike until June 2017 and no additional increase after that until June 2019.
Mix until smooth, then place in a casserole dish and bake for 15-20 minutes, until the top is nice and golden.
With fewer than 50 days until the election, Trump has finally won the support of some who until now had been reluctant.
Oil demand will grow at an annual rate of 27.3 percent until 2020, slowing to 1.2 percent until 2030, the report said.
"Do not fast until you see the crescent, and do not break your fast until you see it," said the Prophet Muhammad.
While most people count down the days until holidays, vacations, or birthdays, my calendar fills with red X's until it's finally fall.
The company, which was founded in 212018, didn't introduce streaming until 214, and its main US Twitter account wasn't created until 212018.
Pop's modus operandi is that if it works, replicate it until the end of time, or until audiences tire of the trend.
Until Apple works through the manufacturing issues, videos like this could be the closest you'll come to owning an X until 2018. 
Extending forward their own one-year performances, Microsoft would not reach $1 trillion until early 2019, and Alphabet would take until 2020.
Falwell did not preach his first anti-abortion sermon until 1978, and the Southern Baptist Convention did not oppose abortion until 1980.
That's plenty of time if you're waiting until season 2 of Westworld, which we're all going to be waiting until 2018 for.
Until you came across—Until I came across Mike Essl, who became my main rival in online bids for Mr. T stuff.
The Pentagon has until February to provide an implementation plan to the White House and until then transgender service members can serve.
It's going to be several months until any answers are provided and until then, we wait and reflect on our changed lives.
By the way, the Detroit Pistons don't start playing preseason games until October 3 -- let's hope everyday's a beach day until then ...
But until it's personal, until you really talk with the families and really hear those personal stories, there's nothing else like that.
Until recently, most outside experts did not expect the Fed to lift its short-term rate lever until September at the earliest.
Then, together with the others, he started beating my father until his mouth filled with blood, until his front teeth were shattered.
If the justices agree to take up those cases, arguments won't be heard until the fall, delaying any potential ruling until 2020.
The president sought to build drama up until the end, refusing to announce his pick until five minutes after he started speaking.
If "nothing is agreed until everything is agreed," then nothing can be criticized until the final moment—because nothing has actually happened.
However, it will not disburse the money until the euro zone details debt relief measures, which is not expected until next year.
China's lawmakers could simply choose to wait until the president's various issues are resolved — or until his four-year term is over.
Because superdelegates don't officially vote until the convention, Sanders has pledged to fight up until the convention to convince superdelegates to flip.
He is also a physical marvel: He played tennis until he was 85, and he mowed his lawn until he was 105.
Until that changes — and it is unlikely to — we'll just have to continue counting down the days until the election is over.
Nonetheless he was held in prison until 2004, serving almost twenty years behind bars, until the true rapist confessed to the crimes.
Until the 1990s, the United States used sources of heparin produced from bovine sources until concerns were raised about "Mad Cow" disease.
Victims of child sexual abuse in Pennsylvania can file civil suits until they turn 30, and criminal cases until they are 50.
Finally, on low speed add 1 quart heavy cream until well blended, then switch mixer to high speed until cream is whipped.
Until then, I'll use the couples vibrator on my own, watching supercuts of Ben on Parks and Rec until I get there.
He didn't eat solid foods until he was nine months old and refused to start potty training until he was almost four.
He has been denied parole 12 times and won't go before a parole board again until 2027, if he survives until then.
I sit until I feel an uncoupling from the chaos, or until the candle burns all the way down, or sometimes both.
Heat this until slowly over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until sauce is slightly cooked through, then taste and adjust seasoning. 2.
After the start, there was a pause lasting until February 5, 2003, then the first chord was played until July 5, 2005.
Britain was among the millionaire havens until 2016, but may continue losing ground until it can resolve the uncertainties raised by Brexit.
The deal also lifts the debt limit until March 2019, pushing any future confrontation over that issue until after the midterm elections.
And because the tax law change didn't take effect until January, its full effect won't be known until the 247 fiscal year.
Watanabe was an active gardener and grew fruits and vegetables until he was 104 and grew and exhibited bonsai trees until 2007.
With just 214 days until the South Carolina primary and 21 days until Super Tuesday, the 2020 election is in full swing.
Everything kept me alert until shortly before dawn, when I slept for a few minutes until the puppy whined and woke me.
I do not understand something until I have written it, or more accurately put, until I have written my way through it.
Read more " _____ • David French in National Review: "The investigation's not over until it's over, and Trump's risk remains until the investigation ends.
From Thanksgiving until New Year's, lawyers' offices are slow because people have put off divorcing until after the holidays, Ms. Townsend said.
Railroad companies have until the end of 2018 -- with some railroads granted an extension until the end of 2020 -- to implement PTC.
"I had in my mind I would stay until 40, 45 — my idols in Brazil danced until their 50s," Ms. Körbes said.
There are only seven days until Christmas and four until Hanukkah, and let's be real, you probably forgot somebody on your list.
"Nobody was even talking about privacy and data issues until after the election, until after [President Donald] Trump got elected, " Narendra said.
The first of these rate increases isn't fully priced in until November/December next year, and the second one not until 2020.
Avonlea lived on a ranch until she was 13, and according to ABC, assumed everyone had cattle in their homes until then.
I didn't know him, you know, until this whole situation — until, you know, it was time to look for an attorney general.
And, until this week, it was available up until the last moment for those being executed by the state for their crimes.
In fact, until she heard the name of her first-round foe, she thought Stephens would be out until the hardcourt season.
The chicken was roasted until its juices burst from its flesh, and the onions were cooked until they turned limp and sweet.
Unless and until the GOP turns on him—which likely won't happen until they experience a negative wave election—he'll stick around.
If your subscription runs until after the October 22nd, 2018 end-of-operations date for CrashPlan Home, CrashPlan will keep you on the home plan until then and switch you over to a small business account until your subscription ends.
But until the new model is implemented (and really until it is a bit better) we'll have to stick to the old-fashioned method of avoiding all contact with the world until we've seen the movie or show in question.
"Until the FDA decides what it is ... and until it decides for what therapeutic purposes that will be used, and until it specifies what the manufacturing process in what location will be approved — you can't give notice of anything," Waxman said.
"All of a sudden he allowed his emotionality to open up, which was completely closed until he met his son, until he lost the love of his life, until Barry became a son-like human being, a surrogate son," he says.
On Soccer MOSCOW — They waited until it was over, until the fireworks shot into the sky and the rain soaked them to the skin, until that glistening trophy was safe in their hands and golden confetti sparkled in their hair.
Even those couples who divulge salary details tend to do so after they hit a relationship milestone: 45 percent wait until they are moving in with each other, 15 percent wait until they are engaged, and 10 percent wait until marriage.
Since witch law is guilty until proven innocent, her guardians Hilda and Zelda are stripped of their powers until a verdict is reached.
The juvenile, whose name was not released, was sentenced to juvenile corrections until the age of 22½ with aftercare until he&aposs 23.
Immigrants continued living underground until the late 70s, until frequent flooding in the basements of La Chinesca finally pushed the last residents out.
Until mid-213, Freeport will mine Grasberg's depleting open pit and then transition to underground mining, which will "significantly" hurt output until 24.91.
Marital rape was legal everywhere in the US until the mid-1970s and was not outlawed in all 50 states until the 1990s.
I just kind of wanted to socially isolate myself, because I didn't do music primarily up until the point until I moved there.
We probably won't know the answer to any of those questions until 2018 (sob!), so until then, let's recap what we learned. 21.
And so that frustration will continue until we change the tax code and until we rebalance regulations so local businesses can hire again.
And we will not stop monetary expansion until we get there and will certainly not raise interest rates until inflation is 3 percent.
Bubbles are hard to gauge until they have popped (there is a tendency to say "this time it is different", until it isn't).
Until then, it seems she'll keep testing the waters until it's finally time for her to post the apology video I've been craving.
They lifted their body weight up again and again, until agony stretched across their faces, until pushing the planet down seems more practical.
YouTube wasn't an official partner of VidCon until 23, and it wasn't until 218 that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki spoke at the conference.
The judge has the power to keep Manning in jail until she testifies or until the term of the grand jury expires again.
The two companies jockeyed back and forth a few times during 2013 until the tech juggernaut pulled away from the pack ... until now.
A fuller picture will not emerge until the end of the second-quarter as 737 production cuts did not begin until mid-April.
The spacecraft won't send word that it's okay until later today, and NASA won't get that message until 3AM ET tomorrow, April 27th.
That means we won't see the EHT's black hole picture until much later this year at the earliest, maybe not until next year.
It's not until March, but the sale at Christmas was too good to pass up, so I'll stash it away until it's time.
Ariana Grande's concerts have been canceled until June 5 and maybe longer, until her team figures out how to address new security concerns.
The term wasn't coined until 1975, and wasn't widely discussed until 1991, when Anita Hill testified against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.
We probably won't find out more about the Upside Down until April 2019, but until then, we at least have these brilliant memes!
Children diagnosed with autism appear to behave normally until around two, and until then there is often no indication that anything is wrong.
The census asked the question from the early 19th century until 1950, and a portion of households were asked the question until 2000.
The Jayhawks committed 21969 turnovers and did not command the lead until going up 21-20 with 7:12 remaining until the break.
You survived clubbing until dawn, drinking on the curb until you blow chunks in your purse, and waking up with strange Mullet guys.
"We want them to abandon the fight, until they cannot do it anymore or until the effort is too great," the colonel said.
"The shares are not investable until greater clarity is received, which may not be until next year at the earliest," RBC analysts wrote.
Their only victory was batting calls by some for ruling out a rate hike until April 2020, rather than just until next year.
An investor seeking to divest a stock from their portfolio may hold off until January to delay paying taxes until the following year.
WhatsApp launched in 2009, but group chats didn't come until two years later, and voice calls didn't come until four years after that.

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