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"transition" Definitions
  1. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another
  2. the process of starting to live your life as a person of a different sex, to match your gender identity

500 Sentences With "transition"

How to use transition in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "transition" and check conjugation/comparative form for "transition". Mastering all the usages of "transition" from sentence examples published by news publications.

She was with me before my transition and during my transition.
State transition networks are a general construct, with more specific examples being augmented transition networks, recursive transition networks, and augmented recursive networks, among others.
Trump's transition on Wednesday downplayed any suggestion the transition was lagging behind.
"It's less of a technology transition and more of a cultural transition."
It is the Center for Presidential Transition, not the Presidential Transition Project.
The transition between the states is known as a coil–globule transition.
Arroyo instructed outgoing Executive Secretary Leandro Mendoza to lead the transition team. The transition team was created "to ensure peaceful, orderly and [efficient] transition on the 30th of June". On June 9, 2010, the transition team started informal meetings with the Aquino transition team. On June 16, 2010, Aquino organized his transition team in a letter to outgoing Presidential Management Staff Secretary Elena Bautista- Horn.
The term, "transition town" was coined by Louise Rooney and Catherine Dunne. The transition model can be applied to different types of places where people live, such as villages, regions, islands and towns. The generic term is "transition initiative", which includes transition neighborhoods, communities, and cities, although "transition town" is in common usage.
Youth who transition into adulthood during a genocide have a different experience than those who do not transition during a genocide. Some youth transition earlier as means of survival. Others are unable to fully transition, remaining in a youth state longer.
A transition source told CNN on Thursday that Trump's transition team will brief the newly-elected president on their planning for the transition to a new administration.
This transition — though also successful — was smaller in scope than the transition to Intel.
Amazon is going through, I think, an interesting transition, like a public image transition.
The transition caused by ionic polarizations in crystals is called a displacive phase transition.
Trump's transition team is still "actively searching" for candidates, a senior Trump transition official said.
Early transition planning So large a task is the transition that it has already commenced.
Just as countries went through this transition, so is the world going through this transition.
The auto industry's transition to EVs and the utilities' transition to renewable power are connected.
He worked on Trump's transition, but left when the transition team banned lobbyists from participating.
But generally, they said they may fight about: - "whether presidential transition materials are protected from disclosure by the Constitution"; - "whether presidential transition materials are protected from disclosure by the Presidential Transition Act"; - "whether presidential transition materials are protected from disclosure by an evidentiary privilege."
Chris Christie as chairman of the transition with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and a slew of transition officials who worked under Christie were subsequently booted from the transition effort.
Trump transition The team overseeing Trump's transition into the presidency is also facing questions from investigators.
Last month, Trump's transition team announced that Manigault would serve on the transition team's executive committee.
There has been an average of five letters submitted in transition hearings compared to just three-and-a-half in non-transition hearings, and hearings held during the transition period are more likely to have interest group officials speak: 22019 percent of transition hearings had at least one interest group official give testimony versus 23 percent of non-transition hearings.
Transition Network International Conference, 2015. In 2007, with Peter Lipman and Ben Brangwyn, he co-founded the Transition Network, a charity designed to support the many Transition initiatives emerging around the world, inspired by the processes begun in Kinsale and Totnes. Transition Network is based in Totnes. There are Transition initiatives in over 50 countries round the world, in around 1,400 communities.
Most races include one or more transition areas that teams can visit to replenish supplies. Typically, teams change to another mode of travel in a transition area. For instance, teams will end a trekking leg and transition to mountain biking in a transition area. Shorter races often feature a single transition area that teams may visit numerous times during the event.
State transition modeling makes use of state transition diagrams to describe system behavior. These state transition diagrams use distinct states to define system behavior and changes. Most current modeling tools contain some kind of ability to represent state transition modeling. The use of state transition models can be most easily recognized as logic state diagrams and directed graphs for finite- state machines.
Quantum phase transition can also be represented by the topological fermion condensation quantum phase transition, see e.g. strongly correlated quantum spin liquid. In case of three dimensional Fermi liquid, this transition transforms the Fermi surface into a Fermi volume. Such a transition can be a first-order phase transition, for it transforms two dimensional structure (Fermi surface) into three dimensional.
In fact, this transition period is so vital that, in 28500, the Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act was enacted to provide certain transition services to eligible candidates before the general election.
The parallels between the transition from horse-to-car and the transition from car-to-autonomous car are many; however, the hurdles faced by the current transition are actually much lower.
Unlike commercial transition lenses that take several minutes to change, the Army&aposs Transition Combat Eye Protection (TCEP) lenses can transition between indoor and outdoor lighting in one second or less.
The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resiliency by Rob Hopkins provides much of the framework behind the Transition Initiative and outlines ways for local Transition Towns to get involved.
Transition metal hydrides include compounds that can be classified as covalent hydrides. Some are even classified as interstitial hydrides and other bridging hydrides. Classical transition metal hydride feature a single bond between the hydrogen centre and the transition metal. Some transition metal hydrides are acidic, e.g.
Trump presidential transition website, launched on the evening of November 9, 2016. On November 9, 2016, the day after the presidential election, the Trump transition team announced that a transition website——had been launched. The website provided information on transition procedures and information for the media.
The terms transition town, transition initiative and transition model refer to grassroot community projects that aim to increase self-sufficiency to reduce the potential effects of peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability. In 2006, founding of Transition Town Totnes, in the United Kingdom, became an inspiration for other groups to form. The Transition Network charity was founded in early 2007, to support these projects. A number of the groups are officially registered with the Transition Network.
SS: And in terms of the renewable side of things: You and I were in a debate in Davos talking about the transition, the energy transition, the clean energy transition as well.
Early in my transition, my therapist, a trans man, told me that to him, Transparent didn't really capture transition all that well, but it did capture the way families react to transition.
There's a "glass transition time," which is just how long it takes to reach that transition temperature.
Support transition to value-based models Legislators could support the commercial market's transition to value-based system.
The order created the Agency Transition Directors Council, which is intended to coordinate transition activities across agencies.
The Trump transition team in a statement to the Post said the transition is ahead of schedule.
The Houston Rockets currently lead the league in transition efficiency, averaging 129.1 points per 7 transition plays.
This transition from high mortality and fertility to low mortality and fertility is called the demographic transition.
I get kids walking up to me like, 'You helped me transition; you inspired me to transition.
But the swift transition to Sultan Haitham appeared to lay to rest concerns about a tricky transition.
While undergoing my medical transition, I addressed what is often the more difficult part: my social transition.
Despite the often chaotic nature of the presidential transition period, we have never had a contested transition.
It's been reported that at least nine Trump transition officials registered to lobby within a few months of the end of the transition, counter to the spirit of what the transition team pledged.
The transition said it reached an agreement on June 15 with GSA that the transition "owned and controlled" the emails and data and any requests for documents would be routed to the transition.
Nunes on Wednesday announced that the intelligence community collected surveillance on members of the Trump transition team "incidentally" — meaning that transition team members were captured by surveillance focusing on people outside the transition.
Inflight transition from fixed to rotary mode was demonstrated in August 2013.Rotor & Wing "Hybrid RotorWing Conducts In-flight Fixed/Rotary Transition". Rotor & Wing, 30 August 2013."StopRotor completes successful first transition flight".
Spin crossover is commonly observed with first row transition metal complexes with a d4 through d7 electron configuration in an octahedral ligand geometry. Spin transition curves typically plot the high-spin molar fraction vs. T. Often a gradual spin transition is followed by an abrupt (ΔT = 10K) transition with hysteresis and a two-step transition. The abruptness with hysteresis indicates cooperativity, or “communication”, between neighboring metal complexes.
Minister of Finance Announces Launch of Canadian Securities Regulator Transition Office, The Transition Office is mandated to lead all aspects of the transition, including the development of the proposed federal securities act and the accompanying regulations, collaborating with provinces and territories, and developing and implementing a transition plan for organizational and administrative matters.Mandate: Canadian Securities Regulator Transition Office Mr. Doug Hyndman is the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Transition Office, and Mr. Bryan Davies is the Vice-Chair.
Transition Contacts with Foreign Persons The transition period after the election was even more active than the campaign.
As the automakers undergo a difficult transition themselves, the auto shows are also suffering through their own transition.
Nonprofit Career Transition for Dancers offers free financial wellness, financial planning and career transition services for ballet dancers.
Nadella took over Microsoft in the midst of a transition, and Microsoft is still somewhat in that transition.
Not only is Calgaro stifling her child's transition, but she's suing her daughter to effectively stop her transition.
"It is a better strategy to transition voluntarily, which means a transition before the end of 2021, and not to wait for a 'Big Bang' transition which might have some additional risks," he said.
Dorchester became Dorset's first Official Transition Initiative in 2008 as part of the Transition Towns concept. Transition Town Dorchester is a community response to the challenges and opportunities of peak oil and climate change.
In the Manchester coding a transition from low to high indicates a one and a transition from high to low indicates a zero. When there are successive ones or zeros, an opposite transition is required on the edge of the time frame to prepare for the next transition and signal.
" Through a Freedom of Information Act request, American Bridge has a document signed by Pence that holds him responsible for "Transition Procedures, Identification of Transition Contacts, and Access to Non-public Government and Transition Information.
He said the company has held discussions with Trump's transition team, including Myron Ebell, who heads the EPA transition.
Ew. Sometimes transitions just suck, even when your part of the transition is only awareness of someone else's transition.
Travel during a transition: Another option for getting around the "work/travel" balance problem: Travel in a "transition" period.
The transition to the new rules would take 12 to 14 years, depending on which transition option individuals choose.
The transition to the new rules would take 12 to 14 years, depending on which transition rules individuals choose.
"We are in an important transition in world history as well as transition in global political history," Calder said.
But such a transition doesn't preclude the possibility that restriction polices could accelerate that transition for painkiller dependent individuals.
Christie, who is the transition chairman, has met with several members of 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney's transition team.
The parallels between the transition from horse-to-car and the transition from car-to-autonomous car are many.
Pence and Rick Dearborn, the executive director of the transition team, are "removing any lobbyists," a transition aide said.
Another source who has been briefed on the transition efforts says the "skeleton" for the transition is in place.
Transition officials didn't respond to questions about why the disconnect between the ethics office and the transition team occurred.
I started part of my transition before the film was complete, and now I'm further along in my transition.
A trans girl, Jam received care that let her socially transition at 3 and physically transition in her teens.
The solid to nematic transition is at 118 °C and the nematic to isotropic liquid transition at 136 °C.
The glass–liquid transition, or glass transition, is the gradual and reversible transition in amorphous materials (or in amorphous regions within semicrystalline materials) from a hard and relatively brittle "glassy" state into a viscous or rubbery state as the temperature is increased. ISO 11357-2: Plastics – Differential scanning calorimetry – Part 2: Determination of glass transition temperature (1999). An amorphous solid that exhibits a glass transition is called a glass. The reverse transition, achieved by supercooling a viscous liquid into the glass state, is called vitrification.
On Thursday, transition officials told the press that lobbyists on the transition were being asked to sign affidavits that they had deregistered as lobbyists before they could continue working with the transition, and that any former lobbyist that joined the administration would be prohibited from lobbying for five years after leaving the transition.
That is why a national security transition is so essential and why the failed Trump transition made so many anxious.
We are making a transition, but it's not a transition to a booming economy, with high paying full time jobs.
But since Christie had signed the legal paperwork, not Pence, the transition hit a bureaucratic snag, a transition aide said.
A transition team spokesman told CNBC that as of Monday afternoon, 69,993 people have applied through the transition team's website.
Flynn now says that he kept other senior transition officials well apprised of his outreach to Kislyak during the transition.
Only 17 percent of Democrats approve of Trump's transition, compared to 46 percent who approved of Bush's transition in 2001.
"Mira was designated to do transition staffing for the Department of Defense during the transition," the official told The Hill.
Flynn's son has no involvement in the transition, whatsoever," Pence, who is overseeing the transition, said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe.
This transition however, is far more challenging as transition support resources and networks aren't always easy to find or navigate.
In 2014, it announced a long-planned transition away from U.S. government oversight and tasked ICANN to lead the transition.
So the new generation has basically had no transition, and the few guys doing the transition are the first rappers.
"The important thing about all this isn't transition but what happens after transition — and that's even more ambiguous," he explained.
"She's working out what that transition is like, same as I'm working out what that transition is like," Jumbo said.
Waitati is part of New Zealand's "Transition Towns initiatives", initiative, using some Transition Towns techniques and patterns for energy descent.
The Bangsamoro Parliament convenes. During the transition period, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority as the interim parliament had obligations to complete.
The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 41 to VHF channel 11 for post-transition operations.
Proline racemase is inhibited by pyrrole-2-carboxylic acid, a transition state analogue that is flat like the transition state.
IDEA 2004 continuously counteracts by emphasizing individualized education and individualized preparation of individual children with disabilities for their individual lives in their individual communities beyond high school. IDEA 2004 and the accompanying regulations most clearly reflect the focus on the future through the many uses of the word “transition” when it comes to directing the high school education and activities of children with disabilities: transition, transition planning, transition assessments, transition services, transition service providers. An effective transition plan, in the eyes of many, drives middle school students’ and high school students’ IEPs Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). IDEA 2004 highlights post secondary goals and putting in place transition services, including courses of study, to facilitate the students’ movement from high school to post high school life.
A full transition to renewable energy will make Bhutan one of the main winners in the global energy transition; it is ranked no. 4 in the index of geopolitical gains and losses after energy transition (GeGaLo Index).
On November 11, Trump telephoned transition head Chris Christie and told him his involvement with the Bridgegate scandal was a political liability and his performance heading the transition unsatisfactory (Trump, later, also expressed private frustration at Christie's retention of lobbyists in key transition posts). At the end of the call, Trump fired Christie from his position as transition chair. Over the next twenty-four hours, and with little warning, Christie loyalists were quickly removed from the transition team in what was characterized by NBC News as a "Stalinesque purge". Transition executive Richard Bagger, for instance, found himself suddenly locked-out of the transition team's offices.
After determining the transition state structures using either KIE or computation simulations, the inhibitor can be designed according to the determined transition state structures or intermediates. The following three examples illustrate how the inhibitors mimic the transition state structure by changing functional groups correspond to the geometry and electrostatic distribution of the transition state structures.
A six-membered transition state in asymmetric proline catalysis. Intramolecular aldolization reactions that are catalyzed by proline likewise go through six-membered transition states. These transition states can enable the formation of either the enolexo or the enolendo product. The chair transition state controls, in part, whether the enolexo or the enolendo product forms.
Individualized Initial Counseling between the service member and a TAP counselor is now the official start to the transition process. During the IC session, service members complete their personal self-assessment and begin the development of their Individual Transition Plan (ITP) to identify their unique needs of the transition process and post-transition goals.
Transition state analogs (transition state analogues), are chemical compounds with a chemical structure that resembles the transition state of a substrate molecule in an enzyme-catalyzed chemical reaction. Enzymes interact with a substrate by means of strain or distortions, moving the substrate towards the transition state. Transition state analogs can be used as inhibitors in enzyme-catalyzed reactions by blocking the active site of the enzyme. Theory suggests that enzyme inhibitors which resembled the transition state structure would bind more tightly to the enzyme than the actual substrate.
Due to the different initial conditions during the emerging process of the transition from planned economics to market economics, countries uses different transition model. Countries like P.R.China and Vietnam adopted a gradual transition mode, however Russia and some other East- European countries, such as the former Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, used a more aggressive and quicker paced model of transition. The term "transition period" is also used to describe the process of transition from capitalism to the first stage of socialism, preceding the establishment of fully developed socialism (aka communism).
However, for QDI circuits multiple tokens in the same place is an error. When a transition has tokens on every input place, that transition is enabled. When the transition fires, the tokens are removed from the input places and new tokens are created on all of the output places. This means that a transition that has multiple output places is a parallel split and a transition with multiple input places is a parallel merge.
Unlike commercial transition lenses that can take 5 to 10 minutes to transition, the TCEP lenses can transition between indoors and outdoors in one second or less, giving US soldiers increased situational awareness over that of other lenses.
Presidential transition Amidst reported infighting on his transition team, Donald Trump has laid out a plan for his first 2703 days.
Numerous reports have surfaced of how slowly the Trump leadership has sent transition teams to meet with Obama's designated transition leaders.
When those places transition to liquid and gaseous fuels—kerosene or propane or butane—the transition in human health is tremendous.
Trump transition fundraises with email from Christie But Romney lost, and Leavitt experienced the flip side of transition watching: the heartbreak.
Now is the time to begin a just transition to a carbon neutral society; intelligent FERC policy must foster that transition.
Christie led Trump's transition team during the campaign, but after Trump's victory, Vice President Mike Pence took over the transition process.
President Bill Clinton's transition in 1992-'93 is often cited as an example of what not to do in a transition.
Rogers was asked to leave Trump's transition team around the same time Chris Christie was booted as head of the transition.
"This set of results fundamentally teaches us the multiyear transition, and the painful transition that IBM is going through," Garcha said.
"It will be an orderly transition to something better ... using executive authority to ensure it's an orderly transition," Pence told reporters.
For those playing along at home, this translates into a four-year urban transition and a 7-10 year national transition.
MORE TECHIES ON TRUMP TRANSITION TEAM:  The Trump transition team added two technology industry executives today, reports The Wall Street Journal.
The transition team has hired some experienced transition leaders from the George W. Bush and Romney teams that the center recommended.
Members of the next presidential transition team can build upon the legacy of the 2008 Obama transition team in several ways.
The bottom line: Like the landline-to-mobile-phone transition, the electrons-to-smart-home transition will create winners and losers.
They transition back in September, and a Chipotle spokesperson told Today that the transition is estimated to last "about two weeks."
You look at the transition from Dunkin' Donuts to Dunkin' — it's so hard to figure out the value of that transition.
The real transition probability is many orders of magnitude higher than the virtual transition one, which is called resonance enhanced effect.
Emanuel planned to arrange for a smooth transition between his mayoral administration and that of his elected successor Lori Lightfoot. Reports were that he intended to model the transition between their administrations upon the U.S. presidential transition between the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. Emanuel had been part of that transition as Obama's Chief of Staff designate.
" Her first project, Transición (Transition), originated from the photographer's attempt to do "a portrait project about the transition from childhood to adolescence.
Trump was not a normal candidate, the transition is not a normal transition, and this will probably not be a normal administration.
Several former Trump transition officials expressed doubt about the assertion that the transition team warned Flynn about talking to the Russian ambassador.
Kendall Gets Emotional About Caitlyn's Transition Caitlyn Jenner's (formerly known as Bruce) transition journey was documented on the KUWTK "About Bruce" special.
But we've actually been through an extraordinarily rapid transition like this before in history — a transition we can learn a lot from.
According to the 72-page handbook, a transition will start when a military medical provider diagnoses that a transition is medically necessary.
The plan specifically contemplated a 2628-year transition that would phase out old growth logging and transition into newer growth timber production.
The Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act of 2010 established that certain transition assistance would go to major party nominees before the election.
An effective transition may be conducive to good government, yet this administration shows the chaos of the transition period need not end.
"When you go to a market transition, almost never does the leader in the prior transition lead in the next," Chambers said.
Transition aide: Ted Cruz has visited Trump Tower in NYC to offer assistance in transition talks; not being considered for cabinet post.
Brooks, Brian. "‘Actress’ Director Robert Greene Talks Performance, Transition, and Breaking Rules." ‘Actress’ Director Robert Greene Talks Performance, Transition, and Breaking Rules.
For electrical properties, electric conductivity, band gap, superconducting transition temperature piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, ferromagnetism, dielectric constant, charge-density wave transition can be adjusted.
Langhofer claims the production of transition materials to the Special Counsel's Office by GSA violated "GSA's duties to" the Trump campaign, a Presidential Transition Act requirement that "computers or communications services" to the transition team be "secure," and the Fourth Amendment.
Also, the XT technique is only used once extratropical transition begins; the Dvorak technique is still used if the system begins dissipating without transition. Once the cyclone has completed transition and become cold-core, the technique is no longer used.
Since the reactants are higher in energy, the transition state appears to be right after the reaction starts. An example of the “late” transition state is bromination. Bromination favors the reactants because it is an endothermic reaction, which means that the reactants are lower in energy than the products. Since the transition state is hard to observe, the postulate of bromination helps to picture the “late” transition state (see the representation of the "late" transition state).
Since the reactants are higher in energy, the transition state appears to be right after the reaction starts. An example of the “late” transition state is bromination. Bromination favors the reactants because it is an endothermic reaction, which means that the reactants are lower in energy than the products. Since the transition state is hard to observe, the postulate of bromination helps to picture the “late” transition state (see the representation of the "late" transition state).
Solvents can affect rates through equilibrium-solvent effects that can be explained on the basis of the transition state theory. In essence, the reaction rates are influenced by differential solvation of the starting material and transition state by the solvent. When the reactant molecules proceed to the transition state, the solvent molecules orient themselves to stabilize the transition state. If the transition state is stabilized to a greater extent than the starting material then the reaction proceeds faster.
Further information would be needed in order to predict the structure or characteristics of the transition state. Case (c) depicts the potential diagram for an endothermic reaction, in which, according to the postulate, the transition state should more closely resemble that of the intermediate or the product. Another significance of Hammond’s postulate is that it permits us to discuss the structure of the transition state in terms of the reactants, intermediates, or products. In the case where the transition state closely resembles the reactants, the transition state is called “early” while a “late” transition state is the one that closely resembles the intermediate or the product. An example of the “early” transition state is chlorination.
Further information would be needed in order to predict the structure or characteristics of the transition state. Case (c) depicts the potential diagram for an endothermic reaction, in which, according to the postulate, the transition state should more closely resemble that of the intermediate or the product. Another significance of Hammond's postulate is that it permits us to discuss the structure of the transition state in terms of the reactants, intermediates, or products. In the case where the transition state closely resembles the reactants, the transition state is called “early” while a “late” transition state is the one that closely resembles the intermediate or the product. An example of the “early” transition state is chlorination.
"Banks may have a two-year transition period and we'd expect the banks to experience both revenue and expense headwinds during the transition."
"People are finally starting to understand that this isn't a transition year, it's a transition decade," said R W Baird analyst Eric Coldwell.
In 1963, Congress established a federally funded transition process with the Presidential Transition Act, which has been the basis for all subsequent legislation.
With change comes transition, and one transition we have been planning for is for Terry Myerson to pursue his next chapter outside Microsoft.
They have discussed leaving people with ObamaCare coverage for a transition period, but do not agree on how long the transition should last.
"Indeed, you are a sort of vassal state during the transition," said the green Belgian lawmaker, adding the transition could last five years.
"Making the transition to Bloomberg was an easier transition for me because I knew the content so well," the New Jersey native says.
They seem to be ignoring the risks in the transition period, particularly because they need insurance companies to provide insurance during the transition.
These numbers aren't enough to conclude that transition offense is definitely getting worse, or transition defense is definitely improving, or both (or neither).
The transition hasn't been easy on all members of the royal family, but they're trying to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Concerns about the transition have festered for a long time, and Republicans have successfully blocked funding to complete the transition in recent years.
For short range particle interaction (hard discs), simulations found a weakly first order transition for the hexatic – isotropic transition, slightly beyond KTHNY-theory.
These resources can only be activated if the project answers needs of stakeholders. He works on transition economy and transition methodologies based on metamorphosis principles. Specialized in updated transition economy principles and models, he brings these new principles to corporations and governments. He initiated the "Club of Brussels" inside the Economic Transition Center in Brussels, school of new economic thinking.
The Morin transition (also known as a spin-flop transition) is a magnetic phase transition in α-Fe2O3 hematite where the antiferromagnetic ordering is reorganized from being aligned perpendicular to the c-axis to be aligned parallel to the c-axis below TM. TM = 260K for Fe3+ in α-Fe2O3. A change in magnetic properties takes place at the Morin transition temperature.
The transition lawyers insist that Richard Beckler, general counsel for the GSA, reportedly agreed with transition officials that this information belonged to the transition team and that GSA had no right to access or control the records, but GSA denies the comment.
Most events have one common transition area for both T1 and T2, while some point to point events have two separate transition areas. The time spent in transition is a timed segment and contributes towards the overall finishing time of the event.
Career Transition For Dancers is a member of the International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers. Other organizations in the international organization include Dancer Transition Resource Centre (Canada), Dancers' Career Development (UK), Association Suisse Pour la Reconversion des Danseurs Professionnels (Switzerland).
Trump's senior campaign staff will also transition to roles with the presidential transition organization, largely retaining the same roles they had with the campaign.
Note: An official told Axios "any records created during the transition period by the President-elect and the Transition Team are not government records."
A source familiar with the transition effort confirmed those benchmarks, and said the transition did not seem to be having any trouble raising money.
"I think we'll see a far greater likelihood of profound foreign policy discontinuity in this transition than any other transition in memory," she said.
Have funds from the transition or associated with the transition (such as reimbursements from the Secret Service) gone to companies owned by Mr. Trump?
In Sanders's Medicare-for-all, those people covered by the exchanges and Medicaid during the transition would retain coverage through the Medicare Transition Plan.
Reports emerged last week that Christie, the chairman of Trump's transition team, is seeking donors for a $2.5 million transition fund on Trump's behalf.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained "many tens of thousands" of Trump transition emails, including emails of Jared Kushner, transition team sources tell Axios.
OEMs generally have a few bugs with any processor transition, but we've heard there have been a few more issues with this architecture transition.
"One of our big missions at Camp Southern Ground is helping veterans transition to battle and transition them back home from battle," he says.
While surgical change is not required for full transition, the service member must provide documentation that medical transition to their preferred gender is complete.
All transition are frenzied, but no recent transition has resulted in the array of investigations into the usually commonplace transfer of power between administrations.
The legislation builds upon the 1963 Presidential Transition Act that authorizes funding to provide office space and staff for the White House transition process.
We'll get to the end of transition and say 'hey, we are nowhere near ready to end this' and end up extending transition indefinitely.
His mother, Cher talked about Chaz's transition in a 2013 interview with the Mirror, saying that his transition ended up bringing the pair closer.
In its latest annual energy outlook, BP forecast oil consumption may start declining by 2035 in its "fast transition" and "even faster transition" scenarios.
You can tap the transition markers between video clips to add a transition, or leave the default, which is no dissolve (a clean cut). 
In physics, a quantum phase transition (QPT) is a phase transition between different quantum phases (phases of matter at zero temperature). Contrary to classical phase transitions, quantum phase transitions can only be accessed by varying a physical parameter—such as magnetic field or pressure—at absolute zero temperature. The transition describes an abrupt change in the ground state of a many-body system due to its quantum fluctuations. Such a quantum phase transition can be a second-order phase transition.
Examples of second- order phase transitions are the ferromagnetic transition, superconducting transition (for a Type-I superconductor the phase transition is second-order at zero external field and for a Type-II superconductor the phase transition is second-order for both normal-state—mixed-state and mixed- state—superconducting-state transitions) and the superfluid transition. In contrast to viscosity, thermal expansion and heat capacity of amorphous materials show a relatively sudden change at the glass transition temperature which enables accurate detection using differential scanning calorimetry measurements. Lev Landau gave a phenomenological theory of second-order phase transitions. Apart from isolated, simple phase transitions, there exist transition lines as well as multicritical points, when varying external parameters like the magnetic field or composition.
Run-length limited (RLL) codes are generally described using the convention that a logical 1 is transmitted as a transition, and a logical 0 is transmitted as no transition. The HDLC and Universal Serial Bus protocols use the opposite convention: a logical 0 is transmitted as a transition, and a logical 1 is transmitted as no transition. A long series of no-transition bits can be difficult for a receiver to count accurately, so some means for forcing a transition at reasonable intervals is generally used in addition to NRZI. Magnetic disk and tape storage devices generally use fixed-rate RLL codes, while HDLC and USB use bit stuffing: they insert an additional 0 bit (forcing a transition) after 5 or 6 (respectively) consecutive 1 bits.
A good first step is to make sure the White House and General Services Administration (GSA) are adhering to the Presidential Transition Improvements Act of 2015, including preparing to name a White House transition office and federal transition coordinator in May of the election year.
In fact, I think this transition to 53G is going to be more profound on the networking side than on the device side, and I think we'll see a transition that's as significant in the network as the transition was from analog to digital.
Garden sharing projects are also incorporated into larger sustainability schemes. Transition Town Totnes (Totnes, England)Transition Town Totnes Garden Share Project is part of the Transition Towns initiative in Totnes, Devon, England.Transition: gearing up for the great power-down by Luke Leitch. TimesOnline (The Times).
The Transition Year group of 2016-17 displayed the musical Hairspray'd. In December 2018, the Transition Year group of 2018-19 performed the musical FAME JR. The transition year group of 2019-2020 performed the musical All Shook Up from 11-13 December 2019.
One way that enzymatic catalysis proceeds is by stabilizing the transition state through electrostatics. By lowering the energy of the transition state, it allows a greater population of the starting material to attain the energy needed to overcome the transition energy and proceed to product.
Early transition metals are on the left side of the periodic table from group 3 to group 7. Late transition metals are on the right side of the d-block, from group 8 to 11 (and 12 if it is counted as transition metals).
Optical image of four tungsten transition-edge sensors for near-infrared single-photon detection. Image credit: NIST. A transition-edge sensor (TES) is a type of cryogenic energy sensor or cryogenic particle detector that exploits the strongly temperature-dependent resistance of the superconducting phase transition.
There's a White House Transition Coordinating Council, of which I am a member, and we have had a number of meetings to facilitate the transition.
"I shared my videos because I wanted other trans people to see my transition," says Danielle, who posted her transition video on YouTube years ago.
But legal experts, including top Obama transition lawyer Norm Eisen, disagree with Langhofer's claim: I was the Deputy GC of a Transition (Obama-Biden 08).
A template Ocasio-Cortez has circulated includes a rapid transition to 100% renewable electricity and job guarantees for people working in the low-carbon transition.
The transition team is planning next week to start sending transition staffers to those and other domestic policy agencies to start planning for the Jan.
During the transition, a prime minister supported by the opposition and technocrats would incrementally assume the powers necessary to transition from unitary, single-party rule.
They are going through a major transition from being an investment led economy to one that is more consumer led and that's a tough transition.
The Trump transition is going very poorly and its leaders are blaming Christie, who was shitcanned as transition leader shortly after Trump won the presidency.
Cruz opposes the transition and has blocked a bill that would give Congress oversight over the transition because he says it doesn't go far enough.
It could mean Muller's investigation expands beyond the campaign and transition, since most of the other interviews have been with campaign or transition team members.
At the start of his transition, he instituted precedent-setting rules on lobbyists, restricted who could contribute to transition planning and adopted aggressive ethics guidelines.
The transition started from scratch, resulting in a level of chaos and disorder that only benefited the industry lobbyists well-placed on the transition team.
People close to the transition expect that many of the Clinton campaign's policy advisers will shift to the transition team as the election gets closer.
Pictures show the truth and Poolaw did a great service to humanity to capture the transition of a culture in transition, from a Native perspective.
Therefore, the Peierls transition should be seen at low temperature. This is the basic argument for the occurrence of the Peierls transition, sometimes called dimerization.
The transition period will run through the 2023–24 school year. The university prepares to transition to NCAA Division I competition on July 1, 2020.
The absolute value of entropy for a substance in its standard state at the reference temperature of 298.15 K is designated S°298. Entropy increases with temperature, and is discontinuous at phase transition temperatures. The change in entropy (ΔS°) at the normal phase transition temperature is equal to the heat of transition divided by the transition temperature. The SI units for entropy are J/(mol·K).
Top Barn, a house in the village The village has a transition group, part of the Transition network that organises activities to improve the community's resilience and awareness of the changes to living standards, energy and resource security. The group was founded as Transition Thame and District but in autumn 2010 refocussed on Haddenham and in February 2011 became officially recognised as a transition initiative.
First, the tapered transition allowing to convert a microstrip line into a SIW and secondly a transition between a coplanar line and a SIW (see attached figure). The tapered transition from microstrip to SIW is useful for thin substrates. In this case, the radiation losses associated with microstrip lines are not too significant. This transition is massively used and different optimizing process have been proposed.
Several polymer systems respond to temperature, undergoing a lower critical solution temperature phase transition. One of the better-studied such polymers is poly(N-isopropylacryamide), with a transition temperature of approximately 33 °C. Several homologous N-alkyl acrylamides also show LCST behavior, with the transition temperature depending on the length of the hydrophobic side chain. Above their transition temperature, these polymers become insoluble in water.
Incongruent transition, in chemistry, is a mass transition between two phases which involves a change in chemical composition. This is contrasted with congruent transition, for which the composition remains the same. The transition may be that of melting, vaporization or allotropism. The concept is also often extended to related phenomena, for example, incongruent dissolution of a solid by a liquid solvent, which is often encountered in geology.
If you are one of those women for whom the transition from periods to no periods was like the transition from walking to sitting down — congratulations.
The transition from the Obama presidency to a Trump administration represents more than the often-referenced peaceful transition of power that illustrates American democracy's enduring strength.
Trump transition memo: Trade reform begins Day 1 Giuliani is among those rumored to be under consideration by the Trump transition team for secretary of state.
Trump's transition was somewhat chaotic due to the president-elect's lack of political experience and the fact that he fired his transition director, New Jersey Gov.
While the transition from PS3 to PS4 didn't exactly leave me floored, it seemed the transition to VR could potentially be its most radical reformulation yet.
Campaigners in Katowice said another weekend of the violent "yellow vests" protests in France showed why a just transition is needed when shaping energy transition policy.
The GSA emails turned over to BuzzFeed News indicate that transition team officials were aware the agency might be forced to turn over the transition records.
Obviously, the way to judge the success of the transition is to see what happens post-transition and how the business and the team are doing.
The ten-month transition period between now and Nick's departure at the end of 2018 demonstrates Nick's commitment to a thoughtful, phased transition plan for Sea.
The Times, citing several sources close to the transition team, said Trump told advisers he wanted to use Pence's contacts to move the transition process along.
British businesses want a transition period to adapt to the post-Brexit world, but this requires an agreement on what Britain would transition to after 2019.
I didn't know that regular people, much less kids, could transition—and anyone I came across in the media that did transition were portrayed as freaks.
This also throws into doubt a decision that the Trump transition team did take last week to ban registered lobbyists from serving on the transition team.
With Trump's transition team now assembling the incoming cabinet — and Thiel playing an active role in that transition — the candidate seems poised to return the favor.
Successfully navigating this sort of transition is objectively difficult, especially if you don't have Southern California's weather or Texas's fossil fuel resources to smooth the transition.
These groups have tried to create their own narrative about transition care for minors using carefully mined detransition and transition regret stories from around the world.
Perhaps the most telling statistic of all: Virginia Tech scored 274 points in transition to zero for Syracuse, a team that has traditionally thrived in transition.
British businesses want a transition period to adapt to the circumstances after withdrawal, but this requires an agreement on what Britain would transition to after 2019.
Another transition official, former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland, was identified as another "senior transition" official referenced in the documents, according to The Associated Press.
While Franklin D. Roosevelt was the last to run a transition from his home in the neighborhood, other presidents have since had their transition headquarters there.
Aryl halides or triflates can be coupled with diboronyl reagents using transition metal catalysts. Aromatic C-H functionalization can also be done using transition metal catalysts.
Following the 2016 election, Collins served on Trump's presidential transition team.WGRZ-TV, "Rep. Chris Collins named to Trump transition team", Democrat and Chronicle, November 16, 2016.
Although women covered by Medicaid are supposed to automatically transition into the Healthy Texas Women program for postpartum coverage, this transition does not always take place.
In 2020, 15 years following the announcement to transition to Intel processors, Apple announced a transition of the Macintosh to ARM-based processors developed in-house.
Figure 6 Figure 6 Triangulating these data points indicates two distinct transition periods: The urban transition, which occurred roughly between 1908 and 1912, and the full national transition, which began with the implementation of the assembly line in 1913 and was well underway by the early 0003s.
"IL Indoor's 2018 Transition Player of the Year: Joey Cupido of the Colorado Mammoth", Ilindoor, 1 June 2018. and the NLL Transition Player of the Year as awarded by the league. Stephen Stamp. "Joey Cupido Named NLL Transition Player Of The Year", Ilindoor, 24 July 2018.
The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 39 to VHF channel 7 for post- transition operations. While 90% of the station's viewers received WJLA-TV's signal via cable or satellite, many of the over-the-air viewers had problems after the final transition.
By declaring a transition, values for attributes and styles can be smoothly interpolated over a certain time. The following code will make all HTML elements on a page gradually change their text color to pink: d3.selectAll("p") // select all elements .transition("trans_1") // transition with name "trans_1" .
Last year was essentially a transition year for Alphabet, which over the course of 2016 showed flashes of its transition beyond simply a search engine advertising business.
Trump transition officials hope to pool money from other programs and through tax reform to pay for the childcare and maternity leave proposal, the transition source said.
Christie, who began leading the presidential transition in the months before Trump's surprise victory, will now serve as a vice-chairman to the transition effort alongside Sen.
"Gary and Mike have a deliberate and thorough CFO transition plan with a singular focus — a seamless transition," Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said in a statement Monday.
But he has so far fully embraced lobbyists within his transition, and all signs point to a heavy influence from longtime Washington Republican circles on his transition.
Verret, who has worked on GOP presidential transition teams for the past 10 years, served as deputy director of economic policy on the Trump presidential transition team.
We will continue to support consumer use of classic Hangouts, and expect to transition consumers to free Chat and Meet following the transition of G Suite customers.
In this experiment, the researchers only had a moment's notice before the transition between states occurred; they can't predict the exact day and time of the transition.
Trump transition aide Sean Spicer told reporters that McCrory will meet with the president-elect in New York on Wednesday following Trump attending a transition fundraising breakfast.
"There's no question this is the slowest transition in decades," said R. Nicholas Burns, a former State Department official who spoke to the Times about the transition.
Any transition deal would depend on having some idea what it was a transition to - and it would probably have to be agreed by the 27 unanimously.
Meadows said he was willing to look at federal payments to insurers to prevent a premium spike during a transition period, but only for a transition period.
The hyper-masculine, body-building, Vietnam veteran known for leading man good looks and charm made a gender transition decades before Caitlyn Jenner advocated for gender transition.
When the presidential transition process was first formalized in legislation in 1964, Congress authorized up to $900,000 for transition expenses, or about $6.9 million in today's money.
"I've given up on even paying attention to that," said Myron Ebell, a senior expert at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute and former transition Trump transition official.
Washington (CNN)A spokesman for special counsel Robert Mueller has denied accusations by Trump transition lawyers that Mueller's team got unauthorized access to thousands of transition emails.
"We are sure we can achieve a peaceful transition - a transition and eventually free elections," Guaido said in the Spanish-language interview, which was translated into English.
I believe that a good outcome is a happy child, regardless of whether they decide to transition or not transition, or how they identify in the end.
The transition to democracy, given the fragmented and dark nature of Venezuela's military, will therefore never be a clean, overnight transition from military rule to civilian rule.
"We're going through a transition, but I would say it's a transition that has been planned for some time," Mr. Watson said in an interview on Thursday.
Anthony said that one of the biggest hurdles she faced in the early stages of her transition was finding out how to transition in the first place.
Trump transition undermined Russian sanctions After the election, the Trump transition team asked Russia not to retaliate against new US sanctions imposed by then-President Barack Obama.
If you draw attention to the stories of transition gone wrong, the thinking goes, there will be less public support for transition and for transgender people themselves.
He didn't appropriately subpoena selected transition emails but collected every email in the entire transition without notice, prying them from holdover employees at the General Services Administration.
The campaign's lawyers raised questions about whether someone can go to court seeking evidence from the transition, which could come up again if others pursue transition documents.
Mitotic arrest can be achieved through many methods and at various points within M-phase, including the G2/M transition, the metaphase/anaphase transition, and mitotic exit.
For a population process, "birth" is the transition towards increasing the population size by 1 while "death" is the transition towards decreasing the population size by 1.
Transition from School to Adult Life: Models, Linkages and Policy. Sycamore, IL: Sycamore Press.Schall, C. & McFarland- Whisman, J. (2009). Meeting transition goals through inclusion. (pp.95-110).
John F. Kennedy funded his own (1960–61) transition, like his predecessors, and engaged in extensive transition planning on domestic and foreign policy issues, but did not meet with Eisenhower until January 6, 1961, two months after the election. The Presidential Transition Act of 1963 () has been amended by the Presidential Transitions Effectiveness Act of 1998 (), the Presidential Transition Act of 2000 (), the Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act of 2010 () and the Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015 (). These laws established formal mechanisms to facilitate presidential transitions. Specifically, the act directs the Administrator of General Services to provide facilities, funding of approximately $5 million, access to government services, support for a transition team, and to provide training and orientation of new government personnel and other procedures to ensure an orderly transition.
Modern optical atomic clocks are by today the most accurate time-keeping devices. Their underlying principle of operation is based on the fact that the energy of an atomic transition (the energy difference between two atomic states) is independent of space and time. The atomic transition energy corresponds to a particular frequency of a light wave, which is required to drive the transition. Therefore, an atomic transition can be excited with the help of laser light, if the laser frequency is exactly matching the frequency corresponding to the energy of the atomic transition.
The Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transition (BKT transition) is a phase transition of the two-dimensional (2-D) XY model in statistical physics. It is a transition from bound vortex-antivortex pairs at low temperatures to unpaired vortices and anti-vortices at some critical temperature. The transition is named for condensed matter physicists Vadim Berezinskii, John M. Kosterlitz and David J. Thouless. BKT transitions can be found in several 2-D systems in condensed matter physics that are approximated by the XY model, including Josephson junction arrays and thin disordered superconducting granular films.
In particular, 1s-to-2p transition is dipole allowed and can be directly generated by ETHz(t) if the photon energy matches the transition energy. In gallium arsenide-type systems, this transition energy is roughly 4 meV that corresponds to 1 THz photons. At resonance, the dipole d1s,2p defines the Rabi energy ΩRabi = d1s,2p ETHz(t) that determines the time scale at which the 1s-to-2p transition proceeds.
To achieve its distinct composition, the proximal-most region of the cilium consists of a transition zone that controls which proteins can enter and leave the cilium. At the transition zone, Y-shaped structures connect the ciliary membrane to the underlying axoneme. Control of selective entry into cilia may involve a sieve-like function of transition zone. Inherited defects in components of the transition zone cause ciliopathies, such as Joubert syndrome.
The Admiral Clarey Bridge with gateway open The bridge was designed with a movable floating pontoon. Steel transition spans connect the two ends of the fixed bridge to the pontoon. Two hydraulic rams, located on either side of the transition spans, lift the transition spans off the pontoon allowing the pontoon to retract under the fixed bridge. The transition spans accommodate of tide movement and of pontoon movement.
It is this fundamental transition from a > machine which is a number cruncher to a machine for manipulating symbols > according to rules that is the fundamental transition from calculation to > computation—to general-purpose computation—and looking back from the present > high ground of modern computing, if we are looking and sifting history for > that transition, then that transition was made explicitly by Ada in that > 1843 paper.
KTTV shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 11, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television. The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 65, which was among the high-band UHF channels (52–69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition, to its analog-era VHF channel 11 for post- transition operations.
The smoothness requirements on the transition functions can be weakened, so that we only require the transition maps to be k-times continuously differentiable; or strengthened, so that we require the transition maps to be real-analytic. Accordingly, this gives a C^k or (real-)analytic structure on the manifold rather than a smooth one. Similarly, we can define a complex structure by requiring the transition maps to be holomorphic.
The change over from sport to sport takes place in a designated transition area. The transition provides a staging area where bicycles, running shoes, hydration and other gear is set up ready to be used during the course of the event. The first transition, known as T1, is between the swim-to-bike segments of the race. The second transition, T2, is between the bike-to-run segments.
ATRP usually employs a transition metal complex as the catalyst with an alkyl halide as the initiator (R-X). Various transition metal complexes, namely those of Cu, Fe, Ru, Ni, and Os, have been employed as catalysts for ATRP. In an ATRP process, the dormant species is activated by the transition metal complex to generate radicals via one electron transfer process. Simultaneously the transition metal is oxidized to higher oxidation state.
Members of his transition team are also known for conservative views on Cuba, including Robert Blau, a former assistant secretary of State and Cuba hawk, who will help manage the transition at the State Department, and Mauricio Claver-Carone, who will assist the transition at the Treasury Department.
In addition to a two-year maximum transition, he said the UK should not accept new EU or European Court of Justice rulings during transition, must not make payments for single market access when the transition ends, and should not agree to shadow EU regulations to gain access.
Donald Trump's presidential transition is barely moving due to paperwork Donald Trump's presidential transition is barely moving due to paperwork Donald Trump's presidential transition has virtually stopped while the president-elect's team haggles with the White House over the paperwork required to officially begin the transfer of power.
Merely thinking about transitioning was somehow distinct from wanting to transition, as long as I was the one doing the thinking, which meant that I was not trans, which meant that I ought not to transition, which meant that I had no choice but to continue thinking about transition.
Mueller's interest in the transition emails became the source of a controversy in December when the Trump transition team wrote to members of Congress accusing the special counsel of obtaining unauthorized access to tens of thousands of transition emails, including some they claim are protected by attorney-client privilege.
A bypass transition is a laminar–turbulent transition in a fluid flow over a surface. It occurs when a laminar boundary layer transitions to a turbulent one through some secondary instability mode, bypassing some of the pre-transitional events that typically occur in a natural laminar–turbulent transition.
Meese's presidential transition team employed more than 1,000 individuals, with 311 being paid in federal funds, 331 working for a "token" $1, and the rest serving as volunteers. When accounting for inflation, the Reagan transition team spent less money than the Carter transition team, $1.75 million versus $1.78 million.
Balai Citoyen's Herve Kam said: "Today was the day of compromise. Both soldiers and civilians agree on a civilian transition. The institutions of the transition will be led by civilians." United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed and congratulated the adoption of the Charter of the Transition.
Following a tumultuous transition period, approval ratings for Trump's handling of the transition are more than 20 points below those for any of his three most recent predecessors.
RELATED: FEC hits Trump on 1,100 errors, totaling roughly $1.3M Reviews are mixed for Trump's transition so far, 203% approve of his handling of the transition, 45% disapprove.
And any transition deal would depend on having some idea what it was a transition to — and it would probably have to be agreed by the 27 unanimously.
He added that he understood why Ireland wanted a four to five-year Brexit transition period for Britain, but said transition was possible within a much tighter timescale.
That stance meant the transition from Republicans being in the majority to the minority at the start of the year was not much of a transition at all.
But actually some people's preference – including my preference – is to do really fast transition, animated transition… Some people call it ludicrous speed so it's this really fast animation.
" The big transition, the big transition to make is going from a mindset in which you say, "I'm right," to asking yourself, "How do I know I'm right?
A June 15 memo from the Trump transition team's general counsel directed transition staffers and volunteers to preserve records related to Gates and Manafort, among other campaign associates.
Why it matters: Axios' Mike Allen has reported that Mueller obtained "many tens of thousands" of Trump transition emails from the GSA, which hosted the transition email system.
The letters remained publicly available for all to read during and after the transition, a major step toward applying accepted standards of open government to the transition period.
No one knows what a careful transition to single-payer would actually look like, and how this transition might be accomplished without causing undue damage to existing systems.
For those in the military, it may be even more difficult to navigate the bureaucratic gateways to transition while fundamental steps in your transition are being formally withheld.
As an example, Renée Richards [a tennis player in the 1970s] was a better singles player before her transition, but was a better doubles player after her transition.
What he knew Pence -- who was in charge of Trump's transition -- knew Flynn had contacted Russia, but was left unaware of the sanctions discussion, according to transition officials.
The real difference is at the top, where the Trump transition team seems to view a multifaceted communications strategy as much more essential than in previous transition teams.
Jim Johnson, a Washington lawyer who had managed the Kerry transition in 2004, provided the Obama team with material from that effort and from the 2000 Gore transition.
It authorized the creation of a transition coordinating council, composed of high-level executive branch officials chosen by the president, as well as an agency transition directors council.
"Our committee has direct jurisdiction over the Presidential Transition Act, and it simply does not support withholding transition team emails from criminal investigators," Cummings said in a statement.
More to the point, the stunning disarray, nepotism, score-settling and incompetence of the Trump transition effort make clear that your administration will not be "assisting" a transition.
"The best time to transition kids as you go up the textural pyramid is when their oral motor development is ready for the next transition," Ms. Lipner said.
JUST TRANSITION FUND Several of the EU's 28 member states, predominantly from eastern Europe, have flagged that they need significant financial aid to transition away from fossil fuels.
So much for Obama's attempts to promote a smooth transition—inviting the president-elect in the White House, and instructing his subordinates to cooperate with his transition team.
Some coal miners are concerned their jobs may be lost in the transition. A just transition from coal is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
It has also been suggested that the nonmetal-metal transition is simply the result of a band gap closure, as occurs with iodine, rather than a structural transition.
World map of digital television transition progress: Transition completed; all analog signals terminated Transition almost completed; most analog signals terminated Transition in progress; broadcasting both analog and digital signals Transition has not been planned or started, or is in early stages No information available The digital television transition, also called the digital switchover (DSO), the analog switch-off (ASO), the digital migration, or the analog shutdown, is the process in which older analog television broadcasting technology is converted to and replaced by digital television. Conducted by individual nations on different schedules, this primarily involves the conversion of analog terrestrial television broadcasting infrastructure to digital terrestrial (DTT), a major benefit being extra frequencies on the radio spectrum and lower broadcasting costs, as well as improved viewing qualities for consumers. The transition may also involve analog cable conversion to digital cable or internet protocol television, as well as analog to digital satellite television. Transition of land based broadcasting was begun by some countries around 2000.
The definition of a transition metal, as given by IUPAC in the Gold Book, is an element whose atom has an incomplete d sub-shell, or which can give rise to cations with an incomplete d sub-shell. By this definition all of the elements in groups 3–11 are transition metals. The IUPAC definition therefore excludes group 12, comprising zinc, cadmium and mercury, from the transition metals category. However, the 2005 IUPAC nomenclature as codified in the Red Book gives both the group 3–11 and group 3–12 definitions of the transition metals as alternatives. Some chemists treat the categories "d-block elements" and "transition metals" interchangeably, thereby including groups 3–12 among the transition metals.
The Hammond–Leffler postulate states that the structure of the transition state more closely resembles either the products or the starting material, depending on which is higher in enthalpy. A transition state that resembles the reactants more than the products is said to be early, while a transition state that resembles the products more than the reactants is said to be late. Thus, the Hammond–Leffler Postulate predicts a late transition state for an endothermic reaction and an early transition state for an exothermic reaction. A dimensionless reaction coordinate that quantifies the lateness of a transition state can be used to test the validity of the Hammond–Leffler postulate for a particular reaction.
The creation of transition scenarios has two basic objectives. To ensure that the scenario created is relevant to the concepts of transition management to allow the system to be systematically analysed and to contribute to social learning. These objectives are encapsulated in the content and process, respectively, of transition scenario creation.
WRDQ shut down its analog signal, on UHF channel 27, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.List of Digital Full-Power Stations The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 14 to channel 27 for post- transition operations.
The rearrangement is shown, as well as the reaction's final products. E-alkenes are pictured in the top half, Z-alkenes in the bottom half. Operative chair transition states are detailed first, boat transition states second. Major products are labeled, and unobserved minor products of boat transition states are depicted.
"I didn't understand how difficult it would be to transition in the public eye and look back at pre-transition videos—it's sort of humiliating and painful," she explains.
He smartly appointed a transition team during the fall campaign -- a must these days -- but then, mysteriously, fired his transition chief, Chris Christie, and essentially decapitated the Christie team.
The Trump transition team did not respond to a request for comment, and Business Insider was unable to confirm which members from the Trump transition team would be present.
Those concerns have grown as global telecommunications networks begin to transition to 5G networks — a transition that Huawei is hoping to play a big role in, especially in Europe.
A senior transition official, identified in media reports as KT McFarland, told Flynn that the transition team "did not want Russia to escalate the situation," according to court documents.
During the transition, McCain's staff sent the Trump transition team a list of potential names for Pentagon jobs that was ignored, according to two sources familiar with the process.
The memos direct former staffers to prevent the automatic deletion of any records and former Trump transition officials are asked to send in materials to the Trump transition team.
In addition, the Trump transition has announced that anyone joining the transition or the administration must agree not to lobby the administration for five years after leaving the government.
Our latest study, published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology, helped us better understand the transition to unconsciousness during sedation, and how this transition varies from person to person.
NEW ADDITION TO THE TRUMP FCC TRANSITION: President-elect Donald Trump is tapping another critic of net neutrality to help with the transition at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Officials of President Trump's transition team plan to ask Special Counsel Robert Mueller to return "many tens of thousands" of transition emails they contend were unlawfully provided to him.
Hawaii in 2015 was the first state to make the commitment to transition to renewable energy use, with California this fall also announcing it will transition its electric grids.
A former senior transition official explained that Pence was mostly concerned with "human resources" and personnel in his role as transition chairman, which included oversight of major Cabinet appointments.
In order to avert the possibility of disaster, the Partnership for Public Service has been advocating for robust transition planning to assure a seamless and peaceful transition between administrations.
Unlike 85033 and 2016, when a transition was guaranteed, Trump is going to be running as an incumbent, meaning there will be no transition if he wins re-election.
The transition of the enterprise from private to public clouds is likely to be the most impactful transition in the IT data center sector in the past three decades.
After some hesitation, the Trump transition has attracted a number of Republican insiders, ranging from Ed Meese (who ran Reagan's 1980 transition) to a variety of conservative think-tankers.
Right now he is very inconsistent as a rim runner in transition, a trait that sometimes infuriates point guard Sergio Rodriguez, who loves to push the ball in transition.
Instead, they said that the housecleaning was part of a renewed effort by Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the new transition chief, to eliminate lobbyists from the transition team.
For instance: Flynn has now admitted that senior officials on the Trump transition team were aware of his outreach to Kislyak on the matter of sanctions during the transition.
Medicaid programs in some states are beginning to cover transition-related services, even the military is stepping up, and trans people are able to transition younger than ever before.
"Yes, cities do go through this transition, and yes, it is a difficult transition," said Jemilah Magnusson, the global communications director of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.
The timeline of transition is both alike and nothing like it: One becomes, if not willing to transition, at least curious, sometimes desperate, sometimes terrified, sometimes confident, sometimes tentative.
That decision, the transition said, was communicated to the special counsel's office the next day, nearly one week before Mueller's team sent its email requesting GSA preserve transition emails.
Dan: It's been a psychological transition, and an orientation transition from a business that started like an open-ended freelance project to this now runs like a proper business.
Capitalism survived the transition from horse-and-buggy to the Model T. It survived the transition from an agricultural economy to a manufacturing economy to a service-based one.
Payne only intended to transition socially, but found that the further he got into transition, the greater his dysphoria became, a path that led him to exploring phalloplasty options.
Although she had hoped to be allowed to transition on the job, IBM fired Conway in 1968 after she revealed her intention to transition to a female gender role.
Humans would have to transition to running at much faster speeds than 2.0 m/s (4.5 mph) in order for the transition to represent a decrease in energy consumption.
The spacing, and the energy of a typical spectroscopic transition, between vibrational energy levels is about 100 times greater than that of a typical transition between rotational energy levels.
Wide moving jams do not emerge spontaneously in free flow, but they can emerge in regions of synchronized flow. This phase transition is called a S → J phase transition.
Transition funding for the expenses of leaving office is available for seven months. It covers office space, staff compensation, communications services, and printing and postage associated with the transition.
They are a kind of phase transition generators, utilizing pressure-induced magnetic phase transition effect.E-Bombs Could Go Mainstream. Aviation Week (2009-03-11). Retrieved on 2010-02-08.
" - Drew, 22 "Transition lenses will only bring ridicule.
Cue the Law & Order transition sound effect ... now.
The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 56, which was among the high band UHF channels (52-69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition, to its analog-era VHF channel 13 (as a result of this, as of November 5, 2010, WLOS is the only Sinclair-owned television station owned at the digital transition that broadcast on the VHF band post-transition).
In terms of the graph of reaction coordinate versus energy, this is shown by the fact that the tertiary transition state is further to the left than the other transition states. In contrast, the energy of a methyl carbocation is very high, and therefore the structure of the transition state is more similar to the intermediate carbocation than to the R-X reactant. Accordingly, the methyl transition state is very far to the right.
In terms of the graph of reaction coordinate versus energy, this is shown by the fact that the tertiary transition state is further to the left than the other transition states. In contrast, the energy of a methyl carbocation is very high, and therefore the structure of the transition state is more similar to the intermediate carbocation than to the R-X reactant. Accordingly, the methyl transition state is very far to the right.
A digression by speaker can cause a vertical transition as well: by the way and as a matter of fact, and exits from the transition are prompted by anyway and so. Some words, like okay are universally used for a variety of transitions, like digression, vertical transition, and horizontal transition. Speakers understand and use these markers seamlessly and precisely in conversation to coordinate joint actions and maintain common ground for future direct reference.
On April 16, 2009, WKLE shut down its analog signal over UHF channel 46 as part of the mandatory analog-to-digital television transition. The deadline for the transition had been extended from February 17, 2009, to June 12 of that year by the DTV Delay Act. All KET stations, along with CBS affiliate WKYT-TV, completed the transition on April 16. WKGB's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 48.
In its coil state, the radius of gyration of the macromolecule scales as its chain length to the three-fifths power. As it passes through the coil–globule transition, it shifts to scaling as chain length to the half power (at the transition) and finally to the one third power in the collapsed state. The direction of the transition is often specified by the constructions 'coil-to- globule' or 'globule-to-coil' transition.
Salicide process The salicide process begins with deposition of a thin transition metal layer over fully formed and patterned semiconductor devices (e.g. transistors). The wafer is heated, allowing the transition metal to react with exposed silicon in the active regions of the semiconductor device (e.g., source, drain, gate) forming a low-resistance transition metal silicide. The transition metal does not react with the silicon dioxide nor the silicon nitride insulators present on the wafer.
The Zelinsky Model of Migration Transition, also known as the Migration Transition Model or Zelinsky's Migration Transition Model, claims that the type of migration that occurs within a country depends on how developed it is or what type of society it is. A connection is drawn from migration to the stages of within the Demographic Transition Model (DTM). It was developed by Wilbur Zelinsky, longtime professor of geography at the Pennsylvania State University.
The glass-transition temperature may be engineered by altering the degree of branching or crosslinking in the polymer or by the addition of plasticizers. Whereas crystallization and melting are first-order phase transitions, the glass transition is not. The glass transition shares features of second-order phase transitions (such as discontinuity in the heat capacity, as shown in the figure), but it is generally not considered a thermodynamic transition between equilibrium states.
According to the above definition, deterministic finite automata are always complete: they define a transition for each state and each input symbol. While this is the most common definition, some authors use the term deterministic finite automaton for a slightly different notion: an automaton that defines at most one transition for each state and each input symbol; the transition function is allowed to be partial. When no transition is defined, such an automaton halts.
One of these groundplanes can be continuous through the transition, but the other ends at the transition. There is a similar issue with the microstrip to CPW transition shown at C in the diagram. There is only one ground plane in each type but it changes from one side of the substrate to the other at the transition. This can be avoided by printing the microstrip and CPW lines on opposite sides of the substrate.
WHBQ-TV discontinued regular programming on its analog signal, over VHF channel 13, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television. The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 53, which was among the high band UHF channels (52-69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition, to its analog-era VHF channel 13 for post- transition operations.
"In a more organized transition there would have been someone to vet people before there were meetings," the source said as explanation, acknowledging "incompetence" in that area of the transition.
The NASA Transition Authorization Act that President Trump signed last year directed the space agency to come up with a way to transition the ISS away from mostly NASA funding.
"The only thing we gave in the second meeting was the telephone number of the transition team because the Russians wanted to get hold of the transition team," Banks said.
"I'm hoping that it shows people that are thinking about coming out, or want to transition and are afraid, that you can transition and things can go well," she says.
But the best-selling transition memoirs, like Juliet Jacques's Trans or Deirdre McCloskey's Crossing, almost take on the form of a success story, with the narrator achieving a complete transition.
"It was very substantive, papers on the political transition were actually distributed and they went very deeply into how they see the political transition being potentially implemented soon," he said.
Instead, email records show Shaub getting increasingly concerned and frustrated about the transition team's apathy: On November 211, OGE volunteered to drop off guidebooks to help with the transition process.
"We do not believe the Street had been expecting a CFO transition and, in fact, had expected a transition at the CEO level before one with the CFO," Divan wrote.
Part 2: The Transition The transition from cars that we operated ourselves to cars that did the driving for us was so subtle we didn't even notice it was happening.
Prosecutors also released Flynn's Statement of Offense, which detailed how Trump transition officials directed Flynn to reach out to Russian officials and officials from other countries during the presidential transition.
As part of the deal, an investment structure dedicated to the "food transition" will be systematically funded by Carrefour and the banks based on Carrefour's "CSR and food transition index".
"People who are in moments of transition are particularly vulnerable to con artists because transition creates emotional vulnerability because it creates uncertainty, and we really don't like uncertainty," Konnikova said.
But on Tuesday, emails to that transition address were bouncing back, and transition spokesman Jason Miller said on a morning conference call that the general's son is no longer involved.
ENERGY TRANSITION Under existing climate change agreements, policymakers envisage a worldwide energy transition from CO216-emitting fossil fuels to cleaner electricity generated from zero-emission wind, solar and nuclear sources.
The coach, who made the transition out of a full-time job into freelancing herself, usually plans for her clients to take a full year to transition comfortably into freelancing.
A group of outside advocates recently argued in a letter to congressional leadership that the transition contravenes an appropriations rider that forbids the administration from spending money on the transition.
To ease the transition, they offer extracurricular activities, designated mentors, report cards, and, most importantly, a large "class" of 22-year-old co-workers who all undergo the transition together.
This finding is referred to in clinical contexts as the "E to A transition." If associated with fever, shortness of breath, and cough, this E to A transition indicates pneumonia.
Retrieved 2012-05-07. This includes a secondary transition program for students in grades 8 to 12.Skyline secondary transition program, School district #27 Cariboo-Chilcotin. Retrieved 2012-05-07.
Transition,Macauley R. "The 'Little Magazines'." Transition, 1963(9):24-25. The Texas Quarterly,Macauley R. "A Local Habitation and a Name." The Texas Quarterly, 1964;VII(2):29-40.
The forest transition: an alternative approach. Area 27(3): 242-251Mather, A.S. and C.L. Needle. 1998. The forest transition: a theoretical basis. Area 30(2): 117-124Rudel, Thomas K. 1998.
Girls spend time as residential students in the on-campus Transition House, learning to manage their lives independently. Transition students also run an outdoor café to gain small business skills.
We see things like [command] not granting people exception to policy, or delaying for a year or more on signing off on a transition plan, or narrowly interpreting the policy to say that you cannot get a transition plan in place until you're stable—but you can't be stable until you medically transition.
Mr. Kushner, Mr. Trump's son-in-law and a senior transition adviser, met at Trump Tower with Sergey I. Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to Washington at the time, and discussed setting up a back channel to communicate with Moscow during the transition — circumventing American diplomatic channels normally used during a presidential transition.
KCPQ shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 13, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital of Digital Full-Power Stations The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 18 to VHF channel 13 for post-transition operations.
WOTF-TV ended programming on its analog signal, over UHF channel 43, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.List of Digital Full- Power Stations The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 20 to channel 43 for post-transition operations.
After retirement, Hiranandani served on the Union Public Service Commission. Later, he was appointed the Official Historian of the Indian Navy. He authored three landmark books on Indian naval history, Transition to Triumph, Transition to Eminence and Transition to Guardianship. These books covered the history of the Indian Navy from 1965 to 2000.
The final project phase is Transition. In this phase the system is deployed to the target users. Feedback received from an initial release (or initial releases) may result in further refinements to be incorporated over the course of several Transition phase iterations. The Transition phase also includes system conversions and user training.
The three G1 cyclins collaborate to drive yeast cells through the G1-S transition, i.e. to enter S-phase and begin DNA replication. The current model of the gene regulatory network controlling the G1-S transition is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: Regulation of the G1-S transition in budding yeast.
However, in practice there is no sharp transition and it is difficult to obtain a precise transition temperature (it is really a transition region). An exact DBTT may be empirically derived in many ways: a specific absorbed energy, change in aspect of fracture (such as 50% of the area is cleavage), etc.
Diamond from Juína, Brazil with ringwoodite inclusions suggests presence of water in the transition zone. Mineral samples from the transition zone and lower mantle come from inclusions found in diamonds. Researchers have recently discovered diamond inclusions of ice-VII in the transition zone. Ice-VII is water in a high pressure state.
Which elements start to be counted as post-transition metals depends, in periodic table terms, on where the transition metals are taken to end. In the 1950s, most inorganic chemistry textbooks defined transition elements as finishing at group 10 (nickel, palladium and platinum), therefore excluding group 11 (copper, silver and gold), and group 12 (zinc, cadmium and mercury). A survey of chemistry books in 2003 showed that the transition metals ended at either group 11 or group 12 with roughly equal frequency. Where the post- transition metals end depends on where the metalloids or nonmetals start.
The planned presidential transition of Mitt Romney, better known as the Romney Readiness Project, refers to the planned transfer of power from President Barack Obama to Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's candidate for president in the 2012 presidential election. Because Barack Obama was reelected as President, the transition did not take place. The transition plan was the first to occur under the terms of the 2010 Pre-election Presidential Transition Act. The Edward "Ted" Kaufman and Michael Leavitt Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015 was named in Leavitt's honor and also in honor of the head of the Obama transition team.
The Verwey transition is a low-temperature phase transition in the mineral magnetite near 125 kelvins associated with changes in its magnetic, electrical, and thermal properties. Upon warming through the Verwey transition temperature (), the magnetite crystal lattice changes from a monoclinic structure insulator to the metallic cubic inverse spinel structure that persists at room temperature. The phenomenon is named after Evert Verwey, a Dutch chemist who first recognized, in the 1940s, the connection between the structural transition and the changes in the physical properties of magnetite. This was the first metal-insulator transition to be found.
Mayor-elect Lightfoot meeting with Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on May 7, 2019 Mayor- elect Lightfoot meeting with Senior Advisor to the President of the United States Ivanka Trump on May 7, 2019 Lightfoot took office on May 20, 2019. Incumbent mayor Rahm Emanuel reportedly modeled the transition between his and Lightfoot's administrations on the U.S. presidential transition between the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. Emanuel was part of the Bush- Obama transition as Obama's Chief of Staff designate. Lightfoot endorsed the comparison between her transition and the Bush-Obama transition.
More than half -- 51% -- of Americans surveyed disapprove of Trump's handling of his transition, an increase in disapproval compared to a November Quinnipiac poll, when 46% disapproved of his transition handling.
Tom Price has been kept out of the transition team's efforts to craft an Obamacare replacement plan so he can be shielded from answering questions, a senior transition official told CNN.
White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Friday that Flynn's attorney contacted a Trump transition attorney to notify the transition of the potential filing, but said Trump was not made aware.
Trump picked a leading climate denier to head the EPA transition Trump's decision to install Myron Ebell as the head of his EPA transition team sent shivers through the activist community.
To take a deeper look at what it's actually like to navigate a partner's major career transition, we spoke to four individuals who have supported a partner through a career transition.
During the transition, multiple sources told CNN the transition was furious with leaks, and clamped down on staff to ensure information about what was being worked on would not get out.
Our transition to Rate 14 continues to be the most seamless rate transition in the program's history, and our Boeing South Carolina 787 manufacturing operations are the healthiest they've ever been.
"Financial policymakers will not drive the transition to a low-carbon economy, but we will expect our regulated firms to anticipate and manage the risks associated with that transition," Carney said.
Donald Trump's transition into office will be unique because he has few strings attached when it comes to government, George H.W. Bush transition co-chair Craig Fuller told CNBC on Monday.
Mike Rogers announced he was leaving the transition team, as part of what sources close to the transition process told NBC News was a "purge" of loyalists to New Jersey Gov.
Sources familiar with the sudden departures say Rogers was told by Dearborn that being brought into the transition by Christie was a factor in his abrupt dismissal from the transition team.
Caitlyn Jenner's 2015 transition and Vanity Fair debut made global headlines – but a lesser known fact is that Jenner, now 66, made her first attempt to transition back in the 1980s.
Accordingly, "some people may cross-dress, some may want to socially transition," and others may decide to medically transition with hormone therapies or gender affirmation surgery notes the American Psychiatric Association.
He said he "recently confirmed" that US intelligence agencies "collected information" on Trump transition officials, and that the Obama administration used these reports to improperly spy on the Trump transition operation.
Calls made during transition In court, prosecutors detailed calls made by Flynn in late December 2016 to the senior Trump transition team at Mar-a-Lago to discuss conversations with Kislyak.
Two senior transition officials mentioned to CNN that Pence was slowly weened off of email during the transition period, another step to prepare him for his new role as vice president.
Rural communities can provide climate answers, including: While rural communities will be key in the transition to a low carbon economy, they also face challenges that make a just transition critical.
Evidence-based federal programs were developed to ease the burden of transition for service members, whether it's about education (Post 9/11 GI Bill) or employment (Transition Assistance Program or TAP).
"Climate campaigners have to address the real‐world concerns of people who may not come out on top during the transition," Craig Morris, an environmental blogger, wrote in German Energy Transition.
"Our position is in the customs unions and single market in the transition period and leave the options on the table for after the transition period," Keir Starmer told BBC radio.
Still, former officials and experts say, a transition is a transition, even when a president is booted after just one term, and it's best to plan for the possibility of defeat.
I think part of that might be because we had a leadership transition in the firm, and so at the time of the leadership transition there's a little bit more focus.
"President-elect Trump is putting together the most qualified administration in history and the transition process is currently running smoothly," the transition team said in a statement reported by CBS News.
But former Energy Department employees and presidential transition officials said that while it is normal for presidential transition teams to ask policy questions, it is highly unusual to send out questionnaires.
But as the chairman of the transition effort, I can assure the American people that his energy and his vision during the course of this transition has been even more inspiring.
Melissa Fleming, a spokeswoman for Mr. Guterres's transition team, said Mr. Guterres had not yet met with the Trump transition team, but the two are expected to speak by phone soon.
In November 2019, Tokyo began the transition from male to female, documenting the gender transition on Instagram. Tokyo has a boyfriend, Chris Aaron, who is also Tokyo's business partner and manager.
In 2002, she began a series of treatments for gender transition and began using the name Alice Lyman Miller. She said her professional community and family were supportive of her transition.
This process was similar to the distribution of universal binaries during the Mac transition to Intel processors in 2006, as well as the Mac transition to Apple Silicon beginning in 2020.
Richens, p. 282. There are a few divalent and trivalent aqua ions of transition metals in the second and third transition series. With oxidation state 4, however, only hydrolyzed species exist.
The transition to spoken language is said to have occurred only at that point.Corballis, M. C. 2002. Did language evolve from manual gestures? In A. Wray (ed.), The Transition to Language.
The intensity of radiation was logarithmically proportional to the Lorentz factor of the particle. After the first observation of the transition radiation in the optical region P.Goldsmith and J.V.Jelley,"Optical transition radiation from protons entering metal surfaces", Philos.Mag. 4 (1959) 836, many early studies indicated that the application of the optical transition radiation for the detection and identification of individual particles seemed to be severely limited due to the inherent low intensity of the radiation. Interest in transition radiation was renewed when Garibian showed that the radiation should also appear in the x-ray region for ultrarelativistic particles. His theory predicted some remarkable features for transition radiation in the x-ray region G.M.Garibyan "Contribution to the Theory of Transition Radiation", JETP (USSR) 33 (1957) 1403; Sov.Phys.
" Reached for comment, Trump's transition team told CNN, "Mr.
Jeff Sessions to transition staffer Kris Kobach — subscribe to.
The transition doesn't entirely succeed — but it's always beautiful.
Well in fact I am working on ... Transition documents.
" He added, "That transition is happening here and now.
Here's what you need to know: • Trump's transition itinerary.
GRAPHIC: White House Transition Project - report on turnover: bit.
The transition to ballet wasn't easy — there were tears.
KICU-TV shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 36, on February 17, 2009, to conclude the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.List of Digital Full-Power Stations The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 52, which was among the high band UHF channels (52-69) that were removed from broadcasting use as a result of the transition, to its former analog-era UHF channel 36 for post-transition operations.
First, a spin-forbidden reaction proceeds through the minimum energy crossing point (MECP) rather than through transition state (TS). Second, unlike TST, the probability of transition is not equal to unity during the reaction and treated as a function of internal energy associated with the reaction coordinate. At this stage non-relativistic couplings responsible for mixing between states is a driving force of transition. For example, the larger spin-orbit coupling at MECP the larger the probability of transition.
For example, in an exothermic reaction the transition state is closer in energy to the reactants than to the products. Therefore, the transition state will be more geometrically similar to the reactants than to the products. In contrast, however, in an endothermic reaction the transition state is closer in energy to the products than to the reactants. So, according to Hammond’s postulate the structure of the transition state would resemble the products more than the reactants.
For example, in an exothermic reaction the transition state is closer in energy to the reactants than to the products. Therefore, the transition state will be more geometrically similar to the reactants than to the products. In contrast, however, in an endothermic reaction the transition state is closer in energy to the products than to the reactants. So, according to Hammond's postulate the structure of the transition state would resemble the products more than the reactants.
This Kauzmann paradox has been the subject of much debate and many publications since it was first put forward by Walter Kauzmann in 1948. One resolution of the Kauzmann paradox is to say that there must be a phase transition before the entropy of the liquid decreases. In this scenario, the transition temperature is known as the calorimetric ideal glass transition temperature T0c. In this view, the glass transition is not merely a kinetic effect, i.e.
This is done by integrating the peak corresponding to a given transition. It can be shown that the enthalpy of transition can be expressed using the following equation: \Delta H = K A where \Delta H is the enthalpy of transition, K is the calorimetric constant, and A is the area under the curve. The calorimetric constant will vary from instrument to instrument, and can be determined by analyzing a well-characterized sample with known enthalpies of transition.
In the XY model in two dimensions, a second-order phase transition is not seen. However, one finds a low-temperature quasi-ordered phase with a correlation function (see statistical mechanics) that decreases with the distance like a power, which depends on the temperature. The transition from the high-temperature disordered phase with the exponential correlation to this low-temperature quasi-ordered phase is a Kosterlitz–Thouless transition. It is a phase transition of infinite order.
Upon completion of the core phase, students move into the transition phase. During the transition phase, students continue to practice the skills needed for healthy, independent living. Despite holding jobs, participating in internships, and/or attending a traditional postsecondary educational institution, transition students continue to live with MICC roommates on campus and maintain their involvement in MICC activities. After completion of the transition phase, students are considered to have graduated from Minnesota Independence College and Community.
A transition tag is a tool used by National Football League teams to retain unrestricted free agents. It guarantees the original club the right of first refusal to match any offer the player may make with another team. The transition tag can be used once a year by each club unless they elect to use a franchise tag instead. Transition tags can be rescinded; however, teams that rescind a transition tag cannot use it again until the next season.
Transition towns aim to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and one way they do this is by developing an EDAP. The term "community" is defined here as including local people, local institutions, local agencies and the local council. The first comprehensive plan was created for Totnes in 2010, entitled Transition in Action: Totnes & District 2030. In France, where the movement is called Villes et Territoires en Transition, the association négaWatt provides a theoretical support to the transition movement.
Fluorophores are more likely to be excited by photons if the transition moment of the fluorophore is parallel to the electric vector of the photon.Lakowicz, pp. 12–13 The polarization of the emitted light will also depend on the transition moment. The transition moment is dependent on the physical orientation of the fluorophore molecule.
Underneath the lowest tracker layer a transition radiation detector (TRD) is installed. The TRD detects transition radiation of relativistic particles with a Lorentz factor γ exceeding ≈ 1000. Particles crossing the interface of two media with different dielectric constant produce transition radiation. The energy loss at a boundary is proportional to the relativistic gamma factor.
Transition metal hydrides are chemical compounds containing a transition metal bonded to hydrogen. Most transition metals form hydride complexes and some are significant in various catalytic and synthetic reactions. The term "hydride" is used loosely: some so-called hydrides are acidic (e.g., H2Fe(CO)4), whereas some others are hydridic, having H−-like character (e.g.
Glass transition is the solid-liquid transformation of amorphous material. It is a reversible change of the solid and liquid states of supercooled liquids. Glass transition occurs approximately 100˚C-150˚C below the equilibrium melting temperature of a pure substance. This dynamic transition is not a change of state, but a change of phase.
The plume from an ordinary candle transitions from laminar to turbulent flow in this Schlieren photograph. In fluid dynamics, the process of a laminar flow becoming turbulent is known as laminar–turbulent transition. The main parameter characterizing transition is the Reynolds number. Transition is often described as a process proceeding through a series of stages.
More recently, the term has been applied by the 2-D superconductor insulator transition community to the pinning of Cooper pairs in the insulating regime, due to similarities with the original vortex BKT transition. Work on the transition led to the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics being awarded to Thouless, Kosterlitz and Duncan Haldane.
That said, 2019 could still be a transition year with revenue growth headwinds from Stories transition and more saturated developed markets combined with expense growth that may not peak until mid-163.
The transition team helmed by Chris Christie created binders of detailed materials with hour-by-hour schedules for President Trump's transition and legislative plans for the earliest days of his fledgling presidency.
I understand why Apple didn't want to inflict that transition on potential iPad Air customers, but I also would like the entire industry to just get this transition done and over with.
"(Birtukan is) overseeing not only an election but a transition, from an authoritarian state to a democratic one, a transition to an accountable government," Addis Ababa-based political analyst Hallelujah Lulie said.
Most cis people (and even some trans people) look at GRS as the "last step" in transition, but I considered my transition complete when I decided to change my name and pronouns.
Vice President-elect Mike Pence initially denied that Flynn's son had a role in the transition, but transition spokesman Jason Miller later confirmed that he was no longer part of the team.
But here is what we know: Earlier this year, Google said that it wanted to transition consumers over to a free version of Hangouts Chat and Meet after the G Suite transition.
In his resignation letter, Flynn wrote that during the transition he "inadvertently briefed" Pence, then the vice president–elect, and others with "incomplete information" about his discussions with Kislyak during the transition.
Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a loyal supporter, has taken a major role managing the transition effort, especially as the official transition chief, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has drifted from the campaign.
Go deeper: Exclusive: Leaked Trump transition vetting documents Video: Chris Christie confronted with his own vetting document Chart: The top "red flags" for Trump officials Chart: The consequences of the Trump transition
Exclusive: Leaked Trump transition vetting documents Behind the scenes: How Trump's team staffed the U.S. government Video: Chris Christie confronted with his own vetting document Chart: The consequences of the Trump transition
As we did previously, we want to provide generous support to our departing employees during this transition so we will offer 22 months of severance, 220 months of COBRA, and transition assistance.
They had a very A to Z transition in mind, and once they "completed" their transition and put it all up online to share with other people, they would just go dark.
Even after the shooting, Flynn Jr. — who at the time had an official transition team email address and was assisting his father in the transition process — continued to promote the "Pizzagate" hoax.
In December of 28503, 22019 percent approved of President Obama's transition, while a poll from early January of 2001 found that 65 percent of Americans approved of President George W. Bush's transition.
What they're going through is not just a medical event – it comprises the social transition of becoming a parent, the career transition and we're able to support all of those other things.
Lobbyists should prefer that candidates publicly announce who is overseeing transition planning and for meetings with the transition team to be publicized on social media and even be open to the public.
"With change comes transition, and one transition we have been planning for is for Terry Myerson to pursue his next chapter outside Microsoft," CEO Satya Nadella said in an email to employees.
I believe that in order to experience what some would call a "successful" transition, we need to realize that it involves a focus on the spiritual transition much more than the physical.
Mr. McDonough convened the Cabinet in March to begin the administration's transition planning, and both a White House Task Force and an agency transition committee began meetings in June to begin preparations.
Trump's transition team announced Wednesday that Peter Navarro, a campaign and transition policy adviser and economics professor at the University of California, Irvine, will lead the new White House National Trade Council.
According to Cleaning the Glass, Atlanta allows fewer transition opportunities with Collins on the floor, but off live rebounds opponents score 20.7 more points per 100 transition plays when he's out there.
And I think Jack Brennan will be staying as the lead director, or the, yeah, lead director for awhile to transition, to facilitate the transition to a new lead director until 23.
Nunes, who was involved in Trump's transition, created an uproar last month by publicly revealing he had seen evidence members of the transition team were incidentally surveilled during a broader intelligence probe.
In response to this criticism, Warren released a Medicare for All transition plan last month that would gradually transition the country into a single-payer system within her first term as president.
The transition boundary of the II/III transition can be defined by the relationship P=4.82+0.0240t, where P is the pressure in kilobars and t is the temperature in degrees Celsius.
Given her earlier novel was about a girl entering puberty making the transition to womanhood, she decided to write one about a boy going through puberty and making a transition to manhood.
Why are we pouring billions and billions of dollars into West Virginia to create new industries, new jobs, where we're saying transition, but then we're not giving them what the transition is?
Several programs are being implemented to minimise beach and river pollution. In February 2010, The Transition Decade, an initiative to transition human society, economics and environment toward sustainability, was launched in Melbourne.
Fiction Monthly provided a focus on these changes participating fully in the transition by its creative authors and in establishing the framework for the transition from critical and theoretical points of view.
Herbert served on the transition team of Mayor-elect of Jacksonville Alvin Brown.Matt Dixon, "Mayor-elect Alvin Brown unveils familiar faces on his transition team", The Florida Times-Union, June 3, 2011.
Trump's team of bitter rivals Rogers, who had been working on the transition team for months under Christie, was sidelined as the campaign and transitions merged into one presidential team, with members of Trump's inner circle that were with him through the campaign taking more prominent roles in the transition, according to one source familiar with the transition activity.
"Following the change in leadership of President-elect Trump's transition team, we are now in the process of working with the new transition team Chair, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, to sign the Memorandum of Understanding, which governs the process by which transition officials work with current administration staff," White House spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said in response to questions.
Transition roles On the multiple days last December when Flynn was speaking with Kislyak, Pence was thousands of miles away, according to his travel records and a senior transition official at the time, conducting transition meetings in Washington and preparing for his son's wedding in Indianapolis, where he was also busy packing up his home to move to Washington.
Adolescent sleep worsens with age. Specifically, longitudinal research demonstrates that sleep duration shortens during the transition from high school to college. Additionally, sleep efficiency (the amount of time spent asleep when in bed) decreased during this transition. Day-to-day variability in sleep duration increased during this transition, suggesting that adolescent sleep duration becomes less stable with time.
Mike Flynn: Trump transition team told me to contact the Russians Mike Flynn: Trump transition team told me to contact the Russians Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, said Friday that a senior official on the Trump transition team directed him to make contact with Russians in December 2016, according to federal prosecutors.
Transition to Triumph covering the period between 1965 and 1975 was published in 1999. Transition to Eminence captures naval history between 1976 and 1990 was published in 2004. Transition to Guardianship covers the history of the navy between 1991 and 2000 and was completed just before his death. It was released on Navy Day, 4 December 2009.
A very sensitive calorimetric sensor known as a transition-edge sensor (TES) takes advantage of superconductivity. Most pure superconductors have a very sharp transition from normal resistivity to superconductivity at some low temperature. By operating on the superconducting phase transition, a very small change in temperature resulting from interaction with a particle results in a significant change in resistance.
To design a transition state analogue, the pivotal step is the determination of transition state structure of substrate on the specific enzyme of interest with experimental method, for example, kinetic isotope effect. In addition, the transition state structure can also be predicted with computational approaches as a complementary to KIE. We will explain these two methods in brief.
Upon cooling or heating through this glass-transition range, the material also exhibits a smooth step in the thermal-expansion coefficient and in the specific heat, with the location of these effects again being dependent on the history of the material. The question of whether some phase transition underlies the glass transition is a matter of continuing research.
The co-educational sixth year was later discontinued due to policy changes. Principal O'Connor also introduced a Transition Year programme to the college which continues to operate. He also established a Transition Year exchange with various schools in Spain which continued to operate until 2007. In 2008 the exchange was replaced with an annual Transition Year trip to Madrid.
The line is served by the Varshavskoe (№ 8) and Vladykino (№ 14) depots. In 2005 it began a slow transition to eight carriage trains. As of November 2005, Vladykino completed its transition and presently has 43 eight-carriage trains assigned to them. Varshavskoe began later and completed its transition in March 2006 with 38 eight-carriage trains.
They then presented their ideas to Kinsale Town Council. The councilors decided to adopt the plan and work towards energy independence. Hopkins moved to his hometown of Totnes, England, where he and Naresh Giangrande developed these concepts into the transition model. In early 2006, Transition Town Totnes was founded and became the inspiration for founding of other Transition initiatives.
Permaculture designer Rob Hopkins in conversation with Silver Donald Cameron about Transition Towns. In early 2007, the Transition Network UK charity was co-founded by permaculture educator Rob Hopkins, Peter Lipman and Ben Brangwyn. Totnes based, it was initiated to support the Transition initiatives emerging around the world. It trains and supports people involved with the initiatives.
The identification of numerous transition state inhibitors supports the transition state stabilization hypothesis for enzymatic catalysis. Currently there is a large number of enzymes known to interact with transition state analogs, most of which have been designed with the intention of inhibiting the target enzyme. Examples include HIV-1 protease, racemases, β-lactamases, metalloproteinases, cyclooxygenases and many others.
As Politico reported, his transition team as well as several administration picks have tapped into the Koch world, including White House counsel Don McGahn to transition team executive members such as Rebekah Mercer.
Concerns about the slow pace of the transition effort have grown in recent days as US officials at various agencies said they had still not yet established contact with the Trump transition team.

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