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"they" Definitions
  1. people, animals or things that have already been mentioned or are easily identified
  2. used instead of he or she to refer to a person whose sex is not mentioned or not known
  3. people in general
  4. people in authority or experts

982 Sentences With "they"

How to use they in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "they" and check conjugation/comparative form for "they". Mastering all the usages of "they" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's a he said/they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said they said situation.
They walk into the house, they walk into the house, they they they they they and so forth.
They cry, they play, they babble, they grow — they need nurturing.
They drink, they fuck, they shoot, they hunt, they go home, repeat.
They bleed when they are cut, they cry when they are angry, when they are upset, and they laugh when they are happy.
They get older, they get younger, they get browner, they get whiter, they get smaller, they get bigger.
Who they areHow they liveWhat they believeHow they make moneyHow they spend money
They play the instruments they want to play, they do the art they want to do, they fuck who they want to fuck, they show what they want to show, and they body paint what they want to body paint!
They grow, they break, they bleed, they stitch back together in different configurations, they heal.
They eat, they sleep, they have sex, they can poop.
Children's Books They HUFF, they ROAR, they CLANK, they MOVE!
They ask, they research, they consider, they get second opinions.
They were Christians, they were Jews, they were atheists, they were Hindus, and they were Buddhists.
"They are capable, they are intelligent, they have feelings, they have ideas, and they have thoughts."
The fact that they exist they way they have, they way they do, is statement enough.
They break out in tongues, they sing Hallelujah, they raise their arms, they cry, they collapse.
"They lie, they know they are lying, & they know that we know they are lying." video
They calculate, they broadcast, they collect, they send them to the cloud, they interact with humans.
They have their own uniform, they have their own language they speak, they have specific places they hang out, publications they read.
Vignettes pass from right to left: they meet, they fall in love, they move in together, they brush their teeth, they go fishing, they go fishing, they go fishing.
They lie, they weep, they laugh, they swear, and they tell their stories over and over again.
They howled; they screamed; they gasped; and they laughed some more.
But they-- they-- they-- they make a lot of acquisitions. Yeah.
They steal, they shoplift, they sell shit, and they buy drugs.
They work, they play, they travel, and yes, they even date.
They said they hadn't, then they had to admit they did.
They lie, or they bullshit, or they think they know more than they do, or they self-deal one news clip at a time.
They are weak, they are spineless, they are gutless, they lack vision, they lack any identity even today.
They were 70, but they protested that they didn't need help—they said they were still so young!
These men are insufferable: They smirk, they lecture, they play jokes they think are funny, they push boundaries.
They know who they are, and they know what they have instead.
They don't care who they attack, they don't care who they kill.
They don't know where they are, but they know where they aren't.
They inform, they interact, they do what brands should do: they promote.
They are mothers, they are victims, they are sisters, they are friends.
If they dance they are happy, if they stop, they are bored.
They are people, they have feelings, they have hearts, they have families.
They are dramatic, they preen, they get depressed, they fall in love.
They tell you what they need; they tell you what they want.
Did they jump, did they run, were they killed, were they transported?
They live in the now: They kill, they suffer, they kill again.
Not what they said they wanted, not what they said they wanted.
They curse, they scream, they yell and sometimes they say mean things.
"They are racists, they are sexists, they hate the Constitution, they hate free markets, they hate pluralism," Schneider said.
And they have postage stamps, they have law and order, they have spies, they have textiles, they have everything.
They run so they are not killed because of who they are, where they live, or what they believe.
Like all of us, they had different identities: they were black, they were women, they were scientists, they were mothers, they were all these different things.
They they don't necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don't know who they are and where they come from—they have no idea.
No, well, they-, they-, they-, they clearly are-, BW: No, no, no, no.
They see what they want, and they work to get what they want.
When they yell what they yell after they attack people, they&aposve confessed.
They work and they save and they pay their taxes and they care.
They sing, they dance, they act, they pose precariously in high-heeled shoes.
They chopped people, they shot people, they raped us, they left us senseless.
They don't simply think they are good, they think they are very good.
They found spotlight together, they avoided spotlight together, they fought, they made up.
They say they are scared, that they are not getting information they need.
They were old, they were young, they were white, they were black, they were really indicative of all different parts.
In brief, they 'learn' what they know from data, and they use what they learn to classify what they 'see.
They might have talked like they agreed with Roy, but they governed like they agreed with Podhoretz — because they did.
They believe they have been exposed, they are sick, they want to get tested — but they have nowhere to go.
Because they are entitled pricks, they think they can have whatever they want, and that their worth is defined by what they have and what they take.
The world has hurt these women, and so they act out: They are loud, they are angry, they take up space, they are unreasonable, they are difficult.
"Those nurses took whoever they could and they put them in bathrooms with them, they huddled together and they held, they barricaded the door, they got in the safest place they could," she said.
They cannot repeat statements they hear on television, unless they know they are factual.
They won science exams; they won debates; they won tennis tournaments; they played golf.
They sing, they laugh, they tell stories, they grapple with the burdens of life.
They suck when they put them in, they suck when they take them out.
They laugh, they make eyes, they touch arms, and they shower people with compliments.
They are full commissioners; they aren't half; they aren't quarter; they aren't one third.
They do the same things globally that they do here, they circumvent, they transship.
"They should get the score they deserve so they get the products they need."
They irritate tissue and they damage tissue, they create oxidative stress, they create inflammation.
They smoke, they drink, they don't prioritize sleep, and they have a poor diet.
They grow what they need, they don't produce much waste, they respect the land.
The audiences, they love what they love, or they like it or they don't.
They took demonstrations, they took economic boycotts, they took negotiations, they took freedom riders.
They can speak their minds, and they can resign if they feel they must.
They see it more simply: They tried, they were caught, they will try again.
They just named a price they thought they could get — and they got it.
That's why they are angry, why they kneel, why they protest, why they scream.
They believe they own the media and they are demanding that they silence me.
This is what they do -- they hide, they are deceitful in what they do.
They are rainmakers; they are flamboyant; they are bare-­knuckled; they are hard-­charging.
They know what they like and they know how they like it—and it turns out that they absolutely love oysters.
They would not pay when they drive within the zone or when they leave it, but they would when they return.
When they do, "they can't stand up, they look passed out and unresponsive, they throw up, they piss themselves," he said.
They don't show the funny side of me, they show bad mom, they show all that s—, they show the struggle, they show me crying, they show postpartum.
He&aposs saying these people in Ohio, they are smart people, they own a business, they own land, they have families, they have savings, they have high salaries.
"They said they'd put down a vote of no confidence, then they said they wouldn't, then they said they would, then they did but it wasn't effective," Mrs.
So the idea is they come, they work as hard as they can, they push things forward as much as they can, and then they rotate out and they hand the baton on to somebody else.
They take turns, they switch off in rapid succession, they rap in unison, they interrupt each other, they mimic each other, they criticize each other, they get caught up in their shared ritual of performed communication.
Because they know that if they don't take a break, if they don't relax when they have the opportunity, they won't be able to sprint when they need to.
People make behavioral change when they feel supported, when they feel like they have resources, when they feel like they have motivation.
As dominating as they are, as good as they are, if they don't win this one, they know they will be nothing.
They walked into red areas and blue areas, states where they thought they could win and states where they thought they couldn't.
No matter where they come from, how much money they have, what they look like, how they worship, or who they love.
"They knew they were breaking the rules, they knew they were taking short cuts, and they knew it was wrong," Bicks said.
And that they know that they can become anything that they want and they can have anything they want in this life.
"They want to believe in me because they are preposterously narcissistic, and they believe they can get anything they want," he said.
When the riddle-loving children encountered a problem they didn't understand, they didn't think they were failing — they thought they were learning.
"They said they were too full, they said they weren't taking emergencies, or they just said no," said Millie Martínez, her daughter.
When they went to record they were labeled as difficult because essentially they didn't sound how they looked, they didn't sound black.
Not matter where they come from, how much money they have, what they look like, how they worship, or who they love.
And they won, just as they thought they would all along, even if they never could have conjured how they did it.
They lie, they cheat, they are false prophets, they promise many things, but they are not going to be able to comply.
Yet they don't even know how many they have, they don't know where they are, and they don't know who has them.
They bicker, they date, they smooch, they eat pizza — all while wearing skates on ice.
They die, they wake, they die, they wake — and now, they're about to rise up.
They were taught that they can have what they want, when they want, including women.
They told her they were sex positive, they set boundaries, they could trust their partners.
They are tired, and they are angry, and they feel like they have no voice.
They go up, they go down, they go flat, and they do three-foot drops.
They say this because they think they look bad—because they resemble an Asian person.
They asked themselves what they would do if they could live any way they wanted.
They knew that they wouldn't get everything they wanted as fast as they wanted it.
They both said they knew they would get married the second they met each other.
They don't know what they want, but they don't want what they have right now.
They dress differently, they think differently, they speak broken Spanish and they dream in English.
They make terrariums, they "upcycle" materials for backyard seating, they create forts, they hot glue.
They fear they won't live to see the country they love recover before they die.
They micromanage, they sabotage your career prospects, they lay you off, they talk too loud.
If they didn't like it they could leave, if they liked it they could stay.
One thing they say about Russia in Europe: they produced, they produce, they will produce.
They don't listen to you, they do what they want and they run the household.
When they realized they hadn't completed their duties, they allegedly falsified forms saying they did.
They want to take stock of places they traveled, people they met, things they accomplished.
They can say what they want, they can guide you anyway they wanna guide you.
They were like Columbus; they didn't know what they were doing, but they got somewhere.
They deliberate, they consult the relevant stakeholders, they take analytical critiques seriously, and they adjust.
"They have this moment where they put you, they handcuff you, they drug you, they put you on the bed, and they separate you from everyone you know," he said.
They can dig tunnels or ditches if they want, they can go underground if they want, when the time and place comes they will buried in the ditches they dug.
"They had a 27-year friendship before they dated so they picked that up where they left off once they realized they didn't work as a couple," says the source.
They have families, they have mortgages, they have rent payments, they have car payments, they have other expenses, college, kids to worry about.
They are told that if they are leaders and rational they are boys, and if they are nurturing and gossipy they are girls.
They talk about friends who've lost everything; they talk about what they know, and more urgently, they talk about what they don't know.
They did not know what they were doing, they think it's rising because they captured a mysterious gas that they called... Montgolfier gas.
But they stuck with it for three reasons: They believed in themselves, they were optimistic, and they loved the work they were doing.
They either do not know what they are doing or when they do they believe no one else does, so they play games.
Basically they don't need to do what they have — they just, they leave it as is and they will get a good winner.
They walked out, they came back, they walked out, they came back, but there's always been Porsches at Le Mans since they started.
They did the only thing they could: They joined the French Resistance, and eventually they triumphed.
They are animals in how they kill, how they get these kids and they torture them.
They are animals in how they kill, how they get these kids and they tortured them.
You know they suck, I know they suck, and I'm pretty sure they know they suck.
They know they messed up over here — they know they have a disaster on their hands.
They come at you, they compete, they share the basketball — they do all the right things.
They all said that they want to stay active and they realized they have a voice.
People don't leave Hawaii because they want to; they leave because they believe they have to.
They immediately believed they could handle anything — until they concluded just as quickly that they couldn't.
When they see the emails and they think they know why they didn't get their way.
They have the majority, they have the president, they have the Senate, they have the House.
They kissed, they cuddled, they kissed more, they whispered secrets into each other's ears ... good times!!!
They are fired up, they are angry, they are chewing on nails and they are coming.
They react differently, they spend differently, they may invest differently, they may run their businesses differently.
They looked west, they built up the railroads, they got into petroleum, they got into wheat.
"They have to show they are who they say they are," the Orlando airport's Johnson said.
They sing, they dance, they reminisce — they have fun, and it's just as fun to watch.
And people like Sylvia, they got up and they screamed and they yelled and they fought.
They love each other, they hate each other, they fight, then they become best friends again.
They plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda.
They can't, and even if they could, they would quickly face electoral oblivion unless they moderated.
Voters without IDs can cast ballots if they swear they are who they say they are.
They had three things in common: They were black, they were killed, and they were disabled.
So they often ask others for help, not only because they are secure enough to admit they need help, but also because they know that when they seek help, they pay the person they ask a huge compliment.
"If children cough after exercising, they have asthma; if they have trouble reading, they are dyslexic; if they are unhappy, they are depressed; and if they alternate between unhappiness and liveliness, they have bipolar disorder," the doctors wrote.
They went to church, they coached Little League, they designed highways, they liked to watch their children dance, they tried to prevent disease, they played on their beds with their kids.
They want to appear strong, and so they posture that they have much greater control than they have, but at the same time they deny that they have any nefarious role.
They could hate Trump, but they could still not vote because they hate political parties, they hate Democrats, they hate the bureaucracy, they hate the infighting, the negativity, all of that.
Visitors knew they could not take the experience with them and so they stayed, they picnicked beneath a fake sun, they fell asleep, they dreamed, they wrote, cried, laughed, sang, danced.
They tanned, they drank ... they took butt selfies. Enjoy!
That is, they thought they knew who they were .
" He added: "And they are making $90,000 and they have two kids and they can't make it and they are scared, they are frightened.
"They want your jobs, they want your house, they want your money, they want your wife, and they even want your dog," Trump warns.
What they did here, that means they think they have unfettered power to do anything they want if they don&apost like a candidate.
They would know who their dad is they would know they do already they don't need the feed to know they can see it.
They know now they were played, they are angry, they have a lot of followers and they bring much of the heartland with them.
I watch the way they move, the timeouts they call, plays they draw up out of timeouts, how they run practices, speeches they give.
So they watch it, they release it, they put it out there, they definitely target certain people they think might be interested in it.
Five sources say they received offers far below what they felt they were worth but they accepted because they believed in the company mission.
Of course, they knew they had skills to offer a broad selection of products, and they were good at fulfilling and shipping orders, but when they started to dig they realized they had these other skills they hadn't considered.
What they wear, whether or not they have a tattoo, what kind of haircut they had, how much they smile in practice, what they eat, what kind of medical care they got.
"They can read this and if they haven't put in some evidence and they now think they have to, or if they haven't, they will," she said, referring to the Skelos opinion.
"The biggest issue I see with so-called AI experts is that they think they know more than they do, and they think they are smarter than they actually are," said Musk.
They were alone, but through this, they said they began to realize they weren't alone all along.
They reveal shocking news, they place us on new paths, they excite us, and they exhaust us.
But when they came in, they were very self-entitled– they almost demanded the stuff they wanted.
When they feel they have more cash than they need, they often hand it back to shareholders.
They are strong and they are free; they are also imperfect; they are manipulative and complex characters.
They want to hear stories, and they feel empowered because they see they can be like this.
They missed games, they struck, they flexed every bit of power they had, and it was awesome.
Their composure vanished only when they were asked where they were when they learned they had won.
In fact, they said they chose the streaming service because they liked what they heard from executives.
They know they loathe Obamacare, but they don't even agree on which parts of it they loathe.
They trust you, they respond to you, they become loyal, and they basically demonstrate their real character.
They didn't even ask, they didn't say they were there to rob us, they just sprayed us.
They are positive and they are hopeful, and they lift people up and they pull people together.
When they said they wanted more choice, they actually meant they wanted fewer, yet more curated choices.
They come when they want to and think we're toys they can do whatever they want with.
"They were adamant they were Trump supporters … and they made it clear where they stood," Basillas said.
They knew they were creating an enormously powerful executive, and they knew they needed to constrain it.
They know what they want, what they are defending and the nature of the opposition they face.
The guys are focused, they play games every three days and they win, they win, they win.
They can't leave prison, but they can read Dostoevsky—they can read the Bible if they want.
And they live in a way that they don't think that they ... that they think they're victims.
They get money so they can pay the rent, they can do summer internships they couldn't afford.
They have headlights on them, and they are smiling, and they are sweating, and they are delivering.
They argue that suspending driver's licenses for unpaid court debt traps poor people in an unfair and counterproductive cycle: If they can't drive, they can't work; if they can't work, they can't pay; if they can't pay, they can't drive.
They flirt, they mock, they time-travel, and, if they're really good at what they do, they have the ability to leave us wanting more.
"They kill and they don't tell the world they kill, they jail and they don't tell anybody, so how can I believe that?" he said.
They often assume the leaders they like share their views, or if they don't, they change their views to accord with the politicians they support.
They had trouble in Des Moines, they moved to Maine, they opened a weird business, they slaughtered a couple of customers, and they were killed.
I think they realized they could stretch further than they initially thought, while the union realized they could get something in every category they wanted.
They orchestrate things onscreen, they orchestrate who's writing it, they orchestrate who's directing it, they orchestrate who's producing it, and they orchestrate who's acting it.
They held the ball, they probed, they taunted, they created — and in the end they overwhelmed an English side that just ran out of ideas.
Either they're not as clever as they think they are, or they are as clever as they think they are, which is often somehow worse.
When patients enroll, they tell the investigators where they were treated, where they had biopsies, where they had scans, and where they had medical procedures.
They want save homes, they want safe streets, they want safe communities, they don't want to be profiled, they don't want to be discriminated against.
They come in, they eat, they enjoy, they take a little break outside in the park, but they stay right around in this area and then they pop back in for a beer.
In my experience, they always feel like they know better, or they think they are stronger than you, or they think they can last longer than you as a woman in the kitchen.
What they have they failed to do that they promised?
They worked hard, they saved money, they raised a family.
They read, they study vulnerabilities, and then they report them.
They work because they want more money than they have.
They glitch, they smash, they might be full of pasta.
I mean, they say they use Instagram but they don't.
They feel damned if they do, damned if they don't.
Today, they go outside, they study, they are becoming independent.
When they found Bubble they knew they could be helpful.
And they— you know, they— sure, they got a meeting.
They knew if they fought again, they would be killed.
Are they upset, are they frustrated or are they understanding?
They see excessive — I mean, they go out, they sue.
They may not remember that they did, but they have.
They showed up, they stepped up, they confronted the problem.
They make displays, they make chips, and they make batteries.
They are smart, they are articulate and they are angry.
"They didn't hire half of what they said they would."
These skeletons breakdance, they party, they camp out, they clean.
They lie and they clamor and they produce shitty work.
X. They did what they felt they had to do.
They want what they want, exactly when they want it.
They need money, they need talent, and they need customers.
They train together, they eat together, they go on dates.
They see aspects of themselves they didn't think they had.
When they arrived, they faced discrimination because they were black.
They can't, they won't... they never, will stop the party.
They were famous, they were successful, and they were archrivals.
They are fanatical, they are dangerous and they are numerous.
If they feel they need to reduce rates, they will.
If they could be thin, they insist, they would be.
Then when they step back, they realize they have tinnitus.
They go out and they meet people and they socialize.
So they have access, they can ... RW: They have access.
They fought for what they deserve and they got it.
They do what they want, they don't care about conformism.
The public — they read newspapers, they see television they watch.
They want what they want, and they want it now.
They make what they want, in the way they want.
They will vote, they will run, then they will lead.
They don't, or they cooked slowly, let's ... They cook slowly.
They were black, they were brown, they were in hijab.
They have shields, they have everything, they are geared up.
They talk, they kiss, and they walk to a restaurant.
But they thought they could win it, and they didn't.
They marched, they ran, and on Election Day, they won.
But they did do everything they said they would do.
No, they cheered and they celebrated because they didn't know.
They thought they had more value than they really do.
What they said they cared about, they didn't care about.
These trucks don't think they can — they know they can.
They found stores they didn't know they were looking for.
They saw the internet, they saw Europe, they saw democracy.
Can they pivot when they need to, can they adapt?
They fought with us, They fought with us, they died.
When they arrived, they had no idea where they were.
They show how they lived their lives, how they loved.
"That's what they do, they work, they grind," Snell said.
Once they took the risk, they liked what they tasted.
They had sex, they played ping pong, they hung out.
They said they weren't interested because they didn't do drugs.
When they were ready to leave, they found they couldn't.
They think they caught somebody big, but they were wrong.
They said they were going to destroy data, they didn't.
BONDI: They cannot quiet the President and so they think they can quite us and they are not.
They are, depending on where they are and how permanent they become -- and how well they are administered.
They&aposre frantic and they&aposre acting like they&aposre desperate because this is all they have left.
They said they won't stop until the pipeline is defeated – they feel they don't have a choice. #NYC!
They get jobs, they have to get up early, they stop going to the disco, they have kids.
They are asked their age, where they are from and, if they are women, whether they are pregnant.
They are not looking at how much they ate, or that they smoke or that they are sedentary.
They want open borders and they don't mind crime, they don't mind human trafficking, they don't mind drugs.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they invest in you.
It's like they give up, they accept it, they hear the noise, and then they take the soma.
They knew the life they had without it, and they saw the life they could have with it.
They want to eliminate ICE, they want open borders, they want Obamacare and they want investigations to end.
They do not look like they should be able to fly, and they look hilarious when they do.
And before they know it, they get comfortable and they say things that they might not normally say.
They stood up for what they believed in and they were never afraid to say what they thought.
They built moats, everywhere they went they built moats and now they're benefiting from those moats they built.
They had different ways of responding — they did what they could with what they had available to them.
They'll tell you they feel better when they jog; they feel better when they go on a treadmill.
They are a rogue regime, they killed Americans, they kidnapped Americans, they&aposve sponsored terrorism around the world.
They stay connected all the time, and they're smart, they play baseball, they read, they spend time online.
As another doctor put it to me, they didn't care what they paid; they care who they paid.
They find themselves playing in bigger spaces than they wished to more admirers than they thought they had.
They understand, why can't they do something secretively, where they go in and they knock out the leadership?
If they practice politics they can learn prudence; if they serve in the military they can learn courage.
And they should be debriefed after they receive ketamine to make sure that they understand what they experienced.
"They are animals in how they kill, how they get these kids, and they torture them," Rodriguez said.
They actually see me, they look at me, they look at my face, they look into my eyes.
They can shoot, they can pass, they can handle the ball, they can make plays for other people.
If they wanted to paint it hot pink, they could, but they didn't feel like they owned anything.
They want their parents to know they are loved; they are not alone, and they are not forgotten.
Whatever they wear, the places they hang out, the women they walk with, and the cars they drive.
We send the product and if they like it, they like it, and if they don't they don't.
When they tried to be funny, they often weren't; when they were just being themselves, they were hilarious.
"They can say whatever they want, and they can put whatever they want on the label," she says.
Today, they just want to decide freely who they are, what they wear, whom they love and when.
They are the hill I would die on — they are comfortable, they are beautiful, and they are durable.
They are about to launch, but they also know they aren't nobodies so they push [boundaries] with you.
They had all along insisted that they were innocent, and they told people that every chance they got.
Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.
They say they will eventually reach a solution, but they know they have serious problems at the moment.
They say that if they oppose the measure, they fear they will appear to support polluting the lake.
"They eat when they want, lie down when they want and feed when they want," Ms. Grady said.
Whatever they do, they do it because they believe it is necessary, because they believe duty demands it.
They pattern-match, but they also, they invest in who they know and that's kinda how it is.
The question was never will they or won't theythey went to bed the first night they met.
They just didn't, they were insular to this group and why therefore would they care what they thought?
They understand, why can't they do something secretively where they go in and they knock out the leadership.
They imply they were, but they say they they&aposd refer that question to the director of national intelligence, who had nothing to do with this.
They cant do what they were saying they were going to do, because if they do that, they will be met with really very violent force.
People crack and then they get paranoid about playing him because positions they think they could draw against anyone else, they feel they can't against him.
And they wanna say terror vandalism, they wanna say routing swap, oh yeah they wanna say OD, they wanna say border activity, they wanna say security.
They shaved off their beards, they cut off their hair, they changed their clothes, they slipped into refugee camps, they managed to get back into Europe.
They can write what they know, what they think they know, what they've heard, what they're confused or unsure about, or what they want to know.
Republicans are racist, they are sexist, they are misogynistic, they&aposre xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, they want dirty air and water, they want to kill children and they want your grandmother thrown over the cliff.
"They have this moment where they put you — they handcuff you, they drug you, they put you on the bed, and they separate you from everyone you know," West said, according to the outlet.
Secondly, they -- what they also do is, they buy up companies, so that they can -- they buy up companies, and they then intrude that way, so that they can find a way around to go in and get the information and steal it.
"They might take what they think is cocaine and not get the feeling they expect — in fact they get the opposite — and so they think they have to take more to get what they expect," said Baltimore City Health Commissioner Leana Wen.
They had this sort of chokehold on sports, they were drowning in cash and they could outbid anybody they wanted to and if they decided they wanted to make sure that Fox couldn't get anything valuable, they could just buy all the rights.
"Part of what they have to do is figure out who they are now that they're not the people that they thought they were in the relationships they thought they were in," Kauffman tells PEOPLE.
Well, let's see: because they were horny, or they said yes when they should have said no, or they had too much to drink, or they fell in love, or they trusted the wrong person.
"They think hit men are guys who get whatever they want, that they can seduce the girl they want and buy whatever car they want," Guevara said.
They only want to hear how great they are, and they rarely ask for feedback on their performance because they don't believe they are ever the problem.
Scaff said they thought they were going to another party at the hotel, but when they arrived, they saw they were the only ones in the room.
They asked themselves what they would do if they found out someone they worked with closely suffered from depression, and what they would want to tell them.
They, too, started to believe that if they altered their behavior, if they better assimilated, it they rose to white people's ideals, they would mitigate white racism.
When they were about to pull off, they told us that they loved us and that they would let us know when they got back to London.
They wanted to know where they were coming from, where they went to school, whether they had military backgrounds and whether they had firearms licences, Sadr said.
They look at their employees, they look at the community where they reside and do business, they look at even the vendors that they do business with.
They are getting hammered when they pop their heads up; they get hammered if they get in a convoy.
They have the strongest immigration laws, they can do whatever they want, they can keep people out of Mexico.
They lie, they will cheat, they will steal, they want to basically, eliminate the election of November of 2016.
"They told us they're up here, this is where they are — they showed us where they were," she said.
They talk about how they wish they were at home binging Netflix, or how much they hate wearing stockings.
If they can, they will apply for French citizenship, but they are not sure if they will be eligible.
They come out and they talk about 'tariffs are bad,' so, they are killing, they are hurting my negotiation.
They really only sees the thing that they want, and they only work at getting the thing they want.
After that, they reached a level where they didn't improve anymore — but they were better than when they started.
They decided they wanted to go for a vacation, they did, they were apprehended, brought back, tried, and convicted.
They can also become stressed or depressed if they are not treated in the manner they believe they deserve.
They come and they don&apost look so good when they get here and they turn into beautiful dogs.
They have safety, they have refuge, they can resupply, they can finance, all with the knowledge of the Pakistanis.
But they also are worried that if they go too far, they risk appearing as if they are overreaching.
Or maybe they find the filter that they like and they use it and they feel better about themselves.
They will go where they are sent, fight where they go, and do everything to win where they fight.
They looked around to see how they could change, and today they are both happy they made the effort.
When they miss him, they send messages to his avatar, and they feel closer to him when they do.
They do the best they can to deal in truth, and they correct errors when they get it wrong.
They talk of the houses they lived in, the acres of land they owned, the shrimp farms they tended.
Well, they are all primarily painters, they are all legends, they are all white, and they are all male.
"They came by boat, they came by jet-ski, they did whatever they could to get there," Matayoshi said.
They believe they should be able to control the thoughts, and since they cannot, they are constantly judging themselves.
Otters have become runaway stars on the internet: They dunk, they play piano, they make fast friends, they cuddle.
They can control what they listen to, what they watch, and they can also control things like their lifestyle.
At that time they were pretty open, they were, what's it, they were better than open, they were exuberant.
"When they come here, they all talk and interact, and they see that they are not alone," she said.
How they make decisions; whether they are fact based or more intuitively, how they lead and how they manage.
"They claim they aren't fascist, they say they are Italians for Italians — but it's just camouflage," Ms. Nespolo said.
They want to save things that they found, or they want to go back to things that they saved.
They wake the children, they give them breakfast, they tuck them into bed, they pick them up from school.
They are fortunate: They have a line of credit, they own their home and they have a savings account.
They don't believe their lies, but they do believe they have an absolute right to do as they wish.
They grin madly as they rap along with him — they know all the words, they know all the poses.
They can do 10,000, they can get to 100,000, they can get to 1 million if they want to.
They shouldn't be judged by the way they look or how old they are or where they come from.
Some showed up because they said they were angry; others, because they said they had not been angrier sooner.
They looked again at what they had, and what they had, they saw, wasn't enough to insure a victory.
They agreed they would start dating, and they quickly found potential partners when they put their profiles up online.
"They buy houses they don't need, furniture they don't like and art they don't understand," the first man says.
They don't want witnesses, they don't want new evidence, they don't want reporting, and they don't want people watching.
"The managers were prepared, they were thoughtful, they were factual, they were logical, they were dignified," Conway said Wednesday.
They wonder, as they ride a subway full of all kinds of people, why they are who they are.
"The birds know where they are when they get here, and they start talking when they do," she said.
"They listen to all of them, they take the advice, they take the information and they pivot," O'Leary says.
"They play soccer, they swim, they run, they seem to have something going on every single day," Netram said.
When they go through bullying in school, when they feel unsafe, they feel they have someone to talk to.
They make comments about our appearance or about conversations they overhear; they demand more money; they touch you inappropriately.
But, they acquired Instagram, they acquired WhatsApp, and they basically appropriated video once they saw what Snapchat was doing.
They are controlled, and they are inspiring, and they are funny.
How they prepare, how they approach the game, how they attack.
KS: They do now, they love that, now they have that.
And when they want that, they can they can access that.
TRUMP: They go into Long Island, they -- they actually liberate towns.
Are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off?
GUTFELD: And they think they can blame on Trump, they will.
They can build whatever they want and be whatever they want.
They didn't hurt or itch, but they looked like they should.
But they can't say they had no clue they are wrong.
They may not be skilled, but they know what they want.
They are free press and they can say anything they want.
They welcomed it, they wanted it, and they coordinated with it.
They played hard, they cheered each other on, they stayed close.
They had stopped playing, but they were Ramones until they died.
They just don't make them like they used to, do they?
They also said they don't consider what they did a scam.
They say they thought they were taking part in a prank.
Experimentally, they handicap, they do worse, and they know it too.
They don't die until they metamorphose — then they die as well.
They explained why they felt compelled to act when they did.
They all said they don't know if they were turned in.
If they like what they see, they can offer their support.
They keep unfolding and they keep unfolding, and they keep unfolding.
They delivered everything they promised and (INAUDIBLE) people that they need.
If they saw green, they were envious; red, they were angry.
They have more, they do more, so they are worth more.
They think they have to think it's rubbish and they leave.
They know how much they are respected and they have leverage.
So they feel they are failing because they aren't as capable.
They Don't Know Why They Work — But They're Glad They Do
I think they went with somebody they knew and they trusted.
If they weren't before (they probably were, though), they are now.
They want to choose when they work and where they work.
They say that they will call me, but they never do.
They want different deals, they think they can get better deals.
They volunteer, they donate, they support The BirdLady and other charities.
They can see, they can map, they can discover new shipwrecks.
They have status updates, they have some videos, they have photos.
They ask for it, so they got what they got coming.
They were way ahead of me, they knew who they were.
They are just learning and they don't like what they see.
They tracked the phone calls they made and vehicles they used.
I mean, they-- they-- they want assets to increase in value.
They see me blowing up, now they say they want some.
If they decide they can't earn 15 points, they get $0.
They-- they seem very happy if they can get a meeting.
They just, they brighten my day when they eat the bread.
They knew those guys, and they knew they were pro-life.
They, they make up stories and they put sources to it.
The more they learned, the less they liked what they found.
That's why I said, they test, they test, and they test.
They feel powerful, they feel empowered, they feel just more strong.
They have failed tests they did not realize they were taking.
As they researched this, they discovered that they were not alone.
They are going to say whatever they want, and they should.
They look like they need all the help they can get.
They were also reportedly told they could discard product they purchased.
They draft well, they develop well, they read the market well.
They are promising only what they are confident they can deliver.
They dealt cards in parlors, they tricked audiences, and they entertained.
They are our lineage, they are our unifier, they are ours.
They have blackouts, they become cruel towards everyone, they become aggressive.
They said they thought they recognized the driver as Mr. Khan.
They do this until they get old, when they stop moving.
They don't have the words; they can't say; they can't answer.
They all know who they are, and who they are not.
They said they were happy and they did seem that way.
If they do, they have status that means they don't pay.
They pick candidates because they like them, and feel they care.
They settled because they felt they could get no justice whatsoever.
They knew they could not win, but they refused to surrender.
They were poor, they had to farm, they did everything right.
And they came and they understood it and they loved it.
They oppress me, they upset me, and they are not worthy.
They happened high, they happened low, they happened almost every season.
They share resources, they share nutrients, they share sources of energy.
"They are poor, they are killed, they are displaced," he said.
I wish they mattered as much as they think they do.
They were young, and they were mad, and they were undaunted.
They realized they had tapped into something, so they kept going.
They were fighting and they were drinking and they were eating.
They say they feel helpless because they can't criticize the government.
They pretended they were helping people whom they were actually hurting.
If they don't get what they want, they blow it up.
They have families, they go on vacation, they like sports teams.
They feel they have the license to say whatever they want.
They shouted, they slammed doors, and then they filed for divorce.
If they play like they did the second half, they can't.
They brag that they did this or that they did that.
They have resources skills they are smart so they will adapt.
They were motivated from what they saw and what they endured.
They believe in public service; they believe in what they do.
"They say they love me, but they never come," he said.
They fill a need they know, in a world they know.
They started on third base, and they believe that they didn't.
They said they were helping the rebels, but they were innocent.
They can lie, they can steal, they can do many things.
They like experiences, they create amazing content, why wouldn't they also?
They think they should do it, but they don't do it.
They have the same data set that they had at the beginning, but they wake up and they reanalyze things all the time and they come to a new conclusion and then they change their mind.
They do what they want to do, they accept the love they want to accept, and they will scratch you to pieces if you touch them in a spot where they don't want to be touched.
So, they can promise us the world but they boast that they lie when necessary to get what they want, and they&aposve done this for many years.
When they watch puppies be born, they feed them, they love them, they take them for walks and then they help me pick out the homes for them.
"They look in the mirror and they see how they used to look and how they want to look, so they take a lot better care of themselves."
They beg, they plead, they curse, they have to manoeuvre themselves into a variety of unflattering positions — mostly, though, they pull a lot of facial expressions like this.
They are dangerous, they are unforgiving, they are flouting federal law, they have a political purpose and they clearly are willing to use violence to get their way.
HANNITY: They want their crumbs back, they want open borders, they want Obamacare, they want to impeach you and they want to stop all investigations into deep corruption.
They call in the morning, they call at night, they call day long, they call my cell, they call my office, and I can't live like this anymore.
"Even if they don't think they know exactly what they want, they do know what they want and they're really good at giving me direction," Mr. Scizak said.
They disassociate when they get stressed—they can't think clearly, they have a lot of trouble regulating and balancing their emotions, they have difficulty having mutually-rewarding relationships.
"They stress governance, they stress trust between government and the citizen, they stress the hospital system, they stress public health systems, they stress the economic systems," he said.
They obviously aren't saying they control the Houthis and they never will, but they recognize they have a certain influence on them and ready to use those channels.
"They should go through the process, they should be transparent about it, they should seek whatever input they need, and then they can change the policy," she said.
"They knew that they couldn't have another 'Anita Hill moment,' so they did the bare minimum so they could say they checked the box, hear her out," Rep.
They tell me that they would rather return to countries where they feared death than to an EU state where they believe they will be homeless and destitute.
Wives pay prices for goods they never bought; they do time in publicity hell for actions they never took; they receive judgments for crimes they did not commit.
So what they have there, they have a structural disadvantage because they were just one hotel, so they don't have this whole inventory, so they can't cross-sell.
They were defined by what they bought, the shows they watched, the clothes they wore—all of which were disposable.
"Consumers want what they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want it," Hurst said.
I mean, they&aposre so stupid they don&apost realize that they could win him over if they really tried.
They stepped down or publicly apologized or they put processes in place or they got HR or they did something.
Other people they have problem with the diet, they eat, they want chocolate, they want this, but I want nothing!
Yet when they were found they were calm, several were laughing, and they assured rescuers they were in good health.
They do — they just pay the carriers for content they don't want versus media companies for content they do want.
They might not even be doing what they say they are, or they might not want to be doing it.
They should decide how they want to use the internet and how they want to support the content they enjoy.
"They all have cell phones so they don't have money, they don't have anything, they have cell phones," Trump said.
They served, they left, restarted their lives back home, and intentionally tuned out as much as they could, they said.
"They are here because they feel it is their only option and they feel they are in danger," she said.
"They are despotic, they are ruthless, they are cruel to their own people, but they are not crazy," he said.
They laugh, they chatter, they run around you, they jump and wave and goof off in front of the camera.
"If they want to wrestle, they wrestle Daddy; if they want to ride bikes, they ride with Daddy," he says.
And they said that if they don't hear back from people, they will assume that they are no longer interested.
"They fall in love with winners, they pay too much, they sell the losers too fast, they overtrade," Krawchecks said.
They say they don't buy things, they pay for things to give them more time, because they don't have time.
The children cannot lose; whatever they earn, they keep (and they only have to return the principal if they profit).
They come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home.
They insist an incident didn't happen when it did, and they insist they did or said something when they didn't.
They weren't properly witnessed, they weren't properly signed, they didn't have the proper mailing date, they didn't arrive in time.
"They announced today they were ceasing production, but they didn't tell us they were terminally shuttering the place," he said.
They feel very confused or they feel that they are in conflict with their faith because of who they are.
One by one, they were asked to resign; if they didn't, they were told, they would be fired on Monday.
"They thought we were researchers, so they were really honest about what they liked, and what they didn't," Lundquist said.
"They thought we were researchers, so they were really honest about what they liked, and what they didn't," Lundquist said.
That they are entitled to exercise whatever power and control they have, and that they can do what they want.
When they say they will vote against her, they actually mean that they will oppose her — loudly, bluntly and aggressively.
Sometime they say no because they mean no and sometimes they say no because they want to negotiate something better.
They were laughing hysterically until they realized I was filming them and immediately they panicked like the cowards they are.
Once they make them and see they can still function that way, do they go back to how they were?
They knew full well they would be caught if they made it to the other side, so they turned back.
Once they get going, they see they can do that, and they can up it to $50, then to $100.
You cannot define Americans by what they look like, where they come from, whom they love or how they worship.
Most of the time they don't even really need what they are buying, they just buy it because they can.
If they kept the Yankees in the ballpark, they knew they could win — and that is just what they did.
"Once they leave they are breathing easier and have someone they can go to if they have questions," she said.
"They knew they needed to do something, but they knew they were never going to do it themselves," Miller said.
If they play soccer, they could switch off to tennis; if they play hockey, they could try the track team.
They want to play a game where they have some freedom in how they can move and how they think.
If they care as much as they say they do publicly, I feel that they should add another bye week.
Look closely at the experiences they go for — they are close by where they live and work, they are cheaper.
And that's why they buy and that's why they watch and that's why they read and that's why they listen.
Some fought sleep because they were afraid they might never wake up again, and they were right—they might not.
"When they see one, they forget about protocol and they just call whoever they know who takes care of turtles."
Open to everyone, no matter where they come from, which language they speak, who they love or how they worship.
They supported ISIS, they created ISIS, they armed ISIS, without their [inaudible] -- AMANPOUR: They were actually supporting the moderates, but let's get to that in a second -- ZARIF: No, no, they say they were supporting the moderates.
They won't eat right, they won't stop smoking, they won't exercise, they won't visit a doctor regularly, and they sure as heck aren't going to sign up for health insurance coverage unless they need it right away.
They tend to think they own everything once they come in, and they think they get free reign—say if they purchased a VIP package and get to come in with no cover and get bottle service.
They don't like Donald Trump, they don't like the low wages, they don't like spending 20073 percent of their income on housing, they don't like student debt, they don't like the fact they can't go to college.
They score too much, they didn't score enough; they talk too much, they don't lead; they're holding back, they're too dominant; they don't create enough revenue, they are whining instead of being grateful, and they need to remember that they are role models for this girl and that girl and that girl over there.
"It was getting quite intense and they realized they want to enjoy being engaged for a while…It's not like they need to rush — they are both so young," the source continued, adding, "They aren't slowing things down though because they are unsure if they want to marry; they definitely want to get married."
They encapsulate vain hope; they are real, but they are not true.
They know where they eat and live, where they go to school.
They would say they were advisers but of course they were there.
They didn&apost -- they had a couple weeks, and they accomplished that.
What pose would they strike if they could do anything they wanted?
They paint, they play tag in the yard, they do it all!
When they have everything they need, they head down to the field.
They didn't realize they were without GPS until they tried to land.
They meet, they have one conflict, they get it resolved, book's over.
They have everything they thought they wanted and it makes them unhappy.
If they have a detainer they were missed, if they don&apost.
They control it through who they follow and what they search for.
They claim that they can't get in because they aren't diverse enough.
They only answered when they were asked -- and they were never asked.
PIRRO: They are liars, they are leakers, and they&aposre liberals, Sean.
They want open borders, they want Obamacare; they want their crumbs back.
They had a heart, they had great and they had each other.
They&aposre being disingenuous when they say they want to do this.
They wondered what they did wrong, what they could have done better.
They hate the Police They hate the Military They hate YOUR President.
They get fired, or they quit and they go to another employer.
They are sons, and they are daughters; they are not just numbers.
They were told they could learn the results when they turned 18.
They often say they would never have done it had they known.
Do they stay away because they are happy, or are they unsatisfied?
They had the numbers, so they could treat people however they wanted.
They all had hoodies, gloves, bandannas, they were ready, they were professional.
They must recognise the wrong, they must apologise, they must be transparent.
They will clean bathrooms; they will flip burgers; they will park cars.
They found it, they prepared it, and they handed it to him.
They are not cute, they are not bouncy, they are not playful.
They were great games, but they never felt like they were his.
They claimed a lesbian identity because they unapologetically knew who they were.
They grocery shopped, they cooked for me, they gave me my medicine.
If they fight, they can loot, and with loot, they can wed.
They hated gay people, they hated people of color, they hated me.
I wonder where they come from, what they do, who they are.
They know they can't win this fight because they haven't done anything.
They banned semiautomatic assault rifles, they -- they banned even shotguns in Australia.
They can allow whoever they want and kick out whoever they want.
They swarm you, they bite you and they leave you incredibly itchy.
If they say they can not do this then they are lying.
" They said they were asking for privacy as they "reconnect with Sam.
Rather, some said they hesitated because they didn't think they should leave.
And no, they cannot do "whatever they want" because they are stars.
They also said they do not know who they gave him to.
They look as if they can move in whatever way they want.
They don't think they are, but they often pack them with VCs.
They care about getting the products they need, when they need them.
But they exhibited, once they started engaging, they exhibited great, great courage.
They used photography to reproduce what they imagined they saw during séances.
They are rarely needed, but when they are, they are really needed.
Once they had shown what they could do, they would do more.
They look nothing like they do when they are with their employers.
They were fine, they were successful, but they didn't stick as hard.
They hit their targets, they caused death, they were instruments of terror.
"They slept; they ate; they acted like normal passengers," one woman said.
They have grown increasingly violent because they understand that they are losing.
They improvise as they deal with obstacles they didn't realize would arise.
They host affinity groups, they hold sensitivity training, they tweak hiring processes.
They looked cool, they dressed cool, they hung out with cool people.
They fought and they drank, but more than anything, they hung together.
They didn't know, they didn't expect and they surely didn't predict it.
If they feel they want to go for other reasons they can.
If they return home empty-handed, they fear they will be rejected.
Their choices, who they like, who they respond to — who they don't.
They came with forethought, they had helmets and weapons—they were armed.
If they did or didn't do it, they would say they did.
They have hounded him, they have persecuted him, they have maligned him.
They do not feel like girls, they say: They feel like boys.
When they hear something they don't like, they label it a lie.
They will if they keep their jobs and they don't get scared.
And that means, if they don't get what they want, they walk.
They stayed in Maine until they died; they raised five children there.
They investigated Benghazi, they investigated 'Fast and Furious,' they investigated the IRS.
They knew what was coming — or at least they thought they did.
They wanted to know who they were meeting, what they talked about.
If they don't feel like doing what they are told, they don't.
They stay because they love her—even though they can't stand her.
If they refuse, they say they would face fines of $70 million.
If they sank, they were innocent, and they got a Christian burial.
They twist and preen, they scratch their heads, they march in unison.
And they need to learn that they shouldn't believe everything they think.
They justified his behavior, they minimized his offenses, they excused his insults.
As they joined other victims, they discovered they had all been hurt.
They talk about the love they felt, and the love they gave.
They said they will -- and said they will do so this year.
"They always know more than they think they know," she told me.
If they stay here, they work on the black market—they disappear.
They look different, they talk different, they come from a different country.
They are tremendous fun when they work, and hilarious when they don't.
They don't care if something is fair; they care that they win.
They say they are -- but they also really like to goof around.
They support each other, they encourage each other, they criticize each other.
They didn't know where they came from or what religion they practiced.
When they bombed Laos, when they bombed Hanoi, when they bombed Cambodia.
"They know if they need a preacher, they found one," said Cyrus.
They took "they can't rap" and made the world think they can.
They are creative, and they are generative, but they are also unbounded.
They weren't big events, they were local premieres, but they sold out.
They work hard, they want to relax, they want to enjoy themselves.
They accept the people they want and turn away those they don't.
They scream, they insult, they threaten — and I'm not happy about it!
CLINTON: They want support, they want more training, they want more assistance.
They are very clever, they are full of energy, they want change.
I think they protest and they disrupt and that's what they do.
They look like they are coming at you, then they go sideways.
But they are because they are good and they are the Yankees.
They have a platform, and they can use it how they want.
They know if they do something wrong, they will go to jail.
They do what they call "crazy checks" on the people they hire.
They were educated; they could get birth control; they could get divorces.
The way they interacted with anyone they came across, they were wonderful.
"When they shot him down, they knew they messed up," she added.
Then they said if they see me again they will kill me.
They lie about who they are and it taints everything they do.
They said they had been promised they would get their children back.
They laugh and they cry and they leap into our exhausted arms.
When they said they wanted to help, we thought they meant that.
They said they were processing them through as quick as they could.
And they say hi and they embrace each other and they talk.
They told the public they don't fear the virus — they respect it.
They told the public they don't fear the virus — they respect it.
When they did things, if they did it, they did it perfect.
They think about it more, they fantasize, they slowly build a justification.
They put — they stood up against us when they didn't have to.
If they don't, they will learn that they will all hang separately.
Are they awarding the performances they hear, or the potential they discern?
"They bring background, they bring sources, they bring reporting," Mr. Lack said.
They just thought they knew where I lived and they were coming.
They have drug addiction problems, they have alcohol problems, they have issues.
"They trust you, they admire you, they hold you in high regard."
All in what they don't say, they can't say, they won't say.
And when they cannot find what they like, they get it made.
Do they work—or could they, if they were put in place?
Now they have it, they have studied it, they know very much.
So they begin to feel exhilarated, they feel renewed, they come alive.
They have accepted it, they tear it, and they throw it out.
They are musicians, they do martial arts, and they act in movies.
They can control where they organize and where they send the candidates.
When they leave, they are automatically charged for what they have bought.
They get curious, they start looking for data, and they take action.
They wear suits, they wear ties, they wear $210,000 clothes every day.
They knew what they were getting when they voted for Donald Trump.
"They absolutely did what they said they were going to," Evans said.
They wear suits, they wear ties, they wear $5,000 clothes every day.
They weren't told where they were going until just before they landed.
They began to think how can they monetize what they have built.
They do worst when they pretend as though they are emotionless robots.
They know they are paying a price for something they don't want.
They really knew that they needed one, but they were too timid.
They don't have water, they don't have food, they don't have medical.
They go into the grocery store, they shop, and they go home.
They have said they thought they were participating in a harmless prank.
"They keep achieving what they are told they can't achieve," Zidane said.
They were nativists, they were—they called it racialist then, not racist.
"They said they would come back, but they never did," he said.
They thought they were going to find out how Irish they were.
They said that they deeply regret it, they wish they'd never gone.
"They think they will be told they did something wrong," she said.
I'm sure they will ... I'm sure they will, and they normally do.
"They think about having a capability, because they believe they need it."
They just run it then, they just have to ... They run it.
They came to see me; they explained what they wanted to do.
They fight; they break each other's hearts; they don't end up together.
Even the way they talk, they sound how they do in Bow.
By the time they realised they had to, they just weren't ready.
They didn't think, they didn't correct for anything that they didn't understand.
And they failed because they did the exact opposite of what they should have done: As soon as they began running, they started to act and sound like politicians.
When they say they want our America back,Our America back,Our America back,When they say they want our America back,Well, what the fuck do they mean?
"They found the problem, they took out the part, they went back to the vendor, they re-machined them, they came back – all on dedicated transport flights," Abbasi said.
"The kids who are untreated have feeding tubes because they can't eat, they get wheelchairs because they can't walk, they have terrible seizures and they pass away," he says.
Together, they hike, they kayak, they surf, they convene at conferences, and they reassure one another that they'll never be the same—but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
They don&apost want a rational immigration policy, they don&apost want DACA kids, they said they want to help DACA kids, they&aposre voting no with their feet.
"They mocked our dead, they mocked women, they mocked the LGBT community, they made fun of people with physical and mental disabilities, they made fun of obesity," Miranda tweeted.
"Remember: they cheated because they wanted to, they lied because they could, and now they're sorry because they got caught," read a quote Kardashian shared on her Instagram Stories.
So-- they just-- they owe-- they owe more money than they should at present, and they should sell assets to some degree, not in a fire sale at all.
It's rough—they were telling me that when they moved there, they had no running water, they had no toilet, they had to dig out their own septic tank.
They believe they can be whatever they want to be, and that when they grow up their career will be intertwined with something they love and are passionate about.
No one knows for sure how long they live for, how they find partners, how they migrate, where they lay their eggs, or even if they make any sounds.
They didn't succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.
"They are all becoming very health conscious, they are all exercising, they are all taking supplements, but the reality is: they can't change the air they breathe," Dickinson explained.
They complain they are broke and say the reason they are not more successful is that they do not have international aid, as they did during the Reagan administration.
Sometimes they were two months pregnant but while they were walking on the long journeys they took, they were bleeding and bleeding and it turned out they had miscarried.
I always tell young women they can't assume they are being paid equal pay for equal work; they must make sure they are getting what they are entitled to.
They learned how to skate, but, as they shared during their surprise talk with Wickenheiser, they had one problem: They didn't know how to stop, they admitted with giggles.
We understand they are "conscious breathers," meaning they must decide to take each breath, meaning they cannot be completely unconscious, meaning they must be somewhat aware as they snooze.
They tell everybody what the people who make our movies like — or what they want us to think they like; what they want one another to think they like.
They teased each other, they fought, they made up, they confided in each other, saying things about the people on their jobs that they would never say in public.
They show three different measures of political engagement — whether people say they follow political news, whether they say they vote, and whether they think it matters who controls Congress.
HAWAII WOMEN SAY THEY ARE PLANNING THEIR NEXT BOATING VACATION The women said Tuesday that they did not use the beacon because they never felt they were in immediate danger, yet they have been quoted as saying they did not think they would survive another day.
And they searched and searched and they searched and they finally, after several years of looking, they finally concluded that sometime in the 1980s, they were getting so much satellite information beaming down from space and they didn't have hard drives, so they put it on tapes.
The data generally provides information about individual users' day-to-day activities and preferences: Where they shop; What they do for fun; What other apps they use, for how long, and what they do in those apps; Where they live; Where they work; With whom they associate.
The questions focused on five aspects: how lightly or deeply they slept; how easily they fell asleep; how often they awoke during the night; how easily they returned to sleep when they did wake up; and whether they thought they had a good or bad night's sleep.
They -- maybe they helped their parents at their end-of-life, now they have some time and they want to do some things while they are still healthy enough to do them, so they create this bucket list.
And what they do is they cut off the fins of sharks while they're alive, which means they can't swim, they can't hunt for food, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and they suffocate to death.
They are not pleasant, they are unethical, they are mean and nasty, and they cheat and steal to get their way.
They both have to respond to it, they both have to want to play they roles, they have to be available.
The problem is, they were speaking out about what they were against, but they still weren't saying what they were for.
"They realized they can have what they enjoy -- as long as they can distract themselves enough to not think about it."
They aren't slowing things down though because they are unsure if they want to marry; they definitely want to get married.
And they got this little, little echo chamber and they all quote themselves and they all think they&aposre so smart.
They think they are sure they understood what the other person said, and all the sociolinguistic studies tell you they don't.
So maybe they don't have the influence they think, but they really are -- they really have to straighten out their act.
It's all these guys that are very influential and they know what they do and they know what they do well.
KS: They just don't, and they worry about cleaning, and that's the ... They don't have flexible cleaning schedules when they could.
They tried magazines, then they went into search — it was a product they called Project Index, they still haven't delivered yet.
Then they must prove to an ICE agent that they are who they say they are and aren't a security risk.
So, all the seniors before they leave they will see him, and they will see him again after they come back.
First, they surprised the world with news that they secretly got married — not long before they announced they were splitting up.
They didn't do so because they opposed vaccines; they just figured they were young and healthy, so it was probably fine.
They watch you, they study you, they soak up every piece of information they can find and store it for later.
They remember their first set, they remember the first time they gave (it) to their child (or) something that they built.
Voters know in the abstract what they ought to know; they just don't actually know the things they think they should.
If they observe that they are not able to reach the communities they serve, they investigate the obstacles and resolve them.
They will remain productive for longer, not just because they need to but because they want to and because they can.
They griped about "they" and "them" without even knowing that I was one of the "they" and "them" they were criticizing.
They smashed blackberries, they bleach subpoenaed emails, they delete emails, and then they get kickbacks for selling out America&aposs securities.
They make up, maybe unconsciously, convincing reasons why they are where they are, who they are, and with a certain person.
They are very private and when they came here to buy them, they didn't say anything about who they were for.
So whatever they say, whatever they write, whatever they do legally, if they haven't broken your bones yet, you keep going.
When they're young, they don't go everywhere, but as they get older and show they can handle it, they go everywhere.
Women VCs back women founders, they build companies, they sell companies, they gain more capital and they back more women founders.
The two met -- two leaders met, they had a statement about what they discussed, and what they -- what they agreed on.
They don&apost want to hear -- they don&apost think -- they think they can shift the story away from the successes.
They feel they have no control over North Korea so they might be more receptive than they were in the past.
They have chosen Trump not because they are bad people but because they see him as the only choice they have.
They sing, they dance; they wear adult onesies covered in fried chicken prints; they tease one another when Twitter "fails" them.
They quip, they compete, they beat the crap out of some poor minions, and they come out the other end victorious.
If they aren't with us on both social and economic issues, they don't feel like they fit, and they go elsewhere.
"If they do nothing they risk a market backlash, and if they move sharply they face a political one," he says.
"They knew they had to chose one, and they chose the hand that they knew would hurt the least," he said.
They crouch, they pout, they pirouette; sometimes they wear costumes inspired by the cartoon version of the choreography — masks, helmets, tiaras.
They proceeded to vacuum up everything they could find — and then, instead of revealing what they had, they held it. 25.
Though they weren't formally trained as first responders, they said they wanted to do what they could for their fellow protesters.
They skip, they hop, they twirl, they make us want to call our dads and challenge them to a dance-off.
They were in spaces that they didn't know they weren't zoned for, then they got a call and were kicked out.
They found that they can work together in the one office they have, but not if they are both on calls.
From there, they sent it to people they knew had stories — and they sent it to people they knew had stories.
They are practicing the story as something they will tell when they return north, to amuse the people they know there.
They can measure the flow of customers and identify exactly where they engage, how they engage, and when they drop off.
They had more plastic spoons than anyone, they had the best response lines, they had people in tuxedos, they had footballs.
If they come in, they want to raise the taxes and they want to increase the regulations like they had before.
Instead they sign with an agent they connect with, who they believe will best help them achieve whatever ambitions they have.
When they took to the streets in 2011 they asked for democracy, they asked for dignity and they asked for jobs.
They turned to the left, they turned to the right; they danced fast, they danced slow; rhythm and melody pervaded them.
So they can do anything, they can murder people, they kill people and they get away with everything all the time.
If they have money, they go to Asia, they go to Europe, they go all over the world looking for help.
We all assumed they were cheating, but even if they were, they were great, whether they were true amateurs or not.
So maybe they don't have the influence they think, but they really are — they really have to straighten out their act.
"It's very erotic, they get naked, they lick each other, they kiss each other, they hold each other," Ms. Bennahum said.
They are careful about who they film with, what they wear, how they act and how things can be interpreted online.
They go out into the desert areas and they hang a left or they hang a right and they come in.
They were carrying their coats and book-bags as they ran, but before they could get to safety, they were shot.
"They knew they were wrong, but they did it anyway — and they continue to do it," DeWine said in a statement.
They can make us laugh, they can make us cry, they can make us uncomfortable, they can make us feel empowered.
And they go with me — they don't go under the bus, they don't go under the airplane, they go with me.
So they have a heartbeat, sometimes they can even breathe, they go through sleep-wake cycles, they can open their eyes.
If they reported problems paying bills, they were then asked if they have bills they are unable to pay at all.
They have not given theirs (guns) back but they support the idea - although they won't do it until they have to.
They stuck together trying to protect one another, and they thought they could run the show and do whatever they wanted.
They want to impeach this president, they want to keep Obamacare, they want open borders, and they want more of your money, they want to take back the tax cuts.
They want open borders, they want to keep Obamacare, they don&apost want Judge Kavanaugh on the bench, and they want their crumbs back, they want the tax cut back.
They do not matter because they cannot be seen; instead they are something to be assisted into the world, and if they refuse, they are to be mocked and excised.
It's a catch 22, if they apply to fix their status they could be facing exiled from the country they call home, if they don't they must face possible deportation.
It influenced where they lived, what they studied, what careers they pursued — and cut into the very nature of how they viewed the world and how they acted in it.
"They (migrants) don't know how to behave, they steal, they rape women, they carry weapons, they organize and do terrorist things," Iren Botos, a retired chemistry teacher, said in Budapest.
They want it to sound virtuous, so they choose a word like "clean," but what they really mean is they want to continue irresponsible behavior exactly as they have been.
"They ran out of back doors, they broke windows, they went through windows, they hid up in the attic, they hid in the bathroom," Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said.
They do not honor commitments to their workers, often they do not clean up the lands they have mined and they leave these communities worse off than when they arrived.
In the former, it implies they felt they were going to succeed; in the latter, it implies they did what they did in spite of whether or not they succeed.
They immediately sense that you know, they sense the slower job growth, they sense the fewer job openings, they sense the pay increases aren't as big, they become more cautious.
The couple knew they were going to have twins -- they announced that back in August -- but remember ... they said they didn't want to know the gender before they were born.
"The bottom line is if they want to fund CHIP, which they claim they do because they care about children, they could do that immediately," Kimmel said of Republican lawmakers.
They put out that African Americans were uppity, that they were claiming rights that they shouldn't have, that they were moving too quickly, that they were riddled with communists, and that they were trying to undermine the American system.
When inhabitants meet with their families they are constantly supervised, and if they say anything about the abuses they face or the squalor of their conditions, they say they know they will be beaten and drugged with downers later.
"They need to be aware of the types of symptoms they would be experiencing should they be infected, and they need to know that if they are infected, they can seek medical care to alleviate those symptoms," he said.
They pray in mosques, they call out the azaan at prayer time, they say "assalam alaikum," they invoke Allah's will or his mercy — and every time they do any of the above, they violate the law of the land.
The living, even though they do not regret the risks they took and the hardships they endured, even though they are proud because what they did they did in purity of heart, have had reason to be bitter, too.
"They feel they never performed better, yet they feel written off," she said.
They realize they can't run away: They have to get rid of it.
They believed they were good before they were, and backed up their bravado.
"They were very sweet when they arrived but they were depressed," Glover adds.
They respond, they prepare the right way, they take it as a challenge.
People fall out of love, they grow apart, they cheat, or they die.
They don't want vitriol, they don't want rhetoric, they don't want verbose propaganda.
Now, if they leave, they fear they will not be allowed to return.
The internet knows trolls: They annoy, they harass, they attack targets in swarms.
Whether they win or they lose, I want to see how they play.
"They want adventure, and they are so curious that they are not afraid."
They think they know his life because they know what he's been through.
They come to my home, they get the idea and they get excited.
When they feel strongly about something, they don't protest it — they trade it.
They can be killers, they can be thieves, they can be horrible people.
I believe they know for sure what they want and what they don't.
They love that girl, they are obsessed, she's queen bee – they adore her!
Because how could they, if they say they don't believe what's in it?
They said they had local collaborators; they haven't provided the names of collaborators.
But they added in media, they added in mail, they added in personalization.
And they asked me before they went on tour if they could go.
They preach diversity, they preach tolerance, but they&aposre none of the above.
So they decide they want to build a train, they build a train.
Since they are the experts, they should know what they are doing, right?
The public isn't -- you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch.
They need to respect the artists they say they're honoring, which they don't.
They&aposre giving speeches they&aposre leading marches and they&aposre resisting Trump.
They have already reached crisis point before they find the support they need.
They make the things they do because they think those things will sell.
When they are shot they are of course not aware they are dead.
These are your children, they are sisters, they are mothers, they are brothers.
"They are like composers: They can do this and they can do that."
They pre-announce good numbers, they go up and then they get pancaked.
They didn't know where they were going, but they were going for opportunity.
"They said they would remain friendly and they have," a source tells PEOPLE.
They embraced economic uncertainty because they didn't see they had much to lose.
They cultivate other leaders, they form coalitions, and they guard their collective reputations.
They wear what they want to wear, behave as they want to behave.
They care for each other, they laugh together, and boy do they fight.
They prefer a president they can control or one they can easily oppose.
They realize if they work together, they can get out of the pen.
They love the area, they love the people, they love all the people.
They tell Becca that they like her, but, erm, they liked Lauren, too!
They care about safety, they care about inclusion, and they care about accountability.
They look tired, ragged, and sick, more so than they thought they would.
They like you, they think you're funny, they want to be your friend.
They know they don't have much time left so they turn into wankers.
They worry about their homes: Would they even know if they were gone?
They don't have discipline, they don't have armor, they don't have siege weapons.
They sing, they dance, they know what a monologue is and I didn't.
They don't feel they have been represented well -- and they are probably right.
They&aposre saying they&aposre not -- they&aposre drawing the line on this.
They are dramas, yes, and sometimes they are heightened, but they are dramas.
They have to eat, they have to shit, and they have to bang.
And they called us up and they said they couldn't find their turkey.
They don't know what they are doing, they are running it so poorly.
They invested because they believed in Fuego's potential — why would they go slow?
They do want to try the bubble popping once they realize they can.
They take our gasoline, they blend it, and they make a RIN. Okay.
It's what they do while they cook or while they work or something.
They were forced out at gunpoint and if they refused, they were killed.
Instead, they often wish they had spent more time with those they love .
They actually mentioned they have a manager, a team they can rely on.
They come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home.
They are more confident, freer, they know that they must rely on themselves.
When they meet, they stick, and they create a network of tiny fibers.
They were indiscriminate in what they captured, however, and they shredded gelatinous lifeforms.
They are changing, but they need another push—from someone they care about.
As soon as they looked inside, they knew they had to call police.
They have to know who they have to be and who they are.
They expect the service, they rely on it and they find it boring.
Once they become cats, they &apose just not the same, are they, Kennedy?
And they think the louder they get the more effective they will be.
They want what they want, when they want it, right here right now.
They believe they know what's best for how they will comport their lives.
People are sitting there, they sit there, they think, and then they choose.
They thought they could get away with anything because they were so small.
They feel like they are under attack, because in those cases they are.
They&aposre tougher, they&aposre harder, and they don&apost care about politics.
When they engage, when they make eye contact with somebody, they have empathy.
They were playing well before they got here and they played well here.
They have to forever chase the thing they did when they were 18.
"They say they want peace and professionalism, but they want war," Lege said.
When they came home from school, they got to make whatever they wanted.
Instead, they did what they always do: they had a little fun.  pic.twitter.
They ended up breaking up when they found out they were third cousins.
They also aren't shy about what they want -- it's a boy ... they hope.
They told him they wished there were other girls they could skate with.
If they win, great; if they don't win, they had fun doing it.
As long as they know they͛re happy, they know they will be okay.
They didn't have any memory, they didn't change, they didn't have any context.
They didn't have to, they weren't getting paid overtime, but they were there.
Listening to them when they tell us they are doing all they can.
They didn't pull too hard when they were dragging you around, did they?
Other managers, they cry, they cry, they cry when some player is injured.
They felt that they were unfair and they were burdensome to telecom companies.
They think they can win if they make it a vote on immigration.
They love the series, they play it, and they have really strong motivations.
Like aliens, I don't think they are anything like they say they are.
If they used to lie and now they stopped lying, have they "changed"?
They know that if they do, they are in for a big fight.
THEY don't drink, they don't get tired and they don't go on strike.
In recovery, they learned how to use muscles they never knew they had.
And they watch TV. They believe they know what progressives think of them.
If they are captured, they will not be honest about what they did.
Nowadays they don't use "Fact Checkers" anymore, they just write whatever they want!
Will they feel that they did all they could to improve the relationship?
They are giving up, they are raising their hands, they are walking off.
Then they give people advice that they already know they should be following.
They will say what they believe and they will act on their beliefs.
As they prepare to join the battle, they reflect on why they joined.
They don't -- they wouldn't have to ask us if they had answers, right?
Nowadays they don't use 'Fact Checkers' anymore, they just write whatever they want!
They are absolutely spineless morons and they cannot admit that they were wrong.
It's that they want control over what they share and what they don't.
They are damned if they stick with him, and damned if they don't.
It's scary, they feel like they don't belong, they don't have role models.
N.F.L. quarterbacks win or they lose, they play well or they do not.