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881 Sentences With "the other"

How to use the other in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "the other" and check conjugation/comparative form for "the other". Mastering all the usages of "the other" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We have to always have the "other" side, the other perspective, the other truth.
Not the other person's stand or the other person's belief or the other person's worldview.
But what they spent and what they did was utterly dwarfed by all the other efforts, all the other spending, all the other advertising, all the other messaging, all the other campaigning that was done on both sides of that campaign.
They come in and one of them would slate the other, and the other would slate the other one.
Just one bunkbed right after the other right after the other, and in the other room it was the same way.
Then the other party pursues fixes that go too far the other way — and again ignores ideas from the other side.
All the other issues, all the other distractions, don't help.
What was the other gem she said the other day?
It's just one thing after the other after the other.
Because usually one is sensible and the other wild; one loud and the other quiet; one into their appearance and the other nonplussed.
One pushes the other, the other either bristles or makes room.
Emma's mother, on the other hand, simply looked the other way.
The other two are on the other side of the camera.
There are vacant homes, one after the other after the other.
You're either the other we're killing or the other we're saving!
YORK: They both claim the other one was stealing from the other.
The other beachedGlimpses of what the other was up to:Revelations at last.
The other big thing here are the cameras on the other side.
One is in critical condition, the other serious, and the other fair.
The other cat is so happy now where the other cat is.
But then you look at all the other evidence on the other side.
"Not on the other charges, not on the other things," Mr. Rubio said.
That is the thrill of the other, so she's the other for me.
Boastfulness and cowardice are Trump trademarks, one the other face of the other.
And we never doubted the other man's sincerity or the other man's patriotism.
Neither is copying the other or trying to push back against the other.
The other tracks are written by me and then played with the other guys.
"I then went to the other room," he says, "and delivered the other baby."
One of the other districts is Solid Republican and the other is Solid Democrat.
Fingers are being pointed everywhere — at the other party and at the other chamber.
So, you see what I'm saying one leads to the other to the other.
If one not related to the other one, they're related to the other one.
It opens you up to all the other injections and all the other lasers.
But then you notice something, the other guy gets close and Ali has adjusted millimeters to one side, then the other, the other guy keeps coming, still nothing.
But there's the other foot in the other camp, which is our overreliance on automation.
On the other hand, I also think, Well, damn, what about the other 11 months?
I watched with the other Marines, the other kids, as his body was taken away.
On the other hand, the other end of the spectrum, you have the ancient Greeks.
If you look at your ball, the other ball automatically takes on the other color.
" "I think Hillary moved to the other table at one point with the other winner.
One defines the concept, the other shakes and stirs, and the other makes a syrup.
The other, well, the other type of reaction is the sort that created the policy.
The other guy has a plan, too, and the other guy practices very hard, too.
The other detainees were released to Balkan nations — one to Bosnia, the other to Montenegro.
If the other person has a Nucleus device, it's going to ring the other device.
On the other hand, his unpopularity on the other side could drive turnout for Democrats.
"In the other, he's saying the other guy could only gain from this, not me."
It becomes chaotic until it is released in the other world, on the other side.
"It was just incredible — watching one after the other after the other," Dr. Johnson said.
The other 99 percent, on the other hand, earn an average of $50,107 a year.
And it was, you know, one crisis after the other, one country after the other.
One brother is for one party, the other brother is for the other party, they argue.
One of them is children, the other one is art and the other one is acting.
On the other side of the experiences, on the other side of the story, is freedom.
The other leg uses a system similar to bicycle brake cables to move the other foot.
"I think we both just thought the other was better for the other part," she said.
But one might be older than the other, one might be younger than the other, okay?
Not one at the expense of the other, or one before the other, but in tandem.
Far more than at the other shelters, David said, he feared some of the other residents.
"He would heckle the other kids from the other teams more than we would," Nelson said.
"Our kids don't get that concept of the other because they are the other," she said.
I'll let you find the other two, although here is one and here is the other.
Barney went off to Electronic, I did Revenge, and the other two did the Other Two.
"Now it's like you have to hate the other person, the other party," Mr. Tompkins said.
One is a possibility, the other an obligation; one is a means, the other an end.
Affleck isn't as well known as the other Affleck, but the other Affleck is his brother.
And the referee sort of disentangled them and said to the other guy, &aposYou won,&apos and the other guy was rather unresponsive, and the referee realized the other guy was dead.
And it just builds on each other one after the other after the other until you're trapped.
The other side does the other ... the questioning of decades old military and political alliances raises risk.
The other I'm not so ... The other will just pay for it, which I'm fine with, too.
On the other hand, and the other side of the street, the change could benefit other businesses.
Neither can really tell the other what they've been up to for fear of losing the other.
The other one, the other C's, I think, will define this third wave: Creativity, collaboration, communication skills.
More spouses means more likelihood that one spouse or the other can cook while the other works.
It was just one player playing, the other one staying on the other side of the court.
The other guy on the other side actually said, 'I have no idea what you're talking about.
" Clinton condescendingly described the "other half" of Trump supporters as those that belong in the "other basket.
On the other side, Saudi Arabia is allied with the other Sunni Arab countries in the region.
The other two happened in January, one in Al Bayda and the other in the Marib governate.
The grass really is greener on the other side — at least on the other side of legalization.
I have to pay more attention to the needs of the other partner, of the other person.
The other girl almost didn't realize she was there, but she couldn't stop watching the other girl.
Having multiple winners, on the other hand, would allow the company to play one off the other.
And they fight in the other guy's backyard, at times in places of the other guy's choosing.
The other side of the story is that the other half is in fact under preferential agreements.
One is a Conservative party, and the other one-, the other two, are populist anti-EU parties.
"People are making up stories about 'the other' — Muslims, Trump voters, whoever 'the other' is," she said.
On the other hand, either leader might conclude the other is disingenuous and scuttle any future negotiations.
It is one thing to whip up fear of the Other when the Other is a threat.
But whether or not either can make a big catch will depend on who is able to draw the other out, reel the other in, and keep the other side on the hook.
On the other hand, let's look at some of these brilliant targets that the other receivers are getting.
The other two drills are held in the spring — one computer-simulated and the other a field exercise.
The change from one side to the other or from one section to the other is not mechanical.
The other ideas to combat inequality And that leaves us with the other ideas offered to combat inequality.
PIRRO: Do you think that you will face consequences from the other -- like Iran, the other Arabs nations?
One person receives one of the entangled photons in the pair and the other person gets the other.
"The other Meghan is perfect for the other Harry and I am perfect for this Harry," said Megan.
He got his army in front of the other guy's and bulldozed the other guy until he quit.
On the other hand, some might justifiably want love to discover them rather than the other way around.
He lifts the dough on one end, while holding the other against the cutting board with the other.
On the other hand however fashion and music have always been intrinsically tied, with each informing the other.
The last 200 years, human beings tried to understand the other side better, understand the other people better.
The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, on the other hand, ruled the other way in a different case.
On the other hand, on the other hand, I will defend what's going on in the domestic economy.
The other side: The California Restaurant Association just sued the other major city that's taken this step, Berkeley.
Anything the other team's captain says is wrong, by default, because they're the captain of the other team.
That doesn't make one side right and the other wrong or one side evil and the other good.
But also the other thing, the other problem is, is that the reader won't understand what you mean.
You can join Israeli/Palestinian, and pick one or the other; Republicans and Democrats, and you pick one or the other, or Trump supporters and Latino Americans, and you pick one or the other.
Sure, one is pink and the other is black; one is global while the other is focused only on the US and Canada; and one has plans for flying taxis while the other doesn't.
Because they are effective at advocating for others, as these women in a consulting firm told me that they created a strategy where one woman tells the other her achievements, the other tells the other, they swap achievements, and then each goes to the bosses and brags about the other.
It is through the other plot lines that the other major players of this hallowed day get fleshed out.
Liked him more, ghosted the other guy, and continued to talk to the other guy, who later GHOSTED ME!
The raven then carried the bread to the other trainer on the other side, and exchanged it for cheese.
But some very smart people on the other side are pulling together increasingly sophisticated arguments in the other direction.
In this position, one partner lies back while the other uses their fingers or hands to penetrate the other.
I mean, did hit him with all these things if the other shoe was on the other foot, Garland.
One of the other top-floor bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom; the other two bedrooms share a bath.
Because my leg is so much longer than the other, I wear this lift shoe on the other side.
So truthfulness — revealing all the facts that the other party might care about — isn't owed to the other party.
Then, on the other side of the bed, the other person will have piles of books, papers and devices.
Like the other men and women under the other highways, he said, his life hadn't always looked like this.
One has tripped the other acciden- tally on purpose and now the other howls as if singed with fire.
The other bedrooms have pine floors; one has an en-suite bathroom; the other three share a full bathroom.
"Six of one, half dozen of the other," she said the other day as she finished her lunch break.
Every regulation pulls you one way or the other or deregulation pulls you one way or the other. Right?
Surely something historic, one way or the other, lies at the other end of the investigation Mueller now leads.
On the other hand, Clinton avoided mentioning the other candidates, referring to Sanders eight times and O'Malley just three.
And many still have family members on the other side of the border and work on the other side.
They deadlocked on the other three FBAR counts and the other seven bank fraud or bank fraud conspiracy counts.
" Obama then added: "Here's the deal: If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates.
Or you conclude on one side of the aisle or the other that it is one thing or the other.
Interestingly, all the other neighbors immediately put up American flags shaming the other neighbor who took down the Confederate flag.
The other actor who plays the other actor in the play is Luke Hemsworth, brother to Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.
Just talking badly about the other parent and the kids start to internalize what the other parent is telling them.
The other front, as Trump became more and more serious, the other front was to stop Trump at any cost.
The other side: The administration, on the other hand, argues that the rule will enhance competition in the individual market.
Realistically, it's not the same "the other way," because "the other way," in my experience at least, doesn't really exist.
It allows demagogues to step in and say the reason where we are is because of the other, the other.
If either side believes the other is using symbols of the other, 'corrective action' will be taken to respect patrimony.
" The other choice: "In this case the car will swerve and drive through a pedestrian crossing in the other lane.
And where you get the other five from is a consensus of the other 85033 which has to be unanimous.
But you can't have one side with all the other ideas and the other side not coming into the debate.
As one danced, the other stood still; as one carried forward, the other lingered behind, unwilling to continue the pilgrimage.
I glanced back from the other side and saw the top of a border agent's head looking the other way.
Clinging to that illusion, neither partner really sees the other, or even acknowledges that the other has hidden, private selves.
The other dimension of grandstanding is more of trying to shame or attack or make the other side look bad.
The rat and the bear are opposites: One is repugnant, the other adorable; one so common as to be a plague, the other endangered; one an evolutionary winner, the other poorly suited to survival in the wild.
Here is your definitive guide to all the different, bad ways Trump has shaken hands — from that one handshake where he pulls the other person's arm to the other handshake where he pulls the other person's arm.
On the other hand, the other local terror outfit, Ansarul Bangla Team, or the ABT, has mostly targeted bloggers and atheists.
" Obama responds to hecklers: "Here's the deal: If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates.
The message from the other team is obvious for all to see: We would rather face you than the other guy.
For now, the other cities are unknown, but Uber will likely specify the other cities after the service launches in Berlin.
"We didn't change to the extent that the other person wanted or as quickly as the other person needed," he said.
Be aware of the other people around youStay constantly alert to the other runners and the people nearby as you run.
The other two require agua with one, intended for maintenance and small spills, using 60-percent less water than the other.
On the other hand, surveys also show strong support among Netanyahu's core base, putting Likud ahead of all the other parties.
Because this is one of the other promises he's made, and it's one finances the other, or at least in part.
The other team, led by Richard Teague of the University of Michigan, used similar methods to spot the other two worlds.
I said the other day: They're in this court making this argument [and] they're down the street making the other argument.
"I love going the other way, so anytime I drive the ball the other way, that's my game plan," Souza said.
On the other side of the street, SDF fighters circle the other lone man, his red keffiyeh still atop his head.
On the other side of the highway, I watched a skinny dog trying to time a dash to the other side.
For the other guys like Dan Gargiulo (guitarist), and the other instrumentalists, Deathspell Omega and Gorguts were the two key influences.
Nkechi Nwabudike, the other head writer, pointed out that the host of "The Other News" was Igbo, another major ethnic group.
And you do not have to hate the other person on the other team — you can actually work together with them.
One of the other four subjects in the study had very small signs of C.T.E., but the other three showed none.
Having a civil conversation with someone from the other side is challenge enough; dating someone from the other side is unthinkable.
There was one link of the train off to one side and the other on the other side of the freeway.
One gender is rewarded for being furious, the other for not being "shrill"; one for hot emotion, the other for warm.
But neither is convinced that the other will remain peaceful, and they each see the other as postured to strike first.
It sees the game itself, its rules and referees, as captured by the other side, operating for the other side's benefit.
The other two shirts in the collection are fabricated out of ripstop cotton — one Western-style, the other featuring a hood.
Relaxed in the fairway, one hand resting atop a club, the other on a hip, one foot crossed over the other.
They're making sure that the desire of the other is present when gratifying oneself, an attunement to gratifying the other too.
Mr. Cullinan was handling one side, and the other partner overseeing the voting process, Martha L. Ruiz, was handling the other.
The other compares how a year in orbit impacted one twin while the other stayed on terra firma as the control.
And now Melania was sitting on the other side of the table, way down on the other end, very far away.
With crosswords, on the other hand, every word interlocks with words in the other direction, making them more difficult to create.
Back then, Third Battalion was located on the other side of the base, far away from the other two male battalions.
The museum recounts what colonizing was about: beauty and desire — the desire of the other, and the domination of the other.
" Trump added, "And they gotta look at the other ones also, folks, because ... take a look at the other ones, folks!
Their dramatic fights usually ended in really great breakup sex, and any relationship that the other entered during their "off-again" period was to make the other jealous or realize how much better suited the other was for them.
And I think what made the other versions different were a few things: One, the other versions did not have Laurence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson attached; and two, I don't think I was as honest in the other versions.
In 2000, an investigator found the other two girls — one believed to be 2 or 3 and the other 3 or 4.
I think once you get past those guys, that's when the other stuff pops in, the other aspects of it pop in.
Buffett: Do you wanna illustrate it-- Joe, for example-- Quick: I thought he said the other I thought he said the other.
On the other hand, we say our two c-ons are entangled when information about one improves our knowledge of the other.
On the other hand, if we measure the shape of one, and then the color of the other, there is no correlation.
Most of the other – I was a state assemblyman at the time – most of the other legislators switched from opposition to support.
It's hard to invest on the other side of impossible, and it's hard to make money on the other side of unlikely.
They push each other on the one hand but on the other hand if one is struggling the other is always there.
Noises came—footsteps, the creak of a board, voices—maybe from the other side of the door, maybe from the other apartments.
Then let go of the green button and repeat the steps with the other window on the other side of the screen.
"Everything just kind of plays into the other, and feeds off the other," Drummond told PEOPLE in November of her many businesses.
But simply looking the other way in order to avoid feeling bad, is the pendulum swinging too far in the other direction?
Clearly there's the other side of his record, but I don't know that the other side is important to Republican primary voters.
The other women there are irresponsible and sexually loose, and you, on the other hand, are making a difficult and regrettable decision.
One of us might have been doggedly tunnelling toward the other person, while the other person was curling away in another direction.
You had a view like this, you have to change it the other day, you have to change again the other day.
Democracy simply doesn't work if both sides view the other side's demands as unreasonable simply because the other side has made them.
"It's taking many minutes [for the other eye] to catch up to the other eye that's adapted to the dark," explained Plant.
The last Republican president, George W. Bush, and all of the other leading contenders are proposing one or the other or both.
It's easy to see how both partners could view the other as ideal—one partner's strengths balancing out the other partner's weaknesses.
You might choose to have half the class read one side of the issue and the other half read the other side.
The other two were cleared, yet one had contemplated suicide and the other was so crushed he had not returned to school.
One was open for medical reasons and the other was where they would temporarily put people when they cleaned the other pens.
"If you are not used to negotiating and listening to the other side, it's easy to caricature the other side," she said.
AMSTERDAM — Two warring nations: one Catholic, one Protestant; one a monarchy, the other a republic; one profoundly religious, the other ambitiously mercantile.
And the more different they appear, the more the other party comes to feel like a genuine existential threat to the other.
As with the other Skype Translator languages, the translation you see will change in real time as the other person is speaking.
The overriding principle is not a chore list, but respect for the other — the ability to really see and hear the other.
As the two discuss with Robinson, the other cast members of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way watch in a separate room.
With control, bring the extended leg in and extend the other leg out, simultaneously bringing the other elbow to the opposite knee.
It's easy to see how both partners could view the other as ideal -- one partner's strengths balancing out the other partner's weaknesses.
The industry is suffering and we're just the same as any of the other businesses at any of the other quoted companies.
One person had to deal with the drunk people and the other had to stop this flood from reaching the other floors.
He always wins one way or the other in his mind, and it doesn't really matter what happens to the other person.
The one was extreme centralization, the other was extreme decentralization; the one was nationalistic and the other provincial; the first was called Federalism, the other State Rights, but in truth the first should have been called Unitarianism and the second Federalism.
And so when you play a division team, when one team goes in one direction, the other team's going in the other one.
"Everything just kind of plays into the other, and feeds off the other," she told PEOPLE in November of her many entrepreneurial endeavors.
Murray, who finished with 20 points, hit 1 of 2 at the other end and Adams split a pair at the other end.
It goes was the other way, too – if we get a slowdown, which I don't expect, I'd have to calibrate the other way.
On the other hand, the Pixel 103's HDR processing finds ways to capture stunning shots that the other two can't quite match.
The other explanation is that the middle object is actually the core and the other objects are jets ejected going in opposite directions.
"We got her spirits back up … and this cheetah right here is not the other cheetah from the other scene," Picture Perfect admitted.
On the other side of me, neither Kam nor Kayleigh are able to make it to the other platform despite their best efforts.
On the other hand, Libby – the other possible target – has actively deceived Domenick and voted against his alliance when she turned on Morgan.
" Of the other Housewives, she insisted, "The other women are just drumming up drama, and I wish they could find their own happiness.
The other thing I would say, if they cover every tweet and every utterance, then they&aposre not covering all the other stuff.
When they started hearing the shooting in the other room, his friend ran towards the dressing room and Rodney ran the other way.
The U.S. retail future of many of the other products shown at the event, on the other hand, feels a lot less certain.
One box is still the view from my own headset and the other boxes are the first-person views of the other players.
Sam treats Debbie differently than all the other women, stroking her ego while obliterating all the other women's with his frequent misogynistic remarks.
Nothing is blown out in one shot and not in the other, nothing is noisier in one shot and not in the other.
Even engaging in the argument feels like giving credence to the other side, and the other side is just out-of-control absurd.
One of the other girls was not at school today and the other had run out and was not near the shooting area.
"They have become more powerful than the other two branches because the other two branches lack political courage to stand up," he said.
Roughly half the neurons quickly "learned" to focus on one input pattern, while the other half learned to focus on the other pattern.
"Gold is so much more than any of the other commodities, any of the other metals or even any other asset," he said.
The other big British publishers (Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan) are nearly identical to the other big American publishers (Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster).
Of the other men, one remains in prison in Singapore and the other 12 have been released in Bangladesh after they were deported.
Each character sold something precious to buy a gift for the other, but those gifts were intended for what the other person sold.
From the beginning, the boys were a pair, one hardly seen without the other, one name seldom said without the other to follow.
In each place, the other is talked about very much like one would report on events on the other side of the country.
"But on the other side, you've got strong and rising, really quite rampant, physical bullion demand coming in the other direction," he added.
Their worldview, on the other hand, may not be so lucky—and could face an angrier, more organized public on the other side.
The other day, I spent 75 minutes at a coffee shop and heard, one after the other, the Doors, Radiohead and Elvis Costello.
"No, the other one is here," Harris responded from the other end of the stage, laughing and spreading her arms out in disbelief.
A country with big challenges could only make progress when one party or the other garnered enough power to overwhelm the other completely.
Common sense: When a witness strongly denies he discussed one thing but dodges on the other, that means he discussed the other thing.
One was constructed in 1924 by the Michigan Observation Company, the other by a farmer who owned the other half of the bluff.
If you expand the options available to the dictator to include taking money from the other player, then few participants opt to share the money with the other player—though, importantly, neither do most players exercise their ability to take from the other.
Here we see that all nine young women keep reverting to fifth position, the crucial starting point in which one turned-out foot is placed in front of the other (one heel by the other toe, one toe by the other heel).
The other participant was asked to write down anything he or she believed the other person had noticed or thought about him or her, and then to estimate how much the other person had observed him or her, using the same scale.
Children can lower their eye contact, turn their backs or look in the other direction when the other child is approaching, Ms. Nair says.
It wasn&apost immediately known whether the other two persons who died were bus passengers or were in one of the other vehicles involved.
WARREN BUFFETT: Do you wanna illustrate it-- Joe, for example-- BECKY QUICK: I thought he said the other I thought he said the other.
Telling stories through art [humanizes] the other side in times of hate [when] [rhetoric can] portray the other as a bloodthirsty and cruel enemy.
Officials said the other two dogs from the original 18 on Mack's property were killed by the other dogs before authorities could seize them.
So, too, the other dual nationals held in Iran on baseless ground, as well as all the other prisoners unjustly incarcerated in politicized prosecutions.
" While he could not name the other parties involved because of "the code of legal secrecy," he continued: "The other participants at the Oct.
So I wish John Agnello had done all of the other records, but I also wish we had done all of the other records.
I mean trade is something that you are buying from the other country, it's like you're buying the other people value, other people's culture.
The other thing is, I know there&aposs a lot of hand-wringing about or the media bias, and this, that and the other.
And secondly that we will not look the other way — meaning there is no way to pay us off to look the other way.
It doesn't matter what the person next to you is doing or what the other person on the other side of you is doing.
The other half were shown a photograph of the other person and told to talk about about hobbies, job plans and hometown before negotiating.
Step Nine: Start gluing on the other side, approximately at the same, opposite point where you stopped on the other side of the heart.
If one stays quiet while the other snitches, then the snitch will get a reward, while the other will face a lifetime in jail.
You offer one word, then your partner offers the other, because that's the only way you can be sure the other person isn't lying.
Nunchi, on the other hand, puts quiet observation first; it allows you to stay on firm ground while still listening to the other person.
But they're also more likely to loathe the other party, the other ideological team, with a passion that makes winning in November seem essential.
Likewise, light passing through less dense air will bend slightly in the other direction, and pass to the other side of our focal point.
Cheekbone surgery, on the other hand, means shaving the cheekbone down or cracking it and tucking one end of the bone under the other.
Can a bunch of DJs playing one after the other ever be anything other than a succession of DJs playing one after the other?
Eukaryotes constituted the other big category, and all forms of cellular life (that is, not including viruses) were classified as one or the other.
In the middle of several stories, one or the other remarks on the other's kindness and the other says: That's what friends are for.
" Kaine, on the other hand, has said, "My faith position is a Good Samaritan position of trying to watch out for the other person.
"We're enacting the other 23 parts of our plan," he said, listing more after-school programs and medication-assisted treatment among the other pieces.
Bottles can go in the insulated pockets, while wipes, diapers, and all the other things your kids need can go inside the other compartments.
On the other will be what Kim and the other participants know is also crucially at stake: the future of geopolitics in northeast Asia.
The other source said the Bloomberg campaign determined the "George" gun-control ad tested best with audiences and deemed the other efforts too safe.
" Feldman, on the other hand, envisioned meeting the ghosts of founders James Madison and Alexander Hamilton in "the good place or the other place.
Slip this under the door so that one tube is on one side of the door and the other is on the other side.
The other biggest industry sponsors (ad agencies, pest control, plumbing, and real estate) only make up 13 percent of the other adopted roads combined.
Their allies hope that if one candidate surges ahead of the other, they can count on the other candidate's support to win the nomination.
The wealthiest 10% of Americans now hold two-thirds of all household net worth, and everyone else — the other 90% — share the other third.
Japan, the other unbeaten team in the tournament, will play either the United States or the Dominican Republic on Tuesday in the other semifinal.
A banker friend bent my ear the other day to lay out the other hammer being brought down on our farmers: the Trump shutdown.
The other organisms, the other Netflixes and Facebooks out there, they'll die if they don't also do the autoplay the next video arm thing.
And on the other, she mines Ocasio Cortez's solitary – and toilsome – win to anchor the frustrations of the "process" that fails the other three candidates.
I take a strainer and with three fingers on one side and the other two on the other, I pour it into the Martini glass.
SORKIN: In the other category of diplomacy, the other country we have not talked about, you spent a lot of time going there, is China.
Barry was so true to his convictions and would never be issuing these shallow, crude, accusatory criticisms of the other party or the other person.
No person's one eye is the same as the other because one has more blood flow than the other because of where your heart is.
The company exports goods to Cuba and the other two joint ventures are one producing ice cream and the other bottled water and other beverages.
On the other hand, if you have normal to oily skin, you might want to opt for something at the other end of the spectrum.
But knowing exactly what the other paper is doing is not at all the same thing as actually beating the other paper to the news.
"If you add up all the other candidates, more has been spent against me than all the other candidates combined," he told his audience here.
" She adds: "It could be one child inherits certain genes from both parents and the other child inherits sets of genes from the other parent.
The big difference: Married women in Ohio break for Trump, 54% to 40%, while in the other two states, married women tilt the other way.
In the other men's medals, Lukas Krpalek of Czech Republic claimed gold, Azerbaijan's Elmar Gasimov won silver and Japan's Ryunosuke Haga won the other bronze.
If they'd made another copy and put it in China or in India, we'd have the other works of Aristotle, the other plays of Euripides.
One is agile and quick, the other slow moving and pensive; one obsessed with looking forward, the other struggling to keep up with its past.
On the other end of the court, and at the other end of the search for personal and tactical meaning, stood the Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge.
If one stays quiet while the other confesses, then the snitch will get to go free, while the other will face a lifetime in jail.
It is unclear where the other stations are located, though the captions on the video and some of the other tweets are written in German.
"A lot of the other things they've been doing like delivery, mobile order and some of the other product innovations are really connecting," he said.
The man primarily responsible for connecting one side of the offense to the other—and one star guard to the other—is center Mason Plumlee.
On the other end is a USB 3.0 so you can easily get pictures, video, and more onto your computer, or the other way around.
The other bad women and I went in one direction, and we became Twisted Sisters, and the other group went on to be Wimmen's Comix.
" When Balz accepted the call and heard the voice on the other end, however, the "voice at the other end of the line was unmistakable.
They are typically frustrated that they can't get the other person to agree with them instead of curious as to why the other person disagrees.
For him, all institutions served as instruments of power either for his side or the other, and the other side was out to harm Poland.
Even if people on the other side don't agree, they need to be respectful, listen, be honest and not get upset with the other person.
It was not clear whether the other conservative justices would sign onto Alito's point, but Breyer and some of the other liberals pushed back strongly.
On the other hand, flights in the other direction during that time with the jet stream at their backs made the trip faster than usual.
It becomes about you and the other and sometimes it's better to at least refine yourself a bit before you start to include the other.
In the other principal role, of the loving but philandering Flap, Mr. Milord at least does not face the uphill battle the other actors do.
On the other hand, Amazon's Personal Shopper service is a much more affordable option than many of the other retail subscription boxes I've come across.
It is a ridge with a steep slope on one side (the scarp) and a gentle slope on the other (the dip) on the other.
I'm glad you asked, because this contestant's shine got dulled by all the other drama (read: the other Luke) that was happening on Hannah's season.
He forgets the other missions and the other men and women in the military, who, when deployed alongside his killers, help secure our interests overseas.
The other mind denies that there can be any such thing as the Other, in the face of the claim that all are created equal.
The American citizen was abducted alongside four people, but the other four were freed while the other two were taken from the park, officials said.
"I did notice that one was much lighter than the other," Allen said of the babies — one is Chinese and the other is black and white.
You really want them to bounce off each other, and for each one to push the other one forward and play into the other one's themes.
Neato, the other company that produces robot vacuums (no, the other, other company), is back with two new entries in its floor cleaning robo-servant line.
The police chief says the officer retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and returned fire, hitting the other driver and a passenger in the other vehicle.
The other is that you could potentially use the other apps that integrate with it as a replacement for what you are using SocialChorus to do.
Jade and the other waitresses were always excited when we would come in because they knew me and a couple of the other girls in drag.
Fishermen from the other EU states fish more in the UK waters than the other way around, a point often raised by Brexit backers in Britain.
Two of the other suspects were soldiers, one on active duty and the other now retired, a spokesman for the armed forces, Lenin Gonzalez, told reporters.
Then the other person will instantly get defensive and counter them by coming back with something they're upset about or don't like about the other person.
But the other part of it, I'd say the other 70% percent of it, is how they learn to conduct themselves in front of a camera.
"We have some pretty bad dudes on the other side as well ... you've got some very bad people on the other side," Trump reportedly told Sen.
If you were to book New York to Cairo the other way—the same exact flight in the other direction—it would cost about $9,000. Interesting.
On the other side of the room, "Tea Ceremony" holds two teapots—one Chinese, the other Japanese—in perfectly clear silicone, devoid of any fault lines.
And yes, it works in a binary structure: one character against the other, then one culture against the other, two religions, two empires, two continents, etc.
The other six justices, on the other hand, own no individual stocks and have instead invested their money in real estate, fixed income and retirement accounts.
The other side, though, seems to be gratified he's gone, that the other side of his legacy -- violence, homophobia and domestic brutality -- has died with him.
When someone repeatedly tells folks that "the other" hates them, folks develop a fear of "the other," which quickly turns to hate, which can incite violence.
On the other side was a hallway with a door, and on the other side of that door was the large, dark lobby of the bank.
On the other, everything you're saying about one almost always applies to the other, so you have to list them together or it just looks weird.
But by then his sound was so influential that the other producers on the album gave most of the other tracks a distinct post-Timbaland flavor.
The other is that the Spurs' disciplined defense has always been accompanied by enough great offense to, you know, score more points than the other team.
We (me, the other poll workers, you, the other voters in line) see each other at the grocery store, or restaurants, or church, or the park.
"He followed the other guy and he shot him," Mr. El Mestassi said, adding that the other man was struck at close range and then collapsed.
Like the other misbehaving hosts, Maeve has gone through the painful process of becoming self-aware, but she has emerged genuinely stronger on the other side.
Then it's all the other cities, with all the other liberal progressives on their city councils or commissioners or sheriffs — they're all gonna start doing it.
And they are seeking to end the debate not only by silencing the other side, but also by controlling the very messages the other side expresses.
" "Each week, players would submit the 'highs' -- things which deserved praise by the other teammate -- and the 'lows' -- things which deserved shaming by the other teammates.
The other good thing about Bergdorf's is that there are several windows to look at, not just one or two like some of the other stores.
But Mobilecoin, like the other projects underway, will still have to solve the problems that have stopped all the other cryptocurrencies from living up to expectations.
It is a weapon used to nullify the other point of view — or even, sometimes, to suggest that the other point of view is being tricked.
The driver and a passenger of the other car suffered minor injuries; the prince and a 9-month-old boy in the other vehicle were unharmed.
But our thought was always that this is a show where you don't have to have seen the other Marvel shows, or the other Marvel movies.
"Even though (again) you might be upset and angry with the other parent — don't say negative things about that parent in front of your children, don't put the other parent down, and allow your children to have a good relationship with the other parent," Orbuch said. 
One told a personal story about a positive or negative experience, while the other one listened carefully and tried to really feel the emotions of the other.
"People often say things like 'What about the other one?' without specifying what the other one is," says Vlad Sejnoha, CTO of voice systems outfit Nuance Communications.
The infiltrator might throw the other officials off the trail, or worse, out the investigation to the cartel and the other officials could be attacked in vengeance.
The supporters on each side are reaching the point of demonizing the other, questioning their legitimacy and denying that there is any virtue on the other side.
It was not immediately clear if both aircraft visited both of the reefs, or if one went to one reef, and the other to the other reef.
You smack-talk one apple and give the other loads of love, and after 25 days, one should be moldy and rank, and the other less so.
Well, you know, we kind of ran out of space in the other building, and I personally prefer that side of their campus than the other side.
The other flaw is that many cereals, snacks and juice drinks -- often full of added sugar -- still fit the criteria, as long they meet the other requirements.
Two of the other officers have already faced the court, with one trial granting acquittal and the other declared a mistrial after ending in a hung jury.
But they were equally bad, at least compared to the other queens, so let's look at the other factors that had the judges choosing Kameron over Cracker.
The footwear -- one painted all blue and the other designed with black and white checkers -- has Nipsey's face on one side and famous lyrics on the other.
She took control of her tribe and voted out Tony and then J.T. But eliminating the other massive threats — and specifically the other winners — left her exposed.
All my life I've been hearing half the country say that the other-- the person favored by the other half wins, things are gonna go to hell.
So, on the one hand the bodyguard acted appropriately, and on the other he incited the violence and caused the other guy to act in self-defense.
So some economists would say that the country which ships fewer goods to the other has an advantage — and can outlast the other in an extended clash.
The other two are pretty far in the weeds: one hits Rubio's poor voting record in the Senate, and the other attacks his support for sugar subsidies.
Both can rip a defensive rebound off the glass and take it up the floor to find the other for a quick bucket on the other end.
Next, the text is converted using neural machine translation into the text of the other language, and finally text-to-speech voice modulation articulates the other language.
Without one, you cannot have the other, or at least the other will struggle to get three points when they go to Old Trafford on September 10.
The other two passengers were taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where one was listed in critical condition and the other was in stable condition, the police said.
The wages of computer programmers in San Francisco aren't high in spite of all the other computer programmers; they're high because of all the other computer programmers.
The only way from one end of the building to the other was usually to go outside, walk down the block, and enter from the other side.
But neither Ms. Warren nor Mr. Sanders sought support from the other or tried to dissuade the other from running, said the officials familiar with the meeting.
Melania Trump recognized the university's students in attendance at the luncheon, who were seated among the other the other guests who had paid to attend the event.
Though one of us is a Warren supporter and the other a Sanders supporter, we both respect the other and will vote for the eventual Democratic nominee.
And we never doubted the other man's sincerity or the other man's patriotism, or that when all was said and done, we were on the same team.
Less care after the hospital The other factor putting increasing strain on hospitals is at the other end of the health care chain: the inability to leave.
I see the other leg on the other side of the street, and I see the rest of the body to the left and it's completely twisted.
For the last decade and a half, neither side has figured out how much of the other it wants and how much of the other it hates.
It is because neither of us fears aggression on the part of the other that we have entered no race of armaments the one against the other.
On the other hand, on the other hand the mayor shouldn't be running down the president of the United States — he's doing the best that he can.
Beyond a desire to be president — Mr. Bush was more competitive and ambitious than his self-effacing personality sometimes suggested — there is almost nothing in common: the one gracious and modest, the other rude and vain; the one prudent, the other brash; the one steady, the other unmoored.
The other countries also dismiss claims by Brexiteers that, because the EU sells more to Britain than the other way round, Britain has the whip hand in negotiations.
Half of them were rescued from their two-faced lovers before cannibalism could take place, while the other half... well you know what happened to the other half.
On the other side is George Morland's circa 1790 painting "Slave Trade," in which a shackled black man is being handed from one white man to the other.
Throughout the entire call, Morgan loudly claimed from the other side of the room that her pal was entertaining "a gentleman" on the other side of the line.
And I decided to turn down the other offer and take the new role at my same company, which was for more money than the other company offered.
"I appeal for my life," the other said, while a militant held a large knife to his neck with one hand and clenched his chin with the other.
"We never doubted the other man's sincerity or the other man's patriotism or that, when all is said and done, we were on the same team," Obama said.
On the other hand, Dr. Libby said, in a prosperous family, the favorite child may grow up entitled, immune from the rules that apply to the other children.
Best Documentary: "The Other Side of Immigration" Though "The Other Side of Immigration" came out back in 2009, its main theme is still more relevant than ever before.
"A lot of bad things happened on the other side, not on this side, but the other side," Trump told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night.
Both parties attempted to channel this anger against the other party to distract from their own failures and contradictions and win elections by rendering the other party toxic.
One of the other men on the team had ridden horses a little in high school, and it was a completely new experience for the other 10 members.
But I don't think she'll like the other voices we brought in, because [the Marcoses] have spent a lot of time and money drowning out the other voices.
Both countries said they downed enemy jets on Wednesday, though each disputed the claims of the other side, and each accused the other of breaching cease fire agreements.
" Obama continued: "We never doubted the other man's sincerity or the other man's patriotism, or that when all was said and done, we were on the same team.
Each hopes to cow the other with violence, but in actuality keeps provoking the other until they've crossed a line that nobody is willing to back down from.
The Economist: What if the "other side" doesn't want to be "interdependent" and "coexist" or aspire to the other virtues that you vaunt—they rather enjoy a fight.
Given that I only looked around half the lounge (the other half is exactly the same thing, just a mirror image on the other side), it's unnecessarily huge.
The other 963,000 or so stocks created the other $16 trillion of wealth, but even that is a misleading guide to how well an individual stock might do.
There's also the other romaine-related E. coli outbreak that contaminated Missa Bay brand lettuce last month, and then the other other E. coli outbreak earlier this year.
The other aircraft came to rest several hundred feet in front of me with a folded gear, damaged wing and sheared propeller facing the other way as well.
The next day, he fled 250 miles inland to Ganzhou, the location of the other factory, and met Li Zhao, one of the other China Labor Watch activists.
The student with academic skills is praised and rewarded while, the other is looked down upon and no one bothers to see the other skills they have acquired.
While the graduation from one to the other is gradual rather than binary, directly comparing one to the other makes it pretty obvious how different they really are.
And if you take all this advice and it goes horribly—the other person crying inconsolably while you shift uncomfortably from one itchy ass-cheek to the other?
And the other thing we were really aware of was wanting to make it as different from the other thing you see in the film, as much as possible.
It's a small space, but she gets her own bathroom and a bit more privacy from the other bedrooms, which are located at the other end of the apartment.
Ziggy has been introduced to the other harbor seals in the family, and already we can see how her high energy has been good enrichment for the other seals.
It was a tender moment between two men where one was inviting the other to lean into pain and trauma so that the other could help him through it.
But the other show, Light Break, which offers much more to look at (100 prints versus 30 in the other show) also lets us look differently at DeCarava's work.
But very early on one of the heads developed a dominance over the other head, and it was more aggressive, and it would feed quicker than the other one.
Google Duo, unlike FaceTime, will show your face as the phone rings on the other end, however, which allows the other person to see you before they even answer.
Ashley: ODo both parties have to agree to message each other, or can someone send a picture without an agreement on the other end, consent on the other end?
On the other hand, this particular kind of accounting [concerns] only the sexual abuse and objectification of women, as opposed to the other ways that women are discriminated against.
The other side is probably going to be just as silly, and the arbitrator isn't going to actually pick one over the other, so go ahead and get crazy.
"The U.K. is now on the other side of the other side of the table," European Council President Donald Tusk said at a press conference in Malta on Friday.
But as multiple studies out of my lab show, one friend's degree of attraction to the other person is not a predictor of how the other person feels back.
Koepka, on the other hand, has won twice in 2019, including a major at the PGA Championship, and finished no worse than fourth at any of the other majors.
If, however, you assume that disagreements stem from malice, then it is a signal that the other person — and always the other person — is not just wrong, but evil.
But for those of us on the other side (yes, "the other siiide"...sorry) or who are late to the skin care game, this one goes out to you.
A standing wave basically means the sound wave travels from one end of the toilet lid to the other, and when it hits the other end it bounces back.
So, if for some reason one or the other top dogs were to falter, it would be the other top dog, and not the messy cluster, who would benefit.
They are just pursuing it with means that make the other feel unsafe — one side with a nuclear deterrent, and the other with coercive means to force unilateral disarmament.
On the other, Facebook can probably compare this data to the other approaches it's using and see how well it performs before implementing human news curation as a feature. 
Once that happens, it's safe to step on with the other foot (you also get off by stepping back with one foot and then the other — very hoverboard-like).
But on the other hand... (APPLAUSE) ...on the other hands, it would be wrong not to state that in Cuba they have made some good advances in health care.
"It's thinking about what the other player is going to do, thinking about what I'm going to do, what the other player thinks I'm going to do," Snyder said.
All I could do was put one foot in front of the other and try to find a way through to the other side, whatever that would look like.
The changes allowed Vornado to create spaces for the stores, one occupying about half of the first floor, the other filling the other half and all of the second.
Williams told Asderaki, "If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way" — not "If we're ever walking down the street, stay on the other side."
To this day, neither the chairman nor the other board members report to the governor or to the other elected officials who have the authority to make board appointments.
And most of the other pitchers, the other friends that Miggy has on different teams, they're going to be looking at that... Gary Sanchez is going to wear it.
"In the case of Melania and Ivanka Trump, on the other hand, sometimes one of them is 'out front,' and sometimes it's the other one who is," she added.
"The things that we do here now, in our block, affect people on the other side of the world and they affect people on the other side of town."
Back at the mansion, Luke and the other men are jibber-jabbering about what's to come, with Luke P. spewing incendiary things to get under the other guys' skin.
The unstressed runners, on the other hand, now had the strongest, busiest synapses, suggesting that their ability to learn and remember would be higher than in the other animals.
"We never doubted the other man's sincerity or the other man's patriotism, or that when all was said and done, we were on the same team," Mr. Obama said.
"Just with my last name and the fact that the other people in my family are so glamorous, I really went the other direction," Brandon explained on PEOPLE Now.
I am surprised that at that time the government looked the other way, the banks looked the other way, I do not know what the central bank was doing.
On the other side of my table, a pair of women, Swedish and Serbian, were playing rummy with two decks of cards, one pale red and the other blue.
Either one of you sits and the other kneels between their legs to go down on them, or one sits and the other rides their penis or strap-on.
The geometry is precise, with the other arm holding off the defender and the other leg slightly bent, a fulcrum around which more than 80 inches are applying force.
The cancerous freckle on the other boob, though . . .
Sometimes — rarely — one side learns from the other.
Rather than each paying the other $15,000 a year and then handing over $3,750 to the government, they could each just quietly allow the other one to live rent-free.
The other camp embraces the opposite viewpoint: if you manage to beat one member of the other team, you should definitely find your partner and gang up on the survivor.
This doesn't necessarily mean that one eye is a striking ocean blue while the other is a chocolatey brown, but rather, one eye contains various colors differing from the other.
In the other call, the voice on the other end of the line said they could not help but did ask if they'd managed to save the boat in question.
There, one member had to "Tyrolean traverse" across a canyon to get half the clue while the other teammate was lowered down a vertical rock to get the other half.
If the other guests have made their calendars public, the organizer can also see the other attendees' availability in a new side-by-side view to find a new time.
The City was intended as a roaming area to bridge the other chapters, and only one of the other chapters made it to market (and I'll get to it below).
KTB's VR is rated two notches below the other large banks, primarily to reflect its weaker capitalisation and asset quality, as well as lower profitability compared with the other banks.
And instead of learning how to perform the essential Windows shortcuts with the other control key — you know, all the way on the other side of the keyboard — I adapted.
The other video from the media pit continued rolling, but there wasn't much to see since the first half of the morning's action was visible from the other vantage points.
Now with the new administration kind of shifting the rhetoric back in the other direction, it's kind of scary because you could have a signaling effect in the other direction.
We don't need to have a degree in compassion, it's actually something that's accessible to us, and it starts with engagement with the 'other,' no matter who the 'other' is.
"We've always been partners for many, many, many years and I think he left the other 50 – we were 50-50 – he left the other 50 to me," she said.
I mean, my father's going through his list of promises and checking them off one after the other after the other," he told the audience of SiriusXM's "Breitbart News Saturday.
Petrobras was the dominant bidder for the other two, winning one entirely and taking a 90 percent stake in the other, the largest field on the block, known as Buzios.
I was big into Taoism in college, and the paradox of duality, and how it's always one thing and the other — you can never have one thing without the other.
On the other side of the ledger, Congress provided insurance companies with a tax holiday in 2017, which will provide some relief from all the other things pushing premiums up.
I watched a painter the other day standing on a tall ladder — paintbrush in one hand, iPhone in the other, probably checking his emails while putting on another fresh coat.
A few dance ideas — the sway on one leg before the transferral of weight to the other, the pass-the-partner-this-way-then-the-other move — are showily reiterated.
If a vast majority of seats are now safe for one party or the other, candidates don't face any re-election incentive to reach out to the other party's voters.
Claire, the movie kind of proceeds on two tracks: one following Neil in the sky and the other following Janet at home with the children and the other astronauts' wives.
"Thirty-five years ago, the other students in the room chose to laugh and look the other way as sexual violence was perpetrated on me by Brett Kavanaugh," she wrote.
The other form looks like the top of Gorchov's shield-like form, which the artist paints in one color or hue, and layers vertically, one sliding partially over the other.
That is, each side would come to blame the other for reneging on a post-Cold War compact that the other side never agreed on or perhaps even really understood.
THE OTHER AMERICANS By Laila Lalami The title of Laila Lalami's fourth novel, "The Other Americans," perfectly sums up a unified disunity: an America suspicious of its own body politic.
It's one of those things where you don't worry about the other guys on your team and just take care of your job, and the other guys are doing theirs.
On the other side of the room are two couches — one a squishy 1940s mustard velvet sofa, the other a white linen divan covered with Cap Ferret-themed striped blankets.
If you ignore Tom Steyer, the other self-funding billionaire chasing the Democratic nomination, Bloomberg has spent more than three times as much as all the other Democratic candidates combined.
Palestinians and Israelis each said that their group was more motivated by love (of their own side) whereas the other group was more motivated by hatred (of the other side).
And the beauty of things like Davos, or all the other international meetings, is to help people understand the other people's points of view, and try to find connecting points.
If and when it becomes apparent one has a better shot at the nomination than the other, it's important for one to throw their support behind the other, Noisecat wrote.
Akrami and the other women's rights advocates in the group spent time convincing the other delegates that women's rights had to be raised and were not just a niche issue.
But he sometimes feels pressure from the other side, from Arabs who see their lives in Israel, relative to the other countries in the region, as uncommonly free and prosperous.
Many of the other major emitters of the world like Japan didn't drastically ramp up their goals either, to the frustration of some of the other presenters at the summit.
Biden, on the other hand, the leader of the 2020 pack for now, generally supports free trade agreements, as have some of the other center-left candidates in the race.
" One anonymous pro-SESTA lobbyist explicitly embraced this slippery slope, telling The Hill, "There's a common theme here: You look the other way when it comes to sex trafficking, you look the other way when it comes to fake news, you look the other way when it comes to fake political advertisements.
He jumped into the water and swam to the other boat before the tow line on the navigable boat was cut to prevent it from sinking when the other went down.
Here are some of the other great Gizmodo stories from the past week that will hopefully help take your mind off all the other festering crap mid-February has to offer.
Lawmakers often oppose proposals made on the other side of the aisle not because they disagree on substance, but in order to make the other side look heartless, corrupt, and ineffectual.
Nate Persily is the other co-chair; he and King were selected by Facebook and the foundations funding the project (listed below), who then selected the other scholars in the group.
But when he can't immediately get it back up to pleasure the other girl, they talk openly about the other Black guys that don't need a grace period in between rounds.
On the other hand, financial stocks staged a late recovery and ended 0.2 percent higher, as a decline in the country's largest bank was counterbalanced by gains in the other three.
The other Mesquite incident happened at a medical facility, after two men, one black and the other Latino, intervened to defend a woman who was having an argument with her husband.
His concerned and quick-thinking friend grabs onto the other end of the branch as his buddy dangerously floats through a choppy, tight passage, and pulls the other dog to safety.
I get the biggest kick out of seeing my dog play like the maniac he is with all the other pups, plus I love socializing with all the other dog lovers.
Half of each is transparent, and the other half metalized, silvery, and reflective; one orb nestles on the floor, connected to an inflating pump, and the other hovers a bit above.
It's a relationship that's based on a kind of mutual need, where they didn't like each other, clearly, but they both saw in the other something that the other one needed.
Trump, on the other hand, has promised to go the other direction and immediately sign Executive Orders on his first day in office to limit immigration and enhance screening of refugees.
She heard about how, in a divorce, sometimes the parents will "take" the kids, or one parent will "take" one kid while the other "take" the other kid and the dog.
And that's when they say to the judge, "Could you again define reasonable doubt?" because one or the other side of that jury pool thinks the other side doesn't get it.
The Coast Guard tends to take more than its fair share of flak from the other branches for not being as combat focused, aggressive, or militant as the other uniformed services.
And if anyone on the other side's a human being, or you understand that it's complex, then you're a traitor because you understand there are human beings on the other side.
They engage in an embattled mirroring under a red spotlight, each following the other as they shift through powerful stances, losing track of where one's movement begins and the other ends.
"It wanted to encourage parties to advance important principles even where the other side's arguments are good; indeed, I would say, especially where the other side's arguments are good," he said.
" Dr. Macpherson: "It is a low blow to say the other never buys gifts, so the other hits back with the idea that the first never does anything nice for him.
It is not funny to me, and I'm sure the other images here aren't funny to women, African-Americans, or any of the other groups that are consistently derided on 4chan.
I don't want to sit here and be in the picket line because they're being untreated fairly, then you got the other guys on the other side saying, 'No they're not.
I met one black kid and he took me to the other black kid who took me to the other black kids, and 1st was just a part of that group.
"Michael always turned the other cheek, and we have always turned the other cheek when people have gone after members of our family - that is the Jackson way," the statement said.
"Either you're in my group or the other group, my team or the other team," said Abraham Diskin, an emeritus associate professor at Hebrew University and longtime student of Israeli society.
One takes 215 hours, the other 53,000 man-hours, but fundamentally they are very similar processes — one just takes longer than the other, but they all happen in the same place.
"Thirty-five years ago, the other students in the room chose to laugh and look the other way as sexual violence was perpetrated on me by Brett Kavanaugh," the statement reads.
" Characters fall in love because they see goodness in the other person, Vicary said—often because of "a kind act that causes the other character to take a look at themselves.
On the other hand, if they hit a home run and simply run the bases, it conveys a business-as-usual mentality, which is far more intimidating to the other team.
And the purpose of a treaty when white people made it was to draw lines — Protestants on this side, Catholics on the other; Spanish on this side, Portuguese on the other.
It becomes clear that the project's success requires both parties to never press the other too hard, instead meeting amicably in the middle by pretending the other isn't full of shit.
The other are potential antitrust issues, complaints from the other companies around their dominance on the app store and whether they can continue to keep such a tight hold on that.
However: on the other hand, if you video it, you can share it with others who couldn't attend because they're on the other side of the planet, which is very benevolent.
Of course, it's possible that Google's self-driving car project or one of the other moonshots will produce a spectacular business success that will justify the costs of the other failures.
He says his security guard had words with someone in the other car and, when Corey was stopped at a red light, the passengers in the other car made their move.
" Callaway added: "It took its toll the other night.
" He added: "On the other hand, I love it.
But Washington kept looking the other way – toward Beijing.
Deloitte & Touche, KPMG and PwC are the other three.
The other two -- 12 and 19 -- remain in Guatemala.
" I replied, "All the other specialists have given up.
" The other read, "A crusade against Semite led subhumans.
" The other episode titles include "Suzie, Do You Copy?
The other obstacle is funding — which is mission impossible.
The other can be Dany's justice for someone - Melisandre?
" The other part of me felt like: "So what?
" She continued, "And now we have the other parent.
" On the other side: Trump 2020 — "Keep America Great!
The other paper gives a series of numbers — coordinates?
" The other says, "America needs a sensible foreign policy.
The other says "Hecho en Mexico" -- Made in Mexico.
"  "I am grateful that the other person was okay.
The other element was sound — or the lack thereof.
The other issue -- setting a date for Amber's deposition.
One way, you're a monopolist — the other, you aren't.
Devon — "Nuke it from space" is the other option.
" The other reads "Anything you dream can be built.
First of all – occupancy, we're on the other side.
On the other hand ... guess who was more comfortable?
And here's the other thing - we KNOW THEY WORK.
Get more sleep on the other end — the morning.
" The other man noted, "May not be an option.
" The other devious ploy is something called "dual tracking.
But, on the other hand — how is she doing?
The other 127 — or 82 percent — were later reversed.
The other 105 minutes — 26:200 — was something else.
Some call themselves Los Otros Dreamers — The Other Dreamers.
" The other 65 percent chose "having good physical health.
On the other side, Mr. Trump — oh, never mind.
Both were 27 percent - one negative, the other positive.
Djet , on the other hand, is time without motion.
" Ms. Monnier said: "I don't remember the other women.
Great corruption & dishonesty by Schiff on the other side!
" The other says: "Our country shall be one country.
The other three people … got off with no problem.
" The other side sarcastically exclaims, "We're All So _______ African.
They both were experimenting — one hopefully, the other tragically.
" The other thing that's important to Susan: "the Constitution.
Do the same for the other — red light, contaminated.
" On the other side it said, "I love you.
The other — wounded male prerogative — was personal and sexual.
" He uses the other arm for defense, the "shield.
" Or the other version would be, "I'm a technologist.
" The other was called, "Trump is NOT my President.
" Allah, on the other hand, appears as more "compassionate.
" He added, "Nobody's bigger than the other right one.
The other names that come up constantly are … interesting.
On the other hand ... doesn't this brunch look great?
In the other six, he was 50 games over .
" Ms. Steinberg, on the other hand, "is totally normal.
Of the other five candidates tested — Warren, Sanders, Sen.
The other Mr. Johnson — the foreign secretary — welcomed Mrs.
A woman was on the other end — his wife.
On the other — those are some pretty good questions!
" On the other shoe was written "Pray for Parkland.
" The other responds "They have taken it from us.
Hemsworth, on the other hand, laid low — until Thursday.
And can any of the other candidates -- Minnesota Sen.
Great corruption & dishonesty by Schiff on the other side!
The Other Slavery , by Andrés Reséndez (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) .
We fully respected the other domain extensions, such as .
That's the other ... sorry, you can make good money.
" He added, "I was with a very prominent Israeli the other day" who "said it's impossible because the other side has been trained from the time they're children to hate Jewish people.
The colored goggles meant that one eye could see one set of colored dots, and the other eye could see the other set of colored dots, but neither eye could see both.
It's actually odd how much more high-quality the Oculus Quest feels than the Rift S when trying one after the other; it seems like it should be the other way around.
Many Americans say they support one party over the other not because of what that party can do for them, but because they hold disdain, distrust, and disrespect for the other party.
When I logged on the other day, the other players seemed better, somehow — as though they'd only just returned from playing another game somewhere else, and craved a return to the familiar.
"In both political parties, most of those who view the other party very unfavorably say that the other side's policies 'are so misguided that they threaten the nation's well-being,'" Pew reports.
You get branded one thing or the other, and if you're branded one thing, the other side discounts everything you say, and that's a terrible way to go about being a country.
Two homeless men have been killed -- one set on fire, the other beaten to death -- and two others were hospitalized with serious injuries, one who was beaten and the other set afire.
Keiser and the other developers are keen to discourage comparisons with Trump and his golf business, but for some Scots it's impossible not to see one in the light of the other.
You can take any issue, and if you really think about it and force people to identify with the other side, you can move a room from one side to the other.
Oftentimes, it's not enough to say members of the other party have the wrong ideas – members of the other party are portrayed as evil, incompetent and out to do harm to America.
"The new kidney will be placed on the other side of the abdomen from the other one and the surgery (and pain) will be similar to the first kidney transplant," he says.
The two had only known each other for several months, but Woodson may have been uncomfortable about the other women in Green's life —and the other woman right there in the house.
BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Nomura and UBS are the other banks on the American share sale, while Edelweiss, IIFL, JM Financial and Motilal Oswal are the other bookrunners on the Indian sale.
But while Vanderpump skipped the RHOBH cast trip and didn't film as many scenes with the other ladies, is Lisa Vanderpump really not friends with any of the other Housewives right now?
There is an outlier here: "Little Stack" features a hand as many of the other paintings do; however, here, it creates a rift which distorts the viewer's understanding of the other pieces.
Alex: The most important part of these negotiations is that neither party felt squeezed by the other, which can erode trust or make it feel like the other party is being greedy.
The hard price is that any of these alternatives -- from voting with the other party to launching a primary challenge-- ensures the dissidents will be loudly accused of helping the other party.
Or perhaps we take a shortcut, deciding that most of the time one party or the other represents our views and values better than the other, and then consistently support that party.
Like any talented family law attorney Clinton knew that family courts traditionally seek proof that one parent is worse than the other, So her main tactic was to trash the other parent.
If you're by yourself, and one of you has a costume, the other person just has to stand by the side, awkwardly, while the other always gets his or her photo taken.
"We struck up a really good friendship, while both of us sort of were pining after the other, and our friends got really bored hearing about the other person," Mr. Stromberg said.
If someone disturbs one of the particles in a quantum state, this will have an effect on the other particle(s), not matter how far away the other particle(s) might be.
On the other side of the coin, the Sony absolutely stomped the other two in low-light performance and image clarity, which isn't a surprise because its sensor is twice the size.
Mere photographs can never satisfy the burning desire within human children to know the other beings of this world, to recognize the primal ground we share with the other species of existence.
How Jessica talks when she's with the other women is completely different from the way she talks when she's around Mark or in the pods talking to any of the other men.
Each cycle of tit-for-tat escalations has, rather than forcing the other side to back down, instead led the other to ramp up, triggering another round more costly than the last.
One might call this the Judaism of the Sunday school, a religion of love, tolerance, respect for the other, democratic values and all the other virtues to which American Jews pay homage.
Voss says if you smile during a negotiation, you will likely calm down the other person and "tamp down their emotions," which will make the other person more pliable in the end.
A significant portion of the country remains loyal and enthusiastic about him, but the intensity of feeling on the other side means that Trump is a turnout machine for the other side.
"One way or the other, Tamaulipas and Texas, they aren't going to do it without the other," said Edward Herrera, the Rio Grande Valley manager for the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation.
One of the main issues with Unlimited, as Pouliot and the other signees see it, is the risk of a "replay" bug that would duplicate transactions from one chain, onto the other.
In the other two drawings, meticulously done in India ink and graphite on panel in one piece and on paper in the other, van Dalen's merging of draftsmanship and inventiveness is unrivaled.
When you talked about the fact that we have 23 of the top 100 wells, the other fact there is the other wells and the other companies that have wells in that top 100, they had to use 27% more profit, which is about $500,000 a well more than we had to pay to get that performance.
Here's what the trade agreement says about forced tech transfer: Natural or legal persons ("persons") of a Party shall have effective access to and be able to operate openly and freely in the jurisdiction of the other Party without any force or pressure from the other Party to transfer their technology to persons of the other Party. 2.
When her 7-year-old sister heard what was happening in the other room, she allegedly tried to wake and alert some of the other adults in the trailer, but everyone was unresponsive.
You're better off just asking whoever is on the other end of the line to not record vertical video, which is probably a lesson they should apply to the other filming duties anyways.
The other plan would have put all the high school students in one of the schools, and then turned the other into a [science, technology, engineering and math] magnet with local arts partnerships.
You've been that way since you were a toddler, when you would sing during a dance class or march one way when all the other kids were marching the other at play time!
Then, when Ellie and the other woman kiss, look at the way Ellie's lips pucker hesitantly and then lock with the other woman, how their necks crane and shift as the kiss unfolds.
While the incident has not been linked to the other bombings that have left the city on edge, less than an hour beforehand authorities did link the other five bombings to each other.
Scarier yet: In your app's quest to best the other navigation apps around it, your car might flick out some fake data (watch out, road debris!) to throw the other algorithms off-course.
But Alsup didn't let the other oil companies off the hook, as Debra Kahn of E&E News noted: Alsup ordered the other defendants in the suit — BP PLC, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil Corp.
While a TOF sensor might get lumped in with the other camera lenses in a phone spec listing ("triple-lens" or "quad-lens" for example), it's not the same as the other lenses.
On the other hand, if the camera lingers too long, if the camera enjoys itself, if the camera becomes voyeuristic or prurient, then you fell off of the other side of the fence.
The next time I got a call asking for Sarah, I said, 'Oh yeah, she is right here' and the other person on the other end said 'No she isn't' and hung up.
The other side: Planned Parenthood says it has already made two of its doctors available for interviews, but the other five are not technically employees of the organization and haven't consented to interviews.
The other, using blue-toned paper and two plates — one inked with dark pigment, the other with a pale yellow — transforms the scene into a nighttime valley glimmering with specks of reflected moonlight.
That's also a reminder that you in an election you don't have to beat the ideal candidate for the other side, you just have to beat the person the other party nominated. 31.
In the operating room with the quad mom, Arizona decides they're only going to take one baby out, leaving the other three babies in, which the other doctors seem to think is crazy.
I also came up with the idea of finding the other part, the other mate after this long deep trip down into the water and staying there in a hug that lasts forever.
The bulk of those who received the hot beverage found the other person to be warm and caring, while a majority of those who held the cold beverage found the other person aloof.
That style of reporting was a response to pressure from editors back home to get the story out as quickly as possible, to beat the competition, the other wire services, the other networks.
Whatever outrage he committed, however flawed the elections, the other 14 members at the time of the Southern African Development Community, with the honourable exception of plucky little Botswana, looked the other way.
You had your bag, you probably had two sets of clothes — go to the shower with one, take the other one off, then let the other one dry, put the clean one on.
He repeatedly asks for clarity, because it seems like she's asking him not to have sex with the other women only because she... doesn't want him to have sex with the other women.
His captors, on the other hand, were consumed with another matter: finding the link between Ho, Giap and the other "treasonous elements" on the Revisionist Anti-Party Affair that threatened Le Duan's war.
Lucy has insomnia, and, while all the other posts on all the other sites might be written by Lucy's minions, Kirsten is certain that it was Lucy herself who, at 93:22 A .
For entangled particles, the quantum state of each depends on the quantum state of the other; if one particle is measured and changes state, for example, the other particle's state will change accordingly.
Jupiter has more mass than all of the other planets combined, and its immense gravity helped shape the orbits of the other objects in the solar system as they move around the sun. 
One big reason is that when we choose to get our news from only like-minded websites, we don't hear the other side; we just hear how our side characterizes the other side.
While the changes Grosvenor made to the other cars are obvious, the Solyto seems to have been altered the least, though in the context of the other two, one cannot be quite sure.
One of us might have caught the other out on a "good day," looking to reminisce for our own sake, when a distraction from the whole thing was all the other really needed.
Listen to the other person's needs and reinforce their opinions.
Glasscock asked for supplemental briefing on the other Oracle directors.
"We wouldn't know what you're asking about," the other added.
The other is the even longer shadow of Dean Smith.
We're going to come out better on the other side.
The other side: Contrast their outlook with the consultancy BloombergNEF.
Perhaps the other factor is that flowers weigh so little.
Clinton went, there was the other face of the rebellion.
Did we forget about the other guy in Biles' life?
The other would help a repressive regime retain its grip.
The other new feature is the ability to record audio.
I was the one who was going the other way.
Would he supposedly turn around and go the other way?
To a certain extent, one factor canceled out the other.
On the other, that job is in the media industry.
The other factor is that economic indicators are coming off.
There's no need to choose between one or the other.
Clinton diverged from the other senior members of the administration.
The other was Jeremy Shapiro, who handled Libya on Mrs.
The status of the other cases was not immediately known.
North Carolina, on the other hand, awards its delegates proportionally.
The other takeaway from this year's CGII is more daunting.
Love seeks the good and the wellbeing of the other.
Love makes room and space for the other to be.
We'll know one way or the other on June 13.
" On the other hand, Mr. Lange said, "Vermont is boring.
I will be on the other side of the notebook.
I think Garland sees it mostly the other way around.
The identities of the other suspects were not immediately clear.
On the other side: members of the punk rock community.
We still talk to the other children about Naomi Rose.
The other 30 percent were doing so out of necessity.
The other participating cities are Seattle, San Diego, and Miami.
It was different than the other tunes on the record.
"As long as that arm holds up," the other replied.
He's thriving in a way the other characters are not.
Software, on the other hand, imposes its viewpoint on you.
GOETZ: The other thing about bergamot is that it's unisex.
There are kids that can do one or the other.
On the other hand, this is a different time, right?
I'll start with this little anecdote from the other day.
The other girls exploded their devices, killing and injuring dozens.
The other issue is that medicines have peaks and troughs.
One is crisp and clean, the other loose and expressive.
One is a story about hope, the other about tragedy.
The other most important new info related to the cast.
And the other men are starting to take notice, too.
But on the other, the conversation had also moved on.
Among the other four large U.S. health insurers, Aetna Inc.
We had a conversation the other day with Roy Moore.
If, on the other hand, we have, there's information that.
One officer has died, and the other was seriously wounded.
Should they be watching your film before the other films?
But on the other hand, anybody would accept that information.
On the other – dude, it's a new Star Wars trailer.
"Freedom," on the other hand, was, as you know, slavery.
Half of that is technique; the other half is tools.
Hopper Flex Watch, on the other hand, goes much further.
On the other side of the Capitol, California state Sen.
The other stuff won't be so easy, or so fun.
We need to peel off one layer after the other.
The other, Madison (Millie Bobby Brown), is now a teenager.
Jesus urged us to turn the other cheek when struck.
Closson's boyfriend and the other children were allowed to leave.
The other thing is there are some incredible songs there.
Pinterest, on the other hand, argues it may not be.
Fortescue, on the other hand, was higher by 1133 percent.
Qorvo, on the other hand, faces a more precarious situation.
He works for the people, not the other way around.
I live with one and I listen to the other.
I heat up leftover eggplant pasta from the other day.
What are the other political firestorms engulfing the FBI director?
But on the other side, things can be so bright.
On the other hand, it lacks dexterity in verbal expression.
On the other side of the world, Bogachev came online.
Here are the other standout EC pieces of the week.
But you cannot use one terror organisation against the other.
The other crimes ranged from grand theft to drug convictions.
Once that's done, I'll aggressively pay off the other two!
The other green activist groups were Greenpeace and Germany's Urgewald.
I don't think one is more just than the other.
Jom Wo, on the other hand, didn't show any emotion.
Wait long enough, and food comes out the other end.
Denzel: Like, the other week we had hot Cheetos burgers.
It was the same week each learned the other existed.
What works for one person won't work for the other.
The other narrative follows those same triplets, all grown up.
Manchester City, on the other hand... Well, just read this.
The other one is we have to deal with him.
The other tourists onboard were from Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois.
The other group, called "Beta," is smaller and less sophisticated.
The other news hook was its sheer scale: 104 men
This one started the first way and finished the other.
I know you spoke about that here the other night.
Individual lashes, on the other hand, are so much easier.
In the other was a bottle of Russian Standard vodka.
It might take some guts to represent the other team.
Sometimes the other spouse follows days, weeks and months later.
Will there be more grim faces on the other networks?
The other four landed in the sea, the official said.
The other big change is the addition of RGB lighting.
A spat campaign, on the other hand, could produce sympathy.
This isn't as serious an issue as the other three.
Hardcore fans, on the other hand, often left feeling hollow.
But, assuming that all of the other dads were killed
The other walked from the scene wearing a neck brace.
Our destination, on the other hand, was thoroughly unlovable. What
You know, the president called the other side fake media.
They said they were unaware of the other two men.
On the other, some of the humor seems pointedly adult.
The other backdrop is a battle of the Republican billionaires.
Trump loves to point the finger at the other guy.
This isn't the fun person I met the other night.
Not long after, she took note of the other athletes.
Pelosi, on the other hand, described the meeting as "contentious."
So, what happens if one were to eat the other?
The other moms in the episode faced their own changes.
That month, both were granted restraining orders against the other.
The other two boats were not involved in the crash.
The other $100,000 will have to go to the government.
FRANCIS: Well, but the other happened in the White House.
"No, I shouldn't do the other side," he says finally.
We will get it done, one way or the other!
This Tweet made me laugh really hard the other day.
The other victims of the crash escaped with minor injuries.
Trying to be helpful, sort of, to the other side.
Ralek Gracie provided the other half of the main event.
What are some of the other historic changes in Congress?
The Beacons, on the other hard, don't have any ports.
Half of America is upbeat; the other half is deflated.
The other options included Blossom, Bean, Fern, Clyde and Rio.
Unlike the other attendees, like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Amazon.
Meanwhile, its biggest rival, Box, is moving the other way.
Stocks, on the other hand, have charged ahead since 2009.
FALLON: I think the other guys are doing very well.
They did the other, and then watched as she blinked.
So I made the latte with the other 123 ingredients.
One for his Instagram story and the other for Snapchat?
The driver of the other vehicle died at the scene.
Now, having come to the other side, I love her.
The other was intended for servers and high end desktops.
Verizon on the other hand is all over the place.
The other major cause of India's pollution problem is politics.
It did end with some disagreements with the other members.
Now they know how it feels on the other end.
The other four -- India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria -- are not.
Abra is not as dumb as all the other Pokémon.
We live in her habitat, not the other way around.
Will there be any guest posts from the other guys?
The other half of Mongolians live in deeply rural areas.
But the other point of ingress is the human factor.
Jawas on the other hand are passive and neutral.  2.
He's so far one way that he's completely the other.
From the other side of the political aisle, Republican Rep.
Is there any way to do this the other way?
What about some of the other carvings in the images?
The other third of the corn's carbon is pumped underground.
Leto's Joker, on the other hand, is just fucking around.
On the other hand, it just makes absolutely no sense.
The other people involved in the incident suffered minor injuries.
Facebook is on the other side of this argument here.
Cut the other lime in wedges and set aside. 4.
Ron DeSantis , on the other hand, is a relative newcomer.
Unlike the other ads on these pages, Shelby's are decoys.
The other windows of the car are not mere windows.
One a Florida congressman, the other, the Florida agriculture commissioner.
A few people are grousing on the other network tonight.
She now survives on Venezuelans heading in the other direction.
Golberg, on the other hand, is permanently suspended from Periscope.
Lisa Page was on the other end of those texts.
The same goes for the other two Mavic sequel drones.
But there is no evidence one way or the other.
The other problem is, two can play at that game.
This gets to the other problem with the "negotiation" framework.
The other five members, or 29 percent, are white men.
On the other hand, some might have a false expectation.
The other three members of Mistry's advisory council have resigned.
Do you make excuses for the other person's bad behavior?
We were stuck in the Dallas airport the other weekend—
Our flirtation is palpable and it annoys the other guests.
The other camera I've been using lately is the Alexa.
One served in the Navy, the other in the Army.
But that's how ignorant ... I wrote this the other day.
The other alleged incidents reportedly happened between 1964 and 2002.
Then I did catch him wearing sunglasses the other day.
One is 13 and the other three are all 14.
This is the other side of the cruelty of life.
He did not specify the nature of the other products.
And then we're going to talk about the other platforms.
One makes good money, the other makes all the money.
And then you've got the other one which is inflation.
Women, on the other hand, rarely come from intercourse alone.
Way to make the other babies in playgroup jealous, Luna.
Ford's situation, on the other hand, couldn't be more different.
"The other expression is E Pluribus Unum," Governor Cuomo continued.
In the other direction, Mighty River was down 0.3 percent.
Josh: Someone else said that to me the other day!
Pedersen, on the other hand, applies a far stricter definition.
The other was May 18, 2014 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Consider the other primary ways of sharing items between computers.
That means the other faction goes home dejected and angry.
At the other event, a march organized by the Rev.
The other is using it to instill fear and hatred.
The other female characters were underused in Suicide Squad also.
Those that export on the other hand, should be excited.
The other employees are in executive, management or engineering roles.
The Pacific, on the other hand, conspicuously lacks ergonomic accoutrements.
" Urbinati, on the other hand, calls Malek "her little muse.
On the other hand, she wants to be Vanderpump's friend.
Humans, on the other hand, take a more holistic approach.
Panic mounted as the other students realized what was happening.
On the other hand, HMD's manual camera controls are fantastic.
There's a pause on the other end of the line.
A voice from the other side refused to unlock it.
Now she and the other parents looked at Roberts, perplexed.
INGRAHAM: John, what was the reaction from the other students?
Or does that only count for the other cast members?
The other determinant has very much become the product itself.
The other half has been turned into a village school.
"One invested in innovation and the other didn't," Mezrich said.

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