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How to use systems in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "systems" and check conjugation/comparative form for "systems". Mastering all the usages of "systems" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They seek to create systems — computer systems, systems of rank and discipline, combat systems, decision-making systems, war plans — that are robust against a variety of risks.
L23Harris builds military products through four segments: Integrated Mission Systems, Space and Airborne Systems, Communication Systems and Aviation Systems.
Muscular systems, bone systems, nervous systems all came together to form this.
Accion Systems MAX-1 propulsion system / Image courtesy of Accion Systems Accion Systems MAX-1 propulsion system / Image courtesy of Accion Systems Accion Systems is competing with space industry veteran, Busek, for business in the small satellite market.
Subway systems, bus systems, ferry systems, even the sidewalks for people to walk on, are supported by taxpayers.
Systems' proprietary wireless rental fleet management systems * I.D. Systems - first phase of new purchase agreement will incorporate i.d.
The increased risks come from three things: software control of systems, interconnections between systems, and automatic or autonomous systems.
L-3 Communications, a defense contractor that operates through Aerospace Systems, Electronic Systems, Communication Systems and National Security Systems segments, announces its second quarter earnings before the market opens Wednesday.
The contract, which will be carried out over a two-year period, is comprised of Directed Infra-red Counter Measure (DIRCM) systems to protect aircraft from shoulder fired missiles, based on passive infrared systems, and includes missile warning systems, radio and communication systems, land systems, mini-unmanned air systems and helicopters upgrade.
"What we do know is that the Russians hack our systems, not just government systems but private systems," he said.
And those systems, despite the initial reaction externally, those systems have considerably better battery life than the systems they replaced.
Cleveland-based TransDigm makes cockpit security components and systems, aircraft audio systems and ignition systems for military and commercial aircraft.
Delphi Automotive PLC plans to build lidar vision systems with technology from Quanergy Systems, which makes solid state lidar systems.
Everywhere I go I see systems that are struggling — school systems, housing systems, family structures, neighborhoods trying to bridge diversity.
After graduation, Robinson worked for Questar Energy Systems, a company that made solar tracking systems and remotely managed solar energy systems.
In political science, there's an idea known as Duverger's law, which states that winner-take-all election systems lead to two-party political systems and proportional representation systems lead to multiparty political systems.
Whatever else they are, AI systems are systems of classification.
Reshaping cities and roads and highway systems and metro systems and rail systems and airports, it's going to take decades of work.
Like these technologies, cryptography is embedded in many software and hardware systems that form the core of our financial systems and healthcare systems.
Northrop's existing sectors are aerospace systems, mission systems and technology services.
Analogue systems re-create gaming systems' innards in a different way.
The senators wrote to Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems Inc.
Human-in-the-loop systems and autonomous systems are the two major models that computer scientists think about when they think about building systems.
Some weapons systems are connected to external networks of subcontractors while other systems are connected to non-networked systems that connect to the internet.
Existing systems have included light ranging and detection systems and cameras, primarily.
Take Varian Medical Systems Inc, which makes cancer-fighting radiation therapy systems.
We, all of us, live within systems we don't realize are systems.
Warehouses use warehouse management systems and transportation companies use… transportation management systems.
Many ballot machines, voter registration systems, and election management systems were antiquated.
Most charging systems depend on fairly primitive systems for topping up batteries.
But larger water systems are often wary of absorbing the smaller systems.
Our most critical systems, especially computerized 911 dispatch systems, are being targeted.
The main businesses for Cooper-Standard, with about $3.5 billion in annual sales, are sealing systems, fuel and brake delivery systems, and fluid transfer systems.
With significant footprint and unprecedented ability to inject systems data, they are mighty systems of record (SORs) with first-mover advantage in systems of intelligence.
The US Army may not buy more Israeli Iron Dome missile-defense systems because the systems can't be integrated into US-made air-defense systems.
In recent years Immelt has remade GE as a high-tech, large systems company, building GE's expertise in energy systems, jet engines, and health systems.
The systems, the life support systems, are on one hand a challenge, but we have been maintaining these systems here for the last 15 years now.
These SCADA systems tend to be older systems that weren't built with the authentication and encryption technologies that have become standard in today's internet-connected systems.
Amazon operates similar goods-to-person systems in its warehouses, systems which stemmed from its $775 million purchase of warehouse robotics company Kiva Systems in 2012.
Their products include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.
European systems, by contract, use digital communications systems, and private companies are developing new satellite systems in the hopes that the FAA will start using them.
Using MuleSoft's integration technology, Salesforce can help connect to other systems like ERP financial systems or product management tools and exchange information between the two systems.
Last year was a bellwether year for food systems, specifically food distribution systems.
Engage in thoughtful experimentation in communications, technology, systems, organizational structures and hiring systems.
And that's working on their domestic systems and systems in parallel with Israel.
Japan has 29 systems on the list, down from 37 systems in November.
ERP systems allow companies to combine different process management systems on one platform.
They will decide whether they will deploy these systems or withdraw these systems.
Clinton's instinct has been to treat messy, complex systems as messy, complex systems.
We're buying things through payment systems and those payment systems are a chokepoint.
We need for VA systems and personnel to adapt to new digital systems.
They flat-out can't afford the systems or people to run the systems.
Law enforcement data-collection systems create the inverse problem of consumer data systems.
"We've got off-the-shelf hybrid systems and electric systems today," he said.
Our most critical systems, especially computerized 911 dispatch systems, are being targeted regularly.
I would be more worried about control systems in electric and water systems.
These AI systems will involve software systems that handle the digital world, and also systems that move around in physical space, like drones, and robots, and autonomous cars, and also systems that process the physical space, like the Internet of Things.
Electronic medical records systems were emerging but only a few large health systems, like Kaiser Permanente, were starting to shift over to vendors such as Epic Systems.
Elbit Systems is already supplying the Australian defence forces with command, control and communications systems and is in the process of integrating those systems with various sensors.
Kaspersky did find that NotPetya targeted Ukranian systems specifically, infecting systems via malicious updates to Ukrainian accounting software, as well as targeting other systems through Windows vulnerabilities.
File photo - Textron Systems' 5.56 mm Cased-Telescope LSAT light machine gun (Textron Systems)
Rimac also engineers and manufactures high-performance electric vehicle powertrain systems and battery systems.
AI & ML systems especially artificially intelligent systems are not guaranteed to exhibit deterministic behavior.
Legacy systems can be integrated, leveraged, and extended quickly without changing the underlying systems.
As old systems shed, new ones powering the Systems Of Intelligence revolution are emerging.
Mobile-centric, in-car entertainment systems improve manufacturers' proprietary systems by orders of magnitude.
It's not a matter of "if" these systems—especially local systems—will be hacked.
"Chinese UAS (unmanned aerial systems) are not as stable as American systems," he explained.
Thousands of employers use Applicant Tracking Systems that are transitioning to Applicant Information Systems.
Currently only large Mercedes-Benz cars use SCR systems, which require adblue injection systems.
Underground power systems are significantly harder to attack or knock out than overhead systems.
One important difference is their economic systems and how those systems have impacted development.
Financial services, health care systems, communication networks, even our electoral systems depend on cyberspace.
These early computing systems often ran proprietary software and operating systems with little interoperability.
The country's highways, bridges, transit systems, airports and water systems are aging and deteriorating.
The sale would include the nine E-85033D aircraft, as well as 28 engines, radio systems, radars navigation control and display systems, global positioning systems and other equipment.
"This includes software to run the engines, complex cargo management systems, automatic identification systems (AIS), global positioning systems (GPS) and electronic chart displays and information systems (ECDIS)," explained Matthew Montgomery, senior associate at international law firm Holman Fenwick Willan, told CNBC via email.
According to the Rodale Institute's Farming Systems Trial report, after 28503 years of continual research, organic systems use 22019 percent less energy than conventional systems, which emit nearly 40 percent more greenhouse gases per pound of crop produced compared to organic systems.
Early warning systems (EWS) or early intervention systems are computer systems which allow police supervisors and managers to identify potential problem officers and address these problems before they escalate.
Hella builds camera systems, radar systems and other related software systems for ADAS-related tech, and ZF is one of the leading tier 1 suppliers in the car industry.
Avionics technicians, aircraft armament systems specialists, low observable technicians, aircrew egress systems technicians, crew chiefs, and fuels systems technicians all combine forces to teach each other their respective crafts.
Latvia's epidemic detection and reporting systems were highly scored, with strong laboratory systems, a robust epidemiology workforce, and good systems in place for sharing data between different health sectors.
Their operating systems are used to gain access to the storage systems in the cloud.
To do that at scale requires a lot of systems, but not super-fancy systems.
Currently such systems are provided by intermediaries like global distribution systems (GDS) providers Sabre (SABR.
These are examples of "dynamical systems"—systems that evolve over time according to fixed rules.
First, Dell acquired Perot Systems (which later became Dell Systems) for $3.9 billion in 2009.
So at the time, they diverged from neural-type systems to focus on logic systems.
Naively, most systems were saying [until now], we systems ourselves are in a privileged position.
In Ethiopia, where all land is state-owned, traditional tenure systems exist alongside modern systems.
Some building of new systems and transition from legacy systems was done by contract workers.
" There are three broad alternatives to traditional cages: barn systems, aviary systems, and "enriched cages.
When computer systems go down, the typical response is to switch to the backup systems.
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel will sell state-owned weapons maker IMI Systems to Elbit Systems (ESLT.
Current Apple operating systems are not vulnerable to the attack, but older iOS systems are.
Intel's deals for embedded systems software maker Wind River Systems and McAfee exemplified that strategy.
These systems could transmit data back to land over the platforms' high-speed communication systems.
They check that banks have implemented systems that are efficient, and they audit those systems.
The RDP market isn't typically about purchasing access to systems to actually use the systems.
All the systems are back online and "all systems are green right now," he said.
Systems are filled with externalities that affect other systems in unforeseen and potentially harmful ways.
The voter registration systems are separate from voter tabulation systems, which officials say were untouched.
"These aren't natural systems, but these are the systems we have to deal with now."
"There are probably better systems than Tesla's, and there are definitely worse systems," Wouters says.
Nearly all of the city's systems — including its water and gas payment systems — were unusable.
A lot of these incidents where automations or robots cause the death of a human are problematic and fascinating precisely because they show us the ways in which our current legal systems, economic systems, moral systems, and imaginative systems fail in trying to understand this.
Additionally, "the fact that they are exempting the tank systems is very concerning because there is even less quality control on the tank systems than the closed systems," he said, noting that tank systems are currently a "relatively small" part of the vaping market.
That's being, of course, I work at Stripe, but I too am also a consumer, and my personal data that resides in all sorts of systems; not just financial systems, I mean health care systems and communications systems, the phone system, what have you.
Elbit Systems said it will work closely with Diehl Defence and Airbus Defence and Space for the integration of the systems inside the A400M defence aid support systems protection suite.
Security requires a holistic approach For protection, traditional IT security systems have for a long time relied on perimeter defenses, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems.
"There's incredible infrastructure associated with park systems," he said, noting that sewer systems, medical response, jails, roads, and communications systems all need to be maintained in often extreme, isolated environments.
That's because the modification, called "NaturalVision," changes the lighting systems, the effects systems, and much more.
It does not include things like office hardware, city databases, cybersecurity systems, and infrastructure control systems.
With pressure systems similar to planes, and land systems similar to trains, regulation still remains unclear.
So then… what does a game about resisting systems, from within those systems, actually look like?
Missile defense systems like that, however, can themselves raise tensions even though they are defensive systems.
Only regular testing of those systems against an accurate policy creates trust in the systems themselves.
And those aftermarket systems, there's only so much integration they can actually do in those systems.
The capture systems divert waste gases that would normally be burned off to power generation systems.
Tyco makes fire suppression systems and Johnson Controls makes ventilation systems, auto seating and car batteries.
The systems involved were known as SCADA systems, which stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.
The existence of APIs for these messaging systems allows external systems like Sisense to access them.
These systems increasingly underpin platforms such as ride-sharing apps, security systems, and "social credit" schemes.
I've grown to avoid these systems and prefer to stick with most systems developed by automakers.
Others whose systems had not yet been ransomed had no idea their systems were also infected.
And there are some reasons to think advanced systems will have problems that current systems don't.
Human reliance on these systems, combined with the systems failing, leads to a massive societal breakdown.
His father, an electrical engineer, is a systems designer at Cisco Systems in San Jose, Calif.
Mandating deadlines for evolving technology locks-in today's immature systems that quickly become tomorrow's outdated systems.
Facial-recognition systems based on deep learning could make surveillance systems far more powerful, for example.
Honda's Showa makes shock absorbers and steering systems, Keihin produces engine, and Nissin manufactures brake systems.
QNX produces operating systems and supplies them with software for things like in-car entertainment systems.
You know, the ones that supply our drinking water, irrigation systems, and power-plant cooling systems?
In March, Norway accused Russia of jamming its GPS systems and interfering in encrypted communications systems.
Instead, many free-space optical communication systems use smaller receivers with complex pointing and tracking systems.
But these voice systems still demand the driver's attention, and not all systems are created equal.
These systems are some of the most in demand scientific and computational systems that we have.
When we're building these monitoring systems and medical systems, we're preparing for a mission to Mars.
Google Maps and other navigation systems have started to replace built-in GPS systems in dashboards.
While AI systems catch things that doctors miss, doctors also catch things that AI systems miss.
Other information has revealed inadequate cybersecurity requirements in our weapons systems and in other infrastructure systems.
Those devices include radar sensors, diagnostic systems, in-dash navigation systems and built-in cellular connections.
In recent months, Airspace Systems has shifted attention from simply launching nets to building drone-focused autonomous systems that will allow their systems to track down other drones on their own.
He argues that the causality runs in the opposite direction: party systems dictate electoral systems and thus, when two-party systems start to fragment, the pressure for proportional representation (PR) grows.
That's going to require Microsoft to play a lot of catch up, overcoming not just 915,000 PSVR systems sold, but the 000,000 Oculus Rift systems and 420,000 HTC Vive systems too.
Only Dominion has developed newer systems that aren't affected by the Windows 7 issue but it has acquired other companies operating systems run on "even older operating systems," the AP wrote.
Preparation means having comprehensive, resilient primary health care services and systems in place with working components: strong leadership, engaged communities, laboratories and hospitals, pharmaceutical systems, supply chains, and disease surveillance systems.
RED VOTING SYSTEMS, BLUE VOTING SYSTEMS: During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing this morning, officials said Russia targeted election-related systems in 21 different states (!) leading up to the 2016 presidential election.
The enforced systems upgrade for banks and issuers could hasten the move towards developing much-needed loan technology and systems that can span the market, rather than relying on proprietary bank systems.
Similar to several previous awards from global air forces and other customers, Elbit Systems will equip NATO's Airbus A330 tankers with the DIRCM systems along with infrared-based passive airborne warning systems.
And we will now ... integrate into their customer systems, so the customer systems and their billing systems will integrate into Workday for them to have a seamless business end-to-end experience.
We need to fix our economic systems, meaning our political systems, in order to fix climate change.
While work is under way on explainable AI systems, current systems are relatively weak in this area.
Loom Systems – Loom Systems delivers advanced AI solution to predict and prevent problems in your digital business.
"The systems we think will be a bigger market opportunity are the smallsat propulsion systems," he said.
Companies tipped to gain include defense contractor Elbit Systems, Magal Security Systems and Check Point Software Technologies.
Locus Robotics formed after Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, like its competitors Fetch Robotics and 6 River Systems.
Solar systems have their own plant and animal life, weather systems, alien structures, and ports of call.
So retailers are exploring facial recognition software as part of their security systems, they're camera security systems.
Again, all messaging systems involve security compromises; and all messaging systems require that you trust somebody, sometimes.
Systems of Intelligence are like Ford Assembly Lines and Toyota Production Systems – powerful weapons for competitive advantage.
Systems can help correct for those biases, but we can't judge without knowing what those systems are.
They look for old systems, which haven't been updated, or for new weaknesses in recently-updated systems.
MARK ESPER: We closely track the systems Boeing builds for us and they're some very capable systems.
VR Systems, the compromised vendor, runs voter registration and voter roll verification systems, not actual voting machines.
Startups creating systems of engagement get users and revenue, by leveraging data in the systems of record.
Delphi is also working with Quanergy Systems, a maker of solid-state LIDAR systems, De Vos said.
Automated systems are known to occasionally malfunction, but trained pilots will know how to counteract those systems.
While Ring devices are doorbell-camera systems, Blink makes dedicated security camera systems if you prefer those.
The border fencing, unmanned aircraft surveillance systems, and ground surveillance systems have more than doubled since 85033.
Legacy systems can be integrated, leveraged, and extended quickly without changing the underlying systems, the company said.
"By the time the kids are in those systems, so many other systems have failed," she said.
"Ecological systems are complex and it's hard to predict how systems might compensate or adjust," Allen said.
And as we've talked in the beginning here, under our ground, our water systems, our sewer systems.
SnapRoute makes software that helps companies manage their cloud systems, whether those systems are internal or external.
So, it's possible to design systems that don't have some of these abuses with totally anonymous systems.
The systems are made by Election Systems & Software, the top voting machine company in the United States.
The chart shows violations per 10 water systems in rural versus urban areas, not per 100 systems.
To be fully effective, Patriot demands integration with other systems like THAAD and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
More recently, touchtone systems have been replaced by voice recognition, but these systems are barely less annoying.
Since AI systems enable incredible things, there will be lots of different actors working on such systems.
"We have definitely seen challenges of pulling information," said Saliterman, noting that companies have to assemble data spread across payroll systems, benefits systems and other human resource systems to complete the forms correctly.
The European Commission listed a number of areas where competition would be reduced following the deal, among them in electronic braking systems, air disc brakes, anti-lock braking systems and air treatment systems.
Nearly 500 high-risk water systems The authors divided the water systems into four different categories of risk.
Camera systems are surveillance systems, with cameras concentrated in places where officers choose to spend the most time.
Some systems have already been deployed, like autonomous border turrets built by South Korean arms manufacturer Dodaam Systems.
There are arguably pros and cons of both systems, but we're seeing the downsides of regulated systems here.
One aspect that could be the difference maker for these competing foldable drone systems is their camera systems.
We make systems, those systems become complex and fragile, so we build new abstractions to manage that complexity.
While some of those complex systems are probably optional—do robots really need working digestive systems, or gallbladders?
We live in this continuous tension and harmony between the natural systems and the artificial systems we create.
We've been working with automakers and suppliers and sensor systems to build the systems that replace the driver.
Local water and sewer systems face a drop in user fees due to damaged systems and population displacement.
Finally, DLT has the potential to revolutionize clearing and settlement systems, as well as recordkeeping systems more generally.
IAI will provide advanced robotic capabilities, algorithms for autonomous movement, broadband communication systems and command and control systems.
Based in Rosemont, Illinois, Culligan offers water softeners, filtration systems, industrial water treatment solutions and drinking water systems.
But while some systems are using URLs as public data points, other systems are using them as passwords.
And today our military doesn't have weapons, it has weapons systemssystems that are based on extensive infrastructure.
Click here for more BI Prime storiesWASHINGTON, DC — Textron Systems, its subsidiary Howe & Howe, and FLIR Systems, Inc.
People get sick if they inhale mist or vapor from contaminated water systems, hot tubs or cooling systems.
The systems are used in everything from airplane in-flight WiFi and entertainment systems to communications on ships.
The 12 and 120-volt electricity systems and inverters power the family's onboard entertainment systems and vent fan.
When rail systems, metro systems, and personal vehicles (etc.) were constructed, fatalities occurred and we learned from them.
Where memory really matters is in systems that don't have a lot of it to spare: embedded systems.
U.S. systems infiltrated: The Justice Department accused two Chinese citizens of hacking into corporate and government computer systems.
There's a reason lidar is used in many autonomous free roaming vehicle systems and semi-autonomous driving systems.
But the truth is, Native American women had their own political systems long before — systems that still exist.
It is also developing systems for buses or other vehicles that can ferry riders to mass transportation systems.
So there are several gaming systems, old and more recent, like various Nintendo systems as well as Xbox.
Hackers who infected one of those other systems could hypothetically work their way back to the election systems.
This control could be exerted upon drones, weapon systems, and other remote systems operated by an enhanced individual.
Most company travel booking systems entail booking, approval and reimbursement systems that can be complicated and even confusing.
The three companies, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Dominion Voting Systems and Hart InterCivic, are almost entirely unregulated.
The business behind the Oyster cards and contactless payment systems used in London is called Cubic Transportation Systems.
Thus far, established automakers have not used OTAs for safety systems, only for non-critical systems like infotainment.
For many years, he worked for Electronic Data Systems, where he trained to be a computer systems engineer.
Large hospital systems beget even larger systems, which operate more like publicly traded companies than tax-exempt charities.
Japan has two existing layers of missile defense: Aegis systems deployed on warships and land-based Patriot systems.
Navigation systems offer increasingly detailed information, backseat entertainment systems pioneer new ways to keep the kids quiet, and with systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, portable devices need to deliver ever more information.
Distributed renewable energy systems such as geothermal systems, micro-hydroelectric systems, solar panels and wind turbines can generate renewable energy close to where it is needed, including in isolated and hard to reach communities.
Like its peers and competitors, including Starship Technologies or Marble for example, Teleretail employs some of the same systems developed for self-driving cars, including sensors, computer vision systems and GPS-aided navigational systems.
More than a dozen companies currently sell voting equipment, but a majority of machines used today come from just four — Diebold Election Systems, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Hart InterCivic and Sequoia Voting Systems.
The European Commission listed on Monday a number of areas where competition would be reduced following the deal, including in electronic braking systems, air disc brakes, anti-lock braking systems and air treatment systems.
The Melbourne, Florida-based company, with around $7.5 billion in annual revenue, is organized into four business segments: communication systems, which sells military and civilian radios; space and intelligence systems; electronic systems; and critical networks.
Falsely discrediting U.S. technology and systems drives allies and others toward systems such as the S-400, while emboldening adversaries working around the clock to hurt the United States and defeat our allied defensive systems.
It's making WEVC systems for buses: WAVE currently has systems in operation in several cities, and [CEO] Masquelier told Charged that he expects to have at least 20 systems up and running later this year.
But autonomous systems work better when systems are standardized and not differentiated, Mobileye's chief of communications Dan Galves argued.
He's worked on space launches and missile warnings, systems that track stuff with big radar systems and radio dishes.
These were expensive, monolithic systems that took years to implement and compatibility between systems was not a huge priority.
It is our time to examine our economic, political, and religious systems; do these systems work for all people?
Predecessors to Karamba focused more on intrusion detection systems for vehicle security that mimicked the systems used for PCs.
Point-of-sale systems company Revel Systems sold a majority stake to private equity firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe.
Of course, at $220, it's a bit more than other systems mesh systems — though this one's doing double duty.
For emerging markets, financial systems with fragmented banking systems that have seen limited innovation will be the most exposed.
It did not, however, get distracted by advanced driver assistance systems like blind-spot warning or collision avoidance systems.
Among the new delivery systems, pharmaceutical researchers have developed infusion systems to pump medication directly into the small intestines.
Many industrial control systems (ICS) and infrastructure systems have been recently targeted due to their ineffective and outdated defenses.
Many older voting systems rely on outdated operating systems, like Windows XP and 2000, which are no longer supported.
What happens in the case of a cyberattack on intelligent systems that control the power grid or banking systems?
" 3D Systems: "Nope, I don't want to own 3D systems, not with some of these other companies coming on.
Many vectoring systems, even those found on hardcore sports cars, rely on systems which brake the inside wheel instead.
Data engineers may work as either applications or systems software developers, and they generally manage complex systems or databases.
Dedrone sells its systems through partnerships with physical security providers such as Booz Allen Hamilton or Bosch Security Systems.
"The malware used encrypted some systems mainly affecting computer workstations, as well as access to various systems," says Rose.
Pictured above: The Cumulus Digital Systems team Cumulus Digital Systems is an Internet of Things company for workplace tools.
Why it matters: The government's IT systems are often bogged down by out-dated legacy systems and budgetary constraints.
Fiat Chrysler said it would enhance the warning systems and otherwise modify the transmission systems in the recalled models.
But our water systems are aging, and we need to have a major federal investment in our water systems.
Far from calling these systems disastrous, Mr. Trump praised both the Canadian and Scottish health care systems several times.
The autonomous APCs will also help the army to implement its Robotic & Autonomous Systems (RAS) Strategy, BAE Systems said.
She recommends systems of proportional representation, seeing them as generally superior to systems based on winner-take-all majoritarianism.
It was an evolution to disrupt systems because I've always been fighting against systems — I'm not a normal guy.
Female security and fire alarm systems installers make 108.2% as much as male security and fire alarm systems installers.
Only "jump boxes," servers that bridge the divide between sensitive manufacturing control systems and nonsensitive IT systems, connected them.
The chart shows violations of water quality regulations per 10 water systems in rural areas, not per 100 systems.
"Payment systems is an obvious place where it is beneficial for consumers that different payment systems can work together."
It includes support of systems outside the continental United States as well as partner-country systems, the Pentagon said.
Chemring makes grenades, battlefield pyrotechnics, detonators, IED detection systems, bomb-disposal tools as well as missile and space-systems.
The presidents and CEOs of Dominion Voting Systems, Hart InterCivic and Election Systems and Software (ES&S) all appeared.
Just as climate scientists warn of tipping points in biophysical systems, social scientists describe tipping points in social systems.
The top 10 are rounded out by Texas Instruments, IBM, NVIDIA, VMware, Procter & Gamble, Adobe systems and Cisco Systems.
We're just going through all of our systems and making sure that we actually have all those systems right.
Most modern cars boast infotainment centers and other systems that are connected to the cloud in one way or another, so keeping vehicle systems and data secure is of paramount importance, especially with the spread of V2V communication systems and other connected car operating systems from other software giants like Android and Linux.
TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israeli defense electronics firm Elbit Systems Ltd said on Wednesday its U.S. subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America, won a contract worth as much as $103 million for the production of mortar weapon systems.
HACKERS <2202 UTILITIES SYSTEMS: Cybersecurity risks to utilities' systems increased in 2628, with more intrusions into those networks and malware that infected those systems, according to a new report from a threat assessment firm released Thursday.
Hidden Cobra commonly targets systems that run older versions of Microsoft operating systems that are no longer patched, the alert said, and also used vulnerabilities in Adobe Systems' Flash software to gain access into targeted computers.
"If you can undermine our democratic nations by hacking the energy systems or the communication systems or the financial systems it will undermine our own people's belief in our societies' ability to protect them," he said.
But it came back — a frequent occurrence with sophisticated attacks — and began to spread through the systems that govern the interface between the news content systems and the systems that control the printing of the newspapers.
"But what we don't want to do is be in a position where we're shooting Patriot missile systems or even larger missile systems at small unmanned systems where the value analysis doesn't work out," McConville said.
" Shulkin added: "They have other systems that I believe that they could get the help that they need in, whether they are prison systems or other community-based systems but not the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Americans waste 20173 trillion gallons of water every year thanks to leaky faucets, faulty sprinkler systems and other small systems.
The next step is partially automated systems (levels 3 and 4), culminating in "level 5" systems that are fully automated.
Arduino boards and their more utilitarian kin are what have historically been known as embedded systems or real-time systems.
In fact, 43% of the evaluated systems -- including some of the larger systems -- carried some of the higher cancer risks.
Finally, you can save 11.9963% on Blink XT Home Security Systems and save 11.9953% on Blink Indoor Home Security Systems.
"The development of such bioinspired systems could enable future robotics that contain both biological tissues and electronic systems," said Khademhosseini.
These systems are not yet capable of understanding human error, let alone more advanced efforts to purposefully game their systems.
Both companies have to pull in data from their own systems, as well as external systems, to make this work.
The IT systems affected are totally separate from its flight operations systems, and there is no impact on flight safety.
Suppliers of commercial face-recognition systems might submit to audits, to demonstrate that their systems are not propagating bias unintentionally.
Cloud native reshapes middleware into a powerful enabler of systems of intelligence Systems of intelligence must ride on nimble infrastructure.
Intelligent algorithms now identify credit fraud within seconds, automated farming systems boost crop yields, and intelligent transport systems ease congestion.
Kroesen called her collaborative performance works "systems portraits," because through them she aimed to illuminate the workings of societal systems.
The systems monitor compliance through gantry and camera systems that record license plates, or some version of transponders in vehicles.
But election management systems are supposed to be air gapped, without any connection to the internet or to other systems.
L3 last month decided to merge its aerospace and sensor systems businesses into the Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems business.
For example, large organizations are more likely to acquire data systems through company acquisitions, thereby resulting in additional independent systems.
O) operating systems that are no longer patched, the alert said, and also used vulnerabilities in Adobe Systems Inc's (ADBE.
While the Johns Creek office will house "computer & operations, corporate systems, supply chain, store systems, and common services," he said.
In the Illinois voting systems case, hackers seemed more interested in taking, rather than changing information stored on state systems.
Bodies are not assembled as cleanly as plumbing systems, in spite of what common parlance for our reproductive systems suggests.
As economies become more integrated, bad systems are basically replaced by good ones, already good systems by even better ones.
Both the SMS and podcast publishing systems are "open" systems, with no single controlling entity like a Facebook or Twitter.
Current AI systems are vulnerable to adversarial examples — inputs designed to confuse them — and more advanced systems might be, too.
While some systems learn by looking at a set of examples in bulk, other sorts of systems learn through interaction.
Mobile operating systems are fast, robust and have many of the same features (and even underpinnings) of desktop operating systems.
Blockchain systems are supposed to be more trustworthy, but in fact they are the least trustworthy systems in the world.
Its software integrates with around 60 existing enterprise-level business management IT systems — including systems from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce.
The law would require critical software systems — those required for operation of the vehicle — to be isolated from noncritical systems.
So there's a lot of traffic that's running through our systems, and the busier the systems get, that increases exponentially.
What they do, according to O*NET: Repair and maintain avionics systems on aircraft, like radios, radar, and guidance systems.
His father is a project manager in Philadelphia for Diversified Systems, a company that designs broadcast television and audiovisual systems.
MRLS systems are a key component of North Korea's coastal defense capabilities, as well as mobile systems for battlefield use.
The company is providing LED-based lidar systems to French supplier Valeo, which also buys vision-based systems from Mobileye.
Compared to older systems, newer cloud systems can adapt to attacks and are more actively maintained and monitored for vulnerabilities.
These are deeply embedded in our legal systems, in our cultural systems, our narratives of education... It's a nightmare scenario.
Bhuva specializes in assessing the risk of space weather damaging electrical systems on and around Earth, including electronic voting systems.
Will the department's information systems, particularly a software tool meant to integrate patient data from six information systems, be ready?
The names of the systems' locations suggest some of the systems could have controlled lighting on tall cell phone towers.
The missile was detected and tracked by both weapons systems and the two systems exchange messages through tactical data links.
But for many systems, especially older systems, such patches are not installed automatically — a fact the hackers took advantage of.
At least 10 hospitals and health care systems have had their patient data and information systems literally held for ransom.
Jeffrey Hoffman, vice president of operational systems and general counsel at Move Systems, said a base model costs about $55,000.
Coding systems begot new coding systems, because few hospitals wanted to be paid according to Medicare's relatively low DRG standards.
It's a tough swallow, but Land Rover's Meridian systems might just be the best audio systems in the car world.
Understanding the restrictions of these systems is vital, as ACC systems cannot adequately respond to stopped traffic from high speeds.
Moreover, because proportional voting systems inevitably create multi-party systems, it's rare for any single party to win a majority.
The next step is partially automated systems (levels 53 and 4), culminating in "level 5" systems that are fully automated.
The carrier has bought Sensity Systems, a startup based out of Sunnyvale (also home to Yahoo!) that has built solutions to help businesses and others convert older lighting systems to connected LED systems, making them controllable remotely.
General Dynamics recently emerged as the sole competitor for the OMFV intended to replace Bradley infantry fighting vehicle built by BAE Systems after Raytheon Rheinmetall Land Systems was disqualified and BAE Systems dropped out of the running.
It's watched by a small fleet of unarmed Predator drones, 100 manned spy planes, 40 mobile ground surveillance systems, 178 mobile video surveillance systems, 18 remote video surveillance systems, and a whole slew of thermal imaging capabilities.
Muhammad Abdur Rahman, managing director of Innosol, a company that imports and installs renewable energy systems, said that cheap imports of renewable energy systems from China remain the main barrier to building more such systems in Pakistan.
Earlier on the week of August 19, at the systems design-focused Clarity Conf, designer and art director Tatiana Mac gave a talk about the ways in which systems of oppression can replicate in systems design paradigms.
Locations are made available to authorities or international fisheries organizations through voluntary declaration using Vessel Monitoring Systems or indirectly through the use of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), the researchers added, but those systems can be turned off.
It's a really interesting area for Europe, because we have, you know, within the continent, a plethora of different health systems — from almost fully private systems through to obviously entirely state single payer systems like the NHS.

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