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"sustainable" Definitions
  1. involving the use of natural products and energy in a way that does not harm the environment
  2. that can continue or be continued for a long time

704 Sentences With "sustainable"

How to use sustainable in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "sustainable" and check conjugation/comparative form for "sustainable". Mastering all the usages of "sustainable" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Reimagined as Kering's new home, the offices were built upon sustainable principles, with sustainable intentions, for a sustainable future.
That is: To be "sustainable" really means only to be more sustainable than something else that is less sustainable.
Sustainable materials used included: sustainable viscose, regenerated cashmere, organic cotton, recycled nylon, sustainable wood and cork, and eco alter nappa.
Rather than undermining political action, sustainable living prompts sustainable voting.
Sustainable business incubator, Sustainable Bridges, is another partner of the project.
Simply put, a sustainable national defense requires a sustainable domestic steel industry.
On Tuesday, the European Commission announced 9 billion euros worth of investments targeting sustainable cities, sustainable energy and sustainable agriculture for Africa and EU neighborhood countries.
Drew's work focuses on sustainable consumption, sustainable development goals, and alternative business models.
"Sustainable security, like sustainable development, has to become the new paradigm," he said.
Sustainable peace is intimately linked to sustainable and let me emphasize sustained development.
Sustainable animal feed We are also looking at making animal feed much more sustainable.
However, he's concerned the hype around sustainable meat substitutes may not be sustainable itself.
Sustainable farming and food waste Robots could also lead to more sustainable farming practices.
Eligible projects in Namibia include renewable energy, energy efficiency and resource efficiency, green buildings, sustainable waste management, sustainable land use, clean transportation, sustainable water management and climate change.
This pollution-based economy is not sustainable, because it was never designed to be sustainable.
He called it a "sustainable model," not a "sustainable mode," for the company's other newspapers.
So I just want to keep it sustainable, and sustainable is better in the long run.
We will not achieve our mission of advancing sustainable energy unless we are also financially sustainable.
S: That if you're sustainable, in the long term we will create more enduring, sustainable value.
Alden writes about ethical and sustainable fashion, plus other sustainable lifestyle topics, on her blog, EcoCult.
Unilever even conducted its own study and highlighted sustainable purchasing while promoting its own sustainable efforts.
In fact, 60% of the spring 2019 womenswear runway collection comes from sustainable materials, sustainable viscose, regenerated cashmere, organic cotton and denim, recycled nylon, sustainable wood and cork, and eco alter nappa.
"We believe sustainable business is better business," said Leonie Schreve, global head of sustainable finance at ING.
The shift comes as consumers increasingly prefer sustainable products made by companies investing in sustainable business practices.
"At the end of the day, our vision is to create sustainable materials using sustainable feed stock."
Jessica Espy is the associate director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network a global research network focused on climate change and sustainable development where she leads programs on data and sustainable urban development.
The second, a sustainable strategies toolkit, which provides designers with step-by-step guidance in implementing sustainable blueprints.
And you know, that's not really sustainable if you do a full accounting, that's not sustainable at all.
"You cannot be environmentally sustainable without being financially sustainable," the company wrote, in an apparent shot at Tesla.
"We will not achieve our mission of advancing sustainable energy unless we are also financially sustainable," Musk writes.
Whether or not the price increase is sustainable depends primarily on whether the strength in demand is sustainable.
How is Saudi Arabia's effort to find renewable and sustainable water sources linked to finding sustainable energy sources?
Access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy — as laid out in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal Seven — will be crucial when to it comes to meeting other Sustainable Development Goals and tackling climate change.
"If you read the letter, it's not about whether it's sustainable or not sustainable," Hui said of LeEco's growth.
"A sustainable diet for the planet needs to be sustainable for you as an individual," West and Saunt advise.
Kevin Bone, director of The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design, said dwindling resources make sustainable design economically favorable.
Paul Horrocks is head of the private finance for sustainable development unit the OECD's financing for sustainable development division.
We need to increase our reliance on the most sustainable fabrics —organically grown, sustainable, or made with recycled content.
We see this awakening to the idea of sustainable design not being costly design, rather sustainable design being economic.
MINI's history as an innovator around sustainable cities and sustainable growth dates back to the company's inception, according to Kotch.
In order for a destination to be certified as sustainable, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council outlines a list of criteria.
Students can choose between bachelor's degrees in five areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Food Systems, Ecology, Environmental Humanities and Outdoor Education.
"The word sustainable is not very digestible," said Ana Duék, editor of Viajar Verde, a news site about sustainable travel.
This advancement follows the recent news that Mango had joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), an organization that aims to promote sustainable practices in the textile industry, and their announcement to use strictly sustainable cotton by 2025.
The 2030 Agenda designated the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)—created at the 2013 UN conference on sustainable development in Rio—with the central role in monitoring progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
"Education and energy are critical for sustainable development overall," Bahareh Seyedi, from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), told Sustainable Energy.
The UN's Sustainable Development Goals outline top-priority objectives for tackling global issues like climate change, food waste, and sustainable agriculture.
The development will be fully sustainable and run entirely on renewable energy — another example of Foster + Partners' proclivity for sustainable design.
The Cartier Women's Initiative awards women entrepreneurs leading innovative and sustainable businesses that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
"Giga Berlin will build sustainable energy vehicles using sustainable energy, so net environmental impact will be extremely positive!" the CEO tweeted.
Over $30 trillion is held in sustainable or green investments, the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance estimates, more than doubling from 03.
It was very important that it was sustainable and it was fashion, because one of the issues that I had with sustainable fashion in the past was that it was sustainable but the fashion was massively lacking, which has led to people thinking that if it's sustainable, then it's not really fashionable, or it can't be fashion.
The movement's name ostensibly refers to its first five policy priorities: sustainable transportation, sustainable development, public water, universal internet access, and environ­mentalism.
Sustainable palm oil's popularity is increasing, and the roundtable on sustainable palm oil now certifies 19% of all palm oil produced worldwide.
The actual fish in the package was more often just as sustainable or even more sustainable than the fish on the label.
The member countries of the United Nations unanimously adopted a 85033 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, including 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
" Sustainable gift ideas "When it comes to gifting, we're trying as hard as possible to do locally made goods in sustainable packaging.
Shank teaches sustainable development at NYU's Center for Global Affairs and is head of communications at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.
Mark Driscoll is Head of the Sustainable Food Programme at Forum for the Future, an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development.
WRISE also takes a double-header, environmental and economic approach to sustainable energy with their Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy programs.
The main takeaway is that it's so important to understand that your food is sustainable and that it comes from a sustainable source.
In that same sustainable packaging survey I mentioned before, respondents said they just can't get consumers to pay a premium price for sustainable packaging.
In this role, she leads the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, an industry-wide effort to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world.
The Sustainable Hawaiʻi Initiative is a set of priorities for the state of Hawaiʻi that are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Baggain Recycled Denim Tote with Pockets, $25, available at EtsyThis bag isn't just a sustainable alternative to plastic, it's made with sustainable processes, too
Slater, a longtime advocate for sustainable living, wanted to create a lifestyle brand for everyone that was rooted in good design and sustainable production.
This week my colleagues and I at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Bertelsmann Foundation published the 2018 Sustainable Development Goal Index.
The "Five Stars" refers to its five flagship issues: publicly owned water, sustainable (eco-friendly) transport, sustainable development, right to internet access, and environmentalism.
In a letter to clients that echoes Fink's message to CEOs, BlackRock says it will make sustainable funds the "standard building blocks" of clients' portfolios whenever possible, and plans to offer sustainable versions of its target-date funds and build a sustainable index fund.
"Some travel companies try to be sustainable, while others ignore the idea, and from the traveler side, demand and awareness is soft," said Randy Durband, the chief executive of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, a nonprofit accreditation group for sustainable travel based in Washington.
That, I think, in the long term drives those wages up and keeps them in a sustainable way, not an artificial way, a sustainable way.
We recognise the opportunities for innovation, sustainable growth, competitiveness, and job creation of increased investment into sustainable energy sources and clean energy technologies and infrastructure.
Are we going to completely deplete the ocean or should we start looking at more sustainable fish stocks and more sustainable ways of catching fish?
PURSUITS | SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Sustainable tourism — bringing global awareness to travel and putting it into action — is a top priority for the United Nations this year.
The French government also relies on AFD to implement the sustainable development goals set within the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations for Sustainable Development.
The Sustainable Energy in America 2017 factbook (from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance) is chock-full of good news.
We met a professor at the university's Sustainable Building Technology program and he said he was looking for a 'test family' for a new sustainable home.
For a while I did actually label items that were sustainable, but I didn't notice if people were pointing at it that it was certified sustainable.
The French government also relies on AFD to implement the country's sustainable development goals set within the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations for Sustainable Development.
It created an 11-member Sustainable Council chaired by the CEO, Senard, and set six targets to fulfil by 2020 to promote efforts toward sustainable mobility.
But from the Center for Sustainable Fashion, to textile environmental design, to fashion revolution — in terms of campaigning — to design and sustainable thinking, we are unique.
This comes as 85% of individual investors report being interested in adding sustainable options to their portfolios, according to the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing.
I'm a vegetarian, or a pescetarian, depending on [the availability of] locally sourced, sustainable fish, if there's a restaurant purposely supporting wild cod,or sustainable aquaculture.
The UN indicates that achieving its sustainable development goals represents a $12 trillion economic opportunity for businesses through a fairer, broader-based and more sustainable economy.
That expansion is focused in part on achieving a global sustainable-development goal of providing universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030.
"Some communities have sustainable golf courses with residences that aren't sustainable, so you should find out about the homes before considering the golf," Mr. Johnston said.
The initiative is comprised of four parts: The first, a guide to sustainable strategies, which coaches designers on building their own road to a more sustainable brand.
This is hardcore, but it is the only way for Tesla to become financially sustainable and succeed in our goal of helping make the world environmentally sustainable.
That's all according to the 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook published Wednesday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE).
But I don't think that consuming less is the answer to making this industry sustainable — rather the opposite, but doing it in a responsible and sustainable way.
Since 1995, assets in sustainable and responsible investments have grown 18-fold, to more than $11 trillion, according to US SIF, a membership organization of sustainable investors.
The stay remains in effect until the debt has been restructured to a sustainable level with the goal being an orderly restructuring an sustainable amount of debt.
In the U.S., money managed with sustainable investing strategies now comprises over a quarter of total investment assets under management, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.
"Sustainable management of land, water and other resources is highly labour intensive, and hence labour mobility constrains and limits the adoption of sustainable practices," the report states.
For example, to contribute to the UN's SDG target to "end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture," Gifford suggests investors focus on direct investments in farming practices and irrigation systems, support projects to develop sustainable fertilizers, or finance seeds or sustainable agricultural technologies.
"We understand the community's desire to promote responsible and sustainable marine sourcing practices, and this remains important to Air China Cargo's overall sustainable development goals," the statement read.
Abroad Renewable World focuses on bringing sustainable energy systems to the poorest corners of the world, and provides training to make the projects sustainable for the long term.
The account was created by 23-year-old Fifi, a sustainable fashion student at University of the Arts London, who is a passionate believer in sustainable, ethical fashion.
The Danish company has previously invested 1 billion Danish krone ($165 million) for a dedicated Sustainable Materials Centre to research and implement sustainable alternatives to its current products.
With the rise of electric cars, sustainable architecture, eco-friendly diets, composting, and countless other options, forging a sustainable life is often as easy as it is trendy.
The shopping category includes more than 2,000 items from 90 brands such as Sustainable Style includes 2,000 items from 90 brands, such as Browse Nordstrom's Sustainable Style Section
There are a number of factors to designing a sustainable package, said Nina Goodrich, director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and executive director of the sustainability nonprofit GreenBlue.
Like corporate CEOs who seek consistent and sustainable earnings growth to keep stock prices on an upward trend, so, too, should the President's comments be consistent and sustainable.
The commissioners said around 13 percent of cotton production can be classed as more sustainable, but less than a fifth of it is actually sold as more sustainable.
It's "very easy" to design an expensive sustainable sofa, but to make a sofa that is sustainable and affordable and looks good is the tougher challenge, Brodin says.
Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels has been advocating environmental practices since 2013 via its "Sustainable Luxury Vision 2020," which covers areas such as sustainable food sourcing and construction.
BlackRock said that beginning this year, it will offer sustainable versions of its flagship portfolios, with the eventual goal being to make the sustainable option the "flagship" offering.
Morningstar's head of sustainable research Jon Hale said that he's seeing large inflows into diversified sustainable funds, or funds that could be substituted for an investor's conventional holdings.
H&M was an early adopter of sustainable practices — first with an organic cotton line and later with its high-end Conscious Collection, which created completely from sustainable materials.
The nascent space still suffers from definitional quibbles: both over where to draw the line between sustainable and "normal" investments, and how to subdivide the universe of sustainable investment.
As a result, organizations like the United Nations and Sustainable Harvest are working to empower farmers around the world with the tools needed to create more sustainable farming practices.
A healthy planet and sustainable economic growth are mutually beneficial, and therefore, we are pursuing global efforts towards a sustainable and resilient future that creates jobs for our citizens.
The resolution endorsed a single Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) plan for Europe-bound palm and other vegetable oils to ensure they are produced in an environmentally sustainable way.
The company currently manages $7.5 billion in sustainable ETF assets, and has seen $525 million of inflows in the United States and Europe since it unveiled iShares Sustainable Core.
There are two certification systems under the RSPO P&C - one ensures the sustainable production of palm oil, and the other ensures the integrity of sustainable palm oil trade.
Her styling hallmarks are certainly recognizable in Belle: The "pink dress" at the Beast's castle was made of sustainable fabrics, sustainable fashion being one of the actress's pet causes.
"The challenge is to ensure what is nutritious, healthy and sustainable is available for everybody," said Nabarro, who now leads 4SD, a Swiss-based social enterprise supporting sustainable development.
The Senate bill also creates the Sustainable Textile and Apparel Research (STAR) Fund to support U.S. jobs and the research and development of sustainable textile and apparel supply chains.
"The returns of sustainable funds are in line with those of traditional funds, while also offering lower downside risk for investors," the firm said in its Sustainable Reality report.
The basic argument of this fascinating book is that industrial-scale agricultural practices aren't environmentally sustainable, but returning wholesale to the sustainable ways of the past isn't feasible either.
Justin Bieber pens explanation for tour cancellation "I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable," Bieber wrote then.
"Such policies might work only over the short-term and will not provide sustainable growth unless fundamental reforms are announced... to rebalance the economy in a sustainable way," he said.
If there's one thing proved by Jungletown—VICELAND's show about attempting to build a sustainable community, Kalu Yala, within the Panamanian jungle—it's that building a sustainable community isn't easy.
ESG/Sustainable Investing Considerations: Sustainable investing strategies aim to consider and in some instances integrate the analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the investment process and portfolio.
In September 2015, United Nations member states voted to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, setting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, fight inequalities, and tackle climate change.
But development is still too slow, if the continent is to reach the UN's sustainable-development goal of access to "affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all" by 2030.
In September 2015, all member states of the United Nations made a commitment to collectively work toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Founded in late 2018, sustainable fashion start-up Mi Terro creates a positive environmental impact by making sustainable products with less-than-conventional materials — including ocean plastics and excess milk.
But they also include a commitment to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable modern energy services (Transforming our world: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, United Nations, 2015).
David Levine is Co-founder and CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council, which advocates for policy change and informs business owners and the public about building a sustainable economy.
Addressing human trafficking through sustainable finance While the "E" of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance -- criteria used to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a business) has been the major focus of sustainable finance in recent years, addressing modern slavery and human trafficking should be at the heart of sustainable finance.
But even if lab-grown meat is economically sustainable for these companies to produce, that doesn't necessarily mean it will be more environmentally sustainable than traditional livestock for people to eat.
" Wilson went on to state that energy subsidies should be used to create a "sustainable future through the social, environmental and economic objectives set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 (Reuters) - The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) on Friday announced that it will lift the suspension of sustainable certification for the entire IOI Group on Monday.
"This is hardcore, but it is the only way for Tesla to become financially sustainable and succeed in our goal of helping make the world environmentally sustainable," Musk said, per Electrek.
The next few months are pivotal for Tesla, which has struggled to meet production goals and has burned through billions of dollars trying to become a sustainable producer of sustainable automobiles.
They created America's first sustainable apparel factory in LA. Their secret weapon is sourcing: They make their pieces from super sustainable materials like Tencel, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing.
As fewer and older farmers produce a less diverse and sustainable array of food, we desperately need to support small and midsize producers and cultivate a more sustainable system of agriculture.
With products that are unavoidable, individuals can find alternatives that are either palm oil-free and instead use vegetable oil from a sustainable source, or contain genuinely certified sustainable palm oil.
The first challenge facing travelers is defining what sustainable travel actually is — and distinguishing it from the many varieties of travel that advocates and marketers have tried to label as sustainable.
The American Sustainable Business Council has just released a report that provides valuable insights into how companies and lawmakers can work together to pursue an economically and environmentally sustainable operating model.
HSBC issued its first bond tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2017, raising $1 billion as part of a commitment to provide $100 billion in sustainable financing by 2025.
The threat went something like: Aetna's merger with fellow healthcare giant Humana is necessary for its sustainable growth, and its sustainable growth is necessary to participate in the Obamacare state exchanges.
Clearly this isn't sustainable — Well, that's the big subject.
" Corker added that the final strategy should be "sustainable.
But are Facebook's efforts sustainable — and are they enough?
The program provides, events, mentoring, and job search assistance to engage and support women in the sustainable energy sector, and training and education to inspire the next generation of sustainable energy leaders.
Why it matters: The seventh UN-backed Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) is delivering affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern electricity to the 1 billion people around the world living in the dark.
Countries with natural resources should invest in sustainable development, it said, citing the example of Costa Rica which has promoted forest regeneration and reaped rewards from investing in sustainable tourism and hydropower.
On May 21976, 21976, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences — which is an international scientific academy housed in the Vatican — kicked off a five-day conference titled Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility.
Another 32 percent said their strategies are sustainable in the short term but not in the long term, and 20 percent would only say their strategies are sustainable in the short term.
The body has also linked up with Britain's Chester Zoo to raise awareness on sustainable palm oil, which led to the city being named a Sustainable Palm Oil City earlier this year.
The "sustainable, responsible and impact" (SRI) investment sector housed $23 trillion around the globe at the end of 2016, according to the most recent biennial survey by the Global Sustainable Investment Review.
The brand has partnered with Fair Trade Certified™, a non-profit organization that holds fashion companies to strict ethical and sustainable standards, and Saitex, a Vietnam-based producer of sustainable denim.
The billions of dollars will go to five areas of sustainable development to assist companies in climate transition, including clean energy, sustainable transport, food and agriculture, waste and materials, and economic systems.
ESG has indeed gained traction as an investing concept in the last several years, with global sustainable investing topping $30 trillion in assets in 2018, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.
"One of the things that drew us to Findhorn was a desire to live closer to nature and to be able to have a sustainable lifestyle where we were living near our family and along with friends who also wanted to live a sustainable lifestyle," Lisa Shaw, a resident and director of Biometrix Water, told CNBC's Sustainable Energy.
The North American Meat Institute wrote in its comments that "to recommend a 'sustainable dietary pattern' when the very definition of sustainable is still at issue does a disservice ..." Of course, the definition of "sustainable" was not at issue in 2015—and since then even more evidence points to animal agriculture as a leading culprit in climate change.
On August 10, the United Nations's Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the US Cities Sustainable Development Goals Index that ranks the top 100 most populated cities across the country in order of sustainability.
Commentary by Peter Bakker, president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a coalition of organizations working to align the business community with public priorities including the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals.
Taken together, I believe there is an elegant and sustainable alternative for this ecosystem to thrive, one which is respectful of consumer choice, impactful for advertisers, sustainable for publishers and effective at scale.
You know fixing our income, diversifying our income, is one half of it, the other half is diversifying our economy and making sure that we will have a sustainable income and sustainable economy.
Arla plans to switch to more sustainable operations such as renewable energy, sustainable packaging and lower waste production, while farmers can plant more trees and bushes to help absorb carbon and improve biodiversity.
Three years ago, Lego pumped $155 million into a new Sustainable Materials Center, which set more than 100 employees on the task of Lego using fully sustainable materials in its products by 2030.
The Certification for Sustainable Tourism system seeks to encourage partnerships in business, government, advocacy, and academia to support socially and environmentally sustainable tourism practices in countries including Costa Rica, the U.S. and Spain.
At the time, I made sure to put pieces made from plastic and alligator leather on the runway to make people stop thinking Osklen was "sustainable" in the way they label sustainable development.
"For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways," Starbucks CEO and President Kevin Johnson said.
That not only includes transitioning the world to sustainable energy and transportation but sustainable human rights practices such as being able to work together as a team to negotiate fair wages and treatment.
"A string of sugar highs feel better and look better than a longer sustainable kind of run, but a longer sustainable run has been elusive," Wolff said on CNBC's "Trading Nation " on Tuesday.
And a recent study by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment predicted that automation was likely to replace 40 to 80 percent of workers at mines.
As the data economy progresses, this also hardly seems sustainable.
"The situation is not sustainable," Gabriel says in a statement.
Reformation has always been a step ahead in sustainable fashion.
ZS: The goal's a sustainable business in its own right.
Lygos: Genetically modify yeast to produce sustainable chemicals without petroleum.
Costa Brazil uses sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials whenever possible.
So even the new model isn't sustainable on its own.
By now, you've likely heard of sustainable footwear brand, Allbirds.
I think it's a lot more sustainable than people think.
BI: What would have been a sustainable alternative for Greece?
One of the goals is universal access to sustainable energy.
Conventional agriculture has neglected these sustainable practices for too long.
Because we're not going to have a sustainable social structure.
Tourism can be made more sustainable through several achievable measures.
Tourism then should be developed only within sustainable development parameters.
And where to get furniture that's classy, sustainable, and affordable?
Celebrate the reasonableness of making a sustainable artists ending work.
Her latest collection for Adidas, she notes, is 38% sustainable.
This ensures the supply is sustainable in the long term.
Tourism is important to our efforts to achieve sustainable development.
And if you make it profitable, you make it sustainable.
"This hardly seems a sustainable state of affairs," I wrote.
The numbers Biden are putting up are simply not sustainable.
Normally, oyster and clam shells are a sustainable landscaping alternative.
But by that fall, she knew her career wasn't sustainable.
It's also not sustainable for a small company like VanMoof.
Now, again, it's about how sustainable that oil price is.
The sustainable dress was strapless and covered in silver sparkles.
So, actually, it's not a sustainable way to clothe oneself.
For us, we need to show that by being sustainable.
"It's certainly not sustainable," she told The Los Angeles Times.
This is not sustainable, either for you or for him.
It's a sustainable way to help women and the environment.
HSBC said its policies call for sustainable and legal practices.
I'll get to the more sustainable solution in a moment.
And that reindeer meat is both seriously delicious and sustainable.
Yet few think that is enough to render it sustainable.
Yet governments often do things that are not economically sustainable.
Simply put, Sprint is not on a sustainable competitive path.
"Is curing patients a sustainable business model?" the report asked.
Efficient growth, improving infrastructure and sustainable development are high priorities.
Or, you can bootstrap and immediately build a sustainable business.
The firm recommended companies with strong and sustainable profit margins.
And now, she's using social media to spotlight sustainable fashion.
The real question is going to be, is this sustainable?
This chain isn't sustainable, it will clog at some point.
Why did it happen, and how sustainable is the boom?
"This is a boom that will be sustainable," he said.
Every day, the remainder's chances at sustainable survival become slimmer.
How could they project sustainable force to the United States?
Taking a sustainable approach will require a ton of capital.
"The status quo is not sustainable for Iran," says Ibish.
That kind of mindset is, like, clearly not sustainable, right?
"The hope is that this will be sustainable and expansive."
But what counts as "sustainable investment" in the first place?
You may use stimulants to compensate, but that isn't sustainable.
"It's inevitable," Musk said, speaking of shifting to sustainable energy.
I ask if we helped in ways that are sustainable.
Inditex said it will use all sustainable viscose by 2023.
Hickey suggests the bullish trend could be sustainable into spring.
This is not a sustainable model for organizing against Trump.
The company's modus operandi involves marrying technology to sustainable material.
It's not the first time Meghan has championed sustainable fashion.
But are these really high retail prices sustainable long term?
Because development requires energy and sustainable development requires renewable energy.
Why it works: That cycle creates sustainable growth and happiness.
Fitch believes MCH's improved earnings performance over 2016 is sustainable.
And that's what keeps a business sustainable, year after year.
The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set in 2015.
Without this, development and life in general cannot be sustainable.
To build a sustainable business, the company needs more downloads.
TAL Group is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.
This is a situation that threatens the planet's sustainable future.
It's time to create a more sustainable schedule for yourself.
" She called prime minister May's position "not a sustainable one.
But as conditions change, the aforementioned plans are not sustainable.
Whether this is sustainable over time is open to debate.
Now it should be the "cool breeze of sustainable technology".
I took on a schedule that is not realistically sustainable.
I don't know whether it's sustainable, I don't think so.
The recovery "is sustainable," Swissmem president Hans Hess told reporters.
Secretive administrative warfare against an unhinged executive is not sustainable.
Stephen Jordan is CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Development.
But some market participants question if the rally is sustainable.
They challenged the industry and led to more sustainable growth.
In March 2019, BBVA coordinated Iberdrola's €$1.5bn sustainable credit facility.
But not all investors were convinced the rally was sustainable.
Fitch believes MBH's improved earnings performance over 2017 is sustainable.
It should be obvious to everyone that that's not sustainable.
BlackRock's sustainable unit manages $195 billion, spokesman Ed Sweeney said.
Though fueled by pure passion, her habits were not sustainable.
Their future, as they see it, rests on being sustainable.
David Levine is president of the American Sustainable Business Council.
Cramer warned investors that the surge might not be sustainable.
It warned that the existing status quo was not sustainable.
It's far from clear that Tesla's newfound profitability is sustainable.
The question is how sustainable this property recovery might be.
"This is a much more sustainable growth trajectory," Case said.
And, where communities and societies are sustainable, vibrant and supportive.
And this is not sustainable, not to support these people.
As a legal matter, however, this argument is not sustainable.
A super soft $75 cashmere sweater from a sustainable startup
He gestured toward something more complex, more inclusive, more sustainable.
The legs are crafted from sustainable woods from the Midwest.
Both are vital for sustainable growth, positive reputation and longevity.
How can the gig economy be made sustainable at last?
There needs to be practical measures to make peace sustainable.
How is it financially sustainable to continue with your career?
And Taiwan has long been an innovator in sustainable technology.
It remains to be seen whether they will be sustainable.
Sustainable practices are very important to you as a company.
Fitch expects BUT's market share to be at least sustainable.
This offers more creative possibilities and potential for sustainable peace.
They think 2 percent or somewhat higher inflation is sustainable.
It also provides funding for related sustainable economic development projects.
Institute for Sustainable Communities works with communities, cities and factories.
It's not really as sustainable as I thought it was.
And that makes their political systems more sustainable and robust.
But long term, I'm concerned about keeping social distancing sustainable.
The real talk on how to become a sustainable brand?
The wait may be over for a sustainable market bounce.
How long this will prove sustainable is an open question.
It's totally new and totally sustainable for the whole globe.
Now, the question is whether those gains will prove sustainable.
Is there anything more sustainable, and less bovine, than oats?
In the end, education for sustainable jobs is the key.
Durable Versace certainly is, although sustainable … probably not so much.
The guidelines exclude coal and nuclear power from sustainable investments.
It aims for sustainable growth, maximum employment and stable prices.
No society has done that overall in a sustainable way.
The forming of sustainable proinflationary factors cannot be ruled out.
For reference, the current spring collection is roughly 60% sustainable.
The marriage of these dual efforts makes Honeywell's transition sustainable.
Mr. Moss directs an organization that funds sustainable agricultural practices.
Wolfgang Puck Catering has also committed to choosing sustainable offerings.
But that market doesn't typically provide sustainable returns for growers.
He is working to add accessories, experimenting with sustainable basics.
Anchovies are gaining ground as a tasty and sustainable option.
Global fashion leaders have set sustainable materials as a priority.
In 2020, it's vowed to become "more sustainable than ever."
This percentage defies all commercial norms for sustainable debt service.
Sustainable fashion has become a cornerstone of Meghan Markle's wardrobe.
The International Energy Agency recently updated its Sustainable Development Scenario.
With regard to the lawsuit being legally sustainable, it's not.
"If it's not a sustainable amount, tighten the belt now."
That was it, I found my calling in sustainable architecture.
Not only is it more sustainable, it's far more enjoyable!
Custom wallpaper is both sustainable and nods to Boston's skyline.
Here's what worries me about the trend towards "sustainable" investing.
Last year, they anticipated the CBD craze and sustainable packaging.
Because where we are as a society is not sustainable.
Pacific cod and wild Alaskan pollock are two sustainable choices.
" During the interview, Peretti repeatedly returned to the word "sustainable.
"We're building something sustainable, literally out of garbage," Banerjee says.
Banerjee isn't alone in his desire to make India sustainable.
The big question is whether the price rises are sustainable.
Plenty of small, sustainable businesses are solvent, Mr. Wassner said.
We've committed ourselves to bringing net migration to sustainable levels.
Four years ago, pledging her support for the the Sustainable
Even back in 2015 as the Sustainable Development Goals were
This universality facilitates a sustainable way of shopping and dressing.
It's all about growing, but growing in a sustainable manner.
ReCollect keeps the ball rolling towards a more sustainable future.
Amazon is not alone in its desire be more sustainable.
The most sustainable product is the one you don't buy.
"We've got entitlement spending that is not sustainable," Toomey explained.
Tibet shows how effective and sustainable mass repression can be.
But keeping their heads in the sand just isn't sustainable.
The budget carrier said Monday that its business was sustainable.
However, the drink's magic wasn't sustainable for the coffee giant.
Don't get caught up in fad diets that aren't sustainable.
Don't get caught up in fad diets that aren't sustainable.
"This just isn't sustainable," a senior State Department official said.
This path is unlikely to be sustainable, economically or politically.
In his words, acknowledgement of problematic behavior creates sustainable business.
It turns out it was too long to be sustainable.
Supporting sustainability — or not I want to support sustainable brands.
He says that would be fairer and more financially sustainable.
It's time to talk about sustainable approaches to both actions.
This structure promotes the development of a sustainable lifelong practice.
But there is a natural, environmentally sustainable alternative: human hair.
Analysts have questioned whether the 5,000 rate would be sustainable.
"This is hardcore, but it is the only way for Tesla to become financially sustainable and succeed in our goal of helping make the world environmentally sustainable," Musk wrote to Tesla employees in May.
Buying American fish and seafood, whether farmed or fresh-caught, is often a sustainable choice, though this is not to say that other nations do not also have sustainable sources of fish and seafood.
Ahead of CNBC's Sustainable Energy Brainstorm event taking place on July 9 in Paris, we take a look back at some of the clean energy technologies and ideas that Sustainable Energy has previously featured.
Businesses could create up to 380 million jobs and unlock $12 trillion in economic opportunities by 2030 if they adopt more sustainable development models, a new report from the Business & Sustainable Development Commission said.
Nancy E. Landrum is a Professor of Sustainable Business Management at Loyola University Chicago, co-author of Sustainable Business: An Executive's Primer, and a fellow with Loyola's Public Voices Greenhouse through The OpEd Project.
The World Bank's warning came ahead of a U.N. conference on housing and sustainable urban development next week in Ecuador, which aims to set out guidelines for sustainable cities over the next 20 years.
Industry watchdog, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, whose members include consumer companies, retailers, traders and palm growers, certified a fifth of last year's global palm oil output of 68 million tonnes as sustainable.
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The sustainable fashion market is co-hosted by Atypique Atípico, an "eco-design studio and environmentalist consultancy," and Slo We Are, an online French platform that helps consumers find sustainable and ethical clothing brands.
Bank of America has committed $300 billion to sustainable investments over the next decade, and Goldman Sachs has also pledged $750 billion over the next decade to finance and advise companies on sustainable finance.
The Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) will advise buyers and suppliers on third-party auditing and certification schemes with the aim of boosting sustainable sourcing and reducing audit duplication and complexity, according to the CGF.
The European parliament's non-binding motion calls for a single Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) scheme for Europe-bound palm and other vegetable oil exports to ensure they are produced in an environmentally sustainable way.
The committee said it would consider whether the government should support sustainable tourism, if it should take more responsibility for the impact of British visitors' actions abroad, and how sustainable travel could help cut emissions.
KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 (Reuters) - IOI Corporation Berhad is challenging a decision by a global sustainable palm oil initiative to suspend the Malaysian firm's sustainable certification, it said in a stock exchange filing on Monday.
"We are integrating sustainable investing thinking into all our research, decision-making and engagement with companies, helping them think about environmental and social topics," said Beth Richtman, managing investment director for CalPERS' sustainable investment program.
By focusing on sustainable farming practices and a transition to more innovative uses of technology to increase water efficiencies, sustainable farms can not only survive but thrive in a future where water becomes more scarce.
According to a report released this month by the United States Sustainable Investment Foundation: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, $220 trillion has been invested in this area, a 33 percent increase since 2014.
Other initiatives include sourcing the wood for its furniture from more sustainable sources, experimenting with refurbishing products, using more recycled materials, and testing the use of sustainable biofuel for shipping containers that transport its products.
She was previously a regional director of environmental strategy at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, as well as the chairwoman of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, a coalition committed to advancing the use of sustainable fuel.
She was previously a regional director of environmental strategy at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, as well as the chairwoman of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, a coalition committed to advancing the use of sustainable fuel.
"I think its safety profile is real and sustainable," she said.
For personal data, at least, the current model seems barely sustainable.
Too Good To Go provides its users with affordably sustainable eats.
Plus, trying to do everything at once simply isn't sustainable.15.
Another challenge lies in the complexity of defining a "sustainable" brand.
This morning, H&M launched their most sustainable Conscious collection yet.
Relying on fossil fuels to grow food was never exactly sustainable.
This steady separation is characteristic of a sustainable longer term uptrend.
But it's not sustainable the way it is now, all right?
So I think it's a lot more sustainable than people think.
Some critics also express concern over the enforcement of sustainable practices.
There is all this talk about the sustainable full employment path.
The winner for Sustainable Travel was "My Time" by Tihomir Trichkov.
But it wasn't clear how sustainable the manufacturing pickup might be.
An unfinished euro may not be sustainable in the long run.
" Still, Puckett is unconvinced of the "sustainability" of these "sustainable earbuds.
Does big, sustainable change have to feel like grasping at straws?
Plus, the brand is sustainable, crafting its products from natural fabrics.
Patagonia, of course, is a pioneer in the sustainable fashion space.
The family lives in their village to promote a sustainable lifestyle.
But I have to keep questioning how this can be sustainable.
"It's not a sustainable thing for us to do," Sikes said.
As a form of sustainable agriculture, hemp farming holds enormous potential.
Local governments must be sustainable from a financial point of view.
Elon Musk's latest announcement highlights an important step toward sustainable transportation.
Because it's cheaper for consumers… and it also is more sustainable.
Is a mega-resort the most sustainable way to attract tourists?
This is not a sustainable dynamic once the lid is off.
"The question that remains is how sustainable is this," Nieves said.
Musk believes that without sustainable energy, we'll pollute ourselves to death.
Apple aims to make the campus completely sustainable on renewable energy.
"Now I have a more sustainable line item in the budget".
" Ultimately, she said, "I don't think the customer experience is sustainable.
Arrey said volumes had primarily been boosted by sustainable farming practices.
Sustainable fishing is a task for every country with a stake.
"It is a brilliant idea and a sustainable solution," Rodriguez says.
He disguise this as a path toward a sustainable Germany society.
"The Italian debt is sustainable," Draghi said in his opening statement.
The question now is: Just how sustainable was this step forward?
That shows China's growth model in the past is not sustainable.
In the end, a healthier industry is a more sustainable one.
"The ultimate dream is to have a sustainable workspace," Anita says.
And we are working to find new sources of sustainable carbon.
Suddenly, living in financial oblivion was no longer a sustainable livelihood.
Kondoh added that recent energy price gains may not be sustainable.
Making hardware is hard, and making it sustainable is even harder.
We want to have a team that is sustainable and wins.
And sustainable funds actually outperformed benchmarks in 2018, CNBC previously reported.
It's a tree that is sustainable because it propagates by itself.
But is it a sustainable turnaround or merely another false dawn?
Fifth, it is hard to know if GE's leverage is sustainable.
The only sustainable fix would have been long-term economic rehabilitation.
Sustainable fashion is about to get the royal seal of approval!
As recent reports indicate, the sustainable food business is only growing.
Sinya combines luxury with sustainable practices while also offering modern amenities.
He's done some interesting things in terms of sustainable building materials.
The companies themselves acknowledge they could be incorporating more sustainable practices.
Austin worked at Boneyard Studios, a small company building sustainable homes.
However, I've learned that this way of living is not sustainable.
This also requires a sustainable and repeatable model for building audiences.
The startups claim they're a better, more sustainable mode of transportation.
Traders were watching to see whether Tuesday's early rally was sustainable.
Ultimately, however, operations were just not sustainable here in the States.
We want these kids to live a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
"We think the North Korean system is not sustainable," Lim says.
"The status quo is no longer sustainable," Wick told committee members.
Sustainable capitalism starts with reforming the federal tax and regulatory codes.
Sustainable funds can be broken into many categories, according to Morningstar.
"They should not accept a premium for sustainable funds," Hale said.
He is co-author, with Scott Ford, of "The Sustainable Edge."
I think frugality allows you to live a more sustainable life.
If it is true, I don't think his candidacy is sustainable.
In addition, sustainable world large stock funds also outperformed last year.
If you're charging 22,000 for IVF, how long is that sustainable?
We also took measures to make our policy framework more sustainable.
Foreign aid can fundamentally change conditions in sustainable, multi-generational ways.
What is required to bring about a more sustainable financial sector?
Such financial innovation is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
It's a line of organic, sustainable t-shirts with playful designs.
There are some very narrow instances where I think it's sustainable.
The effort is called Sustainable Development Goal Number 2, or SDG2.
TC: You said you're not sure if this trend is sustainable.
The only way to do that is to make it sustainable.
There's no correlation between healthy, sustainable job creation and corporate giveaways.
As a result, Japan struggles to generate any sustainable economic expansion.
And,  the wholistic, sustainable approach to the project is truly admirable.
Some say the generators are driving up bills beyond what's sustainable.
She hopes to run a sustainable farm in the Hudson Valley.
The plans call for two LEED Gold-certified sustainable office buildings.
And so it is "crucial" to make it sustainable, she said.
It speaks to a universal automotive consumer need — likable, sustainable size.
Consumers have an important part to play in making fashion sustainable.
Can the globe really be sustainable without the U.S. participating actively?
The Institute for Sustainable Futures, for instance, projects that a world
"We do not expect share gains to be sustainable," he wrote.
Embrace the sustainable bipartisan work that can improve peoples' lives, now.
Thus, any sustainable youth employment plan must include private sector development.
"Automation will facilitate a sustainable system," said Hands Free Hectare's Franklin.
An important part of entrepreneurship is building a sustainable company culture.
And a new wave of innovation makes them more sustainable still.
"I welcome development, but it must be sustainable," Mr. Núñez said.
That's the only way it will be fair, simplified, and sustainable.
The aim is to make the company sustainable even during downturns.
This is where the quest for sustainable change must begin. 10.
I stay active in a way that's both enjoyable and sustainable.
Senior reporter Owen Burke says: Shop all sustainable clothing at Outerknown
With reliable support, a situation like this would probably be sustainable.
While Cole considers it a sustainable eating plan, others have disagreed.
Social Security does not offer a sustainable retirement income by itself.
Among other things, it will support sustainable agricultural practices and packaging.
He sees this as a big catalyst for sustainable downside risks.
"  He went on to tout the new healthcare proposal as "sustainable.
Our interests and our morality converge — we want a sustainable peace.
"We seek a sustainable solution to the conflict," Mr. Ahmed said.
"It was environmentally sustainable, less water, no added sugar," he recalled.
The 3 million barrel level may not be sustainable just yet.
But we remain concerned about how sustainable the easing cycle is.
Is Napa a sustainable fine-wine area in the long term?
"The purpose of Tesla was to advance sustainable energy," he said.
Suffice to say: That doesn't look like a particularly sustainable business.
Hill: Sustainable salmon is actually the easiest thing to chase down.
Recent changes to the BOJ's framework will make it more sustainable.
Or should we be trying to develop sustainable alternative energy sources?
But the drawback is that it's simply not a sustainable lifestyle.
Smulders joined the company in 2011 after freelancing in sustainable fashion.
We have to make it "the new black" to become sustainable.
If you can commit to that, then that's a sustainable purchase.
NextHealth wants to nudge these people into more sustainable healthcare habits.
STEM workers are crucial drivers of long-term, sustainable economic growth.
"BlackRock has a very loose definition of what's sustainable," said Best.
In your opinion, how can the fashion industry become more sustainable?
Bil explains that the wild oyster fishery isn't a sustainable industry.
One month in, it's too early to call this fully sustainable.
However, this may not be sustainable as your capital requirements grow.
Now, elk populations are sustainable again and elk hunting is allowed.
I understand the incredible power that a sustainable income would provide.
The economy is improving, but we aren't sure it is sustainable.
But these plays feel more like fortunate blips than sustainable action.
As the name implies, the Sustainable Finland Pledge focuses on sustainability.
A comfortable and sustainable Patagonia pullover they'll wear all the time
The other big achievement is the Sustainable Development Goals — Agenda 2030.
We can't do what we're doing now and think it's sustainable.
Her products are made with sustainable fabrics and without toxic dyes.
Oliver isn't the first to explore sustainable solutions to cryptocurrency mining.
"The economy's sustainable trend is around 2 percent," Mr. Prakken said.
Most important, the line is sustainable, affordable, unisex and inclusively sized.
In the future, the country has to decide if that's sustainable.
"It wasn't sustainable," Mr. Arone said of last year's profit growth.
All meals are delivered fresh in a sustainable box for free
I don't think it's sustainable for you to draw those distinctions.
Only time will tell whether remote learning is a sustainable option.
The new owners could take a more sustainable approach to price.
" Tesla's goal is "to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.
Figure out the most sustainable and productive use of your energy.
Aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials in the world.
Building support this way is likely to be far more sustainable.
An international standard for sustainable event management, ISO 20121, was developed.
Money manager Bill Stone is betting on a sustainable market comeback.
Generally speaking, sustainable travel simply means being open to other cultures.
The goal is to make the school financially sustainable, he said.
"The whole process is incredibly efficient and extremely sustainable," said Harrison.
This is not a sustainable model for curbing health care costs.
I wanted to figure out how to make that business sustainable.
A sustainable lifestyle is not to be taken lightly, he added.
Kingo referenced 17 Sustainable Development Goals on which companies are measured.
Skin Deep Here's how you can create a more sustainable one.
It's all trying to get at how sustainable is this business.
But programs that successfully build skills and sustainable careers aren't cheap.
But it's not cheap, and far less sustainable than growing crops.
Neither bailout option sounds sustainable, or even legal for that matter.
The kingdom has a maximum sustainable capacity of 12 million bpd.
"That's not sustainable," Szlosek said of the third-quarter margin improvement.
Even on that basis grizzly populations would appear to be sustainable.
Of course, producing a sustainable, predictable defense budget requires congressional action.
That approach is not sustainable in the long run, he said.
This includes the financing of cleantech, clean energy, and sustainable bonds.
For our nation's plan to be sustainable, one reality is certain.
Unilever calls its overarching corporate strategy the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.
And they're environmentally friendly, meeting the Bluesign criteria for sustainable production.
"It's very difficult to become self-sustainable in Mexico," said Velasco.
Among those themes are cloud computing, big data and sustainable energy.
We don't care about growth if it's not healthy or sustainable.
As far as sustainable futures go, a boxer's options are limited.
The rage generally isn't sustainable, and inevitably starts to get repetitive.
Its next chapter opened with a question: is the business sustainable?
Broadly speaking, liquor tends to be more environmentally sustainable per unit.
The alternative is trying to restore the Earth using sustainable technologies.
But Mullen is not sure if such a approach is sustainable.
Antonio Keglevich, head of sustainable finance advisory at UniCredit, expects copycats.
The race to be the most sustainable fashion brand is on.
One of the hottest sectors, perhaps surprisingly, is in sustainable buildings.
In the AI space… there aren't many who have sustainable revenues.
It's that the pieces are sustainable, made from intercepted ocean plastic.
Nearly everything is getting a sustainable makeover, even luxury yachts, apparently.
Reformation is proof that you can be sustainable without sacrificing style.
It may not be sustainable, in any sense of the word.
"We&aposre leaning into stronger, sustainable, secular growth stories," she said.
But submission limit is not sustainable for some digital media writers.
But at the same time I just knew it wasn't sustainable.
They're boasting about eco-friendly, sustainable products, they're a subscription business.
He talks to wholesalers about sustainable fishing and good import practices.
Anything else is a barrier to reason, commonsense, and sustainable solutions.
Building a sustainable future is not solely the job of government.
Travel experts say that sustainable travel is still a niche movement.
You want to be certain your underlying cash flow is sustainable.
Urban growth is not necessarily sustainable or even all that effective.
It said increased productivity was the only mechanism for sustainable growth.
Plastics is only part of the sustainable lab puzzle for them.
Stronger business creation in America is key to sustainable job growth.
Could Veja sneakers be the most sustainable shoes in the world?
" The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) called Puzder the "wrong choice.
Don't miss Nisolo's Ethical Marketplace, which is making sustainable shopping easier.
But he has serious doubts about whether they're healthy or sustainable.
The questions and challenges of selling sustainable products escalated over time.
Have yourself a sustainable little Christmas or Hanukkah or holiday celebration.
Whole grains in general are a "sustainable food choice," Sluyter said.
Every company can and should be a truly sustainable, human company.
"A quick and sustainable improvement is not in sight," VDMA said.
That doesn't mean Blue Apron has a sustainable or defensible business.
Whether that's sustainable in the long term, you know we'll see.
"All our other stadiums in Minneapolis are super sustainable," Vogel said.
How do you keep that sustainable in such a seasonal industry?
They've also been developing innovative, sustainable materials to build consumer products.
It's approved a variety of brands as being ethical and sustainable.
It is the Sustainable Development Goals, not the Millennium Goals. Opinion
Some economists warn this pace of wage growth is not sustainable.
"They're the perfect, eco-friendly and sustainable gift," Ms. Pulitzer said.
The next question will be whether the growth spurt is sustainable.
A sustainable, long-term approach to workforce planning is desperately needed.
The Fed is trying to keep growth at a sustainable pace.
The real question: is a superyacht (and its helipad) ever sustainable?
Boston University is adding an environmentally sustainable building to its campus.
"Having a set watering schedule is not sustainable," Mr. LaVardera said.
In 2017 and beyond, sustainable food startups will do business there.
I don't understand how it's not even a little bit sustainable.
In 2009, Copenhagen held the first really recognized sustainable fashion conference.
There aren't a lot of health economists who'd call that sustainable.
The Sustainable Energy Development Reform Act takes a more realistic approach.
And it is unclear whether ISAs are financially sustainable for offerers.
But the market doesn't need to be bigger to be sustainable.
It was sourced from a sustainable horse farm in Alberta, Canada.
Pfizer said it expects the 22020 percent rate to be sustainable.
It is conducted to achieve sustainable economic growth with price stability.
Over time, something small can turn into something large and sustainable.
It's actually three programs: energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation.
The environmentally conscious actor has teamed up with sustainable footwear company Allbirds, news that comes hot on the heels of the brand's latest launch: a sustainable, eco-friendly sole unveiled on the label's debut flip-flop.
Advances have been few and uneven in reducing conflict and promoting gender equality, sustainable energy, infrastructure and other key areas, the U.N. said in a report assessing the pace of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The changes swapped words like "adaptation" with resilience and also renamed the "Sustainable Transport and Climate Change Team" to "The Sustainable Transportation and Resilience Team," according to a Environmental​ ​Data​ ​and​ ​Governance​ ​Initiative Website​ ​Tracking​ ​report.
"It's clear that as we're hurtling toward just under 10 billion people on this planet by 2050, we need to think much more about sustainable production, sustainable consumption (and) circularity in our production patterns," she said.
Tim Crosby, principal of the Thread Fund, a philanthropic vehicle focused on improving sustainable agriculture, had been searching to buy a farm of his own but decided to be an investor in farmland and sustainable agriculture.
They are initially focusing on three areas: helping communities benefit more locally from visitors; educating people about sustainable travel; and working with the travel companies to make it easier for people to make a sustainable choice.
The report said U.S. consumers spent $20133 billion on sustainable products this year, a jump of 20 percent since 2014 - which was a growth rate four times higher than what they spent on non-sustainable products.
Like many of the collections unveiled this week, the Studio collection is moving toward a more sustainable future, based on the work H&M has already accomplished when it comes to developing and using sustainable materials.
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A global palm oil industry watchdog is planning a separate standard for smallholders to help them adopt sustainable practices and get green certification, the Indonesian director of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) said.
While a lot of these supposedly more sustainable consumer products are rightly criticized for feeding our ever-expanding appetite for more stuff, you can't quibble with making cleaning products — a necessary component of doing life — more sustainable.
But the 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, published Wednesday by and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), found that we're already well on our way to surpassing the goals.
"For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways," Kevin Johnson, president and CEO for Starbucks, said in a statement.
Here are some facts from the report: Source: "Chilling Prospects: Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All 2019" report from Sustainable Energy for All and the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program Reporting by Anna Scholz-Carlson; editing by Megan Rowling.
Realistic goals for fat-burning, weight loss, and nutrition are crucial to sustainable resultsUnlike bodybuilders, who often dehydrate for clearer muscle definition, Berry's photo looks like a realistic and sustainable portrayal of a strong core, Tamir said.
"When people think of sustainable tourism, they think of small eco-huts," said David Picard, a former professor of anthropology of tourism at the University of Lausanne and an author of a Unesco study on sustainable development.
But growing a sustainable business is still difficult  —  as it should be.
"Consumption has already surpassed sustainable levels in China," she told the Nikkei.
" Grandi stressed that "sustainable peace is critical to securing solutions to displacement.
This kind of innovation is crucial for creating a more sustainable future.
Wenk says the current population of more than 4,000 animals is sustainable.
However, some are finding that their often human-powered bots weren't sustainable.
The New York-based company quickly rose in the sustainable seafood movement.
"Thyssenkrupp Materials is sustainable without the stake in Thyssenkrupp Industrials," Kerkhoff said.
Sustainable, smart growth will be back — at least until the next time.
In fact, the CFDA in particular is doubling down on sustainable fashion.
They involve overly restrictive rules that are usually not sustainable long-term.
"It was this crazy young love that is not sustainable," Shaw says.
The problem with serial monogamy, of course, is that it isn't sustainable.
The second is that the terms are too generous to be sustainable.
Beyond choosing to support sustainable brands, it's also important to consider returns.
"Even on Android alone, it would have been sustainable," he told Recode.
It all starts with waking up and making a more sustainable bed.
The goal to a successful fit journey is to make sustainable goals.
"We want a compromise that is sustainable for both sides," added Zander.
"Public service on credit is not a sustainable policy," he told reporters.
Meituan is making shopping smarter for consumers and sustainable for local retailers.
And here I crash into the stumbling block of truly sustainable art.
That's why consistency through a sustainable, practical program is key for me.
Questions remain about whether a significant and sustainable deal can be struck.
Millennials would take a pay cut to work at a sustainable company.
According to the report, the region doesn't presently have a sustainable population.
All the materials used for Little Minkoff are natural, sustainable, and biodegradable.
Is there such a thing as sustainable or forest-friendly palm oil?
But analysts cautioned it is too early to call a sustainable recovery.
The consumers once again believe that they want to buy sustainable clothing.
The question is whether the model of assimilation and appeasement is sustainable.
For many, one answer is the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We decided to create a sustainable, premium alternative to the high street.
As Uber and others can testify, that's not sustainable in the longterm.
Emanuel cites sustainable economic and earnings growth for his longer-term forecast.
This cycle is therefore highly sustainable and separate from the oil industry.
Move Loot also aspires to be a sustainable way of furnishing homes.
Today, it's introducing new sustainable blankets made from 100 percent recycled bottles.
Earlier this year, G-Star RAW released the 'Most Sustainable Jeans Ever'.
That opens the question of whether paying talent is sustainable, Greenfield said.
Much like with dieting, the key is to choose a sustainable strategy.
The battery gets ... Sustainable energy is a really big problem for us.
Pessimists said Uber's ride-hailing business will struggle to make sustainable profits.
But this wouldn't be Dr. Gadgil's first choice for sustainable water production.
Analysts said the economy was likely returning to a more sustainable pace.
It'll be faster and more sustainable than flying or taking a train.
In these circumstances, an intergenerational Ponzi scheme can be sustainable and desirable.
"That's why consistency through a sustainable, practical program is key for me."
The more extraordinary thing is that this model may yet prove sustainable.
But they have to be done at a price that is sustainable.
Zacharevic's SOS comes amid growing pressure on corporations to adopt sustainable practices.
The problem, however, is that charitable handouts aren't sustainable and don't scale.
Eventually, Quinn decides the only sustainable solution is by feeding her humans.
How sustainable are the products you use each day on your hair?
The fact that the recovery is broad-based makes it look sustainable.
What to watch: Parents aren't the only ones fighting for sustainable toys.
Their sustainable investing program seeks to connect private capital to global development.
Sustainable investments may jump start the slow process of changing consumer habits.
"Diversity is an integral part of a sustainable business strategy," she says.
It goes strictly against our beliefs in long term and sustainable strategies.
"We needed a sustainable movement," Evans recalled in a 2016 TED Talk.
But the real question is whether any such gains will be sustainable.
Unlike many of their baby-boomer parents, they believe in sustainable investing.
But Dishcraft wants to give them a more sustainable, less costly option.
This place's dedication to fair-trade, high-quality, sustainable coffee is genuine.
Sustainable investing, once a niche practice, is now a $30 trillion market.
Breakingviews calculates a valuation closer to seven times may be more sustainable.

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