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"survey" Definitions
  1. an investigation of the opinions, behaviour, etc. of a particular group of people, which is usually done by asking them questions
  2. the act of examining and recording the measurements, features, etc. of an area of land in order to make a map or plan of it
  3. (British English) an examination of the condition of a house, etc., usually done for somebody who is thinking of buying it
  4. a general study, view or description of something
"survey" Synonyms
examination inspection scrutiny review outline overview scrutinization analysis consideration study synopsis view appraisal audit check evaluation exploration enquiry(UK) inquiry(US) précis poll questionnaire census research investigation probe sampling quiz ballot canvass tally opinion poll market research public opinion poll cross-examination valuation assessment estimate pricing estimation calculation computation measurement quantifying quantification judgement(UK) mensuration judgment(US) weighing sizing calibration metage gauging(UK) recap summary abstract rundown digest recapitulation summarization epitome brief encapsulation conspectus roundup inventory resume capsule sum breviary look gaze glance glimpse peek stare eyeful glare peep scan sight gape ogle gander once-over reconnaissance surveillance eyeball flash referendum plebiscite public vote election mandate popular vote vote direct vote voting polling general election local election straw poll secret ballot show of hands will of the people special election quality control cross-check QA quality assurance vetting expedition mission enterprise quest undertaking assignment commission exploit operation project campaign crusade entrada move effort drive push movement task perspective vista panorama landscape prospect scenery scene sweep outlook bird's-eye view aspect lookout overlook scenic view side spectacle vision aerial perspective aerial view assembly collection muster rally herding rallying branding capture collation gathering hunt marshaling(US) marshalling(UK) mustering rodeo gathering together meeting convocation dimension size area length amount extent height magnitude weight depth width amplitude capacity quantity range volume bulk mass value examine inspect observe scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) regard contemplate eye assess behold consider oversee question sample canvas interview investigate solicit cross-examine record register ask consult sound out ascertain the opinions of appraise triangulate make a survey of carry out a valuation of estimate the value of report on measure calculate compute quantify rate determine evaluate gauge(UK) judge weigh count metre(UK) meter(US) plumb figure map chart draw plot delineate diagram plan depict portray represent locate pin down position zero in on dominate command dwarf bestride overtop overshadow overhang span straddle cloud overlie tower above tower over hang over jut over loom over project over stand over extend across visit explore tour see drive round go round holiday in stay in go see go to see stop by take in come to see go to holiday at look around vacation in supervise direct handle manage run superintend administer conduct control govern operate guide preside over administrate boss captain head guess conjecture predict fathom hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) postulate reckon speculate surmise approximate deduce call More
"survey" Antonyms
ignorance neglect negligence indifference thoughtlessness heedlessness inattention disregard answer reply disinterest apathy unconcern unmindfulness neglectfulness disregardance disbelief glance cursory look peek gander glimpse peep look dekko enlargement expansion extension increase unabridgement details thesis substance body crux specifics particulars heart detail core meat fundamentals essence focus facts conclusion findings connection avoidance disdain rejection slight aid allowance assistance help indulgence liberation permission exposition description elucidation explanation account clarification discussion explication illustration interpretation commentary tractate disquisition expounding delineation exegesis construal presentation discourse novel story narrative tale book novelette prose narration novella autobiography biography drama epic memoir parable piece of fiction work of fiction unilateral decision disenfranchisement blockage delay halt hindrance slowing stoppage cloudiness fogginess haziness duskiness fuzziness haze mistiness murk murkiness darkness indistinctness lack of clarity obfuscation obscurity opacity smogginess vagueness dispersal release scattering research gap knowledge gap blinking blink winking closing shutting follow forget ignore serve sketch overlook look away miss skip disbelieve discount avoid discard bypass take no notice of pay no attention to scorn snub unheed unmind shun snob pooh pooh-pooh be numb to be unaware of be unaware to fail to grasp skim peruse scan skim over gloss over thumb run an eye over speed-read browse flip leaf flick riffle read swiftly give the once-over skate over read quickly estimate guess lose disorder disorganize divide separate assist break damage destroy hurt injure ruin flinch lose track of find discover encounter strike uncover unearth chance on chance upon come across come upon expose happen on happen upon hit on hit upon locate pinpoint root out rout out run across yield submit surrender give relent succumb concede buckle cede fold budge bow capitulate cave in give in give up go along hoard save misinterpret mistake misread misunderstand misconceive misconstrue misapprehend misjudge confuse misperceive misknow misrepresent miscalculate complicate convolute obfuscate cloud distort muddle obscure confound disjoint disorient garble hash impede mess muddy perplex ravel gaze stare organise(UK) organize(US) systematise(UK) systematize(US) flick through skim through glance through thumb through eyeball
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Nearly 38 percent of survey respondents in the survey agreed.
The surveys include the Gallup Daily Tracking Survey of Adults, the National Survey of Family Growth, the American Community Survey of Cohabiting Couples and the National Health Interview Survey of 2014.
Survey after survey shows that Americans want to become debt-free.
The survey is called LEGUS, short for Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey.
Thus, a short survey is, ostensibly, a considered and completed survey.
The first Ramsden theodolite was built for this survey. The survey was finally completed in 1853. The Great Trigonometric Survey of India began in 1801. The Indian survey had an enormous scientific impact.
The survey, an online survey of 1,025 people, was conducted in May.
The final page of Six Flags' survey relates to the survey itself.
So, the Household Survey was a little stronger than the Payroll Survey.
You can be given poll after poll after poll, survey after survey after survey, challenging your view on something, and it doesn't matter.
The second set came from a survey by the National Comorbidity Survey–Replication.
British Antarctic Survey (1962), Scientific reports, vol. 101–105, British Antarctic Survey, p.
Survey after survey shows a clear lack of public confidence in our elected officials.
The survey data used SurveyMonkey's online platform and was based on its survey methodology.
Survey after survey suggests hotel guests hate having to pay for an Internet connection.
In survey after survey, more Israelis choose "Jewish" over "Israeli" as their main identity.
That was the finding of a Princeton Survey Research Associates International survey in 2017.
The loss of faith in our institutions is laid bare in survey after survey.
For more information on the survey including the full results and methodology and in-depth articles, go to:
In survey sampling, total survey error includes all forms of survey error including sampling variability, interviewer effects, frame errors, response bias, and non-response bias. Total survey error is discussed in detail in many sources including Salant and Dillman.Salant, Priscilla, I. Dillman, and A. Don. How to conduct your own survey.
Cohen's survey results were taken among women who answered the American Community Survey, an annual survey of about 3.5 million households administered by the U.S. Census Bureau.
"The Sloan Digital Sky Survey set the standard for these huge survey projects," says White.
Read our interview with Global Drugs Survey and summary of their recent drugs survey here.
Survey after survey shows that workers rank flexibility as a major priority, just below compensation.
From the initial survey to the most recent survey, the numbers hardly changed at all.
They're liberals, ... survey after survey shows that the majority of reporters lean to the left.
A consumer confidence survey by survey research company Morning Consult has already shown clear declines.
But survey after survey shows that only a small minority of Americans deny climate change.
The household survey – the household survey from which unemployment is derived and tends to be dominated by small businesses, the household survey was up by 590,23. Okay. 590,000.
The household survey also was weaker than the establishment survey used to tabulate the unemployment rate.
NBC News/Survey Monkey conducted its latest survey of 85033,512 adults via online interviews from Feb.
Survey responses are anonymous, so it is unknown whether or not Goldman completed this quarter's survey.
Survey after survey shows that a vast majority of Americans still want to own a home.
For the survey, Princeton Survey Research Associates International interviewed 1,000 adults by phone in early April.
Survey after survey shows that millennials are much more open about their salaries than older generations.
Methodology: This survey was conducted as a Google Consumer Survey and collected responses from 5,036 people.
The study involved analyzing data on 183,750 adults who answered survey questions from two databases: the 2015 National Alcohol's Harm to Others Survey and the 2015 National Alcohol Survey.
The data came from two national surveys: the Health Survey for England and the Scottish Health Survey.
But survey after survey finds that where employers have a choice, they prefer to hire younger workers.
The official PMI survey is due out ‪on May 31, along with a sister survey on services.
The official PMI survey is due out on May 31, along with a sister survey on services.
The official PMI survey is due out on April 30, along with a sister survey on services.
The official PMI survey is due out on Saturday, along with a similar official survey on services.
SurveyMonkey is the world's leading online survey platform, with more than 3 million survey responses every day.
Survey after survey has shown the number one issue for most voters is the economy and jobs.
The official PMI survey is due out ‪on March 31, along with a sister survey on services.
The official PMI survey is due out on Friday, along with a similar official survey on services.
A survey on Wednesday from the New York Fed mirrored the findings of the Philadelphia Fed survey.
A recent national survey by the Pew Research Center survey illustrates the racial dimensions of Trump's support.
Survey after survey shows that most patients want to die at home, rather than in the hospital.
Ordnance Survey (2005). OS Explorer Map OL40 - The Broads. .Ordnance Survey (1999). OS Explorer Map 237 - Norwich. .
The CBI's Growth Indicator is made up of data on output, sales and business volumes taken from the CBI's Industrial Trends Survey, its Distributive Trades Survey, and its Service Sector Survey.
Observations by people were shared with the North American Breeding Bird Survey at the US Geological Survey, the Canadian Wildlife Service, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and Manomet's International Shorebird Survey.
Stow's Survey of London lends its title to the Survey of London, a comprehensive multi-volume architectural survey of the former County of London, founded in 1894 and still in progress.
We survey 21 companies in China and that survey dropped this week about 2 points to just 41.
However, survey after survey has shown that when searching for a job — retirement benefits is a deciding factor.
It also noted that the question has been used in a different survey, the annual American Community Survey.
ET. Both the Philadelphia Fed survey and Empire State manufacturing survey are also released at 8:20153 a.m.
WalletHub/Survey Monkey conducted its latest survey of 85033,000 individuals via online surveys from March 15 to 16.
Half of small-business owners have a Facebook page, according to the CNBC/Survey Monkey Small Business Survey.
The phone survey is a smaller version of the bank's key sentiment gauge, the quarterly regional network survey.
You couldn't really do a survey until SurveyMonkey and its founder really invented this new online survey platform.
Black and Hispanic people do, despite survey after survey saying people of most races smoke at similar rates.
" The survey instructed staffers to "only fill out this survey if you identify as a person of color.
The official PMI survey is due out on May 31, along with a similar official survey on services.
Survey after survey shows that a vast majority of American workers aren't taking their paid time off (PTO).
The first came from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions and included 43,093 survey respondents.
National Household Survey (NHS) Profile., Statistics Canada. 2013. Winkler, CY, Manitoba (Code 4603050) (table). 2011 National Household Survey.
A survey beacon was established earlier on this rock by a U.S. Hydrographic Office survey team, 1955–56.
The survey also repeated the message from the BCC survey - which unlike the Deloitte survey focused on smaller companies - that bosses anticipate cuts to capital spending and hiring in the year ahead.
Some 1,33 of those 2016 voters took the survey between May 10-12, followed by 1,296 who took the July 11-12 survey and 1,195 who took the survey between Oct. 18-19.
Landslides and related phenomena. Columbia University Press, N.Y. Soil Survey Staff. 1937. Soil Survey Manual. U. S. Department of Agriculture Miscellaneous Publication 274. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Soil Survey Staff. 1951.
The ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters, simply called the Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF), is a quarterly survey of macroeconomic forecasts for the economy of Europe issued by the European Central Bank (ECB).
"A number of panelists commented on relatively muted foreign demand in the latest survey period," the survey statement said.
The study analyzed data collected by Cornell&aposs Survey Research Institute in 2015 for the Cornell National Social Survey.
Another new survey, from WRAL-TV and Survey USA, showed Trump trailing in North Carolina, also by 2 points.
For the first time in a while, soft data, like Monday's Empire State Survey and home builders survey, disappointed.
According to a 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center, 34 percent of LGBT survey respondents identify as nonwhite.
A survey by Fox News found that a whopping 68 percent of survey participants did not trust the news.
That's according to data from the household survey that the BLS conducts separate from its establishment survey of businesses.
When I hit the button to complete the survey, it just took me to another site and another survey.
All this has left me with a question I keep asking myself as I fill out survey after survey.
The YouGov/CEBR survey is partly based on perceptions of house prices and job security, unlike the GfK survey.
Survey or Interview: To begin Mini-Unit 2, students take a survey of what issues matter most to them.
Another closely-watched business survey, the IHS Markit/CIPS survey of the manufacturing industry, is due at 0830 GMT.
The Morning Consult survey was conducted with help of Lucid, a survey technology firm, over two days last week.
Here are the full charts: Image Credit: Survey Monkey Image Credit: Survey Monkey Image Credit: SurveyMonkey Image Credit: SurveyMonkey
The second, from the perspective of civilians, came from a national survey, the Police-Public Contact Survey, or PPCS.
And, Jimmy, that's why -- look, this nonfarm payroll survey, this so-called establishment survey, will not pick that up.
But this sharply contradicts the findings of another federal survey, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).
In survey after survey, background checks are the most popular gun control measure, with support frequently over 80 percent.
Later in the week, the Census Bureau also released statistics from a separate survey called the American Community Survey.
The CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey is conducted quarterly using SurveyMonkey's online platform and based on its survey methodology.
The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance survey might be the largest public health monitoring survey in the world, Obradovich explained.
For years, the bureau has conducted an ongoing telephone survey of Americans' lifestyles, called the American Time Use Survey.
For years, the bureau has conducted an ongoing telephone survey of Americans' lifestyles, called the American Time Use Survey.
The Census Bureau's data relies on a survey the agency conducts to supplement the much larger Current Population Survey.
This is according to a survey the government runs every few years called the National Survey of Family Growth.
Endicott appears on the Endicott U.S. Geological Survey Map.Geological Survey (U.S.). Endicott Quadrangle, Virginia. 1967: 7.5 Minute Series (Topographic).
The Survey of India Service (SIS) is a cadre of Government of India who prepare the Survey of India.
Survey for long new line from Jorhat to Shibsagar was completed in 2010-11. Survey was completed for doubling of long line from Digaru to Dibrugarh. Survey is in progress for long new line from Dimapur to Tizit. Survey was completed for long new line from Amguri to Naginamora.
That's the indication from the April/May CNBC Fed Survey where 63% of survey respondents forecasting a 2020 rate hike and some survey respondents believe a rate hike could and should happen this year.
That's the indication from the April/May CNBC Fed Survey where 23% of survey respondents forecast a 2000 rate hike and some survey respondents believe a rate hike could and should happen this year.
From 1982 to 1985, the first soil survey, land resources survey and cultural relics survey were conducted. In August 2014 the county was struck by the 2014 Ludian earthquake which killed over 600 people.
The SLFS is a sample survey. The survey is carried out as a telephone household survey among a sample of approximately 105,000 people (until 2001: approx. 16,000; from 2002 to 2009: approx. 35,000 persons).
The information comes from a telephone survey of United States credit card holders conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.
The closer a survey question approaches specific policies, the more survey answers are likely to be driven by partisan loyalties.
The survey was done with the National MyVoice Text Message Cohort, a survey system that polls teen using text messages.
China's official factory survey and Caixin's private survey for April gave mixed signals on the health of the manufacturing sector.
They reference surveys like the Global Drug Survey and survey "trip reports" from experiential documentation sites like Erowid and PsychonautWiki.
The survey was conducted online among a national sample of 18,101 registered voters, according to NBC News and Survey Monkey.
There are also weekly jobless claims, the Empire State survey and the Philadelphia Fed survey, all at 8:30 a.m.
TAKE THE SURVEY NOW Be sure to share the survey with your friends and family, and come back to PEOPLE.
The September survey marks the fourth consecutive drop in expectations for this year's GDP growth in the group's quarterly survey.
"Every time we send a survey ship there, Chinese coastguard vessels harass our survey ships," he told news channel ANC.
The study used data from the National Latino Health Care Survey, a telephone survey of 800 Latino adults in 2013.
For example, in GOBankingRates' 2016 Savings Account survey & 2017 Retirement Savings survey, women also reported lower savings rates than men.
The survey, released Monday, shows the president's economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51 percent from the March survey.
These changes are a response to feedback Goldman received recently in an employee survey and another survey on company benefits.
For the wording of the postal survey question and survey results, see this information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
For years, however, it has appeared on the American Community Survey, an ongoing sample survey conducted by the Census Bureau.
Two impeachment polls — a national survey and a battleground survey — were conducted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's pollsters. Rep.
It is a survey by the Institute for Family Studies, not analysis of American Community Survey data by the institute.
This is not a survey in service of a joke — it is a survey in service of a human punchline.
"Nebraska Historic Buildings Survey, Reconnaissance Survey Final Report of Holt County, Nebraska". Nebraska State Historical Society. Retrieved 2010-04-24.
The route is marked on Ordnance Survey mapping of 1:10,000 scale and better, including on historic Ordnance Survey maps.
Weisberg, Herbert F. (2005). The Total Survey Error Approach: A Guide to the New Science of Survey Research, University of Chicago Press Assael,Henry; Keon, Jhn (1982) "Nonsampling vs. Sampling Errors in Survey Research", The Journal of Marketing 46 (2), 114–123 Biemer, P.; Lyberg, L. (2003). Introduction to Survey Quality.
The Chinese survey vessel Zhu Kezhen departed Fremantle on 21 May to begin the bathymetric survey. On 10 June, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) signed a contract with the Dutch deep sea survey company Fugro to conduct a bathymetric survey of the seafloor in a new search area southwest of Australia. Fugro deployed their vessel , which began bathymetric survey operations on 18 June. The Zhu Kezhen ended survey operations on 20 September and began its return passage to China.
The DES collaboration plans to complete a 5000-square- degree survey in the southern sky spread out over 5 years. The survey is planned to reach a depth of 24th magnitude in i band over the entire area. The survey area was chosen to overlap with the survey area of the South Pole Telescope because its technique of finding clusters through the SZ effect complements the optical techniques employed by DES. The survey area also overlaps with the survey areas for SDSS and the Vista Hemisphere Survey because these surveys can provide more information about the galaxies imaged by DES.
A survey of the grant, known as the Hays survey, was completed and approved by the Surveyor General of California. Folsom had been dead three years, when, in 1858, the Department of Interior disapproved the survey. Jacob Thompson, the Secretary of the Interior, determined that the survey did not conform to either the description of the land granted by the Mexican government, the land as shown on the Diseño, or to the decree of the Court. The District Court ordered a new survey, known as the Mandeville survey; but in 1852, it reversed itself and approved the original Hays survey.
Later in 1919, Studds began his career with the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, accepting a commission as an officer in the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Corps. His first assignment was as a deck officer and junior engineering officer aboard the Coast and Geodetic Survey survey ship USC&GS; Natoma. From 1922 to 1923 he served aboard the coastal survey ship USC&GS; Lydonia (CS 302), conducting hydrographic survey work along the coasts of Oregon and Florida. He served in the Philippine Islands from 1923 to 1926 aboard the survey ship USC&GS; Pathfinder.
Survey compiler IHS Markit said the survey was consistent with manufacturing output rising at a quarterly pace of around 1.5 percent.
We will also be publishing the full VC Survey and LP Survey over the course of the next couple of weeks.
An automatic sky survey called the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae, or ASASSN, spotted the flash on November 22, 2014.
Here is Facebook's survey — in its entirety: A Facebook spokesperson confirmed this as the only version of the survey in use.
The survey, which has been 10 years in the making, is the museum's largest-ever survey of the Italian master's works.
Separately, survey data from the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence survey also asks part of the American populace about the labor market.
In a 451 Research Survey  of 803 survey respondents, majority believed that culling of the vendor pool is bound to occur.
Using existing survey data from the National Survey of American Life, we invoked the stress process model to predict psychological distress.
With the survey being anonymous, it allows workers to be completely honest; plus the survey allows fresh business ideas to materialize.
Small business confidence has reached record highs since passage of the bill, according to a March 2018 CNBC/Survey Monkey survey.
These Americans are counted as employed for purposes of the employment survey but not for purposes of the jobs (payroll) survey.
The national survey was conducted online by survey consulting firm Censuswide, which invited participants to opt in through an online newsletter.
Third, ORC changed the composition of their sample: While the previous survey polled registered voters, the new survey included likely voters.
After Grant Thornton conducted the survey, Performance Sports wrote to Grant Thornton asking to "cease this survey immediately," the lawsuit says.
So on balance, the American Community Survey estimates will generally be better for smaller geographic areas than the Current Population Survey.
The establishment survey counts jobs as reported by businesses, while the household survey measures employment and unemployment as reported by individuals.
Reuters PREVIEW on the survey: Survey results on the BOJ's website: here (Reporting by Tetsushi Kajimoto Editing by Chang-Ran Kim)
A Detroit Free Press survey found Biden ahead by 22020 points and a Monmouth University survey found him ahead by 15.
According to this year's survey, teens are spending only an average of $90 a year on handbags, a new survey low.
For the POLL story on the survey: Survey results on the BOJ's website: here Reporting by Leika Kihara and Tetsushi Kajimoto
At war's end, he returned to the Coast and Geodetic Survey. "Karo Heads Geodetic Survey," New York Times. August 14, 1955.
He remained in the Coast Survey after the war, eventually becoming superintendent of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1874.
In 1811 appeared the third volume of the Trigonometrical Survey,Trigonometrical Survey of England—An Account of the Trigonometrical Survey extending over the period 1800–1809. By Lieut.-colonel Mudge, Royal Artillery, and Capt. Colby, Royal Engineers.
Library Quarterly, 81(1), 7-25. a service quality evaluation survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) based on ServQUAL. Other satisfaction surveys are: the SCONUL Satisfaction Survey,SCONUL Satisfaction Survey (UK) Insync Surveys (formerly Rodski),Insync Satisfaction Survey (Australia) and Counting Opinions LibSat survey.Counting Opinions LibSat survey (USA) During last decades diffusion of public sector evaluation culture created prerequisites for libraries to guide public administration principles.
That said, the IA is right to note that survey after survey continues to highlight how net neutrality has broad, bipartisan support.
That year, though, the government asked about citizenship in another survey, the American Community Survey, that was sent to 3.5 million households.
MICHIGAN SURVEY The University of Michigan's monthly survey of consumers is one of the oldest and most cited measures of consumer confidence.
Consumer Reports sends its members a survey each spring to gather this information; the results from that survey come out in October.
This figure comes from the Global Dreams Index Survey, the first survey of its kind conducted by luxury skincare brand SKI-II.
The survey also found just 19 percent of survey takers used their TVs as the go-to device when watching sports games.
Tuesday brings the National Federation of Independent Business survey, as well as the more closely watched Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.
The CNBC All-American Economic Survey also showed the highest level of economic confidence from the broader public since the survey began.
Another survey of Balls Pyramid in 2001 found a few specimens alive on a tree, and a 2002 survey found even more.
Researchers compiled data from the European Labor Force Survey, the US Current Population Survey, and the German Microcensus to produce the ranking.
The research used 30,000 survey responses from the Global Drug Survey and found that people attached different emotions to different alcoholic drinks.
Lemierre, responding to the survey, said the most important hurdle to consolidation was missing in the survey: "The business case," he said.
The administration even tried to remove questions about gender identity from a 2020 census survey and a national survey of elderly citizens.
And other, smaller population surveys, such as the Current Population Survey and the American Community Survey, continue to ask respondents about it.
The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, used data from the National Health Interview Survey, an annual federal survey of about 35,000 households.
The AP survey comes one day after Gallup reported Trump hitting a new low of 35 percent approval in its own survey.
The researchers analyzed data from the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health, a nationwide survey administered to parents of children and teens.
Soil Survey Manual (2nd ed.). U.S. Department of Agriculture Handbook no. 18. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Soil Survey Staff. 1975.
George Macaulay Kirkpatrick, Sir; Town and environs of Fez Region of Morocco Ordnance Survey. Southampton, [England] : photozincographed at Ordnance Survey Office, 1892.
The Bank took over conducting the survey after his death in 1989. The survey is the longest continuous record of economists expectations.
Expanding consumer finance surveys like the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finance and the Department of Labor's Consumer Expenditure survey or increasing survey grants to universities to better study economic decisions of older Americans would also be catalytic.
Participants must click the link in the email to be taken to the survey page, answer required survey questions and submit any additional information as required for entry into the Sweepstakes during the Sweepstakes Period (the "Survey Entry").
Records of the monthly survey on the Wall Street Journal website go back to December 2002 and records of the semiannual survey range between the years 2003 and 2007. However, the survey dates back to at least 1986.
To see other polls in this series, click on: GB/ASSET - Reuters Britain-based asset allocation survey US/ASSET - Reuters U.S.-based asset allocation survey JP/ASSET - Reuters Japan-based asset allocation survey EUR/ASSET - Reuters Continental Europe-based asset allocation survey Reporting by David Lin, Luoyan Liu and John Ruwitch; Editing by Richard Borsuk
Colored images of the survey can be viewed in the Legacy Survey Sky Browser. The legacy survey covers 16,000 square degrees of the night sky containing 1.6 billion objects including galaxies and quasars out to 11 billion years ago.
United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia, Milton Quadrangle (ed. Oct. 1902).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia, Mount Olive Quadrangle (eds. 1958, rev. 1975).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia, Hurricane Quadrangle (eds.
U.S. Geological Survey, National Geographic Names Data Base.Tierra Del Sol, California 7.5-minute quadrangle, U.S. Geological Survey, 1997.List of California tribal governments on Senator Barbara Boxer's web site.Live Oak Springs, California 7.5-minute quadrangle, U.S. Geological Survey, 1997.
Student Loan Hero: Money Confidence Survey, Overall Finances and Taking Out Loans One reason for the divide could be that ", " the survey reports.
For the study, researchers analyzed parent survey data for about 226,22018 children ages 3-17 from the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health.
In the survey, the forecasters also cut their outlook for this year's growth to 21.4 percent from 1.8 percent in the September survey.
The Caixin survey showed ebbing client orders weighing on China's factory output, which stalled in November after months of expansion, the survey showed.
Researchers looked at five years of data from the National Health Interview Survey, a nationally representative survey of Americans' lifestyle and dieting habits.
The researchers studied data from survey company GfK's KnowledgePanel, an ongoing service that offers small cash rewards to users for every survey taken.
"Disappointingly for goods producers, scrutinizing the survey data leaves little encouraging news," said Samuel Agass, an economist at Markit, which compiles the survey.
With Iterate, developers can integrate their survey with services like MixPanel to specifically target a certain group of users with a unique survey.
About 74 percent said they used it at least monthly in the spring survey; during the fall survey, 79 percent said they did.
Their study looked at a subset of data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY), an ongoing survey that started in 1979.
See also: CNBC survey: Look out for a more aggressive Fed this year CNBC Fed Survey, Mar 14, 2017 by CNBC on Scribd
More women reported having had sexual contact with other women: 22015% in the current survey compared with 14.2% in the 2006-2010 survey.
The survey of 413 likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters was conducted January 13-18 by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.
Other Survey Monkey directors include board chairman David Ebersman and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, whose late husband David Goldberg was Survey Money's CEO.
The percentage of people who said that tag would not matter increased from 32% in that survey to 41% in the latest survey.
Gallup's survey this week found similar approval for Trump's decision to oust Comey compared to an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll this week.
While First Round conducted the survey, fewer than 10 percent of survey participants are founders of startups in which First Round has invested.
According to the 2011 national park survey, the demographic composition of visitors to public lands hasn't changed since the previous survey in 2000.
While the bigger establishment survey showed fewer jobs created last month, the smaller and more volatile survey of households showed employment increased 472,000.
Even though sales and profits had improved over the previous survey, investment intentions weakened a little in the latest quarter, the survey showed.
The ZEW survey comes after the influential Ifo survey showed German business sentiment picked up for the first time this year in August.
In survey after survey, Latino Decisions, the leading Latino political opinion group, has found that Latinos favor immigration as an important election issue.
Survey the buffet before filling your plate Studies show that people who survey a buffet before filling their plate tended to be trimmer.
That same survey found the number of employers offering the perk was actually down from the last time their survey was conducted (2012).
The official PMI survey is due out on Sunday, along with a similar official survey on services, and the private Caixin manufacturing PMI.
In both the CNN survey, and an ABC/Washington Post survey released Sunday, Trump's approval rating among non-college whites stood at 56%.
Source: Jamf 2016 survey The survey included 480 executives, managers and IT professionals from small, medium and large organizations from around the world.
That survey kicked off last September but is currently on hold as Benner and his team focus more on the COVID-19 survey.
Mr. Trump led by four points in our final Florida survey in 2016, and he was tied in our final North Carolina survey.
More Democrats (48%) self-identified as liberal in the 240 General Social Survey than in any other General Social Survey taken since 21980.
Biden leads Trump by 9 points in Tuesday's Quinnipiac survey — but that's down from a 16-point edge in Quinnipiac's late August survey.
This 200 mile survey was easier with good water and grass available throughout. When the survey was complete Cameron commemorated the event by placing a wooden post carved with his name on the river bank (Cameron's 1 Ton Survey Post). Although this was not the first border survey, it was the official survey. In 1883, Cameron moved to New Guinea where he carried out important surveys under the direction of Sir William MacGregor.
Among the other noteworthy results in the survey: • Volkswagen showed the biggest drop of any brand in the survey, falling nine spots to rank 22nd out of 29; • Fiat Chrysler had the four lowest-ranked brands, with the Ram pickup truck earning the bottom score in the survey; • Tesla, included in the survey for the first time, finished 25th.
United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia–Ohio, Point Pleasant Quadrangle (ed. Sept. 1908).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia–Ohio, Pomeroy Quadrangle (ed. Nov. 1907).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia–Ohio, Keno Quadrangle (ed. Nov. 1907).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia–Ohio, Ravenswood Quadrangle (ed. Nov. 1908).
CreateSurvey is a private Russian company that provides users with an online survey management system to create their own web survey. CreateSurvey offers free online and offline survey products and services. The company's offices are located in Moscow.CreateSurvey company information The company was founded in 1999; new online survey plans were added to the company's offering in August 2007.
Essential to this decision is the department's belief that no one survey course taught in the space of a semester could ever be comprehensive, and that no one survey course can be taken as the definitive survey of our discipline.
Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. Bulletin of the Survey vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 125-132. United States Geological and Geographical Survey, Department of the Interior, Washington DCDorf, E (1960) Tertiary fossil forests of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
The Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping (IISM) was founded on 6 May 1967 is an institution of Survey Education learning and training. This institute formerly known as Survey Training Institute. It is situated in Survey of India campus in Uppal, Hyderabad.
IBGE will discontinue the survey of Brazil's urban unemployment rate in March and replace it with a national survey, the so-called Pnad Contínua.
The YouGov survey polled 1,732 British men and women, and 12% of guys who answered the survey were confident they could score against Williams.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 2,701 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from Oct.
Reuters POLL on the survey: Survey results on the BOJ's website: here (Reporting by Leika Kihara and Tetsushi Kajimoto Editing by Chang-Ran Kim)
Placed has leveraged over 135 million survey responses in its first-party Placed survey apps, all from consumers opted-in to its rewards app.
Many of the findings about sexual behavior, attraction and orientation were similar between the current survey and the previous (211.2-19.43) family growth survey.
Twenge and her team looked at data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a nationally representative survey of Americans' lifestyle habits.
The average age of participants in the Mechanical Turk survey was 36, and the average age of the Survey Sampling International participants was 61.
More specifically a Time Out New York survey found that 39 percent of people masturbated at work, while a Glamour survey uncovered similar numbers.
A previously released monthly survey from Statistics Canada, the Labour Force Survey, has also showed strong job gains at the start of the year.
Wednesday's survey also revealed the median CPI inflation forecast sliding 0.2 percent this year, from a 0.5 percent rise estimated in the previous survey.
In Kaufmann's whole post, which I encourage you to read, he compares his survey of Trump supporters with a similar survey of Brexit supporters.
Columbia University researchers used annual survey data from people who responded to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health between 2004 and 2013.
To take part in the Global Drug Survey 2017—a survey looking at how drugs are used differently around the world—visit its website.
"Latest survey data pointed to a further improvement in the Japanese manufacturing sector," said Amy Brownbill, economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey.
In Consumer Reports' 2017 Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey, the popular review publication found Tesla topped the vehicle satisfaction survey — for the third straight year.
A Pew Research Center survey released Friday shows Trump's job approval rating at 37 percent, near the lowest point that survey has ever found.
The Census Act states that data from the decennial census survey cannot be shared by the Commerce Department, the agency that oversees the survey.
For example, the sample of the BLS survey was much larger and conducted over the phone, rather than online, as the RAND survey was.
Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, November Fund Manager Survey The latest BofAML survey had 178 participants with $533 billion in assets under management.
It was higher than plus 17 seen in the previous survey in June, posting a fourth straight quarter of improvement, the tankan survey showed.
China's official survey showed manufacturing activity expanding a second month in a row, while a private survey showed it contracted a 23.2th straight month.
The data was culled from the COSMOS UltraVISTA Survey, an astronomical survey designed to probe how time and galactic environments influence a galaxy's formation.
In the study, researchers looked at 14 years worth of data from the General Social Survey, a nationally representative US survey that's conducted annually.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 8,944 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from Sept.
The rainfall survey, titled "It is raining plastic," was put together by scientists at the US Department of the Interior and US Geological Survey.
The government asks a similar question in the American Community Survey, a more frequently performed survey that is given to a sampling of households.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 9,558 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from Aug.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 9,380 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from Nov.
The United States Transgender Survey, produced by the National Center for Transgender Equality in 2015, remains the largest survey of trans Americans ever conducted.
" It's not the kind of survey that would involve sending multiple-choice Scantrons to scientists; by "survey," they really mean "overview of the discipline.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 2,740 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from Sept.
In fact, expectations for an outright recession fell to 3% in the fourth-quarter survey, down from 103% in the first-quarter 2019 survey.
These collaborations are crucial to developing and maintaining a consistent survey question set to identify people with IDD in the National Health Interview Survey.
Meanwhile, 74 percent of survey respondents see the global economy in the "late cycle," which is the most in the history of the survey.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 2,672 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from Nov.
A separate PBOC survey showed 15% of bankers believe that monetary policy is loose, down from 13% in the survey conducted three months ago.
The survey was very similar to a previous survey that Pew conducted in 2014, and showed no significant increases in rates of online harassment.
Alisondoane has been characterized as a carbonaceous C-type asteroid by PanSTARRS photometric survey, as well as by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).
The U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey auxiliary survey vessel USC&GS; Patton (ASV-80), in service from 1941 to 1967, was named for Patton.
British Geological Survey. 1993. 1:50 000 series England and Wales Sheet 256 North London Solid and Drift Geology. Keyworth, Nottingham. British Geological Survey.
Survey Office. Queensland showing counties Queensland. Survey Office 28May 2012. The county is sparsely settled and lies on the Queensland - New South Wales Border.
U.S. Census Bureau. American Community Survey, 2011 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, Tables B01003 and B19025. U.S. Census website. Retrieved October 26, 2013.
ONS, Opinions (Omnibus) Survey study information, retrieved 14 September 2009 Due to increased demand for the data collected, priority has been given to government departments and agencies relevant for policy-making purposes, though the data is also still available to non-profit organisations.ONS, Opinions (Omnibus) Survey user guide, retrieved 14 September 2009 In January 2008, the Opinions (Omnibus) Survey became part of the Integrated Household Survey (IHS) and also changed its name to the Opinions Survey.
The OECD conducted two surveys of residential water tariffs in 1999 and in 2007-08, using a reference consumption of 15 cubic meters per household and month. The 2007-08 survey covered more than 150 cities in all 30 OECD member countries. The survey does not claim to be representative. The OECD survey was complemented by a survey of the industry information service Global Water Intelligence (GWI) conducted in 2007-2008 in parallel with the second OECD survey.
The morning survey inquired about participants' frequency of sexual intercourse the previous day and their current mood state, the afternoon survey looked at how satisfied and immersed they felt at work, and the evening survey asked about work-life conflict issues they experienced.
In 19903, in a survey of historians by Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr., Eisenhower ranked 22nd on its list of best presidents; in 1982, in a Chicago Tribune survey, he jumped to ninth; and in 2017, in C-SPAN survey, he ranked fifth.
According to Facebook, the first survey that's available is the "Well-Being Survey," and TechCrunch says that the survey will take about 15 minutes and earn you 1000 "points," which apparently translates to $5 that will be paid to you over PayPal.
United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia–Ohio, Point Pleasant Quadrangle (ed. Sept. 1908).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia–Ohio, Glenwood Quadrangle (ed. 1906).United States Geological Survey, Topographical Maps, West Virginia- Ohio, Apple Grove Quadrangle (eds. 1958, 2002).
While Modocs of the Great Basin had chipped-stone crescents or lunates,University of California Archaeological Survey, & Berkeley. Archaeological Research Facility. (1960). Reports of the University of California Archaeological Survey. University of California Archaeological Survey, Department of Anthropology, University of California. p. 44.
"Latest survey data presented a second successive decline in the Manufacturing PMI for Japan," said Joe Hayes, economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey.
On survey after survey, white voters uneasy about the changing complexion of America or willing to endorse shockingly negative stereotypes about minorities went for Trump.
The authors relied on data taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a nationally representative survey of Americans' dieting and lifestyle habits.
A new survey seeks to greatly expand on previous observations of these objects, called the Beyond Ultra-deep Frontier Fields And Legacy Observations (BUFFALO) survey.
The National Tiger Conservation Survey estimates India's current tiger population to be at 2,500, up from 2,226 tigers recorded in its last survey in 2014.
Kogan recruited survey takers via the micro-task platform, paying them $1 or $2 to answer a survey and allow access to their Facebook data.
By 213 percent to 22017 percent, respondents to the June CNBC Fed Survey think Clinton will win the election, virtually unchanged from the April survey.
The 1960 and 1980 Census long-form survey, the predecessor of the American Community Survey, also included questions about marital status and number of marriages.
To determine the median household income, the U.S. Census Bureau collects data through the American Community Survey (ACS) and the Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS).
One note of caution: While the 2016 survey was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and GBA Strategies, the 2018 survey was conducted by Research Now.
Park's approval rating stood at 17.5 percent on Wednesday, according to a nationwide survey by Realmeter, with 43 percent of survey respondents demanding her resignation.
The survey showed 40 central London office schemes totaling 4.2 million square feet were completed in the survey period, the highest in over 14 years.
For the POLL story on the survey: Survey results on the BOJ's website: here (Reporting by Leika Kihara and Tetsushi Kajimoto; Editing by Chris Gallagher)
The current survey is actually running on all major devices worldwide, but other platforms' apps have hosted these survey questions for even longer than TVs.
Moreover, those who dropped off the survey at the faraway location were significantly happier than those who dropped off the survey at the nearby location.
Although the survey does not represent the ECB's opinion, the bank's Governing Council weighs its conclusions and often cites the survey in its own analysis.
Those numbers complement the iPass survey, which found that half of survey participants spent less than one day without internet access in the past year.
A CNBC Fed Survey released Monday revealed that the majority of respondents in the survey didn't believe the Senate should confirm either of the men.
The map was created by scientists working on the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), a program of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS-III).
The survey polled more than 1,000 working professionals ages 18 to 74 from across the US. The survey was not limited to just LinkedIn members.
Their findings are based on a Google Consumer Survey of 1,000 workplace managers in the United States and the U.S. Census Bureau Current Population Survey.
We compared these results to the results from the General Social Survey, a nationally representative survey conducted every couple of years that charts social trends.
A Bloomberg Politics survey put Mr. Trump with a low-single-digit lead among men, according to the pollster who conducted the survey, Ann Selzer.
And then there is nonresponse error, when the likelihood of responding to a survey is systematically related to how one would have answered the survey.
An Essential survey of those who have already voted said 64% had backed marriage equality, a similar number to the Newspoll survey a week earlier.
"Considering the emergency cut to the Fed's target rate ... the consensus of our Citibanamex Expectations Survey anticipates that Banxico will respond accordingly," the survey said.
The number of penguins on Elephant Island, where a recently released survey took place, is half what it was at the last survey in 1971.
They believe that waiting for survey data about disposables, from the next annual youth tobacco survey, will result in more youths becoming addicted to nicotine.
" While the Business Outlook Survey isn't an exhaustive study on female executives across the U.S., the authors say the survey result "represents a hopeful indicator.
The visit by the 435th CRS survey team was its first airfield assessment there, and prior to their survey, US aircraft could not land there.
The fact is that survey after survey, involving multiple approaches and authors, finds a strong consensus among scientists who are most knowledgeable about climate change.
Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio. and the formalization of the regional survey under the title, Colha Regional Survey(CRS).
NYCCAH conducts extensive field research for its annual hunger survey. The results of the survey are made available to policymakers at multiple levels of government.
The United States Census Bureau also assigned classifications in its now-discontinued Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (VIUS) (formerly Truck Inventory and Use Survey (TIUS)).
The Geological Survey was founded in 1835 by the Board of Ordnance as the Ordnance Geological Survey, under Henry De la Beche. This was the world's first national geological survey. It remained a branch of the Ordnance Survey for many years. In 1965, it was merged with the Geological Museum and Overseas Geological Surveys, under the name of Institute of Geological Sciences.
Survey response effects are variations in survey responses that result from seemingly inconsequential aspects of survey design and administration. Susceptibility to these effects varies depending on the stability of one's beliefs. Those without a strong attitude on an issue, for instance, would more be more prone to survey response effects than those strongly for or against the issue.Zaller, J., & Feldman, S. (1992).
Survey methodology is "the study of survey methods". As a field of applied statistics concentrating on human-research surveys, survey methodology studies the sampling of individual units from a population and associated techniques of survey data collection, such as questionnaire construction and methods for improving the number and accuracy of responses to surveys. Survey methodology targets instruments or procedures that ask one or more questions that may or may not be answered. Researchers carry out statistical surveys with a view towards making statistical inferences about the population being studied; such inferences depend strongly on the survey questions used.
In 1655 and 1656 Petty surveyed half of Ireland in what was called the Down Survey. The Down Survey is one of the projects that brought great fame to Petty, apart from his publications on political economy and political arithmetic. The most important text he wrote concerning the Down Survey – The History of the Survey of Ireland commonly called The Down Survey by Doctor William Petty A.D. 1655-6 – was published in 1851 by Thomas Aiskew Larcom for the Irish Archaeological Society. In some biographies, the years of the Down Survey get a lot of attention.
By 80 percent to 15 percent, respondents to the June CNBC Fed Survey think Hillary Clinton will win the election, virtually unchanged from the April survey.
The survey also found that 94 percent of survey participants who were obese had tried to lose weight with diet and exercise, but saw no results.
The survey also showed that 58 percent of survey respondents believe their retirement years will be more positive than that of their parents and older generations.
That's why we say to them that they should do a climate survey, an anonymous survey to find out how people are feeling in their workplace.
But the top risk by likelihood in the survey was extreme weather, in a survey of 1,000 experts from government, business, academia and non-governmental organizations.
The researchers analyzed data from the General Social Survey, a nationwide survey of adult Americans that is nationally representative, and therefore mostly applies to heterosexual people.
In a recent survey, Defy Media survey found that YouTube occupies 95 percent of their digital time, with 50 percent saying they can't live without it.
The 22011 survey was the first year since the survey began that asked about e-cigarettes, which entered the market in the United States in 22015.
The purported survey shows the new Atmos speakers priced at $699, but another user reported that their version of the survey had them priced at $399.
While I'm glad we did the survey and I have the numbers I do, it's important to remember that it's an informal survey, not scientific research.
The Facebook survey takes an odd turn from the first to second questions (no easy feat in such a short survey): it replaces websites with domains.
Facebook also decreased in popularity from 123 percent in the spring survey who said it was their favorite platform to 13 percent in the latest survey.
Polls conducted by CNN and Survey USA showed Cooper with a narrow lead, while a survey conducted by the conservative Civitas Institute showed McCrory slightly ahead.
A Chinese government survey conducted in 2016 found that nearly half of survey participants wanted to work in China's leading cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Tennis star and entrepreneur Serena Williams is joining the board of Survey Monkey, along with Intuit CEO and chairman Brad Smith, the online survey company said.
The survey reflects a slight gain from last month for Trump, who in the February survey trailed Cruz by a 28 percent to 26 percent margin.
A few other details from the survey also stand out: Most millennials know they could do more to learn about their loans, the survey makes clear.
I got a closer look at the survey results of J. Thelander Consulting's annual venture firm compensation survey and, unsurprisingly, VCs make a lot of money.
It was higher than plus 17 seen in the previous survey in June, posting a fourth straight quarter of improvement, the tankan survey showed on Monday.
First off, jobless claims, import and export prices, the Philadelphia Fed's manufacturing survey and the business leaders' survey are all due out at 8:30 a.m.
She testified that a person's likelihood of answering a survey depends partly on the survey itself, particularly how much stress it causes the respondent to answer.
"March survey data indicated a marginal improvement in operating conditions across the manufacturing sector," said Sian Jones, an economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey.
In the survey, collected by the General Social Survey, people were asked both about their own sexual behavior and about their attitudes towards same-sex experiences.
The survey of Democrats had a margin of error of 6.2 percentage points, while the broader survey had a margin of error of 4.1 percentage points.
As much as we need experimental tools to survey human physiology, doctors need experimental tools to understand, survey and change medicine's least familiar frontier: human behavior.
A survey conducted early this month by the Indonesia Survey Institute, an independent polling group, found that Mr. Joko's approval rating had fallen to 67 percent.
The phone survey, which was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points. CreditCards.
The New York Fed, for instance, conducts a reading every four months of worker wages and expectations called the Survey of Consumer Expectations Labor Market Survey.
In survey after survey, Americans have expressed overwhelming support for preserving these wild animals, which are long entrenched in our national memory, imagination, imagery and history.
"Latest survey data signaled a slowdown to manufacturing sector growth at the beginning of Q3," said Joe Hayes, economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Confidence among America's small-business owners has slipped since April, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Monday.
A survey last summer by the Israel Democracy Institute and the Palestinian Center for Polling and Survey Research pointed to the broader schism in Israeli society.
This particular survey didn&apost track firms&apos productivity levels, but researchers relied on data that another survey had gathered on the same group of companies.
In a survey, public speaking is ranked as one of the top 80 phobias for most Americans, according to the Chapman University Survey on American Fears.
A survey from Quinnipiac University Poll released on Tuesday gave him his fourth qualifying survey and, as a result, a spot on the December debate stage.
The Justice Department used random samples of both its sexual victimization survey and an alternative survey when evaluating a center to protect the identities of respondents.
The ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters was started in 1999. In 2007, the ECB published a review of the survey based on eight years of experience.
The altered form of the name was recommended by the UK Antarctic Place-names Committee following a survey by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey in 1947.
And if you survey people, Recode had an article about a survey, and even though the Recode article was a little dismissive, it said 8 percent of the people in the survey said that ride-sharing had a strong likelihood to impact car buying decisions.
Researchers looked at data from the US government's National Survey of Family Growth, an annual CDC survey that asked more than 50,000 people about how often they had smoked and how often they had sex in the four weeks leading up to the survey.
The Omnibus Survey, now called the Opinions Survey, is a survey conducted monthly by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in Great Britain in order to collect information for different governmental departments as well as non- profit organisations in the academic and voluntary sector.
The World Values Survey uses the sample survey as its mode of data collection, a systematic and standardized approach to collect information through interviewing representative national samples of individuals. The basic stages of a sample survey are Questionnaire design; Sampling; Data collection and Analysis.
Survey data from employee development solution Bridge by Instructure, a national survey of more than 1,000 office employees, sheds some light on some of the biggest stressors.
Also, those survey respondents who already knew the most about universal basic income prior to the survey were more likely to support the idea, according to Chellam.
The survey found that a majority of surveyed Americans are against: The survey also questioned participant's opinions of the low-income plan under the current ACA system.
Lower unemployment rate: That unemployment rate is derived from a separate survey of households, which showed much stronger job growth than the more closely-watched establishment survey.
"There was a big drop in his numbers in the latest survey," Ronald Holmes, president of Pulse Asia, which did the survey of 213,800 people, told Reuters.
Similarly, more than a third (34%) of survey respondents, and more than 33 in 10 male survey respondents (41%), believe the media is unfair to white men.
The 2015 US Transgender Survey, the largest survey of its type to date, found 1 in 4 transgender adults had experienced housing bias within the previous year.
Researchers looked at survey data from 2000,21991 high school students from 22017 to 8003 from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Survey.
"After posting its worst performance in the near nine-year survey history during December, Mexico's manufacturing downturn eased at the start of 2020," the PMI survey said.
ISM survey, however, probably exaggerates the economy's strength as another survey from data firm IHS Markit showed services sector activity expanding at a weaker pace in September.
Survey results on the BOJ's website: here Reuters PREVIEW on the survey: (Reporting by Leika Kihara and Tetsushi Kajimoto; Editing by Minami Funakoshi and Chang-Ran Kim)
Results of the central bank's quarterly business outlook survey point to "a slight improvement" in sentiment after a moderation in the previous survey in April, it said.
The Chicago purchasing managers' survey is a useful leading indicator for the national survey and suggests national activity is likely to weaken further in the near term.
One important point from the survey is that if the price is not right, the survey participants made it clear that there were alternatives to going public.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey There is no panic on Main Street, but confidence is dropping, according to the latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released Monday.
As to the mutts in the survey, I can't give anything away, but good luck with "Maxine," and "Jack," two dogs in the survey that stumped me.
ISM survey, however, probably exaggerates the economy's strength as another survey from data firm IHS Markit showed services sector activity expanding at a weaker pace in September.
In its monthly dealer survey, UBS found almost a third of the dealers questioned reported tighter credit standards, the highest level measured in the survey since 2009.
The survey comes a day after large manufacturers' sentiment featured in the BOJ's "tankan" survey rose to a one-year high on improving domestic and overseas demand.
We understand this survey refers to offensive content that is already prohibited on Facebook and that we have no intention of allowing so have stopped the survey.
A Fox News survey released Monday found Jones ahead by 10, while an Emerson survey released over the weekend showed Moore in the lead by 9 points.
Inasmuch as the survey sample differs from the entire population you are interested in studying, the survey estimates will not fully reflect the population as a whole.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Taxes are the No. 1 concern of small-business owners, according to the first CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, released on Friday.
The survey covers North American CFOs from large companies, and is not a scientific survey, but gives a glimpse as to what the business community is expecting.
Just days later, their May 21-25 survey put Democrats 5 points ahead, while their next survey, May 26-30, showed Democrats with a 2023-point lead.
Fifty-two percent say Clinton emerged victorious at Hofstra University in the NBC News/Survey Monkey survey out Wednesday, while 2628 percent say the same about Trump.
We looked at data from the US Census Bureau's Current Population Survey, a survey of US households that investigates various economic and social aspects of people's lives.
The maximum survey weight is equal to 2 percent of the sample, and the minimum survey weight is equal to 1/2 percent of the sample^2.
What they found was a 1988 survey called the Health and Lifestyles Study, as well as a late 2000s survey called the National Longitudinal Study of Youth.
Update: Added separate data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, as well as a federal researcher's comments on the survey used for the study.
About 86% of the 8,218 survey respondents who told us about their carry-on suitcases were highly satisfied with all of the brands listed in the survey.
More commentary on the census story: "Lies are not an appropriate mechanism by which to add a question to a survey," wrote the survey expert Natalie Jackson.
The survey was conducted in partnership with RIWI, a global survey technology and sentiment analysis firm, and included other mobility-related questions that we have analyzed elsewhere.
Business morale was surprisingly buoyant this month, a survey showed on Wednesday although a consumer sentiment survey showed the mood worsened more than expected heading into March.
The nationwide survey found that 28500 percent of registered voters support some form of universal health care, a 6900-point drop from a similar survey in February.
Applications for credit rose slightly this year compared to 2018, and rejection rates declined, according to the New York Feds Survey of Consumer Expectations Credit Access Survey.
The Crime Survey for England and Wales, a face-to-face survey based on the experiences of 35,000 adults, showed a 7 percent drop in overall crime.
Mr. Krueger, instead of doing a survey of research on such tax credits, used Princeton's survey group to poll small businesses on questions relating to job creation.
The paper's co-authors — Emory University's Emily Bianchi and the University of Minnesota's Kathleen Vohs — analyzed results from the General Social Survey and American Time Use Survey.
It found 1,103 economists (still working in the field and reachable) and sent them the survey; 365 responded, a fairly robust number for a survey like this.
Jeanne has been characterized as both an X-type and P-type asteroid by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) and Pan- STARRS photometric survey, respectively.
Leading newspaper groups of India have jointly condemned the 2013 Indian Readership Survey, calling it badly flawed demanding withdrawal of the survey and a change in methodology.
Geological Survey of Canada, Memoir 285, 331 p.McLean, 1980. Lithostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous coal-bearing sequence, foothills of Alberta. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 80-29.
The Australian Total Diet Survey, formerly known as the Australian Market Basket Survey, is an assessment of consumers' dietary exposure to pesticide residues, contaminants, and other substances.
" SVMK: "Survey Monkey is actually a very good company.
The Buendia & Laredo survey, which polled 600 people Dec.
Graphic: OPEC* crude production in November - Reuters Survey - tmsnrt.
Millennials are better with money , a national survey says.
According to a survey by consultants McKinsey & Company
For OPEC compliance in May - Reuters Survey click reut.
The Expenditure and Food Survey is now the Living Costs and Food Survey.Living Costs and Food Survey, UK Data Service, retrieved 8 November 2013 The Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS) is a survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) which collects data about private household expenditure and food consumption in Great Britain.
There is a long history of U.S. Soil Survey including federal scientists and cooperators through the National Cooperative Soil Survey. Soil survey products include: Web Soil Survey ,NCSS Characterization Database, and many investigative reports and journal articles. In 2015, NRCS began broad support of soil health, which incorporates less tillage and more cover crops to reduce erosion and improve the diversity of the soil.
Best on the Street, earlier known as the All Star Analysts Survey is an annual survey-cum-contest of financial analysts in the United States conducted by The Wall Street Journal. Many financial firms participate in the survey and boast about the results on their websites.
The Wall Street Journal Economic Survey, also known as the Wall Street Journal Economic Forecasting Survey, could refer to either the monthly or the semi- annual survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal of over 50 economists on important indicators of the economy of the United States.
The U.S. adopted this international mile for most purposes, but retained the pre-1959 mile for some land-survey data, terming it the U. S. survey mile. In the United States, statute mile normally refers to the survey mile,Convert mile [statute] to mile [statute, US] "1 metre is equal to mile [statute], or mile [statute, US]. ... The U.S. statute mile (or survey mile) is defined by the survey foot. This is different from the international statute mile, which is defined as exactly 1609.344 metres. The U.S. statute mile is defined as 5,280 U.S. survey feet, which is around metres." about 3.219 mm ( inch) longer than the international mile (the international mile is exactly 0.0002% less than the U.S. survey mile).
The survey marked a more upbeat outlook compared to the last quarterly survey, showing a rise of 4 percentage points from when it was last conducted in October.
Upcoming telescopes like the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, Euclid, and the not-dead-yet Wide-field Infrared Survey Telescope might be able to spot lots more of them.
Rendering of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope Image: NASAPresident Donald Trump's 2019 budget request would nix the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), and scientists aren't happy.
Similarly, the 210 respondents to the Fed Survey believe the Fed will now hike just once in 23, down from a forecast of two in the December survey.
The headline index for big manufacturers' sentiment stood at plus 6 in June, unchanged from the previous survey in March, the Bank of Japan's quarterly "tankan" survey showed.
Still, for 2016, inflation will be much lower than earlier thought, with the survey indicating a 0.3 percent reading, below the 0.7 percent seen earlier, the survey showed.
A survey of ETF professionals by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) found that North American firms in the survey predicted ETF assets under management would grow to $21999 trillion by 236.
You just kind of sit back and understand, survey the league, survey what's going on, how we can get back on top this coming year and three-peat.
A 2012 Newsweek survey rated him as the 10th best since 1900, and a History News Network survey of historians gave him an overall B- grade in 2013.
Estimates are based on an analysis of the Current Population Survey and the American Community Survey, combined with publicly available information on the size of Walmart's hourly workforce.
More recently the question has appeared on surveys sent to a sample of the population, such as the American Community Survey and the so-called long form survey.
IBGE will discontinue the six-city survey of Brazil's urban unemployment rate in March and replace it with a national survey, the so-called Pnad Contínua BRPNAD=ECI.
The survey showed a slight uptick in GDP growth expectations for 2018 to 2.67 percent from 2.60 percent in last month's survey; the government's goal was 2.60 percent.
A Fox News survey released last week showed Portman leading 51 percent to 37 percent, and a Suffolk University survey showed Portman ahead 85033 percent to 31 percent.
Respondents for this survey were selected from the more than 2 million people who take surveys on SurveyMonkey's online platform each day and based on its survey methodology.
CarTrawler's annual Reward Seat Availability Survey found frequent flyer seats available on 72.4 percent of the flights it checked; that's down from 76.6 percent in last year's survey.
CarTrawler's annual Reward Seat Availability Survey found frequent-flyer seats available on 72.4 percent of the flights it checked; that's down from 76.6 percent in last year's survey.
This is the first time AutoTrader and Kelley Blue Book have conducted a survey about Gen Z. AutoTrader did a similar survey about millennial behaviors three years ago.
Regular-grade gasoline climbed to around $2.10 a gallon in the Friday survey, from $1.673 a gallon on March 18, survey publisher Trilby Lundberg said in an interview.
The Best Countries survey, which aims to gauge global perceptions of the state of the world, presented the question without further specifications, leaving interpretation up to survey respondents.
Regular-grade gasoline climbed to around $2.10 a gallon in the Friday survey, from $2.02 a gallon on March 1.673, survey publisher Trilby Lundberg said in an interview.
A 2015 survey found roughly a third of web requests were served over HTTPS, and that percentage has certainly grown in the months since the survey was conducted.
The IPOA said the incidence of police abuse reported in their survey of nearly 6,000 households marked a "significant increase" compared with its last such survey, in 20133.
"The younger generations have fewer hunters," said Thomas W. Smith, the director of the General Social Survey, an annual survey conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago.
The Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute in Houston just released the results of a 6900-state survey of 2628,28503 consumers and a nationwide survey of 22019 physicians.
Rather, it is based on what is known as the Current Population Survey, a monthly survey of 22008,633 households, or about 9.7,225 individuals from all around the country.
Thus, a single person working two jobs would be counted once by the household survey (one individual is employed) and twice by the payroll survey (two jobs exist).
A Yomiuri newspaper survey on Wednesday showed the approval rating for Abe's administration was up at 52 percent from 41 percent in its previous survey early this month.
While the survey has addressed sexual orientation since 2014, with the proposed directive, the 2017 survey would no longer include a question regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.
Finally, the authors conducted a randomized controlled experiment, asking online survey respondents to complete an attitude survey either during the day or in the middle of the night.
By the numbers: 67% of older millennials (25–34) said they were employed full-time, compared with only 27% of younger millennials, according to the Survey Monkey survey.
The household survey, which calls homes to ask how many are at work, rose even less than the establishment survey, with 104,000 more Americans reported on the job.
The data was gathered by the 2015 National Financial Capability survey, an online survey conducted by Applied Research and Consulting and funded by the Finra Investor Education Foundation.
The 2015-2016 National Agricultural Workers Survey, the most recent of its kind, found that 69% of hired farm workers interviewed for the survey were born in Mexico.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 10,046 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from March 4 to March 10.
The survey supports similar findings from a 2019 survey from the American Staffing Association, which found inappropriate interview questions to be the No. 1 deal breaker for candidates.
The survey found that big firms will plan to raise their capital spending in this fiscal year by 303 percent, upgrading from 230 percent in the March survey.
In a survey in November, the median dealer in a New York Fed survey signaled that markets might become strained as reserves dropped to and below $1.5 trillion.
According to the survey, Clinton has an 2628-point lead over Trump, 28500 to 6900 percent, up from her 2628-point lead in a survey the previous week.
Unlike the monthly hiring figures, which come from a survey of employers and are based on their payrolls, the unemployment rate is based on a survey of households.
About the survey: The data in this article came from an online survey of 2,574 adults conducted by the polling firm SurveyMonkey from May 6 to May 12.
"What the survey tells you is that while the president has got broad support, the problems are still there," said pollster Alejandro Moreno, who carried out the survey.
Previously named the National Survey of Religious Identification in 1990, it was renamed the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) in 2001. The survey was originally created as a social experiment to record the response to the "What is your religion?" question. They found it was necessary to ask a series of questions such as "Do you want to have a religious funeral?" in order to get a better grasp of the answer to the main question. The 2001 survey intended to replicate the 1990 survey.
Fiscal Survey of States This survey is published jointly with the National Governors Association twice a year in the spring and fall. Narrative analysis of trends and significant developments on the fiscal condition of the states, along with tabular summaries of state general fund revenues, expenditures, and balances are included in the report. It includes both individual and aggregate totals based on states' responses to a survey conducted by NASBO. The spring survey details governors' proposed budgets while the fall survey details enacted budgets.
In 1976, Gregg and a team of students, featuring Margaret Murdoch, Gaelan Dodds de Wolf, and Erika Hasebe-Ludt, embarked on a major project surveying the English spoken by native English speakers born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It began with a small preliminary survey from 1976 to 1978 of 60 individuals. This survey was then incorporated with the larger Survey of Vancouver English that ran from 1978 to 1984. The larger survey included the individuals from the preliminary survey as well as 240 other individuals.
The PEF Survey of Palestine was a series of surveys carried out by the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) between 1872 and 1877 for the Survey of Western Palestine and in 1880 for the Survey of Eastern Palestine. The survey was carried out after the success of the Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem by the newly-founded PEF, with support from the War Office. Twenty-six sheets were produced for "Western Palestine" and one sheet for "Eastern Palestine". It was the first fully scientific mapping of Palestine.
From 1957 until 2001, there were two different surveys conducted each year: the Family Expenditure Survey (FES) and the National Food Survey (NFS). These two surveys were combined in the Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS) which completely replaced the former series. The survey is conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the DEFRA sponsors the food data.Living Costs and Food Survey catalogue description, UK Data Service, retrieved 8 November 2013 The design of the survey is based on that of the FES but there have been some changes, notably with the introduction of the European Standard Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP).
The Linguistic Survey of Scotland was a long-term project at the University of Edinburgh to cover the use of language in Scotland, including Scottish English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic. The Survey began at a time when the modern subject of linguistics was evolving and the leaders accepted that the Survey would need to change over time to stay relevant to on-going linguistic work.Petyt (1980), page 95 The original intentions of the Survey were set out by Professor Angus McIntosh in the book Introduction to a Survey of Scottish Dialects. The book argued that different methods were appropriate for different aspects of the survey.
Quarterly Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Rallying Behind Tax Reform Key findings from the Q215 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey include: CNBC Small Business Reporter Kate Rogers will reveal the results of the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey today, Monday, December 24th throughout CNBC's Business Day programming.
The headline index for BOJ's "tankan" survey stood at plus 6 in June, unchanged from the previous survey in March and better than the median estimate of plus 4.
Similarly, the 210 respondents to the Fed Survey believe the central bank will now hike just once in 23, down from a forecast of two in the December survey.
The results of the private survey contrast with an upbeat official services survey on Friday which showed activity picked up in December to a 16-month high of 54.4.
The official survey focuses more on larger firms, while the private survey tends to look at smaller ones which are showing more financial strains from the prolonged economic slowdown.
"Prospects have been adjusted upward since the previous survey, and contacts expect moderate output growth over the next six months," the bank said in a survey of 329 companies.
The Angolan city also ranked first in Mercer's annual Cost of Living Survey in 2014 and 2015, before slipping down to second place in the same survey in 2016.
Just over 51 percent of CFOs taking the survey have come to this pessimistic view of stocks, which represents a high in the CNBC quarterly CFO survey for 93.
Survey after survey reveals that millennials are resigned to the idea that Social Security, as we know it, might not be there by the time they reach retirement age.
CNBC | SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey Small business confidence ticked up and remains at a high level, according to the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey for the second quarter.
Three in 603 respondents to a survey did not know how much they can safely withdraw from savings every year, according to an Ipsos survey for New York Life.
A survey of U.S. companies by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) found hiring has fallen sharply in recent months, according to an NABE summary of the survey.
Survey after survey shows that millennials want to work for companies that place a premium on employee welfare, offer flexible scheduling and, above all, bestow a sense of purpose.
The public survey had a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points, margin of error does not apply to the alumni survey as it was not a random sample.
The 2015 U.S. transgender survey reported a 15% unemployment rate among respondents—three times higher than the unemployment rate in the U.S. population at the time of the survey.
By the numbers: Researchers relied on data from the American Community Survey, an annual survey with some 4 million respondents, and matched that data with Census Bureau death records.
Richard Curtin, who runs the survey for the University of Michigan, noted consumers in the survey were the most optimistic since 2003 no the expectations toward their financial situation.
The most commonly referenced data on this subject (and usually the only data discussed) come from the General Social Survey, a nationally representative US survey carried out each year.
The survey included some general political knowledge questions and what researchers dubbed a "presidential battery" — basically a survey of 22 questions to measure people's impressions of, well, presidential-ness.
And finally, the British Chambers of Commerce's Quarterly Economic Survey - the largest non-official survey of businesses - showed no pick-up in investment intentions across services or manufacturing companies.
The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that 19.8 million Americans used marijuana for non-medical purposes in the month prior to responding to the survey.
The small-business survey audience — which skews conservative — seemed to fall in line with Trump, as immigration was a major news story at the time the survey was conducted.
While Apple may be the winner among computers in that survey, a separate survey from J.D. Power published in April said the Microsoft Surface topped its tablet satisfaction study.
Micah Roberts, a Republican pollster for the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, told CNBC that the USA Today/Suffolk survey took the right tack by using Trump's exact language.
A CNN-ORC survey released Tuesday showed Trump leading 2202 percent to 2628 percent among likely voters after he trailed by 28500 points in the same survey from August.
A monthly survey of companies' purchasing managers, published on Thursday, found growth in private business activity slowed in April to its lowest since the survey started in August 22.
Online-only brands or retailers hit a survey peak for shopping channel preference at 813 percent, with pure-play ecommerce showing big growth as compared to last spring's survey.
On the other end of the survey, three domestic brands were ranked as having the least reliable models, with Cadillac falling six spots to dead last in the survey.
A Gallup survey of American adults showed that 2900 percent of respondents believe the U.S. crime problem is "extremely" or "very serious," a slight increase from 220006's survey.
Only 48 percent of respondents agree with the proposition that humans evolved from other beings, according to the General Social Survey, a broad survey of American attitudes and beliefs.
" And a new survey from Charles Schwab reveals that many Americans may side with Cardone: Survey respondents say it takes an average of $1.1 million to be "financially comfortable.
It would create new transparency requirements that would survey students at every college and university in the country about their experiences with sexual violence in a confidential biennial survey.
About 7 in 10 survey respondents, or 73%, indicated they think that global warming is happening -- the highest percentage since the survey began in 2008, according to the report.
Survey says yes Thursday's vote comes three weeks after the Australian public voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage as part of a national postal survey lasting two months.
The survey, conducted by ABC News and the Social Science Research Solutions (SRSS) survey firm, asked an online opinion panel about the upcoming vice presidential debate between Indiana Gov.
The Household Survey Collected by the Census Bureau since 1942, this survey enables the government to estimate the number of people who are employed and calculate the unemployment rate.
It is similar to a long-running European survey, and researchers plan to conduct another survey next year and eventually to draw comparisons between U.S. and European working conditions.
In the spring 2015 survey, Instagram was the top social network The "Taking Stock With Teens" survey, which is done semi-annually, shows Snapchat's rise over the past year.
The first survey used cellphones and landlines among a nationally representative sample of 1,019 U.S. adults, and a similar methodology was used for a second survey of 1,017 adults.
The Commerce Department's survey of wholesalers' inventories increased 0.4 percent in December to a value of $612.1 billion, beating estimates of 0.2 percent from a survey of Reuters economists.
In the survey, 29 percent of owners reported jobs openings they could not fill, up one point from the prior survey and the highest level for the economic expansion.
According to a recent Access Now survey WomenHeart commissioned, more than 20 percent of women in the survey said that they face barriers that impede their access to treatment.
Paid Family Leave Survey Results This survey shows overwhelming support for mandatory paid maternity leave, and even more support when companies providing that leave get tax breaks for it.
That 91% was an increase from 79% of 771 parents in a 2010 survey and 83% of 835 parents in a 2013 survey, according to the Rudd Center report.
Why it matters: It was the first time the survey conducted by Absolute Strategy Research has shown a recession likelihood greater than 50% since the survey began in 2014.
If this survey is right — and, again, it's just one survey — it looks like the public is paying attention to advances in AI and is apprehensive about future advances.
He was also in charge of the Survey of Ireland. Herschel and Babbage were present at a celebrated operation of that survey, the remeasuring of the Lough Foyle baseline.

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