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"published" Synonyms
written advertised announced broadcast circulated divulged issued presented printed proclaimed promulgated pronounced propagated released reported ventilated voiced distributed made public expressed public open overt plain clear obvious exposed apparent conspicuous evident observable publicised(UK) publicized(US) transparent visible avowed blatant manifest prominent recognised(UK) engraved impressed in print on paper stamped imprinted lithographed reproduced silkscreened in black and white multilithed xeroxed emblazoned embossed embedded set lodged fixed marked out available obtainable procurable purchasable ready on sale at hand on show on view to be had in the shops quoted asked given named priced stated tagged ticketed price-marked recorded registered documented chronicled listed filed indexed taped catalogued(UK) cataloged(US) entered inscribed noted in writing on file on record itemized(US) enumerated enrolled literary poetic artistic dramatic linguistic stylistic formal technical in circulation available in bookshops on the market on the shelves obtainable in the shops on the streets written down cried trumpeted broadcasted hawked barked blazoned heralded hyped puffed touted annunciated bruited declared extolled said indicated showed displayed illustrated signaled(US) signalled(UK) specified demonstrated denoted read symbolized(US) brandished designated evinced featured intimated shown aired transmitted televised beamed relayed disseminated spread put on the air podcasted put on set out exhibited demoed paraded produced showcased unveiled flaunted offered sported staged unfurled showed off shown off supplied unfolded revealed disclosed told communicated imparted uncovered leaked spilled spilt confessed bared betrayed copied list preprinted pulled reprinted lithoed proofed composed dumped made reissued ran off run off setted in print sent to press edited draughted drafted compiled finished prepared set up made up More

121 Sentences With "published"

How to use published in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "published" and check conjugation/comparative form for "published". Mastering all the usages of "published" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN Photo from Ren Hang, published by TASCHEN
In 2013-2015, for example, for every 100,000 citizens, the U.S. published 2.4 papers reporting on randomized controlled trials, while Canada published 0.05, the UK published 0.07, Switzerland published 0.10, and the Netherlands published 0.20.
In the same period, for every billion U.S. dollars spent by governments on research and development, the U.S. published 0.07 randomized controlled trials, Canada published 2.4, the Netherlands published 6.5, Switzerland published 7.4, and Denmark published 14.4.
They published their paper published recently in Geophysical Research Letters.
But these are published works speaking to other published works.
The same messages were published in a CyberInt report published Wednesday.
I've published that, other people have published that they walked together.
OD: Well, we published the story and then we published his threats.
Images that I did not consent to be published, were published anyway.
Mr. Obama's previous books were published by Crown, which also published Mrs.
The results were published today in iScience, a journal published by Cell Press.
The researchers published their findings in a new paper published in PLOS Biology.
The critique was published in Science, the journal that published the original report.
It was published in Circulation, but not published simultaneously in Professional Heart Daily.
Adam Nevill's self-published short story collections, flanking his first self-published novel.
Of the 20163,039 short stories published in 2015, only 38 were published by black authors Released last week, the report is damning: of the 2,039 short stories published last year across 63 magazines, only 38 were published by black authors.
The same conservative site that published Samirah's posts also published the Northam yearbook photo.
Even though Shariff published his analysis in 2016, VanderWeele found that only four media outlets published it — compared to the more than 80 that published the original study.
In 2016, American institutions published 85 articles out of 177 submitted to the fairly well-cited journal Food Chemistry, compared to China's 430 published, 1754 submitted, Spain's 148 published, 19803 submitted, and Italy's 125 published, 254 submitted, according to documents obtained by Gizmodo.
Cloudflare and Google published recently published redacted versions of national security letters they had received.
I published my second story, so it was a relief when he published his first.
The story was originally published as a hardcover book, but Subterranean Press also published it online.
Hackers have so far only published published script outlines on the web, rather than full episodes.
He started to do personal creative work for fanzines (often self-published or published by friends).
After The Times published its article, Mr. Almohammad published a report that also cited the receipts.
Twenty-two were never published, and 11 were published but repackaged so that they appeared positive.
"I worked harder at getting this book published than getting my own books published," Wong said.
Nevermind that aspiring to "published novelist," or even "self-published novelist" would be setting a high goal.
The magazine published his story five days after the Times published its Weinstein story in October 2017.
The breakthrough, called chirped pulse amplification, was published in 1985 and was Strickland's first published scientific work.
Op-ed published The Kyiv Post published the op-ed on Thursday, along with an editor's note.
A few days before Sew published her blog post, and a day after the New York Times published a report revealing McClure's misconduct, the investor published a Medium post titled I'm a Creep.
Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare & Company, which published James Joyce's "Ulysses" in 1922, is the most famous, but there were also outfits like Three Mountains Press, which published Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, and Ford Madox Ford; the Black Sun Press, run by the glamorous expats Harry and Caresse Crosby, which published Hart Crane and William Faulkner; Contact Editions, which published Gertrude Stein and William Carlos Williams; Black Manikin Press, which published D. H. Lawrence; and the Hours Press, which published Samuel Beckett.
Greensboro: A Requiem is published in Testimonies: Four Plays by Emily Mann, published by Theatre Communications Group, 1996.
I was in between a piece we had published and his anger about a piece we had published.
You published your first collection of short stories in 2005; now, ten years later, you've published this book.
In addition, it features books published by commercial presses and nonprofit publishers, as well as self-published books.
The URLs, the link to the current published document, must not break when a new version is published.
Compare that with CNN, which published 5,595 articles during the month, and Fox News, which published 51,919 articles.
"I needed to feel like when I got published, I got published for the right reasons," he said.
His study was published in PLOS One, a peer-reviewed journal published by the Public Library of Science.
The data, which was published as a preprint, hasn't yet been peer-reviewed or published in a journal.
Erdrich published her first novel, Love Medicine, in 1984; she's published a novel every two or three years since.
So what we want is more voices of color being published and more voices of color being published well.
In 2016, Amazon published 4 million e-books, 40 percent of which were published under its self-publishing platform.
But hackers published it on Monday, so Temkin's team went ahead and published their full documentation on GitHub, too.
The latest was published last summer in a journal that requires authors to pay in order to be published.
It was published online by Geoscience Australia on Wednesday, with a further tranche due to be published next year.
Now, he's published a book called OK. We've published a couple chapters below, and you can buy it here.
The study published this week in the journal Paleooceanography and Paleoclimatology, which is published by the America Geophysical Union.
"We already published a statement and also the advisory board published a statement," said Zaw Htay, Suu Kyi's spokesman.
The paper, published in Monday's Journal of the American College of Cardiology, is a review of previously published studies.
Details of the observation were published in a series of six research papers published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.
One hour after the report was published, the Department of Justice published its affidavit detailing the charges against Winner.
The report of the allegation was published on the same website, Big League Politics, that first published Northam's yearbook page.
No one else would have published that, though once it was published everybody wanted to run a piece like it.
The emails published by Collins could not be published in the U.S., where they are under a court-ordered seal.
The findings published on Monday help confirm Einstein's theory, said the researchers, whose work was published in Physical Review Letters.
The story was originally published online in 2012 and was later published in 2014 in a pair of Chinese magazines.
For Penguin Random House, which published My Life, and Simon & Schuster, which published Hard Choices, those high advances paid off.
Springsteen is a published author, however: In 2014 he published the children's book "Outlaw Pete," co-written with Frank Caruso.
She added that she was not targeting books published before she published the first volume of her series in 2016.
Originally self-published, it went on to sell more than 125m copies worldwide after being published in print in 2012.
In a paper published in February Dr Appelbaum analysed regional data published by the Dutch authorities from 2011 to 2014.
For the current analysis, published in the journal AIDS, researchers examined data from 72 studies published from 2006 to 83.
Over the years, academics have tracked predatory publishers with a blacklist, first published by Mr. Beall and now published anonymously.
But 33 of 36 negative studies were either not published or published in a form that conveyed a positive outcome.
A popular biography by Irving and Amy Wallace was published in the 1970s; more scholarly monographs have been published since.
In 1976, he wrote the first of two published economic-espionage novels, "The Peruvian Contracts," published by G.P. Putnam's Sons.
The Henris published a questionnaire on early memories in 1895, and the results from 123 people were published in 1897.
Afterglow (2017) by Eileen Myles is published by published by Grove Press and available from Amazon and other online retailers.
The first, published in 2015, was in The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care; the second, published in 2016, was in the same journal; and the third, published in 2017, was in the journal Contraception.
Amazon has an interest in putting books that it has published itself ahead of the books that other people have published.
Two more, in the same vein, followed: "Jamais Résignée" ("Never Resigned"), published in 1981, and "Time for Truth," published in 1995.
Mr. Farrow later published his findings in articles for The New Yorker, the first of which was published in October 2017.
Inflation data will be published on Wednesday and fixed asset investment, retail and industrial output will be published on August 14.
" The questionnaire also asks nominees to list "published material you have written or edited, including material published only on the Internet.
In a study published this month in the journal Nature Medicine, US company FDNA published new tests of their software, DeepGestalt.
He claims he didn't know his words would be published, but the bias he exhibited is detrimental, whether published or not.
Nivi published blog posts there sporadically through 2013, but beyond a single January 2016 article, he hasn't published there since 2014.
A "start" event is published at the beginning of your meditation session, and an "end" event is published at the end.
He has also published poetry and prose, including his 33 collection, "Tarantula," and "Chronicles: Volume One," a memoir published in 2004.
The findings are in keeping with poll results published by Gallup on Saturday and with figures by CNN/ORC published Tuesday.
He's published one collection—Stories of Your Life and Others—yet the book has been published multiple times by multiple publishers.
The results, published in a study published Wednesday in ACS Nano, include trippy original songs and fresh insights into protein structure.
For a while, you don't even know for sure if you're gonna be published when you want it to be published.
If research slotted for publication in the journal leaked or was published elsewhere, it would not be published in the journal.
A longer version of this argument will be published in the Fall issue of Philanthropy magazine, published by The Philanthropy Roundtable.
She wrote two sequels, "Stranger in the Room," which was published in 2012, and "Don't Talk to Strangers," published in 2014.
She dropped the suit when Commentary published a statement asserting that the American Jewish Committe, which published Commentary, believed her denial.
And we now have two small published studies on the device, and one larger clinical trial that's yet to be published.
The case report was published in the October issue in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Originally published on  Live Science .
Without additional funding, the study was terminated and the results were never published, according to a study published today in PLOS Biology.
For the advisory, published last week in the AHA journal Circulation, scientists pored over hundreds of research papers published since the 1950s.
Are videos published by Last Week Tonight watched more or shared more than videos published by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?
After Der Spiegel published its interview, The Sunday Times published an article that seemed to corroborate Morrissey's statements to the German publication.
Mr. Chalidze's company, Chalidze Publications, published it; it is not the case that "it is not clear if it was ever published."
Many of the book's essays were previously published in e-flux journal, a theory periodical published by the art website e-flux.
Having your work published on The Learning Network and being eligible to be chosen to have your work published in print. 11.
They were originally published in a French magazine, but later leaked to the Post anonymously in 2016 and published on its cover.
" A revised edition of the Warhol book was published in 2010, the same year Mr. Wilcock published his own autobiography, "Manhattan Memories.
Having your work published on The Learning Network and being eligible to be chosen to have your work published in print. 12.
Several months after we published an investigation about Facebook's content moderation practices, the Times published its own article about the same topic, running some of the same internal Facebook documents we had already published, without acknowledging we had done so.
Frost's first commercially published book of poems was titled A Boy's Will and, in 1942, he published a collection titled A Witness Tree.
It was published in 1951 as his first stand-alone work — he had previously had multiple short stories published in magazines and journals.
So we published this stuff and I call him out and parliament's also in an official report, also published all of this stuff.
But much of the raw data wasn't published along with the paper, Della Sala writes in a commentary published in the journal Cortex.
Since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published in 1997, there have been many different covers published for J.K. Rowling's beloved books.
It was Toole's first published novel, published 11 years after his death, after being championed by his mother and the writer Walker Percy.
NBC News chair Andy Lack wrote a memo to staff after Brokaw's email was published, which was also published by the Hollywood Reporter.
Tolkien published "The Hobbit" in 1937, and after its success, published "The Lord of the Rings" in three parts from 1954 to 1955.
Trump Jr. published those emails on his Twitter feed on Tuesday morning, moments before The New York Times published a story about them.
In 2005, she published a book called "The Case of the Female Orgasm," in which she reviewed 18 published theories about its function.
It was originally published by Tor Books, then reprinted by Small Beer Press, and this year will be published yet again by Vintage.
Last week, Motherboard published a piece that showed you where to download a huge quantity of books and academic papers published in 1923.
The elephant chart went viral after Lakner and Milanovic first published it in a working paper back in 2013 (here's the published version).
The study was published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine, an academic medical journal published by the American College of Physicians.
It was Toole's first published novel, published 11 years after his death after being championed by his mother and the writer Walker Percy.
In exchange, McDougal was featured on the cover of certain magazines and AMI published her articles but AMI never published her tell all.
Other recent examples of the genre: Mitt Romney's "No Apology" -- published in spring 2010 -- and Hillary Clinton's "Hard Choices," published in summer 2014.
The finalists are: * Mona Awad for her novel "13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl," published by Penguin Canada; * Gary Barwin for his novel "Yiddish for Pirates," published by Random House Canada; * Emma Donoghue for her novel "The Wonder," published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; * Catherine Leroux for her novel "The Party Wall," published by Biblioasis International Translation Series, translated by Lazer Lederhendler; * Madeleine Thien for her novel "Do Not Say We Have Nothing," published by Alfred A. Knopf Canada, and * Zoe Whittall for her novel "The Best Kind of People," published by House of Anansi Press Inc.

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