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"political" Definitions
  1. connected with the state, government or public affairs
  2. connected with the different groups working in politics, especially their policies and the competition between them
  3. (of people) interested in or active in politics
  4. connected with power, status, etc. within an organization, rather than with matters of principle

740 Sentences With "political"

How to use political in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "political" and check conjugation/comparative form for "political". Mastering all the usages of "political" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Mansky: Minnesota bans political apparel — wearing a "political badge, political button, or other political insignia" — at polling places.
All issues go through three phases: political education, political activation, political implementation.
CNN political director David Chalian gauges the political winds with CNN political analyst Amanda Carpenter.
L.L. Bean does not endorse political candidates, take positions on political matters, or make political contributions.
Potential political costs But retreating into his own version of political reality does bring clear political costs.
It wouldn't be the first time political reporters and the professional political class misunderstood local political dynamics.
"Giuseppe Conte will be a political prime minister chosen by two political forces for a political government with political figures in it," said Mr. Di Maio on Monday.
Government shouldn't be this political but everywhere you go things that were not this political are now political.
Pure and relative political offenses Courts recognize two classes of political offenses: pure political offenses and relative ones.
No matter the political leanings of the perpetrator, no matter the political climate, political violence is never acceptable.
The media, politicians, writers, journalists, comedians, political analysts and aspiring political activists all capitalized on the political groundswell.
But Chief Justice John Roberts said that Minnesota's ban on "political badges, political buttons, or other political insignia" gave state election officials too much discretion when barring political speech.
They have changed India's political language, deriding "political correctness", and calling critical journalists "presstitutes" and political opponents "anti-national".
The allegedly defamatory statements were made during a national political campaign that involved heated political debate in political forums.
My father was assassinated, my grandmother was assassinated, huge political battles, wins in political battles, losses in political battles.
The Russians also recruited and paid real Americans to engage in political activities for political campaigns and stage political rallies.
"Today, this question might seem absurd," writes the political scientist Hans Noel in Political Ideologies and Political Parties in America.
CNN political director David Chalian was joined by CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger and CNN political analyst Rachael Bade.
That said, I don't think that art and stories and novels need to be political in the same way that, you know, political parties are political, or that op-eds are political.
Michael Tesler, an assistant professor of political science at University of California Irvine, researches political psychology, racial politics, and political communications.
Political comedy, whether we want to believe it or not, also sways our political attitudes and how we evaluate political candidates.
Political debate at the very heart of the founding of this country has devolved into political harassment and outright political abuse.
Some political analysts believe the 40-year political veteran could be drawn to a statesmanlike-role to mentor political ingénue Ardern.
The Minnesota law at issue prohibits individuals from wearing a "political badge, political button or other political insignia" at polling places.
The political transition means social stability, economic stability, political stability.
Surely political decisions belong to the "political branches," and can't
Did political correctness push them away from civilised political discussion?
"There's always been political advocacy and political communication," he said.
Wars begin with political motives, but end with political arrangements.
He doesn't owe wealthy political donors or political elites anything.
Jeffrey Lord is a CNN political commentator and political strategist.
And luckily, that political opportunity lines up with political necessity.
But my students' political beliefs blanket the entire political spectrum.
Is Seed a game about political utopias, or political fantasies?
It's a poisonous political strategy driven by endless political rallies.
"Clear political links must have clear political consequences," he added.
The political unrest highlighted Iran's serious economic and political challenges.
We're talking about a political punishment for a political crime.
Political reverberations The memo furor may also have political reverberations.
With that reasoning he frames political vulnerabilities as political virtues.
It's very political, and the domestic political calculus comes first.
So this is political by not being political at all.
Angela Rye is a CNN political commentator, NPR political analyst and chief executive of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in Washington.
It is strictly a political determination — on the question of whether political power should be stripped — by the Article I political branch.
Lack of political standing The political labyrinth that Trump must navigate is made even more complicated by his own compromised political standing.
But Bannon is a political ideologue and political ideologues are useful in shaping policy, managing a president's public messaging, and fighting political battles.
But political analysts from every point on the political spectrum can see Gillibrand is right about the rising political power of female voters.
Political risks remain significant, but near-term political volatility has eased.
The other big political theme in my book is political decay.
Political fallout There is already political fallout from the Chelsea attacks.
If Clinton is a political geek, Trump is a political freak.
This escalation of political opposition into political hatred doesn't benefit anyone.
Violating political and social taboos is part of his political brand.
He almost certainly underestimated the political cowardice of his political opponents.
"Political problems require a political solution," Mr. Li wrote on Weibo.
I think it's partly political correctness and partly political opportunism too.
Meaning they're not political—there's no political persecution going on. OK?
As political ideologies have shifted, so too has the political map.
Bret: The best political hour and the most tedious political subject.
Still, he figured artfully drawn political districts could outweigh political tides.
No one consumes more political, and politicized, media than political elites.
Impeachment was meant to be a political remedy for political offenses.
And Clinton is a political pragmatist — maybe even a political pessimist.
So they weren't traditional political ads, but still carried political messages.
"Government agents would discover a detailed portrait of individuals' political activities and associations, including their political views and commentary; the pictures and names of individuals who participated in or organized political demonstrations, rallies, dance parties, teach-ins, and other political events; messages reflecting a user's involvement or affiliation with specific political organizations or groups; and political or organizational strategies for political activism – all regarding events unconnected to January 20," the ACLU brief said.
"As such, further restricted employees may not engage in political activity on behalf of or in concert with a political party, candidate in a partisan race, or partisan political group...distributing material created by a political party, candidate in a partisan race, or partisan political group," the guidance states.
Pursued by both major political parties, the practice is essentially when a political party in power manipulates voting districts to ensure advantageous political representation.
The remarkable thing about Trump's pardons is that most of them have been extremely political and either sent political messages or settled political scores.
"There were 52 political prisoners among those released today," said Bo Kyi, joint secretary of political prisoner watchdog Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).
A new paper, "Political uncertainty, political capital and firm risk taking", by Pat Akey, of the University of Toronto, and Stefan Lewellen, of London Business School, underlines the tight link between political uncertainty and political influence-mongering.
Political tolerance, after all, is the bedrock of any democratic political system.
Journalists became less trusting of political officials, more skeptical of political claims.
Rowdy political leaders aren't a newly introduced feature of Italian political life.
Political science, history, political strategy — these are subjects we should be debating.
But the alternative ideal—political meritocracy—is particular to China's political context.
It's a timely political angle that comes at an appropriate political moment.
Or that he has no political experience and few known political views.
Kantar files on political ads involving US officials, candidates, and political organizations.
While Graham did take political stances, his political affiliation was largely independent.
The reason was simple: a lack of political voice and political power.
The row has left political analysts baffled about the president's political strategy.
U.S. political left on the left, political right on the right. pic.twitter.
In this unpredictable political year, we have one more unpredictable political variable.
Incendiary political speech and political violence have been pervasive in U.S. history.
Ayesha Hazarika is a British political commentator, writer and former political advisor.
They ran notorious political campaigns that sought to suppress black political participation.
The personal is political, most obviously, when it is foregrounded as political.
In any other political climate this would make a juicy political thriller.
Political scientists define terrorism as violence committed to further a political agenda.
Political newcomers have had political success in Wisconsin in the past. Sen.
Outrage takes the form of political competition, political theater with a scorecard.
She's a political strategist for SKDKnickerbocker and a political commentator for CNN.
The political approach seeks to include all sides in the political process.
Maybe it's time to reduce political division by adjusting the political lines.
"The political world, the political life, is all out there," she said.
Ayesha Hazarika is a British political commentator, writer and former political adviser.
Political pundits dismissed his bid, many with trite "truisms" about political tradecraft.
Political life at Washington is like political life in a suburban vestry.
It is a political judgment ultimately made by Congress, a political body.
That is, by removing questions of immigration levels and cultural impact from the political conversation, it blocks the adjustment of political supply to political demand.
In an era when hyperpartisan news sources dominate political discourse, fanciful and factually challenged political narratives spread like wildfire, radicalizing millions of Americans' political leanings.
CNN political director David Chalian and CNN political reporter Dan Merica delve into the political consequences of an impeachment amid the upcoming primaries and caucuses.
His research areas include political tolerance, the role of threat and anxiety in political behavior, public reactions to terrorism, social desirability, the measurement of political and social attitudes, racism and racial politics, and the political behavior of African-Americans.
But you cannot start a political revolution that exposes the corruption in the political system and then expect us to get behind that same political system.
"Jacob Zuma has take a huge political risk, possibly the biggest political risk of his career thus far," Daniel Silke, director at Political Futures Consultancy said.
There are good political decisions that look bad and bad political decisions that look good — and then there are bad political decisions that just look bad.
Much of it has to do with France's party-based, Paris-oriented political system, said Gérard Grunberg, a political scientist at the Institute of Political Studies.
Twitter's new changes will globally ban the promotion of political content and ads of any type from political figures like candidates, political parties and government officials.
Political plight Though Trump's address did not mention his own tenuous political plight, it was impossible to separate it from the riotous political climate in Washington.
Although individual employees made political contributions earlier, the e-cigarette company first created a political action committee in 2018, and began making political contributions shortly thereafter.
"We're going to disclose this political intrusion into government, this ham-handed political tactic, that once again hurts New Yorkers to make their political point," Gov.
Trump has been criticized for her access to political figures and appearances at political events since her father's election in 2016, despite having no political experience.
The practice of associating or de-associating art with specific political messages is actually a powerful political tool, one used for centuries across the political spectrum.
You can't exactly call it political, but its social commentary has political ramifications.
He was the best political commentator in political TV history in my opinion.
Candidates with "good political awareness" and "strong political sensitivity and discernment" are preferred.
In New York we have political differences, but we don't have political divisions.
What's stopping us is political inertia, which means the solution is political action.
At the time, political reporters and Democratic operatives were writing Clinton's political obituary.
Scottie Nell Hughes is a CNN political commentator, the political editor of RightAlerts.
He'd even produced a ranking of disastrous political decisions and disastrous political leaders.
Instead, he staged one of the greatest political comebacks in modern political history.
Of course, securing the right to abortion requires political will and political power.
He's a political genius and a political underperformer, all at the same time.
It's a political ascent that continues to shock and unnerve the political establishment.
Political ramifications But there are broad political ramifications that flow from Wednesday's announcement.
We need to create a new political style and a new political culture.
Mark Preston is CNN's executive director of political programming and senior political analyst.
But his fixation on political language reflects more than just his political ambitions.
" Rather, he said, "I am a political junkie and an amateur political pundit.
López Obrador's political power momentum MORENA's political momentum will be tested this year.
Instead of a political position, it offers a potent metaphor for political participation.
Trump made his political career picking fights on Twitter and rejecting political correctness.
They possess a sort of preternatural political ability, but also a political paranoia.
They should recognize the insurgency as a political problem requiring a political solution.
Haspel is no political ringer being rewarded for campaign contributions or political support.
The more Afghans discuss their political future, the more realistic political negotiations become.
They are not his political flunkies who exist to validate presidential political fantasies.
It was a model of political realism — with a touch of political cynicism.
The political logic is simple: Announce something beyond the constitutional and political pale.
Laos has close political ties to communist Vietnam and mirrors its political system.
It is exacerbated when political parties seeking short term gain encourage political tribalism.
This is a piece of political theater, political vaudeville, really it was pathetic.
And if you say they're not political, then that is in itself political.
Greece has a long history of political violence from across the political spectrum.
Every political campaign involves a choice between elevating political discourse and degrading it.
Our political conclusions are dismissed as personal; our personal experiences dismissed as political.
However, this could lead to political instability in Spain's already fragmented political system.
Political prisoners will be freed immediately when I get home — all political prisoners.
Political gatherings are banned and parties are prohibited from undertaking any political activity.
Our ministry does not endorse any political candidates or engage in political campaigns.
Misinformation for political gain Others continued to use the clip for political gain.
That's his political brand as mayor, much as it's his political brand now.
Entrenched political divisions mean future bouts of political instability cannot be ruled out.
Watch political movies to see how fictional political strategies mirror real-life ones.
A political campaign may be the worst place to create your political identity.
Once upon a time "political dress" meant the dress of the political class.
WeWork has drawn significant political scrutiny from other politicians with opposite political views.
It is the Conservative Political Action Conference, not the Conservative Political Action Committee.
Targeted political advertising is giving political parties the ability to subvert the debate.
A truly independent press is not stocked with political acolytes but political adversaries.
This is the most underestimated factor in political discussion in all political media.
There are political views and there is political action—the difference is crucial.
This is why we need political intermediaries — politicians, interest groups, even political parties.
I covered press events, political demonstrations, religious gatherings, Friday prayer, visits to a political trial, political leaders and visiting dignitaries, toured the Iran-Iraq war zone, refugee camps, classrooms, and also gained access for portraits of religious and political leaders.
Though there will equally clearly be portions of the political spectrum who decry Apple News' political output as biased against them — and thus akin to political censorship.
But even if this is purely a political exercise, these tech giants are political beasts that need to remain in the good graces of America's political establishment.
These people have deep partisan connections — and some can become what the political scientist Eitan Hersh terms "political hobbyists": emotionally invested in political outcomes, loud and persistent.
Facebook has faced criticism from across the political spectrum for its refusal to fact-check political ads and for allowing political ads containing lies on its platform.
Elected officials and political commentators have increasingly argued that Trump's caustic rhetoric has coarsened political discourse in America, pointing to Trump's frequent demonizing of his political opponents.
"As the partisan struggle for political, cultural and legal supremacy grows even more bitter, political spending is ratcheting up," political analyst Francis Wilkinson observed in Bloomberg View.
So while Americans seem to like the phrase "political outsider" (or dislike "political insider"), they still want their candidates to have some experience in the political arena.
And given the country's current political climate, there's bound to be some political statements.
The political crisis in Britain is a reflection of global political trends, Brown said.
The EPP is a political group that consists of political parties from across Europe.
Lynch believes Trump's political rise has shown how flawed the political system really is.
Given the political backdrop, Judge Gorsuch may become a victim of Democratic political retribution.
A new political climate "The political environment [in the US] has changed," Kovacic said.
Cases with political impact Two of the most-watched cases carry major political consequences.
"Political campaigns and political advertising is such a fast-paced environment," said the strategist.
While Trump gains zero political benefit, he does increase the political risk for himself.
You mentioned writing pseudo-political songs, was there a political element to this album?
But Westminster is beginning to lose its monopoly of political talent and political innovation.
"Ideology and political parties were two separate ways of organizing political conflict," Noel writes.
Some political scientists argue that Mr Trump's 2016 presidential candidacy saw a political realignment.
By contrast, a relative political offense is a common crime, committed with political motives.
We have a very rudimentary understanding of how political knowledge correlates with political attitudes.
All we're really talking about right now is political ads and political ad disclosure.
Facebook doesn't just want to fill your feed with political articles and political rants.
It hints at political awareness without actually being political, which would require some specificity.
To Clinton and her circle of political operative lifers, that would've been political suicide.
Another indicator for political equality is changing attitudes caused by women gaining political power.
" Woodward added that comparing political scandals to Watergate is "in the political culture now.
But that doesn't mean the political battle won't spill into the political advertising wars.
Band also facilitated political activity including securing campaign donors and managing Clinton's political schedule.
Who wins this struggle over cultural and political meaning may determine our political future.
Jake Leahy is a Turning Point USA Ambassador, Illinois political activist, and political pundit.
Brooks seems to think that real political action only comes from a political party.
The group includes political scientists, journalists and other observers, along with distinguished political historians.
John McCain (R-Ariz.) took political risks without any corresponding political benefit to himself.
That is going to require political reform — significant and sustained political reform and liberalization.
Hamas's relatively new political leader, Yahya Sinwar, is trying out a new political tool.
Mainstream media is geared towards representing the political center but accommodating both political parties.
Lewandowski, a former CNN political commentator, founded a political consulting firm after the election.
Settling political scores All three of Trump's first pardons had a distinctly political overtone.
Revenue growth ranges between 2% during non-political years and 4% during political years.
Steve Kornacki, MSNBC political correspondent Every political cycle has its break-out "nerd" star.
This is a form of political correctness, where political neutrality is privileged over facts.
"We're not a political company, but climate change shouldn't be political either," he said.
Such measures could also define the political realm and delegate political power after Abbas.
"I won't say it's a political stunt, but I will say it's political," Rep.
They put their own personal ambitions and political ideology ahead of the political framework.
Visions of the future and alternate universes are inherently political, because change is political.
Unfortunately, it's not a controversial political proposition among large segments of the political left.
There's always some near-term political gain that they get out of political reforms.
Its stipulations include an "inclusive" political system to ensure "broad social and political representation".
For much of the postwar era, political scientists had barely thought about political institutions.
Did his father's political connections help launch O'Rourke's political career, as is sometimes said?
This, for them, is not simply a game about political passion and political principles.
Abiy has won plaudits for releasing journalists and political prisoners and unbanning political parties.
"It's a political issue, and it shouldn't be a political issue," Mr. Taylor said.
To most political observers, it seems obvious that political polarization is on the rise.
These politicians are taking the politically expedient track for political gain or political survival.
Still, political analysts warned against drawing broader conclusions from a uniquely Belgian political moment.
Political scientists have long understood how corrosive income inequality can be to political stability.
A poisoned political climate We could all use a break from this political climate.
" Now, she said, was not the time for "political calculation" or even "political correctness.
" I should not have used "safely," because that is now political, as is "political.
The most common political experience of the elite is to work within political parties.
Political analysts said the ban would do little beyond giving Turnbull additional political ammunition.
Across the political divide, congressional Democrats see the GOP plan as extreme political overreach.
Members of the cabinet who have more political experience also have more political baggage.
Scientists must recognize and fight political censorship, while they remain vigilant for political interference.
I wanted to laugh, in a way, at something political but not directly political.
The results were a 214-month political stalemate and a string of political assassinations.
And when they start participating in the political process, that is the political revolution.
We need to make political changes, so we need to engage in political work.
"But, if you live by political motivations, you die by political motivations," Burns said.
The ultimate political insider, Bush came from a famous family and rich political connections.
The results were a 214-month political stalemate and a string of political assassinations.
Will an experienced political figure like Kamala Harris succeed the political novice, Donald Trump.
On both ends of the political spectrum, political activism has transformed power and meaning.
And David Leonhardt amends many American political observers' faulty understanding of the political center.
We weren't a political band, but by what we did we were being political.
In the next act of his political career, Trump will show that the narrative of the soap opera applies to political life -- or more precisely his political life.
"The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy," he wrote in The Concept of the Political (1927).
A rich celebrity with no political experience and a flagrant disregard for the niceties of political behavior has become the presumptive nominee of a major American political party.
In an age of choice, political journalism is a business that serves people interested in political news and that tries to create more people interested in political news.
"A political badge, political button or other political insignia may not be worn at or about a polling place on primary or election day," its key provision says.
Li also now plays an active political role in China and is a regular delegate to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, a largely ceremonial political advisory body.
There's a substantial body of research in political science and political psychology suggesting that even very mild messages or cues that touch on race can alter political opinions.
And Hawley defines "politically biased" moderation as the following: ''(ii) POLITICALLY BIASED MODERATION — The moderation practices of a provider of an interactive computer service are politically biased if — ''(I) the provider moderates information provided by other information content providers in a manner that — ''(aa) is designed to negatively affect a political party, political candidate, or political view point; or ''(bb) disproportionately restricts or promotes access to, or the availability of, information from a political party, political candidate, or political viewpoint; '(II) an officer or employee of the provider makes a decision about moderating information provided by other information content providers that is motivated by an intent to negatively affect a political party, political candidate, or political viewpoint.
Political comedy comes in many forms — we're not just talking about cable or network TV but also viral videos, political cartoons, fake political ads, Twitter hashtags, and internet memes.
But while the President is acutely sensitive to his own personal and political position in the US, he's almost completely indifferent to the political tectonics grinding fellow political leaders.
According to a Pew Research Center study on social media and political engagement, people who have firmer political ties are more likely than moderates to share something political online.
The ICO is investigating 30 separate organizations, including social media companies, data analytics firms, political campaigns and political parties, over the use of such analytical methods for political purposes.
You said in the book that you were a political neophyte, covering a political neophyte.
In his meteoric political career, Trump has upended a succession of political rules and truisms.
The economic aspect supports the political aspect and the political aspect supports the economic aspect.
The result being widespread political correctness that leaves little room for cultural or political opposition.
Those are the kind of people who take political moments and make them political movements.
Ultimately, the political instability and conflict inherent in the demagogue's tactics precipitates his political downfall.
Political connections Sessions' political ties to Trump and Senate Republican leaders could help him too.
It's designed to set up a political fight, including a political fight in the Senate.
Yet mostly the impression is of political operatives doing what might be expected—being political.
Now the important thing is usually political ideology, or political calculus, wearing a religious mask.
Direct rule would bypass Kashmir's fossilised political dynasties, dragging the state into the political mainstream.
An astute political operator like Augustus was entirely alive to the risks of political propaganda.
Political parties and national committees often use the data to target voters with political messaging.
She lets them know how she feels about political issues without injecting divisive political rhetoric.
There are lots of economists who function in the political realm, in the political world.
Whether or not she's been overtly political, though, Swift has always been a political tool.
Europe's political systems have long been more hospitable to the emergence of new political parties.
And the political bands I'm working with, I'm not telling them to write political songs.
The study also identified the 2017.9 political reporters who male political reporters retweet the most.
Next come the political pundits who speculate over the political potential fallout from the tweet.
" Nicolle Wallace on NBC: "the best speech of his political career -- his short political career.
When you pardon someone who's a member of your own political party, is that political?
No political party can be led effectively by someone whose active political career is over.
Carole Walker is a political analyst and a former political news correspondent for the BBC.
Political comment or argument: Trump makes his most raw political and policy arguments via Twitter.
Look at Cameron, he made one political mistake [Brexit] and his political career is finished.
But popular anger at the political class gives him scope to reform the political system.
The political system is a shambles, with Congress home to an unwieldy 25 political parties.
Meanwhile, a group of political operatives and family members attempts to salvage his political career.
He is interested in getting damaging political dirt he can use against a political adversary.
They're all political problems that are solvable in principle if we have the political will.
It said political dialogue and political and economic reforms were the answer to Zimbabwe's problems.
The political factions in Puerto Rico group themselves around the issue of its political status.
"This doesn't bode well for the political negotiations in Geneva to find a political settlement."
She simply understood that stories are intrinsically political, that being in the world is political.
The narrator writhes within a fantasy of political commitment, though the political conditions are unripe.
Nationalism interacts with traditional political practices, reflecting the local cultural and traditional and political structures.
In the end, the canon today challenges both the political left and the political right.
Ballot initiatives are the result of Americans' political will—not their elected leaders' political courage.
It's political insanity and nothing short of political malpractice for Republicans to ignore these trends.
Or is it a political movement defined by xenophobia and a dislike for political correctness?
"Never underestimate the power of political violence and terror to undo political relations," he says.
Um, Pelosi, you put a decidedly political spin on something that is not remotely political.
A political "bank run," in the phrase of the political scientist Ivan Krastev, could ensue.
I wanted to just share some political news, but now he's not a political leader!
These are:Facebook should ban false political ads, like it does with other, non-political ads.
You have no natural political home Yes, it's easy to decry the two political parties.
So what comes next, now that Mr. Trump has defied political convention and political correctness?
Chris Carr, the former party committee political director, will be political director for the campaign.
Both help temper the extremes of political dogma that have afflicted the US political landscape.
She has a large amount of political satire and political speech that's in her channel.
"We need a political anchor, a political compass," he told 1961,000 revelers in the tent.
CreditCreditPaul Sancya/Associated Press It was the year when athletes got political again, very political.
At the time, they were both regional political directors in the office of political affairs.
It can win broad political support because ostensibly every political party is against fake news.
To become less political, Mulvaney decided, the bureau would first have to become more political.
First, of course, is the inaccurate or inappropriate distribution of political representation or political power.
"We're seeing an uptick in political violence and political intimidation going on now," Levin said.
Everyone there follows Famous Political Reporter and 500 other political journalists who retweet one another.
The majority of people it follows are either political reporters, politicians, political operatives, or pundits.
Policymakers and political leaders would be foolish to ignore global implications, both economic and political.
Judges are not allowed to donate to political parties or participate in any political activities.
Yang, with his non-political background and free-wheeling style, is a unique political figure.
"Kashmir is a political issue — it needs a political resolution, not deradicalization camps," he said.
A big television interview has long been a weapon in a political consultant's political arsenal.
But press freedom is not the preserve of one political group or one political party.
There are some politicians who — even at their political peril — are demonstrating true political courage.
It is currently held by a political appointee with an advanced degree in political science.
Mr. Trump had no political or military experience, the traditional routes to high political office.
Ukrainian political activists and anti-corruption experts say Derkach and Dubinsky have suspicious political motives.
Both Arizona and California keep political insiders, such as political party officers, off the commissions.
Germany's traditional political parties have been reluctant to indulge that desire because of political taboos.
Twitter Inc banned political ads in October, while Facebook fact checks content from political groups.
Hamilton wrote in defense of a political system he thought would resist organized political parties.
" Pompeo fired back, accusing Menendez of making a "political soliloquy" and Democrats of political "silliness.
No one expects the chief justice to take political sides in this ugly political season.
You know, you're a political guy, so do you still do political clients or not?
But climate change is a political problem, one that will require large-scale political solutions.
When people say things like, your music is political — all music, all art is political.
A deeper issue, however, is a somewhat shifting nature of political representation and political activism.
The Hatch Act prohibits employees from engaging in political activity while on duty, and defines unlawful actions as ones directed toward the success or failure of a political party, partisan political group or candidate for partisan political office, according to the Office of Special Counsel.
"We never interfere in the political life and the political processes of other countries and we don't want anybody interfering in our political life and foreign policy processes," said Putin.
"No one has his political and revolutionary credentials to replace him ... his death has created a major political vacuum in Iran," Tehran-based political analyst Saeed Leylaz said by telephone.
You also have a political situation, and Donald Trump as president, as an American, has every right to weigh in on the political matter, on the political side of things.
After successfully crushing two political dynasties dismantling two political establishments, a return to Romney would symbolize a return to grazing the same unproliferous political pasture that yielded nothing but failure.
"Sometimes I feel like the political process and governments feel so far away from young people and it is not 'the political process,' it is 'your political process,'" she said.
Nevertheless, some fear the Garland episode provides further confirmation that Supreme Court justices are political appointees like other government political appointees who are expected to carry out a political agenda.
"We are seeing a return of past episodes of political or judicial interference in political parties and political representatives, particularly those who have fallen foul of state policy," he said.
May's cabinet, the country, political parties and Parliament all hopelessly split over how or whether to carry out Brexit, Britain's political universe is imploding and so are its political norms.
Bitter political battles A fearsome day of pitched political battle Sunday emphasized the brittle political atmosphere and the still uncertain impact of impeachment on Democratic and Republican candidates in November.
This bipartisan reform created the Federal Election Commission, which enforces campaign finance laws, and required federal candidates, political action committees, parties and independent political spenders to disclose their political spending.
Impeachment Watch Podcast: CNN political director David Chalian talked with CNN political correspondent Abby Philip and CNN political analyst Molly Ball about how impeachment will affect moderates in both parties.
"It will probably wind up being a Chicago political-establishment-oriented newspaper," said Don Rose, a longtime political operative in Chicago who has been critical of Mr. Eisendrath's political career.
But it's becoming increasingly irrelevant, because without political will and political power — and a movement behind that political will and power — no policy is going to be put into effect.
Political communications in the UK are mostly unregulated outside election periods, except for registered political parties.
It was a political cost for the government, it was a political cost for the people.
Again, made up, fake for political purposes this is just part of that same political strategy.
What is so notable about the recent political ugliness is not that it reveals political differences.
Malicious political ads paid for by Kremlin-backed entities didn't always look like malicious political ads.
Militant political groups like the Houthis accused Hadi of shutting them out of the political process.
Prior to his presidential run, guns were rarely a political obstacle in Sanders' long political career.
Broadcasters can still decline to air political ads from non-candidates, such as political action committees.
Every elected official has a political network, and every political network has its own distinct currency.
I began my political career at 16, interning for the Political Director of the AFL-CIO.
"Bernie, he did awaken the political revolution; however, he is not the political revolution," Khan said.
Parties aren't just people who share ideologies or a political brand (thus, often, a political fate).
Political statements and finger pointing from political candidates only distract from solving the Flint water crisis.
Given the current political climate, do you feel any pressure to make your work explicitly political?
It takes a political ideal and uses it in manipulative support of some other political ideal.
"We understand political activity as taking part in a competition for political power," says Mr Roginsky.
Mr Macron campaigned for office in 2017 as a political insurgent against the established political parties.
Some in the Mexican political press asked if it was the worst political campaign in history.
" Honig's answer: It was legal and a "baldly political act" reflecting "Barr's political solicitude of Trump.
Musk, both individually and through his companies, donates to candidates, political campaigns and political-action committees.
It's a political job in a political city and with that comes bias, get over it.
Just to be clear, you can use these Kimoji for both political and non-political discussions.
Pelosi "is running the most sophisticated political warfare, the most sophisticated political disinformation campaign," he added.
"She's not prioritized a Massachusetts-based political persona," said Hopkins, the Boston College political science professor.
Bradley Tusk, a former political operative who helps companies launch political-style campaigns, runs several businesses.
Political podcast pundits abound: Slate's Political Gabfest and Trumpcast; NPR Politics; FiveThirtyEight Elections; Vox's The Weeds.
Many mainstream political parties are in voters' bad books and the international political system is tottering.
We still hope that our American colleagues express some sort of political wisdom and political will.
But while Darnielle is a deeply political person, he does not consider himself a political artist.
And if so, what will America's new political parties—and its new political consensus—look like?
While not overtly political, these works, when considered in context, point to or signify political injustices.
Both are timely and expressly political, dealing with the contemporary political scene in the Middle East.
Carole Walker is a political analyst who worked as a political news correspondent for the BBC.
The nomination launched not only a new conservative political movement but a revolution in political fundraising.
This political earthquake, they assured us, was most certainly not indicative of any broader political trend.
His political background includes working as Missouri state political director for Bob Dole's 22005 presidential campaign.
Plenty of political observers thought the Puerto Rican diaspora would be a political boon to Democrats.
In Washington, Trump will meet supporters at a political roundtable and speak at a political dinner.
It illustrates the difficulty Italy's democratic political system is having with the today's new political realities.
The CBS poll revealed a similar political divide among women regarding their representation in political office.
"We take political ads because we really believe they are part of political discourse," Sandberg said.
Behind the terminology also lies an implicit threat: Political violence will be met with political violence.
Hatch's political future For Hatch, the tax bill is personal as he considers his political future.
A lot of Americans want change; Trump is the political upstart and Clinton the political establishment.
The idea that outsiders make the best political leaders is baked into the American political consciousness.
To begin with, political advertisements on the web should be regulated like political ads anywhere else.
The most recent winning political tickets featured candidates with authentic connections, whether personal, political or both.
He will oversee its political engagement, including its state grassroots operations and its political action committee.
I would never put into any fortune my political leanings, but I do have political leanings.
Still, Perot's political legacy is larger than a mostly defunct political party or one gubernatorial victory.
Her daughter's vegetarianism and contrasting political views are nails on a chalkboard to this political viper.
Obama would never wiretap another political leader, we've been told, and would never target political opposition.
Rather than chief executives shaping political discourse, however, our toxic political environment is dictating corporate strategy.
Debates about ideologies among political writers eventually define what those ideologies mean in our political system.
But, ideally, these political groupings are supposed to promote the unity of political ideology over nationality.
Because even in an assiduously "non-political" film, choosing to ignore politics is a political choice.
Some political experts said Mr. Butts, who is credited with masterminding Mr. Trudeau's political rise, succeeded.
Moreover, despite their political pedigrees, the students came with a frustratingly broad range of political convictions.
It mistakes the political nature of impeachment to make it simply susceptible to ordinary political forces.
"This is ultimately a political dispute and should be left to the political process," he said.
The state's political experts and power brokers had already been expecting a political brawl this year.
Around the world, the old political divides are being replaced, and political geographies are being redrawn.
The political calculus of Ms. James and her campaign team makes sense to many political observers.
First, the alternative to political polarization is often political suppression — disagreements get suppressed rather than resolved.
Political victories are won when you destroy your political opponents by catching them in some wrongdoing.
Political and ideological differences among Turkish political parties disappear when anti-Kurdish nationalism is at play.
Graham would trump his political ambitions -- or even just his political obligations -- is sweet, if true.
For political watchers, the most striking thing about this outpouring of political activism is its spontaneity.
"The Syrian people should determine their country's political future through a political process," the official added.
"There is nothing political about her release; there is nothing political about her imprisonment," Businge said.
But civil society is under assault from political forces, so that defending it is, necessarily, political.
It added that L.L. Bean did not endorse political candidates or take positions on political matters.
Now, the fight over the president's political future will play out in the broader political arena.
S. investor making decisions on its U.S. political activities will also be prevented from political spending.
They use political rhetoric to intensify everyday tensions; they judge one another by abstract political standards.
Leathern did however ask political leaders to establish new rules that would govern digital political advertising.
Ashis Nandy, India's foremost political sociologist, puts this down to a changing political and social mood.
These questions remain for many in the working political class across organizations, associations, and political designations.
POLITICAL EVENT The longest nationwide strike against a Detroit automaker since 543 became a political event.
POLITICAL EVENT The longest nationwide strike against a Detroit automaker since 1970 became a political event.
But despite social upheaval or political reorientation, most Americans are part of a large political center.
He shut down universities, banned political activity and arrested student leaders as well as political rivals.
" The American political equivalent is "The GOP is the worst political party, except for the Democrats.
It receives no funding from the government or any political party, political action committee or candidate.
Why are those in the political center defined in terms of those on the political extremes?
Gaetz said if "wiretapping political opponents is a political offense ... a different president" should be impeached.
Trump's equivocating response has resulted in backlash from politicians and political observers from both political parties.
Political predators have groomed politicians on immigration for years with promises of political success and support.
Russia's own internal political and economic weaknesses are enabling neighboring countries to chart independent political courses.
The political scientist's report card on Mr. Cicilline: intelligent and hardworking with grade-A political instincts.
In our increasingly polarized political landscape, we're witnessing a growing trend among political candidates for office.
Despite the experience of Mauá, Brazil's political leaders were unwavering, turning vessel launches into political rallies.
Abiy released political prisoners, unbanned political parties and prosecuted officials accused of gross human rights abuses.
For over a year now, political commentators have struggled to identify Donald Trump's past political counterpart.
To be sure, this is what political players (on all ends of the political spectrum) do.
The political utility of stifling political expression and critique within Muslim American communities comes into view.
Let's talk about some of the headwinds, then, because clearly Brexit is a political risk, Donald Trump is a political risk, elections across Europe are a political risk for this year.
Political scientists and pollsters have increasingly noticed that partisanship in the modern era is driven less by loyalty to a given political program and more by animosity toward one's political enemies.
Political science professor Travis Ridout, the author of "The Campaign Power of Political Advertising," shares some of these studies' skepticism about microtargeting, but puts more stock in political advertising in general.
On the flip side of weeding out non-transparent political propaganda and/or political disinformation, Facebook is currently blocking the free flow of legal pan-EU political campaigning on its platform.
That may be a source of friction, as higher political leaders might expect the same type of political loyalty from the career acting official as they would from a political appointee.
As a former member of Congress and political moderate, I thought I'd seen most of the propaganda tactics employed by the political extremes to sway public opinion and achieve political outcomes.
" In a phone conversation after the Presidential election, Salvant said, "The current political landscape is making me feel I want to be messier, sing more political songs, write more political songs.
Although she's right about one thing: If she's not a political person or inspired to be political, she most definitely should stay away from making political music (please and thank you).
Klein draws on the work of the political scientist Lilliana Mason to describe how political polarization has resulted in the "stacking" of otherwise unrelated identities under the heading of political affiliation.
"We never interfere in the political life and the political processes of other countries, and we don't want anybody interfering in our political life and foreign policy processes," Mr. Putin said.
The next time you watch any televised investigative committee and see such stonewalling and political posturing, take time to write down the names, political affiliations and political districts of the offenders.
Go deeper: Facebook, Google weigh changing political ad policies Political ads become 2020 flashpoint Twitter to stop accepting all political ads The free speech election How online ad targeting weaponizes information
Through my work, I've found that political comedy is an important force in each new election cycle because it shapes voters' evaluations of politicians and their beliefs about their own ability to understand and participate in the political process — something we in political communication call political efficacy.
There&aposs been a lot of talk about how bad political division is, but I think I found something worse than political division: Political agreement as in one-party cities and countries.
" He noted that he owes much of his own political success to social media, which helped him build "what ended up being the most effective political campaign, probably in modern political history.
The rapport between the two, many years removed from political office, came as a stark contrast from the massive political fights they grappled with during their presidencies and the contemporary political climate.
Lady Gaga was political in the most classiest way #SuperBowl All of u are saying lady Gaga didn't get political but "Born this way" is such a political song so don't even.
Kane and Fattah's political posturing under indictment for corruption are proof our fractured political system will always allow bad actors to make overt political pleas when faced with overwhelming evidence of malfeasance.
The United States and international allies cannot dictate terms of new Afghan political arrangements, but they can help Afghan political actors to take the hard political decisions now, before worse ones emerge.
Instead, she writes, Contrary to an issue-focused view of political decision making and behavior, the results presented here suggest that political thought, behavior, and emotion are powerfully driven by political identities.
Under Twitter's new policy, a global ban is in place on the promotion of political content and ads of any type from political figures such as candidates, political parties and government officials.
Even with political will and money from donors, re-establishing a political presence will not be easy.
Those that are engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective.
Our political institutions are just not set up to handle two deeply polarized, highly competitive political parties.
Do you think, "I'm going to do more political stuff, I'm not going to do political stuff"?
On the political front, Li spoke of his concerns of political tensions weighing on Hong Kong's economy.
"'The political blue sky' comes with the price of retaliatory pollution after political events," the study concluded.
It&aposs important because they opened up an investigation into a political campaign, Maria, a political campaign.
"Symbolically, Maduro is burying his political father," said Andres Canizalez, a professor and expert in political communications.
To reduce political anger and frustration would ultimately require changing the political system to be less frustrating.
Political activists have accused the Rangers of heavy-handed tactics, including summary executions and targeting political parties.
Mr Renzi is staking his political reputation on a referendum in December to reform the political system.
Senators are political creatures engaging in what Alexander Hamilton, in the Federalist Papers, declared a political process.
"Everything seems to indicate that political machines have aligned, organized and political clans will win," he said.
Probably much to the delight of political scientists, Mr Corbyn has managed to eclipse his political hero.
Given the political climate, entertainment that helps foster political discussion and empathy is more important than ever.
The Hatch Act placed sweeping restrictions on political activity by government officials, including the president's political appointees.
"There are issues about the political character, political motivation, comments by the U.S. president," Richard Peck said.
Fox News&apos Matt Finn and Fox News political director Chris Stirewalt discuss the governor's political impact.
But even amidst disparate political stances, a common theme was that of "outsiders" from the political mainstream.
The Cook Political Report, the political analysis site, ranks up to 17 Democratic seats as toss-ups.
S.E. Cupp is a CNN political commentator, regularly appearing across the network's programming and special political coverage.
Pashinyan said the composition of political forces in the parliament did not reflect the country's political reality.
One political observer said working-class Baltimore voters might hold his lack of political experience against him.
POLITICAL ORDER AND POLITICAL DECAY: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy, by Francis Fukuyama.
This suggests that political viewpoints and unsourced lies made up for political reasons are the same thing.
On the political spectrum, my family is very mixed, which helped me develop my own political beliefs.
The simple political fact is that a government shutdown would be a massive political problem for Republicans.
In terms of affecting political change and political influence, I hope that's how it can be used.
"This (result) has a sweeping psychological significance," said political analyst Robert Laszlo at think tank Political Capital.
Political feuding between the two political leaders has dominated Bangladesh&aposs politics for more than a decade.
You can't play around with those political passions for political purposes and then assume they are forgotten.
It's usually an intentionally political statement, but just as often it becomes political without meaning to be.
The earliest newspapers in the United States were closely linked to political parties or specific political stances.
Political crisis explained They say they represent a youth uprising that is seeking a new political class.
David M. Drucker is a senior political correspondent for the Washington Examiner and a CNN political analyst.
It can protect against political donations that might trigger a backlash in our fiercely divided political climate.
Political implications Then there are the political implications unleashed by Trump's move for the White House itself.
Shehwaro said the group was political, but the children were not exposed to political slogans or campaigns.
Uncertainty lingering from the 0003 political crisis and surrounding the subsequent political transition weighed on investment spending.
There was no major political scandal or crisis; this was political chaos of the Liberal's own making.
" Barkley, who once considered a political career of his own, said today's political race has become "silly.
The sources of our political tensions are deeply rooted in the way that our political institutions work.
Trump is doing much more than just shunning political correctness: He is showing us his political psychosis.
Furthermore, our degree of political participation is often low, both in voting and in occupying political positions.
It's also rare that a political party abandons a political position that once brought it electoral success.
Dartmouth College Political Scientist Brendan Nyhan has studied the ways information and disinformation affect political processes extensively.
Jane Merrick is a British political journalist and former political editor of the Independent on Sunday newspaper.
Ending oil and gas leasing would be an enormous political risk and entail a gigantic political shitstorm.
"Political identity is fair game for hatred," Shanto Iyengar, director of Stanford's political communications lab, told me.
I am more interested in connecting conflicting political models, with the aim of creating new political solidarities.
Political advertising only brings them more ideas to consider — and broadens the parameters of our political debates.
" Bannon added that he wasn't singling out a particular political party, but rather "the permanent political class.
Still, his finances and involvement with political dark money groups could become political baggage down the road.
The think tank's political arm, the American Energy Alliance, gave Trump  its first political endorsement last July.
He's settled political scores, helped political buddies, righted historical wrongs and doled out celebrity favors with clemencies.
Not all the political pop of 210 was radio friendly, nor was it obvious or intentionally political.
Political parties in the province announced suspension of political activities in the aftermath of deadly suicide bombing.
Commentary by Bradley Tusk, a political strategist and venture capitalist who leads political advisory firm Tusk Strategies.
Ever since they were released, one national political leader and political appointee after another has failed them.
To be certain, misinformation and political spin is neither new nor unexpected in the European political arena.
So certain political public figures have taken that and tried to use it for partisan, political purposes.
Capitol Hill is inherently a political place and there is already an acutely political axis of division.
Does Trump's likely (re)capitulation on wall funding have any measurable political impact among his political base?
"It's not political and it is political at the same time," Mr. Ai said in the interview.
Through its political activities, my union acts in ways that is opposite to my own political efforts.
Unsurprisingly, this appeals to political campaigns looking to leverage data signals to determine a voter's political affiliation.
The 'young guns' who love their party and are tapping into changing political classes and political winds?
The most political music is probably rap, but even the mainstream rap isn't very political, you know?
You have to look at what the political environment -- what political environment would be created by that.
His chief political selling point, after all, has always been his lack of political correctness and unpredictability.
Partners have more prizes to chase — a political appointment, a higher political appointment, maybe even a judgeship.
Spreading disinformation about the shooters motivations and political affiliations doesn't help anyone and deepens America's political divides.
The think tank's political arm, the American Energy Alliance, gave Trump  its first political endorsement last July.
A Californian political candidate is running false ads on Facebook to challenge its rules on political advertising.
His resignation stunned Beirut's political establishment, brought down the coalition government and sparked a new political crisis.
Unfortunately, it's an area where both the political right and political left traffic in ideological fairy tales.
Dr. Price is a political scientist who specializes in contemporary black politics, public opinion and political rhetoric.
Trump is not the only senior political leader willing to inject explosive political language into the debate.
Despite his brother's political ties, the family says Salim has no political affiliations with the Libyan government.
But its political system and its political class, however dysfunctional and sclerotic, are remarkably resilient as well.
But the timing does seem to have been either a political miscalculation or, worse, a political calculation.
The city is Mr. Erdogan's home and political base, where he began his political career as mayor.
The political focus on racial conflict is integral to the political viability of the tax cut program.
The way the political system is here, reliant on political donations and money, it's [ripe] for corruption.
"Andrea probably wouldn't be defined as a political animal, where everything's a political move," Ms. Krueger said.
For decades, political scientists thought they knew how kids developed their political beliefs: They mimicked their parents.
" Ms. Goldberg mulls over my political memoir, "Life of the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All.
Trump demonstrates that political news needs entertaining, controversial, and divisive political characters to keep the public's attention.
Buber's commitment to the spiritual aim of political life brought him to espouse even odder political positions.
Additionally, they no longer have political ambitions of their own and would be above the political fray.
CNN political analyst Stephen Collinson said Trump's power play puts his political goals over America's interests. 2.
How best to effect that change is a question not of political science but of political instinct.
Ayanna Pressley's win this week stunned political insiders, defied all polling and upset the political status quo.
Go deeper: Rivals distance themselves from Facebook on political ads How online ad targeting weaponizes political misinformation
We are not coming at this from a political place or trying to make a political statement.
"Messages now are nearly as political as if they were produced by a political group," Okail said.
So far, Abiy has overseen the release of political prisoners and lifted a ban on political opponents.
They can also aggravate political polarization, causing people to turn every political debate into a nasty fight.
A political operative called it "kinda goofy" and that echoed the conventional political wisdom at the time.
The most compelling judgment that political actors exercise within any political system is the designation of enemies.
Rosenblum, a political scientist at Harvard, has spent her career investigating how political and social life intersect.
The key factor now, Prior argued, was not access to political information but interest in political information.
You had urban riots, you had Richard Nixon and Watergate, you had political assassination after political assassination.
Fox News Political Reporter Paul Steinhauser shares the political stories he'll be watching for during the debate.
"'Political blue sky' comes with the price of retaliatory pollution after political events," the study's authors said.
Instead his role is more political than legal -- a combination showman, political attack-dog and Trump whisperer.
We essentially built what ended up being the most effective political campaign probably in modern political history.
But political allegiances aside, Arce's story provides a warning tale of the human cost of political violence.
Daniel Silke, a political analyst and director at Political Futures Consultancy said Zuma had taken a risk.
"These comments are clearly intended to try to attack a political opponent for political gain," Army Maj.
Georg Vanberg is professor of political science and law and chair of political science at Duke University.
The Russians bought political ads on social media sites and organized political rallies to achieve those goals.
However, Kelly's lack of political gravitas and acumen could portend his demise in Washington's top political job.
She grew up very poor and has climbed the political ladder with an ever-changing political philosophy.
Any opposition to releasing the report is purely political, designed to protect the President from political harm.
The difficult question, though, is whether the American political system can overcome political gridlock to fix itself.
"In an election year, there is no practical; just political," said Evan Thies, a Democratic political consultant.
The parallels to recent political developments should send a chill to most anyone, regardless of political stripe.
Improper mixing of church and political activities is an issue for both political parties, Markert told Reuters.
"They were political prisoners once, but now they are not doing anything for political prisoners," she said.
Kalmoe suggests that violent political rhetoric, along with individual personality factors, can drive support for political violence.
Trump is waging political warfare — against Republicans Trump is waging political warfare — against Republicans For Republican Sen.
The personal becomes political, so if you're aiming to do a political show, focus on the personal.
As the forms of political communication popular in the 1990s — like dominating the mainstream media and using political advertising — have become diluted, Nielsen makes the case that personalized political communication, with staffers and volunteers talking to voters on the ground, is an increasingly impactful arm of competitive political campaigns.
A political system in which states would have strong independent authority and their own equal political representation (the Senate) was a peaceful political solution to integrating these 13 states into a single union.
Nuit Debout reveals a political problem: it's a gathering of people who want to make a point about this political issue—but it's still mostly just a political awakening, not a revolutionary force.
In political science, there's an idea known as Duverger's law, which states that winner-take-all election systems lead to two-party political systems and proportional representation systems lead to multiparty political systems.
About 11 states and the District of Columbia go further, banning anyone wearing "political badges, political buttons, or other political insignia to be worn at or about the polling place" on election day.
"It's lamentable but not surprising that it would do something to shield another political leader, that it would grant political asylum to another political leader who was trying to escape accountability," she said.
"Ukraine's political forces are guided by political ambitions and are trying to somehow change the current political situation, including the president's low rating," he said at a news conference in Moscow on Friday.
And although both these men pride themselves on being political outsiders who've never held political office, they are undoubtedly political animals and relentless personal brand promoters who chase a check over a cliff.
We believe that political advertising merits a level of disclosure and transparency that branded political emojis do not meet, and we ultimately decided not to permit this particular format for any political advertising.
The political center collapses, the normal left/right political categories cease to apply and you see the rise of strange new political groups that are crazier than anything you could have imagined before.
"We believe that political messaging should earn their reach, because internet political ads present entirely new challenges for political outcomes," Twitter's legal, policy, and trust and safety lead Vijaya Gadde told reporters Friday.
"(Young Japanese) are discovering that they can engage in political issues without reproducing the same old political patterns of belonging to either the right or the left of the political landscape," he said.
The American Political Science Association, the primary professional association for political science professors, finds political blogging to be valuable enough to include a section for its members to blog directly on its website.
" In the other, "exposure to those with opposing political views may create backfire effects that exacerbate political polarization.
Also, apparently, even though we've attached political meaning to Lamar's work, he himself tries not to be political.
That's what the political revolution is about and that's why the political revolution must continue into the future.
Their political careers were jeopardized after investigations were announced and begun to great fanfare in the political press.
"These two nations are zealously competing for regional, political and sports leadership," said Egyptian political analyst Hassan Nafaa.
I'm sure that there's enormous political efforts to try to address the political needs of the US government.
As for hashtags of 2016: The top trends bent toward the political — or at least toward political commentating.
IK: Look, I think different countries have different political systems, and their citizens have different political beliefs, right?
Not least because there is also the trickiness of identifying a political ad (vs a non-political ad).
He ran a chummy daily political newsletter, The Note, from his perch as political director of ABC News.
"Story" is relatively recent in political speech — and is one reason such political speeches have been so dull.
It has been the first major political test for Lightfoot, a political newcomer who was elected in April.
Nonmember workers are not required to contribute to a union's political lobbying activities or backing of political candidates.
The party seeks to turn the activism of young people embodied in recent political movements into political representation.
Some years ago Fritz Scharpf, a political scientist, made a useful distinction between two sources of political legitimacy.
Because it is not associated with any political party or grandee, it can reach across the political spectrum.
Mobilizing all of our political capital, resources, and power in one election is not a wise political move.
Snapchat is rolling a range of political ads, including its first sponsored lens for a U.S. political campaign.
Romney was considered the political favorite by political observers and U.S. President Donald Trump endorsed Romney in February.
Westpac and CBA do not make cash donations to political parties but do pay to attend political events.
A growing belief that political and financial wrongs yield no political penalty sets in motion a vicious circle.
Political scientists call this "Duverger's law," and more than two centuries of American political history back it up.
Then you come to the realization that for a political project to work, you need a political community.
Voters are angry at the political establishment and the political establishment doesn't much care for the voters either.
Donald Trump&aposs electoral coalition is smashing both American political parties and its previously impenetrable political news media.
You see just how political it is, so you can't get anywhere near this and not be political.
At its root, liberalism is a political philosophy demanding the diffusion of power—whether economic, social or political.
" These young people, he said, "are not political, but angry at the political system that delivers them nothing.
To "have a voice" is to have political power, whereas "the voiceless" have no political agency or representation.
The political class cannot be trusted to make those decisions based on anything other than political considerations, period.
Tanya can tell you, I wasn't that political when I met her and —" JSB: "I'm too political (Laughter).
Some political philosophers argue that it's impossible to justify the inequalities in coercive power inherent in political authority.
When you try to identify political pardons, you run into the problem of how you define what's political.
He had created a new political party to house his political ambitions, and it lacked depth and breadth.
" To introduce the temporary ban on political content, Gackle wrote: "For one week, political stories are off-topic.
Still, with the current political climate, some sectors will be punching bags for political campaigns on both sides.
Queerness is the intersection of the political and personal, a way to quantify how the personal becomes political.
He got his master's degree in international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
And political pressure must be applied to protect the vital role that nonprofits play in our political discourse.
Conway gave speeches or provided political consulting services to dozens of political interest groups, mostly advocating conservative causes.
Given the current political climate in Europe, this is more than an unwelcome interruption of a political narrative.
Testing the limits of an unorthodox strategy Trump's narrowing political horizons are also reflected in his political strategy.
Turning a speech at an intelligence agency into a political rally is a deep betrayal of political norms.
First of all, it should be noted that Blakely's takedown of "political science" refers to no political scientists.
This is a political issue that will require a political resolution the hard way at the ballot box.
McCarthy is a shrewd political operator who will not only navigate those political challenges but thrive in them.
The overwhelming majority of uses concerned political ads, not whether Facebook tracked the political views of its users.
Political reasons to feud The President has solid political reasons for reopening the feud with protesting NFL players.
Those demands will include religious and political freedom for the Cuban people, and the freeing of political prisoners.
In a country with almost no real political parties, "anti-Fujimorismo" has become the most powerful political ideology.
Abiy has spearheaded reforms that included unbanning political parties, releasing political prisoners and welcoming home exiled militant groups.
The two major parties are deeply divided along political lines because there is genuine political division in America.
Both cases pertain to Manafort's time as a political consultant for a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine.
Many of the military, political and religious groups implicated in the killings are part of Indonesia's political elite.
The Zone 9 Bloggers covered political and constitutional issues in Ethiopia and the treatment of political detainees there.
Germany's political and media elites sleep the sleep of the righteous and dream the dream of political correctness.
The ongoing political turmoil in Germany could actually benefit Chancellor Angela Merkel, a political analyst told CNBC Tuesday.
In the 1950s, another powerful political narrative emerged, this time from the other side of the political spectrum.
Political scientists, by tracking factors like economic trends, political freedoms and public health, have identified several predictive patterns.
As a political junkie, I love political moments—conventions, debates, caucuses, campaign rallies and of course election days.
Instead, he sees the current political climate as a chance to bring people with different political views together.
He has never held political office before, though has flirted with a potential political run in recent years.
But the French political scientist Gérard Grunberg underlined in an interview the difficulty of Mr. Macron's political position.
After all, polarization can lead to political deadlock, which may hinder necessary political reforms and slow economic growth.
All people wanted to talk about after 9/11 was terrorism … SAFRAN It's political because it's not political.
How can a democratic political system institute far-reaching changes to a wildly destructive and unequal political economy?
Swift had long declined to endorse or denounce specific political candidates — a position that irked some political activists.
But whatever happens, Mr. Ryan and his political allies will have to limit the policy and political damage.
However, even though the content isn't political, we can consider the stance it's trying to create as political.
There are political realities, and that's the nature of the West's polarizing political climate from administration to administration.
The political response, the basic political response, I mean the policy response, is open to good-faith debate.
Andra Gillespie is an associate professor of political science at Emory University, specializing in political mobilization and race.
Both have eschewed the normal left/right/center political labels and have a relative lack of political baggage.
""She's running the most sophisticated political warfare, the most sophisticated political disinformation campaign, and they're winning right now.
He's still more of a political figure in the public eye as a regular political commentator on MSNBC.
But the political climate was different at the time, with a divided government and less polarized political parties.
Former Trump White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Monday the policy could hurt Trump's political political fortunes.
In 1992, fearing growing political unrest in central Africa, he was granted political asylum in the United States.
Mr. Puigdemont's fate has been a political hot potato in Spain at a time of major political change.
The events of '21990 were a political earthquake that changed the political life of Mexico for the better.
It is undertaken by elected officials and is meant to be a political action that serves political purposes.
They had political ambitions and viewed themselves as a political force apart from their connection to the Kremlin.
"The comment reflects an important political phenomenon," the Times political reporter Adam Clymer wrote in a news analysis.
In 1968, the political system reflected the vast political divide, but the primary divides were inside the parties.
I've outlined these ideas (and others) for fixing our political system a New America policy paper, Political Dynamism.
Our economic divide has led to a political divide, and the political divide has reinforced the economic divide.
"He muddied the lines of the political parties," said Alec Bodendorfer, 20053, a political science and economics senior.
It was an act of political courage, placing the welfare of the state above his own political interests.
The Google archive does not show political ads for candidates in state elections or ads on political issues.
We must find our way to a new political discourse that shuns the demonization of all political opponents.
Play is clearly not sufficient for political cooperation — today's political elites had plenty of free play as children.
Meaning that the culture in influencing our political climate more than our political climate is influencing the culture.
I am a little afraid of, let's call it the political will, the political legitimacy, of these rescues.
While there is little in the way of overtly political gear, political correctness is definitely not in fashion.
A top Afghan political leader, Abdullah Abdullah, was present along with other key political figures and escaped unharmed.
The lawsuit already has been a political and concrete distraction for the real estate developer-turned-political-candidate.
They are forbidden by law from participating in any partisan political activity, including making donations to political parties.
Scholar Kevin Vallier has done a helpful roundup of the political science literature on social and political trust.
But this week, Ebenezer transformed from political venue to political launching pad when its senior pastor, the Rev.
This building antipathy within our political system is manifesting into intolerance and creeping authoritarianism within our political life.
Political campaigns engage in three core activities: Launching advertising campaigns, mobilizing (or discouraging) voters and organizing political rallies.
Political psychology research suggests that losing political control can make people more vulnerable to misinformation and conspiracy theories.
Most political and military leaders say that's exactly how the alliance will emerge from this turbulent political moment.
Careful ratiocination about moral and political theory just isn't part of what being political means to most people.
Here's a look at the central questions about Malaysia's political system and important figures in the political sphere.
American voters chose racial and ethnic identity as the center of gravity for political discourse and political violence.
It's an all-purpose knock that they use for spinelessness, stupidity, political correctness and non-O'Reillyian political leanings.
I'm not a professional political analyst, so my political analysis is worth about what you pay for it.
Political partisanship is now firmly linked to race, with whiteness defining one of the two major political parties.
Was she referring to the racism, xenophobia and political intolerance that increasingly characterize the political landscape of Europe?
Taking into account slowing progress on political equality, closing the political gender gap will take another 99 years.
"The government needs to show very clearly to political parties that it will accept political change," Makri said.
Political specialist As political counselor, his main job is to determine what is going on in Ukrainian politics.
It later built a political coalition, comprised of Christian and Shia allies, into the country's strongest political force.
Because the term political isn't clearly defined, he said any sort of apparel can be construed as political.
Clement also filed a complaint against political appointees, saying his reassignment was the result of illegal political interference.
Political Institutionalization Without effective and comprehensive political institutionalization in Afghanistan, the insurgency in Afghanistan is unlikely to end.
First and foremost, he's running in a bad political environment for the first time in his political career.
At the time, Mr. Dorsey defined political ads as those sponsored by candidates or that discussed political issues.
"They quite plainly decided this is a political process and it is ultimately a political judgment," Bowman said.
Americans are beyond frustrated with our political system defined by the rich turning their wealth into political influence.
FERC has a political balance requirement; no more than three commissioners can come from a particular political party.
He has also peppered his recent tour with political statements and diatribes, injecting himself into the political discussion.
The oligarchs had financed Russian-aligned Ukrainian political parties that had hired Mr. Manafort as a political consultant.
" Then he pivoted, saying those in the political arena "must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective.
Dr. Price is a political scientist who specializes in contemporary black politics, public opinion and political rhetoric. Gov.
The big picture: Much like the present political moment, there was no shortage of political rage in 2004.
Do you think that making this a political argument, a political bias argument instead, will have more resonance?
It's a worrying risk accelerant for political violence — that is, violence, intimidation, and threats used toward political ends.
But political scientists and political psychologists have been collecting that sort of emotional and psychological data for years.
All art is political, but science fiction is perhaps the most conscientiously political genre in all of fiction.
No, I think it's the responsibility of the political system to determine ... What can the political system do?
For one, it would increase transparency of political influence, a solution that Americans across the political spectrum support.

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