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"on" Definitions
  1. on somebody’s body; being worn
  2. covering, touching or forming part of something
  3. in or into a vehicle
  4. connected or operating; being used
  5. used to show that somebody/something moves or is sent forward
  6. used to show that something continues
  7. happening
  8. planned to take place in the future
  9. on duty; working

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"on" Synonyms
functioning operating running working active alive functional operational operative live going in operation at work in action in use in effect living in force effective up and running happening done going down going to happen about to go down going ahead as planned according to schedule online connected networked linked virtual accessible wired streaming available hooked up on-line on-screen real-time electronically connected on the Internet plugged in on the Net on the Web accessible by computer accomplishable possible viable achievable attainable feasible manageable obtainable practicable workable doable makable realisable(UK) realizable(US) within your grasp able to be done in the cards odds-on expedient within the bounds of possibility mounted astride equestrian on horseback seated straddling horsed riding in the saddle horse-riding horsy equine horseracing horse riding show jumping horsey horsely onto upon above out upon over aboard boarded consigned embarked en route in transit loaded likely probable expected anticipated foreseeable liable predicted presumable disposed fated predictable presumptive prospective sure destined inclined inferable predisposed promising forward forth onward ahead onwards along forwards further henceforth evermore hereafter in front forevermore eternally for ever into eternity and beyond ever after beyond unfadingly continuously ceaselessly consistently constantly continually endlessly incessantly interminably unceasingly unrelentingly unremittingly nonstop permanently perpetually relentlessly repeatedly tirelessly persistently regularly past by across outside in front of through overhead aloft in the sky farther up upstairs overtop up above on high onboard on to on board on the bus on the ship on the train inside in to atop higher than ontop on the top on top on top of up on on the crest of on the summit of on the top of lying on resting on sitting on covering higher up than over and above overlooking against to cover touching in contact with into contact with supported by leaning on next to up against at alongside beside near nearby round toward about adjacent to approaching bordering hard by by the side of close to at the side of situated on located on concerning regarding of apropos around pertaining to to do with as concerns concerned with connected with dealing with in connection with in relation to in respect to in the matter of on the subject of relating to relative to throughout surrounding enclosing encompassing framing circling encircling all around all over on all sides of on every side of during amid within at the time of in the time of when it was around the time of in the middle of in the midst of at the same time as during the course of in the course of during the time between on the date of at the date of in the date of amidst using with per via because of by use of by virtue of by way of in virtue of by the agency of with the help of by dint of by means of through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of with the aid of in the context of considering based on based on the idea of in the framework of based around the idea of in light of in the light of giving consideration to in consideration of in view of taking into consideration allowing for making allowance for making allowances for taking into account exactly at right at right on smack-dab at bang on as far as respecting towards apropos of as for as regards as respects as to in regard to insofar as More
"on" Antonyms
off broken dead inactive inoperative nonoperational disconnected defective nonoperating bust faulty inoperable malfunctioning nonfunctional nonfunctioning busted down nonoperative haywire in disrepair canceled(US) cancelled(UK) shelved abandoned aborted invalid void nullified null rescinded revoked terminated called off offline unwired impossible unattainable impracticable unfeasible unobtainable outside your grasp afoot dismounted unhorsed away sideward sidewards sideways laterally sidewise backward backwards back around rearward aside rearwards round crabwise to one side to the side toward a side toward one side intermittently discontinuously occasionally periodically sporadically sometimes every so often from time to time now and again once in a while on occasion not on previously formerly before hitherto once long ago in the past in bygone days in former times in olden times at one time back in the day in days of old in the old days in the olden days in times gone by once upon a time in years gone by in days gone by in the good old days apart far separate after behind abaft following trailing at the back in the rear under below beneath underneath neath at the bottom of on the bottom of on the nether side of on the underside of at the foot of down from concealed by covered by from away from ahead of clear of beyond outside past outside of unrelated to incompatible with not resembling unsuitable to inappropriate for despite regardless of notwithstanding in spite of irrespective of malapropos without lacking minus sans devoid of in default of prior to earlier than anterior to preliminary to antecedent to leading up to in advance of succeeding subsequent to against in opposition to opposed to set against averse to in competition with by times multiplied by

370 Sentences With "on"

How to use on in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "on" and check conjugation/comparative form for "on". Mastering all the usages of "on" from sentence examples published by news publications.

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Those people just go on and on and on and on and on, and on and on and on and you're like, aah.
Trump is a man who puts his name on buildings, on steaks, on board games, on books, on bicycle races, on golf courses, on bottled water, on cologne ("Success," by Trump), on eyeglasses.
Not on an identity on class, on race, on religion, on an idea.
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I focused on shutting up, on making scenes, on not gabbing on and on about my thoughts, on not reflecting.
Episodes are available on Snapchat on Thursdays, on Comedy Central's website on Fridays and on Comedy Central's YouTube channel on Saturdays.
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I can go on and on and on and on.
The album touches on loss, on friendship, on grieving, on independence, and — yes — on Pete Davidson.
"The natural world is not ears on ears on ears on ears; it's eyeballs on faces on people on scenes," Cranmer said.
"Apparently, the credible threats did not prevent him from going on 'The Daily Show' on February 3rd, 'Fox & Friends' on February 3rd, appearing on Sirius on February 20153rd, going on CNBC 'Squawk Box' on February 3rd, going on MSNBC on February 5th, going on Gregg Greenberg's program on February 6th," he said.
The personnel on this show includes Steven Bernstein on trumpet, Bryan Murray on saxophone, Dave Taylor on trombone, Brandon Seabrook on guitar, Ron Stabinsky on piano, Mr. Elliott on bass and Kevin Shea on drums.
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She appeared on CNN on Tuesday and on MSNBC on Wednesday.
These events have an impact on communities, on individuals, on social cohesion, on foreign policy, and so on.
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Check us out on Instagram, please, on Twitter, on YouTube, on Facebook.
Keep it subtle on skirts, barely there on dresses, monochromatic on shirts, thick on shoes, and big on earrings.
Mitchell Trubisky, on tunnels: Mitchell Trubisky, on the Liam Neeson film Taken 2: Mitchell Trubisky, on candy: Mitchell Trubisky, on his capacity for cereal: Mitchell Trubisky, on currency: Mitchell Trubisky, on overdose by cough drop: Mitchell Trubisky, on predicting the future: Mitchell Trubisky, on impossibility: Mitchell Trubisky, on suspense: Mitchell Trubisky, on life: Mitchell Trubisky, on flags: Mitchell Trubisky, on fortune: Mitchell Trubisky, on perfection: Mitchell Trubisky is my new favorite football player.
Those songs can go on and on and on and live on forever.
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This one's on top, then that one's on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground.
This one's on top, then that one's on top, and on and on it spins — crushing those on the ground.
You grew up on it, fell in love on it, fought on it, cried on it and laughed on it.
The "Trump" brand appeared on steaks, on vodka, on eyeglasses, on lamps, and on fragrances, to name just a few.
A chapter on Lynda Benglis, two on Bridget Riley, one on Sarah Charlesworth, another on Teresita Fernández, and so on.
He's working with companies on product designs, engineers on battery optimization, on and on.
On taxes, on regulations, on judges, on law enforcement — all these are conservative positions.
We ought to focus on tax reform, on regulatory reform, on ObamaCare, on jobs.
Honestly, the list of features on this just goes on and on and on.
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Screening on Sky UK starts on November 5th, on Sky Italy on November 28th and on Netflix US in January 2018
A homophobic video on YouTube becomes scary tweets on Twitter becomes threatening texts on iPhones and so on and so on.
Rotating substitute hosts will fill on for Bolling on his show The Specialists on weekdays and on Cashin In' on Saturdays.
On broadcast, 7.1 million people watched on NBC, 7 million on CBS, 5.4 million on ABC, and 403 million on Fox.
Later in the summer: "The Hills" returns on MTV on June 233... "Stranger Things" is back on Netflix on July 4... "BH90210" premieres on Fox on August 9.
Specifically, Pruitt paid $450 on March 13, $900 on April 26, $850 on May 15, $700 on June 4, $1,500 on July 22, and $1,700 on Sept. 1.
Viewership for N.F.L. games on CBS on Thursday nights, on NBC on Sunday nights and on ESPN on Monday nights is down by as much as 217 percent.
U.S. official: "Little doubt" Russia behind DNC hack On ISIS On NATO On the Democratic National Committee hack On U.S. foreign policy On Ukraine On Edward Snowden On respect How reliable is Levada Center polling?
He plays here with a nine-piece band that's almost identical to the one on the record: Nate Wooley on trumpet, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Rubin Kodheli on cello, Anna Webber on flute, Sara Schoenbeck on bassoon, Joe Daley on tuba, Patricia Brennan on vibraphone and Eivind Opsvik on bass.
The band features Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, Wayne Escoffery on tenor saxophone, James Burton on trombone, Xavier Davis on piano, Vicente Archer on bass and Johnathan Blake on drums.
It goes on sale on Blu-ray and DVD on October 29 and becomes available for streaming on Netflix on December 1.
On 126 occasions, Trump has wrongly said the US loses money on trade deficits And on and on (and on) it goes.
He then plans to visit Kansas on Saturday, Iowa on Tuesday, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Ohio on Friday and Kentucky on Saturday, Oct.
But he also writes on drawing, on living, on life and on living life now.
You could go on and on and on," he told CNBC's "Trading Nation' on Thursday.
The camera stays on their backs, and the laugh goes on and on and on.
"We cracked down on bogus stem cell therapies, on sham homeopathy, on unsafe medical device products, on tobacco sales to minors, on unsafe dietary supplements, and on kratom," Gottlieb wrote.
Life Cycles include Rogerio Boccato on percussion, Jon Cowherd on piano, Monte Croft on vibraphone and vocals, John Hart on guitar, Myron Walden on woodwinds and Doug Weiss on bass.
Ahead, let's go all the way to the North Pole: on Tan, on Jonathon, on Antoni, on Karamo, on Bobby... Welcome to MyIdentity.
On deck are Netflix and IBM on Monday, followed by Yahoo on Tuesday, eBay on Wednesday, and then Verizon and Microsoft on Thursday.
It will be based on unemployment rates, on economic growth, on uninsured rates, on crime rates.
It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body.
After lowering its outlook on Mexico on Wednesday, Moody's did the same on Pemex on Thursday.
The entire series debuts on March 15 on Google Play and on March 17 on YouTube.
Moon Shot will premiere on Google Play on March 15th and on YouTube on March 17th.
It worked on Capito on Tuesday, so why wouldn't it work on other waverers on Thursday?
I spent about $30 on food, $75 on drinks, $75 on travel, and $75 on gifts.
The list of Marsha Blackburn's assaults on liberal values goes on and on and on. FiveThirtyEight.
Harris got personal on fires, Klobuchar on wayward rivers, Booker on hurricanes, Warren on rising seas.
In its current iteration, that group includes Lakecia Benjamin on alto saxophone, Josh Evans on trumpet, Terry Greene II on trombone, Mingus Murray on guitar, David Bryant on piano, Dezron Douglas on bass and Russell Carter on drums.
This war on drugs is a war on people, and not all people: It's a war on poor people, on mentally ill people, on addicted people, and on people of color.
There was Andrew Porter on classical music and opera; Helen Vendler on poetry; Whitney Balliett on cabaret and jazz; Pauline Kael on movies; Penelope Gilliatt on books; Arlene Croce on ballet.
For that reason it's always worth checking all your sent folders—on email, on SMS, on IM apps, on social media, and so on.
With Elena Pinderhughes on flute and vocals, Mike Moreno on guitar, James Francies on piano, Joshua Crumbly on bass and Jonathan Pinson on drums.
ET on demand on CBS All Access, the network's digital subscription video on demand and streaming service, and on air on CBS Television Network.
Drag queens were on TikTok, opera singers were on TikTok, the Washington Post was on TikTok, dogs I follow on Instagram were on TikTok.
"Donald Trump has broken his promises on jobs, on trade, on health care, on education and on so much more," Mr. Pepper told reporters.
Also on tap: A House Oversight subcommittee hearing on federal political ad regulations on Tuesday; a joint House committee hearing on the cyber workforce also on Tuesday; and yet another House hearing on the Equifax data breach on Wednesday.
Pence will arrive in Seoul on April 16 before traveling on to Tokyo on April 18, to Jakarta on April 20, Sydney on April 22 and Honolulu on April 24, it said.
It's very interesting to see what's been going on on Twitter and what's going on on Facebook and what's going on everywhere with the conversations that are going on about those things.
The musicians included Henri Agnel on Arabic guitars, Idriss Agnel on percussion, Philippe Botta on Arabic flutes and saxophones, Gil Goldstein on accordion, Vana Gierig on piano, and Romain Lecuyer on bass.
CAPSULE:1999-2016 will be released on Saddle Creek on CD on September 210.20 and on 210.21XLP on silver vinyl which includes a bonus EP of the new tracks on October 210.22.
She'll play in a septet featuring Philip Dizack on trumpet, Jure Pukl on alto saxophone, Joel Ross on vibraphone, Micah Thomas on piano, Rick Rosato on bass and Jeremy Dutton on drums.
It was based on sexism, on racism, on xenophobia, and on that issue, I will not compromise.
"He got a standing ovation that went on and on and on and on," Gauthier tells PEOPLE.
Here are three styles: purple on black, black on black, tan on khaki, and orange on grey.
I could go on and on on this, these are notes I have typed out on this.
It's only $1.50 on Xbox One, $1 on PS4, $1.99 on Wii U, and $0.99 on Steam.
Reflecting on her journey on Wednesday, she gave fans on update on where things stands with Cameron.
ON TAP: Georgetown is hosting a panel on broadband competition on Capitol Hill at noon on Tuesday.
The series will premiere on Google Play on March 15th and then on YouTube on March 17th.
Because I'm working with the Secretary General on sustainable development, on climate, on health, and on food.
Project management depends on many manual, ongoing updates to stay on time, on budget and on track.
You post family updates on Facebook, news on Twitter, selfies on Instagram and career changes on LinkedIn.
Wars on drugs, wars on terror, wars on crime, wars on the public... It's just nonsense, basically.
This, you know, depends on the market, depends on the price, depends on the-, on the timing.
The parties represented on the stage in Milan have different positions on Russia and China, on the distribution of migrants in Europe, on trade and industrial policies, on the EU's border regime, on Brexit and on the environment and agricultural policies.
If there is to be movement on mass incarceration, on electoral reform, on women's health, on child care, on inequality, on access to good education, on climate change, then progressives need to win more congressional and legislative seats around the country.
On the broadcast side, 28503 million people watched the speech on NBC, 22020 million on CBS, 4.12 million on ABC and 3.51 million on Fox.
On the surface, the beatification of XXXTentacion won't let up, 6ix9ine is still inching towards stardom, and so on and on and on and on.
Because, in addition to Beyoncé and Rihanna, there's Tiffany Haddish on Glamour, Zendaya on Marie Claire, Lupita Nyong'o on Porter, Tracee Ellis Ross on Elle Canada, Slick Woods on British Elle, Adwoa Aboah and Naomi Campbell on Love, Issa Rae on Ebony, and Lauren Harrier on The Sunday Times.
On Friday he's at the helm of an athletic trio with Ben Street on bass and Billy Hart on drums; on Saturday and Sunday he'll lead Underground, his plugged-in unit with Craig Taborn on keyboards, Adam Rogers on guitar, Fima Ephron on bass and Dan Weiss on drums.
Likewise, whatever their distaste for the Clintons, they probably share her views on reproductive health, on Supreme Court nominees, on inclusiveness toward Muslims and Mexican-Americans, on immigration reform, on early-childhood investments, on a stronger social safety net, on women's rights around the world, on reducing mass incarceration and on a global pact to confront climate change.
Well 16% of our time is spent on email, 12% on administrative tasks, 10% on useful meetings, 8% on unhelpful meetings, 8% on interruptions and 6% on other stuff, the Workfront survey found.
As for the ice, you could freeze to death on it, starve to death on it, get stranded on it, get lost on it, get frostbite on it, or float away on it.
The band includes Eddie Henderson and David Weiss on trumpet, Billy Harper on tenor saxophone, Donald Harrison on alto saxophone, George Cables on piano, Cecil McBee on bass and Billy Hart on drums.
The septet includes Craig Taborn on piano, Miya Masaoka on koto, Sam Pluta on electronics, Peter Evans on trumpet and piccolo trumpet, Ms. Laubrock, Tyshawn Sorey on drums, and Dan Peck on tuba.
That our president is a monumental cheater — on his wives, on his country, on his charity, on truth, on numerous business contractors, and even on his golf game — is also not in dispute.
Graham thinks of her as "a female Warren Buffett who knew about everything except finance"; the sort of woman who provides advice to all comers on "private schools, on marriage counselors, on hairdressers, on au pairs, on restaurants, on shops, on neighborhood watches, on gyms, on doctors, on internet providers" but may not know, he suspects, the name of the mayor of New York City.
It won't be on sale on the ground on matchdays.
On the forums, on Twitter, on calls, and in person.
On average, ratings were higher on Google than on Yelp.
Either hop on mattress sales on Veteran's Day on Nov.
Speak your mind on ESPN, on Fox News, on twitter.
He went on and on and on with the answers.
You are "on" Facebook, "on" Snapchat, or even "on" Netflix.
On a scale on building on a $4 billion business.
ET on CBS, and again on OWN on Wednesday, Dec.
Transport is out on April 24 on LP on Tresor.
Merck beat on expectations on earnings but missed on revenue.
Speaking on Anderson Cooper's evening show on CNN on Jan.
"  "The attack on universities, on intelligence itself, is on hand.
We hear them all on NBC, on CBS, on NPR.
She's made bad judgments on Libya, on Syria, on Iraq.
The list of humiliations go on and on and on.
At any rate, this goes on and on and on.
Repost and tag them, on Twitter, on Insta, on Facebook.
The list of needs goes on and on and on.
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On "Conan" on Monday, he didn't harp on the milestone.
On Michele Smith's first night on the cruise, on Feb.
That dynamic was on full display on MSNBC on Saturday.
And the trial will drag on and on and on.
"It just went on and on and on," she said.
"It lingers on and on and on," Mr. Becker said.
I mean, I could go on and on and on.
You can keep interpreting it on and on and on.
Protesters lit a barricade on fire first on Highway 1806, then on a bridge on County Road 134.
The Democrats have no message, not on economics, not on taxes, not on jobs, not on failing #Obamacare.
"Frozen 2" will be available on digital platforms starting on Tuesday and on Blu-ray on February 25.
He's on the left side, head on the pillow; I'm on the right, head on my outstretched arm.
In an address on Facebook on Sunday, Guaidó called for protests on the streets of Venezuela on Monday.
It's like you share on Snapchat, you share on Facebook, you share on Twitter, you share on Instagram.
I became an outspoken social media persona on the patriarchy, on anti-LGBTQ jerks, on white supremacy, on Black Lives Matter, on poverty, and social injustice.
The deal we each get on health care has a profound impact on our lives—on our savings, on our well-being, on our life expectancy.
Harris's band includes Kahlil Kwame Bell on percussion, Calvin Jones on bass, Adam Klipple on piano, Tony Lewis on drums and Jay Rodriguez on saxophone. nublu.
On Wednesday he is joined by the vocalist Margaret Glaspy; on Thursday he appears with Jorge Roeder on bass and Dave King on drums; on Aug.
I know you start with them with a little thing, with translations, and then I would go on and on and on and on and on.
"Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and families," Trump said in Washington on Friday.
Stewart is also about to turn in his other book, Deep State, about Donald Trump and the F.B.I. Then you've got Mike Schmidt on Russiagate, Jeremy Peters on the G.O.P., Peter Baker on James Baker, Julie Davis and Michael Shear on Trump and immigration, Carl Hulse on the Supreme Court, Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin on Brett Kavanaugh, Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang on Facebook, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey on #MeToo, Jim Rutenberg on truth and the media, Adam Nagourney on The New York Times, David Enrich on Trump and Deutsche Bank, Mike Isaac on Uber, Vanessa Friedman on Kate Spade, Alexandra Jacobs on Elaine Stritch, Alan Feuer on El Chapo, Jonathan Mahler on 1980s New York, Ron Lieber on the cost of college, Nikole Hannah-Jones on school segregation, Kevin Sack on race and faith, and Ben Hubbard on Mohammed bin Salman, to name a few.
Such intentional avoidance is precisely his modus operandi when he refuses to engage on guns, on family planning, on workplace safety, on pollution, on food stamps, on access to health care and on the government's shoddy treatment of the most vulnerable, including migrants.
On one, Mr. Pryor appears, full length, on stage; On the others, he's divided into close-ups: his mouth on one screen, his hands on another; his torso and groin isolated on a third; his shadow, cast by the spotlight on yet another.
This weekend he appears with most members of the band that played on the album: Victor Gould on piano, Alex Wintz on guitar, Chien Chien Lu on vibraphone and marimba, Corcoran Holt on bass, Allan Mednard on drums and Ismel Wignall on percussion.
On one, Mr. Pryor appears, full length, on stage; on the others, he's divided into close-ups: his mouth on one screen, his hands on another; his torso and groin isolated on a third; his shadow, cast by the spotlight on yet another.
There will be 7% percent cashback on cab spends, 5% on flight bookings, 20% on domestic hotel bookings (6% on international hotel bookings), 20% on more than 6,000 restaurants and 1% on all other spends.
This concert at Dizzy's takes place on his 88th birthday, and features Freddie Hendrix on trumpet, Bruce Williams on alto saxophone, Lance Bryant on tenor saxophone, Brandon McCune on piano and Chris Berger on bass.
They include Halliburton Co on Monday, 3M Co and Texas Instruments Inc on Tuesday, Boeing Co on Wednesday, Intel Corp on Thursday and Chevron Corp on Friday.
Media and platforms as well as advertisers need to work together to build new business models based on value, on relationships, on accomplishment, on quality, on openness.
Lifters in the first group hit different muscles on different days—chest and triceps on Monday, legs on Tuesday, back and biceps on Wednesday, and so on.
That family spends 2200 percent on health care, 21 percent on insurance and pensions, 230 percent on food, 21 percent on transportation and 39.63 percent on housing.
The unthinking machine sound goes on and on and on and on, mechanical failure or a switch on its circuits the only obstacles to its eternal march.
There also is a pile of economic data on its way: CPI on Tuesday, producer prices on Wednesday, retail sales on Thursday and industrial production on Friday.
Five of those musicians appear here: Doug Beavers on trombone, Marvin Sewell on guitar, Jon Cowherd on piano, Luques Curtis on bass and Robby Ameen on drums.
At these shows her band includes Andrew Renfroe on guitar, Matthew Whitaker on piano, Kenny Davis on bass, Kassa Overall on drums and Mayra Casales on percussion.
This week the band includes Chelsea Baratz on tenor saxophone, Chad Selph on keyboards, Marcus Machado on guitar, Antoine Katz on bass and Joe Blaxx on drums.
Boston visits West Virginia on Friday before facing Northern Colorado on Tuesday, while South Carolina hosts Gardner-Webb on Friday, then takes on Wichita State on Tuesday.
I've noticed this in comment threads on Facebook, on Twitter, on comment threads on Reddit, in bar conversations, etc.
Sugar on fat on sugar on fat This cheesecake is heavy on the caramel, so it's not for everyone.
A port from Curve Digital releases on Xbox One on March 4th and on PlayStation 4 on March 8th.
The iPhone SE goes on preorder on March 24 and will be on sale in stores on March 30.
Still they were supported on the whole on concerns of tight supply on U.S. sanctions on Iran's oil exports.
Research finds that we're all a bundle of unconscious biases, on race, on gender, on age, on body type.
Bedrooms are on all three floors: one on the first, four on the second, and two on the third.
New Orleans hosts Boston on Sunday, Dallas on Tuesday, Indiana on Wednesday and the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday.
It's a war on women, on immigrants, on gays, lesbians, people of color — pretty much on all my friends.
You can buy stuff on momentum, on low Volatility, on Growth, or a bet on an economic recovery (Cyclicals).
Available in men's on Nike SNKRS on March 26, $150Available in women's on Nike SNKRS on March 26, $150
On the left, William Howard Taft sits on an elephant; on the right, Woodrow Wilson is on a donkey.
Put them on your denim jacket, on your fridge, on your car — on every single surface you possibly can.
Johnson created buzz on social media on Sunday before the commercial was launched on Apple's YouTube channel on Monday.
But what's most delightful about Making Comics is its emphasis on action, on exercise, on practice—on actual making.
He offers grisly disquisitions on the death squads, on the disappeared, on body parts washing up on the beach.
Didion went on to publish books and articles on politics, on Reagan and Bush, on Cuban expats in Miami.
So I made them one — on Instagram, on Snapchat, on Facebook.
It just kind of gradually went on and on and on.
Listen on Spotify below, or on YouTube: Follow Noisey on Twitter.
On Tuesday, an anonymous poster commented on a story on NorthEscambia.
Marketing was on fleek, just as "on fleek" was on fleek.
He eats, sleeps, breathes content: on YouTube, on Instagram, on Snapchat.
Because Springsteen on Broadway debuts on Netflix on Saturday, December 15th.
I've based characters on poker players, on professional wrestlers, on musicians.
Not on Netflix, not on Hulu, not on Amazon Prime Video.
I've seen it on the road, on Reddit and on Twitter.
I have found other weirdos on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook.
She provided a similar account on air on Fox on Thursday.
The trees go on and on and on for 13.86 acres.
On average, guests spend $321 on travel and $322 on accommodations.
John McCain, a disabled reporter, and on and on and on.
But in Tokyo it just goes on and on and on.
Sonnenfeld debuted his picks on "Squawk on the Street" on Wednesday.
Ted Lieu said on "The Situation Room" on CNN on Thursday.
She's ready to spend on cosmetics, on shoes, on other things.
On the web, on Facebook, in Outlook, on your computer, everything.
It goes on and on and on, as any fan knows.
There were books everywhere, on shelves, on tables, on the floor.
On that point, Democratic hypocrisy was on full display ON Tuesday.
Black and white, rural and coastal, on and on and on.
"This has been going on and on and on," said Winburn.
Also available to buy on Redbox on demand on March 2.
The word is emblazoned on sweatshirts, on tote bags, on necklaces.
You could go on, you could literally go on and on.
I mean she's on Snapchat, she's on Twitter, she's on Instagram.
Where should Democrats go on health care, on economics, on drugs?
ERCOT had forecast usage would reach an all-time high of 22011,237.15 MW on Wednesday, followed by 226.67,20183 MW on Thursday, 22018,224 MW on Friday, 290,200 MW on Saturday, 72,145 MW on Sunday, 75,896 MW on July 23 and 26.67,016 MW on July 24 before easing to 73,059 MW on July 25.
I've learned so much about me, met the love of my entire life, had babies on TV, had surgeries on TV, cried on TV, laughed on TV, got married on TV, moved 3 times on TV, had my first baby graduate on TV, [and] my second baby be sneaky on TV 😜.
But as time moves on and humanity moves on and man moves on and art moves on and philosophy moves on and so on and so forth, you find yourself either faced with a choice of adjusting and moving on with it or staying put.
The Trump voter hates to hear that there will be "no deal" on a Supreme Court nominee, no deal on the federal budget, no deal on taxes, no deal on trade, no deal on immigration, no deal on economic policy, no deal on health care.
Thus, no on Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, no on Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, no on CEO Reed Hastings, no on CEO Marc Benioff, no on Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield and no on Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.
At 113:211 on Saturday, both are on a bill with the trombonist Brian Drye, whose quintet has Charlotte Greve on alto saxophone, Jonathan Goldberger on guitar, Matt Pavolka on bass and Jeff Davis on drums.
Relying on information from activists on the ground, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it counted 213 civilian deaths over four days: 31 on Monday, 81 on Tuesday, 41 on Wednesday and 60 on Thursday.
In addition, people will spend $3.8 billion on going out, $633 billion on flowers, $1.9 billion on clothing, $1.7 billion on candy, and $1 billion on greeting cards.
On Friday, Tillerson will host a meeting on North Korea at the UN. And on Monday, Trump called on visiting UN ambassadors to apply more sanctions on Pyongyang.
He'll perform "Venus" with Elena Pinderhughes on flute, Maya Kronfeld on keyboards, Andrew Renfroe on guitar, Josh Hari on electric bass and Jack DeBoe on drums and electronics.
The sextet includes Graham Haynes on cornet and fluegelhorn, Mark Shim on tenor saxophone, Steve Lehman on alto saxophone, Stephan Crump on bass and Jeremy Dutton on drums.
Given the test ban, these studies relied less on experiments on Earth than on computer models and on empirical findings involving dust on other planets, most notably Mars.
In comparison, Spokanites spent an average of $233 per household on beer, $155 on both milk and wine, $110 on bread, $63 on soda, and $47 on coffee.
The first results, from Leeds, showed the Brexit Party on 29%, Labour on 20%, the Liberal Democrats on 18%, the Greens on 16% and the Conservatives on 7%.
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BIO-ON Bio-On said on Friday it would cooperate with Unilever on development of personal hygiene and care products.
I mean, I could go on and on—I don't have to tell you, I could go on and on.
On Wednesday, Cameron Bure confirmed on The View that the reboot's second season will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 9.
On immigration: Some Democratic presidential candidates on stage were asked what they'd do on immigration on Day 1 as president.
One, Fyre Fraud, premiered on Hulu on Monday, January 15; the other, Fyre, premiered on Netflix on Friday, January 18.
The works are all either acrylic on mat board, acrylic on paper, ink on mat board, or ink on paper.
"Corn ethanol has pretty big impacts on water quality, on soil preservation, on habitat preservation and on climate," he said.
Think watermelon on carpet, bread and butter on ceramic tile, gummy candy on wood floor, plain bread on ceramic tile.
The Sun opposes Neptune on September 5, Mercury on September 19, Mars on September 24, and Venus on September 29.
"On women's races we have men on the podium; on men's races we have women on the podium," he said.
They park near Bryant Park on Mondays, Midtown Manhattan on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Dumbo on Wednesdays and Soho on Fridays.
Jade Tongue includes Ambrose Akinmusire on trumpet, Mat Maneri on viola, Thomas Morgan on bass and Dan Weiss on drums.
I would put big masonite panels on my wall, paint on the wall, paint on the panels, paint on glass.
That group includes Gilad Hekselman on guitar, Aaron Parks on piano, Matt Brewer on bass and Eric Harland on drums.
Ed Westwick on November 7, Louis C.K. on November 9, Charlie Rose on November 20, Mario Batali on December 19903.
Trump will appear on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on Thursday, and on Justice with Jeanine Pirro on Friday.
China on Tuesday granted tariff exemptions on duties of 25% tariffs on U.S. copper scrap and 50% on aluminium scrap.
Police were everywhere on Sixth Avenue: on motorcycles; flanking the barricades by Rockefeller Center; many on foot; one on horseback.
Our guide on how to watch the inauguration on your computer, on your phone and on social media is here.
"Shame on those who manipulate what I've allegedly said on fascism," he said on Twitter on Wednesday, before changing course.
The show, which was filmed on location on three continents, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on October 12.
Of its expenses, the DNC spent heavily on setting up events, doling out $2202,2628 on catering, $28500,6900 on "event production & site rentals," $2628,28503 on "event decorations," $22019,000 on expenses marked as "event consulting" and $19,000 on security.
The estimated total cost of $950,0483 for the trip includes $466,424 spent on rental cars, $322,427 on hotel rooms, $84,899 on overtime pay, $63,744 on commercial airfare, $11,719 on logistical support, and $4,048 on golf cart rentals.
Here she leads a remarkable septet, featuring Jeremy Viner on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Jacob Garchik on trombone, Chris Hoffman on cello, Matt Mitchell on piano, Chris Tordini on bass and Ches Smith on drums and vibraphone.
Beyoncé landed a historic Vogue cover, as did Rihanna with British Vogue, there was Tiffany Haddish on Glamour, Zendaya on Marie Claire, Lupita Nyong'o on Porter, Tracee Ellis Ross on Elle Canada, Slick Woods on British Elle, Adwoa Aboah and Naomi Campbell on Love, Issa Rae on Ebony, and Lauren Harrier on The Sunday Times.
On stage, he expanded on his thoughts on the U.S.-China rivalry.
"Cramer's spot on correct," Johnson said on CNBC's "Trading Nation " on Friday.
Okay, it's 83 and then it went on and on and on.
On Wednesday, Ciara revealed the extremely on-point Halloween costumes on Twitter.
One will be focused on immunity, another on sleep, another on energy.
The training session on standardized testing seemed to drag on and on.
It depends on the situation, on the personality, and on the circumstances.
On a one-on-one date, Rachel puts the pressure on Eric.
We want to be seen on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Skype.
BOSSIE: Well, look, on gangs, on MS-13 and then on immigration.
On Friday, Reed addressed one writer's take on the incident on Twitter.
Some danced on the floor, some on the side on raised platforms.
The long list of Trumpian corruption goes on and on and on.
" –Kellen Beck, Entertainment Reporter "Just boobs on boobs on boobs on boobs.
Trump on CNN on suggesting protestors should be taken out on stretchers.
It's on your watch, it's on your phone, it's on your chat.
Sometimes this is on iOS, sometimes on OS X, sometimes on both.
Other senior Republicans on Capitol Hill also piled on Trump on Monday.
SAFE posted a statement on the meetings on its website on Friday.
The same messages that are going on on Facebook are on Twitter.
On the latest episode of 1st Look, airing on NBC on Oct.
"They want this to go on and on and on," he said.
On Tuesday, Midler shed some light on her costume on social media.
Or, it would be on on on, and then off off off.
On beauty on the runway: On the runway, makeup is an accessory.
Khan on Monday called on Trump to make good on his offer.
ET on Saturday, O'Brien said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday.  
I just have a view on humanity, on people, on the truth.
They've tweaked it, they've pontificated upon it, on and on and on.
On YouTube, Pastebin, in Facebook groups, in discussions on Reddit, on Twitter.
Then Facebook reports on Wednesday, Amazon on Thursday and Twitter on Friday.
Hold on a second, hold on a second, hold on a second.
Levels reached 168 on Monday, 164 on Tuesday, and 192 on Wednesday.
"I'm focused on the journey, on survival on the road," said one.
To name just a few examples: And on and on and on.
It works on-premise, it works on GCP and on other clouds.
The prime minister goes on trial on corruption charges on March 17.
Purdue Fort Wayne takes on North Dakota on the road on Sunday.
On 4chan and pro-Trump spaces on Reddit, on websites like ZeroHedge.
I sit down on the couch and put on Friends on TBS.
Entertainment on United Airlines largely depends on what aircraft you fly on.
Some focus on meditation, some on acquiring knowledge, others on gaining followers.
FREE WEEKEND ON SHOWTIME on Showtime, Showtime on Demand and Showtime Anytime.
"Hard no on that proposed CBA," Watt wrote on Twitter on Thursday.
Netanyahu goes on trial on March 17 on corruption charges he denies.
Sainsbury's will update on Christmas trading on Wednesday and Tesco on Thursday.
Sainsburys will update on Christmas trading on Wednesday and Tesco on Thursday.
"On the Money" airs on CNBC on Saturdays at 5:30 a.m.
Trump on Monday doubled down on his attacks on the London mayor.
Before you can land on Mars, focus on landing on the moon.
All are on display on Saturday night, the busiest night on Bell.
Second, focus first on discipline, second on discipline, and third on discipline.
Bartiromo on Wednesday also pressed Mnuchin on the tariffs' impact on growth.
He thinks he can pardon Manafort, and on and on and on.
He is still tough on himself on court and on the changeovers.
On Friday morning, Mr. Miranda was on "CBS This Morning"; on Jan.
This interview originally aired on VICE News Tonight on HBO on Dec.
Trump weighed in again on what's happening on Wall Street on Tuesday.
They assigned officers to patrol on foot, on bikes and on horses.
This segment originally aired on April 19, 2013 on VICE on HBO.
Yoon made the remarks on Friday, on condition of publication on Sunday.
I work on the easel, on the ground, and on the wall.
O.J. Simpson — Available on Amazon PrimeRoots — Available on The History ChannelOutstanding Reality CompetitionThe Amazing Race — Available on Hulu and CBS All Access ($5.99/month)American Ninja Warrior — Available on NBCDancing with the Stars — Available on Hulu Project Runway — Available on LifetimeTop Chef — Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu The Voice — Available on NBC Outstanding TV MovieAll the Way — Available on HBO NowConfirmation — Available on HBO NowLuther — Available on Amazon PrimeSherlock: The Abominable Bride — Not currently available for streamingA Very Murray Christmas — Available on NetflixFor the list of actors and actresses who've been nominated, click here.
The project consists of five themes: Open Borders on migration, Open Ideas on free speech, Open Markets on free trade, Open Society on diversity and Open Progress on technology.
And they're taking it out on the president — on his favorite television network, on talk radio, on podcasts, and online — and it's worked to put the pressure on him.
How to turn on subtitles on YouTube in the mobile appYou can turn on subtitles on YouTube when watching videos on your iPhone or Android in the mobile app.
"I commented on immigration, I commented on LGBT issues, I commented, obviously, on the environment more recently, spending on infrastructure," Blankfein told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Monday.
On New Year's Eve she'll perform with a quintet that features Carla Cook on vocals, Nat Adderly Jr. on piano, Chris Lightcap on bass and Alvester Garnett on drums.
"He seems to accept the intelligence on Korea, or on Syria, on China, on other areas, on terrorism, but when it comes to Russia, not so much," Clapper said.
"You can say, I want some of my services running on EC2 on demand, some running on Fargate on demand, and the rest running on Fargate Spot," Singh explained.
Including the attack on French forces on Sunday, SITE said the group had claimed responsibly for the attack on the G5 taskforce headquarters in Sevare on Friday, and an attack on Malian troops on Saturday that killed five.
"We will challenge this government on whatever deal it brings back on our six tests, on jobs, on living standards, on environmental protections," Corbyn told a rally in Liverpool, northern England, on the eve of Labour's annual conference.
The New Masters is the latest such band, featuring Keyon Harrold on trumpet, Immanuel Wilkins on alto saxophone, Gilad Hekselman on guitar, Sullivan Fortner on piano and keyboards, Burniss Earl Travis on bass and Eric Harland on drums.
His latest undertaking is a sextet featuring five younger musicians on the New York scene: Nathan Reising on alto saxophone, Morgan Guerin on tenor saxophone, Lex Korten on piano, Sasha Berliner on vibraphone and Nick Dunston on bass.
Building on this, the #AbolishtheRacistSeal movement focuses not just on the seal but on an entire platform for change on campus.
The world has moved on; technology has moved on; geopolitics have moved on; the people who make decisions have moved on.
The artist started out with a slow version of "Hello" and then went into another classic, "On and On." On & On!
Save $250 on the Subsequent 37, $120 on the Sub Phatty, $100 on the Mother 32, and $100 on the DFAM.
Today, his outlook on life is centered on turning hardship into triumph, on finding the positive in the negative, on surviving.
These aren't on sale on Black Friday, but they were on sale earlier this month and go on sale pretty regularly.
The offensive stance was on full display on Friday night, when Clinton and her aides let loose on Sanders on guns.
When he runs and jumps on that long line on the helicopter, he's not planning on jumping on it that way.
Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families.
On Comedy On a recent weekend in Times Square, a crowd at Carolines on Broadway nibbled on chicken salad and hamburgers.
Cockburn suggested that she had more credibility on the war on Afghanistan because she was on the ground reporting on it.
On Instagram on Friday, Bezos reflected on the very first job ad he posted for the company, on August 23 1994.
She's also on "Face the Nation," at 103:30 on CBS, and on "Meet the Press," at 10:30 on NBC.
The seat projection put Labour on 18, the Conservatives on 16, Plaid Cymru on four, and the Lib Dems on two.
And on Thursday, lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee called on Zuckerberg to testify on the Cambridge Analytica controversy.
The band includes Antonio Hart on alto saxophone, Steve Davis on trombone, Luke Sellick on bass and Itay Morchi on drums.
Callimachi: This is a group that was hell-bent on being independent, on being self-sufficient, on relying on no one.
It became available on digital platforms such as iTunes on March 20 and will begin streaming on Disney+ on April 3.
The group includes Donald Harrison on alto saxophone, Marc Cary on keyboards, Khari Simmons on bass and Mike Clark on drums.
The soundtrack will also be released on CD on April 17 and on vinyl on May 22, if that's your thing.
On March 3, a mighty quartet will feature Mary Halvorson on guitar, Trevor Dunn on bass and Dan Weiss on drums.
Now, you're not allowed to hate on religion, on sexual orientation, on race — but it's quite acceptable to hate on cyclists.
It will then move on to New Orleans on November 22, to Nashville on November 24, and Atlanta on November 26.
For comparison, people spend 13 minutes on Reddit, 25 minutes on Pinterest, 30 minutes on Snapchat and 50 minutes on Facebook.
The band includes Jaleel Shaw on alto saxophone, Orrin Evans on piano, Eric Revis on bass and Nasheet Waits on drums.
Catch him here with Freddie Hendrix on trumpet, Francesca Tanksley on piano, Hwansu Kang on bass and Aaron Scott on drums.
Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families.
So what if the glorious Big Mac has cheese on the bottom, or the beautiful Whopper piles lettuce on tomatoes on onions on pickles like full-on plant-based communism?
Mercury clashes with Jupiter on March 15, connects with Pluto on March 16, with Mars on March 163, with Pluto on March 20, and then with Saturn on March 20.
Moderators (and occasionally Sanders) threw her questions on Benghazi; on the Iraq War vote; on her less-than firm positions on fracking and deportation; and on those Goldman Sachs speeches.
He begins this weekend run on his 210th birthday, leading a band with Victor Gould on piano, Vicente Archer on bass, Jacqueline Acevedo on percussion and Jonathan Barber on drums.
PG: Well, we have different points of view on this issue, and, by the way, not only on this issue, also on other issues, on-, on climate change, for example.
"When reading Sartre on freedom, Beauvoir on the subtle mechanisms of oppression, Kierkegaard on anxiety, Camus on rebellion, Heidegger on technology or Merleau-Ponty on cognitive science," Ms. Bakewell writes, "one sometimes feels one is reading the latest news."
Sweeping restrictions on Texas abortions focus on regulating the fetus Sweeping restrictions on Texas abortions focus on regulating the fetus Texas lawmakers tried a new tactic when they advanced sweeping restrictions on abortion last week: Focus on the fetus.
And I know you're working hard, but I hope you get a few hours on the couch all the same, on the water, on the links, on the court, on your back, on the bike, skateboard or elliptical machine.
You can edit your posts on Medium and on Instagram and on Slack.
We should base our conclusions on evidence, on data, and not on prejudice.
Gizmodo was on the ground on Thursday to report on the worldwide protest.
They're watching movies on their phone, on their laptop, or on their tablet.
This wall stands 10 meters tall and goes on and on and on.
You need to sometimes spend money on marketing, on advertising, on customer acquisition.
This segment first appeared on VICE News Tonight on HBO on Monday, Jan.
There will be debates to come -- on trade, on spending, on national defense.
And on and on and on until the 36-hour clock runs out.
They checked on their homes, circumventing road closures on foot or on bicycles.
Ma called on the Chinese government on Tuesday to crack down on counterfeiters.

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