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140 Sentences With "misplacing"

How to use misplacing in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "misplacing" and check conjugation/comparative form for "misplacing". Mastering all the usages of "misplacing" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We all know a person who's perennially misplacing their keys.
Everyone's guilty of misplacing their keys or wallet once in a while.
That's why I called her when I started uncharacteristically misplacing stuff myself.
Mercury retrograde ends today in Scorpio and finally, you'll stop misplacing your keys!
Misplacing your stuff can have you looking like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.
Be careful about not losing your wallet—Mercury retrograde often finds people misplacing things.
Mercury retrograde in Pisces ends today, and finally, you'll stop misplacing all your belongings!
The days of misplacing your muted smartphone could also be a thing of the past.
In the L.A. Times interview, he remembered misplacing his rifle before a 4 a.m. drill.
I'll miss napping in you and barfing in you and misplacing my underpants in you.
Key holder with Tile smart technology We all know a person who's perennially misplacing their keys.
Critics have accused the Americans of misplacing their trust in militiamen the night of the attack.
Bluetooth Key Finder: The classic problem of misplacing your keys is solved thanks to this modern technology.
On Thursday her makeup artist's Fendi bag was lost after misplacing it at Essence's Black Women event.
If you're someone who's constantly misplacing or destroying cables, the OtterSpot Wireless Charging System is for you.
HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler — $2500 See Details We all know a person who's perennially misplacing their keys.
If he's constantly misplacing his phone, keys, or wallet (or all three...), a Tile tracker will do wonders.
To prevent misplacing it, I keep the bottle in a colorful little cosmetic zip pouch on my nightstand.
There&aposs little chance of you misplacing this bright green 2DS, which will be launching in Japan on Aug.
Tile pioneered the Bluetooth tracker category with its relatively inexpensive plastic trackers that will prevent you from misplacing things.
You don't just lose the key to forty million acres of rewilded prairie as easy as misplacing your memtax.
Brazil's national team seemed to follow similar tactics, running aimlessly around the field and misplacing even the easiest passes.
The KeySmart Pro is an ingenious key organizer designed to help you stop misplacing your keys once and for all.
Misplacing objects is an everyday occurrence, but finding them can be like going on a treasure hunt without a map.
Others prefer to put everything on one card, since carrying around multiple cards can increase the odds of misplacing one.
The tech company can't promise that they'll stop misplacing their keys, but they can help mom and dad find them faster.
If you're constantly misplacing your Roku remote, you now have an alternative way to control your movies — right from your wrist.
So, I think by slightly misplacing one piece of reality here and there might cause someone to take a closer look.
The environment ministry has frequently accused mills of misplacing sensors, turning off equipment or ramping up production at night to avoid supervision.
"Melodie respectfully requests that the community, law enforcement, pension board and press refrain from rushing to, or misplacing, judgment," the release said.
"Melodie respectfully requests that the community, law enforcement, pension board and press refrain from rushing to, or misplacing, judgment," the release read.
The department also said air carriers are losing or misplacing luggage at the lowest rate since 1987, when the government began collecting data.
Most rental companies offer roadside assistance in their pricing, and extended roadside service, for nonmechanical mishaps like misplacing your keys, is also available.
My sister is a cognitive scientist at M.I.T., more conversant than most people in the mental processes involved in tracking and misplacing objects.
If you have a habit of misplacing your AirPods, this new Kickstarter campaign might have the answer: stick them on your Apple Watch band.
Mr. Hollenbeck, an idiosyncratic drummer and sonic architect, likes to let sounds float around and connect at various angles, misplacing and de-ordering things.
Symptoms can include memory loss, difficulty planning and solving problems, difficultly completing familiar tasks, vision loss, misplacing items often and difficulty finding the right words.
It comes with a lifetime warranty, and if you're concerned about misplacing it or running out of juice, it's cheap enough to buy a few.
As long as my headphones tend to be physically tethered to my listening device, I’ll run less of a risk of misplacing it.
Misplacing your attention on what is out of your hands, like your sales numbers or a judge's decision or a surgery outcome, will cost you.
Mathilde ends up misplacing the necklace, and she and her husband lose a decade of their lives in penurious debt to pay for a replacement.
Watch out for misplacing your belongings—but also keep a look out for things you misplaced in the past, as they may pop up now.
And if the human programmer made an error, such as misplacing a decimal point, that would be expressed in some incorrect behavior on the machine's part.
The modern sense of misplacing an object appeared later, in the thirteenth century; a hundred years after that, "to lose" acquired the meaning of failing to win.
Air Vinyl Design's new AirPod case with built-in spinning capabilities is a must have for anyone who experiences high levels of anxiety about misplacing their expensive headphones.
"We used to fax the labor and delivery records, but they didn't get them or they were misplacing them," says Hilda Moreno, who manages the office's medical records.
This Bluetooth tracker can be attached to a keychain or put inside your wallet and is perfect for anyone who finds themselves misplacing something a bit too often.
Anyway, if you are afraid of misplacing a towel within your own home, you can purchase a "basketball" or "bucket and shovel" towel charm on the That's My Towel!
Misplacing the blame onto someone else isn't going to get you to the next stage in life, so try not to manipulate a situation to make yourself look better.
From spilled coffee on a laptop and a malfunctioning iPhone, to misplacing an external hard drive, Mueller told the court their potential importance never struck him as an issue.
Martinez settled down immediately after misplacing the curveball that Escobar displaced over the visiting bullpen, facing just one over the minimum number of hitters in the next four innings.
If you've ever lost your wallet or car keys, you've got something in common with the people who run Canada's nuclear facilities, who keep misplacing nuclear and radiological material.
He was perhaps in his thirties, if that, wore glasses he kept misplacing, and, as it turned out, was not only proficient in several languages but played the piano.
Misplacing hospitals on a map somewhere might not seem like a huge deal, but an official within SIGAR told me that the inspector general's office takes these inaccuracies very seriously.
If you use a padlock on a regular basis — at the gym or locking up your bike — then you'll know the annoyance of misplacing your key or forgetting your combination.
But I do know that many of the soldiers caught in the ongoing effort to collect repayment of bonuses improperly obtained are guilty of nothing more than misplacing their trust.
She snapped pictures of the well-heeled crowd as she hugged her way around the room, occasionally misplacing a glass of white wine, in a churn of compliments and gossip.
Paola Sierra was just a teenager when she noticed her mother misplacing her keys and forgetting how to perform simple tasks like folding towels at the hotel where she worked.
The Hopper integration with the Google Assistant is rolling out today to customers and while you don't have to worry about misplacing your remote, definitely keep an eye on your phone.
Twitter users went on to point fingers at other women they believe facilitated the harassment, misplacing their ire onto peripheral targets rather than the men who actually allegedly committed the assaults.
If the primary lesson we take away from the shooting in Florida is that we have to make schools (or workplaces, or movie theaters) safer, we are badly misplacing our attention.
If these numbers are even close to reality, the Lagoon will wind up being the most forgiving pair of headphones for people who make a habit of forgetting or misplacing their charger.
Hawaiian Airlines is the most reliable among regional carriers, only misplacing bags 0.24 percent of the time, but Alaska Airlines comes in very close with a baggage loss rate of 7533 percent.
Recently, after accidentally misplacing his son's lunchbox — which greatly annoyed his wife — Hoyle set out to make things right by picking up a new one, and he vlogged the whole amusing mission.
Misplacing one almost feels like a blessing, because then you at least have an excuse to shop around for a different model — say, this 3-pack of cables from the Mashable Shop.
Tile has more or less defined the "personal object tracking" category with its range of Bluetooth trackers that you clip or attach to various things (like house keys) to keep from misplacing them.
There's been a lot of focus this past election on jobs, and on bringing back coal jobs, specifically in this region, which I think is kind of misplacing where the future is going.
An officer who complained about racial and sexual discrimination was secretly surveilled, her phone records were subpoenaed, and she now faces potentially serious punishment for misplacing a parking placard and other low-level charges.
Price: ~$40Buy on: AmazonWalmart If you're always misplacing your reading glasses, these will make sure you never struggle to read the fine print: the foldable glasses hang from your keychain or sit in your wallet.
Price: ~$10Buy on: PopSocket If you're always misplacing your reading glasses, these will make sure you never struggle to read the fine print: the foldable glasses hang from your keychain or sit in your wallet.
For me, I go through tubes of Aquaphor like some people do gum — so I make sure to equip every room, purse, and jacket with one so I never have to worry about misplacing it.
As a lifeline to your contacts, social accounts, bank accounts, and email — not to mention all of your photos and saved notes — just the thought of misplacing your phone can induce instant cold sweats and panic.
As a person who doesn't wear earrings, but would if I could wear them for a full day without mindlessly removing and misplacing them mid-afternoon, this sounds like the half-chic, half-silly solution to my problems.
While Sobel certainly comes across as a difficult and even incompetent officer, the series omits how soldiers sabotaged him by "misplacing" equipment, or how two medics knocked him out with anesthetic and cut an incision in his torso.
Washington (CNN)After misplacing about 7,0003 pages of documents for several months, the State Department is now asking a federal judge for more time to release former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails, blaming the blizzard currently slamming Washington.
Dementia patients are prone to misplacing their belongings, and people with early-stage Alzheimer's often can't find objects because they have put them in unlikely locations; the eyeglasses end up in the oven, the dentures in the coffee can.
I didn't get to test out the fitness tracking, and I'm still skeptical of the value there — there are a lot of good reasons why we might be misplacing our faith in devices like these when it comes to tracking our health.
Yet somehow misplacing your everyday belongings is easier than ever, what with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle in which you look up bleary eyed from your phone or computer screen only to notice you have no freaking idea where you put your keys.
The same applies to moving data over consumer-grade FTP services, responding to authentic-looking phishing messages, careless password management, misplacing devices containing privileged information, visiting an infected website or opening a Trojan horse — a virus-infected attachment to a seemingly normal-looking email.
Tile Pro (2-Pack), available at Amazon, $50When I was younger, I always wished there was some sort of tracking device I could put on my important items like my Nintendo DS or any jacket that I brought to school because I was always losing or misplacing things.
The story is now focused even more closely on the central relationship between Crowley, the high-living devil who kicks the plot into gear by misplacing the baby Antichrist, and the prudish angel Aziraphale, who works with Crowley in a desperate, covert, comical campaign to keep the world from ending.
It wasn't a great look, but at least it didn't explicitly alienate one of our closest allies… Check between the couch cushions: …because POTUS saved that move for South Korea after "a glitch-filled sequence" led to the Pentagon and the White House misplacing an entire aircraft carrier group that was supposed to be acting as a North Korean deterrent for a few days.
The distinguished roll call of talent includes the stage veteran Eleanor Bron, who purrs her way through the part of a grande dame with a habit of forever misplacing her husband, and Emma Fielding — fondly remembered from the 1993 National Theater premiere of Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia" — as a drolly expressive house guest who pronounces that there are only four "ideal men" in London. Mrs.
But this misplacing hath caused a deficience, or at least a great improficience in the sciences themselves.
She is in love with Hinata. ; :Miss Kobayashi is the club advisor for the Art Club, who Anna discovers is misplacing her feelings on Hinata after being rejected by her ex-fiancé.
They refer to techniques which tear apart an opponent's muscles or tendons. #"Cuo gu" (misplacing the bone). Cuo means "wrong, disorder" and gu means "bone". Cuo gu therefore refer to techniques which put bones in wrong positions and is usually applied specifically to joints.
Hallowell states that ADHD does not always include Hyperactivity but can include having an inability to follow through on assignments at work or at school, misplacing things, avoiding tasks, or getting distracted easily. Hallowell has claimed that Einstein, Mozart, Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln all had ADHD.
This form of memory breakdown involves problems at the point where attention and memory interface. Common errors of this type include misplacing keys or eyeglasses, or forgetting appointments because at the time of encoding sufficient attention was not paid to what would later need to be recalled.
The Soviet Union had deliberately falsified virtually all public maps of the country, misplacing streets, distorting boundaries, and omitting geographical features. These were orders administered by the Soviet secret police. Western experts said the maps were distorted out of fear of aerial bombing or foreign intelligence operations.
It was revealed he had been given 2 warnings in his first 2 weeks at the club. Suli subsequently joined Manly-Warringah, making his debut in round 9. By round 14, he had been dropped again after misplacing his passport and missing training in New Zealand.
Thus PiedPiper is forced to intentionally fail to save the world from their own creation. They are successful in crashing the launch. There is a 10 year flash forward to see where everyone is, ending with Richard misplacing a flash drive with the potential world security-threatening code on it.
The court agreed that there was in fact a risk of unfair trial due to the misplacing of the evidence against the applicant, McFarlane. The prosecution appealed the High Court's decision. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of the prosecution's appeal, resulting in McFarlane's cross-appeal being refused.McFarlane v DPP [2006] IESC 11.
One can transfer or lose ownership of property by selling it for money, exchanging it for other property, giving it as a gift, misplacing it, or having it stripped from one's ownership through legal means such as eviction, foreclosure, seizure, or taking. Ownership is self-propagating in that the owner of any property will also own the economic benefits of that property.
I-joists require correct installation. The most common mistake is misplacing or improperly sizing holes in the web, which can compromise the joist's strength, potentially leading to structural failure. Common mistakes made with installing I-joists include cutting or chiseling the flange, improperly sized joist hangers, improper nailing and wrong-sized nails. The rim joist depth must match the I-joist size.
Arno Brandner: Trailer about Alzheimer's disease (German) The show offered support and information for people who are suffering Alzheimer's disease or have members in their family who do. The portrayal of Krauss in this story is seen as phenomenal and heartbreaking. Arno would slowly lose control over his life, forgetting or misplacing things. Arno appears scared and tries desperately to hold up his old strength.
However, during the preseason, many people within the Packers organization "questioned" Johnson's desire to play and his attitude, an allegation Johnson quickly denied. He also was fined by Starr an unknown amount of money for almost missing a team flight to New York after celebrating his birthday the previous night, misplacing his car keys. He only started three games that season. By 1982, Johnson regained his starting job over Merrill.
Spinach is sometimes wrongly claimed to be a good source of iron. However, this myth is often also wrongly explained by researchers misplacing a decimal mark. Mike Sutton showed that there almost certainly was no decimal error involved in deriving the wrong iron content of spinach. Later analysis also supports the idea that the true reason for the misestimation of the iron content of spinach are "unreliable methods or poor experimentation".
The erroneous priorities effect (EPE) states that groups acting upon what they initially consider important are almost always misplacing their effort. When groups do this they have not yet determined which factors are most influential in their potential to achieve desired change. Only after identifying those factors are they ready to take effective action. EPE was discovered by Kevin Dye after extensive research at the Food and Drug Administration.
The game started to become scrappy, both sides struggled to find a way through their opposition defences and were misplacing passes. Three minutes before the end of the half, Liverpool had an attack. Strong passed to Smith, whose first touch caused the ball to bounce upwards, his subsequent shot went over the Leeds goal. A minute before the end of the half, Liverpool another chance, but Hunt's shot from was saved by Sprake.
The company has received media attention for losing or misplacing customer files and data, particularly tapes containing private information such as home addresses and Social Security numbers. In 1997, a mysterious fire destroyed a warehouse just off the New Jersey Turnpike (USA) at Exit 8, full of corporate documents. This was two days after a smaller blaze damaged another warehouse several hundred feet away. Both buildings are owned by Iron Mountain Inc.
Later, Mika and Mako participate in a relay race. Mika becomes tired while running, but Chizuko again appears to motivate her to do well. Mika's parents, while watching her sprint through the finish line, comment that she looks like Chizuko. Mika becomes nervous after misplacing a love letter she had written to Kaminaga; the next day at school, several of her classmates have photocopies of the letter, which they use to tease her.
Photographic prints and negatives are best stored in individual paper or plastic enclosures. Note that paper enclosures must pass the PAT test or Photographic Activity Test in order to be deemed safe for storage of photographic materials. Once the photographs are in their individual enclosures they must be boxed in archival quality boxes. Horizontal storage is usually recommended over vertical storage, as is storing photographs of similar size together to avoid abrasions or misplacing the smaller items.
Since bone has a very specific structure, misplacing a cartilage cell in early growth is comparable to misplacement of a brick early on in construction of a wall. Misplacement in cartilage will result in cartilage tumor or tumors at the growth plates of long bones. This condition is known as hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) or hereditary multiple osteochondromas (HMO). HME can also be the result of a mutation to the EXT1 gene or other EXT family genes.
Lewis portrayed an absentminded officer in the Navy who was accused by a member of Congress of somehow misplacing the ship. In April 1960, Vammen was selected as a Group I Naval Reserve Training (NRT) ship; on 21 May, she was redesignated a Group II NRT ship. On 18 June 1960, the destroyer escort was de-commissioned and placed "in service". After becoming an NRT ship, Vammen soon began to provide training for reserve surface divisions of the 11th Naval District.
The elder Gay kept the gun because he felt "protected". On March 31, 1984, Gay Sr. was angry because he could not locate a missing insurance policy document and he accused Alberta of misplacing the letter. Marvin awoke from his sleep and commanded his father to leave Alberta alone; however, neither father nor son physically attacked each other that night. Around 12:30 pm (PST) on April 1, 1984, Gay Sr. began arguing with Alberta again over the missing insurance letter.
So they laugh at 'There's a leek in the boat.' And they laugh even more the second time." A. A. Dowd of The A.V. Club gave the film a C, saying "Like too many sequels, this second helping of Meatballs confuses bigger for better, piling on the action but misplacing much of the original's charm." David Hiltbrand of The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film three out of four stars, saying "This scrumptious sequel follows the same recipe as the 2009 original.
On March 31, 1984, Alberta and her husband had an argument over misplaced business documents, including an important insurance policy, which Alberta was blamed for misplacing. When the argument spilled over to Marvin's bedroom, Marvin awoke from a sleep and immediately took his mother's side, demanding his father to leave her alone. Gay, Sr. left the room without incident that afternoon but, according to Alberta, carried on rambling through the house. The next day, April 1, the arguments started again.
Set in Pimlico, London, Alice Barlow (Marie Wright) is murdered by an unknown man, who then ransacks her house, looking for her valuable rubies. The house remains empty for many years, until newlyweds Paul and Bella Mallen move in. Bella (Diana Wynyard) soon finds herself misplacing small objects; and, before long, Paul (Anton Walbrook) has her believing she is losing her sanity. B. G. Rough (Frank Pettingell), a former detective involved in the original murder investigation, immediately suspects him of Alice Barlow's murder.
Smith served as an member of parliament in the House of Representatives, representing the New Plymouth electorate from 1890 for two terms until the abeyance of that electorate in 1896. In the , he contested the electorate, but was beaten by the saw miller Henry Brown. At the , he beat Brown, and represented the Taranaki electorate until his death in 1907. Smith was one of the characters of the house, known for misplacing aspirates and for concluding speeches with his own verse.
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a condition in which people face memory problems more often than that of the average person their age. These symptoms, however, do not prevent them from carrying out normal activities and are not as severe as the symptoms for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Symptoms often include misplacing items, forgetting events or appointments, and having trouble finding words. According to recent research, MCI is seen as the transitional state between cognitive changes of normal aging and Alzheimer's disease.
In April 2012, a French court dismissed Ginola's lawsuit against Gérard Houllier for alleged defamation. Houllier had contributed to a new book (published on 20 October 2011) on football coaching, Secrets de coachs (Coaches' Secrets). In that book, Houllier was alleged to have made disparaging remarks on Ginola and to have referred to Ginola in offensive terms in blaming him for misplacing the cross that allowed Bulgaria to launch the decisive counterattack during the final minute of the France-Bulgaria match on 17 November 1993.
He made his pantomime debut playing a sports reporter in Aladdin in Northampton in 2010 opposite Chesney Hawkes. On 11 April 2018, during a live broadcast at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, Bushell fell into a swimming pool after misplacing a step whilst interviewing some of the English swimming team, including Adam Peaty. Due to the fall, his microphone eventually stopped working and coverage had to revert to the studios. A video of the moment was shared 11.5 million times in one day.
Jimmy forcefully kisses Angela and the two eventually have sex on the kitchen table. The next morning, Jimmy announces that with his new job, they can and should have a second child. Angela later visits the Dittrich studio, where Robert coolly informs her that his art dealer friend is no longer interested in her work, which he derides as "a cheap imitation of Mary Cassatt". Van Alden is furious at his partner, Agent Eric Sebso, for misplacing Jimmy's telegram to Nucky, which would have enabled them to arrest Jimmy as he arrived from Chicago.
"Back to Earth" is one such enterprise, where natural refuse is converted into attractive eco-friendly gift items and mementos and sold at Colombo's lifestyle stores, bringing an additional revenue to the rural community. Attanayake is also an activist for making all public places and building in Sri Lanka entirely accessible to wheelchair users. In 2006, he sued Qatar Airlines for misplacing his wheelchairs and donated the entire amount to Ragama Rehabilitation Hospital for building proper access for wheelchairs. He has been active in bringing the rights of the disabled Sri Lankans to the forefront.
Cranium of Puma pardoides The fossil record of cheetahs and pumas is relatively well known, though there have been times of uncertainty and misplacing species in different genera. For example, the extinct Puma pardoides was originally classified as two separate species of fossil leopards, Panthera pardoides and Panthera schaubi. It became apparent that two species were the same animal, and, based on features in the skull, that the species was more closely related to the cougar.Hemmer, H. 1965. Studien an “Panthera” schaubi Viret aus dem Villafranchien von Saint-Vallier (Dr me).
They presented evidence, including witnesses from the restaurant where the two men had dined the evening before the murder, that Carpenter and Crane were still the best of friends. They noted that the murder weapon had never been identified or found; the prosecution's camera tripod theory was sheer speculation, they said, based solely on Carpenter's occupation. They disputed the claim that the newly discovered evidence photo showed brain tissue, and presented many examples of "sloppy work" by police, such as the mishandling and misplacing of evidence—including the crucial tissue sample itself.Rubin, P. (May 5, 1993).
The next week he conducts the christening. In October 2010, Max Branning (Jake Wood) arranges for him to visit his sister Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) following the death of her son, Billie Jackson (Devon Anderson), but Carol gets angry as Billie was not religious. In October 2011, he conducts a funeral of a local man, but Dot's sister, Rose (Polly Perkins), who works in the doctor's surgery, fears she mistakenly killed the man by misplacing his test results. Stevens tells her the patient died of a bee sting, and a relieved Rose then flirts with him, much to the chagrin of Dot.
Teams may not take an additional clue from the clue box should they lose their first one, otherwise they are assessed a penalty. Teams are not directly penalized for misplacing their clue but will lose time either searching for it or trying to learn from other teams of where to go next. At Route Markers, clue envelopes are placed inside a box mounted to the Marker. In early seasons, the box contained exactly the number of clues for teams on that leg, allowing teams to indirectly determine their current placement in the leg by counting envelopes.
Inez finds a Special Delivery envelope from a travel agency and, realizing D.O. might be doing something desperate, goes to the airport to try to dissuade him. She informs airport officials that he had been fired from a construction job for "misplacing" explosives and that the family's financial situation is dire. Ada Quonsett manages to evade the TGA employee assigned the task of putting her on a flight back to Los Angeles. Enchanted by the idea of a trip to Rome, she talks her way past the gate agent, boards Flight 2, and happens to sit next to Guerrero.
Despite his lack of medical skills and having to repeat his third year of residency, Doug eventually became a licensed physician. However, he began to doubt himself and came to the conclusion that he should not be a doctor. While on a trip to the morgue, he realized that because of the number of deaths he had been responsible for, he was able to identify the cause of death of several people. He became an expert coroner but still made several mistakes, such as forgetting a gurney, misplacing a dead body, or failing to retrieve a patient before rigor mortis set in.
She falls for Seto after he defends her from her overly- aggressive boyfriend, and tricks him into going on dates throughout the series. She is convinced that he is her soulmate, and is determined for him to become her boyfriend. ; : Played by: Konatsu Kato : Although her name does not begin with an "I", the "Ai" from "Aiko" represents an "i" sound in Japanese, indirectly marking her as an "i." She is Gemini, quite ditzy, scatterbrained, and is prone to losing or misplacing her possessions, but is also very nice, kind, and unbelievably cheerful, even in bad situations.
Poroshenko and Viktor Yushchenko during the meeting before Mukacheve mayoral election on 16 April 2004. In December 2001, Poroshenko broke ranks with Kuchma supporters to become campaign chief of Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine Bloc opposition faction. After parliamentary elections in March 2002 in which Our Ukraine won the biggest share of the popular vote and Poroshenko won a seat in parliament, Poroshenko served as head of the parliamentary budget committee, where he was accused of "misplacing 47 million hryvnias" (USD$8.9 million). As a consequence of Poroshenko's Our Ukraine Bloc membership tax inspectors launched an attack on his business.
Victoria Flynn (Katy Mixon) is Molly's dimwitted but kind, party girl sister who is often high on marijuana. (Policemen Mike and Carl take a "don't tell, we won't ask" attitude about her drug use.) She is employed as a beautician at a funeral home. She likes to have fun and sleeps around, frequently with married men, and her combination of not being particularly bright and being a pothead leads to her often losing or misplacing major items like her car. Harry has an almost obsessive crush on her, and she has on occasion gone on dates with him just to be nice.
Cast members are seen misplacing props, forgetting lines (in one scene, an actor repeats an earlier line of dialogue and causes the dialogue sequence triggered by that line to be repeated, ever more frenetically, several times), missing cues, breaking character, having to drink white spirit instead of whisky, mispronouncing words, stepping on fingers, being hidden in a grandfather clock, and being manhandled off stage, with one cast member being knocked unconscious and her replacement (and the group technician) refusing to yield when she returns. The climax is a tribute to a scene in Buster Keaton's film Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928), when virtually the whole of the remaining set collapses.
Relations of semi-duality are similar to > relations of duality. Semi-duality occurs between partners who lead (by > leading function) each other's dual-seeking (5th) functions but lack each > other's creative functions (to assist their mobilizing functions). As a > result, both partners often perceive elements of duality from the > relationship but feel the other partner is misplacing the correct emphasis; > as semi-duals will be able to help their partners with their dual seeking > functions but both have the least confidence in the same area of the psyche > (thinking, feeling, sensing, or intuition). Relationships of semi-duality > can become very close for moderate periods of time until correspondence is > broken indefinitely.
There is a local tradition that Hylton Castle is haunted by the spirit of Robert Skelton, known as the Cauld (a pronunciation of "cold" in Mackem) Lad of Hylton. Various versions of how he was killed exist, the most popular being that he was decapitated by Sir Robert Hylton (later de jure 13th Baron Hylton), after falling asleep and failing to get his master's horse ready on time. Skelton's spirit then began to haunt the castle and would move objects, either misplacing them or tidying up. The spirit was said to have been finally laid to rest when the castle servants put a cloak out for him.
39 gave away a green plastic version of the MP Handy Guide, without needle gauge or ruler and with a clarified version of the same instructions moulded onto the back: > "Rows: move the markers when you have completed each row. > Increase and decrease: keep count each time you need to increase or > decrease stitches. > Times: use the markers when you need to make more than one set of increases > or decreases." This version illustrated the difficulty of mass-producing such a gadget cheaply: the inner card is easily displaced during assembly, thereby misplacing the numbers, and some of the sliders do not move easily.
Most episode plots are based on relatable conflicts and struggles of entering/maintaining a relationship; however, these conflicts are taken to absurd and literal extremes. The show centers on Josh Greenberg, who struggles finding love after a break-up with his long term girlfriend Maggie. His mature and successful older sister Liz often tries to help him enter into a serious relationship, and his sex-crazed best friend Mike often tries to help him with solely having sex. Josh's efforts oftentimes lead him into surreal and awkward circumstances such as going on a date with an actual troll, physically misplacing his penis, or meeting a Japanese monster composed of human penises.
However, Danio dangila and Danio feegradei, both of which had most of the characteristics of the Brachydanio (with the exception that they were much larger than Brachydanio species) were placed within Danios. (Due to this and other misplacing, both Danio and Brachydanio were found to be paraphyletic by Fang Fang in 2003.). In 1941, H.M. Smith attempted to unite all the Brachydanios and Danios species into one genus on the basis of a fish from Thailand which was supposed to bridge the gap. He downgraded both Danio and Brachydanio into subgenera and erected a new subgenus of Allodanio with one member, Allodanio ponticulus, but Myers later pointed out that A. ponticulus was actually a member of the genus Barilius.
Vandenberg withdrew from competition after Cruz obtained her mobile number without her consent and kept calling her for her hotel and room number. The pageant officials stated that they did not know how Cruz obtained her number, and they only have the delegates' international contact numbers and the pageant's mode of communication was through messenger and group chat only. Vandenberg also claimed the organizers confiscated her passport on the first day of competition. The pageant organizers denied Vandenberg's claim, stating that delegates are free to keep their passports by signing a waiver and they only keep the passports for safekeeping since there had been many occasions of misplacing or losing their passports and to facilitate check-in for their domestic flights and hotel accommodations.
The resemblance to A Midsummer Night's Dream is accentuated by the appearance of a troupe of fairies; they set out a banquet, and mistakenly give a precious bejewelled cup to a passing peasant. The Enchanter who controls the fairies appears, and reproves them for misplacing the cup; then he sees Lassingbergh and Lucilia, and has his fairies bind and abduct them. Confused by his spells, Lucilia forgets both herself and her husband; the Enchanter tries to convince her that he is her husband -- but Lucilia's true love is too strong to be deceived by the trick. The play depicts a series of comings and goings, meetings and partings and misunderstandings among Alberdure, his pursuers, Lassingbergh and Lucilia, and the peasant.
Amanda Tanen Sommers, played by Becki Newton, is initially hostile to Betty because she'd taken the job that Amanda was gunning for; along with Marc, she'd find ways to make Betty's job difficult - misplacing memos, "forgetting" to pass along messages, and being nasty in general. Amanda and Betty would later become 'frenemies' - joining forces when needed (such as when they were both in danger of losing their jobs) and confided in Betty about her unhappiness at being one of Daniel's many girlfriends. Despite knowing his reputation, she'd fallen in love with Daniel and hoped she'd be the one to change his ways. When it was clear that Daniel wasn't interested in getting to know Amanda beyond the bedroom, she broke off their relationship.
Nations By The River formed during the Gelbison/The Sleepy Jackson tour of early 2003, when Luke Steele (Sleepy Jackson) and Edo Kahn (Gelbison) started jamming and writing songs in a car park after misplacing their van's keys.The Newcastle Herald, 14 June 2004, "Lot To Be Said For Parking" by Michael Gadd & Amy Edwards Dove Kahn soon joined in and Nations By The River was established as a side project for the three. Ohad Rein (Old Man River) and Edo Kahn co- wrote the song "Lovers", and shortly after Ohad joined the group. The album was recorded in three daysThe Courier Mail, 12 June 2004, Holes in the Valley review by Guy Mosel as a stripped-back and live experience with engineer/co- producer Scott Horscroft (Sun, The Husbands).
During the match, Pirlo made 108 passes in total, only misplacing five, with a pass completion rate of 95.4%, completing the most passes of any other player in the previous opening matches of the 2014 World Cup. With a 93.2 pass percentage, Italy also managed to record the highest pass accuracy percentage of any team in a World Cup match since Denmark in the 1966 World Cup, completing 561 of their 602 passes. Pirlo also contributed to Italy's first goal of the match: Antonio Candreva's short corner was played to Marco Verratti, who then passed the ball out wide towards Pirlo, who drew his marker with him. Pirlo let the ball pass in between his legs to Marchisio, leaving him with space to score with a low drive from outside the area.
The Haunts of Headless Harry featured the amiable ghost of a 16th-century soldier who had been beheaded. Harry's head and body led separate but related ghostly existences, with the body carrying the head around everywhere, and both of them were able to talk. Harry's humorous adventures invariably involved misplacing his head; such as going to the cinema and, on leaving, calling at the cloakroom to collect it (as though it was a hat), and being asked by the attendant to identify it among all the other ghostly heads left there during the film. The other new humour strip was Ghost Ship, in which the spirit of an ancient galleon, and the ghosts of its pirate crew, sailed the Seven Seas making mischief, but usually coming off worst.
During Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, one of Mike's mistakes was trying to show off by piloting the Satellite of Love, and ended up crashing into the Hubble Space Telescope before totally destroying it while attempting to separate it from the ship. In episode #911 Devil Fish, he believes his identity has been stolen by a secret government agency merely after misplacing his wallet. He has an older brother, Eddie (also played by Nelson), a chain-smoking, hard-drinking bum who replaces him temporarily in the Time Chasers episode due to Crow going back in time to prevent Mike from getting the temp job which eventually results in his confinement on the SOL. However, this also caused Mike to die a horrible death, which was rectified by Crow going back in time once again, to fix things.
The existence of neglect and/or extinction in taste is less explored than olfaction, even though in humans the ability to localize taste stimuli presented on the tongue has been previously described. In the case of a patient with a wide parietal-occipital tumor, tactile extinction on the upper limbs and extinction of taste sensations on the left part of the tongue were seen when two tastes were presented simultaneously on each hemitongue. The results of the assessment revealed there is unimodal taste extinction and displacement of taste sensations under crossmodal taste- tactile stimulation. In particular, when a touch was delivered to the right hemi-tongue and a taste was applied on the left hemi-tongue, the patient repeatedly reported bilateral taste stimulation, thus surprisingly extinguishing the right touch and partially misplacing the left taste stimulus.
The two most common forms of verbal nouns are infinitives and gerunds. The bare infinitive, when used as a noun, has no plural (or if it does it is invariable, i.e. identical to the singular), and its gender is neuter. :arbeiten ‘to work’ – das Arbeiten ‘working’ ::Note: die Arbeiten is not the plural of the verbal noun Arbeiten, it is the plural of the feminine noun die Arbeit. ;Example for the plural :„Das Verlegen“ kann verschiedene Bedeutungen haben: Das Verlegen einer Sache (die man dann nicht mehr findet); das Verlegen eines Veranstaltungsortes; das Verlegen einer Zeitung; etc.. Diese verschiedenen „Verlegen“ sind ein gutes Beispiel für den Plural des Gerunds. :“Das Verlegen can have different meanings: the misplacing of a thing (which you'll never find later), the moving of an event location, the editing of a newspaper, etc.
On 20 February 2013, Reo-Coker accepted an offer from MLS club Vancouver Whitecaps FC. His Discovery Rights had been held by the Whitecaps' local rivals Portland Timbers, but he expressed a desire to play for the Vancouver club instead having been impressed with the professionalism of Vancouver head coach Martin Rennie. Vancouver traded its second-round picks in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft and 2015 MLS SuperDraft to Portland in exchange for the right to sign Reo-Coker. Reo-Coker made his debut for the club in a 1–0 win over Toronto on 3 March 2013, where he made 38 passes in the 45 minutes played, misplacing just eight of the total 46 during the match. He soon became known for his tough-tackling following a match against San Jose Earthquakes, in which he flipped midfielder Sam Cronin with a tackle in front of the referee.
" It is sequenced after Bizarre Inc's "I'm Gonna Get You", and the mixing between the two songs is logical, given the similarity between the "string-heavy- warbling" that closes "I'm Gonna Get You" and the opening bars of "I Feel Love". The Orb feature on Rave 92 with "Assassin" and "Blue Room". After the techno-dominated sixth track, "Something Good" by Utah Saints, another notable segue occurs with Mello Core's "Good Feeling", which, by contrast, is an atmospheric track defined by ethereal strings, conspicuous hi-hats and a soothing female voice singing of "the pleasurable effects of substance abuse." Tracks 16 and 17 on the CD, Kicks Like a Mule's "The Bouncer" and Ratpack's "Searchin' for My Rizla", are both "grounded in everyday settings – mild frustration over misplacing small items, feeling a bit dizzy, epic clubbing fail, slumping in front of kids’ telly when you get home at 5am.

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