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90 Sentences With "misplacement"

How to use misplacement in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "misplacement" and check conjugation/comparative form for "misplacement". Mastering all the usages of "misplacement" from sentence examples published by news publications.

How far can they withstand the weight, misplacement, and asymmetry of arrangement?
In addition to Trump's gross misplacement of priorities, there's some unsettling irony here.
" Nonetheless, she said, the misplacement of the documents was "a really stupid thing.
These included instances of perforation, expulsion of the coils from the fallopian tubes, and misplacement.
Google's EMEA president of business and operations, Matt Brittin, apologized on Monday for the misplacement of advertising.
The misplacement should not deter you, however, for this huge dessert of pulverized bread, splotched with creamy butter, is delicious.
Google's EMEA president of business and operations has apologized for the misplacement of advertising next to extremist content on its video site YouTube.
The environment ministry has long expressed concern about fraudulent behavior by firms, including the misuse or misplacement of pollution sensors or the deletion of data.
From ad misplacement and fraud to sexism in commercials and alleged harassment in Hollywood, it was quite a year for the marketing and media industries.
It's more than just not understanding how technical indicators are used, this very amateurish approach also includes the misplacement of trend lines, support and resistance levels.
The interpretations can lead to controversy, such as Google's misplacement of foam on its beer emoji, and the tragic jumbling of ingredients on its hamburger emoji.
That misplacement "wouldn't leave enough room for the three-line 'rooflines' referring to other stories in the magazine, which was also used during that period," Pine wrote.
From that twist of fate, that misplacement by inches, Brazil's hope of winning the World Cup for the sixth time in its illustrious history remains on track.
Last week, YouTube announced it will use third parties to provide 'brand safety' reporting, and Google has previously apologized to advertisers for ad misplacement on the video site.
In March, for example, Google's EMEA president of business and operations, Matt Brittin, apologized for the misplacement of advertising next to extremist content on its video site YouTube.
So after this passing and misplacement, I'm going to read what my friend Bryan assures me is a very good novel, about professional football, by a peerless sportswriter.
She was 9 years old, suffering from a rib misplacement, when the staff at Twistars gymnastics club in Michigan told her about the doctor renowned for treating young gymnasts.
Several brands in the U.K. pulled their ads from YouTube including Marks & Spencer, HSBC and L'Oreal and last month Google's EMEA boss Matt Brittin apologized for the misplacement of their advertising.
But even when border agents have these risk assessments in hand, shipments are still leaving Canada unchecked due to limited staff, misplacement and carriers ignoring requests to halt shipments, according to the audit.
The interpretations can lead to controversy, such as Google's misplacement of foam somehow hovering above a half-full glass of beer, and the jumbling of ingredients (with cheese on the bottom) on its hamburger emoji.
But maybe, on another level, they had something in common: "Many are flung down carelessly at birth and they experience the diminishment and sometimes the pleasant truculence of their random misplacement," she wrote in Sleepless Nights.
If we take it as a given that Samsung will avoid the fingerprint sensor misplacement this time around (rumors suggest it will be centered on the back), that leaves only Bixby as the potential anchor dragging down the S9.
"It is incumbent upon the ecosystem, including publishers, ad networks, programmatic companies and agencies, to prove that the capability to effectively deal with challenges such as ad fraud and brand misplacement is in place," he said in an emailed statement.
"Free Solo," nominated for best documentary, is an intimate look at Honnold's experience of preparing for and climbing the 3,000 foot high (900 meter) wall, where a tiny slip of a foot or misplacement of a finger could send him plummeting to his death.
For a third of the more than 300 CMOs the council surveyed online, the misplacement of advertising in "inappropriate content channels" is a '"significant fear" they have when using automated – or programmatic – ad placement, and a third are also concerned about ad fraud or fake clicks.
The State Department was supposed to have released all of Clinton's official emails on January 29th, but asked for a one month extension to compensate for a mysterious misplacement of documents, which the State Department was supposed to send over to other government agencies for further review, but were somehow waylaid.
"The 'cloud' is just someone else's hard drive," he said, emphasizing that information and content we think of as "safe" simply because it's located on a secure online platform can, in reality, be just as vulnerable to mishap and misplacement as files and information saved directly on our own computers.
But let's go back to the missile thing: in addition to the question of how farm equipment and other self-driving vehicles can successfully navigate the landscape when they don't, in fact, have the correct terrestrial coordinates, Australia's strange misplacement on global maps implies that every potential military target in the country would also have been roughly five feet away from where existing charts say they are.
Complications associated with central venous catheters include infection, pneumothorax, thrombosis, misplacement, and bleeding.
He was himself ignorant of any difference in the bank-notes and also of the misplacement of the Pandect volumes.
With a pH of 6.4, there will be no glycolysis process existed, thus no energy will be produced. Higher concentration of H+ will also cause the loss of contractile force through the misplacement of calcium in muscle fiber, the misplacement of calcium in muscle fiber will disturb the formation of actin-myosin cross-bridge.
Congenital disorders of the meatus, in the male, include epispadias (the misplacement to the upper aspect) and hypospadias (the misplacement to the underside of the penis). A congenital misshaping can result in its narrowing (meatal stenosis), causing a partial or total urinary blockage or the bifurcation of the urinary stream. A urethral blockage can also be caused by foreign material, kidney stones, or bladder stones (lithiasis).
Since bone has a very specific structure, misplacing a cartilage cell in early growth is comparable to misplacement of a brick early on in construction of a wall. Misplacement in cartilage will result in cartilage tumor or tumors at the growth plates of long bones. This condition is known as hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) or hereditary multiple osteochondromas (HMO). HME can also be the result of a mutation to the EXT1 gene or other EXT family genes.
Some scholars argue that Mou Zongsan's critique of Heidegger's fundamental ontology actually “misplaces (wuzhi)” Heidegger's transcendental metaphysics.• Zhao, Weiguo. "Mou Zongsan's Misplacement of Heidegger's Fundamental Ontology." Journal of Shanxi Normal University Vol.
A close nail or a nail bind is the placement of a horseshoe nail so close to the sensitive structures inside the horse's hoof that it causes discomfort to the horse. The nail is not necessarily placed in the sensitive structures itself, but creates a pressure on the quick of the horses hoof. Nail prick is also simply called horse shoe nail misplacement. Horse shoe nail misplacement has several names and the terminology is not always used with exactly the same meaning.
This will assume all possible roles of a community. He will be mayor, judge and if allowed, would also be the parish priest. The problem with the Paraguayan power is misplacement. He is a chieftain in a civilized state.
Infrequently, the epithelium is misplacement into the submucosa. Such polyps have been termed "inverted hyperplastic polyps". They appear to be restricted to the sigmoid colon and rectum. The misplaced epithelium is mucin-depleted , similar to the basal 1/3 of the polyp.
One brigade went up and over Shy's Hill. Because of the misplacement of the Confederate trenches, only the regiment on the east sustained significant casualties from Confederates, who were firing from the plain to its left.Official Records, War of the Rebellion, Armies, Series 1, Vol. XLV, pp.
La ASF pide fincar responsabilidad a funcionarios de Vicente Fox, March 30, 2007. The Superior Auditor of the Federation detected 36 irregularities and issued 13 motions of responsibility for public servants. Among the irregularities was the misplacement of marble blocks. Repairs cost 15 million pesos (roughly 1.4 million dollars).
Among the irregularities found was the misplacement of marble blocks at a cost of 15 million pesos (roughly 1.4 million dollars). During Calderón's administration, efforts to restore it continued with a further investment of 32 million pesos (roughly US$3 million). It was reopened to the public in November 2008 after 22 months.
The misplacement is accompanied by the lamina propria, and is continuous with overlying polyp through a gap in the muscularis mucosae. It may require slices at multiple levels to demonstrate microscopically. In such cases adjacent hemorrhage and hemosiderin deposition is common. Collagen type IV stain will have a strong continuous staining around nests.
Charles Joyce and James Voigt won a $1.26 billion judgment against PepsiCo after saying that the company had created Aquafina by stealing their idea to sell purified bottled water. This judgment was vacated on November 6, 2009, when it was discovered that PepsiCo had failed to respond to the lawsuit due to a misplacement of the paperwork.
A common reason for a cartridge failing to load into a drive is the misplacement of the leader pin as a result of the cartridge having been dropped. The plastic slot where the pin is normally held is deformed by the drop and the leader pin is no longer in the position that the drive expects it to be.
Whether helical or straight fletched, when natural fletching (bird feathers) is used it is critical that all feathers come from the same side of the bird. Oversized fletchings can be used to accentuate drag and thus limit the range of the arrow significantly; these arrows are called flu-flus. Misplacement of fletchings can change the arrow's flight path dramatically.
A 2009 review concluded that Essure appeared safe and effective based on short- term studies, that it was less invasive and could be cheaper than laparoscopic bilateral tubal ligation. About 750,000 women have received the device. Initial trials found about 4% of people had tubal perforation, expulsion, or misplacement of the device at the time of the procedure.
Herzliya Airport (Israel) runway location and traffic pattern chart (left) was erroneously printed as a result of "black layer" 180° misplacement. The corrected chart is on the right. (Note north is to the right on both charts.) 'Judas' Bible in St Mary's Church, Totnes, Devon. In this edition 'Judas' appears instead of 'Jesus' in Matthew 26:36.
The tip of the catheter can also be misdirected into the contralateral (opposite side) subclavian vein in the neck, rather than into the superior vena cava. The risk of misplacement is mitigated through the use of ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance which allows for direct visualization of the catheter during placement. Post procedure x-rays are also obtained to confirm proper positioning.
However, intrinsic pollutants might cause deterioration or degradation. Dissociation is a threat for glass objects just as it might be for any other piece. Since glass objects can be small as well as large, they can be at a greater risk for being mishandled than something more obtrusive. Dissociation can cause problems that range from misplacement, to damage, to total loss.
Exactly how these mutations lead to abnormal lung development is unknown. Abnormal lung development is characterized by thickened alveolar interstitium, misplacement of pulmonary capillaries away from the alveolar surface, and fewer capillaries overall. This results in poor gas exchange and pulmonary hypertension. There is evidence for connections between pulmonary arteries and systemic vessels, which would additionally contribute to poor blood oxygenation.
The Sanskrit word for deposits is Nikșepa, the words upanidhi and nyāsa are synonyms. Manu VIII 179 holds that deposits should be entrusted to those who have good dharma. The person who holds the deposit typically does not receive any person benefit from doing so. The misappropriation or misplacement of a deposit due to negligence is regarded as very sinful.
While the bad weather and heavy anti-aircraft curtailed the effectiveness of the pathfinder teams on D-Day, the overall airborne drop was a success. This was true because the misplacement and scattering of the airborne forces deceived the German High Command and, as happened in Sicily, convincing them that there were far more American paratroopers present than there actually were in France.
Kirsty Howard was born on 20 September 1995 in Wythenshawe, Manchester to Lynn and Steve Howard. She also had two elder sisters named Zoe and Kim. Howard had an exceptionally rare condition in which her heart was back to front, causing the misplacement of her internal organs. The condition, a form of situs ambiguus, is inoperable, and requires extensive treatment, including a constant oxygen supply.
Reviewers and commentators were critical of the new Maps app that replaced Google Maps in iOS 6. It had been reported to contain errors such as misplacement of landmark tags, directing users to incorrect locations and poor satellite images. Nine days after Maps' release, Apple issued a statement apologizing for the frustration it had caused customers and recommending that they try alternate mapping services.
Cancer stem cells in breast tumors were first discovered in 2003. Different theories exist on the origins of these cells. Some have suggested that normal cells undergo mutations that result in their transformation into BCSCs, while others believe that these cells come from the misplacement of somatic stem cells de novo. The expression of key surface markers have been used to identify and isolate BCSCs.
While this is the most common eruption order, variation is common. Since there are no premolars in the primary dentition, the primary molars are replaced by permanent premolars. If any primary teeth are shed or lost before permanent teeth are ready to replace them, some posterior teeth may drift forward and cause space to be lost in the mouth. This may cause crowding and/or misplacement once the permanent teeth erupt, which is usually referred to as malocclusion.
Earlier editions of the Greek text suffer from an insertion from a work of Serapion owing to the misplacement of a leaf in the original codex. The latest edition by Paul-Huber Poirier of the extant Greek text and the more extensive Syriac translation appeared 2013 (Corpus Christianorum Series Graeca 82).Corpus Christianorum, Series Graeca 82: Titus Bostrensis: Contra Manichaeos Graece et Syriace, ed. Agathe Roman, Thomas Schmidt (Graece); Paul-Hubert Poirier, Eric Crégher (Syriace); excerpta sacris parallelis, ed.
By mid August, the Camp Royal was discontinued, its warriors, ill-fed and wanting wages despite royal promises, were drifting homeward. The Surrey contingent's records reveal dreadful confusion over equipment and misplacement of ‘furniture’; as the camp dispersed. William Virtell of Croydon claimed that his morion helmet of iron had been taken by Lieutenant Pavett who ‘gave him a worste for it’. Numerous men were pressed into sea-service before they could officially leave the military zone.
However, these may be temporary and related to correct placement of electrodes and calibration of the stimulator, so these side effects are potentially reversible. Because the brain can shift slightly during surgery, the electrodes can become displaced or dislodged from the specific location. This may cause more profound complications such as personality changes, but electrode misplacement is relatively easy to identify using CT scan. Also, complications of surgery may occur, such as bleeding within the brain.
If librarians are just accessing the collection for preservation purposes, they can easily count ranges, columns, shelves and books Ibid. Chrzastowski and use Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software to create random samples. Misplacement of books on shelves does have associated costs—in the patron's satisfaction with the library's services and in staff time trying to locate missing books. It may be well worth the extra time to figure out how to extract random items from your library's ILS to complete your sample.
No serious modern historian cites an argument based on the fictional De Situ Britanniae, but conclusions based upon it are still cited indirectly. For example, the influential and respected Barry Cunliffe's Iron Age Communities in Britain places the ancient Selgovae people far to the east of their only known location, contradicting their placement by the sole legitimate source, Ptolemy. This misplacement relied on William Roy's attempt to make the map of the peoples of ancient Scotland fit De Situ Britanniae.
How mutations affecting FOXF1 or its regulatory region cause ACD is unknown. ACD-causing mutations result in abnormal development of lung vasculature and alveoli. In ACD, the interstitium of alveoli is thickened, with few to no capillaries located at the alveolar surface to perform gas exchange, and with lower capillary density overall. This reduction in capillaries and their misplacement away from the alveolar surface result in poor oxygenation and retention of carbon dioxide in the blood and high pulmonary blood pressure.
The genus Aphloia was described by John Joseph Bennett in 1840 and included in Flacourtiaceae, where most authors continued to include it until Armen Takhtajan recognized its misplacement and created the new family Aphloiaceae in Violales to accommodate it. In 2003 the APG II system included Aphloiaceae in the Rosids without specifying an order. Matthews & Endress (2005) and Stevens (2006) include the family in an enlarged order Crossosomatales. The APG III system of 2009 followed suit and includes Aphloiaceae within the Crossosomatales.
The Official Journal publishes various standards, such as laws, decrees with the force of law, decrees and resolutions of various bodies and public services, ordinances, agreements of the courts, and agreements of the Central Bank. Legal publications, such as notices of misplacement of documents, change of name, presumed death, bankruptcies, and warning notifications are included. The Official Journal also publishes calls for public bids, extracts from the deeds of incorporation, minutes of annual general meetings, and balance sheets of the Central Bank.
Restoration, with hypothetical osteoderms Diamantinasaurus was relatively small for a titanosaurian, possibly reaching in length and in weight. Some of its relatives are known possessed armour osteoderms although is it unknown whether Diamantinasaurus had these. Like other sauropods, Diamantinasaurus would have been a large quadrupedal herbivore. Since the original description, the only major revisions include the misidentification of the "sternal plate", misplacement of manual phalanges III-1 and IV-1 as III-1 and V-1 respectively, and the identification of the missing portion of the fibula.
Also known as IIoT, industrial IoT devices acquire and analyze data from connected equipment, operational technology (OT), locations and people. Combined with operational technology (OT) monitoring devices, IIoT helps regulate and monitor industrial systems.Also, the same implementation can be carried out for automated record updates of asset placement in industrial storage units as the size of the assets can vary from a small screw till the whole motor spare part and misplacement of such assets can cause a percentile loss of manpower time and money.
In the next generation Victor Vitensis set about in a thorough, investigative manner to record them. As his account is contemporaneous and has been found accurate where it is possible to check he is considered a source of good historicity. Many editions of his work came out but the one considered most authoritative and complete was compiled and edited by the Benedictine monastic, Thierry Ruinart. During his time he had access to manuscripts that do not exist now due to natural attrition by fire, theft or misplacement.
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #4 Evil- Lyn reports the misplacement of her prisoners Adam and Teela to Skeletor. When she points out that the bird Zoar caused Adam to fall and discover the means of escape, Skeletor realizes that the Sorceress of Grayskull has been undermining him. Angrily, he bursts into her cell and demands to know where in his mind she was hiding. She reveals that she hid in plain sight within a pleasant memory....moments he rarely revisits.
Sampling can also be used to calculate optimum intervals for shelf reading. Average misplacement of books on a shelf in a university library is 5.6%. 65 percent of the books were located on the correct shelf, but not in the right order. Cooper and Wolthausen developed equations indicating that the optimal shelf-reading interval is a function of the number of books in a section, the likelihood that a book in one section will migrate to another, checking and users costs, and the error rate of the shelf reader.
CVC misplacement is more common when the anatomy of the person is different or difficult due to injury or past surgery. CVCs can be mistakenly placed in an artery during insertion (for example, the carotid artery or vertebral artery when placed in the neck or common femoral artery when placed in the groin). During subclavian vein central line placement, the catheter can be accidentally pushed into the internal jugular vein on the same side instead of the superior vena cava. A chest x-ray is performed after insertion to rule out this possibility.
Digital cash eliminates many problems associated with physical cash, such as misplacement or the potential for money to be stolen or damaged. Additionally, digital cash can be traced and accounted for more accurately in cases of disputes. As consumers find an increasing number of purchasing opportunities at their fingertips, there is less need to carry physical cash in their wallets. Other indications that demand for digital cash is growing are highlighted by the use of peer-to-peer payment systems such as PayPal and the rise of untraceable cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
Some irregularity is observed in the alternate rows of the eastern screens owing to some misplacement. By replacing the topmost stone at the bottom and the bottom one at the top the rows regularity correspond with those of the western screen. The middle cell of this temple has the figure of Parshvanatha, the one to the right the figure of Padmavathi and the one to the left the figure of Kushmandini, all in a seated posture. In the verandah there are standing figures of Dharanendra yaksha at the right end and Sarvahna yaksha at the left.
Misplacement 2017-2018 - Fu Wenjun's creative output can be summed up by his term Digital Pictorial Photography, which he uses to redefine the traditions found at the core of the photographic arts. By blending elements of other artistic media into the process, he creates a brand-new form of aesthetic pleasure. Fu Wenjun embraces a range of art forms, combining them into unique and monumental works that reach beyond the mere act of recording a photographic image. His work brings together the practical aspect of photography with the aesthetic nature of other forms of visual arts.
Mou believes moral learning can pave a way to moral metaphysics, while Heidegger also believes that we can open ourselves to the Being in our daily lives. Mou's “misplacement” of Heidegger's transcendental metaphysics may arise from his misconception of Heidegger's Time (Zeit, shijian). Heidegger's concept of Time is different from the time as a priori knowledge for Kant, which is actually the temporality (Zeitlichkeit, shijian xing) of Dasein (the experience of being that is peculiar to human beings). Heidegger's Time serves not only as the fundamental character for Being, but also as the fundamental unveiledness of Being.
Overriding aorta is caused by the abnormal looping during early development of the heart and is accompanied with ventricular septal defects. Instead of abnormal formation of the aorticopulmonary septum, partial removal of cardiac neural crest results in an overriding aorta, whereby the misplacement of the aorta is found over the ventricular septum as opposed to the left ventricle. This results in a reduction of oxygenated blood as the aorta receives some deoxygenated blood from the flow of the right ventricle. There is a reduction in the quantity of endothelial tubes of ectomesenchyme in pharyngeal arches that surround the aortic arch arteries.
Witnesses have typically been the waiters and waitresses at the Brass Rail, who claim to have seen the ghosts of the couple, usually late at night when they are cleaning up. Other bizarre occurrences said to have happened include phone calls with no one answering on the other line, trays falling to the ground, hearing voices, and the misplacement of items. The upscale restaurant has also grabbed the interest of people seeking paranormal activity, and according to a manager in 2005, every October a group of people come to examine the site. Some of the staff remain skeptical, while some believe that the restaurant shows qualities that are otherworldly.
A CT image of cement used in kyphoplasty that has entered the spinal channel and is pressing on the spinal cord resulting in neurological symptoms Some of the associated risks are from the leak of acrylic cement to outside of the vertebral body. Although severe complications are extremely rare, infection, bleeding, numbness, tingling, headache, and paralysis may ensue because of misplacement of the needle or cement. This particular risk is decreased by the use of X-ray or other radiological imaging to ensure proper placement of the cement. In those who have fractures due to cancer, the risk of serious adverse events appears to be greater at 2%.
EU-sponsored information plaque with building description headed by wrong name at 13th Century Tsiranavor Church Some confusion about the name of the churches of Spitakavor and Tsiranavor has seemed to have occurred due to the misplacement of the Russian markers located inside the two structures. New EU- sponsored information plaques with building descriptions adopted the wrong designations of the older plates thus amplifying the confusion. Anyone that lives in the city around the area will tell you that Spitakavor ("Whitish") is the white church from the 5th Century, and Tsiranavor ("Apricotish") is the apricot colored church from the 13th Century.Aragatsotn Province, stoneland- travel.
Torchwood Institute: Ianto Online Counselling session , URL accessed 2006-11-08 The website lists among the items found in the Rift "3 new Weevil clusters... [7] items of unknown provenance... 2 weapons... 2 EBEs". However, the Rift appears to be one-way; craft sent through the Rift have been unable to either return or to send back a signal. In "Out of Time", the Rift facilitates the misplacement of people on board a plane from 1953 to the show's present day. In the episode's conclusion, a temporal immigrant, feeling it will take her home or somewhere new, ventures back into the sky, with her ultimate fate left unclear.
CVC misplacement is more common when the anatomy of the person is different or difficult due to injury or past surgery. CVCs can be mistakenly placed in an artery during insertion (for example, the carotid artery or vertebral artery when placed in the neck or common femoral artery when placed in the groin). This error can be quickly identified by special tubing that can show the pressure of the catheter (arteries have a higher pressure than veins). In addition, sending blood samples for acidity, oxygen, and carbon dioxide content (pH, pO2, pCO2 respectively) can show the characteristics of an artery (higher pH/pO2, lower pCO2) or vein (lower pH/pO2, higher pCO2).
It is commonly accepted news anchors are also media personalities which may also be considered celebrities. Media outlets commonly use on-air personalities for their public appeal to promote the network's investments similar to the regular broadcast schedule including self-promotion and advertising. Critics might go so far as to view anchors as a weak link, representing the misplacement of both the credit and the accountability of a news journalism organization--hence adding to a perceived erosion of journalistic standards throughout the news business. (See yellow journalism.) Most infotainment television programs on networks and broadcast cable only contain general information on the subjects they cover and should not be considered to be formal learning or instruction.
The Electronic Filing System (EFS) was implemented by the Singapore Judiciary to provide a platform for Law Firms (LFs) to file documents to the Courts electronically over the Internet. The EFS was specifically designed to fully exploit the electronic super highway to minimise not just the physical movement of people and paper court documents from LFs to the Courts, but also to leverage the benefits of electronic storage within the Courts: i.e. faster document filing and retrieval, eradication of the misplacement of case files, concurrent access to view the same case filed by different parties, etc. Within the Courts, the EFS allows electronic documents to be automatically routed to the appropriate registry staff for processing.
In the fall of 2007, the government of Lagos State under governor Babatunde Fashola initiated a police crackdown on public indecency in personal dress based upon the state's dress code. It was carried out by state police commissioner Mohammed Abubakar, and resulted in the arrests of at least 90 women and 3 men. Their cases in court were defended by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and officials of the Rural Women Empowerment and Development Network (RWEDN), and the police institution was criticized for misplacement of priorities, violation of women's rights, and the violation of human rights to expression. The police responded by stating that the crackdown was initiated to combat female prostitution in the state.
In early September, a trough of low-pressure persisted in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, near the Bay of Campeche. The area of disturbed weather gradually organized, and was analyzed to have become a tropical depression by 1200 UTC on September 4\. In its initial stages after tropical cyclogenesis, the disturbance moved very slowly and did not intensify. Its lack of organization resulted in its estimated misplacement inland over Mexico in the Signal Corps's weather map for September 5. At the time, the storm was estimated to have a minimum barometric pressure of at least 1010 mbar (hPa; 29.83 inHg). The system remained a tropical depression until 0000 UTC on September 6, when it was estimated to have attained tropical storm intensity.
All of the above are forces that inhibit men to further ignore women as historically, culturally, and currently important. The characteristics show that society has forgotten that it is necessary (in order to function) to include women in both public and private spheres. Furthermore, the ignorance of a female's choice in sexuality has caused her position in society to be thought of as less, and more importantly, secondary to that of a man. A recurring point that Rich points out is the destruction of lesbian experiences in history (misplacement of documents, or destroying them in general) has led to a society in which having a lesbian experience, or being a lesbian all together is seen as 'the other' and unacceptable to most men and women.
EU-sponsored information plaque with building description headed by wrong name at the 5th Century Church "Spitakavor" (Whitish) Information plaque in Armenian and Russian language with wrong designation (Церковь Циранавор) at the 5th Century Church "Spitakavor" (Whitish) Some confusion about the name of the churches of Tsiranavor and Spitakavor has seemed to have occurred due to the misplacement of the Russian markers located inside the two structures. New EU-sponsored information plaques with building descriptions adopted the wrong designations of the older plates thus amplifying the confusion. Anyone that lives in the city around the area will tell you that Spitakavor ("Whitish") is the white church from the 5th Century, and Tsiranavor ("Apricotish") is the apricot colored church from the 13th Century.Aragatsotn Province, stoneland- travel.
The positive impacts of these initiatives can be seen in the eradication of smallpox and polio; however, critics claim that misuse or misplacement of funds may cause many of these efforts to never come into achievement. Economic modeling based on the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the World Health Organization has shown a link between international health aid in developing countries and a reduction in adult mortality rates. However, a 2014–2016 study suggests that a potential confounding variable for this outcome is the possibility that aid was directed at countries once they were already on track for improvement. That same study, however, also suggests that 1 billion dollars in health aid was associated with 364,000 fewer deaths occurring between ages 0 and 5 in 2011.
The story follows Captain Elias Stormfield on his decades long cosmic journey to Heaven; his accidental misplacement after racing a comet; his short-lived interest in singing and playing the harp (generated by his preconceptions of heaven); and the general obsession of souls with the celebrities of Heaven such as Adam, Moses, and Elijah, who according to Twain become as distant to most people in Heaven as living celebrities are on Earth (an early parody of celebrity culture). Twain uses this story to show his view that the common conception of Heaven is ludicrous, and points out the incongruities of such beliefs with his characteristic adroit usage of hyperbole. Much of the story's description is given by the character Sandy McWilliams, a cranberry farmer who is very experienced in the ways of Heaven. Sandy gives Stormfield, a newcomer, the description in the form of a conversational question-and-answer session.
Seraji's trilogy, MAZAMIR ESHGH, was banned from publication for a number of years in Iran. The first volume of his work, SHATHIAT, is a collection of Sufi poetry in the tradition of VAHDAT VOJOOD (). His poetry was considered blasphemous by the Mullahs as he claimed that the life of an authentic seeker of God is centered around exploring the truth by means of love and devotion. The real discovery of God in the worshiper's inner-self leads to a brand of self-actualization that transcends all forms of knowledge and experiences. According to Seraji, it’s only through this type of excursion that enlightenment and true inspiration of God may be studied and realized. You, the most knowledgeable of all beings The gentlest of all things I’m lost in the maze of my existence Enlighten me about my essence The theme of misplacement is present throughout Seraji’s work in Shathiat, Al-Aghlo-Eghal, and most of his other work.
Bruno was one of Cenodoxus's many friends, and like all the others there had been in the crowded cathedral when Cenodoxus's body cried out the things described. Seeing this with his own eyes, Bruno was beside himself with confusion as to why these things had happened, and why Cenodoxus—of all people—should have met with such a stern judgment. "If that good man Cenodoxus is lost, despite the many good things he has done, how can I be saved, who am so much worse a man, and by far the less deserving?" Bruno left society behind to build a monastery in the woods outside of Paris, and he founded an order of monks there, devoutly believing that doing good deeds for others generally tended to magnify pride (or superbia as Bidermann put it)—a kind of haughtiness or vainglory—that is immaterial in the long run, and, as such, being a misplacement of priorities, is a kind of deadly sin that will permanently bar entry into Heaven.
Empowered Vol. 4, page 21&22 Big McLarge Huge is named as such because of his massive stature and physique. Although he is larger than most of the humanoid superheroes and villains in the Empowered series, his given profession is as a physician and surgeon, specializing in the treatment of critical wounds and maladies that seem to be common in the superhero profession.Empowered Vol. 4, Page 22 While Dr. McLarge Huge appears to be a dedicated physician, he is still upset that he has never been nominated for a Caped Justice award, and deems such injustice as a misplacement of priorities within the superhero community.Empowered Vol. 4, page 24&25 :While in attendance of the Caped Justice Awards, and the subsequent sabotage of the ceremonies, Dr. Big McLarge Huge ingested some of the food that had been tainted with Wet Blanket’s flesh, the result of which reverted him to a much smaller form, indicating that his largeness is not a natural attribute.Empowered Vol. 4, page 165&166 :Dr. Big McLarge Huge's name comes from a comment made during the Space Mutiny episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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