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"may" Definitions
  1. used to say that something is possible
  2. (formal) used to ask for or give permission
  3. used when admitting that something is true before introducing another point, argument, etc.
  4. (formal) used as a polite way of making a comment, asking a question, etc.
  5. (formal) used to express wishes and hopes
  6. (formal) used to say what the purpose of something is

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329 Sentences With "may"

How to use may in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "may" and check conjugation/comparative form for "may". Mastering all the usages of "may" from sentence examples published by news publications.

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The lovers may or may not reconcile, the spell may or may not be successful, the arsonist may or may not escape his prison.
Heads may bob, toes may tap, singalongs may be joined, dancing may break out.
Catch Tomorrows Tulips on tour: 13 May Hamburg, Germany, - Molotow 14 May Aarhus, Denmark - Pop Revo 15 May Malmö, Sweden - Grand 16 May Göteborg, Sweden - TBA 17 May Copenhagen, Denmark - TBA18 May Breda, Holland - Electron 13 May London, UK - Shacklewell Arms 20 May Brighton, UK -TBA21 May Gent, Belgium - In De Ruimte 22 May Amsterdam, Holland - De Nieuwe Anita23 May Rennes, France - Le Marquis de Sade 24 May Nantes, France - Le Chien Stupide 25 May Paris, France - Espace B 26 May Basel, Switzerland - Kaschemme 27 May Rorschach, Switzerland - Treppenhaus29 May Salzburg, Austria - Rockhouse 30 May Vienna, Austria - Szene 31 May Prague, Czech Republic - TBA 1 June Leipzig, Germany - TBA 2 June Berlin, Germany - Antje Öklesund
Trump may or may not have suborned perjury, and he may or may not be impeached.
Check out the tour dates below: May 1st- Hamburg, Germany - Molotow May 2nd- Ghent, Belgium - Afsnis May 3rd- Liege, Belgium - La Zone May 4th- Brussels, Belgium - Magasin 4 May 5th- Siegen, Germany- VEB May 6th- Zurich, Switzerland- Obenuse fest May 7th- Bologna, IT- Club Freakout May 8th- Munich, Germany - Sunny Red May 9th- Wroclaw, Poland - Galeria May 10th- Krakow, Poland - Warsztat May 11th- Warsaw, Poland - Poglos May 12th- Poznan, Poland - Club Alternativa Follow Noisey on Twitter.
The region may be one, ballistic missiles may be one, rhetoric may be one, inside the country may be one, cyber may be another.
It may or may not stay the hand of a tyrant, it may or may not prevent a massacre.
It may or may not be the report of the century, it may or may not be ready soon, and it may be only a few pages long.
Chapman was put on the list on May 23622, not May 21, and Bird on May 2800, not May 8003.
Chapman was put on the list on May 14, not May 2, and Bird on May 2, not May 13.
Spiders may start taking their webs down, birds may start calling, cicadas may chirp, bees may head back to their hives, and chickens may scamper back to their coops.
" April 30: Iowa May 1: Iowa May 4: South Carolina May 5: South Carolina May 7: Nevada May 8: California May 9: California May 13: New Hampshire May 14: New Hampshire May 18: Philadelphia, Pa. Biden's rollout schedule will conclude with a rally where he plans to "lay out his vision for unifying America with respected leadership on the world stage — and dignified leadership at home.
These may be pertinent; they may be significant; they may not be significant.
They may get older, their life situations may change, their hair may gray.
That may be opioids, that may be alcohol, it may be other drugs.
Promise Keeper European Tour Dates May 3rd - Berlin - Loophole May 4th - Aarhus - Tape * May 5th - Copenhagen - Musikcaféen * May 6th - Cologne - King Georg * May 26th - NYC - Berlin June 15th - London - Servant Jazz Quarters
Sanders may or may not be the right person for the job, and 2016 may or may not be the year it happens.
They hope for a vision which may or may not be realistic, and may or may not be grounded in truth and facts.
A new President may or may not be in the White House; a new ethos may or may not prevail about public lands.
The LCS will start on May 16, the LCK on May 20, the LEC on May 22 and the LPL on May 23.
Some of them may be moral, some may be average, some may be immoral.
It's a time of May flowers, May birthdays (ahem, my own), and May memes.
Bonds maturing in May 2024, May 2026 and May 2045 will be on offer.
Which may or may not work, depending on what that role may be. 7.
"He may be smart, he may be strategic — and he may be totally crazy."
Mosquitoes may love you, terrorism may have touched you directly, your husband may be a terrible driver, and that project may include asbestos removal.
Honorable mentions: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) - May 19, House of Cards (Netflix) - May 30; Animal Kingdom (TNT) - May 30; Kingdom (Audience Network) - May 31.
Catch Johnny Marr on his North American tour this spring, if you'll be in that neck of the woods: 27 Apr: Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse28 Apr: Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood Theatre29 Apr: Raleigh, NC – Lincoln Theatre1 May: Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theater3 May: Providence, RI - Fete Music Hall - Ballroom203 May: New Haven, CT – College Street Music Hall6 May: Huntington, NY – The Paramount7 May: South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground Ballroom8 May: Portland, ME – Aura10 May: London, ON – London Music Hall11 May: Detroit, MI – Saint Andrews Hall13 May: Chicago, IL – The Vic Theatre14 May: Milwaukee, WI – The Pabst Theater15 May: Kansas City, MO – Harrah's Voodoo Lounge16 May: Denver, CO – Gothic Theatre18 May: Las Vegas – Brooklyn Bowl19 May: Anaheim, CA – House of Blues20 May: San Diego, CA – House of Blues21 May: Los Angeles, CA – John Anson Ford Amphitheatre You can find Tshepo on Twitter.
Sessions may smile or how friendly he may be, whether he may speak to you.
I know that it may be annoying, it may be irritating, and may be unfair, it may even be biased at times, it certainly is.
And in such a cold world, plants may have ceased growing, glaciers may have advanced, sea-levels may have dropped and rainfall may have slowed.
Some may seem harmless (if superfluous); some may be a waste of money; some may impede progress by undermining science; some may be physically dangerous.
" The law went on to explain that "people with nonbinary gender identities may or may not identify as transgender, may or may not have been born with intersex traits, may or may not use gender-neutral pronouns, and may or may not use more specific terms to describe their genders, such as agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, Two Spirit, bigender, pangender, gender nonconforming, or gender variant.
" It added that detection may be imperfect as "detection may be delayed or may not occur.
Ignorance may deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.
It may grow stale, may ossify like bone, it may even seem to fade from view.
A couple memorable May events were May 1-3, 2013 and May 27-29, 1947. pic.twitter.
The recession may be great, but it may be short, and the rebound may be swift.
"Apps may run faster, but battery life may decrease and fan noise may increase," says one.
I may or may not have eaten an Annie's Organic Country Cheddar bowl for dinner last night, and it may or may not have been delicious.
Tears may come easier, sleep may be a challenge, worry or a desire to be alone may be especially strong, thinking may become muddled, and it may be hard to remember things or to listen to people.
"An employed gang member may or may not go back to prison, and an educated one may or may not go back to prison," Father Boyle said.
Dedicated to phenomenal women everywhere, may we know them, may we be them, may we love them.
The bed may not be perfect, the faucet may leak, and the Wi-Fi may be spotty.
He was also with the team April 30-May 1, May 6-103 and May 28-31.
It may be their parents, it may be other adults, it may be the adults in schools.
Tour dates May 8: San Diego May 53: Vancouver May 16: Minneapolis May 20: Nashville May 24: Austin May 29: Dallas June 6: Buffalo June 10: Detroit June 14: Louisville June 19: Cleveland June 23: Pittsburgh June 27: St. Louis July 1: Charlotte July 5: Tampa July 9: Atlanta
Team president Phil Jackson may or may not have offered the job to Golden State assistant Luke Walton, who may or may not have already turned him down.
It may survive in different ways, it may survive shorter, you may choose not to read newspapers anymore.
Surviving the leadership challenge may help Mrs May a little, and losing it may weaken the hardline Brexiteers.
This may be sincere, or it may be born out of alarm at what Mr Mueller may find.
" Then, when you're ready, switch to: "May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful.
" And finally, try: "May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be peaceful.
As of May 2016, the ratio was 59.9% — below May 2008's 62.5%, and May 2000's 64.4%.
Kevin hears voices that may or may not be divine in origin, indicating he may have larger purpose.
"They may work to reduce biased violence, they may do nothing, and they may cause harm," he said.
This ceremony may not have solved every awards-show problem (and the ratings may or may not improve).
" Season 3 (May 17), "The Rain" Season 303 (May 17), "Well Intended Love" (May 17), "White Gold" Season 2 (May 17),"Slasher: Solstice" (May 23), "High Seas" (May 24), "She's Gotta Have It" Season 2 (May 24), "Bad Blood" Season 2 (May 143), "Black Spot" Season 2 (May 31), "Good Girls" Season 2 (May 31) and "How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)" (May 31) — 'Knock Down the House'Starts streaming: May 1 One of the most popular left-leaning politicians in the United States of America right now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York's new congresswoman from the Bronx, was one of four first-time political candidates that director Rachel Lears chose to follow for her documentary "Knock Down the House.
This is some tall-ass, drunk, backwards falling into groups of people who may or may not catch you, and may or may not be waiting (time after time).
For your first opportunity in May, the dates to circle on your calendar are May 29 and May 333.
Your home may undergo an upgrade, you may be moving, or new members may be added to your family!
Trans girls, for example, may have a penis, may refer to their "girl penis," or may have a vulva.
Vigilantes may target some organizations, nation states may focus on others, while a malicious insider may steal information too.
Smart devices may be activated remotely, may detect information independently, or may be able to learn and repeat functions.
People suffering dehydration may not urinate as much, may feel dizzy and may have a dry mouth or throat.
And money is given to organizations that they may or may not like and that may or may not ever do anything that is of even indirect benefit to them.
You may be in a car, you may be crossing by foot or bicycle, you may be on a bus, you may be driving a tractor-trailer full of ladders.
What every person needs is different, so someone may need help with counseling, someone may need legal support, someone may need shelter, and it may not be just a quick decision.
Instead, the millions are sent to organisations the plaintiffs "may or may not like and that may or may not ever do anything that is of even indirect benefit to them".
Trump may try to undo the Obama-era regulations at EPA (and may fail at it); he may approve the Keystone XL pipeline; he may dream of a resurgence of coal.
Each system tells the subaltern where she may or may not go, and by extension whether she may or may not have the freedom to dictate whether she lives or dies.
A company whose engineering team can only hire men may miss goals, may make less money, may flat-out fail.
"The education system may not change, schools may not change and teachers may not change, but parents can," Tsang says.
He was out from May 9 to May 24 with a hamstring strain suffered May 8 while running the bases.
Certainly more women are using yoga, which may help with relaxation, may help with stress relief, may help with stretching.
It's not certain, it may change, there may be other dates and other jurisdictions may end up preceding this case.
He may want to call Schiff, he may want to call Hunter Biden, he may want to call Joe Biden.
So it may be -- it may be worked out.
It was Sunday, May 20 — not Saturday, May 19.
The courts may — or may not — reject his gambit.
As much as these groups may have hoped this clash would end in March, it now may only intensify through May.
At work, people may be bound by the culture of their work, which may or may not be time-saving motivated.
That may be true for some buyers, but electric vehicles may be facing issues that even an incentive may not solve.
It said the units may fail and air bags may not deploy in a crash or may inadvertently deploy without warning.
That same woman may want to minimize her chest, or she may like to show off her cleavage, she may say.
"That we may see a tax cut, we may see some other things that may move the economy along," Cashin said.
They may leave Hong Kong, or they may do something stupid that they may regret afterwards and end up in jail.
"It doesn't matter how Senator Sessions may smile, how friendly he may be, how he may speak to you," he said.
"They may become fearful, clingy, or jumpy; they may fear for their safety; they may become very moody or easily upset (or, in contrast, they may become detached or numb); or they may develop headache and stomach-ache related to the intense distress," he said.
Because of some tiny specks of what may or may not have been blood on a flashlight that may or may not have been planted in the trunk of his car — a piece of evidence prosecutors introduced at trial through the testimony of an expert witness who may or may not have known what he was talking about.
Then I would have had to share the ride with some stranger who may or may not be nice, may or may not have an obnoxious amount of luggage, and may or may not be going somewhere I'd consider out of the way (Uber says POOL does not "significantly increase travel time," but, in practice, it's a crapshoot).
Things may be turning his way in early May, though.
Japan invited Trump to visit May 25 to May 28.
He may stick to his guns; or he may surrender.
Executives may return to conferences and investors may pursue yield.
The Bisexual may or may not get a second season.
Taylor Swift may or may not have been born yet.
We may never know why, but we may know how.
Mr Macron may well be safely elected on May 7th.
Japan time on Wednesday, May 22 (2350 GMT, May 21).
Tokyo time on May 24 (2330 GMT on May 23).
This missing data may be consequential, or it may not.
We may still be friends, we may not be friends.
They may or may not have a traditional game console.
You may or may not be invited to the wedding.
Trump may or may not receive a briefing on her.
Some may die, others may turn out to be feckless.
Russia may or may not take their decision into consideration.
I may or may not, I don't want to vomit.
Amy Klobuchar: May 8 Mayor Pete Buttigieg: May 19 Sen.
She may or may not have been from New Orleans.
Trade may get resolved and all those things may reverse.
The research was conducted between May 19 and May 23.
A number of factors may have driven the May decline.
This may be due to dishonesty, or may happen unconsciously.
That poll was conducted from May 3 to May 15.
That may or may not bode well for the Vineyard.
It may or may not be related to gambling behavior.
Zayn Malik may (or may not) be dating a supermodel.
Which may or may not be of a sexual nature.
There may or may not be a debriefing here after.
An actual child may or may not fit parental fantasies.
Nokia may or may not come back later for Juniper.
Theresa May Theresa May lives on as British Prime Minister.
There may or may not be a cursed paperback involved.
It is scheduled to open May 25, not May 26.
The survey was conducted from May 25 to May 30.
It is scheduled to open May 24637, not May 26.
All of those things may or may not be problems.
They may or may not have helped popularize the term.
You can't worry about what may or may not happen.
Knowing Rachel, that may or may not be the truth.
They may make you laugh; they may teach you something.
You may have right call but still you may lose.
I may or may not have woken up to this
That may or may not be legal where you are.
They may or may not be singing the right lyrics.
Evans's real name may or may not be Dawn Vanguard.
The FDA may or may not follow the panel's advice.
They may or may not launch it in IoT thing.
What nine women may find revolting the tenth may reward.
"We may have another great battle to fight, we may."
Letters may be edited, and responses may make you sad.
The cheese may brown; the tomatoes on top may shrivel.
They may be true, or they may be false. 3.
Little Susanna may or may not make it home alive.
"I may succeed, I may fail, but I'll try anything."
The cells may survive, but they may never fully recover.
Andrew Das: It may or may not be coming home.
That you may never know, that you may never meet.
But she may testify, and her story may be true.
Bears fans may be puzzled, or may simply be laughing.
So next week may, or may not, provide more clarity.
That may or may not have been my father's plan.
One of them may or may not have a gun.
It may not be necessary, or it may be necessary.
A millennial prospect may or may not fit the mold.
This prediction may or may turn out to be accurate.
It may affirm, challenge, and inspire, or it may infuriate.
This year's festival runs from May 14 to May 25.
This may or may not improve the pace of building.
Whoever it is may or may not share Mattis's worldview.
They may not know it, they may not intend it.
I may or may not know that from personal experience.
You may perfectly know some of them or may not.
Forced labor may be practiced there, or it may not.
All those awnings that may or may not be storefronts?
Analyst 25/22016 Date (Feb-Jan) Carlos Cogo 22017 MLN T May 228.4 AGR Brasil 210 MLN T May 20163 Flavio Franca Jr 22016 MLN T May 230.2 Informa Economics FNP 210 MLN T May 24 Cerealpar 24.0 MLN T May 23 Safras & mercado 21.0 MLN T May 23 AgRural 18-30.23 MLN T May 20 AVERAGE 26.1 MLN T May 24 Previous poll 28.9 MLN T Nov 5 Ag Ministry 2016/2017 28.4 MLN T May 10 Ag Ministry 2015/2016 30.2 MLN T May 10 Additional reporting by Naveen Thukral in Singapore; writing by Reese Ewing in Sao Paulo; editing by Josephine Mason and Marguerita Choy
You may be in a social network, you may be in a messaging application, you may be living in other digital properties.
MCCAUL: I have heard recent reports now that that may be -- that policy may be revisited and it may not go forward.
The parents may or may not be around and they may not take kindly to you being so close to their baby.
Authorities said Guzman, who was in uniform, took the items in three different visits on May 2, May 9 and May 17.
You may be charging it, or you may have bad reception, or you may just not want to use it at home.
And if you have these hiatuses, it may, it may -- this may go as smooth -- as my grandpappy said -- smooth as silk.
Over a seven-game series, Green may be too slow, Kevin Durant may be too delicate, and Iguodala may be too hobbled.
However, the commission will surely pressure states to do so and some may comply, precipitating lawsuits that may or may not succeed.
MARTHA SCHWENDENER Through May 203 at Victori & Mo; through May 20 at Soho 20; and through May 25 at Robert Henry Contemporary.
Efforts to adjust these imbalances may or may not be warranted, but history also suggests they may naturally abate on their own.
The next massacre may not announce itself, it may appear legal at first, and it may not even directly target Mr. Mueller.
And then you may see, frankly, not only a 2.0, but you may see a 3.0, and you may see a 4.0.
They may not stay there for long (though they may be there for a while), but that may be plenty for you.
Big Snack will be on view at SIGNAL from May 14 through May 28, with a public opening on Friday, May 18.
Eta Aquariids [S] Active: April 19 - May 28 Forecast Maximum: May 6, 2am UT = May 6, 12pm AEST (QLD/NSW/ACT/Vic/Tas) = May 6, 10am AWST (WA) ZHR: 50 Parent: Comet 1P/Halley
Both may or may not be made by Tetra Pak; you often have to dig under those folds to find out, which is also where you may or may not find a recycling symbol.
Whatever other crimes may or may not have been committed, may or may not have potentially been on the brink of being committed, these were all crimes of being before they were anything else.
His other survivors include his mother, Sue Ann May; two sisters, Camellia May and Melanie Adamski; a brother, Winston; his stepmother, Gayle May; a half sister, Carrie May Ezell; and a stepbrother, Gary Gilley.
DATA AHEAD (GMT) * 0750 France Markit Mfg PMI May * 0755 Germany Markit/BME Mfg PMI May * 0800 EU Markit Mfg Final PMI May * 0830 UK Markit/CIPS Mfg PMI May * 1400 US ISM Manufacturing PMI May (Reporting by Nallur Sethuraman in Bengaluru; Editing by Joseph Radford)
And what we may find out is that the root of all evil may have gone through James Comey, may have gone through James Clapper, may have gone through John Brennan, may have gone all the way up to Barack Obama, or all of the above.
After an opening night in late April, to be announced, the initial lineup will include Patti Smith on May 1; the D.J. TroyBoi on May 3; Sharon Van Etten on May 4; Broken Social Scene on May 16 and 17; and MGMT from May 19923 to 24.
"They may be civil engineers, they may be activists, they may be nurses, they may be librarians or teachers or principals, but they don't necessarily have the skills to run a winning campaign," Trent said.
"Increasingly, we&aposre looking for people with very different backgrounds that may or may not have a four-year degree and may or may not want to be a partner in the firm," Grier said.
It may be that those concerns have been assuage by conversation that is -- (CROSSTALK) NAPOLITANO: It may very -- it may very well be.
You may wait, you may walk a block or two, you may get dropped off a block or two from where you're going.
The deadline for offers was originally May 8 and had been postponed to May 15, to May 22 and then to June 6.
It may only be May 1, but Paris Jackson may already be able to stake a claim on having the best year ever.
Some may be digital, some may be physical, or in the case of The Void, they may be both at the same time.
You can also start your journey on May 5, fly to London on May 10, and return to the U.S. on May 13.
Some may experience nausea but may not vomit, while others may be very sensitive, vomit excessively and are unable to keep fluids down.
Iran may or may not restart its nuclear weapons program, that is a risk that the White House may be willing to take.
While the overall peak of the epidemic may occur in late April or early May, the timing may be different in different states.
On Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21, visitors may also tour the open studios of nearly 100 of the complex's artist-tenants.
To you, it may be a shirt, to a baby it may be a blanket, and to a moth it may be lunch.
"You may have to over-react, you may even have to fire people that may not necessarily need to be fired," said Dorfman.
Trump will also meet with Philip May, the husband of Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain, while President Trump meets with Mrs. May.
Reports combined may 25.0 traffic for skywest airlines and expressjet airlines * Skywest Inc - reported 22017,250 block hours in may 243, compared to 22016,22017 block hours in may 83.63 * Skywest Inc - skywest had 2017.6,22.2 departures in may 281.4 compared to 98,927 in may 2016, a decrease of 5,191, or 5.2% * Skywest Inc - skywest generated 2.23 billion available seat miles (asms) for may 2017, compared to 2.93 billion asms for may 2016, or a 5.0% decrease * Skywest- ‍in may 2017, skywest's dual class aircraft represented about 50% of skywest's total block hour production for month versus about 43% for may 2016​ * May 2017 load factor 81.4 percent versus 83.6 percent year ago * Skywest inc - may load factor fell 2.2% to 81.4% Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
She may or may not be an aspiring model and actress.
"Jerry may or may not have been directing me," she reveals.
And right now, that may or may not include Kanye West.
"That may be right, that may not be right," Hagel said.
Warning: This video may show content that some may find disturbing.
Besides, the whole relationship may or may not have been authentic.
Some you may remember, some you may have missed out on.
I may terminate NAFTA, I may not - we'll see what happens.
Thus, those who may want to sign may still do so.
I didn't have any fear they may or may not disappear.
WARREN BUFFETT: Well, I may-- I may have made some comments.
There may come a day when you may need that idiot.
"I may or may not continue depending on how it goes."
It makes decisions about what you may or may not buy.
A prescription device may or may not be a restricted device.
Strict rules dictate who may and may not buy HDB flats.
Twitter's new plan may (or may not) launch later this quarter.
This may all be decades away, and it may never happen.
According to the auction house, it may or may not work.
He may or may not hang them up on his wall!
Customers may switch to raspberries, or farmers may plant more strawberries.
This season may or may not be sponsored by dolphin conservationists.
I may be on drugs, I may be searching for something.
From there, the vet may or may not charge the patient.
The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 17 to May 28.
They may amplify each other's effects, or they may operate separately.
Hickok may or may not have been mauled by a bear.
The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 8 to May 19.
I wrote it between May 1, 2015 and May 1, 2016.
That may or may not also parallel opinions on President Trump.
It may not be tomorrow; it may not be next week.
Some may have grown slower, and some may have grown faster.
And while it may or may not have looked — and sounded!
Gomez went on the DL May 9, retroactive to May 6.
You may see big graphics performance boosts or you may not.
"This may or may not be a legal strike," Bruno says.
It may stabilize or it may even come back a little.
In the morning, they may or may not be making waffles.
This may or may not stimulate awkward emotions in the workplace.
Features which may or may not be useful… iOS22017 day begins.
People may or may not stop using drugs, even under treatment.
He also may or may not be interested in David Blatt.
They may do an investigation or they may not do one.
He was born on May 9, 1921 — not on May 7.
He was born on May 27652, 21 — not on May 2800.
Some may leave because they may not like their new boss.
Not to mention, your breasts may or may not be leaking.
One candidate says he may or may not respect the results.
Depending on details, they may or may not be prosecutable now.
The same may or may not be true for anxiety disorders.
This new tax reform plan may or may not pass Congress.
This may or may not prove to be a sound strategy.
Your house may still, may always, feel like a temporary model.
The firm polled 1,203 adults between May 17 and May 23.
It may or may not offer a 401(k) retirement plan.
While this story sounds true, it may or may not be.
The gadflies may be persistent, but they also may be right.
Overcompensating like that may or may not be a conscious process.
CAPE MAY "May the Music Never End," George Mesterhazy Tribute concert.
The same may be true with Kavanaugh – or it may not.
The heart may recover, but the brain may be badly damaged.
That may, or may not be a favorite topic of ours.
They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.
"He may testify in this case, he may not," Asonye said.
That site, too, may be a trap, or it may not.
GPShopper's survey was conducted online from May 26 to May 29.
It may have been five minutes, it may have been fifteen.
The accounts may or may not have been authorized by customers.
Other conditions may enter in or it may not enter in.
Kids may be especially concerned how you, the parent, may respond.
She may or may not have also been on the Kindertransport.
An insult that may or may not be an ethnic slur.
This new look may or may not be the right one.
Other stations may, or may not, contain ingredients that make chocolate.
Daly may have lost, and his technology may be a fiction.
Some people may find it humorous, but others may be offended.
Some sausages you may or may not get food poisoning from!
Then the cell may simply stop multiplying, or it may die.
Other departures may follow, as may a challenge to her leadership.
We may or may not love children, but we love midwifery.
America may or may not be lurching towards a recession now.
Congressional Republicans may or may not stand up to President Trump.
It may be stupid; it may think its audience is stupid.
"The Last Defense" may or may not add to that number.
The Cannes festival is scheduled for May 8 through May 19.
Some people may be right, and some people may be wrong.
Teams may lose; players may take steroids or beat their wives.
You may feel your body wobbling, or you may fall over.
In short, Trump may have just done May a huge favor.
Although that may seem odd, it may actually make some sense.
Not just the Tower, which may or may not be gone.
The possibilities may not be as finite as they may appear.
Or the Aboriginal art that may or may not be authentic?
It may do the same for you, or it may not.
"We may be up tomorrow, or we may not," said Sanders.
That may or may not be in line with congressional expectations.
Polling ends on May 19, with votes counted by May 23.
Boomers may scoff at millennials, and millennials may disdain them back.
I may terminate NAFTA I may not - we'll see what happens.
I may terminate NAFTA, I may not — we'll see what happens.
Moderation may not only feel right; it may be right, too.
Paralegals may not, but the owner of a stenography service may.
It may happen quickly, or it may not happen at all.
"Things that may be morally inappropriate may be necessary," she said.
Republicans may cry socialism, and affluent centrists may not love it.
A Chinese prison called Yingshan may exist, or it may not.
Once you figure out what kind of idea and what kind of person you want to explore, you want to set up a plot scenario that allows you to explore those ideas effectively, which may or may not involve murder and mayhem, which may or may not involve a mystery, which may or may not involve spaceships, I don't know.
Waking up every day and loving someone who may or may not love us back, whose safety we can't ensure, who may stay in our lives or may leave without a moment's notice, who may be loyal to the day they die or betray us tomorrow — that's vulnerability.
Delivery of the crude will be from May 1 to May 14, from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve's (SPR) West Hackberry site, and from May 1 to May 31 from its Bryan Mound site, the DOE said.
The society in this case consists of just two families forced to cohabitate amid what may or may not be a real apocalypse, brought about by what may or may not be a real viral plague.
Also, there may be domain-specific reasons why a CTO in a company may or may not still regard coding as a valuable skill.
In fact, the three earliest dates for a melt area exceeding 20163 percent are May 5, 2010, May 8, 1990, and May 8, 2006.
That stranger may be your next biggest customer or client, or they may know someone who may become your next biggest customer or client.
Someone you admired may fall off the pedestal you placed them on, your boss may leave, or someone in control may be booted out.
In May, Vox's Matt Yglesias wrote that Amazon's promise of 50,000 jobs may not be as much of a boon as it may seem.
You may not agree with their stated priorities, you may think you know better, and you may even think that the work is stupid.
Patients with a form of dementia called Lewy body dementia may also exhibit symptoms of parkinsonism, which may or may not respond to dopamine.
"They may find him credible, may not, but it also may lead to other information," she said, urging the Senate to call him in.
You may ask him anything non-binary: what your city may look like in 100 years, perhaps, or how we may improve recycling systems.

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