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"losing" Definitions
  1. causing or suffering loss.
  2. losings,
  3. losses.
"losing" Synonyms
defeated unsuccessful falling doomed failing ruined undone futile lost desperate hopeless beaten conquered routed trounced crushed overcome overwhelmed overpowered vanquished subjugated luckless licked bested foiled frustrated worsted bettered outdone thrashed loss misplacement mislaying misplacing dispossession forfeiture disappearance dropping relinquishment surrender surrendering sacrifice yielding forfeit ceding sacrificing abandonment forfeiting denial giving up deprivation cost foregoing waiver expense abdication dissipation squandering expenditure waste spending misspending depletion frittering extravagance draining improvidence misuse wastage blowing consumption wild spending frittering away throwing away wasting displacing misfiling suffering the loss of leaving forgetting leaving behind overlooking losing track of failing to keep failing to keep sight of failing to retain suffering defeat capitulating coming off second-best succumbing bowing out collapsing going down keeling losing out relenting relinquishing abdicating admitting defeat backing down bowing coming to grief expending burning depleting exhausting outlaying burning up consuming dispensing with dissipating going through laying out running through shelling out splurging evading eluding dodging escaping shaking avoiding fleeing shirking escaping from getting away from giving the slip to shaking off sidestepping skirting throwing off bilking clearing ditching fending off straying from deviating from diverging from wandering from departing from drifting from digressing from getting sidetracked from going astray from straggling away from failing to keep in sight failing to keep to getting lost losing one's way losing your bearings becoming disoriented going astray straying taking a wrong turn confusing missing passing up disregarding ignoring neglecting botching bypassing conceding dismissing forgoing immersing engaging involving absorbing engrossing enmeshing obsessing occupying throwing affecting assimilating connecting enrapturing enthralling hooking miring preoccupying discarding chucking dumping junking scrapping shedding binning tossing abandoning casting aside casting off doing away with getting rid of jettisoning throwing out tossing out More
"losing" Antonyms
finding locating identifying pinpointing spotting detecting distinguishing noticing recognising(UK) recognizing(US) discerning espying sighting coming up with hunting down lighting upon lucking nosing out pinning down rooting out discovering uncovering unearthing encountering chancing on chancing upon coming across coming upon happening on happening upon hitting on hitting upon running across stumbling on stumbling onto stumbling upon turning up holding on to holding clinging to hanging on to keeping hold of retaining clutching grasping holding close holding fast holding tight maintaining reclaiming recovering retrieving reacquiring regaining repossessing retaking recalling recouping recuperating getting back recapturing salvaging salvageing taking back winning prevailing triumphing dominating succeeding accomplishing victory achieving victory conquering flourishing prospering thriving being successful carrying the day coming first coming in first coming through finishing in front gaining victory prevailing over taking the prize accumulating accruing acquiring amassing assembling collecting gaining gathering hoarding procuring achieving amounding attaining compiling securing stockpiling caching coming by coming to have getting facing confronting meeting convening with joining meeting face to face meeting up rendezvousing rendezvousing with running into taking on bumping into colliding with contacting crashing into crossing the path running smack into following tracking keeping on keeping to staying on going along finding one's bearings finding your way taking seizing exploiting grabbing jumping at taking advantage of embracing milking using catching going for leaping about snatching getting hold of grabbing hold of snagging ignoring disregarding neglecting overlooking brushing off misheeding paying no attention to paying no heed to taking no notice of tuning out dispensing with unheeding unminding keeping hanging onto holding onto preserving holding back return recovery reclamation replevin repossession rescue retrieval recoupment repair compensation recapture reimbursement remuneration restoration salvage acquisition gain advantage aid assistance attainment benefit birth blessing boon building comfort construction creation credit development favor(US) favour(UK) fortune good preservation saving victorious

914 Sentences With "losing"

How to use losing in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "losing" and check conjugation/comparative form for "losing". Mastering all the usages of "losing" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I sensed that, on losing this or losing that, or losing popularity.
Losing species, losing environmental battles, losing our climate: It's enraging, depressing, exhausting.
They have a nine-game losing streak, an eight-game losing streak and three seven-game losing streaks.
Losing Viserion means losing a vital weapon, but it also means losing a vital part of who she is.
EnVyUs couldn't get the point back, losing to Misfits, losing the map and losing the Overwatch Open grand finals.
In the course of this, millions of people perceive that they are losing their country, losing their place, losing their culture.
Many Democratic and independent voters are worried "they're losing their rights, they're losing their freedom, they're losing their control," Undem said.
Losing your home doesn't mean losing your right to vote.
Losing her is like losing one of the great sequoias.
The bottom line is that losing Wisconsin means losing Minnesota.
That's why we're losing — we're losing — we lose on everything.
There's losing, and there's losing while still sort of winning.
I think progressives are happy losing it at a state level, losing it on this level, losing it on a national level.
Its obsessive numbers were terrible for me: I shed whole shades of myself in Wasted, losing weight, losing brightness, and losing perspective.
Losing the Navy isn't merely losing a job, it's losing an entire life, in disgrace, all because of whom he chooses to love.
But most of the time, losing DACA just meant losing DACA.
BlackBerry isn't losing some small fry app, it's losing a behemoth.
A losing season for the team, a losing season for myself.
Only losing, and losing bigly, will break this Republican partisan trajectory.
I'm not immune to losing, no athlete is immune to losing.
Because losing a couple of pounds is easy; losing 10 lbs.
Zammuto: Losing the Books was like losing a child to me.
People are losing sleep or certainly were losing sleep over this.
It's losing its bench even faster than it's losing its principals.
The INSIDER Summary:• Losing your vision doesn't mean losing your independence.
I'm losing my mind at home too like they're losing it.
I'm losing my mind at home too like they're losing it.
In nearly every state, losing DACA means losing one's drivers license.
Like, scared of losing their job, scared of losing their position.
In a few minutes, across the way on the main stage, James Murphy will lament losing his edge, losing his New York, losing mind.
For the sick and elderly, losing electricity sometimes means losing medical devices.
Octavio is their youngest, but losing "Amir" was like losing a son.
Losing one was fine, but losing two was a potential death sentence.
HANNITY: We are losing, this happens we&aposre just losing the country?
Right now, he's at risk of losing, and losing to a woman.
LONDON — Nobody likes losing, but some people really, really don't like losing.
Losing your job and losing your license to practice are also risks.
They fear losing their jobs more than they fear losing their country.
Losing a farm is more than just losing a place of work.
For me, that has meant losing my balance and losing my way.
Losing is never easy, and losing this election was certainly harder than most.
Losing that resource means losing tangible social connections to people we care about.
We worry more about losing our health benefits than losing our pensions completely.
As a result, Republicans went from losing black voters to losing them spectacularly.
Losing that edge, it seemed, meant losing an essential piece of his soul.
You know, losing Bradley and Crowder, you're losing two of your toughest guys.
We are losing our dreams, and America is losing the value we bring.
"Losing the coach is like the family losing a father," said Manuel Diez.
They may remind you of losing your own child, losing control of your own body, or losing your freedom or loved ones to a nightmarish government bureaucracy.
Every year, hundreds of thousands evacuating, millions losing power, hundreds losing property and lives?
" Cameron called it "desperate stuff" from "an organisation that is losing territory, losing ground.
It constantly sounds like I'm losing my voice, because I'm literally losing my voice.
Winning or losing at Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is winning or losing at Stefan's career.
Lyft was losing about $4 per ride last year and now it's losing $1.20.
What is different about the pain of losing a friendship versus losing a lover?
We cannot let losing Shalon Irving, and nearly losing Serena Williams, be in vain.
Pacquiao has fought six times since losing to Mayweather, losing twice and winning four.
We're not only losing trees, we're losing tree poems that aren't elegies for trees.
Losing a patient is always painful, but losing one like Littlejohn is also exasperating.
"Losing an aircraft is one thing, but losing people is something else," Mahathir said.
And the danger of automation is not just losing your job but losing purpose.
This was a larger issue than merely losing social networking access, because losing a Google account meant losing Gmail, Documents, Calendar and access to other Google products, too.
People are more afraid of losing an election than they are losing their constitutional republic.
Your health and your wealth are intertwined, and losing one can mean losing the other.
Look, you know you&aposre losing, Democrats are losing when you&aposre mocking low unemployment.
Living together, they become close friends, so losing a person can be like losing family.
For some people, losing their hair might feel like losing a part of their identity.
It can be a short journey from children losing teeth to parents losing their grip.
Losing a loved one can mean losing the routines we depend on for stable health.
Losing these species is like losing a great work of art, or a tremendous library.
" In an aside to one reporter, he said that "Losing California after losing the presidency . . .
Miami snapped a six-game overall losing streak and a 22-game road losing skid.
But losing all hope of returning home would feel like losing a beloved child forever.
But this model also showed Trump losing and losing badly until the election's final days.
Nor is it the case that losing a party primary necessarily means losing the election.
" While "Republicans are losing with women," it's also true that "Democrats are losing with men.
The logic goes like this: Trump can't stomach losing, or even the prospect of losing.
Generally, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva's strategy is to match losing fighters with other losing fighters.
We are losing our global standing in the world because we are losing our compassion.
And it's twofold — we're not just losing priests, we're losing the number of congregants, too.
All these complications led to her losing her job, which meant losing her health insurance.
Losing insurance — or being priced out of the market — is tantamount to losing health care.
When it convinces you that the risk of losing fame is greater than losing yourself.
He was one of many who said losing Mr. Castro was like losing a parent.
"Losing Turkey means losing a solution to the Syrian problem," says a former Russian diplomat.
KENNEDY Carole was losing her mind, Obama was losing his mind, everyone was going wild.
Losing her was losing the one person I could go to with questions and for inspiration.
We are terrorizing people with a horror greater than losing your own life: losing your child.
If she says nothing, it could mean losing matches, which means losing sponsorships, deals, and fans.
With twelve days to go, the Trump campaign knows that it is losing and losing badly.
I warned someone about losing a lot of money, and they ended up losing, like, $70,000.
The Marlins snapped a six-game overall losing streak and a 12-game road losing skid.
Losing marketability means losing dollars—something that, at this stage for the NWHL, could be ruinous.
Losing a therapist to suicide is tantamount to losing a family member or a close friend.
Since losing the Wimbledon final, Williams has played only three competitive matches, losing two of them.
It's a losing proposition in a momentum market where winners keep winning and losers keep losing.
Skin Deep When Heidi Imhof started losing her hair at 42, she also started losing sleep.
I'm losing my future, I'm losing my chance to raise children in a healthy, livable world.
Because losing DACA means losing work authorization — and every employer knows the date on which a DACA recipient's work authorization document expires — losing DACA also means being fired from one's job.
It's the Pelicans' longest losing streak since losing the first eight games of the 23-218 season.
Losing a twin, she says, is unthinkable in a way that's more intense than losing a parent.
On Sunday's episode of "Fear" he briefly mentions losing his mind a little bit after losing Duane.
Their win against the Rockies ended a two-game losing streak, not a three-game losing streak.
Losing bees could even mean losing the clothes you like to wear, if they're made of cotton.
And for the immediate term, Dr. Asnake notes that losing American funding means losing American technical support.
What happens when that angry 45, 46 percent think they're losing power, because they are losing power?
Affleck wasn't just upset that they were losing ... but the fact they were losing to REX RYAN!
Then practice losing farther, losing faster: places, and names, and where it was you meant to travel.
The U.S. is losing $500 Billion a year, and has been losing Billions of Dollars for decades.
After losing 'The Office,' after losing 'Friends,' 'Seinfeld' is a logical one and gives Netflix bragging rights.
There's a lot of fear in Hollywood: Executives are afraid of losing their jobs; networks are afraid of losing advertising revenue; writers are afraid of getting fired; actors are afraid of losing fans.
In the absence of peace, however, that president will face the same choice as Obama and Trump, not a choice between winning and losing, but rather the choice between losing and not losing.
They cover problems in the auto industry without worrying about losing their jobs (or actually losing their jobs).
There is a sense that the government in Kabul is losing, yet does not accept it is losing.
The vanishing shark "For me, losing the great white is like losing part of my soul," he says.
"Losing Botham has felt like losing a part of myself that I will never get back," she said.
So perverse is the universe that in some ways, losing a child can be easier than losing football.
"He was the most special kid, the most humble," Losing him, he said, feels like losing a son.
It is unclear what all of the differences between losing coverage and losing "access" to coverage are.  Sen.
Losing a home for a kid may mean losing the only home he or she has ever had.
But our patent laws are losing strength, and as a result, the U.S. is losing its competitive edge.
With their own losing streak in tow, the Thunder needed to stop the losing momentum they had acquired.
"In the second round, the major worry is not losing the vote, but losing to fraud," he said.
We're losing the ability to forget, and therefore we're losing the ability to distance ourselves from our past.
Real Madrid made it despite losing its talisman, sacking its manager and somehow twice losing to CSKA Moscow.
What drives Americans to extremes is not losing an election but the fear of losing for all time.
What is ... Either Elizabeth Warren losing ... what are American political consumers losing in this initial rush of coverage?
"We're worried about people losing coverage who should not be losing their coverage," said Bo Ryall, the group's president.
Losing it could mean losing credibility here and abroad on a far wider range of security issues involving China.
After every presidential election, the losing candidate continues to play a role as the face of the losing party.
Right now, Trump is losing Ohio consistently by about 103 points, just like he's losing all over the country.
In addition, losing just 1 hour of sleep may have different effects on the body than losing several hours.
Julia, the 26-year-old heroine of Emma Rathbone's new novel Losing It, is obsessed with losing her virginity.
Trump, by contrast, is losing currently, has been losing from the beginning, and probably will lose in the end.
We had both stayed home every day that we were allowed without losing our jobs or losing our benefits.
" – on Instagram in 2014 • "Losing friendships can be just as damaging to a person as losing a romantic relationship.
"We've been getting our butts kicked out there on the court, losing by 40, losing by 30," Hardaway said.
Is it a losing battle, or is it something to keep doing even if it is a losing battle?
"No one around here is used to losing and we're not going to get used to losing," he chuffed.
For New Yorkers, losing the Village Voice means losing a vital lifeline to the city's local culture and politics.
"There's a point in the campaign where you go from losing the election to losing your honor," said Deace.
Meanwhile, the Tigers extended their losing streak to eight straight games — their longest losing streak since the 218 season.
"This is one of those cases in politics where sometimes winning is losing and losing is winning," Lewis said.
"You're worried about maybe losing money, you are losing money — and that's the great irony," Sethi told Business Insider.
Losing feels shitty, especially losing a series that seemed winnable, and Darvish played a big part in that loss.
Not having remote hearings is losing that, and it's losing that accountability over the executive branch piece of this.
"A lot of the top players are losing, but they're losing to girls that are playing outstanding," Williams said.
"The people who can least afford to be losing large sums of money are losing the most," she said.
"We're losing our languages and we're losing our stories along with all the elders as they go," he said.
Losing to Canisius, Army and Manhattan isn't like a Big Ten team losing to, say, Penn State three times.
"The last few weeks have been difficult with losing my starting job and losing your head coach," Manning said.
It waged a losing battle with Amazon, losing more than a billion dollars on its Nook e-book business.
Losing My Religion Losing My Religion: One of the many benefits of adulthood is that adults get to change.
Are people losing respect for the law because the law and the government are losing respect for the people?
So this announcement could very well spell double doom for Netanyahu: first losing his job, then losing his freedom.
"For him, Europe is not only losing a great statesman, but also losing a dear personal friend," it read.
Further up the income ladder, losing a job will become more costly when it means losing health insurance, too.
It's not like we are on an eight-game losing streak, but we are on a three-game losing streak.
"For sure we're losing a lot but the UK is losing even more," Mogherini said during a visit to Beijing.
So losing Game 1 to Houston, it feels the same way as losing Game 59 in New Orleans to me.
Losing the whole Congressional movement toward transparency, for instance, means losing any sense that the Circle really could eradicate privacy.
"Losing family members, your house being underwater, even losing pets, it's a very scary thing what they're facing," Frankel says.
Speak out and risk losing their seats in a primary; stay silent and risk losing their party and their consciences.
Cameron referred to the last video, in January, as "desperate stuff" from "an organisation that is losing territory, losing ground."
LOSING ALTITUDE The economy is losing speed largely as the stimulus from last year's $2000 trillion tax cut package fades.
" Opening up to PEOPLE in December, Bindi said that losing her father was like "losing a part of [my] heart.
If you're afraid of losing your job, imagine if you had to fear losing your child to a preventable disease.
" Kesha on her music and losing the $: "It [losing the $] happened after I went to rehab for my eating disorder.
On the losing side of the S&P, health care was the only sector to finish negative, losing 22017 percent.
If you're afraid of losing your job, imagine if you had to fear losing your child to a preventable disease.
So losing that, and losing his insight on my life, I used to be angry with him after he died.
Myth 22018: Losing a lot of weight fast doesn't keep weight off as well as losing a few pounds slowly.
Not only is Hillary Clinton losing her best weapon on the stump, she is likely also losing her top adviser.
That number is even more startling for women of color, with black women losing $867,920 and Latina women losing $1,056,0.69.
There's no doubt that Trump sees the polling that suggests he is "losing" this shutdown -- and that he hates losing.
Rather than tracking your stuff after losing it, the Mu Tag™ aims to prevent you from losing it altogether.
Sticking with the Browns through losing season after losing season has to be considered a diagnosable pathology at this point.
Perhaps in losing you (or potentially losing you) he'll find more strength and self-possession than he's mustered thus far.
Ealy became homeless several years ago after losing her mother and losing her retail job due to lack of transportation.
Avoiding Atticas and Wacos is not that hard when you are more worried about losing lives than about losing face.
One third of the counties have only one insurer, and they're losing them fast, they are losing them so fast.
As great a company as Peloton is, they're still going to lose ... Lyft is losing money, Uber is losing money.
There was no losing streak for the Cleveland Cavaliers and no end to the losing streak for the Memphis Grizzlies.
We're also at a moment when hyperpartisans fear that losing an election will be more catastrophic than losing our democracy.
Losing a hardware wallet—or even worse, losing the "seed phrase" that can recover a lost wallet—can be disastrous.
He's unpopular and losing despite the huge field arrayed against him; he's unpopular and losing despite Democrats' confused message on impeachment; and he's unpopular and losing despite some very real continued ability to successfully manipulate the media.
If Uber runs into financial trouble and has to stop losing money on every ride, it could quickly start losing drivers.
Once the shop's techno expert and a DJ, on losing his hearing, Berry was at risk of losing his shop too.
That scary moment of thinking I was losing most of my talent in reality changed to losing only about 7 percent.
Bad news, you giant babies: You would have been on the losing side then, and you're on the losing side now.
As a result, Aramco is not only losing income, it is losing market share to rivals not bound by the cuts.
They got a lot of help from Iowa losing to Penn State and Wisconsin, and Maryland losing to Minnesota and Wisconsin.
"Nobody is losing their job, nobody is losing any money," he said of the plan to let drivers operate the doors.
It becomes quickly apparent that the losers in automation aren't losing because of automation — they are losing because poor political management.
Losing Subban feels to many like losing the real Montreal Canadiens, to be replaced by a brand name, soulless and uncaring.
Losing my benefits would mean losing access to the medications that keep me mentally stable, and out of inpatient psychiatric care.
To be sure, the GOP backlash contributed to Democrats losing control of the House in 2010 and Pelosi losing the speakership.
Losing a pet is likely to bring up a lot of the same feelings as losing a family member or friend.
Both Biden and Sanders saw slight slumps from the July poll, with Biden losing 2 percentage points and Sanders losing 4.
While a well-connected few are temporarily benefiting, workers across the nation are losing their jobs and companies are losing business.
I am not worried about losing my femininity to breast cancer surgery; I'm worried about losing my future to the disease.
Guyger's comments to the 911 operator spoke of her concerns for losing her job — not about Botham Jean losing his life.
For example, losing your hearing might give you 50% of the face value and losing a toe could give you 5%.
He was scared of losing his lifeline more than the vague threat of possibly, in an extreme case, losing his life.
Protesters, campaigning against the club's closure in 2006, complained that they were losing more than a nightclub: They were losing a community.
"When those people go away, you're losing more than just a [full-time employee]; you're losing decades of institutional knowledge," Bennett said.
The group fears that losing its weapons would mean losing its identity, turning it into "Fatah with beards", as some officials joke.
Workers and politicians resist labour flexibility in the formal sector because losing a job also once meant losing health care and pensions.
Losing an election is bad enough, but losing an election and not learning the right lessons from the loss is potentially devastating.
" BUILD LEAN MUSCLE TO BOOST YOUR METABOLISM "Just because your body is losing inches doesn't mean you're losing weight or vice versa.
But bigger than all that — as big, she said, as losing her relationship with her son — was losing the right to vote.
He's brokenhearted at losing Spencer, his spiritual father, which comes on the heels of losing his de facto brother, Andrew (Scott Shepherd).
"We are alarmed and afraid – not only of losing our legal rights, but of losing our freedom and our lives," she said.
Going 56-11 from early June to late August, without losing a series, was just as remarkable as the losing that followed.
While most of Johnston's peers were losing 40 percent of their bees every season, Johnston said he was losing only 10 percent.
In a few days, for people who see themselves on the losing team, the pure sorrow of losing is likely to fade.
So, she would babysit me all day and all night while they worked.... And losing her was essentially like losing a parent.
I was mostly interested in its effects on the losing side, the way that it moved the losing side backward in time.
You don&apost have to worry about losing cash and the inconveniences associated with that, like losing the money for your rent.
On the other side, you're losing out, because if you're a search, you're always losing out and showing an inferior search result.
The gains Thursday snapped a five-day losing streak in the S&P 103 and a four-day losing streak in the Dow.
Two opinion pieces: Losing Amazon was a mistake for New York; Losing Amazon was a good start to ending corporate welfare bidding wars.
Like so many issues in American politics, this debate is ultimately driven by fear — of losing life, or losing a way of life.
That could mean losing a friendship, but it could also mean losing your child's favorite teacher or the paramedic who saved your life.
Berkley notes that Musk has a huge Twitter following of nearly 27 million people; losing him meant losing an enormous avenue for distribution.
But a financial statement from 2015 showed that the site went from losing  €5.4m in 2014 to losing €6.2m in 2015, Butcher noted.
It's this obsession that creates the pun of the title: Julia is losing her mind because she can't stop thinking about losing it.
The Hornets snapped a two-game losing streak and got some revenge after losing 113-112 to the Bucks on opening night, Oct.
ISIS may be losing money and losing ground in some of its biggest strongholds, but they have one powerful, unpredictable weapon: Social media.
The center left is losing its influence in organizations like the ALCU, and the center right is losing its influence in conservative organizations.
Hoyer was a turnover machine last season, losing his job at Houston after throwing seven interceptions and losing six fumbles in nine starts.
Google can afford to keep losing money on moonshots Last quarter, Alphabet posted $20.25 billion in revenue, despite Other Bets losing $802 million.
A Republican backlash against impeachment could result in Democrats losing their new majority in the House of Representatives — and Pelosi losing her Speakership.
The center-left is losing its influence in organizations like the ACLU, and the center-right is losing its influence in conservative organizations.
It's up to consumers whether or not losing the money you spend on them is a better option than potentially losing a job.
She told him the whole story: about losing her husband, about losing her benefits, and about that two slice-a-day cheese ration.
Not only are the Democrats losing elections at every level of government, but more important, they are losing the argument over the future.
They are evidently more scared of losing a primary than of losing a general election, as Jonathan Bernstein of Bloomberg Opinion points out.
But Trump does keep saying he's upset about all the money we are losing, possibly because he really believes we are losing money.
What makes the losing candidate's supporters in 2016 so much more resistant to supporting the winner than the losing candidate's supporters in 2008?
For countries like Germany, losing the U.K. means losing not only one of the biggest economies in the bloc, but a pragmatic ally.
Loss aversion actually threatened the repeal effort on two fronts: voters' fear of losing their coverage, and lawmakers' fear of losing their seats.
I wish I could explain in words the horror of losing a child…add the complexity of losing a child in ADVENT season?
Shipbuilding will also suffer, with the landing helicopter assault replacement program losing $650 million and the expeditionary fast transport program losing $261 million.
"My life has included losing a football career, losing my dad and losing a music career two years ago, or at least being on the cusp of it," says Rice from his dressing room backstage before a recent sold-out show in Chicago.
"What I see within him is that losing is extremely painful, so whether it's the fear of losing, or it's the simple feeling of losing out, I don't know, but for him, it's a very difficult emotion to cope with," Wolff said.
"I think it's really important that people be aware of this: The possibility of losing the arts on the radio, losing the arts on television, losing the arts altogether is very real if these cuts were to go through," Mr. Gelb said.
Stars top Devils to stop losing streak DALLAS — Somehow the Dallas Stars needed to stop the bleeding and end their four-game losing streak.
If Trump is defeated, we are not quite at the tipping point where mainstream media —which is losing its ratings — is losing its power.
In practice, this means producing returns at times when other forms of investments are losing money (and losing out when other assets are gaining).
The teams traded control back and forth but EnVyUs couldn't hang on, losing the final team fight and losing the first round to Misfits.
Then again — as Martin O'Malley and Mike Huckabee learned Monday — sometimes losing is just losing, and can mean it's time to call it quits.
The losing-and-winning, losing-and-winning just isn't going to cut it so we need to find some answers and find them quick.
When asked about potentially losing out on lucrative sponsorships, Lochte grew more calm and admitted his actions could risk him losing out on money.
Losing Beahm means losing viewers and subscription revenue that Twitch can't easily redirect the way YouTube might just autoplay on a different person's video.
The Terrapins (21-4, 413-3 Big Ten) entered the game after losing its last two games — their first losing streak of the season.
Craig Anderson had 25 saves for the Senators, who snapped an overall five-game losing streak and also a six-game road losing streak.
Republicans are defending 24 Senate seats this fall, and losing five of them will mean losing control of the chamber back to the Democrats.
Those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health -- often losing their lives -- to turn on our lights and power our factories.
Belhaj and another World Bank official two weeks ago said Lebanon was losing momentum and there was a risk donors might start losing interest.
Donald Trump keeps losing the war to lower healthcare costs, this week alone losing three key battles against Big Pharma and other healthcare companies.
According to Wolff's account, Trump saw running and losing as the greatest P.R. stunt possible; he'd be world famous, so he'd win by losing.
For example, the poll showed Biden winning Pennsylvania by a single point, Sanders losing by the same margin and Warren losing by 2 points.
"I could make the case for losing 18 seats and no more or I could make the case for losing 85033 seats," said Rep.
Immigration is a touchy subject in a land where conservatives prize cultural homogeneity and politicians fear losing votes from workers worried about losing jobs.
If you take out $10,000 from your account, you're not just losing 10 grand in retirement savings, you're losing the compounding returns as well.
Uber losing its footing in a number of places — and even losing its operating license in London — has provided an opening for its competitor.
Pittsburgh ended a nine-game losing streak and left the Cubs with a seven-game losing streak and playoff hopes down to nearly nil.
"People are actually losing their protection from deportation, losing their ability to work, losing their ability to support their families," said Nayim Islam, an immigrant rights organizer for Desis Rising Up & Moving, a group seeking broad legislation that protects young immigrants, called the Dream Act.
That's everybody losing because you're losing out on an important aspect of being alive on Earth, and you're losing out on what you could contribute to a group of people, whether it's a group of people that works together or lives together or whatever.
Now, some of them say they're worse off than they were before the games, not only losing more competitions but also losing sponsors and income.
Ray J tells us losing Boogotti is like losing a family member ... and he's pleading with the alleged dognapper to return him to his home.
The Egyptian blue-chip index fell 0.9 percent with Egypt's largest lender, Commercial International Bank, losing 0.9 percent, and Eastern Co also losing 0.9 percent.
Now, with people losing their faith in central banks, he sees monetary policies losing a grip on their ability to maintain calm in the marketplace.
After filing the complaint, they had to drop out of Pepperdine, which meant losing their scholarships, which also meant losing the stipends funding their housing.
Losing Title X, for the average clinic, means losing 19 percent of their funding, leaving people in need of family planning services with fewer choices.
And just imagining all of those children losing their parents and parents losing their children, and knowing that there's no reason for it at all.
And although hair thickness is not the sole indicator of health, when you're losing your hair, it can feel like you're also losing your identity.
Cameron, after all, resigned after losing the Brexit vote, just as Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond resigned in 2014 after losing the Scottish independence referendum.
"Robert and I worked together for many years and losing him is like losing a part of me," McCallum said in a statement to TVLine.
The Islamic State has been steadily losing territory this year, losing the cities of Mosul, Deir al-Zour and their de facto capital of Raqqa.
In this group, people overwhelmingly (78 percent) choose the gamble and risk losing everyone to the disease for the small chance of losing no one.
"The president should be cognizant that there is an advantage to a Matt Bevin losing or in losing the House of Representatives," Mr. Nunberg said.
Gaining or losing population relative to other states means gaining or losing seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and votes in the Electoral College.
Both ran for president twice, losing party nominations the first time around and winning them the second time but losing in a close general election.
"Losing one of our student-athletes is like losing a child," Jamie Pollard, the athletic director at Iowa State, said on Tuesday, fighting back tears.
"We cannot and should not tolerate losing people, losing children in the waters of the Aegean," Greece's migration minister, Dimitris Vitsas, said in a statement.
Dany should remember Drogon getting grounded during the loot train attack, losing Viserion beyond the Wall, and nearly losing Rhaegal in the Battle of Winterfell.
She feared that she was losing her dancer's ability to remember steps — which would mean losing her lifelong identity as, first and foremost, a dancer.
Winning and losing is just part of games -- and life -- whether because of luck or because of a skill still developing (in part, by losing).
Fear of losing a job, fear of losing a parent, fear of being a bad parent — instead of sitting with those feelings, again, we work.
Many of the companies are still losing money or are at risk of losing money if they sign up too many people who are sick.
Any danger of losing that territory, of losing that farm, heaps on pressure, he says -- especially when the land has been passed down across generations.
Fearful of losing repeat customers and feeling guilty that the flights were nonrefundable, Mr. Besharati returned their money anyway, losing more than $100,000, he said.
Losing one referendum crucial to the future of Europe may be regarded as misfortune, but, as Oscar Wilde might say, losing two looks like carelessness.
"Republicans are too sheepish to call [Trump] out on anything and they are afraid of losing their positions and losing any power themselves," Cheadle said.
Shipbuilding will also take a hit, with the landing helicopter assault replacement program losing $28500 million and the expeditionary fast transport program losing $6900 million.
Shipbuilding will also take a hit, with the landing helicopter assault replacement program losing $28503 million and the expeditionary fast transport program losing $22020 million.
Every time we act consistently with our goal to lose weight, using whichever plan we chose to losing weight, we will move toward losing weight.
It predicted Democrats losing 22016 House seats in 22017 (they lost 373), and it predicted Republicans losing 237 House seats in 214 (they lost 22016).
She's losing to an opponent who says things like, "To hell with the fossil fuel industry"—and she's losing by nearly a 2-to-20143 margin.
Hicks' blast, his ninth on the season, enabled the Tigers to snap an eight-game losing skid against Houston and a four-game losing streak overall.
Carmelo Anthony also contributed 24 points as the Knicks (4-6) snapped a two-game losing streak and a five-game losing streak to the Mavericks.
Kelley noted that many Latinos are worried about losing their jobs, which could lead to them losing access to affordable health care and even being deported.
It's easy to see this as an act of shortsighted martyrdom: losing power by adhering to your ideals, winning a moral victory while losing the war.
The lurking fear is that Britain is not just losing its voice, it's in danger of losing its energy, its ability to build and make things.
Looks like I fought to the very end but now I may be close to losing my livelihood, losing my passion, my audience and my... pic.twitter.
Will the State of New York tell a private enterprise that it must choose between losing money because of boycotters or losing contracts with the state?
The country he warns against losing is, of course, the very country that Lamm warned against losing; Trump's candidacy takes that complaint to its logical conclusion.
As SoftBank-backed, money-losing Uber geared up to go public, Fair entered another market by acquiring the ridesharing company's money-losing leasing program this January.
As the years went on, I've worked to avoid losing through hard work but though I have experienced losing significantly less, I still have experienced it.
So when a mother is separated from her son, as in this article, she is not just losing her child — she is losing her whole world.
Normally in the postseason, the losing pitchers speak at their lockers and the only member of the losing team to mount the podium is the manager.
LOSING ALTITUDE The economy is largely losing speed as the stimulus from the White House's $20.4 trillion tax-cut package and a government spending blitz fades.
And we've heard that they're worried about losing their jobs to automation, or losing their jobs because they lack the technical skills needed for changing industries.
After losing in the second round there, she showed improvement at Wimbledon two weeks later, reaching the fourth round before losing to second-seeded Simona Halep.
Chief Stephens said people losing cash benefits are falling behind on their electric bills and losing service, resorting to candles for light — a major fire risk.
She had been a game away from losing her first-round match to Alla Kudryavtseva; two points from losing her third-round match to Akiko Morigami.
But losing weight on the keto diet is like losing weight on any diet — you need to burn more calories in the day than you consume.
LOSING ALTITUDE The economy is largely losing speed as the stimulus from the White House's $1.5 trillion tax-cut package and a government spending blitz fades.
The cost of the U.S. losing that leadership position and losing that economic superiority so to speak is a retrenchment and they want level trade rules.
Despite losing the popular vote, he prevailed in the electoral college by winning lots of states by small margins and losing a few by large ones.
Most Republicans think their side is mostly losing in the political process, and most Democrats also think their side is mostly losing in the political process.
LOSING ALTITUDE The economy is largely losing speed as the stimulus from the White House's $20.91 trillion tax-cut package and a government spending blitz fades.
" He added: "They're losing one of the best humans in the N.B.A. They're losing a guy who knows the game as well as anybody I've met.
Broadly speaking, the two things the Saudis fear the most are losing power at home and losing their dominant position in the Islamic world to Iran.
Disney is already losing more than $1 billion in streaming through ESPN+ and its stake in Hulu, and YouTube TV is reportedly losing money on every subscriber.
But in this ongoing sparring match, Snapchat is losing, and losing hard—it has fewer users, a more confusing interface, inferior features, and a worse ad experience.
The Illini have played better of late, losing 24-10 at home to No. 4 Wisconsin on Saturday a week after losing by a touchdown to Minnesota.
You get into that age group where you start losing people and losing people in such a sudden fashion like Prince and Tom Petty, it's been tough.
"Losing a bit of money now is not such a problem,(compared) with losing everything that the freedom of Hong Kong used to stand for," he added.
Losing a friend or lover can feel like losing a piece of yourself, but you need to learn today that grief is normal and won't last forever.
"Today, tens of thousands of mine workers and their families, including so many widows, are in serious danger of losing that lifeline, losing that security," said Sen.
"Donors tend to gravitate towards whatever they feel is more prominent, and right now concerns about losing the House outweigh concerns about losing the Senate," Walsh said.
Still, given a choice between losing face or losing the country, the Bolsheviks conceded the ARA's conditions—while putting the operation under surveillance by the secret police.
Put another way, if you were to look at the generic congressional ballot, losing three seats is roughly the equivalent of losing a point in national polling.
Lakers beat 76ers, halt eight-game losing streak PHILADELPHIA — After a surprising 10-10 start, the Los Angeles Lakers suffered through a maddening eight-game losing streak.
It's fair to say that they fulfilled their incredibly low hopes, mainly by losing to France, drawing with Switzerland and then losing again to fellow minnows Albania.
They pick 216rd for losing pitcher Patrick Corbin to the Washington Nationals in free agency, and 28.4th for losing outfielder A.J. Pollock to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Amid all the chaos brought by an accelerating coronavirus pandemic, many working families are losing incomes, people are losing jobs, or their paychecks are being drastically reduced.
"We've been on a steady trend losing suburbanites, losing college-educated women, and it's time for the Republican Party to adopt a suburban agenda," Mr. Cantor said.
A day off work means losing around $100 in pay, she said, and if she had to take more than a few days off, losing her job.
For context, imagine the dollar losing a third of its value and shares of ExxonMobil, Bank of America and Citigroup losing half of theirs in a day.
Over all, hourly workers described going hungry, not being able to pay bills, scrambling to arrange child care, losing housing, losing sleep and feeling stressed and unhealthy.
The Coyotes put a stop to the Blues' eight-game winning streak and ended both a three-game overall losing streak and three-game home losing streak.
Right now, the West is losing to Russia because of this, and losing badly in what is not just a hacking conflict, but also an information conflict.
Warnings of a long-term shift tend to hinge on the idea that losing American neutrality means losing American leverage over Israelis and Palestinians to achieve peace.
It's easy to think of this as an act of shortsighted martyrdom: losing power by adhering to your ideals, winning a moral victory while losing the war.
On the elegiac "I Bet on Losing Dogs," she commiserates with the helpless and the hopeless: I know they're losing and I pay for my place by the ring where I'll be looking in their eyes when they're downI'll be there on their side, I'm losing by their side.
For one thing, the March 5 deadline doesn't mark the date that people start losing DACA; it marks the date that the pace of people losing DACA hits an inflection point, from the 122 people a day currently losing DACA protection to nearly 1,000 people or more a day.
How many farmers across this state and across this nation have had to face the prospect of losing their business, of losing their farm because of Trump's tariffs?
" Since losing her loving spouse, to whom she was married for 17 years, Jill said she's been "trying to keep busy to keep her mind off losing Bobby.
If you treat the people under your control too harshly, you risk losing their support — and thus losing everything when they turn against you and kick you out.
"We can't afford a nominee in 2016 who's losing women voters at a far greater rate than Hillary Clinton is losing men and millennials," Wilson told the convention.
On the one hand, losing the ability to talk on the phone when behind the wheel would, in effect, mean losing the ability to be productive while driving.
If you're not meeting the dramatically increased expectations of your supporters and customers, you're losing out in the short term, and losing altogether over the next five decades.
"In the sporting world, two years of falling profit would be considered a losing streak, and I hate losing," Toyota President Akio Toyoda said at a results briefing.
" Since losing her loving spouse, to whom she was married for 17 years, Jill says she's been "trying to keep busy to keep her mind off losing Bobby.
For as much as it has taken away from my life, losing jobs, promotions, losing my physique for a while, and not being able to compete in athletics.
Allen Crabbe led the Nets with 22 points, but was scoreless in the final 12 minutes as Brooklyn's home losing streak and overall losing streak reached eight games.
Now just imagine, if hackers had access to every encrypted communication on the iPhone we would be losing our money, we would be losing our social security information.
It's my estimation that most people are over-prepared, losing their native instincts, losing their natural abilities, their spontaneity, those things that come natural to all human beings.
Lugar wound up losing the primary to Indiana's arch-conservative state treasurer, Richard Mourdock—and as influential Republicans feared, the party wound up losing the seat to Democrats.
Even as prices skyrocket, PBMs are forcing community pharmacies to choose between losing money and filling a prescription or losing business to big-box pharmacies owned by PBMs.
Tenants were twice as likely as owners to worry about losing their homes, with landlords - often afraid of permanently losing possession of their homes - preferring short term contracts.
We finish off the handoffs, engrave all the losing names on the trophy, and then every player on the losing day has to spend one day with it.
Not only has Trump been consistently losing despite favorable fundamentals, but he's been consistently losing despite the luxury of running against an opponent with an underwater favorability rating.
And a new, huge survey shows Trump isn't just losing the Latino vote — he's losing it by far more than the past few decades of Republican presidential candidates.
Toronto Maple Leafs Current position: 227rd place, Atlantic Division, 230 points What went wrong last year: Mainly, it was the intentional losing that led to all the losing.
More from Tonic: For these people, losing any follower, even an acquaintance, may mean losing what they perceive as quantifiable social status that they use to validate themselves.
First, babies and toddlers contain a smaller total volume of fluid, so losing a relatively small volume can mean losing a relatively high percent of what is there.
The Irish and Tigers are both 7-1, with Notre Dame losing to Georgia at home in week two by one point and Clemson losing to unranked Syracuse.
At fast-food restaurants, losing 100% of employees — and then losing still more of the employees hired to replace those workers — is a common, and worsening, labor problem.
The divorce represented a blow to both companies, with Tempur Sealy losing its largest customer and Mattress Firm losing the premium bedding business it generated with Tempur-Pedic.
"He said he felt like he was losing his sister and I said, 'You aren't losing me, I'm always going to be there for you,'" Ms. Olivarez recalled.
Pittsburgh (21-23) ended a nine-game losing streak and left the Cubs (22-29) with a seven-game losing streak and playoff hopes down to nearly nil.
"The reason is because it is a scary thing to think about....losing a parent, most often the co-signer, or a parent losing a child," she says.
Robert Covington scored 14 points for the Timberwolves, who saw their home losing streak extend to nine games, the longest home losing streak in the NBA this season.
Iowa State (2-8, 1-6 Big 12) ended a 10-game losing streak in Big 12 play, while Kansas' conference losing streak was extended to 19 games.
But while the fact that he's melting down is certainly one of the reasons he's losing, the more fundamental truth is that he's melting down because he's losing.
What if such a case made it possible to combine the pain of losing my phone with the inconvenience of losing my wallet in a brief moment of carelessness?
Okay, now imagine him losing in the final round of The Bachelorette (sad), and then joining the next season of The Bachelorette and again losing in the final round.
The Incendiaries, a book about people gaining and losing God, is deeply informed by Kwon's own experiences growing up religious, and eventually losing the faith when she was 17.
The president's Republican party risks losing control of the House and Senate in the November election and thus losing the ability to advance much of the president's political agenda.
Parents are losing sons and daughters, children are losing parents and countless families are searching for a way to combat addiction and save the life of their loved one.
In especially poignant scenes, Alex and Anna must come to terms with their grief at losing their young children and also with their children's future grief at losing them.
After losing eight consecutive games, the Senators won back-to-back games in Southern California, ending their losing streak with a 2-1 overtime victory at Anaheim on Wednesday.
And that shows a real immaturity from Senator Rubio to be joking as families were freezing in the cold, losing power, and some of them losing their loved ones.
Studies have shown that while there are great mental and emotional benefits of pet ownership, losing a pet can affect people in the same way as losing another person.
Buying a home is an incredibly emotional experience, and potential buyers will often pull back when they have the slightest fear of losing their jobs or losing any income.
After losing five primaries to Trump in a single day on Tuesday, which came a week after losing New York very badly, Cruz's numbers in Indiana have fallen precipitously.
When asked about the probable effect of losing Apple's business in any given year, Evans testified that losing Apple's business 'would not be near death, that would be death'.
Florida, Texas and Arizona have all seen population inflows resume, for example, while states in the Northeast and Midwest that were losing residents to migration have resumed losing them.
The studio has plenty of streaming services to choose from, whereas the streaming service knows that losing access to one of its biggest hits will also mean losing subscribers.
Lakers owner Jeanie Buss says losing Kobe Bryant is like losing a family member -- but credits KB and his daughter Gianna with helping her find her "purpose" in life.
The Washington Wizards are losing ground in the Eastern Conference playoff race and attempt to snap a three-game losing streak when they visit the Utah Jazz on Friday.
Pittsburgh (1163-80) must win four of its final five to avoid its first losing season since 2012 — the last in a record run of 20 consecutive losing years.
The judge commented that this was a sad day for our family because not only was my mom losing a husband to prison, she was losing a daughter too.
"I don't think about losing because it isn't losing," Trump reportedly told Ailes a week before the election, when he and everyone else thought he was going to lose.
OUT -- LSU dropped out after losing to Alabama .
Molina doesn't really like that Dissed and Dismissed got interpreted as a breakup record, despite the fact that he naturally gravitates to forlorn songs about losing love and losing touch.
Turkey: on the losing side in Syria Turkey has found itself on the losing side in Syria after backing rebel groups that have been hard hit by the regime's offensive.
And for many waiters and other workers, losing tips means losing the ability to pay basic bills because the federal minimum wage for these workers is just $247 an hour.
Interestingly, losing an ex-wife isn't as deadly as losing a current wife, and "white couples have a much higher widowhood effect than black couples, for complex reasons," Christakis tweeted.
Umstead, who suffers from a genetic eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, began skiing 18 years ago after losing her eyesight and, later, losing her mother to colon cancer in 1999.
When you get into a show like this and it's canceled before its time, it doesn't just feel like losing a TV show; it feels like losing a second home.
Duke should never be losing to Clemson, and the Blue Devils certainly shouldn't be losing at home to this year's Syracuse team, which will struggle even to make the NIT.
They ended the season with a 20123-game losing streak, marking the 22012th double-digit losing streak in team history and the first to end a season since 90-255.
He compared those job cuts to the buggy whip industry losing positions with the invention of the automobile, and to shopping malls losing out as online shopping becomes more popular.
Why it matters: These men are losing everything: book deals are falling through, lawsuits are being filed, they're quitting their jobs (or being forced out), losing their companies, and more.
"The cancellation of licenses and evictions have resulted in vendors losing their life savings, pulling their children out of school, and losing assets such as homes and vehicles," he said.
The Blue Demons snapped a three-game losing streak with a win over Portland in their PK80 Invitational finale, while the Penguins come in on a four-game losing skid.
"I think we all should be embarrassed by the way we're playing, losing games," said Carmelo Anthony, the team's most accomplished player, who scored 33 points in the losing effort.
The Heat snapped their six-game home losing streak, and they did it two nights after losing to the team with the worst record in the NBA, the Phoenix Suns.
The moment that businesses stop hiring and start losing confidence in the broader outlook, not just businesses losing confidence in where they should put factories, or where they should invest.
Losing Walker and David Wright for the season would have been challenging enough, but losing deGrom, Matz and Matt Harvey — with no outside reinforcements — seemed a sure sign of doom.
The victory not only ended a four-game Angels losing streak but also snapped a 10-game losing streak to the Indians at Progressive Field, dating to September of 2014.
While the majors-worst Phillies have answered losing 16 of 19 by winning four of six, the Pirates have mustered nine runs en route to losing four in a row.
The danger of truffles losing weight is always around the corner, and unless we sell these precious few ounces as soon as possible, we run the risk of losing money.
Whether it is losing your top receiver in the middle of the game or losing your rookie quarterback midway through the season, getting to the Super Bowl is very hard.
The Buckeyes (12-103, 2-4 Big Ten) had six players finish in double figures to end a four-game overall losing streak and a three-game conference losing skid.
The Buckeyes (12-5, 2-4 Big Ten) had six players finish in double figures to end a four-game overall losing streak and a three-game conference losing skid.
The House is scheduled to remain in session through the end of September, and while Republicans are also worried about losing seats, they see little threat of losing their majority.
When they were beaten by the Indians in the World Series, the players did not vote Antonelli a losing share while giving themselves 31 full losing shares of $4,570.73 apiece.
DEVILS END LOSING STREAK John Moore scored 59 seconds into overtime and the Devils snapped a six-game losing streak with a 1-0 victory over the visiting Philadelphia Flyers.
She has spoken publicly about dealing with the grief of losing a spouse, and in 2017 published a book about losing her husband and finding joy again with her children.
"It's been a tough stretch emotionally, losing some guys and losing some games," Stevens said after the Celtics defeated the Magic 107-96 for their second win in 24 hours.
In 2014 the government made her one of 40,000 Heroic Mothers of Vietnam, an official title given to "mothers who have made numerous contributions and sacrifices for the cause of national liberation," the sacrifices being losing more than one son, losing an only son or losing one son and having another return wounded.
Gone. Netflix is even losing the three original Superman films, but then again, it's also losing Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, so that might make the whole deal a wash.
He has warned working- and middle-class Americans that they are losing their jobs and that the country is losing its industry to dark "global forces" connected to both political parties.
Winning and losing are false distinctions The idea that losing is a necessary part of winning begins to blur the lines of what is a loss and what is a win.
Losing money is par for the course for fast-growing tech companies, but Blue Apron's lackluster IPO may suggest that Wall Street is losing patience with Silicon Valley's high-rolling margins.
WTI has settled lower every single day of the year so far, for a seven-day losing streak, its longest consecutive decline since a nine-day losing streak in July 2014.
Mavericks 122, Pelicans 119 Rookie Luka Doncic had 223 points and 10 assists as host Dallas ended a six-game losing streak and extended New Orleans' losing streak to five games.
"The psychological factor of losing the capital, losing one of the big cities in Turkey, could be perceived by voters as the beginning of the decline," said political analyst Murat Yetkin.
"I understand his frustration, but unfortunately losing your temper with the news media gets you nothing but stories about losing your temper," Karen Hinton, Mr. de Blasio's former press secretary, said.
Pfeffer, who wrote the book "Dying for a Paycheck," contends that workplaces have created a "lose-lose" situation in which employees are losing their health and companies are losing their output.
Losing that manufactured kind of darkness—the cloying angst of Nine Inch Nails, the black lipstick, the thrilling disturbance of the "Smack My Bitch Up" video—is like losing one's innocence.
"It's not about being the second wild-card and winning one game or losing one," a downcast Joe Girardi, the Yankees' manager, said after losing yet another elite player on Monday.
Getting too hungry could be stopping you from losing weight5 crucial exercise lessons I learned when I cut my body fat nearly in half in 6 months without losing my muscle
The estimated impact was geographically varied: Some parts of the country might fare better, losing little or none of its GDP, while others could be losing hundreds of billions every year.
"A lot of kids I knew, they'd be halfway there [getting off the street], but then they'd wind up back in jail, losing their house, losing their job," he tells VICE.
The city, which is 97 percent white, is losing population, and the Democratic Party is losing votes at the presidential level, dropping from about 15,000 in 2012 to 10,000 last fall.
Throughout this losing streak — their eighth losing streak of eight or more games since 2015 — the Knicks have been outscored by a total of 138 points, or 173 points per game.
Trump reported losing $46.1 million from his "core businesses" (meaning casinos, hotel, and apartment building retail space) in 1985 and kept losing money the years after, totaling $1.17 billion by 1994.
There is no way around it — losing is difficult.
B = Amount of angst over losing: Less than that.
We are losing them — each of them and more.
DONGGUAN, China — China's consumers and businesses are losing confidence.
Another thing they're losing ... public funds and military appointments.
Sometimes losing is winning — something Brooks Koepka knows well.
" After the season, he said: "Losing takes its toll.
" Except we're not "losing billions of dollars on trade.
The night's big snubs included Atlanta's 13 losses, with Donald Glover losing all three of his nominations, Issa Rae losing best lead actress in a comedy series to Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan, and Sandra Oh losing best lead actress in a drama series though her win would have broken important ground for Emmy diversity.
In rehab, my addiction counselors instructed me to write a goodbye letter to heroin, explaining that losing your drug of choice is much like losing a cherished relationship with a loved one.
He's clearly been haunted by the backdrop of his abandonment and now he has reconnected with a man whom he's on the cusp of losinglosing a father for the second time.
But Paul Smith's anxious speaking of "I don't remember losing sight of your needs" and mourning singing "losing my balance/falling from a wire made for you" express a more thoughtful sentiment.
This isn't the profoundly sad onrush of recent grief that would come with waking up in the months after losing my father, and then again 13 years later, after losing my mother.
The football coach isn't panicked over having to share his star player with the theater program because he hates the arts — no, he's terrified of losing games and subsequently losing his job.
For animal lovers, Simpson's suffering is an example of the grief many pet owners feel upon losing their best friend — a grief that, for many, is comparable to losing a human companion.
I want to say that I hate the thing we do where we talk about suicide in terms of winning and losing: a person either beating their demons or losing to them.
The Indians have won the first three contests of the four-game series while the Angels have lost nine in a row, their longest losing streak since losing 20 straight in 218.
But it's not just losing control of territory, it's also losing the facility to move freely between Syria and Iraq -- especially since Iraqi militia seized the key town of Baaj last week.
The great irony of losing The Awl to brainless data and centralized platforms is that John Herrman wrote so well there about losing our best media to brainless data and centralized platforms.
"But we don't know how much restructuring it will take, how much money is it losing, why is it losing so much money in a market where we make money," he said.
But I think it will be a very, very fair relationship and a very good relationship but right now, Mexico, we are losing on the border and we are losing on trade.
China has become a significant buyer of the least pricey parts of the pig, like the feet, and losing the European market might be easier to weather than losing the Asian market.
Losing your smartphone can feel like losing an appendage, so when you find an unattended phone on the ground, it's natural you would want to do the right thing and return it.
"I'm not losing clients, I'm losing business," said Ms. Bauccio, who lives in Dingmans Ferry, Pa., and has many elderly clients who are unable to clean their homes but have canceled anyway.
No major party has renominated a past losing nominee since Nixon in 1968, and no major party has renominated a past losing nominee in a second consecutive election since Stevenson in 1956.
But today's GOP is strong enough that despite losing twice to Obama (and losing the presidential popular vote in three of the four elections before that), they remain as militant as ever.
"If I'm losing $505 billion with China, if I'm losing $58 billion a year with Mexico, in terms of deficit, why do I want that kind of trade for anyway," Trump said.
Pettis, the former UFC and WEC lightweight champion, is now facing a challenging time in his MMA career—enduring a three-fight losing streak since losing his belt against Rafael dos Anjos.
If you've ever been mailed a magazine long after you stopped paying for it, you're likely aware that sometimes a publisher would prefer losing your money to losing you as a reader altogether.
"When his dad was being deported, it caused a weird introspective situation where Daniel was losing his dad, but as a dad he's thinking 'I'm going to be losing my son,'" Cortes said.
Also, a small consolation prize for dwellers of the losing team's city: Uber Rewards will provide an "Unhappy Hour" following the game by offering free rides for the losing city for one hour.
The story of loving and losing Gess and the story of loving and losing Doty alternate, as in a novel weaving narratives until the climax, when past and present illuminate something else altogether.
It is possible to imagine Trump losing the support of congressional Republicans by announcing he won't approve a tax cut, or losing support of his core supporters through unexpected leniency to ethnic minorities.
The Oilers have been all over the map in recent weeks: They had a five-game losing streak followed by a three-game winning streak followed by their current three-game losing streak.
The Cornhuskers (217-83, 28-214) must win their final two games to avoid a third straight losing season for the first time since enduring a six-year losing stretch from 22026-61.
After losing his season debut with the Twins on July 18 to run his losing streak to five consecutive starts, the 44-year-old is unbeaten in his last four turns with Minnesota.
After losing Kanye West and losing its ranking as a top sneaker seller to Adidas, the Jordan Brand decided to do something Cohen said it actively stayed away from previously: non-athlete collaborations.
Meanwhile, Pelosi is losing her grip over her coalition, and moderate Democrats across the country are beginning to realize that she is fighting a losing battle against the radical left in her caucus.
The numbers translate "into a widening of the employment gender gap, with women losing five jobs for every job gained compared with men losing three jobs for every job gained," noted the report.
Losing one chamber will introduce a high level of policy and investigatory paralysis to the Trump administration; losing both would feel like getting sucked into the tenth level of hell for the President.
"For folks who are trans and need hormone therapies, losing DACA means losing access to the healthcare they need to be able to thrive and present as who they fully are," Aguirre says.
They say they live constantly with shifting legal terrain, losing their bank accounts and lines of credit and never knowing how vulnerable they may be to losing their business or being federally prosecuted.
Rent control is key to stopping evictions and protecting families from losing the sudden disruption of losing their homes, jobs, or security—and it has already worked in places like New York state.
I don't feel as if I am losing a friend, exactly; it's more like losing someone I used to run into regularly, who always had thoughtful things to say and opinions to share.
What once seemed like a bleak choice between losing my soul or losing my most cherished friend was in fact a lesson that true love is the only thing that could save me.
The Bruins are assured their first losing season under coach Jim Mora, while Cal has fallen out of bowl eligibility and allowed an average of 53 points during a four-game losing streak.
How to lose weight by losing control of your bowels.
Celebrity or not, losing a beloved pet is never easy.
The why is fairly straightforward: Uber was losing, and badly.
You'll never hear "Losing My Religion" the same way again.
At the same time, the state is losing young people.
Losing the pair, plus Ubumwe, has left zoo staff heartbroken.
Mr Assad accepted little of this when he was losing.
Experts hired by FirstEnergy say the plants are losing money.
Back then, losing a game save was permanent — and devastating.
And we might expect to see those losing bets accumulate.
The dollar slipped, losing 0.2% against the euro to $1.1223 .
Losing weight hasn't been an easy journey for Gayle King.
Woods responded by saying he enjoyed the match despite losing.
Halo is about winning the battle but losing the war.
Or would losing one fundamentally impair your ability to hear?
HURT: -- of how it benefits them, then you&aposre losing.
He quickly began losing weight and his athletic abilities increased.
Venezuelans are already petrified of their money losing value overnight.
We're losing our ability to focus on the physical world.
Despite losing that election too, the massive resistance campaign continued.
Gage survived, losing his left eye and apparently his personality.
Essentially, to go always against the wind, without losing faith.
However, instead of losing citizenship, Paul DiBartolo suggested community service.
Simon's pain over losing his brothers became Nicki's as well.
He meant he couldn't have the Mets losing that way.
We both end up losing money but I fared better.
But losing an election can still earn plenty of attention.
He is unpopular, and he is currently losing the election.
Losing one house is one too many for these firefighters.
Maybe it was me; maybe I was losing my hearing.
Sharing my own story about losing my father was hard.
Once the frontrunner, opinion polls show Fillon losing the election.
Yet by the 21st century, the Ambassador was losing favor.
Before losing the election, the Clinton transition raised $2.1 million.
But she was still nervous about losing the last half.
"We want to look past (the losing streak)," Semien said.
Loeb is not alone in losing big money last year.
Is it about a pope losing faith in his God?
Drake is known for losing his chill at basketball games.
The song is kind of about reluctantly losing an argument.
But, the Gypsy King ended up losing his money emphatically.
I learned a lot through the process of losing Dave.
He's choking like a dog because he's losing so badly.
O'Reilly and Ailes losing their Fox News jobs isn't justice.
But even though she ended up losing around 50 lbs.
You don't feel like eating and you've been losing weight.
For Waymo, losing the case will have largely reputational risks.
It is all a Democrat Excuse for LOSING the Election.
They are afraid of losing their jobs because of this.
We were losing $50 [million], sometimes $100 million a week.
We risk losing all summer Arctic sea ice by 2030.
They're losing that money on some of these largest events.
It's better to avoid losing $5 than to find $2000.
I think it's about a fear of losing their masculinity.
Now, it appears Bolton may be losing the President himself.
The broader Topix closed nearly flat, losing 0.08% to 1,549.42.
U.S. wheat has been losing export market share for years.
People are afraid that we are losing our representative government.
Ahlam nearly stopped eating altogether and started losing her hair.
Living in poverty is akin to losing 13 IQ points.
The story is about Joe Crowley losing, Chuck Schumer inconvenienced.
I slowly felt as if I were losing my mind.
I can't imagine losing two in such a short time.
Losing control of his music is just the start, however.
Thereby losing out on protections that legal divorce courts provide.
Right now, the Democrats are badly losing the Facebook war.
We're not putting ourselves down for losing a few games.
Mostly, employers and insurers are losing the price wars today.
"I think of what we're in the process of losing."
"Losing" damages an artist's reputation and can hurt future sales.
And he has been losing in court up until now.
The company is still losing a lot of money, however.
Well, losing companies don't tend to do that well either.
Indeed, circumstances changed drastically over Hornacek's two turbulent, losing seasons.
But losing your hair is not something you aspire to.
Then come the opinion polls which show his father losing.
Losing Neal right now really could be disastrous for Nick.
Still, the recent losing streak is testing the value faith.
Angry fans from the losing side burn their players' effigies.
"We've had three losing years in a row," Mara said.
The boy is losing weight, from either worry or malnutrition.
But she has more experience losing than she does winning.
In the battle for hearts and minds, we're losing. Badly.
But others saw GE losing ground to MHPS and Siemens.
They worried that the world was losing its cultural diversity.
"Drunken forests," with trees leaning sharply after losing their rooting.
They are losing hope after seven years in this camp.
If the program fails, the investors risk losing their investments.
There are signs that this story is losing its hold.
Even after losing its territory, ISIS continued to attract adherents.
For many California farmers, it means potentially losing everything. Mrs.
Losing an hour to Daylight Saving Time is killing me.
Still, the jihadists are slowly losing control of their caliphate.
Republican insiders say losing those delegates hurt Paul's nomination chances.
Private schools complain about losing students as families move abroad.
Cincinnati has scored just 10 runs during its losing streak.
But I'm not losing hope on the more mysterious me.
Being forced from your home, losing everything, is hard enough.
Pittsburgh had scored just one run during its losing streak.
And, AB is consistently losing and getting rocked by life.
In losing Angelique, her friends and family lost so much.
SodaStream shares gained about 3 percent midday before losing altitude.
It's also, almost surely, a losing game in the end.
Losing that Facebook page "irreparably harmed" Lahren, the lawsuit said.
We can't afford to keep losing people like Dan Bigg.
But in Zibo, even environmentally compliant manufacturers are losing customers.
Any merchant who did so would have a losing case.
I'm not used to losing in Australian Open second round.
Are you in some sense losing control of your campaign?
HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's innovation bubble is rapidly losing air.
Panicking over the possibility of losing your right to choose?
Losing coral reefs is bad for the environment — and people.
Losing a loved one -- by any means -- is often painful.
Still, Kemp's job merely covered the void of losing football.
But the Dow extended its losing streak to five sessions.
But this is a genre that is losing its edge.
The Raptors were never in any real danger of losing.
But that argument seems to be losing ground in Washington.
I was 100 percent certain I was losing my mind.
Editor's Note: This OP mentions losing a friend to suicide.
The Catholic church has been losing adherents across Latin America.
Though he finished with a losing record overall, Washington went .
John Calipari isn't accustomed to losing consecutive games at Kentucky.
That helps it avoid losing sales to a competing property.
Losing power is bad because conservatism is a governing creed.
Britain's great political parties are also losing their Scottish dimensions.
Biotherapeutics firm CSL led the sector declines, losing 1.7 percent.
I could have avoided losing my job and my apartment.
"[By excluding women], you're losing half the market," she says.
It can be bent and twisted without losing its proportions.
Many countries risk losing a generation to war and conflict.
To his credit, Jackson has been unbowed by the losing.
We should worry when we notice we are losing ours.
Refiners are clearly losing their appetite for more crude oil.
Eric Clapton has revealed that he is losing his hearing.
Losing control of this business will leave Toshiba much diminished.
He said he isn't worried about losing customers in Europe.
The benchmark was under pressure Monday after losing ground Friday.
The event was a flop: He ended up losing everything.
Critics say the real reason is fear of losing control.
Losing use of her legs isn't the worst of them.
Better to share power, perhaps, than risk losing it all.
"We are losing the color and the community," he said.
The ruling Socialists claimed the Democrats were afraid of losing.
AMERICA IS FINALLY losing patience with the war in Yemen.
We keep our heads when everyone else is losing theirs.
"Horatio was losing it throughout the whole thing," Fallon says.
However, it is losing ground to newer competitor Uber Eats.
"We're still waiting on Bing losing a tooth," Hudson says.
Even after losing a court challenge, it kept access low.
Such scenes play on children's fears of losing a parent.
" Michael Dukakis, with characteristic blunt honesty, blurts out: "Losing sucks.
Fire TV owners might not be losing YouTube after all.
The country is losing the people who can change it.
Local produce had been losing out to cheaper foreign imports.
You could be losing as fast as you are gaining.
Sometimes she'd overhear them losing it in the next room.
They're afraid they're losing the battle to reverse inflation expectations.
"In the current situation, losing 1% is damaging," he says.
Quick stopped 21 of 24 shots in the losing cause.
They are undoubtedly at risk of losing the Brexit war.
" "Between my house and the hospital, I started losing consciousness.
The Nasdaq's losing streak is its longest since November 2016.
But that doesn't mean losing sight of who you are.
So, we are losing money on it at this point.
I was losing weight, still eating five times a day.
It is definitely not just September that's losing sea ice.
Second, Yahoo has been losing quite a bit of money.
One store in Florida reported losing $400,000 worth of jewelry.
And she's losing herself, and I think Daryl realizes that.
Trump has savaged Romney and Ryan for losing that race.
Before, for the Warriors, losing didn't seem like an option.
Iron and steel and sea transport led the losing sectors.
If it's the latter, it suggests you are losing control.
Some people are afraid of losing control or getting hurt.
And losing Amazon would basically be game over for Huawei.
But I learned to lose, I'm not afraid of losing . . .
CNN is losing to the Bob Ross reruns on PBS.
If not, they will find some people embarrassed and losing.
Abrams refused to officially concede after losing to Georgia Gov.
Without their support, she would be losing to Bernie Sanders.
Most of those vows have to do with losing weight.
The VC giant is definitely not losing its mojo. 6.
Naturally, people both online and IRL were losing their shit.
More than anything, they fear losing weight or getting smaller.
We're not losing any features or capabilities by doing this.
Come November, Dear Evan Hansen is losing its Evan Hansen.
So it's no surprise that Hong Kongers are losing sleep.
Snapchat is still bleeding money, losing $353 million last quarter.
This will be an urgent matter for the losing party.
They're losing more territory, more people are mobilized against them.
They're cuddling, and she's very upset about losing her job.
The Brewers had won three straight before losing three straight.
If you feel like you're losing your friend, tell them.
Brent futures settled at $69.31 a barrel, losing 6 cents.
But Trump is not the only one losing his patience.
Leaving the EU risks losing access to the single market.
But losing its original home is never a good sign.
I hate losing and that's the competitive fight I have.
Yet she, without losing her cool, gave him plenty back.
He's handled everything thrown at him without losing his composure.
Still, it will at least make the losing more bearable.
"We are really afraid of losing our reservoir," he said.
Losing your eyesight brings with it a range of challenges.
Anderson Cooper is losing all his friends – to his mother!
You can't properly digitize a book without losing the experience.
Our questions: Does mean the "shared" craze is losing steam?
"They are more punctual, they're losing fewer bags," Kaplan said.
Prices have shed nearly 16 percent during the losing run.
Plus, the actress reveals her secret to losing baby weight.
Losing Samya has been horrific for my family and me.
The US risks becoming a bit player, losing more leverage.
China is losing many opportunities without social media like Facebook.
That would be its longest losing streak since October 2014.
"Losing his law license is a distinct possibility," he said.
Today, Republicans go after stuff like bathrooms, and they're losing.
Losing stocks outnumbered gainers in Dubai by 26 to six.
The Nets saw their home losing streak reach seven games.
He helped end the Cavaliers' losing streak at four games.
The financials, losing a ton of money, billions and billions.
The euro remains under pressure, after losing 0.4% on Tuesday.
That's even worse than losing your hat in a windstorm.
Still, McKennon kept putting off losing weight, until a Dec.
In the beginning, I was so afraid of losing myself.
John Nicholson, and said the U.S. is "losing" the war.
I remember a few occasions losing batches of Twitter followers.
I felt like I was losing myself to this character.
Take away 2 percent inflation, you're losing 150 basis points.
" Someone else wrote sarcastically, "Hey congratulations on losing weight, @lenadunham.
Symptoms of toxic poisoning include vomiting blood and losing consciousness.
The FCC acknowledges that it is fighting a losing battle.
People are always losing limbs in the Star Wars universe.
Or maybe then I'll just be terrified of losing her.
Young people are particularly at risk of losing their jobs.
"You're never OK with losing," Stars defenseman Dan Hamhuis said.
Lilly has said it begins losing patent protection in 2021.
Step up or risk losing your best people to competitors.
It's no secret that Snapchat is losing out to Instagram.
"Losing a job feels very painful and personal," Goldstein said.
Facebook's secretive Building 8 hardware lab is losing its boss.
But he fumbled twice, losing one, and threw an interception.
On Tuesday, the index broke a two day losing streak.
Investors appear to be losing their appetite for Shake Shack.
Is there anything more annoying than losing a contact lens?
I had started losing weight a few months ago. Why?
But so far, it has been losing steam to competitors.
"So if politicians play to it, that's a losing strategy."
"We might even end up losing a little," she said.
Losing $25 a day (per barge) or $150 a day.
Regret is costly when you let a losing stock run.
"I'm no longer really losing fat, I'm tightening," she said.
She tried to downplay losing the Falwell endorsement to Trump.
After losing Saturday, Houston picks 22nd in the first round.
"Too many people are going to be losing coverage," Rep.
The chances of losing them are too high for comfort.
His road losing streak is the longest among active starters.
And this kind of losing personality isn't easy to shake.
At such a young age, he's already losing his eyesight.
Angelica Jade Bastién previously wrote about Losing Ground for Vulture.
Bonds are paying you about what you're losing to inflation.
By the early 1800s, chocolate was losing ground in Europe.
Lyft, much like its larger rival Uber, is losing money.
"It's very difficult to contemplate losing the plant," he says.
It would be like losing a member of the family.
Winner is charged with gathering, transferring, or losing defense information.
Port Talbot is said to be losing £1m a day.
We run the show or keep losing until we die.
Losing access could force them to use Emergency Liquidity Assistance.
Mr Putin was losing legitimacy even before the economy shrivelled.
He first took on the challenge after losing 150 lbs.
Facebook is losing teens' love to YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
Networks are losing younger viewers to YouTube and streaming services.
When you're losing money, your mentality is largely about survival.
Even Mr Sisi's Arab bankrollers appear to be losing patience.
Foreign investors also appear to be losing patience with Abenomics.
She was losing the cues that could trigger those memories.
Once upon a time, losing was the Red Sox disease.
It was fighting against the wind, and it was losing.
" Shut up," Noor was losing what little patience she had.
Losing Mosul would be a huge blow to Islamic State.
And sometimes presidents just have to settle for not losing.
We're losing so many lives for absolutely no good reason.
In fact, losing may be the outcome that they want.
They finally meet a losing team in Philadelphia on Feb.
Seton Hall has gone 29 games without a losing streak.
Julie Kelly: Dems risk losing suburban women with Kavanaugh attacks.
Farms are scared of losing their ability to get antibiotics.
Republicans are once again in danger of losing the majority.
More senior clerics also seem to be losing their sway.
Losing salary status also means a more restrictive work schedule.
"He's concerned about losing the next election," Mr. Strangio said.
He previously donated to Romney's losing presidential campaign in 2012.
Losing 3,000 countrymen on one day has had its effects.
The lawyer ended up losing his law license in 2014.
The costs of losing abortion access are not just monetary.
We are on the losing side of this cost equation.
He said the city was losing a $1.5 billion gift.
"The bitterness of losing him lessens over time," he said.
Losing a friend had long ceased being an extraordinary event.
So far, it is an uphill, if not losing, battle.
Mining employment continued to decline in April, losing 28500,6900 jobs.
Antarctica is losing ice faster than ever in recorded history.
Iowa has committed 50 total turnovers during its losing skid.
All of this losing is the continuation of a trend.
Maybe their company is losing money or growth is stagnant.
Not doing so is basically losing out on free money.
A losing fund can change their portfolio's returns pretty dramatically.
Midterms' second pervasive element is the president's party losing seats.
How to avoid losing your photos in the first place
The Visit turns out to be about losing parents, too.
Facebook's own shareholders are losing patience for Mark Zuckerberg's excuses.
Technically, losing candidates have 72 hours to register an appeal.
Perfect flopped at the box office, losing over $8 million.
That often put them on the losing side of cases.
This superpower is losing its ability to define the world.
To a large extent, politics is also a losing game.
John McCain for the party losing control of the House.
Bait an audience too long, and risk losing their attention.
Strange wound up losing a GOP primary to Roy Moore.
"With the leaders we know, we're still losing," he said.
It comes with a previously strong economic recovery losing steam.
Dubnyk saved 24 of 28 shots in the losing effort.
And each one of us worried about losing the others.
"The government is really losing its credibility," says Mr Ning.
The losing side will likely appeal to the Supreme Court.
It was more just like losing my dad in general.
Some rural prefectures are losing people at an increasing rate.
Polls also have Trump losing in the state's caucuses Tuesday.
People have been losing weight by counting calories for years.
"I was at risk of losing my breasts," she says.
He was the losing pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.
They're not winning this argument, they're losing the argument badly.
Losing out to Atlético in the Champions League doesn't count.
Fear of losing this money is what keeps companies honest.
Losing Mosul would be a major blow to Islamic State.
Guard Bishop Daniels scored 553 points in the losing cause.
It also prolongs a box office losing streak for Damon.
Sky has been losing satellite customers in Britain (see chart).
We didn't want to go (losing) four in a row.
Storefront retail is fast losing ground to the online marketplace.
"We're going to end up with losing farmers," said Heisdorffer.
Citizens are actually losing weight because they don't have food!
But you're losing what is arguably the most impressive feature.
Dubnyk stopped 28 of 31 shots in a losing effort.
These guys are not in the business of losing money.
They're making all these battles, but they're losing the war.
Others symbolize what the party is losing along the way.
And without using forests, we may end up losing them.
But around the fifth, the Yankees started losing — big time.
After decades of expansion, China's economic engine is losing momentum.
It's between losing the judicial wars or ending them forever.
"I don't worry too much about losing service," he says.
The top was losing its arch; the cracks were widening.
Sanders has been winning primaries and losing delegates, he continued.
But recently Pizza Hut has been losing ground to Domino's.
Don't give at all and risk losing Johnson and Daines.
Wipeouts often involved losing bits and pieces of bathing suits.
None are considered at risk of losing their reelection races.
Clinton never was at risk of losing in the Senate.
There is no losing outcome for Republicans in this scenario.
Losing that advantage would significantly hamper operations, American commanders say.
Gail: Have to admit I'm losing my faith in polls.
All the while, Kiese is losing focus on his assignments.
Losing political independence hurts the agency's ability to operate credibly.
And as a result they wound up losing their jobs.
Perhaps he was afraid of losing control of the conversation.
Naty diapers allow you to go green without losing performance.
Job growth is slowing because the economy is losing steam.
Some American officials worry the U.S. is losing its lead.
Polls have generally shown Republicans losing to generic Democratic candidates.
The Conservatives are on the brink of losing their majority
If you were losing your mind, I think I'd know.
Smaller retailers are also losing out from the Durbin amendment.
It's still losing money, $50 million in the first quarter.
"I'm losing weight," she said, pointing to her skinny arms.
Insects are also losing their habitats to farming and urbanization.
This bubble stock is losing air rapidly, as it should.
Well, Page now has two wins since losing to Lima.
These are not tickets; these are people losing their lives.
But they are losing the war on high drug prices.
Losing avocados, they say, isn't that big of a deal.
The Dubai exchange was broadly flat, losing only 2805.74 percent.
Consider for a second if losing your job is useful.
"We risk losing decades of progress," a WHO official said.
There are reasons that the Republicans are losing these voters.
In that sense, he is overperforming, even though he's losing.
And somehow, our top concern wasn't losing access to AIM.
Retailers who suffer data breaches risk losing their customers' trust.
In 2014, losing Senate Democratic incumbents such as former Sen.
He has a lot of experience on the losing end.
In total, that's about $1,608.67 annually that cardholders are losing.
If losing weight is hard, keeping it off is harder.
Akorn shares were losing about 30 percent in the premarket.
Other risks include infection, inflammation, blindness, and even losing eyes.
Then your doctor says you're losing calcium in your bones.
Wes: I plan on losing my edge tonight, thank you.
Washington took advantage and avoided extending a rare losing skid.
Unfortunately, Alphabet is also losing more money on those bets.
Yet his critics risk losing sight of his actual record.
But we're losing the same street battles that we're winning.
Brooks declined to endorse either candidate after losing in August.
In fact, he never came close to losing his footing.
Companies sell shares to the public while still losing money.
Greenlight Capital is up 3.3 percent after losing 20.4 percent.
Losing territory is a blow to its ambitions and legitimacy.
During all those losing seasons, Thunder filled a vital role.
There is just winning or losing, beating or being beaten.
I mean, we talk about all these things we're losing.
The promoter overpaid for us and he's losing his ass.
After all, you're not losing any progress from their breaking.
"I was also losing my sense of identity," he admits.
Ugly fucking rotten beings, mumbling at me and losing language.
There was no way I was losing at Goodison Park.
I was going on one, I was losing my mind.
His book before The Bell Curve is called Losing Ground.
"You don't want that (losing streak) to grow," Mattingly said.
FedEx is losing this round of pass the political parcel.
The CSU now fears losing more votes at regional level.
Now, they're in danger of losing even that limited access.

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