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"look for" Definitions
  1. to hope for something; to expect something
"look for" Synonyms
seek hunt quest pursue search for hunt for chase down try to find cast about for cast around for forage for look up cast round for look about for look around for look round for quest after search out quest for rummage for court invite woo ask for flirt with envisage expect contemplate anticipate await count on hope for watch for reckon on prepare for look forward to foresee plan on bargain on bargain for imagine predict forecast foretell prophesy fish for be after encourage angle angle for elicit solicit try to evoke aim for try to get scheme maneuver(US) strive plot be spoiling for something be bent on be out for itch spoiling for something search look comb delve explore forage ferret scan chase cast about cast around cast round ferret about ferret around fish about fish around look high and low require demand necessitate take entail involve decree exact need warrant call for insist on command impose stipulate wish want obligate beg request impetrate appeal for plead for sue for press for petition implore propose requisition beseech entreat ask importune summon scour ransack dredge hunt through mine rake rifle rummage troll drag rake through beat dig through find grub enquire(UK) pan sift wash sift for sift out spy examine research case scout reconnoitre(UK) reconnoiter(US) scrutinise(UK) scrutinize(US) recon stag nose around poke around survey inspect recce follow track trail shadow hound tail dog course tag trace stalk chevy chivy run shag bird-dog learn discover detect determine ascertain locate get uncover unearth encounter identify sight discern track down ferret out find out turn up root out More
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How to use look for in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "look for" and check conjugation/comparative form for "look for". Mastering all the usages of "look for" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"We look for credit indicators, we look for credit bubbles, we look for credit risk," he said.
He doesn't look for accolades, he doesn't look for praise.
We don't look for cupholders, we look for duck approved seating.
You look for the negativity and you look for the cruel things.
"If you want to look for opportunities, you look for that space."
"I don't look for readiness — I look for capability," Glowacki tells PEOPLE.
We don't look for another story, and we especially don't look for other solutions.
Positive message Don't just look for things to cut; look for things to accomplish.
Look for the best in people, expect the worst, but look for the best.
Instead, he wants employees who share three traits: "You look for intelligence, you look for energy and you look for integrity," he tells Nebraska Business magazine.
What do we look for when we look for a movie about mothers and daughters?
In these check-ins, don't just look for positive feedback, look for negative feedback too.
We look for things in romantic love today that we used to look for in religion.
If Pepsi can look for disgruntled Coke fans, why can't police look for rioters and fugitives?
On iPhones, look for Screen Time in settings, and on Android phones, look for Digital Wellbeing.
When we look for planets that might support life, those are usually the indicators we look for.
If there was no one look for Prince, does there have to be one look for anybody?
"Republican senators continue to look for a way that encourages the president to look for alternatives," Sen.
Instead of going to look for the author, I went to Parnassus to look for the book.
What I look for, what I look for is what can we do next to protect our schools.
For those who look for the people who look for players, there is plenty of uncharted territory left.
"Republican senators continue to look for a way that encourages the president to look for alternatives," said Sen.
"You look for three things: You look for intelligence, you look for energy and you look for integrity," he told Nebraska Business magazine, an alumni publication for Buffett's alma mater, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln's College of Business Administration, in a 2001 interview.
"Whenever a new network starts, they look for the novel, they look for the new, they look for the unheard voices," said Mr. Simien, who is a longtime friend of Ms. Waithe's.
Similarly, Buffett looks for three key things when hiring employees: "You look for intelligence, you look for energy and you look for integrity," he told Nebraska Business magazine in a 2001 interview.
So I look for new shit and hold onto it until it becomes old shit, and then I look for more.
When there is a rare bird alert in the city, I don't look for the bird; I look for the birders.
The dual mandate says, you know, look for sustainable growth, look for maximum employment, but also balance this against price stability.
In the meantime, theorists are making significant progress in determining what shapes to look for and how to look for them.
"If we're going to look for the founding mutations, it's no more difficult to look for these other mutations," said Senter.
I hope they will fish, look for fossils, turn rotten logs over to see what's under them, and look for my treasure.
What to look for in the perfect white tee: I never look for white tees so I could not tell you, sorry!
Essentially, you need to look for brands and developers you trust, and look for how popular and well-reviewed an add-on is.
And if it's not him I just look for the "next" him, or her Why can't I just look for the next me?
With the teams we build, we look for different skill sets and we look for people who bring different voices to the table.
It covers where to go, what to look for and when to look for it, and what you'll need to see it all.
"I'd look for some profit taking to come in at that point in time, look for the drift back a little bit," said Johnson.
It could look for the closest field service tech or it could look for one that is most skilled at solving a particular problem.
What we look for in thermostatsWhether testing thermostats firsthand or evaluating other reviews, there are a few performance metrics and features I look for.
Assuming that fine writing is what you look for in books of every stripe, what else do you look for in memoirs in particular?
For example, type has:star inside the search box to look for all starred messages or try from:username to look for messages from a certain person.
LPs (the investors who provide the capital for venture firms) look for GP market fit the same way GPs look for startup/product market fit.
Look for this ‑‑ I won't go to the specifics of a country, but my comment would be look for this sort of behavior to continue.
To look for gems, visitors can go sluicing (using a water flow to look for gems), creeking (sorting through dirt to find gems), or digging.
"The records come naturally, I don't look for them, the records look for me," he told reporters after scoring his 95th goal for his country.
Look for it in stores & on tap in April!
He has no plans to look for work - ever.
It's only natural, then, to look for something — anything!
" She said people should always look for "cutoff signals.
People look for the vault — I am the vault!
" Others look for highlights from the "Clinton Trump debate.
Reporters look for fodder — Who might be circumventing taxes?
Look for more of Kelly in the new "Baywatch" movie -- she's playing Pam Anderson's character, C.J. Parker -- and look for more of Erin ... in your dreams.
Look for cues If you are debating whether or not to go in for a hug, look for clues that the recipient is open to it.
"Where Democratic candidates might look for support in Iowa caucuses," by Randy Yeip, Max Rust and John McCormick The places to look for election night insight.
He sent the patient for the blood test to look for evidence of excessive growth hormone and for an M.R.I. to look for an enlarged pituitary gland.
"Customers now look for the Made in Germany stamp on skin-care products the same way we look for the organic sticker on our tomatoes," she said.
I decided to retrace our steps and look for them.
And you can look for great companies in those areas.
The Week Ahead Here's what to look for this week.
Even the beauty look for the models featured some shimmer.
I look for their relationship skills and a positive attitude.
Those findings inspired others to look for neurogenesis in humans.
What should I be sure to look for when shopping?
And it is, if you know what to look for.
Look for that next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Look for it on shelves in DC starting this summer.
Russian streetwear, specifically Gosha Rubchinskiy, define this look for Eleven.
A good place to look for moderation within the extremes?
Look for Citizen Kane, the grandfather of classic American film.
Others, however, were thrilled with new look for the carrier.
Look for our coverage of the data release tomorrow morning.
You've just got to know where to look for them.
Her father founded Novazyme Pharmaceuticals to look for a cure.
Libertarians cheered, but it was a bad look for Apple.
Yet don't look for too much detail on the plan.
It's not a good look for Wahlberg or for WME.
DOJ will continue to look for culpable individuals to charge.
Look for narratives that speak this truth about your body.
"It's not a good look for Scott," says Kim, 37.
I always look for something that goes with the outfit.
Look for and hang out at your local Indian center.
Day after day I look for compostable vibrators, and yet.
Where should people look for trustworthy information on these issues?
Look for a lavishly equipped package at a "value" price.
And the Elvis look for the parrot on the right?
You guys will really look for anything to attack people.
Is it a new look for Perry' upcoming album, KP4?
Look for an article predicting the acting nominees later today.
After multiple treatments, clients have that fresher look for longer.
He dips in and customises his look for the day.
Look for the app to go live at this link.
First, look for a facility that meets national safety requirements.
The area was further excavated to look for additional artifacts.
Are they going to look for Adam's apples or breasts?
Absolutely, and look for the scene with Jann doing aerobics.
So look for it to return later in the process.
Look for environmental groups to battle the outcome in court.
And one more big one: Look for the effective dates.
Look for resources near you, or in the nearest city.
One just has to look for it and it's there.
That is a quality we look for in great founders.
And some investors look for the quality of your customers.
It's the first place I look for something to do.
Look for a new edition each week on Tuesday morning.
You can also look for episodes on individual show pages.
It's not a good look for the company, is it?
Take a look for yourself before they've tucked themselves in.
In the meantime, the Shakers continue to look for recruits.
She commented, "This is not a good look for you."
We went to look for paratroopers spread around the region.
Look for our post and tweet with the application link.
Let's take a step back while we look for proof.
Look for continued firing along the technological line of control.
VICE: What do you remember about the look for Cher?
But that's probably the only thing I don't look for.
His philosophy has always been to look for cheap companies.
I look for my favorite Essie nude shade (Perennial Chic).
Yet consumers feel overwhelmed when they do look for help.
And it is not a good look for the president.
Once you've reached a peak, look for the next one.
User growth will be the key metric to look for.
Countries attempting such a devaluation usually look for outside help.
Can emerging markets look for a similar recovery in 22017?
Maybe we should look for a motel, Mom suggests. YAY!
Most vape enthusiasts look for watts between 4 and 9.
Don. What do you look for in a relationship now?
The result is an altogether modern look for fancy occasions.
America Ferrera debuted a new look for the campaign trail.
Just look for the "book" button on the business listing.
He then posted the final look for his new fans.
So where to look for the best options, you ask?
Might be worth a look for your next programming project.
Not that crop tops are a new look for Brooks.
The trick is to look for the cleanest, longest lines.
What should you look for in a tax software program?
The first is to look for modifications in an image.
You look for them, you interview people, you collect intelligence.
He plans to look for work in Germany next year.
What are the things you personally look for in clothing?
Take a look for yourself at the below example shots.
For example, you might look for positive conversation starters – e.g.
Look for mention of this on the campaign trail. 4.
Look for them to pop in their respective stores soon.
To find lost Einsteins, you have to look for them.
Then I look for an urn for my last puppy.
We always look for growth opportunities both organic and inorganic.
Optimism would be a new look for the central bank.
Look for clues that your surroundings might not be real.
Look for this trend to continue even more next year.
In training, these programs look for patterns in the data.
It's a unique show and… that's what we look for.
So you look for those moments of opportunity for risk.
He must look for a job and perform community service.
So the best first step is to look for inspiration.
And so you'll be wanting to look for other options.
When I went to look for him, he was gone.
So, you only look for things that make you -- better.
"We look for female directors and female writers," Banks said.
Because he's sporting a new look for the dark side.
There's just like these rules of TV look for females.
The government could now look for ways around that decision.
First, look for the live bulls and the yellow Lambos.
Now they're going North again to look for the Terror.
Here, he seems to look for confirmation on that point.
His sons Karim and Sandro began to look for land.
We're not going to tell it what to look for.
" Ryan said to "look for a change on that soon.
"What is it people look for in education?" asked Gupta.
I still look for really good technology and great people.
They look for more of a relationship with their thirds.
They know what to look for and have had experience.
But don't look for an actual "Felicity" reunion anytime soon.
Look for an official prototype sometime in 2017, Maalouf said.
You'll be more inclined to look for potential and possibility.
He returned in 2013 to look for his birth parents.
It's "the look for less," with no greater aesthetic aspirations.
What we do is look for something to soothe us.
One more thing to look for: changes to Apple Music.
So how do you know what exactly to look for?
What do people even look for in a camel pageant?
People are going to look for growth in their portfolio.
Always look for that "Made in the USA" label, folks.
We can look for more economic as well as military
The Hill: Democrats look for blue wave among millennial voters.
But what should you look for in a handheld vacuum?
That said, it's not a great look for the retailer.
As investors, we look for trends that reveal future opportunity.
It is human nature to look for the easy solution.
Just look for it in your list of Bluetooth devices.
"They'd look for Muhammad, Abdul, Daoud, Akbar, Hussain," Hadid said.
Look for big things the next few starts from Darvish.
I look for a candidate who will restore that tradition.
Generally, though, there are some things you should look for.
Luck always helps but you have to look for it.
Instead, look for a new edition on Monday, May 83.
Look for more Republican mayors courtesy of this tax reform.
I've been meaning to look for a fun 2018 calendar.
Look for more work by council members all month long.
What to look for in a good piece of luggage
I would have watched it to specifically look for something.
"First, we look for great stories," Sargent told Business Insider.
But here are a few basic things to look for.
"I always look for the principal character first," he said.
Investors look for transparency, corporate governance and rule of law.
Cohen just gave Congress a roadmap to look for them.
Look for signs that the squash has been freshly picked.
"I wouldn't look for economic aid from us," Bolton said.
Be sure to look for homeowner's association fees as well.
Then, the first thing you'll do is look for protection.
In observational research, we look for correlations between two phenomena.
But we're going to look for jobs in both places.
Look for more limited edition gimmicks as the summer continues.
On the innovation team, she helps look for new investments.
We still have to look for leadership for the team.
But they are not exactly sure what to look for.
Krystal Ball shares what to look for during tonight's debate.
He has asked his wife to look for a job.
Ms. Vargas ran downstairs to look for a police officer.
There's a lot prospective buyers look for when yacht shopping.
If need be, we'll look for ways of preventing this.
So what should you look for in a cordless vacuum?
Here's what else to look for at today's Apple event.
What to look for in a pair of dress socks
Look for the right opportunity to ask for a raise.
KATONAH Animal Tracking, hike and look for signs of animals.
"We look for telecommunication industries that are progressive," she said.
Look for one more Code Commerce speaker announcement next week.
But Priebus said Republicans can't look for the perfect legislation.
"They look for excuses that make no sense," she said.
Try to stay grounded and look for ways to compromise.
"I look for weaknesses in someone's behavior," she says. How?
It was a doctor who knew what to look for.
But that is not a good look for Charlie Rose.
Look for the iconic TC green — you can't miss it.
But all we can do is look for the evidence.
Which teaches us a lot about what to look for.
This is a great time to look for new opportunities.
You know what to look for, I think, is critical.
You can look for other creative ways to do that.
This isn't only a bad look for esports in general.
They are likely to continue to look for other acquisitions.
It's all you think about, it's all you look for.
Aren't these the qualities we look for in a neighbor?
And that's, like, what I look for in sausage, specifically.
Look for Return Protection and click "Start a Refund Request"
She can look for them in New Mexico and Arizona.
Look for Raventós i Blanc, Dibon, Bohigas, Gramona and Castellroig.
We identify birds and look for animal tracks and scat.
Then they scanned the runners' hearts to look for atherosclerosis.
Amy decided it was time to look for something else.
"Learn to look for what's not being said," she says.
What do you look for in people you invest in?
The reason our heroes know which animals to look for?
"I said, 'Sweetie, go look for her,'" Ms. Burton recalled.
Look for Chianti Rufina, Chianti Classico and Rosso di Montalcino.
There is an official makeup look for each year's show.
And it's still the last place I'd look for representation.
The endocrinologists sent off blood to look for both diseases.
"I don't look for cocktails to be healthy," he said.
But weren't his sites encouraging Democrats to look for traitors?
Look for the friends, I tell myself and my children.
Witness tampering is never a good look for a president.
There are certain tags to look for, especially with Supreme.
These are things chefs look for: color, flavor and variety.
That's a good time to look for a smaller phone.
But you can find it if you look for it.
The pregnant bears look for a place with enough snow.
Please look for them and tell us what you think!
Look for a hydrating, not astringent toner, Ms. Cho said.
"Look for something just a little bit off," he advised.
Kate, what do you look for in your film roles?
Look for ways to use the flexibility to your advantage.
They regularly walk through the system to look for problems.
I never look for a beautiful girl that does Burlesque.
Sure, there are some clues for what to look for.
So that's where you have to look for the life.
Then look for the next smallest action you can take.
The seller's disclosure is another place to look for problems.
"Look, for me this is pretty straightforward," Ms. Warren said.
Surely, I could channel the look for less, I thought.
In my case, if it's lost, I'll look for it.
When shopping, look for chicken breasts of the same size.
Look for a much meatier review in the near future.
We will continue to look for options for moving forward.
Alternatively, look for discount coupon codes on websites like RetailMeNot.
Look for a good Brunello di Montalcino or Chianti Classico.
"We look for people who are relentlessly curious," says Kelley.
That's not a good look for him or the company.
So many athletes look for endorsements, and he gets punished?
And for adults, what do you need to look for?
My parents came here to look for a better future.
" Look for "The New York Times" and select "Enable Skill.
Head to Settings > Security and look for an "Encryption" setting.
And do look for us on social media as well.
You look for places where you have been too soft.
People look for external validation to make sure they're good.
But we ain't racist and we don't look for trouble.
What does the TESS spacecraft look for to identify planets?
Pascucci and Rosen would also look for targets in bars.
Just look for the name Robert Mondavi on the label.
Look for an issue that you find difficult and nuanced.
Republicans should look for ways to limit cost increases directly.
So [I look for people] who are also that way.
Did detectives look for the man identified by the witness?
It will look for candidates through the board of supervisors.
I arrived early, not quite sure what to look for.
"They look for a place with no defense," Wallace said.
Here are five things to look for at the rally.
One of the things that -- again, you look for disruption.
"I just look for something and try it," Oshie said.
Costin Herwig, 26, stumbled outside to look for his colleagues.
Look for accounts in different sizes, colors, abilities, and lifestyles.
This is a great time to look for a job.
So how do things look for the incumbent right now?
There's no possible way anyone could ever look for that.
Look for Wiemer, Keuka Lake Vineyards, Lakewood or Bloomer Creek.
It's always one of the first things I look for.
"We look for people who are relentlessly curious," he explains.
Look for my story on CNN Business in the afternoon.
But there is no need to look for mystical explanations.
And, yes, we will look for better and better alternatives.
A soul might look for hours and still miss it.
They understand that no one will even look for them.
What qualities do you look for in works you show?
Yeah, and you look for certain things and not others.
" Look for "The New York Times" and select "enable skill.
"It's a look for skinny jeans and leggings," she said.
Fred Rogers's mother implored him to look for the helpers.
Here's a tech guide of some things to look for.
Look for any expenses you can cut to save money.
Lawyers look for loopholes and mistakes and then negotiate deals.
Look for this issue to play a role in 2020.
And then look for a financial adviser and accountant immediately.
Ms. Uwamahoro will then be able to look for employment.
"I think just look for the right deal," Poile said.
It's not enough to look for the cheapest airfare anymore.
When the Patriots are involved, fans look for ulterior motives.
What Qualities Would You Look For in a College Roommate?
A few tips: * Look for dividend growth, not just yield.
"No." Not a good look for this country's Olympic officials.
Look for song lyrics too, in the text and titles.
When I look for inspiration I go to open mics.
When you want to look for who, look to me.
Why haven't we landed on Europa to look for aliens?
Say, what did you look for in Coinbase or Slack?
Sooo ... not a great look for him with the fam.
"South Korea needs to look for other sources," he said.
Don't look for the same level of support in 2019.
I first look for a theme that speaks to me.
We look for a range of sizes with different focuses.
Take a look for yourself and see what you discover!
I look for methods to make myself small and convenient.
We asked people who were divers to look for it.
Workers outside the United States look for local cultural issues.
Walking down the street, any street — to get groceries, visit a friend, grab some air — she would look for the blue Honda, look for the man with dreadlocks.
"I used to look for qualities that I liked as a person, but now I have to look for qualities that we all like," Gosselin, 44, tells PEOPLE Now.
Infants delivered both by C-section and vaginally will be followed for one year to look for differences in the treated and untreated groups and to look for complications.
"When we look for look for spaces, it is very important to us that our partners actually make money," said Vertoe co-founder and chief marketing officer Neha Kesarwani.
She'd get some blood tests to look for inflammation, she told the patient, and gets X-rays to look for the kind of bony destruction psoriatic arthritis can cause.
PLATO will look for planets around hundreds of thousands of stars.
Look for the moment, and you will see what we mean.
Look for the announcement of these events in the coming days.
For this year's big game, look for Deutsch's Taco Bell spot.
There's no date yet, but look for it in early 2017.
Did you look for inspiration in any other films or performances?
Beware: They just might inspire your own look for tomorrow night.
As police look for the girl, Davis is left to wait.
Look for any signs that the address may not be legitimate.
He took to YouTube to look for alternatives and discovered Scewo.
Some I had to look for, others just fell into place.
What's the first thing you look for in a new hire?
The government would help repatriated workers look for jobs, Bello said.
It&aposs a very good time to look for a job.
When experimenters look for the checkerboard pattern, they don't see it.
Despots don't look for career professionals to do their dirty work.
If you look for yourself, you'll see the potential hiding within.
Paulson was continuing to look for gold mining investments, he said.
Look for blurred pictures, duplicate pictures, and pictures you'd rather forget.
Look for dead end alleyways, blind turns and other ambush points.
Analysts say they look for a comfortable cushion above that level.
We will now look for a hiding place for the summer.
Nevertheless, we ought to look for opportunities to improve people's lives.
At his company, sales staff look for infertile and wealthy couples.
Generally speaking, look for out of the way nooks and crannies.
The government would help repatriated workers look for jobs, Bello said.
She thinks investors should look for overweight positions in their portfolios.
I got to go look for myself and see for myself.
Either way, look for these tunnels to be important this season.
Do you look for the designer with an unimpeachable aesthetic sense?
Look for changes in sleep patterns, self-criticism, frustration and anger.
So, how did Peele develop the unique look for his villains?
We leave the park and look for a place to eat.
But what should you look for when choosing a lash studio?
You might also look for certain tones in your veins, too.
Don't look for her at the White House this week, though.
This layer will look for complex things like an entire building.
Investors will look for further signs of tightening labor market conditions.
Look for Messenger Lite in other countries in the coming months.
We will look for concrete Russian actions to bring this about.
The important thing is to look for what's fine in everybody.
"Now we're starting to look for the tourists again," he said.
It's not a good look for me, for John, for anybody.
"This is exactly what they look for," the prime minister said.
Here are three things to look for this NFL Sunday: 1.
Take a look for yourself by clicking over to Today. (Today)
Metrics will matter as employees look for results, according to Anthony.
I look for a place where one can have a conversation.
What skills do you look for at the non-executive level?
What to watch for: Look for other travel and more endorsements.
He would hold his ground and look for weaknesses to exploit.
They want to go back and look for jobs elsewhere again.
Here are some performances to look for in the coming weeks.
Look for them there instead of scrolling through all your videos.
Contrast in style is, after all, a good look for tennis.
Look for: An easy start, without any sign-upA privacy policy.
Lutz isn't the only celeb sporting a different look for Coachella.
That's a good look for the Democrats, looking forward to 2018.
Sometimes you need to look for inspiration in shockingly unexpected places.
"I also look for details which are repeating in the structure."
Wren said investors should hold on and look for buying opportunities.
Look for tops that have long sleeves and a high neck.
That makes them the best places to look for alien life.
So do you go thrifting a lot to look for toys?
As the day wore on, rescuers continued to look for survivors.
Intentional plagiarism or not, it was a bad look for Swift.
Researches look for posts about drugs on subreddits like r/researchchemicals.
Finally, look for the term lilucpu=9; this tells the Lilu.
When you hire people, you look for something you call ''H.
One partial solution is to look for answers closer to home.
Here's how you can get in on the look for yourself.
I guess look for an update in another year or so.
That's not a good look for writer and director Etan Cohen.
HTC: Look for a fairly quiet show from the Vive-maker.
Consumers still look for some branding values in the automotive environment.
If not experience, what does he look for in prospective employees?
I clambered under the back deck to look for the drain.
When it comes to love, look for freedom within a commitment.
How much THC should you look for in your vape pods?
Loomo is designed to look for faces and bodies to track.
"We tend not to look for short-term returns," says Barrett.
What did you look for when hiring someone for that role?
What do you look for when you're putting a band together?
Have you envisioned your beauty look for the big day yet?
We'll pay your bills while you look for another job. Leave.
Look for a good pitch and drive it up the middle.
Scroll down to shop these and get Kate's look for less.
"Don't look for anything democratic in the CHP's mindset," he said.
Look for something to chew on here, and you'll be disappointed.
By 2022, look for up to 10 different electric car models.
Look, for instance, at a February Gallup poll on Israel-Palestine.
To download content, look for the download button in the app.
What other factors the AI will look for though isn't clear.
Signs we are taught by doctor to look for asthmatic children.
And she chose that same signature look for her big day.
You do look for inspiration amongst the people close to you.
And the second thing we look for is the metal community.
There's metal going on, you just gotta look for these things.
If you want to look for funding now, it's almost impossible.
Supporting: Sasse has suggested he may look for a third candidate.
Buyers almost always look for advice from peers before buying anything.
As they talk, I look for things that they're interested in.
MURDOCH: This summer, look for a super con movie starring me.
Alternatively use the search box to look for genres or artists.
Look for mug designs that are lightweight, durable, and spill-proof.
"It's an easy, attainable look for people to get," Duff says.
Here's a handy chart so you know what to look for.
And now he is giving us this look for People's failures.
In this match-up, look for improvements out of both squads.
It's just a bad look for your app to spread malware.
" "You'll look for more U.S. focused companies for the time being.
ET. But don't look for a dramatic cool-down quite yet.
Instead, review your insurance coverage and look for places to save.
Look for opportunities that match your skill set, availability, and interest.
Kara Swisher: Look for a place to plug in my phone.
Both royals went with a pencil skirt look for their outings.
Take or leave an author as you like, but look for
Outside of that, we tried to look for variety of approaches.
The professionals look for it because they want to help you.
How to pick: You want to look for white, translucent fish.
What do you look for when you're looking for aviation innovations?
Ignore the noise and look for solid companies at cheap prices.
They literally look for leaves and pick out the good ones.
So the group decided to look for another element instead: oxygen.
The other opportunity is to look for real innovation, he said.
"It's the kind of treasure that I look for," he said.
Economists look for even slower growth in 2020 of around 1.8%.
But Letterman's chrome dome is a more recent look for him.
Extra help need not blunt the incentives to look for work.
Look for fiber from vegetables, whole grains, and nuts and seeds.
Then scout bees go out and look for a permanent location.
Shannon does sometimes look for the pathos in his rockstar role.
Don't look for an aggressive crackdown on rising drug prices, either.
Look for it to reach its peak around 5:42 p.m.
Bey rocked a relaxed look for 3 straight days around Manhattan.
Besides fluoride, what else should you look for in a paste?

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