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"large" Definitions
  1. big in size or quantity
  2. (abbreviation L) used to describe one size in a range of sizes of clothes, food, products used in the house, etc.
  3. wide in range and involving many things
"large" Synonyms
big colossal enormous giant gigantic huge great massive monumental humongous sizable grand immense super astronomical cosmic elephantine gargantuan ginormous grandiose fleshy stout bulky heavy chunky paunchy flabby fubsy thickset meaty heavyset Falstaffian buxom husky sturdy thick zaftig cavernous heavyweight muscly abundant hefty considerable extensive significant substantial comprehensive immeasurable populous ample boundless bountiful bumper deep full galore global good handsome lavish appealing likable(US) likeable(UK) du jour faddish faddy fashionable favourite(UK) favorite(US) happening hot in modish pop popular popularised(UK) popularized(US) red-hot vogue voguish ostentatious pompous bombastic declamatory orotund tumid turgid boastful brazen crass egotistic flamboyant flashy flaunted garish jaunty loud pretentious showy altruistic magnanimous beneficent benevolent charitable forgiving generous gentle kindly bighearted big-hearted considerate greathearted great-hearted knightly large-hearted munificent noble selfless unselfish expectant pregnant enceinte with child anticipating expecting weighty gravid brooding conceiving childbearing impregnated swelling gestational parturient prenatal gestating in the family way appreciable perceptible noticeable sizeable obvious detectable visible discernible evident marked palpable tidy apparent goodly recognisable(UK) recognizable(US) wide broad vast expansive sweeping encyclopaedic(UK) encyclopedic(US) exhaustive general extended rangy universal widespread catholic compendious celebrated distinguished renowned illustrious eminent famous prominent noted notable esteemed acclaimed famed important prestigious outstanding venerable preeminent honored(US) honoured(UK) serious consequential critical remarkable urgent worthwhile dire especial far-reaching high-priority momentous overriding uppermost acute conspicuous earnest exceptional fat rich lucrative successful booming profitable affluent fertile lush productive flourishing fruitful remunerative thriving prosperous wealthy well-off well-to-do cornucopian queen-size largish medium-large coarse rough rugged craggy rough-hewn ungraceful indelicate unrefined gruff inelegant hard raw gritty earthy unsophisticated thrilling exciting stirring stimulating exhilarating rousing breathtaking electrifying inspiring intoxicating gripping fascinating galvanising(UK) galvanizing(US) charged electric exhilarative riveting galvanic kicky unobjectionable acceptable adequate admissible agreeable A-OK average common cool copacetic decent delightful fair harmless hep hip hunky-dory innocuous inoffensive leading master lead prime august chief dignified elevated exalted key major predominant primary aristocratic jumbo megadeal max maximum super-size whopper tome book volume opus publication title work writing classic digest novel schoolbook textbook tradebook great work magnum opus reference book treatise manual paperback affluently luxuriously comfortably wealthily extravagantly lavishly opulently expensively fine fatly grandiosely grandly immoderately imposingly impressively indulgently intemperately magnificently ostentatiously palatially More
"large" Antonyms
small tiny little short diminutive dwarf mere mini miniature miniscule minuscule petite compact dwarfish microscopic microscopical minuscular minute nanoscopic narrow puny runtish underdeveloped skinny slight thin bantam fragile frail light meek pygmy weak weedy slender slim insignificant inconsiderable empty limited minimal minimum miserly poor sparse woeful derisory exiguous fractional inadequate insipid insubstantial insufficient meager(US) meagre(UK) measly unappealing undesirable ridiculous unfavored unlikeable unpopular disagreeable unlikable unpleasant absurd banal bizarre dull odd plain silly unattractive unbeauteous disgusting modest reserved discreet unpretentious bashful humble unobtrusive unpresuming unpretending moderate prudent simple temperate unassuming unboastful reticent seemly self-effacing unassertive unsure misanthropic selfish uncharitable stingy unsacrificing cruel heartless mean merciless unforgiving ungenerous unkind harsh hurtful uncaring uncompassionate unfair unfriendly unsympathizing disdainful scant scarce bare spare deficient skimpy sparing barren fruitless impotent lacking unfruitful unproductive emaciated gaunt gangly lanky lean scrawny waifish haggard rangy bony cramped tight confined constricted enclosed restricted incommodious poky squeezed crowded uncomfortable imperceptible negligible inappreciable indistinguishable trivial undetectable immaterial impalpable insensible invisible minor unnoticeable ambiguous indiscernible indistinct shredded cut muscular muscly buff ripped jacked athletic chiseled(US) chiselled(UK) robust strapping well-built obscure unknown unsung anonymous forgotten nameless uncelebrated unfamous criticised(UK) criticized(US) dishonored(US) dishonoured(UK) inexalted inglorious unacclaimed undistinguished unimpressive indifferent uninspiring mediocre unimposing average ordinary pedestrian unspectacular characterless unremarkable normal unmemorable unostentatious inferior uninspired impoverished unprofitable bankrupt bankrupted beggared broke dead deprived destitute disadvantaged impecunious indebted indigent infertile insolvent needy pauperized medium regular poorly inadequately inferiorly insufficiently unsuccessfully badly crudely meanly shabbily fruitlessly austerely cheaply conservatively economically frugally humbly inexpensively meagerly moderately

709 Sentences With "large"

How to use large in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "large" and check conjugation/comparative form for "large". Mastering all the usages of "large" from sentence examples published by news publications.

When not buying food, Epstein frequently purchased clothes, including 2x-large and 143x-large sweatshirts; large, x-large, and 2x-large t-shirts; x-large and xx-large gym shorts; large and x-large men's briefs; ankle socks; shower shoes; canvas shoes; and even a pair of leather shoes.
That includes funds in the Large Value, Large Blend and Large Growth categories.
Think of large companies or large consultancies or large anything, they generally move slow to this.
Kneel Hung Furry sculpture in White Icelandic sheepskin with cast bronze Large Furry Feet, Large Furry Hands, Large Erect Dong, Large Lips, and Medium B-Hole.
To overtake her, he needs large blowout wins in large-population states that offer large troves of delegates.
Our model was very different from WeWork's model of large centers in large cities that primarily targeted large corporations.
"Businesses don&apost understand how large YouTube is or how large Cloud is or how large maps," he said.
That tube eventually comes in three sizes: large, extra-large and extra-extra-large; the first run, in small, medium and large, unaccountably saw some astronauts fitted with the wrong size.
The gap is still fairly large, although not as large.
I hope they are ready for a large, large crowd.
We're talking about large piping, large tubing, rerouting and engineering.
Understand large enterprise organizational management — what makes large organizations tick.
Transfer the churned ice cream to a large mixing bowl, layering large dollops of strawberry jam in between large spoonfuls of ice cream.
"Apple and Microsoft have both been large positions for large cap value and large cap growth managers over the past year," he said.
There were different weight classes -- small, medium, large and very large.
But where there are large opportunities, there are also large risks.
Not everyone fits the same small, medium, large or extra-large.
"They have a large carrot and a large stick," he said.
The vast majority of single pieces were large and extra-large.
That is an astonishingly large anomaly for a region this large.
"That, to me, is a bad policy decision, because you need large institutions to support your large companies and your large economies," he said.
And I-- that, to me, is a bad policy decision, because you need large institutions to support your large companies and your large economies.
Why should large states with large urban populations get all the say?
Compared to the world at large, Americans were by and large rich.
Meanwhile, place lettuce on a large plate or in a large bowl.
When I say large, I mean very large, perhaps a 100km long.
So they designed extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra large suits.
" This, he contends, "was large — no, greater than large, in fact, immense.
Now as then, the argument rests in large part on specific cases where large changes in relative prices don't seem to have produced large changes in trade (Greece's lagging exports), or conversely, where large changes in trade seem to have happened without large changes in relative prices (Spain's export recovery, maybe).
By tracking the birds' pedigrees, they found that large-beaked parents gave birth to large-beaked offspring, setting the stage for large-scale evolutionary change.
At 3,000 square feet, the new house is twice as large as the previous one, with an open floor plan, large kitchen and four large bedrooms.
"We expect that large field, and we welcome that large field," Perez said.
Meanwhile, place lettuce on a large plate or in a large bowl. 3.
So you're advantaging large, that's their argument right now, you're advantaging large companies.
With very large things it's often useful to use very large distance units.
Large trade volumes may cause large GDP, rather than the other way around.
The large works start very loosely, by laying down large areas of color.
Break the candy into large pieces and transfer to a large plastic bag.
He didn't apologize to Mexicans, writ large, for calling them rapists, writ large.
We look at what's happening in large cap growth [and] large cap tech.
It ran large trade deficits when President Ronald Reagan ran large budget deficits.
The men compete in three: normal hill, large hill, and team large hill.
I saw that it was extra, extra large and I love large clothing.
"The bottom line is only large countries influence other large countries," he said.
In large countries especially, the bureaucracy responsible for issuing passports is incredibly large.
"Very large," Nadler said when asked how large of fines the House might consider.
It's a thousand light-years across, a large chunk of the Large Magellanic Cloud.
There are a lot of large rifles (and talk of large rifles) in Quicksand.
While not as large as Scosche or Amazon's, it's still offensively large and plasticky.
But those large-scale projects bring with them the stakes of large-scale investment.
It has a large retiree population, but also a large number of young people.
Loon carries the gear with a large balloon, while HAPSMobile uses a large drone.
We saw that the vast majority of single pieces were large and extra-large.
"We expect that large field and we welcome that large field," the chair said.
Paper photographs increasingly began to be made in large numbers and in large sizes.
They're large, aerial storms that impact large regions particularly when they stall like this.
Unusually large hail fell over parts of north Texas, some as large tennis balls.
Spacious keyboard Large, smooth trackpad Likewise, the trackpad is large, smooth and very responsive.
It is important that we have a large enterprise there—that a large operation.
The 10 best large cruise shipsThe 10 large cruise ships with the nicest cabins
The large spray-painted strokes felt like swordplay, aggressively slicing into the large panel.
Large. I think they were saying it the other day, it was large. Yeah?
"This is a large crime scene, a large area," Gomez said of the scene.
The TV Reacher will be large, very large, and in his 30s or 40s.
Is that a medium boulder, a large small boulder, or a small large boulder?
"It's a very large round at a very large valuation," one VC told TechCrunch.
The large, expensive vehicles accommodate large, expensive batteries better than a compact sedan does.
Two large luxury SUVs are now sold for each large luxury sedan, Audi reckons.
A large, iron-shaped building looms large in the background of her sleepy town.
Budget shortfalls have previously left NASA with only medium, large, and extra-large sizes.
Democrats are by and large critical; Republicans are by and large sticking by him.
In 2018, the department ranked dead last among 20 large and very large federal agencies.
It's the kind of large-scale problem that would benefit from a large-scale solution.
"We're currently too large to be small and too small to be large," he says.
These limits include big data too large to ingest, outdated systems, and large energy consumption.
A large, white dove sat above a pair of rainbows near a large oak tree.
It also offered prizes on large and extra large drip coffee, tea and hot chocolates.
It's just a large building in a shape you don't typically see large buildings in.
This sum may seem lavishly large to most, but for Choupette life is lavishly large.
The pancakes were large, but not so large that I wasn't able to finish them.
Williamson believes "you subconsciously make your body a large size to contain your large problems."
Transfer cod to a large bowl and flake with a fork into large chunks. 2.
And large businesses, I expect many of these large businesses will continue to pay workers.
Large Sausage Wrapped Small Sausage The large sausage wrapped small sausage's name belies its genius.
What once had been large under-eye circles were now large bags of hanging skin.
Five hundred is a very large number, it is a very large number of endings.
It also has a large base of supporters who make large numbers of small contributions.
But really, a large range of organizations, governments, civil organizations, as well as large enterprises.
"(The UAE) does have a large, significant problem with large-scale microplastic pollution," he added.
Hyperion is not only large in terms of its mass, it's also physically very large.
Its large "tiger claw" tears and a large image of a bird caught his eye.
Many aliens travel in large caravans or other large organized groups, and many travel with children.
"Clots are very common, and they can be shockingly large" — as large as a tennis ball.
Transfer contents on the medium-large bowl to the large bowl, and stir until just mixed.
We'd never seen anything that large, and we're not going to see something that large again.
Officials installed a large tent underneath the bridge, but it wasn't large enough to hold everyone.
They are observational abstract drawings done on a large scale – large schematic captures of time passing.
Models' pageboy-like hairstyles, large sunglasses, boots and large golden hoop earrings nodded to the 1970s.
The large home run will be from a more general purpose and large size quantum computer.
But modest margins on a large amount of revenue still equal a large amount of profit.
It's a large family and a large emotional burden not eased by the absence of facts.
If you did better in large lectures, perhaps you could work for a large, established company.
By large margins, voters at large wanted to expand spending on health care and Social Security.
Trump's tweets, amongst a certain crowd, a large — a large part of the population, are truth.
The wood-accented bathroom was large, with a large double sink vanity, bathtub, and toilet area.
But, you know, within the G-SIFIs there are very, very large banks and large banks.
Small boulders, large boulders, and — most importantly of all — large boulders the size of small boulders.
Such large payments to foreign and large U.S. banks would be hard to explain to Congress.
I knew the park would be large but I didn't realize how large it truly is.
Large incumbent companies get a number of large political benefits that smaller businesses just can't receive.
The church is topped by a large cross with another large cross in front of it.
So, we work a lot with large corporations, large enterprises, to be able to see that.
Some, like the king cobra, deliver a large amount of venom with its large, channeled fangs.
"It is a large, large crime scene, and there are many different crime scenes involved," he said.
Cruz also proposed large spending cuts, as well as large tax cuts — and they were also unfeasible.
"There is a large potential given the need for personal financing and the large unbanked population segments."
Large and Liquid Unencumbered Portfolio Host's large unencumbered asset pool provides an excellent source of contingent liquidity.
Currently large enterprises require large accounting teams to do what's known as cash matching and credit collection.
Especially if you've had a large baby, you're much more at risk of having another large one.
The token is aimed at large, institutional clients that need to move large sums of money quickly.
Since 83, some of America's large firms and large metropolitan cities have experienced positive post-recession recovery.
This will result in the deaths of a large man, a large woman, and an elderly man.
Sitting to our left, alone, was a large man eating a large stack of Beef N' Cheddars.
The large number of successful Democratic female candidates suggests that the women's vote might be unusually large.
But it's a large car in a market that seems to have forgotten that large cars exist.
The figurative painting is of wild cattle, part of a large panel with three large animal paintings.
The company's CTO Harsh Sinha said "large companies with large resources" can help facilitate conversations with regulators.
Some two-thirds suspected the ruling elite of foul play to a "large" or "very large" degree.
A large number of miners export coal from Kalimantan, including small local firms and large international corporations.
I think that if you have a very large company -- Berkshire is large -- you have a hotline.
The app is straightforward to use, with large icons and controls and large, easy-to-read text.
Given that rather large numbers of people are eating them the risk is probably not that large.
China's FX reserves are large but far from unlimited, or even sufficient, if large capital outflows persist.
Ultimately, it cost 10 times that, underscoring Mr. Corn's conclusion that large historical artifacts pose large challenges.
Back in those early, bootstrapped days, large customers, let alone large business partners, were a distant dream.
The medium drink was still a large, and the large still made a Big Gulp look puny.
Meetings large and small — gatherings like South by Southwest and large trade shows — all have been canceled.
The large upstairs living room has built-in bookshelves and large sliding doors opening onto a terrace.
But the immediate damage caused, though large, was not as large as some of us had feared.
Pollsters have found that Sanders would be advantaged by a large turnout — especially a large youth turnout.
Large depot Russia said that a "large depot" was bombed on the "eastern outskirts" of the town.
It still had a healthy enterprise business, though, with plenty of large customers among the large enterprises.
But on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, his spirit still looms large — as large as ever.
In a monopsony, a large buyer controls a large proportion of the market and drives prices down.
" On growing calls for large tech companies (like Amazon) to be heavily scrutinized: "I think all large institutions should be scrutinized ... it's normal ... We want large companies but we want to scrutinize them.
The company will charge $199 per test, with bulk discounts for customers who order a large number of them, for example, large companies that lease out land to growers or very large farms.
Among the more important of those reasons is that Italy's large sovereign bond market and its very large banking system make the country simply too large for the country's European partners to save.
And the only large thing you have it hand is the somewhat large person standing next to you.
My friend orders one large cheese pizza and one large pepperoni, and four of us split it evenly.
"It grows really well in a large range of climates and a large range of soils," he said.
She said there was also a level of sexual stereotyping with the sculpture's large bottom and large breasts.
Here, you can see a large crater towards the center of the image, and lots of large rocks.
Classes with more than 20143 pupils are considered "large" and those with more than 22014 are "super-large".
" Or, in the case of Prince Fielder's appearance in the issue, "Wow, look at that large, large man.
"That would be for large storms, for any sort of large incident, including earthquakes and things like that."
The chain link fences skirt the large hole in the ground, from which large concrete segments are visible.
With today's announcement, it may even surpass it, planting a definitely large stake in a large phone world.
Papa John's: For only $22, customers can get a large specialty pizza and a large two-topping pizza.
Where they're very similar is in providing large tax cuts to business owners and heirs to large estates.
Large asteroid impacts, while uncommon, can be a large threat to national security and to the human race.
The SNF quality gaps could impact a large group of people, considering the large - and growing - Medicare population.
Some currency speculators will make large profits and others will make large losses once the result is revealed.
Several large studies have now found that small bouts throughout the day are equivalent to one large bout.
Maybe he just had an accident at a large store and is living off a really large settlement.
With an impressively large 15x10 cooking surface, it's large enough to grill lots of things all at once.
No matter the channel, it is built around large men wearing large suits and very serious facial expressions.
Large makeshift tents were set up across the property as investigative teams dug for evidence using large machinery.
Yahoo was still a substantively large search, did substantively large search business, and Microsoft was the third one.
There are large piles of wood, stacks of large canvas pastel paintings, hardware tools, cardboard, plaster, and clay.
The freedom of the large pieces is an aspect and with this large pattern we used a projector.
A large dinner follows, and then a large morning meal is eaten before sunrise, when fasting begins again.
Last night, I had McDonald's: two McChickens, a fish filet, a large fry and a large sweet tea.
Vanguard's VTI covers large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks, while Schwab's SCHB targets large- and small-cap stocks.
All told, the large, adult son is starting to look a little more like a large, adult man.
"We are a very large employer in Germany and will remain a large employer in Germany," he said.
This effort requires the cooperation of large retailers, small, medium and large labs, and IT services and providers.
The market's fate depends in large part on whether investors fall back in love with large technology companies.
Photos showed ash covering a large area of the mountainside below the three large craters at its peak.
He talked about pornographic materials depicting individuals with large penises or large breasts involved in various sex acts.
And since then we've been selling to large firms, [today] most of our revenue comes from large firms.
This triggered large-scale population crashes in northern Britain and large cultural changes in southern Europe, they said.
In part it's because large agencies wind up with large bureaucracies that resist any kind of outside control.
The law of large numbers means it is far more difficult to generate large percentage increases in value.
This is still a large phone, but it's not too large, like the 7 Pro tends to be.
In part it's because large agencies wind up with large bureaucracies that resist any kind of outside control.
Salesforce and Tableau both pride themselves on large communities of zealous customers who flock to large annual gatherings.
By design, players who make large contributions to a team's success collect a large number of Win Shares.
Now, you'll see a single feed of recommended videos that are all presented with large thumbnails (so large that you'll only see maybe two recommended videos on even a large a phone without scrolling).
And that, voice by voice, it will continue to grow, until it is too large to keep in a box, and then too large to keep in the house, and then too large to keep.
"That's true of many large manufacturers," Mr. Arone said, which is why large-capitalization stocks have done better this year than their small-cap counterparts, which typically don't make products that require large capital expenditures.
"I would like to build a large factory entirely of white concrete, all blank walls with large holes in them — large plate-glass planes — and a black roof," he described to Mahler in a letter.
But these units tend to need to be very large in order to generate a large amount of biomass.
Is the most important thing to break up existing large companies and prevent the emergence of new large ones?
"There is a large uniform presence, and there's also a large plainclothes presence," said FBI Special Agent Shauna Dunlap.
This has a secondary application in large enterprises and companies with large backlogs of data like documentation and analysis.
Other large chapters exist in large liberal enclaves: Berkeley and Oakland, which often work together, and New York City.
There's a large pool and what appears to be an adjacent hot tub outside one of the large guesthouses.
Lorena Bolaños was born with a large congenital nevus, a mole that covers a large portion of her body.
To the left of the window is my taboret and large glass palette as well as my large easel.
Castro is part of a large cast of characters and is struggling to stand out from a large pack.
The criminalisation of large defaults brings with it a discomfort among bankers to be associated with very large loans.
Any shift of large weapons purchases from the United States could cost large numbers of American workers their jobs.
GRADE: A These were large, large fries, like the kind you get when you're at a carnival or something.
"There is a large horse population out here, that's why we have the large animal shelter available," Judy said.
"Large amounts of magnetic energy stored around large starspots on the surface of stars can cause superflares," he said.
Large employers: The bill eliminates Obamacare's employer mandate, which required large companies to offer affordable coverage for their workers.
I would be a large buyer of Canada, a large buyer of Mexico with a devaluation of their currencies.
It was a large demographic that was overlooked with the product, which likely proved too large for many wrists.
It is targeting regulators and large companies, pointing to the large number of natural resources companies listed in London.
At the time, the only thing to counter drone-related attacks was large missiles shooting down large Iranian drones.
"I've been at mostly small companies that either became large companies or were acquired by large companies," Miley said.
This is what large employers currently do, and you don't hear critics of AHPs complaining about large employer plans.
These top-level figures hide some large proposed increases in some regulatory agencies and large decreases in others, however.
Large police presence Students encountered a large police presence that included reinforcements from state and Houston law enforcement agencies.
The something else was class-action lawsuits, filed scattershot against companies large and small, claiming offenses large and small.
I think that-- that if you have a company-- very large company, Berkshire is large-- you have a hotline.
Lessons learned The exceptionally large sums involved in the Lehman, Madoff and MF Global cases generated similarly large lawsuits.
Here, you can pick at small plates, share large plates, or simply split a large-format, Korean-style spread.
Most gloves come in small, medium, large, and extra-large, and will run you around $10 per 100 count.
Large scale traders known as "whales" occasionally sell large amounts of cryptocurrency, sending values into a temporary free fall.
Undocumented immigrants already pay large amounts of taxes each year, and have a large influence on the U.S. economy.
" When asked by Recode Editor at Large Kara Swisher, "Would you ever consider selling out to a large organization?
He died despite the surgery, in large part because the drug wasn't available in large quantities at the time.
One inspiration was mass media like TV and other large billboard messages — programmed messaging on billboards and large screens.
Initially, Newsom had said that large parks like Disneyland would not be included in the ban on large gatherings.
They include hefty foreign exchange reserves, large net overseas investments and large trade surpluses with other nations. S.&P.
These are expected to be large – even very large – numbers and we will announce this in the coming days.
Large employers: The bill eliminates Obamacare's employer mandate, which required large employers to offer affordable coverage to their workers.
Mechanized processes, large-scale business, people who are transferring large volumes, can and do lose fatty proteins to whey.
The Injinji 2.0 is a unisex sock, but it comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.
Sanders supporters, crowding into a large hall inside the airport Holiday Inn, watched live CNN coverage on large projectors.
This is in large part because of how popular he remains with a large segment of the Republican base.
They're fans of the apartment's large walls because it gives them space to show off their large art collection.
SmartUp focuses on large companies, including Aviva, Visa and LVMH, which need to train large numbers of employees quickly.
We firmly believe that Asia-focused SaaS companies can get to large impact value and become large and profitable.
In the 1990s, budget pressures limited a new NASA space suit design to medium, large and extra-large sizes.
Unsurprisingly, several of the best cities for young people also had large student populations thanks to large state universities.
Very large dog Jasper T. Jowls could shred, and equally large chicken Helen Henny laid down some buttery harmonies.
Amazon, Facebook, Google, Snap, and other large ad platforms also have APIs that manage ad spend for large advertisers.
Try not to have large meetings, but if you have to, try having large meetings be partially in writing.
However at 365, you have three sizing options (even the largest isn'tas large as the large size at Whole Foods—hello, portion control!): $5.50 for a small, $7.50 for a medium and $9.50 for a large.
"We do not expect large banks to absorb a large number of small banks as part of any consolidation process," they wrote, adding that those large firms don't have enough capital for aggressive mergers and acquisitions.
The biggest benefits though are accruing to large corporates like Apple, Microsoft and the like with large overseas cash reserves.
The large ground finch competed with the resident medium ground finch for the diminishing supply of large and hard seeds.
I get a veggie burger and a large iced tea ($6.52) and the dog gets a large doggie bone (free).
"We're large portions of a group of people, Islam, large portions want to use very, very harsh means," he said.
The upgrade will turn the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland into the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC).
But astronomers recently discovered that some of these galaxies were kidnapped from neighboring large dwarf galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud.
First pass an Obamacare repeal bill that enacts large tax cuts and pays for them with large cuts to Medicaid.
The cause for his ruptured colon — also known as the large bowel or large intestine — has yet to be confirmed.
Large families with lots of small children, and a culture prone to large social gatherings, are vulnerable during measles outbreaks.
Two large turquoise and carnelian rings on his fingers, he is constantly punching numbers on a large calculator, converting currencies.
We have a large portfolio of assets in Canada and a large portfolio in the U.K., mostly centered around London.
We bought a tiny house on a large lot (large for San Diego) and the backyard is my happy place.
Bolaños was born with a large congenital nevus, which is a mole that covers a large portion of the body.
I think a large scale, when I look at the potential of HIV, large cure part, they understood the genetics.
"My entire life has been spent trying to give audiences something in a large, large forum," Steven Spielberg told Reuters.
Heat a large skillet over high; add chorizo, and cook, breaking up large chunks, until browned, 13 to 7 minutes.
When she started created large scale works, she made trips to Home Depot to pick up large quantities of paint.
Experts warn that holding large sums in hot wallets is the equivalent of carrying large amounts of cash in person.
Following this unique line up of large missiles came two large canisters that are used to launch even larger missiles.
Black voters in particular turned out in large numbers, making up a large share of the state's overall Democratic electorate.
So now we have the three large legs, with two of them actuating as body flaps or large moving wings.
But there's no question that large numbers of people opposed ObamaCare, just as large numbers of people oppose Trump's presidency.
Enter Bilbo, a large orange cat with a contagious purr and rather large online following (73,000 Twitter followers and counting).
Recent evidence suggests that large numbers of subscribers, a large share of them being millennials, are actively canceling cable packages.
He's just someone who's played a very large role in my life, and obviously a very large role in cycling.
A large tax cut and a large spending increase led to an even bigger hole in the federal balance sheet.
The only downside to the large size is that it's hard to operate one-handed unless your hands are large.
I have all the large plates stored in a tub right here; you can't store large ones in these things.
The master suite takes up most of the third floor and features a large dressing area and extra-large bathroom.
"In gulper eels like Saccopharynx their strong jaws and large gape allow them to swallow extremely large prey," Higgs said.
DHT has a large fleet of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) and Heidmar has a wide range of oil tankers.
While red meat and cheese in large quantities are pretty terrible for your health, beans are great in large quantities.
Fantastic Beasts Chenille Phoenix Throw, $69Curl up under this large chenille throw featuring a large phoenix rising from the ashes.
Nice eyes and an attractive smile were most highly rated, closely followed by large buttocks and average or large breasts.
For one, ESI imposes disproportionately large administrative burdens on small businesses, which, unlike large corporations, cannot afford to self-insure.
Large beetles escaped more frequently than small beetles, and small toads were more likely to vomit beetles than large toads.
Large exporters Boeing and Caterpillar, which ship large amounts of goods to China, fell 2.6 percent and 3.8 percent, respectively.
Today, the neighborhood is home to a large Caribbean population, including a large concentration of immigrants from the Dominican Republic.
At one site, two large tanks were surrounded by a large black lake of crude oil that had seeped out.
But a federal judge noted "several large loopholes," suggesting that "a large swath" of gag orders might never be reviewed.
Though it may seem very large and wide on screen, according to Aitken, it&aposs not that large at all.
Warren has also said she won't take large donations from executives at large banks, Big Pharma or fossil fuel companies.
This spring's large E. coli outbreak caused by tainted romaine lettuce may have been caused by a large industrial farm.
"The political ramifications of cutting off a large bank from the US financial system would be very large," said Gilholm.
One is supported by a large number of experts, but a large number of experts think neither are that effective.
Other large banks will report earnings on Tuesday and are expected to similarly reveal large savings from the tax overhaul.
Sen. Sherrod Brown has proposed a "corporate freeloader fee" on large companies that employ large numbers of low-paid workers.
"I think gradually the large index providers and large institutional funds will include China, Asia, into their main indices and large institutions like ourselves are likely to increase our investments as a consequence of that," he said.
Pros: Incredibly sturdy yet comfortable, versatile, easy to assemble/disassemble Cons: Expensive, heavy Buy the Disco-O-Bed Large on Amazon for $329.99Buy the Disc-O-Bed Large from Camping World for $279.91 (originally $419.99) Buy the Disc-O-Bed Large from Bass Pro Shops for $299.99 Buy the Disc-O-Bed Large at the Home Depot for $323.99Buy the Disc-O-Bed Large from Dick's Sporting Goods for $299.99-$379.99 (price varies by design) Buy the Disc-O-Bed Large at Bed Bath & Beyond for $349.99 Buy on Amazon for $329.99
Just 22 percent of large-cap core funds have beaten the S&P 500 this year; large-cap growth is at just a 9 percent beat rate while large-cap value is at a 17 percent beat rate.
There are several places I'll stop at: Bareburger, where I get the bison burger and a large order of sweet potato fries, Juice Generation for a large green juice or the Original Soup Man for a large jambalaya.
It is a large white steel tube, covered with heat exchangers, with its ends sealed by metal plates and large bolts.
Available in small, large, and extra large sizes, you can purchase your dog's new favorite chew toy for $22 at Amazon.
Brussels has been on a level three terror alert, with authorities warning that a large network of terrorists remained at large.
I have a large following, you have a very large following … But you have a podcast, so you're not real people.
A large TAM means that the company could reasonably become a large franchise even without extremely high penetration of that market.
U.S. soybean stocks are expected to fall slightly, but traders said large harvests in South America will keep world supplies large.
However, similar to other large and global suppliers, it has a broad and diversified exposure to the large international auto manufacturers.
The country has benefited from more than two decades of large current account surpluses, driven by a large net services surplus.
Just like humans enjoy watching large whales and schools of fish, sometimes whales enjoy watching large boats and schools of humans.
While there are only two sizes, small/medium or large/extra large, a majority of shoppers say the fit is great.
He has a large ego and would be responsive to your call," Donatelli wrote in the memo, underlining the word "large.
But large NPL sales and securitisations are difficult to achieve and none of the large announced transactions has yet been closed.
Large-cap value funds lost 4.1 percent in 2015, versus a 3.6-percent gain for large-cap growth funds, Morningstar reported.
"Our goal is to be a large, leading video platform and have a large diverse set of content," Wojcicki told Swisher.
Are they that undesirable for large titles now that the large titles tend to be able to launch their own store?
Leveraging its large network of entrepreneurs, Techstars has invited large companies to co-create startups targeting specific challenges within their industry.
I have some reward points to redeem, so I buy him a large iced coffee and myself a large strawberry refresher.
Out of the large amount of tests we have done, in my opinion, we haven't found a large amount of positives.
Sociologically speaking, he adds, if large buttocks are being paired with prestige, it can make you find large buttocks more attractive.
When you buy one large pizza (dine-in or carry out) you can take home a large cheese pizza, for free.
JS: You've made large paintings with dramatically cropped faces, and other paintings where the figure is on a large, flat ground.
A large part of their business is convincing large enterprises that Yext provides enough value-add to pay for their services.
The trading operations often help oil producers offset large swings in oil prices and in some cases can generate large profits.
Dixon's office has 51 large-scale investigations under way, 17 of which relate to large technology platforms, including seven into Facebook.
I would personally estimate that only 25% of people tip when I help them with their large luggage or large groceries.
The neighborhood was popular among businessmen and their families, who built large mansions with glass windows, servant quarters, and large porches.
Credit reporting and collecting is a large-scale industry that requires both large operations and a long-time horizon of data.
"In the 1990s, Asia—especially the growth of China—stimulated a large discourse about the future of large cities," Riekeles says.
The same holds true for queer history, especially since large chunks have been censored or causally overwritten by society at large.
"Large asset managers and large corporations increasingly recognize that political risk is a growing factor in this investment climate," says Rosenberg.
The snap back, particularly in shares of large, UK defensive stocks in which Yarrow has large positions, however, was equally sharp.
In a picture released by the European Space Agency, a large cloud formation trailed one of the planet's large extinct volcanoes.
The main meal is served on those large colorful woven baskets as a shared platter, over a large round of injera.
Midsize and large cities usually have flower markets that sell a large variety of plants and flowers from around the world.
"DOCOMO and other large companies have a large international workforce who communicate in English for their international conference calls," says Liang.
The service helps large institutional clients like pension funds move investments between and among asset managers or liquidate large investment portfolios.
The WTO said the move had negatively impacted sales of U.S. made planes in the large and very large aircraft market.
Unless new laws are squarely targeted at the abuses or dominance of these large companies, their collateral damage can loom large.
Looking at large cap growth funds and large cap value funds, they have one big similarity: Many of the same holdings.
He warns that a large number of small hydropower plants can have a cumulative effect as negative as one large station.
In Brazilian politics, for instance, a powerful bloc representing large landowners and large-scale agricultural interests exerts considerable sway in Congress.
In fact, a large proportion of the price surges in large cities were driven by local investors and lenders, Law added.
"Imagine if you're a very large retailer that has a large number of locations," said Martin Fleming, chief economist at IBM.
Pros: Warm, high-quality materials, versatile plaid design, large sizeCons: Pricey, might be too large to comfortably fit under some coats
Among the most rapidly growing large cities are those that have become tech hubs that are also home to large universities.
"Because the scale of this development was so large, we didn't want it to become a large retail corridor," she said.
Having large numbers of people within a group plan allows insurers to spread the risk among a large group of people.
The average large city in Canada like Toronto has a lower number of particles in the air than large American cities.
But it's also a very large redistribution of wealth, and will probably require a very large tax to pay for it.
"We know that these are Lamprogrammus because of the large and rounded head, the thick body, the very dark color, and the large, obvious sensory pores in large scales along the upper side of the body," Mundy told Gizmodo.
In terms of sizing, the Torch 2.0 comes in three unisex sizes — small (fits women's XS, small, medium and men's small), medium (equivalent to women's large, XL, 2XL and men's medium, large, XL), and large (fits men's 2-3XL).
By planting large arrays of turbines on the sea bottom, developers say, they can construct large installations that are mostly out of sight of land yet within easy transmission range of large population centers like Boston and New York.
"At the end of the day, these large companies need large projects, and deepwater is going to be where they are going to find these large projects to move their needle," said Imran Khan, research manager at Wood Mackenzie.
Walgreens recently announced it will acquire a large portfolio of stores from Rite Aid, which is also a large tenant of O's.
You think just because it was a large country, they felt secure letting large numbers of foreigners in right from the start?
Importantly, large beetles did better than small beetles, escaping more frequently, while small toads vomited the beetles more often than large toads.
U.S. auto sales declined in July as sales of large pickups fell 4 percent and large sport utility vehicles tumbled 20 percent.
Analysts are writing off the large increase in oil inventories as an anomaly, in part due to a large increase in imports.
The school was one large, chaotic room with one smaller room for the "preschool" cordoned off by large, primary-colored plastic blocks.
The ridiculously large art car to end all ridiculously large art cars, six stories tall, filled with dance and art and dreams!
Buy any one large pizza pie and receive a large cheese or Bertucci pizza pie for $3.14 with the discount code: PIDAY.
For now, Democrats are hopeful that the large number of Republicans in both races will balance out the large number of Democrats.
For that reason, their large fiscal deficits have not translated into equally large current-account deficits with the rest of the world.
Fragmentation also threatens large migratory species, as smaller pockets of protected areas often cannot support sustainable populations of large herbivores and carnivores.
Laid out flat, drained of water, then squeezed between large rollers, the slush at last becomes one large, long sheet of paper.
If you owe an unexpectedly large amount, that's a nasty hit; if you receive an unexpectedly large refund, that's a frabjous day.
While not nearly as large as the iShares Chinese large-cap FXI, the ETF gives investors exposure to Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.
Decades before the Large Hadron Collider was completed, another collider called the Large Electron Positron Collider occupied the same 17-mile tunnel.
You can bring your cyclotron to your ultra-large detector, whereas it's very hard to move Fermilab to your ultra-large detector.
Twitter is useful if you have a large network or friends with large networks, or a connection who can amplify your voice.
Two large choir balconies overlooked the large floor area of the theatre, making it easy to watch alone or elbow-to-elbow.
The company will give customers a large one-topping pizza for 50 cents when they purchase another large pizza at regular price.
"We are expecting a pretty large volume of orders; we're also making a large number of units for the launch," said Iribe.
In that case, he would buy large-cap stocks over small caps because large caps have more exposure to rising international trade.
Such large-scale farms will probably continue to be served by large-scale corporations that provide seeds, stock, machines and management plans.
The US Army Corps of Engineers has set up dozens of large generators and received a large new shipment over the weekend.
The Echo Loop is available in just one color, a black titanium finish, and comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large.
The dining room at Flipper's SoHo location is naturally lit from two large skylights and large windows that line the corner restaurant.
A large insurer in a large market with a savvy negotiating team might extract lower prices than its smaller, less agile competitors.
The study also found insurers are making large profits this year, in large part due to the massive premium increases in 2018.
Recent polls have shown that large numbers of Arizona voters are undecided, and Mr. Trump's lead, while large, might not be insurmountable.
China consistently has a large number of asylum seekers because of the large population of the country and the one-child policy.
In the older model you lost predictability in the exercise, especially when you have large customers going out and using large volumes.
Glitter Large Pinecone Ornament, $24A large, glittery pine cone ornament brings a natural touch to their tree, be it real or artificial. 
That is in large part because they continue to get large loans from state-controlled banks, sometimes to help repay previous loans.
But a network is about such large audiences and large amounts of money that shows don't really get a chance to fail.
Buzz and Woody figures loom large, and the area is filled with large game pieces and more than 400 giant toy blocks.
Large organizations and technically savvy users may have valid reasons for using cryptocurrencies, especially for transactions between governments or large multinational corporations.
Fourth, we're operating at such a large scale that even a small percent of errors causes a large number of bad experiences.
It's also much more generous in its treatment of people who may have racked up large debts without acquiring comparably large assets.
Who stays here: During the week, the Peninsula attracts a large contingent of professional business travelers, including individuals and large meeting groups.
It's also much more generous in its treatment of people who may have racked up large debts without acquiring comparably large assets.
These artists have large fan bases, and the top 0.01% of those fan bases will want to own strikingly large unique works.
In recent years, at least two large central banks have been snapping up large quantities of equities, typically considered a risky investment.
He's proposing tax penalties for large corporations' income if they have large gaps between their CEO's pay and their median worker's pay.
All large vessel owners are required to have GMDSS, which puts Inmarsat onboard every large commercial ship, analysts at RBC Capital said.
The researchers looked at three bright, nearby and large protoplanetary disks imaged by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array Telescope in Chile.
Anker offers tips in extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and other sizes, giving wearers plenty of options to choose from.
I am generally between a medium and a large in coats, and I opted for a large so I could layer underneath.
One large insurer, UnitedHealthcare, sued another large dialysis chain, American Renal Associates, saying it inappropriately switched patients to its policies from Medicaid.
Since my husband and I are both self-employed, we already had a pretty large emergency fund — but apparently not large enough.
A large number of the comments came from taxpayers who urged Hatch to reject tax cuts for high earners and large corporations.
South Korea is a large buyer of Iranian condensate, a super light form of crude oil, used by its large petrochemical industry.
"When you're talking about a city as large as New York," said Dr. Rosenzweig, "even a small percentage is a large number."
Essential tools For basic cooking equipment, culinary nutritionist Jackie Newgent recommends the following essentials: a large cutting board, a sharp chef's knife, a large saucepan with a lid, a silicone spatula and cooking spoon, and a large stick-resistant skillet.
It comes in a large size (10 inches; $24) or small (8 inches; $19), depending on how large of an appetite you have.
In the movies I saw, America was a large, noisy city filled with tall buildings, big roads, large cars, and crowded with people.
And his gender gap in presidential approval ratings is particularly large—about twice as large as those for Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton.
Create a large space right near the convention area and invite large, noisy protests, and orchestrate a very light, almost invisible police presence.
Record-large short holdings by large speculators limited further declines in grains and soy as markets remain susceptible to bouts of short covering.
Record-large short holdings by large speculators limited the downside in grains and soy as markets remain susceptible to bouts of short covering.
"The housing bust created a large housing supply overhang and a large number of households that were underwater on their mortgages," he noted.
Use Scientific Notation For Unreasonably Large NumbersWhen calculating large numbers in your head, remember that you can convert them into scientific notation first.
They were meant for small clusters of large machines while the modern approach focused on more large clusters that run relatively small machines.
Every year, because of the size of my company, which is very, very large, I'm being audited — which is a very large company.
Reservations for a three-day medium locker pass for each weekend is $55.10, a large is $21460, and an extra large is $29.
Others have hunted for the monopole at CERN at the Large Electron-Positron collider and its successor, the currently-operating Large Hadron Collider.
"To have a large, strong economy that supports households and businesses big and small, you must have large, strong, global banks," Fromer said.
This analysis is based on calculations and observations made with the Large Binocular Camera on the Large Binocular Telescope in Mt. Graham, Arizona.
Here's what Bronstein has to say about them: There are large, large numbers of feature phones in the market today — hundreds of millions.
In a research library capacity, we're thinking about large datasets, the use of high-power broadband is needed to access those large datasets.
A large part of his career was devoted to making them, a large part of his leisure time has been spent playing them.
He engages in a business model known as wholesale arbitrage, which sees him buying large quantities of products from wholesalers or large brands.
Unsurprisingly, many large firms have been assessing the risk they face from such large potential movements in order to manage their currency exposure.
Graph databases help companies understand the connections in large datasets and AI usually involves large amounts of data to drive the learning models.
KEY RATING DRIVERS Large Scale, Strong Market Position: China Grand Auto's ratings are supported by its large operating scale and strong business profile.
Jobs prided himself in breaking the rules, large and small, not so large as Uber has, but that was part of his persona.
Plus, the large elastic pouches hold large beauty products upright so you don't have to worry about brining along travel-size options anymore.
The other is that Turkey still has a large external financing requirement – it requires large capital inflows to roll over maturing external debts.
The EU is too large and bureaucratic, and the number of veto points too large, for something this complex to be resolved quickly.
"Free money" aside, large international companies like large international regulatory schemes (such as the Paris protocol) because they like certainty and hate competition.
For investors that currently own the stock, it will be a large premium to their shares and could lead to a large payoff.
Leasing has traditionally been seen as an expensive option by large established carriers, which can often secure large discounts on new plane orders.
Until recently, most large companies aimed to be neutral on controversial social issues, not wanting to alienate a large segment of potential customers.
The large front pocket also has a u-shaped opening plus a large zippered pocket that's big enough to fit books or magazines.
So large that the chain's name was actually inspired by the sandwiches' large, round shape that is similar to that of a blimp.
To a large extent, the job of food safety is already being done very well I think by the food industry at large.
We believe it benefits from being part of a large international group, particularly in its ability to service large and international corporate clients.
Co-viewing is already a priority for Facebook Watch: Facebook makes renewal determinations in large part based on whether they've created large communities.
Interest rates in the U.S. are relatively low — in large part, because foreign governments, like Saudi Arabia, buy large parcels of our bonds.
Large crowds gathered in Seoul to celebrate and watch events on a large TV screen installed on the east side of Seoul Square.
There's a galley kitchen, a large living space with exposed beams and a large outdoor patio, but the place could use some updates.
On a recent morning, two large dogs slept in a corner there, and a group of assistants sat around a large wooden table.
Although they have some large cities, they tend to be farther from other large cities than is the case in the coastal areas.
Large events canceled Health experts have recommended limiting large gatherings and close contact as an effective way to stem the spread of coronavirus.
Expect to see her weighing in on issues large and small, in communities large and small across a state that fascinates our readers.
The post was projected onto a large screen at the Science Museum in London and was met by large applause from the audience.
Plus, these large, sweaty, shirtless men in neon swimming trunks are considered obnoxious, inconsiderate, basic, lecherous—a scourge on the dancefloor writ large.
To the Editor: For years many businesses large and small have closed because of the large rent increases foisted upon them by landlords.
Relative certainty can only be achieved across a large number of experiments (ideally, undertaken by a large number of scientists in different labs).
For that, you get down from an EIDER, a large sea duck with very soft inner feathers (not large enough to saddle, however).
The Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed comes in three sizes — large, extra-large, and giant — as well as three color options.
He likes the large rallies and big fundraising events, but the VP will be deployed in markets large and small across the country.
The organization, which represents large employers' perspectives on health-care policy, polled 22020 large employers to get their perspectives on health-care trends.
Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, and has made taking on large corporations a large part of his campaign.
Britain was buying large quantities of Chinese silk and tea, but China was buying little in return, creating an uncomfortably large trade deficit.
We have a country in front of us with a large population and a large landmass, but it doesn&apost have any heroes.
It's more like a large village in a way, but it offers all the opportunities of a large city, it has excellent connections.
A large head, low forehead, high cheekbones, and large mouth, with gleaming white teeth, were some of the noticeable characteristics of his appearance.
In March, Delta Air Lines stopped transporting large dogs requiring crates taller than 24 inches, which effectively grounds large breeds like Labrador retrievers.
It's an example of a growing new reality to which large tech players who sell to equally large customers are having to adapt.
Still, making a super large motor like the P120C in one piece is tough since large manufacturing plants and casings are needed to make all the large parts of the motor, and huge storage facilities are needed to house the solid propellants.
With hedging through the options and forwards' markets now prohibitively expensive, and the risks on both sides so large, dealers say even large players are unable to put large new bets on and there is talk of a steady reduction of exposure.
About a quarter of large employers expect to have a program like that this year, according to the National Business Group on Health, which represents large employers, and the largest pharmacy benefit managers are already working with large companies to pass on savings.
Civil rights investigations normally target large cities; rarely do local officials worry that a settlement will require large tax increases or significant spending cuts.
"It's a large, large organization," said Jeffrey Stacey, founder of Stacey Muirhead Capital Management in Waterloo, Ontario, who is attending his 26th straight meeting.
In recent years, large numbers of Sikhs and Hindus have sought asylum in India, which has a Hindu majority and a large Sikh population.
"Large meals, large menus, exist also in the 2100th century, in the 2600th century," explains Patrick Rambourg, a historian specialized in cuisine and gastronomy.
Mexico City's large parade is in its second year, after taking inspiration for the large scale event from the 2017 James Bond film Spectre.
Due to the severity of Ebola virus disease, you would expect any abnormally large Ebola outbreak to create a large amount of news coverage.
Large global trends include decreasing populations, unprecedentedly large, aging populations due to rising life expectancy, and a narrowing discrepancy between rich and poor countries.
After that, Tpaga hopes to add a large super market chain, a large gas station chain, 10 cell phone carriers and 25 utilities providers.
An economy as large as California's, when you black out a significant fraction of the state, there are going to be large economic impacts.
We look at the Internet at large and create a very large knowledge graph with use cases of products and the relations between them.
The state also has a younger population and a relatively large number of colleges -- making it easier to reach large pools of millennial voters.
They don't know, and they don't know that it's actually an extra-large person and not an extra-extra large person buying the shirt.
You have to look past all of the shouting and the anger, which obviously loom large and it looms large for really illegitimate reasons.
Dunkin DonutsDunkin' lovers who purchase a hot coffee in medium, large, or extra large can get an additional medium-sized hot coffee for free.
Chongli has capped the number of large resorts in the area at nine, while Beijing has also stopped approving new large outdoor ski facilities.
I buy two bottles of my favorite cheap wine, Fourteen Hands, two large hard seltzers, a large summer ale, and a single beer ($24).
Events that could trigger large claims include cyber attacks on electronic grids and transportation systems, or hacks of large data storage clouds, Fitch said.
Ancient wolves, including the iconic dire wolves, came in extra large sizes during this period, hunting large game, such as bison, camels, and horses.
"With [the large majority] of consumer sales still happening through retail channels, these partnerships are a great way to reach large volumes very quickly."
Chatzaki credits warm temperatures, a large mosquito population and humidity for creating "ideal conditions" for mating and reproducing a "large population" underneath the web.
But it didn't weaken any further, so for more than two months that large short position was becoming a large money-loser for funds.
The seat belts on each bench could be configured to accommodate two large adults, three less large adults, or two adults and two children.
The large and spacious home features sheltering trees, a distinctive semi-circular drive, a large garden and has only ever had two real owners.
Overall the company would remain well diversified with its established positions in all large Nordic countries and large minority stakes in MegaFon and Turkcell.
Regulatory challenges still loom large The technology for that kind of fully self-driving car is advancing rapidly, but regulatory challenges still loom large.
In a large bowl, whisk the sugar, shoyu, mirin, the white parts of the scallion, the garlic, and ginger together in a large bowl.
What really makes for a winning team in Formula One: a large budget, a large staff, a combination of the two, or something else?
The large sandwich is meant to feed one to three people; the extra large, five to seven; and the triple-decker, eight to 10.
If a large enough asteroid were caught in the black hole's gravity, it's possible that it could be the cause of its large meal.
If you have a divergence between the small-caps and large-caps, they could end up dragging down or curtailing the large-cap move.
The sizes currently run from petite to extra-large; Cosabella's size chart says the extra large is meant for 38-40 G-H busts.
"Donald Trump won a large number, a very large number, of white, working-class voters who supported the president twice," Mr. Cohn reminds us.
A large covered charcoal grill can be used for roasting chickens or large cuts of meat, and for baking potatoes or ears of corn.
ZTE, in addition to smartphones, has been a large manufacturer of telecommunications equipment that allows large carriers to operate their wireless and data networks.
But we won't see the green economy result from his strategy alone; it is intended for large projects that guarantee returns to large investors.
The bag comes in three sizes (medium for $35, large for $39, and extra-large for $45) and three colors (black, drab, and camouflage).
Many wealthy business executives, including Trump, would like to see Congress enact a large tax cut on high-income individuals and on large corporations.
She did, however, win her primary against Bernie Sanders in large part because nonwhite voters cast ballots for her in large numbers over Sanders.
In the long lines that inconvenience customers in large grocery and large consumer store chains, Glaser saw another place to deploy these computer advances.
For example, she said, there's a large concentration of Hispanic workers in construction and a large concentration of black workers in service sector jobs.
"The citizens of Israel, in large numbers — not everyone, but in large numbers — have given their support to me and my wife," he said.
They're large, low-population-density agricultural states west of the Mississippi that never had much, if any, industry and never experienced large-scale immigration.
There was no minibar and an open closet offered a few hangers for clothing and a space large enough to store a large suitcase.
The British transportation industry imports a large portion of its parts from the European Union and sells a large portion of its products there.
Doctors later explained she had been so large because she had developed a large water abscess that had been pressing down on her womb.
The scale of economic losses from an earthquake would of course depend in large part on whether it struck near a large metropolitan area.
Many places where people ordinarily gather in large numbers, such as large sporting events, schools, universities, and even mass have already been shut down.
The ratio you should aim for, Ms. Farmer said, is one extra-large piece, two large pieces, two medium pieces and three small ones.
Liberal activist groups deployed large numbers of volunteers to knock on doors, recruit candidates and register voters and raised large sums of money online.
The large employer market can spread the costs of expensive care more easily over the greater numbers of people that work for large companies.
Plenty of tech investors have criticized SoftBank's approach to writing large checks for large valuations, but they can't avoid the same fears these days.
Large, airy rooms with low beds and spartan furniture are arranged around a central courtyard of red earth, where glossy, large-leaved verdure grows.
Deadly collisions among large commercial ships have become extremely rare, even though large freighters and tankers vastly outnumber naval vessels on the high seas.
A central hallway bisects the large kitchen and a bathroom to the right, and two living rooms with large picture windows on the left.
The large master bedroom suite, which also opens to the courtyard, has a spalike bathroom with a whirlpool bath and a large dressing room.
Clients that come with large credit card debt don't usually have boats or excessive houses or even a large item they are paying off.
It has a large presence in Africa through its subsidiary Puma Energy and is set to acquire a large stake in India's Essar Oil.
So there we were, with one potentially large fine, two definitely large testicles and the comfort of my bed feeling farther and farther away.
That divergence indicates that a large percentage of Democrats tend to live in places where they are surrounded by large majorities of other Democrats.
That could boost Sanders as the Democratic fight shifts to Nevada, with a large Latino population, and South Carolina, with a large black population.
Many of them start out defending large corporations, and when they leave government they go back to the same work of defending large corporations.
It also has several large garden-apartment complexes, some of which have been converted to condos, as well as large, more recently built Colonials.
Large, almost immovably large, men busting down doors and dispossessing, seizing what there was to seize, and leaving the discards out on the curb.
The human brain is so powerful not because it is so large — but because the wrinkles on it give it a large surface area.
It's typical for large business enterprises to be financed in large part by people who didn't found the company and don't necessarily manage it.
Ando, 74, is known for using large swathes of unardoned concrete, wood or stone floors, and large windows that incorporate nature into his designs.
Over time the business will grow into a large TAM  —  a far better approach than starting off in a large market with clear winners already.
Apple's ARKit has proven exciting in large part because you don't need special equipment or an especially large and clunky device to use it with.
Given the large overlap in features between these apps, you're likely to make your decision in large part on how you feel about their designs.
Until now, supermassive black holes have been observed at the cores of very large galaxies in regions of space populated by other very large galaxies.
The NRW police deployed large numbers of officers to secure New Year's street parties in large cities this year and said celebrations were largely peaceful.
"It's a large amount of trees, it's a large amount of forest, so essentially we're losing habitat for the monarch in this sanctuary," he added.
But I will soon need to find another studio since part of my studio practice is making very large drawings that need large wall spaces.
They also weigh noticeably less than the iPhone 24 Pro and Max — probably in large part because the Pixels don't have especially large batteries inside.
This kind of large-scale risk taking is part of the service we as a large company can provide to our customers and to society.
Biden continues to be well out in front of a large and still growing primary field, and black voters are a large part of why.
Brussels has raised its terror level from 3 to 4, the highest level, with authorities warning that a large group of terrorist remained at large.
This messaging service brings, for example, typing indicators, very large group chats and the ability to transfer large files between the owners of these smartphones.
And, at least for telescopes, it's easier and cheaper to make a large mirror than a large lens, because lenses can be heavy and expensive.
His dozen or so employees shared a large room decked out in typical start-up style, including an aquarium and large speakers playing electronic music.
High expectations for a large stimulus package were seen as likely to create large price swings on the BOJ announcement no matter what its content.
"We know that hominins [in the Pleistocene] were quite capable of slaughtering large gregarious prey and evicting large carnivore from their habitats," Daujeard told Gizmodo.
Corporate dividends to shareholders represent a large use of operating cash flow and contribute to GE's low FCF compared to some other large industrial companies.
The government argues the deal would harm large employers by reducing the number of large health insurers with a national footprint from 5 to 4.
So the fact that we see this large blob close to the center suggests it has something to do with the formation of large galaxies.
There was also a large flat lid that had holes on all the edges, a large steel screw, and hexagonal steel washer (heavy, palm size).
It can be more difficult for such resolutions to garner significant support at large companies, however, because even large shareholders hold a relatively small amount.
Normally, large institutions expect banks to conduct large trades for them in the market within a few fractions of a cent of mid-market pricing.
She rejects large contributions from executives in the fossil-fuel industry, big pharmaceutical companies, large tech companies, big banks, private equity firms and hedge funds.
The small intestine, between the stomach and large intestine, is responsible for absorbing nutrients and allowing non-absorbed food to pass to the large intestine.
CCS is ready to pilot on power stations on a large scale, but the transportation and storage infrastructure needed requires a large up-front investment.
In addition to the arrests, a large pickup truck flying two large American flags cruised past hundreds of anti-fascist protesters and honked its horn.
Despite the many variables and questions left unanswered, one thing remains crystal clear: "Sports at large is a microcosm of society at large," said Lubin.
Yet the Uganda Police Force published a picture in October of large numbers of recruits brandishing large wooden sticks in the central Lango Sub-region.
"You're seeing large pools of money being raised without the large deal recovery," said Barry Curtis, private equity leader at Deloitte's M&A transactions practice.
"I would create large digital prints and using a series of cut scores and creases to create large-scale pop-up spreads," Shlian tells Creators.
It's that nearly every large media company has a direct-to-consumer streaming service that, if aggregated, replace the need for large bundles of channels.
Whatever the outcome, Italy's large public debt and its frustration with other EU members who aren't helping ease a still-large refugee burden will continue.
The most common fashion neuroses among these women involved "being too large, having too much of a belly, or having large arms," according to Dunn.
China's claims are in large part backed by a 1947 map showing a U-shaped string of dashes encircling a large area of the sea.
The cold hard math of "large funds need large exits" is why VCs have been trapped into literally begging to get into unicorn deals. 6.
Because of the regulatory penalties for being large, some on Wall Street are questioning whether even in its diminished state, Citigroup is still too large.
It is precisely this large size that is often criticized today in the belief that large farms put profit ahead of soil and animal health.
It also partners with two large markets in Jakarta to help supply large quantities of vegetables and ensure there are enough supplies during peak season.
Read more:The 10 best large cruise shipsThe 10 large cruise ships with the nicest cabinsThese are the 8 nastiest cruise shipsThe 20 cleanest cruise ships
"We hold a very large position in US large-cap stocks," Creative Planning President and CIO Peter Mallouk told Business Insider in an exclusive interview.
The weakening support for Hyperledger from some large members highlights how large firms have become more selective with their blockchain efforts as the technology matures.
Yuni Shower Sheets Large Body Wipes, $15, available at AmazonThese large body wipes clean, deodorize, and calm skin so they can avoid cramped gym showers.
Detroit ranks as America's most impoverished large city; a September FBI report determined it had the highest violent crime rate among large cities in 284.
In addition, the Navy has amphibious ships with large berthing areas and medical facilities, with the large helicopter carriers (LHAs, LHDs) having extensive medical facilities.
Some are predictable: Canadian banks, large Canadian retail stores, Canadian news organizations (although The Times also has a large following here) and Canadian loyalty programs.
They are more likely to agree on ending large-lot single-family zoning, which dictates the (large) minimum size of land each house must occupy.
The gunmen, Mr. Rodriguez recalled, carried both "large weapons" and one "very large weapon," which, they told him, was capable of shooting down a helicopter.
"I think Las Vegas will make every city and every agency re-evaluate security plans around large events that draw large crowds," Chief Manley said.
He would also need to put an end to Sanders winning large states by large margins, as he was on track to do in California.
The large deficits in the likely oncoming recession — and they will be large whether the result of government action or inaction — should be calmly accepted.
The large deficits in the likely oncoming recession — and they will be large whether the result of government action or inaction — should be calmly accepted.
This is why all impact craters on Earth are large: only large, heavy objects keep their orbital kinetic energy all the way to the ground.
Southern parts of Europe have seen large expanses of dry forests ablaze during hot summer months in recent years, but large wildfires rarely hit Britain.
The reason is not exactly the most flattering; Mexico is a large country with almost 222.5 million population, but a large share are still unbanked.
He also has a history of accepting large sums from questionable foreign sources — including, in one case, a "large diamond" from a Chinese energy tycoon.
Rubin said companies have been large buyers for a number of years now, and they have a large amount of cash already available for purchases.
Breaking up large companies: Sanders said he will use existing antitrust authority to break up large service providers such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast.
"China also has a large, young market that enables rapid, large-scale commercialization of digital business models," General Atlantic said in a follow-up statement.
Of course, if South Carolina and other southern states with large black populations had been the first to vote, Biden would have a large lead.
He acknowledged having hired the boutique investment firm Methuselah Advisors, which specializes in large media transactions and has made inquiries to several large media companies.
In a large cap universe of middling growth prospects, we think these fundamentals position Vertex as the 'must own' biotech for large cap growth investors.
"Even when it came to large-cap blend, investors had a big demand for low volatility and dividend-paying large-cap blend ETFs," Folsom said.
Box has argued that open outcry trading is better for large transactions and that its new trading floor would encourage better participation in large trades.
Large glass windows provide lunching employees with a visual reminder that "a prototype is worth a thousand meetings," a large sign above the entrance proclaims.
But to create such large instant prints, the camera body must be large, which the Format magazine review says makes the camera awkward to hold.
Home to a large undocumented population, fast-growing Atlanta has been a popular destination for migrant families that began arriving in large numbers in 2014.
"Walgreens has violated its obligations under Florida law as both a large-scale distributor and a large-scale pharmacy to prevent abuse," the suit said.
The medium ground finches with large beaks had a survival advantage over those with small beaks because they were able to take advantage of large seeds.
Strong winds fanned flames from a large wildfire in eastern Tennessee on Monday, damaging a large number of structures in picturesque Gatlinburg, and prompting widespread evacuations.
"What we're doing is making a large library of cells, in which each cell contains exactly one of a large number of desired edits," Kruglyak said.
So you look at R&D and capital expenditures, large companies take the two or three thousand large companies, they're like 70 or 80% of it.
This is partly a law of large numbers mindset: It's much harder to show high growth rates when numbers are large than when they are small.
In the shot, the tiny puppy sits staring on what appears to be a large bean bag chair — his little frame sinking into the large furniture.
Gawker case, which bankrupted the news company with a $31 million settlement, a large settlement could have a chilling effect on the news media at large.
Recently, Crunchbase News surveyed the landscape of large "exits" and found that the life sciences offer a fairly deep pool of opportunities for large exit multiples.
Meanwhile, officials said Fissure 8 continues to produce a large flow that is entering the ocean at Kapoho Bay and producing a large plume, KHON2 reported .
On November 228, officers searching two UK-bound vehicles with British number plates found a large number of migrants on board and large sums of cash.
Duterte is mobbed by large crowd of Filipinos abroad during his official trips in Asia and Middle East, where there are large concentrations of contract workers.
When large foundations do give to more Democratic-tinged policy work, they give to a small number of large, national groups working at the federal level.
The unit's need to cater to a large number of small to mid-size builders goes against BASF's focus on large industrial customers, industry analysts said.
Small-caps, mid-caps and large-caps are all higher during trading, but year-to-date, small-caps and mid-caps have outperformed large-caps. Disclaimer
Large families, large people, people with addictions, and even small people are often at the center of its programming, using people's differences as a selling point.
But the extra power was not sufficient to cope with the multiple simultaneous failures of embedded generation, a large windfarm and a large gas-fired CCGT.
This year will see a handful of large-scale titles, from Mario to Skyrim to Disgaea, buoyed by an impressively large lineup of smaller indie titles.
Adored has now launched in large cities, but the company's success will be in large part due to all the feedback received in New Hampshire suburbs.
Indeed, the intention is not to give serious developers or large organizations one more way to build complex sites with large backends and processes behind them.
"It also has to do with how they carry — some people may not have a large baby and may not have a large uterus," she says.
Although subject to large working capital-related swings, the firm has access to a large amount of internal liquidity, in additional to good capital markets access.
Add in large original content budgets from Google, Apple and Amazon, and suddenly Time Warner looks like a (relatively) small fish in a very large pond.
I'm -- actually, the FTC, when I look at regulatory agencies, by and large, I think they've done a pretty good job by and large on things.
In a more troubling sign for Detroit, combined sales of large pickups fell 4 percent, and sales of large sport utility vehicles declined by 13 percent.
The combined company would own 73 vessels, of which 68 would be very large gas carriers, 2 VLGCs currently under order and 3 large gas carriers.
To build a business that goes from very little to very large in a short amount of time, you must attack a very large market, right?
" Burbank said he's betting against large Chinese companies via the iShares China Large-Cap ETF to hedge out some of what he called "old China risk.
Large and abrupt changes in altitude and attitude, as well as a large variation in indicated airspeed, characterize severe turbulence, according Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
Carlo, the bartender, is waiting behind the counter with a bearded smile and large, thick hands that seem purposely built to crush large chucks of ice.
But the first exits were from large publicly traded insurers with their own large internal lobbying shops, whereas CareFirst is a not-for-profit Blues company.
"Large debt comes with a large land bank ... Evergrande has the largest land bank in China," Chief Executive Officer Xia Haijun said at an earnings briefing.
The technology is ready to pilot at power stations on a large scale, but the transportation and storage infrastructure needed requires a large up-front investment.
As of Monday morning, firefighters were battling 11 large blazes in California alone, with additional large fires burning in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.
They can also fill a large part of the gap left by human error, which accounts for the success of a large number of security incidents.
By just going large with the watch, the company was ceding a large potential user base to Apple, including a big portion of female smartwatch wearers.
Almost 1,900 large-cap growth funds own Apple shares versus fewer than 1,000 large-cap value holders, according to Morningstar data to the end of May.
In one case, it says that Mylan agreed to "walk away" from one large national wholesaler and one large pharmacy to allow Heritage to win business.
A large number came from Sadr City, the large Shiite district that was struck by two devastating Islamic State suicide bombings recently, killing nearly 100 people.
Observations from the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array of telescopes and the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope were published this week in The Astrophysical Journal.
Claire snags some sleep at the base of a large tree, only to find that a large snake has wrapped itself around her during the night.
Morris, a calculating but intemperate attorney, is a holder of large estates, and also large grudges, mostly against powerful figures who seek to thwart his ambitions.
Straight women chose an average-sized penis next (not a large one), followed by short hair, large hands, an attractive back, muscular arms, and facial hair.
To capture the images, researchers used the Atacama Large Millimeter Array and the Very Large Telescope in Chile to measure the temperature structure of Uranus' atmosphere.
"What I think we need to focus on are the large busses and the large rail that goes through our city, pretty much unfettered," he said.
Those with a university degree supported Remain in large numbers, according to pre-referendum polls; those with little higher education supported Leave in equally large numbers.
Sandnes reported a net loss in 0003 due to some specific large LICs relating to certain large exposures, which we do not expect to be repeated.
Obviously as-- as a hu-- large-- bank, super large bank, we wouldn't expect-- the outcomes or the risk management element of those rules to be lessened.
Enel, the large Italian utility, is reinventing itself as a much more nimble company focused on renewables and services rather than building large-scale utility projects.
This large-format book (it's 20 inches by 13 inches by 3 inches) includes a large assortment of stunning images and a huge amount of information. 
This risk is most acute for deeply speculative-grade credits with large amounts of floating rate debt, already large interest burdens, and limited to negative FCF.
Between the two categories, large value funds and large growth funds have shed more than $100 billion in assets over the last 12 months, he said.
But when the large social issues are very large indeed ('Doctor Zhivago'), the characters will act within—and be acted upon by—everything that surrounds them.
Luxembourg's external position is a key rating strength, with more than two decades of large current account surpluses, driven by a large surplus in net services.
At the other side of the apartment, the large master suite features a marble bath and a dressing room, along with large windows overlooking the park.
Here, researchers model all sorts of large-scale (aka "too large for a lab") geological events, such as the creation of volcanic craters by subsurface explosions.
They were the first large-scale demonstrations since the president, Nicolás Maduro, reacted to the last round of large demonstrations, in 2017, with a deadly crackdown.
Despite its large mass, Antlia 2 remained undetected for so long because it is about 10,000 times as dim and diffuse as comparably large satellite galaxies.
The researchers then used three-dimensional scanning to precisely measure the volume of each woman's breasts and categorize them as small, medium, large or very large.
Matching DNA markers against large databases can often lead to misleading results because many specific markers can be shared by a large swath of the population.
Bigger three-toed footprints with blunter toes may have been left by large-bodied two-legged plant-eaters called ornithopods or perhaps by a large theropod.
If you're camping with a large group of people, the Risepro Solar Shower Bag is ideal with its large reservoir that holds enough water for everyone.
" Sanders added: "If there is a large voter turnout -- if working people and young people come out in large numbers -- we will win and win big.
It just means it wasn't large enough to be clearly detected, let alone large enough to explain the preponderance of the polling error in key states.
But experts such as Large, whose consultancy Large and Associates has worked for Britain's Atomic Energy Authority and environmental group Greenpeace, says this is over optimistic.
The average number of deaths was 12 in shootings involving large-capacity magazines, compared to an average of 7 deaths per shooting without large-capacity magazines.
"Large Cap Growth stocks have outperformed US Large Cap Value stocks by an almost unprecedented amount over both the recent past and prior decade," he said.
The weaker U.S. dollar has benefited large multinational companies that derive a large chunk of revenue abroad, said Michael Binger, senior portfolio manager at Gradient Investments.
Footprints on the track include 20 made by a large sauropod, a type of dinosaur that had a long trunk and tail and large, thick legs.
With other similarly large banks large banks like Chase starting their auto loan rates around 4%, Bank of America&aposs rates are beating out the rest.
Size:The Landon Carryall comes in five sizes: extra small (your purse), small (your commute), medium (the gym), large (travel), and extra-large (a lot of travel).
It has rapidly become a major factor in business decisions about overseas operations, generating large fees for law firms and large fines for the federal government.
At almost 16 years old, Facebook has matured into a large organization that is increasingly grappling with the law of large numbers and decelerating growth rates.
"By and large, the holiday season is the most expensive time to fly to destinations large and small, particularly to ones in the U.S," she said.
Sticking with economics, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell spoke on "the role of boards at large financial firms" at the Large-Bank Directors Conference in Chicago.
Intrigued by this hint of a potentially large black hole, astronomers used the Very Large Telescope and the Wendelstein Observatory to obtain data and new observations.
"Accellta's technology can deliver large quantities of high quality cells which can be an enabler for printing even large and complex tissues and organs," they said.
Bankia's banking earnings generation capacity is improving but remains modest given its asset mix, with a relatively large legacy bond portfolio and large retail mortgage book.
But making hydrogen from water by electrolysis, using renewable power, requires large amounts of electricity and the technology does not currently exist on a large scale.
With her children long gone, she sold her large house in Oakville, bought a relatively large condo in town and still banked a real estate windfall.
High levels of moisture and rainfall this year probably helped large numbers of ladybugs survive the winter, Cardé said, which would explain such a large swarm.
"India would have installed 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 without taking into account large hydro and 225 GW including large hydro," Kumar added.
They all mobilize large numbers of voters who extend beyond the traditional liberal base, including large number of working-class voters and middle Americans who want a democracy that is not dominated by large donors and special interests to whom politicians pay homage far too often.
Somali pirates just hijacked the first large ship since 240 Somali pirates just hijacked the first large ship since 220 Pirates have returned to the waters off the horn of Africa, with the hijacking of a large commercial vessel on the busy shipping route on Monday.
For candidates in border states with large Hispanic populations such as Arizona, a fundamental question is whether Latino voters will turn up in large numbers on Tuesday.
This year's submission also highlighted the bifurcation of banks under the Large Institution Supervision Coordination Committee, mainly G-SIB institutions, and other large but less-complex institutions.
Pippa, who owns a large monochrome version and a large navy one (retailing for $1,325 each), also has a tan version in their non-tech design ($940).
The ancient cemetery included a large stone-encircled platform measuring 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter above a large pit that was used to bury the dead.
Large seed dealers generally focus on selling large volumes to institutional clients, such as big aid agencies or the United Nations, rather than small farmers, she said.
Anthem's large presence within the Blue Cross provider network makes it more complicated to divest its plans in states that already overlap with large Blue Cross nonprofits.
Dangerous storms packing large hail and potential tornadoes were bearing down on large swaths of the country on Monday, with forecasters warning of a bumpy week ahead.
Britain also receives a large rebate from the EU, thus it pays lower membership fees per capita than other large or wealthy countries like France or Germany.
There are many overreaching regulations that impact farms, both large and small which ultimately affect the American public as both large and small farms feed our nation.
And for comparison, the authors also conducted large-scale surveys of Democratic and Republican-leaning donors, and of Democratic and Republican partisans in the public at large.
Inside of large enterprises, though, it's among the most popular cross-platform content management systems for marketing teams and those who have to manage large online stores.
A law aimed at preserving glaciers in the Andes, home to a large part of Argentina's mineral wealth, has also helped keep some large projects on ice.
To the right of the display is a large dial – well, a large button that looks like a dial that serves all your basic home button functionality.
As the research shows, large animals carry more viruses than small ones, and animals with large geographical ranges carry more viruses than species with highly localized habitats.
Anomali, which launched in 2013, currently has around 200 employees and 300 large enterprises subscribing customers including a large percentage of the Fortune 100, according to Njemanze.
S&P Global defines midcap stocks as generally being "quite dynamic and not so large that continued growth is unattainable," distinct from large- and small-cap companies.
So far, US military officials have seen no large group of ISIS fighters try to leave Mosul, nor have they seen a large influx of ISIS fighters.
Even in this age of large devices with equally large batteries, a single charge always seems to last only 99% as long as you need it to.
A fleet of cars including two large cadillacs and three suv's arrive at Tailor Swift's apartment in Tribecca to move a large suitcase from apartment to truck.
The service is aimed at mid-size to large businesses with companies as small as 300-500 employees or as large as one of the Fortune 10.
Still, some traders are worried about this stock-market rally as a large chunk of this year's gains have come from just five large-cap tech stocks.
Over the past three years, for instance, just 4.4 percent of large-cap growth managers have outperformed, while the number is 11.4 percent for large-cap value.
It's like a giant gerrymander where designers of state boundaries packed Democratic voters in a few large states and Republicans in a large number of smaller states.
Despite the excitement, blockchain has yet to be deployed in a large scale project by large companies, and skeptics have cautioned that its benefits may be overblown.
There is no single factor that explains the significant differences in health between rural and smaller metro, large suburban and large urban counties, according to the researchers.
"It's a market that is struggling with supplies of protein that are just large, and consumption domestically is not large enough to absorb it, yet," Roose said.
In 1994, Bill Clinton signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, a law restricting the manufacture of large-capacity magazines and a large range of semi-automatic firearms.
With additional funding, DOL could mount a large-scale, nationwide campaign to stop the exploitation of employees in industries known to hire large numbers of undocumented immigrants.
In her kitchen, she gestures at two large cardboard boxes: one containing a large stash of instant noodles and another with a trove of energized vitamin drinks.
Hungary, whose biggest trading partner outside the EU is the United States, enjoys large investment inflows thanks to a large manufacturing base, particularly in the auto sector.
Typically, gains and losses are taxable no matter how small because a large volume of small transactions can ultimately add up to a large amount of money.
SGX has taken measures to boost market liquidity and attract large IPOs but it has mostly become a large Asian centre for Real Estate Investment Trusts listings.
While large businesses with equally-large advertising budgets can afford to offset required disclaimers with alternative messaging, their smaller counterparts may not even have an advertising budget.
Bitcoin cash was also the best performing large-cap cryptocurrency in the last month, beating out other large-cap digital coins like ethereum, ripple and traditional bitcoin.
He renewed his pledge to ban large donations shortly before his 2014 re-election, but that didn't stop large donors from stocking his $30 million war chest.

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