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"its" Definitions
  1. belonging to or connected with a thing, an animal or a baby
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How to use its in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "its" and check conjugation/comparative form for "its". Mastering all the usages of "its" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Its richness, its strangeness, its beauty, its complication, its ridiculousness, its divisiveness, its allure, its very realness.
It serves as a reminder of the modesty of Fluxus at its best, its intimacy, its social nature and complex commitments, its inter-media nature, its openness, its inclusivity, its humor, its seriousness, its networks, its scales (musical and otherwise), its Ben Patterson-ness.
France has its boudin, South Korea its sundae, Germany its Blutwurst, Ireland its black pudding, Italy its sanguinaccio, and Spain its morcilla.
The harga has its rules by now, with its professionals, its seasons, its fees — and its success stories.
Chicago is overdue its deserved recognition for its remarkable architecture, its generosity of spirit, its amazing lakefront, its live theater, its love of politics (which may even transcend its love of sports).
Understand the company — its operations, its financials, its management structure, its business plan.
Iceland is famous for its scenery, its food, its music, and its people.
I appreciate its commitment to its overall look, its natural scowl, its penis-shaped horn, and its clumsy little body.
Its greatest strengths, though, are its two knockout leads, who give the story its heat, its flesh and its heartbreak.
Not its politics, not its politicians and certainly not its president, but its people.
Its authorship is debated, its syntax elaborate, its language awkward, its tonal shifts perplexing.
It has used its natural endowments, its institutions, its people, and its community to foster a new generation of its economy.
I've taste-tested its waffle fries, its Icedream frozen dessert, its Oreo milkshake, its classic chicken sandwich, and its chicken nuggets.
Every aspect of the book — its length, its language, its microscopic attention to detail, its apparent self-indulgence, its mass of notes — is aligned with its overarching subjects.
Each federal agency has its own budget, its own cybersecurity priorities, its own IT infrastructure, its own security requirements, its own CISO and, most importantly, its own culture.
It is famous for its beaches, its promenade, its iconic venues, and its stunning illuminations.
"Its departure would be a great loss, given its beauty, its associations and its history."
The United States, its institutions, its businesses, its military, its universities and its allies all benefit from a more literate and educated world.
Its economy is sliding; its debt is exploding; its population is aging; its workforce is shrinking; and its most successful citizens are leaving.
Journalism, by its nature, must necessarily be responsive to its audience, attuned to its interests, sensible to its tastes, alert to its evolution.
And America, its economy, its currency, its stock market would truly be brought to its knees.
It was more populous, its land mass greater, its streets grimier, its markets more international, its corporations huger, its classes more divided, its races still divided, its immigrants divided, and the narrative of the recent past tidied up.
Samsung announced its plans to launch its flagship at the event — bucking its recent trend of saving its big news for its own party.
The songs pondered 1980s America as both myth and presence: its landscape, its ideals of freedom and openness, its culture, its sensuality, its violence.
Google has abused its market dominance in its search engine by promoting its own shopping comparison site in its search results and demoting its competitors.
And everything about it — its themes, its form, its frame of reference and the desires of its characters — is of a scale with its length.
I love its spirit, its lack of pretence, its passion.
It reconfigures a society — its mores, its values, its relationships.
Its beauty is in its simplicity and its low cost.
Its hectic, its fun, its my party in the pyramids.
It embraces its eye bags, its bleached eyebrows, its weirdness.
Its agonies are tempered, its regrets hushed, its restraint powerful.
Confimed its strategy and its targets at its investor day.
The creative life, at its best, elucidates and thrives within pleasure: its absence, its expectation and its promise.
Almost everything anomalous about the place—its climate, its ecology, its history—is the result of its geology.
The building has had problems with its plumbing, its roof, its facade and its heating and cooling system.
AmerisourceBergen faces growing threats to its reputation and its financial health from its behavior – risks its investors share.
Its power owes nothing to weapons, funding and networks, and everything to its lightness, its agility, its undetectability.
It's a show with its own rhythm, its own meter, and its own story, its own story flow.
But in its depth, its longevity, and its complete commitment to immerse you in its world, it's better than all of its television and film peers.
And she had fallen in love with the area — its medieval half-timbered houses, its quiet waterways, its vineyard-covered hills, its art and its food.
Intel's plan rests on its ability to "stitch together" its CPUs, the processing brains, with its memory chips, its semi-customizable computing chips and its software offerings.
The departures include Uber's president, its head of PR, its head of engineering, its head of product, its head of mapping, and its Asia-Pacific regional chief.
Let us leave it with its hatreds and its armaments, to stew in its own juice, to fight out its own quarrels, and decree its own doom.
Think Apple promoting its own apps in its App Store, or Amazon highlighting its branded products on its marketplace.
Half the story lies in the mussel's intrinsic biology—its genes, its morphology, its nutritional preferences, its reproductive habits.
Yet in its new popularity, the oyster has lost something of its threat, its divisiveness and, therefore, its romance.
There is an undeniable elegance in its swinging limbs, its clockwork symmetry, its mechanical momentum, its choreography of balance.
Spence was represented by its head of school, its architect, a member of its communications team and its lawyer.
Not its image, nor its economic interests, not even its allies.
They're embracing its sentimentality, its innocence, and above all, its romance.
It makes that strain its story, its purpose, its emotional spine.
Through its educational program, its principles were disseminated outside its walls.
Jailing its citizens, its minds, its innovation capacities in four walls.
Its force, its felicity is in its reach toward the ineffable.
So have its attorney general, its treasurer and its former treasurer.
Its readership is vast, its satisfactions apparently limitless, its profitability incontestable.
Its force, its felicity, is in its reach toward the ineffable.
For its part, Apple's managed to duck responsibility for its own problems, like its abhorrent labor abuses and its schemes to avoid paying its fair share of taxes.
ISIS established Mosul as its capital in Iraq, and Raqqa as its capital in Syria, until U.S. forces stripped it of its bite, its capitals and its land.
Virginia elected its first openly transgender state legislator, its first two Latino women to its General Assembly, and its first Asian-American woman to its House of Delegates.
As the rocket climbs above them, its pace quickening, the roar of its engines speaks to its power as the sharp line of its exhaust illustrates its precision.
There's a lot that's glorious about this institution – its depth and breadth, its array of talent, its storied history, its worldwide presence, the overall quality of its journalism.
Between its timing, its heft, and its complexity, the whole is more than equal to the sum of its parts.
From this elemental urge to get together sprang all humankind—with its triumphs, its failures, its endeavours and its ingenuity.
The heads were completely formed—each one had its own brain, its own mouth, its own nostrils, its own tongue.
MobiKwik plans to spend its new cash to develop its services, increase its staff and ramp up its marketing efforts.
Under its proposal, BT would fund its investment and recover its costs by charging for access to its local networks.
Each piece has its own look and its own climate and steadfastly takes its pulse and phraseology from its score.
It has its own ZIP code, its own post office, its own police and fire departments, its own power station.
It carries its own cultural weight, its own worth, its own reality.
But it's still Star Trek in its idealism, its humor, its adventure.
Beyond its creamy and piquant flavor, its versatility is its greatest virtue.
Uber's relationship with its drivers could hit its image and its pockets.
Cinema helped develop political rhetoric, its prosody, its timbre, and its vocabulary.
Some of its best items, like its McMuffins, are also its oldest.
Grotesque in its stupidity, tragic in its context, hilarious in its execution.
Master of None wears its heart and its influences on its sleeve.
Its economy is shrinking, and mistrust divides its people from its leaders.
Its profits come from its market position — its brand, if you like.
I know France well, its reflexes, its internal reactions, its multiple facets.
But its standout feature is its ability to empty its own bin.
Its culture is provincial, its theater hidebound and its worldview small-minded.
Its existential dilemma is inscribed in its foundation, or rather its founder.
But in its home base, its actions risk destroying its domestic standing.
It's golf at its most simple, its most pure, its most magnificent.
It's golf at its most simple, its most pure, its most magnificent.
America — with its decaying infrastructure, its third-world public transit, its shrinking labor market, its evaporating middle class, its expanding gulf between rich and poor, its heartless health insurance system, its mindless indifference to a dying ecology, its predatory credit agencies, its looming Social Security collapse, its interminable war, its metastasizing national debt and all the social pathologies that gave it a degenerate imbecile and child-abducting sadist as its president — remains the only developed economy in the world that believes it wrong to use civic wealth for civic goods.
The company has also lost many high-level staffers, including its communications lead, its content lead, its head of engineering, its head of business and its head of marketing.
Almost every aspect of the Ghost Ship -- its existence, its design, its crowd capacity, its fire (or, actually, lack of) protocols, its materials -- was one regulatory violation after another.
As "Scandal" heads toward its finale, Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator, and three of its stars discuss its craziest twists, its nuanced handling of racial issues and its legacy.
For the week or so that follows feeding, its body turns into an engine of digestion: Its intestine thickens; its liver and kidneys nearly double in mass; its insulin level shoots up; its temperature increases by six degrees Fahrenheit; its pulse triples; and its metabolism jumps.
Every title has its place, and its space to make an impression, whatever its budget and however sizable its development team.
Vice Media will refocus around its TV production unit, its international news team, its digital properties, and its original TV content.
Everything Amini was, and everything she did, was tied to her country—its complexities, its language, its terrors, and its splendors.
Bolstering its product suite can help Brex deepen its relationship with its clients and reap more revenue from its user base.
By this, he means that the cosmos is just naturally so, what with its radiation, its frigidity, its vacuum, its void.
Its gross profit margin — the portion of its revenue left over after accounting for its direct costs of offering its products and services — was 56% of its sales last year.
Science ____ As "Scandal" heads toward its finale, Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator, and three of its stars discuss its craziest twists, its nuanced handling of racial issues and its legacy.
Britain — renowned for its pragmatism, its common sense, its political stability and its unabashed devotion to small business ("a nation of shopkeepers") — has become nearly unrecognizable to its European allies.
"The continuity of the company and its ability to honour its obligations depends on its ability to obtain a new agreement" on its finances, Jabal Omar said in its statement.
France is a paradoxical country: It was a republic before its time, but it remains a monarchy after its time, in its mores, its practices and its vision of power.
LONDON — The British bank Barclays said on Tuesday that it planned to cut its stake in its African business, slash its dividend and focus its strategy around two divisions: its British consumer bank and its corporate and investment bank.
We were working with allies to deepen sanctions on Iran for its involvement in Yemen, its transfer of weapons to Hezbollah and its actions in Syria, its human rights violations, its threats against Israel and its ballistic missile program.
Its combination of old and new aesthetics makes its distinctive from its progenitor.
Each side had its own bakery, its own bars, its own sports clubs.
And divorce is its own job, with its course of study, its manuals.
"China can manage its economy, manage its entry to its economy," he said.
Each league had its own teams, its own champions, its own specific mores.
Mercedes had its SLR McLaren, Porsche its Carrera GT, and Lamborghini its Gallardo.
Its efforts to rebuild its reputation coincided with a boom in its business.
But without confidence in its security, its users, and its power, could vanish.
Its observations are crisp; its intimations of doom resonate; its jokes are funny.
"Its facade is climbable, its roof is hikeable, and its slopes are skiable."
A ring's power inheres in its simplicity, its symmetrical beauty, its broad symbolism.
It had its crew, its spaces, its blinding sun and yawning shadows style.
She could take in its breeze, its smell, its changing colors and moods.
Its observations are crisp; its jokes are funny; its intimations of doom resonate.
Its methods were secret; its targets were largely secret; its results were opaque.
Every country lives by its tribes and its myths and its past glories.
Its vulnerability was its strength, the brash openness of its raw, nervy weirdness.
It probably captured its prey by flapping its graspy bits toward one another, forcing its helpless victims into its anus-shaped mouth.
Each section is distinct with its own signage, its own lighting, its own color scheme, and its own idiosyncrasies for frustrating riders.
The site also has its own front page, its own app, its own topic sections, and its own Reddit-like upvoting system.
Facebook fell below its offer price during its first week, and Snap traded well below its opening price in its first week.
So the party became defined by what was left: its resentments and suspicions, its antagonisms and obsessions, its anger and its differences.
Its young lovers are lovely, its fools foolish, its Caliban reptilian and its Ariel, complete with a Bride of Frankenstein wig, otherworldly.
The 2025 initiative involves changes to both its upstream operations, like its farming practices, and its downstream operations, like its manufacturing process.
A society that kept its hands clasped behind its back or plunged in its pockets was suddenly throwing its arms around people.
Bubis, but with a twist: How much can we know about any life, beyond its metaphors—its myths, its storytelling, its lies?
Gold's catalogue charts the arc of studio film from its golden age to its decline to its resurgence to its suffocating omnipresence.
This stand-up test is one of many the rover is undergoing, including testing its nuclear-powered engine, its ability to move its wheels, its sensor arrays and its navigation systems.
It's often hard to disentangle its philanthropic work from its fundraising activities, Bill's work on its behalf from Hillary's political ambitions, and some of its shadier figures from its noble ambitions.
It was just as rebellious, only it rebelled against punk itself: its nihilism, its bad-boy pose, its mockery of melody, its belittling of sentimentality, and above all, its self-seriousness.
Not just its mythology or its made-up science or its comic-book inspirations, but the mundane everyday reality of it, from its from its popular culture (full of superheroes) to its role models (still more superheroes) to its overall mood (still reeling from disaster, but eager to move on).
Rail fans are a phenomenon wherever there are locomotives, but the city's subway system has its own ardent followers who study its maps and its tunnels, its history and its rail yards.
You can learn so much about a place—its geography, its people, its foibles, its saving graces, really, its personality—by simply fucking up every aspect of trying to ride a bus.
This experimental desert community very much has its own hierarchies, its own social capital, its own parasites, its own textbook full of unwritten rules, its own perfectly acceptable (indeed, proudly championed) logos.
But the rest of the world knows little about the region and its cuisine: its gold-green olive oil, its rich red wines, its diverse grains and its unmatched artistry in salumi.
"The Turkish nation has many times shown that if its independence and its future was at risk, it would put forward its life, its property and all its wealth," Mr. Erdogan said.
There's a purpose for the animal, and it's really clear: We want its meat or its milk or its fur or its labor.
Further clouding its future to survive on its own, Papa John's lenders cut its credit lines and raised its borrowing rates last month.
If you want to empower yourself, we must first empower the Earth to reclaim its habitats, its waters, its plants, and its animals.
These days Russia's elite can pass on its possessions to its children, but its wealth and its physical safety depend on Mr Putin.
It's a classic social democratic approach: ambitious in its goals, egalitarian in its effects, flexible in its means, well-run in its execution.
Critics praised its deliberate, economical spareness; its light, almost pointillist aspect; its sense of wit and play; and its almost palpable emotional clarity.
When it is picked up, it covers its eyes with its forefeet to protect its face until predators taste its bitter skin secretions.
The company has also sought outside funding for several of its subdivisions, including its health division, its finance division, and its logistics division.
Will America close off its borders, its jobs, its schools, and its general openness to the world to stay pure, old-fashioned human?
"Its territory is shrinking every day, its leaders are being decimated, its revenue resources are dwindling, and its fighters are fleeing," he said.
Its strength has been attained through its citizens' desire for a homeland, its educational and intellectual competence and the blood of its defenders.
Its fins flare, its mouth gapes and its body spasms as the metal filament proceeds along the length of its spine, destroying nerves.
For its part, Netflix views its ad testing as an extension of its goal to personalize TV and film recommendations for its users.
What would we give, he asks, to have a museum that integrated its art and its history with its people and its morals?
Qualcomm said in its statement its board would meet to determine its next steps.
From its very inception, IS has built its legend through its robust propaganda arm.
Its also hiring in its three locations, New York (its HQ), Austin, and Denver.
"It had its ups and downs, its positives and its tremendous negatives," she said.
It reduced its budget deficit, cleaned up its banks and freed its labour market.
The Navy is proud of that ship, its crew, its namesake and its heritage.
Folks are praising its excellent woman-centered cast, its hilarity, and its feminist message.
Now its bars lie empty, its houses stand shuttered and nobody walks its streets.
He identifies with the animal for its tenaciousness, its determination to protect its turf.
Notions aside, I like Glück's writing for its sensuality, its generosity, and its enthusiasm.
Neighbors 2 is most appealing in its agnosticism about its empathy and its humor.
Indeed, China made clear its intention to push its influence beyond its familiar sphere.
And everybody was connected to its beat, its thrust and, most important, its optimism.
Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results.
The stakes were high in Britain for its security, its laws and its lifestyles.
That will include some of its office products, its cloud technology and its tablets.
I loved New York City, with its aggression and its warmth and its volatility.
The department should also do its best to clarify its mission to its personnel.
We know it by its verbal vibration, by its presence, by its sheer runcibleness.
America's first loyalty is to its own workers, its own culture, its own citizens.
Would they be ready for its wistful piano, its acoustic guitars, its longing vocals?
Its propaganda, its interactive maps and its cartoonish infographics are all out of touch.
A subjugated group, taking its destiny into its hands, valiantly rebels against its oppressors.
Despite its difficulties, Juul continued to expand its product line and its international reach.
Its form honors the spirit of its subject matter — and its subjects, who matter.
MELBOURNE, Australia — New York has its pizza, Paris its baguettes, Tokyo its ramen bars.
Economists cite its faltering productivity, its made-up statistics and its giant debt bomb.
Even its main local event to celebrate its community feels different than its neighbors.
The team features both its models and its cheerleaders in its annual cheerleaders calendar.
Now its clout more closely reflects its relatively small population, and its geographical remoteness.
Its population size is 6900,2628 in its headquarters, but its tentacles reach 28503 nations.
It was lambasted for its lack of diversity in its first season, and has been both praised and condemned by feminists for its sex scenes, its attitude toward abortion and its portrayal of many of its characters as self-interested and spoiled.
Instead, they should be debating how they each are going to do the best job undoing and repairing all the damage being inflicted on our country — its environment, its foreign policy, its moral standing, its military, its economy, its public discourse, etc.
Only a tiny fraction of its retail sales — its Kindle e-reader, its Echo home control center, the audio books published by its Audible subsidiary, its Amazon Original videos — are exclusive to Amazon.
The UTV Group, founded in 1990, gave the country its first reality show, its first talk show, its first daily soap opera, its first home shopping network and its first channel for children.
Last summer, I took a trip to the Southwest, a part of the country known for the bold reds of its adobe buildings, its mesas, its sunsets, its sands and cliffs, its everything.
We've covered its drafting, its passage, its Supreme Court challenges, its implementation — and now with the election of Donald Trump, we may be on the cusp of covering its repeal and possible replacement.
Therefore, the Union's overall objective in these negotiations will be to preserve its interests, those of its Member States, its citizens and its businesses.
Its Shia proxy armies, aided by the Quds force, its own overseas special-forces unit, have extended its hard power far beyond its borders.
On its Yelp page, dozens of reviewers gave the restaurant props for its breakfast menu, for its fresh ingredients, and for its cheerful decor.
While the book can stand on its own, it depends on its intertextual relationship to its source material to reach its full emotional resonance.
The president assails the FBI because he resents or fears the Bureau's independence, its fairness, its professionalism, its competence, and above all its values.
This, plus its overall widening footprint, have led to a growing portion of its revenues coming from its platform, not its low-margin players.
Liberalism was rejected for its promotion of individualism and individual rights, its emphasis on reason and rationality, its acceptance of pluralism, and its cosmopolitanism.
Siemens raised its earnings forecasts on Tuesday after its industrial business profit jumped in its fiscal first quarter, lifted by its factory automation unit.
Petal makes its money on the interest its customers pay and the transaction charges it receives from vendors when its customers use its card.
With its paneled walls, its muffled skylights, its comfortable leather sofas and its large Persian rug, the room invites one to sit and rest.
Concho has long stood out among its peers for its ability to fund its capital spending program with cash generated from its business operations.
The film's enthusiasm about its subject and its ability to make you care about its characters help even out the bumps in its path.
But it was striking that the company couldn't protect its own employees on its site — a sign of its difficulty moderating its own platform.
The franchise has undergone upheaval since then, changing its name (to the Miami Marlins), its ballpark, its ownership and — over and over — its roster.
Now, though, in captivity, she visits that shack with its swans and its feasts, its lovemaking, its art that never existed, over and over.
Goldman Sachs is reorganizing its businesses to more closely resemble its Wall Street peers and give its nascent retail banking operations its own category.
The group would also work to improve its cost competitiveness further, recharge its sales performance and demonstrate its value to its customers, he said.
The week Albertsons was supposed to price its IPO, Walmart lowered its earnings forecast, dragging its stock valuation and those of its peers lower.
And Kim Jong Un's regime cares more about its nuclear and missiles programs than it does its growing its economy and feeding its people.
Instead, I was taken by its divergences: the openness of many of its areas, its optimistic attitude, the ease and joy of its… platforming?
That genre produced its own stars, its own writers and directors, even its own franchises.
Amazon gets to flex its muscles over its competition and juice its quarterly sales numbers.
Despite its small engine, its towing capacity is as large as its exterior: 7,500 pounds.
Axios spoke with Foley via phone about Peloton, its finances, its competition and its future.
The company doesn't disclose its subscriber numbers, but its app is further behind its rivals.
The film dazzles with its gusto and its formal daring, and intrigues with its postmodernism.
EU exceeded its spending limit and failed to declare its funding and its spending correctly.
Its harmonies are rich, its stories are compelling, its humor is bleak but still present.
Until recently Nespresso only sold its products in its own shops and through its website.
Armenia, for its part, appreciates Russia's support in its ongoing struggle with its neighbor, Azerbaijan.
This included the computer's enclosure, its hard drive, its RAM and its graphics processing unit.
But with its State Department understaffed and its president widely distrusted, its lobbying effort failed.
It left me dizzy from its audacity, its delight, and its occasional lack of taste.
Its bitterest foe, America, is also its biggest customer, buying a third of its exports.
The fish's evolutionary history and its appearance revealed that its venom evolved after its teeth.
She adores Los Angeles, but she doesn't know it—its roads, its shapes, its people.
It's exciting more in its sheer ambition and its distinctiveness than in its actual action.
SWITZERLAND IS KNOWN for its delicious chocolate, its luxury watches—and its lightly taxed multinationals.
Its stock has lost about a quarter of its value since its most recent high.
Its net debts are 2.6 times its gross operating profits, again excluding its financial arm.
Much of the music was bleak, its synthesisers industrial, its guitars angry, its words disturbing.
Its characters are rich, its conflicts are gripping, and its stakes couldn't get much higher.
I wanted to immerse myself in the jungle—in its colors, its myths, its legends.
Its biggest strength remains its well-known brand, and its central place in users' lives.
Freudian is Daniel taking claim of the physical realm: its pleasures, its droughts, its famines.
Sony really loves its PlayStation wordmark, its PlayStation "PS" logo, and its special PlayStation font.
Its physical footprint has expanded exponentially recently, but so has its sales—and its stock.
In its nightmares China will eat its lunch and New Zealand will provide its milk.
Not like the new computer system, with its plastic, its bytes and its invisible cloud.
Its budget remains intact, its enforcement robust, and its rules have avoided nullification from Congress.
So Americans know the Valley primarily through its advertising, its self-promotion and its products.
The film cracks open stereotypes and wears its empathy and its artistry on its sleeve.
By then, WrkRiot had shut down its website, its Facebook page and its Twitter account.
WeWork, for its part, has pulled its S-1 and has indefinitely shelved its IPO.
Its economy is hardly a first-class performer for its citizens due to its weakness.
Three years later, Hellman & Friedman exited its investment, distributing its LPL holdings to its investors.
Its origins are obscure, its purpose is unclear, and its meaning is hotly, viciously contested.
And it's bringing its snow and its seasonal depression and its Netflix and binge eating.
Every generation creates its own path, creates its own methods to get its message across.
Tourette's obeys its own schedule, obeys its own course and obeys its own relentless drive.
Its power is in its simplicity, and in the vividly average Americanness of its characters.
None of its competitors match its pace of innovation and its wide cross-platform functionality.
But what's going on now is different — in its particulars, its context and its implications.
The Spanish government is fully within its rights to defend its unity and its constitution.
Its revenue is sixfold that of Evernote and its staff is nine times its size.
So far Iran has limited its threats to its uranium stockpile and its enrichment level.
Its mythical status kept growing, along with its ability to garner love despite its ridiculousness.
He is its top executive, its visionary founder and, most of all, its controlling shareholder.
Yet Sundance has always had its up and down years, its hits and its misses.
Baristas are bullish on its creamy-yet-neutral taste, its foamability and its ecological cred.
Or its missiles, its stockpiles of VX and other nerve agents or its biological weapons.
However, in China, its shipments surged as it turned its attention to its home market.
We know its structures: its rules, its contexts and, quite crucially, what a season is.
Real Madrid's title was its 22015th, extending its record, and its third in four years.
But North Carolina looked forward, diversifying its economy, improving its schools and helping its poor.
Its impulses were his impulses; its appetites were his appetites; its mentality was his mentality.
Each gallery has its own character, distinct from its neighbors; its own jolts and disruptions.
During its earnings call, AMD said, however, that its still prioritizing its core gaming market.
Celery's popularity grew with its availability, until its success undercut its cachet: Celery became commonplace.
And that it keeps its store concept fresh, its customers satisfied and its investors believers.
In its Christmas trading update, Next said its central guidance for its year to Jan.
China continues to rebuild and modernize its military, and expand its influence beyond its borders.
Samsung is also putting its Bixby voice assistant -- already in its smartphones -- into its appliances.
Kraft Heinz said its 240 performance did not reflect either its progress or its potential.
In its insularity, and its strangeness, and its fledgling-ness, there's a very appealing purity.
Its a movie that lets its politics be defined in opposition to its external critics.
That's how our culture builds its tribes and its groups and, now, its political protests.
PREPA — with its historic resistance to transparency, its record of financial recklessness, its years of operational failures, its deep-seated hostility to professional planning standards and renewable energy — must be jarred from its complacence.
Appaloosa Management (via Bloomberg) • Tripled its stake in Apple • Almost doubled its holding of Facebook Elliott Management (via Bloomberg) • Pared its stake in Alcoa by almost two-thirds Soros Fund Management • Sold its stake in Alcoa Paulson & Co. • Maintained its stake in SPDR Gold Shares Moore Capital Management • Added to its Apple stake Tiger Global Management • Increased its Facebook stake • Lowered its stake in Netflix Lone Pine Capital • Added to its Amazon wager.
Even though its channels don't air Christmas movies 21998 days in a row, its Christmastime strategy is gradually colonizing the rest of its calendar, from its Winterfest in January to its countdown to Valentine's Day in February to its Harvest Festival month in the fall.
Its redesigned women's pants assortment, which categorizes its styles by feel, and its growth in its menswear business were two key drivers behind that increase.
With its outstanding camera, the Pixel could justify its premium price and its owners could forgive its shortcomings as a (sort of) first-generation device.
For Snap, the new features are its latest move to expand its AR tech and turn more of its creation tools over to its users.
I&aposm constantly trying to learn about it – to absorb the stories of America&aposs founding, its struggles, its character, its triumphs and its faults.
But for decades, the firm has served as its legal alter ego, its sword and shield in lawsuits, its policy adviser, and its legislative advocate.
Whereas my sound has its own depth in its own right, and it's colliding with something that has its own depth in its own right.
By taking this step, Waymo can control the development of its hardware hand-in-hand with its software, putting its future in its own hands.
Its genesis as a bug tracker, and its resulting use of "tickets" as its fundamental, defining unit, have made its maps especially difficult to follow.
Its IP business contributed to less than 15% of its total EBITDA, leaving the company reliant on its homebuilding operation to support its IP expansion.
Saudi oil revenues have historically funded its social spending, a critical aspect of its pact to provide for its citizens and its large royal family.
North Korea, too, appears to be going through with its pre-summit preparations despite its declarations, including its promise to dismantle its nuclear testing facility.
Its political allegiance to a weakening West, its internal divisions, its attractive assets and its market of 500 million consumers make it an ideal target.
To attract its victim, the glow worm illuminates its net of reflective drops by turning on its bioluminescent tail and shuttling through its mucus tube.
I wrote yesterday about the state's argument that it has standing through its proprietary interest in protecting its tax base and its state universities and its quasi-sovereign interest in the rights of its residents.
"This is an opportunity for us to open a window for many countries to see Israel, its views, its history, its aerial capabilities, its military capabilities, and the high quality of its people," Norkin said.
For a novel that leans so heavily on its setting, "Tangerine" rarely succeeds at evoking more of Tangier than its heat, its humidity (or dust), its "confined and chaotic streets," and its sweet mint tea.
Its primary purpose, however, is to allow the municipality to recover from its mistakes and factors beyond its control and keep its first and utmost promise – to provide essential services to its residents and businesses.
Samsung will be showing more of its plans (and hopefully its device) at its keynote today.
Its competitor has its own drone effort, Project Titan, incubating under its Access and Energy division.
New York remains predictable in its rhythm, its stenches, in its brilliant ability to be unpredictable.
Razer designs its own switches for a lot of its peripherals (including many of its keyboards).
He celebrated its victories, sought to advocate for its needs and worked to heal its wounds.
In its first quarter under Brett, the company reduced its expenses and expanded its gross margin.
But its investment strategy stands out among its tech peers for both its scale and style.
Its debt load and fees equaled nearly half its sales, according to its 2016 annual report.
It loves its characters, its music, its emotions, and it wants you to love them too.
Stranger Things has always worn its heart on its sleeve and flown its nerd flag high.
"Mumbai began as a fishing village - this is its culture, its history, its tradition," said Tapke.
Its AI is capable of writing its own code to accomplish tasks its never done before.
America's use of its new weapons simultaneously demonstrates its power and will hasten its relative decline.
Its huge bet on diesel engines and its poor handling of its Chinese dealers were not.
The company is trying to improve its operations, but its investments are weighing on its profits.
Most went to Poland, attracted by its proximity, its cultural-linguistic similarities and its booming economy.
The two most important things on its map are its home base and its toy block.
By taking its case to its readers, The Post is hoping to avoid its rival's fate.
The organization has changed its philosophy dramatically—its internal philosophy, not just its external stated philosophy.
When it closed its Russian office, Airbnb also consolidated its Copenhagen office with its U.K. business.
He is tied into the party's think tanks, its funders, its advocacy organizations, its interest groups.
For its part, the SEC has its argument laid out in the statement of its charges.
Its premise might have felt more novel, its insights more trenchant, its smugness easier to stomach.
Its main use of cash is investing in its wireless network and growing its fiber footprint.
In an increasingly homogenized world, Appalachia remains truly distinctive—in its culture, its idioms, its struggles.
Far from burying its arbitration clause in its employment contracts, WeWork is proud of its policy.
The pastor's prayer was ad-libbed, and its length, its detail, and its earnestness surprised Oghi.
Showing its confidence in its future, however, Exxon Mobil raised its dividend slightly the next day.
He will oversee its political engagement, including its state grassroots operations and its political action committee.
"Critical Role" smashed through its initial monetary goal and its initial "stretch goals" to its backers.
Its true test will only come when its reach gets broader and its prices get higher.
For its contrasting architecture, its light, the looming danger around every corner and its introspective quality.
It has to fix its products, its business model, how it keeps and motivates its employees.
Snapchat is changing its name to Snap and expanding its horizons beyond its core messaging app.
They're conduits that allow us to celebrate its victory, mourn its losses and mull its effects.
Its assets, including its name and its logo, were purchased by an industry rival, American Airlines.
Its success today is a product of its deliberately becoming the apotheosis of its former self.
China explains its detention camps, Saudi Arabia looks to shift its narrative, Indonesia surveys its shortcomings.
In many respects its economy, its social outlook and its political preconceptions will be completely transformed.
In its early days, Amazon defended its right to sell any book, no matter its content.
Each hires its own staff, rents its own space, buys its own computers, and so on.
Its credibility-straining elements are not its academic theories, but its more conventional contrivances of plot.
China will take note, bide its time and steadily press its territorial claims against its neighbours.
Its dialogue is lamentably awkward, its lyrics oversimple, while its songs are pleasant without being distinctive.
The infrastructure services provider suspended its dividend and announced its intention to sell its technology business.
Its crowning glory is its distinctive cratered appearance — its surface it dotted with scores of holes.
Each game is its own entity, has its own circumstances and takes on its own personality.
Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, but its neighbor does not recognize its sovereignty.
The impenetrability of autism, with its seemingly endless variants and its essential "otherness," is its hallmark.
First Utility also announced a reshuffle of its board following its decision to postpone its IPO.
The troubling power of this work isn't its distance from its author but its stifling proximity.
Malta, from its weather and its food to its history and culture, is quintessential Mediterranean Europe.
To defend its competitiveness, analysts say, Germany needs to invest in its infrastructure and its workers.
Vice has lost its swagger amid its sexual harassment scandals and its readership is in decline.
Its subject is climate change, and its method is scientific, but its mode is Old Testament.
"But also overly tidy, clean and decorous, despite its tortured flesh, its mud and its blood."
Until recently, to keep its operations secret, Rivian did not display its name on its buildings.
He praised the paper for its courage, its objectivity and its ability to be self-critical.
How much is Quartz making from its free site, plus its popular newsletter, plus its conferences?
But that's not what makes it great — its cast, its story, and its heart do that.
The cone snail is constantly regrowing its radulae, meaning its rarely without its deadly harpoon teeth.
The castle has fully embraced its celebrity, emblazoning its 2016 events program with its malformed mug.
Spotify has accused Apple of dragging its feet on updates to its apps and deliberately doing to so impacts its ability to distribute its service effectively.
Apple, of course, has done so for years: it makes its own chips, its own software, its own hardware, and its own services, to great effect.
SFL's rating also reflects its standalone credit profile, its higher capitalisation levels compared with its peers amid modest loan growth, and its improved asset-quality metrics.
The first Guardians got a lot of affection for its cheeky humor, its wacky world-building, its rollicking rock soundtrack, and its unusually broad color palette.
But before its final hurrah, it will have given us fresh insight into the nature of the solar system, its birth, its evolution, and its future.
It has purged its chief executive and the head of its retail bank, clawed back executive bonuses, transformed its board and simplified its formerly decentralised structure.
With the new funding, Kidbox aims to further invest in its technology foundation, its data science teams, its own labels, its customer acquisition strategy and marketing.
Its e-commerce side now makes money, but its most profitable arm is its cloud-computing business, which last year earned 74% of its operating income.
Zumiez does say its overall business continues to underperform its expectations, and it is focusing on managing its expense structure and executing its long-term plan.
It is its most important store, where it showcases its best products, reaches some of its most loyal shoppers and does nearly half of its sales.
Apple closed off its presentation by underscoring its emphasis on security with its use of end-to-end encryption "by default" on all its messaging apps.
Its institutional leaders are too weak to battle its crises; its heads of government see little advantage in defending its achievements and are plagued by disagreements.
This makes its administrators accountable not only to its donors, its alumni, and its students—as all college administrations are—but to the national political leadership.
In its request, the firm argued that it had drastically reduced its assets, as well as its short-term funding, and had significantly simplified its operations.
Alibaba ducked below its IPO price 233 days after its stock market debut while Facebook dipped below its IPO price in its second day of trading.
Alibaba slipped under its IPO price 233 days after its stock market debut while Facebook dipped below its IPO price in its second day of trading.
Surely this is another Miami's façade: its sexualization extends to its wetness, heat, the ascribed beauty of its inhabitants, the gross fetishization of its ethnic populations.
Old media could be held to account for its cozy relationships, its disclosure failures, its hiring practices and its blinkered or slanted coverage — real or perceived.
This "Doctor Who" feels like a lot of other TV shows, not just in its writing but in its pacing, its cinematography, its use of music.
This is not a team afraid of its own power, a team unwilling to speak its mind, a team unsure of its place or its role.
The film shows us that perspective by showing us their home, its people, its culture, its economy — and how all of those things define its inhabitants.
Congress should be judged not by the volume of its output but by its representation of the public's views and its defense of its institutional authority.
He wants the United States to pull back from its alliances and let its partners fend for themselves, and devote its money to its domestic needs.
To see how much an app is eating, tap its name in the list to see its total use, its foreground use and its background use.
Expanding its services into new markets helps Prospa diversify its revenue, and by staying close to its home market it can still tap its existing resources.
And WeWork was unable to complete its offering, despite repeatedly lowering its valuation, as investors pushed back against its losses and questionable transactions involving its CEO.
The governor often speaks in larger Socratic lectures about how the country has lost its way in terms of its values, its media and its politics.
If Qatar doesn't change its approach, then it "needs to understand that it's on its own, and it has to sort of deal and run its economy and run its country on its own," Gargash said.
Its defeat in Raqqa mirrors its collapse across Iraq and Syria, where its enemies have driven it from cities, killed its leaders in air strikes and regained the oil fields that funded its self-declared caliphate.
Let's review: Since the casting was announced, it has lost its original Tosca (Kristine Opolais), its original Cavaradossi (Jonas Kaufmann), its original Scarpia (Bryn Terfel), its original conductor (Andris Nelsons) and its replacement conductor (James Levine).
G.M. must fund its investment plans by cutting back in other parts of its business because its costs are rising while its sales are declining in both of its major markets: the United States and China.
Its financing, its management practices, its geography, and most of all its ideology of invention and meritocracy made it appear—to its promoters—the opposite of the slow-moving bureaucratic corporations of the Northeast and Midwest.
She writes: In Icons in Ash I want to reintegrate life and death: to touch death, work with death, to be an artist of and for death, to let it speak in its mundanity, its grandeur, its familiarity and its mystery, its uniqueness and its universality, to redeem it from oblivion, to give it its own life again.
Its raison d'etre is "floundering" and a cut in its resources, threatened by the United States, which pays 22 percent of its budget and 30 percent of its peacekeeping costs, may focus its attention on needed reforms.
Facebook claims its integration partnerships "differed significantly" from third-party app developers' use of its published APIs to build apps for consumers on its developer platform — because its staff were approving the applications its partners could build.
The investment also comes months after Uber sold its China operations to Didi — a move many of its international competitors took to mean Uber might refocus its efforts and its newfound resources on its other important regions.
What everyone cherishes about Paris — its people, its museums, its energy, and its tremendous beauty — can only survive for so long without the support of curious travelers.
With its free-to-play mode, its battle pass subscription service, and the near-constant changes to its map and its game modes, Fortnite exploded in popularity.
Sodexo's success and performance are founded on its independence, its sustainable business model and its ability to continuously develop and engage its 420,000 employees throughout the world.
Deutsche Bank blames its relatively poor showing on the ongoing cut-backs in its U.S. business and its efforts to reduce its presence in riskier asset classes.
" She compares its softness to "brain tissue," its elasticity to a "bungee cord," and its behavior on impact with its prey to "shock absorbers on a car.
This is the first time Facebook has released its numbers related to its enforcement efforts, and follows its recent publication of its internal guidelines three weeks ago.
Like its competitors — and especially AWS — Microsoft has long allowed its Azure users to import data to its cloud by shipping hard drives to its data centers.
In its 210 White Paper on defense, China said its navy would gradually shift its focus from defending its offshore waters to operations in the open seas.
It can't honor its female characters or its world-building or its internal logic while it wriggles around those details in order to make its big statement.
"And also help China improve its food security by being able to produce its entire meat supply with its own farmers on its own land," he added.
Its domestic market is now too large, its technology too advanced, its overseas friends too numerous and its military too strong to be cowed by economic bullying.
However, Tahrir al-Sham also said in its statement, issued via its social media channels, that it would not end its jihad or hand over its weapons.
Facebook announced its plans for its F8 annual developer conference, which is where the company shows off its latest technology, apps and its vision for the future.
Its eyes were connected dumbbell-style by a lateral bar, its elongated snout dangled loosely from its head, and it sported porthole-like gills along its flank.
In 2012, Pancho's Mexican Buffet shut down almost all of its 40 locations, its corporate offices, its website, and all of its phone lines without any explanation.
A government founded upon justice requires a cleareyed and unflinching reckoning with its own history, its sorrows and atrocities no less than its glories and its triumphs.
Turbulence in the region would create new threats to its economy, its security, even its relations with its key partners — the United States and the European Union.
Sleep is becoming more elusive and less reliable as the pandemic—its uncertainty, its isolation, its possible death toll, its mass layoffs—turns my dreams into nightmares.
Its bona fides include the Toronto Book Award, bestowed upon its original publication almost 40 years ago, and its reissue now, anointed a classic by its publisher.
Its sales increased by 50% in 2019, and that growth and investors' hopes for its future performance has lifted its shares well past many of its competitors.
Those debtholders must be convinced that Sears is worth more than the value of its assets — namely its real estate and its brands — despite its constant losses.
The strategy has helped Google boost its profits and its stock price and fatten its bank accounts.
From its 2016 peak to its 2018 trough, Molson Coors' stock lost roughly half of its value.
And she did — everything from its ingredients to its audience drastically differs from its super-feminine predecessors.
Watch, on TV - the myth of dangerReassembled with its ugly biting Heads, its wings, its invisible creep.
Its characters, its world, and at least the skeleton of its plot live in the fictional universe.
It allows the company to flex its muscles over its competition and boost its quarterly sales numbers.
It lacked only its feet, most its claws, and part of its tail, according to the paper.
Where Pet Sematary wears its "Monkey's Paw" influences on its sleeve, Us reveals its own only eventually.
Detective Pikachu might have its flaws, but its depiction of pokémon is one of its biggest strengths.
Its ambition for SLBMs expresses its desire for a second-strike capability to enhance its nuclear deterrence.
The company shut down its plants, sold off its furnaces and announced plans to settle its debt.
It extends its muzzle, sniffing and finally opening its mouth to show the chisel of its teeth.
Same goes for Google and its Pixels, LG and its G6, and Apple and its iPhone 7.
Dropbox may have found its feet in its efforts to broaden its tools beyond simple cloud storage.
The startup registers about half of its sales through its website and half through its mobile app.
He found it charming, with its mismatched furniture, its multicolored walls, its unused bottles of discounted wine.
Its projected benefits, over its first 313 years of operation, were several times greater than its costs.
SINGAPORE owes its existence, and its prosperity, to its place at the heart of intra-Asian trade.
Its skies, its streets, its rivers and coasts will remain dangerously dirty until they receive similar attention.
Just like its dating apps, its media and its bars, the gay community's porn is pretty racist.
Pinterest, for its part, has priced its shares above its planned range, per The Wall Street Journal.
The bank added it had mandated its lawyers to defend its reputation and that of its customers.
And considering its $2593, down from its listed $778 price, its definitely a sale to jump on.
Italy has sped up its initial reviews, but its appeals process runs through its ponderously slow courts.
This seems, at heart, contradictory to a country known for its sounds, its smells, its churning biomass.
While Fiber hasn't shared its subscriber numbers, its broadband business is likely outpacing its pay TV rate.
I love its overlay of rhythms, its irresistible but seemingly changing pulse, its element of soaring release.
Eighth, is GE sure that its industrial balance-sheet accurately measures its capital employed and its liabilities?
Thus China's backers will highlight its shortcomings even as its critics, like Mr Malpass, tout its accomplishments.
Its CEO, Thomas von Koch, wants to strengthen its balance sheet to support its global growth ambitions.
Literary criticism has been routinely lambasted for its niceness, its lack of intellectual rigor, and its mediocrity.
Pinterest also priced its IPO on Monday, though its range is below its last private funding valuation.
Its geothermal energy plants provide Nairobi with cheap electricity; its lakes provide water and its farms food.
The company sells its wares almost exclusively through its own website and its New York City showroom.
The opposition party works to promote its philosophy, defeat its opponents in power and elect its own.
Apple has been working on moving its sales focus from its hardware to its service-based products.
Updating its forecasts in its quarterly economic outlook, INSEE trimmed its second-quarter estimate from 0.4% previously.
Today Truepic unveils its SDK for embedding its tech in other products plus its own consumer app.
The bottom line is that AT&T fleeced its customers to enrich its executives and its investors.
With cancer, biology's fierce insistence — its resilience, its ceaseless creativity, its sheer generative capacity — is the enemy.
If India fails to increase its education expenditure; its economy will fall behind its competitors and slump.
These included repeated resets of its main computer, glitches in its cameras and problems with its radio.
Its a legal drug; its a fast-moving consumer good; and its an electronic product, he said.
They hated its wobbly time-travel devices, its flimsy motivations — and most of all, its Sad Hatter.
Its real growth driver, though, is its off-price business, Nordstrom Rack, and its ecommerce platform, Hautelook.
However, I believe its current 4-part ownership structure remains its greatest challenge to its future growth.
Its upkeep was expensive, its infrastructure was in need of upgrades and its hometown was financially strapped.
If a country reduces its savings and increases its investment level, its trade deficit will necessarily widen.
The U.S. has the capacity to rebuild its military forces, deter its adversaries, and defend its interests.
And Gawker, for all its faults, all of its obscenity, and all of its mistakes, did good.
The company usually finds its footing and, overall, its stock has continued to climb since its IPO.
Washington insists its drawdown at its embassy was motivated by concern for the health of its diplomats.
Watch above, and bask in its brilliance, its dedication to singing off-key, its finger-clicking suspense.
I research each car thoroughly before I buy — its design history, its development and its mechanical features.
It's beloved for its non-tacky, non-sticky texture; its lack of fragrance; and its immediate results.
There is no sting in its tail, no joker in its pack, no treble in its sonics.
It's a message crafted by its founders and passed down to its staffers and its loyal riders.
"Toni Stone" is at its considerable best whenever, like its main character, it's at its most unconventional.
PG&E, working its way through its second bankruptcy in two decades, isn't alone in its request.
Unlike its immediate neighbors Denmark, Finland, and Norway, Sweden has not closed its borders or its schools.
Citgo still makes money, its executives say, and is current in its payments on its own bonds.
Except that I lead an institution that prides itself on its inclusivity, its diversity and its location.
Acronym, for its part, removed a mention of its role in developing the app from its website.
Like many of its peers, it has also bolstered its capital to shore up its balance sheet.
But Shell, which touts its support for its LGBT+ employees on its website, has largely stayed quiet.
Its structure has changed, its leaders have changed, and in fact its whole philosophy may be changed.
Beside its mosques and the mausoleums of its saints, the city's greatest cultural treasures are its manuscripts.
The Outer Worlds has its own vibe, its own sense of identity, its own virtual power trip.
They took notice of its brown plumage, its white head and tail and its large, hooked beak.
I think "Better Call Saul" should have its own feel, its own style, its own moral universe.
However, when it issued its profit warning, it said its newer locations were outperforming its older ones.
Beijing is extremely sensitive about ASEAN mentioning its expansion of its defence capabilities on its artificial islands.
For its part, SpaceX has performed 13 successful tests of its new parachutes for its Crew Dragon.
Argentina is coming into its peak export season for wheat as its harvest enters its latter stages.
There was humor in the film, but it took its world, its ethos and its audience seriously.
It is watching a president spurn its expertise, attack its institutions and ridicule its most cherished assumptions.
It was also facing margin pressure in its insurance business and cut its dividend, knocking its shares.
Its request for $15 billion under NAFTA reflects its desire to recover its investment in the pipeline.
But, like most political magazines, its success is measured more by its influence than by its circulation.
Debates about its defence, its vast trade surplus, its handling of the refugee crisis and its role in Europe among many other topics increasingly roil not just its politics but those of other countries: what affects the 81m souls living between its borders affects many more beyond them, too.
While slowly reducing its dependency on steel, Thyssenkrupp is staking its future on its elevators unit, its most profitable, as well as demand from the automotive sector, its biggest customer group accounting for about a quarter of sales.
Tumblr's association with porn is part of a longstanding media narrative that has perpetually dismissed the site and its users for its relative youth, its progressive politics, its fandom leanings, and its predominantly queer and feminist user base.
Al Jubeir: I will leave the details to the experts in this area but what I can assure you is that Saudi Arabia is committed to protecting its borders its people its residents its infrastructure and its facilities.
To further prove its new image as a carrier committed to its customers, the airline is overhauling another major aspect of its service — its in-flight dining experience.
The group also posted net turnover growth in both its overland and contract logistics divisions, in line with its intention to reduce its reliance on its core business.
On its right, it had abnormal twisting in its upper arm, bony tumors on its forearm, messed-up metacarpal hand bones, and severe deformities in its third finger.
And yet for all its mess, for all its sprawl, for all its shagginess, Transparent remains one of TV's most vital shows and one of its most artful.
Steinhoff revealed holes in its accounts six months ago, shocking investors who had backed its reinvention, sending its shares crashing and leaving it scrambling to pay its debts.
The telecoms group intends to spin off its business in America and reorganise its European operations, creating a new unit for its assets in France, its biggest market.
The company, which said its auditors have raised going concern doubts, suspended its quarterly distribution to unitholders and its forecast for 2016, pending the negotiation with its lenders.
It also said it had reinforced its preliminary conclusion that Google had abused its dominant position by systematically favouring its comparison shopping service in its search result pages.
Game of Thrones is particularly challenging in this respect, thanks to the sheer scope of its story, its huge cast of characters, and its stature amongst its fans.
In addition to its moves to trim its inventory levels, Kohl's is leaning on its loyalty program and a more localized product assortment to power its holiday sales.
Good criticism happens when a writer engages thoroughly with a book, wrestling with its contents, taking apart its arguments, applauding its successes and noting its failures or omissions.
When its leadership decided to modify its plan and walk back its price increase, the company may have negated any cancellations as a way to retain its subscribers.
Commerzbank said its overhaul, which includes merging its four main business segments into two and moving 21.1 percent of its processes online, would make its earnings less volatile.
When Salesforce started in 1999, its co-founders pledged to donate 1% of its products, 1% of its equity and 1% of its employees' time to certain causes.
There are four in total using historic buildings: its SoHo store, its W. 14th St. store, its Upper East Side store, and its store inside of Grand Central.
" That more familiar version, which quotes Stalin as saying, "America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
A) trimmed its stake in Apple (AAPL) – its largest holding – during the fourth quarter, and dissolved its stake in Oracle (ORCL), according to its latest quarterly SEC filing.
Its constant expansion — of its world, its characters, and its ambitions — makes it look better as a coherent whole than any one piece of the puzzle might suggest.
Known for its limited inventory, its clothing's high resale value and its many collaborations with other brands, Supreme releases its merchandise on Thursday mornings in stores and online.
But in the months since revealing its initiative in January, France had already tempered its ambitions and its policy positions amid a change in its foreign policy leadership.
India suffered nearly two centuries of subjugation by its British masters, and, in this era, it saw its treasures pillaged, its economy decimated, and its cultural values suppressed.
Earlier, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said PLN should scale back its investment plans as its debts and interest on its loans had outgrown its cash-raising capacity.
Despite its emotional charge, this book is mostly a breezy and enjoyable read, its irreverent facts straightforward, its deft tone sincere, and its length relatively brief (204 pages).
Pluralsight is having a pretty good day in its debut as a public company, with its shares popping more than 30% after its first trade following its IPO.
Its earnings have been strong, Mr. Gould said, and its cash reserves would enable it to buy back perhaps $7 billion of its own stock, bolstering its price.
It can continue its slow strangulation of Funai, or it can enforce its own laws and reclaim its stature as guardian of its rich cultural and biological diversity.
How to Build a Girl never loses its sense of humor or its affection for its protagonist, but it does lose its way as the story barrels on.
Among its challenges are mismanagement of orders and operations in its power business, and dealing with its toxic long-term care insurance liabilities in its GE Capital arm.
How a restaurant or food company cares for its employees, its purveyors, its customers and its community will move up the priority list in 2019, Mr. Freeman said.
It finished its first day of trading at $78.29 (putting its value at more than $26.4 billion), and its Silicon Valley brethren will be closely watching its progress.
Symantec sold its enterprise business and its name to chip-making giant Broadcom, and then rebranded its consumer business to NortonLifeLock and changed its ticker symbol to NLOK.
While the lamp itself is actually pretty cool on its own, the wireless charger built into its base and USB port around its back are its key features.
It is rooted in its wide deployment of machine-learning systems across its business, both in its Taobao online market and its Hema shops on the high street.
You've got to be sure that the baby can breathe on its own and eat on its own and walk on its own and grow on its own.
Why it matters: After replacing its CEO and shelving its IPO, the company is looking to boost its balance sheet and focus on its core co-working business.
Since its 28 premiere, The New York Times has tracked the musical's evolution, covering its casting, its politics and its role in the Cold War along the way.
Schwab gets nearly 60% of its revenues from interest from its banking business, as well as its asset management business, which generates nearly a third of its revenues.
The law would provide that a manufacturer planning to move overseas would first have to give notice to its community, its state and its workers of its plants.
Its approach to Islam has special legitimacy, its clerics have great reach, its media spread its views worldwide and it finances madrasas in poor countries to sow hatred.
In the end, what matters is not the life but the work: its vision, its execution, its lessons, its relevance to the way we do and might live.
Salzburg's years of waiting have not forced the club to rethink its approach, to radically alter its vision, but instead to hone its methods, to polish its thinking.
BNG's operations are entirely determined by its policy role, its strategy is framed by the bank's articles of association and its franchise largely dependent on its public ownership.
The country has built its legitimacy on its totalitarian cult of personality, its controlled economy and its militarization for too long to give those up, Mr. Kelly said.
For its part, Exco, which has hired Credit Suisse as its restructuring advisor to help lighten its debt load, boosted the stock award for its non-employee directors.
Apple makes its own hardware and software for its mobile gadgets (as well as for its laptop and desktop computers), so its products tend to work well together.
Saturn attracts a lot of attention, what with its rings, its hexagon, its large size, and its moons, some of which might even have the conditions for life.
Among its challenges are mismanagement of orders and operations in its power business, and dealing with its toxic long-term care insurance liabilities in its GE Capital arm.
Having Washington turn its back on its alliances would undercut its position in the world and empower its adversaries, Trump's critics warned in the wake of his remarks.
Although its trade has diversified over the past four decades, its neighbour is its second-biggest trading partner.
Perhaps its most visible partner is the Chinese government, which uses its systems for its national surveillance system.
It didn't just crush its democratic institutions; it also devastated its economy and much of its social order.
Cassini is continuing to explore Saturn and its many moons as its mission nears its end in September.
But AMD got its shit together with its outstanding and affordable Ryzen processors running on its Zen microarchitecture.
Mouwasat attributed its profit rise to its expansion of specialist clinics and further development of its medical systems.
Just kill it, smash its eggs, and leave its broken body as a warning to all its ilk.
Apple used to be known for its simplicity, not just in its product design, but for its options.
In the statement published on its website, Riot said it knew its solution wouldn't satisfy all its employees.
Its battery life is on the low end, and its range is much shorter than its main competitors.
The Karma's legs fold onto its belly and its wings fold in to fit snugly against its sides.
Its sound, its battery life, its ability to sync rapidly with computers, were all unparalleled at the time.
The show wrapped up its production over the weekend, shooting its last scenes with its live studio audience.
By and large, they obey its laws and adopt many of its customs, and its institutions remain strong.
The company primarily blamed its mobile business, along with its auto components unit, for dragging its figures down.
It must press its demand before its revolution fizzles out completely and its leaders die of old age.
ACCORDING to its detractors, and even some of its acolytes, the philosophy of liberalism has run its course.
And its website therefore makes much of its selective approach to recruiting (only) native speakers to its marketplace.
Rio, with its water and its mosquitoes and its crime, is very much a part of that world.
Image: GettyHulu will soon kill its free, ad-supported TV service, focusing its efforts on its paid subscriptions.
Facebook differs from its predecessors in that its scale is truly global and its products are nominally free.
It elects its own president, raises its own army and pursues its own foreign policy—dream on Catalonia.
We sat down to discuss the film's story focus, its look, its frustrating flaws, and its heady successes.
CPEM will use the DALA blockchain platform to manage its ledger, its vendor contracts and its partner commitments.
Quest also raised its full-year forecast, crediting its improved performance to expansion of its health system relationships.
The Global Centre—the tale of its construction, its occupants and its evolution—hints at a different future.
The public controversy around its existence and between its organizers only served to further its ultimate goal: attention.
An acquisition of Neiman Marcus would normally require its acquirer to assume its debt at its face value.
Hawaii, its primary customer base, accounts for 83 percent of its deposits and 70 percent of its loans.
And curiously, the two never talk about the Green Book itself — its history, its necessity, its very existence.
Its main selling points are its colorful, Swatch-esque design, 23-month battery life, and its $280 price.
Fox has, for its entire existence, metaphorically pounded its hairy chest and boasted of its unapologetically macho culture.
And like all things sexy, underneath it's really about power—defiant in its vulnerability, its desire, its control.
A key element for MealPal is its effort to calibrate its service is its technology and customer relations.
While Hurley led its rediscovery, Dr. Joan Maynard led its restoration and its evolution into the 21st century.
It's part of its larger goal to expand its digital footprint and extend its reporting on more platforms.
An ambassador is the representative of America — its people, its government, and its president — in a foreign country.
It wouldn't be out of left field, given its already unhurried pace, its seriousness, and its confrontational bluntness.
Burc said IMC would continue its programming on its website while seeking legal recourse to resuming its broadcasts.
ZIRX is shifting its focus to its enterprise service while shuttering its consumer valet service on February 29.
It was this study that gave BMI its official name -- and its what popularized its use in research.
AVICIL shares its parent's brand name and leverages its parent's civilian aviation business to expand its leasing activities.
Samsung should shift its attention from saving the Note 7 to saving its reputation, and its mobile business.
Xiaomi, for its part, has aggressively courted India as its main focus outside its home market of China.
In its April bond prospectus, Aramco noted that any disruption to its processing facilities could harm its business.
The fund was able to double its return on its total investments in 2017, beating its own benchmark.
The Democratic Party, which created Social Security and has been its champion over its history, understands its importance.
Ronaldo is its leader, its inspiration and its record-holder in every way you could measure a player.
Its shares fell 2.4 percent after its quarterly operating profit and its dividend proposal fell short of expectations.
It will require addressing this nation's pathologies at the root: its failures, its crimes, its self-defeating myths.
In its crop production report, USDA also trimmed its estimate of the soybean harvest from its October outlook.
The company suggested in its news release that its action required an agreement from its manufacturing partner, Pfizer.
I loved it for its decency, for its faith in the wisdom, justice, and goodness of its people.
At this phase in its development, neither its practical utility nor its political function have been definitively determined.
And once Party City gets its helium back, its new supplier will charge more than its last provider.
Its sound, its battery life, its ability to sync rapidly with computers were all unparalleled at the time.
The first is its size, and the second is its rank, which is a function of its size.
Each has its own pros and cons, its own quirks, its own trajectory of waning or waxing popularity.
Its uselessness is its saving grace — an imitation of a luxury item that makes light of its illegitimacy.
China has loosened its family planning policy as its population grays, birth rates slow and its workforce declines.
Another praised its "glitz and glamour", its "greatest hits marathon" feel and, best of all, its "wig changes".
Its most notable features are its black or grey fur with red and orange markings throughout its body.
Its uncompromising line has helped put its former close alliance with its neighbor China into a deep chill.
Its low-cost unit, Scoot, will suspend most of its network and ground 47 of its 49 aircraft.
NBC at the time was still licking its wounds after its disastrous decision to abandon its 10 p.m.
Grace and Frankie takes its characters seriously, and its emotional stakes are finally in line with its tone.
The loser will be bitterly disappointed and facing serious questions about its preparations, its psyche and its future.
It can afford to charge its customers less and pay its employees more as it builds its business.
Its astonishing energy comes from the contrast between its perky, picaresque structure and its muscular, high-flying prose.
Since its launch, Fusion has struggled to develop its audience, both online and for its cable TV channel.
"I hear this anger, and I have understood its basis, its force and its seriousness," Mr. Philippe declared.
The group has been largely driven underground, and its losses have tarnished its prestige and undermined its effectiveness.
Its new 10-year, $150-million plan aims to raise its profile by modernizing all of its lifts.
It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.
Hahn takes on the gamut of painting: its possibilities and challenges, its genres and modes, even its baggage.
Not because its seventh season wasn't its strongest or because of its pretty damn mediocre season seven finale.
Canada relies on the United States as its only neighbor, its military ally and its largest trading partner.
Instead of squandering its profits on buybacks, Amazon has been reinvesting them in its business and its employees.
Unlike more recent iterations of TV games, "Millionaire" wasn't loud, in its colors, its music, its garish sets.
It repeals Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, its subsidies, its insurance regulations, and its consumer and out-of-pocket protections.
Its reach is long, its narrative fresh and the arc of its account sobering to say the least.
Throughout its history, Israel has held its Jewish essence and its democratic system in an often uneasy balance.
In September, NBC's "Will & Grace" lost 30 percent of its audience from its first week to its second.
The Senate panel is conducting its own investigation, and its counterpart in the House has its own inquiry.
Dortmund has won countless admirers in recent years for its sense of adventure, its risk-taking, its dynamism.
That was its impulsiveness, its lighthearted daring, its willingness to try the odd sound and the unexpected idea.
Its aims are pure, its ambitions are to become a real musical, and I'm mostly in its corner.
So by all means, watch "The Handmaid's Tale" for its story, its performances and its alternate-universe frissons.
On its return to Los Angeles International Airport, it dumped its fuel, hitting several schools in its path.
The ant chooses a life between its genes and its epigenes—inhabiting one self among its incipient selves.
Overseas we must work with our allies to target its leadership, its infrastructure, and its financial support network.
It also plans to sell more of its products in its own retail stores and through its website.
I hope they appreciate its culture, its beauty, its history, and not just in comparison to other places.
We know how much it weighs, what it costs, its impact, its model number and its code name.
The impact of The Times is still hard for me to believe — its reach, its readership, its impact.
What do you think has been its greatest success and its greatest failure during its 74-year history?
Ring, for its part, has appropriated footage from its customers' devices to make its own media as well.
It is reducing its staff while focusing on digitizing its back office and expanding its retail customer base.
I loved it for its decency; for its faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people.
While HopCat is known for its alcohol, its French fries are quite possibly its most notable menu item.
As for Central European University, its board and its administration will never surrender its academic freedom to anyone.
Australia has its own legacy of racism, reflected in its treatment of its own indigenous population, the Aborigines.
Charles M. Blow The Trump resistance movement is stretching its wings, engaging its muscles and feeling its power.
The company has renewed its focus on selling its own brands to bolster its chic 'Tar-zhay' image.
In its financial documents filed ahead of its IPO, Lyft referenced how dependent it is on its drivers.
Lego also has been taking its fate into its own hands by opening more of its own stores.
To its critics, that science is undercut by positive psychology's moralizing, its mysticism, and its money-spinning commercialization.
But, even now, with its granite paving gone and its windows dirty, Mies's upper hall maintained its mystique.
"Once again, the republic was attacked with extreme violence — its guardians, its representatives, its symbols," Mr. Macron wrote.
It is adolescent in every way, from its creation story to its legacy to — most especially — its contents.
The cone snail's predatory nature and willingness to strike (its constantly regrowing its harpoon teeth) bolsters its danger.
Season three, which aired its finale on April 9, took the best parts of the show — its humor, its fearlessness, and its heart — to new heights, and strengthened the case for its status as a top-tier superhero series.
American political culture is currently immersed in a debate about the white working class — its economic decline, its lowered life expectancy, its increased suicide rates, its increased levels of drug and alcohol abuse, and its cultural and racial resentments.
PARIS (Reuters) - Kering, owner of brands including Gucci, will tighten its grip on its e-commerce operations, focusing on its own branded sites to sell its luxury products or ventures where it can control its image and client data.
Others include its head of finance, head of its AI labs, its head of product and growth, its PR chief, and several employees from its self-driving car teams — including Marakby's boss, former head of Google Maps Brian McClendon.
Although EIB enjoys strong support from its shareholders, its ratings do not benefit from an uplift above its intrinsic rating as its net debt is not fully covered by the EUR221.6 billion of callable capital subscribed by its shareholders.
Around the world, prosecutors said, millions of people lived in the 'Ndrangheta's buildings, worked for its businesses, shopped in its stores, ate in its pizzerias, traded its companies' shares, did business with its banks, and elected politicians it funded.
Uncertainty relating to its future ownership of SHB, if it remains unresolved, could constrain its ability to raise new share capital and therefore could affect its ability to execute its strategy in the long term, constraining its competitive position.
To help drive the rebound, Chipotle unrolled its "for real" marketing campaign, which highlights ingredients and offers transparency into its operations, streamlined its pickup options, expanded its delivery services and made its production lines more efficient, among other things.
Taiwan's self-confidence and collective solidarity trace back to its triumphal self-liberation from its own authoritarian past, its ability to thrive in the shadow of a massive, hostile neighbor that refuses to recognize its right to chart its own path, and its track record of learning from existential threats.
WhatsApp's effort to get its hands around the spread of misinformation on its platform comes as its parent company Facebook continues to tackle fake news on its own platform.
Express Scripts — The pharmacy benefits manager reaffirmed its adjusted 2017 earnings guidance, and raised its overall outlook stemming from tax benefits related to its disposition of its PolyMedica unit.
The company generates most of its revenue by taking a cut of sales from the purchases made on its website, through its app and at its three physical stores.
While Samsung is best known for its consumer-facing electronics business, and in particular its mobile devices, the company said its strong performance was driven by its components business.
Amazon also now operates its own brick-and-mortar locations beyond Whole Foods, including its cashierless Amazon Go stores, its bookstores, pop-ups and its newer 4-star stores.
So much of the frustration with Facebook — over its size, its power, and its decisions on content moderation — stems from the fact that its decisions can have deadly consequences.
An investigation concluded that the spacecraft may have plunged to its demise when its computer misinterpreted vibrations from its unfolding landing legs and shut off its engines too early.
But really what was great to bring out in the book was how each generation makes its own spaces, has its own music, its own drug, its own fashion.
Aramco has been integrating its refining with petrochemicals to serve the company's plans to expand its market share, as well as its efforts to expand its refined products portfolio.
That you can't just copy the premise from the Suicide Squad comic books and have faith that its edginess and sizzle — its violence, its darkness, its spirit — will follow.
Goldman also is focused on growing its lending portfolio across the firm, including its Marcus consumer loan and deposit platform, its corporate clients and its private wealth management clients.
Cassini kicked its reputation up a notch during its "Grand Finale," which refers to its 27 "daring dives" between Saturn and its ring system during the past five months.
The insurer brought more reinsurance last year to reduce the impact of market volatility on its business and its increased its capital holdings, its head of investor relations said.
Those include its annexation of Ukraine, its treatment of sexual minorities, its bombing campaign in Syria and allegations, denied by Moscow, that it assassinates its opponents on foreign soil.
NationsBank changed its name to Bank of America, Travelers changed its name to Citigroup, Norwest changed its name to Wells Fargo, and Firstar changed its name to US Bancorp.
Like a welter-weight boxer, it started to use its small size in its favour, punching above its weight in a counter-attack led largely by its young people.
Apple, Oracle - Berkshire Hathaway trimmed its stake in Apple – its largest holding – during the fourth quarter, and dissolved its stake in Oracle, according to its latest quarterly SEC filing.
Microsoft is hosting its Ignite conference for its worldwide partners and simultaneously holding its annual internal sales conference that kicks off its new fiscal year, which began in July.
The company intends to use its newfound capital to ramp up its credit financing and further integrate its services to become a more seamless financial hub for its customers.
It's easy for Discord to say it's against the abuse being perpetrated on its platform, but its actions and its investment in moderation need to better match its words.
But Mr. Dylan's work — "with its iambics, its clackety-clack rhymes, and its scattergun images," as the critic Robert Christgau wrote — has its own kind of emblematic verbal genius.
It not only makes its equipment, but it also provides the service that's streamed to its devices, and it sells its gadgets through its own chain of retail stores.
Proskauer Rose offers coaching to its female lawyers, KKR to its female investment professionals, while Kohl's is running a pilot for all of its workers at its corporate headquarters.
U.S. forces have relied on its bases, eventually received its help in policing its own border against ISIS recruits, and pleaded for its temporary restraint from attacking the Kurds.
Why it matters: After replacing its CEO and shelving its IPO, the company is looking to both boost its balance sheet and focus on its core co-working business.
ZURICH (Reuters) - Lonza has adjusted its mid-term guidance, slightly lowering its sales outlook and slightly upping its margin forecast, to reflect the divestment of its water care business.
It is expressed in the ingenuity of its layout, its integration with the streets, the serendipity of its art, the richness and variety of its materials and ancillary spaces.
Since its inception—as simply the Booker Prize, in 1969—it has been criticized for its imperialist overtones, its unwillingness to take risks, and, above all, its corrupt insularity.
Cobham said it expected trading in its defence business, its largest, to remain stable in 2016 but its consumer business faces challenges due to lower spending by its customers.
Mineko's Night Market is a game that isn't afraid to revel in its own sweetness, with its stumpy little kittens, its crayon-like style and its soft, pastel palette.
With its cast, its dead-on timing, its perfect set by Mimi Lien and sound design by Palmer Hefferan, it would probably nail its laughs even without the dialogue.
Do they truly want to reshape American society — its economy, its political system, its racial and wealth caste systems, its approach to world issues like trade and climate change?
This is a team that has needed its fans to make up for its shortcomings, to level the playing field, to fire its players and to burn its opponents.
The reason is that by limiting its trade, such a country can improve its terms of trade: the price of its exports relative to the price of its imports.
The clever homba with its orange coat, its slim, sharp snout, the lendri with its black striped face, its claws for digging or raking at you, all the elil.
There at its heart is Madrid, with its wide streets and wedding-cake buildings, and there to its east is Barcelona, with its palm trees and syrupy afternoon sun.
The company said its directors had considered a number of factors in reaching their conclusion on its outlook, including its half-year trading results and its access to credit.
Mr. Amoils said Australia was especially attractive to Chinese millionaires, given its relative proximity, its wide choice of private schools, its clean environment and its political and economic stability.
PARIS (Reuters) - France must cut its dependence on U.S. components in its weapons systems to minimize Washington's ability to block its arms exports, its defense minister said on Thursday.
For more than six decades, David Rubinger, an Austrian-born photojournalist, chronicled the birth of the modern state of Israel, its leaders, its triumphs, its tragedies and its people.
Vague shapes gave way to sharper images of the ship's features — its deck, its wheelhouse, its bridge, its anchor davit — which were blurry with marine growth but remarkably intact.
Rosetta still has months left before its mission ends with a dive into its target comet, but its legacy clearly carries on the work of its comet-chasing forefather.
It advanced its mythology intelligently, for the most part, and its 10-episode second season struck a very nice balance between its more episodic elements and its serialized story.
Reddit has often found itself at odds with its user base in its fight to curtail toxicity on its forums while maintaining its commitment to openness and free speech.
When each state with green ambitions has its own regulations, its own targets, its own mandates, even its own grid, it can feel protective of its own progress and loath to dilute it by hooking up with more laggardly states.
PARIS, June 7 (Reuters) - Kering, owner of brands including Gucci, will tighten its grip on its e-commerce operations, focusing on its own branded sites to sell its luxury products or ventures where it can control its image and client data.
But huge questions hang over its future: about its energy supplies, about its business model, about the euro zone, about its defence responsibilities, about its infrastructure and about the very fabric and identity of the country in an age of migration.
It has its own parliament, its own ruling party, its own tax rates, its own welfare arrangements (Scottish students go to university free of charge) and, if things go according to plan, will soon have its own Scottish National Investment Bank.
McDonald's, like many of its peers, has been remodeling its 14,000 restaurants in the United States - its biggest market - by introducing digital ordering kiosks, upgrading its mobile app and adding pay and pickup services to replicate its success in international markets.
In its own assessment of its future, Uber—which loses money on every ride it gives—sees its long-term profitability coming from autonomous vehicles and its near-term solution as even more drastically nickel-and-diming its own drivers.
Its reach, as well as its near invisibility to those privileged enough to escape its gaze, makes it especially difficult to address in its entirety, and we are often left to deal with its effects in piecemeal, incident by sickening incident.
Its main competitor, Circuit City, had already closed its doors, and Best Buy was losing momentum fast; its stock had lost more than 40 percent of its value in a short time, and its market cap was below $10 billion.
Amazon is utilizing its knowledge of its powerful marketplace machine — from optimizing word-search algorithms to analyzing competitors' sales data to using its customer-review networks — to steer shoppers toward its in-house brands and away from its competitors, say analysts.
Rather than acknowledging its own responsibility the NRDC is airing its objections publicly, as its agenda-driven study demonstrates.
China is juggling its desire to welcome U.S. films, its investments in Hollywood and efforts to protect its industry.
But the school gained a reputation for its humanities curriculum, its science lab and its focus on the arts.
The biggest problem with a 2242-sided die is not its size, or its weight, or even its price.
The Swedish central bank decided Wednesday to keep its interest rate unchanged, but its extending its quantitative easing program.
Its incredible strength relative to its size makes it a natural marvel, but its abilities are hard to replicate.
Intel is still advertising its wearable chipset on its website—the tech at the heart of its wearable push.
I like its size, its shape, its color, especially that part in the middle where it fades into pink.
For its part, the school has been clear about its thoughts on what went down—regardless of its context.
SES kept its 2020 guidance for its Networks division, but said its Video business would face challenging market conditions.
In its place, Morgan Stanley built out its wealth management division, which Gorman favored for its reliable income stream.
In its third-quarter earnings report, Priceline said its restaurant booking site OpenTable would pare back its growth strategy.
"Washington, through its secretary of state, is asserting the importance of its alliances and supporting its friends," he added.
"NATO fully supports Ukraine's sovereignty and its territorial integrity, including its navigational rights in its territorial waters," Lungescu tweeted.
Its biggest test to date will come as the world gets its first glimpse of its products next month.
But its AI cam is wonky, its battery is undersized, and its second screen is really just a notch.
Honest in its commitment to entertaining fans, honest in its celebration of violence, and honest even in its trickery.
We can look at a sign's ruling planet, its element, or its triplicity to better understand its essential traits.
It told its management to rectify its content and re-educate its reporters and editors over the next month.
As a Muslim nation that respects its religious minorities, its history of having saved its Jews should be celebrated.
"China must demonstrate in its actions, not just its words, its commitment to that two-way flexibility," Lew said.
Lauren Groff's short story collection centers on everything that makes Florida Florida — its environment, its history, its underlying energy.
Its growth seems to be slowing and its stockmarket is down almost a quarter from its peak in January.
According to its latest disclosures, 57 percent of its workers are women, including 37 percent of its top executives.
Its immediate American rival, Lyft, has seen its stock decline precipitously since its opening at nearly $79 per share.
Like its German rival, it contracts out 80% of its coaches and makes two-thirds of its revenue online.
Its ratings are constrained by rapidly rising leverage due to its acquisitions, which have made its financial profile volatile.
Its economy has shrunk by 6%, and its currency has lost 60% of its value over the past year.
New York (CNN Business)McDonald's is streamlining its menu by revamping its Quarter Pounder and abandoning its craft burgers.
The company has found that its entertainment offerings complement its e-commerce business, keeping its Prime subscribers on board.
Today at its annual developer conference, Facebook announced its adding chatbots—short for chat robots—to its Messenger app.
For its part, North Korea has accelerated its nuclear program, carrying out its fourth and fifth tests this year.
McKinsey is well-known for keeping the details of its consulting work and its clientele close to its chest.
The PP lost more than half its seats and 1.43m votes, its worst result since its foundation in 21.4.
Until now, Pixeom mostly financed its expansion — and the salary of its more than 90 employees — from its revenue.
They include adding new brands to its shelves, growing its loyalty program and incorporating salon services into its shops.
Ritual maintains its ingredients are superior to competitors' and open-sources where its ingredients come from on its website.
It shows France at its best and the weight of its history in all its shame and glory. Gen.
Twitter has been criticized repeatedly over its lack of diversity, both within its workforce and, earlier, on its board.
It only partially lifted its veil; its finances remain off-limits to everyone except the government, its only shareholder.
On December 14th its Truth and Dignity Commission (known by its French acronym, IVD) held its final public meeting.
Overall, the company holds substantial risky assets in its portfolio relative to its adjusted equity and its peers' portfolios.
Several weeks after its launch, Rosetta used its dual imaging camera to take its first picture of the comet.
Cormorant Ventures collects its $10 million, Provident Capital takes its $1.5 million and BlackBox Capital receives its $3.5 million.
And its collaboration with Didi, Grab, and Ola will ensure its ability to extend its reach beyond the US.
Kik introduced its own virtual currency — Kik Points — three years ago in its first effort to monetize its service.
Its leadership has been scattered, its once pervasive administrative machine obliterated, its ability to attract reinforcements from abroad stifled.
In its S-1, the company attributed its losses to scaling the business and capitalizing on its market opportunity.
She sought to examine the construction of the female gender, from its rituals to its poses to its personas.
Planned Parenthood threw its support behind Clinton in January, marking its first primary endorsement in its 100-year history.
We knew Apple would use its dedicated event to address its fight with the FBI over its iPhone security.
Like its movie counterpart, Zuul the dinosaur had large horns on its head and smaller spikes on its face.
The Skylanders series owes its world, its characters, its very existence to the studio's second game, Spyro the Dragon.
Its plan is contingent on a few major changes to its membership qualifications and its search for new members.
"That organ has its own receptors, its own nerve, and is processed in its own brain region," McGann says.
Waymo made its 2018 deadline for launching its service, but only by keeping its human backups behind the wheel.
Apple not only writes much of its own software, but designs its own chips and runs its own shops.
With its robust university system, Minneapolis has proven its ability to connect its specialized workforce with in-demand careers.
He lays the horse on its back, stretching it, rubbing its tummy, and whispering sweet nothings into its ear.
The pillow can detect snoring through its microphone, register motion with its gyroscope, and play music through its speakers.
And in its fervent support for Moore, conservative media may have reached its political zenith — and its moral nadir.
Between the Berkeley museum's new home and its inspired initial use of its galleries, its future looks very bright.
The band's sound carries its own information, and to explain its biography and its name risks eclipsing the work.
Notion's ethos since its inception over six years ago has been to grow its product, and its team, thoughtfully.
That version proposed separating its widely used mobile money business from its telecoms unit due to its dominant size.
Qualcomm relies on its many patents for its licensing program, which accounts for a large portion of its revenue.
OMAHA — Coastal Carolina, known for its elegant, Chaucer-inspired nickname, slugged its way to its first College World Series.
The spacecraft detached its heat shield at just the right time, released its parachute, and extended its landing legs.
Revolutionary in its form and daring in its philosophy, "Fefu," from 1977, hasn't played Off Broadway since its debut.
She fell for the play a decade ago, in graduate school, attracted by its humor, its mystery, its beauty.
First Pacific, in its letter, said Arconic pays too much for its executive compensation and for its Manhattan headquarters.
"Yesterday Puerto Rico showed its caliber with its indignation and its strength," she wrote in Spanish in a tweet.
Halfway through its running time, "Right Now, Wrong Then" starts over, reversing its title and reintroducing its central pair.
It wanted to be once again a respected city famed for its poets, its music and its waterside restaurants.
But Daley proposes that this particular strain of manipulation is unprecedented in its sophistication, its permanence and its virulence.
Indeed, from its founding in 1860, Wheaton defined itself as much by its intellectualism as by its Christian character.
The US and its allies have sanctioned Russia over its illegal annexation of Crimea and its intervention in Ukraine.
America is divided by its politics, its media, and as this election made even clearer, by its celebrity influencers.
Its ascent has put its shares above the trend line dating to 2007, its highs before the financial crisis.
Its visual strength abets its powers as a cultural marker, needing just a nudge to create its own contexts.
The magic of Uber was that it used its growth to keep cutting its prices and expand its service.
SIN is asking for Facebook to reinstate its Pages and its followers, and to apologise publicly for its actions.
The BFG is at its best when it's at its most lyrical, or when it's at its most crude.
The first part of its name refers to its address, 78 Main Street, and the second, to its cuisine.
But if Apple wants to keep its loyal customers, its innovation will have to keep pace with its premiums.
Although Sears lost its competitive edge long ago, its bankruptcy filing is still a significant moment for its industry.
There have been concerns about its size, its interior physicality and its ability to defend against 3-point attempts.
Each has seen its appeal boosted, its squad strengthened, its primacy reinforced, by the promise of the Champions League.
Amazon is expanding its local office but left San Diego off its list of finalists for its second headquarters.
Below the Horizon is a continuation of Smith's response to the building, its architecture, its past, and its present.
And while investing in its future lowers its profits, it also lowers its taxes by creating less taxable income.
His decision to tether himself to its metrics means he has to own both its rises and its falls.
Its success was a challenge to hip-hop's prevailing business model, its aesthetic principles and its relationship to emotion.
Although its shock value has faded, "Last Tango in Paris" retained its capacity for controversy long after its release.
Its detectives were interrogated by prosecutors, its undercover agents were exposed, and attempts were made at curtailing its authority.
Upon its release, the i8 was praised for its performance, fuel economy, and its stunning, concept-car-like looks.
Here's how its CEO plans to steer it through another crisis as coronavirus takes its toll on its business.
The company withdrew its outlook for 2020, reduced its dividend, postpone its annual general meeting, and further shutter production.
This book drains that phrase of its comfort without draining it of its power or even, potentially, its truth.
It is the VSCO girls and TikTok stars who will inherit the earth — its follies, its failures, its successes.
Partly that's due to its relative youth and its dependence on global sourcing for its core technology, the batteries.
A worm will not raise its alert little head — with its strangely sentient aspect — to meet its finder's gaze.
The movie's touch is light and its spirit buoyant, but there is no mistaking its seriousness or its passion.
I lay on it and stared at its branches above, at its wounds like internal cries, its lovely ugliness.
He traveled the world extensively and recognized the exceptional nature of America, its democracy, its values and its institutions.
In its recent redesign, MoMA included a studio space to demonstrate its commitment to incorporating performance into its collection.
Rather, it resembles Buc-ee&aposs solid sense of its value-add, its core competencies, and its ultimate superpowers.
China has been loosening its family planning policy as its population ages, birth rates slow and its workforce declines.
Much of "Darwin's Ghosts," including its plot, its characters and its storytelling voice, would have benefited from more thought.
Nubank is using its $820 million in venture capital to invest in scaling its operations and strengthening its technology.
Airbnb, for its part, defended its screening measures and has since barred the owner from listing on its site.
Robbins's choreography — with its searing blend of tension and freedom — gives "West Side Story" its joy and its horror.
Its history and its remote, nearly treeless location equates its very name with punishment of a violent, vindictive variety.
That physicians group lists its members on its website, and its staff speaks with journalists about the group's perspective.
In addition to expanding its geographic focus, Sixgill plans to expand its product's capabilities, including its Dynamic CVE Rating.
" He said it could not be left isolated to "nurture its fantasies, cherish its hates and threaten its neighbors.
Still, that solitary raindrop has its own emotions, its own history, its own duty to carry on that history.
That sounds like a major corporation using its financial weight and its political clout to advance its own interests.
Even used on its own and despite its relative small size, the Naim throws its sound around the room.
Apple to its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and is now gearing up to expand its reach and its workforce.
The company delayed its IPO after releasing its S-1 filing to skepticism about its corporate governance and valuation.
I no longer share its beliefs, I do not countenance its actions, I do not even recognize its methods.
Christmas — with its crowds, its commercialism, its obligations — doesn't always feel like the most magical time of the year.
Some analysts were unsure its latest efforts to manage its products will sufficiently tip the balance in its favor.
Its population is about 46 percent immigrant, and its mayor and its six City Council members are all Latino.
This year, the technique passed its first legal test and secured both its first conviction and its first exoneration.
The taste of water is often dependent on its temperature, its vessel, its cleanness, and the minerals within it.
Its stock slipped below its 5003-day moving average in early February but has held above its 200-day.
The gas station already promoted its "green" efforts on its website, listing its 2005 environmental partnership with the county.
Waiser also hopes to differentiate its service from Lyft's and Uber's by its treatment and payment of its drivers.
The Big Apple Circus stills its flying trapezes and lowers its high wires as it ends its seasonal run.
Its visitors—which supported its now defunct marine and tourism industries—have all but vanished along with its jobs.

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