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"into" Definitions
  1. to a position in or inside something
  2. in the direction of something
  3. to a point at which you hit somebody/something
  4. to a point during a period of time
  5. used to show a change in state
  6. used to show the result of an action
  7. about or in connection with something
  8. used when you are dividing numbers

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"into" Synonyms
inside within entering to the inside of towards the inside of deep into towards the region of straight into directly into against hard into becoming to become changing into to change into changing to and became after following past succeeding after the start of following the start of in the aftermath of in the wake of subsequent to posterior to at the close of at the end of about concerning regarding on respecting re touching apropos around vis-à dealing with relating to touching on with reference to apropos of as for as respects as to in connection with relevant to interested in hooked on addicted to keen on crazy about mad about obsessed by besotted by beguiled by bewitched by captivated by enamoured with hypnotized by infatuated with obsessed with passionate about really into smitten with spellbound by charmed by times multiplied by for toward towards to onto in the direction of facing through to en route toward en route to en route for en route towards on the way to on the road to directed toward upon so as to near so as to approach among through amongst amid amidst between across by in in and out in the middle mid midst surrounded by in the middle of in the midst of in the thick of enclosed by in the interior of within the bounds of within the confines of into the interior of indoors of inside the limits of inward of inside the range of within the innards of within the interior of contained by in between not outside keen attracted besotted bewitched captivated enamored(US) enamoured(UK) crazed enticed fond agog drawn mesmerised(UK) smitten absorbed caught intrigued predisposed curious fascinated erudite learned scholarly intellectual knowledgeable educated academic bookish cultured lettered enlightened intelligent studious cerebral cultivated literary brainy clever highbrow literate involved implicated connected embroiled engaged enmeshed entangled incriminated ensnared inculpated affected caught up concerned embarrassed hooked mixed up occupied participating taking part stuck on besotted with devoted to enamored of(UK) enamoured of(US) enchanted by enthralled by in love with hopelessly in love with potty about struck on habitualness beaten path characteristic consuetude customariness daily grind fashion form grind groove habit habitude hang-up manner matter of course mode normalcy normality observance ordinariness More

786 Sentences With "into"

How to use into in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "into" and check conjugation/comparative form for "into". Mastering all the usages of "into" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Geico into Gecko into Autotomy into Regeneration into Morphallaxis into Hydra into Immortality into Clonal Colonies into Mycelium into Hypha into Robert Hartig into hopefully getting back to sleep before 6  A.M. In the darkness before the dawn—the dawn.
Willa into Wilhelmina into Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski into Garden Archeology into Oplontis into Villa Poppaea into Peristyle into Willa opening her eyes, blinking Andrew back into being.
Into my bladder, into my anus, into my ribs, even into my breasts.
Fungi into mycelium into hyphae into mycorrhizal networks into positive-feedback loops into this tree still standing despite the terrible damage.
To sublimate her memories, Nadia submerges herself into drugs, into work (she is a video game programmer), into nicotine, into internet rabbit holes, into snide comments, into rudeness.
Also always really exciting to me is the crossing-over the written work does into the other art forms, prose into poetry into music into choreography into visual — text into textural.
Wilson took America into WWI; FDR, into WWII; Truman into Korea; and Kennedy and Johnson, into Vietnam.
The plastic is then ground up into flakes, melted, rolled into bales, spun into yarn, and weaved into canvas.
Because that will materialize into growth, into jobs, into thriving economies.
Coincidences turned into connections, connections into paranoia, and paranoia into delusions.
This incredible view into broadband and into networks and into experiences?
The G.I. lifted him into the tank, into America, into freedom.
Glassman plunged into aeronautical engineering, into Zen, into leading a Buddhist community, into running a bakery, into growing that bakery into a constellation of social services, into holding spiritual retreats among the homeless and at Holocaust-haunted concentration camps, into writing a book of koans with a Hollywood star, into mourning when his second wife died and into learning to walk and talk again two years ago after a stroke.
Degrees are broken into modules; modules into courses; courses into short segments.
It goes into race, it goes into class, it goes into age.
"They are being turned into parks, into farms, into nature," she said.
It can be sculpted into roses; carved into cameos; rounded or squared into beads, links and chains; and smoothed into cabochons.
He turned Andrew Cashner into Anthony Rizzo; Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel into Addison Russell; Scott Feldman into Jake Arrieta; Ryan Dempster into Kyle Hendricks; Luis Valbuena into Dexter Fowler.
We come into their bedrooms, into their kitchens, we're going into their place.
By turning distrust into determination, frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work.
Such pastimes tie into humanity's longtime interest into turning inebriation into a contest.
Air into my toes, into the arches of my feet, into my shins.
Animals and plants fall into phylogenetic trees, minerals into crystal groups, elements into the periodic table, stars into the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.
Materials blend into one another — vinyl into metal into wooden pieces into leather, as if one is the natural component of the other.
In fact, as it zooms out into a commander's view, it joyously dares you into missteps, into spinning your way into a corner.
"I'm getting right into legislating, right into governing, right into public policy," she said.
They leach into our food and water, into the environment, and into our bodies.
That got me into dance music, that got me into producing, into DJing, everything.
Bombs fly back into mortars, bullets back into guns, tear gas back into canisters.
And then that company turned into a $30 million company that turned into another company that turned into streaming that turned into the Mavs.
It could be spun into yarn, turned into bouncy foam and molded into endless shapes.
They came with cramps so strong I vomited into toilets, into sinks, into trash cans.
It's an impressionistic inquiry into representation, into mystery, into what can be captured, documented, understood.
Not only "out" but in: Into the office, into the lunch meeting, into the Tube.
For example, protective behavior morphs into possessiveness; comforting turns into controlling; assertive behavior turns into aggressive behavior; passionate behavior turns violent later on; a direct personality turns into rudeness; and confidence turns into condescension.
For me those moments turned into hours, hours turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.
Houses transformed into drug dens, factories into spaces to shoot up, rail yards into homeless encampments.
But that attempt turned into two, which turned into 10, which has now turned into … many.
Homes are turning into command centers, Gatorade bottles into hydration trackers, Wi-Fi networks into calculated bandwidth distributors — even beverage fountains are turning into data powerhouses.
It's a raspy, slithering, half-head-shaped arc — purple into red into pink into a yellow or two into charcoal gray — against a tar-black ground.
Today, mortadella is ubiquitous in Bologna; it's whipped into a savory mousse, ground into meatballs, grilled with aged balsamic vinegar, stuffed into tortellini, and piled into .
Ore must be processed into rare earth oxides, refined into rare earth metals, converted into rare earth alloys and manufactured into rare earth magnets and other components.
If you're into cars, even if you're really into your car, you're probably also into other cars.
And these tics manifested into full blown spasms, the spasms into convulsions, the convulsions into arm dislocations.
What goes into your stomach goes into your bloodstream, broken down into molecules of protein, carbohydrate, fat.
You can have your ashes mixed into fireworks, loaded into shotgun shells or pressed into a diamond.
One day you realize that the screams have turned into whines, the whines turned into arguments, the arguments turned into blaring music, and the music turned into goodbyes.
We have to put that concept, that truth, into our business models, into our pitches, into our meetings.
You can dive into a year and it breaks into months, and of course months break into days.
The same technology also transformed horses into zebras, normal pictures into VanGogh-style paintings, and cats into dogs.
It has turned faces into masks (alternately tragic and comic), people into caricatures, death into a punch line.
You just slide your iPhone into the case and into the Lightning port built into the bottom of it.
Tracks can be made into clips, they can be taped into hair, or they can be sewn into hair.
"We are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, into corruption, and into obstruction of justice," Nadler said.
This is, in every respect, a descent: into abuse, into erasure, and into the cavernous possibilities of sequential art.
With a few tweaks, the tool can also turn horses into zebras, apples into oranges, and winter into summer.
All the affection I poured into bands, into films, into actors and musicians, was about me and my friends.
They either wore a face mask, coughed into their arm, coughed into their hand, or coughed into a tissue.
They drive us into the voting booths, into the street marches, into each other's hearts, and closer to ourselves.
Some collapse trauma into a 20- to 40-minute episode, chopping it into beats and bending it into arcs.
It doesn't take into consideration things like the historical trajectory of some countries into coming into the United States.
It slams into the rear vessel, which careens into the near one, and the two explode into an inferno.
But everything fell apart: forehand into the net, forehand wide, drop shot into the net, backhand into the net.
He stumbled into his private restroom, changed into a clean black polo shirt and stepped back into our office.
House Democrats are currently looking into whether Trump tried to pressure Ukraine into launching investigations into his political rivals.
"We are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, into corruption ... and into obstruction of justice," Nadler said.
But, as brave soldiers in the good fight — transmuting their pain into meaning, their fear into power, their shame into pride and their Jesus into glitter — they are all winners.
For the year so far $222 billion has gone into tech stocks and $262.12 billion into financials, while $41 billion has flowed into emerging markets and $31 billion into Japan.
Dad, your greatness is woven into my life, it is woven into my mother's life, it is woven into my sister's life, and it is woven into my brothers' lives.
It utterly disappears into pockets, and you shouldn't run into any issues sliding it into even the smallest of clutches.
It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life.
The comb transforms into a mountain range, the brush into a dense forest, and the towel into a vast lake.
He frequently sprayed drives into the trees and misfired on straightforward putts, turning birdies into pars and pars into bogeys.
The ball careens off into space, striking a nearby asteroid which then crashes into the moon, splitting into thousand pieces.
That transformation of the particular into the universal, experience into art, is also a spell that turns difference into compassion.
Those who don't meet the deadline are changed into animals and released into the wild, or into their families' care.
More often than not, these A-listers would welcome him into their homes, into their parties, and into their lives.
Trump's propounding could drag us into war, plunge us into a recession and shatter Washington into a thousand tiny bits.
They were brewed into teas, mixed into wine or beer, or distilled into tinctures used to create vinegars or spirits.
Then they bring the audience into the act, turning us into drumfolk, too — and the whole theater into a drum.
As the whales follow food sources into new areas, they wander into the paths of ships and into fishing gear.
More items are stuffed into bags, which in turn are stuffed into large white vans ready to cross into Mexico.
"The metrics of international development agencies were seeping into our language, into our consciousness, into our accountability system," he said.
Leftists and Marxists have made their way into universities, into Hollywood, into important cultural and political institutions, without Americans noticing.
Now imagine its dominion extending into our cars, into the food we eat and the goods we order, into our physical well-being—into how we connect to the internet at all.
But rather than stopping smuggling, the barriers have just pushed it: farther into the desert, deeper into the ground, into more sophisticated secret compartments in cars and into the drug cartels' hands.
But for as stilted and affectless as the films can be, they're tapped into something raw and real about how often seemingly stable societies collapse into fascism, into revolution, into political upheaval.
Two thousand years later, many powerful people still yearn to turn everything into gold, into profits, but also into their peril.
So you're biting into it, it's like biting into a cloud rather than biting into, like, dense crust of a pizza.
I want them to bring the viewer into the present—into their present—and into their own space' within their body.
IRL flirting turns into texting, texting turns into a date, and, well, the date turns into drunken fumbling in the dark.
People who are into death metal are really into death metal, and people who are into Crossfit will let you know.
Some nice windscreen wiper footwork into a change of direction into the underpass and from there straight into the back take.
Eagerness gave way to a triumphant sense of mastery that morphed into anxiety and eventually into panic and finally into defeat.
To transform these trees into copy paper, you must first turn them into wood chips, which are then mashed into pulp.
Undoubtedly, Zaev intends to pressure the ruling coalition into bringing his party into the government, lest the country descend into crisis.
The factories "have leaked PCBs and other heavy metals into our environment, into the river, and into our soil," Barreiro said.
Northeast heating up For the Northeast, heat will build into the weekend, with temperatures well into the 90s into next week.
Wastewater is injected under pressure into disposal wells drilled into a sandstone or other permeable formation, and flows into the rock.
The audience members settled into their seats and then burst into applause when the silver-haired justice strode into the room.
No. … All my money either goes back into myself, into my businesses or it goes into hard assets like real estate.
His reputation was as a coach who'd turn rookies into men, average pitchers into good pitchers, good pitchers into great pitchers.
Ground into chocolate, dropped in grappa, moulded into sausage, and squeezed into oil, the peperoncino is the soul of Calabrian cooking.
He parlayed his 1980s flash into pop-culture ubiquity; he parlayed that into reality-TV stardom; he parlayed that into a weekly commentary gig on "Fox & Friends"; he parlayed that into conservative base adulation; and he parlayed that into real estate on Pennsylvania Avenue.
In responding to the needs of those around them, these people exemplified that essential command of Jesus: They welcomed the stranger — into their boats, into their homes, into their businesses, into their hearts.
So, after digging into Tesla's near-miss of the $1,000 share-price mark, we're back to dig into Elliott Management's imposition into Twitter's world after sticking its nose into SoftBank earlier this year.
The Irish regulator had 21 inquiries open into big tech firms at the end of 2019 with eight probes into Facebook, plus two into Facebook-owned WhatsApp and one into Facebook-owned Instagram.
Stepping into Bloodroot means stepping into a home, quite literally.
He leveraged one interest into the next, into the next.
Isomerization units also convert byproducts into components blended into gasoline.
I played into his daydreams, and he played into mine.
Channel your fear into into collaborating and working with others.
And that's what leads into it to turning into Twitch.
After settling into her room, she hops into bed alone.
We sewed her into things, we pinned her into things.
They're coming into our communities, coming into communities like mine.
The Economist: He taps into the feelings you tap into.
Divide evenly into 12 portions; roll each into a ball.
The expansion into doing more in automotive plays into that.
He fell into songwriting like he fell into most things.
He came into me and he went into the fence.
Two hours went into three hours into four, no response.
I love to see they're into tennis or into sport.
And even go into boroughs that we don't go into.
Transparency can turn into a crutch, can turn into laziness.
"You're supporting rape!" she shouted into into his lacrosse helmet.
Neptune is not into logic, it's into dreams and fantasies.
I didn't want to go into that into the film.
He wasn't into basketball; I'm not into basketball, believe me.
We're never going all into cash or all into stocks.
And by giving into this agreement, we're buying into that.
Refugees streamed into Tibet, bringing their horror stories into Lhasa.
Andrew slipped into the driver's seat, Willa into the passenger's.
It feeds into future projections and feeds into the analysis.
We can go into pop, we can go into jazz.
It's then baked into giant rounds and sliced into wedges.
I fell into her family, and she fell into mine.
They had passed deep into the red, into the pain.
That goes into the Corporation Public ... Goes into the Corporation.
We piled back into the metro and then into rickshaws.
The snow falls into their hair, into their taffeta blouses.
Thus began their leap into the unknown, and into history.
Liberals tap into people's feelings; conservatives bore into their minds.
I was really into the causes the company was into.
Some are now reading into people reading into the tweet.
Kenneth jolts himself back into the present, into adult perspective.
So everyone went into the dugout, ran into the dugout.
Commuters had to squeeze into buses to get into Manhattan.
One you turned into a frog, another into a wolf.
Seeping into their lungs, into the marrow of their bones.
Bills blew into the woods or sank into storm drains.
Make "luncheon meat" into HAM; make "for each" into PER.
She pours everything into a record and into a performance.
The series doesn't get very far into into modern times.
Thirty minutes into the snorkeling excursion, Johnson bumped into something.
It progressed into us making it into a regular thing.
Because you grow into them, or they grow into you.
She's into cocaine, he's into heroin, and they get high.
In the city, Amadeo sank into despair — and into alcoholism.
They'll march into every sector that they can march into.
Considerations open out into the world and into shared life.
This alternative calculation turns the astronomical percentages of hyperinflation into more mundane intervals of time: millions into days and quintillions into hours.
The threat to America, Obama believed, was the terror itself — the way we could be provoked into overreaction, into blunder, into panic.
He drove his pickup into the parking lot and began loading the wounded into it, turning the truck into a makeshift ambulance.
He&aposs going into bank fraud, wire fraud, he&aposs going into Russia, he&aposs going into a number of other countries.
After all, "conversations have the power," the authors write, "to turn strangers into friends, coffee dates into marriages, and interviews into jobs."
From the beginning, the reason the investigation into the Trump campaign and into the -- into those around Donald Trump is so alarming.
It doesn't delve deeply into either man, or into their interaction, which doesn't actually happen until about 45 minutes into the film.
"50 turned into 100, 100 turned into 200, that turned into 0.33, and still growing," said David, who considers data an asset.
Entry into force means WIPO can start nagging signatory countries into fulfilling their promises and making the treaty's provisions into actual law.
Some $5003 billion was plowed into investment grade bonds, $1.3 billion into high-yield bonds and $1.3 billion into emerging market debt.
Because Republicans never take minority communities into their home and citizens into their homes and into their hearts, they stay with Democrats.
After checking into the hotel at a terminal, groups are led into a Launch Pod that will blast you off into space.
I feel like everything's fallen into place, and it's fallen into place because I've given it the time to fall into place.
They injected the contrast dye into my uterus, waited for it to spill into the fallopian tubes, rush into my abdominal cavity.
"I'm into raja yoga, and Preston's into ashtanga, and a friend said, 'You guys are both into real estate,'" Mr. Smothers said.
It has also ventured into co-working, and expanded into Europe and the U.S. The company has built entrepreneurialism into its bones.
More than a year into its investigation into Russia's meddling, the Intelligence Committee has thus far offered little visibility into its work.
So, you didn't know what you were getting into, then five minutes into it you figured out what you were getting into.
For William Steding, a diplomatic historian living in Colorado, American individualism has morphed into narcissism, perfectibility into entitlement, and exceptionalism into hubris.
So we don't go into the phone call with Nixon, we don't go into the scientific experiments, we don't go into reentry.
One had been converted into a baseball diamond, another into a cow pasture and others into parking lots and landscaped highway shoulders.
When the ice cream freezes into an even layer on the plate, it is scraped into rolls and placed into a cup.
The upstream company will mine bauxite, refine it into alumina, smelt the alumina into metal and then cast the metal into shapes.
"Because people go into the dollar, they go back into U.S. assets, they go back into U.S. bonds as well," Harnett said.
And in spite of this, or rather because of this, I push myself into public speaking, into stand-up comedy, into improv.
Day by day, with our tiny hammers, we forge these lumps into links, the links into lines, and the lines into loops.
So, most specifically in this region from Korea and Japan into the developing world and the capital is also flowing into infrastructure projects, particularly into power and into things that are facilitating global trade.
It was fun to get into that stage, lay it into the process, and go back to my most comfortable, you know, art form and get into that and really, really dig into it.
Mr. Kane took the cleaning metaphor literally, magicking garbage bags into dresses (their ties turned to bows), washing-up rags into scratchy-looking knits, laundry bags into lace, and mops into silk-fringed shoes.
The book's premise is also true when a woman is into a man, or a man is into another man, or a woman is into a woman, or any person is into any other person.
You&aposll see that rock melt back into smoldering magma, get sucked into an exploding volcano and shoved deep, deep into Earth&aposs mantle where the diamond will slowly  break apart into its constituent elements .
Next, the batter is poured into a machine that shapes them into spheres and cranks them directly into a vat of boiling oil.
Existing investor Accel, which was the first VC firm into Facebook, has now invested more into Qualtrics than into any other portfolio company.
But along the way, boy, there's something about trying to pull a thunderstorm into your house, into your living room, into your arms.
They opened two investigations into the president — one into potential obstruction of justice, and one into whether he personally was compromised by Russia.
Each blanket is spun from 28 plastic bottles that have been broken into tiny little chips, melted into liquid, then turned into yarn.
The grocery chain has turned cookies into butter, Yule Logs into ice cream, and French onion soup into bite-size dough-wrapped appetizers.
Turn a selfie into a Mondrain, a landscape into a Hokusai woodblock print, a dick pic into an impressionist masterpiece (for whatever reason).
You get locked into one program and put all your resources into that, so anything innovative has to tie into that one direction.
They created each emoji into a 3D model, then had them made into molds which were then used to cast them into concrete.
Both have expanded into groceries and poured hundreds of millions of dollars into acquisitions to extend their reach into brick-and-mortar businesses.
Fries fights him, but his boss pushes him into cryogenic supplies, transforming into into Mr. Freeze, an icy man with a broken heart.
A mountain of flour turns into a volcano as the wet ingredients are added into the well, then mixed and kneaded into dough.
And again last winter, when Storm Desmond brought record-breaking downpours that turned roads into rivers, fields into lakes, living rooms into ponds.
Dumping sewage into lakes and rivers and shoveling plastic waste into the ocean, where it swirls and accretes into a ghastly new continent.
Making Airtable into a 'platform'The overall goal of this expansion fits into Airtable's plan to make its product into more of a platform.
When you're trying to break into tech, for example, focus on getting into a tech company first, then transitioning into your aspirational role.
At one point, he walks into a seemingly deserted classroom, initiating an enigmatic journey into the past that keeps bumping into the present.
Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
They bundled her into a truck that disappeared into the night.
Divide dough into 4 equal parts and smooth into round mounds.
I ran into an old girlfriend who I was still into.
Rahimi limped into court and was helped into his seat Tuesday.
Roll into the cookie crumbs or dunk into the melted chocolate.
Researchers from China divided 120 study participants into into three groups.
It is also pouring $3bn into an attempted expansion into India.
And then they force somebody into something and force into something.
When it comes into contact with water, it turns into foam.
Deep into my eyes and straight into my soul, I swear.
Musk launched into his sermon, or, kind of ambled into it.
In this case, she vanished into the text, into this language.
The two stumbled into their market and stumbled into their name.
And if you get into Myanmar or you get into things.
Dip fortune cookies into melted chocolate and then into sprinkles. 3.
She went into hiding and found her way into the meeting.
To clarify: not into his apartment, but definitely into the building.
"Once she got into Hollywood she turned into a different person,"
You storm off into the night, tears melting into the rain.
Even if you're not into fashion, you'll probably be into this.
I love to see that they're into tennis or into sports.
AT&T's foray into digital TV is running into a snag.
Some anonymous people are writing something into this, into this channels.
This notion continued into college years and even into early adulthood.
Whether it's turning numbers into charts, or turning text into HTML.
He started talking, leaning into me, looking straight into my eyes.
I shift into third, step fully into the gas, and fly.
You're forced into situations that you hate to be forced into.
"We want to move into automation into new levels," she said.
"We're going to turn anger into answers, transform resentment into empowerment."
One Hawks player threw himself into the pile, slamming into Dorsey.
Such intolerance helps turn discontents into sympathisers and radicals into bombers.
He played into the 1990's, when Cuba fell into famine.
Thermodo's plugs into your phone to turn it into a thermometer.
He says getting into it feels like climbing into someone's tomb.
We got right into starting to put them into the shots.
He incorporated his research into his character, and into the movie.
So people integrated into the system, into society and their communities.
It too often hardens into hate or boils up into violence.
Half went into the spicy broth, half into the non-spicy.
He immediately burst out into laughter and I burst into tears!
Weeks can stretch into years before it all falls into place.
Instead, I went into my trailer and howled into my elbow.
Obviously, this person is really into fantasy and really into sex.
Customers jumped into the debate, which quickly escalated into the #ChickenSandwichWars.
There are different other locations that could come into into consideration.
The house was later carved into rentals and fell into disrepair.
There were people who were really into restaurants, really into chefs.
I took one step into the gallery and burst into tears.
Tasos subsequently disappears into a cave, walking alone into the darkness.
Also, my wife is into wellness and is not into chemicals.
The Pentagon Papers were split into documents, and into regular text.
I invested myself fully into the training, into the Shariah course.
The vehicle hurtled into a light pole and burst into flames.
But days turned into weeks and weeks turned into 8.5 months.
It also takes her singing into wordlessness and into the stratosphere.
They were moving into new headquarters and expanding into new locations.
Reformers convert refining byproducts into octane-boosting components blended into gasoline.
Now we are rather looking into diversifying into other asset classes.
Looking into [Teddy's] face was like looking into a doll's face.
Danielle: I like it crosses into the into the line there.
Wine is poured into juice glasses, water into tin camping mugs.
It is cold into spring, it is warm well into fall.
Shape beef mixture into loaf and put into prepared loaf pan.
Investors were duped into pouring millions into an over-engineered machine.
He threw his engine into neutral and dived into the water.
They tried to trick him into making mistakes, or into panicking.
Then he went into his car and changed into this woman.
She wasn't into the things that many other kids were into.
We piled into a mini bus and rolled into the city.
Instead of delving into poll numbers, I'm diving into box scores.
Crystal didn't come into play until about six months into shooting.
An economist comes into the room and jumps into your imagination.
Being "into" vinyl is like being into square dancing or knitting or marbles or crushing butterflies into books for reasons of preservation or stuffing yourself into an inflatable latex suit and getting fingered in a pool: it's fine if you're into it, but don't bore the rest of us.
It starts in Puerto Rico, goes to Miami Beach, into schools and juvenile detention centers, into stronger-than-blood relationships with friends, lovers, and family; it goes into the navy, into familial legacy, and colonial history.
It eventually poured £45bn ($71bn) into the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and £20.3bn into Lloyds, which ministers coaxed into buying the stricken HBOS.
Buying into Mediaset is part of Bollore's strategy to expand into southern Europe and transform the French company into an integrated European media powerhouse.
It trickles down into everyday life for many Pakistani women — simply strolling into a public park on a sunny afternoon turns into a negotiation.
Then a small, tar-covered whale leapt into the air, crashed into the surface of the tar, and erupted into a mess of tentacles.
"Bombshell" used makeup and prosthetics to convincingly turn Charlize Theron into Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman into Gretchen Carlson, and John Lithgow into Roger Ailes.
The Oscar winner was traveling on his scooter when a car cut into his lane and crashed into him, flinging him into the air.
Yet in keeping pace with the relentless march of seconds turning into minutes turning into hours turning into days, Gizmodo had a busy week!
Someday, two of those raw, refined boosters will fire not into a bunch of desert dirt but into a launchpad, propelling humans into space.
The commission already has eight individual probes into the U.S. social media company, two into its WhatsApp subsidiary, and one into Facebook-owned Instagram.
Guides, speaking directly into their followers' ears via head-mounted microphones, led large groups into the center of the crowd like battalions into battle.
He's visited 125 facilities in 25 countries, watching vinyl pucks get pressed into records, lunchmeat stuffed into cans, and silicone molded into sex dolls.
Even Joseph in The Little Drummer Girl turns into one in order to get Charlie into bed and then into Palestine (spoiler, it works).
"Defense spending also goes into U.N. peacekeeping missions, into our European missions, and into our contribution to the fight against IS terrorism," she said.
He sweeps freshly harvested leaves into piles and feeds them into machines that roll them into tea, earning 250,0003 rupees (about $2000) per month.
"Because Republicans never take minority communities into their home and citizens into their homes and into their hearts, they stay with Democrats," Love said.
Companies like Carbon Engineering and CarbonCure are betting they can turn CO2 into value — by turning it into fuel or injecting it into concrete.
Votes in Iowa don't directly translate into delegates to the conventionThey instead translate into county delegates, which translate into state delegates and district delegates.
The corps forms "X"s, which turn into asterisks, which turn into what looks like cell division, and then that turns into something else.
The plants' stalks can be woven into fabric and their seeds processed into oils used in food, but they cannot be made into drugs.
That's poured into a large pellet press that compounds the chemical mix into small, concentrated tablets that are later loaded into canisters or projectiles.
But what's also exciting is the way the entrepreneurs have a much easier time getting their products into Target stores, into Amazon, into Brookstone, into many retailers that otherwise might have had more questions about those products.
One way to recycle clothing is to shred it and to turn it into insulation, and there are fabrics that are quite good at being turning into new fiber, spun into yarn, and then woven into clothes.
Working with museum staff and the recycled-crafts organization Skraptacular, children will turn old T-shirts into stuffed animals; discarded paper into lanterns and toys; plastic bottle caps into wheels; and scrap wood into boats and puzzles.
These particles can turn into their antiparticle before decaying into other particles.
If signed into law, it would go into effect on July 1.
Instead of converting numbers into pictures, the processor converts pictures into numbers.
You can't get into their homes until you get into their hearts.
And as we emerge into the light, the Ring comes into view.
He was taken into custody -- he was taken into custody by officers.
Everything that goes into delivering that gets bundled into our postage price.
Dixon backed into a fence, and then drove into the light pole.
Insert the data into a spreadsheet and bring it into your negotiation.
When you gaze into Black Mirror's Bandersnatch, it also gazes into you.
The company is also looking into integrating the camera into the screen.
Video showed water crashing into buildings in Palu, smashing them into pieces.
Don't get into the mold most CEOs get into to get elected.
First he moved into renting DVDs, then, more boldly, into pay-television.
But instead of checking into a location, users "check into" a beer.
The plane exploded into flames, sending black smoke billowing into the air.
Russia was tipped into economic crisis shortly into Nabiullina's term as governor.
The company is investing $1 billion into its new expansion into Austin.
Gaza militants fired barrages of rockets into Israel late into the night.
Noland is subsumed into the work, into the language of the work.
If you're into that little mash up, you're gonna be into Claws.
So I'm not feeding into that, I'm not feeding into the machine.
"We carried her into a safe location into a salon," he said.
Some teams shovelled dirt into sacks and piled the bags into trucks.
And it'll work its way through into politics and into the campaigns.
Gather that mixture carefully into balls, and press them lightly into discs.
Money ploughed back into the firm has mainly gone into hiring staff.
More territory quickly turns into more troops which turns into more territory.
We tuck her into the guest bedroom and pour ourselves into bed.
The last stitch Seconds tick off into minutes, which turn into hours.
I am trying to fold race into geopolitics and geopolitics into poetry.
Change your words into truth and then change that truth into love.
She's into technology now, and she's into games and these YouTube videos.
I didn't get into golf to get other people into the game.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swings into theaters on Dec. 14.
Sudu refashions it into finer yarn, which is then woven into scarves.
She takes their predicament into her own hands, turning silver into gold.
And if we give into that futility then we give into it.
I'm into people laughing and I'm into people playing off of people.
The things that I was into lead me into this digital world.
We were into skateboarding while this guy was into some computer things.
First, Instagram turned into Snapchat, and now Facebook is turning into...LinkedIn?
The same factors that go into Google search go into Google News.
Antonin Artaud worked mescaline's effects into surrealism, Jean-Paul Sartre into existentialism.
But he "went bush" instead, disappearing into remotest Australia and into legend.
They fire bullets into Tannerite targets that blow pumpkins into the sky.
Stuff your stuffing into your bird, or place into a casserole dish.
Water can be turned not only into wine, but also into wealth.
If you're into it, you're into it; if you're not, you're not.
Consumers buying into the denim brand are buying into the American dream.
So I'd get into freestyle battles and got into rapping like that.
I'm into that, and I'm into being a catalyst in that story.
Divide dough into 8 even portions, and form each into a ball.
I can't put it into perspective; I can't put that into words.
The words to "Into the Mystic" fall into four-beat lines of
Daily, we crossed the border into France and back again into Italy.
Staring into the door window behind him like Narcissus into his pool.
Cruelty is woven into boxing like tweed into a fine herringbone jacket.
Going into reconstructive surgery is a lot like going into the mastectomy.
I was never really into the modeling world — I was into music.
Colette depicts a woman coming into her voice and into her body.
He parsed an onion into thirds and stacked it into a cone.
Then Saksena got into how Best Buy planned to get into healthcare.
These beliefs don't make it into contemporary books, or into most classrooms.
After that, the players disappeared into a side door into the hotel.
Next, the AAVs roar into life and smash into the swirling sea.
Instead of cowing others into peace, primacy has plunged America into war.
Vettel ran into his teammate's Ferrari, causing Raikkonen to nudge into Verstappen.
Mesquite pods are pounded into sweet flour that is baked into cookies.
"I'm not into opulence, I'm not into that lifestyle anymore," she explains.
They spilled into the downstairs space and out into the parking lot.
A seed mic went into his lip piercing, jewelphones into his ears.
She also leaned into her sexual personal well into her old age.
Cut into 1/2-inch thick slices, and then into squares. 4.
Alipay's big push into North American also includes its foray into Canada.
He would always try and talk her into getting me into it.
When I got into history and politics…I switched into heavier metal.
Wait until we get into VR, we didn't even get into that.
Cut it into 4-inch squares, then cut the squares into stars.
He finally cracked, taking the descent into madness into his own hands.
Alex isn't really into jazz and Thomas not so much into punk.
She is also looking into incorporating interactive elements into the video performance.
Some actors disappear into their roles; Streisand's characters disappear into her persona.
Then as I got into my teenage years I got into grunge.
When you stare into the abs, the abs stare also into you.
I had willed us into being but couldn't will us into lasting.
I backed into a giant rock, then careened into an enemy ship.
My fellow students were being drafted into Vietnam, into an illegal war.
Sweet flavors slip easily into the savory realm, savory into the sweet.
What remains of Dorian moves into Newfoundland on Saturday night into Sunday.
Mr. Pérez looks into his phone, blood streaming into his right eye.
We've already moved hundreds of families back into society and into homes.
Instead, pound raw garlic into a paste that can dissolve into food.
She tosses a tablespoon into her smoothies or stirs it into yogurt.
Most black families walking into this courthouse are headed into a disaster.
Dropping down into the graveyard felt like stepping into a forgotten world.
I didn't choose to go into pageants; I was put into them.
Go into the transaction with clear knowledge of what you're getting into.
Alkylation units convert refining byproducts into octane-boosting components blended into gasoline.
A few seconds into the interview, the anchor fell into a trap.
Players simply sign into PlayVS and get dropped into their scheduled match.
The suit fits into the seat which fits into the spaceship interior.
Any politician that sends people into war is sending people into violence.
So I started looking into a way to get into that industry.
Such discounting helped push the industry into crisis, and G.M. into bankruptcy.
If only he had to look into the eyes I've looked into.
And now, hyperlinks turn lies into donations and donations into louder lies.
Harry's more low-key and not into the same stuff she's into.
Is he looking into the Russians hacking into all of our emails?
The impeachment inquiry into President Trump burst into public view this week.
Some peer into binoculars as if they can see into the future.
I slink down into the bathtub and cry right into the phone.
Coblentz has also considered sending brine into orbit, to evaporate into salt.
Our first ventures into joint watching quickly descended into relationship choppy waters.
" He added, "They broke into his campaign by bringing people into it.
As capital poured into haven assets, riskier investments into stocks were trimmed.
But she continued to come into the office well into her 90s.
Two batters into his start, Gsellman put the Mets into a hole.
Duets rupture into solos or evolve into trios, until everyone dances together.
You can incorporate your previous life into the life you're moving into.
Setting foot into your local mall's Sephora was like walking into Disneyland.
He goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country.
Residential streets have turned into rivers and freeways have morphed into waterways.
He fell into work as he fell into long-lasting love, accidentally.
Residential streets have turned into rivers, and freeways have morphed into waterways.
Oates's lengthy attempt at insights into these lives devolves into dehumanizing caricature.
This force is stopping terrorists from going back (into) Turkey, into Europe.
Instead of selling into stock market weakness, we buy into the weakness.
Trios form, then morph into quartets before splitting into teams of two.
"Once you get into this ... you get into a habit," Morey said.
If they want to look into something, they can look into it.
It can turn anything that's plugged into it into a smart device. 
A window into how the painted subjects transported themselves into other worlds?
Any federal criminal investigation into Uber could be looking into several matters.
We're not going into the neighborhood Earn and Paper Boi go into.
His killer hopped into a waiting car and escaped into the darkness.
So let's get into how you decided to then go into fiction.
I go into communities — I have no idea what I'm getting into.
It doesn't really need to be put into hearts and into minds.
The humming that had faded away into the background, kicks into overdrive.
He leans farther into the microphone, but the game has gone into overdrive; the roar pivots into a permanent din, impervious to shushing. Inclusivity. Love.
What we do know is that this was a hack-riddled election, we saw hacks into voter databases, into party databases, into individual email accounts.
Most successful were efforts to turn Russians abroad and ambitious business leaders into agents, coercing them into adding back doors into software or company databases.
Gunman's shuffle down the side of the hallway, into the bathroom, clear — into the foyer, one bad guy, two shots, clear — into the pantry, clear.
The Oscar winner, 57, was traveling on his scooter when a car cut into his lane and crashed into him, flinging him into the air.
We're starting to see some rotation out of technology names where people were comfortable owning them, into bank names, into drug names, into industrial names.
Crucially, China has translated its control of the raw materials into dominance of the valuable next steps: turning oxides into metals and metals into products.
His $300 investment into Northeast Airlines turned into $203, which made him a profit of $600 before he headed into the 7th grade in 1962.
When the sensors detect your partner has moved into your space, a conveyor belt built into the bed aims to gently realign them into place.
To make these extra long fries, mashed potatoes are formed into balls and placed into a device that presses the mashed potatoes into long strips.
Plastic bottles that have been steam-blasted, chopped into tiny pieces, melted, then turned into thread that is turned into yarn — but plastic bottles, nonetheless.
The work that went into solidifying that community was immense, and, Ari did a lot of research into cults and into midsummer in Swedish communities.
"Money, instead of going to pay bondholders, should be going into our roads, into our buildings, into our education system," he told a news conference.
TRANSCRIPT CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Two weeks into spring, three days into April and about 16 seconds into a new edition of CNN 10.
Snapping this attachment into the camera turns it into a quick and dirty home surveillance setup that you can plug right into any light fixture.
They were offset by inflows of $19.1 billion into managed account products, $22.6 billion into money market funds, and $16.1 billion into Fidelity index funds.
Picture this: a pair of headphones plugged into 3.5mm dongle, which is then plugged into a Lightning adapter, which is then plugged into your phone.
Ruffles have turned our sidewalks into a milkmaid convention, our bars into Blackbeard's shanty, and our store racks into sea anemones made of cotton poplin.
Forced into knee-deep water with her children, she and the other women and children were separated into groups, taken into separate houses, and attacked.
The special counsel Ken Starr's probe into Clinton's real estate investments morphed into an investigation into his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
I stirred it into the batter along with the other ingredients, poured it all into a large cake pan and slipped it into the oven.
The gentle, teasing flavor of fire and smoke finds its way beyond grilled local spot prawns and spiny lobsters — into salt, into fruit, into salads.
One thing that I love about what I get to do is I get invited into people's homes, into people's lives, into sharing their stories.
Bananas freeze very well and can be thawed and made into banana bread, or blended while still frozen into a creamy sorbet, or into smoothies.
They got back into the pickups, and once they crossed the border into Iran, the Afghans were piped into a sprawling smuggling network toward Europe.
Syria is into its seventh year, the civil war in South Sudan into its fifth and the conflict in eastern Ukraine grinds into its fourth.
The stress is going to spill into your relationships, spill into your work, and it will spill into your finances in a lot of ways.
With each paycheck, I put $100 into my travel fund, $60 into my emergency fund, $60 into long-term savings, $60 to mid-term savings, $60 into my annual bills fund, and $63 in my upcoming expenses fund.
"It's Harry Chapin going into Cat Stevens into the Beatles into James Taylor into Bob Marley, and then around 10, 11 o'clock, Jay Z and Guns n' Roses escalating the whole vibe," Stratis Morfogen said on a recent evening.
They may begin with pre-written policy points, but will inevitably swerve into talk of windmills, dip into jocular opinions on light bulbs, corkscrew into savage commentary on immigration, then free-fall into musings on news of the day.
First the aluminum caps, as well as the thin tamper-evident bands beneath them, are fashioned into fixed shapes: flattened into long hexagonal strips, pounded into squares, cut and twisted into O-rings, or crumpled like a pie tart.
Already into the bondage scene, he got into dollification when friends and partners asked him to turn them into marionettes, making Danarama a kinky, dominant Geppetto.
By contrast the alternative route involves heading west into the North Atlantic, south into the Mediterranean, and then through the Suez Canal into the Indian Ocean.
The coldest temperatures Friday will be seen in North Dakota across into Minnesota, with dropping into single digits into the teens for highs, according to Palmer.
Rubbish is dumped into it by ships, or thrown or blown into it from coastal settlements, or washed into it through rivers, drains and sewage pipes.
During the show's original run, designers turned a kitchen into a Mexican fiesta, a bedroom into a safari and a dining area into a horror movie.
Last July, Clooney was traveling on his motorcycle in Italy when a car cut into his lane and crashed into him, flinging him into the air.
He digs his spoon into the ice cream, deposits the creamy glob into his mouth, and chews while staring directly into the camera without blinking. Fin.
Episode one, "Gap Year," investigates why black men who are born into wealth are more likely to fall into poverty than white men born into wealth.
The crickets are frozen into a lethal hibernation, washed, roasted, and turned into a fine flour that can be incorporated into everything from granola to pasta.
Last Wednesday, Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle at 155 miles per hour, flattening neighborhoods, turning subdivisions into rubble, and plunging the coast into darkness.
It's also such an affront on history, because we've always accepted people into tribes; we've always let people marry into tribes or adopted children into tribes.
Here, it's sprinkled on top of noodles, pounded into salads, made into soup, toasted and served as a snack, and, most of all, pressed into oil.
It will probably break into two or three significant chunks and break down into even smaller pieces that may drift into shipping lanes, van Ommen said.
The truck then crashed into a Subaru, which crashed into another Subaru, which may have crashed into an unidentified fifth vehicle that left before officials arrived.
" … "We construct precisely contoured echo chambers of affirmation that turn conviction into zeal, passion into fury, disagreements with the other side into the demonization of it.
We construct precisely contoured echo chambers of affirmation that turn conviction into zeal, passion into fury, disagreements with the other side into the demonization of it.
From Maine to Florida, Washington State to Southern California, we are featuring six islands that make for ideal escapes—into the past, into nature, into luxury.
In the books, this is the rather difficult art of changing one thing into another — a mouse into a snuffbox or a hedgehog into a pincushion.
Taking it begins with ritual — folding foil into a chute, rolling paper towel into a wick and heating the gleaming crystal into running liquid trailing vapor.
"So we don't go into the phone call with Nixon, we don't go into the scientific experiments, we don't go into reentry, et cetera," he continued.
If he decides to go into the gray area — or cross over into the black area — others may respond by going into the gray area themselves.
It's not just migration patterns: With one swipe, strangers are coming into intimate proximity on an accelerated basis, and into our homes, and into our cars.
It sits all on one floor, where books run seamlessly into tchotchkes into high-end fashion into a gallery space, which will have a separate entrance.
Morphing into different personas, Mr. Abraham transformed himself from a voguer, silkily turning the stage into a runway, into an old man and a troubled boy.
This molecule travels into the brain, where it&aposs converted into a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which in turn is converted into a hormone called melatonin. Voila!
"Defense spending also goes into UN peacekeeping missions, into our European missions and into our contribution to the fight against IS terrorism," von der Leyen said.
A big institutional effort goes into getting poorer students into university, which is admirable, but almost none goes into planning how they might benefit from it.
It is rare, nowadays, to see a hero break into song onscreen—and rarer still to see him slip into song as if into something comfortable.
The plane crossed all four lanes of busy Freeport Boulevard before smashing into three parked cars, slamming into Farrell's Ice Cream parlor and bursting into flames.
One worked goat milk up into a thing of beauty: Some of it was made into a simple frozen custard, the rest cooked down into cajeta.
The action erupts into shoving and shouting matches, and then escalates into beatings, child endangerment and self-mutilation, and finally into suicide, incest, rape and murder.
This was the year I got into The Show, and frankly into baseball.
I'm gonna import avocados into Canada and then smuggle them down into USA.
Part of it falls into the black hole and part escapes into infinity.
Afterwards people can be seen pushing into and then running into the frame.
And unfortunately that's why we got into the mess that we've gotten into.
"She's retreated into the typical bubble that powerful politicians get into," he said.
They tucked paper evidence into manila envelopes; bulkier items into brown paper bags.
They were going into Podesta&aposs, they were trying to go into hers.
The deeper I burrow into Below, the deeper it burrows into my mind.
Some $1.1 billion poured into healthcare funds and $700 million into utilities funds.
Twist the section of hair into a bun and pin it into place.
And when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back into you.
It was signed into law in May and went into effect in June.
Elsewhere inflows into equities slowed with some investors moving into laggard energy shares.
"They ran into danger, they ran into gunfire to help others," Schubert said.
Divide the dough into 2 equal-sized balls and flatten them into discs.
Pomelo is looking into partnerships with stores to tap into customer loyalty programs.
"Our shooting has got us into games or back into games," Anderson said.
I'm still into getting money, just into getting it in different ways now.
Some of those cities crumbled into obsolescence; others blossomed into capitals of legend.
"Turn It Into Art" taps into the transformative and healing power of creativity.
And you're certainly not making someone into a hero for being into you.
It has seeped into my soul, twisted into the fibers of my being.
I translated scripture into stories, interpreted dogma into skits about friendship and charity.
The group shifted into the dining room, settling into assigned seats for dinner.
I give you some insight into those turning points, into how they happened.
But people get so deep into you that it turns into a cult.
But a fling turns into an affair (and an affair turns into love).
Ultimately, the doc is a neat look into what went into the story.
Forlani puts visible effort into projecting yearning and indecision into her backward glances.
That's because, unsurprisingly, there's a lot that goes into launching someone into space.
A portion of that money went into Cryptokitties' ambitions to expand into Asia.
Leaks from factories sometimes seep into paddy fields, and thence into rice-bowls.
Cut all the meat into bite-sized pieces and place into a bowl.
"She's definitely into it, so hopefully he's into it, too," says the insider.
So when the going gets rough, you retreat into the familiar, into warmth.
It went into car batteries, and into additives that gave petrol more vroom.
Breath caught, he sprints into the water and paddles back into the monster.
Maybe he ought to put some of that into turning dreams into reality.
For a strategy game, Into the Breach is remarkably easy to get into.
When we look out into the world, we are really looking into ourselves.
To hack into your Samsung TV, the CIA isn't breaking into your house.
It pumps money into favoured domestic firms to turn them into global champions.
Instead you bundle her into a taxi, send it growling into the night.
Since players are constantly running into each other, they're forced into more fights.
He crashed into Bingaman's Escape, crushing it before careening into three parked cars.
If you buy into the American way you buy into checks and balances.
Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that goes into effect in 2017.
Flynn's accidental entry into the online business world turned into a lucrative career.
Alunorte transforms bauxite into alumina, which is turned into aluminum at huge smelter.
It has turned my physical being into pieces, my mental being into pieces.
Try turning zucchini into spaghetti-like noodles and baking veggies into French fries!
We dig into his keto ice cream and chat late into the night.
Tear the mozzarella into 1-inch pieces and toss them into the bowl.
Then he took that and put it into Adobe, into the creative world.
Words are a window into a mindset and also into an administration's culture.
Pinch a tablespoon of meat into your palms and shape into a ball.
He'll get really into wearing fleeces and she'll get really into early nights.
SB4 was signed into law in May and goes into effect in September.
He soon moved into management and eventually went into teaching -- his favorite job.
The eggs turn into larvae the moment they're plopped into the salty sea.
This went on for days, which turned into weeks, which turned into months.
What goes into our water footprint, and how does food fit into that?
Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and spread into an even layer.
You can talk yourself into falling, or you can talk yourself into winning.
Alkylation units convert refining by-products into high-octane components blended into gasoline.
It's like a trap you fall into, a cliche most musicians fall into.
Only this time it wasn't into a new neighborhood, but into the classroom.
I held her into the night, then put her back into the crib.
Just over half that went into U.S. startups and $1 billion into China.
Eight days into the program, the first addict came into the police department.
But before we dive into the status quo, let's look into the past.
They are not getting into the game, they are not getting into Cuba.
Then he gets into the grand finale ... shoving a lime into his forearm.
They can turn your friends into enemies, and turn you into a prick.
We're not going to force you into treatment or into jails and prisons.
If you drive into water, you're taking your life into your own hands.
It plays into stirring the pot and tapping into the worst in people.
Ryan Anderson pitter-pattered into space and then morphed into a launch pad.
Alunorte transforms bauxite into alumina, which is turned into aluminum at huge smelters.
The reformer converts low-octane naphthas into octane-boosting components blended into gasoline.
A suet pastry dough is chopped into pieces and then rolled into rectangles.
At 14, I got into my first fight and went into petty crime.
He darted into the parked car, turning our barricade into another deadly threat.
It felt more like walking into a museum than walking into a store.
My confusion turned into paranoia which turned into panic attacks which triggered delusions.
Cochlear implants convert sound into electrical signals and send them into the brain.
We are entering into a century, into a world, that is so new.
If you build discipline into your life you'll build discipline into your work.
In 2006, a year into her job, she started looking into mortgage fraud.
Can Oliver could be reconverted into a private house or turned into apartments.
The report aggregates businesses into industry categories and workers into large demographic categories.
One electrical box was transformed into a beehive, another into a spider's web.
Sometimes they bumped into him and whispered nonsense into his ear, he said.
Writing into such an environment is like directing a canoe into a gale.
He loves stuff—he welcomes it into his mind and into his house.
"They're incorporating edible blooms into food, into drinks," she said of 2020 couples.
Then she climbed into a car and drove into Tehran with her husband.
Coil the dough into a circle, tucking the ends *tightly* into the bottom.
Then hand-weave into core rope memory and assemble into an AGC module.
Unfortunately the science takes decades to catch up into policy and into practice.
Walking into a clock repairman's shop feels like stepping into a music box.
Robins writes that "Radcliffe turned her into a prude," not into an intellectual.
Pour the mixture into the prepared dish, spreading it into an even layer.
We will invest same proportion into R&D as we do into content.
Going into buildings, going into tunnels, culverts, places that you can't easily access.
Now, he'll wait well into 2016 to finally make it into the octagon.
You can be put into a helium balloon and sent into the atmosphere.
Finally, they run into Sam at the movies, and Rob leaps into action.
It's also helped spur Planned Parenthood into sinking massive resources into defeating Handel.
You've been born into this body, you've been born into a specific life.
You're not into running around and fighting; you're into sitting around and eating.
The mansion turns into a rocket ship and you blast off into space.
Some observers bump their noses into the mirror while looking into the artwork.
Your brain kinda goes into shock—even just 30 seconds into eating it.
Divide the dough into 2 equal-sized balls and flatten them into discs.
I was born into a period where we got hardwired into sci-fi.
And then we go straight into "Accelerator"; straight into that high-energy rock.
Pull the hair into a side ponytail, then divide it into two sections.
Houston forced Utah into 16 first-half turnovers, converting them into 23 points.
Clinton pledged to never send U.S. soldiers back into Iraq or into Syria.
"We went into cooking like you go into plumbing or electricity," McMillan said.
Well, they put it into their own palaces and into their own country.
It may bring our better angels into play and best values into relief.
It brought art directly into the community and turned the community into art.
When he quit skating to get into motorcycles, he got into classic bikes.
I didn't realize that getting into TV meant him getting into my pants.
Sound engineering turns open offices into private spaces, an auditorium into a confessional.
Divide into 4 pieces and roll out into 14-inch logs SEE FS!
By turning Chris into the teacup, Mr. Shaw gets into the character's head.
All of that worked into the witches' brew that swept him into office.
Instead, I rub ointment into her palms, into the soles of her feet.
They went from that into the pill mill scams into owning treatment facilities.
"Ease into it… You can't go too quick into the pie," he says.
I want to get into it, but let's get more into your background.
Sometimes, officers walk into a situation where an overdose turns into a death.
We were deep into December, and the cold burned into my gloveless hands.
He was taken into the room, handcuffed, blindfolded and locked into the stocks.
A cartoon character burst into flames after drifting into a high-tension wire.
I was dropped into a demo experience a few hours into the game.
I'm into sneakers, but also more into just Nike as a brand, frankly.
She changed into a pair of blue hospital pajamas and sank into bed.
Between these forces, the characters are hardened, sometimes into coal, sometimes into diamonds.
They stirred the stuff into porridge, and baked it into cookies and cakes.
The Cardinal forced UCLA into 16 turnovers, which they converted into 21 points.
As soon as he stepped into the courtroom, he launched into a rant.
He pulled Mills into a bear hug and murmured plaudits into his ear.
Send federal dollars to put into economic development, to put into our schools.
Mr. Roof got into his black Hyundai Elantra and drove into the night.
They cheat to get into the schools we worked hard to get into.
So we will look into that as we move into the off-season.
At that point, haptics crosses over not just into erotics but into accessories.
Plus, the Air Force gets into flying cars, and Uber gets into ads.
I fell into the "squeeze more than one letter into a square" trap.
"While I'm into wood, I'm way more into light and bright," she said.
It won't lift us into utopia or carry us into an unwanted future.
He, too, is leaning into the music, drawn into its swift, skimming momentum.
Less force put into the ground means less pop back into the air.
Tons of sediment slid into the Yaak River, which flows into the Kootenai.
Sometimes it disappears into pipes underground or flows into tunnels in the rock.
The crisis has turned families into search parties and parents into private detectives.
I got into Little Rock, stopped at the station, got into my car.
They're into it, and we head into the sunshine for a quick walk.
Austin: I might hack into a terminal but not hack into a terminal.
When he lifted her into the air, Uma immediately broke into a grin.
I did actually dig very deeply into theater and very deeply into acting.
Pour the batter into the prepared pan and spread into an even layer.
For plank, lower into a partial push-up position and back into plank.
Put energy into your loved ones, into the values which matter to you.
I've since moved into a bungalow with a loft converted into a room.
They are running into legend, into sleepover stories and nightmares parents never hear.
And we mean into it — as in, they've literally inserted themselves into it.
He incorporated a window into her head, like a window into her mind.
Ordinary investors can now put money into timber without venturing into the woods.
Last year, it plummeted into the 143s, before cratering further into the 60s.
Eventually, the effluent goes into underground pipes and gets released into the soil.
"He got very into church and very into the Bible," Mr. McGaughey said.
If you're not into mainstream rom-coms, you're not into mainstream rom-coms.
Attention turns into money, and money turns into a reason to pay attention.
They are always inviting other artists into their practice and into their shows.
This is when you sent the telescope up into orbit into the stratosphere.
In fact, Jackson's transformation isn't into a werewolf, but into a were-cat.
They're turning their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement.
"People into puppy play can be locked into a large kennel," says Fyre.
Like damn, I really do put effort into bringing men into my life.
"I'm going to slip into something more comfortable," they whisper into your ear.
"See, dance gets into your blood, it gets into your veins, it gets into your heart, into your soul and it doesn't leave," Abdul tells PEOPLE exclusively about the healing method, which she holds near and dear to her heart.
After sourcing the bottles from recycling centers, they are "hot-washed" and sterilized, chipped into tiny flakes, then shaped into pellets that are then melted into malleable, thread-like fibers that get weaved into shoes by car-size knitting machines.
The police can "look into" who broke into your home, but if they don't question suspects and dig for clues, they're not really looking into anything seriously.
They build an orchestra into the Big Guitar Moments, threatening to careen off into something spacey but pulling back into the chorus before it can take off.
Laika was bound into a crude spacesuit and loaded into Sputnik 2 a month after the spacecraft's predecessor became the first satellite launched into low Earth orbit.
Drive each pin into the twist going in the same direction as the hair, then turn and push it into the twist to lock it into place.
Other tinkerers, for example, have used the zebrafication tool to turn shots of black bears into believable photos of pandas, apples into oranges, and cats into dogs.
And from here, we saw an inflow into ETFs, an inflow into equities, an inflow into oil in the market recovery," Baruch said Wednesday on "Trading Nation.
How about the show taking Season 5 viewers into yet another layer deeper into the surreal by introducing virtual reality into the very plot of the show.
From trucks being driven into crowds to shootings and stabbings, the effort to strike fear into the heart of people across Europe has morphed into different forms.
A journalistic investigation into Cruz's days as solicitor general of Texas has turned into a wider inquiry into the presidential candidate's self-pleasuring as a college student.
Every time A. had that dream, it aroused the same feelings in him—calm that turned into frustration that turned into anger that immediately turned into compassion.
Amazon bought into Wi-Fi tech, Verizon bought into mobile video with DreamWorks and Hertz bought into what might be the last surviving on-demand valet startup.
Intelligence is also what decides that these things, rather than other things, are worth doing, by translating discoveries into meanings, experiences into values and values into decisions.
Essay From Maine to Florida, Washington State to Southern California, we are featuring six islands that make for ideal escapes—into the past, into nature, into luxury.
Over the next 60 days, I invested $600,13 into dividend-paying stocks, $600,000 into California municipal bonds, $550,000 into real estate crowdfunding, and left ~$50,000 in cash.
"While our sales into education are smaller than into industry, we still estimate we sold over 1 million units into that market in 2018 alone," he claimed.
Insight into desire, insight into the struggle and interplay of the masculine and the feminine, and insight into human nature are rarely aspired to, much less achieved.
Grose (Moe Angelos), is corralled into one of Evelyn's lectures like a human lab specimen into a science experiment, Evelyn whispers outrageous contempt right into her ear.
I didn't know what the f*** to expect whenever I would go into the gym, whenever I go into the plane, whenever I got into the game.
I found it particularly particularly odd as I was arriving on Singapore Airlines, which has 28503 routes into China, seven into Japan and two into South Korea.
Bone-tired slaves — who fed the cane stalks into the mechanical rollers that pressed them into juice — lost hands or were pulled into the rollers and dismembered.
Into the contraption they went, whereupon the bather could change into a swimsuit and be wheeled into the ocean to take a plunge unobserved by leering eyes.
It's a place where trees sprout "baby letters," which grow into multisyllabic words, which are tossed into stew pots and herded into sentences, which eventually become stories.
Artemi Panarin's pass into the crease was deflected by Strome and to Kreider, who put the puck into the net just 18 seconds into the power play.
Yet their travels deep into the woods also bring Buck into contact with a pack of wolves, tapping into a primal longing more befitting his canine nature.
Lenovo has truly leaned into crafting its flagship Yoga laptop into a multimedia powerhouse, adding bottom-firing speakers into the laptop's base for even more sound channels.
House investigators were looking into whether or not Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to pressure the country into conducting an investigation into the Bidens for corruption.
No passports required, that allows you to go into R&B or allows you to go into jazz or allows you to go into folk or rock.
Harris visited spots around Brooklyn — he tossed oranges into a shopping cart, lofted eggs into a hot frying pan and shot some coins into a tip jar.
Hence a flannel coat transformed into a dress, an equestrian trouser mutated into a bustier and a pleather trench coat morphed into shorts with a deconstructed hem.
Admission to the schools mentioned in the complaint is extremely competitive: For first-time, full-time undergraduates, only 5 percent of applicants get into Stanford, 7 percent into Yale, 17 percent into Georgetown, 18 percent into the University of Southern California and 29 percent into Wake Forest, according to the U.S. Department of Education.
Admissions to the schools mentioned in the complaint are highly selective: Among first-time, full-time undergraduates, only 5 percent of applicants get into Stanford, 7 percent into Yale, 17 percent into Georgetown, 18 percent into the University of Southern California, and 29 percent into Wake Forest, according to the U.S. Department of Education.
This doctor wants to insert himself into the White House and into your uterus.
I don't care what the expression is, if someone's into something they're into it.
We've now gone twice into the distant future, both into that Tess story line.
Ana: There's a lot of walking blindly into walls and crashing into one another.
The rock vapor first condenses into a liquid, and then into a molten planet.
Could I crash this spacecraft into the asteroid to knock it into the Sun?
Sometimes you get so into your work that you accidentally fall into a lake.
Form the chicken mixture into 6 equal mounds, and shape each into a patty.
I'm definitely way more into psychedelics than I am into all the speedy stuff.
But less money is being put into structures and equipment, more into intellectual property.
It's something I think Apple's gonna be heavy into, Google's gonna be heavy into.
That pressure is what squeezes the carbon into graphite and then again into diamond.
And, if you're feeling super into it, bring a puffer into the mix, too.
Obstruction in an impeachment sense, because you get into interpretation, you get into intent.
So Democrats have to take that into account when they look into his background.
You kind of get into a rhythm, into a zone, and it feels good.
That plastic can be recycled into fibers, which can then be spun into clothing.
As this light flew out into the universe, it ran into more hydrogen gas.
And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.
And I mean Into the Inferno sounds sort of it's like Into The Abyss.
But while I'll bump into those guys less, I'll bump into local guys more.
On them: English words translated into phonetics and then into Vezo, the local language.
Put mixture into a baking dish and put them into the preheated oven. 6.
Our goal is to get this matter into the courts and into the press.
Cut cucumber, lemon and lime into thin slices and chop ginger into cubes. 2.
That puts Mailchimp deeper into the e-commerce business and into competition with Shopify.
He has conducted research into how normal cells age and turn into malignant tumors.
The label just introduced blazers into the mix as its first foray into suiting.
" When asked if that investigation was into hurricane-related deaths, he said, "into everything.
Into the Forest is heavy stuff — did you feel any anxiety going into filming?
The idea is to lure people into Medicare Extra, not force them into it.
Everything melted away into nothingness, but into a nothingness that contained within it all.
Remember: even ten years ago, this concussion blooms into five, which bloom into ten.
They convert their helipads into squash courts by day and into cinemas by night.
It it is woven into my sister's life and woven into my brothers' lives.
Emerging markets saw inflows worth $400 million into equities and $100 million into debt.
We're excited to take that show into the 43 ... Sorry, into the 2018 midterms.
What are photographs but gateways into parallel realms, memories resurrected, passageways into the familiar?
Some are into athletics and fine arts, and others into cheerleading and career tech.
Sometimes, the balloons drift off course into the sea or back into South Korea.
"That's why engineers [are] turning into farmers, artists [are] turning into farmers," Sainwar said.
Don't go into it lightly, though: You'll dive into very personal, often charged territory.
Occasionally, walking into a gallery or museum space is like walking into a cathedral.
You tighten the kickstand into place, then slide the seat post into the frame.
But that story about translating space into data into experiences got a little lost.
William later put the boy, strapped into a car seat, into a waiting car.
A runner turns into a hurdler turns into a discuss thrower and so on.
She can dip her feet into the local fountain, or even cycle into it.
Subtropical storms can develop into tropical storms, which in turn can strengthen into hurricanes.
Some recipes add caramel, shape the brownies into cups, or turn them into s'mores.
To somehow rein him back into Manchester by the Sea and into the family?
These two cells fused and developed into an embryo that ultimately developed into Dolly.
Each morning, activists load into buses headed into the city for day-long demonstrations.
It's very difficult to develop that skill into the digital sphere, into social media.

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