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"immense" Definitions
  1. extremely large or great

979 Sentences With "immense"

How to use immense in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "immense" and check conjugation/comparative form for "immense". Mastering all the usages of "immense" from sentence examples published by news publications.

This is Rio, too, where immense poverty abuts immense wealth.
The immense poverty and the immense trauma and the ramifications of that directly.
But they are builders of opinion and can construct, and do immense good, immense.
When McKibben was finally transferred to the Villa, she went from feeling immense grief to immense pressure.
Each decade has brought us novel technologies with ever-increasing potential for both immense good and immense destruction.
Oil, natural gas and coal provide immense benefits to society — even though they also have immense environmental costs.
The titular Phoenix bonded itself with Jean, giving her immense power as well as the ability to cause immense destruction.
Second, thanks to the immense — horrifyingly immense — number of watts poured into it by miners every hour, it is, by far, the scarcest of all our digital scarcities.
Immense popularity Darey Art Alade, a Nigerian singer and creative director of Livespot 360 says Cardi B was picked to headline the festival because of her immense popularity.
" She knows now that it is "an immense machine.
Pour Brigitte Macron, Adèle Haenel mérite un " immense respect ".
They succeeded -- but the problems facing Trump are still immense.
When he woke up, Herndon said he felt immense gratitude.
The sun confines its own reactions with its immense gravity.
There is immense risk in everything that a startup does.
The amount of training that I have gotten is immense.
Now it's under immense pressure from the renewable energy boom.
But the stakes of understanding these landscapes are now immense.
There was immense despair for the victims and their families.
Every person profiled here deserves an immense amount of respect.
But that is plenty of time to inflict immense harm.
The pressure from members of Franken's own party is immense.
This feels, tonight, like a particularly immense type of evil.
Q. Have you been surprised by the book's immense success?
Robert Mueller is a man of immense integrity and patriotism.
But I also do think that there's an immense market.
Oil prices are facing immense, countervailing pressure from two sides.
The influence of "The tragedy of the commons" was immense.
They're still symbolic of the immense power that women wield.
" Tess Holliday said, "Sending you an immense amount of love.
The small, seemingly harmless shop's capabilities for snooping are immense.
Fourth, her contribution to the Democratic Party has been immense.
Partisan gaps are immense and persistent on nearly every question.
If these chips become smarter, their potential could be immense.
"I was under immense pressure to starve myself," she remembers.
This song is about that immense gratitude, joy, and disbelief.
And to be really loved; the immense difficulty of intimacy.
Twitter is under immense pressure to get things turned around.
But Ghaed underestimated the immense toll of her own PTSD.
I was able to recognize Michael Shannon's immense talent immediately.
Zuckerberg will not personally enjoy most of his immense wealth.
Their argument, however, has drawn immense opposition from consumer advocates.
Republicans crafted a piece of legislation that faced immense odds.
The difference between Level 2 and Level 4 is immense.
"The market opportunities in this region are immense," he added.
We're feasting our eyes on an immense amount of beauty.
If the experiment works, the policy consequences could be immense.
It was an immense responsibility and he did it dutifully.
It would take an immense upset for her to win.
For Ukraine, the economic promise of the deal is immense.
He has immense firepower, he's never going to give up.
The potential upside for Nike of greater automation is immense.
Because of the black hole's immense gravity, they are stuck.
The issue was one of immense symbolic importance for Catholics.
Solving the opioid crisis is an immense public health challenge.
But this is merely a scratch on an immense landscape.
The scale of any support would have to be immense.
The scale of construction was almost too immense to comprehend.
Working for yourself can cause an immense amount of stress.
Opinion Columnist Immense wealth isn't good for your reality sense.
The candidates faced immense pressure to distance themselves from her.
The outpouring was even more immense now; Beau's funeral fell
Here are a few facts that capture Walgreens' immense size:
But Ford -- and his immense resources -- threatened further legal action.
I think they are people of immense character and integrity.
But Trump has been under immense pressure to do so.
But within that bourgeois frame there is immense personal force.
Everything is visible, including the immense wealth of the rich.
Her forthcoming boo is on how countries escape immense violence.
And it imposes immense costs on the nation's healthcare system.
There's so many refugees today there's such an immense problem.
Paradoxical to their name, Joy make music about immense suffering.
Within the mental health community, the word has immense power.
Adolescence is a time of immense physical and emotional transformation.
Immense hype surrounds virtual currencies and distributed ledgers these days.
Even abroad, Uber faces immense criticism — and perhaps additional scrutiny.
The big picture: Tech giants have immense leverage over startups.
We're seeing immense appetite from carriers to adopt the technology.
A word of caution: Fontainebleau is immense, and immensely varied.
Under Mr. Schultz, the company's financial success has been immense.
That doesn't mean the deception and immense selfishness are acceptable.
The consequences are immense for local communities and climate change.
In relative terms it was an immense fall from grace.
This exposes the entire maritime shipping network to immense liability.
Thus, they prepared it with an immense amount of love.
To get them, Sanders is assuming some immense cost savings.
But while the circumstances are peculiar, the consequences are immense.
Other presidents have faced immense scrutiny for the same issue.
Huawei is a banner for immense national pride in China.
The amount of seafloor the A.U.V. takes in is immense.
His positions brought him immense popularity among the lower castes.
"He is a person of immense integrity," the senator said.
Under immense pressure, the New Yorker withdrew the invitation. video
Whoever controls such information has "immense political power," he said.
Its immense popularity has made it a target for scammers.
The crackdown drew immense local and even national media coverage.
But the social worker's help turned out to be immense.
A seat in the US Senate comes with immense power.
Believe it or not, the expenses for these are immense.
There's no denying the immense convenience of Uber and Lyft.
"A broad ruling would obviously have immense importance," he said.
The human toll from the wildfires has also been immense.
The pressure to stand up to India will be immense.
But an immense amount of work still must be done.
The compliance burdens for these small businesses would be immense.
Advances did not happen at once, to Fidyka's immense distress.
But I just feel this immense connection to the land.
It hasn't tested the public's immense love of its products.
All those agreements started with immense promise, and ultimately failed.
The issue, though, is one of immense delicacy for Democrats.
Pdvsa is also sagging under the burden of immense debt.
Without a doubt, the coming debate will involve immense politicking.
Still, she has immense privilege and connections that I don't.
Predator Free 2050 presents an immense challenge for New Zealand.
This money was clearly denied by Congress under immense pressure.
Feeling an immense amount of pressure, I agreed to it.
Robert Arnott, chairman of the investment firm Research Affiliates, noted that A.I. can process immense amounts of data; the flip side is that it needs immense amounts of data for the algorithms to learn.
"I felt an immense amount of pressure," says Luyendyk Jr., 36.
The gamble was immense; so was the freedom it secured him.
"No one should have to feel this immense pain," he says.
Shrugged, Rand's immense magnum opus, simply absents himself that the rest
Here's a clip that will instill immense, inexplicable joy within you.
The challenges associated with power, money and stardom can be immense.
"The distances are immense and it's a big challenge," Manchester added.
Indian school kids routinely show an immense interest in Google's competition.
Bush saw her immense love for & pride in her family. pic.twitter.
She brought immense depth and intensity to Eleven, often without speaking.
From Earth, the immense stone appears as a dim yellow dot.
Pictures also highlighted the immense damage to his green Dodge Challenger.
Power users still have access to an immense amount of data.
Blue Origin is building an immense rocket system, called New Glenn.
There is immense value, as well as great pleasure, in this.
Even for an adult, the shadowy chamber was immense and disorienting.
The publisher's growth and immense success was based on several premises.
Central Kalimantan is immense, and its provincial government small and poor.
"The opportunities for us are just immense," Wilson told the conference.
Bilateral trade in goods and services is immense: $674bn in 2017.
He had an immense respect for people who had that passion.
You're truly a GEM, I have immense love & respect for you!
Sheldon Whitehouse and Richard Blumenthal, displayed to demonstrate Russia's immense reach.
So they can serve their customers and create an immense value.
"We face immense competition for consumer screen time," the letter said.
His 2019 videos demonstrate an immense leap in scope and ambition.
Facebook's data already have immense potential to help with lending decisions.
The psychological pressure on the kid to perform would be immense!
There was immense pressure to keep the re-casting a secret.
It was my immense good fortune to be one of them.
The impact on women's reproductive rights and sex lives is immense.
He knows there's immense power in making every story about yourself.
White House press secretaries have always been subject to immense pressure.
Still, she expressed immense relief that the killer was finally caught.
There's one building, one immense palace he isn't allowed to see.
Under immense pressure, Uber has finally released its first diversity report.
Executives who broke from tech's bastion of opposition faced immense scrutiny.
But there's an immense pressure that exists within that evolution, too.
You need to put yourself into positions that create immense pressure.
To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, America and President Trump have immense power.
"The move is welcome but the challenge is immense," Varghese said.
ISIS mutates Amid immense pressure, ISIS is mutating rather than dying.
How about Amazon, which tracks an immense amount of user data?
"She is a woman of great courage & immense ability," Soubry said.
The task is immense and 10 hands will not solve it.
This summer, the pressure on May to define Brexit became immense.
The hype was immense, but who were the winners and losers?
But where did that original immense confidence — and hunger — come from?
Buffett expressed immense gratitude for everything he'd accomplished in his lifetime.
The FBI, after all, derives its immense authority from their consent.
But in reality, we generate an immense amount of intellectual property.
Instead, he returned to Paris and led an immense counter-demonstration.
But they also have an immense opportunity to reshape the workforce.
It was a nod to the immense clout of organized labor.
" He additionally acknowledged that the role would include facing "immense challenges.
For gay parents, parenthood necessarily requires an immense amount of planning.
Understanding Ribbon requires understanding the immense difficulties of consumer home buying.
She dances alone on stage with immense confidence, heaving and pacing.
It is immense fun figuring out who would like which room.
There's immense value in learning how to ask help from others.
Practicing gratitude brings about an immense slew of scientifically proven benefits.
The refugee crisis has put immense pressure on its vulnerable economy.
Au revoir, Azzedine, what an immense pleasure to have met you.
But this is an immense -- and extremely important -- piece of legislation.
Mr. Tavares acknowledged, though, that the challenges Opel faces are immense.
That honesty came alongside an immense and dangerous sense of humor.
Ro Khanna (D-CA) in the House, took immense political capital.
Conservatives have zero cultural power, but they have immense political power.
She's under immense pressure to pursue a Senate race in 2020.
Hurricanes can cause immense damage and chaos to the general population.
The immense chateau was an unlikely backdrop for a democratic pageant.
To witness any of that culture firsthand is an immense privilege.
The costs were immense then, and they could be steeper now.
Spectacularly immense, this bucketwheel is the largest crawling machine in existence.
It is also a time of immense political and civic expression.
The entire conservative movement now looks like an immense prostration ceremony.
This illustrates the powerful draw and the immense risk of volcanoes.
The details are horrible, the victims' struggles immense, the problem global.
It's an immense stretch to argue that his conviction was unjust.
We see Maeve express immense wonder as wanders through god's workshop.
Competition and pressure are immense to make the country's Olympic squad.
In Colorado, immense space still equals possibility, an old American promise.
The novel coronavirus outbreak presents an immense challenge for global health.
This has resulted in immense wealth for its founder and stockholders.
"There are immense economic benefits to these jobs," Ms. Yavorsky said.
" This, Prince Charles said, brings "me and my family immense pride.
"The buybacks put an immense floor under the stock," he explained.
Mr. Ferragamo says he will especially miss the apartment's immense terrace.
"This is an immense smoke bomb to hide Santiago Maldonado," Mrs.
Trump is taking an immense gamble in his approach to governing.
That immense collection of machines seemed to be functioning perfectly—almost.
Starship is the name of the company's immense, next-generation rocket.
By unleashing the vast energy resources found in our immense state.
The stakes for the trial are immense — for all parties involved.
The impact of domestic violence on police resources alone is immense.
With that immense wealth should come real responsibility—not token remorse.
Of course these actions led to immense criticism from the West.
Whoever the Democratic nominee is, this will be an immense challenge.
The NRA's resistance will be immense, but it is not insurmountable.
This will require the most immense diplomatic effort of all time.
But today this system of self-governance is under immense strain.
We want world-class museums, immense parks, rare shops, grand boulevards.
"The impact for his supporters will be immense," Mr. Santoro said.
"With immense respect for the true love that was," she wrote.
" His son, Jemmy, adds, "In the distance, what an immense horizon!
Mr. Muilenburg is under immense pressure to achieve two distinct goals.
Immense failure and disappointment can turn any optimist into a cynic.
Typically, a decision like this would fill me with immense anxiety.
"[He's a] business guy with immense resources and sort of an immense cult of personality about himself who is not afraid to take on the media and take on the establishment," Plante, the Democratic strategist, added.
This isn't to imbue any magic into the psilocybin, but in terms of the effect, psychedelics have this immense power; they can change people, and so there was an immense burden of responsibility to do this properly.
I don't want to die rich with an immense quantity of belongings.
Despite immense challenges, the bond between mother and daughter was never broken.
Despite its immense struggles, the Dartmoor Zoo regained its license in 2007.
An immense crowd of attendees spread across a grass lawn before them.
You can achieve immense complexity by interlocking just a few simple parts.
Created by a neighbor, Jackson took an immense affinity to the dinosaurs.
How could it hitch-hike through the immense cold between the stars?
The size and opportunity the U.S. market represents to Canada are immense.
Doing any kind of work on his home gave him immense joy.
Now those price cuts are putting immense pressure on its profit margins.
We will keep up inspections to clean up this immense production system.
Republican power, a development that would take on immense importance after the
The burden on the speech of pro-life pregnancy centers was immense.
This is like work for people and it gives them immense flexibility.
To be fair, the hurdles involved in developing these devices are immense.
"Companies like Amazon wield immense power, both economically and politically," she said.
Greece's recent progress is welcome, but the country still faces immense difficulties.
Paul Garrison of Howell, Michigan, looks up at an immense ice formation.
Wi-Fi 6 also doesn't offer immense speed gains for individual devices.
But mostly, it feels quiet and immense and expensive, like a cathedral.
His contribution to achieving this in a continent of despair was immense.
But there were some crestfallen reactions, especially considering the show's immense popularity.
Coming in contact with a single rogue piece can cause immense damage.
Eddystone was launched mid-2015 and has seen immense growth since then.
They can do immense good by separating combatants and pacifying civilian areas.
In Berlin, Angela Merkel stands tall, a European leader of immense stature.
This creates an immense challenge for many who don't have any savings.
One is immense wealth: Forbes magazine estimates his family's fortune at $7.6bn.
Hurdles to getting a system like this up and running are immense.
Financing the health care system that Sanders envisions is an immense challenge.
I have immense respect for the company & founders – Travis, Garrett and Ryan.
"I have immense gratitude for being the one she chose," Damond said.
Watching it all unfold via social media filled me with immense joy.
Each leaves its load on an immense rising pyramid of orange sand.
North Korea just signaled its immense disdain for a top American leader.
The lies by Trump's team would have provided Russia immense possible leverage.
Today show hour amid immense backlash for her controversial remarks about blackface.
Both feel immense regret and the crushing weight of things left unsaid.
"The progress we've made since 2016 is immense," the DHS official said.
Being able to recognize patterns at enormous scales has immense interdisciplinary value.
"With Becca, I just feel an immense amount of guilt," he says.
Or restoring certain wetlands that have an immense capacity to hold carbon.
He hears this terrible bellowing, raging like some immense monstrous beast. Screams.
The immense database — some 2.6 petabytes — is available for free to researchers.
"Microbial communities have an immense capacity to respond and recover," Shade said.
Its impact on farmers and agricultural workers will have immense, adverse effects.
But the possible pay off for Amazon and others could be immense.
Disaster was avoided with the help of immense efforts from central banks.
Storming a position comes with immense risk, and the fortifications are strong.
The underlying business model now includes immense pressure to constantly replenish merchandise.
The difficulties of bringing a people-smuggling kingpin to book are immense.
Top-quality choreography of immense diversity was still pouring forth from him.
We're in this world where we have immense capability to solve problems.
This quality of contingent beauty imparts immense emotional weight to Gerhaher's work.
C'est un immense pays avec des logiques de pouvoir en son sein.
Although Picasso achieved immense fortune in life, he was trailed by loss.
Under the G.O.P. system, the Clinton advantage also would have been immense.
So I think the long term implications of negative rates are immense.
An "immense mass of ruins" is how one newspaper described the scene.
Rodino always felt the immense weight of what his panel was doing.
His Administration had provided the country with immense military and intelligence support.
The modern era of agribusiness has placed immense economic pressure on farmers.
Having said all this, this final prize will be an immense challenge.
But these trials can be viewed through the lens of immense opportunity.
Her dancing's scale is always immense, its texture rich, its phrasing magisterial.
I noticed an immense difference because of being closer to my family.
A Democratic House would have immense policy consequences for the Republican administration.
The crowd for the appearance was immense, and Sanders drew loud applause.
It joins an immense market and seafood restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
Like Mr. Buffett, he looks to be acquiring an immense personal fortune.
It will not make you rich overnight, but the influence was immense.
If it falls Sunday, it will not be without an immense struggle.
At the season's quarter mark, the number of credible candidates is immense.
Our need to be immense, flawless, important Does this make them frauds?
For many years, I felt immense anxiety and depression as a femme.
Friedman, to his immense credit, owned up to his error once again.
But if you can play your role, the reward will be immense.
Though he talks about Joe Beattie with immense admiration, it's not uncritical.
For Bowie the year that followed was a period of immense transition.
The funds also had an immense overconcentration of Puerto Rico-issued securities.
"I have immense respect for what (Sanders) has done," de Blasio said.
The decision to admit this one refugee created immense prosperity for America.
The potential legal costs of a press-heavy approach, meanwhile, are immense.
"The cost to the people of northern Italy is immense," said Balloux.
It will require an immense amount of leadership, coordination, and more sacrifice.
At the onset of the Civil War, an immense crowd formed there.
We lie, as Emerson, said, in the lap of an immense intelligence.
There is immense suffering under China's rule, and this suffering is unbearable.
"Football faces an immense challenge — the real answers, they're tough," Dryden said.
On top of that, the savings from avoiding climate catastrophes are immense.
"The challenges are immense," said Joseph E. Finn, the Boston fire commissioner.
The plurality of their efforts illustrates the immense difficulty of this task.
The U.S.-based company is also seeing immense growth in Latin America.
We had the immense privilege of serving in the company of heroes.
"They require immense amounts of skill to make it to the top."
It's immense, messy, and, unfortunately, not nearly as good as the original.
I spend an immense amount of time rendering those imperfections in pencil.
Her immense beauty is hidden in a cold palette and grim countenance.
The coronavirus's toll on American livelihoods will be immense by modern standards.
Five immense, specially built vertical ovens will crisp and burnish the ducks.
They did their research too, before diving in with their immense support.
The Marines suffered immense casualties as they advanced into withering enemy fire.
That useful tension is also the result of Mr. Henderson's immense gravitas.
The sound was immense, seeming to ventriloquize the orchestra sitting silently by.
Mindful of our immense responsibility, we decided to adopt an unusual approach.
These caps have created immense backlogs on H-1B visas for applicants.
The move highlights the immense ambitions of SoftBank's brash founder, Mr. Son.
But the state's contribution to popular conceptions of political viability is immense.
It was an imperfect vessel, though, unable to contain his immense power.
We live in Tokyo, a city of immense crowds and towering buildings.
" This, he contends, "was large — no, greater than large, in fact, immense.
Sometimes, they realized, a little more stuff actually brought them immense comfort.
But it faced immense pushback from influential companies including Walmart and Toyota.
Grosvenor accomplishes all of this with an immense amount of dry wit.
The loss to the community and the family is immense, Yang said.
It dictated the immense anxiety I had when I was laid off.
Within the immense karst formation are some of the world's largest caves.
The burdens imposed on rights holders by this antiquated system are immense.
The health secretary has immense discretion to impose, revoke and modify rules.
García's influence over the judiciary was immense, even after he left office.
"Those are some big, immense names to be linked with," Shiffrin said.
In this immense and undisciplined city, cyclists ride at their own risk.
Immense grief meets soul searching, "what-ifs," and, in some cases, lawsuits.
Moreover, the practical challenges to more credible European defense cooperation are immense.
Political content boosted by ad money on Facebook can have immense reach.
I have immense respect for the company & founders - Travis, Garrett and Ryan.
Australia's shale gas reserves are estimated to be immense, but remain untapped.
Often there's this immense disconnect, because we undervalue what we've done before.
I try to imagine our county officials, facing immense human suffering from the shutdown and immense human suffering from the pandemic, trying to figure out which tragedy would be the smaller one once all the bodies are counted.
Turkey's president claims victory in a referendum that would grant him immense power Turkey's president claims victory in a referendum that would grant him immense power ISTANBUL — April 210 felt like the first day of summer in the city.
"My intention is to show the immense complexity of blackness within the religion."
The scale of the challenge is huge but the benefits will be immense.
The absorption signal as measured by EDGES contains an immense amount of information.
The anger he has harnessed is visceral and the power he holds immense.
The immense emotional labor of finding help has taken a toll on me.
In addition to immense wealth, Amazon also has plenty of muscle to flex.
The social consequences of being able to forecast the future better are immense.
So the pressure to feed the crazies is immense in this media environment.
With two billion users, the amount of flagged content to review is immense.
This was a situation where the PDF would have been of immense value.
The concert was immense, pulling in over 11 million viewers across the country.
The morning of her second and last appointment, A. was in immense pain.
For firms that have made it in China, the rewards have been immense.
Kenji accompanied his father to the clinic, tweeting that he felt "immense sorrow".
It was really sad, but there was an immense amount of pride, too.
Getting there will surely require immense engineering, and probably further insights as well.
Her dad was unemployed for most of her childhood, which caused immense stress.
She talks of her triumphs with immense energy and her failures with grace.
Despite his immense success, Kelly's finances are "a mess," according to his attorney.
And when you work in an industry that faces immense stigma and danger?
The magazine's website also crashed because of the immense attention their photo received.
There is no doubt that Ayushman Bharat will bring immense relief to many.
But he said that the pressure to side with Trump was nonetheless immense.
The Guardian GT looks immense, but its real selling points is its dexterity.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) Quasimodo's life is one of immense trauma.
AI systems excel whenever they can learn from an immense number of examples.
Breaking it down into individual components also shows the members' immense individual progression.
If insects really do face extinction, it would be an immense environmental crisis.
The price of competing with e-commerce giants Alibaba and is immense.
I cried in the voting booth over the immense power of it all.
The market rewards are immense, with some 700 million users on the mainland.
Still, there is immense caution in both parties about regrouping along cultural lines.
They are careerists, often liberal in politics but afflicted by immense blind spots.
"His contributions were immense," Royals general manager Dayton Moore said in a statement.
Philippe added that both countries will continue to honor the soldiers' "immense sacrifice."
Very rich-sounding instrument with polyphonic aftertouch, velocity sensitivity, and immense programming capabilities.
What he did in the Tour (de France) in 2012 was absolutely immense.
The consequences of it failing are immense, as we saw in Flint, Mich.
An immense lammergeyer, or bearded vulture, floats past, showing off its russet trousers.
"It's an immense joy to bring that check to Puerto Rico," she says.
The immense bargaining power of a government buyer could help to control waste.
It's no secret that the U.S. stock market has periods of immense volatility.
As an only child, the pressure of communicating like an adult felt immense.
If regulators were to change their stance, though, the interest would be immense.
The image is replaced by the immense mechanized interior of an unknown building.
Without an embedded social graph the game has already grown to immense popularity.
I think Liza understands her, and so, therefore, has immense patience and empathy.
This all makes the returned $3 million an immense mystery, even to CoinDash.
Then it was over, and the relief was so immense I almost collapsed.
While I appreciate their immense production value, they're hard for me to stomach.
" Explaining his decision, he added that he felt an "immense amount of pressure.
The ramifications of climate change on the entire food system will be immense.
He has been writing for a decade with immense seriousness and little success.
Arabia punched below its weight in the region—struggling, for all its immense
They dominated the scrum, were immense in defense and ground down the English.
The midterm elections are being held in an atmosphere of immense national stress.
Finally, all that processing power in one chip requires immense power and cooling.
The strategy worked, and its damage to the Supreme Court's legitimacy is immense.
Should Menendez be found guilty, he will face immense pressure to step down.
After immense online backlash, the two issued an apology in an Instagram video.
Because of its growing market power, Amazon has immense leverage over its suppliers.
For many of those who receive such sentences, the relief must be immense.
"I think you've had immense structural bias in our companies," Harden told CNBC.
The country derives immense benefits from being part of an $18.5 trillion economy.
"The ocean was raging and the rain and lightning was immense," Rupp said.
The new regulation gives the Internal Revenue Service immense power over this debt.
Trump enjoys immense trust among his largely white, working class core of supporters.
I do an immense amount of reading online, so that's important for me.
In Iran, the leadership is under immense pressure to respond to Trump's action.
But, that being said, the skill level between the two styles is immense.
It demanded experience, improvisation, discipline, solidarity, and immense toughness of body and mind.
Financing the health care system that both Jayapal envisions is an immense challenge.
"A wall will not solve the immense problems that go out there," Adm.
This resulted in an immense overconcentration of the two securities within the funds.
In another, tourists crowd along the top rail of an immense cruise ship.
The lead attraction was an immense vista of London encompassing 1,479 square feet.
Like Hecker, Tourist Kid crafts these immense sound-worlds that you disappear into.
There is immense blurriness these days at the top of the economic hierarchy.
This is an immense amount of work, the detail that goes into this.
I will be forever grateful to have worked with such a immense talent.
This is a time of immense change and they are going to struggle.
Objectively, there is no doubt that illnesses and injuries can cause immense suffering.
These figure prominently, with numerous "Blockers," in "Tapestry #230," an immense wall installation.
So we stand there, in front of the building's immense forbidding mass, forlorn.
"When they were doing $60 billion a month, that was immense," he said.
Sometimes they appear like shadows moving among immense freighters resembling bright Christmas trees.
Broadly speaking, it describes openness to the immense human diversity of the world.
The numbers here, too, are so immense that they are hard to grasp.
Their achievements have been immense – given the enormity and complexity of the project.
To bridge the two visions of reality is a fundamental but immense task.
Yet he remains stunned by the immense power and complexities of modern warfare.
It was dangerous work, and the pressure to finish the project was immense.
"The Kabonga forest is immense," Security Minister Ousseni Compaore told Reuters in June.
To be accepted into the program, a dancer has to show immense promise.
It's been an immense pleasure writing this newsletter every weekday for four months.
Whatever the numbers, it is clear that the devastation is immense, scientists say.
Qatar seems intent on leveraging its immense wealth to ride out the storm.
The territory it covers in its one hour and 45 minutes is immense.
Driving around the island demonstrates Flores' vast tourism appeal and equally immense needs.
But the loss—to the dramatic imagination, at any rate—has been immense.
Thanks to the immense power of social media, the Moldovans' story spread fast.
The Endangered Species Act's command-and-control approach, for instance, has immense costs.
These 35 words have immense symbolic meaning, but they also possess real power.
"Given the global headwinds, the challenges to the sector are immense," said Hawes.
But there is a reason for his immense popularity as a campus speaker.
"The amount of harm being done to vulnerable people is immense," he said.
He might contemplate a pardon for Manafort, but political blowback would be immense.
But even as the Popular Force wields immense power, the party appears fractured.
A Colorado museum represents the immense demand for goods made from threatened animals.
In the years that followed, Patterson continued to provide immense, if underrated value.
"I'm feeing a sense of pride and humility and immense gratitude," Feige said.
That leaves soil as the most likely repository for immense quantities of carbon.
Wells Fargo is just one of many immense financial organizations in the country.
I am fascinated with the depth and sincerity of parishioners, the immense generosity.
The polling gap between Biden and Harris was immense going into the debate.
And what he concludes is that the project of writing holds immense value.
Now, the office of the vice presidency has always had immense potential importance.
As a district judge, Vitter will have immense power over state abortion laws.
But it faced immense pressure from investors to grow in a crowded industry.
But the immense political power of landowners saw off the threat, there and elsewhere.
But despite the immense tragedy, Underwood chooses to live her life as a survivor.
The cost per person of housing and counseling and job training—it's just immense.
Our allies in the region are under immense economic stress from swelling refugee populations.
Yet although he is capable of immense charm, Mr Johnson is a solitary figure.
There's no doubt that the challenges for Apple to include the technology are immense.
The unusual lighting makes the West's grand features feel even more immense and daunting.
She wanted to see the gazebo preserved as a symbol of her immense loss.
From this immense collection that you have at home, what is your favorite object?
Perhaps as homage to the stage version, Hill House is filmed with immense theatricality.
If one small idea saves a life, then it was immense in its power.
This is because the dominant force at the immense scales in space is gravity.
We process 75 petabytes of data, so we have an immense number of profiles.
The mid-2000s brought a period of both skepticism and immense growth for Amazon.
The team-up comes at a time of immense change in the auto industry.
If the court rules in their favor, the implications for LGBTQ rights are immense.
The land itself is immense made to feel larger by a variety of biomes.
But, under immense Chinese pressure, America has always kept Taiwan at diplomatic arm's length.
The film's immense popularity led to both towns mounting annual celebrations of the film.
Akihito's immense popularity shows that the hardline nationalists, though influential, are in a minority.
We are thankful to our village for your immense support during this trying time.
Being stupid with your immense power can be a compelling story, if handled properly.
Even if one keeps strictly to meat, though, the death toll involved is immense.
The leadership in Beijing is under immense pressure to turn around its ailing economy.
Far below us, the other divers could only make out a vague, immense shape.
This pairing, based in biology, between humans and machines has immense potential for advancement.
Compared to the immense challenge of finding the Perfect Book, buying pajamas is simple.
" Hutson said that there were "no chains but an immense amount of psychological damage.
"There is immense amount of anger at established ways of doing things," Blair said.
But even with low error rates the volume of mistakes at scale remains immense.
With the click of a button, an anonymous person is capable of immense damage.
This 100 percent only exists because of the immense success of The Lego Movie.
"He's temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility."
In a state where oil and gas carry immense economic and political clout, Gov.
For starters, the sheer number of these trees is poses an immense logistical challenge.
But our favorite benefit is the immense amount of time saved in the salon.
"There is obviously immense passion that follows the issue of net neutrality," Thune said.
The get-together's aim was to combat violence and raise voices through immense murals.
But arguing that murderers should spend less time in prison carries immense political risks.
That's all to say, the positive effects of a plant-based diet are immense.
He calculated that the immense vacuum created by a black hole isn't actually empty.
People showed immense excitement for Kendrick and offered their sincerest congratulations to the artist.
But it adequately captures the immense narcissism that is involved in my balding process.
I felt such immense guilt for bringing my family there to watch me die.
When combined with Type 1 diabetes it places an immense strain on the body.
"I drew inspiration from the immense variety of forms in the universe," he said.
As with oil, those who can secure the resources have access to immense power.
He found them by trawling through YouTube's immense library with specific qualities in mind.
Turns out putting immense pressure on your face while straining your eyes is painful.
That's the next evolution of medicine, and it's being enabled by immense compute power.
Rapid economic growth, driven by immense resource wealth, has prompted interest from foreign nationals.
But the damage from a big Chinese credit blow-up would still be immense.
WikiLeaks' impact on recent history has been immense, but Poitras's film is an intimate
Votto's been an immense help in the development of Billy Hamilton's game, for example.
That immense seductiveness was essential, because she relied on others' responses to feel alive.
On parle d'un pays qui est grand comme un continent, avec une terre immense.
According to a letter purportedly written by Siddhartha, he was under immense financial strain.
John Lennon's death was an immense event, it was the death of a Beatle!
But Musk didn't want to get stuck talking about the risks and immense danger.
The damage was immense, and the loss of confidence will be hard to repair.
"We meet at a time of both immense promise and great peril," he said.
The country's fighters are heroes and their achievements a source of immense national pride.
He's maintained those standards under extraordinary circumstances on a matter of immense national consequence.
An immense cohort of victims and potential victims now feel a sense of release.
The devastation on Dominica is immense, a CNN crew flying over the island reported.
Instead, they are under immense pressure to support Mr Khan and demonise Mr Sharif.
The heat breaks as an immense thunder shudders over the road northwest from Bulawayo.
"Our technology can have an immense impact on the economy and environment," McIntyre said.
Segel continues to achieve immense success on television and build a prosperous film career.
Their influence is immense; their appointment can fundamentally affect the direction of the nation.
Anwar, who enjoys immense popularity at home, is likely to win under that scenario.
Cuadros shrewdly presents his collage of immense wealth against an underlying background of corruption.
The independent central bank had been under immense pressure from Trump to cut rates.
If my guess is accurate, the patience and discipline this strategy required was immense.
He navigates life with a cane and a crutch, and immense upper body strength.
They feel immense pressure to be the best and worry others will reject them.
The city's pension fund for police officers and firefighters is seeking an immense bailout.
The piece begins with low tendrils of sound, which gather into immense, shuddering dissonances.
Real recovery is a long-term undertaking and will be immense, expensive and complicated.
I would like to focus on the latter and the immense potential it has.
What's more, when Trump takes evasive steps he does so with immense institutional support.
In this way, to Murray's immense gratification, the book ultimately helped render itself obsolete.
Any really big or unusual object or immense hole in the ground triggers awe.
When he has to describe complex action, he ­manages the physicality with immense clarity.
Success defined by intellectual freedom and the immense friendships that rise to the top.
But Moby, to his immense credit, seldom portrays himself in an especially sympathetic light.
But it's also hypnotic because you're surrounded by this immense horizon in every direction.
So what McConnell really cares about will soon become a question of immense importance.
"The brain-space something like this takes up is immense," said artist Jay Wright.
This pain I feel, this immense loss, is because I loved Jon so much.
Their analysis is correct: rebuilding fish stocks around the world presents an immense opportunity.
Their walkout has come at immense cost to our institution and potentially the planet.
Mehr decided to contest the special elections and found immense support from the farmers.
The immense wall of crumbling, whitewashed stone might have belonged to an abandoned castle.
I still remember this immense gray mass, sweeping inexorably from one side to another.
Circulating currents have created immense rotating patches of waste, mostly plastic, in subtropical regions.
For related Times coverage, see "The Immense, Eternal Footprint Humanity Leaves on Earth: Plastics."
Critics say the new law pits two narratives of immense suffering against each other.
I didn't feel deprived, because he had left me with something of immense value.
"We need an immense amount of copper to respond to climate change," he said.
"These shortages are immense and growing and in some parts of the state, desperate."
"To see them now, before they're gone, felt like an immense privilege," he writes.
We are all blessed with immense and unearned privilege the day we are born.
As we turned right off Valparaiso Avenue, Mark confessed the immense pressure he felt.
It also turns into a liquid at higher temperatures when squeezed under immense pressure.
In the United States, local prosecutors wield immense power over the fate of defendants.
However, he shows the nation every day the immense risks of giving him power.
Well, because of its immense size, it releases a lot of water through evaporation.
With each passing week the immense cost of Britain's fit of pique becomes clearer.
"They said that the pressure of playing in New York is immense," he said.
Soldiers from both sides fought amid immense social turmoil, political uncertainty and military pressure.
General Lyautey's immense power allowed Wharton to travel in luxury and without much fear.
By the third depressing hearing, it begins to sound like an immense put-on.
The stories about her immense willpower and strength are legendary in the track world.
He's got this immense intelligence, and he's always full of this loneliness and sadness.
Immense vortices of water plunge up and down the canyon walls like underwater waterfalls.
The human costs of the ban are immense and grow each day that passes.
Now Soleimani has been killed in a country — Iraq — where Iran wields immense influence.
The financial stakes of the tax debate add immense business lobbying pressures as well.
Snobbery and immense learning, he makes plain, do not always walk hand in hand.
By 22, Mr. Mora's group was producing immense profits and plenty of internal suspicion.
Everyone was aware of his astounding photographic memory and his immense powers of concentration.
The scale of the challenge facing authorities tasked with implementing the blockade is immense.
"Especially as athletes come into the elite ranks, the pressure is immense," she said.
Mr. Trump demands attention and platitudes, but a president is subject to immense criticism.
Since then, the backlash from many conservative Christians has been immense, with one Change.
"Withdrawing the European arrest warrants demonstrates the immense weakness of this case," Puigdemont tweeted.
After hours of wandering through the immense airport, they met at a transfer point.
The economic damage was immense: as much as $46bn, according to the World Bank.
Coach Clay Helton is under immense pressure to turn things around for the Trojans.
By tapping retail investors, Monex is looking to leverage a immense pool of capital.
The suffering was immense; the film is a portrait of raw vulnerability and distress.
A museum in Colorado represents the immense demand for goods made from endangered species.
But for producers — those who make and create things — Amazon's dominance poses immense risks.
As the whale was dying, it shot an immense look of pity at Watson.
The implications for these societies, their governments, and their foreign relations will be immense.
The immense tragedy created a sense of urgency among disaster planners and government funders.
With the immense power of online platforms over our public discourse comes great responsibility.
Guyger's friend Maribel Chavez told jurors that Guyger felt "immense remorse" for killing Jean.
It's also unclear what the two co-founders will do with their immense wealth.
There are also the immense costs on which we can't put a dollar value.
Libra has come under immense criticism from all sides because people don't trust it.
But Politico reported she will wield immense influence over the selection of his replacement.
The stories tell how two wolves—fierce, immense— will eat the sun and moon.
You have to upsize, downsize — you have to have immense flexibility in your workforce.
Michelle Obama is perceived as a strong, well-qualified leader with immense national popularity.
Daniel Barenboim's Bruckner cycle reaches its glorious conclusion with the immense final three symphonies.
China is in the midst of an immense strategic modernization program, shrouded in secrecy.
The hull of an immense, hand-built polished wooden boat hangs from the ceiling.
Just ask Apple, Google and Amazon why they are setting up immense facilities here.
So Kasich will surely face immense pressure to drop out — indeed, he already is.
" He added, "The need for justice is immense, but so are the political barriers.
While these cases represent victories for voting rights, they have come at immense cost.
He's temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility.
The political backlash against a UK prime minister who calls "Bracksies" could be immense.
SM: I was touched at the immense pride the employees took in their labor.
"She is one of the most magical people I've ever met," he said.. 'Immense tragedy' Calling the fire an "immense tragedy," Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf pledged to get a "full accounting" that could be shared with the public as quickly as possible.
"What we are incurring is immense debt at immense cost to the American people just to benefit a handful of people at the top and some multinational corporations that don't believe in paying their taxes," said Representative Lloyd Doggett, Democrat of Texas.
In those 25 years I have been here, and the 40 years Connections has existed, there have been immense changes in the way people go clubbing, and immense changes in the gay and lesbian community – how they go out, where they go out.
Even with increasing efficiency and better refrigerants, however, the energy demand will still be immense.
The vibrancy of East London is great — it's a neighborhood of immense creativity and boldness.
Ubisoft has released a second Division game, following the immense success of the first title.
Police have long gathered immense amounts of data, but have not always organised them well.
He also hopes his campaign will shed light on the immense power district attorney's wield.
The impact of losing everything I'd worked towards has taken an immense toll on me.
History has shown that Facebook wields immense power beyond what it's reasonably capable of managing.
I am sure that the thought of coming back to life gave JS immense solace.
The pandemonium that ensued revealed the immense potential the avocado has as an artistic medium.
The pull of their gravity is so immense that, past a certain point, nothing escapes.
"So beyond thankful by the immense support regarding my IG post last night," she wrote.
"What he is leaving us is immense," three-starred chef Eric Frechon said on Twitter.
Smart homes collect immense amounts of data on your behavior, even when you aren't home.
That requires immense dumps, hills of stinking trash that measure up to 50 meters tall.
"Transatlantic relations are under immense pressure due to the policies of President Trump," Tusk said.
Just the food necessary to feed those living in the galleries would have been immense.
It has gained immense popularity because it can record and track assets across all industries.
For Hiram knows more than most about the immense authority that a prison warden wields.
Fighting fires — including immense untamed wildfires — requires a combination of brutal force, endurance and skill.
Their passing inspired immense public mourning and a decorated funeral, at which Bush Hager spoke.
Only the latter can scale to billions of devices without requiring immense investment in infrastructure.
He is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibly.
To be honest, standing at the top of the stairs, it's going to be immense.
It causes me immense grief to see that pluralism fall apart along with Sur's buildings.
Asia's migratory waterbirds face immense pressures, from hunting, pollution, ingested plastic and competition from aquaculture.
It really speaks to this immense pressure in investors to reach for high-yielding assets.
And so it had an immense effect on the way mainstream society thought about Blacks.
Some of his plans could change Brazil for the better; others could cause immense damage.
People in Canada feel this immense loyalty and connection to and fondness for Hudson's Bay.
Cologne's immense cathedral, the work of unidentified medieval masons, towers over the Rhine river city.
By the end of the month, the game was the subject of immense media discussion.
It's inescapable, opaque, and it wields immense power over the fundamental functions of our society.
The economic and social costs of trying to expel all those people would be immense.
Gay's immense popularity has as much to do with her talent as her work ethic.
Scientists will eventually solve fusion's immense technical challenges, if society can commit to the journey.
These dishes gave me life and fueled my overworked brain in moments of immense stress.
However, the consequences of the HPRA's increasingly aggressive policy of confiscating abortion pills remain immense.
Ofo has reportedly run into "immense" cash flow issues as it continues to operate independently.
There is immense pride in Robert's voice when he speaks about his family's company though.
ON EVERY side, Britain's politicians are grappling with problems of immense scale and nightmarish complexity.
Both planetary bodies have immense amounts of frozen water on the surface, which Bridenstine explained.
Simulating stratocumulus clouds requires immense computing power because they contain turbulent eddies of all sizes.
Given the immense popularity of TikTok, Facebook's bet on music could be a smart one.
Algorithms are an invaluable tool for making sense of the immense universe of information online.
The base and surrounds will be produced by an immense 3D printer laying down concrete.
Video games have a way of making me feel like I'm under immense time pressure.
The first refers to the storage, processing and analysis of immense sets of related data.
Under immense pressure, they act like Eugene Kranz, flight director for the Apollo 13 mission.
Rallying the world to defend democracy matters, as does humanitarian relief for Venezuelans' immense suffering.
We've made immense strides since the '70s – since even several months ago, Dern points out.
All of which just means that when First Man does go big, it feels immense.
Tho his Indiana home, Grouseland, seems immense and wonderfully built, that name is *terrible* pic.twitter.
And she had done so under immense personal strain since her husband died in 2200.
Games can go on for hours, and playing requires immense mental stamina, intuition and strategy.
Games can go on for hours, and playing requires immense mental stamina, intuition, and strategy.
The political and moral risks that Republicans face from supporting the existing legislation are immense.
There is immense pressure on these few dozen Iraqi fighters to finish their operation today.
The immense and inescapable grief Oxsana carries over losing Nicholas to gun violence is palpable.
Instead, more than half of them rallied behind two young inspirational leaders of immense potential.
His visit comes at a time of immense uncertainty and unpredictability in Indian-US relations.
On the flip side, Trump now faces immense pressure to win New Hampshire next week.
Despite her immense popularity, however, she's been relegated to a supporting player in the franchise.
The mere thought of sitting at your desk will inspire an immense feeling of dread.
Mr Hussain issued a fulsome apology and said he had been under "immense mental stress".
It's about alleviating the immense stress that communities feel when they don't have safe water.
Twitter in particular has been under immense pressure from Wall Street over the past year.
Moving half a million people out of Kenya is impossible, at least without immense cruelty.
He had earned immense respect as perhaps the most influential executive in Philadelphia sports history.
It was fought with nuclear weapons, and it ended in an immense victory for America.
Thus Obama's denuclearization policies have produced an immense gap between our conventional and nuclear capabilities.
The immense amounts of personal data on a phone placed it beyond the exception's scope.
His immense popularity helped propel his music career, andhe released four more albums through 1981.
These signals are of immense importance to Russians, at least in discussions about international politics.
The late President possessed an endearing sense of humor and always exhibited immense public grace.
Fresh in his memory was the Brillo-like fur, the beady eyes, the immense strength.
But why I'm so drawn to Julie is her immense loyalty and her true kindness.
Socialism is a one-way ticket to economic collapse, tyrannical government, and immense human suffering.
The 220006 election is already defined by an immense amount of voter dissatisfaction and disaffection.
Specifically, the immense amount of pressure below-zero yields have on banks and pension funds.
They have accumulated immense political and economic power, challenging the authority of the central government.
The challenge is immense but can be accomplished if every country acts individually, and collectively.
Its 127-year history was marked by revolutionary technologies, immense profit, and now, alleged fraud.
For the immense majority of Puerto Ricans there is no contradiction with also being American.
DeVos now has immense power to decide what education in America ought to look like.
All Kingelez's futuristic visions assume economies of immense wealth and exclusively governmental or corporate purpose.
Importantly, driverless car companies have immense incentives to allow only safe vehicles on the roads.
He found, intact, an unhatched egg containing an embryo—a fossil of immense research value.
Despite bitcoin's immense gain in popularity, Wall Street's top economists and market strategists remain unconvinced.
The immense losses at First Boston in 2100 taught a lesson that eventually shaped BlackRock.
The relationship between the two women is clearly one of immense tenderness and intellectual generosity.
But the Salton Sea is immense and still and unsettling; California's largest lake feels desertlike.
Schwartz suffered from bipolar disorder: his life was a tragic story of immense promise unfulfilled.
"Our grief is immense," Thomas Defize, her brother, wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.
Given his immense talent, Simmons likely can and probably should get to Antetokounmpo's level eventually.
This gives those born under this sign an immense connection with sensuality and earthly pleasures.
Or am I giving in to the immense pressure of beauty standards prescribed to women?
These policies have led to immense pain and suffering for the people of the region.
But should current tensions evolve to full-blown military action, the consequences could be immense.
Under immense pressure, David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, withdrew Mr. Bannon's invitation.
The 2008 financial crisis was brought on by the collapse of an immense housing bubble.
"We acknowledge, as I said last month, Xavier's immense — indeed transformative — contribution to the business."
Sifting through all that data and responding to it require a system of immense complexity.
The murder generated immense outrage in India and dominated headlines in the news media there.
But on the National's immense Lyttelton stage, her "Angels" could sometimes feel lost in space.
The repository is immense, with enough boxes of files to stretch more than 545 miles.
The amount of energy needed to heat the whole planet by 0.5°C is immense.
That's because biodiversity, the world's immense variety of life, may shrink as the climate warms.
To our immense benefit, several more such group introductions have followed, "Fictions" being the latest.
It's an immense pleasure to be in French's expert hands and to follow Toby's bewilderment.
In plastic as in life, Cu Rua carries immense spiritual and cultural significance in Vietnam.
It captures his immense charisma: how he could "expect too much" and expand the possible.
The past is pored over, an immense repository of spilt blood that justifies more bloodshed.
A former meteorologist, Mr. Gilchrist captured photos of the cloud's immense scope with a drone.
The new president also has an immense advantage in the legislature: majorities in both houses.
"Strzok showed immense restraint given how badgered he was," the younger Mr. Goodlatte tweeted Monday.
This hall has an immense size and the roof looks like it's from outer space.
The United States has tremendous assets, including the immense global strength of our technology sector.
Mr. Sanchez's lawyer, Cassandra Stamm, said he had "sincere and immense regret" for his actions.
The stakes are immense, with the future of the northern white rhino on the line.
Maria dealt an even heavier blow to local infrastructure, putting immense pressure on medical services.
Our family are at immense heartbreak to announce that Odin passed away early this morning.
The first volume — attractive, immense and done up in trendy millennial pink — is just out.
Other attractions will include games (expect an immense foosball table), face painting, crafts and snacks.
An immense amount of energy went into coordinating the outfits for my a cappella group.
But there's one immense difference between "The Irishman" and so much else in American culture.
His instinct for holding on to his immense baronial power was somewhat surer than that.
"The future health and economic burden facing all these countries is immense," Dr. Popkin said.
Mr. Stephens ignores the immense platform or megaphone the Nobel committee has awarded Mr. Handke.
Mr. Alagna arrived in the early 1990s as a tenor of immense gifts and charisma.
Beneath what Mailer calls "The immense blue of the strong sky of the American West" . . .
The sense of moral responsibility—the intensity of those encounters with readers—must be immense.
Nheung said the struggle has put immense pressure on her family and destroyed her marriage.
Even in times of immense stress — like when my father was deported — she didn't complain.
" Ghani praised U.S. efforts and said there has been "an immense change on the ground.
How should teachers, school and students deal with the immense challenge that Harvey has wrought?
It also has immense natural beauty, such as the Hunza Valley and Desoi National Park.
And the potential for women's votes to determine the outcome of the midterms is immense.
The Iraqis now face the immense challenge of restoring essential services and rebuilding the city.
I spent an immense amount of time hanging out with them and recording audio interviews.
But the other day I checked Lexi's Instagram and felt an immense sense of relief.
Officials now face the immense challenge of restoring essential services like electricity and rebuilding infrastructure.
Enter Dark Emulator: a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool created to model these immense cosmic processes.
The credibility gap is immense and undermines the stability of support for the administration's policy.
The refugees Bartleby spoke to had undergone an immense struggle to reach their current position.
Lightning flashes, and cloud droplets swept aloft by immense updrafts freeze and fuse into hailstones.
When North Korea is resolved, the whole world will feel an immense surge of hope.
But, by sticking things through, he's propelled himself to immense success, both personal and professional.
Like many traditional retailers, John Lewis has found itself under immense pressure from online competition.
The findings are immense and comprehensive, and seeing them all in one place is sobering.
"Double Negative" is so immense, it hardly ever suffers the ravages of time and place.
I'm worried that we've done immense harm to the marginalized in the name of God.
To understand Chamonix, you must get a sense of the immense scale of the landscape.
It isn't just that he has bought and sold an immense number of digital coins.
But many of them say they have faced immense resistance from the health care industry.
While the death toll from these attacks remains unknown, the resulting displacement has been immense.
The persistence of this coalition required an immense amount of self-deception on both sides.
And now, with possession of the immense power of the presidency, worse is to come.
You have to judge us, who can shoulder the immense, awesome responsibilities of the presidency.
There is an immense sewer line that runs directly below Furman, serving much of Brooklyn.
But it seems unlikely the immense political pressure on Trudeau will ease up anytime soon.
The legal challenge environmentalists now face, due to the Obama administration's unconscionable delay, is immense.
There is immense potential energy in the GND, a concentration of social attention and intensity.
Jaster is one of the president's guests whose invitation stems plainly from her immense talent.
Each year it hasn't been, and every time he's gone to immense trouble to fix it.
Their anger against elites and institutional power for failing to create enough new opportunity is immense.
Image: Roy FunchScientists have discovered an immense grouping of freakishly large termite mounds in northeastern Brazil.
Before her sits an immense slab of fatty, slow-braised pork fragrant with cinnamon and soy.
Jon Tester, D-Montana, who is under immense pressure from fellow lawmakers and outside interest groups.
Meanwhile, land and resources underpinning food supplies are "under immense strain" from rising temperatures, she added.
Wright says tackling trans issues on the show leaves her feeling not pressure but immense gratitude.
He describes the code as immense, contradictory and unpredictable, since it changes from year to year.
Although the show has seen immense success, there are currently no plans for a third season.
She also faced immense pressure from the people around her, who just didn't respect her choice.
To achieve its airy exuberance, he embraced linear forms, clean colorblocking, and immense amounts of light.
In general, the blazes across the state have increasingly exhibited extreme behavior like immense fire tornadoes.
But if the president comes to trust his judgment, he could end up having immense influence.
But the [opportunity] to apply deep learning and true artificial intelligence to large verticals [is immense].
"Thank you so much for this immense honor #deauville2016 🙂 #RisingStarAward," Moretz wrote in the post.
It could also reflect immense pressure on the company to be seen doing something about it.
Much of this change can be attributed to an immense growth in the band members' musicianship.
"Last night's fire was an immense tragedy," Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said in a statement Saturday.
The downside to all this activity is that its immense geographic concentration has become self-perpetuating.
What we love about modern streaming sites is the immense library available at any given time.
To my immense personal satisfaction, most people (60 percent) prefer that flying cars run on electricity.
This — coupled with his immense popularity and immovable fanbase — puts his foes in a difficult position.
The difference between doing something and not doing something is immense, even though it feels small.
Puerto Rico was impacted by Hurricane Irma just weeks earlier, but suffered immense destruction from Maria.
The scientist's greatest worry In this lab, the stakes are high and the pressure is immense.
Chinese shipyards are now littered with half-finished shells, like immense steel earthworms cut in two.
This immense number can only be practically written down in mathematical notation using exponents: 2⁷⁴,²⁰⁷,²⁸¹ − 1.
My dad had an immense appreciation for all things Manhattan, from its architecture to its history.
Such immense responsibility would need the strictest of regimes to ensure it would not be abused.
So the British government will be under immense pressure to refuse to continue the current arrangement.
The two black holes that collided, which the LIGO experiment claimed to have detected, were immense.
I didn't envy him, but I did feel an immense wave of sadness wash over me.
This will be an immense challenge, but it's the challenge the international system has to meet.
They harvest immense visual data sets of images, videos and other visual data from their consumers.
"The upside is immense for the S&P if we get this deal done," he said.
It would be the first of its kind in America, but the legal issues are immense.
Syria has suffered immense physical destruction, while millions of workers have fled, been conscripted or killed.
Huge organizations like FIFA deal with immense and complicated supply chains—subcontractor after subcontractor ad infinitum.
Getting it wrong has immense consequences, and the existing documents don't give much of a hint.
As we sat under an immense marble ceiling, I couldn't wait to learn more about Krystal.
Spin began with shared bicycles, but it quickly pivoted to scooters after seeing their immense popularity.
Your immense resources combined with the team's brainpower could help push robotics to great new levels.
In many respects it is typical of the immense border shared between the two Asian giants.
I believe that any educational system should incorporate lessons on the immense possibilities the iPhone offers.
The amount of capital entering the early stage — meaning pre-seed and seed — market is immense.
The bottom line: Esports has been able to build immense value without a proper professional path.
Interestingly, even organizations committed to content often overlook the immense value in two of those streams.
After the pasture is worn out, soy farmers arrive, planting grain on immense tracts of land.
Why it matters: Blood stem cells could have immense implications for therapies, drug screening and research.
The outer atmosphere is inflated and tenuous, making the radius immense and the surface temperature low.
With united government, Republicans can now make immense changes if they stay on the same page.
The immense task facing the world was emphasized by Figueres, who bemoaned the lack of urgency.
Although the charges were dropped, Youssef later canceled his show under immense governmental pressure after Gen.
When we had lunch he showed me pictures of his immense Godzilla memorabiliacollection—I was jealous!
This requires safeguarding the immense stockpiles of weapons and dangerous materials that exist across the country.
The company did not respond, and now there's immense pressure on the board to do something.
The transactions in question added "immense and indisputable benefit to CEOC and its creditors", CEC said.
Despite her troubles, Rae continues to live life with an immense amount of hope and positivity.
The sound is dense, immense and immaculate - I am pinned to my seat by its force.
The impact on the human rights of the most vulnerable in the UK will be immense.
However, in addition to physical weight, De Bruyckere's work also conveys an equally immense emotional weight.
I hope everyone hears the hard work and immense joy that went into making this album.
We certainly saw this on the campaign trail, but now Trump has immense amounts of power.
But eradicating $1.70-a-day poverty would be an immense and worthwhile achievement all the same.
Working with [Creative Director] Francisco Costa and his amazing team was an immense pleasure and privilege.
For such an immense worldbuilding task, the production team was constrained by a relatively tight budget.
Still, immense challenges remain in both the House and the Senate at coming to an agreement.
Can we acknowledge that immense gratitude and love often live alongside frustration, overwhelm, and even anger?
In its filing, the company said TikTok had experienced immense success in India, which fueled controversy.
It's time that we acknowledge our country's literacy crisis and its immense power to propel propaganda.
Trump signed an executive order last month to end the practice after facing immense bipartisan backlash.
Methane hydrates, a crystalline mix of frozen methane and water, contain an immense amount of methane.
A handful of other would-be Democratic candidates have generated immense buzz, including another Texan: Rep.
There are nearly 1 billion cellphone users in India, and with that number comes immense opportunity.
This is a tall order, but the benefits to children — and the country — would be immense.
Her two-week expedition shed light on the immense impact commercial aviation has on climate change.
Musk told the Times on Thursday that he has been under immense pressure from his workload.
One GOP source said, "I'm sure Pelosi will have immense pressure from the base to impeach."
"Black Panther" (2018) Lee's heroes have also had an immense impact on the culture of Hollywood.
Trump and GOP lawmakers, though, are facing immense pressure to deliver on their long-sought goal.
She said businesspeople need to pay attention to the "immense growth" going on in Chinese retailing.
To the east is an immense white Toyota factory where RAV4 sport utility vehicles are assembled.
Potted trees and an immense Tula-inspired table made of steel and crystal complete the ambience.
Both of the authors have immense experience and share it in a straightforward and honest read.
"I have an immense amount of respect and thanks to give her for that," Walker said.
They capitalized on the immense popularity of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and were hugely successful. 
But their absence at a pivotal moment in the past triggered immense changes in the future.
Indivisible kept immense pressure on legislators at the local level to stand firm against the President.
To start, it opens the door to immense uncertainty while closing off opportunities for budding innovators.
"It was like roots from a tree," Purdy said, adding that it gives her immense hope.
The German lender has been under immense scrutiny by investors given its prolonged and ongoing troubles.
For politicians at the state and local level, it's an immense practical benefit to their constituents.
These are people of immense power and influence, but their actual skills and abilities are opaque.
Badly. The Democratic debt to black voters is immense, and the party has not paid up.
Selective breeding can produce immense changes in populations based on naturally occurring variation within the species.
It also relieves an immense burden on public resources, like our healthcare and criminal justice systems.
But why leverage this immense power to discredit the news media, and socialism, and unions, now?
Also at stake is the immense fortune Mugabe has amassed in his 37 years in charge.
Challenges to substituting machines for workers in tasks requiring flexibility, judgment, and common sense remain immense.
And that's all the conspiracy needs: immense attention that muddies the issue and confuses the public.
And that industry only exists because of the immense waste within the U.S. health care system.
On one hand, tech employees are recognizing their immense power when they speak up and organize.
The scale of this book is immense, and we owe the fans the very best show.
The software that guided Google's autonomous vehicles improved by ingesting immense amounts of test-drive data.
Farmers such as Slabbert are looking back to those immense herds to recreate the natural cycle.
Every day, cybercrooks inflict immense harm on real victims across our country and around the world.
Much of the Packers' success arose from the immense amount of pressure they put on Allen.
The social and economic costs of the outbreak have been immense and will only grow larger.
And then the two men talk about Nina, and an immense sadness suffuses everything that's happening.
Eventually, however, a cult of personality was constructed around him, and ushered him into immense power.
And it will hold immense sway over the fate of Republicans' next legislative priority: tax reform.
He sees immense potential in the Chinese market and has already announced that he's quitting YouTube.
The piece generated immense controversy and criticism, including on Friday from presidential economic advisor Larry Kudlow.
As a single mother, the struggle of not having a job, home or car was immense.
"He had such an immense heart, so full of love," his second cousin, Jesse Alvarez, said.
The second reason, experts say, is that many nations are facing immense political turmoil at home.
Antiquity can be the source of immense pleasure, a word that feels almost scandalous to employ.
As we mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice, there is still immense suffering from war.
The first time Gold executed a clean triple Lutz, she felt an immense sense of accomplishment.
The outpouring of sorrow and support from New Zealanders and from around the globe was immense.
I encourage victims to stand up and tell their stories, which I know requires immense bravery.
Like all of Davis's best portraits, there is something both casual and immense about these pictures.
This is the laziest old-fashioned I know, and I drink it with immense, indolent pleasure.
That private island is alleged to have been the site of an immense sex trafficking ring.
The problem is that, if they ever actually did so, they'd create an immense constitutional crisis.
The big picture: The rollout comes at a time when Facebook is under immense regulatory scrutiny.
All of West's rants, outbursts, tweets, and ramblings, coupled with his immense talent, fit that mold.
Several other groups will receive amounts that are smaller but still immense by most people's standards.
Tina Barney's immense tableaus confounded viewers when they first made their appearance some 30 years ago.
Germany's consulate in Istanbul is its biggest worldwide, mainly to handle the immense demand for visas.
As the immense fish flailed on the deck, he tried to dispatch it with a knife.
Judge has already ascended much higher, of course, but the pressure to stay there is immense.
In this climate of humiliation and immense fear, Chechens are fleeing the Russian Federation en masse.
Balderson told VICE that the amount of misinformation he found about the rally online was immense.
In December 2008, an immense spill of coal ash at a T.V.A. plant in Kingston, Tenn.
In the meantime, the 30 new megacompanies would still have immense competitive advantages over smaller startups.
Trump faced immense backlash for the alleged "shithole" comment, with some lawmakers accusing him of racism.
"He mentioned the immense potential for 'app-development' that exists in the country," the statement said.
"Cooperstown showed immense leadership in its decision to divest," said Lindsay Meiman, a spokeswoman for 350.
Environmentalists reacted positively to the news, seen as an immense blow to the oil terminal project.
"While the benefits from debt are low to non-existent, the costs are immense," he wrote.
Peter Bratt, the director, uses an immense amount of historical footage and interviews, arranged with clarity.
Preventing immense suffering and transitioning to a healthier and more equitable society are not scientific goals.
That Rooney endured all that and still achieved all he has is to his immense credit.
He uses his immense wealth to buy into the political system, and so did ancient oligarchs.
The geopolitical and national security implications are immense, and you can read more about them here.
This immense and incredibly long-term task requires a very forward-looking perspective tempered by humility.
Paying for overpriced weed and taking the afternoon off to get baked is an immense privilege.
The outrage was immense, but there is a huge, unanswerable question: How do we fix this?
Which makes sense, because almost all of the sun's immense energy is produced in the core.
Many thought that the Japanese were killed in the immense bombardment, but unfortunately, they were wrong.
But we should remember that these major projects add immense value to all of our lives.
The self-described democratic socialist has since faced immense scrutiny from conservatives and right-leaning publications.
What the land had, in spades, was immense tumbling dunes, some 20183 feet high or more.
"Distances were great and physical obstacles imposed by the terrain were immense," the 323 article said.
The Kofi Annan Foundation confirmed his death with "immense sadness" in a statement posted on Twitter.
Over the course of some 30 million games, AlphaGo Zero made an immense number of moves.
According to renowned psychology expert Carol Dweck, there is immense power in possessing a growth mindset.
On one hand, tech employees are recognizing their immense power when they speak up and organize.
By June 218, under immense pressure, Weiner decided to hold a press conference in New York.
The electricity saved by efficient bulbs protects the climate and also has immense national security benefits.
But like it or not, the presiding officer will likely wield immense power in the trial.
With a hundred and twenty million visitors each year, the Alps are under immense ecological pressure.
However, I was overall underwhelmed after the immense hype I had heard about this frozen meal.
Political concerns: President Donald Trump has put the central bank under immense pressure to cut rates.
Do they understand how the immense volume of checks creates challenges to getting the job done?
Now, to support his adopted hometown during an immense tragedy, he's raised half a million dollars.
On the other hand, there's a belief Iran won't cow unless it feels immense economic pain.
Even on a traditional Republican issue like law and order, Trumpian Republicans are causing immense damage.
These facts are undisputed — except, apparently, by those who cannot acknowledge the immense failures of ObamaCare.
The temptation for a vicarious do-over is immense, and so are the stage-mom rationalizations.
Above a run-down loading dock, a bone-white sculpture of an immense male nude reclines.
The immense difficulties of coming of age in Brownsville took on a tragic clarity right away.
Control of the club comes with immense clout and prestige, as well as pitfalls and enemies.
But eradicating $1.67-a-day poverty would be an immense and worthwhile achievement all the same.
We're closer for it, we're more honest as a result, but it's been an immense challenge.
The second act, with its immense love scene, is set largely in a munitions storage room.
He attaches the braided wood panels together like tiles in a mosaic, building up immense pieces.

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